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File: b12004a0dca22a1⋯.png (6.67 MB, 5760x3240, 16:9, 1428.png)

a11204 No.1141941

Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.


Redpill for normies: >>1087693 Proof POTUS was behind Q even before he appeared on the chans.




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a11204 No.1141945

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Q !xowAT4Z3VQ

Sunday 4.22.18

>>1140227 MB Connections

>>1140780 , >>1140510 Salon article Michelle Bachmann witch hunt

>>1141069 Civilization Jihadist

Saturday 04.21.18

>>1133942 rt >>1133925 AMERICA WILL BE UNIFIED AGAIN! 11.11.18.

>>1133862 rt >>1133796 They will lose black vote once Haiti revealed

>>1133464 rt >>1133332 Fire up the memes!

>>1133332 What will next week hold?

>>1133238 rt >>1133204 We came here for a reason

>>1133189 rt >>1133099 Expand Further

>>1132004 rt >>1131959 Look at those palm trees!

>>1131877 rt >>1131741 As the World Turns.

>>1131963 rt >>1131935 Anons honored by your presence

>>1131741 Yesterday.

>>1131328 rt >>1131287 Coincidence?

>>1131266 rt >>1131254 Think private email addresses

>>1131254 rt >>1131247 Think public & private Twitter accounts

>>1131191 Right on Q

>>1130667 Clinton Foundation conflicts of interest.

>>1130369 rt >>1130171 Think Sessions

>>1130171 rt >>1130125 Maggie Haberman on HRC team

>>1130089 Wikileaks Podesta emails

Friday 04.20.18

>>1124872 rt >>1124637 — The world is watching

>>1124271 rt >>1124212 — Alefantis pic big, but risky

>>1123696 rt >>1123617 — POTUS warning shot

>>1123575 rt >>1123519 — Hussein diddling Maggie/Wendy since 10?

>>1123499 rt >>1123388 — Hussein & Maggie

>>1123388 rt >>1123269 — Agnes Nixon Soap Operas (article)

>>1123269 rt >>1123074 — As the world turns.

>>1123074 rt >>1122995 — The door will be opened later.

>>1122995 rt >>1122741 — Hussein/Wendy Over the Target

>>1122280 rt >>1122226 — Wendy?/Marina

>>1122111 ———————— Hussein with Wendy

>>1121949 ———————— Allison Mack tweet with a pic of Abramovic

>>1121353 rt >>1121283 — Canary palm tree, signal?

>>1121272 ———————— Mack is naming names

>>1117177 ———————— Canary palm tree

>>1116344 rt >>1116307 — TRUMP card coming

>>1116309 rt >>1116269 , >>1116276 — They fall for it every single time/How do you 'legally'

>>1116248 ———————— SR June JA

Thursday 04.19.18

>>1109466 ———————— Q&A again

>>1109320 rt >>1109176 — Yes, midterms are safe

>>1109196 rt >>1109132 — WW

>>1109139 rt >>1108927 — SR connect to DNC

>>1108971 rt >>1108947 — Structure

>>1108949 rt >>1108920 — Fake. We control

>>1108897 ———————— Q&A 5 min

>>1108850 rt >>1108831 — What makes a good movie?

>>1107913 rt >>1107523 — Memos are FAKE

>>1107796 rt >>1107717 — Who captured?

>>1107754 ———————— Eyes only

>>1107080 rt >>1106974 — The words used re: Intel & buying/selling will bury her

>>1106873 rt >>1106719 — The importance of this cannot be expressed more clearly

>>1106728 rt >>1106719 — 13min mark

>>1106719 ———————— Big ERROR

>>1105360 rt >>1105264 — Push to DIVIDE is strong

>>1105264 rt >>1105115 — SKY Event

>>1105115 rt >>1105041 — What are you witnessing unfold?

>>1105041 ———————— Rudy. NYC. Relationships High

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a11204 No.1141946



>>1133464, >>1134569

Pelosi: D/L Video, Data Mine & Build Profile (Eyes Only) >>1113402

>>1135628 Nancy Pelosi's Twatter Archive

>>1118046 NP 1997 NK Talk www.c-span.org/video/?91427-1/north-korea-hunger-problem

>>1114611 32 Page PDF on NP: Needs DIGGING

>>1114530 Intelligence Committee Senate Report on NP's NK visit

>>1114037 NK selling arms to Iran: CIA Reading Room sauce

>>1113439 Alexandra

>>1113436 Christine

>>1113406 , >>1113553 , >>1113534 Paul

>>1113414 Offspring: Profiles

>>1107156 NP's husband served on the board of 'Korea First Bank'

>>1112484 Complete archive for the @TeamPelosi twatter, including images

>>1111792 NP's financial disclosures

>>1107270 NP's net worth

>>1108812 NP Family: A Who's Who

>>1109003 NP Family: An overview

>>1113725 , >>1114100 Pelosi in NK

>>1113283 , >>1113404 Did Pelosi giggle when asked a Q about NK's recent ICBM?

>>1115633 NP violated NPT and 1994 Agreed Framework

NP Video Links and Resources

>>1113394 Download the NP video using https:// video-download.co

>>1110963 Streamable download of Pelosi NK vid available

>>1113792 Download straight from anonfiles

>>1107614 Pelosi video expanded version

>>1114951 Bash script

Mission Obama - Validate Legitimacy of The Following Documents

>>1101878, >>1101894 Private Investigation Into Obama By Dr. Taitz


Thread carefully, >>1101931

First Summary, >>1103158

>>1103996 Deep Research Into Obama Birth Certificate

Mission: Obama Timeline

>>949587, >>949333, >>949547

>>1066725 POTUS Schedule vs Obama 'vacation'

a11204 No.1141949



video report: https:// twitter.com/IntelCrab/status/987765785400573953

>>1134056, >>1134177, >>1134803

Intel status: MANY UNCLEARS




>>1141228 NXIVM and the Secret Mission Child

>>1141371 Yet another powerful person with sex slave

>>1141425 , >>1141499 , >>1141555 Moab is not just a bomb

>>1141486 Awan articles

>>1141392 , >>1141565 Khalid al Mansour

>>1141712 Attack on Allison Mack begins

>>1141817 More on HUMA, Huma, and Al Waleed

>>1141832 Earthquakes or explosions?


>>1140674 FL Child Custody and Rape

>>1140569 Muslim Life Fund with Roth ties

>>1141022 , >>1141159 Edison and Lincoln quotes

>>1141039 Oldie but goodie. HUMA again

>>1141158 Podesta and Creative Coalition Dinner


>>1138933 Whats worse, knowing your gonna get steamrolled, or the actual steamrolling? (The steamrolling)

>>1138917 Not 100% Redacted, but significant on DDG

>>1136449 Friendly PSA (Buy a big thumbdrive)

>>1139499 All we have is the word.

>>1139553 Pay Attention.


>>1138135 They have no idea what they are up against.

>>1138168 , >>1138183 Awan Case Breakdown

>>1138215 DejaWOOO


>>1137325 Susan Sarandon Just Can't Get Enough Of Ping Pong!

>>1137431 Kellyanne Conway said Tippy Top to the FBI. Need vid confirmation, >>1137959

>>1137918 History of Iran, Operation Ajax


>>1136641 Skippy receives a request from the Potomac Coalition, >>1136656, >>1136666

>>1136645 The Khazarian Empire

>>1136686 Former Haiitain President Exposes Clinton Foundation Haitian LIES, >>1136891 Script

>>1137163 Biden's Cancerous Initiative


>>1135788 Cabal Victims Are Reaching Out For Help.. and Predators bid on them, >>1136207

>>1135827 11.11.1918: End of WW1: 100-year Armistice Treaty signed 11.11.2018 : Parade

>>1135882 April Showers: The Fabled Lyrid Meteor's Shower Return, >>1135912

>>1135922 The Pen Is Mightier Series: All Executive Orders To Date, >>1135941, >>1136175 an example

>>1135895 Pets and their Pet's names.

>>1136003 James Comey Bro Clinton Foundation Attorney!

>>1135756 Quality Blog Post, >>1136009 Capped

>>1136218 Ey, Ma Corona; Macron visits North of the Wall

>>1136225 Support Our Troops

>>1136233 Showing Support Is The Backbone Of A Collective Effort

>>1136234 Senate & Congress Scalp List, >>1136239

>>1136235 Parasitic Wives

>>1136241 POTUS Cites Source

>>1136251 Lit Jewish Hip Hop Executve

>>1136283 More Clown Failures In Handling Bin Laden

>>1136335 MSM shows Ill Will again


>>1135069 Avicii made 2 video on human trafficking before his untimely death, >>1135247, >>1135217

>>1135092 The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

>>1135188 NXIVM member tied to Clinton Global Initiatve

>>1135327 Avicii's former manager adores Marina Abramovic

>>1135368 A Brave New World

>>1135376 NVIXM cult and DALAI LAMA

>>1135416 More on Maggie/Obama & Their Power-Dynamic Relationship

>>1135467 FBI case against "Q"?

>>1135539 Re: Journalism Ethics & Standard: Media and Leakers are in Deep Legal Shit

>>1135559 Allison Mack is singing like a bird


>>1134415 Timing On POTUS Tweets; JV.

>>1134494 POTUS; MSM out to create ill will.

>>1134532 Meme fired up.

>>1134454 Revisiting Smallville: ~5 years ago, actor death by multiple gunshot suicide, >>1134528

>>1134729 Theresa May's Husband Has a "glaring conflict of interest through his Capital Investement"

>>1134920 Allison Mack appears in Court


>>1133634 Where are the memo's, Jim?

>>1133697 Full Pardon for Jack Johnson?

>>1133762 Treasure Trove Of Memos?

>>1133905 FLOTUS Protection Force


>>1132887 New Bush Klansmember 2 days after Barbara Bush's departure

>>1132934 Bookmark: A Global Display Of Human Trafficking Incidents

>>1133014 Heavy Gunfire Apparoching #Saudi King Palace

>>1133029 First steps into Detectfagging

>>1133064 New POTUS weet: Winning

>>1133066 Lynch Pilot Dimitri Noonan Alive?? sauce, >>1133102

>>1133277 When does a bird sing?

>>1133333 Nice Quints

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New Pastebin:


dd6430 No.1141995

File: c7a91f52fa6b919⋯.jpeg (74.22 KB, 480x386, 240:193, CDFB1D1B-AE3C-48A7-AF9B-8….jpeg)

File: dab16f8f1a0bfe5⋯.png (217.93 KB, 672x372, 56:31, F8C70621-9BC0-49EA-BD53-85….png)








https:// medium.com/join-scout/the-rise-of-the-weaponized-ai-propaganda-machine-86dac61668b



https:// internetofthingsagenda.techtarget.com/blog/IoT-Agenda/Using-artificial-intelligence-for-forgery-Fake-could-be-eerily-real

http:// mobile.nytimes.com/2017/09/07/us/politics/russia-facebook-twitter-election.html (Muh russia shill news it's cabal)



CArbon is the "building block of life"

6 protons 6 neutrons 6 electrons

Science will prove religion.

God is light.

We are light.

Made in his image.

Flesh matrix









Pic related: us vs them

a11204 No.1142014

New Baker Requested

Please reply to this post.

1791ef No.1142018

Q says,

"I have [M]y [O]wn [A]utistic [B]attalion"

50bb34 No.1142020

File: bd68ef077e71028⋯.png (92.56 KB, 644x499, 644:499, mb-infil-routes.png)

>The Muslim Brotherhood has spawned dozens and dozens of organizations across the globe, including the terrorist organizations al Qaeda and Hamas. Today, numerous Muslim organizations in America are either actively connected to the Muslim Brotherhood or owe their existence to the Muslim Brotherhood.

>In 2004, federal investigators discovered a Muslim Brotherhood memorandum during a search of a northern Virginia home. The memorandum, written by Mohamed Akram for the Muslim Brotherhood’s Shura Council, described a “civilization jihad” aimed at North America. It stated: “The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.” This explanatory memorandum also included a list of 29 Muslim Brotherhood connected organizations in the U.S. The memorandum was entered into evidence at the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing trial in 2007-2008.

MB infiltrations. Pic related.

66c0d8 No.1142021




378fe1 No.1142022

File: 027339c3ec038c8⋯.png (428.22 KB, 678x551, 678:551, 027339c3ec038c82fb9ab439dc….png)



Will make 30+ posts in this bread


dd6430 No.1142027




202c4a No.1142028


Sunnis and Shiites are always warring with each other. The west allies with the Sunnis.

I've always found it confusing with BO and VJ in the WH and also Abedin and Awan being obvious MB spies.

90aff2 No.1142029

File: 11db8952b926a0c⋯.png (151.38 KB, 521x565, 521:565, Pepegirl2.png)

Here's looking at YOU, Baker!

Thanks, Tasty Bread!

e0e353 No.1142030

File: f3d8f2e78f7e03c⋯.jpg (124.95 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, 5 Anne-Christine_d'Adesky.jpg)

File: a2a46cc29f111f8⋯.jpg (31.13 KB, 580x480, 29:24, 11 Wahoo_Bay_Beach.jpg)

File: 2c61489f612a1da⋯.png (10.39 KB, 200x133, 200:133, tytoo.png)

d'Adesky and Lemke

Haitian elites

HC and CF Connection

via LS trafficking



Shipping and distribution





JP wikileaks

"Wahoo again."

From 40,000 ft?

Orphanage butterflies

https:// archive.fo/RusO7

Orphanage Swirls

https:// archive.fo/8eozb

From 40,000 ft?


Miami/Ft. Lauderdale


d'A and L stateside

America's Group

Dade Sky

Need help digging

e4e346 No.1142031


Jordan Slather?

489147 No.1142032

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>a plane slamming into that bldg, especially that one, would have nearly disintegrated.

Have you ever heard THIS?

911 Commission - Trans. Sec Norman Mineta Testimony (Mineta was in the bunker with Dick Cheney & Condoleeza Rice on 9/11!)

50c4f4 No.1142033

I can't believe cannibals elected a coke dealing pedo murder to the oval .

1a3705 No.1142034


KEK! Or maybe he's just announcing his vacation, Eastern Utah is gorgeous this time of year.

e4e346 No.1142035

File: e6aed788418015e⋯.jpeg (77.87 KB, 1440x821, 1440:821, wait.jpeg)

398f29 No.1142036

Past Post on Haiti:

Dec 5 2017 00:31:00 (EST) Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: cc0116 35048

RED Haiti.



Since POTUS elected what changed w/ RED?

Since POTUS elected what changed w/ CF?

Since POTUS elected what changed w/ Mc_I?

These people deserve …. . .. …….


"Report: Red Cross Spent 25 Percent Of Haiti Donations On Internal Expenses


>Only built 6 houses. Brought Cholera to Haiti.

"Haiti orphanages hotspot of child trafficking, abuse, says charity:

https:// www.reuters.com/article/us-haiti-children-trafficking/haiti-orphanages-hotspot-of-child-trafficking-abuse-says-charity-idUSKBN19D2PO"

>Organs, slaves, blood, charity money laundering.

>"Soros, Clinton-linked Teneo Among Donors to McCain Institute

http:// dailycaller.com/2017/06/19/exclusive-soros-clinton-linked-teneo-among-donors-to-mccain-institute/"

>Former CGI donors make donations to the McCain Institute after Trump was elected: http:// www.mintpressnews.com/former-clinton-foundation-donors-flocking-mccain-institute/229249/

66c0d8 No.1142037




509162 No.1142038

File: 52f232f5bcd0cbc⋯.jpg (437.51 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, Knowyourenemies.jpg)

36de5c No.1142039


Correct. mb is a world wide terrorist organization with CLEAR racial/religious and ideological goal: destruction and subjugation through subversion.

It must be neutralized at all costs. MBS is spearheading criminalization of mb is saudi arabia.

now, mb is connected through VJ and Awans to israel, as well as iran and pakistan.

Each respective ethnicities and their nationalities play a role in their allegiance.

Enough to ask yourself, what about the dual nationalities of many (((senators))) and (((politicians)))?

Really this is PSA for newfags level.

50c4f4 No.1142040




shill Econ pol

d132ff No.1142041


You heard right mothafucka! Kek

dd6430 No.1142042








f9291b No.1142043


ok one moar time just for you


You have lots of bits and piece all mixed up.

Nicene council leads to Catholicism.

King James was a faggot and commissioned the KJV did not write it. Now GTFO and go learn something coherent.

TY Baker

283839 No.1142044

last bread


only thing of any import was a 2009 article by Phil Boehner about his roomate barry and the professor Graff saying he never heard of him, nor did any of his colleagues.

https:// www.college.columbia.edu/cct/archive/jan_feb09/alumni_corner

https:// twitter.com/MIRedState/status/987428990242770949

dd6430 No.1142045

2ed57e No.1142046

File: d2a0a4dc506febb⋯.jpg (114.53 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 27rwfr.jpg)

File: 61430bf09615543⋯.jpg (50.84 KB, 480x320, 3:2, 27fn1y.jpg)

File: 60c1d73904f59bf⋯.jpg (94.79 KB, 500x631, 500:631, 2679b3.jpg)

File: 9d6d774a1cc6c22⋯.jpg (104.1 KB, 567x405, 7:5, 277eef.jpg)



d132ff No.1142048


Those sound an awful lot like excuses being made for pedos?

c6e42d No.1142049

File: 5984f62bc54c9cf⋯.jpg (23.66 KB, 427x640, 427:640, haylie-duff-tits.jpg)

Thanks Baker, nice job.

b9d47b No.1142050


Constantine = Roman Catholicism. Christianity was turned from a problem for the Romans into their tool. They brought everyone under Rome by integrating Pagan attributes into their perversion of Christianity so their 'usual customers' i.e. pagan Romans wouldn't feel alienated.

Roman Catholicism =/= Christianity.

As for King James, that's simply a lie. Try proving it. The guy was married with kids and wrote against sexual perversions. These are all the same desperate lies I hear anytime someone is simply being stubborn and doesn't want to accept the truth.

a5ebda No.1142052

File: 9173e36a14db270⋯.png (1.15 MB, 889x500, 889:500, goodoverjews.png)

e4e346 No.1142053

File: 7e22f879d235387⋯.jpg (72.29 KB, 960x828, 80:69, 31073130_10155469988092308….jpg)

2ed57e No.1142054

On Watters world on fox, towards the end of the show,,Terence, a black man who is being censored on facebook( he was suspended for posting the deaththreats he has received for supporting Trump)

So they suspended him, but not the people making the deaththreats.

