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File: 2ca1bdf21b2af5b⋯.png (6.67 MB, 5760x3240, 16:9, 2ca1bdf21b2af5bdc6812f9b55….png)

daf732 No.1411143

Welcome To Q Research General

Personal thank you to the BO, Bakers, and Autists/Anons who continually dedicate their time and energy to the GREAT AWAKENING.

You are all Patriots.

The hard part is coming to an end.

The next phase will bring JUSTICE.

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Q's New Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/

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His Secured /patriotsfight/ Board, BO Confirmed and then white listed new Tripcode, and Blacklisted the compromised one, on /qresearch/. See >>1355345


Q's Latest Posts

Monday 05.14.2018

>>>/patriotsfight/82 ------- Comms understood? (deleted)

>>>/patriotsfight/81 ------- They are losing control of the message. (deleted)

>>>/patriotsfight/80 ------- [ATTACKS WILL ONLY INTENSIFY]

Sunday 05.13.2018

>>1397513 ------------------ Full Circle.

>>1394586 ------------------ On Guard.

>>1394124 ------------------ Trust must be earned.

>>1393554 rt >>1393485 ----- What must happen pre 11.11?

>>1393391 rt >>1393351 ----- rt "The Shadow Government"

>>1393354 rt >>1393313 ----- Watch what happens [-30].

>>1393321 rt >>1393295 ----- LOOP.

>>1393311 rt >>1393269 ----- Well done, Anon.

>>1393295 ------------------ https://nationalsecurityaction.org/who-we-are/

Saturday 05.12.2018

>>1392849 ------------------ Sealed indictments.

>>1391731 ------------------ Now comes the pain.

>>1391509 rt >>1391481 ----- Godspeed, Patriot.

>>1391443 rt >>1391351 ----- Corruption everywhere.

>>1391355 rt >>1391341 ----- News beginning to leak.

>>1391340 rt >>1391298 ----- Happy Hunting!

>>1391298 ------------------ Truth Coming.

>>>/patriotsfight/79 ------- No private comms

>>1388185 ------------------ Stay the course.

>>1385613 ------------------ PEOPLE UNITED hold the power.

>>1384036 rt >>1383888 ----- Time to move on.

Friday 05.11.2018

>>1373162 ------------------ This is why we are here.

>>1372772 ------------------ Q Responds to Corsi/AJ Attack

Thursday 05.10.2018

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>>>/patriotsfight/73 ------- (DOJNUNESRELEASE.png)

>>1362511 ------------------ This is not a game.

>>>/patriotsfight/72 ------- NKSINGSEC.png

>>1361222 ------------------ [Be careful who you follow]

>>1358839 ------------------ Iran confirms Zarif-Kerry meeting in NY (twitter link)

>>1358706 ------------------ Now comes the pain.

Wednesday 05.09.2018

>>1349487 ------------------ http://www.iran-daily.com/News/202615.html Happy hunting!

Tuesday 05.08.2018

>>1342162 ------------------ Even Qs are Human ;-)

>>>/patriotsfight/71 ------- Error Corrected

>>>/patriotsfight/70 ------- Trip Confirmed

>>>/patriotsfight/69 ------- TRIP Update.

>>>/patriotsfight/68 ------- Today, EVIL lost control - also: >>1341959

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daf732 No.1411147


are not endorsements


>>1410419 Q74 Fire Engine pic on social media in 2014

>>1410482, >>1410567 POTUS Posting pics from Air Force Base.

>>1410483 D.C. FBI Insiders Fear: “General Flynn Might Take a Flamethrower to this Town Before He is Done”

>>1410721 Israel created Hamas

>>1410523, >>1410742 Flotus Kidney Op is cover story for an Top Secret meeting?

>>1410689, >>1410992 Another amazing 'Future Proves Past Proof

>>1410842, >>1410904 >SKY_TAR_[E_BZ_y]

>>1410885, >>1411055 Q74 engine in Upper Darby, PA:

>>1410891 There was not any Iran deal to begin with? LOL – the "deal" was never signed!

>>1410918 Updates on Jerusalem Embassy and Gaza protests

>>1410998 The Storm

>>1411111 Now Comes The Pain, Quints Qonfirm


>>1409679 Ted Cruz interview

>>1409864, >>1410000 Why were the Sephardim kicked out of the Iberian Peninsula?


>>1408936 FLOTUS Recovering from Minimally Invasive Kidney Surgery

>>1409033 Castle lock digs

>>1409068 Mountain Deep digs?

>>1409381 German version of 2-reg spoopy planes found.

>>1409385 Q Billboard is to look bad on Qmovement?

>>1409395 Exopolitics article

>>1408810 Pompeo Tweet about the embassy

>>1409265 >>1409234 >>1409199 >>1409179 >>1409171 Planefag reports

>>1409487 POTUS tweets


>>1408176 Big Day graphic connects

>>1408120 Anons Stay The Course

>>1408252 Multinational law/tax-firm Named “CMS”

>>1408134 Building a list of sites on the planet that are exclusionary zones to bypass local laws

>>1408348 >>1408393 >>1408432 Planefag reports

>>1408067 Political corruption probe

>>1408541 The USAF regs should dictate the numbering of trucks.

>>1408619 All for a LARP

>>1408638 "Iran threatens" graphic


>>1407292 Avenatti threatening to sue Daily Caller

>>1407307 On technological advances and black hat data mining (commentary)

>>1407310 USAF tweet w/“Snowden” on uniform

>>1407367 Sessions gunning for Chicago

>>1407742 Airbus finance chief quits group

>>1407857 Money sent to terrorists out of MSP airport

>>1407946 Chinese plane forced to land after window breaking


>>1406565 Problems with Tesla

>>1406651 Two of three Goldman trading securities heads quit

>>1406653 CIA as “the pickle factory”

>>1406766 Presidential Memorandum on reducing oil purchases from Iran

>>1406838 On Bitcoin; FOIA request on Bitcoin turns up “classified”; info denied

>>1406852 DWS won because of destroyed ballots

>>1407081 HRC shifting campaign cash to Delaware LLC


>>1405672 War Games Q Clock diagram

>>1405719 Joke Kerry meets with NZ rep.

>>1405770 Keith A. Raniere Holds Patent for Luciferian Rehabilitation

>>1405782 Meeting in the "Safe Room"

>>1405824 Anons putting the clues together.

>>1405757 UK affluent families using privilege to avoid child abuse investigations

>>1405833 NXIVM Indictment, co-conspripator #2 India Oxenberg

>>1405863 Oxenberg family lines to the English Crown… watch Wikipedia edits

>>1406072 >>1406082 Flight 370 crash was deliberate


>>1404935 Attention all patriots, BO message

>>1405614 Planefag Updates

>>1405000 Huma 48 markers

>>1405128 Robert David Steele: Koreas Unite, Denuclearize ME, Global Financial Reset, Ideas for Iran

>>1405281 The Link

>>1405301 ISGP Studies Dig

>>1405362 Ain't no brakes on the Q train.

>>1405443 GermanArchiveAnon Update

>>1405539, >>1405547, >>1405570 Ecuador prepares to hand Assange over to UK, US?

>>1405089 Q sign on highway.


>>1404182, >>1404273 Devin Nunes keeping House Intel 'in the dark'

>>1404217 Jared Kushner briefed Benjamin Netanyahu on US reluctance to announce peace plan

>>1404165 X post (Obviously could be a LARP, be warned)

>>1404283 Iran’s FM in Moscow as Russia moves to save nuclear deal

>>1404291 The FAS Project on Government Secrecy

>>1404371, >>1404748, >>1404770 Planefag Update

>>1404547 Checkmate

>>1404639, >>1404649 CDC human trafficking in southern CA.

>>1404744 Connecting Crumbs

>>1404798 1 dead 3 cops sickened after substance found inside Atlanta motel


>>1403351, >>1403376, >>1403401, >>1403751 Planefag Update

>>1403354 ECW is over the target of Spencer Ackerman is going after him

>>1403355 Dems voting against cheaper medicines … had received big pharma contributions

>>1403437 PICL Pickle Factory

>>1403681 Notice the date

>>1403778 Hawaii Volcano Stream

>>1403801 Remote controlled crashes?

>>1403828 POTUS Monday Schedule

>>1403863 Red Nation Rising - Electoral Explained

Best Of Bread >>311157

Archive of Notables >>>/comms/225 (Batch 740~ present)

daf732 No.1411150

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daf732 No.1411160

File: 59956d7ff6228b2⋯.jpg (125.55 KB, 640x360, 16:9, _m31px8mhi7w.jpg)

Dough #1770



40f295 No.1411187

File: 67832382f8b43a1⋯.jpg (64.54 KB, 593x747, 593:747, dod 5 14 18.JPG)

4cd0d3 No.1411188

File: 7c77a086ec8a7ea⋯.png (706.56 KB, 570x1600, 57:160, Q this is not a game2.png)

b36999 No.1411191

File: 42a47a06667c084⋯.png (153.22 KB, 1080x593, 1080:593, Screenshot_20180514-175129….png)

File: 9a5c21f09579a36⋯.png (253.43 KB, 1080x774, 60:43, Screenshot_20180514-175334….png)

Here it comes.

6a7331 No.1411192

File: d65cf397f7436d8⋯.jpeg (45.09 KB, 680x457, 680:457, d65cf397f7436d8facd042cf1….jpeg)

c73d96 No.1411194

Everyone know how awful Hilldabeast was to the Secret Service. I'm looking at their feed, the stories they retweet and who they tag. An agent would be close enough to the pen. They are their in silence for everything. I can't really explain why their agency would be involved with stories like these.

Secret Service forensic science work on child pornography investigation gets California man almost 20 years behind bars. More information:



Florida men charged with using stolen identities to make false ATM withdrawals throughout southern Wisconsin.



58cc27 No.1411195

File: a399f32b252381f⋯.jpg (30.11 KB, 1435x110, 287:22, Previous Bread.JPG)

>>1410916 (prev bread)

Yeah. Things have just gotten a bit strange.

Pastebin below for your thoughts.

I figure if you're a shill/clown, you probably wouldn't waste time reading a bunch of shit from another anon who will not reply to you any further for the sake for the bread (not because I potentially disagree). I do want to know your thoughts, though. That is very important to me.


24a867 No.1411196

File: 37e13fcaaf5e005⋯.png (983.23 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-14-17-5….png)


47a419 No.1411197

Just notised…

Q1358: "We fight every sigle day on behalf of you, the people who put us here."

This indicates the "We" are elected persons. Military personnel are hired, not elected.

6a7331 No.1411199

File: e2f15b16a1f93ad⋯.jpg (106.72 KB, 634x914, 317:457, e2f15b16a1f93adf62545323ce….jpg)

526bd8 No.1411200

File: acf578ded5aa375⋯.jpg (34.46 KB, 555x689, 555:689, 9216d778593dedc80c7ea282a1….jpg)

Bless The Baker

b36999 No.1411201


We love you Flynn!!!

4cd0d3 No.1411202

File: 1760b934035b86b⋯.jpg (157.23 KB, 1024x578, 512:289, Prayers4GenFlynn.jpg)

c73d96 No.1411205


some one bless a pork chop and feed it to this girl

6acd99 No.1411206


The honest answer is, yes, that is possible and it has crossed my mind. On the other hand:

25And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand: 26And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand? 27And if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your children cast them out? therefore they shall be your judges. 28But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God is come unto you. 29Or else how can one enter into a strong man's house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man? and then he will spoil his house.

30He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.

A house divided cannot stand.

9c5efe No.1411207

File: 79ea1fe85776b3f⋯.jpg (149.13 KB, 1117x1200, 1117:1200, disgusting.jpg)

Just look it. Another "comedian". Memebomb the shite out of this animal.

01954f No.1411208


I've saved every one Anon...Thank you!

6a7331 No.1411209

File: 470f8ce915d6c16⋯.jpeg (166.24 KB, 958x960, 479:480, 96ae6a292f8b1ab8621736213….jpeg)

5102e3 No.1411210

nunez or flynn for VP2020?

e45d3d No.1411211

File: 74396beb5e1cc8a⋯.jpg (80.41 KB, 580x400, 29:20, wwepain.jpg)

File: d93bdd6ee1739f4⋯.jpg (36.99 KB, 353x500, 353:500, wwepain2.jpg)


any memefags about? thinking Trump or Sessions face on Lesnar then maybe a 'Q' instead of 'WWE'

4fb6b9 No.1411212

File: 15c1ee284d0f164⋯.jpg (55.25 KB, 1023x575, 1023:575, 85F62330-E3AD-4262-99AA-AB….jpg)

98a7a7 No.1411213

File: 909e3403c82143d⋯.jpg (25.21 KB, 300x225, 4:3, ZomboMeme 14052018185804.jpg)

4cd0d3 No.1411214

File: 7af5e76cecfbf71⋯.jpg (139.64 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, alexis.jpg)

File: 0e761b5c427243d⋯.jpg (110.92 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, ronaldoQanon.jpg)

2e681b No.1411215

File: b2a5fa8f0e29dde⋯.jpeg (370.61 KB, 1242x1311, 18:19, d9160952fc45232253424cbf7….jpeg)


Flynn is a true patriot and should go into history books in the future to remind others!

c97569 No.1411216

File: 5597cfb035b3c2f⋯.jpg (99.55 KB, 908x620, 227:155, VWdd23yWWxhc6rAIO7iCc80y_c….jpg)

We Love our FLOTUS

b36999 No.1411218


We love you too Rogers!!!!

d98d8c No.1411219


Oh, there you are! I want to thank you for the 'tip' you gave me for the site (your pic related).

You ROCK baker!


731a16 No.1411220

File: 0ad36cf23cabb2c⋯.png (37.5 KB, 591x281, 591:281, AQ4.PNG)


Bad weather? Where?

4553eb No.1411221

File: d7f8e746c0b777c⋯.png (208.26 KB, 559x481, 43:37, pepe-pickles-2.png)

ty baker

d9d30a No.1411222

Margot Kidder died. Notable death. She was around all of the big names during the Hollywood Renaissance. De Palma, Spielberg, Scorcese. She was also a big slut.

"She died in her sleep."

https://www. google.com/amp/variety.com/2018/film/news/margot-kidder-superman-actress-dead-dies-1202809752/amp/

078002 No.1411223

File: 1d4d728564765fb⋯.png (22.43 KB, 571x100, 571:100, ClipboardImage.png)

This showed up last bread just before new bread link. Any ideas? Doesn't seem to be directed at anyone imparticular.

4fb6b9 No.1411225


trips…"died in her sleep." hmm

eafb92 No.1411226

File: 3032ec52c5c89ca⋯.jpg (132.53 KB, 720x619, 720:619, Screenshot_20180514-190041….jpg)

24298f No.1411227

File: a106a600b6aacf9⋯.jpeg (800.9 KB, 1242x1599, 414:533, 40F86464-2968-48CD-A7CE-5….jpeg)

anons try this search (in pic, on images dot google) find the bloomberg image, and go to the film roll. it’s not there is it ?? it was removed from the roll ?

40f295 No.1411228

File: 2f16ec3dcc2800b⋯.jpg (39.82 KB, 615x353, 615:353, dhs 5 14 18.JPG)

20 years

2e681b No.1411229

File: 8a875209fdbbed3⋯.jpg (501.69 KB, 1164x1000, 291:250, 1521777539864.jpg)


Disgusting creeps. Are liberals even human?

d98d8c No.1411230


Such disrespect. Just wow!

9c5efe No.1411231


jesse farrar (@BronzeHammer) | Twitter


3c9d52 No.1411232

File: 0176bba1bf22fe9⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 133.61 KB, 500x584, 125:146, freemascn-science-earth-re….png)


check these 6's no bs

b36999 No.1411233


It's a hint as to who is part of Q.

eb981b No.1411234


DC. Having a killer T storm with 50-60 mph winds.

0761f1 No.1411235

File: e32a87940d5b1aa⋯.png (6.63 MB, 1269x1366, 1269:1366, [48] spaces.png)

20499e No.1411236


I'd rather be executed than be a CHIMO on GenPop.

Things are gonna get rough for this person.

f00559 No.1411237

File: d7e870a534e5aea⋯.png (92.56 KB, 269x188, 269:188, ClipboardImage.png)

Could one of you talented autist do something like this

Hussein - Worst Trump - Best


5d226d No.1411239

File: 2686476b1bdc930⋯.png (71.81 KB, 300x168, 25:14, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0ca310e9952a3a9⋯.png (89.01 KB, 267x189, 89:63, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5c3bce4ba47dd1c⋯.png (16.03 KB, 246x205, 6:5, ClipboardImage.png)



at some point you might wanna give up dude

98a7a7 No.1411241

File: 3bf753aba8edde4⋯.jpg (79.55 KB, 640x399, 640:399, ZomboMeme 14052018190309.jpg)

673506 No.1411242

File: 7e06ea15487e3ed⋯.jpg (293.94 KB, 1272x1118, 636:559, boeing_expolsive_bomb_2.jpg)

File: aa1480db9ca0382⋯.jpg (633.26 KB, 2768x1544, 346:193, boeing_expolsive_bomb_3.jpg)

This was posted on the USAF twatter about an hour ago.

Is this trolling Boeing about the "explosive bomb" they attached themselves to with their dealings in Iran?

c309ea No.1411244


Members of Congress? Only ones elected in executive department are POTUS and VP, all others appointed.

