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File: 077ab1e7aaf2fbf⋯.jpg (521.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 077ab1e7aaf2fbfea054d57ecf….jpg)

c329d1 No.591714

New Executive Order

https:// www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/federal-interagency-council-crime-prevention-improving-reentry/

You Must Verify Your Email Address After You Sign the WH Petition for it to Count!!


"They want you silenced, MAKE NOISE" ~ Q

Please Sign this and spread it. petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/internet-bill-rights-2


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>>579328 #internetbillofrights

Monday 3.05.18 ~ Tuesday 3.06.18

>>570744 No free passes [MSM].

>>568909 rt >>568863 wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/3672

>>568863 wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/629

>>568027 Big news week? Not over yet.

>>567803 rt >>567733 Wait & see.

>>567764 Logic says they simply would not report it.

>>567637 rt >>567610 Stage set?

>>567578 rt >>567534 They all have foundations & institutes for a reason.

>>567521 1st BOOM revealed.

>>567502 rt >>567454 These people are stupid (removed >>567493)

>>567440 rt >>567393 Trust the plan

>>567408 Do you believe in coincidences?

>>564638 Parade 11-11-18

>>564130 rt >>563781 & >>563824 Why Steel is important

>>563806 The nail in many coffins

>>563536 rt >>563501 Asia live OP

>>563509 rt >>563432 MAP has everything

>>563386 Learn.

>>563358 STEEL

>>563238 rt >>563201 Biggest Intel Dro

>>562944 rt >>562883

>>562875 rt >>562842 WATCH the water.

>>562842 rt >>562749 Water.

>>562660 @Snowden Welcome to China.

Sunday 3.04.18


>>548253 [Roasted]

>>548200 rt >>548166 Careful who you follow

>>548166 rt >>548157 Re read drops

>>548129 Hannity (see) >>548659

>>>/greatawakening/457 Do you trust the MSM?

>>>/greatawakening/456 BOOM

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>>545335 Expand your thinking

>>544985 We are everywhere.

Saturday 3.03.18

>>544701 The BRIDGE.

>>544501 Reality is labeled as conspiracy...

>>544304 A demonstration was made today in front of the WH...

>>544247 Misspellings/grammar matter...

>>544206 What I say a class action lawsuit?

>>544119 Zebra_Zebra...


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>>538293 Assets Siezed by EO

https:// www.treasury.gov/ofac/downloads/sdnlist.pdf

EO Annex 1 and 2



Twitter Storm : Kekistani Airforce Method

All tweets should have #QAnon, #GreatAwakening, and @POTUS/@realDonaldTrump

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c329d1 No.591751

https:// pastebin.com/t6C5tL8C

e11f63 No.591778

major announcement concerning korea - trump

c46b71 No.591799


What do you think it will be?

Kim is going to SK

Is it something more?

574c7c No.591810


I will fix the dough

c329d1 No.591831


The fuck you will.

ca3e1b No.591836

File: a51196a95a60ff0⋯.jpg (180.92 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Together2.jpg)

File: 86389909e464470⋯.jpg (316.42 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, TogetherStrong3.jpg)

c329d1 No.591838

Last Q post in Last Bread


>>591784 Up all night Running

390a6c No.591840


<3 Buckle up.

In response to Q's post about "Buckle up" → Pic related.

d9329a No.591841


>The project's intentionally obscure CIA cryptonym is made up of the digraph MK, meaning the project was sponsored by the agency's Technical Services Staff

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Office_of_Technical_Service

5b360d No.591842

Thank you baker 👨‍🍳

Q and team ROCKING IT!!!!!



390a6c No.591843

File: 9fa782ea9e4618f⋯.jpeg (81.48 KB, 800x500, 8:5, image1.jpeg)


Pic now related. sorry.

a91790 No.591844


Thats the white tower building looking out on the street market in Hong Kong …from where the first picture was taken?

241e79 No.591846

File: 85899fb87f65441⋯.png (342 B, 107x18, 107:18, ClipboardImage.png)


but know that



b3d9d3 No.591847

1 min Delta on Trump tweets

aa48e1 No.591848


>Live shot.

>We know.

>Your move

I pray to never be on Q's bad side…there's nowhere to hide!

1e1996 No.591849


I reckon he'll announce nuclear disarmament.

a570f1 No.591850

WASHINGTON — South Korea will make a "major announcement" about the future of its relationship with North Korea Thursday, President Trump said.

Trump made the announcement to reporters Thursday in a rare and unexpected visit to the White House briefing room. He said the announcement would come at 7 p.m. Eastern Time.

He did not elaborate.

sauce usatoday….

fe579e No.591851

TRUMP just said that South Korea will be making "an announcement" tonight at 7pm EST. TURN YOUR TVS ON!!!

5712a6 No.591852

File: 9ce68c1e6d83632⋯.jpg (44.52 KB, 247x320, 247:320, Where's Waldo Snowden copy.jpg)


Fire up the Where's @Snowden memes.

98d577 No.591853

Hey fam. I am so thankful for everyone here and especially Q. I have a very bad disease and have finally taken a turn for the BETTER after 3 years of being in bed. I’m only 27. I was healthy all my life then whammm sick as a dog. I lost all faith. I was so happy that Trump won, but I thought TPTB could never be taken down. Then Q came along. After the Saudi crackdown I became a believer. I’ve been “awake” for 8 years now. I truly believe Trump was put into office by God. God fights evil. There is evil everywhere. Q and all my fam on this board have helped me for the last several months. I was very down until then. Thank you.

Q. I love you and I love everyone here.

I’m so ready to see these mother fucking evil satanist cucks hang.

Dear God, please protect POTUS, his family and all the brave patriots fighting the greatest evil the world has ever seen. May you give him the strength to continue as our savior of mankind AND may you strike down the cabal and their media puppets. I ask you, God, please shine light down on those who need it most, the brave men and women on the front lines taking down the most evil sin one can partake in, the harming of innocent children. Amen.

a91790 No.591854


White tower in HK from where the first picture was taken?

eb4ae6 No.591855


You haven't cut the cable yet?

27131c No.591856


7pm EST in old world time?

94d134 No.591857

a460b2 No.591858

File: 5c902a628030a59⋯.jpg (49.96 KB, 600x871, 600:871, 1511924053401.jpg)

This Korea announcement might be much more than expected based on Q's posts. A real redpill perhaps???

e11f63 No.591859



my take

trump defeated n korea and kimmy last nov/dec

then trump built an exit ramp for kimmy to take

(call it saving face or call it saving his life)

s korea is announcing kimmy decided to take that ramp

if he did take i,t he be dead

4731fe No.591860

File: 8935a1f1c5dbe9f⋯.png (1.09 MB, 966x958, 483:479, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at ….png)


You guys think Snowden uses Strava?!

What's the location of that place?

https:// labs.strava.com/heatmap/

1e1996 No.591861

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Fox News Live

023306 No.591862


haven't had a TV in years . kek

c2312c No.591863

File: 1b5b9db0ca3e455⋯.png (293.89 KB, 1628x933, 1628:933, wiseanon.png)

c46ca1 No.591864

HRC +++ + +++++

9 symbols 9th. Friday?

58e4fc No.591865





> Last Q post <

Someone was up all night running.

Live shot.

We know.

Your move.


eb4ae6 No.591866

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Welcome back.

fa9c88 No.591867

I’m praying for God’s protection for Q and POTUS and all patriots

e7c088 No.591868


Image filenames -



Coordinates? ANONS ARE GO >>>>>

74104a No.591869

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


14293c No.591870


Peace and blessings to you, anon.

3ec3e6 No.591871

File: 5fff790f34e0f8f⋯.jpg (93.02 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, Perspective.jpg)


Is this accurate ^ Q

Baker please add new drops to bread.


c770fd No.591872

File: 0ff7e74a51bccc3⋯.jpg (78.67 KB, 720x479, 720:479, pucker.jpg)

3e37de No.591873

>>591839 (Last bread)


Wait the moment, the petition of the White House for to considerate Soros as terrorist has functioned!!!???

c329d1 No.591874


We need what it was between Q and POTUS.

8f22a9 No.591875

>>591825 (last bread)

https:// redirector.googlevideo.com/videoplayback?mn=sn-vgqsenek,sn-vgqsrne6&ipbits=0&mm=31,29&pl=28&ip=,dur,ei,gir,id,ip,ipbits,itag,lmt,mime,mm,mn,ms,mv,pl,ratebypass,requiressl,source,expire&id=o-AOKyysQ27RUPSeR77EWZY8sxyJAO0oQw4MbRnJpx2yZH&mv=m&dur=196.626&mt=1520548194&itag=18&ms=au,rdu&requiressl=yes&gir=yes&mime=video/mp4&fvip=2&expire=1520569898&ratebypass=yes&lmt=1402137251112381&clen=12963263&source=youtube&c=WEB&key=yt6&ei=yrmhWriuGYijD72NirAN&signature=73F1FC1A60F5ECB2A56D4B8A45963046549E394F.B28179F8C7A682B6913391368054AD6FAA6E4C49&utmg=ytap1,,small

1e1996 No.591876

Is Snowden gonna be paraded in chains @7PM?

3e9508 No.591877


Keep on fighting anon. We need all the people of God we can get! You got this! Sending love to you anon!

94d134 No.591878

ca3e1b No.591879

File: 37a2749335c9491⋯.jpg (82.5 KB, 541x722, 541:722, 2018-03-08-15:30:45.jpg)

File: a86c46d133d265e⋯.png (2.49 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 5b8c11eb8628be43ccdc4f3484….png)

File: 0506e8867eebbe8⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 909309fc7d2fa13cbf333e6acd….png)


Repost of Q's last with his 2 pics:

9dc69a No.591880

>>591763 (last bread)

THINK step one

you're not hearing the point help POTUS which helps you~

Whateves…vote Commie then fine but dont whine

fc6e42 No.591881

File: 7d54df689b54d6e⋯.png (515.12 KB, 1759x955, 1759:955, globalist.png)

9119dc No.591882

File: f08f42cb167b500⋯.png (701.18 KB, 1334x624, 667:312, ClipboardImage.png)

>>591285 (You)




>>591586 (You)

>>591621 (You)



SEARCHING FOR Q's video ref ex-rvid5774

leads to a bunch of encrypted/scrambled vids from 2 days ago, which reference Q in a number of ways and give geographic coordinates.

HELP! it is too much for me.

1109bf No.591883


He just filed a lawsuit against Cali for a bunch of immigraton things. He's doing it!

Trump ruffling feathers and playing a NAFTA game with Can and MX, excluding them from steel import tarriffs. They'll think they have an advantage but he's fixin to make some more serious trade fixes to our benefit. :)

eec48c No.591884



3/15…might be when the OIG report hits?

e11f63 No.591885


Sean Hannity‏Verified account

Buckle up…

1:12 PM - 7 Mar 2018

c329d1 No.591886


Much appreciated!

570055 No.591887

File: bdcf716d6b5a538⋯.jpg (13.83 KB, 255x180, 17:12, 1cf61248dfa1398bd101f21696….jpg)

File: 2f73e6a50c2bd68⋯.jpg (21.39 KB, 255x250, 51:50, 9dc02ad46fee5250f45a0ae3ab….jpg)

File: 754f6ba7aaae779⋯.png (119.63 KB, 254x255, 254:255, Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at ….png)

File: 7f38dd536abb859⋯.png (173.05 KB, 481x332, 481:332, Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at ….png)


Perfect!! This will be in the hallway of my new school I'm going to build once the dust has settled. Thank YOU!!

cd1cba No.591888

File: e5d3de2ab9c1a38⋯.jpeg (50.09 KB, 199x346, 199:346, 960FAA01-6041-49CE-82A2-4….jpeg)


Can anyone tell what this is?

066acf No.591889


Anybody else confirm McDonalds in background?

Doesn't look like HK to me.

can we place it anons?

To the MAPS!!!

c770fd No.591890


A sign

cd1cba No.591891


Bet it has to do with what to do with snowden

d2da50 No.591892


Fuck off with your sliding BS.


74104a No.591893


crazy lookin huh

07adec No.591894


I just looked it up and it's 6:30 in the morning there. If it really is a live shot, then I would think it has to be another city. I'm confused

5a9440 No.591895

https:// twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/971872339330781185

https:// twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/971872457182326784

Cap "A" and Cap "I" "Adjusting Imports" in both tweets


1109bf No.591896


what happened to Jan 15 for IG report?

2bf6cb No.591897


>Spent last 2 days on it. A lot of work for not much results, when I can usually turn out 2 dozen 7-words-or-less memes in a day. Appreciate the feedback. I think I will try to reformat it slightly larger and more readable, and maybe try reposting tomorrow.

It is in the Notable Posts sections. The BV noticed it first and took action. The signed pages section is too small for me to read, but 2 days worth of work yielded a very good summary, Anon!

Q is here and the bread is going fast…))

390a6c No.591898



b3e0bd No.591899




Lurk moar


d9329a No.591900

File: c40b05ff5e2e303⋯.png (100.35 KB, 146x314, 73:157, thumbs up.png)



I've already been the victim of injection attacks into my old social media accounts supposedly by "me" spreading disinformation. That's why I rarely use it now.

Would really like this problem fixed. It's cost me money and friendships.

fc6e42 No.591901


You can see a man in a white shirt in the window

a9f672 No.591902

5712a6 No.591903

File: 45f0a305022d1f3⋯.jpg (70.84 KB, 169x270, 169:270, PEPE.Bikini.jpg)

Bless The Baker

(family friendly version)

78c0cc No.591904


Looks like a freaky kid in leiderhosen , or however that is spelled

203bf9 No.591905

Snowden been running since yesterday post of his location Q posting his new location right after he gets there ?

da5e9b No.591906


These water color-y memes are beautiful and positive. And your prior work too. Thank you.

