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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 4c3c09f1dbb8aef⋯.jpg (165.73 KB, 1824x1022, 912:511, 000_QANON_LOGO.JPG)

4bc8c7 No.648173


Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions

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Saturday 3.10.18

>>621887 rt >>621807 We went too deep.

>>621691 Strength Test

>>621588 CNN is sick

>>620790 rt >>620749 These people are stupid.

>>620670 Coincidence?

>>618866 rt >>618840 Hitler was a puppet

>>618754 N does not refer to Nazi.

>>618344 GLIMPSE.

>>618129 rt >>617965 The NAZI Order

>>617965 (pic with NAZIs & Catholic Bishops)

>>617249 rt >>617217 More coming

>>617143 rt >>617020 Pawn used.

>>616918 #internetbillofrights

>>616806 Choice is yours.

>>616792 She was warned.

>>616675 rt >>616618 Relevant to coming events.

>>616618 Truth will shock the WORLD

>>615484 ( >>615683 ) “Islam is a political agenda masquerading as a religion.”

>>615078 rt >>615000 “Marina” misspelled in >>614764

>>614954 No boundaries. Good vs Evil.

>>614764 rt >>614610 Spirit cooking; Follow “Maria” (see >>615078 )

>>614610 Hollywood is filled with former enslaved children.

>>614493 Keep the resignation list and graphics updated. Important.

>>614360 Re_read drops re: Podesta / Huma.

>>614146 rt >>614093 Another coincidence?

>>614101 Guns are safe. Stop falling for FAKE NEWS.

>>614093 rt >>613796 Anons are learning.

>>613352 rt >>613295 We appreciate all of the prayers.

>>613229 rt >>613193 We are saving Israel for last.

>>613164 rt >>613143 Interesting, isn’t it?

>>613129 rt >>613114 (es = eric schmidt)

>>613117 rt >>613103 (spy on one another's citizens)

>>613082 rt >>613049 Five Eyes is VERY important.

>>612963 rt >>612955 March MADNESS.

>>612957 Do not focus on the call details.

>>612870 rt >>612799 Review Congressional investigation.

>>612782 rt >>612722 Which conversation leaked?

>>612728 rt >>612723 11:11

>>612722 Re_read re: Australia.

Q Posts 3.04.18 - 3.08.18 >>609456

Q Posts Saturday 3.03.18 >>610612

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>>647448 Hillary sliding

>>647595 Nunes calling out twatter on censorship


>>647712 Maaaaaybe we shouldn't have given him the nobel...

>>647831 Double Standards

>>648024 Gorka can't @POTUS

>>648084 [P] = Palestine?!

>>647625 DJT Confirms Flat Earth?

>>647837 Article on Flat Earth?

Batch 800 Notables

>>646712 Trudeau Foundation

Batch 799 Notables

>>646112 Marina Abromovic Dig

Batch 797 Notables

>>644357 - model at one of marina's "Art shows" was found in the desert missing organs

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>>644151 - Mueller team analysis

>>643919 - Johnny 'Westart' McStain's foundation information

>>643859 - Rackstack is the Cloud Provider of: Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Openstack, VMware

>>643778 - Trump signs order prohibiting Broadcom takeover of Qualcomm

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>>643363 - Iran Deal / U1 and/ Benghazi connection!

>>643290 - House Intelligence Committee report on Russian re: election interference

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>>642034 - Sant Singh Chatwal - India / CF connection

>>642035 - AUSAID - CF connections

>>642286 - AUS Alexander Downer / CF / used for FBI probe

>>642357 - CF / India Solar Power Station

>>642358 - Trudeau gov't donates $20m to CF for Haiti

>>642379 - Dems fear FBI will be held accountable for Parkland shooting, not NRA

>>642394 - CF / Pakistan / kickbacks

>>642410 & >>642438 - HRC & HA visit to India

>>642583 - British Empire / Commonwealth Foundation / House of Windsor

>>642610 - Prepping the public for "fake" videos?

>>642624 - Circuit Court rules to release CCTV footage from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting

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>>641234 Test Passed

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>>641234 - Test passed

>>641298 - Texas Senator Ted Cruz lobs "Cruz Missile" at Twitter in Senate hearing

>>641350 - JC twat - #speechmoves

>>641391 - Texas bomb in Windsor Park neighborhood - House of Windsor connection?

>>641423 - C_A twat about Bridge

>>641429 - VJ in Austin during bombings?

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>>641594 - Air Canada systems glitch

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>>641680 - KH and Democrats want to remove ICE

>>641719 - TEGNA COO Lynn B. Trelstad selling shares

>>641840 - AUSAID and CF

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>>638525, >>638634 POTUS on the Moon?

>>638260 Natural Economic Order?

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4bc8c7 No.648190



d2e081 No.648191

File: 900be7b1a8c8b31⋯.jpg (3.72 MB, 2136x3296, 267:412, Reagan-in-Cowboy-Hat-Evans.jpg)

287c68 No.648192

Nice baker!

> much appreciated :)

fb26c2 No.648193

File: 3d9c64b7aa45481⋯.jpeg (1.7 MB, 2600x3700, 26:37, 0285DBD1-6523-4885-9585-3….jpeg)

Sexual harrasmacrats

ffa629 No.648194

File: fd23955309ef3e4⋯.jpg (9.84 KB, 320x240, 4:3, popesata.jpg)

This is a little disorganized, but I promise if you start reading about these topics, it starts connecting some crumbs.

If you're sick of the same Hilary Step video, shilling and Flat Earth crap that's going on. I really believe it's worth the dig, and would like some help.

Pope John Paul II / Banks / Pedophilia / AIDS / Nazis / Masons


•Is the Pope in the picture Q posted that has the upside-down cross on the back of his chair

(Needs confirmation, but I am nearly certain)

•His predecessor (Pope John Paul I) died under suspicious circumstances after just 33 days of being Pope

•Was the 3rd longest reigning Pope in History!

(from 1978 to 2005)

•His successor was the Nazi Pope

•Had multiple assassination attempts on him

•Ian Paisley (to him) in 1988 - "I denounce you as the ANTICHRIST!"

•It is believed a vial of his blood was once stolen for a "Satanic Rite"


•Pope John Paul II was alleged to have links with Banco Ambrosiano, an Italian bank that collapsed in 1982. At the centre of the bank's failure was its chairman, Roberto Calvi, and his membership in the illegal Masonic Lodge Propaganda Due (aka P2).

•The death of Pope John Paul I in 1978 is rumoured to be linked to the Ambrosiano scandal.

•On 5 June 1982, two weeks before the collapse of Banco Ambrosiano, Calvi had written a letter of warning to Pope John Paul II, stating that such a forthcoming event would "provoke a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions in which the Church will suffer the gravest damage". On 18 June 1982 Calvi's body was found hanging from scaffolding beneath Blackfriars Bridge in the financial district of London. Calvi's clothing was stuffed with bricks, and contained cash valued at US$14,000, in three different currencies


•John Paul II was the Pope during the huge priest pedophilia scandals and did basically nothing about it. IIRC, he actually helped cover it up.

•In 2004 John Paul II recalled Bernard Francis Law to be Archpriest of the Papal Basilica of Saint Mary Major in Rome. Law had previously resigned as archbishop of Boston in 2002 in response to the Catholic Church sexual abuse cases after Church documents were revealed that suggested he had covered up sexual abuse committed by priests in his archdiocese.

•John Paul II was a firm supporter of the Legion of Christ, and in 1998 discontinued investigations into sexual misconduct by its leader Marcial Maciel


•John Paul II was criticised for his support of the Opus Dei prelature and the 2002 canonisation of its founder, Josemaría Escrivá, whom he called 'the saint of ordinary life.'

•Throughout its history, Opus Dei has been criticized from many quarters, prompting journalists to describe Opus Dei as "the most controversial force in the Catholic Church" and founder Saint Josemaría Escrivá as a "polarizing" figure.

•It is claimed by some that founder Saint Josemaría Escrivá supported Hitler.


•John Paul's position against artificial birth control, including the use of condoms to prevent the spread of HIV, was harshly criticised by doctors and AIDS activists, who said that it led to countless deaths and millions of AIDS orphans.


•"Institute for the Works of Religion" commonly known as the Vatican Bank, is a private bank situated inside Vatican City

•When the Holy See, whose tax-exempt status on income from Italian investments was revoked in 1968, decided to diversify its holdings, it employed as financial adviser Michele Sindona. Once among the country's most powerful businessmen, subsequent investigations into his business affairs brought to light questionable associations with the Mafia as well as the secret P2, a bogus "Masonic" lodge that the Italian Parliament branded as a subversive organization.

•In 1982, a political and financial scandal connected with the collapse of Banco Ambrosiano involved the head of IOR from 1971 to 1989, Archbishop Paul Marcinkus.

In 1987, an Italian court issued a warrant against Marcinkus, whom they accused of being an accessory to fraudulent bankruptcy. Marcinkus evaded arrest by staying inside Vatican City until the warrant was dismissed in 1991.

•Tony Abse, writing in The Weekly Worker, has said that the CIA used the Institute for the Works of Religion to funnel funds.

147f48 No.648195

File: 432cc74ec8bb46b⋯.jpg (43.09 KB, 540x500, 27:25, ! Tasty Bread 0.jpg)

d2e081 No.648196

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Hitlery falling AGAIN!!!!

a4a8e0 No.648197




dont use his dough, he always cuts out the 3rd one and stuffs his comm board in it

go back to using this proper one


d2e081 No.648199

File: d51475dfd19412b⋯.jpg (72.8 KB, 1008x672, 3:2, ee3b312e0eaaa7443d9c6c39ea….jpg)

008e36 No.648200


You ask too many questions.

Trust the plan.

d2e081 No.648201

File: 539c9f4d76fa9aa⋯.jpg (16.19 KB, 191x255, 191:255, 43a5a19002f0f41e9d147a6267….jpg)

File: 58985d43a05cccc⋯.jpg (40.17 KB, 700x450, 14:9, ronald-reagan-quotes.jpg)

d34c7d No.648202

File: ac1411cbe694ed6⋯.jpg (181.63 KB, 498x412, 249:206, f44b016ba28ff8f28a1f0695b6….jpg)

File: 81e226d9e34c5ab⋯.png (13.7 KB, 300x250, 6:5, HbrxNwnHZh-6.png)

efb601 No.648203

File: b0e748330d94a01⋯.jpg (179.81 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 4.jpg)

File: 6bd1c4a8a92ae39⋯.jpg (226.99 KB, 720x1080, 2:3, 3.jpg)

Now you can ban me if truth gets an anon banned

8bf285 No.648204


I really think that are doubles..

2a7fa3 No.648205


MMmm asians….

d2e081 No.648206

File: 45ecea3b86ed97b⋯.jpeg (89.02 KB, 736x922, 368:461, 45ecea3b86ed97b5426f31cc3….jpeg)

4bc8c7 No.648207

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09394e No.648208


Patriots would win.

But Americans fighting Americans is not a good thing no matter how misguided Libs are.

We must find a way to win back the hearts and minds of the youth.

Teach them the old ways.

What it means to be an American.

God and Country.

8f6f7e No.648209


Intriguing that it's them dropping the crumb.

Wonder who Pompeo has running their twatter.

008e36 No.648210


Not this shit again…


Whats good asian chick loving anon? No Melania this time?

fef6f0 No.648211


mouldy bread …

d2e081 No.648212

File: 00a132f61411586⋯.jpg (83.66 KB, 646x646, 1:1, michelle-malkin-1488870881.jpg)

File: 69614c2ea663475⋯.jpg (34.04 KB, 370x500, 37:50, 69614c2ea663475bc5b081ad78….jpg)

e86ed2 No.648213


The way you FEs push it is just Shilly.

8bf285 No.648214


It isn't a Real Asian..

6f1c36 No.648215

File: 4527ec2f3d403e8⋯.gif (2.73 MB, 500x278, 250:139, giphy.gif)





(from last bread)

Prefer to just stick to Watermelon & such.

Pigfeet for collagen also necessary treat.

Fried chicked too, but just the heme-heavy meat.

A genetic defect allows me to solarize freely,

Whilst maxing NO enzymatic capacity of Hgb,

Going glyconeogenic on resistance training.

Life is good when God loves you best.

Thank him every day for the blessing of PETS,

Staring into those human eyes for hours,

Oxytocin delivers such an exquisite high,

Especially for those cursed with God's blessings,

For whom courage, willpower tend to be undertrained.

4bc8c7 No.648216


your notables were old but had the reference tools, so I took them and made them my own.

ab64d9 No.648217


The WORLD is helping. This sounds like a hint.

Q's about to get into the Nazis on/in the moon, working with non-terrestrials.

4bc8c7 No.648219



f3b2a4 No.648220

I might have missed this but what is the significance of the "Q+"?:

Mar 10 2018 16:48:47


10 to comply.

Choice is yours.


58b519 No.648221


Nay Galleys escaped & others on land rallied in Switzerland origins of the Banks (Banking Cabal)

Ty Baker

e0f788 No.648222


CNN Copypasta buys you only negative credibility shill.

d91ef7 No.648223

File: e1bd5f6a7aeb0de⋯.jpg (48.2 KB, 615x340, 123:68, how-to-save-for-a-house-do….jpg)

d2e081 No.648224

File: 5834e401fe2287d⋯.png (540.79 KB, 516x750, 86:125, 5834e401fe2287d79cfc5afc1f….png)

File: 00a132f61411586⋯.jpg (83.66 KB, 646x646, 1:1, michelle-malkin-1488870881.jpg)

File: 520c5784efa7d3a⋯.jpg (86.12 KB, 367x240, 367:240, ugly-michelle.jpg)

File: 26008d6f864e6f5⋯.jpeg (42.22 KB, 350x404, 175:202, 26008d6f864e6f50c1c741c3f….jpeg)


Melania and Asians are hot.

Beats the alternative. See pics for evidence.

ba8f5c No.648225


Patton and President Trump look like identical twins to me. Coincidence?

fef6f0 No.648226


flat earth … P shill garbage

008e36 No.648227


c55808 No.648228

File: 9e036e0ca7eec65⋯.png (861.32 KB, 1423x794, 1423:794, Capture _2018-03-13-01-09-….png)

Thank You All!

Good will always win. ALWAYS!

