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File: 13d76349e4cfb59⋯.png (566.64 KB, 925x932, 925:932, 66d63d81680fa97c8d55062111….png)

File: b50a3f0cf6250b1⋯.png (802.14 KB, 969x909, 323:303, eb6787baa8b9f0c67505405893….png)

File: e2d1a7aefc4c0bf⋯.png (19.2 KB, 1205x608, 1205:608, 1f26adb3ab14fe86a808cd59ba….png)

7ce1d2 No.14991525

Last thread is on page 13



If you haven't heard about it by now, this was announced apparently. Now is the time to do something if you care, if we get it early enough and put out a loud enough voice we might be able to force them to listen.

Time to write emails and complain on any forums and twitter or on the phone if you care about this shit enough. They seem to be forced to at least forward these emails to someone if you include the word "feedback" somewhere in your emails. Obviously be polite and show when and where you've been a paying customer to Sega at all if you've got any evidence of that.


USA phone number: 1-866-226-8092

UK phone number: 0-845-301-5502

Others can be found on global support page

Announcement tweet:


This is the (((google)))-translated page of their japan website


>PC/home console game contact inquiry form

(they don't provide an email address directly, its one of those forms you fill out and it emails to them ffs)


>Feedback contact form (basically anything is allowed to be talked about here)


This is linked as the "Global support page" for non-nips apparently



This is our best chance.

056dd0 No.14991534

File: d130ec21a17066e⋯.jpg (297.55 KB, 640x959, 640:959, 1391960917463.jpg)

Will I be put through to a currynigger if I call their US line? If so then count me out on that part. I can't stand even listening to those subhuman fucks.

43d80c No.14991547


Do they filter out emails from certain providers? I don't mind making an email but I'd like to use a throwaway.

cfa1bb No.14991548


Just pirate it, no-one gives a shit about your emails.

7ce1d2 No.14991571


I used my (((gmail))) so I have no idea, but I doubt they do unless maybe its a meme-sounding one like cock.li (and even then that has that airmail.cc option anyways)

056dd0 No.14991601

File: de00299c86e9598⋯.webm (612.67 KB, 422x480, 211:240, de00299c86e9598515c8f6add….webm)


>don't do anything, Goy, emails are useless!

>don't look at the countless other examples and proof showing how effective emails are! Dumb goy!

7ce1d2 No.14991627


Haven't called yet myself so I can't say for sure. I'll do it soon and post what I got from it


don't give it (you)s, he'll drag you down in shitposting and waste time and posts towards the bump limit

cfa1bb No.14991636


I'm not saying to buy the game you fucking retard.

Don't buy the game, don't give them your money.

What the fuck is sending an email gonna do?

I'm sure the multi-million dollar company will be quaking in their boots when they receive a sternly worded email from Ebingamer2002@gmail.com telling them to remove Denuvo.

Just Pirate the game and enjoy it without giving them sheckles.

c1f68a No.14991650


>Don't let them know why people aren't buying their game, gouys,

>Let them just look at the low sales of their game and wonder exactly why nobody wants it

>I swear they won't think nobody actually wants the games on PC honest

Here's your last (you).

709047 No.14991692

File: f46bdf5a85e5705⋯.jpg (105.13 KB, 1029x859, 1029:859, e1.JPG)

File: 4bac8dbf7146207⋯.jpg (93.44 KB, 1013x872, 1013:872, e2.JPG)

Here's an email for the Jap side of Sega I made with some contributions from the Nip learning thread.

Where you can send it:













Pics show what goes in which field.

You don't need to confirm your email address after sending it.

The Jap name for VC4 is "戦場のヴァルキュリア4".


Sending them an email that states you are not satisfied is better than not sending anything.

ce4831 No.14991693

File: 9262c05b1eaedf8⋯.png (98.22 KB, 400x400, 1:1, JUST FUCK MY SHILLING UP.png)

Why Denuvo will render your games unplayable (even with bypasses)


7ce1d2 No.14991704


Thank you anon, this will help immensely

ce4831 No.14991721

File: 92afdf3972fc89c⋯.png (132.75 KB, 592x1088, 37:68, kejkqYl.png)

File: 42eb1382f465771⋯.png (146.39 KB, 1372x584, 343:146, sweet little.PNG)


Tekken director says Denuvo is causing performance issues

816c7e No.14991723

File: b5b383182f72700⋯.png (2.32 KB, 270x26, 135:13, wew.PNG)

I'm just going to pirate VC4 if it has denuvo. I bought the first one and liked it a lot, but if they don't want my money then that's fine too.

43d80c No.14991724


Just did it, it seems like temporary emails do work.

ce4831 No.14991768

File: e0ae3fad47dacc2⋯.png (11.56 KB, 974x157, 974:157, hypocrisy.PNG)


Sega contradicts itself and confirms Denuvo causes performance issues

c1f68a No.14991779


>b-b-b-but piracy!

Never touch a denuvo laced product.

7ce1d2 No.14991844

File: 0b1876b3c717b5e⋯.png (76.11 KB, 1389x824, 1389:824, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8eadf2bb9e20053⋯.png (77.6 KB, 1349x837, 1349:837, ClipboardImage.png)

783963 No.14991866


Good luck. I'll be pirating it regardless, nu-sega will never get a single shekel out of me.

ce4831 No.14991868


This, nips are scared shitless of dissent, even a simple message like this puts their panties in a bunch.

7ce1d2 No.14991940

So I tried calling and almost every option I choose seems to be automated; I can't get through to any humans to talk to.

The only options I haven't tried are the "Total war boxed edition" and "Football manager boxed edition" options. its basically a glorified FAQ and an automated message telling you to go to help.sega.com or email

bc0c7e No.14991964

File: 397482f080ff499⋯.jpg (186.42 KB, 850x1209, 850:1209, Marine Fishing 1.jpg)

File: cc38722d38d77d5⋯.jpg (173.59 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, SEGA Rally A.jpg)

File: e1f07f8a5dc9ffb⋯.jpg (1.91 MB, 1735x3870, 347:774, Dreamcast Games.jpg)


Sent. Denuvo has such a hilarious amount of flaws, its a mystery why so many publishers choose to pay for it.

29b7e8 No.14991984

Nah I'll proceed to buy and enjoy a game I've been waiting for years while you manchildren bitch and moan about some DRM boogeyman that got disproved a bunch of its myths like killing SSDs. Feel free to chimp out like niggers, I got a date with kiryu to attend to

29b7e8 No.14992006


Also the fate is sealed, there's no way that they will reverse the decision of Denvuo. But feel free to waste your time, I'm sure the lot of you arnt productive members of society anywayd and emailing them pointless emails is the only way you can feel like you have control in your miserable pathetic lives.

