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35bd3d  No.3315830

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Wednesday 10.03.18

>>>/patriotsfight/322 ——————————— What a wonderful day. ( >>3315505 )

>>>/patriotsfight/321 ——————————— Ford herself coached by the C_A? ( Cap: >>3307739, >>3307756 )

Tuesday 10.02.18

>>>/patriotsfight/320 ——————————— 53-47 ( Cap: >>3298266 )

>>>/patriotsfight/319 ——————————— SAVR.jpg ( Cap: >>3297831 )

>>>/patriotsfight/318 ——————————— Are you registered to vote on Nov 6th? ( Cap: >>3296825 )

>>>/patriotsfight/317 ——————————— Symbolism will be their downfall. ( Cap: >>3310187 )

Monday 10.01.18

>>3285957 rt >>3285666 -————————– Allow us to carry this heavy burden.

>>3285534 rt >>3285327 -————————– Amen, brother.

>>3285210 rt >>3285173 -————————– God bless you, Patriot.

>>3285147 rt >>3284952 -————————– Solid confirmation of POTUS on Q team

>>3284797 rt >>3284775 -————————– Trump normally tweets when he is going. Today he didn't.

>>3284672 rt >>3283955 -————————– Today, for the 1st time, we IDEN where we would be

>>>/patriotsfight/316 ——————————— Reagan - Peace Through Strength ( Cap: >>3284011, >>3284017 )

>>>/patriotsfight/315 ——————————— Heading to TN now. ( Cap: >>3282882, >>3285464 )

>>3282338 rt >>3282114 -————————– Think WHY.

>>3281997 rt >>3281924 -————————– We made it public.

>>>/patriotsfight/314 ——————————— Standard deviation? ( Cap: >>3282171 )

>>>/patriotsfight/313 ——————————— [Quick History Lesson] ( Cap: >>3281645, >>3285459 )

>>>/patriotsfight/312 ——————————— VIP PATRIOTS! ( Cap: >>3281006 )

Sunday 09.30.18

>>>/patriotsfight/311 ——————————— STAY TUNED AND WATCH! ( Cap: >>3267571 )

>>>/patriotsfight/310 ——————————— Define 'Subversion' ( Cap: >>3267228 )

Saturday 09.29.18

>>>/patriotsfight/309 ——————————— Splash1-X. ( Cap: >>3252120, >>3257016, >>3257245 )

>>>/patriotsfight/308 ——————————— HUMANITY IS AT STAKE. DROP THE MEMES. VOTE THEM ALL OUT. ( Cap: >>3252200 )

>>>/patriotsfight/307 ——————————— WE HAD THE VOTES. SWAMP FIGHTING BACK. ( Cap: >>3250449, >>3250471, >>3250575 )

Friday 09.28.18

>>>/patriotsfight/306 ——————————— POWER TO THE PEOPLE (Cap: >>3232679)

>>3226626 rt >>3225317 -————————– Graham questioning then [listen carefully]. Graham comments today.

>>>/patriotsfight/305 ——————————— Puzzle becoming more clear w/ each passing day? (Cap: >>3226042 )

>>3225606 rt >>3225498 -————————– Hive Mind

>>3225431 rt >>3225317 -————————– Have faith, Patriots.

>>3225317 ————————————–——– Did you see Sen. Graham's speech today?

>>3225116 rt >>3225050 -————————– Nothing gets past Anons!

>>3224970 rt >>3224849 -————————– Ready when you are

>>3224848 rt >>3224714 -————————– MIDTERM ELECTIONS>>> [Days Prior] 11.11

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are not endorsements


>>2956097 Thread Specifically For DECLAS Memes <----- MAKE THIS GO VIRAL <-----

>>3199408, >>3199083 Stand with Judge Kavanaugh petition: Sign & show your support

>>3257753 Thread specifically for RED OCTOBER Memes for the MidTerms


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>>3315182 (10/2) Volkswagen CEO fired over Dieselgate

>>3315193 Sessions visits Utah, meets Huber?; >>3315273 Full Speech

>>3315245 Planned Parenthood St. Louis CEO to resign

>>3315287 Outage Mape after Presidential EBS test

>>3315316 FBI Lacks Approval To Interview Kavanaugh Or Ford; Senate Testimony Deemed "Sufficient"

>>3315362 Greenville Plane Crash Survivors have ties to Multimillion Dollar Medical Company

>>3315384 Snowden Tweets Again; >>3315469

>>3315479 @Jack, What are you up to? Don't you know we see all?

>>3315488 Luke 2:18

>>3315714 Jeff Bezos Ends Stock, Bonus Awards To Pay For Raises

>>3315766 Remember to Archive Offline!

>>3315825 #4200


>>3314446 This is a test.

>>3314682 Autists awake?

>>3314780 Remember, Anons

>>3314816 The test and what it's for.

>>3314978 #4199


>>3313602 Zuckerberg hunting for a CIO

>>3313661 Media Matters twisting facts to smear anyone questioning CBF

>>3313693 Update on Turkish cleric incident (pb); >>3313825

>>3313729 McConnell doubles down on Kavanaugh vote “this week

>>3313734 GAA Update

--Baker Change--

>>3313942 There will be 2 EBS tests; >>3314059 Live stream

>>3313948 Pompeo terminates 63 year old Iran Treaty

>>3314228 #4198


>>3312885 MSM ups the lies re: Graham, Trump

>>3312960 Apple CEO: Gov’t needs to step in and provide adequate protections for privacy

>>3312994 PA state police investigating incident at Turkish cleric’s compound

>>3313017 ; >>3313221 More Hanafin connections/digs

>>3313026 Republicans planning carefully to protect secrecy of FBI Kavanaugh report

>>3313054 Blumenthal calling for FBI Kavanaugh report to go public

>>3313071 ; >>3313299 Ocasio-Cortez outs Soros agitator as criminal alien

>>3313211 Job market gains 230k+ in September

>>3313318 ; >>3313336 Planefag Updates

>>3313335 Armenian president fires six ministers amid political crisis

>>3313424 Kellyanne Conway to press: “…for 17 days and counting.”

>>3313473 #4197


>>3312057 Democrat House candidate taken into custody during protest in Michigan

>>3312083 ; >>3312543 Iran sanctions to be reimposed 2018.11.04, and historical context

>>3312125 Former Navy sailor reportedly sent the two suspicious packages to the Pentagon yesterday

>>3312139 Saudi Arabia and Russia agreed in September to lift oil output

>>3312146 Two arrested on suspicion of bribing employees of gov’t-owned defense company

>>3312186 Congressman details Mueller’s excessive drinking during the work day

>>3312376 Suicide on steps of Richmond, Virginia, courthouse

>>3312430 Hanafin connection to 9/11 polygraph tests

>>3312472 HRC and Pelosi stumping for NYC fundraisers

>>3312625 Russia slams China for stolen jet tech

>>3312651 On Hanafin’s wife and meeting during tenure at the FBI

>>3312701 #4196

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e7f5eb  No.3315893


Making sure this works.



scared or threat?

30f1c5  No.3315894

File: 0dd4fbf9fc5903a⋯.jpg (88.09 KB, 980x671, 980:671, alert.jpg)

4fb2b4  No.3315895

File: f0be9211a028a28⋯.png (105.12 KB, 519x560, 519:560, screenshotAtUploadCC_15385….png)

@snowden seems to be trying to warn them about the Presidential alert system.

193898  No.3315896

File: 6e8257fa83f0f8c⋯.jpg (101.4 KB, 960x790, 96:79, 42933470_10217747007729242….jpg)

Shot heard around the world.

531d92  No.3315898

File: 9e6fb760b812f8a⋯.jpg (62.05 KB, 800x450, 16:9, cbts.jpg)

File: 8046f399e414c64⋯.png (515.63 KB, 750x563, 750:563, YOU'LL FIND OUT.png)

File: 1747dd24f45d8bb⋯.png (610.13 KB, 679x478, 679:478, Muppets_Storm)YoullKnow.PNG)

tis coming

ab01eb  No.3315899


PROJECTION....Echo chamber..lol..look in the mirror.

a749c1  No.3315900

File: 138bcabee894c68⋯.jpg (26.58 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 10-3-WILLIES WHORE.jpg)

File: eefdc8800493562⋯.jpg (31.49 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 10-3-STORMY NEVER WINS.jpg)

wish i had more time to play

have a good day patriots



c46eba  No.3315901

File: 9cd170e0663ab1b⋯.jpg (238.87 KB, 900x694, 450:347, 18761929783dbdcd55eb7fa0a4….jpg)

1c5816  No.3315902

File: c46250ec099b048⋯.jpg (72.74 KB, 485x501, 485:501, c46250ec099b0485a45da8b22d….jpg)

Getting 502.

The comfy just amplified.

5ce59e  No.3315903

File: bb1004519728586⋯.jpg (43.85 KB, 880x558, 440:279, Q1043.jpg)


On Today's Qclock!


Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 03213a No.922596

Apr 6 2018 14:39:08 (EST)

The important point is who Hussein is aiming the gun at.

Red, White, and Blue.





Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 03213a No.922142

Apr 6 2018 14:17:40 (EST)

Pics will surface of Hussein holding AK47 in tribal attire.

One of many.

Net shut down.



Will show #44 spraying the American Flag with bullets!

827868  No.3315904

File: 807186742e6f5e0⋯.png (170.34 KB, 1112x575, 1112:575, ClipboardImage.png)

Why wont twitter let me RT this?

30f1c5  No.3315905

File: 0bedee22bd7060b⋯.jpg (99.13 KB, 677x800, 677:800, no-alert.jpg)

66c9e5  No.3315906

File: 230fc633ad246e3⋯.jpg (39.77 KB, 479x668, 479:668, NUDES.jpg)

99767e  No.3315907

File: f2c734a53faea8a⋯.jpg (109.12 KB, 800x555, 160:111, goatfucker.jpg)

>>3315806 (Last bread)

No. I won't. And I have zero worries that I will.

Many here will be disappointed when the truth of muh Q is revealed.

That saddens me. But I have no worries about "eating my words".

2a7df5  No.3315908

>>3315426 (lb)

Yeah. I have personal experience that Q is pretty much POTUS.

As long as the battle rages on, I'm good.

Fingers crossed I see sweet relief in my lifetime.

35bd3d  No.3315909

>>3315256 (pb)

Baker's notice

This is a good post that didn't made it to the notables.

Get ready, anons!

93e599  No.3315910

File: 07f0b7691853c71⋯.jpg (42.75 KB, 679x453, 679:453, pepewpotus.jpg)

got alerts ?

193071  No.3315911

File: 2db4aa4836b38af⋯.png (134.74 KB, 1545x624, 515:208, Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at ….png)

File: a8688764f731ab0⋯.jpg (39.5 KB, 582x270, 97:45, Star-Wars-still-use-the-fo….jpg)

INteresting drops on 2/18.

For fun.

6f17ae  No.3315913

File: cbcbcf5f6c2ad83⋯.png (322.02 KB, 560x373, 560:373, Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at ….png)

6e565f  No.3315914

File: 27443457bb2fea9⋯.png (251.26 KB, 646x607, 646:607, Screenshot_2018-10-03 Hill….png)

hilldogs tweeterer acct

9c8e09  No.3315915

>>3315883 pb

808 area code. god help you you poor bastard. put 10,000 miles between me and that shithole, still ain't far enough.

778c1e  No.3315916

File: 028af9a6a997c68⋯.jpg (68.24 KB, 604x594, 302:297, zzdfghj.JPG)

a06c12  No.3315917

File: 7100a9bb9b97b1a⋯.png (250 KB, 773x464, 773:464, Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at ….png)

e5478f  No.3315918

File: 860c897c8191514⋯.png (155.26 KB, 578x443, 578:443, HillBilly twitter.png)

(LB) It's real..

cc1c60  No.3315919


Snowden needs to be exposed and disposed

aed8a7  No.3315920

File: 27b756eb9b8d41b⋯.png (224.08 KB, 650x583, 650:583, Hildebeast re Alert 10-3-1….PNG)

>>3315838 (lb)


>Making sure this works.

Response to her tweet are along the lines of her being the president

I think she was attempting to be funny

>3315866 (lb)


SEE >>>3315542


76185d  No.3315922

File: d6cb3a6d7e213b6⋯.png (6.84 KB, 524x149, 524:149, ClipboardImage.png)

55f75e  No.3315923


Arrests, when?

fc94d2  No.3315924

FBI report will leak by tonight. Bank on it.

89f30c  No.3315925

>>3314525 (pb) Birds.

On the ground, doing something or maybe disturbed in some way, being really loud. Yep.

fbeb9e  No.3315926

File: b5b3e4d21236d14⋯.jpg (95.7 KB, 960x468, 80:39, b5b3e4d21236d14b691aa989d2….jpg)

TY Baker

f7d352  No.3315927

File: 00c3a07566c4dd5⋯.jpeg (6.18 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 80429DB4-B239-406A-951C-4….jpeg)

Vermont goat begging for a hand out

917dd0  No.3315928

File: d3364e731220fb8⋯.png (109.75 KB, 562x418, 281:209, Capture.PNG)

Do it Q

40b77a  No.3315929

Q, I didn't get an alert…..does that mean I'm on a watchlist or are they coming to get me?

df851c  No.3315930

Sprint iPhone 6 in Washington did not receive alert.

234ed2  No.3315931

Hmm, Wifeanon no get alert.

Same phone plane. Much side eye going on at her right now.

8707e2  No.3315932

File: b2c81a474cd519a⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1252x1111, 1252:1111, madamepepedour.png)

File: 0eabba20159564a⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, ghoulsofpower.png)

File: e808649426f5c3d⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 1248x1000, 156:125, It-is-the-Lords-doing.jpg)

File: da94b943ff56400⋯.jpg (292.12 KB, 604x552, 151:138, precipice.jpg)

File: 23967b7ea9d513d⋯.png (3 MB, 2151x1111, 2151:1111, justicecoming.png)

c46eba  No.3315933


Bet it's done before close of business today.

cdf991  No.3315934

File: e0415565aaed2dd⋯.png (429.49 KB, 480x480, 1:1, canvas.png)

6e565f  No.3315935

File: 9d10cc22d133049⋯.png (706.71 KB, 678x381, 226:127, Screenshot_2018-10-03 Fox ….png)


going to be kept in a safe, read chyron

ed2ffa  No.3315936


Hey Q, is this going to be used to tell us when we should batten down the hatches? A call to arms for patriots to defend our homeland? Sharing the link to watch the gallows being used?

917777  No.3315937

File: a23eae92aeb9f11⋯.png (32.66 KB, 929x236, 929:236, ClipboardImage.png)

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 10/03/18 (Wed) 15:27:16 No.323

Sessions meeting Huber THE SAME DAY as POTUS_ALERT.

Sessions meeting Huber THE DAY PRIOR to >>>


What must be understood prior to?

Think GJ information.

What are the odds of that?


30a6b4  No.3315938

File: 53b85f793f6366c⋯.png (234.41 KB, 739x557, 739:557, clintonEBS.png)

Making sure this works.


93dd41  No.3315939

File: 7e40c0f84ce467d⋯.png (11.32 KB, 660x190, 66:19, Screenshot_2018-10-03 [Fut….png)

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 10/03/18 (Wed) 13:27:16 No.323

Sessions meeting Huber THE SAME DAY as POTUS_ALERT.

Sessions meeting Huber THE DAY PRIOR to >>>


What must be understood prior to?

Think GJ information.

What are the odds of that?


c0fe73  No.3315940

When does the alert pop ?

