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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, qresearch.jpg)

867304 No.1436752

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Board Rules (Read the rules please)


Q's New Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/

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Wednesday 05.16.2018

>>>/patriotsfight/84 ------- Do what is Right. You will thank yourself.

>>>/patriotsfight/83 ------- End of the Witch Hunt

>>1434225 rt >>1434153 ----- How long has this plan been in the oven?

>>1434153 rt >>1434062 ----- The slow march of freedom

>>1434041 ------------------ History 123

>>1432972 rt >>1432956 ----- Fake News have the blues

>>1432958 rt >>1432955 ----- The pen is found!

>>1432939 rt >>1432926 ----- Operation Warm Tropical Breeze

>>1432932 ------------------ Follow the pen

>>1431154 ------------------ Buckle up buttercup

Tuesday 05.15.2018

>>1428355 rt >>1428282 ----- [NP 8:14 “——————— Pier 39…”]

>>1427755 ------------------ Start a Storm

>>1420066 rt >>1419965 ----- Do you trust POTUS? Does POTUS trust SESSIONS to protect the lives of our brave law enforcement?

>>1419926 ------------------ Did you catch it?

>>1419720 ------------------ Autists - we thank you. Patriots - we thank you. We came here for a reason.

>>1419607 rt >>1419514 ----- What do you notice? They all drop hints they are considering future elected positions.

>>1419531 rt >>1419500 ----- They knew this day would come. EVIL everywhere. CORRUPTION everywhere. We Fight! We, The PEOPLE.

>>1419464 ------------------ Who is Richard Donoghue? Background? PAIN.

>>1416382 rt >>1416216 ----- Find the [2] NYPD detectives [187] mid 2017.

>>1416241 ------------------ ENJOY THE SHOW.

>>1415794 ------------------ #1776

Monday 05.14.2018

>>1414277 ------------------ When does a bird sing?

>>1413485 ------------------ Pain Coming.

>>1413374 rt >>1413137 ----- rt: Patriot vs Paytriot

>>1413045 rt >>1413017 ----- Repost crumb re: Rudy

>>1413017 ------------------ Who knows where the bodies are buried?

>>>/patriotsfight/82 ------- Comms understood? (deleted) see >>1411589

>>>/patriotsfight/81 ------- They are losing control of the message. (deleted)

>>>/patriotsfight/80 ------- [ATTACKS WILL ONLY INTENSIFY]

Sunday 05.13.2018

>>1397513 ------------------ Full Circle.

>>1394586 ------------------ On Guard.

>>1394124 ------------------ Trust must be earned.

>>1393554 rt >>1393485 ----- What must happen pre 11.11?

>>1393391 rt >>1393351 ----- rt "The Shadow Government"

>>1393354 rt >>1393313 ----- Watch what happens [-30].

>>1393321 rt >>1393295 ----- LOOP.

>>1393311 rt >>1393269 ----- Well done, Anon.

>>1393295 ------------------ https://nationalsecurityaction.org/who-we-are/

Saturday 05.12.2018

>>1392849 ------------------ Sealed indictments.

>>1391731 ------------------ Now comes the pain.

>>1391509 rt >>1391481 ----- Godspeed, Patriot.

>>1391443 rt >>1391351 ----- Corruption everywhere.

>>1391355 rt >>1391341 ----- News beginning to leak.

>>1391340 rt >>1391298 ----- Happy Hunting!

>>1391298 ------------------ Truth Coming.

>>>/patriotsfight/79 ------- No private comms

>>1388185 ------------------ Stay the course.

>>1385613 ------------------ PEOPLE UNITED hold the power.

>>1384036 rt >>1383888 ----- Time to move on.

Friday 05.11.2018

>>1373162 ------------------ This is why we are here.

>>1372772 ------------------ Q Responds to Corsi/AJ Attack

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are not endorsements


>>1436086 One bus you don't want to be on

>>1436036 , >>1436051 Why did The Podesta Group close shop?

>>1436011 THOUSANDS in EVERY city...

>>1436356 The Eye in the Sky

>>1436439 Q from halfcourt!

>>1436441 Today's 111 day theory, for what its worth

>>1436451 , >>1436588 , >>1436610 Roths are the Master?

>>1436536 The Lords Prayer

>>1436672 Who is the Master?

>>1436384 , >>1436262 , >>1436721 A deep rabbit hole

>>1436732 Grow.


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>>1435291 , >>1435297 Alice in pound me in the ass federal prison

>>1435344 POTUS is literally the man

>>1435432 Q clock dig

>>1435690 Give me liberty or give me death

>>1435774 New POTUS tweet

>>1435825 , >>1435840 Reagans Speech

>>1435793 , >>1435974 The Stonehenge of Allen TX? I wonder how far away Marfa is...

>>1435888 How many people are in NXIVM

>>1435861 Shill post compilation (very clear visualization of their tactics)

>>1435839 3 Minute Marker


>>1434621 The man behind the curtain is hard at work

>>1434629 , >>1434668 Secret Service bust man with 58 TB of CP...

>>1434670 ICE Plan

>>1434688 , >>1434714 FBI SIS Progression

>>1434510 Seek and you will find

>>1434862 Was Mickey Wicked?

>>1434960 , >>1434990 , >>1435035 , >>1435077 'Mueller CAN NOT indict Trump' -Rudy Guiliani

>>1434644 Joe Bidens many Waifu's

>>1434903 House Speaker Boehner Resigning to 'Protect the Institution'


>>1433871 Jumping Jack Flash

>>1433807 Concern yourself with digging and memeing

>>1433757 The only thing to come out of Texas is steers and queers, and I don't see any horns!

>>1433907 , >>1433938 , >>1433965 , >>1433981 Every 12 year olds dream

>>1434233 Pen followed (most

>>1434235 , >>1434306 5Eyes


>>1432932 Rep JJ building interest

>>1433024 , >>1433032 , >>1433056 All connected by the same club

>>1433096 Follow the pen/EOs

>>1433233 That's was fast

>>1433191 , >>1433232 @Jack = srqp

>>1433552 , >>1433577 The dig continues

>>1433594 EO buffing white hats

>>1433620 Hmmmmmm

>>1433612 Planefag report 16May18


>>1432148 Freedom is ours for the taking

>>1432111 BO was asked the ID of Q

>>1432329 Congress stepping up

>>1432452 Which eye has the focus?

>>1432522 Love or fear

>>1432572 Anon proofs Q

>>1432558 , >>1432624 Burr talks about Steele dossier

>>1432401 , >>1432611 , >>1432655 Is MM NXIVM?

>>1432657 They think we are dumb

>>1432683 , >>1432758 JC sends PS to London for "Crossfire Hurricane" (Big Scary Storm)

>>1432268 POTUS

>>1432608 , >>1432689 Two popes in a row resign before death?

>>1432827 Can any anons confirm?


>>1431422 , >>1431311 , >>1431361 Oooh, a piece of coincidence

>>1431449 , >>1430273 , >>1430601 , >>1430642 , >>1430766 Dicky Donoghue digs

>>1431567 Nom Nom Nom

>>1431622 Soros saving Elon's skin

>>1431512 Connecting the dots

>>1431917 Alice, the mail order bride!

>>1431959 Net Neutrality vote

>>1432078 It's happening lads


>>1430555 Pelosi meeting graphic connects

>>1430588 Comey snubs Senate as Obama chiefs head to Hill for closed-door sit-down

>>1430601 Bank of America : Long Island Husband and Wife Sentenced to Prison

>>1430654 Connections to noteable >>1429269 prev bread.

>>1430660 Ray Chandler, Eminem, BC connects

>>1430576 Hamas Pulls Off A FF, MSM Reports Willingly

>>1430689 "I gave trucks and ammo to Al CIAeda"

>>1430817 Compiling previous work graphic

>>1430860 Let slip the frogs of war

>>1430859 , >>1430916 Enjoy the show

>>1430907 This is what Q meant by "Watch CA"

>>1431143 WE ARE THE STORM

>>1431151 The Eye of ___

>>1431233 Good Vibes for you!

>>1431170 , >>1431021 , >>1431082 , >>1431037 , >>1341131 Build the Map


>>1429861 @Jack meeting on 2/15

>>1429896 EP testimony flashback NOV

>>1429946 Anon connects noteables together

>>1429959 Comped Judge lets Muslim attacker off the hook

>>1430004 NYPD death connects diggs

>>1430016 @jacks secret twitter handle

>>1430058 Materials released about Trump tower meeting

>>1430195 Union claims Harley-Davidson sending jobs to Thailand

>>1430209 FB Twitter Algorithms decoded

>>1430300 Doc on Horowitz etc.

>>1430277 909 tweet clues and connects

>>1429030 Sauce last bread post "Grand Jury to Investigate Irish Catholic Church"

>>1430361 European Council President: "With Friends Like Trump, Who Needs Enemies"

>>1430385 POTUS tweet graphic speculations

>>1430334 Senate panel releases transcripts on Trump Tower meeting

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Dough pastebin.com/mnvuuS1H

69f1d5 No.1436791

File: c5d82f9a129c0b2⋯.jpeg (116.38 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Cv-89e8VIAArQCA.jpeg)

In like Flynn. Trump Admin v2.

f38ea6 No.1436807

File: 825ef9d0a8be8ea⋯.png (211.19 KB, 557x593, 557:593, adolfjustright.png)


Great bread, baker. Thank you.

e9c94b No.1436809

Who wants Feinstein memes? >>1436789

0de014 No.1436810


HRC's eyes, a deer in headlights

she knew she was done.

4f9e6f No.1436811

Oh joy, biologists transfer memory via RNA injection. What could possibly go wrong?


UCLA biologists report they have transferred a memory from one marine snail to another, creating an artificial memory, by injecting RNA from one to another. This research could lead to new ways to lessen the trauma of painful memories with RNA and to restore lost memories.

"I think in the not-too-distant future, we could potentially use RNA to ameliorate the effects of Alzheimer's disease or post-traumatic stress disorder," said David Glanzman, senior author of the study and a UCLA professor of integrative biology and physiology and of neurobiology. The team's research is published May 14 in eNeuro, the online journal of the Society for Neuroscience.

RNA, or ribonucleic acid, has been widely known as a cellular messenger that makes proteins and carries out DNA's instructions to other parts of the cell. It is now understood to have other important functions besides protein coding, including regulation of a variety of cellular processes involved in development and disease.

The researchers gave mild electric shocks to the tails of a species of marine snail called Aplysia. The snails received five tail shocks, one every 20 minutes, and then five more 24 hours later. The shocks enhance the snail's defensive withdrawal reflex, a response it displays for protection from potential harm. When the researchers subsequently tapped the snails, they found those that had been given the shocks displayed a defensive contraction that lasted an average of 50 seconds, a simple type of learning known as "sensitization." Those that had not been given the shocks contracted for only about one second.

The life scientists extracted RNA from the nervous systems of marine snails that received the tail shocks the day after the second series of shocks, and also from marine snails that did not receive any shocks. Then the RNA from the first (sensitized) group was injected into seven marine snails that had not received any shocks, and the RNA from the second group was injected into a control group of seven other snails that also had not received any shocks.

Remarkably, the scientists found that the seven that received the RNA from snails that were given the shocks behaved as if they themselves had received the tail shocks: They displayed a defensive contraction that lasted an average of about 40 seconds.

"It's as though we transferred the memory," said Glanzman, who is also a member of UCLA's Brain Research Institute.

As expected, the control group of snails did not display the lengthy contraction.

Next, the researchers added RNA to Petri dishes containing neurons extracted from different snails that did not receive shocks. Some dishes had RNA from marine snails that had been given electric tail shocks, and some dishes contained RNA from snails that had not been given shocks. Some of the dishes contained sensory neurons, and others contained motor neurons, which in the snail are responsible for the reflex.

When a marine snail is given electric tail shocks, its sensory neurons become more excitable. Interestingly, the researchers discovered, adding RNA from the snails that had been given shocks also produced increased excitability in sensory neurons in a Petri dish; it did not do so in motor neurons. Adding RNA from a marine snail that was not given the tail shocks did not produce this increased excitability in sensory neurons.

In the field of neuroscience, it has long been thought that memories are stored in synapses. (Each neuron has several thousand synapses.) Glanzman holds a different view, believing that memories are stored in the nucleus of neurons.

"If memories were stored at synapses, there is no way our experiment would have worked," said Glanzman, who added that the marine snail is an excellent model for studying the brain and memory.

Scientists know more about the cell biology of this simple form of learning in this animal than any other form of learning in any other organism, Glanzman said. The cellular and molecular processes seem to be very similar between the marine snail and humans, even though the snail has about 20,000 neurons in its central nervous system and humans are thought to have about 100 billion.

In the future, Glanzman said, it is possible that RNA can be used to awaken and restore memories that have gone dormant in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease. He and his colleagues published research in the journal eLife in 2014 indicating that lost memories can be restored.

There are many kinds of RNA, and in future research, Glanzman wants to identify the types of RNA that can be used to transfer memories.

f93098 No.1436812

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>1436760 (Last bread)

Jakob project?

The Moon?

fef0e4 No.1436813


Mais oui, au bon pain!!

4549bb No.1436814




>I think its a very important convo/debate, but got accused of shilling for having started it lol


>It seems like a royal family should be there

>Windsor come to mind as most likely if that were true


>no, but after that crumb

>SA didn't purge/be removed until after


Remember Anons Windsor is a fake name changed to hide their German name Saxe Coburg Gotha

0f2227 No.1436815


memes arent supposed to tell people what to think

they are to inspire people to actually think

90% will never attempt to read those anon

e9c94b No.1436816


You're an idiot.

0f2227 No.1436818

File: 92522630f55136f⋯.png (348.21 KB, 480x360, 4:3, sesamestreet.png)


being correct is a problem i have

776cd8 No.1436819

File: 59dd7d51e0da07b⋯.jpeg (928.05 KB, 2534x1863, 2534:1863, the_bridge.jpeg)

ef4b16 No.1436820

File: c199e123b8223df⋯.png (580.5 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Pain_Coming_Marina_Scorpio….png)

f866d1 No.1436821

File: 9870c4ee27dbef0⋯.png (137.12 KB, 317x530, 317:530, Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at ….png)

File: 25e275d4765f198⋯.png (217.24 KB, 471x546, 157:182, Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at ….png)

Want to see what Trump sees on his twitter feed?


bf7af2 No.1436822


i thought they were information through humor/sarcasm/etc..

c30bda No.1436823


I'm going to continue this because I think its important:


+ = Soros

++ = Rothschild

+++ = SA (removed)


1. ?? (Rothschild, even though they control USA too)

2. ?? (Windsor, most prominent "royal" family)

3. ??

4. "removed post Trump's victory" (not sure, Rockefeller or Bush comes to mind)

1c5048 No.1436824

File: 181cd59f30870fb⋯.jpg (13.3 KB, 299x169, 23:13, francospirit.jpg)

641a7c No.1436825

File: b68e9c976fcda05⋯.png (8.06 MB, 3333x5396, 3333:5396, Q_PlusPlusPlus-Soros-P.png)

selection of older crumbs related to




(before it was + ++ +++)

e02898 No.1436826

File: 7ff3208a2c90c40⋯.png (450.52 KB, 1280x838, 640:419, NDA2018memo.png)

National defense Act 2018

Does this enacting of 1244c 1 thru 4 imply anyone involved in Uranium One is implicated as well?

a12c4d No.1436827

File: 6f8b0ae2c57a323⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1676x1215, 1676:1215, ClipboardImage.png)


55ab65 No.1436828



73343e No.1436829

File: 00fecdfaf4c74a3⋯.jpg (116.75 KB, 1024x800, 32:25, US POP.jpg)

File: d46938ba278a1b4⋯.jpg (120.4 KB, 624x402, 104:67, white-minority-group.jpg)

File: e4e096645153045⋯.jpg (88.48 KB, 553x636, 553:636, civic_nat.jpg)

File: 2f11f39347b1a94⋯.png (167.69 KB, 444x289, 444:289, founding.PNG)

There will be no Great Awakening until people accept demographics matter. Nations = people, change the people, change the Nation.

I believe the Q team know this full well or they would not have picked these boards, but the issue has to be addressed over time and right now they want to focus on uniting people which is understandable. But this issue is not going away, the (((clowns))) have used social engineering to destroy the demographics of Western nations to break them down and few people following Q are able to swallow this truth.

The loss of real identity leads to nihilism which leads to hedonism and degeneracy, notice anything about our people throughout the West? White woman of childbearing age are less than 2% of the global population and declining. White birth-rates are below replacement in most of our Nations. The (((MSM))) pumps race-mixing propaganda at our children (young girls especially) through every medium - we are being socially engineered.

Find these memes/ideas offensive? Too bad, you have been brainwashed, this issue is not going away, the borders should never have been opened. The 21st century will be one of identity, it is not about hating others, it is about loving your own. The world is big enough for all of us to have our own homelands, there is no need to force this social conflict on everyone.

d2fb9d No.1436830

File: 605fc5e5d5bd439⋯.jpg (65.29 KB, 410x452, 205:226, Q Total Oil Co.JPG)

Revived U.S. sanctions feared to impact KEPCO's Iran business

The revival of U.S. sanctions on Iran for its nuclear program is feared to cast a cloud over projects pursued by the state-run Korea Electric Power Corp. (KEPCO) in the Middle Eastern country, the utility firm said Thursday.


Berlin admits it cannot protect German companies from US sanctions on Iran

He added that the European Union, (((whose companies have made a large number of deals with Iran))) following the lifting of the sanction regime in 2016, intends to pressurize Tehran to negotiate with the US.


French oil giant threatens to sink $2.9 billion deal over Trump's Iran sanctions

French oil giant Total said it was seeking French government support for a license - ((("a specific project waiver" - from the Trump administration that would protect the company from indirect effects of US sanctions.)))


e9c94b No.1436831


You have no concept of what memes are about. My comment about your character was correct.

352aee No.1436832

File: 3a1def5c71e6712⋯.png (62.74 KB, 604x366, 302:183, queen - monarchs seeking s….png)


Q has to be speaking of QE here anon.

0ed896 No.1436833


>RH- , Type of Blood Perfect blood for the bloodlines and Bad Actors.

Got any Sauce?

b8da5a No.1436834


The fourth one could be as simple as the president of the united states….

37e4ae No.1436835

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


311d55 No.1436837

>>1436700 last bread

From the way i'm looking at it was the timing of it

BHO learned that Flynn had all of the evidence against him, cabal, deep state in 2016 and needed a judge to take Flynn down

Rudolph Contreras was appointed by BHO to replace a Regan Appointed judge

Rudolph Contreras was waiting for Flynn's case to arrive on his desk during BHO term, but not until after 2016 Election

2017 Rudolph Contreras gets Flynn's case then tries to take him down but couldn't under current POTUS

John Podesta case just happens to show up on Rudolph Contreras desk

Now Rudolph Contreras is stuck between choosing Podesta or Flynn

Flynn is Safe

ef4b16 No.1436838

File: 3919774391f8e92⋯.png (274.5 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, REAL_WITCHES.png)


Hai there!

f866d1 No.1436839

File: edce28f8375a6ca⋯.png (639.76 KB, 855x626, 855:626, Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at ….png)

d8f94b No.1436840

Tucker Carlson just now said that NBC's chairman is likely on his way out because Comcast is tired of all the scandals under his watch.

