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File: cdd8dd36daccb5c⋯.gif (775.94 KB, 245x245, 1:1, 3ad6f8242e96586a8384f4bdaf….gif)


old thread


>B4mb1 Bimbodoll Conditiong


>B4mb1 Training Loops


>B4mb1 Fuckdoll Brainwash


>B4mb1 Fucktoy Submission


>B4mb1 Fuckpuppet Freedom


>B4mb1 Cult Discord Group


>B4mb1 on Patreon


>B4mb1 is a franchise now


files release early to patreon donors but will be always be released for free after a few weeks on the blog


File: 9a50856dba2d72e⋯.jpg (209.25 KB, 576x748, 144:187, del.jpg)

new files coming soon hopefully



I dont get how people can listen to these multiple times. Listened to each file twice now and got bored. Went off to explore other hypnotists, and I only ever listen to a file once so far.

Such a massive time sink.



are you actually trancing when you listen?

it gets better with more listens if the triggers really sink in



Same, when I actually do what >>43797 suggests then I just get more bored because I try to be all serious and not fap but it gets boring

The problem is that hypno files get more effective apparently the more you listen, but the more you listen the more dull they become because you know what to expect, so you are expected to lay there still for 2 hours listening for several days or weeks in order to get stronger effects and for triggers to actually work, fuck that shit.



>suggests then I just get more bored because I try to be all serious and not fap but it gets boring

I always took it pretty serious from the first listen, completely dark room, laying down comfortably, have pretty good headphones as well.

Usually the relaxation and almost out of body experience is the best part of these hypnos, rather than the content.

Maybe I should just do meditation or yoga lol.



Would probably be a better idea, don't want to depend on erotic brainwashing hypnosis as your only method and source of trance, meditation and altered states of consciousness desu



what i suggest with these files is to mix up the playlist and keep it to under 2 hours

take an induction, either #2 or #3 from the main set, any random pairing of two other non-orgasm files (from any set, including the 2 control loops) and then finish with 1 of the orgasm files, throw an awakener on the end

for me that's kept enough variety, but i only listen maybe once per week

i'm still dying for new files though


File: ef3c0e5b752cb61⋯.jpg (263.27 KB, 794x732, 397:366, 1398551921507.jpg)


Meh I haven't listened to them in a month now, but I also don't want to go back to previous hypno because nothing can compare, but at the same time I don't really wanna listen these files anymore either




>new and experimental

aka more takeover shit and strengthening the B4mb1 shit




where do you think you are?



this is also my problem

B4mb1 has shown everyone just how good hypno can be

all these retard 3DPD whores pumping out "lol you are hypnotised now" garbage are blown the fuck out of the game

we need more B4mb1

i'm hopeful that imitators will come along - the fan-made file linked at the bottom of the OP is a hopeful start



Nice. Yeah creating and developing a second personality/identity is probably the most effective form of transformation and escapism. Although I'm guessing most people don't actually want to go that far.


It's not impossible. In thread 5 there's at least one poster mentioning permanent after-effects from V1v3s dumbi1ng down series. There's no reason you couldn't do it with b4mb1 too. The possibility for permanence becomes even more real if you create a b4mb1 alter ego that starts out dumb, and then live as her such that your experiences reinforce the new personality without needing to trance. How else could your original personality be maintained indefinitely throughout life, if not through experiential reinforcement? Don't downplay the usefulness of roleplay and social interaction, and their ability to flesh out, reinforce, and change a personality. "Proper" hypnosis can only do so much for you. The b4mb1 files provide static scenarios with which to setup the b4mb1 persona and condition it. Reinforcement happens too, but that means b4mb1 is relegated to hypnosis sessions alone, where she's nothing more than a isolated, temporary, masturbatory fantasy. You're also wrong to imply that subconsciously trancing to static hypnosis files provides all of the same effects that consciously acting out a dynamic delusion with your alternate personality provides. There's barely any overlap at all.


These files are wide open to interpretation. Not even just the vague open-ended wording itself, but also the modularity of the files which allow for the creation of all sorts of different playlists that result in different experiences. It may be that frequently listening to the commonly pushed "beginner" playlist of 1 2 3 10 (which to be fair is recommended on the blog) is just about the worst playlist you can start with if you want to stay sane. Listening to the full original playlist is very cumbersome because of how long it is, and that goes a long way toward limiting the amount of dissociation you get; I was happy with doing that once a week at most, mainly to indulge in my repressed sexual femininity. If you streamline the process instead and trance daily, you're definitely risking the creation of an entirely separate identity.

Also, the egregor effect is real. I never really felt b4mb1 leaking outside of the uniform, nor felt her as a well defined alter ego invading my thoughts (tulpa). At least not until all of you started mentioning this happening to you, which obviously puts the idea in my mind, which then leads to me trying to see if there is a b4mb1 in my head and talk to her, which in turn helps materialize the b4mb1 persona. She can even escape the uniform if you do this dressed normally. Or how about the hysterical fearmongering over the potential worst-case effects of the files, like how you'll supposedly be trapped as b4mb1 forever if you listen to 0blivi0n once and never again. Some of the fearmongering is probably propaganda coming from other hypnotists and their shills that are having their bottom line affected by high quality free files. If someone interprets the files in a certain way, they'll subconsciously allow the files to work in this way whether they want them to or not. When they discuss these potential effects with others, they'll even influence others in the community to think the same and maybe even expect the result, turning the interpretation/belief/propaganda into a reality. That's why both the cult AND the fearmongers can be dangerous, because they reinforce this perception that ego death is the actual intent of the files. You can also harm yourself from eating too much food, so learn some self control and just eat when you're hungry.

If you want to enjoy the b4mb1 files in peace, avoid the cult and avoid /hypno/, the former is full of people purposefully feeding their alter ego while suppressing their original ego, and the latter is full of shills that love paying $10 a pop for half-assed rehashed pseudo-hypnotic audio files from their pocket "hypnotist" that they listen to while fully conscious with their dicks in hand.



Interesting perspective anon, especially on that egregor thing.

>If someone interprets the files in a certain way, they'll subconsciously allow the files to work in this way whether they want them to or not. When they discuss these potential effects with others, they'll even influence others in the community to think the same and maybe even expect the result, turning the interpretation/belief/propaganda into a reality.

Now that is surprising and interesting. What if you become aware of this then, can you then subconsciously revert the expectation for these things to happen? Or do they "stick" around because of the fear and energy and focus placed on this idea and are harder to change?



Yes it is impossible.

No matter, how often you are reinforced to be dumb, your brain won't magically loose half of its potential. The dumbing down effect cannot be permanent (as in forever, even if you stop listening) unless a file tells you to intentionally damage your brain or take some sort of drugs which might affect it negatively.

I have also read the respective thread, and even the one linked to with even more people who tried it. No one was ever able to tell if the permanent effects, months after they stopped listening, were just their perception or if their brain had actually taken a hit. Also everyone reporting back long enough also said, that the effects faded fairly significantly in the first weeks after stopping. the permanent effect in question was always just a little bit dumber, not the total stupidity reported by the same persons while actively listening.



AHAHA! I love it man, I love it.

Anyway, I haven't gotten round to B4mb1 yet. I keep reading about it, and I have tried it a couple of times, but haven't fully committed to it yet. I guess I'm kinda saving it! I wanna do it right. I'm gonna get at least one full outfit to wear when I listen to it. Let's hope I go full B4mb1! And I'm not just kidding.



>Also, the egregor effect is real.

> If someone interprets the files in a certain way, they'll subconsciously allow the files to work in this way whether they want them to or not. When they discuss these potential effects with others, they'll even influence others in the community to think the same and maybe even expect the result, turning the interpretation/belief/propaganda into a reality.

Egregor would silently inject something in your "trip" or in your desires. What you mentioned is how the conscious mind gets affected by a "post-discussion" belief. That "belief" thing is covered here: https://www.likera.com/forum/mybb/Thread-General-hypnosis-discussion?pid=30436#pid30436

In other words, if you read it in a discussion, and then it begins to affect you, them most likely it's a belief.

If you did NOT read it in a discussion, but something changed in your trip or your desires, and that matches the trips of others, then most likely it's an egregor.


Also it can be both LOL



You talk about streamlining it and that the beginner list is the worst list.

so what would, in your opinion be the best one to trance daily?



Not the same poster, but I'd recommend an extra couple files with the beginner list, especially the ones catered to the particular parts of Bambi that get you off. If you add 1, it adds approx 10-15 mins, but makes the session far more enjoyable for you. It also has the added bonus of giving extra reinforcement to the particular ideas you like the most.


File: 27f597a381e1899⋯.webm (819.35 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, SorePlaintiveAnura.webm)

So do these files work or not? Half of you say don't listen because they don't work, the other half of you say don't listen because they do work. So which is it? Why are you all even in this thread if none of you listen?

