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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 598e9a8b856d98c⋯.jpg (232.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, # QResearch.jpg)

f545b5 No.502597

Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.



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Thursday, 2.22.18

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Wednesday, 2.21.18

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Sunday, 2.18.18

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MONDAY 2018.26.02

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Group ideas are to create dedicated research threads which will help us then build maps. Research threads will be listed in their own section of the dough. If you have information about a subject, please create a thread and request that it be added to the MAP / DEDICATED RESEARCH THREADS section of the dough. Here are some posts from the discussion. Please review and lets discuss more. WE WILL BUILD THE MAP!

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MONDAY 2018.26.02

>>GETTING ORGANIZED TO BUILD THE MAP (See the new section above. Let's create threads and discuss further.)

>>502036 , >>502096 Dig on James VanderVeer LIDDLE and Patricia Shea LIDDLE

>>501044 Broward County 9/11 connection

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0dd610 No.502616

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4glpsLOl-s

f545b5 No.502621

#619 Dough: pastebin.com/qfCMBfRs

New Baker Reqest

Psycho Red Text Baker need not apply.

e85bdc No.502653

I'm bringing this up again because it's been bugging me. The Hussein painting. His watch hands are at 3:23. Anyone think it might mean something? Maybe something with water?

142482 No.502667


March 23 ….? interesting

ccec4c No.502670


Quit trying to slide this shill.

00fb36 No.502686


Almost all of the Suburb cities north of miami have no local police departments. They contract with Broward County Sherrif to provide those services. These towns gave up their local control and look what they got for all the money they sent to the sheriff.

19c980 No.502688


3:23 is notoriously associated with water. Also STFU shill

16cdef No.502691

File: 9ff5b548e7f6ffc⋯.png (269.11 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


58bf8b No.502697

File: 52ef7f32834cb3e⋯.png (324 KB, 605x738, 605:738, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 736b8b48610a9aa⋯.png (729.17 KB, 991x664, 991:664, ClipboardImage.png)

Our Staff Attorney, Jeffrey A. Kasky, Esq., has been working full time in the field of adoption since 1995, when he and his father, Robert A. Kasky, Esq., along with legendary adoption social worker Margaret T. Snider, MSW, started One World Adoption Services, Inc., a Florida licensed, not for profit child placing agency. In the course of his career, Jeff has worked on dozens of surrogacies, representing both gestational carriers and commissioning families throughout Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Miami, Orlando, and all areas in between. Jeff has completed well over 1,000 adoptions in his career.

While there can never be a guarantee of outcome in a surrogacy attempt, our leadership and staff are committed to working towards a positive experience for all parties involved.

16cdef No.502703

File: 71fe34522b28777⋯.png (750.09 KB, 1465x671, 1465:671, ClipboardImage.png)

65d7ed No.502704





I saved a video from a helicopter, it's 20 minutes long. Shows the white pickup the swat team used much better and for a long time. Worth studying.

https:// anonfile.com/B3x5F4d3b0/AERIAL_LIVE_Police_respond_to_school_shooting_in_Florida__at_least_20_reportedly_injured.mp4

00fb36 No.502708


Quran 3:23

(3:23) Have you not noticed those who have been given a portion of the Book? Whenever their learned men are summoned to the Book of Allah to judge the differences between them,22 a party of them turns away in aversion.

22. They are asked to acknowledge the Book of God as the final arbiter in all matters, and to submit to its judgement, accepting as right whatever this Book holds to be right, and as wrong whatever it holds to be wrong. The Book of God referred to here is the Torah and the Injil, while the expression 'those who have been given a portion of the Book' refers to the Jewish and Christian religious scholars. (For the Quranic view of the Torah and the Injil see n. 2 above - Ed.)

07b5e6 No.502709

File: 254160de4cafac3⋯.jpg (77.05 KB, 749x500, 749:500, 24s0xx.jpg)

Thank you Baker

16cdef No.502713

Microchip Implants, Mind Control,and Cybernetics

by Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, MD Former Chief MedicalOfficer of Finland

December 6, 2000

(Posted here by Wes Penre, May 27, 2005) Microchip implanted in hand. In 1948 Norbert Weiner published a book, Cybernetics, defined as a neurological communication and control theory already in use in small circles at that time. Yoneji Masuda, "Father of the Information Society," stated his concern in 1980 that our liberty is threatened Orwellian-style by cybernetic technology totally unknown to most people. This technology links the brains of people via implanted microchips to satellites controlled by ground-based supercomputers.The first brain implants were surgically inserted in 1974 in the state of Ohio, USA

and also in Stockholm, Sweden. Brainelectrodes were inserted into the skulls of babies in 1946without the knowledge of their parents. In the 1950s and 60s,electrical implants were inserted into the brains of animals andhumans, especially in the U.S., during research into behavior modification, and brain and body functioning. Mind control(MC) methods were used in attempts to change humanbehavior and attitudes.

Influencing brain functions becamean important goal of military and intelligence services.Thirty years ago brain implants showed up in X-rays thesize of one centimeter

. Subsequent implants shrunk to thesize of a grain of rice.

They were made of silicon, later stillof gallium arsenide.

Today they are small enough to beinserted into the neck or back, and also intravenously indifferent parts of the body during surgical operations, with or without the consent of the subject.

It is now almost impossible to detect or remove them.

15057b No.502714

Cruz was born in 1998.

"The Broward Sheriff’s Office has full responsibility for all county child protective investigations and operates under a multi-year Grant agreement with the Florida Department of Children and Families since 1999"

http:// medicalkidnap.com/2016/12/28/south-florida-police-assault-business-owner-who-refuses-to-give-his-name-to-cps/

"Nikolas wasn’t an easy child. He had been diagnosed with a string of disorders and conditions: depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, emotional behavioral disability and autism, records from the state Department of Children and Families show." (DCF=CPS)

http:// www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/parkland/florida-school-shooting/fl-florida-school-shooting-nikolas-cruz-life-20180220-story.html

16cdef No.502715


https:// www.scribd.com/document/113839858/Microchip-Implants-Mind-Control-and-Cybernetics#download&from_embed

79f027 No.502718

It's not bragging, FRANK!

699467 No.502719

File: d44ada5d3001aa7⋯.jpg (70.05 KB, 490x800, 49:80, ChalicesKv_Kesey.jpg)

File: 3c5a0c1825ab31a⋯.jpg (64.56 KB, 491x800, 491:800, Pentacles6_Oppie.jpg)

File: 2c170868df7fbda⋯.jpg (86.43 KB, 490x800, 49:80, TAROT_Moon_TransHu.jpg)


cant i just be RED BAKER?

psycho implies im crazy

muddafukka im hunting pedovoric vampires!!

5cc9a3 No.502721

Now that Agenda 21 is out there, has anyone mentioned or looked into Rex 84?

May be pertinent coming up.

f66c3c No.502723


Vague answer, but they are higher on the pyramid. We don't have a clear 40,000 ft view yet.

3ef8a8 No.502724

Steve Pieczenik about to come on Infowars to talk about Parkland shooting. Alex looks scared. KEK

2f1230 No.502725

Yesterday we prepared and informed, today we launch to all social media platforms. TWEET AND POST WITH THE HASHTAGS #StopFosta and #NoHR1865 !!!! Call your state representative as well, the issue is this important. PATRIOTS NEED YOUR HELP, TWEET YOUR HEARTS OUT, CO-OPT ALL TRENDING HASHTAGS. WE ONLY HAVE TODAY TO MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD, THE VOTE HAPPENS TOMORROW . NOW LETS STORM THAT BEACH!!

3661cb No.502726


Thanks anon, I think it's yuge.

Pigs eat the bodies

but also check out all of the high profile supporters of the pedo high school teacher in McLean - many to follow up on - National Geographic! Both CEO and Treasurer

Nat Geo always poking around north pole and Antartica

16cdef No.502727

11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.

{Ephesians 5:11 NKJV}

“I am the vine, you are the branches.

He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit;

for without Me you can do nothing.”

{John 15:5 NKJV}

f545b5 No.502728


You aint posting crazy shit in our dough again on my watch.

837ff4 No.502729

File: eecb79cea0bd0a7⋯.png (78.19 KB, 300x170, 30:17, ClipboardImage.png)

In reference to the pic of all the mass shooters who had that 'Bug-Eyed, I'm Controlled' look.

Check out Bezos….

16cdef No.502730

File: 07b2782a79ccaf0⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1200x852, 100:71, ClipboardImage.png)

503302 No.502731

Is Netanyahu being targeted/framed because deep state knows he's prepared to spill the beans and help POTUS expose 9/11?

58bf8b No.502732


Pieczenik talks about the kikes.

00fb36 No.502733


Possible. He's coming to meet with Potus on March 5th.

19c980 No.502734


Steve P was MI, not clown, right?

c2bba7 No.502738


Netanyahu is not for the Jewish people and they are beginning to see they’ve been held captive by the “fake Jews”.

1ee343 No.502739


Yep, it's a tangled web. MEME the fuck out of it!

9293c4 No.502740

File: 6bfc30d1c23515b⋯.png (299.63 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-02-26-12-1….png)

File: 484315e9c193b94⋯.png (434.25 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-02-26-12-1….png)

File: c2bd5a54bf02087⋯.png (398.18 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-02-26-12-1….png)

Information Access Fund Department of State

2ef586 No.502741


Pretty sure he's a clown, his job was overturning gov't's

50ec1c No.502743


>Rex 84

https:// sustainabledevelopment.un.org/post2015/transformingourworld

isn't agenda 30 now :)

https:// www.naturalnews.com/051058_2030_Agenda_United_Nations_global_enslavement.html

07b5e6 No.502745

File: d76a72cc06c2a61⋯.jpg (47.44 KB, 604x360, 151:90, 363_36007717190_632892190_….jpg)

File: 03b328b8679dc3f⋯.jpg (9.01 KB, 180x240, 3:4, 636125684006028509-Ilitch-….jpg)

File: 977e6bc83a0e8cd⋯.jpg (86.72 KB, 300x199, 300:199, obama2.jpg)






DING, Denise Ilitch

I knew someone in that family of Billionaires had to bve up to no good.

President Barack Obama is coming to the Motor City for a $1 million pizza party being thrown for him compliments of Denise Ilitch, daughter of Little Caesars’ founders Mike and Marian Ilitch. Ilitch is opening her home April 18 for the fundraiser where movers and shakers are being asked to pony up thousands to add to his re-election coffer while getting a chance to rub shoulders with the most powerful man on the planet.

“I’m honored to have been asked by the Obama campaign to host,” Ilitch said of the event she and husband, Jim Scalici, will hold at their Metro Detroit home. She made the comments on “Michigan Matters” when asked about media reports. Watch the full episode.

When asked what she planned to serve, she said, laughing: “Pizza! But, we’ll be serving it on sterling silver plates!”

The event isn’t tied to Little Caesars headquarters in any way, nor does it mean the family is endorsing the president. It’s strictly a private affair.

And the price of admission isn’t for those on a budget. $40,000 buys access to the cocktail reception, formal photo with Obama and dinner. $10,000 buys dinner and a photo.

The event is the latest twist in the political relationship between Obama and Ilitch, eldest of the Ilitch’s seven children. Mike and Marian also own the Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers, Fox Theatre, Motor City Casino and more. The family is among the wealthiest and most influential in Michigan with an empire worth billions.

Obama Detroit Rally Denise Ilitch 2008

(credit: Denise Ilitch Designs)

Denise Ilitch, a Democrat, is a busy mom of three who is also co-publisher of Ambassador Magazine, runs a jewelry design business and is chairwoman of the University of Michigan regents. When the Illinois senator came to Detroit in 2008 while running for president, Ilitch was among those who greeted him and gave Obama, his wife, Michelle, and Joe Biden their own NHL Championship Detroit Red Wings Jerseys inscribed with their names. She got applause when she said she’d get Obama another jersey for the White House after he won.

Ilitch, who won as a regent at UM in 2008, toyed with the idea of running for governor in 2010. Obama invited her to the White House to discuss the notion which she did. But Ilitch decided the timing wasn’t right.

http:// detroit.cbslocal.com/2012/04/09/president-obamas-1-million-pizza-party-in-detroit/

3ef8a8 No.502746


All I know is that he's always razzin Alex for being weak-stick on Sandy Hook.

73127e No.502747


Do you care to expand on the Marshall connection I made regarding the German Marshall Fund being correct?

79f027 No.502748


Clown, State, MI….

I think he is supposed to have been across the spectrum.

15057b No.502749



Who was the attorney?

One day before her 49th birthday, Lynda Cruz’s adopted son was born, on Sept. 24, 1998…the couple arranged the private adoption through an attorney.

http:// www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/parkland/florida-school-shooting/fl-florida-school-shooting-nikolas-cruz-life-20180220-story,amp.html

56d902 No.502750

File: ad255dd26f6cd82⋯.jpg (905.65 KB, 2047x1365, 2047:1365, IMG_20180222_223800.jpg)

c65cb7 No.502751


netanyahu has been filling in trump for years

he is part of the group that begged trump to run in 2012

trump said no

but told bibi that he should run and that he would win

83e2b2 No.502753

File: 414b95eca790e7f⋯.jpg (110.98 KB, 601x902, 601:902, Nobgoblin.jpg)

I present to you David Hogg the Nobgoblin.

9c5a3b No.502754

posted this in the dedicated big health thread, just putting it here too in case it's missed.

https:// www.wsj.com/articles/a-new-regulatory-threat-to-cancer-patients-1519595170#comments_sector

"Under the proposed policy, only one of hundreds of laboratories that currently offer NGS testing would meet all the new reimbursement requirements. The policy would in effect force clinicians and institutions to send all NGS testing to a single vendor, Foundation Medicine."

probably wouldn't hurt to take a look at Foundation Medicine….

f14b38 No.502755

File: d1d85421802ee18⋯.png (366.39 KB, 1122x712, 561:356, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

c2bba7 No.502756



a908d8 No.502757


clowns are rarely if ever only clowns, by definition.

would be surprising if they didn't at least try to have assets in MI, so being in one can never be be proof (positive/negative) of the other

23b7b1 No.502758


they look like the same person.

194d18 No.502759


It's the CFR, not the CFA! Council on Foreign Relations.

19c980 No.502760


Good point. If I had to list clown strengths, psychology would be at the top.

355c7c No.502761


HA! I knew it!!!!!!!

Tip guys, maybe even "just a tip" or "only the tip".

I see so many DIVIDE us posting, tons

Anon posts a question, may seem silly or they are just a newfag,1 anon shows newfag grace plainly answers question. Then when you can clearly see the post has been answered WHAT HAPPENS?

Tons of Divide us replies such as, name calling, trying to pick a fight and get a response. Literally the question could have been answered by another anon 20 min before and here comes "anons" starting strife DIVIDING us, THEY WANT TO DIVIDE US.


I can prove it, see what I posted above & watch what happened, simple response, "no" from real anon & then DIVIDE US responses, when the post was CLEARLY ANSWERED 20 min. before DIVIDE US responses. Now if those dividing anons are not xxxshillsxxx then they need to realize they are going against what Q is showing us & if the are as I suspect, WE KNOW.

posts from 2e5e20 shill 1 from experiment













>>502469 <-----busted dividing 20 min after post already answered


As you can see what has this anon contributed, only fake trying to blend in & lots of DIVIDING US.

posts from 822039 shill 2 from experiment

>>502472 <-----busted


only effort to blend 1 post & dividing post 20 min after post already answered

26e455 No.502762

>>502592 (last bread)

>Cruz was born in 1998.

Going on 20 YO.

What was the final word on if he was still a student or not?

Watching the Alexa Miednik interview I thought she would have asked him what he was doing there if he wasn't still a student.

Kids know that stuff, and it's not really 'in' to be hanging around your HS once you're out, anyway.

83e2b2 No.502763


i thought bibi helped do it. wasn't he mossad at the time or is that some mandela/other timeline/ I need to start my oven kinda shit?

c5b330 No.502765


Please put this to the FF board >>502011

53a4af No.502767


So the knob hobgobber is still in the meme news, eh?

should put some cumstains on his glasses

19c980 No.502768


shapeshifting motherfuckers

2ef586 No.502769

File: 90b71dcdf0d8c8d⋯.png (509.65 KB, 640x444, 160:111, IMG_8431.PNG)

c2bba7 No.502771


He’s above mossad level

73127e No.502772

Another familial tie besides Snowden/Zuckerberg being cousins is a bit more widely known of Anderson Cooper/Gloria Vanderbilt being mother & son!

c5b330 No.502774


Maybe a line in the new (marvelously baked) bread that says something along the lines of:

Good digs deserve double posting. Be sure to post in at least two places.

c65cb7 No.502775


sorry stupid but i am 100 % accurate

you need to get over you ignorance before the dark mountain overtake you

af5c09 No.502776


There are quite "simple", local solutions that would work fine without doxxing or paying money:

Regular linux tools (as for example via cygwin on WinOS'es) provide eveything you need to search locally in your own copy of the archive.

Some anon previously posted a simple "wget" command in some previous bread to get your own copy of the archive.

Only thing needed is having these tools installed (e.g. CygWin for Windows) and some simple scripts, which you can learn to write yourself, or be provided by someone helpful around here.

225bc8 No.502777

File: 244b2d361b89436⋯.jpg (26.15 KB, 521x420, 521:420, p.jpg)

All impatient anons need to calm down.

The people are being shaken from their slumber. This shit takes time…

We have reached an est. 20MM

How many still need to be reached to get to tipping point? Answered last bread -

33 MM


Social consensus through the influence of committed minorities.

https:// journals.aps.org/pre/abstract/10.1103/PhysRevE.84.011130

Pray. Dig. We are winning.

c2bba7 No.502778

997775 No.502779

File: 7f714ea699b1bfe⋯.png (585.39 KB, 696x919, 696:919, cowardBroward.png)

maybe Cruz is not the shooter.

07b5e6 No.502782


This quote does not sound good.

When asked what she planned to serve, she said, laughing: “Pizza! But, we’ll be serving it on sterling silver plates!”

I know they own Pizza places.

We had discussed before the cabal using pizza places( delivery) and ice cream trucks( good humor around since 1920, and has the pedo heart symbol)

As a way to access children, know where people live.

c65cb7 No.502783


trust the plan

trust trump he is on top of it

83e2b2 No.502784


or just pepper the pic with forty rainbow dildos.

a908d8 No.502786




50ec1c No.502787

File: 83075ada007bfb2⋯.png (309.82 KB, 942x1452, 157:242, ClipboardImage.png)


per last bread :)


2ef586 No.502788


Gladwell says the tipping point is 10%, we only need about 10mil more on board!

3ef8a8 No.502789


Looks like Steve Pieczenik was exclusively State Department.

372642 No.502790

>>388588 Another RED OCTOBER meaning?

This is not the first time the presidential elections were played.

https:// infogalactic.com/info/October_Surprise_conspiracy_theory

This also gets into the Iran-Contra deal. Who were Kissinger's boys? North and Poindexter. All convicted pardoned by GWB. Not a coincidence.

Arms for hostages is not the whole story. Follow the money.

c2bba7 No.502791


Time will tell. Idiots like you will be left in the dark. Of course, if u are looking for enemies… shill. Go away.

58bf8b No.502793


Father and son?