3afd73  No.3315941

File: 804ae279e397540⋯.png (531.02 KB, 551x667, 19:23, bakerony.png)

91d424  No.3315942

File: 5d6334895e43fb5⋯.jpg (15.35 KB, 310x163, 310:163, hirono2.jpg)

c2c7d2  No.3315943

File: 8f7a66c62d90d10⋯.jpg (259.53 KB, 980x671, 980:671, ouch.jpg)

53c0b6  No.3315944

File: 8487e441554d949⋯.png (79.09 KB, 789x796, 789:796, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9811311195e6054⋯.png (44.48 KB, 803x452, 803:452, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 19691d835273fe5⋯.png (658.13 KB, 757x314, 757:314, ClipboardImage.png)

New Book Fills In Gaps On Meeting That Sparked FBI’s Trump-Russia Probe

A book released on Tuesday provides new details about a May 2016 meeting that led the FBI to open its investigation into the Trump campaign.

Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos met with then Australian diplomat Alexander Downer in London on May 10, 2016. Downer has claimed that Papadopoulos told him that Russia had derogatory information on Hillary Clinton.

Downer initially viewed Papadopoulos’s remarks as an afterthought, according to “The Apprentice.” The FBI did not open its investigation until more than two months later.

The Australian diplomat who sparked the FBI’s investigation of the Trump campaign initially viewed his interactions with Trump aide George Papadopoulos as an afterthought, according to a book published Tuesday.

In “The Apprentice: Trump, Russia and the Subversion of American Democracy,” Washington Post reporter Greg Miller provides new details of a series of events that led to the culmination of Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into links between President Donald Trump’s campaign and the Russian government.

The investigation was opened on July 31, 2016, a week after WikiLeaks released emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee.

After the email dump, Alexander Downer, the top Australian diplomat to the U.K. at the time, contacted a U.S. embassy official in London to provide details of a conversation he had two months earlier with Papadopoulos, an energy consultant who joined the Trump team in March 2016.

Downer was put in contact with Papadopoulos through Erika Thompson, another Australian diplomat who had met Papadopoulos in April 2016.

Papadopoulos has accused Downer of working as part of a concerted effort to spy on him during the campaign. But Miller asserts that Downer’s delay in relaying the information to the U.S. government indicates that he was not sent to collect specific information to open an investigation of the Trump campaign.

“Downer understood that it was pointless to expect a comprehensive take on the Trump world view from a cipher like Papadopoulos, but if nothing more, it was an opportunity to take the measure of one of the few identified members of Trump’s foreign policy brain trust,” wrote Miller, whose book is largely critical of Trump.

Papadopoulos met with Downer and Thompson at the Kensington Wine Rooms in London on May 10, 2016.

“Downer was drinking a gin and tonic and doing most of the talking. Papadopoulos struck him as surprisingly young and inexperienced, someone who seemed unlikely to land in a position of real influence in the U.S. government,” Miller wrote.


3611d8  No.3315945

File: e34fa190b979d25⋯.jpeg (41.46 KB, 687x388, 687:388, e34fa190b979d25e2c1260fbc….jpeg)


There was a post on here in an earlier bread about Thor's Hammer. Can't remember if this pic went with today, or not. Anyone else here remember that post?

c2bb58  No.3315946

File: fdd91a6f35cd79f⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1500x1499, 1500:1499, ! ! ! ! ! 5X5 KJU.png)

c1ad03  No.3315947

▶Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 10/03/18 (Wed) 15:27:16 No.323

Sessions meeting Huber THE SAME DAY as POTUS_ALERT.

Sessions meeting Huber THE DAY PRIOR to >>>


What must be understood prior to?

Think GJ information.

What are the odds of that?


New Q

99767e  No.3315948

File: e8c7ff7cdc62cc5⋯.jpg (28.87 KB, 612x612, 1:1, bagofidiots.jpg)


>Yeah. I have personal experience that Q is pretty much POTUS.

Sure you do ….

And I believe you as much as I believe every other anonymous poster on 8chan …. smh.

a80bd2  No.3315949

File: 166c36bf36c357d⋯.png (403.78 KB, 622x593, 622:593, ClipboardImage.png)


>>3315876 (lb)

ddeab5  No.3315950

File: 5eadb7345f88884⋯.jpeg (399.68 KB, 750x790, 75:79, 42B235EB-FC71-4F18-8EA7-B….jpeg)

The left must love this. You cannot opt out. pic related.

a749c1  No.3315951

File: b48a533d0e89dcd⋯.jpg (96.46 KB, 600x776, 75:97, 9-29-BOB ROSS THE MASTER.jpg)

2beb67  No.3315952

File: a8048b0ada8f638⋯.jpg (27.28 KB, 540x164, 135:41, PF323.JPG)


10/03/18 (Wed) 15:27:16 No.323

>patriots fight 323

Sessions meeting Huber THE SAME DAY as POTUS_ALERT.

Sessions meeting Huber THE DAY PRIOR to >>>


What must be understood prior to?

Think GJ information.

What are the odds of that?


87327b  No.3315953


T-Mobile iPhone 8+ in Atlanta area. No alert.

Did receive one on my tv though. Xfinity provider.

a99b75  No.3315954


Arrests/declas coming!

3ebda1  No.3315955

File: e539a6bdbe6a4c9⋯.jpg (23.03 KB, 200x200, 1:1, truckin.jpg)

193898  No.3315956

Worked, using US Cellular on a Samsung Galaxy S8+. Iphone fags, I got bad news for you.

1b01ba  No.3315957

File: 982e821f00dedb3⋯.png (35.69 KB, 633x343, 633:343, be0e235b05f011e483180d9c12….png)

>End of a wire

Umbilical Cord

Im so confused his role. Triple Agent.

2abf91  No.3315958

File: 1d7ea1d89e0690d⋯.png (8.62 KB, 539x165, 49:15, 103181327pf.png)


ef6845  No.3315959

File: 88f573a89254db7⋯.png (528.18 KB, 835x406, 835:406, ClipboardImage.png)

Flying on the twaaters

9a7f97  No.3315960

23 miles sou’east of nantucket got it….

a481a1  No.3315961

File: 42a31e91009e73f⋯.jpeg (258.61 KB, 1242x366, 207:61, 74095322-D88D-493C-BF8A-E….jpeg)

At the end of last bread.

Damn . 299,000 users

8707e2  No.3315962

File: 6e0827a10776bb4⋯.png (840.51 KB, 1236x999, 412:333, degradation.png)

File: 4211284a83e8c75⋯.jpg (993.18 KB, 782x1111, 782:1111, saymwa.jpg)

File: 6574c56a26ee415⋯.png (969.66 KB, 1111x633, 1111:633, HRPNN.png)

File: fcc84ddb4349d26⋯.jpg (2.71 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, outyougo.jpg)

File: ddb44fb0c1afe6a⋯.jpg (615.87 KB, 775x999, 775:999, MAGALuther.jpg)

193071  No.3315963

File: a2ef9d29dc8d402⋯.png (1.96 MB, 1655x1976, 1655:1976, Clock-HAMMER.png)

fc94d2  No.3315964


Contents will still be leaked.

49981d  No.3315965

File: 450740fb1533799⋯.png (1.36 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, 450740fb15337993c8d2087842….png)


I am not feeling very comforted today. Is it just me or is there something in the air? Like the last desperate clutches of the old evil way? That is what it feels like to me and I am trusting that very soon I will realize how ineffective and powerless that old negative energy is and we all can move forward confidently in a holistic, healthy collective direction. Just some words from my heart. Thank you all. And thank you, Q

81ca46  No.3315966


102 IUD to 299. lb


go away… you are a PRETENDER and belong making AMERICA GREAT AGAIN someplace else.


Welcome :)


013421  No.3315967

File: 3df37292e84a536⋯.png (620.14 KB, 638x598, 319:299, 2018-07-01_22-06-51 copy.png)

It's habbening!


81d3b4  No.3315968

File: 586623105cbf7a1⋯.jpeg (27.92 KB, 255x220, 51:44, CDBEA5A6-E17D-41F2-B25F-4….jpeg)

>>3315769 (previous)

D (omg) E

D (omg) 5



4fb2b4  No.3315969

We live in Florida. We have ATT, and both have Iphones.

I got the alert, but my husband in the next room did not.

Anyone know why that would happen?

a99b75  No.3315970

File: 8cdfebc459b2202⋯.jpg (47.94 KB, 464x447, 464:447, beerkek.jpg)

e7f5eb  No.3315971

Sessions meeting Huber THE DAY PRIOR to >>>

1. FBI investigation

2. FISA release

3. [RR] ?

4. SC vote?

a06c12  No.3315972

File: d81ed208d8980f2⋯.png (213.81 KB, 1315x742, 1315:742, Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at ….png)

a749c1  No.3315973

my bad, wrong one lol


meant for this guy who fucks goats


5ce59e  No.3315974

File: ada002c10559226⋯.jpg (5.48 KB, 255x143, 255:143, Twat.jpg)


This is the beginning of the twitter/net shutdown!

See: >>3315903

^^Directly above your post!

973b85  No.3315975

File: 0a96a087f6c5ed6⋯.jpg (100.33 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, IMG_3145.JPG)


fa0af0  No.3315976

>>3315864 (LB)

Remind your cousin that Mississippi is where Emmitt Till was killed because of a false accusation of a white female Democrat. We learned our fucking lesson about 'believe all women' in 1955.

fb53b4  No.3315977


>I just crawled out from under my rock.

>When does the alert pop ?

2:18PM EST

36e39c  No.3315978

File: 0a343e5fb306cbe⋯.jpg (33.42 KB, 618x171, 206:57, Q27.JPG)

New Q >>/patriotsfight/res/321

1002e6  No.3315979

No alert here but I've got a 13 year old flip phone that I've repaired about 3 times. Didn't really expect to receive the alert.

f3b8c0  No.3315980


The Democrats are shitting bricks now.

415f0c  No.3315981


Report to your local FEMA camp.

9d29d1  No.3315982

File: 9ac294733109b1b⋯.jpg (364.02 KB, 1242x1458, 23:27, wwg1wga_bell.jpg)

File: 28d4b0d9388c30a⋯.png (146.67 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

JFK's historic speech in Russian:


В конечном счете, нас объединяет хотя бы уже то, что все мы живем на этой маленькой планете, дышим одним воздухом, растим наших детей для лучшего будущего. И все мы смертны.

Эта планета является нашим кораблем в чем мы все плаваем вместе.

Куда один, туда все!

16b9f8  No.3315983

Pritzker to repay tax breaks after report calls them fraud..

This is Chicago politics at its finest.

Pritzker you got caught in fraud what do have to say for yourself?

oh I will pay it back.

thank you Mr, Pritzker you will be a fine Governor.

. https://www.thetelegraph.com/news/politics/article/Pritzker-s-toilet-removal-a-scheme-to-defraud-13274944.php

a99b75  No.3315984


It all goes down tomorrow at noon?

93dd41  No.3315986

did anyone save patricks tits or gtfo?

asking for a frenz…

ed2ffa  No.3315987

>>3315287 (lb)

Completely normal. If you zoom in on the maps, the color fades and shows more isolated areas. The map usually looks just like that when nothing is going on.

87327b  No.3315988


It counts by the thousands? I did not know that. Now I’m going to have to start paying more attention to the UIDs. Kek

ed6380  No.3315989

File: 01ead0dfab89b3c⋯.png (25.43 KB, 859x233, 859:233, ClipboardImage.png)

7cf348  No.3315990

>>3315505 (last)

You've been SERVED via Presidential Alert!

99767e  No.3315991

File: 54dd729d67e7f84⋯.gif (3.78 MB, 900x585, 20:13, handsfree.gif)


>Anyone know why that would happen?

Your husband is a "non person", obviously.

Now, Tits or GTFO …

531d92  No.3315992

>>3315975 pourquoi?

a06c12  No.3315993

File: 63ad9c675661448⋯.png (333.98 KB, 1319x1177, 1319:1177, Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at ….png)



Document dump pending!

4fb2b4  No.3315994

File: d782c27fbc77f60⋯.png (28.01 KB, 455x140, 13:4, screenshotAtUploadCC_15385….png)


9209de  No.3315995

File: 3520d0274cf5899⋯.png (128.7 KB, 405x285, 27:19, GodFr3.png)


Horned Owl Papa Bergoglio unveils his new Y-Head crosier at World Youth Synod. 3 Oct 18.

Too bad he doesn't [cover-u] that hideous thing as well as he covers up homo-predators.


c2bb58  No.3315996

File: 20f32bfe79b225f⋯.png (742.12 KB, 721x994, 103:142, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 302f6e3edbc7baf⋯.pdf (100.7 KB, 10.03.2018 14.27.16a 09271….pdf)



ac7ec9  No.3315997


Really wonder why it's called the "Woods file". Can't remember any 'Woods' involved in the FISA abuse case.

d60c6d  No.3315998


Tomorrow is going to be vewy, vewy good.

3ea1a2  No.3315999

Why does the Snowden topic always closely follow Q drops containing "Wonderful Day?"

How are they linked?

55f75e  No.3316000


I wouldn’t hold your breath too long.

Sorry, been saying that for almost a month now.

f6d812  No.3316001

File: d698b5e25ba1bc1⋯.jpg (108.34 KB, 994x817, 994:817, 1a.JPG)

Bill Resor, a member of a prominent Teton County family, pleads guilty to possessing CP


Bill Resor, 65, pleaded guilty Wednesday morning to one count of possessing child pornography.

The Teton County man took the plea agreement in exchange for the state of Wyoming dropping the other three felony counts against him.

Resor was facing four counts of felony child exploitation.

Attorneys argued over sentencing in court, with the defense saying Resor deserved probation and the state arguing for a year in county jail.

The sentencing is still underway in Teton County District Court.

This story will be updated when the hearing concludes.

a99b75  No.3316002


To Kill a Mockingbird.

0871ea  No.3316003


Is this shit actually happening? Tomorrow?!

69f3f7  No.3316004


"The important point is WHO Hussein is aiming the gun at."

"Who" references a person. "What" would reference an item of sort.

Maybe he is aiming the AK47 at an American, or a photo of an American President/American political figure/etc.

10ef0a  No.3316005


10-3 10-7 10-4

55f75e  No.3316006


We will see.

f3b8c0  No.3316007

File: 3a549d807168387⋯.jpg (108.5 KB, 960x540, 16:9, catholiccherch.jpg)

99767e  No.3316008

File: 80cf0e8ce89f5b6⋯.png (880.65 KB, 499x974, 499:974, goatfucker2.png)


>meant for this guy who fucks goats

That is a moozlum who is fucking that goat … as they do.

I am not moozlum.

9a7f97  No.3316009

File: 326772793faaf26⋯.jpeg (214.43 KB, 1242x531, 138:59, B8B1ED29-7666-450E-A9CB-C….jpeg)


Thought you were at Breitbart

efa802  No.3316010

File: 2a355b92ac4d8bd⋯.jpg (352.64 KB, 2197x1463, 2197:1463, nigel farage 9.jpg)



a06c12  No.3316011

File: f7ebfe89f6cb191⋯.png (1.96 MB, 1431x890, 1431:890, doitQ.png)

File: 24b3c97ddc37195⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1282x724, 641:362, Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at ….png)

f71611  No.3316012

Does Sessions just need to provide the requested material or will he be questioned as well? If the latter, is it an open or closed hearing?

dcf9c0  No.3316013


Fucking Kek. I'll be honest, I feel quite relieved today. Not sure why but I think everything is going to be just fine even if it may look like it's all going to hell. Thank you POTUS and everyone working with Q

53c0b6  No.3316014

File: 1444603635cc23d⋯.png (266.55 KB, 523x561, 523:561, ClipboardImage.png)

Obama Admits Heavy Drinking, Drug Problems As An 'Adolescent' In Rare Video Footage

In light of the recent attacks on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh over his alleged drinking in high school and his having thrown ice at someone in a bar, a rare video clip of then-Illinois State Senator Barack Obama has surfaced that shows the 40-year-old admitting that while he was a "young boy" and an "adolescent" he drank "a six-pack in an hour" in between classes, got in fights, was a "thug," and used illegal drugs.