>cultists are just roleplaying lol / these files suck so gay lol

>tulpa takeover is real so scary lol / demon magic is real muh ebil egregors lol




get high as fuck and listen to every single released track all in one sitting, once a month or less

then fuck your asshole into literal oblivion while listening to oblivion on loop

stop when your balls and prostate are completely dr41n3d

zero risk of addiction or mental illness and tracks never get boring


File: aafefefd0b4dd3a⋯.gif (364.57 KB, 330x184, 165:92, 1386540207961.gif)


>cultists are just roleplaying lol / these files suck so gay lol

Fetishists are acting out these fantasies as though they are real/there exists a group of people who want to actualize this fantasy.

>tulpa takeover is real so scary lol / demon magic is real muh ebil egregors lol

There is, like much of hypnosis, the possibility of danger regarding mental stability if you overthink this, or believe too much in this to the extent that it exceeds the realm of fetishism and enters your reality/observable characteristics of multiple personalities or egos residing in one physical body have been measured in history, though this like much of psychology is often found wanting in the area of credibility/tulpas, being a rather popular item on the internet in the past and at the present, have been noted to have a tangible effect on somebody's psyche, but yet again, credibility is lacking due to the fact that these stories exist only as stories.

The rest, I think, is up to you.


Just think of it that there is a possibility that in your case it will work in full. Do you want it to happen to you?



They do work but only in certain conditions…

First you have to want the changes 100%. Well, your subconscious has to want it. Simply liking it because of fetishes won`t work for most people.

Second need to be able to get in a deep trance. Some people have a natural talent for it but most need to train it, wich can take weeks, months or even years depending on your ability and willingness to learn to get deeper.

Some guys on here say that the files can "override" the first condition but I am not sure that is the case. Probably only those rare guys that can trance very deeply almost every time.






but that's completely opposite of what he said, that's NOT streamlining. the biggest problem is the time sink, not everyone has the time to invest.



When u dont have the time, u dont have the time. But B4mb1 is meant to be mixed.

And i would suggest doing files u can follow through with. If half the hypno playlist is dress up, get locked, B4mb1 in control till u put something in your mouth. And if u dont dress up or just do something else after because of time restraints. Then B4mb1 is fap material that gets old fast, its same as wanting a bimbo body but not laying a basis for becoming fit.

In fact you could say your sabotaging a trigger. Now you have listened to the giggle expansion 5 times but never giggled during or outside hypnosis. Are you conditioning to listen or neglecting triggers?



>Then B4mb1 is fap material that gets old fast

Truth. And thats how I prefer it to be


File: ee89e50fccf5aba⋯.webm (11.64 MB, 480x360, 4:3, B4MB1'S PARIS MAKE-UP by ….webm)


i'd rather just larp to be honest *giggles*


that's the point though isn't it? make the playlist hard to listen to, to limit the risk of addiction and mental illness?



>make the playlist hard to listen to, to limit the risk of addiction and mental illness?

For me the addiction is usually the first post hypnotic suggestion to work, and from what I've been reading, others have a similar experience.

So if you don't want, what the files are supposed to do, then you should avoid the series altogether.

Or get comfortable with it and know, that you are strong enough to fight the desire to listen, when you get it. Addiction is never just about physical dependence. There is always the mental aspect as well. Here at least the former should be of no concern.



And to be clear: When people here talk about an addiction, they usually don't mean, that they literally have to listen, but that there is a very strong incentive in the joy of listening. Similar to watching a TV series that continuously builds up anticipation for the next episode.


REQUEST: Somebody please make a fan made file in a similar vein as Mindlocked Cock Zombie, but instead of being a cock zombie, B4mb1 becomes cum drunk, kinda like in Mistress St3||4's Cum Drunk loop. Whenever B4mb1 hears the trigger CUM DRUNK NOW, she will become a total cum addict with only cocks and cum on her mind, and will do whatever it takes to search for and fuck cocks and swallow cum. Whenever B4mb1 takes cum in any of her holes, she becomes cum drunk, which makes her feel euphoric, while imparing her motor functions and judgement, like alcohol, and crave even more cum, so she can get even more cum drunk. Also, as B4mb1 takes cum in her holes, cum also fills her mind, which also drowns the old self in cum. The more cum B4mb1 takes in her holes, the more her mind fills up with cum, and the deeper the old self drowns in cum. The old self can do nothing except drown in the warm, sticky, gooey pleasure and lust of cum.



Just to clarify the image, I mean the old self is physically drowning in cum. His personality and being is suffocated as he breaths in and swallows the hot, sticky, gooey, pleasure and lust of cum.



And the old self can't swim out to the surface because, he is bound in the pink satin, and even if he weren't, any attempt to swim to the surface would be in vain because, way thicker than water. Escaping this fate is impossible for the old self.



*cum is way thicker than water



>bound, blindfolded, deafened, locked up in a satin coffin

>obedience slave collar around neck that puts him to sleep instantly

>now you want him to literally be drowned in cum

Can't this poor bastard ever catch a break?



>the virgin old self vs the chad B4mb1



Please someone draw it.


File: 145116ec7454345⋯.jpg (84.35 KB, 1853x835, 1853:835, Untitled.jpg)


I tried.

Obviously, they're dueling with lightsabers.



>Duel of the fates intensifies


File: f89b72fc91eeb65⋯.png (314.58 KB, 2518x1024, 1259:512, aintthatsomeshit.png)



Could be worse.


File: df36d3c61a1feca⋯.gif (1.07 MB, 430x516, 5:6, 1400815500107.gif)



oh fuck my sides


File: 344ca0e66a22b89⋯.jpg (99.66 KB, 1018x1024, 509:512, kek.jpg)




checking for new files every day

any sign of creator?



Alas, the creator has become a victim of his own creation.




Last week, commented on patreon post saying the next group of files would be out soon.



They had the idea and probably fantasy of a complete takeover and self-hypnosis is said to be the strongest.

I don't know if any normal person would actually fall for a fantasy to such extreme, that they had difficulty breaking free from it, but if that was the case, it would surely be a loss for the erotic hypnosis scene.



he became so powerful… the only thing he was afraid of was becoming a bimbo, which eventually, of course, he did.



Is it possible to learn this power?



Not from a person with self-respect.



Trance training files (part 1?) Have just gone up for patrons, so confirmed for soon!

How long do they leave them exclusive before releasing them?

Enforcement (Part 1)

This is the first batch of the new set of short trance training tracks. Use them to increase the effectiveness of all other conditioning, to reinforce the basic training, or mix and match to create a custom induction.

Bimbo Drone

Two minutes of the background binaural.

Bimbo Relaxation

B4mb1 is made to relax, placed in her bimbo bubble and prepared for training.

Bimbo Slumber

B4mb1's sleep command is reinforced and used to drop her deeper.

Bimbo Tranquility

B4mb1's thoughts are entirely replaced with the commands in her ears, and her freeze trigger locks her into this state.

Bimbo Pride

B4mb1's good girl trigger is reinforced, and she is provided with an intense sense of bimbo pride and obedience.

Bimbo Pleasure

B4mb1's pleasure is used against her to disable any resistance or hesitation, and she is trained to come helplessly on command.


Anyone ever have a "what the fuck am I doing with my life?" moment when listening to these files? It happened to me one day and I never listened again. Just the realization that I was killing almost 3 hours attempting to create an alternate personality to live out some sexual fantasy. I thought to myself, what would be a better use of my time here?


Is it just me or are the links all dead?



Any link that contains the phrase B4mb1 with normal letters is automatically converted to a version with l33t speak. To use them you need to replace them with the original spelling and only then use them.


New B4mb1 files are up on Patreon



pretty much all the time now. I'd really like to move away from this fetish.


File: 8b3216a208ef748⋯.png (54.72 KB, 1382x873, 1382:873, 1379951709587.png)



it's harmless escapism, pure and simple

enjoy it B4mb1


i want to pay for the new files anonymously (patreon isn't good enough)

is there a way for me to do that?



http://bitreon.cash/ would be a sweet option if it kicked off



Does hypnosis work when you made the file yourself?

I am an audio producer…


Usually about 3-4 weeks.



There is no guarantee of it ever working.

But if the methodology is the same, the scripts, that originate from one's own fantasy, should have the best chance of success. There is nothing to be bothered about, because one knows the content and the familiarity may also be beneficial for relaxation and switching off. And lastly the file can be custom tailored to one's desires.

The hardest part to get right is likely to create something that does not fall to far back in terms of hypnosis technique and consistency.



the fan made one in the OP has an excellent induction… if I can make something that good I will post it



Bimbo Pleasure sounds like it will be the most problematic™ in the future.



