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File: 4e094838c2c77ba⋯.png (8.72 KB, 255x143, 255:143, qresearc.png)

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>>1682917 Snopes misleading on Atlanta, Tucson

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>>1680374, >>1681098 Have we ever solved these judgement payments to Iran in January 2016

>>1680412 Hart: Homeland Security’s Massive New Database Will Include Face Recognition, DNA, and Peoples’ “Non-Obvious Relationships”

>>1680463 ‘Energy must not destroy civilization’: Pope Francis tells top oil executives world must convert to clean fuel in closed-door conference

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>>1680624, >>1680719 This MSM narrative is pretty outrageous

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>>1679944 Pedogate front today

>>1680022 Anthony Bourdain Admits That He Would Eat A Human, Offers Instructions For Cooking Unicorn

>>1680082 Ukrainian MP Yuriy Chizhmar was hospitalized after light plane crashed in Rzeszow Poland

>>1680089 New Italian Populist Premier Mr. Giueppe Conte Loving Trump at G7

>>1680160 Shia LaBeouf Launches Yet Another Anti-Trump Message 'He Will Not Divide us:'

>>1680195, >>1680307 Trump calls for G7 Countries to Drop all Tariffs, Barriers & Subsidies

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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



4fe1ee No.1683652


Yep my thoughts too. I always told my friends Bld7 was intended target for 93, only makes sense as that building was rigged too. No hijackers right? I would say no

fb07e3 No.1683653

File: bdd8b3f6db04877⋯.jpg (114.29 KB, 499x595, 499:595, 2by5qe.jpg)

8ac8bd No.1683654

File: a734e3acf84f24a⋯.png (522.97 KB, 484x631, 484:631, Screenshot_47.png)


a743a8 No.1683655


makes perfect sense

89cc81 No.1683656

We will not be held hostage.




9/11 'hostages' from original flights are returned home?

11d77c No.1683657

File: d98b702590ba0f8⋯.png (346.67 KB, 423x832, 423:832, 3e5cceb62accc91b3450d6af88….png)

File: 2b0b31fe30fdd67⋯.jpg (25.09 KB, 330x479, 330:479, 2b0b31fe30fdd6789796220626….jpg)

File: 6d3357cf7d26357⋯.jpg (63.99 KB, 435x773, 435:773, 54012d3d9a3bf2d219acdacb55….jpg)


d0bc75 No.1683658

It was the jews.

It = Everything

Jews suck.

6c9e85 No.1683660

File: de776261bab5f1e⋯.png (58.89 KB, 331x389, 331:389, ClipboardImage.png)

thanks baker!

(pic related)

4e6488 No.1683661

hello, one of the EST map anons here…

fiiinally got back into it, but surprise, rather than catch up from where i was, i went the other way further back in archives & old caps, hoping to replace some in the older set (not the first confirmed ones, but those in between).

I got as far back as Jan.5th, for now, though i might be able to reach Dec.7th and skip another of the old set completely, but that's still some work away.

(among other things i had in mind but didn't do, was fixing the timezones on these vintage Qmaps, but i haven't gone through and checked every post on them, though i know some had done that work already, somewhere)…

so, it's still way behind as the set here ends Apr.22nd, but goes further back than previously posted in this format: it's guaranteed EST caps from single user all the way to 2018-01-05.

Noticed a few weird things going on with the timing and sequence on https://qanon.pub/, though, Jan.5/6th, for instance. A point for these static archives of caps, who can testify the same thing months later (though files can then be later messed with, of course). Hence, multiple archives that back up each other…

anyway, warning of a small flood, i'll just post these for now, as they've all fallen off the board long ago anyway, and can be an funteresting way to re-read the crumbs: can be bothersome to navigate, maybe, but you get the feel of the threads, and posts often not included in archives for more context, etc.

should get to catching up from april to now, oh, probably tomorrow (if not, eventually)… maybe things won't stay quite like they are now, though, we'll see…


QMAP 1_2 confirmed This is the key_2017-10-28_2017-11-10.png

QMAP 2_2 confirmed_2017-11-11_2017-11-20.png

Qmap graphic_2017-11-20_2017-12-07]].jpg

Qmap graphic_2017-12-07_2018-01-13]].jpg


Qmap_2017-11-22 Q_DTTT_Pick up your phone.png



Qmap_graphic_2018-01-05_2018-01-13_Follow the MONEY.jpg

Qmap_graphic_2018-01-14_2018-01-22_WE THE PEOPLE.jpg

Qmap_graphic_2018-01-23_2018-01-31_The light will reveal.jpg

Qmap_graphic_2018-01-31_2018-02-07_Think intel.jpg

Qmap_graphic_2018-02-07_2018-02-14_PAY THE PRICE.jpg


Qmap_graphic_2018-02-23_2018-03-06_Eyes in the SKY.jpg

Qmap_graphic_2018-03-06_2018-03-10_More coming.jpg


Qmap_graphic_2018-04-03_2018-04-07_Open the door.jpg

Qmap_graphic_2018-04-07_2018-04-09_Read carefully).jpg


Qmap_graphic_2018-04-17_2018-04-21_They think they are clever).jpg

Qmap_graphic_2018-04-21_2018-04-22)_Earth Day.jpg

Qmap_graphic_2018-04-21_2018-04-22)_Earth Day_.jpg

58ad97 No.1683662



8ac8bd No.1683663

File: d42fed63d5ec13b⋯.png (390.43 KB, 688x488, 86:61, Screenshot_3.png)

9a1b65 No.1683664

File: dceda9f1857d45a⋯.mp4 (9.89 MB, 480x480, 1:1, Nap Kittens.mp4)

TY, Baker!

234470 No.1683665


Doesn't make sense. Evil wouldn't let them live this long.

e7110e No.1683666

Sooooo…. Since we are all waiting for shit to go down in Singapore…

Has anyone ever figured out WHO was actually responsible for the SONY HACK?

They blamed it on NK. Even said it showed their "understanding" and "creativity" with what would get our attention. Supposedly done bc there was going to be a moving released about Rocketman where he's assassinated.

Since we know clowns were running the show, has anyone ever dug into who actually did the hack?

87c661 No.1683667

File: aa0167d495642ee⋯.png (5.61 MB, 1882x1258, 941:629, aa0167d495642eefbcd41d15a4….png)

For anyone who didn't see it last bread.

4e6488 No.1683668

File: bc207e88c5b1815⋯.png (3.73 MB, 5599x6000, 5599:6000, QMAP 1_2 confirmed This is….png)

File: e362265cdbf5e99⋯.png (1.24 MB, 4024x4000, 503:500, QMAP 2_2 confirmed_2017-11….png)

d3555a No.1683669


If the intended target we Bld 7 then it was going in the wrong direction.

27f745 No.1683670

Do NOT argue with shills newfags.

6c9e85 No.1683671

saw an anon ask last bread

any planefags see AF1??

c72af4 No.1683672

File: 59325dad3a9521b⋯.png (360.37 KB, 530x480, 53:48, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ffc83e777c41c95⋯.png (635.26 KB, 480x640, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ffc83e777c41c95⋯.png (635.26 KB, 480x640, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 39549448bad2628⋯.png (781.51 KB, 640x466, 320:233, ClipboardImage.png)

6320f2 No.1683673

File: d4e9bce794a0966⋯.png (2.3 MB, 1400x952, 25:17, trays.png)

2b4107 No.1683674

TY baker!

810bc1 No.1683675


who knows where the bodies are buried?

234470 No.1683676

qmap.pub is back up. Thanks to whoever, or whatever.

8ef843 No.1683677


Are you Q?

87c661 No.1683678


Linking off-bread without (lb) is annoying as fuck to phonefags who can't hover.

Have some empathy, anon.

4fe1ee No.1683679

File: f3fa267a7eac8f6⋯.png (77.33 KB, 800x577, 800:577, 800px-UA93_path.svg.png)

File: 22e049296a31927⋯.jpg (59.35 KB, 725x548, 725:548, flight-path-1.jpg)

7e334d No.1683680

>>1683630 (lb)

>>1683646 (lb)

Dont know where people died for sure or if the planes were empty, but...

Planes hit towers (holograms have no associated noise following the image if I am correct?)

I heard then saw the second impact myself from a rooftop across the river..

Hijackers NAMES were NOT on the manifests of any flight. Even pre-911 you could not get a plane to take off unless you were on the list or off the plane.

The boxcutter story originated with TED OLSON's wife (barbara) who was said to called Ted and told him the plane was hijacked with boxcutters. (this call has been proven to never have happened).

Fun fact: Ted remarried mere months later to a woman who looks a helluvalot like his "dead wife" with a little plastic surgery.

c72af4 No.1683681

File: c71014fd32aca21⋯.png (513.76 KB, 640x476, 160:119, ClipboardImage.png)

4e6488 No.1683682

File: 2a2400aa6ef5c71⋯.jpg (6.95 MB, 6770x7400, 677:740, Qmap graphic_2017-11-20_20….jpg)

abed9d No.1683683

File: 738ed4411be1c3a⋯.jpg (137.79 KB, 918x1104, 153:184, dog howl.jpg)

e14fc7 No.1683684


Holy shit anon

e144cb No.1683685


KEK. nice

6543d0 No.1683686


"Shills" are being paid through gay dating/webcams/porn sites…

I'm not joking, this is fact!

Dig and you shall see, although you will also see very graphic content in the process.

d0bc75 No.1683687



No planes.

You are dogs chasing your tail.

Faggots all of you. Wise up and get smart.

4e6488 No.1683688

File: 3e5d2bab4c5711c⋯.jpg (8.63 MB, 8522x7557, 8522:7557, Qmap graphic_2017-12-07_20….jpg)

2aa2ad No.1683689

so why does everyone think craig sawyer is a black hat

i admit working for mccain and hillary as security is a little sktech but he seems like a good dude

anyone have any reasons that hes not one ?

62586e No.1683690


Heel of bread #2117

>>1683622 Classified Memo Proves Hillary Supplied Weapons from Benghazi to Al-Qaeda in Syria; DOJ Could Still Indict

6c9e85 No.1683691

File: 887dca8a113618f⋯.jpg (87.38 KB, 888x499, 888:499, shill6.jpg)

6320f2 No.1683692


The intended target of Flight 93 was the Capitol.

223a0e No.1683693

File: d43f8776328bd47⋯.jpg (260.18 KB, 1200x1234, 600:617, Nasim_f0996c_6568221.jpg)

TY Baker

32318f No.1683694

Hydocodone anon is probably still looking at post 751 last bread

waiting for the next post to load.

3ca6c8 No.1683695

File: a6519729fcec511⋯.png (829.28 KB, 667x891, 667:891, ClipboardImage.png)

f861d9 No.1683696

Flight Attendant sheds new light on 9/11

CNN reports box cutters. Fake news !!!! not in 30k above ground in hanger. CNN box cutters made up story .

https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7md2QzNsAe4

4d91ff No.1683697


Left Crete a little while ago after refueling.

4e6488 No.1683698

File: dfa6f65df640998⋯.png (2.36 MB, 1111x6516, 1111:6516, Qmap_2017-11-22 Q_DTTT_Pic….png)

File: a24389764987c55⋯.png (303.23 KB, 888x757, 888:757, 2017-11-22 DTTT Q Code.png)

File: f250c6b5716d990⋯.png (5.04 MB, 3333x3230, 3333:3230, Qmap_2017-12-14_15_CBTS_tr….png)

>>1683661 EST maps update/incoming:

>>1683668 QMAP 1_2 confirmed This is the key_2017-10-28_2017-11-10.png, QMAP 2_2 confirmed_2017-11-11_2017-11-20.png

>>1683682 Qmap graphic_2017-11-20_2017-12-07]].jpg

>>1683688 Qmap graphic_2017-12-07_2018-01-13]].jpg


Qmap_2017-11-22 Q_DTTT_Pick up your phone.png



Qmap_graphic_2018-01-05_2018-01-13_Follow the MONEY.jpg

Qmap_graphic_2018-01-14_2018-01-22_WE THE PEOPLE.jpg

Qmap_graphic_2018-01-23_2018-01-31_The light will reveal.jpg

Qmap_graphic_2018-01-31_2018-02-07_Think intel.jpg

Qmap_graphic_2018-02-07_2018-02-14_PAY THE PRICE.jpg


Qmap_graphic_2018-02-23_2018-03-06_Eyes in the SKY.jpg

Qmap_graphic_2018-03-06_2018-03-10_More coming.jpg


Qmap_graphic_2018-04-03_2018-04-07_Open the door.jpg

Qmap_graphic_2018-04-07_2018-04-09_Read carefully).jpg


Qmap_graphic_2018-04-17_2018-04-21_They think they are clever).jpg

Qmap_graphic_2018-04-21_2018-04-22)_Earth Day.jpg

Qmap_graphic_2018-04-21_2018-04-22)_Earth Day_.jpg

51f229 No.1683699


Look at the date on the article. That's old news. Just Paine being a fag.

89cc81 No.1683700



They've been buried in NK for years after being held in captivity.

62586e No.1683701


NOICE!!! Kek

810bc1 No.1683702

f861d9 No.1683703


all planes directed to a hanger and Americans murdered.

f65198 No.1683704

Country Time! ~

d0bc75 No.1683705


No planes.

Stop being a faggot.

Its really not that crazy faggot. Stop faggotting.

022e28 No.1683706


You guys like my efforts. Greatly appreciated.

6c9e85 No.1683707


>claims something

>cite some YT video thats not even embeded

71c1bd No.1683708

File: e88c838fd334082⋯.jpg (168.68 KB, 1080x1348, 270:337, 2thank-you-baker.jpg)

Thank you baker!

62586e No.1683709


OK sorreeee! Getting 'tard over yonder

4fe1ee No.1683710


>The boxcutter story originated with TED OLSON's wife (barbara) who was said to called Ted and told him the plane was hijacked with boxcutters. (this call has been proven to never have happened).

Yep most people forget this fact. It wasnt 17 different people saying "box cutters"….it was 1.

I dont believe the hologram bullshit for two seconds. Those planes made noise. Where they the original planes, or rogue raytheon planes, who knows, but it wasnt holograms, I agree anon

4e6488 No.1683711

File: 5781bc6b0c3b579⋯.jpg (9.96 MB, 5555x5555, 1:1, Qmap_graphic_2018-01-05_20….jpg)

Qmap_graphic_2018-01-05_2018-01-13_Follow the MONEY.jpg

e1acfe No.1683712

File: 93721e5e7559e4a⋯.jpg (208.56 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, hitlerssr.jpg)

f1b9ce No.1683713

LB - "Trust Session"

Not until he starts acting like an AG.

In public - RR is the de facto AG. Sure some might say it is all for show. I don't buy it.

If he will not do the job (specifically in things that are not related to his recusal) he must step down. We cannot afford a lame duck in the AG seat.

No disrespect meant to the AG. Just saying that we need a leader and not a show piece.

7e334d No.1683714


Then what did I see with my own eyes impact the second tower that day after HEARING a jet making my look at it? whence I heard impact afterwards?

Do holograms do that dipshit?