Anyway he said that black people are starting to wake up, just like Q said. earlier today.

d132ff No.1142055


And the Nicene council leads to the holy trinity. Which is the basis for your shit religion which makes Jesus the son of god and one and the same no? But it was 328 years AFTER DEATH right? So you are the fucking idiot!

36de5c No.1142056

File: c9568e0e50fc8ac⋯.jpg (18.95 KB, 297x162, 11:6, erikprincewhitehat.jpg)





(((you))) are the only one switching tactics constantly to fuck with patriots on this board. Seriously, did you copy that shit 'no censorship' from an anon pointing out your obvious bitching and moaning FILTER FILTER FILTER?

Also, ain't the first post basically a combination of all the 'muh evil racist' bullshit you and your pals were spamming last bread trying to cover for jews and muzzies who commit crimes?

You are our enemy, (((shill))). No one needs to even look hard to see that.

17d832 No.1142057

File: 2902b29e2b7eca8⋯.jpg (8.69 KB, 132x255, 44:85, nasim-thanks-baker.jpg)

Tasty bread confirmed.

56d355 No.1142058


They only donate to people who are in power positions.

61b8fe No.1142059


They get raped and tortured and fed drugs. They die fucked up most of the time. You might say its harder on the boys, but you hear less about it. None of the perpetrators have ever been arrested, people will be more shocked by Stephen Speilbergs arrest than Barry's.

Those sentimental 2 hr superbowl ad he shoots, the 200 academy award winning blockbusters formed a large portion of America's mind. A killer and a traitor with a soft spot for aliens, dog, a kids.

Bet he kissed a vril.

50c4f4 No.1142060

the impetus roth judas fegel is vervain

Ate Roman sculptors to impress faggots

50bb34 No.1142061


God bless MBS. Without him, it wouldn't have been possible to done away with this very dangerous org with deep pocket and deep State connections everywhere..

66c0d8 No.1142062

Plane fags. The Saudi Ministry of Finance Air Plane is in Flight in this moment in Riyadh..


d132ff No.1142063


You dont even know what you believe in kek!

3d5150 No.1142064

(Bread #1427)


>…Only thing I care about is our credibility. This time is so very critical for our movement. We need to be believed….

In many instances here, there's no discenrment on how the people who Q tasked the board with informing will react to what is being presented to them. You might believe it and I even might believe it, but whatever you tell them, you've got to think ahead on how they'll react. The message has to be shaped to be taken in by their eyes and ears and minds, not yours. As for the shills, we know what your disinfo is all about.

50c4f4 No.1142065


look it is a pathetic attempt at reincarnation

f9291b No.1142066

File: 1f93b4858d94753⋯.jpeg (28.49 KB, 555x555, 1:1, Flag Pin.jpeg)


FYI You make no sense

you must be 12

36de5c No.1142067


Pretty much as close as you can get to the truth. Think mirror.

Honestly if at this point you think THEY as in your ENEMIES do not consider RACE and RELIGION to be part of their purpose as much as ideology, you are effectively aiding the hostile invasion.

509162 No.1142068

File: 20fc688ea191d29⋯.jpg (64.8 KB, 540x432, 5:4, 14-Seedlines-e134265373313….jpg)




Study the bible alongside history and modern genetic science

The truth becomes crystal clear

f58e98 No.1142069


Wow-pls. keep us posted planeanon!

2191a4 No.1142070

Did we put this together yet? Valerie Jarrets daughter

The memos are out from former FBI Director James Comey, and one of the big takeaways is how useful a tool Valerie Jarrett's daughter, Laura Jarrett, could be for the Hillary Clinton campaign while she was employed at CNN.

CNN, it seems, helped orchestrate the set-up of President Trump when it pressed the then-FBI director to have a meeting with Trump so that the matter could be leaked and the press would have a credible reason to report as news all the otherwise slimy opposition research contained within the Steele dossier. Up until then, Fusion GPS, the purveyor of the unverified garbage written by its Moscow sources, was having a bad time getting anyone to print it in the press, and had shopped it around for a year, drawing no buyers. The press knew it was unverified garbage and didn't want to wreck its reputation by going there.

But then Comey briefed Trump about the existence of the dossier, and suddenly the matter was leakable. And by an interesting coincidence, it was CNN that did the leak.

That would be the same CNN that hired Valerie Jarrett's daughter, Laura Jarrett, as the Justice Department's correspondent, despite having zero background in journalism. She just waltzed in and got an on-screen, big-dollar job at CNN, same as you or I could do, right? She's still there, by the way.

And by another coincidence, the DoJ of Jarrett's beat oversees the star of this drama, the FBI.

Read more: https:// www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/04/comey_memos_show_valerie_jarretts_daughter_a_useful_tool_for_dems_at_cnn.html#ixzz5DNmIcchS

Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

50c4f4 No.1142071

File: 33f3108bcde3581⋯.jpg (76.05 KB, 434x520, 217:260, IMG_1930.JPG)

e0e353 No.1142072



From 40,000 ft?

>what can we find out from looking at a map?


>HC Friendly ports near to Haiti?

Miami/Ft. Lauderdale

>Why friendly?


>any connections in district/nearby?

d'A and L stateside

America's Group

>High-wealth management

Dade Sky

>Distribution in US

214235 No.1142073

File: 507f82fd112bd70⋯.png (272.79 KB, 385x383, 385:383, So done with u tards.png)

f9291b No.1142074

So we got a couple of religious shills that don't know shit

Buh Bye

2499e1 No.1142075

File: a03a2125bb75549⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 1591x1776, 43:48, Qnited.jpg)

Qnited .jpg Only File

Feels Good to be back.

Hello Anons!


d132ff No.1142076


Sounds like you are the one with tid bits of information! "Christian Nationalist" top fucking kek! If you cant understand that then it seems like you may be the one who isn't up to par with the rest!

403b62 No.1142077

It must be sunday.

They really sent in the cheapest shills.

b7fcc8 No.1142078


Apologies! My computer is getting bombarded

36de5c No.1142079

File: 3e6610f726f94a6⋯.jpg (100.72 KB, 960x954, 160:159, mudslimecrimes.jpg)

File: de109f979f104af⋯.jpg (21.78 KB, 204x255, 4:5, savingkikesforlast.jpg)

File: d2974cce4462507⋯.png (111.7 KB, 800x800, 1:1, semiticscreeching.png)


it's the combined jew/muzzy pedo defense (((shill))) that switched to a frenzy of hebraic screeching the moment either were brought up as obviously guilty.

pics related.

57de7d No.1142080


Not to mention, shill-fag d132ff can't quote doctrine. A simple side-by-side of scripture from both prove unequivocally that the two are not the same.

I wonder how many times Q referred to 'shit religion' scripture in his posts. Any idea d132ff?

b9d47b No.1142081


New flavors of the week: That one and the one that's constantly listing newage-y crap from apocryphal books (Thomas and such) that feature "Jesus" but the only similarity between this character and the true Jesus is the name. It seems like there's an effort atm to undermine Christian doctrine/faith by perverting it with this ayyylmao type shit. That itself should seem strange to anyone who doesn't believe in God. (((They're))) putting an awful lot of effort into leading people away from a supposedly false religion.

50c4f4 No.1142082

Zerubabble temple was a farce fo kill cult

No ark all bs

Ask Titus

b2923f No.1142083

File: fc5886588d8a992⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1519x672, 217:96, Step_On_It.png)

d132ff No.1142084

http:// thefederalist.com/2018/04/05/john-boltons-appointment-rattles-muslim-brotherhood-echo-chamber/

66c0d8 No.1142086


Bahrain Amiri Flight,

Bahrain Civil

Gulfstream Aerospace G650

In the Air… Also..

398f29 No.1142087

1st (of 11 "As the World Turns" posts)

Dec 7 2017 00:28:58 (EST) Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: cbaed3 46773


As The World Turns.


d132ff No.1142088

https:// www.thenational.ae/world/gcc/russian-diplomat-reveals-influence-of-muslim-brotherhood-scholar-on-qatari-media-1.723598

378fe1 No.1142089


They fell apart so quickly. At first they almost seemed like real naive New Agers.

It only took a couple days on the chans for them to regress to AIM-level autistic screeching.

489147 No.1142090

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Missile Hitting the Pentagon on 911

899227 No.1142091

File: 8272a87713ebbd5⋯.jpg (56.38 KB, 960x317, 960:317, jarrettloopcapital.jpg)

File: 25f402adce36b7d⋯.png (928.89 KB, 709x566, 709:566, hoggjarrett.png)


https:// www.cnsnews.com/blog/michael-w-chapman/obamas-top-adviser-valerie-jarrett-her-dad-maternal-grandpa-and-father-law

http:// www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20080823/NEWS06/200030705/meet-obamas-bundlers

pic is jarret and loop capital connection

http:// www.usatransnationalreport.org/iran-lobby/#valjar

61b8fe No.1142092

Argues with shills = shills.

Do NOT engage. This is a research board.

Do not distract working autists proving shills fail to distribute the middle term of a syllogism - its an intentional mistake.

Do NOT feed our Shills.

50bb34 No.1142093

File: 130bc89fefe307b⋯.png (497.42 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180422-123936.png)

File: d618a4b431799fe⋯.png (879.85 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180422-123928.png)

e4e346 No.1142095

File: 081be1cdc84eae8⋯.jpg (61.71 KB, 900x470, 90:47, DbMYEYFV4AEj0_F[1].jpg)

6fe882 No.1142096


Get this wrong and it's serious. Ask. Seek. Find. Don't let others' misrepresentation of knowing Christ mess up your chance.

c6e42d No.1142097

Hmm, just ran into a little factoid,

Aprill 22 is Vlad Lenin's birthday.

He's a good Commie though.

He's dead.

2ed57e No.1142098

File: e2788edc8553a8f⋯.jpg (50.37 KB, 480x320, 3:2, 28uwd6.jpg)

File: 29d149cba54eba7⋯.jpg (53.91 KB, 480x320, 3:2, 28uwb2.jpg)

File: cec53907ba60fa6⋯.jpg (54.56 KB, 480x320, 3:2, 28uwc6.jpg)

File: 0f42b41f94ecb23⋯.png (87.64 KB, 236x222, 118:111, Jellybean Q.png)


I upgraded the second meme, if anyone likes one of these more.

Also here is a jelly bean Q, for the anons collecting them, kek

b7fcc8 No.1142099



Dang, the airspace around Israel is getting crammed!

36de5c No.1142100


Autists have a habit of pissing off kikes and muzzies who can't stand the truth.

We are also damned good at identifying such (((shills))).

3d5150 No.1142101

(Bread #1427)


Protip: If you see a picture that has gif in the title, mouse over it and see if anything happens. :)

c46ec3 No.1142102

File: 734d51b39bb2f55⋯.jpg (132.17 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, IMG_1094.JPG)


Definitly looks like him

50bb34 No.1142103

File: 91badcad0110cc4⋯.jpeg (24.67 KB, 518x284, 259:142, images (3).jpeg)

Ikhwan Creed motto.

899227 No.1142104


good catch… just like brezinskis.. kek..

( • )( • )

50c4f4 No.1142105


Aliens gotta be better than wtc

489147 No.1142106

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>1141975 (prev)



Former 9/11 Commissioner admits missile hit the Pentagon

f58e98 No.1142107


Oh dear…please keep posting info

3dccdc No.1142108

File: d35b5df5c64afae⋯.gif (6.58 MB, 320x240, 4:3, mst3k-popcorn-o.gif)

>>1141810 (previous bread)

Don't forget the Awan brothers Hezbollah cocaine/dollars trafficking operation, right under DNC's noses. Probably Halal under Hussein's presidency.

Muslim Arab praying mats were found in some "Zetas" training camps along the Tamaulipas border with Texas, as well.

2ed57e No.1142109

File: 40d938727d9640e⋯.jpg (31.33 KB, 470x499, 470:499, val-jarretts-quote-payback….jpg)

File: 27e6f3674ef803b⋯.jpg (414.38 KB, 950x763, 950:763, Valerie Jarrett's Frenemie….jpg)

File: 9537c95d4524707⋯.jpg (272.11 KB, 1073x1200, 1073:1200, Valerie Jarrett Power matr….jpg)

File: baa2a5514df3b91⋯.png (1.09 MB, 954x805, 954:805, Valerie Jarrett Hogg conne….png)

56d355 No.1142110

File: 260e8e240e9d475⋯.jpeg (15.43 KB, 255x170, 3:2, Comey Brennan Clapper Bat….jpeg)


LOVE it. If you do any changes, I would add quotations to his comment.

I'm sure we will be using these very soon, as Comey and McCabe will probably

be the first ones to go down.

b9d47b No.1142111


That's to be expected from someone who bases their faith on such shaky ground as those 'scriptures'. Doesn't take much to bring their house down.

d132ff No.1142112


Im all up for a healthy debate anytime but I honestly dont give a fuck about Christians. If you are European fine. But he came after me I didnt attack him with ad hominems. At first. But I'm trying to figure out some MB shit I dont care anymore.

cc2321 No.1142113

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Anon posted a video a couple breads back with Adm James Lyons talking about the MB plan to destroy the US from within.

Checked out his wikipedia page and found this amazing statement (sauce given is now 404):

"On 14 November 2012, Lyons speculated that the death of Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi was the result of a bungled attempt to have Stevens kidnapped by Ansar al-Sharia to facilitate a prisoner exchange resulting in the release of Omar Abdel-Rahman."

More here:

https:// www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/mar/3/lyons-benghazi-was-a-planned-tragedy/

2191a4 No.1142115


She has a daughter that works for CNN

"So CNN with Laura Jarrett on staff pushed Comey to have the meeting with Trump so that the encounter could be leaked and they could succeed as Democratic operatives with bylines to smear President Trump.

Is it any wonder Trump openly calls them 'fake news'?

Coincidence upon coincidence seems to characterize this one. It's a good thing Devin Nunes hasn't retired from Congress. We suspect he's going to have plenty of material anew at the House Intelligence Committee he leads about how the U.S. media has allowed itself to be used as dupes and tools for partisan operations that are ultimately on the puppet strings of Moscow. Democratic operatives with bylines isn't the exaggeration it's been made out to be."

Read more: https:// www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/04/comey_memos_show_valerie_jarretts_daughter_a_useful_tool_for_dems_at_cnn.html#ixzz5DNoPu2g8

Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

b9d47b No.1142116


I'm sure the US military can grant their 'highest hope'

bba87f No.1142118


I'm well aware of how the message has to be shaped, stupid. Which is why I think it's important to NOT push this idiotic notion that Michelle Obama is a he. Q has never mentioned it. We have never been asked to research it. There is no fucking reason what so ever it should even be discussed since it can be easily proven false. Telling someone that Michelle is a man will black pill them so quick. And will also serve to discredit anything else from this board. But hey, if that's ok with anons and Q, I'll leave you all to continue on your path of destruction.

Oh and please tell me exactly what part of anything I said was disinfo. I'll wait.

da5827 No.1142119


Well hot damn! His Freudian slip says the pentagon was struck by a missile.

50bb34 No.1142120


I hope and pray for the same.

b7fcc8 No.1142121

File: b045882706b2efc⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1920x935, 384:187, busybusy.PNG)



Are you seeing what I'm seeing? Or are there simply too many planes up atm for my comp to handle?

899227 No.1142122


juicy sauce.. love it..

a11204 No.1142123


Please let the rest of us know when you are done feeding (yous) to the shills… unless you're one yourself.

You are certainly keeping this pointless argument going long enough to be considered a shill.

50c4f4 No.1142124

File: a3161fe8509b709⋯.jpg (174.39 KB, 700x765, 140:153, IMG_1921.JPG)

File: a6565087ff3e1ce⋯.jpg (100.13 KB, 797x820, 797:820, IMG_1922.JPG)

File: 96c5e640fa9e8c5⋯.jpg (75.31 KB, 317x468, 317:468, IMG_1923.JPG)

File: 2cc703713f4025a⋯.png (106.91 KB, 500x487, 500:487, IMG_1924.PNG)

Have you seen the antichrist movie ? They called it idiocracy during bush admin

b9d47b No.1142125


"No election to worry about after this is over"

Does she just mean they'll have 4 years until the next one, or is she saying what I think she's saying, and if they had gotten their way, we'd have a dictatorship?

56d355 No.1142126


Please stop attacking how others experience God.

It's a horrible look and a big turn off to others.

I was here last night, and they were not 'shills'.

We had a wonderful, peaceful night discussing issues.

You are doing nothing but causing division and acting hateful.

No wonder hardly anyone is here.

d132ff No.1142127


Hey….pssst….His name is Michael

6fe882 No.1142128


Just know its a journey. Seek truth. Ask. He's good.

a11204 No.1142131

File: 350284cda3d6280⋯.jpg (34.88 KB, 530x298, 265:149, NoYou4You.jpg)


Shills gotta shill.

899227 No.1142132



has this been verified??

e7c123 No.1142133


Correct. Let's make this clear as q has several times. This is not about a specific religion or race. This is about the elite puppet masters and their lieutenants and the worldwide control through blackmail. It is a group that at least publicly carries the name of every nationality and religion there is.

I stand with MBS and his reforming of SA and removing the swamp there

I stand with the Iranians currently protesting the insane khomenei regime.

I stand with the Venezuelans who want to take back their country from the insane socialist turning their country into a hellhole.

I stand with the Americans who spoke so bravely against the terrorist in chief Obama

I stand with those who want to oust the communist snake pope.

I stand with Canadians who are fed up with trudeau and his Merkel like policies.

I stand with the Europeans who want their respective nations back.

I stand with the Africans who are sick of the NGOs and bad actors who keep them blind and enslaved.

I stand with the Chinese who want to reform their government from corruption and stand for freedom.

I stand with Syrians and Iraqis who are tired of Iran's and cabal meddling in their countries.

The list goes on. I think we can sum it as we stand with those who want freedom from tyranny and to be left alone to determine our destinies. To trade and compete to further mankind while respecting and enjoying our differences. Every nation should have the choice to choose their own destiny.

The only thing that people need to be armed with is the truth. And finally after all these years the world will hear it.

Then and only then can people make great choices. Free of the programming. Free of the nonstop lies. Free to choose. As individuals and as nations. Make the world Great by making yourself Great by learning and knowing the truth.

50bb34 No.1142134

File: 8a65c2bf3d81bd6⋯.png (836.12 KB, 1080x1464, 45:61, Screenshot_20180422-124450….png)


489147 No.1142135


Listen to this one!


WHAT ORDERS "STILL STAND" Dickhead Cheney???