6a7331 No.1411245

File: 3a8b409d8e923c8⋯.png (58.72 KB, 255x176, 255:176, 3a8b409d8e923c85866ae89805….png)

dcef62 No.1411246



40f295 No.1411247

File: 67832382f8b43a1⋯.jpg (64.54 KB, 593x747, 593:747, dod 5 14 18.JPG)

violent extremist organizations

20499e No.1411248


I'm going to go get at this fucker.

daf732 No.1411249


ThanQ You, happy to help, I had several epiphanys myself while discovering that site

f45ec9 No.1411250


I heard up to 80 but ya ;)

078002 No.1411251


Ahh, makes sense now, thanks:)

731a16 No.1411252


Ok. Thought there was more to the tweet.

2aed8e No.1411253

File: 79a01f2b17e2700⋯.jpg (61.18 KB, 626x578, 313:289, Clipboard02.jpg)

4cf145 No.1411254


Time will be the ultimate judge.

41e5fa No.1411255


Did Tom Clancy ever deal with Islam?

b80f9e No.1411256


Maybe FLOTUS really isn't having surgery but it's a message for us to dig on Walter Reed National Military Medical Center...

e5c6e2 No.1411257

38 uids losing people?

0761f1 No.1411258

File: 61b061575c4307c⋯.png (7.57 MB, 1374x1441, 1374:1441, 58 spaces 1.png)


Happened to make one like this just yesterday from the last time it happened.

e64d03 No.1411259

Heard a short portion of a journalist on Fox today saying we [the media] have missed important stories by our all Trump all the time reporting and Trump is missing many important things, so media has to start reporting them.

Does this mean: Our non-stop Trump bashing has resulted in fewer people watching/reading us and even fewer trusting us, so we need to change strategy to reporting on everything except Trump?

c73d96 No.1411260

File: 44a7326f5617709⋯.png (194.17 KB, 959x671, 959:671, 96ad1a52d3c323ea60e14819dc….png)

8e6757 No.1411261

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

>>1411111 #1769

Nice ^^^^^ Quints. Perfect meme for the 11111's.

Deserves a vid sauce.

<-- Mike Tyson ™ ✰ Top 12 Knockouts ✰

<my style is impestuous


f45ec9 No.1411262


It’s a distraction. We r not here to dox q and team

fe5d2b No.1411263

>>1410715 (last bread #1769)

I got see them in a small venue decades ago.


One of my favorite movies, too.

.Emmett: It ain't the money ya understand, but if I don't charge ya somethin' the Presbyterians around here are likely to pray for my ruination. How does a hundred dollars a month strike ya?

Dalton: Fine.

Emmett: Can ya afford that much?

Dalton: If it keeps you in the good graces of the church.

Emmett: Ain't it peculiar how money seems to do that very thing?

157833 No.1411265


jesse farrar


hate my posts? love my posts? my number is 802-359-7477. call me and we'll talk

Anyone want to call?

7d8171 No.1411266


i hope Melania is ok

was shocked when Shep was speaking about this today

the guy was creeping me out with his gleeful delivery

praying for FLOTUS and her beautiful family


i would like some confirmation that everything is ok

4b1ea5 No.1411267

(Bread #1769)


I didn't do a good job of putting my question in its proper context. I was trying to point out that it hasn't just been the Ashkenazi causing all the trouble. I did find some interesting recent history of how the Ashkenazi have been trying to wipe out the Sephardim. All you non-Ashkenazi outside of Israel might want to reconsider Aliyah.

7a5c7f No.1411268


They've become a species of their own. And they hate humans.

f00559 No.1411269

File: c00649ee055e5c6⋯.png (442.26 KB, 720x486, 40:27, ClipboardImage.png)

404fba No.1411270

File: c388b3e377026a3⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1533x965, 1533:965, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 314e403afd30a21⋯.png (497.89 KB, 1249x792, 1249:792, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 382b4fde80909cd⋯.png (350.81 KB, 1222x855, 1222:855, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0859ae1d6808859⋯.png (104.05 KB, 1058x533, 1058:533, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 72ca212dd49d63d⋯.png (131.62 KB, 1197x828, 133:92, ClipboardImage.png)

Is this possibly the person behind that horrible website?????


Lee Romanov

Toronto, ON

Proven Internet Opportunist (see highlighted part of article)

40f295 No.1411271

File: 50947851e41afc1⋯.jpg (48.58 KB, 1021x675, 1021:675, POTUS May 10_2018_NK Hosta….JPG)


b36999 No.1411272


He's an attn whore. Didn't get enough love from his parents.

ee67f9 No.1411273

File: 8888117839b5f6b⋯.jpg (440.93 KB, 812x1294, 406:647, Q74-down.jpg)

6a7331 No.1411275

File: ef943bd7d128e2f⋯.png (1.16 MB, 619x822, 619:822, ef943bd7d128e2f5f1a6366169….png)

4cd0d3 No.1411276

File: afda7d44d6ad2aa⋯.jpg (271.82 KB, 1842x1036, 921:518, NoNameTraitor.jpg)

File: db571f6e7751132⋯.jpg (151.86 KB, 1842x1036, 921:518, TimeToQuake2.jpg)

File: 5db88fcd87eca51⋯.jpg (114.63 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, TimeToQuake.jpg)

f00559 No.1411277

File: 2b97f4c7d7942d8⋯.png (277.1 KB, 667x667, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

d43dec No.1411278


Two books. The Sum of All Fears and Executive Orders.

98a7a7 No.1411279


Hansa style honeypot right there

9c5efe No.1411280


(Career) suicide week just started for him.

5d226d No.1411281

File: 3cb97f5363e0e05⋯.png (17.9 KB, 1332x123, 444:41, nope.png)

b80f9e No.1411282


possible TORNADO.

How many of those does DC typically get?

4cd0d3 No.1411283

File: 5e9ccb3c29c8444⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 1700x1480, 85:74, JM.jpg)

285469 No.1411284


There have been lots of bans recently.

People are sick of the censorship.

The recent reports about Q, etc., took its toll.

Others are frustrated by the apparent lack of progress being made.

41e5fa No.1411285


Sum was about a South African neo-nazi sympatizer.

739a00 No.1411286



The woowoo crowd in full force.

f00559 No.1411287

File: da826de01fc5598⋯.png (166.71 KB, 720x361, 720:361, ClipboardImage.png)

b86729 No.1411289

File: bc6c5c4f7002793⋯.jpeg (783.46 KB, 1242x1893, 414:631, C8C108E8-F504-4F9C-B3C9-5….jpeg)

File: 92581953b6632c2⋯.jpeg (737.08 KB, 1242x1577, 1242:1577, 3AD707BB-1E33-4996-B003-2….jpeg)

File: 38df4e5d4b9c2f9⋯.jpeg (999.95 KB, 1242x1579, 1242:1579, 3082EFDB-9B72-48C2-8440-F….jpeg)

File: 3fb0f6349cc676a⋯.jpeg (625.57 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, 9056910D-2779-458B-A6C8-6….jpeg)



>wouldnt it be a surprise…………….

5bdd8b No.1411290


Q talked of those who know the Plan, less than 10, only 3 civilian.

c73d96 No.1411292



remember they where trolling two weeks ago

The Secret Service Director Sent A Sarcastic Message To John Kelly On His Chief Of Staff Appointment



4553eb No.1411293

File: b679ea55c11653a⋯.png (654.28 KB, 653x575, 653:575, b679ea55c11653a11951d1ba57….png)

72374d No.1411294

File: 5d49dad230d5fe8⋯.png (150.55 KB, 1199x600, 1199:600, Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at ….png)



c309ea No.1411295


Trust must be earned.

8c2c5a No.1411296

File: 2c0f063a1224451⋯.png (69.78 KB, 359x238, 359:238, Cave artists were AUTISTS.png)

File: a0287222afc6703⋯.jpg (152.27 KB, 500x622, 250:311, 2a9wd1.jpg)

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5727931/The-cave-artists-autistic.html

e45d3d No.1411297



most anons are just taking it easy/resting, getting ready for the final assault

d25eb8 No.1411298


The movie is different from the book


c97569 No.1411299

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Defending the Nation With Secretary of Defense James Mattis

Recorded on Friday, May 11, 2018 in Washington DC.

In his first televised interview in almost a year, Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis sits down with Peter Robinson to discuss a wide range of issues facing the United States Armed Forces at home and across the globe. Earlier this year, Secretary Mattis published the National Defense Strategy, the first such document in a decade. Secretary Mattis describes why the document is an important blueprint for the Armed Forces and what he hopes to accomplish by publishing it.

After a moving story about a captured Iraqi suicide bomber, Secretary Mattis describes the complicated nature of our relationship with China and the possible flash points in the South China Sea. A discussion follows about Europe and how political controversies with Russia affect our military relationship and why Secretary Mattis believes NATO is not a threat to them. Moving on to the Middle East, Secretary Mattis defines our mission in Syria, comments on the use of chemical weapons, and explains why that theater is the most complex security conundrum he’s seen in his forty-year career. He says that the refugees coming out of Syria are more traumatized than refugees he’s seen anywhere else in the world. He discusses the need to work with the international community on the refugee crisis as, “It is a tragedy much worse than anything BBC or CNN can show.”

In the Far East, Mattis describes how a coordinated effort across different departments of the US federal government and allied countries have achieved a dialogue that may lead to the denuclearization of North Korea. Secretary Mattis also makes the case that the Iranian regime and the Iranian people are different constituencies with different priorities and agendas. He relates how he is reforming the Pentagon’s provisioning and spending policies and why it’s important for the military (the seventeenth largest economy in the world) to be a responsible steward of the nation’s tax dollars.

d25eb8 No.1411302


The movie was Nazis…The book was muzzies

6a7331 No.1411303

File: a0ac2ecbefe7f89⋯.jpg (890.34 KB, 2300x1450, 46:29, 406b327028035de206c9c7a9f0….jpg)

4f80ab No.1411304

File: fb1a89504f710e9⋯.png (270.04 KB, 650x477, 650:477, Castle LOCK PF.png)

File: 7f5bab82f84863a⋯.png (26.08 KB, 380x218, 190:109, Castle LOCK.png)

File: aba2de00a7e2164⋯.png (102.9 KB, 379x399, 379:399, Post Castle LOCK.png)

File: a114d4b6fa8d1fc⋯.jpg (39.15 KB, 466x350, 233:175, Q74.jpg)



So remember when Q made his /patriotsfight/ board and allowed us to post in his thread with the FREEDOM thread? He then LOCKed it, was he trying to run up the post count because he knew about engine Q74 being used at Andrews and so he'd be able to signal to Q Post 74. Post 75 was the FREEDOM flag reminding us of the LOCKed thread on /PF/.

Note all of these posts have been deleted as well, showing possible relation

If myou bake it, he will crumb

d43dec No.1411305


Who detonated a nuke on US soil. In the book it was Denver, in the movie it was Baltimore.

e5c6e2 No.1411306


final assault? when?

88a406 No.1411307

Mueller Indicted A Russian Company That Didn't Even Exist, Court Transcripts Say

>"I think we're dealing with a situation of the government having indicted the proverbial ham sandwich."


7d8171 No.1411308

File: e369f7ebb2f9f36⋯.jpeg (533.32 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 72F8BBAE-E045-4E23-A911-F….jpeg)


thanks, mate

looking forward to the movie's next scenes

26d2ee No.1411309


He needs to be suspended, i am not for sensorship but conservatives get suspended for much less

4db41a No.1411310


The movie makers changed Sum of All Fears and took islam out of it to make the film.

Executive Orders deals with Islam and Iran in a huge way.

41e5fa No.1411311


Fucking Hollywood.

Seriously! WTF. Always better to go w/the book, I guess.

21c83c No.1411312

Another cabal scam shut down:


526bd8 No.1411313

File: 17d6dd0cf642a11⋯.jpeg (156.66 KB, 1440x1088, 45:34, 1524235180.jpeg)

4b1ea5 No.1411314


Ooo, baby! Somebody is playing with fire!.

eafb92 No.1411315

KellyAnne: "I expect personnel changes"


e1b51d No.1411316

File: 4ee13f151d0c14f⋯.jpg (61.29 KB, 600x387, 200:129, obamadj3.jpg)

f00559 No.1411317


RESPECT should be given freely.

You must Earn TRUST

2085a3 No.1411318

File: e7a4211a1b4ec24⋯.jpg (49.05 KB, 440x285, 88:57, 11p89z.jpg)


so go earn some .

93d210 No.1411319

File: 84e178985ec2c0d⋯.jpeg (234.69 KB, 1234x376, 617:188, 8CED3CD9-30FD-4ADE-835B-A….jpeg)


Twat response needed.


88a406 No.1411320

File: 8d3b65267bc68d9⋯.jpg (194.83 KB, 1122x518, 561:259, POTUS AF1 Q74 firetruck sm….jpg)

41e5fa No.1411321


Thx Anon

4cd0d3 No.1411322


Downloading thanks anon

c97569 No.1411324

File: 5597cfb035b3c2f⋯.jpg (99.55 KB, 908x620, 227:155, VWdd23yWWxhc6rAIO7iCc80y_c….jpg)


Hit them with this pic

d43dec No.1411325


The book is always better than the movie. You get so much more out of the book than the movie.

d25eb8 No.1411326


Palestinians in the Book supported by the Ayitollah of Iran

e45d3d No.1411328


there will be some news this week Iran etc. when this all drops, an anon worked it out as 5/25

26d2ee No.1411329


Anons need to file reports that he hurt our feelings, we need to use their tactics

f00559 No.1411330

File: cd8e0d5fd463130⋯.png (262.91 KB, 720x370, 72:37, ClipboardImage.png)

6a7331 No.1411331

File: 3172f9757c99dbc⋯.jpg (85.09 KB, 728x607, 728:607, 3172f9757c99dbc3e129393f2d….jpg)

f45ec9 No.1411332


Well if you’ve been here long enough and we’re smart enough you would know the answer …dig,research,lurk,learn

4553eb No.1411333

File: 492f7c4d89c17b9⋯.png (257.03 KB, 472x479, 472:479, pepe-boom-4.png)

e669a8 No.1411334

>>1411289 Army Trolls FOIA Clowns?

I think that is notable

cad5f5 No.1411335


I just reported that asshole, as violent and life threatening to Twat.


40f295 No.1411336

File: 14edbc44340f969⋯.jpg (124.75 KB, 853x680, 853:680, Q election fraud patriots ….JPG)






8e6757 No.1411337

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Amazing for him being blind. Love his voice too.


<Can I buy you guys a drink? Guess not.

That story really does have many parallels to our current "movie", don't it?

c309ea No.1411338


We are going to find out who is leaking to the Fake News. Q will not stand in the way of this.

3c9d52 No.1411339

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b86729 No.1411340


Is this “fillinthe58blanks” anon?

e5c6e2 No.1411341


cool i will be around 5-25 to see if you right

0c67cd No.1411342

File: e472ad770a77e5e⋯.jpg (236.35 KB, 655x667, 655:667, Screenshot_20180514-174218.jpg)

File: 13b46f9311663fd⋯.jpg (705.56 KB, 1060x1561, 1060:1561, Screenshot_20180514-173234.jpg)

File: aa205efbee087e8⋯.jpg (280.56 KB, 654x735, 218:245, Screenshot_20180514-174306.jpg)

File: d2f3418efa06e6d⋯.jpg (821.07 KB, 1073x1678, 1073:1678, Screenshot_20180514-173730.jpg)

File: 3d7d167ffcc6fff⋯.jpg (189.66 KB, 836x1063, 836:1063, Screenshot_20180514-172629.jpg)

Posting for other anons to see connections

e45d3d No.1411343


he should be sued for fraud for pretending to be a comedian

41e5fa No.1411344


the media (includes big screen) is such a tool of islam.

739a00 No.1411345

File: 8f8a1ffb6a89936⋯.gif (4.92 MB, 600x338, 300:169, wilcock.gif)


so what? books, movies, lots of $ to be made right? wilcock is pretty much finished, look for the others to fade away too.

fd6b73 No.1411347

File: a61b89a67325cf6⋯.jpg (10.09 KB, 255x166, 255:166, Gored 2.jpg)


> Another "comedian"

Let's send him some bike locks. On his own amazon account.

d50759 No.1411348

HFS. Turned on the TV.

Saw KellyAnne Conway. Yea!

Had a full on emotional response to a fucking commercial.


Turning off TV.

88a406 No.1411349


>KellyAnne: "I expect personnel changes"

It might be HER since she can't stop her freaking husband from sending out negative twats about POTUS!

6a7331 No.1411350

File: 04158dea63fedac⋯.jpeg (530.22 KB, 2028x1352, 3:2, 04158dea63fedacf0ccb59924….jpeg)

d9d30a No.1411351



She also had this nervous breakdown in '96.

https://www. google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/world/missing-superman-actress-found-frightened-in-bushes-1306667.html%3famp

d6c416 No.1411352

File: ddb6b647ddd4b2e⋯.png (729.78 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Cox_Council_on_Foreign_Rel….png)



0d065d No.1411353


Melania - proof of life?

2e681b No.1411354

File: 7406ba5565df79a⋯.jpg (599.45 KB, 1840x2342, 920:1171, 1525319005900.jpg)


Poisonous animals?

d43dec No.1411355


Iran and Iraq merge together into one country and their leader gets killed by the US.

4db41a No.1411356


Also the film Syriana does an excellent job of shedding light on the middle east dymamic. Both the Clancy books and Syriana have uncanny relevancy to current happenings, imho.

47a419 No.1411357


Flat Earth is for dumb people. Try some sience.

4cd0d3 No.1411358

File: c049a5e7f36a19a⋯.jpg (177.07 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, BeBest13.jpg)

File: 4687086168c691d⋯.jpg (149.99 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, BeBest11.jpg)

File: fbdb2e43bd6c7ba⋯.jpg (542.73 KB, 849x565, 849:565, BeBest10.jpg)

File: e45bbf3d4827e10⋯.jpg (382.19 KB, 866x577, 866:577, BeBest9.jpg)

File: 94bddca405a30ad⋯.jpg (513.53 KB, 900x600, 3:2, BeBest8.jpg)

cad5f5 No.1411359


Thank God - POTUS taking motorcade instead of the Helicopter.

