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Pro Aris et Focis

File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, qresearch.jpg)

f44a61 No.446632

*BRAND NEW REPLACEMENT FOR QCODEFAG: http:// www.thestoryofq.com/ *

Q has cleaned up the thread at /greatawakening/

There are currently no threads or posts on /greatawakening/. Relax. We have what we need. Build the map and TRUST THE PLAN. News will unlock further connections.

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- Q also posted once in the General: >>422626 rt >>422606 Gannett, McLean, VA, Just the Tip…

- It all started around General #521 >>423624

- Anons then noticed that one post had disappeared from /greatawakening/ ('For I have plans for you')

- Anons then noticed that the thread was 404ing

- The thread had been deleted

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- The board at /greatawakening/ was and remains threadless until now (Sunday 01.00hrs)

- Q did not post on /qresearch/ after the thread happenings

- Update from BO: The thread is still there but locked and hidden



Q has cleaned up the thread at /greatawakening/

There are currently no threads or posts on /greatawakening/. Relax. We have what we need. Build the map and TRUST THE PLAN. News will unlock further connections.

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>>426814 Qmap_2018-02-15_2018-02-18 FOR GOD & COUNTRY

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So What Happened?

A Timeline

- Q appeared and posted a series of posts and comms on /greatawakening/

- Q also posted once in the General: >>422626 rt >>422606 Gannett, McLean, VA, Just the Tip…

- It all started around General #521 >>423624

- Anons then noticed that one post had disappeared from /greatawakening/ ('For I have plans for you')

- Anons then noticed that the thread was 404ing

- The thread had been deleted

- Another thread was made on /greatawakening/ immediately after

- This new thread was unlocked and anons started to post 8ch.net/greatawakening/res/110.html

- The thread reached 337 posts and anons stopped being able to post

- The thread then disappeared from the board

- The board at /greatawakening/ was and remains threadless until now (Sunday 01.00hrs)

- Q did not post on /qresearch/ after the thread happenings

- Update from BO: The thread is still there but locked and hidden

f44a61 No.446637

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Friday, 2.16.18

>>402538 Pyramid will collapse

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>>437293 Getty photo discrepancies?

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>>437425 Murdoch has a seat on the Strategic Advisory Board of Genie Oil and Gas … with Lord Rothschild

>>437465 just to see what they have to say….

>>437452 We have found ourselves a Tunnel in McLean !

>>437595 vacant since April 2016

>>437531 More about tunnels…

>>437546 MI intel is investigating Parkland

>>437574 This is one of the top headlines on Drudge.

>>437614 Whoops (((someone))) had a fat finger..

>>437648 why does Alefantis has so many properties in MCLean?

>>437795 Gannett is co-housed with USA Today.

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>>438152 Weiner laptop contacts leaked, ourguys?

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>>439209 Florida shooter on news in California months prior

MONDAY 2018.19.02

>>436487 Seems like David Hogg and Co. are a big smoking gun

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>>436674 Clinton helping NK with Nukes

>>436635 info on the deaths of the children from the Parkland, FL school shooting

>>436612 McLean Va. digs

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f44a61 No.446653



aa5f17 No.446707

File: 66101e626cb8007⋯.png (125.46 KB, 500x522, 250:261, 66101e626cb8007bfaf101226a….png)

hard dough

b11f65 No.446711

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Best Star Spangled banner performance ive ever withnessed!

d5bff2 No.446712

File: c7be35120c51193⋯.jpg (33.4 KB, 300x450, 2:3, 11d159a394e0d1f4a1d3e36b73….jpg)

5a01a0 No.446716

This Guy is in Sweden and reports almost every day… It's a war and the cabal is moving fast

PeterSweden‏Verified account @PeterSweden7 · 5h5 hours ago

 More

Sweden is changing its constitution to CENSOR journalists who criticize government policy. RETWEET to help get the …

99b11e No.446718

File: 1a31f8774acda77⋯.png (3.01 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, 1a31f8774acda77a3579284756….png)

File: ab2b2051fe6fc92⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, ab2b2051fe6fc9207eeb37fe46….png)

0712af No.446719

UK news

https:// www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/uk-government-warns-it-could-have-no-other-choice-but-to-impose-direct-rule-over-northern-ireland/ar-BBJnznU

18a383 No.446720

https: // deepdreamgenerator .com/

aa5f17 No.446721


or you know

grind them up and put them in the food chain

make the people eat the grind paper bodies

908c73 No.446722

Here’s the report Skadden Arps prepared for Ukraine.


f07446 No.446723


I wouldn't take the yearbook photo serious , considering it came from a dipshit Antifa account. I bet the pic is of him, but it's conveniently cropped to hide the names to verify or any poof what school it's

7fec07 No.446724


at least post the twitter account you dunce

b90813 No.446725

File: 9d23bf9dbc44030⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1110x800, 111:80, ClipboardImage.png)

one pill makes you small…

99b11e No.446726

File: e48163cf7c6700f⋯.jpg (7.45 KB, 253x199, 253:199, images.jpg)

fe8cc9 No.446727

File: af5950ee3f2a553⋯.jpg (43.48 KB, 480x431, 480:431, merkelthebitch.jpg)


Tread carefully anons. New batch of useful idiot kids in this board now, ALL antifa-'millenial' snowflake types doing the bitch work of our (((enemies))). Completely brainwashed, useless little shits.

VERIFY ALL INFORMATION. Our primary goal is digging into clown activity, not chasing after VERY likely (((glowing nigger))) disinfo/discrediting campaign that (((they))) love to organize.

Stay on target, cut off the HEAD of the SNAKE.

[We see ALL]

[We hear ALL]

Kiddies, you REALLY don't want to be caught here shilling for the wrong side. You WILL be somebody's prison bitch at the very least.

Think carefully before you connect to this board, 'kids'.

adf6a7 No.446728


Haha! Kek, GGGAnon. I've got Q posts stashed all over the place.

b705d2 No.446729


HAHA its the same photo from the album.

Live shilling in action anon!

Also triple dubs!

c42ad5 No.446730


agreed. she was a treasure.

d2f384 No.446731


Thanks for the link!

726875 No.446732


Yeah we need more digging

99b11e No.446733


Podesta is next level creepy…

96e6ef No.446735

File: de657ed8f2e7899⋯.png (113.62 KB, 803x934, 803:934, david hogg redondo high sc….PNG)

File: 0e6b6c85552606b⋯.png (92.91 KB, 795x940, 159:188, david hogg parkland high s….PNG)

David Hogg's website is HOGGCO.COM which I cannot find anywhere but it IS registered through a proxy.

Here's a couple pics of google searches UP UNTIL 2/13/17…. which school do you think the kid attended?

Cue the shills to shit up this bread as soon as this is dropped.

c4a786 No.446736

Ya can almost hear the deepstate thinking.

How can we infiltrade this?

Implant fake news?

Take them to a rally and screw/dox them?

nazi memes/posts so normies thing its racist?

Etc, etc, etc,

Once crawling in a wannabe commie brain they are so predictable.

fc7a73 No.446737


Anyone able to dig on the actual yearbook from that school? He names the graduation year, should be a simple matter to verify

7a1531 No.446738

File: bb08206f7e8b7ab⋯.jpg (29.78 KB, 500x311, 500:311, IMG_0800.JPG)

Red pill'n on fb b like

0712af No.446739

France News, I hope that it's a Corruption Case against the Government soon, Le Pen..

https:// www.yahoo.com/news/frances-jean-marie-le-pen-defends-vichy-leader-214345383.html

850509 No.446741


Until proven, you are repeating rumors.

Sourced by known disinfo agents.

7d4312 No.446742


Damn, the dubs don't lie!

511370 No.446743

I think the FAke News Media is pretty much done with the Florida shooting.

BAck to Russia.

Isn't that interesting?

18a383 No.446744


Is a set of tools which make it possible to explore different AI algorithms. We focus on creative tools for visual content generation like those for merging image styles and content or such as Deep Dream which explores the insight of a deep neural network.

9ca773 No.446745


Questioning the integrity of what’s shaping up to look more and more like a LARPy cult isn’t being a pelican/glowfag/etc. It’s using critical thinking, which you fags conveniently forget, then go full blown snowflake over if someone challenges it.

407c3b No.446746

How many Anons think there's a lot of 40% going on right now?

7e7644 No.446747

I would need to hold the fucking yearbook in my hands to buy it. Gloria Allred posted that shit. >>446723

49625f No.446748

File: 19e3991b8239f39⋯.png (37.9 KB, 925x164, 925:164, 19e3991b8239f3943fd7d1930e….png)

File: 843e42756eb1957⋯.png (813.57 KB, 1181x739, 1181:739, 843e42756eb1957399f21abc43….png)

File: 7ac103e8d8fb0a0⋯.png (436.81 KB, 1177x741, 1177:741, 7ac103e8d8fb0a0a3e50d12f4b….png)

File: fe54d3dd1b0455a⋯.png (773.66 KB, 889x709, 889:709, davidhogg2.png)

File: fc9f9d0c62d172a⋯.png (655.55 KB, 971x750, 971:750, davidhogg3.png)

It's getting weird man.

5b26b9 No.446749

File: 6bff7dde28553ba⋯.jpg (110.82 KB, 750x524, 375:262, clooney-ut-ohhh.jpg)

22bbf6 No.446750


>from the word press

>total plants


ALERT YOU HAVE FALLEN FOR A LARP…kek…half must be dying about now..this is a raid..this is HALF use the fucking wayback….kek.

bd8a31 No.446751

File: 6cbb430e50cdf46⋯.png (53.37 KB, 1172x444, 293:111, DEEPDREAM.png)

Q dropped Jason Bourne at the very start in OCT 2017, thats how I know this is what Q means by Deep Dream. Read for yourself.

65340c No.446752


i post all the time tho… i just saw that on twitter, didnt really expect a fellow anon to tell me to get lost just because i actually said i find it odd…

0fe3c3 No.446753

File: 3469c970faeedc7⋯.png (502.49 KB, 534x638, 267:319, Capture.PNG)

Anons I hope yall can see the violent shill attack pushing the David Hogg nonsense on this board right now

Please, look. Several accounts spamming unverifiable david hogg stuff with websites that can be edited by anyone. Kid in the yearbook photo 2 above Hogg is wearing an eagles t-shirt. The mascot of Stoneman Douglas is the eagles.

Heres a school newspaper article from Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS talking about Hogg's vacation to Redondo and the viral youtube video.

Get better at shilling. Your spam is obvious.

eagleeye. news/feature/msd-senior-david-hogg-goes-viral-youtube/

The source of a lot of this stuff is the LagunaBeachAntifa account. DISINFO. Retweeted by fake julian assange, also disinfo. It is a coordinated disinformation campaign and they are targeting this board as we speak.


Classic shill tactic to project, straight out of Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. Accuse your enemy of that which you are guilty. Search by my ID, read my posts and see how they respond to me. I call out their disinformation campaign and they call me a shill clown. I beg you anons.

I am worried this is falling on deaf ears. Please anons, focus on the tasks given to us by Q

Copy and pasted from last thread.

My posts:



David Hogg is only a small part of the puzzle, only TANGENTIALLY related to our mission here for Q. BEWARE DISINFO

I am also a little worried about the rogue twitter accounts, lot of people copy pasting spamming that shit here. Seems to be tailored to distract us. (Im not sure about this one yet, could actually be something)

b705d2 No.446754


https:// twitter.com/LagBeachAntifa9

3bccd7 No.446755


Why'd (((they))) kill Whitney, fam?


Pizza Playhouse? They call it the Oval Orifice?

71480e No.446756


just too stupid…

007f76 No.446757

File: fd041f5efbcc819⋯.png (852.64 KB, 1193x745, 1193:745, screenshot_275.png)

File: 526f2efc5476da7⋯.png (126.04 KB, 826x903, 118:129, screenshot_277.png)

(((Special Agent Kevin Hogg of the FBI))) David Hogg's father was assigned to the Los Angeles International Airport before he was reassigned to Parkland Florida….and don't bother trying to scrub the pages they are already archived!

https:// archive.fo/e08pA

a9c4cc No.446758


Oval office in kiddie size? Don't want to imagine what photography goes on in there if Podesta the Molesta is around.

b90813 No.446759

File: c6fb339d645b767⋯.jpg (24.63 KB, 678x381, 226:127, John-Podesta-pedo-ring-net….jpg)


now imagine how creepy is was when he was younger, can't picture it? here, I'll show you..

99b11e No.446760

File: 8d2f72821485dfa⋯.jpg (55.92 KB, 526x500, 263:250, download-10.jpg)


David Hogg is the next Anderson Cooper !

dbaf1b No.446761

File: c42c0e18ce9905a⋯.jpeg (34.19 KB, 460x316, 115:79, Obamas Quote about FBI in….jpeg)

Yes… He said this on APRIL 10th…

Wonder what will happen on the Anniversary date?

0712af No.446762


ugh…, the true I don't know say you..

ddb69a No.446763

May the good Lord bless this bread and all honest anons.

65340c No.446764


I'm sorry if i fell for it posting a screencap from twitter. back to digging!

71480e No.446765


Your playroom?

3d0800 No.446766


I think you may be the shill with all this overwrought ranting. We can assume a large chunk of the shilling we get here is AI– and none of your rhetoric is relevant to AI. So you ought to just drop it.

99b11e No.446767

File: ffa619ababa55db⋯.jpg (683.51 KB, 1582x2000, 791:1000, chester-bennington-2-1.jpg)


He looks so much like Chester Bennington…


c42ad5 No.446768


you are one of the few awake ones here. i notice things.

a1ee00 No.446769

A good argument for P being Pence in the Q drops. https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=uq_LChW-pFo

a08bea No.446770


Maybe even 38%

d2f384 No.446771


Yes, and we are about to get a lot more soon.

b90813 No.446772


Netflix documentary links John Podesta to pedophile ring

Netflix documentary series ‘The Keepers‘ links Clinton campaign chair John Podesta to a high-level government pedophile ring.

The show documents a government-connected pedophile ring involving the Catholic church and the murder of a woman who was about to come forward to the police with damning evidence about the abuse committed against various children.

The show vindicates what alternative media websites have been saying for years – namely that elite pedophile rings operate within the highest echelons of government involving famous politicians and world leaders, and confirms that such scandals are systematically covered up by the powers-that-be in collusion with our media institutions.

In the show, tesimony makes reference to a man nicknamed ‘Skippy’ who was involved in Cathy’s murder. ‘Skippy’ is the nickname John Podesta used as detailed in various emails leaked to WikiLeaks. He was described as a man with brown hair and a mustache, just like the picture of Podesta below:

uhm holy shit, the documentary 'The Keepers' references to John Podesta as "skippy"

never knew that….might have to watch it now.

9d1ff2 No.446773


you got a couple good points there.

08ed0c No.446774



3d0800 No.446775


I am not sure why this triggered such an intense tantrum. Don't apologize in any case.

730636 No.446776

File: 89f8a1fc89ea028⋯.jpg (635.81 KB, 1100x1471, 1100:1471, !newsweak31.jpg)

File: 19646cb051c4d09⋯.jpg (320.11 KB, 1112x1487, 1112:1487, !Awakening1..jpg)

Last Newsweak. Newsweak is 187. All are here:

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/198093.html

New layout.


Quit and just lurk?

No contribution to the cause?

It's all I know how to do.

fc7a73 No.446777


Sounds like a good meme.

Panel 1 - CNN crying about dead children.

Panel 2. - assault weapon ban vote fails fails in Florida along with the time of the hearing.

Panel 3 - one minute later, CNN …Russian Collusion

99b11e No.446778

File: 17580b4043bd9a9⋯.jpg (31.34 KB, 512x331, 512:331, 0n8fes-2.jpg)

dbaf1b No.446779

File: 38b5feb0a6e9beb⋯.jpg (43.08 KB, 548x720, 137:180, Killary the Babies -save f….jpg)

Revisiting the gun issue…

0fe3c3 No.446780


Its okay my friend its easy to fall for this sort of stuff, Its so enticing and tailored specifically for us. Being pushed on all fronts, Voat, reddit, twitter, and here. I appreciate your openmindedness and willingness to see what is going on here.

682457 No.446781

File: 50cf0e4d251b57b⋯.jpeg (88.59 KB, 750x427, 750:427, 005523EE-4E5F-4EA6-AD43-F….jpeg)

File: 0f6f43510159475⋯.jpeg (32.02 KB, 141x197, 141:197, CA19AF54-EA52-459C-8C48-3….jpeg)

File: 386b27e1fc9bca7⋯.png (168.22 KB, 500x445, 100:89, F1E12DDC-BF08-4C4F-A6C1-B5….png)

File: a68325290823bdc⋯.jpeg (60.6 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 2247D05E-6B32-4952-8A35-C….jpeg)

>>446611 (last bread)

>procure our specialty meats

b90813 No.446782





John and Tony Podesta were helping him with his campaign so I’m assuming they followed McCarthy wherever he went. This I learned from the television show ‘Scandal’ where the volunteers followed the candidate around in every state to help with various activities:

“In 1971, he [John Podesta] graduated from Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, where he had served as a volunteer for the presidential candidacy of Eugene McCarthy.”

“While studying at MIT in 1968, [Tony] Podesta left to work on the presidential campaign of Senator Eugene McCarthy, for whom he did field work and ran the scheduling advance operation in California and other states.”

I found an interview with John’s big brother Tony Podesta where he mentions traveling around the country with McCarthy:

“…and then traveled around the country with Eugene McCarthy and then later worked in the general election in that campaign…”

9f9032 No.446783

>>446603 (last bread)

technically they ARE larping, creating contrast to what we're doing here. The hashtag hijacking, our strategy being used by them. They GLOW, the blog too! Tells me that we're doing something right! I may look into it, i doubt though that they'll gain any real traction

78e956 No.446784


I think many yearbooks are online these days.

66466d No.446786

Hey fags, I’ve been out of the loop since Friday.

Too much family drama.

What’d I miss? (Kidding)

I will read all the breads I missed.

850509 No.446787


Nothing against her, but I've heard many better renditions of the song.

d57f07 No.446788

File: eddfa825f92eb1e⋯.jpg (222.45 KB, 1101x836, 1101:836, Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at ….jpg)


Antifa is not trying to help.


triple CHECK'EM

This Eagle article say he went to

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

senior David Hogg.