194b7d No.1436841


Nothing so far we understand about blood types or specific dna with regard to elite. The rest is speculation cuz neg is more rare

f38ea6 No.1436842


Trust me, Patriots and military guys know. /ourguys/ know. There are practicality to survival. Q team knows what they are doing, perfectly well.

6c5018 No.1436843

File: c0865fb45c87962⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-16-20-0….png)

File: 76df94eace74041⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-16-20-0….png)

2ddca9 No.1436845

>>1436795 last rye bread

>>Don't know he is (((white))).

>>First you say they didn't know he was Jewish.

They didn't. They are dumb niggas as I will explain. Not their fault.


>>They didn't recognize the name Bret Weinstein

>>Cleared that up for you.

Again. I explain this below. They think jews are white and they are not white. They are "white" amongst whites and jews amongst blacks.


Blacks live in urban areas. So do jews. Blacks live with jews. Therefore their opinion of (((whites))) is negative. They think you kikes are white.

>>Now you're saying they know he's a Jew but they think he's white, by mistake.

>>Keep moving the goal post.

>>Oh. BTW. Answer the fucking question:

>>Even if elements in the upper echelon of the Mossad are involved, and it wouldn't surprise me, …

>>WHAT THE FUCK does that have to do with the Jews?

>>Rational response , tits , or gtfo.

All of this faggots posts in the rye bread were about protecting jewish involvement in the cabal. Go see for yourself. He also lied and distorted every word I stated in plain simple english and pretended he didn't understand the basic premise that is obvious to all.

This is how they do it. They lie. They play dumb. Always anti white. Always anti USA. Always pro tribe first and only most.

69f1d5 No.1436846


Rh factor is a type of blood but it is not a blood line. A blood line refers to genetics.

-phlebotomist anon

f954eb No.1436847

File: 25f446e34f9a07f⋯.png (826.57 KB, 934x380, 467:190, ClipboardImage.png)

641a7c No.1436848

File: 6b7cb5e251cb0f9⋯.png (988.2 KB, 1111x721, 1111:721, Q_BiteCrumbs_20171105_Weal….png)

>>1436832 here also

Anonymous ID:L8quGPI9 Sun 05 Nov 2017 18:41:11 No.148143562

Who is the Queen of England?

How long in power?

With power comes corruption.

What happened to Diana?

What did she find out?

Why was she running?

Who did she entrust to help her flee?

What was the cover?

Why is this relevant?

Why now?




Bad actor.

London Mayor.



Connection to Queen?

British MI6 agents dead.



What was reported?

What really happened?

Why is this relevant?



Secret society.





Why are migrants important?


What are assets?

Define assets?

Why are migrants so important?

What are assets?

Why are migrants so important?

What are assets?

Why are migrants so important?



Who follows?

What political leaders worship Satan?

What does an upside down cross represent?

Who wears openly?


Who is she connected to?

Why is this relevant?

Spirit cooking.

What does Spirit Cooking represent?


What is a cult?

Who is worshipped?

Why is this relevant?

Snow White

Godfather III



1c5048 No.1436849


I've dug on this, but inconclusive. It has to do with 23andMe, either searching populations for compatible DNA - searching the populations for weaknesses for extinction event or resistance to the same, or that it goes even deeper for their rituals, and finding more victims.

61f77a No.1436850


Since we seem to be revisiting the chair serves the master thing here, let me explain it.

We are dealing with those who worship a god commonly known as satan or lucifer. That is who is being served, by anybody sitting in any chair of power within society. I do not capitalize their names because they are unworthy. Their false idols and symbol worshipping is child's play. Once you learn to decode their symbols, their gig is up.

It's just that simple.

d2fb9d No.1436851

File: 9f6684503f508e7⋯.jpg (57.35 KB, 552x416, 69:52, beat dead horse award.JPG)

4882f6 No.1436852


Reagan going to the Gulf?

cfd3cc No.1436854

>>1436718 lb

>Notice how (((they))) refuse or are unwilling to name one bad (((one)))

why dont you name them instead of claiming its 100%?

all rational anons know 100% is complete bullshit

so you just expose your deranged bigotry unless you name your evils ones as you suggest others do

i can name an evil jew - LDR

another?NY AG resigned

see its easy

i can name evil catholics and others too

194b7d No.1436855


More to it, personally know several people with RH -, none had any unusual reaction in hospitals etc

5dce77 No.1436856

92044e No.1436857



b7e226 No.1436858

Eustace got a mention

in the notables,,,ooh ahhh

f93098 No.1436860


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_World_Factbook

afb635 No.1436861

File: ac8d32b77a15e86⋯.jpg (81.53 KB, 800x1067, 800:1067, 1939_LookingGlass.jpg)

File: f0afbbbb65d1243⋯.jpg (56.93 KB, 603x648, 67:72, RCA_Pavilion_1964WorldsFai….jpg)

File: 8a9ffad4e630706⋯.png (48.61 KB, 156x282, 26:47, OrigLookingGlass.png)

a0fea7 No.1436862


A Secret Society of Patriots?

90435f No.1436863


You shouldn't be explaining anything. LURK MOAR and LEARN

3d6294 No.1436864


soros and Saudis are puppets for sure.

Roths may be puppets too.

2c1a86 No.1436865


I know nothin'……

https://www.youtube.com/embed/13i4V4FA0ig" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

f5e1da No.1436866

>>1436778 (prev bread)

The House of Windsor is the royal house of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms. It was founded by King George V by royal proclamation on 17 July 1917, when he changed the name of the British Royal Family from the German Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to the English Windsor, due to the anti-German sentiment in the British Empire during …


C = Coburg from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

C is in charge of it all.

They ran/controlled every major country/dynasty in Europe since the fall of the Roman Empire.

Eliminated the competition in Russia by having the Rothchilds finance the revolution there and killing the entire royal family there.

Rothchild has intermarried with the royals and now control everything together.

Think city of london.

067650 No.1436867

File: c6d9b58dc48d796⋯.jpg (80.1 KB, 708x506, 354:253, 160107_POL_Reagan-GE.jpg.C….jpg)

Why does everybody love Reagan? Ex CIA chief for VP and an actor for pres. sounds like a deep state wet dream.

c30bda No.1436868





that's why I really think its Windsor as one of the three

e32c52 No.1436869


To what, what context?


0ed896 No.1436870

Tasty but no sauce. Looks like fake news

1d1401 No.1436871

I am calling bullshit on these "Notables".

3/4 are bullshit (Movies, Prayers, Opinions, etc.)

Important Notables are NOT being put in.


I, along with about 6 people have requested this in Notables.

This is a report we have waited a few years for!!!!

>>1435280 Horowitz Releases OIG Report for Review.

What is going on BAKER?????

0bdaa7 No.1436872

New EO allows sec of state to seize property and transactions of persons of interest, revoke visas/benifits and apply sanctions. Interesting.

92044e No.1436873


slow steady and sure motherfuckers.

you will not get satisfied.

and we will not pull out till we are.

69f1d5 No.1436874


Do you think they took an oath?

194b7d No.1436875


So why did Q referred us to him?

7149c6 No.1436876


You have to have an injection after your first baby to keep your RH- from attacking your next baby with + in the womb.

641a7c No.1436877


Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID:7ebe7c Thu 30 Nov 2017 00:38:37 No.13092

Focus on Hussein.

Revelations coming very very soon.

HUMA - SA - Hussein.

HLR (first).

Civil rights attorney.

13th District - Sen.


Hussein v HRC v McCain.

Why is this relevant?

Follow the money pre-pres.

Follow the connections pre-pres.

Why does Hussein travel ahead of POTUS?

Why did Hussein travel behind POTUS?

Think Asia.

Think NK.

What was told re: NK during the past 8 years?

What dramatic shift occurred re: NK post election of POTUS?


Define hostage.

The Sum of all Fears.

Why are sexual harassment claims all appearing suddenly?


What is a pill?

When is it hard to swallow?

How do you remove your enemies from positions of influence and authority?

Define stages.

Define puppets.

Define puppet handlers.

Define proxy war.

Define proxy war.

Define proxy war.

Expand your thinking.

Why is Justice stalling release of c-level info?


Does POTUS control all matters classified?


Have faith.

These people are losers!


e9b235 No.1436878


Have you seen his letter to GWB SR?

59dfee No.1436879


Puppets to who?

Did you drink a glass of Fluoride ?

343865 No.1436880

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


first tell-a-lie-vision

3d6294 No.1436881


Three families may control the US or the World, but there is no way they will share it equally.

One person or family has the be on top the pyramid.

0ed896 No.1436882


Rh factor type of blood not a genetic lineage

1395a7 No.1436883

File: d1a341d98459e8f⋯.jpg (63.17 KB, 720x654, 120:109, 32607528_1818869458173566_….jpg)

dbe893 No.1436884

File: 7d5a1394d36ed98⋯.jpg (51.18 KB, 841x595, 841:595, FireShot Capture 087 - Q -….jpg)

anybody have any insights plausible theories on this Q post

2ddca9 No.1436886


Took you long enough.

The point is we white name shitty whites all the time. Usually they are working side by side with the shitty jews.

But you don't name them. It took you over a half hour to NAME ONE.

And you happen to name ONE that is way OUTSIDE the regular circle.

Your admission is proof of my argument being true. You chose a far away blonde lady that lives in Austria.

Jew jew jew. That is you.

4b4a0f No.1436887

"Yanny and Laurel" is much deeper, and more insidious than an internet parlor trick.


af424f No.1436888

59dfee No.1436890


Mega dittos.

69f1d5 No.1436891

File: fc080335aa52df9⋯.png (132.43 KB, 1080x1015, 216:203, Screenshot_20180516-200929….png)

af424f No.1436892


Haspel is spilling the beans in closed session

c903d1 No.1436893


interdasting, but i dont understand the choice at the end. Why is he forced to choose one or the other? I'd assume he'd scuttle the Podesta investigation and green-light the Flynn equally.

59dfee No.1436894


Stop hitting return you faggot! No wonder everyone filters you!

194b7d No.1436895


I know about second pregnancy complications. I replied about some anons claiming their rh neg is of a high value for elite

61f77a No.1436896


You shouldn't eat up the bread with a ball bust of a decode, unless you offer something of value.

How am I wrong? If you can't rebuttle, stfu and leave the slice of bread for someone who can offer something productive to the conversation.

My last Q decode is in the notables. Take your negative shit elsewhere homofaggot.

e02898 No.1436897

File: 7ff3208a2c90c40⋯.png (450.52 KB, 1280x838, 640:419, NDA2018memo.png)


it invokes this.

f954eb No.1436898

File: c688ef2f51cda07⋯.jpg (191.57 KB, 1063x597, 1063:597, jughead1.jpg)

5df96f No.1436899

File: 225f642291f7d45⋯.png (182.94 KB, 909x651, 303:217, ClipboardImage.png)

Don't forget that Comey has ties to London via HSBC and - he was on their board until July 2013.

He was named FBI director in September 2013, AND traveled in that capacity to London Sometime after November 2013. (pic related - original FOIA doc date Nov. 2013)

He's always been a weasel and could have easily greased the skids for PS.

f5e1da No.1436900


>Roths may be puppets too.

Not puppets , front men.

See my theory: >>1436866

4549bb No.1436901


I'm neg. I don't agree although this is passed around all the time that we are all evil. Its a northern European trait. Mainly UK/Ireland/Spain. Only 15% of the world

POTUS is supposed to be a RH neg too.

Also see my last post here


And link to famous rh negs. The frequency is quite high. 15% of the planet making a fair chunk of the 1%

http://www. datebytype.com/pictures/index/9/My-famous-Rh-Negative-Celebrity-Political-Relatives

68bbdd No.1436903

File: 3fceb48d390e4f5⋯.jpg (35.85 KB, 528x313, 528:313, 10302737_516032925172268_4….jpg)


Not sauce. I'm Native American w/ some Euro passed in. Native American's from both North and South America (excluding Blackfoot) are almost all O+. We do not have the Rh-

No Rhesus in the Americas.

867304 No.1436904


I agree with your assessment. satan or lucifer is the master not the roths.

7dd58c No.1436905


Blood contains life force energy. That's what they want.

9565ce No.1436906


It won't make any difference. Comcast is corrupt.

cfd3cc No.1436907


i dont see any names in your reply

just more spewing

ill go back to ignoring you

ps - you do realize that use if (((your))) code allows anons to slide right by your nonsense

e9b235 No.1436908

0d1596 No.1436909


Brennan, Clapper, and Rogers closed door testimony to Senate Intel Cmte

b8da5a No.1436910


Meaning the power and control, the reason Trump is able to do what is being done is that the President has a massive amount of control and power, otherwise this is all moot. Besides, they have had control of the presidency for a long time and they have only increased that power over that time. The fourth on the list of four that control the world could simply be whomever is president of the US due to that power. Not saying it is, but it fits with the fourth disappeared due to Trump being elected President. I would put money on one of the others being the office of the Pope.

caabf9 No.1436911

File: d35052f5ba2c16f⋯.jpg (51.29 KB, 409x408, 409:408, united.JPG)

32b033 No.1436912


Ditto Ditto Ditto Notable do not show or inspire the hard work that has been done

6c5018 No.1436913

File: 4a23ef18a258f89⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-16-20-0….png)

File: 245adbc4bc2c02e⋯.png (2.21 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-16-20-0….png)

File: 8d82990010fdeb3⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-16-20-0….png)

7149c6 No.1436914

File: d7af48f5f5ff915⋯.png (132.13 KB, 420x503, 420:503, CA next.png)

Love this President

1aab4a No.1436915


Your last Q code is bullshit. I'm sorry to say it, but you shouldn't be decoding anything either. The subject was already covered and resolved in the previous bread. I agree with the other anon. LURK MOAR.

1d1401 No.1436916


=I am requesting another Baker to take over

This Baker has refused to put very important Notables in to save.

Someone is going to have to go back and collect Notables.

(Also, naming the Q drops things that Q did not say)

352aee No.1436917

File: 440fced6b7d895d⋯.jpeg (174.58 KB, 1005x852, 335:284, qe direct lineage.jpeg)


I agree. QE is in charge of the Freemasons world-wide. She has the direct royal bloodline from Caesar.

She's the target.

ec9585 No.1436918


>Why does everybody love Reagan?


Have you ever studied his presidency?

Have you gone over what he accomplished?

Have you any understanding of his views?

Have you listened to any of his notable speeches?

Might doing any of the above shed any light on the why?

d8c8e9 No.1436919


snagging this and thank you

2ddca9 No.1436920


Because MOVEMENT CONSERVATISM is a complete failure. It started out good. Reagan was good. But the cabal was too much for them.

Look at all the "progress" that has happened and how MOVEMENT CONSERVATISM was completely useless in stopping it.

Trump comes along with NATIONALISM.

NATIONALISM can not be stopped.

Unless you get weak and let these leftist faggots stop you with their buzzwords and name calling. Enemies inside the gates. ID them and pay them no attention.

641a7c No.1436921

>>1436868 >>1436864 >>1436900 >>1436881 >>1436823

Rothschild? (not sure if they're too public for it to be them)



16d18b No.1436922


Rh- means no Rhesus. Rh+ means it DOES have Rhesus. So, if Native Americans from both North and South America (excluding Blackfoot) - your words - are almost all O+, you DO, indeed, have Rhesus.

b8da5a No.1436923


Very nice…

a12c4d No.1436924


history will be more kind to comey than to those he 'served'.

f866d1 No.1436925


For Gen Xers, he was the symbol of strength, stability, & patriotism (esp. after Iran debacle). He was a great communicator and exuded a sense of decency.

IDK the real stuff behind the scenes, but the image was powerful.

c30bda No.1436926


No Such Agency vs Clowns In America.

>White Hats vs Black Hats


>Ongoing today



What is being revealed?


What will it lead to?



>Peter Strozk was the main FBI agent doing this in 2016

Faces of lawmakers stepping out.

>Shocked by what they learned


When did Adm R step down?



>Job was done/if ongoing, passed on to good hands


>CHAIRman of House Intel


>CHAIRman of House Oversight


>must be cleaned, PROSECUTES (sessions)


>must be cleaned, INVESTIGATES (wray)

Next [1/2].

>FBI/DOJ first (1/2) -> C_A/STATE NEXT (2/2)


2c1a86 No.1436927

File: 2f1d5e2d7d27534⋯.png (445.01 KB, 800x500, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

Pope Francis to business students: If you worship money, you’ll become a slave

Pope Francis: Worship of money leads to slavery–Aleteia https://aleteia.org/2017/10/20/pope-francis-to-business-students-if-y…

We use cookies to improve our website and your experience when using it. By continuing to navigate this site, you agree to the cookie policy. To find out more about the cookies we use and how to delete them, see our cookie policy


Pope Francis to business students If you worship money, you’ll

become a slave

Ary Waldir Ramos Diaz | Oct 20, 2017

Says that despite the expectation to seek success at all costs, they should take time for fraternity.

“I t is essential that from now on and in your future professional life you learn to be free from the ‘lure of money,’” Pope Francis told 80 Catholic students of

the Institution des Chartreux de Lyon, France, on Thursday. The institute educates financial and economic leaders who are preparing to enter prestigious business schools. They are in Rome for a period of cultural experience.

The pope spoke to them about “the slavery into which money shuts those who worshi it.”

He encouraged the group of future entrepreneurs to cultivate the “strength and courage not to blindly obey the invisible hand of the market.”

“I am glad to know that your academic formation includes a strong human, philosophical and spiritual dimension, and for this I thank God,” he said.

Consequently, he encouraged them to “draw benefits from your time studying to train

1 of 4 5/16/18, 6:13 PM



Pope Francis: Worship of money leads to slavery–Aleteia https://aleteia.org/2017/10/20/pope-francis-to-business-students-if-y…

yourselves to be promoters and defenders of a growth in equality, artisans of a just and fitting administration of our common home, namely the world.”

He urged them to leave their imprint on history and to decide their own future. In doing so, he said, they must “become responsible for this world and the life of every man.”

“Never forget,” he continued, “that ‘every injustice against a poor person is an open wound, and diminishes your very dignity.’”

Regardless of the world’s expectation that they seek success, he told them, they shoul give themselves “the means and the time to journey on the paths of fraternity, to build bridges between men rather than walls.”

He told the young people present that they were called to build a “more just and humane society.”

Contrary to individualism, according to which they would use their work and talent strictly for their own benefit, Pope Francis invited them to follow a different path.

He encouraged the students who are Christians “to remain always joined to Christ in prayer, to learn to entrust everything to God, and in this way you will not succumb to the temptation of discouragement or desperation.”