483ef2 No.14992008


and sent

1fcc6a No.14992017

sega makes pc gaymers eat da poo poo XD

they still doit willingly

7ce1d2 No.14992018

reminder not to give (you)s, filter and report if necessary to shills and shitposters

482f40 No.14992022


-Many times the same investors put their money out on these companies.

-Denuvo shilled itself massively

-Denuvo has Sony connections and investors

-Denuvo was heavily backed up by Squeenix

Never forget that these are ex Sony Securom kikes that worked with similar companies for like a half a decade.

640d4b No.14992033


can I cycle instead of sticky?

709047 No.14992035


Didn't some companies actually remove Denuvo, either because it was cracked too soon or because there was enough of an outcry for it?




Good job lads.

It's going to look weird, with the exact same bloody email sent a bunch of times, but if it gets their attention it'll be good enough.

cea02a No.14992046


Maybe that means Sega's coming around, who knows. Still keep sending emails.

The problem is that shills have a legitimate angle they can come at to demotivate people by bringing up shit that failed like GamerGate with Operation Disrespectful Nod.

7ce1d2 No.14992050


not unless you can update the OP with everything in


ef5629 No.14992061

Sent a few emails out. Along with a few using >>14991692 too. Let's hope sega isn't completely pants on head retarded.

90b5b1 No.14992062




And how do I know you're not a shill?

483ef2 No.14992065


>It's going to look weird, with the exact same bloody email sent a bunch of times

true but basically will be summed up by their reaction of the no japanese names it will probablly be.

>trolls on the internet or


>gaijins who dont speak japanese are trying to tell us something

74fc55 No.14992092

Where were you spineless cretins when they were shoving Steam into everything. That's not a question, fuck you.

10eff8 No.14992097


>denuvo doesn't work with wine even when cracked

That's the stupidest shit i've ever heard.

I'm able to run Nier automata perfectly fine using wine and dxvk without any real holdups

709047 No.14992135


Devs and publishers can drop Steam and move on to a different platform in the future.

It is not a permanent thing.

The Denuvo infection is forever.

ce4831 No.14992177

File: 0f0a6e93681eb3e⋯.jpg (737.43 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, Mark and Himouto.jpg)


>If I sticky two threads I die

Come on, do it for her.


ce4831 No.14992184


>That's the stupidest shit i've ever heard.

You haven't heard much, then.

66c108 No.14992190


>Disrespectful Nod was a failure


There is a lot of things like PR faggotry you can blame GG for, but disnod was a success

42e182 No.14992212

File: 90a54a1e2c312f4⋯.jpg (6.83 KB, 236x214, 118:107, Observe.jpg)


>Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.


I don't know what the fuck that is but they couldn't have chosen a worse name if they tried

a574f9 No.14992230

File: 853cf03c33ef362⋯.png (601.9 KB, 672x673, 672:673, punished steve.png)

Sent an e-mail from my developer address. Hope we can make a difference this time.

c16105 No.14992245


what's up with her beefy arm?

10eff8 No.14992249


I know denuvo can prevent emulation but the cracks work fine.

I did this with sonic mania and nier automata.

4b1b68 No.14992285

File: fa4f647f2a10a6f⋯.jpg (147.62 KB, 1200x799, 1200:799, heard you been talking shi….jpg)


>what's up with her beefy arm?


42e182 No.14992309


>Do you even lift, senpai?

9287f8 No.14992323



4e7c6f No.14992329


Nice dudes.

06b3f7 No.14992347


What's the email translate to exactly?

a574f9 No.14992349


My name is not important. Just an aggy daggy dev that made it.

401ea0 No.14992363


Fag I asked them to consider a non-steam release in my email, kill yourself

c1f68a No.14992376


>Where were you spineless cretins when they were shoving Steam into everything

Not buying steam games nigger, where were you.

548478 No.14992399


Giving up and accepting the botnet.

7443a1 No.14992607

How do I write a good email?

167bdb No.14992608


nigger, 2 seconds in google translate:

We become indebted to.

I am a Western player.

I appreciate the PC port of Valkyria 4 on the battlefield.

The purpose of this mail is to talk about the bad points of copy protection of Valkyria 4 on the battlefield called "Denuvo".

First, when using Denuvo, the processing power of the PC becomes weak, and the game operation becomes heavy.

Next, Denuvo does not keep the privacy of the PC player. Denuvo often scans the fixed disk of the PC.

Finally, Denuvo can not start the game if there is no Internet connection. If the Internet connection is interrupted during play, Denuvo will forcibly terminate the game.

For the above reasons, many PC players will not buy a game with Denuvo.

Please remove Denuvo from Valkyria 4 of the battlefield.

Thank you very much in the future.

9db411 No.14992667


Isn't Denuvo still embedded in the game even when you pirate it? I pirated MGSV about a year ago and I'm not sure.

8843d6 No.14992673


Depending on the crack the game still comes with denuvo and the issues it causes lke performance, denuvo fucks over performance in multiple games.

167bdb No.14992682


i can't speak for every single denuvo game that's been cracked but the few that i've pirated still has denuvo in the files, it's just been spoofed with fake credentials and/or has been fooled that it's always online even when it's not

9db411 No.14992697


Well thankfully I haven't had any performance issues so far. Hope Yakuza turns out the same tbh.

527811 No.14992739

File: ce4242f63ac5da6⋯.png (683.73 KB, 1460x812, 365:203, 9bc3fcb12cbc754003453a7e2f….png)


Barely any bypasses and none of the cracks have Denuvo files on them.

Stop lying

167bdb No.14992766


the 2015 mad max game is the only example off the top of my head and it absolutely still has denuvo, it's just been "worked around". do your research

5d4533 No.14992783


Marks little hairy jewpussy os FUCKING QUACKING right now

709047 No.14992806


It was in a guide on how to write a business email.

482f40 No.14992817

File: daa015a3997b824⋯.webm (1.37 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Nut Quake.webm)


>Do your research

Where's the fucking proof?

The only bypasses were Fifa16, FFXV and MGSV before they were cracked.

3DM bypassed some as well before they got paid forever.

Do you know what a fucking crack is?


>Marks little hairy jewpussy os FUCKING QUACKING right now

295937 No.14992838


Here's some basic steps

Be polite, talk first about how you like Sega's products or are at least interested in the ones they're porting, explain how you would like to support them and then explain (politely) why you cannot because of Denuvo and ask that they will take your feedback as a customer into account going forward concerning the implementation of Denuvo in their games.

f590a6 No.14992850


>If the Internet connection is interrupted during play, Denuvo will forcibly terminate the game.

This isn't exactly truthful, The Publish/developer chooses whether or not an internet connection is required to start a game, like that was the case during the first day of Sonic Mania, then they updated it with in 24 hours so, a constant connection was no longer required.

