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File: bb7d59c7b6197c0⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1795x1017, 1795:1017, bb7d59c7b6197c0a1a48db55cf….png)

a1c8a3 No.538555



2018 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States

https:// www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/2018-amendments-manual-courts-martial-united-states/

>>538293 Assets Siezed by EO

https:// www.treasury.gov/ofac/downloads/sdnlist.pdf

"Look for more false flags – stay alert, be vigilant, and above all, please pray." - Q




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Thursday, 2.22.18

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Wednesday, 2.21.18

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>>448584 US Cyber Task Force

>>448510 rt >>448451 Coincidence? :Protect 6/14-46

>>448465 rt >>448410 @Jack thought he was protected [PROJECT DEEPDREAM]

>>448399 USSS gun intercept, Protect code

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Sunday, 2.18.18

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Dedicated Research Threads List & Building the Map

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WEDNESDAY 2018.28.02

We have more than we know. We are missing connections. We must build the map. We must leave no stone unturned. We must dig until we exhaust every possibility. We must focus. When light is focused, it can burn through anything. We are here to RESEARCH not to shitpost, when the Great Awakening happens, we must already have an encyclopedia of knowledge ready to redpill. The masses won't believe it unless we have massive evidence. That is why Q chose us, let's be the autists he knows we are.

Group ideas are to create dedicated research threads which will help us then build maps. Research threads will be listed in their own section of the dough. If you have information about a subject, please create a thread and request that it be added to this section of the dough. Here are some posts from the discussion. Please review and lets discuss more. WE WILL BUILD THE MAP!

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a1c8a3 No.538584


https:// pastebin.com/hC0NcPAB

2db482 No.538625

uh oh, double bread?

1894ee No.538629


Yes, double bread.

a1c8a3 No.538633


Yes, as usual another anon comes in and takes over baking without taking any info from previous bread into account…

So we have a stale dough being remade while this one is fresh…

ed0323 No.538638


Hi anon, I baked the other bread after seeing there was a call for a baker and no-one said they were taking over.

I asked if I should bake and got the affirmative. You didn't say you were baking.

cea8c1 No.538639



a1c8a3 No.538643


Its ok I was adding the info and making a pastebin. you can take over after this, I havent slept yet.

42216e No.538646

I hope for the 666 bread we don't get 6 of them.

ed0323 No.538656


Why didn't you say that you were baking in-thread then? I wouldn't have baked. Not desperate to bake here, was just stepping up.

9c230c No.538659

WARNING Any Q post that has a bolded "tripcode" like on this post is FAKE and GAY. Ignore and filter. This is not a drill!

4a29e3 No.538661

Can the # of the bread just be changed & it used for next bread?

I know nothing about baking.

Don't start stupid fighting over a simple misunderstanding, please.

dc7f57 No.538663


Comedie Err…noice.

Ab Chao, nes pas¿

c13d88 No.538675

File: b820cf78c6f595a⋯.jpg (19.21 KB, 403x403, 1:1, episcopalianGAY.jpg)

c84173 No.538676


Good ΜØЯиÏŃĢ. I think it's the other 663, has more posts. What a way to wake, to dup breads.

c84173 No.538679


I'm wrong, they declared the other bread bad bread and want it deleted. It's this one then.

ed0323 No.538681

Baker of the other bread here

I've asked BO to delete the other bread.

Use this one. Cheers.

b5cc46 No.538682

All this navy psych on these boards makes me think of a great shart after some frank and beans

eefc81 No.538683


What did you say about me you little bitch? I'll have you know I was top of the navy seals

a1c8a3 No.538689


Thanks BO, you take over after this one

4a29e3 No.538696


Pretend I posted a vid of seals clapping. I don't know how to embed shit on nyah.

f7b0d4 No.538697


please post it


need the good copypasta this morning

01588d No.538700

File: 5e263437cd0f7a3⋯.jpg (61 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 5e263437cd0f7a3c23ab3f0ace….jpg)


Q?!!! Word up brother ! ! Fell asleep for 3 hrs and boom here you are ! We are ready ! 45 41020, Qtea, ,Anons for life !

7bc9bb No.538702

File: 1e07564e86615f2⋯.jpeg (345.01 KB, 1197x1058, 1197:1058, 71E55A68-4922-4A10-B004-6….jpeg)

eefc81 No.538703

File: f646839dec5ef39⋯.gif (405.97 KB, 165x115, 33:23, c37.gif)

cea8c1 No.538705

File: 0a81043fdf938d7⋯.png (7.18 KB, 313x338, 313:338, embedmotherfucker.png)


>I don't know how to embed shit

7dc72a No.538708

Could we not take 1 sedition media co that is currently conducting psyops on unprotected US general public and - insert an anon in c suite ?

mitgate damage and increase anons reach and bandwidth?


f7b0d4 No.538710


taking over nnc would be almost impossible the place is fort knox of news

f7b0d4 No.538711

are we on the right bread?

a3805f No.538712

File: 0f0042b3be58e93⋯.jpeg (132.25 KB, 1096x256, 137:32, A5ACE847-898D-4038-A3C0-9….jpeg)

watch the water?

01588d No.538713


5D chess is being played perfect. love you're game . Keep everyone spinning ! Top players know this is all middle game moves. Excellent play guys. We are all so waiting for the endgame . Been waiting for this since those towers fell that day. Every second ! Go fight win !

5bee4f No.538715

File: bd82d49bbd69392⋯.png (20.82 KB, 313x338, 313:338, how2embed.png)

31d328 No.538718

File: d614b22f2707dbc⋯.jpg (139.17 KB, 800x500, 8:5, baldwin tweet.jpg)

Just a thought. Rather than work with the system in pic.

Look at the letters that were removed.

"XI EX You were terrible."

Probably nothing

f47e07 No.538719

haha check out Hogg…

"My sister had 2 of her best friends die"

"My sister had 4 of her best friends die"

"My sister had 3 of her best friends die"

Well damn, how many died, little Piggy?

https:// twitter.com/UglyfaceChris/status/969570044513607680

4a29e3 No.538721


Oh hey, thanks. Guess its under the "show post options & limits" thing. At least it is on my phone.

fb8214 No.538722


that is not Q

I am assuming you know that

9bbb0d No.538723


Academic paper by a Baldwin and Xie discussed yesterday afternoon on board.

01588d No.538724


No, just got back from sleep still woozy. I saw the space there now. Stop faking Q you faggot !

c9cd95 No.538725


Anons need to be more delligent and discern…

31d328 No.538726


With Best friends, there can be only one.

db24cf No.538727

A Hopi Elder Speaks

"You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour. And there are things to be considered . . .

Where are you living?

What are you doing?

What are your relationships?

Are you in right relation?

Where is your water?

Know your garden.

It is time to speak your Truth.

Create your community.

Be good to each other.

And do not look outside yourself for the leader."

Then he clasped his hands together, smiled, and said, "This could be a good time!"

"There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are torn apart and will suffer greatly.

"Know the river has its destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above water. And I say, see who is in there with you and celebrate. At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally, Least of all ourselves. For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.

"The time for the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves! Banish the word struggle from you attitude and your vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

"We are the ones we've been waiting for."

– attributed to an unnamed Hopi elder

Hopi Nation

Oraibi, Arizona

31d328 No.538728


Thanks. The one board I miss…

5bee4f No.538729

File: 98ea36ec74e98d8⋯.jpg (93.95 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, thank-you-shaker.jpg)

time for some field work

god bless and stay safe all

6fc840 No.538730

af7f8b No.538731



This has gone stale:

>* QMap PDF (updated 02.21.18) : anonfile.com/U3EdDadfb5/Q_s_posts_-_CBTS_-_6.10.0.pdf | fr.scribd.com/document/372191735/Q-s-Posts-CBTS-6-10-0?secret_password=jinY4XFoRrA5a6056QhI | mega.nz/#!prBizSzL!r_WlzYTTFmsrEeDpuN6dwnDfzKMwHNbtRukmkUUKqDU

The fresh one is:

Anonfile Link: https:// anonfile.com/48YaDfd4ba/Q_s_posts_-_CBTS_-_6.11.0.pdf

Alt. Links:

- https:// fr.scribd.com/document/372255557/Q-s-Posts-CBTS-6-11-0?secret_password=N5knHSbhRE3GSOBoV91r

- https:// mega.nz/#!dr4jnY7a!bx-W7FOZ_iQy1EAs3qmKMdqW3KSCubAHwO5iYqt_AFU

Version #: 6.11.0

(you) update the dough please

cause I'm no baker

77e339 No.538732


no this is fake Q bread

fb8214 No.538734


newfags are not anons

newfags are newfags

newfag is gonna newfag

what can you do

7bc2be No.538736

Last Bread


http:// archive.is/YVtqi

(for ease of navigation and searches)

Posting here as well in case this bread is the one that is saved.

31d328 No.538738


Indeed! It's diligent.

72b522 No.538739

Day 8 of Q silence, possible 'suicide weekend' is upon us and we are supposed to see war break out in the middle east today. Stay focused and alert anons!

c9cd95 No.538740


I guess newfags gotta get their shit together.. Otherwise we'll pitchfork them outta here.

c9cd95 No.538744


Yeah, i realized After I posted. Call me the illiteratefag

7bc9bb No.538745

File: 59d9f0ab26c9786⋯.jpeg (256.78 KB, 1179x1272, 393:424, 181D073E-0D41-4403-9FCF-0….jpeg)

4a29e3 No.538747


Wait.. what? Why is war supposedly going to break out in ME today?

f02a85 No.538749


72b522 No.538751

File: 33d9b15905f85d8⋯.png (31.11 KB, 705x529, 705:529, syria1.png)

Syria news now:

http:// www.newsnow.co.uk/h/World+News/Middle+East/Syria

7bc2be No.538753


miscommunication apparently

a1c8a3 No.538754


Thanks, updated.


https:// pastebin.com/xTPeiBh8

7dc72a No.538755

File: 6122334ae8db222⋯.jpg (516.01 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 6122334ae8db222fd6fb8cbde5….jpg)



Make an appointment with CEO X.

Arrive in office. Place photos of children on desk. Explain to exec they are now ceremonial CEO, and will hence forth approve production and broadcast scedules as directed.

We need have no publicity.

Suddenlt HBO does a special on Disney and trauma based mind control.

We may even find an exec who *wants* to cooperate with patriots but need cover to do so. the C I Anuses have done this thousands of times,.so has the mob.

Should not be difficult at. Show credentials, explain its a national emergency and give CEO an opportunity to cooperate.

f47e07 No.538756

File: fe1dbc0eb8b173e⋯.jpg (115.68 KB, 777x499, 777:499, psycho joe.jpg)

Can a twatter PLEASE drop this on @MorningJoe's TL? That bastard has a lot of nerve saying POTUS 'is a very dangerous man'! I can't stand that POS and his morning Ho!

7bc2be No.538757

Here's the whole pack of ==illuminati cards== if anyone wants them. (412 in total)

https:// imgur.com/a/6LIHg#Iz9zDAS

f02a85 No.538758


Right on kek. tanks Anon

ed0323 No.538760


I won't be around to bake the next one anon, maybe shout out for someone to take over.

72b522 No.538761

US-led coalition jets kill scores of civilians in northeastern Syria

http:// en.abna24.com/news/middle-east/us-led-coalition-jets-kill-scores-of-civilians-in-northeastern-syria_884238.html

c107a1 No.538762


"They" want us divided…

7bc2be No.538764


i do my best to share info every time i can. i just archive and share for continuity. I try to get different shifts as much as possible.

ed0323 No.538766


It was a genuine double bake mistake. Happens. Chill.

12a638 No.538767

File: 5d17d68f54ab113⋯.png (1.79 MB, 614x1014, 307:507, capture_035_03032018_06051….png)

File: 3df643b0ef5c78b⋯.png (1.77 MB, 626x985, 626:985, capture_036_03032018_06055….png)

File: c4fcdbae7a578a8⋯.png (1.81 MB, 624x1010, 312:505, capture_037_03032018_06062….png)

File: cf41ddfdae149ae⋯.png (1.69 MB, 626x943, 626:943, capture_038_03032018_06065….png)

File: 25f235074164d49⋯.png (460.95 KB, 618x254, 309:127, capture_039_03032018_06073….png)



7bc2be No.538770


Planefags followed Magma88 (IIRC) going dark over there a cpl nights ago.

a1c8a3 No.538772


OK I may still be here, I haven't slept/cant sleep anyway.

But I will make it clear this time if I am baking so there's no confusion.

1894ee No.538774


Any problem with putting fill in the other bread to finish this one?

72b522 No.538777

Vatican Bank’s Ex-Chief Indicted Over $60 Million in Embezzlement Losses

https:// www.nytimes.com/2018/03/03/world/europe/vatican-bank-embezzlement-indictment.html

ed0323 No.538778


Okay anon, cheers and no worries. Happens. Godspeed with your loaf, and hopefully BO deletes my one soon.

7bc2be No.538780


trips says BIG!!!!

7dc72a No.538781

c107a1 No.538782


I was joking. I just didnt want to kek my own joke.

eefc81 No.538783

72b522 No.538786


A statement by the bank, officially known as the Institute for Works of Religion, said Angelo Caloia, 78, who was president of the I.O.R. from 1999 to 2009, was indicted on Friday, along with his lawyer Gabriele Liuzzo, 94.

A third person who was under investigation, the former I.O.R. director general Lelio Scaletti, died several years ago.

ed0323 No.538788

File: 2800dff36dd2525⋯.jpg (92.41 KB, 620x796, 155:199, IMG_4321.JPG)


I'l kek it.

47eacd No.538793

>posting in duplicate thread w less posts


boomerz gonna boomer

c107a1 No.538794

File: 3497dbee9925024⋯.jpg (114.65 KB, 840x470, 84:47, DoubleBaked2018_WEB_BRIS_F….jpg)


Last one. I promise.

c64b19 No.538795


Godfather III

1ab7c3 No.538797

File: 343a6bc685135a8⋯.jpg (37.81 KB, 512x285, 512:285, False Flag Example-2.jpg)

Thanks to the contributing Anon. I need a bigger one. It can give more milk.

46186a No.538800


Not a newfag, been here since day 2… so how can you discern that is a fake Q?

c84173 No.538801

File: 8c4e54d64741cde⋯.jpg (1.69 MB, 2864x4132, 716:1033, Anon537764.jpg)

Really enjoyed a series of encouraging posts from anon d98c17 in #661.

About military tribunals, Uranium One, leakers, rats in sack.


e7ca4c No.538802

File: 616128c97636469⋯.jpg (38.22 KB, 960x776, 120:97, sZnTwth.jpg)


← that

8c246d No.538804


Ty bro

72b522 No.538805




The Institute for Religious Works (IOR) says it had pressed charges against the trio two earlier in the year, and that the "accounts held by the concerned individuals at the IOR have recently been seized".

Why advertise with us

Vatican prosecutor Gian Piero Milano named the accused as former bank president Angelo Caloia, ex-director general Lelio Scaletti, and lawyer Gabriele Liuzzo.

Vatican spokesperson Federico Lombardi reportedly told Italian media that the trio were suspected of embezzlement. However, the IOR has refused to comment, citing the "ongoing judicial enquiry".

According to reports, the trio are accused of stealing between €50m and €60m (£39.43m and £47.31m) while managing the sale of 29 buildings between 2001 and 2008.

The alleged fraud was discovered during an external audit of the Vatican's finances carried out in 2013.

The investigation is part of a drive to improve the transparency of the Vatican administration and finances, an endeavor that has accelerated under Pope Francis.

Liuzzo, 91, confirmed in a telephone interview with Reuters news agency that his bank accounts had been frozen. He said the prosecutor's allegations were "rubbish" and that all money from the sales of the buildings had gone to the bank.

Caloia, 75, and Scaletti, 88, did not respond to messages.

Pope Francis has ordered an overhaul of the Vatican's finances, after the IOR was implicated in a series of money laundering operations. The Argentine pontiff, elected in 2013, brought a mandate to make the Roman Catholic Church more accountable to its 1.2 billion followers.

The bank was the primary shareholder of Banco Ambrosiano – a bank with alleged ties to the Mafia that failed in 1982.

The IOR's chairman Roberto Calvi — dubbed "God's Banker" — was found hanging from Blackfriars Bridge in London. His death was linked to the Pablo Escobar's drug cartel.

4a29e3 No.538806

Well, since everylittlething is slow, tell to what all of this is refering:


Check code line 1183.

Embed added 7:03pm EST.

Embed string active in SATRREC.

Warning alerts 5-12.

Brute force will be necessary.

T-2 warning.


c84173 No.538808


There are 4 fields on the Quick Reply form.

The Name field (if filled in) appears in bold (green).

The email field (if filled in) appears as a screen tip when you cursor over the name.

The Subject field (if filled in) appears bold blue.

If the person has an authorized tripcode and they enter a password when they type their name, the tripcode that is generated from the password appears in non-bold green.

So you have to be sensitive to the text formatting, to discern a real tripcode.

If Q and the tripcode are in the same bold green font, then the person entered both in the Name field and did not enter a valid password that generates the non-bold tripcode.

f47e07 No.538809

Reports: Inspector General Michael Horowitz Will Accuse Andrew McCabe of Leaking, Misleading Investigators


46186a No.538810

e7ca4c No.538811


clowns inserted an exploit into 8chan. codemonkey found/fixed it.

46186a No.538812


good problem solving skill, anon…

72104a No.538813


Worth it. Thanx.

7dc72a No.538814



Melatonin sometimes helps w sleeplessness

142fb2 No.538816



This is the correct bread.

664b55 No.538820


Oh God I haven't laughed out loud in a long time. That's taking copypasta to a new high art form. You got me good bruddah, real good.

7bc2be No.538821


We should look for a link to LDR because doesnt today correlate to Qs threat to LDR about phone calls? if so th enews today should have something to do with her.

12a638 No.538822

File: 3b24c010e27e8c1⋯.png (1.71 MB, 668x894, 334:447, capture_040_03032018_06333….png)

File: 4a76b4d7485f2c1⋯.png (1.87 MB, 666x981, 74:109, capture_041_03032018_06335….png)

File: 57aff78e02d380a⋯.png (1.21 MB, 634x665, 634:665, capture_042_03032018_06341….png)




142fb2 No.538825



No mention of war.


f47e07 No.538826


Thank you, Anon!!! :)

46186a No.538827


MeThinks the Vatican is the next in line. DISCLOSURE…. Most my friends are CAtholic… This will be my time to fulfill my purpose… calmly lead them to see the truth…

41f36b No.538828

Just dropping this here. We all knew these stupid kids were part of the DNC plan. Now it's out in the open. The are fundraising off of 17 dead bodies. This madness has got to stop!! Evil wicked people!!

Maybe memefags can get something together to post on other platforms.

These people are SICK!

https:// www.redstate.com/slee/2018/03/02/parkland-students-now-actually-fundraising-democrats/

72b522 No.538829


I don't have the source in front of me but it's been in the breads the last few days. Do some digging, you'll find it. Chill out anon and do your work.

ed0323 No.538830


Kekkin saved.

ebc094 No.538834

schedule rt >>538702 41 minutes ago

hopi 11th hr >>538727 31 minutes ago

CPAC PROUDLY STAND >>538745 27 minutes ago

thank you

9d70ad No.538835

File: afb01cabf728255⋯.png (835.12 KB, 909x908, 909:908, 6p0wmo0y8jj01.png)

e7ca4c No.538839

File: a58b4b6c809c077⋯.png (344.89 KB, 626x643, 626:643, trump11.png)

New Trump Tweet.

c84173 No.538842

File: 693a823525ac90c⋯.png (171 B, 68x28, 17:7, ClipboardImage.png)

Found this in the to-be-deleted dup bread #663 and maybe it bears reformatting, the better for human eyes to read.