56c365 No.1142136

File: b159bc693c66ecc⋯.jpg (34.64 KB, 310x357, 310:357, startetradavinci310.jpg)

I just landed an amazing new job, and my new company is flying me out tomorrow to Kansas for training. (Trust Kansas) I was assigned to cabin Q of the plane.

Coincidences or not, I'm very grateful. Ive been out of work since September of last year. This board has kept me passionate and strong. And above all reminded me how much good exists in this world. Thank you all for the inspiration.

God bless you all. Keep on keeping on.

2a9a33 No.1142137


Thanks for that. I've been looking for reasons to feel warm and fuzzy about Bolton.

d132ff No.1142138


I mean it was just funny. Not a shill relax

61b8fe No.1142139

was thinking about forensic history and how past creates future. History is a psychic tail indicate linear passage in time.

In a way, past creates future.

And we should approach the possibility of altering our own past cautiously for that reason.

We want to know who we are where we came from but we want to know how those conclusions were arrived at and on what evidence they stand.

If we replace [BIBLE] and replace it with [ANNUKI/AI] we excise the central organizing principal of both our history and our psyche.

Because if I were a bloodline sister fucker that's how I'd run a psyop. I'd say anons, that Jesus fucker was a fine chap and all, but face it, your God is fantasy. Or, even better, he's an alien with highly advanced tech indistinguishable from majick to you ooo oooh oos.

It's all binary bullshit. Our gift is not thinking that way, when we chose to us it.

The way we understand history and its development controls our thinking. That why it's important we do our forensic history we do it meticulously and transparently.

It is disgusting to see what they were doing in the way of subversion and destruction at History channel.

Information poisoning is real and that one part of how it works. The other part is the changing of the past. Planting removing, more often falsifying town and court records, census documents. The deliberate introduction of error into historical data base has exponential consequences. This is because the further away from the calculation the error is, the greater is compounded effect on the magnitude of error in the result. Things go spectacularly wrong and nothing make sense.

Sound familiar? That's Information poisoning and we have it quite significantly. The cure is the truth and lots of it, and this is the place to learn to recognize what's true and what's bull shit and schillsed.

f58e98 No.1142140


You may be the only one here tonight. Can you zoom in and identify some of them?

2a9a33 No.1142141


Congratulations, anon. Hope it goes well.

489147 No.1142142

File: 94259d0ec02363e⋯.jpg (811.7 KB, 1936x1064, 242:133, 4-21-18 Mack arrested & si….jpg)

a601bb No.1142143

Q !xowAT4Z3VQ 04/20/18 (Fri) 21:12:34 c95f7e No.1122995


Over the target.

Expand further.





https:// www.wehoville.com/2018/04/12/west-hollywoodss-mariah-sunshine-coogan-identified-victim-scottsdale-plane-crash/

Open source.


Maybe Hussein raped Wendy as a child and AS raped Mack when she was a minor.

509162 No.1142144

File: 66a5c0fb427c2b9⋯.jpg (33.44 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ArmenianPower13.jpg)


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armenian_Power

Look at these retards

Most would think they are MS 13

They are Armenian Power 13

50bb34 No.1142145


I stand with you brother.

c46ec3 No.1142146


I sure hope they are real, cuz I thought they were for

as long as I can remember. Ima be sad if they're not.

b2923f No.1142147

File: 7966a63ef915170⋯.png (148.38 KB, 699x452, 699:452, TrustHorowitz.png)

Did anyone catch this on Bachmann's letter?


56d355 No.1142148


Project Cassandra

f58e98 No.1142149


Filter for military maybe?

2191a4 No.1142150

Laura Jarrett is married to this guy,

Tony Balkinsoon whose father is this guy

Bas Balkinsoon - liberal Canadian

899227 No.1142151

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3f8a3f No.1142152

Michelle's Hahn came from Vatican deal

dat frump midget gonna lüv porn career someday soon

nudge nudge

489147 No.1142153


WTG, workfag! :)

3d5150 No.1142154


>The Hogg

First, let me say that my momma raised me right and I try not to say negative things. But. It might or might not have significance, but his head is too big for his body. He looks like a cross between Howdy Doody and an alien. They Live?

da5827 No.1142155


Fucking A anon!

f58e98 No.1142156


Good catch Anon!

b7fcc8 No.1142157


Open Source could be Wikileaks, just saying. Gotta go back to planefagging but CHECK IT?

a11204 No.1142158

Baker Requests Relief

Second call. I have an updated pastebin ready through this post.

3143c7 No.1142159


Maybe Mack is to AS as Wendy is to Hussein

6fe882 No.1142160


I agree. Easy to see pics of her with her brother Michael and know she isn't a man. It's a foolish, illogical thing to say. Ignorant in fact. So much more on them that is real.

b4f4e2 No.1142161

File: 47412df4ea5c96a⋯.jpg (19.05 KB, 316x400, 79:100, 47412df4ea5c96a9c9525fdb5a….jpg)

3f8a3f No.1142162


if ya know Star Wars you will survive thousands of shitposts

374a20 No.1142163


Love your work, LetterQAnon. Welcome back.

cd0cb4 No.1142164

File: 9b0f10dfd7e8ac6⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180422-012026….jpg)


Not sure. USState Dept plane in Jordan and Jordanian air force activity to the north of Jordan.

b7fcc8 No.1142165


I could, but almost all planes in Middle East right now are tagged civil. Most liekly to hide their movements from people like us who filter for military.

66c0d8 No.1142166

File: d15449f46651a49⋯.png (929.13 KB, 1360x660, 68:33, SA.png)


Check this out…

9a5ba1 No.1142167


Regarding 911

Guys, do you want to be believed or mocked?

The minimum for the normies.

Don't say that they weren't really planes.

Don't say that Islam or Bin Laden had nothing to do with it.

Don't go all, blame it on the Jews.

Just acknowledge that it had inside help.

It wasn't an inside job, it had inside help.

Of course you'll do as you please, it's your right. But most normies will just move on.

e7c123 No.1142168

File: 1eda98d095eb656⋯.jpg (35.72 KB, 500x322, 250:161, 1ed.jpg)

f14810 No.1142169


I've always felt the Mandala effect was an experiment. Screw with a few little things and see how much they can get away with. Things so insignificant we don't really care…. Then a little bigger and a little bigger……

2191a4 No.1142170

CNN hires the daughter of Obama adviser Jarrett

https:// www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/jan/20/laura-jarrett-valerie-jarrett-daughter-hired-cnn/

CNN has hired the daughter of President Obama’s closest adviser to cover the Justice Department.

"Laura Jarrett, daughter of Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett, quietly joined the network in September as a reporter in the Washington bureau, the New York Post reported.

The younger Ms. Jarrett had been working as a private attorney following her graduation from Harvard Law school.

Her mother has been part of Mr. Obama’s inner circle at the White House from the start of his presidency."

She has zero experience and is all of a sudden covering the Justice Department for CNN…pretty fucking handy.

Complete Plant!

d132ff No.1142171


Holy shit thats a lot of traffic

b7fcc8 No.1142172


Like a frikkin conga line, that is!

d132ff No.1142173


Dylan! You son of a bitch!

f58e98 No.1142174



374a20 No.1142175


Congratulations! Signs indicate it will be an excellent job.

c91e12 No.1142176

File: 220a47e84f4dd8e⋯.jpg (60.36 KB, 480x396, 40:33, 28ukmt~2.jpg)

File: 220a47e84f4dd8e⋯.jpg (60.36 KB, 480x396, 40:33, 28ukmt~2.jpg)

Meme for Twitter use..

489147 No.1142177


>Don't go all, blame it on the Jews.

WTF are you talking about, asshat?

I never mentioned fucking Jews, idiotfag!

a11204 No.1142178


Note the many UAE planes avoiding Iran airspace, and Qatar planes avoiding Iraq.

3f8a3f No.1142179

File: e993900db0f8667⋯.jpg (119.34 KB, 400x400, 1:1, IMG_1913.JPG)

Butt fuck

if they all died tomorrow the world would be safer

but all the freaked out cattle

41c6cc No.1142180

Speaking of 911…


WBAP radio in Texas got word that George H. W. Bush died and they sent out an e-mail bulletin that read "The Death of a President: George H.W. Bush. Our nation's 41st president, George H.W. Bush has passed away in Houston," according to the Dallas Observer.

f14810 No.1142181


Makes ya rethink some shit!

613711 No.1142182

File: e7b2f6e0d1c3269⋯.jpg (19.58 KB, 255x255, 1:1, kikebehindthepost.jpg)


>goys don't be mocked

>fear mockery goys

bba87f No.1142183


I was done last bread but anon brought it to this one. I'm done. If no one else on this board gives a shit about being credible, why should I?

da5827 No.1142184


Don't forget us when u make it big time! WWG1WGA

9a5ba1 No.1142185


I hadn't meant to connect to your post, that was a mistake.

c91e12 No.1142186

File: 70346525d14d40d⋯.jpg (62.25 KB, 474x708, 79:118, 28tv2r.jpg)

File: 4260ba0a507bb6f⋯.jpg (69.1 KB, 480x430, 48:43, 28ugky~2.jpg)

2ed57e No.1142187

File: c408a4eb975433d⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1262x750, 631:375, Florida judge resigns.png)

File: 48f19521cbf1159⋯.jpg (30.7 KB, 633x474, 211:158, rappingjudge.jpg)

File: 95216f4699d293d⋯.jpg (72.03 KB, 640x477, 640:477, 2002.jpg)

File: 99c0c90063fa788⋯.jpg (74.78 KB, 640x477, 640:477, 7007.jpg)

I think there is something deeper going on here with this lady.

You know how we are starting to recognize them, wierd eyes, kinda crazy/evil looking lurking under the surface, and them doing stupid things, that make you think WTF are they 5? There are more wierd pictures of her with her child looking paper dolls.Like hugging it.

Well this judge is screaming all those and more, kek

And she's in Broward county.

Florida judge, 59, resigns after she was recorded furiously berating asthmatic, wheelchair-bound defendant in court who DIED three days later after struggling to get her medication while in custody

South Florida Judge Merrilee Ehrlich resigned on Friday after being recorded berating wheelchair-bound Sandra Faye Twiggs, 59, in court on April 15

Twiggs was having trouble breathing at the hearing and died three days later

Twiggs suffered from asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and had trouble getting medication while in custody, but the judge wouldn't listen

She was found dead in her bed by her sister, Anna Twiggs, on Wednesday

Anna said she felt the encounter with Ehrlich contributed to her sister's passing

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5643311/Judge-resigns-berating-breathless-defendant-wheelchair-court-DIES-three-days-later.html

66c0d8 No.1142188


No way…

9a5ba1 No.1142189

File: 73005f1b09e213c⋯.jpg (168.92 KB, 1176x1280, 147:160, Clown - Copy - Copy.jpg)

398f29 No.1142191


ill believe it when i see it but


(billed as, by fake news media, """two eternal lovers not able to be apart in heaven blah blah blah""")


509162 No.1142192


Armenians are Khazars

The same Khazars that pretend to be Jews

Thats how they do shit…blend in like snakes

486bb2 No.1142193


Not seeing any confirmation of that.

489147 No.1142194


I thought I was typing bs in my sleep!

3f8a3f No.1142195


gratitude reinforces imagination FYI

378fe1 No.1142196


Not on Dallas Observer website.

3f8a3f No.1142197

File: e6d7041e265e1bd⋯.jpg (303.47 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, IMG_1936.JPG)

c91e12 No.1142198

File: 5f4a30516139186⋯.jpg (37.08 KB, 480x433, 480:433, 28uivt~2.jpg)

e086ed No.1142199


>Not on Dallas Observer website.

Nowhere on Google News recently either..

613711 No.1142200



Too easily fished out. Confirmed kike (((shill))).


Will believe it when I see the corpse. father and son didn't look too great last time we saw.

a5ebda No.1142201

File: a527123077f996c⋯.png (886.9 KB, 669x500, 669:500, jewsdid911.png)

3f8a3f No.1142202


frump is sore winner

374a20 No.1142203


I wouldn't believe it just yet, but I did think to myself it might happen soon after Barbara. That's not uncommon with couples married so many years.

61b8fe No.1142204


Go with God anon.

41c6cc No.1142205



False alarm…

http:// www.travelerstoday.com/articles/4189/20130113/george-h-w-bush-dies-former-president-incorrectly-declared-dead-by-texas-radio-station-death-died-hospital-bronchitis-news-death-hoax.htm

bba87f No.1142206


Agreed anon. SO many more important battles than this.

FYI: her brothers name is Craig.

f9291b No.1142207

File: 31cfcaa8221d898⋯.jpg (18.42 KB, 255x255, 1:1, No Feelings.jpg)

6fe882 No.1142208


Not pointless when misinformation undermines integrity of truth.

a11204 No.1142209


I'm going to allow you one more ( you ) before I ignore you. This is a completely anonymous board.

Absolutely anyone can post absolutely anything. That means black hats can come here

with bullshit, as well as white hats with real information. What is credible is determined by

groupthink. The easiest way to see that something is not credible? NO ONE responds

to it.

What have you been doing? RESPONDING to bogus information, lending it credibility. Ignore shills,

anon, or be considered one yourself. If you reply to this, you get the last word, because I am

done with your lesson for today. Everything I just said is up in the bread, which you newfags

need to read, at least once in a while.

3143c7 No.1142210

Is Google down?

3f8a3f No.1142211

File: 73e69c7491c91cc⋯.jpg (72.13 KB, 289x222, 289:222, IMG_1917.JPG)

c91e12 No.1142212

File: ccad5ae4410fbb5⋯.jpg (41.75 KB, 462x337, 462:337, 28uarq~2.jpg)

CNN is an enemy of the state.

2ed57e No.1142213

File: 35962ddec5e4eab⋯.jpg (68.83 KB, 640x477, 640:477, 8008.jpg)

File: 1e25825d50690ae⋯.jpg (59.65 KB, 640x477, 640:477, 4004.jpg)


http:// www.wirk.com/wheelchair-user-dies-after-broward-county-judge-ignores-request-for-breathing-treatment/

b7fcc8 No.1142214

File: faa6e103d0c6865⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1918x935, 1918:935, busyme.PNG)

Update on ME airspace.

See them rounding the entire peninsula down there?

Ukrainian plane tagged as 'interesting' visible (It's near israel. Like most planes in the region)

ecf5be No.1142215


Not for me.. working well.

a9269b No.1142216

http:// www.maggiesnotebook.com/2012/10/islamic-manifesto-surfaces-a-quiet-coup-to-conquer-the-us-through-indoctrination/

899227 No.1142217


TY! Can i have some MOAR = )

3f8a3f No.1142219


cia planted devices

stolen gold

burn bad books from fexas cocaine et.al

Cover up made it ceremonial

d132ff No.1142220

File: e621b465fdf6d0c⋯.gif (208.21 KB, 250x219, 250:219, e62.gif)


Top fucking kek!

0bdc35 No.1142221


Nailed it. Top Kek!

a11204 No.1142222


See >>1142209

You newfags need to learn how the chans work.

c91e12 No.1142223

File: 4260ba0a507bb6f⋯.jpg (69.1 KB, 480x430, 48:43, 28ugky~2.jpg)

da5827 No.1142224


Maybe also try Qonderful or Qonderous.

b7fcc8 No.1142226

File: 3f4e568878f3124⋯.png (829.96 KB, 1918x933, 1918:933, chase.PNG)


Protection or chase? Congaline after Ukrainian plane

489147 No.1142227

File: 1185f48e29b88e6⋯.jpg (136.23 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 9-11 drill goes live.jpg)

File: 0680fa3933ac44e⋯.jpg (64.09 KB, 400x413, 400:413, 9-11 Twin Towers drill.jpg)

8419b1 No.1142228

Just tuned in. This may or may not have been surmised from Q latest drops but here goes.


>http:// thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/presidential-campaign/292310-huma-abedins-ties-to-the-muslim-brotherhood

>Good article.

>Don’t forget about Huma.





>Are the dots a break in the line of reasoning? or does it mean the list goes on?

Neither of these options. The dots mean the post is divided into two sections, but they are connected.


We were asked to follow HUMA in the past.

This section is a reminder to re-focus on that task.

The article is a starting point for the re-focus.

It gives clues to connections between Huma & MB from OPEN-SOURCE. (archive off-line).





>America for sale.



>No name.

>Inside out destruction.




>HUMA & Hussein.

>http:// harvardmuslimalumni.org/about

>Who paid?

>SA [vital].


This section gives guideposts to current direction of digs.

I could be wrong, but maybe this is connected to next week MOAB.

This may or may not be connected to MOAB.

Clearly what is relevant is that new connections between HUMA and MB + more bad actors can be made.

Connections that haven't been made up until now.

This is dropped now bc of relevance to current events.

SA coup attempt is connected to HUMA -> MB -> NoName -> Hussein -> FBI -> America for sale.

Allconnections are clearly OPEN-SOURCE.

Dig -> uncover -> meme -> flood SM.

269057 No.1142229

Seriously what is with the division tactics again.

I do not give a damn what religion anyone is.

I do not give a damn what color your skin is.

I do not give a damn what your politics are.

I do care if you believe any of the above means you superior and everyone who disagrees is your enemy.

I do care if you think any of the above means you cannot be criticised.

I do care if you tolerate criminal acts perpetrated on the innocent purely because they are on "your team".

I do care if your belief system can only exist if all others are not allowed to exist.

I do care if your ideas reduce the quality of life, intelligence, health and opportunities of the average person from one generation to the next.

I do give a damn if your ideology leads to less freedom, rather than more.

899227 No.1142230


yup… result was all big govt agencies under 1 new roof

66c0d8 No.1142231


The Cabal taking out Money (In SA and Jordan) and Guns for the War against Russia?

509162 No.1142232


Most of these crooks are Jewish or have dual citizenship… They will flee to Israel for sanctuary

b2923f No.1142233


Thx lol. Was gonna put quotes, but that wasn't the exact phrasing he/the lawyer used, so I'd rather not attribute it to him directly and mislead. But we shall see what happens with those two soon enough, I hope… ;)





d132ff No.1142234


Well we need them all in one place….

c91e12 No.1142235

File: a6052d38444fe86⋯.jpg (41.58 KB, 409x530, 409:530, 28pj3y~2.jpg)

Evil is all around us.

622361 No.1142236


this is a truth movement

if you aren't for full truth then you are, necessarily, for deception

thats called being a liar

3f8a3f No.1142237


6&7 had moar st layers

613711 No.1142238


The fact that this is more believable than kike lies about who (((they))) are, or mudslime moon god bullshit says volumes about these semitic religions.