The way it actually works is there is basically a Timer on your game, it needs to be booted up and connected to Denuvo's servers and every time you connect that resets the timer, I think it's one time ever month or so, also if the game receives an update, you need to launch it when connected, or else it won't start.

Now this clearly sucks anyway since if your internet goes down, and you happen to feel like playing a game you haven't booted in a while you simply can't, but still I haven't actually heard of a game being terminated due to an interrupted connection, if that's true then it's only for some games not all of them.

f7b39d No.14992946

File: 433affa526a1cde⋯.gif (1.84 MB, 325x244, 325:244, 1458757161853.gif)

>Still fucking using Denuvo despite it clearly not working

I'd rather not have a possible permanent lock on my game so i'll wait for a pirate.

Honestly at this point you should just email Sega that they are going to lose potential sales when using Denuvo, because I actually would have bought Yakuza with how cheap it's coming on PC.

Still though I want you to think about how strange the world has gotten,

People will pirate a game for using a shitty anti-piracy protection.

4ee9f2 No.14992989

File: f056c8721f129cd⋯.jpg (379.73 KB, 2030x2048, 1015:1024, 00A.jpg)

What exactly is the problem with Denuvo? I've played games with it before and it doesn't seem to be any more intrusive than Steamworks.

f590a6 No.14993025


The have been claims that Denuvo makes games run worse, but i'm don't know about that one my self.

At worst if your internet is down and you haven't played a Denuvo game in like a month then it won't start until it's reconnects to the server.

TBH if you use Steam anyway then Denuvo really is doing much to harm you, that being said DRM is still DRM.

f7b39d No.14993026

File: ce394140b054d33⋯.png (34.09 KB, 103x136, 103:136, GOLDMAN.PNG)


>>What exactly is the problem with Denuvo?

Well first off you can't play your games without direct access to the internet, which isn't the biggest issue but I think the worst offender has to be that Denuvo can have the potential of locking you off from playing ALL of your games that use if you run into a payment issue anywhere down the line, granted while the potential of that happening is small it very well could happen, i've had credit card issues in the past so I avoid it like the plague.

There's also many more things so here.


5deb44 No.14993041


Can you also include Yakuza Kiwami and 0 ?

Seems that only VC4 is being mentioned >>14992608

4ee9f2 No.14993045


Reading about it, it seems the only real problem is it causes performance issues.

This is consistent with my experience, from Far Cry 5 (sub 60 FPS despite having an OC'd i7 and an OC'd GTX 1070) and Nier: Automata (similar situation, shitty frames regardless of settings).

But at the same time, Shadow of War uses Denuvo and that game runs great on any system. Same with Mad Mad. Something must be causing a conflict between the two, maybe Denuvo only causes these problems on certain engines?


>Well first off you can't play your games without direct access to the internet

I know that's not true, because I've been playing Far Cry 5 without internet for weeks now. Either no internet or practically no internet (less than broadband speeds).

>potential of locking you off from playing ALL of your games that use if you run into a payment issue anywhere down the line

My bank has frozen my cards before because they detected attempted fraud, and in fact we cancelled one of my cards because of a small transaction that occurred that I couldn't identify, and I never had an issue playing any of my games. This shit might be more of a "if someone bought a game with a stolen credit card we could stop them from being able to play." Companies do that shit mostly to cover their own asses.

Subjective yadda yadda works fine on my machine!!!! XD shit, but still.

15a6b3 No.14993095


the "why denuvo is bad" list is full of falsehoods. I look forward to sega not listening to pirates again

3e5f17 No.14993131


Aaaaand sent.

Thanks a lot for your help, anon.

3a0444 No.14993132

File: 83b780b6999d4f9⋯.png (792.13 KB, 1288x739, 1288:739, 1440008159484.png)

>all those (1)'s

>all those "just pirate it faggots!"

for a insignificant slav picture posting website there are a lot of denuvo shills.

3e5f17 No.14993142


Why pay for shills when there are millions of people acting stupid on the intenet for free?

0eb347 No.14993148


What I'm going to do is just replace all mention of VC4 with "龍が如く0" which is the Jap name for Yakuza 0.

585beb No.14993165

File: 2fdce95f9c6fd4a⋯.png (480.69 KB, 794x560, 397:280, 1468321987339.png)


Seconding this, Denuvo is literally the only thing from buying those games. At least I can always pirate and maybe buy later if they do anything about it

7d9224 No.14993192

>rev up those emails

I'm genuinely curious, have email campaigns worked yet? I love the yakuza games and I'm all for more people getting to play them and maybe watching wannabe master race babies prove how casual they are again like with dark souls but recent email campaigns make me wonder if whoever receives them is just sending anything with denuvo in the subject field to the trash

3c8971 No.14993203

If it's released with denuvo, I hope it's cracked in a timely fashion as many games are still uncracked. Dragonball FighterZ to name one.

2f7e3e No.14993206


>Yakuza has full nip text

>Valkyria doesn't

>same company


3e5f17 No.14993233


In the GamerGate days, an email campaign directed towards Gawker's advertisers allegedly although I want to believe ir costed them more than 1 million dollars. It got them weak and then Hulk FUCKING Hogan did the Killing Blow.

The real effect of an email campaign in this specific case is unknown, but we can easily try from our PCs, so why not?

f90e1b No.14993245

File: 2c4061bbd570976⋯.png (58.21 KB, 626x389, 626:389, ClipboardImage.png)


Poor Harada, man. He doesn't want Denuvo, he knows it doesn't work, he just wants to make good games and instead Bamco forces him to use it, breaking his game.


c9cbc6 No.14993253


>uses the "Anti-Tamper" word when replying to someone calling it DRM

>"He doesn't want it"

Bullshit, he's shilling it right in front of you.

22510b No.14993261


To be fair he wont have any control over that aspect anyway.

15a6b3 No.14993265


I'll never get why pirates think they're the target of DRM. How delusional do you have to be? They don't care that your 10 year old ass is getting a free copy. They care about your uncle Boris selling copies out of his trunk.

f90e1b No.14993273


The fuck are you on about? That's what denuvo calls itself and his agreement was that it's meaningless. It's only there because Bamco wants it. Dude barely knows english if you've ever seen him speak. If you honestly think him calling denuvo anti-tamper to say it's meaningless is some clever shit, you're retarded. No dev wants his games to be insulted or limited, it's always the publishers that are pure jews. All those niggers do is pump out games and hope enough people buy the god ones so they can continue to creep in more jewery. The sooner we remove publishers from this industry, the easier it'll be to kill off the game we hate while supporting the games we love.

89a701 No.14993285


This guy obviously works for denuvo. He is shilling so hard right now. Keep it up the shills are angry.

89a701 No.14993297


DBFZ was cracked about a month ago anon.

