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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 19cd977f3bff4f4⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1795x1017, 1795:1017, ClipboardImage.png)

9189e5 No.500220

Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.



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291026 No.500233

I feel Q’s presence

6d9e14 No.500237

File: 1052647b470c7cb⋯.png (103.96 KB, 592x1232, 37:77, clock mirror math.png)

File: 6e0b6ff46e081a3⋯.png (2.35 MB, 1099x1280, 1099:1280, MIRROR.png)

okay, updated my thoughts on an updated graphic and including mirror one too for a bigger picture.

656f30 No.500241

File: 0a1dd619c4c12b7⋯.png (301.75 KB, 828x1403, 36:61, 1513376827428.png)

6d9e14 No.500244

File: a3d9b3fb0241065⋯.jpg (53.66 KB, 750x499, 750:499, 24sahw.jpg)



728fae No.500246

File: 221a9e95894bfe9⋯.jpg (61.97 KB, 896x504, 16:9, s87s98t6s8g76s.jpg)


bd4e77 No.500250

File: e7d9c3576ef2386⋯.jpg (134.85 KB, 540x960, 9:16, IMG_3684.JPG)



4a5d07 No.500251

File: 03ca99f0731318b⋯.mp4 (2.01 MB, 800x600, 4:3, Somewhere_we_go.mp4)


Ty baker

deb82f No.500252

File: 1fa5c4ce8eaa3ee⋯.jpg (87.55 KB, 835x351, 835:351, NaomiAberly.jpg)

File: 54bc4b6e9201629⋯.jpg (177.88 KB, 837x473, 837:473, GailFurman.jpg)

…digging Naomi Aberly (planned parenthood) I found this nice website:


Patriotic Millionaires

The Patriotic Millionaires are a group of more than 200 individuals with annual incomes over $1 million and/or assets over $5 million who are committed to raising the minimum wage, combatting the influence of big money in politics, and advancing a progressive tax structure. Some of our members include:

Naomi Aberly

Boston, MA

Roshanak Ameli-Tehrani

Washington, DC

Nancy Bagley

Washington, DC

William Battle

Los Altos, CA

Alvin Baum

San Francisco, CA

Severin Beliveau

Augusta , ME

Lawrence Benenson

New York, NY

Daniel Berger

Philadelphia, PA

Roger Bernstein

New York, NY

Paul Bettner

McKinney, TX

Katy Drake Bettner

McKinney, TX

Nancy Blachman

Burlingame, CA

Loren Blackford

New York, NY

Rich Boberg

Saratoga, CA

Chuck Collins

Jamaica Plain, MA

Cynda Collins-Arsenault

Superior, CO

Geoff Coventry

Overland Park, KS

Alan Davis

San Francisco, CA

Pierce Delahunt

New York, NY

David desJardins

Burlingame, CA

Susan Dietz

Sherman Oaks, CA

Abigail Disney

New York, NY

Mitchell Draizin

New York, NY

John Driscoll

Stamford, CT

Michael Dubno

New York, NY

Philip Edmundson

Hingham, MA

Andrew Faulk

San Francisco, CA

Jerry Fiddler

Berkeley, CA

Charlie Fink

Vienna, VA

Richard Foos

Los Angeles, CA

Mary Ford

Berkeley, CA

Louis Fortis

Milwaukee, WI

Robert E. Friedman

Berkeley, CA

John Fullerton

Greenwich, CT

Art Gajarsa

Holderness, NH

Ron Garret

Emerald Hills, CA

Dick Gary

Park City, UT

Elsa Gary

Park City, UT

Bill Gawthrop

Yorkville, CA

Ellyn Gelson

Encino, CA

Robert Goldschmidt

University Park, FL

Monica Graham

New York, NY

Karen Grove

Menlo Park, CA

Jeffrey Gural

New York, NY

Robert Haines

Collegeville, PA

Leo Hindery, Jr.

New York, NY

Dennis Hoffman

Frederick, MD

Frank Jernigan

San Francisco, CA

Melissa Johnsen

Columbia, MO

John Johnson

New York, NY

Malcolm Kamin

Chicago, IL

Joel Kanter

Vienna, VA

Joshua Kanter

Midvale, UT

Rochelle Kaplan

Salt Lake City, UT

Woody Kaplan

Boston, MA

Roberta Kaplan

New York, NY

John Katzman

New York, NY

Ted LaRoche

Murfreesboro, TN

Norman Lear

Beverly Hills, CA

Lawrence Lessig

Cambridge, MA

Art Lipson

Salt Lake City, UT

Becky Liebman

Olympia, WA

Stephanie Low

New York, NY

Patricia Martone

New York, NY

Richard Master

Lehigh Valley, PA

Terrence Meck

New York, NY

Terry Meehan

New York, NY

Dennis Mehiel

White Plains, NY

Friedrike Merck

Garrison, NY

Keith Mestrich

Washington, DC

Diane Meyer Simon

Santa Barbara, CA

Herb Miller

Washington, DC

Myfe Moore

San Antonio, TX

Rita Moya

San Diego, CA

Steve Moya

San Diego, CA

Molly Munger

Los Angeles, CA

Michael Nash

Bridgehampton, NY

Scott Nash

Chevy Chase, MD

Brooke Neidich

New York, NY

John Netto

Salt Lake City, UT

Bill Parks

Moscow, ID

Frank Patitucci

Pleasanton, CA

Alan Patricof

New York, NY

Barbara Pearl

New York, NY

Morris Pearl

New York, NY

Craig Phillips

New Canaan, CT

Judy Pigott

Seattle, WA

Michael Pine

Evanston, IL

Sam Polk

Los Angeles, CA

Stephen Prince

Brentwood, TN

Amelie Ratliff

Jamaica Plain, MA

Tarrus Richardson

Potomac, MD

Great Neck Richman

New York, NY

Vincent Roberti

Kent, CT

Marsha Rosenbaum

San Francisco, CA

Michael Rothman

Chicago, IL

Jonathan Ruga

Salt Lake City, UT

Guy Saperstein

Piedmont, CA

Eric Schoenberg

Franklin Lakes, NJ

Richard Schottenfeld

New York, NY

Soroush Shehabi

Washington, DC

Linda Shoemaker

Boulder, CO

Stephen Silberstein

Belvedere Tiburon, CA

Charles Simmons

Los Altos Hills, CA

Daniel Simon

New York, NY

Ryan Smith

Salt Lake City, UT

Jeff Smulyan

Indianapolis, IN

Marguerite Snowdon

Wilson, WY

Leonard Sobczak

Milwaukee, WI

Barbara Stampfl

Lakeland, FL

Karen Stewart

Vista, CA

Sarah Stranahan

New York, NY

Whitney Tilson

New York, NY

Bob Titley

Nashville, TN

Andrew Tobias

New York, NY

Sidney Topol

Boston, MA

Roy Ulrich

Van Nuys, CA

Ross Waller

Lexington, VA

David Watson

Oakland, CA

Vinitha Watson

Oakland, CA

Peter Weinberger

Syosset, NY

Wendy Wolf

Haverford, PA

Bennet Yee

Mountain View, CA

Scott Young

Salt Lake City, UT

George Zimmer

Fremont, CA

Tal Zlotnitsky

Burtonsville, MD

6f0a18 No.500254

File: 53b5de92e17854f⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1616x920, 202:115, Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at ….png)


bd4e77 No.500255

File: 818d0ca5c5089e1⋯.png (288.68 KB, 513x887, 513:887, IMG_3705.PNG)

File: 4ea93bd052055a4⋯.jpg (84 KB, 431x455, 431:455, IMG_3706.JPG)

File: d8b1e49a9dc5e33⋯.jpg (107.67 KB, 853x447, 853:447, IMG_3708.JPG)

2eb1c4 No.500258

File: 2470adca340ef50⋯.jpg (73.49 KB, 775x451, 775:451, Meraj.JPG)

From Last Bread

Meraj Airlines Callsign DENA05 from Iran over Turkey at this time.


728fae No.500261

File: d8eeadf047db2cd⋯.jpg (69.68 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, ItStinks.jpg)


LULZ - millionaires combatting the influence of big money in politics by influencing politics. Hypocrite much?

9189e5 No.500263



handoff ready, dough above

Thank you all for your service. It has been a pleasure serving.

6d9e14 No.500264


Also, what if there isn't math involved in the timestamps? Like to explore all options.

Q said,

Ordering is critical.

maybe just putting marker timestamps in order?

maybe also involves mirror?

6f0a18 No.500265



b705a9 No.500266


TY BAker….Good Night

577740 No.500267


4fed94 No.500268

liddlekidz.org was taken down.

78e666 No.500269

File: bb2e97bb457e6cf⋯.jpg (255.73 KB, 736x1070, 368:535, Warm loaf.jpg)

c83648 No.500270


WHOA! Big if liddle

9016d9 No.500271

File: dd49f38b1171ed5⋯.jpg (84.08 KB, 607x521, 607:521, Screenshot_11.jpg)

http:// www.foxnews.com/travel/2018/02/25/flight-forced-to-deplane-after-passengers-carry-on-bag-catches-fire.html

8ef035 No.500272

File: 6d4ce6f449b2cbe⋯.png (62.78 KB, 420x420, 1:1, apepe.png)

A rare pepe appears.

a86e19 No.500273

File: 085d63dff967232⋯.jpeg (317.93 KB, 550x707, 550:707, 72BAAB14-ACB6-4707-869B-0….jpeg)

File: 0e1e742487aad7d⋯.jpeg (87.58 KB, 206x597, 206:597, 3BA4347C-ED97-4F0C-A5A8-1….jpeg)

File: cb7256750bde6c1⋯.jpeg (60.82 KB, 171x410, 171:410, 54453B67-FE7C-4DE1-AEB2-5….jpeg)

File: 9dcdc783c69c5b7⋯.jpeg (162.15 KB, 640x647, 640:647, 5F6271FA-B814-457D-87AF-4….jpeg)

File: 4af1b8bb35a24cc⋯.jpeg (259.39 KB, 640x1130, 64:113, 60796AEF-7798-4744-8F4C-9….jpeg)

About the Parkland kids…have we been looking for the wrong names? An actor has a stage name, right? I could be waaay off here, but I found Delaney Hill in Boca who, according to one link, would now be 18. She is a dead ringer for Delaney Tar Pits. The only pics I could find show her ~14 yo, with/out glasses, and are heavily pixelated - cuz, ya know, reverse image searches and shit. She is heavily involved in drama and philanthropy. Perhaps I am wrong, and my Autism is just fucking with my facial recognition…

http:// tamaractalk.com/local-high-schools-nominated-for-theater-awards-18596#.WpOyTCtOnv4

http:// www.bocadrama.com/about

https:// www.wqpmag.com/teenager-raises-funds-clean-water

b47bd1 No.500274


Confirmed 404, but late at night on a Sunday typical maintenance window, so don't get too excited.

97dcee No.500275


Adds a little sauce to our assumption they are a chomo .org

129a5e No.500276

So it was asked last bread again what Big Pharma might have in reference to [intel].

Pharma knows exactly who the problem children actually are, because they will be able to attain access to the HIPAA records, since they are heavily embedded in the hospital systems in the US.

They literally can see exactly who is in 'the program', just by looking at case summaries!

…And scraping HIPAA records is a serious confidentiality crime, with heavy penalties per individual count for those caught doing it.

27e678 No.500277

"This allegation is obviously just another tactic the Intelligence agencies are using to get to Assange because Domscheit-Berg is likely willing to lie for them and it conveniently avoids compromising other journalists and media outlets who publish classified information— one of the main reasons why Obama gave up the ++THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER.== And trotskying out Domscheit-Berg like some kind of intel show pony is both pathetic and embarrassing. Is this the best the FBI has to offer? The bottom line is that the U.S. government, the media, and even former WikiLeaks volunteers like Domscheit-Berg can dress up their character assassinations, disinformation, and deceit like a Matryoshka doll but it’s still and always will be a nest of lies."

https:// jimmysllama.com/2018/02/05/10757/


34d2b5 No.500278


The secretary general is nominated by the UN security council and voted on by the general assembly. There is zero chance Putin, Xi, Trump, May, and Macron will unanimously agree to this.

0e3360 No.500279

When does a bird sing?

At the dawns early light.

When there are bugs to eat.

78e666 No.500280


The name Scott Isreal struck me as fake from day one. Then I saw him do that talk in the mosque, and I thought, 'his last name is like the opposite of what he really is, an Islamophile.'

9016d9 No.500281

File: dd49f38b1171ed5⋯.jpg (84.08 KB, 607x521, 607:521, Screenshot_11.jpg)

Coincidence? China, China, China…. Fire in the Plane? Hmm……

China Government Strong-arming

http:// www.foxnews.com/travel/2018/02/25/flight-forced-to-deplane-after-passengers-carry-on-bag-catches-fire.html

647d2d No.500282

File: 9756e6b6c7d8512⋯.png (904.23 KB, 978x1081, 978:1081, ClipboardImage.png)



.com address is OK…. archive NOW(?)

9016d9 No.500283

File: a7e35ee14a116f5⋯.jpg (63.64 KB, 569x291, 569:291, Screenshot_12.jpg)


Sorry, forgot other pic

6d9e14 No.500284



Q think I got it



15 10 past

5 today

1 defcon


[0] [5] mirror[1]spot [15] [10]

[1] even looks like a mirror!

65f3b9 No.500285


forgive me, I did catch last bread post on BP, but am missing elaboration on your use of "program." Would you be so kind?

bf09f9 No.500286

File: e51da2c5c88ede8⋯.jpg (427.72 KB, 998x1117, 998:1117, 4eb246f1811d264d70009435c6….jpg)


There are absolutely a number of seemingly valid ways to use the timestamps. The only one that Q has actually confirmed is the one about the diff. in Trump tweets. Doesn't mean there couldn't be… I've been trying a bunch of methods. Even going so far as trying to add in photo file names or looking for stegano'd data in the pics themselves.

34d2b5 No.500287


She's a bastard. Probably her mother's maiden name. Her parents divorced and she went with dad. probably changed the name then.

ea23f5 No.500288



bd4e77 No.500289

File: 578e7ab3bdfeebf⋯.jpg (77.75 KB, 749x424, 749:424, IMG_3058.JPG)

4e2fb5 No.500290


kek who are you

c2b1df No.500291


is CM around?

6d9e14 No.500292

File: 06985779ce521f6⋯.png (2.35 MB, 1099x1280, 1099:1280, markersMIRROR.png)


calling it mirror markers or markers mirror


129a5e No.500293

> 65f3b9 No.500285

>this question sounds botty, but here goes…

To be clear, for any new fags:


>They literally can see exactly who is in 'the program'

They literally can see exactly who is in the MKU program

8ef035 No.500294


Verify 8bit's trip before indulging this.

65f3b9 No.500295

bf09f9 No.500296

File: 25895eebd663def⋯.jpg (8.8 KB, 255x166, 255:166, shilly.jpg)

6d9e14 No.500297


typo bRb

6d9e14 No.500298

File: e84ed0c998247b5⋯.png (2.35 MB, 1099x1280, 1099:1280, markersMIRROR.png)

Corrected markers mirror graphic

27e678 No.500299


Curious about how you made the connections in these two posts. #692 and #788

728fae No.500300

File: d16f84d6df9fc26⋯.png (1.98 KB, 240x147, 80:49, Your_Bullshit.png)

129a5e No.500301


That is a tripcode field, not a namefield.

Someone alert CM

ea23f5 No.500302



8ef035 No.500303


Yeah, and it's whitelisted.

95858e No.500304


6d9e14 No.500305


see for correct graphic w/o typo


My 8ch wish list here is to be able to edit our own posts! ugh

4e2fb5 No.500306


why dont you link it faggot. Im not gonna wake u up from your sleep

728fae No.500307

File: 0bea88a82fcb0cd⋯.jpg (169.61 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, s6f8g5sdf76s57g65dsf75.jpg)

e30e05 No.500308



Their twatter is protected too.

8ef035 No.500309


Trip is good. 8bit's trip confirmed.


34d2b5 No.500310

File: 4a2c9ab7061fc07⋯.png (149.16 KB, 1119x399, 373:133, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)

File: 4a2c9ab7061fc07⋯.png (149.16 KB, 1119x399, 373:133, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)

This OneBlood blood donation sight set off the almonds. I stumbled onto it skipping around and saw they were one of about 10 cosponsors of a conference DWS and Loop Capital were connected too. Their video section about targeting donations by blood type was creepy. Also a ton of info about direct donation policy and getting transfusions w/o prescription or MD orders.

65f3b9 No.500311


fuck dude…my research has led me to fully believe I was a part of it. I assumed MK when you spoke, but held my breath. While I am not "freaking out" so to speak, what was done to me as a child does deserve some answers. I have long been attempting to "call (((them))) out on it arrogantly, perhaps ignorantly, but adamantly nonetheless. You have my FULL attention.

78e666 No.500312

File: 41b5a15b743d123⋯.jpg (63.57 KB, 680x440, 17:11, MMHHMMM yeah.jpg)

95858e No.500313


Something fuck.

34d2b5 No.500314

File: 2e3b619d2ffac0c⋯.png (534.65 KB, 1383x768, 461:256, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)

4fed94 No.500315

File: 3aa52a52befffd2⋯.png (554.26 KB, 657x771, 219:257, Capture.PNG)

File: 79863b2c663ebe2⋯.png (13.9 KB, 467x352, 467:352, Capture1.PNG)


34d2b5 No.500316


They also have a shady gift card "reward program"

4e2fb5 No.500317



If you are the board owner you can reclaim your board, so no need to piss your liddle pants

8ef035 No.500318



Summon the monkey.

6d9e14 No.500320





I think this is my confirmation maybe or headed on the right track?

Q said

Think mirror.

Look there, or [here], or there, truth is behind you.

So if the truth is literally behind you past markers will go on the left in graphic

if when looking through the mirror you see in the mirror the past behind you than the past markers go on the right side of the graphic, which how I interpreted.

ea23f5 No.500321

CM already contacted.

ea23f5 No.500322

All BV's under high suspicion now. I won't sleep until I have my fucking password back.

0b7545 No.500323


why does this shit always happen when I'm trying to sleep.

6d9e14 No.500324


Your the board owner? a bv stole your pw?

9016d9 No.500325


it's your turn

4e2fb5 No.500326


I would love to say "thats what you get for not letting me be a BV (im the guy who made the qonly board)"

But im not gonna say that. Once you reclaim your board just get rid of them all

3d616c No.500327


what about a global report? this might be a reasonable time for that.

ea3c27 No.500328


I don't want to move again daddy, I made so many friends here.

c13dc6 No.500329

>>476196 Q POST

STUPID Smart Talented Unique Person in Demand

OP you are missing the qpost

4fed94 No.500330


did you find a new one yet? Or are you talking about one of the ones we've had?

ea23f5 No.500331

SuperBV. Hit me up. NOW.

bd4e77 No.500332

File: 8406e18d16df151⋯.jpg (80.15 KB, 1007x379, 1007:379, IMG_3180.JPG)

Hmmmm fukery afoot….

0fb27d No.500333


how would a volunteer know your password?

b705a9 No.500334




129a5e No.500335


The regulations that govern your patient records are legally known as HIPAA regulations.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_Insurance_Portability_and_Accountability_Act

Title II of HIPAA, known as the Administrative Simplification (AS) provisions, requires the establishment of national standards for electronic health care transactions and national identifiers for providers, health insurance plans, and employers.

https:// www.cms.gov/Regulations-and-Guidance/Administrative-Simplification/HIPAA-ACA/index.htm

Good luck. You're not alone.

dc0ff7 No.500336


um. the one that likes to ban for the hell of it maybe? whoever <3 is i think drinks too much and goes on a ban spree. i won't even post when that BV is on and active. just saying. not proofs just sayin'. no warnings just poof.