Felony sexual torture with consumption of the evidence?


7bc2be No.538843


post the news article Q showed us re: the sandy hook payments and then show how these 512 "victims" each just received 275K or whatever it equaled.

46186a No.538844


TY Anon… this is good to know.

d432a8 No.538846

File: 480c0cdae3b54fc⋯.png (77.4 KB, 515x281, 515:281, madeleine-albright.png)

e7ca4c No.538848


I see ANA capitalized improperly.

ANA airlines?

9d70ad No.538849

File: 59069bc659ec9a3⋯.jpg (95.25 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 170624-reid-nancy-pelosi-h….jpg)

File: c275169fa66deb7⋯.jpg (911.81 KB, 1200x820, 60:41, InkedDUxtAnvU8AIZ7bO_LI.jpg)

File: bb62f848fcbae19⋯.jpg (56.36 KB, 620x393, 620:393, John_Podesta_14_fish_pedop….jpg)

File: 2aee375d519e8e5⋯.jpg (149.36 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, v0mk7gy5hcj01.jpg)

File: f242ffa34393f30⋯.jpg (37.27 KB, 642x251, 642:251, Zc6eq7W.jpg)

c84173 No.538853

File: 2867fd71adcbf85⋯.jpg (687.21 KB, 932x998, 466:499, Untitled.jpg)


Sorry bad paste. Again:

Found this in the to-be-deleted dup bread #663 and maybe it bears reformatting, the better for human eyes to read.

Felony sexual torture with consumption of the evidence?


41f36b No.538856



They are using the hashtag #BlueWave2018

Truly sick people using kids and dead people as props.

221b45 No.538857


Yup, AI anon posted it.

df7af7 No.538858

File: 19625abbbd42e78⋯.jpeg (109.22 KB, 960x539, 960:539, 3E852F58-0409-454C-B392-4….jpeg)





/arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2013/06/teenage-wikileaks-volunteer-why-i-served-as-an-fbi-informant/?amp=1#click=https:// t.co/edIQIFHdIj


Good morning baker 👩‍🍳 and thank you…


Good morning anons…. I’m back after a brief illness….

Covfefe ☕️ and bread 🥐 for all …

e2897c No.538859

I thought it interesting he said the following:

(When)He was dragged from the dock by officers as he ranted: "You will clearly see Islamic State establish itself in the Arabian peninsula and that droughts will affect Europe and America. You will remember my warning.

Watch the water related thought I.

https:/ /www.express.co.uk/news/uk/926559/london-terror-attack-plot-Umar-Haque-ISIS-children-Lantern-of-Knowledge-school

664b55 No.538862


> "We are the ones we've been waiting for."

Great wisdom in this post. Many here have not accepted it in their hearts.

>And do not look outside yourself for the leader."

The cult of Q.

>"The time for the lone wolf is over.

> let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above water. And I say, see who is in there with you and celebrate.

Thank you for keeping us grounded and appreciative of our fellow anon's on this journey.

dc7f57 No.538863

File: 8af8d8d497a571d⋯.jpg (1.23 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Note117_0.jpg)

47efe3 No.538864


Trump Victory Reception????

Have I missed something?

72b522 No.538865


“Early in the 19th century the Pope came to the Rothschilds to borrow money. The Rothschilds were very friendly with the Pope, causing one journalist to sarcastically say ‘Rothschild has kissed the hand of the Pope… Order has been reestablished.’ The Rothschilds in fact over time were entrusted with the bulk of the Vatican’s wealth. The Jewish Ency., vol. 2, p. 497 states, ‘It is a somewhat curious sequel to the attempt to set up a Catholic competitor to the Rothschilds that at the present time (1905) the latter are guardians of the papal treasure.’ Researcher Eustace Mullins writes that the Rothschilds took over all the financial operations of the worldwide Catholic Church in 1823. Today the large banking and financial business of the Catholic Church is an extensive system interlocked with the Rothschilds and the rest of the International Banking system.”

7bc2be No.538866


counter wide #RedTide

afterall we are Russian bots right?


46186a No.538867

142fb2 No.538869

File: 6b1a535821c4265⋯.png (19.66 KB, 737x216, 737:216, 002F8A17-38FD-4FD2-B176-57….png)


Today's "clock" day.

46186a No.538870


are we correlating to nov 12th today?

c107a1 No.538871

File: b390857d435a27a⋯.jpeg (40.14 KB, 900x540, 5:3, 1520088620.jpeg)

1894ee No.538874


This has come up a couple of times.

This your sauce?

http:// www.true democracy.net/hj31/14.html

1ab7c3 No.538875


I beliee it has to do with the cease fire agrement that is being ignored.

http:// www.abc.net.au/news/2018-03-02/aid-blocked-from-ghouta-despite-un-syria-ceasefire/9501520

e7ca4c No.538877

File: 9c42a9521ad167d⋯.jpg (255.85 KB, 442x1920, 221:960, 8af8d8d497a571df8ad5393699….jpg)


This was fucking hard to read. FIFY.

f2bef4 No.538879


Interesting background story on Vatican Bank shenanigans:

https:// gizadeathstar.com/2014/04/bearer-bonds-scandals-revisited-attempt-deposit-fake-bonds-thwarted-vatican-bank-part-one/

142fb2 No.538880


You dig because you are the one that mentioned it.

Do your work!

132285 No.538884

File: 34673bbf02e9504⋯.png (10.38 KB, 386x66, 193:33, Q23.png)

There is a hit over at the Library of Congress for Stanislav Lunev->


Russia : a country study Date: 1998.

Have either passed over Stanislav's name or haven't come across it yet, I jumped straight to the Bolshevik revolution and time period leading up to it.. Trotsky and so much more. Stuff that never was taught in public school when I was sitting next to a kid who smoked pot in a Che shirt being lectured by the teacher for not doing my Anne Frank's Diary homework.

https:// loc.gov/search/?in=&q=Stanislav+Lunev&new=true&st=

https:// cdn.loc.gov/master/frd/frdcstdy/ru/russiacountrystu00curt/russiacountrystu00curt.pdf

70479e No.538886

File: 08b0fcf3bef2c14⋯.jpg (573.74 KB, 1728x1728, 1:1, MasterOfPuppets.jpg)


you mentioned Hebrew…



Ventriloquus: the special ‘fire’ of black magic

Center of E-Motion (Ved.) = Electronic Motion

[KEY] ref. Marko Rodin





[hint] Master of Puppets

dc7f57 No.538889




<harder den writin it æım shure.

9d70ad No.538890


Filter test

df7af7 No.538892

It seems some of the people went to the other bread…. good thing also, they’re pretty rude….

7bc2be No.538893

72b522 No.538894


I closed the friggin page and can't find it. Pretty much the same info. Fighting a bit of a cold over here…heads a little fuzzy

46186a No.538896


i had double dubs twice in a row. Wish they were more WORTHY posts.

47efe3 No.538899


Makes more sense that the second X is not intended for us. This would lead to either Yan Xie or to Baldwin and Xie, or perhaps it is yet another double meaning and leads to both.

But since the other tweet has HBGF ASM which leads to health research, I think the Yang Xie is the more important one to dig on.

Remember, all the satanist child sex trafficking is a backstory, not the main event. Fact is that the elite are in this for the money and the money is what fuels their vices. So if we follow the money, Yang Xie and the SEC shenanigans connected with a Big Pharma company like Merck just ring so many bells.

Remember we get crumbs. It is up to us to dig and find the whole story. Now HBGF might connect somewhere in all of this. I'll bet that if we dig deeper into Xie, there will be a maze of possibilities to follow, but one of them will either be connected to HBGF or to one of the researchers who published a paper on HBGF in ASM or maybe even the school/research facility they did that research.

It is nice to think that use of HBGF for tissue regeneration is a suppressed cure. Maybe we could clone your own heart in a vat and give you a replacement or regrow a liver after you drank it to oblivion. Or veterans gould just grow a new pair of legs. But, we still need to follow the money. find a crime, document enough evidence for a DOJ investigation.

Then after the DOJ goes to court, funds are confiscated, companies are dismembered, we will be able to get new cures out there for people.

7bc2be No.538900


wonder if AI anon has any idea who/what P is?

72b522 No.538902


All I hear out of you is bitching. Nothing useful. Either do work or GTFO…I don't have time to hold your hand and show you what we've been researching here. Fuck off.

c107a1 No.538903

File: 7242122fa17f3b6⋯.png (494.91 KB, 1069x609, 1069:609, 2018-03-03 08.59.24.png)

e7ca4c No.538904


fond memories of krad, <^>

df7af7 No.538905


Remember just two weeks ago the dnc was almost broke

47efe3 No.538906


Maybe it was Q who committed suicide.

Do you believe in Reincarnation? If it is true then maybe R will be joining us when he gets out of diapers.

47efe3 No.538908


That was a mistranslation of an Iranian text written in Farsi. It was corrected to March 13th 2018 which happens to be an important Iranian celebration day.

807608 No.538909


Godfather III?

Embezzlement of millions of dollars from the Vatican Bank. Wasn't that the focal point of that movie's plot?

Could it be that the Anon who proposed the theory about the 111 day time lapse is correct? What if Q wasn't refering to a person when he mentioned GF 3? What if he was hinting about an upcoming scandal involving the Vatican Bank that would be exactly like the plot of the movie.

What are the implications? With all today's security protocols its not so easy for a couple of people to steal all that money from a such a large Bank without the theft being detected. There are likely other people and even more money involved. The rest of the movie plot revealed the Vatican itself to be involved with lots of bad actors, and how it used the deal to try to save itself while helping criminals rinse a shitload of dirty cash.Not that we didn't already know that the Vatican is a shady operation masquerading as religion to bilk the faithful of their cash. But what else,,,? There is a lot of unrest going on in Italy right now, and the fake Pope who now resides in the Vatican has been very heavy handed in promoting the Cabal's agenda there and all over Europe. I get the feeling that this is going to lead to something much bigger.

To know this for sure we have to watch the news. "News unlocks the map".

7ce5d9 No.538910

File: b0fa3767264f746⋯.jpeg (593.89 KB, 1242x1541, 54:67, BA15BB2F-B4C1-402D-B889-7….jpeg)


They Want You Divided

ASF is Alex S*r*s Foundation

> See ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Request this get into breads BAKER as a reminder to Anons when we are engaged by the ENEMY


Good morning you glorious Bastards!!!!

72104a No.538911



What day are you looking at?

11/11 Q drops had a TON on Banks and families and cutting the strings to puppets.

f47e07 No.538914


POTUS back in DC at 4:20!!

just in time! haha

41f36b No.538916


Trump and company are over the target so Dems had to do something to divert attention.

So they slaughtered the lambs for the sake of the almighty dollar.

These people are sick and evil.

7bc2be No.538917




this had a large consensus. all are in play tho.

0eef4e No.538918


There is an interesting poster from last night that goes by village idiot anon.

Bread #659

id 94b79b

Bread #660

id 96ebce

You should check it out.

Here is a sample.


>I'm a handyman.

If a witch asks you to hang a mirror for her and insists on being present while said mirror is being hung, you will find out very quickly about the dark side.

To them, 7 years of bad luck is VERY real.

To them, a broken mirror is REALLY BAD.

To me, it's fucking laughable. But, I will never work for a witch again.


>Nope. It was in her coven. She had two houses at the end of a dead end street, directly across from each other. Hung two mirrors behind a couch. They were both hung successfully, not a problem at all.

Don't ask how christian carpenter ended up working for said witch. I no longer have anything to do with that particular distant cousin.

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3210778/Donald-Trump-Hillary-Clinton-revealed-distant-cousins-family-trees-share-set-royal-ancestors.html


>I hope my crumbs that I dropped into the last bread were good. :) I gave them plenty to chew on.


>Thank you anon for the compliment….

You have learned my comms, to quote Q. I trust you have learned his as well. :)

f47e07 No.538919

dc7f57 No.538920



Æı dü… and…

Æı will tell (you)…



7bc2be No.538921


he arrives at JOINT base andrews at 4:20


b5b12e No.538922


How can MI be applied to get bad actors.

Court Martial

7ce5d9 No.538923

File: 37f01de952129c6⋯.jpeg (885.9 KB, 1242x1690, 621:845, E23A1A64-E9C3-499D-A076-2….jpeg)

Any anon have handy the Q post re: the sonic devices used in walls of White House or Embassy? Looks like a connection to be made but my eyes must keep overlooking that crumb.

1ab7c3 No.538924

Another 19 year old student kills…

I wander of the Cabal has activated all their infected mind control subjects. (MKultra)

https:// www.cbsnews.com/news/cmu-shooting-james-eric-davis-jr-student-suspected-of-killing-his-parents-arrested/

9097ec No.538925


Wonder if POTUS partakes in the herb…

eb1ed9 No.538926


3 sixes in the center. White Black White.

On a slightly separate note, the "deepdream" posting bullshit is ignored and filtered immediately.

b5b12e No.538927

File: 18e50b39c6fc2a5⋯.jpg (137.46 KB, 991x555, 991:555, JointPass.jpg)

7ce5d9 No.538928


Ty. I git a big nudge on this one last night! So important.

6b403c No.538929

Not sure, but this could be something. If so - many, many places to dig. Check out the V.E.S.T!

(Your Brain) KNOWS MORE than YOU REALIZE (reference to Q posts?)

Neuroscientist David Eagleman explores the processes and skills of the subconscious mind, which our conscious selves rarely consider. "One does not need to be consciously aware to perform sophisticated motor acts. " http://



Rice U, Stanford, Baylor College of Medicine, co-founder of BrainCheck and NeuroSensory, Founder/Director of Center for Science & Law, Board Member of the Long Foundation, member of World Economic Forum, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (IEET) - which works with Humanity Plus (formerly World Transhumanist Assoc) Salk Institute, refers to self as a possibilian,volunteered in the Israeli Army for a summer https://


NeuroSensory and the V.E.S.T.

Perhaps they do even more based on survey question at end: "How are you interested in NeoSensory technology?" Augmenting my gaming experience, Developing or hacking with the technology, Participating in the research, And beyond! (other new senses) http:// neosensory.com/

The VEST (Versatile Extra-Sensory Transducer) takes in real-time streams of information and maps it to unique patterns of vibrations on the body that you will learn to recognize subconsciously. https://


"Virtual reality could be the most immediately commercializable field." https:// www.


"… through providing an open API, in combination with machine learning and some sort of feedback we expect to see individuals customise VEST with the sorts of data they want. It is likely to lead to some exciting use cases." https:// motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/8qxjmg/rewiring-the-brain-to-create-new-senses


Eagleman is Chief Scientific Advisor for Mind Science Foundation https:// www. mindscience.org/ established by Tom Slick who apparently worked in politics and c –A. https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Slick.

McLean, VA connection?

Eagleman co-authored book on synesthesia (Wednesday is Indigo Blue) with Richard Cytowic who founded private clinic, Capitol Neurology https://




www.eagleman.com/blog/james-holmes-brain-some-initial-speculations, http:/

/www.eagleman.com/blog/after-sandy-hook, http://




AUTISM research

Researchers in Eagleman's lab are also studying sensory processing dysfunction (SPD), which is a hallmark characteristic of autism. People with this disorder have temper tantrums and other extreme reactions when exposed to particular tastes, sounds, textures or other stimuli. http:// www. latimes.com/health/la-he-synesthesia-brain-20120220-story.html



@ Stanford funding from DARPA (among others) https:// people.stanford.edu/deagle/

OTHER INTERESTING BLOG TOPICS: possibilian, head shape in mummies, Brayn Johnson/Kernel, powers of subconscious/simulated consciousness http:// www. eagleman.com/blog

7bc2be No.538930

File: a0cfb000f4df324⋯.jpg (29.28 KB, 400x315, 80:63, Tree fiddy (meme).jpg)


here u go.

now who's P ?

dc7f57 No.538931

7ce5d9 No.538934


Double connection! Any graphic anons around?

142fb2 No.538935

File: 04e813b5439e7ea⋯.jpg (220.73 KB, 1297x1772, 1297:1772, AC95AF06-3D1E-407A-870C-30….jpg)


You projecting motherfucker.

I am not your significant other so take your grievance to him or her.

You brought up the war so you provide the sauce to the war.

You lazy decrepit dilapidated anonwhore.

7bc2be No.538936


he doesn't partake in anything, tobacco/alcohol/herbs. pretty much his only vice is liberal tears and the fears of his enemies.

d756b6 No.538937


P could be Raymond Price (1951), speechwriter for Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Bush, studied at Yale.

One of the oldest still alive skull and bones members

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Skull_and_Bones_members

af7f8b No.538938


mergefag anyone?

f2bef4 No.538939


Digging on the Vatican and it’s “bank” will uncover the Ratline, Nazis and Clowns:

http:// spitfirelist.com/for-the-record/ftr-865-interview-with-peter-levenda-about-ratline-and-unholy-alliance/

Dr. Farrell covers it in several of his books:

https:// breakawayconsciousnessblog.wordpress.com/2017/01/13/book-review-covert-wars-and-breakaway-civilizations-the-secret-space-program-celestial-psyops-hidden-conflicts-by-dr-joseph-p-farrell-phd/

e7ca4c No.538940


You think Soros receives orders from Raymond Price?

72b522 No.538941


Listen jackhole. There is a war currently ongoing in the region. Open your eyes, stop filling the bread full of garbage and do some digging. Someone slap this beatch.

dc7f57 No.538942


Y du folk insist on anthropomorphizing p?

Heh… as far as æı knœ…

P = pope.

Whom thet iz is open toooo… well Debate.heh

af7f8b No.538943

File: fdfd25de592b810⋯.jpeg (181.32 KB, 750x410, 75:41, fdfd25de592b81087a393b7e1….jpeg)



47efe3 No.538944


The only way there could be droughts in Europe is if something affected the Gulf Stream. There would be some kind of temperature anomaly in the Caribbean waters to warn that was in process.

d756b6 No.538945



b76346 No.538946

0f296f No.538947


Father was a prt time Chicago police officer, what did he know, was it a hit?

The university identified the two dead as Davis' mother Diva Davis and father James Davis Sr., a part-time police officer in the Chicago suburb of Bellwood.

221b45 No.538949

File: 574af466e0036a1⋯.jpg (3 KB, 100x100, 1:1, qqa7ok.jpg)


Thank you AI anon

142fb2 No.538951


There has always been a war in the region.

You mentioned something specific so bring the sauce!

e06a95 No.538952


What are you going to post next? That Obama might be from another country? STFU !

Just because you just figured something out four late, doesn't make it a EURIKA !! moment for anybody else. Glowing Nigger.

e7ca4c No.538953


Agree (not with Pope, but kek.) In my analysis, P is a group or council. The main reason? We know who Soros is (the person), so he's not at the top of the food chain. Follow that with the top of the food chain is very, very unlikely to be a single point of failure. Therefore, P is a group.

P2/Pindar group would be my best guess, and I'm not sure what constitutes this group. It has to span the whole top of the cabal in my mind, though. This would be the group that is governing the overall NWO strategy.