824eef No.14993300


>Sending e-mail templates so workers have a reason to think you're a bunch of spambots

  . . .... ..: : :: :: ::: :::::: ::::::::::: ::::|. . : : : :: : : :: : ::: :: : :::: :: ::: ::: :::::::::::::::::
      ∧_∧ . . . .: ::::::::: ::::|  . . . : : : : ∧_∧:::::: :::::::::: ::::★:
     /彡ミ゛ヽ;)ー、 . ::::::::::::|      (;;;::::::  ) . . .: : : ::: : :: :::::::
     / :::/:: ヽ、ヽ、 ::i . .:: :::::::|      /⌒:::::⌒\:. . .: : : :::::: ::::::::
    / :::/;;:   ヽ ヽ ::l: : : : ::::|     /;;;;;:::::::::::::  \. .:: :.: ::: . ::::::::::
 ̄ ̄(_,ノ  ̄ ̄ ̄ヽ、_ノ ::::::  |     |;;;;:::::::::::: ノ\ .\::. :. .:: : :: :::
             .│              │
────────┤    E N D.    ├────────────
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: │              │:::::: :::::::::::: : :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: └───┬───┘:::∧_∧ . . . .: : : ::: : :: ::::::: ::
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::: ::: :::::::::::|     :::(,-‐、_,‐-、 . . . .: : : ::: : :: ::::::
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::: :::::: :::::|     :::/ , :::::::::::: \ . . . .: : : ::: : :: :::
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: : :::::::::::: ::::::|     :::/::::/ヽ / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄/::
::::::::::::::::::::::∧_∧::: ::::: :: :::::::::::|     :::(_二 / ペンキ塗りたて  /::::
:::::::::::::::/⌒ ̄⌒ヽ)'ヽ:::::::::::::::::: :|      :::l⌒/________/:::::::
::::::::::::/;;;;;;;;;::   ::::ヽ;; |::::::::::: :::: :.|   ::::::|| ̄i ̄||   | ::|   ::|| ::::::||:::::::::
:::::::::::|;;;;;;;;;::  ノヽ__ノ: :::::: :: : :::::|   ::::::||:::_,| :::||   | ::|   ::::|| ::::::||:::::::::
 ̄ ̄l;;;;;;:::  / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄::::: ::|   ::::::||(_,ノ||. (__)  ::::|| ::::::||:::::::::

a77a52 No.14993321

File: e3248d937b114b4⋯.png (852.4 KB, 722x1009, 722:1009, e3248d937b114b4e3bffb2f4f8….png)


Falcom's Ys8 is a good example of emails working. At the time the Falcom CEO was friends with the boss of NIS, who owns NISA. He was happy to finally be able to bring over a Falcom title. Then NISA ruined everything as they usually do. However, after many emails, this made the CEO of NIS upset and tell NISA to fix their shit. Usually with NIS, emails and messaging doesn't work as they don't give a shit. But to not ruin his ties with Falcom, they had to give a shit at that moment.

Emails do work. It's also an incentive on what not to do or else they may lose sales.

5deb44 No.14993334



Ok I tried to include all the games. Don't know if it make much sense, maybe some anon can confirm. I'm sending it anyway.




このメールの目的は「Denuvo」という戦場のヴァルキュリア4龍が如く0龍が如く 極のコピープロテクションの悪い点を話します。





戦場のヴァルキュリア4龍が如く0龍が如く 極からDenuvoを除いてください。


3c8971 No.14993340


Just looked it up and I'm not seeing it.

7d9224 No.14993343



thanks for the quick rundown, lads.

f90e1b No.14993355


Does any of that contain a bit that explains you're a foreigner using a template because you don't know jap? because then you're just gonna have >>14993300 and it will go ignored.

3e5f17 No.14993374

>>14993355 (Double checked, mate)

Maybe explaining that we're from a western "gaming community" and we've made this mail as a "community effort", or some gay shit like that.

2f7e3e No.14993386


Did that shit ever get fixeD?

2f7e3e No.14993391


The grammar is bad. Don't send that.

284b9e No.14993404


figures, corporate doublespeak

cae1d3 No.14993411


no lol, emails didn't do shit.

f90e1b No.14993423


Why not help fix it?

56302a No.14993508


He basically saying the equivalent of "don't bother goy" since he didn't reply back.

2f7e3e No.14993567


There are corrections pointed out here that he didn't even implement.


1a1556 No.14993585

File: 0f2525af4cbb81b⋯.png (46.41 KB, 450x350, 9:7, 4cc27d2eac66012f1a7ea27905….png)


>I look forward to sega not listening to pirates again

Pirates are total niggers that never buy games anyway

>See any thread about a game with a DRM free commercial release

140c1a No.14993615

I just emailed sega a select few captures from this thread and the link. Good luck getting something to happen from a well known hate site.

cae1d3 No.14993644


same, I copy pasted the email being sent to them telling them to filter it for spam.

e88c0e No.14993652


NISA got reamed hard by Falcom to the point they had to delay the PC version by a year and spend months unfucking and completely rewriting the text of the PS4 version. Considering their previously untarnished criminal record, it's a big improvement.

b1eb05 No.14993694


Retard alert, everyone look at the retard.

If "uncle boris" torrents the game with denuvo cracked or spoofed, guess what dumbass, denuvo also doesn't help in this case.

retard, wew, retard

Having said that, Denuvo doesn't affect a games performance you fucking retards ok, yes it does, but only a little and really only hurts the people legitimately paying for the game

7443a1 No.14993706


As a paying customer, why should my experience be worse than that of a pirate's in any conceivable way?

b1eb05 No.14993715


It should be, because you willingly supported with your wallet a product that affects the consumer whereas the pirate, is also a consumer he sidesteps the "Encryption"/drm completely or mostly.

1a1556 No.14993720


Pirates are not consumers. They're criminal entrants.

e88c0e No.14993726



I cannot fathom why people choose to be as retarded as you are. He isn't literally saying he is literally a literal paying customer, he's talking hypothetically since your initial post reeked of apologism.

What the fuck is it with Denuvo threads that make people lose their damn minds? Why do so many people take joy in destroying the ability other people to talk, period?

f00b9c No.14993732



In your dreams, fag.

1a36f4 No.14993735


I have to wonder sometimes if companies willingly self-sabotage their works so as to not have to work further on a series, or in this case, platform, that they're not especially fond of. While it might waste them some money (though in this case, Yakuza 0 and Kiwami have existing English scripts, and VC4 is also coming to the PS4), they can then point back at it later as justification to not keep doing so for it, in favor of using the funds that could go towards more on projects they feel they can make more of a profit on.


But isn't the English script still bad, even after them being forced to go back over it? I'll admit I haven't really followed it that much post release, but I seem to recall seeing posts about the "improvement" not really being much of one.