41e5fa No.1411360

26d2ee No.1411361


She is either there for protection or its a kidney stone, which is indeed minor

7715d0 No.1411362

File: f3f14ee96d60d67⋯.png (68.14 KB, 720x300, 12:5, 20180514_181429.png)

File: 3b944f990e643a0⋯.png (75.26 KB, 720x392, 90:49, 20180514_180536.png)

File: c191f04096f2a69⋯.png (135.68 KB, 720x1109, 720:1109, 20180514_181245.png)

c98659 No.1411363



4f80ab No.1411364

File: 9daccb6f4df4415⋯.png (15.9 KB, 129x179, 129:179, It's LOCKed.png)


Notice the LOCK


cc4c7f No.1411365


Q74 MARKING on fire truck

Q stands for quint.

"The name quint is derived from the Latin prefix quinque-, meaning five, and refers to the five functions that a quint provides: pump, water tank, fire hose, aerial device, and ground ladders."

So Q74 is a Quint fire truck

Smoogle Quint fire truck

0208b4 No.1411366




Jusk that the Cyberpunk (20 years or more) of them and They become other beings.

9c5efe No.1411367


A dozen tow hitches with no free shipping.

40f295 No.1411368

File: ad5e2348aa70a2e⋯.jpg (29.58 KB, 395x230, 79:46, Q CHAI.JPG)

File: 04ca6bf275c6749⋯.jpg (39.58 KB, 614x370, 307:185, doj 5 14 18.JPG)

A physician based in the McAllen, Texas area was charged in an indictment unsealed today for his role in a $240 million health care fraud and international money laundering scheme.


5bdd8b No.1411369

FLOTUS is always in my prayers. Adding speedy recovery.

0761f1 No.1411370


No idea who that is so no. Kek

6ff27a No.1411371


Potus Schedule twatted out 45 minutes ago that POTUS left Walter Reed by motorcade instead of helicopter because of bad weather.

If true, he has been driving through the major storm in DC.

No word yet on his arrival at WH.

46a1b5 No.1411372


Depends what branch of Gov….

Lots of Vets out there o.O who hold elected spots.

d6705d No.1411373

af07bf No.1411374


Well, I never really pay attention to what the stars tell us but this one only got my attention because there was a connection with the Pleiades and that reminded me of the Subaru flag. That's why I read a bit about it.

There might be some truth in these things though. After all we're all universal beings. But I don't know anon. I'm not an expert on this but before Taurus it was in Capricorn and when that happened Uranus did shake up a lot of things. Lets see what happens.

b36999 No.1411375

File: b07b9c5ef93831f⋯.png (144.52 KB, 1080x731, 1080:731, Screenshot_20180514-181141….png)

File: a16fbbb87e9cc3a⋯.png (282.79 KB, 1080x1551, 360:517, Screenshot_20180514-181200….png)

File: ddc00cc19ce961b⋯.png (112.66 KB, 1080x636, 90:53, Screenshot_20180514-181229….png)

File: 84b04a967f3b77d⋯.png (229.84 KB, 1080x1577, 1080:1577, Screenshot_20180514-181036….png)

File: 333523fba34b2c0⋯.png (281.3 KB, 1080x1724, 270:431, Screenshot_20180514-181109….png)

d43dec No.1411376


Well, no doubt it's a tool. I get the impression it is used a lot by different factions.

28f323 No.1411377

File: 86e15f680f83b22⋯.png (2.44 MB, 1111x4005, 1111:4005, Q 2018-05-14 12-06_12-22_1….png)


Q 2018-05-14 12-06_12-22_12-30.png

b36999 No.1411378

File: a099c8f35637b07⋯.png (271.96 KB, 1080x1618, 540:809, Screenshot_20180514-181344….png)

File: 463c7ed723c782e⋯.png (133.37 KB, 1080x936, 15:13, Screenshot_20180514-181411….png)

File: a24b69438389ed7⋯.png (242.56 KB, 1080x1461, 360:487, Screenshot_20180514-181256….png)

File: 7739d9272f373ef⋯.png (185.21 KB, 1080x1236, 90:103, Screenshot_20180514-181316….png)

01954f No.1411379


They're also in a field not clearing a room?

bc95be No.1411380

There are only two rules for Q:

1. We don't ask who Q's sources are.

2. We don't ask who Q's sources are.

If there are any dissenting opinions to Q. Screech "Shilll!", "Clown!". I like to point at the sky when I screech, mom's cool with it.

b86729 No.1411381


Nah. I have had the sense that there is more to those “hostages” than reported or more peeps on the flight though.

daf732 No.1411382

File: 231297993eb62cf⋯.jpg (196.86 KB, 671x480, 671:480, _5m9shl8s4gv.jpg)


Zug Zug.. Keep digging ;)

eb981b No.1411383



Not many, but when we do they're doozies.

7ca572 No.1411384

File: 7f110d4abf89247⋯.png (110.68 KB, 470x445, 94:89, NARRATIVE.png)

Anons, Q was NOT calling out the billboard owners for being PAYtriots. He was using that as an example of how WE THE PEOPLE are getting the word out about Q and (((THEY))) aka the cabal and the MSM are scared because they can no longer control the narrative.

Not everyone trying to cover costs is a "PAYtriot". SMH. Do you know how much it costs to create one of those billboards let alone keep it up for any amount of time? It also costs money to host and run a website.

As long as the message is true to Q and not distorted it is not a bad thing. There are millions of normies who are dying for help to understand Q. This place is a good place for some to start their search. The website owners are selling business advertising space on the site. Why is that a problem?

The whois information is the hosting company that they are using - Domains By Proxy, LLC. They are not necessarily the same people that run the DoUKnowQ site. I am sure they used the Domains By Proxy to protect their identity.

4b1ea5 No.1411385


They were created by the cabal. Just like you were.

b36999 No.1411386



Industries effected by sanctioning Iran.

d6705d No.1411387

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d6c416 No.1411388


great analysis anon

really great

28f323 No.1411389

File: 86e15f680f83b22⋯.png (2.44 MB, 1111x4005, 1111:4005, Q 2018-05-14 12-06_12-22_1….png)


Q 2018-05-14 12-06_12-22_12-30.png

40f295 No.1411390


yeah…does "clearing a room" have a double meaning for the military?

8e6757 No.1411391

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



>RED wave coming?

<Allen Iverson Ultimate Crossover Compilation

26d2ee No.1411392

2f611a No.1411393

File: 55a05483a108aaf⋯.jpeg (739.19 KB, 1149x1169, 1149:1169, 8A31A2D4-8C3A-48FB-B661-B….jpeg)

File: acb859febbd02ee⋯.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1173x1242, 17:18, 5716FD3E-C6A4-4ED6-9F94-A….jpeg)

File: 2a6b42584ef8855⋯.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1181x1240, 1181:1240, A98D39BD-029B-497E-91A8-3….jpeg)

File: 933fe869e365191⋯.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1156x1514, 578:757, B06C3B0D-24F4-424A-AE70-D….jpeg)

Unsealed indictment today…


7d8171 No.1411394


i trust the plan

and we cant know 100%

still though

it was a big shock to receive the news and given our natural suspicious nature around here

does seem likely not all is as it seems

wondering if contingency plans are in play

more than in fear of any disruption

884f34 No.1411395


He locked that awhile back.

d6c416 No.1411396

File: c892650d7dfca16⋯.png (719.34 KB, 990x746, 495:373, Zuckerberg_Testimony_Green….png)


coincidence at the Fuckerberg hearing?

4cd0d3 No.1411397


Sending prayers from Ireland, God bless FLOTUS and family.

b86729 No.1411398


For about 5 weeks an anon thought we could pick a message for the 58 spaces. Havent seen him in a while tho.

40f295 No.1411399

53f5a1 No.1411400

File: 5cd29ea184ec46a⋯.png (621.69 KB, 1728x1080, 8:5, shillsbegone.png)


>Who's retarded????


A laser emits a perfectly straight line.

The laser source was only a few feet off the ground.

Explain why the chopper needs to be 24 feet in the air in order to be tagged by said laser when at a distance of 4miles.

Explain why the chopper 'disappears' when it landed at a distance of 4miles.

You can't on a FE.

The ONLY possible explanation is;

The water is CURVED.

Your crappy human eyes can't perceive it, but the water IS curved.

See you next bread.

Filtered, yet again.

bc95be No.1411401


What was the delta to Q's last post? Were there any misspellings? These are proof of Q! Hurry anon! There are no coincidences.

937a55 No.1411402


when Quinn the Eskimo

gets here

everybody's gonna jump fer joy

76de8b No.1411403

All (((they))) could afford was a billboard and a website.

Think about that.

759f5a No.1411404



28f323 No.1411405



please update/add:

Q Graphics all in EST

>>1411389 Qmap_graphic_2018-05-14_patriotsfight/80-81-82

>>1303748 Qmap_graphic_2018-05-04_patriotsfight/TRIPUPDATE/58 + full thread captures: >>1298492 , >>1302636

287d0b No.1411406

Just listened to Jermoe for the first time in a month. Straight cucked.

QAnon hushed him quickly.

0208b4 No.1411407



Every 14. it's attacked a member..

Take note

5b144b No.1411408


>TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Three Toledo pastors are facing charges stemming from a sex trafficking case involving minors.

>Monday, Kenneth Butler changed his plea from "not guilty" to "guilty." He faces charges stemming from allegations of sex trafficking children, conspiracy to sex traffic children and obstruction of a sex trafficking investigation.

>The plea calls for 17 years in prison. He's set to be sentenced Sept. 12 at 9:30 a.m.

>“This defendant has admitted to crimes that include preying on a foster child who was previously the victim of sexual abuse, and he committed these crimes in a house of worship,” U.S. Attorney Justin E. Herdman said. “Butler may hold himself out to the community as a pastor, but in the eyes of the law he is a criminal who pays money to sexually assault children.”

>FBI Special Agent in Charge Stephen D. Anthony said: “The FBI is pleased that Kenneth Butler has acknowledged the criminal behavior he inflicted on a vulnerable minor. The FBI will continue efforts to identify and prosecute those that coerce and exploit our youth through sex trafficking.”

Winning, they are singing like birds in Toledo!

fb53f8 No.1411409


same here, saving all of them, and very thankful to you for you work on this.

34aef6 No.1411410


8 hours left


>Will Iran expose the names of corrupt officials?


>Will the US expose the names of corrupt officials + con deal?

>We await your answer [48].

>On Guard.


cad5f5 No.1411411


I agree.

Q was only pointing out how the word is spreading.

0d065d No.1411412


Very sudden and odd to me so soon after her best roll out.

9cb570 No.1411413


audible kek

e64d03 No.1411414


What might it mean? If it is not a coincidence, then it is a lot of effort to craft the posts and tweets in a coordinated way. So what additional information is provided by focusing on the spaces?

So far, Q has not given us Easter eggs just for the fun of it.

41e5fa No.1411415


seems like rad islam is a tool of the kgb

yeah they have their own pathology going, but it sure is helpful global agitators.

so, that would make the media the tool of global agitators.


c73d96 No.1411416

File: f0cba72e7031fbc⋯.jpg (72.82 KB, 640x427, 640:427, sss.jpg)




>> 893904

Director “Tex” Alles joined President Trump @realDonaldTrump as he signed the USSS Recruitment and Retention Act of 2018 authorizing overtime compensation for protective missions in 2017 through 2018. (White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

https:// twitter.com/SecretService/status/981639269251993600

April 4th READ: Trump's memo ordering National Guard troops to the border



2145bb No.1411417


Spot on!

7d8171 No.1411418

File: f653185efde73c9⋯.jpeg (587.93 KB, 1350x1800, 3:4, 792535DA-8BC4-4274-BACA-C….jpeg)

fd2147 No.1411419

File: 51aeea42442d08e⋯.jpg (266.49 KB, 736x792, 92:99, gusgrissom.jpg)

File: 793b349b0fcc327⋯.jpg (59.89 KB, 575x221, 575:221, planets.jpg)

File: 363474d0362265e⋯.jpg (86.84 KB, 512x491, 512:491, spinny.jpg)

File: 2bc0f4e362d9879⋯.jpg (249.75 KB, 850x656, 425:328, squareearthrevealed.jpg)

File: 0ecf028e21e4ad3⋯.jpg (61.06 KB, 480x360, 4:3, combustion.jpg)

I'm a flat earther, and I enjoy having sex with my muhjooos homeboiz

flatdick4life, yo

Post last edited at

34aef6 No.1411420




06696c No.1411421


Are there any particular meme needs today, that have not yet been met?


8e6757 No.1411422


> Domains By Proxy, LLC. They are not necessarily the same people that run the DoUKnowQ site.

perfectly reasonable explanation, anon.

website has 13 scripts running. know if they've been analyzed?

0208b4 No.1411423


We have to pull apart the libtards of the people.

They're other beings and very dangerous..

157833 No.1411424


Hello pizza place, I’d like to order 50 pizzas. I live at xxxxx. In xxxxxx Vermont

daf732 No.1411425


will do, ty

73ae79 No.1411427


Anon, what do you mean by this? What's the 14?

5bdd8b No.1411428


The word s getting out which is why there was a coordinated attack from all those websites. They are trying to corrupt/disillusion those(newbies) who are starting to hear about Q.

cad5f5 No.1411429

>>1411384 Q word getting out opinion

Notable Opinion, but a good one.

72374d No.1411430



1449fb No.1411431

File: 8c6cac4371c55e8⋯.jpg (62.71 KB, 615x504, 205:168, trumpfigures.jpg)

▪Mueller may have a conflict — and it leads directly to a Russian oligarch▪

Special counsel Robert Mueller has withstood relentless political attacks, many distorting his record of distinguished government service.

But there's one episode even Mueller's former law enforcement comrades - and independent ethicists - acknowledge raises legitimate legal issues and a possible conflict of interest in his overseeing the Russia election probe.

(((In 2009, when Mueller ran the FBI, the bureau asked Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska to spend millions of his own dollars funding an FBI-supervised operation))) to rescue a retired FBI agent, Robert Levinson, captured in Iran while working for the CIA in 2007.

Yes, that's the same Deripaska who has surfaced in Mueller's current investigation and who was recently sanctioned by the Trump administration.

Some aspects of Deripaska's help were chronicled in a 2016 book by reporter Barry Meier, but sources provide extensive new information about his role.

They said (((FBI agents courted Deripaska in 2009 in a series of secret hotel meetings))) in Paris; Vienna; Budapest, Hungary, and Washington. Agents (((persuaded))) the aluminum industry magnate to underwrite the mission. The Russian billionaire insisted the operation neither involve nor harm his homeland.

"We knew he was paying for his team helping us, and that probably ran into the millions," a U.S. official involved in the operation confirmed.

(((One agent who helped court Deripaska was Andrew McCabe))), the recently fired FBI deputy director who played a seminal role starting the Trump-Russia case, multiple sources confirmed.

Deripaska's lawyer said the Russian ultimately spent $25 million assembling a private search and rescue team that worked with Iranian contacts under the FBI's watchful eye. Photos and videos indicating Levinson was alive were uncovered.

Then in fall 2010, the operation secured an offer to free Levinson. The deal was scuttled, however, when the State Department become uncomfortable with Iran's terms, according to Deripaska's lawyer and the Levinson family.

FBI officials confirmed State hampered their efforts.

"We tried to turn over every stone we could to rescue Bob, but every time we started to get close, the State Department seemed to always get in the way," said Robyn Gritz, the retired agent who supervised the Levinson case in 2009, when Deripaska first cooperated, but who left for another position in 2010 before the Iranian offer arrived. "I kept Director Mueller and Deputy Director [John] Pistole informed of the various efforts and operations, and they offered to intervene with State, if necessary."

FBI officials ended the operation in 2011, concerned that Deripaska's Iranian contacts couldn't deliver with all the U.S. infighting. Levinson was never found; his whereabouts remain a mystery, 11 years after he disappeared.

"Deripaska's efforts came very close to success," said David McGee, a former federal prosecutor who represents Levinson's family. ((("We were told at one point that the terms of Levinson's release had been agreed to by Iran and the U.S. and included a statement by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pointing a finger away from Iran. At the last minute, Secretary Clinton decided not to make the agreed-on statement.")))

The State Department declined comment, and a spokesman for Clinton did not offer comment. Mueller's spokesman, Peter Carr, declined to answer questions. As did McCabe.

The FBI had three reasons for choosing Deripaska for a mission worthy of a spy novel. First, his aluminum empire had business in Iran. Second, (((the FBI wanted a foreigner to fund the operation because spending money in Iran might violate U.S. sanctions and other laws))). Third, agents knew Deripaska had been banished since 2006 from the United States by State over reports he had ties to organized crime and other nefarious activities. He denies the allegations, and nothing was ever proven in court.

The FBI rewarded Deripaska for his help. In fall 2009, (((according to U.S. entry records, Deripaska visited Washington on a rare law enforcement parole visa. And since 2011, he has been granted entry at least eight times on a diplomatic passport,))) even though he doesn't work for the Russian Foreign Ministry.

(((Former FBI officials confirm they arranged the access))).

(((I was alerted to Deripaska's past FBI relationship by U.S. officials who wondered whether the Russian's conspicuous absence from Mueller's indictments might be related to his FBI work.)))