8ef035 No.500337

The thief has not used the password for skullduggery yet. Their plans must be more subtle than vandalism.

65f3b9 No.500338


hope it was less botty, I am a very cautious person, and my "abilities" extend to that of grammar recognition, body language, etc. My life has forced this on me. I tend to be deceptive when I am feeling things out, but am an honest person and will allow it to be known what I do, as decades of experience has taught me adaptation to even some of the most wary and observant individuals' blind spots regarding pattern recognition. Q, would love to know if Cochlear is perhaps affiliated with C_A MKU. I have court docs of very weird circumstances in which the original creator and surgeon of implantation was shot and killed in Ann Arbor, MI. If this rings the Liberty Bell of your knowledge, don't hesitate to let me know. I may end up owing you big time, as if I don't already.

ea3c27 No.500339


I got 3 days in the cooler once for knocking the field of psychology, 2 days later florida happened.

c4cb2f No.500340

Say a prayer for the demonic entity known as Kevin Smith. Sure he was raised Catholic, but some of them actually find a love of God. And they deserve to find him, even after making Chasing Amy….

a86e19 No.500341




If it is her, then, according to the links, she isn’t even a student at MDS HS. The link says she is a student at Boca Raton Community HS as recent as 2017 and possibly still ongoing.

c92670 No.500342

John Podesta is a clown

https:// www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP87B00858R000400460014-7.pdf

bf09f9 No.500343


The only way to track a mental health check in a standard NCIC check would be a MAJOR HIPAA violation. They would basically have to either do away with HIPAA (very bad) or allow any mental health diagnosis on NCIC checks. Either way, I don't like it.

728fae No.500344

File: 57d759e527017e3⋯.jpg (15.51 KB, 400x273, 400:273, 87ag687sg67s8dg6dg.jpg)

129a5e No.500345


So are you telling us that you were 'not the individual that put a text filter on 'little' earlier?

Talk to us.

59cdfa No.500346

File: 536dc47244f6887⋯.jpg (83.75 KB, 870x275, 174:55, 2b.jpg)

ea3c27 No.500347


Clinton signed HIPAA, it only protects doctors and hospitals in cases like this.

b705a9 No.500348


Well we all know that deep state gives a shat about regs or laws. So there's that.

ea23f5 No.500349

Holy fucking shit. Crisis averted. It's only one comped device. Sorry for the scare.

6d9e14 No.500350


did you see my updated graphic? >>500298

I was basically having a conversation with my self, or thinking out loud, lol. :)

ea23f5 No.500351


Tripcode for assurance.

8ef035 No.500352


They would have leaned on him pretty hard over that I imagine.

ea3c27 No.500353


Did ya hear that Jimmy! Dad says we don't have to move!

65f3b9 No.500354


have always known I have good people with me anon, much appreciated.

fe736a No.500355


You may go to sleep now anon.

eda794 No.500356



Good to know you're OK BO

b705a9 No.500357


I suddenly feel so… dirty.

bf09f9 No.500358


I did and as far as my understanding that's correct.

95858e No.500359

77d72b No.500360


That may give you some recourse when they screw up. But, the reality is, they are very uncareful with your records.

728fae No.500361

File: d733c6e6937626b⋯.jpg (64.47 KB, 549x750, 183:250, fs789g6fsd8g7sf6g.jpg)

Glad we don't have to relocate again! Whew…

6d9e14 No.500362



ca2b35 No.500363


>1 comped device

Should this scare us non tech savvy fags?

129a5e No.500364


>The only way to track a mental health check in a standard NCIC check would be a MAJOR HIPAA violation.

Criminals don't obey laws.

19971b No.500365

File: 911ac2fb9513ffa⋯.jpg (279.73 KB, 1024x657, 1024:657, Watch the water..jpg)

watch the water.

fe736a No.500366

0b7545 No.500367


I'm too hyped now.

c4cb2f No.500368


two younger images are the same kid, third, no…

78e666 No.500369

File: 8224489da0e9499⋯.jpg (141.1 KB, 542x493, 542:493, HM Why you beleive MSM.jpg)

3d616c No.500370



That cuck is BTFO!

ea23f5 No.500371

Password updated. Remember my tripcode in case anything happens.

77d72b No.500372

It really is not rational to think that eliminating gun ownership from persons designated "mentally ill" will make any difference.

Most people who shoot people with guns have no such diagnosis.

a16d27 No.500373


Are you deleting posts?

3d616c No.500374


can we be sure its you and not rogue BV using ur title?

ccf083 No.500375



Thanks BO for resolving.

Any risk your comp'd device has revealed your password to attacker via keystrokes as you tried to resolve?

ea23f5 No.500376


It's fine. I'm throwing it in the trash. I can get another one.

2eb1c4 No.500377


129a5e No.500378




appreciate the transparency

0b7545 No.500379


look at his ID in this thread

ea3c27 No.500380


Jesus dude, any idea how it was comped?

ca2b35 No.500381


Well, my credit score can't get any worse. So there's that…

3d616c No.500382


disregard. i realize my error. starting my oven now.

c7f1e4 No.500383

File: 735230f5141aefd⋯.png (256.16 KB, 593x483, 593:483, ClipboardImage.png)


Promedica Pkway ….

6d9e14 No.500384

File: 13153d40a900e29⋯.jpg (69.22 KB, 600x423, 200:141, 24t3bs.jpg)

8ef035 No.500385


Are you sure the others are OK? I would scrub them all, then change the password again on a fresh one.

b705a9 No.500386


Ya…what they said…LOL

ea23f5 No.500387


No-one knows my tripcode password if that means anything to you.




No that was actually me.

65f3b9 No.500388


I care nothing of answers (((they))) may provide, nor do I seek recompense for a torture-filled past which I will carry the effects of until the day I die…..My motivation is that of finding the answers within their lies, as I always have had to do my whole life……manipulation for honesty…..it is not a very fun thing being able to read minds and be in other people's shoes by force, but it has taught me that no matter what, EVERYONE lies…I just got really really good at leading lies of others in a direction which will allow for the revelation of truthfulness…..hope it makes sense to you.

4e2fb5 No.500389


Yeah always knew you were an idiot

728fae No.500390

129a5e No.500391


kek, good :)

4fed94 No.500392


Had us worried. I was considering trying to become a BV until you gave us that wonderful sales pitch: must have opsec skills that can thwart Skynet and the Borg. Martial arts skills helpful. Underground bunker with 18 month supply of dried goods and 6" lead-reinforced walls recommended. Several women capable of bearing children recommended.

ea23f5 No.500393


Don't know don't care. Devices are easy to come by when you're a tech anyways.

3d616c No.500394


my lapytop was crawling with sushi earlier. hopefully im ok now. its been a fucky few days anons.

ea23f5 No.500395


Those are the minimum requirements, yes.

328161 No.500396


Good job panicking, retard. Now you cast doubt on your own capcode with that stunt of yours. And you did this on one of the most paranoid boards on 8chan. Again, great fucking job.

78e666 No.500397


If you want to do something about the mentally ill, you either need to put them in an institution or let them be free - no taking the guns. This proposal has been repeated by the MSM commies for 20 years, and it is a confidence game that we have all been brainwashed into accepting.

3d616c No.500398


any quick tips for opsec senpai?

ie. free vpns and antivirals.

t. trying to get back into comps after being out of da loop for almost a decade.

77d72b No.500399


https:// www.dallasnews.com/news/crime/2018/02/25/woman-turns-gun-after-shooting-teen-neck-arlington-police-say

This is a gun crime. No reported history of any mental illness.

4f5d30 No.500400

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Syria, Syria, Syria.



London Tube evacuated at Mansion House as 'smoke fills carriage' on District Line

A LONDON Tube has been evacuated after reports a carriage had filled with smoke, leading to commuter chaos during rush hour. Passengers were ordered off the District Line Tube just after 7.30am as smoke began to fill the carriage at Mansion House station.

PUBLISHED: 08:24, Mon, Feb 26, 2018 | UPDATED: 08:53, Mon, Feb 26, 2018

Transport bosses also announced: "Severe delays on the line while we fix a signal failure at Barbican.

There are now severe delays on the on the Circle and District line after the westbound train was brought to a stop.

The major route has also been blocked by signal failure at Barbican.

Witnesses told how they were ordered to evacuate after smoke filled the carriages from the air vents.

Transport for London's Twitter account for the District Line tweeted: "Minor delays between Tower Hill and Earls Court westbound due to an earlier faulty train at Mansion House."

"Please allow extra time for your journeys where necessary."

A witness told Daily Star Online: "We were ordered off a train at Mansion House as smoke was filling the carriage.

"The smoke was coming from the air vents on the train towards Victoria."


This is a breaking story.. please refresh for updates

https:// www.express.co.uk/news/uk/924040/London-travel-news-Mansion-house-station-evacuated-smoke-Circle-line-district-Tfl-updates

Four dead as huge explosion rips through shop in Leicester city centre

FOUR people have died and emergency services are hunting for bodies after a huge explosion caused the "pancake collapse" of a shop near Leicester city centre, police have confirmed.

PUBLISHED: 07:00, Mon, Feb 26, 2018 | UPDATED: 08:49, Mon, Feb 26, 2018

https:// www.express.co.uk/news/uk/923903/Leicester-explosion-four-dead-Police-major-incident-Hinckley-Road-fire

129a5e No.500401



Lesson: Don't use a device that you expect to stay clean here. This is a theater of war.

ea3c27 No.500402


it's called "incognito mode" anon, we all use it here.

960738 No.500403

Haven't seen anything along these lines yet, so…

Stanislav Lunev.


Payback for today.


Seemed like it was "payback" for the comms fuckery that had been happening.

Lunev was a spy from an untrusted source who was allowed in and accepted.

In 2010, Intel came out with it's "Sandy Bridge" processor with a kill switch that could be remotely killed via 3G cell phone networks even if the computer was turned off.

Next came Ivy Bridge and then there was the Management Engine (ME) but the whole "kill switch" got dropped from the discussion. After that, could anyone really trust Intel?

http:// www.eutimes.net/2010/12/remote-kill-switch-added-to-intel-sandy-bridge/

The BRIDGE is still there in current processors, it's part of the ME.



Perhaps Q was letting someone know how and why their computer just got shut off, which would be a pretty good demonstration of his horsepower in terms of locating, pinpointing and reaching out to touch someone.

17d6da No.500404


Shut up, faggot. Everything’s cool so let’s refocus.

8ef035 No.500405


The key words are sandbox, and vpn.

8ab3bd No.500406

So.. we have grown up with all this hard wiring by MSM&Co. By “teaching” us how we should see things, act, obey their “truth”. This has actually affected how our brains have developed. Neural connections.

Awakening, seeing connections, connecting dots… in a new way actually builds NEW neural connections in our brains!

That’s why building the map, in our minds and visually, is so important.

Like in good quality therapy, we have to realize things ourselves. This must happen gently and gradually. Sound familiar?

Also understanding this helps red pilling people. There has been talks here about these things, how this should be done, and why. But I don’t remember if I’ve seen this REALLY why?

(Hopefully I’m making sense. I’m not an expert in this field, and english isn’t my first language, EU anon here. Someone might surely explain all this better.)

728fae No.500407

File: ef94e764ec704cb⋯.jpg (23.09 KB, 585x400, 117:80, you_made_Glenn_Beck_cry.jpg)

76f1be No.500408


Besides, they get to control who is declared "mentally ill" and who is not. Hint: All patriots are "mentally ill".

77d72b No.500409


The only two gun crimes in my neck of the woods that happened recently were domestic violence cases. Neither of the perps had a mental illness.

ea23f5 No.500410


Shut up, faggot. It's been resolved.

bd4e77 No.500411

File: 70b339fa881f8c1⋯.jpg (90.74 KB, 603x378, 67:42, IMG_3619.JPG)

4e2fb5 No.500412


add me as a BV

728be1 No.500413


735728 No.500414

Anybody got access to stk orbital software? Popped into my head. Elites moving south. DUMBed up. Is there any list of NEOs and future paths of EM rocket and delta vee feasible for deep impact.

3d616c No.500415


coincidentally this is the same device i took to an actual theatre of war. ;^)

(saddaam's hometown in fact)

figured since its pre class of '09 this would be a good way to start.

ea3c27 No.500416


Schiff knows WAY too much about playgrounds.

b673ee No.500417


Noticed a bump in digits in last thread by (Admin) right after the 500000 faggotry. 500060-50070 if that helps at all. Thanks BO

77d72b No.500418


It is a feel good solution that is not a solution. The people with a mental health diagnosis are no more inclined to use a gun in a crime than anyone else.

129a5e No.500419


> a pretty good demonstration of his horsepower in terms of locating, pinpointing and reaching out to touch someone.

Oh. You mean Palantir?

728fae No.500420

File: d7037d64bcc9c54⋯.jpg (84.98 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, a789dsf6s78df6s78fs6d.jpg)

bd4e77 No.500421


For reals….

< not even funny

b705a9 No.500422


No…But in reality, we have the deep state who are the mental patients and they are running the asylum.

c4cb2f No.500423

File: e20be2bed3cdff7⋯.jpg (119.4 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, DW8prvrVQAAMYmc (1).jpg)


The face of a total douchebag, dipshit, after seeing the face of the grim reaper… and realizing it was his own god.

bf09f9 No.500424

File: 19844e50b1df785⋯.jpg (61.67 KB, 516x450, 86:75, 19844e50b1df785b3f9166a635….jpg)


very nice! noteworthy BO/V!

76f1be No.500426


You are correct. It is just another "clever" way to get us to give up our guns.

9f8a07 No.500428


Schiff is a freak. I knew he was on drugs the first time I saw him. His beady liddle eyes bugging out of his head. He's either on coke or meth, or both.

0b7545 No.500430

File: 74462f5818c0459⋯.jpg (3.66 MB, 2475x3360, 165:224, everything map.jpg)


Reposting a flowchart made by probably the most autistic anon in our army. Hoping this will be new to some of you late night anons.

8ef035 No.500431


Greater than zero % chance he's killed someone he was using for sex while on a drug bender.

129a5e No.500432


Nah that's just the look he got when Satan slid it in his ass and he learned the boss's pindar really is on fire..

735728 No.500433

>>500430 confirms my suspicions. They’d do it.

55deb6 No.500434

LA2029 roger!

728fae No.500435

File: a4a0cd87d818098⋯.png (267.64 KB, 450x582, 75:97, 666560.png)

78e666 No.500436

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Notice how Reagan clearly distinguishes those who pose a threat to themselves and those who do not. This was common sense in 1991 before we all got brainwashed.

b705a9 No.500437



There has got to be something in the water tonight…ROFL…I have tears…

9f8a07 No.500438


Perhaps that's why Q keeps telling us to archive everything offline. If Clowns can hack the board, obtain our IP and track them to our phones or ISP's they might be able to kill all of our machines via the mobile network towers, cell phones of home wifi networks.

dc0ff7 No.500439


checking links

4f5d30 No.500440

President Trump to meet with the nation's governors

http:// abcnews.go.com/WNN/video/president-trump-meet-nations-governors-53356195

76f1be No.500441

File: 83fb076f3e6a2f7⋯.jpg (86.31 KB, 500x568, 125:142, 25b40x.jpg)

735728 No.500442

>>500437 damn 3” walls

960738 No.500443


If only we could do that to shills….

ea3c27 No.500444


Should we assume massive voter fraud will be discussed?

129a5e No.500445


OMG… The tears…. They fall as I laugh..

f6dc9b No.500446

~tnx, good connection


we will find it

735728 No.500447


A scanner, darkly

76f1be No.500448


Then my work here is done. KEK

f6dc9b No.500449



960738 No.500451


THe work is never done

d4b8b8 No.500452

>Gun control

>Prohibit "mentally ill" from exercising 2A rights

"Surely, anyone bigoted enough to vote for Donald Drumph classifies as mentally ill."

Next thing you know, using Google and PRISM data, the state does keyword searches and flags all dissidents and opponents of globalist agendas for firearm confiscation on the basis of their "questionable mental health."

After all, it's working with Medical Marijuana cardholders:

https:// lynx.media/2017/11/28/hawaii-moves-confiscate-guns-one-particular-group/

Hawaiians gave up their 2A rights for the right to buy mary-J from government-regulated dispensaries that record when, where, and how much they buy, and how much they paid for it, in a state registry.

f6dc9b No.500453

File: 907970eea391f59⋯.png (64.57 KB, 442x432, 221:216, FcEktQB.png)

4f5d30 No.500454


Gun control. But heh, ABC.

ea3c27 No.500455


Definitely one of the more depressing of PKD's books, he really got to the essence of what CIA ratlines do to people.

728fae No.500456


It's a bit of a PITA but this is why I use a 13-yr old laptop for this shit… Sure, they've all got backdoor access going back to the early 90's, but a killswitch tripped via your smart phone? Not I…

f6dc9b No.500457

File: 3634a0ec98fe0ba⋯.jpg (141.53 KB, 800x1280, 5:8, uueueaeeehhhhhh.jpg)

f6dc9b No.500458


so when im exposed, i cant be a BV? DAMN!

can i still bake bread?

bf09f9 No.500459


EXACTLY. That is exactly why I don't like it!

3d616c No.500460


this is the first time i realized that Beyond the Pale Horse is on that list. this map came out well before Q confirmed anon's mention of it. we might want to consider listing each book on this map as there may be some other juicy nuggets we have yet to realize we have. maybe even just btreak this down into lists (people/ groups/resources/etc)

jus thinking out loud.

129a5e No.500461


Hmm.. AMD platforms don't use intel bridges do they… They don't have the CPU flaw either…

Looks like AMD stock is gonna be on the up. [disclaimer: this is not financial advice]

4f5d30 No.500462


1 hour ago (CNN 4AM talking point of course)

5 things Congress could do on guns

1. Legislation to outlaw bump stocks (backing up the ATF) – has bipartisan support

2. Background checks – has bipartisan support

3. Raising gun age – has bipartisan support

4. Gun magazine size restriction – unlikely to have bipartisan support

5. Banning AR-15 style weapons – very unlikely to have bipartisan support

https:// www.cnn.com/2018/02/25/politics/gun-control-congress-proposals-marco-rubio-parkland-school-shooting/index.html

9f8a07 No.500463


Very funny….. I'll be sending this one to Liddle Adam on twatter….

02fca4 No.500464


I like how Eisenhower is at the center of everything but the Antichrist is at the bottom left corner.

bf09f9 No.500465


personally I'm looking forward to having my own Howtizer. Bears can be assholes.