1ee343 No.502795




He was a clown. However…once a clown…uhh

I'm not convinced that he doesn't spread dis-info on INFOWARs, so I take what comes out of his mouth with a grain of salt…if I watch him at all. Over the last year and a half I can't recall him ever dropping anything that was big and proved correct…

Just my point of view on him…

7f6427 No.502796

File: 72db09401ea49e9⋯.jpg (123.52 KB, 1048x536, 131:67, Pyramid2.jpg)

File: d4595596891776b⋯.jpg (114.16 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, TrustThePlan.jpg)

File: d3a138534e46226⋯.jpg (144.79 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening314.jpg)

File: 02fb7e02a400b12⋯.jpg (175.05 KB, 1024x648, 128:81, GreatAwakening402.jpg)

File: 6c4306bee4c0830⋯.jpg (197.07 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening500.jpg)

just some inspirational thoughts

trust the plan

964a59 No.502797



Ppl shouldn't hate InforWars, or Corsi, etc...

Q needs anons to dig, Q needs people to spread the word. Anons do not have millions viewer. Ppl who HAVE millions of viewers are WELCOME since they spread the word/msg that is being dug up here.

Anons are the first line, message spreaders are the 2nd line. Very important for spreading the message. See the BIG PICTURE.

00fb36 No.502798


>Margaret T. Snider and Jeannette Ziobro

Two new names to dig into Pedo-kasky line of research.

dc4ee8 No.502799


Feminists are pre-op trannies. Remind them of it at every opportunity.

c65cb7 No.502800


es and d m

16cdef No.502801

File: b6bbfb109960976⋯.png (9.7 MB, 2560x1702, 1280:851, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 775243b3a97dcc4⋯.png (1.1 MB, 962x578, 481:289, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9efd5c2a01e40d2⋯.png (1.05 MB, 800x546, 400:273, ClipboardImage.png)

221a30 No.502803

Watch the Water,

maybe Japan has the answer to the water shortage and end to Fluride/chlorine treatment,

Japan's Leading Water Treatment Technology and its Potential

''Purification of Tap Water

Hamura City is located west of Tokyo, about 45 kilometers away from the metropolitan center. The intake of the "Tamagawa Josui Canal," built in 1653 during the Edo Period to carry drinking water to central Edo, is located here. The source for this drinking water is underground water. Due to the superior quality of this water, the city formerly used only chlorination for tap water. However, after a nearby water treatment facility was infected with cryptosporidium, which can not be killed by chlorine, the city introduced an advanced water purification facility.''



'' With just a spoonful of white powder stirred into a beaker of brown, cloudy water, the dirt

visibly clumps together and the water starts to clear. “Be it in Bangladesh or Tanzania, even if

there’s a language barrier, when I conduct this demonstration, people ooh and aah, and faces

break into smiles. I’ve even heard the startled response, ‘It’s magic powder!’” So relates Kanako

Mizuno of the Poly-Glu Group.

https:// www.japan.go.jp/_src/250824/autumn15_22-23.pdf

c2bba7 No.502804



fdaa77 No.502806

File: b731ea69c6131a8⋯.png (43.89 KB, 651x809, 651:809, friendlies.png)

baker baker do not respond

for your consideration:

This is a somewhat dated response to some arguments 100 breads back, but I didn’t see an appropriate resolution ever come up so I’m posting mine here - I’d appreciate if you’d give it 2 minutes of your time, or I can go fuck myself, whatever

On Twatter there are some very logical, very prominent, very Pro-MAGA voices that are VERY condescending and dismissive and sometimes downright insulting to Q and anons. Our theories and comments are met with venom. Of course, I’m speaking of @_VachelLindsay_ (formerly ImperatorRex), @ThomasWictor, @DrawAndStrike et al.

We have no need to fear them, oppose them, or really even respond to them. They are the good guys too: this is why:

We trust Q, Q gave us a job

Provide cover for GEOTUS

Meme red pills

Build parallel timeline

Wake up normies using above

We also know Q is, was, or has on his team 007 level spooks.

Spooks have multiple assets, redundant assets, different assets for different tasks

*We are an asset*

Other assets exist

This is not a game.

As an asset, we may be a pawn, rook, knight, bishop etc. but we’ll never know.

The goal is to win

It will be impossible for us to reach everyone, different tactics must be used for different red pills.

Enter our Twatter Adversaries

Are they an asset?

What is their job?

Red pill through hard logic and MSM-cited arguments?

Do anons help or hurt?

Who do they reach?

People who can’t handle our weirdness,

Like My dad

We are on the same team

Support MAGA

Find the Truth

Redpill normies.

It’s important for us to trust the plan. Imperator Rex cannot give us credibility even if he wants to, because it hurts HIS JOB. In fact, his job description could include actively destroying our credibility to give him more.

We are different pieces of the same color of the same board.

Trump and co are Bobby Fischer.

Do not let hubris get in the way of the mission.

dc4ee8 No.502808


Vancouver, BC

687c74 No.502809


q & trump need to make sure that haley-woman stops pushing the neocons agenda…. certainly about syria…

83e2b2 No.502811


so then he need to hang like the rest of 'em

b48e8e No.502812



2m2 minutes ago




16cdef No.502813

File: 9f57996662d0418⋯.png (327.48 KB, 520x567, 520:567, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1f6f98812276632⋯.png (87.75 KB, 200x300, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: eb64e25ec42b246⋯.png (57.63 KB, 450x241, 450:241, ClipboardImage.png)

acff78 No.502814


Usually calcium carbonate is used to clarify water. Fluoride is added AFTER the treatment to help us stay dumb.

My wife is a water resources engineer.

53a4af No.502815



The sleeping giant takes a long time to wake up… But once that happens, the traitors are properfucked.

The monster attacking the giant will die once the head is cut off, but it will take a short time for the body to actually fall and stop thrashing around… And the traitors are still fucked.

So the Cliff Notes version as I see it is: Americans are waking up, the traitors will be injected, and once the poison is bled from the US system, we'll be fine.

So the moral of the story is, don't be a fucking idiot traitor and you won't get injected :)

fd014e No.502816

File: a5a643a1e86f224⋯.png (121.39 KB, 1196x716, 299:179, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)


there is probably more to Syria than we really know… but hairy eyeballs on it for sure

captcha YIKES pic related

a908d8 No.502817


i approve of this message.

Got annoyed at Wictor/Rex/FakeJeff at first when they discovered/bashed Q, very quickly got over it - moreso, i understood it was obviously part of the plan. Not organic, too organized, too purposeful.

Haven't given a fuck about em since and feeling GREAT

07b5e6 No.502818


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton talked about what mattered most to her as a grandmother and a statesman during her visit to Detroit at a small gathering of supporters.

“She was so warm and funny,” said Denise Ilitch, CEO of Ilitch Enterprises, who was there along with 200 others.

Ilitch met the former First Lady years earlier at the White House when the NHL Stanley Cup Champ Detroit Red Wings — which her family owns — visited the first couple along with the team when Bill Clinton had the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

“She wasn’t at all as she is portrayed by the media,” Ilitch added during taping of CBS 62’s “Michigan Matters.” “She was open and really funny– sort of like you,” Ilitch said looking at Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, a Republican known for his quick wit and one liners who sat next to her during the taping.

Patterson and Buzz Thomas, a former Democratic state legislator who runs Thomas Group Consulting, also appeared with Ilitch and Senior Producer/Host Carol Cain “Michigan Matters” and discussed Clinton’s prospects in 2016.

Since announcing her intention to run for president a second time, Clinton made her first official visit to Detroit on Tuesday heading to the home of political power couple Jill Alper and David Katz. Ilitch was among the 200 people who paid $2,700 to mingle and have their picture taken with her.

Alper, partner at Dewey Square, has been a Clinton devotee for years. She has worked on both Clinton’s various political campaigns along with other high-profile Democrats like Secretary of State John Kerry and former Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

Denise Ilitch has been to the White House multiple times — including twice when her family’s Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup.

And she went to Obama's Last state dinner.

But Tuesday night’s state dinner — the 13th and final one for President Barack and Michelle Obama as they wind down his second term, and the first for the Detroit entrepreneur — was still a surreal experience.

https:// www.freep.com/story/money/business/columnists/carol-cain/2016/10/20/detroiter-denise-ilitch-first-obama-state-dinner/92459704/

83e2b2 No.502819



which at the current rate will be almost exactly Apr 2. all the habbenings are lining up.

acff78 No.502821

Fluoridating of water was NEVER meant to be part of the purification and sanitation of water - at least chemically. Chlorination is used to keep the water disinfected throughout the distribution system and usually off-gasses.

Fluoride was added to water to dilute nuclear processing waste and to dumb us down in the war on tooth decay.

ae9605 No.502822

File: 059058019c7ed35⋯.png (61.13 KB, 444x404, 111:101, Opera Snapshot_2018-02-21_….png)

f545b5 No.502823




Great post anon. True, we don't know who has which remit and I also believe we're all on the same team, even at times it appears we're not. I'll add it to notables so that others can consider.

ce4707 No.502825


Quit with the CAPSLOCK.

It's soo annoying trying to read.

15057b No.502826

Concerning Kasky:

Our Staff Attorney, Jeffrey A. Kasky, Esq., has been working full time in the field of adoption since 1995, when he and his father, Robert A. Kasky, Esq., along with legendary adoption social worker Margaret T. Snider, MSW, started One World Adoption Services, Inc., a Florida licensed, not for profit child placing agency. In the course of his career, Jeff has worked on dozens of surrogacies, representing both gestational carriers and commissioning families throughout Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Miami, Orlando, and all areas in between. Jeff has completed well over 1,000 adoptions in his career.

Who was the attorney? ⬇

One day before her 49th birthday, Lynda Cruz’s adopted son was born, on Sept. 24, 1998…the couple arranged the private adoption through an attorney.

http:// www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/parkland/florida-school-shooting/fl-florida-school-shooting-nikolas-cruz-life-20180220-story,amp.html

Cruz was born in 1998.

"The Broward Sheriff’s Office has full responsibility for all county child protective investigations and operates under a multi-year Grant agreement with the Florida Department of Children and Families since 1999"

http:// medicalkidnap.com/2016/12/28/south-florida-police-assault-business-owner-who-refuses-to-give-his-name-to-cps/

"Nikolas wasn’t an easy child. He had been diagnosed with a string of disorders and conditions: depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, emotional behavioral disability and autism, records from the state Department of Children and Families show." (DCF=CPS)

http:// www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/parkland/florida-school-shooting/fl-florida-school-shooting-nikolas-cruz-life-20180220-story.htm

3ef8a8 No.502827


Do you have sauce that he was a clown? All I am finding is that he was State Department. I have questions about him too, btw.

8f69ab No.502828


I watched most of this. IMO it is a severely disinforming limited hangout. Watcher beware. (He doesn't hit any of the real MEAT in this whole thing and just writes lots of things off as normie government corruption with the standard narratives.)

bf6ab5 No.502829

Totally off topic, but none the less.

After hours of of going over the posts and trying to prioritize my research one issue always comes back to the top.

Human - flesh and blood human experimentation remains a priority.

Whether injection, psychosis induction, biological infusion, aerosol contaminant and all others every/most of the motivation to their greed comes around to their need to cover-up, get humans for 'experimentation'.

Not only do (((they))) need their 300 acre estates to isolate themselves from prying eyes and their trillion dollar labs to do their testing on us; but at the same time they are hiding 'other' technology that does not belong 'only' to them.

This begs the Question, or better still my statement to (((them))) You, who are human flesh eating entities have seen your last days. Prepare to die.

The media slaves, who bow down at your feet for the few Crumbs you throw down are starting to understand that the noose around their necks are going to be tightening up real soon.

For the kzars - there is a special place for you.

MY Message to every ANON - FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT

c2bba7 No.502830


Sadly, yes. Most of us were fooled for years by that one.

50c41f No.502831

File: 478f1c0d6736921⋯.jpg (88.55 KB, 1500x750, 2:1, dolce and gabbana drone ha….jpg)

Runway models being replaced by drones

a908d8 No.502832



if he learns to stop namefagging/capslocking he won't be so easy to skip over/filter, and then we might end up actually reading him

ce4707 No.502833


I just saw a commercial for a TV show or movie with that name, Kill The Messenger, last night.

I'm thinking it's just a coincidence. ;)

f838b5 No.502834

File: d77edba28b86878⋯.jpg (62.65 KB, 800x353, 800:353, Easy-to-See.jpg)


Good eye anon. They can't beleive that someone's always watching (((them))), probably even more than (((they're))) watching us

dcd557 No.502835


Have you learned nothing about the deep state? They infiltrate organizations, they take control of key decision making roles. But they like to have camouflage. They need cover so nobody looks too close.

This means that any organization has a mixture of honest and sincere people, along with wolves. When you accuse the organization, the wolves push the honest folk forward to talk to you. Because they know that YOU ARE STUPID. You are just sheep, here to serve and feed the wolves.

Sheep never look beyond surface appearances. Keep them fed, give them entertainment and they will look up no more.

Therefore, if you do not want to be a sheep any longer, rule one is to stop painting with a broad brush. All organizations, even the CIA, have good honest people in them. Trump was warned by ex-CIA people. POTUS plans to move the good CIA people into the NSA. Now think about Mossad or any country or group you can imagine. Mossad has good people in it, and also satanists working for the Israeli deep state. Same thing with the Jewish community. There are devout Jews who follow the Torah and would be shocked at the idea somebody would reject Abraham who heard the voice of God tell him not to sacrifice his firstborn, and he obeyed God. But there are also Jews who follow the Talmud, who hate Abraham, and who willingly sacrifice their firstborn to become high priests of Satan. People like Joe Biden for instance.

It's a mixed bag. This is why we have to stop simply trusting authority and always dig deeper. Listen carefully to the message, weigh it and examine it. If the message does not seem consistent, then maybe it is wrong. Only accept a message when you can check it out, compare with other sources, question and interrogate it.

565562 No.502836

File: f175b1854dbc3d6⋯.png (209.81 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_1896.PNG)

File: 217afd17e1fb496⋯.png (214.93 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_1897.PNG)

File: e6982b68aade2c2⋯.png (205.96 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_1898.PNG)


Posted this before- run down on what we know of Cruz history

c63507 No.502837

File: 9ee57ba4f404739⋯.jpg (35.09 KB, 591x361, 591:361, people_reached_exponential.JPG)



83e2b2 No.502838


captcha just said you are hilldawg and ur fat. wew lad

966f6e No.502839

File: 553be4c88fd3030⋯.jpeg (591.38 KB, 1242x1381, 1242:1381, 2F89A82C-F0CD-431C-BAEC-D….jpeg)

http:// www.11alive.


ce4707 No.502840


Sorry, my bad. ;)

566e0a No.502841

File: aee9856d3f8f27c⋯.png (393.24 KB, 365x491, 365:491, LP.PNG)

Bless the Bread

7cc873 No.502842

File: bfdc0e23216a20e⋯.jpg (78.38 KB, 645x500, 129:100, cold dead hands.jpg)


565562 No.502844


FYI- NOT my real name so not doxxing!

687c74 No.502845

49e1da No.502846

I've noted a social media company, they hire people to work social media by home. Based out of germany?

https:// appen.com/

Archived 3 years ago, but I archived again because of time passed.

https:// archive.is/wjyoV

a908d8 No.502847

Those who cannot understand that captchas are not private magic messages from Q, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.

3acb47 No.502849


Without knowledge, there can be no understanding.

680e6b No.502853


I can bake.

dc4ee8 No.502854

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1ee343 No.502855


No, sorry I don't have sauce, just been watching InfoWars for years and I know that Alex has said he was former CIA.

I have heard him say stuff that I would analyze to be complete bullshit. I throw him in the same realm as Dr. Corsi…they like to represent themselves as more then they are/were.

Things SP has said does lend me to believe he is credible as far as being in the CIA, however…since he has spouted complete bullshit on some things I have seen, makes me either believe he is knowingly/unknowingly passing dis-info, has bad sources, or is full of shit…

83e2b2 No.502857


you should make a Schiff leaker meme out of this.

ae9605 No.502858



but muh feelz like Q is talkin to muh

566e0a No.502859

File: 5ebf44df0edfa88⋯.png (690.39 KB, 633x410, 633:410, Winning Bigly.PNG)

File: 6d6a575f7dbee61⋯.png (232.49 KB, 292x447, 292:447, united.PNG)

3acb47 No.502860


Just change the vertical scale to top out at 4000 instead of 400. No worries.

50c41f No.502861


It's better for them to out themselves though

492928 No.502863

File: abc92be9e0371de⋯.png (361.41 KB, 640x410, 64:41, ClipboardImage.png)

At Governors Ball dinner, POTUS congratulates Gov. Rick Scott of Fl for doing a good job !

8f46e2 No.502864

Any oldfags that have a complete list of NON Q archives of threads for /pol/cbts/CBTS(8CH)/TheStorm/Qresearch. I know about archive.is for 4ch but I've also seen several others. For some reason I'm not seeing them in the recent dough. Can someone give me the links to as many as they can please.

571f94 No.502865


She is a UFO contactee and an author of many UFO books. Not a real authority, unless you think her claimed UFO connections give her credibility.

687c74 No.502867


http:// stevepieczenik.com/about/

79f66a No.502868

File: c1a9ec3ffe7f86f⋯.png (279.86 KB, 1067x398, 1067:398, heatherLocklear-charged-wi….png)

women can assault lovers and cops too


16cdef No.502869

File: 481c068214dfe41⋯.png (105.83 KB, 300x300, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c4246ad2138ca1c⋯.png (158.96 KB, 286x287, 286:287, ClipboardImage.png)

61f67d No.502870


There is no way he transported his gear by Uber, entered the school with a large bag, geared up, went on a three floor shooting rampage, stripped off, walked out with other students calmly and free of sweat and blood spatter, went to McDonalds and calmly had a soft drink with his friends.

Think about it.

He is a victim. This whole thing stinks worse than Sandy Hook.

dc4ee8 No.502872


Now we need a new outlet for hot but narcissistic girls.

50c41f No.502873


I volunteer to take her in for counseling

e4a647 No.502874


like 40% of domestic violence is by women. Some years, women outnumber men. Yet 0 clinics or support for men victims.

f838b5 No.502875


Unclear what you're asking for. When you say NON Q, do you mean /pol/cbts/CBTS(8CH)/TheStorm/Qresearch threads where Q DIDN'T post?

680e6b No.502877

Are we still having the little problem today or was it solved?


680e6b No.502878


Solved! Nice!

1ee343 No.502879


By the way, I've heard that the "State Department" is often used as a replacement/cover (if you will). It allows them to categorize their government agency time/work history for resume bullets, without giving out where or what they actually did for the government.

566e0a No.502880


She Gone, but that was fun for a day

49e1da No.502881

If you search "Appen" and look at their list of career opportunities. There's crowdfunding, social media evaluator, etc.

Is Appen one of many? I see a crap load of listings in my area.

f545b5 No.502882


Thanks Bakeranon. Appreciate it. I'll just update the paste and give you a shout.

355c7c No.502883


TY anon.

2ef586 No.502885

Does everyone have 3 months of food and water? It's going to be one long hot summer…

581fda No.502886


When do Anons realize they are part and parcel of the GAME?


Why is the full text of the Lord's Prayer not listed?


Why is repetition used on this board?


Why is the NOBODY being interjected into the conversation?


How does the ARMY enforce Marshall Law?


Why did the previous post list twice?


Who inserted the color coding?




What is the significance of the color coding?


Why was Marshall spelled instead of Martial?


Why are you special as conceded by "Q"?


What if "celebrities" are "paid" by the amount of time extracted from your daily "life"?


Why is attention considered a commodity?




dfe417 No.502888

50c41f No.502889


Stop peeping

9fc2cd No.502890



If he did not do it and is in jail then, no the plan is not working. Regardless, this charade has gone on long enough and is further dividing the country.