(((Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz told me he believes Mueller has a conflict of interest because his FBI previously accepted financial help from a Russian))) that is, at the very least, a witness in the current probe….

http:// thehill.com/opinion/white-house/387625-mueller-may-have-a-conflict-and-it-leads-directly-to-a-russian-oligarch?amp

41e5fa No.1411432

File: a435f52a6ef6f37⋯.png (2.25 MB, 1333x845, 1333:845, Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at ….png)

3babfb No.1411433

File: f2b42ded8ceb404⋯.png (41.84 KB, 577x256, 577:256, Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at ….png)

File: 09592cb0b9fe6eb⋯.png (738.48 KB, 660x542, 330:271, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0d7732754d880fc⋯.png (93.41 KB, 1090x222, 545:111, ClipboardImage.png)



https:// www.wired.com/2008/09/john-mccain-acc/

7d8171 No.1411434


i'd be interested in a sauce of sheps comments compiled over the first hour after the announcement

that dude was off

maybe the shep shills were right

fd6b73 No.1411435


>A dozen tow hitches with no free shipping.

And some truck tires. Big ass truck tires.

b86729 No.1411436

File: bb2829339edaf0f⋯.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x1991, 1242:1991, 0B4C3448-67EB-4A38-BB76-8….jpeg)


Looks like SICK does business with Iran. Searching webbbz

e669a8 No.1411437


Im not sure you quoted me right, or him right, or whomever correctly. whatever. No mention of hostages. This is the someone in the army saying FOIA won't cover the personnel file on Snowden then someone on military.com has an article that is not at all talking about Snowden but features a picture of his uniform, complete with rank.

d6c416 No.1411438

File: 7ca90bb424ab720⋯.jpg (154.15 KB, 732x1024, 183:256, Witch_Soy_Boy.jpg-large.jpg)

0a13d5 No.1411439


Q Billboard.

Is that Dealership responsible for that Billboard?

Seth Wadley Dealership -

333 N. Butler Road • Pauls Valley, OK 73075

333 = 9

33 Freemason number?

73075 = 22

BUTLER? Smedley?

937a55 No.1411440


14th day of the month

0ce1e0 No.1411441

File: e8dc79b4b64988c⋯.jpg (464.63 KB, 720x720, 1:1, NN.jpg)

9cb570 No.1411442

File: fa39445bf859129⋯.jpg (3.89 MB, 5760x4544, 90:71, FlatEarth&MuhJoosSittingIn….jpg)


sausagefest ; )

285469 No.1411443

File: afaa10c5169873a⋯.jpg (406.04 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, df02e5699978be33d7d81a3a52….jpg)

c4168e No.1411444




>>1411393 Unsealed indictment: health care fraud and money laundering

This went on for 18 years. How many other doctors out there are doing the same?

fe5d2b No.1411445


That it do, that it do.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

2e681b No.1411446

File: 6bebe3b20aadc49⋯.jpg (178.42 KB, 1024x595, 1024:595, 1526188974765.jpg)


A smurf or a woman coder?

b86729 No.1411447


I was just looking for links btwn Snowden and Army dude

5bdd8b No.1411448


I hope Melania didn't eat or drink anything at Barbara Bush's funeral!

d43dec No.1411449


Makes sense.

bc95be No.1411450


Yes it's so clear now anon. Reed, Reed, Mosquitoes. I was so blind. Have you backed this proof of Q up to a thumb drive? Vital evidence.

078002 No.1411451

File: c07c3cbab8f8a2c⋯.png (564.16 KB, 630x464, 315:232, ClipboardImage.png)

Iranian Group Offers $100,000 to Blow Up New U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem

A hardline Iranian organization is reportedly offering a $100,000 reward to any person who bombs the newly opened U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, according to a translation of Farsi language reports.

A group known as the Iranian Justice Seeker Student Movement is reported to have disseminated posters calling for an attack on the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, which has been opposed by Palestinian and Iranian officials as an affront to the holy city.

"The Student Justice Movement will support anybody who destroy the illegal American embassy in Jerusalem," the poster states in Farsi, Arabic, and English, according to an independent translation of the propaganda poster provided to the Free Beacon.

There will be a "$100,000 dollar prize for the person who destroys the illegal American embassy in Jerusalem," the poster states.

The call for an attack on the new embassy is just the latest escalation by hostile Islamic states and leaders who have lashed out at the United States and President Donald Trump for making good on a campaign promise to relocate the embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel's declared capital city of Jerusalem.

News of the bomb threat was first reported by the University Student News Network, a regional Farsi-language site that aggregates relevant news briefs.

"The Student Movement for Justice declared, ‘Whoever bombs the embassy's building will receive a $100,000 award,'" the report states. "It is necessary to mention that the steps by Trump to transfer the US Embassy to Holy Qods [Jerusalem] has led to the anger and hatred of Muslims and liberators throughout the world.'"

Michael Rubin, a former Pentagon adviser and expert on rogue regimes, told the Washington Free Beacon that terrorism of this nature is embedded in the Iranian regime's hardline stance.

"Unfortunately, terrorism directed toward diplomats and embassies has become a central pillar of the Islamic Republic's culture," Rubin said. "Terrorism is lionized in Iranian schools. This bounty is more the rule than the exception. To blame Washington or Jerusalem is to blame the victim and give terrorists a veto over U.S. policy."

Behnam Ben Taleblu, an research fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, described the poster as repulsive and blamed the Iranian ruling regime for fostering such an attitude.

"This is nothing short of an invitation to a heinous act of an international terror by a student group that looks up to the world's foremost state sponsor of terror—the Islamic Republic of Iran," he said.


4fb6b9 No.1411452


i'm an older newfag…I memember

it well.

4553eb No.1411453

File: abc06f21d5df415⋯.png (555.04 KB, 487x635, 487:635, april-moab.png)

1d585b No.1411454

File: 8dd10f6a8652bbd⋯.jpg (22.47 KB, 255x254, 255:254, pthshdsoi.jpg)

c97569 No.1411455

File: 9009d0c834788f3⋯.jpg (168.22 KB, 787x767, 787:767, CAPDLVg0MHZhUr1r-pWY9Cmc9q….jpg)

e45d3d No.1411456

File: 74396beb5e1cc8a⋯.jpg (80.41 KB, 580x400, 29:20, wwepain.jpg)

File: d93bdd6ee1739f4⋯.jpg (36.99 KB, 353x500, 353:500, wwepain2.jpg)


can you help me? unless you think its weak



ee30d5 No.1411457

File: 0d08d7937b5b5dd⋯.jpg (58.57 KB, 748x392, 187:98, Thomas Markle.jpg)

I always think of good, ole Q when I see headlines like the following one that was just posted minutes ago.



Meghan Markle’s father says he has had a heart attack and will not attend her wedding . He had been expected to walk his daughter down the aisle when she marries Prince Harry on May 19. However, he told TMZ he will no longer be travelling to the UK following media reports he staged paparazzi photographs of him getting ready for the wedding. Mr Markle said he had a heart attack six days ago and checked out of hospital to attend the wedding, but has now changed his mind.

Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2018/05/14/meghan-markles-father-suffers-heart-attack-wont-attend-wedding-7545752/?ito=cbshare

6a7331 No.1411458


Meghan Markle's dad has ‘heart attack and will NOT attend wedding' - Palace breaks silence

heart attacks can be deadly

06696c No.1411459

File: 5cd6cd31425d9f8⋯.jpg (204.06 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Economy1.jpg)

File: 9d91a22f934e28c⋯.jpg (166.31 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Economy5.jpg)

File: 7a4eefd686cf291⋯.jpg (183.01 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Economy3.jpg)

26d2ee No.1411460


Most likely kidney stone removed

f45ec9 No.1411461


Does anyone else read that as either they expose it or we will ..and if we do they get to go down with the sinking ship

b36999 No.1411462



No. Go look at the site. They link Corsi, Beanz, et al, have a store. No.

fd2147 No.1411463


I can see if they banned people for starting trouble or posting outward lies… but this, this subject

should not be banned from Q research.

This topic is very much Q related. It's why we

are all here… exposing satanic lies to the world.

b86729 No.1411464


I was having random baseless speculation that perhaps Snowden came back on the plane and was also at Reed. That anon thought there might be a notable. I said nah. No need to overthink it.

1449fb No.1411465

File: bc067f55ddc80d3⋯.jpg (56.55 KB, 650x461, 650:461, rod-rosenstein-meme.jpg)

File: 16e44b6658a2ae0⋯.png (141.54 KB, 500x504, 125:126, i-recommended-in-a-letter-….png)

ee30d5 No.1411466


Oh my gosh, Anon, "JINX, GRAPE JUICE, THUMBS UP." We posted the Markle "heart attacks can be deadly" story at the same time, lad.

6bb2a1 No.1411467

2437e3 No.1411468

File: 52d7a1517748d94⋯.png (420.8 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2039.PNG)

Memefags, can we get a meme for this

7ca572 No.1411469


Doubtful. They are two separate billboards and two separate ads. Most likely placed together by the billboard's owner.

1449fb No.1411470

File: 5df383fa087733f⋯.jpg (111.33 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, DaSsgZ2XkAAQ8kt.jpg)

File: 76f44dad8760883⋯.jpg (126.4 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, DZ5QoJkW0AAGi-N.jpg)

96dbe7 No.1411471


That is a Direct Order Q.

285469 No.1411472

File: e764a8945ea7287⋯.jpg (297.62 KB, 1600x1075, 64:43, e764a8945ea728799aeb63321d….jpg)

The ((("official"))) number for Israel is way lower than the actual number when other ((("unaccounted")) for aid is added.

4553eb No.1411473

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Trump Great Meme War Speech

f1d910 No.1411474


It took a while, but you had me at 80's Metal. \m/\m/

404fba No.1411475




maybe it's me but I can't imagine anons saw this and don't want to comment.

I think it's significant that the grifters and users are moving in on the Q phenomenon.

0208b4 No.1411477




Between the 12th, 14th…Hmm. maybe it's wrong.

https:// truepundit.com/donald-trump-jr-drops-hammer-coward-terrorized-wife-white-powder-suspicious-package/

4cd0d3 No.1411478


Eveerybody has different taste anon. I don't like your idea of a woman at all so, by your logic, that makes you a shill.

eefed7 No.1411479

>>1410853 (previous)

No, that's not a back brace. Those are horns growing out of that witch's back.

526bd8 No.1411480


We seemed to have looped back to flat Earth shills.

865f45 No.1411481

File: 4c29a5ff50910d9⋯.jpg (353.64 KB, 1836x3264, 9:16, tWp3yBR.jpg)





71acd0 No.1411482


Now, can someone put hilldabeast in a kill box please…..

16f6a2 No.1411483

File: 6c125e5aa7291f6⋯.jpg (388.97 KB, 900x651, 300:217, Screenshot.jpg)

Is anon in the Q noose, as in Garrison says anon will be strangled by Q?

Or is Garrison just noting anon's fondness for rope?

c97569 No.1411484

File: 706a7bcae7000d1⋯.jpg (22.24 KB, 780x439, 780:439, ayanle-hassan-ali.jpg)


Man accused in military centre stabbing acquitted of terror charges, not criminally responsible

Ayanle Hassan Ali had attacked soldiers at a military recruitment centre in March 2016

A man with schizophrenia who attacked soldiers at a military recruitment centre in Toronto has been acquitted of terror-related charges and found not criminally responsible for lesser offences due to mental illness.

Judge Ian MacDonnell says Ayanle Hassan Ali's actions in May 2016 do not fit the intended scope of Canadian terrorism laws.

Ali had pleaded not guilty to three counts of attempted murder, three counts of assault with a weapon, two counts of assault causing bodily harm and one count of carrying a weapon for the purpose of committing an offence, all for the benefit or at the direction of a terror organization.


f45ec9 No.1411485


Satanic rituals and flat earth in same sentence Please stfu your stupid is showing Bigly!

93d210 No.1411486


He was afraid angry vets would come out of hospital and beat his ass.

621603 No.1411487

You guys hear of this?


0d065d No.1411488

Melania suddenly and mysteriously in the hospital for a week and Trump changes plans of movement from hospital to WH on the fly.


cc4c7f No.1411489



Quin.com is a news feed with a story about Iran

e45d3d No.1411490


Full Circle

0208b4 No.1411491


Avoiding the Red Carpet…

404fba No.1411492


incorrect. I found the person. Posted it here.

it's being ignored

9cb570 No.1411493


I agree, we need to investigate the connections between these evil groups.

Like, what does a flatdick look like, and why is it prized more than sheckelz?

We need to dig on these important matters.

7d8171 No.1411494

File: 158678642e3fb59⋯.jpeg (535.92 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, A9055E38-DAD2-4A68-BC7E-9….jpeg)


kek!! wd

4f80ab No.1411495


Refer to this >>1411304

f00559 No.1411496

Did anyone catch the POPE on 60 minutes last night.

movie coming out on the 18th

24a867 No.1411497

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

884a61 No.1411498


By looking at the surrounding lines of text and counting characters, it looks more like 25 spaces between the brackets. And about 10 spaces in POTUS tweet.

Wonder if the extra space in the other tweet refers to outer space, like Space Force.

4cd0d3 No.1411499

File: b66187487d59d77⋯.jpg (125.94 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, ShillTards.jpg)

05f3f1 No.1411501

File: 8a20f98d50d4f8b⋯.jpg (170.95 KB, 743x500, 743:500, IMG_1357.JPG)


Are all these trans-obsessed anons closet homos or just fat chicks who can't stand to see a size 2?

d57207 No.1411502

Hey Q, my buddy, where is Hillary. You haven't updated us lately…

Q 28 October 2017: HRC will be arrested 30 October 2017

Q 28 October 2017: HRC extradition already in motion.

Q 28 October 2017: HRC detained, not arrested.

Q 29 October 2017: Where is HRC?

Q 8 May 2018: Why is HRC in NZ?

28f323 No.1411503


my guess was the rope allowed to draw a Q, while suggesting JUSTICE as well…

once you've seen it, it really does stand out, just next to the middle of frame…

0d065d No.1411504


New leakers found in WH press office.

f00559 No.1411505


Who paid for the billboard?

700bdf No.1411506


Q never named names, they outed themselves by getting defensive….newfags need the help of the other anoans to guide, thats how i started, then moved on to reading the posts myself…in the end, this board is the best source for real investigative information, so calling out FAKES was important, without naming a soul

fb53f8 No.1411507


Mandatory overtime for me, workfagging but more work than fagging………

3c9d52 No.1411508

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Q……whose committed a greater crime here….

the criminal or the cop?

people in authority who abuse that authority

entrusted to them by citizens

need to pay a much higher price then a similar

criminal whose not in authority wheres the deterent cops are never or very rarely fired and even rarer prosecuted


9d0b47 No.1411509


I look at it as an organic development. Might not be purest of the pure but that's what happens at the frontier, there's gonna be some mixing..

d25eb8 No.1411510


Thats a jewess…blech

1d585b No.1411511



fd6b73 No.1411512



>Unsealed indictment today…

>This went on for 18 years. How many other doctors out there are doing the same?

Probably many more. BUT, the swamp is deep. Is anyone gullible enough to think this could happen without the collusion of someone in HHS? Someone who was getting gigantic kickbacks? Money's gotta be laundered before it's paid. Get the popcorn going, this is only the beginning.

2a0ab1 No.1411513

File: 2eb8eefa7a25e06⋯.png (11.83 KB, 255x191, 255:191, 03f255835be7f23075c0839e25….png)

fd2147 No.1411514


You haven't "looped" anywhere you ignorant blind

thing. This is no organised conspiracey… it's an

attempt wake you from the sonspiracey. So you see, one man's shill is anothers hero.

FE people are only shills in your mind beccause

your eyes cannot yet see the truth.

b5f9ee No.1411515



e64d03 No.1411516


I'm sure Clooney will be sorry he made the film, if it becomes useful to Q team.

752e05 No.1411517



these people need de-programmed

937a55 No.1411518


the key is on the wheelchair

0e2e35 No.1411519

I wonder what will happen when someone asks Trump. Hey Mr. President does your administration drop inetl into 8chn? After he threw up a bit, he would say "Wrong". But, but…my Trump tweet time delta is 22, it's proof of Q.

Now where have I placed my super decoder ring!

0208b4 No.1411520


Proxy War?

c6d84e No.1411521


Clowns in disguise

cc4c7f No.1411522




Thequint.com has story on cabinet reshuffle in Iran. Says live feed

Sorry phonefagging

1da900 No.1411523

File: 140a1ef8b4620fc⋯.jpg (39.24 KB, 480x334, 240:167, 2a9tru~2.jpg)

Tucker Carlson is crazy to put this woman on his show.

bddea5 No.1411524

File: fb0f7ec5e0eaa9b⋯.png (89 KB, 552x649, 552:649, prezpoints2.PNG)


Full house deuces over aces truth. She got too close to her kryptonite

d6c416 No.1411525


top kek anon

2c72fe No.1411526


It's all been a PSYOP on us. Snowden is a member of the military. OPN Mockingbird allowed the DoD to run this PSYOP on us in order to restore order to the Republic.

Quite the timeline.

656109 No.1411527


Pretty sure they own the service that is hosting the garbo q site.

6f94cd No.1411528


Tits or GTFO!

0208b4 No.1411529


Fake Russian is back.

8e6757 No.1411530

File: 34f870735ffd941⋯.jpg (100.67 KB, 500x500, 1:1, #flyEaglesFly.jpg)

>>1410885 #1769 >Q74 engine in Upper Darby PA


>>1411055 >HRM Sr. murdered 20km away

>both places suburbs of Philadelphia PA

Anyone remember #FlyEaglesFly?