647d2d No.500466

File: 7996209b6a3eeca⋯.png (346.4 KB, 555x900, 37:60, ClipboardImage.png)

Book: Overthrow a Fascist Regime on $15 a Day By Wayne Madsen

https:// books.google.fi/books?id=pQACBAAAQBAJ&pg=PT153&lpg=PT153&dq=%22el+amir%22+OR+Elamir+CIA+OR+FBI+OR+DOJ&source=bl&ots=nstJGJJf20&sig=buhEWvJfjjJ3CpEB0MNwI9Px4WY&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjDluaej8HZAhWrAcAKHQimC-MQ6AEINjAD#v=onepage&q=%22el%20amir%22%20OR%20Elamir%20CIA%20OR%20FBI%20OR%20DOJ&f=false

mentions El-Amir too, with Clinton, Dubai Ports, israeli Zim Logistics, Chertoff

c92670 No.500467


Pindar is at the top of the pyramid

728fae No.500468


Either that or if you have an intel, keep a spare CPU to pop in laying around (in an EMP-proof container would be better)…

78e666 No.500469


What part of 'shall not be infringed' do they not understand?

c13dc6 No.500470


Pyramid will collapse


hahaha hahaha


76f1be No.500471


Please do. KEK

02fca4 No.500472


It would take this whole board a month. It would be slower than solving something like

<find "the"


129a5e No.500473


>Raising gun age

This should be pegged to the exact value the minimum age military enlistment is pegged to. Permanently. Enough of this horse shit.

4f5d30 No.500474



While they have us looking at guns with one hand, they are trying to place a gag ball in our mouth with the other.

647d2d No.500475

File: 9a1572057ace11d⋯.png (303.5 KB, 1224x678, 204:113, ClipboardImage.png)


Pindar is not top of anything, it's false analysis or distraction.

129a5e No.500476


>if you have an intel, keep a spare CPU

Stop talking. You do not know what the CPU flaw I'm referencing even is, if that is your response.

77d72b No.500477


Actually, I used to work in this field. The neo liberals get very mad when you tell the truth about it. It was the Republicans in California that provided a solution for this. They created a Shelter plus Care program.

Mentally ill people who were at risk of homelessness were provided subsidised apartments, with supportive services.

That is a Republican program that is full of progressive employees.

77828e No.500478

I don't know who is behind that article about Scalia re pedo/his murder/etc. that Corsi keeps bring up, but this is my humble perspective:

This Scalia thing is a test from Q through Corsi, designed to test how ready we are for credible info that contradicts our beliefs about people we are perceived to admire. If true, can I handle it? Fuck yes. I don't give a shit. Just give me the facts. But my suspiscion is that this is a test related to how deep the disclosure goes. Give us something to question a person considered a hero by many of us here on the frontlines, and see if we can handle it, even when posed as a hypothetical. If we can't, no one else can.

735728 No.500479

>>500475 you must go back

02fca4 No.500480


One thing CNN could do

1. Go fuck itself - has universal support

f6dc9b No.500481


then what owns? what rules?

a superceding council of assorted sorts?

f3f524 No.500482

Someone replies with a great dig, valuable insight, or a great meme. Crickets.

Some dickweed shill replies with some fucking bullshit and everyone has got to talk about it.

65f3b9 No.500483


I successfully red pilled my mother. On observation, I found the key was seeds already planted, as you were attempting to describe. Her generation has it's seeds as well, and while she is the only one I know personally from that generation, I do believe the most successful way to RP is nothing more than simply understanding where and when an individual grew as well as who they are now. For instance, my mother was not all too familiar with MKU, but……….

"Where did AIDS come from all of a sudden?"

"Did we really land on the moon?"

Those two were her seeds, as I found, and she is now doing her own research farther into the hole. I left out the ever present

"Why are so many children autistic now?" which was also a part of her RP, but in today's current fuckaroo, even her generation is all but immune to medical truth bombs, so I consider her a special case in regards to that one.

The real key to RP is to simply not attempt to RP the target….ALLOW them to try to RP you into their state of belief, ALLOW them to feel the success of another individual taking interest in what they "know" to be true…..ALL humans are easily manipulated…..most like to feel they are the manipulator….few truly understand the methods behind manipulation…..it is within those few the RP vrs. BP swung to the side of RP…..free will is important, it is what we fight for now, it is what the BP's fight for as well, freedom of thought, freedom of action, speech, belief….it must even be applied to deep state…they desire freedom to rule, freedom to hide in the shadows, freedom to exploit…free will. Once you know how to ALLOW an individual to make a choice….RP or BP…..then you know how to ALLOW that individual free will AND ALLOW them to use that free will to slowly head down the path themselves…..RP is only successful if the RP'd RP'd them,selves, even if you are good enough to ALLOW them to do it.

Perhaps my description of manipulative guiding is a bit fuzzy for some, but I know there are those whom fully understand.

78e666 No.500484

"The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such a nature [sic]. They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes…. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man."

- Thomas Jefferson, Commonplace Book (quoting 18th century criminologist Cesare Beccaria), 1774-1776

f6dc9b No.500485


>arent crickets part of the all devouring plague? lol

c92670 No.500486


A lot of older people can be easily red pilled with the big pharma revelations

4f5d30 No.500487

File: f459a7e62c1c307⋯.png (702.73 KB, 992x413, 992:413, ClipboardImage.png)

10 min. ago

"The announcement Sunday that China will drop term limits on the presidency clears the way for Xi Jinping to rule the country indefinitely."

https:// www.cnn.com/2018/02/26/asia/china-xi-jinping-president-intl/index.html

13 min. ago

"Chinese censors acted quickly Monday to remove satirical commentary online about the ruling Communist Party's move to enable President Xi Jinping to stay in power indefinitely, while political observers weighed the possibility that China will return to an era of one-man rule."

http:// abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/china-removes-online-criticism-plan-extend-xis-rule-53355631

ea3c27 No.500488


If any one of my "hero's" were doing sick shit I'd be the first one to drop them and call them what they are.

I've dropped so many bullshit artists from my repertoire these past few years it's astounding.

3d616c No.500489


Ill see if i can at least turn it into a useful list.

f6dc9b No.500490

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

728fae No.500491


No idea which flaw - saw it in a Reuters headline awhile back but it didn't affect me so I didn't dig any deeper. I quit selling and using intel's crap the moment they announced they were going to put in a killswitch. Don't get pissy, anon. Look, I build towers, mmmkay? So we can have a civil discussion - though this isn't something to slide the bread with. chill…

c2b1df No.500492


look at Frankenstein on the far left of the photo… hahah

c8749b No.500493

File: 045b40486780e51⋯.png (295.24 KB, 1122x569, 1122:569, EndgameHIPAA.png)


>HIPAA records

HIPAA connection with ENDGAME,inc cybersec. malware

Yesterday some anon made 1 post with the picture of Amanda Rousseau. She's is said to be a 'white hat' hacker and works for ENDGAME,inc.


As I look closer, I don't think Amanda is a she. Her facial expressions are very male-like.

I did some research about it and found and posted the following:

>>491056 (white hat hacker?)

>>491110 (works at ENDGAME,inc. uses dead unicorn as logo)

>>491149 (further looking into ENDGAME and personell)

>>491177 (ENDGAME,inc. = CIA. CEO is Christopher Darby of In-Q-Tel)

Now, on the Twitter page of ENDGAME,inc. you see a logo of HIPAA (pic) added to their banner. So, it seems ENDGAME,inc. has the ability to look into all the medical records.


I don't know who the person is who posted the picture of Amanda Rousseau with the questions, but it was clearly attended to point us in this direction.

77d72b No.500494


This is true. You tell older people the truth, that there are fetal stem cells in their foods, drinks, cosmetics and vaccines and they very rightfully recoil

0b7545 No.500495


>searches Pindar

>clicks first wiki link

>stops digging

>posts screengrab on board full of hardcore diggers

>is mentally retarded

735728 No.500496

>>500478 when the nice guy next door reveals as axe murderer, no one ever suspected. So if AS or BG turn out to be double life types, imagine the dismay leading to toxic levels of cynicism. Hero figures have functions in society independent of any actual hero actions. The idea of an embodiment of what is true/good/virtuous is powerful to motivate same in admirers. Vice versa….as Q talked about the idea of it being real.

4f5d30 No.500497


satirical commentary removed. :)

51d33b No.500498


>we have grown up with all this hard wiring by MSM&Co

What do you mean 'we', kemosabe?

EU normies seek out their MSM news to be 'informed'. EU normies are deathly afraid of being 'uniformed' in public. EU normies are products of the their MSM.

'Sound familiar' is typical of EU normies because it indicates that any event has been cataloged somewhere and all that has to be done is find the 'correct' label and it will all be explained.

Most Americans avoid the MSM in an attempt to be informed. Most Americans aren't afraid of new territory or of being 'wrong'.

Used to be shortwave radio (that Clinton tried to kill) before the internet. Now the internet makes it easier to discover new territory with no labels pre-attached.

Most Americans aren't afraid of the unexplained. Just a new challenge and a new round of trial and error.

3d616c No.500499


anon brought up a point yesterday that settles it for me fwiw.

if the cabal had any pedo evidence on Scalia they would use him, not kill him. he would be vulnerable like all the rest. now the fatal flaw in this would be if he said oh yeah well then i'll expose blank blank. but yeah if he was a pedo the cabal would have him passing laws for them. but i'm not opposed to accepting him being one just think it's illogical.

129a5e No.500500


Exploit found by ABC. inc. How conveeeenient.

https:// techcrunch.com/2018/01/03/googles-project-zero-team-discovered-critical-cpu-flaw-last-year/

Amd has no such flaw

https:// www.cnbc.com/2018/01/03/amd-rebukes-intel-says-flaw-poses-near-zero-risk-to-its-chips.html

ea3c27 No.500501


Same with Canadians, I fucking hate Canadian normies, no other normie parrots mockingbird talking points more.

78e666 No.500502

File: 714773bfdc56cf0⋯.jpg (2.94 MB, 2512x2996, 628:749, Thomas_Jefferson_by_Rembra….jpg)

"I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery."

- Thomas Jefferson, letter to James Madison, January 30, 1787

0a891c No.500503

File: 805e35efb8687af⋯.jpg (167.11 KB, 885x719, 885:719, IMG_3714.JPG)

f6dc9b No.500504


is Xi (ourguy) ?

129a5e No.500505


great dig anon! BAKER!!!

117fd2 No.500506


That's powerful!

728fae No.500507


Thanks for the sauce, anon. It's not a flaw - we are in agreement. But AMD does still have backdoor access that is untraceable. EVERY pc made since at least 1993 is exploitable by this inherent feature.

647d2d No.500508


yelling Pindar 100 times doesn't make it more legit.

There are 5-10 theories what P is and there is no board, hive mind consensus that P=Pindar.

4f5d30 No.500509


CNN loves numbered lists.

Here's another one. (Never seen them headline 6 before.)

6 things to know before the opening bell

Stocks surge; Buffett moves markets; Samsung in spotlight

February 26, 2018: 4:53 AM ET

1. Recovery rally continues: Global markets are continuing to recover after a very rough start to the month.

2. The Buffett effect: Billionaire investor Warren Buffett is moving markets again.

3. Wheels and deals: The chairman of a Chinese automaker has taken a 10% stake in Germany's Mercedes Benz-maker Daimler.

4. Earnings: The dairy giant Dean Foods (DF) will report earnings before the open.

5. Major mobile conference: The annual Mobile World Congress is underway in Barcelona. The world's biggest smartphone makers — minus Apple (AAPL) — will be there.

6. Coming this week:

Monday — Mobile World Congress kicks off

Tuesday — Earnings from Macy's (M), Booking Holdings (PCLN) (formerly Priceline), Express Scripts (ESRX) and Discovery Communications (DISCA); Fed chair Jerome Powell testifies before the House Financial Services Committee

Wednesday — Second estimate of US Q4 GDP; Earnings from Lowe's (LOW), TJX (TJX), Salesforce (CRM), L Brands (LB), Monster Beverage (MNST) and Mylan (MYL)

Thursday — Earnings from Best Buy (BBY), Kohl's (KSS), Nordstrom (JWN), Gap (GPS) and Barnes & Noble (BKS); Powell testifies before the Senate Banking Committee

Friday — Foot Locker (FL) and JCPenney (JCP) earnings

http:// money.cnn.com/2018/02/26/investing/premarket-stocks-trading/index.html

c2b1df No.500510



incredible drop tho… I forgot to mention that part.

Mao Tse-tung the second….

POTUS seems to like him… "keep your enemies close" situation?

f6dc9b No.500511

File: 47312905ff2e66b⋯.jpg (242.9 KB, 900x1440, 5:8, rothschild-has-diarrhea.jpg)


>how liddle is the circle of microchip scalers and architectoids?

fe736a No.500512


Intel, amd and arm are affected ://meltdownattack.com

4f5d30 No.500513


I'm wondering the same thing especially after the meet with Ivanka.

129a5e No.500514


Well there it is then. Physical non digital copies of proof is the order of the day.

728fae No.500515

File: 5493313fac648fc⋯.jpg (49.85 KB, 401x599, 401:599, daf098df09sd8f90sdf8s.jpg)


I posted that pic of her - ;) I wuz waiting for an autist to finish what I couldn't. GREAT to see that trail has a scent!

8ef035 No.500516


Likely that with such a public profile, and that kind of company, Rousseau is neither a hacker nor a whitehat.

f3f524 No.500517


I posted a vid, some other high level guy talked about a trilateral alliance between US, RU, and China for a new Gold Backed Currency. I would not trust China, but it was interesting.

He talked about how the Globalists all have USD and they would crash it, kill the Fed. Then the Globalists would be prevented from exchanging their USD for this new currency and BAM, instant de-elites.

Sounded Great but also a little weird

4f5d30 No.500518


I have faith that is the case.

78e666 No.500519

File: aaf12d46c3b45d5⋯.jpg (1.4 MB, 2512x2996, 628:749, TJ DangFRDMPcfl slvry.jpg)

c92670 No.500520


Pindar is a title. Not a name

http:// fathersmanifesto.net/illuminati.htm

c8749b No.500521


Former NSA director joins security firm Endgame’s board after it raises $23M

https:// venturebeat.com/2013/03/13/endgame-funding/

The CIA’s Venture-Capital Firm, Like Its Sponsor, Operates in the Shadows

https:// www.wsj.com/articles/the-cias-venture-capital-firm-like-its-sponsor-operates-in-the-shadows-1472587352

129a5e No.500522


It's face resembles a bug.

f6dc9b No.500523

File: 3948e2abd1ae315⋯.jpg (114.4 KB, 900x1440, 5:8, 17 - WWLumHg.jpg)


i heard that doing business with chinese is a v v v slippery slop

>"Deal? What deal?"

f6dc9b No.500524

File: 2d86e8c9fa9f71a⋯.jpg (50.3 KB, 864x592, 54:37, 1445119879652.jpg)


16D-chess moves going on!

0b7545 No.500525


Pindar could be fake as fuck, I really don't care. I'm more interesting in your terrible digging habits, willingness to believe the first wiki link you follow, and then using those shit digging skills as evidence to try and convince other anons of something.

f3f524 No.500526


YouTube Channel: Dauntless Dialogue

There are 3 recent uploaded videos worth a gander, goes into much detail.

f6dc9b No.500527

File: 05a3361cadab2f8⋯.jpg (164.22 KB, 900x804, 75:67, 1457822314997.jpg)


>( ° ʖ °)

4f5d30 No.500528

File: fbad6e6b8bbfe88⋯.jpg (747.24 KB, 1011x1029, 337:343, foxsupermassive.jpg)

Fox reporting a Live Science article?

I hate Live Science.

"just in"

http:// www.foxnews.com/science/2018/02/26/are-supermassive-black-holes-going-to-eat-universe.html

f6dc9b No.500529

9f8a07 No.500530


I will. Twatter has shut down six of my accounts since we started the meme war. If they shut me down again, I'll just create another one.

647d2d No.500531


Asking questions: what do you think is odd that has changed over the years. Things are not what they used to be.

Why autism has grown in numbers?

Why so many ADHD so suddenly?

Why all values have been changed to so liberal suddenly?

Why so many school shootings suddenly?

f3f524 No.500532


Sorry not most recent "Popular" and specifically the ones marked


ea3c27 No.500533

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That was some hannibal lecter shit Trump pulled on him tho

728fae No.500534


I think she's cuter than Sophia (kek) but prob a female version of Suckerberg… I don't know enough about her to say for sure.

cd3928 No.500535

File: cffd19c8100fc0a⋯.png (257.21 KB, 1850x1154, 925:577, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)

File: ab23f00325d6ca8⋯.png (442.87 KB, 1250x972, 625:486, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)

File: 23135079055f704⋯.png (451.44 KB, 1260x954, 70:53, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)

HRC Wikileaks emails has reference to James Liddle from State Department. Found article about his visit to Tanzania regarding AIDS relief.

https:// www.facebook.com/notes/elizabeth-glaser-pediatric-aids-foundation/notes-from-the-field-us-deputy-secretary-of-state-visits-egpaf-programs-in-tanza/104680065962

65f3b9 No.500536


perhaps you are right, the thing is, I never attempted anyone near me aside from my mother, as I will need her clear should needs arise while everyone else is running around like a chicken with their heads cut off, most of my pilling is done by observing and waiting…opportune moments always float by to those who watch for them without looking for them outright.

f6dc9b No.500537

File: 5b972ad5d753b08⋯.png (126.01 KB, 750x709, 750:709, 1454797782859.png)




>"civilian" trials? what civilian trials? you disqualified when you started eating babies,. horrendous murderer!!!

cd3928 No.500538

File: 7d3134bd9103999⋯.png (270.73 KB, 1374x1030, 687:515, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

https:// www.nytimes.com/2014/08/31/fashion/weddings/patricia-shea-james-liddle.html

c8749b No.500539

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Amanda Rousseau SHELLCON 2017 presentation video:

27e678 No.500540

Is Lunev connected to Intel? He obviously worked for CIA.


3d616c No.500542


or it would change whatever age is deemed to be "adult". if at 18 you're an adult but cannot own a gun to defend yourself/hunt for food you are still technically a minor as you require protection/provisions provided by parents/gov.

3812cd No.500543


>Asking questions: what do you think is odd that has changed over the years. Things are not what they used to be.

How many people had cancer?

How many people had dementia?

78e666 No.500544


That is the dopest Pepe ever!!! Sublime.

0b6bc5 No.500545



a62e63 No.500546


Woah. What if that was a manipulation of our power here? I was on all day yesterday and as new people would join the thread we’d have another conversation about the TT to DD. I saw several instances of digging on the site and outrage. Not that that site going down is a bad thing by any means but curious we were prompted to talk about it a Iittle too much.

27e678 No.500547

Changing your view of truth and what is reality often takes time and small increments. It certainly is building new connections. Too much too fast will often be rejected.


4f5d30 No.500548

File: dcbf2609c85118b⋯.jpg (102.79 KB, 543x407, 543:407, NSGAB.jpg)


I meant New Scientist. Carry on Fox.

5a9c0d No.500549

whats up faggits

what is the consensus with anons>?

obvious it was a long time plan for potus to be placed in the white house. so now we have to figure out this:

Did he jump ship and is actually going along with the military coop against the other two coops.


Its all a show and part of the plan for the jes uits to

finally be making last move. Jes uit trained pope in vatican and potus was trained at a jesu it school.

i pray he flipped the script but my guard is up.

5bbbd9 No.500550

074ae8 No.500551


Meltdown and Spectre are the two flaws. AMD is only immune to Meltdown. All are susceptible to Spectre due to the speculative nature of speculative execution. Has to do with instruction prefetching.

5bbbd9 No.500552


you dont belong here

c9ae63 No.500553

PG Anon with intel sharing of v/pizzagates digging efforts regarding the Liddle lead.

https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/2406912

https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/2405089

https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/2414349

https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/2405115

https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/2403705

https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/2414471

5a9c0d No.500554


f off son, i been here since pol and i have the right to question everything

8ef035 No.500555


All offense intended, but women in that field are typically an ornament/cock holster.