899227 No.1142239



love you….

f8125d No.1142240

https:// www.usatoday.com/story/news/2018/04/21/barbara-bush-funeral-past-presidents-pizza-makers/538363002/ they literally wrote former presidents, pizza parlor owners and world leaders in this article these people are sick. Q serious it almost feels like they are taunting us thinking they are untouchable. You have a Moab set to drop why not have a second Moab drop just on a different target.

f14810 No.1142241


So wrong.

So right.

b9d47b No.1142242


>was thinking about forensic history and how past creates future. History is a psychic tail indicate linear passage in time.

That pseudoscientific babble was enough to accurately sum up that whole post. No real logic. Just one more fool thinking they've got it all figured out. You're awfully concerned about deceptions when it seems like you've fallen prey to one of the most common - this idea that technology explains everything. I'll agree with you that there's a lot of falsification of history going on, but if anything, the purpose of it is completely opposite to your claims. Just look at society. A concerted, highly funded effort to undermine everything Christianity stands for. At the least, I assume you know what (((these people))) are into.. the sick rituals and all that. The one inspiring them into all that is the same power behind the effort to all but eliminate God from the public consciousness.

But sure, AI and Annunaki.

489147 No.1142243


(no homo)

f80e82 No.1142244


Looks like a crackhead version of Ramenman or DWS….

66c0d8 No.1142245


The Plan for Ukraine was do a Israel 2.0. But with Lack of Money. The project failure.

3f8a3f No.1142246

Rapacious cronyism likes wtc drama notice

d9e5b1 No.1142247


This would be something rather massive to meme, don't you think?

2499e1 No.1142248


I can imagine many amazing Qonstructed words

c91e12 No.1142249

Dangerous individual.

899227 No.1142250


ofc! (no homo)

41c6cc No.1142251


Best 9/11 video short

5 min

https:// youtu.be/-F2j8js_INE

d9e5b1 No.1142253


Who is Phillip Boehner?

No relation to John…

ecf5be No.1142255


Dear God… stop! That's what spoilers are for.

073795 No.1142256



Her mother, Saleha Abedin, sits on the Presidency Staff Council of the International Islamic Council for Da’wa and Relief, a group that is chaired by the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

66c0d8 No.1142257



d9e5b1 No.1142258

3f8a3f No.1142259


When she became spokesperson for cult ,it became a polish birthday party

f9291b No.1142260



a5ebda No.1142262

File: d2654b264b7e327⋯.jpg (91.71 KB, 960x810, 32:27, sj58117e0b.jpg)

c91e12 No.1142263

File: 4dcec8b5921b5af⋯.jpg (57.02 KB, 480x674, 240:337, 28p5cm~2.jpg)


You jacked off

2191a4 No.1142264









wasn't there a few head fakes before Babs became official?…

b9d47b No.1142265

ecf5be No.1142266

Well, since anons are back on 9/11 and jew hating and everything other than what Q gave us to dig on, I'm going to attempt to sleep… back in a few hours when the autists and diggers return.

66c0d8 No.1142267

Guys.. Check this out. ARMENIA..



b7fcc8 No.1142269

File: 47065d95141aadf⋯.png (616.84 KB, 1280x935, 256:187, fleeing.PNG)

These planes are determined to just GTFO, it seems

da5827 No.1142270


Tfw Q could be Dennis Rodman. Lel

a5ebda No.1142272

File: 81ce497f2cdda05⋯.png (352.27 KB, 533x526, 533:526, 1523865695216.png)



Are we 11???

Just fuck off already.

509162 No.1142273


Southern Ukraine was part of the Khazar Empire

The plan went way beyond the Yinon plan

They intended to Conquer from Israel all the way to Khazakstan and likely to the Pacific through Mongolia

Two groups suffered the most via Jewish communism the Russians and Mongols/Chinese.

Guess which countries/peoples destroyed the original Khazarian Empire?

283839 No.1142274


sumpin along the lines of

"who transferred in as Jr in '81"

"should have graduated in '82"

"but was still living off campus in '83"

"and no one else remembers"

214235 No.1142275


Turning anons to stone with this shit!

3f8a3f No.1142277


bushes rigged border against clintons

accounting dirty money was impossible

fexas building went down a few months before

9a5ba1 No.1142278

File: 73005f1b09e213c⋯.jpg (168.92 KB, 1176x1280, 147:160, Clown - Copy - Copy.jpg)

c91e12 No.1142279

File: b66559d3192ceac⋯.jpg (86.33 KB, 500x641, 500:641, 28nm3d~3.jpg)

The horror…

ecf5be No.1142280

File: ec9f5d2de58c492⋯.jpg (69.34 KB, 680x511, 680:511, kek0010.jpg)

f58e98 No.1142281

File: 40339fb21e3e496⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1373x704, 1373:704, ClipboardImage.png)

Just saw this on Twitter. What's wrong with Hillary's right arm?

283839 No.1142282


what? you never saw grannies tits?

d9c026 No.1142283

File: a3aaa87ae68b8d5⋯.png (198.78 KB, 834x298, 417:149, ClipboardImage.png)


Q, does

SA=Academic Sponsor= Prince Alwaleed bin Talal

SA=Platinum Sponsor= MASIC Mohammed I. Alsubeaei & Sons

Investment Company

Ihsan Bafakih, Chief Executive Ocer, Mohammed Alsubeaei & Sons Investments Company (MASIC) (Saudi Arabia)

SA=Gold Sponsor Wahed Invest



ecf5be No.1142284

File: c35c4edf0bbbe1c⋯.png (186.52 KB, 490x319, 490:319, 492a925540b75a9c52274a809b….png)

a5ebda No.1142285

File: 56c951cd84c7ecd⋯.png (325.01 KB, 734x750, 367:375, TruthfulGoyGetsthejewfilte….png)

Fuck off and die, kike.

899227 No.1142286

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YES!! Best short.. Red pill!!! SHARE SHARE

but we must always sauce the SOURCE

2a9a33 No.1142287


That works given the way Q put things in the drop. Where does Mariah Sunshine Coogan fit in, do you suppose? Was she someone's "Wendy"?

66c0d8 No.1142288


Well. In Somalia. There Cells of MB…, Not surprise..

b7fcc8 No.1142289


Ohshit, plaster?

8419b1 No.1142290


>Seriously what is with the division tactics again.

This is a sure sign were over the target and that target wants to disrupt and divide the digs.

Who is the target?

Why is SA the target?

Why is MB the target?

Who stands to benefit the most from disruption here?


>SA coup attempt is connected to HUMA -> MB -> NoName -> Hussein -> FBI -> America for sale.

>All connections are clearly OPEN-SOURCE.

>Dig -> uncover -> meme -> flood SM.

a601bb No.1142291


When Q says "open source", I think he means that we should look for evidence in public (on the internet, etc.)

073795 No.1142292


Huma;s Father and Connection to SA



Syed Abedin said that Arab states must police the upholding of Sharia, or Islamic law, and explained why the majority of Muslims view Israel and the Western world in primarily "hostile" term

d132ff No.1142293


And fingers….

d9e5b1 No.1142294

The London Marathon is this morning.

The Queen is starting it shortly.

40,000 runners.

398f29 No.1142295


broke her wrist in india, remember???

899227 No.1142296


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrJiKbK0tVM

Use James Corbett's version pls… its his work

3f8a3f No.1142297

notice a pretentious fegel bot on board

a few nasi hogg etc

da5827 No.1142298

File: 4797669fc16c679⋯.png (353.92 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_4887.PNG)


Yep. So prepare to hear that he actually did die.

Pic related

214235 No.1142300

File: bfcfb47ea674f52⋯.png (396.3 KB, 588x382, 294:191, Anons to stone.png)

e086ed No.1142301


>40,000 runners.

Anyone know if there is a livestream planned? I'm about to go look for one or some more info..

9a5ba1 No.1142302

File: 73005f1b09e213c⋯.jpg (168.92 KB, 1176x1280, 147:160, Clown - Copy - Copy.jpg)

048b85 No.1142303

I was just giving some thought to how HRC, BC, and CC are definitely in the running for the biggest pile pf filth currently inhabiting the Earth, and would definitely fit into the top 10 of all time! That may seem like an exaggeration, but when you consider that you could check off all of the boxes for every kind of criminality, including murder, corruption, treason, human trafficking, sexual trafficking, sexual perversion, and both responsible for the deaths of many thousands thanks to their actions when President, and as Secretary of State. Maybe jug ears could compete in turning the Middle East into a bigger cluster fuck then it already was before they got involved, but even he is a lightweight compared to those 2-3! It's almost as if they could give the Devil lessons in evil, with all of it!


Another thing, on one hand a long, boring, miserable life at GTMO would be preferable to death, because death is too quick. However, the thought of some progressive becoming POTUS again, and the possibility that he would pardon them makes it a no brainer, execution would be the best punishment. Just my take, so fag away, shill away, and to the clowns I will just say in advance, you can all fuck right off, and burn in hell, I won't respond to your clown bait!

66c0d8 No.1142304

File: 1ba97756741a510⋯.png (321.92 KB, 1363x660, 1363:660, WHAT!!!.png)



f58e98 No.1142306


Yes…you're right…I guess I forgot that.

489147 No.1142307

File: 602fb9fcc880e26⋯.png (78.22 KB, 625x569, 625:569, ClipboardImage.png)

"We're counter suing you for fun – and also because you're lame" lmao

77a531 No.1142308


Just a guess.. I am just a regular person… noticed tonight the "search query" icon was a magnifying glass that looked like a "Q". Literally. I know you LOVEEE 7-D meanings…. Sherlock Holmes, I see? LOVE IT!

89d41a No.1142309


40,000 targets for knifing.

9a5ba1 No.1142310


Feel free, go full retard.

ecf5be No.1142312


Nice, someone photoshopped a bandaid on her middle finger too that wasn't there in previous pictures.

66a6d4 No.1142313

File: 9166dc535612159⋯.png (127.31 KB, 1344x595, 192:85, 9166dc535612159a35486cf786….png)




Post last bread had graphic on NXIVM training children. That reminded me of this

"Zuckerberg went to an elite program for gifted children at the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth in Baltimore, Maryland – as did Sergey Brin and spirit cooking enthusiast Lady Gaga."

Source https:// burners.me/2017/01/21/davos-is-burning-man-with-clothes-sergey-brin/

Zuckerberg is a nothing more than a handpicked frontman, a fraud. You can see it in his automaton look in his eyes. Selected by In-Q-Tel to front the Life Log project aka facebook.

Information processing Technology Office (IPTO) develops the tech

In-Q-Tel finds the frontman

But it seems that In-Q-Tel might have a child nuturing program, knowledge if such programs or developed connections to such programs.

Seems it would be too obvious to the public if all the heads of these In-Q-Tel projects came from vanderbilt type families like anderson cooper.

The problem with conditioning children is that some are not going to pass the conditioning. Reminds me of the kurt russel movie Soldier where a child soldier fails standards and is shot. I guess the children that fail go to the spirit cooking crowd and the sex slavers.

All this is linked together

b9d47b No.1142314


more like.. is that really Melania there, able to actually smile in such proximity to Barry Soetoro?

27da42 No.1142315


This, perhaps? https:// opensource.com/education/14/4/top-5-open-source-tools-libraries

d132ff No.1142316


He's not terribly high

1a3705 No.1142317



Open Source = Public Knowledge

b7fcc8 No.1142318

File: 8f176d343d4e59f⋯.png (1.79 MB, 1917x915, 639:305, indipak.PNG)

India/Pakistan border hotspot. Rest of india is basically empty of flights

3d5150 No.1142319


What, was I talking to you? Are you the center of the universe?

Data point: Do you know Obama's caretaker / nanny in Indonesia was a tranny? Okay, now that I've fed the fire even more, what I was trying to say is that no matter what wakkadoodle message one is trying to get across, it is essential to consider how that message will be taken, and maybe even consider that it's better to not relay that message if it's going to break down the lines of communication, at least in some time period. The message has to speak to the audience.

a5ebda No.1142320

File: 689cb844744605a⋯.png (198.7 KB, 500x588, 125:147, hoponbackreddit.png)


This isn't reditt, you PC loving, freedom destroying, moron.

d9e5b1 No.1142321


Well said.

3f8a3f No.1142322

File: 2d2de3a46d11186⋯.jpg (546.79 KB, 1438x1080, 719:540, IMG_1909.JPG)

My balks itch

3dccdc No.1142323

File: 2354f23d14e781a⋯.png (410.96 KB, 768x768, 1:1, FAST AND FURIOUS 1.png)

File: 79b222c68431e3c⋯.jpg (242.55 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, FAST AND FURIOUS 2.jpg)

File: 6bc8f3876f41686⋯.jpg (450.99 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, FAST AND FURIOUS 3.jpg)

File: 10bf9a4e3dc4ef0⋯.jpg (305.32 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, FAST AND FURIOUS 4.jpg)

File: 01519c138728e9f⋯.jpg (300.76 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, FAST AND FURIOUS 5.jpg)



Hussein and Hillary facilitated a genocide with Operation Fast and Furious by running illegal weapons to Mexico for the Cartels to use against the Population. The very same guns they tried to righteously ban in the USA.

Democrats did their best to hide the truth about Fast and Furious, with A.G. Holder, the only Cabinet member ever to be held in contempt of Congress, arguably lying to Congress about his knowledge and involvement and repeatedly saying he "didn't get the memo." American citizens and Mexican nationals to this day are in jeopardy from criminals using weapons the Obama administration funneled to them.

Read more: https:// www.americanthinker.com/articles/2018/04/eric_holder_fro_prison_not_president.html#ixzz5DGswbIAi

El Chapo’s Capture Puts ‘Operation Fast and Furious’ Back in the Headlines

Obama-administration scandals never resolve. They just vanish — usually, under a new scandal.

So it was with one of this president’s earliest embarrassments, “Operation Fast and Furious,” designed to help the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) dismantle drug cartels operating inside the United States and disrupt drug-trafficking routes. Instead, it put into the hands of criminals south of the border some 2,000 weapons, which have been used to kill hundreds of Mexicans and at least one American, U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

Now, Fast and Furious is back in the news. Earlier this month, a raid on the hidey-hole of drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman recovered not only the notorious drug lord, but a (“massive”) .50-caliber rifle, capable of stopping a car or shooting down a helicopter, that originated with the ATF program. Rest easy, though: Only 34 such rifles were sold through the program.

Read More: https:// www.nationalreview.com/2016/01/fast-furious-obama-first-scandal/


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexican_Drug_War#Firearms


200,000+ deaths and many other horrors

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexican_Drug_War#Effects_in_Mexico

Make no mistake, the Clintons have profited both with import of coke up into the USA and running of guns down the border into MX


Let's get this maiz popping!

LOVE YOU ANON! no homo

2ed57e No.1142324

File: 7236a7f47da728f⋯.jpg (97.45 KB, 537x499, 537:499, Q graphics thread.jpg)


If you want really the sweet juicy sauce go check out the

Advanced Graphics, Proofs, Maps, Side by Sides, Good Memes thread i made. It has tons of goodies in it.


Also try to post a couple at a time, as to one.

And any anons with a colllection of proofs, advanced graphics, please scroll through ( has a little over 250 posts in it so far)

and add them to it( and if you could post them in like/ similar organized groups as most of the thread is.

I have BDT'S together, Hawaii, ones, NWO pyramids, U1 connections, , Roths, Saudis, etc

And i put in the magazines, some badges, a slight bit of lighter material.

But lots of really really good proofs, connections, maps, etc are located here.

Q said proofs were being lost, so i made this thread, with my collection ive gathered the past 6 months. I have more to add, but need to get it organized, renamed.


41c6cc No.1142325

File: 11cc3bf5e95ae20⋯.png (785.16 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, IMG_2560.PNG)

File: c128f635814c944⋯.png (944.75 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, IMG_2561.PNG)

File: 64e9abbdfbfd00a⋯.png (862.96 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, IMG_2562.PNG)


The side by side WTC 7's are good as well

https:// youtu.be/Zv7BImVvEyk

f58e98 No.1142326


Makes my skin crawl to even see his face anymore.

56d355 No.1142327


Wise words.

If anyone disagrees they are called shills.

When you are solid in your Truth, you don't get triggered.

283839 No.1142328



stone lasts, salt, not so much

b034c9 No.1142329


Seems like that whole article was about Hani Nour Eldin, and mentions NoName's rabid defense of Abedin against Bachman. Seems like Huma made the call to grant him the visa.

No recentinfo and no idea how it realates to SA, but I'm way too tired to keep pushing. This is distrating me from my real work,

485608 No.1142330


USAF. Whoa!

3f8a3f No.1142331



66c0d8 No.1142332


And this pic?

b7fcc8 No.1142333



Can't see it on my screen, keep your eyes peeled

89d41a No.1142334


She was thinking about where O will wind up shortly to keep from looking at the smirk on his face.

d8abc0 No.1142335


Muslims are all over Texas. there is a CAIR office in Plano. Plano is the ilican valley of Texas for telecommunications/wireless/network. Every top position in tech in this area, AT&T etc, is held by Muslims. They make up over 20% in tech jobs. We need to kill H1-b and stop offshoring American jobs and replacing citizens with muslim workers.

318919 No.1142336

This goes out to the fotofag that has an extensive collection of cut-up celebs and pols. Nice job

That massive collection will be a definitive marker for the normies to see in-the-wild, especially a sideXside pic of Marina and some of the stuff that is out already. Pair em up and meme. A collection like that would be devastating. Every time one of the louder ones gets uppity, throw a meme against em.

Tabbbletfag cant do memedrops easily here tho.

ddce9b No.1142337

File: ba6db457cfce7f3⋯.jpg (15.56 KB, 273x178, 273:178, 28cjx0~2.jpg)

Moderator fuck off

2dde65 No.1142338


Just sayin'….

398f29 No.1142339


what are the chances there are patriot plants (even if very few) in the DNC/Dem party?

b9d47b No.1142340


1. That thing needs to be shut down yesterday

2. Wtf kind of grandfather gives up a kid like that?

3dccdc No.1142342


>what is FACILITATE?

They sprayed gas all over an already burning fire (started by 4th generation guerilla courtesy of CIA).

afd774 No.1142343

File: 8965c16acd6d836⋯.jpg (141.22 KB, 1024x1032, 128:129, DG7iGL2UAAAhunB.jpg)

Herro, Q and 8channites,

Apart from being an acronym, is MOAB a reference to the Moabites?

https:// www.britannica.com/topic/Moabite

da5827 No.1142344


When I called he would "die from love" due to losing Barbara. It's a way of him dying without raising suspicion.