1f1dda No.648229

Examine old Q photos with Apache. It may reveal hidden messages in the whitespace

2a7fa3 No.648230


I'm thinking:

National Socialism is where we NEED to go, but it's frowned upon because Hitler, BUT hitler wasn't all that responsible for a nothingburger holocaust.

d2e081 No.648231

File: 77fd89cf73d16c3⋯.jpg (71.99 KB, 661x508, 661:508, DM6YjeuU8AM5Qre.jpg)

f7a433 No.648232

File: d97d57e1d717f7c⋯.jpg (304.98 KB, 1063x1286, 1063:1286, Screenshot_20180313-001812.jpg)

File: 4d85ef8eee1eac0⋯.jpg (669.47 KB, 1076x1693, 1076:1693, Screenshot_20180313-001841.jpg)

File: 77a47ca42d15a51⋯.jpg (394.06 KB, 1056x1323, 352:441, Screenshot_20180313-001901.jpg)

File: 71d17e81c947fd4⋯.jpg (220.83 KB, 1066x813, 1066:813, Screenshot_20180313-001926.jpg)

File: aa32e5e7844598e⋯.jpg (610.67 KB, 1066x1486, 533:743, Screenshot_20180313-002011.jpg)


https:// mobile.twitter.com/Debradelai/status/945929315513962502

PLO are directly related to the Nazis. Nazis bred and passed the torch of their ideology to them too. Think of it. The Israel/Palestinian conflict has divided the world in two. Which is why POTUS wants to shut down the PLO embassy. Divide and conquer. And give rise to Islamic National Socialism (which Flynn has written about too). The puppet masters at the top creating conflict and ideologies to fit their needs around the world.

38f898 No.648233


Just look at the electoral college map. Every leftist area is completely surrounded. Leftists could have every major military commander in history on their side, and they would still lose a civil war against patriots. Not to mention the fact that most socialist men are pussies.

a4a8e0 No.648234


i didnt make that dough, but its from 6 threads ago so yeah the notables would be old, its the only thing that needs to be updated on that dough.

use that and get rid of this comms shit

287c68 No.648235


socialism is of the jews, fuck off kike

c780c7 No.648236


The world is helping alludes to other white hats in powerful places….

4505a3 No.648237


Anon is trying to push anything. Anon is trying to stand on principle. Another anon was filtered for posting an article that proved their point.

d2e081 No.648238

File: b946dbfc52bcbf8⋯.jpeg (54.6 KB, 960x540, 16:9, DPA4krhVAAAYX7t.jpeg)

008e36 No.648239


Ok. I concede.

You are persistent, anon.

Glad youre on our side. KEK.

4bc8c7 No.648240


ok let's take a vote…


anons please reply let me know if these need to go:

>>648084 [P] = Palestine?!

>>647625 DJT Confirms Flat Earth?

>>647837 Article on Flat Earth?

efb601 No.648242


You might able to fool everyone else but can't fool me.

I saw the interview with my own eyes.

d2e081 No.648243

File: c72a210d71f658d⋯.jpg (86.48 KB, 736x737, 736:737, ee16cfcd064f692d627cf05a56….jpg)

8bf285 No.648244


Sometimes I think that Flynn will be President in 2024

477b5c No.648245


She wants the sympathy, don't promote.

d91ef7 No.648246


That motherfucker ruined everything. A cool haircut. Cool mustache. Cool salute. Arm bands. Ancient peace symbol.

If only he won… it would all have been OK.

7fdf3f No.648247


let them go, if they come back, shoot them.

Between the eyes.

e86ed2 No.648248


Nothing "proves" the point.. at all. It's just conjecture

4505a3 No.648249


I think that P is established.

As for the others, I think they should stay.

634867 No.648250

I've just been doing a quick run through old Q posts.

The meeting between Trump and NK is huge in proving Q. The dominoes are falling.

This is war. This is chess. What anons need to understand about due process is that the secret grand jury system is in place so high profile people can't be defamed by allegations. All these leaks you hear about are super fucking illegal.

Think about Obama and the left's disdain for due process. They're willing to leak all things Republican but why would they leak anything to hurt themselves?

d2e081 No.648251

File: ac1c365413fe354⋯.jpg (63.62 KB, 650x520, 5:4, Funny_ebd8fb_1084992.jpg)

File: 8c03a8535ca8638⋯.png (756.63 KB, 746x748, 373:374, 8c03a8535ca863859da0f30930….png)


That would be wonderful.

8d142d No.648252


Palestinians = Phillistines = Canaanites = Hebrews = Semites

That should clear it up for you.

They have been fighting over the same land since Abraham left Ur.

efb601 No.648253


Be advised that the guy who posted that was banned.

For some reason somone does not want that stuff posted.

Sounds like brad to me!

008e36 No.648254


Celebrate Truth

f3fce3 No.648255


I have gone back and forth with this Q+

I come to the final thought,

( unless someone has more info on it)

That this is a higher Q. We know Q is a team,

We know that there are probably levels of higher position. So I assume the Q+ is a higher level of clearance or position.

I would like others inputs though.

f3b2a4 No.648256


Cultural Marxism is what the neoliberal democrats are using

8f6f7e No.648257

File: eb05d4131785c98⋯.png (58.67 KB, 787x525, 787:525, ariana-savalas.png)

Thank you Baker.

Who loves ya baby?

54bfa6 No.648258


Fake news/cinema/ and they knew we‘d all focus on this!!

9a9763 No.648259


He would of had to nuke us several times to make us quit. We would of deserved it I guess. We wouldnt be so messed up now if he had.

6db46b No.648260


Drunk as a skunk

2a7fa3 No.648261


so we give it to the Jews. Is that bad?

44d79e No.648262

File: ade04792e1e1cc8⋯.png (437.51 KB, 504x666, 28:37, ERASE.PNG)

efb601 No.648263


"sounds like BREAD to me.


38f898 No.648264


After extensive amounts of research, I've come to the conclusion that Hitler actually didn't do anything wrong.

8d142d No.648265


They never thought he'd lose

2a7fa3 No.648266


Maybe we need Nazis to fight Commies?

751d60 No.648267


The biggest factor is food and supplies. Where the hell are all of those blue cities going to get their food and fuel from?

d2e081 No.648268

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No sympathy at all. Makes her look like the lying ass she is. Hence why the MSM are trying to hide it. If is was "good" for her, do you think they would hide it?

She might be trying to make herself look feeble to try and get out of the harsh punishment coming her way, but it wont work with our President.

Thank God for President Trump!

c0de8a No.648269

File: 546d8e80fbfc54d⋯.jpg (101.6 KB, 1424x542, 712:271, 546d8e80fbfc54db6fbf071baf….jpg)

4505a3 No.648270

663ded No.648271


None of those are correct!!!

6b2d97 No.648272

File: d4d0c2729fb1964⋯.png (6.45 KB, 437x137, 437:137, Q 1.PNG)

File: b952b911c2e6e3f⋯.png (9.27 KB, 446x239, 446:239, Q 2.PNG)


Q+ has been used twice

0c490e No.648273


Get off that road, anon. Leads to ruin.

2a7fa3 No.648274

d2e081 No.648275

File: 71373c5556d1bb9⋯.png (292.91 KB, 500x553, 500:553, 71373c5556d1bb97f23162cd7c….png)

2ca02d No.648276


She looks pregnant

0dd315 No.648277


Make an arrest already


f3b2a4 No.648278


That makes sense. But + is also Soros:

Nov 11 2017 23:29:35

Hard to swallow.

Important to progress.

Who are the puppet masters?

House of Saud (6+++) - $4 Trillion+

Rothschild (6++) - $2 Trillion+

Soros (6+) - $1 Trillion+

Focus on above (3).

Public wealth disclosures – False.


2a7fa3 No.648279


Ethnostate = bad

7fdf3f No.648280


Economy = Fuel, Food, Feed, Fiber…

Cities don't make any of these. Cities are just human zoos.

e86ed2 No.648281


Scrub them All!

09394e No.648282



Yes, although Seth Rich was a Dem and a patriot of the highest order.

Not sure about ADM Rogers political affiliation but id follow him over any hill.

I love this country. I dont want to see it torn apart by civil war.

If it happens like Lee I will fight for those I love.

But I hope there can be another way.

773d73 No.648283


Is the Catholic Church against birth control only because they want to harvest the babies from Catholic families?

c780c7 No.648284


I am sure there was another post with Q+ that was relivent a few days back…

61b9c1 No.648285

Ms. Abedin, a practicing Muslim, was born in 1976 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. She had an Indian father, Syed Zainul Abedin, and a Pakistani mother, Saleha Mahmood Abedin. Both parents held doctorates from the University of Pennsylvania. Her father, who died when she was 17 years old, was an Islamic and Middle Eastern scholar. He founded his own institute devoted to Western-Eastern and interfaith understanding and reconciliation, and published a journal focusing on Muslim minorities. Her mother is a professor in Saudi Arabia.

ba3065 No.648286


Doubles. Fake and gay.

add39a No.648287



d2e081 No.648288

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The more I view the video the more I think…..



c780c7 No.648289


@snowden not enough….?

8f6f7e No.648290

File: 0ceb3f48c01f1f3⋯.png (46.19 KB, 809x165, 809:165, 0313-Qplus-PapH-wiki.png)

File: ab756dc1c0a47a1⋯.png (48.94 KB, 273x374, 273:374, 0313-Logoi-Qplus.png)


Possibillty on meaning, not identity:



de4ee9 No.648291

George WH Bush is an alledged NAZI WAR CRIMINAL, foreign born. He was born George H. Scherff, Jr. www.proliberty.com/observer/20070405.htm

He is allegedly Hitler's cousin. www.thebushconnection.com/bush.html

4505a3 No.648292


Because the "jews" that are there are not biblical jews. Even if they were, it would be like Mexicans making the claim that because California was part of Mexico at one time, they are entitled to having the land back.

d2e081 No.648293



She looks like a hippo!


8bf285 No.648294


Wait a Moment.., Why the MSM are trying to hide it?.., that must Affect Us psychologically.., Strange….

80b95f No.648295


I strongly believe he reincarnated as trump to settle the score

d2e081 No.648297


Could you imagine how embarrassing it would have been to have this criminal as our president? She just signs books and still cant walk properly.

2a7fa3 No.648298


They had birth control in ancient Rome. It's not mentioned though in the bible.

Why's that?

0b20d0 No.648299


mouldy bread

[P]= palestine and Flat earth bs

f3b2a4 No.648300



True, higher Q makes sense but still not certain

d91ef7 No.648301


Moon Nazis and Mars Niggers. Cant wait.

9a9763 No.648302


Were to put them? I dont want them here. No one really wants them. They should of taken the offer of Madagascar.

6b2d97 No.648303


Not that I can find here

https:// qanon.pub/

0c490e No.648305


Trump didn’t confirm flat earth. Claims he did are a hoax and certainly didn’t come from Q.

2a7fa3 No.648306


Well, NOW in 2018 they've been there a while.

0dd315 No.648307


Photos of buildings and busy streets?

Yeah those are nothingbugers

8f6f7e No.648308


Agree this is a setup. And the hounds are falling hook, line & sinker for it.

Bait meet hook.

38f898 No.648309


Zero big arrests so far.

171695 No.648310

BREAKING: U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis arrives in Afghan capital Kabul in unannounced visit

https:// twitter.com/AP/status/973431116983095301

54bfa6 No.648311

Can’t believe how many believe this trip to India is true news! MSM still has so much power.

ba887c No.648313

d2e081 No.648314

File: 45ecea3b86ed97b⋯.jpeg (89.02 KB, 736x922, 368:461, 45ecea3b86ed97b5426f31cc3….jpeg)

File: 7fd5b860578a885⋯.jpg (69.3 KB, 412x359, 412:359, 7fd5b860578a885cd0245b4d17….jpg)



Definitely God sent Trump to clean up our world.

Praise POTUS!

2a7fa3 No.648315


Man is an animal.

a7937d No.648316


FE people are stupid. Yes, that includes you. Since you quoted a libtard outlet like CNN (it's not even really CNN) I am replying with another libtard outlet that I'm sure you will believe. Read it an weep moron….


ba3065 No.648317


If you take a close look at the steps where she slips, you can see there indentations, as if worn down, but the surrounding steps don't have the same. Staged?

ffa629 No.648318


I was thinking, while this Pope was in, it had more to do with the spread of AIDS. Which I think Q hinted was man-made and originally targeting certain groups.

008e36 No.648319

File: c34f80c7a5ad2fb⋯.jpg (7.83 KB, 200x252, 50:63, images (3).jpg)

8d142d No.648320


If you can view her as weak you shatter the programming.

Whether you realize it or not, we have been programmed to believe she is of the gods.

131a54 No.648321

>>648100 (last bread)


d2e081 No.648322



Mad dog Mattis. Super Marine!!

663ded No.648323


Really?! That is interesting.

f3fce3 No.648324


Well, I see what you mean but I also go back to

reminding myself that Q does give double meanings, I assume that + could be a symbol for

a person and could also be used in the( plus) +

form. Q+ can not mean QSoros so Q + higher Up, is where I am at in my thought process on this. Interesting though , just like everything else we get to witness.

d91ef7 No.648325


If he's there to burn the poppy fields I will be impressed.

efb601 No.648326


Look friend…

That article was written by CNN. It is real.

I saw the same interview on television with my own eyes.

Trump REALY said those things.

At the time CNN was trying to make Trump look bad.

But that was BEFORE Q, before "our" operation.

Verify the quote yourself

They are trying to scrub the internet of it, but it still out there.

The ball is in YOUR court.

Do you really want bread, or just filler.

Keep the quote.

These flat earthers are on to something!

4505a3 No.648327


I would be all for paying whatever the cost to send them all to the sun. Call me a solar Zionist, if you must, but I would be ok with that solution. Madagascar is closer, however.

59258c No.648329


pretend all those posts are Rothschilds

and gas them all

d2e081 No.648330

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Excuse shill keeps trying…and trying.

Hillary LOST to Donald J. Trump. Get over it, sore loser

8d142d No.648331


Possession is 9/10ths of the law.

0dd315 No.648332


But hey "we are winning" right?

f3fce3 No.648334


I have not seen this, thank you. I will take a look, but what I can see its very interesting.

Appreciate it Anon

38f898 No.648335


What's fake about it? Hillary gave a televised speech and was talking more shit than ever about President Trump. Treasonous whore should have been arrested months ago, yet she's still completely free.

4505a3 No.648336


If they stayed in their 1967 borders, or went back to them, that would be another story.

663ded No.648337


We've been bombing the poppy fields.

d2e081 No.648338

File: 5fe6193e61ed27f⋯.jpeg (39.45 KB, 600x634, 300:317, DVUd3KXVQAA0vAY.jpeg)


To think you voted for this ugly thing.

61b9c1 No.648339

“Huma represents what is best about America: the daughter of immigrants, who has risen to the highest levels of our government on the basis of her substantial personal merit and her abiding commitment to the American ideals that she embodies so fully. I am proud to know Huma, and to call her my friend,” Sen. McCain added.

008e36 No.648340



How is it on twatter?


4ef166 No.648341

Some thoughts…

UFO = Russian hypersonic drone fired from spy ship ?

700B defeated by 35B?

Floating Billion dollar city < 10000.00 Drone

https:// fas.org/man/eprint/FutureWarfare.ppt


Look at the world we live in. I'm not so sure. Assume what we have now available in some form 10 years ago. DARPA>Internet

Thinking needs to change at warfare cost/ethics. US should develop ground based 500yd EMP and large yield EMP. What did fire and fury mean? I'm hoping we've got powerful deterrents, non-lethal govt kil_ switches.

