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The heartbeat of 8chan is strong

File: a720936b7707333⋯.png (701.54 KB, 711x497, 711:497, football player.png)


Police say that shots were fired at a large party Saturday night and two teens were hit by this gunfire.

One of the victims was 14-year-old Jaylon McKenzie of Belleville. He was taken to the hospital where he died of his injuries a short time after arriving.

The other victim was a 15-year-old female. She is currently in critical condition due to her injuries sustained during this shooting.


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>nigger gets shot by nigger over some nigger shit

and nothing of value was lost


IDK I don't give a FF if all the niggr sports were banned. Paying to watch niggrs throw around a ball. Fuk you morons with your bread and circus.



He was a prodigy.


Another shitskin down

*cracks beer*


Dubs and the nigress dies from sepsis.

File: 0c9c684f2fa4bb4⋯.png (256.27 KB, 640x362, 320:181, vaccine.png)


Sphan's proposal has not yet been discussed by the country's cabinet, but it comes as measles outbreaks emerge in areas around the world where the disease had previously been eradicated.

There have been nearly 700 cases of measles reported in the U.S. this year, an outbreak attributed in part to the rise of the "anti-vaccine" movement of people who refuse to get vaccinations. Measles was eradicated in the U.S. 19 years ago.


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I bet dumb niggers are more likely to vaccinate they keyids



The smart white ones who realise that if vaccines worked as claimed then they wouldn’t need to be forced on people because only the unvaccinated would be at risk.

(You) are a nigger



the very same dumb niggers they let in during the migrant crisis.

don't charge them, just expose all of them to measles, that would be much more efficient


In many Western Countries the unvaccinated illegal immigrants that (((mysteriously))) make it to public school without even so much as a flu shot far outnumber those evil wicked anti-vaxxer types.



Herd immunity.

Some people can't be vaccinated because of health conditions.

The rest of society is responsible for protecting them.

Hence, those unlikely to be harmed by the vaccine, have a moral (and now, a legal) duty to vaccinate.

Yes, your children will be shot up in order to protect someone else's children.

And there's nothing you can, or will, do about it.

File: e437db79590fe5a⋯.png (650.3 KB, 647x671, 647:671, da vinci.png)


Leonardo da Vinci, who lived from 1452-1519, was an artist and inventor whose talents included architecture, anatomy, engineering and sculpture, as well as painting.

But art historians have debated which hand he used to draw and paint with.

Analysis of his drawing shows shading sloping from the upper left to lower right, suggesting left-handedness. But all historical biographical documents suggest Leonardo used his right hand when he was creating other kinds of works.



Analysed a fake lol


Like that shylock motherfucker would let you know what hand he painted with. Trade secrets nigger.


Timothys claw hand stops him wanking

His mom has to do it for him


Given it's the (((BBC))), I'm surprised they haven't made a reveal about him being a tranny muslim kang from wakanda with ebolaids with a permanent illegal immigrant smirk on his face.


News from 1519. A blast from the past!

File: e400d329d81adce⋯.png (705.54 KB, 806x432, 403:216, lion.png)


The dpa news agency quoted a spokesman for police in Walsrode, about 80 kilometers (50 miles) south of Hamburg, as saying the experienced keeper had walked into the lion enclosure during feeding time early Saturday.

Fellow keepers at the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen noticed the attack and managed to get their 24-year-old colleague to safety.

The keeper, whose injuries weren't life-threatening, flowed to the hospital by helicopter.




Probably smelled the nigger hordes approaching who will destroy it's existence.

File: abb50508708dad3⋯.png (500.35 KB, 804x449, 804:449, marijuana.png)


The report found that a large number of these first-time users were middle-aged, with half being aged 45 or older. Overall however, general cannabis use remained most frequent amongst people aged 15 to 24 - with 30% reporting they'd used the drug.

Canada's legalization of weed was targeted at neutralizing the illegal sale of the drug. The report suggests that the new law is having some success in diverting weed users away from illegal sources - with an estimated 47% of cannabis users getting their weed from legal sources in the first three months of 2019, up 24% from the previous year.


File: 0f36a10cc0c10ba⋯.png (415.78 KB, 818x320, 409:160, plane.png)


The Russian Superjet 100, Aeroflot Flight SU1492, was flying from Moscow to Murmansk, Russia, when pilots called in an emergency after takeoff. The pilots then stopped responding and the plane returned to Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport, The New York Times reported.

The plane attempted to land twice, the Times reported. The plane bounced, skidded, scraped the engine across the ground and burst into flames as it landed on the second attempt.


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Hacker attack?



yes by mossad



How come people survive flights in my cartoons if they don't in real life?



Good question.

I always see them exiting through the open hole in the end of the split in half plane, rubbing their heads and sitting down on the grass.