2191a4 No.1142345


Yes! I saw this earlier. thanks for reposting. I'm going to circulate it in hopes of altering the timeline. Need to speed this fuckers dying up so they can arrest his gay sons and disclose JFK thru 9/11

d8abc0 No.1142346


Also take note of legislation crafted by CAIR and the Democrats they paid off to enter hate speech laws into congress.

66c0d8 No.1142347




It seems that SA called to USA for a invasion to Yemen. SA already is tired of that.


3a6f53 No.1142348

File: bde6e4f62064e27⋯.png (617.58 KB, 686x640, 343:320, 622b0154cdd05706b48fc125cb….png)


Baker hasn't had a proper thanks, so here's a new baker girl.

ecf5be No.1142349

File: befe0d12e6ace95⋯.jpg (27.16 KB, 960x621, 320:207, 27459358_1851615841515520_….jpg)


Never been on reditt in my life. Been here for YEARS though. How about you fuck off, eat shit and die,

048b85 No.1142350


GTFO! This isn't some fan/groupie board for idiots who don't know what the fuck they are talking about! Go back to Twatter or SC!

b9d47b No.1142351


Same sentiment here, but it's more like.. the ears. The ears are what I can't help but see.

3f8a3f No.1142352

File: a3161fe8509b709⋯.jpg (174.39 KB, 700x765, 140:153, IMG_1921.JPG)

File: 74ed79f0917a739⋯.jpg (152.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, IMG_1926.JPG)

File: d22824cb1204653⋯.png (322.39 KB, 600x380, 30:19, IMG_1927.PNG)


frump faggot infomercials !

4641b0 No.1142353


The ark of the covenant was buried in a cave on My Nebo by the Prophet Jeremiah.

Will not be revealed until the time has come.

Psalm 119 is the Map to find where it’s buried. Prophet left crumbs written in the acrostic Aleph-Tau

a11204 No.1142354


Wow! It's much more interesting the 20th time you posted this, compared to the previous 19 times!

3f8a3f No.1142355


dumb faggot

7993b6 No.1142356

Muslim interest of minority affairs ?

Humas brother and mom work there ?

They helped pay money to the clinton foundation,in exchange for HUMA a job with clinton.

Paid for by prince alwaleed who also donated money to destroy trumps campaign.

Just woke up .

Ukfag here ( no homo)

da5827 No.1142357


Now that's a thought. I do like to imagine the events I want to happen.

ecf5be No.1142359

File: ce4ef9e273a036a⋯.png (138.06 KB, 521x565, 521:565, Pepegirl.png)


Wtf is more proper than pepe-girl?

I bet baker felt honored. No one has ever gotten Pepe-girl before.

729379 No.1142360


They so want to mess with Russia…possible FF and blame it on them

ee0c6a No.1142361


I sincerely hope Q team and POTUS are fully aware of the racial and religious dynamic at work here. Regardless of public theater, I trust the plan.

I only worry the subversion is accelerating daily and the nice 'pc' talk is only for optics.

2a9a33 No.1142362


That looks great. I've got some downloading to do. Good effort, anon.

3f8a3f No.1142363

when does that secret service actually accomplish something

b7fcc8 No.1142364

According to the google overlords, today is Earth Day

https:// youtu.be/q8v9MvManKE <- search page video

2ed57e No.1142365

File: f404d0c8ee59b65⋯.jpg (162.43 KB, 488x648, 61:81, 24gdra.jpg)

File: 8f9df6596aa649d⋯.jpg (87.02 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 24m1wf.jpg)

File: 888ac88dd8d67ae⋯.jpg (254.38 KB, 407x666, 11:18, tumblr_inline_nkhu4zbPbn1t….jpg)


d9e5b1 No.1142366


"Why can no one remember any classes with Obama?"

66c0d8 No.1142367




b642a6 No.1142368

File: 220a47e84f4dd8e⋯.jpg (60.36 KB, 480x396, 40:33, 28ukmt~2.jpg)

Russian moderator suck a cock

ecf5be No.1142369

File: 094c8278c8a1a7c⋯.jpg (92.67 KB, 729x548, 729:548, 00CtdvV.jpg)

3dccdc No.1142370

File: a7e48ee7bd06f26⋯.gif (446.09 KB, 243x310, 243:310, jon stewart spitting popco….gif)


Memes propagate through exposure, I am glad you are here 24/7, I aim to casuals and schedule restricted Anons.

It is one post out of 751, dont be stingy.

77a531 No.1142371


I was actually just chilling at home not stressed for once… thanks anon for the vote of confidence. Not sure what youre talking about. WWG!WGA

3a6f53 No.1142372

File: 6c91f95990640d7⋯.jpg (366.82 KB, 1118x745, 1118:745, 1118full_elizabeth_turner.….jpg)


Pepe-girl has a detachable tail.

eec737 No.1142373


Coming from you probably the same as next week, next Monday which means absolutely nothing and an onslaught from the msm, the libtards, the cabal and pretty much everyone. Well, at least no public happenings maybe major private happenings but nothing public. That's what I expect so I won't be getting excited.

d9c026 No.1142374

File: 619dda02082c3de⋯.png (33.29 KB, 890x243, 890:243, ClipboardImage.png)

Sharia compliant finance means Muslims pay no interest on their mortgages while Americans do? Any mortgagefags that can confirm my understanding?

https:// www.theguardian.com/money/2013/oct/29/islamic-finance-sharia-compliant-money-interest

b642a6 No.1142375

File: efa0863b00ca5f8⋯.jpg (55.3 KB, 480x449, 480:449, 28ui9v~2.jpg)

Game on.

b7fcc8 No.1142376

File: 078b36c3042a4e7⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1920x946, 960:473, busysrael.PNG)

Busy airspace still. Ukraine plane and mixed-nation entourage is still on the move!

d9e5b1 No.1142377


Also a big distraction to move assets around elsewhere.

899227 No.1142378


nice! i have my own archives.. but urs is prettier

( • )( • )

a11204 No.1142379

Baker 300ish update

Not many notables so far…


>>1142070 , >>1142115 Laura (Valerie's Daughter) Jarrett, CNN, and Leaks

>>1142147 Interesting distribution on Bachmann's letter

>>1142313 Special schools for Zuck, Brin, and Gaga

Did I miss any?

509162 No.1142380


Sum of all fears plane?

6f78fb No.1142381

I've downloaded a mp4 of the entire Nancy Pelosi briefing that was on here a few breads earlier.

It's on Filedropper. Download it and save it to distribute later.

http:// www.filedropper.com/nancypelosiatweeklybreifing

The CIA may temporarily shut down the webs claiming "Oops, Glitch" to get rid of some dirt on people working for them, so it's best to get this as soon as possible.

Always expect anything dire from desperate groups.

d8abc0 No.1142382


She's 92 and he's also in his 90s, in a wheelchair. It's not like he's going to be around for another 30 years. However the Bush's are not getting a 100% pass regarding goodwill. Many commenters describe their evil in the funeral article comments. So yeah. GHWB is going to be dead soon, and dead of "old age". The Bush's will not be prosecuted. Shame, really. The world needs to know. Even if the truth comes out after they die.

b7fcc8 No.1142383

File: 63e7edf09f9e026⋯.png (415.79 KB, 1916x927, 1916:927, whereisukraine.PNG)



You don't just disappear mid-flight, Ukraine!

b642a6 No.1142384

File: ccad5ae4410fbb5⋯.jpg (41.75 KB, 462x337, 462:337, 28uarq~2.jpg)

CNN is a journalist debacle.

c8bfde No.1142385

File: 3b527fcdfbd31f5⋯.gif (1.33 MB, 750x600, 5:4, IMG_1911.GIF)

File: 0a02d0b7e60514a⋯.jpg (54.11 KB, 600x324, 50:27, IMG_1914.JPG)

File: 116287e71045116⋯.jpg (106.79 KB, 500x686, 250:343, IMG_1915.JPG)

1848f9 No.1142386

File: 368f6db8b14c609⋯.jpeg (82.85 KB, 468x720, 13:20, 5a73b0f1b4ae2.jpeg)

https:// twitter.com/ZaidZamanHamid/status/987955193420697600

6f78fb No.1142387


It's best to use a download manager, unless you don't care about malvertising or pop-unders.

I suggest Jdownloader if you need a download manager.

509162 No.1142388


Wtf shootdown?

66c0d8 No.1142389


fa7386 No.1142390

At my neighbor's house today, other neighbor there, nightly news on tv. About 5th story in mention that NK had some minor announcement today about completing their successful nuclear program. I LOL. Tell my neighbors that actually Kim announced that they want to be a normal country now, open everything up, stop all the nuke stuff just like that. They can't believe it. I say, yeah turns out NK was HQ of a worldwide satanic cult, a deepstate CIA operation that was a pedo playground for Soros, Obama, the Clintons, the whole crew. Trump ended the CIA op, so now they're just going to be a normal country. They're like, oh wow, pass the popcorn. (We were literally making popcorn to watch a movie together.)

b642a6 No.1142391

File: 02de43d2f6a6725⋯.jpg (24.41 KB, 360x239, 360:239, 28sotd~2.jpg)

Moderator fuck off.

c8bfde No.1142392


sodomites roll in

fegel frump is down for Michelle's Hahn

b7fcc8 No.1142393


No clue, or they just shut off everything.

ecf5be No.1142394


You take that back!

b2923f No.1142396

File: 979e1572c5073ad⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1519x672, 217:96, Step_On_It2.png)


Tweaked it a bit. Also, I should mention the original Bronco meme was another anon's – so shout out to them, I still kek.

9630cf No.1142397


all religion is comped, all the books are bullshit and written to divide.

if you promote ANY of the books your are a dumb sack of bricks imo

fuck.. i really thought this board was made from smart people, not fucking bible humpers and other fanatic propaganda lovers

7993b6 No.1142398

Plane fags are COOL .

Can't believe I'm saying that.

Another cog in the clock of the patriot.

b642a6 No.1142399

File: d76a7028cc24f8e⋯.jpg (65.55 KB, 480x444, 40:37, 28noy5~2.jpg)

Political correctness is dead.

b9d47b No.1142400


"decent person can lead the church down the right path"

The entire organisation is evil, established solely to deceive. It's not the same church founded by Christ, it's a cult, an offshoot with a sinister purpose. Its origin was simply to bring as many people as possible under Rome. Similar to what they're doing now with their ecumenical BS, telling people of false religions that they all have their "own path to God" and all that. That's not just Francis either, it started with John Paul II, who had Catholics screaming to make him a saint when he died. It can't be redeemed or reformed. The Vatican, over the centuries, has had its hand in so many evil acts. Something like that has only one destiny: to be destroyed. Either now, or if Q and co make the mistake of showing this disgusting system mercy, then when Christ returns.

a5ebda No.1142401

File: b438236ca183b78⋯.png (1.32 MB, 789x1035, 263:345, thegoyim011know.png)

048b85 No.1142402


They may determine GHWB doesn't have the mental capacity to stand trial, although not sure how that works if it's a military tribunal, but he could certainly be locked up in a mental institution until he dies. He's probably not going to be around that much longer, anyway. He should still be prosecuted! Hell, they prosecute alleged Nazi war criminals in their 90's to 100. He's easily well beyond any of their alleged crimes. Notice how I use the word alleged.

d132ff No.1142403

File: fc41e0492f86910⋯.jpeg (282.6 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, DZ2-Qk_XkAElKY7.jpeg)

ee0c6a No.1142404

File: fffcf7b989a8bd7⋯.jpg (115.33 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, youwereneverhere.jpg)


Enough is enough. Within these 8 years Trump has as POTUS and while Q team and Patriots have power, we must ABSOLUTELY remove 'muslim' invasion of the west, come hell or high water. The ENTIRE purpose of these scum is to subvert, denigrate, and destroy, just as Admr. Lyons said. No different than jews or israel.

Either we have a country, civilization, and people (race) or we don't. Rule of law does not come fundamentally from letters written on papers. It is an expression of culture, which is an expression of society, which is expression of family and ultimately one's ethnic and racial inclinations.

Ignore this, and you are dooming yourself against those who do not.

judaism and islam are both political and semitic/racial expressions in religious guise. All you have to do is read talmud or koran.

Those who STILL squeal 'muh racism' on this board REALLY need some redpilling, or are just active (((shill))) subversives.

eec737 No.1142405


11.11.18!?? I thought you guys have everything already?? What's taking so long to even get started on public happenings?? You must have thought we are jobless libtards to be glued on here for a whole year just "trusting the plan" People think I'm a retard, conspiracy nut with no public proof already.

398f29 No.1142406


this. GHWB is one of the most evil public fuckers in history. His crimes must be exposed. The whole Bush clan, really.

89d41a No.1142407



The possibilities are many, from muslim gangs to FF.

56d355 No.1142408


Is it really necessary for you to blast this gross photo

and make your 'Filter' announcement?

No one gives a crap who you filter.

Personally, I could do without seeing this gross photo.

Just quietly filter and move the hell on.

b9d47b No.1142409


Shut it down.

i.e. "pull it" as in, Silverstein & building 7.

2ed57e No.1142410

File: 9652e9fe87ec3d9⋯.jpg (472.25 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 67094.jpg)

File: 8b93e5ac6827ce0⋯.jpeg (105.17 KB, 953x517, 953:517, 8b93e5ac6827ce0c83e6d9084….jpeg)

File: ab9b2adad3537f3⋯.jpg (101.28 KB, 621x768, 207:256, 6964fd71a9a626a6bb66b6551b….jpg)

File: 848fa7de3ca8024⋯.jpg (43.89 KB, 600x759, 200:253, aAwLxD0_700b.jpg)


here are some more for your collection, kek

I even added the Kardashian pepe, ( The Armenian shill clowns will appreciate and love that one)

d9e5b1 No.1142411


Chemical attack?

ecf5be No.1142412


Once they're out of sight, they transform to their real shape, then leave the atmosphere.

f58e98 No.1142413


Love it!!!

9a5ba1 No.1142414

Q's talking about the military parade on that date >>1142405

f9291b No.1142415

File: 1f93b4858d94753⋯.jpeg (28.49 KB, 555x555, 1:1, Flag Pin.jpeg)

The war is real and more spiritually than you may believe

b9d47b No.1142416

File: bee337e7399a766⋯.jpg (33.94 KB, 960x768, 5:4, clown.jpg)


herd u liek clowns, buddy

2191a4 No.1142417


Lot's of good sauce here UKanon

http:// www.shoebat.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Abedin_Affairs_with_Al_Saud_081312.pdf

ecf5be No.1142418


I make my own, but thanks ;)

b642a6 No.1142419

File: b66559d3192ceac⋯.jpg (86.33 KB, 500x641, 500:641, 28nm3d~3.jpg)

Deep state madness.

a5ebda No.1142420

File: a894f532a4ffc80⋯.jpg (13.6 KB, 226x223, 226:223, 272u16.jpg)


All the newfags from Reddit say that.

I'm so impressed.

If what you say is true, you would know better.

ee0c6a No.1142421


stupid kikes can't do that - they HAVE to scream censor like some bolshevik.

The entire idea you can somehow 'debate' anything with these 'people' is a bold lie. It's never about 'debate'. It's just warfare of deception and self-delusion for these scum.


9a5ba1 No.1142422


If the 'hate Jew shills" intend to offend me with their Jew hatred, then I can offend them back with this clown that tells them what I think of them.

56d355 No.1142423

File: 5689f8a915d3491⋯.jpg (85.7 KB, 1066x732, 533:366, CNN Sue All Trump Voters.jpg)


Hahaha. Is that the real deal? Priceless!

1da605 No.1142424

Quinn round up and diarrhea the tormentors

a5ebda No.1142425


See what I can do.

cc2321 No.1142426



283839 No.1142427

File: d628dec46696235⋯.png (77.81 KB, 774x460, 387:230, why-can-no-one-remember-an….png)

8419b1 No.1142428


Pic related in your post

ESAU was the son of Issac.

Disagree? Provide sauce or STFU.

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all come from one source. Abraham.

Disagree? Provide sauce or STFU.

Mar 10 2018 14:49:25 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: ff7ea4 614954

This is not about religions or party affiliation.

EVIL is everywhere.

There are no drawn lines.

No boundaries.

Good vs Evil.


This is not about religions or party affiliation.

Your post pits one religion against another.

So does this: >>1142052

This one takes Q out of context by quoting one line in drop w/o the other.

>This is not about religions or party affiliation.

Conveniently leave this part out to promote division among anons.

We've got your number.

Anons see your deception.

Just like the snake in the garden, you fork your tongue in order to prey on the weaker side of human nature.

Anons are immune to this bs.

EVIL will out and be defeated.

Even your EVIL.

9a5ba1 No.1142429

File: 73005f1b09e213c⋯.jpg (168.92 KB, 1176x1280, 147:160, Clown - Copy - Copy.jpg)


I'm not a Jew but would sure be honored to be one. The people of my Lord.

e51b66 No.1142430

North Korea Says U.S. Must Stop Defending Israel, Which is 'Destroying' Middle East

https:// www.yahoo.com/news/north-korea-says-u-must-213757488.html

d9e5b1 No.1142431



1848f9 No.1142432

What happened last night in Saudi Arabia seems a coup attempt….not a drone shotdown. There is total media blackout…no one from the western embassies,media is allowed on streets as well. Saudi govt is silent….reports of vehicles with heavy weapons on streets…

https:// twitter.com/ZaidZamanHamid/status/987955193420697600

89d41a No.1142433


They've spawned about 3 generations of Bushes. Odds of most of them being just as evil are high. Those 2 may escape punishment by natural death, but hopefully the rest will face justice.

ee0c6a No.1142434



>muh offensive statements.

Fuck off kikey.

1da605 No.1142435


He was called don in middle school st

d9c026 No.1142436


Sweet! Love how the catalog is getting organized. Makes the good stuff easy to share which keeps the normies out of the fresh bread.

d9e5b1 No.1142437


If he was president of a bunch of things at college, where are the minutes from all the meetings he chaired?

There would be a record of that?

b642a6 No.1142438

File: a6052d38444fe86⋯.jpg (41.58 KB, 409x530, 409:530, 28pj3y~2.jpg)

Spirit failure.

ecf5be No.1142439


If you had half a brain and actually belonged here, you'd recognize sarcasm from new fags, since you can't, I'm left with no choice but to believe you're a newfag. I don't talk to newfags because they're usually annoying idiots, thus, I filter them.

a5ebda No.1142440


You should convert.

