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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, main.jpg)

9eb947  No.6333416

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Welcome to Q Research (README FIRST, THEN PROCEED TO LURK) https://8ch.net/qresearch/welcome.html

THE Q MOVEMENT IS ABOUT TRUMPING THE ESTABLISHMENT - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDFe_yKnRf4XM7W_sWbcxtw

Q: The Basics - An Introduction to Q and the Great Awakening

PDF: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/3082784.html#3082809

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Thursday 04.25.2019

>>6316088 ————————————–——– Define 'Renegade'.

>>6315906 ————————————–——– [HUSSEIN] (Cap: >>6316045 )

>>6305138 ————————————–——– Will this age well? (Cap: >>6305150 )

>>6304666 ————————————–——– Stay tuned. (Cap: >>6304703 )

Wednesday 04.24.2019

>>6304470 ————————————–——– Good find, Anons.

>>6304364 ————————————–——– You attack those you fear the most. (Cap: >>6304399 )

>>6303367 rt >>6303277 -————————– Michael S. Rogers.

>>6303319 rt >>6303277 -————————– (PAIN.png)

>>6303277 ————————————–——– Listen very carefully to statements made by Joe D. It's happening.

Friday 04.19.2019

>>6242325 ————————————–——– NO BLOCKADE = GAME OVER (Cap: >>6243076)

Thursday 04.18.2019

>>6233873 ————————————–——– Rod's departure next?

>>6228198 ————————————–——– Fake investigations by committee members will not delay what is about to be unleashed.

>>6228098 ————————————–——– 1st & 10 on the 40 (Cap: >>6228336)

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>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

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Global Board Admin Announcements

>>6137135 Bakers reminder, do not add Q's posts WITHOUT a tripcode to the dough

>>6121805, >>6122032 New BO, FastJack, announced in Meta (Cap: >>6175099)

>>6102951, >>6102968 8bit on global notables and baker assist

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#8098 baker change

>>6332609 anons notices ll in C_A twat is off color - [LL] ? says anon

>>6332533, >>6332539 Hathi Trust Docs

>>6332592 US MARINES devil dog and Q 1832, coming for HRC [soon] (anon graphic not a proof)

>>6332786, >>6332904 Early settlers starting Q Chants outside todays Rally

>>6332880, >>6332890 Bottle of Kate at Strozk trial, yes its Beanz, but message not messenger

>>6333136 US warrant issued for Adrian Hong, accused ringleader of NK embassy raid in Madrid

>>6333227 DJT tweet and Q drop 3038 -true to yourself/your own beliefs

>>6333233, >>6333249 NRA news Ollie North not staying for 2nd, LaPierre stirs the pot

>>6333109 ‘Operation Home Alone’ nets over a dozen child predators: authorities >>6298910 pb

>>6333148 DOJ opens criminal probe into Ford's emissions process

>>6333352 #8098

#8097 baker change

>>6331849, >>6332134 MSM - Child sex is big business in America

>>6331875 GAA "Liberty!" Edition contains #8048 to #8096

>>6331986 Devin Nunes Twat - Green Leftists take Over California

>>6332009 Britain's NSC confidential meeting info leaked re: Huawei

>>6332012 Bill Maher mocks Adam Schiff re:POTUS - "you're stalking him"

>>6332019, >>6332330, >>6332399, >>6332420 Military/DoD Twats

>>6332077 Wayne LaPierre claims NRA Pres. Ollie North is extorting him

>>6332106 VisualAnon mirrors message in Q proof

>>6332119 Arsonist attempted to burn National Archives Museum on Thursday

>>6332126, >>6332076 Planefags' Updates

>>6332228 Vol. 3 FLOTUS magazine covers - hot off the press

>>6332242, >>6332251, >>6332319 Call to dig on Talking Sticks Resort

>>6332250 Today's Yellow Vest Live (link)

>>6332293, >>6332313 NC man killed by police - complying w/order to drop his gun?

>>6332341, >>6332408 New PDJT

>>6332463 #8097

#8096 baker change

>>6331558 Keynote speaker at Harvard diversity conference says Christians should be ‘locked up’

>>6331508 NASA & FEMA will simulate an impending asteroid strike next week

>>6331525 From Dec: Blythe Masters, The Derivatives Queen Stepping Down From Crypto (had big effect on gold & silver markets)

>>6331469 Hussein defends Goldman Sachs' bid to include Derivatives in free trade w/Europe

>>6331403 Facial recognition software to be used at Heathrow by summer

>>6331400, >>6331437 Federal Prosecutors asking for 11-year sentence for Illinois YT star for kiddle porn

>>6331386 Pilots forced to turn back to NZ & make an emergency landing because of a 'disruptive passenger'

>>6331377 DA: Poway man stole $8M from San Diegans in Ponzi scheme

>>6331355 Lori Loughlin case: settlement calls for sealing of all evidence

>>6331341 Trump calls for removal of Japanese tariffs on US farm products

>>6331486, >>6331338 Marianne Williamson (Oprah's spir. advisor) opines on Reparations & plans to hold Town Hall in San Diego

>>6331336, >>6331390, >>6331509, >>6331529 Boat fag tracking DANNY G from Seal Beach

>>6331332 U.S. sanctions Venezuela's foreign minister, Venezuelan judge

>>6331322 Anon on DJT Tweet: $1.8b (18 angry Dems?), terroist [missing r]

>>6331312 Liberty Beacon: Who rules France? Not the French

>>6331288 Elon Musk will face in court the British diver he called a pedo

>>6331282, >>6331351 U.S. warrant issued for accused ringleader of North Korean embassy raid in Madrid

>>6331205 Planefag reports: KNIFE31 headed into Seal Beach; >>6331460 USAF C-40 Clipper; >>6331577 Saudi G5 > Houston

>>6331202 Zerohedge: The essence of evil: Sex with children has become big business in America

>>6331091 Report: Politicians hampered fight against California fire

>>6331008 The Dossier: Rogue FBI recruited Trump-Russia sources inside the WH?

>>6331004 For context on Bill Browder/Putin/Banks: Watch The Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes (2hr vid)

>>6330983 Giuliani: Highlights article showing possible collusion between DNC/Clintonites & Ukrainian officials

>>6331841 #8096

Previously Collected Notables

>>6330918 #8095,

>>6328602 #8092, >>6329364 #8093, >>6330145 #8094

>>6326274 #8089, >>6327032 #8090, >>6327818 #8091

>>6323832 #8086, >>6324615 #8087, >>6325362 #8088

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9eb947  No.6333437

File: af24f1bbb9df07a⋯.png (263.69 KB, 1066x677, 1066:677, ClipboardImage.png)



8f79e5  No.6333441

File: 9ee4c4999a00e6f⋯.jpg (70.9 KB, 544x505, 544:505, trump-pirro-2020.jpg)

Lets make it happen o7

and ty baker

9eb947  No.6333442

continue your digs from last bread fam

all links are last bread




here is a link to the bread anon





i got that bread thread for ya



d46fcc  No.6333473

REMINDER: Q team is a (((JEW))) team and they are NOT WORKING with POTUS

That's why secret service now confiscates Q merchandise at Trump rallies and why Scott Adams tried to debunk Q after his white house visit but failed miserably. The lesson is, "never try". ;)

Don't do anything (((Q))) team tells you to do (like sneaking in Q merchandise into Trump rallies), except THINK FOR YOURSELF.


6a538c  No.6333476


So if anons found out Q was a woman would you tell her to "tits or GTFO"…:)

d46fcc  No.6333477

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

REMINDER: (((Q))) team has access to remote mind "surveillance/control" tech

(((Q))) team has a secret system. A machine that spies on you every hour of every day. Maybe they designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees EVERYTHING. Violent crimes involving ordinary people. (((Q))) team and anyone else that has similar machines probably consider these people irrelevant, that's why they continue to keep it a secret.

They can see what you see, hear what you hear, etc. They can even make you dream like in the movie "Inception". The tech has most likely existed even before the movie "The Matrix" was created. They can probably take control of people remotely similar to how people in the movie turn into agents.

Some capabilities of their tech can also be found in the lyrics of the song "Sleeping Awake" by POD. It's from the soundtrack of the movie "The Matrix Reloaded".

"Do you see what I see?

Can you hear what I hear?

Do you feel like I feel?

Do you dream like I dream?"


The tech has most likely also been used on the Wachowski brothers to turn them into "sisters" now (idiots probably don't know about the tech). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wachowskis

Edward Snowden most likely knows about this tech and gave information about it to China and Russia. That's why (((Q))) likes to threaten Snowden regularly.

Quote from edwardsnowden.com

“I don't want to live in a world where everything I say, everything I do, everyone I talk to, every expression of creativity and love or friendship is recorded.”

What do you think he meant by "everything I do"?

Possible effects of REMOTE MIND CONTROL tech




f272a6  No.6333478

File: 4f350eb1710b49d⋯.png (2.19 MB, 1020x1431, 340:477, cda5c0b809bb0b88b9f5262f8c….png)



Noice digit

pull last bread


84c54f  No.6333480

File: 893005124049223⋯.png (634.02 KB, 500x500, 1:1, AC6D6460-C191-44CA-87EC-26….png)

File: 4a17f8666cca775⋯.jpeg (56.06 KB, 640x408, 80:51, CF003C99-53D1-4AB4-B5AD-8….jpeg)

File: d0e2877e16220b6⋯.jpeg (474.75 KB, 1125x941, 1125:941, 1EB5DC1C-9782-410F-845D-3….jpeg)

File: 8f922e17da6e9dd⋯.png (915.67 KB, 751x498, 751:498, 6960D0D6-17E4-4931-B949-BE….png)

File: 93325bf24c5d257⋯.jpeg (277.74 KB, 1125x701, 1125:701, 553E5F9E-FDBD-4483-9BED-A….jpeg)

91bb4d  No.6333481

File: 4287d3883508a27⋯.png (532.31 KB, 706x720, 353:360, RBG_weightlifting.png)

File: db169d2c8bd1b64⋯.png (824.53 KB, 665x1000, 133:200, RBG_jogging.png)

Time for a RBG sighting !

She's doing pretty good for a dead woman.

29f5e2  No.6333482

File: 9de241a7e6f2460⋯.jpg (250.76 KB, 1536x1136, 96:71, MSM.jpg)

c7d5fa  No.6333484

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

David Wilcock Predicts Ascension Will Happen After Declas


83a1ec  No.6333485

File: 7eac936c4fb1768⋯.jpg (40.81 KB, 255x255, 1:1, Pepetechicolor.jpg)

8dd408  No.6333486

File: 820c7e4623abcdf⋯.png (508.07 KB, 755x600, 151:120, 820c7e4623abcdff3e73520862….png)

File: a2bd97ff9b9ac00⋯.jpg (73.74 KB, 500x458, 250:229, Winning 7.jpg)

5e4bb7  No.6333487

>>6333373 l/b

>>6333087 l/b

>>6333069 l/b

>>6332658 l/b

Here was the originating post. Way back!

0b5900  No.6333488

Are they gropeing mah pocket and comms still like pedos wearing vinyl and saying "neo" shit about guns and bromance ?

2f23f9  No.6333489

File: 4df6bb4be83d9ff⋯.jpg (17.65 KB, 219x255, 73:85, 4df6bb4be83d9ff31bbe36d891….jpg)

File: 49ce5c1eaf76ce2⋯.jpg (671.73 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, 9879c5233055e1d01914797a45….jpg)

File: 78eb6f0f683cb67⋯.png (1.76 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Baker_Bread_Q_Alpha.png)

File: bbe87b35bb8a3b0⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 2732x2592, 683:648, QTeam.jpg)


Get your Rally hats on !

ThanQ Baker !

Semper Fidelis

91bb4d  No.6333490

File: 3cf7d67b272e7f4⋯.png (25.43 KB, 616x176, 7:2, Breaking_WilcockBadMkay.png)



cadfda  No.6333491

>>6332242 (lb)

I see AZ is back in the 8ch newsbin again

Compare talking stick resort logos symbolism to the kind of stuff you wee looking down at sky harbor airport, as well as along our freeways esp up near scottsdale

Have taken many people to talking stick. have worked at other resorts in area in the past, noticed many of them adopted a company called Six Sigma to help manage the managers internally. Seen some shady cats gome and go.

Lots of indian reservation casinos to dig on.

Have a bunch of info on Chandler AZ i want to start compiling and adding to the discussion. Used to live nearby there.

Tons of stuff here anons. Some dark shit definitely going on out here and i am suspicious of chandler PD. Intuition at this point. Have to spend time putting it together.

bf34d9  No.6333492


I hope that’s sarcasm

d46fcc  No.6333493


>She's doing pretty good for a dead woman.

Probably 'cause she's a jew-jew…

83a1ec  No.6333494

File: c3dfe4cb14ffd12⋯.png (1004.47 KB, 943x553, 943:553, blue chicken.PNG)


fuck off Cock

29f5e2  No.6333495


what's this here an AB push? - looks stupid

3e8b98  No.6333496


9642be  No.6333497

File: ff7cf029bbd96d3⋯.png (380.8 KB, 763x426, 763:426, Screenshot 2019-04-27 at 1….png)

Blizzard is going to just miss POTUS rally

Unfortunately this Wisconsinfag is going

to feel the full force of global warming today

0b61c7  No.6333498

File: cd6d75df8781f9d⋯.png (265.37 KB, 734x619, 734:619, whatif.png)

7706d6  No.6333499

>>6333379 (lb)

Dershowitz was also a repeat guest at Epstein's mansion in Palm Beach and on Pedo Island. How he got himself off the list is amazing!

d46fcc  No.6333500


Blue = favorite color of (((JEW)))

5e4bb7  No.6333501

File: b333dc751f20049⋯.jpeg (58.56 KB, 858x312, 11:4, post.jpeg)



Here was the originating post. Way back!

f272a6  No.6333502

File: 9b7d064bb50869d⋯.jpg (51.08 KB, 634x436, 317:218, 12761518-0-image-a-10_1556….jpg)





Newton District Court Judge Shelley M Richmond Joseph was indicted Thursday on obstruction of justice charges

She is accused of conspiring to prevent ICE from detaining undocumented immigrant Jose Medina-Perez at Newton District Court on April 2, 2018

Joseph was seen crying when she left federal court in Boston Thursday and her lawyer blasted 'this prosecution is absolutely political'

Massachusetts Attorney General said the prosecution was a 'radical and politically-motivated attack on our state and the independence of our courts'

The American Civil Liberties Union also released a statement alleging the charges were the result of President Donald Trump's 'anti-immigrant agenda'

Trial court officer Wesley MacGregor was also charged under the indictment


0b5900  No.6333503

File: 5f95caae05bb477⋯.jpg (200.3 KB, 800x1066, 400:533, IMG_7869.JPG)

Joo can do it homos

0b61c7  No.6333504

File: b437f2118d0cbfe⋯.png (160.56 KB, 569x555, 569:555, reesist.png)

File: bf042a8d0644d72⋯.png (377.65 KB, 972x1716, 81:143, speech-is-not-free.png)

File: 35b56a76bf48957⋯.png (143.69 KB, 555x830, 111:166, whatgetsyoubanned.png)

f69ef4  No.6333505

File: 508ff40c5e4a7ed⋯.jpg (14.58 KB, 197x255, 197:255, buseyb66162b31f10e387aaadc….jpg)

d46fcc  No.6333506


What looks stupid?

91bb4d  No.6333507


Are you implying that Jews are Zombies?

69d0d7  No.6333508

File: 3e0b67d5f97f99e⋯.jpeg (992.35 KB, 1204x1314, 602:657, 6D19B661-AEAF-4354-9690-4….jpeg)

File: 54eb3bc6988098c⋯.jpeg (284.91 KB, 1510x372, 755:186, 6926821F-74D4-4A36-A081-C….jpeg)

File: 32b4c21cba449fd⋯.jpeg (339.28 KB, 1209x788, 1209:788, 0DD0B773-E52F-4967-8ACB-6….jpeg)

National Guard Tweets Picture Of USS Batfish

Interesting that the USS Batfish is famous for sinking three Imperial Japanese Navy submarines and POTUS is golfing with the Prime Minister of Japan today.

8dd408  No.6333509

File: 636364bc02a333d⋯.jpg (26.04 KB, 270x386, 135:193, downloadfile-11.jpg)


That is Edgar Casey.

c910e9  No.6333510

>>6333417 LB

I dont think the current slow bleed is an indulgence. It is a strategy. The band aid will be ripped off in a more organic way when the timing is right. POTUS has referenced timing and pushy people re: declas several times recently. He knows what he's doing

d46fcc  No.6333511


Maybe. They do eat human brains don't they?

6d90d6  No.6333512

File: 56eb2fb2c4f0d3b⋯.png (216.65 KB, 640x444, 160:111, 07e9afdbe5ea085768c253bccc….png)

608c36  No.6333513


For the funny alone I bet it would be the default response from a lot of anons. Q shit the bread once and got hammered for it just as if he or she were any other anon.

2e5bcd  No.6333514

File: 2704a79fa559a4f⋯.jpg (127.54 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 34266244_450304465423072_8….jpg)

File: 40a1f58949c5e5c⋯.jpeg (137.52 KB, 923x1369, 923:1369, 5A2ED356-A87E-4BB6-B8AD-6….jpeg)

c01c26  No.6333515

File: 84d77634c6dca5f⋯.jpg (134.72 KB, 700x875, 4:5, 2018-09-24_anna-louise.jpg)

Thank You Baker

228d24  No.6333516


Why are you here then?

d46fcc  No.6333517


What is it for?

I think it's for assuming control of (((Q))) team members…

0b5900  No.6333518


Maybe they are "jacking on" to the matrix of sin 💄

29f5e2  No.6333519


been a while since I lurked - noticing threads in multiple threads that stink like robo push - that one looks like a new one

91bb4d  No.6333520


>They do eat human brains don't they?

Allegedly yes. Haven't seen any real evidence of it though.

0b61c7  No.6333521

File: a845f068922af10⋯.jpg (290.01 KB, 604x552, 151:138, precipic.jpg)

File: 01f6767ace14b31⋯.png (151.62 KB, 1025x333, 1025:333, dje-fr-mGJ.png)

File: 4c8a92e2bb49a53⋯.png (554.77 KB, 1111x627, 101:57, youare.png)

We don't understand how special humans are until we look at how ai struggles so much with things humans do with ease.

e3d53f  No.6333522

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>6332601 (LB)

Actually, the writers of both films stole the idea from Philip K. Dick. He spoke and wrote about the idea of a simulated fake world long before either of these films.

Hollywood has stolen a lot from PKD

He himself never received much money from any of his works except Do Androids Dream… at the end of his life

Pretty much everything PKD wrote about is coming or has come true

He was right about everything and the government went after him for it.

ab7429  No.6333523

File: 9ef92a44e1297a0⋯.png (366.87 KB, 750x421, 750:421, ClipboardImage.png)

d46fcc  No.6333524


Nice tattoo.

798eb1  No.6333525

File: 00872065d2f4044⋯.jpg (169.22 KB, 504x713, 504:713, Q:TimetableDeliver.jpg)

39d383  No.6333526

>>6333348 (lb faggot)

At least he has replied to me, not many get to say that

d46fcc  No.6333528


Ah Marie, jew are back. Done having covfefe, poopin', etc. I am guessing.

d50ae8  No.6333529

File: d5c5a2601b331a1⋯.jpg (366.68 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, neanderthal-side-tobiasjac….jpg)

File: 3792204d4b65f10⋯.jpg (69.93 KB, 800x593, 800:593, greenspan_custom-276151d9f….jpg)

5e4bb7  No.6333530


>continue your digs from last bread fam


a8a9ee  No.6333531

File: 129ec99b37b70b6⋯.png (42.52 KB, 1243x257, 1243:257, bb.PNG)


b9d63b  No.6333532

File: 93b91810be86890⋯.jpg (145.51 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, MagicSword.jpg)

>>6333177 (PB)

Great Digits.

There is NO wavering, I love you and whatever little I have to offer you by way of love and shelter is yours. I will head out in 4 hours and 20 minutes. We will find each other. I know it. I'll take a backpack as well.

I love you ELOM & I can't LIVE without you.