4e6488 No.1683715

File: 29e5c5fb6963bfb⋯.jpg (10.41 MB, 5555x5555, 1:1, Qmap_graphic_2018-01-14_20….jpg)

Qmap_graphic_2018-01-14_2018-01-22_WE THE PEOPLE.jpg

a743a8 No.1683717


thanks anon! appreciate your hard work

6c9e85 No.1683718


thanks keep anons posted

d0bc75 No.1683719


Nope. Hoax event. Jew media.

Try harder kike or dumbass.

e8bf64 No.1683720

File: e30c0a4fb126c08⋯.jpg (14.41 KB, 191x255, 191:255, f956ff1106a674c537709d2486….jpg)

a79c90 No.1683721

Wisdom is Love in its purest form.

Where the Light shines, darkness and ignorance vanish.

Love is, just as luck, a state and not a place.

Love is imperishable, and nothing is able to change it into something else.

f861d9 No.1683722


Americans gassed and murdered by shadow gov.

4fe1ee No.1683723


for that to be the case, the pilots had to be in on it

965896 No.1683725


Added post-bake.

Will show up in future bakes.

Thank you for your diligence.


Post for now, and please compile all posts into one reference post for the dough.

I recommend posting five at a time to make everyone's life easier (including yours).

51f229 No.1683726


I'm not yelling. Just got to keep your eye on Paine. He does that shit a lot.

2ce0fe No.1683727


>Classified Memo Proves Hillary Supplied Weapons from Benghazi to Al-Qaeda in Syria; DOJ Could Still Indict

Trey Gowdy already investigated the matter of Benghazi, nothing to see here, move along now…))

6c9e85 No.1683728


who do you think the leak and illegal immigrant investigations, not to mention the IG, are being run by?

don't fall for MSM talking points

4e6488 No.1683729

File: 10af387aaf3b424⋯.jpg (10.79 MB, 5555x5555, 1:1, Qmap_graphic_2018-01-23_20….jpg)

Qmap_graphic_2018-01-23_2018-01-31_The light will reveal.jpg

b7b5ae No.1683730

File: 5e4509123de9246⋯.jpg (184.46 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1502205955671.jpg)

I love everyone here!!! Even if you are a C_A bitch! Think about that!!!

Thank you!!!! Faggots!!!!!!

I lurk, I dig and I'm awake! You can't stop it. You all are my family. It's Saturday and I have no one else. Keep digging, posting, and stay strong. Love you all.

Oh fyi, Fuck Off!!!!!! Looking forward to the random software update faggots!!! I hope all you bad people get what you deserve!

I pray for shills who don't know any better.

Patriots, Stay Strong!!

fb07e3 No.1683731

File: c2113fd74c9fd0c⋯.jpg (586.33 KB, 1580x1680, 79:84, ambassador rodman.jpg)

d0bc75 No.1683732


Nope. No planes on 9/11 you fucking kike.

Try harder.

9aeb3d No.1683733


Life without the Jews would be like Mohamed sucking Popsicles on the back of a unicorn.

Everyone left would be blameless and pure! Come on now everybody, pick up a stone and blame the Jews!

f861d9 No.1683734


7 wars incited after 911.

7e334d No.1683735


The hologram (JIDF disinfo effort no doubt) really sounds like the FE shills.

4e6488 No.1683736

File: 69140d73d2ac96d⋯.jpg (9.93 MB, 5555x5555, 1:1, Qmap_graphic_2018-01-31_20….jpg)

Qmap_graphic_2018-01-31_2018-02-07_Think intel.jpg

b0c66e No.1683737

File: b404fcc9a5e9c80⋯.jpg (69.69 KB, 960x385, 192:77, 2047x821.jpeg.338340c00c14….jpg)

Thats not water behind them? is it?

6c9e85 No.1683738


you know you made hitler look like one of the EU fucks right?

but like grandfather like granddaughter I guess

bc4ced No.1683739

File: c5d7ca874011ac6⋯.jpeg (193.5 KB, 1275x900, 17:12, 1527078576.jpeg)

308e28 No.1683740

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

your people…"we the people"….led astray….who will be next ??

fb07e3 No.1683741

File: 2e4c04011aaa73b⋯.jpg (236.17 KB, 800x554, 400:277, songs will be sung.jpg)

File: b0526dff8ff670c⋯.png (515.66 KB, 693x480, 231:160, great meme war bard.png)

4e6488 No.1683742

File: 29850478f453f6a⋯.jpg (9.17 MB, 5555x5555, 1:1, Qmap_graphic_2018-02-07_20….jpg)

Qmap_graphic_2018-02-07_2018-02-14_PAY THE PRICE.jpg

26ea6c No.1683743


I think he should be

Obvious choice

022e28 No.1683744

File: 112994ad0082c79⋯.png (2.73 MB, 1258x785, 1258:785, GS.PNG)

Mattis is a beast. :P

33cd13 No.1683745

File: 8103651e70eedce⋯.jpeg (478.67 KB, 2042x1441, 2042:1441, 024B4CE6-F7EA-4BC6-9268-5….jpeg)

File: 22626c1ffb9d9f1⋯.jpeg (303.52 KB, 1487x1287, 1487:1287, BCE4397B-172C-499B-A8A5-3….jpeg)


Just like Pompeo Said. President Trump will not stand for a bad deal. Twit pic related.

d0bc75 No.1683746


No holograms. CGI

Jew Media

Go fuck yourself kike

f861d9 No.1683747


Pilot's told it was a drill by the FAA

9a1b65 No.1683749

File: eea779b7750c231⋯.png (389.31 KB, 765x515, 153:103, Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at ….png)


From 4chan

87c661 No.1683750

File: 76f0d6234080d20⋯.jpg (48.61 KB, 586x720, 293:360, 5a2d68f8edc829b8b791176926….jpg)

Tonight's (((shill slide))) is brought to you by 9-11 theorists.

f1b9ce No.1683751


Understood. I truly hope he has his hands firmly on the reins.

38b4dd No.1683752

File: eb9e23ac7b7c9f7⋯.jpg (242.13 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1jgrov.jpg)


Da, comrade.

4e6488 No.1683753

File: 70a133546585779⋯.jpg (9.51 MB, 5555x5555, 1:1, Qmap_graphic_2018-02-15_20….jpg)


4fe1ee No.1683754


What should Sessions be doing at this exact moment? I mean, come on, the charges and crimes havent even been revealed to congress yet…. wait until that happens and then see if Sessions acts

31a3af No.1683755




3ca6c8 No.1683756

File: aa4c6e58bf6aa87⋯.png (201.2 KB, 850x820, 85:82, ClipboardImage.png)

4fe1ee No.1683757


Holograms that make sound. Interesting. (NOT)

03acfd No.1683758

[ d0bc75 ]

f861d9 No.1683759


Piolets told of the FAA drill !!!!

4e6488 No.1683760

File: b1e4d537ed13589⋯.jpg (10.68 MB, 5555x5555, 1:1, Qmap_graphic_2018-02-23_20….jpg)

Qmap_graphic_2018-02-23_2018-03-06_Eyes in the SKY.jpg

6543d0 No.1683761


'No planes' is a true psyop designed to discredit the truther movement…

It was started by acidhead hippies, who had it fed to them by the C_A

8128aa No.1683762

>>1683418 lb

Aspartame is made from bacteria feces, patent confirms. ... According to the patent, which is available for the public to read online, genetically modified E. coli are cultivated in tanks and fed so that they can defecate the proteins that contain the aspartic acid-phenylalanine amino acid segment used to make aspartame.

8e43a3 No.1683763

File: 9a1ea62ecdccab7⋯.jpg (162.76 KB, 1271x895, 1271:895, Harwood-NBC-Podesta.jpg)

John Harwood is with (((her))).


f1b9ce No.1683764


This rumor has been going around for a while. It is time HRC paid the piper.

8ac8bd No.1683765


Y and Owl symbols above them?

Y's in the trees and owls in the water?

87c661 No.1683766



May that picture be memed for a hundred years.

d0bc75 No.1683767


muh building seven

muh pentagon

muh shanksville


4e6488 No.1683768

File: 86f1bd248e57397⋯.jpg (10.63 MB, 5555x5555, 1:1, Qmap_graphic_2018-03-06_20….jpg)

Qmap_graphic_2018-03-06_2018-03-10_More coming.jpg

6c9e85 No.1683769


lol foreal, not even going down the slide

go down the slide, the shills will conclude with (((jooooooos)))

f861d9 No.1683770


They were told it was a drill. Norad also worked the drill.

7e334d No.1683771


Only a JIDF soldier would be spreading that disinfo.

I WITNESSED it, and furthermore where is your proof?

Do you know about video frame "field overlays" that cameras had back then? Whereas two fields of scanning a CCTV camera tube or chip created one frame of video, with interleaving?

LOOK it up and learn something.

OR admit you are fully sold (or selling) KIKE-rrific disinfo.

be8e83 No.1683772

File: a507cae5d7fca31⋯.jpg (189.84 KB, 734x490, 367:245, _dox57vf1tt1.jpg)

>>1683667, >>1683706

nice meme idd

>alt. version

3ca6c8 No.1683774

File: 8308839998b0337⋯.jpg (668.48 KB, 3171x1058, 3171:1058, 7.jpg)


shes forever going to regret that she posted that pic

eaab1b No.1683775

47 minutes ago on Reddit. WOW what a theory.


The theory goes that in the 50s, Soviet Scientists, in an effort to create a child with Hitler's genetic markers, used Hitler's frozen sperm to impregnate Gretl Braun, Eva's sister, with the consent of The Soviet Union, U.S. , and Vatican. That the resulting child, born in 1954, was then implanted with a Lutheran family (Kasner) which had ties to the Vatican and the STASI. The agreement was made that she would eventually rise to power, but only after a German Pope had been named. When Benedict took the Papacy, Angela Merkel (Kasner) rose from obscurity to power. This, along with the fact that Hitler's mother was a servant to the Rothschilds (and by some theories, Hitler was a Rothschild bastard), would make her not only Hitler's daughter, but would tie her by association (possibly direct blood lineage) to the Rothschild Family.

a79c90 No.1683776


"Long press" the link. On some mobile browsers (eg. opera), the post preview will appear.

4e6488 No.1683777

File: 10222c9fc4c953d⋯.jpg (9.73 MB, 5555x5555, 1:1, Qmap_graphic_2018-03-10_20….jpg)


7e334d No.1683778


FE is the same shit!


d0bc75 No.1683779


You are too stupid to understand media deception.

Sorry. You are stupid.

2aa2ad No.1683780

File: e57a0fe8cbf0127⋯.jpg (106.51 KB, 550x550, 1:1, cosmic-man.jpg)

anons how hard of a larp on a scale of 1-10 are the pleadians

maybe our space brothers actually look ugly as fuck and are really nice like the based mothman

11d77c No.1683781


AND … you need to slow down this shit needs to be slow walked to before midterms of the election SO… Normies REMEMBER and understand !!

4e6488 No.1683782

File: b362a67a2298014⋯.jpg (10.22 MB, 5555x5555, 1:1, Qmap_graphic_2018-04-03_20….jpg)

Qmap_graphic_2018-04-03_2018-04-07_Open the door.jpg

22db1f No.1683783


He has plenty of company. The libtarads that came to infiltrate the board are there too.

8ac8bd No.1683784

File: 002efbf77ef8cd6⋯.png (867.45 KB, 904x632, 113:79, Screenshot_148.png)

378793 No.1683785

File: affaf44dac60110⋯.png (5.94 MB, 2550x1230, 85:41, DRAIN_THE_SWAMP.png)

6c9e85 No.1683786



Notable if you think so baker

note its just a theory

810bc1 No.1683787


What in the name of faggot fuckery are you doing reposting all this shit?

4e6488 No.1683788

File: e338db8d85641c3⋯.jpg (8.72 MB, 5555x5555, 1:1, Qmap_graphic_2018-04-07_20….jpg)

Qmap_graphic_2018-04-07_2018-04-09_Read carefully).jpg

d0bc75 No.1683789



BTW I have no interest in FE.

No planes hit the WTC. Period.

11d77c No.1683790

File: 0cd294bb1f9a304⋯.jpg (88.23 KB, 1024x904, 128:113, 0cd294bb1f9a30402cb812d0a4….jpg)


KEK !!!

9a1b65 No.1683791

File: 8c44bf60478329b⋯.png (360.69 KB, 664x556, 166:139, Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at ….png)

4e6488 No.1683792

File: a3f5490ec679cf6⋯.jpg (8.89 MB, 5555x5555, 1:1, Qmap_graphic_2018-04-10_20….jpg)


a22367 No.1683794

File: e7e31f8821fab5b⋯.jpg (288.79 KB, 1580x717, 1580:717, ComfyAssKicking_muh_filter….jpg)

File: 0c6233cad1aba30⋯.jpg (63.93 KB, 500x399, 500:399, 82d3f2c4a7830c501e1f93b1fa….jpg)

File: 8d4ed04df256678⋯.jpg (154.65 KB, 1200x852, 100:71, BB1.jpg)


89cc81 No.1683795

If they were to stage 9/11 even back in 2001, where better else in the world would the Deep State hide the crew and passengers but in the Hermit Kingdom of NK.

4e6488 No.1683796

File: 5ae93000e3e0050⋯.jpg (9.7 MB, 5555x5555, 1:1, Qmap_graphic_2018-04-17_20….jpg)

Qmap_graphic_2018-04-17_2018-04-21_They think they are clever).jpg

b1b3bf No.1683797

File: 81d9ebca019839d⋯.jpg (7.48 KB, 250x236, 125:118, 1495428846597s.jpg)


Could be altered Q drops.

7e334d No.1683798


You are a true dumbass.


I just told you my damn EYEBALLS viewed the 2nd impact - how do my eyes get CGI which STANDS FOR:




Did they TAP MY OPTIC NERVE at the same time they broadcast it?

And what about the fucking sounds dumbass…

Grow up.

No one here is stupid enough to buy that shit.

38b4dd No.1683799


I thought that was the general consensus from the pullback drops.

1d6ad1 No.1683800

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



So was Churchill a rasta?

d0bc75 No.1683801


You lie. You didn't see shit you fucking kike.

Fuck you jew fucking shill faggot fuck.

32318f No.1683802

File: af7064b1099b7e1⋯.jpg (54.24 KB, 854x356, 427:178, Board Trust Four.jpg)

File: 816a41556f96238⋯.jpeg (158.21 KB, 1910x1000, 191:100, Sessions Silent Execution….jpeg)

6c9e85 No.1683803

File: 21f88d2718301d1⋯.png (645.53 KB, 750x500, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

eaab1b No.1683804


So if Russia under Putin's authority is really our ally, we already have won the fight.

There is not even a fight.

EU can't stand the MIL of the east and the US forces. WE ARE WINNING ON THE HIGHEST LEVEL. DON'T GET DISTRACTED.


6c9e85 No.1683805


same but just the detail is notable and told in a different way

ab6c1d No.1683806

File: 0a95f6980be144d⋯.gif (2.26 MB, 400x220, 20:11, 1 fake plane - gif.gif)

658f29 No.1683807


Ehat would rusdians gain from it? Also exactly the same theory was fiscussed after Q drop, not new. I asked the same wuestion then

3a886f No.1683808

f861d9 No.1683809



missing 2.3 trillion missing dollars from rumsfeld flight termination system Israeli Trinidad construction.

No sound of jets in phone calls. Well thought out inside job aug 6 rice and bush passing out docs of 911. 9 hijackers alive in Saudis Arabia.