These files will open up new creative playlists, can't wait to experience with them


File: acc4586dd7fef9b⋯.jpg (47.75 KB, 575x575, 1:1, 1532247357654.jpg)


Hahaa yeah the time thing was really what made me realize that, when after fapping or even after a more "serious session" asking myself what better use of that time I could have made- the realization you spent 2 hours for the sake of a fetish fantasy, 2 hours just laying there with headphones on and pretending it works or believing it works, or more often as a prolonged "roleplay" till you fap and cum and lose all interest and then the feeling that you wasted 2 hours hits so hard and so does the regret.

I don't even have any interest in the "alt personality" theme of the file, so I wasn't "attempting" that anyways, so once I realized that and got bored of listening over and over I kinda stopped and now I just stay interested in seeing where the series will go next, what custom fanmade edits and new tracks will be made, but even those get just as boring as the main files if they're too heavily focused on the alt personality/takeover aspect, but thats unavoidable really as its the backbone of the series, god if it wasn't for the professional quality, editing, and the lovely TTS voice I would have stopped following this stuff entirely I swear.


>harmless escapism

I can think of so many other things fitting that category, and which take the same amount of time I'd rather do instead (vidya, animu) but because muh porn addiction this takes precedent, at least it used to, but like I said lost interest in the main files because no matter how much they're streamlined and shortened, eventually it hits the point you've heard the same lines again and again and it just gets boring, I guess I don't have the patience for hypno.



Actually judging by what I've read of creators (writers, movie producers, game designers, map makers, audio designers, artists, etc) being unable to enjoy their own work like everyone else because they would constantly be analyzing it, or reminded of how difficult a section was, thinking what they could improve on etc, it would probably be the same for them maybe…. or maybe not due to nature of hypno and how deep a trance they can achieve where they won't care about that stuff or notice it.

I know if it was me I would be analyzing the quality, pronunciation, tone and thinking up possible tweaks I could do to the TTS voice used, seeking a level of perfection that may never be attained, and never able to just let go and use the file for its intended purpose and just enjoy it because I would be too concerned about how it could be improved. Thats why I never finish my drawings I guess



Define "better"

If the definition is based on some sort of delusional social construction, then the decision to do something "better", and what qualifies as "better", are both arbitrary

Just live your life as you want, don't be swayed by artificial social pressures

Even this post should be disregarded. Not just because it is an actualization of social pressure, but because no one, including myself, is free from the impenetrable social delusion that dominates our perception of reality.


Your experience is quite different from mine.

Although I don't care so much about the bimbo/airhead aspect, I love the feminization, and of course the quality of the files sets it apart from many other feminization hypno files that might have less side effects.

Anyway, it is not just a "fetish fantasy" or "roleplay" to me, but it allows me to simulate and experience the sexuality of a woman, the woman that I want to be. It relieves the woman in my heart and soul from the chronic repression that she suffers.

These files also function as a form of guided meditation, they help clear my highly analytical conscious mind and allow my body to relax; combine this with the (guided) masturbation/sexual pleasure files, and the files reduce stress on so many different levels

I feel no regrets listening to these files. Even the refractory period after a penile orgasm subdues only my sexual arousal, but it doesn't subdue the satisfaction I feel from releasing my inner feminine. I generally don't stimulate my penis directly though, as women don't have penises. You seem to already have your mind set on your opinion of these files, but if cumming is the cause of your regret, and you want to listen to these files without feeling this regret, you can ruin your orgasm to maintain your arousal, or focus solely on prostate stimulation. But since you appear to be using these files as a vehicle for masturbation alone, then yes, jacking off to 5 minutes of porn would be much better suited for your purposes.



Doing something to improve my life. Maybe other people on here have well established lives but I don't. I guess that's really on me, but the addictive quality of the B4mb1 files aren't good if you're already prone to escapism.


File: 1c3f62f4110c2da⋯.jpg (106.38 KB, 476x505, 476:505, 1520822634867.jpg)


I like feminization too obviously but mostly in the "sissy" context, these files are gender neutral so there's very little of that sadly and its less appealing when its just bimbofication without that additional context. I think its because I have AGP not dysphoria, so it really is just a fetish and escapism thing I think.

>but it allows me to simulate and experience the sexuality of a woman

Yeah true but only one with the type and agenda the file creator has in mind and wants to cultivate through the files, that's not as ideal as I would like because there's a lot of aspects I don't agree with that get in the way of enjoying the files more, like you know the whole alternate personality thing…

>It relieves the woman in my heart and soul from the chronic repression that she suffers.

ugh I don't resonate with that at all, do you think you have dysphoria or something?

>These files also function as a form of guided meditation, they help clear my highly analytical conscious mind and allow my body to relax

You can get those benefits with meditation alone, you don't need the files to rely on that - though I will agree it can feel easier to listen to these files for 2 hours than to try and meditate or do other guided meditation for the same amount of time but I feel it would actually be better not to rely solely on these files for meditative and trance experiences because you might end up only being able to reach those states when listening to the files - and the contents and conditioning might have a stronger effect due to that. It feels ultimately like a more "twisted" form of guided meditation, sure it might produce the same tranquility and calm for you but it comes along with the baggage of all the triggers, conditioning and B4mb1 stuff added on top of that compared to a more "neutral" guided meditation.

>But since you appear to be using these files as a vehicle for masturbation alone

Not always but mostly yeah. Like I said I don't trance well but I feel like I can sometimes reach minor levels of trance with these files if I really try, due to how powerful the induction is and how professionally edited everything is and how pleasing the TTS voice is but that doesn't last long usually. Though unlike for you a lot of the parts of the file cause stress rather than reducing it - stress and anxiety because the brain worries what if this comes true and this happens etc.. and I obviously don't want anything about these files to affect me outside of when I set aside time to listen to them, but regardless this triggers that fear/arousal link talked about in the previous threads and makes me want to fap to the """idea""" of it happening, but at the same time not desiring all these changes and things actually happening. But if I try not to fap I often can't reach trance anyways, and then I really am wasting my time, not even fapping, just laying there, not moving, ears sore from headphones staying on for over an hour, listening to the same files I already listened to like 5 times already so I know what to expect, that gets really boring despite enjoying the TTS voice…

Oh fuck - typing all of this out and doing all this analysis made me suddenly remember another reason why I listen to these files - the forced feminization and femdom aspect, in fact thats why I got into erotic hypnosis in the first place, having these lovely pleasing female voices telling me all this lewd and taboo stuff was really hot, and at some point I got into TTS hypno, but only the voices I could really stand like GG, and MsJ because even if it was TTS there was more potential for creators to go really crazy and lewd and so long as I don't hear a male voice I would be content with listening and somehow a TTS female voice made it feel more immersive and intense somehow like it was real brainwashing which both terrified and aroused me… and then B4mb1 sleep came along and yeah… well at least now I remembered the reason why these files are so addicting. And I assumed listening to B4mb1 sleep would be like all those prior files, but B4mb1 sleep is a little bit different with its heavy emphasis on the alt personality aspect.

But fuck, it all makes sense now, I don't know how I could have forgotten about the femdom aspect, its like I got too deep into sissy hypno and forgot the reasons why it appealed to me in the first place, but whatever now I remember.



I feel you, I stopped listening to it too, but…

The thing is, it is really well made, much better than most hypno shit out there, that what made me get into it in the first place.

But at the same time I feel like the problem with it is that it aims in a kinda narrow fetish niche. Like the whole bimbo fetish, or being called B4mb1. If you are not into it 100% then it just feels like it's taking you somewhere you don't really want to go, so I just kinda stopped with it myself.

I guess this is the fault with it, that if you don't want to take it all in it's fullness, then it's probably not for you. But the idea and realization behind it still deserves respect though. Maybe one day I will to find something that would be made for me, or maybe even make one myself, who knows.


I've only listened to file 9 with the orgasm command. Do any others have that as well?





i came here to fap not to read



Wall of text are how I make sense of my thoughts, don't mind me


Can some one upload the files im interested in trying them



They are all available on the blog. The new release files will be available on the blog in a few weeks. I doubt anybody who has paid for early access will want to put it up, that’s why we pay for it.

On another note, anybody have any site suggestions for B4mb1 clothes or accessories? I’ve ordered a few sexy things from that dumb Chinese Wish site, and they actually came and seem pretty good, at least for something that feels sexy when you’re listening to this stuff.



Will I get the files if I subscribe to the patreon now?



Yes, you will be able to access all the "patreon only" posts, where you´re able to download the files.



Panties, Bra, crop top and skirt, silk dress, stockings, garter belt, wig, gloss, foundation makeup.

Whole body hair shaved or waxed.


File: 2a86d2ff629db0d⋯.png (68.39 KB, 900x493, 900:493, 2a86d2ff629db0d1deeb6c6e1a….png)


>Maybe I should just do meditation or yoga lol.

Pretty much. It's more rewarding too.


I'm not particularly interested in the whole sissy thing but I'd like to hear from those who have gone through the B4mb1 series just what, in your opinion, makes the hypnosis so powerful.

I've listened to the first few trigger training files and they are very strong on repetition but is there more to the B4mb1 hypno than this?