570055 No.591907

File: f99914452859ba1⋯.png (112.72 KB, 200x250, 4:5, Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at ….png)

File: e2c86652b4f96d6⋯.png (89.21 KB, 586x391, 586:391, Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at ….png)

File: 36905ea85e78195⋯.png (695.45 KB, 529x596, 529:596, Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at ….png)

File: 03b00bfecc6562c⋯.png (2.68 MB, 1000x700, 10:7, Trump_Lion_Transparent.png)







d2da50 No.591908


Looks like a puffy white gingerbread man.

Most likely a corporate logo?

IDEN+ go

14293c No.591910


a sign shaped like a boy

baea1f No.591911


Can we confirm this is Hong Kong again?

581204 No.591912


Looks like a cartoon logo of a person in overalls. Appears to be a sign on top of one of the buildings in the foreground.

ba8b0e No.591913

NO denuclearization is BOOM #2.

3 days for the next one.

4731fe No.591914

File: 8aa3cae069b941a⋯.png (42.04 KB, 1662x234, 277:39, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at ….png)

Does anyone have the coordinates/location to plug into STRAVA (Snowden RUNNING)

-if he was running in place he'd show up as a particularly white dot.

https:// labs.strava.com/heatmap/

5a3207 No.591915



ffbcd3 No.591916


do you think he's running from them or us

a9f599 No.591917

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


https:// www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/presidential-proclamation-adjusting-imports-aluminum-united-states/

b393ee No.591918


East Asians love mascots. Obviously, you found one.

ba8b0e No.591919

fc6e42 No.591921

File: 52cce4f5d93ae8a⋯.png (124.92 KB, 297x211, 297:211, maninwindow.png)

11a5f1 No.591922

File: 8acf5300ba6952e⋯.png (524.21 KB, 860x563, 860:563, yellow_triangle.PNG)


It isn't a McDonald's, but I did key in on that building.

eec48c No.591923


I voted for trump…and I never vote here. There literally is no way to get a republican in CA. They don't have a party system..they take the top few choices which are all hardcore commies. I don't vote for commies…voting for anyone you disagree with is giving them your approval for their actions…

049a4e No.591924


michelin man-jong-un?

256133 No.591925

File: fc64b6087aae628⋯.png (437.29 KB, 354x486, 59:81, Screenshot-2018-3-8 Meme G….png)

4fe834 No.591926


6:37am tomorrow morning right now in HK

a9b79d No.591927


He also made sure to point out Elon Musk and how he played directly into Trump's hand.

See SpaceX crumbs.

08bf3d No.591928

All the safe houses are belong to us

eb4ae6 No.591929



361d2b No.591930


building on the left… 6th window up!!

6dbd1c No.591931

Please check out this post form the last bread - got stepped on by Qs latest post, but this is good work

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/591016.html#q591491

c2312c No.591932


I don't think so Tim.

Unless it's a 5d chess move, then we can pretend we have functional nukes.

2a9798 No.591933

File: b4a13d0f4ab222e⋯.jpg (40.47 KB, 376x407, 376:407, th[8].jpg)

Just a laugh for the hard working anons this weekend!!!!!! You guys are doing a great job!!!!!!

d5bd3c No.591934


Dare I say it's actually fucking Waldo

c329d1 No.591935

94d134 No.591936

47b63f No.591937


An critical part of the global take down is to expose the media’s lies to the public. Trump continues to play the corrupt CIA controlled media like the fool they are. The media believes they can somehow still win and see Trump impeached or worse. These people are stupid. The media that controls the thought of much of the American public have lied for so long that the public has tuned out and is more interested in the Kardashians or the Stormy Daniels distraction. What the media still does not realize in that the patriotic American public that put Trump in office cares more that he get the American house in order than his own. They will put up with a lot more than Stormy if he takes down the DC corruption. Has the media forgotten the John F. Kennedy’s indiscretions or are they just stupid?

Just as Trump has feigned war with Jeff Sessions, he is now bobbing and weaving with the press and using Stormy as a shiny object to distract them. It’s clear now that not only are Trump and Sessions working together but Sessions is about to unleash the hounds of hell upon the enemies of our United States. A meticulous plan was made, it has been painstakingly applied and now it’s very apparent we will see the proof in days that Sessions has a lot more than anyone knows. It will be glorious.

We can only hope to have video of the cabal members as they are taken down and realize that their fate has been sealed. The Art of War says “There is no greater danger than underestimating your opponent”. Could Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Main Stream Media have underestimated Donald Trump any more? Live each day but remember each day this March as we are living though a historic battle that the full meaning of will only become clear in the very short days and months ahead.

And Patriots make no mistake we are in the trenches and fighting this battle with Donald J. Trump. I for one will never surrender again as I have over the past eight years. We may be fighting the battle with information not guns but our weapons are no less lethal. Our words, pictures and maps will kill. Remember that. Live that. I know in my heart Patriots that we will prevail because we have no choice. Should the other side win we will no longer be living in the United States that I recognize and certainly not one that I believe in. So my fellow Patriots, work harder than you have ever worked, dig deeper than you ever dug and we will prevail!

Steel yourselves Patriots!

Let’s rid our United States of America of this horrible plague!


c46ca1 No.591938

HRC vid rls Fri tomorrow?

7e4865 No.591939


8 minutes btwn when POTUS, then Q posted

e062d0 No.591940

>>591590 from last bread

Check this out.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milieu_control

Milieu control is a term popularized by psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton to describe tactics that control environment and human communication through the use of social pressure and group language; such tactics may include dogma, protocols, innuendo, slang, and pronunciation, which enables group members to identify other members, or to promote cognitive changes in individuals. Lifton originally used "milieu control" to describe brainwashing and mind control, but the term has since been applied to other contexts.[1]

http:// archive.is/AtX79

Robert Jay Lifton's eight criteria of thought reform as applied to the Executive Success Programs

Milieu Control = Mind Control

https:// wiki.fornits.com/index.php?title=Paradise_Cove

http:// wwaspsurvivors.com/wwasp-programs/paradise-cove/

I'll have to dig it up but there was mention of Paradise Cove in the Weiner email dump.

066acf No.591942


Ok. Noice. Very distinctive though.

ffbcd3 No.591943


i kinda thought that looked like a person sitting there, non asian type

dea164 No.591944

We need to be aware of what State Governors are saying. EX: Governor Jerry Brown accused Sessions of starting a war. That was most likely a veiled threat for civil war/unrest . Almost all of the States have have had violent protests have been Democratic Governors. Civil unrest would be permitted in those same States. We need to get out ahead of it by exposing their past allowance of violence and stand down orders.

98c3bd No.591945

big resignation

Chief Accounting officer for Tesla, Eric Branderiz leaving for "personal reasons" - that's a huge red flag - stock dropped 1.5% after hours on it.

Also, Board member of Newell Rubermaid stepping down.

122dbe No.591946



God bless you! Glad you're feeling better!

b3e0bd No.591947


Exactly. These are never REAL TIME live shots.

The last round of them had construction next to it. But in recent sat pics, no construction.

203bf9 No.591948

da5e9b No.591949


Mohammad with furry arms wearing a 50 lb purse around his neck

3ec3e6 No.591950


Co-ordinates are a funny thing anon. Be patient…. I dont see the 'there' there

Would not expect conf at theory of e_point either way @ ops

b393ee No.591951


Never noticed the nice rack on Picard

baea1f No.591952


Doesn't have to be an open window. Look at the entire frame…what is centered…one floor down.

c329d1 No.591953

[Did you at least comb your hair Ed?]

241e79 No.591954

File: b12e167e3ee5b74⋯.jpg (112.32 KB, 880x1300, 44:65, 26468378-a-happy-cartoon-l….jpg)

File: bdaeffca4929782⋯.jpg (326.81 KB, 940x940, 1:1, toonvectors-157815-940.jpg)


not these, but clearly a logo, guessing restaurant

China/Korea/Japan anons could probly recognize

9ba11b No.591955

94d134 No.591956



Thank you.

5712a6 No.591957



Looks a lot like Chinese architecture.

Also appear to have a mountain range in the B/G and a lot of smog.

Gut still says New Territories, but that's spitballin.

29696d No.591958


Are you just spouting niggershit or can you actually clue is in on why the fuck you're asking?

c329d1 No.591959


Tesla huh……interesting……….

9119dc No.591960


Anons have been trying to call this to everyones attention for about 10 breads

361d2b No.591961


I'm thinking so!!

4731fe No.591962

File: 8aa3cae069b941a⋯.png (42.04 KB, 1662x234, 277:39, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at ….png)


58e4fc No.591963

File: 03ee83a8e374b13⋯.png (943.59 KB, 922x767, 922:767, the_coords.png)

File: 6cf22d2d1b72884⋯.png (1 MB, 761x736, 761:736, day-night-RIGHT-NOW-in-the….png)

File: 0d2c5ecd0ae5e69⋯.png (80.44 KB, 406x469, 58:67, THE_Q_POST.png)



We put that into youtube.

We found coordinates.

At those coords is a HUGE fucking "8". (((MIRRORED))) o'S!


The live shot is probably in the morning or evening, see the shadows in Q post!


See screenshots!

Q POST: >>591784





ea4659 No.591964

File: 02cb5765fcf82e0⋯.png (101.53 KB, 233x445, 233:445, atsnowden.png)

3e37de No.591965

File: d830740e112fdf2⋯.jpg (68.08 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 8eed5b35cdcf7fc1d2fba240b0….jpg)



Add to the list.

da3851 No.591966


Sending love & healing energies to you anon!

e11f63 No.591967


this all related to the whereabouts of snowden

i posted this yesterday and earlier today

it's the descriptions that need to be read

go into the playlist for another clue

that place in china underground superconductor or something (big giant 8)

e4e50b No.591968


Did you take a close look at the satellite image? That area was clearly photoshopped in and very badly. Bring it up again and see for yourself the clear distortion/stretching of the image vs what was around it.

47b63f No.591969

In the photo of an apartment with the open window, the sat dish is at a different angle than the other apartments. Why?

a) It is pointed at a comms satellite for transmission, not for TV.

b) a flashbang exploded and blew out the window glass. The falling glass caused the dish to shift its angle.

Whish is most likely, a or b????

3ec3e6 No.591970


Did he Really have a sat there? thats asking to be pinpointed…. GEEZ

58e4fc No.591971

File: 35de4d570ecb048⋯.png (988.06 KB, 922x767, 922:767, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at ….png)

File: eb66f1494b94903⋯.png (879.07 KB, 922x767, 922:767, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at ….png)

File: 31c572f1e0c39da⋯.png (112.38 KB, 855x275, 171:55, REF_POST.png)

74104a No.591972


i think schwarzenegger was a test run to see how far they could push the limits. remember too right after that in next election it was a zoo, even a porn star.

what a joke it all is.

a570f1 No.591973

Trump mentioned Elon Musk in a good way during the Steel and Aluminum press statement. Hmmmm… 2 big data points showing EM may have flipped to our side and helped on the space issues. (IMHO).

https:// youtu.be/N-JrESnZjCI?t=1240

Then goes on to say the "We've really set the stage" within a couple minutes after the comments with EM…..

9119dc No.591974


I figured it was a superconducter

2bf6cb No.591975


Was reported early this morning that NoKo leader was to visit SK.

570055 No.591976

File: 2d0eb5e3f8ac90a⋯.jpg (954.08 KB, 2550x2632, 1275:1316, 20180217_100354.jpg)

File: 36905ea85e78195⋯.png (695.45 KB, 529x596, 529:596, Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at ….png)

File: 20bb1c6f7f5b095⋯.png (92.11 KB, 487x473, 487:473, Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at ….png)

File: 03b00bfecc6562c⋯.png (2.68 MB, 1000x700, 10:7, Trump_Lion_Transparent.png)

I just want to Thank You ANONS & BV's/BO and the whole crew.

Thanks for having me, I'll peak back in, but it's time to get my boots fully on the ground. It's been an honor and a blast, you guys and gals are simply My Favorite Crowd going.

My Strength I send to You…

My Best Hopes for You and Yours as well…

And NOTHING but Honor & Respect For YOU ALL!!!






ffbcd3 No.591977


i feel like it would be kinda easy to reverse engineer, so to speak, a set up like this..? i'm not saying it's fake just seems… well… Q comms here, you know?

c2312c No.591978


Chief Accounting Officer. Interesting position.

94d134 No.591979


So…this is NOT live, correct?

823af2 No.591980

File: c637b8e8f1f40f1⋯.jpg (68.56 KB, 586x390, 293:195, 20180308_164056.jpg)


You rang?

9dc69a No.591981


follow the bouncing ball:

CA Ballot

Republican candidates


..cannot be ANY worse than it is here now~

aad584 No.591982

Exactly, it's tomorrow morning over there and it could be daylight >>591963

0acbd1 No.591983


Mirror those coords,pls

9f6a7f No.591984



that magazine cover from yesterday was almost enough to initiate my gag response *s*

3718c4 No.591985

dont be put off its infowars this is a great article on a victory over evil big meds includes very interesting quotes by establishment MD's - they are deserting a sinking ship

https:// www.infowars.com/shocking-victory-for-proponents-of-alternative-medicine/

58e4fc No.591986


the video was posted 2 days ago, and was reffed by q himself

61f287 No.591987


39.767609, 87.991933 from the previous poster. I couldn't get starva to take coordinates though.