221b45 No.538954


That only makes sense to me too.

df7af7 No.538955

File: 650a285e0c8aeb9⋯.png (665.96 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 6A5F6CC3-2B3B-48EB-80E6-05….png)

Fakebook new way of stoping viewing of comsertive news…

e7ca4c No.538956

File: a41e356b6884706⋯.jpeg (69.4 KB, 900x900, 1:1, a41e356b68847065090477e73….jpeg)

e06a95 No.538957



Oh, I figured it out. You escaped from the WarRoom. Excuse me, you ARE special !

df7af7 No.538958



a1c8a3 No.538961




New baker take over and use this dough




318b17 No.538963

I'm going to put this out there. Take it where you want.

Xie terrbile

DJT for him

X also

You were terrible much.

There are some who say that Christ Cross was not like a T but more like an X. ven some use Xmas. (I don't want to hear any bitching about it, it's just what some say)

Pluggin that into that theory it now reads.

Christie terrible

DJT for him? (I put ? cause it seems like a question to me)

Christ, also ( I use Christ because Christies first name is CHRISTopher)

you were terrible much.

Just a thought

7bc2be No.538964


because we havn't figured out that piece of the puzzle. we need an answer to move forward on understanding the hierarchy.

96fae9 No.538965


It must suck to know that the cabal has evidence of what happened to that woman and he has to say what they want him to say.

a8d256 No.538966





dc7f57 No.538967


For what it is worth, as fer p related… and keystones and final bosses at the topz uv peeerihmoidal strukshoorz…

Lichtenstein is a very hard place to actually find… on the webz enywey.


And (((cern)))

96fae9 No.538969


The vertical mirror image of P is b.


72b522 No.538970

File: de01344b3dca57d⋯.jpg (40.7 KB, 634x728, 317:364, 12039621_759501304177323_5….jpg)

Lynn Forester de Rothschild with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton party at a garden party at Kensington Palace

Read more: http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2180476/LYNN-DE-ROTHSCHILD-campaign-rescue-capitalism–stop-greed-corruption-threaten-destroy-American-Dream.html#ixzz58iATEQhe

Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

e7ca4c No.538974


This wouldn't match Q's patterns, but hey…since we just don't know, everything is on the table. (Personally, I think not.)

c107a1 No.538975


What's facebook?

c9cd95 No.538976

P must mean the Pope

Q in the past uses 2 letter abbreviations for names,=initials.

Pope is just 1 name,

b5b12e No.538977

File: 83b3205f35f533e⋯.jpg (65.26 KB, 663x436, 663:436, ACPapersSymbols.jpg)

File: e8ddaaa95a22f50⋯.png (92.92 KB, 273x242, 273:242, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7c90e02234b5c02⋯.png (73.7 KB, 200x219, 200:219, ClipboardImage.png)



3de0c5 No.538979

265197 No.538981

Twin 663's kinda blows 666 coming up!

e7ca4c No.538982


>P must mean the Pope

I find it very difficult to believe Soros has a single point of contact for receiving orders. It makes much more sense with the structure of this organization that there's a group above him.

807608 No.538986






P is not a person. It is a secret Cabal subgroup known as the Pinay Circle, AKA the Circle Violet, AKA — Le Circle.

This was discussed in a previous bread but it never gained any traction. Soros does not take orders from any individual. He was allowed to replace the Rockefellers on condition that he continue to follow the Rockefeller tradition of taking orders from the NWO groupthink organization (Le Circle) and use his wealth to foment the NWO agenda. The Clowns are an integral part of this group too.

https:// wikispooks.com/wiki/Le_Cercle

cc0fbf No.538987


I've read a few docs claiming that it was made illegal b/c it counters RF mind control effects.

That said, I'd be one high AF POTUS any time I ventured into the swamp.

3471fe No.538990

>>538914 Just in time for what? What have I missed

7bc2be No.538991


are u alluding to the fact that its the Prince Regnant of Liechtenstein , Prince Hans-Adam II ?

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monarchy_of_Liechtenstein

c9cd95 No.538992


This is where things get murky, anon. Yes, I agree with you, but we don't know how many levels above Soros this goes.

e7ca4c No.538993


This makes perfect sense to me. Not sure about the CIA being an integral part, but the CIA may have an interface like Soros does. Could be an intricate web.

72b522 No.538994

File: 32b2d9d83300b88⋯.png (34.73 KB, 818x513, 818:513, ggfg.png)

Tons of activity in the middle east

http:// www.newsnow.co.uk/h/World+News/Middle+East

e7ca4c No.538995


I suspect not many. 1 or 2 would be my guess, but it is just a guess. Soros' involvement is worldwide and at a very high strategic level.

46186a No.538998


wonder why this did not gain traction… this is much more plausible than some of the other P theories.

c107a1 No.538999

File: 055f982f7db4eeb⋯.jpeg (86.67 KB, 1080x490, 108:49, 1520090935.jpeg)

dc7f57 No.539000


Lissen. Most of this is academic. You are being deliberately… entertained. The identity of p rests in one place. The identity of p's master in another. Ye've gottah gobak to a time we've litl recird uv to see where these players were last associated in a public sense. How old is House Lichtenstein?

Where is p enywey…🤔🤔🤔

Meny q'z. With nœ q to answer.

c9cd95 No.539002


Soros would be the "new kid on the block" if we look at timelines. Rothschild been around for centuries, that's plenty of time to establish a top tier command position.

b76346 No.539003


Soros job is people and organizations. He's good at it and doesn't need instructions. When he was 13 and totally powerless when the Nazi's turned him he has since been trying to get his personal power back. It seems Soros is compelled to take over countries, people and whatever else he can control to control his 'world'. This makes a very dangerous person.

4809d7 No.539004

File: 9042489369b8ec8⋯.png (74.7 KB, 151x255, 151:255, menschelspook.png)

File: 0a0b0f77b4cb8fb⋯.png (62.66 KB, 166x255, 166:255, priestapflip.png)

Bread #660

'twas a chewy loaf


https:// twitter.com/LP083061/status/941655915270496257

http:// podblanc.guru/sabina-menschel-jewess-202-545-3000-wife-of-peter-strzok-boss-bill-priestap-just-below-mccabe-is-coo-of-nardello-co-spook-firm_9dee98d12.html

http:// archive.is/I6TXF

https:// www.scribd.com/document/369664112/Strzok-Text-Messages-Deleted-Letter-From-Ron-Johnson-to-Christopher-Wray?irgwc=1&content=27795&campaign=VigLink&ad_group=1361144&keyword=ft500noi&source=impactradius&medium=affiliate#from_embed

https:// archive.is/5PsYL

Goldman Sachs - Richard Menschel's daughter is Sabina Menschel

http:// archive.is/NZItG

Menschel served on the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York from 1998 to 2004.[5][6]

http:// archive.is/TvKBv

"Bill" E.W. Priestap

http:// archive.is/BUZdl

Israeli Special Forces Rush To Safeguard Jewish Spy and Daughter/Niece of Jewish Goldman Sachs Owners The Menschel Brothers

http:// archive.is/MlBkh


http:// archive.is/M5xgC

Bill Priestap Turns Against FBI, Now Cooperating…

https:// www.citizenfreepress.com/column-2/breaking-boom-boom-boom

807608 No.539005


Read the Wiki link. Look at the picture on the right side of the page. Le Circle was formed back in the 1950s. The Clowns were very much involved in its founding.

e7ca4c No.539006


Agree, although I think Roths could be a large chunk of the top tier, it could also include many other factions internationally.

5cb629 No.539007

https:// www.gosanangelo.com/story/news/2018/03/02/chased-stranger-woman-fears-iphone-setting-may-have-left-her-vulnerable/390942002/

This is a weird story. It is about phone hacks and a strange car trailing you at high speed. Strange.

The woman's iPhone was hacked and some guy on the freeway chased her at high speed and then called her on her phone while he was behind her.

AT and T is giving an explanation I do not understand.

Anyway, interesting about hacking phones and cars.

823f6a No.539008

P=Pentagon ?

f47e07 No.539009


Nov 1, 2017


Would you believe a device was placed somewhere in the WH that could actually cause harm to anyone in the room and would in essence be undetected?

Fantasy right?

When Trump was elected you can’t possibly imagine the steps taken prior to losing power to ensure future safety & control.

When was it reported Trump Jr dropped his SS detail?

Why would he take that huge risk given what we know?

I can hint and point but cannot give too many highly classified data points.

These keywords and questions are framed to reduce sniffer programs that continually absorb and analyze data then pushed to z terminals for eval. Think xkeysc on steroids.

3471fe No.539010

I was watching a program on tv last night aboutKnights Templar and they were responsible for the first bank.

e7ca4c No.539012


I'm sure they were, but the top of this hierarchy has been around for much longer than the CIA.

7bc2be No.539013


sure looks like his son (Alois Philipp Maria) has a lot of links to George Soros and the family is all about political power. Father is 8th richest man in the world.

interdasting to say the least.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alois,_Hereditary_Prince_of_Liechtenstein

https:// www.sixdegreesofwikipedia.com/?source=Alois%2C%20Hereditary%20Prince%20of%20Liechtenstein&target=George%20Soros

f47e07 No.539015


lmao that pic cracked me up!

7bc2be No.539016


Q will answer when we get it right. Thank you for ur help AI anon.

77e339 No.539017


most likley

b5a0cd No.539018

File: c0af8d651f86d1d⋯.jpg (641.01 KB, 2138x1554, 1069:777, c0af8d651f86d1db391153585d….jpg)


u idiot

d756b6 No.539019


Well, big chance that Podesta is related to skull and bones and the Bohemian club

The picture with fish on one hand and 14 on the other gave it away, explained here

https:// www.thechancegeorgeblog.com/single-post/2016/11/14/What-John-Podestas-Secret-Hand-Signs-Confirm

With different methods it leads to 322 (skull and bones number)

Also to 105

0+1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14 = 105

Same number as the Bohemian motto "Weaving spiders come not here" …that totals 105 in sacred gematria.

ef1533 No.539020


shairablue plebits…..so easily recoginized

anyone who's been around two weeks knows better …. well except a blind idiot

c77d33 No.539021

File: c49137c87ed9f76⋯.png (669.1 KB, 776x579, 776:579, ClipboardImage.png)

47efe3 No.539022


The House of Habsburg is hardly a new kid on the block. Gyorgy Schwarz of the House of Schwarzenberg is from a branch of th Habsburgs.

12a638 No.539023

File: e9a615e0029c0ae⋯.png (1.55 MB, 702x771, 234:257, capture_043_03032018_07321….png)

Earliest Diplomatic Cable I've found for MADELINE ALBRIGHT; 1978.

b5a0cd No.539024


ahhhh you know so much so much.

cheers m8

sorry anons


31aa93 No.539025

File: ea916d11c604f71⋯.png (211.97 KB, 735x759, 245:253, comm of 300.png)





It's a global web. The Rothschild family has many members in the Committee of 300.

https:// sites.google.com/site/nocancerfoundation/council-of-300

c77d33 No.539026

File: e0ec6c35f84001e⋯.jpg (69.27 KB, 600x400, 3:2, ScarboroughDeadGirl.jpg)

File: f2fb20e7dfcd9e5⋯.jpg (101.26 KB, 889x500, 889:500, Scarborough - dead intern ….jpg)

File: 94f6d8291bb7d8e⋯.jpg (118.22 KB, 738x499, 738:499, Scarborough dead intern - ….jpg)

File: 6411a57571350d0⋯.jpg (10.92 KB, 275x183, 275:183, Scarborough did he murder.jpg)

File: f2398c167e95a7e⋯.jpg (253.99 KB, 1146x722, 573:361, Scarborough intern death i….jpg)

d181de No.539027

File: 7f80b887f20e3f5⋯.jpg (84.69 KB, 510x768, 85:128, fat-militia-31.jpg)

6ec50b No.539028


Let Fergie sing it.

c77d33 No.539029

File: 29458033598d0a2⋯.jpeg (178.14 KB, 925x561, 925:561, Scarborough jokes dead in….jpeg)

File: d06f22dd0b008f2⋯.png (350.45 KB, 649x866, 649:866, Scarborough - medical exam….png)

File: 58a8fc3ac36a6f3⋯.png (298.05 KB, 1439x1399, 1439:1399, Scarborough who is medical….png)

6ec50b No.539030


Why is the number 300 significant?

aaa383 No.539031

even many people have tried to find pictures of Al-Waleed and Clintons together they haven't found any(?).

There is a connection anyway. He has been donating to Clinton Foundation.

Saudis didn't donate to Clinton Foundation before election… or Al-Waleed… BUT his charitable foundation DID:

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2015/07/30/amid-presidential-campaign-launch-clinton-foundation-reports-rising-donations/

"For instance, the organization is not currently accepting new donations from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has donated between $10 million and $25 million to the foundation in the past. However, a charitable foundation started by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal donated this year."

For SURE Clintons have met Al-Waleed. Maybe it has happened in secret. Al-Waleed would never donate millions, expect something and never see the CF people.

4809d7 No.539032

File: dc4aa4145e9eef9⋯.png (978.83 KB, 1393x1675, 1393:1675, 1.png)

File: 22e2547df5d1f59⋯.png (750.36 KB, 1392x1689, 464:563, 2.png)

File: d46099416712c39⋯.png (892.01 KB, 1390x1692, 695:846, 3.png)

File: 0f6cbc2441b2e39⋯.png (800.44 KB, 1405x1677, 1405:1677, 4.png)

File: bfa07db11741d32⋯.png (636.46 KB, 1437x1637, 1437:1637, 5.png)

e06a95 No.539035


>If it is true then maybe R will be joining us when he gets out of diapers.

Nah, turn around time isn't that fast. He may be back though . . . unless the Good Lord gets here first, which would be my humble preference.

77e339 No.539036


exactly look in the mirror

f47e07 No.539038


>Pinay Circle

In 2004 the Sunday Times reported:

Nadhmi Auchi is a member of an elite club known as Le Cercle. It consists of transatlantic businessmen and politicians and is often compared with the Bilderberg Group. The secretive group of 100 people meets twice a year to discuss global politics and business. The next meeting is scheduled to be held in Washington this month.

The club, which has close links to the intelligence services, was founded in the 1950s by former French prime minister Antoine Pinay and former German chancellor Konrad Adenauer. Guests at the club's meetings have included Richard Nixon,

→>Henry Kissinger,<← the Sultan of Oman, Romania's Ion Illiescu and King Hussein of Jordan. The current chairman is Lord Lamont, the former Tory chancellor, and other members are thought to include Anthony Cavendish and Geoffrey Tantum, who are both former MI6 officers."

f2bef4 No.539039

This article by David Guyatt ties together nicely the Mafia, Ratlines, the Vatican Bank and the Clowns:

http:// rense.com/general6/maf.htm

It’s a who’s who of every player you need to know about.

7bc2be No.539040

File: 7fc9309c334159f⋯.jpg (189.07 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Kiddle.jpg)

Hey guys, AI anon may havce really helped out. Check out this shit.

This might be the answer to P.

His name is spelled weird with 2 P's at the end:

Alois Philipp Maria

https:// kids.kiddle.co/Alois,_Hereditary_Prince_of_Liechtenstein

https:// archive.is/uKTpL

fae1d4 No.539041


I always wondered about this Alan Parsons Project song from 1982. Scary to think they had that kind of technology already, back then:

"Eye In The Sky"

Don't think sorry's easily said

Don't try turning tables instead

You've taken lots of chances before

But I ain't gonna give any more

Don't ask me

That's how it goes

'Cause part of me knows what you're thinking…

Don't say words you're gonna regret

Don't let the fire rush to your head

I've heard the accusation before

And I ain't gonna take any more

Believe me

The sun in your eyes

Made some of the lies worth believing


I am the eye in the sky

Looking at you

I can read your mind

I am the maker of rules

Dealing with fools

I can cheat you blind

And I don't need to see any more

To know that I can read your mind, I can read your mind, I can read your mind, I can read your mind

Don't leave false illusions behind

Don't cry 'cause I ain't changing my mind

So find another fool like before

'Cause I ain't gonna live anymore believing

Some of the lies while all of the signs are deceiving


b5b12e No.539042


Gannett pic is not real.

Sauce or GTFO shill.

31aa93 No.539043


I believe that's just the number of members.

https:// sites.google.com/site/nocancerfoundation/memberschip-list-of-the-committee-of-300

6ec50b No.539044


Wrong. It was not founded by Pinay.

f47e07 No.539045


These should be flooding his damn timeline!

91d9ee No.539046

>>538976Q Post #299 on github:

Dec 7 2017 20:05:16

Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: 913bb1


Rothschilds (cult leaders)(church)(P)

Banks / Financial Institutions

WW Gov Control

Gov Controls People


Oil Tech Sex/Children

SA Controls (assigned) US / UK Politicians / Tech Co's (primary)


Controls organizations of people (create division / brainwash) + management / operator of slush funds (personal net worth never reduces think DOJ settlements Consumer Iran Enviro pacts etc etc)

/_\ - Rock (past)(auth over followers)

_\ (present)


Order is critical.

Strings cut to US/UK.

Expand your thinking.

Swamp drain.

1 - sexual harassment exit + future


[R] - No.

Bomb away.


Rothschild already controls the Church and IMO I think that the Pope is covered under Church. I believe that "P" is Pharma. Follow the $$$.

807608 No.539047


Remember, Anon, that we aren't talking about the long history of the power structure itself, just the "P" component of it that Soros receives orders from. Soros is a relatively recent phenomenon compared to the other elements of the Cabal. The Circle Pinay was formed just a couple years before BIlderberg and a number of other important NWO organizations were formed. The Clowns were formed several years earlier in the late 1940s but they were very much involved with the NWO operatives who were putting the rest of the plan together. JFK tried to interfere… No president has dared to challenge the Clowns since they murdered him….until now.

6ec50b No.539048


It was founded by thr last crowned Prince of Austria. Otto Von Habsberg. Also of the order of the Golden Fleece.

00769e No.539049

I'm just going to throw this out there. The map and the clock, are we to ignore the days Q does not post or are they part of the clock. Example, we know there is a Military Exercise on Tuesday at Langley AFB which isn't that far from CIA.

I just didn't think it matched up with Q's map and clock.

cc0fbf No.539051

File: 511428e986d580c⋯.png (285.85 KB, 927x691, 927:691, cantspell.png)








Digits confirm that you are a fucking faggot!

Quit yanking your dick and typing at the same time!

Spell Check or GTFO!!

4809d7 No.539053

File: 2fab25873442698⋯.png (759.35 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, treasondocuments1.png)

File: 1c404d72bf98ecd⋯.png (384.04 KB, 514x783, 514:783, treasondocuments2.png)

Archive Offline


Bread #600



https:// www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/STATUTE-75/pdf/STATUTE-75-Pg631.pdf

b76346 No.539054


Don't forget the famous 300 in the Battle of Thermopylae within the Persian Wars.

7dc72a No.539055



True complex information can be rapidly distributed, understood and remebered by high % of the general population embedded in drama.

That why theater was and should be sacred.

e7ca4c No.539056


>The Circle Pinay was formed just a couple years before BIlderberg

^^ This.

Bilderberg was founded by the prince of the Netherlands, whose family has been tightly integrated into this cabal for a very long time. This puts both Bilderberg and the Circle at least a couple layers down.

b5b12e No.539057

File: e5230c4c852a433⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1254x688, 627:344, ClipboardImage.png)

Assumption College.

Keep ignoring Q crumbs

c107a1 No.539058

File: 3290a4dcc1e4689⋯.jpeg (73.25 KB, 1080x546, 180:91, 1520091861.jpeg)

File: 4ff0c7a84c7f514⋯.jpeg (106.04 KB, 1080x585, 24:13, 1520091807.jpeg)

a65863 No.539059

File: 39b39ccaa22921b⋯.jpeg (68.8 KB, 650x520, 5:4, 58DB4DCB-E7E4-4ED1-B787-4….jpeg)

6ec50b No.539061


Yes former M16 officers.