“Never forget, in his gaze on others and on yourselves, ‘man infinitely transcends man,'” said Pope Francis to those who are not Christians, quoting Blaise Pascal.

In conclusion, he encouraged them to “work for good, to become humbly the seed of a new world.”

"Since you are here…

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2 of 4 5/16/18, 6:13 PM


Pope Francis: Worship of money leads to slavery–Aleteia https://aleteia.org/2017/10/20/pope-francis-to-business-students-if-y…



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Pope Francis: Worship of money leads to slavery–Aleteia https://aleteia.org/2017/10/20/pope-francis-to-business-students-if-y…

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4 of 4 5/16/18, 6:13 PM

cfbe75 No.1436928


Dude, enough with the return key, please.

2ddca9 No.1436929


Bush. Clinton. Obama. Rubio.

There are four faggots for you.

a0fea7 No.1436930

I hope we one day see a wrinkled old Donald Trump in his late 80's,

Surrounded by his loving family & celebrated

as the fearless man who brought the world back from the brink of tyranny.

ef4b16 No.1436931

File: d73e4672c8f5e33⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1600x1728, 25:27, The_High_Priestess_3D_DVD.png)


definitely a Ruling Class High Priestess at the TOP.

Women rule in the cult, the men are beneath them.

2ddca9 No.1436932



86c669 No.1436933

File: 327a0f8f703f0c1⋯.jpg (79.19 KB, 604x603, 604:603, daddys girl.jpg)

>>1436045 (Last bread)

>Last bread was severely lacking in crack …

It's not the quantity … it's always the quality, anon.

ec9585 No.1436934


And history will be brutally unkind to him.

0f2227 No.1436935

File: d9988848fffa288⋯.png (492.6 KB, 1015x681, 1015:681, sky-event-salt.png)

File: 3903ff12a11b7cd⋯.png (3.16 MB, 1029x2101, 1029:2101, salt-speakers.png)

File: 0d96b0294e81bd9⋯.png (2.82 MB, 1006x1958, 503:979, moar-douches.png)

File: d776b30d76a3c03⋯.png (745.86 KB, 1205x693, 1205:693, sky-event.png)



this is kinda important.. and was overlooked in 2 consecutive breads


f954eb No.1436936

File: e1bbd6913c894f7⋯.png (499.49 KB, 851x939, 851:939, ClipboardImage.png)

69f1d5 No.1436937


The President of the United States is authorized to designate and empower the head of any department or agency in the executive branch, or any official thereof who is required to be appointed by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to perform without approval, ratification, or other action by the President (1) any function which is vested in the President by law, or (2) any function which such officer is required or authorized by law to perform only with or subject to the approval, ratification, or other action of the President: Provided, That nothing contained herein shall relieve the President of his responsibility in office for the acts of any such head or other official designated by him to perform such functions. Such designation and authorization shall be in writing, shall be published in the Federal Register, shall be subject to such terms, conditions, and limitations as the President may deem advisable, and shall be revocable at any time by the President in whole or in part. (Added Oct. 31, 1951, ch. 655, § 10, 65 Stat. 712.)

7172ba No.1436938

File: f3f3207650c55fe⋯.gif (1021.36 KB, 202x209, 202:209, MFKQ.gif)


>#1803: The Family Connects Everything Edition

Patron Saint of this Bread:

Momma Familia

68bbdd No.1436939


Good call out anon. I stand corrected.

5d2986 No.1436940

File: ea898dfa158371c⋯.jpg (15.28 KB, 264x299, 264:299, Goyim.jpg)


SmeIIs Schitty

fe17c7 No.1436941


I caught some of that and that's exactly what thought walking away

999345 No.1436942

File: 430922aeca57933⋯.jpg (375.59 KB, 1982x1328, 991:664, 430922aeca579338921796ed34….jpg)


How did it come to this from such a friendly COMPetent baker?

20e323 No.1436943


lady gaga knighted by queen photo of her bowing

lady gaga spirit cooks ?

queen spirit cooks ?

Crown = C = Children = Chair

P = pope = pharaisees = Pedo

3d63fc No.1436944


most people aren't going to complete your homework assignment in order to form an opinion. your rhetorical approach contributes little.

6f106a No.1436945


I hope she's singing fucking opera. With twelve-part harmony.

c30bda No.1436946




hmmm papacy being on would be interesting

I really think Windsor is one

I've wondered about Rothschild, but they are so rich/powerful/well-connected it just seems likely

Lazard is interesting, don't know much but I know anons have dug deep on them

a12c4d No.1436947

File: 6bb56d9eb520714⋯.png (414.46 KB, 963x506, 963:506, tint.PNG)

158609 No.1436948

Maybe targeted? Universal donor?>>1436901

2c1a86 No.1436949

File: 1f776e45b1f51fa⋯.png (66.77 KB, 161x238, 23:34, ClipboardImage.png)

d16422 No.1436950

File: e9587bc9b83be95⋯.png (487.67 KB, 639x336, 213:112, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 08325bfd1bb287e⋯.png (63.79 KB, 964x842, 482:421, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6b91e71bbeea8d7⋯.png (60.28 KB, 953x649, 953:649, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9548ed6da1e886d⋯.png (73.29 KB, 958x764, 479:382, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d9c5d5ce8813ab0⋯.png (42.9 KB, 977x576, 977:576, ClipboardImage.png)

Future historians will record: The insatiable international finance sector is trying to extend the domestic market system beyond the reach of regulatory democracy and accountability, caused WW1, WW2, and WW3

by sematrix

The international bankers, who see themselves as a post-national priest class, a chosen people of the cosmos, and the source of all manna, are actually insatiable grifters, predators and parasites upon the nations in which they roost, and upon the decent, law-abiding folk who form national economies. They leverage the work, productivity, and taxes of the “little people” — who form the backbone of the national economy — into a massive international system of debt, and usurious loot for themselves, and then attempt to grow their Ponzi scheme to ever larger global levels. Eventually all that holds this criminal loan shark system administered by shysters and shylocks and enforced at the point of a gun together is force and conquest, which inevitably manifests in a domestic police state, wars of conquest, and eventually world war — necessary to keep their parasite system from collapsing, and them out of the gallows for the treason and crimes against humanity they perpetrated to keep their grift alive. This will be the cause of WW3. THEY will be the cause of WW3, just as THEY were the cause of WW1 and WW2.

At a Rethinking Economics conference in Oslo last month I pointed out that western politicians and economists are repeating policy errors of the 1930s. The pattern of a global financial crash, followed by austerity in Europe and the UK, led in those years to the rise of populism, authoritarianism and ultimately fascism. The scale of economic and political failures and missteps led in turn to a catastrophic world war.


7149c6 No.1436951


Eyes wide open

641a7c No.1436952

Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID:99LpGawB Sun 12 Nov 2017 12:16:24 No.149122955

How did Soros replace family ‘y’?

Who is family ‘y’?

Trace the bloodlines of these (3) families.

What happened during WWII?

Was Hitler a puppet?

Who was his handler?

What was the purpose?

What was the real purpose of the war?

What age was GS?

What is the Soros family history?

What has occurred since the fall of N Germany?

Who is A. Merkel?

What is A. Merkel’s family history?

Follow the bloodline.

Who died on the Titanic?

What year did the Titanic sink?

Why is this relevant?

What ‘exactly’ happened to the Titanic?

What ‘class of people’ were guaranteed a lifeboat?

Why did select ‘individuals’ not make it into the lifeboats?

Why is this relevant?

How do we know who was on the lifeboats (D or A)?

How were names and bodies recorded back then?

When were tickets purchased for her maiden voyage?

Who was ‘specifically’ invited?

Less than 10.

What is the FED?

What does the FED control?

Who controls the FED?

Who approved the formation of the FED?

Why did H-wood glorify Titanic as a tragic love story?

Who lived in the movie (what man)?

Why is this relevant?

Opposite is true.

What is brainwashing?

What is a PSYOP?

What happened to the Hindenburg?

What really happened to the Hindenburg?

Who died during the ‘accident’?

Why is this relevant?

What are sheep?

Who controls the narrative?

The truth would put 99% of people in the hospital.

It must be controlled.

Snow White.

Iron Eagle.

Jason Bourne (CIA/Dream).


1d1401 No.1436953



Please explain what the hell is going on,

and then pass the bread to another Baker.

Can another Baker take over?

afb635 No.1436954

File: 60a7bd9c1cff057⋯.jpg (93.07 KB, 768x489, 256:163, SES Americom.jpg)

a216a3 No.1436955

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1776! We fight! Take 2 minutes, pass it around

e9c94b No.1436956

File: 9afef9cb9d3ee0f⋯.jpg (662.22 KB, 3072x2048, 3:2, IMG_4933.jpg)


The Baker needs crack to carry on.

9ccfd7 No.1436957

File: 22d1f05a6c112d8⋯.png (62.28 KB, 1000x652, 250:163, ClipboardImage.png)

2c1a86 No.1436958

File: ea8eb21a9a07363⋯.png (76.45 KB, 226x223, 226:223, ClipboardImage.png)

343865 No.1436959


nashing of teeth?

c30bda No.1436960



is family 'Y' rockefeller? rothschild??


3e37ff No.1436961

File: e78e9ec7c07c33a⋯.jpg (264.49 KB, 846x726, 141:121, researchisgood.jpg)


cfd3cc No.1436963


yes 100%

looks like have something in common after all

is this progress against ARBITRARY division?

ps - if 90% of the jews are in fact evil they can all burn in ovens - but this is not at all likely - get my drift?

1d1401 No.1436964



Baker why was this Notable NOT put in that was requested twice??

f954eb No.1436965

File: a8e6197dc646a23⋯.png (40.8 KB, 204x84, 17:7, ClipboardImage.png)

2c1a86 No.1436966

File: 8e0732b9c357e30⋯.png (90.19 KB, 286x213, 286:213, ClipboardImage.png)

b4de0e No.1436967

File: c8d0e0795e93397⋯.jpg (15.75 KB, 255x197, 255:197, 24fe13e4562d522d62e79f9bcf….jpg)

f93098 No.1436968


In the meeting with the Turks. it can to see Water, Coca/Cola and burgers.

Lesson of Sun Tzu for us. And Red Cross.

867304 No.1436969



a4a121 No.1436970


Me thinks so.

Bottom most picture says SkyBridge…

Almond activated

f400b7 No.1436971



2c1a86 No.1436972

File: a197eb2f6abff88⋯.png (170.37 KB, 294x226, 147:113, ClipboardImage.png)

86c669 No.1436973

File: cab1c1d2f907e82⋯.png (64.02 KB, 800x800, 1:1, cigpepe.png)


Lurk moar.

2ddca9 No.1436974


Evil? Lets just say more than 3/4 can't even vote R.

4b4a0f No.1436975


Fails the Shitmus Test.

343865 No.1436976


roths are far more in the game than rock

2c1a86 No.1436977

File: b6b51acdb673cc0⋯.png (127.78 KB, 365x242, 365:242, ClipboardImage.png)

352aee No.1436978


The Pope and QE are the 2 key players from what I have found anon.

a08782 No.1436979


Where do you think this idea came from? Another DARPA project?? The depths of their fuckery knows no bounds.

f400b7 No.1436980


Hmm. Maybe because it doesn't belong, isn't notable, and bakers do not take orders from you?

c30bda No.1436981


not the EO but interesting, going to check it out

f866d1 No.1436982


Parents were Silent, kids are Gen Z.


0ed896 No.1436983


Eekk high value for what? Elite aren't known to value anyone for their pleasant personality.

2c1a86 No.1436984

File: 4f090c042d672c2⋯.png (98.73 KB, 426x369, 142:123, ClipboardImage.png)

ef4b16 No.1436985

File: 474e8c3777cbc49⋯.png (783.65 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Dr_Brown_Eyes_Wide_Open.png)

File: 1ce1571b2717024⋯.png (291.83 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Q_crumb_2018_May_14_eyes_w….png)

File: cec7892e2ad10b4⋯.png (429.48 KB, 860x700, 43:35, Schiff_Eyes_Wide_Open.png)

File: 57c07189095b8e3⋯.png (572.56 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Pharisee_Paul_Schiff_ty_Ey….png)

File: 9501857537f1acb⋯.png (857.76 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Preet_eyes.png)

2c1a86 No.1436986

File: 542ce76708af31b⋯.png (148.68 KB, 294x213, 98:71, ClipboardImage.png)

afe640 No.1436987

File: d2ae0e90a8729f3⋯.jpg (126.53 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 4k3-p6.jpg)

Who wants to celebrate Ramadan with me?

fef0e4 No.1436988


gnashing of teeth, and rending of garments

b7e226 No.1436989

if you don't like the bread…

bake it yourself.

343865 No.1436990


im telling you, they are doing some crazy f up shit in antartica

prolly with nephilim, dna mixing

f3a820 No.1436991



>>>1436868 >>1436864 >>1436900 >>1436881 >>1436823

>Rothschild? (not sure if they're too public for it to be them)





Expand your thinking


68bbdd No.1436992

File: e163fc66bce6984⋯.jpg (39.26 KB, 717x487, 717:487, versicolorpage.jpg)

Kek Ju-Ju tonight. I hear this sound on my back porch http://www.leaps.ms/graytreefrog.mp3 and lo and behold a Gray Tree frog has taken up residence in one of my patio ponds.

Good stuff is about to habben. Kek wills it.

92044e No.1436993


what? um. last video you fucking nutcase.

6a6f9d No.1436994


Shitmus Test? HILARIOUS!

I ROARED AT THAT ONE! As good or better than the line from Men In Black where Will Smith says ……….scores high on my Weird Shitometer!

5d2986 No.1436995

File: ab2dd0d6715e4ad⋯.jpg (27.23 KB, 438x262, 219:131, SnakeBaker.jpg)


Wheres the snakebaker?

2c1a86 No.1436996

File: f73d8127c3d6c6b⋯.png (98 KB, 175x269, 175:269, ClipboardImage.png)

b8da5a No.1436997


Titanic was a fancy coffin for the US forces opposing the creation of the FED

a38f8d No.1436998


God Bless Flynn

3d63fc No.1436999


Dana Carvey and Steve Harvey.

Names rhyme. Coincidence?

f954eb No.1437000

File: 82050abe4c0d414⋯.jpg (356.82 KB, 979x757, 979:757, nancy.jpg)

8d24e8 No.1437001

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Here's an interesting clip of Spike Lee doing his 'angry black man' routine while speaking poorly about our President, to put it mildly. Until the black community gets off the victimhood plantation I'm not interested. We've all had it bad. I'm sick of it from all groups, including the cause celeb for slides on chan, which is my group and I'm sick of it with the Palestinians. Offer solutions to our problems and take ownership of the problems in your community. Enough with this crap. Be part of the solution, not the problem. I'm embarrassed for the conservative they have on the panel. Wish he was my neighbor. Would give him the key to my house. I have a great (black) family to one side and I drew angry ghetto-mentality folks who won't as much as say hello to the other side. Awful doesn't touch it.

641a7c No.1437002

Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID:gO/UntOB Sat 11 Nov 2017 23:33:51 No.149063644

Wealth (over generations) buys power.

Power (over generations) buys more wealth/control.

More wealth/control buys countries and its people.

Families combined (TRI) = NWO.

Inner TRI families will collapse.

What is the keystone?

What Nation dominates all others?

What Nation has influence over most others?

What is the keystone?

Return to SA.

Strings cut (+++).

Puppets (+++) in shadows.

Each side of the triangle controls a certain subsect of power brokers.

Power brokers are also labeled as the puppets/servants.

What is the New World Order?

Why did POTUS receive a sword dance when visiting SA?

What does this mean culturally?

Why is this relevant?

What occurred in SA?

How did POTUS remove one side of the pyramid?

What did POTUS receive while visiting China?

Where did POTUS dine?

What is the significance?

What if China, Russia, and others are coordinating w/ POTUS to eliminate the NWO?

Who controls NK?

Who really controls NK?

Who controls several agencies within the US, EU, and abroad?

Why is No Such Agency so vital?

Enormous scale of events currently ongoing.

Why is Russia helping to kill ISIS?

This is not easy to accept nor believe.

Crumbs make bread.

Operations active.

Joint missions underway.

The world is fighting back.

Refer back to graphic.

The Great Awakening.

Snow White.

Iron Eagle.

Jason Bourne (2016)(Dream/CIA).


>>1436960 same.

not sure… so, following that one, Y that Soros would be Rockefeller, seems to me.

goes with this one, too:

Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID:gO/UntOB Sat 11 Nov 2017 23:29:35 No.149063235

Hard to swallow.

Important to progress.

Who are the puppet masters?

House of Saud (6+++) - $4 Trillion+

Rothschild (6++) - $2 Trillion+

Soros (6+) - $1 Trillion+

Focus on above (3).

but it still sounds weird with

Realize Soros, Clintons, Obama, Putin, etc. are all controlled by 3 families (the 4th was removed post Trump's victory).

2ba7ee No.1437003


There it is again. City of London. City of London > BIS < Switzerland/Netherlands

But the City of London is much older… was it usurped? Who was the first Windsor intermarry?

C explains why the queen is married to a german.

2c1a86 No.1437004

File: 80d697834ecf7fb⋯.png (176.86 KB, 382x255, 382:255, ClipboardImage.png)

dbe893 No.1437005




thats a good start, appreciated, i hadn't heard

notice the PS DOJ FBI are underlined and all caps and last Q SAYS Next 1/2 kill box ???

4a187d No.1437006



f93098 No.1437007


If it's for to create Clones as in Star Wars. Maybe.

f954eb No.1437008

File: f4f032078999af5⋯.jpg (346.79 KB, 979x758, 979:758, NANCY3.jpg)

e02898 No.1437009

Hannity after he can click Brennan into this Crossfire Hurricane will then need to link to Obama daily intelligence briefings, and the other Obama staff.

61f77a No.1437010


This >>1436896

goes to you too. Tell me why I'm wrong or stfu.

Now I'm getting the full frontal, double ball buster experience? Like your retarded friend, you failed to offer anything of value to the bread.


This was the original decode of Q's mention about the chair serves the master, you fuckwad. I was here for it.

WTF you think the eye of Ra is? Their symbolism being their downfall? Are you totally retarded or just a double sided dildoshilldo? The top of the fucking pyramid? It's their fucking god. The moloch character they sacrifice children (chickens) to, the owl they huddle around in their faggot secret society ceremonies… You need to lurq moar.

Seriously, tell me how my decode of the chair serving the master (satan/lucifer/moloch/ba'al/their evil fucking entity they pray to and worship is incorrect?

There's plenty of fucking chairs. Pope, Kings, Queens, Chairmans of boards…. all these evil cock suckers running shit all serve the same fucking master and it's not someone in the flesh. They're satan worshippers you dumb fucks.

Now snap the fuck out of it and dig on some useful shit instead of looking like shillfaggots homofaggotting eachother's posts.

3d63fc No.1437011


Oh shit. Thanks for connecting those dots.

ef4b16 No.1437013

File: b85dfb6fdd3d846⋯.png (1.16 MB, 860x700, 43:35, paytriots_in_the_temple.png)

e65cf9 No.1437014


QE and the Royals are the root of EVERYTHING. The Vatican works directly for them.