File: 7d8e4fba1828150⋯.mp4 (1.88 MB, 408x720, 17:30, BREAKING footage from insi….mp4)

File: e87fe78bcd57cc8⋯.png (555.64 KB, 681x433, 681:433, meassles.png)


"Health inspectors are on board and interviewing everybody according to international rules. Everybody must [have] proof they are vaccinated. This, of course, is a challenge being on a cruise ship. But because [the] Curacao team was in contact with [the] ship since the beginning of this week pax [passengers] and crew already had time to prepare to locate those documents via family, et cetera," the source said.

"It seems, for now, that only one case was there from the beginning and did not spread due to good precautions by the ship," the source said.


File: 7385475abecc018⋯.png (654.63 KB, 968x663, 968:663, bee.png)


Up to a million species facing extinction in the world’s sixth mass die-off - as big a risk as climate change, say scientists

Loss of biodiversity threatens the human race just as much as climate change, the experts believe, with up to a million species facing extinction in the world’s sixth mass die-off.

The UN’s global assessment on the state of nature – published on Monday, and the most comprehensive of its kind – is expected to say that without urgent action, the wellbeing of current and future generations of people will be at risk as life-support systems providing food, pollination and clean water collapse.


File: 244cf3f6c856d00⋯.jpg (36.77 KB, 634x538, 317:269, 9398434-6667889-image-a-49….jpg)


Code Pink faced backlash Thursday and Friday as the activist group holed up in the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, D.C., claiming to hold the territory for dictator Nicolas Maduro.

“[Code Pink] is a harmless joke of an organization. But this LARPing at the Venezuelan embassy is mildly sinister. Millions of Venezuelans struggle for free and fair elections. And Code Pink defends Venezuela’s tyrant,” Bloomberg opinion columnist Eli Lake tweeted, “Call this stunt what it is, an act of moral illiteracy.”

The U.S. State Department ordered Venezuelan diplomats representing the Maduro regime to return to Venezuela, recognizing opposition leader Juan Guaido as the legitimate leader of the Venezuelan people — and Code Pink activists took over the vacated building, saying that they had permission from the “legitimate president” to stay there.

more here:


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>diversifying the economy means the upper class buying lots of gold and storing it in foreign banks!

>freezing the upper class' bank accounts is what destroyed venezuela! Honest!

You're such a good lapdog for your favorite communist tyrants, /leftypol/.



Stupid, indoctrinated larper. Even with your bullshit example about the 2k medical treatment that isn't representative of costs with insurance, that would be far cheaper for white men than socialized medicine, than paying for abortions and gibs for the rest of your life in taxes. Like I said, the only demograpic in Western countries that have a positive financial impact, the only group that pays more in taxes than they receive in welfare, are asian and white men. Taxes go almost entirely towards niggers, mexicans and women. You're their clueless little hamster.

Link to post with relevant picture: >>234158.



>trade sanctions against their state owned oil exporter

i see that you know what you're talking about as well


File: 4dd213a378138d2⋯.jpg (14.01 KB, 280x341, 280:341, displeasure.jpg)


>involving insurance companies in medicine is a good thing goy! we all know insurance companies have a reputation for honesty and integrity

how's that working out for you, burger? last time i checked, 70% of claims are rejected and most of your people are drowning in debt because their ((insurance)) found a way out of covering the costs.

a lot of your tax dollars end up going to the medical industry anyway, but instead of funding public programs, it just ends up in the pockets of private companies

how much of your tax dollars go to israel every year?

how much of your tax dollars were sunk into building that f35 glorified flying trash can?

you lard asses pay high taxes, but never see any benefit from it. it all just ends up going to defense contractors, pharma companies, and insurance companies

in my country, we have good public education, we have nice roads to drive on, we have great public hospitals, our drinking water isn't poisoned with lead, and our greatest ally isnt israel. kiss dicks




Your time is up, faggot.

File: f62b016d881e01b⋯.png (158.65 KB, 638x333, 638:333, titanic.png)


Ornate carved wooden panelling from HMHS Britannic, one of the Titanic's sister ships built at Harland and Wolff, has fetched more than a quarter of a million pounds at auction.

Two items from the first-class lounge and second-class library fetched a sum of €301,000 (£257,000) in Co Laois.

They were bought by bidders from the Republic of Ireland.

One item - "exceptional maple paneling in a colonial style" - has been recreated as a fine period piece bar.



Nice way to desecrate a grave.


File: 468034362823774⋯.jpg (56.51 KB, 636x430, 318:215, sg.jpg)


Some rich person will be mentioning where their furnishings came from, to every guest, for the next 20-50 years…

File: a2b592725b9130a⋯.png (384.69 KB, 639x358, 639:358, brunei.png)


The Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, made the move on Sunday, according to Reuters. Bolkiah said that the death penalty would not be included in the new criminal code that punishes sodomy, adultery and rape with death and death by stoning.