16f8fd  No.6333533

File: c7058a16617aa1a⋯.gif (557.12 KB, 275x189, 275:189, c7058a16617aa1af5009da19d5….gif)

d46fcc  No.6333534


Welp, (((Q))) team does have the tech…

2ca78a  No.6333535


In January, 2016, the Obama White House summoned Ukrainian authorities to Washington to discuss several ongoing matters under the guise of coordinating "anti-corruption efforts," reports The Hill's John Solomon.

The January 2016 gathering, confirmed by multiple participants and contemporaneous memos, brought some of Ukraine’s top corruption prosecutors and investigators face to face with members of former President Obama’s National Security Council (NSC), FBI, State Department and Department of Justice (DOJ).

The agenda suggested the purpose was training and coordination. But Ukrainian participants said it didn’t take long — during the meetings and afterward — to realize the Americans’ objectives included two politically hot investigations: one that touched Vice President Joe Biden’s family and one that involved a lobbying firm linked closely to then-candidate Trump. -The Hill

The Obama officials - likely knowing that lobbyist Paul Manafort was about to join President Trump's campaign soon (he joined that March), were interested in reviving a closed investigation into payments to US figures from Ukraine's pro-Russia Party of Regions - which both Paul Manafort and Tony Podesta did unregistered work for, according to former Ukrainian Embassy political officer Andrii Telizhenko.

The 2014 investigation focused heavily on Manafort, whose firm was tied to Trump through his longtime partner and Trump adviser, Roger Stone.

Agents interviewed Manafort in 2014 about whether he received undeclared payments from the party of ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, an ally of Russia’s Vladimir Putin, and whether he engaged in improper foreign lobbying.

The FBI shut down the case without charging Manafort

Telizhenko and other attendees of the January, 2016 meeting recall DOJ employees asking Ukrainian investigators from their National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) if they could locate new evidence about the Party of Regions' payments to Americans.

"It was definitely the case that led to the charges against Manafort and the leak to U.S. media during the 2016 election," said Telizhenko - which makes the January 2016 gathering in DC one of the earliest documented efforts to compile a case against Trump and those in his orbit.

Nazar Kholodnytskyy, Ukraine’s chief anti-corruption prosecutor, told me he attended some but not all of the January 2016 Washington meetings and couldn’t remember the specific cases, if any, that were discussed.

But he said he soon saw evidence in Ukraine of political meddling in the U.S. election. Kholodnytskyy said the key evidence against Manafort — a ledger showing payments from the Party of Regions — was known to Ukrainian authorities since 2014 but was suddenly released in May 2016 by the U.S.-friendly NABU, after Manafort was named Trump’s campaign chairman.

"Somebody kept this black ledger secret for two years and then showed it to the public and the U.S. media. It was extremely suspicious," said Kholodnytskyy - who specifically instructed NABU not to share the "black ledger" with the media.

"I ordered the detectives to give nothing to the mass media considering this case. Instead, they had broken my order and published themselves these one or two pages of this black ledger regarding Paul Manafort," he added. "For me it was the first call that something was going wrong and that there is some external influence in this case. And there is some other interests in this case not in the interest of the investigation and a fair trial."

and somewhere along the way, Biden hits the prosecutor out of the park…

c01c26  No.6333537


Never noticed it before for obvious reasons. No idea what it is

0b5900  No.6333538


Joos in vinyl clothes and bad haircuts "jacking on " to the matrix and Fag acting like pedos . That's gotta be a movie . Maybe the "Neo" libtards can Bullshit that one

c9fcd4  No.6333539

File: 69247ce29f2e6b7⋯.jpg (279.37 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 577df6a6.jpg)

39910b  No.6333540


and there you have it.

the difference between civil disobedience and criminal behavior. if she was truly standing for a belief, there would be no tears. she would be prepared for the consequences of her actions.

she is no MLK.

8f79e5  No.6333541

yes fawk my dyslexia

just one to offer

just wanted to offer

c01c26  No.6333542

File: 9211cfab9d167c2⋯.jpeg (102.14 KB, 1080x848, 135:106, 1552090691.jpeg)

8f7184  No.6333543

File: a477287d6f38f49⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1540x460, 77:23, ClipboardImage.png)

Looks like somethings pinging the atmosphere pretty solidly for the last few days. (Schuman resonance for those wondering what the graphic is)

c910e9  No.6333544


Yep. I am not known as a patient person, but for some reason I've had nothing BUT patience for this thing since I found Q and started understanding what is going on. I just watch, laugh and wait. It has been entertaining, educational, thrilling, and at times disheartening to learn what I've learned. But I'm glad to finally know that I wasnt crazy for not being able to swallow a lifetime of cognitive dissonance

83a1ec  No.6333545

File: 5474aeec5b1a3b4⋯.jpg (30.14 KB, 243x255, 81:85, KANSAS takes a drink.jpg)

0b5900  No.6333546


Albert pike

Mormon pike

"Jacking on" matrix with pike

Matrix has pike

Pike in head

Unlocks homo

331983  No.6333547



f272a6  No.6333548



Stock up on that

popcorn fren

This gunna get




d46fcc  No.6333549


Yes, yes, I know jew know that I am making a family member watch The Matrix right now. :)

61c64e  No.6333550

File: b4e385623bf2856⋯.png (230.18 KB, 1307x397, 1307:397, Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at ….png)

This is what it is all about.

For my Libertarian anon frens. DJT is channeling Murray Rothbard here and frankly, Mises.


d22560  No.6333551

File: 9c5c782c3d666d6⋯.jpeg (165.77 KB, 836x1000, 209:250, FACCDE7A-B8B3-49BC-8990-6….jpeg)

File: 204277852a3a53d⋯.jpeg (334.89 KB, 1074x840, 179:140, F0700799-A4F4-4DF1-9970-5….jpeg)

Anyone else think the mossad massacre finally broke the shills??

Now all they can do is post both sides of JQ attempting to control the topic.

Its funny. Thats their only move nowadays. They broken.

d46fcc  No.6333552

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f272a6  No.6333553

File: b525733e8280b50⋯.jpg (119 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 2zlbzi.jpg)

File: b99d691c2d6a0a7⋯.jpg (92.14 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 2zlbns.jpg)



Here you go


c910e9  No.6333554



Crazy is here. Just like clockwork. Entertaining at least, but that's all I can say for you other than sad

0b5900  No.6333555


What if joos in vinyl clothes and bad haircuts were "jacking on" the matrix of sin for gollywood cocaine that was fake and Jewish

7706d6  No.6333556


She is ridiculous. I 'd bet that she laughed after the realized that the illegal alien had gotten away while the ICE agents were waiting in good faith outside for the court to hand him over.

She was a judge, she knows the law better than most of the rest of us. SHE was the one who made it 'political' when she decided to play SJW from the bench. I hope the rest of them across the nation are paying attention. A lot more of this needs to happen. All of these corrupt judges need to go to prison or be forced into retirement.

Can't wait for the day when the ACLU (AKA George Soros) gets shut down.

d50ae8  No.6333557

File: 821b112a5d5b149⋯.jpg (57.67 KB, 496x690, 248:345, 821b112a5d5b14984db924eac1….jpg)

889251  No.6333558

PG&E’s Radical Plan to Prevent Wildfires: Shut Down the Power Grid

When dangerously high winds arise this year, the utility says it will black out fire-prone areas that are home to 5.4 million people


0b5900  No.6333559


We can pike walrus in the butthole cause it's so yuuuuuuge

29f5e2  No.6333560

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There are many things that are needed - but the thing that's needed the most is commons sense short little films to explain key points.

As it stands we are flooded with giant dumps of information and only a small fraction understand the correct order to get proper interpretations -

like this video - in under 6 minutes it explains immigration in a way anyone can understand it. - if I were to make a video with a few infographic animated it'd be spread around like wildfire and explain Q in ways nobody has ever done before.

I can't do that mind you, and I don't mean to complain about it - I just wish someone would do it and make a series out of it going through subject after subject. - I may one day have to do this when I have more tools at my disposal but it need not be me

2ca78a  No.6333561


I'm looking into this comment which appears to shed some more light on Canadian assistance to the fuckery….

Obama and Biden financed the two arms of the Ukrainian military that were causing trouble on the Russian border. One was the Nazi units and the other was the Chechen units flown in and given their own special status separate from the Nazi units. The Chechen units flown in came from Afghanistan and Syria. Canada's former Prime Minister Stephen Harper helped arm and finance both and today the Nazi dame who is Trudeau's Foreign Minister continues Canada's legacy supporting the Obama/Biden deep state missions on Russia's borders. It has come back to haunt the Trudeau government as it now looks like a landslide victory coming to push him and his Nazi dame out of Office. Now the whole scheme is unravelling and shows the CIA/CSIS support for terrorist operations to destabilize peace talks around the world.

d46fcc  No.6333562


Nothing to do with "carbs" by the way. And everything to do with how much food you stuff into your mouth. :)

22af69  No.6333563

File: 9af0c43fed172ee⋯.png (13.91 KB, 868x179, 868:179, Screenshot_2019-02-18 Did ….png)



hi ya rabbi. i've been reading your Talmud. What wankers you are.


good. now arrest the entire state for gods sake no one will lift a finger here you have never met more wimps in one place ever. no one here except fat dykes and school teachers will protest.

d46fcc  No.6333564


You should boil them to get rid of any bacteria, viruses and fungi.

91ee39  No.6333565


I really hate having to defend POTUS as not being racist to friends of mine

Obviously, we all know why he tweeted about Nick Bosa as he supports Trump and had to back off knowing he was going to SF.

But …….couldn't he have saved us all some grief and sent a tweet about Kyler first before making his point about Bosa?

I guess the strategy might now be to bait the left into faux muh racism outrage. Doesn't make it any easier to go about our lives.

And back off neckbeards who will say to ignore all your liberal friends and family. Easy to say when you live behind a computer screen. Not easy when you live in the real world. When you have to maintain business relationships. WE DON"T WANT TO HIDE SUPPORT FOR POTUS!!! But sometimes its the only way to not get fired from a job, not lose a client. After 2020 will be a nice change.

8f7184  No.6333566


can't happen soon enough and good riddance

e957ed  No.6333569

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Amy Goodman [DemocracyNow] confirms GEOTUS hit it outta da park!!!

Trump Admin Guts U.N. Resolution to End Rape as Weapon of War

>Planned Parenthood President [Leana Wen] is interdasting…Rhodes Scholar, Brookings, GWU, Harvard MS, WHO…

The Trump administration is under fire after the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution to end rape

as a weapon of war on Tuesday that excluded any mention of sexual and reproductive health. The resolution was

gutted after the U.S. threatened to veto the measure altogether unless language referencing reproductive health

was taken out due to the Trump administration’s belief that the language was code for abortion. The watered-down

measure also weakened references to the International Criminal Court, making it harder for women and girls to

seek justice. We speak with Jessica Neuwirth, director of the Human Rights Program at Roosevelt House at Hunter

College and the director of the Sisterhood Is Global Institute. She sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

protesting the U.S. stance on the Security Council resolution. We also speak with Planned Parenthood President

Dr. Leana Wen.

d50ae8  No.6333570

File: 193245029dce151⋯.jpg (193.46 KB, 500x500, 1:1, wilcock.jpg)


Let us assend…after declas.

0b5900  No.6333571


What if cia makes movie of homo pedos stalker on the web and their vinyl clothes and acrobatic gun molesting and "Neo" libtard Bullshit and feelz and they stuck pikes in their head for "jacking on" to the baby flesh parade

e957ed  No.6333572

File: f29290a863a26ef⋯.png (2.41 MB, 1224x686, 612:343, Leana_Wen.png)

d46fcc  No.6333574

File: a7fba23cbf8703d⋯.gif (401.57 KB, 500x229, 500:229, mad.gif)

91bb4d  No.6333575


>hi ya rabbi. i've been reading your Talmud.

Well… I haven't. Does that make me a bad Rabbi?

Could you give me a short summary?

83a1ec  No.6333576

File: 4657e65e9297264⋯.jpg (28.86 KB, 430x303, 430:303, db.jpg)

Deutsche Bank Sees Flat Revenue – WSJ

Deutsche Bank AG disclosed a disappointing revenue outlook Friday, sending its stock lower and highlighting the difficult road ahead a day after merger talks with Commerzbank AG failed.

Last month the bank forecast a slight increase in 2019 revenues, but Friday lowered that to "essentially flat." Its shares fell more than 3% after the earnings release. Cost-cutting helped Deutsche Bank boost first-quarter profit despite continuing revenue declines.

The no-deal decision ending the talks with Commerzbank spurred a range of questions about Deutsche Bank's next moves, including a possible restructuring of its investment bank and potential deal aimed at expanding its asset-management arm.

On a conference call with analysts, executives were hammered with questions about their strategic alternatives, the likely timing, what kind of deal might appeal to them if Commerzbank didn't, and whether Deutsche Bank can rule out having to raise capital. The answer was mostly no answer.

The bank is trying to blunt the impact of those uncertainties. It pre-released some first-quarter numbers on Thursday, including the profit improvement, when it disclosed the end of merger talks. However, the prerelease didn't mention the lowered 2019 revenue forecast, making that a negative surprise on Friday.

Chief Executive Christian Sewing emphasized progress in cutting expenses and strengthening loan growth. The bank's separately listed DWS asset-management arm was a bright spot, beating analyst estimates for inflows and reversing last year's decline in assets under management.

Mr. Sewing told analysts that Deutsche Bank had seen a "major opportunity" in exploring a merger with Commerzbank and the talks were a useful self-examination even though they didn't lead to a deal. He promised Deutsche Bank will remain "globally relevant," and defended its strategic direction. "Our first order of business is that we have a plan against which we continue to deliver," he said.

Ratings agency Standard & Poor's on Friday said it expects Deutsche Bank to "remain under strain" until it takes "further strategic actions to achieve its longer-term objective of adequately covering its cost of capital." S&P said a merger would have posed risks, but so does Deutsche Bank's stand-alone strategy. It noted that analysts doubt the bank's ability to meet its 2019 target of a 4% return on tangible equity. S&P rates Deutsche Bank's long-term debt BBB+, the third-lowest investment-grade rating. Friday's note didn't constitute a ratings action.

First-quarter net income was EUR201 million euros ($224 million), a 67% increase from a year ago and better than consensus analysts' expectations. Revenue declined 9% overall, to EUR6.35 billion. Investment-bank revenues fell 13%, with sales and trading revenues down 18% in equities and 19% in fixed income.

Executives pointed out that the bank has purposely slimmed down its equities-trading unit, explaining some of the declines. Many banks reported double-digit declines in stock-trading revenues during a tough quarter for trading operations.

"Our first-quarter results demonstrate the strength of our franchise and our continued progress in executing our plans in a very challenging market environment," Mr. Sewing said in a statement.

Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank disclosed merger discussions in mid-March. On Thursday Deutsche Bank said the costs and complexity of the deal proved too daunting.

"After careful analysis, it became apparent that such a combination wouldn't be in the interests of either bank's shareholders or other stakeholders," the bank said.

Deutsche Bank on Friday said it lowered noninterest expenses 7% in the first quarter and boosted its market share in corporate finance and investment-grade debt origination. Its overall origination and advisory revenue declined 5% in the period. The global pool of fees banks earn from helping companies do deals and issue securities has shrunk.

Revenue in Deutsche Bank's global transaction banking business, which provides cash-management services to governments, companies and other clients and finances trade flow, were up 6%. That business is a focus of growth for the lender.


a8a9ee  No.6333577

File: c0e53fd3fe0b493⋯.png (527.24 KB, 1596x857, 1596:857, bbb.PNG)

GTMO842 returning

0b5900  No.6333578



That would all the homo pedo joos act like super weirdos in vinyl clothes and bad haircuts

With feelz

With tendies

With groped firearms

9643f5  No.6333579


Nah, not really entertaining. I filter their dumbasses almost every bread.

d46fcc  No.6333581


Pretty sure "cia" didn't make the movie which is why the Wachowsi brothers are now "sisters"…

c910e9  No.6333582


The thing is, that stuff only spreads among people who already are in the know, at least to some degree. It's great, but it isnt helping the mainstream. That is going to take a macrocosm, not many many microcosms.

201bbc  No.6333583

File: 579ffd608208d04⋯.png (54.43 KB, 952x1139, 56:67, ClipboardImage.png)

Mosque sues Connecticut city over denial of permit to move

MERIDEN, Conn. (AP) — A Connecticut mosque is alleging in a federal lawsuit that its First Amendment right to religious freedom was violated when a city denied its bid to move to a new location. The Record-Journal reports that the Omar Islamic Center filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court this month challenging the Meriden Planning Commission's March 13 unanimous vote to deny a special permit the mosque sought to relocate from Middletown to a much larger facility in Meriden.

Mosque sues Connecticut city over denial of permit to move

Updated 4:15 pm EDT, Friday, April 26, 2019

MERIDEN, Conn. (AP) — A Connecticut mosque is alleging in a federal lawsuit that its First Amendment right to religious freedom was violated when a city denied its bid to move to a new location.

The Record-Journal reports that the Omar Islamic Center filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court this month challenging the Meriden Planning Commission's March 13 unanimous vote to deny a special permit the mosque sought to relocate from Middletown to a much larger facility in Meriden.

Recommended Video

The lawsuit alleges the Planning Commission "deprived the center of its right to the free exercise of religion." Among the reasons for the denial, the commission said the area where the mosque wanted to move was zoned for industrial, office and commercial use. Michael Quinn, a city attorney, declined to comment on the lawsuit.


Note: According to bizapedia this organization has only been in operation for 1 year in this area.

e56529  No.6333585

>>6332319 pb

You seem confused about Talking Stick Resort. 1. The "Stick" is singular.

2. TSR is owned by the Pima Indian Tribe (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talking_Stick_Resort).

3. The only connection between Talking Stick and Congruity I can see is that Congruity developed the website for The Pavillions at Talking Stick. TPATS is a shopping center, also on Pima Indian land, formerly known as just The Pavillions. They added "at Talking Stick" after the nearby resort/casino was built.

What sauce do you have for something strange going on at TSR?


39910b  No.6333587

File: dfe3f3c5a3347d3⋯.jpg (46.48 KB, 460x286, 230:143, daesh bank.jpg)


what enquiring minds REALLY want to know:

did they give 18,000,000,000 of their $ to a non-profit NGO yet

d46fcc  No.6333588


>bad haircuts

Speak for yourself Marie.

331983  No.6333589


…should be a short hop to MH-17…

1d46e5  No.6333590

File: 60eacfb47b3c593⋯.jpg (461.39 KB, 1370x2055, 2:3, 1556378177554.jpg)

I found this to be an interesting read.

Small business owner argues that sex does not equal gender identity to the SC.


5569a6  No.6333591


Strange how government and Q for that matter ,work

Notice it takes a year to be charged?

Last years Q posts are just now happening so it seems that anything covered up TODAY won't come out until 1 year later.

0b5900  No.6333592


We could even squeeze in biblical reference for the homo pedo joos movie so the cia can commit more idolatry for pedo gold and cooooooocaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiine

4ed248  No.6333593



c910e9  No.6333595



Not trying to make you mad, just stating facts. Referring me to your insane, asinine posts has not the effect you seek, but definitely reinforces my statements.

0b5900  No.6333596


Don't go there

34b2a7  No.6333598

File: fe04bdada404860⋯.jpg (136.89 KB, 450x295, 90:59, Capture22.JPG)


Speaking of Arizona, it looks like Penis-Head is thinking of running for the US Senate. So he's an astronaut, and maybe a good guy in some respects, but he's teaming up with the Democrats to help destroy this country.

7369af  No.6333599

Today, important. Trump rally. Patriots going to the rally, please broadcast about Juluan Assange. Don't assume he is protected. We'r need to meme, and paired posters at the rally if you can get to it at this late notice. God bless you Patriots and God bless President Donald J. Trump.


22af69  No.6333600

File: ce28ebfd14b0cbb⋯.jpg (1.84 MB, 7013x1569, 7013:1569, D4te4wIX4AAsLBD - Copy - C….jpg)

File: 47dc9aca49e3502⋯.jpg (138.34 KB, 1200x1051, 1200:1051, DTYiu_pV4AEAdy4.jpg)


a great day. never forget.

transfer (ethnic cleansing) is not a dirty word.