5172b5 No.502891

File: 5795d68936d1968⋯.png (814.05 KB, 1186x875, 1186:875, ClipboardImage.png)

83e2b2 No.502892


I just pictured it flying down the runway with MadMaxine's hairpiece on it.

ef623a No.502893


Kill the Messenger should be required study of all Anons. It is a CIA Nigger documentary.

ef623a No.502894

File: 71532e15f7471b2⋯.png (2.23 MB, 1746x986, 873:493, KILLTHEMESSENGER.PNG)

f838b5 No.502895


You again?

ffe344 No.502896


Lose the email or face the wrath and consequences of the evil that lurks here at your own peril.

a908d8 No.502897


<goes to first restaurant, eats

<handler isn't there

>ok then, goes to second restaurant

>at least wasn't programmed to slit his own throat

706331 No.502898


Sooooo…why do we not talk about the board then? Because we want them to find it themselves?

1df148 No.502899


This was what the holocaust was really about. Good jews working with Hitler (yes, there were many) put degenerates (bolshevik jews) from Berlin in camps, many died of typhus, "survivors" started a massive PR campaign after the war for shekels.

ba074c No.502900

File: 0a147eade1b0988⋯.jpg (71.47 KB, 481x936, 37:72, e024ba56af818b940b0abb73f1….jpg)

To the anon angry about these terrible pictures that degrade and sexualize poor innocent girls…

I am truly sorry for the degenerates here that get an immature thrill out of being reminded of the beautiful women in our great country we are fighting to defend.

It is preposterous that this behavior has persevered this long.

Please forgive me for saying.

Tits or GTFO

Heres looking at you baker!

f545b5 No.502901


Okay, so you're not the baker from Friday and Saturday day time who posted TONS of posts in our Notable Posts Section AND the top post, so much shit that we couldn't see the nuggets?

3ef8a8 No.502902

File: 2dc3fb9ba673595⋯.jpg (49.76 KB, 600x543, 200:181, 018.jpg)


I see. Thanks for that.

ffe344 No.502903


I instinctively choose other words now, thanks to that. LOL

b8a43e No.502904

File: d0ea1788cbbc2ef⋯.png (312.33 KB, 805x357, 115:51, Screenshot-2018-2-26 12 #3….png)

c35220 No.502905

File: d1b9257b0d06be2⋯.png (416.03 KB, 1136x813, 1136:813, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

File: dcadeccd7532df6⋯.png (135.19 KB, 615x494, 615:494, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

DoD - DoS - Fighting Propaganda

Pic Related

https:// www.state.gov/r/pa/prs/ps/2018/02/278851.htm

2ef586 No.502907


I meant "on board" as in, people reached. I don't think the servers could handle that kind of traffic.

581fda No.502908

Need to eat but back in half an hour - will lurk as ieating

566e0a No.502909


Compared to the days of tranny porn on 4, this is nothing,lol

706331 No.502910


Shame. She looks messed up.

58bf8b No.502911

File: 5ae3303f6b8ee05⋯.jpg (28.65 KB, 594x190, 297:95, FakeNews#1.JPG)


To the fags posting teenage girls and not contributing to Q research.

need to get out of mom's basement

c6c20e No.502912


Wow if Liddle means Little Caesars I'll be floored –– on the flipside here we have Illitch's son Ron both icons in the city of Detroit dead at 61 on the floor of a hotel room in Troy with drugs sprinkled all over him? I'm not buying it not even on double coupon day!

492928 No.502914


What about the women that aren't so beautiful? Would you defend them too? Maybe just because theya are also human?

687c74 No.502916


dos is that where that woman from fox does the briefings…. the one that asked cnn, msnbc & others to push the syria-thing very hard… to give more 'propaganda' on syria?

yeah right.. that propaganda…

49e1da No.502917

>As a Crowdsourcing participant, projects range from audio transcription to online user experience and web site content evaluation. All work is completed remotely within the borders of the United States and via the internet utilizing state of the art customer and/or Appen proprietary web-based platforms.

>This is an entry-level opportunity that can provide growth in learning new technologies and additional income to those who meet the requirements listed below.

>Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a rapidly growing global team providing critical data for the world’s top internet search engine companies!

>Work Schedule:

>Work is done at your own pace, with no requirement of a minimum number of hours or tasks completed. Incentives are provided for some tasks.


>Must be currently residing in and able to perform work tasks in the United States

>Access to a computer that is less than 3 years old

>A secured high-speed internet connection

>Ability to read and write in English to understand and perform work tasks to customer specifications

>Characteristics for Success:

>Ability and desire to work from home doing internet based data collection

>Good English spelling skills

>Basic level of computer knowledge and typing skills

>Ability and willingness to comprehend and follow instructions independently

>Experience as a freelancer or other work-from-home opportunities


>Dependent upon project

9e3a43 No.502918


Hmmmm…..foreign nations such as Israel who might be controlling MSM.

f545b5 No.502919



Paste updated Bakeranon. I've been on alert and wary about who I'm passing it to after last Friday and Saturday. Maybe keep an eye. Thank you and have a great one. Godspeed.

new baker confirmed


83e2b2 No.502921

File: 4696a44f6b1497a⋯.jpg (21.48 KB, 739x101, 739:101, TopAnimeMasturbator.jpg)


kek. the ad on top is straight up hentai. anyone worried about nudity should immediately start their oven. like what happened? Reddit servers crash or something?

566e0a No.502922


Paul Krugman lying piece of s…

706331 No.502924


got it

982cc5 No.502925


Anon, Barry's daughter is interested in the sauce for this fragment.

9f19bf No.502926

Looks like a Florida LGBT group is behind that anti-gun push

https:// www.westernjournal.com/red-flags-emerge-citizens-realize-really-behind-grassroots-anti-nra-campaign/

566e0a No.502928



0f46e4 No.502929

File: 7f2e4f35cdb9586⋯.jpg (379.59 KB, 1609x854, 1609:854, Screenshot-2018-2-26 (2) Q….jpg)

File: be9c02f23f10c2b⋯.png (1018.59 KB, 1115x854, 1115:854, Screenshot-2018-2-26 (1) Q….png)

Remember Q says John Perry Barlow was assassinated by cia heart attack gun.

His last tweet is amazing & likely why he was shut up.

Qs post yesterday about the BRIDGE refers to the bridge that was the swap point for captured spies during the Cold War.

Snowden has been traded back to America. Trump has him. Snowden is cia disinformation.

f838b5 No.502930


Thsi board isn't for everyone, More chatter from newfags = less research being done. And those that com in "innocently" doxxing themselves to (((the watchers))), unintended consequences and collateral damage. They'll blame the board.

3ef8a8 No.502931


That girl and her friends are in here with us - and they are autistic as fuck. Oh, but I forgot, there are no females on the internet.

9f19bf No.502932

Also looks like Cruz had been complaining about bullying

https:// www.thedailybeast.com/nick-cruz-parkland-florida-shooting-stoneman-douglas-high-school

ce4707 No.502933

>>487988 (cross-bread)



>...part and parcel...

Is that you Mark?

Paging Mr. Levin.

Mr.Levin, please pick up the nearest red, white & blue courtesy phone.

270e64 No.502934

Reminder, the real life 10 year old girl who was the inspiration for Alice In Wonderland had the surname "Liddle".


c499b1 No.502935

Hey faggots

Workfag but was reviewing twatter and saw that not only is AJ running with the story of the teacher who saw someone shooting in full tactical, but major twatters like last refuge and Larry S. Are spreading.

There should be no doubt that we are truly driving the narrative. None. We have them in a defensive posture. Now more than ever we need to HAMMER inconsistency in the parkland story.

Well done.


ea89dc No.502936

File: 71f3ab0145f3afe⋯.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1536x1752, 64:73, EBAB511A-4053-4A30-9C27-F….jpeg)

We are letting the Libs distract us and lead us into something we’ll never agree on. Fixing the damn schools now is something all of America can be United on.

bf6ab5 No.502937


I agree one hundred percent. I watch this but am not good at stats like you are. I'm glad you're pointing this out.


3ef8a8 No.502938


Only if they are beautiful on the inside.

290b8d No.502939

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


If you'd like more of an "authority" check out the last Dr. Roger Leir's work and or 'Patient 17'.

fd014e No.502940

File: c2dc880f8ad676b⋯.gif (150.57 KB, 500x479, 500:479, pickle_clown.gif)


at one time, the most watched news shows were CNN and BBC. Plus AlJazeera went National as well. then we have AP and Reuters as well as Bloomberg. all regurgitate the exact same news. all news can pretty much be controlled and Gannett is the controller and most of these News Media types (right?) that i mention have headquarters in other parts of the world. is this for them?

54bc7b No.502941

One of the deputies who didn’t go in during the shooting in FL claims to not be a coward. I’m thinking either him or one of the other three hat didn’t go in might be a leaker.

687c74 No.502942


http:// www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/broward/article200754714.html

edaf6d No.502943


If it walks like a pelican,

And talks like a pelican…

680e6b No.502944


Thanks Anon.

2ef586 No.502945


Is he the one who was teaching rifle skills to mosques courtesy of CAIR?

924a9f No.502946

Title said it all

http:// thegatewaypundit.com/2018/02/breaking-georgia-lt-governor-no-tax-break-delta-unless-reinstate-relationship-nra/

23b7b1 No.502947

CNN was set up by who? And how?

36c583 No.502948


good post anon

8f46e2 No.502949


>When you say NON Q, do you mean /pol/cbts/CBTS(8CH)/TheStorm/Qresearch threads where Q DIDN'T post?

No, I want ALL the threads that we can salvage whether Q posted or not. They are archived in several places. I want those links Q is already searchable, the rest are not which is the point of the Quest. https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/494745.html#502773

c4d080 No.502950


are you serious?

If you are, then you shouldnt be here at all

f545b5 No.502952


Thanks anon. Okay. Here's some advice. Last week, anons were alarmed at the amount of posts you added to the dough and thought you were not on our side and sliding Notable Posts. Memes, banter, posts full of pure links, woo-woo and ~your ideas~ are not for the dough.

Us bakers have to leave our egos at the door when we bake and keep our views for posting when we're not baking imo. Impartiality is important.

The post you posted about Sarah Cameron which had no sauce and what only you'd like to do to her was fugging out of order and creepy AF. Do you think all of the above makes you appear like a sorted and responsible baker?

For the above reasons, personally, I won't hand the dough to you. If you get a chance to bake again, prove it by NOT FUCKING WITH THE DOUGH, that you're able to bake to our standards.

a908d8 No.502953


please stop

f545b5 No.502956


Thanks to you.

c4d080 No.502957

b0dc9d No.502958


You're probably "reasoning" with a bot anon. Just say no.

79f027 No.502960


Question 1: How did President WJC come up with a budget surplus?

c499b1 No.502961


He'd also have a STRONG LIBEL CASE.

The only people in the Parkland story with a libel case strong enough to be a setup to tank MSM are the cops being called cowards (if they can prove they were told to stand down) and fucking Cruz himself (if he indeed isnt the shooter)

503302 No.502962


I suppose time will tell.

566e0a No.502963


Fixing the schools is easy,jail all the evil people from their bullshit agenda of dividing us and killing us.Do you want to fix EVERYTHING? Cut the Heads Off of the Demons in Charge at the Top and work your way down.Nothing will ever really change for the better unless we cut the tumor off,period.

706331 No.502964

File: 22cd09e5d35ee29⋯.png (59.86 KB, 800x286, 400:143, photostudio_1519675522003.png)

nypost.com/2018/02/26/disgraced-deputy-says-hes-no-coward-for-not-running-into-school-shooting/ (pic related)

62be2d No.502965


(Rolls out marquee)

“What did they know? When did they know it?”

f545b5 No.502966


You're prolly right anon. Roger and will do.

108907 No.502967

File: fc7dfac68de0e4e⋯.png (96.02 KB, 888x811, 888:811, Peterson statement 2-26-18.PNG)


His attorney released a statement this morning saying that the deputy thought the shots were coming from outside of the school.

Disgraced deputy says he’s no coward for not running into school shooting


fd014e No.502968


KEK, not that fat lol and i don't have cankles or smell like i died nor wear depends but that was totally weird that was my captcha when speaking of Syria. A little weird, no?

f838b5 No.502969


see >>502634, ""CNN reports that the Coral Springs police officers claim three other Broward County deputies were outside the school but failed to go inside as well. They quote “Coral Springs sources” who said the three “deputies had their pistols drawn and were behind their vehicles” when Coral Springs officers arrived. They said “not one of [the deputies] had gone into the school.”"

fa1003 No.502970


will do…. later tonight


687c74 No.502971


cnn thing was set up by cnn , so a set up for the one of the NRA & rubio for example… all a scripted show..

c8703b No.502973

we have a credible witness

claiming that the FL shooter(s)

were a SWAT team.

Why no WH press conf

call out on the details?

easy way to put an

end to the game

they are playing.

at any time they could

put out an EBS if needed.

Put all the facts out there

in the open for all to see.

EBS style.

WH press conf style.


ce4707 No.502974





He's one of (((them))).

54bc7b No.502975


Not sure

69257d No.502977

File: b60fe92c54ba9ef⋯.jpg (69.93 KB, 391x600, 391:600, 391px-Daniel_Lipinski.jpg)

File: 4667ad244c129b2⋯.jpg (45.27 KB, 780x439, 780:439, adamschiff.jpg)

File: 26488c8079997f7⋯.jpg (4.68 KB, 268x188, 67:47, CORY BOOKER.jpg)

File: e022f9d6d8b6610⋯.jpg (8.06 KB, 284x177, 284:177, jimmy savile.jpg)

File: 78adbc67d4b9d37⋯.jpg (6.38 KB, 225x225, 1:1, nancy pelosi.jpg)


Shooters and their rulers all have that look. I have been starting to try to save images of the ones who have this look. Are they on the same psych meds, or is it just a look that everyone who participates, victim AND victimizer, gets?

1292c0 No.502978

File: 5b4b59e2e8b607d⋯.png (251.97 KB, 330x413, 330:413, ClipboardImage.png)



Alice Liddell - Wikipedia

Biography. Alice Liddell was the fourth of the ten children of Henry Liddell, Dean of Christ Church, Oxford

03b9c2 No.502979

<almost incomprehensible

Yes, intentional



Who or what is here, always?

Openly discussing their tactics should be avoided

23b7b1 No.502980

Big Pharma silencing witnesses?

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/news/to-your-health/wp/2018/02/25/a-cdc-researcher-left-work-sick-two-weeks-ago-then-vanished/?utm_term=.010a7f63a4db

a908d8 No.502981


if you could not bake/technicolorbake again, ever

that would be


f5931c No.502982


Oxford -> Oxfam connection?

fd014e No.502983

File: 33b9bf772f88c96⋯.jpg (136.98 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, PelicanBrief.jpg)



a38b6a No.502984

File: ef4ed7decc0b922⋯.jpg (33.45 KB, 640x450, 64:45, FireScottIsrael.jpg)

Twitter at it again

82e3ac No.502987


Dude looks like a lady

5e9f66 No.502988


Reminded of something I wanted to post.

Below is something we probably all know, but I think there are dots to be connected that haven’t been discussed that I think is critical given the timeline and crumbs given by Q.

WW III started May 29th 1954. We assumed TPTB are planning WW III, but we are 65 years behind knowing it was even waged let along fighting it!!!!!


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bilderberg_Group (Day it was formed)

and Behold a Pale Horse from Q and the anons

"This publication marks the 25th anniversary of the Third World War, called the "Quiet War" being conducted using subjective biological warfare, fought with "silent weapons." This book contains an introductory description of this war, its strategies and its weaponry. May 1979 #79-1120" (Referring to a found document described as the Illuminati’s declaration of war upon the people of America)

So the document references May 1954 as the start of WW III, what happened in May of 1954 of note that would tie into that document, its the start of the Bilderberg Group. Why did they “wage war”, they thought they had the final pieces in place (computer technology according to the document) and were worried that advances in energy would overthrow them.

Q mentioned the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 which interestingly enough was put into law later that year. A fruitful line of research might be just what was put in place in 1954 and the couple of years later. In previous breads the general consensus was the world changed in 1960, this is the reason why.

bf6ab5 No.502989


Regarding this post and ensuing remarks - this site is Allegedly Q research not Q masturbation meme central and not all the anons here are boys or men. Now put it in your pants or get yourselves back over to your fav porn sites. this work isn't for you to get your ego (((stroked)))

For those of you who don't understand the difference between beauty and porn need to look else where for adulation.

680e6b No.502990

8bit, I think the majority of the Anons, including me, thought the liddle problem was funny. No worries!

03b9c2 No.502991



Only newfags and sh:|Is accuse others of shhh;LL1.inG

Ignore, FIlter, Report or GTFO

fd014e No.502992


oh shit, yes the real ALICE from Lewis Carroll Obsession for Alice in Wonderland. He took some pedophilic photos of her way back when

e45b3b No.502993

The Spirit of YHWH welled up within me. This link is inspired:


00fb36 No.502994


I wonder if we can apply for a grant under the civil society category.

b0dc9d No.502995


Get out, bot.

270e64 No.502996

Lewis Carroll and possible pedophilia:

"Carroll—whose real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson—set up a photography studio in his rooms at Oxford, where he was a mathematics lecturer. There, he took self-portraits and portraits of famous artists of the era like Dante Gabriel Rossetti. But photographs of children dominate his production, and amongst the most troublesome pictures, there’s one that unnerved the BBC experts particularly.

Lorina Liddell

It is an image of a pubescent girl called Lorina Liddell in the nude in a full-frontal pose, described in the documentary as an image that “no parent would ever have consented to,” the Telegraph reports. The controversial photograph was found in a French museum, with a note on the frame attributing it Carroll."


See picture claimed to show Carroll kissing Alice Liddle.

f545b5 No.502998


Okay. Thanks. Just maybe not bake again for a good long while and you can contribute in other ways.

108907 No.502999

File: 4a6c8782d05835a⋯.png (449.86 KB, 801x684, 89:76, Deputy Hamze BSO.PNG)


No. That person is Deputy Hamze aka Deputy Hamas

Pic/not entire article


ca9ab6 No.503000

File: b7dbb46322adb2f⋯.jpg (48.28 KB, 429x600, 143:200, IMG_1549.JPG)


Carrol kissing Liddel

492928 No.503001

File: 3406c17a718b105⋯.png (398.78 KB, 641x434, 641:434, ClipboardImage.png)


Isn't that what really matters? All my life growing up I strived to not concentrate on just my looks or my body, but my mind and my heart. I think my family and my son especially appreciates that immensly! Especially now that he is a grown man, who recently lost his father (last week), he appreciates the parents he has even more!

That's what we should be promoting in our women. A good hearted woman is so important in our society, especially one with a well developed mind….

Look at our FLOTUS as an example! But of course, it goes without saying that she is beautiful both inside and out! We can all appreciate the beauty that God created without exploiting it.

Loved her speech at the Governors' spouce's luncheon…

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIPP1LblNxg

924a9f No.503002

Not my find worth attention. Guess what else happened in the county of interest in Florida, connected to terrorists 9/11

http:// www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/broward/article101241012.html

2137c6 No.503003

File: 81217a02101b90b⋯.jpg (9.31 KB, 232x255, 232:255, c2ae6a8023749b525817257c07….jpg)


←— click the image

355c7c No.503004


TY anon, I would think they would keep a low profile, but not only do they talk to each other, they act like anons and even go as far as complementing clows/shills/themselves, lol.