Crazy world.

Thin lines.

Dangerous game.


Part of reason people sold out country for principle of equilibrium, destroy economies, create refugee crisis; create stress on world, create drama by sacrificing loyalty and other people's lives in larger game of evil, arrogance, lies @ global govt.

38d000 No.648342

File: 11b1df2ede42ce6⋯.png (123.64 KB, 315x225, 7:5, Untitled.png)


38f898 No.648343


Oh yeah you know it. Almost forgot, "trust the plan."

c780c7 No.648344


If the MS showed how bad her health was, people who followed her and heard the roomers and so vehemently denied… Do you think those people may be more likely to red pill??

I think so, also that "her" supporters will be the easiest to red pill (once the right evidence comes out "keep them stupid, keep them poor, keep them starving").. Think how big Hillary supporters mouths are..

They will be a powerful ally once red pilled KEK

63ca34 No.648345


whats the other 10th? just curious.

145a43 No.648346




IMPORTANT from last thread

Follow the WIVES

f3b2a4 No.648347



0980c3 No.648348



4505a3 No.648349


Even the UN would disagree in this case. They are occupying land illegally (since 1967). They need to go back to their original holdings.

7fdf3f No.648350


A deed?

ffa629 No.648351


Basically the impression I was getting when putting this together was that this Pope was installed. Linked to Masons, pedophilia and many of the other things that fit in here. Q also posted the original picture.

Black Pope?

The Vatican is very dirty, secretive and corrupt.

I think I missed a few connections but the same things kept coming up, the deeper I went.

d2e081 No.648352


Just our lurking Hitlery shill in here. Been her with a few others for a while.


9a9763 No.648353


Even if we dropped them off by themselves with only farm tools they would be raping the Lemurs before we know it. If we don't steriize them they well be eating their own kids and doing voodoo kabbalah shit.

99c185 No.648354


Nancy Drew and The Mystery of the Crisco on the Steps

9ead3c No.648355

Watching Hillary in her bullshit lying … thing in India…. Saying white women are stupid and won't vote for themselves and are weak willed toward what men tell them to do… What a cunt. She must…. go to jail at least. ….There is no God if that bitch does not go to jail.

9c488d No.648356

File: 0d2c8cfb6b53509⋯.jpg (84.91 KB, 712x539, 712:539, 16q66q6664hj515634276750.jpg)


FE is just an effective derail shill tactic on chans. There are no 'FE people'. FE junk should be instaban.

Go to /x/ faggot this has no relevance here.

8d142d No.648357


Wishful thinking

efb601 No.648358


Sounds CRAZY

Seems TRUE


0f3d36 No.648359


On the right track here. There are still a few of the original bloodline around in hiding. Some are at the Vatican. Why do you think they wear those cone-shaped hats? The original bloodline is from Mars and/or Maldek. Maldek(now asteroid belt) was destroyed in a vicious war just like in Star Wars. The deep rift that goes across the face of Mars was made by this huge weapon.

44d79e No.648360

File: 785a37a4ab37da8⋯.png (231.32 KB, 669x390, 223:130, bitch.PNG)

4505a3 No.648361


Poor Lemurs. As for them eating their own, I say, live and let live.

d2e081 No.648362

File: 865d91a8d3d011d⋯.mp4 (363.29 KB, 480x324, 40:27, DYA7zLtWkAAP-iB.mp4)

Twice Failed Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton and Low-IQ Maxine Waters would make a good comedy duo, woudnt they…

c0de8a No.648363

File: 0695bb78fc46860⋯.jpg (67.95 KB, 600x600, 1:1, molon-labe.jpg)

9a9763 No.648364


I thought for a while we would tell the truth about them. They would be hated and all flee to Israel and we let Iran nuke them after we starved Israel into giving up their nukes. But now I think that is not the plan.

6a25ff No.648365

Major airport systems outage for Air Canada across Canada today/this morning….

No coincidences as they say, I wonder who they picked up.

c11100 No.648366


Uses snopes to fact check …

0c490e No.648367

Because babies were viewed as God’s greatest blessing. >>648298

4bc8c7 No.648368



We're cooking along nicely, I'm good for one more.


Always kneading, <3

1484e2 No.648369


There was a war. They won. To the victor go the spoils.

d91ef7 No.648370


The worst part of all of this is in 2-3 years we'll have a whole group of people wearing black berets and skinny jeans using all the Q phrases. Sitting around drinking tea saying shit like "trust the plan" "reconcile" blah blah blah. Bunch of fucking Q hipsters.

663ded No.648371


Not unanounced ahead of time. Announced now that he is there. Same as when Kushner went unanounced to SA.

98f196 No.648372


Q has said "the cages are full". so lots of arrests have been made. The normies just aren't ready for the big disclosures yet. My guess are most are M13, ISIS cells, CIA operatives, just not the big guys yet because then the explaining has to come.

ba3065 No.648373


Agreed. It's a distraction. They're probably in Gitmo and their team would rather throw them under the bus publically rather than admit they've been apprehended.

02381f No.648374



Been thinking about this more since I read the wiki on Q+/Papias from the graphic above.

My hypothesis: this is the first Q.

Could mean this is the original team member. Let me know what you guys think.

0a2678 No.648375

File: 6a0cdf7faaee884⋯.png (407.65 KB, 427x461, 427:461, ClipboardImage.png)

This one keeps an Obama 'doll' for comfort, in these Trump times.

0b20d0 No.648376


the earth is not flat,

Soros does probably not take orders from Palestine

8d142d No.648377




fef6f0 No.648378


no you're not … shill shit in batter

a7937d No.648379


I couldn't think of a better way to insult him…. Funny thing is, snopes debunked it…..

8f6f7e No.648380


so P=Palestine and Flat Earth are in the dough but Admiral Roger's testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee is not. The head of the freakin NSA.


d2e081 No.648381

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


She is STILL making excuses why she lost to Trump. lol

Mentally and phsycially fucked up for sure.

6a25ff No.648382


I have no doubt Q has it all lined up for the next 2 or 3 presidents IMO

I agree. Very likely Flynn after Trump.

8d142d No.648383


That is definitely not our plan

98f196 No.648384


I'm totally going to be a Q hipster.

663ded No.648385


Good luck it's a weird night. Have fun with the batter they are adding flat Earth posts to notables.

145a43 No.648386

File: e240087d8342804⋯.png (58.81 KB, 668x259, 668:259, Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at ….png)


d2e081 No.648387


And if they really neeed a woman for president, could put Ivanka in as VP under Flynn.

f2af06 No.648388


A Quipster.

It's not cool don't Quote that.

4ef166 No.648389


= higher AUTH/msg from.

Could be POTUS

Why Not?

bf7875 No.648390


What the fuck flat earth.

Throw everything away.

We're done here.

4bc8c7 No.648391


Come on now…

4505a3 No.648392


There was an illegal war. They took land they were not entitled to. Even the NWO UN sided against them. This is incorrect.

008e36 No.648393

193949 No.648394


H.U.M.A = Harvard Uni Muslim Association.

Huma Abedin = Ties the Clinton Foundation to the Muslim Brotherhood/Awan that ties to Saudi Arabia.

287c68 No.648395


Cockroaches do love shit.

6a25ff No.648396


They might very well have her next in line as well. Although I agree. Give Flynn 8 and then Ivanka 8. Perfect.

d88a78 No.648397

I have feeling this "No Russia Collusion" intelligence committee report comes night before PA elections on purpose. POTUS is playing cat and mouse game with them. Q and his team own them and roast them on slow fire.

4bc8c7 No.648398


give me the link and i'll put it in, instead of being a dick. I just got here last bread, I didnt fuck it up for the past 3 days, thanks

0dd315 No.648399

We are winning

4 months, no arrests, no substitute happenings

But hey those coincidental tweet "verificatios" are cute though, right!?

Cabal still free laughing it up on their mansions


9ead3c No.648400


We have to do it that way. Give them no time to set up for any surface to air shit they may have etc. And you cannot trust the Afghans to keep a secret. They, with their cell phones are faster than the internet. And much more accurate with information.

59258c No.648401


every now and then a shill manages to bake

shit like this into the dough

if it's still there in the morning when i get up, ill bake and remove

34ba88 No.648402


This is also called "redaction criticism", it's widely debated amongst Christian circles. The hypothetical common source for the common content of the gospels is referred to as "Q" as one of the other posts mentioned. The theory suggests that there may have been a document of common sayings attributed to Christ circulating before the formalized gospels from which the writers drew some of their parallel stories.

I don't necessarily think that it has anything to do with Q+, but I'm reminded sometimes when reading posts by Q that it is likely a team effort with multiple people (at least 2 individuals by my estimation). I've always likened my subtle recognition of different individuals posting as Q to redaction criticism. I'm glad that others have made some kind of connection to that.

0f3d36 No.648403

Instead of a ridiculous flat earth theory, why now consider a hollow earth with huge caverns the size of Texas?

58b519 No.648404



287c68 No.648405



008e36 No.648406



Not "Association".

663ded No.648407


Oh and now ur back great…………..this board just went to shit and it was already at shit level.

d2e081 No.648408


Isnt it funny how she still fell TWICE even when a guy is holding her arm as tight as he can?

The bitch cant even walk let alone be President.

c725b0 No.648409


its both

8d142d No.648410


Tell that to the American Indians

Game over

63ca34 No.648411


yeah a contract. but was just being funny because that statement has no fact to it really. he or she born in mid 60s early 70s! I know because I heard that all the time,mainly when someone oryou stole somone else's stuff

f2af06 No.648412

I believe in dodecahedron earth. I will settle for no less than twelve five-sided polygons.

We've been lied to, everyone.

8f6f7e No.648413




What if it's not identifying an individual but a particular process or strategy? Like DEFCON 1,2, etc.

0980c3 No.648414

File: 367b25f61ccfb75⋯.jpg (27.17 KB, 500x250, 2:1, john-belushi-saturday-nigh….jpg)


Wow. That escalated quickly.

Was only referring to a few 'notables'.

9a9763 No.648415


Yeah I know. I guess we have to go for executing only the Khazar baby killers and being worried for the rest of history that they will be hiding in closets plotting the whole time to get their revenge. And next time they dont fuck it up?

I hope that isnt the plan. We see how easy it is to mind fuck our kids. Hell Kanye probably had his mom killed for a sacrifice. His own mom. People are too easy to fuck with.

44d79e No.648416


Whoa easy dude,we go all and are you lurking or digging man, where's my beret? lol

38d000 No.648417

File: f733f2e9efad6a8⋯.jpg (17.93 KB, 350x260, 35:26, jack6.jpg)


show me Wang

34a879 No.648418

File: f0cae0ab5dc6217⋯.jpg (116.3 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, QAnonTrumpBoom.jpg)

39616f No.648419


Kill them quickly.

4505a3 No.648420


There was not a UN at the time. Nice try. Game not over.

bf7875 No.648421


80b61e No.648422


>Focus - why AUS?

Because the Aussies are just like the other commonwealths, pawns in the empire by another name, and they hardly ever do war by anything other than proxy through proxy with a side of plausible deniability.

All roads lead back to London.

c0de8a No.648423

File: 847b2ad1612b818⋯.png (94.82 KB, 500x522, 250:261, let-me-stop-you-there-your….png)

147f48 No.648424


Nuke all 3.

4bc8c7 No.648425


ok so they are gone now, is that going to change whats already been posted? no.


just sayin'

a7937d No.648426


Trump didn't say that, it's fake.

CNN.com.de (like many pages of its ilk) is not affiliated with the legitimate news organization CNN. The site uses a web address similar to CNN.com’s in order to trick readers into believe that they are reading genuine news items. However, this web site does not publish factual stories.

d2e081 No.648427


Agree, First women President from the Trump family would be great and put a nail in the coffin of the dems forever. They would go bezerk. lol

38f898 No.648428


Q , what are you wearing?

fef6f0 No.648429


2 of us already have … read this bread.

8d142d No.648430


The UN has no authority unless you plan to give up our sovereignty.

Game over

d88a78 No.648431


hey clown how many requests have you made to find that tripcode

7fdf3f No.648432



Finder keepers?

d65698 No.648433

File: 5ae2bc3cb2e163c⋯.jpg (22.65 KB, 525x161, 75:23, QCAPTURE.JPG)


I'm not convinced that P=Palestine, because of this Q crumb:

008e36 No.648434


Q! Whats good? You were on fire earlier. You had everyone laughing their asses off.

d2e081 No.648435


Shills have been in here most of the night.

a6f3cc No.648436


Pick up the phone.

d2e081 No.648437

Distraction shills in here hard now. Careful, anons

44d79e No.648438


You mean the Mansions that are getting liquidated?

59258c No.648439


>However, this web site does not publish factual stories.

are you insinuating that CNN does?

008e36 No.648440


Q, What is the best way to dispose of Killary?

5349db No.648441

File: f6b85b05f61b1fe⋯.jpg (333.39 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Shills.jpg)

8bf285 No.648442



d88a78 No.648443


Somebody should meme it and maybe change color of the dool :D

6b2d97 No.648444

File: 2f666c0bb3b77e0⋯.png (69.76 KB, 645x397, 645:397, JWoods re Chardonnay.PNG)

c725b0 No.648445

File: d904e483cd5777a⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1200x799, 1200:799, d904e483cd5777aed7b1dc280f….png)


bf7875 No.648446


Would make sense to why P hasn't been focused on

008e36 No.648447

Q is here anons! Look alive!

80b61e No.648448


Correction, under the constitution treaties signed are to be considered the law of the land as long as they don't supersede the constitution. We would have to dig into the real particulars of the UN treaties.

I have long proposed a massive review of treaties due to how much they tend to be controlled/influenced by (((they)))

0dd315 No.648449


Its a part of the plan for cabal baby rapists to be free and vacationing together

Don't worry we have it all, solid undeniable proof. Video footage

But we have to wait

Tomorrow guys


Tick tock


44d79e No.648451


Stealing this one,lol,priceless

d2e081 No.648452

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


James Woods is hilarious. Must follow him on Twatter.