The February 2001 biographical interview was made by The History Makers, who interviewed Obama about everything from his favorite color to describing his adolescent behavior to defining what he wanted his legacy to be.

While discussing his adolescent behavior, Obama said, "I was a thug for a big part of my growing up," adding that he was "mischievous."

"I didn't take school that seriously," Obama continued. "I got into fights. I drank and did —and consumed substances that weren't always legal."

Obama noted that some of his behavior "was self-destructive," saying, "I might have drank a six-pack in an hour before going back to class, things like that."

The clip validates other statements made by Obama, who has admitted to using cocaine and marijuana during his high school years.


8707e2  No.3316015

File: e5da5f8f094a46b⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1111x799, 1111:799, falcon-of-happenings.png)

File: 8aed4e045292e44⋯.png (2.34 MB, 1395x858, 465:286, KekUnbound.png)

File: e5d62e97b9efefe⋯.png (618.32 KB, 518x735, 74:105, ThreadJesus.png)

0847e5  No.3316016

▶Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 10/03/18 (Wed) 14:27:16 No.323

Sessions meeting Huber THE SAME DAY as POTUS_ALERT.

Sessions meeting Huber THE DAY PRIOR to >>>


What must be understood prior to?

Think GJ information.

What are the odds of that?


Please be right this time Q, the drama is killing me

2beb67  No.3316017

File: 02493daf84e23ce⋯.jpg (109.5 KB, 952x819, 136:117, PF323 1.JPG)


new Q subpoena

adf47b  No.3316018



You sure about that? I think it means 299 different IP addresses posted in that particular bread.

93e599  No.3316019

File: fa42be33d405f5f⋯.jpg (51.56 KB, 863x796, 863:796, comfyAF.JPG)


So comfy.

e46b00  No.3316020

File: eaae4b701414ea7⋯.png (84 KB, 1344x491, 1344:491, WEA.PNG)

From FCC.gov

4196cc  No.3316021



Tomorrow at high noon.



fb6f60  No.3316022

File: a8b58992f251234⋯.png (497.39 KB, 2001x1125, 667:375, CCD26F67-DDE9-4A77-9DD5-EE….png)

ac7ec9  No.3316023


Arrests follow convictions follow trials follow indictments follow grand juries follow crimes.

7cf348  No.3316024


can't opt out of Presidential Alerts

973b85  No.3316025

File: 7c14d3a69881e1f⋯.jpg (251.8 KB, 1312x950, 656:475, IMG_3193.JPG)

эти самолеты должны быть радиоуправляемыми, чтобы потерпеть крушение с точностью досасывания

531d92  No.3316026

File: 8e0a792eab255f5⋯.png (971.96 KB, 295x640, 59:128, Guardian_P.png)

File: fd97a3d63e08a1f⋯.png (205.87 KB, 669x554, 669:554, Pope-Francis.png)

b2dbd2  No.3316027

File: 9f99f36b535751f⋯.png (968.95 KB, 1151x605, 1151:605, ClipboardImage.png)

ec043b  No.3316028

File: 66cf3bd8bf28dce⋯.png (22.43 KB, 602x356, 301:178, (60)_qresearch_-_Q_Researc….png)


I he follows Q he'll know just what's what and what's up in real time, no worries.

Keep on Trumpin'…

look at the captcha, will ya?

4fb2b4  No.3316029

File: 63dfc348b5aabf4⋯.png (58.25 KB, 479x290, 479:290, screenshotAtUploadCC_15385….png)


It is the Subpeona issued 9-28 for Sessions to produce the documents by 10-4

4a67b0  No.3316030

File: 8641db467030ec2⋯.jpg (163.88 KB, 693x875, 99:125, huber2.jpg)

its all coming together

c2bb58  No.3316031

File: 8fa1d358a551bc2⋯.png (352.08 KB, 2001x564, 667:188, ClipboardImage.png)




e5478f  No.3316032

File: 25fb8f21638b32f⋯.png (162.66 KB, 613x794, 613:794, 092718_Subpoena pdf.png)

File: 1151b4b4ce015f3⋯.png (70.92 KB, 608x456, 4:3, 092718_Subpoena pdf2.png)

Read the 2nd page carefully. Fisa brings the HOUSE DOWN.

5a0923  No.3316033


Ummm… this might be


File name of Sessions/Huber tweet pic might be 'D5' related.

e82347  No.3316034





07ae22  No.3316035


Military Tribunals set for January 2019.

2abf91  No.3316036

File: 7fcd16efdd0f8da⋯.png (124.62 KB, 911x497, 911:497, subpoenaschedmccabeetal.png)

aed8a7  No.3316037

File: 35a9f71f70f0c57⋯.png (701.48 KB, 644x708, 161:177, Irby re Grassley 10-3-18.PNG)

File: 8be2f6cded7233e⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1057x786, 1057:786, Grassley 10-3-18.PNG)


6f9cdd  No.3316038


ok, I'm not understanding what the grand jury could possibly have to do with the alert. Someone enlighten this dumb anon.

5ce59e  No.3316039

File: b0f49a9ba8a4bd2⋯.jpg (22.16 KB, 216x255, 72:85, THOR .jpg)


ALSO on today's Qclock!


Q !UW.yye1fxo No.47

Jan 21 2018 14:06:20 (EST)

Will SESSIONS drop the hammer?

87327b  No.3316040


I’m not sure about that. Lol what you said is what I originally thought.

d4ae6a  No.3316041


I feel dumb, but what's GJ?

7cf348  No.3316042


Can't have a conviction in absentia if the person could have attended the trial !?

81ca46  No.3316043


saw you that one time at band camp…

find a NEW line.


02cce8  No.3316044


It feels like it, but I am stuck on that fact that

Justice K is not seated yet. Would they really be doing 'arrest" take downs, beat downs before he is confirmed? Although, not made public I bet it would scare the shit out of the deepstate puppet senators and maybe they flip

e5478f  No.3316045


Grand Jury

a99b75  No.3316046


Will this hearing be closed?

ac7ec9  No.3316047


100% bullshit.

fe8529  No.3316048

"What the Ffffff? NY Times gets to the bottom of Kavanaugh high school yearbook entry"



b02344  No.3316049


Grand Jury

a04058  No.3316050

File: 7068de06f8cc02a⋯.gif (742.88 KB, 245x300, 49:60, determined.gif)

I am now TAKING NO ACTION like a muthafucka

ed6380  No.3316051

File: f7d4be4a8ae255f⋯.png (271.92 KB, 1428x874, 714:437, ClipboardImage.png)



d4ae6a  No.3316052


Duhh. Thanks!

563ff0  No.3316053


This boat was parked for a long time just north of Mar-A-Lago


When was it sold?

Why was it still parked there a few years later?

Cause the owner wanted to keep that shit

Who took this photo?

Probably the owner.

Who posted the photo?

Probably the owner.

kekked & chekked

89326c  No.3316054


I've always got the feeling this way something bigger.

A US hostage/diplomat or some sort. Muslim Brotherhood is no stranger to murder, wouldn't surprise me if Obama had some form of "initiation" in youth.

Could be a bigger named person than expected.

8707e2  No.3316055

File: 6c088706d850609⋯.png (705.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, intelligencegoonJohnBrenna….png)

File: 95219489f603580⋯.png (488.28 KB, 720x720, 1:1, catppening.png)

File: 9f4df006554934b⋯.jpg (479.52 KB, 832x1024, 13:16, YOUFAIL.jpg)

File: 780d4f670e208f3⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, PodestaWTF.png)

File: bd3758f9f2ac2cf⋯.png (831.72 KB, 643x785, 643:785, BoardJesus.png)

fb5652  No.3316056

File: b6d549b3be81757⋯.png (415.35 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-10-03-12-3….png)

File: 2e8d7fe3e31fec3⋯.png (362.88 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-10-03-12-3….png)

2b06c3  No.3316057

193898  No.3316058


I'm glad I still have more time to prep. I just got hired at my new job! You're looking at an employed anon, saving my cash and investing in what I can, while I can.

b01fe7  No.3316059

Hey Boss:

The alert came through just fine in Dallas on Verizon.>>3315983

4a67b0  No.3316060

File: fd7a5da523d3c02⋯.png (11.15 MB, 5732x4199, 5732:4199, HUBERcap.png)

Huber side by sides

706958  No.3316061

File: 8f0ba8d0e0f6d43⋯.jpeg (32.01 KB, 225x168, 75:56, E260F31B-27A8-425C-8970-5….jpeg)

ef4bbf  No.3316062

File: 62ae47cc1f1ff78⋯.jpg (50 KB, 750x445, 150:89, yod.jpg)


goatfucking images

bad they are

no good purpose

do goatfucking posts

69f3f7  No.3316063

File: e033ee3ceb997f1⋯.jpg (840.38 KB, 1242x1424, 621:712, IMG_9530.jpg)

Not sure how much she paid for this ad, but I am sick of seeing it on my twitter feed when I don't follow the crazy woman.

29f47a  No.3316064

File: f4b629b455c05a7⋯.png (138.8 KB, 887x519, 887:519, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f8873209067ed80⋯.jpg (40.29 KB, 536x269, 536:269, 5hj234t43wr5hsd.jpg)

e6f1fa  No.3316065

File: dba0e31294eef4b⋯.png (298.36 KB, 1903x912, 1903:912, ClipboardImage.png)


"….including the President of the United States…."

2328cd  No.3316066


Will the message be received on a Blackberry that has been smashed with a hammer?

Asking for a fren.


efa802  No.3316067


Grand Jury I believe

5ce59e  No.3316068





76185d  No.3316069


The grandest of juries

92f195  No.3316070


>Will show #44 spraying the American Flag with bullets!

He is aiming the AK47 at an American POW, anon.

193071  No.3316071

File: c6db1de09ac6b0b⋯.jpg (7.02 KB, 272x186, 136:93, good.jpg)

87327b  No.3316072


Sealed indictments > Grand Jury > Presidential Alert Test > Unsealing of high profile indictments beginning before the end of the year?

fa21b1  No.3316073

>>3315838 (lb)

@ Hillary twat

>>3315866 (lb)

>>3315876 (lb)


uh anons?

credit goes to above. Killary checking her comms? is this a mole hunt?


088e5a  No.3316074


I want to see the AK!

53c0b6  No.3316075

File: 3c64af6e29f78a5⋯.png (717.57 KB, 808x422, 404:211, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7a94504685097b7⋯.png (30.13 KB, 826x533, 826:533, ClipboardImage.png)

FDA Cracks Down on Vape Maker Juul, Raids Office Seizing Thousands of Documents

The FDA is continuing its crackdown on vape manufacturers and their investigation recently came to a head as they raided the popular vape maker Juul.

Earlier this year, the US Food and Drug Administration set its sights on e-cigs and launched a massive campaign to discourage teens from using e-cigarettes. The FDA also announced an investigation into several vaping products—namely the most popular brand, Juul which makes up 72 percent of the market—for allegedly marketing their products to teens.

Because the FDA can’t understand why teen vaping has rapidly increased over the last few years, they think the answer might lie in marketing. Recently, this investigation came to a head when the FDA launched an “unannounced on-site inspection” — also known as a raid — of the Juul headquarters. During the raid, the FDA seized “thousands of pages of documents,” according to the FDA.

“The JUUL inspection, which we completed on Friday, sought further documentation related to JUUL’s sales and marketing practices, among other things, and resulted in the collection of over a thousand pages of documents,” the FDA said in a statement emailed to Gizmodo. “The inspection followed the Agency’s request for information that we issued to JUUL Labs in April for documents that would help us to better understand the reportedly high rates of youth use and the youth appeal of JUUL products, including documents related to marketing and product design.”

In response to the FDA’s unannounced raid, Juul CEO Kevin Burns said they plan to work with the FDA and claim to have never marketed to children and the documents will prove it.

“We are committed to preventing underage use, and we want to engage with FDA, lawmakers, public health advocates and others to keep JUUL out of the hands of young people. The meetings last week with FDA gave us the opportunity to provide information about our business from our marketing practices to our industry-leading online age-verification protocols to our youth prevention efforts. It was a constructive and transparent dialogue,” Burns said. “We’ve now released over 50,000 pages of documents to the FDA since April that support our public statements. We look forward to presenting our plan to address youth access in the 60-day time frame as outlined by FDA. We want to be part of the solution in preventing underage use, and we believe it will take industry and regulators working together to restrict youth access.”


013421  No.3316076

File: 599d2bf4b56c49f⋯.png (562.8 KB, 725x542, 725:542, 2018-08-26_08-20-33.png)

Trust the Plan!

d588bc  No.3316077

File: 74e1ea26356c864⋯.png (583.61 KB, 836x678, 418:339, maga.png)

Reply if you're registered to vote and ready to do your duty on November 6, 2018.


Voter information can be found here: https:// www.usvotefoundation.org/

If you are not registered, you can get assistance here: https://www. usvotefoundation.org/vote/voter-registration-absentee-voting.htm

f3b8c0  No.3316078


>Please be right this time Q, the drama is killing me

Learn to control yourself.

Don't get too high when things appear to be good, and don't get too low when things appear to be bad.

Be stable.

775b3b  No.3316079


I was just about ready to ask too

b02344  No.3316080


All good anon, sometimes all this code business scrambles the brain!

4f0685  No.3316081



I'm not sure either.

Can an old fag explain this please.

Enquiring minds

91151c  No.3316082


is a wordpress site?

8d8e3e  No.3316083


Turned on? What do ya mean turned on? A telephone's always turned 'on.' Btw where was my alert? I sat with the receiver up by my damn head for like 10 minutes waiting. Trump owes me a couple of dimes!

f6d812  No.3316084

File: e5c9adfa2c29c7b⋯.jpg (121.28 KB, 719x879, 719:879, 1a.JPG)

File: ad6a782549084a6⋯.jpg (169.32 KB, 703x855, 37:45, 2.JPG)

File: afc0aca5d996f59⋯.jpg (48.12 KB, 701x233, 701:233, 2a.JPG)

Dianne Feinstein, Victims Groups Say Senate Judiciary Actions Violate Rape Shield Rules


7cf348  No.3316085


I speculated that the Presidential Alert, which cannot be opted out of, could be sent to one specific cell phone, that of the person named in the sealed indictment. They can be served with notice to appear via PA. There's a record via cell carriers of whether the message was received, so service could be considered complete.

d02d64  No.3316086

Did any other anons not receive the alert message? I have an i-phone through Verizon in the Denver area.

2af946  No.3316087

Q, what does really POTUS_ALERT signify? What part it plays in Red October.

fb6f60  No.3316088


Haha. That’s brilliant anon.

aed8a7  No.3316089


> I'm not understanding what the grand jury could possibly have to do with the alert

When indictments are unsealed there might be unrest

Specifically riots in the streets by libtards and resist

If NG is activated nation wide, POTUS would need to issue an Alert

5180c2  No.3316090

Was this presidential alert EAS test a way to get all phones to 'ping home' with their IMEI so perhaps some 'problem' phones could be identified?

3ebda1  No.3316091

File: 2a1fd507bb6ae0c⋯.gif (947.86 KB, 360x200, 9:5, motherofgod.gif)

f3b8c0  No.3316092

File: 85b62fd1c98da1b⋯.jpg (94.36 KB, 960x540, 16:9, franciswolf.jpg)

efa802  No.3316093


I'm not seeing anal espionage anywhere in those statements

4a67b0  No.3316094

File: 1a46a6afa5d2692⋯.png (27.86 KB, 304x329, 304:329, ClipboardImage.png)

c2c7d2  No.3316095


Springsfag here.