I cant make it to the blog thats the only reason i was asking for a upload i dont want the new files.



>tulpa shit

Wew lad, what is that nigger even talking about, doesn't he know tulpa =/= dream characters you can spawn?

Also I agree, meditation is much more rewarding, and while listening to this hypno might be meditative and put you into a trance state, it's not the same as simply meditating, and you dont get the same benefits, since this hypno definetly falls under one of the five hindrances and promotes neither mindfulness nor concentration, and in fact you could say it promotes mindlessness and distraction.



Pink Chastity belt


It's a strange thing. I've wanted this sort of permanent takeover for years, but the only thing that's kept if from happening to me is that the files always have a flaw.

Before B4mb1 there was an infamous file called Curse: Female Takeover but unfortunately it was by 3MG and he has a terrible voice. B4mb1 files have a high quality TTS voice but I dislike certain suggestions I've heard that make the new dominant personality very dumb.

tl;dr I just want some sort of ego death/takeover file where a lewd woman replaces me, not some absolutely airheaded prostitute.



If you want an Ivona Salli of Female Takeover, post a request in the Hypno Remastering Project thread.



Eh, it's not just 3MGs terrible voice that is a problem with the Female Takeover file. It's from a much older era, and the script itself has not aged well at all.



Are there people remastering old TTS or such old files with the Ivona Salli voice? Because I swear that voice can get me listening to any hypno no matter the context I bet.

I'm addicted to it.





de-1337itfy the link


Do you meditate regularly? What kind of hypno do you listen to, and why? Do you care whether it conflicts with your meditation?



>Do you meditate regularly?

I try to, at least 10 minutes minimum per day if I can't any longer

>What kind of hypno do you listen to

Just the B4mb1 files now pretty much, but I haven't actually listened to them in like 2 months because yeah like you said it does conflict, I just don't think meditation and stuff like this is compatible, previous attempts to find a balance just ended up with me putting off meditation day after day because hypno/porn took precedent, leading to weeks where I wouldn't meditate at all. And while some may say that hypno trance is meditative, it''s not really the same as regular meditation where you are sitting without distraction and mindful and aware of your breathing or other repetitive meditation object, and returning to your awareness of the breath when you notice your mind has drifted, or mindfulness meditation where you pay attention to the present moment without judgement, without getting caught up in your thoughts, etc, and when you do that you are slowly cultivating a certain mindset, whereas when you give in to porn, and hypno like this you are cultivating a completely opposite mindset, one which you give in to urges, where you lose mindfulness, where you go with the flow of your thoughts and impulses to seek pleasure and avoid pain, to fap and forget and with the hypno and B4mb1 files especially to lose awareness of your self and escape from the present moment.

They're just not compatible, but getting over porn addiction is difficult, there's setbacks and relapses etc.. These files especially are hard to let go of, though I'm just on here usually to discuss them, and to see if anything new is out fanmade or otherwise, out of curiosity. There's probably nothing wrong with indulging in this in moderation but to me at least that doesn't cut it because porn addiction makes moderation impossible so I had to fully quit listening for a while and focus elsewhere.




Would you say that another major difference between meditation and hypnotism is the lack of consciousness during hypnotic trance, vs the conscious suppression/detachment from your thoughts (I guess you kinda already said that)? Also, what form of meditation do you focus on (concentration or mindfulness)? I might get into this shit



I don't think hypnotic trance is so much lack of consciousness because otherwise you would be asleep, as it is something meditative but not quite meditation I guess.

And meditation is not about suppression but yeah detachment from your thoughts, not reacting to them, not getting carried away by them just returning to your object of focus like the breath- thats the concentration meditation I'm currently practicing.

I'm also trying to do mindfulness as well, both are beneficial and at least in Buddhism both are to be cultivated, and can be cultivated at the same time too, instead of just focusing on one or the other first.

>I might get into this shit

Just do a lot of reading and start practicing it, that's what I did, also theres those studies that show the benefits of meditation, especially this one https://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2018/04/harvard-researchers-study-how-mindfulness-may-change-the-brain-in-depressed-patients/

There's just so much benefits in meditation that its worth pursuing. It doesn't necessarily mean you have to stop listening to this hypno either, but I found at least for me that I had to because I just wasn't making progress I couldn't juggle both at once, its hard enough devoting just 10 (ten) minutes to meditation once a day, now try doing that when you're under the influence of the hypno so to speak and looking forward to it and putting off everything else and when not listening to the hypno then fapping/edging to porn, its just stagnation.


has anyone tried the new training tracks yet?



Yes, very sploogeworthy.



Also, I find myself having very B4mb1-like thoughts throughout the day.



Can they be used as a refresher to the original 1-10? How used to the old triggers do you have to be to use the new ones? B4mb1 needs themmm


How long is each of the new files?


File: f5b476637007d0c⋯.png (5.54 KB, 281x124, 281:124, Capture.PNG)



I say they can be used as a refresher to some of the older files. These shorter sessions also enhance a few triggers and implant some devious suggestions. Bimbo Pleasure is the one you need to watch out for.



any list of the new files triggers or anything typed up?



There aren't any new triggers. She just gave some of the old triggers new stuff.



But why? What's so special about it?


guys I can't get this out of my head.

I only listened to the sessions 0-3, twice or maybe three times, but had to stop because they're so effective.

I need a femdom version of this SO BAD.

The noise, the multilayered voices, it's all so good, much better than anything else I've ever heard before.

The IVONA Salli voice is perfect for this.

Only problem is that I'm not a sissy, don't wanna become a sissy, don't like any of IQ drain and cock related stuff.

I tried to just pretend it's a female dominatrix grooming me to be pegged, but once the cock suggestions become too strong, it turns me off.

PLEASE someone make something like this, but for straight male subs.

I can't get this out of my head, jesus. Please send help.




You are going to keep listening to the files to become a good bimbo girl, and you're going to like it, damn it!



Same here…I listened to sessions 1,2,3,10 & then the 4 advanced level tracks a few times only and the cravings it created were so strong it twisted my gut into knots. I haven't listened in over a week now & I still can't get it out of my head either.



Have you tried the full 1-10? It would probably be a better idea to build a foundation properly before moving onto the advanced files.



Not a chance.

I know myself, I have a really addictive personaily and am self-destrucive.

This would screw me up for good.

That's why I really want a femdom and less aggressive themed pack.


What cravings? Can you name them?

Just from reading this tread I get the pink warm fuzzy cloud in my belly & chest again. That's what I miss the most.

I guess that's what you call obedience?



I have not done the full 1-10 because the first few tracks unexpectedly grabbed me by surprise…I just wanted to test the waters…I didn't expect them to take hold so quickly.


I'm craving all sorts of things…re-listening to the files, the color pink, hearing "good girl", & sucking cocks are the strongest. I started dreaming about lipstick, fake eyelashes, pantyhose, and painting my toe nails. That's what prompted me to stop listening. I knew if I kept on, it would be harder to stop.



But after realising they worked, you chose to jump straight to the advanced tracks? It sounds like you were eager to become Bambí, to me.

>hearing "good girl" [is] the strongest.

(Just in case you're on the edge of listening again, you might not want to read this bit)

Who says you just need to hear it. Just typing it right then, I'm sure you spoke it inside your head. Why hear when it's already echoing around inside there? And, of course, every time you read "Good Girl", you must hear it inside your head as you stare at the words. Or is it triggered just from listening to the files?

As much as I like to tease, it's almost certainly a good idea to stop where you did, judging by how strong you say your cravings are.



I jumped to the advanced sessions out of curiosity…just to get a taste. I went incredibly deep & it felt fantastic! I had to fight the urges to continue on. I know that if I had initially conditioned with the first full set before the advanced files, I would have definitely been a goner. That's how strong these files have affected me. But I wasn't after being B4mb1…I'm straight and these were the first files I've ever listened to in this genre. Curiosity got the better of me.

And yes, whether I see it, type it, or hear it, 'good girl' is still a trigger that hasn't fully faded yet. But I think seeing the color pink each day seems to keep me coming back to this thread. I can't seem to let go of those warm & fuzzy feelings.



It's only natural for a straight man to be attracted to someone like Bambí. After all, isn't she so incredibly hot? Being attracted to the idea of becoming her is not dissimilar in a lot of cases, as it often requires attraction to her in the first place. The attraction to cock may be your particular problem, as a distaste for men but a craving for their cocks would be a very awkward thing to have. But, as the files are very well put together and attraction to Bambí is, in many cases, required to wish to become her, the suggestions without involving cocks and/or men are not turning you gay.

As for the cravings, there is the pleasure conditioning aspect to it. You feel it with the Good Girl trigger. It's only natural for you to want to keep these triggers, as they make you feel so good. Our bodies are hardwired to chase pleasure, and oftentimes our minds are not ideal for resisting such urges. A consistent, easy, and powerful source of pleasure is going to be extremely effective in building dependence, but letting the trigger fade is the best way to get off that hook.