4731fe No.591988


If he's running in place and has the Strava app

he'd show up as a white dot on the heatmap.

fc6e42 No.591989

File: 554fd5ef60a587d⋯.png (22.35 KB, 104x131, 104:131, whodis.png)


look at front building … very left window

5712a6 No.591990

>>591859 Agree.

>call it saving face

VERY important in Asian culture.

e66b66 No.591991

File: 85f2c498914fddd⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 5b8c11eb8628be43ccdc4f3484….png)

61f287 No.591992


strava data is a year old

4e2e69 No.591993




ffbcd3 No.591994


so Q posted AFTER the video, is that what you're saying?

b3e0bd No.591995

Fox is saying the news will be Kim meeting with SK for the 1st time in person.

Who cares

4731fe No.591996


YOU'RE a year old!

4e18ea No.591997

File: 1551034e9aa1473⋯.png (5.08 KB, 259x96, 259:96, index1.png)


Q would have to release a full length feature film and possibly a series to detail everything and everyone and their connections. Maybe Q is gonna release a movie and bypass MSM and social media.

94d134 No.591998

That is NOT live.

ffbcd3 No.591999

if NK goes back to being friendly, the clown circus will have 1 less ring of 3 under the big-top?

68c625 No.592000

>>579914 (from yesterday)


We are going LIVE -24 [comb your hair].

c329d1 No.592001


No, they arleady did that. POTUS says there will be announcement made at 7 est.

a9f672 No.592002

Wheres that pic from last night BO/BV post it up plzzzzz. 7PM time anon pic.

cmon do it for these guys.

99bc53 No.592003

File: abced66dd7d6283⋯.jpg (483.42 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, image.jpg)

File: d8c8c7aa1ca2b93⋯.jpg (12.59 KB, 236x281, 236:281, images.duckduckgo.com.jpg)

Equal opportunity thanQ to Baker!

361d2b No.592004

241e79 No.592005

oh come on…. sure these people are stupid, but no way Snowden would be using a geolocation fitness app (even before it was published publicly)

3e37de No.592007

Petitions for the IBOR2: 7.306/100.000 Petitions.

94d134 No.592008


This pic is NOT live. It would be dark there now.

7e4865 No.592009


I found that interesting, may give credence to the idea the EM has been flipped

eb4ae6 No.592010

File: ce0e8549318ff20⋯.png (504.73 KB, 753x469, 753:469, ClipboardImage.png)

58e4fc No.592011


stand by

d9329a No.592012


Matthew 21:21

fc6e42 No.592013

File: 40092d95ae6f9b8⋯.png (15.64 KB, 57x97, 57:97, buildign mascot.png)


building "mascot"… find the building location

702584 No.592014


wrong, it is 0645 there now

fd2192 No.592015



https:// .webcams.travel/webcam/1179240123-Weather-Hong-Kong-Downtown-live-webcam-in-China-Hong-Kong

b3e0bd No.592016


I know that. Just saying what John just said on Fox.

It better be more than them meeting with Kim. This is getting hyped up. I don't want to be let down once again.

At this point tho…what does it matter

c329d1 No.592017

File: f656f354b5789fb⋯.png (7.65 KB, 513x126, 57:14, TS1.PNG)

File: 954d9f6e4941010⋯.png (510.28 KB, 677x618, 677:618, TS3.PNG)

File: fe0cc113021343b⋯.png (60.3 KB, 517x336, 517:336, TS2.PNG)

31b6b3 No.592018


There is a clearly drawn 8 in the sand at those coords.

Ruoqiang, Bayingol, Xinjiang, China

68c625 No.592019


But WE don't know what's going on over there right now. That msg was for Ed, I think

5712a6 No.592020



Hence, EM is forced to Kiss the Ring to stay afloat.

94d134 No.592021


Yes. Look.

cd1cba No.592022

File: e5d3de2ab9c1a38⋯.jpeg (50.09 KB, 199x346, 199:346, 41228E19-1EE1-45E4-B9AE-3….jpeg)


Can anyone make this clearer?

5b360d No.592023


Owie! I’ll take the marine please?

61f287 No.592024


39.767609, 87.991933

5fc9c8 No.592025



fd2192 No.592026


was meant for >>592008

08bf3d No.592027

File: d1b3f56e046bedb⋯.jpeg (95 KB, 676x499, 676:499, FE521B67-A47D-4E92-ADDF-1….jpeg)

3ec3e6 No.592028

So whats the goal of Q posting >>591784


'Rattle' nerves… ES exposes contacts/cell

Fear=aggression but also predictive defensive response.

Again was there actually a Sat dish at loc? Not SMART at ES

da3851 No.592029


I think he's running from us. That's what Q indicated, I believe.

58e4fc No.592030


sigh cant find shit anymore. fuck me

78c0cc No.592031


looks like a kid in lederhosen with a hat on

9f6a7f No.592032


someplace cheap and humid. no air conditioning.

0b979f No.592033

File: 731d1aa928e3492⋯.jpg (182.68 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, questions.jpg)

94d134 No.592034

e3a0ca No.592035


I advise the opposite. Go buy dinner for you family.Expand your business - 2018 is going to be awesome. Yeah tehere's going to be a reset, it won't be a Cormac McCarthy novel.

Don't be insane but take risks anons. The force is with us. G*d means to prosper us, not harm us. Truly.

07adec No.592036

I just looked up some live shots of Hong Kong, and the lighting isn't too different from Q's picture. It's possible the pictures are from there, but we still need to dig some more. Hopefully somebody can zero in on that sign or the building with the yellow arches

023306 No.592037

File: 7e05a771b8d59d6⋯.png (621.91 KB, 813x807, 271:269, 5ygkaw-GhjtpJA.png)


english as a second language meme

361d2b No.592038


Ok…. that's Kek topnotch Marine. MmmmMmm

a570f1 No.592039

File: be88e9c5b2da63e⋯.png (3.42 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 5b8c11eb8628be43ccdc4f3484….png)

ffbcd3 No.592040


what should Snowden's move be? come home to us, to safety, to sleep?

fc6e42 No.592041



( • )( • )

b3e0bd No.592042



What time was the 1st pic posted by Q…it would have been just dawn there if live. those pics are too bright for dawn

People are turning stupid & want to make sshit up to make things fit.

I'm not saying those are fake pics, they just are not REAL TIME pics

47b63f No.592043


Anything that leads to scrambled or encrypted videos is CLOWN SHIT!!!


If you really have to stick your nose in the CLOWN SHIT then STAY AWAY FROM HERE. We don't want to know it. We have real work to do that does not involve wallowing in the shit dreamed up by the Clowns In America!!!

cf372d No.592044


All the buildings look the same.

ccd8bb No.592045

File: 7b513564871af49⋯.jpg (50.74 KB, 539x960, 539:960, announcement.jpg)


Yep. What time though?

baea1f No.592046

File: 9d0f37114c31e56⋯.jpg (67.36 KB, 1000x622, 500:311, hong-kong-skyline.jpg)

http:// www.virtuallynomadic.com/travel-blog/hong-kong-skyline-and-the-peak/

24f684 No.592048


Where did this pic originate. Sorry workfag

2bf6cb No.592049


Pre-St. Patricks Day beer needed here soon!

ffbcd3 No.592050

it looks like twilight before actual sunrise<

456ba0 No.592051

File: 6b04966ad83758f⋯.png (107.05 KB, 733x497, 733:497, local time hong kong.PNG)


here ya go anon. Just about 7am there.

>in that part of the world…not saying he is in hong kong.

d5bd3c No.592052


Perhaps add it to the rules?

6f7bf4 No.592053


That's because they are Asian!

f926fc No.592054

File: 6da83386be38bf7⋯.png (53.58 KB, 631x480, 631:480, Trey re SK Announcement.PNG)

SK Announcement re NK Schedule for 7 pm EST

99bc53 No.592055

790421 No.592056


When you hiring?

574c7c No.592057



https:// pastebin.com/tvBZEb7U

e7c088 No.592058

File: 07d46f2af9bf3cc⋯.png (53.83 KB, 998x867, 998:867, 07d46f2af9bf3ccf0ed02a6e7e….png)

1e1996 No.592059

File: 17871e26fed4277⋯.png (139.86 KB, 680x536, 85:67, Snowed-In.png)

An image says a thousand words

4bf923 No.592060

So happy for you that you are doing better….

gotta stick around for 2018…It will be glorious!


9ba11b No.592061


7 pm Eastern.

It's been mentioned in many posts here.

94d134 No.592062



e4e50b No.592063


If he truly is a liability like Q said, he should be running away from his own shadow. Seems like suicide would be his greatest risk at the moment. NSA would be the least of his problems.

c785d0 No.592064


Hope heals the body, mind and soul. Such great news Anon. Many blessings your way🙏

9f6a7f No.592065


looks like a happy little boy

08bf3d No.592066

c2312c No.592067

File: 52d29b111d12f29⋯.jpg (111.33 KB, 686x419, 686:419, choice_to_know.jpg)


Forget Q "releasing" anything big, if anons gulp it hook line and sinker and normies just ignore the "conspiracy theorist", we have done nothing.

The goal is to redpill the masses. Your grandma must be exposed to the Truth in such a way that Cabal has no chance to wedge in another D&C shill attempt at division ("no way HRC is evil it's those damn commies/leftists/nazis/women/antifa/westboro baptist church spreading their liiies")

a21288 No.592068

File: 74cc481f4f10c7c⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1972x2044, 493:511, b02cbc6423e0dc047edb1cc954….png)




3e9508 No.592069


Right on

c329d1 No.592070


NOPE! I aint using that shit.

790421 No.592071


Stay Puff Marshmallow Man on a diet.

4cfdf3 No.592072


Lederhosen :-)

dea164 No.592073


it looks like snowden's face on top of a video slot machine game character I have seen both on slot machines when I have been gambling but also game apps use the same characters

3e37de No.592074



24f684 No.592075



d9329a No.592076


>Marina Sirtis nude


da2e32 No.592077




eb4ae6 No.592078

File: 6c91007069aa023⋯.png (324.94 KB, 736x531, 736:531, ClipboardImage.png)

Lol, Rand trolling Kardashian.

4bf923 No.592079


Is that some kind of bird pirate?

a21288 No.592080


ive seen that guy before. i think its a restaurant. noodle place?

3ec3e6 No.592081


so that's 1:11 minutes away? is my time right?

41d680 No.592082

scrolling on the gables dont look Chinese

cbf145 No.592083

So Q..

Are we going to see something related to The Earth Alliance on parade day maybe?

Hence we will never forget?

Why did Obama, Trump, buzz etc. go to Antarctica?

New discovery?

a5b795 No.592084

The absolute state of this board.


>new Q post!!!!!!!!!!


>Waldo scared


>get em Q!


>And they run they ran so far away the couldn't get away "flock of seagulls"


>this guy must be sh!tting his pants

>get um Q!


>God I love this!


>wow that's so cool





>Hello @Snowden!

>Get 'em Q!

414433 No.592085



28fdde No.592086


spontaneous remission? keep your spirits high, anon

ca3e1b No.592087

File: 50126102864a792⋯.png (551.75 KB, 735x824, 735:824, ClipboardImage.png)


Trips, you!

Something like the Big Boy hamburger chain where the logo is a statue of a boy?

Here I perspectived it and levelled it, a little bit clearer now.

9f6a7f No.592088


what a wonderful post.

I wish all the best for you and a full recovery. we are blessed with the President, his family and staff and all the volunteers here who are working tirelessly for a better future for us all. I am so glad to hear some good news from another believer. take extra care and don't overdo.(((HUGS)))

574c7c No.592089


Lok at it and stfu and use it

256133 No.592090


not really (or at least i don't know how) if it was an analog photo i could.

a49ba9 No.592091


Elon Musk is an asset. If he hasn’t been too comprised Trump can pardon him and then he’d own Musk. The way his SpaceX is still successfully launching rockets he must be cooperating with Trump. Musk has kissed the ring.

3ec3e6 No.592092


Well done at compiling posts

fc6e42 No.592093


come on buddy…. use that brain = )

a37e75 No.592094


Nice work

fa9b6a No.592095

File: 69fea30b69d76f6⋯.jpg (47.66 KB, 1266x264, 211:44, Drudge-Announcements.jpg)

Interesting juxtaposition on Drudge right now. Reading between the lines, Trump is going to deliver good news on the North Korea situation, and WaPo is already preparing a means of sliding it out of the news cycle.



fc6e42 No.592096

city? country??

6f44ed No.592097


So… Business as usual, huh?

d9329a No.592098


It's probably for TV. Asian satellites are more spread out than in North America, where there just a handful of DBS ones in the same general area.

374afa No.592099


PAnda bowing head

d2da50 No.592100



KYS slidefag.

85a5c7 No.592101

File: 94b7567fb6c7d4f⋯.png (99.32 KB, 388x282, 194:141, TimeStamp.png)

A wizQrd is never late,

he DROPS precisely when means to.

eb4ae6 No.592102

File: ea5e89bed35edae⋯.png (202.35 KB, 276x393, 92:131, ClipboardImage.png)

ad5fb5 No.592103

Stop being a bitch Snowden. Give it up.

260217 No.592104

File: 9b4594821e5b763⋯.png (643.17 KB, 1024x777, 1024:777, DeliciousBread16.png)

Delicious bread, Baker

d2c4fe No.592105



peace and love. i was sick too, mentally. i was weak, unguided, misdirected, and I was the only person to blame.