I'm special too. No alert but I got an Odell IPA - so i'm cool.

ac7ec9  No.3316096


Did he call himself a pastry there too?

efed73  No.3316097

Read message: THIS IS A TEST of the NEW NSA

ab4d2b  No.3316098

File: 8cb58637b4b79ab⋯.jpg (152.76 KB, 1080x873, 120:97, Screenshot_20181003-142724….jpg)

File: 98cf41ac8155eda⋯.jpg (185.47 KB, 1076x886, 538:443, Screenshot_20181003-142711….jpg)

When do birds sing

What a wonderful day


5ce59e  No.3316099


We shall SOON see!


53c0b6  No.3316100


He didn't mention how he paid for the drugs

e3e01b  No.3316101



Guess they can’t read my shit.

9e58ae  No.3316102

the only payphone in Quarryville, PA didn't alert

7a777a  No.3316103

Jerry Richards real or fake serial killer? Asking for a fucktard friend

16379d  No.3316104

Sessions needs to find out what he can and can not talk about in hearing tomorrow. GJ secrecy

973b85  No.3316105

File: 67aa1f231c3400d⋯.jpg (128.82 KB, 642x640, 321:320, IMG_3058.JPG)

просто подождите, пока они начнут запускать зомби из пушки в северокорейскую деревню для репараций mcdonalds

0603d8  No.3316106

File: df91b11bf3c00a9⋯.jpg (96.27 KB, 610x900, 61:90, thor-fighting-with-the-gia….jpg)


Everywhere I look are goats. Must mean something.

4c16dd  No.3316107


Open or closed door, anyone know?

2a7df5  No.3316108


Grumpy gus.

My time on /qresearch/ has been very good to me.

Won't complain.

Fingers crossed.

efa802  No.3316110



Very true actually

3abc80  No.3316111

File: 975c0be19858cde⋯.jpg (102.48 KB, 650x367, 650:367, Sch5646.jpg)


2nd page.

4a67b0  No.3316112


was trying to see

can't find anything yet

6e56d8  No.3316113


AT&T same no alert

10ef0a  No.3316114


My 17 y/o turns 18 in two weeks. Registered. Will be first time voter. Red as hell

7005e0  No.3316115

File: 1887ab4ecafeaca⋯.gif (103.21 KB, 900x266, 450:133, content.gif)


let's see if you see what I see


0005ce  No.3316116

T minus 30 days til the real alert. Q predicted many months ago!

193071  No.3316117


It means that we haven't escaped the time loop yet.

206585  No.3316118

File: 4deabe37487eb7d⋯.png (2.09 MB, 1198x900, 599:450, UT DOJ AG Keebler.PNG)

a99b75  No.3316119


>Because the FDA can’t understand why teen vaping has rapidly increased over the last few years

Bubblegum, fruit, coconut flavored vapes and they can't figure it out? Hmmmm.

76185d  No.3316120


I think you're probably right. He needs to know what is active investigation vs what's been wrapped up.

5ce59e  No.3316121


That's fukd up!

THOR's belt has pedo symbol, Nazi swastika, and dollar signs!


0603d8  No.3316122

File: af6943c4087f10c⋯.jpg (6.77 KB, 180x280, 9:14, images-4.jpg)


Think it represents the Scapegoat?

66c9e5  No.3316123



c1ad03  No.3316124

4c16dd  No.3316125


I didn’t see it noted one way or another on subpoena

87327b  No.3316126


Stupid. The first JUUL I bought was off of heir website and they were far more strict than most other sites and made it clear they only want to market to adults. So unless something changed from 7 months ago - this raid is BS.

2e5c64  No.3316127


The most famous POW is dead. Who else is well known as a POW that all peoples will recognize? Is it possible that Obama was killing said POW?

2abf91  No.3316128

File: 3e298a7ca5e45ba⋯.jpg (117.22 KB, 625x417, 625:417, Naples-National-Museum-of-….jpg)



This is bigger than you can imagine.

135a0f  No.3316129

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2007 Leahy Gets Angry

e56ba7  No.3316130

File: 75c031c3ab560d6⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1930x1732, 965:866, QCLOCKSES.png)

File: 9a4951e5b1000d0⋯.png (1.18 MB, 2360x1950, 236:195, qclock10days2.png)


this one

503def  No.3316131

File: 7c6ef71633bb989⋯.jpg (86.61 KB, 799x654, 799:654, julian-assange-AP_13560052….jpg)


November Rain .

ee5a87  No.3316132


"ongoing investigations"

973b85  No.3316133

File: 613ab79f3a2b777⋯.jpg (572.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, IMG_3028.JPG)

File: f1f65be8f369a81⋯.jpeg (60.17 KB, 620x349, 620:349, 719373D8-32A4-4809-B9EE-2….jpeg)

File: 0da2068a497ca59⋯.jpg (158.66 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, IMG_3043.JPG)

Jet fuel did that to aluminum

Oh brother

4a67b0  No.3316134


see: https://judiciary.house.gov/press-release/goodlatte-subpoenas-mccabe-memos-and-other-documents/

I think its just a subpoena for docs, not testimony

afe271  No.3316135


Regarding the energency test- Please tell the Boss that some iPhones shut the alert off before it could be read -

It lasted 0.25- 0.50 seconds max. And the alert was deleted from history or never made it to the history log.


d60c6d  No.3316136


Can we get some red, white, and blue going?

8d8e3e  No.3316137



Oh shit you anons have not been chosen. I am sorry.

36bdf9  No.3316138

File: 2c31c076352b453⋯.png (898.98 KB, 712x753, 712:753, ClipboardImage.png)

Wonder if this is The Meeting…

e56ba7  No.3316139


played a few days ago at the rally

ee5a87  No.3316140

File: 21554a2793a5389⋯.png (604.47 KB, 750x500, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3d2063336b3173c⋯.png (289.64 KB, 446x327, 446:327, ClipboardImage.png)

e87b32  No.3316141



ac7ec9  No.3316142


You can, if the person flees the jurisdiction. Not usually done; they usually hunt people down or get them extradicted.

080448  No.3316143

File: 6e89c1c1fb60cf0⋯.png (520.7 KB, 1232x1184, 77:74, 310 311 20 delta CLOCKFAG ….png)


2c74c7  No.3316144

File: 8f65806615089f6⋯.jpg (335.98 KB, 1126x888, 563:444, Screenshot_2018-10-03 US A….jpg)

3. All documents and communications shared with the GANG OF EIGHT

50816e  No.3316145

https: //fas.org/irp/agency/doj/fisa/woods.pdf

193898  No.3316146

Sessions Activation: Confirmed


088e5a  No.3316147

File: bd99652ceecb614⋯.png (49.03 KB, 763x273, 109:39, Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at ….png)


David Cameron sang also.

3abc80  No.3316148


Your ignorance is showing.

Those symbols are older than the cabal.

Time to retake them.

193071  No.3316149

File: e520dbce63d6ead⋯.jpeg (678.01 KB, 1212x1361, 1212:1361, HitlersRise.jpeg)


Don't read this image.

3afd73  No.3316150


snwden become the catalyst for exposing surveillance by intelligence agencies

very central in the q op is unlawful surveillance by intelorgs and crooks

there is synchronicity, one poss is snwden is in the team

efed73  No.3316151


The end won’t be for everyone….

ac7ec9  No.3316152


It's so obviously a Who reference to My Generation it's not even funny.

c005e1  No.3316153



4a67b0  No.3316154


yes its the meeting anon


6cc07d  No.3316155

File: 59b91d56229a8fd⋯.png (20.1 KB, 523x143, 523:143, ClipboardImage.png)

f3b8c0  No.3316156


I saw a pedo Nazi symbols in my cornflakes this morning! After two more bites, I saw dollar signs and the horns of a ram too!


8d8e3e  No.3316158


Mine didn't inform me of the Jews' culpability in 9/11. I'd like a refund.

fb6f60  No.3316159


Interesting. And is that what Mr Snowden was alluding to?

973b85  No.3316160

File: cc04751e44a9c4d⋯.jpg (81.71 KB, 564x707, 564:707, IMG_3168.JPG)

d790ee  No.3316161


here's a copy of the home game, and we need you to sign these documents.

d8aec4  No.3316163

>>3315883 LB


ef4bbf  No.3316164

File: 537e118712cd591⋯.png (362.05 KB, 750x445, 150:89, yod3.png)



bigger for you it is

food goats are to me

29f47a  No.3316165


This dude's voice.

a7ec07  No.3316166

File: 363a0ab99fd32f3⋯.png (874.52 KB, 1024x465, 1024:465, 1538503823.png)

013421  No.3316167

File: 6fa282b2dd6da2f⋯.png (140.83 KB, 392x444, 98:111, 2018-10-03_15-40-41.png)

ee5a87  No.3316168

File: a8af0ada5a54eda⋯.png (69.72 KB, 452x314, 226:157, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 313d3b024cc7257⋯.png (966.25 KB, 1216x713, 1216:713, ClipboardImage.png)



e56ba7  No.3316169

File: 84cd094e43417a0⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1292x758, 646:379, osr.png)

91d424  No.3316170

File: 19936720f0e0ea3⋯.jpg (15.21 KB, 280x180, 14:9, stelter.jpg)

d60c6d  No.3316171


I'm pretending I got mine.

ac7ec9  No.3316173


More bullshit fundraising by Willie Brown's ho

08f0f2  No.3316174

Sorry for being thick, but this anon is struggling to follow. TEST was test of Comms, central command, NSA monitoring attempts to interrupt. Check. Why is Q so excited and chirpy about it, though? Also, aside from the stated purpose, which is the same as the alerts that we got all the time on the tv when I was a kid, what exactly might this alert system be used for? Rockets, terrorist attacks, but like what else? I can’t really write the script of what Central Comm might want to communicate to the nation that they fear might be interfered with. Maybe thinking too hard. Too much workfagging ATM. Thx for help understanding.

2b06c3  No.3316175

36bdf9  No.3316176

Told you anons…. It WAS The Meeting!

0603d8  No.3316177


Lol. XD

4bbd7e  No.3316178

File: 7e48ed83f18986e⋯.jpg (41.49 KB, 464x464, 1:1, 2jb6y9~2.jpg)

File: aacc90c10947b13⋯.jpg (11.37 KB, 454x190, 227:95, DomsyUDW4AAkysq.jpg)

6e565f  No.3316179


next week

d02d64  No.3316180


As awesome as Odell IPA is I'd rather get the alert.

5180c2  No.3316181




1000 lurkers for every poster.

36bdf9  No.3316182

File: 5e215f6a5df98f1⋯.jpg (121.79 KB, 1491x967, 1491:967, GO_Back.JPG)

02cce8  No.3316183



Holy shit, I just thought of something!

This is not Killary sending this!




It could be the white hats sending out the EBT tweet from her account laughing at them all.

A message to (((Them)))

Otherwise what does it mean besides shes crazy???

76b3fd  No.3316184

File: cfec23a98a69846⋯.jpg (517.98 KB, 1534x983, 1534:983, 20181003_154153.jpg)

Something is bothering me about Q

Q appears to be overly excited about a "test"

Then i remembered the release that stated the test would last for 30 minutes.

By phone went off momentarily at 2:18 as scheduled.

It didn't go off for 30 minutes.

Then I see Q's newest posts

> pic related

Then I seen anon's post about outages.

Was this "test" used as cover?

Could wireless networks have been taken down to prevent comms between bad actors as ops were executed?

The outages blamed on network overload or something related to the tests?

6a260c  No.3316185


coupon code: next week

e3e01b  No.3316186


Your memes.

They are shit.

1f3b61  No.3316187


Were you there anon?

bb084f  No.3316188


Where is Dan Coates? He must authorize the release of GJ info to anyone outside GJ proceedings.

AG Sessions has to file notice of disclosure with Court of Record.

Goodlatte is requesting info that is evidence in GJ proceedings and subject to seal.

cc1c60  No.3316189


All cabal members are skull and arm bones. You don't have to go to Yale to be a member.

193071  No.3316190



Thank you anons these are nice.

53c0b6  No.3316191

US Special Agent Tipped Off Syrian Terror Suspect to FBI Investigation

Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) special agent Leatrice Malika De Bruhl-Daniels was arrested on Friday over accusations she shared classified information with a terror suspect ‒ Nada Diya ‒ with whom she was romantically involved.

According to multiple media reports, Bruhl-Daniels met Diya in Dubai in 2016 while working at the US consulate there. She had been a special agent for nine years and had top-security clearance with access to sensitive information on some subjects.

Diya was trying to get a tourist visa to visit the United States. Court documents say that Bruhl-Daniels contacted officials at the State Department and Department of Homeland Security (DHS), who informed her that both the DHS and FBI had their eyes on Diya in a counterterrorism probe.

Bruhl-Daniels, despite being told to "Stay away from Diya," went on to form a romantic relationship with him and told him that if he came to the US he would be arrested.

The criminal complaint against her says that Diya furnished her with lavish gifts, including a big birthday party in Dubai that State Department and active duty Navy members came to, loans to vacation in Greece, a job at his company for her son, a gold bracelet and a massage.

Bruhl-Daniels said she paid him back for the $1,400 loan with booze.

In various messages to Diya, Bruhl-Daniels wrote that she was "deeply attracted" to him and assured him she was trying to sway federal officials to find him innocent. Diya had "some associates that are well known" to investigators, she said, telling him that she offered no more information to authorities besides what she believed would be exonerating. "I gave them no more than what I could to emphasize your innocence," she said, court documents allege.

NCIS agents confronted her about those messages in May. She said she didn't remember sending them but they were "pretty damn bad,"

Diya was charged in Texas in September after he was caught in the US with fake identification papers that said he came from South America.

Bruhl-Daniels was represented by a public defender when she appeared in court in Alexandria, Virginia, which borders Washington, DC, on Wednesday for a detention hearing.


7e3cb2  No.3316192

File: db72c0a52aa916b⋯.png (118.85 KB, 1198x498, 599:249, ClipboardImage.png)

If drinking alcohol in college disqualifies you from everything, then it appears Donald Trump is the only person qualified for everything.

a4bbce  No.3316193


That Bitch!

7cf348  No.3316194


I got a visual on the screen "Presidential Alert" like what's shown in some message here. You click OK to make it go away.

dd7fde  No.3316195


I’ll bet you’re wrong.

074c07  No.3316196

Imagine being a cabalfag

Imagine trying to hide

Imagine an alert continuously going off on your mobile device, not only giving an audible signal but a location as well.

Imagine being proper fucked.

f3b8c0  No.3316197


The near-term plan, laid out for us.

d1c6e4  No.3316198

File: ac9dda5c95c9af5⋯.jpg (87.01 KB, 1059x524, 1059:524, Screenshot_20181003-154120….jpg)

How cool is the time of my "2:18" emergency alert?

f4849f  No.3316199


Isn't Schumer in the GANG of EIGHT ??

732764  No.3316200


Lol Q literallt told them how it would be used if they are really that stupid then i have no idea

4a67b0  No.3316201

File: 7a858d3ee6c6a2c⋯.jpg (60.05 KB, 500x495, 100:99, pepekekking.jpg)


>skull and arm bones

>arm bones

088e5a  No.3316202



No, I'm sure they just cordially said hello, talked a bit about the weather, and said their goodbyes. Q just dropped a post on it for no reason at all.

dbc94b  No.3316203


Maybe it’s a message to the Swamp:

The capability to monitor your phones existed before the alert today…and this is how they did it!