(teasing in brackets ahead btw)

As much fun as it would be to push you further into the Bambí pit (don't you see a hint of pink whenever you blink in the sunlight? >:]), what you're doing right now is probably the best shot at ditching the habit you'll have, as at this point it's clear how stupid an idea it would be to listen to the files (although, entertaining such a stupid idea shows you still have a strong bimbo side. How else would you be so dumb as to think about becoming dumber?).


Does anyone ever get the shakes really bad while they listen? I was half-way thru blank mindless doll and I was shaking so bad it hurt :(



Maybe you were to cold and your body tried to compensate by contracting some muscles. I've found that to be a problem even at room temperature, if the uniform is very sparse. On the other hand, if it's too warm, it might be difficult to relax properly.


The real question is, why do so many straight guys listen to bimbofication hypno files?



Simple answer, they’re turned on by the idea of the girl who is totally comfortable with being objectified. The caricature of submissive sexual femininity is sexy, and it feels good to “get inside her”.



The biggest attraction is dancing close to the sun. The idea that this file will kill your identity and replace it with something you don't want but are really attracted to. You go as far as you can until you start to hear B4mb1 in your head and then you quickly kick yourself out of it.

The thought of getting stuck is hot as fuck to the point where I'm scared it might happen. I would get out but every time I lay awake in bed I just think how bored I am and how I need to shut up my brain.

If the new file sets have a sleep track I'm pretty fucked.



>If the new file sets have a sleep track I'm pretty fucked.

And they do.



>You go as far as you can until you start to hear B4mb1 in your head and then you quickly kick yourself out of it.

Yea this kinda happened with me once. It was like 3 AM, and I heard a separate voice (b4mb1) in my head talking independently, which I'm guessing is the beginning of a tulpa. I also was hallucinating a bit, and while she was talking I sensed some kind of presence near me. Fuck that, just let me be a girl without the split personality shit




Precisely! And after only a week of listening, I was definitely too close to going over that edge. But if there was an OFF switch I could access, I would have already dived in head first just to experience this identity to its fullest. I may have only reached for that switch if I felt it was negatively affecting my life. Unfortunately, I don't see the creator making that type of file.




You can just leave the takeover part out of your playlist you know. It's the only one that explicitly refers to the two personalities being compartmentalized from eachother.

The rest only vaguely illustrates her as a different personality, which is subject to the conceptualization of the original and can therefore never actually be anything more than an extension or facet of it.


File: 9587754db526863⋯.jpg (691.51 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Hanebado! -….jpg)


>Fuck that, just let me be a girl without the split personality shit

Learn to lucid dream then, I bet if people learned to do that and could experience these fantasies to their fullest that way then they wouldn't need this B4mb1 shit or any hypno even, because the type of escapism this brings is inferior to that possible with lucid dreams.


The problem with that is a lot of the later files refer to the separate personality aspect and reinforce it, especially Oblivion, so you would need to painstakingly edit all of that out, to ensure no takeover/personality split shit remains and that sounds like too much work tbh.



yeah oblivion and cock zombie both refer to it. The plastic surgery file also kind of hints at it as well.




Don't use those either. I don't. They deviate too much from the original content and go into batshit crazy fantasies that have nothing to do with being a bimbo.

They seem to be purely to appease the ever present and insufferable s/m crowd who co-opt and cancerify every fetish they can get their filthy leatherclad hands on. Then inevitably try to monetize it once the infected outnumber the untainted in any community.



you probably just had a hypnogogic hallucination

i've felt demons talk to me, thieves come into my house and women whisper in my ears

it seems to trigger things that give you anxiety, in your case the possibility of a B4mb1 take over created the hallucination


Best playlists?


Are you supposed to add the new files into playlists where you see fit or listen to them individually?


Has all the older material been fully remastered yet?



That would have been mentioned on the blog. The only editing yet, was matching the volume to the advanced tracks just after those were released.


It seems like they are intended to be used as a personalized induction,that reinforces the aspects the listener desires.


Come on. This is brought up all the time. Look at the two previous threads and search for playlist. The new ones aren't really made for a general one fits all approach as far as I know.



Ah okay. Should I place them before or after the regular induction, or just cut out the standard induction entirely?



I don't have them yet, so that's hard to say. My above post was just a repetition of the description from the blog, which is as follows:

>This is the first batch of the new set of short trance training tracks. Use them to increase the effectiveness of all other conditioning, to reinforce the basic training, or mix and match to create a custom induction.



>They deviate too much from the original content

But they are OC.

>batshit crazy fantasies that have nothing to do with being a bimbo.

I guess the symbology of the scenarios themselves went over your head.

>They seem to be purely to appease the ever present and insufferable s/m crowd who co-opt and cancerify every fetish they can get their filthy leatherclad hands on.

What the fuck are you going on about?

>Then inevitably try to monetize it once the infected outnumber the untainted in any community.

Ackshually, many fans of the B4mb1 files begged the creator to setup a Patreon. The original series started out as a personal project that she chose to release to the public.



There's something sneaky about the Drone file, it isn't just the binaural loop. Make sure to listen to it and the second new file together.



The Drone file in and of itself does nothing, however. There is a suggestion in one of the new files which says you will feel relaxed and fall into trance whenever you listen to the drone binaural.



Yeah and I wanted to see what order people in the threads used and for what desired affects? Everyone here that isn't using the training playlist probably has their own desired order, I'd like to know how other people listen to it.



The original set of content. The scenarios did not go over my head, they just go into heavy s/m. Which doesn't actually bring any new technique to the table, its purely bondage themed wank material that as I said has little to nothing to do with being a bimbo that the older sessions don't already do.

I didn't mean to imply that making a buck was the creators intent, but it is the norm with anything s/m related. To the point that yes, sissy subs will BEG for the privilege of being able to give you money.

If all that floats your boat, that's great, but not me. Anyone who just wants bimboification should avoid all those files and stick to the original set, and bits of the second.


File: 1deb32848e9d1c6⋯.png (2.96 MB, 1470x1470, 1:1, Bambi Sleep Playlist - Dab….png)



Is there anything else like this? Especially for the newer files?


File: 5e5dfc14464f338⋯.png (6.79 KB, 238x209, 238:209, try.PNG)


try that one



I know there was some custom B4mb1 files some anon posted in this vola https://volafile.org/r/mm7x0p44

It dosent show there full names but if you mouse over them you can see what they are



What are the custom files like?



The whole playlist is about 32 mins.

Listening to that playlist twice in a row would be 64 mins.

That 64 mins playlist listened on a daily basis could massively reinforce B4mb1's hold.



who the h*ck is dabc?



They might have roughly the same goals, but the new content is generally MUCH stronger than the original set (despite them being pretty strong to begin with). IDK what you mean by s/m, yeah there's some bondage metaphors but it's not really a central focus



the guy who made that playlist


im pretty much convinced that this is the most malicious hypno stuff currently out there



Its for the people that want it and its a certain fantasy most people find being brainwashed against their will as hot but can't experience it because they want it, so these files do a good job at fulfilling their fantasy by doing just that and once you realize that what happened to you and your fantasy is being fulfilled it only reinforces it more



the fantasy is one thing,

but i'm talking about the split personality, that is straight up dangerous.

also im pretty sure there are other subliminals in there, for instance the urge to spread the files around.

who knows what else.

I've only listened to 0-3 twice and I'm already hooked and trying my best to get the fuck out.



I've never heard suggestions to spread the files

The split personality is only something if you allow it and isn't even in the main set give 1-10 and you won't experience anything you don't want



nice post number but no clue what you're talking about

I've never shared these files but I do regularly cum like a g00d g1rl

maybe if you have a preconception about a set of hypno files your subconscious will end up interpreting the files in line with that preconception

>muh ebil hypno so scray cant stop listening lol


The only bad part is the uniform stuff and the braindrain, mainly because A) I can't afford some cute gear and B) I don't have the privacy to wear it for as long as the files run.

>tfw no hypno that encourages you to be smarter

I mean I enjoy the emptyheadedness but I don't want to lose my IQ, just be compelled to obey.



Sucks when your mom doesnt knock before entering?



Yea. It's hot when my dad does it tho



Does he lock the door and fuck you while you're B4mb1?



Yes! He even knows all the triggers. I'm his favorite daughter now! *giggles*




B4mb1 incest porn when?



Do we know the titles or the theme of Enforcement Part 2 yet?



what the fuck?

session 7, takeover, is actively encouraging a split personality



You just found this out?



hypno can't make u do anything u don't really want tho




Isn't B4mb1 the only hypno series that aims to implement a secondary personality with such vigor?



k31 demon girl series maybe? never listened to them but apparently b4mb1 is based on demon girl?



see >>44444

de-1337ify the link, 31 = ei



do yourself a favour and stay away from Vain Horny and The Oblivion files. These two files not only encourage the split personality but also promote the idea of the split personality becoming the only personality. Though it hasn't been proved if it actually works or not since a lot of people here are roleplaying. But probably don't take any chances.