566e0a No.503005

File: dfe514d48fa8ea2⋯.png (337.75 KB, 532x462, 38:33, headlights.PNG)


My wife keeps saying that,look at the eyes

b0dc9d No.503006


Negative, it's a bot. It is not to "contribute", it is to get out. That is all.

3ef8a8 No.503007


Has anyone else noticed this trend? …where the hottest girls out there,if you mention 911 is an inside job or Infowars, they get a gleam in their eye and say "Oooh, I'm a huge conspiracy theorist!" They are excited and proud, as they should be.

2137c6 No.503010

File: 6008384afda3332⋯.jpg (164.21 KB, 591x800, 591:800, enhanced-buzz-3925-1268908….jpg)

81fc59 No.503011


Next bread post some ugly chicks and lets move on

Blessed be the bakers + planefags

ae9605 No.503013


Q did not say that

He used the words John Perry Barlow

and Heart Attacks Can Be Deadly

Stop making shit up

07b5e6 No.503014

File: 4e27c992e70cf0d⋯.jpg (84.38 KB, 585x390, 3:2, 25ca4d.jpg)

File: dbb08e7e02a908a⋯.jpg (113.69 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 259is4.jpg)

File: a6fe24045c293b8⋯.jpg (115.6 KB, 883x499, 883:499, 25brkg.jpg)

File: 5aef0facb3205a4⋯.jpg (107.8 KB, 883x499, 883:499, 25boz3 (1).jpg)


I know, it's hard not to get frustrated by shills, KEK. Heres a shill sliding meme i made( first one from yesterday said, we be sliding) And here's a few others for KEKS.

73127e No.503015

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Q, Qanon song Follow the White Rabbit w/lyrics onscreen! Great redpill resource!

https:// youtu.be/Yx9XsHw5gLo

d76cc9 No.503016


I wonder if the powder is the same as the meat glue.

c8703b No.503017



doesn't make sense

fd014e No.503019


http:// mural.uv.es/anma/aliceparet.jpg

link to pic where he takes photo of her shirt down… which for that time period was a little risqué. she is a child so she has no breasts but still…it was said he had an unsual obsession with her.

77a588 No.503021


This is the email exchange between CNN & Colton Haab, the student that CNN censored his questions.

All of Haab's questions were related to securing the school. CNN refused to allow him to ask them. Check it out.



f838b5 No.503023


Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

An Introduction Programming Manual

Operations Research Technical Manual


53a4af No.503025


You learned an important lesson then: Baking is not about (you). If you think baking is a fun way to get some notoriety and add some feels to the bread, then do not bake'.

Baking is about being the back support and discerning the shit from the real goods:

Posts with facts/hard evidence that reference crumbs from past breads.

Posts that make connections to bad actors, using that evidence.

Posts that discuss action items from previous bread discussions.

Posts by Q in /qresearch/general threads.

Posts by Q in /greatawakening/

That's it.

Other than that, people wishing to change the format of the bread on their first bakes are highly suspicious, because the bread format is already simple and straightforward.

This is why anons get so suspicious when some new baker comes in here with an eye of changing the format; Shills have tried this more times than this dough slinger can count, it's one of the older tricks.

So don't take offense, learn from the mistake and move forward.

ccc589 No.503026


I know it is hard to think that some things need to happen.

If you foil the plan , then the rats know and would go in hiding ..

It is for the greater cause of catching all who would harm us..

Intel in important and having the lawful right and evidence to put the whole

f'en gang away including/especially the very top ..

0f46e4 No.503027

File: 7c07e321278025f⋯.png (308.02 KB, 460x750, 46:75, Screenshot-2018-2-26 (5) Q….png)

File: 568bb0276f489d9⋯.png (251.73 KB, 480x805, 96:161, Screenshot-2018-2-26 (5) Q….png)

File: 2b359dd082d35a4⋯.png (449.43 KB, 537x788, 537:788, Screenshot-2018-2-26 (6) Q….png)

File: 489c44e9fb29bd1⋯.png (471.53 KB, 480x782, 240:391, Screenshot-2018-2-26 (5) Q….png)

I think there’s a chance to expose the false flag business via Kevin Hogg.

I think Cubic do them, David Hogg’s dad, ex fbi, is there.


plus the mamahogg / Paddock connection…

837ff4 No.503028


Windows to the soul and all that.

Strange as it "may' sound there could be something with looking for this.

These days I have a hard time saying……no way, not possible.

Q uestion Everything

8f69ab No.503029


The longer they let the bad guys thrash, the more evidence is collected. See it? Trust the plan.

77a588 No.503030


Their actions are deranged. They all appear deranged too. The eyes are the window to the soul. These souls are evil.

0369ab No.503031

>>502616 A CODE RED was going to be practiced that day. first 20 sec.https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAN4g66RFug&feature=youtu.be

ffe344 No.503033


AJAM was actually quite decent. Hence they crushed them. Not when they were Algores station, but after it was bought. News, and no adjectives and adverbs to emotionally manipulate you and stuff from all over the country and World that MSM ignored. Wasn't too NPR ish either.

a38b6a No.503034

File: b3af3cb3e70b1bd⋯.jpg (85.59 KB, 750x731, 750:731, HoggIsPodestasPig.jpg)

I am unsure of sauce, but the article's author should be searchable.

Alisha Sherron | Squawker

Sign up for more politically incorrect news. Stay informed with the latest Squawker.org news sent straight to your email!

[Search domain squawker.org] https:// squawker.org/author/alidabs/

Alisha Sherron Profiles | Facebook

View the profiles of people named Alisha Sherron. Join Facebook to connect with Alisha Sherron and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power…

[Search domain www.facebook.com] https:// www.facebook.com/public/Alisha-Sherron

Alisha Sherron | Squawker | Page 2

03b9c2 No.503035

File: af979263d478fb8⋯.jpg (5.24 KB, 166x96, 83:48, TOP.jpg)

Post reminding anons


<Accused of being a bot

(pic related)

23b7b1 No.503036


I thought it was her!

108907 No.503037

File: bf9c7d5172580c0⋯.png (514.69 KB, 780x516, 65:43, Jay Inslee WA Gov.PNG)


Inslee/WA Governor

8f46e2 No.503038


>Q gave us a job

That's it in a nutshell. I don't do social so they aren't part of my world. I live here and in the comment sections of the world. I have my own newsgroups, I know my mission.

c6c20e No.503040


Yes that's his dad Kevin R. Hogg

8f69ab No.503041


Holy crap this is a good connection. We've got lots of multiple meanings going right to the heart of the cabal in this one! Good work anon!

9d9e2c No.503044


OH MY….,

0369ab No.503045


A CODE RED was scheduled for THAT DAYhttps:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAN4g66RFug&feature=youtu.be

2137c6 No.503047

File: 5d13ebcf09e371f⋯.jpg (112.19 KB, 1038x576, 173:96, 4fg54rfg.jpg)

26e455 No.503048


Nice info on the link, Thanks.

The problem here is that if Cruz was expelled on Feb 8 2018 there was no way any one should have let him enter school grounds.

I think I saw a report saying someone (maybe the resource officer) saw him enter the building with a black duffle bag and a backpack.

That has to be bullshit because either no one really saw him or the resource officer (If he was the one) just stood by and allowed an expelled student into the building.

Also, if Alexa Miednik saw him on the stairs during mass evac, so did many others including school staff.

School staff is going to know he has been expelled and he shouldn't be there. Maybe that's how they figured out it was Cruz. Staff reported seeing him when he shouldn't be there, although I think that would have been mentioned already, but still, he should have been stopped by a school employee and escorted as an intruder.

Bottom line, though, expelled means he shouldn't be anywhere near school grounds, so somebody fucked up by not intervening as a school employee as soon as they saw him.

Something's not right with all this.

23b7b1 No.503049

FEED your head!

0f46e4 No.503050


you're glowing..

( • )( • )

a908d8 No.503051


thanks for taking the time, but the fact that you even have to explain this to technicolorbaker is proof enough that he should never have baked at all/shoudl never be let bake again

07b5e6 No.503052

File: 250e85bc9b4a631⋯.jpg (64.29 KB, 600x300, 2:1, 24z2x3.jpg)

File: 5abea0c80ba6ce3⋯.jpg (173.98 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 259cv5.jpg)

2a8589 No.503053

File: 682e9ae4de31f64⋯.png (99.97 KB, 738x647, 738:647, Industry "Q".png)


>https:// archive.is/o36Ip

>http:// www. theeven tchronicle.com/editors-pick/a-breakdown-of-silent-weapons-for-quiet-wars-and-the-dark-agendas-of-the-elites/#

c6c20e No.503055

File: 738d04437e8d49b⋯.jpg (7.38 KB, 252x150, 42:25, hoggs.jpg)

File: 3ac125325a1221a⋯.jpeg (42.4 KB, 320x320, 1:1, image.jpeg)


David & Kevin Hogg

c35220 No.503056

File: 4351eec21a3eddc⋯.png (356.74 KB, 610x646, 305:323, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

Another DoS Anti-Propaganda Tweet

(Pic Related)

f838b5 No.503057


>Remember Q says John Perry Barlow was assassinated by cia heart attack gun.

No, Q didn't say that, nothing to remember there. Was it alluded to by Q? Possibly. Never explicitely stated by other than anons.

ae9605 No.503058

File: 494d3a13165acb5⋯.jpg (72.61 KB, 709x540, 709:540, ZomboMeme 06012018165343.jpg)


bf6ab5 No.503059


We would have to file as a non profit organization and submit an organizational outline of intended goals, or something like that. One anon has already suggested we organize as such. As such some will have to come forward and put faces to the anon designation. Not a problem here.

762fbd No.503060

File: 690cc26948293ad⋯.jpg (25.32 KB, 906x123, 302:41, No-NRA-Money-HTML.jpg)

Who’s Behind The ‘Grassroots’ Anti-NRA Campaign?

But No NRA Money’s claim to be a grassroots movement is questionable. Hidden within the HTML code running No NRA Money’s website is a link to digital asset hosted on a website ran by Equality Florida, an LGBT advocacy organization.

The digital asset in question hosted on Equality Florida’s website is none other than the logo for No NRA Money.

http:// dailycallernewsfoundation.org/2018/02/22/whos-behind-the-grassroots-anti-nra-campaign/

ae9605 No.503061


would you like me to go find the Q post for you shill?

ce4707 No.503062

File: f3103cb412b4bb5⋯.png (35.77 KB, 300x300, 1:1, adopt-a-black-rifle.png)

TwqitterFags should HIJACK the leftist hashtag #oneless and #MeToo with memes like <picrelated.



I foresee memes along the lines of adopting puppies or kittens, kek!

2f1230 No.503064

File: 54884eb8274f4f8⋯.png (152.45 KB, 400x322, 200:161, ClipboardImage.png)

9d9e2c No.503066


Q never do a reference to one person directly..

c2a72d No.503067


Don't forget it's directly linked to DNC and Deborah wasserman schultz

8f69ab No.503068


we're all niggers, nigger.

e45b3b No.503069


I'm on a dig for connections to the sinking of the Titanic which led me here:


There are people who were actively trying to prevent the finding of the ship in the 80s. I wonder why….

f14b38 No.503070

File: df69d4dd5a4ec5d⋯.png (352.91 KB, 590x516, 295:258, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)


8f759f No.503071

Another CEO fired for improper conduct, add him to the list. Fired from Avid, a huge company in audio production

https:// www.nasdaq.com/article/avid-technology-names-jeff-rosica-as-ceo-terminates-louis-hernandez-jr-20180226-00605

c6c20e No.503072

File: f3e17a08e3f6737⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1171x903, 1171:903, screenshot_585.png)

Bill Cosby's Daughter ENSA DEAD AT 44

9d9e2c No.503073


Archive everything…

50ec1c No.503074

File: c75679a2fcd7345⋯.png (38.74 KB, 571x215, 571:215, ClipboardImage.png)

@snowden just posted (or someone with access to his account)

ca740a No.503076


You have to understand the total picture here. The cameras which recorded the school shooting were recording digitally along with all of the cameras surrounding the area. All of the kids in school were also recording things with their phones. If there is one thing this entire Q drop should have made painfully clear by now is that nothing digitally recorded is ever secure or lost.

Do you think that the intelligence community might just have access to all of the above information and likely more? Did you hear that President Trump ordered military intelligence to investigate the shooting? So there is an ongoing investigation that you would like compromised by the release of information that may not be accurate or misleading?

The truth will put an end to the game but let it be accurately deduced before making any public announcement.

f838b5 No.503077


So what if he is a nigger black? He still got you here, that says a lot.

a908d8 No.503078



so sick of that guy

ae9605 No.503079

File: d19b40379bd7de5⋯.png (20.51 KB, 423x292, 423:292, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b7331ab8b495ac4⋯.png (7.5 KB, 663x329, 663:329, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e55c61d17012571⋯.png (16.04 KB, 422x182, 211:91, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c0bd1abcdc4c479⋯.png (14.28 KB, 431x183, 431:183, ClipboardImage.png)


searching github cant find any posts that use the words heart attack gun


I did not say barlow was not killed that way







f22562 No.503082


Krugman is a delusional wanna be economist. I probably have to remind anyone of his bullshit about the stock market when Trump took office. Said market would never recover. Just shows how full of shit he really is. http:// dailycaller.com/2016/11/09/paul-krugman-says-markets-will-never-recover-from-trump-dow-hits-record-high/

ce4707 No.503083


Let me guess, heart attack?

f84e81 No.503084


Also be aware that I have begun to find connections between the Liddell, Little and Liddle family surnames and the clan Sinclair in Scotland. Still working on piecing that together but will post as I have more confirmation.

9f19bf No.503086

Gawd….so fucking obvious. I bet money they dont even go back to school and get free rides to prestigious colleges

Glasses girl wrote an op-ed for Teen Vogue the next damn day


1ee343 No.503087


Hmm, think he is visiting this board? Fuckin treasonous bitch…

81fc59 No.503088


Surely in an at worst case situation … everyone just moves to a board outside the US?

77a588 No.503089


That dude in the middle photos is ugly. Is that a tranny or just a realfag?

a38b6a No.503090

File: 17b2a268301ac66⋯.jpg (54.11 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Then I Remember.jpg)

00fb36 No.503091


Its pretty strange that out of all of the Hollywood sex scandals, I have not seen any news of even a single arrest or criminal indictment other than cosby.

4773ed No.503092

File: 7c3e01224c5ddac⋯.png (185.52 KB, 380x233, 380:233, 2hogg.png)

File: a9416c4b79c21cc⋯.jpeg (43.3 KB, 382x398, 191:199, 242083c9736103a705c76edf2….jpeg)

File: b4179ae7bc702f6⋯.png (747.95 KB, 1224x630, 68:35, bieberhoggs.png)

File: 0fe38d75856daeb⋯.png (494.32 KB, 687x386, 687:386, hoggcomparison2.png)

45ece1 No.503093


Ummm….adding in the social security surplus with the regular budget? A tactic that had never been done before and muddied the waters completely for the average evening news normies?

8f69ab No.503094


Also, AVID used to be a HUGE player in video production systems before the PC ate the video production market.

ae9605 No.503095



Q refers to many people directly


is this your first day?

oh you must be (((jew))) here

24fe8a No.503097


>posting a jpg of a gif

>expecting it to work

762fbd No.503098


personal extrapolations don't equal facts.

f22562 No.503099


Maybe sacrificing another kid to Illuminati to further his career so he can go out in public. They always expect a sacrifice.

4d8c86 No.503100


as long as he/they help us kill off the 'massuh' class, and our inbred reliance upon their 'shitstems', I am down with dat....

9f19bf No.503101

File: 9b1f3357ddd9c3f⋯.jpg (72.4 KB, 750x752, 375:376, DW-kHoOWsAEeOGd.jpg-large.jpg)

03b9c2 No.503102

That funny liddle county in FL

Check out how hot med. fraud is!

http:// health.wusf.usf.edu/post/eye-doctor-gets-17-years-medicare-fraud

http:/ /www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/fl-hospital-fraud-20150824-story.html


Where does the money go?

64feaf No.503103


I was a manager for over 30 years. I dealt with a ton of people issues in my day. Surprisingly, I had more cases of women being violent to men than the other way around. I would learn about it because I would be notified of any employee arrests. It runs counter to the prevailing narrative that men are always the bad guys.

There were even two cases of attempted murder. One employee's wife threw a toaster in the shower while he was in it (they soon divorced). The second case involved an employee's wife pulling a knife on him and cutting him pretty bad (I believe they separated later). The only other extreme violence case that really stands out was this one employee duking it out with his old lady. He got arrested, but he told me later "That fucking bitch started throwing plates at my head and then she cold cocked me. I let her have it back." He was a laid back guy and he sounded believable.

Women can be just as violent as men, perhaps more so in my experience. They often think they can take free shots. Men are generally much more restrained.

758546 No.503104

File: 67f329f58449464⋯.png (7.54 KB, 551x157, 551:157, errorinfinitychan.png)

Guise, this has been coming up repeatedly and straight after is a 404.

85b4d9 No.503105


Watch Wolfgang Halbig's take on the Shooting. Former State Trooper who is in Charge of School Safety and Implementing Safety Protocols. https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7vnpo6yLEM&feature=youtu.be

3a0b61 No.503106


We get nothing and like it. POTUS knows what he is doing. He is a stable genius, or so we are told.

753770 No.503107

File: fbfe08d5c8c0caa⋯.jpeg (895.6 KB, 1242x1644, 207:274, EA71D9E5-5F4F-4345-A964-A….jpeg)

http:// www.star-telegram.


9d9e2c No.503108

File: 5bbfe613bc9e561⋯.jpeg (36.46 KB, 399x600, 133:200, 5bbfe613bc9e56199d57e9309….jpeg)

0f46e4 No.503109

File: 78f101a6642ed72⋯.png (816.67 KB, 495x802, 495:802, Screenshot-2018-2-26 (5) Q….png)

File: b21242c07cc6ede⋯.png (286.75 KB, 507x854, 507:854, Screenshot-2018-2-26 (5) Q….png)


Cubic.. Looks like it’s only sometimes, but they have access to everything if they have access at all. That’s the intel way.

They are in all the right places too

53a4af No.503110


That is not a solution. That is a work-around.

The solution is to fight to ensure that that bill never becomes law.

The time for letting others handle it is over. These so-called representatives need their feet held to the fire now.

d60cf7 No.503111


I think you're talking to an AI or an idiot. Notice all the misspellings and Wrong use of verbiage? but like I've stated previously seems the opposition is down to the 4th string players and water boys.

1ee343 No.503112


Spread. Mass disseminate. Everyone archive at the very least.

Bieber was a tool, but was apparently saved from MKUltra. Seeing this pic is a definite WTF…wow.

More sauce if able, so we can help dig…

837ff4 No.503114


Heart Attacks can be deadly

5cc9a3 No.503115


Started a private site under a domain I already had as a reference site for myself. A place for me to find info quickly when discussing with others.

The navigation here doesn't work for me in regards to reference. I need a web of tags and categories with deep links to be able to visualize. A contact list for people and organizations, cat for +, ++, +++ and one for Q drops.

Tags for Finance, events, flights, indictments, reports, legislations, etc.

Post the Q, create the supporting contacts/tagged posts.

Deep link them to the Q and add a synopsis on the solve is my plan.

In the contacts, orgs, do the same thing. Cross Reference with each other, events, cats.

I am already doxxed elsewhere. We didn't have all of these fancy interwebz back when I started. If we were lucky we had usenet access to BBBs but redpilled in person and researched on foot or in snail mail.