Share share share

c0de8a No.648453

File: af3376b26c2f8b1⋯.jpg (34.01 KB, 375x500, 3:4, 1504478552866.jpg)


I thought P = Pope.

f7a433 No.648454


The flat earth shit is obvious shill bs ( can't believe we even have to say it). The multi chapter link is actually quite interesting on P. I'd vote to keep that one.

d88a78 No.648455


hahaha that question was totally up her ass she could not resist to give the worse of her

0980c3 No.648456

File: b8b067b50ab1a90⋯.jpg (448.69 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, dennis-dun-5.jpg)

8d5c69 No.648457

File: 6b1caac7ad7e3e9⋯.jpg (180.31 KB, 486x720, 27:40, AnonIBOR15.jpg)

File: e66acfa6a129eea⋯.jpg (280.46 KB, 564x704, 141:176, AnonIBOR14.jpg)

File: f6dedcde40c513c⋯.jpg (278.97 KB, 540x809, 540:809, AnonIBOR13.jpg)

File: b2b8fee360af9c7⋯.jpg (709.85 KB, 920x1176, 115:147, AnonIBOR12.jpg)

File: 3f77a7fed4eb3f4⋯.jpg (333.83 KB, 736x736, 1:1, AnonIBOR11.jpg)

Europe Awakens. I'm gonna shoot me some pedo shills!

d34c7d No.648458

File: bb8f5456fdcd546⋯.png (89.79 KB, 250x200, 5:4, 250px-Hunter.png)


you mean……..secret president

58b519 No.648459


Research UCLEI agenda 21 U.S. is giving up sovereignty over land bit by bit

0c490e No.648461


Candidly, that sounds much more plausible than flat earth. I could see “aliens” living in them and coming out via the ocean. Or not. But regardless, FE is just ignorant. Sorry FE anons. Choose to accept or reject.

d2e081 No.648462

File: 71373c5556d1bb9⋯.png (292.91 KB, 500x553, 500:553, 71373c5556d1bb97f23162cd7c….png)


Shills getting desperate. They are triggered we keep putting up the Hitlary falling again video.

ba887c No.648463

File: 82bd6764ef6c5ec⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1198x1124, 599:562, 53f7537b03aa6d354c75c387be….png)

0f3d36 No.648464


P is most likely the Pope, although I know S works hand-in-hand with Roths–but they are connected to the Pope too.

8d142d No.648465



You act like law is the arbiter of this question

You are wrong and you will continue to be wrong

Go write a term paper

17a21b No.648466

Good day today, feels good to win anons

5349db No.648467


What are you talking about - Q is always here anon

008e36 No.648468

File: 33dab9a5950d77d⋯.png (3.13 KB, 225x225, 1:1, download.png)

File: f2713ebfe9a74e8⋯.jpg (40.36 KB, 513x500, 513:500, Melania-Knauss-nnnude-phot….jpg)


Is this Melania with Q?

4bc8c7 No.648470

File: 31ad36685b4a061⋯.png (94.36 KB, 649x544, 649:544, ClipboardImage.png)



80b61e No.648471


So you think Q is a zionist-kushner limited hangout distraction plan?

7485e1 No.648472

File: 6653931e23cc166⋯.png (82.36 KB, 349x224, 349:224, Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at ….png)

Looking into the rumor that BHO is a son of Hitler, couldn't find anything to support it other than the custom of German naming. If, as is rumored, Hitler and Eva Braun survived WWII and had a child, that child could have been BHO's mother. If the child was named Anna or Jo Ann, both names would have been family names that came from Hitler's grandparents. Otherwise there doesn't seem to be any other evidence to support this theory.

However, there is some evidence to indicate that Obama was not related to Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. According to this theory, he was born to Stanley Ann Dunham in Kenya, who claimed that he was BHO Sr.'s son. However, this theory states that BHO was actually Indonesian and not African. His father was not his adopted father, Lolo Soetoro but Mohammad Subud, also an Indonesian. So if this theory is true, BHO would not be black but 1/2 Indonesian. He would have Kenyan status due to his birthplace but be Indonesian as well. He was reportedly given Indonesian citizenship due to his adoption by Soetoro.

This link lays out the theory and shows interesting comparison photos between BHO and Mohammad Subud.

http:// www. thenationalpatriot.com/2014/01/the-real-obama-an-indonesian-muslim-socialist-puppet/


a6f3cc No.648473

File: 3673006c49c4794⋯.jpg (96.98 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, AdmiralRogersPatriot5.jpg)

File: 0e281b05b163d48⋯.jpg (129.98 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, Treason1.jpg)

File: 2f7a28c7692f3ff⋯.jpg (72.3 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Treason3.jpg)

File: 1365dc148164e0f⋯.jpg (101.38 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Treason5.jpg)

File: f414ec8b8f0a85d⋯.jpg (128.06 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Treason14.jpg)

f2af06 No.648474

File: b8ce4935ea47fbe⋯.gif (801.45 KB, 320x240, 4:3, world_dodecahedron.gif)

How can you all be so gullible? THIS is the true earth!

02381f No.648475




I like the idea of higher AUTH. It makes sense and is fitting with both the idea of the possibility of it being POTUS, or other higher AUTH team members.

I'm going to pay attention to other ideas around this topic. Is there a thread on this topic already?

38f898 No.648477


Hey, wait a minute! You're not the real Q! You're a great big phony!!!

9a9763 No.648478

Wonder why we burned out all the mansions in Hollywood? Were they all owned by people in the Cabal? If you saw the pictures of houses burned down and all the trees on the street on either side standing and a tree in the middle of houses not burned.

Made me wonder if they set up Luciferian neighborhoods where almost everyone was a member. I bet they dont even let someone not in the club buy certain places. Probably all the big houses have tunnels that join with other mansions.

d91ef7 No.648479


How many languages does Stormy speak?

d65698 No.648480

File: 5ae2bc3cb2e163c⋯.jpg (22.65 KB, 525x161, 75:23, QCAPTURE.JPG)


How can P=Palestine when Q said this: I highly doubt that Soros is taking orders from Palestine.

0dd315 No.648481

Guys I'm going to post a couple of photos and say that it contains something important

Just take my word for it


008e36 No.648482




God bless you for all you do!


145a43 No.648483

File: ff45e714cf37080⋯.png (66.48 KB, 1351x260, 1351:260, Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at ….png)

File: 94e2fb5bfa37cbf⋯.png (139.05 KB, 950x541, 950:541, Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at ….png)

Dec. 2017 Gallup

7fdf3f No.648484


this is the lawful answer.

9e5b4d No.648485



c11100 No.648488

We are lost in space, sad … Q said 40k and we are going different directions. Feels like a fucking daycare right now.

50017f No.648489


Sunlight must start soon or all the 'red pilling' that I have done will be in vain! Arrests need to be made public and ANONS can help with the publicizing if MSM won't!

4bc8c7 No.648490



008e36 No.648491

File: f492d9e8d89a605⋯.jpg (38.48 KB, 600x450, 4:3, trump-they-live-obey-3.jpg)


8d5c69 No.648492

File: 5800ab40a4c1c15⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 1024x1280, 4:5, AnonIBOR10.jpg)

File: bca0a252c755e69⋯.jpg (505.31 KB, 870x1007, 870:1007, AnonIBOR9.jpg)

File: 2d6a8967680bfc1⋯.jpg (484.11 KB, 818x1024, 409:512, AnonIBOR8.jpg)

File: 3dcc34fad536bdb⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 1024x1280, 4:5, AnonIBOR7.jpg)

File: db9e654d9c40ad3⋯.jpg (715.59 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, AnonIBOR6.jpg)

145a43 No.648493


Go Away

d2e081 No.648494

File: 82f3faa04eb9602⋯.png (324.01 KB, 691x399, 691:399, 82f3faa04eb9602046f2805464….png)

File: 5834e401fe2287d⋯.png (540.79 KB, 516x750, 86:125, 5834e401fe2287d79cfc5afc1f….png)



Love Melania!

Absolutely gorgeous First Lady!

63ca34 No.648495


He had to leave and go steal some tide pods! His mom restricted him from the internet until he replaces all the tide pods he ate!

c7b585 No.648496

File: dd59f5ce818bf45⋯.png (8.33 KB, 449x229, 449:229, screenshot-qanon.pub-2018-….png)



>Keep your……

Let's keep our 'heads'

f3b2a4 No.648497



efb601 No.648498


When Trump said, "the round earth people, and you know who they are these people have an agenda."

He was talking about the satanists.

They have an agenda to hide the truth.


c725b0 No.648499



0f3d36 No.648500


Who let this fake Q in the door?

8d142d No.648501

>>648459Illegal US government doesn't have the authority to give up land - unless we sue for peace which is not a matter of legality but survival

Goodnight paralegalfag

My watch has ended

bf7875 No.648502


Think Palestine though.

Pope is a faggot.

Jews are the fucking P.

008e36 No.648503


God Bless America!

d2e081 No.648504

File: 71373c5556d1bb9⋯.png (292.91 KB, 500x553, 500:553, 71373c5556d1bb97f23162cd7c….png)

80b61e No.648505


Shouldn't that be what our answers are?

44d79e No.648506


You eat a lot of fast food don't you?

d65698 No.648507


It's fake shit. Get educated.

61b9c1 No.648508

If obama created Isis, who was he killing with all the drone strikes?

4f5e00 No.648509


my research points to only 2 people, the Pope, and Larry Page.

6e2141 No.648510

File: d1821ce817d8ab3⋯.png (849.31 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, suicide booth.png)

5349db No.648511

File: f6b85b05f61b1fe⋯.jpg (333.39 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Shills.jpg)


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DO NOT RESPOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

c725b0 No.648512



6b2d97 No.648513


That is one absolutely stunning first lady!

Best FLOTUS ever.

38f898 No.648514


Q, can we trust Comey? Answer Me!!!!!!!!

f2af06 No.648515

You guys gotta help me get this dodecahedron earth movement off the uh… ground.

d2e081 No.648516


Flat earth distraction shill back.

So sad. There tactics are so old and just keep failing. Just like Hillary Clinton.

a1eac2 No.648517


>Its a part of the plan for cabal baby rapists to be free and vacationing together

Fake Q has a point


>So you think Q is a zionist-kushner limited hangout distraction plan?

How long do we wait for a happening before we pick up pitchforks?

Real question.

8f6f7e No.648520


Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Makes metaphorical sense when you consider the subjects being discussed their sources outside the "conventional" history books.

Like an oral history for the digital age.

fef6f0 No.648521


It's already been argued for 2 breads … FOR 1 I PAYED ATTENTION.. " trump believes in flat earth SOURCE IS FUCKING SNOPES RETARD


7fdf3f No.648522


Dude………… we all live in a hologram. Thought everyone already knew that.

There is no Earth.

ba887c No.648523



bf7875 No.648524

Put the P in the map as Palestine.

f7a433 No.648525


Thinking that too. Although that link with the multiple chapters does tie in alot of stuff really well. Think if kept call it something other than palestine. Just name it possible P theory

008e36 No.648526


Ok Boss. We are on it. We knew you wouldnt let us down!


9a9763 No.648529


Oh god I think Q responded to me. And it had to be on that idiotic statement I made? I was kidding.

If you need any help I would love a job. Entry level. I was offered intelligence in pre basic but was too scared to extend to 6 years.

8d5c69 No.648530

File: 49ec0a7557b0535⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1024x1091, 1024:1091, AnonIBOR5.png)

File: e21ae2844738b28⋯.jpg (993.31 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, AnonIBOR4.jpg)

File: 8971d15676e08d5⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1024x1284, 256:321, AnonIBOR3.png)

File: 94b06f6ab26d404⋯.png (971.21 KB, 1024x922, 512:461, AnonIBOR2.png)

File: cf69bd9e6e48929⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 1024x1278, 512:639, AnonIBOR1.jpg)

d34c7d No.648531



I spy an evil eye

d2e081 No.648532

File: 520c5784efa7d3a⋯.jpg (86.12 KB, 367x240, 367:240, ugly-michelle.jpg)

File: c6f6fba76b5ba00⋯.jpg (36.06 KB, 854x480, 427:240, 859f5f0f8db3_sf_4.jpg)

File: 26008d6f864e6f5⋯.jpeg (42.22 KB, 350x404, 175:202, 26008d6f864e6f50c1c741c3f….jpeg)


Much better than the gorilla we had before.

Pics related.

4bc8c7 No.648533


this bread is my bread, previous bread is not my bread. if i take it out will you just start helping again instead of whiny whiny whining?

008e36 No.648534


Trust the plan

f2af06 No.648535


Earth is a hologram too duh. But a dodecahedron gif one.

bf7875 No.648537


Here's a shill if you ever want to see one in the wild.

ad9bbe No.648538

File: e8a8f7ab561dcdf⋯.jpg (50.67 KB, 501x498, 167:166, 8sf9dg7sf9d87g6sd87f5b.jpg)

File: ed0406d8f948661⋯.jpg (54.14 KB, 501x498, 167:166, 8sf9dg7sf9d87g6sd87f5c.jpg)

80b61e No.648539


Trust no one.

63ca34 No.648540


His mommy let him go back online! Dont worry though she said he only had 30mins!

44d79e No.648541


Bingo, finally,and I thought it was a triangle, whew glad you cleared that one up

d2e081 No.648542

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Oh, lookie, twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Dildo Clinton falls again…and again.

119a89 No.648544

the nigga has a point though…>>648449

73eae7 No.648545

File: 25957efa97fadbd⋯.jpg (23.35 KB, 807x454, 807:454, trump punisher.jpg)

38f898 No.648546


Trust Comey

59258c No.648547


you have no clue what the map is

and Palestine?

so a Jew who could purchase Palestine and all its citizens would answer to them?

f2af06 No.648548


If that Q hired you it would definitely be an "entry" job. And not in the way you're hoping.

d91ef7 No.648549

File: 3c8066b7cdfe932⋯.jpeg (517.33 KB, 1125x1500, 3:4, saint-laurent-black-wool-….jpeg)

c725b0 No.648550



fef6f0 No.648551



FUCK YOU BOTH… see you tomorrow… the stay at home moms are less retarded

8bf285 No.648552



008e36 No.648553


Q, Can we keep working for you for free while none of your claims come true?

Please boss. We dont care about our actual families and jobs.

We want to obsess over you.

Let us be your slaves!

efb601 No.648554



I don't need to get educated.

The interview was broadcasted (though I can find no evidence of it on the internet any longer)

I head him say it.

Right now my argument is not to prove earth

My argument is to prove that Trump said those words.



Either that or they really believe what they are saying.

But they can not deter me because I myself heard him say it.

At any rate, it was wrong to ban that guy.

071168 No.648555

Damn! We must be on target.

The microcephalic flat earthers are working their phalanges to the nubs.

Careful, no fingers means no fapping to Hillary nude pics.

8d5c69 No.648556

File: 35399caea935df9⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, mandalaylies.png)

File: dbbd1c00a70df9c⋯.jpg (546.12 KB, 1024x586, 512:293, TargetMBS.jpg)

File: c81ac421176ca11⋯.jpg (886.05 KB, 1024x685, 1024:685, MandalayMoney.jpg)

File: 45c5702407cc1b2⋯.jpg (927.03 KB, 1024x735, 1024:735, FailedAttempt.jpg)

File: be22cc96898aff7⋯.jpg (478.44 KB, 1024x756, 256:189, BillGatesKnows.jpg)

77d1f4 No.648557

Since January 9, 2018, approximately 600,750 posts have occurred in the QR general threads alone.

428 of those have been Q, if you count GA.