5b725d  No.3316204


I contacted alert on phone or TV :(

Verizon/ Louisiana

Q, will we be out of the loop? What should we do???

81213f  No.3316205

File: 4a70f152304e046⋯.png (220.74 KB, 1032x796, 258:199, AMZN daily 100318.PNG)


Bezos could be in the shitter for 15 minutes and pay for all the 'raises'.

Meanwhile AMZN equity no look so good with yesterday's close

973b85  No.3316206

File: 3e3d4ec7e50dfd7⋯.jpg (68.26 KB, 800x423, 800:423, IMG_1996.JPG)

File: d6c5d6019f60fc9⋯.jpg (317.32 KB, 1110x720, 37:24, IMG_2852.JPG)

File: f2e2cfd2b2d27da⋯.jpg (379.22 KB, 1280x958, 640:479, IMG_3210.JPG)

fb53b4  No.3316207

File: 81d8464fc5b38cf⋯.png (149.08 KB, 604x683, 604:683, 14fish.png)

503def  No.3316208


yep ,i believe it was the last song before entrance .

ee5a87  No.3316209


PF 322

S&B 322

2c74c7  No.3316210


No its from the photos on US Attorney UtahVerified account


4a67b0  No.3316211


<totally, agreed

e3e01b  No.3316212


Tits or it’s fake

5180c2  No.3316213





e7f5eb  No.3316214

Grand Jury Has Been Investigating Ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe for Months


a99b75  No.3316215


They're saying that Juul is advertising fruit flavored vapes to kids.

415f0c  No.3316216

Sessions needs to know what he can and can’t disclose re: grand jury secrecy and on going investigations. BUT

It’s possible that on SOME of the SwAmp indictments are ready to be UNSEALED and Sessions will disclose those names.


WILL SESSIONS (dual meaning, Jeff and Congress “session”) drop the HAMMER (congress chair uses a gavel to make decisions)


a481a1  No.3316217


Tippy TOP fuckin KEK!!!

4a67b0  No.3316218



did you do that all by yourself?

b45881  No.3316219









2a7df5  No.3316220


God willing that there's a double top.

c4ac42  No.3316221

File: 752d57a9d837256⋯.png (425.26 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, AllHail.png)

d60c6d  No.3316222

1f3b61  No.3316223


Thanks Fren.

42480f  No.3316224

File: af5b222476ae3bc⋯.jpg (82.9 KB, 614x318, 307:159, 0af60586 (1).jpg)

47c6a4  No.3316225

Wait wait wait wait, Sessions is recused from the Russia gate. He is reporting tomorrow with FISA documents.

Sessions unrecused via Congress?

53c0b6  No.3316226

Trump told Saudi King he wouldn’t last ‘2 weeks’ without US support

The Saudi Arabian monarchy would fall “within two weeks” if it wasn’t for the military support that the US has provided to the Gulf kingdom over the decades, Donald Trump noted in graceless remarks to the King.

“We protect Saudi Arabia,” Trump proclaimed at a rally in Southaven, Mississippi. “And I love the King, King Salman. But I said ‘King, we’re protecting you, you might not be there for two weeks without us. You have to pay for your military.’”

While Trump failed to mention when the undiplomatic remarks were made to King Salman, it is known that the two leaders held a phone conversation on Saturday to discuss global oil supplies.

Trump has repeatedly vaunted the might of the US military and the country’s role as the “protector”. Time and again, he has urged NATO nations to contribute to the overall maintenance of the alliance, which is heavily dependent on US military and industrial spending. South Korea and Japan also have the US to thank for stability in the Asian region, according to Trump, who previously demanded increased payments from US allies to keep American bases in their countries.

While the US does not have any military bases in Saudi Arabia, neighboring Qatar hosts a large American contingent at Al Udeid Airbase. In the immediate vicinity of Riyadh, Bahrain remains home to the US Fifth Fleet, while adjacent Kuwait also continues to host US troops. There is also an American military presence in the UAE, Iraq, Jordan, and Oman, which can rush to help Saudi Arabia at a moment’s notice.

Trump has yet to demand payment for keeping US troops in the oil-rich region, but the US president did urge them to lower oil prices in return for security last week. “We defend many of these nations for nothing, and then they take advantage of us by giving us high oil prices. Not good. We want them to stop raising prices, we want them to start lowering prices,” Trump said at the United Nations General Assembly.


a06c12  No.3316228

File: b87dab160bef5db⋯.png (592.27 KB, 1239x1086, 413:362, Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at ….png)

133a2e  No.3316229

File: 33136832ecc4cbd⋯.jpg (630.04 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181003-144358….jpg)


WTF, Q!???!

fa12b4  No.3316230


Q's post #2285 gave the order of operation as

Justice K confirmation

Goodbye, Mr. Rosenstein


POTUS Alert-Test

Think mirror would be:

- POTUS Alert-Test


- Goodbye, Mr. Rosenstein

- Justice K confirmation

This new order makes more sense since the DECLAS prompts RR's fire/resignation.

So tomorrow is DECLAS boys!

b7950e  No.3316231

File: 7458ba8feb435db⋯.jpg (28.73 KB, 392x425, 392:425, DNC.JPG)

053f4d  No.3316232

File: 89a6aa0f33a3248⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1402x568, 701:284, 6.PNG)

US will destroy banned Russian warheads if necessary-Confrontation w/ US & China Navy in S.China Sea

5de31e  No.3316233

No shit.kek


732764  No.3316235


Nah not all

There are other societies

I could be wrong tho

But from the sources ive seen the illuminati is dog eat dog

They are only "unified" now

Because they know whats coming

dd7fde  No.3316236


Memes are made of dreams

87327b  No.3316237



That makes sense. Thanks Anon

71df59  No.3316238

File: 0dd3375a74362b3⋯.png (152.87 KB, 490x862, 245:431, Screenshot 2018-10-03 15.3….png)

I skimmed but didn't see this yet. Did anyone see this CBS article about the Kavanaugh proceedings possibly wrapping up today–and the article they're promoting below it? Kek.


4c16dd  No.3316239


I think you’re right. Odd the top part says appear, but the check box just says documents on attachment.

cdf991  No.3316240



ed6380  No.3316241


Washington, D.C. – House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) today subpoenaed the Department of Justice for several documents that have been withheld from the Committee, including the McCabe memos.

The McCabe memos are documents and communications written by former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe that memorialize discussions, meetings, or correspondence he had with senior officials. The House Judiciary Committee has been requesting the McCabe memos for months.

Today’s subpoena also covers all documents supporting the facts claimed by the FBI in its application for, and subsequent renewals of, a FISA order authorizing surveillance on Carter Page, as well as all documents and communications originally shared with the Gang of Eight related to the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election

Below is the text of the letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions subpoenaing these documents. The signed letter can be found here and subpoena can be found here.

September 27, 2018

The Honorable Jeff Sessions

Attorney General

U.S. Department of Justice

950 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C. 20530

Dear Mr. Sessions,

As you are aware, last fall Chairman Gowdy and I opened an investigation into decisions made and not made by the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding the 2016 presidential election. As part of that investigation, Members and staff of the Judiciary and Oversight and Government Reform Committees have reviewed thousands of documents produced by the Department that are relevant to our investigation. However, we have requested additional documents (listed in the document schedule for the attached subpoena) that the Department has either refused to produce or has continually delayed producing. Review of these documents is essential to our investigation.

Accordingly, given the Department’s ongoing delays and/or refusal to produce these documents, I am left with no choice but to issue the enclosed subpoena to compel their production.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this important matter. If any part of the production has been designated as classified pursuant to Executive Order 13526, please contact Committee majority staff so that arrangements may be made to ensure that the documents are handled appropriately within the House.


Bob Goodlatte




ba9725  No.3316242


Which border?

8707e2  No.3316243

File: b213c017c673e52⋯.png (212.31 KB, 443x315, 443:315, THANQS.png)

File: 0f6ba1765269d37⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1333x750, 1333:750, FISAofStrzok.png)

File: 73c68d23b105ada⋯.png (925.75 KB, 1203x840, 401:280, mildlynauseousfisa.png)

File: 3394a342cd0b30c⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1600x637, 1600:637, somekindof.png)

File: 9f6b1e96bc15ea3⋯.png (5.38 MB, 2222x1772, 1111:886, strangestlove.png)


I should just quit then, huh?

bb084f  No.3316244


Clock started..

Learn our comms.

Go play on VOAT and let the grownups handle things.

d02d64  No.3316245


So, does this mean one of the 55,000 sealed indictments has my name on it? I did pass in a no passing zone once,, so I guess there's that.

415f0c  No.3316246



a06c12  No.3316247

File: 73041fb0902d5f9⋯.png (699.26 KB, 1001x562, 1001:562, Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at ….png)

4bbd7e  No.3316248

File: 186c559cdd63ace⋯.jpg (89.43 KB, 480x665, 96:133, 2jb7ux~2.jpg)

File: 631edf664c3e353⋯.jpg (44.41 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 2jb87z~2.jpg)

Multiple indictments are coming for these two beauties.

81d3b4  No.3316249


Yes: the last two rally’s he has made those comments. Moar will be revealed, I’m sire

a99b75  No.3316250


No, the alert would be ACTIVE for 30minutes.

If you live in tornado/hurricane zones, you'll get an alert saying

Tornado alert from 2:15pm-3:05pm or something similar. The alert is active for 50 minutes.

84b808  No.3316251


I didn't get an alert today either.

732764  No.3316252


They might have a couple accounts

Ill leave which ones they are up to you

You are watching a movie

52d2a1  No.3316253

File: dd4736d4fc320a0⋯.jpg (74.78 KB, 516x478, 258:239, Comfy.jpg)


Plus another arrest for the leaker! Noice. Trust the plan!

2aeb10  No.3316254

File: 19fb3d44b649374⋯.png (34.79 KB, 414x327, 138:109, PAlert-Q.png)

2af946  No.3316255

File: cde9bdd0872c5fe⋯.jpg (253.92 KB, 1818x1472, 909:736, IMG_20181004_011545.jpg)

Sessions meeting Huber THE SAME DAY as POTUS_ALERT.

Sessions meeting Huber THE DAY PRIOR to >>>


What must be understood prior to?

Think GJ information.

What are the odds of that?


e7bd39  No.3316256

File: bc0db8b67d5e37e⋯.png (495.96 KB, 1300x1000, 13:10, newbag.png)

83073f  No.3316257

File: d2e2ec4ceeb0022⋯.png (13.66 KB, 255x177, 85:59, 6222cabdc81c607aef3f212501….png)


Sessions subpoenaed to Judiciary Committee tomorrow 10/4/18

to produce things identified on the attached schedule

d60c6d  No.3316258


Half of USA fired from positions. Except POTUS.

917777  No.3316259


They are going after vaping. Cig price just went up too.

8d8e3e  No.3316260


The 30 minute window was probably (over) compensating for the fact that some phones might have received in a few minutes later. This was not supposed to last 30 minutes. It's just like those EAS alerts on the tv that always interrupt the best part of a show. The only interesting thing about this one is that is called 'Presidential.' That's different…

42480f  No.3316261

File: cd3732b78ccc283⋯.jpg (27.45 KB, 255x241, 255:241, 22d52f3f039671e043770c5006….jpg)

File: b1145855ece54fb⋯.jpg (58.41 KB, 410x318, 205:159, iu (7).jpg)

aed8a7  No.3316262


My alert was at :17 as well

6daba1  No.3316263


Caps anons

If Q includes a link, can we have the text alongside the cap please? That way we don't just have the link in an image and can access the links to catch up.

5ce59e  No.3316264



Anonymous ID: BQ7V3bcW No.147012719

Oct 28 2017 15:44:28 (EST)

Anonymous ID: gb953qGI No.147005381

Oct 28 2017 14:33:50 (EST)


Hillary Clinton will be arrested between 7:45 AM - 8:30 AM EST on Monday - the morning on Oct 30, 2017.


HRC extradition already in motion effective yesterday with several countries in case of cross border run. Passport approved to be flagged effective 10/30 @ 12:01am. Expect massive riots organized in defiance and others fleeing the US to occur. US M’s will conduct the operation while NG activated. Proof check: Locate a NG member and ask if activated for duty 10/30 across most major cities.


cdf991  No.3316265


About damn time.

f47352  No.3316266


Replies to that tweet are downright histrionic. "omg omg omg he's gonna hijack my phone too"

973b85  No.3316267

File: 0711b3bf50f6cd0⋯.jpg (324.79 KB, 800x808, 100:101, IMG_2279.JPG)

File: 291e0b9336d4578⋯.jpg (80.37 KB, 1024x851, 1024:851, 5711CD20-865D-4C7D-80C4-44….jpg)

File: 66e6b7a8dceb54a⋯.jpg (192.91 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, IMG_2662.JPG)

eb62b5  No.3316268



It means 299 unique id’s posted in that bread. That’s pretty high but I think highest was 400 and something during Q’s first ever Q and A a feeble months ago.

e87b32  No.3316269

File: 77bf2247982fed1⋯.jpeg (27.45 KB, 480x336, 10:7, C84454DA-5083-4941-BAE8-5….jpeg)

9a7f97  No.3316270

Lady called in to K-love radio saying she was walking down a hall in a school and all these phones went off and most had no idea what was going on.

A lot of kids lost their phones….LOL

Supposed to be off.

87327b  No.3316271


Idk about tomorrow. But “next” would make sense.

Good way to shift the narrative away from SC confirmation.

89d823  No.3316272


Perfectly said.

4a67b0  No.3316273



mine was a few seconds in 2:18

ee776d  No.3316274

I am excited for the Supreme Court Justice RED PILL! That 53-47 vote will be the most effective Qproof yet.

f3b8c0  No.3316275


>Half of USA fired from positions. Except POTUS.

95% of public "servants."

9c8e09  No.3316276

hearing WA TracFone did not receive.

5ce59e  No.3316277

Doing this again:


10/30 = 10/03! TODAY!


Anonymous ID: BQ7V3bcW No.147012719

Oct 28 2017 15:44:28 (EST)

Anonymous ID: gb953qGI No.147005381

Oct 28 2017 14:33:50 (EST)


Hillary Clinton will be arrested between 7:45 AM - 8:30 AM EST on Monday - the morning on Oct 30, 2017.


HRC extradition already in motion effective yesterday with several countries in case of cross border run. Passport approved to be flagged effective 10/30 @ 12:01am. Expect massive riots organized in defiance and others fleeing the US to occur. US M’s will conduct the operation while NG activated. Proof check: Locate a NG member and ask if activated for duty 10/30 across most major cities.

193071  No.3316278

File: 509506ba8ad16a3⋯.png (829.75 KB, 1385x732, 1385:732, Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at ….png)

415f0c  No.3316279


Q never said that. Try harder.

d96fb9  No.3316280

File: c7e02ff16fc5aca⋯.png (5.42 KB, 492x132, 41:11, UIDrecord.PNG)


>That’s pretty high but I think highest was 400 and something during Q’s first ever Q and A a feeble months ago.

5180c2  No.3316281

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



"Please B'rer FBI, don't investigate Kavanaugh for a 7th time!"

973b85  No.3316282

File: 36c146fa3983873⋯.jpg (25.84 KB, 224x225, 224:225, IMG_1659.JPG)

File: e7f8168493b8d7d⋯.jpg (63.29 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_1660.JPG)

File: 50504a0fb3c3497⋯.jpg (506.53 KB, 1000x707, 1000:707, IMG_1816.JPG)

6e565f  No.3316283

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Witness the nuclear fear scam. Scientist eats uranium.

stop being a pussy

cdf991  No.3316284


I'd be willing to bet her and her purple coat will show up somewhere soon for a public speaking engagement.

a50176  No.3316285


>Because THIS IS A TEST.