4e6488 No.1683810

File: 023a5e35691795c⋯.jpg (4.84 MB, 2846x5555, 2846:5555, Qmap_graphic_2018-04-21_20….jpg)

File: 416969c52524cfb⋯.jpg (5.63 MB, 5555x5555, 1:1, Qmap_graphic_2018-04-21_20….jpg)

Qmap_graphic_2018-04-21_2018-04-22)_Earth Day.jpg

Qmap_graphic_2018-04-21_2018-04-22)_Earth Day_.jpg

8c8e00 No.1683811


I don't know about holograms; probably not necessary. The CGI that was used on the broadcast video was enough.


I bet the planes are still in service somewhere.

d0bc75 No.1683812

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

the jews don't want this posted…

So its very important to post it…

6543d0 No.1683813


Notice the most known supporters of both also come off as insane, or very unarticulate, they're meant to.

2aa2ad No.1683814


pretty sure we got china too lol

810bc1 No.1683815


They're real Q drops. I think it's a new fag who just found and archive and is seeing them for the first time, thinking they are doing us all a favor by showing them all to us…

6c9e85 No.1683816

File: 227240356838fab⋯.gif (6.03 MB, 464x276, 116:69, trumpgetoutthaway.gif)




4d91ff No.1683817

Why the 9/11 slide again?

d0bc75 No.1683818

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Even more important…

Jews really hate this video…

26ea6c No.1683819

File: 382d986643ada33⋯.png (163.57 KB, 650x602, 325:301, POTUS Schedule 6-9-18 5 11….PNG)

File: b0ec6dd96fe5969⋯.png (9.03 KB, 441x135, 49:15, Current Singapore Time.PNG)

9 hrs 30 minutes until POTUS arrives in Singapore

7e334d No.1683821


You are a dumbass buying into bullshit kikery.


(which is easier: Real planes you control thru shit you already have, killing people you dont care about or not. OR: magnificent video fakery that has never been used since or proven to exist that comes with sound)

Serious level of dumbassery…

9aeb3d No.1683822


What a bunch of weak pathetic people we have running the so called NWO. These soft little puppets? OMG

Ha ha ha, KEK.

No wonder they are losing.

3d59e1 No.1683823


so anyone who disagrees is a shill and faggot

such faggotry

from a fagggotry forum

89cc81 No.1683824

NK has been the Black Hole of information and where all the Deep State's victims for decades are buried, protected by the false threat of nuclear war. Game's over now.

a743a8 No.1683825


not everyone has all of them. do you? they are necessary. they are the graphic.

22db1f No.1683826


There is NO other such option. For that or MANY other things.

d0bc75 No.1683827

Because Hitler flew the planes into the towers.

Get the joke? If you dont you deserve to die.

57d1b8 No.1683828

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

When the Obama DOJ is asked about Benghazi…

964c22 No.1683829


you went on a roof to view tower 1 on fire and you didn't take a camera with you?

0f82d9 No.1683830

File: 450566903a1658c⋯.png (1.69 MB, 1392x832, 87:52, 328683684369.png)

0b3aeb No.1683831


There could be 20 real and one strategic fake. Either way it doesn't matter because it makes for an effective slide.

6c9e85 No.1683832


comes up every couple breads..

shills shilling it up with other shills

f60134 No.1683833


i don't believe there was any passengers killed or pilots, no planes.

if there was actual flights that went missing, they was simply part of it or paid off like sandy hook.

2ce0fe No.1683834


>Just like Pompeo Said. President Trump will not stand for a bad deal.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo seems to be a better spokesman than Rex Tillerson, who I also liked, but SoS Pompeo seems to be a bit more effective have been the previous head of the CIA, albeit a short stint.

c1440e No.1683835


I told wife it was controlled demolition when it happened - she still thinks I m nuts.

All the burning metal around the scene, amazing fireproof passports of the alleged terrorists and those beautifully "melted" beams at such a nice 45 degree angle in the basements…

2aa2ad No.1683836

anyone miss the corsi sliding

32318f No.1683837


Anons discovered this Merkle theory months ago.

f861d9 No.1683838


max speed 500mph hit building no way to go as fast as a missile. us pentegon comptroller tridata had all blue prints of wtc to set detonations. His company had blue prints of wtc. Blue prints now missing….

eaab1b No.1683839


Is that why Antarctica is of such an importance and highly secured and undisclosed?

They fucking freezed Hitlers genetics!

6b6381 No.1683840

Does anybody Trust Wray?

6afa70 No.1683841


Putin is not our friend. Russia and or theSoviet Union have not been ours friends since before WW II. They were an ally in that war only because Hitler broke his promise to them.

Putin is KGB. And if you try to tell me that the KGB no longer exists, I will sell you my pretty unicorn.

810bc1 No.1683842


Yes, we all have them and have access to them any time we want. We built the fucking map, dumbass.

f861d9 No.1683843


George Bush took the Gold from the towers.

e1acfe No.1683844

File: 66db9c2977d29fc⋯.jpg (208.26 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, hitlerssrbabyface.jpg)

4e6488 No.1683845

fresh oldstuff

mostly EST maps

>>1683661 EST maps update/intro

>>1683668 QMAP 1_2 confirmed This is the key_2017-10-28_2017-11-10.png, QMAP 2_2 confirmed_2017-11-11_2017-11-20.png

>>1683682 Qmap graphic_2017-11-20_2017-12-07]].jpg

>>1683688 Qmap graphic_2017-12-07_2018-01-13]].jpg


>>1683698 Qmap_2017-11-22 Q_DTTT_Pick up your phone.png, Qmap_2017-12-14_15_CBTS_tripBlocked_WhatHappened.png


>>1683711 Qmap_graphic_2018-01-05_2018-01-13_Follow the MONEY.jpg

>>1683715 Qmap_graphic_2018-01-14_2018-01-22_WE THE PEOPLE.jpg

>>1683729 Qmap_graphic_2018-01-23_2018-01-31_The light will reveal.jpg

>>1683736 Qmap_graphic_2018-01-31_2018-02-07_Think intel.jpg

>>1683742 Qmap_graphic_2018-02-07_2018-02-14_PAY THE PRICE.jpg

>>1683753 Qmap_graphic_2018-02-15_2018-02-22_DISTRACTION.jpg

>>1683760 Qmap_graphic_2018-02-23_2018-03-06_Eyes in the SKY.jpg

>>1683768 Qmap_graphic_2018-03-06_2018-03-10_More coming.jpg

>>1683777 Qmap_graphic_2018-03-10_2018-04-03_Safe.jpg

>>1683782 Qmap_graphic_2018-04-03_2018-04-07_Open the door.jpg

>>1683788 Qmap_graphic_2018-04-07_2018-04-09_Read carefully).jpg

>>1683792 Qmap_graphic_2018-04-10_2018-04-16_TheWHERE-TheWHY).jpg

>>1683796 Qmap_graphic_2018-04-17_2018-04-21_They think they are clever).jpg

>>1683810 Qmap_graphic_2018-04-21_2018-04-22)_Earth Day.jpg, Qmap_graphic_2018-04-21_2018-04-22)_Earth Day_.jpg

>>moar… soon?

74e969 No.1683846

abed9d No.1683847


THIS. When the towers fell I said, "looks like an implosion".

d0bc75 No.1683848

File: 9cd4bcd5a432480⋯.png (64.55 KB, 522x836, 261:418, WTDUP.png)

File: 6945308a06b934a⋯.png (71.25 KB, 461x869, 461:869, WTDUP2.png)

File: fd1161681d57af6⋯.png (64.74 KB, 466x863, 466:863, WTDUP3.png)

File: 7d7eaadd1460172⋯.png (69.62 KB, 468x869, 468:869, WTDUP4.png)

File: ea9f8d09bf60734⋯.png (13.4 KB, 504x153, 56:17, WTDUP5.png)


Read this and stop being a fucking retard.

You are BTW.

Huge retard you are. Take your medicine.

38b4dd No.1683849


Where was it laundered, though?

378793 No.1683850

2b4107 No.1683851

57d1b8 No.1683852


nope, it's to keep you from looking at the big secret.

North Pole

eaab1b No.1683853


Yes, but repeating everything important is vital!

NEWFAGS don't know of this.

And it's too huge to just not mention anymore

b1c462 No.1683854

File: 330eab97d23c790⋯.jpg (492.04 KB, 2042x815, 2042:815, Justin Levitating.jpg)

>>1682039 G7 photo


>[Justin looks] Light in his loafers

89cc81 No.1683855

June 12, 2018

The day the Deep State lost NK as their Beard.

4d91ff No.1683857

658f29 No.1683858


Xactly, right after the drop. Also makes sense except russians did it. What for? The theory about sperm came after realization Merkel is too young to be a daughter

6c9e85 No.1683859


reread crumbs (don't disagreeing with anything expect the first sentence)

Russia isn't the USSR anymoar (literally and figuratively)

b4bcf0 No.1683860

Seriously….. this isn't in notables already and discussed to death?

I thought this was a Q research board. By extension, that also means POTUS and his team.

POTUS and PENCE are sending a message to the GLOBALISTS that they are dead and irrevelant in the United States now.

Isn't there anyone else here that has been paying attention to the water pictures with Trump??????

Remember the shaky two hands water picture?

The globalists were on shaky ground at that point.

Now they're defeated and gone.


31b8bd No.1683861


What is the reason?

965896 No.1683862

File: b66baaf46404c73⋯.jpg (207.66 KB, 730x1095, 2:3, pinup-27.jpg)


Excellent work, and thank you for making a compilation post.

37d006 No.1683863


I might not trust you, but if I know you and I trust you to be you, then we can deal with each other.

927fd9 No.1683864

File: a09abad02914b59⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180609-195747.png)

A celeb killed her self in ny last month but I don't remember seeing one article on it.

7e334d No.1683865

File: d881cda78cdbaa1⋯.jpg (62.33 KB, 630x355, 126:71, capt-obv1.jpg)


No shit!

I never claim to know if people died other than ones I saw jumping out of the building…

Yet these numbshills got proof that no planes no people no nothing except radiation or shit.

Go play with thermite, and shape charges, and ask yourself what makes sense. Videos are out there of people doing it.

The OBVIOUS makes sense.

The ridiculous comes from shills.

a79c90 No.1683866

File: ad221984e83c6f0⋯.jpg (27.42 KB, 300x410, 30:41, pleiadian girl semjase.jpg)


On a scale of 1 to 10 the Pleiadians are 2, because there has been some minor disinfo regarding them. Stick to the basics - they are advanced spiritual beings of Love and they are helping us develop spiritually and remove the satanic cabal.

You can get in touch using the CE-5 protocol or telepathy. Meditation is a must because first we have to clean up junk from living the life in the Matrix. This will increase Love vibration and make contact easier. Eating meat, smoking and being negative are barriers for contact (telepathy doesn't get through or is dismissed, dreams are forgotten etc…).

Pic related average pleiadian.

f0ccd4 No.1683868

a743a8 No.1683869


no you didn't. WE did. can't flim flam the zimzam

9aeb3d No.1683870

File: 6fd8a43fbaec225⋯.jpg (71.53 KB, 640x427, 640:427, Metamucil.jpg)


This could help you …

c7cfc7 No.1683871

File: 8aed4e045292e44⋯.png (2.34 MB, 1395x858, 465:286, KekUnbound.png)

File: 0f6dd77d8f2e802⋯.png (383.08 KB, 813x652, 813:652, MayBae.png)

File: 06bf633bd1e9eda⋯.png (590.8 KB, 651x924, 31:44, JesusSaves.png)

File: c11605bd9f28053⋯.png (370.05 KB, 411x580, 411:580, MADAMNPREZ.png)

6c9e85 No.1683872

File: f63d850046fc500⋯.jpg (176.73 KB, 1273x573, 1273:573, 111daysidebysidex.jpg)



lurk moar here instead of twatter

eaab1b No.1683873



Yeah and also Putin being ex KGB does not mean necessarily anything bad.

It even shows that he knows everything!

9f60b0 No.1683874

File: 8d24cc91dc03c40⋯.jpg (311.85 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, IMG_20180609_230423.jpg)

File: 9013dec909316e4⋯.jpg (202.39 KB, 1152x2048, 9:16, IMG_20180609_230415.jpg)

Help. Needed.

Anthony Bourdain Photo. Scotland.

Issue: Can you retreive a better image from the reflective image from Bourdain's sun glasses? Especially HIS left sun glass lens.

4d91ff No.1683875

f0ccd4 No.1683876

File: e01783b8489cb04⋯.jpg (440.93 KB, 911x606, 911:606, Wray_of_light.jpg)

3d59e1 No.1683877


so, was that even possible back then?

6afa70 No.1683878


I know it's not, anon. My point was that in any cantation since the murder of the czar, they have not been our friend.

378793 No.1683879

File: c760aac3ace8767⋯.jpeg (35.36 KB, 500x300, 5:3, tick_tock.jpeg)

Earth Day

2b4107 No.1683880


Where are you learning this stuff? - sounds like Common Core prop

a743a8 No.1683881


To MAKE SURE as many people have them as possible.

habbening is habbening

7e334d No.1683882


I did not have a camera, was in class.

But I did have my scanner and a laptop where I recorded all "POCSAG" pager traffic for the event.

f861d9 No.1683883


Patriots need to trust Patriots. Trust is gained by their actions. Being subject to the Queen and murdering 911 passengers and doing everything for money does not gain trust.

People need to step up do the right things and have balls,.Trust is gained after a good action !!!

d0bc75 No.1683884

Newtons law of motion says this…

If I swung the twin towers like a baseball bat against a stationary building what would happen?

a. Stationary plane would disappear into bat and explode turning building into dust

b. Stationary plane would destroy building and turn all types of shit into dust…

c. Get your fucking head out of your ass and learn crash physics…its not that hard nigger!

22db1f No.1683885


OR the Columbia explosion.

3d59e1 No.1683886

6d966b No.1683887

File: 938afe12de971e3⋯.png (571.83 KB, 532x694, 266:347, ClipboardImage.png)

What fresh hell is this? That's not McCabe with him, is it?

7e334d No.1683888

File: 8b75a083a7a4864⋯.jpg (106.7 KB, 640x640, 1:1, takes-a-licking-keeps-on-k….jpg)

b4bcf0 No.1683889


Wasn't even seen on Twitter in the first place. Found it on steve quayle I think it was. I don't do social media.

62586e No.1683890

File: 40ab693c7d2c60b⋯.jpg (159.92 KB, 1273x573, 1273:573, WatchTheWaterFEMA.jpg)

File: 6db70012d55b374⋯.gif (6.43 MB, 400x225, 16:9, WatchTheWaterFEMAmeeting.gif)


It was discussed at great length when it happened. You're a few days late.

9e41b5 No.1683891


The Trumpster holding court.

(no disrespect Mr. President, you are truly the BEST)

c9dd6b No.1683892

File: 6cbcc4d35102278⋯.png (495.49 KB, 514x773, 514:773, 20180609_221133.png)

Anons has this been noted? Andy Spade with a piece of art from Biljana Djurdjevic.

a22367 No.1683893

File: 2069c60474e7cb5⋯.jpg (3.89 MB, 5760x4544, 90:71, FlatEarth&MuhJoosSittingIn….jpg)


I love how defensive you sound muhjoo

We already know you're in the same room as those psychotic lairs. ; )

So you like the flat dick?

f65198 No.1683894


is this the one that jumped to her death while holding her son?