"I am aware that there are many questions and misperceptions with regard to the implementation of the [Syariah Penal Code Order] SPCO. However, we believe that once these have been cleared, the merit of the law will be evident,” the sultan said in a speech, according to Reuters.


File: d8aec31c33311c5⋯.png (692.07 KB, 842x400, 421:200, lake.png)


The lake is part of an abandoned copper pyrite mine where a woman's body was found by chance last month in a flooded shaft, setting off an investigation that police say led to the island nation's first known serial killer.

The 35-year-old army captain told investigators he killed five women and two girls and disposed of three bodies — those of a Filipino woman and a Romanian mother and daughter — in the man-made lake. A suitcase with the remains of a woman was found at the bottom a week ago.


File: a30dc125a2a8b3e⋯.jpg (12.18 KB, 259x194, 259:194, index.jpg)


The announcement seemed to come from the heavens, and then all hell broke loose.

“Hold all tickets.”

Country House was declared the winner of Saturday’s Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs after the second disqualification in the race’s 145-year history. Maximum Security crossed the finish line first in 2:03.93 but was moved to 17th place after a lengthy review.




I saw it with no audio at a bar yesterday. I was wondering what the hula baloo was



I still don't get it. So the horse moved from its lane and the guy was robbed for it?

File: e19824bee415ed6⋯.png (55.44 KB, 800x487, 800:487, 58be364117033adbd9dba918fc….png)


Huawei Technologies Co. overtook Apple Inc. to claim the No. 2 spot in smartphones in the first quarter, moving a step closer to its avowed ambition of displacing Samsung at the top of the market.

The networking giant, shrugging off a barrage of accusations that it aids Chinese espionage (which it’s repeatedly denied), grew shipments 50 percent from a year earlier, research firm IDC estimates. It was the only name in the top 4 that managed to expand volumes as the overall market slid for the sixth consecutive quarter.

Huawei’s been steadily gaining on Apple and Samsung Electronics Co. with an increasingly high-end line-up of devices, particularly in its home market of China. The iPhone maker this week projected quarterly sales that topped analysts’ estimates, suggesting demand for iPhones has stabilized after a disappointing holiday period. Samsung also enjoyed a spike compared with the fourth quarter thanks to the launch of the marquee S10 range in February. IDC reckons Huawei should cling to the No. 2 spot over the rest of 2019.

more here:


7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.





>t. triggered soybots.

I'm glad someone that is not a jew is finally replacing the company of that hack dead faggot.



Nope, they have been using cheap overseas labor that is well compensated compared to what the Chinese use.



The ironic part is /pol/ is pushing a /leftpol/ agenda


File: 96839735a9157f7⋯.jpg (138.04 KB, 900x440, 45:22, kisspng-aluminium-foil-tin….jpg)


Apple shouldn't have fucked over so many people…

Apple behaves like an (((evil lawyer))).

If Apple didn't constantly jew everyone…

they would be up there with Alphabet.

Also, Apple products cause cancer.



I think you will find huehueway is a Jewish shell company just like nearly most Chinese companies. Jews buy up land all over the world through the same mechanism and people are fooled into thinking it's ching chongs buying their land.

File: f8c9231bb185f0f⋯.png (2.22 MB, 1862x1048, 931:524, ContentBroker_contentid-39….png)


A security breach in Huawei routers points to a larger problem in your home.

Earlier this week, Bloomberg reported that home routers supplied by Chinese electronics giant Huawei to UK-based Vodafone had a way to bypass security, also known as a backdoor.

At a high level, this is a U.S. national security problem. The Trump administration, including the FBI and Department of Homeland Security, has repeatedly been saying at public forums that Huawei’s equipment is a vehicle for Chinese government espionage. Most recently, the U.S. is advising against the adoption of Huawei 5G hardware for the next generation of mobile networks.

But the vulnerability also points to a problem closer to home. Backdoors can allow hackers to break into your home router and get into any connected device in your home.

The problem lies in old firmware, default passwords, and a host of other configuration issues.

more here:


1 post omitted. Click reply to view.


Let's not believe any of this until we hear from trump. As he's in the middle of trade negotiations with China, I'm sure the chinese government will tell him the truth, that there are no backdoors in huawei routers, which trump will kindly inform us of in a heartfelt tweet, while calling the FBI a bunch of chink-hating liars.


File: 662b2418f3b97b3⋯.png (290.75 KB, 1024x403, 1024:403, 662b2418f3b97b384387c39ca4….png)


You're in Panel 1



You are Panel 1 here: >>235189


File: 10b35f94af87354⋯.gif (94.15 KB, 500x363, 500:363, FINE_JEEZ.gif)


How does not adopting purposefully vulnerable technology made by the Chinese make someone a REED SEEJ faggot?



Commies really can't meme at all.

…. shit, does this mean you'll get fired from Huawei shillcorp and get taken to the reeducation camps?

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