1a1556 No.14993740


Well I mean you are, it's illegal to pirate things, not to mention it's kind of a shitty thing to do.

e88c0e No.14993741


>still bad

Of course it is. The point isn't that the game was actually unfucked, but that they burnt tonnes of money fixing it and, for ONCE, alerted a Japanese dev to their awful practices.

f00b9c No.14993752


>it's illegal to pirate things

Not every country is the EU and Burgerland, faggot.

ff0af0 No.14993762


Who cares? The result is the same. The publisher is deprived of its money and DRM remains a worthless atrocity.

c1f68a No.14993773


>Not every country is the EU and Burgerland, faggot.

>Not from Europe or America

How the fuck did your nigger ass gain access to a computer?

1a1556 No.14993784

File: 2fa4564eb9a55a8⋯.jpg (5.21 KB, 131x185, 131:185, 131px-Chcrunchtwin.jpg)


Congratulation for you then?

Doesn't really change the fact (provided the inference you pirate software) you feed into the reasoning for shitty companies to pester actual consumers and contribute to the rot in the marketplace.

1a36f4 No.14993785


Yeah, true. Better than standard for NISA where they just go "fucking deal with it". Still, probably some better examples to use elsewhere. Like western Gust fans having justifiably whined to TK about the quality of NPC dialogue in Ar Nosurge PS3, prompting TK to get on Acttil's case, and resulting in a patch that from what I'm aware of did actually improve things.

1a1556 No.14993814


And this goes beyond just, you know, games. Microsoft has been milking the "muh pirates" line to keep their 3 decade old code from being forked into a not retarded OS

4ead4a No.14993844


Well, that's easily proven with Rime. Yes, the developer apparently "implemented it wrong", but the point still stands: Cracked Rime was smooth as butter.

f00b9c No.14993867



Nigger, if anything is shit it's companies releasing games without demos. Filesharing gives me a good idea if the game is worth buying and runs on my system, and there's plenty of games, albums, and films I never would have bought in the first place if I hadn't discovered them through filesharing.

People buy games for convenience and because they want to support the developers. If you're worried that people sampling your product will keep them from buying it, your product sucks.

1a1556 No.14993889


Don't fucking give me the "I'm trying it to see if it works on my system" and then immediately scoot on to the "I've listened to dozens of songs before buying them I swear" you fucking weasel's scrotal tissue.

fcdcf9 No.14993948

You forgot to add Yakuza 0 on the list, it also has denuvo. pls fix

79fc88 No.14993957

Go ahead and try to get them to remove it, but you're all still faggots if you ever give Sega money, even after they remove it.

9e432b No.14993966

File: 4269e04fb9e1437⋯.png (2.22 KB, 219x35, 219:35, ClipboardImage.png)


Me no rikey. Done.



50c1d6 No.14993970


> good idea if the game is worth buying and runs on my system

> you ignore the 'if the game is worth buying' part

Yeah, that is a pretty fucking important reason.

Either way the whole point is moot since if you are willing to treat your customers like criminals with DRM, you shouldn't be surprised when they chose not to support you.

f00b9c No.14993971


It's true, you fucking fruit. The only albums in my collection I didn't previously pirate were picked up at secondhand stores, and I wouldn't be into music or anime at all if I hadn't been introduced to them through filesharing. The "runs on my system" bit was secondary to the game being good but also important because I often run shit through Wine and sometimes the AppDB listings are out of date.

50c1d6 No.14993975


>but you're all still faggots if you ever give Sega money

Why? If it doesn't have Denuvo or another invasive DRM then I cease to have a problem with it.

9e432b No.14993994


I had that happen with Greenman back in the day, that card didn't seem to like to be used internationally.

167bdb No.14994319

so i got a reply from them using the templates from >>14991692. i only have google translate to go on but it was a very basic form letter saying "here are some steps you can go through to fix any technical issues you're having, if it's a steam product click here if it's on another platform click here"

4de2d6 No.14994377


Same here, seems like a generic "Troubleshoot Guide" for running a game. It probably is an automatic response.

c8e53d No.14994429

Ask them if they like being ripped off by other companies.

Just remind them that Denuvo is scamming them like Randy Pitchford and Gearbox Software did with Aliens: Colonial Marines.

9694f8 No.14994457


aside from previous evidence some modders have said that games with denuvo without development tools are very difficult or outright impossible to implement mods

34101c No.14994495

File: 01bd8252e6c4c56⋯.png (260.98 KB, 618x649, 618:649, c4c2465444597491cc422d4617….png)

People didn't boycott Denuvo hard enough, and therefor publishers won't stop putting it into their games



>Sonic Mania



>For Honor


All soled really fucking well for PC, considered their respective budgets.

It's a signal for publishers that denuvo is A-OK and goyim will buy the game as long as they want the game.

This battle is already lost.

e65823 No.14994533

File: 6e0c81825abb7dd⋯.jpg (119.96 KB, 946x788, 473:394, 6e0.jpg)




34101c No.14994556


I meant boycotting in general.

ac3f29 No.14994566

I don't care, I just want to play the damn game.

d5f46f No.14994741

File: 9d56fc97181896a⋯.png (279.86 KB, 477x724, 477:724, 9d56fc97181896a580572d43ba….png)

It's over isn't it? The weeb games are now fully infected with Denuvo. It's time to just stop playing anything remotely modern and retreat into retro games. The industry has become to cancerous to stand when our last bastion has been so completely tainted.

ad88b6 No.14994752

Anyone got the pan up webm of the sniper from VC4?

709047 No.14994831

File: 6a7078ef387a924⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1273x888, 1273:888, 6a7078ef387a92440ef33c0113….png)

>got a response on how to use dxdiag to help resolve my issue



Oh shit nigger what are you doing.

If you want a different game just replace "戦場のヴァルキュリア4" with whatever else you want. Check wikipedia for the precise Jap names.

Don't stuff multiple things into the email because the subject field has a strict character limit.


Well shit, I guess I missed it.

I'll remember for next time.

eaf3f2 No.14994841


Fuck off. Only trannies hate Steam.

f66014 No.14994863

File: 54cf6e9023b989d⋯.jpg (42.07 KB, 704x396, 16:9, what the hell.jpg)


>It's time to just stop playing anything remotely modern and retreat into retro games

Plenty of people are already doing that, and I'm not talking about those hoarder who keeps buying retro games so they can stock them in their "man cave" with the permission from their wife of course to then use their collection as background for their shitty youtube videos, while they'll never actually play them.

709047 No.14994880

Slightly revised edition.













Replace the three instances of GAME with one of the following and put it in the title field as shown on the pictures here >>14991692

龍が如く極 – Yakuza Kiwami

龍が如く0 – Yakuza 0

戦場のヴァルキュリア4 – VC4

If you can think of more, post them.