That's 7% of 1% of the total traffic.

The rest has been us.

Many say this board has fallen into chaos. It has, but not for the reasons many think.

We're bored. We have completed the class; completed the training. We need to move to the next level.

1st grade got old. It's not a challenge anymore.

The thing about that is, nothing can stop it from happening. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

We are likely to be thrust into an entirely new game. It won't be POTUS or Q picking that game. It will be life itself.

Whatever we imagine that new game to be, standing where we stand today, in reality it will be something completely different.

See ya there.

ad9bbe No.648558

File: 57cbda56f9183f1⋯.jpg (118.14 KB, 1252x952, 313:238, hjghjg6jk54hg63kf635hjf.jpg)


Oh snap - I go get a burger and Q shows up? Hey there, Q!

d2e081 No.648559


Congress today CLOSED therir investigation into President Trump sighting no evidence of collusion wiht the Russians.

hahahaahah….Bye, bye, Muller and the Dems!

c725b0 No.648560

80b95f No.648561

4bc8c7 No.648562


So you WILL leave then? thanks, that's better than the "help" you've shit on this bread.

f3fce3 No.648563


I never even knew such a thing existed. That is a very cool wiki page to go over.

From what I read and gathered so far, I have to admit I still think Q+ means a higher position.

I am not sure about it being the first Q for several reasons.

I think they may have tested the waters at first, on pol/. From the first post and several replies to those Anon's on pol/ (that btw Guithub does not have) I sense it wasn't even the Q we see today, ( Of course part of the Q team) but not the one who shortly after the first attempts took over, the language changed. I think they became more determine and organized on the strategy.

Idk Kek just not thinking they would mark the first Q with a + , it may be something else all together. I do hope we an figure it out though, even if its one of the smallest things to figure out , out of the mountain of info we have to dig on.

544751 No.648564


I know your a bot and I’m out but for everyone else please stop with that shit you are doing it’s getting a bit weird. Your actions are very concerning and foolish. Goodnight bot

bf7875 No.648565

File: 60880b7bfa313f0⋯.jpg (67.19 KB, 709x765, 709:765, 60880b7bfa313f0237e8b15b20….jpg)


You're fucking retarded. Kill yourself. Jew shill faggot.

d2e081 No.648566

File: 10be739be9cbf31⋯.png (52.78 KB, 200x200, 1:1, revenge.png)

119a89 No.648567

Q, when Donald says he's gonna do someything about the Opiods.. Does that include Clown operations in Crapistan? (Of course you know, if Clown cash operations in the Stans are curtailed, well, that means a stock market crash of epic proportions, everyone knows that riiight??

44d79e No.648568


wake up newbie,finish your nothing burger haha

c7b585 No.648569


I am learning to lurk moar


e86ed2 No.648570


Day of Days.. or D-Day, was June 6th

59258c No.648571

File: 1b3610137b5de1d⋯.png (358.51 KB, 600x399, 200:133, jewRepellant.png)


shower time schlomo

c0b098 No.648572

>>648321 I know absolutely AWESOME:)

efb601 No.648573

File: b0e748330d94a01⋯.jpg (179.81 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 4.jpg)

File: c7e6c67355431be⋯.jpg (169.96 KB, 786x960, 131:160, 2.jpg)

File: e664a52fe5a7947⋯.jpg (213.54 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Flat Earth Trump.jpg)

Delete this too.

8d5c69 No.648574

File: 17c2a674c8b36bc⋯.jpg (704.23 KB, 1024x684, 256:171, TeigenAppartment.jpg)

008e36 No.648575

Q is on fire tonight anons! He is speaking some raw truth!

8bf285 No.648576


For that Mattis go to Crapistan?

2a7fa3 No.648577



She still there?

73eae7 No.648578

File: 8e1bb39facd4f0d⋯.jpg (90.13 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, filtered and gay.jpg)

ba3065 No.648579


So, here's the funny part. If this was real, CNN would be all over it. But they're not. This news only shows up in side stream media, mostly in India pubs and mostly about fashion. But now that we've talked about it, I'd bet money CNN covers it tomorrow. But there's no sauce, so they've only got a couple of hours to put a story together, which means it will be sloppy and we can rip it apart. They're backed into a corner.

39616f No.648580


You really need to look into the history of all of the resolutions passed by the UN and the UN security council. To be such a small patch of property, they have certainly garnered a disproportional amount of resolutions against them.

c725b0 No.648581



4bf714 No.648582

Lot of shills today. They always show en masse when something is being discussed that they don't want being discussed. Should consider what we have been looking into highly (ie: Merkel) and keep digging since it is clearly setting them off.

6384f5 No.648583


Where is there a new Q post

d2e081 No.648584

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yup, I am a bot. hahahaha

You are fucking stupid. No wonder your shilling hasnt worked. Failed actually.

What little guy, dont like that your left-wing shilling failed miserably in here because of me? Do you need me to tuck you into bed and sing a lullaby to you? Safe spaces are kek! lololol

Watch the video…Sweet dreams!

8d5c69 No.648585


Yeah according to twatter she is lol

ad9bbe No.648586


Only a newfag or a clown calls me newbie. GTFO.

77d1f4 No.648587


There isn't.

f2af06 No.648588


We are few, but from the thirty corners of the Earth, we will come together and bring the twelve beautiful sides of this glove to the light, one plane at a time.

d2e081 No.648589



Love when lefties cant stop FREE SPEECH.


bf7875 No.648590


f3b2a4 No.648591


There were all fakes

008e36 No.648592


>>Hillary nude pics.

For real?

Sauce please!

I need it for research purposes…

44d79e No.648593


It was a joke,lol

2064e5 No.648595


The showers are of course a myth.

6384f5 No.648596

Wow, what's going on with boards tonight

shillfest in full manifest mode?

c0b098 No.648597

>>648433 Has anyone considered Pakistan?? That was a significant spy ring in DC/Awans

8bf285 No.648598



119a89 No.648599


Q, can you at least make the Clowns get their own aircraft again? It's bullshit that I have to wait 2 weeks for a MAC flight because the Clowns have the 130's packed with pallets of smack and cash….


38f898 No.648600

Monarch-Faggots are everywhere.

d2e081 No.648601

File: 69614c2ea663475⋯.jpg (34.04 KB, 370x500, 37:50, 69614c2ea663475bc5b081ad78….jpg)



We only like real womenin here.

c725b0 No.648602




4bc8c7 No.648603


4505a3 No.648604


I think you got the wrong anon. I hate the kikes and wish nothing but death and destruction upon them and their generations.

3c22bd No.648605

New Madrid Fault.

Expecting false flag.

Research FEMA.


Get FEMA app.

Utilize resources available.

Need to be prepared.


f2af06 No.648606



77d1f4 No.648607


Where do you see a single post that is breaking new ground to the point where anybody would care about diverting attention away from it? In the last 5 breads even?

f7a433 No.648608

Shareblue nightshift. You're overpaid. How's Brock doing these days? Feeling the heat?

44d79e No.648609


lmao, and i will bring my plumb bob and water level.

119a89 No.648610

(you)re a FAG

14b2df No.648611

the earth is flat the earth is flat. ok we all agree the earth is flat right anons? now did it save the world flat earthers? did it? the world is the same as always. and we are still fucked. there see that? it doesn't fucking matter right now.

24a27a No.648612


I believe in flat earth but you guys have to lay off already! You’re derailing the subjects. Soon enough we will find out earth is flat BUT lay off the subject already! Let us go through the motions. No more FE for now.

59258c No.648613


oh i know.. but the kike sympathizers dont

e269d4 No.648614

File: af2690626aa8f6d⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1813x907, 1813:907, 5675745654654654.PNG)

https:// truepundit.com/fbi-insiders-blow-whistle-massive-las-vegas-cover-agents-told-not-investigate-key-evidence-including-isis-terror-link-mandalay-bay-massacre/

50017f No.648615


Very Shilly

d2e081 No.648616


Respecting the rules.

Make sure you nail the shills. Cause and effect. No shills, no response.

Just working together to counter their bs. Thanks!

c725b0 No.648617



8d5c69 No.648618

File: 894f5c16fbaa014⋯.jpg (520.32 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, maddog.jpg)

File: 04f3d031cb5af3e⋯.jpg (396.41 KB, 1024x668, 256:167, maddog2.jpg)

File: 97cc8ed881ac593⋯.jpg (390.47 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, maddog3.jpg)

File: e6ea0fe2e3e9b9d⋯.jpg (472.77 KB, 1024x769, 1024:769, maddog4.jpg)

Lefties suck tranny cock!

d34c7d No.648619


Spy Fight

Department of Defense

Game over.

DoD chess piece is mine.

77d1f4 No.648620


Mr. Rachel Madcow.

f3fce3 No.648621


The one with the prayer though, what process or phase would that have been? I still like that idea, but am trying to think of how the particular post would give us a hint on a strategy taking place and the prayer ( first time the Q+ came up) didn't ring to be a strategy to me but more of a motivation/reminder of Light vs Evil.

I could be completely wrong though.

6384f5 No.648622

File: 44d5941ea9a2c72⋯.jpg (9.56 KB, 284x177, 284:177, Ihatenazis.jpg)

Looks like the

Flat Earth Shills


Nazi Shills

have run amok

d2e081 No.648623



Flatearth shills

Concern shills

Triggered at anything that makes fun of Hillary shills.

Crybaby shills

Still identifying as they come in.

01e219 No.648624


Desperation and nervous about the Hillslag video, is my guess.

Lots of msm FUD aimed at muh high tech video editing the last few days.

They scared.

2064e5 No.648625


Away with flat earth anything. That is a Clown Psyop, anons! Enough already!

5349db No.648626

File: f6b85b05f61b1fe⋯.jpg (333.39 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Shills.jpg)

77d1f4 No.648627


Or the shill shills.

efb601 No.648628


Obama is Osama ! 6 6 ?

119a89 No.648629

Our government simultaneously whines about the smack epidemic while they import the shit in their planes they taxed the shit outta us to buy

008e36 No.648630


Here, anon. The baker forgot to add them.


8d5c69 No.648632

File: 1b57d6a4af0796c⋯.jpg (381.51 KB, 1024x656, 64:41, lbgt1.jpg)

File: 77bafe597f88d66⋯.jpg (678.43 KB, 1024x685, 1024:685, lbgt2.jpg)

File: 22695dcb2a90e2c⋯.jpg (537.97 KB, 1024x924, 256:231, lbgt3.jpg)

File: 9ee98cac112361b⋯.jpg (357.11 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, lbgt4.jpg)

File: bf5e0103a3dd637⋯.jpg (445.77 KB, 1024x616, 128:77, lbgt5.jpg)


44d79e No.648633

File: 4ee6e541270c1a2⋯.png (693.06 KB, 976x662, 488:331, Shillville.PNG)

c0b098 No.648634

>>648617 I didn't say Palenstine?

b45526 No.648635


I love how Huma has no instinct to help her. They really are vile. So vacuous on the inside, zero humanity toward her boss.You might say she doesn't give 50 shits.

f3b2a4 No.648636

Focus and listen to REAL Q:

Mar 03 2018 23:42:23

Reality is labeled as conspiracy.

You are made to feel crazy.

You are told to obey.

You are SHEEP to them.

Pawns to be sacrificed.







c725b0 No.648637



55a105 No.648638


it's a dildo

a6f3cc No.648639


On what authority do you make these statements?

You are either an insider telling the truth, or you are a shill trying to waste anons' time.

Discerning anons need a bit of sauce before jumping all over a hot tip.

You do see my point.

We have been burnt a few times before.

119a89 No.648640

Holy shit CNN reporting the Wolfy Blitzer retiring

ad9bbe No.648641

File: ffc9d691bf5b05a⋯.png (167.11 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 7s89dfg687sdfg5sd78df6g5.png)


0c54d7 No.648642

File: 659ce6abfc8a54f⋯.jpg (12.52 KB, 300x188, 75:47, 4703782f2a64c57c23427ed481….jpg)


Another illusion shattered

I love it. Keep 'em coming

d40389 No.648643

Old video or double. Fall was on purpose to hide ankle bracelet reality she is living with. Tick tock

4bf714 No.648644


Interesting that Huma is even still with her. Speaks volumes really.

c725b0 No.648645



8d5c69 No.648646

File: d8833f9891f37fc⋯.jpg (420.21 KB, 1024x614, 512:307, lbgt6.jpg)

File: 6d9320941ba402b⋯.jpg (438.79 KB, 1024x708, 256:177, lbgt7.jpg)

File: de51c5b548e53fd⋯.jpg (346.58 KB, 1024x767, 1024:767, lbgt8.jpg)

File: 8ebfa106d32dc70⋯.jpg (494.43 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, lbgt9.jpg)

File: 7a8adedbddee9eb⋯.jpg (468.97 KB, 1024x684, 256:171, lbgt10.jpg)

I'm a Leftie. I take it in all holes and like it.

a073c6 No.648647



"Keep your" friends close, enemies closer.

008e36 No.648648


KEK. I hope he hurries back.

8c117d No.648649

File: 8df65b7ccf6ab9f⋯.jpg (86.42 KB, 753x504, 251:168, DSC_0379-C-53A-DC-3A-N4536….jpg)


Give The "MOCKINGBIRD" media The BOOM!!!


YardArm for TRAITORS!!!!!!!

44d79e No.648650

File: edbe26b5ed853d3⋯.png (551.77 KB, 650x512, 325:256, GotBrother.PNG)

119a89 No.648651


yes, the shopped it out, she's actually in Solitary, Q puts money on her commisary

d2e081 No.648652

File: 71373c5556d1bb9⋯.png (292.91 KB, 500x553, 500:553, 71373c5556d1bb97f23162cd7c….png)

a1eac2 No.648653




Legit question for anons - how long is your patience?

Will we still be sitting here saying trust the plan in 6 months? Are you ok with that?

939d61 No.648654

File: b9cf6224a90c1ee⋯.png (305.06 KB, 1070x756, 535:378, ggg.png)



http:// archive.is/ZG5ct

73eae7 No.648655


What time is the next show, fag?

Can you make some different memes?

38d000 No.648657

File: 361c21f5045841a⋯.png (317.63 KB, 391x408, 23:24, hUgNMf8.png)

f2af06 No.648658


Your must join the Church of Polyhedral Truthers and sign the guest book.

8d5c69 No.648659

File: 4f2598b36f3d9f0⋯.jpg (292.28 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, lbgt11.jpg)

File: 63cae9e9525de25⋯.png (66.47 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, lbgt12.png)

File: 1163e1a5a993e8a⋯.jpg (544.2 KB, 1024x1139, 1024:1139, lbgt13.jpg)

Lefties don't know who or what the fuck they are! That's why the follow and never lead.