509162 No.1142441

File: 17ba046a4dd5519⋯.jpg (37.07 KB, 635x294, 635:294, Hitler My spirit.jpg)


Someone wrote about argueing with Jews….He really seemed to know what he was talking about

41c6cc No.1142442


UAF: Impossible That WTC Building 7 Collapsed by Small Fires as Claimed by NIST

September 12, 2017/by Aaron Kesel

The University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) was tasked with investigating how World Trade Center 7 fell on 9/11; the findings were live-streamed a few days ago. The team found that WTC 7 did not fall due to fire, contradicting NIST who said the building collapsed from structural damages due to the fire.

The presentation was presented by Dr. Leroy Hulsey. Hulsey spoke about the building, its design, as well as the methods the team used to determine their first of two conclusions. The first part of the experiment is finished; the UAF team found that WTC7 did not collapse due to fire. The next part of the study is to map out the building’s structural system’s response and what would have had to happen in order for it to fall down. The report was published on Thursday on the UAF’s website.

http:// joemiller.us/2017/09/uaf-impossible-wtc-building-7-collapsed-small-fires-claimed-nist/

89d41a No.1142443


Acid attack. Seems to be all the rage now.

a5ebda No.1142444

File: 181a075b096227d⋯.png (43.57 KB, 767x254, 767:254, fuckinstoopid.png)


Sarcasm cuts both ways. If you weren't new here, you would know that, too.

ecf5be No.1142445


Kek, you went all out on that meme. Must have taken hours J/k, it's fine.

b642a6 No.1142446

File: 220a47e84f4dd8e⋯.jpg (60.36 KB, 480x396, 40:33, 28ukmt~2.jpg)

File: c73506f02897dea⋯.jpg (48.03 KB, 455x305, 91:61, 28pfdt~2.jpg)

April Showers.

ee0c6a No.1142447


>tfw nwo asset knew more about kikes and semites than current crop of slaves who claim to fight them

9a5ba1 No.1142448


It is your democratic right to be wrong.

283839 No.1142449


still looking for my lost ice cream anon

1da605 No.1142450

how did padre get six years of time loop before papacy

b9d47b No.1142451


Pretty sure these "Jews", i.e. (((them))), are purposely doing what they do under this name so as to cause as many of us as possible to hate "the Jews", when the enemy were never actual Jews.. "synagogue of Satan" and all that.

d8abc0 No.1142453


I think it's low priority for the govt to address the Islam issue. I don't think it is possible to remove Islam from the USA now. Once the population hits 10% you start getting UK/Germany/Sweden- but in a way more mixed and armed environment. What I find amazing is all these Muslims seem t be very rich and can get loans. Have no idea how they manage that.

1da605 No.1142455

509162 No.1142457


Esau had two Canaanite wives and lost his birthrite to his younger brother

So you can shut your dumb fucking pie hole

BTFO dumb fuck

b2923f No.1142458

File: 2dee569fce30932⋯.png (937.16 KB, 790x548, 395:274, FLOTUSwPepe.png)


She knows what's coming dun-dun-dun…kek!



48f787 No.1142459


It's already been repeated to many times.This is the break from the norm and pray, may it continue.

cc095c No.1142460

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

[Muslim Brotherhood] in the motherfucking killbox boi!

ecf5be No.1142462


Sure that's not a shaker of salt?

f1adb9 No.1142463

File: fad656cc6c0ac12⋯.jpg (8.35 KB, 260x194, 130:97, TwinPeaksBlackLodge.jpg)

make it say covfefe instead of coffee. I don't have any hands, so I can't do it, sorry.

8419b1 No.1142464



Filtering shills is not censorship you dumb fuck.

Filtering means IGNORING.

Banning would be censorship.

No one is promoting banning your sorry ass.

Filter and ignore.

That's the ticket.

ecf5be No.1142465

File: 90da191556cc32a⋯.png (39.27 KB, 717x602, 717:602, pepekek2a.png)


a11204 No.1142466


Well, BO has asked that anything NSFW get a spoiler. You see, in your tiny world, no one lives

in a place where NSFW is actually illegal, but I can assure you that such places exist. In fact, I have

lived in such places. Your puerile ignorance makes it hard for others to participate and may

even get our access cut. Of course, when you move out of your mother's basement, you may

actually learn that the world does not end where you have to cross the street. Stupid nigger.

a90508 No.1142467


Historical reference on MB:

https:// thejihadproject.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/brief_history_mb.pdf

b642a6 No.1142468

File: a14cb485fdfd504⋯.jpg (46.32 KB, 469x344, 469:344, 28sp2d~2.jpg)

d9e5b1 No.1142469


Chemical attack has been pushed re: Russia to start a war.

A chemical attack at the marathon would push their Russian narrative.

41c6cc No.1142470


On September 10, 2001 Donald Rumsfeld announced that there was 2.3 TRILLION dollars "unaccounted" for in the Pentagon budget. That amount was 8x the ENTIRE Pentagon budget for the year.

Only the government could lose their ENTIRE budget EIGHT times in one year AND get away with it!

The next day, three hijacked planes, reportedly flying at approximately 2x beyond the structural limits of their flight speed at sea level, crashed into buildings destroying all the accounting records and there could be no further investigation.

These facts are NOT disputed among government officials.

https:// youtu.be/IVpSBUgbxBU

ecf5be No.1142471


Kek! Great!

b9d47b No.1142473


you think Jesus wasn't a Jew, and the 'New Jerusalem' is the USA?

Hahaha, oookay buddy..

318919 No.1142474


chlorine is a poor way to attack as a CW. doesnt do much as evidenced by the MSM white hat kiddy vids of the victims that showed no signs of eye irritation.

899227 No.1142475


Yes! Ty!

ee0c6a No.1142476

File: 45689379b8a34da⋯.jpeg (59.94 KB, 474x474, 1:1, noelthekike.jpeg)


considering the frequent nature of Q drops and very specific admr. lyons vid drop, I do not believe your statement to be accurate.

islam and its adherents, both religious and racial, MUST be removed from America and the west if we are to survive. WE are the only masters of our own damn nations, no one else. Setting up borders mean we decide who is and isn't us, as well as defining who we should be.

no, this is CERTAINLY not low priority if Q drops are anything to go by.

We will fight to secure the future for OUR people, the WESTERN people, not foreigners. They have NO say in how our nations are run. Those who think this is the case, be they muslims, jews, asians etc are defacto declaring WAR on us.

Apparently all other nations can do this, except the west.

According to (((globalist))) doctrine.


b642a6 No.1142477

File: 220a47e84f4dd8e⋯.jpg (60.36 KB, 480x396, 40:33, 28ukmt~2.jpg)

File: 44c864b8464a6c7⋯.jpg (57.99 KB, 800x533, 800:533, DbQder7V0AA3aSb.jpg)

41a577 No.1142478

File: db7f65e662d2d6b⋯.jpg (93.03 KB, 777x814, 21:22, IMG_1902.JPG)

You could be looking at titties but pussies want control

go deal with it

stop being a soyboy homo

f80e82 No.1142479


All the shillin in here be like muzzlinin. Come in and take over, use specific rules against and kill.

Too bad there are more shills than rules fukin newbies…

52c240 No.1142480

File: 8f14387be49e7ae⋯.png (74.38 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, #1aa-PixTeller-233734.png)

Anons, what does this mean?

ecf5be No.1142481

File: 1049fddbdaec2c2⋯.jpg (33.51 KB, 742x402, 371:201, downloada.jpg)

41c6cc No.1142482


Ty anon… let's go wake the others!!!

a5ebda No.1142483

File: 56c951cd84c7ecd⋯.png (325.01 KB, 734x750, 367:375, TruthfulGoyGetsthejewfilte….png)

Have fun.

41a577 No.1142484


Biff has a sports almanac gtfo

022ab1 No.1142486

what habbend withe abramovic interview ?

ecf5be No.1142487


When that picture surfaces, they'll try to shut everything down to hide it…

41a577 No.1142488

File: 82f8ce07e75185e⋯.png (84.24 KB, 420x294, 10:7, IMG_1905.PNG)

Let's fuck them up

ee0c6a No.1142489


MOAB = hussein pic drop?

Can't wait to hear how these stupid fucking cucks and (((shills))) for muzzies and kikes will defend this. On Q research board.

a11204 No.1142490


Only a guess, but work starts when you're "on the clock," so something has probably gone live rather

than just planned when the phrase is used. As I said, that's only a guess.

b9d47b No.1142491


These are super effective against SJW feminists

6e64b8 No.1142492


Q is anticipating the "news cycle".

2191a4 No.1142493

b642a6 No.1142494

File: 220a47e84f4dd8e⋯.jpg (60.36 KB, 480x396, 40:33, 28ukmt~2.jpg)

File: 4260ba0a507bb6f⋯.jpg (69.1 KB, 480x430, 48:43, 28ugky~2.jpg)

ee0c6a No.1142495

File: 6d7e2125b1fbfd2⋯.jpg (79.1 KB, 500x400, 5:4, kiketricks.jpg)


What matters in this case is that real or fake, (((they))) believe their own bullshit which gives it power.

also, stop the fucking cucking for once.

bd2da2 No.1142496

Qanon posts.com

Tried to get on to look today, got a virus on chrome and Firefox. .emails to Gmail


41a577 No.1142497

So was Star Wars a symbol of humanity fighting judas fegel genetic engineering econ

or was star trek a warm fuzzy feeling of maturity wisdom and knowledge cause plerbitopinomics

ecf5be No.1142498


Let's not get everyone excited, thinking that's what's going to happen on Monday, or any time during the week, till we know for certain. Anons already get carried away with shit like the moab post today. There's facebook and twitter posts claiming martial laws starts Monday, everyone is getting arrested, there will be jets screaming over head, riots in the street…

fc87f1 No.1142499

File: 139d15cd96954ff⋯.jpeg (62.51 KB, 736x736, 1:1, sadam.jpeg)


could be nothing, who knows.

b9d47b No.1142500


So that's why there are a bunch of ultra-orthodox Jews, even in Israel, protesting against Zionism?

b642a6 No.1142501

File: eb5ea308aadcd6b⋯.jpg (37.54 KB, 480x439, 480:439, 28oxzg~2.jpg)

Let the Tribunals begin.

ee0c6a No.1142502


use https:// qanon.pub/

fc87f1 No.1142503


ever heard of 4-d chess?

b7fcc8 No.1142504

Radar is working slowly/choppy


da5827 No.1142505


Maybe "on the clock" was Q referencing the side by side memes with date stamps to show future proves past. Like what he asked for re: Loretta Lynch and the SCOTUS deal.

c6c63e No.1142506

File: 26357d61d4638bb⋯.webm (3.87 MB, 480x480, 1:1, To Be the Best 1.webm)

Just dropping by again to share some more HYPE

Anons, receive my vibes once again


cc095c No.1142507

Whats a muslim gonna do for me? Not shit. Fuck a muslim i want Patriots

ee0c6a No.1142508


that is always ready.

771dfa No.1142509


nice try you two glowing concern fags but these people will death rattle until the very end, if you're gonna try to lay fake death groundwork im gonna need to see pictures of both your mason membership cards.

b9d47b No.1142510


sure, but sometimes a cigar is just a cigar

41a577 No.1142511

File: 205f9695c2f62e5⋯.jpg (91.8 KB, 666x500, 333:250, IMG_1916.JPG)

baby eaters trolling chan boards for profit sound like ……

b642a6 No.1142512

File: 87de10dd4cd1f57⋯.jpg (54.72 KB, 480x412, 120:103, 28otp4~2.jpg)


Not a General issue.

a11204 No.1142513


Interdasting… "On the clock" might mean to get a timestamp on something now, so the future can prove the past later.

I like it, anon. Makes sense and fits with earlier statements.

d9e5b1 No.1142514

http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2018/04/22/starbucks-restrooms-hidden-camera-prompts-investigation.html

If eavesdropping is a felony, why aren't all social media being shut down?

Is that coming?

fc87f1 No.1142515


Kek, and jews gonna jew. Couldn't have said it better myself, thanks Anon.

b7fcc8 No.1142516


It's squawking 7700 though.

ecf5be No.1142517

File: ec9f5d2de58c492⋯.jpg (69.34 KB, 680x511, 680:511, kek0010.jpg)

398f29 No.1142518

File: c44d884470d5e18⋯.jpg (4.84 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 4h9tv594hc83rh80xnr80t80tq.jpg)

b9d47b No.1142519


Meh. If you don't get the phrase, it's not my problem..

ee0c6a No.1142520


sounds about right.

b642a6 No.1142521

File: 3ce1eed4a99e6e4⋯.jpg (41.38 KB, 480x336, 10:7, 28p463~2.jpg)

Don't fuck with Alex Jones.

da5827 No.1142522


Like Q said a long time ago, not everything can be stated 1:1.

fc87f1 No.1142523


what I got is that you're saying it's in the nature of a cigar to in fact be a cigar. That's all, nothing controversial.

df0698 No.1142524


Every time the President goes to bed safe and sound.

d9e5b1 No.1142525

What happens if/when the MB is declared a terrorist organization?

7be64d No.1142526


Well, banks are NOT going to lose money doing business.

And the gummint won't let them say no to goatfuckers.

So, who do you think will be paying extra to compensate the banks for those zero interest goatfucker loans?

8419b1 No.1142527


>Esau had two Canaanite wives and lost his birthrite to his younger brother

This only proves Esau lineage going forward.

Not his lineage going back to Cain.

Birthright follows the paternal line.

Lost his birthright means the line of succession continues through Jacob.

There are no Jews descended from Esau BECAUSE he lost his birthright.

Do you even comprehend your own words?

BTW, you've been outed.

This false line of reasoning is PRECISELY the line of reasoning propagated by the Muslim Brotherhood in the US to entrap our unsuspecting Black Brothers.

Those same Brothers that the Demoncrats forced into spiritual emptiness through slavery, jim-crow, the welfare state, gangsta-culture, glorifying unwed-motherhood as a virtue and fiscally preferable, etc. etc.

That connection is what's being uncovered and exposed here.

59f4f8 No.1142528


Lulz, that would put a whole new spin on the "racist Starbucks" meme going around. They were just trying to protect him from being monitored while he was using the bathroom. They were PROTECTING him.

bd2da2 No.1142529

OK need help

Been seeing 11:11 for the past year. Then started seeing visions of a mushroom cloud. Today the feeling good of dread was so big big I took the family to to a safe place….

What is going on?

da5827 No.1142530



What the ever loving fuck are u calling me a glow nigger for?

b9d47b No.1142531


Also things like gmail (automatic machine reading of emails for ad purposes) – but who knows, they could worm their way out of that one similar to how the govt tried when the NSA stuff came out. "We collect everything but don't actually have a person look at everything, therefore it's not eavesdropping" (and no, I'm not speaking against MI - I'm well aware they're on our side in this thing)

4a1b47 No.1142532


Hillary has carpel tunnel syndrome from diddling herself.

ee0c6a No.1142533


Rolling up CAIR. Rolling up MB connected orgs world wide.

Mosques closed down, confiscated, condemned, and basically rollback of muslim invasion of the west on all fronts, including ideological, religious, and most importantly on racial and demographic level.

All connected actors to this, including israel, and jews will also be implicated and punished/face retribution.

56d355 No.1142534


Great, can't wait to use it.

cc2321 No.1142535

File: 9ba08a024aa1941⋯.jpg (70.92 KB, 726x738, 121:123, mel-barb.JPG)

Melania is a woman with a developed sense of style and aesthetics.

I have a hard time believing she'd allow this poorly captured image to be displayed on her timeline.

Therefore the image should be interpreted as is. Our eye will naturally correct such image imperfections, essentially helping us to ignore them to better view the subject. This image makes it very difficult to see much of the subject at all.

Look at this image as if it were a perfect image, designed to communicate.

I see a woman who is being consumed by light.

https:// twitter.com/FLOTUS/status/987746675165974528

6e64b8 No.1142536


He's gonna find himself on the wrong side of the wall if he doesn't stop sucking the tube end of his own water filter.

41c6cc No.1142537

File: 0ed3492b8331701⋯.jpg (55.4 KB, 474x1043, 474:1043, IMG_2564.JPG)


They're gonna put him right beside Disney

e747d3 No.1142538


what is that you're sensing??

cd0cb4 No.1142539

Is anyone checking Jordanian air space? I had a state department plane disappear at the Syrian border and a flight that was going to Beirut flying the opposite direction disappear as well. Something funny is happening in the sky above Jordan.

41a577 No.1142540


if he is considered a murderer before his term , you might have vacation coming up

😘🎻 know laws

4ff2fb No.1142541

File: 997033209575386⋯.png (323.94 KB, 1052x1016, 263:254, Screenshot_20180422-135157….png)

Laura, daughter of VJ, Clown News Network reporter.

b9d47b No.1142542


All it means is that sometimes, things don't have some deeper meaning. Sometimes things are just as they appear to be.

da5827 No.1142543


Or one could say "erased" by light. MAGA

7993b6 No.1142544


>http:// www.shoebat.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Abedin_Affairs_with_Al_Saud_081312.pdf

Thanks anon .

What I don't get is CLINTON had money, power - everything ,but would let extreme Muslim supporters work as her aide?

Documenting everything, passing it all on to her mother and the Saudis.

All for a few MORE million .

She needs to hang.

52c240 No.1142545

File: c5b5f1f69393d0a⋯.png (386.33 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, QTwitter.png)

38fd58 No.1142546

File: 9db5737df00768c⋯.png (31.64 KB, 1080x646, 540:323, No SHow.PNG)








Just read these. Did|does not show up on Qanon.pub .

Clarity received after post >>1135467 , < ['"as if you knew…"']

+ Hussein|HUSSEIN .

. <| "They think they are clever" - LMAO Thanks for the laughs |>

Amendments for

Hussein | HUSSEIN upcoming .. Thanks WL

+ HUMA Huma


41a577 No.1142547

File: 1e2327033be2150⋯.jpg (37.57 KB, 322x315, 46:45, IMG_1851.JPG)


Never forget pedo money

b9d47b No.1142548


sucks to be them when their funds are frozen, the power bill goes unpaid, and those freezers get shut down

b642a6 No.1142549

File: 220a47e84f4dd8e⋯.jpg (60.36 KB, 480x396, 40:33, 28ukmt~2.jpg)

This meme I made for #qanon posters

2d1591 No.1142550

File: 0995787ad7f7437⋯.jpg (92.12 KB, 570x611, 570:611, ohhdaddy.JPG)


Jesus H Christ on a fk'n rubber crutch!

ee0c6a No.1142551


Good job, anon. kike and muzzy (((shills))) are glowing BRIGHT tonight.


goatfuckers will no longer be allowed to subvert or invade the west. It's that simple. /ourguys/ in DC and WW are willing to go to ANY lengths to ensure this happens. Of course, military's job is to kill our enemies, should it be necessary.