When the truth REALLY comes out, all of humanity on planet Earth is going to be shocked, bigly.

12987d No.1437015

I really get the sense that a lot of people are beside themselves wrt the Democrats. they knew Hillary was a scam after Bernie and it's just one thing after another that keeps people from even wanting to go back. the Russia thing was a huge flop and the more they double down, the more people think it's absurd. they know that the Dems think they're stupid but they're not into Republicans to totally switch over.

6a6f9d No.1437016


I get the drinking, bacon and pussy references, but what's with the puppies?

7dd58c No.1437017


Powers and Principalities.

The seven churches of Revelation is concerning John's letter to the church in Pergamos.

To the Church in Pergamos - Revelation 2:12-17 …..'And to the angel of the church in Pergamos write; These things saith he which hath the sharp sword with two edges; I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan's seat is: and thou holdest fast my name, and hast not denied my faith, even in those days wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth.

But I have a few things against thee, because thou hast there them that hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balac to cast a stumblingblock before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed unto idols, and to commit fornication. So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes, which thing I hate. Repent; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will fight against them with the sword of my mouth. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.'

The Message to Pergamum

The city itself, Pergamum, once the center of a small kingdom, is here labeled a place where Satan has his throne, or where Satan lives (v. 13). One reason often suggested for this statement is that Pergamum housed a famous temple to Asklepius, the Greek god of healing, symbolized by the figure of a snake (Finegan 1981:173). An evil dragon in one of John's later visions is labeled "that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray" (12:9; compare 20:2).

Where is Pergamum/Pergamos? It is now called Bergama, a populous district, as well as the center city of the same district, in İzmir Province in western TURKEY.


2c1a86 No.1437018

File: 8e494e1dc456a77⋯.png (423.97 KB, 564x435, 188:145, ClipboardImage.png)

20e323 No.1437020

File: dce6a5315e66801⋯.jpg (10.34 KB, 459x152, 459:152, 37eff89789578d5649625660fa….jpg)

The Chair serves the master

Who is the Master ?



BC sat in slave garden in Chair. Renegade portrait in chair.

C = Chair and Crown and Children

P = Pope, Pharoh, Pharisees , Pedo

Q -> Queen Both C and P ->divinerights of kings bloodlinea

new def for C and P

C ->Children

P -> Pedo


afe640 No.1437021


Muzzies hate dogs, and like to poison them at dog parks.

e65cf9 No.1437022


filtering this fucktard

4b4a0f No.1437023


Great line! lol

120867 No.1437024


I would rather have fewer "notables" per thread and a greater number of digging results in the notables. I don't need to be inspired, or see prayers. I want to see what anons dig up that relevant to

1. Q posts,

2. our targets,

3. putting things together from 1 & 2.

no drama, JMO famalam

111b35 No.1437025

I've been following since the start… and I'd like to ask a question about the START.

When Q first arrived on Half-Chan he stated that while Trump was in Asia for APEC, there would be a massive operation, arrests and martial law were imminent.

None of this occurred, obviously. Has Q ever rectified this? Has he ever explained why he was so wrong?

I still follow, and still cling to hope that Trump is for real and will drain the swamp. But this question continues to prevent me from fully believing in Q…

Why was he so wrong in his original drops about operations while Trump was in Asia for APEC?


e32c52 No.1437026



dogs are haram

311d55 No.1437027


If the Judge helps BHO,HRC, cabal, deep state to let Podesta off the hook from all of the high crime cases against him the judge goes to prison for obstruction of justice & other charges

If the judge helps BHO,HRC, cabal, deep state to imprison Flynn with no proof of a crime the judge goes to prison for violating Flynn's rights

The Judge has to make a choice

Does the Judge want to go Home or go to Prison

bf7d87 No.1437028

http:// daniel11truth.com/the-abomination-that-causes-desolation.htm

This is interesting, but he's viewing the recent events through MSM-lenses and doesn't (I don't think) seem 'awake' in that regard. Really interesting stuff on Revelations though. I'm not well-versed enough in the Bible to agree or disagree with the predictions he's making.

#WWG1WGA #GoodOverEvil #LovePeaceHope

fef0e4 No.1437029


Needs LOTS moar BACON!!

3d63fc No.1437030


All I know is I'll never fucking vote again unless it's on blockchain.

de5963 No.1437031

File: 4216d8729c97ed7⋯.jpg (118.33 KB, 1200x1022, 600:511, Abid Awan.jpg)

Abid Awan's lawyer stomped over objections to force a woman – who previously said Imran Awan physically threatened her for calling cops – to reveal under oath what she told FBI agents investigating the House cyberbreach


6c5018 No.1437032


Kind of fits with Q post of Reagan, doesn't it

ee6ebd No.1437033


I have knowledge of a patient that is blood type Rh null, which is extremely rare. Most people (including this person) with this blood type also have a medical condition called paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH), which is a very serious form of anemia.

This person uses a medication called Soliris. This medicine is the most expensive medicine that I know of, approximately $15000 per dose (taken by IV infusion weekly). He pays out of pocket, insurance does not cover this medication.

This person is also directly related to the governor and former governor of a major state.


641a7c No.1437034

File: eb52b529b437244⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1111x777, 1111:777, Q_BiteCrumbs_20171112_Hind….png)


>Titanic was a fancy coffin for the US forces opposing the creation of the FED


1d1401 No.1437035


Do you think this is Notable?


3e37ff No.1437036

File: 73dd5de5488f0e0⋯.jpg (209.5 KB, 634x866, 317:433, not05162018.jpg)


floor is yours.

think mirror.


12987d No.1437037


good luck getting simpletons to vote on blockchain lmao

c30bda No.1437038


so rock would have been replaced by soros?

that makes sense


now for this, it would be papacy, not a single pope

even though its not a "family" its a line of control/power


it seems rothschild still COULD BE be one of the families if even though they are part of the triangle or IS THE TRIANGLE THE THREE FAMILIES?

^^^ Still confused by that

ARE THE +, ++, +++ families THE THREE FAMILIES?????

8edcdf No.1437039


Dogs can sense EVIL!!!!

c903d1 No.1437040

File: 0c66e0264f48238⋯.jpg (104.31 KB, 1600x1049, 1600:1049, tay.jpg)

2c1a86 No.1437041

File: b9013c26821abbe⋯.png (57.47 KB, 241x241, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

a12c4d No.1437042


"Mind your P's and Q's…"

867304 No.1437043


You are on target.

6a6f9d No.1437044


Shitfire. No wonder my skin crawls when I meet one.

f2ec5b No.1437045

File: 1742fd99a55ab74⋯.png (27.91 KB, 562x466, 281:233, Pain May 1.png)

File: c57cfc79bd476fd⋯.png (29.84 KB, 571x552, 571:552, Pain May 2 More.png)

File: 5916aa480bff9e7⋯.png (21.41 KB, 550x384, 275:192, Pain May 2.png)

File: 346080ddfd476dc⋯.png (31.92 KB, 556x570, 278:285, Pain May 3.png)


f38ea6 No.1437046

File: 5c4b081a404903c⋯.jpg (251.06 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, mudslimeareenemylyonds.jpg)

File: 9680313b3a62149⋯.jpg (228.22 KB, 608x498, 304:249, mudslimecrimes3.jpg)

File: ecb7fd6ea74574b⋯.jpg (17.99 KB, 255x255, 1:1, mudslimecrimes5.jpg)


These fucking paki scum and muzzy whores will need to pay. IN BLOOD.

a38f8d No.1437047


https:// www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/presidential-memorandum-secretary-state-secretary-treasury-secretary-defense-secretary-commerce-director-national-intelligence/

d1a7d7 No.1437049



b275d8 No.1437050


The timeline is laid out in parts. Much of which is backwards. Thus his constant reiterance of,

"Future proves past."

Past opens the map.

Map sheds light.

Light destroys the darkness.

2c1a86 No.1437051

File: 06462e508ac1304⋯.png (140.43 KB, 297x213, 99:71, ClipboardImage.png)

f2ec5b No.1437052

File: 972996d4d98dcaf⋯.png (40.31 KB, 521x648, 521:648, Pain May 7.png)

File: 8d85b0269caabdf⋯.png (27.93 KB, 518x497, 74:71, Pain May 6 and 4.png)

File: 64d691a887b1052⋯.png (36.41 KB, 451x627, 41:57, Pain May 8.png)

File: 3d8b6ff93744416⋯.png (34.84 KB, 574x555, 574:555, Pain May 9.png)

May DOJ 2

a946c4 No.1437053

Pandora's box is fully open!

The PAIN is upon them!

20e323 No.1437054


April showers bring May flowers

remember BC receiving flowers from Children from the slave garden in NK ?

Pope has problems in May

C = Children -> C Crown -> Crime Family

P = pedo

352aee No.1437055



You are preaching to the choir anons.

I know who they really are but it's finding any evidence that's difficult.

6e17bf No.1437056



Q posted F!ght F!ght F!ght WW!

Translates to Fight, Fight, Fight WWI

Song: “Then Fight, Fight, Fight” (War Song) from WWI by Mrs. Walter Cook

Lyrics include this line:

“With all our lives to stand between Them (i.e. US women) and the KAISER’S might…”

Kaiser Wilhelm II was reportedly amused when he heard his cousin King George V (1865-1936) had changed the name of the British royal family from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor in 1917 as a result of anti-German sentiment in Britain during World War I.

The World is still fighting Wilhelm’s family…The Windsor Family

24e2de No.1437057


Nice job!

343865 No.1437058


gf just read to me military - army is giving 50k

bonus for certain mos's. what is mos?

e68b6e No.1437059


Anybody notice how many times "Revolution" was mentioned?

a08782 No.1437060


Did Mean baker bail?

a38f8d No.1437061


""SUBJECT: Delegation of Authorities under Section 1244(c) of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including section 301 of title 3, United States Code, I hereby delegate to the Secretary of State, in coordination with the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of Commerce, and the Director of National Intelligence, the functions and authorities vested in the President by section 1244(c)(1)-(4) of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018 (Public Law 115-91).

The delegations in this memorandum shall apply to any provisions of any future public law that are the same or substantially the same as the provision referenced in this memorandum.

The Secretary of State is authorized and directed to publish this memorandum in the Federal Register.


e02898 No.1437062

If you recall all the unmaskings from the BHO admin. Then BHO changed the rules about intel sharing right after HRC lost to try and get stuff fast, he panicked.

f5e1da No.1437063


>Even if elements in the upper echelon of the Mossad are involved, and it wouldn't surprise me, …

How is this statement protecting involvement of jews?

I clearly stated it wouldn't surprise me if these people are involved.

My question is:

WHAT THE FUCK does that have to do with the Jews?

>All of this faggots posts in the rye bread were about protecting jewish involvement in the cabal. Go see for yourself.

No need to go anywhere.

I just restated my position right here for the fourth time.

Your little pee-brain nazi ideology says to you that if Jews were involved then all Jews are responsible.

I'm saying you're retarded to think this way because of your own memes:

The CIA is repeatedly referenced in you silly little 'memes'.

Who? Bush? Brennan? Anglos and Irish? McStain is also involved? More Irish?

What about Pelosi? Podesta? Italians?

By your inferior logic , all Anglos , and All Irish , and All Italians are responsible for the Evil of the Cabal because these fucktards are part of the cabal.

I'd call you a jackass but that would be an insult to jackasses.

Jesus Christ.

Grow the fuck up.

f2ec5b No.1437064

File: 54a2c1bb5d25790⋯.png (41.4 KB, 451x722, 451:722, Pain May 10.png)

File: 3c9dd75807e4e51⋯.png (36.85 KB, 574x624, 287:312, Pain May 11.png)

File: e13574fd3eb0b3f⋯.png (26.42 KB, 560x470, 56:47, Pain May 14.png)

File: d07f9d7c1325349⋯.png (27.84 KB, 577x481, 577:481, Pain May 15.png)

File: 9870f7a145ab291⋯.png (37.05 KB, 564x675, 188:225, Pain May 16.png)


2c1a86 No.1437065

File: a62c88c55ecd5e6⋯.png (144.53 KB, 286x246, 143:123, ClipboardImage.png)

3d63fc No.1437066


good luck getting me to vote anywhere else lmao

that's all that matters to me

fuck everyone else wasting their time casting uncounted votes

dbe893 No.1437067


Nicely done, thx….fills in some blanks i had

I wonder if they will release the intel committee testimony at some point…i'm guessing its all classified and can't/won't..it would be bad ass if they did

343865 No.1437068


love it, i got something in me eye when she was rubbing his arm

0bdaa7 No.1437069

File: e8ff73ca546faab⋯.jpg (44.44 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 14517358_1200048743372020_….jpg)




Future proves past…Over and over and over again.

6e17bf No.1437070


Military Occupational Specialty…your job

92044e No.1437071



2c1a86 No.1437072

File: 66c347288dd8f04⋯.png (245.8 KB, 393x255, 131:85, ClipboardImage.png)

b275d8 No.1437073


Satan is the master.

These people are sick

48f8ed No.1437074



cfd3cc No.1437075


whats the rumpus?

the idea the the master is lucifer is the most likely

why anon gets panties in a bunch over that?

4cfcb7 No.1437076



+ +

++ ++

+++ +++

I wonder if there is a left side and a right side to the pyramid of + power as well as another + on the tippy top?

c566e0 No.1437077

File: 35066a6fff5968b⋯.jpg (154.31 KB, 979x758, 979:758, pelosi no eyes 2.jpg)

13e338 No.1437078

I just saw Qs latest video, and I would like to say something to all the Israel and Jew haters out there,


Eat shit division fags!

( Per Q BTW)

c30bda No.1437079



that'd be REALLY informative

ee6ebd No.1437080


Election systems must move to blockchain. I am with you 100%.

52eb11 No.1437081


Military Occupational Specialty

2ddca9 No.1437082


In a historical timeline. A couple years would quantify what you are saying is "imminent".

History would show it to be a blink of an eye.

867304 No.1437084

20e323 No.1437085



Saville bringing the

Chair -> Crown -> Children

Pindar -> Pedo

120867 No.1437086


>Do you think this is Notable?

Of course. That's why we are here - taking the pieces, putting them together. That particular article does that nicely, is timely and relevant.

48f8ed No.1437087


People need to have their (((religion))) shaken hard so they can wake up and see the dogma for what it is. A ponzi fucking scheme.

13e338 No.1437088


We were told to " think mirror", so it would make sense anon

6c5018 No.1437089

File: 7e21ce50a6e52f0⋯.png (1 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-16-20-2….png)

File: 8f10d8fd0f39fad⋯.png (254.35 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-16-20-2….png)

File: 72ba652b347abb4⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-16-20-2….png)

File: ac98607c11191dc⋯.png (266.33 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-16-20-2….png)

File: 1bdf6a7a7ae69c9⋯.png (237.72 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-16-20-2….png)

https:// www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/investigators-believe-deadly-california-blast-was-caused-device-n874861

f93098 No.1437090

File: a6f6a73e6432863⋯.png (14.46 KB, 1152x96, 12:1, KICK.png)

How is possible to kick out a member of the NATO?

e02898 No.1437091

File: 7ff3208a2c90c40⋯.png (450.52 KB, 1280x838, 640:419, NDA2018memo.png)


He enacted this in this memo

Sanctions on Russia and helpers.

e64df9 No.1437092

File: dbc30fd3eef86f6⋯.jpg (78.05 KB, 480x360, 4:3, vaticansynagogueofsatan.jpg)

2c1a86 No.1437093

File: f9f2074aacaa678⋯.png (150.6 KB, 399x202, 399:202, ClipboardImage.png)

111b35 No.1437094


So he started with the end (arrests, military operations, martial law) and that's what we're leading up to? I suppose that's plausible. Is there a Q drop or a rundown that supports/proves this theory? Thanks for the response, I hadn't thought of this explanation.

343865 No.1437095



what do they do exactly

9adc70 No.1437096


Workfag that just got in. Missed follow up posts to the Video of the 10 yr old boy escaping out a window of Buckingham Palace with tied together bed sheets in (2015?) Was that real?

da9088 No.1437097

lmao now i know why they hate Donald trump https://famouskin.com/famous-kin-menu.php?name=55406+donald+trump

37e4ae No.1437098

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1st draft OIG report READY!


906eac No.1437099

So wife was watching a BBC America special about Prince Charles & Princess Diana.

Showed a clip of the two of them visiting Pope John Paul II.

Diana curtsied to the Pope.

I said "holy shit" out loud.

The implications, man.

3d63fc No.1437100


first identity needs to be moved to blockchain

possibly an even bigger challenge, but necessary

fuck giving it to all these hacked corporations

b4de0e No.1437101

File: 8f1109d4c59c004⋯.jpg (23.9 KB, 255x236, 255:236, 44b82b82b6bfe916748ac07f33….jpg)

1d1401 No.1437102


Well Baker has refused to put it in Notables for last 2 Breads,

after many, many people have requested it.

And won't explain why.

I guess movies and prayers are more important.

7dd58c No.1437103



2c1a86 No.1437104

File: c1b5f2a3e3cad3f⋯.png (189.26 KB, 343x269, 343:269, ClipboardImage.png)

0bdaa7 No.1437105


Way to many to count now anon. We post alot of them in the breads.

9adc70 No.1437106


from a couple of days ago

2c1a86 No.1437107

File: 3c93fc48336317d⋯.png (97.42 KB, 159x233, 159:233, ClipboardImage.png)

4a187d No.1437108

File: 425a742fc07d350⋯.png (91.88 KB, 719x363, 719:363, Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at ….png)

very important piece just published by sundance


7172ba No.1437109

File: 376bad708116bcb⋯.png (125.48 KB, 828x367, 828:367, et.idiot.png)





to >>1436816 + >>1436856

since the word "idiot" is being tossed around this bread like halloween candy, here's the historical definition.

<pic related


please do us a favor & clarify which definition you are using

>>1436816 + >>1436856

& how exactly any of these definitions are related to character whatsoever.

>>1436816 + >>1436831

c903d1 No.1437110


definitely plausible, nice

f93098 No.1437112


Lack eyes of Zalgo.