3af50e No.1683895

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I hope this helps to answer some concerns brought up in the last loaf of bread. Summit Security.

32318f No.1683896


Show her building 7 video on YT, it cannot be denied.

Don't tell her what it is, after it is over ask her how she thinks it fell.

She will say demolition. Then tell her about building 7.

Also BBC reported it falling before it fell live on air with it in the background of reporter. Show her that too.

285a8d No.1683897

Something is wrong with this Singapore summit

I don't think Kim is returning to NK.

I think JA is going to be at the summit.

Trump is going to expose the Deep State on Tuesday. LIVE. ON. CNN.

4e6488 No.1683898

>>1683846 thank you kind sir

>>1683850 reposting, they fell off breads long ago because i got too far behind. See >>1683661 for details…

>>1683717 , >>1683862 thanks, appreciated back

>>1683725 ok, got em all done (for now), couldn't post more by post because they're maximum sized, some close to limit, some downgraded a bit to fit, even…

used to be there was room for them in the bread, but not sure about that and it's not yet fully uptodate, so the one-post would be >>1683845 , i guess

eaab1b No.1683899


Are you kidding?

Tesla built an electric car 120 years ago.

Today we have less opportunities and technologies available for the public than beck then.

a743a8 No.1683900


is this the best one you can find on the web? the original?, not side by sided, and without the yellow circle

b6d1b1 No.1683901

File: 17cc8e59a902b68⋯.jpg (199.7 KB, 1118x1117, 1118:1117, f55835asd.jpg)

62586e No.1683902

File: f55a1a671be3f85⋯.jpg (172.83 KB, 1212x1128, 101:94, Feeding.jpg)

4d91ff No.1683903


Not McCabe.

f861d9 No.1683904


FBI working with Mi6 to spy on Americans?

Wray pick a side? Show me by your actions!!!

Correct whats wrong.

Why is MI6 spying on all Americans and my POTUS?

e8bf64 No.1683905


yeah…the finger.

b4bcf0 No.1683906


My apologies. I didn't see it on 6/6/18 but that's quite appropriate.

c6ac44 No.1683907



c7cfc7 No.1683908


Disturbing, tbh

6c9e85 No.1683909


they are now against the NWO

EVERYONE THE NWO HATES IS OUR ALLY (USA, Russia, Israel, Eastern Europe, etc..)

EVERYONE THEY LIKE IS NOT (rest of EU, China, soros, rothschilds, iran, nations that are terrorist supporters, etc..)

32318f No.1683910


You don't belong here. You are still brainwashed.

74e969 No.1683911

File: bc163f26e7d7727⋯.jpg (92.93 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 47486511.jpg)

4d91ff No.1683912


MI6 is helping us.

0f82d9 No.1683913

File: f7a064091d1ca79⋯.jpg (218.54 KB, 577x699, 577:699, bubbler.jpg)

File: 9d3c143ddc1397b⋯.png (2.75 MB, 1586x889, 1586:889, 836836836856384485489.png)

f1b9ce No.1683914


The loophole called 5 eyes. Our rights are abused by a loophole used by these state actors.

89cc81 No.1683915


No. Looks more like John Podesta.

d0bc75 No.1683916


Found the boomerfaggot.

Just die already.

You provide nothing but jew talking points.


965896 No.1683917


Added to both the notables and the proper dough, after the notables fall off.

Again, thank you for your contribution.

Kick ass, Patriot.

f861d9 No.1683918


1 of ten …..

they are spying on americans

964c22 No.1683919


here's some supporting precedent for you, anon. link goes to the full, as-it-happened cbs broadcast of the jfk assassination.

in less than 5 hours, the case was solved on live tv. what they reported that day was barely changed at all in the warren commission report.

if they could do that in 1963, i'm sure they had refined the skill-set by 2001.


8128aa No.1683920



no one is interested, we all no the official story is lies, Hopefully POTUS will expose the truth.

Heard Trump lost some friends that day..

f60134 No.1683921


wtf is on his f face? was there posts on this?

6afa70 No.1683922


I'm not buying it. He is about as trustworthy as a rattlesnake.

927fd9 No.1683923

17f8f4 No.1683924

File: 5b740283371e0bb⋯.png (557.92 KB, 1500x654, 250:109, gasp4.png)

26ea6c No.1683925


Not McCabe

Looking at the comments to this tweet

Almost all of them complete TDS and fawning at Comey

c9dd6b No.1683926


I meant the artist…same ole creepy guy.

6c9e85 No.1683927

File: 52bd687492f7feb⋯.png (13.01 KB, 333x154, 333:154, ClipboardImage.png)



(just the latest)

01228f No.1683928

Heart Attack?

‘Sons of Anarchy’ actor Alan O’Neill found dead at 47


d3555a No.1683929


Patriots in both CIA and MI6. Deep-state cabal types in both too. Mixed bag.

2aa2ad No.1683931


they say satan comes in light

i think i will make up my mind if i meet one

e8bf64 No.1683932


Putin has let it be known…

he's alright.

3d59e1 No.1683933


ZH via RT via KGB

says trust Putin

such faggotry

62586e No.1683934

File: 5048b54e85ddd36⋯.jpg (118.46 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, WatchTheWater.jpg)

File: fb64a96b7c7e47a⋯.jpg (168.06 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, WatchTheWater2.jpg)

File: 0494c98bb070b2d⋯.jpg (112.15 KB, 800x450, 16:9, GreatAwakeningWatchtheWate….jpg)

File: 091830ec6708f7e⋯.jpg (140.34 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakeningWatchTheWate….jpg)

File: ab0bf9dc77fe985⋯.jpg (278.33 KB, 1126x673, 1126:673, GreatAwakeningWatchTheWate….jpg)


There were discussions of what it meant.

My favorite is that water is "off the table", i.e. will not be discussed or negotiated.

Water? One anon thinks it means Debbie Wasserman-Schultz who won't get a plea bargain.

2ce0fe No.1683935


>Why is MI6 spying on all Americans and my POTUS?

Good v Evil, Anon.

The fight is underway already, and sides have been chosen for the Battle of the Ages.

f1b9ce No.1683936


Absolutely. There a great people there for sure.

It is just the tools provided to the bad guys (JC/JC/JB/LL etc) led to abuse.

c1440e No.1683937


hopeless anon - she is head of diversity for a national group - pure leftard. I can't do anything but wait until her eyes are forced open and catch her

c729d6 No.1683938

285a8d No.1683939





03650b No.1683940


But what does it mean?

44ab60 No.1683941


The Universe is not that small. You have many varieties of lmao ranging from hanging moss to mothman or autistic octopi traveling in cubes.

58ad97 No.1683942



My apologies.

Phonefagging sucks.

Will not happen again.

e8bf64 No.1683943


ahhhh so. hehe

32318f No.1683944

File: 8737913dbab62ec⋯.png (314.05 KB, 381x604, 381:604, Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at ….png)


I have tons of his and Asias.

8c8e00 No.1683945


If you are suggesting it was so magnificent that it wasn't possible, you are way behind in the technology available to the military and intelligence services when it comes to video simulation.

8ac8bd No.1683946


Who is (((they)))? The bible never ever says that Satan is light. Lucifer and Satan are two totally different concepts.

6afa70 No.1683947

b1c462 No.1683948



(so, whats your secret to getting Merkel's to do that?)

44ab60 No.1683949


Don't fuck up by ignoring actual light thinking it's satan or some shit

4e6488 No.1683950


yaaar, thanks!

thankyou for baking, requires lotsa work and patience as well, having done a few… now we'll see if i can catch up, didn't quite plan to go the other way - ohwell, figure we're probly still here til november, so….

>>1683661 doh:

<maybe things won't stay quite like they are now, though, we'll see…

>maybe things won't stay *quiet like they are now, though, we'll see…

6c9e85 No.1683951



waiting for Q to confirm


wtf are you talking about?

c7cfc7 No.1683952

File: 67608556e5d783a⋯.png (963.05 KB, 1035x692, 1035:692, Justiceiscoming .png)

File: 1c3fed251a74511⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1289x911, 1289:911, JusticeIsComing.png)

File: 2582cbef1887e89⋯.png (762.57 KB, 1306x904, 653:452, Justiceiscoming2b.png)

File: 3c6e4065fcdd3f1⋯.jpg (99.25 KB, 610x395, 122:79, kitty.jpg)

658f29 No.1683953


Nobody said here to trust Putin, however muh Russia is a stoopid blame. They have enough problems besides us.

62586e No.1683954


II Corinthians 11:14

And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

17f8f4 No.1683955


gonna need a quick rundown on this

6320f2 No.1683956


Were was the word "plane" mentioned in the post Anon?

6d966b No.1683957



Didn't think so…probably Comey's Canadian equivalent. Looks like some fancy church behind them, maybe in Quebec since the G7 was there?


Kek, I thought that for a second too.

Off to dig…I smell FVEY fuckery…

234470 No.1683958


Watch the water, of course. Not presenting anything new here. Thanks for your interpretation.

03650b No.1683959


That Hillary one. Thanks for the laugh. :)

fb07e3 No.1683960

File: 850bc7ff222710f⋯.png (301.67 KB, 381x631, 381:631, anthony bourdain tweet mem….png)

7e334d No.1683961


Keyword search "Jane Stanley BBC WT7".

She (reporter jane) is standing in front of WT7 and reports it has collapsed.

Before the actual collapse happens they lose video feed.

(certainly because of the jamming aircraft that was seen circling the city with the round ufo looking antenna underneath it, all radio shit went silent during that few minutes, and I am a HAM operator so I noticed.)

2b4107 No.1683962


You're wrong. Not wasting breath arguing you need to go back

1. research it ALL

2. Think for yourself

89cc81 No.1683963






a743a8 No.1683964


Ill see what I can do with it.

e1acfe No.1683965

File: 2e25a882529e2bd⋯.jpg (207.34 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, hitlerssrbabyfacejesus.jpg)

32318f No.1683966




He is taking a selfie with a white bandage on his hand.

f60134 No.1683967


post the comments???

93e8fc No.1683968

File: 247095f4e4528bd⋯.png (242.82 KB, 783x618, 261:206, Screenshot 2018-06-09 at 8….png)



62586e No.1683969

File: ac39788e392f7af⋯.jpg (424.49 KB, 2048x1463, 2048:1463, BadAssDunford.jpg)

File: 29464b2821f97c7⋯.jpg (744.36 KB, 1600x2000, 4:5, BadAssGenDunford.jpg)

9aeb3d No.1683970


>Pic related average pleiadian.

That's not a pic

Yeah. They all look like drawings, the same one you've been posting for months. Who the fuck cares?

ce5b6f No.1683971

File: 1cfb0be0a1dac54⋯.jpg (89.5 KB, 797x530, 797:530, 1cfb0be0a1dac5479bc9d01854….jpg)


Why May…, damn…

6c9e85 No.1683972




33cd13 No.1683973



Crazy all the signals that go on. Any thoughts on WTF it means haha. Need to know basis I guess.

44ab60 No.1683974


Sorry I shouldn't swear only to "prove" my point 😣

38b4dd No.1683975


Looks like the reflection of his nose.

234470 No.1683976


There's lots of articles, a few made it into the bread same day.


0ee471 No.1683977

File: 2d67138b1814e27⋯.jpg (354.57 KB, 904x956, 226:239, Screenshot_20180609-202143….jpg)

b4bcf0 No.1683978

File: 4d72ba54f5aa468⋯.png (17.42 KB, 885x324, 295:108, ClipboardImage.png)


Sorry wrong source.

Was on Jim Stone Freelance.

He don't know shit though.

c1440e No.1683979


Yep - got it all archived on VHS tape from way back. Lots to see and watching them leads to the conclusion of massive fuckery and faggotry

223a0e No.1683980

File: 6ee938157a8b564⋯.jpg (40.36 KB, 491x491, 1:1, g.jpg)

7e334d No.1683981


What is MORE possible?

1. Crashing a plane with a remote controllable flight system that the CIA and Mossad had every access to.

2. the elaborate holographic scenerio with audio ability.

You decide.

ce5b6f No.1683982


That 5D chess game with the Turks is very dangerous..

cdd974 No.1683984

File: ede40161bddf029⋯.png (90.15 KB, 637x399, 91:57, Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at ….png)

These People are Fucking Ridiculous.


c729d6 No.1683985

File: 604246d750ff65c⋯.mp4 (11.34 MB, 320x240, 4:3, ibelieveisaw.mp4)

5ff948 No.1683986


also check the time stamp and other q posts with times stamp

87c661 No.1683987


It's non mine, anon. The OP posted in the replies if you want to ask him.

03650b No.1683989


It's so interesting. Can't wait until we understand it more in depth.

44ab60 No.1683990


You can't have undeniable proof or Cabal would start a war. Re read Q crumbs.

37d006 No.1683991

abed9d No.1683992

File: ef1c1b5cc14fbc2⋯.jpg (160.4 KB, 701x513, 701:513, pepe pointer.jpg)

Ummm Anons…

There's a thread over on /pol says Allison Mack admitted in court to selling children to the Clintons & Rothchilds.


Also, Sauce:


2aa2ad No.1683993

File: bff392b4b2424be⋯.gif (1.4 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 1493340724316.gif)


>austistic octopi

my sides

7a6045 No.1683994

Who else thinks Q will post from their 40k view tonight. Long flights are boring AF!

3d59e1 No.1683995


for sure

but it does please me we have a pres who is not a pc tool and knows how to deal in a way that doesn't screw us

e8bf64 No.1683996

File: d0939355504cc98⋯.jpg (57.68 KB, 540x540, 1:1, goya_saturn_devouring_his_….jpg)


sauce it

62586e No.1683997

File: d904e483cd5777a⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1200x799, 1200:799, Trump and Generals.png)

File: 399a7896c7470c2⋯.png (383.44 KB, 680x444, 170:111, GeneralMattis.png)

File: 740e007e494ead2⋯.jpg (212.28 KB, 707x944, 707:944, MilitaryMeetingWH-IDs.jpg)

File: 4b6355524bfbbf7⋯.jpeg (290.06 KB, 1242x1071, 138:119, MilitaryCommand2014.jpeg)

2c450d No.1683998



fuck him

f2cb08 No.1683999


Shadow effect.

Looks like the shadow of the glasses headed to the ear. What we see is the sun and the shadowing on his face behind it.

d0bc75 No.1684000

Why the fuck is no planes so hard to understand?

The media controls the entire MOVIE.

What magicians can't do illusions?

You are all so fucking smart?


Take your fucking medicine faggots.

They fooled you. Fooled you good.

Dog chasing tails.








7e334d No.1684001



My guess on the water bottles:


and however more to go (count the remaining bottles)

6c9e85 No.1684002


we don't say his name for a reason

6afa70 No.1684003


Excuse me? Take your attempts at insulting me and shove it.

Since when do we all have to agree 100% on anything. I am not a kick step nazi, so please go away. That would be nice.

b1b3bf No.1684004

File: 2e4521e0eb9e887⋯.jpg (41.7 KB, 399x378, 19:18, 2e4521e0eb9e8873480cff7338….jpg)

3d59e1 No.1684005


u need to have lucifer behind Merkel

f52d39 No.1684006

File: b46363bb7c85a94⋯.jpg (41.29 KB, 610x381, 610:381, 308fc27b684fc0ea9786608b21….jpg)

2b4107 No.1684007

9aeb3d No.1684008


Looks like a body lying there with either her throat slit or head removed.