074ae8 No.500556


Very true. The slightest shift in personal paradigm opens the floodgates for ramifications of the shift. Incubation and processing time are required.

612ba2 No.500557

File: 8c9c1586ad927ab⋯.jpg (324.5 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, SandyBridge2010jpg.jpg)


>http:// www.eutimes.net/2010/12/remote-kill-switch-added-to-intel-sandy-bridge/

288003 No.500558

Obama‘s NZ Agenda

https:// www.


f3f524 No.500559


In hindsight looking at the video dates, a lot of his concern with Martial Law etc probably pre date the incredible moves.

Moves made by MI to protect and shield us from the fallout

Silent war isn't a negative but a testament to POTUS's Tactical Genius

I have seen trumps face and spirit change over the months, clearly much innocence lost, cant imagine. He went through this for us!

0b6bc5 No.500560


Can't accept truth? POTUS is a traitor!

0dc00a No.500561


questioning everything during these times is not only smart but prudent.

02fca4 No.500562


honestly, it's time people got a little more cynical and skeptical. If CNN and MSNBC, plus the rest of the MSM have built up these Dems as messiah that can "lower the rising waters," then maybe the red pill lesson will hit so hard we'll keep this from happening again for a hundred years.

The more I dig, the more I realize how bad it truly was, and how much the media has conspired to hide it:

>> 481816

5a9c0d No.500563


damn right, not questioning is what got us in this mess

8ab3bd No.500564


I was trying to say, that by "connecting dots" in your mind, you actually in real life, also develop a new neural connection in your brain.

Seemed kind of important to me.

(And yes, I know very well Europe is in deep shit. But I wouldn't be here, if I followed only our MSM, now would I?)

02fca4 No.500566


Fucking autocorrect.


0dc00a No.500567


more of us than you would even begin to guess.. it's time to rip the bandaid off and stop this pussy footing around

728fae No.500568

File: faecff96a2f62ff⋯.jpg (132.41 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, sfd89g79dsf8g7d98fg7.jpg)

f6dc9b No.500569

File: ff734e26fcb6574⋯.jpg (8.08 KB, 277x200, 277:200, 12801162_1054681654578101_….jpg)

File: 15980d0fa65951f⋯.jpg (93.49 KB, 500x388, 125:97, 1454258587684.jpg)

File: d54338170e385fd⋯.gif (168.05 KB, 404x272, 101:68, 1454850513973.gif)

File: 7f4ac08f1ad9e20⋯.jpg (68.59 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 1458670856268.jpg)

File: b47d5172e907fef⋯.jpg (27.16 KB, 360x480, 3:4, tumblr_n4unogIElD1qd5mq1o1….jpg)



4f5d30 No.500570

File: f5fac1252517c40⋯.jpg (634.19 KB, 811x941, 811:941, MoscowEU.jpg)

ca708d No.500571

Nice good comms

0b6bc5 No.500572


He's pro gun control, anti free speech, wake up.

5a9c0d No.500573


band aid my ass, rip the f viel, most people that cant handle it will go on with life in same bubble they been in

cd6d26 No.500574

Morning anons. Working on a comprehensive timeline (the best timeline) and will post today or tomorrow. In the meantime, chew on this:

5/20/2017- POTUS arrives in Saudia Arabia on his 1st foreign trip.

>Why did POTUS receive a sword dance when visiting SA?

>What does this mean culturally?

>Why is this relevant?

>What occurred in SA?

5/20/2018- 40 (in the Biblical sense) days after Easter, Pentecost. See:






27e678 No.500575


I think this is the article about Scalia.

https:// pedophilesdownunder.com/tag/billy-graham/

b2174e No.500576


You are forgetting a couple of things here.

1. Under certain situations covered entities are permitted to disclose information to law enforcement.

https:// www.hhs.gov/hipaa/for-professionals/faq/505/what-does-the-privacy-rule-allow-covered-entities-to-disclose-to-law-enforcement-officials/index.html

2. They think they're answering to good guys in the government that only want to keep Americans safe.

129a5e No.500578


ah ok, so AMD isn't 'safe'. its just 'safer'.. Technically.

27e678 No.500579

Lots of suggestions put forth besides Pindar.




Queen Elizabeth

Not sure who is at the top or if it is a collaborative enterprise.

I think Satan.


5bbbd9 No.500580


glorious autism

728fae No.500581

File: 1ffe6fa6be3692a⋯.jpg (63.99 KB, 728x506, 364:253, ads-08f7ads98f7sd8f97sd.jpg)

0dc00a No.500582


yah. i agree.. this 'purge' is for show .. the illusion of change.

a86e19 No.500583


They are from the same source. Two are her at 11 and then a follow-up story with pic at 14.

5a9c0d No.500584

i am just sic of being f lied to, i want truth. if potus is a jes uit or not with another agenda.

fact: trained at je suit school

fact: son same school

fact: first ever black jes uet pope


5bbbd9 No.500585


looks like the kind of website the DNC bought to try to blame the other party of their crimes

78e666 No.500586

File: 71a6aaf0d66f51b⋯.jpg (724.06 KB, 1664x2045, 1664:2045, CC Something at once.jpg)

President Calvin Coolidge [ourguy]

129a5e No.500587


you're a funny.

4f5d30 No.500588


Good song.

0b6bc5 No.500589


Yep, i'm CIA because I question POTUS.

You're no different than the people you supposedly fight…

LOL you'll be the first to die in the FEMA camp.

129a5e No.500590


You're a fema camp.

27e678 No.500591

He voted conservatively. Not sure why they couldn't push him into voting liberal unless he had equal stuff on them.


5a9c0d No.500592



728fae No.500593

File: 48d0bf2db20818e⋯.jpg (44.8 KB, 625x469, 625:469, 48d0bf2db20818e6be6bdfadf7….jpg)


You're a clown or an idiot because you aren't with the program. POTUS makes an iillusory move, knowing nothing major will come of it - and you immediately jump the fence - or is the other side of the fence where you have been all along? Hmmm…

4f5d30 No.500594

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

5bbbd9 No.500595

bombards body language gets banned on youtube but alex jones is still there

seems legit. i dont trust jones for nothin

074ae8 No.500596


Reverse engineering assembly (which is just about all I've programmed in since 1984) is very linear. There are no abstractions beyond the conceptual design of an app or driver as a whole. The key to being good at doing it is patience, and patience comes from naturally resonating at that level of excessively fine detail. And of course you need a very good working knowledge of the operating system's internals. So it's plausible that she really does this work.

As for being transgender … if it's true, she has pulled out all the stops - adam's apple shaving, facial feminization surgery, etc. The only real supporting feature is arm length. The voice is VERY difficult to get right and she's relatively high pitched for that. The clowns would pay for it all if they had a purpose, and that purpose could be for her to woo and wow and get close to other male hackers to figure out what they know or what they're involved in. So it's plausible, but it would have been an A+ primo job of transition.

cb1c7d No.500597



ea3c27 No.500598


So, does this mean I should hold off on doing my taxes this year?

0b6bc5 No.500599


Sad, sad Anon. Sorry you were betrayed… Maybe you should 'dig' some more useless information…

0dc00a No.500600

the left vs right paradigm plays heavy on this board

129a5e No.500601



Beaccuse (you) is.

If you have to ask questions in that formant, you shouldn't be hitting the 'New Reply' button, either.

Peddle your liddle FUD elsewhere, it's a clown tactic.

65f3b9 No.500602



hiding in plain sight is by far the most effective method in a world of confused sleepers

1df104 No.500603

It is interesting that Q pushes the mirror concept; it reminds me of Jesus' teaching of the single eye.

Perhaps creation itself is one giant mirror.

647d2d No.500604

File: 1ae68faa84fa8cf⋯.png (61.95 KB, 898x443, 898:443, ClipboardImage.png)


LiddleKidz founder Tina Allen, ex-gf of a pedo…

728fae No.500605

File: 583ada45adeedce⋯.jpg (43.54 KB, 403x537, 403:537, 10177981_10152091721068182….jpg)

5a9c0d No.500606


f u fag, im no clown or shill, just a patriot that want justice and truth. tired of lies and deception

f67190 No.500607


Fucking Kek.

e9c534 No.500608


>The key to being good at doing it is patience, and patience comes from naturally resonating at that level of excessively fine detail.

True that. What she's running through in that video there is a ROTE activity. You can teach anyone who isn't retarded to do it, if they have patience.

27e678 No.500609

autism: vaccinations and food and chems and overuse of antibiotics

ADHD: vaccinations and food and chems and overuse of antibiotics

values: constant exposure to ever increasing amounts of media (print, film, music, television, video games) designed to desensitize and push away from morality/family/sanity. Colleges and books pushing relativism and atheism. New Age pushing mysticism/relativism.

School shootings: follow up to 9-11 to gain control of populace. Gun control, patriot act, real i.d., etc.


129a5e No.500610


As above, so below.

59d3bd No.500611

File: db2c083e43e8c34⋯.jpg (83.44 KB, 620x336, 155:84, IMG_3721.JPG)

572015 No.500612

File: 087e8fd6922f07c⋯.jpeg (38.04 KB, 474x457, 474:457, fatpepe.jpeg)


Remember anons, (((shills))) are literally scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

5a9c0d No.500613


bottom of barell was all the gross gay porn

59d3bd No.500614

File: 1859d07f388d054⋯.jpg (170.49 KB, 885x719, 885:719, IMG_3717.JPG)

File: 19d134e195c8dcd⋯.jpg (157.42 KB, 885x719, 885:719, IMG_3718.JPG)

f3f524 No.500615

File: 43f3912d193442a⋯.png (565.37 KB, 596x448, 149:112, letters.PNG)


If the Jesuits are ties into the Catholic Church, then the Pope should like TRUMP, but I really think POTUS is shutting down his little boy lover pipeline, sooo

I'm thinking TRUMP is FOR US

129a5e No.500616


You are not kidding.. I know I just responded to two of em, but fuck it… boredom… kek

f6dc9b No.500617

File: b44e579fa8735b9⋯.jpg (62.32 KB, 400x533, 400:533, tumblr_o1qyeqMlOp1r7kq3fo2….jpg)

File: 53f17e965f6052a⋯.jpg (73.03 KB, 400x533, 400:533, tumblr_o1qyeqMlOp1r7kq3fo3….jpg)

File: f88b40e63bb2c72⋯.jpg (40.47 KB, 400x533, 400:533, tumblr_nrysa4DIji1rsxqqio2….jpg)


*as above, as below

the *so* implies a difference, but there is not

5a9c0d No.500618


i pray your right

and thats all i wanted was some opinions cause

i want all this so bad. just dont want another let down anon

6bd6f3 No.500619


Electronic records were pushed for a reason.

Obamacare then provides parallel construction. Like FISA warrants.

f6dc9b No.500620

File: c1f09db316a8144⋯.png (8.33 KB, 249x202, 249:202, images.png)


holy fuck you are right lol

that was a schill



cd3928 No.500621

File: 01a532aa3d3be73⋯.png (225.5 KB, 2266x966, 1133:483, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

File: 33bc0a44d06e074⋯.png (393.45 KB, 1294x924, 647:462, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

File: 983288259aac5f1⋯.png (264.75 KB, 946x690, 473:345, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

Podesta emails reference New Zealand Labour Party rep Andrew Little as 'Liddle'.

https:// wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/4493

f6dc9b No.500622

>back to work

0dc00a No.500623

mass shootings

gun grab rumours

left vs right

right vs left


media vs media


considering the volume of the distractions the end game is not only here but about to take it's first step….

remember fellas when change comes the first people sacrificed are the players of the old systems..

d7cdc6 No.500624

File: 82c414fa264d17c⋯.jpg (42.85 KB, 638x320, 319:160, !TrueNews.jpg)



http:// rnc3.com/public/Jesus-was-flesh-and-blood.html

728fae No.500625


Interesting, Anon! - NZ, eh??? WTF…

3d616c No.500626

Jason Chaffetz said OIG report will probably be out in 35-40 days. more confirmation of the habbening.

(Fox news)

0dc00a No.500627


and you were warned about what would happen upon his return

e9c534 No.500628


This board is not isolated from or immune to those factors. Going with the flow of the dominant narrative is permissible to identify the players and the crime they are currently committing.

3d616c No.500629


btw 35 days is April 2.

27e678 No.500630


Sword dance–a war dance, a bond/agreement to enter into covenant on something. SA took down their bad guys. Alignment with Trump and he is now doing the same thing but must accomplish differently because not a monarchy.

Pentecost is 7 weeks (49 days) after Easter.

f6dc9b No.500631

File: 64c773d5ec2b1b8⋯.jpg (149 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 3056554-poster-p-2-this-st….jpg)


<i think you are missing the point>

ea85c7 No.500632

Maybe with midterms coming up, more mass shooting will happen in swing states, such as Ohio, you know, to swing voters …

0dc00a No.500633


this board is total co intel pro

4f5d30 No.500634

File: 45c5b1d4061b2d5⋯.jpg (812.36 KB, 699x1620, 233:540, 5thingsCNN022618.jpg)



more lists from CNN.

https:// www.cnn.com/2018/02/26/us/five-things-february-26/index.html

728fae No.500635

129a5e No.500636


Act 2 has just started; Boot camp seems to have ended for a certain amphibious unit. Digits confirmed at 500,000. It's On.

27e678 No.500637

Single eye–first century Hebraic idiom meaning "generous."


5a9c0d No.500638


im not missing anything, im looking at everything

0dc00a No.500639



f6dc9b No.500640

File: 39829f3b6a402ea⋯.jpg (69.34 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 12049365_1016472311755845_….jpg)


>you are right

27e678 No.500641

Yes, indeed. That was a rough afternoon. But tonight is definitely less focused than last night was.


7b77c6 No.500642


Morning anons! LOVE the bread title…well done baker!

5a9c0d No.500643


i couldn't filter fast enough

5a9c0d No.500644


morning anon

f3f524 No.500645


Trump is his own man. He won't be everything we want him to be, and he will not do exactly what we want all the time.

This is well represented by his featured song:

You Can't Always Get What You Want …

But he has yet to really let me down, all we can do anon is try to make sure he has the best information with which to make decisions and count on his exceptional talent for discerning the correct course of action.

f6dc9b No.500646

File: bee41a6397d004d⋯.jpg (78.19 KB, 500x500, 1:1, tumblr_o0x0xkIbvp1t9yal1o1….jpg)


fuck yes

129a5e No.500647

File: 3abe01819930e8d⋯.png (55.17 KB, 600x510, 20:17, 3abe01819930e8d0ce816b954c….png)

0dc00a No.500639

Tell that to the cocksmokers that got arrested for their pedo shit and the other ones for their corrupt dealings. Their asses are going to be a mile wider than they already are… Never mind all of the crooks and creeps that have committed suicide or got 187'd so far… hahahahahahahahaha

5a9c0d No.500648


only thing that bothers me is the jes uit connection

if you have ever read their instruction book you would be concerned also.

074ae8 No.500649


Absolutely the case. If you try to write an assembler or disassembler, things become pretty hairy because the little tricks they've employed for encoding instructions have become more and more complex and convoluted as MMX, then the progression through SSE's, and finally AVX came into being, in addition to a plethora of new instructions. The instruction encoding base is still stuck in the original 8086 arena and it's been maxed out to the point of ridiculous complexity trying to expand. They need a reset. Desperately. An entirely new system of encoding instructions that allows for a much simpler and more direct (and sensible) implementation. But regarding "intelligence," you don't have to be a rocket scientist. I look at typical equations for collision detection, plane intersect, etc. in the 3D math (trig) arena and I see all those Greek symbols and abstractions and I just close the browser tab. My brain shuts off with all that. I can process it, I just hate doing it. I like everything linear. A connects to B, no variables, no fluff, no interpretation. Which only simplifies the entire process. So it all just comes down to working well at that level of detail, which MOST people do not do. They don't like it. The ability is there; the passion for doing it isn't.

Something to keep in mind when it comes to figuring out Q's stuff.

63aafd No.500650


On adam schiffs wifes facebook page, eve Schiff, she lists "The Best Clinic" first. I looked at their website and there is lots of symbolism. It appears to be a tennis place, the logo is 2 crossed rackets like comet ping pong, there is also butterflies, and a heart drawn inside of a heart. Seems a little digging should be done on that place and its membership.

78e666 No.500651


When you are a carrot, but your dream is to be an astronaut.

b705a9 No.500652


Oh hell no….With Fla doing so well with this latest false flag…Just wait for "Spring Break" in fort Lauderdale…100's of thousands of college libtards to machine gun…can't pass that up.

4f5d30 No.500654

File: ba59555d255469b⋯.png (900.63 KB, 704x704, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

f6dc9b No.500655

File: 0c57cc088716ef6⋯.gif (451.08 KB, 200x161, 200:161, 200px-Jezebal_shit4.gif)


you're asking the wrong guy lol

im too volatile for taxeszz

f6dc9b No.500657


please share!!

i H(ATE) people who abuse the good word of our gods for self gain

37758b No.500658

File: 2c9e1fca87ecc48⋯.jpg (92.45 KB, 961x624, 961:624, Dew2.jpg)


http:// 2012portal.blogspot.com/2018/02/directed-energy-weapons.html

>doctors' deaths

>"heart attacks can be deadly"

f6dc9b No.500659


>.advanced weaponry


3d616c No.500660


>http:// rnc3.com/public/Jesus-was-flesh-and-blood.html


This was published in May 2016 and says Trump will be President and the Prophacy ws recorded April 28 2011.



( o o )



1cbd2e No.500661


I interpreted this as a plan.Start at John G. Trump follow line to Donald Trump (takingTesla tech with you) then treat all the lines as battlefronts the arcs showing direction of attack

8b8117 No.500662


yeap, sad

f3f524 No.500663


Good, stay vigilant. Question Everything. While I still think no matter how TRUMP turns out we will be far better off, the lesson is this:

WE forgot how to Fight, WE need to learn how to take control again. This is Qs message

TRUMP is hoping WE will learn so someone else like him doesn't have to go through what he is going through again

Skepticism is healthy, keep with it!

65f3b9 No.500664


I concur that questions are the foundation of successful RP, what I mean is making the scenario play out so the target(s) form the question(s) themselves. Slippery slope but individual analysis by the properly formatted mind will expose the doorway into another's subconscious and allow for subtle suggestive pushes without alerting cognitive dissonance sensors. Some would call it mind manipulation, but just because one holds a key to unlock a door doesn't mean the intentions are to trash the home on the other side. I never use manipulation for personal gain and ALWAYS allow it to be known I am manipulating.

3d616c No.500665




im done. mind fucking blown

1357a8 No.500666

File: b21030f83f2629b⋯.webm (13.12 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Proof That Jesus Was NOT ….webm)



I was reading up on Jesus too and came across this video. It seems true but how?

647d2d No.500667


is that really real or fake?

drawing is very amateurish, not leaked from military etc…

you don't usually beam electricity, you could beam some forms of radiation.

e9c534 No.500668


It's interesting how some of the suspicious heart attacks aren't deadly. Perhaps a weapon like that isn't 100% effective, but the target has no reason to suspect their heart attack was caused by someone else.

b705a9 No.500669


saw it first hand here in Cali. Wood, brick,stone, steal turned to white ask. Aluminum and glass melted to puddles. People…ash.

b705a9 No.500670

647d2d No.500671


ok, pindar is reptilian king. now I'm scared. get lost shill

647d2d No.500672


there is not a single thing that you have shown that makes Pindar legit of anything.