74104a No.592106


i bet your a joy to be around

stop bitchin

b3e0bd No.592107


That is creepy af

Looks like it has a Kimmy hair cut & its shorts are too tight. wtf

a21288 No.592108

e66b66 No.592109

File: 17650981f9a5241⋯.png (84.11 KB, 1289x689, 1289:689, 34blacksnowden.png)

823af2 No.592110

File: 82492ea834f0dc1⋯.jpg (600.24 KB, 864x524, 216:131, 20180308_165222.jpg)


æı assume cern ins not burning then¿

Hope not.it is well.

581204 No.592111


You're not alone in noticing this Patriot.

You should have seen last night.

Notice how there is barely any notable posts in the bread? And the ones that are mostly garbage?

A lot of people are suspect right now.

There's still a lot of good Patriots here though. Try not to get discouraged.


c46ca1 No.592112

We survived the last 8 years long enough for Trump and Military to arrive!

ca3e1b No.592113

File: bea0b53957c3587⋯.png (329.49 KB, 677x575, 677:575, ClipboardImage.png)


Stretched it a little bit more.

4731fe No.592114

File: 26c152acb61c8c3⋯.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1170x1163, 1170:1163, IMG_E49C811D2285-1.jpeg)

678e6e No.592115


TY for your reaction.

Good to know that.

I also know Q said there was NO other channel of comms, IIRC.

BUT, the title of the vid was there already when I saw it, the vids were BRANDNEW postingdate 1 hour or something when I first saw it, it took a while though before my brain kicked in and I started taking screenshots etc.

But seen from my timezone this one vid preceded Q's post by "not much". So at least the channel needs to know WHEN to post a video (where they could alter the title later on for whatever nefarious reason).

I agree, the vids in the previous channel were definitely NSFW but I tend to give them the benefit of the doubt, my gut told me there was more to it and I tend to stick with my gut's opinion until proven otherwise.

Again, TY for sharing.

c303b0 No.592116

I guess the Q definition of “BOOM”

and mine are just different…

1e1996 No.592117

File: 2d11c22fe96bb29⋯.png (47.91 KB, 575x467, 575:467, SnowedIn.png)

32173b No.592118





177e8e No.592119

Clearly the war we face is against CIA Corporates and CIA Countries the CIA have Militarised like NK.

Money, Greed, Power, like Johnny Mnemonic.

@Trump, Q and all the Good Team - We are with you guys! We all want for a better world!

Surely our Children deserve Better!

b3e0bd No.592120

File: d2cb0a04b8c8868⋯.jpg (274.73 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1501890594047.jpg)



7e4865 No.592121


High morale. It's a good thing, believe it or not.

c57e19 No.592122

Fact Check, Evan?

Did Q talk about Steel's importance to the Military BEFORE Trump did?

14293c No.592123

If he was in HK yesterday and been running all night, he wouldnt still be in HK.

47b63f No.592124


POTUS is giving Canada and Mexico a chance to clean up their internal mess. If they stop the illegal Chinese and other steel from entering Canada, then tariffs stay off. If this causes a shortfall in the Canadian market for manufactured goods, new steel production in the USA will soon be available to fill that shortfall. Short term pain for LONG TERM GAIN.

Canada is clearly part of the MAGA plan, and although many don't like to hear this, so is Mexico, after the wall is in place.

By the way look at China's Belt and Road initiative. Are you ready for a Highway and Railroad running from the Arctic Ocean to Chile? Bridge over the Panama Canal, first road through the jungle connecting Central and South America.

The infrastructure boom is not just about making America better hiding inside its borders, it is about America embracing its neighborhood with real power, when the extra military bases abroad are closed and the soldiers come back home.

And where are you going to find workers capable of building a highway and railroad through a hostile tropical jungle swamp? Ex-military of course. The 21st century is going to be GLORIOUS. Buy an RV, drive to Patagonia and back. Sweet!

4fc981 No.592125


God bless you anon

Thankful for your healing

Keep the faith

HE who began the good work is faithful to complete it

d2da50 No.592126


Idiot. ; )

ffbcd3 No.592127


only hope is a fellow pawn to move forward and threaten?

26e27e No.592128


This is getting on my nerves. We are anons. Women use "I'm a girl" to get sympathy from men. It doesn't work on internet cause we don't know what you look like and we have 0% chance of getting layed. Stop micro managing. You go dig solve map make meme or spread them. This is why some women are bad managers. If we want to be told what to do we'd keep the cabal.

9c74db No.592129


Mascot for a gym?

baea1f No.592130



b5fd01 No.592131


Go here, google bottom set of co-ords go from there. People here arent interested but I keep an eye on it an archive - it does change frequenly …

3ec3e6 No.592132

File: 94bedd63ef75266⋯.jpg (17.6 KB, 284x177, 284:177, popcorn meme.jpg)


I was going to run some errands but, to quote another interested anon:

"Where's that popcorn meme when you need it?"

will be patient @ >>591399 Conf_

066acf No.592133

so it would make it 6am in HK or thereabouts when picture was posted….

could also be 6pm couldn't it? which would mean like Halifax CA.

96df24 No.592134


Learn basic arithmetic.

That would be 18:00 = 6:00p.m..

d2da50 No.592135


Good eyes.

15eae0 No.592136


This is BIGLY!!

Tesla has been bleeding money for quite some time. Gee, I wonder where it all went?

e66b66 No.592137


he can run, but there is nowhere he can hide

fucked either way

c329d1 No.592138


I'm not finding any matches for fast food. Maybe a daycare/school?

99d313 No.592140


what changes frequently? the video?

da3851 No.592141


Totally agree with that!

be28d5 No.592142


Someones in the Window.

At least he moved out of that dump on Canton and Nelson…

ca3e1b No.592143


Ťhanĸş for the update. I wished CERN actually had been taken out, but did not believe that un-şourced blog post.

What a ride we are on!

45ea92 No.592144


Good. There was a rumor the whole story was hype.

I just want the world to last long enough for a little bit more winning.

e75f01 No.592145


"… he'd sought help from a psychiatrist in the past, and had been upset about the school shooting in Parkland in addition to job pressures."

>WH suicide.


>Target subjects are scouted over a period of time to study and arrange 'THERAPY'.

>'THERAPY' takes [x] to break the mind into a functional/programmable device.

eb4ae6 No.592146

File: 0b18b280bf6b59e⋯.jpg (67.37 KB, 648x562, 324:281, PutinPopcorn.JPG)

Oh this shit is good.

702584 No.592147


you fucking moron

learn 24-hour time

d5bd3c No.592148


I’m a little stunned that yesterday’s game of “where’s Waldo” morphed into “Waldo” being in a building with this freaked out Waldo on it.


9f6a7f No.592149


well, it still doesn't matter to use because he is still on the MI radar and he is being tracked.

we can just sit back and watch the show.

dea164 No.592150


it's Snowden's face on top of a character

a49ba9 No.592151

Trump will finally declare that North Korea is Best Korea.

3e37de No.592152


>By the way look at China's Belt and Road initiative. Are you ready for a Highway and Railroad running from the Arctic Ocean to Chile? Bridge over the Panama Canal, first road through the jungle connecting Central and South America.

>The infrastructure boom is not just about making America better hiding inside its borders, it is about America embracing its neighborhood with real power, when the extra military bases abroad are closed and the soldiers come back home.

>And where are you going to find workers capable of building a highway and railroad through a hostile tropical jungle swamp? Ex-military of course. The 21st century is going to be GLORIOUS. Buy an RV, drive to Patagonia and back. Sweet!

The Patagonia is a big problem, Soros is buying lands as a dement.., Piñeda is a puppet, Macri too.., it's very difficult.

99bc53 No.592153


Oorah! Morale can make or break!

87bd19 No.592154


>I'm not finding any matches for fast food. Maybe a daycare/school?

Maybe no longer HK? Could be BKK?

298eb1 No.592155


Maybe a bar?or a pub?

32173b No.592156


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrCMWS_fB4o

58e4fc No.592157


I'm part of the list. I'm sorry, I'm just really excited. And im not even an American. Patriots are all over the world.

eb4ae6 No.592158

File: d1f4bac50917de2⋯.jpg (197.24 KB, 865x657, 865:657, 911BORREDRED.jpg)


Longer than that.

69b15c No.592159


I think that is for advanced stage learning. The whole womens lib was Cabal plan to tax the other half of society and to force their kids into propaganda hell holes called daycare and school where they can spend more hours with your kids than you do. That is gonna make lots of women butt hurt. Kind of like Martin Luther King being a CIA puppet. To early for Blacks to learn that. They only killed him to get the riots started. He did not know they were done with him. Like Nazi's will cry when they hear Hitler was Jew puppet whose real plan was to get as many white people killed in europe. To make europe totally doubt their whole way of life. And to bring in the UN and create Israel. Hard for a lot of things to be accepted. China wont believe that Mao was puppet of the Yale ran Christian Missionaries that organized the communist party of China…..that the China has been a giant experiment of "them" the whole time. Yeah lots of people are gonna be butt hurt.

I struggled with the Bush family……then I just accepted it. Lesson learned. Trust no one. Verifiy everything……

4bf923 No.592160


Looks like a bird in lederhosen

aad584 No.592161

That is on top of a roof of a building in front of the apartment/hotel building. I wasn't here yesterday, so I don't know if he's supposedly change cities for what town he was in before >>592013

bae583 No.592162


God Bless. So glad your better!

5712a6 No.592163

File: 7eb108463515841⋯.jpg (109.02 KB, 700x537, 700:537, WHEREsSNOWDEN-HK.Mtns.jpg)




If the "Snowden never left HK" theory is correct, the wide shot looks a lot like this area of HK here in lavender.


Maybe look on the satellite for the yellow triangles?


3e9508 No.592164


Looks to me like there is a clock or something on his stomach. Maybe date, time , temp- thing. It looks like some kind of screen.

57c3d5 No.592165


Childrens hospital.

4731fe No.592166

who has the snowden "who left the window open?" pic?

823af2 No.592167

File: d4d1aa08240d494⋯.png (33.02 KB, 176x425, 176:425, 20180308_165123.png)

Chek'd dub trey.



Is the smartest thing æı have seen in a lœng time.

>Congrats Æňœň.

This needs to be known by ALL.

ad5fb5 No.592168


I've been saying for a while– the board is comped. BV, BO. It's too fucking clear. They are allowing the board to be flooded with pure crap. How many threads should there actually be, if this wasn't allowed to happen? A tiny fraction. It makes things very messy and confusing. But it also, and maybe more importantly, prevents a lot of useful organizing from occurring that would be coming about organically under better conditions. The waters are poisoned in subtle ways that keep the board locked into a low level of functioning. How it has been allowed to continue is beyond me. If I knew a face to punch to change it, I gladly would.

4e18ea No.592169

dcb855 No.592170

What was the news yesterday about South Korea’s issuing an unorthodox announcement? I cannot find it.

256133 No.592171

File: d3409da1779413d⋯.png (483.85 KB, 506x380, 253:190, Screenshot-2018-3-8 lyndon….png)


kek, "Larouche" is crazy

e11f63 No.592172



aad584 No.592173


Dude it's not a whole slide, but I feel you I ended up having emergency surgery and lost the use of my legs and I'm trying to not take drugs just so that I can be focused enough to be a part of this research and do what we're doing. It matters to me. And I don't mind being in a wheelchair so much, knowing I can still play a part

c329d1 No.592174

Ed, our jails are a lot nicer than what you are staying in right now. Chances of you not being caught are pretty terrible. Just go with the nice men in uniform and call it good.

a49ba9 No.592175

File: 73bd01b4875cc02⋯.png (627.71 KB, 2560x1720, 64:43, C2EC718B-963C-4CF6-81F7-6C….png)



This is major infrastructure project.

9f43e9 No.592176

File: 776e3e5ae738c7c⋯.jpg (524.01 KB, 1055x1534, 1055:1534, Screenshot_20180308-165717.jpg)

https:// www.dailywire.com/news/28009/breaking-uk-officials-say-dozens-are-being-treated-ryan-saavedra

On Thursday, U.K. officials said that nearly two dozen people were being treated in the suspected nerve agent attack on a former Russian spy and his daughter.

Sky News noted that three people remain in the hospital from the suspected attack including the former Russian spy Sergei Skripal, his daughter Yulia Skripal, and police sergeant Nick Bailey.

"Multiple people have been treated, around 21 people, including the man and the woman found on the bench," said Kier Pritchard who is the acting chief constable of Wiltshire Police. "A number of those have been through the hospital treatment process, they are having blood-tests, support and advice."

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, head of Counter Terrorism Policing, said that scientists in the British government have identified the nerve agent used, but they are not releasing that information at this time.

"This is being treated as a major incident involving attempted murder, by administration of a nerve agent," Rowley said. "Having established that a nerve agent is the cause of the symptoms … I can also confirm that we believe that the two people who became unwell were targeted specifically."

The BBC's Richard Galpin, who was formerly based in Moscow, said that nerve agents are not something that terrorist and organized crime groups are usually capable of making: ​

Instead, it is usually manufactured by specialist laboratories under the control of governments — and that inevitably means suspicion will now be very much focused on Russia.

Not only does it have a track record of using poisons to assassinate its enemies, there is also a motive in the case of Sergei Skripal.

As a military intelligence officer in Russia, he betrayed his country by providing information to MI6, reportedly revealing the identities of Russian agents in Europe. And Russian President Vladimir Putin has in the past indicated that traitors deserve to die.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson told British lawmakers that if Moscow was behind the suspected attack on Skripal that "the government would act — possibly downgrading England's participation in this year's soccer World Cup in Russia," Fox News reported.

790421 No.592177


Laid. Just sayin'

d2da50 No.592178


Sorry? Lad, I'm just as excited, and the anon I quoted is right - board morale is amazing right now and always an important factor of our success!