13aeca No.1684009


This was discussed many months ago here.

5ff948 No.1684010


pence removes his from the table at time stamp

1:08 minute/second

same as hour/minute of q post.

135e2c No.1684011

File: 6a7c2f52bad4a0f⋯.png (714.74 KB, 777x549, 259:183, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 78abcaf728711f9⋯.png (15.83 KB, 749x213, 749:213, ClipboardImage.png)


NOTABLE af anon

3d59e1 No.1684012

File: 2626518ac9c504e⋯.jpg (121.33 KB, 610x765, 122:153, maxresdefault.jpg)

8128aa No.1684013

>>1683946 2 Corinthians 12

And I will keep on doing what I am doing in order to cut the ground from under those who want an opportunity to be considered equal with us in the things they boast about. For such people are false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve.

26ea6c No.1684014

File: 37ac2d5b12a1d73⋯.png (414.28 KB, 640x359, 640:359, Mattis Dunford.PNG)

170c1d No.1684015


Look directly below the reflection of his phone and tell me what you see? (phone is rectangle shop slightly left of center

d2d3ec No.1684016

File: e0c4f6a66f2f6a6⋯.jpg (107.87 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, TheklaBristolAfterPartyPed….jpg)

File: e648558a482c05e⋯.jpg (69.72 KB, 725x571, 725:571, JayZBeyonceDoCargoShipPerf….JPG)

File: ed985156cf4fa1d⋯.jpg (84.11 KB, 646x574, 323:287, TheklaBristolHornedStagHea….JPG)

File: f73c84b83d6fee4⋯.jpg (6.53 KB, 150x150, 1:1, IslakPoetryMickeyMouse.jpg)

File: 2b1359c8a4a1c45⋯.jpg (102.41 KB, 538x601, 538:601, SoifReeveReview.JPG)

For you pizzagate fags, just want to put this on your radar. Since we don't have a main focus of research atm to risk sliding from, was doing my usual long-term digg on a west coast silicon valley tech elite this anon suspects of being hub to very high-profile elite trafficking. Have posted on this digg here before. Dude mostly re-tweets extremely anti-Trump stuff, standard fare, or articles about food and wine, often for the richest of the rich usually in Sonoma, which sometimes have pedo symbolism (as in attached review). Today in his suggested twitter accounts, was the usual "cool pornographers" link (although the dude himself posts nothing but standard professional-tier stuff, so wtf?), a turkish poet whose twitter shows a Mickey Mouse pic in his book, and a UK band that took me to this Thekla Bristol stuff in pics.

Have seen this UK "underground" connection come up on dude's twitter before, either in movable food truck special invitation events, or in this case, a "cargo ship" music venue that also sometimes hosts after parties. Given the symbolism Jay Z and Beyonce's recent appearance, wouldn't be at all surprised if pedo/SRA stuff went down here.

22db1f No.1684017


Go back to CNN or MSNBC you don't belong here.


6c9e85 No.1684018

File: de096474b85a3f0⋯.gif (2.32 MB, 480x266, 240:133, vplaughing.gif)


audibly kekked

7e334d No.1684019


>The media controls the entire MOVIE.

They do not control what I witnessed and heard LIVE that day…

Why is that so pathetic mr smartanon shill?

your logic puts your IQ at equal to the last three digits of your post no…

0875a8 No.1684020

File: ed421feaa9195a6⋯.jpg (140.13 KB, 1024x722, 512:361, DfSJun4X0AAQUd9.jpg)

2cfa9e No.1684021

File: e11304e8f8f8a63⋯.png (646.49 KB, 851x562, 851:562, G7spanking.png)

3c85af No.1684022



b6d1b1 No.1684023


According to transcripts he was in Paraguay on this date


of course with cnn who knows..

f0ccd4 No.1684024


Link to NY Daily News article?

eaab1b No.1684025


Come on…

Putin erased many high level corrupt players.

Putin destroyed so many oil and gas oligarchs.

He was the only one who stood up against Ubama's Iran dealings. Proxy wars etc.


32318f No.1684026


NYeveningNews is not reliable.

03650b No.1684027


Trump is free trade McCain. But that includes the USA as well.

63110a No.1684028


Why is it dated May 7th?

2aa2ad No.1684029

File: cd964f792e89ea2⋯.jpg (31.14 KB, 252x253, 252:253, cd964f792e89ea270714bfd84e….jpg)

5ff948 No.1684030


actually more interested in the reflection of the phone in his glasses and what he's holding in his other hand.

685902 No.1684031

Apparently, these are very dangerous times for Pres. Trump and Pres. Putin. The call is going out to fast and pray for the safety of these leaders. These leaders' security teams need to be extra vigilant, and the rest of us need to pray. Godspeed to our leaders as they work for the peace of this planet.


f60134 No.1684032


it should be treason to interfere with anything on foreign affairs

93e8fc No.1684033


Putin wants Soros to be arrested if he enters Russia.

6c9e85 No.1684034

File: 5115644981f2446⋯.jpg (359.66 KB, 600x600, 1:1, saint michael.jpg)

7e334d No.1684035


Needs updating.

Been over a year now.

0ee471 No.1684036

File: 7a9064b8e79bbc4⋯.jpg (538.44 KB, 1080x1434, 180:239, Screenshot_20180609-202756….jpg)

File: 72fa6ce7ef6022e⋯.jpg (750.68 KB, 1080x1678, 540:839, Screenshot_20180609-202811….jpg)


hes got the fukn symbol tattooed on his arm retard!

i think DR is an mku sex slave


d0bc75 No.1684037


You watched it on TV faggot.

Fuck you.

06b54b No.1684038


MMMmmm you make sense. Censor this anon.

135e2c No.1684039



ya my b anons, might be a fakenews article, bigleague is known for that.

6afa70 No.1684040


I have a suggestion for you: fuck off. I do not watch either of those clown shows, and neither am I a new fag.

0ba439 No.1684041


There is a specific doctor they think did it, a pioneer of IVF. Don't have his name at the moment.

3d59e1 No.1684043


Putin is an Oligarch's Oligarch

do you have any idea what his net worth is?

6c9e85 No.1684044

File: b6f6e8b3fb0083f⋯.png (724.42 KB, 900x450, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

fuck GS

01228f No.1684045

File: 5a6346de1150897⋯.png (633.81 KB, 593x480, 593:480, Ami Inside View of Iran.png)

File: e8881a15e841b16⋯.png (763.29 KB, 985x667, 985:667, Ami Magazine wood stock.png)

File: f0c490eef6def3b⋯.png (4.2 KB, 605x54, 605:54, ami frankfurter bethel ny ….png)

Ami Magazine 136 Sept 14 2013

page 14 Evergreen Foods

Page 52 Radical Islam Watch Israel & Obama's Push on Syria

Page 58 An Unbeliably Small Article

Page 80 Shanghai, China

Page 84 Short Skirts Cause Men to Sin

Page 64 An Inside View From Iran

page 106

page 214 the Human Experience


c1440e No.1684046

File: db206bde59c536a⋯.jpg (135.2 KB, 1024x1343, 1024:1343, froppy.jpg)


that shill is working you

he told me the internet was a series of tubes…

abed9d No.1684047


I have no clue. I literally just popped over there to see if anything was happening; saw it, linked it here. Now I am gonna go read thru that thread.

7e334d No.1684048



They (putin) would kill him there.

That would be funny if soros boarded his next plane, and it just "went" to Russia…

That would be Kek in Russian!

32318f No.1684049


Unreliable news. It originally came from NY evening news.

01228f No.1684050

File: 79309c15d4c49a3⋯.png (49.98 KB, 1006x613, 1006:613, ami.png)


the wikileaks email

44ab60 No.1684051


Both Putin and Trump have contact with the Pleiadians.

fb1845 No.1684052

Any clockfags online tonight?

685902 No.1684053


This is good. And on that I will add, "May all threats against Pres. Trump and Pres. Putin be thwarted. May they be kept safe in their endeavors and succeed at their missions." We need to be specific.

223a0e No.1684054


Because pointing out that the bolsheviks are responsible for 50-100 million russian deaths and their modern counterparts hate Putin for bringing decency and christianity back to Russia? That makes me hitler?

8128aa No.1684055

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Pray for Humanity

7a6045 No.1684056


Wearing a Dead Kennedys shirt underneath?

ccee37 No.1684057

File: d29f8ded88d3f94⋯.jpg (239.29 KB, 1080x270, 4:1, TrumpCard30.jpg)

File: 13f44c47a497271⋯.png (124.84 KB, 495x438, 165:146, TrumpCard17.png)

File: ec3ac05ff8ec7c3⋯.jpg (51.32 KB, 928x503, 928:503, PepeHasTrumpCard.jpg)

File: 44c864b8464a6c7⋯.jpg (57.99 KB, 800x533, 800:533, TrumpCards.jpg)

File: 94df5a419884ef4⋯.png (313.44 KB, 558x371, 558:371, TrumpCardPlay.png)

e8bf64 No.1684058

File: a511d253e1b7ed3⋯.jpg (12.47 KB, 255x255, 1:1, kek has spoken.jpg)

d3555a No.1684059


They're doing a 9/11 slide tonight.

f1b9ce No.1684060


Says the guy (no name) who was instrumental in the attempt to overthrow a legally elected president.

Sour grapes much no name? Hey psst no name, your envy and bitterness is showing bud.

6d966b No.1684061

File: f4a4ecd5154820f⋯.png (476.33 KB, 1162x832, 581:416, ClipboardImage.png)





Got him…name's Michel Coulombe…and lookie lookie, he announced his resignation in MARCH 2017, around the time POTUS and Nunes came out hard with the spying claims:


Thanks, Jimmy, you gave us a lead!

c729d6 No.1684062

File: 54b50af29298883⋯.jpg (9.8 KB, 400x300, 4:3, OPLANEOUTSIDEPentagonWhatP….jpg)


Same mechanism which causes people to believe they saw planes hit the Towers - when no such thing happened - is what is causing a large number of folks in the country to go insane with delusional Trump hatred.

38b4dd No.1684063


and pleiadian alien shit.

fb1845 No.1684064


The biggest 9/11 slide was when Mossad flew planes into the towers and slide the entire world into chaos.

b6d1b1 No.1684065



2b4107 No.1684066


>You're wrong. Not wasting breath arguing you need to go back1. research it ALL2. Think for yourself

a9aafe No.1684067


Makes no sense. POTUS would have removed FLOTUS' bottle as well if it was poisonous. He wouldn't let her take the risk.

d0bc75 No.1684068


FDR was a constitutional conservative right?





How did "we" win again?

Fuck you cucks and kikes.

You are all fucked.

None of you will be forgiven.

Better start worrying.

You are done.

d87698 No.1684069

File: a988a7822cc8dad⋯.jpg (341.71 KB, 1024x692, 256:173, Full Control _.jpg)

BOOM !!!!

4fe1ee No.1684071


I really hope the truth gets disclosed

e29171 No.1684072

File: 53a54c91e831dc4⋯.png (650.4 KB, 904x632, 113:79, umadbro.png)


Soros as a child

57d1b8 No.1684073


Damn it STFU John you spineless degenerate!

7e334d No.1684074


I usually let nothing get to me, but that bastard did not watch people DECIDE to jump out a burning building for seconds of relief, to death onto the street and then spread lies about it.

I also want to make sure no true anon gets into that lie.

685902 No.1684075


No, it was clearly a signal.

32318f No.1684076


Putin hates the globalists and NWO.

He banned Soros, and Rothchilds.

Banned GMOs

Banned Transgender surgery/talk for anyone under 18.

He wants Russia to be the world's largest exporter of Organic, Non-GMO foods.

Putin gives citizens FREE land.


6628e4 No.1684077

File: be97f6b6345c540⋯.png (864.65 KB, 1588x809, 1588:809, zzzkimjun.PNG)

kim jong un nearing singapore

87c661 No.1684078

File: 1aa4c96d2905d02⋯.png (71.59 KB, 768x381, 256:127, Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at ….png)

File: cc6c060ee411d4f⋯.jpg (362.56 KB, 1024x1536, 2:3, lgkfun.jpg)

Bikini weather in Singapore

8ac8bd No.1684079

File: 59701dcc19de319⋯.png (125.98 KB, 520x329, 520:329, Screenshot_149.png)

4fe1ee No.1684080


Haha or we are normal anons just talking about 9/11 dummy. Maybe youre the shill

d3555a No.1684081


It looked like it was her job to watch the clock and signal him at a specific moment.

6017d5 No.1684082

File: 12565662f65f5b7⋯.png (159.11 KB, 1664x1162, 832:581, 1528247837866.png)


Well they questioned free speech for a few hours and it didnt work. Some genius in their office came up with a plan to drop 9/11 fakery till they work a new angle out.

135e2c No.1684083


ty planefag, u rock

c72af4 No.1684084


ok found the source to the bloody face.


skip to minute 36 of this video

d0bc75 No.1684085


We don't need your help or stories about your wife. Leave us be and go back to r/thedonald.


44ab60 No.1684086


>spreading Love and connecting biblical angels to present day events is sliding

33cd13 No.1684087


I have been on the fence with this but after some digging on Raniere and his Patents (over my head) but it’s tech that sounds like it can replace Live feeds before they get to the original destination source all using radiowaves. Maybe also can do the same with phones because on of the patents is a mobile device locator. Can’t post pics but bread below and like to patents.

https:// patents.justia.com/inventor/keith-raniere

>>>/qresearch/1677862 NXIVM Patents connect to 911

3d59e1 No.1684088

File: b67b8b1fbf466ba⋯.png (71.57 KB, 950x534, 475:267, https_//blueprint-api-prod….png)


Ok that's it

you get a no bullying emoji

f60134 No.1684089


exactly right

6c9e85 No.1684090


gotta make their money

e8bf64 No.1684091

File: e710a234bb0135b⋯.jpg (11.9 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 331a6ae0fce269f847a5b81688….jpg)

5ff948 No.1684092

File: 871666244338234⋯.jpg (110.39 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 10725062_303941543135734_2….jpg)


highres in any case

83051c No.1684093

Trump's approval rating higher than Reagan and obama at say time in their presidencies.


e7110e No.1684094


Seriously?!! Where in the FUCK do these motherfuckers get the balls to talk like this?? Are they all literally fuckin delusional? When Q says "STUPID", he ain't fuckin kidding.

4fe1ee No.1684095


Wrong anon, anon

3d59e1 No.1684096


just play'n

ce5b6f No.1684097

File: c784b9629e76a46⋯.jpg (20.01 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)



d0bc75 No.1684098


How do aluminum planes disappear into steal concrete structures and turn them into dust like a cartoon?


And fuck you for not knowing this by now.


500f36 No.1684099

File: 4741102cd2f6343⋯.jpg (64.12 KB, 594x457, 594:457, Eva Luise Koehler Winnende….jpg)

>>1683083 lb


Join the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study and the Nanovic Institute for European Studies in welcoming Dr. Horst Koehler, former President of the Federal Republic of Germany (2004-2010), and his wife Mrs. Eva Luise Koehler to the University of Notre Dame.