728fae No.500673

File: b3e3113e5cb3ca2⋯.jpg (63.08 KB, 1000x657, 1000:657, 19_midi.jpg)

Aaaiight anons, I'm gonna jet for the night - looks like at least one of the day crew has arrived. Keep your jackets handy - got a feeling it's gonna be a shilly day…

c2b1df No.500674



I started P is pindar thing a long time ago after it first came out… It went nowhere then and should go nowhere now! I was spittballing at tthe time to get people thinking..

Pindar dropped off the scope. There are many more theories that fit better.

074ae8 No.500675

Analysis Time

I'm posting this because it's early and we still pretty much have the night crew on.

I can write a search app for all our threads. Data can be collected from online, into offline files, processed, and saved for access. It is quite doable and it would work MIRACLES for our research. It's happened to me a thousand times: "I know I saw something about that posted earlier… was it last week? Last month? Oh forget it, I'm not going through 500 threads one at a time….." and the research doesn't get done. What if it did get done? The right tools for the job are beyond critical.

Here's the problem: it's a double-time job. And that is exactly what I would put into it. 80+ hours a week. The biggest question is, what would the longevity of such a project be? And how are we going to answer that? Ask Q? "Hey Q what is the exact date the Storm will end?" I'm going to go out on a limb and speculate that such a question would not be answered.

Back in November (the 5th) when I dove into all this, I was working on an all-assembly OS to support ONLY gaming. And a replacement for DirectX which actually eliminated that layer entirely. And of course my own games in addition, complete with dev tools. All that got shelved to do Q stuff full time.

I live with my ex-gf, now roommate; she works full time for $12.75 per hour and I get $500 per month doing an office cleaning contract. (Hopefully no doxxing here.) We scrape by. The cost of living in our rural town is so low that we're able to survive with this setup, but my car is 18 years old and could die any block. It's a never-say-die work horse and it's still hanging in there but nothing lasts forever. I just can't dive in and take on another project that could easily go on for 2+ months (before I get it all right) without some serious motivation. I have a very intense resistance to trying to capitalize on all this and commercialize Q. I would feel like a lowlife exploiter who just didn't understand or appreciate what it was all about. But the bills keep coming in and one major hit like a fridge crash (which is more likely than not hour by hour) would kill us. I've said it before; our very old house is a prime candidate for demolition and we are not in good living conditions. But we get by - barely. Taking on a project like this would dramatically increase our effectiveness; probably the biggest thing we have working against us is that 750 post limit to each thread. But it is what it is and it's what we have to work with.

I can write code to automate the process of collecting all the bread data off the web; save it locally and even distribute it into blindingly high-speed B-tree database file format. It's all very doable. But it takes time.

We can't hold off fate forever. The car is going to go one day. The fridge is and the washer is and I have to get income. Working a standard job isn't going to happen. My age, my male gender, my White race, none are helping me. And trust me, every boss I have goes nuts, implodes, and fires me. I'm the most conscientious, polite, respectful, responsible, diligent, and capable worker there ever was. I don't care what it is I'm doing. But bosses implode when they're over me. They melt down in very short order and send me packing, never really having a clue what I did that was considered "fireable." Because I didn't do anything. I performed so well that I should have been promoted to CEO. But egos are egos and in the real world, that's the way it happens. So money has to come from somewhere else.

I don't even want to address the fact that I am in NO WAY soliciting money. NEVER. I don't do things that way. I'm just outlining the situation and the factors that are involved in deciding "do I want to do this."

Am I missing options? What would YOU do?

960738 No.500676

File: 2d9963627feb7a7⋯.jpg (120.65 KB, 900x627, 300:209, deepwater horizon.jpg)

File: 8b057fb860126fc⋯.png (855.72 KB, 1236x685, 1236:685, Suggestible You exerpt4.png)

Q, From Jan 27th

Who controls HW?

Who really controls HW?

Why are movies made to glorify past 'true' events?

What is a PSYOP?

Conspiracy PUSH/LABEL [awake]?

Spider web.










WRT the Deepwater Horizon discussion across the last two breads, there is a huge change between what was under the helipad in real life and what was under the helipad in the movie.

It's important

In the movie, the area under the helipad had nothing to do with electrical switching and relays, it was a huge area for people, the "bridge". There were lots of windows all around and while the electrical conduits go up into that area, it's not the same.

In real life, the bridge is a very small control area that is seldom used. Directly underneath that is an area with some windows on the very end of the electrical controls unit, but it's nothing like what was portrayed in the movie.

PBS once had some video that the chief engineer shot, a virtual tour he made in 2007. The video of the bridge area is no longer available. Pictures of the rig prior to the attack are almost impossible to find and it seems that what was there has been shoved out in favor of the fake rig they made for the movie.

Why is this important?

Because what actually happened with the Deep Water Horizon had to be covered up. What happened is that a direct energy weapon took out the power first, which meant the rig could no longer hold its position. From that moment on there was going to be a massive oil spill.

Then the weapon took out areas with oil and gas, which started the fires. Unable to hold its position the drill stem came out of the well head on the ocean floor and that caused the massive oil spill. But the destruction of the rig ensured that the evidence of how the rig was taken down could be covered up.

The movie ensures that the narrative of what happened is cemented in the minds of the population.

Just as with the crisis actors, memories are being reprogrammed and nobody knows it.

3c3a24 No.500677

File: f29fa41e82b6d30⋯.png (717.29 KB, 1314x852, 219:142, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

It's probably just a cohencidence.

4f5d30 No.500678

File: 5a1b0e68b32b47d⋯.jpg (27.83 KB, 341x320, 341:320, powervoltageresistancecurr….jpg)

File: 76a4614aafacdc4⋯.jpg (65.73 KB, 564x533, 564:533, WattsAmpersOhmsVolts.jpg)

"For those watching, this should scare you.

It’s the POWER you depend on to survive.

Money is worthless w/o those in power serving you.

WH / Military / Patriots.

Ready to play?


074ae8 No.500679


… what makes this so viable is the fact that once a thread fills up and closes out, it's locked in and it will not change. It's set in stone.

7b77c6 No.500680


Well done anon! Would agree highly with your analysis. The narrative gets shoved down our throats..in movies/tv..anywhere where we would go for a "fact"…

961ac5 No.500682


wtf this is sandybridge?

fuck. I need a fucking new (old) computer, is celeron/atom safe?

someone dig the odin's eye too (that anon from /b/ who said about intel backdoor, i have the file/screenshot stored somewhere)

4f5d30 No.500683

File: 511ad87100f07d4⋯.jpg (321.75 KB, 591x863, 591:863, root.jpg)

c2b1df No.500684


>What would YOU do?

I would follow my heart anon. Do what you feel in your heart is the right thing to do.

If you can make a buck from helping us all out somehow (and not charge anon's) bring it on.

When you feel a pull to do a task… It is likely the divine spirit asking you to do it, because you are the best person to do it.

Follow your heart!

4cb872 No.500685

I'm going to slide. If we don't wise as a group I'm going to start allowing myself to entertain the idea it's over. We are probably .0001% of 'red pill' nation and we're still divided as fuck all. Is Q real or a larp? Is President Trump on our side or not? Has Mueller flipped or not? Can Wray be trusted or not? Why is Sessions taking so long to clean up 300 years of Tom-fucking foolery? Don't misunderstand me, healthy speculation, and a real examination into the veracity of information, is not only necessary, it's prudent. I'm talking about the hair-trigger negativity people throw to anyone who, more often than otherwise, has made a point that's misunderstood from the outset. It happened to me yesterday. I spent half my fucking weekend trying to reach someone involved with maintaining a Q resource website, whose identity I stumbled upon. It lead me to not only his real name, with his picture, cv, and location, but to the identity of someone else who helps him. He is running a resource used by the international community and he took steps to disguise his true identity. If I accidentally came across it, it seemed to me other (less benign) actors could too. If nothing else it could adversely impact his career if leaked in a malicious way. Not one mother-fucker offered any way for me to reach out to him - instead three shills jumped on my cock to criticize me for trying…too fucking quick to judge and most likely misread everything I wrote. If your house was burning down while you were a child would you chose NOT to knock on your parent's door to alert them because they previously told you never to disturb them while they are sleeping. Rules, rules! Wake the fuck up! As an openly pro-Trump supporter I have taken nothing but shit from those closest to me. I have paid a huge price trying to support the administration, to say nothing about the blowback when trying to share any information not broadcast in the fake msm. Then, after lurking here for months (and contributing sparingly), I get blasted when I try to let James Bond know his identity has been comped. Of all fucking places, this board should be the most supportive. It's not. We are divided as fuck - you may not want to admit it, but read some replies to people who offer up helpful ideas that seem to question the main groupthink. This place should be the underground fucking railroad. Criticize the Freemasons, Jews, Mormons, Jesuits, members of the reptilian nwo or any other fucking group you want, but I'll tell you this. If any one of them were in trouble they would know who to turn to for help and a ready-made bed at a safe-house. If we can't unite, get our message together and be more supportive how the fuck is Trump/Q-team going to prevail when they already have to deal with the raging lefties and an entire fake media on blast every day? Then throw in the occasional ff they have to tend to. How much time was wasted pushing back against their attempt to make Trump look selfish during the Puerto Rico effort by disseminating a picture of him throwing paper towels? That's one easy example and there's a new one every day. Where we go one, we go all? We better start showing it - or you can stick a fucking fork in it. The situation this country is facing is massive, utterly massive…and more often than otherwise, we're down here eating our own. If you feel my assent is wrong, prove it. No need to send negative shilly comments, I have enough already. I also can be easily located as I make no effort to hide. In an hour I have to leave for a 'job' where my entire day is wasted in a spiritually soul-crushing environment. I used to come here for relief. Bring me back!

7b77c6 No.500686


Good job! I have not seen this anywhere yet! The tie to Pope John Paul II's roommate I have never seen anywhere...

2eb1c4 No.500687

File: 2470adca340ef50⋯.jpg (73.49 KB, 775x451, 775:451, Meraj.JPG)

File: 742f2541b29de79⋯.jpg (59.11 KB, 557x341, 557:341, Meraj_3.JPG)



Iranian Meraj Airlines (Callsign DENAR05)

Left Iran and landed in Belgrade, Serbia.

>>Notable flight as Iran only has one of this airframe, which is used exclusively for VIP flights in and out of Iran, and because of its destination in relation to Hezbollah fighters in the Balkans.

>>"Till today, there is no clear data related to Hezbollah activities in the Balkans and Bulgaria. Intelligence rumors that dozen of operatives travel between Sofia and Sarajevo via Belgrade, and also in Macedonia and Kosovo – despite the fact that Iran does not recognize Kosovo."


e9c534 No.500688


Early single core atoms don't have one vulnerability but they have the other. Basically any CPU that has branch prediction is vulnerable, including ARM. I believe that means anything newer than 386/486.

5a9c0d No.500689


dont give up anon, im not.

im just questioning every damn thing as we all should.

it needs looked at from every angle so we dont get built up to be let down

and we stay ready for anything.

God Bless

f6dc9b No.500690

File: 065f635388c456e⋯.jpg (116.27 KB, 518x396, 259:198, 1458695473782.jpg)

How did Sweden remain neutral in WW2?

And why is it such a shithole today?

>Does it have to do anything with the media institutions?

>Does it have to do anything with the education institutions?

>Does it have to do anything with the Culture, Society & Health Ministeries

What are the bridges between the Persons, Institutes & Thinkthanks associated.

5c0576 No.500691

>>500688 (cheKeKed)

>that means anything newer than 386/486.

I guess it's time to dig out my old Timex Sinclair

4cb872 No.500692


Cheers. Thank you for understanding. Godspeed.

4f5d30 No.500693

File: e4025588eadcc94⋯.gif (2.06 MB, 355x200, 71:40, P-c.gif)

7b77c6 No.500695


World is changing..we are evolving…won't always be a "yellow brick road" to follow…

-regardless of DC noise..14k sealed indictments exist and will eventually be unsealed and arrests will happen

-GITMO is really being prepared for additional prisoners

-Q crumbs have merit and have been proven correct

Are we changing as a society?

-movie attendance WAY DOWN

-NFL attendance WAY DOWN

-TV viewership WAY DOWN

-Olympics worst rated ever

-HD awards shows, no one cares

WE and the world are changing..

This board is NOT divided, it is a place of UNITY..if you are seeing divisions then help to unite them..

Many being squirted thru a keyhole of self inspection, old crap, resolution..which can be hard…

5a9c0d No.500696

63ce21 No.500697


>cognitive dissonance sensors

also helps to remind people that most things would sound ridiculous to them if they were hearing them for the first time:

China foot binding: for 1000 years families routinely crushed the bones in their healthy children's feet, over and over till the bones could no longer heal and their kids were disabled for life. If you had never heard that before, would you believe it? Absurd, right? Impossible.

Snow: This thing that appears out of thin air, piles up and becomes so heavy it can block a door, even a car is not strong enough to plow thru it if there's a lot. If you had never heard of snow, would you believe that ridiculous tale?

Bacteria: There are these invisible demons powerful enough to kill a human being. But a person can take the anti-demon medicine (antibiotics) and then the demons vanish and the person is magically healed. Nonsense, right?

ff7a5b No.500698

This will be a major blow: the "END BANKING FOR HUMAN TRAFFICKERS ACT OF 2017"

https:// www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/2219

8b8117 No.500699

File: 9b7ea2683571a43⋯.png (220.67 KB, 467x342, 467:342, ClipboardImage.png)

7b77c6 No.500700


Hmmm..perhaps a Magna flight to Serbia in order :-) Nice job and ty!

3d616c No.500701

File: b924537e1aa03a3⋯.jpg (261.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, TruNews Prophecy- Trumo wi….jpg)


Thank you for showing this with me. hopefully more will see it.

http:// rnc3.com/public/Jesus-was-flesh-and-blood.html




This was published in May 2016 and says Trump will be President and the Prophecy was recorded April 28 2011.



( o o )





"The shot heard saround the world"

"He will reap the HARVEST from the NWO 7 fold"

"He is anointed by GOD so do not attack him. That is why so many in the mainstream media and others are falling when they attack him."

"They will try to indict Hillary Clinton at the last minute and declare martial law to keep Obama in"

(think Comey reopen investigation and the Russia investigation scandal)

"They will try to stop Trump after he wins the November election"







please give >>500624 credit for this monumental find.

701494 No.500702

File: 05636fa21199f3e⋯.jpg (90.99 KB, 889x499, 889:499, 05636fa21199f3ec94a1da6744….jpg)


amen. sadly the more get pilled by way of q they're probably going to find their way here. I expect Q prepared something for this. "TRUST THE PLAN"


3ff79e No.500703


I hope they get his hidden assets too. fucking slob using mossad to target his critics.

241df6 No.500704


Who was the billionaire who died / 187'd by son this past week and how would he tied to the real life "true" event? (CDAN drop last night)

961ac5 No.500705


hopefully I'll find a i386 for my meme machine

risc-v/power10 when?

f6dc9b No.500706

File: b02ccfefffd6744⋯.jpg (11.68 KB, 385x257, 385:257, GettyImages-181215688.jpg)


lol fucking perrfect m99 excellent toips

4cb872 No.500707


Right on target. Thank you. It's wonderful to know people, like you, see the changes. Perhaps my post was a primordial scream for more comments like yours. It's posts like yours that give me the only hope I have. Thank you.

7b43e5 No.500708

File: a424e6b8d52e476⋯.png (54.78 KB, 657x330, 219:110, roth_alice.PNG)

3d616c No.500709

c2b1df No.500710


It aint as easy as putting crumbs together.. There needs to be contingency plans, continuity og government etc etc..

this won't happen in a week… the faster we help put the crumbs together the more people will wake up.

f6dc9b No.500711

File: 561ea2962b9b41d⋯.jpg (107.81 KB, 600x600, 1:1, SICZixJ.jpg)

163870 No.500712

This whole Q situation has converted me from atheist to Christian

Mock me if you must

7b77c6 No.500713


Where We Go One We Go All Brother! No Worries :-)

124b7c No.500714


I've been keeping it to myself, but same here.

f6dc9b No.500715

File: 57db32f3c6f8fd7⋯.jpg (46.03 KB, 500x375, 4:3, tumblr_o4ue8jPsdl1rhome2o1….jpg)

File: ba7cc98fbf449d8⋯.jpg (69.97 KB, 800x677, 800:677, uWRBx7g.jpg)

File: 7aa420121feb8d8⋯.jpg (38.36 KB, 480x532, 120:133, VBdegR0.jpg)

File: 84fa00f32476ee1⋯.jpg (98.62 KB, 728x971, 728:971, vtXG7MF.jpg)

File: df8ff4dc2d5ce46⋯.gif (14.67 MB, 450x450, 1:1, When she takes your hoodie….gif)

0a36f6 No.500716


>it would work MIRACLES for our research

What more needs to be said?

I for one would absolutely love something like this. So much valuable stuff is scattered here.

074ae8 No.500718


The support is seriously appreciated. Really.

The biggest consideration is how long it will be good for? Nobody can answer that.

Yesterday I lectured my roommate about how carefully life is controlled from a level we rarely if ever comprehend. Nothing is left to chance. If logic worked in mapping out a good life, we'd all have zero problems. It isn't about logic and planning - although those have their place; mostly in control over how we use the resources we do have. But fortune, income, lack of it, it all happens to us. Nobody controls that. We like to think we do, or that we can gain that control, but in reality, it doesn't ever work. Not really.

We need this app. We really do. I just keep thinking of how much more we would figure out than we're figuring out now. How many loose ends are untied.

I wonder if CodeMonkey would let me have the algorithm for how user ID's are changed when they change. I wouldn't need to extract the IP address from it; I probably couldn't. Just some way of telling what a given user was ID'd as las thread vs. this thread. Some people show up here who are very cryptic or have a lot of pull while being very mysterious and it would be really nice to be able to track them across threads. But that's probably flying in the face of the very anonymity we exist for.

Retrieve the catalog page. From that, identify the thread #'s for all the threads not yet archived. The ones that have been archived need to be retrieved another way (I'd work it out). Then I could step through the threads, retrieve the entire data block, and parse it out. Just as I do with Q messages, build db files with all identifying data: date, message #, etc.

There isn't a viable way to do that with message content. It would have to be searched brute force. But per local machine (all the data would be downloaded to each user's computer, which could go a long way toward preserving it) it would still be a tolerable time frame. The stuff I write always runs 10x to 100x faster than stuff written in any other language. I've been doing assembly apps for 34 years and I'm current with today. I known what the numbers are.

I'm going to have to figure out what to do. I'll start by mapping out the project. A firm decision will happen to me.

4cb872 No.500719

File: fb3bf7cd4db4d24⋯.jpeg (47.42 KB, 500x307, 500:307, image.jpeg)


Cheers anon. 'In Mattis I trust,' that's one certainty I have. Thanks.

b705a9 No.500720


Can't we water board them just a little?

Why does the Mil get all the fun

7bb878 No.500721

File: c410608ef891307⋯.jpg (3.6 MB, 2208x3928, 276:491, P_20180221_115945_vHDR_Aut….jpg)


Anons, patriot spooks, schills, imagine we have a big Pharma culprit - guilty as hell, scared and remorseful - but anxious to demonsrate " purpose of amendmant" by funding programs to reverse , to mitigate and to undo the massive harm they've caused

Obviously the must do this with NO assurance in advance that such acts are or could be legally or meta physically beneficial .