Thank you for contributing to it!

ffbcd3 No.592179


you may like this >>544062

32173b No.592180

>>592176 This is a shit thing!

ca3e1b No.592182

File: e7665d61bd968c1⋯.png (653.37 KB, 1469x912, 1469:912, ClipboardImage.png)

It's not the golden arches but it is goldish color. Pointed at the top.

There's writing on those buildings too but I can't make it out.

298eb1 No.592183


Guis we are not robots, autistic minds do not work streightforward, we are making connections by association. Most of the times we miss the target if alone but hive mind selfcorrects

7e4865 No.592184



Motivation leads to productivity, pretty simple concept. This bread is proof, digging on the location (I haven't found a thing though). There's enough demoralizing shi||$ as is, the balance is needed

3e37de No.592185



let me guess, The TPP of Hussein???..,oh SHIT!!

bae583 No.592186


Love your answer anon. No one to blame but me. I was also. 5 years of hell. Admit then we can defeat. God Bless.

c329d1 No.592187

File: b47dd2cb3db3c2d⋯.jpeg (52.1 KB, 1200x293, 1200:293, DXvX_i7VoAAPADS.jpeg)

d2da50 No.592188


You're a bit fucked up eh?

244625 No.592189


.with this Q post I have finally understood the commitment of our forefathers at Valley Forge

.engines hot and rotors turning

.lets roll it's time

aad584 No.592190

Shut it and research. Be part of what ties it together instead of a cancer. Seriously. All you fuckers whining and starting your own boards is all ego. Get over yourself and potential income generations etc. it's garbage.>>592168

066acf No.592191


didn't realize it was 24hr format

excuse the hell out of me for voicing an option

7e4865 No.592192


And it shall be done

9f43e9 No.592193


It's 7 am right now in Hong kong. The exif data said it was taken at 6:17 am. Think he's still there.

fffcd0 No.592194


hahahaha "Hopefully you'll give me credit"

dea164 No.592195

The character in the blurry pic is a FU baby character. It is a popular game character from a video slots manufacturer in China.

08bf3d No.592196


Just scanned daycare logos. Not there

02825c No.592197


Clown Establishment ?

58e4fc No.592198


> hive mind selfcorrects

> hive mind selfcorrects

> hive mind selfcorrects

Hive mind brought us here. Don't try to limit it.

45ea92 No.592199


Not a bad idea but that one bridge would be a motherfucker to build.

5fcf34 No.592200


Just think, this tech is what the evil ones have been using against us.

Glad we have the Q team in charge now.

07adec No.592201


This is what I've zeroed in on. I'm trying to find this building, but I'm not having any luck so far.

dcde56 No.592202

File: 68884a739a368b5⋯.jpg (133.87 KB, 744x557, 744:557, divide the waters.jpg)

eb4ae6 No.592203

File: faf8a58eca3c2b1⋯.png (424.54 KB, 774x697, 774:697, ClipboardImage.png)

c329d1 No.592204


Arcade maybe then?

e66b66 No.592205


seen it many times

was interesting until i realized it didnt fit the Assange game

it may be part of what i believe are other chess games being played simultaneously

1. against the US government corrupt

2. against the roths

3. against the cult

unconfirmed, but it has been my working theory

d9329a No.592206


Jim Stone is clown disinfo. Ignore.

823af2 No.592207

File: 1e65f8b823e1a67⋯.jpg (21.12 KB, 500x333, 500:333, CylqRfDUkAAy0Le.jpg)



Guess you főlk missed the ¿

Æı am still seeking confirm it is Not Burning.

87bd19 No.592208


>There's writing on those buildings too but I can't make it out.

Not houses. Maybe A/C units on the roof. The left one is in front of the other house and much smaller.

1e1996 No.592209

File: 3542bd21fa4acd6⋯.png (419.36 KB, 1024x533, 1024:533, ReadyEddy?.png)

aad584 No.592210


That's kind of weird about their fun and humor it could be a gambling hall, it could be a bakery. It's just different mentally. What they find funny.

61f287 No.592211

We might need some positive Kim images to celebrate trumps progress on korean peace for memes. Maybe some bowing.

ca3e1b No.592212

File: fd8506271854b33⋯.png (681.87 KB, 1409x664, 1409:664, ClipboardImage.png)

Distinctive architectural frieze on top of the middle building. Almost looks like Thai buddhist figures or hindu gods. What do yo think anons?

027c40 No.592213

File: ce970188c1f898f⋯.png (688.58 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot (153).png)

71620c No.592214

Really hope we get some truth about NK tonight and it's not spun politically and swept under the rug. My uncle was messed up for life from serving the USMC in Korea and we owe it to those men to the truth, as ugly as it might be.

God bless all patriots tonight.

5712a6 No.592215


Agree. Awesome font too.

c612cf No.592216

File: a144c0e4e9759db⋯.png (161.6 KB, 428x253, 428:253, Q Hong Kong building.png)

I was trying to find the building based on the Architecture on top.

754ce2 No.592217

File: ff8fda3e55105de⋯.jpg (612.81 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, s000075008.jpg)


>Do you believe?

From Day1 of TRUMP,

To the end.

Day of Days

God Bless you all!

ffbcd3 No.592218


i love that game.. since he's playing multiple games at once, i like to think the king's pawn storm is one of them ;)

47b63f No.592219


Looks like Peter the goatherd from Heidi.

91f0db No.592220

File: f1026c36be22ae2⋯.jpg (384.81 KB, 939x743, 939:743, liberty-daily-wh-petition.jpg)





You Made The Liberty Daily!

It's the Conservative/Libertarian alternative to Drudge. Congratulations!!!

https:// thelibertydaily.com/

link to the petition (also at top):

https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/internet-bill-rights-2

7fccbb No.592221

File: 14bcc7c5dbb81e1⋯.png (5.42 KB, 99x122, 99:122, ClipboardImage.png)

So are we buckling up for South Korea's statement about NK?

Or buckling up for Sessions to snag Snowden?


POTUS says in a bout one hour SK has a major announcement about NK

32173b No.592222

>>592216 Delta style architecture.

baea1f No.592223

Hangzhou…. Shanghai…. this is a goose chase. AArrghhh!!

aad584 No.592224

That is probably not a cheap place to stay. It's not super ritzy but I don't think it's ghetto >>592216

5fcf34 No.592225


Ha! Not if he's monitoring Q's drops. He's grabbed his go bag and down the road by now.

Unless he's decided to come in. He has to know there literally is NOWHERE he can hide. He does, after all, know just what this surveillance system can do.

d503c5 No.592226

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

11a5f1 No.592227



Was looking for this too, the term to search for here is "pediment."

ca3e1b No.592228

File: 05f4e663c0450fb⋯.png (610.46 KB, 1449x474, 483:158, ClipboardImage.png)

I have no idea what that red thing on the right is. Lot of satellite dishes all over these high rise buildings. The knobs up top are architectural. The red thing is, well, I don't know. >>592212

4fc981 No.592229


Anon - you have gotten the Q designator signal in your captcha - it is very important that you do not misunderstand these instructions

Go now to reddit

Look for a post labeled Qanon

Should be the first post you come to

Look for the 18th post

notice the 18 in your ID

See how Q does that?

So anyway - when you find the 18th post

Ask the question of the poster - "What does the red bull do when the blue fox comes a calling?"

Wait until you get the answer - this will be a major clue for us here to solve some things.

Don't come back until you have the answer

Godspeed Anon - feel honored to get the QCaptcha Signal - it is huge.

2bf6cb No.592230


How many coincidences are needed before its not coincidental?

14293c No.592231


for asia thats a pretty nice place

a91790 No.592232


The triangle on top and the round spheres is freemason/illuminati symbology.

bb79ee No.592233

File: 50077757df930ab⋯.jpg (75.81 KB, 615x408, 205:136, sawdustorchard.jpg)


Here's a Happy Kim.

5fcf34 No.592234


Hopefully both!

3329c8 No.592235

>>592220. Awesome!

7e4865 No.592236



I'm compelled to agree

4a00f4 No.592237


The lights are on as if they've been on all night.

9f43e9 No.592238


BOOM!!! There it is. Spread it far and wide anons!

702584 No.592239


maybe you should figure out the time in california, too, before you "voice an option"

it's not 6pm

you're excused

08bf3d No.592240


Suspension bridge behind buildings?

cd1cba No.592241


I will find this little fucker on the internet if it’s the last thing I do. Should we divide up what to search for and where so we aren’t all looking at the same things?

dea164 No.592242

>>592204 Casino Video slots. So this is maybe a hotel close to the manufacturer of the slots. I believe Shanghai is where the games are produced as some of the games have that in their name

5712a6 No.592243


See >>592163 to maybe narrow your search.

>>592224 You'd be surprised. Lots of neuveau riche looking buildings all over Asia. Inside, like cardboard tigers.

046efc No.592244

Phonefag here, did any Q drop mention eagle eye? If so can any anon point me to it? (Can't look at the maps on this phone) Found some very weird shit by accident but don't want to put it out unless its relevant.

f926fc No.592245








This is symptomatic of bi polar disorder.

4c7838 No.592246


>have finally taken a turn for the BETTER after 3 years of being in bed.


>I’m so ready to see these mother fucking evil satanist cucks hang

Amen, Anon, amen!!

d9329a No.592247


>Canada is clearly part of the MAGA plan

>what is NORAD

>what is NORTHCOM

45ea92 No.592248


Cool. Of course, the FCC could just investigate and we would not need a petition.

d2da50 No.592249


>strategically deletes shit

"Muh comped!"

>deletes all the shit

"Muh comped!"

>deletes nothing

"Muh comped!"

Really starting to see a pattern here…

256133 No.592250



NO, I'm happy about this… for Decades the vast majority made fun of Lyndon LaRouche and anyone that even mentioned his name (tldr another tinfoil redemption)

THIS IS A GLOBAL ECONOMY ABOUT TO HAPPEN… with all the talk of tariffs, and America FIrst. This gives me great hope, national sovergnty+world economy=great happiness

3e37de No.592251


It's seems a key.

023306 No.592252

File: 804bd5bec9238fe⋯.jpg (65 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 6my50f-j4vqz776899z.jpg)


perfect .

02825c No.592253


That and Holder, with a Moonbeam sprinkle !!!!

4fc981 No.592254


Wow anon

TWO Q Captcha signals in the same bread

You too have been selected for a very special Q mission

Go to reddit and find the 7th post in the first Qanon thread you find - again referencing the 7 in your ID

Ask this question of the poster - "What does the green hen do when the black snake approaches?"

Get the anwser - dont come back until you have it - we are counting on you!

Godspeed Anon!

754ce2 No.592255

File: 0c84e40622a4f20⋯.jpg (259.05 KB, 1024x1280, 4:5, 1e2e4287f0ba371f305f01d266….jpg)

78c0cc No.592256


looks like a rusty satellite dish

581204 No.592257

File: 2338e8815e5e51d⋯.png (151.43 KB, 1197x1559, 1197:1559, 2338e8815e5e51dd6198718f0f….png)


That's what I felt like observed as well.

I am unsure about BO, but BV is definitely a black hat. He glowed very brightly last night and a bunch of us pointed it out and asked that he be banned. To the extent people started screen capping his posts and remarking on it.

After calling BV out, he started back peddling and immediately started over compensating. It was too late though.

He also appeared to have co-workers, for lack of a better term.

All investigating pretty much halted and there was about 4 hours of shilling, division and arguing.

Bakers haven't been doing their jobs. Not adding relevant notables. Removing important info

I say I am not sure about BO because despite defending BV. He did respond and makes decent points. He could just be swamped and unaware. And typically operates in a transparent fashion.

Read attached pic from David Brooks playbook and the tactics will be more obvious.


baea1f No.592258

How far can you (Snowden) travel, on the ground in 24 hours? That's our range. I've looked at Shanghai and Hangzhou and haven't seen shit that matches.

6cac7f No.592259


bakery bakery bakery ughhh ive seen this guy before its killin me

61f287 No.592260


China's extreme foreign investment is part of their efforts to devalue their currency while at the same time promoting bilateral trade and the use of yuan globally. Their current account surplus is too large to repatriate without letting the yuan appreciate which obviously clobbers their competitive advantage in labor markets. Their other option is buying more treasury bonds.

973bd3 No.592261



d2da50 No.592262



Slidefagging hard rn

da5e9b No.592263

File: e3fea0c218a9c6e⋯.png (133.61 KB, 226x382, 113:191, ClipboardImage.png)


Maybe this is clearer. (More contrast, better perspective)

023306 No.592264


kek Rusty yesterday .

ca3e1b No.592265



Awww shucks. You are too kind. Glad you like them.

I meme what would inspire me.

There's certainly a need for specific, logical, linear-thinking, content-rich style memes.

And there's a need for "setting the tone", "opening the mind", "speaking to the heart", "idealism imagine right-brain" style memes. Mostly I do the latter kind. Hopefully setting people up for a big change of attitude.

47b63f No.592266


Where, in Hong Kong, do you find 100+ year old buildings?

c329d1 No.592268



e62c2f No.592269


you and me both! It's killing me.

790421 No.592270


Wooooo Hoooooo! Thanks, Anon!

fc6e42 No.592271



ffbcd3 No.592272


like a little boy in a romper, jumping with arms up and feet out. but weirdly like a 2nd head is behind at top

066acf No.592273


maybe you should fuck off cause you're contributing so much.

5712a6 No.592274


They look like cherubs to me, Western even.