255248 No.1437113

File: 4133e1fcd29317f⋯.jpg (81.48 KB, 700x700, 1:1, a2415414682_5.jpg)

File: d48cc6973dce02b⋯.jpg (46.44 KB, 992x414, 496:207, gty_harry_reid_press_confe….jpg)

File: 0db86fee9562c8e⋯.jpg (97.4 KB, 879x477, 293:159, sfbsfbf13.jpg)



Black Eyes (cross my heart and hope to die. Stick a needle in my eye)

194b7d No.1437114


That or we went to plan B, where things are slower but allow time for public to accept outing criminals which hopefully prevents massive riots

c30bda No.1437115










we know (RIGHT) they are the "puppets"




THE LEFT could be the three families

the top would be the ABSOLUTE most powerful family

But are the "puppets the three families?

still unclear to me at least

2c1a86 No.1437116

File: 796af0e15f46af0⋯.png (66.63 KB, 238x166, 119:83, ClipboardImage.png)

3d63fc No.1437117


The appointed Idiot Judge has spoken

6c5018 No.1437118

File: 9a97d3a88356fd7⋯.png (965.08 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-16-20-2….png)

File: 065d9d5d96fde1a⋯.png (325.79 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-16-20-2….png)

File: c97e44fc1aeb7f6⋯.png (253.05 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-16-20-2….png)

File: 0fade2ed62ab9a1⋯.png (299.51 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-16-20-2….png)

File: 2eb1c0435a4ad68⋯.png (239.75 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-16-20-2….png)

http:// time.com/5280019/ina-rogers-california-torture-family/

Guy had a satan room for worship

352aee No.1437119


Yes, they are very sick and evil.

Getting favors of money, power and fame from Satan in return for their depravity.

999345 No.1437120


What's Lara Logan doing since volunteering to be raped for Hillary, Jared, Hussein's MB agenda in Egypt?

Is she still a media slave for the cabal?

343865 No.1437121


they have black cube (saturn), baphomet, owl, worshipers… me thinks they are all part of the synagogue of satan

6a6f9d No.1437122



You know, it's fitting that Islam, created by Satan, is antithetical to everything the world loves





I like cats too


867304 No.1437123


I agree, and add as many non-shill posts as I see.

9071cd No.1437124

File: 8c4bc3ef7734a81⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1180x787, 1180:787, e1745dd2cc231da404f493aff2….png)

File: d7e41880c1428c2⋯.png (821.97 KB, 1200x1581, 400:527, d7e41880c1428c26e46af3793c….png)






The irony of a man swimming in gold and worshipping satan telling all the peasants money is evil.

Vatican needs to be purged with fire.

1d1401 No.1437125



but Baker will not put it in Notables.


641a7c No.1437126


a lot of what he described happened, but not in the US, it happened in SA.

most of these "wrongs" are what Q & anons mean when they say "disinformation is real"… it's "moves and countermoves", statements that trigger predictable reactions from bad actors.

But the more you learn, the more you can tell the difference, and/or accept that fluidity of the drops. ie, Future proves past.

a216a3 No.1437127


Baker, if there are multiple requests, make it a fucking notable or be bounced

b8da5a No.1437128



Don't feed the shills….

3d63fc No.1437129


Is this related to a Q drop, or just satanism?

2c1a86 No.1437130

File: cbf95a56c72c314⋯.png (195.65 KB, 395x279, 395:279, ClipboardImage.png)

e32c52 No.1437131


Search engines are your friend, anon. You dig answers to your own questions, and report findings here for discussion.

a08782 No.1437132


You Anons trust blockchain vs quantum computers? smh Give me a paper trail and the chance to participate in the vote counting process. That's the way to fix it.

a12c4d No.1437133


oh shit….

….i think downton abbey covers this post and a lot more quite well, now that i think about it.

e0ce53 No.1437134


I posted this earlier.

P could = Pindar

bcf22f No.1437135

File: 3bfadfc4df5e1b5⋯.png (2.23 MB, 1036x833, 148:119, 1-3797375040000650.png)

20e323 No.1437136



The Lamp of the Body

But if your vision is poor, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!

No one can serve two masters:

Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other.

The Chair serves the Master

You cannot serve both God and money.

092b43 No.1437137

File: d57c517effa19d4⋯.png (70.7 KB, 640x492, 160:123, lpotl.png)

Last Podcast on the Left plays to an audience that should eat up something like Q. today they finally had a qanon "side show" in the first two minuets they sight Corsi and AJ as their resources. This is normally a good show, and they normally do their research. This episode felt so forced, almost like they where told to do it. If they had covered q properly their would have been plenty more added to the q army.

I don't listen to their political podcast which does lean heavily to the left. This podcast felt exactly like what the reddit article was warning about. AJ and Corsi are being used to discredit the movement.

dbe893 No.1437138


very , very short summary…rothschilds/natzis in america rolled in from europe control the narrative/cia/fbi is my take….do you concur sir???

0d1596 No.1437139

File: 2e877d00ffbcfb5⋯.png (151.89 KB, 633x1088, 633:1088, IMG_0881.PNG)


What do we know about this woman?

ed9070 No.1437140



a6adca No.1437141


I think it's because old people think fondly of Reagan, and he didn't seem 100% on board w/ fucking over America. It gives old folks something to rally around. If you are 30 now you were just born as Reagan's term was ending, for reference.

6e17bf No.1437142


The MOS will have a code i.e. 0302

Look it up and see what it says.

Then go talk to your local recruiter and sign his contract THAT DAY…don't hesitate…someone else might get the job ahead of you…

In fact, go to your recruiter first thing in the morning…with a pen in hand and be ready to sign up.

You will love it!

I did!

dbe893 No.1437143


Love It…brilliant !!

6f106a No.1437144


Either what the other anons said or they [POTUS and Q Team] shifted strategies or tactics as are not uncommon in warfare after re-evaluation. Also, they may have had some things fall in to their lap which necessitated modifications. We all thought it was going to be over by Thanksgiving. Ha.

a216a3 No.1437145


Roths have been under the radar for hundreds of years, until the last couple. FRONT MEN

73343e No.1437146


I hope so friend!

6c2ec9 No.1437147


I must say that every once in a while I come here , and it seems as though everyone has gone batshit crazy.

This is one of those times.

See ya tomorrow.

e02898 No.1437148


OHHH I get it!!!!!!!!

The House intel committy must ask POTUS specifically to order the DOJ to release all documents for him to do it without political repercussions!!

The OIG draft does that!!!!!

The OIG draft gives the House Intel commity the reason to request this of POTUS!!!!!!!

f2ec5b No.1437149

File: 0f1deb3448acae6⋯.jpg (96.31 KB, 1078x502, 539:251, alice snowden.jpg)

File: 6d4fc861451eb05⋯.png (115.99 KB, 881x655, 881:655, alice.png)

File: 10a09e67d52c6b6⋯.jpg (530.08 KB, 1080x1883, 1080:1883, alice alexa.jpg)

Alice = Snowden?

Alice is in Wonderland = the dark web

Alice is in Russia = held

Think Mirror

Alexa is in Wonderland = the dark web

Alexa is in the US = ??

Is Snowden Alice?

Is Bezo CIA?



646dda No.1437150

From Hannity - S Carter says draft IG report done. Jordan says will get soon. 1.2 mill documents. damn Sean! keeps cutting them off. All good news though, Anons. getting there. slowly but surely.

255248 No.1437151


Just one Pindar?

13 colonies

3b3399 No.1437152

Does anyone know why when I sign one of those petitions on the whitehouse.gov site that it will not verify my email? And or why if there are problems with this that it refers you to obamawhitehouse.gov???? Everywhere I went, it refers you back to this obamawhitehouse.gov!!!!

2c1a86 No.1437153

File: cad80afd49072a8⋯.png (176.52 KB, 399x223, 399:223, ClipboardImage.png)

7c2c1f No.1437154

Well, looks like it's over for the LARP, Anons.

POTUS will be charged, and impeached…

The Republican Party will dissolve…

America will, finally, die out…

7dd58c No.1437155



d1a7d7 No.1437156

File: 688ccb4815fb281⋯.jpeg (179.71 KB, 800x770, 80:77, 5a259f050b0d2.jpeg)



'Blind' in the right eye symbolizes INTERNAL blindness

'Blind' in the left eye symbolizes EXTERNAL blindness

c30bda No.1437157

God, anons are trying to figure out the three families that control the world, and there are Pfags STILL GOING AT IT


352aee No.1437158


Fake. Debunked months ago anon.

ed9d12 No.1437159

File: 62f1198ab0c8464⋯.jpg (598.75 KB, 1282x960, 641:480, Jack3.jpg)

File: b2b7311885d96f8⋯.jpg (589.26 KB, 1282x960, 641:480, Jack-IBOR.jpg)

Anyone have a twatter account they wanna burn?

3d63fc No.1437160



18019f No.1437161

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Indeed… more than you know down this rabbit hole.

dbe893 No.1437162


thats definitely a keeper !!

20e323 No.1437164


Does Queen have Eyes wide shut parties

with Saville ? Lady Di Found out ?

Can it be declassified ?

0f2227 No.1437165

File: 809c90cf74ac20c⋯.png (500.01 KB, 1101x689, 1101:689, school-shooting-fail.png)

gunman tries shooting up a school in Illinois

gets met by armed school guard, shot and apprehended

MSM = crickets

69f1d5 No.1437166


Thanks Anon, Reddit had something else posted but this seems more correct.

231667 No.1437167

File: e0f576b0e7864fb⋯.jpg (1.42 MB, 2069x2200, 2069:2200, ibor-2.jpg)

File: 46a8fd3de445195⋯.jpg (1.4 MB, 2069x2200, 2069:2200, ibor.jpg)

Font is Alternate Gothic EF #3 if you want to add your own hashtags

09cb57 No.1437168


>http:// time.com/5280019/ina-rogers-california-torture-family/

damnnn, thats fucked

71067a No.1437169

File: 54d2bf5dadf5bfb⋯.jpg (29.11 KB, 500x320, 25:16, cat bully.jpg)


Up-voted with a bonus cat tax.

a08782 No.1437170


Godspeed Mean Baker. You keep a tidy bread.

c20288 No.1437171


Revolving doors anon…. fresh meat daily….

8e801f No.1437172

File: 7c35ed8dd8a7425⋯.png (407.41 KB, 593x483, 593:483, James Cummy Sucks Cock.png)

Why didn't Comey come to the Senate Intelligence hearing today? Was it because he's already sat in front of Huber's grand jury and can't testify before congress?


867304 No.1437173


Oh fine. I think its a shill post but w/e

3d63fc No.1437174


da fuq you talkin bout??

0d1596 No.1437175

Jordan revealed it was Horowitz revealing everything we know so far!

e32c52 No.1437176


Bingo, anon. Sort of like us and Internet Bill of Rights. Our job is to make noise, and demand POTUS / elected reps. to fix the censorship problem. We point, they follow.

61f77a No.1437177


Me panties aren't bunched up. I was just told by 2 (((anons))) to lurq moar when I mentioned that. I admit tho, my response looks like I was triggered. Perhaps I was.


This guy says I'm on target. Who is this guy? The muhfuggin baker!

ee6ebd No.1437178


I support blockchain identity as well, must be a public ledger though. I do not want any entity (government or corporate) having the ability to "spend" (erase/invalidate) my identity, so to speak.

Considering our government has done nothing but erode trust, it's good we now have blockchain DLT, something that is much more trustworthy.

2c1a86 No.1437179

File: 4452abae546846d⋯.png (149.47 KB, 387x250, 387:250, ClipboardImage.png)

18019f No.1437180

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Another one… all crumbs I've dropped before…

I did audio analysis… the sacrifice here is real.

92044e No.1437181


sauce faggot? die a slow death or give sauce.

fee233 No.1437182


e0ce53 No.1437183


Pindar leads/controls the 13 illuminati bloodline families

24e2de No.1437184


Yeahhhhh, NO

4549bb No.1437185


Its fake. For a commercial

2ddca9 No.1437186

File: c1c3236bb7142f2⋯.jpg (45.86 KB, 289x290, 289:290, HitlerSecret2.jpg)

File: c563e49e6725c1c⋯.jpg (150.57 KB, 728x499, 728:499, ReaganJews3.jpg)

File: 6393351013b8e38⋯.jpg (136.73 KB, 728x499, 728:499, ReaganJews2.jpg)

File: 887d2b8a1961231⋯.jpg (81.22 KB, 489x555, 163:185, HitlerTruthNlies.jpg)

File: e3de6ee367e99fd⋯.jpg (73.46 KB, 901x749, 901:749, HydeWars.jpg)


Didn't say ALL. Most for sure. ALL in media and politics. ALL of them.

2c1a86 No.1437187

File: 9b971cec9b04c07⋯.png (99.9 KB, 270x213, 90:71, ClipboardImage.png)

7c2c1f No.1437188


POTUS to be charged with "ethics violations"

8d24e8 No.1437189

File: cb52ba8dbd7ed51⋯.png (290.85 KB, 627x375, 209:125, image.png)

File: c4b6660e29e3e60⋯.jpeg (13.06 KB, 275x183, 275:183, image.jpeg)


Cheers anon. That bullshit got old eight months ago. After a two day break from chan the first post I read today was, you guessed it, a muh joo post. There's a deep sickness with some of these people, who ironically enough, don't know the first accurate thing about Judaism, try as they might. 'The Babylonian Talmud,' give me a fucking break.

366ff1 No.1437190


Division Five.

6c2ec9 No.1437191


I know anon, but this all seems off to me tonight.

I am working on some presidential genealogy work any way. So, I will be digging.

60a6ce No.1437192


Anon, think pyramid


4882f6 No.1437194


More straw grabs, eh?

4549bb No.1437195


No Diana was pregnant by a Muzzy. That's why.

1dda34 No.1437196


That's why the NYT released the Croddfire Hurricane story. DOJ/FBI leaked it because the 1st draft of the OIG report is being dropped.

The NYT tries to sugar coat treason in their story.

343865 No.1437197


bs sauce, i seen original

255248 No.1437198


Does that explain the Left black eyes on multiple high ups?

Prince Charles has never had a black eye

366941 No.1437199

File: d6145ba8079691c⋯.jpeg (49.34 KB, 640x640, 1:1, golddigger.jpeg)

File: ca4a2fb999fc980⋯.gif (1.6 MB, 356x260, 89:65, nasimgif.gif)

b9f009 No.1437200

Are you still fucking crying you little bitch…you post the same fucking pictures every day…you are fooling no one

c30bda No.1437201

File: 4b7309a9eeadbf3⋯.png (43.14 KB, 314x270, 157:135, ClipboardImage.png)


the MSM and others are saying Q is a DOE employee…


a08782 No.1437202

1d1401 No.1437203


Why would the Release of the Horowitz OIG Report be a shrill post????

You have missed MANY NOTABLES in the last 2 breads.

I am angry because people spend a lot of time working here,

and you are posting movies and prayers.

Research will NOT be done, as long as you are here.

I am NOT a shrill

Pass off the Bread - you are losing hard work done by anons.

This isn't a Facebook for movie collections.

6e28cf No.1437204




(1) IN GENERAL.—The President shall develop and submit

to the congressional defense committees, the Committee on Foreign

Relations and the Committee on Banking, Housing, and

Urban Affairs of the Senate, and the Committee on Foreign Affairs

of the House of Representatives a report that includes—

(A) a plan to impose the measures described in paragraph

(3) with respect to each person described in paragraph

(2) by reason of non-compliance by the Russian Federation

with the INF Treaty; and

(B) a list of each such person.

(2) PERSONS DESCRIBED.—The persons described in this

paragraph are individuals who—

(A) the President determines are responsible for ordering

or facilitating non-compliance by the Russian Federation

with the INF Treaty; or

(B) are senior foreign political figures (as such term is

defined in section 1010.605 of title 31, Code of Federal Regulations,

as in effect on the date of the enactment of this

Act) of the Government of the Russian Federation.

(3) MEASURES DESCRIBED.—The measures described in this

paragraph are the following, with respect to a person described

in paragraph (2):

(A) Blocking and prohibiting all transactions in property

and interests in property of such person, if such property

and interests in property are in the United States,

come within the United States, or are or come within the

possession or control of a United States person.

(B) Inadmissibility to the United States, ineligibility to

receive a visa or other documentation to enter the United

States, and ineligibility to be admitted or paroled into the

United States or to receive any other benefit under the Immigration

and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1101 et seq.), and

revocation of any visa or other entry documentation.

(C) Prohibiting United States procurement from such


(D) Any other sanctions the President determines to be


(4) FORM.—The report described in paragraph (1) shall be

submitted in unclassified form.

3d63fc No.1437205



120867 No.1437206


That is unfortunate to say the least. Keep trying please, it's very important information. If anyone complains about the repeated requests, I doubt BO or BV would see it as spam or untoward in any way. I will also chime in, an anon in support of important info in the bread dough., also this >>1437108 is important IMO

>the coverup is worse than the crime

not really, but that is what usually gets people prison time with the feds, just saying…

c30bda No.1437207


lol foreal

1c5048 No.1437208

File: f295c02246dea3f⋯.jpg (21.18 KB, 273x185, 273:185, floyd pudding.jpg)


If you don't DERP your LARP, you can't have any REEEEEEing. How can you have any REEEEEEing if you don't DERP your LARP?

7c2c1f No.1437209


Yep, that man doesn't serve Israel AT ALL! LMFAO

da9088 No.1437210


idk how real this is but if anything its interesting talks alot about bloodline and rh -

a12c4d No.1437211


we have to break the circle.

that's what a 'Q' is…a circle being cut.

0de014 No.1437212


They just laugh as one sock wearing naked man chooses to fucking jump crooked and backwards to the ground more than 40 feet below.

Yeah just a prank. Makes your stomach turn.

a4eae6 No.1437213


David Brock took over Q. Wants us to go to war now.

ac5bdf No.1437214

File: bf10197a21c284b⋯.jpg (29.41 KB, 320x300, 16:15, allah bacon.jpg)



f13036 No.1437215


Net Neutrality is the communist safe space for the interwebs

867304 No.1437216

File: af7510df423b1fe⋯.jpeg (326.64 KB, 1235x1137, 1235:1137, estfears.jpeg)

7c2c1f No.1437217


You don't even know what that means, Boomer.

6c5018 No.1437218


I haven't dug, just posting news events in Cali. Yesterday they said it wasn't terrorism and today they are saying it was a package bomb.

7dd58c No.1437219


love it

fee233 No.1437220



6f106a No.1437221



They are scared, scrambling, shitting their pants and on suicide watch. God Bless POTUS, our military, Q, and anons.

25e7c6 No.1437222


Glad a few here get it.

867304 No.1437223

Notables SO FAR

are not endorsements


>>1437047 , >>1437061 , >>1437091 New Memo Delegation of Authorities under Section 1244(c) of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018

>>1437172 Comey was not at Senate hearing today.

>>1435280 Inspector General Horowitz Submits Draft Report of Clinton Email Investigation For Principal Review

6e28cf No.1437224

File: e11a4c54322318f⋯.png (240.16 KB, 456x1384, 57:173, Screenshot 2018-05-16 at 1….png)



b7e226 No.1437225


very nahhhsss

352aee No.1437226


Did you a favor. Find it yourself. It's old. Maybe you should lurk moar anon.

e02898 No.1437227

File: 7ff3208a2c90c40⋯.png (450.52 KB, 1280x838, 640:419, NDA2018memo.png)


The question is -

Was Uranium from U1 used to make these medium range nuclear missises? Then U1 facilitated in non-compliance.

3d63fc No.1437228


all that's missing is a little bacon Muhammed figurine and this'd be perfection.

975c74 No.1437229

hottie from south africa on soapbox nao.