4bf714 No.648660

I wish mods would start to auto ban any mention of that flat earth derailment stupidity. It is seriously next level faggotry.

d34c7d No.648661

wait, are we in the reverse reverse part of shillops right now or reverse reverse reverse

02381f No.648662


https:/ /en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q%2B/Papias_Hypothesis

Posting URL for others.


Anon above has an interesting idea on higher position.

Expanding my thinking, could mean that Q+ refers to a message from the highest position on the team. As anon mentioned, could be from POTUS himself.

Could also be the one to give the "thumbs-up" to start dropping the crumbs to us (the start of Q?)

8bf285 No.648663


Not only is Us.. it's whole World

5777ba No.648664

File: 63555296bf7dba2⋯.jpg (9.09 KB, 255x128, 255:128, 4f99dd56f905fb3c0a1014dbe4….jpg)

c0b098 No.648665

>>648637 This: Has anyone considered Pakistan?? That was a significant spy ring in DC/Awans

4bc8c7 No.648666


To me, 2018 is the year.

de4ee9 No.648667

File: 8640b41e2290002⋯.png (622.43 KB, 600x480, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)

Deathbed confessions, photos support claims that George H. Scherf(f), Jr., was the 41st U.S. president

According to Otto Skorzeny, pictured is the Scherff family and a few friends (circa 1938). Holding “Mother" Scherff’s hand at left is Martin Bormann. In front is Reinhardt Gehlen. In back is Joseph Mengele and to his right is Skorzeny as a young man. At center right (in the German navy uniform) is George H. Scherff, Jr. and his father George H. Scherff, Sr. Bormann became Hitler’s second in command. Reinhardt Gehlen was a chief SS officer and assassin who was smuggled out of Germany under Operation Paperclip. Skorzeny was Hitler's bodyguard and SS spy/assassin who came to the U.S. after the war under Project Paperclip. Skorzeny and GHW Bush were instrumental in merging Nazi (SS) intelligence with the OSI to form the CIA with "Wild Bill" Donovan and Allen Dulles. These guys were also part of CIA mind control experiments such as MK-ULTRA. SS officer and physician Joseph Mengele, the notoriously sadistic “Angel of Death” of Auschwitz, escaped Germany to South America after the war. George H. Scherff, Jr., became the 41st President of the United States as GHW Bush and George H. Scherff, Sr., was Nicola Tesla’s “trusted assistant.”

http:// www.proliberty.com/observer/20070405.htm

4505a3 No.648668


Censorship is worse.

c780c7 No.648669


so now you trust the fake news…?

d40389 No.648670

Re read crumbs from Q post October in October. Indictments are happening in secret to avoid huge attack from fake news using "conspiracy"

4bf714 No.648671


For shills/larps? Disagree. Fuck em, censor away.

8d5c69 No.648672

File: 320e73b073fca9b⋯.jpg (163.21 KB, 474x355, 474:355, Dems4IBOR.jpg)

File: ba0423972924fb0⋯.jpg (167.6 KB, 474x355, 474:355, Dems4IBOR2.jpg)

File: caec4dfde20d92d⋯.jpg (167.08 KB, 474x355, 474:355, Dems4IBOR3.jpg)

File: e78836632cba250⋯.jpg (165.44 KB, 474x355, 474:355, Dems4IBOR4.jpg)

d2e081 No.648673


Told you the gay fag shill would be back. Same spamming of gay pride bullshit. Same fake memes

BO/ Mod, are you going to apply the rules fairly?

0c54d7 No.648674

I wonder.. what did Hildbeast came to realize in the pyramidtemple that made her stumble outside?

f2af06 No.648675


Free invisible beer!

6b2d97 No.648676



I trust POTUS

I trust Q

I get frustrated waiting

I get excited when things happen

It's a roller coaster

BUT I trust the plan

d2e081 No.648677


This always shows up when Gaypride shillfag shows up.

Shilly tonight

119a89 No.648678


yes, SOON we will know the 60/80/20

you're not ready though, so wait and dont talk about it because if you cant understand, you shouldnt talk

c780c7 No.648679


I heard the other day that the indictments may be sealed for a whole year…. just before 11/11

d2e081 No.648681

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Dont forget to spread the latest Hillary video!!!!!

2064e5 No.648682

008e36 No.648683



c725b0 No.648684



4505a3 No.648685


If they are being disruptive, I agree that they should be banned for being disruptive. People arguing about various thing does not necessarily cause disruption. I still dig and meme, regardless of what people are talking about on the board.

119a89 No.648686


In case the statue of limitations runs out?

63e7a2 No.648687


Absolutely best to sit back and watch the thread flow by. Every know and then a real animal comes along. Anons know how to discern.

8d5c69 No.648688

File: 3b111aa7ca5ffb1⋯.jpg (811.11 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, factory1.jpg)

File: 6ceb8e741f79c0b⋯.jpg (542.79 KB, 1024x718, 512:359, factory2.jpg)

File: bc639f438f674db⋯.jpg (670.51 KB, 1024x807, 1024:807, factory3.jpg)

File: 88bcbab5749daf5⋯.jpg (702.61 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, factory4.jpg)

Don't be a Leftie pedo. Buy American.

5777ba No.648689

Trying to expand my thinking:

What if the "shadow government" has been the real government all along? What if what we see every single day and hear about is only the "fake" part? Is DJT POTUS? Is he really? I don't know what to think anymore. I could be a mitochondria on the ass crack of some alien for all I know. [/shitposting_over]

24a27a No.648690


Come on Q! The msm and now this fakefaggot is mocking you. But he is right though, when are we going to have a public happening??? Everything you have given us, has happened already. Just drop some truth bombs and public happenings and we will take care of the normies. At least confirm if we’re correct, drop some truth bombs and we need one major public event.

f3fce3 No.648691


That drop was so telling and right.

I started looking at everything we have been told differently. Not that it started with that drop that I started doing so , but once you find out they lied to you about one thing, it is only wise to start questioning the rest.

aec076 No.648693

File: b12dcaf79273ded⋯.png (172.44 KB, 450x310, 45:31, Gold Pill Q 2.png)



efb601 No.648694

File: ba3b2f999b6c67e⋯.jpg (225.44 KB, 982x928, 491:464, Flat Earth Clock.jpg)

Who is Admiral Byrd and why is he sitting in front of

a GIANT flat earth clock while talking about his trip

to the south pole?

a073c6 No.648695

So I've see all of the suggestions for who people think Q would be after his post about it making us laugh. None of the suggestions make me laugh and some are just plain stupid. The only person that would actually make me crack a smile is "FBI"anon.

Remember that disinformation is necessary and "FBI" anon may have never actually been "FBI". We know this was three years in the making and it started as a Mil Intel team. We also know FBI anon claimed to get the Benghazi sever and that's where they saw the SAP's. We also know FBI anon claimed to have done a lot of war game simulation with Russia… There's more, but you get the idea. Who would come back and utilize /pol/ for this kind of mission? Someone that was successful before?

939d61 No.648696



No. I think flat earth is bullshit.

Just sharing a link I found while researching

8d5c69 No.648697

File: f55b35aaeaa70e0⋯.jpg (294.51 KB, 1200x676, 300:169, cowardbroward.jpg)

File: 8bd0a975a7d7973⋯.jpg (354.81 KB, 1024x573, 1024:573, cowardbroward2.jpg)

File: f855b35d5d44ff2⋯.jpg (457.08 KB, 1024x577, 1024:577, cowardbroward3.jpg)

File: dc81b6e7ddcfd9f⋯.jpg (132.44 KB, 1024x588, 256:147, cowardbroward4.jpg)

Don't be a Leftie Coward. Fight for your children!

5777ba No.648698


Q has made it clear that 100% verification is inbound. No ETA.

748ca7 No.648699


you will get the ban you deserve

c725b0 No.648700



9a9763 No.648701


The one on the right looks somewhat realistic….one on left looks photo shopped. Does she deserve a second chance? NO.

d2e081 No.648702

Naked shills back

Gay pride shills

Kennedy shill here earlier and probably will be back

Notice the connections?

They are getting desperate

a1eac2 No.648703




Even Snopes debunked that fake-ass-shit


4505a3 No.648704


no matter where you go, it is always 1984.

4bc8c7 No.648705

o7 BO/BV

19f693 No.648706

pelican fag is in the house

f2af06 No.648707


But you won't know about it because it's all top secret security intel that we happen to just be leaking on a shady forum online while simultaneously hating on leakers because that totally makes sense.

73eae7 No.648708

File: 3fcba534cde5abb⋯.jpg (99.08 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, filtered and gay.jpg)

ad9bbe No.648709

File: 66e1cb73202547d⋯.jpg (37.15 KB, 425x425, 1:1, df7g89s6dfg87df6g87df6.jpg)

14b2df No.648710


The Great Awakening!

5777ba No.648711

File: d26b5e178e7f191⋯.jpeg (12.85 KB, 255x158, 255:158, snopes.jpeg)

5349db No.648712


Yup, but newfags and shills don't sigh

c780c7 No.648713


bwahahaha can't even get their agenda's in order :P

Must have missed their 4am email

493847 No.648714

File: 12a6cb58f187d25⋯.jpg (57.77 KB, 1080x509, 1080:509, 3 popes.jpg)


P does not = Palestine.

P= Pope.

748ca7 No.648715


snopes finnaly has credibili…..

38f898 No.648716


Trust the plan

119a89 No.648717



No shit, if Q is legit, how is what he's doing different than Shitlarys's al a carte SAP server?

c6f14b No.648718

File: b125db8fa816e67⋯.png (11.39 KB, 588x107, 588:107, MadDog.PNG)

BREAKING: U.S. Defense Secretary Mad Dog arrives in Kabul for unannounced visit - AP

34a879 No.648719

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague."

8d5c69 No.648720

File: 26add0212039068⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 1600x1151, 1600:1151, billofrights1.jpg)

File: 968bbd91789aded⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 1225x789, 1225:789, billofrights2.jpg)

File: dce14fa0b3a941d⋯.jpg (713.97 KB, 1024x673, 1024:673, billofrights3.jpg)

File: e6ed53fc8dd9392⋯.jpg (762.79 KB, 1024x688, 64:43, billofrights4.jpg)

File: dc1f242fc396725⋯.jpg (824.84 KB, 1024x866, 512:433, billofrightstwo.jpg)

Lefties suck smelly cock! They have that right!

a1eac2 No.648721


The irony is not lost

c780c7 No.648722

File: 1b8658d22412711⋯.jpeg (68.08 KB, 600x600, 1:1, snopes.jpeg)

f2af06 No.648723


Gold? Boring, I want an aluminum-galium alloy pill.

c725b0 No.648724



ba8f5c No.648725


Patton and President Trump look like identical twins to me. Coincidence?

a073c6 No.648726


Better question is, why is she there? This wasn't just to give some stupid speech. Who is she meeting there? What are they trying to plan in "secret"?

cd2477 No.648727

File: 4678e1960b50e05⋯.jpg (147.56 KB, 686x620, 343:310, Trump.jpg)

Im just sayn.

a44828 No.648728

File: 4924b4db3f1d16f⋯.jpeg (7.31 MB, 4773x6794, 111:158, 3893BED7-9277-4554-80CE-C….jpeg)


Hahaha, Byrd is smoking a Cuban in that pic.. Good questions, anon. Byrd knew how to navigate. Reminds me of this, pic related.

5777ba No.648729


I know I just had to…

8d5c69 No.648730

File: a69b7b0b978b386⋯.jpg (212.3 KB, 1024x745, 1024:745, damn.jpg)

File: e519fb3ce427b0f⋯.jpg (133.51 KB, 1024x555, 1024:555, damn2.jpg)

File: 659164f79947b67⋯.jpg (152.27 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, damn3.jpg)

File: 3471de4533b6f97⋯.jpg (118.51 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, damn4.jpg)

6e2ff5 No.648731


Yes all should go.

Any FE crap should be auto banned or sent to another thread.

c0b098 No.648732

>>648684 Agreed, but Soro's Takes his orders from Rothschilds, and as far as I know Pakistan has yet to answer for their role in any of this. Once the info got to them we really don't know where it went after that, one would think with everything they have as a country they would be far more advanced than they are. Just a thought is all.

119a89 No.648733


I sure hope he stops the marines from growing more smack:https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUATfLDiwVA

f2af06 No.648734


Q is likely a larp done by a college class learning about internet culture.

44d79e No.648735

File: a4226f3f86ab150⋯.png (781.95 KB, 1024x687, 1024:687, a4226f3f86ab15017d09915a53….png)


I saved this the other day

f3b2a4 No.648736



Q always says "Future proves past"

Things that happen today or tomorrow prove what crumbs and others say happened yesterday or earlier. We have to wait for future events to happen before action can be taken on past events.

bf7875 No.648737



cd2477 No.648738

File: dcdd85457ca057d⋯.jpg (196.64 KB, 736x736, 1:1, The Real Map.jpg)


Check this out too.

If its good enough for our military then its good enough for me.

9c488d No.648739

File: 912ba6ba74786f5⋯.jpg (18.73 KB, 495x362, 495:362, ppeipdsofupdsfu86487618742….jpg)


Absolute proof i have reptilians in my house and the moon is a triangle made to look like a sphere by millions of God Mirrors. Stars are angels and Pluto is actually a cartoon dog. Way more credible than FE.

P stuff is interesting but i thought we already linked P to pope.

c0de8a No.648740

File: c9248d8996ae52e⋯.jpg (109.83 KB, 1000x1490, 100:149, 17fecevfvwk01.jpg)

5777ba No.648741

File: 5da8cbe4ef56eb4⋯.png (139.54 KB, 1166x971, 1166:971, 5da8cbe4ef56eb4e8ea0e3289d….png)

119a89 No.648742


Have they commit a crime yet in this endeavor?

d6dad5 No.648744


Assets frozen. She needs money.

bd64c2 No.648745

he's going to make victory and bring our kin home.

f3fce3 No.648746


Tomorrow / today is Special election day for PA.

Notice that POTUS went out of his way to give us

a great speech for Rick Saccone. Who btw mentioned sometime ago about illegal voters in PA. I hope we can have a non messed with election and if not , can you all handle it quick and not leave the CIA Lamb boy in for a long time? Lamb totally has CIA all over his face.

f3b2a4 No.648747


Q usually uses initials to indicate first and last name. P would be a single name so more likely a person and Pope seems most likely

6384f5 No.648748

File: 7ce576d2f8135ac⋯.jpg (14.17 KB, 255x255, 1:1, bf2c7d6cd7c728059015673dcf….jpg)

c0b098 No.648749

No sure what you are saying

f2af06 No.648750


I'm doing none of those things. Don't be an ass.

43fa9a No.648751

File: 2c7bdab59f3fa9b⋯.png (130.28 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, d21c275d9b4c3e3712159dc335….png)

Q gets my highest "Q-rating."

>We are everywhere.