I could open it to the public once I have gotten the FAQ/Intro, and end of October info in. Was going to start at Oct 28 and work forward so it could also showcase how the symbiosis of Anon/Q/POTUS evolved.

I had planned on linking to tools we use ( POTUS Tweet archive, the site the planefags use, skynet, etc) but not the specific chans boards other than to mention Half and 8 in general in the intro.

All credit to the Anons and Q of course and presented as a record. Also not monetized or SEO optimized. Webcrawler off, etc.

Might be easier for normies to navigate something like this when it REALLY blows open. Maybe start from Oct 31 and reveal info step by ste. My point was to retrace what we have done as we did it.

I am currently set up as a Joomla platform but may toss onto SuiteCRM as it has more I am more familiar with basic customizations of taxonomy and relationships in that platform.

I haven't added content yet. Got caught up in Parkland video scraping and I am not a code monkey. Stopped learning after Front Page became obsolete. In fact, my last formal class was basic on an old macintosh in the 80's. kek

We could set up a thread for post submissions by the board for anyone who wants to help. You write it, a team approves it, I post it in the appropriate category/subcat with tags and deep links to previous data.

If you guys want me to, I would also provide backups for BO/CM/Q with any credentials needed/requested by them to be able to replicate it anywhere. All of this would need Q approval of course.

If so, I need CM to advise the best platform and procedure for easy replication for any who want to replicate and host their own copies.

Mirrors, right?

If not, I will keep it a closed PW protected site for myself to reference only.

d8cb7b No.503116

“I suddenly saw the shooter, about 20 feet from me, standing at the end of the hallway…I’m thinking, ‘Why is the police here? This is strange.’ He was in full metal garb – helmet, face mask, bulletproof armor, shooting this rifle that I’d never seen before.”

www. youtube.com/watch?v=cPvYxTa1ph4

8f69ab No.503117


It wouldn't be the first time the 'research' was flipped to fit the narrative.

79f027 No.503118


You win a cookie. Although, it was the entire Social Security trust fund that was put into the general fund. There are more than one streams of money to follow. This led to the crushing debt we now face.

f838b5 No.503119


When this all spilled out,started thinking that Cosby may have been a test case used to acclimate the public. Maybe even a warning shot to those like HarveyW & others in H-Wood

c5b330 No.503120

Finally set up a dummy email to grab a copy of the SPREADSHEET. It's wrong in so many places. Will work from scratch to verify.

We simply must have a way to build in the double meanings. They are completely ignored in several places.

9d9e2c No.503122

File: 55042635ae2eed5⋯.jpg (43.05 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 7f0a8516d4826b69f76187c6cd….jpg)

f838b5 No.503123


huh? Re_read crumbs

706331 No.503125


is he purposely getting stupid to prove he's a little kid or crush his own argument? He seems to have gotten "jr high" overnight.

f5ca70 No.503126

File: 49822519b9adb58⋯.png (7.9 KB, 910x430, 91:43, word_spread_proj.png)


Worked this one out last Thurs using an exponential model which I think is typical/justifiable PROVIDED the 10% mark is crossed. Who knows if it has been crossed already. Thanks for the paper ref.

9f19bf No.503127


Hes full of himself and probably feels invincible now. He's a dumbass kid….these parents need to reign this little bastards in

ae9605 No.503129


renal failure

53a4af No.503130


Clear your caches, reload the webpage. Denial of Service happens.

This place is under attack so consistently I'm surprised people haven't seen those more.

77a588 No.503131


I'm a nigger and so are you. We don't care about the color of his skin as long as he's a patriot!

706331 No.503132


havent been here long have you?

0e4aa3 No.503133

File: 1826ce5d7adc343⋯.png (405.74 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e2ad8daeab8b814⋯.png (635.59 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, ClipboardImage.png)

Asia Kate Dillon = Emma Gonzalez???

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asia_Kate_Dillon#/media/File:Meet_Taylor_Mason_(Asia_Kate_Dillon)_Billions_Season_2.jpg

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_w75Fw6PiU

2083c7 No.503134




"Symbolism will be their downfall."

3acb47 No.503135


Who the fuck cares. THEY WANT TO DIVIDE US.

00fb36 No.503139


I tried emailing state department at that address. My message was returned as undeliverable because I was not "Authenticated".

It would be nice to have a little bit of funding for things like foia requests, pacer, and lexis searches. $20,000 or so would go a long way to arming us with better information access.

ae9605 No.503140

File: a98754e34b35c54⋯.png (40.18 KB, 159x157, 159:157, Opera Snapshot_2018-01-15_….png)

bf6ab5 No.503142


great work everyone

8f46e2 No.503143

File: 89bbe6b3f15bfe9⋯.jpg (12.75 KB, 469x263, 469:263, Ron Wyden.jpg)


>Shooters and their rulers all have that look.

Ron Wyden, senator, Oregon. Dual Israeli U.S. citizenship. Pic from change.org, his baby.

3a0b61 No.503144


yes. watch The Constant Gardener and Michael Clayton.

492928 No.503145

File: 8134905d98e3ea7⋯.png (300.46 KB, 440x449, 440:449, ClipboardImage.png)


Yes! I've also been collecting a file of the ones that have the droopy eye syndrome (what I'm calling it anyway). This is my latest addition to the list…

Note: all pedos seem to have this! One eye (either left or right) droops!

f14b38 No.503146

File: 81be0d66956f2e8⋯.png (341.99 KB, 572x498, 286:249, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

File: b174b113b7e7271⋯.png (254.3 KB, 588x445, 588:445, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

03b9c2 No.503147


<helmet, face mask, bulletproof armor

Meme this hard

FF proofs 100%

YUGE if winning BIGLY!

65d7ed No.503148


I don't think so.. The Florida girl might be boyish but she's still quite pretty. That other is hideous!

a908d8 No.503150

…why are are so many of you so obsessed with finding two people are the same person by randomly juxtaposing pics?

a908d8 No.503151

…why are are so many of you so expecting bad actors to all be part of the same big family?


492928 No.503153


…forgot to add….

This guy, to me, looks particulary EVIL!

f838b5 No.503155


>like I've stated previously seems the opposition is down to the 4th string players and water boys.

i rcall you saying this

trips confirm

058d3f No.503156


First public outing of a drone botnet, or hive or watchamacallit. Think of what the military must've been playing with for decades.

53a4af No.503158


We're all niggers to the cabal. Doesn't matter to me at all what color a Patriot's skin is. Their blood is as red as mine.

65d7ed No.503159

File: c4188759a4f39ba⋯.jpg (55.22 KB, 474x321, 158:107, adammonsterschiff.jpg)

File: 184627efcf211ae⋯.jpg (101.81 KB, 599x399, 599:399, LIDDLEADAMGAME.jpg)

23b7b1 No.503160

Schiff trying to get away?

http:// www.kansascity.com/news/local/crime/article202093489.html

cb8fb6 No.503161


His message seems to infer he went off the reservation on this op.

54d2e1 No.503162


Well shit…. I dont wanna be captain obvi… BUT …..

3acb47 No.503164


I may have missed it, but that seems like meme magic (aside from it being a lot of words)

9d9e2c No.503166


That doesn't seems a safe sending..

753770 No.503167


Why are we meme this?

5cc9a3 No.503170


maybe giving them rope.

Makes it easier to scoop up the whole system. bad actors, libelous activists and MSM.

Incite to vandalize, riot, violence.

Hogg and his cohorts verbage smacks of an attempt to incite.

Force the violence in order to call for ML.

Classic playbook.

Need to make normie plausible issues go viral.

"I am not responsible"

seperate posts each for atta, investigations, audits, Runcie, grant fraud, hanging chads.

Every nefarious think associated to BRoward that can be documented. Eventually some of the normies will see the connections and start chatting about it.

Remember, POTUS needed us to show a public need in regard to the memo.

right now, the only ones doing that are the opposition.

IMO, we also need think about the upcoming election. Keep the momentum going. Vet candidates and promote those we perceive as white hat.

8f69ab No.503171


Does not look the same to me.

753770 No.503172

File: 2c61f12e6df1357⋯.jpeg (451.08 KB, 1242x1285, 1242:1285, 25DE2B47-52DD-4C5E-B4F8-5….jpeg)

http:// whnt.


758546 No.503176


ThanQ, Will do.

762fbd No.503177


Question is how often do you need reminding ?

0e4aa3 No.503179


In all fairness to the videographer, he doesn't make that claim, just that their "characters" are similar.

45ece1 No.503180



Remember Al Gore's "Lawk Bawx"?

1b43c6 No.503181




>His message seems to infer


…not infer

Check correct usage

65d7ed No.503182

File: 57bafa28f93b260⋯.jpg (168.68 KB, 1097x525, 1097:525, liddleliddleliddle.jpg)

File: a69b7b0b978b386⋯.jpg (212.3 KB, 1024x745, 1024:745, damn.jpg)

File: e519fb3ce427b0f⋯.jpg (133.51 KB, 1024x555, 1024:555, damn2.jpg)

File: 3471de4533b6f97⋯.jpg (118.51 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, damn4.jpg)

File: 5a106500fde516d⋯.jpg (654.74 KB, 3000x1695, 200:113, leakyadam.jpg)

cdd8d0 No.503183

File: dba9b24f8be1b90⋯.jpg (55.22 KB, 960x768, 5:4, DWn8iDwVoAAi3fS.jpg)

cb8fb6 No.503185


It isn’t explicitly evident, so inference on my part.

9f19bf No.503186

@KyleKashuv is the account of a Parkland kid who disagrees with Hogg and the gang

23k followers and no check mark….hmmm

ce4707 No.503187

File: 00ec8b673f5b808⋯.jpg (158.06 KB, 768x960, 4:5, 00ec8b673f5b80891b05091509….jpg)


He's got his own brand.


2083c7 No.503189

File: 5f61f585ac84993⋯.png (565.75 KB, 576x470, 288:235, comped.PNG)

bb3996 No.503190

File: 72a5a020e65389c⋯.png (2.75 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, D6E1DBC6-7758-4A56-A478-61….png)

File: c62e9a0aadb0760⋯.png (2.67 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, A677F01E-49CE-4F9A-A8E1-7C….png)

File: 0a63030393608ee⋯.png (4.83 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, F023E886-C232-45B4-866E-F5….png)

Teacher was told they were going to have a code red drill and he thought they would be firing blanks? What the hell. Adds up with that picture of the text saying code red too

952540 No.503192


There are people who have been here ten years who are useless. And there are people who have been here one day who are 10x more valuable than you or I. People seriously need to get over themselves, as if the number of days they've been posting gives them license to some kind of glory or exalted status. When you can help the new guys instead of beating them down, then you've grown up and become an asset here. Until then you're just a shill with an ego and a ton of insecurity.

94e440 No.503193


Could also happen if you are reposting the same content in multiple threads on 8chan.

65d7ed No.503194


Thank you anon. It will be used :)

8f69ab No.503196


Are you having a clock measuring contest or something?

0f46e4 No.503197


good catch

afffd3 No.503198


I don't know about 9/11, but I know that Bibi (at least publicly) doesn't seem to get along with the Deep State agenda of arming Iran. He and Obama were publicly feuding during the Iran Nuclear negotiations–probably because their Intel is pretty damned good, and they knew Obama was selling them out. Just google "Obama Netanyahu Feud."

Of course, that doesn't say much–Obama publicly condemned Iran while giving them $20 - $36 billion since '13…most of it in cash:


Bibi is one of those "gray" characters–you don't know if he's /ourguy or /theirguy, kind of like Putin and some others. But I think he's mostly /ourguy after Obama, because most of Iran's cash went to fund terrorism. That doesn't mean he's necessarily good–it just means that our goals align.

94e440 No.503199


True. Been here 9 years and worthless AF.

2e93bc No.503200

File: bccceea87f54a7a⋯.jpg (98.29 KB, 888x500, 222:125, 24v6fd.jpg)


Better if they're weilding a weapon,……

but then move on. Digging to do. Props.

2ef586 No.503201

File: 5f8ec6b0fc9daa8⋯.jpeg (161.31 KB, 750x360, 25:12, IMG_1EDFDEF6750D-1.jpeg)

File: 0b660dbce20cc96⋯.jpg (236.47 KB, 750x1062, 125:177, IMG_8615.JPG)

cb8fb6 No.503202



bb3996 No.503204

The Bushes (GEORGE W AND LAURA)are visiting Billy Graham to pay respects…wtf, JAIL THAT MOTHERFUCKER!!!!

ae9605 No.503206

File: 2fe565259f6a32c⋯.png (133.52 KB, 415x450, 83:90, ClipboardImage.png)


some account on twitter posted a weird video of this ship this morning

5172b5 No.503207


Anon gets it, however patience is a sorely lacking trait in a generation spoonfed with 30 second soundbytes over a lifetime. Old habits die hard, if ever, or at all. Keep in mind this is a yuge conspiracy & is the root cause of why regular folk Anons can't have nice things in a secure world because of all the fuckery involved to keep us in the dark & on the perpetual short end of the stick. 2018 will be Glorious but we have to TRUST THE PLAN!!

952540 No.503209


If you can make a statement like that, you can't be worthless.

f14b38 No.503210

File: 36ff7ee300828ac⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1428x795, 476:265, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

File: 863b9eb382cae33⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1396x783, 1396:783, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

File: 6c3a5ed838d1924⋯.png (361.4 KB, 658x386, 329:193, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

Billy G <3's GWB43

1b43c6 No.503211


>>>503181 (You)


>It isn’t explicitly evident, so inference on my part

Then learn the differene between subjects and objects in sentence construction.

94e440 No.503212


Yes they had a drill the same day from my recollection. Talk about confusion. I wondered if that's why some cops didn't go in or react.

9d9e2c No.503214



1ee343 No.503215

File: 50be7ffd1974db3⋯.jpg (81.73 KB, 725x1087, 725:1087, Badge.jpg)

File: cac7a7305eb982c⋯.jpg (39.01 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Bieber.jpg)

File: 384ca7ecc8f5916⋯.jpg (73.22 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Bieber and Salena.jpg)

File: f1842426a1ade6c⋯.jpg (44.2 KB, 500x638, 250:319, Eye and Gun.jpg)

65d7ed No.503216


https:// anonfile.com/B3x5F4d3b0/AERIAL_LIVE_Police_respond_to_school_shooting_in_Florida__at_least_20_reportedly_injured.mp4

e4a647 No.503217


not even close.

9b0130 No.503218

File: af903ba41ba6c86⋯.jpg (54.15 KB, 288x423, 32:47, E-Team.jpg)


Maybe post a helpful reply of this pic as a suggestion.

79f027 No.503219


Victorian kiddie porn?

952540 No.503221


Every time we have to push ourselves to get a grip and deal with the quiet times, that carries over into daily life. So soon it will be us running the world. And we can get even with all those little shits who dumped on us in high school. Bwahahahaha

081d70 No.503222

File: 1d9e9940926740a⋯.jpg (43.03 KB, 432x679, 432:679, nintchdbpict000340136138.jpg)

2083c7 No.503223


Hivemind, beat me to it.

952540 No.503224


Wolf Blitzer in his sleeping attire.

31cd9a No.503225

China style MSM must truth up!

3f57cf No.503226

>>502761 from previous bread

hey you stupid nigger I'm not a shill. I'm at work and at times have the opportunity to post and then have to do something that takes me away for awhile. Being a job anon does not make me a shill. fuck off.

64feaf No.503227


John Wayne Gacy.

84c2b3 No.503228

File: 94b26d7ec60da38⋯.jpeg (5.7 KB, 184x139, 184:139, download.jpeg)


HMMMM.... just came back from riding my bike.... It's my prayer time with God.... And sometimes I get some major Revelation while I do this! As I was pondering this response to my question asking how 122 tons of gold gets transported from a bank in New York to a bank in Amsterdam under the radar this is what came to mine:

WHAT IF 911 was the guise for constructing massive secret underground tunnels leading from major Banks in the area in order to transport gold out of the banks and out of the country?

After all, remember is 16 year plan with Hussein and HRC was to totally destroy America from within... And if that were to happen obviously the gold would need to be systematically depleted and transported out of the country....

Took me about a minute to find this article:

https:// gizmodo.com/5837791/how-new-york-city-built-a-massive-underground-transit-station-in-the-wtcs-footprints

Now, if we could only do some thermal imaging surrounding the World Trade Center and see what banks are in the locale...

As Q says: FOLLOW THE MONEY$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

ae9605 No.503229


i dont think anon literally meant same person

although some anons want people to be the same when they are clearly not

however this comparison goes deeper than that

no gender

no defined sexuality

might as well be Pat from SNL garrafalo character

2ef586 No.503230


Yup, the article is from 1978 and requires a subscription, but I knew there was something out there that referenced that he'd burnt his prints and negatives before he died.

Ordained Minister from Christ Church College as well, preferred to go by a pseudonym, typical pedi MO.

cb8fb6 No.503231




687c74 No.503232

deputy hamas?? whut?

https:// www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/259634/sheriff-israel-embraces-deputy-hamas-joe-kaufman

fa5dee No.503233


Who else is there? Shit like this provides

plausible deniability for interaction, and allows for face to face communication, i.e., non-sigint…

ae9605 No.503235


oh wow and schumers shemale of a wife runs the port authority and loop capital financing it

8f69ab No.503236


Yeah, they're dividing based on gender identity. Would have been much easier to just say that.

bb3996 No.503237

File: 2c53b0b8b4cd3cb⋯.png (4.15 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, E480D860-0ACC-40B4-8780-07….png)

837ff4 No.503238

File: d69950167c88fb2⋯.png (458.75 KB, 697x400, 697:400, ClipboardImage.png)

I surrender

f838b5 No.503239


How long I've been here, you'll never know, not into doxxing myself. As long as I've been here I've been true to myself, that's what matters, not trying to impress other anons with muh time here. You hate niggers, fine, I never will. Regardless, we have a common goal, I don't have to like or agree with you or the general consesus to work for the greater good. That's part of being an adult.


This is another adult speaking.

a908d8 No.503240


but if anons can't put 2 pics next to each other for every single person of interest ever how are they going to do any RESSURCHE?

9e3a43 No.503241


I'm wondering if Q team is messing with the 4 a.m. Mockingbird directives. They have obviously been reading them in advance so what's to stop them from editing the talking points before they are received by the minions?

f0095c No.503242

File: 55265429b686062⋯.png (37.33 KB, 553x331, 553:331, ClipboardImage.png)


Hogg's twats from election night! lmao Poor baby, he claims he is an atheist but is calling on God for help! ha

081d70 No.503244

File: ea738f920838072⋯.jpg (40.71 KB, 400x474, 200:237, nintchdbpict000353213238.jpg)

bb3996 No.503245

File: 17e61e05b16ff78⋯.png (78.07 KB, 300x225, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Two top executives quit debt-laden Aircel

https:// economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/company/corporate-trends/two-top-executives-quit-debt-laden-aircel/articleshow/63074267.cms

94e440 No.503246


I have my good days.


I posted stuff on this awhile back. There is a muckaty or some anon who found some connections. I need to see the Loop connection but not surprised.

00fb36 No.503248


Quoting Plato is ironical.

2083c7 No.503249


Why ashamed? Because she went to a gynecologist instead of a cardiologist?

790763 No.503250

I'm gonna be one seriously happy faggot when the truth about all of this shit in parkland comes out. Bondi this morn on Fox hinted that she knew more but couldn't say bc of ongoing investigation. Asked straight out if there was a stand down order, she hesitated before saying she couldn't comment on that. Kek. We already know.