8dec96 No.1437230


Turn it into pig farm for China. Leave box in center as a reminder.

c30bda No.1437231



got anons whining about muh notables

b9f009 No.1437232

File: 714e3574b79dfdf⋯.jpg (43.69 KB, 512x342, 256:171, Mcstain kike.jpg)

File: 90c239278b88db4⋯.jpg (7.5 KB, 266x190, 7:5, bushkike.jpg)

File: 2437ac8a8b117e8⋯.jpg (67.5 KB, 635x357, 635:357, Obamakike.jpg)

File: eee7c14d5fac6e2⋯.jpg (9.61 KB, 275x183, 275:183, clintonkike.jpg)


Quit posting that picture…it cheapens President Trump

513572 No.1437233


I believe that the royal families of Europe have been merging their bloodlines for some time. So even though Soros is a Habsburg/Catholic and Windor or Saxe-Coburg-Gottha is Protestant, they are now allied and interbreeding as well. It may be that they have now become one royal bloodline, and therefore they, the Rothschild's and the House of Saud are the only 3 branches left of the Illuminati.

5069ec No.1437235


and face his tatt makes his eye, the Eye of Horus…

5aaa54 No.1437236


Not Q Shill

4549bb No.1437237


What a cunt. You obviously watch that brain rotting E! Channel cos its for their gay "Royal" show.

334c07 No.1437238

How likely is Star Trek-ish future?

641a7c No.1437239

ohbytheway, some anons sperged when Q posted:

Q !xowAT4Z3VQ Mon 23 Apr 2018 16:25:09 5b3c72 No.1159716


When was UBL killed in Pakistan?

May 2 2011

Where was UBL located?

Close proximity to?

Think logically.

When did AWANs mission op go green?


Follow the timeline.

What happened during this time w/ Huma / VJ / AWAN / +3?

https:// www.congress.gov/bill/112th-congress/house-bill/5734/text

Follow the timeline.

https:// www.congress.gov/bill/112th-congress/house-bill/1699


https:// www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/112/hr285

Who is protected?

https:// www.theguardian.com/global-development/poverty-matters/2011/jul/11/us-aid-to-pakistan

Aid cut off in 2010?


What happened in 2011?

Define ‘Exchange’.

Sick yet?


but in the earlier crumbs:

Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID:wmN+33xv Tue 14 Nov 2017 21:25:29 No.149467690

Who financed 9-11?

Who was Bin Laden’s handler?

Why was the Clowns In America tasked to hunt/kill/capture UBL?

Why not MI?

If we found UBL, eliminated his security, why would we immediately kill him and not take him alive?

Why wouldn’t we want to capture UBL alive and extract other possible T-level events?

Perhaps someday people will understand ‘they’ had a plan to conduct ‘another’ mass extinction event.

WWI & II - orchestrated and planned by select families?

Fantasy land.

Remember, the more people there are, the more power the people have.

Why do D’s push for gun control ‘directly’ after every tragic incident?

Why is this so very important to their agenda?

We, the people, are who they are afraid of.

We, the people, are who they fear will one day awake.

Our Father who art in heaven,

Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done

on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread,

and forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those who trespass against us,

and lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil.


fee233 No.1437240



d8c8e9 No.1437241


they are not even the worst there is out there

867304 No.1437242


You can't please everybody.

20e323 No.1437243


Soros bet agaisnt the British pound ?

the rothchilds finance nazi germany

the rothchilds finance the empire

in uk German biscuits are known as empire biscuits

Hitler a Rothschild created the BIS - the Worlds reserve tied to derivatives

844a66 No.1437244

File: 4c4010f94943022⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 3796x2016, 949:504, 3a5b0767d95e45960bc31fed5d….jpg)

This cannot be shared enough.

0d1596 No.1437246




a08782 No.1437247

1436916 et al

Baker slide in progress

32b033 No.1437248


You are right you are not a shrill

You are a bonafide SHILL

You don't even know the proper terminology around here!! You can't even fake till you make it cuz you don't know how!!

5d2986 No.1437251

File: d1d21ab3014bc28⋯.jpg (32.38 KB, 454x340, 227:170, FifthEIII.JPG)

File: f35601861030dee⋯.jpg (44.13 KB, 342x390, 57:65, JewCandy.JPG)

File: 2747aefe7dea852⋯.jpg (45.27 KB, 718x436, 359:218, JewishCongressman.JPG)

File: 9fda8ffa0768353⋯.jpg (38.41 KB, 473x284, 473:284, JFK.JPG)


I love the truth.

It's the 5th element.

Fire, water, dirt, wind, truth

343865 No.1437252


f off shill, dont watch tv

that kid was scared so f off

f14dac No.1437253

>>1436347 lb

I think the [48] means AZ the 48th State=No Name


48 people from EU and Opposing Jackwads to Respond YE or Nay

b7e226 No.1437254


might as well please yourself

4882f6 No.1437255


Quit crying fool. Baker already tabbed it.

231667 No.1437256


Oh sure, so a shill just needs to have multiple bots create a consensus. That is a shit reason.

Baker use common sense.

639b24 No.1437257

File: 87181e1b6e87edd⋯.png (463.7 KB, 1167x372, 389:124, AQ21.PNG)


You guys see this?





6d692d No.1437258


Most of the country first heard of James Comey when he was appointed as FBI Director by Barack Obama. Some only heard of him during the Hillary Clinton email scandal during the 2016 election campaign. However, the Clintons had known him for years, in fact a couple of decades. Let's talk a walk through the time line, shall we?

Comey's first brush with Clintons came in 1996 when he was assigned as Deputy Special Council during the Whitewater investigation. Comey, reportedly, found some pretty damning evidence of wrongdoing by the Clintons including mishandling of documents, destruction of documents and a host of other charges…yet the Clintons, mysteriously, walked away mostly unscathed (except, perhaps in the court of public opinion).

The whitewater investigation over, Comey parlayed his role in it over the next few years until in 2002 he became the top federal prosecutor in Manhatten. Fifteen years earlier, Comey, working in the same office he now worked in, had prosecuted Marc Rich. Imagine his surprise when Bill Clinton pardoned him on his last day in office.

Of course, many of the pardon recipients had connections to the Clintons through donations to the Bill Clinton Presidential Library and Hillary's 2000 Senate Campaign. Comey investigated it but conveniently found no wrongdoing.

Shortly after, Comey was appointed as, get this, Deputy Attorney General (the same position RR now holds) by George Bush. During his time in that position he launched an investigation into the leaking of CIA Officer Valarie Plame's identity.

It was also during his time as DAG that he temporarily blocked the NSA's Stellar Wind program of collecting telephone metadata after going up against Alberto Gonzalez. This would not be the last time Comey and Gonzalez would lock horns. In May of 2007, after Gonzalez had replaced John Ascroft atop the DOJ. It was during that time that Comey testified before the Senate, in a public hearing, the details of the Stellar Wind program. Funny how Snowden got slammed for exposing the NSA's spying programs when Comey did it first.

Sauce for above: http://time.com/4276988/jim-comey-hillary-clinton/


What some may not know is that Comey has fairly deep ties to the Clinton corruption machine, and their money. First, James Comey hold the mortgage to his brother Peter's mansion. Now, his brother Peter just so happens to work as an executive officer at DLA Piper which just so happens to be the law firm that files taxes for…drumroll please…the Clintons. Can we say conflict of interest?

Now, flashback to 1996 when James Comey was appointed as DAG in the Whitewater scandal where, again, the Clintons came out unscathed despite several others involved being charged with over 40 crimes. Comey, supposedly, decided not to persue charges against the Clintons, even though he acknowledged that they had obstructed the investigation and destroyed evidence because of 'lack of intent' (sound familiar, it should). Flash forward 23 years and Comey again gets HRC off the hook because of, you guessed it, lack of intent.

Now, let's go back a few years and have a look at the career of James Comey. After leaving the Justice Department in 2005, he went to work in the private sector as General Counsel for Lockheed Martin. When Comey left Lockheed Martin in 2010 he had been paid over $6 million (hell of a salary for only 5 years, eh?).

Immediately after leaving Lockheed, Comey became a partner in…drumroll please…The Clinton Global Initiative and was awarded 17 contracts by HRC's State Department. Also during this time, Comey joined the Board of Directors at HSBC Holdings, a British Bank and longtime partner of…drumroll..The Clinton Foundation.

Sauce for above: https://stonecoldtruth.com/comey-tied-to-clintons-money/

With these kinds of ties to the Clintons, is it any wonder that HRC walked scott free on the email scandal? No matter how you slice it, mix it, throw it in the oven and bake it, Comey not recusing himself during the HRC email scandal was a serious conflict of interest.

(Continued in reply)

14c5bd No.1437260

What about the US families? Bush has to be up there. Rockefeller was, Morgan was. But Bush has to be

a8ff86 No.1437261

File: 02d6be1c0640ffb⋯.png (831.06 KB, 1280x1381, 1280:1381, pepe_suicide_by_airstrike.png)

107b63 No.1437262


very great genes..

fee233 No.1437263


Shut the fuck up, faggot, at least that faggot has enough common sense to chew out the correct person. THE SHIT BAKER WHO SUCKS AT BAKING. WHO'S MISSING COUNTLESS NOTABLES. Who is the REAL shill here, faggot? Him, or YOU? Because from MY point of view, YOU'RE THE FUCKING SHILL


6d692d No.1437264

File: a2dd169a3727283⋯.jpg (228.65 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Clinton-Comey-Circus.jpg)



About Loretta Lynch.

From 199-2001 Lynch was U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. A post Obama reappointed her to in 2009.

Loretta Lynch work for Hogan and Hartson Lawfirm from 2001-2010 during which time the law firm had taken over the filing of the Clinton's taxes. It was also during this time that the law firm worked in the patent for MX Logic software that HRC used on her private email server.

Loretta Lynch was also the lawyer that prosecuted a money laundering case involving HSBC Bank (you know, the one Comey was working at). Through shrewed tactics she managed to not win the case which saw the bank only paying a fine in the end. Not a single banker ended up going to prison.

In 2015 Obama appointed Lynch as Attorney General, making her James Comey's boss. Intresting positions considering they had crossed paths before during the HSBC proceedings.

And let's not forget the meeting on the Tarmac between her and Bill Clinton.

It is also worth noting that Lynch just so happens to be a long-time friend of Eric Holder's wife (you know, the fast and furious guy).

Cheryl Mills

Ah, Cheryl Mills, long time associate of the Clintons (dating back to…can you guess?…Whitewater). She was Attorney for the Clintons during Whitewater, the Lewinsky scandal and a host of other 1990s Clinton legal issues. She became Chief of State under HRC's State Department in 2009.

Sauce for above: https://grassroots.cc/sites/default/files/u59/161005_Comey_Clinton_Connections.pdf (also source for screenshot)


So, it would seem, HRC, Comey Lynch and Mills have been around each others circles for at least two decades. Is it any wonder HRC and BWC have managed to get away with so much for so many years?

975c74 No.1437266


Wife of John B Wells from Caravan to Midnight.

831596 No.1437267

(Add to the bread for anyone who wants to know the truth about SIS. This is very important and very evil)

SIS = Security Industry Specialist. This is key to the Cabal's plans to control Americans.

Clowns + FBI have been recruiting civilian assets to work for them. They are technically in the "security" industry, but they function as Cabal puppets. They are able to carry out destructive plans while maintaining some distance and plausible deniability. Employees are typically civilians with security clearance cards.

They are taught to conduct surveillance and inflict pain on average Americans. They conduct mass experiments using the latest classified technology. Technology and mind control are at the heart of this operation.

There's insane amounts of evil that take place here. WhistlerBlower Bryan Kofron (under the name Justin Carter) spilled the beans shortly before Q hit the scene. Coincidence?

#BryanKofron posts on twitter were completely deleted for the period of time when he first came out. This should help define his legitimacy. He's got a couple of good whistler blower audio tracks. Here's the first one:


The Cabal has masterfully deleted some of his work. So, as always, archive offline.

6a6f9d No.1437268



I used to live thereabouts. Nice area. She obviously did something or knew something that got her exploded right quick.

Hopefully, she didn't know what hit her. Took out a lot of the wall, and her with it.

Name looks like Eastern Eurotrash, or ex Sovietland. She is young enough to have been about 10 when they carved up Russia. She may have been the toy of an Oligarch?

92044e No.1437269


rules apply asshole anon.

you said it. how do i know it's not a wild goose chase for 100 anons?

we have rules for a reason. SAUCE FAGGOT.

343865 No.1437270


the best genes

194b7d No.1437271


Russians have plenty of their own uranium and know how to enrich it, smth is bugging me here

0f2227 No.1437272


relax anon

shill-baker Conf_

many of us collect the goodies

and bake them into future breads

not disagreeing with you.. just saying notables are collected

and reproduced

shit bakers happen

867304 No.1437273


Can I borrow some lotion?

cff7dd No.1437274


I agree, this is the SHRILLBAKER, you aren't a shrill, the baker however around this time IS a shrill because they keep making useless posts a notable, instead of the posts with noteworthy information cause of digging.

e02898 No.1437275

Hannity just said

Familiar with his initials!!!!


c30bda No.1437276


same, but I think the Windsors have become the most prominent and powerful (plus wealthy)

bcf7a5 No.1437277


Russia getting SANCTIONED.

My guess

> material support to iran.

8dec96 No.1437278

File: ad9286af2e19c22⋯.jpeg (190.05 KB, 800x600, 4:3, outreach.jpeg)

61f77a No.1437279


Hey baker, just cus you admitted that I was over the target, can I offer this one as a candidate for Notables.


>>1437010 Anon fends off shills attempting to rewrite history with old Q decodes.

5aaa54 No.1437280


shill reported

3d63fc No.1437281


No Name looks absolutely furious to be touching a Jew wall

W looks like he's trying to push open the secret door to the magic fortress

BO is putting his cigarette out on it

BC is about to bust a nut on it

aca79b No.1437282

Ok. Why is it so fucking hard to find information that you can be confident in? Most of us are not researchers, code breakers, programmers etc..


and now Q?

Is the whole world completely full of fucking shit?

ef4b16 No.1437283

File: 16cc7d2a4aa7e17⋯.png (3.58 MB, 2944x882, 1472:441, Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at ….png)

1c5048 No.1437284

File: 30c26cc02fbd46d⋯.jpg (17.53 KB, 274x184, 137:92, multikeks.jpg)

4cfcb7 No.1437285


idk I was just throwin it out there to see what anons thought. just exploring all of the possibilities

20e323 No.1437286


Is the Queen German ?

Last name Windsor ?

the nazi symbol is comparable to the G symbol of all masons. Is this the reason many docs were burned with regards to this?

If the masoni G is the Crown and they keep secrets. Are they shilling for the queen and not realizing it.

352aee No.1437288


Fuck off asshole, you posted the OLD meme, loser.

0bdaa7 No.1437289

File: e7a189d6d2081f0⋯.jpg (95.2 KB, 916x709, 916:709, 9f3f7ac75cdaec0c5e78a03a65….jpg)

4549bb No.1437290


Go kill yourself. Fucking retard.



ef4b16 No.1437291

File: 00ea46a45e2eec4⋯.jpg (126.08 KB, 940x788, 235:197, Bible_Hell_is_not_a_hotel_….jpg)

844a66 No.1437292

File: 0a857a01b0334cc⋯.png (68.33 KB, 682x223, 682:223, Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at ….png)


FYI: The House of Saud is JEWISH. They are called "Donmeh Jews".

Read all about it: https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2011/10/25/the-doenmeh-the-middle-easts-most-whispered-secret-part-i.html

Don't shoot the messenger.

69f1d5 No.1437293



Read the damn threads yourself and use your own brain to decide what is notable.


0d1596 No.1437294


Prease eraborate

cfd3cc No.1437295


i didnt mean your panties

the other anons complaining about your post


3d63fc No.1437296


Sorry anon, but that information is on a need-to-know basis.

343865 No.1437297


queen bows to jesuits

there is a good reason they are going out of bloodlines with this marriage.

i think they was told to DO IT

e583af No.1437299

Thanks to this board, Q, POTUS, & all of you good patriots, I killed my TV service today. Already my once-brainwashed brain feels lighter and clearer!

I loved TV for the election season so I could watch President Trump's debates, live, but in 2015 I quickly found myself going to Right Side Broadcasting on Y-uTube for live streams of Mr. Trump's rallies and speeches.

Well, ever since Q showed up on the halfchan in October, I have been sticking with Q and you guys to get the latest in breaking news. Thank you, Board Owner, for successfully hosting this board for so long. I am very grateful to all the good people here who contribute, and especially to Q.

Cancelling Comcast TV service was a monumental task. Those people definitely want to keep piping in the fake news and mind-numbing baloney. I have been trying to cancel TV since early May.

They wouldn't cancel by phone or even in person at the nearest Comcast store. I called Comcast and finally cancelled the TV service. IT TOOK ALMOST 2 HOURS. I think they thought I'd give up while they kept me on hold, so I just painted my bathroom while that awful "hold music" played.

I won. No more TV. All I have through Comcast now is just Internet service, and home security (one of several home security mechanisms that we employ here).

If feels so damn good to be free of TV. Today I studied all day at my home office. The only background noise was the sound of the birds, outside, and the sound of our dogs snoring.

Who needs TV when this place has the latest breaking news that matters? I'm eternally grateful. Thank you to all of you who post the latest links, and who keep us informed with summaries and insight.

603299 No.1437300


the higher bonus goes to the higher risk jobs to sign and retain personnel. The were giving 20K to 11B (infantry) with ranger tabs back in the early 90s.

92044e No.1437301


never posted a meme on this bread. sauce or you are just short of swamp slime… you are a liar.

d16422 No.1437302

File: ee5b9df6b357640⋯.png (20.69 KB, 893x274, 893:274, ClipboardImage.png)


97be45 No.1437303

From a previous Q drop regarding "4-6% are forever lost".

I got it. Figured it out.

4-6% is the combined percentage of the human population that are either psychopaths or sociopaths.

Meaning that psychopaths and sociopaths will need to be identified and dealt with to ensure humanity's safety.

From experience, one of the resident shills that harrasses v/pizzagate is a text book psychopath. I can show it if requested.

c30bda No.1437304



1c5048 No.1437305


And DJT is thinking about pulling out his fucking Kabar and scratching a huge MAGA in it.

b9f009 No.1437306


Nice try kike…you know damn well that Shitsreal pulls the strings

Things about to change kike… That precious wall will be a pile of rubble soon and millions of dead kikes will litter the streets of Isreal and America….

Consider it fair warning

e472f0 No.1437307

Lots of smiling people on Hannity- tomorrow is going to be a BOOM kind of day.

We never forget!

867304 No.1437309


Don't we have the best people folks?