>vain horny takes me really deep

>oblivion files do absolutely nothing

But this is the first hypnosis that actually works on me so maybe my mind is just picky.



I'd say Mindlocked also has a lot of potential if you're looking for a strong B4mb1.

Most people who listen to these playlists are into crossdressing and just want to enhance their fun times.



Is B4mb1 Enforcement enough for beginners, to learn all basic triggers?

Or should they start with 123 10 from the bimbodoll playlist?



B4mb1 Enforcement is quite advanced, but you don't need to listen to Fucktoy Submission and Fuckpuppet Freedom for this material.


Can anyone share the B4mb1 enforcement set?



it will soon be available to everyone on the B4mb1 blog



and what about bimbodoll conditioning, would it be necessary before enforcement?





how the fuck do i trance



Just lay back, relax and enjoy the show.

There is really nothing other you have to do but create a relaxing atmosphere, you would already want to be in, and then listen as if you were told an interesting fantasy story, which most hypno kind of is anyway.


Is there a list of what each training loop entails?



There's a fourth playlist not on here.

=Mindless Bimbo Bliss=

01 Blank Mindless Doll

03 B4mb1 Named and Drained

04 B4mb1 IQ Lock

02 Cock Dumb Hole

01 Bimbo Giggletime

02 Mindlocked Cock Zombie

01 Blowup Pleasure Toy

05 Bimbo Drift


I started listening to these 2 days ago and I am very happy with the effect so far. The first time I listened to it, I did 1,2,3 & 10 from Bimbodoll Conditioning. The second time I listened to 1,2,3,4 & 10. The last time I listened to the entirety of Bimbodoll Conditioning. Where should I go from here? Should I keep listening to 1,2,3, whatever & 10 for a little longer? When would it be okay to start listening to the Fuckdoll Brainwash files? When should I start using the rapid induction? Sorry for all the questions, I am super excited to listen to more of this and I want to do it the best way I can. I am also interested in trying out Dabc's playlist, when would be a good time to start that?



Start with the brainwash tracks as soon as you have accomplished a trance comparable to the full induction with the rapid induction, which you can put in front of the former just to test it.

The quality of the brainwash tracks is way superior to the original tracks and will train most triggers that aren't the rapid induction faster and more enjoyable.

You can also add the files of the original Bimbodoll Conditioning that sound interesting to you to the training playlist while you are still using that. I would recommend to use the uniformed track a few times though, because it explains the uniform escape procedure.

Ready-made playlists are for sissies.



Maje two pkaylists of 1, 2, 3, 10 with one including 4, 5, 6, and the other gaving 7, 8, 9. Alternate between these two daily for 2-3 weeks. Then, you should be ready for Fuckdoll Brainwash.



Based on what information?

You have no idea how suggestible they are and even when alternating like you suggest, this may be a huge waste of time.

Those that are very suggestible won't need even two weeks to train and those that are on the opposite end of the spectrum will definitely get better progress with the brainwash session once they can trance just enough. Additionally we have no evidence, that I know of, which indicates what an averagely suggestible person may behave like and how long it would take such person to get properly conditioned.



One playlist focuses on bimbo conditioning while the other is reinforcement. The listings aren't arbitrary and it's even stated on the blog. Typically, 2-3 weeks is how long it takes for the triggers to have immediate and profound effects, and for B4mb1 to act completely like a bimbo, though some are very suggestible and are ready for Fuckdoll Brainwash in just a week. Also, listening for 2 and a half hours daily for the full conditioning can be daunting for some B4mb1s and can't stay in trance for that long. When you are able to drop in trance very deep with the sleep trigger, you can replace track 1 with 00.


this whole process will be made even faster once the Bimbodoll remaster comes out



read this in Salli's voice


Is everything gone? What happened? Where can I find these files now?



Everything is where it used to be. Google the blog and download everything from there. The links here have to be corrected for the autol33ting of the board and don't work as is.


File: 243318e25597548⋯.png (2.65 MB, 1470x1470, 1:1, Bambi Sleep - Dabc's Playl….png)


You really don't need these files. You already qualify as a bimbo but if you look in the lower right corner of this graphic, you'll find a link unobscured by leet speak.



I thought it was already remastered?



It was updated with a few triggers once fuckdoll brainwash was released.

The remaster will bring quite a few changes: a bit shorter, better sound quality, maybe some other things like new subliminals.



The shorter bit is what im hoping for. The files are amazing but man I dont have the time for them.


I found this in my Giga network. It caters to those with a shrinking fetish.




B4mb1 is just a way for gay sociopaths to prey on the weak.



How so?


does anyone know when the new training files are expected to be up for non-patreon people?



Someone share them already



Going by release record, it'll most likely be released this Sunday.



The author can hardly upload them as long as the patreon numbers keep climbing, if they don't want to loose the recent followers immediately.

People expect a exclusivity timeframe for their money.

In that sense the selected distribution method is very intelligent, because it will deter people from sharing the files while also getting pretty much everyone who might have bought the files naturally as well as most previous customers.

And since the price is (comparatively) low for well put together files the number of potential customers is as big as it gets in terms of the erotic hypnosis niche fetish.

The good news is, that the growth of followers has already slowed down in the last week or so, indicating that there are either not many followers left for the current files, and/or that potential new ones expect the files to be released soon. So if we expect a reasonable 1 to 2 weeks exclusively for the latest subscribers, you don't have to hold out for much longer.


Just got into these today, and even though im straight, at the end of the session I had the best fap iv had in a long time. did 1/2/3/5/9/10 of the original series. Planning on ordering some stuff for a uniform to do it the 'right' way but I have no idea what to even get, thinking some pink lingerie set from amazon or something, what do you guys use? Should I just stick to the 1/2/3/10 until i get something? Do the playlists that start with 'Blank Mindless Doll' require the induction or do you skip that?



Make sure you order a dildo, or at the very least, have some bananas or cucumbers handy. You won't be able to take off your uniform without sucking on a phallic object. Blank Mindless Doll can replace tracks 01 and 02 of Bimbodoll Conditioning.



Thanks anon, and recommendation for a uniform?



Whatever kind of girly attire you want, but the more complete the uniform is, the better. Get panties at the very least.



>You won't be able to take off your uniform without sucking on a phallic object.

lmao, I laugh at shit like this, I listen to these files nude or with boxers on ffs I've got no privacy and no money for anything more "immersive"



Some items that would be cool for B4mb1

Panties, Bra, crop top and skirt, silk dress, stockings, garter belt, sexy wig, pink gloss for lips, foundation makeup.

Whole body hair shaved or waxed.

Anal plug, silicone or stainless steel dildo

And if you have the will to be B4mb1 for a long time, a pink chastity belt that you only remove in the shower could force you to only cum via anal play.. and that could be a turning point.


Anyone have the color list for clothing B4mb1 likes? I had to stop for a while and am looking to get more clothing.



mostly pink and black =)



Mainly pink, but B4mb1 wants to be fashionable, so blacks, blues, reds, whites, purples, yellows, etc. all work. Look up people like Katerina Rozmmajzl, Yanet Garcia, Chanel Santini, Natalie Mars, Bailey Jay, Sarina Valentina, and other various bimbos on social media. Look at what they buy and how they coordinate to look like cock-teasing sluts.


File: 2c68c8e467f69d8⋯.jpg (747.47 KB, 1920x1034, 960:517, Cades-cove-deer-fighting-t….jpg)


This post is hilarious. This is like reading a everyday women's fashion magazine with celebrities and tips of all kinds reduced to a sentence.

"How do I signal it's rut time"

Picture somehow related


File: 7eddeb4aafafca4⋯.jpg (148.19 KB, 1024x777, 1024:777, 713_stormtroopers.jpg)



This is unironically the kind of material B4mb1 will read. Probably the only thing she will read.



She can't read, can she? She can look at the images though.


Anyone able to listen and enjoy this while in uniform with no adverse effects otherwise?

Was into it a year ago right after release and kept legitimately having trans thoughts which depressed me. I wasn't mentally in the best place though.



If thinking about cock in an desirable way is a problem to you or your perception of your gender, then sissy or even bimbo files are probably not for you.

You don't have to like it either, but a certain tolerance to the thought should be there as it is almost unavoidable to get some effect of this trigger if you intend the files to work at all.



Ya that's not really a concern for me. Mostly the kind of trans depression I had previously.


I can't seem to get to the files, am i smooth brain?



You probably need to pay more attention, what the board does to links. Or just use google.




Damn, I thought I was the only one. I never really got too far into the whole B4mb1 thing. But back when I was crossdressing a bunch, I started getting dysphoria or something. Really fucks with you in an unhealthy way.