355c7c No.503251


>Literally the question could have been answered by another anon 20 min before and here comes "anons" starting strife DIVIDING us, THEY WANT TO DIVIDE US

>Now if those dividing anons are not xxxshillsxxx then they need to realize they are going against what Q is showing us & if the are as I suspect, WE KNOW.

^^above from/in post >>502761

& your response does not help your cause

ce4707 No.503252


Seems that you're a little late to this particular party. :/


5172b5 No.503254


When subjected to their own child sex abuse they prolly had the eye purposely nutted in multiple times to induce condition & as an identification marker?

4b5a39 No.503255


I've only been around three weeks and I've seen this four times - around every five days or so. We have to do better about depositing finds.

a908d8 No.503257


the louder you scream

the more filtered you are

afffd3 No.503259

File: 42067dbbd9ea717⋯.png (17.05 KB, 457x339, 457:339, Capture.PNG)

Just wanted to post this for purposes of interpreting Q's posts.

Note that there are seventeen '$' signs, and the article mentions that Sandy Hook received $17 million in federal funds.

0484d1 No.503260


Their god, not our god.

8b00eb No.503261


hey any chance you got that archive online?

Sounds like such a great collage to add to the meme site archive

e4a647 No.503262


I think they're just being used, so this is what kids resort to when they get past the talking points. It falls off the cliff of nonsense

2ef586 No.503263


Be my guest newfag

952540 No.503264


I wonder if they can. They would probably only ever get one shot at it, then everybody would move somewhere else. But they would have to give keys, passwords, etc. to others in person. It's the only way they could do it without NSA intercepting.

64feaf No.503265


Now we know why they call them Clowns In America.

ce4707 No.503266


Nope, J/K.

Tackle me again!

56bdb8 No.503267

I saw this posted a few fays ago but I don't know if it was acted upon. The suggestion was to create a PDF style professional presentation. (Akin to the Book of Q)

Think of it this way; imagine you are in court and you are presenting the case for the prosecution.

Using Florida as recent example - the detail of everything that happened on that day, discrepancies, FBI's neglect with Cruz, the links between the Sheriffs office and HRC. Literally every single element detailed (Q posts are perhaps not necessary as they are just guiding us in a particular direction).

It should leave anybody reading it in doubt that what they have been old is a falsehood.

Thoughts welcome, keep up the awesome work anons

550218 No.503268

File: 14523416beed834⋯.png (170.02 KB, 658x503, 658:503, Apple.PNG)

Apple moves to store iCloud keys in China, raising human rights fears

Stephen Nellis, Cate Cadell

SAN FRANCISCO/BEIJING (Reuters) - When Apple Inc begins hosting Chinese users’ iCloud accounts in a new Chinese data center at the end of this month to comply with new laws there, Chinese authorities will have far easier access to text messages, email and other data stored in the cloud.

That’s because of a change to how the company handles the cryptographic keys needed to unlock an iCloud account. Until now, such keys have always been stored in the United States, meaning that any government or law enforcement authority seeking access to a Chinese iCloud account needed to go through the U.S. legal system.

Now, according to Apple, for the first time the company will store the keys for Chinese iCloud accounts in China itself. That means Chinese authorities will no longer have to use the U.S. courts to seek information on iCloud users and can instead use their own legal system to ask Apple to hand over iCloud data for Chinese users, legal experts said.

Human rights activists say they fear the authorities could use that power to track down dissidents, citing cases from more than a decade ago in which Yahoo Inc handed over user data that led to arrests and prison sentences for two democracy advocates. Jing Zhao, a human rights activist and Apple shareholder, said he could envisage worse human rights issues arising from Apple handing over iCloud data than occurred in the Yahoo case.

In a statement, Apple said it had to comply with recently introduced Chinese laws that require cloud services offered to Chinese citizens be operated by Chinese companies and that the data be stored in China. It said that while the company’s values don’t change in different parts of the world, it is subject to each country’s laws.

“While we advocated against iCloud being subject to these laws, we were ultimately unsuccessful,” it said. Apple said it decided it was better to offer iCloud under the new system because discontinuing it would lead to a bad user experience and actually lead to less data privacy and security for its Chinese customers.

As a result, Apple has established a data center for Chinese users in a contractual arrangement with state-owned firm Guizhou - Cloud Big Data Industry Co Ltd. The firm was set up and funded by the provincial government in the relatively poor southwestern Chinese province of Guizhou in 2014. The Guizhou company has close ties to the Chinese government and the Chinese Communist Party.

The Apple decision highlights a difficult reality for many U.S. technology companies operating in China. If they don’t accept demands to partner with Chinese companies and store data in China then they risk losing access to the lucrative Chinese market, despite fears about trade secret theft and the rights of Chinese customers.


7d0994 No.503269


Ask the douche bag why he doesn't fight for Mark Taylor the survivor of Columbine. That's the EVIDENCE of false flag shootings, drug industry culpability, victimizing the whistle blower. Not one damn person who cries about school shooting even KNOWS about this poor guy who was forced onto the very drugs he exposed. HE was blatantly MEDICAL KIDNAPPED for exposing the TRUTH in Columbine.

58bf8b No.503270

File: 158fa803db8b79f⋯.jpg (130.75 KB, 956x678, 478:339, Hogg.jpg)

9d9e2c No.503271


No god.., will go to help them.., a those Crime family.., they will pay for the massacre in Florida and Las Vegas..

cb8fb6 No.503272


What do I owe thine self exalted teacher?

2083c7 No.503273

File: 48e107253b2568c⋯.jpg (11.23 KB, 474x355, 474:355, justin.jpg)


If Justin fucking Bieber blows this psyop wide open, I'll eat my hat.

c8f2e3 No.503274

Austin Fat Boi told people to pull their kids out school and avoid federal buildings and that another attempt on Trump's life will be made in the next two weeks…

He really went out onna limb….

bb3996 No.503275

File: 8d54a1827c92f45⋯.png (814.39 KB, 850x570, 85:57, ClipboardImage.png)

File: aaed1236eb34a22⋯.png (495.62 KB, 750x422, 375:211, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e230c29640c19f4⋯.png (667.55 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Fraud Conviction Leads to Resignation Calls for Texas Democrat

http:// www.governing.com/topics/politics/tns-texas-uresti-fraud-resign.html

State Sen. Carlos Uresti and co-defendant Gary Cain were found guilty Thursday on 20 combined felony charges in a criminal fraud trial over the past month that has stunned San Antonio and the state Capitol.

Hours later, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick took steps to remove Uresti from his committee assignments in the state Senate, "effective immediately," and Senate Democrats called for his resignation.

ce4707 No.503276



Especially the namefagging ones!

ae9605 No.503277


they finance practically every single big profile muni bond for everything from bridges to airports

i saw the paperwork on here once with her name and loop capital on it

081d70 No.503278

File: fa43b6a6cebd48b⋯.jpg (31.01 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 919537._UY400_SS400_.jpg)

f838b5 No.503280




Healthcareanon here. What you're describing is a commmon medical condition, not an auto-pedo-radar. Looking at facial features vs. looking into someone's eyes, two different things.

Facial Droop

Loss of motor control on one side of the face, resulting in weakness of the muscles on one side of the mouth, with an inability to smile symmetrically. A common finding in acute stroke and Bell's palsy. In stroke, the weakness is limited to the lower half of the face.

77a588 No.503281

File: e7cdb7151f45e79⋯.jpg (195.86 KB, 1880x1880, 1:1, David Hogg Rebecca Boldri….jpg)

File: 1b363f42f846745⋯.jpg (51.57 KB, 700x700, 1:1, David Hogg with Mom Rebecc….jpg)

File: 77e30af9349b14d⋯.jpg (82.16 KB, 720x720, 1:1, David Hogg with Mom Rebecc….jpg)



I don't think so….

c5b330 No.503282


That is an excellent observation that would be made better with an article linking the information.

d8cb7b No.503283


Sauce? Who the hell is Austin Fat Boi???

c8f2e3 No.503284



On this morning's show…

0369ab No.503285


good one

c8f2e3 No.503286

2083c7 No.503289


Weight gain.

24fe8a No.503290


>he doesn't know who Austin Fat Boi is

952540 No.503291


I am doing this. It's 98% done. I'm to the point of working out one last bug. (Famous last words.) there are going to be 8 books: one with 1" margins on the insides for binder rings; the other with 1/2" margins on both sides for sheet protectors. For each of those, there will be 8.5 x 11, 8.5.14, 11 x 14, and 11 x 17 sizes. I should have them all ready for download Tuesday.

They're very carefully generated by an app. Not just an oddball collection of screen shots. These are nicely formatted messages with full page images in the back that are referenced as needed by each message. Currently 102 pages of messages, 159 images if I remember correctly.

This is the next evolution of the Q graphic I was posting in here, which just got too big to be usable (Q is at 828 messages now) so I had to think of something else.

7a050f No.503292


a lot of people have this Anon. just trying to save you time. hope this helps

492928 No.503293


That was my first thought!

9f19bf No.503294


They have to be….seems like MSM is hanging on to this same script out of desperation

d8cb7b No.503295



7f6427 No.503296

File: 4d4e022ca469b33⋯.jpg (122.07 KB, 470x361, 470:361, GodBlessAmerica1.jpg)

File: f5fa8c22f6146ac⋯.jpeg (81.23 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, GodBlessAmerica2.jpeg)

File: 7220d93ca470d6a⋯.jpg (67.16 KB, 564x564, 1:1, GodBlessAmerica3.jpg)

File: df597dd432827c2⋯.jpg (156.16 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GodBlessAmerica4.jpg)

File: 529b02fd1d4bd4d⋯.jpg (118.88 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GodBlessAmerica5.jpg)

#Godbless memes

some found on the net

c8f2e3 No.503297


D/l todays podcast at about 30-45 minutes into the show

a38b6a No.503298

File: fcb5f7d64f2865d⋯.jpg (44.86 KB, 430x440, 43:44, JohnnyCashUSAFlag.jpg)

952540 No.503299


These are Word documents, ready to print, and I believe Word allows saving in PDF format so I'll be doing that as well if it's an option, for a total of 16 books.

1b43c6 No.503300


>>>503211 (You)


>What do I owe thine self exalted teacher?

Precision: so that the capacity for inter-human communication is preserved at the highest possible level.

Thanks for asking.

8bf553 No.503301

File: f0d0bc16e44ccfb⋯.png (554.72 KB, 1255x621, 1255:621, ClipboardImage.png)




8f69ab No.503302


teeth are different also. not the same person as pictured with Paddock.

c5b330 No.503303


Working it. See top of bread.

c2bba7 No.503304


Double agent. Moss and C I A

a908d8 No.503305


but that's like expecting people who don't follow the rules to have actually taken time to read them…

like expecting people read bread/top posts instead of barging in with "hey guys what happened".

or expecting people not to discuss at length their own unique and mindblowing original unique insight of AlexJones every chance they get.

or the keystone.

or P.

or 4,10,20.

if you have constructive ideas

do them, get started

don't expect anyone to do anything for you (one of the worst/most obvious ways newfags be newfaggin: guys WE really should (x)… guys SOMEONE has to (x)… nope.)

afffd3 No.503306


It's in Q's post, but here it is so you can C&P:

http:// www.courant.com/news/connecticut/hc-sandy-hook-shooting-two-years-later-20141214-story.html

5cc9a3 No.503307

OMG. Could the Water be Fukushima?

http:// metro.co.uk/2017/11/27/japan-could-pump-1000000-of-radioactive-water-into-the-sea-from-fukushima-7110714/

917e50 No.503308


sounds cool anon, thanks for your hard work

d505d6 No.503310



Defend, yes.

Which would you rather look at, an immaculate Ferrari or a Volkswagen bus.?

e197b1 No.503311


It's a good thing we are not a democracy.

“The true champion of justice, if he intends to survive even for a short time, must necessarily confine himself to private life and leave politics alone.”

― Socrates, Apology

1ee343 No.503312

File: f1842426a1ade6c⋯.jpg (44.2 KB, 500x638, 250:319, Eye and Gun.jpg)

File: b4179ae7bc702f6⋯.png (747.95 KB, 1224x630, 68:35, Bieber and Hogg.png)

File: 0fe38d75856daeb⋯.png (494.32 KB, 687x386, 687:386, Hogg Family.png)

File: a9416c4b79c21cc⋯.jpeg (43.3 KB, 382x398, 191:199, Bieber Hoggs Dad.jpeg)



MK Ultra'd dude (Into Jesus now - Escaped?) with Hogg's dad that we know worked for FBI in LA…

Picture looks like it was on a set, so probably a visiting "expert", but they all run in the same circles…

Apparently, I might be the only one who thinks that it is weird…oh well

cb8fb6 No.503313


I don’t know your anonymous anything. But thanks for playing this game.

c2bba7 No.503314


Yep. Eyes on Bibi.

9f19bf No.503315


I have no idea who he is but I am going to research now…I have seen people talk about him

912722 No.503316

Why did they put Cruz on a stretcher and in an ambulance when they arrested him? They are all wearing medical gloves.

c8f2e3 No.503317

Alex Jones says to pull yer kids outta school NOW as more FF ritual murders are imminent. Also says to stay away from federal buildings!!

I think their gonna roast his ass on this one…

afe101 No.503318

File: de9cd96a16cdc4f⋯.jpg (12.76 KB, 255x212, 255:212, e56a85b6d9678ef310e6bc1810….jpg)


You do NOT have to move the gold. You do not have to really have it. All you have to do is convince people that you moved it. They are stupid. Just ask them.

8bf553 No.503320

File: 7c65504ea1cdb47⋯.png (495.36 KB, 1251x666, 139:74, ClipboardImage.png)


Kevin R Hogg, Davids father works for this company



15057b No.503321

Concerning Kasky:

Our Staff Attorney, Jeffrey A. Kasky, Esq., has been working full time in the field of adoption since 1995, when he and his father, Robert A. Kasky, Esq., along with legendary adoption social worker Margaret T. Snider, MSW, started One World Adoption Services, Inc., a Florida licensed, not for profit child placing agency. In the course of his career, Jeff has worked on dozens of surrogacies, representing both gestational carriers and commissioning families throughout Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Miami, Orlando, and all areas in between. Jeff has completed well over 1,000 adoptions in his career.

Who was the attorney? ⬇

One day before her 49th birthday, Lynda Cruz’s adopted son was born, on Sept. 24, 1998…the couple arranged the private adoption through an attorney.

http:// www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/parkland/florida-school-shooting/fl-florida-school-shooting-nikolas-cruz-life-20180220-story,amp.html

Cruz was born in 1998.

"The Broward Sheriff’s Office has full responsibility for all county child protective investigations and operates under a multi-year Grant agreement with the Florida Department of Children and Families since 1999"

http:// medicalkidnap.com/2016/12/28/south-florida-police-assault-business-owner-who-refuses-to-give-his-name-to-cps/

"Nikolas wasn’t an easy child. He had been diagnosed with a string of disorders and conditions: depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, emotional behavioral disability and autism, records from the state Department of Children and Families show." (DCF=CPS)

http:// www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/parkland/florida-school-shooting/fl-florida-school-shooting-nikolas-cruz-life-20180220-story.htm

411633 No.503322


IMHO…not same guy too old and facial structure very different.

8b00eb No.503323


Hey just had a thought but couldn't /ourguys/ look at all bullets ( like they have to on a crime scene )?

Wouldn't "LIPPEL" the one who had been "grazed" be able to connect bullet to her dna with whatever DNA would be on her?

What about the other student who was walking after being shot in both legs by 4 rounds?

Where is the DNA for that match to bullet?

What about the dead coach, the HERO we seen at the funeral? DNA match to that?

All this stuff might not help us ATM but IMO,

would play a big handle in the game out there with Q and friends?

a38b6a No.503324

File: 6d682114f1b0b67⋯.jpg (61.48 KB, 600x314, 300:157, HillarACKK.jpg)

5172b5 No.503325



Sacrificed to Moloch as penance for fucking up & getting caught?

2ef586 No.503326


This may sound retarded, but maybe he's the honeypot for libel accusations from MSM.

31cd9a No.503327


SRRIs are the weapon

8f69ab No.503328


I don't think they're the same guy. Lower cheek lines aren't the same. Bieber's guy appears much older and the Bieber pictures are from several years ago. Also, Bieber guy has a slightly higher brow than the Hoggfather. Also, Bieber hairline has receded more than Hoggfather (and picture is older.)

Not the same guy IMO.

53a4af No.503329


Someone should remind Hogg that the Founders looked down on direct democracy with disdain, knowing it to be a transitory state. He obviously has not had his facts straight for a time now..

Plato is frowning at Hogg's 'misrepresentation' of that Quote right now, too. And Kek doesn't take false epithets lightly.

c8f2e3 No.503330



First they put him in a police car, when he emerged he couldnt WALK. They shot him up with goot shit… He will have a psych handler (PhD) at his side 24X7…. As we say in the ER he is GORKED.

1e29e7 No.503331

File: fb63f4d10c39eef⋯.png (480.35 KB, 755x428, 755:428, schiffnallnight.png)

9d9e2c No.503333


that's a total disaster…, it's sad that The people ignore the environmental disaster of Fukushima..

c5b330 No.503334


Consider it a confirmation of efforts already made.

142482 No.503335

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


OG Sacrifice to Moloch

492928 No.503336


It's a bunch of screen caps save in a Word Pad doc, how can I archive? Not very techish!


But every single one seems to be a pedo. I know it can also relate to a medical issue, but that's just too much of a coincidence!


Not wasting time, I was doing this for my own interest/curiosity really. Thanks though!!

5cc9a3 No.503337


Well shit, how did I miss that?

a908d8 No.503338


>at least i stood up

maybe if you didn't a dozen competent bakers (who didn't want to make duplicates/split the threads) would have done a good job instead of playing at "let's see how many effects and dumb shit i can cram into bread before anonshave me banned"

i am so sick of bakerworship

big thanks to smart bakers who cleaned this shit up through the weekend

whips and perpetual prison for those who barfed it up

912722 No.503339


How weird. Did he train the security officer who did nothing? Was he part of the drill? Did the kid Hogg know about the drill beforehand?

c6c20e No.503340


I need a better look however the ears on the vanished hotel worker and David Hogg seem to be a match –– ears are like fingerprints they are all different and no two look alike….

f14b38 No.503341

File: ebc9ff983aced59⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1433x784, 1433:784, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

File: 693e7af5586d1a4⋯.png (326.08 KB, 668x380, 167:95, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)


>political leaders, Heads of State

6b50cd No.503342

File: 176ce4c41221a08⋯.jpg (153.28 KB, 995x678, 995:678, goi88.jpg)

84c2b3 No.503343

File: 19a29de93914b7e⋯.jpg (12.74 KB, 255x144, 85:48, 321fda2874cff01f2d062a5dc6….jpg)

File: 503977a2b685496⋯.jpg (11.08 KB, 255x151, 255:151, 026207e8954f3735e2d7b294aa….jpg)

File: b4544bb1cf5c688⋯.jpg (12.12 KB, 255x190, 51:38, b0644284b77d1cc4dca9699b40….jpg)


Thanks for the CONFIRMATION CLOWN.... tells me I'm on the right track ....responding to an Intel drop

888ccc No.503344

I've heard the company name "reconnaissance group" in last few weeks, but don't have a context anymore… do you know if they are involved into something?

24fe8a No.503345


Time to ban autists from owning firearms.

5172b5 No.503346


Building a case to smear the chans?