2ba7ee No.1437310

File: 6ecc954a160209a⋯.png (110.34 KB, 1597x430, 1597:430, ClipboardImage.png)

File: da395987bff6a09⋯.png (672.36 KB, 865x869, 865:869, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 162a15d901f32f6⋯.png (100.05 KB, 551x770, 551:770, ClipboardImage.png)


>C = Coburg from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha


194b7d No.1437311


I asked in the last bread the same question and was called stooopid

70254d No.1437312


did you take it like the moles initials are SH

fe17c7 No.1437313


do they have any that contains US signature? wouldn't that be the shit huh?

e02898 No.1437314


he was talking about the FBI spy in the Trump campaign.

The main place I know uses initials is here.

So I figure he was talking to us.

cfd3cc No.1437315


>ALL in media and politics.

stephen miller?

ivanka trump?

they would be in ALL

hyperbole is not your friend

bcf22f No.1437316

File: 61751eaf81d4bce⋯.png (688.59 KB, 529x711, 529:711, 1868436419803537548.png)

0ed896 No.1437317

Sound Engineer Gershy Schwarcz put this together and “rules” the word is Laurel for alert/rested (good) ears while it is heard Yanny for tired/weak (bad) ears. Sign up for your Obamacare Hearing Aids, Yanny fans… Or get some sleep. cc

1cfb28 No.1437318


>>1427755 Strategy




Twitter [nope]

Facebook [nope]

Youtube [nope]

Phone Call & Text [YES]


Raise Awareness

Gain Signatures


Use Voice and Texting Capabilities to your advantage

Attack Window


NOW until Congress Acts


Attack Vector

Hello (Mom/Dad/Brother/Sister/Uncle/ETCETC), I just got censored on [Facebook / Twitter / Youtube / Reddit / Etc]. Will you help me and other family members from being censored? There is this #InternetBillofRights, going on, maybe you could sign and spread?


e583af No.1437319


I'm intrigued, so would you please post it?

Thanks, Anon.

5d2986 No.1437320

File: 45d28605f3b26fe⋯.jpg (35.5 KB, 423x336, 141:112, FifthEShill.JPG)


I'm so glad they got the weapons shipment

e02898 No.1437321


Listen or watch for any initials dropped.

867d37 No.1437322


Thanks for the link Anon!

262b4d No.1437323


Did you see that Webb paid Beanz? Your comment made me think that this happens more than we know. "Hey I'll pay you X to cover this on your show and have this opinion."

cfd3cc No.1437324


micheal savage

mark levin

them too?

3d63fc No.1437325


I'm a blue-eyed cracker, you stupid Nazi cunt.

18019f No.1437326


God you people don't fucking pay attention!

Sorry to be nasty but I've dropped so much knowledge on this front it's shameful to have to rehash it…

Learn to lurk moar, read moar, dig moar first

I'll start next bread with some things that will lead you to water

641a7c No.1437327

>>1437138 >>1436960

well, based on this crumb these would be the (3):

<Who are the puppet masters?

<House of Saud (6+++) - $4 Trillion+

<Rothschild (6++) - $2 Trillion+

<Soros (6+) - $1 Trillion+

<Focus on above (3).

but there is that early crumb saying

Realize Soros, Clintons, Obama, Putin, etc. are all controlled by 3 families (the 4th was removed post Trump's victory).

more families Quotes:

<How did Soros replace family ‘y’?

<Who is family ‘y’?

<Trace the bloodlines of these (3) families.

<WWI & II - orchestrated and planned by select families?

<Fantasy land.

<Remember, the more people there are, the more power the people have.

<Red Cross is corrupt and used as a piggy bank.

<Future topic.

<Diseases created by families in power (pop control + pharma billions kb).

<Think AIDS.

<Future topic.




<Identify symbolism (Owl / Y).


<The graphic is key.

<Re-read graphic (ex: what family did Soros replace (Y)).

<Part II – How were they ‘adopted’ into the cult (as children).

<What were they provided for obeying and staying silent (brainwashed)?

<Rothschilds (cult leaders)(church)(P)

<Banks / Financial Institutions

<WW Gov Control

<Gov Controls People


<Oil Tech Sex/Children

<SA Controls (assigned) US / UK Politicians / Tech Co’s (primary)


<Controls organizations of people (create division / brainwash) + management / operator of slush funds (personal net worth never reduces think DOJ settlements Consumer Iran Enviro pacts etc etc)

</_\ - Rock (past)(auth over followers)

< _\ (present)


<Order is critical.

<Strings cut to US/UK.

<Expand your thinking.

<Swamp drain.

<1 - sexual harassment exit + future


<[R] - No.

<Bomb away.


37e4ae No.1437328

File: c5dfe81c131b40b⋯.png (259.04 KB, 618x635, 618:635, homenow.png)


>POTUS will be charged, and impeached…


1d1401 No.1437329


I have research and important things to post,

but will not post until the Baker is gone. I have been very patient, quiet and polite the last 2 breads.

2ddca9 No.1437330


I love Miller. He rocks. Ivanka? Not so much.

bcf7a5 No.1437331


Shills gonna shill.

a4eae6 No.1437332


That twoof right there.

812194 No.1437333

Giuliani on Laura Ingram in 10

cf50b1 No.1437334

And don't ask too many questions. >>1437142

2e1709 No.1437335

20e323 No.1437336


The Rothchilds wanted to kill other bloodline

families from the titanic and Hidenburg ?

Grab banking power from the FEEDER fed.

Spirit Cooking -> the Feeder ? Sheep ->sacrafice -> pawn

0de014 No.1437337


Crickets .. well done Anon.

What will the blind do when the truth is revealed?

They will run from it, feel sick and hide from the truth by denying it and then getting angry at it.

While we sat here for so long knowing all along.

Israel being saved for last … 911

5d2986 No.1437338

844a66 No.1437339


You smart. You get it.

32b033 No.1437340


Sorry I posted to the wrong one, but if you look at your post, it does say Shrill.

This kind of crap pisses me of just like you. I too have invested a lot time and plenty of posts.

df02f6 No.1437341

File: da12902e4065e86⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 756.42 KB, 687x723, 229:241, npee.PNG)

b9f009 No.1437342


Sure thing schlomo…race is more than skin or eye color

dbe893 No.1437343


astor 1.272 trillion in 2011…

The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Rothschild, Rockefeller and Morgan Families


2b4d9f No.1437344

File: fb8378792044f8b⋯.jpg (180.53 KB, 492x693, 164:231, nature's Q.jpg)

On my constitutional this morning I ran across this and had to take a picture of it. Immediately I saw a Q.

Is it just me?

e02898 No.1437345


I missed that explain please


e32c52 No.1437346


Why look to find *a person* to explain and interpret events to you? That chosen person becomes your gatekeeper. That's dangerous.

Why not read and listen to variety of info sources? Conservative TreeHouse, Gateway Pundit (decent starting points) lots of newspapers. Evaluate info yourself.

4d9eee No.1437347


Pink (red) Floyd (flood)

Red Wave

a38f8d No.1437348


Oh …. OK. Your TV tell you this? Keep drinking the koolaid and you're going to be in for a big surprise.

14c5bd No.1437349


The house of windsor was not originally called windsor.

The Queen's actual last name..and blood line is Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

So yes, German

eb54df No.1437350

Well I got my creepy personalized Q message. I'm still numb. Any one else get one last night?

cfd3cc No.1437351



i know lots of jews

if any of them ever even held a volume of talmud in their hand i t would be a shock

6a6f9d No.1437352


I have not seen anything to make me believe that Hannity comes here to see us debate and deduce the truth. Good if he does, but bad if he comments, because he fucking interrupts everyone on the motherfucking planet.

I can't stand him for that. He needs to fucking relax.

He needs to get laid more.

646dda No.1437353


yes. that's it. initials are SH cause Newt grinned. driving me nuts. who is it?

844a66 No.1437354


The (((ones))) you think you can trust… the (((ones))) you think are your friends… Those are the (((ones))) deceiving you the most.

a946c4 No.1437355


Really hoping the normies are paying attention. I think the blinders are fixin to come off!!!

194b7d No.1437358


Without doxxing what was it?

3b3399 No.1437359


Funny, but not funny is

Pepe, the Grey Pope!!!

2ba7ee No.1437360


Not a shill post.

6a6f9d No.1437361


Sean Hannity? LOL!

ac36a5 No.1437362

God damn look at all the muh joo shills out tonight the clowns are out in force, the national socialist clowns never give up!

3d63fc No.1437363


You're reading an awful lot into my humorous captions of people at the wall. I think it's time to take your meds and give the butt plug a good twist.

0d1596 No.1437364














b9f009 No.1437365

File: e1e64f1e1720472⋯.jpg (20.18 KB, 283x178, 283:178, atheistjews.jpg)

File: be3375595e3e731⋯.jpg (65.81 KB, 600x420, 10:7, atheismsatanism.jpg)


The atheists are the worse ones

25e7c6 No.1437366


Political Repercussions??? That's BS! The procedures have long been in place that the OIG gives findings to the Director of said agency. The Director of said agency gives an overview of full report to the proper governing Congressional body. Then Congress decides what they want to give to the people. There is NO requirement for Potus to order this distribution of the OIG's findings.

3b8680 No.1437367

File: 3efa2c680633c35⋯.png (560.79 KB, 2208x1242, 16:9, 623A3C8E-B778-4E1E-9CC4-F4….png)



Why has this not been all over the place!?

This seems IMPORTANT!

“His job at the NSA complete, Adm Rogers is free to testify”

And just “coincidence” retirement effective May 4, 2017 ? = same day as @POTUS tweet “Rigged System” & today with 2 grandpas (JC JB) - Comey

This puts it into better perspective:


I have found a deep respect for this Patriot & would love to thank him for his dedicated service to this country!

This has to be important!!!

2ddca9 No.1437368


Yeah they suck. They are tribe first. America is second. They promote the fiction of WWII. Always lying about the subject.

That is why they are there to influence you goy.

90% truth 10% poison is not 100% truth.


37e4ae No.1437369


Or… And hear me out…

The Goyim know.

8d24e8 No.1437370

File: c4b6660e29e3e60⋯.jpeg (13.06 KB, 275x183, 275:183, image.jpeg)

File: 2a7c094549bae84⋯.jpeg (20.39 KB, 252x223, 252:223, image.jpeg)

File: ce78d59a16ee07d⋯.jpeg (91.24 KB, 500x700, 5:7, image.jpeg)

File: 6f90899260c8062⋯.jpeg (133.62 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, image.jpeg)


Do you actually think that's how you ask someone to do something?

Cheapens, like the prestige value of a Nobel Peace Prize after one was given to Obunghole?

By the way, FUCK YOU!

844a66 No.1437371


(Calls himself a "blue-eyed cracker")

(Calls another a "Nazi")


Crawl into an oven, you filthy kike.

71067a No.1437372

File: b9d7536aed5360f⋯.jpg (108.11 KB, 616x768, 77:96, szCpsOdpaXILujI47NNObvuF97….jpg)


Everyone screaming in red text should be flogged.

Baker did do a crappy job on the notables but is trying to make up for it.

776cd8 No.1437373

File: 35e91717b78957f⋯.png (285.46 KB, 2146x966, 1073:483, Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at ….png)

MKUltra disclosed when?

e6a7f4 No.1437374

File: a3db4f9da6d4a40⋯.jpg (25.64 KB, 718x284, 359:142, HHPAoSx-CnG.jpg)



>Song: “Then Fight, Fight, Fight” (War Song) from WWI by Mrs. Walter Cook

Do you have any sauce on that anon? Went looking back when 1st mentioned and couldn't find nothin. Very curious to read the full lyrics/history. thx.


we're movin into some interdasting places anon.

any idea how this dude is involved? looks like a Royal Douchebag.

2ce9ca No.1437375

i dont believe you

2ddca9 No.1437376


Notice how often those two talk about jews without calling them jews. Really makes you think.

6d692d No.1437377


Yep…then people get all butthurt because their hardworked post isn't included in the notables.

If someone wants to point out notables, or a baker asks if they are missing any…it isn't a crime…really.

d4e06e No.1437378


Agree, except:

>FBI/DOJ first (1/2) -> C_A/STATE NEXT (2/2)

Next [1/2]. is judiciary; C_A/STATE has been cleaned per Q NSA>CIA, 7th floor is no more.

646dda No.1437379


no. the spy in Trump's campaign. his initials are SH. not Hannity.

c64f79 No.1437380

To bad you guys aren't smart enough to have listen to Soapbox 24/7 …

John D. Wells' wife is talking about South Africa…

844a66 No.1437381


Ding, ding, ding…

c30bda No.1437382


my thoughts exactly, soros can't be one because HE is controlled by the THREE FAMILIES

not sure if the "puppet masters" would be in the 3 families

I'm collecting all NWO/Three families crumbs now

c20288 No.1437383

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


If you have not yet seen, enjoy. Knew he looked familiar

> …….

ab894f No.1437384


Late 90s, rather

2c1a86 No.1437385

Pope Francis

Born: Dec 17, 1936 (age 81) ·

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Papacy began - March 13, 2013

Pope Movie : debuts on May 18, 2018

Ca you see any special numbers?

120867 No.1437386

File: 57dc11c46be3dcb⋯.png (18.34 KB, 313x336, 313:336, delta squad special opps.png)


That is a work of beauty!

b9f009 No.1437387

File: 892f8698b20def0⋯.jpg (96.67 KB, 640x384, 5:3, 911jews.jpg)


By the end of the year every kike in the world will hate Donald Trump…

Screenshot this

3d63fc No.1437388


Oh shit the Nazi got me talking shit to myself.


366941 No.1437389

File: 640e61d70259bad⋯.jpg (11.91 KB, 255x255, 1:1, ewww.jpg)

eb54df No.1437390


Pretty much a response to a post I made.

da9088 No.1437391


some people say that jacob rothschild is the pinadr if that position exists. wouldnt he be too public tho ?

8cb04a No.1437392

File: 87e97a4388819ae⋯.png (244.08 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20180514-094645.png)

092b43 No.1437393


i didnt, but i think you are right. They are moving even to the small shows now.

48f8ed No.1437394


TOP FUCKING KEK. Oh my! This shit got me!

1d1401 No.1437395


Thank you. I have NEVER complained about a Baker,

and have been very appreciative to them.

But, with this shit going on for 2 breads, something needed to be said.

So, Baker just ends up calling be a shill.

20e323 No.1437396

911 a rothchild move ?

Queen protecting mueller ?

Plenty of Silver under the Towers ?

Banking maneuver short stock ?

Place bets in BIS ?

PS off to London ?

Queen was part of 911?

Queen seeking shelter ?

8d24e8 No.1437397


Dingbat, dingbat, dingbat goy.

b3cf41 No.1437398

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

48f8ed No.1437399


Combo kek! /ourgirl/ is back!

e02898 No.1437400


I know that and you know that it is the DOJ that has seem to have forgotten this.

2ba7ee No.1437401


The Queen Beatrix Kingdom of the Netherlands cabal?

3d63fc No.1437402


just kidding lol

i'm an old black lady

ac36a5 No.1437403


clown gtfo

a4eae6 No.1437404

I have the solution. Everyone hold their breath until someone is arrested. Go!

28dc69 No.1437405


How did you get it? Phone?

6a6f9d No.1437406


I know it isn't Sean. Fuckin' wit chu!

Harper was known on here days ago. They are typically 3 days behind, because they need to fill an hour a night, so they unwind stuff we talked about at least days ago, if not a week.

Maybe they get their show cues from us?

Stranger things have happened.

But where the 5 get their show scripts is anyone's guess. What a tard show. Martha is brighter than most of them.

2ddca9 No.1437407


We prefer ITS THE GOOZ shills.

You are the muh gooz shill.

In reality we are just TRUTH SHILLS.

641a7c No.1437408

File: eb4096eff9826fc⋯.png (1012.73 KB, 1111x777, 1111:777, Q_BiteCrumbs_20171105_z_FL….png)

366941 No.1437409

File: 8823ddee1f8927f⋯.png (70.57 KB, 255x160, 51:32, pepebaking.png)

2ba7ee No.1437410


Per another anon's post… House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

906eac No.1437411

File: 43d27b5f9730efc⋯.jpg (15.16 KB, 233x255, 233:255, Halper.jpg)


What the hell, man. We were digging on Stefan Halper LAST WEEK.

My entire Twatter feed is like the Stefan Halper Show

Here, save yourself some time, good background on Halper

Is that a punchable face, or what?

Total Deep State asshole. In the Middle Ages, they'd have burnt this jerk at the stake.


cf50b1 No.1437412

Creepy message here…not thinking it was Q.


3d63fc No.1437413


HRC will be arrested Nov 2, 2017.

70254d No.1437414


seaan hannity said he is real familiar with the moles inetials i took that as they share inetials

975c74 No.1437415


*passes out*

*face smashes keyboard*


92044e No.1437416



17 years.



9:12:2018=Dead… (You)

37e4ae No.1437417


>clown gtfo

If I were a clown I wouldn't point out that the Goyim know.

But the Goyim know.

d55394 No.1437418


Creepy? Not uplifting? Revitalizing?

194b7d No.1437419


Idk, we all get strange messages once in a while, you decide for yourself. I know about 2 people, one got smth in the mail and Fran got a Q, he posted a picture here, thats it

2537a0 No.1437420


Yeah the Q posts are all titled something other than what Q said.

Baker thinks he's cute.

867304 No.1437421


>>1437047 , >>1437061 , >>1437091 New Memo Delegation of Authorities under Section 1244(c) of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018

>>1437172 Comey was not at Senate hearing today.

>>1435280 Inspector General Horowitz Submits Draft Report of Clinton Email Investigation For Principal Review

>>1437010 Anon fends off shills attempting to rewrite history with old Q decodes.

Any additions?

343865 No.1437422

I WAS flipping threw channels last night just to see what kind of shit they are doing now.

cartoon called archur… wtf are they promoting to our kids!

in 5 minutes i watched, used Gods name in vain 5 times, promoting murder, mixed sex, animal sex, open marriage. wtf

then on commercial was advertising a show of a gay ball! just f wow

144795 No.1437423

File: 71b482f6a90d886⋯.jpg (131.9 KB, 922x602, 461:301, draintheswamp.jpg)

97be45 No.1437425

File: aa9f5b1fe92bd30⋯.png (114.43 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_0498.PNG)

File: 752cb106e6945f9⋯.png (133 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_0499.PNG)

File: 941122248685610⋯.png (114.21 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_0506.PNG)


Can do. This guy (and his alts). On record saying empathy is a bad thing, believes rape is morally acceptable. Some of his other posts have him giving frequent death threats to pizzagaters, shilling for islam, being a misogynistic pig, saying there should be more rapes in America.

Definetly needs some Marines to "give him an attitude adjustment". Said Marines should be women to personally insult his pride.

c30bda No.1437426


I saw that, but its not anymore, that would be the BLOODLINE of the FAMILY

I've noted that

I focused on the three families since we really don't seem to have a good definitive answer

(for some of the earliest crumbs)

cfd3cc No.1437427


i went to jerusalem and up to the wall

trust me

its nothing special

7cd0fb No.1437428

Has "watch the water" been defined? I figured it's the background pic in NK , however talking with a banker all bank lingo is about water? Liquidate, cash flow etc

6d692d No.1437429


Now you realize why i haven't owned aT.V. in over 5 years.