937a55 No.1411531


and in the mothers hand, and in the guy with pink shirts pocket

404fba No.1411532

File: 72ca212dd49d63d⋯.png (131.62 KB, 1197x828, 133:92, ClipboardImage.png)


probably this person:

526bd8 No.1411533


So in a few days we should start seeing the "not all Jews are bad" memes again.

c97569 No.1411534

Baker Notables



621603 No.1411535

File: 9dbb1db5bddddb3⋯.jpg (644.32 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180514-193050….jpg)


7ca572 No.1411536


It was last updated before Corsi was called out. They have plenty of other good links. I'm sure they are freaking out at the massive amount of nasty "contact us" emails they've received in the last few hours. If they don't take the site down completely they will probably update the links to exclude or at least notate Corsi's links.

The only thing in the "store" are three domains with hosting plans. Whoop de do. Those three, IF they sell, MIGHT cover the cost of the original website and the billboard for a month.

I've been designing websites since 1998. The owners appear to be "new" to website design so they most likely have another job and update this on the side.

Not everyone is a shill or a PAYtriot.

7f309a No.1411537

File: d0f029698be9bc0⋯.jpg (65.14 KB, 610x610, 1:1, 32479857_10214352287673627….jpg)

031a8a No.1411538

File: 27e5aea0e5d641b⋯.gif (134.02 KB, 287x344, 287:344, 2eee4c0ec1f6696e3d6315a61e….gif)

f00559 No.1411539


has anyone unmasked the clown(s)?

6f94cd No.1411541


This girl looks just fine… don't be jeally…

0dc0ad No.1411542

>>1411257 Had lawnmowing to do. Doggies don't like it when the grass tickles their butts.

eb981b No.1411543


No way he could helo up there. We've got 70 mph winds.

731a16 No.1411544

File: aefdf78c2a0c6e6⋯.png (13.42 KB, 581x129, 581:129, AQ5.PNG)


Reminder of one more Pedo thrown in jail.

0e2e35 No.1411545


Look in the mirror. You are a brainwashed q-tard. Wait let me answer for you…SHILL!!! CLOWN!!!

078002 No.1411546

File: 4744b6c61f8b5f0⋯.png (403.03 KB, 480x480, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Trump Addresses Audience at Embassy Dedication in Jerusalem

President Donald Trump on Monday addressed an audience in Jerusalem, Israel by a pre-taped video to mark the opening of the U.S. embassy in the city.

"United States under President Harry Truman became the first nation to recognize the state of Israel. Today we officially opened the United States embassy in Jerusalem. Congratulations," Trump said. "It's been a long time coming."

Back in December of 2017, Trump announced the U.S. recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital and would initiate plans to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

"Almost immediately after declaring statehood in 1948, Israel designated the city of Jerusalem as its capital–the capital the Jewish people established in ancient times," Trump said. "Today, Jerusalem is the seat of Israel's government. It is the home of the Israeli legislature and the Israeli supreme court and Israel's prime minister and president."

Trump added that Israel is a sovereign nation and has the right to designate its own capital.

"Israel is a sovereign nation with the right like every other sovereign nation to determine its own capital," Trump said.

The ceremony has intensified riots along the Israel-Gaza border, where Palestinians have been protesting for several weeks. There have been reports of casualties and injuries at the protests.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has said such a move threatens the peace process, and other Middle Eastern leaders have warned the move could inflame tensions in the region.

Trump said the U.S. is still committed to a lasting peace deal for the region.

"The United States remains fully committed to facilitating a lasting peace agreement, and we continue to support the status quo at Jerusalem's holy sites including at the Temple Mount," Trump said.

Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan led the American delegation of about 250 people, which also included Trump's envoy to the Middle East Jason Greenblatt, American Ambassador David Friedman, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, and White House advisers Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. Several Republicans from both the House of Representatives and the Senate were also part of the delegation.

http:// freebeacon.com/national-security/trump-addresses-audience-embassy-dedication-jerusalem/

526bd8 No.1411547

File: 4a73b6476d6007c⋯.jpeg (122.94 KB, 1440x960, 3:2, 1525281697.jpeg)

0b380d No.1411548

File: c9b4f888740c9f1⋯.jpeg (53.66 KB, 450x522, 25:29, 301E0CB8-EF64-42C8-8B90-7….jpeg)



Something is going down.

79a4f0 No.1411549

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d25eb8 No.1411550


Wow…jews are pretty evil. I didnt realize that they did all those things….I totally hate jews now

5bdd8b No.1411551


I don't think you need to stay in hospital for an entire week if it was just a kidney stone.

2e681b No.1411552

File: 0f864c0e9672574⋯.png (415.36 KB, 680x591, 680:591, 1519193854536.png)




Theres no research its just the same 5-6 images being posted millions of times. Theyre going to use the FE to set us up later on in the MSM. False Flag material.

BO/BV should remove them as breads get close to 750.

fd2147 No.1411553


So changing reality, hiding the truth of creation,

inventing outer space, chaning living stars into

burning balls of gas and hiding God isn't satanic?

Hmmm… who might you be?

d6705d No.1411554

Finished the Michelle Bachman letter. Boy what a doozy.

f00559 No.1411555


I thought only Jews stole money

00d109 No.1411556

File: 8366b25318b1a39⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1024x740, 256:185, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 92453e45398dc7a⋯.png (119 KB, 1233x548, 9:4, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 55939e670965faf⋯.png (731.3 KB, 600x569, 600:569, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2bd1dbef43c07cb⋯.png (153.14 KB, 1269x738, 141:82, ClipboardImage.png)


0c0d09 No.1411557

File: 8bca0ae3000bdb5⋯.jpg (301.62 KB, 800x546, 400:273, Q BoatSwampDrain..jpg)

2085a3 No.1411558

File: f2e60d5e337faf0⋯.jpg (376.75 KB, 1456x2589, 1456:2589, f2a4ea375229084d1eb194b024….jpg)



found this

92bb0c No.1411559


Love 'em!

c97569 No.1411560


Canada has to be a Security problem for the USA now

62cfe1 No.1411561

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.















157833 No.1411562


. Lithotripsy is same-day. I went home right after. You get pain pills.

cad5f5 No.1411563

File: 9e01aa1de82e993⋯.jpg (17 KB, 255x206, 255:206, 7352e4ce9595b83c06d2f59f5f….jpg)

884f34 No.1411564

We either have less then 8 hours to find out about [48] or it's No Name (48th state Senator) who has less then 8 hours to come in and start singing before Iran exposes all the names.

Will Iran expose the names of corrupt officials?


Will the US expose the names of corrupt officials + con deal?

We await your answer [48].

On Guard.


e5f898 No.1411565

anyone grab the deleted q posts?

92bb0c No.1411566


This is what benedict was investigating when they replaced him with Francis.

It's always about money.

eb981b No.1411567


corsi's aligned himself with Paul Furber. Just posted a YT.

621603 No.1411568

File: 00605226cc7b1ca⋯.jpg (759.35 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180514-193230….jpg)


731a16 No.1411569

File: 181737c4151e987⋯.png (31.71 KB, 576x292, 144:73, AQ6.PNG)


Lucy! I'm home!

4cd0d3 No.1411570

File: 3000ce4966d5eab⋯.jpg (225.05 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, WhoIsQanon38.jpg)

File: 06d68c5bd1e8094⋯.jpg (116.1 KB, 955x651, 955:651, WhoIsQanon37.jpg)

File: e47b04ae111ca72⋯.jpg (169.73 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, WhoIsQanon36.jpg)

File: a108625e7ab9d34⋯.jpg (152.98 KB, 905x1024, 905:1024, WhoIsQanon32.jpg)

File: 0b73636254fa3af⋯.jpg (132.33 KB, 1024x404, 256:101, WhoIsQanon28.jpg)

6a7331 No.1411571

Hezbollah Vows ‘Full-Fledged’ War Hours Ahead of U.S. Embassy Move to Jerusalem

Palestinians will never be defeated and “will not accept” the U.S. embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the Lebanon-based deputy chief of Iran’s narco-terrorist proxy Hezbollah declared hours before the dedication of the new American consulate building on Monday.

Echoing the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), Sheikh Naim Qassem also vowed a “full-fledged and unrestricted battle” against what Iran’s semi-official Tasnim News Agency described as “occupiers” in Israel.

Palestinians and their allies often use “occupier” to refer to the Israelis and their allies.

In December, the terrorist-linked MB, consistent with the position of other jihadist groups, pledged to “shed blood” and “wage war” against the United States after American President Donald Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and directed his government to move the American embassy to the city.

http ://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2018/05/14/hezbollah-vows-full-fledged-war/

0e2e35 No.1411572


Yes, I agree. Clooney films are the basis for most foreign policy. Good call, Clooney would be mad.

1da900 No.1411573

File: 25a2b12d5e63d3c⋯.jpg (38.34 KB, 480x336, 10:7, 2a9tym~2.jpg)


>Come at me bro!!

d57207 No.1411574


I'll help you find her you fucking liar.

Clinton Foundation revving back up despite ethical cloud


0d065d No.1411575


And if it was a known tumor why do the BEST roll-out less than a week ago? Something fishy.

d6c416 No.1411576

20499e No.1411577


Total COINCIDENCE Anon ;-)


b5f9ee No.1411578

File: 3b0900590ad17bd⋯.jpg (407.8 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, IMG_2690.JPG)



404fba No.1411579

File: 57c503b1cd40d06⋯.png (796.87 KB, 1212x894, 202:149, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d66eab2378ad9f9⋯.png (83.81 KB, 790x468, 395:234, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e3413815c375048⋯.png (100.05 KB, 1079x794, 1079:794, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 75908c8b943d51f⋯.png (91.25 KB, 787x528, 787:528, ClipboardImage.png)


yeah I think they own both. Did you look at the info I posted? That woman makes all her money doing exactly THIS.

She jumps on trends and extracts income from them online.

e45d3d No.1411580

File: 7e7eaaa2e9ddef2⋯.png (8.57 KB, 182x233, 182:233, worriedmerch.png)



62cfe1 No.1411581

File: 3e64ed0210c3542⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1531x816, 1531:816, Screenshot_17 - Copy (2).png)

File: d75d1b28d2173d2⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1594x870, 797:435, Screenshot_18 - Copy.png)

File: 8137b0a2a16c96d⋯.png (660.83 KB, 1884x889, 1884:889, Screenshot_19 - Copy.png)

File: 265b4199b6b5bac⋯.png (1011.56 KB, 1230x976, 615:488, Screenshot_20.png)

File: 7fe8b11116c038e⋯.png (932.48 KB, 2444x1508, 47:29, Screenshot_17 - Copy.png)

d6c416 No.1411582


https:// qanon.pub

865f45 No.1411583

8c2c5a No.1411584

File: b841bc7927b39e9⋯.png (1.83 MB, 1073x780, 1073:780, Ben Garrison May 14th 2018.png)


maybe you should post the real Ben Garrison cartoon,


https:// grrrgraphics.com/#!

700bdf No.1411585


he uses her make his point easier…or show how rediculous they are, but it.kinda bugs me, get real guests on to challenage not this actress

e5f898 No.1411586


okay, I guess that was a dumb question

f45ec9 No.1411587


Benign tumor on kidneys was removed

7d8171 No.1411588

File: 64c63c86b1e15c8⋯.jpeg (423.63 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, BECF6453-E1F3-4C41-8B1E-A….jpeg)

File: abc97e8c25f04bd⋯.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1642x1711, 1642:1711, F1840DAB-4A22-460A-843A-E….jpeg)

File: d24c27e1df8f460⋯.jpeg (357.63 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 8C7E12C8-01B9-4CFC-817D-2….jpeg)


very nice

swamp getting blasted

884f34 No.1411589

File: 9b9826163d2a62f⋯.png (70.58 KB, 472x305, 472:305, 1362.PNG)

File: f2bd96a6502f2c8⋯.png (91.04 KB, 500x305, 100:61, 1363.PNG)

4553eb No.1411590

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Hold the line anons, incoming normie larpers

d50759 No.1411591


Big grin. Dude is woke. And incredibly talented.

How fortunate we are that he shares.

3c1f0c No.1411592



u also have the wrong pic. dont post that one lol… go get it from his twat

6a7331 No.1411593


Muslim Brotherhood Mirrors With Call for ‘unrestricted battle’ Against ‘Occupiers’ in israel

9c5efe No.1411595

File: ab05d306dbcaf45⋯.jpg (33.73 KB, 600x388, 150:97, man boobs nipples.jpg)

656109 No.1411596


Even if the q site doesn't belong to her, perhaps she can be "persuaded" to take it down.

0208b4 No.1411597


Even Sweden, Germany is done. These muslims, etc will be a big problem for the world.

Because they search the war.


865f45 No.1411598

File: d7f980d22b1af88⋯.jpg (71.58 KB, 1200x750, 8:5, DKGKNsvVoAAKIo9.jpg)




bddea5 No.1411599

File: e7baa65c23c6222⋯.png (509.76 KB, 727x363, 727:363, ClipboardImage.png)

06696c No.1411600


Well it does not convey

who delivers the pain or

who receives the pain.

Other than that, I cannot comment.

I'm not from the Playstation generation.

Someone else's comments would be more relevant than mine.

01954f No.1411601


why not take your shit to a flat earth board? piss off

0c0d09 No.1411602

File: cc4a6ba9adbccc1⋯.jpg (4.8 MB, 7200x4200, 12:7, QnottaCultTellTheDumbass.jpg)

1b12fe No.1411603

File: 120f0e1618a9985⋯.png (1.42 MB, 897x858, 23:22, 1243896532178964569832.png)

File: d6145ba8079691c⋯.jpeg (49.34 KB, 640x640, 1:1, serveimage.jpeg)

28f323 No.1411604

e35637 No.1411605

Here comes the pain may also reference the pain of the citizens. The price we all have to pay for allowing corrupt /evil people to hold office for decades, aka consequences for our countries actions. It was probably rigged, but that doesn't change where we are. The monetary system is perverted in nature, a banana with a hand grenade could easily devise a better system. Hopefully we will revert back to the gold/silver standard and revalue higher until our debt is canceled. Then issue sperate Treasury 100% gold & 100% silver redeemable federal blockchains. It will require being responsible and manufacturing again.

However, you can put yourself on a gold or silver standard (metal is metal so will be liquid with any gold standard country) and avoid any government/bank 3rd party risk. Join an honest monetary system. Kinesis is the best option in my opinion (I have no affiliation, but plan on using it myself). They have several currencies coming out. They are 100% redeemable physically vaulted silver and gold that is accounted for and transacted via blockchain. Kick ass team including Tom Coughlin and Andrew Maguire (whistleblower from JP Morgan London metals trading that exposed the silver price manipulation & long time metals expert). Silver manipulation is the Achilles heel of the banking cabal.

Starve the beast (Rothschild banking system) while joining a moral monetary system. I would recommend going heavy silver vs gold until the silver:gold ratio is closer to 20 to 1 (mining ration is about 10:1 and historical was about 16:1…it is currently 79:1). Privately vault (outside the banking system) some metals locally that you can withdraw at will. However for the money you need to spend for everyday life, kinesis allows you to use a debit card that instantly converts metals in the vault to the local currency. (As a business man, you can spend money anywhere when traveling.) Gold and silver are money…put some in the vault. Metals accounted via blockchain correctly is the best type of currency (currency that directly represents money but can be transacted efficiently in our digital and global world).

937a55 No.1411606


thats where they cut off her demon wings

700bdf No.1411607


draining the water "money" from the swamp and now the swamp creatures are flopping in the mud gasping for air!

f00559 No.1411609



731a16 No.1411610


One of the few who saw the movie when it first came out. Like Alan Moore's treatment of it. Justice League Dark was great, too.

b5f9ee No.1411611

File: 9366ad0f2074fe8⋯.jpg (452.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, IMG_0621.JPG)

6a7331 No.1411612


Huma tied with these people

f00559 No.1411613


621603 No.1411614


I never trusted the Vatican but never knew why til the last 2 years when I started seeing more about corruption n trafficking n the priests getting arrested for child porn. It's so fucking disgusting. I wish I could walk in there take all their files shut it down n arrest all the assholes. But for now I'm gonna be patient n let trump expose everyone one by one

05f3f1 No.1411615

File: 9826345f329e78b⋯.jpg (81.55 KB, 444x667, 444:667, IMG_1588.JPG)

>>1411205 (You)

7a5c7f No.1411616

File: c65e5179b9216db⋯.png (184.91 KB, 552x464, 69:58, myNigga.png)


They made a monster when they made me

1090a3 No.1411617

File: d8aa97a7b4b7aea⋯.jpg (6.1 KB, 674x70, 337:35, corsibanned.jpg)

anon asked for this breads ago,

on friday the soapbox stopped fence sitting on corsi and turned on him, in the process of flaming him he tried to join their discord, they immediately banned him (image related)

im archiving it for history's sake, and because its just so damn satisfying to look at.

363ffd No.1411618



Had this same thought!

20499e No.1411619

File: 41a2a7f4635394e⋯.png (739.99 KB, 835x884, 835:884, Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at ….png)


Good find Anon. The Pope is having a rough May.

"The prosecution alleges that the men regularly under-represented the proceeds from the sales in the IOR books, pocketing the difference between the actual price and the amount officially recorded.

Some of the pocketed proceeds were deposited into their IOR accounts as well as a Rome bank account that was not registered on the IOR’s balance sheet, according to the prosecution."

The cannons are circling.

cad5f5 No.1411620


They didn't say kidney stone, it could be an infection they want to keep an eye on with IV's.

0e2e35 No.1411621


Yes, of course. But maybe, just maybe, he was kinda hung from last night. You know being Q is hard. Lost his copy of the plan when the hooker left, and just started posting pictures.