The second sentence does.

ac8ebc No.14995089

SEGA not using Denuvo together would be good.

2f7e3e No.14995315



されなら should be されるなら


It would make perfect sense if you include と between the first two.


26326c No.14995544


After checking my grammar book for once before writing something, I think もし、~たら might be the best choice here.

How about this?


>It would make perfect sense if you include と between the first two.

He could, but it would bloat the mail and the subject field has a limited number of characters you can type in it.

Focusing on a single game per mail might be better if only so the title field is more sensible. Unless you want to just put "Denuvo" in there.

349954 No.14995622


That's how they win.

I bought MGS5 and Automata, I'm so sorry.

ce4831 No.14996090


I can almost understand falling for the Phantom Pain hype, Hackjima really spoiled us with his theatrical bullshit. But re-skinned MGR: Synthetic Rectums? You literally fell for the type of shilling in webm >>14992817 and those 2500+ smut pics before launch sealed the deal.

482f40 No.14996103


Can't wait for his walking sim

7ce1d2 No.14996145


>got a response on how to use dxdiag to help resolve my issue

Same, I'm gonna ask the Nippon learning thread to write a quick response for this

6bb383 No.14996188


I don't think there's any point in replying, it's an automated "we just don't know" kind of email.

If you sent two from the links in >>14991692, then you should know that one is for feedback and the other for tech support.

I figure if we swarm them with enough, they ought to take notice.

0aadda No.14996194


Niear Automata is great, bitchboy.

a77a52 No.14998218

File: f59d2d8bd892cd3⋯.png (847.14 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, 64684165_p0.png)


I was thinking about including this in my email to SEGA in an attempt to show them why Denuvo is bad for all consumers. I don't expect them to actually read it but on the off chance that they do it may help.

My question though is if the info is accurate. I heard there was something wrong about it but I don't remember what exactly.

5c3b3c No.14998322


Don't bother replying to a fag who defends buying anything from Kojimbo post 2007

5c3b3c No.14998329


Don't link a website dedicated against Denuvo, just take the points that are most relevant and powerful to your message from it and state those in your email

4c1384 No.14998331


I thought it contained errors and exaggeration.

ce4831 No.14998423

File: a47814885270120⋯.gif (1.1 MB, 200x200, 1:1, tired AJ.gif)




>implying I defended the hack and his shitty kikewood tributes

Keep projecting.

9694f8 No.14998437

File: a2453251df94a0f⋯.jpg (52.71 KB, 422x511, 422:511, 1466953482408.jpg)


>I was thinking about including this in my email to SEGA


5deb44 No.14998460

File: 6ea5926386074fd⋯.png (277.25 KB, 500x390, 50:39, 6ea5926386074fd73f4c9b6d5c….png)


Thanks for the tip, however I used >>14994880


Not updated. There are better sources out there.

Anyways, just don't do it.

90d3ed No.14999224

File: ee5b0e3920cbd77⋯.jpg (82.71 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 1383429461248.jpg)


I've seen people assert that several times but never back up their claims.

The one exception is that people have said they have had their game set for offline mode for longer than a week and it was fine, but then again the article didn't say it was "always just one week for every person on every game," it just stated it was such for one individual on a particular game.

197578 No.14999342

File: 762250ba4fd0384⋯.jpeg (152.8 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 1460347124-a5b6f2b93e7b39….jpeg)

I fucking give up… Weak-willed faggots have GUARANTEED that shit like Denuvo is going to become standard for nip and AAA games on Windows. And since I refuse to buy into this anti consumer garbage, I guess that this turn of events ends my days as a PC gamer. Just need to find a new hobby…

And before anyone cries "black-pilled faggot", look at the wider picture: GPU prices are never going back to normal because just as soon as it's no longer profitable to mine one meme-coin, ANOTHER pops into existence! Then there is the fact that Windows has turned into the stuff of dystopian fiction novels from just ten FUCKING years ago, to the fact that everything is moving toward streaming/subscription GAAS rackets.

Just fuck this gay ole' earth and the greedy jews, normal-fags that ruined this hobby.

197578 No.14999364


greedy jews, and normal-fags*

a77a52 No.14999542

File: 6a855daf9b232c6⋯.jpg (159.11 KB, 620x713, 20:23, 1396638308768.jpg)





Thanks. Thought I would ask first before doing something stupid.


Is it really that hard to send one email?

197578 No.14999603


No. But it's hard to see the point. It's the suites at Sega Europe and Japan that are pushing this shit, not the devs.

a77a52 No.14999754

File: 25eaa23466b2f27⋯.png (495.87 KB, 955x1392, 955:1392, Smug Asami.png)


You may not see a point but it could still serve one. Just as I pointed out earlier with the case of Falcom and NISA. The emails worked because NIS had to give a shit about what NISA did at that time unlike most of the time. We don't know if SEGA will care or not but not trying anything will result in 1 outcome and it's the one none of us want.

I personally had no intention of buying any of these and was thinking of pirating when I got the chance. However if they do decide to remove Denuvo then I will buy VC4 to speak with my wallet. I do realize we're surrounded by drooling retards who will excuse any anti-consumer practice to become a sheep again, normalfags with as much apathy for the hobby as most things in their life, and defeatists willing to give up and throw away their hobby without even trying anything. Obviously gaming is fucked but letting the standards drop lower when you have a chance to fight back (by just submitting an email) is a stance I can't take. If it doesn't work, at least you tried by taking 10 minutes out of your day to send an email. If it does work, your day might just get a little better.

5deb44 No.15001889

File: f4e4e7f8e0b2ec3⋯.jpg (217.51 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, f4e4e7f8e0b2ec3db4431b37f6….jpg)




Trying is better than doing nothing at all. Maybe it won't solve shit, but at least we tried.

Another thing to do is to NOT buy games with denuvo in it. We shouldn't forget that as potential customers and consumers, we have this right.

If games ported to pc sell bad, publishers will eventually stop putting denuvo on them. Or they will stop porting them, to me is the same since I won't spend a cent anyway.

We should at least fight for something we care.

2cb713 No.15001890


>this turn of events ends my days as a PC gamer

>digital DRM is cancer

>but physical DRM is A-OK

Oh fuck off. Denuvo is still lesser cancer than consoles.

b069f3 No.15002285


Typical retarded "argument" (among others) from mustard fags. The implication is that the physical of the console game you bought only works on a specific hardware, completely disregarding it's (was) also the case for PC games too. Lot of old PC games have trouble to run on newer operating systems unless a GoG version is involved.