366941 No.1437430

File: 0eae054a195c14f⋯.jpg (210.53 KB, 1034x1577, 1034:1577, nasimsacrifice.jpg)






Angels are among us, anons. Kek!

2ddca9 No.1437432

File: 8c1ea730bbfcc41⋯.jpg (131.23 KB, 750x500, 3:2, TextHoax.jpg)

File: 0e66122f382d01a⋯.jpg (100.02 KB, 910x480, 91:48, TextHoax2.jpg)

File: 6f884b2485b57ba⋯.jpg (140.69 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, TextHoax3.jpg)

File: a656c8f434bfeb3⋯.jpg (98.49 KB, 680x332, 170:83, TextHoax4.jpg)

Imagine thinking generation Z doesn't know how to find things out on the internet or their phone…Wew lad

eb54df No.1437433


I'm actually worried about saying too much. Is there a "rule" or a code of silence we're supposed to adhere to. I know it sounds paranoid but it's just weird

aca79b No.1437434


I'm totally with you on that.

I started with Alex Jones, now he's controlled opposition

Q starts and I am totally on board and now there's stories about after half chan Q was a financial venture.

I know it is up to each man to gain knowledge.

It just seems to be all the wells are poisoned.

Is this board comped?

906eac No.1437435

File: 43d27b5f9730efc⋯.jpg (15.16 KB, 233x255, 233:255, Halper.jpg)

File: 43d27b5f9730efc⋯.jpg (15.16 KB, 233x255, 233:255, Halper.jpg)

File: 43d27b5f9730efc⋯.jpg (15.16 KB, 233x255, 233:255, Halper.jpg)







262b4d No.1437436


I can't remember how I got directed to Unirock2 but that YT channel has a report on the finding of the bank transfer from Webb to Beanz back in Feb 2017. It came from a person who was doing all the researching for Beanz who got text the screenshot of the bank transfer by mistake. This researcher eventually became pissed at Beanz bc she never gave credit to the researcher and Beanz was literally using this persons SCRIPT in her videos. So she finally unleashed all of the info.

1d1401 No.1437437


Notables are really helpful for people coming on, to get caught up and not to keep posting news over and over.

I read all of them every bread.

f601a3 No.1437439


She is talking about how South Africa was defeated from within by common core an a people brain washed by propaganda… hmm mirror perhaps!

111b27 No.1437440


By the end of the year every last one of you shit suking shills will commit suicide.

844a66 No.1437441


I hope I'm the one to slam the oven door on you and your family.

343865 No.1437442


i have one, watch pbs and its getting bad and local weather

d4d4b9 No.1437443

File: bd4c806efb66c77⋯.png (211.78 KB, 420x314, 210:157, SMELT IT DEALT IT.png)



(see pic)

32b033 No.1437444

File: 368e5956ec02794⋯.png (17.34 KB, 669x234, 223:78, ClipboardImage.png)

What is this?

dbe893 No.1437445


thx…very intuitive,

y as in XYZ ?

The Federal Reserve Cartel:

The Rothschild, Rockefeller and Morgan Families ?


d55394 No.1437446


Oh, that happens.

No, they aren't all friendly.

Give you a chance to walk away or double down.

No delivery to your residence?

Just a message here?

37e4ae No.1437447

File: defcc07ee01bc43⋯.jpg (278.16 KB, 549x850, 549:850, they_call_u_goy.jpg)


Pic related.

3d63fc No.1437448


Yet WWIII will be fought over it & a pure red heifer. What a goddamned shame.

4549bb No.1437449


I can't remember the womans name but she was interviewed by david icke, spoke about the Pindar and then later backtracked on it all. She said prince charles was his real son and he looks alot like him

d16422 No.1437450

File: 4f6197a4520a240⋯.png (602.94 KB, 727x405, 727:405, ClipboardImage.png)

BOMBSHELL: FBI Used Secret Program To Gather Information On Trump Campaign, No Judge Needed, Report Says

A report released by The New York Times on Wednesday revealed that the FBI, under Director James Comey's leadership, used a secret program that does not require the approval of a judge to gather phone records and "other documents" on Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

The report also revealed that a government informant met several times with Trump campaign officials, which validates a March 8, 2018 report from The Washington Post. The New York Times reports:

The F.B.I. obtained phone records and other documents using national security letters — a secret type of subpoena — officials said. And at least one government informant met several times with Mr. Page and Mr. Papadopoulos, current and former officials said. That has become a politically contentious point, with Mr. Trump’s allies questioning whether the F.B.I. was spying on the Trump campaign or trying to entrap campaign officials.

National security letters (NSL) are secret orders that the FBI uses on a regular basis to obtain sensitive electronic data and phone records. The Intercept reports:

They are controversial in part because they carry the force of law but are created entirely outside the judicial system: To issue one, an FBI official just needs to attest that the information sought is relevant to a national security investigation. The letters have also been criticized because they are shrouded in secrecy. Companies that receive them are for the most part forbidden from notifying their customers or the public. The government has fought to keep even basic rules governing them secret.

Companies that receive NSLs might not be legally required to hand over the information demanded by the FBI. The Intercept continues:

The FBI’s internal guidelines suggest that the bureau uses the letters to demand sensitive information on email transactions — even though the Justice Department has specifically advised the FBI that it does not have the authority to use the letters this way. The documents also indicate that the FBI can use national security letters to surveil a “community of interest” by obtaining information from a business about a customer and every person that customer has contacted. This is a controversial practice that the bureau once halted amid scrutiny. But the documents reveal that a secretive unit that mines phone records can still initiate such requests.

The most recent document on national security letter policy was made public on January 31, 2017, by The Intercept and reveals which FBI officials have the authority to sign NSLs. The Director has delegated the authority to sign NSLs and to certify the nondisclosure requirement to the following FBI officials:

Deputy Director

Executive Assistant Director

Assistant EAD for the National Security Branch

Assistant Directors and all DADs for CT, CI, CyD, and the Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate

General Counsel

Deputy General Counsel for the National Security Law Branch

Assistant Directors in Charge in NY, LA, and D.C.

All Special Agents in Charge (SAC)

The Electronic Communications Privacy Act lists four types of information that the FBI is allowed to obtain using NSLs, as noted by The Intercept:

Name of the owner of an account

How long that person has owned it

The person’s address

Toll billing records, which reveal phone numbers that are called and include the date, time, and length of each call

The Intercept further noted that lawyers with the Justice Department specifically stated in 2008 that the FBI did not have the legal authority to demand that tech companies hand over records beyond the four types listed, but "FBI agents may have expected that other companies, especially small ones, would be too ignorant or weak to fight back."


975c74 No.1437451


Wells is a lucky man.

b9f009 No.1437452


Shill?…surely you jest

BTW shlomo why did you IP hop….

b8da5a No.1437453


Not exactly, the FED was incredibly important, it's how they financed the soviets to take out the Tzars they've used it as their personal slush fund to start wars, fund evil, etc. ever since…

c30bda No.1437454

File: af548bc9ca24d3c⋯.jpg (14.23 KB, 228x221, 228:221, oldman.jpg)

867304 No.1437455


It's hard to let go when the noose is around your neck…

e32c52 No.1437456


No this board / Q is NOT comped.

Filled with with varying degrees and numbers of shills, idiots, newbies, and autists YES. But comped, NO.

61f77a No.1437457


Thx for clarifying that. I want the anons to know what the 40k View looks like.


Yeah it's not a pretty view from way up here at 40K but someone has to talk about it.


Add below to notables, just as a reminder

>>1436850 >>1437010 Anon scolds shills for misleading decodes of old Q post

7f986c No.1437458


Every 20-30 years, the cabal throws us a bone. They give us a president that does some things… "gets shit done" for the people in order to restore our faith in the presidency. restore our belief that voting, democracy, the American Way Of Life all have some meaning. Once our hopes are restored, they get back to fucking us all right in the ass dry again.

311d55 No.1437459


Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID:

May 13 2018 00:46:15 (EST)


Why are D’s slow-walking POTUS’ FED J nominations?

Watch what happens [-30]. ←————————————————-Very Very soon


646dda No.1437460


aha!! gotcha. ya fat fuck.

c30bda No.1437461


In what way is that crumb related to muh jews?

cfd3cc No.1437462


>Donmeh Jews


those were jews in turkey who pretended to be muzzies to survive

same thing in spain

never were fucking saud arabs jews

i dont know why i even bother to debunk your nonsense but now that i did ill post it

20e323 No.1437463


HRC financed by Rothchilds

Chelsa marries a soros

Soros bets against the British Pound

Hitler is a rothchild creates BIS

Hitler -> Soros -> merkle ?

Rothchilds own all reserves

rothchilds own Bank of England

Banks control Governments?

Banks Pawned by Rothchilds.

b9f009 No.1437464

File: ccaad2e31fec76d⋯.png (155.65 KB, 631x392, 631:392, PikeZionismvsIslam.png)


Thats exactly what Patriotard Zionists want…

8d24e8 No.1437465


Remember to wash the fecal matter off your dildo when finished, and please use mouthwash with alcohol before retiring for the evening. Cleanliness is paramount to help prevent the spread of disease.

And to next year. See you in Jerusalem!

c30bda No.1437466


its there

see: >>1437421

844a66 No.1437467


Yeah… Sure you are.

One thing is for sure. You're a liar. A kike-loving shill. And a wanna-be nigger.

Regardless, you can fuck-off back to Cuckbook, bitch. Now take your misinformation spreading Jewry the fuck outta here.

cfd3cc No.1437468

File: 53eee3019a89dce⋯.png (13.42 KB, 300x168, 25:14, pepe1.png)


yes we do!

13e338 No.1437469




I was laughing out loud. I'm so glad Q shut these division shills up. Finally. Thank Q!!! Because I just couldn't sit quiet any longer. I started calling them out on their stupidity and hate, missing all the important digs… Fuck me! I'm so thankful the Israel and Jew haters either had to eat shit or GTFO today. Hahahaha. There are bad people everywhere and from all around,WW, but the hate had to stop…. Good times. From now on, I'll refer every Jew haters to Qs video. End of discussion 😂😂 ( per Q motherfuckers, per Q)

e02b42 No.1437470

"Letters left visible to match."

EO when released will have a word with "…RTH…" in it ,just like:
















WAIT for it.

ecc2be No.1437471

File: 05dcead544f8764⋯.png (749.78 KB, 1360x1334, 680:667, Comfy Pepe baker.png)


>>1436381 (prev bread baker fixed a notable for anon)

Just wanted to say thank you

37e4ae No.1437472

File: e7b2f6e0d1c3269⋯.jpg (19.58 KB, 255x255, 1:1, g_i_wonder.jpg)



092b43 No.1437473



dbe893 No.1437474


possibly but for whom?

they own us, uk central banks

and nearly all central banks world wide

calculated net worth is 500 T conservatively

they are masters are keeping it off the books etc

a85720 No.1437475


Obama and HRC financed by SA

da9088 No.1437476


got one awhile ago dont worry about it. i can tell you its not bad actors theyre too busy worrying about being shot/arrested

1d0213 No.1437477

File: 64eeb52f0c918d5⋯.jpeg (420.44 KB, 1462x1585, 1462:1585, 5D078083-19EF-4908-BEDF-5….jpeg)

Not like anyone is looking for them. Would have been a nice Seal team visit.

cfd3cc No.1437478

File: eb99c3fe4de21ea⋯.jpg (23.56 KB, 197x255, 197:255, pepethistle.jpg)


kek approved

ac5bdf No.1437479

File: 69d9f2daf996b2c⋯.jpg (120.82 KB, 960x640, 3:2, archangels w tobias.jpg)

262b4d No.1437480

So why is Harry marrying a 36 yr old baron womb American? Seems like lots of rules are broken on this one by the luciferians.

b9f009 No.1437481


Why are Jews so fixated on assholes and shit?

Do you have psychological issues?

8cd865 No.1437482

File: 2605ee91eafb179⋯.png (350.69 KB, 1145x762, 1145:762, imnewatthis.PNG)

194b7d No.1437483


Its not comped, we are pretty much self correcting. But fluctuations throughout a day are enormous. You can say the same thing at two different times of the day, it can go to a notable or you can be called a shill.

eb54df No.1437484


It's not that. This board is not truly anonymous

2ddca9 No.1437485


AJ has been controlled opposition confirmed for over a decade. You just found out now because you are a newfag. Not an insult by the way.

cbdb4f No.1437486






e64df9 No.1437487

File: 38c397ed8b9d642⋯.jpg (108.62 KB, 666x446, 333:223, catholicidolatry.jpg)

343865 No.1437488


lmao, we can hope

a4a121 No.1437489

File: 7593b65b0c97acd⋯.jpeg (478.8 KB, 1177x1351, 1177:1351, D6F10EEF-795D-49C2-8E15-3….jpeg)

7f986c No.1437490


What? The first half nig president wont attend the wedding of the first half nig royal?

646dda No.1437491

Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!

14c5bd No.1437492

File: 168b3e63e45ff37⋯.jpg (166.36 KB, 1069x703, 1069:703, MB trigger.JPG)


not blonde hair/blue eye shills, anon

d5b18b No.1437493

File: 1b08e54ee7cd30b⋯.jpg (170.24 KB, 2048x1363, 2048:1363, pickle-lover.jpg)

a946c4 No.1437494


Looks like some clown's message to Q


cfd3cc No.1437495

File: 781cd6f90c839ed⋯.jpg (131.71 KB, 1023x612, 341:204, random_neon_landscape_by_v….jpg)

Cosmic disclosure decode (Corey and David)

First of all there is Form (physical bodies human and non human, ET, aliens, other species etc)

There are ethereal beings (not in Form)

As above so below

That was the problem, no one was enlightened!

There are more technologically advanced species than human without a doubt

Enlightenment has eluded everyone until now with the Great Awakening

Physical bodies involve genetics

The whole thing is no mystery, just like farmers breed for the best livestock

Some species are livestock to others

Big deal, there is always someone better or worse than each of us, get over it

The whole cosmic thing is really painfully ordinary in a sense. Everything is part of the ALL, it is just repeating patterns. Yes extraordinary in once sense but mostly ordinary in another. We know so much about the ALL through our own experience, just a manifestation (FORM) of the ALL.

Regarding Graduations- we have never made it this far or with this many souls, truly epic

Slavery always been a part of us, anunnaki created us for this purpose, but this has evolved as well. The anunnaki have graciously allowed us this opportunity for enlightenment, I don’t see us in shackles. And that we are becoming enlightened is reflected in human earth affairs. We are acting on all the human trafficking and other human rights violations. This is a very good sign of the GREAT AWAKENING

The following seems to be true, this is a new concept for me so no further comment for now:

“What is the nature of the classes that we are going through in dreams? Is this something akin to sitting in a class at school, or is it more symbolic in nature?

“How is this dream education exactly taking place?”

Corey: Well, from what I'm told, numbers of people are meeting in the same place etherically and are in classroom settings, to where at times, I've been used as an avatar to teach people – people that see me in their dreams in classroom environments all the time. That's been reported.

And I really have no memory. I always said they must be using me as an avatar, their higher self, or something like that.

But what I found out from the Blue Avians is that, indeed, we HAVE been doing a lot of this dreamwork with people and helping train people. It's a spiritual thing, a spiritual level.

David: So there are classes in some cases?

Corey: Right. Classroom environments is how people are perceiving this etheric event.

They're seeing . . . Their higher self is displaying it to them as them sitting in a classroom.

I really don't know exactly the setting etherically that is going on

c903d1 No.1437496


a new pact with a "new" god perhaps?

867304 No.1437497

File: 96eafb130753981⋯.gif (88.5 KB, 400x400, 1:1, comfysantapepe.gif)


Thank you

641a7c No.1437498

File: 137e478f7382cf4⋯.png (5.86 MB, 2222x3333, 2:3, Q_Symbolism.png)

File: 0b05d14068ea51f⋯.jpg (95.55 KB, 469x640, 469:640, 2017-11-21 22-07 150708529….jpg)



>The Federal Reserve Cartel

maybe, i forgot this one:

Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID:gO/UntOB Sat 11 Nov 2017 23:33:51 No.149063644

Wealth (over generations) buys power.

Power (over generations) buys more wealth/control.

More wealth/control buys countries and its people.

Families combined (TRI) = NWO.

Inner TRI families will collapse.

>y as in XYZ ?

maybe, but i think it relates more to the (Owl / Y):

Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID:pOV0fY+r Tue 21 Nov 2017 22:07:58 No.150412315

Their need for symbolism will be their downfall.

Follow the Owl & Y head around the world.

Identify and list.

They don’t hide it.

They don’t fear you.

You are sheep to them.

You are feeders.

Godfather III.


Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID:CJqu8oIu Tue 21 Nov 2017 23:52:02 No.150424047

Identify symbolism (Owl / Y).

Which performers/celebs supported HRC during the election?

Who performed during her rallies?

What jewelry and/or tattoos present?

What other events do they attend together?

What does HRC represent to them?

What celebrities have owl / Y head symbols?

What politicians have owl / Y head symbols?

What powerful people have owl / Y head symbols?

What powerful groups have owl / Y head symbols?

Why are they worn/shown openly?

Their need for symbolism will be their downfall.

MSM role?

Push conspiracy theory.

Social media role?

Push conspiracy theory and institute new rules allowing for ban.


The graphic is key.

Re-read graphic (ex: what family did Soros replace (Y)).

Part II – How were they ‘adopted’ into the cult (as children).

What were they provided for obeying and staying silent (brainwashed)?

All that you know to be right is wrong.

The ‘cult’ runs the world.

Fantasy land.

The world is fighting back (& destroying the cult).

20% public.

80% private.

The world would otherwise collapse.

40,000ft. v. (again) and need to decrease altitude to avoid ‘conspiracy’ label.

Was necessary.


For God & Country.


Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID:Hy6wyrTj Wed 22 Nov 2017 01:46:36 No.150435422

Why are China & Russia communist S/closed?

Can you find an owl / Y there?

Was this to prevent evil from entering?

Was this to protect their children/people?

Why was BO shamed during trip to China, SA, other locations?

How was POTUS hosted?



Fantasy land.


d4e06e No.1437499

File: 0c9c99ae4f291e1⋯.jpg (34.04 KB, 474x394, 237:197, Me (You).JPG)


>instead of looking like shillfaggots homofaggotting eachother's posts.


Lemme lend ya this here meme to drive the fucking point home, anon.

2ce9ca No.1437500

File: 0c34d7eb2701872⋯.jpg (26.04 KB, 474x474, 1:1, download.jpg)

48f8ed No.1437501


Wing 17…



eb54df No.1437502


Thank you. They know my name

b46389 No.1437503


Probably a bottom side too…

As above so below!!!

Not Q but related so it's likely a Diamond!!


+ +

+ + + +

+ + + + + +

+ + + + + +

+ + + +


Sorry not a Graphics fag>>>1436823

> +