All assets are being used by white hats to accomplish their mission against deepstate, ((cabal)), and their favorite lackeys, the muzzies and jew/israel. Path may be convoluted, but the goal is clear.

WE must be FREE.

cc2321 No.1142552


glowing hotter

7be64d No.1142553

File: a52324587b506bf⋯.png (208.3 KB, 469x452, 469:452, gunpepe.png)


caf7c6 No.1142554

File: 7d333988d1cf8eb⋯.jpg (2.38 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, IMG_6063.JPG)

I was bored. Started chasing boards of directors. Each line is a person who sits on the two boards it connects. Made a sort of a spiderweb. It's not at all complete, I just picked what I thought was interesting. I hope it's legible.

509162 No.1142555


Think mirror

Modern day Jewry follows the Matriarchal line

What changed?

https:// www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/601092/jewish/Why-Is-Jewishness-Matrilineal.htm

Modern Jews are

Edomites the off spring of Esau(Sephardic Jews)


Ashkenazi (Khazar converts)

41a577 No.1142556

File: 4dfa773d2c2d141⋯.jpg (69.16 KB, 293x416, 293:416, IMG_1907.JPG)


You mean ms13 was frumps cocaine dealers in D.C. And la


d9e5b1 No.1142557


Brilliant. That whole family is toast.

VJ comes here.

Brown trouser time for the Jarretts.

022ab1 No.1142558

File: 3b23450d90cb51b⋯.jpeg (206.67 KB, 2326x1744, 1163:872, frankenho.jpeg)

56a758 No.1142559

File: 169e763cba4f301⋯.png (821.34 KB, 601x800, 601:800, ClipboardImage.png)

Perhaps useful to the memefags.

e747d3 No.1142560


there is software to present this nice…

0f1f29 No.1142561

File: 43411ae1a3037a2⋯.png (826.36 KB, 900x900, 1:1, PepeFire.png)

Anons, just 2 weeks ago it would have been unimaginable for Marina Abramovic's picture and Pizzagate/Satanism to not just go public, but to basically be all OVER the damn place.

Lord's work: we doin' it.

Back at it tomorrow, working over Al Waleed and the Muslim Brotherhood, and I am 100% confident we will beat the comprehensive shit out of both.

QResearch: Where the bottomless can of crowdsourced, chaotic, hive mind whoop-ass is wide open for business 24 hours a day!

fc87f1 No.1142562

File: dff31d99e305687⋯.gif (42.16 KB, 1256x852, 314:213, serveimage.gif)

b642a6 No.1142563

File: 9b4ce60e21879bf⋯.jpg (42.8 KB, 454x294, 227:147, 28g2hf~2.jpg)


Faggot go back to hell.

caf7c6 No.1142564


I don't have it, but I have the raw power to process the info. If someone wants to do something better with it, I'd love to see it. But I think maps like this might startle some normies awake.

b8dece No.1142565

File: 656f49817107009⋯.jpg (628.94 KB, 1600x1253, 1600:1253, Screenshot_2018-04-22-01-2….jpg)

File: cb139b2cff862a9⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 1600x1825, 64:73, Screenshot_2018-04-22-01-2….jpg)

Think we may have the reference now

41c6cc No.1142566


Who knows maybe Zbig tried out the brain transplant already…

Poppy would try that if it all worked out!

a11204 No.1142567


What does that represent? What significance the locked/private followers/following?

56d355 No.1142568


I don't think you are 'offending' them in the least bit.

You are only offending the rest of us with your bullshit.

4d3cce No.1142569

File: 85288cd88fd9343⋯.gif (4.21 MB, 640x360, 16:9, TrumpClaps.gif)


Nice rebuttal.

41a577 No.1142570

File: b474b7979bc42ac⋯.jpg (67.98 KB, 600x347, 600:347, IMG_1929.JPG)


Gtfo plerb

e747d3 No.1142571


could easily support. have the tool -> you have the data

38fd58 No.1142572

File: 0ba044a36b3c7ed⋯.png (92.54 KB, 1006x599, 1006:599, UBL Countreyes.PNG)

But for now 1 more double meaning that was overlooked

Nov 14 2017 21:25:29 (EST) Q !ITPb.qbhqo 149467690

Who financed 9-11?

Who was Bin Laden’s handler?

Why was the Clowns In America tasked to hunt/kill/capture UBL?

Why not MI?

If we found UBL, eliminated his security, why would we immediately kill him and not take him alive?

Why wouldn’t we want to capture UBL alive and extract other possible T-level events?

UBL Double Meaning Usama Bin Laden |

UBL Bank

https:// wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/09ISLAMABAD2744_a.html

Habib Bank Limited (HBL),

United Bank Limited (UBL), Citibank, Arif Habib Bank (ARB), and

Tameer Microfinance Bank expressed different views on how mobile

banking could be profitable.

b7fcc8 No.1142573


Interesting! Good spotting! Keep your eyes peeled!

My computer is freezing constantly now, we must be on target!

e747d3 No.1142574


buy a new computer

8419b1 No.1142575


>>1142445 J/k, it's fine.

When you think about it, stick figures are perfect analogy to reality.

No one attending classes at that time remembers BHO being there. So it's like he's a ghost. A stick figure has no substance.

I like it.

a5ebda No.1142576

File: 30d416c385f9472⋯.png (921.6 KB, 669x500, 669:500, silverstienjew.png)

ddd642 No.1142577


Darkness conquered by the light

7be64d No.1142578


Excellent work, anon.

caf7c6 No.1142579


Go for it. It would make me very happy. This is all my work, open source from Bloomberg. I'm gonna hit the hay for tonight but I'll try and make some bigger spiderwebs (starting with Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, Exxon; recognizable stuff for normies) tomorrow or the next day.

41a577 No.1142580

File: f766bef6baca202⋯.jpg (564.01 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, IMG_1892.JPG)

Homotus such a liability just resign

b9d47b No.1142581


I can never get over how much younger than her age she looks. That's suspicious by itself..

46b80a No.1142582

File: 3494cbc512390c8⋯.jpg (216.69 KB, 1024x501, 1024:501, aids-1024x501-1.jpg)



http:// archive.is/qdUmi

DubYuh honours bœņœ.

“It’s the work we began and the truth of the matter is it would have never made it out of congress had you not been engaged….the first time I met you, you knew more statistics and it was like you were coming right out of the CIA,” President Bush quipped.

http:// archive.li/R3kKN

4ff2fb No.1142583

File: 2822610a155b53f⋯.jpg (78.68 KB, 1252x409, 1252:409, IMG_20180422_140147.jpg)

File: 926687f7ef76edc⋯.jpg (101.14 KB, 1267x582, 1267:582, IMG_20180422_140145.jpg)


8f6cce No.1142584


does she act? she would legit be perfect casting as a witch in films/tv

b8dece No.1142585

File: c89c7a3d83f16c3⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 1067x2560, 1067:2560, Screenshot_2018-04-22-01-3….jpg)


Look at this bullshit. @Jack.

52c240 No.1142586


Would like to hear what others think.

If you look at the locked accounts, some have very few followers.

41c6cc No.1142587


Worked out alright for Larry "pull it" Silverstein:

A federal jury on Monday ruled that the assault on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center was in fact two occurrences for insurance purposes. The finding in U.S. District Court in Manhattan means leaseholder Larry Silverstein may collect up to $4.6 billion, according to reports. [Forbes.com 12/06/04]

a5ebda No.1142588

File: 8887d0825da59ab⋯.jpg (248.2 KB, 1200x896, 75:56, silverjew.jpg)

Add a caption.

7be64d No.1142589


Over the target.

41a577 No.1142590

I'm glad bush sr got noahide on the books

I'm glad the navy ordered them thar guilotines

I'm glad for chronic

The rest needs to gtfo

2ed57e No.1142591

File: df61829aafed854⋯.jpg (110.72 KB, 755x499, 755:499, 28uy8c.jpg)

File: 64799142e2ba2d5⋯.jpg (102.81 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 28uycc.jpg)

File: 4b480f6065c38da⋯.jpg (107.46 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 28uyfj.jpg)

b9d47b No.1142592


I assume that isn't really what the painting looks like..?

f80e82 No.1142593


Kinda seems to be the reason Q says archive off line. Now.

283839 No.1142594


as the Ozzies would say, no worries m8

just working on my "art"

da5827 No.1142595


"Are (You) in good hands"

a5ebda No.1142596

File: 0b5903079692f8f⋯.png (924.55 KB, 669x500, 669:500, blowthemup.png)

caf7c6 No.1142597

File: 73741fc34590205⋯.png (243.26 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_6028.PNG)


Locked accounts can send/rec DMs. Related: I found this on Hussein's Twatter earlier, kek'd plenty.

771dfa No.1142598

File: 50db961f0c9d348⋯.jpg (152.61 KB, 726x738, 121:123, dev12.jpg)


think so? with every color i set to alpha transparency i see a hidden object, see the white rabbit? the dog at her right hand, oh thers more

41a577 No.1142599


brah you had them at hello

a11204 No.1142600

File: b50021e4db7d27e⋯.jpg (557.78 KB, 722x2383, 722:2383, 180422BelgiumCWExports.jpg)

https:// www.theguardian.com/world/2018/apr/18/belgian-firms-prosecuted-over-chemicals-exports-to-syria-sarin

I saw this article yesterday. I did a dig, but could only find two names associated with any of the three companies.

Rudolf Rippen. VP for Dutch; website for AAE Chemie goes to "dogsandcats.com" and nothing else there at all.

Herman Van Landeghem associated with both of the other two companies. Anex Customs and Danmar Logistics.

Everything else about these gentlemen or their companies come up a blank. Any anons that can

dig, this might be something…. or nothing at all.

f85ea9 No.1142601

File: cf7032adea53287⋯.jpg (119.23 KB, 857x500, 857:500, 28uyia.jpg)

e747d3 No.1142602

File: f924869a977f431⋯.png (1.77 MB, 2788x1364, 697:341, ClipboardImage.png)

is this really a game?

i was searching on cabal and europe… and came across this

http:// cabaleu.playthisgame.com/en/all/Content/435?pageNum=1

771dfa No.1142603


you can see what i take to be cowleys lam at the tippy top without even doing anything in orig picture and the bush in front… kek

41a577 No.1142604

I got a nice bridge picked out for the beheading

all steel

None of the judas fegel bs

b9d47b No.1142605



You still got a discord server?

4ff2fb No.1142606

File: 66e49da7ce0fcf5⋯.jpg (125.01 KB, 1124x1107, 1124:1107, IMG_20180422_140657.jpg)


2499e1 No.1142607

File: 77dc1ca37556da6⋯.jpg (465.56 KB, 1809x1799, 1809:1799, PepeQed.jpg)

PepeQed .jpg Only File


4641b0 No.1142608

As the romans were closing in on the Essenes, The Sons of Light knew they were doomed. So they hid the Scrptures in jars of clay and buried them in caves. To be found on n 1947 and Jews as paid their blood dept to God that they cursed themselves with by taking Christ’s blood on theirselves and descendants of everyone in the court. Not all Jews but the ones who took the oath. Temple was burned to tha ground and the scriptures lost. The holocaust repaid that debt.

As you can see the apostles left a crumb for the Church to know the scriptures were hidden in jars of clay. The Sons of Light completes their task and went into hiding.

God restored their nation and gave them back their treasures (scripture)

God is so awesome. Plenty of mysteries in the Bible for the right eyes.

Where are the Essenes today?

Who are the Sons of Light.

Where is the Apostle John (Boerneges) ?

Still caring for Yeshuas family?

Corinthians 4:7-9 English Standard Version (ESV)

Treasure in Jars of Clay

7 But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us. 8 We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; 9 persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed;

a11204 No.1142609

Baker 500ish update


>>1142070 , >>1142115 Laura (Valerie's Daughter) Jarrett, CNN, and Leaks

>>1142147 Interesting distribution on Bachmann's letter

>>1142313 Special schools for Zuck, Brin, and Gaga

>>1142600 Three Belgian firms charged with Chemical Weapons violations to Syria

Let me know if I've missed any.

Baker still requesting relief

I'll do the next bread, but it will be my last for today.

398f29 No.1142610

File: 54dc3e0f7cfaadb⋯.jpg (9.28 KB, 254x255, 254:255, 54dc3e0f7cfaadb79d516fa939….jpg)


people are awakening

08bb23 No.1142611


so nice to hook up with turned on brethren

8f6cce No.1142612


>trash MMO released to jam up search engines

41a577 No.1142613

File: d22824cb1204653⋯.png (322.39 KB, 600x380, 30:19, IMG_1927.PNG)


It's doggo photoshop contest day !!!!!

101498 No.1142615


This guy/AI tries hard doesnt he lel

4f3dcb No.1142616

File: 3a780959159b998⋯.png (31.36 KB, 605x632, 605:632, ClipboardImage.png)


I like this format. Adding the sauce under the articles might be a good idea. If they get 'disappeared' because it was referenced by Q, that's added redpill-factor.

The connection between MX border / Long Beach and Mack's indictment is still a little fuzzy for me. While I was digging I found the related pic (from CBS sauce below) naming a few other people and making connections to Mexico.

She also had a home at one point in Orange County and obviously has Hollywood connections, but it seems like NXIVM ground zero was in NY. Have we connected her to AS or Standard Hotel or other west coast trafficking arrests?

Is the son of the former Mexican president involved with trafficking people across the border or into Long Beach?

https:// www.justice.gov/usao-edny/pr/founder-nxivm-purported-self-help-organization-and-actor-indicted-sex-trafficking-and

https:// frankreport.com/2018/04/10/part-1-the-secret-story-of-how-allison-mack-became-a-sex-slaver/

https:// frankreport.com/2018/04/10/part-2-how-allison-mack-became-a-sex-slaver-she-gave-nxivm-cult-leader-graphic-nude-photos/

https:// www.cbsnews.com/news/allison-mack-smallville-arrested-nxivm-sex-cult-keith-raniere/

e48586 No.1142618



08bb23 No.1142619


best meme of the night

56d355 No.1142620


On the clock = when the actual work/job/action starts.

b9d47b No.1142621


dogsandcats.com? sure sounds like the kind of thing someone would choose when trying to think of a random URL for BS purposes

56d355 No.1142622


Gee - I hope that anon not MIA after seeing her.

08bb23 No.1142623


cuz it's not true … so

41a577 No.1142624

File: 9f2d42d483f9a95⋯.jpg (95.17 KB, 800x670, 80:67, IMG_1247.JPG)

b9d47b No.1142625


>God is so awesome.

You're right about that

b8dece No.1142626

File: 4be67a007776d04⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 1600x1857, 1600:1857, Screenshot_2018-04-22-01-4….jpg)

File: c87a971c6e3c7fb⋯.jpg (626.05 KB, 1600x2144, 50:67, Screenshot_2018-04-22-01-4….jpg)



Think I found a mirror off of reddit:

https:// fdik.org/soros.dcleaks.com/

Probably not the latest drops, but 2500 docs and a media blackout means there has to be good stuff here

a11204 No.1142627


A logistics company and a chemical company, both without an internet presence? Linking to a

bogus web-developer kind of site, but nothing there at all? And they get caught selling Sarin

precursors to Syria? Talk about fishy… This doesn't pass the smell test.

b9d47b No.1142628


That wouldn't be suspicious at all

28d8ab No.1142629

File: 4bf8cdfa4b02019⋯.png (937.56 KB, 1650x1275, 22:17, canary-friday-AV.png)

What does this mean for Avenatti? (Stormy Daniels attorney)



Apr 20 2018 19:36:21 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 948590 1121353

Canary palm tree?



Real Time with Bill Maher April 20 2018 22:00(EST)

Michael Avenatti at 4:46 says “and I think he is going to sing like a canary”

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vYVDPbL_EA

2ed57e No.1142630

File: b467609f70d4250⋯.jpg (1.9 MB, 2268x1512, 3:2, Podesta Clinton connection….jpg)

File: b101d3ade0dda07⋯.png (356.43 KB, 805x736, 35:32, These are connected traffi….png)

1791ef No.1142631

just a thought on 9/11-

hardly ever hear talk about WTC6

was looking at some pix of OKC fed bldg. damage compared to WTC6 side by side…

how long ya think they've had DEW up and being 'tested'?

fuckin' eerie how the 'missing' sections of each look similar…

–bush41/bush43– hmmph

08bb23 No.1142632


>New Baker Requested

does we has baker?

New Baker Requested

af0ee1 No.1142633

File: 6254e22b5fa2519⋯.jpg (706.15 KB, 1156x1053, 1156:1053, Screenshot_20180422-031935….jpg)

File: 0ac4143db6e4c42⋯.jpg (638.97 KB, 1439x2254, 1439:2254, Screenshot_20180422-012511….jpg)


b7fcc8 No.1142634

File: ee0f515c6e52ae1⋯.jpg (2.82 MB, 4128x3096, 4:3, 152438678063260483103.jpg)


My computer is frozen, phone barely Works. Any updates?? //Swedenfag on phone

41a577 No.1142635

File: 18709c45439c4ba⋯.jpg (136.05 KB, 640x640, 1:1, IMG_1360.JPG)

Being on chan

trolled by homotus

Like breaking up with homo on fb

8419b1 No.1142636


Convoluted logic, you profess.


>Esau had two Canaanite wives and lost his birthrite to his younger brother

Here you state that the birthright was lost to his younger BROTHER.

So you agree that birthright flows through the paternal line.

If you would actually read the passages and make an attempt to comprehend the meaning of 'birthright' , you would see the internal contradiction in your statements.


>Modern day Jewry follows the Matriarchal line

>What changed?

>https:// www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/601092/jewish/Why-Is-Jewishness-Matrilineal.htm

Nothing changed.

The matriarchy determines 'Who is a Jew' for both male and female offspring.

'Birthright' refers to inheritance.

Priesthood, Kingship, etc. , not Jewishness.

This is precisely why Jesus is traced back to David by PATRIARCHAL lineage, not matriarchal lineage.

The rest of your post is just wishful thinking and propaganda used to divide people and cause strife between social and ethnic groups.