I rather prefer buying physicals since there is at least some personal control over those (not depending on an account, you can lend or borrow it, etc)

8a5586 No.15002312



So not all then.


cae1d3 No.15002331


>physical DRM

>still trying to push this retarded meme

pc games have gpu drm, cpu drm, ram drm, operating system drm, and denuvo

2904bc No.15002399


>digital digital rights management

>physical digital rights management

482f40 No.15002441

File: 453e748f719ea50⋯.jpg (271.41 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 453e748f719ea50b083ffc4782….jpg)


>A console locked copy is a much better option than a system that can be modified

>Not being pre patched means old games don't work on modern OSs

>You can't share or sell digital copies

You're as dumb as he is if not more

cae1d3 No.15002445


>le gamers unite

>trying his hardest to shill against owning games

482f40 No.15002563


>Using le

>Even ironically

>He think's he has more control over his Copy protected games that can't even run on older or newer hardware than a cracked copy or even a Denuvo ridden one

Hey buddy, the cuckchan club is 4 blocks down

197578 No.15003958


Who said a fucking thing about consoles?

cfa1bb No.15004018

Holy fuck is this thread still going??

The emails wont work because there will be enough faggots on steam who buy it to make it a financial success.

Hence why I'm saying pirate it when it comes out.

You get to play it for free whilst not supporting the use of Denuvo. You also save your time by not emailing and not worrying about whether Sega will remove Denuvo from their games they won't by the way they are one of the companies that invested in it, if they pull out they will prove to the rest of the market that it is useless and wont get a return on their investment

9adfc1 No.15004228

File: a8ecea36b40e390⋯.mp4 (1.36 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 1488.mp4)


I'll wait patiently until it's completely un-pozed, and save 60$. I can wait a few more month no problem here.

44ac21 No.15007123

File: 1f4beef9a3fc164⋯.png (87.37 KB, 230x365, 46:73, youvegottostaystrongkeepfi….png)

i sent a nip email, they sent me a response saying 'sorry here's how to install a game on pc'.

the english side didn't send a response at all.

i would buy it at full price if it's the same quality as the first port, but i'm not buying anything that has denuvo on it.

44ac21 No.15007147

File: 53bbcb857902683⋯.webm (1.95 MB, 1024x1050, 512:525, asian_qt_hardstyle_[_四季映姫.webm)


consoles have a big fuck you on them though. a ps4 can support a functional linux os, but you're not allowed to use one because fuck you.

2cab97 No.15008413


>The implication is that the physical of the console game you bought only works on a specific hardware, completely disregarding it's (was) also the case for PC games too

Incorrect. PC games run on a multitude of different hardware, it's actually the downside to developing for PC. Also emulation, WINE and VMs. If you change any hardware capable of running the games they'll still run. If you change a single thing in a console nothing will work let alone games.

>Lot of old PC games have trouble to run on newer operating systems unless a GoG version is involved

VERY few have this issue. Almost all games you can get to run in Windows 7 linux or in a VM of the old system (XP). Besides, old games don't run on new consoles so that point is moot for a comparison.

>I rather prefer buying physicals since there is at least some personal control over those

If you're talking about 7th and especially 8th gen consoles then you have zero control over your games if you ever connect them online. Sony & MC have the ability to completely brick your system if they wished, remove your ability to play any and all games. They remotely uninstalled PT from people's PS4s when they just decided it was time for people to not play it anymore.

44ac21 No.15011661


i think we'll see a zero control scenario on pc's eventually with microsoft's ever growing control over the os and government around the world bending over backwards for publishers.

cae1d3 No.15011721


you can get a non-pozzed version that won't ruin your PC for like 20 bucks right now. Guaranteed to also not have the issues the steam version will as all ports to the platform do.

cae1d3 No.15011724


then don't buy one for it retard

2cab97 No.15013686


Not a problem until games no longer support either windows 10 or downwards. 10 might be a disaster but it can still be run in a VM and you can controls net access from there.

If games someday only support commercial, proprietary cloud based OSs as a service then that's the day I'll be using my linux install exclusively.

8a5586 No.15013696


>ruin your PC

Hyperbole much?

f90e1b No.15013730

>Console fags pretending that their console games don't have DRM

So I can just make copies of PS4 games onto blank blu-ray disks and play those copies on any PS4, right? If it has no DRM then it should be perfectly possible. Same with the digital titles, just download them onto a USB and play them on any PS4 without an account or internet connection to verify it.

6a91fc No.15013736


its stops street day selling of pirate games. DRM has been so effective in the west that you guys don't even think about people selling pirate games to other people. In eastern countries, it's still a big problem

d8724f No.15013884


>In eastern countries, it's still a big problem

Was, back when people had no decent internet connection.

Part of the reason was also because the legit copies would never get imported.

Today, even Eastern Yurop buys games from time to time.

6a91fc No.15014119



im talking about companies that repackage games as their own and sell the pirated copy.

it very much still happens


you guys are stuck in a " if I don't do it it doesn't happen" mindset.

2cab97 No.15014125

File: ef4fea3220e5d76⋯.png (421.19 KB, 307x945, 307:945, 10154.png)

The amount of shills and goys in the steam forums is disturbing.

e5be88 No.15014257


Among the other reasons anons have given, you also have to remember that a lot of AAA publishing companies are run by ignorant, out-of-touch businessmen. It's very possible those people have no idea that Denuvo has all those problems; they just see a shiny new DRM to use.

95979d No.15020130

Bump for justice. These fucking Jews need to stop fucking with our vidya.

cae1d3 No.15020151


gamers unite

5243f7 No.15020174


>inb4 gaymers

7afaf7 No.15024039

>see yakuza on pc teased at e3

day 1 pirate


day 2 pirate

1fcec9 No.15024180


I still feel bad for tetradev. Either he was wrong and paranoid to a level that is unhealthy and seeing shit or he was right and Taro did wrong and we ran an innocent person out of town.

890a62 No.15024203


people will never boycott denuvo because they aren't aware of what it means, they only know it to be an antipiracy measure and that people that complains just want an easier time pirating.

If instead of complaining about it to publishers you ran campaigns to make people aware you would have a better chance at said boycotts happening

4c35a2 No.15024215

File: a8d7c7904835850⋯.gif (5.15 MB, 570x428, 285:214, 174.gif)


Wait, Tetradev got ran out of town? I must've missed it. How am I supposed to keep up with his development?

1bc90f No.15024233

If you use a crack to bypass Denuvo will Steam's spyware label you a bad goy, or do they operate completely indpendently?

59e04a No.15024238


And then you can still make and share games while consolefags can just not.

205ba3 No.15024270


He was heavily bullied to the point of disappearing; at least that's what's assumed since we don't have much to go off of. Someone said some rumor about his mother and the Russian mob or something but I don't buy it

c62c45 No.15024321

I love it when companies add Denuvo to their games, it makes it so easy to not nothing paying for it.