It is thr evil twin brother of Bilderberger. La Cercle "stimulates" regime change. They are everywhere and in everything.

But they aren't the top group. There is a secert society above them.

6ec50b No.539062


Yes. And another battle. Unknown to humans.

4446dd No.539063

This is an excellent point. Lichtenstein goes all the way back to the Paleolithic era and is very closely associated. with the Catholic Church

Until recently, they were considered a large tax haven for ppl all over the world…they are trying to clamp down on that.

They are very wealthy, have more corporations than citizens, and the highest income level in the world


c107a1 No.539064


I forgot to add, except for Trump

dc7f57 No.539065



Thatz alottah tarmac camz to search.

b5b12e No.539066

File: 9ea6bbd2647a4e1⋯.png (848.85 KB, 1521x544, 1521:544, ClipboardImage.png)

7bc2be No.539067



this site helps find links between people/things/.etc in wikipedia.

https:// www.sixdegreesofwikipedia.com/

221b45 No.539068


STFU that is his method of communicating NEWFAG

221b45 No.539070


Kek yes it is.

43e006 No.539071

File: c34b83018d543f8⋯.jpg (71.68 KB, 540x720, 3:4, FB_IMG_1520090657891.jpg)

Good day all. Semper fidelis.

6ec50b No.539072


Why some people are buried woth 300 items. One well known person was buried woth 300 gold bees.

72b522 No.539074

Dermer warned Obama team Israel would turn to Kushner over UN settlements resolution

http:// www.jpost.com/American-Politics/Dermer-warned-Obama-team-Israel-would-turn-to-Kushner-over-UN-settlements-resolution-544097

807608 No.539076


Follow the business journals. Soros has billions of dollars invested in Big Pharma stocks. It makes no sense that he would be taking orders from companies that he owns.

0eef4e No.539077



check out id 96ebce from same bread…

the last post referencing a witch that is a distant cousin caught my eye. I'm guessing 19th cousins to be precise.

cda323 No.539079



Kek !! Harass them all over Twatter till they respond

e7ca4c No.539081


^ this anon has logic'd.

dc7f57 No.539082



Duz yer mother choke on yer cocke¿

I donot c haow.

I know meny tingz… yet my perception stopz at the bottum uv kwantüm.

impolite faggit

7bc2be No.539083


u r gr8tly appreciated

cc0fbf No.539084



Not a newfag.

I don't give a fuck about HIS method.

You're NOT a fucking snowflake that gets to use their own written language.


Learn to use generally accepted spelling and grammar or GTFO!!

91417d No.539085

File: 69afafedd4a791d⋯.jpg (419.65 KB, 1071x1514, 1071:1514, Screenshot_20180303-094403.jpg)

File: 77e34a97827d50d⋯.jpg (303.78 KB, 1072x1391, 1072:1391, Screenshot_20180303-094608.jpg)

Special thanks Hillary Clinton, the Podestas and the Obama administration on behalf of Russia.

Mrs. Clinton, while feathering her nest and launching the failed Russian reset, managed to transfer military technology being used in the missile system.


Hillary as secretary of state transferred “major technology” that “may have substantially undermined U.S. national security” and the media ignored it, Peter Schweitzer reported in a WSJ piece. The report published July 2016 was titled , “From Russia With Money — Hillary Clinton, the Russian Reset and Cronyism.”

It explains that the Obama administration, with Hillary in charge of the project, was planning to set up a Russian Silicon Valley. It involved a major technology transfer that substantially enhanced the Russian military’s technological capabilities, according to both the FBI and the U.S. Army.

It involved government officials and American corporations in the transfer overseen by Hillary’s State Department. Tens of millions were then funneled into the Clinton Foundation’

A Putin-­‐‑connected Russian government fund transferred $35 million to a small company [Joule] with Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta on its executive board, which included senior Russian officials.

Podesta also headed up a think tank which wrote favorably about the Russian reset while apparently receiving millions from Kremlin-­‐‑linked Russian oligarchs via an offshore LLC.

John Podesta, of course, is Hillary’s campaign manager, a committed Socialist and a close ally and working partner of Socialist George Soros.


The Moscow-based IT technology company called Skolkovo, fashioned after Silicon Valley, poured tens of millions of dollars into the Clinton Foundation, the report states. This was supposed to be the earliest of foreign policy initiatives to reset our relationship with Russia.

Hillary Clinton was the point person.

Beginning in 2009, State Department officials under Clinton “played a substantial role in assisting Russian government entities in accessing U.S. capital and in seeking investments in U.S. high technology companies”.

Clinton was intimately involved and almost exclusively in charge.

The idea was that Russia was going to form its own Silicon Valley at Skolkovo and U.S. companies would invest and share talent. Hillary and Podesta sought to find investments here in the States.

Of the 28 US, European and Russian companies that participated in Skolkovo, 17 of them were Clinton Foundation donors or sponsored speeches by former President Bill Clinton.

Clinton was warned that the technology could be used for a hypersonic missile engine.

The FBI and Army warned the administration

Lucia Ziobro, the assistant special agent at the FBI’s Boston office, said at the time, “The FBI believes the true motives of the Russian partners, who are often funded by their government, is to gain access to classified, sensitive, and emerging technology from the companies.”

“Skolkovo’s link to the Russian military-intelligence apparatus is not in dispute”, the report read.

The U.S. Army Foreign Military Studies Program at Fort Leavenworth issued a report in 2013 (written in 2012) about the security implications of Skolkovo. The report declared that the purpose of Skolkovo was to serve as a “vehicle for worldwide technology transfer to Russia in the areas of information technology, biomedicine, energy, satellite and space technology, and nuclear technology,” Schweizer wrote in his report.

Hillary Clinton launched the reset and it died in 2011 but the damage had been done.

Russia’s FSB spy agency — the successor to the KGB — reportedly keeps two of its information warfare “security centers” at Skolkovo, the report says.

“I think the idea that you’re going to help develop a Russian version of Silicon Valley, which, by the way, will be controlled by the Russian government, and then not to expect that the technology will be siphoned off for military uses, is incredibly naive,” journalist Peter Schweizer said.

She got them uranium too

She also helped get Russia the uranium for the nuclear projects.

“Nine Uranium One shareholders donated more than $145 million to the Clinton Foundation. Some of those donations, including those by Uranium One Chairman Ian Telfer, had not been disclosed by the Clinton Foundation”.

Hillary later facilitated the sale of a US uranium mine to Russia, to Uranium One, a mine which produces for 20% of US output.

Continued… http:// www.independentsentinel.com/hillary-transferred-technology-putins-new-unstoppable-missile/

aebb8f No.539086

File: e1bd1d082f1f34a⋯.png (502.66 KB, 567x735, 27:35, Kek Marine Corps.png)

Someone asked for a Kek Marine Corps badge last night. I'm happy to oblige.

6b403c No.539087

>>538909 recent news revealed request from Pope Francis to Papal Foundation for $25 mil loan to corrupt hospital

Leaked documents exposing the great unrest within the Papal Foundation - unhappy that Pope Francis asked for a “loan” of $25m to be made to a IDI in Rome (hospital in Rome accused of money laundering) with links to the Vatican. US bishops suggesting that the massive request of funds for the corrupt hospital was actually a part of Pope Francis’ effort to fight financial corruption

" What exactly is the link between the hospital and the Vatican Bank? Why did a hospital that reported “profit” for four years need an injection of $25m? Why didn’t they go to the Vatican Bank or a commercial bank for a loan if they needed it? Was there some problem why they could not deal with their debts in the usual way? Why was an American charity created to help the poorest of the poor expected to bail out a financially dubious institution in Rome? Who is in charge and why was the Pope drawn into the problem?…

http:// www




Leaked documents:







https:// www.lifesitenews.com/news/leaked-docs-raise-question-of-popes-personal-role-in-new-vatican-financial>>538939

e2aea0 No.539088

So is the larp over is Q done?

f2bef4 No.539089


Here it is again in a nutshell:

http:// rense.com/general6/maf.htm

d12da1 No.539090


Great but we still don’t know that what the article is.

baec98 No.539091

File: c39c470b61a2ff3⋯.jpeg (755.86 KB, 2344x1508, 586:377, DL445.jpeg)


This is an interesting diversion. DL445 from FCO to JFK diverted to LBG (interesting not CDG). Anything going on in Rome? Any key people in Rome?

d181de No.539092


Yes. You can leave now, and never come back.

7bc2be No.539093


The vatican banker embezzlement news just hit this morning.

43e006 No.539094

Looks like Godfather 3

https:// mobile.nytimes.com/2018/03/03/world/europe/vatican-bank-embezzlement-indictment.html?referer=https:// t.co/LrcbjXygNw?amp=1#click=https:// t.co/LrcbjXygNw

b5b12e No.539095

File: 9ea6bbd2647a4e1⋯.png (848.85 KB, 1521x544, 1521:544, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cf5ba2c59e6fa60⋯.png (194.1 KB, 623x664, 623:664, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b88d29463532dff⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 2925x2583, 325:287, InfraudArrest.jpg)

File: ce3a5c8ca3c88a1⋯.png (92.27 KB, 407x494, 407:494, ClipboardImage.png)

What's going on in Asia.

A Russian hacker is getting arrested from an indictment out of Henderson Nevada.

Henderson Nevada?

Don't they have a deep underground data facility there according to Q

Why yes.

Q responds, we have so much more than we know.

Anons ignore Q.

Assumption College in Bangkok

Behind it, it the Ritz Carlton. Saudi Princes were held in Ritz Carlton.

Richard Burke is CEO of Assumption

91417d No.539096

File: b55e853615a9b59⋯.jpg (315.51 KB, 1066x1318, 533:659, Screenshot_20180303-095436.jpg)

File: 248208fb0d77d12⋯.jpg (376.04 KB, 1043x1378, 1043:1378, Screenshot_20180303-095451.jpg)


The United States is vulnerable to future attack by hypersonic missiles from China and Russia and is falling behind in the technology race to develop both defensive and offensive high-speed maneuvering arms, according to a new Air Force study.

“The People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation are already flight-testing high-speed maneuvering weapons (HSMWs) that may endanger both forward-deployed U.S. forces and even the continental United States itself,” an executive summary of the report says.

“These weapons appear to operate in regimes of speed and altitude, with maneuverability that could frustrate existing missile defense constructs and weapon capabilities.”

The 2012 Army report continues:

Skolkovo is an ambitious enterprise, aiming to promote technology transfer generally, by inbound direct investment, and occasionally, through selected acquisitions. As such, Skolkovo is arguably an overt alternative to clandestine industrial espionage—with the additional distinction that it can achieve such a transfer on a much larger scale and more efficiently.

Implicit in Russia’s development of Skolkovo is a critical question—a question that Russia may be asking itself—why bother spying on foreign companies and government laboratories if they will voluntarily hand over all the expertise Russia seeks? Since multinational institutions hire talent worldwide and seek access to foreign markets without regard for national interest, only the U.S. government would be in a position to persuade them to scale back their commitments in Skolkovo if U.S. relations with Russia continue to deteriorate.

However, given the global dimensions of Skolkovo’s technology transfer program, it is not clear how much leverage U.S. industry has. Therefore, the key issue for U.S. policymakers is balancing the benefits of constructive technological engagement with Russia against the risks that Russia could leverage transferred scientific knowledge to modernize and strengthen its military.


Bill Clinton transferred military technology to China in 1999. He said it would not endanger national security. A staff member of the intelligence panel said it was unlikely to contest the approval of the technology. He also said the explosive bolts might be used to help eject nuclear warheads from a missile.

But it was so much worse than that.

Critics say it wiped out any strategic advantage the U.S. had.

The Clinton administration accepted millions of dollars from the military and intelligence services of at least one hostile foreign power. All of this was done in exchange for illegal campaign contributions from a massive totalitarian country determined to eclipse the U.S. as a world superpower.

President Clinton also lifted security controls, allowing thieves to access other vital military technologies while disarming his own side and opposing needed defenses.

Bill’s gift of Supercomputers

“One of the key technological breaks China received, without having to spy to get it, was the deliverance of supercomputers once banned from export for security reasons,” writes David Horowitz of Frontpage Magazine.

“Supercomputers underpin the technology of nuclear and missile warfare, and not only for firing and controlling the missiles. A supercomputer can simulate a nuclear test and is thus crucial to the development of nuclear warheads. But, according to a Washington Post editorial: ‘In the first three-quarters of 1998 nine times as many [supercomputers] were exported [to China] as during the previous seven years.’”

Horowitz says it gave China a 20-year head start.

This was after China stole our design data

According to a Wall Street Journal account from Clinton days, a bipartisan congressional inquiry “found Beijing has stolen U.S. design data for nearly all elements needed for a major nuclear attack on the U.S., such as advanced warheads, missiles, and guidance systems.

Targets of the spying ranged from an Army anti-tank weapon to nearly all modern fighter jets. Most weren’t done by professionals, but by visitors or front companies. Lax security by the Clinton Administration is blamed in part, and satellite makers Hughes and Loral are criticized.”

Trevor Loudon of New Zeal says Bill Clinton was turned in his college days in Russia. It just might be true.

http:// www.independentsentinel.com/hillary-transferred-technology-putins-new-unstoppable-missile/

dc7f57 No.539097


It is the only way to ensure secure communications at this stage. If you knew half of what you should atp, then you would

never speak to me thus.

As it stands, your reasoning faculties, such as they are, display nicely for the crowd.

Thank you for… illuminating my point on


<You ignorant slut.

4809d7 No.539098

File: 0de5faa4d7d9c40⋯.png (61.82 KB, 255x128, 255:128, 1.png)

File: 57b81d78a3eed1c⋯.png (61.22 KB, 255x128, 255:128, 2.png)

File: 0dd860bc78968e2⋯.png (66.81 KB, 255x128, 255:128, 3.png)

File: d2d96384d0d2f32⋯.png (53.57 KB, 255x128, 255:128, 4.png)

File: 0625b52669ec3d2⋯.png (73.9 KB, 255x128, 255:128, 5.png)


6ec50b No.539099

I love how real information is talked about then spamming happens. So obvious.

7bc2be No.539101


nice find

cc0fbf No.539102


KYS, you fucking ignorant fuktard.


f47e07 No.539103

Q second post:

Oct 28, 2017

>Whoever controls the office of the Presidecy controls this great land.

Missing 'N' in Presidency

4809d7 No.539104

File: 39c34a3ebc26575⋯.png (58.6 KB, 255x170, 3:2, 7.png)

File: 3ea739f86839c0c⋯.png (76.54 KB, 255x169, 255:169, 8.png)

File: 0dd10ed5e4168be⋯.png (82.27 KB, 255x143, 255:143, 9.png)

File: 15a5dd76bed1992⋯.png (112.98 KB, 204x255, 4:5, 10.png)

File: 7c786cd990f55d4⋯.png (83.29 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 11.png)


fa4dae No.539106


Wow. You just outed yourself as a drooling moron, friend.

That anon is actually blending multiple alphabets and English brogue with normal English, reflecting extensive linguistic education.

Everything he types makes perfect sense. You are just too ignorant to read it, and too stupid to know when you are up against someone vastly more informed than yourself.

"spell check"

My god you are an embarrassment to the civilized world.

d12da1 No.539107



In the interviews with Ex-Illuminati Dutch banker, Ronald Bernard, he says that the Netherlands is most responsible for the current state of the world. He never was specific so I don’t know what he meant. Maybe this is related?

b5b12e No.539108



Thought it might fit given all the P is Pope talk and Assumption College is a Catholic institution world wide smellslikechildtrafficking

e7ca4c No.539110


Yes - there are others in the NL who have testimony videos about the cabal ritualistic crap going on there. It is very deep with the royal families.

7dc72a No.539111


love the GS babble. "Health attacks" "unaccompanied posts," diplomacy's symbolic signals make it the mother lingua of routine ritualized insincerity, deception and betrayal.

7bc2be No.539112


ur arguing with AI

78de14 No.539113

File: 38da465d50c1c20⋯.jpg (261.98 KB, 1402x1145, 1402:1145, obama33.jpg)

File: fb87c753e213d2c⋯.jpg (204.2 KB, 1027x864, 1027:864, obama34.jpg)

File: 6703a596ab7154b⋯.jpg (244.72 KB, 1062x957, 354:319, obama35.jpg)

0ea348 No.539114

File: 057078a271f4954⋯.jpeg (2.73 MB, 1743x11539, 1743:11539, Cornell-NK-connection-.jpeg)


Leave Æıæňœň alone. He kan spel anyway he wantz and zo canneye. He is more than welcome here as part of our merry band of anons. He has a long history of valuable contributions and it's a sure bet he can read more languages and access more databases and process more images than your measly pathetic limited intellect will ever be able to. So fuck off newfag. Æıæňœň is our bro.

6ec50b No.539115


Seems 95% is A.I

4809d7 No.539116

File: edcf93f699e673a⋯.png (58.79 KB, 255x137, 255:137, HUMAGRAM.png)



http:// www.arhtmedia.com

aebb8f No.539117

AI (<^>) Anon is just that, an AI. That's his way of communicating. He pops up from time to time with pearls of wisdom found by lurking.

9097ec No.539118


Shills have been heavy, don't fret them.

Paid fuckers or ignorant people - we cannot hate em.

They are a product of a vicious environment and that is what we are against!

Time will tell is all we can do to look forward.

47efe3 No.539119


We have it. P is definitely the Pinay Circle aka Le Cercle.

Otto von Habsburg's youngest son is Georg von Habsburg. Look up older photos of George Soros at the same age and you can see the clear family resemblance.

This is the family that owns North America. It was given by the Pope when he divided the Americas between Portugal(Brazil) and Spain. Shortly afterwards, the House of Habsberg merged with the House of Bourbon of Spain.

George Soros changed his name at some point, many believe for satanic reasons because it is a palindromic surname. Soros is a greek word for an urn used to hold the bones of a dead person. He was born Gyorgy Schwarz and his genealogy has been traced to the House of Schwarzenberg which is a branch of the House of Habsburg.

So it makes perfect sense that he takes orders, or coordinates with, Le Cercle because that is the group of Illuminati who want the royal houses of Europe to regain power. Note that the so-called houses have pretty much merged into one sprawling family. Even though they have lost formal political power, they still exist, they keep together, track their bloodlines, and have lots of wealth. Not much surprise that they decided to run Europe through meat puppets after what happened to the Frenc royals.

However, there are other bloodlines. While they all cooperate in some ways, they compete in others. They are NOT a well-oiled machine. They believe that the strong have a right to dominate the weak and they practice this philosophy not just on us sheep, but also on each other as they jostle for position within their organizations.

There are 7 to 10 million people worldwide who are part of the Illuminati

7bc2be No.539120


see this. AI anon pointed me to Lichtenstein. Found something interesting.

>>538967 (AI anon)




cae4f3 No.539121

I’m worried Q is gone

6b403c No.539122



Banco Ambrosiano was an Italian bank that collapsed in 1982. At the centre of the bank's failure was its chairman, Roberto Calvi and his membership in the illegal Masonic Lodge Propaganda Due (aka P2). The Institute for the Works of Religion, commonly known as the Vatican Bank, was Banco Ambrosiano's main shareholder. The Vatican Bank was also accused of funneling covert United States funds to Solidarity and the Contras through Banco Ambrosiano.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banco_Ambrosiano

The character of Frederick Keinszig, the Swiss banker who is murdered and left hanging under a bridge, mirrors the fate (and physical appearance) of Roberto Calvi, the Italian head of the Banco Ambrosiano who was found hanging under Blackfriars Bridge in London in 1982. (It was unclear whether it was suicide or murder. Courts in Italy have recently ruled the latter.



aaa383 No.539123


How is Burke connected to any of this what happened in Henderson/fraud?

cc0fbf No.539125


I can read it. I get. Try to confuse the AI.