7d8171 No.1411622

File: d130864aa07feb6⋯.jpeg (602.56 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 482A413B-69E0-4234-A50C-E….jpeg)

f00559 No.1411623

File: adbe4aacc3811cb⋯.png (110.75 KB, 350x261, 350:261, ClipboardImage.png)

06696c No.1411624

File: b66353069343296⋯.jpg (184.21 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, UnitedTogetherStrong1.jpg)


Good concept.

Is there a way to make a meme using 7 words or less? That's the goal anyhow.

The graphics need to carry the burden of expressing some of the ideas.

4b34ac No.1411625

File: 0957de7ab24cc73⋯.png (746.7 KB, 1123x678, 1123:678, storm1.png)

File: 675dfae63664ccc⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1351x840, 193:120, storm2.png)

Um guys it kinda looks like a hurricane over Florida right now. and as a weather geek, that storm heading toward DC is very peculiar. in fact this entire storm system seems odd, my instincts are buzzing about this.

157833 No.1411626


WI company did it too. Idiots.

0208b4 No.1411627


And the Proxy War keep going in the middle east..

7ca572 No.1411628


That is NOT how it works. I have been designing and hosting websites since 1998. At the risk of outing myself I am going to show you the whois info for one of my very old sites:


Look at the owner, registrar, hosting company, etc.

I have NOTHING whatever to do with supremedns.com which is my "server". The ONLY thing I have to do with LiquidNet is that they provide the hosting space.

You do not understand how hosting and domains work.

c4168e No.1411629


That Toronto address is to an outfit which offers virtual office spaces.


bdf34a No.1411630


No. Courtesy should be given freely.

You must Earn RESPECT and TRUST.

6a7331 No.1411631


Huma Ties with Terror ?

4cd0d3 No.1411632

File: 4acebf744381970⋯.jpg (445.37 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, WakenmymommyQ1.jpg)

File: 036fa63cba1e745⋯.jpg (713.48 KB, 1024x653, 1024:653, WakenmymommyQ2.jpg)

File: d5dbb83487ebf32⋯.jpg (648.13 KB, 1024x816, 64:51, WakenmymommyQ3.jpg)

File: ac51d21033f1baa⋯.jpg (156.97 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, WakenmymommyQ4.jpg)

File: 14a1df21761e35b⋯.jpg (235.04 KB, 1117x954, 1117:954, WakenmymommyQ6.jpg)

7d8171 No.1411633


is that a bloody pedo symbol on the little guy's shirt? wtf

0e2e35 No.1411634


Trump would be proud. This board is going to wake America UP! Cause they are going to puke.

32b44b No.1411635


"Supposedly" direct routes exist from WR and Bethesda to Fort Belvior. There are several sites within sites within sites on the post, and even with TS / TS SCI cleared CAC cards you can't get into them. And as an added bonus, the contract company SRA which became CACI which became SRA again and then CACI and then who the fuck knows what they are called now have a huge presence there. Might want to look into Chantilly (ref SRA / CACI) if you are interested, it is a "quieter" version of Mclean Va.

06696c No.1411636


Any website owner can pay their hosting company a little bit extra to have "domain privacy protection".

d57207 No.1411637

Hey Q, my buddy, where is Hillary. You haven't updated us lately…

Q 28 October 2017: HRC will be arrested 30 October 2017

Q 28 October 2017: HRC extradition already in motion.

Q 28 October 2017: HRC detained, not arrested.

Q 29 October 2017: Where is HRC?

Q 8 May 2018: Why is HRC in NZ?

I'll help you find her you fucking liar.

Clinton Foundation revving back up despite ethical cloud


944af8 No.1411638


you (media) are mockingbirds, we will not watch until cia stops with 4 am media talking points

71acd0 No.1411639


Wow. There are keys everywhere, yet these people seem content being shackled …. Money doesn't matter. It's all over the ground, yet they are still shackled. Old, young. Men , wmen, children. Keys everywhere, yet this man is using a saw to break free. Interesting . Lady in the background looks to be pointing out the man trying to free himself ( if you see something, say something) …. Keys everywhere…. The rooster is there waking people up. The man wants to be free, keys everywhere, yet he doesn't know how to see them, or how to use them. He is breaking free, the only way he knows how….

Anons. This is our world right now.

We have more than we know, yet just like these keys, we can't see our easiest way out…yet, somehow, we are breaking our chains

Thank Q rooster. Kek..


6a7331 No.1411640

File: ed71539f3c7bd01⋯.jpg (45.47 KB, 640x480, 4:3, george_will-APJ.-Scott-App….jpg)

7ca572 No.1411641


WRONG. They are unconnected. The researcher does not understand how registering and hosting domains works. They are using flawed data.

c73d96 No.1411642



step away from the table, look away, look away

731a16 No.1411643


For real!

8e6757 No.1411644


>If myou bake it, he will crumb

>>1411430 si senor

also, see >>1411530 for location of Q74 engine.

lots of meanings in the big RED engine?

62cfe1 No.1411645


Hello, Jerome!

739a00 No.1411646


OK, we'll go over it again. The website that Q is calling out is Powered by IncomeActivator.com

As you can see here:https://www.incomeactivator.com/ >>>>it's all about the shekels. The players on this website call Q a LARP. The domain name is registered to a SEO co. so the website owner is hidden. Q deleted the post, to keep you from getting free advertising and to not confuse new eyes. But hey, keep it up. I'm not going away.

ceb323 No.1411647


http ://www.foxnews.com/health/2018/05/14/melania-trumps-kidney-condition-embolization-procedure-explained.html

7d8171 No.1411648

File: 832bd9a21b5d8e8⋯.jpeg (14.79 KB, 255x211, 255:211, 1397C410-2CEC-4D12-AFD3-4….jpeg)


been nervous as fvck all day

def weather fuckery

and weird habbenings

f00559 No.1411649


I think they are implanting into lots of people … covered under Obamacare

6a7331 No.1411650


part of cult ?

eye of Ra

87e67e No.1411651

File: ec9d9c00fcf7e57⋯.png (426 KB, 1327x663, 1327:663, bymay.png)

Maybe secret meeting habbining? No FLOTUS surgery?

well, I do remember this back in the day


62cfe1 No.1411652




621603 No.1411653

File: c64ae073c6c2909⋯.jpg (750.7 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180514-194113….jpg)



0208b4 No.1411654


The nordic countries must be restrained soon.

Very dangerous.

2f12b1 No.1411655


Vermin like this deserve to be ignored. Honestly, he's probably part of the 4% to 6%. It's going to be a rough road for these folks.

2018 is going to be glorious for us, and for all true patriots.

But 2018 is going to be a fucking nightmare for bottom feeding fanny bandits like this POS.

His hate spouting is providing butt salve for a smaller and smaller audience. Watching these guys twist and grasp at straws while the great awakening happens will be much more satisfying than seeing them banned.

Enjoy the show.

e5f898 No.1411656


watch the water?

storm incoming?

might have been a little more literal than we thought

0e2e35 No.1411657


Interesting. Without Corsi, Pam would be a self described stay at home dad. Probably on the couch right now sniffing his finger. Show his character.

b028b2 No.1411658

File: 1fee3c6600c662f⋯.jpg (158.41 KB, 888x499, 888:499, Dig.jpg)

7ca572 No.1411659

>>1411579 Wrong, that is NOT how ICANN information works.

>>1411628 <<<

f26005 No.1411660


would be great to know how many domains are directed to incomeactivatorhosting.com nameservers. If only a few, that chick may be involved.

Also, perhaps those namservers can be traced to a frontend site for a hosting company?

fe5d2b No.1411661


Why is your version correct?

Why can't it be a normie, not knowing chan culture that put up the billboard and started a website?

Not everything is evil.

Shuld be ignored as we shouldn't dox normies trying to help.

"they are losing control" because every day, average Jane/Joe loving Country patriots are wiling to go beyond…like pay for a Q billboard and building a crap site.

You might be right.

I might be right.

We both might be right.

We both may be wrong.

In this instance, doesn't matter as the bigger message of Q is getting out there.

+ a message can be sent on that website w/out inputting any information.

If my vote counts, leave the normie alone.

937a55 No.1411662


she is an actress

they are mocking the libs

d6705d No.1411663


Lesson number one: Don't be Catholic

daf732 No.1411664

Baker update

Added this so people can see the deleted posts. see >>1411589

Monday 05.14.2018

>>>/patriotsfight/82 ——- Comms understood? (deleted) see >>1411589

>>>/patriotsfight/81 ——- They are losing control of the message. (deleted)

>>>/patriotsfight/80 ——- [ATTACKS WILL ONLY INTENSIFY]

Maybe we could get these aswell?

>>>/patriotsfight/76 ——- Rank & File. (deleted)

>>>/patriotsfight/75 ——- Castle LOCK. (deleted)

6a7331 No.1411665




Ties Cut

0ce1e0 No.1411666


I should have added, "and she is a Christian." Because she is. So which one are you, the type that likes underage girls, or pretty boys? Anyway, what are you doing responding to this anyway instead of digging?

731a16 No.1411667

File: a11722728ec8cba⋯.png (48.27 KB, 633x304, 633:304, AQ7.PNG)

d57207 No.1411668


Or a real fucking patriot who is sick you rookies falling for shit and fucking everything up?

b80f9e No.1411669


see the pot plant on the bottom right

0208b4 No.1411670


And that doesn't the worse..


https:// mashable.com/2018/05/14/boston-dynamics-robot-round-up.amp

d30bb3 No.1411671


Direct from Bethesda to Ft Belvoir would have to be a magic passageway indeed. It's 20 or 30 miles.

Unless you mean magic like a helicopter.

cad5f5 No.1411672


Mommy's awake - wake up daddy.

ff62e9 No.1411673


Hello Mrs W..

8b8b6e No.1411674

Can all those US residents that have dual citizenship to Israel vote and run for office in Israel? Just trying to figure out why they would seek to use Law of Return or whatever other means available to accomplish this.

01954f No.1411675


They are severe faggots up there…wtf

078002 No.1411676

File: 15f11dd2a2bda4c⋯.png (650.47 KB, 945x531, 105:59, ClipboardImage.png)

China to deliver world’s largest amphibious aircraft to customers by 2022

“We are endeavouring to get the airworthiness certification from the civil aviation authorities by 2021 and deliver it to the customers by 2022,” Xinhua quoted Huang Lingcai, the plane’s chief designer at state-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China, as saying.

China developed the AG600 as part of a drive to modernise its military, amid a more muscular approach to territorial disputes in places like the South China Sea that has rattled nerves in the Asia-Pacific region and the United States.

It made its maiden flight in China in December. Huang also said the aircraft would make more flights this year, including its first take-off from water.

Aviation Industry has spent about eight years developing the aircraft, which is roughly the size of a Boeing 737 and is designed to carry out marine rescues and battle forest fires. It has a range of up to 4,500km (2,800 miles) and is designed to be able to take off and land in two metre waves.

Powered by four turboprop engines, the AG600 can carry 50 people during maritime search-and-rescue missions and can scoop up 12 tonnes of water in 20 seconds for firefighting trips.

Chinese companies and government departments have already placed 17 orders for the new aircraft, state media said in December.

http:// www.scmp.com/news/china/diplomacy-defence/article/2146013/china-deliver-worlds-largest-amphibious-aircraft

2b2fa6 No.1411677

File: e1e3d258e9c9217⋯.jpeg (994.6 KB, 1242x2158, 621:1079, D172AFF9-759B-4D1C-9626-4….jpeg)

File: 06dedd92808ca95⋯.jpeg (936.44 KB, 1242x1797, 414:599, 4D7B2D62-9A61-4A9E-9C35-7….jpeg)

File: a8288fb9f11cac0⋯.jpeg (767.39 KB, 1242x2102, 621:1051, 12E59FA5-8858-4386-A92C-E….jpeg)

File: 77b8d766f581215⋯.jpeg (776.23 KB, 1242x2145, 414:715, 2ED58964-95B7-4CB6-BCBD-C….jpeg)

File: c36a42f87810c05⋯.jpeg (768.72 KB, 1242x2149, 1242:2149, D8A72816-71A9-44BD-91F1-6….jpeg)

Found an old 2010 article with Siemens getting busted with a shipment headed to Russia with ultimate destination elsewhere…..

e5f898 No.1411678


wrong person?

6a7331 No.1411679

File: 50c6b74ba3bb643⋯.jpg (441.1 KB, 2000x1420, 100:71, f3ad472dd10723434cf821d06b….jpg)


Huma joins

The Exorcist has arrived.

7ca572 No.1411680


What does that have to do with my post? Where does it say that Q communicated with anyone?

1da900 No.1411681

File: ca238c8f531735e⋯.jpg (45.62 KB, 475x335, 95:67, 2a9wbp~2.jpg)

b36999 No.1411682

Does any anon done a compilation of just Q stringers?

2b2fa6 No.1411683

File: a480adc2751557c⋯.jpeg (752.29 KB, 1242x2152, 621:1076, A2EAC8B5-B503-4183-9867-A….jpeg)

88a406 No.1411684

d57207 No.1411685

Hey Q, my buddy, where is Hillary. You haven't updated us lately…

Q 28 October 2017: HRC will be arrested 30 October 2017

Q 28 October 2017: HRC extradition already in motion.

Q 28 October 2017: HRC detained, not arrested.

Q 29 October 2017: Where is HRC?

Q 8 May 2018: Why is HRC in NZ?

I'll help you find her you fucking liar.

Clinton Foundation revving back up despite ethical cloud



5066fc No.1411686


It wasn't in Capricorn but in Aries

2e681b No.1411687

File: db6f6d0732bc5f3⋯.jpg (78.03 KB, 636x571, 636:571, 1517543426952.jpg)


Nice work. Surprise, surprise its not a patriot or person linked with our movement. Looks like we found the gold digger.


> (((Furber)))

Sayanim Corsi sure has a lot of friends.

b80f9e No.1411688


they were creating a tunnel from Walter Reed to NIH…that's not far but you know there's more to it…bet there's an underground base with high speed trans

d25eb8 No.1411689


Jew is a race…and that cunt is an ugly jew hag..

They get super gross while they age…that being said married 2 kids…probably got more pussy on a weekend than you have your enntire life

52abd5 No.1411690


looken to make some bank of of Q….

0208b4 No.1411691


https:// www.yahoo.com/news/eyes-6g-nyu-tandon-wins-spot-darpa-consortium-142200822.html

404fba No.1411692


I have to tell you .. seeing that website makes me want to give up on this.

fuck it.

I hate that it's a commercial enterprise now, and they will control the message, and they will use it to turn people off.

It's over.

7ca572 No.1411693


It is being ignored because your logic is flawed. You do not understand the ICANN data and how hosting and domain registration works.

f45ec9 No.1411694


They are enraged and protesting …kinda funny how their own bit them in the azzzz

f26005 No.1411695

File: a3859e32cd3046e⋯.png (388.69 KB, 849x853, 849:853, Selection_152.png)



"Book Lee"

eea335 No.1411696


I understood it as Anons begging Q to hang them all.

865f45 No.1411697

File: a26fde33ff8a34d⋯.jpg (77.69 KB, 1200x624, 25:13, DJ3PqcWV4AAdW4t (1).jpg)





c97569 No.1411698

File: 0502096a57e874a⋯.jpg (158.03 KB, 1024x687, 1024:687, DH9aO9lUAAA50GT.jpg)

File: 9009d0c834788f3⋯.jpg (168.22 KB, 787x767, 787:767, CAPDLVg0MHZhUr1r-pWY9Cmc9q….jpg)


What was Q telling us?

Future proves past?

71acd0 No.1411699


We know Huma flipped.and she's got the good good. So, let's see this storm, shall we. Let the info flow. Time for some truth

ba91bc No.1411700

File: cb523e07bb24abe⋯.jpg (150.26 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Glorious9.jpg)

File: c517ac06e4265f0⋯.jpg (170.22 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Glorious8.jpg)

File: 7f0f6afb80c0239⋯.jpg (229.18 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Glorious6.jpg)


>2018 is going to be glorious for us, and for all true patriots.

747220 No.1411701


I pray that he does not get curb stomped and have his jaw irredeemable fractured in multiple places and have to live on a feeding tube for the rest or his life while he contemplates why he should have been a better person.


83270c No.1411702

File: 2611806ad1cf989⋯.jpg (57.13 KB, 800x439, 800:439, NK-CGI.jpg)

File: eb26d39cd3f30f4⋯.jpg (78.55 KB, 500x350, 10:7, NK-Clones-CGI.jpg)


What makes you think a CGI character could not do a handstand?

They are developing them for interactive VR porn; so it is planned for them to do a lot more than handstand?

157833 No.1411703


Interesting thought. It’s pretty swampy-Hugh water table. Lots of homes don’t have basements and if they do, they tend to have flooding problems.

Not saying it isn’t Impossible though!

0208b4 No.1411704


Leave the board.

0ce1e0 No.1411705


My theory is closet homos or pedo shills. It's a problem. We're going after them, and they don't want that.

Of course, Nasim drops are different. That's a slap in the face of Google, Hollywood and the DNC.

f43fe1 No.1411706

>>1411699 I dont think she has….was disinformation..she will run to some muzie country and hide

0d065d No.1411707

Trust me if they attacked and harmed FLOTUS and it is revealed; it will be worse than if they attacked and harmed POTUS.

d57207 No.1411708

Hey Q, my buddy, where is Hillary? You haven't updated us lately…

Q 28 October 2017: HRC will be arrested 30 October 2017

Q 28 October 2017: HRC extradition already in motion.

Q 28 October 2017: HRC detained, not arrested.

Q 29 October 2017: Where is HRC?

Q 8 May 2018: Why is HRC in NZ?

I'll help you find her you fucking liar.