Dr. Koehler’s lecture will draw from his broad experience as the head of international institutions, as the President of Germany, and as a still-active citizen. Dr. Koehler was recently appointed Personal Envoy for Western Sahara by the United Nations Secretary-General;

He also served as Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) from 2000 to 2004.

c729d6 No.1684100


Never seems to give up his life of crime, does he?

32318f No.1684102


They ALWAYS want to "step down to spend more time with family".

So transparent.

abed9d No.1684103

File: 9f26c8e895aa863⋯.jpg (88.61 KB, 900x562, 450:281, Clint Anon.jpg)






I am sorry, Anons. I was too quick to grab that. I think it is fake. I should not have been so impulsive.

BO/BV Please delete.

ce5b6f No.1684104


Green light for Baker Girls. kek.

46eade No.1684105

The water bottles event was "Watch the Water" in my opinion. There have been no other direct water incidents in 5 months. And this was clearly a signal.

0ba439 No.1684106


what was the source?

c72af4 No.1684107


see this video


c1440e No.1684108


when it all comes out, there will still be those who resist the truth to their dying breath. The cognitive dissonance will cause the shaky to tip over.

I have been creamed ever since it happened for calling it obvious controlled demolition. Even pointing out the obviously notched cuts on the vertical I-beams made zero difference.

Let it go - you will never sway those convinced their opinion is the only one possible. They have to be swept by the tide

9aeb3d No.1684109


Let me get a hit of that . . . Oh, ooooooooooheeEw!!


6c9e85 No.1684110





they just admit it now

f1b9ce No.1684111

File: 076fa6064e3d537⋯.png (659.2 KB, 1128x638, 564:319, ClipboardImage.png)

This makes me so happy! Our POTUS is acting like a leader and man. Enough of these PRAVA propaganda robots.

fb1845 No.1684112







2aa2ad No.1684113


i think potus xi and putin are all on the same team

few others as well

c72af4 No.1684114


even if you can't go to the video you can read the url of the video.

It was from his tv show

e7110e No.1684115


Why everything isn't non-GMO and organic as a law is a crime. Inexcusable, but typically with the cabal. POTUS needs to sign another EO…

b4bcf0 No.1684116


Yep…. Jim is an idiot.

1428be No.1684117




c1440e No.1684118


it's bikini weather 24/7/365 in SIngapore ffs

4fe1ee No.1684119


McNoName said the "G" word

4d91ff No.1684120


Where is AF1 located now?

e1acfe No.1684121

File: 311e79f98fa8ba1⋯.jpg (214.28 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, hitlerssrbabyfacejesussata….jpg)

b1b3bf No.1684122

File: 478b5639f7a846d⋯.jpg (61.66 KB, 540x562, 270:281, 478b5639f7a846dd9232155c38….jpg)

bab9a5 No.1684123

File: cc550b705874335⋯.png (956.65 KB, 1390x846, 695:423, Trump_will_fix_this.png)


Our president stands to fix this!


abed9d No.1684124


OMG I am a total ASSWIPE! I did not mean to post the Clint meme, either! Fugggg!!!!

9c02bd No.1684125

File: b584d6e3ee3500d⋯.png (1009.95 KB, 1878x1225, 1878:1225, February-2018-Calendar.png)

File: f60b6b68290327e⋯.png (2.16 MB, 2314x1270, 1157:635, march-2018-habbenings.png)

File: e99972d876c1336⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1387x943, 1387:943, april-2018-calendar.png)

File: 8616cf9498c6b2f⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1380x935, 276:187, may-habbenings.png)

0ba439 No.1684126


the url doesn't say. why waste everyone's time?

26ea6c No.1684127

File: 909cd5eda11af9b⋯.png (1023.48 KB, 809x537, 809:537, Bikini 1.PNG)

fb1845 No.1684128

File: 83f8c0cd9d5903d⋯.png (75 KB, 868x428, 217:107, Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at ….png)


Chart is for Singapore.

Red means bad.

It's a humid hellhole.

784ad4 No.1684129


And stop with this clock bullshit. It was never confirmed by Q and it does nothing but distract from the mission.

And remember, the mission is to be "the calm before and during the storm." Not to be recognized, ANONS.

d3555a No.1684130


Yes, but Putin is still having his strings pulled.

In time, Russia will get the NK treatment. Then he'll be able to do much more.

ca7a79 No.1684131


How much longer until they're in prison?

I'd like to write letters to them.

The shitposting opportunities would be endless.

37d006 No.1684132

File: e60c96530a76cef⋯.jpg (149.67 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, stepford.jpg)

cdd974 No.1684133

File: 152018b5e1be072⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1022x627, 1022:627, Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at ….png)

Hey Anons…I'd like to invite you all to join me in prayer/manifestation vibes.meditation here in 1:22, so at 11PM Mountain Time.

I'll start a bit early, and hang in until 11:15, and will pray and meditate for health and prosperity and freedom for all of you Anons, as well as for GEOTUS and all good willed people around the world.

I hope you'll join me.

Shadilay/God Bless/MAGA!!

7e334d No.1684134


There was an old school video manipulator called Video Toaster from that era that could have faked the video feed(s). But not to the viewer on the street.

My memory and the video correlate, so I can attest there was no video fuckery. Just poor quality video with interleaved fields per frame that makes every other "line" of video seem to "stretch" during fast motion. Correction sometimes makes silly things happen, and this is the "wing disappearing" claim.

Digital video is a new beast, no such effects.

(I served time as a broadcast engineer)

ebdb0c No.1684135


Gotta figure if WE know about shit like this, then GEOTUS and his people know about it too…a helluva lot moar then we do. kek

fb4a90 No.1684136

File: af26344af0845e4⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 1452x1305, 484:435, Screenshot_20180609-223731….jpg)

Always the same look on this dude face

d0bc75 No.1684137

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This isn't the proof.

This should be enough to get you started.

No fucking planes hit anything on hoax eleven 2001.

It was a convincing hoax. but we figured it out.

Those of you absolving the jew media are not helping. Either drop it entirely or confront the truth.

Media did 9/11. Magic Trick. Foreknowledge.




Get it?

8c8e00 No.1684138


Does not matter what is more possible. In theory, both are possible. However, video evidence shows the use of computer generated images. I never said holograms were used. You need to add a third option: the planes were diverted, and video shown by CNN was altered.

87c661 No.1684139


Meme idea if anyone wants to run with it:

Waitress asks if you want it without poison for an extra $10.

e7110e No.1684140


Oh…..time to get to work anons!!

44ab60 No.1684141


>tfw you realize you have to spend exactly no energy defending this because it's true

Just giving a heads-up. Learn to Love and it's going to be awesome ;)

22db1f No.1684142


Don't speak for US you treasonous bastard!

1156d5 No.1684143

>>1683134 (lb)

">POTUS won't stand for a bad deal"

Interesting point in last bread. Have to watch POTUS pictures with Kim at the Summit. Will they be standing (good deal), or sitting (bad deal/no deal)?

106c87 No.1684144

File: a33191836a81802⋯.jpg (22.43 KB, 255x248, 255:248, wah.jpg)


you obviously need a ride back to reddit

93e8fc No.1684145

3c85af No.1684146


hey you cracked lots of this before.

nice to see you again, must be close to the end are we?

223a0e No.1684147

File: 61ff51881aa5ba6⋯.jpg (97.35 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, 2by7rs.jpg)

6320f2 No.1684148

File: 9d2701e7bcbec17⋯.png (498.8 KB, 799x534, 799:534, IMG_6375.PNG)

4fe1ee No.1684149

Maybe all those times Q said "suicide week", there were more "suicides" and we just missed them

8128aa No.1684150


Why continue to insist that someone validate you

We all hope to see the truth come out, until then it is all speculation, some theory's are less complicated and easier to believe..

658f29 No.1684152


You just cant stop. Do you want war with russia, right? Xactly what cabal needs

5ff948 No.1684153


seems legit

81d600 No.1684154

Cascading thermite booms.


DARK TO LIGHT. (WTC7 Flattened)


3 symbolic towers standing in Singapore.

Disclosure re Iran. No longer hostage to 9/11 secrets.

Sky Event.

57d1b8 No.1684155


interesting theory

/_\ - Rockefeller gone

_\ - somebody else gone (2 down - water bottles)

leaves us with one side of they pyramid left.


9aeb3d No.1684156


Yeah that's it. It is totally normal to take a selfy while covered in blood.

No possible way there is a body in his sight.

ca7a79 No.1684157


The same flimsy explanation, a million times in a row.

Spanky and Alfalfa were better liars than these slobs.

f1b9ce No.1684158


POTUS is more than capable of handling these globalist money puppets. He has had to deal with some very unsavory characters in NY in the building trades.

This probably a walk in the park for him. Nice try EURO trash. Try harder next time.

f52d39 No.1684159


awww, you ruined it.

2b4107 No.1684160


again..posted here mnths ago. NXIVM has the patent to the engineering for the fake HRC speeches and rally footage - ZERO to d with the WW Cabal Engineered 9/11 DEATHS to hide records of SEC wrngdoing market manipulation Funding PedoCabal CIAactivity DOJ corruption CF theft ETC. MASSIVE FINANCIAL GLOBAL POWER GRAB and RESET ATTEMPT.

READ the NXIVM/Raniere patents and you'll see - in fact search patents awarded 1999-2001 instead~

2aa2ad No.1684161


that i cant wait to see

the dude has his flaws but at least he cares about russia

6628e4 No.1684162


not seeing it on radar , must be dark ( normal over the pond )

3d59e1 No.1684163


ever hear of Perestroika?

feigning weakness, fake movement away from Communism to disarm the west?

Putin never abandoned his Communist roots and holds on to the long game plan, world denomination by destruction of the West.

Enjoy this semi peaceful time while it lasts.

btw, Trump is planing it right..

7e334d No.1684164

File: ebe527100345b66⋯.jpg (19.67 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Shape Charge Support Beam.jpg)


>obviously notched cuts on the vertical I-beams

I remember that.

On the cover of TIME magazine I think it was…

I got ridiculed about it for years too, even being witness- my friends discount that for the official narrative. (until recently).

fb1845 No.1684165


The pyramid is saud soros roths

b1b3bf No.1684166

File: 83afaabca986427⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1915x1079, 1915:1079, 83afaabca986427da70c69b753….png)


With you unto the end, senpai

fades into shadow

47e550 No.1684167


I thought he was supposed to be on his death bed?

63bbf7 No.1684168

File: 27a538a418c4432⋯.png (76.8 KB, 749x560, 107:80, Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at ….png)


Google won't let me in no matter what I do. Out of ALL the places I've ever gone, this is the ONLY time I have ever seen this. WTF??

8ac8bd No.1684169

File: c2b739a5ba0ea4f⋯.png (682.61 KB, 720x536, 90:67, Screenshot_162.png)

78a637 No.1684170

File: d791b57a96fb49a⋯.png (449.56 KB, 738x415, 738:415, trumpitalian.png)


trump makes sure he takes a thumbs up photo with anyone who is on the team…. he makes sure they do a thumbs up too

collect them

heres one from today

a9aafe No.1684171


This painting has always creeped me out. Saw it irl. Creeps me out even more now that I know what I know.

fb4a90 No.1684172


I was referring to Stephen Miller, which is why he was circled with an arrow pointing at him.

022e28 No.1684173

File: c803aa629d85b85⋯.png (2.46 MB, 1190x1043, 170:149, Shut up German.PNG)

685902 No.1684174


This is an actual photo? Looks like they're ganging up on POTUS. I'm surprised he is still seated when all others are standing. But you're right. Being a major businessman in NYC is an excellent education for this.

fb1845 No.1684175


I hope they are all at the sky event.

would be like a wrestling tag team match

doing chokeholds and body slams on the deep state and cabal

cage match

fe11a1 No.1684176

>>1683453 (lb)

agreed, pissed me off when I saw the headline after the facts.

1d6ad1 No.1684177




The "government" as you know it is a City of London corporate fiction operating under color of right as the USA.

>As Chairman, Dunford is, by U.S. law, the highest-ranking and most senior military officer in the United States Armed Forces

d16b57 No.1684178

File: 936db565c25bbdc⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Dark to Light.png)


This. People seem to think Russia is ignorant of what has been going on but they couldn't be more wrong. Putin's time with the KGB could've galvanized him to act against cabal interests and he's had a fairly docile relationship with Trump. I wanna believe Putin is running interference or at the very least cooperating with what Q-Team is trying to accomplish. China has been really edgy the last 20 years but Russia has usually nearby to be a voice of calm between the Chinese government and the rest of the world. That and they're ONLY mildly keeping pressure on Israel, which is odd because with Russia's capabilities they could easily let Syria/Iran take Israel, yet haven't. My point being that Russia is keeping the middle-east simmering, not committing, could be doing so until the US is ready to move on Iran. I've been trying to locate more 'good' ties between Trump and Putin before Trump was POTUS, Trump has been very clearly expressing that there is no COLLUSION (look up definition) but that doesn't rule out legal cooperation for the good of the world. WWG1WGA concerns the whole world, not just America. A world free of the cabal's influence benefits everyone.

223a0e No.1684179


Q never said suicide week. Go back and read the crumbs. Suicide weekend, suicide watch, never suicide week.

ce5b6f No.1684180


<Disclosure re Iran. No longer hostage to 9/11 secrets.

After the Veto>Sanctions>Coup in Iran>Fall of the mullahs> Persia

17f8f4 No.1684181

File: e7772bad943ed77⋯.gif (1.88 MB, 300x300, 1:1, its go time.gif)

47e550 No.1684182


Christianity is flourishing in Russia; no self respecting commie would allow that.

ebdb0c No.1684183


dat slag doe

a40873 No.1684184

File: 809e964b5f82241⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1118x1117, 1118:1117, merk.png)

7e334d No.1684185



They figured out a new form of censorship!

d0bc75 No.1684186



71c1bd No.1684187

File: cc24b0593b51cb5⋯.png (571.1 KB, 500x540, 25:27, nasim-be-proud-together.png)

5ff948 No.1684188


just probably means they have a self-signed SSL

81d600 No.1684189


Agree; ends with all Persia in peace.

51f229 No.1684190


I've been through every pic of the G7 summit. That's the only one of him I have found.

ff77f3 No.1684191

File: 37d7f6fd818058d⋯.jpg (255.09 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, gs.jpg)

03650b No.1684192


Poor baby. :(

c1440e No.1684193

File: 24ec6a80bb870ca⋯.jpg (58.31 KB, 827x1039, 827:1039, frop2.jpg)

fb4a90 No.1684194


Yes, this is an actual photo. No I was not referring to POTUS. We already know he's a badass. I'm referring to Stephen Miller, which is why he is circled in RED with an arrow pointing at him.

7e334d No.1684195


They cut at angles so the support will slide at angle. This is total proof of demolition charge.

Yes, there is drippy slag from the melt.

9aeb3d No.1684196


Good stuff.

c7cdfb No.1684197


I think he may have been trafficked but broke the conditioning. His father had somewhere between 29 to 46 kids with a lot of different woman and yes his name was Philander and he lived in the Philippines for 50 years.