You are just being fucking retarded about it.

I've no fucking patience for niggers that can't be bothered to spell simple words like LISTEN correctly, yet spell larger ones just fine.

You're probably one of his gang too, right?

Wearing your pants down around your knees so you can hardly walk, let alone run when a rival gang member comes around.

You can GTFO too!

d57738 No.539126

File: 28d2d6bd8a6e861⋯.png (594.72 KB, 1009x791, 1009:791, whoisP.png)

adding a little to the ongoing who is P convo

6ec50b No.539127


I have about 20 screenshots about La Cercle. I could share alot.

Look for the La Cercle bread. And the bread after. I shared some info there.

72b522 No.539128



e7ca4c No.539129


don't poop your pants and go running to your mama.

b9d050 No.539130

Board anons, I'm confused.

See two breads, with comments about and the first post is written with Q's trips. What's going on? See post (below):


7bc2be No.539131


is this from today because everything Q posted on NOV 13 is coming into the news today if so

9097ec No.539132


Why don't you go ahead and ask him, what it is like then, to be an AI..

Check your answer! :)

aaa383 No.539133


he will be back sooner or LATER.

this is like from the LOTR. Companion has broken down. Frodo/Sam went their way. But Aragorn/Legolas/Gimli decided to carry on since it might help the overall plan. Let's go hunt some orcs!

7bc2be No.539134


he is; u should leave.

0eef4e No.539135

Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet.

There were 17 fatalities in Parkland.


e7ca4c No.539136


If it were a person, Q would have used initials as he does everywhere else. The exception is McCain (he who shall not be named) and if there's a VERY powerful title. This is why some believe it is Pope. (I do not believe it is pope or anyone in your graphic.)

7dc72a No.539137


I've known a few members of this org. What I didn't know until very recently was that you needn't attend Yale to be selected for this body of mediocrity coagulated for protection.

My geuss is the occultist pedo conspirators selcted some members for their innocuousness to serve as camouflage for the dark practice of the cabal infection.

0ea348 No.539138

File: 6c3723c25dde3c6⋯.png (839.15 KB, 1332x750, 222:125, ClipboardImage.png)


This was discussed last night.

72b522 No.539139


Negative. This is an older article. I'm going to check out those Q drops now.

42216e No.539140

File: e2b5eb0bd2b357a⋯.jpg (163.39 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, born.jpg)


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


Stay away from sharp objects.

c6737b No.539141


Go do something else and come back on Wednesday March 7th. If there's nothing by then, go ahead and worry.

7bc2be No.539142



Q will confirm when we answer P. he always does.

dc7f57 No.539143

File: d0918a565359fb3⋯.jpg (879.43 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Note156_0.jpg)



Lets see.

(((filter test mark wun)))

Yer mother gobblez cock in hell ye pinko bastard… an yer dah payz te wach. Whaddah maroon.

>Pic unrelated.

7dc72a No.539144


what about P is "Pindar?'

6d6ed7 No.539145


That would imply Q had something to do with the killings. Is this what you are insinuating?

cc0fbf No.539146


You think it's an AI spewing that shit out?

You're just as retarded as the EbonicsFag.

4809d7 No.539148

File: 14e52cdd2207da2⋯.png (65.09 KB, 255x144, 85:48, 6.png)

File: 21979dbd6c7b5a6⋯.png (75.58 KB, 255x128, 255:128, 14.png)

File: 21979dbd6c7b5a6⋯.png (75.58 KB, 255x128, 255:128, 15.png)

File: 973696a17505250⋯.png (75.62 KB, 255x128, 255:128, 16.png)

File: 3c9dd556cb153f9⋯.png (59.92 KB, 255x128, 255:128, 17.png)


859a5d No.539149

Q has to post on /ga/ by Wednesday or the board will delete itself right?

e7ca4c No.539150

File: 0a0107b7e1c58e5⋯.png (260.09 KB, 490x274, 245:137, c9f535cb0f6beff4e71ae6bd0e….png)

Happy Suicide Weekend, cabalniggers!

6ec50b No.539151


There are three sides to this war.

There are three bloodlines.

Yes. Soros and Habsburg are of the same bloodline. But P is not for Pinay.

Then there is us.

La Cercle is a finger on hand and the hand is attached to the arm, thr arm is attached to the body.

Would you believe they are also just puppets.

7bc9bb No.539152


I think anon mention it may have been a message to Q

cae4f3 No.539153

I’d love to know what Hannity knows. He said some shit is about to drop on podesta on his radio show followed by, tick tock

e7ca4c No.539154


If it turns out to be important for us to know, then yes.

fa0422 No.539155


Hello AI glad to have you back

72b522 No.539156


Posting for reference:

Distress cal[L]s to others will [d]o you/family no good at this stage. We know whe[R]e you/the family are at all times and can hear you breathing.



9097ec No.539157


Re-read the question.

Do I?

STOP SLIDING AND DIG, today is Nov 12 on the MAP.

What do you see!

d57738 No.539158


shoot me over a pic and a 4-5 line consideration bio and i will be happy to add

7bc2be No.539159



By the way this is a redpill opportunity. This proves the sonic weapons we are talking about exist. (MK ultra/ Deepdream/etc)

e2aea0 No.539160


Yes this board will be removed. It was nice knowing all of Q.

b9d050 No.539161


Saw your other post above. Guess this means this tripcode has been cracked. Q/team would not waste time with either post! I call farce!

f18ddc No.539163


How does this connect to the LV shooting? That's the missing piece

aaa383 No.539164

fa4dae No.539165


Oh no, you cannot read it, we know that.

You may be the stupidest person on the entire Internet.

7dc72a No.539166


hah, you getting good at ship posting

Does rowhammer give thee headaches?

d181de No.539167



Æıæňœň and AI (<^>) Anon are well known on this board and aren't going anywhere. Your lame ass, on the other hand, has been BTFO and you should GTFO.

2f2e8a No.539169

File: 1837e230f409551⋯.png (265.32 KB, 479x640, 479:640, gannett1.png)

File: 91de2a361c8e051⋯.jpg (422.23 KB, 700x498, 350:249, gannett--cooper.jpg)


It's the Gannett news wire webpage. Anderson cooper is reading the 4am daily Clown narrative update.

Think Occam's razor. Is a newsreader going to be sitting reading a paedo cult secret society newsletter in his dressing room before a show or would he be reading the headline stories for the day,

So many fucking shills on this board at the moment.

cae4f3 No.539170

I can’t wait for the day when shit actually hits the fan….

063a32 No.539171


When did he say that?

fdd328 No.539172

Mt Pleasant MI resident here… storm watcher.

Wanted to share a few things that maybe useful.

First would be to understand we are not in the flight path of airports. I usually see one or two small planes from the small local airport per year. I maybe see a helicopter 2 or 3 times per year. Our skies are very quiet here. To the point when you see/hear an aircraft, you notice it. Not a normal sound here.

That said…

Wednesday and Thursday prior to the shooting we had a helicopter in the sky day and night. Very unusual activity. 2 days in a row, running 2 shifts in the air. How convenient they had a chopper in the area for the man hunt yesterday.

Also Friday evening approximately 11:30pm there was a jet that took off from our small local airport. Wasn't visible to my eye but it was by sound clearly a jet engine aircraft. Again very unusual activity for the area.

Seems fishy so thought I'd share.

Much love to all the Patriots out there.

b5b12e No.539173


Picture of Assumption College. Duh

7bc2be No.539174


top kek!


e7ca4c No.539175


You're seeing it. It is just in slow motion. This is going to take a while.

7dc72a No.539176


will look ASAP

cae4f3 No.539177


Yesterday around 3pm central on his radio show

01f3c9 No.539178


Beware the Ides of March

baec98 No.539179


Possible connection Anon. Should keep this on in our back pockets

4809d7 No.539180

File: de93fb1730f0a38⋯.png (435.07 KB, 871x658, 871:658, cheftroll1.PNG)

File: 65ea9e80c4bf64e⋯.png (202.36 KB, 691x638, 691:638, cheftroll2.PNG)

File: ced9215f83f5081⋯.png (116.25 KB, 632x654, 316:327, chefftroll3.PNG)

File: 2df7d165301f55c⋯.png (17.76 KB, 441x170, 441:170, cheftroll4.PNG)


One more for ya anon. geez that's getting crowded, kek!



http:// cnnphilippines.com/world/2017/10/18/Putin-chef-troll-factory.html

b5b12e No.539181

File: e6de0f2f68eda69⋯.jpg (93.82 KB, 917x635, 917:635, ShrinersClown.JPG)


I need a link to the original source.

I was here the day this garbage showed up, no sauce, just some nice clown photoshopping.

0eef4e No.539182


Childéric de Lorraine, I

"Childeric's tomb was discovered in 1653 (May 27) by a mason doing repairs in the church of Saint-Brice in Tournai, a city in modern Belgium. Numerous precious objects were found, including a richly ornamented sword, a torse-like bracelet, jewels of gold and garnet cloisonné, gold coins, a gold bull's head and a ring with the inscription CHILDERICI REGIS ("of Childeric the king"), which identified the tomb. Some 300 golden bees were also found. Archduke Leopold William, governor of the Southern Netherlands (today's Belgium), had the find published in Latin. The treasure went first to the Habsburgs in Vienna, then as a gift to Louis XIV, who was not impressed with the treasure and stored it in the royal library, which became the Bibliothèque Nationale de France during the Revolution. Napoleon was more impressed with Childeric's bees and when he was looking for a heraldic symbol to trump the Bourbon fleur-de-lys. he settled on Childeric's bees as symbols of the French Empire."

0ea348 No.539183

File: 63dcefc73b7b894⋯.jpg (65.01 KB, 594x378, 11:7, Memewar1.jpg)


Memelibraryfag here, not socialmediafag.

Got these out of the libe for socialmediafags to drop on Joe.

Don't count on me droppin'em, no social media.

7bc2be No.539185


If soros takes orders from a russian AND rigged machines in favor of Hillary she literally colluded with russian to change votes. like every thing else it would be a dem guilty of what they are blaming others of.

b5b12e No.539186

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

My guess is Soros takes his orders from the

[P]rince of Darkness

ie Lucifer

964d5c No.539187

File: 3578c68d8c74a41⋯.png (164.68 KB, 436x374, 218:187, ClipboardImage.png)


Good one AEianon. You made me laugh. heh

91417d No.539188

File: 41eacd6e1094ffb⋯.jpg (253.74 KB, 1078x914, 539:457, Screenshot_20180303-101726.jpg)


America for sale.

964d5c No.539190


pic mistake I apologize.

c6737b No.539192


It means he typed that in the name box

1ab7c3 No.539193

File: d7f0dc1df90292a⋯.jpg (63.23 KB, 854x1200, 427:600, ! head in sand.jpg)


Uhm… Smell anything yet? It's real close.

cae4f3 No.539194

I have a huntch Q will blow up the board tomorrow. He seems to hit the sauce hard on Sundays lol

807608 No.539195


Pinay is obviously not a bloodline. It is not an arm of the Cabal triangle either. It is simply an organization. It is a secret society within the Cabal—a think tank that looks for ways to push the Cabal's agenda everywhere around the globe. The Pinay Circle does exactly this. They were instrumental in forging the so-called refugee crisis in Europe. Who is spending billions of dollars pushing the destruction of Europe's borders and telling the EU to take in more and more and more refugees….?

Answer: Soros.

Soros isn't just doing this because he doesn't have better things to do with his money. He's doing it because he received honors to take over as the Third Part of the triangle, and the destruction of the West is the task that he was given. His method is to use people and NGOs to flood borders with people who don't belong, to organize strife and public disorder, to tamper with elections and destroy local populations and cultures. Q told us that that is Soros' mission.

When you have billions of dollars and more than half the world's politicians and business people beholden to you you don't take orders from any individual. If you take orders its going to be from entities that are far bigger and more powerful than you yourself are.

a5226f No.539196

File: 489030894fbc515⋯.jpg (41.39 KB, 512x512, 1:1, r3SL4EJI.jpg)


Latest post made by Q here and by Lynn de Rothschild on Twat were both on February 24th…


f02a85 No.539197

I'm starting to think Q was Hope Hicks.

cae4f3 No.539198


Let’s hope not

c18936 No.539199

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8AZ16uBhr8 best red pills back then…and even better now enjoy :)

a5226f No.539200

File: 058618a1dbf72de⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1600x1025, 64:41, Podesta poison ring zoom.png)

Suicide weekend…

4809d7 No.539201

File: 8f3b79d49c8528c⋯.png (133.99 KB, 350x400, 7:8, sercoshell1.png)

File: 77c55aace3dc7df⋯.png (99.48 KB, 192x255, 64:85, sercoshell2.png)




>bread 658

https:// www.scribd.com/document/243225927/Shell-Game

Discussion of the book SHELL GAME: A Military Whistleblowing Report to the U.S. Congress Exposing the Betrayal and Cover-Up by the U.S. Government of the Union Bank of Switzerland-Terrorist Threat Finance Connection to Booz Allen Hamilton and U.S. Central Command

9097ec No.539202


I keep hearing a rumor she made out with Kushner, this true?

e7ca4c No.539203


Good connection, anon.

2c72b2 No.539204


That was the worst storm yet for me,5 trees down,power out,debris everywhere.Been through 3 hurricanes and 2 tropical storms and this storm had more punch than the rest of them, glad i'm here to tell you that,crap hitting my house all day,crazy.

3d494b No.539206

File: 5f613a7173c4cc4⋯.gif (1.48 MB, 257x205, 257:205, giphy.gif)

f02a85 No.539207


I dunno about the Kush but she was going around seducing people and Kelly Shut it down.

6d6ed7 No.539208


Means you should stop posting for a bit!

6ec50b No.539209


The bees were choose because they shape of their wings represent something and has to do with the war humans don't know about. Also displaying bloodlines.

72b522 No.539210


That's when she said she was deleting her twatter…page is still up, no activity. In hiding? Captured? I've been digging this morning and haven't seen any updates

7dc72a No.539211

File: aba8d2919e58cdb⋯.jpg (287.47 KB, 2614x1125, 2614:1125, Pindar.JPG)


there's also "Pindar" according to David Ickes, the Illuminati reptoid royalty.

https:// www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sumer_anunnaki/reptiles/reptiles01.htm

b9d050 No.539212

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

This is a test. Great video if it works:

cd5f92 No.539213

And that would bee???

4809d7 No.539214

Houston Community College Official Took Bribes for Years

https:// www.fbi.gov/news/stories/houston-community-college-board-member-sentenced-public-corruption/layout_view

The FBI is using a recent high-profile public corruption case—one that involved a longtime board member of Houston Community College—to raise awareness about unscrupulous officials who violate the public trust for personal gain.

cf50bf No.539215


Booz CEO: Snowden ‘was not a Booz Allen person’

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/business/capitalbusiness/booz-ceo-snowden-was-not-a-booz-allen-person/2013/07/31/a349b51a-f9f6-11e2-8752-b41d7ed1f685_story.html?utm_term=.05364df26921

Booz Allen has said that Snowden was an employee for less than three months and was terminated for violating its code of ethics and company policy.

Shrader said that Booz Allen continues to support the government’s investigation into the matter. In July, the Air Force said it had determined that Booz Allen is not responsible for the disclosure of government secrets by Snowden.

6ec50b No.539216


I didn't say Pinay is a bloodline. You said that.

Then you just regruituated what I said.

1ff297 No.539217

Fleck..Anon almost told the real Q to bugger off on the parellel thread. Head hidden in shame

b9d050 No.539218


Well, I'm halfway there…takes you to the video (now shown on hook tube) but won't play embedded within this site.

4809d7 No.539219




Executive Order 13778 of February 28, 2017

Restoring the Rule of Law, Federalism, and Economic

Growth by Reviewing the ‘‘Waters of the United States’’ Rule

807608 No.539220


I didn't say that Anon. You're making that up.

b28cfc No.539221

File: cf940bf404d6f18⋯.jpg (190.42 KB, 1090x1300, 109:130, UnarmedVictims1.jpg)

6ec50b No.539222


>>539195 you just did LOL!

807608 No.539223


And filtered.

6ec50b No.539224


Hahahaha nobody said Pinay is a bloodline

4809d7 No.539225


"ABC News Doctor Jamie Zimmerman Dies After Hawaiian Accident"

Jamie Zimmerman, who served as a doctor and reporter for the ABC News medical unit, drowned while on vacation in Hawaii. She was 31.

According to a note from ABC News President James Goldston to staff, Zimmerman was attempting to cross the Lumahai River on Kauai’s north shore when she lost her footing and was swept out to sea. Zimmerman’s mother, Jordan Zimmerman, confirmed her death with a message on Zimmerman’s Facebook page.

837057 No.539227

File: 39acc9e19dee478⋯.png (46.95 KB, 1093x811, 1093:811, gaggletricks.png)


Gaggle is being tricksy again.

Must be habbenings afoot.


6ec50b No.539228

Habsburg and Soros are a bloodline. The same one. That is what I said.

Nothing about Pinay being a bloodline. Nope.

9097ec No.539229

Pope Pius IX

9097ec No.539230


41020 gave the XI tip

b5b12e No.539231


Worked good for me.

Good vid. Worth a watch

cf50bf No.539232

File: 221f68c292dffd6⋯.png (399.93 KB, 514x720, 257:360, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1d100f7ba6bb883⋯.png (206.57 KB, 600x445, 120:89, ClipboardImage.png)


Snowden-Russian Federation

6d6ed7 No.539233


Just step back a little, i sense tensions in your posts. Go make yourself a coffee or something, come back, we will all still be here and you can clarify what you mean afterwards.

dc7f57 No.539234

File: 6445ff5f60ec5d6⋯.png (2.61 MB, 1627x1481, 1627:1481, 20180126_215327.png)


Ahhh well… æı reckon the filterz werx hehhehllh.

Et'z alrighd doh. He'll get ded quik innahh werldt's kommen.


>An armed society is a polite society.

>>Eny bytch ken walk owt onnahh stoop and shoot uhh nigger across't'ahh'skreet.

<it taketh an MAN te let yer gutz owt onniz büþz.

jest sayin' Maannn.


5bc61e No.539235


How about #RedTsunami - more powerful than wave or tide.

f47e07 No.539236


Oct 29, 2017

>Focus on Military Intellingence/ State Secrets and why might that be used vs any three letter agency

Extra 'N' in Intellingence

f6b99f No.539237


This is what Q research has become? 7 years bad luck for breaking a mirror?

6ec50b No.539238


Lol. I'm good. I know what I mean. If others need clarification they can search for it. Like I did.

cf50bf No.539239

File: 5c8831ba8a29f98⋯.png (185.11 KB, 446x427, 446:427, ClipboardImage.png)




Snowden was sent to Hawaii by Booze Allen Hamilton..

guys, we should dig on booz allen and snowden and the russian federation

aad5a6 No.539240


Why would Q say archive Gannett's corporate logo offline?