Strengthening my love for my country and knowledge of its history, God (especially Good as opposed to Evil), and critical thinking skills (questioning everything). How could that possibly be deception or a LARP? I trust the plan.

ad9bbe No.648752

File: 4facfcaaa65ec0b⋯.jpg (19.71 KB, 300x400, 3:4, 13537528_300562543611447_4….jpg)

ba3065 No.648753

Have to wonder if there is some subliminal programming embeded in the HRC video since they're trying so desperately for us to spread it. Eyes open Anons.

119a89 No.648754


India: no extradition and cheap baby blood (nasty curry aftertaste though)

8bf285 No.648755

Someone saw the Fulford Report this week?.., it seems something good.

a44828 No.648756


Do you have a high res of just that map?

0980c3 No.648757

File: 56e5aaaf0226bc0⋯.png (40.12 KB, 183x228, 61:76, Selection_070.png)

Pepe lives!

cd2477 No.648758



The harder they fight against us looking into FE or even talking about it

the more I tend to believe it.

Keep it. We should question everything. Just sayn

c6f14b No.648759


Considering the fact that Palestine is as real a place as the FE…


19f693 No.648760

too bad an HD version of fat hillary falling down the stairs doesn't exist. we could meme a dude, where's my shoe meme

bf7875 No.648761


Really can fuck off now.

b5ad02 No.648762

File: 3f703fe7cb6cefa⋯.jpg (259.65 KB, 865x865, 1:1, ShillzEverywhere.jpg)

Shill-a-thon habbening

+ Fake Q habbening

c0de8a No.648763


Pffft… Seals could smash and grab without extradition order.

2064e5 No.648764


Or Pindar.

4504f4 No.648765


Would you rather he give u the middle finger to prove he's not illuminati?

d6dad5 No.648766

58b519 No.648767

File: 261e89be56cc524⋯.jpg (20.07 KB, 255x170, 3:2, 798f4f121100694581cb6162c5….jpg)

38d000 No.648768

File: ed3e830c14021af⋯.jpg (150.74 KB, 658x370, 329:185, 9cf56a301f828faf924f522d15….jpg)


nice one anon

3c22bd No.648769


New Madrid Fault. 7-8.0 coming soon.

Estimated 86,000 casualties, including 3,500 fatalities; 715,000 damaged buildings; and 7.2 million people displaced.

15 Nuclear plants will be destroyed.

Plan now.

b5ad02 No.648770

File: eaf20e3c040b294⋯.jpg (362.26 KB, 900x764, 225:191, Shillz_Tactics.jpg)


Shill Tactics

38f898 No.648771


Boom! Trust the plan! Next year, 2019!

8d5c69 No.648772

File: 9ada3c84c2cab23⋯.png (234.03 KB, 1024x571, 1024:571, echo1.png)

File: 5fe95b9a3ea2aee⋯.jpg (174.19 KB, 1024x670, 512:335, echo2.jpg)

File: 78104050bc4ff2f⋯.jpg (396.47 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, echo3.jpg)

bd64c2 No.648773


i could just hear cnn kvetching now

f2af06 No.648774


Yes, probably, but nothing prosecutable. Lots and lots of deniability. That's why they post cryptically. It's not too avoid the CIA - they are not that stupid. It's to avoid prosecution by civilians or house intel committee, who are that stupid.

119a89 No.648775


Punjabbis are not 70IQ sand niggers, the SEALS would get smoked in India

cd2477 No.648776



Jesus has alread won the war. Amen and Amen.

and a Hallelujah to boot.

8d5c69 No.648777

File: ad7264d51282c8d⋯.jpg (501.11 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, echo4.jpg)

File: e2fa0f4434fea9f⋯.jpg (560.24 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, echo5.jpg)

File: 236519db90bda69⋯.jpg (210.94 KB, 1024x779, 1024:779, echo6.jpg)

File: 8724d0a739b820a⋯.jpg (723.07 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, echo7.jpg)

File: 33052f8f4195ab8⋯.jpg (594.89 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, echo8.jpg)

5777ba No.648778


Tits or GTFO.

24a27a No.648779


I’m tired of hearing “trust the plan” what is this, a religion now?? If no public happenings, then at least confirm or deny our answers that way we know we are on the right path. But…. NO, he does not do that and then says we’re not ready 😡 Drops crumbs and takes off, probably laughing at us going crazy at this clusterfuck that he leaves us with. I know things are happening privately but I’m tired of waiting already. It’s always next week and next week never comes. Drop Nazi truthbimbs already! It’s all in the last, it has happened already. Do it already.

9c488d No.648780

File: b9f94d82670281a⋯.jpg (4.21 KB, 160x160, 1:1, 433242555.jpg)


Odometers on cars prove your theory fake and gay CIA nigger.

44d79e No.648781


Is this dutchsinese? if it is, start preparing people!

19f693 No.648782


from a place that barely has indoor plumbing

38d000 No.648783

File: 30c241a32112a2b⋯.gif (449.95 KB, 500x224, 125:56, tumblr_lrwsncsj1S1qlbrak.gif)

File: c596138983da2f8⋯.jpg (80.39 KB, 407x405, 407:405, 1309818507541.jpg)

7fdf3f No.648784


You're not very good at shilling.

Try harder.

724c1a No.648785

File: 34ede41b18864ec⋯.jpeg (18.39 KB, 229x220, 229:220, image.jpeg)


We can handle the truth. We can handle the bullshit. I don't have insurance, so some of us won't end up in the hospital. REEEE!

f3b2a4 No.648786


Soros takes orders from Pindar??

Guys been dead for like 2500 years, nice name drop tho

8c117d No.648787

File: 97141871ef0e14b⋯.jpg (81.22 KB, 590x419, 590:419, George-S.-Patton-Quotes-5.jpg)


He is here with U.S. now Anon's

a49367 No.648788


Not the same, AUS is DC corporation. Posted it twice now. Here is number 3. Although city of London(master corporation) owns USA and AUS,

COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA (Corporation) registered in the



CIK (0000805157)

SIC: 8880 - American Depositary Receipts

State location: DC | Fiscal Year End: 0630

Business Address




http:// www.peoplesmandate.iinet.net.au/Government_as_Foreign_corporation.html

bf7875 No.648789


3500/86k ain't too bad.

a44828 No.648790

File: db7067e93a7eef4⋯.jpeg (273.58 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, DCE0B914-F3FF-4C16-B7A7-C….jpeg)


This. Like wtf. Every time one single post appears that questions even the tiniest sliver of the heliocentric model, it’s like several breads of unadulterated shilling, sliding, misdirection, and general clown tactics. Hmmmm.

8bf285 No.648791


Trust the plan faggot.., There is a lot of people in worse conditions, As Haiti.

38f898 No.648792


Next year, patience. Trust the plan.

bf7875 No.648793



f2af06 No.648794

9a9763 No.648795


LOL clown. Concern fagging.

ad9bbe No.648796

File: b26029fba95173c⋯.jpg (42.03 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 9s87g78sdfg697d80fg6.jpg)

5777ba No.648797

File: 466d151171aaf1d⋯.jpg (11.09 KB, 255x135, 17:9, retardnigs.jpg)

8bf285 No.648798


So Aus is the New Puppet of the Cabal?

464f7a No.648799

You guys…. I think we missed watch the water.

Q says watch the water a few times

DOD twitter posted a tweet and picture about getting out of a vehicle underwater…

Helicopter filled with AUS people goes into the bay… Pilot escapes…..

Considering it didn’t crash it just kind of slowly sunk…

I suppose there are no coincidences, no one picked up on this yet.

d3ea75 No.648800


ad9bbe No.648801

File: 1a99770b37f8196⋯.jpg (81.85 KB, 736x1012, 8:11, ab50d90ee78267971c75bc74e8….jpg)


CHEERS, anon!

2064e5 No.648802


Pindar is a position, not a person.

f3b2a4 No.648803


I don't think so anon, if anything it would make sense that Palestine takes orders from Soros not the other way around

bf7875 No.648804

38f898 No.648805


Okay, how's this? 13 months and zero big arrests. Trust the plan.

c725b0 No.648806




f3fce3 No.648807


March Madness, if nothing happens quit.

Although, I hope you are aware NK was a big deal.How you don't get that Idk .. maybe just quit now

and watch from the sidelines.

c0b098 No.648808

>>648700 I was just thinking outside the box, because I don't think we have Q confirmation on this yet.

0980c3 No.648809

File: 47b0a89b6c9e1cd⋯.jpg (3.92 MB, 5086x3411, 5086:3411, airmap.jpg)


read the fine print

119a89 No.648810

Welp, I know one thing, Q aint postin in this infected bread

2064e5 No.648811

Concernfags oughta go sip a soy latte!

ad9bbe No.648812

File: ca3c1816c4e3364⋯.jpg (81.39 KB, 717x538, 717:538, sf7809gs7g98dsf7g.jpg)


63e7a2 No.648813

File: c577b36a7f2aca1⋯.jpg (61.25 KB, 960x720, 4:3, clowns bigly.jpg)


FU Clowns..come get us.

8d5c69 No.648814


>no one picked up on this yet

Read breads much?

ba3065 No.648815


Got it, thanks.

0980c3 No.648816

File: fa86a0d7341a885⋯.png (1.21 MB, 801x885, 267:295, Selection_071.png)


the fine print

4bc8c7 No.648817


I feel the same way. torn about the posts though.

5777ba No.648818

File: fe174f6161819ad⋯.jpg (6.05 KB, 255x97, 255:97, glowfag.jpg)


first off capfag…. don't capfag. Second, you're glowing.

c780c7 No.648819


kek nice one anon

f2af06 No.648820


Odds in your favor since bread is almost full.

c725b0 No.648821



f3b2a4 No.648822


If P was Palestine, it would make sense that Palestine takes orders from soros not the way Q said it. It would make more sense that Soros takes orders from the Pope

Dec 21 2017 20:31:58

Soros takes orders from P.

You have no idea how sick and evil these people are.

Fight, fight, fight.

Day of days.

Game over.


4505a3 No.648824

File: 984d4a28a28872b⋯.jpg (112.6 KB, 640x401, 640:401, 269x17.jpg)

119a89 No.648825


podesta justice SOOOON 2019.5 at the LATEST

171695 No.648826


Shills rush in on mention of Pindar.

c780c7 No.648827


glowing hard bro.. Attacked me for no reason.. read his other posts they are soooo bad!

f2af06 No.648828

0e0812 No.648829


Why? what's going on here? P, flat earth…seems we're going around in circles.

b7fdb7 No.648830

File: 76265fcff711027⋯.jpg (122.64 KB, 1189x463, 1189:463, SPECTRE_03132018.JPG)

File: 2602885fa8773f5⋯.jpg (100.79 KB, 627x564, 209:188, U28-A.JPG)

USAF Spec Ops extraction team on the move tonight.

Depart Ft Smith, Ark heading over TX at this tie.

d7ddf6 No.648831

File: ddf28d9e0ac132f⋯.jpg (78.49 KB, 640x960, 2:3, IMG_1095.JPG)

c725b0 No.648832



dc75fc No.648833

The earth is not flat. You need mental help, not just because you really believe that shit, but because you come here and spread your illness and demand that other people believe what you do like a typical fucking leftist.

119a89 No.648834


Picking up Podesta??? FINALLY!!!!

c0de8a No.648835


Don't feed the clowns.

14b2df No.648836


Pray = Talk to Him

469033 No.648837

Trust the plan.

8bf285 No.648838


Who was Arrested?

58428c No.648839


Are there any other photos or any evidence on this? The photo is very blurry; it makes the sailor boy look nothing like him to me. I am known to be really good with recognizing people. I am very suspicious of the Bushes and know that they are at least American Nazis if not actual German Nazis.

ba887c No.648840

File: 4d0efdc4f9f6012⋯.png (497.72 KB, 488x642, 244:321, screenshot_596.png)

5777ba No.648841

File: 72591461cf9da60⋯.jpg (12.39 KB, 219x255, 73:85, 2e876015f330141ebcc5448afd….jpg)


I love you planefags…. keep us posted.

469033 No.648842



63e7a2 No.648843


Don't waste your energy. Let him go by.

b5ad02 No.648844

File: 8837c014b9f367e⋯.jpg (51.87 KB, 355x397, 355:397, Shill_reply.jpg)

f2af06 No.648845

File: d32bc664772fb8c⋯.jpg (64.75 KB, 580x282, 290:141, 269x3s.jpg)

b87764 No.648846


I’m usually up to date. Did everyone notice that? Good.

This bread is fucking fully comped, posssibly even BV/BO, some very funny shit .

9c488d No.648847


They dont want to. To them the distance from Melbourne to Perth is not the same as NY to SF. Their goal is to back each other up and shit up the board.

d7ddf6 No.648848

8d5c69 No.648849

File: b3649d29399bb21⋯.jpg (515.01 KB, 1656x480, 69:20, clintonsbscunt.jpg)

File: 52864c8cc850bb6⋯.jpg (137.16 KB, 471x428, 471:428, cnnteleprompter.jpg)

File: 041f0353459d713⋯.jpg (268.32 KB, 664x442, 332:221, greatpotus.jpg)

File: 4207ad978834753⋯.jpg (250.67 KB, 885x516, 295:172, iknowwhatyoudid.jpg)

File: 1f458d2d326de24⋯.jpg (110.11 KB, 474x266, 237:133, ronrothschild.jpg)

38f898 No.648850


Trust Sheriff Israel

469033 No.648851

c725b0 No.648852


724c1a No.648853

File: 7cffc0cfb1628f9⋯.jpeg (24.4 KB, 255x255, 1:1, image.jpeg)


Just scored a phat sac

4bc8c7 No.648854


this bread?

6384f5 No.648855


I've been at this since last JULY

It's a larp!

It's not a larp

It can't be a larp

Yeah Definitely larp

Wait no way this can't be a larp!


It'll be a year in July for me…..

THIS is the biggest mind fuck EVER

54d3eb No.648856


How soon?

>New Madrid Fault. 7-8.0 coming soon.

794aa1 No.648857


People who claim that P does not equal Palestine do not truly understand because if they knew who ran Palestine, all would come clear.

f6ee1d No.648858


WTF? Flat earth shit is in the dough now?

Something has been "off" around here for a couple weeks and I think I'm about to give up.

There are some Anons who are still digging and contributing good work but obviously the bakers are idiots.

469033 No.648859



8c117d No.648860

File: e2e7cd5bd4cb2d9⋯.jpg (48.1 KB, 352x450, 176:225, inbound_marketing_lessons_….jpg)


Get PREPARED Anon, It's not too LATE!!!

We, The People are hitting BACK!!!

YardArm for TRAITORS!!!!!!!

dc75fc No.648861


A lone half channer appears

119a89 No.648862


Q dint start until november 17 you fucking cretin

8d5c69 No.648863


Yeah we got it buddy. Thats why i'm bombing memes. Leave them and those that reply lost.

f3fce3 No.648864


The Black Pope makes sense.

The White Pope had a left eye marker(black eye)

which means there is someone higher than him

who was not pleased with something he did.