5fcf34 No.592275


Looks like Pinocchio to me.

aad584 No.592276

I have spent a bit of time all over that area and that's why I say it's nice midgrade got its little frills, but you don't see a huge balconies and it's not that tall. Wealth goes with height also slums go with tight, but a whole different look but I think any of us that have been to Asia, know that we are looking at something that's mostly common. The fact it has eight building that manufactures or is prop possibly something fun to do below it means it's not too high income. That is one creepy logo to me though. If it were Snowden, would there be any embassy types or NGO buildings that they might safe house him in? >>592231 and I am currently on an iPad and challenged so I apologize for poor text form and no good Memes

2bf6cb No.592277


Without that massive "New Q Post" I wouldn't have noticed, and I was scrolling for new Q posts?

3e29c8 No.592278

File: ffe43d1afa82a19⋯.png (357.81 KB, 1409x961, 1409:961, Capture _2018-03-08-18-07-….png)

Shills already trying to give credit to South Korea for any strides made with North Korea including reunification. Make sure to remind them South Korea announced DJT as "Leader of the World" back in November!

e3e3b2 No.592279



4fc981 No.592280


The Q Captcha means you are special and should head to reddit

Especially if you post it here

023306 No.592281


something elongated at bottom of feet

skates roller blades perhaps

75db34 No.592282


OMG! This shit is so exciting…nothing compares…I can't go back to Netflix after Q. Q needs a reality show!

cd1cba No.592283


Narrow it down to German bakery’s in Asia?

7e4865 No.592284


GrandFather served in Korea, saw a lot of friends die, came back home to lack of work and a stint in an insane asylum. I'm watching with eyes wide open to see his sacrifice pay off, somehow

83f1da No.592285

how many hours till 9 PM?

I mean 9PM where? DC, Seoul?

e66b66 No.592286

File: f1026c36be22ae2⋯.jpg (384.81 KB, 939x743, 939:743, f1026c36be22ae20d63c861085….jpg)

File: 163d13ad6841a05⋯.png (102.95 KB, 279x202, 279:202, ClipboardImage.png)



this buds for you

complete vindication for the efforts made


>your fellow petition anon

f44fdf No.592287

Why is everyone assuming it is Snowden that was "up all night running". Last time there was a live event, we believed it was Snowden then as well. We don't know who it is, nor do we know what type of op is taking place, if any.

3e37de No.592288



14293c No.592289



d9329a No.592290

File: 895e5716b4edf56⋯.jpg (68.86 KB, 474x475, 474:475, beaver.jpg)


>The Patagonia is a big problem,

Sure is.

3718c4 No.592291


anon - as with most things in life the best feature is also the worst feature - cant have one w/o the other = duality is reality

b3e0bd No.592292


Q is in the captcha because Q is constantly typed in these threads.

I get a Q in 99% of the Captchas I get here.

You people are getting desperate. Stop it. There are enough REAL clues & neat things happening. No need to be a faggot

d2da50 No.592293



It might be too complex for you, but it's possible to support those doing great work and be harsh on clowns that are shitting on the board ; )

But you'll shit on everything I do so w/e m8

702584 No.592294


Thanks for your "option" but, no

74104a No.592295

File: 839abf2763ce806⋯.jpg (67.23 KB, 402x960, 67:160, hongkong - Copy.jpg)

could be a possibility

6c7c48 No.592296

Praise GOD !!! Endless thanks to Q team and POTUS for their tireless work !!! Fantastic time to be alive !!!

08bf3d No.592297


You’re living it baby

6cac7f No.592298


BV fancies her vagina to have big balls attached. cheeky monkey ahahaha

5fcf34 No.592299


Oh … not Pinocchio after all.

aad584 No.592300

Reality is always better than fiction, but we've been led to believe it all has to be that fake convenient easy shit. Netflix still has its uses, but knowing you're doing something is like crack >>592282

2fb0c5 No.592301


I thought so, too. With a moustache.

74104a No.592302


d9329a No.592303


Snowpiercer is real.

aad584 No.592304


That is not scary enough.

e68dc8 No.592305


>I pray to never be on Q's bad side…there's nowhere to hide!

and also Q would tell 8ch

and 8ch would be watching you run, and making fun of you with memes

823af2 No.592306

File: 4fc32341a7c77e6⋯.jpg (107.88 KB, 600x200, 3:1, 20180308_171025.jpg)


Thet is a matter of sœm …


Chek'd ûņþ Həīł'þ.


>Gud (yü) got…

<Gott' yer guþə heh.

d2da50 No.592307


>(((I'm sure as shit not a clown guys)))

Uh huh.

cbc329 No.592308


Look closely at the pic on the right, at the top apt., in the far right window. Near the window sill you can see someone's face. It looks like they are directly sitting down under that light.

7e4865 No.592309



Likewise, left for ccovfefe & came back to an obvious change. 1st thought: Must be Q

790421 No.592310


Holy Shit.

dea164 No.592311

>>592272 Snowden's head

6cac7f No.592312


uhhh in the middle. noo near the water hehe

ea9112 No.592313

ETA on this 'big announcement'?

d5bd3c No.592314

File: 9f92ec2f618a0b4⋯.jpg (64.56 KB, 770x330, 7:3, IBOR 04.jpg)

256133 No.592315


gonna be (although hopefully more pleasant) BBC foreshadows reality often.

61f287 No.592316


Thank you. Isn't the guy on the far right supposedly his uncle he murdered?

f926fc No.592317


You've called me a clown repeatedly. My screen shots of all your posts and mine prove other wise.

I say you are unstable and a disturbance to the board.

>d2da50 BV is posting as anon and BV yet again

5fcf34 No.592318


Those memes really smart, too.

45ea92 No.592319



aad584 No.592320


We are getting there. Staying organized and starting to make noise, has had an effect. They're trying to shut us down and we know why, but we're going to keep going. It's not about necessarily being conservative. It is about freedom of speech. I have to listen to people that I don't agree with all the time without trying to pop them in the face, but that's what's beautiful about this country and what we want to keep

c329d1 No.592321


7 pm ET

2e9582 No.592322

File: 34380f4c7b3e1a5⋯.png (90.98 KB, 318x159, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

b5fd01 No.592323

File: ed39adf6b803c9a⋯.png (20.48 KB, 432x604, 108:151, MSM-BOOM.PNG)

Thin… but then I want to type possibly a conicidence..

also proposed answers for hive mind integration ..

>What is a key?


>What is a key used for?

Opening things that are locked

>What is a guard?


>What is a guard used for?


>Who unlocked the door of all doors?

MI when SAP introduced/People who introduced SAP

>Was it pre-planned?

Could SAPs have been implemented by patriots post 9-11, it was a final straw? Is this that old?

>Do you believe in coincidences?


>What is information?

Control … JA's over cabal

>Who controls the release of information?

JA? … no one can kill him while the keys are still in safe hands. WL?



>Who disseminates information?


>What is the MSM?

Propoganda arm

>Who controls the MSM?


>Who really controls the MSM?

Cabal - too vague?

>Why are we made to believe the MSM are the only credible news sources?

Input control is important

>Who controls the MSM?

There is a reason why these are repeated ..

>Who really controls the MSM?

There is a reason why these are repeated ..

>Why are we made to believe the MSM are the only credible news sources?

There is a reason why these are repeated ..

>Why is this relevant?

Repetition gets the message heard

>Why are non MSM platforms cast as conspiracy and/or non-credible?

Dont conform to message/4am - Not controllable

e0de7c No.592324


Is there any truth to NESARA happening between 3/16-3/26?

10 Days of Darkness?

5fcf34 No.592325


Tucker Carlson show time.

b393ee No.592326


Not a 2nd head. Big eyes, big eyebrows, Chinese haircut.

d2da50 No.592327


Excellent, post all my posts alongside yours now or you're a hollow hypefag.

4e18ea No.592328

File: 1551034e9aa1473⋯.png (5.08 KB, 259x96, 259:96, index1.png)

File: f0649d4ce82d271⋯.png (5.3 KB, 270x90, 3:1, index2.png)


how about 3 in a row?

066acf No.592329

So all of China is in that time zone, so is the Philippines and part of Australia. That logo is probably the best bet

1f5bd1 No.592330

45 mins until the big announcement

e3e3b2 No.592331


Yea I'd say so.

If not CSIS woulda had me already if they weren't /ourguy/ id imagine lol!

4e18ea No.592332

File: f96d762cc21084c⋯.png (10.8 KB, 331x98, 331:98, index3.png)

c919e3 No.592333


Fucking this. Like what do people want from me? Anything I do = "BUH-COMPED"


5712a6 No.592334

File: 160220fd3bc3aae⋯.png (85.77 KB, 261x243, 29:27, ChineseGODofWealth.png)


My guess

>>592219 +

>>591954 +


2bf6cb No.592335


Sean's going to think he's part Q with that 'Buckle Up' comment.

241e79 No.592336


and i hope they never, ever, ever, EVER make a damn


-tv show


-any inevitably watered-down, simplified bullshit "entertainment" version of Q drops.

The real thing is unbeatable.

Anything else will just be meh

d2da50 No.592337


We're waiting.

08bf3d No.592338

You fukers find that addy and I’ll send room service breakfast

c8eb34 No.592339

File: 53726a35dc67e7a⋯.gif (4.64 MB, 720x402, 120:67, giphy.gif)


is magical

ea9112 No.592340

File: ac704902497adb3⋯.jpg (24.27 KB, 355x379, 355:379, lifehackseatbeltbeer.jpg)



d5bd3c No.592341

File: f3925aab4fadd50⋯.jpg (337.3 KB, 1280x1068, 320:267, IBOR 01.jpg)

File: 36d60e122310c6a⋯.jpg (118.81 KB, 798x524, 399:262, IBOR 02.jpg)

File: 360398fa53cd590⋯.jpg (194.91 KB, 820x350, 82:35, IBOR 03.jpg)

File: 091ed81b8abcb91⋯.jpg (117.71 KB, 800x451, 800:451, IBOR 05.jpg)

2fb0c5 No.592342


No. Martha McCallum. "The Story". In 45 min…

8fe3cb No.592343


I hope its as big as PANDA CLOCK! That was awesome.

4fc981 No.592344


just having some fun with the new fags

lighten up

get laid or rub one out fag

e3e3b2 No.592345



disinfo is from 2016

2b6a93 No.592346

I believed in POTUS 2 years before he decided to run. Followed him on Twitter, his tweets compelled me to tweet him to run for President at the time.

You, Q, say that left is right, up is down. I was saying that 2 years ago. Nothing made sense in America. Racial divides at all time peak. I had to leave a job because coworkers voiced their hatred of white people, making it too uncomfortable to work there. Anyone who says POTUS is dividing our country is stupid. I've seen a healing.

Do I trust the plan? Yes.

Do I trust Sessions? Yes.

I wait with baited breath for the IG report.

Do I trust ALL the players? No. Too much infiltration for far too long.

Clean up the alphabet.

Clean up the MSM. POTUS is trying. Long way to go. Kill the damn Mockingbird.

I would move to D.C. to help get healthcare back to what it was 10 years ago if I knew I could help. Those of us in the trenches know what goes on. We can help clean that area of the swamp.

I have popcorn waiting to be popped in anticipation of a show like the world has never seen

ffbcd3 No.592347


ok that makes sense

b5fd01 No.592348


Keep your phone near - 3 Qs is a special mission call up I heard

c329d1 No.592349

File: e72257ca4a9f459⋯.png (100.14 KB, 1080x521, 1080:521, Screenshot_20180308-171547….png)

5fcf34 No.592350


Nope, got it wrong. Tucker is 8 p.m.EST. 7 p.m. is…??

4d8684 No.592351

File: 2af87092c177fbb⋯.jpg (129.99 KB, 1200x1257, 400:419, north-korea-kim-uncle.jpg)


The guy in the happy picture looks younger.

eec48c No.592352


What happened to nov 4th arrests? Who knows at this point…

that must have been where i got the 15 date from…

I just want something to happen…

I keep having to push back my patriot party…

5f3014 No.592353

File: 44e44b8f95d0795⋯.jpg (125.96 KB, 550x400, 11:8, MarioSavioOnPoliceCarIBORC….jpg)

File: 814e7f464427c2c⋯.jpg (81.04 KB, 426x497, 6:7, HIllcrazyIBOR.jpg)

File: 2e65e276b1eb4f6⋯.jpg (112.36 KB, 652x462, 326:231, EricSchmitIBOR.jpg)

File: 2862d330a01ac00⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 2512x2996, 628:749, ThomasJeffersonIBOR.jpg)

2ca552 No.592354


Who is the asshole that wouldn't shake POTUS hand??

aad584 No.592355


Everyone here has to know, that these guys would be really stupid for not picking and choosing little pieces of this whole thing to exite their audiences with and yet have no culpability. It's business. I don't know what insider knowledge any of them have, if any but it's fun that it all goes together and it proved to me that what we are doing has validity.

b5fd01 No.592356


You have already been told the path. Be brave patriot

4c7838 No.592357

File: aa8cb942e387e1a⋯.jpg (99.3 KB, 500x708, 125:177, My President kicks ass.jpg)

da5e9b No.592358


Is that a slice of pizza in the middle? Should it be?

a570f1 No.592359


I took various clips of the photo and tried to get them recognized online to no avail. Hopefully a local or traveling anon will recognize the restaurant logo or buildings…. Usually just takes a little while….

256133 No.592360

ban those that file reports, delete nothing (tag as bullshit if you must)

cf372d No.592361


That is what I think it is. I am seeing a bunch of kids with that on. Like a school uniform all kids where there

aa48e1 No.592362


Do we know if this is China or HK specifically?

8fe3cb No.592363


Future proves past

ffbcd3 No.592364


schedule for 11.11.18 perhaps

74104a No.592365

File: e70b152bf2a62b7⋯.jpg (181.47 KB, 984x486, 164:81, hk - Copy.jpg)

trying to find logos

a7fc0c No.592366



Get em Q we are ready !! On you're side till the end brother . Been waiting for this a long long long time. Many sorrowful days I have seen my country falling ,helpless. FINALLY a chance !!! Good Luck !!

b3e0bd No.592367

File: e2e9c2147efde7b⋯.jpg (172.21 KB, 600x1081, 600:1081, Anon.jpg)



08bf3d No.592368


SK announcement in 43 minutes

9f6a7f No.592369


turn your whatevers on. it is carried on everything.

i haven't had tv for years. i hook my computer up to my tv. works great.

c329d1 No.592370


Exactly, they say there was nothing but shilling last night and then cry that there are no notables from those threads in the bread today. Shills shilling are not going to produce notable posts.

afa075 No.592371


Here's an idea, maybe it doesn't matter a fuck and is just a distraction.

256133 No.592372


ban those that file reports, delete nothing (tag as bullshit if you must)

4fc981 No.592373


Q is speaking directly to you anon

add up the numerical values of all those letters

go down to the nearest post office and look for a post office box with the total sum of all the letters

there should be a vacant po box

go ahead and rent the box

be looking for a priority mail piece from somewhere in new zealand

you will receive further instructions in the mail piece


027c40 No.592374



3a7ee0 No.592375

d2da50 No.592376


Alinsky tactics.

Keep the pressure on and they'll make a mistake.

It's toddler level shit.

Those who have been pushing this the entire time have no respect at all for any patriot posting here.

They suit on everything and blame everyone else but themselves.


4bf923 No.592377

Shit….they want Trump to come meet with Kim??

1f5bd1 No.592378


it's going to be a press conference

eec48c No.592379


At least we have an expiration date so I can get back to my life…

2b7467 No.592380


Hong Kong Island is the area with the oldest buildings. The picture looks pretty well to do area so my guess somewhere near Happy Valley racecourse perhaps.

dbd6f4 No.592381

i've contacted them to see if they would twat the petetion, but the article itself kinda goes in hand with the #IBOR. Dropping it here if anons want to use it as ammo.


d32bf5 No.592382

Where can normies follow Q's posts on the internet (not here)?

08bf3d No.592383

Little Kim wants to meet with POTUS

d2da50 No.592384

da8fcd No.592385


This morning it was SAI.


2fb0c5 No.592386

0f90d2 No.592387



Did you hear how many times he said MIRROR today! AND he was talking CRUMBS earlier this week :)

298eb1 No.592388


I dont think i will survive that ling, too intense

3718c4 No.592389


are you an idiot>\? you are feeding the trolls - IGNORE

and the misdirect is so so done

ffbcd3 No.592390


whoa. are you all in? this IS life.

c5c12a No.592391


"I'll suck your dick for some rice and kimchi."

>t. Kim Jong-Un

cf372d No.592392

Think the green uniform is just Boy Scouts

a9b79d No.592393

https:// www.theguardian .com/uk-news/2018/mar/07/russian-spy-police-appeal-for-witnesses-as-cobra-meeting-takes-place







8fe3cb No.592394

If Kim hands the key to the nuclear arsenal to Trump and bows to him, and the SK leaders, along with the Chinese and Japanese have a ticker tape parade for Trump for his strategic disarmament of NK. They will give the Nobel Peace prize to Michelle Obama.

2e9582 No.592395


This is your life now as the lefty says

detecting Q lag

e66b66 No.592396

File: 3c760069e1fc757⋯.jpg (202.87 KB, 886x953, 886:953, chesslogo.jpg)


chessfag stands with BO

d9329a No.592397


CSIS is literally prostitutes and bikers. A fucking joke.

6f4512 No.592398

File: 23799a55c798d8f⋯.jpg (44.6 KB, 297x251, 297:251, nick-nolte-mug-shot.jpg)


These are great.

except for that one with Nick Nolte. Creeps me out.

8bc108 No.592399


Countdown to ++


7c095e No.592400


>ere can normies follow Q's posts on the internet (not here)?

QaNoNpOsTs.the usual

298eb1 No.592401


Good morning, why are you shouting? We know

95c10d No.592402

NK will announce a path away from nukes and will begin the reunification process w/SK. This will be the last major obstacle to the great housecleaning that's about to go down

08bf3d No.592403



c329d1 No.592405


Kim sent him a letter. We will find out.

d3d7da No.592406


maybe something around his neck

ed0988 No.592408


reddit will know /r/whatisthisthing /r/hongkong /r/china or whatever

c329d1 No.592409


Spy was actually MI6.

cf372d No.592410

I swear that hat is a golf hat

aa6961 No.592411


Fire your wife! she's crazy out of control

b393ee No.592412

File: b4b10b3d8452bdc⋯.jpg (31.66 KB, 416x416, 1:1, images.duckduckgo.com.jpg)

d32bf5 No.592413


Mmmh. TY.

4fc981 No.592414


no troll would be stupid enough to post captchas

these are new fags

never heard of a little initiation into the club?

lighten up fags….

2e9582 No.592415

Detecting Q lag

d853c2 No.592416

However, the one overarching reason Hong Kong is considered a centre of espionage is its unique legal and immigration systems which make the city an ideal hub for the collection and exchange of sensitive and secret information.

No visa is required for travellers from more than 100 countries and regions worldwide to enter, and unlike the mainland – which recently widened the scope of its counter-espionage laws – Hong Kong does not define espionage as a crime.


69b15c No.592417

Can I start the movement to rename Dulles International Airport…..to Breitbart International Freedom Airport?

If we don't do something major for that bright soul…..I will be sad.

61f287 No.592418

File: e79923107046a85⋯.png (87.3 KB, 488x459, 488:459, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at ….png)

File: 214fc21c4e39d98⋯.png (119.04 KB, 503x677, 503:677, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at ….png)

I spent some time writing about what a good IBOR would look like and why we need it. Not sure if its useful, but here is my draft if anyone has feedback.

023306 No.592419


shit , nice catch kek

b3e0bd No.592420

I did a search for "Weird Advertisement signs in Hong Kong"

And still haven't found it yet, but GOD DAMN there are A LOT of fucked up signs in that place

58e4fc No.592421



Almost. Not angry, looking up instead of down. Where's this from?

0fb7c4 No.592422


correction, Mike Obama

780db4 No.592423


www.we-go-all .com

send them there..

100% normie friendly.

08bf3d No.592424


Where that?

581204 No.592425


You're in a tough position.

I am very skeptical about the current state of the board (I don't mean you specifically), but I acknowledge that.

If you are truly a Patriot, stay strong and try not to take things personally. We are skeptics by nature and do come under attack from bad actors often. It can be hard to tell who is who sometimes. Also hear in mind we are here because the last board DID get comp'd.

If you are a black hat, it will come out eventually. The black hats, even though they have gotten a little better at imitating us, still glow brightly.

It is certainly possibly you are well intentioned and it is simply impossible to read every bread, notice the patterns and moderator effectively. I acknowledge that.

acda0c No.592426


inb4 Trump and co. have actually been filming everything behind the scenes for an eventual documentary once the dust settles

7e4865 No.592427


even the font on that site screams "lies"

3e37de No.592428


With a petition for the White House, it's possible. :)

4731fe No.592429

Uh, guys? I literally just had the FBI come visit me.

e62c2f No.592430


Similar fo sho

ffbcd3 No.592431


so is it a marker to show /others/ where snowden is?

04fe04 No.592432




780db4 No.592433


…and they wanted wut?

4731fe No.592434


Sorry FBI, won't happen again.

125fd2 No.592435


The announcement is 00:00 Zulu time by the way

4d8684 No.592436

File: ab97926f245930e⋯.jpg (38.73 KB, 328x453, 328:453, shit-like-this.jpg)


He's a fighter!

b393ee No.592437



Ther company isd "Want Wnat China"

https:// www.forbes.com/companies/want-want-china/

c3c602 No.592438

hey friends

11a5f1 No.592439

File: 3d19b800add7a9f⋯.png (32.79 KB, 355x432, 355:432, wantwant.PNG)

b3e0bd No.592440

File: 4acd3b2772c6af8⋯.jpg (113.85 KB, 450x818, 225:409, 1509920745220.jpg)

aa48e1 No.592441


Yea….CNN is 100% Fake news. I don't believe 1 word of it.

a570f1 No.592442


Anon - what time zone are YOU?

57ca77 No.592443


Santa Claus visits me

aad584 No.592444

Are there any threads over there with Korean Americans, Hong Kong ex-pats anything like that I don't do Reddit >>592408 we need somebody that's familiar with the area obviously, and the mindset. And sailors and soldiers won't do it

6f58d0 No.592445


This morning's drop that everyone ignored gave "waldo arms" as a listing on the map.

Anything is possible.

1f5bd1 No.592446


want want china holdings limited

2fb0c5 No.592447


Kewl! What did the say??

3718c4 No.592448


yeah i heard of it ages ago land so has everyone else

use your brain - trolls would post anything that wastes your time and clogs the board

aa48e1 No.592449


Geeuz Anon! Amazing work! How in the holy hell did you find this?

6d6b31 No.592450

File: 2c1a7b4974a67b2⋯.jpeg (130.16 KB, 730x537, 730:537, bestfatfuck.jpeg)


Required reply

4731fe No.592451


I was a little angry at them after the vegas thing,

did some drunken tweeting.

da5e9b No.592452

Anons, I know we're all as excited as a child on Christmas Eve. Let's remember that whatever trumpet is sounded at 7PM EST tonight or tomorrow are just more steps in stopping the cabal. Any one event might not be the totality of what we hope. Multiple voices here have said that next week will be a big news week too. Think 12 days of Christmas!

c329d1 No.592453


Shanghai it is!

b393ee No.592454


That's it. Now find the offices in Hong Kong.

2e9582 No.592455


Smash hard drives JK

1364f1 No.592456

File: 2e88589f78a037a⋯.png (220.95 KB, 662x838, 331:419, screenshot_243.png)


https:// www.forbes.com/companies/want-want-china/

241e79 No.592457


well it doesn't matter that much, no, but it's a way to find the exact location of pics (and hence, Ed).

cd4760 No.592458

File: 3aaae545b63b9d1⋯.jpg (47.16 KB, 1098x539, 1098:539, DXzXIH3U8AAunvT.jpg)

58e4fc No.592459


same here

574c7c No.592460


https:// pastebin.com/tvBZEb7U

f44fdf No.592461


That's what I'd like to know, too. Whatever happened to RR being removed and Sessions unrecusing himself. Looking like parties won't happen anytime soon.

99f418 No.592462


Agreed. Allen Dulles needs to go down in history books for the scoundrel clown he always was. Hell, let's start a petition once Breitbart's posthumously exonerated!

754ce2 No.592463

File: 1e507035b4764cb⋯.png (824.28 KB, 998x1117, 998:1117, analyst_division.png)



Ignore the shills as we. Analysts Stand with BO

d2da50 No.592464


You underestimate our enemy.

71f3ba No.592465

File: 787dc284fa28f0a⋯.jpeg (3.78 MB, 2629x6433, 2629:6433, image.jpeg)

c46818 No.592466

File: 90cb7bc4b119bed⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 90cb7bc4b119bedcc75a0ae8d0….png)

lurker here

dealing with 99%+ attention whores

e75f01 No.592467


Here is the list of websites I have:






57ca77 No.592468


John Podesta is that you?

08bf3d No.592469


If you’re still here… they got nothin

74104a No.592470


good work

da5e9b No.592471


Perfect Match!

d2da50 No.592472


Wicked find lad.

3ec3e6 No.592473


Revise as needed anon… Vote for baker to add to bread near other WH petition posts.

71f3ba No.592474

File: 600f7b839ec94bd⋯.jpeg (678.51 KB, 2629x840, 2629:840, image.jpeg)

cd4760 No.592475



what happened?

c329d1 No.592476

ffbcd3 No.592477


horticulturefag stands with BO.

if board was comped Q would say.

aad584 No.592478


By Jove, I think you found it now where is there a building and what is the building behind it on Street view?

2bf6cb No.592479


I've been online and have caught a Q post immediately and end up frozen half the time wondering if it was a legit post or not. The board content gets weak when Q is around, a lot of banter and not much else, but better to be a part of things than just watch youtubers a day later. POTUS put on one hell of a performance today. Cabinet meeting was great, but seeing that Union guy stand up for Trump must have shaken things up bigly.

ed0988 No.592480



780db4 No.592481


yea thats what they said they wanted.

really they just wanted to leave a lil gift behind

somewhere random on your property.

22cf77 No.592482


If this is the TC novel ending I'm going to wake the neighbors.

023306 No.592483



9105b4 No.592484

File: 08bb4d070d4fd0a⋯.png (115.67 KB, 220x293, 220:293, ClipboardImage.png)

Want Want China Holdings

2e9582 No.592485



a570f1 No.592486


Nailed it.

69b15c No.592487


Nice work anon. Noble effort for sure.

574c7c No.592488


use it fucker

f926fc No.592489


There is another, productive Board. Ask Bo. He/she posts there.

489f7d No.592491


Nicely done 👍

a7fc0c No.592492


Andrew Breitbart International freedom airport. !!! YES ,THIS

4bf923 No.592493


Nice, anon

I could have sworn it was a bird in lederhosen

3c0bae No.592494



d2da50 No.592495




b393ee No.592496


Yay! I contributed! Great feeling after watching you guys for a long time.


9f43e9 No.592497


Doing the kek's work anon. Awesome Job!!

b5fd01 No.592498


Well found

a91790 No.592499

File: fa300701c565050⋯.png (375.61 KB, 665x351, 665:351, planefagduty3.png)

47b63f No.592500


This is a British style pediment carving. There are several in London that follow the same idea of reclining figures looking to the sides. Usually the center portion is important, Shakespeare on a theatre, King Charles, and so on. So this is consistent with HongKong, not with Macau which is more Portuguese influenced.

The rounded corner windows on the apartment also fit with HongKong.

I scanned all the listed historic buildings Grades I, II and III but t was not there. Likely it is considered a common style of apartment building and only the pediment is unusual. Not sure if there are Grade IV listed buildings.

However, someone interested in architecture and familiar with HongKong might be able to tell you where in the city this building is likely to be.

79d08c No.592501


http:// www.want-want.com/en/

14293c No.592502

File: fc7283f3b5954a7⋯.png (27.99 KB, 533x234, 41:18, photostudio_1520551516115.png)

3329c8 No.592503

>>592412. Thats it

d96dba No.592504


Oh that is true, I am witness.

e75f01 No.592505

Perfect. Great job.

http:// www.wantwant.com.cn/

a570f1 No.592506


Want Want China Holdings Limited (simplified Chinese: 中国旺旺控股有限公司; traditional Chinese: 中國旺旺控股有限公司; pinyin: Zhōngguó Wàngwàng Kònggǔ Yǒuxiàngōngsī) is the largest maker of rice cakes and flavored milk in China. It is also engaged in the manufacturing and sales of snack foods and beverages. The company's parent company is Want Want Holdings in Taiwan.[1][2] Its headquarters are in Minhang District, Shanghai.[3]

Want Want China Holdings Limited(Shanghai Headquarter)

Add:No.1088,East Hong Song Road, Shanghai, PRC

Zip Code: 201103

Telephone:+86 021-61151111

FAX:+86 021-61151777

E-mail:investor@want-want.com (Investor Consultation)

E-mail:wwkf@want-want.com (Distributor Consultation)

Hong Kong office

Add:Unit 918, 9/F,Mira Place Tower A, 132 Nathan Road,Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Telephone:+852 2730-7780

FAX:+852 2730-7781

E-mail:investor@want-want.com (Investor Consultation)

E-mail:wwkf@want-want.com (Distributor Consultation)

d9329a No.592507


Just tell them Comey says it's a matter, not an investigation.

c329d1 No.592508

File: 692a47c372cd295⋯.png (118.41 KB, 1080x508, 270:127, Screenshot_20180308-172815….png)

5712a6 No.592509


A veritable Catch-22 for @Snowden.

22baeb No.592510


It looks like @snowden is on a treadmill (in white tshirt). "Up all night running" Sorry if someone already said that.

1364f1 No.592511

File: 371ee3dfbca31e9⋯.png (182.44 KB, 925x740, 5:4, screenshot_245.png)


Tsai (Eng-Meng) family #34 on China's list of 50

https:// www.forbes.com/profile/tsai-eng-meng-1/?list=asia-families

da5e9b No.592512


>we-go-all .com

Yikes why does that site link to famewhores Beanz and Corsi

b393ee No.592513


So, HK or Shanghai?

0228dd No.592514

Just think what tales Kim Jong Un can tell. About the Bush's, the Clinton's, Jimmy Carter and Obama. About Eric Schmidt, Elon Musk, the Clowns, etc. I'm sure the North Korean government kept very good records of everything. Nail, meet coffin.

aad584 No.592515


I knew it was a fucking bakery. Ha ha or food they just have a weird sense of humor

3e9508 No.592517



ca3e1b No.592518

File: 67e62661f2d5348⋯.png (448.14 KB, 608x722, 16:19, ClipboardImage.png)


Some windows are open. If pictures are Now-now, then it is a very warm and/or very humid climate. And look at all that air conditioning.

d9329a No.592519



Is he in HK? Or Shanghai?

c329d1 No.592520



e3e3b2 No.592521



DAMNNNN you guys are good, what key words did you use?

a570f1 No.592523

File: a804366781ad41d⋯.png (358.3 KB, 846x562, 423:281, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at ….png)

@Snowden still in HK.

Shot of:

Hong Kong office

Add:Unit 918, 9/F,Mira Place Tower A, 132 Nathan Road,Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Telephone:+852 2730-7780

88d7bc No.592524

File: 6563d1e0710420a⋯.png (311.71 KB, 485x621, 485:621, wantwant.png)

61f287 No.592525


Snowden bleeds out in Catch 22.

cf372d No.592526


its a restaurant

3e37de No.592527


Shanghai?.., that place was arrested Sergei Medvedev?

9f43e9 No.592528

File: b0c4d572083b321⋯.jpg (455.03 KB, 1080x1694, 540:847, Screenshot_20180308-172909.jpg)

File: b36afa46f7d3814⋯.jpg (321.5 KB, 1004x1643, 1004:1643, Screenshot_20180308-172924.jpg)


https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Want_Want_China

Based in Shanghai!

fc6e42 No.592529

File: 768f72d73faef7f⋯.png (1.73 MB, 960x600, 8:5, wantwant.png)

79d08c No.592530

File: c5db653d4c02ae1⋯.png (299.22 KB, 743x683, 743:683, ClipboardImage.png)

1cd554 No.592531

Want Want Group

International Business Division

No.1088, Hong Song East Road, Shanghai 201103

4cf86c No.592532


well done anon!

03bae3 No.592534


Tell them to tell Comey and McCabe we said hi. Also tell them we trust Wray.

b393ee No.592535


I jusat know the Oriental trend of mascots.

4bf923 No.592536

File: 25e7277a2d5469d⋯.jpg (67.44 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, DXy3dGVVQAEVMJ4.jpg-large.jpg)

Got this pic off Sundance's tweet feed bcs its awesome and makes me want to MAGA

45ea92 No.592537


Searched images not words most likely

e62c2f No.592538


Excellent Anon!!!

ad5fb5 No.592539


BO is not unaware, that is absolutely laughable. Even if he were, somehow, sincerely this incompetent, what does it matter? We shouldn't be here on a dogshit board, mindlessly swimming in shit. Wake up faggots.

e3e3b2 No.592540

File: e3cde6993de1e28⋯.png (251.07 KB, 942x680, 471:340, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at ….png)

d32bf5 No.592541



Imo, the pure posts are telling a normie nothing, because they are too cryptic to understand, if you are only willing to invest little time.

Ty, for the list.

2a9798 No.592543


I did too, They were asking all kinds of questions about a neighbor. I sent them next door. I told them mom was the nosiest person on the block. She knows everything about the people in our town,

2bf6cb No.592544


Hannity was one of very few standing up for DJT during the campaign, and now as POTUS Sean gets rewarded. Trump is big on loyalty, and he pays big dividends. The True Pundit guy is okay, so seems Dilley. There aren't many in the loop, but the 'buckle up' by Q is certainly a wink.

79d08c No.592545

File: df4ccd9c2faa230⋯.png (839.95 KB, 1249x729, 1249:729, ClipboardImage.png)

cf372d No.592546

File: 935ec12a2307beb⋯.png (709.35 KB, 510x698, 255:349, Want Want office.PNG)

Want Want office

a6b6ec No.592548

File: de61cbb495328a4⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1206x784, 603:392, sno2.PNG)

4731fe No.592549


The guy was pretty tight lipped when I accused the

FBI of grooming domestic terrorists - probably

shouldn't have said that.

456ba0 No.592550


what about Taiwan or Seoul?

da5e9b No.592551


"Surrender, Dorothy"

256133 No.592552

File: 3b169f9ffb9492d⋯.png (67.74 KB, 228x228, 1:1, Screenshot-2018-3-8 Meme G….png)

Want Want China Holdings Limited is the largest maker of rice cakes and flavored milk in China. It is also engaged in the manufacturing and sales of snack foods and beverages.

aad584 No.592553


Try Street view for buildings near their offices.

1364f1 No.592554

File: 5fccc297d727848⋯.png (182.49 KB, 667x817, 667:817, screenshot_247.png)


TinEye reverse image search

https:// tineye.com/search/fcf627516ed93ffa3e4af67b6171ef289359eda9/

cf372d No.592555



I Lan Foods headquarters

5712a6 No.592556


Great find. It's a billboard then. Could be anywhere.

> Want Want China Holdings Limited is the largest maker of rice cakes and flavored milk in China. It is also engaged in the manufacturing and sales of snack foods and beverages.

0228dd No.592557


I am glad you're getting better. I pray that you are fully healed. We are with you.

b7644d No.592558


It's a guy wearing a hat in lederhosen.

1cd554 No.592559

File: 52f88f9c9acb0ef⋯.jpg (90.82 KB, 734x636, 367:318, Capture1.JPG)

2bf6cb No.592560


Damn, dude, that was funny…))

7273c0 No.592561

File: 3c39e2e20164016⋯.png (21.88 KB, 577x273, 577:273, AWweqqCapture.PNG)



Lads! Pic Related.

32173b No.592562


a6b6ec No.592563


One at a table and one leaning against the window.

b3e0bd No.592564

I figured the "big news" was dumb.

BOOM?! not this. Who cares if Kim wants to meet with Trump?! It was bound to happen & not anything groundd breaking in relation to what we think it may be.

let down again. SK likes to make things a big deal apparently.

Yes, great. Kim wants to say sorry & give Trump credit for bringing SK & NK together as one hooray.

I was hoping for Red Pill BOOM

581204 No.592565



We should be here, as long as Q is still posting here, IMO.

df83bb No.592566

HRC vid - I think ThreadReader is onto it, (if it hasn't been covered already someplace here)

https:// threadreaderapp.com/thread/971864935876608000.html

Anons need to set the stage - memes & spray.

Is video on tarmac of LL securing SC position?. They 3-way video conferenced and the NSA caught it?

If so, anons need be busy spreading this about

5712a6 No.592567


He sure does.

aad584 No.592568


I'm about to have to turn the stream off, because dead cat is arguing again. Just saying and we need to find a building where their logo is up on top not in front but keep going good job

b77b1d No.592569


Looks kind of like popeye in lederhosen

ad5fb5 No.592570

I've been calling out BV for weeks, and the same evasions and prevarications from BO have smoothed things over. And be sure: there is massive AI power pushing the high volume posts that make all of this possible.

4e18ea No.592571


1088 Hongsong E Rd, Minhang Qu

China 201103

8bc108 No.592572



Want Want worldwide = www.hot-kid.com.cn/

baea1f No.592573

It's not fucking Want Want, It is matching the building across the street from it fags.

58e4fc No.592574


>implying anon can't find a mcdonalds in america given a photo

f961a0 No.592575

File: 55aa9d76bc39611⋯.png (2.71 MB, 1330x984, 665:492, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at ….png)


>East Hong Song Road, Shanghai, PRC

Weird shit going on with my Google maps at that location.

e7c088 No.592576


Want Want China Holdings in Hong Kong

https:// www.google.com.eg/maps/place/Want+Want+China+Holdings+Ltd./@22.3215919,114.1623143,721m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x340400b779c5b84f:0x8c7132bf9d214bec!2sWant+Want+China+Holdings+Ltd.!8m2!3d22.321587!4d114.164503!3m4!1s0x340400b779c5b84f:0x8c7132bf9d214bec!8m2!3d22.321587!4d114.164503

ad5fb5 No.592577


We should get a board for Q THAT IS NOT RUN BY FUCKING CLOWNS.

It's really a simple concept.

4bf923 No.592579

File: ba41e3be55533d3⋯.jpg (73.9 KB, 663x712, 663:712, DXzWQGBVoAAhPH5.jpg-large.jpg)

aad584 No.592581


Shut up and dig

4fc981 No.592582


its called great awakening


1364f1 No.592583

File: 0b8d4ec0da424a3⋯.png (156.31 KB, 691x512, 691:512, screenshot_250.png)

700795 No.592584


from that angle looks like its on the roof of a car, delivery vehicle.

c612cf No.592585

File: 676163af2c65da4⋯.jpg (140.93 KB, 748x500, 187:125, 25dun1.jpg)


Thank you

79d08c No.592586


and yet some people call them for help and get ignored….hmmm

a39482 No.592587


just be yourself

4e18ea No.592588


http:// want-want.com/

c329d1 No.592589

File: 96b4b4728a2ce8a⋯.jpg (25.44 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 66_cUYfj_400x400.jpg)



6f58d0 No.592590


If it makes you feel any better I haven't trusted a baker since the day I started. Read every single board. Make my own lists. Cumbersome as fuck. But it lets me work at a higher level. Pays off.

9105b4 No.592591

File: 4173a04178e6b17⋯.png (363.82 KB, 1162x474, 581:237, ClipboardImage.png)

Is it a match?

e75f01 No.592592

Sure. If you haven't already checked, there are some Reddit groups that might be more useful for you, e.g., reddit.com/r/greatawakening

baea1f No.592593


Same here, this is about the same image I can get.

792295 No.592594

File: ebca3be09de785c⋯.png (627.7 KB, 894x774, 149:129, ClipboardImage.png)



c35703 No.592595

File: c7edc889ff681a0⋯.png (403.24 KB, 1013x735, 1013:735, ClipboardImage.png)

e75f01 No.592596

260217 No.592597

Fill this bread, anons

32173b No.592598

>>592573 And this is why I love you, Anon!

3ec3e6 No.592599


Biggest geo-political win in 2 decades not good enough… my aren't we picky.

3/8 "Live" achieved at countdown/STEEL/NK

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