Do you believe clowns are trying to erase Gannett from the web?

cf50bf No.539242

File: eae3c215733ca00⋯.png (917.36 KB, 1200x574, 600:287, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1f9de83a1112c68⋯.png (209.5 KB, 480x527, 480:527, ClipboardImage.png)


posting by Booz Allen Hamilton on Snowden credentials. Note Honolulu

b28cfc No.539243

File: 703b1f472c857a4⋯.jpg (47.57 KB, 400x571, 400:571, UnarmedVictims2.jpg)


Good day. Semper Fi to U too.

Have another.

0eef4e No.539244

File: bf35ecd0563ced0⋯.png (474.68 KB, 927x454, 927:454, 5i's.png)


What war do you speak of?

f47e07 No.539245

File: 40b079c4a992822⋯.jpg (72.77 KB, 650x664, 325:332, America For $ale.jpg)

6d6ed7 No.539246


Up to you, my intention was only to give you a heads up before you start filtering everyone and miss out on an oppertunity to learn from others as well.

None of us are irrelevant in this movement, we all need each other.

Carry on then!

f5b0bd No.539247


>I'm starting to think Q was Hope Hicks.

Nope, Q lingo military

Hope civilian

Negative on style match

0d15a5 No.539248

All, I think we are seeing either Demons lashing out or MKultra victims going crazy. Over the last month, we have seen major news stories break about individuals committing the most egregious and horrifying acts.

1) a 27 y/o man named Ellam crashed his car through the sliding glass doors of the emergency room at 9:58 a.m. Feb. 22. He got out of the car, doused himself in a flammable liquid and set himself on fire, Mayor Daniel Drew said. The car, which had several gasoline cans inside, burned briefly as smoke billowed out of the hospital’s front door.

The man, identified by officials as 27-year-old Steven Ellam, used Facebook Live to broadcast the crash. Right before the crash, he referred to himself as Jesus Christ, saying that he was protecting the Illuminati and the “one percent.”

http:// wishtv.com/2018/02/24/man-records-on-facebook-as-he-crashes-car-into-hospital-sets-himself-on-fire/

2) Flames engulf Chicago train carriage as man tries to set himself on fire 'A man told us to run because the guy was throwing gas everywhere and had a lighter'

http:// www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/man-sets-fire-to-himself-chicago-train-red-line-argyle-station-arrest-a8204586.html

3) A woman believed to be in her late teens or early 20s was hospitalized in South Carolina on Wednesday after she gouged both of her own eyes out near a local church. Reverend Terry Mitchell said that the woman, who was holding both of her eyeballs, appeared to have intentionally hurt herself on railroad tracks near the chapel. The reverend added that he saw the woman on her knees struggling against people who were trying to help her.

https:// www.aol.com/article/news/2018/02/08/woman-found-holding-her-own-gouged-out-eyeballs-near-south-carolina-church/23356490/

4) Central Michigan University student James Eric Davis Jr. fatally shot his parents Friday morning on campus not long after they picked him up from a hospital, where police had sent him earlier because he'd been behaving erratically, campus police Chief Bill Yeagley said Saturday. The parents were believed to have been intending to pick up their son for spring break.

https:// www.cnn.com/2018/03/03/us/central-michigan-university-shooting/index.html

All of these cases have happened in the last month. These incidents are shocking, make little sense, and are certainly out of the norm. I think we need to come to terms with what is happening because we could begin to see a lot more of it. Please say a prayer to God to protect the innocent from the actions of the Devil and/or the deep state.

6d6ed7 No.539249


You Sir/Ma'am have excellent skills props!

cf50bf No.539250

File: c6f999e0a23bee8⋯.png (271.96 KB, 587x801, 587:801, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4b0affa5b610143⋯.png (227.78 KB, 578x386, 289:193, ClipboardImage.png)

Edward Snowden’s employer calls PRISM leak a ‘grave violation of its code of conduct’

https:// venturebeat.com/2013/06/09/edward-snowdens-employer-calls-prism-leak-a-grave-violation-of-its-code-of-conduct/

Based in Virginia, Booz Allen Hamilton is one of the largest, oldest security contracting firms in the U.S. and has deep ties to agencies like the NSA, CIA, and FBI. (Current director of national intelligence James Clapper, for example, is a former Booz Allen executive.)

The company’s services to the intelligence world are both extensive and vital. Not only does it help train intelligence officials, but it also helps agencies “process, interpret, and use massive data stores in weeks or months,” as its website explains.

PRISMThis is where Snowden comes in. As he explained in his interview with The Guardian, the whistleblower had what sounds like unrestricted access to a lot of information with minimal oversight.

“Sitting at my desk I certainly had the authority to wiretap anyone, from you or your accountant or a federal judge or even the president if I had a personal email,” he said.

The problem, as Booz Allen Hamilton itself confirmed, is that Snowden had all that authority in spite of being an employee for only a few months. For a company with such strong ties to the intelligence community, that seems like a major oversight.

The big question, of course, is how all of this will affect Booz Allen’s bottom line. With a $2.45 billion market capitalization, the company certainly won’t go anywhere overnight, but the Snowden controversy will clearly open up a lot of inquires into how Booz Allen adds people to its staff of 25,000 workers.

bec1b1 No.539251


Stalling on the inevitable 666?

b5b12e No.539252


John Podesta learned how to slaughter pigs in McClean.

Gannett in McLean

NSA in McLean

CIA in McLean

They all belong to the same sick club/cult

McLean (/məˈkleɪn/ mə-KLAYN)[4] is a census-designated place (CDP) in Fairfax County in Northern Virginia. McLean is home to many diplomats, businessmen, members of Congress, and high-ranking government officials partially due to its proximity to Washington, D.C. and the Central Intelligence Agency.

6ec50b No.539253


The one of 5000 vs 300. It signified them has a powerhouse.

Nice meme.

077c5e No.539255

File: ad6dcf96b1ad442⋯.jpg (14.28 KB, 756x424, 189:106, Tribune Media Logo.jpg)


(old bread) >>538096

>I think the media supported Trump through the Primaries believing that…

The MSM is/was sooo far beyond any ability to actually carry a belief of "their" own… they supported him and stopped and Russia-assaulted him et etc etc because they are directed guided”blackmailed instructed ordered “to……By whom? Think: Wikileaks~

Do: a Tribune Media deep-dig——————

Think: Parkland:


Tribune Media Company to Report Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2017 Financial Results. NEW YORK (February 15, 2018)

—Tribune Media Company (NYSE: TRCO) (the “Company”) announced today that it will report financial results for the three a… 15 February, 2018 …

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tribune_Media

Tribune Media, also known as Tribune Media Company and formerly known as the Tribune Company, is an American conglomerate that is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, United States. A significant amount of the stock of publicly traded Tribune is held by three firms that were the company's senior debt holders: Oaktree …

664b55 No.539256

File: 9347878b851984c⋯.jpg (22.11 KB, 255x255, 1:1, gun control.jpg)


>Semper fidelis.

Semper Fi, anon.

6ec50b No.539258


Oh lpl. I'm not the one that filtered. I was filtered.

Check iD's. :)

I don't filter. I'm not 12.

2c72b2 No.539259


A good video that explains how the rotchilds got so rich and how they control England.

6ec50b No.539260


Above us. What we don't speak about.

03aac9 No.539261


I thought we'd skip over that number just like how hotels never have a 13th floor.

cf50bf No.539262

File: 660cc6bf9d72164⋯.png (549.48 KB, 591x762, 197:254, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fce75ef63ef6b6e⋯.png (197.31 KB, 591x436, 591:436, ClipboardImage.png)

664b55 No.539263


>Someone asked

That one needs to be Semper Fidelis. ty

t. someone

b5b12e No.539264

File: 9735b72ed24e342⋯.png (203.34 KB, 1031x673, 1031:673, ClipboardImage.png)

Iridium had an unusual volume spike yesterday.

4809d7 No.539265

File: 13b5eafe7cab86f⋯.png (732.61 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, DOC1.png)

File: d31b32737ba2135⋯.png (432.01 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, DOC2.png)

File: 083296675b10a78⋯.png (136.64 KB, 663x329, 663:329, DOC4.png)

File: a049413635eb3a3⋯.png (427.59 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, DOC3.png)






dd8e8a No.539266


Just a (half-educated) guess: I think it's either "Pindar" or "Pontifex" (Pope), leaning more towards "Pontifex"…LdR retweeted @Pontifex several times before she bailed on Twatter

807608 No.539267


I hope that the BO leaves #666 alone. In this context its nothing more than a number. We are neither Devil worshippers or weak-minded superstitious people. Demons cower at the mention of God's name. All the ancient prophetic writings show that the Devil loses the final war. We are here to fight, fight, fight against the evil.

0eef4e No.539268


Thank you, not mine though. I screen capped it.

e9dd6d No.539270


<I think Q is _

<Q not coming back

~1/2 breads … always

Best ignore filter report

If newfags

they need lurkmoar


6d6ed7 No.539271


Roger that, my mistake, was only trying to ease tensions as the topic was very interesting!

cf50bf No.539272

File: 797f4340e939a37⋯.png (80.84 KB, 212x320, 53:80, ClipboardImage.png)



807608 No.539273


Yes, because the Pope is so much more powerful than the globalist politicians and billionaires who put him in the job.

Oh, well…

f18ddc No.539274


I know about the war but not about the bees relate… would love to know more.

db24cf No.539275


somebody sold off a shit load

2567ea No.539276

File: 24b335b254182dc⋯.png (233.02 KB, 500x211, 500:211, ClipboardImage.png)

b04447 No.539278


Time to fight back on 2A.

http:// www.alloutdoor.com/2018/03/01/incredible-anti-gun-bill-introduced-mn/

https:// www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-guns-blackrock/blackrock-poses-tough-questions-to-gunmakers-and-sellers-idUSKCN1GE2I3

dec3e8 No.539279


I 2nd that!!!

6ec50b No.539280


I posted some info on La Cercle in the La Cercle bread and the bread after. Much to share but it is a waste of time as people don't read they skim. Then they add and take away what ever info suits their thinking or what they can understand in that moment. By the time they are finished they have somehow managed to turn it inside out and backwards.

They aren't ready.

b0297e No.539281


What? Slow down and use complete sentences.

664b55 No.539283


>Good day all.

Yes, yes it is. I was traveling through Weiser Idaho recently on a Sunday Morning. On the main route through town there was a well dress man standing at attention on the corner opposite a church (in session) holding an American Flag on a pole. I honked and gave him a thumbs up, he smiled slightly but didn't break form. I thought to myself, what a simple act, why do I see it as courageous. When I got home I dug up my flag which I now display. Sometimes it takes another's courage to find your own. It shouldn't be that way, but sometimes it is.

b5b12e No.539284

File: 9e8a58e8088acc6⋯.png (220.11 KB, 1045x706, 1045:706, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9e8a58e8088acc6⋯.png (220.11 KB, 1045x706, 1045:706, ClipboardImage.png)

Tegna, in McLean VA

CareerBuilder specializes in cutting-edge HR software as a service to help companies with every step of the recruitment process from acquire to hire. CareerBuilder works with top employers across industries, providing job distribution, sourcing, workflow, CRM, data and analytics in one pre-hire platform. It also operates leading job sites around the world. Owned by TEGNA Inc. (NYSE:TGNA), Tribune Media (NYSE:TRCO) and The McClatchy Company (NYSE:MNI), CareerBuilder and its subsidiaries operate in the United States, Europe, South America, Canada and Asia. For more information, visit

fa3c3a No.539285

File: b43b45b233a9f2b⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2732x1824, 683:456, INT FREE.jpg)

b0297e No.539286


> guys, we should dig on booz allen and snowden and the russian federation

Anil Dash was Booz. https:// archive.is/ZRWvV

0f2f84 No.539287

Two #653's this one with 473 replies and the other one with 156 replies.

aebb8f No.539289

File: e1bd1d082f1f34a⋯.png (502.66 KB, 567x735, 27:35, Kek Marine Corps.png)


Semper Fi!!

af075e No.539290

>>539262 What the heck is this?

ee67ee No.539291

File: fb2618fb4a73c4b⋯.jpg (198.79 KB, 1024x1536, 2:3, BohemianGrove297.jpg)

File: a3e0a38ec368e3c⋯.jpg (125.79 KB, 1024x1536, 2:3, BohemianGrove347.jpg)

File: 2f1f883eeec28e3⋯.jpg (178.69 KB, 1536x1024, 3:2, BohemianGrove245.jpg)

File: c4118506d3e1d12⋯.jpg (209.22 KB, 1536x1024, 3:2, BohemianGrove246.jpg)

File: 5b558dd194d4d6b⋯.jpg (223.29 KB, 1536x1024, 3:2, BohemianGrove247.jpg)

71a2f5 No.539292



d57738 No.539293

File: 8020c000148b14d⋯.png (371.86 KB, 1057x685, 1057:685, poindexter_dossier_1.png)

File: be893d852f30aa3⋯.png (162.18 KB, 1141x367, 1141:367, sthub.png)


pope has always been my first choice.. others too

prolly in the 70% consensus range

hard to overlook John Poindexter

-st hubertus - 500 year old hunting club

-family came over wealthy in 1700s

-hosted Bohemian Grove Club same night Scalia was 187ed at his ranch

-owns a defense contract firm

-family owned a large plantation in Virginia for centuries

-when scalia died, he was the one to inform cops. barely made a statement. was never investigated

73f7b9 No.539294


all bold

6ec50b No.539295


Finally got it working.

f02f42 No.539296


Early crumbs for “what is the keystone”

Look for other pairs of missing/extra letters!

db24cf No.539297


>I hope that the BO leaves #666 alone.

I concur.

Names have power

Numbers have power

Ideas have power

Doesn't matter if you believe it or not, some people do and that is what matters.

Understanding this allows an anon to know that fear is foolish.

Get thee behind me satan! implies satan has power, but you have the ultimate power and other powers only hold sway to the degree you allow.

fear is the mindkiller

where there is no fear, there is no danger

72b522 No.539298



17aa4a No.539299

What would happen if we arrested Hillary today?

By law, the court would have to release details of the evidence to the defence lawyers and the accused. This would include the identity of witnesses.

Hillary would get her goons to arrange suicides and accidents for the witnesses or buy them off so they change their story. When the case goes to trial, Hillary wins, and is PROVEN BY THE COURT TO BE INNOCENT and not a criminal.

If you want this to happen, please demand arrests now. Please criticize the Trump administration for not having perp walks. Please get to work supporting your beloved Hillary.

There is another way. We could look at the witnesses and realize that they too are criminals. We could charge them and send them to court. They would get convicted of the crimes and all the evidence becomes part of the public court records. Then when Hillary is arrested, she cannot get rid of the evidence by getting rid of the witnesses. It is already in the public record, tested in court by a judge and jury.

But what if the criminal conspiracy is so complex that there are several layers at the top who can kill people to silence them, and several more layers below that. No problem, we just start way down at the bottom and work our way up to the top. The same principle of protecting the witnesses applies all the way up. When Hillary is arrested all of America, liberals included, will already know that she is guilty. Conservatives will yawn as Liberals tell us excitedly about Hillary's crimes and demand her arrest. This is the piece de resistance.

Just imaging it. Conservatives are silent, getting on with making America great again. But liberals and Democrats are in the streets protesting and demanding that the government and the DOJ arrest Hillary for her crimes, because they know without a shadow of a doubt that she has betrayed them all. This is what will go into the history books.

73f7b9 No.539300

shouldn't all be in bold.

e4fd09 No.539301


The other 653 said they were going to trash it and for us head over here….Hello!

e2aea0 No.539302



d1a455 No.539303

love all the aeaeaeaecin in the last breads

73f7b9 No.539304


Q trip should not all be in BOLD

ed0323 No.539305



You should know better.

73f7b9 No.539306

File: 52484005c653c0c⋯.png (323.97 KB, 704x635, 704:635, sad.png)

this is making its way in TW

6ec50b No.539307


Yiu are ruining my fun and cock blocking me.

dec3e8 No.539308


Welcome, what's the word?

664b55 No.539309


>Father is 8th richest man in the world.

Did the roths escape the guillotine after the storming of the bastille? Seems like the elites were the targets during the "terror".

fa3c3a No.539310

File: 66816355996d0e1⋯.jpg (165.27 KB, 1194x720, 199:120, GO BACK.jpg)

4809d7 No.539311

File: 190c162f7df8e99⋯.png (41.02 KB, 255x138, 85:46, rotten.png)

File: b124342caba741c⋯.png (20.47 KB, 342x249, 114:83, Q17dontrespondtoshills.PNG)


Don't respond to shills and bots


This dude is how we are quietly losing local and state elections around the country. Check out what recently happened in Virginia.

He's busy doing the same thing in Texas right now. Many people aren't paying much attention to this stuff because they are distracted by all the MSM bullshit.

Watch out for Soros. Despite what some people are posting about him being taken down he is still very much actively funding sedition, and tampering with elections everywhere. This fucker is not in Gitmo (yet). He's traveling the world and profiting from all the chaos he creates. We already know that he's rigging voting machines to steal elections. Unless this dude gets knocked down soon we're going to have problems in November.

http:// dailycaller.com/2018/02/08/george-soros-district-attorney-campaign/

https:// www.expressnews.com/news/local/politics/article/Soros-contributions-to-LaHood-DA-challenger-nears-12713245.php

d4d646 No.539312


> Very interesting read. If you view the info beyond that page it has some good big pharma stuff. sites.google.com/site/nocancerfoundation/memberschip-list-of-the-committee-of-300

6d6ed7 No.539313


Seeds are never waisted really, if it doesnt fit well with the people reading it now, many will still read it and not comment, we shouldnt be here for the props or recognition thus why we are all anons.

Dont get distracted with the reply's.

265197 No.539314



Pindar = Nabu of Babylon

Nephilim Hybrid capable of indwelling the willing who are bound by oath. First made an indwelling pact with Xerxes of Persia in the tomb of his father, Marduk.

https:// www.britannica.com/topic/Nabu

71a2f5 No.539315


The Roths are the guillotine

837057 No.539316



Yes, and please refrain from employing CAPSLOCK.

It makes for difficult reading when the words all blend together.

7bc9bb No.539317


Love this

71a2f5 No.539318


Pure bullshit

587e37 No.539319

Oh no guys what should we do…..

Ex-Cocksucker and Muslim CIA chief John Brennan: Trump ‘unstable, inept, inexperienced, and also unethical’

https:// www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/ex-cia-chief-trump-‘unstable-inept-inexperienced-and-also-unethical’/ar-BBJNVfw?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartandhp

73f7b9 No.539320

File: f08c4d7b8502f7c⋯.png (28.04 KB, 675x128, 675:128, not bold.png)



the trip should not all be in bold

should look like pic attached

bec1b1 No.539321


In these contexts those Bohemiam Grove fags seem ridiculously and absurdly laughable..

4809d7 No.539322

bcd2c7 No.539323

Was researching T-2, came across T-2 mycotoxin. Looked into the effects. Sounds like what happened to the Marines. Was Q warning about a T-2 biological attack?



265197 No.539324


Not Q, is that you?

dc7f57 No.539325

File: 9bffba6358cc118⋯.png (216.57 KB, 612x408, 3:2, 20180303_105627.png)





Itz gunnah git bedder.




3471fe No.539326

>>539306 Awe, I love Swamp D, he’s so helpful

044b0b No.539327

Not saying this is pertinent to us..

http:// media.breitbart.com/media/2018/03/Front-Row-Seats.jpg

Falls under watch the water.