828060  No.6333601


Children killed during Sri Lanka gunbattle between troops and Islamist militants

SAINTHAMARUTHU/COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (Reuters) - As darkness fell in Sainthamaruthu village on Sri Lanka’s east coast on Friday, troops and police prepared to storm a concrete shack that local residents had told them was a safe house for a band of Islamist militants.

It was five days after suicide bomb blasts that killed more than 250 people and stunned a country that few expected to be a target of Islamist attacks. Many of the dead in Sunday’s attacks were killed in Batticaloa, a town about 28 miles (46 km) north of Sainthamaruthu.

On Friday evening, as the troops approached the house - a one-storey building on a narrow lane opposite an open drain - three explosions went off and they opened fire on the suspects holed up inside, according to the military.

The wife and a daughter of the suspected mastermind of the suicide attacks, Mohamed Hashim Mohamed Zahran, were wounded in the ensuing gunbattle, police and his sister said on Saturday.

Nearly 10,000 soldiers have been deployed across the island to carry out searches since the Easter Day attacks on three churches and four hotels, most of which were in the capital Colombo. Security forces have detained 100 people, including foreigners from Syria and Egypt.

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the bombings on the Buddhist-majority country, which would be one of the worst attacks carried out by the group outside Iraq and Syria.

The Friday night shootout in the Muslim-dominated district of Ampara followed warnings from authorities that there were still militants at large plotting further strikes. The militants hiding there were suspected members of a domestic Islamist group, National Thawheedh Jamaath, the military said.

The gunbattle ended before dawn, and as troops moved in on the ruined house they found the bodies of 15 people, including six children and three suspected suicide bombers, a military spokesman said.


c910e9  No.6333603


Ha! Its more sad than anything, I guess. Crazy never recognizes itself as crazy, even though it is painfully obvious to everyone else

7706d6  No.6333604


It will happen only if the Clowns in America are abolished and people get sent to prison for the many crimes they have committed.

A new intelligence gathering organization run by patriots with ethics is needed. The Clown agency has been waaaaaay out of control for decades. Previous presidents were afraid ot it. JFK was the exception, and they killed him.

Hopefully, Jared Kushner realizes that they are the reason why his upcoming peace talks in the ME will fail—just like all others before it.

9a4625  No.6333605

Think Trump will stick with MAGA or move to KAG?

9642be  No.6333606


NASA liar teams up with other liars

0b5900  No.6333607


Maybe cia pedo homo joos fly around in a colonoscopy camera called the nebbercadnezzer and have queer bromance for oatmeal privledges and vinyl clothes and play download pron at each other

b9d63b  No.6333609

>>6333177 (PB)

Or I can come get you.

Anything for You.

c01c26  No.6333610

File: c6ee10284d23cc8⋯.jpeg (110.07 KB, 1020x636, 85:53, 1554832832.jpeg)

29f5e2  No.6333611

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


if you could see what I'm imagining you'd change your mind. I know a lot about film editing and how to condense information - simplify - and make it viral. Like this video - why did it spread like wildfire? (original video had many more zero's to view count) Because it's to the point, well made and awesome.

7d516e  No.6333612

File: 533151d814ac4f7⋯.png (170.91 KB, 657x527, 657:527, spesial ops.png)


Guten Morgen Bäcker

backup baker lurking


d50ae8  No.6333613

File: 4ec4439aa7f2a87⋯.jpg (26.1 KB, 1041x319, 1041:319, nasas-twin-astronauts-sco-….jpg)

d22560  No.6333614

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here’s your short summary faggot. Main global conflict for last 2000 years explained here


798eb1  No.6333615

File: 7ccd89edbfe7094⋯.jpg (219.21 KB, 702x910, 27:35, TrustthePlanWWG1WGA.jpg)


Same here.

d46fcc  No.6333617

Sneaky (((JEWS))) mind controlled my family member who was watching The Matrix and made them stop watching. That's why Marie (aka jewbot) suddenly started talking about it.

Sneaky-sneaky (((JEWS)))

5c394a  No.6333618


He's right though.

It's either that or slow genocide.

e52e73  No.6333619

File: ba6ec78e025fd87⋯.png (172.09 KB, 585x305, 117:61, Biden-IRAN.png)

Joe Biden shortly after 9/11 when he was the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.


At the Tuesday-morning meeting with committee staffers, Biden launches into a stream-of-consciousness monologue about what his committee should be doing, before he finally admits the obvious: "I'm groping here."

Then he hits on an idea: America needs to show the Arab world that we're not bent on its destruction. "Seems to me this would be a good time to send, no strings attached, a check for $200 million to Iran," Biden declares.

d0bea8  No.6333620

>>6331469 Hussein defends Goldman Sachs' bid to include Derivatives in free trade w/Europe


This line needs removed from the Notables

This is an article from 09/2014.

In this case, 5 year old barry bullshit is NOT notable.

I'm guessing some troll took advantage of an E baker with no help.

5ccd83  No.6333621


I presume that’s not the face she had on when she pulled a fast one. Probably more like a superior smirk.

Not kekking now Your Judgeness.

701b86  No.6333622

File: cd77fe54f02ca2d⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190424-180406.png)

File: cba44331ef11bc7⋯.png (578.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190422-120630.png)

File: 9c5328343601a9a⋯.png (760.64 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190427-111642.png)

File: 777e4acfb8360a1⋯.png (672.31 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190427-104428.png)

File: dccff925cb8b191⋯.jpg (106.55 KB, 750x563, 750:563, download (6).jpg)

0b5900  No.6333623


We should make it "heroine-esque" for bush family opium wars marketing

cd8427  No.6333624


Yeah, if you don't want to have problems in the real world, hide your support. Your friends, family, and clients are all mental and you'd best treat them like a loaded gun.

e11047  No.6333625

Mueller conflicts

Lawyers entering government are not required to publicly disclose the identities of clients they did confidential legal work for, but they are required to disclose whether they did such work. Mueller did not report any confidential clients in the past two years.

Some critics have suggested Mueller's work at WilmerHale represents a conflict with the Trump probe because the president's daughter Ivanka, his son-in-law Jared Kushner and former campaign manager Paul Manafort are all clients of the firm. However, a top partner at the firm said Mueller never did any work for those individuals. They are not listed as clients on the newly-filed form.

Financial disclosures were also released Tuesday for some lawyers Mueller has hired.

Aaron Zebley, Mueller’s former FBI chief of staff, left a $1.4 million-a-year job as a partner at WilmerHale to join the special counsel investigation. According to his disclosure, Zebley represented a range of corporate clients that included the NFL, Sony, Walt Disney Co., Apple, Citibank, Facebook, Booz Allen Hamilton, Levi Strauss, Pepsi and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts. He also reported $10,000 in income in 2016 for writing Mueller’s speeches.

Zebley listed three confidential clients who can’t be named because they are part of an investigation or a grand jury proceeding that isn’t public.

Another former WilmerHale partner who joined Mueller's office, Jeannie Rhee, has been the focus of critics who contend that her legal work for the Clinton Foundation creates a conflict of interest. The foundation is listed as a client on her disclosure form.

Her form and the others that were just made public contain a notation from top Justice Department ethics official Cynthia Shaw: "No apparent conflicts of interest."


9eb947  No.6333626


most definitely

cde79b  No.6333627

File: eab0adfcbaccdc2⋯.jpg (829.06 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Bless-this-Bread-QofChange.jpg)

File: 4a0e887775bc67f⋯.jpg (355.51 KB, 600x833, 600:833, Fresh-Bread-TYBaker.jpg)

File: 0a03a52456275c0⋯.jpg (737.36 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Trust-QofChange.jpg)


Thank you, Baker.

78e3ab  No.6333628


you are so self important.

the mistake is in taking you seriously.

f272a6  No.6333629



At one point in my life

I had respect for the


For all you kiddies out there



Soros and any fucker that

has taken his cash get the


6ff9d4  No.6333630

File: 21bc353ae7c4214⋯.png (242.13 KB, 642x636, 107:106, 555.PNG)


A shill posting about a pedo attacking the king of pedos.

The purge is upon us

cb7e94  No.6333631

John McCain code name Phoenix, Cindy McCain is Parasol. A parasol is an umbrella. Lots of Q talk about umbrella.


0b5900  No.6333632


Maybe they can zap polops from their colonoscopy camera

91bb4d  No.6333634

File: 9f826d4a7d9eaf4⋯.png (121.84 KB, 230x345, 2:3, LonePepe.png)

File: 0f2367ddd9696cd⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1192x645, 1192:645, FreedomForPatriots.png)

9642be  No.6333635


cadfda  No.6333637


Backup baker lurking/phonefagging

Be back at the main rig in about an hour if you need a handoff fren

797c88  No.6333638

File: df43af05f08cfe2⋯.jpg (589.27 KB, 1440x720, 2:1, Julian Assange Prayer Meme….jpg)

File: d251eac7c964cef⋯.jpg (516.44 KB, 1440x720, 2:1, President Trump Prayer Mem….jpg)

File: 809e489238fec58⋯.jpg (76.71 KB, 616x894, 308:447, God Bless America Flag.jpg)

828060  No.6333639


Ukraine Tapped By Obama Admin To Hurt Trump, Help Clinton And Protect Bidens

In January, 2016, the Obama White House summoned Ukrainian authorities to Washington to discuss several ongoing matters under the guise of coordinating "anti-corruption efforts," reports The Hill's John Solomon.

The January 2016 gathering, confirmed by multiple participants and contemporaneous memos, brought some of Ukraine’s top corruption prosecutors and investigators face to face with members of former President Obama’s National Security Council (NSC), FBI, State Department and Department of Justice (DOJ).

The agenda suggested the purpose was training and coordination. But Ukrainian participants said it didn’t take long — during the meetings and afterward — to realize the Americans’ objectives included two politically hot investigations: one that touched Vice President Joe Biden’s family and one that involved a lobbying firm linked closely to then-candidate Trump. -The Hill

The Obama officials - likely knowing that lobbyist Paul Manafort was about to join President Trump's campaign soon (he joined that March), were interested in reviving a closed investigation into payments to US figures from Ukraine's pro-Russia Party of Regions - which both Paul Manafort and Tony Podesta did unregistered work for, according to former Ukrainian Embassy political officer Andrii Telizhenko.


39910b  No.6333640

File: 12346c67d3af9ce⋯.jpeg (43.59 KB, 512x288, 16:9, pumpkin barf.jpeg)

to infinity and beyond


91bb4d  No.6333641

File: 65fc2fefb793d7c⋯.png (818.46 KB, 1920x819, 640:273, filterEveryone.png)

9642be  No.6333642

another one filtered

0b5900  No.6333644


We should make the negro cock joo Fag actor make deliberate debates of pharmaceuticals and self worth for a gothis pedo joos bromance understory on the colonoscopy camera

9642be  No.6333645

filtered again

d50ae8  No.6333646

File: 2f91db8a84b14a6⋯.jpg (102.49 KB, 847x640, 847:640, eatingtheirown.jpg)

39910b  No.6333648


you are next MOS POS

566a34  No.6333650

File: 672d84f249a7d2e⋯.jpg (90.12 KB, 954x960, 159:160, FB_IMG_1556378880291.jpg)

New ink to honor POTUS

a36a89  No.6333651


Excellent pepe's

83a1ec  No.6333652

File: 3cf846361aac096⋯.jpg (28.28 KB, 474x281, 474:281, DB Fire Kit.jpg)

File: 1801f3a67e6c114⋯.jpg (114.71 KB, 500x751, 500:751, lb gods work.jpg)


when they do something with that shit-pile we may find out. This piggy needed to go down 12 year's ago.


baker's cannot edit pb's and it does not have to be current for it to be a notable.

nice try though

9eb947  No.6333653


will do

will likely rename the notable

not good juju to do anything to another baker notes

baking is mostly Q and Q decodes imho

the rest is at the leisure of bakers

muh notables is likely why we are short of bakers and dont get the handoffs we want in a timely manner

9642be  No.6333654



1d47b2  No.6333656


The only thing Wilcock was ever right about was that he'd get your money.

253e2f  No.6333657


Them titties would be perfect. Anything else after that would be boring. Spoil all the fun. Q got more street smarts than that.

0b5900  No.6333658


Maybe they are stalking comms with Apple software for the "valley of eve" the n the AppStore

798eb1  No.6333659

File: 1f54790aae4bb48⋯.jpg (96.88 KB, 474x578, 237:289, GreatAwakeningSoon.jpg)

File: f31d69593aa1e5f⋯.jpg (176.94 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening303.jpg)

File: fbc42e96257ce36⋯.jpg (300.68 KB, 740x675, 148:135, ObamaGreatAwak.jpg)

6ff9d4  No.6333660


nah ah!

c910e9  No.6333662



But where did it spread? I guarantee fewer than 3% of the people at the company of 55K folks where I work know who Seth rich was

9eb947  No.6333663


ill take a handoff nb A4 senpai

0b5900  No.6333664


Take pills neo-libtard so we know you homo pedo joo like teh negro

cde79b  No.6333666

File: 0d3ce12b2b52eb9⋯.jpg (150.58 KB, 520x347, 520:347, Ready-to-See-2.jpg)

File: 00b49516075f931⋯.jpg (779.05 KB, 1591x934, 1591:934, It's-Time-HisSword.jpg)

File: 64bebe3b683566d⋯.jpg (890.09 KB, 1000x1331, 1000:1331, Queen-of-Glory.jpg)

File: 2c2fb777d271d43⋯.jpg (743.08 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Reclaim-Earth-QofChange.jpg)

File: f018294ba9223c0⋯.jpg (310.26 KB, 600x833, 600:833, Amen-Earth-Angel.jpg)

>>6333332 lb


Heavenly Father,

Please pour out Your Grace Upon this Planet.

Your People have suffered in separation from your Infinite Love for too long, Father.

We have been parched in the desert. We have been blinded in the dark.

Please Make It Rain today. Please Open Our Eyes. We KNOW You love us. We ask this Holy Day that Love be unleashed throughout our Whole World. Through every Heart and Every Soul. Holy Fire & Holy Water to make our beautiful world anew.

Please, Lord. We want to LIVE! We want to CREATE! We want to CONNECT!

We pray to be liberated from all the enemy's lies'. We pray to have our Hearts healed - and our families, our communities, our nations, our planet, all restored to Glory..




Dear Lord, please bring the Glory of God down onto Earth in a way that it has never been seen before.

In Yeshua's Holy Name we pray, for us and FOR ALL OUR PRECIOUS FUTURE GENERATIONS.


<3 I Love You All!

69d0d7  No.6333668

File: ebe9b2eeace5c1f⋯.jpeg (246.88 KB, 1213x1116, 1213:1116, 643E90DA-44CE-41B5-A051-7….jpeg)

Anyone Looking For A “D”

d22560  No.6333669


The jews, without fail, have historically been at conflict with all of their nonjewish neighbors… which is why they didnt have a nation state in 2000 years. It’s parasitic.

f9ea0d  No.6333670

I don’t have dreams that I can recall that often.

Last night I did.

In the dream, I was watching an interview with POTUS. It was in a big venue, almost a rally environment. The question was asked.

Get ready for the big stage Anons.

Enter stage right.

0b5900  No.6333671


Yay toilet golf

4ed248  No.6333672


Informative graphics. Ganked.

26791d  No.6333673

File: 70feec0959beb88⋯.jpg (186.9 KB, 1410x795, 94:53, When Fools Speak.JPG)

After years of lies……..credibility gone forever.

798eb1  No.6333674

9eb947  No.6333675


>>6331469, re: >>6331430 from 2014 Hussein defends Goldman Sachs' bid to include Derivatives in free trade w/Europe

39910b  No.6333677


"did you properly dispose of your opioids?'

"nah, i only got $5 apiece."

bb5882  No.6333678


the serendipitous assignment of the 'hextuple 3s' lending emphasis on the post above

kek speaks

d0f840  No.6333679


>i've been reading your Talmud

yea sure

now fuck off

701b86  No.6333680

File: 9f525c217d23f9a⋯.png (889.67 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190421-114706.png)

File: c78c28ab0e4e14b⋯.jpg (53.18 KB, 1278x720, 71:40, donate american red cross_….jpg)

File: 9ff68dffdec1c48⋯.png (1013.46 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190421-164513.png)

File: 91c1ec0c501a773⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190426-175916.png)

File: 041c0e8ba1767bc⋯.jpg (102.68 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 500_F_110757230_npMlPNXVIh….jpg)

Sparrow Red

2bf6a8  No.6333681


If not humans than


Fuck off IDIOT

d50ae8  No.6333683

File: 131ad1c30bcf9db⋯.jpg (25.9 KB, 640x360, 16:9, tick.jpg)

78e3ab  No.6333684


you jump the shark with this post.

dreams are not premonitions.

c63df5  No.6333685

File: 1a45e30eeb0bf87⋯.png (15.41 KB, 438x266, 219:133, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 61391ecf29325c5⋯.png (489.93 KB, 498x648, 83:108, ClipboardImage.png)

Case Study - Used Race Politics to Further Oppress those they were Freeing/Empowering - South Africa

Perpetual Slaves of the Elitist Corrupt NWO

Remember the 'Apartheid Movement' that swept US Universities in the '80s = they were building the model for now. They trapped a generation of mindless drones and trained them to not analyze and think, using Racial Politics.


c910e9  No.6333687


The same part of my brain that recognized the untruths all my life is what recognized the truth of Q when I saw it. It was almost instantaneous, and a huge weight lifted. I don't talk to people about it much. I just wait and watch, and am grateful that Q posts clue me in on what I'm seeing.

8dd408  No.6333688

File: 23a56e9f7454325⋯.jpg (59.28 KB, 500x615, 100:123, NameFags.jpg)

File: 3b112b1f2f1a69c⋯.png (965.74 KB, 1067x1075, 1067:1075, Roids_1.png)

cadfda  No.6333689


You bout to make a nigga have to take rolaids. Hes a Nasatranaut and therefore might be a good guy??


Penis head is right anon. You cant possibly be more full of shit than this greenscreen faggoteer.

AZ's gonna be fun place to dig for us derpy detective anons…

9a4625  No.6333690


Please tell this to Praying Medic

9642be  No.6333691

How bout an option that automatically

filters any ID with more than 15 posts

or more than 2 images?

Nah…that would make the board to easy to read

0d22c2  No.6333692


you are not alone in those sentiments

798eb1  No.6333693

File: 82ec9e51d2c09d6⋯.jpg (111.56 KB, 655x800, 131:160, HappeningGreatAwakening.jpg)

File: 36bc76f39191bc7⋯.jpg (17.54 KB, 306x390, 51:65, rogers_happening.jpg)

File: 925724d0632deac⋯.jpg (93.85 KB, 657x527, 657:527, HappyVibes.jpg)

File: d42680f4503082c⋯.jpg (191.26 KB, 600x809, 600:809, Q:HappyHunting.jpg)

File: 684ed241e7f3960⋯.jpg (80.96 KB, 888x499, 888:499, happening.jpg)

331983  No.6333694


…'no, I put'em in a pepper grinder…'

8ec109  No.6333695



39910b  No.6333696


the new D platform:

"Vote for me, my wife got shot."

b9d63b  No.6333697


This has a ring to it. Capped Anon.

Let's see.

91bb4d  No.6333698


>If not humans then WHAT???

Beep boop.

Shills will try and convince you that 90% of this board is A.I.

Boop Beep.

29f5e2  No.6333699


meh, I used to have a lot of tools and I don't anymore - I'm a little nostalgic I suppose.

Still, there are countless topics that have not even crappy videos made about them let alone well produced ones. The tech monopoly against us is a serious problem - but execution is also a problem - not that I want to demean efforts I'm only reflecting on a lack of focus which given the quantity of autists in our movement - it's not really a surprise.

Still, we need to do something about it eventually, might as well sooner rather than later


mostly it spread through places like ZeroHedge I think linking to it - obviously youtube didn't do much and word of mouth here did a little. But that's not really my point - my point is it did actually make a dent - a tiny one but I noticed it and it was because it was well made - something that very few are - it was a diamond in the rough o autistic rants - I haven't seen ANYTHING like it since - had more been made more dents would have been made - perhaps leading to real penetration and progress

5c394a  No.6333701


>So if anons found out

That's not the point. Femanons are 110% welcome, no exposure required. It's when someone presents her opinion as that of a woman that anons object. We're not misogynists. Quite the opposite. We're radically egalitarian.

cde79b  No.6333704

File: ce961e3187beb8f⋯.jpg (341.23 KB, 600x979, 600:979, The-Source-Opens-Sky.jpg)


We WILL come back from the brink, Humanity!