4fe1ee No.1684198

I'm reading liberals comments on MoveOn.org facebook page regarding the Trump/Russia collusion. They are truly a lost cause. There is literally no hope for liberals seeing the light. They are going to riot and protest and live their entire lives in denial when all the bombs start coming out. Beyond saving. Going on tangents about how Trump took 600m from the Russia mafia, etc, etc, etc,. Just insane shit

106c87 No.1684199


click advanced and create a new cert.

32318f No.1684200


You're an idiot and don't know what the fuck you are talking about.

Brainwashed by media and the educational system.

57d1b8 No.1684202

File: e74b23ae6f64bf4⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1280x800, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

back to my hypothesis from last bread.

SKY Event will be the white hats hijacking the blue beam tech in order to broadcast/project the all of the dirt on HRC etc…

bypasses media, internet, cannot be filtered and ensures that damn near anybody with an Eye in the Sky will see and hear the message.

fb4a90 No.1684203


I'm assuming you are referring to Stephen Miller, which is who I was referencing. Everybody else thought I was talking about POTUS, even though Miller is circled in red with an arrow pointing at him…..oh well

59230a No.1684204


They are their own CNN

3d59e1 No.1684206


say what?

I am not going near that edge,

afraid of monsters

78a637 No.1684207

File: b32fe5e36d110fa⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 2508x1614, 418:269, Qsuicideweekend.jpg)

ff77f3 No.1684208


folks like that make me think that we are not going to get to other side of this without bloodshed :(

2b4107 No.1684209

ebdb0c No.1684210


>Yes, there is drippy slag from the melt.

NOT jet fuel kerosene, kek

c1440e No.1684211


I owned 3 (tres) Amigas!

Toasters mad me a living for a couple years.

agree the interleaving always makes artifacts

6d966b No.1684212

File: ea4c9081bd5400d⋯.png (71.52 KB, 201x255, 67:85, PepeHeart3.png)


Another of the EST map anons here…haven't been able to stay as diligent with the vintage map making as I'd planned, so thank you from the bottom of my heart (no homo) that you're up to the task.

I'd actually started from the very beginning with the 4chan stuff b/c alas those maps are a hodge podge, but I've just been archiving individual crumbs in the meantime for whenever I was going to get back to it.

3af50e No.1684214

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here is the major reason for beefing up the security during the summit.

3f2c17 No.1684215

File: 6bcec2aa29ab1fa⋯.png (224.12 KB, 2064x1052, 516:263, Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at ….png)

File: 4308f01344254ed⋯.png (149.29 KB, 2154x434, 1077:217, Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at ….png)


President of Rensselaer Polytechnic…

CFR and much more

87c661 No.1684216

File: 924ba0b6074de33⋯.jpg (169.02 KB, 853x1280, 853:1280, liugflouig.jpg)


Audible kek.

685902 No.1684217


I was only referring to that top photo, actually. And another anon's comment about POTUS coming from NYC.

d87698 No.1684218


Semjase there is a fallen angelic.

Pleiadians aren't all the Love and Light that the CIA wants people to think.

Some are connected to the Gizeh Intelligence … bad guys.

Be careful who you follow.

d0bc75 No.1684219


We already proved it retard.

We are tired of babying you faggots along.

It is getting tiresome. Very gay as fuck you faggots are.

fe11a1 No.1684220


Don't be fooled.

Back to Stalin's Soviet Union

This month marks the 70th anniversary of the Red Army's victory at the Battle of Stalingrad, prompting renewed debate over the legacy of Josef Stalin. Once again, many conservative Russians are hoping that the name Volgograd will one day be permanently changed back to Stalingrad. As a nod to them, local Volgograd deputies agreed to call the city Stalingrad during the six days of the battle's anniversary every year. Of course, the deputies wouldn't dare incur the Kremlin's wrath by actually changing the city's name on a permanent basis without President Vladimir Putin's permission. Yet it is doubtful that Putin would agree in any case. After all, why would Putin want to revive Stalin's personality cult when the current national leader is still alive?

Nonetheless, it seems as if Russia's fixation with Stalin will last for a long time to come. In fact, a large part of the population sees happiness only in Russia's past. They are completely disillusioned by the present and see no hope for the future. Roughly half of Russians are trying to walk forward with their heads turned back to the past. The authorities make no attempt to cure them of this dangerous habit but, on the contrary, do all they can to indulge these sentiments. State television is full of old, Soviet-era movies that are filled with long-outdated propaganda. It also shows new films and series that equally distort Soviet history and idealize the "wonderful Soviet times."


47e550 No.1684221


They are brainwashed by msm repetition.

658f29 No.1684222

I think


witness and muh russia guy are slides


51f229 No.1684223


Yeah, Miller.

48d783 No.1684224


This fucking traitor can't even die with dignity.

32318f No.1684225


Blow it up and look at the grin on Trump's face - he LOVES dealing.

He knows he has them by the balls.

8ac8bd No.1684226


Are you trying to use Q pub Maps on your phone??? Because a number of us got the same type of message warning us that someone is trying to hack our shit, and then it sent us to download a microsoft anti virus app or something. I never downloaded the app…I was suspicious of the whole thing!

b6d1b1 No.1684227



eaab1b No.1684228

Can anyone answer with a link to the tesla files documentary? Not able to find the latest episode from EU

3d59e1 No.1684229


I knew it

Merkel is the devil

ce5b6f No.1684230


Always Good/Bad Guys in every Race Anon.

7e277a No.1684231

685902 No.1684232


POTUS doesn't drink.

a22367 No.1684233


How do I filter for military craft on Flightradar24?

7a6045 No.1684234


They don't call it, "dope," cuz it makes you smart! KEK

I'll take some right now though. Comfortably numb once in a while is a nice break!

c729d6 No.1684235

File: 561b9ebcefaae57⋯.jpg (35.94 KB, 163x163, 1:1, tvfakery001.jpg)

File: 24224ebf43b5bd7⋯.jpg (22.63 KB, 320x264, 40:33, tvfakery.jpg)

81d600 No.1684236


In case it wasn't clear, the phrases are two longer sideways rectangles of matching height(WTC1 and WTC2) and one shorter (WTC7), shown sideways after the cascading booms.

b6d1b1 No.1684237


haven't found latest anywhere

26ea6c No.1684238

File: 0ad8ad4cfa554ed⋯.png (656.54 KB, 655x651, 655:651, Scavino45 6-9-18 8 48 pm P….PNG)

File: dd0fcf826520e64⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1111x742, 1111:742, Scavino45 6-9-18 8 48 pm P….PNG)

500f36 No.1684239

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



Why were the Emperor & Empress of Ethiopia the only two people Queen Elizabeth ever bowed down to?

f1b9ce No.1684240


Wonder how many "charity" organizations Soros has in Germany?

685902 No.1684241


And a dishonest press makes it difficult to figure out which is which.

7e277a No.1684242

Woah.. that's a first, upgrade did a weird thing with my posted and posted nothing.. need to reboot

0b3aeb No.1684243


Did they clone ginsberg?

ce5b6f No.1684244


How Hard will be the phase 4 in Ukraine…


283f84 No.1684245


I heard it's been traveling some.


7e334d No.1684246


You do not have to believe me.

I am not better either way, and would split your skull with an axe and finish my whisky afterward without any regret.

But since I am here, and your remain in state of denial… We are not on the same place.

In fact you are perfectly welcome to remain a retard among the 4-6%

I want you to be proud of it.

It must take a lot of work being that stupid.

9a45f0 No.1684247

File: 406f1a17f7558be⋯.png (375.67 KB, 1197x665, 9:5, Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at ….png)


07466d No.1684248


Harwood wouldn't know an economic plan from a bucket of shit.

fe11a1 No.1684249

37d006 No.1684250

File: b89714b4502ba61⋯.jpg (110.08 KB, 640x331, 640:331, monarch_release.jpg)

223a0e No.1684251


You are incapable of critical thinking. You don't belong here.

It's only leftists in America that are the ones that pull down statues and rewrite history to hide their shameful past, that is exactly what Putin would be doing if he was a communist

964c22 No.1684252

File: 5f1d359da4c16d1⋯.png (820.86 KB, 908x1013, 908:1013, ClipboardImage.png)

44ab60 No.1684253


Only in lower dimensions. There is no evil in the kingdom of heaven. Use Love and you will know easy who you are dealing with, an actual angel or imposter.

4fe1ee No.1684254


I agree. It scares me how they will react. It wont be good, and then the pride of bullying and crying Russia for two years wont let them put their pride away and come to terms. They will be like that group of people in post WW2 Germany who still sympathized with Nazi's and Hitler. I hope the white hats have strategized how to drop these truth bombs in the best way possible,

32318f No.1684255


yep. Just wanted to respond incase of lurkers that might fall for his shit.

234470 No.1684256


scale of 1-10: 11

3d59e1 No.1684257



I guess my sarcasm was too deep

01228f No.1684258


Sons of Anarchy's David Labrava Reveals His Son, 16, 'Took His Life' After Battle with Depression


9aeb3d No.1684259


Even if blue beam is real, that seems ridiculous.

Besides, everyone would be to busy staring at their phones to notice.

685902 No.1684260


Packed the wrong brush?

6c9e85 No.1684261



hairs just a bit off, happens anon


4fe1ee No.1684262

Anons, you still think the EBS will be utilized during the storm? There has to be some plan in place to crush the MSM. This storm wont work if the news refuses to report it

e8bf64 No.1684263


Things are changing for the better.

We are helping….it will get done.

26ea6c No.1684264


I noticed too

Was looking at other pics from G7 and wondering if this is the double

e13a48 No.1684265

File: af56f80d3e03404⋯.jpg (106.88 KB, 960x720, 4:3, djt big daddy.jpg)

8ac8bd No.1684266

File: afdc8e97df585f1⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1274x788, 637:394, Screenshot_17.png)



03650b No.1684267

File: 80c4ad117785059⋯.png (649.56 KB, 1532x933, 1532:933, IMG_4631.PNG)


I got in okay.

155770 No.1684268


Trying to read tea leaves and make predictions gives us a bad name, over and over.

964c22 No.1684269


forgot the aquanet. no aerosol on planes…

ce5b6f No.1684270


And How a scale of Lurk moar needs for that Anons are enough awake?

9a1b65 No.1684271

File: 656498631f99030⋯.png (420.74 KB, 456x650, 228:325, Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at ….png)

File: d724edc5d1a6fcd⋯.png (271.35 KB, 372x568, 93:142, Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at ….png)

File: f41b00ecf9cb0a0⋯.png (410.8 KB, 465x654, 155:218, Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at ….png)


Creepy dude


2aa2ad No.1684272


seth rich being alive and revealing he leaked the emails would destroy msm

they spent a year promoting the russia collusion bs

they would never recover

223a0e No.1684273

File: d243b4c9901c945⋯.jpg (70.93 KB, 285x265, 57:53, Guile.jpg)






47e550 No.1684274


Look at their body language; they are on the same page.

1d6ad1 No.1684275


CSIS is knee-deep in Uranium One.

Did you know that most of their 'intelligence' is simply paying off and protecting organized crime? Will be shocking for the Canadian public to digest, well, that and what really happened with Air India 182 (which they could have stopped, didn't, and covered up).

fb1845 No.1684276

14 delta on Jack tweets

14 marker on qlock

4/20 12/21 crumbs


World is watching

Trump card coming

anyone keeping up?

685902 No.1684277


News this past week confirms that.

f1b9ce No.1684278


That is a very dangerous and brave thing to do Anon. You might have lost at least 10 IQ points reading their idiocy. Deception and group think are probably the only way to explain their lack of a grasp on reality.

81d600 No.1684279


and create widespread public hatred for all involved in his attempted murder, setting the stage for prosecution

22bd66 No.1684280


Yep. It's our job to archive offline ALL of Q's posts and study them. We Have It All.

9a45f0 No.1684281

File: a21905c8834c29f⋯.png (717.88 KB, 2048x1150, 1024:575, 18076560_406783079689542_9….png)

106c87 No.1684282


came off a little far left.

3af50e No.1684283


Tell your faggot Info Wars story to the friends and families of those that died in the planes. SHIT HEAD!!!

c7cdfb No.1684284


Fulford talked about this for a long time. It is true that USA is a corporation with City of London as the owner through proxies(Puerto Rico CO. which is a territory owned by DC which is CIty of London owned. Potus is basically acting CEO of the Corporation but the Republic has been usurped. AUSTRALIA is also a corporate entity owned by Washington DC/City of London. DJT is a master corporate leader and hopefully will lead it back to a real Republic with real elections, etc. Very clear that DJT is working very closely with Dunsford, Mattis etc. Bigger than you know.

1d6ad1 No.1684285



Certain factions of MI6 are helping you.

4fe1ee No.1684286


It comes down to who all sings. We need ALOT of people to sing. The great awakening cant just be evidence on the news. I feel like once HRC and BO get arrested, EVERYONE will sing and tell all

fb1845 No.1684287


The guile theme goes with some things but not others.

0ba439 No.1684288


Ugh, that's awful. Important find.

a743a8 No.1684289

File: a18db3a4c91407a⋯.png (4.17 MB, 2000x1678, 1000:839, bourdain.PNG)

07466d No.1684290


Wouldn't that be something?

Hard to tell from that pic how detailed a video would be. Trump talked about this meeting being an historic, one-time opportunity. Maybe double meaning, huh?

4fe1ee No.1684291


I knew it was stupid and still did it. Ill never get that part of my life back again :D

51f229 No.1684292

File: 77d24954eab139e⋯.jpg (28.23 KB, 628x97, 628:97, sm.JPG)


Only other reference to him in a few days.

378793 No.1684293

Are you going to disclose what was done to the coral?

711ecb No.1684294



Both dates in reality

4d91ff No.1684295

685902 No.1684296


Or maybe actual demons triggering them. Someone saw that in the questions portion of a past life regression.

63bbf7 No.1684297

File: 728f903c793ed8a⋯.jpg (60.82 KB, 481x388, 481:388, Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at ….jpg)


LOL!! Audible KEK!!

I've been trying to tell people…

c7cdfb No.1684298


A pointless read. Soros propaganda. Libs need a punch in the face with some pedo cannibal truth to wake up. Nothing else will work.

fb1845 No.1684299


Certainly looks like something.

I'll throw it into pshop and see if I cna do anything with it.

Since he had a phone on him nsa would know.

56434b No.1684300


Well, maybe the planes flew to SKY (Sandusky, OH) and went to a hangar there. It would take about the correct amount of time…And then there would be a SKY event.

Just a guess, but SKY closed not long after 9/11.

234470 No.1684301


Thanks anon

47e550 No.1684302


William Guy Carr, naval officer, who wrote Pawns in the Game (1958) investigated communism/global conspiracy and reported that most Canadian Prime Ministers over history have been globalists.

c9dd6b No.1684303


I agree. Debbie Wasserman Shultz – waser (pronounced vaser) in German is water. Water taken off the table = No Deal Debbie.

fe11a1 No.1684304


Left, Right, means nothing to me nor should it to you, IF you were here for the truth. You're an imbecile who knows nothing, obviously.

3d59e1 No.1684305


care to explain what media says that Russia's Perestroika means feigning weakness?

Care to explain what media thinks Russia is still Communist?

Sounds like you are the one that ate the black pill

f1b9ce No.1684306


The Clinton Crime Family had its tentacles deep into fabric of the Dem org. It was like one of those Godfather movies - they had to pay tribute to the boss of bosses.