896f25 No.446789

File: 81b3dd159aa8b10⋯.png (319.93 KB, 423x601, 423:601, Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at ….png)

It's posted on FB also.


a70d5e No.446790

File: 5ef4c69cea32dbf⋯.jpg (118.9 KB, 696x470, 348:235, f28eff6c1b4dcfeba70ec6b9fa….jpg)

99b11e No.446791

File: 13af10f6405b3d2⋯.jpg (15 KB, 255x255, 1:1, a5887e8150d0bfc1d7316be074….jpg)

70b084 No.446792

File: b0659f7d57bcc42⋯.png (475.68 KB, 930x782, 465:391, Hogg name when I went to l….PNG)

I googled the Redondo Shores High School 2015 yearbook. It says I am to sign up etc etc. Look who has signed up already. Either he is really stupid or someone is making a trail for us to follow to keep us off track.


110249 No.446793


ive been collecting all of them. please continue!

3d0800 No.446794


AI can "suck up" personas and create characters that mimic real humans. That's probably what those accounts are, IMO.

fe8cc9 No.446795

File: b76b4c5a6f36b39⋯.jpg (92.35 KB, 1080x542, 540:271, generalmattis.jpg)


You would be surprised. The kids are more (((compromised))) than you think.

What happened in half-chan /pol/ was NOT just the JIDF and AI work. PLENTY of useful idiot kids, mainly muslim, spic, niggers, indo streetshitters, pakis etc but also braindead western kids just pushing literal 'criminality' and degenerate non-sense.

10% active (((shill))), 90% useful idiots.

Necessary to suppress, for the future.

a0d8ea No.446796


This anon gets it. Lexington and Concord happened because (((they))) tried to take the guns..

Red blooded Americans don't stand for that shit.

46d521 No.446797


I was there.

Wide right.

49625f No.446798

File: b93088cd8a61204⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1024x713, 1024:713, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b93088cd8a61204⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1024x713, 1024:713, ClipboardImage.png)

7d4312 No.446799


Thanks Anon!

99b11e No.446800

File: 5c738b70960eaff⋯.jpg (83.3 KB, 640x486, 320:243, EMINEM2.jpg)


Sorry sorry.

fae374 No.446801


Sigh. He was going to expose the cult. I don't know if it ever got dug up here that he was writing a "biography."

RIP Chester. <3

cadec9 No.446802


agree its like herding cats

74482c No.446803


You don't notice nearly as much as you think you do.

099783 No.446804

File: 5c15a9bc268068e⋯.png (50.76 KB, 826x205, 826:205, Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at ….png)

File: fc0bfb72505edce⋯.png (231.82 KB, 840x361, 840:361, Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at ….png)

File: daef25dc52e8a6e⋯.png (639.95 KB, 879x418, 879:418, Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at ….png)

682457 No.446805


Great stuff, thanks, your skills are top kek.

1d2e0a No.446807

So , no info on the Janet flights? Are they still up? Planefags? Please..

3d0800 No.446808


That's probably because people are searching for that name, and the site generates that as a result.

b90813 No.446809

File: c9ed0afdd6db309⋯.png (79.9 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot 2018-02-20 at 9….png)

going through the PODESTA emails and check this one out.

"Glad to know your keeping SKIPPY at bay.."

18a383 No.446810


Soros controlled by P (Pharma)

https: //www.fool.com/investing/2017/05/19 /billionaire-george-soros-is-warming-up-to-this-big.aspx

https: //www.fool.com/investing /general/2015/08/24/george-soros-fund-bought-teva-pharmaceutical-indus.aspx

511370 No.446811

File: 72a625dcf4fefad⋯.jpg (3.45 KB, 110x110, 1:1, bordella.jpg)

File: ca5ca9fbdc2b31f⋯.jpg (8.64 KB, 139x160, 139:160, bobbordella.jpg)


He reminds me of Bob Bordella, the Kansas City Butcher who kidnapped young men and tortured and killed them.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Berdella

96e6ef No.446812


I don't have facebook… but that picture on the fb profile and the pic in the yearbook looks like one and the same… girl in the middle right.

Can you check out that girls fb and see if she's legit?

08ed0c No.446813

File: 9647503ec180aae⋯.gif (4.64 KB, 235x180, 47:36, Personalis_Logo.gif)

i h a v e y o u n o w

896f25 No.446814


This article places the father, Kevin Hogg, in LA in 2011. Possibly the family lived in California at that time which would lend weight to a California graduation.

http:// www. cnn.com/2011/TRAVEL/06/30/flight.stowaway/index.html


4d11de No.446815


absolutely LOVE The Great Awakening!!!!

24007a No.446816


Looking at the kids is the wrong way to do it. They are minors. Follow the parents. Hogg and Kasky have shady fathers. Who are the other kids involved? Who are their parents? Which kids is the media not running in front of the cameras? Look at the choices they regret instead of going all in on this shithead.

0fe3c3 No.446817


Thank you anon. I can tell you've got a good head on your shoulders.

511370 No.446818


Wow, these are NICE

3f5ed2 No.446819


Everyone who questions you is a bot? That’s the genuine, realistic explanation here?

Why not post how to prove oneself is human? Then see how many slip through the cracks of the oppressive mods to tell you that you’re a fucking retard.

9f9032 No.446820


Good point, I don't know if it could create a blog too. Could it?



49625f No.446821

File: 81b3dd159aa8b10⋯.png (319.93 KB, 423x601, 423:601, 81b3dd159aa8b104715acd07b2….png)

File: 242750323234567⋯.png (1.28 MB, 878x658, 439:329, connect.png)

File: f35151add906a7f⋯.png (585.25 KB, 784x548, 196:137, mac2.png)

File: 4e2016e17ba6fd9⋯.jpg (86.45 KB, 698x1024, 349:512, DWgZSZZVwAAgwjV.jpg)


so we're either getting to the truth, or this is a great honeypot. I'm betting on the former.

99b11e No.446822



Stay on target.

Connections between Big Pharma and Qs posts?

Connection between Liddle Kidz and Human Trafficking? McLean VA's connection?

14605a No.446823

File: ed1aa90b39c1d84⋯.jpg (213.91 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, woody1.jpg)

File: 5b48af7c50dea4b⋯.jpg (307.96 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, woody2.jpg)

File: 5d8fbdb13d2a96e⋯.jpg (169.49 KB, 1024x680, 128:85, woody3.jpg)

File: 230b5fdafec3a5b⋯.jpg (122.44 KB, 1024x565, 1024:565, woody4.jpg)

c2769c No.446824


If they put a easily debunkable lie out there, when the conspiracy talk happens they can say it was debunked. Its a smart tactic, prove there are people trying to discredit him, when whoever has questions about him is part of that team. Makes him safer.

0712af No.446825

>>446739 (France) Europe News

>>446719 (UK)

Italy News..

https:// uk.mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUKKCN1G42I5

http:// www.wsoctv.com/news/world/italy-warns-of-election-meddling-as-parties-court-russia/703689777

https:// in.mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idINKCN1G018T

Don't LOSE the Focus in Europe

b9abfa No.446826

File: 1c50a8d9f00a6a7⋯.png (266.79 KB, 331x494, 331:494, ClipboardImage.png)

092625 No.446828

David Hogg handle on forums like Reddit is davisgreen111.

Example -

https:// www.webreddit.gq/r/AskReddit/comments/6p3fz5/what_is_your_biggest_regret/

It’s the handle he first posted the lifeguard video under. The yearbook thing is false crap.

7a1531 No.446829

File: b2b1a8ea625cfde⋯.jpg (59.51 KB, 960x638, 480:319, IMG_0651.JPG)

Don't stool the patsie

That is a flaw

b90813 No.446830

File: c609d55b4b4d85e⋯.png (110.76 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot 2018-02-20 at 9….png)

File: 173e52e5f9ba43a⋯.png (84.81 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot 2018-02-20 at 9….png)

https:// wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/55867

yes these, are real, and yes. WE should comb them like SPACEBALLS combing the desert.

08ed0c No.446832

File: 24b0a3e074e3ea1⋯.gif (13.94 KB, 235x180, 47:36, TKF logo orig big cmyk.gif)

a0d8ea No.446834


>Quit and just lurk?

>No contribution to the cause?

Disagree. These are top notch! Keep firing!

3d0800 No.446836


Fucking KEK.

What was I referring to in the post you are reacting to?

Those accounts are AI, and so are you– is that what we have here, friend-o?

9f9032 No.446837


(anon bows humbly)

14605a No.446838


There are plenty of avenues to explore. You do your thing and let other anons do theirs.. Saves duplicate searching.

7377b9 No.446839


It is, but she was high on crack. Sad.

601725 No.446840

Question… when exposing MKU or Project Monarch victim to their peers/public

is there anything specific to keep in mind? Topics to avoid, phases not to say?

My thoughts are, these celebs, they are everywhere. And if we can compile a list of confirmed drones, we can use them to red pill the masses.

*celeb walks out of restaurant with paparazzi*

*signing autographs, answering fans questions*

Engage with the celeb and start tying points together for the general public.

*Advanced Red Pill Script*

If we could bring to light that ALL of these actors seem to have "things in common"

We highlight what TIES them all together, their programming.

Am I playing with dynamite?

b90813 No.446841

File: 25808ac97524b5a⋯.png (86.93 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot 2018-02-20 at 9….png)

File: c609d55b4b4d85e⋯.png (110.76 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot 2018-02-20 at 9….png)



Skippy Skippy Podesta. Sick fucker.

99b11e No.446842

File: 50cf0e4d251b57b⋯.jpg (88.59 KB, 750x427, 750:427, 50cf0e4d251b57bbd41c113f16….jpg)

File: a68325290823bdc⋯.jpg (60.6 KB, 800x600, 4:3, a68325290823bdcf8cc9626011….jpg)

Can someone Dox this Raven woman?

099783 No.446843

File: 5c15a9bc268068e⋯.png (50.76 KB, 826x205, 826:205, Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at ….png)


Look at the OWL

47dd96 No.446845


Anyone got the group photo with all the different people exposed on the side of pic, cnn, etc?

0ca59d No.446846

Hacker who got into Comet child porn server mentions McClean twice. Start at 43 minutes and listen til 45 minutes.

https:// www.hooktube.com/watch?v=HTRewHDOr90

9f9032 No.446847


Fucked up what HW/the music industry did to her

08ed0c No.446848



1fc111 No.446849


Awesome work, anon! Are you putting these in the meme library? Looked for 'em yesterday and didn't see any of them there.

49625f No.446850

File: fe54d3dd1b0455a⋯.png (773.66 KB, 889x709, 889:709, davidhogg2.png)

File: fc9f9d0c62d172a⋯.png (655.55 KB, 971x750, 971:750, davidhogg3.png)

File: 0e77e8af678f15a⋯.png (330.6 KB, 885x454, 885:454, lifeguard.png)

File: 5e9558a45eb301a⋯.png (320.66 KB, 779x678, 779:678, 5e9558a45eb301af0666d2d7ab….png)

File: 757000f759380c2⋯.png (880.39 KB, 876x761, 876:761, hogg4.png)


so we're either getting to the truth, or this is a great honeypot. I'm betting on the former.




fa9de4 No.446851


Has anyone dug on "Bitconnect"

it's the back drop and Hogg's shirt.

b90813 No.446853




The brothers have never had a serious fight, Tony Podesta says. Both are

Chicago-born of a Greek-American mother and an Italian-American father from

a blue-collar background, but they had moved on to Washington before Mr.

Obama came to work in the Windy City.

The brothers – both are lawyers who married lawyers – sponsored a

fundraiser for Mr. Obama when he was running for the Senate from Illinois.

John Podesta has taught a spring course with Judge Richard Leon on

congressional investigations for the past 12 years at Georgetown University

Law Center, where Mr. Podesta graduated in 1976.

"He is smart and has good judgment," says Judge Leon, a federal district

judge for the District of Columbia. "In a city with a lot of hidden agendas

and not a lot of humility, he is a very rare combination of personal

qualities – genuinely humble and an honest broker."

Mr. Obama "said he bonded with John because they both are skinny – a little

bit of a joke with truth in it," Tony Podesta recalls. The brothers and

their families are close and spent election night together at dinner in the

D.C. restaurant Tosca, celebrating John and Mary Podesta's 30th wedding

anniversary. They haven't yet planned how to celebrate John's 60th birthday,

Tony Podesta says.

John Podesta is not expected to have a permanent role in the new

administration he's helping put into place, but he will, his brother

suggests, return to his job at the Center for American Progress. "I think

John is an expert on policy and politics, and Obama couldn't find anybody

with the [same] breadth and depth of experience," Tony Podesta attests.

John Podesta's career has included stints as a trial lawyer in the Justice

Department, counselor to then-Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle and

several other posts on Capitol Hill. He served in the White House from 1993

to 2001, becoming chief of staff in 1998.

On Wednesday, the Obama-Biden office named a triumvirate for managing the

transition going forward. The planning process is recognized formally as the

Obama-Biden Transition Project, a 501(c)4 organization to be overseen by

three co-chairmen: Mr. Podesta; Valerie Jarrett, a Chicago lawyer,

businesswoman and civic leader who is a senior adviser to Mr. Obama; and

Pete Rouse, the president-elect's chief of staff in the U.S. Senate.



https:// wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/55867

ff0336 No.446854

Thank you breadmakers and anons for updating servers.

0fe3c3 No.446855


==David Hogg at Redondo is disinfo== please dont fall for it. They were spamming it hard last thread, with a number of people unknowingly signal boosting

See my post >>446753

007f76 No.446856

File: f0e7319c66f428f⋯.png (117.28 KB, 822x570, 137:95, screenshot_279.png)


David Hogg's father –– note the places he's lived….

Special Agent (((Kevin Hogg))) is 51 years old and was born on 02/07/1967. Currently, he lives in (((Parkland, FL))); and previously lived in (((torrance, CA))) and (((Mission Viejo, CA))) His ethnicity is Caucasian, and religious views are listed as Christian. Kevin is now Married .

730636 No.446857


>https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/198093.html

70b084 No.446858


Did you read what I posted? I said it was to mislead us

601725 No.446860

File: 270a7b11da0d90a⋯.png (242.8 KB, 964x661, 964:661, kavli.PNG)


Interesting find..

5753e9 No.446861


Bitconnect -

ponzi crypto scam $2B

crashed about a month ago

a4d385 No.446862

File: 86a7bdae36dfc0e⋯.jpg (94.33 KB, 807x516, 269:172, RuFnWithDudeAbides.jpg)


Part is real. Part is to make us look stupid so they can make an outrage story out of this and shut it down. Beware the yearbook.

8bd414 No.446863

File: 74f4eefb39e1a0d⋯.jpg (3.37 MB, 5680x3000, 142:75, Florida Students.jpg)


>triple dubs!

didn't see that! :)

73516e No.446864

File: 19b32d111e4639b⋯.png (622.47 KB, 747x856, 747:856, ClipboardImage.png)

Just the tip lol…

fa9de4 No.446866

c2769c No.446867


Bit connect loaned money to people who held bitcoin, and it failed bad, it was a scam that was basically a pyramid scheme hidden as a crypto comapny. Many lost money.

6b33c0 No.446868


stay focused on tasks people

please keep posting this

the board has come off the rails more than usually

908c73 No.446869


Manafort connection is Mercury Public Affairs LLC


After Ukraine Yanukovych put political opponent Tymoshenko on trial and conviction, PR nightmare. Yanukovych hires Mercury LLC aka Manafort to fix image. This was how idea to hire prestigious Law firm (Skadden Arps) to investigate the trial and report that it was fair.



Podesta Group and Mercury Public Affairs lobbied Congress about Ukraine sanctions and Tymoshenko trial.


99b11e No.446870


Bitconnect was that massive scheme I'm almost positive.

7a1531 No.446871

File: 045053e51ba3672⋯.jpg (29.75 KB, 300x404, 75:101, IMG_0622.JPG)

fa9de4 No.446873


Married and in High school…?

49625f No.446874


glad you mentioned that - I was going to dig in. she is a CBS reporter let me find her -

https:// twitter.com/adrianasdiaz

fa9de4 No.446875


Sorry the Dad right oops

850509 No.446876


Kick ass brother!

New masthead is awesome.

Imagery powerful.


03cc66 No.446878


Your layouts look great. I'm half tempted to get some printed on glossy paper and slip them in magazine racks.

c2769c No.446879


You are right, it was a pyramid scheme cloaked as a cryptocoin company. It failed. Many lost money except the owners. The eye got paid.

0fe3c3 No.446880

File: 242750323234567⋯.png (1.28 MB, 878x658, 439:329, 242750323234567085940b9d13….png)

File: f8c47b75d4b699d⋯.jpg (179.46 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, DWZ_ehoUQAITU6T.jpg)




Bitconnect is photoshopped in. Google the picture yourself. Anons they are trying really fucking hard to distract you with this Hogg shit and pull you into rabbit holes.

14605a No.446881


http:// cannibalclub.org/staff.html

They dox themselves dude!

211618 No.446882


So many people, even the non-religious, are having dreams and visions. Something has awoken in us and we need to pay attention.

Or maybe we’re just learning more and more of what we never knew before

What Q said rings in my ears

99% of the people would end up in the hospital if they knew what was really going on

2d9609 No.446883


same boat anon.


could mean Alpha as in (no longer beta version) and the 2 ] most likely means its a double acronym ie means Deep dream v2 AND Deep dream vs. 2A.


The "Shill Ring" couldnt sound gayer.

"One niner, eight three two….."

that would be Won Niner, Eight Tree Two

LARPs need to learn how to LARP

b7782a No.446884


No Kevin Hogg is the FBI Agent (((father))) of David Hogg….

Note they have lived in Los Angeles, and now live in Parkland, Florida

0627e7 No.446885


Klaudia Tołłoczko

For science.

5e71ed No.446886


These are phenomenal anon. Brightens my day every time I see a new one - please don't stop.

0712af No.446887

>>446739 (France)

>>446719 (UK)

>>446825 (Italy)


wtf??., Narco-state?.., Where I've seen this before??

https:// www.theguardian.com/world/2018/feb/20/netherlands-becoming-a-narco-state-warn-dutch-police

Don't LOSE the focus in Europe

8bd414 No.446888


They are awesome, Anon!

1b6c2a No.446889

File: cd68c6f06cf3685⋯.jpg (96.68 KB, 677x677, 1:1, hogg.jpg)

File: 3dc015d8821802f⋯.png (674.08 KB, 2118x1152, 353:192, Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at ….png)

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jason_J._Hogg

7a1531 No.446890

File: cb9b5646959bf2c⋯.jpg (69.82 KB, 634x784, 317:392, IMG_0405.JPG)

What is a nail without a hammer

5753e9 No.446891


lots of young kids promoting it-

makes me wonder if (((they))) used threat of prosecution as leverage to make them play the game.

lawsuits starting to pile up on those heavily promoting bitconnect

1fc111 No.446892


got it, thanks! (Was looking in Meme13 – https://


b90813 No.446893

File: cc9c401dadffdf7⋯.jpeg (642.89 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, image.jpeg)

meme away boys, enjoy.