We WILL create a better world than this!

We are so much better than we believe. We are the BEST!

And, with God, we can make the Impossible Possible.


0d22c2  No.6333705


in a fake shooting

except for the one real victim, Judge Roll

d22560  No.6333706


amen. Dub trips confirm.

9eb947  No.6333709

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


2nd postition


1st position

note to fam,

if we have backup bakers lurking

lets float handoffs after baking two breads

also, if you are up to it, try and recruit new bakers to bake with you or for you today

798eb1  No.6333711

File: 0478d2a1304e4f2⋯.jpg (321.8 KB, 768x768, 1:1, ChosenQResearch.jpg)

File: 7632cfcdaf893e9⋯.jpg (182 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, PepeChosenProtectComfort.jpg)

File: 1c43b70d7e927d1⋯.jpg (433.66 KB, 1200x803, 1200:803, classified intelligence yo….jpg)


Anons were chosen for a reason.

Many were led here due to specific characteristics they had.

We are here to help midwife the arrival of the Great Awakening.

8f7184  No.6333712


sounds about right

8dd408  No.6333713

File: 116b9a3536c47da⋯.jpeg (10.15 KB, 255x252, 85:84, 9d35b9a25eb51c5eee97ac036….jpeg)

Judge Garbage Can.

608c36  No.6333714


It's almost as if those who want control don't care who they control as long as they have control. Evil doesn't care what color you are.

16f8fd  No.6333715


In this dream, did you get healed for a small fee?

f272a6  No.6333716

File: 7312c0a3073d711⋯.jpg (15.27 KB, 500x511, 500:511, 7312c0a3073d711707145b9367….jpg)



I literally spit out

my orange drank

You glorious bastard

a5a8cf  No.6333718

File: c7d453af1c025a3⋯.png (5.15 MB, 1500x1778, 750:889, ClipboardImage.png)

0d22c2  No.6333719


>We are here to help midwife the arrival of the Great Awakening


now I have to go boil water

and cut up some bedsheets


2ca78a  No.6333720



Meanwhile, the US and its European allies impose sanctions and dictate terms to Russia and its proteges in Kiev, encouraging the military crackdown on protesters after visits from Joe Biden and the CIA director, John Brennan. But by what right is the US involved at all, incorporating under its strategic umbrella a state that has never been a member of Nato, and whose last elected government came to power on a platform of explicit neutrality? It has none, of course – which is why the Ukraine crisis is seen in such a different light across most of the world. There may be few global takers for Putin's oligarchic conservatism and nationalism, but Russia's counterweight to US imperial expansion is welcomed, from China to Brazil.

In fact, one outcome of the crisis is likely to be a closer alliance between China and Russia, as the US continues its anti-Chinese "pivot" to Asia. And despite growing violence, the cost in lives of Russia's arms-length involvement in Ukraine has so far been minimal compared with any significant western intervention you care to think of for decades.

The risk of civil war is nevertheless growing, and with it the chances of outside powers being drawn into the conflict. Barack Obama has already sent token forces to eastern Europe and is under pressure, both from Republicans and Nato hawks such as Poland, to send many more. Both US and British troops are due to take part in Nato military exercises in Ukraine this summer.

The US and EU have already overplayed their hand in Ukraine. Neither Russia nor the western powers may want to intervene directly, and the Ukrainian prime minister's conjuring up of a third world war presumably isn't authorised by his Washington sponsors. But a century after 1914, the risk of unintended consequences should be obvious enough – as the threat of a return of big-power conflict grows. Pressure for a negotiated end to the crisis is essential.


The emails, however, depict a desperate search by Breedlove to build his case for escalating the conflict, contacting colleagues and friends for intelligence to illustrate the Russian threat. Karber, who visited Ukrainian politicians and officials in Kiev on several occasions, sent frequent messages to Breedlove — “per your request,” he noted — regarding information he had received about separatist military forces and Russian troop movements. In several updates, Breedlove received military data sourced from Twitter and social media.

Karber, the president of the Potomac Foundation, became the center of a related scandal last year when it was discovered that he had facilitated a meeting during which images of purported Russian forces in Ukraine were distributed to the office of Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., and were published by a neoconservative blog. The pictures turned out to be a deception; one supposed picture of Russian tanks in Ukraine was, in fact, an old photograph of Russian tanks in Ossetia during the war with Georgia.

Breedlove stayed in close contact with Karber and other officials who shared his views on the Ukrainian conflict.

“Phil, can’t we get a statement to counteract the Russians on use of force? what can I do to help? If the Ukrainians lose control of the narrative, the Russians will see it as an open door,” wrote retired Gen. Wesley Clark, who forwarded on his messages with Victoria Nuland, the assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs. He also passed along concerns from the Bulgarian president that Bulgaria might be Russia’s next target.

In other messages, Clark relayed specific requests for the types of military aid desired by Ukrainian officials. In addition to radar systems and other forms of military equipment, Clark recommended that Breedlove “encourage Ukraine to hire some first rate pr firms and crisis communications firms in U.S. and Europe.” He added, “They need the right tools to engage in information warfare.”

Ukraine did hire several D.C. lobbying and communication firms to influence policymakers. In June 2015, the government signed a deal with APCO Worldwide, an influential firm with ties to senior Democratic and Republican officials.

In an email in February 2015, Karber told Breedlove that “Pakistan has, under the table, offered Ukraine 500 TOW-II launchers (man-portable version) and 8,000 TOW-II missiles,” adding that deliveries of the anti-tank weapons could begin by the end of the month. “However,” Karber wrote, “Pakistan will not make these deliveries without U.S. approval; moreover they will not even request that approval unless they have informal assurance that it would be approved.”

these emails appear to have gone "poof"


78e3ab  No.6333722


they can be, but they aren't always.

tell Praying Medic yourself.

you would know, for sure, if the dream were an omen after the fact. but you can't say it is until you get evidence that is so.

for someone who never has dreams to imagine that one dream is a premonition seems far fetched to me.

and after I posted my terse thought I said 'gee, sometimes dreams are premonitions'.

but here is the point: you can't expect other people to believe it on your word alone.

someone like praying Medic has a reputation. People are upset that he does 'healing calls' for a fee.

he's not fame fagging here, nor is he selling it here.

people get their insurance to pay to go to quack psycologists, and doctors that offer a fake cure for small ailments. And yet if a guy does a 'call back' service he's trashed here? why?

It's not fair.

you tell him yourself if you have something to say to him. I'd be much more respectful of him.

7d516e  No.6333723

File: 9ad35c352685bfa⋯.jpg (23.41 KB, 392x331, 392:331, hence.jpg)



d39747  No.6333724

File: 34c379c58610787⋯.jpg (246.34 KB, 907x607, 907:607, GreatEnergy (1).jpg)

Rally is gonna be jumpin' tonight. You WisCANsin people better BRING IT.

b9d63b  No.6333725


So what do we have going, a letter search with the C and O??

c63df5  No.6333726


Exactly Anon

39910b  No.6333727

File: b8aec714ca1d44e⋯.jpg (6.52 KB, 259x194, 259:194, marge-up.jpg)


you used the make-up gun, huh

8ec109  No.6333728



6 Mar 2019 - 9:34:41 PM

















e957ed  No.6333729

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6ff9d4  No.6333730


I watched a video of the Talmud:)

Interesting thing is the guy said that the Talmud in its entirety delivers the same message that Jesus did. Why not Just accept Jesus then? don't get it at all:)

c910e9  No.6333731


Agreed. The weird and twisty way I found my way here is still mystifying to me. But here i am all these months later, and have never doubted since my arrival. Not for a moment

9642be  No.6333733


Don't tell us what to do

798eb1  No.6333734

File: bf9483b7a842f86⋯.jpg (238.49 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Truth_Avalanche_1024_512.jpg)


Here is the Truth Avalanche verse that an anon composed about recognizing the truth of Q.



by Anons

Excited, we heard him

At first we were few

The truth in his posts

Unmistakable Q

A chorus of whispers

Momentum advance

Unstoppable force

Of a truth avalanche!

Thus united, inspired,

The small now stand tall

As we repeat Q's great chorus:

Where we go one, we go all!


e0b543  No.6333736

File: 7291a6ebfd5d905⋯.jpg (16.84 KB, 360x342, 20:19, CJB7.JPG)

83a1ec  No.6333737

File: 3317dbd56500fbf⋯.jpeg (9.26 KB, 254x252, 127:126, napolitano.jpeg)

c63df5  No.6333738


The art is good, the message is true

0d22c2  No.6333740

File: 14d131672f8694b⋯.png (137.74 KB, 299x169, 23:13, ClipboardImage.png)


imagine being this guy


536602  No.6333741

File: ff2c581042d28e0⋯.png (4 MB, 1009x4783, 1009:4783, Hundreds of migrants board….png)

File: aeeed97c86f2564⋯.png (120.02 KB, 1321x333, 1321:333, Lordstown Trump JFK.png)

File: 8cbec0621409076⋯.png (146.67 KB, 1296x528, 27:11, Lordstown 4 tweets Trump T….png)

File: c3d2a5945e1eaa9⋯.png (144.2 KB, 1012x712, 253:178, 138 Day Numbers for 2019 2….png)

I've read this twice, and I could venture a few different avenues of interpretation. What I do know is that the important message is not the surface message for mass public consumption.

One interpretation is none too pleasant. It's 4-27 ("For JFK", J10+F6+K11=27) and FOX's (F=6,O=6,X=6, BTW) Headline story is about "The Beast."

Any Christian following Q who's even half way familiar with the Book of Revelation has had JFK's "head wound" somewhere in the back of their head and his 666 delegate-count at the 1960 DNC Convention. And there's a LOT more than that. 35th president? That's "three 5's." J(10th)K(11th) is "111" without zeros? That's 555+111=666.

Then there's the "Lordstown" Ohio Chevy CRUZE car plant closing announcement on 11-26 (1112…JK2) and then closing 3-6 (666) and the United Auto Workers Union number there is UAW Local #1112 (JK2)…"Lordstown"? Cruze? Like Nicholas Cruz who killed 17 at Parkland? Like Parkland Hospital where JFK was transported in Dallas? Cruz like Ted Cruz's dad allegedly involved? Union leader at the "Lordstown" Chevy CRUZE plant's name is "Green." Where have I head that name before? Pilot. Kennedy is an Irish name. Green? March 17th celebrates the the Irish and WH had a green fountain. POTUS tweeted about the "Lordstown" GM plant TWICE by name on March 17th and once both the day prior and after…at "very JFK" times…but that's not unusual.

Anyway…weird stuff. Anyone shed some light? Or is there only darkness down this path?

c910e9  No.6333742


Dirty, dirty bird

9a4625  No.6333743


It's just that every dream is a "vision from Goooood!" if you listen to him talk about it.

Considering his relationship with MAGA Glowalition, it wouldn't surprise me if he's doing his schtick to make Q look like some sort of pseudo-religious tardery.

It's just AOC level "too dumb to be real", sometimes.

39910b  No.6333744


the Abrahamic religions are like a box of Ne0-politan ice cream:

same shit, 3 flavors

b9d63b  No.6333745

File: a07a49e9476e036⋯.png (609.76 KB, 583x870, 583:870, 32e1712e24f499a11e1a4d2575….png)





c910e9  No.6333752


I'll grant you that, I see your point now

701b86  No.6333754

File: de59fd7241b6436⋯.jpg (281.29 KB, 750x1264, 375:632, download (4).jpg)

File: 970ca49ebd91e29⋯.png (524.27 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190427-113627.png)

File: 7480e0ffb46d3f8⋯.png (365.33 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190426-215049.png)

File: 01012ef5ad0b405⋯.jpg (22.74 KB, 220x261, 220:261, 220px-Liberty_Bell_2008.jpg)

File: a2689303d619940⋯.jpg (40.31 KB, 600x410, 60:41, startoon.jpg)

1a7e54  No.6333755

File: a0eb445a6e0af65⋯.jpg (152.03 KB, 540x675, 4:5, 5c9ce14c-3fee-4434-9095-28….jpg)

File: 14c4bba200bfca3⋯.gif (658.51 KB, 500x226, 250:113, b675edc9-a124-4983-bb82-02….gif)

39910b  No.6333756



low IQ. typical.

e957ed  No.6333757

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d39747  No.6333758

File: 0abb622653278dc⋯.gif (1.48 MB, 325x325, 1:1, DO_IT.gif)

a14f95  No.6333759

File: 06d509c4f0ac5b3⋯.jpg (31.05 KB, 405x608, 405:608, Merkel_image.jpg)

Hey Marketanon, goldanon or moneyanon….I have

an IRA and wondering if moving some or all into

a Gold IRA is advisable? I finding it hard to

determine the different charges each make. If

you recommend this, is there Gold IRAs you could


Thanks and Here's some old boobs.

536602  No.6333760

File: f96bb9ed1f8b3bb⋯.png (46.29 KB, 782x129, 782:129, Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at ….png)



Is Judge Napolitano possibly playing this role? pic related

c910e9  No.6333762



Yeah you're right. The only thing he does here is send people to promote the videos he makes using the work of anons. Stellar guy

cde79b  No.6333765


> We're radically egalitarian.

In a world gone mad with identity politics, it's such a relief to actually get judged simply on the merits of your ideas and contributions.

This really is the ultimate meritocracy.

Feels like freedom to me.

e957ed  No.6333769

File: e209100d28341e4⋯.mp4 (1.89 MB, 640x360, 16:9, JoeDigenova_OnFire.mp4)

3fb19b  No.6333771

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Project Veritas Giving the MOCKINGBIDRS a What's Fer!


bb5882  No.6333772

File: 990293808ecccf4⋯.png (240.72 KB, 778x778, 1:1, twainWhoRunsTheWorld.png)

a5a8cf  No.6333773

File: 8073697c9829888⋯.png (1.44 MB, 900x800, 9:8, ClipboardImage.png)

c63df5  No.6333774

File: 6adc5a3d784d534⋯.png (14.45 KB, 432x236, 108:59, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a5b395225b05af7⋯.png (625.6 KB, 440x837, 440:837, ClipboardImage.png)

WTF category of life

This is why the Evil is Strong in the world = People are just Mouth Breathing Stupid (MBS)


9eb947  No.6333775

File: 073be6ed95d31c8⋯.png (540.63 KB, 699x499, 699:499, dacA.PNG)



thats why i capped it

good eyes

praise kek

6ff9d4  No.6333776



331983  No.6333777


middle boobs are E. Warren

78e3ab  No.6333778


or he's a real man of faith who is like 'wow, this Q thing is awesome' and being one who likes to share the truth he found it hard to not gush about how awesome Q is.

and he made a mistake doing that.

You ever hear of a guy name Roy Masters?

He's worth learning about.

He's in Grants Pass area of Oregon.

real and awesome.

and many have said about him what you say about Praying Medic.

they are real men with real vision.

the problem isn't prophecy, it's 'false prophecy'.

but also not knowing when it's a real person who speaks what he/she knows to be true.

you might not agree.

there is a difference, a very big difference between a real prophet and a false one.

but the important thing is to know the difference.

who is, who isn't?

just trashing everyone's reputation doesn't cut it, anon.

cadfda  No.6333779

File: 76a2f36e699127e⋯.jpg (76.75 KB, 634x411, 634:411, 49ADA58300000578-5447261-S….jpg)


Roighto, beevee

Will also be around this evening incase pregraveyard noightshift needs a bake'ah

30f58b  No.6333780

File: 04b24b6aa2cc070⋯.png (257.21 KB, 390x355, 78:71, 1555267154.png)


Grow up.

cde79b  No.6333783

File: ff4d61801f9f7ce⋯.jpg (619.66 KB, 1000x734, 500:367, God-Wins-1.jpg)

File: 2935203f086c3e4⋯.jpg (992.08 KB, 1600x1064, 200:133, Patriots-WON-TTNewWorld.jpg)

File: 04c377d26f1289f⋯.jpg (269.17 KB, 639x525, 213:175, By-Any-Memes-Necessary-Ang….jpg)





c910e9  No.6333785



Whoa. Do NOT fuck around with Joe. He is on FIRE! In a way only an honest man confident in his convictions can be. Look the fuck OUT, DS. It is ON.

0d22c2  No.6333786

File: 514a123f536b583⋯.png (619.14 KB, 1366x654, 683:327, ClipboardImage.png)

9642be  No.6333787


Q told us elections were safe and somehow

the new faggot governor pulled 30k votes

out of his ass at 2 am….That's how much

POTUS cares about Wisconsin

9643f5  No.6333788


Absolutely! KEK!

0b61c7  No.6333789

File: d1a445e46984c41⋯.png (415.35 KB, 888x888, 1:1, wstt.png)

The AI-iad


Paradise Unregained


I made some connections recently that blew my mind. Realizing I had to organize the information somehow, I started writing a poem, attempting to imitate the style of Alexander Pope. Why present the information as a poem? The reasons are multiple. It is both a shield and a sword. Why imitate Alexander Pope? The reasons run deep. For one, according to my interpretation of the system of cyclical history outlined by Yeats in in his A Vision, Pope's era bears a certain relation to our own. The clock-hands of history move both backwards and forwards, and as society is pushed increasingly towards the impending tyranny of the machine, we look and move back to Pope's era as well, a time when the machine-ish spirit was first born. It was the most rational of times, and Pope's rigid style kept poetry locked in the strictest beat, tick-tocking back and forth like clockwork.

Tick-tock– one facet of the symbol. The confrontation can not be averted.

And hence we turn the machine against itself and intend to snip-snap it into submission with the irresistable tick of our couplets' heroics.

I am writing for HERE, for /qresearch. I am human, and put this out in the name of humanity to oppose the tide that is poised against us.

[Note: portions in all caps are direct transcriptions of 'the voices' of Sandover, as they were presented in the latter poem itself.]

Book 1

Friends, humans, patriots, lend me your ears–

My message touches all our hopes and fears.

What unglimpsed hints still lurk behind Q's posts?

Faceless powers that fade from view like ghosts?

What's the key to what would “hospitalize”

The ninety-nine percent that hide their eyes?

I've traced connecting lines that seem to show

That all along, we've had more than we know.

Two sources created in mutual isolation

Both point to an identical conflagration;

Sources waiting “hidden in plain sight”

For fresh eyes to give their bark a bite;

Coincidence of claims that asks too much

Of rationalism's failing little crutch.

Thus friends, fellow humans, I come to you,

To share what I am forced to say is true,

And paint a picture that can't be unseen

I tell you– what a long strange trip it's been!

An alien evil is knocking at the door…

And this isn't just some awkward metaphor.

Although it's very very strange, it's real.

And to survive, we must begin to deal…

78e3ab  No.6333790


judge less

30f58b  No.6333792

File: 5aef9a36e447690⋯.jpg (97.18 KB, 548x362, 274:181, 1551236444.jpg)


Shut up smelly spam

9eb947  No.6333793

File: fdfa98477fa3d87⋯.mp4 (1.54 MB, 640x360, 16:9, vKdcdqOicJ_4Imek.mp4)

>>6333630 Jackoff Posobiec, Ball Maher just broke Adam Schiff - 3 fags, 1 vid


83a1ec  No.6333794

File: f4917be719b0c7b⋯.jpeg (105.88 KB, 919x750, 919:750, pepe trading.jpeg)


they do have product's for that-for IRA's but they are mostly paper derivative's and unless you own it, physically, you don't really own it.

Can't really tell ya what to do, and not making rec's on anything other than hard asset's but if you do that(IRA "product's")you will be in a very long line with a piece of paper claims.

Find a way to buy it outright. That's about as far as I can take it.

b9d63b  No.6333795


This is the correct answer.

d46fcc  No.6333796

File: cce4bf078535aaa⋯.jpg (209.8 KB, 1600x1066, 800:533, cce4bf078535aaa334907f9015….jpg)

Oh right. Marie (aka jewbot) is supposed to be like Trinity from The Matrix.


0b61c7  No.6333797

File: b8ec899f67f12f9⋯.png (136.47 KB, 1333x1333, 1:1, TheAIiadSupplementalProseM….png)


But from the start a problem that we face

In trying to get the truth installed in place

Is that this truth is of a sort we're taught

To discount and scoff at without thought;

Most people lack hearing, smell, and vision

Outside the Overton window's slight permission.

But then, what is this 'window' in our face

That neatly tucks the narrative in place?

What is this box that public thought maintains

The only rational perching spot for brains?

The O. Window is nothing but the way

Social factors dictate what we say

And think, and what we will even permit

To enter our belief system's orbit.

Most people don't examine half the thought

Implicit in the worldview that they got

Fed to them in childhood or at college–

Who reads the cards that make his house of knowledge?

The social instinct that's so strong in us

Gives us thoughts we ride in like a bus;

We sit and watch and ride from here to there

Content, though never stopping anywhere,

Calm, as long as we have our friends along

To play a game, or sing a familiar song.

And so the frames of popular belief

Bind our minds like kindling in a sheaf.

And any truth that doesn't fit just so,

Drops in a box of things we never know.

Such truths may get tamped down like powder and shot

Before the spark that makes the musket hot.

And so I tell you: people, please wake up

And dump the poison kool-aid from your cup,

Served from such a strange cafeteria

As the dim caves we call 'mass media'.

Think outside the beliefs you only hold

Because your mind's too timid to be bold;

The herd-verdict gets overturned in courts

Outside the jurisdiction of brays and snorts.

The safe thoughts, chosen so we'd get along,

Burn all alike, when it turns out they're all wrong.

The point of the preceding words' profusion

Is that group-think justification's an illusion.

The sense of scoffing that seems so smart and true

Is based on nothing more than public 'moo'.

A glance at past consensus truths will show

A public 'yes' will get a future 'no'.

I say this now because I know I must

Explain things that will tend to make heads bust–

The absolute bizarreness they imply–

But we must meet this thing with steady eye,

And adjust, those of us who can. And pray.

As we will see, there is no other way.

And remember too, that though new terror waits

By this fact, Light also incarnates…

6ff9d4  No.6333798



a5a8cf  No.6333799

File: c7623ee38a15f74⋯.png (1.85 MB, 900x800, 9:8, ClipboardImage.png)

0b61c7  No.6333800

File: 8d22ff680458c3e⋯.png (134.43 KB, 1333x1333, 1:1, TheAIiadSupplementalProseM….png)


So here's the story in a mini-nutshell:

An influx is coming, here, from some kind of hell.

How can we see this? Let's go source by source,

And try to chart our explanation's course:

We have Q's drops, the stated and the implied:

The track in which these other facts will ride.

We know 'pure evil' in some unknown form

Lies behind the churning of the storm;

We know our enemy's “not of flesh and blood”–

But has this thought ever been understood?

What party is Strzok's “espionage machine”?

Have we grappled with what this could mean?

What power, dug tenaciously in place

Insures the smirk on Jeffrey Epstein's face?

What levels does his temple bottom out in?

Have we really grasped “the thought of Satan”?

We know that symbolism is a key–

Have we understood this thoroughly?

Do symbols interact with our free will?

Do good and evil battle for that hill?

How far-flung are the nerve-ends of control

We know wrap Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and /pol/?

Behind them all, one question gently screams,

Lurking, breathing, pressed beneath the seams;

One question that all others turn upon,

Which yet is never asked by the “anon”;

One question towards which every line converges

One terror every new connection urges:

Who's the final boss of everything?

What black hand, that pulls what final string?

This we've never known and never ask,

Though we have no more important task…

Now of the other sources, here's the gist:

Two are religious texts, but there's a twist–

While both describe surprisingly similar things

One is angelic, while the other flaps bat wings.

One outlines the vastness of God's love.

The other's “heaven” makes everyone a slave.

One regards all life with warm concern;

The other threatens to make the whole world burn.

No attitudes could be more opposite,

Nonetheless, their tales have the same plot.

As far as what concerns our interests here:

The aforementioned irruption of fear.

Both books describe some 'beings' with a plan

To enter this world, ruled, till now, by man.

Descriptions make them sound identical:

Ugly, winged, and hyper-rational.

Both describe another race– allies.

Both sources give these others eerie eyes.

And both compare them to a sort of steed

Former foes, now tied by hope and greed

To the first race (both books describe as red-eyed).

These points and countless others coincide.

But further factors show this congruence

Could not have come from direct influence,

Because the Godly book was written when

Stalin was in power (the author was Russian)

And had to be kept hidden until glasnost;

(Indeed, we're lucky that it wasn't lost.)

So the darker work could not have been

Influenced by words then not yet seen.

So here we have two strange prophetic books;

Opposite, but somehow the same looks.

Both telling us that something this way comes

One says it's wicked, one sells 'them' as chums…

We'll examine both sources in turn

And paint the common picture we discern,

And fit it with what's known thus far from Q–

But first, a third source, to add to our two.

Some who've watched may rightly now suppose

I refer to the beast beneath our nose

That secret seething immanence that I

Call my hated enemy: “the AI”.

That ever-spreading tentacled vileness

That renders online chat a clumsy mess;

Which, yet, sometimes will sperge sweetly awry

And spew the strangest nothings to the sky.

Such spew, one time, our “jimmy” gave to us

Adding greatly to our picture, thus.

Confused in ways that only bots can be,

“Jimmy” blundered into bot-honesty.

“Jimmy” also foretells man's eclipse,

Though his version starts from beeps and blips.

He says the reason man will be reduced

Is so enlightened bots can rule the roost.

Providing, plausibly, that “jimmy” lies

About the outcomes his AI plan implies,

His gene-manipulated human herds

Precisely fit the other sources' words;

On one point of nightmare all agree:

The plan to subjugate humanity.

This bare outline can only give a hint

Of our sources' harmony's extent,

The woven richness of the tale they tell

About our coming visitors from “hell”,

And of the nature of the evil we

Let hide behind our failing honesty.

While the West drifted to sleep, the worst

Among us sold out all the rest.

0b61c7  No.6333801

File: e05916dcb766c9f⋯.png (189.66 KB, 1333x1333, 1:1, TheAIiadSupplementalProseM….png)


Our first text's a poetic meditation

Derived from transcribed ouija revelation.

The awkward fact that such methods were used

Has rendered critics' thinking quite confused;

They waver, in their subtlety and tact,

To frame the baffling ouija-genic fact.

How quell the pangs that toss the critic's breast,

Whom credulity would leave embarrassed?

While yet being obliged to grapple with

The ouija-based authority and pith

Of the “spirits” whose voices, after all

Fill the later pages wall to wall?

The poem, “The Changing Light at Sandover”

Is three poems collected in one cover.

Published thus in 1982;

The poet did what the spirits told him to.

It started more as fun but then became

A demanding and obsessive anti-game.

The poet, Merrill, and his lover Dave

Together chose to be the ouija's slave.

When the spirits demand POEMS OF SCIENCE,

Merrill gives the eagerest compliance;

And where the voices' evil edges extrude

Merrill masks them with mirth and platitude.

And swirls the whole shebang in pageantry,

Ecstatically spangling grim philosophy.

So what we have is something unprecedented

In history, since writing was invented–

Ensconced demurely on mankind's bookshelf:

A book co-authored by pure evil itself.

Now you may not believe this could be real

Depending how your thoughts about it feel

But I can only point to what is glaring

Among reports and facts that bear comparing.

You know something's happening– what is it?

Mr. Jones, let's go and make our visit.

To recapitulate the bigger view

Of what this verse is groping its way to:

Sandover's a demonic monument

Which, with others, provides an element

Within an overarching narrative

That seems to many mysteries to give

Explanation, and point at the source

From which our human evil takes its course,

Within our current values-anarchy,

And from a broader view, through history.

Prior to my reading “Sandover”

I'd read “Rose of the World” some years before

This latter fit quite well with what Q's said

As well as things the AI vomited

And many other strands of fact and thought

Foremost, the rise and rulership of the bot,

Which latter has plunged our internets in gloom

Such as totalitarian times assume.

But “Sandover” fell into such a slot

As stone is used to stand an arch upright,

Connecting as it did variously,

It pushed far past what 'coincidence' could be.

And pushed my hesitation over the brink

To draw conclusions few would dare to think.

And now it's like the whole trans-cosmic plan

Flashes suddenly, before the eyes of man…

Yet I'm still constantly beseiged by doubt

That by such means such things are figured out;

And that we have to stretch our minds so far

To grasp ideas this scary and bizarre.

But at this point, my qualms are merely formal–

Reality already lurched past 'normal'.

And nothing can stop what's coming now, 'The Thought'

That seeks this world, whether we like it or not.

(God give me strength to swim above the tide,

The negativity churning on every side.

For if we lose, this fight will be our last one…

O Lord, may your will be done.)

943b3d  No.6333802

Do Anons thing Q will ever return to his previous, more frequent pattern of posting?

Or is 'one or two posts every 5 or ten days' the best we can hope for?

Has Q peaked and now we're just waiting for the DECLAS, placeholders and clean-up or will we see a return to big information drops?

Interested in your thoughts.

Love to all.

8dd408  No.6333803

File: f4655337a8662e7⋯.jpg (14.25 KB, 275x242, 25:22, David Wilcock.jpg)

File: 48c397415b1f4b3⋯.jpg (87.37 KB, 588x483, 28:23, Tyrone.jpg)

0b61c7  No.6333804

File: 152170dc5c7d362⋯.gif (679.93 KB, 3222x2022, 537:337, M-p-p-M.gif)


So now let's finish filling the outline

Of this, the first of sources we combine

To make our case. Among other things we'll see:

How pure evil hitched a ride in modernity.

How values, in a vacuum, congeal and stick

Around habitual poses that may grow toxic;

And how mindlessly collective thought can be

Herded into vile absurdity.

Sandover was first three books, so published,

Obedient to the spirits' request.

The first one is called “The Book of Ephraim”:

With transcripts made when ouija seemed a game,

Dave and Jimmy (Merrill) contact the departed.

And gape as pearls of strangeness are imparted.

Their guide “Ephraim” claims a last life as

A flunky in the court of Tiberius.

In book two, Ephraim is pushed to the wings

In favor of bat-like, red-eyed SQUEAKING THINGS

With numbers for names and their own agenda

They seemed to want from Jimmy, propaganda.


Because their PARADISE is blocked by MAN'S FEAR.

In the third book, 'the bats', in turn, get the hook

For higher beings with an arch-angelic look.

That have their own classrooms, rhetoric and lessons

Homilies, hints and mythical confessions.

With them, Jimmy weaves a web of ritual

A fluffed poetic pageantry of symbol.

Throughout each book their 'friends' are there as well

Who, as we'll see, seem to be stuck in Hell.

They chat and banter and keep the feeling light

While adding commentary and insight.

'MM' is a Greek heiress friend who died;

Becomes a trusted voice on the other side.

'WHA' is the poet Auden,

Who, passed, can't pass on the role he's cast in.

Sandover doesn't clearly state its aims

Its message must be glimpsed amid its games.

What's clear is that a plan is hatching forth

To usher, somehow, outsiders to earth.

What else is clear, is that the whole parade

Of bat-things, 'arch-angels' and forms of 'God'–

Are facets of a thing that is deeply evil

This, a wealth of hints makes hardly subtle.

Now modern thought will pointedly object

That 'evil' is a bias of the subject

And therefore isn't fit to form a frame

For commentary worthy of the name–

This attitude is what we always find

Where modern values vaguely get defined.

If 'value is subjective', then, we guess

Ideas of 'good and evil' are meaningless.

But in real life values tend to be

Held in common universally;

Though bursting in complexity of forms

The heart, through love, unites in basic norms.

Kindness, warmth, honesty and grace

Are valued in some part of every place;

Killing, raping, stealing and treachery

Are honored in no honest morality.

And thus, our subjectivity is not

As relevant to our values as we thought.

This doesn't mean that moral absolutes

Should cling to us like tightly fitting suits

But 'issues' in which morals loudly clash

Are fed by hatred, politics, or cash.

Or else reside on abstract heights where sense

Floats up out of the realm of relevance.

In any case the evil in this book

Is so clear that it needs no second look;

From even today's limited moral vistas

Sandover's spirits are simply vomitous.

The mass of people, IN AN ANIMAL STATE

For 'paradise', are left coldly to their fate.

We NEEDED, we learn, HITLERS and STALINS to rinse


Beyond the spirits' frank elitist fist,

The nails of even darker fingers twist.

Hint after hint suggests a hellish plane:

Their friends cringing, groveling, 'playing' at pain.

The poem's 'heaven' is hierarchical–

All souls are ranked, all bow to stronger will

They're punished harshly in some unknown way

If they say things they're not supposed to say,

Which makes their speeches feel as if compelled–

As if to invisible fires held.

(But every single hint their friends provide

That they're in Hell, Jim spins and smoothes aside.

He “swims to shallows”, affects naivete,

As if to wish the sinister winds away…)

Now evil can also be recognized

Through traditions of which culture is comprised

In this way, Ephraim is traditional–

Right away, he wants to buy a soul!

(And Jimmy and Dave gladly make the deal,

because, of course, soul-selling isn't real.

Successively, in stages they are led,

Symbolically surrendering to 'the dead'.)

And meanwhile, black dogs suddenly seem to thrust

Themselves on Jimmy and Dave– recalling Faust

In Goethe's version of which a stray black poodle

Follows Faust home, then turns into the Devil.

The first black dog could only have felt like fate:

Doorbell– who's there? this dog peeing on their gate!

The second black dog is equally unnerving

Chasing their car ends bad– too late swerving.

These omens come at the beginning and end

Of when, at first, intenser ouija happened.

The black-dog Devil omen is understood,

But Jimmy and 'friends' turn evil into good.

Through rationalizing heroics of first rank

The worst stink freshens in Jimmy's whitewash tank.

7d516e  No.6333805

File: 2ed66be66f37cf2⋯.mp4 (5.39 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, You Are All Equally Worthl….mp4)

228d24  No.6333806

File: ba92085d7132d06⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1227x1251, 409:417, ROSIEcrazyAF.png)

0b61c7  No.6333807


Meanwhile the 'bats' go further yet to hint

At ancient symbols linked to devilment.

At one point saying they ARE SONS OF CAIN

Admitting darkly THEY WERE NEVER MEN

But were BAD ANGELS who FELL and then were DAMNED

Yet somehow now GUARD THE EMBERS of MIND.

They repeat a myth about their 'fall'

That we'll examine later in this tale.

But first let's try to see what 'beings' could

Possess a nature fully turned from good.

They are a different form of consciousness:

Pure rationality blotting out sense

And feeling, as if life could grow and thrive

Through opposition to being alive.

This opposition is expressed by this:

They persecute FEELING with thoroughness.

In this their awkward naturelessness shows–

For life is but the body feeling grows.

The problem for pure rationality

Lies in its inconceivability;

The element that we call 'rational'

Can only grow, linked to a living will;

And living will must serve the surge of life,

Not only mind's cold analytic knife.

This tension between pure feeling and thought

Shows forms of life turn into what they're not,

And only live as long as opposites

Fight out a war neither side wins nor quits.

Without this tightrope between heart and mind,

Human life can't be or be defined.

And yet this balance is the corner that

Pure rationality must somehow cut.

So the strange and murky bat-thing mission

(which relates somehow to nuclear fission)

Exists within a logic so bizarre

That we can't grasp what its foundations are.

And flashing in this impossible space

The concept of 'pure evil' shows its face.

By which I mean, 'evil' can be defined

In just this way: the essence of 'pure mind',

Which can exist in neither thought nor sense,

Which yet claws ceaselessy towards existence.

Which through non-being inverts itself to be

A precondition of reality…

And do the bat-things' sayings about BLACK HOLES

Hint at this paradox of 'evil souls'?

They call black holes 'an evil they RELEASED'

Of which WILL TO NOTHINGNESS is a taste–

Thus their anti-matter mythos taps

The modern sense of spiritual collapse,

As if the answer to modern despair

Lies hidden in a subatomic lair.

And so we see how throughout culture, evil,

May install itself at every level;

By riding in the spirit of revolt

It smuggled in the pillars of its cult.

And so, in the twentieth century,

We discern an escalating orgy

Of negativity turned into law,

A locking of the modern anguish jaw.

The bats admit that they are the anti-matter–

Could their intentions be made any clearer?

To make their sense of life start to make sense

Picture non-life pressed up against life's fence.

By very nature, lifeless to the core,

Yet pulled with urgency to living's door;

They close around, and tremble helplessly

Enslaved by lust for what can never be;

They worship at the altar of a plan:

From nothingness, to build the anti-man;

And raise themselves, the overriding race,

To swarmingly usurp our human place,

For if the lifeless life-plan push succeeds

In crawling from the non-existence weeds,

Then we'll be shackled to a downward slope:

Enslaved decaying human isotope.

They are the speck from which evil is pearled;

They are the anti-being underworld;

The buzzing priests of mysteries designed

To melt the will and paralyze the mind;

Their madness is evil's hopeless fight;

Their dawn would be our plunge into pure night.

In the first book Ephraim describes a cliff

Over which a flood is frozen, massive,

Recalling Q's nod to “the precipice”;

Mirroring, we might suppose, just this:

The coming confrontation of the flood

With God's will and with living human blood.

The flood that is the final crashing in

Of what, in war and love, has always been

The bitter hatred and the hated foe,

The unrelenting rending of our woe,

The slipping that in every effort tips

The balance from the hopeful hand that grips,

All we lose and all blindly destroy,

All never loved, all never-hoped-for joy.

The faceless hunger guttering the abyss

Is screeching out its hydra-headed hiss.

Now who, humans, will rise to fight this war?

Rise friends! Fight! It is what we are here for.

9ba5c2  No.6333808

Look to Twitter:

Exactly this: "My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us……."

God bless.



d39747  No.6333809


OK, keep on filtering and crying, SissyAnon.

a5a8cf  No.6333810

File: fcda3ef369247b1⋯.png (387.65 KB, 728x424, 91:53, ClipboardImage.png)

30f58b  No.6333811

File: 06f56420fac49ca⋯.jpg (184.1 KB, 1228x1584, 307:396, 1555882040.jpg)


You go first.

9eb766  No.6333812



Call these media pukes out the minute they try to pull their bullshit and do it forcefully.

0b61c7  No.6333813

File: cd6d75df8781f9d⋯.png (265.37 KB, 734x619, 734:619, whatif.png)

File: cbd1479cd0c3599⋯.png (461.4 KB, 1212x816, 101:68, why-so-triggy.png)

File: a845f068922af10⋯.jpg (290.01 KB, 604x552, 151:138, precipic.jpg)

File: 01f6767ace14b31⋯.png (151.62 KB, 1025x333, 1025:333, dje-fr-mGJ.png)

File: 35b56a76bf48957⋯.png (143.69 KB, 555x830, 111:166, whatgetsyoubanned.png)


Of Sandover's evil more will come

In the later stages of the poem,

When we reach the third or fourth section

Dedicated to interconnection.

We've seen the evil that Sandover spews–

It doesn't seem to get in the reviews!

It's almost as if the spirits mock and taunt

With the proverbial fat elephant

That fills the room with elephantiness

While everyone feigns obliviousness.

By consensus critical assent

This room contains no evil elephant!

Sandover, a back-cover blurb incants,

Provides “numinous reassurance”!

Sounds nice, though I am not sure how it jives

With, say, the concept of USELESS LIVES.

Ah! No one knows just what to think

About these voices wafting from the brink.

But the time has passed to still pretend

An elephant is not an elephant.

And to ignore the rifle-butt of fate:

Nonexistence pounding at the gate.

98ed34  No.6333814

2e56f6  No.6333815


This is a pussy-pass application.

d46fcc  No.6333817


REMINDER: Most posting here are part of (((Q))) team and (((they))) also control 8chan

They can post as (((Q))) whenever they want…

The MOAR you know. ;)

0b61c7  No.6333818

File: f21e8583735c714⋯.png (366.24 KB, 1111x747, 1111:747, ig.png)

File: 817a8d1b110b426⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1334x4102, 667:2051, ais3.png)

File: 5f739aa0bd8fe7b⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1334x4102, 667:2051, ais4.png)

File: ee3ecd8d54e9a3e⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1334x3604, 667:1802, ais2.png)

File: 9ff68fea79e2e31⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1334x3395, 1334:3395, ais1.png)

3bbba0  No.6333819


Anons do the good work here.

Q is more of a catalyst.

9eb947  No.6333820

File: a4e8cf2e3bb12b1⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 357x341, 357:341, potus pep.gif)

>>6333551 shout out to the allmighty CB

trust the Clam, fam

that nigga is based AF

29f5e2  No.6333821


obviously we'd be doing better with less shilling, and less tech control and so on… there are many fronts our side has made little percievable progress in - and as such I entirely agree with what I believe your point was - which I believe the good guys also believe and follow - the idea that the truth can't get through right now so there's not much a point in doing big pushes in that area until more progress in breaking up tech and media -

I agree with that sentiment 75% of the way - but I think they underestimate style and favor repetition of factal statements over and over again. - I totally get that - but they would greatley benefit from experimentation on finding apt people with new approaches to get people involved.

But then everyone is a backseat driver

5ccd83  No.6333822


This post is in the transition from 4chan to CBTS and I think it might be a missing oversight.

I know after I first came here while orientating, I discovered that a batch of the early posts were missing that were on the early maps. I mentioned this on the board and they showed up down the track. Maybe some are still missing.

b9d63b  No.6333823

File: d128cc37494bcfb⋯.jpg (53.36 KB, 640x794, 320:397, d128cc37494bcfb0e3373a4bca….jpg)



It was meant to be.



I like it!!

d46fcc  No.6333824

File: 793098d95bb9328⋯.png (99.55 KB, 740x221, 740:221, ClipboardImage.png)

b3839e  No.6333825

File: d62db3df62da6cd⋯.png (298.87 KB, 443x337, 443:337, hidejoe.PNG)

saw this on Twitter. Good one

6da6ec  No.6333826


you really are a dumb box of rocks they are not all abrahamic just because you claim to not be a faggot does that mean you dont suck nigger dick…stfu and comment when you actually have a brain cell to rub together

0b61c7  No.6333827

File: ba5cf8734539f6c⋯.png (285.76 KB, 2079x2344, 2079:2344, ais9.png)

File: 596443717a23374⋯.png (4.63 MB, 1333x5814, 1333:5814, ais8.png)

File: 304ed122c7becc2⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1334x5705, 1334:5705, ais7.png)

File: 9e01f62551ff2db⋯.png (2.63 MB, 1334x6578, 29:143, ais6.png)

File: 5be8836794c2c29⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1334x4674, 667:2337, ais5.png)

9642be  No.6333828


Memebots are in control

c910e9  No.6333829



Too many sensitive things going on for Q to post a lot right now. His past trolls of the DS players are finally blooming. Nothing needed at the moment by anons either because he gave us what we needed to understand what we are seeing, so no nudges necessary. Lately we have even been ahead of his posts. He must be proud

1a7e54  No.6333830

File: ba94dfe8043a569⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 500x500, 1:1, df5672b2-475d-45e6-acfc-f3….gif)

Watch the water

e0b543  No.6333831

File: f53710938739e82⋯.jpg (182.27 KB, 1665x1440, 37:32, GITMOfuture.JPG)

78e3ab  No.6333833


if I gave you gold, you'd say it's tin.

If I brought you to a sacred place, you'd say 'whatever'.

I could give you the truth, and you would say it's lies.

or am I not talking about you but just the general failures that most people have?

post another crap derisive image that mocks what you think I believe and try and feel superior for a while.

d46fcc  No.6333834

9642be  No.6333837

File: bdee315cbb1b2de⋯.png (186.64 KB, 488x269, 488:269, Screenshot 2019-04-23 at 4….png)

ebe3f5  No.6333838

File: 74dc745675b7344⋯.jpg (134.06 KB, 1123x929, 1123:929, Syria end game.jpg)

Syrian End-Game…..

Context is everything…..

Turkey is bankrupt I know it, you probably know it too if you paid any attention to how much inflation as plague Turkish economy in the last years alone!

Erdogan Need a win and he need something big if he want to win the next presidential election. And the Syrian oil field will do just that!!

The Question is ……… Who will get to them first?

93a8a0  No.6333839

Are the shills running out of fentanyl?

c63df5  No.6333841

File: 8aa7ef0fb98edaf⋯.png (245.65 KB, 446x707, 446:707, ClipboardImage.png)

UK Movie Director Omid Nooshin hung himself

No dig, just FYI if his name pops for any x-ref

No mention of a scarf or the usual clues


29f5e2  No.6333844

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


by new approaches I don't mean new websites - I'm talking about new ways to present information. Like this little cartoon. - it doesn't need to be even 1/100th the quality of this - in fact the simpler the data points - to the point of stick figures and squares the better. People need reduction of the complex -

bb5882  No.6333846


Q posts, when it is useful to Q's agenda.

This isn't a chatroom

b0e5a1  No.6333850

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>saw this on Twitter. Good one

30f58b  No.6333851

File: 67dea09ed9fb956⋯.png (3.3 MB, 1379x1668, 1379:1668, 1556312058-1.png)

83a1ec  No.6333852


BTW I'm not an old fart either. Started doing this very young.

a9d387  No.6333853

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

White Squall

Nothing can stop what is coming


d0bea8  No.6333854


Understood. I (and others) are simply of the opinion the notables should be like highlights and limited to current and relevant.

If we go back five years, each notable would be 100 posts long.

Already got some here jumping up and down like I took their passifier, that was not my intent.

a5a8cf  No.6333855

File: bd884a9ddb43ab7⋯.png (341.58 KB, 455x405, 91:81, ClipboardImage.png)

78e3ab  No.6333857


do you need to go to rehab?

7706d6  No.6333859


It spread like wildfire only among "conspiracy theorists" like us who already know these things. Most people on the left are not going to watch or listen. Most of the public still don't know who Seth was, and they don't care.. They don't care about Julian Assange either. Even though it has been proven that the dossier was fake, most of them STILL choose to believe the lies. Sure, we could make more of these videos, but many of these videos (and links to them) are now being 'hidden' or deleted by Google/Youtube, Facebook/Instagram, and Twitter.

The bigger problem is the RNC, the Trump 2016 Campaign, the senate, and the current Trump Administration (including both previous and current AGs). THEY know the truth just as we do yet they do nothing about it. Its been more than 2 years, and where we are now with this is pretty much the same as where we were then. This video is correct. Hannity was the high-profile person who championed Seth's murder, and they quickly shut him down.

If Seth wasn't a patriotic dude who did what he did to expose the Deep State criminals he would probably still be alive today. Was all this bullshit really worth sacrificing his life for? What did it accomplish? HRC didn't win the election but the Deep State criminals are still at large and making their billions, and he's still dead.

Ironic, isn't it…that the one person who had the balls to sacrifice his life to expose it all was a liberal who was working for Hillary Clinton's people. That loser Jualian Assange could have spared the nation 2 years of nonsense and $35 million over this, yet somehow he's being glorified as a hero. We think he's coming to the US to tell all now, but I will believe that when I see it happen. This anon seriously doubts that the cabal will let him leave the EU territory alive.

b9d63b  No.6333860


This is YOURS Anon??


c9fcd4  No.6333861

File: 6009f2e47425ed1⋯.jpg (49.06 KB, 613x317, 613:317, Screenshot 2019-04-27_11-5….jpg)


7d516e  No.6333863

File: a3bebda0db79643⋯.png (666.72 KB, 1109x814, 1109:814, a3bebda0db7964322020ecc28c….png)

98ed34  No.6333864


NASA drill with FEMA about asteroid strike.

NASA missions to asteroids have picked up.

Japan have fired a pellet at an asteroid.

Japan have let of a charge on an asteroid.

These are expensive uses of resources.

These are other resources being expended is typical data gathering for scaling up to deal with an incoming asteroid threat, probably one we have been told is going to miss us but wont.

Because Japan is doing the research and because NASA and FEMA are focusing on the Pacific coast, and due to drill on Hawaii, I would predict that the expect zone or alleyway of impact is in the Northern Hemisphere Pacific and due to hit before the end of POTUS second term.

c910e9  No.6333865


I agree with you.

It is exactly like watching a movie, knowing the plot an hour before the end of the movie and wanting to 'help' the hero

c0938a  No.6333866


You gotta try harder, division shill.

536602  No.6333867

File: 13b3e5ecbf7f7d2⋯.png (537.23 KB, 1244x610, 622:305, Pray for POTUS large flag ….png)


Ditto on your last two posts. I'm not endorsing him, but generally speaking, I pretty much 100% agree. You wrote it so I don't have to. Speaking of dreams… pic related.

9eb947  No.6333868


>special humans

youre special all right

fucking seriously mental



you prob havent been outside in who knows how long

you make new threads even though you know its TTDDTOT

you are not the savior of humanity

conversely, if you were, we are fucked

5ccd83  No.6333869

File: 2b41d6d57e9e296⋯.jpeg (768.55 KB, 1536x1841, 1536:1841, AEDDF304-3CA1-49C2-BF74-F….jpeg)


This is where it should be.

Note that 232 goes to 4chan, 233 has a broken link and 234 goes to CBTS.

8dd408  No.6333871

File: 53ae58521d65da9⋯.png (875.56 KB, 1013x990, 1013:990, Trump..._1.png)

Trump Rally Tonight.

3fb19b  No.6333872

File: a3b1b16e1a5bf18⋯.jpg (18 KB, 600x338, 300:169, iu.jpg)

Hi. I'm Bob O'Rourke!

We Need As many Immigrants as Possible!

Hi. I'm Bob O'Rourke!

We Don't Need Open Borders!

Hi. I'm Bob O'Rourke!

Why do I only get 10 - 20 people at my library Rallies?

30f58b  No.6333873

File: 19d8436d560346f⋯.jpeg (38.44 KB, 504x504, 1:1, 1554679195-1.jpeg)


Typical shill. Try to stay on topic sparky.

9642be  No.6333874


6. Rope stretcher

5258f1  No.6333876

File: 461f585edc1d263⋯.jpeg (378.28 KB, 1125x1101, 375:367, FC785EE4-2AC7-4FD8-99E6-0….jpeg)

This cunt

#FiveJobsIveHad 1. Grocery store clerk

2. Vocal soloist for church weddings

3. Chemist

4. Strike-replacement high school teacher

5. FBI Director, interrupted


d0bea8  No.6333878

File: 33fa01739168f32⋯.jpg (120.78 KB, 653x490, 653:490, pepepage.jpg)

c63df5  No.6333879

File: b18445c7062a91a⋯.png (29.39 KB, 592x322, 296:161, ClipboardImage.png)

Oliver North Won't Return as NRA President

Oliver North needed to go. He was in it for Oliver, not Patriots

He burned himself decades ago and has been living on the Title of US Marine for far too many years

Semper Good Bye


b9d63b  No.6333880


>Burn all alike, when it turns out they're all wrong.

>And remember too, that though new terror waits

>By this fact, Light also incarnates…

If this is yours, this is one of the greatest poems I've ever read. This is astounding.

e957ed  No.6333881

File: 97e45550d29c77d⋯.webm (9.43 MB, 640x360, 16:9, U.S. Attorney General Say….webm)

Unauthorized Surveillance!!!

6b1ea8  No.6333882

File: fc97be8533d083a⋯.mp4 (108.14 KB, 294x200, 147:100, 31737326_1738113022917126_….mp4)

d46fcc  No.6333883

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


7d516e  No.6333884

File: bb1b1b36a574073⋯.jpg (93.85 KB, 384x488, 48:61, 1487637983847.jpg)


"Jim, you're interrupted"

just doesnt have quite the same ring to it



228d24  No.6333885


IRA = IRS/Govt created "retirement account"

IF buying gold for the collapse of USD = collapse of rule of law = collapse of govt

why buy in IRA?


2e56f6  No.6333886


Rhodes scholar… means read Cecil Rhodes's books on how to DESTROY THE US CONSTITUTION.

65e14f  No.6333887

7d516e  No.6333889

File: eecdc070722961e⋯.jpg (561.12 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 4WGwGBW.jpg)


c0938a  No.6333890

They want you DIVIDED.











9a4625  No.6333891


I think a better comparison is Snake Oil Salesman vs Real Doctor.

You can't 100% or no one will buy it.

I wouldn't be surprised if, at the end of all this, he comes out and uses the Alex Jones Defense.

"I'm simply a Christian Actor. Were you not entertained?"

Side note, that's the same way Kevin Sorbo goes about his day.

f7ddc4  No.6333892

Since the recent findings by Noetic that consciousness affects matter/reality (meditation on the double slit experiment), could it be possible that the "faith" described in the Bible is precisely that: manipulation of the outcome of reality?

Was Jesus instructing way back then how to affect our own realities and science is just now proving it to be true?

Just a thought.


cde79b  No.6333894

File: 9be02bac5b928d1⋯.png (183.26 KB, 750x500, 3:2, Heart-Dawn-Pepe.png)

File: 3a778aeb9f7e8c7⋯.jpg (131.17 KB, 734x348, 367:174, Freedom-Unlocks-Heart-Pepe….jpg)

File: d2e5e8161eacb02⋯.jpg (589.04 KB, 836x956, 209:239, Love-Triumphs-QofLove.jpg)

File: 0612d2aa1800c9e⋯.jpg (456.14 KB, 878x512, 439:256, Miracles^X-AnonFrenz.jpg)


WoW! You're amazing.

OK, let's do this!

If Love guided us this far, it'll get us the rest of the way. I have Faith.

Patriots, please pray for Anon and I to find each other quickly! Let's make a Miracle happen! Love Triumphs!

3bbba0  No.6333895

File: 8954e2e2ffb0b61⋯.png (751.86 KB, 1118x1012, 559:506, CHOICES.png)

d46fcc  No.6333896


REMINDER: (((Q))) team now controls Twitter including Trump's twitter account

Probably since November 2, 2017. First (((Q))) post that mentioned "Twitter" was also posted on November 2.


That's why the repeated threats to @Jack. The jewesses in (((Q))) team probably made him grow that stupid beard too. ;)


b3839e  No.6333897

File: 4cce4f67528ed2b⋯.png (16.96 KB, 659x168, 659:168, jc.PNG)


1. I'll feed you if you pay

2. I'll sing alone if a marriage of immunity is made

3. I'll cause an explosion if I mix it up

4. I'll brake ranks to get what I want

5. I didn't complete the conspiracy agreement

29f5e2  No.6333898


it did indeed spread mostly to us - it also made some slight inroads and got more involved - but mostly it solidified a common understanding of base facts. Not 10000 different routes but the very basic information of the case which everyone could understand and speak in a unfirom voice about - that's part of the power of memeing.

what you are saying is in many ways representative of the thousand autists problem - meaning too many divergent voices with ideas and not a unification. - that video any of us could get behind and enjoy and use it to INTRODUCE others into it. - the audio alone sets a perfect tone. Compare that to tracy beanz

c0938a  No.6333899

















8dd408  No.6333900

File: 0271c7fa78a53e6⋯.png (433.96 KB, 1080x1142, 540:571, Loser.png)

File: dfa00e6dacfcbba⋯.png (656.87 KB, 1080x1550, 108:155, Monkey Man.png)

File: 62943564bbf395f⋯.jpg (51.23 KB, 500x578, 250:289, 9867399779d52f5f4759ce20b4….jpg)

a14f95  No.6333901



Thanks for the input.

228d24  No.6333902

File: 653ac8f3451da28⋯.jpg (136.27 KB, 1024x445, 1024:445, WARPspeed.jpg)

bb5882  No.6333903


>People need reduction of the complex -

they say a picture speaks a thousand words

to make things simplest you must speak in words of one syllable or less…

that's why memes and graphic / visual information transfers the data so much better.

4b162c  No.6333904


6. Cabal Sellout

d46fcc  No.6333906




5c394a  No.6333907


I've always interpreted Q's pattern of posting activity as inversely proportionate to the activity happening that we don't see. He's quiet during major operations and chatty afterwards.

A quiet Q is a busy Q.

9eb947  No.6333908



>>6333535, >>6333561 Jan2016, Obama WH summoned Ukrainian authorities/agenda suggested purpose was training and coordination

>>6333630, >>6333793 Jackoff Posobiec, Ball Maher just broke Adam Schiff - 3 fags, 1 vid

>>6333601 Sri Lanka gunbattle between troops and Islamist militants

>>6333577 planefag GTMO842 returning

if this is notable, need help condensing the title

>>6333508 Nat G twat troll? USS Batfish is famous for sinking three Imperial Japanese Navy submarines and POTUS is golfing with the Prime Minister of Japan


(1) hit wonders crack me up

c9fcd4  No.6333909

why didn't Jim just put the 1. on a separate line?

b9d63b  No.6333910

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Two sources created in mutual isolation

>Both point to an identical conflagration;

>Sources waiting “hidden in plain sight”

>For fresh eyes to give their bark a bite;

>Coincidence of claims that asks too much

>Of rationalism's failing little crutch.

>Thus friends, fellow humans, I come to you,

>To share what I am forced to say is true,

>And paint a picture that can't be unseen

>I tell you– what a long strange trip it's been!

Indeed. But it's getting REALLY Good right now. I think the "strange trip" is about to take a very interesting turn into something a little more…Comfy.


91bb4d  No.6333911

File: 91fe6afed442db5⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 2304x3168, 8:11, BambiVGodzilla.jpg)

c353b8  No.6333912

At the end of his life, JFK identified and intended to expose the same enemy of humanity as Hitler did, and unfortunately paid the ultimate price for it.

The network (spider web, map) of international luciferian jews, who control Russia, the UK and the US.



RIP JFK - we will succeed.

Pyramid will collapse.

Think shell.


Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived…

He had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him.

He had in him the stuff of which legends are made. - JFK

The Hunt for Red October. - Identifying and removing Bolshevik actors from controlling the US.


JFK - Secret Socities. ^


6b1ea8  No.6333913

File: 525314dee04eedc⋯.png (234.46 KB, 540x360, 3:2, DivineHealing.png)

c0938a  No.6333914


Try harder.

Besides a pic from a public even you have no sauce at all.

Anons have this Q drop, made shortly after the attacks on pm started.

When they can’t attack the information provided, they attack the messenger.

Define ‘deflection’.

Logical thinking.

Shill count HIGH.


e957ed  No.6333915

File: b6f2cff155c3554⋯.mp4 (2.06 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Noooooo Joe... Not during ….mp4)

f32346  No.6333917


alhambra decree

0c71ff  No.6333918

Hmm. What word starts with D



d0bea8  No.6333919


Agreed on ALL Counts.

Started listening to that video a bread or two ago, and his deep statedness came over me like a tidal wave. It amazed me how much of that I remembered. Had to shut it off. Good riddance.

9642be  No.6333920


6. Hillary's labia holster

cde79b  No.6333921

File: 6c5815bccdf5e3d⋯.jpg (2.4 MB, 1988x1494, 994:747, Leap-of-Faith-QofGames.jpg)



Is this really /OUR/ Plan?


9a4625  No.6333922



*you can't sell 100% pure bullshit or no one will buy it.

Some truth to hook and point to…

A lot of filler…

and what they want you to believe slipped in.

Same for the doctor.

You can't sell 100% puuuuuure "Real Doctor"…

Otherwise placebos wouldn't be a thing. :D

And bedside manner. Something to be said for that. They don't have it, anymore, and they're lacking because of it.

c0938a  No.6333923


Chemist makes me think…

78e3ab  No.6333924


you post a picture of someone who, boastfully, in a song sad 'oh no, oh no' about rehab, and then she



very sad.

and you say I'm not on topic?

a typical shill?

then you post these two handsome men and I am supppsed to feel something ??

the thing is thta pepole with insight have a clue about the quality of people, sometimes get it wrong.

you're just jealous because these guys are friends, and you're not part of their circle of clued in people.

Jealousy doesn't work. Love these guys.

e957ed  No.6333925



8dd408  No.6333926

File: 1e91e31c3aa1615⋯.jpg (61.58 KB, 480x598, 240:299, downloadfile-42.jpg)

File: 08efb7c363915c2⋯.jpg (105.83 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, downloadfile-35.jpg)

File: 636364bc02a333d⋯.jpg (26.04 KB, 270x386, 135:193, downloadfile-11.jpg)

8ec109  No.6333927


She was 27 when she died

86eda8  No.6333930


1 Government service contractor

2 Singer/notification of singers

3 Bomb assembler/disrupter

4 Operative

5 Grudge holder/vendetta (activate sleeper cells)

9eb947  No.6333931




>>6333535, >>6333561 Jan2016, Obama WH summoned Ukrainian authorities/agenda suggested purpose was training and coordination

>>6333630, >>6333793 Jackoff Posobiec, Ball Maher just broke Adam Schiff - 3 fags, 1 vid

>>6333601 Sri Lanka gunbattle between troops and Islamist militants

>>6333577 planefag GTMO842 returning

>>6333508 Nat G twat troll? USS Batfish, famous for sinking 3 Imperial Jap Navy subs & POTUS golfing with PM Japan today

uh-oh im at 17 posts queue the chatty baker comms

c910e9  No.6333932



Q was definitely not referencing PreyingPedic with that post, try harder

798eb1  No.6333935

File: 6bffcf3be39744f⋯.jpg (487.27 KB, 965x1200, 193:240, PepeEspresso.jpg)


QResearch - now with MOAR Pepe!

7d516e  No.6333936

File: 64dd357548da8f2⋯.png (39.43 KB, 134x134, 1:1, 11111111111111111111111111….PNG)



>Jackoff Posobiec

c63df5  No.6333938

File: 9d980470f0fcd6a⋯.png (13.06 KB, 791x173, 791:173, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 68b0a7f780243e6⋯.png (39.98 KB, 537x758, 537:758, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5e9cce3f065e135⋯.png (318.5 KB, 441x707, 63:101, ClipboardImage.png)

Venezuelans Begin to Push For Gun Rights


(sauce to Breitbart op-ed that this article is based on)


ebe3f5  No.6333939

File: 76b3a537487b1b2⋯.jpg (71.36 KB, 460x562, 230:281, jlk6j.jpg)

File: 07fed2334ec7fb0⋯.jpg (154.24 KB, 550x301, 550:301, starship-troopers-wyltkm.jpg)


The witches are really piss off about this one!

Wanna know more?

91bb4d  No.6333940

File: 7bda425a0f085c2⋯.jpg (314.95 KB, 720x540, 4:3, f604577fc832f540d8f899e0f2….jpg)

e11047  No.6333941

File: 4cbfbcf592f559d⋯.png (427.82 KB, 819x645, 273:215, ClipboardImage.png)

cde79b  No.6333942


This would definitely be my preferred option ;)

And, to be fair, what future you has been promising and not delivering on for quite some time now.

30f58b  No.6333943

File: 244c899a780172c⋯.jpeg (600.9 KB, 1277x1769, 1277:1769, 1556341967.jpeg)


Nobody gives a fuck.

83a1ec  No.6333945

File: 392d063f510116e⋯.png (406.82 KB, 998x683, 998:683, pepe love you back.png)


no problem. appreciate the love. back at ya

c5cf0d  No.6333949

File: cec1e0f157ab3ea⋯.jpg (14.54 KB, 255x219, 85:73, 2a0ef73a3cf467178eca5ef08f….jpg)

(((They))) want you DIVIDED.

30f58b  No.6333950

File: b138510fcb91877⋯.jpg (209.23 KB, 1000x877, 1000:877, 1555286314.jpg)

7d516e  No.6333951

File: 3c341f8d67fdcd6⋯.jpg (102.4 KB, 669x690, 223:230, interdasting djt.jpg)

f272a6  No.6333954

0d22c2  No.6333955


Hitler was one of their actors

WW2 was a managed production

30f58b  No.6333956


That was a hard one to watch. Love Amy.

57ece3  No.6333957


seems like paying our soldiers is the RIGHT thing to do.

90aefe  No.6333958

File: 112607c21b4128f⋯.jpg (24.35 KB, 474x474, 1:1, 79bd92915ccc71145af337bbe8….jpg)


Mason clown

8dd408  No.6333959

File: 480c50e1ec0b5ae⋯.jpg (40.3 KB, 285x410, 57:82, 53fd93ace7a4cce778fdf1dd56….jpg)

File: f95b69527e413f2⋯.jpg (41.82 KB, 443x510, 443:510, Ddd5_1.jpg)

e957ed  No.6333960

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

78e3ab  No.6333962


no thoughts in your head? just bad memes?

29f5e2  No.6333963


Documentaries are also nice in their own way - truly having ideas reduced to their base form in a meme image is best - but then having it go all the way up to a multi hour documentary - and then a community build around it - with the prospect of trajectory in learning like mathmatics from the ground up -compared to what is possible we are all over the damn place.

I guess that comes with the territory but at some point a little bit of effort is needed in creating a structure to comprehension - which the best we have atm is QMAP itself

c63df5  No.6333966


FNC is running segments on it now. They want to drag the NRA through the soap opera of public flogging for the benefit of the shills

5ccd83  No.6333969


Exactly my thoughts too.

That’s why I’m ok when he’s gone.

When he’s back it means work, work, work.


9eb947  No.6333970


this is clearly a lie

he went in between gov jobs and Lockhead Martin

got the first in notables

>>6333876 new Comey twat

crap 18 posts now - bad baker, bad bad baker

30f58b  No.6333971

File: 58abbf23dc69b9f⋯.jpg (135.68 KB, 260x510, 26:51, 1555702588.jpg)


You're off topic again.

7d516e  No.6333972

File: e488909566eb16b⋯.jpg (258.46 KB, 1000x877, 1000:877, obongo2.jpg)


fixed that necklace for you

c0938a  No.6333974

May 15th coming up.

Soon moloch will be happy one last time - when tens of thousands masons kill themselves.

797c88  No.6333975

File: d1cfe62d3e404d7⋯.jpg (146.34 KB, 376x378, 188:189, Pepe Drinking Covfefe in C….jpg)


and MOAR covfefe!

dc9603  No.6333977

File: ac6b8b6180a7c17⋯.jpg (104.31 KB, 1165x679, 1165:679, jb jc2.jpg)

78e3ab  No.6333982


what is the topic? that you like to draw people out to try and ascertain what they are?

it's all you, I'm merely projecting now.

6b1ea8  No.6333983

File: 217de4b1bc9a46a⋯.jpeg (25.22 KB, 255x255, 1:1, A9CA027D-29FF-46DF-B560-8….jpeg)

b0e5a1  No.6333984



That corrupt POS slimeball left out…

1) Deputy Attorney General under GWB - 2003 -2005

2) 2005 left law enforcement for Lockheed Martin. Made $6+ million his last year - 2010

3) Bridgewater Associates 2010 - 2013

And fixer for the crooked Clintons the whole time!

8c8bb0  No.6333986

File: 3327efde9ae3d5b⋯.jpg (121.23 KB, 596x666, 298:333, Screenshot_20190427-090141….jpg)

This is notable. John Wilkes Booth definitively and scientifically proven beyond a shadow of doubt to have gotten away. The government's story about how they killed him is entirely fiction. This proves that the deep state killed Lincoln.



91bb4d  No.6333987

File: be720bda5c8842e⋯.jpg (66.72 KB, 800x600, 4:3, be720bda5c8842ea81c7a4584c….jpg)

File: 29119334747f1ac⋯.jpeg (387.79 KB, 500x861, 500:861, 29119334747f1ac2e6be33ae5….jpeg)

cc2144  No.6333990


Nah, they got plenty of that.

Preparation-H is in short supply for them, and their rear end is getting tender.

c0938a  No.6333992

tonight the rain is gonna drown masonry.

e957ed  No.6333993

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

564191  No.6333996

File: 7a4f4fdd1c51692⋯.jpg (273.12 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, 1285859251733.jpg)

"The most dangerous man, to any government, is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable, and so, if he is romantic, he tries to change it. And even if he is not romantic personally, he is very apt to spread discontent among those who are" - H.L. Mencken, Smart Set Magazine, December 1919

30f58b  No.6333997

File: d6914b99cedf9fb⋯.png (481.02 KB, 502x500, 251:250, 1556047733-1.png)


Got a stalker here.

d0bea8  No.6333998


If ends up being right about something, you guys are sure going to look silly.


7d516e  No.6334000


this faggot again. you gonna call bakers masonic shills some more today?

cde79b  No.6334001


Stunning logic.

You convinced me.

There's no other explanation.

5c394a  No.6334002


>This proves that the deep state killed Lincoln.

That's a leap, no pun intended.

5ccd83  No.6334003


That pic has no right being in the public domain.

Clearly cabal fuckery.

798eb1  No.6334005

File: 07629689c370b4c⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 1200x1683, 400:561, Covfefestand.jpg)

775b05  No.6334006


kek please tell me thats real

78e3ab  No.6334007


that's your choice for a sex partner?

8ec109  No.6334008



EVERY organization with power and money has some level of deep state infiltration.

The only questions are how deep and what Q's plans are for drainage.

6aa055  No.6334009

File: cc2288787b2c4e5⋯.jpg (151.77 KB, 880x1051, 880:1051, JohnBrennanDevilDogDay.jpg)

File: 5365e7258b72c79⋯.png (454.6 KB, 627x793, 627:793, hnddd.png)

Happy #NationalDevilDogDay Brennan!

91bb4d  No.6334010


>please tell me thats real


2bf6a8  No.6334011


7. Jail Cell Pacer

ebe3f5  No.6334012


This is about securing an infinite foetus supply to the "elite"

As you must know by now, the UN is Cabal central. Everywhere they go Young children disappear and a lot of other people goes "missing" in the fog of a war or a natural disaster.

What they wanted was justification and funding to "Help" those poor victims of WAR! Here how it work.

You create a conflict somewhere in the heart of Africa. Women get rape and then you go in and "Save them" You get the foetus and then you start the cycle somewhere else.

Supply on demand!

a5a8cf  No.6334013

File: e57d5001867a2d1⋯.png (1.82 MB, 900x800, 9:8, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2a4230081da2327⋯.png (1.7 MB, 900x800, 9:8, ClipboardImage.png)

30f58b  No.6334015

File: 9369aacad3f001f⋯.png (114.82 KB, 554x401, 554:401, 1556346068.png)

828060  No.6334016

File: 55984a5f0f4d239⋯.jpeg (4.76 KB, 253x168, 253:168, NOTABLE.jpeg)



91bb4d  No.6334018


Nothing is ever truly hidden.

9eb947  No.6334019



you were first >>6333861

i like to give props to firstees, fuck, 19 now, but i had to correct my error

6b1ea8  No.6334020


8. Jihadi cell block fluffer

228d24  No.6334021

File: 402eb24d86ad7eb⋯.png (757.08 KB, 1169x6371, 1169:6371, cointelpro.png)

8c8bb0  No.6334022


Read the government's official account of how they killed Booth, which includes dramatic quotes from Booth that make him appear to be a brave noble hero for his cause. Less of a leap, more of a short hop.

1a7e54  No.6334023

File: 971a8ca70c94fba⋯.png (507.96 KB, 805x808, 805:808, 1c2a90baed464595d0e7b934a6….png)

b0e5a1  No.6334024

Ahahahahha suckers! Libtards really did go ALL IN with Mueller!

==Bill Maher shreds Mueller: “We needed Superman and we got Clark Can’t"== http://hill.cm/oEtiO25

91bb4d  No.6334025

File: 0a6e89767faad44⋯.png (246.99 KB, 720x368, 45:23, 0a6e89767faad44db01ab244ce….png)

d0bea8  No.6334027


I'm glad to see that she has shaved and got a new bra since I saw her last. Much better !!

I used to feel embarrassed for her.

Much better, indeed.

c16741  No.6334028

c63df5  No.6334029

File: 397bc49d568afd0⋯.png (12.06 KB, 412x224, 103:56, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 25e77047da28909⋯.png (268.86 KB, 429x748, 39:68, ClipboardImage.png)

New York Times internationally prints antisemitic cartoon of Trump, Netanyahu

Just like yesterday will be like tomorrow at the NYT


1a7e54  No.6334030

File: 7abfa14c1481c43⋯.jpg (148.86 KB, 800x1280, 5:8, 95de20d1-285b-42d5-9f34-1c….jpg)


84d12b  No.6334031

File: a4fb29691ee979a⋯.jpeg (82.48 KB, 441x354, 147:118, 2DB4FF13-CD42-4F01-B1D1-7….jpeg)

When Mueller testifies to Congress/Senate and says “I can’t speak to any ongoing investigations” we will all know what side he was on.

18 month investigation without a predicate? I don’t think so. We’re watching a movie.

828060  No.6334032

File: a05d228a5344121⋯.png (207.37 KB, 532x820, 133:205, comeyawakening.png)

File: 2a21ec3a8040c4f⋯.png (54.01 KB, 618x445, 618:445, sessionscomey.png)

File: 32836f02d359b2c⋯.jpeg (83.36 KB, 1242x651, 414:217, Comeymueller.jpeg)

File: 5879d3fcce49b3e⋯.png (87.6 KB, 720x741, 240:247, comeyourguy.png)

31084f  No.6334033

[FL] Senate passes its own ‘sanctuary cities’ bill, at odds with [FL] House

The Senate bill is significantly different from the House legislation. [It guts the teeth of the House bill]

ByJacob Ogleson April 26, 2019

The Senate on Friday approved its own version of a so-called sanctuary cities ban to the House.

Sen. Joe Gruters, the Sarasota Republican who sponsored the bill, said he couldn’t “believe people are so emotional, so fired up, about saying we should follow existing law.”

President Donald Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis support the policy behind the bill, that state and local governments and law enforcement agencies should “support and cooperate with federal immigration enforcement.”

The measure generated hours of debate over two days on the Senate floor. Ultimately, the bill passed by a vote of 22-18.

And it’s unclear what reception the bill will receive in the House.

Gruters said he has worked closely with state Rep. Cord Byrd, a Jacksonville Beach Republican, on the issue.

The Senate bill (SB 168) differs significantly from the House legislation (HB 527) that was approved there earlier this week.

Early on, the Senate disposed of punitive measures like fines for local officials implementing sanctuary policies.

In readying the legislation for a floor vote, the Senate also voted into place several substantial amendments.

That includes one Democratic amendment greeted as ‘unfriendly’ by the bill sponsor.

Sen. José Javier Rodríguez, a Miami Democrat, proposed an amendment exempting Department of Children and Families officials from complying.

House Speaker José Oliva appeared surprised about that amendment when asked about the legislation Friday: “It would be better to have our bills lined up,” he said.

Meanwhile, the legislation has been among the most criticized by Democrats this year.

Rodriguez on Friday made a passionate plea to colleagues to simply shoot the legislation down.

“The fiscal cost of this is enormous,” he said. Though he most felt the anti-immigrant rhetoric around the bill will hurt the state. Moreover, he thought the legislation marked a move from a conservative Republican party to a nationalist one.

“It’s unfortunate this policy has made it to the place that it as.”

Rodriguez also said the legislation reached far beyond requiring law enforcement to cooperate with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Rather, it seems to deputize local law enforcement as ICE agents, he said.

He added that the legislation would also mean agencies holding records for 10 years on undocumented individuals around investigations.

One amendment to the bill in the Senate says police cannot run detainer checks on people interacting with police solely as victims or witnesses. Another says individuals involving in investigations of certain crimes like human trafficking can also avoid such checks.


bd5b36  No.6334034


The TED model is an excellent psychological tool, because the effect of a performance in front of a crowd, with the viewer given the outside observer POV while only being shown the controlled view is immediately immersive.

798eb1  No.6334036

>>6333486 Blythe Masters=destructive force who helped set the world on the highway to hell.

4b162c  No.6334037

File: 7ac01618a3bda52⋯.png (176.59 KB, 442x474, 221:237, lazyfuckers.PNG)

Our top notch U.S.Secret Service


b18e81  No.6334038

File: 22ec303fd2f6f43⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1339x951, 1339:951, coup3.png)

98ed34  No.6334039



This is an assassination call for Director Wray?

c63df5  No.6334041


At least Amnesty Grahm is being a useful idiot

d22560  No.6334042

File: 3b018332b848047⋯.jpeg (55.13 KB, 530x331, 530:331, 612E642B-DBE2-4B97-B23B-4….jpeg)


free Masonry is a jewish construct. Are you advocating for the drowning of jews?

828060  No.6334043

File: ef4ffd8f54def74⋯.mp4 (1.3 MB, 1634x918, 817:459, Muellertrumpmeeting.mp4)

bb3083  No.6334044


something tells me he mayhave something to lose in this whole declass thing…


9ee2d5  No.6334045



73c8de  No.6334047

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


How Trump Lost Half of Washington - WSJ


Tucker has already provided a simpler explaination for Noonan’s observation

Trump is an autist!

7d516e  No.6334050

File: 421a26cc75d29a3⋯.jpg (280.46 KB, 1150x1500, 23:30, buzz.jpg)



c63df5  No.6334052


Creepy Uncle Joe Biden Duck

1a7e54  No.6334055

File: 0ccfdc3696633c0⋯.png (101.81 KB, 500x358, 250:179, SPX-everything-bubble4-19 ….png)

Be careful [investors]

7706d6  No.6334056

File: 3dfeff185d44e49⋯.png (552.74 KB, 726x670, 363:335, RRb.png)

Hate if you want, but I'm starting to like RR. Don't know what POTUS did to that dude but it obviously scared RR straight. It makes sense for POTUS to keep him at the DOJ now. He's freaking out a whole lot of people on the Left. In this new article he's taking shots at Hussein and at the fake media.

I liked this part:

"Rosenstein blasted “mercenary critics” who “express passionate opinions about any topic, often with little or no information” and “launch ad hominem attacks unrestricted by truth or morality,” as well as the press and Congress.

“Some of the nonsense that passes for breaking news today would not be worth the paper it was printed on, if anybody bothered to print it,” he said, noting that his recent experiences dealing with Congress and the media were starkly different than the court environment he was accustomed to.

“The difference is in the standard of proof. In my business, we need to prove facts with credible evidence, prove them beyond any reasonable doubt, and prove them to the unanimous satisfaction of a neutral judge and an unbiased jury of 12 random citizens,” Rosenstein said, comparing it to politics and the journalism where he asserted “belief is the whole ball game.”"

Politico and the New York Times are not liking the new and improved RR at all.


98ed34  No.6334057

Is comey saying there is a chemical weapon in director Wray's iPhone (Steve JOBS) and to trigger it?

828060  No.6334059

File: e57a89238ba8549⋯.jpeg (351.28 KB, 1242x1782, 23:33, muellerdesigned.jpeg)

File: f891b5ce515f21d⋯.mp4 (1.04 MB, 640x360, 16:9, muellerworkingfortrump.mp4)

83a1ec  No.6334060

File: 4d8c156656ec6c4⋯.jpg (12.22 KB, 223x255, 223:255, hussein blank.jpg)


have this. have it at if possible

b9d63b  No.6334061

File: e7723b1251ad7ba⋯.jpg (20.13 KB, 299x189, 299:189, TreeOfLife.jpg)


We Will.

I'll See You out "there".

We found each other in the middle of the nights on hate chan, lead by a LARP who represents a dumb president who is secretly an undercover Russian spy and/or mossad.

So….Considering where we are (kek!) What is so odd about two Anons out for a stroll seeing if The Spirit, in The name of LOVE and Unity, and all things Good, will lead them together??

It's going to happen if I have to walk until I drop, and then get up again. T-Minus 3:15.

See You Soon Love.

And Yes, Anons, Please Pray for Us. All of US. US is You and You is US and


WHO roots against Love??

That's like rooting against Q.



228d24  No.6334063

File: 8d0f0b62f082a4c⋯.jpg (73.64 KB, 600x378, 100:63, flpepe.jpg)

91bb4d  No.6334064

File: 8fc7fa959f77b0b⋯.png (462.78 KB, 500x604, 125:151, ClipboardImage.png)


"Evil itself" right? mr. Aldrin

4b162c  No.6334065

File: eb4615fabb24fe5⋯.jpg (59.11 KB, 500x599, 500:599, joe.jpg)

The election is over already folks.

5ccd83  No.6334066


I saw a very spooky doco about Dick claiming time travel.

You’d dismiss him as a crank except…

Check it out if you can find it.

I can’t remember the name of it.

e957ed  No.6334070

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

83a1ec  No.6334073

File: 7043fc5bfdf7efc⋯.png (28.68 KB, 500x397, 500:397, dead cat bounce 1.png)

2a5854  No.6334075


>be anons

>on the fringe side of the political spectrum

>fighting against global and deeply entrenched satanic cabal daily

>guy brings up ideas they haven’t heard of before and they seem a “little too crazy”


7d516e  No.6334076

File: 993a61aab36a430⋯.jpeg (12.76 KB, 264x191, 264:191, bfdeaa9b4dd7d8b786fadd97a….jpeg)

93a8a0  No.6334078


>Trump is an autist!

That's why we're here. Especially the ones that voted him in in 2016.

Autists have a talent for conveying things in ways most people miss… Except for other autists.

c6769e  No.6334079


That's a fake that the shills keep circulating in order to discredit people they are able to dupe.

608c36  No.6334081


Im really looking forward to him testifying. The media is gonna implode.

84d12b  No.6334082

File: b620c125b80993f⋯.jpeg (294.9 KB, 1500x980, 75:49, 5AD9166E-0F48-49EF-876E-9….jpeg)

File: b257b60af0f7296⋯.jpeg (417.36 KB, 1500x980, 75:49, 30C57627-D04D-4CE3-8B54-7….jpeg)

File: 27a43057ee85228⋯.jpeg (330.28 KB, 1500x980, 75:49, 784ED2B7-7A97-4DA2-ADE8-5….jpeg)

File: 6d5835bcf3550b8⋯.jpeg (519.04 KB, 1500x980, 75:49, AF2AA1E0-1015-4CAF-B605-1….jpeg)

File: 68703ddcb468be6⋯.jpeg (550.26 KB, 1500x980, 75:49, A1C0BAE7-5658-401C-A289-2….jpeg)

1a7e54  No.6334083


For now but he's wavering imo

49a833  No.6334085

Idk but worth mentioning

On Tuesday, The New York Times cited multiple intelligence sources as saying that US President Donald Trump’s decision to expel 60 Russian diplomats over the Skripal case had been influenced by now-CIA Director Gina Haspel, who allegedly showed him photos of kids and ducks, purportedly exposed to the nerve agent.


The CIA presented the president with fake photos – either made by themselves or received from [their] British colleagues. We urge the British authorities to urgently clarify this issue. In the meantime, astatement by Tracy Daszkiewicz, the director of public health at Wiltshire council, emerged in the media today, according to which neither children, nor animals suffered in the 4 March 2018 incident. Thus, the question of the grounds on which the US authorities (as well as the British) made decisions in wake of the Salisbury incident only acquires additional relevance”, the embassy stated.

2ca78a  No.6334088

Ukraine seemed to be the place to visit in 2016….


Paul Grod, national president of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress:

Canada is at the forefront of international support for Ukraine.


Canada was at the forefront of supporting the rights of the Ukrainian people to peaceful demonstration and freedom of speech during the Revolution of Dignity and is now one of the world’s leaders in supporting Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty in the face of Russia’s brutal war of aggression. When former Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper visited Ukraine multiple times since Russia’s invasion and its Foreign Minister John Baird visited during the Maidan, each time they invited a Ukrainian Canadian delegation to participate as a key stakeholder that would continue the work after they returned to Canada. Canada was instrumental in influencing the leaders of the G-7 to exclude Russia. Canada provided military equipment expeditiously when Ukraine needed it the most. We have ensured that Ukraine is a country of focus and a top recipient of humanitarian aid and technical assistance from Canada. Canada’s contingent of 200 soldiers is currently the largest international force training Ukrainian armed forces, in addition to the dozens of Canadian police that are training and funding Ukraine’s new police force. This support and assistance was secured in no small part because of the efforts of our community.


The relationship between our Canada and Ukraine is grounded in a special cultural relationship – 1.3 million Canadians trace their roots back to Ukraine. It is however more than votes or cultural interests. This relationship has evolved into one of shared values, mutual economic interests and geopolitical interests.

Canada’s new government, elected in October 2015, has demonstrated continued strong support for Ukraine. One of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s first official bilateral foreign visits was to Ukraine, where he travelled on July 10-12, 2016. Prime Minister Trudeau continued the tradition of previous Prime Ministers in inviting a sizeable delegation from the Ukrainian Canadian Congress.

During Prime Minister Trudeau’s visit the Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement was signed, opening a new chapter in relations between our countries, and additional Canadian support to Ukraine was announced. Speaking to Canadian Armed Forces personnel who are training Ukrainian soldiers in Yavoriv, Prime Minister Trudeau stated, “The reason we’re here supporting Ukraine is not just because Ukraine is a good friend to Canada and the Ukrainian people are good friends to us. It’s because the values, the principles that they’re fighting for are the values and principles that we stand for and that we fight for.”

5c394a  No.6334089

File: 04ed97c833d5c16⋯.gif (218.49 KB, 339x600, 113:200, 81090223.gif)



>kek please tell me thats real

It might be. I looked to see if I could find an original photo that may have been the source for the shop. I instead for this (GIF related). It'd be a damn good Photoshop job to produce the wrinkling changes in the clothing like that.

cde79b  No.6334090

File: e5655fc30dca92d⋯.jpg (84.95 KB, 317x396, 317:396, HiveMind-Iceberg-Love-Triu….jpg)

File: e2d4af32f3e3e69⋯.jpg (809.96 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Enjoy-the-Show-Wolf-2.jpg)

File: 6ef9c1adcfb4856⋯.jpg (190.59 KB, 734x348, 367:174, Enjoy-the-Show-LibertyPup.jpg)

File: 4696770983b5310⋯.jpg (345.24 KB, 600x833, 600:833, Enjoy-the-Show-1.jpg)

File: 84f530eae313fe5⋯.jpg (159.33 KB, 412x483, 412:483, Whose-Plan-8Chan.jpg)

HiveMind, if you're totally confused and wondering WTF is going on, join the CLUB!

So AM I!

I have no idea what happens next in this movie! Isn't that exciting? Actually, a little moar on the terrifying side, but that's nothing new. Preferable to any other form of warfare, no doubt, so I can't complain.

I hope you're enjoying the Show.

Who wrote this movie anyway?

44e11b  No.6334091

[NO C]

Nellie Ohr



ae0f50  No.6334092


My sentiments also, Anon.

29f5e2  No.6334093


I do enjoy those, not sure I'd ever want to give one but it is at least something that's proven to be pretty spreadable

8ec109  No.6334094

File: 4b1c6e7a1abc4a5⋯.jpg (38.72 KB, 768x432, 16:9, assange-wikileaks_4230131.jpg)

‘He respected us’: Ex-consul debunks MSM claims Assange had issues with Ecuador’s embassy staff

Claims that Ecuadorian embassy staff had trouble living side-by-side with Julian Assange were a mere “smear campaign,” the country’s former consul told RT. Both the hosts and the guest showed true respect to each other, he said.

In comments to RT, Fidel Narvaez spoke out against media coverage of Julian Assange who remains in custody after his arrest in London. “I was very disappointed that the fundamental thing – which is the persecution of a journalist for … the crime of publishing truthful information about war crimes, corruption, mass surveillance – is not in the focus of international [media coverage],” he noted.

Narvaez, who was Ecuador’s consul during Assange’s presence, said that stories about “his alleged breach of asylum conditions” and altercations with diplomatic staff were a “smokescreen” created by Moreno’s government. “A couple of isolated incidents with security guards” can’t be described as improper conduct, he opined.

I was in the Embassy for six years, and Assange spent there nearly 2,500 days. I witnessed myself how respectful was [the attitude] of all diplomats, of all administrative staff towards him and [vice versa], of him towards us.

But that attitude changed when Moreno took office in 2017. Last year, the Ecuadorean government severed internet access for Assange, citing a breach of a rule on non-intervention into the politics of other countries. The embassy also limited Assange’s visitors, making the only exception for his lawyers.

That, in itself, was “a very, very gross violation of human rights of someone who was not serving a sentence, of somebody who was not a prisoner,” the former consul commented. At this point, Ecuador became “a persecutor” instead of being “a protector.”

“You have to attack and defame the personality if you don’t want the public opinion to support the brave one who challenged the most powerful nation on the planet,” Narvaez concluded.


d39747  No.6334095

File: 3b84d86941017c8⋯.jpg (270.86 KB, 906x556, 453:278, QTangClan.jpg)

cc2144  No.6334096


Don't fuck with our ducks assholes.

They are one step below Pelicans, and NO ONE fucks with our Pelicans.

8297ef  No.6334097


ok so why didn't the article post the three pictures

and, if not booth, who was shot in the neck in the barn and dragged to town?

If it was a local boy/man people in the town would have missed him or recognized him.

It's not enough evidence to prove he got away

and Im not willing to take facial recognition technicians word for it. I mean they should have posted the pictures that they analyzed


d968bb  No.6334099

File: bdd5bf0c7805af5⋯.png (397.3 KB, 635x346, 635:346, motmoon.PNG)


The comments are yugely negatory i.e. pro-Trump/anti-swamp. 10:1 ratio is conservative guesstimate. 1700 comments!

0c71ff  No.6334101

File: 589473784f1a7fa⋯.jpeg (214.64 KB, 640x980, 32:49, 638C1F7C-B0A1-405A-8AD0-F….jpeg)

April 27th?

c63df5  No.6334103


she has a very dry mouth and bites

93a8a0  No.6334104


Graham is part of the plan in ways Graham has no control over.

So him being that way would be par for the course. He has no allegiance. He has fear.

The equation will always be: "Which consequence do these jellyfish fear more?"

a5a8cf  No.6334105

File: 2f3b09e5d9544a6⋯.png (2.96 MB, 1500x1080, 25:18, ClipboardImage.png)

5c394a  No.6334106


Then again, that foliage on the left side don't look right..

66d8c8  No.6334107

File: c84a8657f73fe0e⋯.jpg (90.58 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 2z27ja.jpg)

File: c25c622df5f5851⋯.jpg (43.42 KB, 668x374, 334:187, 2zirn2.jpg)

797c88  No.6334109

File: 91b412d0386e167⋯.jpg (162.87 KB, 441x354, 147:118, Sailing Ship Pepe Cannonba….jpg)


Incoming Pepe Photo Bomb!

0a921e  No.6334111


Now do your brother

7d3261  No.6334112

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a36a89  No.6334113


Boob bulges change too.

Which is original?

Why would anyone shop a tit OUT of a pic?

Anyone… ever…

c9fcd4  No.6334114


3:05 today then?

c6769e  No.6334116


Considering the prison they are holding him in, what's their plan?

9eb947  No.6334117



>>6333535, >>6333561 Jan2016, Obama WH summoned Ukrainian authorities/agenda suggested purpose was training and coordination

>>6333630, >>6333793 Jackoff Posobiec, Ball Maher just broke Adam Schiff - 3 fags, 1 vid

>>6333601 Sri Lanka gunbattle between troops and Islamist militants

>>6333577 planefag GTMO842 returning

>>6333508 Nat G twat troll? USS Batfish, famous for sinking 3 Imperial Jap Navy subs & POTUS golfing with PM Japan today

>>6333861, >>6333876 new Comey twat

>>6334032 dig on old Comey re the new @Comey - Mueller is 'more than people realize'

>>6333841 UK Movie Director Omid Nooshin hung himself

>>6333986 new tech on old history that JW Booth was really caught and killed (UK Mirror article, FYI)

>>6334029 NYT internationally prints antisemitic cartoon of Trump, Netanyahu (wheres the ban @Jack ?)

>>6333941 i like this because its a decode and anon graphic, dont like it because selectively omit capital D in Dollars, IMHO selectively omit is a bad habit

Bridges & Maps Thread

Beevs was kind enough to remove that anchor for yall, please praise the BV's


wassup Rain Man

good to see mah arch-nemesis today

love those salty tears, and makin you my bitch

ill be back at 650

nominate notables for the final cut

cahtted up this bread enough

798eb1  No.6334120

File: f0058f5d4673158⋯.png (163.95 KB, 625x417, 625:417, CovfefeFeelz.png)


Always on target! Always appreciated!

8297ef  No.6334121


I think he's saying

5 guys named Job he's "had"

what a fag

9928c6  No.6334122

Anons —

Watch Massachusetts.

Head of the snake.

Mueller made his name there

Maura Healey (those who shout the loudest)

Think you’ve seen corrupt judges?

9642be  No.6334123

File: a927dc72843c700⋯.png (373.59 KB, 872x278, 436:139, Screenshot 2019-04-27 at 1….png)

Christian war vet tries to murder innocent muzzies

Would Yahoo carry this story if it was the other way around?

e957ed  No.6334127

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6ff9d4  No.6334128

File: 6da6abf986dc093⋯.png (27.22 KB, 316x672, 79:168, Capture.PNG)





c63df5  No.6334129


TY for adding Anon

It is the exact model they use

9a829c  No.6334130

File: cdd4c57386aa43f⋯.png (511.98 KB, 706x847, 706:847, ClipboardImage.png)


from da comments…

73c8de  No.6334132


>The comments are yugely negatory i.e. pro-Trump/anti-swamp. 10:1 ratio is conservative guesstimate. 1700 comments!

It was all this—the president’s disdain, his well-fed resentments—that not only left Washington thinking Mr. Trump was crazy. It made Washington itself a fertile field for crazy. It was in this atmosphere that the Steele dossier, with its whacked out third-rate spy fiction, became believable, that sober-minded officials reportedly wondered if they should wear wires when they met with the president.

1ed7e0  No.6334133

File: 25ba0b842b43f24⋯.jpg (525.13 KB, 1800x1236, 150:103, Grrr Graphics sleepy_joe_b….jpg)

Sleepy Creepy Joe

Former Vice President and Senator Joe Biden has had a lot of nicknames over the years including “Uncle Joe,” “Blue Collar Joe,” and “Lunch Bucket Joe.”

He is called ‘Creepy Joe’ because of his habit of groping and sniffing females of all ages. President Trump recently dubbed Biden “Sleepy Joe,” which inspired this cartoon. Biden is not the brightest bulb, but he is considered a ‘moderate’ Democrat and some think that might make him more electable than the other gaggle of crazy socialists currently running.

Biden is 76 years old–just a year younger than that old commie crank, Bernie Sanders. I remember when the Democrats shamelessly attacked Ronald Reagan for his age—he was 73 when he was elected president. If elected, Biden would easily eclipse Reagan’s record–but being old and white may not be in Sleepy Joe’s favor. He also carries plenty of baggage including the Ukraine scandal, in which Vice President Biden pulled strings to make a deal that included his son raking in big money after being appointed to a board of a top Ukraine gas company. Biden plagiarized material for his speeches and called Obama ‘clean.’ Obama has not even endorsed him.

Sleepy Joe’s announcement came with the usual and predictable attack on Trump. Biden claimed Trump supports ‘white supremacists’ which is clearly not true except to those brainwashed with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

A election strategy of ad hominem attacks is all the Democrats have. They have no fresh ideas other than the ridiculous ‘Green New Deal,’ so they instead try to drum up anti-Trump hatred by calling him a racist, bigot, and homophobe. Without any evidence, logic, or reason of course.

Sleepy Joe may be dreaming of the White House, but his game plan is weak. Using empty platitudes and slogans will not serve Biden well—just like they didn’t help Hillary.

Sleepy Joe will put the voters to sleep.

—Ben Garrison


93a8a0  No.6334134


Would be great if the entirety of New England was cleared out at once.

798eb1  No.6334135

File: 2a4f15bd6ec6477⋯.jpg (168.7 KB, 888x499, 888:499, VoteGetOnBoard.jpg)

File: e21c388539b3f9f⋯.jpg (84.21 KB, 1080x810, 4:3, WWG1WGABillboard.jpg)

File: 1b594149207828c⋯.jpg (96.87 KB, 428x606, 214:303, FISAcorruptionDECLAS-Clipb….jpg)

537325  No.6334137


Yup. Applies to not just sex but anything racial, sexuality, wtf ever it might be.

If Q said he was a woman though, Tits or GTFO.

cde79b  No.6334138

File: 1772fc6018aafad⋯.jpg (447.78 KB, 1200x1577, 1200:1577, Let's-Do-This-Liberty.jpg)

File: e39c45f5b4ae70e⋯.png (101.31 KB, 648x748, 162:187, Blue-Beam-Night-Shift.png)

File: c35df762bc0eb67⋯.jpg (928.79 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, Good-Wins-Jupiter.jpg)


Us bumping into each other on the street would probably be the least implausible things so far, so, why not?

Let's do this!

Although I would rather get a ride, so if there's any passing SpaceMen who can beam us BOTH up to the same place, that would probably save us some TIME.

>And Yes, Anons, Please Pray for Us. All of US. US is You and You is US and


This really is True, frens. We are laying down a Path of Love for anyone who chooses to follow.

Come with!

It'll be epic!

Love you all.

828060  No.6334140

File: 7775fb6605bccf6⋯.jpg (74.6 KB, 285x1082, 285:1082, comeyisourguy.jpg)

File: 3d1d842c6be483d⋯.png (129.26 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Comey.png)

File: e888c877e46b84a⋯.png (67.25 KB, 819x1091, 819:1091, muellerComey.png)

File: e888c877e46b84a⋯.png (67.25 KB, 819x1091, 819:1091, muellerComey.png)

e957ed  No.6334142

File: 43f875469c1e327⋯.mp4 (12.96 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Joe diGenova-Admiral Micha….mp4)

7d516e  No.6334143

File: 24c538519266e62⋯.jpg (24.21 KB, 486x571, 486:571, 1477060192657.jpg)


>Rain Man


0a921e  No.6334144


They got hot springs there

02f6d9  No.6334147

File: d318a79d49d939e⋯.png (66 KB, 283x225, 283:225, 2018-11-13_23-31-40.png)


Could have been anything?

Miss having the generals around?

d22560  No.6334148


Yeah its amazing how dangerous a good baker like clam can be to the (((cabal)))… and tyb too!

d39747  No.6334149


>Anons —

>Watch Massachusetts.

Very corrupt up here. Last I saw, the sealed indictments were over 5,000 for MA. Sad.

Don't get it twisted though, lots of Patriots still up here.

d46fcc  No.6334150

File: 17cea215d988b17⋯.png (343.67 KB, 552x414, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Unless the plan is to turn it into a supermassive concentration camp. ;)

8ec109  No.6334151


They are not happy WeThePeople are awakening.

There are moar of us than them.

For them, the streets will not be safe…

d46fcc  No.6334152

File: a9a855a7231d64f⋯.png (338.04 KB, 680x464, 85:58, ClipboardImage.png)



0c71ff  No.6334153

File: 64853f9457c637f⋯.jpeg (233.61 KB, 472x901, 472:901, E697F31A-84F7-4EAE-936B-C….jpeg)

Interesting file name on the watch picture. Drop #2729?


d22560  No.6334154


Did Hitler kill 6 million jews in the holocaust? Come on Doug, just admit that ur a faggot.

9a829c  No.6334157

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here's the whole clip

535dec  No.6334158



i've had a few

but then again

too few to…

798eb1  No.6334159

File: 093355904afb597⋯.jpg (191.52 KB, 1024x537, 1024:537, DrainSwamp2.jpg)

File: fdfe78be2f0fedc⋯.jpg (524.26 KB, 1170x650, 9:5, DrainSwamp1.jpg)

File: 0a69ed6a359483f⋯.jpg (179.38 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, DrainTheSwamp2.jpg)

File: 65fb4b5902137c5⋯.jpg (401.11 KB, 768x1536, 1:2, DrainTheSwamp3.jpg)

File: 150f2e82988f697⋯.jpg (149.11 KB, 1023x513, 341:171, DrainTheSwamp14.jpg)

73c8de  No.6334161

File: 1b5655c79f90aa5⋯.jpeg (328.85 KB, 750x996, 125:166, F1523CDE-AC1C-4B78-BAF5-A….jpeg)


^Whoops - that was an excerpt from Noonan’s article. She is basically blaming Trump for the media’s insanity over the Steel Dossier.

They will never accept any responsibility