964a59 No.503347


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPvYxTa1ph4

whoever Lippel is describing it doesn't sound like teen

9f19bf No.503348


You know ADHD and the autism spectrum will be the first casualties of mental health profiling

c8f2e3 No.503349


How so? Who's he libeling? The deep stait?

00fb36 No.503350


Kek is chaos.

1ee343 No.503351




Bieber pic looks flipped to me. Look at hairline on Hoggdad. Flat for a bit, then curve. That's a weird hairline and it's flipped in the Bieber pic. Looking at the ears, bottom of nose, and mouth…all looks good to me. He might have 10 more pounds on him in old pic, but I think it is the same guy and I'm not the original poster, so two of us think so…

More thoughts?

c2bba7 No.503352

File: 1456b05edb3cd8f⋯.jpeg (680.59 KB, 1342x941, 1342:941, 019225E2-BFF0-45A8-83F1-3….jpeg)

Release the cures

http:// www.telegraph.co.uk/lifestyle/wellbeing/healthadvice/11424747/The-professor-who-cured-his-cancer-with-a-cocktail-of-everyday-pills-and-20-years-on-remains-disease-free.html

5cc9a3 No.503353


They should roast his ass anyway, but to be fair…

I know someone who works for USPS.

One of the routes he does is the local FBI.

He was advised to not deliver there on three separate occasions over the last month and that they would come collect it instead.

He said that he thought the implication was that they were on alert.

2ef586 No.503354


No, not who HE is libeling, but how MSM libels HIM.

9a2bee No.503355


people even got in to power.

I ran in a local election years ago and also served on the Democratic town committee and campaigned for all of our candidates (They asked me to run for a particular position, I was a registered Independent, but switched parties for that seat, now I am republican as of several years ago)

Anyway the point is that I saw even on the local level a local journalist bash one of the candidates who in fact was superior and experienced for the position. She had already served for several years on the board she was running for. At the time I worked for the municipality as staff and she was the only one who came in to review the files and then Chaired the meetings, so I know for a fact she had knowledge, experience, and worked hard. Nevertheless, the FAKE NEWS, on th e local level, sabaotaged her chance for re-election.

During the same election, I also knew a Whack-a-do running for State Rep. If you had personally met this person you would have NEVER voted for her, again, nevertheless, because of her name, or those who campaigned for her, she got lots of votes. While she lost to the incumbent, she was encouraged to run again next cycle.

I never understood why people dont investigate and research who they vote for.

They fall for FAKE NEWS, or just pick the better looking person or the party or think they just look like a good candidate (There have been sample tests on this, this is very true that people will vote on looks).

Its really dumb to pick a candidate that way and after personal inside experience, I have always told people over and over to research their candidates closely, but instead people fall for Smooth talkers like a Hussein.

The person you want elected is NOT the best looking, and is NOT the best speaker, TRUST ME. DO YOUR HOMEWORK when it comes to voting.

I take a deep personal interest in all of these issues and get very disturbed about peoples voting behavior - I do think now though, that we are at the start of a very different cycle for these events.

Just wanted to share, after all mid-terms are coming up and I am sick of the Dems policies ruling this country the last couple of decades, look at how it has ruined our country, and our children - do you know anyone under 25 who doesnt have a peanut allergy? ADD? Autism? (no disrespect), 25% of this age group and younger are also on anti=depresssion meds.

Sorry but most of this is due to Democratic policies and its just ruined everything, including holidays!

Sorry to rant but this has always been my pet peeve and looking at these photos is just plain SCARY (I realize one is Jimmy Saville but he was super close to the Queen!)

Scary and sad these people are even in these positions, we gotta help clean house too.

5749b6 No.503356

being autistic i can kill you with a Dorito,i need no gun…

dd1ee8 No.503357


wasn't his son already killed in California at the ripe old age of 20something on a Freeway…

912722 No.503358


That is what I suspected. They gave him a near knock out drug.

7a050f No.503359


what a little shit!

8f69ab No.503360


>You know ADHD and the autism spectrum

You know the cabal made up those things as a disorder, right? If the cabal is neutered, those diagnosis just disappear, no?

5cc9a3 No.503362


he could barely stand, let alone walk.

the reported version was "breathing problems".

94e440 No.503363


Stop triggering my autism anon. It can't be…


Checkkkkkkkkekkkkkkk'd. Not surprising. She likely skimmed and laundered millions from 911 and Hurricane Sandy funds. Look at the Amtrak deals and now crashes…

dcd557 No.503364



I see a bunch of meaningless photos with some photoshopping going on, and your message with essentially zero info except that you are excited about something.

Fuck off asshole.

1e29e7 No.503365

File: b9f64889e738498⋯.png (173.56 KB, 640x446, 320:223, fed.png)

dd1ee8 No.503366


http:// abcnews.go.com/US/story?id=94100&page=1

15057b No.503367

Concerning Kasky:

Our Staff Attorney, Jeffrey A. Kasky, Esq., has been working full time in the field of adoption since 1995, when he and his father, Robert A. Kasky, Esq., along with legendary adoption social worker Margaret T. Snider, MSW, started One World Adoption Services, Inc., a Florida licensed, not for profit child placing agency. In the course of his career, Jeff has worked on dozens of surrogacies, representing both gestational carriers and commissioning families throughout Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Miami, Orlando, and all areas in between. Jeff has completed well over 1,000 adoptions in his career.

Who was the attorney? ⬇

One day before her 49th birthday, Lynda Cruz’s adopted son was born, on Sept. 24, 1998…the couple arranged the private adoption through an attorney.

http:// www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/parkland/florida-school-shooting/fl-florida-school-shooting-nikolas-cruz-life-20180220-story,amp.html

Cruz was born in 1998.

"The Broward Sheriff’s Office has full responsibility for all county child protective investigations and operates under a multi-year Grant agreement with the Florida Department of Children and Families since 1999"

http:// medicalkidnap.com/2016/12/28/south-florida-police-assault-business-owner-who-refuses-to-give-his-name-to-cps/

"Nikolas wasn’t an easy child. He had been diagnosed with a string of disorders and conditions: depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, emotional behavioral disability and autism, records from the state Department of Children and Families show." (DCF=CPS)

http:// www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/parkland/florida-school-shooting/fl-florida-school-shooting-nikolas-cruz-life-20180220-story.html

a38b6a No.503368

File: 0d0a50e2230317e⋯.jpg (23.36 KB, 480x589, 480:589, BlameAAA1.jpg)

4773ed No.503369


Thanx… already seen them, though.

Bieber likes to play/pose with guns of policemen/security and also with the one of FBI agent Kevin Hogg, father of David. >>503092

They're all connected and really stupid.

c8f2e3 No.503370


Right- THEN they took him to the hospital… We need inside anons at the ER to break HIPPA. What did they give him? Where's the bloodwork?

f838b5 No.503371

File: 55cd69116e1a005⋯.png (267.68 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


> I know it can also relate to a medical issue, but that's just too much of a coincidence!

I hear you there. Still, it's very comon, and not even just from medical conditions or pathologies. There's less symetrical faces than we realize, until looking for it. Until I developed a trained eye, never really noticed. Pic related.

83e2b2 No.503372


read the rules of this site and then realize ur error. its ok i forgive u. everyone gets one.

82e3ac No.503374


But if Boss Hogg says stay home because of the danger, then it's celebrated right!?

c5b330 No.503376

Away for a few hours. Had my fill.

Let me know if you want to hear about

Apache has two meanings


How Lynn and HRC conspired to cause Benghazi


The corporate shell game


How EY audits all the Rothschild companies under the Vanguard shell.


How Elon Musk is going to end up surrendering SpaceX for his treasonous act in selling secrets to NK and that's how we get 5g.

It's all in these boards somewhere. It's all been ignored before. Sometimes as many as three times.

I am encouraged by setting up the new topic boards. I hope it leads to more complete research.

Are people still making maps? What software is working best for you? I'm only sticking to xMind by default. If something out there is better, please chime in.

Cranky-assed bitch taking a time out. No reason to send me to my corner. I did it for you.

e4a647 No.503377


or what did they remove from him?

2ef586 No.503378


I'm somewhat surprised that after HWNDU, that we don't have more anons on the inside.

a908d8 No.503379


words mean many things to many people.

particularly when masses of people are involved/trends.





(yes psychiatric constructs are used for evil)

(no the very specially talented people would not magically disappear/stop being special if cabal arrested = please understand where the fuck y'are and why, and proceed to LURK very MOAR)

f0095c No.503380

File: af153a758ea2515⋯.jpg (292.87 KB, 976x1680, 61:105, Cheryl Mills email to HRC.jpg)


>Their god, not our god.

355c7c No.503381



This brings me back to what Q said about being born in, we think just the elite, but their whole system could be based on this. & explaining why everybody looks related, even makes me think of that old 80s movie version of the handmaidens tale I think it's called. We know whatever it is, Q spoke of the dangers of 100% disclosure.

7b2ff7 No.503382

I have a few questions about Cruz which I can't seem to reconcile.

The kids all KNEW it was him right? If he was 20 years old, how did these younger kids know him? i barely knew anyone in grade above me and this was a hugely populated school. How long ago did he attend the school? Was he expelled before his mother died?

20 years old and in school….What's the law on that? You would think having a 20 year old man around freshman 14-15 year old girls in a potential dating situation would be highly inadvisable. Shouldn't he be going to night school for his diploma instead?

I just find it odd that if he had been kicked out a while ago that many of the current students would even recognize him much less know his name.


15057b No.503383


Can you tell me what state that was, please?

4d8c86 No.503385


Dave was a good man, and a great researcher. we miss him. He maintained a good perspective, even in light of the amazing fuckery he uncovered and documented, and later even with his cancer. I highly recommend all of his books.

8f69ab No.503386

270e64 No.503387

Reminder, the real life 10 year old girl who was the inspiration for Alice In Wonderland had the surname "Liddle".


837ff4 No.503388


Um, wow!

7eeb0c No.503389



I can't believe I forgot to make a Russia and China thread, here you go





1e29e7 No.503390

File: cffd19c8100fc0a⋯.png (257.21 KB, 1850x1154, 925:577, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)

File: 7d3134bd9103999⋯.png (270.73 KB, 1374x1030, 687:515, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

HRC wikileaks emails

1ee343 No.503391

File: 384ca7ecc8f5916⋯.jpg (73.22 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Bieber and Salena.jpg)

I didn't post the pics, I was responder. Here is another version of the pic.

I'm not saying Hogg's dad with Bieber is anything, but it showes access to someone who used to be a star that was heading down MK Ultra road…

I think it's another thing around Hogg that supports that the family is tied to the wrong side…

If you don't think that, fine, but that tells me you might be a Shill…

b3f234 No.503392

File: c5653177bc52c61⋯.jpeg (461.54 KB, 1536x2008, 192:251, 42F1E4DE-B2BD-4796-8F30-E….jpeg)

Anyone have a source that says the MSD school shooting weapon has been recovered? I’m drawing blanks. #WhereIsTheWeapon

bf6ab5 No.503393


NO BUT this was on the head line -

Georgia lieutenant governor threatens Delta after it cuts ties with NRA


(((they))) are starting to cause problems all across the country with their agenda. It'll backfire in the end but until it does, god help us

9f19bf No.503394


I am seeing that….my youngest had such severe ADHD she was behind about 4 grade levels. I bought into it out of desperation to help her and we started giving her adderall. She took it about a year…caught up really well…but we just recently took her off bcs she hated it. Now we are using techniques and diet changes to work thru it

I let them convince me that just being hyper and bored easily was a disorder…never again

f14b38 No.503395

File: cfb601bd41ce308⋯.jpg (51.22 KB, 740x493, 740:493, 14454590158266_21162338.jpg)

File: 291d43b5bf07037⋯.jpg (37.46 KB, 740x493, 740:493, 14454590158266_21162356.jpg)

File: c9dbf513c39043c⋯.jpg (64.62 KB, 740x493, 740:493, 14454590158266_21162404.jpg)

File: 64ba703cf8447f6⋯.jpg (53.5 KB, 740x493, 740:493, 14454590158266_21162344.jpg)

File: 4c77c872b62e13d⋯.jpg (59.18 KB, 740x493, 740:493, 14454590158266_21162350.jpg)

During his meeting with Sheriff Israel, according to BSO, Archbishop Wenski discussed departmental initiatives to deal with individuals experiencing homelessness or mental illness. He also learned that it is becoming more difficult to recruit police officers.

“People signing up to become police officers has dropped off in recent years,” Archbishop Wenski said. In fact, as he drove along, he noticed “some of the teenagers did not express a whole lot of respect for the police on the street.”

That’s when Harrington told him that “what he’s doing is a vocation, not just a job. That’s something that many people don’t appreciate,” Archbishop Wenski said. “They’re not doing it because of the money but because it’s a vocation of service.”

The archbishop chairs the U.S. bishops' Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development, which has urged Congress to pass measures to reform America's criminal justice system.

In a statement earlier this month, the archbishop praised the re-introduction of the bipartisan Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2015 in the U.S. Senate.

The act reduces certain mandatory minimum sentences, expands so-called sentencing "safety valves," works to reduce recidivism with expanded prison-based programs, and limits solitary confinement for juvenile offenders, among other things.

"The bishops welcome this modest bipartisan effort to reform our criminal justice system,” Archbishop Wenski said in the statement. “We must try to ensure that sentences are just, while creating humane space in which individuals can restore their lives with the kind of support that reduces the chances that they will return to prison in the future. These reforms are a step in the right direction."

0212e4 No.503396

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel = "Coward of the County"

Song keeps popping in my ears…he's not a man. He's a coward that chose the dark path at the fork in the road.

964a59 No.503398


perfect way to false flag.

- say there is a drill

- none wonders why there is some guy with any kind of guns/equipment that would normally be suspicious

- plant a patsy

- shoot the fck as many children as possible

- disappear from the backdoor

- catch patsy as the shooter

- let MSM do the rest

cd3c4d No.503399



Holy shit that's suspicions. Weaponized autism at its best, great find lads.

8b00eb No.503400

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPvYxTa1ph4

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPvYxTa1ph4

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPvYxTa1ph4



Another thing, this video she talks about how "BREAKING THE GLASS WITH SHOTS" starting at @ 2:05.

and then she says they arrived..


She then states at the end of the video then she states the "Swat team/Police" was on the ground, she said they were banging on the doors to let them in, she "DIDN'T TRUST IT WAS THEM, BECAUSE THE POLICE WERE BANGING ON THE DOORS - NOBODY GOT UP"


Whole story right here in the video proves it was either a False Flag or some type of fuckery

2ecae0 No.503401



you are not actually taking a life when a sacrifice goes on… first you take a child and fuck up the child via abuses and torture in order to get the child used to pain, then number the child for the child's entire life - first numbered according to him aka the book of job and then when the child's soul is comfortably resting in hell you sacrifice what is left to her aka moloch (satan).. why – the search for zion along the lines of the rosicrucian christian philosophy where pain is the key to get the universe to step in.. the problem being is every single child is completely fucked over and usually the child ends up in mental institutions or with other severe mental disturbances.. it's not just the elite class that does this, but millions upon millions of secret society members all around the world and usually the governments associated with the area approve of the sacrifices and in some rare cases provide doctors to cover up the atrocities…

i wish i didn't know how to do that, but i do…


d0692c No.503402

File: c7c0528cc15152e⋯.gif (2.84 MB, 352x272, 22:17, tenor.gif)


>Lynn and HRC conspired to cause Benghazi

Pic related

a0b9bd No.503403


speaking of symbolism -

Nicholson1968 has some great vids about the newage movement, the occult, symbolism, transhumanism, and a whole slew of other topics...here's his channel - check out some titles and see if anything looks worth watching. They go from 3-4 minutes on out to 2 hours or more:

https:// www.youtube.com/user/nicholson1968/videos

Some are excellent, imo, some get rather woowoo /just sayin'

9f19bf No.503404

I would be willing to bet they either had their own medical force meet them there or only allowed one doc and one nurse to treat him

That way they control the info


492928 No.503405

File: 64365513e87beca⋯.png (347.71 KB, 477x502, 477:502, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ef6f87f918486cb⋯.png (249.36 KB, 284x339, 284:339, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 014090f90750a40⋯.png (185.64 KB, 309x286, 309:286, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e818439d4aaece5⋯.png (108.72 KB, 285x351, 95:117, ClipboardImage.png)

69d53b No.503406

File: febbfc64c25d034⋯.png (11.61 KB, 280x332, 70:83, Mad_clown.png)

837ff4 No.503407

File: 81daa794565b063⋯.png (1.36 MB, 822x960, 137:160, ClipboardImage.png)

The World is worth saving

8b00eb No.503408


It's goes against the whole story in multiple ways. see my other posts under this ID

1ee343 No.503409

File: f1842426a1ade6c⋯.jpg (44.2 KB, 500x638, 250:319, Eye and Gun.jpg)

File: b4179ae7bc702f6⋯.png (747.95 KB, 1224x630, 68:35, Bieber and Hogg.png)

File: 0fe38d75856daeb⋯.png (494.32 KB, 687x386, 687:386, Hogg Family.png)

File: a9416c4b79c21cc⋯.jpeg (43.3 KB, 382x398, 191:199, Bieber Hoggs Dad.jpeg)



That's what I said. I gotta run.

Here are other pics that were posted…

c8f2e3 No.503410


Just like McVeigh…

83e2b2 No.503411


Everyone needs to listen to these teens becaue they are intelligent mature human beings. we must decrease to voting age to 16.

Also Dems:

18 yr/olds are too retarded to own a gun. we must immediately raise the age to purchase to 21.

f14b38 No.503412

File: a56ed6b69986b68⋯.jpg (31.22 KB, 620x349, 620:349, WTVJ_000000023199101_1200x….jpg)

File: b694ce4cc1de388⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1382x809, 1382:809, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

bc6493 No.503413



I'm halfway through Weird Scenes in the Canyon now. Good book. I'm a slow reader.

4ea41c No.503414


A Courant review has found that since the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting, the federal government has given the town of Newtown and several agencies just more than $17 million in aid that has been used primarily to enhance mental health services and school security.


http:// www.courant.com/news/connecticut/hc-sandy-hook-shooting-two-years-later-20141214-story.html

2ef586 No.503415


I think there would've been way more casualties if Coral Cops hadn't shown up, they must've radioed in to the team inside and told them to disengage.

837ff4 No.503416

a38b6a No.503417

File: 0a94d56d8717190⋯.jpg (346.66 KB, 1200x908, 300:227, SessionsInactionFigure.jpg)

I know, I know

Trust Sessions

0a5857 No.503418

File: 83e5eed6d81ab2d⋯.png (420.93 KB, 869x846, 869:846, Alexa-SisterMeadow.png)


This is all live action drama...like you're watching TV. Same as Sandy Hoax. Nobody died. You get just enough people to participate and follow the script...the rest writes itself. They got smarter this time around and had 1 guy (Pollack) appear to be a Trump supporter so it wasn't just Libtard's kids who were dying and going on TV. Finally you got a Trump supporter...but wait, here's where it gets interesting. Remember the ditzy idiot Alexa (not Amazon) Miednik? Well, she left her old FB page up (probably goesn't have access to the old email address anymore and forgot the password), but the last pic post was 2013...well guess what? Listed as her sister is Meadow Pollack, the daughter of the Trump supporting actor. I'm not saying that they are biological sisters, but how was Meadow Pollack from Pennsylvania even associated with Alexa Miednik from Pennsylvania, then just so happen to have Meadow Pollack from Florida "die" in the FL "shooting" and have Alexa Miednik from Florida (pictures confirm same girl, just older) give an interview where she talked to the shooter? They're sitting back laughing at us because they can pull off these Hollywood-style live action drama events, and everyone falls for it hook, line, and sinker. Wake up faggots!

ccec4c No.503421


Stop with this stupid shit. Pedophilia is not linked to a drooping eye. This is just disinfo/distraction.