Clinton Foundation revving back up despite ethical cloud


28f323 No.1411709

File: 921eb8f3a9d2d7f⋯.png (268 KB, 1111x503, 1111:503, Q 2018-05-10 23-00 75.PNG)

File: e9f45b1aca575be⋯.png (116.47 KB, 1111x407, 101:37, Q 2018-05-10 23-31 76.PNG)


Q 2018-05-10 23-00 75.PNG (deleted Q)

Q 2018-05-10 23-31 76.PNG (deleted Q)


>>1411389 Qmap_graphic_2018-05-14_patriotsfight/80-81-82 (deleted Q)

ca1bfc No.1411710


He also said "we serve at the pleasure of POTUS"

i.e., non-elected

1dd88a No.1411711

File: f78a153a8c98c2a⋯.jpg (65.58 KB, 686x966, 49:69, IMG_2215.JPG)

вы дерьмо выставляете на русском языке или вы здесь по причине друга?

Նախապաշարմունքը, հիմնվելով պատճառաբանությամբ, չի կարելի հեռացնել փաստարկով:

Erdnussbutter haftet an meinem Autositz.


2a0ab1 No.1411713


No way facial recognition program could work on this bunch

621603 No.1411714


Lmfao! I'm overly disgusted with them and I'm glad that I'm Awake they aren't exempt from what's to come. They are getting exposed more n more everyday n I enjoy every second of exposing their sick evil shit.

005d01 No.1411715


Im sure they will kindly pass the tax on to us, Thanks

88a406 No.1411716


>I have to tell you .. seeing that website makes me want to give up on this.

>fuck it.

you pussy!

If a fucking website makes you 'want to give up' you should gtfoh! smdh

3ca7aa No.1411717


i know a guy with a patented lucifer recovery program

he may be tough to get a hold of right now

7ca572 No.1411718


No, your data is WRONG. Your logic is flawed.

I host a site called Ark And Dove Designs. If you look at the whois data is appears that LiquidNet and supremedns.com are part of it. They are WHOLLY unrelated except that I pay LiquidNet to host my website and they USE the supremedns servers.

I do not know anyone at LiquidNet nor at SupremeDns.com. We have NO relationship other than stated above.

0208b4 No.1411719


If GOOG give big tech to North Korea.

Why not The Bio-Tech for make clones?

71acd0 No.1411720


It's just so beautifully captured. Just… Wow. Plain as day if you just take a moment and think/dissect

c309ea No.1411721

f43fe1 No.1411722

>>1411708 let her making contact with her contacts…she is the dumbass……I would not be in the same building with her…watched like the dog she is

6a7331 No.1411723

File: 7eb523dedf0d537⋯.jpg (40.29 KB, 427x641, 427:641, 14levinson2_inline-blog427.jpg)

daf732 No.1411724


ThanQ you, seen a few requests for the posts previous breads aswell. Figured might be nice to add

e45d3d No.1411725


Very timely indeed, FLOTUS in 'hospital' for a week? or is she a lightworker..

d5f273 No.1411726


>Walter Reed

Praying the FLOTUS story is theatre.

Ex-pharmafag/DoD/Mil here. For you diggers, Walter Reed/USAMRIID is heavy into bioterrorism countermeasures.

Cabal getting desperate, but /ourguys/ are prepared to counter/protect. Technologies better than traditional anti-bacterials/anti-virals or vaccines, can address even weaponized strains, and the cabal knows it. Whitehats were readying such remedies even way back when this anon was involved. Because they took every precaution to ensure our safety before embarking on this mega take-down, many many years in the planning.

What they put in the public domain is only the tippy top of the iceberg:

https ://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4199656/

https ://www.omicsonline.org/of-beans-and-beads-ricin-and-abrin-in-bioterrorism-and-biocrime-2157-2526.S2-002.php?aid=4686%253Faid=4686

https ://www.phe.gov/ASPRBlog/pages/BlogArticlePage.aspx?PostID=215

The cabal won't give up without a fight, so they might just try something stupid.

But you are safe.

f43fe1 No.1411727

>>1411725 She is in a "Safe" place

6a7331 No.1411728

File: f84ea3f42a6b341⋯.jpg (36.06 KB, 590x350, 59:35, Meghan-Markle-Royal-Weddin….jpg)

f26005 No.1411729


^^ This.

Incomeactivator.com is an IHP. They store and serve websites for probably many others.

26d2ee No.1411730


Its a known fact, much more difficult to recognize facial features of a different race. Thats why they look for us so much alike

e5c6e2 No.1411731


it is like CNN in here the story changes when the wind blows thats why they can not figure anything out. Q has to tell them or they would be guessing for ever

62cfe1 No.1411732


FYI, if you put your iPhone X in a ZipLoc baggie, you can still use your phone, but the facial recognition does not work. Apparently it has a hard time "seeing" through plastic?

f45ec9 No.1411733


Even Starbucks put out they receive plenty on this issue and it improperly managed (which they do with all of wa state taxes ) this place is a swamp ! Patty Murray is right up there bad as rest of them look how long she’s been in !!

d57207 No.1411734

Hey Q, my buddy, where is Hillary. You haven't updated us lately…

Q 28 October 2017: HRC will be arrested 30 October 2017

Q 28 October 2017: HRC extradition already in motion.

Q 28 October 2017: HRC detained, not arrested.

Q 29 October 2017: Where is HRC?

Q 8 May 2018: Why is HRC in NZ?

I'll help you find her you fucking liar.

Clinton Foundation revving back up despite ethical cloud


3c9d52 No.1411735

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

check this faggot muslim drinking adrenochrome

4db41a No.1411736



Kek. I am positive he is upset. It is a very well done film and closely mimics the reality.

4553eb No.1411738

File: a573767fc16c4f5⋯.png (151.12 KB, 481x481, 1:1, pepe-come-in-normie.png)


Come in concern normie, the water is warm

fb7583 No.1411739

File: 9638302b18cbacd⋯.webm (1.3 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, when the shit hits the fa….webm)

28f323 No.1411740


>Figured might be nice to add

excellent idea indeed. (but… be aware that still anons will ask for them, as they asked for the deleted patriotsfight 1st thread despite it being twice listed in breads… ohwell)

thanks again for your service, diligent baker

71acd0 No.1411741

You might be absolutely correct Anon. They sure are stupid, as Q points out

It would be in her best interest to flip and provide Intel. It might save her the opportunity to raise her child. But… She is hilldabeast friend, so, it's not like she's smart


ceb323 No.1411742

File: bd432ac670ce238⋯.png (118.08 KB, 360x640, 9:16, FU.PNG)

6a7331 No.1411743

File: 47585fccb2f4a14⋯.png (294.02 KB, 435x603, 145:201, 3795612a55b73cb0c35e436e8b….png)

Feel the pain ? of Spirit Cooking ?

1e054c No.1411744


Reported him.

404fba No.1411745


LMAO you have NO idea how this works. do you?

If the movement is co-opted it is co-opted. There's no going back.

0d065d No.1411746




there just might be others of her caliber out there.

34aef6 No.1411747


Oct 29 2017 21:18:17 (EST)


Husband in jail.

HRC, Muslim Brotherhood, or child?

What would you do? Kiss your child goodbye and leave without a mother or father for Clinton?

Where is Huma today?

747220 No.1411748


Does she have a daughter?

If she did she would be in her late 20's.

Much rather have that.

C'mon. They looked good then and they still do now.

8e6757 No.1411749

Baker NOTABLE please

>>1411270 - doUKnowq.com server hosting from shady company in Toronto ON

Most excellent find, anon. Looks like we're getting warmer.



Even if true, the owner went through website registry chophouse in Scottsdale AZ

and a website hosting chophouse in Toronto ON.

Not the wisest opsec decisions, esp. when being a trailblazer.

Care to comment on the 13 scripts on the site?

c4168e No.1411750


That Q site is using an ISP which is using a virtual office space address. Real ISP providers don't do that.

6a7331 No.1411751

File: 818b46af95d254f⋯.jpg (18.96 KB, 420x315, 4:3, mark-zuckerberg-julius-cae….jpg)

c8ff0f No.1411752


For reference


President Donald Trump pulled the US out of the the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, better known as the Iran nuclear deal on Tuesday.Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the move means that Boeing and Airbus will lose Iranian contracts.The two aircraft makers signed contracts worth $39 billion with Iranian airlines in 2016.

e64d03 No.1411754


I think Qanons are sorting out truth from fiction (or solid reasons from ideology)

on all the fractious topics and will help determine who needs to be brought to justice so the country can be united on common issues again. Notice the guys in MAGA hats aren't advocating for personal interests–their concerns are keeping the foundations of our form of government, including recognition/support of the duly elected President.

Mueller and his investigation isn't in the picture-maybe Garrison thinks he is insignificant now that it is clear HRC is behind the whole scheme.

023792 No.1411755

File: 0b12c3274b10f6b⋯.png (567.01 KB, 662x753, 662:753, USPC 5-14-18 3 01 pm PST.PNG)

88a406 No.1411756

File: 92694ae75bc3b8c⋯.jpeg (349.18 KB, 1108x980, 277:245, Amal Clooney and mother.jpeg)


Amal Clooney's mother Baria Alamuddin woeks for Al Jazeera

12aa41 No.1411757


Looks, sounds and acts like an israeli jew.

5a9a79 No.1411758


Trump played 1st baseman

9ad693 No.1411759


Former atheist.

I say former because once you die….

1e054c No.1411760


the muhjoo shills can have some fun with the bottom right corner, 2nd from the right

e5f898 No.1411762

File: cf91e4e9171d76e⋯.jpg (16.69 KB, 361x330, 361:330, 1516985193937.jpg)


>ISP providers

ecd294 No.1411763

File: 041aa943f441bc1⋯.jpg (338.47 KB, 1073x1420, 1073:1420, Screenshot_20180514-163819.jpg)

759f5a No.1411764

File: 25e31bf11702b74⋯.png (93.99 KB, 458x388, 229:194, ClipboardImage1133.png)


Oleg Deripaska

6a7331 No.1411765

File: 7d0356b0089a8d1⋯.jpg (119.54 KB, 500x613, 500:613, 7d0356b0089a8d10603bc53c1c….jpg)

937a55 No.1411766


is that her father?

9ad693 No.1411767


WTF is the Secret Service doing with forensic work??!??

404fba No.1411768


IF you wanted to put up a website to make yourself some tidy cash and you already had a host company would you use it or not?

7ca572 No.1411769


As I said earlier, they are probably new to website creation and did a DDG search for a hosting company. The scripts are most likely (though I haven't looked) basic scripts for running a drag and drop website. Nearly all GoDaddy or other drag and drop website creators runs scripts so the person setting it up doesn't have to know how to code.

700bdf No.1411770

e45d3d No.1411771


physically/health-wise she is fine.

spiritually, could be a different story

739a00 No.1411772



exactly. check out this page. before these money grubbing whores had a chance to switch their icann out to domainsbyproxy they were registed to bruce bruce, a seo guy in rancho cucamonga, So now I am doubly convinced and have proof that these shills are nothing but a bunch of liars. You see, they are all over this board like white on rice so you gotta move quick. I moved quick. Why the SWIFT move to domainsbyproxy? Layers of protection of identity. Almost like it's a set up.

32b44b No.1411773


I have heard "stories" that Belvior, Crystal City, Chantilly, Alexandria, etc… are connected to the Pentagon as the hub since it already has deep bunkers retrofitted back in the 60s and then expanded again after 9/11. Also heard "stories" about exits under the Potomac river (flight line into Dulles / Reagan) that may or may not connect to the Airports.

aa5a01 No.1411774


douknowq.com is definitely associated with this @prayingmedic charlatan on twitter. His prayingmedic .com page shills for his spiritual services and books. This asshole deserves to be ruthlessly exposed.

c4168e No.1411775


Send them to the our southern border.

eef5eb No.1411776


what a whiny little keyboard bitch!!

here's the real story, ICYMI:

http:// klewtv.com/news/nation-world/first-lady-melania-trump-underwent-kidney-surgery

1e054c No.1411777


Mcleanfag here. Yeah it was a hell of a storm. We got tornado warnings on the phone, I thought it was the EMS system announcing martial law for a second, heh.

Still thundering. Boom boom boom boom

f9b2e6 No.1411778

File: 6657e8fba2f5c33⋯.jpg (465.24 KB, 1078x927, 1078:927, selenelion2.jpg)

File: 12f0b242a5e6aa0⋯.jpeg (180.45 KB, 1200x628, 300:157, FE.jpeg)

File: 89a6bc99413fcd8⋯.jpg (371.93 KB, 1084x844, 271:211, PLOW1.jpg)

3ca7aa No.1411779


the subversives are winning right now on this board

they are fucking us good with clever and repetitive scripted tactics

we all know the ones

and i dont mean FE

the ones who claim potus is a pawn of a certain group and on and on

fake patriots who cheer for anons in false comraderie

they are enemies

6a7331 No.1411780


he is going to speak about Potus at the wedding?

He already spoke out against him?

Wait and see Sat ?

f5bb01 No.1411781


Secret Service does alot more than pull security, learn some simple criminal justice 101

26d2ee No.1411782


He has to prove it first, anybody can say whatever.

b36999 No.1411783

File: 74db5d0848c337a⋯.png (291.69 KB, 1080x1507, 1080:1507, Screenshot_20180514-185342….png)

File: 1b8405d8e7832db⋯.png (220.8 KB, 1080x480, 9:4, Screenshot_20180514-185505….png)


eb981b No.1411784


They're part of Homeland Security, and involved in a lot of various criminal investigations.

404fba No.1411785


You're right, anon. Of course you are - but if it's a normie in Oklahoma why use a Toronto host?

If it's a normie who is genuinely interested in truth why make money & use the work of the already dubious Corsi & Beanz?

It stinks. If you can't see that you don't belong in research.

ffddc6 No.1411786


Why waste the time? Just put them on an island and leave them there forever.

83270c No.1411787

File: 411739ffc194c5c⋯.jpg (138.91 KB, 1025x512, 1025:512, jokerriddler911jones2b.jpg)


That's their sense of humor because the are psychopaths. They actually think that is funny.

d98d8c No.1411788

File: 68ac299fa156e86⋯.jpg (12.94 KB, 229x221, 229:221, laughingpepe.jpg)

884a61 No.1411789


Q Nov 5:

HRC was a puppet but her strings were recently cut.

She's now on her own and fighting for her life.

937a55 No.1411790


c'mon, Booker is our guy?

4553eb No.1411791


Interesting how many place themselves on a watch list. Deep State must be in panic, many 4am orders

fd6b73 No.1411792

File: 54ee6ec39a1523f⋯.jpg (188.84 KB, 879x881, 879:881, Dual Citizenship Dual Loya….jpg)


>Can all those US residents that have dual citizenship to Israel vote and run for office in Israel?

How about all the elected officials with dual citizenship? We need to forbid that sooner than later. Divided citizenship, divided loyalty.

cad5f5 No.1411793

File: 6b715c25e19eb93⋯.jpg (48.45 KB, 828x557, 828:557, Dcn9eAEV4AEKK2_.jpg)

404fba No.1411794


You cannot say that 100%.

76de8b No.1411795


Not defending, merely pointing out that domainsbyproxy is a servive whereby they provide anonomity in domain purchases and obviously hosting. i remember a guy named Scott (surname, pretty sure) was a contact. Web guy since '95.

ba91bc No.1411796

File: c459d511f312d8b⋯.jpeg (136.5 KB, 1242x1073, 1242:1073, U1-a.jpeg)

File: 9582e4ad62e7d4b⋯.jpeg (118.26 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, U1-b.jpeg)

File: 16c493078ae8170⋯.jpg (413.46 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, ReadIt WeepBillClintonGave….jpg)

File: f680d58c763b477⋯.jpg (350.23 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, ReadIt WeepHRC-Podesta-Sko….jpg)

File: 04d731efa49b4a2⋯.jpg (497.23 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, ReadIt WeepHRC-Podesta-Sko….jpg)

58cc27 No.1411797

File: cbab3863835e5bf⋯.jpg (47.31 KB, 720x540, 4:3, Pray.jpg)


Breaking own rule and then leaving for the night, but only replying to self as to not activate clo_ns.

Medium also said that I was going to be a great healer.

Pray, Anons. I feel very very anxious.

6a7331 No.1411798

File: 15c0a2b576adb28⋯.jpg (42.08 KB, 504x301, 72:43, DXoC2jjVwAAsZIr.jpg)

00d109 No.1411799

File: 48d7ee0a2dd1e3f⋯.jpg (56.11 KB, 980x551, 980:551, Avenatti.jpg)

Someone is having a bad day.

752e05 No.1411800


OH HOW I LOVED WATCHING HIM DO HIS THING… too bad when he got with king, downward spiral

739a00 No.1411801


http://brettbruce.com/ so sorry, brett bruce, look at this sorry page. have overseen massive data migrations etc. you get the picture

7ca572 No.1411802


Where did you "dig" up this information and how does it make them money grubbers? They probably didn't like the first hosting option. I used a different company from 1998 until 2004 when I switched over to ResellersPanel (aka Liquidnet).

ecd294 No.1411803

File: 041aa943f441bc1⋯.jpg (338.47 KB, 1073x1420, 1073:1420, Screenshot_20180514-163819.jpg)

Sorry for double post this is baruch the scribe aka Mav[Lag] aka camperman aka board owner of /cbts/ he outed himself on twitter

731a16 No.1411804



This makes sense, when was she last seen on American soil?

404fba No.1411805


yes that would be interesting to know.

b76b00 No.1411806


Harry Reid Battling Cancer

884a61 No.1411807


Godfather III?

7ca572 No.1411808


99.99% start randomly doing WHOIS domain lookups and see how many match.

4f80ab No.1411809


JS back in the house/on the hill

d30bb3 No.1411810



I've filtered 10.