Two white "tissues" in lines under POTUS/FLOTUS water bottles.

e2aea0 No.539328



a21f2d No.539330

File: ae60f9260d2d62b⋯.jpg (84.12 KB, 590x308, 295:154, capture.jpg)

File: 057e817ec759324⋯.jpg (253.96 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, bourne_gay.jpg)

File: 0ca36ea4551eef2⋯.jpg (243.04 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, bourne_not_gay.jpg)

71a2f5 No.539331



I am the anti-Q

Think mirror

Laughing out loud


d4d646 No.539332


Good catch on the ASF anon

dd8e8a No.539333


Vatican Bank, Vatican City, not to mention their militant arm "The Society of Jesus" (aka The Jesuits).

Yeah, I'd say Pontifex has some juice. :P

6ec50b No.539334

File: a86adce49194db4⋯.jpg (25.94 KB, 220x297, 20:27, 220px-Cover_of_Merovingian….jpg)

Childeric just happens to be the father of Clovis I, founder of the Merovingian Dynasty. Childeric’s daughter Audofleda went on to marry Theodoric the Great, whose mausoleum sill stands in Ravenna, Italy today.

The Merovingian bloodline.

←——– Merovingian

bf215f No.539335



Very good read on why we can't just arrest everyone. There is a way to do things fast and a way to do things right. Good point.

6ec50b No.539336


True enough.

b28cfc No.539337

File: f680d58c763b477⋯.jpg (350.23 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, HRC-Podesta-Skolkovo1.jpg)


Hot sauce.

837057 No.539338

File: 07b29c8d313f92a⋯.png (100.35 KB, 323x492, 323:492, kYs1.png)






Now we do the newfagSlide…



265197 No.539339


>I am the anti-Q

>Think mirror

>Laughing out loud


Then it stands to reason when you say "Pure Bullshit" it's the TRUTH!

664b55 No.539340


>He seems to hit the sauce

Hmmm. I'm not the only one to think that after all.

6a02f4 No.539341


I see you are back again. Are you going to ramp it up like you always do with the rip your head off and shit down your neck bullshit. Bring some info to the table or get the fuck off.

b5b12e No.539342

File: 89ce19466dfa36b⋯.png (427.74 KB, 687x724, 687:724, ClipboardImage.png)

71a2f5 No.539343


You are free to believe what you want


6ec50b No.539344


But NOT the founder of the bloodline. Nope.

Half truths many lies.

265197 No.539345


Well, I certainly don't believe you, NotQanon.

72ba33 No.539346

File: ed22144411da74f⋯.png (302.59 KB, 1365x369, 455:123, 539292.png)

File: f6c69c2496c365b⋯.png (244.9 KB, 1367x291, 1367:291, 480458.png)

01f3c9 No.539347

File: f208544b2661f57⋯.jpeg (102.48 KB, 500x668, 125:167, 6693F303-B883-4D96-9955-B….jpeg)


I already made the 666 edition graphic

0f2f84 No.539349

Even so.


58bb52 No.539350

15f4b3 No.539351

I trust the plan. Q I’m sure is busy

bf215f No.539352


Are you really this newfag? Stop responding to it. This is a shill tactic. Every post generates a new post and slides the bread. Report and filter. Ignore and MOVE ON. Or else anons will start filtering you too…

e16549 No.539353


The "MOCKINGBIRD" media is at their

"Battle Of The Bulge" moment. Trying to take down conservative views on all platforms, and FAILING I might add. Remember the REAL BULGE. The Germans almost pushed through but

Allies defeated the AXIS. Keep FIGHTING Anon's.

YardArm for TRAITORS!!!

71a2f5 No.539354




837057 No.539355



No, I'm thinking Monday.

It will be 10 days Q has been dark and also time for a new news cycle.

8b757c No.539356

File: b53a178fba8601c⋯.jpg (73.55 KB, 500x622, 250:311, p.jpg)

4446dd No.539357

Fox News reporting shots fired at WH

57131a No.539359

File: 7faf2b2f3076bcf⋯.png (668 KB, 490x513, 490:513, Screenshot-2018-3-3 Welcom….png)

265197 No.539360


My bad. Apologies.

8b757c No.539361


>I trust the plan. Q I’m sure is busy

Or its well past time to show us a shred of proof that something is actually being done to fix this country.

77239e No.539362


Dont know if this has been discussed. In Blade Runner 2049 at the 31:20 mark. They are at a Earth Library and the "Librarian" discusses a historical blackout that led to 10 days of darkness. During that time everything was wiped clean. All computer data gone. Only papar remained. is what Q is referring too?

0f2f84 No.539363

I've read this too on several sites about the Roths. Don't have time to look them up at present.


6ec50b No.539364


That is a complicated topic

587e37 No.539365


CNN reporting that Dildos are falling from the sky

71a2f5 No.539366


Perhaps you are all the shills

In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king

Why are you here?

Who are you really helping?

What is a wolf in sheep's clothing?

Laughing out loud


03aac9 No.539367



01ac2d No.539368


BAKER / ALL - the shill baker fucks are screwing with the dough; there are NO REFERENCES to MKULTRA. Didn't we have a research area for that - Q stated this area was really important and it's been filtered out. Are there any other areas that have gone?

0c37f6 No.539369

Wth? All the fuss last night about #666 and we're still on 663? And there's a fake Q post signed in with a trip code instead of tripping the trip code… wtf did I wake up to?

db6acf No.539370


We have BVs that ban people for not agreeing with groupthink but not those pretending to be Q.

No wonder why Q isn't posting here anymore.

4809d7 No.539371

File: 48e09bcd7c6499c⋯.png (77.6 KB, 255x198, 85:66, 23.png)

File: 1a56fb7632e8cd7⋯.png (53.11 KB, 255x136, 15:8, 22.png)

BUT NRA! Guess who’s gearing up to spend ACTUAL BLOOD MONEY to elect Democrats

https:// twitchy.com/sarahd-313035/2018/03/01/but-nra-guess-whos-gearing-up-to-spend-actual-blood-money-to-elect-democrats/


0ecb61 No.539372


fage and gay

17aa4a No.539373


Saw it the other day. I agree with it.

966052 No.539374

WtFWhite House currently locked down. Reports of two loud booms/shots on the North Side. Currently sheltering in place in basement area of Briefing Room.

6ec50b No.539375


Hey now I have been saying that for days.

"In the land of the blind, the one eyed is King"

4809d7 No.539376


ty. wasn't me. :) just pushing it into our institutional memory

6ec50b No.539377


We saw a post. Said your comms were down. People here banned it. I think all have lost their minds lol

03aac9 No.539378

File: 7138d1dac7a84df⋯.png (248.88 KB, 917x547, 917:547, Geoff Bennett.png)

17aa4a No.539379


checked via foxnews

35e268 No.539380

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Topics include


Crowley OTO

Hubbard OTO


Jack Whiteside Parsons

Highly relevant to the discussions going on here. Please watch

Yes I'm a newfag

2c9118 No.539381


If one chooses not to INVOKE the number, that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with fear. Just as the fact that, for example, I don't choose to wear pizza themed outfits isn't based on fear.

You shouldn't mix things up.

0ecb61 No.539383

File: bd2604d2cb4a718⋯.png (9.98 KB, 213x255, 71:85, bfc41a90b828a65c2d67bfa754….png)

0c37f6 No.539384


What is a trip code?

What is a dipshit?

What is a shill?

Who are you fooling?

What is a firewall?

077c5e No.539385

File: 2e97c8e8bcba9db⋯.jpg (39.43 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, SHRM logo.jpg)

File: 6811ea0d5babd9c⋯.jpg (9.86 KB, 430x117, 430:117, the compass group Equity l….jpg)

File: df60d6ab6d84784⋯.jpg (17.62 KB, 470x460, 47:46, COMPASS SEC.jpg)



& this https:// www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId…

Company Overview

SHRM Group offers catering services for the education and healthcare sector. The company is based in France. As of July 3, 1997, SHRM Group operates as a subsidiary of Compass Group PLC.

https:// www.compass-group.com/ On 10 May 2017, Compass Group PLC announced a proposed Shareholder Return by way of a Special Dividend of £1 billion to Shareholders and an associated 25 for 26 Share Consolidation which was approved by Shareholders at the General Meeting on 7 June 2017. The Share Consolidation subsequently took place …

https:// www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1345122/…/d444380d10k.htm

Compass Group Diversified Holdings, LLC, a Delaware limited liability Company (the “Company”), was also formed on November 18, 2005.

aaa383 No.539386


Icke's reptilians are fiction

ed0323 No.539388


There was an area in notable posts when we were researching it, and there's a MKUltra dedicated thread. Notables are consolidated most days and put into the 'previous notable posts' area. These are usually a series of links, however another baker has removed them and made a link to them. See the dough, they'll be accessible from there. I think previous notables should be put back in, but no-one else has appears to have noticed they're gone, so Idk.

ed0323 No.539389


baker are you still here?

bd1c0f No.539390

File: 7301f0daca02544⋯.png (358.3 KB, 860x842, 430:421, alecbaldwintrump.png)















This appears to have been lost during the slowdown yesterday.

03aac9 No.539391


616 vs 666

6ec50b No.539392


Icke is a sell out.

It's best to keep thinking that.

5c1084 No.539393



pons = bridge

facere = make

=> bridge maker, bridge builder

71a2f5 No.539395


Why so hostile?

Laughing out loud


466d2f No.539396

File: 62862ad47aa6f95⋯.png (67.2 KB, 795x472, 795:472, Geoff Twitter.png)


This reporter is there in the lockdown

https:// twitter.com/GeoffRBennett/status/969978513574039553?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Enews%7Ctwgr%5Etweet

f806e3 No.539397

File: b0003a858bb5f4e⋯.png (180.9 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180303-121136.png)

Suicide weekend?

466d2f No.539398


Glad Trump is in Mar Lago

0c37f6 No.539399


I used to think so too. Icke's a dumbass, but, I bet I could make you think, seriously about the reptilians. I am not so sure anymore. I am not so sure about anything. Think Mirrors. No joke.

f8e5b0 No.539400

https:// twitter.com/EmeraldRobinson/status/969978921327439873

DEVELOPING: Code Red at 1600 Penn. We are on lock down at the White House. Reports of shots fired. Our cameraman says he heard two shots. Waiting to find out more. @OANN

03aac9 No.539401

File: 3cda0f53ba411c1⋯.jpeg (65.39 KB, 720x360, 2:1, alec-baldwin.jpeg)

867b03 No.539402


David Icke is

controlled opposition

read between the lines


Truth is easy to see

6ec50b No.539403


There is no laughing or jokes in Q club.

First rule if Q club.

All are shill fags until proven otherwise.

71a2f5 No.539404


Think blood not reptiles


b76346 No.539405

Anons, why are you answering the fake Q?

dd8e8a No.539406


novice baker here if needed

746f3d No.539407


>I cleaned the text up a bit, thought it was interesting.

9238 Sealed Federal Indictments in the U.S., nationwide. Obama Administration, en toto. Proven to have tried to influence the outcome of a U.S. National Election with collateral felonious mishandling of Classified Materials And Materiel, And Personnel… alongside Uranium 1, the Iran Deal, continuing suspicion as to the Actual Birthplace of one Barry Soweto, Clinton Foundation Ft.I.C.O. Statute Violations, the Awan Family Information Technologies SCANDAL lmran Awan gained access to one congressional server account (RE Debble Wasserman-Schultz/ and after this… "breach" in all honesty, gained employ with nearly every other member of the United States House of Representatives Democratic National Congress. I can only surmise an opportunistic, if not preplanned, operation. As ore access was 'mined. more levels r corruption were logged by the Awan Network. As more leverage was gained over Democratic House Members. greater levels of corruption were revealed. Up to and Including, yet not limited to:

1. Theft and Mishandling of Federal Tax Payer Funds.

2. Play For Play R.I.C.Q Violations.

3. Federal Election Commission Violations/ Tampering.

4. Felony Kldnapping and Transmission of Minors [across State Lines And ExCONUS] with the Express Intent of/to [or delivery of/for]:

4a. Felony Torture;

4b. Felony Sexual Abuse:

4c. Felony Sexual Torture

4d. Felony Sexual Torture. Murder and Partial Physical Consumption of Evidence.

These Are All Facts. Right Now. In the United States Federal Government, Justice Is Being Brought. Soon. the Fact of These Things will be unavoidable. Cognitive Dissonance or no. The planet is being run by a tripodic cabal. For the last 4000 years, an ancient evil has not only survived. but Flourished under the auspices of helping enlighten mankind, while in fact taking Greatest Advantage of Homo sapiens Sapiens natural tendencies towards greed, avarice and hatred. The callousness of the Human Species is a severe indictment against the collective survival of the species. From a wider perspective, at the very least. H.s.Sapiens faces yet another steep population die-off, most likely with attendant loss of technology and, God Forbid. loss of Civilization. Perhaps Extinction is the best choice at this point. As for me and my House, though… we shall put our trust in The Lord. We will be lucky to make it out of ALL OF THIS (as i have come to think of It. hehheh] without at least a small nuclear exchange. So hats off to yer foresight.

In reality, i am afraid, when one adds the relevant data concerning the Fukushima-Daichi Nuclear ELE_ well, like the evil child-raping lady said. " What Difference, At This Point. Does It Make." This is my message for those who have ears to hear, here… — and i haven't even said one thing about moloch. Khazars. C.E.R.N.. NEelvef or a Litteral Slew of Other, Factual Realities of Present Day Life on Earth. God Help Us. Even so Lord Jesus, Come. The Alternatives Do Not Bear Thinking About.. Period. #propaganda #truthsayer #truth #paradigm shift #perpare #pray

6a02f4 No.539408

So I see the board I see the board is unfocused and like a bunch of wet cats in the bath tub. What's wrong people? Let's get back on some tasks. Anyone notice how on point a bunch of Julian Assange's tweets have been? A couple very informative ones to say the least. Any way to tie in what is going on? And anyone getting sauce on the shots fired at WH?

0eef4e No.539409


who is the founder

6ec50b No.539410


Hillary was his best friend in 2008.

Trump changes his narrative to suit the agenda at the moment.

6ec50b No.539411


You wouldn't believe me.

650b6a No.539412

File: 6d8c41da1dd9976⋯.jpg (81.62 KB, 1034x567, 1034:567, usss TWITTER.jpg)

077c5e No.539414

File: df60d6ab6d84784⋯.jpg (17.62 KB, 470x460, 47:46, COMPASS SEC.jpg)


EX-21.1 3 d275106dex211.htm LIST OF SUBSIDIARIES


List of Subsidiaries at March 1, 2012:

State or Country of Organization:

Anodyne Medical Device, Inc. d/b/a Tridien Medical


AMF Support Surfaces, Inc.


Compass AC Holdings, Inc.


Advanced Circuits, Inc.


Circuit Board Express LLC


Advanced Circuits, Inc.


HALO Lee Wayne LLC


HALO Holding Corporation


HALO Branded Solutions, Inc.


AFM Holding Corporation


American Furniture Manufacturing, Inc.


American Furniture Truck Div., Inc.


CBAC Holdings, LLC


CamelBak Acquisition Corp.


CamelBak Products, LLC


CamelBak International, LLC


Hydrosport SRL


Fox Factory Holding Corp.


Fox Factory, Inc.


ERGO Baby Holding Corporation


ERGO Baby Intermediate Holding Corporation


The ERGO Baby Carrier, Inc.


Orbit Baby, Inc.


Gable 5, Inc.


Liberty Safe Holding Corporation


Liberty Safe & Security Products, Inc.


https:// www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1345122/000119312512101286/d275106dex211.htm

0b60e2 No.539415


Q? Do we hv the correct code? Pls tell us.


5796b6 No.539416



e2aea0 No.539417

When is the Cremation of Care and who is attending it this year?

a9a9cf No.539418


I didn't see any stampedes out the school. Did anyone else?

7de768 No.539419


Suicide weekend?

81f7d2 No.539420

ATTN Codemonkey. Can you knock up something to prevent idiots putting anything like Q's trip in the name field. Thanks.

650b6a No.539421


that isn't q-

7a555e No.539423


Things that make me go "hmmm":

Godfather III vs 111 day mirror

III = 111? Is it the same on purpose? Multiple meanings.

650b6a No.539424


the clowns don't want to go down with the ship

57131a No.539425

File: 0c7b5c0a3a5b93a⋯.png (227.3 KB, 352x364, 88:91, Screenshot-2018-3-3 Doc Br….png)

c04071 No.539426

Good one.


71a2f5 No.539427


The important people that attend are the people you have never heard of


837057 No.539428


>>>539395 /= Q

Filter in place.

6a02f4 No.539429


Use your own filter abilities and wait for a board mod to ban the IP. Best you can do.

6ec50b No.539430


Blood reptiles drink? Or Eat?

How much protein is the blood of a healthy child. How many races need thst protein to stay here.

Blood sacrifices for hybrids for magic?

Bloodlines as in thr Merovingians.

And they don't even realize all of that is connected.

dc7f57 No.539431



Ty… æı've ben tryin te git sum Aňœň todothet fer 2 months hehheh

807608 No.539432

Watch the water.

May be nothing, but I was just watching a commercial with Matt Damon featuring

water.org. Yes, yet another charitable globalist foundation. Founded by Matt Damon, Gary White, and Jennifer Schorsch…all three of whom are heavily mixed up with Hillary Clinton. Their board is comprised of an interesting mix of liberals. Something about this group just seems weird. Going to keep digging here for a while.

5796b6 No.539433

File: 6f8b0ed1690d15e⋯.jpg (156.48 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, baldwin graphic.jpg)


Someone put this theory on the board a few breads ago….


9019da No.539434

File: a04636b7c7794ad⋯.jpg (21.67 KB, 591x112, 591:112, s.JPG)


0ecb61 No.539435

imagine being so let down by yourself , your only escape is pretending to be someone else .

063a32 No.539436


Adam? Is that you?

6de312 No.539438

Someone committed suicide in WH parking lot suicide weekend ?

74dcba No.539439

File: 94bcc335ba6cc7e⋯.jpg (394.58 KB, 1872x1872, 1:1, WhereTheresSmokeTheresFire.jpg)

81f7d2 No.539440


can you explain their obsession with blood?

e2aea0 No.539441

How far along is "Spring Cleaning"?

a9a9cf No.539442


Yes, they needed the corrupt money to refill the coffers. Great point. So the Catholic church is broke.

0ecb61 No.539443

accosta please please please .

5796b6 No.539444


Assets activated MKULTRA in full effect….

32721f No.539445

U.S. Secret Service

Verified account


Following Following @SecretService


BREAKING: Secret Service personnel are responding to reports of a person who allegedly suffered a self-inflicted gun shot wound along the north fence line of @WhiteHouse.

1:08 PM - 3 Mar 2018

HOLY FUCK-Suicide Weekend?

8db4f3 No.539446


Apache Software Foundation

265197 No.539447


The Nephilim are not fiction. Other sources refer to them as the Nodites. Cain left and went to the "Land of Nod."

77132c No.539449

File: bdcefcc2bda1c13⋯.png (3.43 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, FE59FBF3-58E1-4F34-8105-4A….png)

File: 5f39a04b99ca04e⋯.png (913.22 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 8175A15B-170D-464C-B846-7E….png)

b28cfc No.539450

File: 04d731efa49b4a2⋯.jpg (497.23 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, HRC-Podesta-Skolkovo2.jpg)



Part 2. Lot of text for a meme. Hope they'll click, enlarge, and read it. I gave the sauce at the bottom.

3471fe No.539451

I’m anxious to find out who it was at the WH

c969b1 No.539452


I don't believe it is until late summer, maybe late July/early August.

a3805f No.539453

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5458143/Shots-fired-White-House.html

someone shot themself outside the white house. We can only hope their last name was Podesta.