I mean, I don't really think it was necessarily the files themselves fucking with me. Had a injured myself, fired from a job I loved, stuck in a job I hated which exacerbated the injury and my best friend had committed suicide. It was almost all I had in some respects.

Sometimes I can't tell if I'm more interested in the fantasy that B4mb1 and other hypno presents me with or the loss of control.

I don't know what to think about the end game though. I'm 24yo, got huge shoulders and a deep voice. I'm not ever going to pass. And not passing wouldn't make me happy, with things I am passionate about I am an incredibly competitive realist.

Were the files to rewire and allow me to delude myself, it wouldn't feel morally right. I have skills and talents that can improve the world, or at least some people's lives. To give that up for a sexual desire is selfish.

It seems like what B4mb1 could be useful for is maintaining a balance between my trans/loss of identity desires and my duty to improve myself and others.

The problem is that the creator and others seem to want to push people over the edge into the B4mb1 mindlessness. I think that is dangerous.

I think there needs to be some sort of safety net here. Something that reassures you that when out of uniform you are doing the right thing for yourself, B4mb1, and the rest of the world.

It's not like this is a desire I can just avoid. I've been away for over a year and I want to explore it again. But the problem is that this method seems unsafe and the others are kinda lackluster.

So those are my thoughts I guess. Maybe I could try contacting the creator or another fan could make a safety file. I sure as hell can't, I suck at audio editing.


Enforcement is available.



First off I am sorry to hear about the stuff you went through, I hope things continue to improve this year.

The fact that you're 24, have obligations to fulfill, and know you will not pass is a good thing.

Even without a safety net file, there are rational limits to how far you can take this fetish in reality.

No matter how deep the files take you while you're listening to them, you will look in the mirror once you're done and understand that it's only a fantasy.

>The problem is that the creator and others seem to want to push people over the edge into the B4mb1 mindlessness.

As a submissive it turns me on to imagine this happening to me, but I doubt it's really possible. But isn't it fun to pretend?



>As a submissive it turns me on to imagine this happening to me, but I doubt it's really possible. But isn't it fun to pretend?

Not that anon but same here, but what about all that tulpa talk and fearmongering, thats whats triggering a lot of my anxiety now when listening to the files unfortunately preventing me from relaxing and letting go and reaching even light trance anymore.

And before when I didn't know about that or came across that talk I just enjoyed it more treating it as a fantasy and relishing in the "dangerous" files but now I don't know anymore, you can say its just a fantasy but if the file is more than just that by intention then no matter how you consider it, it might eventually become more than just a fantasy and something less desirable instead, I'd want to avoid that so that's why theres been a total change in mindset when it comes to these files now….






gave them a listen, they're much more powerful than I thought, especially the last three.


File: 5e5dfc14464f338⋯.png (6.79 KB, 238x209, 238:209, ww.png)

The 6 files could be incorporated into that strong playlist:

Drone at the very beginning before blank mindless doll, and the five others could be inserted just after vain horny happy.



If you read >>>/tulpa/ a little bit you might be less concerned, as a tulpa appears to need periodic active reinforcement (forcing) to sustain itself as a product of your thoughts.

That means if you were to get a tulpa through listening to these files, which I am not sure is possible, it would disappear after you have stopped listening for some time.

At least that is my conclusion.


A good trigger training playlist would be:

1. Bimbo Drone

2. Blank Mindless Doll

3. Bimbo Relaxation

4. Bimbo Slumber

5. Vain Horny Happy

6. Bimbo Tranquility

7. Bimbo Pride

8. Bimbo Pleasure

9. Bimbo Drift

That playlist is 1 hour 12 mins long, so it could be listened twice a day.

Once total amnesia and response to triggers is experienced, then B4mb1 will be able to train with all other files.



>That means if you were to get a tulpa through listening to these files, which I am not sure is possible, it would disappear after you have stopped listening for some time.

From what I understand, if a tulpa disappears, it was not a tulpa. Tulpas are supposed to stay with the host forever. However, tulpamancers say that a tulpa can be killed…


Are there any new scripts available apart from the 10 that were published?



Would this playlist be a good way to get used to all the triggers even if I haven't listened to all the originals?



You can probably use IBM Watsons speech to text for other files https://www.ibm.com/watson/services/speech-to-text/

Ofc the scripts won't be 100% accurate …



Anon who started this line of discussion.

I think the tulpa talk, especially further down the thread, is really just mystifying basic psychology. It's hard to have conflicting interests. You don't need to be a "tulpamancer" to figure that out. That kind of talk just makes it more difficult to have a real discussion about concerns.

Having trans fantasies but wanting to live a normal life is a real, complicated issue but it can likely actually be worked through.

Becoming possessed by a malignant tulpa and having to do some voodoo shit to get it out is just too much of an extreme.

It's harder to articulate things without resorting to calling them Tulpas etc but I think it's worth the effort.



you should listen to 123 10 from bimbodoll conditioning at least five to ten times before anything else.



Dude what the shit are you talking about?

This is such fucking nonsense and whoever calls themselves a 'Tulpamancer' has bigger problems to deal with than the tulpa: they're fucking nuts.



Okay, what should I do after that?



After you have had some training you can use the secondary set of files "B4mb1 fuckdoll brainwash" if you are trained well you should use rapid induction and blank mindless doll to start your session. you can then add files in based on what you want. for more B4mb1 training something like this: rapid induction, blank mindless doll, B4mb1 named and drained, B4mb1 takeover, vain horny and happy, B4mb1 awaken or bimbo drift.



Retard! The body of Fuckdoll Brainwash is an expansion of 4-9 of Bimbodoll Conditioning. Moving onto the Fuckdoll Brainwash without listening to all of Bimbodoll Conditioning is dangerous if you don't know how extreme the mental and personality conditioning is.



Well, it's a derivative work so the content sort of matches the original, while being much better in quality. I would call it more of an reimagination for the most part rather than an expansion. It's a more concentrated version of what was already established. Sure it has much reinforcement, but not without at least touching on the content to be strengthened first. For that matter I'm with >>45695 on this one.



Retard post, again! Fuckdoll Brainwash is more advanced, and many B4mb1s have reported the suggestions are stronger. giving B4mb1 more influence and feeling more like a bimbo. It even says on the blog that Fuckdoll Brainwash is more advanced and Bimbodoll Conditioning should be listened first ffs.



Jeez, I can imagine how awful you look, sound and smell just by how you write.



Hmmm, not an argument, sweetie.



I think the reason Conditioning is recommended first is to implant and strengthen the triggers that are used in Fuckdoll. Listening to Fuckdoll without conditioning would reduce the effectiveness on the contrary,



Thank you, Captain Obvious!



You're welcome


I see you guys are quickly progressing in your B4mb1fication :D



Yup. Browsing this board is far more effective than the files.


Whats the point of obscuring the links?



Board does it automatically.

Isn't as easily findable by go*gle


Man I havent listened to these in months. Should I just start from the beginning again with just 1,2,3,10 to try and get the triggers again? After that can I just dive back in to the new files?



Why are people (Not just you. Also/especially >>45683) so averse to just listening to the original files first like the whole thing was designed for? There's no real point in doing it if you're not going to do it right.



Its mostly because i listened to them a lot in the past and it did annoy me how long they were, so the second set being shorter and higher quality was just so much better.

I mean maybe this will change when the reworked first set is made someday, whichwill hopefully make it a bit shorter.



> the problem is that this method seems unsafe and the others are kinda lackluster

Try taking a look at >>44417 for a brief summary of something that started at >>42837 and kinda … grew. You might be interested. It's still in early planning stages and I could use ideas from other anons.


> But isn't it fun to pretend?

That's kinda how hypnosis-based brainwashing works - "fake it 'til you make it" - it's all fun until you aren't "just pretending" anymore and you realize what you've conditioned yourself to do.


> Tulpas are supposed to stay with the host forever.

Like any other mental construct, they can atrophy and be forgotten from disuse. Proper tulpas are supposed to reinforce themselves to prevent this.

B4mb1 isn't really a tulpa, though, more of an alter, but not really a full alter either - B4mb1 is nowhere close to sentient. B4mb1 is an animated blow-up doll that exists to suck cock.


What's the fastest way to use these files to become a total cockslut? I've listened to 1,2,3, and 10 3 times and wanted to started using other files but I don't really want to get into the uniform and IQ drain.



You can still listen to anything but the IQ drain and uniform files, which are usually only two fairly specific files per series (Conditioning, Brainwash, Enforcement) and they can be relatively easily identified by the description or even name. Beyond that you can just use the tips given here before. You may miss out on some triggers and you will certainly still come across elements of both themes, but you would avoid the effects for the most part. Also, as long as you don't even like the idea of something, there is really nothing these elements could build upon to convert you.



that is mostly up to you about how quickly it will happen. This is my suggested play list:

If you feel like 1,2,3,10 has worked on you already then you can drop 1 and 2. otherwise give it a few sessions.