I like the idea that those who failed to receive the POTUS Alert are not among "The Chosen".

Imma stick with that theory.

84b808  No.3316287


I have a Verizon Samsung and I didn't get an alert

2af946  No.3316288



Declassification incoming.

124abf  No.3316289



36bdf9  No.3316290

File: f6c2215db40885a⋯.png (303.21 KB, 935x1134, 935:1134, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9886b317793badb⋯.png (134.27 KB, 855x519, 285:173, ClipboardImage.png)

It's about to BLOW!!! BOOM Tomorrow and Friday!

76b3fd  No.3316291

File: aca49d4e68f877f⋯.jpeg (15.28 KB, 275x183, 275:183, serveimage (42).jpeg)

ab01eb  No.3316292


Top Kek


Located black hats and triangulated them for arrest….I can dream right?

8fe688  No.3316293


if you read that Q POST (2285) from bottom to top…. maybe that is in reference to this week?



Fri: Goodbye Mr. Rosenstein

Sat: KAV nom


81ca46  No.3316294



f3b8c0  No.3316295


If so, some will still clamor for even more.

93e599  No.3316296

File: 47d1c0662993cf5⋯.jpg (379.64 KB, 1956x1387, 1956:1387, trumpdeepstateSLAYER.jpg)

It is so rewarding to watch the PLAN unfold. Glad to have met you anons ;)

d1c6e4  No.3316297

My boss has 2 iPhones. Neither went off. That's not good.

a9bf50  No.3316298

File: f28ad72fb8e0a3c⋯.png (214.81 KB, 947x722, 947:722, ClipboardImage.png)


5 intelligible

b2dbd2  No.3316299

Anons, someone on my twatter pointed out that there was a 53-47 vote to approve the Saudi arms sales the day that Q posted. Could be relevant. No sauce.

2a7df5  No.3316300




Oh FFS. No Twitter alert from DJT. Check the timeline for yourselves.

53c0b6  No.3316301

File: cd157a22cb3b060⋯.png (329.41 KB, 527x563, 527:563, ClipboardImage.png)

File: beaaa7a4197ac2c⋯.png (294.76 KB, 518x551, 518:551, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bab684a5bfff195⋯.png (19.12 KB, 652x344, 163:86, ClipboardImage.png)

Pro-Mass Migration Moroccan Minister Rejects Hosting Asylum Centres, Claims Migrant Crisis Exaggerated

The mass-migration supporting foreign minister of Morocco has rejected proposals by the European Union to build refugee processing centres in North Africa and claimed the bloc is exaggerating the migrant crisis.

“Morocco is generally against all kinds of [migration] centres. This is part of our migration policy and a national sovereign position,” Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita told German daily Die Welt in an interview published Wednesday.

With European leaders pushing for migrant processing centres in North Africa, Bourita claimed that stopping migration at the African coast is counterproductive and accused the EU of exaggerating the migrant crisis.

“Migration covers three percent of the world’s population, of which 80 percent are legal,” he said. “So we only talk about 20 percent of these three percent.”

Between 2014 and 2017, nearly two million migrants from the global south, the vast majority of those coming from African being economic migrants, travelled to Europe; European Parliament President Antonio Tajani warned that unless mass migration is put under control, up to 30 million more may be prepared to make the same journey from Africa in the coming years.

Migration via the western Mediterranean route, from Morocco to Spain, has increased in recent months after Italy clamped down on NGOs transporting illegals across the sea, with the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla particularly vulnerable to mass incursion attempts by migrants attempting to put a foot on European soil to secure asylum rights.

The Moroccan minister’s refusal to engage in migrant reduction, with his country remaining a transit nation for the world’s poorest, resonates with his comments in May where Bourita asserted that “Migration is here to stay.”

Speaking at the fifth Euro-African Ministerial Conference on Migration and Development in Marrakesh, Morocco, Bourita told the delegates representing 50 African and European nations that migration “will continue to increase irregularly, at worst, and, at best, in a safe, orderly and regular manner”.

Delegates supported the Rabat Process which although covered measures to tackle illegal immigration and repatriation, also called for a migration “approach based on human rights” as well as seeking to eliminate discrimination and racism — similar in wording to the United Nations’ proposed Global Compact for Migration which aims to protect the “human rights and fundamental freedoms of all migrants” and combat “xenophobia, racism and discrimination”.

European migration commissioner Dimitri Avramopoulos praised the Rabat declaration, tweeting that “Europe and Africa need each other more than ever.”

Avramopoulos affirmed the EU’s support for the management of mass migration from Africa to Europe at last week’s United Nations General Assembly, where he told the supranational body that the bloc was working to comply with the Global Compact for Migration which aims to institutionalise migration at an international level through strengthening its “global governance”.


e0c2ea  No.3316302

File: 97772cf9129e3aa⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, IMG_20181003_153631439.jpg)

Top Tier Trump Hater Alert:

Gwenda Blair. Hanover NH?

The book writing bitch is describing the decades long plan for Trump to get all the money. Siblings helped. Says of older brother Fred: "I don't want to sound crass but he helped by getting out of the way. By dying. That was helpful."

She deserves some dug up smears.

e28147  No.3316303

So.. are they basically Pinging every phone in america? could they get GPS on them all? are they preparing to unseal indictments?

6daba1  No.3316304

File: d70876164c70779⋯.jpg (131.69 KB, 1200x611, 1200:611, WirelessEmergencyAlert.jpg)

Full sized image from >>>/patriotsfight/322

a2a4fb  No.3316305


You know the old saying, better to fuck a goat than a clinton.

07ae22  No.3316306

File: 2ef564144a3385c⋯.png (498.36 KB, 664x855, 664:855, Nolte New Evidence Elimin….png)

New Evidence Eliminates Christine Blasey Ford’s Residual Credibility


415f0c  No.3316307


He is a Clown Agent!

756dd6  No.3316308

File: 356b4945fe0e555⋯.png (439.69 KB, 572x543, 572:543, ClipboardImage.png)

42480f  No.3316309


Interdasting, anon, I hope this is it

4a67b0  No.3316310

File: 99ad01f1f1dbf06⋯.png (99.66 KB, 600x704, 75:88, ClipboardImage.png)





UIDs are the number of Unique IDs that have posted

49e59b  No.3316311


I love this man so fucking much.

fa12b4  No.3316312


True but I said "tomorrow" because Q says "Sessions meeting with Huber DAY PRIOR to." So if DELCAS is next then today would be day prior to DECLAS.

053f4d  No.3316313

File: e5c34a7fe9f04a5⋯.mp4 (442.24 KB, 576x324, 16:9, Lindsey Graham on John McC….mp4)

5de31e  No.3316314



Do we have anyone here who is in the NG? Do you know anyone in the NG?

Is the NG activated?


4bbd7e  No.3316315

File: 23698d76f17b8e6⋯.jpg (35.22 KB, 468x403, 36:31, 2jap8r~2.jpg)

File: 39f0c84d07a305d⋯.mp4 (1.28 MB, 480x270, 16:9, You and Your Johnson.mp4)

a99b75  No.3316316

I'm wondering something…

A grand jury is 16-23 people. Let's assume 20.

55,000 indictments

1,100,000 jurors

pop Salt lake city= 190,000

Even if GJ's did multiple indictments, how the hell is this possible?

8294a0  No.3316317

File: bf2638db85f2029⋯.gif (178.63 KB, 400x500, 4:5, triggeringOverload.gif)

ac7ec9  No.3316318


I think that's correct, as the DECLAS would precede the resignation of [RR]

013421  No.3316319

File: 451d27919899e80⋯.png (966.82 KB, 752x547, 752:547, 2018-08-26_16-15-10.png)

File: 6d93a07fc67e4d8⋯.png (1.14 MB, 939x565, 939:565, 2018-08-26_16-17-29.png)


It's becoming clearer now!


8d8e3e  No.3316320

5180c2  No.3316321


Just remember, someone actually commissioned that statue.

b45881  No.3316322



b02344  No.3316324


Declaration of Martial Law, or warning of riots etc….. Anyone with a phone can be warned even if not at home. A lot of people do not watch regular TV or listen to the radio anymore. Phones are always present these days.

0871ea  No.3316325


Cabal starts getting rounded up and they become desperate. Cabal decides to go scorched Earth, unleashes Chem\bio\nuke assault to bitterly strike back, perhaps enough of a distraction to provide cover for an escape.

EBS: Get out of Boise! Don't come to Boise! Attack is imminent! All without relying on the complicit forms of communications we rely on now like TV news or Twitter who may censor such a message.

That's my thinking at least.

b01fe7  No.3316326

>>3316031 Guessing that Huber got his indictment and is finished with the documents. He can now deliver those documents to the house.

87327b  No.3316327


Yep. FDA, Big Pharma, and big tobacco all have their hands in each other’s pockets.

Thankful for JUUL. They are the only e-cig that has helped me quit. 2 months tomorrow!!

2a7df5  No.3316328



Foreign policy of my dreams.

926dfa  No.3316329


Bruh, it was the rapture, and many of us anons were left here in the dark. Hope they get this worked out and schedule another test.

76185d  No.3316330

File: e9d1ee5d0925921⋯.png (396.58 KB, 975x897, 25:23, ClipboardImage.png)


June of last year anon…


60b720  No.3316331


Red, White, Blue + person (who) = Uncle Sam

bfdd5a  No.3316332

File: 1147c4f9a00fb1b⋯.png (313.34 KB, 1080x1352, 135:169, ClipboardImage.png)

from #4173


>Sessions meeting Huber THE DAY PRIOR to >>>


42480f  No.3316333

File: af53ebcf003dc5c⋯.jpg (394.7 KB, 1348x1141, 1348:1141, iu (9).jpg)

368664  No.3316334

>>3315683 old bread

Yes has been done. In the ClockFag bread history.

>>3314759 stale bread

Just a "coincidence" that was being pointed out.

You know what Q said about them.

Caught up reading. Got called away IRL. Sorry for the stale responses.

Back on the Clock.

fa21b1  No.3316335


I am thinking more in line of a sweep. it's not what it is connecting to. it's what other comm frequencies it is sweeping. that blows me away if anything near true.

f3b8c0  No.3316336

File: 6fd21e718b0f695⋯.jpg (125.95 KB, 960x540, 16:9, twodoorprisoncell.jpg)


Chrissy needs a cell with two doors.

b0b9de  No.3316337


Read the subpoena, it explains what the Woods file is

dd7fde  No.3316338

486a5a  No.3316339


My guess is the test was an attempt to ping particular bad actors otherwise off the grid or otherwise keeping extra/burner phones active.

Q/MI snagged all the data from across the nation, filtered out the normies/good guys, and is now making/executing plans for bringing in the shitbirds.

It's a thought, not necessarily an accurate one, but a man can dream.

ac7ec9  No.3316340


Look at the indictment page. They're fairly well spread out among all the states. Each state would have its own jurisdiction.

226235  No.3316341

I got mine, i am in Michigan, with Verizon as my provider.

94a476  No.3316342

File: 975cb94d4e94307⋯.jpeg (60.13 KB, 638x564, 319:282, A599B1BF-D3AC-441A-BB01-7….jpeg)

088e5a  No.3316343


She wasn't trying to be funny. She is freaked about this.

756dd6  No.3316344



4a67b0  No.3316345



some anon was going on and on about that

bitching when an anon said its likely Justice K's vote total

5a0923  No.3316346


Last Q-post timestamp prior to "R" post ended in 10:04 and first Q-post after "R" post ended in 04:01

973b85  No.3316347




525061  No.3316348

Q is happy with the test?

6f17ae  No.3316349

File: abe5d4829e239fb⋯.jpg (162.87 KB, 550x782, 275:391, CULTOFCHUCKY.jpg)

8d8e3e  No.3316350


I don't have any 'screen' on my telephone. What are you talking about? How do I click a telephone?

193898  No.3316351


They had a large team of people that work for them, they put this all together. Any other anon out there can correct me if I"m wrong, but that's my understanding.

ef82b0  No.3316352


Why would Sessions need to deliver these personally? Hmmmmmm

599742  No.3316353


i'm totally lost on this one, anon, and the responses to your post so far do not help.

ed6380  No.3316354



2607c0  No.3316355

Mirror 53-47 and you have


6e7a52  No.3316357


military tribunals have military jurors they also have 6 jurors i think

053f4d  No.3316358


he's cheating..lol……….go to emergency alert settings

c46eba  No.3316359


That wasn't an alert system test, that was building the juries that are going to be needed for when the indictments open up…KEK!

SURPRISE! You were just selected for JURY DUTY!!! KEK!

e7f5eb  No.3316360

→ → They were being watched. ←←

They were being professionally watched, observed, and recorded, because the FBI Director Christopher Wray had suspected that they would be using their deep state corruption methods like Hillary Clinton did, in order to destroy all the evidence of their wrong-doing, and thus the new boss of the FBI Mr Wray, had started working with personnel from the Inspector General’s office and with other federal agents, in order to set up a “sting operation” to prevent against evidence destruction, both in the form of physical documents, digital communications, and also all of their electronic records.

Though at differing times, Comey, McCabe, and Strzok, were under 24 hour surveillance both at the office and outside the FBI’s HQs in Washington D.C. and in their homes, and in various locations, and when they were manipulating the FBI documents, files, and databases, that they had accessed and had deleted.

These alleged criminals have been observed as they altered, manipulated, and even erased the records of their malfeasance — records that were being simultaneously recorded in their original (unaltered) and in their altered states, and thus the criminal acts of these ex-FBI bosses, were fully documented by federal agents.

And thus after the firing of the crooked FBI perpetrators, the original records were restored, and these records were sealed and given over to the Inspector General’s Special Prosecutors — and thus some semblance of order was restored in the Bureau, after these “Clinton spies” had vacated the FBI building.

It would appear that “They had no clue they were being watched,” as the FBI sources confirmed.

One insider said that “there were similar patterns” in what Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok were accessing at the FBI prior to their departures — thus revealing that they were being given the same orders from the Clinton machine and from the Deep State — namely to destroy all the records of their crimes and thus deflect and derail the cause of Justice.

As to the question, if the federal agents and the Inspector General were running wiretaps on Comey’s, McCabe’s, and Strzok’s phones, and on their computers, and also on their other communication devices, while they were still employed at the FBI — “It’s a wise deduction to assume so” is the answer, according to our high level FBI sources.

Because as it turns out, James Comey was fired by President Trump, while McCabe was fired by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and Peter Strzok was forced out, after a brutal public hearing where it was revealed that he consistently lied to his superiors and to the Senate Intelligence Committee, while under oath, on Capitol Hill.

And apparently these stupid ex-FBI bosses, were playing along rather nicely, and doing exactly what was expected of them, so they can be found guilty of more crimes than when they were fired for cause.

So…Now what?well…US Attorney Huber is Running a Grand Jury.That is what.

And now, highly placed federal sources state, that a grand jury has been convened involving Comey, McCabe, and Strzok, along with other former FBI highly placed individuals — and the evidence gathered by federal officials during their final weeks at the FBI will be used front and center, for their prosecution. But the grand jury will also be examining other violations during their official tenures, taking turns at the helm of the FBI.

Now that “Huber is running a grand jury” as a highly placed DOJ source confirmed, calling the entire process “Hush-hush” given the high-profile FBI people involved — the whole truth will be coming out about Hillary Clinton’s crimes and those of her circle of friends who tried to cover up for her and who run interference aqainst the New President Trump.

The sources, went on to say that: “There is so much to tackle, but from what we know, the grand jury is now moving into the witness interview phase.”