08bb23 No.1142638


that was WTC7 and yes where is the outrage

0f1f29 No.1142639


Muslim Brotherhood = Saudi funded Israeli Mossad

All goes back to Mossad - even Imran Awan the Pakistani, guess who else is also part Pakistani? Huma 'Mossad' Abedin

I bet you the treasure trove of documents show all of the cash flow between Saudi Arabia and Israeli Mossad. It's all connected.

https:// shadowproof.com/2014/03/08/saudis-bankrolling-israels-mossad-more-confirmation/

:::::: Holy shit, anon, please repost this a few more times over next 12 hours, this is great, at least after 9 AM EDT

1314a3 No.1142640


>>1140674 FL Child Custody and Rape

Plz Change to: "Wendy" Wasserman Schultz (sauce)

a11204 No.1142641


I am still here, but next bread will be my last today.

41a577 No.1142642

File: e2b12bf1198d319⋯.jpg (198.65 KB, 704x397, 704:397, IMG_1925.JPG)

IF y'all meditate on the same thing something happens

022ab1 No.1142643


any intel on where ?

1791ef No.1142644


no- I said WTC6…six…

not seven that's a different topic

08bb23 No.1142645


the building fell to the floor with no real damage . someone ran away with billions of dollars.. WHO?

b9d47b No.1142646



The download links don't work.

Archive.org has a better copy, from what I can tell

https:// web.archive.org/web/20170322143242/http:// soros.dcleaks.com/

e747d3 No.1142648

File: 1ad37f420e089d6⋯.png (352.52 KB, 1101x977, 1101:977, ClipboardImage.png)

it is really like deja vu reading this article!

https:// www.veteranstoday.com/2013/09/02/35-things-the-ruling-cabal-does-not-want-you-to-know/

or almost 100 years there has been a Secret Ruling Cabal of Banksters and Industrialists from the City of London Financial District that has been running the USG and setting the policies of America which are based on Big Lies and Major Deceptions.

This cabal has spent many billions of hard earned American dollars which they have confiscated through a crooked tax system to pay “talking-head” major mass media “newscasters” to limit what you can know and to make sure almost everything the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) is lies and dispensed propaganda, which helps keep this super-elite deviant Ruling Cabal in power and keeps important truths from the public.

The Cabal knows that they must keep truth from the people in order to continue in power, and now the advent of the worldwide Internet is posing their greatest threat ever, and their demise may be right around the corner.

Some of the oldest most senior members of the Cabal believe that the only way to stop this erosion of their control over truth that the Internet now presents is to elicit a major nuclear WW3 that will radically depopulate the earth and convert the political structure back into a Middle Ages type feudal King/Serf system.

and continues…

509162 No.1142649

File: eaac167de1dc697⋯.jpg (438.47 KB, 1472x1472, 1:1, talmud.jpg)

File: edb4a8bd3941b18⋯.jpg (224.82 KB, 720x666, 40:37, jesus and talmud.jpg)

File: 4ad7dd1eb2a704f⋯.jpg (68.14 KB, 800x600, 4:3, lucifer-luciferiansim-sata….jpg)

File: f29144f9c7d70fd⋯.png (920.84 KB, 1080x847, 1080:847, StarofDevil.png)


The truth is often a hard pill for people like you to follow.

Losing less than 1% of the Global population is hardly divisive

15million frauds that refer to us as cattle and openly worship Lucifer living under the Star of Remphan

a5ebda No.1142650

File: d80c21ff548b958⋯.png (517.5 KB, 720x851, 720:851, 1524375001609.png)

cc2321 No.1142651

Rereading some fbianon interviews…

>We leak, so that the people may have a just outrage and demand a just result.

>[POTUS'] greatest tool is the collective rage of the People.

08bb23 No.1142652


don't know about 6.


b9d47b No.1142653


>"Jesus worshipped a brick"

Where do they get that from? o_o

08bb23 No.1142654


cuz this is 7

https:// youtu.be/nqbUkThGlCo

56d355 No.1142655


There is always the over 2 trillion dollars missing from Pentagon.

1791ef No.1142656


tryn' to pull pix…I'm a bit techtarded…just a diganon.

7b8228 No.1142657

File: bbc974540f1c8e9⋯.jpg (60.15 KB, 960x720, 4:3, IMG_1593.JPG)

anyday now

08bb23 No.1142658

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0f1f29 No.1142659

File: f5490875af2e682⋯.jpg (66.15 KB, 960x642, 160:107, SorosBlackHate.jpg)


Oh, so Twitter doesn't like the Soros docs?

Over the target!!

NOTABLE - add link to mirror source

ALSO >>1142646 archive.org link

2ed57e No.1142660

In daily mail they have the story about Obama joking with Melania.

First link is just the 12 sec video.

But look at melania's demeaner, after, she crosses her hands, and her mood seemed to shirt( or like she was just pretending nicities, and shifted back to remembering who and what he is and has done.

Just i got that feeling from it, kek

At this stage, i found it discerning for her to be so close to those monsters.

Especially to have to sit next to that evil traitor( while were researching just how disgusting and evil he really is)

I don't think they would be that stupid,,, but at this point, who knows how low and dirty they would go, and how desperate they will get.

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/video/news/video-1674068/Video-Obama-appears-joke-Melania-Barbara-Bushs-funeral.html

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5642203/Melania-shares-pleasantries-Barack-Obama-Barbara-Bushs-funeral.html

f32b20 No.1142661

File: 63274a2c44239be⋯.jpg (126.3 KB, 600x900, 2:3, beautiful-brunette-woman-w….jpg)


bakers like patriot girls

7b8228 No.1142662


this guy is Dutch salad toss for shekels

d71be3 No.1142663


I belive this to be true as well anon, and I have said it before and ill say it again.

History not portrayed as it is rather than we would have it be, is history doomed to repeat it self.

perhaps our kids kids will not be as lucky as we were in 2016.

but hey wtf do I know.

this reminds me of the bank bail out when all the Harvard professors wanted to talk about Muh housing bubble. but didn't want to talk about the middle class and the wage gap.

now they want to talk about it.

47ed00 No.1142664

WTC6 US Customs office?

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Six_World_Trade_Center


08bb23 No.1142665


Please explain the physics.

0f1f29 No.1142666

File: a34e2daa73a3f9a⋯.jpg (199.22 KB, 799x800, 799:800, Poloctopus.jpg)

File: 57520f233729596⋯.png (1.92 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, SoldierPepes.png)

File: 3e64fb9111f0387⋯.jpg (155.77 KB, 1200x770, 120:77, PepePatriots.jpg)

398f29 No.1142667



Dec 11 2017 13:44:10 (EST) Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: 4a55e6 74037

We have a special place picked out for GS.

Really special.


919ed7 No.1142668

1791ef No.1142669


got pix?

e5de06 No.1142670


Yes it is anon. Utahfag here. KEK

919ed7 No.1142672



509162 No.1142673

File: f074b18262a7288⋯.jpg (71.86 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 7ef8dcd12fabfa1⋯.jpg (44.03 KB, 550x413, 550:413, 156343-004-5851FEEB.jpg)


Now…research the origins of Islam and how it was created.

Jews are infamous for their projection onto others

47e7aa No.1142674

File: 97f8ffb5dc7abdf⋯.gif (2.02 MB, 360x202, 180:101, 28uywk.gif)

"They will lose black vote once Haiti revealed."

4641b0 No.1142675


If you look into some of the other research I’ve posted and compare dates and facts.

Calculated possible number of living descendants from proble number of Jews at governors palace at crucifixion then 1900 yrs to 1940.

6 million sounds reasonable.

Also what apostle followed Jesus to the cross and Christ made him caretaker of His family.

Later Jesus asked Peter, what if’s the apostle John would tarry on until. Christ returned?

Did John send them to a place prepared for them in the wilderness. Safe rom the dragon. Was that place in Scotland .

One place the Romans could not conquer.

Do the Lost chapters of Acts refer to this place

Why does book of Acts written as a personal letter cut off so quickly.

We’re legends of King Arthur referrimg to Jesus’family?

So many enigmas,

Expand your thinking

God Bless

f32b20 No.1142676


bullshit. Jews are not the enemies of Christians. And of course Jesus was a Jew. dipshit low IQ posters.

b8dece No.1142677

File: 485f8285886e80c⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 1600x2272, 50:71, Screenshot_2018-04-22-02-0….jpg)


The mirror isn't working for me. Shows structure only, but no docs.

Anons, there are 2576 leaked Soros docs floating around somewhere, we need to find them

Released Aug 15, 2016, on dcleaks.com (now offline)

Daily Caller seems to have some.

f32b20 No.1142678


Read John chapter 1

0f1f29 No.1142679

For the NXIVM list if not already posted earlier:

https:// bravehosttalkradionews.wordpress.com/2018/03/28/update-on-the-home-of-clinton-global-initiative-member-in-sex-trafficking-ring/

41a577 No.1142681

File: bb16c2037a22bfe⋯.jpg (172.69 KB, 608x352, 19:11, IMG_1928.JPG)

/b careful

sum justice pr0n b/ shadenfreude

b7fcc8 No.1142682

POTUS twatter has been silent for 11hrs now. Hope he's just busy making the world great again

cc2321 No.1142683

>b9d47b (30)


>I assume that isn't really what the painting looks like..?

you have to go back

509162 No.1142684


Nice IP hop

Dont worry MI is watching you

47ed00 No.1142685


just started researching on this. came across this so far.

https:// steemit.com/conspiracy/@budz82/september-11-2001-what-exactly-happened-to-wtc6-on-9-11

http:// 911research.wtc7.net/wtc/attack/wtc6.html

08bb23 No.1142686


Why is this not enough evidence to prosecute hundreds of actors?

41a577 No.1142687


Which is like

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sardonicism

f32b20 No.1142688


LOL. Theology from a fortune cookie. Nice laugh, but you are the sucker.

0f1f29 No.1142689


Somebody right this second is getting paid well to scrub them off the face of the earth.

Is DC Leaks' site still down?

Posting this link for possible leads to add'l source options

https:// www.reddit.com/r/DCLeaks/comments/6uslcv/what_happened_to_dcleakscom_website_is_down/

403b62 No.1142690

JFK - The cat is out of the bag

http:// www.nydailynews.com/new-york/cat-misses-flight-china-disappearing-jfk-airport-article-1.3947561

41a577 No.1142691

Jam or jelly

a5ebda No.1142692

File: 9ec6a72226c823f⋯.gif (3.77 MB, 348x550, 174:275, 1524373961334.gif)

0f1f29 No.1142693

File: 11f710f4f0da751⋯.jpg (41.21 KB, 519x482, 519:482, Soros.jpg)


http:// www.politics.ie/forum/current-affairs/250265-george-soros-open-society-foundation-what-do-they-do-dcleaks-pulls-back-curtain-13.html

2ed57e No.1142694

File: a05155a8cdb90f5⋯.jpg (45.99 KB, 500x542, 250:271, 28uzdb.jpg)

File: 2f9e9399ba47814⋯.png (416.86 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Candy cane Q.png)

8419b1 No.1142695


Very clever.

Don't address any of the obvious logical mistakes in your reasoning.

Drop still more propaganda from the Muslim Brotherhood.

Saul Alinski is alive and well.

Tactic: Never engage directly with your opponent. Always change the focus of the debate.

The discussion was about Matriarchy and Patriarchy. What matters for what purpose.

Your deflection shows you have no defense for your lack of honesty and can't even man-up to your own mistakes

HUMA -> MB -> NoName -> FBI -. America for sale.

Your lies are under fire and will be exposed.





cc2321 No.1142696



>Why is this not enough evidence to prosecute hundreds of actors?

seats on the bus back to reddit are filling up fast

df0698 No.1142697


Whoever is talking at the start says something like "came back 4 months later looking like a 2 SCOOPS something something"

Could be nothing.

41a577 No.1142698

File: 372bf3769d5dd67⋯.jpg (24.47 KB, 254x198, 127:99, IMG_1898.JPG)

f32b20 No.1142699


Donald J. Trump


Best wishes to Prime Minister @Netanyahu and all of the people of Israel on the 70th Anniversary of your Great Independence. We have no better friends anywhere. Looking forward to moving our Embassy to Jerusalem next month!

9:30 AM - Apr 18, 2018

509162 No.1142700


You realize this is an MI honeypot right?

You jump IP's and shit post all over the board

You are not very intelligent and glow like a mother fucker

318919 No.1142701


welcome back nasim. im glad your spirit is still with us

7993b6 No.1142702

Just like to say ANONS .

I'm very impressed by your dedication and vast quantities of knowledge.

Q and POTUS will be looking at the work your doing and be proud.

I hope maybe a few of us might get a chance to work for the NSA and route out the evil in the corridors.

Hey I'd work for nothing, credit were it due and the credit goes to (you) godbless ANONS and FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT .

919ed7 No.1142704



MI doesnt give 2 fucks about who's posting here or not

they aren't tracking IPs live

that shit is beyond a waste of their precious fucking tick tock

b2923f No.1142705


Thanks, anon, go for it!


Labor of love. o7

08bb23 No.1142706


what are you saying?

41a577 No.1142707

File: 3f2f511c02bae78⋯.jpg (165.62 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, IMG_1895.JPG)

Realize I'm living of a claim from two assassination attempts ago

d9c026 No.1142708

File: 3628a0bdfe811fd⋯.png (360.83 KB, 443x960, 443:960, ClipboardImage.png)

DWS aka WWS keep in mind when browsing emails in WL.

f32b20 No.1142709


and some fools see kikes and muzzies behind every bush when people have the nerve to disagree with the likes of you.

08bb23 No.1142710


7 at my last count

1791ef No.1142711

File: 17c3b0583c80f79⋯.jpg (24.48 KB, 280x210, 4:3, WTC-6-Arial-Damage[1].jpg)

File: 3358c22a2a5e196⋯.jpg (23.91 KB, 280x210, 4:3, wtc6[1].jpg)

File: f356484710abb96⋯.jpg (21.56 KB, 280x210, 4:3, fig-4-10[1].jpg)


378fe1 No.1142712


no anon alone makes enough of an impact to make it worth it to attack them individually

but the board as a whole is a real pain in the ass

350f30 No.1142713


Every time someone on this board does something to Make America Great Again, an MI operator somewhere smiles :)

Because those Patriots have it all!

509162 No.1142714


Im not concerned

I know who I am and exactly what Im doing

Im guessing you have very little real life experience.

Your whole life has been guided by MSM and its lies.

Enjoy the show buddy

Goodbye to Socialism, Islam, Judaism and Catholicism

41a577 No.1142715

File: d1700ecba203b18⋯.jpg (46.41 KB, 620x465, 4:3, IMG_1893.JPG)


Which is almost four years old

& the 2nd claim is being tended to

1791ef No.1142716

File: db34c79b66e9efe⋯.jpg (32.13 KB, 220x323, 220:323, 220px-Oklahomacitybombing-….jpg)


okc fed…

08bb23 No.1142717


there is more going on here than meets the eye… not planes… something bigger

a11204 No.1142718


Were you born that stupid, or did you need supplements to attain such depths of ignorance?

Have you been watching what is being dropped here? Every intelligence agency in the fucking

world is watching this board. Why do you think they watch CNN or read newspapers? Intelligence

is usually found out in the open. James Bond breaking in to safes crap is probably done 0.0000001%

of the time. The rest of the time, they just watch TV or read a newspaper.

f32b20 No.1142719


hmm. Must be struggling with POTUS then… he is surrounded with Christians.

1791ef No.1142720



f05fb5 No.1142721

Why Was Obama’s “Brain” Valerie Jarrett So Happy to Hire Communist Van Jones? Was it Fate?

Or Is She Obama’s “Handler”?

https:// romanticpoet.wordpress.com/2009/09/09/why-was-obamas-brain-valerie-jarrett-so-happy-to-hire-communist-van-jones-was-it-fate-is-she-obamas-handler/

f32b20 No.1142722

File: c00ffee111003ab⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, Crush.png)


you called for some freedom?

08bb23 No.1142723

41a577 No.1142724

File: b3394062b658f12⋯.jpg (132.93 KB, 740x1080, 37:54, IMG_0431.JPG)

Send cash

df0698 No.1142725


Nothing really, just found it funny that I heard 2 SCOOPS……Only other time I've heard that is when I heard the MSM talk about Trump.

1791ef No.1142726


a good memefag could hook up a side by side for redpilling

1a3705 No.1142727


Phase one… "some child stars will never get to say…" (locked, happening) Hit the most known pedos,. Singer, Polanski, Sir Ian, Spacey, and our friends Rosanne, Feldman, Polinsky (yes Allex is a friend of ours, just doesn't know it yet ;)

If phase one takes hold… May not need Phase two…

f85ea9 No.1142728

File: 37668bbf9aecf32⋯.jpg (108.07 KB, 888x500, 222:125, 28uywl.jpg)

41a577 No.1142729

Till the money conjecture is reversed

350f30 No.1142730


Trump should get his own box of ice cream, every time ice cream is mentioned at this point.. Fuck, cut the guy a break, he's earned it..

1791ef No.1142731



any autists still awake out there???

919ed7 No.1142732


nah the addies kicked in

403b62 No.1142733

File: 98e2dd04f352877⋯.png (9.85 KB, 425x160, 85:32, Q feb16 rip jfk.png)

6d8d6d No.1142734


Cash for crustaceans?

2ed57e No.1142735

File: c0fb5aee99bc086⋯.jpg (96.83 KB, 714x450, 119:75, Clinton Obama soros marina….jpg)

File: 327e47fc9d6028c⋯.jpg (87.04 KB, 714x450, 119:75, Hillary Hell 4.jpg)

File: 275e07fe985b4fc⋯.jpg (111.36 KB, 714x450, 119:75, 28uznf.jpg)

f32b20 No.1142736

File: 4083a85630f952d⋯.jpg (101.95 KB, 800x600, 4:3, milfree.jpg)


Truth needs some weapons behind it. But well done. Notable, methinks.

798e9b No.1142737

File: fce944350bd9f75⋯.jpg (23.57 KB, 255x191, 255:191, IMG_4734.JPG)

File: 5d3f7fa955680e9⋯.jpg (38.01 KB, 229x255, 229:255, IMG_4795.JPG)

File: 5aa2cf308617c7d⋯.jpg (92.91 KB, 720x785, 144:157, IMG_4881.JPG)

File: 7b3629ee677050f⋯.png (674.63 KB, 734x554, 367:277, IMG_4883.PNG)

File: 3e9a99da827d757⋯.jpg (33.72 KB, 236x275, 236:275, IMG_4932.JPG)

1a3705 No.1142738