They have our money. What say ye anons? Is it too early for this ? Does this anon try to.put the bull dog bit on this pharma crook and make then do what every kid who stoll something should have to do? Apologize and remediate damage?

7b43e5 No.500722


Same, but had an earlier conversion back to Christian.. circa 2015

e9c534 No.500723

File: 2ab09aefa019bd2⋯.png (646.09 KB, 1122x955, 1122:955, 1510523461234.png)



Christ-chan approves.

b705a9 No.500724


never,,,congratz anon

2eb1c4 No.500725

File: 0aed22fd082b910⋯.jpg (60.2 KB, 978x272, 489:136, Eyes.JPG)


FYI - He didn't go in there undetected

Pic related

2f0f35 No.500726


>http:// www.foxnews.com/travel/2018/02/25/flight-forced-to-deplane-after-passengers-carry-on-bag-catches-fire.html

Lithium-ion batteries – used in cell phones, laptops and power banks – have been known to catch fire. The batteries are banned from checked luggage, but are allowed in carry-on luggage, as long as they can be turned off.

lLet's ADVERTISE this .ittle piece of info…

46c41a No.500727

I have been seeing trend allot anons talking shit about other anons and making crazy accusations all because an anon is frustrated with time lines or Q's delivery. calling folks clowns,

"They want us divided"

dont you remember this?

why and the fuck would you get so offended because someone questions things? isnt that what we do?

since when do we need to agree on everything?

b04345 No.500728


Has it ever been discussed why AS was at the ranch? We can pretty clearly associate that place with some shady shit and it's owner is right in the middle of some NWO ritual shit. Just looking at this logically, I lean towards AS was into something bad shit just by association with this place. I wonder how often he frequented this place?

074ae8 No.500729


People died for what they did. Families endured endless suffering for their greed. For many, many years. A momentary change of heart does not undo all that. I wouldn't presume to begin plotting revenge for all people, but at the same time, the benefit of anonymity (and the attendant lack of accountability that goes with it) is not something they are owed no matter what their stand today.

0b7545 No.500730



Literally just said that I don't care about Pindar. What I did make a point about (that you failed to acknowledge) was how fishy your posts were on here. You used wikipedia to discredit something…on this board of all boards. You could be completely right and that's fine by me, I for one hope Lizard Kings aren't a reality. BUT your evidence against it all was so shit that even if you're right you can't be trusted. I hope you're just an anti-weirdshit anon instead of a clown.

f6dc9b No.500731


>it *could* accelerate the process

>what is hopeful?

c2b1df No.500732


must have been a samsung kek

2f0f35 No.500733


https:// gracethrufaith.com

for learning…

f6dc9b No.500734

File: 8797068965371d5⋯.jpg (51.92 KB, 720x960, 3:4, WeWa3rq.jpg)

Ok, back to work

06591e No.500735


Welcome home anon

2eb1c4 No.500736



074ae8 No.500737


Yes. In short, CPU's derive about 30% of their performance from reading ahead in the code stream and trying to predict what will happen. This prediction has to occur within some kind of work space on the CPU. That work space is readable, indirectly if not directly and any language can do it. The flaw is that even if the code "up ahead" is executing blatantly illegal instructions, that is not taken into account for the "what if" phase of speculation. Hence the flaw.

ab45ca No.500738


The area you are calling the "electrical control center" is actually the entire bridge(just like in the movie) and it is NOT a seldomly used area. It is manned 24/7 by ballast control operators. The "motor control center" or MCC, that you are refering to as the electrical control center is inside the deck box of the rig.

288003 No.500739


God bless you bro

288003 No.500740


God bless you too bro

5a9c0d No.500741


thats good to hear… Jesus is the only way

God Bless You Brother

63ce21 No.500742


and he chose not to have a security detail accompany him on this trip…wanted his privacy.

2f0f35 No.500744

Eye-Witness School Teacher States Nikolas Cruz Wearing Helmet and Body Armor

https:// theconservativetreehouse.com

27e678 No.500745

I can't exact revenge and must forgive whether they are remorseful or not. Punishment will be determined by tribunals. But I can attest to the financial and emotional suffering that their actions have inflicted.


5a9c0d No.500747


amen brother

we question everything

no fear of ridicule here

if they ridicule they r the shills period

291026 No.500748


I feel ya

27e678 No.500749




3d616c No.500750


I went to church for the first time in over a decade yesterday. i have never felt the belief before but i physically feel it now.

4f5d30 No.500751


Published: 06:42 EST, 26 February 2018 | Updated: 07:19 EST, 26 February 2018

Wild thunderstorms and torrential rain lash Queensland bringing Gold Coast airport to a standstill and leaving hundreds of passengers stranded - as the state braces for flash flooding

Storm underway in Queensland with places getting 50mm of rain in just 12 hours

Airlines delay flights and hundreds of passengers affected at Gold Coast Airport

Severe thunderstorms were predicted by forecasters for the south east coast

Dramatic pictures posted on social media shows storm arriving across the region

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5435325/Storms-lash-Queensland-rain-flights-cancelled-Gold-Coast.html

Published: 07:16 EST, 26 February 2018 | Updated: 07:16 EST, 26 February 2018

Severe storm leaves thousands of holidaymakers stranded in the Canaries as 70mph winds and torrential rain wreak havoc

A storm across the Canary Islands has triggered power outages and landslides

More than 20 flights due to land in Lanzarote were diverted to elsewhere

Eight hikers were caught up in the chaos and strong winds left them stranded

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-5435701/Storm-leaves-holidaymakers-stranded-Canaries.html

7b77c6 No.500752


Ha! Great news! Probably could just follow the E-3's around! Nice job!

a5a0c2 No.500753


It no longer matters Anon, greater powers are at work - to ease your mind, he is good.

605878 No.500754


You made my day! That's awesome!

Satan is real.

3d616c No.500755





7b77c6 No.500757


EVERY planet in our solar system but the earth is going bonkers right now. WE are either causing it, or we are next..check old voyager data against current Cassini and other more recent data…or get a GAIA subscription…

Science indicating HEAVILY that solar system energetically charging up for something and way bigger than a 2nd sun or nibiru scenario…just too much energy…

Earth a calm day compared to the torrents on other planets right now..

e5758f No.500758


After re-reading crumbs, I know what Q & POTUS mean by Libel laws.

Basically, Execs at those networks need to start praying.

d7cdc6 No.500759

File: c884a4f8dace3bb⋯.jpg (46.53 KB, 507x459, 169:153, Precious09.jpg)


> If we can't unite, get our message together and be more supportive how the fuck is Trump/Q-team going to prevail when they already have to deal with the raging lefties and an entire fake media on blast every day? Then throw in the occasional ff they have to tend to. How much time was wasted pushing back against their attempt to make Trump look selfish during the Puerto Rico effort by disseminating a picture of him throwing paper towels? That's one easy example and there's a new one every day. Where we go one, we go all? We better start showing it - or you can stick a fucking fork in it. The situation this country is facing is massive, utterly massive…and more often than otherwise, we're down here eating our own. If you feel my assent is wrong, prove it. No need to send negative shilly comments, I have enough already. I also can be easily located as I make no effort to hide. In an hour I have to leave for a 'job' where my entire day is wasted in a spiritually soul-crushing environment. I used to come here for relief. Bring me back!


d9a199 No.500760


Also intels latest processors named after bodies of water ..

skylake, kaby lake, coffee lake etc

7b77c6 No.500761


Where did Jesus train? Jewish schools? Training a beginning but does not make the man or the outcome…

b54109 No.500762

File: acb92f6c4e515a2⋯.jpg (1.33 MB, 1728x1728, 1:1, TakeOne.jpg)

Is it really possible for one family to rule an entire planet? Do you really think it's the Rothschilds, as public as they are?

If the World is a Stage, wouldn't that imply a script, supporting staff/technicians, a director?

Would all the actors have to know they're acting?

ref. Bowfinger & The Truman Show

ref. Wizard of Oz

[hint] red and white

[hint] black and red

[hint] gold

[hint] blue

(enough bread to feed to past and future of mankind)

d7cdc6 No.500763


I've been 'preaching' to the few that pretend to listen, for years, that there are "too many people" and the mankind caused it!

The topic of "too many people" is more taboo than is topic of pedophilia.

Much effort is spent in making us live longer. Man finds ways to get more produce out of an acre. The he finds a way to improve transportation and ships the excess to other places.

Man finds a way to cure disease. Then has the audacity to suggest murdering the excess population… selectively.

The Creator did it right. The planet has a capacity that nature can adjust. We see it in Wildlife, droughts, and many other natural events that are "Intelligent design" controls. Then man's ego comes along and screws it all up.

Even FDR created Social Security… that starts at age 65, but few people survived to age 60!

Now we use technology that creates jobs so we make toys to play with instead of playing with each other, and finding time to to pray and commune with God!

b54109 No.500764



5a9c0d No.500765


i been asking myself that about Q saying whats closets star..

could it be hes trying to warn us about red dwarf star/wormwood/planet x/blue katchina/red dragon?

c8749b No.500766


Ok, thanx anon!

Doin' what we can.

This ENDGAME company has a very bad smell…

611a9f No.500767

File: e4b3e0c53fbe6a8⋯.jpg (377.13 KB, 500x861, 500:861, cab8e9cf7d38943e57e76d0ff4….jpg)

File: 674c28f0b9783e3⋯.jpg (43.54 KB, 408x612, 2:3, 4982c19c2044433d8686cf95fc….jpg)



The old guy is Art Linkletter https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Art_Linkletter

079876 No.500768


I got lost after "DUMB" where go?

bed179 No.500769


that's encouraging and good to hear anon! A prayer I have is that all of this evil being exposed will wake the masses. Looks like it has started to be answered!

06591e No.500771


There is no way to positively identify someone wearing a helmet and a full face mask. Especially in that scenario

ae5c51 No.500772


Or we could use something like SQLite which has text indexing capabilities, and is cross platform and can be used to do a bunch of adhoc queries too.

45a612 No.500773


Burn them to the ground, it is the same as monetary compensation after rape, the loss of innocence can never be regained.

Money is a control mechanism nothing more, they've killed millions through cancer, 6 month old babies have been raised without mothers because they not only created the disease but with held the cure.

They can apologize before screaming as the flames catch better onto their clothes and the stake.

288003 No.500774

File: 7bb6956ccbb7e2b⋯.jpeg (488.32 KB, 1184x1577, 1184:1577, B77CCF0D-4C6D-43D0-AA25-B….jpeg)

Illuminati Ball

With a cast of burlesque and circus performers, including aerialists and acrobats, the ball will explore guests’ desires to join the Illuminati – an important element of the show for von Buhler, who said, "There are five things that everyone wants: wealth, power, love, respect and fame. We're trying to give people who come to The Illuminati Ball at least one of those five things. Of course, people are going to come and see amazing singing, dancing, aerialists, walking as if they're being initiated into the Illuminati and roaming all these rooms with different experiences occurring. But we're also trying to take it one step further in terms of helping people in their lives. We're trying to not only give people an incredible experience but help people with what they're seeking… It's great to be entertained but whenever I create a show there's an underlying message. Something deeper and more important about life than just, 'Let’s go to a show and see someone dancing and singing.' We want to teach people about life."

https:// www


4f5d30 No.500775

File: 190a192c9145cbf⋯.jpg (896.02 KB, 1806x902, 903:451, CanQueensland.jpg)



Thought the timing of the 2 articles was odd considering the distance of the 2 areas.

I agree with your comments regarding As above, So below.

200164 No.500776

What a complete moron this Hogg kid is. Makes me wonder if he has gone "off script" from the FL school shooting narrative. He is calling for everyone to boycott Spring Break in Florida!!

You gotta believe even the most Liberal idiots who own businesses in that area are not happy with this. It will severely cut into their profits this Spring Break.

http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2018/02/25/teen-parkland-survivor-david-hogg-calls-for-spring-break-boycott-florida-until-gun-laws-change.html

241df6 No.500777

cd6d26 No.500778



My bad. Ascension Day (5/10) is 40 days after Easter. Still can't help but think 5/20 2017 and 2018 is significant. I'm finding that the timeline (sequence of events) syncs up many Q posts/Presidential actions/ops/news with Christian and Satanic holidays, astronomical events, and historic dates.

>Good v. Evil.

>Nothing is a coincidence.

>Everything has meaning or a purpose.

>PLANNED for [3] years.

4f5d30 No.500779

File: f9d8303682ce186⋯.jpg (51.77 KB, 1240x88, 155:11, back2back.jpg)

4e2fb5 No.500780

1670cf No.500781

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Q/Qanon song, Follow the White Rabbit w/Lyrics onscreen, great for redpilling too

https:// youtu.be/Yx9XsHw5gLo

288003 No.500782


Written, produced, curated, designed and directed by von Buhler, the immersive production was inspired by Marie-Hélène de Rothschild's ball held in 1972.

ab83bb No.500783

Started to gently red pill my fb circle with the children stuff… got called "pathetic" by my own son. Sigh. Q give me strength.

Luke 12:53 applies i guess.

94eecf No.500784


Use the filter stupid

7b77c6 No.500785


Most of the control/power is unseen and agree it is not Rothschilds at the top..nor Rockefellers..nor the Pope..

I cannot find the sauce and I think probably scrubbed from the internet but I saw a document that said that the CIA was prohibited from spying on Belgium…I find that highly unusual…

2eb1c4 No.500786

File: 3b7ec8cefa09b36⋯.jpg (91.76 KB, 1118x463, 1118:463, Jigsaw2.JPG)


United Kingdom Lockheed C-130J-30 Hercules C.4 squawking 7700

T/O from Swansea, Wales

Flew over southern England

Circling back towards Wales with Jigsaw1 tailing him at a very low altitude.

06591e No.500788


He won't be on TV much longer if he keeps that up, kek

3d616c No.500789


Thank you lord for bringing yet another anon into ur warm embrace. Thank you for opening our hearts to be able to accept ur love into our lives. Lord I ask that you help guide this anon as well as all who wish to fight in ur name in this war of light vs. dark. It is through you father that we find purpose and direction.

5a9c0d No.500790


in the last days of the system of things, son will go against dad, daughter against mother and they will have no natural affection

e42976 No.500791


6dde6b No.500792

File: a67cea122a1547e⋯.jpg (7.77 KB, 365x243, 365:243, IMG_0803.JPG)

File: a81e6724556a7ba⋯.png (193.13 KB, 1859x850, 1859:850, IMG_0804.PNG)

File: a279131e8732648⋯.png (137.77 KB, 1929x844, 1929:844, IMG_0805.PNG)


I did a little digging last night on them, found these pic that stood out to me

fa0854 No.500793


A certain phrase in your forkin' rant stuck out to me in a synchronistic way, because I'd just seen the exact phrase used by a mentor of mine who tends to self-respond a lot- so I will pass that self-response unto you.






Keep looking out for your brothers-in-arms as best you are able to, even if the clowns try to kick you down and fuck with your resolve. This war is not only physical- it's being fought in and over many hearts and minds and souls, yours included. You didn't expect these people to just give up their grasp over the world and walk away from thousands of years of control, did you? Use your discernment as best you can to filter out the weeds and place your trust where you must, as ultimately it is you who must dig and make the decision upon whom or what info to trust, unless you expect for those decisions to be made for you- which IMO is what the liddle pyramid climbing fucks are hoping you do.

ab45ca No.500794

File: 6dce11c3bde4ae9⋯.jpg (73.41 KB, 835x603, 835:603, fig11_3.jpg)


Here's the basic deck layout of the rig. The Engine Control Room is where all of the breakers for the power generation can be found(what you are calling the (electrical controls unit). It is on the 2nd level in the deck box. The bridge is on the opposite side of the rig from the room you are referring to. If I can find the actual deck lay out drawings from the American Bureau of Shipping it will show you in extreme detail the location of everything aboard that rig. I'm sorry but your location labels are totally wrong.

http:// www.engineerlive.com/content/deep-trouble

d78560 No.500795


When I saw the name sofie leathers all I could think of was sydney leathers and anthony wiener.

hehehe. I said wiener. hehehe

bed179 No.500796


God bless brother.

e5758f No.500797


and… Networks will be sued out of existence, if they don't start reporting FACTS.

That and the Clown infestation they have at their Networks. (post # 46) Qanonmap

7c23e6 No.500798

What keeps going thru my head (and tho part is revelations)…

2 1/2 years of (false) peace,

2 1/2years of war

And if I didn't come back soon,

No flesh would be saved.

Keep seeing new connections everywhere.

4cb872 No.500799


If you think one thing I said was to stroke my own ego, you don't have a basic clue what the term means. In fact, it shows you took my post PERSONALLY, and it hurt your pride, which means I bruised your fucking ego. Get off deez nuts shill. It doesn't sell here. You might also note you were the only one who spit negative bullshit as a response. If you're married, my condolences to your long suffering wife. If not, which is more likely, than to your immediate family. Try losing the anger and maybe you'll have a chance to join the living…Demon begone!

200164 No.500800


he's showing his stupidity. you know, if you are tweeting to over 300,000 people (his followers now since he shot to Crisis Actor stardom) you might want to use a liddle spellcheck.

David Hogg


Let's make a deal DO NOT come to Florida for spring break unless gun legislation is passed. These politions won't listen to us so maybe the'll listen to the billion dollar tourism industry in FL. #neveragain

8:39 AM - Feb 24, 2018


67.2K people are talking about this

0da79d No.500801


Birds of a feather flock together.

06591e No.500802


He will get shut down pretty quik if he messes with the big money.

4f5d30 No.500806

File: 7160305a5c17880⋯.jpg (396.24 KB, 688x1080, 86:135, barnstaple.jpg)



"More than 20 flights due to land in Lanzarote were diverted to elsewhere "

961ac5 No.500807


>two headed bird

Looks like Montenegro flag and most middle/southern EU flags

Winged race?

>Middle East is mostly Green

Reptilians race?


3d616c No.500809


one thing i can say about the ID's is that they are colors in hex. (dont know if that helps tho)

0abe96 No.500810


Christ, here we go again. That is bullshit. Not Q team. Not to seen as anything other some nigger spending a lot of time to de-rail.

Last night it was claimed and believed (WTF?) that came from Q !

Pleidian Guidence, Draco - Reptilians. The Galactic Federation ???????????????

Somebody is laughing their ass off at you!

Get a grip and focus. There is work to done !!

7bb878 No.500811



d7cdc6 No.500812


With comments like this, it looks like this ID is Deep State.

b04345 No.500813


Whether we believe it or not, we are planted right in the middle of the spiritual fight for the souls of humanity. That sentence alone is a lot to take in but those of us that have been here since the beginning know that to be true. It is the acceptance of Jesus Christ in my heart and having that power to draw from that gives me the strength that I need. He delivered me from being a slave to alcohol years ago and I ask for his will to be done every morning. There is more power in just doing that than you can imagine. I don't know how many anons know this, but WE HAVE ALREADY WON THIS WAR. When Jesus died on the cross for our sins and we accepted him into our hearts, we won. It is already done and that is what keeps me from being afraid or not being able to sleep at night after uncovering the things that we do here. I wholeheartedly believe that our job here is not to beat the Cabal (satin), God has that under control. Our calling however is to bring as many people as we can into the light and to ultimately live an everlasting with our creator who loves us more than we can imagine. Nurture your personal relationship with Jesus and read the Word of God. That is the most important thing you can do and know that the devil will try to attack from all angles. When he does, call on the Christ and let the devil know you aren't afraid. What lives in the dark can not survive in the light. Be that light for others in your life. It's our most important mission here.