Utah US attorney John Huber was selected by DOJ attorney general Alfred Sessions in order to examine the new FBI Director Mr Wray’s suspicions of serious FBI misconduct, and of the FBI’s failure to examine Hillary Clinton’s ties to a Russian nuclear agency to whom Crooked Hillary (assisted by none other than Robert Mueller) sold this country’s Uranium supply for pennies on the dollar.

And as of recently, Alfred Sessions has quietly tapped US Attorney Huber, to work with the Justice Department’s inspector general to expose that profiteering scheme, and to also expose the private email server scheme that allowed crooked Hillary to do these dirty deals for profit, in the first place…

Now it would appear that finally the Justice Department has been taking it’s FBI corruption probes, and the Hillary “profit schemes” investigations, to the next level.

ac7ec9  No.3316361


Yes. Yes. Yes.

013421  No.3316362

File: 392a875d060d49b⋯.png (612.78 KB, 736x739, 736:739, 2018-08-26_16-56-16.png)

a481a1  No.3316363


Not a newfag. But I did Learn something “new”.

dca8d1  No.3316364

is the Sessions hearing a public one tomorrow?

2a7df5  No.3316365



Those indictments have to part of the October surprise for the midterms.

36bdf9  No.3316366

Muh Fukin post didn't get posted…. Grrrrr

aed8a7  No.3316367

File: 302f6e3edbc7baf⋯.pdf (100.7 KB, 092718_Subpoena ]Sessions[.pdf)


>True but I said "tomorrow" because Q says "Sessions meeting with Huber DAY PRIOR

The subpoena Q linked is for Sessions TOMORROW

bb084f  No.3316368



Think Saudi purge timeline .. 1 year ago.

Disinfo is necessary .. C_A is here.


two weeks is code.

We have some 3 day.. 30 day.. clock activations with EBS .. we have dark day and purge timeline periods.. reconcile

87327b  No.3316370



Very nice! Didn’t catch that.

9c8e09  No.3316371


Q !UW.yye1fxo No.106

Feb 18 2018 21:07:39 (EST)





Q !UW.yye1fxo No.107

Feb 18 2018 21:11:55 (EST)




926dfa  No.3316372


Top KEK, Saved!

135a0f  No.3316373

been saying… feelz gooood today…

bc3205  No.3316374


Right? Why not [RR]?

81213f  No.3316375


No skin for me this time but yea….SHORT the fuck out of it if you can still. Certainly no shares for retail and unless you bot long dated opx a year ago you will be paying for the other side in your premiums. Can't say for sure as I stopped looking at the guts long ago. In 07-08 the opx market was pinned on sell side. I personally witnessed the same shit that you all read about in Flash Boys. HFT came hard in 06 right along with ETF's ETN's and every possible way to securitize ANYTHING.

Most of the fuckers on Wall St know it…? Have to have a certain number of years before you see what the game is…or allowed to see it.

42480f  No.3316376

File: a1e381ccaeadc96⋯.jpg (34.78 KB, 239x388, 239:388, f5458739dd84f0d080eb699a77….jpg)

1f7a0f  No.3316377

File: 09fe9f925a51837⋯.png (23.87 KB, 446x158, 223:79, Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at ….png)

Is this the schedule Q? Bottom to top?

91627c  No.3316378

File: 7f6d36ea35553c4⋯.png (3.03 MB, 816x1296, 17:27, Video Game 'Fortnite' Is A….png)

Video Game 'Fortnite' Is As Addictive As Heroin…


4a67b0  No.3316379


go to reddit Rtard

fc94d2  No.3316380

If your phone did not ping…I would be concerned, very concerned.

d1c6e4  No.3316381

File: c4cc4f2a343aaff⋯.jpg (115.71 KB, 618x660, 103:110, Screenshot_20181003-155135….jpg)


My pleasure

07ae22  No.3316382


>The Chosen?

Umm…no. WWG1WGA

If most got the alert, then many will hear from other patriots if there is truly an emergency.

5180c2  No.3316383

File: ff4a1ba967839ff⋯.jpg (174.85 KB, 1920x2485, 384:497, jp.jpg)


Good cap.

43b09a  No.3316384



I’ve used a different brand, but vaping helped me quit too! Going on 7 months!

74ad54  No.3316385

File: 7b6c878143e7461⋯.png (2.75 KB, 348x86, 174:43, UIDRECORD.PNG)

e6f1fa  No.3316386

File: 538c4fd832faf9d⋯.png (506.99 KB, 763x439, 763:439, ClipboardImage.png)


Also…no coincidences….

(Kavenaugh confirmed safe)

ef4bbf  No.3316387

File: bbf53de5951014b⋯.png (180.16 KB, 400x400, 1:1, bait.png)



124abf  No.3316388


Alert is used to install spyware.

Everyone is fucked.

ac7ec9  No.3316390


Aye, but not why it's called the "Woods file".

71df59  No.3316391


Could it be a prediction for a year later? As in, is this what they'll do on 10/30/18?

c2c7d2  No.3316392

File: 04da254ec4f263c⋯.gif (1.33 MB, 960x540, 16:9, WTF.gif)

206585  No.3316393

File: 3bf039eae92056d⋯.png (1007.09 KB, 864x640, 27:20, HUBER UT DOJ.PNG)

81ca46  No.3316394



a99b75  No.3316395



I was on a federal grand jury for A YEAR AND A HALF so you'd think I'd know that.

(3 days/month)

8d8e3e  No.3316397


BULLSHIT I've already gone once and they still keep pestering me. I would have to be DQed for my insurmountable bias.

52d2a1  No.3316399


Wasn't part of it to determine who was illegally blocking the signal? The more they know…

415f0c  No.3316400


Sessions needs to know what he can and can’t disclose re: grand jury secrecy and on going investigations. BUT

It’s possible that on SOME of the SwAmp indictments are ready to be UNSEALED and Sessions will disclose those names.


WILL SESSIONS (dual meaning, Jeff and Congress “session”) drop the HAMMER (congress chair uses a gavel to make decisions)


234ed2  No.3316401

File: fa0f4fde916a487⋯.jpg (8.93 KB, 200x300, 2:3, $_35.jpg)


Get with the program Grandpa.


dca8d1  No.3316402


nice catch anon

bc4bde  No.3316403


This was released Sept. 27.

We have known this for some time.

efa7af  No.3316404

File: 731af7034f9a691⋯.png (271.62 KB, 539x489, 539:489, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e02954a5c8ac97d⋯.png (36.84 KB, 162x163, 162:163, ClipboardImage.png)


WATCH — GRAPHIC WARNING: Male Feminist Roundhouse Kicks Pro-Life Woman In the Face, Knocks Her Out

notice the reverse pentagram anons?

6e565f  No.3316405


that was cruel and uncalled for

193898  No.3316406


We already have spyware, our whole phone is spyware.

973b85  No.3316407

After that 114,000,000 native America genocide

All this Jewish soyboy nazi genocide seems lame

Feel free to prostrate yourself in the synagogue of Satan for the old "Mossad" psyop of goolag that killed 30 million

In fact the only blood debt greater is mao's unreported 200 million genocide

So have confidence knowing that Jew baiting idolatry is what caused this usery for tsipraism oil Econ

And the scientologists are truly backpeddling the $3 trillion spent post challenger explosion



080448  No.3316408

Sessions meeting Huber THE DAY PRIOR to >>>

today is 10/3

prior to 10/4 - ha - kinda forgotish that tomorrows date has double meaning


ab6b22  No.3316409

>>3315479 LB


This is the house where that photo was taken from

3330 Lemp Ave.. Symbolism much?

Realtor said that it was a short sale that didn't go all the way to foreclosure

193071  No.3316410


A lot of his posts can be read bottom to top.

Maybe all his posts in general.

Meaning that they are backwards.

Meaning that his first posts might be the end?

Think Mirror is a very useful state of mind.

e87b32  No.3316411

File: 7a83e6b4be0b44b⋯.jpeg (117.2 KB, 840x473, 840:473, 3CA32F95-B6BF-4A31-8261-9….jpeg)

02cce8  No.3316412


WTF happened to her?

Why does she have to huge penises hanging from her chest?

e28147  No.3316413


So does that mean something is happening tonight? tomorrow? Q referenced the subpoena for JS tomorrow.. how is that related exactly?

415f0c  No.3316414

c46eba  No.3316415

File: 611f6e3d89ae687⋯.jpg (11.91 KB, 258x245, 258:245, 611f6e3d89ae687c18a8fea054….jpg)

a2a4fb  No.3316416


James Stewart made a call to New York on that thing in it's a wonderful life.

0603d8  No.3316417

Anyone else noticing bots posting your past comments? It's kinda freaky lol.

6d5331  No.3316418

like its so different from what we already know? FOH >>3316388

4c16dd  No.3316419

qmap.pub at 140k

42480f  No.3316420


Amateurs, they should try the Game of Q

8dbe66  No.3316421


Sessions has the WTF body language lean thing going on…

07ae6b  No.3316422

new Q

ce777f  No.3316423

My (very old) cellphone got the alert in the form of a text. Not like the graphic shown in Q's post that's just supposed to pop up on the screen.

b02344  No.3316424


No, it is federal indictments.

706958  No.3316425

File: f0fe097e6b4faf0⋯.jpeg (61.9 KB, 465x426, 155:142, 84F306F2-7D3A-4AAB-ACBD-2….jpeg)

We ready.

Flip the fucking switch already.

c5976a  No.3316426

File: 459e2a5c4a73d54⋯.png (100.31 KB, 2582x432, 1291:216, 140k.png)

Just a note… eyeballs at qmap.pub steadily increasing over the last couple of days and have now topped 140K.

a2a4fb  No.3316427


Phone is physical spying device, additional software redundant.

fb53b4  No.3316428


They trying to trigger anons.

732764  No.3316429



8d8e3e  No.3316430


Oohh where'd ya get that one? That looks like the newer models. I am envious of you my good man!

973b85  No.3316431

File: bb99722c36c3cfc⋯.jpg (556.68 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, IMG_3026.JPG)

File: 3af0ef490b1b8de⋯.jpeg (76.03 KB, 799x712, 799:712, D4596D24-0C27-4F03-A6E3-7….jpeg)

File: c5beaf90849dbd4⋯.jpeg (267.46 KB, 1525x1536, 1525:1536, FAF91233-6CD1-4909-A3DB-6….jpeg)

fa12b4  No.3316432


Right. Subpoena'd for what reason?

"To produce the things identified on the attached schedule."

Items on schedule:

- McCabe Memo

- Woods File

- Items involving the Russian investigation.

These items aren't going to be redacted. Hence, DECLAS

5de31e  No.3316433

Does anyone know if the NATIONAL GUARD is ACTIVATED?

Anyone in the NG?

6e7a52  No.3316434


youre lost, normie book is that way >>>>>>>>>

f47352  No.3316436


12 for death penalty IIRC

c46eba  No.3316437



9a7f97  No.3316438

File: 2c74248d2ead825⋯.jpeg (1.85 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 24B7D94D-A886-4344-8D94-3….jpeg)

2a7df5  No.3316439


That's encouraging. Short since April. Oh crap it's been a rough six months emotionally, but still waiting.

THE CURRENT PRICE IS IMPOSSIBLE. If things become more true, then I'll be fine.

Actually, fine either way. Just less pissed if I don't have to bank these losses.

5ce59e  No.3316440

File: d8144befcf21d78⋯.png (399.91 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, WWG1sk.png)


Right, Anon. They've corrupted it all!

Taking our symbols and OUR RAINBOW back!

These are GOD's that He gave to us!

My post was a bit rhetorical- NOT ignorant!

Nice you pointed it out. Others will see that as well.




YOU, Anon. This is how you guide others? By making fun?

YOU are missing the message!


13bcfb  No.3316441

File: 8a8f8513b581cff⋯.png (995.39 KB, 1080x1304, 135:163, Screenshot_20181004-012507….png)

False Flag.

Diversion tactics.

f0607f  No.3316442

File: ec8f4b8967d9784⋯.png (21.03 KB, 1267x118, 1267:118, ClipboardImage.png)

e0c2ea  No.3316443

I wonder if Sheppy is more condescending toward POTUS on days when his butthole hurts from being stretched the night before.

1e20cc  No.3316444

File: 42041212e135f1a⋯.png (514.33 KB, 968x545, 968:545, trumptextualassault.png)

7ca18e  No.3316445

File: fbe0ac018a402c1⋯.png (91.69 KB, 1137x928, 1137:928, Jerico.png)

Horns are getting warmed

368664  No.3316446

File: 04f762930d4c18c⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1692x1692, 1:1, qclock_q djt5347CF.png)


Mirror 53-47 and you have Q's QANON.PUB post number.

But I am sure that is just a coincidence.

e28147  No.3316447


Best Q Logo I've ever seen

0603d8  No.3316448


Oh. Weird……

b01fe7  No.3316449

>>3316344 A grand jury can hear many cases. We would sometimes hear and vote on 20 or 30 cases a day. To get an indictment the case only has to meet the "elements" of a crime. Usually a simple test for the jurors to evaluate. Back then we served for 6 months.

732764  No.3316450


Because they literally hire psychologists to make it like this

Video games are ok tho

415f0c  No.3316451


Proof check: located friend/family in the NG and ask them if they are activated.

I don’t think so yet, but when they are you know it’s happening

ab01eb  No.3316452




cc1c60  No.3316453





Skull means they only use the intellect. No heart.

Arm bones are so they can do their 'work'

322 is time of year

All cabal practice the same religion

fb53b4  No.3316454


Welcome to 30m ago.

5bb26f  No.3316455


Tomorrow is WikiLeaks 11th bday.

87327b  No.3316456


That is awesome! Congrats to you as well! It was tough, but I used Not being able to smoke for a few days after having a tooth pulled to get a jump start. I’m just relieved I was able to make it this far! I can breath again! Yay!

7e3cb2  No.3316457

File: ba0e08bd86e11d9⋯.png (253.85 KB, 1798x1054, 29:17, ClipboardImage.png)

It seems that ]Sessions[ is finally being unleashed.

He is being subpoenaed to appear with a lot of unredacted info relating to [McCabe], Wood File (will prove that the FISA process was hijacked) and the gang of 8 docs (might prove a "dual set of books).

b06661  No.3316458


Can you post the Q logo alone?

a94afa  No.3316459

Never got the alert. Bummed out tbh. Maybe they'll tweak it.

efa802  No.3316460

File: c22def08cc0a4df⋯.png (894.86 KB, 904x500, 226:125, gitmo channel 17 hrc.png)

5cd721  No.3316461


with the feminine pointing up and the masculine pointing down?

eade6e  No.3316462


locals here just went out last week

friend of mine, mother with two young boys

5bb26f  No.3316463

7dcf50  No.3316464


2:18 PM or 14H18 (14-18)

A reminder to the famillies who set up WW1?

075803  No.3316465

File: c3e694bc20c716f⋯.png (204.65 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Screenshot_20181003-151136.png)

07ae22  No.3316466




If you are seeing number 34, it means get your head in gear. Face your fears. Feelings of inadequacy and failure can make you feel helpless. This starts a self-feeding cycle of doubt and depression that is difficult to break out of.

4a67b0  No.3316467

File: 19f0af5ad0a8a55⋯.png (29.24 KB, 304x329, 304:329, ClipboardImage.png)

973b85  No.3316468

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


fd9c67  No.3316469


no, germantown is just a shitty neighborhood in philly.

206585  No.3316470


AG on JH:

"As this crowd knows, PSN began in 2001. There is great support for it among our experienced agents and prosecutors throughout the country—and importantly, our local partners. Just ask the great John Huber—he was once our PSN coordinator for Utah."