4c35a2 No.15024335

File: aa899d609552b46⋯.jpg (237.13 KB, 884x902, 442:451, aa899d609552b4656b3a8b8d77….jpg)


Fuck. I hope he didn't drop development for good.

fedf03 No.15024353


I cracked Max Payne 3 because I lost both the passwords for both the rockstar account that had it and the email it was linked to, steam didn't seem to notice or care.

f8ec67 No.15024514



You don't because development has stopped, at-least publicly.

If there end up being no signs of life at all from him by the end of the year I'll drop the last playable build I've got from him here as a reminder to not let autism ravage your anus too much unless you like ruining nice stuff including your own.

screencap this in case I forget

467374 No.15025114

File: 3ec8272e56086a1⋯.mp4 (943.67 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 3ec8272e56086a19a781a26ee6….mp4)

File: 5333bf67226d5ac⋯.png (578.83 KB, 1000x707, 1000:707, butt sniper.png)

File: 58026a0f35b0fe8⋯.jpg (879.82 KB, 4096x3476, 1024:869, vc4 sniper.jpg)

File: 394610eec59b72f⋯.png (596.14 KB, 1200x1018, 600:509, VC4_Artwork2.png)

File: c2461148671137f⋯.png (809.82 KB, 800x990, 80:99, VC4_Artwork5.png)

speaking of VC4

sniper butt girl

bbc2ba No.15028806

File: 16a9750f28cee25⋯.jpg (21.08 KB, 680x416, 85:52, Are you winning Segans.jpg)

ad88b6 No.15029686


Is her personality as perfect as her body?

2f0e49 No.15029747


shoo shoo

819eb6 No.15035111


why does it matter ?

i mean like…its gonna get cracked anyways

482f40 No.15035187



It's one autist that does this in countless threads, ID hopping included.

Just filter the cunt

9a26d1 No.15035231


>being made for hardware that uses different file formats and operating systems from each other and from PCs means its DRM

Let's see how many of those games that can only be played on Windows works on Linux (no not Wine, Linux)

You're retarded, and in most cases burning CDs isn't the way you pirate or play copied games on consoles, its usually HDDs or flashcarts but even in your attempt at an argument you forgot about the Dreamcast for which CD-Rs can be burned fine


>people hold opinions I don't like

>must be samefagging

How's about you stick to actually arguing first instead of taking the approach that will only lower discourse.

cae1d3 No.15035253


>everyone disagreeing with me is all this same person

the conspiracy theory only makes you look stupider

95979d No.15035254


>It's the consoles are DRM retard

I enjoy you floundering with your absolutely dreadful logic.

4c3c18 No.15035312

File: a087b6250c80a7c⋯.png (160.33 KB, 428x500, 107:125, 5d8.png)





Look at the cuckchanner trying to ID hop and break consensus again.

819eb6 No.15035635



never forget we all once was a 4chan fag

7ad7e6 No.15035674

how are the emials going, anons?

4c3c18 No.15035704


>we all once was a 4chan fag

Speak for yourself queer

d8724f No.15039227


Then where the hell did you come from?


482f40 No.15039432


Flawless logic

Keep wondering though since apparently 4cucks and Leddit are the only places you know about.

ed1474 No.15040250


bac109 No.15040334


everywhere else is statistically insignificant. Does he have to name every other place on the net people can gather socially?

5de50f No.15040617


There are other places and forums like HG101, RPGcodex, wizardchan, various sites dedicated to games like the one diablo fansite that's been alive since 2002 or something, etc

819eb6 No.15040804

File: c348df75b6f4790⋯.jpeg (12.01 KB, 400x223, 400:223, zu1YPETl.jpeg)


dont forget we all were human before we become a chan user we all were once a human..

95979d No.15040864


Believe it or not there are numerous people here who don't subscribe to your idiocy and are happy pointing it out, you paranoid ignoramus.

9e28b1 No.15040880

Did they ever reply with anything other than auto reply mails?


Because people want to buy this game but not deal with denuvo and it's not worth buying a game you'll have to pirate.

819eb6 No.15041010


what does denuvo do ? all it does is basicly anti piracy which will not work anyways

d8724f No.15041036


Read the thread.

The biggest issues are that it tanks your performance and will make your games unplayable the moment they stop supporting it.

b76888 No.15041042



Shithole is pozzed

482f40 No.15041052


More than half the shit I used to enjoy is

What's your point?

819eb6 No.15043355


4chan was the OG chan faggot thx to 4chan 8chan exist kys nigger

ed1474 No.15043624


you don't deserved those dubs anon

da7eab No.15043728

File: 962ebc47c9201a2⋯.png (719.47 KB, 1440x1557, 160:173, 1529375775.png)


>Who said a fucking thing about consoles?

51583f No.15043746


>and will make your games unplayable the moment they stop supporting it.

You say that as though it's a bad thing…

8bde6b No.15043915

File: 3ab1b96aca68001⋯.jpg (267.06 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, vc4尻.jpg)

ed1474 No.15044369

File: a6191d12e4cc122⋯.jpg (67.15 KB, 640x480, 4:3, just_fucking_end_me_now.jpg)

I'm a little bit miffed about the deletion of the Kamiya thread so I'll just bump this, keep pushing the message.

482f40 No.15044432

ed1474 No.15044500

6aab54 No.15055213


Get out.


They need to be told what they're doing wrong to stand a chance at reversing the policy.

cae1d3 No.15055223

man you guys really ran out of steam hard. Oh well, at least you'll have denuvo so everyone will pirate the game but since it's a steam release it'll sell really well and denuvo will only have its normalization further solidified and you'll be stuck in a never-ending cycle of DRM, waiting, begging for cracks for games you swear you were going to buy until they did this one thing.

7ce1d2 No.15055362


Emails were sent and things were done. I'm happy that people bothered to get their voices out. Not much more that can be done until the next announcements or the games are actually reeleased.

7686e6 No.15055860

File: 49a750ad13e4bab⋯.jpg (215.22 KB, 1024x746, 512:373, I need this.jpg)

cae1d3 is a shameless shill.


cae1d3 is a shameless shill.

Pic unrelated.

f0fe89 No.15056069

File: 5580894e3078058⋯.jpg (48.22 KB, 262x342, 131:171, 033.jpg)


glad that everyone did there part, Denuvo needs to die pronto if we want a good game to play without the ticking time bomb that anti-piracy, real garbage that is.

And if anyone interested


6a91fc No.15056208

really finding a hard time giving a shit. the only way i can tell if games I've installed use denuvo is you guys bitching about it. i find nothing wrong when I play those games.

I did have issues with Asscreed 2 and splintercell conviction , which hand parts of their games on fucking servers. that you downloaded when you played

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