06591e No.500814



e30e05 No.500816

File: 64c2e60b78f9540⋯.jpg (412.83 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, METHHEADSCHIFF.jpg)

0da79d No.500817


Old people can be easily redpilled because they know what it was like before the cabal. They may not understand how it happened but they know something happened. It's only a matter of putting the puzzle pieces in sequence for them. Example: I'm sorta old/not so old. Been here the whole time. Have been watching Scandalous. Remembered Jones, Lewinski, Whitewater, Oklahoma well. Just had not connected them. Remember during that time there wasnt 85,000 channels and the internet was fairly new. It was only when I watched that Scandalous and saw the timeline of events and that Oklahoma was two days prior to Bill having to testify that I made that connection. Old ppl have it all, they just need the missing pieces of the puzzle.

4cb872 No.500818


Cheers anon. Trouble is, I'm a stickler for 'the marketplace of ideas' theory. But you're right, some here don't want to contribute- they only care to spread discord. See the glowing clownfag concernfag at:


Filter will be used forthwith.

549ae4 No.500819

File: 3861c6a485cc5d5⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 1920x1920, 1:1, PhotoGrid_1519649765820.jpg)

63ce21 No.500820


Would save so much time! Is there any way that people could donate to you anonymously so you are not doxxed, and they aren't? I'd gladly donate to someone who is creating a thing that will save me tons of time.

It would be best anonymously though, or to a fake "Save the Polar Bears" fund or something that doesn't look connected to this stuff

just brainstorming

288003 No.500821

File: 4a78e3a49357c9f⋯.jpeg (318.13 KB, 1231x1460, 1231:1460, 276C8964-D072-429E-B258-6….jpeg)

https:// www


ffe78d No.500822

little = test

cd6d26 No.500823



Yep me too.

4cb872 No.500824


Cheers anon. Most helpful and encouraging. Duly noted. You not only have/had a wise mentor, he/she has a wise student.

e9c534 No.500825


Almost there, Italy.

c32919 No.500826


be sure to check your history if you haven't already today.

d7cdc6 No.500827



And to those who don't believe… it is not necessary to believe… to be used by God. Check out King Cyrus.

e30e05 No.500828


Same here buddy. Grew up in a Catholic family but never believed until Q came along. AND my belief is soooo strong is unreal! Very very powerful stuff has happened here.

40adae No.500829

WHY is nobody talking about this????

https:// truepundit.com/video-hero-teacher-school-massacre-said-shooter-dressed-like-cop-full-swat-tactical-gear/

e30e05 No.500831


It has been talked about.

5a9c0d No.500832


was a drill, kid is a patsy

0da79d No.500833


Beautiful words, anon

74ecaa No.500834


Kek. The #TheGreatSpiritualAwakening as well.

6c7884 No.500835

File: da4d491aec290e7⋯.mp4 (4.82 MB, 1152x720, 8:5, What did she just say.mp4)

6dde6b No.500837


I agree with you, plus when we have newbies come on they are ran off as soon as they post one time. It's messed up!

4f5d30 No.500838

File: 11f8794ad49c0ac⋯.png (880.34 KB, 548x1500, 137:375, euroseptic.png)

40adae No.500839


I do not mean on here…I know that we know.. Kek!

074ae8 No.500840


Others can set that up, and will probably need to. I only do Windows programming and a lot of people use other platforms. The benefit of my work will be the speed of execution. Absolutely blinding. Far beyond what anybody thinks possible today.

0b7545 No.500841


"THIS IS BIGGER THAN ANYONE CAN IMAGINE". You're right it is even fucking crazier than this flowchart indicates. See you guys when 40/60 becomes 100/0

0abe96 No.500842


All that be as it may, I don't like the premise he was a pedo, but if he was, that just proves that nobody should be above reproach.

On a different note, he was more likely killed because he knew (and spoke to the wrong person) about the spying that was gong on went to the Supreme Court level. We he found out HBO had him whacked. Had that come out, the dossier and the Trump business would have been an easy downhill run from there.

b04345 No.500843


Agreed 100%

1cbd2e No.500844



Besides subjects hard to confirm as fact reptillians,loosh, and all spirituality what is incorrect? If nothing else Ive found this useful to see which subjects my knowledge is lacking and if you treat it as a plan of attack timeline matches.

9be1f6 No.500845


I am starting to wonder if this was a planned hit to take out teachers and students who were catching on to the government grant fraud. The shooter seemed to be very specific, why not just go into one classroom and kill them all? Why go to specific rooms? They wanted to take somone out and then make it look like a school shooting.

>https:// truepundit.com/video-hero-teacher-school-massacre-said-shooter-dressed-like-cop-full-swat-tactical-gear/

7d75e1 No.500846


>WHY is nobody talking about this????


>https:// truepundit.com/video-hero-teacher-school-massacre-said-shooter-dressed-like-cop-full-swat-tactical-gear/

Woner if it was the body armour that was in that bag being carried out and dumped in truck? If not, where is the body armour, helmet etc?

e5758f No.500847

File: e0118637217889c⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1230x815, 246:163, Untitled Feb 23 mting.png)


63ce21 No.500848



Someone's telling them about Q



40adae No.500849


Amen anon…

c58f32 No.500850

Good day and God Bless to anons the world over

Can anyone give me a list of what needs researching plz.. still just waking after high pitched ringing sleep

40adae No.500851


I say, it was one of the cops…jmo

74ecaa No.500852


Yep. Most of us who were old enough to form a rational thought knew immediately that ONE shoe had dropped in Dealy Plaza in 1963. The SECOND one would have dropped had HRC been elected President in this post-9/11 World. Saved by the skin of our teeth.

52e4b4 No.500853


Brought this up earlier. Managing my own search through archives without SQL. It's working just fine. Thinking those who deep dig might already be doing the same. Pray on it for a bit. If it's important then it will stick. If you find another way to contribute after your contemplation, then move in that direction. A lot of information lands here more than once. I tend to believe that we get what we need to manage the task at hand.

Godspeed regarding personal finances. You know your hurdles. Clear them.

4f5d30 No.500854


No offense, but it has been talked about. A lot of eyes still on that, but what else is going on?

ae5c51 No.500855


Speed isn't the end all be all here. Accessibility is. If we give answers in 100-200ms, that's more than plenty fast. Even if you're returning in 1-2micros, at the end of the day, a meat bag is still doing the reading. Meat bags are slow.

2961de No.500856

File: fa11a22caf2335a⋯.png (597.64 KB, 769x336, 769:336, ClipboardImage.png)


sounds good david

40adae No.500857


I agree, this is exactly what I think too…

06591e No.500858


Exactly, he talked about the spying, and believed O was spying on the Supreme and he was not wrong.

40adae No.500859


not sure, l8 fagging this am…kek This is HUGE for the MSM, and they r not saying much about this at all, that is what I meant.

9be1f6 No.500860


Not surprised, a place run by the mafia for years, home of the vatican gets the cabal theme right quick.

57d5d9 No.500861


If that is really his reply, he is an immature dummy.

e30e05 No.500864

File: 0b40fa0ec5f0785⋯.jpg (57.11 KB, 564x376, 3:2, pissonisrael.jpg)

06591e No.500865


Sadly you might be right.

6dc094 No.500866

He states 17 dead at the scene, but reports state two died at the hospital. How did he know in advance?

https:/ /www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7vnpo6yLEM&feature=youtu.be

549ae4 No.500867

I am memefag twat banned and bored

Dropping. David Liddle for dig. Guy seems to lead to a lot of topics discussed here. SRI?



6dde6b No.500868



I remember a representative mention it in a tweet last night, I'll try and find it

f87b85 No.500869

File: ec2e84ef978c7f8⋯.png (30.35 KB, 474x260, 237:130, ClipboardImage.png)

Californistan is out of fucking control!!!

57d5d9 No.500870


how does a security system get on 20 minute delay?

ce5874 No.500872


Religion is for gullible people. Sorry, but it is true. No REAL evidence that he ever live. Just so coincidental that belief means dedication, obedience and PAYMENT

52e4b4 No.500873


Ditto. Went back to my childhood understanding. It's been quite the transformation.

f87b85 No.500874

File: 1b263a1cea4bed1⋯.png (41.71 KB, 468x332, 117:83, ClipboardImage.png)



TP has it pinned

e30e05 No.500875


Yeah it's not like its for live broadcast ffs. Obviously lies.

4cb872 No.500876


Cheers anon. Appreciate the kind words.

74ecaa No.500877

and Cruz’s arrest eerily reminds me of

2961de No.500878


Anon- prayers going up for you right now - the adversary is going to come at you as he does with anyone trying to get close to God. Just know there are billions standing with you. IF you do not have a strong Christian friend that you can confide in and share with - find one now - Praise God for your decision - I will be praying for you by your ID everyday in my quiet time that God strengthens your walk with Him every single day!

4f5d30 No.500880

File: 02080a023fc8e21⋯.jpg (394.65 KB, 421x957, 421:957, morningjoe.jpg)

#MorningJoe #2 on twitter now.

5c0576 No.500881

File: bd03036a493a9e7⋯.gif (445.96 KB, 300x186, 50:31, this.gif)


>how does a security system get on 20 minute delay?

how does a security system get on 20 minute delay?

how does a security system get on 20 minute delay?

4240ca No.500882


The rig lost power due to gas detectors going off in the engine air intakes like was stated in an earlier thread. That's part of the Emergency Shut Down(ESD) system that is required under CFR 250 by the Bureau of Safety & Environmental Enforcement.

74ecaa No.500883


*sorry anons. senior moment.

e30e05 No.500884


Wow. My childhood understanding was being petrified by seeing Jesus nailed to the cross. Never lost that image as a child, it's brutal for a 3 or 4 year old to see and hear about.

c99595 No.500885


The new digital systems, even going back to 2008 and earlier had remote viewing options. Think about it… the delay made sure the shooter wasn't killed inside.. him getting out changes everything. Not so clean anymore.

200164 No.500886



how rude. i am certainly not deep state. i am mostly lurker, don't post often, but my heart and soul is here with the patriot anons. i believe and trust my President, Q team, and my brothers behind the keyboards and phonefags.

ac6eae No.500887

File: 1b25041120e66b1⋯.png (1.49 MB, 3316x1988, 829:497, Unification Church.png)

"'Alright check this shit out."'

I did some digging into the Unification Church.

Ho Lee Fuk.

Cannot un-see!

There's connections to everything.

KCIA Brainwashing>Kids/Slave Gardens>Funding for NK & Joe Biden>Sex Rituals>Handkerchiefs>Human Trafficking and "Disaster Relief"

Sound familiar?


https:// www.tparents.org/library/unification/topics/traditn/3-DayCeremonya.htm

https:// newrepublic.com/article/115512/unification-church-profile-fall-house-moon

http:// www.thecrimson.com/article/1976/8/10/kety-quits-moon-linked-icf-conference-pa/

http:// articles.latimes.com/print/2008/sep/27/world/fg-boom27

http:// familyfed.org/news-story/korea-marches-forward-with-true-parents-44602/

https:// irff.us/

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unification_Church

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_Myung_Moon

Graphic included for reference

>Clown black op sites.


>(cult leaders)(church)

>They all belong to the same sick cult/club.

2961de No.500888


well spoken

taken to this heart

i will do better

e11f73 No.500889


A weapon took out this rig? Seriously? You have proof of this besides a hole in the helipad?

c32919 No.500890


They're changing the record to fit their history.

2fc9cf No.500891


whatever happened there, we weren't there, so…

Although this whole happening is one huge redpill for many let's not get sidetracked.

This recent occurrence of schoolbook FF ranks still high on the emo-meter. When the emo goes up the thinking stops, EVERY TIME.

Shills and clowns know this and will derail this community (and others) using this fact. LEARN. FOCUS. Florida education definitely ain't our focus. Duh.

6c7884 No.500892

File: 858499983d2077f⋯.png (846.2 KB, 1479x904, 1479:904, screenshot_570.png)


TP's going full monty on this one :)

VIDEO: Hero Teacher From School Massacre Said Shooter Was Dressed Like a Cop in Full SWAT Tactical Gear

52e4b4 No.500893


I said childhood understanding. But I wasn't reared Catholic. Maybe focus on Christ Ascending and see if it heals your first images?

4f5d30 No.500894


It's definitely important. Hope it makes MSM headlines. Miami starting to seem like a distraction from who knows what else. I've been trying to pinpoint that what else all morning.

2fc9cf No.500895



see >>500891

079c1f No.500896

File: 9213e90d3686c74⋯.png (61.38 KB, 220x309, 220:309, untitled.png)

Digging- JFK "Hat Over the Wall" speech. His last one! Listen here: https:// archive2.jfklibrary.org/JFKWHA/1963/JFKWHA-243-003/JFKWHA-243-003-AUdctm_pm_13838500.mp3

last 2 paragraphs written by John E Pickering

"This Nation has tossed its cap over the wall of space, and we have no choice but to follow it. Whatever the difficulties, they will be overcome. Whatever the hazards, they must be guarded against. With the vital help of this Aerospace Medical Center, with the help of all those who labor in the space endeavor, with the help and support of all Americans, we will climb this wall with safety and with speed-and we shall then explore the wonders on the other side."

I feel like 45 is picking up right there. It's like {{{they}}} killed him off and went for the hat without us.

e30e05 No.500897


I still think nobody was killed. The guy that was on tv this morning with the beautiful blonde girl, who apparently goes to a different school btw.. He supposedly lost his daughter. Neither on the day at the Whitehouse nor this morning on TV did I see 1 morsel of grieving in him.

57d5d9 No.500898

https:// coralspringstalk.com/msd-principal-named-finalist16532-16532

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s motto is “Be positive, be passionate, and be proud to be an Eagle.” Students and parents alike can now be proud of Principal Ty Thompson after he was just named one of six finalists for outstanding Principal of the Year.

With a strong passion for academics, attendance and activities, Thompson, is known as “The Master” scheduler. He develops, implements and maintains a comprehensive schedule of course offerings to serve the needs of all students, while mentoring colleagues through the complexities of creating an effective master schedule.

Thompson believes that for a school to succeed, students and faculty must have spirit and pride. As an effective leader, Thompson is guided by his mission statement to maintain a safe, secure and engaging environment where students are encouraged to think critically, communicate and collaborate, to ensure they are prepared for life after high school.

“We are so proud of our principals in Parkland,” said Parkland Mayor Christine Hunschofsky. “Ty Thompson is such a dedicated and tireless principal. He can always be seen around the school and at the many schools events. Additionally he is a regular at Parkland City Hall when we are recognizing the achievements of our students. Ty is very deserving of the title “Principal of the Year” and we wish him the best of luck.”

Marjory Stoneman Douglas, built in 1990, serves students from both Parkland and Coral Springs.

The Caliber award recognizes principals for their exemplary administrative leadership and contributions to their schools and communities and the winner is announced during the annual Caliber Awards Ceremony, recognizing outstanding employees on Wednesday, April 5, 2017, at 6 p.m., at the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center.


Any research into the principal of the school?

5c0576 No.500899


>Miami starting to seem like a distraction from who knows what else.

what happened at NSA gate #1 earlier that morning?

5d4bec No.500900

Big Bucks for Hogg and the rest of the "survivors"

George and Amal Clooney donate $500k to Florida shooting survivors' Never Again gun control campaign

https:// news.sky.com/story/george-and-amal-clooney-donate-500k-to-florida-shooting-survivors-never-again-gun-control-campaign-11259536

549ae4 No.500901

David Liddle



Interval Research Corporation was founded in 1992 by Paul Allen and David Liddle. It was a Palo Alto laboratory and technology incubator focusing on consumer product applications and services with a focus on the Internet

Interval Research was issued approximately 130 US patents.[10] Four of its patents, now owned by Allen's Interval Licensing LLC, are the subject of a patent infringement lawsuit Interval Licensing filed in August 2010 against AOL, Apple, eBay, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Staples, Yahoo!, and YouTube (but not Microsoft):[1][11]

ce5874 No.500902


Could not have said it better.

MSM calls us racist and crass, which is great….

but, we area also helping with the evolution of the species

c32919 No.500903


Increasing the stress increases the depression. Increasing the depression increases SSRI adoption.

e30e05 No.500904


Yeah I understand now.. But I needed to totally forget everything Catholic to be honest.

2fc9cf No.500905


Because we have more pressing bussiness, thank you.

Go back to work and dig, anons.

Or shut up and lurk moar.

57d5d9 No.500906


Any research into mayor?

Parkland Mayor Christine Hunschofsky

5d4bec No.500907


Oprah Announces She Will Match George and Amal Clooney’s $500k Donation to ‘March For Our Lives’

https:// www.mediaite.com/online/oprah-announces-she-is-matching-george-and-amal-clooneys-500k-donation-to-march-for-our-lives/

52e4b4 No.500908


Our God is a loving God. In the past he was corrupted as a harsh abuser to keep us in line. See God in everything today. Your heart will find the way.

0abe96 No.500909


If there is ANY way you could possibly back that assessment with FACTS, I would be more than willing to entertain them.

Me thinks you sit glowing with no intelligent response to be offered.

4f5d30 No.500910


Feb. 15th

https:// wtop.com/anne-arundel-county/2018/02/wrong-turn-authorities-try-to-narrow-causes-of-nsa-security-scare/slide/1/

98d590 No.500911



Did we look into her background yet?

1e96f7 No.500912


You spelled [P]apacy wrong

e30e05 No.500914


I do now. I see things differently and thank God for the wonderful things he has given us and the beauty in simple things.. I was very pessimistic beforehand.

7d75e1 No.500916




>Can't accept truth? POTUS is a traitor!

I think what this Anon is trying to say is that POTUS is a traitor to the Deep State and the Shadow Government.

Which makes him a glorious patriot of Constitutional Government.

28d71b No.500917


Affair w/ 8 ch mebby lol

57d5d9 No.500918


Meet Christine Hunschofsky

Parkland Commissioner Christine Hunschofsky has served the residents of the City of Parkland as the District 2 City Commissioner since 2013, and was subsequently reelected unopposed in 2014. Before her election, she was a member of Parkland’s Education Advisory Board since its creation in 2006 and covered City Commission meetings for Parkland Life Magazine.

http:// christineforparkland.com/

d4388f No.500919

File: aa45b03cc30d4ef⋯.png (223.18 KB, 641x1232, 641:1232, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

James Comey teaching Ethics is the biggest joke ever. 6mil salary from Lockheed Martin… haha

opensecrets. org/revolving/rev_summary.php?id=70344

pic related

6c7884 No.500920


No one has this is fresh off the tree

22e42c No.500921



Anon is clearly a hateful shill.

4f5d30 No.500922

File: 55ba3fd2b9ffb27⋯.jpg (60.33 KB, 576x235, 576:235, mhole.jpg)

File: c9a7e2eea276b46⋯.png (300.98 KB, 414x340, 207:170, ClipboardImage.png)


That memory hole is a muthafucka!

06591e No.500924


Be interesting to follow that money.

c92670 No.500925

File: 4798a37d441f6d0⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1485x1980, 3:4, wow.png)


I did no such thing. I was referring to the graphic

045147 No.500926

As many have said here.. how they went from atheist to christain..

I feel the same bUT a little different.

I grew up catholic.