"The defendant in that case is a felon and a documented gang member. Ballistics analysis helped us prove that he was a serial shooter. John Huber has charged him as a felon in possession of a firearm for his role in both shootings. The strength of the evidence helped us detain him pending trial so he cannot terrorize the community any further."


5d62f5  No.3316471

File: ebec90e0173136c⋯.png (758.47 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 8E0B0C3B-5BE5-406E-B190-C4….png)

5de31e  No.3316472


Thank you anon!

71df59  No.3316474


And likely since all the cases use the same basic core of evidence, it would move even faster, wouldn't it? I mean, they all shared in the same crimes.

b02344  No.3316475


Throw in some bleachers for anons!

732764  No.3316476


Thats why this board was chosen anons are random as fuck

The best bait in the world

973b85  No.3316477

File: 73fec03d057bc94⋯.jpg (377.24 KB, 1321x1297, 1321:1297, IMG_0852.JPG)

File: 091d9cf74ca4e84⋯.jpg (55.62 KB, 1440x983, 1440:983, IMG_1135.JPG)

File: 7326e3d0389e6ad⋯.jpg (41.42 KB, 337x436, 337:436, IMG_1137.JPG)

f47352  No.3316478


They present like a dozen cases per day to the GJ. As many as they possibly can. It's not an adversarial process. "Here's this, this, and that evidence." Only need probable cause to indict. No obligation to present exculpatory evidence.

c2204b  No.3316479


Scratch the delete. It’s there - It got buried.

efa802  No.3316480

File: ba85cc8501c16ac⋯.jpg (173.75 KB, 1000x711, 1000:711, ready when you are q 2 2.jpg)

36bdf9  No.3316481

File: 20fc7139302f64a⋯.jpg (95.78 KB, 1189x758, 1189:758, nodeals.JPG)



What I find suspicious is that [RR] wasn't summoned….

047f26  No.3316482

File: 04dca17b34736ab⋯.png (79.47 KB, 1212x388, 303:97, ClipboardImage.png)

cd3ed1  No.3316483


She would be better served closing her front holes.

Both of them.

fcc566  No.3316484


Hood rat… hope to see this rats neck snapped when she goes for the cheese!

0095f8  No.3316485

File: f946d322c554c36⋯.png (179.15 KB, 1034x652, 517:326, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1943d7be1b3a108⋯.png (135.13 KB, 887x551, 887:551, ClipboardImage.png)

b15276  No.3316486


This article came out today. This may help.


efa7af  No.3316487


YES, of Horns of Mallach at top, and the goats beard at the bottom.

4a67b0  No.3316488

File: 0085cfb5bc759af⋯.gif (96.04 KB, 248x203, 248:203, pepedance7.gif)

8707e2  No.3316489

File: 86e04a8437d6c73⋯.png (505.98 KB, 850x568, 425:284, hrappening.png)



81ca46  No.3316490

can you sleep?

you're a PRETENDER if you can…

you want to know but life is in the way…

guess what…

life if yer fucking lucky…

honestly the Patriots (MI) are doing the heavy…

work, pray, study, exam, whatever…

God HAS this… move on.]


4fb2b4  No.3316491


The reason the Grand Jury/Meeting with Sessions today..is because they don't want to give congress anything from an ongoing investigation, but don't want to be in contempt of Congress for not turning them over.

My question is, what about RR?

57bd77  No.3316492


It's like an ad…just click on the down arrow on the tweet and click "I don't like this ad". Then, you won't see anymore promoted tweets from this cunt.

8d8e3e  No.3316493


I think it's actually supposed to refer to Genesis 3.22 or something. The passage is about men becoming like gods in a sort of gnostic way. One can see why a secret society might want to refer to that.

368664  No.3316494


107 is big

1:07 time stamp was used in video.

11:55 is the 5:5 line. Big deal we ClockFags.

It literally says "THE CLOCK IS ACTIVATED".

He is talking to (Us).

2/18 is Bible reference.

Fox doing "Shot Heard Round the World" on Fox right now. 67 years ago today.

827868  No.3316495


this is from my phone, dont usually phonefag anything

just want to see if qresearch hash ID changeed

6f17ae  No.3316496



How bow daaah….


f0607f  No.3316497

File: 6f53498a4fa875d⋯.gif (953.21 KB, 434x250, 217:125, MenacingPaleHammerheadbird….gif)


What he needs is a good old fashioned Glesga Kiss.

c46eba  No.3316499

Stay the course, Judge K.

This will all be over before too much longer.

cd3092  No.3316500

On Fox News just now….

This day in history, The Shot Heard Around the World.

5180c2  No.3316501



Hidden bugs may inadvertently identify themselves, with both a loud audible noise and/or a ping.

>"Excuse me, Senator, you know a phone is not allowed in this secure area. Come with me to the brig please."

2c74c7  No.3316502

File: df13c241edaf667⋯.png (2.23 MB, 1300x1069, 1300:1069, the-testudo-tortoise-a-rom….png)

706958  No.3316503

File: 2f4142a5ad59889⋯.jpeg (70.04 KB, 663x500, 663:500, 5F5D7D4E-A2DD-47B7-B5AA-A….jpeg)

d1c6e4  No.3316504


Maybe she photocopied them one too many times. Or a tragic mammogram accident.

cc1c60  No.3316505


Always multiple meanings

2607c0  No.3316506


Agree. Found the coincidence interesting enough. Particularly the various things pointed out in this wiki.

369642  No.3316507


Fucking hybrids.

415f0c  No.3316508


Power removed. Or cooperating [paid in full]

Think he was there to stall/delay as long as possible as to not arouse suspicion

4a67b0  No.3316509

File: 6757bcccc3526c4⋯.png (30.02 KB, 909x163, 909:163, ClipboardImage.png)


he was separately anon..


ed6380  No.3316510


normie and newfag

watch and understand, this is how they spring an attack

never enter striking distance

cd3ed1  No.3316511

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



>hope to see this rats neck snapped

1f3b61  No.3316512


Full of african germans.

a06c12  No.3316513

File: abe2437de0436ff⋯.png (787.05 KB, 1429x952, 1429:952, Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at ….png)

2328cd  No.3316514

File: 288807a06503409⋯.jpg (70.14 KB, 638x564, 319:282, Msg Hillary.jpg)

81213f  No.3316515


The real risk of shorting is getting paid if there is a system-wide event. Shorting requires a higher risk profile imo. They eliminated uptick rule so anyone could short at anytime. Used that for fuel on the magical fucking QE process.

In the last 10 plus years how many mkt timing shorts are on the Forbes list?

I bet none.

ab01eb  No.3316516



I'm quite close to it. If it is Philly..confirmed. A shooting in Germantown, Otherwise known as Wednesday.

491d82  No.3316517

File: 0428d82dccca0c1⋯.png (201.11 KB, 628x552, 157:138, 1_Ford Accuser_Outed_1.png)

REVEALED: The Man Accusing Blasey Ford Of Lying About Polygraphs

3:38 PM 10/03/2018

Kevin Daley | Supreme Court Reporter

The Daily Caller News Foundation has identified Brian Merrick as the author of a letter alleging that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford gave inaccurate testimony about her experience with polygraphs to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Merrick and Blasey Ford dated throughout the 1990s and lived together for some time, but their relationship ended by the early 2000s.

A witness Merrick identified has denied the allegation he raised.

The Daily Caller News Foundation has identified Brian Merrick as the author of a letter alleging that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford did not provide accurate testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee about her experience with polygraph tests.

Though a witness Merrick names has denied his accusation, Senate Republicans have requested additional information from Blasey Ford in view of the letter. Blasey Ford has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her in the early 1980s while the two were teenagers.

Merrick met Blasey Ford in either 1989 or 1990, and the pair dated from 1992 to 1998, according to a letter he submitted to the Judiciary Committee. The letter also indicates that they lived together for a portion of their relationship. The couple met when they were students at Pepperdine University in California.

TheDCNF has independently confirmed that Merrick and Blasey Ford were associated with the same address in southern California while they were dating in the late 1990s. The Wall Street Journal identified Merrick as an ex-boyfriend of Blasey Ford in a pre-hearing article.

Sauce: https://dailycaller.com/2018/10/03/merrick-blasey-ford-polygraph/?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=atdailycaller

917777  No.3316519


CONGRAT! One year and counting. I smoked for 35+ years.

17f63d  No.3316520


Hasn't anyone noticed that SESSIONS was given the subpoena and NOT RR?

973b85  No.3316521

File: 7efb67ead42ef23⋯.jpg (68.65 KB, 600x450, 4:3, IMG_2079.JPG)

File: 52373fc236fa702⋯.jpg (97.37 KB, 1440x1047, 480:349, IMG_2082.JPG)

File: 86b332dbee3aa43⋯.jpg (57.15 KB, 960x694, 480:347, IMG_0944.JPG)



They said Han Solo planned it

16b9f8  No.3316522


Kind a weird that the New York play tonight.

that could be the coincidence.

but I don't leave nothing to chance..

will be watching and observing.

that was the New York Giants. Bobby Thompson

b2dbd2  No.3316523

These are called and serve a longer term then a petit jury - the one in a courtroom. It would be likely that, due to the subject matter of the indictments that Huber has 1 or 2 GJs working with him for many cases.

94d895  No.3316524


What is "GJ"

c2bb58  No.3316525


It's time

f47352  No.3316526

File: d524ecf1e0d4418⋯.jpg (213.26 KB, 640x1095, 128:219, shills.jpg)

f6d812  No.3316527

File: 00cf4b333e1f131⋯.jpg (111.61 KB, 1351x311, 1351:311, 1a.JPG)

02cce8  No.3316528

File: 6e12f4cecaf8f58⋯.jpg (31.62 KB, 822x112, 411:56, alkasiu.JPG)


Anon the other day posted this

Air National Guard Drill Today

4778e2  No.3316529

I could not be more comfy knowing POTUS can literally shitpost direct if he wants.

Also comfy knowing I'm on some kind of Q participation list.

Wwg1wga !

206585  No.3316530

File: 6b51382b77ba3ee⋯.jpg (162.03 KB, 1018x777, 1018:777, WEA WWG1.jpg)

5ce59e  No.3316531


That's just it, Anon!

I didn't get WTF she was trying to say.

Just like her base, they lack the ability to enjoy humor, enjoy life! Their hearts are so full of hate humor escapes them!

71df59  No.3316533


But the numbers the lawfags have been keeping track of are listed per state. They have to be indicted in that state (still by a federal court, though, as I understand it), or everyone who commits a federal crime would have to be tried in DC, and we know that doesn't happen. So each person will be tried in state they reside in–BY THE PEOPLE WHO ELECTED THEM!!!!

Wonderful ironic justice!!!

1697ca  No.3316534

File: ac2f3e8d4ebda13⋯.png (1.01 MB, 960x600, 8:5, gitmo-channel.png)


can we still have the Gitmo channel?

necessary since the Gorilla Channel is not available

36bdf9  No.3316535

4c16dd  No.3316536


Ty, phonefagging

b0b9de  No.3316537


>John Huber was selected by DOJ attorney general Alfred Sessions

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions

what is this from, anyway?

827868  No.3316538


double-ought shep shot

183dcf  No.3316539


Germantown, MD I presume

5cd721  No.3316540

Plane Crashes

Has this been found?


aed8a7  No.3316541

File: 973bd69a48a5a53⋯.png (488.93 KB, 661x663, 661:663, DoD 10-3-18 1 pm PDT.PNG)

Aiming for Excellence 🎯


76185d  No.3316542


Gary Johnson of course!

e7e250  No.3316543

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Hmmm, 67 years ago today way Bobby Thomson's "Shot Heard Round the World" happened.

080448  No.3316544

File: 5afaec5fece0c37⋯.jpg (167.79 KB, 982x625, 982:625, do it Q cf.jpg)

f71611  No.3316545


What if the test was a cover to find the rats by activating their phones?

c46eba  No.3316546

File: 6b455d5ced2a5d1⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1280x533, 1280:533, ClipboardImage.png)


Capitol atmosphere supercharged as mounting Kavanaugh protests target GOP ahead of FBI report


36bdf9  No.3316547

Worse lag today than yesterday….

124abf  No.3316548

File: ab32eb3dce31b0b⋯.png (30.11 KB, 414x327, 138:109, alert.png)

dca8d1  No.3316549


grand jury anon

6e565f  No.3316550

Murkowski undecided

50 1/2- 49 1/2

706958  No.3316551


Grand jury

732764  No.3316552


What do they do when we sleep

1b5828  No.3316553


Grand Jury

f4849f  No.3316554


Chuck Schumer is part of the Gang of Eight, now we know why he is screaming so loud !

368664  No.3316555

File: 783fcab7f41a7a5⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1077x1077, 1:1, clockwinders.PNG)


107 is big

1:07 time stamp was used in video.

11:55 is the 5:5 line. Big deal we ClockFags.

It literally says "THE CLOCK IS ACTIVATED".

He is talking to (Us).

2/18 is Bible reference.

Fox doing "Shot Heard Round the World" on Fox right now. 67 years ago today.


WWI 14-18


And add this one to the list.


fb53b4  No.3316557

Next up: BK vote.


ba9725  No.3316558


Grand Jury

973b85  No.3316559

File: 661c828fc6b5823⋯.jpg (38.6 KB, 620x470, 62:47, IMG_1083.JPG)

File: ec72d6c6c9631d6⋯.jpg (96.58 KB, 1866x2015, 1866:2015, IMG_1168.JPG)

File: bfe4ba444506898⋯.jpg (34.37 KB, 960x640, 3:2, IMG_1169.JPG)

415f0c  No.3316560


BioChem, is def the angle ((they)) have been threatening. POTUS just created a new BioEeapon task force, don’t have sauce tho

2328cd  No.3316561

File: 21b04bc58eb0f9c⋯.jpg (77.24 KB, 638x564, 319:282, Msg Hillary2.jpg)

4a67b0  No.3316562





2a23e4  No.3316563

File: 7402adc23924c51⋯.jpg (38.23 KB, 720x405, 16:9, youknow.jpg)

525061  No.3316564



Clicked this takes you to axious site with a

blinking red tie

animation. Message.

a481a1  No.3316565


Thank God. This shit ripped my family apart & killed my mother this year. Not a fast death, but an opioid addiction death that lasted years & years. Lost her teeth & hair along the way. Bankrupted my parents. No one talks anymore. My whole family watched helplessly. FUCK OPIODS!

94d895  No.3316566

053f4d  No.3316567



f..knew it….numbers don't lie………Thursday……the cats are out of the bag

226235  No.3316569

File: 897d3c6287f3607⋯.jpg (9.76 KB, 170x255, 2:3, itglows.jpg)


> 16 posts

Anons see you glowing,shill!

ed6380  No.3316570



e3b643  No.3316571

well mother fucking snowden revealed his CIA niggerness

ee5a87  No.3316572

File: d53c865a7b8a6a7⋯.png (285.95 KB, 446x327, 446:327, ClipboardImage.png)

5a0923  No.3316573


I see someone hasn't done his homework/doesn't understand the map created by the clock and timestamps. Enjoy your ignorance.

3afd73  No.3316574

File: 0a8b9c506ad4162⋯.png (351.38 KB, 797x531, 797:531, emergy.png)

0005ce  No.3316575

Anyone see the stock market drop over 100 points shortly after Q posted about Blasey Ford??

e82347  No.3316576

File: e7422d259ef0d9c⋯.png (17.93 KB, 383x373, 383:373, CALIFORNIA.png)




2607c0  No.3316577


Probably more "digging to China" but I'll see what I find. Bonus CNN Documentary.





fea903  No.3316579


Whoever made this, please post this Q logo as a separate image/file. It wins today!

6f17ae  No.3316580


Tell that to Tommy Robinson…

1904aa  No.3316581