7d4312 No.446894

File: ca64025295e3189⋯.png (18.73 KB, 250x147, 250:147, ClipboardImage.png)


Speaking of McLean VA connections, and the disinfo that went through (tying these together a little). Could there still be something to this high school in CA (Redondo)?

I did find a link from the schools site (https:// rshs-rbusd-ca.schoolloop.com/) with a link to Redondo Beach Educational Foundation (RBEF) (http:// rbef.org/). Maybe David Hogg was part of the RBEF which is why he may have been in CA in 2017 and could possibly link the beach video. Maybe it's a stretch. Also, at the bottom of the page on rbef.org, There is a corporate partner of "Northrop Grumman" which is one of the companies headquartered in McLean VA.

Maybe be a crumb for linking David Hogg and the clowns?

b7782a No.446896


Yes this is the dad :)

dac407 No.446897


selfie chick has shooped eyes too (walnut sauce anon)

a0d8ea No.446898

File: 5a11dc5e4f48f84⋯.jpg (83.83 KB, 899x392, 899:392, 5a11dc5e4f48f84c5df65bfbd0….jpg)

The yearbook thing is fake and gay. Doxxing kids is unsupportable; Clowns are doing it.

Time for a repost, for the dumbasses.

How to Spot a Clown:

-Attempting to get a divisive or emotional knee-jerk trigger response from (you) to derail research is a red flag.

-Concern trolling and copy/pasta spam shilling that contradicts confirmed findings is another red flag.

-Using faux debate tactics: Generalizations, gaslighting, misdirection, false equivalencies, confusing correlation with causality, appeal to authority, transference, false precepts, personal attacks, strawmen, red herrings, etc etc are all yet another red flag.

-Employing social ethics that are disingenuous, such as "reverse psychology" ploys or ones based on lying to the American People; These are obvious red flags.

Promoting tactics that are unethical, illegal or involve violence outside the scope of the Law are huge red flags.

(((They))) are playing for keeps; This isn't a game.

God bless you, anons.

36c4f7 No.446899

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

49625f No.446900

I'll find the original. I know the origin.

8bd414 No.446902


digits -→> >>446888 confirm! :)

18a383 No.446903

Sirhan Sirhan, RFK 'Assassin' was handled by woman in polka dot dress, led to 'kill' RFK.

https:// vigilantcitizen.com/ latestnews/sirhan-sirhan-and-his-account-of-delta-programming-mind-control/

9f9032 No.446904



FAR beyond OK, let's go with SUPERB!

>Quit and just lurk?

NO, I'll dox you, find you myself and make you keep meming! jk, i won't do that

>No contribution to the cause?

Definitely contributes, we NEED moar like these

>It's all I know how to do.

It's all we need you to do then, EXCELLENT work anon, every time, Very serious when i say this

511370 No.446906


Why don't you just post something on McLean?

6b33c0 No.446908


distract and discredit

0e9ed8 No.446909

b90813 No.446910

File: 64d079db5c7ab3d⋯.jpeg (684.46 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, image (1).jpeg)

Looks like Podesta is gettin' ready to make that young hannibal taste face..SNKSNKSNKSNKSNK

7377b9 No.446911


Great job anon. Brilliant. Keep at it. It will be part of history.

511370 No.446912


Why don't you change the narrative and post something new on McLean?

99b11e No.446913

Where do you get your specialty meat?

Our avenues of procurement vary. Most of the businesses and institutions who supply us prefer to keep those relationships discreet. On the individual level, bodies are often bequeathed to us. For some, this is a way to supplement life insurance and offset funerary expenses. For others, such as Cannibal Club member Gwendoline Fenwich, who was served to her friends and relatives at the Club in January of 2008, being prepared as a meal, and thereby reborn into the bodies of the living, is an attractive alternative to the more the traditional practices of burial and cremation.

We take considerable care to ensure that all our meat is produced legally and ethically, and derived only from young, healthy bodies.

Arguments against cannibalism are typically grounded in ignorance, cultural prejudice, and nonsensical spiritual beliefs.

It's got that whole Nietzchean/Randian vibe that the rich tend to like.

Welcome to Human Leather. We are specialists in producing exquisite and exclusive products for an extremely discerning clientele. All products are carefully hand-crafted by experienced master craftsmen, with years of experience in handling the finest leather known - Human Leather.

Where does it come from?

Human leather is produced from skin sourced from normal everyday people. These people have bequeathed their skin to us prior to their death. There are a few areas of the body, (back and abdomen) that have uninterrupted skin coverage, and are therefore the best for processing into human leather.

Is this illegal?

Not at all. However, this is an expensive business, as the raw material is not cheap to produce or process, plus their is official hindrance along the way. We value our donors and we reward their beneficiaries and next of kin very handsomely. In fact, we have had to turn away some potential donors, as we can accept only the highest quality human skin. We can not give you the source of our raw product, we apologise.

Why are your products so expensive?

We cater to a small but highly discerning clientele. They are amongst those lucky few who have everything they could possibly desire. Our supply is restricted and we prefer to keep it that way as we are the only firm in the world that crafts these special products.

Where does it come from?

Human leather is produced from skin sourced from normal everyday people. These people have bequeathed their skin to us prior to their death. There are a few areas of the body, (back and abdomen) that have uninterrupted skin coverage, and are therefore the best for processing into human leather.

e3eb5b No.446914

File: 373fb45ec2303f9⋯.jpeg (454.87 KB, 1242x1969, 1242:1969, DB7651A2-09E3-497A-B2FF-6….jpeg)

9f9032 No.446915


> Or maybe we’re just learning more and more of what we never knew before

I like to think of it as relearning what we already know.

a4d385 No.446916


Keep up the good work!!!!!!!

95a40f No.446917



Outstanding! You’re very talented. I especially like the bird.

6b5bca No.446918


>https: // deepdreamgenerator .com/

Deep dream website: http:// psychic-vr-lab.com/deepdream/

511370 No.446919

There is a Melanie Hogg in McLean, VA

https:// www.mapquest.com/us/virginia/melanie-hogg-363705812

27def9 No.446920

File: 1076d27cbf04302⋯.png (260.31 KB, 1103x827, 1103:827, ClipboardImage.png)

70b084 No.446921

I am surprised The Next News Network did a piece on David Hogg


fc3a9a No.446923


You need Glasses son. WRONG GUY.

ddb69a No.446924



These shill baits are like phishing emails, but amped up with psche fuckery to exploit loopholes in cognitive or perceptual structures.

Only the experiwnce of being fooled will motivate you to improve your abilty to.id ye common shill or bat.

See posts on that subject in the bread.

fe8cc9 No.446925

File: 0ed4ca5e683bef1⋯.jpeg (47.81 KB, 846x506, 423:253, vincit.jpeg)


>We have tremendous WW support.

>Day of Days


Let Good prevail.

I admit, my thoughts and heart were deep in darkness and sheer rage for many years.

Q proved even if a little that LIGHT "CAN" overcome darkness. Definite ray of light, that pierced the pitch dark curtains that enveloped the hearts of many.

I quell my anger, sooth my feelings, and am preparing to do my part. I must thank Q team and POTUS from the bottom of my heart for showing me HOPE. Without you true patriots, we would have been lost. I would have been lost, or been led into complete darkness.

We will be ready to lead, and to educate. Our lives and those of our families DEPEND on this advance we are making.

Tell the TRUTH, anons. FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

40710f No.446926







71b8ca No.446927


Don't you EVER quit Anon; your work is top tier memetics.

8bd414 No.446928

File: 2c6611f3f6e836e⋯.jpg (77.97 KB, 500x333, 500:333, Wong.jpg)

11401e No.446929

It's very important we stick with verifiable info and dont let antifa twitter accts give us possible disinfo. We are able to verify if its good info or not instead of relying on a provided picture as the final word.

a4d385 No.446930


What a fun idea. A small can of spray adhesive as you shop around and then put them back.

155a31 No.446931

File: a3b509e9a165ed0⋯.jpg (435.36 KB, 1293x767, 1293:767, Mefloquine Gitmo.jpg)

File: 95858abaaa45919⋯.jpg (8.74 KB, 265x188, 265:188, lariam.jpg)

File: 66498b2985b3959⋯.jpg (128.33 KB, 731x527, 43:31, Mefloquine similiar to psy….jpg)

File: f2fb44ff8d83230⋯.jpg (108.93 KB, 526x391, 526:391, Mefloquine neurotoxicity.jpg)



However, other classes of psychiatric and even some non psychiatric drugs can cause similar neuropsychiatric symptoms including dissociation and suicidal ideation.

For example, there is one drug that needs far more research and attention in the context of mass shootings and suicide, particularly by former or active military. Former active military on this board will likely have heard of Mefloquine (or brand name Lariam, Roche USA), which has been used throughout the United States and elsewhere as a prophylactic and treatment for malaria. If they do know of this anti-parasitic drug, they may be disturbed to learn about its history. Mefloquine was developed largely in secret and then fast tracked thru the FDA approval process with relative little appropriate testing for safety and efficacy.

Moreover, there is evidence that as early as 1955, and possibly earlier, the CIA was experimenting with quinolines, the chemical family to which mefloquine belongs, as part of MKULTRA, a program of research in behavioral modification. "Quinolines were included in a study of the “curare-like”—a type of poison used on native blow darts—effects of thiols, and another study that investigated toxic cerebral states. The stated aim of the latter study was to “understand the mechanism of such states as toxic delirium, uremic coma, and cerebral toxicity from poisoning.”

The potential use of these drugs in an interrogation setting was a stated purpose for the study: “an adversary service could use such drugs to produce anxiety or terror in medically unsophisticated subjects unable to distinguish drug-induced psychosis from actual insanity.”

Because of my research in neuropsychopharmacology, I only became aware of mefloquine by chance a few years ago as it is not classed a CNS drug. However, when I first saw its chemical structure, I immediately recognized the "psychostimulant" skeletal pharmacophore found in methamphetamine and "bath salt" type psycho-stimulants. However, because of mefloquine's 6 fluorine groups, its half life for the single "treatment" dose (1250 mg) for active infection has a half life of 15-30 days, which means that an unsuspecting person could take this drug, but only begin to experience adverse psychiatric symptoms several days later. In addition, if the treatment dose were to be taken at one week intervals as ALL prisoners at GITMO are mandated to do, then mefloquine would continue to accumulate in the brain substantially raising the likelihood of psychosis and dissociation without being aware that the effects are drug induced and not idiopathic. Because GITMO exists outside the US and is under military control, it would also provide a unique opportunity to continue secret advanced MK-Ultra research using mobile phone interface technology as was alluded to by Q. This latter part is pure speculation, but if you start digging into the dozens of news paper articles and published studies in the posted graphics, you will begin to paint a very ugly and disturbing picture.

https:// www.scribd.com/document/44977499/Drug-Abuse-Exploration-Government-Use-Mefloquine-Gunatanamo-1

7377b9 No.446932


Ok I will. So the Kennedy's had a home in McLean. The wrestler who came out recently and admitted being on the tracks the night that the two boys died in AR in 1987 mentioned that at one point Bill Clinton wanted him to kill David Kennedy, one of RFK Jr's kids. David ended up dying the same year as the request from Clinton of a drug overdose in Palm Beach FL. Why did Clinton want him dead? It led me back to wondering if we were right to assum HRC had JFK Jr's plane sabotaged for the senate seat. Proving that would be an EPIC red pill moment for Dems.

dbaf1b No.446933


Early days of Pizzagate, the CClub came up.

Investigated seems to prove that website was created as a publicity stunt for the "band" that claims to play there.

The photos were stock.

Names faked.

At least this is what anons found back then, if you find anything different it's worth a try, just may be wasting your time.

(site not updated in years if I recall)

9c2126 No.446934

File: 486223927b196db⋯.png (336.56 KB, 750x321, 250:107, IMG_3049.PNG)

File: 42233f6ce35ee52⋯.jpg (103.88 KB, 750x414, 125:69, IMG_2958.JPG)

File: 7eca76372a4a058⋯.jpg (183.88 KB, 750x593, 750:593, IMG_2967.JPG)

File: b9f0a60ebc8d614⋯.png (153.67 KB, 372x368, 93:92, IMG_3306.PNG)

0e9ed8 No.446935


Shills don’t want this to have legs… but this mutha is running!

099783 No.446936

File: 49556fecc8c28bb⋯.png (466.63 KB, 660x600, 11:10, Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at ….png)


Horace Mann

Sex Abuse

Owl used as symbol


a9c4cc No.446937


Acts 2:17 KJV

And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:

b90813 No.446939

File: ae755d97da95642⋯.jpg (47.2 KB, 800x444, 200:111, when-skippy-keeps.jpg)

2d9609 No.446940



> i has proofs

shows no date on yearbook cover.

kys if u believe this.

500bc4 No.446941

File: 4859c9abdc919de⋯.png (622.15 KB, 879x513, 293:171, screenshot_280.png)


Picking up momentum….

ddb69a No.446942


That is a "satire" web site.

46d521 No.446943


Something big is happening. They’re poisoning the well with as much disinformation as possible.

fe8cc9 No.446944


Your are contributing more than you know. Ammunition must be plentiful.

Keep up the GREAT fight, anon. God Bless you.

dbaf1b No.446945


Was there a bombing FF there or something during the time he was there?

5f298f No.446946


Thoughts on this? I came up with several over the weekend rereading crumbs…

Q’s statements on the EU purge>>GB included? > Brexit has been a thing for quite a while.

Euroanons want to weigh in on the situation currently with TMay?

14605a No.446947


Dude YOU are the master memer here. Never give up, your work is outstanding.. Believe as much in yourself as we do ;)

cadec9 No.446948


was looking for a link between HRC and adoption in that area there was one but funding/affiliation changed to a foundation starts with a b …long word sorry loss my trail

173b21 No.446950

Wintrich says he interviewed a father who’s kids were being recruited by the theater gang they wanted them to help with some anti-Trump lines

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/02/behind-various-anti-gun-movements-popping-parkland/

a4d385 No.446951


Methcathinone is the main ingredient in most "Bath Salt" drugs.

36a5b2 No.446952


Please anons look at the twitter account where this originated from!

https:// twitter.com/LagBeachAntifa9

Joined Feb 2018 based in Russia. Come on, don't fall for it. I'm sure he's either a mind control victim himself or soulless paid actor, but I doubt proof will be that easy to come by.

850509 No.446953


^^^ This.


Keep at it anon. Glad you're here.

a0d8ea No.446954


>This latter part is pure speculation,

Then it is suspect.

0fe3c3 No.446955




Thank goodness for yall I was worried my posts calling out the disinfo distraction were falling on deaf ears.

6b33c0 No.446956


thank you anon

we have to fight this infestation

Don't fall for bullshit people

b90813 No.446957

File: eac559d7b2bbcfb⋯.jpg (49.3 KB, 800x444, 200:111, when-skippy-keeps-5a8cee.jpg)

49625f No.446958

File: 023eb3002208e4a⋯.png (375.06 KB, 394x384, 197:192, 233.png)

File: 64eb9c724d58089⋯.png (499.47 KB, 960x620, 48:31, 111.png)






682457 No.446959

File: afdcefa65c0290f⋯.jpeg (131.41 KB, 750x499, 750:499, 5DFA6F6B-932C-4349-B0A7-6….jpeg)


Ugh, somebody help

24007a No.446960


This is the correct picture. We need to ID each person in it. We need to ID their parents. Who are the adults? The is the red team. Who are the parents? Hogg is one of 7 kids. Expose any one and they all go down. This is the weakness of the potemkin village.

623e28 No.446962




I keep going back to the following Q drop


Coincidence the Matrix (movie) grew people as a crop, used for energy, and controlled their mind?

Sound familiar?

Wonder where they derived that idea from.

Now comes the 'conspiracy' label.

Deeper we go, the more unrealistic it all becomes.

The end won't be for everyone.

That choice, to know, will be yours.


Makes me think there might actually be something to the Saturn-Moon-Matrix

2b1f19 No.446964

I'm thinking this kid that's not a kid from that shooting is a BIG thing. Someone going by MicroMeatPatty was posting about it and got their account suspended, and I'd RT'd a few of their tweets, mostly without comment and they took me down a few minutes later. I'm guessing anyone that RT'd.

Now it wants me to enter my phone number, so, buh-bye to that account! Not doing any such thing!

Just a heads up.

If they're unpersoning people for posting about that, we may be on to something bigger than we realize.

7a1531 No.446965

File: 8a1d574873e45a6⋯.jpg (48.16 KB, 640x432, 40:27, IMG_0590.JPG)


1fc111 No.446967

File: 9ae358fff5e1910⋯.jpg (58.48 KB, 642x304, 321:152, tegna selling girls.JPG)

Digging on Tegna / McLean, and this popped up.


“Selling Girls,” Original Investigation into U.S. Child Sex Trafficking, Premieres October 19 on TEGNA Station Digital Platforms

http:// www.tegna.com/selling-girls-original-investigation-into-u-s-child-sex-trafficking-premieres-october-19-on-tegna-station-digital-platforms/

9a0f1f No.446968

File: 50016ec769e6132⋯.png (863.97 KB, 1181x781, 1181:781, lk.PNG)

Who are these assholes?

b90813 No.446969

File: 98cb820e56f332b⋯.jpg (93.44 KB, 900x500, 9:5, reuters-1.jpg)



hahahaha yes! just lol'd

got another fresh one we could meme.

49625f No.446970

File: 023eb3002208e4a⋯.png (375.06 KB, 394x384, 197:192, 233.png)

File: 64eb9c724d58089⋯.png (499.47 KB, 960x620, 48:31, 111.png)









99b11e No.446971

What the fuck is


0fe3c3 No.446972


Stop. Parkland is only tangentially related to the Q map. We have more important work to be doing.

c883e8 No.446973

File: fd28cf1fbe54627⋯.png (523.55 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-02-20-22-5….png)

Not sure if this relates to anything, but Gannett Fleming's logo seems very symbolic. They are into public transportation, wastewater, linked to Magic Johnson Enterprises and Loop Capital. Massive company and first hit when I searched for Gannett Loop Capital in DDG…

211618 No.446974


Yeh Newsweek Amon is back

0712af No.446975


Link this, it's important for the EUAnons..

4fe9b9 No.446976

RES_ finding sensitive points

They poison the topic with disinfo


Can't control narrative?