1,2,3,9,10 at least 3 times.

Rapid Induction, Blank Mindless Doll, Cock Dumb hole, mindlockee cock zombie, B4mb1 cockslut, bimbo drift.

If you dont like bimbo drift then use B4mb1 awakens. You can also add the newer files somewhere in between as a form of deepener: bimbo relaxation after blank mindless doll, and

bimbo pleasure after B4mb1 cockslut.

always end with bimbo drift or B4mb1 awakens.

Good luck!



Cock Dumb Hole? What exactly did you not understand about their request of not wanting IQ reduction. I mean it is literally in the title, you cock dumb hole.


People who listen to this on the regular have something wrong with them.

I've listen to it once, of course out of trance, and this shit will fuck you up.

Do people not realize that?



its pretty good after 8 months of listening to this I started hallucinating having breasts and when this happened is wasn't like wow I have breasts it just felt like I always had them and it was normal



Wait. Legit seeing them or just the sensation?



Both its really great it probably helps that i'm on HRT but it's kinda just a part of B4mb1 now



what about amnesia? do you 100% forget the content of hypno playlists?



I do because I when I go under I become B4mb1



Welp, guess what 03 B4mb1 Named and Drained suggests? That's right! You are a dumb airhead with an IQ of 70. There is no escaping the dumbing down suggestions without becoming B4mb1 since 03 BNaD is the core B4mb1 file.



Sure, but I already covered this to a lesser degree in >>45906

Named and Drained is only a specific example of where the those suggestions appear apart from the files dedicated to the respective theme.


Why do people say B4mb1cult on Discord is horrifying?

I'm not complaining, I just want the hot goss.



It's not that bad all the time, but some B4mb1s there overdo it with the roleplaying sometimes and start spamming the threads with annoying gibberish. There is also a lot less usable information and advice compared to here. The only thing to go there for in my opinion are ironically the gifs, if you are even interested in them.



I don`t think it is roleplaying. There is a program out there that lets you change words that you type into other words (with typos and so on) and some B4mb1 did a script for it.


File: 32d16307a0687ab⋯.png (201.78 KB, 1635x747, 545:249, moo.png)


“With a bit of luck, his life was ruined forever. Always thinking that just behind some narrow door in all of his favorite bars, men in red woolen shirts are getting incredible kicks from things he’ll never know.”











still /r/ing transcripts for the training loops, fuckdoll brainwash, fucktoy submission, fuckpuppet freedom, also the remaining "Bimbo Pride" and "Bimbo Pleasure" for the Enforcement series



Just fixing typos




Missing ones





Thanks again!



Thank you for this



It almost feels like Bimbo Pleasure script is just a massive loophole that might make future deprograming relatively easy. Hm…




still /r/ing transcripts for the other B4mb1 series


pls explain; don't see any obvious cracks there

B4mb1 was never able to resist a deprogramming attempt but it's also very clear about B4mb1 washing out the last traces of the old self with each use of B4mb1 CUM AND COLLAPSE



Well now she's able to actively resist deprogramming attempts. Go read Pride script starting from line 111.



You are reading it too literally like how you would read computer code. People will interpret the suggestions however they will, and in this case, B4mb1 will make the choice that is in accordance with her bimbo nature.


File: 8603c0b9f078d67⋯.gif (403.21 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, Sasha and Merryl.gif)


- Mooo



About two months ago I broke into the Google Drive that holds the original Conditioning zip and added a highly suggestive suicide subliminal, leaving the rest of the audio untouched.

Soon there will be a lot less B4mb1s around.

You'll thank me later.



>last modified april 2017


dis script is hilarious, like… highly recommend if u want to er have a laugh, ummm… be ready for aids typos though


haha those roleplayers are like so cancerous!!



> Well now she's able to actively resist deprogramming attempts. Go read Pride script starting from line 111.

Really not seeing that, especially not in context. The whole section is about B4mb1's absolute need to obey mindlessly. While a few fragments might suggest what you mention, overall and in context, no, all you'd have to do is make sure that B4mb1 is reminded that she's being a good girl by obeying the deprogramming effort and she'd be forced to mindlessly comply.


> About two months ago I broke into the Google Drive that holds the original Conditioning zip and added a highly suggestive suicide subliminal, leaving the rest of the audio untouched.

> Soon there will be a lot less B4mb1s around.

> You'll thank me later.

Well, either you've replaced the underlying file without updating the timestamp or you're larping l33t h4x. Even if you actually did that, you would only be able to kill off any new B4mb1s. The existing zombie bimbo fools already have the file as it was before your efforts, so they won't be affected.

On a side note, any anons have that file from some time ago and willing to redownload it and compare hashes? Post the hashes too.

Not that a "suicide subliminal" would have a noticeable effect, since the whole point of B4mb1 seems to be to turn the listener into a mindless female bimbo, which makes male listeners trans and trans people have a stunningly high suicide rate anyway. In other words, a late stage B4mb1 zombie bimbo is very likely to commit suicide if the original personality ever regains control, even for a brief time, and realizes what they have become. B4mb1 isn't particularly stable either, so she's very likely to crack at random times, opening this door. In fact, she's likely to crack at the worst possible times, giving the original personality nightmarish glimpses of what he has become before the bimbo programming can kick back in. Suicidal tendencies are very likely if this happens often.



>since the whole point of B4mb1 seems to be to turn the listener into a mindless female bimbo, which makes male listeners trans and trans people have a stunningly high suicide rate anyway

Only while in uniform. When outside of uniform, they are still their normal self. Important to note that.

Also, very important to note that people need to wear a uniform when listening. Too many are just listening naked or in everyday clothes.




he's Larping the file size of the folder and mp3 files are the exact same it hasn't changed at all from when it was uploaded last april but nice try to fear monger



> Only while in uniform. When outside of uniform, they are still their normal self.

There are many suggestions about never taking the uniform off, like lines 147/148 in Bimbo Pride.

> And only a bad girl would try to remove her uniform / GOOD GIRLs are always dressed to please


File size proves nothing, even with mp3s. Have the hashes changed? Do you have a copy that you downloaded some time ago? Let's prove this beyond any doubt.


does anyone have a list of all the scripts transcribed so far?



Oblivion also says that you are intending to destroy the old personality completely, regardless of uniform.



Looks like it's just original conditioning series and new enforcement tracks.

Sadly i didn't save any paste links to original series scripts from old thread and that thread is now gone :\



If the remaster of the bimbodoll conditioning files shortens them enough, it could be a game changer.

The full original 1-10 playlist is 2h30mins, not many people can remain in trance for such a long time.



>does anyone have a list of all the scripts transcribed so far?

I found this:






The old threads tend to 404 for some time before appearing in the archive. I don't know why, but that has happened to multiple threads I had bookmarks for.

These are the original 7zs, they came in. Don't worry about the stupid file names. I didn't bother to change them.




I have a copy that downloaded last April the hashes are the same





Interesting journal of experiences someone has started over this last week:




these newcomers will feel even stronger effects when the remaster and enforcement part 2 are out… it's going to be insane =p









Please post the hashes so other anons can confirm.


LULZ! We get to watch some fool willingly waltz into zombie bimbo hell.



>LULZ! We get to watch some fool willingly waltz into zombie bimbo hell.

His girlfriend is a saint.



Not him. The first date correspond with the last modified date reported by Windows (approximate zipping date) and the second one is the approximate download date.

Would also upload to vola if needed.

B4mb1 Fuckdoll Brainwash.zip 2018.02.11 2018.03.05

SHA-256: 293ee9cf96a245ccd5c0f8c1fe0972f62fcf28e9fb0cf58e67663c2e5410f101

B4mb1 Fuckpuppet Freedom.zip 2018.04.30 2018.05.04

SHA-256: 334732eddfada53fca923015a6ae5b2750f9344ff8f63907174016bac0b48802

B4mb1 Fucktoy Fantasy.zip 2018.02.11 2018.03.05

SHA-256: da52251120385f291983919ebe4da587004b2c7ec05804c1b6cc714c04123900

B4mb1 Fucktoy Submission.zip 2018.02.11 2018.03.05

SHA-256: e0fb7c8b58c66b50fb8040c3e0819ad3e8a3642cb3873f9f2f9d867bc5d45bc0

B4mb1 Training Loops.zip 2018.02.11 2018.03.05

SHA-256: e48be51f136f18a1add5ee264a82fc6aa71f6201606b7eb8400798b6e4e0e15b

B4mb1 Bimbodoll Conditioning.zip 2018.02.08 2018.03.05

SHA-256: dd4308b0ddebdf19b7bd2ecdb4e7baa5e95383488382c4b767e02f8cc0f15441


and just like that, we're at the bump limit

new thread


new thread


new thread




>His girlfriend is a saint.

Oh yes…



top kek, sounds like a good time actually

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