270e64 No.503422

Idea for digging: Pick a topic. ID individuals or groups on FB or TW posting on that topic and then look at followers and following links.

This idea came from @Kill_Rogue link to this "Hillary Clinton PAC, Al Franken follow Max of Virtuous Pedophiles on Twitter"


492928 No.503423

File: 3619eceedf04ff4⋯.png (302.75 KB, 519x373, 519:373, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f404a0bcff8d9de⋯.png (299.84 KB, 593x450, 593:450, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a52e1c1f4031b9d⋯.png (526.69 KB, 558x481, 558:481, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0f796a040fa2490⋯.png (410.33 KB, 559x466, 559:466, ClipboardImage.png)

0212e4 No.503424


their narrative is deeply flawed. They were used to getting away with all these FF for decades. The WOKE public won't allow it anymore. Seems like independent citizen investigative reporting is the new HOT JOB. With that said, I feel they will get away with this one again. Just like all previous FF, the news will suppress and redirect, distract etc…as they are experts at "programming" and flipping the narrative.

631f07 No.503425

That is not Momma Hogg!!


70237e No.503426


Didn't Q post Alice AND Wonderland several times?

9f19bf No.503427


And JFK. I may or may not have known a prominent doctor at Parkland there that day. He may or may not have told me that the entire staff was locked out of the ER and never saw a thing.

8129fb No.503428


By now we all know that kid did not shoot up the school.

If his public defender is going to drop him because of his so called inheritance I think us patriots should start a go fund me for him. Get a badass lawyer who’s going to fight and bring out the truth rather than a public defender that may not even be on his side.



I feel like this board in the last month has slid. Where are all of the military, plane,hacker Anons who contributed in a bigley way?

Did they abandon ship or is there somewhere else that they have gone?

The board seem so amateur now. Not a put down, love you all no homo js


a38b6a No.503429

File: efea742d4ea3f6c⋯.jpg (78.55 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, TrustSessions1.jpg)

.”I want to ask you, is Ambassador Kislyak in the room? Before I get started here, any Russians? Anybody been to Russia? Got a cousin or something in Russia?”😫😆 @jeffsessions

af6f8f No.503432

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Thanks for bringing this dude up. He says kushner bad news, trump fuckin everything in sight. I wanna like him but damn, he all aglow.

2ef586 No.503434


yeah, but optics though, it'd have to be completely anonymous, even then it probably wouldn't raise much money.

ea5910 No.503435


>So don't take offense, learn from the mistake and move forward.

thank you for taking the time to explain it

it's why I made a practice oven for new bakers


we will always need bakers, ones actively baking and others watching

this is an anonymous collaborative effort, think that through for a second.

There will always be anons who seek to divert, de-rail and just clutter up the bread.

Be forgiving of others honest mistakes, do not be quick to assume that it was not an honest mistake.

These breads are full of neophytes & newbies, it's part of the mission isn't it to tutor and teach those without experience?

f14b38 No.503436

File: 82bef2915685b4e⋯.png (604.03 KB, 668x712, 167:178, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

a38b6a No.503437

File: 95551364a98e8b7⋯.jpg (162.3 KB, 1199x800, 1199:800, BrowardCowardPanamera.jpg)

Another one??

c8f2e3 No.503438

File: 1d7714ec894d718⋯.jpeg (5.26 KB, 300x168, 25:14, whoa.jpeg)

b713b2 No.503439

File: db4bd8f18b364c5⋯.jpeg (591.52 KB, 1242x1440, 69:80, 272C5265-9E56-4006-A231-3….jpeg)

https:// www.upi.


24fe8a No.503440


Next you'll tell me chemtraiks aren't real

781a74 No.503441


Is that supposed to be Molyneux?

9e3a43 No.503442

Maybe this is strange, maybe it isn't. Is high school hockey a big thing in Florida? Apparently the Marjory Stoneman Douglas hockey team has just won state.

https:// www.cbssports.com/general/news/marjory-stoneman-douglas-hockey-team-wins-title-11-days-after-school-shooting/

2ef586 No.503443


So, in the town I used to live in they'd parade these around saying they stole them from busting drug dealers.

Were these vehicles actually purchased with budget funds?

0212e4 No.503444

File: c5564e45837042f⋯.png (109.27 KB, 915x754, 915:754, research.png)


>The kids all KNEW it was him right?

To this point, no not all the kids "knew" it was him. Some plants IMO started the "gossip" and they picked it up easily and went with it. Welcome to high school right?

Cell phone records of incoming and outgoing calls, would help us all learn who he called, who he was meeting, why he was there - along with "real" details on the uber driver. Not the fake sheet their spewing all over the internet. When we don't see camera video up front instantly, we know know there is major manipulation tactics going on. We've been through this - RECENTLY. We have learned. They still control the sleeping masses though….

24824f No.503445

File: 42d3f489166d275⋯.mp4 (7.45 MB, 568x320, 71:40, IMG_0951.mp4)

I've got the FL "Shooting" video, had to record it. Hope it works, my first time to post a vid

355c7c No.503446



^^^^Best Liddle connection I've heard so far, based o Q posts alone!

82e3ac No.503447


And a multi-billion dollar budget. Livin' large while the kids are dying hard.

631f07 No.503448


Anons…this doesn't look like David Hogg's dad with Justin. The man with Justin is older and hair line is different!

a4ae82 No.503449


Its been proven that is what crisis actors do.

Since it has been proven, it makes sense to plug that avenue of observation.

I suggest a good video called "we need to talk about sandy hook" and a book called "no one died at sandy hook".

Some of this gets covered in the book.

But you can also look into Boston bombing hoax, Pulse nightclub too. They seem to mirror each other in operational tactic.

5cc9a3 No.503450


That has been part of the SSDI convo for years, sadly.

it is why many people opposed the broadening of the diagnosis the way they have.

TBH, I am glad that this was not something that many looked into when this oldfag was a kid and am lucky that my parents were against the whole "classifying" us in regards to education.

Found out at 45 my issue was that I have Dyscalculia.

I transpose numbers like they are on fire.

a1fd34 No.503451


Think mirror…

dcd557 No.503452


Of course. The keystone.

The one that Q has already explained to us.

Now I see.

We must now pretend that we did not see the Q messages, only the little bit that you glued into one picture using Photoshop.

I get ity.

I am initiated, you know.

I recognize that the use of holy Photoshop is a sign of truth.

So let us look at the keystone…. hmmm…. could it be something to do with supporting things?

Does it have something to do with the fact that a key-stone holds up the whole structure?

If we remove it the whole thing collapses.

So, the UBS doorway in some random 200 year olkd building is an important clue. If we remove mercury and the cauduceus, it will all fall down.

Holy moly. I have it!!!

We simply kill all the doctors, and everything GETS BETTER!!!!!!

Is that it, huh,? huh? huh?

c2bba7 No.503453


Covered days ago

cd3c4d No.503454


Guaranteed the cops get fucked up and cruise these around on the weekends

5172b5 No.503455


>>503391I think we're gonna start seeing singers & actors line up to denounce the Satanists as we tip the scales in our favor cuz they want to survive the storm & still sell their schtick once the dust has settled. I hope they're not all comped but we have to discern the source where the storiesbegin to trickle from- just my .02..



003584 No.503456

File: dfe46fa17a7aa22⋯.gif (4.33 MB, 650x274, 325:137, GoodWorkAnon.gif)


Looking forward to it!

ca8984 No.503457


This is funny!

631f07 No.503458


Wonder if he was discussing child trafficking with the good ole sheriff?

24fe8a No.503459


>Where are all of the military, plane,hacker Anons who contributed in a bigley way? Did they abandon ship or is there somewhere else that they have gone? The board seem so amateur now.

That would take an effortpost to explain.

492928 No.503460

File: 2f578414918a0d6⋯.png (394.11 KB, 626x457, 626:457, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0aa57fb31fd17ce⋯.png (554.15 KB, 692x400, 173:100, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d0614438b1719ae⋯.png (264.67 KB, 308x491, 308:491, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3a8d6fd88bf7261⋯.png (368.28 KB, 686x452, 343:226, ClipboardImage.png)

ef278d No.503461


Well, heres why they are laughing; you know its fake and they STILL get away with it.

581fda No.503462


that was same year (1954) i arrived

83e2b2 No.503463


unless the glass has metal reinforcement in the between the panes (like most schools have). otherwise you make a very valid point.

ea5910 No.503464


> Did they abandon ship


>or is there somewhere else that they have gone?


people get burned out, take breaks, explore alternative information sources

there are many who just lurk to keep up to date and only post with something tasty now and again as the occasion arrises

355c7c No.503465


I'm not getting enough sleep because I even missed that whammy in the notable posts section of the bread…now off to find it if it was there…

bc6493 No.503467

File: 7e764f6f3dd0bdb⋯.jpg (16.43 KB, 194x259, 194:259, dukes1.jpg)

0212e4 No.503468


The major problem with the videos we're seeing is SOME of the shots/edits are from the "DRILL" mixed in with the "REAL" event. So these videos ALL of them for the most part - Can't be trusted.

TO DATE -→ we have not seen an "unedited" version of the video.

8b00eb No.503469


Wow great post anon.

Really hit the nail on the head with that one eh?

There is so many holes from this FF that we need to MOVE ON.

There might be more in the future.

Rather then talking about what happened over and over, we should try to start understanding their MOVES and how each move creates an action..

Learn the game and beat them with their own moves, ahead of time.

Knowledge is power

cb8fb6 No.503470


Placing order for altar boys. For God’s work.

2ef586 No.503471


Wasn't there something about Pedo's being punished by other Pedo's for drawing too much attention by being given a black eye? Too many of those could cause nerve damage.

0212e4 No.503472


yup! And that's why Kenny Roger's song is stuck in my head LOL.

b3cff3 No.503473



a908d8 No.503474


you seem to have missed the point: you will never, ever proove the existence of crisis actors, let alone identifying one by comparing pictures.

however right you are, your "method" of "investigation" is so flawed it is beyond ridiculous, and discredits serious attempts at investigation of these serious matters.

garbage "conspiracytheory"research 101 = controlled opposition/useful very idiots

70237e No.503475


Me too, anon. Interesting that I can only multiply a larger number by a smaller number. Example: 3x7=21. If you ask me what is 7x3, I have to mentally reverse it first before I can access the answer, 21.

dfd519 No.503476

Dear USMC,

Please take the wheel.


Fellow Patriot

f14b38 No.503477

BREAKING: Broward police pursuit shuts I-95 lanes in Boca Raton


24824f No.503479


Really, NUTTS! Shit I tried

00fb36 No.503480



The kid timestamps his interview at 9:32. That audio alone is damning to the official narrative.

The video really makes no difference, although it would be lovely to have.

a908d8 No.503482


ok now for a little bit of scientific method: see how many people you can find who you know are NOT pedophiles have the same feature

8f69ab No.503483


i can do it either way. no reversal necessary.

18f7e4 No.503484

Why do D’s push for gun control ‘directly’ after every tragic incident?

Why is this so very important to their agenda?

We, the people, are who they are afraid of.

We, the people, are who they fear will one day awake.

Our Father who art in heaven,

Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done

on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread,

and forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those who trespass against us,

and lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil.


8bf553 No.503486

File: eec94acb9527c6f⋯.png (636.6 KB, 957x701, 957:701, ClipboardImage.png)

David Hogg hypocrit

369e70 No.503489


judgment day for fake jews.

631f07 No.503490


Wonder how many poor little boys this Archbishop has molested?! Makes me sick!

a3dd7f No.503491

File: 9704a341dc0cfa8⋯.png (287.9 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, F9A77FFA-72F8-4CFB-8194-77….png)

If you haven’t taken a look at the board of directors of the firm that handles most of the money distribution to victims of the vast majority of these shootings it’s no surprise very little ever actually gets to to victims

https:// victimsofcrime.org/about-us/board-of-directors#auersperg

07b5e6 No.503493


Did someone try and run him down today?

b713b2 No.503494

File: c3e55ff3acb69d0⋯.jpeg (230.88 KB, 668x712, 167:178, 47A04901-4B61-41C8-8DEB-5….jpeg)

f0095c No.503495




Holy shit, Anon!

FBI Kevin Hogg does 'weapons simulations' and 'battle simulations'!!!

Little bully David Hogg may have brought too much attention to his family on this one!! Wow

acff78 No.503496

Q database system is doing alpha testing. Can search on board, userid, trip, etc. Text searching needs another day of work.

www.pavuk.com userid qanon password qanon

report bugs on twitter to Bill @n4hpg

f838b5 No.503497


And still, not scientific proof. Good hunch, yet can't be not proven. Especially when you consider innocent children who simply inhereit their parents' facial features.

631f07 No.503498


We nned to Make damn sure that the Kevin HOgg working for Cubic is the SAME Kevin Hogg that is David's father!

26e455 No.503499


>Yes they had a drill the same day from my recollection. Talk about confusion.

Wolfgang Habig breaks it down pretty well in one of the videos linked above.

First of all, there was an AM faculty meeting on 2/14 where a fire drill and a 'possible' code red were announced. Fishy.

I beleive the fire drill did take place in the AM.

In the PM, a fire alarm was pulled and an administrator got on the intercom an told the teachers to evacuate. Habig says this was mistake #1, because the admin has a panel to show which alarm was pulled and an admin should have called a teacher nearby to check for fire or smoke before an evac call.

Habig references school massacre in AR when kids pulled alarm then waited in the woods until kids were lined up outside before they started shooting. Procedure to check if alarm is real is meant to avoid this AR scenario.

Then anadmin called a code red during the evac. A code red is completely different because teachers are told to lock doors, turn off lights and gather students in a corner that has the best protection from shooting through the door.

IOW, in the midle of the evac some teachers took kids back to their rooms.

Total fuck up by school administrators.

Habig also, resource officer should run to gunfire.

Questions need to be pointed to school and county protection officials who failed across the board.

07b5e6 No.503500



Never mind, it was in 2016,kek

964a59 No.503501

File: 32c531689521375⋯.png (516.91 KB, 1318x896, 659:448, ClipboardImage.png)


good one

f14b38 No.503502

File: 9a1d15e08b0b62c⋯.png (434.81 KB, 819x640, 819:640, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)


1st pic not from today but maybe ? >>503437 >>503477

5791e5 No.503503


Agree. It's ridiculous.

4773ed No.503504



Last wednesday someone posted the Bieber picture and I had a wtf moment… I looked for the images/videos of David Hoggs dad and compared them. I wasn't even that much surprised actually.

It is definately the same guy. The lightning is different and in CNN studio you get makeup to reduce glance. In the Bieber pic he seems a little fatter.

Bieber likes to play and pose with guns of policemen/security. >>503215

FBI agents like Kevin Hogg wear guns.

Is it really that hard to believe for some people?

I guess (((they))) are interfering here to discredit… like they always do.

cd18ad No.503505


seen this on the cubic site?? WTF? the operate in europe as well.

Our Founder

Walter J. Zable is the founder and former Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer for Cubic Corporation. He formed the company in 1951, the year that Cubic introduced its first product—a device for measuring and testing microwave output.

About Cubic History

355c7c No.503506

BAKER Baker,

This anon >>503453

says this was covered days ago


maybe put

>>503387 Alice Liddle of Wonderland


in the bread? Looked, I didn't find. interesting connection.

83e2b2 No.503507


not all mil has left.


but i must confess, hearing democrat talking points coming from the potus has me less than motivated. especially when it's only advancing the goals of the past 2 FF. and to confirm ur suspicion it has the feel of a pokemon go group chat. ya just gotta dig deep and push thru the lulls and keep the momentum going anon. we're all in this together and sometimes a random post helps spark the hive back into action.

b713b2 No.503508


Not sure how many you have road with.. better let God do the driving. They are better suited for other jobs.

369f68 No.503509


Actually, the Treasury Department prints it for them.

You don't expect the Federal Reserve to do any work, do you?

c2bba7 No.503511


I didn’t put it up, but it was covered and I looked into it. No coincidences.

058d3f No.503512


Baker,Seen this? Have a look!

83e2b2 No.503514


Top kek. if he walks out in a pepe mask next time ima die.

a38b6a No.503516

File: a7c40b716fab66e⋯.jpg (420.83 KB, 1200x833, 1200:833, TrumpDrainsSwamp.jpg)

003584 No.503517


>but i must confess, hearing democrat talking points coming from the potus has me less than motivated……..

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer, INHO is what potus is up to

5791e5 No.503518


Agree. NOt the same man.

b713b2 No.503519

Some things you never forget.. just saying

a908d8 No.503520

" definately the same guy. "

(1000th sigh)

Guys. Eric Clanton was not found by putting 2 pics next to each other. It was (a little) more complicated than that.

f14b38 No.503521

File: 4e57e4ab1d5e41c⋯.jpg (240.96 KB, 3264x2448, 4:3, C8NedCc.jpg)

File: 0f5dbd45e58817e⋯.jpg (52.45 KB, 736x317, 736:317, 70f2ed5dab345774626df10e8f….jpg)

File: 95551364a98e8b7⋯.jpg (162.3 KB, 1199x800, 1199:800, 95551364a98e8b73c0079c66c5….jpg)

File: 543a339618d2c4f⋯.jpg (454.14 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 15218868236_ec66cfb252_b.jpg)

File: 8d2a694cf0222db⋯.jpg (102.24 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, 180215-sheriff-scott-israe….jpg)

32fae0 No.503522


Nice work. It seems to fit in with

"We are moving up the timetable."

f838b5 No.503524


POTUS is a GREAT actor when he needs to be

9d9e2c No.503525


Hmmm.., that can be a way to prove Who is who…

f0095c No.503526

File: caf86420dad3869⋯.jpg (51.55 KB, 687x386, 687:386, Kevin Hogg's family.jpg)


That doesn't look like David Hogg's dad in this photo

e50788 No.503527

File: c4246ad2138ca1c⋯.png (158.96 KB, 286x287, 286:287, c4246ad2138ca1c10073c8dd7d….png)


Is there a large version of this anywhere? Sure would like to make a t-shirt or 500…

a908d8 No.503529


definately the same car

you can tell

because pictures

9f19bf No.503530

I really think the Sucher family is of major interest

Century arms dealer…both daughters go to Parkland and were interviewed the other day

Involved in Paris, Iran contra, Honduras….their main customer was trying to get grenade launchers and other crazy shit for a Lebanese guy right before 9-11

And they are mentioned in Wikileaks

https:// www.thenation.com/article/irancontra-20-years-later-and-what-it-means/

69257d No.503531

File: 02a899fb92b306c⋯.jpg (185.83 KB, 854x1024, 427:512, Photos-Princess-Beatrice-P….jpg)


It is not even just politicians. Royals, rich, politicians, Im going to start collecting as I see them. I will also be on the lookout in real life also.

852edf No.503532


Try putting it in TinEye

b48e8e No.503533

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We understand the “Glass-to-Glass” requirements of technology to deliver the highest levels vital to view our favorite programs, sporting events, or news coverage on our big screens to our mobile phones and tablets. Liddle International Group has been involved from the mailroom to the boardroom and has worked with and followed technology from analog, over-the-air broadcasting to digital IP on our planes, trains and automobile. Let us share our love with you. And Keep a Look out for our new venture FidK TV coming soon.

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