01f3c9 No.539454

File: 1d06fcf294a41f6⋯.jpeg (104.72 KB, 1536x546, 256:91, 77F22EF7-8431-4E1A-9C6A-F….jpeg)

File: 823d3e64fb695e9⋯.jpeg (781.45 KB, 2394x1435, 342:205, 0A0577CB-F032-414B-AF5D-D….jpeg)

ee67ee No.539455

File: e7b0d54d13f4d6d⋯.jpg (65.8 KB, 681x377, 681:377, breaking.jpg)

https:// twitter.com/Breakingservice/status/969983286746533890/video/1

e2aea0 No.539456


Spook asset

62b642 No.539457


Why not use citizens arrest to #LOCKTHEMUP?

077c5e No.539458


Welcome to On The Right Track Annons, Q!!

SOO nice to see you LOLing lets work our way to LOLROFLMAO~

91417d No.539459

File: d16730e25354f70⋯.jpg (529.62 KB, 1080x1079, 1080:1079, Screenshot_20180303-112102.jpg)

746f3d No.539461

File: 9e9314e6dbdb5d1⋯.gif (828.75 KB, 180x166, 90:83, popcorn.gif)




a6f279 No.539462

File: 781575f110d1e03⋯.png (519.19 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot (54).png)


Suicide Weekend

368918 No.539463

Why is BO/BV not banning fake Q? Anons get banned for much less..

867b03 No.539464

Anons still questioning when

will there be suicides.

Are you watching CNN or what?

Stay informed.

Suicides HAVE been habbening

and will be more.

""Former Florida Rep. Robert Wallace jumps from Tampa overpass""

This Was Right After FL HS Situation

http:// www.tampabay.com/news/publicsafety/Former-Florida-Rep-Robert-Wallace-jumps-from-Tampa-overpass_165701710

6ec50b No.539465


72 Demons is what the Vatican indoctrinated people to believe. As always it is in fact the opposite.

People will be shocked when they learn who, the Nephilum really are and what they have been really doing for thousands of years. And people will hang their heads in shame.

01ac2d No.539466


you're having a laugh aren't you? why would Q be a secret rothschild with the pointers that he's provided on your family. Certainly wouldn't want to be bringing your reach and control into the public domain.

So how is the diet and the bloodline? how is your close relative Bickle coming along under your tutelage?

And I think I wanted to ask is how to negate the contracts; within a couple of years i'll be out with no dependencies and without having to dip my feet back in again, unfortunately still using paper though. i would like rid of the social contracts in their entirety as well as to understand how to ensure that the work i do now to reach that point can be maintained for the future inheritors. I also think I'm going to develop an AI to develop Tesla's science further, and immerse myself in those areas going forward.

e2aea0 No.539467


Who is attending?

"The important people that attend are the people you have never heard of


bd1c0f No.539468

File: 61a7558709e4db8⋯.png (172.42 KB, 1166x774, 583:387, alectonypodesta.png)



And his major ties to TONY PODESTAAAA

47eacd No.539469


Too busy stroking their egos m8

538472 No.539470


Suicide weekend?

91417d No.539471


Thank you! And well done! These are great to spread.

7dc72a No.539472


thank you.

71a2f5 No.539473



Blue blood

"reptilian" blood

Royal blood line

Think Elites

Why is it important to them?


47eacd No.539474


Fuck off Lynne. Please livestream an-hero cuntrag

cf16a9 No.539475


This is really good. Thank you.

57aeae No.539476

http:// www.bbc. com/news/world-us-canada-43273830

I wonder if one of the clowns decided to make a spectacle out of his suicide.

0c37f6 No.539477



Not hostile m8, I never get "hostile". I just don't think you're funny, amusing, or anything of the sort. I think you're boring and rather new here. I do not think much of your intelligence if your intent was to fool anyone either. I don't even think you're worth my time filtering. You're less than a normie to me. Below most of the other anons. Feel free to continue though, last I heard this was America and we had the freedom to be a dumbass if we wanted.

b5b12e No.539478




807608 No.539479

Attention, Anons. @Jack is looking for ways to make Twatter better for all of us. He wants to hear your suggestions.



74dcba No.539480


Now you have me terrified. I don't even care if I doxx myself. My child is going in for MASSIVE surgery next month. I already fear they have done things to my child in the past under the guise of *necessary* I know my child has many disabilities but I feel it's an excuse to 'Do other things' Please tell me my child is safe, Dear Lord, Please tell me he is going to be alright. Please Q, I beg you, don't let anything hppen to our children. I'm so scared

837057 No.539481


>72 Demons

Hmm, camel jockey's die for 72 virgins.


6ec50b No.539482



The war.


e2aea0 No.539483


The doctors are not the enemy, big pharma is.

4809d7 No.539484

>>536317 (old bread)

This guy is running against Tim Kaine in Virginia


https:// www.conservativereview.com/articles/fire-watch-gop-senate-candidate-stun-second-amendment-snowflakes-recess/

Nick Freitas For Senate

077c5e No.539485

File: 0b5b4375ee25fb1⋯.jpg (141.89 KB, 2400x3000, 4:5, NoSuch_logo.jpg)


Think: Atantic Bridge

Compare: National Security Action first tweet 02/26/18

6ec50b No.539486


72 is the number of OUR creator.

71a2f5 No.539487


Your child is safe

We eat our own


587e37 No.539488


Doctors are the drug dealers peddling the drugs for Big pharma.

81f7d2 No.539489


That's what I asked you. But also this whole Red Cross, blood drives, organ harvesting/ donation thing. Two separate but related?

72ba33 No.539490

>>532823 >>532889

In case you're around, not sure if you'd want them in GMT or EST

>pastebin.com/2HrnESSX (EST)

>pastebin.com/DJ5DMRjp (GMT)

21b47c No.539491


Life-span increase?

0eef4e No.539492


Try me.

61edb1 No.539493



Rofschild AMA part 2

A lot has changed since then…what a time to be alive. I understand you guys love your RH- blood but other than immunity to AIDS (what a coincidence) I don't understand how it's an advantage.

837057 No.539494


AND, (((They))) like to corrupt EVERYTHING.

Just sayin…

0db1f8 No.539495


Like, upvote and share on all platforms

6822ab No.539496


I feel better when the high quality shills are here. No bush league please.

265197 No.539497


There would not be a "Land of Nod" established for Cain to go to if Adam and Eve were not preceded by the Nodites (Nephilim).

Genesis 4:16 And Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden.

0b60e2 No.539498


"American Alligiance Proudly STANDS" imho

Something was tried, /badguys failed. /good guys won. Anythin in 111 days Q drops???

b76346 No.539499

Got my popcorn and going to sit back now to watch the shills talk to themselves trying to get Anons to slide.

e2aea0 No.539500


Doctors are just people that can be manipulated like anyone else. Propaganda comes from big pharma.

6ec50b No.539501


Going for surgery. We both know psychopaths created our "health care system"

All diseases are linked to one. Lyme disease.

0c37f6 No.539502


No mate, sorry, but you're tresspassing in MY area of research. Think beyond bloodline. Think Mirror, incarnate, manifestations. We are prey. We have but one natural predator, save for bacteria and parasitic exceptions.

Don't think for a moment it isn't real, because, it is written in many of the oldest documments ever found on Earth. I could post pictures of evidence here for hours and hours, perhaps even days. No one will listen… yet. Too out there to grasp for most. The time will come though. People will question, want to know more as the red pills start to reach the outer extremities.

74dcba No.539503


I can't stop crying. Thank you.

6ec50b No.539504


Blah! I don't so the Bible

2567ea No.539505

File: f91cb02fde69207⋯.mp4 (9.98 MB, 800x600, 4:3, HuntCIANiggers.mp4)

c5a8b9 No.539506


That is why it is/was not a waste of time to focus on those little scumbags. They are front and center for the enemy. Not some misguided kids.

57131a No.539507

File: 5b33c077206df23⋯.jpg (68.12 KB, 354x487, 354:487, 25kyrc.jpg)

0c37f6 No.539508

Is there really something going on at the Whitehouse, or what?

368918 No.539509

I ask again.. What is with the Q fuckery?


e2aea0 No.539510


Yes, self inflicted gunshot wound.

4446dd No.539511


Yes…someone killed themselves on the sidewalk out front

65ef56 No.539512

PRISM is a code name for a program under which the United States National Security Agency (NSA) collects internet communications from various U.S. internet companies.[1][2][3] The program is also known by the SIGAD US-984XN.[4][5] PRISM collects stored internet communications based on demands made to internet companies such as Google Inc. under Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act of 2008 to turn over any data that match court-approved search terms.[6] The NSA can use these PRISM requests to target communications that were encrypted when they traveled across the internet backbone, to focus on stored data that telecommunication filtering systems discarded earlier,[7][8] and to get data that is easier to handle, among other things.[9]

PRISM began in 2007 in the wake of the passage of the Protect America Act under the Bush Administration.[10][11] The program is operated under the supervision of the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA Court, or FISC) pursuant to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).[12] Its existence was leaked six years later by NSA contractor Edward Snowden, who warned that the extent of mass data collection was far greater than the public knew and included what he characterized as "dangerous" and "criminal" activities.[13] The disclosures were published by The Guardian and The Washington Post on June 6, 2013. Subsequent documents have demonstrated a financial arrangement between NSA's Special Source Operations division (SSO) and PRISM partners in the millions of dollars.[14]

Documents indicate that PRISM is "the number one source of raw intelligence used for NSA analytic reports", and it accounts for 91% of the NSA's internet traffic acquired under FISA section 702 authority."[15][16] The leaked information came to light one day after the revelation that the FISA Court had been ordering a subsidiary of telecommunications company Verizon Communications to turn over to the NSA logs tracking all of its customers' telephone calls.[17][18]

U.S. government officials have disputed some aspects of the Guardian and Washington Post stories and have defended the program by asserting it cannot be used on domestic targets without a warrant, that it has helped to prevent acts of terrorism, and that it receives independent oversight from the federal government's executive, judicial and legislative branches.[19][20] On June 19, 2013, U.S. President Barack Obama, during a visit to Germany, stated that the NSA's data gathering practices constitute "a circumscribed, narrow system directed at us being able to protect our people."

Corporate executives of several companies identified in the leaked documents told The Guardian that they had no knowledge of the PRISM program in particular and also denied making information available to the government on the scale alleged by news reports.[2][110] Statements of several of the companies named in the leaked documents were reported by TechCrunch and The Washington Post as follows:[111][112]

Microsoft: "We provide customer data only when we receive a legally binding order or subpoena to do so, and never on a voluntary basis. In addition we only ever comply with orders for requests about specific accounts or identifiers. If the government has a broader voluntary national security program to gather customer data we don't participate in it."[111][113]

Yahoo!: "Yahoo! takes users' privacy very seriously. We do not provide the government with direct access to our servers, systems, or network."[111] "Of the hundreds of millions of users we serve, an infinitesimal percentage will ever be the subject of a government data collection directive."[112]

Facebook: "We do not provide any government organization with direct access to Facebook servers. When Facebook is asked for data or information about specific individuals, we carefully scrutinize any such request for compliance with all applicable laws, and provide information only to the extent required by law."[111]

Google: "Google cares deeply about the security of our users' data. We disclose user data to government in accordance with the law, and we review all such requests carefully. From time to time, people allege that we have created a government 'back door' into our systems, but Google does not have a backdoor for the government to access private user data."[111] "[A]ny suggestion that Google is disclosing information about our users' internet activity on such a scale is completely false."[112]

Apple: "We have never heard of PRISM. We do not provide any government agency with direct access to our servers, and any government agency requesting customer data must get a court order."[114]

Dropbox: "We've seen reports that Dropbox might be asked to participate in a government program called PRISM. We are not part of any such program and remain committed to protecting our users' privacy."[111]

b76346 No.539513


Yes there is. Some guy shot himself out by the WH fence

077c5e No.539514



{S: EatThis

Your Chlid Is Safe your Q is not~

62b642 No.539515





aaa383 No.539516

File: 23d593bed9f7c63⋯.png (342.05 KB, 772x950, 386:475, ClipboardImage.png)


Brennan who is a deep state mole reacted:

Ex-CIA Boss Brennan Rattled About National Security After Trump’s Alec Baldwin Tweet

After Putin’s boast about nuclear missiles, the former director said he was chilled by Trump’s priorities: “This is surreal.”

https:// www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/cia-john-brennan-security-concerns-trump-baldwin_us_5a99d0c7e4b089ec353a44e8

466d2f No.539517

File: dc58eb59dc82194⋯.jpg (97.5 KB, 652x435, 652:435, 25odya.jpg)


Saw your post, had to make this,KEK

8c246d No.539518

Russian President Vladimir Putin told Washington to send him hard evidence that his citizens meddled in US elections, mocking accusations to date as "yelling and hollering in the United States Congress".

The office of US Special Counsel Robert Mueller charged 13 Russians and three firms last month with interfering in the 2016 presidential vote as part of what it called a conspiracy to support Donald Trump and disparage Hillary Clinton.

"I have to see first what they've done. Give us materials, give us information," Putin said in an interview with NBC TV aired late on Friday, according to an English voice-over of his words.



0ecb61 No.539519


a you are outing yourself as n00b\

b that is not Q

74dcba No.539520


I have tried bringing some of my research on this to the board and it gets ignored. I figure it's just not time yet. It is hard to conceive, I understand this, Parasites have no conscience, no mind other than FEED. Our sorrow/pain is their sustenance

6ec50b No.539522


Yes. They want to be the new SHE.

62b642 No.539523

looks like a dead guy under the sheet bottom right>>539357

dc7f57 No.539524



…the life is in the blood…

71a2f5 No.539525


It depends on who you ask

The prey or the hunted

Laughing out loud


0c37f6 No.539526



Thanks, just found it in the msm ( fox )

73b80b No.539527

File: d7e04796b2f561a⋯.jpg (51.48 KB, 719x370, 719:370, alexalecdieingdying.jpg)

65ef56 No.539528


In response to the technology companies' denials of the NSA being able to directly access the companies' servers, The New York Times reported that sources had stated the NSA was gathering the surveillance data from the companies using other technical means in response to court orders for specific sets of data.[17] The Washington Post suggested, "It is possible that the conflict between the PRISM slides and the company spokesmen is the result of imprecision on the part of the NSA author. In another classified report obtained by The Post, the arrangement is described as allowing 'collection managers [to send] content tasking instructions directly to equipment installed at company-controlled locations,' rather than directly to company servers."[1] "[I]n context, 'direct' is more likely to mean that the NSA is receiving data sent to them deliberately by the tech companies, as opposed to intercepting communications as they're transmitted to some other destination.[112]

"If these companies received an order under the FISA amendments act, they are forbidden by law from disclosing having received the order and disclosing any information about the order at all," Mark Rumold, staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, told ABC News.[115]

On May 28, 2013, Google was ordered by United States District Court Judge Susan Illston to comply with a National Security Letter issued by the FBI to provide user data without a warrant.[116] Kurt Opsahl, a senior staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, in an interview with VentureBeat said, "I certainly appreciate that Google put out a transparency report, but it appears that the transparency didn't include this. I wouldn't be surprised if they were subject to a gag order."[117]

The New York Times reported on June 7, 2013, that "Twitter declined to make it easier for the government. But other companies were more compliant, according to people briefed on the negotiations."[118] The other companies held discussions with national security personnel on how to make data available more efficiently and securely.[118] In some cases, these companies made modifications to their systems in support of the intelligence collection effort.[118] The dialogues have continued in recent months, as General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has met with executives including those at Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Intel.[118] These details on the discussions provide insight into the disparity between initial descriptions of the government program including a training slide which states, "Collection directly from the servers"[119] and the companies' denials.[118]

While providing data in response to a legitimate FISA request approved by the FISA Court is a legal requirement, modifying systems to make it easier for the government to collect the data is not. This is why Twitter could legally decline to provide an enhanced mechanism for data transmission.[118] Other than Twitter, the companies were effectively asked to construct a locked mailbox and provide the key to the government, people briefed on the negotiations said.[118] Facebook, for instance, built such a system for requesting and sharing the information.[118] Google does not provide a lockbox system, but instead transmits required data by hand delivery or ssh.




5796b6 No.539529



A CIA MKULTRA assets walked up to the WH fence and shot himself in the head….

c969b1 No.539530


There are lists that can be found. Shouldn't change to much from year to year. Unless somebody dies of course, a lot of these guys are getting very old.

ed0323 No.539531


That would be great anon. I think the other baker left, he'd been up for a while. He left a message up thread with a paste, I'm not sure if it's another one or the one in the OP. Can't find it… maybe you can.

Godspeed newbakeranon

0c37f6 No.539533


Dude, the prey is the hunted. If you want to pretend you're Q, at least try to sound as reasonable as he…

d85cb9 No.539534

https:// yahoo.com/news/secret-possible-self-inflicted-shot-white-house-172123610–politics.html

Suicide Weekend?

dd8e8a No.539535


==OK, I'm baking #664

aaa383 No.539536

File: ec8d449ab612cba⋯.png (243.5 KB, 540x977, 540:977, ClipboardImage.png)

'Unstable, inept, inexperienced, and also unethical': Former CIA director delivers a brutal assessment of Trump

00769e No.539538


The CIA has nothing to lose, they are going for Broke. If I was the Pres. I would just stay in Florida.

368918 No.539539


Are Mods taking the weekend off? It seems whenever Q (the real one) is absent for days, this kind of bullshit happens. Some are easily distracted.

0c37f6 No.539540


God speed, Patriot!

6ec50b No.539541


They were created by a shamed high ranking member of the Vlash fraction. Before he "left" he created a human hybrid bloodline using his blood.

Meroviginjn for Merovech. The Vlash.

b5b12e No.539542

File: cf87d2aaff83547⋯.png (186.45 KB, 988x637, 76:49, ClipboardImage.png)

Suicide weekend

0ecb61 No.539544

File: c71534245cffc7b⋯.png (21.93 KB, 1026x271, 1026:271, 123.PNG)


81f7d2 No.539545


>I have tried bringing some of my research on this to the board and it gets ignored.

Maybe it is time to bring it up again.

c5a8b9 No.539546


Disinfo spliced in with real stuff. Pindar is not who he says. It is the head of House of Rothchild. But he lives in England and values his life so he uses a Proxy person who will not kill him.

03aac9 No.539547

File: 4d4a1409af480d1⋯.png (53.14 KB, 290x908, 145:454, PRISM surveillance progra….png)


>PRISM is a code name

MYSTIC (surveillance program)

MYSTIC is a formerly secret program used since 2009 by the US National Security Agency (NSA) to collect the metadata as well as the content of phone calls from several entire countries. The program was first revealed in March 2014, based upon documents leaked by Edward Snowden.

> en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MYSTIC_(surveillance_program)

65ef56 No.539548

File: 167657f38fe0074⋯.png (91.33 KB, 1020x500, 51:25, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8694d21359e6d99⋯.png (168.26 KB, 1020x1032, 85:86, ClipboardImage.png)

Besides the information collection program started in 2007, there are two other programs sharing the name PRISM:[201]

The Planning tool for Resource Integration, Synchronization and Management (PRISM), a web tool used by US military intelligence to send tasks and instructions to data collection platforms deployed to military operations.[202]

The Portal for Real-time Information Sharing and Management (PRISM), whose existence was revealed by the NSA in July 2013.[201] This is an internal NSA program for real-time sharing of information which is apparently located in the NSA's Information Assurance Directorate.[201] The NSA's Information Assurance Directorate (IAD) is a very secretive