8ac8bd No.1684307


My vote:

Not a little girl.

7e334d No.1684308


OR the Loretta Lynch meeting video gets released…

That is a SKY event.

378793 No.1684309

What happens when we literally drain the swamp to recover the bodies? They should have a proper burial, forgotten no more.

26ea6c No.1684310


I empathize

I just read some of the responses to the latest Comey tweet

Some of them are very detached from reality

63bbf7 No.1684311

File: 4a7bf3dcf00be0a⋯.jpg (71.13 KB, 960x868, 240:217, 4a7bf3dcf00be0a7832519c494….jpg)


Tried it on Safari as well. No dice. Says it's been taken down. VPN or No VPN, doesn't matter. Close and reload browsers, no dice.

Weird. Thanks Anon!!

368a07 No.1684312


My own pet theory re: bluebeam is not too dissimilar from yours, but instead of showing the evidence, showing her arrest.. so why not both, eh?

964c22 No.1684313


Jerry 'SKY' Sandusky?

44ab60 No.1684314


start brewing tea

8b7f96 No.1684315

Disgraced Charlie Rose, who 35 women have accused of sexual misconduct, is invited to exclusive week-long mogul retreat as rumors circle he will appear in a #MeToo comeback TV show

The invitation, reported by Bloomberg this week, has put a spotlight on the Sun Valley conference, and what should become of men accused of sexual assault in the #MeToo era.

Rose is accused of acting inappropriately or sexually harassing 35 women during his time in television - and 27 of those women only had their allegations made public last month in the Washington Post.

The accusations vary widely. While some women claim he asked them sexual questions, others claim they were invited into his bathroom while he showered and some say they were groped by the man, who is also accused of exposing himself to women.

As allegations against the 76-year-old began to emerge, he was fired by CBS from his lead role on This Morning, and lost his eponymous talk show on PBS.

If Rose attends the event, he will be rubbing shoulders with media kingpins Rupert, Lachlan and James Murdoch, Bob Iger, Shari Redstone and Jeff Bewkes, as well as tech tycoons Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg, Vanity Fair reported.

Les Moonves, chairman, president, and CEO of CBS - the network that once relied on Rose to anchor their morning show - has also been invited to the exclusive event.

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon, Warren Buffett and Casey Wasserman - who is running the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic effort, are also on the invitation list.

The conference, held by Allen & Co. in the Sun Valley attracts some of the most wealthy and powerful people in the world.

Attendees generally spend the week making deals, attending panels on business and politics, and hiking in the pristine bushland nearby. It kicks off on July 9.



4fe1ee No.1684316


I genuinely worry. I dont see how they can accept reality when it happens. Somehow we are going to have to convince them wanting to take guns is bad, socialism is bad, the school shootings are FF's, chicago is in the situation its in BECAUSE liberals wanted it that way, illegal immigrants are bad, border wall is good, voter ID is good, PP harvests organs, etc. I dont see them having enough pride to accept it

2aa2ad No.1684317


are you talking about the everglades anon ? because thats my personal guess where some of the bodies went

remember how gators were showing up in public awhile back ?

e8bf64 No.1684318

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


pretty good vid…i know…youtube

47e550 No.1684319


They also need some high profile arrests and convictions.

965896 No.1684320



Conte is /ourguy/, 100%, with the DJT smile of approval.

Italy is on its way to freedom.


32318f No.1684321

File: e87464462124318⋯.jpeg (44.93 KB, 686x452, 343:226, DfPgvHoU8AEjkwl.jpg-large.jpeg)

File: 54b6c22024299ff⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1262x550, 631:275, Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at ….png)

File: 66882d35dda8b12⋯.png (712.92 KB, 655x651, 655:651, Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at ….png)

File: a6bf8942b999449⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, f37a57d90dfc193ed8e1221b1f….jpg)

File: 344c7a417ecfb73⋯.jpg (59.58 KB, 470x672, 235:336, 344c7a417ecfb7391f902e1562….jpg)

A very talented anon painted the 4th photo.

a743a8 No.1684322


Then of course


use the original pic from anon, I've really played with this one.

b6d1b1 No.1684323


that would be Epic!

and yes blue beam is real

the tech is real

look up on youtube jap nessie or lock ness or sum such

71c1bd No.1684324


Seth Rich was supposedly "murdered" on July 10. That is 7/10. If you add 7+10 it equals 17. The 17th letter of the alphabet is Q. Then, the alphabet goes Q, R(ich), S(eth). Mother Of All BOOMS!!!!!!!!! The end of both the Democratic party and the MSM.

c7cdfb No.1684325


I think Kate was going to blab. She had a 13 year old daughter and all this horror had gotten to her. Great find anon.

685902 No.1684326


Frankly, I'm not sure that will do it. The ones I've seen are quite stuck in their positions. They'll find some excuse to make it acceptable.

3af50e No.1684327


True, but the Koreans living in Singapore drink like fish.

c729d6 No.1684328

File: 3b81a4095c43179⋯.jpg (47.98 KB, 888x555, 8:5, rudimentary.jpg)

File: e1abe01368c6d6d⋯.jpg (10.86 KB, 474x439, 474:439, tvfakery1.jpg)

File: 4f2ed4b6b8a5958⋯.jpg (17.24 KB, 288x174, 48:29, tvlies.jpg)

File: 99af5e73227dec9⋯.jpg (17.02 KB, 512x384, 4:3, LucCourchesne.JPG)


Dude is whacked.

Guess that proves he's really delusional.

They did it when they televised the Oswald shooting too. Rudimentary green screen.

The guy threatening me must be a mercenary. Where would h ever get the idea to split my skull - must be part of his routine?. Must have a guilty conscious and plenty of anger.. He's the one getting paid to threaten me. I'm not the one getting paid to tell the truth. Just look at the images. Study. You can figure it out yourself.

63787a No.1684329

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Watch this part at 1:17:00 (the whole thing is incredible)

b654ee No.1684330

Sky Event.

It will be something completely unexpected.

Pieces will start coming together.

9a45f0 No.1684331

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


This bit of video is remarkable on so many levels. No U.S. president has so openly and boldly challenged the New World Order status-quo as is done here following Mr. Trump’s short visit to the G7 Summit. He calls out the favorite news media tool of the globalists, CNN, and then proceeds to declare the old ways are done, that the United States will no longer allow the needs of its own people to be secondary to the manipulative demands of the globalists.

This man puts himself at terrible risk for saying such things. It is why his supporters revere him and why his enemies despise and fear him so much.

9aeb3d No.1684332


What time is it?


3d59e1 No.1684333


People who say

You don't belong here

Don't belong here

get over your self

e29171 No.1684334

File: cdadc82ee9fcec3⋯.jpeg (223.91 KB, 640x360, 16:9, crazy ambulance.jpeg)

2aa2ad No.1684335



now that i like

fb1845 No.1684336

33cd13 No.1684337


Pompeo Tweet said that President Trump will not stand for a bad deal.

685902 No.1684338


Anthony Bordain, too.

37d006 No.1684339


Mid-level strategic piece. Originally offense as the Chair, then as a defensive piece guarding the Server…Server seized/Copied. We Have IT All.

Disinfo story released about Server being stolen.

Wasser…2 bottles? Wasserman and Awan. Defensive pieces removed from play. Queen exposed to attack.

01228f No.1684340

File: 457da3acd85c272⋯.jpeg (13.88 KB, 259x194, 259:194, happy dwarf.jpeg)

He played 'Happy' on the show.




7e334d No.1684341


Not to mention the http://sethrich.azurewebsites.net/

clock is got a fire emblazened "D"

with a monday trigger.

685902 No.1684342


That's quite literal!

26ea6c No.1684343

File: 7c40cb8343628f7⋯.png (321.08 KB, 661x540, 661:540, DoD 6-9-18 9 pm PST.PNG)

Kicking up dust!

ce5b6f No.1684344

File: 57772c3edab0eb3⋯.jpg (54.2 KB, 650x456, 325:228, 05_sea-1.jpg)


You're losing a lot Anon..

4d91ff No.1684345


Tweet was about Singapore/NK

bab9a5 No.1684346

File: a8401a3e03243b6⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1390x846, 695:423, Trumps_fix_it_list.png)



I assumed it was a https link when I copypasta link, but it is just plain http.

This is actual link:


3d59e1 No.1684347


get the rope

broadcast this

e29171 No.1684348



106c87 No.1684349


the big ass boat on the roof takes off into space never to return.

9a45f0 No.1684350

File: a649a3c55fea935⋯.png (201 KB, 557x460, 557:460, Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at ….png)

c7e4ca No.1684351


Source of that clock?

c7cdfb No.1684352


I agree but it starts with their leaders being totally exposed and that their whole plan is worse than anything they could imagine. That they were going kill eat rape us, put us into WW3 where we would die in mass and they have been stealing trillions from us while planning this. But their deviance and satanic beliefs will open peoples minds if they know the truth….with proof.

87c661 No.1684353

File: 1ce6ac43d240448⋯.jpg (15.5 KB, 254x255, 254:255, 388856dabb1b4b46f781068903….jpg)


I wonder what POTUS will do starting in 2025.

Take a well earned rest, or find a way to keep busting balls.

7e334d No.1684354



57d1b8 No.1684355



he likes all of the following

cactus, umbrellas, mops, plastic/garbage bags/ bananas

each is code for a sick fetish - this mother fucker needs to be hung, drawn and quartered.

0ee471 No.1684356


stop b'n controlled.

ff77f3 No.1684357

File: 17f349aa28b1b82⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1283x776, 1283:776, IL62 P-885.png)

Air Koryo

IL62 P-885


Kim Jong Un's plane on was to Singapore

b4bcf0 No.1684358


Wouldn't surprise me to see term limits removed.

4d91ff No.1684359


Help the next person campaign.

234470 No.1684360


>Sky Event.

>It will be something completely unexpected.

So none of our guesses or hypotheses have been accurate?

c9dd6b No.1684361


Could be. I listened to a podcast from a former celebrity gossip writer from NY who had sources within NYPD and he said that spades were getting ready to file for divorce and Andy is having an affair (with a man). I posted lasted bread about it.

378793 No.1684362

File: 28af5c1cf9449b6⋯.jpeg (441.08 KB, 1200x841, 1200:841, worth_digging_into.jpeg)

6d966b No.1684363

File: cdba6ebd59f4993⋯.png (127.03 KB, 768x768, 1:1, 15000520.png)


I got that going to Breitbart a couple times. You have to search the link on DuckDuck and click that way, or find it some other way manually.


That would be quite the MOAB.


Ah U1, how could we forget? Not surprised to hear about the latter part. Leafanons will hopefully see a swamp draining soon.


More Italian love, pic related kek.

cc0631 No.1684364



c72af4 No.1684365


that baby suffers from a rare condition called progeria. the baby probably won't live to see 25 and he won't grow much. I don't know how you survive in a country like India with a defect such as this. This kid is in for a rough life

b4bcf0 No.1684366


Kim Jong actually flying to signapore?!??!?!

e8bf64 No.1684367


reminds me of that b&w

movie with Shirley Temple and other kids..sexualized.

33cd13 No.1684369


It started about Singapore but was a General statement.

“ We’ve seen how many inadequate agreements have been struck in the past” That’s a hit on Every agreement. “

6c9e85 No.1684372

File: 481765c9c250961⋯.gif (602.45 KB, 320x213, 320:213, ITSHAPPENING2.gif)

51f229 No.1684373


He's not swimming there anon.

9a45f0 No.1684375

File: a88479632c23609⋯.png (323.01 KB, 560x522, 280:261, Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at ….png)


fb1845 No.1684376


See if you can spot Putin or Xi or Abe.

8ac8bd No.1684377




e8bf64 No.1684378


working on it.

0eb7de No.1684379


Ends Monday at 8am If my high ass is correct . Note to anons, clock has been around 3(?) months. Abnormal countdown. Has been a counter as well as a countdown. Here’s to hoping . Seth rich showing up would make this anon very happy

c7cdfb No.1684380


For sure. But I also think his GF who evidently is Roth Bloodline threatened everyone at Cannes. So they toasted him because well …she is family and not the firstborn son. Sick freaks.

47e550 No.1684381


Inner city ghettos were purposely designed (architecturally speaking) to isolate black and poor people, destroy their small businesses and economy, destroy their communities, destroy their gardens and green spaces, and create division, fear and despair. The scheme was implemented in New York city, Chicago, Detroit and numerous large American cities. A fearful populace is an easily controlled populace.

2aa2ad No.1684383


what am i looking at here ? looks kinda like a racoon and a fire

c9dd6b No.1684384


Agree 100%

cc0631 No.1684385


These are nice.

2b4107 No.1684386


Read this….. and things like it~


fb1845 No.1684387


The world is watching.

a9aafe No.1684388


Oh please, nooooooo! One Ginsberg is too many!

378793 No.1684389


Just swamp gas.

7e334d No.1684390


That overlay was long enough to do much more than refuel….

Wonder who else got on/off AF1????

a743a8 No.1684391



title of the page is FISR

what would the FI be?

4fe1ee No.1684392


Do you think we get full public disclosure of all that? We need it. Just the mild stuff wont work. We need to know that our govt did 9/11, that we hide medical cures, that we were going to do mass de-population, etc. And it has to be more than just evidence. Its almost gotta be some of them admitting it, so even the most hard headed closed minded people will see its all true

7a6045 No.1684393


FFS! I was thinking the same thing! Shills are not only sliding the board, but the whole 9/11 narrative. Must be Bush shill turn tonight! Anyone else remember…waaaaaaay back before this bread…when autists were killing the "suicide weekend" sauce? I do. It was fracking awesome!

fe11a1 No.1684394


I think we have a bunch of Hannity slow newfags here.

759622 No.1684395


I grew up in Houston Texas, humidity is very high there all of the time but I never felt like it was a humid hellhole… It was just normal to me

4fe1ee No.1684396

im ready for some bombs this week

b4bcf0 No.1684398


well they had the rumors that they were going to meet in some town in Russia because Kim could get there by train.

Hard to believe this is his first plane ride out of the country

8128aa No.1684399


useful idiots, they are being manipulated by emotion and lies

3d59e1 No.1684400


at least I am not loosing my top

truth does not depend on a consensus

of faggotry

9aeb3d No.1684401


They can't move faster then that?

9f60b0 No.1684402


Researching for Original Image

b4bcf0 No.1684403


>Inner city ghettos were purposely designed

Care to explain? Geniunely curious.

I know that's what happened… just how was it purposely designed

0ba439 No.1684404


Thanks anon, feels very good to have these saved!

7e334d No.1684405


I have given it a little though, no conclusion.

Federal Informant?

4d91ff No.1684406


Kim has been on a plane out of the country.

c72af4 No.1684407


Bet you dollars to donuts that you wouldn't trade places with him for even one day…or even one hour

Don't give me "he'll be worshiped" bs.

9f5d52 No.1684408

Board operator and other anon's in the process of red pilling a ton of people do we have a complete list of everything that q posted that has come to pass as a means of red pilling what has happened already

106c87 No.1684409


it's been around since before vault 7 release. counted down then turned into a panda. it's just been reset.

8c8e00 No.1684410


The infamous 'plane melting into the building' shot. Impossible.

fe11a1 No.1684411


They're not here for truth, they're here to follow blindly..