This people are sick. once you start diving in to the Occult of theirs I can't believe we haven't

grabbed a torch and pitch fork yet. (old saying)

493847 No.648865

File: 7875dcf76d541d0⋯.jpg (124.69 KB, 576x767, 576:767, DankSessions Done.jpg)

ad9bbe No.648866

File: 9c44f56680ccef4⋯.jpg (145.22 KB, 578x624, 289:312, 7s89fdg69d8s7fg5sd9g5f.jpg)


4505a3 No.648867


October 28th.

469033 No.648868

Admit it anons.

The worst attack on Q's credibility has come from Q themselves.

I wouldnt even trust Q as an Uber driver at this point.

6384f5 No.648869


Yeah saw that too

Looks like the Foxes are watching the hen house again

d34c7d No.648870

north pole is south pole

map is key

119a89 No.648871


Whatever, that stupid nigger is saying July

61b9c1 No.648872

Why did Sauds release alaweed?

To set a trap?

Why let Hill and Huma go to India?

Set a trap.?

Help India with their corruption?

Indian president loves Trump.

24a27a No.648873


I know things are happening privately but the cabal still going at trump 100%, even killary doesn’t quit. So what’s going on?? I know nk has flipped but we are ready for the storm already. The normies will have to align wether they want or not, that’s what cabal did. Why doesn’t Q and team do it?? Or are the cabal still very much alive and strong that Q team can’t take them out?? They are throwing jabs…. throw power punches already!!

b5ad02 No.648874

File: dba6bcf9f8f0fcf⋯.png (868.21 KB, 1169x6371, 1169:6371, Shill_Tactics.png)

d7ddf6 No.648875

File: 6fc9086808bfe8e⋯.jpg (54.04 KB, 469x651, 67:93, IMG_1105.JPG)

I Forgot my wallet in El segundo

f2af06 No.648876


Oh really? What don't you like about Q's credibility?

d32089 No.648877

Q is fake and gay.

54d3eb No.648878


who runs palestine arafat?

4bc8c7 No.648879

File: 43ecdf56fc1d111⋯.png (17.07 KB, 431x405, 431:405, ClipboardImage.png)

2064e5 No.648880


Hey, thanks for stopping by.

c725b0 No.648881



6384f5 No.648882

>>648862 No it was earlier than that. Back on 4 chan with FBIANON and another guy. It progressed from there.

We switched over to 8chan in October

19f693 No.648883

they're just trying to protect the legacy of the greasy ass nigger bho

d34c7d No.648884


why would cabal still be going 100%

if nothing was happening

why do they even care

469033 No.648885


It doesnt exist.

5777ba No.648886

File: 8b9ee04b1777e55⋯.jpg (10.93 KB, 255x236, 255:236, b072d722ebca1cdd946bd0aec8….jpg)

f3fce3 No.648887



Maybe to allow India to track those who secretly meet with Hillary. Making the list longer of those who are involved with evil.

e0f788 No.648888


>mouldy bread

> [P]= palestine and Flat earth bs

This. Baker get rid of that [P] bullshit from the bread. Soros doesn't take orders from Palestine.

Best answers so far are Pinay Circle and The Pope.

6be233 No.648889

Who were the passengers, who was on board? Very mysterious…

Were they eventually killed after the Touchdown? Why are there no passenger list?

A seat belt causes the crash?


How long is a seat belt?

9a9763 No.648890


The plan is decades in the making. I think they went live with it 4 years ago. Probably had several Pres canidates but Trump thinks extremely fast on his feet and gave off lots of confidence. Thinking Huckabee was one also.

Going to be cool seeing how they handle the FED. If they go before election they should go with it soon. Wait to long might not be enough time to settle everyone back down. So I can see right after election also.

That would be a true shock and all. World wide governmental debt forgiveness? Legend

63e7a2 No.648891

File: c577b36a7f2aca1⋯.jpg (61.25 KB, 960x720, 4:3, clowns bigly.jpg)

119a89 No.648892


FBI anon noy = qanon

You sir ar array[1…maxint] type nigger faggot

38f898 No.648893


Two things have happened in the past 3 days to make me question Q. 1.) Hillary and Huma being completely free 2.) the Nazi crap. Nazi Germany wasn't trying to conquer to world. They were simply trying to regain the land illegally stolen from them after WWI and they were trying to stop the violent spread of communism.

dc75fc No.648894


I dunno, I find it strange that lil Castro and HRC both visit india in a short amount of time. Trump team is watching closely though. Remember when they were talking about how fun it was watching Hussain run around the world looking for allies? I wonder if HRC is doing the same.


c725b0 No.648895



ba8f5c No.648896

Not sure if this is pertinent: Operation Genga in the UK. Came across this last week during the report of a tower fire in the UK. Looked more like a FF and thought it was odd that a van with the Genga markings seemed to be blocking the street. Looking further, the op is a 'big brother' type surveillance system they have put in place and it does seem to be mass surveillance of the population.

119a89 No.648897

How do I bold my tripcode?

d7ddf6 No.648898

File: 1e70528798d5d02⋯.jpg (41.07 KB, 640x702, 320:351, IMG_1094.JPG)

c0de8a No.648899


god damn pascalfag

0980c3 No.648900


Sounds about right.

Just doing my part to broaden the discussion.


4505a3 No.648901


It started right about October 28 or 29. I remember because it was right before Halloween, and I have some of the original screen caps from the first post. (somewhere in my computer.)

19f693 No.648902

Israel is in the house

c725b0 No.648903



119a89 No.648904


UCSD alum, what can I say

469033 No.648905


It would make sense. The FBI has proven to be as incompetent as Q at this point.

f2af06 No.648906


You have too make sure you fill the larp meter first or you can't do it.

24a27a No.648907



It’s still a mind fuck, every day I wake up expecting shit to hit the fan and you know what happens??? NOTHING! I’m ready and I want some truthbombs already, we can start with the Nazis to set it off

469033 No.648908


Youre thinking.

2a7fa3 No.648909


6b2d97 No.648910

File: d1637db7bf9f83b⋯.png (435.61 KB, 469x469, 1:1, Skull Patch 2.PNG)

ad9bbe No.648911

File: bb5da87a7ddbfe8⋯.png (276.81 KB, 640x480, 4:3, s7f9d8g6d78f9g6d8f7sfg.png)





8d5c69 No.648912


>Operation Genga

https:// www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/579498/SOC_bulletin_December_issue.pdf

e20731 No.648913

File: 504c3024528ece9⋯.jpg (70.01 KB, 687x589, 687:589, Horns.jpg)

Horns sign on American Idol

1:05 of the video

https:// www.yahoo.com/entertainment/katy-perry-suffers-wardrobe-malfunction-otherwise-perfect-american-idol-episode-020801186.html

469033 No.648914


It doesnt exist.

119a89 No.648915

Q should post a hit list, then we let half chan handle this shit

469033 No.648916

|I trust fake Q more than real Q.

f2af06 No.648917


We need some footage, major truth bombs, etc. This shit leaking to a bunch of anonfags is torture. We want fireworks!

0c54d7 No.648918

File: 3218fec365cab34⋯.png (133.82 KB, 1777x341, 1777:341, theory-on-[P]-5.png)

File: 11508d0be8f5c4b⋯.png (760.2 KB, 1728x946, 864:473, theory-on-[P]-4.png)

File: 3ccdecf01cb10f6⋯.png (269.58 KB, 1775x535, 355:107, theory-on-[P]-3.png)

File: d49ae216762a470⋯.png (3.23 MB, 1780x1741, 1780:1741, theory-on-[P]-2.png)

File: f1691a4684154c9⋯.png (238.82 KB, 1772x528, 443:132, theory-on-[P]-1.png)



Images 1 to 5 (of a total 7)

I let anons decide themselves whether to believe this or not

38f898 No.648919

Monarch Faggots are everywhere.

0c54d7 No.648920

File: d35d54cbb7383f4⋯.png (218.1 KB, 1764x349, 1764:349, theory-on-[P]-7.png)

File: cc23cfd05764929⋯.png (188.95 KB, 1766x356, 883:178, theory-on-[P]-6.png)

c725b0 No.648921



e4c30d No.648922




>They dont want to. To them the distance from Melbourne to Perth is not the same as NY to SF. Their goal is to back each other up and shit up the board.

Hmm - I think the goal might be more than that. If people run with a "conspiracy theory" so outrageously and demonstrably untrue as FE then it opens the door for any inconvenient Q related truths discovered here to be labelled conspiracy theory, and those associated with Q to be labelled nutters. The FEers are doing Q's cause no favours.

4505a3 No.648923

File: bb4b26c92e5f91d⋯.jpg (66.95 KB, 564x700, 141:175, atticgirl.jpg)

838038 No.648925

Flat Earth in the dough?!?!?!?


f3524d No.648926

File: af052ab950b6b72⋯.png (27.16 KB, 774x332, 387:166, cl0wnbot.png)

5777ba No.648927

File: e01fbb6c1603220⋯.jpg (21.96 KB, 255x212, 255:212, c1b91396f19eb2f258d12ca5de….jpg)

0980c3 No.648928

File: f39d19791547eef⋯.jpeg (26.14 KB, 640x491, 640:491, mr-t-vintage4.jpeg)


Actually, to broaden the data, and shut down the derailing jibba-jabba.

ad9bbe No.648929


KEK 10/10

469033 No.648930


I thought the same thing.

c725b0 No.648931


794aa1 No.648932


Well you are a fucking goddam asshole sirring in front of your computer all day bellyaching and doing FUCKALL to help the cause because you are a goddam pussy.

Some of us are working hard trying to dig, to connect the dots, to draw the maps, and to figure out how the cabal has managed to get control of so much. Because we want more than freedom. We want to prevent this from ever happening again. We want to totally unveil the cabal, their history, their techniques, their philosophy and where it went wrong.

And asshole dickwads like you sit there doing nothing but stuffing your face with sandwiches and beer all fucking day long and complaining that the elite military forces of the USA are not following YOUR ORDERS!!!!!!?????

You better hope they don't notice you on this board.

d3ea75 No.648933


bf7875 No.648934

File: 60880b7bfa313f0⋯.jpg (67.19 KB, 709x765, 709:765, 60880b7bfa313f0237e8b15b20….jpg)



Shill harder faggots

7485e1 No.648935

He actually looks a lot like some photos of Malcolm X who is also a reputed father of his.


38f898 No.648936



6e2ff5 No.648937

469033 No.648938


So do I.

119a89 No.648939

File: 55fca0d352db433⋯.jpg (70.86 KB, 616x1024, 77:128, Flammenwerfer.jpg)

Is Q back yet?

6384f5 No.648940


Ma'am I'm pretty damned ashamed of just how long I've been doing this stupid shit.

I'd need to brag about how long I've surfed porn, nor do I need to brag about how long this stupid shit has been going on.

Both…..much longer than any would like to admit.

But yes. It was in full tilt last summer.


Shit we didn't swap over to 8chan till October 2017.

Just as you hear promises of next week and monday or tuesday or this or that.

That shits been said a million times man.

Don't EVER think that Q is going to do something on a certain date. It will never ever fucking happen.

And yes, but the way. Since December 29th. When Q password got hacked.

It's been larp.

But it's for a good cause…so fuck it…we keep going

dc75fc No.648941


Anne Frank was just another fictional jew

like Jesus

f3fce3 No.648942


I can not tell you why those who should be jailed are allowed to roam to other countries, this I can only guess is a strategy. I can tell you this though

we have been ruled by these sick fucks for 100,s of years, without even knowing it. I can wait longer if it means we do it right. China and Russia are both on board to helping take down the Cabal, other countries are in on it too.

I think we need to understand that any move made here means that something over seas could take place which could hurt the plan for World Wide Freedom of this evil. Stay with us Anon, watch this week, watch the story play out on the news, dont give up hope. You are not alone in your waiting, but know that in our waiting they are trying to strategically keep the innocents around the world safe as well.

Q said March madness, we wait for March Madness. Stay strong Anon

c0de8a No.648943

File: 30d2fd9306af19e⋯.jpg (770.65 KB, 1712x1704, 214:213, gq1vtaqvtduz.jpg)


You're doing God's work, Anon.

f3b2a4 No.648944

The Pope is unusually into lefty politics like climate change and mass migration

0c54d7 No.648945

File: e15870adaaec268⋯.jpg (93.07 KB, 943x720, 943:720, e15870adaaec268b7ac3331106….jpg)

9a9763 No.648946

Q I was wondering if all the gifted and talented school programs are like a baby mkultra? Take them on week in summer with no parents. Could put a lot of subliminal shit on them. Wire the special classrooms with frequency stuff? Plausible?

24a27a No.648947


I’m not a shill so you can fuck off

4505a3 No.648948

File: 0e2c2be46712265⋯.png (140.02 KB, 500x499, 500:499, atticgirlte-offensive-com-….png)

f2af06 No.648949

Looks like the Russians are getting in here and sowing discord.

8d5c69 No.648950


Give them enough rope…

2a7fa3 No.648951


And he's a fucking nazi Argentinian.

e0f788 No.648952


I think the consensus makes it obvious here.

38f898 No.648953


Yes, Fight Fight Fight!

0dd315 No.648954


You should at least I welcome critism and scrutiny

Imagine if the "real" Q was treated like me

The larp would be dead

Instead people deify Q


469033 No.648955

File: f492d9e8d89a605⋯.jpg (38.48 KB, 600x450, 4:3, trump-they-live-obey-3.jpg)


Trust the plan

7c03a0 No.648957

They attack Trump, it pisses us off and we stand by him all the more unshaken… Now they come here and try the same tactic in regards to Q. They really are that stupid.

6a4dba No.648958

File: e8ff73ca546faab⋯.jpg (44.44 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 14517358_1200048743372020_….jpg)


(18) posts. You need a [187]

d34c7d No.648959




119a89 No.648960

Jerome Corsi just said we devolved into pandemonium and he thinks Q "will be forced to mave back to reddit"

d7ddf6 No.648961

File: 49be5142eb15b16⋯.jpg (26.99 KB, 600x503, 600:503, IMG_1108.JPG)

8d5c69 No.648962

File: ed14f53e6542dbd⋯.jpg (707.36 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, Forget2Pray1.jpg)

File: 22b6879316cb37f⋯.jpg (518.31 KB, 1024x730, 512:365, Forget2Pray2.jpg)

5777ba No.648963

File: 32a6ccaa06276fc⋯.jpeg (10.88 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1f0aba0af22538683a6b8e134….jpeg)

f3fce3 No.648964


Indeed Anon, Indeed.

Hell for them all!

c725b0 No.648965



ba8f5c No.648966


It's within the realm of possibility… everything is at this point! Just have this gut feeling. Exciting time to be alive!

a82815 No.648967


Who cares what some random guy thinks

38f898 No.648968


Should we Trust Comey? What about Mueller?

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