Did Sunday school and all that.. fïrs communion but stopped going to church when I was around 8 or so..

This whole thing with Q really has brought my FAITH back but not trust in the Bible or any holy text.

It is hard for me understand God.

is God the universal conciousness?

What God is right?

I feel the oneness with everyone and everything but it is so hard for me to put trust into a name or a text such as a God or Religion or Book.

And I've been here since the start.. understand it all..

But what gets me is I'm not American. I am Canadian.

Why am I here?

Why have I spent the last 5 years looking into all of this?

Why was I on ADHD meds my childhood and why do I question these things that nobody in my family does?

Why did the conditioning not work on US?

Not even military conditioning worked… The discipline yes but… just why?

if there is a God why am I in this predicament?!

998cce No.500927


Oh, to be in the days of the 68020. Clean instruction set.

98d590 No.500928


She seems legit, but better to remain paranoid

57d5d9 No.500929


So the mayor of Parkland sits on the Parkland Police pension board and School Board oversight committee

Hunschofsky, 46, is a member of the Metropolitan Planning Organization and has been involved with many local boards and committees, such as the Parkland Police Pension Board and the Broward School Oversight Committee. Talk to her for any length of time and her passion for the city comes through clearly, but she is realistic about trying to stem growth.

06591e No.500930


So true

2961de No.500931


hey fucko

my picture and comment were directed at the fuckstick that wrote the tweet - not the one who posted it here

check muh feelz at the door and pay attention

0b7545 No.500933


The graphic that every anon loves until they get to the parts that they don't already believe

fdfdc4 No.500934


We are here because we are meant to be here. Nothing is an accident. We are the ones to save us. Your here to learn and teach the normies explain why all their leaders are in jail and being executed.

c41e7d No.500936


Archiving now

dbb0c4 No.500937



goto to settings

click time/date

click on change time

click on save.

Dont need 8 chan to solve that for you

7bb878 No.500938



His will be done.

ba1f41 No.500939

File: 75c663bbc1dc464⋯.png (379.78 KB, 622x701, 622:701, ClipboardImage.png)

f87b85 No.500940

Democrats are responsible for selling even more guns! hahaha Idiots!

Florida Gun Show Witnesses Record Attendance amid Dem Gun Control Push www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/02/25/florida-gun-show-witnesses-record-attendance-amid-democrat-gun-control-push/

0da79d No.500941


Dear Q, this would have greater impact if released as the JFK files released. I get much more traction with normies if there is a .gov at the end of the link, otherwise, it is too easy for them to dismiss it as just another tin-foil hat thing.

f19dfe No.500942



998cce No.500944


Off topic, but I worked with a developer who implemented Pick on the 68020. He put the entire pcode BASIC interpreter inside of the 0-wait-state memory on-chip. Fantastic performance.

52e4b4 No.500945

Another anon asked what to dig today. Questions I can't resolve:

What makes Germans so easily misguided? First Hitler and now Merkel.

Who is Jack (John C.) Bogle, and what was the "unfortunate merger" that got him fired? Why is story so tightly scripted?

Who is Elon Musk? Why is the same story repeated over and over for him?

b693e4 No.500947


Well said anon.

Anyone who forgets what has happened already should read this. The world is changing.

To our impatient but well meaning brethren, know this:

The November elections are a hard deadline.

All of the visible stuff, the glorious happenings, the frog marches, the transfers to GITMO, whatever,

It ALL must be well underway well before the elections. If the Republicans lost the House - and lose the House they will if Trump has not begun the Storm - then President Trump will be impeached and the final two years will be a lame duck presidency, and that will be the end of our chance to defeat the cabal.

If the Democrats take the House of Representatives, the cabal wins.

POTUS knows this. Rest assured.

EVERYTHING will happen within the next 8 months.

f87b85 No.500948

‘I’m Going to Shoot All of Ya B*tches:’ DACA Illegal Alien Arrested for School Shooting Threats in New York www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/02/24/im-going-to-shoot-all-of-ya-btches-daca-illegal-alien-arrested-for-school-shooting-threats-in-new-york/>>500942

0abe96 No.500949


Is that a veiled reference to the Bible?

If not, please point to a source… I'm interested to do that.

If it is then REPENT, ain't complicated. The Bible isn't bothering me, it's all these heathens that have hijacked this beautiful world the Good Lord gave us to prosper.

506535 No.500950



Possible, notable posts not carried forward into this bread. What was important enough in them to derail?

f1f2d9 No.500951

File: 9bed03426950f7b⋯.gif (24.35 KB, 381x130, 381:130, bush19.gif)

Anons, Meat. Some leaps of speculation however, much of this is quite well corroborated, including in the Congressional Record during WWII

Nikola Tesla - Deathbed Confessions, Photos Support Claims That George H. Scherf(f), Jr Was The 41st U.S. President George Bush

Excellent research, links-sources: Tesla murder, Paperclip Nazi SS >> CIA, Was CIA *founded* to overthrow the United States of America?

http:// loveforlife.com.au/content/10/03/01/nikola-tesla-deathbed-confessions-photos-support-claims-george-h-scherff-jr-was-41s

"According to Otto Skorzeny, pictured is the Scherff family and a few friends (circa 1938). Holding “Mother" Scherff’s hand at left is Martin Bormann. In front is Reinhardt Gehlen. In back is Joseph Mengele and to his right is Skorzeny as a young man. At center right (in the German navy uniform) is George H. Scherff, Jr. and his father George H. Scherff, Sr. Bormann became Hitler’s second in command. Reinhardt Gehlen was a chief SS officer and assassin who was smuggled out of Germany under Operation Paperclip. Skorzeny was Hitler's bodyguard and SS spy/assassin who came to the U.S. after the war under Project Paperclip. Skorzeny and GHW Bush were instrumental in merging Nazi (SS) intelligence with the OSI to form the CIA with "Wild Bill" Donovan and Allen Dulles. These guys were also part of CIA mind control experiments such as MK-ULTRA. SS officer and physician Joseph Mengele, the notoriously sadistic “Angel of Death” of Auschwitz, escaped Germany to South America after the war. George H. Scherff, Jr., became the 41st President of the United States as GHW Bush and George H. Scherff, Sr., was Nicola Tesla’s “trusted assistant…”

2fc9cf No.500952


I concede we prolly don't.

My gut feeling though is red herring.

Anywayz we have more important digging to do AND surely a few around here WILL dig her out, so…

Because of emo value and because it's the most recent FF it has this automatic visibility.

If we start meming and redpilling on planted material this will explode in our own faces.

Besides, we dug up so much dirt already that needs organising (in pill form).

As far as Q's guidance is concerned (= MY focus) may I remind you:


Who do you think is leaking the info?

Take a wild guess.

Analyze shooter (pawn).

Voices in his head?

We know.

We are taking action behind the scenes.

CNN was set up.





Libel laws.

End of MSM.


Cryptic at best but I surmise that MSM will dig its own grave, be it with a little help from a friend ;) .

Anyway, carry on as you see fit. I will.

God Bless.

2dd418 No.500953

Another thought on Bridge

TV show from 2013


The Bridge follows two police detectives – one Mexican, one from the U.S. – and their joint effort to capture a serial killer who is operating in both countries when an American judge known for anti-immigration views is found dead on the bridge connecting El Paso, Texas, with Juárez, Mexico, menacing both nations along the Texas–Chihuahua border.[1] Detective Sonya Cross, of the El Paso Police Department, works with Chihuahua State Police Detective Marco Ruiz, who knows about the slippery politics of Mexican law enforcement. Ruiz's whatever-it-takes approach doesn't sit well with Cross, who has undiagnosed Asperger's syndrome or a similar autism spectrum disorder and a by-the-book attitude when it comes to the job. But the two put their differences aside to solve a string of murders on the border, which is already infected with issues that include illegal immigration, drug trafficking, violence and prostitution

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Bridge_(2013_TV_series)

Just throwing it out there

57d5d9 No.500954


The current Mayor of Parkland, Christine Hunschofsky, just happens to show up in a Salon 2004 article as a random soccer mom voter.


https:// www.salon.com/2004/03/09/florida_25/

52e4b4 No.500955


I think it's had trouble working in America because we are the pioneers. Our blood is restless by nature because of the ones who settle this great nation.

Canada still swears an oath to the Queen, and the Queen is bad news.

Call God anything you want. There are many ways to understand the universe. Maybe start a little comparative religions study and find what's universal? The one thing that always sticks to me is that God in many scripts is always called "I am".

998cce No.500956


Germans are easily misguided because of their history. They do NOT have a history of democracy/republican representative government. The German person is comfortable ONLY when knowing his/her place within a hierarchy. They are insecure when these hierarchies change or are ambiguous.

The German wants structure and clear order and leadership. Alles in ordnung.

They've also been used as a buffer between the Anglo-French side of Europe and Russia for centuries. They've also been placed in a guilt-trip over the supposed atrocities of WW2 when it was the British who started the atrocities. Churchill bombing CIVILIANS.

Topic for another time, on another board. Deutschland Verlosst. Es tut mir leid.

6dde6b No.500957

F&F asked Pam Bondi, AG of FL. If there was a stand down order and she stuttered she couldn't talk about that. I missed the beginning of the interview, but I heard her say she was looking into that I didn't hear the ?? But they were talking about the "Shooting"

45a612 No.500958



https :// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grant_Liddle

http :// www.legacy.com/obituaries/democratandchronicle/obituary.aspx?pid=172858018

ba1f41 No.500959


Pam Bondi is a child trafficker

06591e No.500960


You betcha there was a stand down order.

57d5d9 No.500961


I think he is the one who squealed on the Hollywood pedophiles.

That would make me laugh.

0da79d No.500962


568a95 No.500963

Anons, look in our local news and see if there's been an increase in doctors getting busted for things like over-prescribing and sending patients to unneeded procedures. Don't post articles here, don't dox yourself, but in the last 2-3 weeks I've DEFINITELY noticed a handful of doctors around my area getting hit with lawsuits for malpractice, or even getting arrested. Can anyone else comment if they noticed an uptick in this?

05497c No.500964


I have asked people on twatter “Please call your representative and tell them to vote against H.R.1865 because free speech on the internet is at stake.

However, some people now respond claiming that it allows States and Victims to fight Online Sex trafficking.

The referred to https:// www.scribd.com/document/367086075/H-R-1865-FOSTA

I have too little knowledge about these things.

Any suggestions on how to respond to people who think it is a good thing?

310bb2 No.500965


I was watching it. She said there were 4 other policeman there before the shooting happened and that someone isnt telling the truth. She said they are investigating this but could not comment further. Said someone was lying

98d590 No.500966


Being cautious and thoughtful about what we meme is simply an acknowledgement that Q is out there and obviously way ahead of us. But in this case, yes we know for sure there is planted material to muddy the waters. Everyone is studying what sticks and what doesn't to plot their next move…

6dde6b No.500967


I saw that w/Pence

9c3415 No.500968


Yesterday my area in Pennsy was treated to a mysterious sound coming from the sky just before 10:30. Thousands of people must have heard it. For about 7 minutes it sounded like a low note was being played on a pan flute. It didn't change intensity & there was no doppler effect. It seemed fixed & pervasive. It was LOUD.

I asked on FB if anyone else heard it & got a myriad of confirmations. I hope it's in the local paper today. There's so much incoming energy to our solar system something catastrophic may occur.

I recorded about 30 seconds of it to memorialize the sound. I wanted something to refer back to. Really cool for this Physics & Astronomy geek.

52e4b4 No.500970


Trust the plan. A bill is not a law until it is signed by POTUS. If it works for his mission, then we need to know that it is in our best interest.

0da79d No.500972


Anon, I know you arent Q. I was calling Q's attention to it. Thanks for the gov link.

05497c No.500973


I trust the POTUS and Q! I'll just not respond at all!

Thanks for the reply!

4e4814 No.500974


What is this? Bridgewater Assoc? Watch the waters? The BRIDGE? I'm not sure if this is what Q was talking about but you know, what a coincidence.

c58f32 No.500975



ffe78d No.500976


…and your point?

52e4b4 No.500977


Good call. I worry that Wasser is just trying to dox anons by getting them riled.

cf21f8 No.500978

Any arrests today??

06591e No.500979


keep reading you will figure it out

ffe78d No.500980


c58f32 No.500981


CM are you here?

52e4b4 No.500982


Follow the money. Your question should be any CEOs resigning today? Any assets seized?

e65a54 No.500983



Hypocrites - what a list of arrogant douche bags

55a423 No.500984

Wow - another earthquake – this time indonesia – 6.1

e81913 No.500985


Great work anon. The church is scary and iirc has links back to Clinton & Obama. Voat/Pizzagate did a lot of research last year and may be worth checking out if you’re going down this hole. Recent information may bring even more connections. Search Voat Unification Church.

cf21f8 No.500986


Q told us Phase 2 has begun. Show me the cuffs

55a423 No.500987


27 mi NE of Airbuaya, Indonesia

c58f32 No.500988


57d5d9 No.500989

Lina Crisostomo's SATs are coming up next week, but college test prep has taken a backseat to funerals,…

This is not the first time a mass shooting has hit close to home for Lina. She lived in Connecticut when a gunman killed 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012. She remembers making cards as a fifth grader for those affected by the shooting. But she said it was too distant from her small world to feel real.

This time, it's different, she said. The Sandy Hook survivors were too young to speak for themselves. Columbine High School students did not have social media, and the shooting preceded the politically charged debate around mass shootings.

http:// www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/how-marjory-stoneman-douglas-students-feel-about-going-back-to-school/ar-BBJBun4?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=ientp

06591e No.500990


The earlier one must have loosened the faults.

fcf6df No.500991





Guise, there is no infectious agent behind AIDS. HIV/AIDS is a psyop, not biological warfare. Please, the sooner we grasp that the better. I know this is difficult to grasp, but I did a lot of reading on this almost 20 years ago. HIV/AIDS is a construct. The tests are flawed. The virus was never isolated. It's practically impossible to find so-called HIV in the bodies of even people who are supposed to be dying from AIDS. So much doesn't make sense. What we really have there is a case of (probably deliberate) misinterpretation of data on different groups of individuals presenting with reduced immune system operation, which has different causes in the different key risk groups. It's all about how the data are interpreted, and all funding of alternative theses to the infectious agent thesis was stopped as soon as Robert Gallo (belongs on the gallows) and Margaret Heckler declared that they had identified the cause of AIDS in 1984. They hadn't! Gallo's work was utterly flawed and proves nothing. Please, do the research to figure this out. It's one of the biggest issues needing redpills out there....

""If there is evidence that HIV causes AIDS, there should be scientific documents which either singly or collectively demonstrate that fact, at least with a high probability. There is no such document."

Dr. Kary Mullis, Biochemist, awarded the 1993 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his invention of PCR (ironically improperly used in assessments of HIV 'viral load')

PS The very name 'HIV' is a Kabbalistic word of power from the oldest extant Kabbalistic text, the Sepher Yetzirah. Coincidence?

http:// www.virusmyth.com/aids/controversy.htm

a5a0c2 No.500992


Bigger one on the way - dancing

c58f32 No.500993

i GOT PROOF OF IT TOO! Info has been posted and its doxed me!

f1f2d9 No.500994


neocons are pure evil, they are liberals with nukes

way back just after I left active duty, I was given a copy of this it nearly got me killed

those with systems knowledge recognize this as the most evil document they have ever seen

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, Top Secret, USAF [Shadow Government]

Operations Research Technical Manual TW-SW7905.1

http:// www.stopthecrime.net/docs/SILENT%20WEAPONS%20for%20QUIET%20WARS.pdf

52e4b4 No.500995


Cuffs aren't phase 2. Rounding up assets are phase 2.

If you want cuffs go sprinkle some red pills into a few coffee mugs. Can't do cuffs without the public being fully on the train.

f87b85 No.500996


As Democrats always do, they are lying about

>States and Victims to fight Online Sex trafficking.

as a way of shutting down Conservatives online! Never trust a damn DemonRat!

8ae904 No.500997

Oldfag, here. Different times, perhaps but that image never traumatized me. Perhaps if I’d been born in a time where biolencecwas entertainment>>500884

55a423 No.500998


Are they natural or manufactured?

6c7884 No.500999


FBI informant formally warns President Trump of Mike Pence and Pam Bondi’s ties to Pedogate

http:// writeintoaction.com/A%20Right%20to%20Know%20Interview.html

52e4b4 No.501000


Go back to that info. May have been a nudge. We're all doxed. You'll get used to it.

06591e No.501001


Right on the Ring of fire, but who knows.

e81913 No.501002



is someone baking?

52e4b4 No.501003


Nope. You offering?

52e4b4 No.501004


See earlier posts. Baker needed to hand off. Pastebin ready. I'd do it but it's just not in my skill set.

e65a54 No.501005





Pam Bondi knows some details we want to know. Hopefully her investigation will expose some of the lies. She isn't awake (i hate "woke") and she'll get manipulated by bad actors. No pedo though.

074ae8 No.501006


Well, they're hex VALUES, which can be interpreted as colors since each RGB channel goes from 0 to FF. But it's much more likely just a unique representation of each user.

ba1f41 No.501007


Timothy Holmseth

cf21f8 No.501008


>Rounding up assets are phase 2.

I'm pretty sure Al-Waleed bin Talal would disagree

5b4496 No.501009

Explosion in a store front in London. Took out the store and flat above, down with the framework, buildings on each side fine. Classic hit.

52e4b4 No.501010


Meh. Might have been an over generalization.

e81913 No.501011


Yea I’ll do it.


074ae8 No.501012


My gut feeling is that the search app is more than we need and would be a side track. I'm still going to map out an overview and see if that changes.

ffe78d No.501014

Got a laugh out of this!


0da79d No.501015


I'm an old medfag. You could be correct. HIV doesnt kill. It is all the other conditions that HIV allows that the body cant fight off that kills. Kaposi's Sarcoma, for example.

ac6eae No.501016


Thanks, I'll look into the Voat research.

My almonds were instantly activated.

That church is scary AF.

Any mention of handkerchiefs makes me go REEEEEEE

52e4b4 No.501017


Huzzah! Thank you anon.

9f8a07 No.501019

File: e32b8336019fb71⋯.jpg (117.08 KB, 667x650, 667:650, 237.jpg)

File: 9548d1a0845523f⋯.jpg (117.67 KB, 667x650, 667:650, 238.jpg)

52e4b4 No.501020


Sounds like a worthy plan. Something will come to you. It always does.

2fc9cf No.501021


Same here, sorry.

BAKER NEEDED. Anyone? Clowns need not apply

a493a7 No.501022



2fc9cf No.501023

52e4b4 No.501024


Bake was claimed a couple of minutes ago.

cf21f8 No.501025

fill filly fillier

7bb878 No.501028




California is a luciferian masonic commie tyranny. Industry where I work "entertainment" is cabal controlled. Now they are making sure every future TV writer is in moral conformity.with and submits to the NWO satanists agenda

.pray the baby raping lizards are culled this week, because we should be taking their companies and using them

( think Disney theme parks) to repair psyche damage done the hearts minds and spirits.

Serious, witting, repeat offenders ## HBO, History channel, Disney, NBC ## have been comped .

Studios also.controlledv by nation state intel agencies like the . Chinese

2fc9cf No.501031


Well done.

I will start studying the required skillset,

the shillbakery is still too fresh in my memory.

ffe78d No.501032


was expecting to see 2 breads when opened catalog.

7bb878 No.501033


2fc9cf No.501035


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