Discredit narrators

186ddb No.446977


Now, that's a whole lot of shit I can't un-see.

173b21 No.446979

Dilley just said his source said Q silence is a marker on the map

9c2126 No.446980

File: e48305bb0870169⋯.jpg (232.86 KB, 791x592, 791:592, IMG_3304.JPG)

File: bdc38db97554b88⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1019x1024, 1019:1024, IMG_3305.PNG)

File: 0171a96b4b3b6b5⋯.jpg (586.38 KB, 1388x1080, 347:270, IMG_2792.JPG)

File: 51042fcaf4607e1⋯.jpg (416.35 KB, 849x984, 283:328, IMG_3087.JPG)

c42ad5 No.446981


I do. I just don't care anymore.

99b11e No.446982


They're leading us down a trap.

Trying to keep our attention away from Big Pharma/ what we should be digging into.

They think they're controlling our narrative.

These false patriots are probably very pleased.

Please look into

#TEAMAVOCADO on twitter.

I believe these people are this false source.

c5e529 No.446983

File: ec8ad727243bdba⋯.jpg (8.74 KB, 250x225, 10:9, 1519184754308s.jpg)

You beautiful anaons, you.

99b11e No.446985


Who is Dilley?

0fe3c3 No.446986



Its disinfo,. Theyre poisoning the well, muddying the waters.

See this post:





They want you to get pulled into rabbit holes and distracted from the task at hand. This is disinformation at work anons. Look and learn so you dont get fooled again.

b90813 No.446987

File: 9fe5e9d5b004ae8⋯.jpg (88.41 KB, 714x500, 357:250, 24zptf.jpg)

5f298f No.446989


Well, the little fucker wanted fame and his wish has been granted-face is everywhere! Hahahahaha

99b11e No.446990

File: 8d2f72821485dfa⋯.jpg (55.92 KB, 526x500, 263:250, download-10.jpg)

9f9032 No.446991


is there anyone designated to update the Dilley thread? I don't have (make) much time to go through his videos, would rather read the updates

8bd414 No.446992



haven't posted in almost a month!

511370 No.446993

THERE is an IXI corporation very close to Gannett in McLean

IXI Corporation offers customer targeting, segmentation, and market tracking solutions and services for financial services and consumer marketing firms in the United States. Its solutions and services include customer targeting and scoring, customer segmentation, market tracking–size and share, consultative solutions, custom analytics, data and integration services, online targeting, small business targeting, and client decision platforms; and economic insights, which include economic analysis, forecasting, and predictive analytics. The company also provides services in the areas of marketing optimization, market-level analytics, and practice and performance management. In addition, it offer…

Detailed Description

7927 Jones Branch Drive

Suite 400

McLean, VA 22102

United States

Founded in 1993


212930 No.446994


Amanita muscaris

173b21 No.446995


Brenden Dilley. Half hate him and half like him. I just lurk..ambivalent

Thought it was interesting

3bccd7 No.446996


Watch the water?

a1ee00 No.446997


Pence is linked to Pedogate.

8bd414 No.446998


careful what you wish for!!! :)

99b11e No.446999



False Patriots everywhere. They have a team working against Q and us ANONs.



c5e529 No.447000

File: 71780f351c1477d⋯.jpg (285.9 KB, 1536x1386, 256:231, 1519184754308.jpg)

Bigger. You can read the text.

0712af No.447001


When Someone say that, it's because it's f'ed..

186ddb No.447002


I agree this is an attempt to make truthers look bad, but don't try to make a convincing argument by asking how many kids would wear a T-shirt…

I wore a Guns N' Roses T-shirt in my senior pic (regretfully).

40b50c No.447003


I can feel it!! Shills are trying to prepare for our public shaming… too bad Q is Q and the picture is complete.

Ignore the shills Anons! Report as they show themselves and move on. I think Mueller indictments have them shook. Closing in on em.

173b21 No.447004


Not sure. I’ll look

0fe3c3 No.447005


I think youre right. @rogue accounts are part of this if you ask me. Massive, coordinated, targeted disinformation campaign. Good looks

092625 No.447006

THIS is David Hogg. He goes to Parkland. The yearbook in CA IS FALSE. Seems like a average, brainwashed, dumb and insecure kid getting his 15 minutes of fame and being taken advantage of to drive a message. Wasting way too much time on him.

https:// www.reddit.com/user/davisgreen111/?count=25&page=0&before=t3_6tp3ke

511370 No.447007


I think we got it

b0474b No.447008

Starting to read Dr. Anthony Napoleon's book on Mind Control and those behind some of it. Powerful info.

This is his reader's guide.

http:// www.dranthonynapoleon.com/single-post/2015/08/29/A-Readers-Guide

9657d2 No.447009

7a1531 No.447010

File: 8f80a03a2b52914⋯.jpg (119.27 KB, 1069x1147, 1069:1147, IMG_0732.JPG)

Speak engrish in what

b69d23 No.447011

File: 34918209ad8a99d⋯.jpeg (18.96 KB, 152x212, 38:53, A483CA91-4D98-44B3-9973-0….jpeg)

File: d485a4af6f5fb92⋯.jpeg (135.05 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 5C7BDA5B-E6B8-498A-ADC3-8….jpeg)

Ok please look at. I can’t look have been going through all the protest over last year. If anyone can continue to look. This is what I have so far. Berkeley Protest pics related. I found others at Charlottesville but grainy. Is this him?

c5e529 No.447012


I'm not a crook…

I'm not a crisis actor… Kek

b90813 No.447013

File: 0c6b0abce91ec24⋯.jpg (98.73 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 24zpxb.jpg)

9a0f1f No.447014

File: d045b2b0939ad68⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1099x586, 1099:586, kuru.PNG)

71b8ca No.447015


Can't help it I gotta double PepePinch this little faggot BRB

47dd96 No.447016


Since we aren't getting Q tonight, any drops from Dilley's source worth sharing? Saw him April Lejune's - quick drop about Flynn being dropped of charges and rejoining WH….

49625f No.447017

File: 8529f34704a12fd⋯.png (620.12 KB, 993x565, 993:565, ClipboardImage.png)






9f9032 No.447018



a1ee00 No.447020


Yes it's in the catalog. If you go to top of this page and click on catalog then do a search for Dilly, there is a board. hit the control and f key at same time and type in Dilley it will take you to the board.

a7fa53 No.447021

Someone posted a few breads back:


At 56 sec he states the time as 9:32 (Not around 2:19 as reported). Match the video(audio) above to this "official" Miami Herald video (at 38 sec) that cuts out the part about being 9:32.


004588 No.447022


No. In reality I know a lot more than this. We (holistic doctorfags) have known about corruption in the medical community for a long time. We base our entire business model and philosophy that people don’t need medicine and have survived 130 plus years using that knowledge.

All in the face of relentless lawsuits and obstruction from the AMA.

The connections and realizations I am personally having are coming now that the deep state and Illuminati plans and goals are aligning with the corruption of the AMA ! I never knew it went this deep.

If you guys want to know THE SECRET look up NAGALASE/GcMAF !

The answer to it all is right there. This is why people like me are getting “suicided”


d2f384 No.447023

511370 No.447024


67aa65 No.447025

Prff I was only lurking and totally forgot his might be interesting.

The Dutch State Lottery has miled their clients in the past, by letting unsold tickets participate in draws. This has already gone to Court years ago.

There are several claimparties but most Loterijverlies.

The guy that is leading that effort, Mr Roet, is being demonised in the press and has a very diffiicult time. The dutch state Lottery are corrupt bastards.

The Lottery then held a 'free draw' in which all their former clients could participate, as a supposed compensation for their damages. People who didn't have their tickets anymore, could also participate. Thus: lots of people who had never participated, thought: why not.

Mr Ferdy Roet is totally being demonised by the newspaper Telegraaf, who has a considerable income from from their advertisements. They absolutely focus on every fart he let's out and paint him as the criminal.

yesterday the taxation office seized his houze. He went to the tacation office and even tried to do a civilian arrest.

But good thing of this is: the fiscus apparantly values the claim at 780.000.000 euro.

It's one big drama, has lasted for years alrready.

https:// www.nrc.nl/nieuws/2018/02/19/fiscus-vindt-claim-tegen-staatsloterij-wel-380-miljoen-waard-a1592759

What is also very interesting about the Dutch State lottery, is this article from 2012 already (BTW: brilliant website!)

There are more articles about the Lottery on this website, but this one claims that there are two people within the Dutch State Lottery, codenames 'Jip & Janneke', who allocate prices to 'friends' and then divide the price afterwards.

https:// www.stelling.nl/kleintje/actueel/overzicht-actueel/hstj1348580764?highlight=WyJqaXAiLCJqYW5uZWtlIl0=

500bc4 No.447026


Is that his dad Special Agent Kevin Hogg from Parkland, Florida, by way of Los Angeles sitting next to him?

a9de29 No.447027


Proof of the power of the people. We are affecting them… Average Joe is like huh? What’s a crisis actor? Bingo.

9f9032 No.447028


just went there, lots of shitposting recently, but no recent updates

b705d2 No.447029


This. Rabbitholes have proven an effective tactic for them.

Treat interesting posts as immediately suspect anons. Do not follow the rabbit.

f62aaf No.447030


where have you been?

67aa65 No.447031


mileed = misled. Sorry

3c428a No.447032

File: 9cd37ac1daf564c⋯.png (136.19 KB, 512x1002, 256:501, Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at ….png)

File: 4f15e9a7533748b⋯.png (81.21 KB, 519x524, 519:524, Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at ….png)


on classmates dot com, Redondo Shores High, 2015, there isn't linda listed, but david is, many times.

d32dfa No.447033

File: 5dec9228ba0622f⋯.png (2.24 MB, 1487x2116, 1487:2116, Screenshots_2018-02-20-20-….png)

Assuming this has already been discussed? "The Community"?

99b11e No.447034

https:// twitter.com/LouiseMensch

https:// twitter.com/officialnmp

https:// twitter.com/RogueCinderella

seem to be the leaders of this fake agenda….

Fucking strange. They're working for Satan, it's even said in early tweets that ABBA is who is behind this. (ABBA sideways is Satan, a term some slick evil people use)

70b084 No.447036

Since Q posted to watch the water I have posted on and off about rivers, lakes and our coastlines. MrMBB333 from YouTube has been reporting on it at times too. Today he posted another so here's the latest on a Bartlett Lake.

Even though he's only talking about a lake today check out the coastlines from all over the globe disappearing leaving boats on sand until it decides to come back in . Earth's water is not acting normal.

Water Anomaly - Bartlett Lake disappearing - Unrecognizable


5f298f No.447037


Fyi JFK Jr had ties to mr jpbarlow ;)

5f3e42 No.447038

Military tribunals of 12 10 of 12 almost finished

Q silence is a marker in the map

Show almost here

49625f No.447039

File: 5389b2db4ddc345⋯.jpeg (230.36 KB, 1242x1065, 414:355, 5389b2db4ddc3454ec24bdc85….jpeg)

File: 2e9898327cf80e3⋯.jpeg (235.53 KB, 1242x1340, 621:670, 2e9898327cf80e38582f3e683….jpeg)

File: 9f283744002bf93⋯.png (100.97 KB, 826x903, 118:129, 526f2efc5476da7e49cd5e805c….png)

File: 855dfc4b8d6cd9d⋯.png (659.88 KB, 993x565, 993:565, PLANE.png)

99b11e No.447040



173b21 No.447041


He talked about lurking here. And mentioned the military tribunals and that the storm is starting

But you had to go to FB for the rest. Battery low

ca89d5 No.447042


Sure looks like Mr. Camera Hogg

b90813 No.447043

File: bc52acb8c6a1284⋯.jpg (114.3 KB, 664x500, 166:125, 24zq2e.jpg)

920d93 No.447044


This can't be real.. did CNN really just shoot themselves in the foot again?

People are now going to google "crisis actor" fuck boys we might become obsolete if the normies start redpilling themselves

99b11e No.447045



2d9609 No.447046


i just dropped 1-23 on meme thread 13 last night because anon was asking about them. didnt realize im missing a few. thanx for the great work anon!

9c2126 No.447047

File: 766a09fb9340c00⋯.jpg (26.53 KB, 480x360, 4:3, IMG_3314.JPG)

d2f384 No.447048



This Anon makes a good point.

6a87dd No.447049


How funny they show up on CNN

7377b9 No.447051


Ugh. I want to know why certain domestic terrorist organization haven't had their bank accts frozen!?

65340c No.447052


i guess it would allow antifags to claim "fake account damaging our name" for anything in the future..

43c4f5 No.447053

Been here nearly every single day since November comrades. I've tried to contribute what I can when I could. I'm a bit ashamed to say, even with the Q code being explained, I feel like I still struggle to follow it as well as most of you - finding the Deltas and making sense of them. I don't have Twatter so that makes it a little hard too.

I've taken a lot of time away from my wife, my family, other hobbies. And now with Q team on hiatus, and the chaos of the bread in its current state, I think it's a good time to step away for a while.

I've started to feel a bit helpless trying to explain things to my family and friends. I want them to have their eyes opened, to see through the bullshit, but I think I'm just looking a bit crazy in their eyes. I keep telling them an arrest will come, but so far it doesn't. And I understand these things take time, but I just have struggled a lot with the fact that not even an Awann brother or DWS or Lynch or Comey or McCabe… noone has paid for their crimes. It's 4th quarter, then it's just the beginning, then its on to the next phase. I don't know…

One could spend months just digging into one of the hundreds of directions we've been pushed and still only scratch the surface. Sometimes, I can't help but feel like maybe this is just a strange hybrid human/AI cat and mouse type exercise where we are just being strung along. The proofs to questions ratio is growing exponentially.

For those of you still giving it your all, I salute you. You guys are awesome. I wish I was more tech savvy but unfortunately, as of late, my role has just been trying to play catch up. I encourage all of you to keep going as long as your heart is in it. I will continue to be a prayerfag from a distance, and I know that means nothing to many of you, but I will pray all the same.

To all the bakers, THANK YOU - you guys are awesome. Cheers to the fall of the cabal. Q team, if you're legit and I pray you are, cheers mates and many thanks.

52b477 No.447054


Sorry for the green glow.

The new toy moment shut down critical thinking.

Thx for the slap!

46d521 No.447055

File: 6da193c27409180⋯.jpeg (625.08 KB, 1536x1968, 32:41, 6011492F-7412-4496-A011-8….jpeg)

File: 4d46c961ba2675d⋯.jpeg (566.14 KB, 1536x1968, 32:41, 9AB02815-78AF-4A33-BE40-3….jpeg)

File: b4bc1d4beb72921⋯.jpeg (626.26 KB, 1536x1969, 1536:1969, E8552CA9-9E90-452A-B8CF-7….jpeg)

File: 3666036a58381d3⋯.jpeg (239.39 KB, 1536x1954, 768:977, CC71301C-EEB9-4D51-BE34-7….jpeg)

New Mueller indictment This is what they are distracting us from.

Alex van der Zwaan, a 33-year-old Dutch citizen, said he also lied to investigators about his failure to turn over email communications to the special counsel's office and to his law firm as it cooperated with Mueller on its investigation of Manafort and Gates' foreign lobbying.


14605a No.447056

File: 8aae9aaaa26f956⋯.png (643.05 KB, 1279x839, 1279:839, Alefantis1Map.png)

File: 026083097f66d77⋯.png (684.87 KB, 1273x837, 1273:837, Alefantis2Map.png)

File: 70254cc64e73576⋯.png (646.62 KB, 1275x836, 1275:836, Alefantis3Map.png)

File: 82d15017acf9835⋯.png (587.4 KB, 1278x836, 639:418, Alefantis4Map.png)

File: 3f35308320125a3⋯.png (617.26 KB, 1279x836, 1279:836, Alefantis5Map.png)


I have maps and satellite views of all Alefantis' residences there.

c5e529 No.447057


I think so.


We just have to show them how to do it.


I think it is, but I am at that horrible site now, and I need a shower.

9657d2 No.447058


The 4-6% So? Don't loose focus anons!

fe8cc9 No.447059

File: 0b951a3fb5542a0⋯.jpg (74.77 KB, 749x500, 749:500, 0b951a3fb5542a0cb39b9d9bd3….jpg)


Correct. If anons THINK about this for a sec - do you really think that, IF this kid is part of a set up, it would be EASY to PROVE?

If it is somehow PROVEN, what would it expose about gannett, pharma, etc?

This REEKS of disinfo/discrediting op. VERY tasteful looking, with little damaging substance to the clowns and ALL the poison needed to poison the well.

Let us focus on the main targets. Liddle, gannett, etc.

DISTRACTION/PROVOCATIONS/BAITS are the tools of the enemy.

2a724b No.447060


Half the Bread


47dd96 No.447061


Don't trust any classmates.com pics. Saw one ealier without pic, then suddenly his photo was in next pic from same site. There is some dis-info going on, but worth running down Redondo lead. Just need to make sure he went thenre AND graduated….

623e28 No.447062


Explains so much. There is no spoon.

14605a No.447063

File: cd2d483c3d3ec48⋯.png (598.25 KB, 1276x834, 638:417, Alefantis7Map.png)

File: 29967387b85d098⋯.png (648.47 KB, 1278x835, 1278:835, Alefantis9Map.png)

File: c84eef6d5da0fbf⋯.png (552.01 KB, 1278x833, 1278:833, Alefantis10Map.png)

File: 4e01a373ffdf540⋯.png (607.39 KB, 1279x836, 1279:836, Alefantis11Map.png)

File: b933fa24d16ca5a⋯.png (575.82 KB, 1277x836, 1277:836, Alefantis12Map.png)

0e91b2 No.447064

File: 95ea3cc88105db3⋯.png (39.07 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

I just got it!

When POTUS tweeted

Whether we are Republican or Democrat, we must now focus on strengthening Background Checks!

everybody assumed he meant gun-purchaser background checks, because of the bump-stock thing and the school shooting thing.

Like the EOs, there's more than meets the eye. Context is everything.

ACTUAL background checks are needed for FBI. CIA. Government service. Elected office. Judiciary. Etc.

We need to check the BACKGROUND of those already in office and government positions and courts.

6b33c0 No.447065



no its a bad point

you supporting it is bad

no one has to post something about Mclean to bring attention to the shit that is going on here

0fe3c3 No.447066



I will try. I apologize for harping on the disinfo so much. I've been around these parts for quite a long time and I just wanted to take the opportunity to educate on what disinfo looks like, and try to get the board off their faulty tracks.

Personally learning all I can about big pharma, potentially in relation to plane crashes/ people on board.

5638a6 No.447067

>>444839 (earlier bread)

annon, there are no coincidences --> your digits tell quite a story. JK would be proud, he's opened many eyes.

14605a No.447068

File: e7a64529104298e⋯.png (586.79 KB, 1279x836, 1279:836, Alefantis13Map.png)

File: 9efb650319ac998⋯.png (261.69 KB, 884x594, 442:297, Alefantis14Map.png)

File: d67e16e36d81f26⋯.png (959.71 KB, 880x594, 40:27, Alefantis15BirdsEyeView.png)

File: da23e7e2077ecd2⋯.png (499.47 KB, 885x592, 885:592, Alefantis15Map.png)

File: 40c1c37d5a73872⋯.png (834.99 KB, 888x595, 888:595, Alefantis15McLean.png)

5f298f No.447069



71480e No.447070

We are White House staffers, working at various levels, operating in secrecy to reveal hidden truths of the Trump administration to the American people. The Official Whiehouse Resistance.


75186f No.447071


If you're worried about David Hogg, you're proving why FF work. If crisis actors, they already know. If not, you look like fools which makes everything else you say able to be dismissed. This is why Q talked about proofs. This is exactly why Schumer tried to setup Cernovich with a fake teen abuser story. They use disinfo to later discredit.

6a87dd No.447072

File: e3c635563ce7a80⋯.png (652.2 KB, 1014x808, 507:404, screenshot_281.png)


It's real :P

https:// www.msn.com/en-us/video/news/shooting-survivor-im-not-a-crisis-actor/vi-BBJoiHJ

682457 No.447073

File: 792ee426b0768e1⋯.jpeg (118.36 KB, 900x500, 9:5, C6B7F3F5-E63C-474A-AF49-3….jpeg)

36a5b2 No.447074


This will go down in the history books and museums some day. If you need to take a break, take one, don't get burned out on it, but when inspiration strikes again, please let it roll. So talented, love and appreciate it and all you put into it.

0fe3c3 No.447075


This is along the lines of what i thought… lots of AI, and a handful of useful idiots falling for what the ai is pushing.

a9de29 No.447076


Yep. Mememasteds take it away. All it needs is “What’s a crisis actor?” And I’ll twat it.

a84aeb No.447077


Linda Traitz probably just signed her death warrant.

2d9609 No.447078


literally a liar.

he was acting during a crisis (he interviewed classmates DURING the shooting). if he's not a PAID actor he's still an ACTUAL actor.



dac407 No.447079

File: ba0847e6ac80b6b⋯.png (195.28 KB, 490x367, 490:367, Screenshot-2018-2-20 Meme ….png)


>Can't control narrative?

>Discredit narrators

f62aaf No.447080



I shared the info this morning. Kevin Hogg has AF1 as his cover photo on fb

b705d2 No.447081


Coming so late to the party it is likely a bot.

They come in groups of 5 when responses are given. Expect another 5.

70b084 No.447082


Sounds like you need a break. Do check in once in a while until you are ready to come back.

49625f No.447083

File: 50b4a517cbab6b8⋯.png (574.73 KB, 1408x665, 1408:665, Untitled.png)


Good luck to them.

c6b6be No.447084


keep em coming awesome

94974c No.447085

File: 05b5203d42837a5⋯.png (305.01 KB, 750x750, 1:1, Seal_of_the_United_States_….png)


National Counterterrorism Center

Located in McLean, VA

• Operate as a partnership of organizations to include: Central Intelligence Agency; Department of Justice/Federal Bureau of Investigation; Departments of State, Defense, and Homeland Security; and other entities that provide unique expertise such as the Departments of Energy, Treasury, Agriculture, Transportation, and Health and Human Services; and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

https:// www.dni.gov/index.php/nctc-home

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Counterterrorism_Center

In 2012, the United States Attorney General Eric Holder granted the agency the authority to collect, store, and analyze extensive data collections on U.S. citizens compiled from governmental and non-governmental sources for suspicious behavior through pattern analysis and to share the databases with foreign states. The effort has drawn controversy for its pre-crime effort, which has been likened to the Information Awareness Office and its proposed mass surveillance.[4][5][6][7]

9018a7 No.447086


Slow down there.

No need to get excited with caps and exclamation marks.

Yes, a component of what we are looking for will show up in the geography which is why we are digging on Mclean VA.

However, at the state level, all bets are off. Too big to see patterns.

However, Broward county and Parkland are a lesson to us that some things may be seen at a county level.

But mapping out counties has a beginning and an end.

The beginning is to collect geographical locations for everything.

But all anons can help by trying to include a county or a zipcode for anything that we find.

We now have 2 confirmed locations where the deep state congregates in a nest. Probably Hollywood is a third.

But we need a lot more data points before we can even begin to map this.

91bf39 No.447087

Ah, you just can’t make this shit up…

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-20/florida-teachers-pension-fund-long-ar-15-gunmaker-stock

669366 No.447088



Find the other faces.


e3eb5b No.447089

So maybe wrong to ask … and I’m sure it has been asked . I’m looking now… but we’re are the bodies going to be laid to rest at?

2b1f19 No.447090



Thank you wise Anon!


511370 No.447091



Post something relevant and get anons back on track.

Nobody here is going to listen if they don't want to.

That is why they are here.

2a724b No.447092


Dangers of AI.

They trick those who walk sleeping.

e3eb5b No.447093



0fe3c3 No.447094


Appreciate you anon. Praying for you as well. This sort of thing can consume you all too easily, I know that myself. I baked 15 or so breads in a row way back at #50 CBTS. Real life has to take the front seat some times.

b90813 No.447095


the break. yes. but what could the break mean in this context? possibly breaking away from 8chan /GA/ and going mainstream? just spit balling here.

e49d7f No.447096

File: b734969f71bea05⋯.jpg (60.88 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 24zqaf.jpg)

File: b73ed850b84fe29⋯.jpg (49.15 KB, 769x467, 769:467, 24zqbi.jpg)

File: ab3e4b4f8e54f78⋯.jpg (320.4 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: a996ff5a360ec22⋯.jpg (34.66 KB, 600x315, 40:21, miracles3.jpg)

Twitter just locked my account. They want my cell phone number.

71480e No.447097



9c2126 No.447098

File: 5d2b216d1cc10a1⋯.jpg (56.51 KB, 658x369, 658:369, IMG_3315.JPG)

f62aaf No.447099

File: 56cfa97eb9665b3⋯.png (624.14 KB, 672x1003, 672:1003, photostudio_1519186370994.png)

5f298f No.447100


Again: we gain nothing by attacking these kids for whomever or whatever is responsible for their part BUT attacking the SHIT out of the MSM for hiding the Hogg/FBI connection and the Lasky/adoption lawyer is totally in our wheelhouse.

49625f No.447101

File: 757000f759380c2⋯.png (880.39 KB, 876x761, 876:761, hogg4.png)

908c73 No.447102

Did Mueller and Holder protect Epstein?

Did Mueller agree to be special counsel to get back at HRC, Obama, Holder, et al over Epstein case?


143a74 No.447103

File: 4fc11a00d567d44⋯.jpg (91.98 KB, 500x865, 100:173, 1519186181299.jpg)

found this spicy meme on /pol. Their already all over this shit.

9f9032 No.447104


Dec 9 2017 12:45:57



ID: 571cae


Be the autists we know you are.

It's about the BREAK.

Godspeed, Patriots

7377b9 No.447105


Oh look. Three clown stooges.

b90813 No.447107


step away for a while anon, spend time with your family and friends and loved ones. you will be called upon when needed. Watch for the signs.

5f298f No.447108



3c6c2d No.447109


As the world turns

36a5b2 No.447110


That's a fucking awesome idea. Thank you. Where do they sell that garbage anyways these days?

d32dfa No.447111


just keep checking back, and watch the news. Things will crystallize, just a matter of time. But yeah, see to your family first. You're only going to look crazy until the crazy starts happening -.

9c2126 No.447112


Saw it posted here last night…

f62aaf No.447113


well, cnn saying it so…

36c4f7 No.447114


Can you see if he joined since the shooting?

dd7503 No.447115


> it's all I know how to do…

But it is pure GENIUS! and you are so humble

c5e529 No.447116


We gain everything by exposing those kids.

47dd96 No.447117


Hang tuff dude, check in when you can. Put family first. I understand everything you have stated and had similar thoughts cross my mind. Just realize some of this shit has to move at the speed of governement and like you said ….if this shit isn't dripped….normies will be quick to dismiss.

Gitmo is open. We thought it was two months ago, but there was no denying the flights…well, now it has hit MSM, that it is ready for prisoners. Time scale is off on these drops, so be careful with what you release….and when.

Keep up the good fight!

7377b9 No.447118

98e445 No.447119


Defense and Aerospace contractors

Close to Langley facility

On the water

In McLean

22bbf6 No.447120


>technically they ARE larping,

YOU HAVE TO GO BACK…fuckers…this isn't AI it's a half raid…idiots. They're trying to get MSM to contact "Ian Rothschild" for the sauce…so they can KEK…they've been so damn successful this week…

I repeat..THIS IS A RAID..they are not shills they are doing for the LULZ…SRSLY too many boomers here…if you can't learn to recognize half when half is being half…STFU and stop spreading fake shit..all any fucktard had to do was run the blog link through wayback..

I repeat, NOT shills..it's HALF A RAID…jaysus so easy to spot…you're an idiot. KEK.

b705d2 No.447122

For those who have just woken up to the AI that is often here. When you respond to a bot, it triggers another 5 bot posts. Q said this way way back at the beginning and nobody takes heed of it.

This is the reason for us pushing do not answer shills over and over and over again.

If you must reply, do so indirectly. Cut and paste an image if you must. Do not trigger bots!

8fd205 No.447123

Any recent tweets from POTUS?

24007a No.447124


Her video she says 2 shooters over and over.

22bbf6 No.447125


I repeat..this is a raid and a LARP..half is at it again.

9f9032 No.447127


SALUTE! Never feel bad for not staying caught up, your eyes and ears are just as good as any other anon, we need every true witness to this that we can have, News unlocks the MAP, so keep an eye out there, I have a feeling that we'll know it when we see it. Take care anon, Godspeed to you and yours!

d2f384 No.447128


Not in the last few hours but ye did tweet a reference to "just the tip of the iceberg."

99b11e No.447129

File: a5fd4472ee93da2⋯.jpg (16.74 KB, 200x200, 1:1, f1d7c0f676b7de2fea02aaf5b2….jpg)

File: 9c9e4755c441b0b⋯.jpg (48.64 KB, 540x420, 9:7, 9c9e4755c441b0b775f5741266….jpg)

99b11e No.447130

File: 387cf01dc81cd8e⋯.jpg (12.91 KB, 301x168, 43:24, AAEAAQAAAAAAAAboAAAAJDYyND….jpg)

43b6e1 No.447132


list of 12? i'll start looking

1fe2d1 No.447133

File: e585f168cab9d6a⋯.jpg (87.99 KB, 634x421, 634:421, rg10.JPG)


Everyone does what they can. If it's spreading the word / memes offline or just watching and enjoying the show; we're all making a difference. God speed to you and your family anon.

155a31 No.447134

File: 8761efa1d2b7ff4⋯.jpg (500.03 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Mefloquine_neurotoxic_mala….jpg)


>then its suspect

No, its called being honest. What we do know is the following:

The prophylactic dosage of mefloquine, 250 mg, is much smaller than the treatment dose

given to GTMO detainees, 1250 mg, and is administered once per week as opposed to the single

dose used for treatment purposes. Administering the drug at the higher treatment dose without previously determining the need for any treatment was a dramatic departure from the accepted standard of medical care and is not medically justified.

Thus, it does NOT appear plausible from the available evidence that mefloquine was being given to GITMO prisoners to treat malaria. This leaves only darker possibilities: that the military (is giving?) gave detainees the drug specifically to bring about the adverse side effects, either as part of enhanced interrogation techniques, experimentation in behavioral modification, or torture for some other purpose.

b50991 No.447135

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Anderson Cooper and Madonna

I recommend eye bleach as a palate cleanser.

71b8ca No.447136

File: 2a3b87b6e86108a⋯.png (583.33 KB, 564x513, 188:171, ClipboardImage.png)

9c2126 No.447137

File: 3d12922ddb41434⋯.jpg (47.86 KB, 540x420, 9:7, IMG_2745.JPG)

65a94f No.447138


No, I think they are a loose knit group of larpers trying be edgy. I don’t think they are responsible for all of the shills we see tonight.

8fd205 No.447140


Thanks. Just wondering if he's all right. Lots of fuckery and bad intent on the left.

99b11e No.447141


Scopolamine usage by Cabal?

d2f384 No.447142

File: 38cc3192fe9de0c⋯.jpg (26.07 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

The deep state should be scared. We are coming after them like we the Bear Jew.

0e91b2 No.447143


I did the dig on LiddleKidz.

There is lots of suggestive imagery:

symbols that could be MKULTRA, pedo, etc.

It is all couched in very clinical/medical jargon with continuing education credits for nurses and the whole 9 yards. The website is elaborate and deep.

Anons who dug deeper found videos of the 'pediatric massage' and identified person touching infant's genital area (thru diaper). Sick room of a chronically ill teen (?) girl (portable oxygen tank in foreground), who appeared to be receiving therapeutic massage touch, but WHY was there a video camera in that room, drapes closed on all the windows, other oddities?

WHY did they advertise a seminar to teach children to touch other children and 'explore' them physically? "with appropriate boundaries of course". When I was a pre-pubescent kid it was known as "playing doctor" and was taboo.

The foundation appears legit, but more digging is needed to identify major donors and funding sources. I looked at one tax return (2015) and did not find that info.

For the amount of US and international travel they do, there would be very large expenses, and I do not see a source for the money, other than the tour in India that was funded by Gates Foundation, Microsoft, EPIC bars.

I don't know how to dig a 501(c) nonprofit to discover their donors but it needs to be done.

The tour bus has privacy windows, can't look inside. It is possible that young children victims could be transported inside, since they are on the road ~365 days a year going from seminar to seminar.

A pedo looking for kids would notice the pedo symbols, which are not that evident to somebody unaware of pedophilia.

It's a partial dig but more is needed.

6f12e0 No.447144


Great work maga(zine)anon

There’s an idea for you. Title could be Great Awakening: the MAGAzine.

4db2dd No.447145


Not for a couple hours. Here is a recap of today's tweets

2-20-2018 PST

4:24 Obama Timeline of Failures - Thx F/F

4:37 Obama quote 1 - Can't rig election

4:46 Obama quote 2 - Russian narrative begins after T win

4:54 R's Leading in generic poll

5:03 CPAC/Matt better now than Obama WH

5:11 PA - Insinuates D's steal elections

5:38 Trump stronger on Russia than Obama

7:16 Fake News WAPO story re kissing woman

7:29 Fake News narrative/PPl paid for fake news/only Fox reported truth

9:49 CNBC Business Booming

—- PM

5:08 Russia rally/fake news/CNN/MSNBC

5:14 Retweet of Iceberg/Thank you

5:18 D or R background checks needed

99b11e No.447146

File: 84d64421a625d44⋯.jpg (56.77 KB, 586x626, 293:313, 84d64421a625d44eb81a8b9809….jpg)

9f9032 No.447147


feel better now that you got that out?

a0d8ea No.447148


That's because they suck at Life.

14605a No.447149




He could be referring to the strike package B7-V. Maybe there is a connection to terrorist attacks WW like Nice, China recently where vehicules used ploughed into crowds of people. Maybe some MK Ultra reference or reference to the braking system.

ad2b00 No.447150

Shits getting real Anons

Locked me out of my Twatter acct over 700 followers

Was posting FL memes from here

Getting huge hits on them

Now locked out for security reasons!!


22bbf6 No.447151


>Those accounts are AI, and so are you

What's that I hear? Half is calling…either go back…or..we'll come back there…which do you choose? Two can play this game.

7a1531 No.447152

File: 3947c901899c885⋯.jpg (123.43 KB, 627x960, 209:320, IMG_0350.JPG)

Donde esta memo Pendejo

49625f No.447153

File: 701db7eb1ea4f44⋯.png (252.69 KB, 965x431, 965:431, plane2.png)


what a great day its turning out to be

1fe2d1 No.447154


I think you're a new breed of shill. You did this same thing last night by occupying up to 30% of the bread with your posts.

If I check the posts associated with your ID in this bread it seems like you're all over the place. On top of the fact you are spreading disinfo makes me think you're doing this purposefully.

a0d8ea No.447156


Don't bother.. They WANT you to get distracted. They succeeded.

fe8cc9 No.447157

File: db5193c65c2c7b0⋯.jpg (215.06 KB, 937x960, 937:960, alinsky.jpg)


Part of the 4-6%.

Literally retarded, not to mention dancing on the edge of their seats while interfering with shit that can bite them in the ass big time.

Kiddies are vulnerable to manipulation. Useful idiots do 95% of the heavy lifting.

173b21 No.447158


I just got locked out too. Security verification. Never happened before. Dafuq

850509 No.447159


So much cocaine in that man there.

6a87dd No.447161


That's the dad, great work anon :)

49625f No.447162

File: 6b82074d60fb1b2⋯.png (608.89 KB, 1013x516, 1013:516, hogg3.png)

File: 757000f759380c2⋯.png (880.39 KB, 876x761, 876:761, hogg4.png)

511370 No.447163

File: bcc0be6c786068e⋯.jpg (11.69 KB, 253x168, 253:168, th0ZSE2WJ0.jpg)

dac407 No.447164

File: a7d6de24e241a26⋯.png (42.01 KB, 490x257, 490:257, Screenshot-2018-2-20 Meme ….png)

186ddb No.447165


Kiss it goodbye. They'll ask you to verify who you are and then say that its not good enough.

6296b7 No.447166

Dilley: Q silence is part of the map

0be7f2 No.447167

File: a583335a8d0d1dc⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1800x2616, 75:109, Just_the_MF_Tip_Q-Post_Tru….png)

99b11e No.447168

File: 6b4be58b0a73f2d⋯.png (247.37 KB, 587x380, 587:380, alroker1.png)


Could you imagine being in the Cabal and seeing this board….. I'd be like well… FUCK.

40710f No.447169


it is a new ice cream treat down at the dairy queen you should go get one now

ffc4f2 No.447171

File: e9e65520bbae940⋯.png (820.89 KB, 2170x1230, 217:123, John Skippy Podesta.png)


https:// www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/11/25/john-podesta-talks-about_n_146272.html

70b084 No.447172


Did you see him look over at his lines? He really is not good at being a crisis actor

a14199 No.447173


Needs attention




13m13 minutes ago


We believe #DavidHogg is a #fake, and not student at #Parkland. Intermixed with #ParklandStudents for interviews, and not present during the #ParklandShooting. Someone on facebook posted a #RedondoBeach, CA high school photo and claims he graduated in 2015. #QAnon #CrisisActor

99b11e No.447174

File: 495047707ee2166⋯.jpg (84.74 KB, 500x595, 100:119, 24xhw5.jpg)

ad2b00 No.447175


Don't want to give them my phone number

Doesn't guarantee getting out of jail anyway

Says can be appealed but asking name


211618 No.447177



You could literally go to the book of revelations and follow along with what’s happening in real life right now.

My pastor just proved to us that we are the last generation before Jesus comes back

Almost all of the prophecies have been fulfilled

Awesome time to be alive

155a31 No.447178


>Scopolamine usage by Cabal?

I would not be surprised at all, but perhaps for different purposes than programmed assassins. If have seen documentaries where scoplamine-like alkaloids from Datura are prepared into a very potent powder which is then blown into the face of someone who will then become very compliant so that a thief could take advantage of them with out the victim remembering anything. I believe this was used in street crime in Columbia, for example.

65340c No.447179


http:// www.classmates.com/people/David-Hogg/4000169172281

maybe this was just created?

b50991 No.447180

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Good breakdown of CF fraud in Haiti

99b11e No.447181


Get out of here SHILL!


9018a7 No.447182


Is that his twin brother beside him?

65a94f No.447183


I could look but for the sake of archiving, source?

ad2b00 No.447184



Was getting great traction with memes from here

1f5639 No.447185


We will know when we know and we have a rhythm over time of heavy chaos mised with some fear usually followed by a terrific happening/ surprise! Thats good enough for me rn while we find what we missed along the way, map connections (43 confirmed), dig and prosper. The board is in good hands.

dbaf1b No.447186


After sandy hook, they vowed to stop such truths (well, they worded it in such a way as to keep from harassing the victims)

But it was blatantly a method to silence any truths.

Not sure what to do, not a twatfag here. Just remember shit in memory holes about the policy that sounded like a censorship modus.

bfa13a No.447188

Dinesh DSouza is trending on twatter now and is being banned from speaking at CPAC. I think his post was accurate, and most important, his opinion which he is entitled to, this push by the left this time is TOO BIG. We have to push back, esp. in light of this push and Dinesh getting caught up in commenting on this! https:// twitter.com/DineshDSouza/status/966078572321562625

9c2126 No.447189

File: 7a084d78633d66f⋯.jpg (48.33 KB, 540x420, 9:7, IMG_3316.JPG)


> I happened to be the one who made those Picard and Diet Woke memes…

< Here's another one for you anon!

(Pic related)

47dd96 No.447190

File: 2776b6301df7675⋯.jpeg (194.37 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, image.jpeg)

All these fucks have been reading scripts on every fucking channel they can. The public will see through it. Hogg is fucking robot on TV and Infowars has him fucking up his lines over and over. Give this time, shit will come to light…

It smells like a turd, it's a fucking turd. If crisis actors were used, it will come out, because these people are stupid. If they didn't suck at life, they wouldn't be commie fucks

b705d2 No.447191


Time to rotate then.

edc3ae No.447192

File: e9d5ca0b49e4680⋯.jpg (625.73 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, whitney.jpg)

File: 45b3dd74100ae70⋯.jpg (65.24 KB, 550x330, 5:3, Whigham-Funeral-Home-Egypt….jpg)


she grew up singing gospel in the Baptist church. and this is what they did to her when she died.

1b6c2a No.447193


nice work anon

99b11e No.447194


Yeah, VICE did a whole video on it.

Apparently, they blow it in people's faces. And then they can take them to an ATM and they'll gladly give the thief all of their money. They will even take the thieves into their apartment buildings with doormen and let them take all of their stuff… Only to wake up in the morning to ask the doorman where is my stuff? And he said you insisted they could have it and were helping you move out…

a14199 No.447195


Ok, so is he fake or not? Is that Redondo Beach yearbook authentic??

b90813 No.447196


amen, anon. It's been a glorious 2018 so far. Can't wait for the rest of the year.

bfa13a No.447197


YEP, and Dinesh DSouza made similar comments and is being banned, this is upsetting their latest push is getting all of the media attn and its pissing me off bigtime! https:// twitter.com/DineshDSouza/status/966078572321562625

1a081f No.447198



173b21 No.447199


I gave my number. But it’s my old number and I just happen to still have the phone. Got back in and deleted my number.

49625f No.447200

File: 7ab78b791f1d311⋯.png (268.18 KB, 1020x520, 51:26, fatherson.png)

File: 855dfc4b8d6cd9d⋯.png (659.88 KB, 993x565, 993:565, PLANE.png)



like father, like son

c883e8 No.447201

File: 46223434956b402⋯.png (100.18 KB, 400x400, 1:1, GFLogo400x400V2.png)

File: d65e4a6e6427d2e⋯.png (320.75 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-02-20-23-1….png)

Gannett Fleming is huge. Going to dig more in AM, but this company has its tentacles into a lot… water, education, government, data centers…

731b37 No.447202

File: 07bfb3a562fb1f0⋯.jpg (289.77 KB, 1200x769, 1200:769, BuildMapJpg.jpg)

682457 No.447203

File: 1a0be5f5e5aa7e7⋯.jpeg (47.61 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 5D433F74-382C-4F9F-B0FC-5….jpeg)


Very good, now keep it quiet. They’re too stupid to read the EO’s anyway.

1f5639 No.447204


Some, true, but the CIA owned media is complicit and enemy #1. They are fucking responsible and will hold the kids up as victims of the alt-right as we are called and it is already happening. Mockingbird must die!

95cadd No.447205

File: d5407ababd8b101⋯.png (795.59 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-02-20-23-2….png)

155a31 No.447206


>Hogg not even in HS in Florida?

Also consider the possibility that his mother and father are divorced and that he lives with his mother in Florida during the school year and stays with his father in the summer, which would explain the August 2017 video footage online. I agree with others that they maybe attempting to set up inexperienced anons into spreading dis-info. We need far more evidence before jumping on potential counterproductive band wagons. It should not be that difficult to track down his DOB.

2d9609 No.447207


Mensch was trying to discredit/impeach trump with some insane investigation like a year ago until she was blown out of the water when it was revealed everything was fabricated.

i dont have sauce (many anons will) just memory of what was going on.

6fa2c9 No.447208

https:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/148136485/#148139234

b90813 No.447209



we have the power, we just forgot how to play the game. BUT BOY ARE WE LEARNING FAST ;)

7377b9 No.447210


Just another front to find victims. Has some legitimacy on outside and legit workers, but also those within using it to find victims. Pedos always create reasons to be around children. Teacher, coach, pedo massager, the usual.

a9c4cc No.447211


Agree. Since we've found out that there were staff members working without clearances being completed, I am now wondering how many of those with clearances were just given them (regardless of what is lurking in their shadows) because the deep state issued them.

6508d3 No.447212

File: 682f3343bff7388⋯.png (47.26 KB, 735x406, 105:58, 441865 YOU.PNG)

ad2b00 No.447213



186ddb No.447214


That's when it happens.

Even if you choose to give them your phone number, they may say that its already associated with another account. This is their way of fucking you around as well as getting more info on you.

Also, they will have your MAC number. This will allow them to fuck you around further by not sending you verification emails to any knew accounts you might create.

6296b7 No.447215

Dilley Intel. Final seconds of the periscope. Sorry, phonefag

https:// www.pscp.tv/w/bVuasDFEWUVYVmFCTG5tS2d8MU1ZeE5wUmxNV05Hd7XxbCiE96L5vCB5puN0chRPbwAZQvf9ju2e6Pj75fSl

99b11e No.447216


I agree.. I truly believe the day of reckoning is coming.

What sort of timeline did he give? by 2025?

22bbf6 No.447218


fake and gay half finally found a pic to put in KEK…was blank earlier.

Stop playing with this LARP..there's plenty enough wrong with this "shooting"..

carry on half..

*would be better if you posted proofs on Q yes? no? (wait wat? if you had them you would have already…yep…fake and gay.)

b90813 No.447219

File: 78a8752447938ca⋯.jpg (194.55 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

d2f384 No.447220


Negative. Boards not comped. Q didn't leave. Investigate the tweets all you want.

ffc4f2 No.447221

File: 3d2da08d407c19a⋯.png (124.32 KB, 1718x1102, 859:551, PB_Taco_email.png)

File: d46490dd4c04a73⋯.png (106.76 KB, 1192x636, 298:159, Peanut_Butter_Taco.png)

File: 511cd68ab38a508⋯.png (308.87 KB, 1642x1618, 821:809, Peanut_Butter_Taco_Directo….png)

File: efca7df90d6c542⋯.png (121.81 KB, 1230x642, 205:107, Peanut_Butter_Taco_Lunch.png)


he also has an obsession with Peanut Butter Tacos

https:// wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/?q=pb+tacos&mfrom=&mto=&title=&notitle=&date_from=&date_to=&nofrom=&noto=&count=50&sort=6#searchresult

623e28 No.447222



fff3cb No.447223

Does anyone have info on the blurred cell phone from the state of the union?????

2776b4 No.447224


^ it's beautiful

bfa13a No.447225


Hhaha yeah! and I just left Verizon!!!!!

Not the store, I BUILT sites so perfect!!!!

And Verizon is fake too BTW and does NOT have the best coverage anyway Bahahahah

So glad to be back its been so depressing working for Verizon and now Im free you made my day!!!!!!

70b084 No.447226


>This kid can not remember his lines. He keeps looking off to the side to read them and then stumbles over them anyway.

7377b9 No.447227


We need to stop spreading DISINFORMATION. They are using this to dismiss all of the LEGIT signs this is a planned FF! Real victims, but fake reactions and march.

899ad0 No.447228


This was SB 50 in 1991. Whitney wasn't using drugs then. She started using in 1993 during the Bodyguard movie and album. That was raw talent. No one has pipes like Whitney. No one!

627170 No.447229


Want to lose the power quickly, put out misinfo… people treating Antifa parody account tweet as verifiable facts need to take a step back. Verify first, assemble concrete facts, then distribute.

dbaf1b No.447230


Don't jump on the meme train with that just yet.

Let it sink in when reality strikes.

Enemy is here tonite.

Q said this would happen.

We are winning bigly, even while lobbing heads off zombies in what appears a endless supply of commbies. (commie zombies)

47dd96 No.447231

File: 7e62146907fb061⋯.jpeg (35.28 KB, 500x500, 1:1, image.jpeg)


Listen dude, keep your shit together. Truth can't be argued with. Q team is from NSfuckinA, so if there are bad actors here, which we have always known, then they are stepping on the fly paper. This isn't a game. This board serves many purposes and we're up against commie satanists fucks, treasonous bitches, and foreign bad actors.

Fuck them all. Let them take the bate. Q will be back when they want to be back and whenit is time to press forward.

Now hold tight, and keep up the good fight!

d2f384 No.447232


He looks like a teenager who got forced into drug counseling.

b50991 No.447233


If you get your opponent to repeat your accusation, verbatim, you've won.

5638a6 No.447234

File: 7e9cd6f009483a0⋯.png (113.18 KB, 261x237, 87:79, cia.fbi.png)

ca89d5 No.447235


By "mental health" they're going to mean anyone on an antidepressant, anti-anxiety or other psychotropic drug will not be permitted to have a gun. Don't back this alternate narrative just because it takes the heat off guns.

A "serious" mental health issue leaves TOO MUCH to interpretation. What will constitute "serious", how is it determined & will people be stripped of their rights simply for taking a pill with no history of being dangerous?

SLIPPERY SLOPE Anons. It's being sold as common sense & seems sound but with 1 in 6 Americans popping a psychoactive drug daily it can affect a significant portion of the population & be applied too liberally VERY QUICKLY.

It's the Commie's back up plan:




Never Forget It

99b11e No.447238



bfa13a No.447239


Oh yeah, the VA has refused to allow any more cell sites on their property, therefore rejecting revenue of a few thousand each month from carriers - how would POTUS like that? To know the Feds/VA is refusing FREE MONEY for veterans??? f-d up if you ask me, the Fed Gov't/VA refusing free money on each facility they own, it adds up to millions each year I am sure - but THEY DIDNT WANT TO BOTHER! A former co-worker of mine has that in writing from the VA

186ddb No.447240


Yeah, it says you're a destractionfag!

4ff8d3 No.447241


>My pastor just proved to us that we are the last generation before Jesus comes back

I'm listening. Continue.

850509 No.447242


> we might become obsolete if the normies start redpilling themselves

^^^ This has been my hope for YEARS!!!

36a5b2 No.447243


For some reason that picture on the left makes me really upset. He was just a kid and he was innocent. The bible says it would be better if you had not been born than to harm one of God's little ones. Everyone gets so upset about these "crisis actors" thinking these kids are all in on it, forgetting that these kids were innocent at one point and were corrupted by others.

b90813 No.447244

File: c80dcaabeb579d7⋯.jpg (79.29 KB, 715x1024, 715:1024, C5plu8jUYAAiqul.jpg)

49625f No.447246

File: 701db7eb1ea4f44⋯.png (252.69 KB, 965x431, 965:431, plane2.png)

File: a5a09ce292fe149⋯.png (707.9 KB, 938x599, 938:599, plane3.png)

File: 67c4c30ff8c1534⋯.png (478 KB, 828x581, 828:581, plane4.png)

File: 0833aa62d9f2082⋯.png (841.56 KB, 939x603, 313:201, selfie.png)

2d9609 No.447247


>https:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/148136485/#148139234

Disinformation exists and is necessary.

10 days.



i never notice the TYPO before anon.


7377b9 No.447248


You should do some more reading up on Whitney. Trust me, she began using coke in the 80's…like everyone else. She never was an angel. That was all branding. Which is why she liked Bobby.

0712af No.447249


I missed a Q graphics

in those days, I hope good news tomorrow, thanks Anon..

3b6761 No.447250


mm mmm… second only to the Birmingham Booty Call

173b21 No.447251


Gateway pundit is doubling down. Wintrich says he spoke with a students father who claims the theater gang is coercing kids

1fc111 No.447252

File: e8d602dd3d05470⋯.jpg (48.7 KB, 804x556, 201:139, gannett org chart-2011.JPG)

2011 Gannett org chart

http:// www.cogmap.com/chart/gannett-co-inc

9a0f1f No.447253


Nice,now we press further

7d4312 No.447254


I admit, I fell for it a little. This definitely helped get me back on the right track! :)

99b11e No.447255



dbfcfa No.447256


] just looking at openstreemap view of McLean.

what is "Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center" and why is it right next to C_A and right on the Potomac?

bland and uninteresting website: www.fhwa.dot.gov/publications/research/general/08066/index.cfm

bfa13a No.447257


Read Edgar Cacye, too, he always referenced 1998 and 2008 bigtime as end times

899ad0 No.447258


Anon, everybody in HW uses coke. We're talking about crack and heroin. Its the latter two that did her in.

64c242 No.447260


Butting in…

When did this kid transfer from CA to FL?

Did his dad work closely with Comey's circle?

Transfer sometime around the same time

Comey was fired and escorted from his CA office?

71480e No.447261


yuri gragarian and joe blow… somehow says NO

d77df0 No.447262


Working under certain gas bags, can put your ass in a sling.

14605a No.447263


Who said Qteam isn't here right now?

d2f384 No.447264


Teach them to fish.

99b11e No.447265



22bbf6 No.447266


Fucker it's not clowns it's not disinfo per se, it's a half raid and if you can't tell the difference by now you have to go back.

5638a6 No.447267


exactly right.


Take 'em down anons, they've killed enough people, their time is up.

70b084 No.447268

Dustin got his school shooting and crisis players vid deleted off YT.


173b21 No.447269


I bet they will expand that to social media too

99b11e No.447270




2b1f19 No.447272

File: d453fe3b792627b⋯.jpg (269.15 KB, 1024x681, 1024:681, RIP JFK flag ocean.jpg)


Mine too, and they want the same. They're not getting it.

I'm far too paranoid for that.

Pic not related. Just thought it might help focus.

d2f384 No.447273


Yes, we caught it. Darkness in NK if they don't play ball.

9f9032 No.447274

File: 6117dd13cb28623⋯.png (871.38 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ! GLOWING.png)


knew this would come in handy today...

413de7 No.447275


Huurrrrrr. Everyone who disagrees or says something I don’t like is a bot.

Almost like when a liberal snowflake calls everyone that disagrees with them a fascist.

Again. I call on you, and anyone else screeching about bots, to specify how one proves they’re human, rather than the sci-fi level of AI needed to keep up with this board of idiots, as well as directly respond and engages with people here without skipping a beat.

Go ahead. I’ll wait.

99b11e No.447276

https:// twitter.com/RogueSnowWhite


investigate ANONs!

bfa13a No.447277


yeah especially since @Snowden recently posted he had HIS clearance very quickly, in way less time than POTUS's cabinet pics etc. THEY NEED them, but its been said they have been fudging them if they can't manipulated honest hard working people ot get in FBI etc

a9c4cc No.447278

File: 151a991315305eb⋯.png (190.27 KB, 492x426, 82:71, tucker carlson face.png)

47dd96 No.447279


Not me, gaurantee they are eyes on 24/7…think UTAH MI detachment isn't a part of the team…nope, I bet they have all sorts of eyes on. NSA/MI has our backs.

Fuckin shit up!

c3c511 No.447280


Such talent here! Honored that you are sharing them with us. Keep up the great work!

bfa13a No.447281


Love Tucker Carlson Face, partner hates it! hysterical

dbaf1b No.447282


They are out of their league, especially that kid.

And if he is wanting to play an adult game, I say release upon him the frogs of war.

We didn't start it… They did…

6fa2c9 No.447284


Reread 'darNkness'

623e28 No.447285


David Rockefeller is basically responsible for the rise of big pharma. Needed a product that could be made with petrochemicals…

9c2126 No.447286

File: 28d709f64fb17f6⋯.png (205.24 KB, 406x310, 203:155, IMG_3183.PNG)


3d0800 No.447287


A lot of bot posts. This, for example, is very unnatural, as is all the yelling about Redondo being a shill. Maybe it is, but the extreme volume of yelling makes it seem suspect.

But the fact that shills are shilling against Redondo doesn't even prove that it's legit. Because they could be shilling to enhance disinformation.

99b11e No.447288

http:// www.theliontriumphs.com/

40710f No.447289


scroll up and fucking read the bread

9018a7 No.447290


Triggers do not work that way. Serious slave owners use multi-sense triggers which require two or three senses simultaneously to trigger, They do not trust each other. If a slaveowner from another bloodline learns the trigger that you use, they can steal your slave and reprogram. The beta sex kitten personality tends to be pretty much of an airhead so if an enemy sees how you trigger that personality, you are fucked.

The Illuminati worship Satan, the master of deception. They try to deceive in everything they do. They even lie to each other, trick each other and steal from each other. It's the law. Natural law states that the strong should dominate and exploit the weak.

14605a No.447291


Of course they never leave here.. Silly to think otherwise.

99b11e No.447293

Hepzibah Nanna

a9de29 No.447294

File: a159d60c94f71bb⋯.png (2.38 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 1ACDD133-4B58-4672-959D-56….png)

File: 2247feb818862ef⋯.png (524.83 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 20F73495-6975-438E-832F-A8….png)

Tomorrow the company one of the victim’s mothers “works” for is wearing purple or turquoise for the daughter who was killed in the shooting. I dug and dug and dug and and something doesn’t feel right. FB, LI, go fund me’s… every loose end tied up but feels disingenuous… only thing I found odd is this is the FB post continuously referenced (pic related) leads to the linked in of this person… I swear someone posted this picture in another thread but I couldn’t find it again. Anyone recognize it?

36c4f7 No.447295


https:// www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2018/02/21/david-hogg-reaction-don-jr-like-tweet-school-shooting-ac-sot.cnn

https:// archive.is/4oZNN

99b11e No.447297

Deep State Agent Hepzibah 🇨🇦 🥑 ⚖️ 🔥 🌊 🌵Protected Tweets


Lovesick for #Jesus. #Revivalist at TLT & Co-Pastor at River of Fire. Spiritual Adviser to #Obamas & #Clintons. Member of the Guardian Counsel. #TeamAvocado 🥑

“DeepState” Agents never tell


Joined February 2017

Born on June 19

5638a6 No.447298

File: e82427289beac2f⋯.png (545.4 KB, 675x539, 675:539, busted.png)

6508d3 No.447299


no it isn't…. fake as hell…. eagles pic in upper kid's photo confirms.

22bbf6 No.447301


THIS is most interesting..go over to crazy days and nights blog and do a search for "church"…you may have found a link…cause those intel drops are insane…like literally..if Newsweek is linked to that…talk about a rabbit hole.

a14199 No.447302


I did. I cant determine any truth.

Just because someone says that facebook is fake doesnt mean shit to me.

Wahts provable?

1f5639 No.447303


Hahahahaha can you do the writing in crayon- ?

1a081f No.447304


We're making him more famous than cnn is

b8f1e6 No.447305


When they first can't convince you the board is comped, they then will move to pelican shit.

9a0f1f No.447306


These boards were comped back in Oct., Remember, when the animal is backed in a corner they will fight their hardest, unfortunately for them the back wall is fake and there's a cage behind it waiting to trap them.Don't get worried,Get Even!

49625f No.447307

File: dd4c7671585487f⋯.png (321.05 KB, 589x552, 589:552, dd4c7671585487fc2219f79b5c….png)

File: dc4cd263a786bd7⋯.png (186.7 KB, 812x502, 406:251, dc4cd263a786bd754e884ebae1….png)

File: 9d9536e57ad20c5⋯.png (399.21 KB, 626x657, 626:657, 9d9536e57ad20c5cac5f17b390….png)


I have similar feelings.

682457 No.447308

File: 2230dc34e7dd0c6⋯.jpeg (22.15 KB, 255x255, 1:1, BC336FE3-5DEC-48F4-AD03-5….jpeg)

File: b504c6894868283⋯.jpeg (48.73 KB, 638x493, 22:17, 59B88A16-0194-4347-8958-9….jpeg)

File: 37ea0c4aaee6a4f⋯.jpeg (1.08 MB, 2467x3277, 2467:3277, 6534AF4D-DE6E-4F26-8D85-1….jpeg)


Not Masonic at all, I’m sure.

d2f384 No.447309

Please understand that some of Q posts were threats to deep state watchers to push them in certain directions. Some of those posts have expiration date and when you line them up with IRL news and narrative shifts they make sense that drops here changed how things happened.

26e710 No.447312

This may have been posted prior, but lookie:

Oprah agrees to match George and Amal Clooney's donation to 'March for Our Lives'

So the Cloon and his A-Male "wife" are giving a half million to this game being played on the country, and Oprah is matching it – no doubt because she's throwing her weight around in retaliation of Trump's tweet on Sunday night.

https:// www.aol.com/article/entertainment/2018/02/20/oprah-agrees-to-match-george-and-amal-clooneys-donation-to-march-for-our-lives/23366893/

22bbf6 No.447313


>hey're working for Satan

YOU HAVE TO GO BACK..tweeking at the religitards here with trigger word SATAN…= raid fail. THIS shit is a raid and a LARP from half and if you don't recognize it as such…you're either halping…or you've gone full on retard.

3d0800 No.447314


Smells very glowy, like you. What is there to investigate? More like AVOID.

d57f07 No.447315

File: 1c68a244e0e7825⋯.jpg (39.71 KB, 262x407, 262:407, Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at ….jpg)

File: 0dc324a9281ca4e⋯.jpg (257.5 KB, 1401x929, 1401:929, Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at ….jpg)


Redondo Beach mascot = EAGLES

They have a website that he is clearly on for the lifeguard video.

623e28 No.447316

Loaded with information.

"Within a few years of the Iranian Revolution, the CIA was helping Ayatollah Khomeini identify nationalist leaders so he could target leftists who had formed the Committee of 60, which led the Iranian revolution. In 1983 the CIA and British MI6 supplied a long list of Tudeh Party members to Khomeini. The Ayatollah unleashed a reign of terror against the left; assassinating, torturing and imprisoning over 10,000 Tudeh members and supporters. In 1989 many of those imprisoned were sentenced to death. [7]

The Israelis courted the mullahs as well. Throughout the 1980’s Israeli pilots trained their Iranian counterparts on F-4 Phantom fighter planes at secret bases in Germany. Mossad continued to fund and arm Mustafa Barzani’s PUK Kurd faction in their covert war against Iraq. As recently as 2002 German Customs officials seized an Israeli shipment of weapons bound for Iran.

As the mullahs took power, Chase Manhattan called in a $500 million loan to Iran, claiming the country had defaulted. Interim Prime Minister Mehdi Bazargan had offered to repay the loan. He met with Carter NSA Zbigniew Brzezinski seeking a rapprochement. But Brzezinski – a Rockefeller protégé – had other plans for Iran. US Ambassador to Iran William Sullivan accused Brzezinski of trying to sabotage US/Iran relations following the Shah’s departure. Sullivan complained, “By November 1978, Brzezinski began to make his own policy and establish his own embassy in Iran.”[8]"

https:// hendersonlefthook.wordpress.com/2014/09/24/how-the-rockefellers-looted-iran/

24325c No.447317


Fake. Obviously shopped.

dbaf1b No.447318

File: 180da8119fdbae9⋯.jpg (757.29 KB, 1556x1496, 389:374, Whatsit.jpg)


Here ya go.

40710f No.447319


look at the fucking picture with your own fucking eyes

the fat fucking kid in the center top photo

wearing a parkland eagles t shirt


how many seniors wear a t-shirt for senior photos?????????????????????

stop waiting to be spoon fed

if you are not smart you should not be here


this not facebook

this is not twitter

99b11e No.447320

Who the fuck are these @rogue twitter accounts?

Who is the Riddle Master?

Especially, @RogueSnowWhite


1f9beb No.447321

File: 6ea831368ba4285⋯.jpg (178.84 KB, 800x630, 80:63, JS1.jpg)

File: b2fa5119afd7407⋯.jpg (217.78 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Trust_Wray.jpg)

2ef8db No.447322


fkn fantastic.. drip drip drip.boom. Overton window.

6a87dd No.447323


Hey look it's CAPTAIN CAPSLOCK back to spread more knowledge amongst us mere mortals….

2d9609 No.447324


i cant even remember my name half the time let alone everything we've been through these past months (nearly a year really). So many times i "rediscover" something i already wrote or read. Just par for the course i guess.

22bbf6 No.447325


>Military tribunals of 12 10 of 12 almost finished

>Q silence is a marker in the map

>Show almost here

Dilly drop?

50d9f5 No.447326

File: 102c0473e2f4956⋯.png (13.6 KB, 255x181, 255:181, 2CEE977B-9E5E-44E6-9641-3D….png)

Them queerberry and der fancy cars

99b11e No.447327


Please go away shill!

49625f No.447328

File: fe54d3dd1b0455a⋯.png (773.66 KB, 889x709, 889:709, davidhogg2.png)

File: 757000f759380c2⋯.png (880.39 KB, 876x761, 876:761, hogg4.png)

File: 0e77e8af678f15a⋯.png (330.6 KB, 885x454, 885:454, lifeguard.png)

File: 0833aa62d9f2082⋯.png (841.56 KB, 939x603, 313:201, selfie.png)


go to the facebook page yourself, im not trying to hide anything. i always try and pull links in the photos when needed, and this was needed.

I can verify these are all the same person. Don't have a timeline constructed.

3b6761 No.447329

for fuck's sake, when Q disappears boards like this really bring out the space cadets - it's like some anons nervously pace around all day waiting to find someone/somewhere to spill their guts about the satanists eating infants under the White House - you fuckers must have had some interesting holidays growing up

ca89d5 No.447330


Fast forward 15 years & if you see a shrink more than a half dozen times you'll be barred from owning a gun

They'll constantly add new categories they can strip of their rights regardless of any propensity toward voilence in the past

They'll chalk it up to "saving people from potential self harm" to justify it

Depressed? No gun for you. How will they know? Cuz you've got a script for Lexapro, Wellbutrin, etc

99b11e No.447331

File: 4a3eebc3dbcc6a4⋯.jpg (29.09 KB, 369x314, 369:314, 58741092.jpg)

6508d3 No.447332


I like what you're posting anon….

0e91b2 No.447333


It's a mirror? Place the mirror someplace on the map. On one side, the narrative is time-forward. On the opposite side, the narrative is time-reversed.

The thought is too abstract. I don't know how to bring it down to nuts & bolts.

Definitely it's a milestone on our path. Whether it is THE central milestone I do not know.

Look for some kind of reflective symmetry in the map?

c58fd8 No.447334

Food for thought re Feb 18:



JOHN 3:16

21:11:55 The Clock is activated.

Flag is last post.

10 days of darkness? (Silence?)

99b11e No.447335



1f5639 No.447336


Hey VZ fag-#metoo. What are your thoughts on the predictive futures stuff from the RFUN seminar? Made me want to quit every day since.

2316fc No.447337

Full of info with links

https:// www.us-government-torture.com/History-of-abuse.html

The link below is the official Department of Energy website outlining an extrodinary number of medical experiments on men, women, and children predominantly using chemical and radioactive substances which were clearly understood to be deadly substances. It is apparent that a method to indoctrinate, recruit, and enlarge the budget for increased use on the public by other more modern electronic devices has taken place.

Project Moonstruck, 1952, CIA:

Electronic implants in brain and teeth

Targeting: Long range Implanted during surgery or surreptitiously

during abduction

Frequency range: HF - ELF transceiver implants

Purpose: Tracking, mind and behavior control, conditioning,

programming, covert operations Functional Basis: Electronic Stimulation of the Brain, E.S.B.

Project MK-ULTRA, 1953, CIA:

Drugs, electronics and electroshock

Targeting: Short range

Frequencies: VHF HF UHF modulated at ELF Transmission

Reception: Local production

Purpose: Programming behavior, creation of "cyborg" mentalities

Effects: narcoleptic trance, programming by suggestion Subprojects: Many.

Pseudonym: Project Artichoke

Functional Basis: Electronic Dissolution of Memory, E.D.O.M.

Project Orion, 1958, U.S.A.F:

Drugs, hypnosis, and ESB

Targeting: Short range, in person

Frequencies: ELF Modulation Transmission and Reception: Radar, microwaves, modulated at ELF frequencies

Purpose: Top security personnel debreifing, programming, insure security and loyalty

Pseudonym: "Dreamland"

MK-DELTA, 1960, CIA:

Fine-tuned electromagnetic subliminal programming

Targeting: Long Range

Frequencies: VHF HF UHF Modulated at ELF Transmission and Reception:

Television antennae, radio antennae, power lines,

mattress spring coils, modulation on 60 Hz wiring.

Purpose: programming behavior and attitudes in general population

Effects: fatigue, mood swings, behavior dysfunction and social

criminality, mood swings

Pseudonym: "Deep Sleep", R.H.I.C.


Location: Montauk, Long Island

(Electronic multi-directional targeting of

select population groups)

Targeting: Medium range

Frequencies: Radar, microwaves. EHF UHF modulated

Power: Gigawatt through Terawatt

Purpose: Loading of Earth Grids, planetary sonombulescence to stave off

geological activity, specific-point earthquake creation, population

programming for sensitized individuals

Pseudonym: "Rainbow", ZAP

[other locations on harmonic geographical regions using the earth as a

transmitter, i.e., Pine Gap, Australia and other locations]


Electronic directed targeting of individuals or populations

Targeting: Large population groups assembled

Display: Black helicopters flying in triad formation of three

Power: 100,000 watts

Frequency: UHF

Purpose: Large group management and behavior control, riot control

Allied Agencies: FEMA

Pseudonym: "Black Triad" A.E.M.C

RF MEDIA, 1990, CIA:

Electronic, multi-directional subliminal suggestion and programming

Location: Boulder, Colorado (Location of main cell telephone node,

national television synchronization node) [21st Frame Sync - television]

Targeting: national population of the United States

Frequencies: ULF VHF HF Phase modulation

Power: Gigawatts

Implementation: Television and radio communications, the "videodrome" signals

Purpose: Programming and triggering behavioral desire, subversion of

psychic abilities of population, preparatory processing for mass electromagnetic control

Pseudonym: "Buzz Saw" E.E.M.C. [The Buzz]

TOWER, 1990, CIA, NSA: [Telephone Cell Towers]

Electronic cross country subliminal programming and suggestion

Targeting: Mass population, short-range intervals, long-range cumulative

Frequencies: Microwave, EHF SHF

Methodology: Cellular telephone system, ELF modulation

Purpose: Programming through neural resonance and encoded information

Effect: Neural degeneration, DNA resonance modification, psychic suppression

Pseudonym: "Wedding Bells"

HAARP, 1995, CIA, NSA, ONR: [High-frequency Active Aroral Research Program]

Electromagnetic resonant induction and mass population control

Location: Gakona, Alaska

Frequencies: Atmospheric phase-locked resonant UHF VHF

Potential: DNA code alteration in population and mass behavior modification

Power: Giga-watt to Tera-watt range Step-Down reflective frequencies:

Approx 1.1 GHz, Human DNA resonant frequency, cellular system phase-lock

To get to the HAARP site go to http:// server5550.itd.nrl.navy.mil/projects/haarp/


Electromagnetic resonant induction and mass population control

d2f384 No.447338

Q posts. Deep state actors see. We push Q's narrative on social media. Deep state sees the snowball growing. They realize the influence of this board. It changes their actions.



Influence if this board is bigger and quicker each time.




601725 No.447339


Perhaps we can't "trigger" them seeing as we aren't the programmer..

But we can talk to them about their connections, act like reporters "do you have any comment about the links between therapists, SSRI's and the MK Ultra program" and get their reactions.. should get some interesting reactions.. Especially if we use the name of their therapist's office name and the name of the drug they take.

Use what they already know to be true. Might get a few drones to even step out of the woodwork and come forward on their own free will..

22bbf6 No.447340


>People are now going to google "crisis actor"

THIS is the glory of a half LARP…annoying and dangerous (the tard that posted the Ian Rothschild sex thing is really risking it…cause that was one step over the line…)

but yes…Half works in mysterious ways…they're raiding us right now…so…scroll over…let them kek over Anderson Pooper's major FAIL.

0286a3 No.447341

our favorite fun loving ace reporter david hogg… interviewing students during the shooting… says its 9:32 in the morning.

the shooting officially happened at 2:30


https: //gopreload.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/David-Hogg-Interviewing-Students-in-hiding-4-hours-ahead-actual-of-shooting-2.mp4?_=1


here is a link to the video at the star telegram in texas… only problem is… the part is cut out where dickface says its 9:32

http: //www.star-telegram.com/news/local/crime/article200242224.html

another version where the part where he says "9:32 february 14th 2018" is cut out

http: //www.latimes.com/visuals/video/95939817-132.html


99b11e No.447342

File: e79ddfacc25ed1f⋯.jpg (29.03 KB, 668x960, 167:240, download-1.jpg)

File: 69bf4e6d7ccc35c⋯.jpg (36.4 KB, 720x960, 3:4, download.jpg)

Coming to a shill near you!

14605a No.447343


Clock Is Activated > CIA

7bd698 No.447344

this Florida lawmaker's assistant thing makes it look like this was a set up

Who the fuck is dumb enough to email that to a reporter with no evidence?

d2f384 No.447345


Love these!

9c2126 No.447346

File: 58bd5a0091cca50⋯.jpg (621.69 KB, 844x3043, 844:3043, IMG_3300.JPG)

a9de29 No.447347

File: 7cb9b2f543ebbd9⋯.png (284.02 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 20716A35-F32E-40F6-8A30-7A….png)


Like WTF is this? https:// forums.tesla.com/forum/forums/current-tesla-owners-son-victim-florida-school-shooting-please-help-me-reach-elon

Sentence 1. Introduce myself 2. Introduce my car 3. Oh and I had a son murdered at Parkland.

No. Anyone with kids can attest that this is fake as fuck.

2b1f19 No.447349


What a great idea! I am SO doing that!

I'm supposed to see my doc soon. Plenty of mags there, and nobody ever pays attention to what anyone else is doing. They'd never notice and a lot of people would see it by and by!

6508d3 No.447350


The best explanation that I have seen is that (they) have computers which can analyze the narrative and see where it's being pushed towards. This board is literally driving the narrative right now, forcing them to screw up their own shit show because we're pushing truth here.

9a0f1f No.447351


Not all schools advise when picture day will be, sometimes a student doesn't know they're getting their picture taken that day, i have first hand knowledge of that fact, numerous times.That tactic avoids kids wearing something they don't want to see like a Trump shirt.

99b11e No.447352

File: 4a3eebc3dbcc6a4⋯.jpg (29.09 KB, 369x314, 369:314, 58741092.jpg)

a0d8ea No.447353


LOL POTUS retweeted a meme that came from here! Today!

Q never stated they were 'leaving'.

They stated [self destruct]. They then [self destruct]ed their active thread. They then immediately made a new thread, and then locked and hid that, but did not delete it or the board itself. (I'm reading this as proof of control of the board, with forecast of the event that took place.)

Any other speculation than that is FAKE AND GAY!!!

dbaf1b No.447356

File: 903744c3bf2753d⋯.jpg (94.41 KB, 803x1200, 803:1200, Weed vs Firearms Letter (H….jpg)


And don't forget recreational drugs that are legalized!

Off topic, but anon brought it up.

511370 No.447357

The indictment today took a small step toward Obama.

I am really looking forward to the next ones.

b90813 No.447358

File: dd38a3894ddd1d8⋯.png (123.69 KB, 500x730, 50:73, yah-think-yahr-hawt-shit-d….png)

File: bd3a8998586ab27⋯.jpeg (39.11 KB, 605x328, 605:328, U5ds8iKs3sSKvhFuDpq1d3xsX….jpeg)

4c9d74 No.447359


exactly, there talking about it!

9018a7 No.447360


They know that anons have a hard core but are surrounded by a large soft crowd that can be turned to mush with a bit of pressure. We are the avocado. They are the team who will put us out of action

50d9f5 No.447361

File: fce45db227a50ab⋯.jpg (112.77 KB, 659x1000, 659:1000, IMG_0518.JPG)

DAmn watery tarts

22bbf6 No.447362


>Half the Bread



d2f384 No.447364


Guns are turning from Trump to HRC and BHO for sure.

6508d3 No.447365


I have no idea who you are anon but please keep things rolling and we're praying for you. Looking forward to Q's return in 10 days in one way or another. It has been a fun ride so far and hate to see it stopping.

99b11e No.447366

File: dd38a3894ddd1d8⋯.png (123.69 KB, 500x730, 50:73, dd38a3894ddd1d8fc1fbd8aef9….png)

This one hits a bit too close to home….

b31fa8 No.447367

File: 582974a8473133d⋯.jpg (351.71 KB, 1536x1386, 256:231, CrisisActor.jpg)

49625f No.447368


If you think we can't see straight thru your bullshit…>>447341

>https: //gopreload.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/David-Hogg-Interviewing-Students-in-hiding-4-hours-ahead-actual-of-shooting-2.mp4?_=1

holy fuck you're right.

9f9032 No.447369


>Who said Qteam isn't here right now?

Lurking, Logging, and Laughing, i presume

3bccd7 No.447370


Are those poppies in the middle two pics?

155a31 No.447371

File: 4ceace096b46f94⋯.jpeg (441.5 KB, 634x1121, 634:1121, 2EA3C0A9-6A7F-4157-8897-8….jpeg)


>MK-Ultra @ GITMO?

Hmmm…anon may be on to something..:

https:// web.archive.org/web/20150303010033/http:// www.micahhanks.com:80/conspiracy-2/malaria-and-mind-control-mk-ultra-and-the-guantanamo-connection/

0712af No.447372


What there is to do for What Wray has balls?

a84aeb No.447373


I love my crunchy granola earth saving car more than my own kid that died. Hopefully, Elon will give me a new car, or some other Tesla swag cause that would kick ass.

dbaf1b No.447374


Baby steps…

Big steps look like tyranny.

Small steps look like justice.

Liberals are sensitive feely types…

ad7366 No.447375

That was so hard to listen to. >>447366

173b21 No.447376

There are a lot of conservative accounts on twitter saying they got locked out tonight.

Happened to me and another anon on here just now

Somethings up kids

ca89d5 No.447378


Thank you for the reminder. Pennsy is now enforcing this law too.

Enjoying your medical marijuana? Glad to hear it. Now turn in your weapons.

0e9ed8 No.447379



13fdb6 No.447380

File: 5e2d03a5360391d⋯.jpg (47.02 KB, 534x569, 534:569, Pizza.JPG)

In the Tina Allen(Liddle Kidz Founder) book - A Modern Day Guide to Massage for Children we just happen to find Pizza references on Page 47

cdf364 No.447381

Watch The Water

Mayan Caves Discovered


49625f No.447382







our favorite fun loving ace reporter david hogg… interviewing students during the shooting… says its 9:32 in the morning.

the shooting officially happened at 2:30


https: //gopreload.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/David-Hogg-Interviewing-Students-in-hiding-4-hours-ahead-actual-of-shooting-2.mp4?_=1

our favorite fun loving ace reporter david hogg… interviewing students during the shooting… says its 9:32 in the morning.

the shooting officially happened at 2:30


https: //gopreload.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/David-Hogg-Interviewing-Students-in-hiding-4-hours-ahead-actual-of-shooting-2.mp4?_=1







5638a6 No.447383

the Hogg kid was filming/interviewing terrified students DURING THE SHOOTING?



0712af No.447384



ad2b00 No.447385

FUK @Jack

Just got my twatter account unlocked

Drained my followers to


Evil Bastards!!

99b11e No.447386


>They know that anons have a hard core but are surrounded by a large soft crowd that can be turned to mush with a bit of pressure. We are the avocado. They are the team who will put us out of action

Well, can't we switch boards when they sabotage us?


You know this how? @RogueANON?!

f9ce33 No.447387


Where’s John Podesta? In a fucking interview the other night after he’s supposedly been “missing”, “sleeping”, and/or in gitmo for two months. Fuck off, clown.

40710f No.447388


sounds great

i am sure there are lots of marjorie stoneman eagles fans in the redondo beach area also

3d0800 No.447389



topnotch fam

7377b9 No.447390


No shit! That would be nuts. My brain already hurts from this epic spiderweb of evil.

fe8cc9 No.447392

File: 7fb8a14d4f12190⋯.gif (169.55 KB, 650x433, 650:433, flylynnfly.gif)


This is a LETHAL world-wide war raging right now with NUMEROUS state actors present. Q team and all like him are trying to guide our thoughts away from (((their))) designs, and into VICTORY that is only possible through means that have almost been lost to us.

Lethal focus is necessary.

(((shills))) and useful idiot pets, we SEE ALL.

Rest assured, our path to victory is CLEAR. Follow Q crumbs, connect the dots, and EXPAND YOUR THINKING.

Be wary of (((shill))) tactics that toss out TASTY looking rabbithole bait, that serves little to damage their true agenda, while discrediting us and confusing/demoralizing.

Think if a 'bait' actually does them any damage or is tailor made to trigger your emotions and lead you down a dead end with no real possibility of doing ACTUAL damage by exposing the TRUTH connected to (((Their))) acts.

Tread carefully, tread FORCEFULLY, in the RIGHT direction, Patriots.

God is with us.

6508d3 No.447393


I read something once upon a time a long time ago that applies to this. Did you ever realize how long it took to turn the guns on a battleship if you didn't have power for the turret? If it could even be done? Same analysis today.

511370 No.447394

Where is the little Sandy Hook boy who died twice

99b11e No.447395


That video still haunts me.

cfa014 No.447396


40710f No.447397


the year book is being passed off as a SENIOR PHOTO




66466d No.447398

File: 51cf51a7efb8836⋯.jpeg (83.5 KB, 600x703, 600:703, D677E8A0-C7D7-44E2-832D-4….jpeg)

a7fa53 No.447399

99b11e No.447400

File: 9c9e4755c441b0b⋯.jpg (48.64 KB, 540x420, 9:7, 9c9e4755c441b0b775f5741266….jpg)

They know that anons have a hard core but are surrounded by a large soft crowd that can be turned to mush with a bit of pressure. We are the avocado. They are the team who will put us out of action

b90813 No.447401


ouch mate. We are all friends here.

2776b4 No.447402

the board that is always right has an investigation going into 'liddle kids' it's stickied at the top

99b11e No.447403

File: ab8c94ec4fa6d0a⋯.jpg (64.12 KB, 960x840, 8:7, ab8c94ec4fa6d0a200e812bc20….jpg)

This is a LETHAL world-wide war raging right now with NUMEROUS state actors present. Q team and all like him are trying to guide our thoughts away from (((their))) designs, and into VICTORY that is only possible through means that have almost been lost to us.

Lethal focus is necessary.

(((shills))) and useful idiot pets, we SEE ALL.

Rest assured, our path to victory is CLEAR. Follow Q crumbs, connect the dots, and EXPAND YOUR THINKING.

Be wary of (((shill))) tactics that toss out TASTY looking rabbithole bait, that serves little to damage their true agenda, while discrediting us and confusing/demoralizing.

Think if a 'bait' actually does them any damage or is tailor made to trigger your emotions and lead you down a dead end with no real possibility of doing ACTUAL damage by exposing the TRUTH connected to (((Their))) acts.

Tread carefully, tread FORCEFULLY, in the RIGHT direction, Patriots.

God is with us.

fc3a9a No.447404


Negative Anon. See through the 'shop

dbaf1b No.447405


REGISTERED weapons….

That's the problem…

I don't have any registered weapons.

Registration is not required by the 2A.

f44a61 No.447406


How eloquent.

dadca4 No.447407

Found this! Parkland shooting survivor who graduated in 2015, the shooting survivor/journalist wasn't even there during the shooting!

https:// m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10211563959915196&id=1250972860

cf0df8 No.447408


>Ok, so is he fake or not? Is that Redondo Beach yearbook authentic??

This is the new shill tactic –– hit filter lads

121370 No.447409

Posting in case anyone missed it…. http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2018/02/20/florida-house-aide-fired-after-claiming-florida-shooting-survivors-are-actors.html

99b11e No.447410

File: 4a3eebc3dbcc6a4⋯.jpg (29.09 KB, 369x314, 369:314, 58741092.jpg)

edc3ae No.447411

File: 8530852c5853e7a⋯.jpg (39.38 KB, 620x464, 155:116, 24zrrl.jpg)

22bbf6 No.447412


>found this spicy meme on /pol. Their already all over this shit.

KEK..they're all over here too…we've been raided…they're trying to trick the media into contacting "Ian Rothschild" about the rape tape….their other LARP ended well for us…they got CNN to do an interview in which CRISIS ACTOR is "denied" meaning millions of people will now be doing a search for CRISIS actor…as much of a pain in the ass half is when they raid…they do good wrk.

9a0f1f No.447413


Personally i think the kids a crisis actor and the whole thing smells like shit, i was just stating the shirt thing as fact

a1d752 No.447414



Check out this blind item from CDAN… talks about the Church, trafficking, shell company.. needs some digging if it hasn't been done already!!

"The church is a non profit and their biggest donor is a SHELL COMPANY which is part of another shell company which is owned by the same A+ list mogul we have seen time and time again in all of these stories. This is where things get a little interesting. Because of the racial makeup in the community, and wanting to make sure everyone blends in, they had to get the tweens and teens from Europe. Specifically they found some orphanages in Eastern Europe. How did they get them all into the country? Well, every church needs religious workers. The church hired twenty "pastors" and got them in as special immigrant religious workers…"

http:// www.crazydaysandnights.net/2017/12/todays-blind-items-church.html

f44a61 No.447415


d2f384 No.447416

This board is partly responsible N and S Korea walking under the same flag at the Olympics.

Let that sink in.

Un 'sister' 3 seats away from Pence at the Olympics is Twilight Zone territory 6 months ago.

This board has major, real life consequences.

f451b4 No.447417


Constitutional or not, let's see how that works out for ya'

43b6e1 No.447418


Darnkess Badr Al-Qahtani?

99b11e No.447419

File: 4a3eebc3dbcc6a4⋯.jpg (29.09 KB, 369x314, 369:314, 58741092.jpg)



2d9609 No.447420


would help explain Gulf War Syndrome.

57300f No.447421


https:// www.muslimsandtheworld.com/triangle-inside-circle-occult-illuminati-symbol/

36c4f7 No.447422




Here's the edited version where they start with a video clip of him saying the time is 2:52 pm and then cutting to the video from 9:32

http:// www.latimes.com/visuals/video/95939817-132.html

e659b5 No.447423


No proof.

13fdb6 No.447424


www .amazon.com/Modern-Day-Guide-Massage-Children/dp/1940279003

a84aeb No.447425


Circle jerking on this board isnt gonna do shit. Broadcast far and wide. Meme it. Post comments on every MSM site you can find. Call into radio shows. Hire skywriters. Anything!

485666 No.447426

File: 9df90b0102dcf3c⋯.jpg (41 KB, 500x361, 500:361, IMG_0765.JPG)


3d0800 No.447427


It would appear that being honest is not one of Linda'z Traitz.

99b11e No.447428


Why is this board response for them being under the same flag?

Is there any way to know what kind of daily traffic this board gets?

b31fa8 No.447429


>Great Awakening: the MAGAzine.

Hark, hark!

22bbf6 No.447430


Didn't you get the news? This LARP and RAID are officially over...fuckinA not everyone here is a boomer. WAYBACK MACHINE...FAIL...go back...you have to.

4b9e35 No.447431


Hmmmm…Looks familiar.

6508d3 No.447433


That is really amazing… would be interesting to find out how we affected that.

I know that the CIA used to run NK

dbaf1b No.447435


What took them so long, it has been hours!

She better take the bus…

Her car could be an explosive ride home….

0b4881 No.447436

im out peace.

will be back after they quit propagating and start locking people up. ive had enough. g luck and god speed anons. shadilay

c2769c No.447437


They probably put in hard fast rules so that anyone saying anything but praising the children of the Florida Shooting are to be banned. That would be conservatives - they can say they were protecting the children from russian bots.

99b11e No.447438

File: 4a3eebc3dbcc6a4⋯.jpg (29.09 KB, 369x314, 369:314, 58741092.jpg)

2230b8 No.447441


In particular, if there really had been a false flag attack in London then, after the big fire that broke out and attracted the emergency response, Q's postings about MK Ultra right before the false flag warning would have gotten a great deal of attention and credibility. That would have been a disaster for the Deep State, and so they scrapped the London plan at the last moment.

99b11e No.447442

Message to the Chimera and Cabal: Resistance is futile. You will be disintegrated.

fe8cc9 No.447443


Reverse psychology only goes so far.

[We see ALL]

[We hear ALL]

Get it?

9c2126 No.447444

File: 7412329937fa000⋯.jpg (391.62 KB, 1232x822, 616:411, IMG_2901.JPG)

File: dba8a7d1f31987c⋯.jpg (434.71 KB, 1232x822, 616:411, IMG_2921.JPG)



I am also thinking of a version for the Pharma part…

Perhaps I will quote part of your post, suggesting to look for more info…

Also have a version with uber voices connection on two… sure there is more

(Pics related)

dbaf1b No.447446


THEY DID THAT OPENLY after sandy hook.

I remember them saying it.

Policy will not support "HARASSMENT" of victims.

(Liberal victims they mean)

66d4b3 No.447447

So how about McLean, you distracting fucking sliders.

4b9e35 No.447448

File: b3520a81c722295⋯.jpg (69.71 KB, 720x662, 360:331, IMG_1803.JPG)




485666 No.447449

File: 37113c16c7e9bef⋯.jpg (84.03 KB, 610x960, 61:96, IMG_0821.JPG)

49625f No.447450


Some dig, some spread. I'm now spreading.

99b11e No.447451


It was just a joke about shills.

173b21 No.447452


There are a lot of ppl saying it happened to them tonight. A lot.

It’s the shooting…we all have that in common

6508d3 No.447453


That sounds about right. I'd like to know what the false flag was supposed to be.

bfa13a No.447455


Didnt go to that - what did(nt) you get out of it? Last 6 months have sucked there, remember they are a Baby-Bell of AT&T so they arent as special as everyone thinks!

c5bb70 No.447456


Dubs of truth

9d6bc8 No.447457


dick. he's not even wearing a tee shirt. geez.

65340c No.447458


we are with you anon


https:// edition.cnn.com/videos/politics/2018/02/21/david-hogg-reaction-don-jr-like-tweet-school-shooting-ac-sot.cnn

OMG That was fast…

ed862c No.447459


Thank You, silent one.

ffc4f2 No.447460

File: 78e6ace66eadbe2⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1454x816, 727:408, PODESTA_FACE_YOU_MAKE_CBTS.png)

I memed that in the /cbts/ days

5a01a0 No.447461


Finally LORD Finally the light is but a spark

But from the spark there is fire and light

0286a3 No.447462


its irrefutable…. at minimum he's a goddamn liar and tricked the media by pretending a shooting was happening during a drill… then it actually did happen.(which is highly highly doubtful)

that is their best case scenario

511370 No.447463

The Fake news media has lost so much credibility that whatever they say now about anything, the public will believe the opposite.

Even people I know are wondering how these high school kids got organized like immediately and how are they paying for the buses?

Someone even asked why the teachers are not ranting for armed guards?


6508d3 No.447464

d2f384 No.447465

When the CIA and NK found out that we know they are not really a nuclear threat, they had to play ball, and actually negotiate.

It us very possible this board is partially responsible for halting nuclear war.

Be proud.

9a0f1f No.447467


your digits say we need to get back on this !!

McLean guys, let's dig!!

0712af No.447468



bfa13a No.447469


yeah they are full of it - the CT State Cops now want to allow drones to have guns in CT, and you are not allowed to make inquiry in to deaths of minors. Lots of BS - love how they silence you when you are halfway to the truth

a7fa53 No.447470



9f9032 No.447471



Good question, what can you tell us about McLean?

ffc4f2 No.447473


I memed skippy in the /cbts/ days


3b6761 No.447474



same shit was posted on Twatter by some antifa clown - verbatim - they're destroying the message by copying it and making it look fake

fe8cc9 No.447475

File: eda852dec487d85⋯.jpg (61.87 KB, 645x363, 215:121, deplorables.jpg)


It is also responsible for shutting down maxine waters from chimping out after SOTU.

>This board has more power than you can imagine.

>This board in the coming months will be spread & discussed across ALL PLATFORMS.

We are part of history, anons.

FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

755790 No.447476

File: de5d6427804694f⋯.png (227.33 KB, 636x306, 106:51, ClipboardImage.png)

22bbf6 No.447477


>feel better now that you got that out?

Fuck off…most of the boomers on here don't have what it takes to handle that level of shit…have a little bit of mercy…they're running in circles screaming and shouting…literally shaking…in tears.OMG shit's getting reeeeee

99b11e No.447478

File: 69bf4e6d7ccc35c⋯.jpg (36.4 KB, 720x960, 3:4, download.jpg)

File: bef592ecbac4b3a⋯.jpg (79.17 KB, 675x900, 3:4, 4cb4861b64cc93d47a21b55df9….jpg)