Board Is clean. They aren't winning any more than usual.

Fred gave us the filter for a reason.

192f91 No.1411811

7 hours ago … Auction totals for the Peggy and David Rockefeller Collection at

Christie's reached $832.6 million, making it the largest from a single collection. Good time to freeze something, just sayin.

e45d3d No.1411812

File: 3fa781878f29439⋯.jpg (46.08 KB, 547x263, 547:263, wwg1wga.jpg)

the shills are rampant tonight anons, stay true and hold the fort!!

0208b4 No.1411813


Maybe for the date. Very curious the danger of the queen today.

Tomorrrow must be the counter attack.


078002 No.1411814

File: b84c1dda709183a⋯.png (1.14 MB, 945x531, 105:59, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a996532ba37cb46⋯.png (501.95 KB, 660x385, 12:7, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0461fdb6fa34313⋯.png (5.31 KB, 464x153, 464:153, ClipboardImage.png)

Veteran Chinese scientist takes an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ journey deep under the sea

Eighty two-year-old marine expert uses ‘Deepwater Warrior’ submersible to explore previously uncharted area of the disputed South China Sea

Wang Pingxian, a senior marine geologist with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, boarded Deepwater Warrior, China’s newest vessel for deep sea exploration, and spent more than eight hours on an uncharted seabed near the Paracel Islands, known as Xisha in China, on Sunday.

The mission reinforced the belief that there are valuable natural reserves in the area, with evidence suggesting there are large reserves of liquefied natural gas on the seabed, some of which was seen seeping through the cracks and rising from the sea floor.

Wang, along with another younger scientist and pilot, recorded a rich range of marine life in the area, including thriving colonies of giant worms, mussels, sponge and coral reefs that feed off a steady supply of nutrition around the cold springs.

“This journey was just like Alice in Wonderland. I was in heaven,” he told Xinhua after returning to the surface.

Given Wang’s age the expedition needed careful planning to ensure it could be carried out safely.

The Deepwater Warrior, commissioned last year with a maximum operation depth of 4,500 metres (14,760 feet), used some of China’s most advanced deep-sea technology, including an enhanced life-support system.

In the event of an emergency, Deepwater Warrior has a powered ascent system that means it is able to get back to the surface much more quickly than other submersibles, which generally float back to the surface.

Wang, one of the key architects of China’s ambitious exploration programme in the South China Sea, said his journey marked the success of a years-long effort to establish China’s dominance in the region.

The programme, launched by Beijing in 2011, employed more than 700 ocean researchers to survey the floor of the South China Sea and beyond.

He told state news agency Xinhua that China was now leading scientific research in the South China Sea with all goals met or exceeded.

The Paracel Islands are claimed by mainland China, Vietnam and Taiwan, and state media described the mission as helping to strengthen Beijing’s claim to the area.

In 2014, the Chinese and Vietnamese navies engaged in a heated stand-off as Vietnam tried to stop the operation of a prospecting oil rig in the Paracels.

China has also generated tension by launching large-scale construction in the area including land reclamation work and expanding its military facilities in recent years.

http:// www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/2146066/veteran-chinese-scientist-takes-alice-wonderland-journey-deep

7ca572 No.1411815


Exactly. The anon making "connections" is using flawed logic.

ffddc6 No.1411816

File: 9fa2a4451ad1566⋯.jpg (40.6 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, 9fa2a4451ad1566423158a07c0….jpg)

File: 7026d7de4d3d8b9⋯.jpg (171.43 KB, 480x731, 480:731, image.jpg)

File: d4b0bfec201f188⋯.jpg (14.08 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 51eed7eb11212f77b675e23732….jpg)


Scurry back to the fever swamps and enjoy what little time you have left.

739a00 No.1411817


sorry, thx for playing but you have made nasim sad. never make nasim sad

4d41bb No.1411818


Report: Egypt threatens Amal Clooney with arrest over damning report on judiciary

Australian Peter Greste, Canadian-Egyptian Mohamed Fahmy, who is represented by Clooney, and Egyptian Baher Mohamed were sentenced in June to seven to 10 years in jail for spreading lies to help a "terrorist organization" - a reference to Egypt's outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.

9ad693 No.1411819


>Secret Service does alot more than pull security, learn some simple criminal justice 101

You first. Justify why is needed when we have local DC forensics, State and Feds already.

Bottom line, it's just bullshit and waste.

8e6757 No.1411820

File: 2989bb358cc4426⋯.jpg (123.22 KB, 647x261, 647:261, VP.Pence-oleagineus-olive.….jpg)

>>1411640 >>1411650

seen this?

>>1399194 #1754

>>1398103 #1753

>words trending now : oleaginous

Will: Pence 'Oleaginous' - Searches rise 8800% after WaPo column -

The oleaginous Mike Pence — George Will, The Washington Post, 9 May 2018


f45ec9 No.1411821

Though I am aware we have amazing ppl on and watching this board it still surprises me that whatever the topic anons suddenly become expert doctors lawyers scientists etc …isn’t the point that we research and post said research to provide the proof of facts rather then posts bs out your ass as so many of you are doing ??

884a61 No.1411822


The last reference I have of her was on May 2 Met Bill at Chelsea's apt and visited with her son-in-law and grandchildren for an hour before both Bill and Hill left separately. Hill arrived at 5:20, Bill at 5:25. Chelsea was at an event. Every odd.


b36999 No.1411824


He's been awfully quiet.

404fba No.1411825


many many replies like this which makes me question why.. why the INSISTENCE that these two things cannot be connected?

I look up a lot of websites and have not seen this type of thing before. NOT TO MENTION that this woman is all about capitalizing on trends

AND - why can't she own both the hosting service AND the website ?

d30bb3 No.1411826


Good info. Thx.

d43dec No.1411827


I want to see the key(s) so bad.

2e681b No.1411828

File: 5eb979073a1f68f⋯.jpg (42.38 KB, 699x637, 699:637, 1522381154341.jpg)

File: 1d9e03448073bfe⋯.png (572.18 KB, 1110x590, 111:59, 1526260494098.png)



You seem triggered. I wasnt even talking to you FE faggots. I was suggesting BO/BV remove your crap at end of each thread.

Youre not even Flat Earthers. Just some subversive faggots trying to false flag and discredit the board.

f26005 No.1411829



Whois says the modem is atypical…

9304e4 No.1411830

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hamas is sending civilians to die for media coverage, says Abbas' advisor (Palestinian Authority)

Supreme Shari’ah Judge, Mahmoud Abbas’ advisor on Religious and Islamic Affairs, and Chairman of the Supreme Council for Shari'ah Justice Mahmoud Al-Habbash: “The Palestinian people… is not relating to those [Hamas] with ‘the emotional stories of heroism,’ those with the slogans of heroism – slogans that when you hear them, you think that the people saying them are inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque after they liberated it. And afterwards you discover that they are only selling illusions, trading in suffering and blood, trading in victims [instructing]: ‘You Palestinians, our people, go and die so that we will go to the media with strong declarations.’ These [Hamas] acts of ‘heroism’ don’t fool anyone anymore. The Palestinian people… is by the side of the PLO.” [Official Palestinian Authority TV, Apr. 6, 2018]

e45d3d No.1411831

File: af79bc075a68825⋯.jpg (156.4 KB, 639x461, 639:461, godarmour.jpg)

cad5f5 No.1411832


You just throw shit out there, accusing people without any research?

Be very careful not to just throw EVERYONE out with the bathwater.

3b2d2d No.1411833


Holy shit it just hit me.

Future proves past.

All the crazy stuff from 2017 (Hillary extradited, riots etc.) that didn't come to pass is going to happen in October of this year, leading up to 11/11 parade.

5a9a79 No.1411834

File: 595f9af8a2e0cd9⋯.jpg (148.53 KB, 1400x780, 70:39, standardrestrooms.jpg)

File: 68adef054c79fe5⋯.jpg (233.69 KB, 1400x1232, 25:22, standardviewers.jpg)

The Standard Hotel gives a whole new meaning to the term "poop deck."

Restroom users at the Boom Boom Room club on the 18th floor are completely visible from the street below as they do their business, thanks to 10-foot, floor-to-ceiling windows.


3ca7aa No.1411835


lots of pom poms for this anon

very special anon

lots of friends on the board

big patriot

very friendly and inviting

prime subversion example here


fd6b73 No.1411836

File: 6093f4f6de2d4d0⋯.jpg (9.32 KB, 255x255, 1:1, Pepe suicidal.jpg)




I have the "Income De-Activator". A wife with a credit card.

7a3408 No.1411837

anyone watching tucker??


739a00 No.1411838


man, this would be alot more fun if these jokers weren't a bunch of burnouts.

621603 No.1411839


Don't know, could be, Q said the pope was gonna have a bad May so I'm looking for everything and anything on him n Vatican as a whole

752e05 No.1411840


u r an idiot, because i say they need reprogrammed im a tard and a shill and brainwashed? lmao

maybe they are some of the ones that cant be saved but why not try to save as many as possible?

if we dont have empathy and compassion we are just like them.

maybe u need to look in mirror

76de8b No.1411841



e69d59 No.1411842

File: f7014c3396cbe1d⋯.jpg (62.81 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 19274800.jpg)

e64d03 No.1411843


Remember, the Clooneys moved from Islam protecting London to the US, because of concerns over their personal safety. 'Nother Hollywood hypocrite who says one thing and lives another.

00d109 No.1411844

File: eb560f38eae0b02⋯.png (22.31 KB, 473x226, 473:226, ClipboardImage.png)


111 days ago.

f00559 No.1411845


TAXES should never be levied without the VOTE of the PEOPLE….NOT enacted by Politicians

Taxation without representation

cea3fa No.1411846


A little bit before the May 2nd thing

http:// www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/03/29/hillary-discount-nj-college-speech/

3b2d2d No.1411847


Q started from the end and is working to the beginning. We're smack dab in the middle, which is why the delta is so short.

731a16 No.1411848


Indeed. Thanks, Anon.

daf732 No.1411849

Updates to notables before baking?


>>1411191 Mueller may have a conflict

>>1411220, >>1411253 POTUS Schedule (bad weather)

>>1411222 Margot Kidder died.

>>1411270, >>1411749 - doUKnowq.com server hosting from shady company in Toronto ON

>>1411299 Defending the Nation With Secretary of Defense James Mattis

>>1411304 Post 75 was the FREEDOM flag reminding us of the LOCKed thread on /PF/.

>>1411365 Smoogle Quint fire truck

>>1411368, >>1411393 Unsealed indictment: health care fraud and money laundering

>>1411451 Iranian Group Offers $100,000 to Blow Up New U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem

>>1411484 Man accused in military centre stabbing acquitted of terror charges, not criminally responsible

>>1411556 Ben Garrison: A House Divided

>>1411830 Hamas is sending civilians to die for media coverage, says Abbas' advisor (Palestinian Authority)

3ca7aa No.1411850


have not seen a good debunking video yet

you are right anon - this certainly is not

ive looked a lot

are there any?

7ca572 No.1411851


I am in the USA. My hosting account is in the UK.

The billboard ad owner is not "making money". They have 3 domains available for sale. IF THEY SELL, which is a very big if, the billboard ad owner MIGHT be lucky to recoup some of the cost of the ad itself and the cost of hosting the website.

As for Corsi and Beanz links, many people are still unsure about Beanz and the website has not been updated since 4/28 which is the day Q called out Corsi. Perhaps the website owner has not had a chance to update or maybe they are still unsure about what is going on.

Anons need to stop bashing other patriots. This billboard/website owner is being demonized over FLAWED logic.

c97569 No.1411852


Awaiting instructions

2e681b No.1411853

File: 854e9b4785c4d99⋯.jpg (87.21 KB, 534x550, 267:275, 1518649764972.jpg)


Clooney also sold his 13mil Italian property because of too many niggers in the area. Those wonderful tolerant liberals. How are we the racist nazis again?

92bb0c No.1411854


And you're a fuckin' bigot who actually believes God loves you.

PRO TIP: He doesn't like bigots, you faggot. I will laugh watching you burn in Hell

404fba No.1411855


yeah, I know about domainsbyproxy .. I use it myself.

7ca572 No.1411856

>>1411270 <<< This is wrong. The anon is using flawed data.


4d41bb No.1411857

File: d18189c0193ef78⋯.png (1.06 MB, 555x908, 555:908, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 13a8f057afccde8⋯.png (306.75 KB, 412x277, 412:277, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1822adc3cefe87c⋯.png (238.04 KB, 348x257, 348:257, ClipboardImage.png)

The Devil and Donald Trump: Obama Admin Led UN Efforts to Turn Over Old Jerusalem to Radical Islamic Groups


In May 2011 Barack Obama urged Israel to hand over half of Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall, The Temple Mount, Old Jerusalem, the tomb of Jesus Christ, and the Via Dolorosa to radical Islamic organizations.

The Via Dolorosa is a street within the Old City of Jerusalem, held to be the path that Jesus walked on the way to His crucifixion.


In December 2013, Barack Obama again urged Israel to hand over holiest sites of Christendom and Judaism to Islamist groups.

On Christmas Day 2016, in a final despicable act against Christians and Jews, Barack Obama effectively signed over Christendom’s and Judaism’s holiest sites to radical Muslim groups.

And…. The Christian and Jew-hating Obama administration HELPED WRITE the UN draft!

Barack Obama refused to veto a Security Council resolution condemning settlement construction in the West Bank and east Jerusalem. This resolution effectively turns over the Old City to Palestinian groups. The Palestinians are led by Hamas terrorists in Gaza and Fatah Islamists in the West Bank. Obama thought this was a good move.

Jewish leaders were very upset with the move.

Israel had hard evidence that Obama was behind this anti-Israel, anti-Christian UN draft.

And the holiest sites of Christendom, according to the UN and Obama, were no longer Israeli land.

Obama wanted to give all of this away.

The Trump Administration changed things–

The Trump Administration declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

Trump also announced the US will move its embassy to Jerusalem.

Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama made the same promise but did not follow through with move once they were elected.

Today President Trump announced the opening of the new US Embassy in Jerusalem, Israel.

bddea5 No.1411858


>isn’t the point that we research and post said research to provide the proof of facts rather then as so many of you are doing ??

calls shitposting

> bs out your ass

Newness bleeding through or new shill/slide tactic?

3ca7aa No.1411859


best memes ive seen

has any anon seen a decent debunking video?

i havnt

many questions unanswered

fuckery afoot

1e054c No.1411860



He was busted selling photos.

71acd0 No.1411861


We all do Anon. In the meantime, chew, scratch, saw, cut, push your way to freedom, as we all are. We got this. One way or another, we got this shit. The writings on the wall. WE WIN!!!! Now… Let's get back to digging for them keys, shall we?


Love you bro, no homo, chin up, we are winning bigly

e64d03 No.1411862


My spouse was too.

731a16 No.1411863


Further up in this thread, an anon says, she and bill left in separate vehicles. What if she has conditional family visitation in the states but has to leave when done?

6f94cd No.1411864

Thinking Castle lock is either something to do with JA,

Or something about securing the WH…. That is going to drive me insane.

9e6a76 No.1411865



232cdd No.1411866

File: 0d683a6a223f878⋯.jpg (521.85 KB, 987x788, 987:788, 0d683a6a223f8781e58ed4c0a5….jpg)

File: f068ba10b9bc3fe⋯.png (386.66 KB, 565x629, 565:629, f068ba10b9bc3fef9e8cf307c8….png)

File: 8567da911ce3122⋯.jpg (46.75 KB, 590x350, 59:35, TrumpCard.jpg)

File: 13f88e7d0f775ab⋯.jpg (45.2 KB, 500x353, 500:353, InPatriotsCrosshair.jpg)



16f6a2 No.1411867

File: f6f1d060791ec6c⋯.png (15.33 KB, 751x408, 751:408, ClipboardImage.png)



daf732 No.1411868


I added the post containing discussion for being flawed too, I can't verify

f9b2e6 No.1411869

File: f7a35832895262f⋯.jpeg (8.06 MB, 4938x3624, 823:604, trump nasa.jpeg)


notice the dome

When your on the other side of the computer and

know the truth of your own posts (and how they

originated) people like you are a laugh a minute.

I'm not a Flat Earther ey? Just as subversive CIA

agent or something, yes? Just THEM trying to

bring you anons down… yes? This is what you


I most certainly am a FE you dummy! I know

the truth!!! Soon enough all the world will too.

25f50a No.1411870



May 12 2015 15:25:25

bddea5 No.1411871


fil turd flattard

3ca7aa No.1411872


subversion disguised as anon research

clever boy

good script

404fba No.1411873


You're possibly right but whoever the website owner is should make themselves public .. if they don't then this movement is over.

Any person can just steer the public perception any way they want to.

… In fact, if it's so f*cking cool with everyone here maybe I will start a web site and I'll make sure you all look like assholes who shouldn't be trusted.

Add in some white nationalism shit, etc. Would you like that?

cad5f5 No.1411874

35a2a8 No.1411875


Had never heard of this prick before – ever. PLEASE just report it to someone like the WH or JTFMAGAcom (who will either do something or forward) instead of giving this no-name the attention it's now getting with this stunt?

This fuker will be "trending" on twatter before we know it now. That's what it WANTS.

7ffb9a No.1411876



The world is watching…We save Israel for last.

4d41bb No.1411877




078002 No.1411878


>>1411814 Veteran Chinese scientist takes an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ journey deep under the sea

ba91bc No.1411879

File: 89479e81aa516e6⋯.jpg (55.19 KB, 500x374, 250:187, GotThis.jpg)

cfa30f No.1411880


21st century. Still using propellers.

b36999 No.1411881

File: 3ad52ba93eeeff6⋯.png (713.42 KB, 1080x1588, 270: