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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, e1c02b43c5fc1b06dad4093883….jpg)

d0db90  No.2877001

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Q Research supports attacking terrible ideas with better ones. We believe the use of violence only proves a bad argument. We are researchers who deal in open-source information and informed opinion. We neither need nor condone the use of violence in our work here.




Q Proofs & Welcome

Welcome to Q Research (README FIRST, THEN PROCEED TO LURK) https://8ch.net/qresearch/welcome.html

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Q - Killing The Mockingbird - (2nd in vid series): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80s5xuvzCtg

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Tuesday 09.04.18

>>>/patriotsfight/183 ———--------—————- What are the odds?

>>>/patriotsfight/182 ———--------—————- CLOCKWORK. ( Cap: >>2874615 )

>>>/patriotsfight/181 ———--------—————- Like Mother Like Daughter. ( Cap: >>2874466 )

>>>/patriotsfight/180 ———--------—————- Twitter and graphic post. ( Cap: >>2874312 )

>>>/patriotsfight/179 ———--------—————- Add to the list. ( Cap: >>2873755 )

>>>/patriotsfight/178 ———--------—————- John Kyl news. ( Cap: >>2873697 )

>>>/patriotsfight/177 ———--------—————- What’s at STAKE?

Monday 09.03.18

>>>/patriotsfight/176 ———--------—————- Pages 33 & 34 ( Cap: >>2869160 )

>>2867109 ———-----------------------------——– You've been a BAD boy [NP].

>>2866709 rt >>2866697 ———----------——– Graphic post

>>2866658 rt >>2866631 ———----------——– "Trump Blasts Sessions"

>>>/patriotsfight/175 rt >>>/patriotsfight/173 - Clickbait & opinions vs logical thinking. (Capped: >>2866103 )

>>>/patriotsfight/174 ———--------—————- What is the common theme when bad news is about to break (against them)? (Capped: >>2865170 )

>>>/patriotsfight/173 ———--------—————- FBI & DOJ CORRUPTION (Capped: >>2864694, >>2864785 )

>>2863534 ———-----------------------------——– Magic Sword.

>>2863433 rt >>2863368 ———----------——– With love comes trust. Schedule changes can be very painful.

>>2863057 ———-----------------------------——– Both [C-3]h[A-5]mbers (House / Senate) in [S-6]ESSION tomorrow.

Sunday 09.02.18

Compiled here: >>2874949

Saturday 09.01.18

Compiled here: >>2874931

Friday 08.31.18

Compiled here: >>2863818

Thursday 08.30.18

Compiled here: >>2817974

Wednesday 08.29.18

Compiled here: >>2805444

Tuesday 08.28.18

Compiled here: >>2783629

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Dealing with Clowns & Shills

>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

d0db90  No.2877008


are not endorsements


>>2829643, >>2829673 1986 U.S. District Court Dost test: No CP image guidelines

>>2327065 How to filter gore spam >>2334211 (new: Add into [Options] -> Theme)

#3637 Baker Change

>>2876314 Corey Booker Placed CNN Boss Jeff Zucker's Son On Advisory Board + Stock Options in 2013.

>>2876449 Archive anon updates.

>>2876591 Parkland's Fred Guttenberg's Brother Michael Was Dr. Assigned to Ground Zero On 9/11

>>2876401 Justice Roberts was blackmailed by Hussein

>>2876670 WATCH: Parkland Victim's Dad Claims Kavanaugh Wouldn't Shake Hands. That's Not What Happened.

>>2876749 Digs on Kamala Harris

>>2876755 Twatter says Trump not immune from getting kicked off

>>2876992 #3637


>>2875574 Jon Kyl coached Kavanaugh on how to navigate the Senate and will likely confirm.

>>2875575 Theory on using Kavanaugh documents for 9/11 disclosure.

>>2875716 FB and Instagram down worldwide.

>>2875726 Iran's secret cash smuggling routes to Lebanon.

>>2875731 US's Cairo Embassy on lockdown after suspected failed suicide bombing.

>>2875796 Nick Pickles dig.

>>2875812 EU chief diplomat resigns after Iran deal struggles.

>>2875817 Planefag updates on suspicious flight pattern.

>>2875837 Trump to chair UN security council meeting on Iran.

>>2875912 Russian Jets strike militant positions in Southern and Western Idlib.

>>2875934 Citigroup's CFO to retire.

>>2875891 Clockfag update.

>>2875900 , >>2876032 Nike loses 4 billion since Kaepernick ad.

>>2876045 UN threatens Trump to allow illegal aliens and refugees.

>>2876130 , >>2876166 Cory Booker possible fraud connections.

>>2876190 #3636


>>2874765 Red Ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz recovered.

>>2874854 , >>2874908 , >>2874959 , >>2875025 , >>2875077 , >>2875144 , >>2875245 Anon digs on NoName's Syrian connections and the White Helmets.

>>2875021 Planefag spots an interesting flight pattern.

>>2875024 , >>2875044 Office 365 down. Possible scrub ongoing.

>>2875087 Papadopoulos court docs provide more evidence Russiagate was a setup to get Trump.

>>2875096 25 MS-13 Gang members arrested in California.

>>2875200 Plane crash in California.

>>2875231 FB building a "war room" for US midterm elections "arms race."

>>2875306 Supposed White Hats pictured with terrorist groups in Syria.

>>2875336 , >>2875327 Anon digs on Californian billionaire drought pimps.

>>2875353 Schumer plotted Kavanaugh confirmation disruptions.

>>2875386 #3635


>>2874038 Kavanaugh's daughters rushed out of confirmation hearing after protests erupt.

>>2874057 Anon creates new art work volumes.

>>2874174 DOJ blows whistle on Mueller; Illegally threatened Flynn.

>>2874411 Jack Dorsey reportedly polices Twitter himself.

>>2874553 WH: US will "respond swiftly" if Assad uses chemical weapons again.

>>2874578 Possible identity of [NP] from Q's crumb yesterday.

>>2874611 #3634

#3633 Baker Change

>>2873333 Broadcast television license renewal dig.

>>2873276 Senator Whitehouse dirty and corrupt Dems (IRS targeting)

>>2873293 Amazon becomes the second company in history to reach $1 trillion market value

>>2873296 >>2873355 >>2873367 BREAKING: JOHN MCCAIN REPLACED BY JOHN KYL

>>2873436 How the red paved the way for the green.

>>2873450 FB hires former Arizona senator to carry out political bias review.

>>2873618 Break down of NBC and its' affiliates along with the owners.

>>2873703 All HRC tweets screencap'd.

>>2873797 Linda Sarsour arrested for disorderly conduct at Kavanaugh confirmation hearing.

>>2873812 Feinstein claims more people will die in mass shootings in Kavanaugh is confirmed.

>>2873875 #3633

Previously Collected Notables

>>2871618 #3630, >>2872375 #3631, >>2873121 #3632

>>2869265 #3627, >>2870048 #3628, >>2871339 #3629

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>>2864647 #3621, >>2865481 #3622, >>2866245 #3623

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d0db90  No.2877020

File: 5743ca5960bfc5b⋯.jpg (1.77 MB, 2000x1344, 125:84, zina.jpg)



067c06  No.2877051

File: 9b06df912166a62⋯.jpg (470.82 KB, 640x960, 2:3, Bless-this-Bread--10.jpg)

File: 58987536f30e3e0⋯.jpg (308.72 KB, 500x705, 100:141, We-Are-Winning-2.jpg)


We are winning, frenz!

e3f5af  No.2877059

File: e736c22a6e31488⋯.jpg (581.87 KB, 1125x1500, 3:4, IMG_059.jpg)

63eab3  No.2877060

File: fcd5e743efc8440⋯.mp4 (5.44 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, MarkDice-10341716574751866….mp4)

Brian Stelter is emotionally falling apart.

cf9180  No.2877071

>>2877060 He's Gone FULL LIBTARD!

d02992  No.2877072

File: 61018dff2ef14fa⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 2111x1408, 2111:1408, MelaniaAngel.jpg)


God Bless You Baker. Thank you.

ed637f  No.2877073

File: 5210f5bf974c424⋯.jpeg (410.85 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 04426C8B-425F-49E6-A2A3-2….jpeg)


Thanks Baker! Nice digits!

a4c3a2  No.2877074

File: b0933d329c3d776⋯.jpg (36.76 KB, 624x509, 624:509, how-to-handle-5b8eee.jpg)

ab420e  No.2877075

>>2877020 hogg tranny

>>2877051 false fairies

>>2877059 space ham

>>2877060 space ham

caee3d  No.2877076

File: d066d08000cb02e⋯.png (249.21 KB, 326x550, 163:275, clone.png)

ab420e  No.2877077





















cf9180  No.2877078

>>2877059 Why don't we just stay home tonight!

1b8b74  No.2877079

File: 5f815832fff8bf0⋯.jpg (57.2 KB, 500x500, 1:1, kek.jpg)

0b5f73  No.2877080

File: 53f26e4a2cc6bc7⋯.png (643.12 KB, 855x482, 855:482, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4692913bb16540d⋯.png (930.26 KB, 853x482, 853:482, ClipboardImage.png)

d02992  No.2877081

File: 8ca491cc3b34957⋯.jpg (207.14 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, MelaniaLaughingPardonMe.jpg)

abc817  No.2877082

>>2876412 last

If NFL game-fixing is exposed, many fans would drop it, just like boxing. I dropped NFL prior to the kneeling because of obvious game-fixing against the 49ers when Kap was doing well as QB. Kap is an idiot, but he was also victimized by several scummy decisions to move the 9ers, fire Harbaugh, all the good players quit etc. Was a complete disaster and the 9ers lost MANY fans. If the Raiders were better, they would have lost even more.

7d7786  No.2877083


Mark Dice killed it with that impersonation! Stellar job right there.

5877ea  No.2877084

File: 7fd63c3ffba36c3⋯.jpg (304.53 KB, 1026x1458, 19:27, dict.jpg)


To WORDanon:

Here's the main source for sauce about our corrupted language.

It's a couple from AUS and they really have a plethora of research and knowledge- very well done!

Cept, all of a sudden,

microsukcs won't allow me to access the page!

Hope you can, link > http://loveforlife.com.au/

5dd9ed  No.2877085

File: 8d75740b6e9047f⋯.jpg (62.94 KB, 258x300, 43:50, Q_1111.jpg)



7df385  No.2877086

Did an anon's meme make the daily mail?


15226c  No.2877087

File: 079b119439d3159⋯.png (132.53 KB, 367x257, 367:257, ClipboardImage.png)

Condeleeza Rice?

Any relation to Susan Rice?

180ccd  No.2877088

File: 4c2f49e4075da1a⋯.png (418.24 KB, 454x634, 227:317, ClipboardImage.png)

3a1716  No.2877089

File: 9fbb01e8510d33a⋯.png (27.29 KB, 593x252, 593:252, AQ3.PNG)

JUST IN: President Trump's job approval rating among Hispanics in Florida is at 54%, that's higher than his approval rating among white people - Quinnipiac

5c1550  No.2877090

Why They Never Say His Name

In the movie Harry Potter, whose name would they

refuse to say?

The prince? The main demon?

Did you know ((they)) called him "the prince" while he was

a prisioner of war?

Was he the supreme leader of Isis?

Was he supreme leader of Muslim Brotherhood?

We do not say his name.

Now you know?

ab420e  No.2877091


false martyr

then the false prophet gambit

soul sucker in a suit

d32e56  No.2877092

File: 76121e9df03b269⋯.png (142.19 KB, 634x627, 634:627, ClipboardImage.png)


e3f5af  No.2877093

File: 15d7aeaae6065cd⋯.jpg (807.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, IMG_050.jpg)

b44338  No.2877094


It is literally a clone.

abc817  No.2877095


Proof MAGA can happen.

9d088a  No.2877096

File: d39919929dab57e⋯.jpg (21.63 KB, 233x400, 233:400, 04-four-of-swords-rider-wa….jpg)

File: 724842aa113ed40⋯.jpg (23.77 KB, 233x400, 233:400, knight-of-cups-meaning-rid….jpg)

File: 6e05552b6f314fe⋯.jpg (74.89 KB, 350x600, 7:12, swords07.jpg)


Dude, so get this. You made me remember one of the many crazy dreams I've been having since I started on the Q train.

There were kids hiding from men in vans in a warehouse. On top of the vans were bread, I was one of the kids and ate a piece and was glad it wasn't poisoned. We slid down the rafts of bridges to get away from the people and that's when I woke up.

Anyways, two of the tarot cards were the four of swords and knight of cups. But even though that's what my mind's eye picked up the four of swords "felt" like the seven of swords.

If I were to interpret the cards in my dream…ugh, I thought I would never have to do this again.

Anyways, the four of swords represents someone in a quiet meditative zone. They are resting, but still thinking and reflecting. Recovery.

Seven of swords is the vibe I got when looking at the card, which tells me someone appears to be resting on the surface but secretly in strategist mode. They have to do so carefully, if you notice all the swords they are holding…if they do not move carefully they will fall and they will be found out.

Since the 7 of swords depicts a man at a rival battle ground…this makes a lot of sense.

The knight of cups, that's more tricky to understand when thinking about my dream.

But this is someone who is very intuitive, he appeals to people through charm and plays on their emotions.

I don't know, maybe I'm just waaaay too into my dream interpretation.

However, I had a dream the following day of crocodile people attacking others at the mall and I had to hide while others fought them off.

Anyways, maybe you guys can piece together the description of the person I am describing through my interp. I don't think I"m the only one having weird dreams, and I wouldn't be surprised if the DS wants to play off dreams as if they're not important.

78887f  No.2877097

>>2877062 (pb&j)

morningstarpayments.xyz is an expired domain.

try again?

Also… 36 bread long parallel Qboard?

But… why? Just a group of folks who wanna work in a side oven?

I can understand that, if that's what it be.

25cace  No.2877098


Nike logo with "Declassify - JUST DO IT"

cf9180  No.2877099

>>2877087 Check for KANKLES!

970cae  No.2877100

File: 434b69627e54732⋯.jpeg (110.19 KB, 650x977, 650:977, 768DFE82-E57E-4DFB-87EF-B….jpeg)

>>2876718 (lb)

The Thoth deck by Crowley lists the major arcana as Trump cards.

93c34a  No.2877101



e8414e  No.2877102

File: a92634646073f47⋯.png (101.94 KB, 1181x534, 1181:534, IMG_1723.PNG)

File: 50fcc49a35ec954⋯.png (188.1 KB, 1147x791, 1147:791, IMG_1897.PNG)

File: 20976d595789b0d⋯.png (73.55 KB, 1242x459, 46:17, IMG_1902.PNG)

File: 359b3eb06ad8614⋯.png (196.27 KB, 1242x705, 414:235, IMG_5067.PNG)

d32e56  No.2877103

File: da53668d388285f⋯.png (68.66 KB, 812x851, 812:851, ClipboardImage.png)



9dbc82  No.2877104

File: 5a1882a2ed3ca93⋯.png (74 KB, 928x372, 232:93, Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at ….png)

JUST IN: President Trump's job approval rating among Hispanics in Florida is at 54%, that's higher than his approval rating among white people - Quinnipiac



2243e3  No.2877105

>>2876841 LB

The judicial branch can free any prisoner that's a citizen.

So can the legislative as has been demonstrated in them making specific laws for individuals to get citizenship bypassing all immigration laws.

Therefore it makes sense that the executive branch has the same power.

a836c4  No.2877106

File: 304125f900e22bd⋯.png (241.27 KB, 301x420, 43:60, ClipboardImage.png)

Kamala Harris Husband

Douglas C. Emhoff

Partner DLA Piper

DLA Piper is a global law firm with lawyers located in more than 40 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, positioning us to help clients with their legal needs around the world.

Douglas Emhoff is a highly experienced litigator and strategic advisor. Doug is known for tackling and resolving the toughest problems – whether by aggressively litigating high-stakes cases in the public glare or acting as a trusted advisor behind the scenes. For over 25 years, Doug has proven himself in courtrooms and boardrooms across California and around the country. He represents large domestic and international corporations and some of today's highest profile individuals and influencers in complex business and intellectual property litigation disputes. Doug's influence and achievements as an insider across many spectrums has made him one of California's go-to lawyers for several decades.

Doug maintains a strong presence in both Southern and Northern California and is also licensed to practice in Washington, DC. Along with an active public life, he is passionately involved in numerous community, civic and charitable activities that include legal aid, human rights, social justice and the well-being of children.




046b8d  No.2877107



The site user has set it to private using wordpress. Very familiar interface.

Likely because of the traffic from anons! Lots of companies charge extra if you blow through your traffic numbers.

d8445c  No.2877108

File: 101908e8597fb2d⋯.jpeg (375.85 KB, 1242x1159, 1242:1159, 570B3B2A-134A-4CE0-A31E-8….jpeg)

File: f4f17fd34d8465b⋯.jpeg (633.12 KB, 1242x1580, 621:790, C3444C4F-3B2C-4ED0-9BA8-B….jpeg)


c9c23c  No.2877109

File: 4c4a8ce55d6ca23⋯.jpg (87.69 KB, 634x421, 634:421, Bookertits487.jpg)

I still think ((( they're ))) gonna push Booker for 2020

78887f  No.2877110



ab420e  No.2877111

File: 6382d1f000bbdbb⋯.jpg (30 KB, 250x303, 250:303, IMG_2113.JPG)

i am gonna go eat some "foodstamps sushi"

whilst ya'll assholes deal with the fact you are being entranced by some crackhead tranny that prol works with fox news and cnn

might even have a clear backpack

abc817  No.2877112


Then that's some Bad Science.

e68357  No.2877113

File: a5a4dafba19b0fe⋯.png (69.16 KB, 400x249, 400:249, ClipboardImage.png)

a4c3a2  No.2877114

File: d1dec2ac5d095c3⋯.jpeg (61.82 KB, 258x300, 43:50, volume Qto11.jpeg)

File: 8e81d314223afbc⋯.jpg (18.87 KB, 480x470, 48:47, my meme now.jpg)

78887f  No.2877115


"foodstamps sushi"

You mean "Ru San's"?

7d7786  No.2877116

File: 6424f1c273f52e8⋯.png (3.45 MB, 1440x1079, 1440:1079, ClipboardImage.png)

5c1550  No.2877117


They are playing the long game.

They think in terms of generations.

No need to smash and grab.

Just turn up the temp and wait.

Time will handle.

Chinese water torture?

Does it hurt?

Does it EVENTUALLY drive you crazy?

a742c4  No.2877118

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


weasel woodward

e8414e  No.2877119

File: a738f81dd7c51e9⋯.jpg (37.35 KB, 343x266, 49:38, IMG_5655.JPG)

File: cd37c700cc150a2⋯.gif (1.47 MB, 320x164, 80:41, IMB_A9OcrP.GIF)

8f3354  No.2877120


We dropped MLB. Love the game and the players' efforts still, but realize game outcomes are determined to produce max revenue for the league and retain fans by creating artificial rivalries that are manipulated to be as close as possible. The Commissioner even acknowledged as much once, that he was satisfied with his performance IF the league got to a stage where all the races were really close. As much as said it.


cfe14d  No.2877121

File: 4c9a42c3b40cd72⋯.png (148.65 KB, 546x596, 273:298, cnnlie3.png)

File: fe30bd14ba93f61⋯.png (133.38 KB, 1110x572, 555:286, cnnlie2.png)

File: 1449f1f5b61286c⋯.png (196.29 KB, 396x300, 33:25, cnnli1.png)




78887f  No.2877122

File: a13e96992c3b690⋯.jpg (33.31 KB, 430x313, 430:313, 4851916.jpg)

File: d465eea825e4176⋯.jpg (46.44 KB, 397x400, 397:400, 4851920.jpg)

cf9180  No.2877123

>>2877106 Boy he must really like Sloppy Seconds!

7efe67  No.2877125


They're great at setting up halls of mirrors.

It's a circus wherever they go~

ab420e  No.2877126

File: 37657f7d8d868a2⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, IMG_2199.JPG)

it's sauron

fb3d72  No.2877127

File: 7200775ba9c7f5a⋯.png (409.85 KB, 602x339, 602:339, 1536095212119.png)

c9c23c  No.2877128

File: 960cd25c558f97a⋯.jpg (329.12 KB, 1080x1375, 216:275, Screenshot_20180904-162907.jpg)

Inb4 false flag next week for 9/11


9d088a  No.2877129


Fun fact, there are 22 trump cards.

They all represent the fools journey from 0-21

Might be an interesting read for symbolismanons.

d0db90  No.2877130


can you post sauce and do anyanons know if this is true?

no clue about this kind of shit

caee3d  No.2877131

File: 9acefdaa128f5b4⋯.png (332.43 KB, 517x409, 517:409, enjoytheshow.png)

ab420e  No.2877132

File: 33a258d9019ea9f⋯.jpg (30.92 KB, 443x332, 443:332, IMG_2256.JPG)


sauron looks angry

must of been those frumpo fronthole memes

a742c4  No.2877133







e4f825  No.2877134


Kek… U funny

dbedef  No.2877135


the letter says "per request" and "radio service" doesnt look like its thier national broadcasting license.

046b8d  No.2877136


In FL "white people" = jews.

a836c4  No.2877137


Maybe he likes the end game better…looks like there is some wifm (whats in it for me) in there…

9dbc82  No.2877138

File: 970a6b205ab2a7d⋯.png (129.04 KB, 933x829, 933:829, Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at ….png)

File: 3e05ff585568de6⋯.png (1.88 MB, 1456x904, 182:113, Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at ….png)

This is encouraging…

The hyperventilation and orchestrated antics at this morning’s hearing won’t persuade anyone.


e8414e  No.2877139

File: 7731e4c5e6a60a1⋯.png (161.34 KB, 1242x1334, 27:29, IMG_5740.PNG)


did someone say sloppy seconds?

4c1b65  No.2877140

File: a508858fae75609⋯.jpg (36.68 KB, 645x344, 15:8, 645x344-substitute-teacher….jpg)

You can argue that the Nazi salute' is derived from Rome. Okay fine. But you can't argue that the nazi is the exact same as the early pledge of allegiance Bellamy salute. Which was changed in 1942 by the hand over the heart. Heal clicking etc. My point is the pledge of allegiance and Nazi salute are the same.

5d674b  No.2877141


It's because like NBC, They don't have one..

check this article from Forbes….

https:// www.forbes.com/sites/markjoyella/2017/10/11/trump-threatens-to-challenge-nbcs-license-over-fake-news/#403d74d6a128

2ce04e  No.2877142



it's florida.

da1fa1  No.2877143

File: 86ab9cccea99794⋯.jpg (128.12 KB, 1080x675, 8:5, quantum-1080x675.jpg)

a9aad9  No.2877144


YES! Top Anon!

1b8b74  No.2877145

File: 63e96af3db3f70f⋯.png (712.69 KB, 739x818, 739:818, breach-of-contract.jpg.png)

ab420e  No.2877146

File: 115e38383baea97⋯.jpg (22.14 KB, 300x225, 4:3, IMG_2255.JPG)



sauron is not pleased with this gestapi shithole the trannyraptors made

9dbc82  No.2877147

File: fc92104cb5a7d9f⋯.jpg (158.99 KB, 794x1024, 397:512, 26ced3e2eb6f4047b2256a88cf….jpg)

File: d9a3943f3ae4dd9⋯.jpg (57.34 KB, 800x554, 400:277, 800.jpg)

3a1716  No.2877148

File: d3f575b3c67602b⋯.png (397.95 KB, 814x606, 407:303, AQ4.PNG)


Facebook building a physical 'war room' for US midterm elections 'arms race'

Looks like Facebook chose a side, not ours.

Facebook is getting ready for the US midterm elections by building a literal "war room" and seeking to win the "arms race" against "bad actors," a company boss said in remarks that seemed like they were pulled from the Cold War.

Facebook's head of civic engagement, Samidh Chakrabarti, highlighted progress made by the tech giant in tackling "misinformation" and "fake news" in an interview with NBC published on Tuesday.

The platform has become really effective over the past two years in "combating foreign interference" and blocking and deleting unwanted "fake accounts," according to the top executive.

abc817  No.2877150


"Parity" right? I still watch a little MLB, but the pitching is pretty watered down with so many teams. The offensive talent is theirs, but there arent enough high-quality pitchers to fill out so many teams. The Giants have about half a staff this year.

cf9180  No.2877151

>>2877137 Would you really follow John Conyers after anything?

a4c3a2  No.2877152

File: 1e0eacbcc018cf8⋯.jpg (39.57 KB, 313x647, 313:647, cdf3e01b37dd94d7bf11f75a1b….jpg)

6535a7  No.2877153

File: 9f502a785897351⋯.png (356.59 KB, 459x876, 153:292, ClipboardImage.png)

Thank you Baker.

caee3d  No.2877154

File: dbe7ac1b182b11a⋯.png (355.31 KB, 741x452, 741:452, clockwork-orange-eyes1.png)

5877ea  No.2877155


Yeah- not buying them setting that up but more like the AUS goobermint doing it. Fiona has NEVER charged for their info as they want EVERYONE to know and offer that info for free to awaken us all.

Fukery of info suppression is what this is!

I'll have to think on it but her name is Fiona, last name eluding. There's so much content they've put out we should be able to find it somewhere.

They have been prosecuted and persecuted by the AUS gov for over a decade and they are pissed and they are RIGHT!

ab420e  No.2877156

File: 493c9e211a05ba3⋯.jpg (20.06 KB, 254x199, 254:199, IMG_2270.JPG)

all fingers point to the treasonous fagOTUS

1b91ca  No.2877157

File: 3be9db3daf73020⋯.png (348.75 KB, 1299x597, 433:199, fritz-Amish.png)

>>2877016 lb


Fritz Springmeier has an entire section on the Amish in one of his books


f542ae  No.2877158



It's fucked up and demonstrated humor way too well

5d674b  No.2877159



In brief summary of what I think is the point…

"We license only individual broadcast stations. We do not license TV or radio networks (such as CBS, NBC, ABC or Fox) or other organizations with which stations have relationships (such as PBS or NPR), except to the extent that those entities may also be station licensees. We also do not regulate information provided over the Internet, nor do we intervene in private disputes involving broadcast stations or their licensees. Instead, we usually defer to the parties, courts, or other agencies to resolve such disputes."

6535a7  No.2877160

File: bc6b21d491b66ff⋯.png (793.08 KB, 593x861, 593:861, ClipboardImage.png)

We see you and appreciate you, Planefags.

e4f825  No.2877161


Seeeeee. And now I like you! Smart and funny! Fuck yeah!!! Anons are the best

add64b  No.2877162


Card #17. The Star card, also known as “the daughter of the firmament “ …

associated to persons of elevated spirit that possess artistic abilities and desires to help others

23d5e8  No.2877163


Curtins closed? Mirror?

067c06  No.2877164

File: a7767e15eb113c5⋯.png (82.22 KB, 183x338, 183:338, FLOTUS-Praying-1.png)

Anons from previous bread with the FLOTUS memes: I png'd her for anyone who wants to add to memes.

9dbc82  No.2877165

File: 965d19bb56bd40c⋯.png (544.14 KB, 934x676, 467:338, Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at ….png)


We need a Magic Sword…

e509c9  No.2877166

File: 4f10bd617659471⋯.jpeg (1.68 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, image.jpeg)

File: 72fb62b2ece243d⋯.jpeg (2.5 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, image.jpeg)

File: f4a70b151e72433⋯.jpeg (2.4 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, image.jpeg)

File: 8a7043a454a9e6d⋯.jpeg (1.76 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, image.jpeg)

File: 03f7ea387ac319e⋯.jpeg (1.75 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, image.jpeg)

>>2876670 (previous bread)

I was wondering what the hell that was this morning.

You think you just walk up and have access to these people?


cf9180  No.2877167

>>2877145 If you don't have the talent for the feild-make a scene!

c9c23c  No.2877168


I was surprised at how lax security was during all that shit this morning. They let those heffers sound off for waaaayyy too long.

78887f  No.2877169


>They are playing the long game.

They were, but now they're just stretching it out to beat as many dead horses/dem-voters as they can out of desperation.

>They think in terms of generations.


>No need to smash and grab.

If you smash it, you can't grab it.

>Just turn up the temp and wait.

That or biochemical weapons… eeeeither way.

>Time will handle.

Eventually "dispersion" happens.

>Chinese water torture?

Over "time".

>Does it hurt?

Over "time".

>Does it EVENTUALLY drive you crazy?

Depends on how much you like monotony and energy.




Also, it eventually wears away the skin and shit gets really raw.

ab420e  No.2877170

File: 83b8e4e911cf9c1⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1280x1083, 1280:1083, IMG_2593.PNG)

File: 7f2287bcbacda97⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1280x1083, 1280:1083, IMG_2595.PNG)

File: 5334952d21e6579⋯.png (1.69 MB, 1280x1083, 1280:1083, IMG_2596.PNG)


a4aa3e  No.2877171

Holy Crap social media is not happy today!!!

f9bc78  No.2877172

In lost the chopper that was from Westchester over Waterbury, CT. Still searching.

046b8d  No.2877173


Search for what you want from web.archive.org.

Not sure what you are looking for, but it might be there.

e3f5af  No.2877174

File: a953cc95fc88445⋯.jpg (656.27 KB, 1900x1264, 475:316, IMG_031.jpg)


8d5054  No.2877175

File: c7ad885bca7d554⋯.png (62.31 KB, 642x470, 321:235, ClipboardImage.png)

>>2876980 (last bread)

So lets get this straight.

He's a Polish , Catholic , Zionist Jew?

((MOSSAD))) is what he is.

He checked off everything in the book.

e4f825  No.2877176


Who's the lady in the prison stripes?

d32e56  No.2877178


Dang, where's a GIF of Cenk Yygur's election night meltdown moment when you need it?

046b8d  No.2877179


Please please please let their stock tank tomorrow.

4f78dd  No.2877180

File: 3c9ba040512194f⋯.png (75.01 KB, 518x315, 74:45, ClipboardImage.png)

US, Turkey Agree 'Any' Syrian Offensive in Idlib 'Unacceptable' - US State Dept

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke on Tuesday over the phone with his Turkish counterpart, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, about the situation in Idlib, Syria.

The statement on the call, attributable to State Department Spokeswoman Heather Nauert, takes a stronger position against than the one taken by US President Donald Trump the day prior.

"President Bashar al-Assad of Syria must not recklessly attack Idlib Province. The Russians and Iranians would be making a grave humanitarian mistake to take part in this potential human tragedy," Trump tweeted on Monday. "Hundreds of thousands of people could be killed. Don’t let that happen!"

Now, it appears that the State Department is expanding the White House's red line. While Trump cautioned against a "reckless attack," the State Department, in conjunction with the Turkish Foreign Ministry, is calling "any Assad military offensive" in Idlib "unacceptable."

Pompeo and Cavusoglu "agreed that any Assad regime military offensive in Idlib would be an unacceptable, reckless escalation of the conflict in Syria," the statement reads.

"President Bashar al-Assad of Syria must not recklessly attack Idlib Province. The Russians and Iranians would be making a grave humanitarian mistake to take part in this potential human tragedy," Trump tweeted on Monday. "Hundreds of thousands of people could be killed. Don’t let that happen!"

Now, it appears that the State Department is expanding the White House's red line. While Trump cautioned against a "reckless attack," the State Department, in conjunction with the Turkish Foreign Ministry, is calling "any Assad military offensive" in Idlib "unacceptable."

Pompeo and Cavusoglu "agreed that any Assad regime military offensive in Idlib would be an unacceptable, reckless escalation of the conflict in Syria," the statement reads.


aa44a2  No.2877181

File: d674d8d31f70255⋯.jpg (7.51 KB, 182x173, 182:173, pepe laughing.jpg)


White Denouncement syndrome.

e8414e  No.2877182

File: f8672fabfecb7b2⋯.png (270.54 KB, 1213x1726, 1213:1726, IMG_4808.PNG)

File: de3f059fca70df9⋯.gif (4 MB, 648x672, 27:28, IMB_naZQeb.GIF)

fb3d72  No.2877183

File: 4a23be23970b9c6⋯.png (89.97 KB, 299x168, 299:168, 1536095593037.png)

d02992  No.2877184

File: b0b85073a1442ec⋯.png (58.26 KB, 900x1092, 75:91, DECLASnike.png)

ab420e  No.2877185

File: b84434ccb1c25f9⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1280x1083, 1280:1083, IMG_2570.PNG)

File: 9a15b8e06227318⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1280x1083, 1280:1083, IMG_2571.PNG)

File: 43601d5126b9763⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1280x1083, 1280:1083, IMG_2589.PNG)

more proof

4f7f54  No.2877186

File: 7fb51ced4f7622d⋯.jpeg (1.52 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 3EDDEC72-7962-4A67-9B3A-0….jpeg)

I wonder if Trump knows Kavanaugh will not get confirmed and his second choice is actually his first….

4 D my niggas, FOUR DEE

f9bc78  No.2877187


He's not a black Jewish lesbian one-legged one parent family, so he's not got all the bases covered.

3687f3  No.2877188

File: f489e68ac5a9b2e⋯.png (92.08 KB, 500x447, 500:447, radical-liberal-who-fox-re….png)

a836c4  No.2877189


I wouldn't but money makes strange bed fellows…

046b8d  No.2877190


May just use "DECLAS"

3a1716  No.2877191

File: a9e1a9070ebf781⋯.png (1010.14 KB, 819x565, 819:565, AQ5.PNG)



'Too young to prosecute': German police drop case of 10yo Afghan boy who raped classmate

a4c3a2  No.2877192

File: d8a9dbacfd8c4b8⋯.jpg (89.23 KB, 720x900, 4:5, 39883628_10215694566904812….jpg)


Heavy shit happens here anon, we all need levity

d0db90  No.2877193


this is starting to piss me off

5c1550  No.2877194

Kavenaugh refuses to shake hand today.

Parent of school shooting victim.

Silent FF confirmation?

Momentary confusion and mistake during hearings?


The left is using it to inuslt him.

ab420e  No.2877195

File: 1465948fc6d3ea6⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1280x1083, 1280:1083, IMG_2598.PNG)

File: bac217f828e2d7c⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1280x1083, 1280:1083, IMG_2599.PNG)

File: 9232039a9745e5d⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1280x1083, 1280:1083, IMG_2600.PNG)

i think false fagOTUS is not a human

e239e2  No.2877196

File: 1ff93e07fd10483⋯.jpeg (900.07 KB, 1536x2012, 384:503, C18BBE74-258E-43CB-8A7A-B….jpeg)

Didn’t Q say something about CS looking over his shoulder/watching his back?

Somehow that isn’t matching up with this…

Who do you believe? Q or your own lying eyes?

Do your own research, think for yourself…..which should apply to Q claims as well.


9dbc82  No.2877197

File: 94cb36d507cb078⋯.png (442.14 KB, 1268x714, 634:357, Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at ….png)


Whatdafuck is RR a wraith?!

f22129  No.2877198

File: 981102779b47b14⋯.jpeg (71.01 KB, 493x370, 493:370, F75286A4-1402-4BD3-ABC2-B….jpeg)

5b3912  No.2877199


why the fuck people keep posting his shit here? WHO GIVES A FUCK!?

25cace  No.2877200

File: bc1688686c6c425⋯.png (527.49 KB, 1298x676, 649:338, Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at ….png)

File: 63f971a0d459e52⋯.png (136 KB, 1169x718, 1169:718, Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at ….png)

Ok anons………. you know what to do!

Democrat site pushing resistance against Trump.

GO VOTE, and lets see how high we can get the YES vote!

e71402  No.2877201


there's nothing else going on so why not be here besides there was hope but as time goes on, we start to see the cracks in djt armour, the appearance to care, to be different.

Personally until it's explained to me why trust he is truly for the people when there is so much evidence of his involvement in these same groups, especially learning those we know as jews are behind all of it. every group started has been necessary to spread their propaganda, gain members sworn to uphold the corruption.

seriously tho, walking away from all government BS until we can establish our own trusted, no cabal, brotherhood, or masonic affiliations. ONLY way to get rid of all of them, including trumps & his control agenda which also makes slaves of us. Our quality of life will improve yes but it's still only a bigger piece of the fake money pie

4f78dd  No.2877202

File: 258336da9bf6451⋯.png (500.17 KB, 682x386, 341:193, ClipboardImage.png)

151f9a  No.2877203

Maybe POTUS getting kicked of twitter is like a GO command to Q if it happens.

188d4b  No.2877204

5000 documents..42000 pages..

williams should resign from life.

25cace  No.2877205


LINK to vote:


6535a7  No.2877206

File: aa64fd6bbad66fc⋯.png (10.18 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Who else is uncomfortable wtih Rosencunt standing up for Kavanaugh?

Also, some baby-killing Ruth Bader Ginsburg loving lefty cunt spoke to endorse Kavanaugh at the end of today.

Red flags for me.

e4f825  No.2877207


Yeah..but not all Anons would just debo a meme. That's some funny shit..stay blessed

d02992  No.2877208

File: dcf8a83bfab4b6e⋯.png (62.58 KB, 900x1092, 75:91, DECLASnike.png)

78887f  No.2877209


I graduated from The Circus.

Advertising is Propaganda.

I'm not showing you a product…

I'm arousing you with it…

Making you engage and attach.

Making you Love it…

Making you Trust it no matter what.


They Live/Facebook/Google/Apple/The Church/Demonrats…. etc etc.

a4c3a2  No.2877210

File: a06350dc1c6e88e⋯.png (68.26 KB, 510x332, 255:166, wew-pepe-(.png)

00fd45  No.2877211

File: e6a184e524842f5⋯.gif (741.64 KB, 300x327, 100:109, e6a184e524842f5ce22c091152….gif)

e87252  No.2877212


move to Germany

identify as 10 year old

break laws


ab420e  No.2877213

File: 21d35f92dfec406⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1280x1083, 1280:1083, IMG_2585.PNG)

File: c3181721b24cc89⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1280x1083, 1280:1083, IMG_2597.PNG)

File: e52c65ce7b89fb9⋯.png (1.78 MB, 1280x1083, 1280:1083, IMG_2612.PNG)

sympathy starts and stops with the persoanl pocketbook

the rest is prol idolatry or usery

3687f3  No.2877214

File: df6287fcdc001a6⋯.jpg (30.81 KB, 438x386, 219:193, 2ghiks~2.jpg)

5877ea  No.2877215

FIONA CHRISTIAN! that's her name!

In looking for her I ffound this; To WORDanon:

Here's the main source for sauce about our corrupted language.

It's a couple from AUS and they really have a plethora of research and knowledge- very weel done!

Cept, all of a sudden,

microsukcs won't allow me to access the page!

Hope you can, link > http://loveforlife.com.au/

FULL of sauce for all sorts of stuff like Tom Hanks pedo sauce, child trafficking and Polanski, Heffner, Sammy Davis jr, Aquino,- YUGE trove!!!!


22fcbf  No.2877216

Information comes in many different forms:

National Preparedness Month is a time to focus our attention on the importance of preparing our families, homes, businesses, and communities for disasters that threaten our lives, property, and homeland. (DJT National Preparedness Month)

Also, PAIN comes in many different forms. We are watching the Dems in action right now. They will do anything, THEY are desperate. THEY don't care about you…not when POTUS knows everything they have done to YOU.

As Q said, stay vigilant, Logic, TRUST yourself.

ab420e  No.2877217

File: 8426db279e5fb61⋯.jpg (87.66 KB, 1305x744, 435:248, IMG_2546.JPG)

f542ae  No.2877218


OMG anyone ever see such a charade

321997  No.2877219

DECLAS before Christmas?

e71402  No.2877220


me too. the minute I saw coni rice and that susan blatt? they are all bushites and evil

e68357  No.2877221

Cardinal Wuerl met with Pope Francis about crisis in D.C. diocese+

Pope Francis met with Cardinal Donald Wuerl last Thursday in Vatican City, where they discussed Wuerl's personal situation, according to a source familiar with Wuerl's presentation to priests in Washington on Monday.

The source said Cardinal Wuerl told the priests about his meeting, including the Pope's advice that, as he discerns his future, Wuerl should consult with his priests. That was part of a larger conversation between the Pope and Wuerl, the source said.


6535a7  No.2877222

File: 757b4e41b2a7e14⋯.gif (1022.03 KB, 285x165, 19:11, fire.gif)


Any way that it happens, Trump leaving Twatter means the end of Twatter.

248d53  No.2877223

File: 686528f1a70c0cc⋯.jpg (44.9 KB, 610x350, 61:35, 2h6f44.jpg)

File: a307bc43309e8ca⋯.jpg (15.4 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 2h6fol.jpg)

File: e8f2fa033591e87⋯.jpg (22.38 KB, 960x928, 30:29, 40920927_546897115747208_4….jpg)

File: a080d2bd3bd531a⋯.jpg (117.53 KB, 745x925, 149:185, adbbf6852e3acf5582ec6b6c0c….jpg)

78887f  No.2877224

File: 96427337b025a7c⋯.jpg (137.7 KB, 799x1202, 799:1202, dwavecryogen.jpg)

File: 3c8fd40d9cdf4c4⋯.jpg (29.64 KB, 370x581, 370:581, 070817_quantum_inline-1.jpg)

File: b3fed2c18268fa9⋯.jpg (205.23 KB, 1200x936, 50:39, D-Wave-1000Q-close-lower-r….jpg)

File: 36e2183472ba85a⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1152x768, 3:2, Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at ….png)

File: bedba3288168e05⋯.png (95.75 KB, 474x309, 158:103, TylerSaysHiandHesDoingWond….png)


Yeeeeeah yeeeeeeeah.

Got anything new, though?

No one ever posts a RockHopper… do one of those!

4c1b65  No.2877225

File: 9b90b47889080d3⋯.jpg (270.15 KB, 467x700, 467:700, james-upham-memorial.jpg)

File: 28824fa8b462898⋯.jpg (84.4 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1939-iron-cross-first-clas….JPG)

The creator of the Bellamy salute James B. Upham, check out his grave stone. Doing a little digging for links to the Catholic church, masons and illuminati. What a fucking coincidence that he has an iron cross on his grave stone the cunt died in 1905. Seems a little bit fishy.

cf9180  No.2877226

>>2877200 How about a 'Hang the Kenyan NIGGER Meme! Please Mr. MEME MASTER?

fe4c5b  No.2877227

Five idiots, I just can't listen too. >>2877188

3a1716  No.2877228


my lucks not THAT good.

9dbc82  No.2877229


fuckin' tippytop Kek, Anon!

3687f3  No.2877230

File: d586184e141b963⋯.jpg (45.62 KB, 500x555, 100:111, 2h7lzk~2.jpg)

08f5d0  No.2877231

File: cb710ee5c21ed22⋯.png (57.52 KB, 642x540, 107:90, RajShah.png)


Try Harder

4f78dd  No.2877232

Obstruction: Democrats Begin Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing with 62 Interruptions

Senate Democrats threw a tantrum on Tuesday during the opening of the confirmation hearing for Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Abandoning decorum, Senate Democrats interrupted the proceedings 62 times, without waiting for proper recognition from the chair, and many of them spoke out of turn.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal led Senate Democrats by interrupting the proceedings 21 times, and Corey Booker interrupted 13 times while his staff sent out fundraising letters based on his performance.

Here is the current count of interruptions, according to the Republican National Committee, during the first two hours of the hearing:


Richard Blumenthal 21

Cory Booker 13

Christopher Coons 2

Dick Durbin 0

Dianne Feinstein 0

Kamala Harris 9

Mazie Hirono 8

Amy Klobuchar 5

Patrick Leahy 2

Sheldon Whitehouse 2


NBC reported that Senate Democrats planned the disruption over the phone with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. But the protests did not have their intended effect as the hearings continued.

Republican senators condemned the interruptions as Democrats trying to enact “mob rule” over the serious nature of the confirmation hearing.


a4c3a2  No.2877233


Godspeed o7 o7 o7

9d088a  No.2877234


I often used to get the Star, lol. I wish divination wasn't a sin, I quite enjoyed being able to help people through the esoteric but now I am weary because it's tied to some pretty dark things and it kind of hurts my soul. Everyone referred to me as the tarot girl.


Since we're talking Tarot, let's parallel the Fools Journey to Q's status. That leads me to assume we are actually on card #18 (moon) - #19 (sun)

Dark to Light, and after that comes the Judgement card and finishes with the world. Which is completion of the cycle.

046b8d  No.2877235



563c92  No.2877236

Epstein & Co will be revealed to be eunuchs who can only reproduce thru divine insemination.

"Youre watching a movie."

Angels & "Demons" killing Angels & "Demons". They can't hurt/kill you, only fool you into FEARING EVIL and not accepting GOD'S LOVE.

40k view will reveal His Creation.

Thank you, Q, for the GREAT AWAKENING.

Thank you God, for the GREAT movie!!!

58371f  No.2877237



I hope so… He looks like a comedian on MadTV… KEK!

d02992  No.2877238

File: 7c77470e6c6eda2⋯.png (61.01 KB, 900x1092, 75:91, DECLASnike.png)

dfce39  No.2877239


Wakes you wonder if there was something on that guy's hand. A toxin or something. RR sure looked excited about the handshake

f542ae  No.2877240

How many protesters did they let into the hearing?

Why aren't the police doing anything?

They are just letting them go on and on

aa44a2  No.2877241


Hey, that's a good point. Jewish Population is getting pissed with all the job bullshit on the rise. plan was to have a welfare state.

b974f9  No.2877242


You need a radio license for your Airplane if you wish to travel overseas. They may have sold an airplane and canceled its radio license.

85549a  No.2877243

File: a26a6b2c2f3f594⋯.jpeg (144.17 KB, 750x414, 125:69, E592FD01-458D-4EDD-AA77-3….jpeg)

cffb99  No.2877244

File: 6be15530f5c31c0⋯.png (7.28 KB, 263x133, 263:133, ClipboardImage.png)

a4c3a2  No.2877245


AND, they get the docs they've been begging for on the record (the Bush years…whew!)

ab420e  No.2877246

File: 83b8e4e911cf9c1⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1280x1083, 1280:1083, IMG_2593.PNG)

File: fa7d00bd0a905d1⋯.png (1.06 MB, 994x1280, 497:640, IMG_2594.PNG)

File: 7f2287bcbacda97⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1280x1083, 1280:1083, IMG_2595.PNG)

e97774  No.2877247


Might as well add Islam to his resume

Poor @JackPosobiec

3a1716  No.2877248

File: 87f8c47e512624a⋯.png (25.03 KB, 601x224, 601:224, AQ6.PNG)

LA County DA says no files charged against Kevin Spacey, Steven Seagal, Anthony Anderson

d02992  No.2877249

File: 387a603779b6b4b⋯.jpg (83.29 KB, 728x567, 104:81, kike.jpg)

25cace  No.2877250

File: 71cdfe8a60acf1c⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1290x644, 645:322, Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at ….png)


WTF is that rat doing there…

doesn't he have some declassifying work to do?

78887f  No.2877251


"Reality of gun violence."

"Security intervened."

Connects dots…

-has some apple juice-

248d53  No.2877252

Anons I figured it out. We arent going to get the [20] DECLAS before midterms, or anything from Huber or Sessions, or any disclosures vindicating Trump in Russia collusion. We are just going to get the MSM relentless attacking of Trump and Republicans, and Democrats failing to choose a platform bc they are so busy resisting Trump any way they can, that it will discourage Dems from coming out to vote, and will make Reps go out and vote because they feel like Trump getting attacked is all of us getting attacked. That alone will get the Red Wave

728d18  No.2877253

File: a317d6c64f52fcf⋯.png (75.71 KB, 653x436, 653:436, 20180904_221925.png)


Wow !

ebe734  No.2877254

File: d5dc07149627e27⋯.jpg (72.95 KB, 800x534, 400:267, nike.jpg)

File: 13c87e6b790bc4b⋯.png (52.58 KB, 1928x150, 964:75, nike terms.png)

Wonder if this advertising campaign that was arranged months ago and obviously waiting for the right moment to take over a news cycle could be a way to get WW comms out with a message to “just do it” – maybe from black hats to sleeper cells?

58371f  No.2877255



Uhhhhh. You faggot?

c9c23c  No.2877256


Bc it's relevant anon.

Normies look to Jack P. as a right wing figure. Public perception and opinion.

ee73a5  No.2877257


Can you stop with this Harry Potter bullshit slide? You've been doing this for 2 days.

cf9180  No.2877258

>>2877227 At least Kim let us look up her skirt!

78887f  No.2877259


Aaaaah…. L.A.

It's cool.

Spacey's gay though.

Ask David Hogg.

He knows first hand.

1b8b74  No.2877260

I think it's interesting that ebot can play the engaging personality role pretty well..

Until something happens that triggers them back into being a normal shill.

…So traitors must be losing big right now :)

840302  No.2877261


probably around the sept. 18

ab420e  No.2877262

File: 2146ccffd363774⋯.jpg (52.31 KB, 468x895, 468:895, IMG_2207.JPG)

maybe if we kill fagOTUS

with ol iron cross in africa

it will set the rains free

151f9a  No.2877263


Hmmm deep thinking anon

3a1716  No.2877264



LA County DA says no files charged against Kevin Spacey, Steven Seagal, Anthony Anderson


ebf758  No.2877265

File: fc017f42931cbae⋯.jpg (10.4 KB, 255x167, 255:167, be1dd5ab7f64cb2e34d3980f90….jpg)

File: c7ef9738b4533a0⋯.jpeg (146.73 KB, 640x960, 2:3, D8219800-C6CB-4B6B-9EBA-A….jpeg)

File: a2785725b27be2f⋯.png (648.01 KB, 608x602, 304:301, Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at ….png)

File: 6079d27fc215d51⋯.png (531.8 KB, 692x527, 692:527, Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at ….png)



728d18  No.2877266

File: e3b6bbf8f8fe20b⋯.png (224.12 KB, 720x987, 240:329, 20180904_222042.png)


04f6b2  No.2877267


That sounds ridiculous honestly. It's just a very poorly thought out marketing gimmick that is delightfully biting them in the ass. The nigger lovers at nike deserve to starve in the streets.

a4aa3e  No.2877268


All I know is I'm tired of seeing his face

b81b1b  No.2877269


I think Q was very clear that the DECLAS was going to be today. Wondering what happened. I know Q isn't omnipotent, but hopefully didn't get stopped.

7158d9  No.2877270



I am so tired of moves and countermoves

Checking out for today

0380f3  No.2877271

Gutfeld - ranting about hearing after listening to Juan, "it's an effen circus!" think Greg will be on vacation next week.

25cace  No.2877272

File: 1b44c47f0483dca⋯.png (662.4 KB, 623x591, 623:591, Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at ….png)


Did RR think he was going to shoot Kavenaugh?

6535a7  No.2877273

File: 02457d9f6a52a16⋯.jpg (379.03 KB, 714x593, 714:593, 14 year old asia mothers d….jpg)



Los Angeles is a company town.

Nobody in the entertainment business gets prosecuted.

a4c3a2  No.2877274

File: 0d745126050263b⋯.gif (960.37 KB, 245x180, 49:36, jacks-complete-lack-of-sur….gif)

3687f3  No.2877275

File: 8a739c99a0058fa⋯.png (157.34 KB, 500x733, 500:733, juan-williams-thinks-that-….png)


58371f  No.2877276



SHOULD be 9-11…. That would be GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

f42c0c  No.2877277

File: fa7c8180571dd35⋯.png (563.72 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_3120.PNG)

File: b32655c0bce7f88⋯.png (627.58 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_3121.PNG)

phonefag. is this related to Q California wildfires

5877ea  No.2877278


Money is the current(cy) (cy = see = sea) of the curse…….. So the process of this OPPT document is the processing of a curse….. the combining of MANS life-force-energy as the sea of the curse. This is blatant black-magic of the worst kind. Where are they directing all this accumulating Life-Force-Energy?

Here's some links to the original word-smith's, the Christians (it's their last name, not their religion).

GOOD sauce on how our language has been corrupted… correction, GREAT sauce.

Their life's work, Love for Life blog is being blocked by AUS, but found this in the meantime… they have done much work and they KNOW!


ab420e  No.2877279

File: 9545bdc5c9565c1⋯.png (68.43 KB, 500x554, 250:277, IMG_2131.PNG)

let us kill the devil before us and sort out the victims afterwards

62b881  No.2877280

File: 1a9b34799c309f1⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1599x861, 13:7, LREBLOCKED.PNG)

private jet out of Little Rock with Blocked escort.

22fcbf  No.2877281


Creeeepy AF!!

78887f  No.2877282


ebot, you better mean Obummer and not GEOTUS.

You shit post and don't live here…

But you should tread very carefully when saying things like that.

b0cbbb  No.2877283

did you anons ever get the sushi

you were craving last night?

d0db90  No.2877284

notables so far


>>2877089 President Trump's job approval rating among Hispanics in Florida is at 54%

>>2877106 Kamala Harris Husband

>>2877148 Facebook building a physical 'war room' for US midterm elections 'arms race'

>>2877180 US, Turkey Agree 'Any' Syrian Offensive in Idlib 'Unacceptable' - US State Dept

>>2877221 Cardinal Wuerl met with Pope Francis about crisis in D.C. diocese

>>2877232 Obstruction: Democrats Begin Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing with 62 Interruptions

bb9bbe  No.2877285

File: bceddc18babd32f⋯.png (860.01 KB, 617x881, 617:881, Jesus-Christ-is-coming.png)

c9c23c  No.2877286


So much of Mossad's techniques involve them banking on us accepting the crypto-jews. Kick that leg off the table.

068304  No.2877287


Then why have small market Cleveland or Kansas City been in three of the last four World Series?

ab420e  No.2877288

File: a1e3e8d10ec06e8⋯.jpg (18.68 KB, 320x240, 4:3, IMG_2257.JPG)

File: 113f1a52777e3ee⋯.jpg (38.42 KB, 384x384, 1:1, IMG_2258.JPG)

58371f  No.2877289



3687f3  No.2877290

File: 035a548a949aa04⋯.jpg (164.14 KB, 1024x767, 1024:767, 36079802062_119c9e61c5_b.jpg)

Black turd.

76a55b  No.2877291

File: 08430ee151b2f1b⋯.png (46.02 KB, 642x643, 642:643, ClipboardImage.png)


actually based off of Nikes statement, he was getting paid by Nike for 2 years, the whole time. It was a long con publicity stunt on the American people. Manufactured outrage. This shit is sickening.


45bcb3  No.2877292


so the pedos decided not to charge the pedos.

makes sense.

1b8b74  No.2877293


Threaten the President moar please, it's funny watching those get paid usss visits..

I know we'll never see it, but we'll know it happened by your sudden absence one day.

So by all means, continue being retarded :D

b4ecc3  No.2877294


Cubans don't like commies no matter what the liberals say.

835bc2  No.2877295

File: 86b8933261bd1f8⋯.jpg (56.94 KB, 832x458, 416:229, Brit Soldiers for EU.jpg)

File: b3e6238cd6538b3⋯.png (502.97 KB, 676x630, 338:315, Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at ….png)

British soldiers deployed under EU badge

What about NATO?


Nick Clegg lie: EU Army rumors are a dangerous fantasy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ruu-4f6ugA

Europe, this is BAD news.

d82495  No.2877296

File: c65b876f02b888e⋯.png (215.74 KB, 644x500, 161:125, Chelsea_Twats_ Rosenbergs ….png)

Good for Keks now,

But soon very real…..

aa44a2  No.2877297


I listen for research. its getting tough for Libs to tow the line for illegals. specially if the Latino's are starting to support him. they don't want this place turning into Mexico.

248d53  No.2877298

File: d88be7915ec6bf5⋯.jpg (81.4 KB, 954x960, 159:160, 40465529_10160707961870183….jpg)

0dae65  No.2877299

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The team may have saved a lot of time and resources if they had researched Russell Jay Gould the Postmaster General.

The same person who in 1999 registered our flag with the UN since the US government, Inc had to vacate it's offices, and Britain would have "captured" our flag due to the bankruptcy of the US 1928/1933, not officially recognized until 1936.

Ranging from a few minutes to an hour there are 14 videos.

Lots of not so common knowledge.

Yo Spec Ops, listen up!

b81b1b  No.2877300


why the 18th? Q was pretty clear that it would be today? I'm wondering why the delay for 14 days?

046b8d  No.2877301

File: b4c4320cec8ee92⋯.png (27.25 KB, 371x197, 371:197, Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at ….png)


Come on. 50% of Florida's population has to be retired jewish grandmothers.

Why does the census track population by "race" but not consider jewish a race?


3a1716  No.2877302

File: 330728c7e3f3dbe⋯.png (161.42 KB, 542x532, 271:266, ABadge1.png)


If you need time, we'll be here when you get back. Take some "Me" time.

78887f  No.2877303



That's fine…

but really kind of points to fagOTUS being GEOTUS.

Let's stick to the homosexual stuff and stay away from Presicide.

9e1f97  No.2877305

>>2877166 going by the look on Kav’s face it’s almost like a message being sent to show he’s vulnerable. Rosenstein watching with a big smile on his face.

ebf758  No.2877306


This just bizarre no matter how you cut it.

2c9894  No.2877307


Just Don't is perfect

bb9bbe  No.2877308


Why doesn't BO delete? We can't escape hateful anti-Trump propaganda from bots even here?

ab420e  No.2877309

File: f736dccaa20fbe3⋯.png (96.23 KB, 500x391, 500:391, did-you-know-marcus-aureli….png)

File: 76febd615945e61⋯.png (83.16 KB, 500x382, 250:191, romeWTF.png)


jesus escaped the cia assassination and started islam with the help of star trek

d02992  No.2877310

File: c6b5c22e57c1a25⋯.jpg (126.17 KB, 852x569, 852:569, AngelsInTheVatican.jpg)

3513de  No.2877311



Yeah he has a weird expression on his face. Wonder whats going through his head

e68357  No.2877312

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

THESE FUCKING CRY BABY BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



7ac73d  No.2877313


I have to wear shades all the time now. POTUS’ brilliance make my eyes water.

cf9180  No.2877314

>>2877289 That look you get after meeting your Executioner!

25cace  No.2877315


TY!!! I like coming up with ideas, but am shiity at making them.

Maybe one with declassify more bold and nike less. To bring more attention to the declassify.

Great job anon.

a4aa3e  No.2877316


Chatting with a bot….

d323a0  No.2877317


They dont have to go back

e4f825  No.2877318



I can't wait

3a1716  No.2877319


Now we know why the state wants to split up.

840302  No.2877320


i think that today was the threat, and actual declas will be related to the new AAG appointmen which has a sept. 18 deadline.

58371f  No.2877321

87bfe7  No.2877322

067c06  No.2877323

File: cceeaa1677d6a51⋯.jpg (459.29 KB, 640x960, 2:3, Thank-You-Planefags-1.jpg)


Love you, Planefags! Thanks for being our eyes on the skies!

311c81  No.2877324

File: c60c0b4c50e6282⋯.png (2.18 MB, 2100x1275, 28:17, IDKWTHHB.png)

04f6b2  No.2877325


It's a nonsensical bot. Disregard it completely.

d0db90  No.2877326

foreal though, I don't get this

why is POTUS seemingly continuing the Hussein/HRC/NoName backing of these jihadis in idlib????

we should be HELPING the Syrian Government and the Ruskies take idlib and the rest of their country to rid it of these damned jihadis already, not threatening moar with attacks and warnings that IF they try to take back their country, its a bad thing. The ChemWeapon FFs were done by these SAME jihadis, and if we attack AGAIN, its ridiculous

I really don't get it

I hope we are helping the Syrian Government/Russia behind the scenes, and this is just a show in public for optics, I really hope it is

I TRUST POTUS, and I hope he knows we should be helping the SAA and Russians, while keeping Iran and Hezbollah in check

rant over

4f78dd  No.2877327




Then use the link below to download our work!



Understand this is NOT a chat room, lurk for a few weeks AT LEAST before posting and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE READ OUR WORK, watch how the board operates, learn our comms, use discernment to evaluate who is friend or foe and learn how shills operate!



P.S. Anyone who has an issue with boobs needs to go learn the history of qresearch and what the legends who work here have done for YOU!

e97774  No.2877328

File: 750615a4ae954e5⋯.jpg (37.05 KB, 640x360, 16:9, williams_statement_FNC_102….jpg)

78887f  No.2877329

File: c11a851335e47e3⋯.jpg (28.12 KB, 400x400, 1:1, tumblr_nft6iv5Dnj1r0h23jo1….jpg)


Much better.

Thank you for being so considerate.

You've been considerate before, so I'm thanking you now.

ff7531  No.2877330

File: c05301fea860341⋯.png (215.65 KB, 489x349, 489:349, ClipboardImage.png)

ab420e  No.2877331




feltcher cronyism desperate for false martyrs

trannyshillin trannyraptors do the same thing

58371f  No.2877332



bb9bbe  No.2877333

File: f1943731b8c6e40⋯.png (390.48 KB, 892x877, 892:877, FAKE.png)

f42c0c  No.2877334


top kek

c8cd87  No.2877335

File: d1265dbee93cd9f⋯.jpg (103.46 KB, 622x410, 311:205, Judgment xx.jpg)

File: 57d6fba29f56785⋯.jpg (169.7 KB, 1107x554, 1107:554, Dr. Strange Tarot.jpg)


>Dude, so get this. You made me remember one of the many crazy dreams I've been having since I started on the Q train.

I've had some startling dreams myself since this started. Perhaps downloading information from a "higher" place. Or entity.

>However, I had a dream the following day of crocodile people attacking others at the mall and I had to hide while others fought them off.

Draco Reptilians?



Trump has his own Card.


Even Carl Jung couldn't fully extrapolate the depth of The Tarot.

It represents many of the 7 Hermetic Principles.

They contain some of the deepest hidden symbolism.

The archetypes are a personal journey.

We're all a deck of Cards in this life Anon.

We must choose our Cards wisely.

0 is The Fool.

It's Nothing.

The Beginning.

1 is The Magician.

The All.

The End.

The journey from 0 to 1.

It's a choice.

It's binary.

The simplest of all equations.

Do you choose to be a 1?

Do you add to the multiverse?

Or a zero to every 1?

(((The Fool))) is always waiting…

>The problem is choice. - Neo

ebf758  No.2877336

File: 2c8167eefdc5588⋯.jpg (418.86 KB, 3664x2336, 229:146, gv20auy9brgy.jpg)

File: b861c791af13a0c⋯.png (435.95 KB, 633x442, 633:442, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at ….png)

File: 4f8ef2534479119⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1084x597, 1084:597, Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at ….png)

File: 7ae1a724b244273⋯.png (984.91 KB, 1139x608, 1139:608, Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at ….png)


TY Anon. There's FLOTUS's in the last bread?? On it!! KEK!!

78887f  No.2877337


No, I'm chatting with its programmer.

He's alright duder.

3a1716  No.2877338


After Castro, you blame them? Kek

5bd449  No.2877339


very strange how they were all looking….as if they were expecting something to happen

151f9a  No.2877340


Okay, maybe just maybe those charges was not as serious as the next ones to be brought against them. Also I guess they did help a little in awakening people to hollywood pedo shit.

c5bbbf  No.2877341


Yah, seemed very clear it was to be Declassified and Released today!!

e509c9  No.2877342


If you look closely there appears to be something around the cuff of the man's shirt.

Could be nothing dangerous but it looks odd.

ab420e  No.2877343

File: cf71c71a5e03855⋯.png (124.47 KB, 500x561, 500:561, how-felt-when-negan-shaved….png)

File: 3038d2039e86dc8⋯.png (104.15 KB, 500x359, 500:359, marcus-aurelius-looks-like….png)

File: ac191b75a6f9791⋯.jpg (67.74 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-anybody-who-thinks-t….jpg)

b38069  No.2877344


Something I'm looking into.

5877ea  No.2877345




Can you provide sauce/info for us to understand what the meanings are behind these Trump cards and how they affect a reading and the rest of the deck of cards?

a4aa3e  No.2877346


Oh okay, carry on kek

9dbc82  No.2877347

File: 4b5fc49b4072408⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1293x874, 1293:874, Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at ….png)


LA County

just as swampy as DC

Trust Huber

Trust Horowitz

Trust Sessions

Trusr Wray

e509c9  No.2877348

File: 4e1810513dbe732⋯.jpeg (87.86 KB, 384x623, 384:623, image.jpeg)



81edec  No.2877349


It's probably just gas. Maybe don't eat so close to bed time

bb9bbe  No.2877350

File: a0c96086bb92542⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1240x930, 4:3, sethiswithus.png)

b38069  No.2877351

We are on to something today.

Ebot upping the post count.

Trying to spoil the bread.

That's how you know.

Keep digging


78887f  No.2877352



trannyshillin trannyraptors do things like call for the death of the President.

You're better than that, and better than joking about it.

6535a7  No.2877353

File: 24064ac977acf67⋯.jpg (34.72 KB, 510x422, 255:211, 0bamapick.jpg)


>JUST IN: President Trump's job approval rating among Hispanics in Florida is at 54%, that's higher than his approval rating among white people - Quinnipiac


>Cubans don't like commies no matter what the liberals say.

Neither do folks from Puerto Rico.

Real Puerto Ricans (from the island, not NYC) work for a living and have tight-nit families.

They are Trump supporters.

Whole bunch of good folks went to Florida from PR after the hurricane.

Dems scrambled to register them to vote. But a LOT more of them are Trump supporters than the dems counted on.

Now they are fucked because a LOT of the folks the dems registered will be voting for Trump endorsed candidates …

Stupid fucking leftards.

55796a  No.2877354


WHY does he do this?

Is it because the Parkland shooting was a false flag?

58371f  No.2877355


And since when does Q or POTUS announce their moves?

3a1716  No.2877356

File: ff2d354b49a0a39⋯.png (46.87 KB, 596x371, 596:371, AQ21.PNG)

Sarah's sick burn!

840302  No.2877357


ebot is my city

b1a75d  No.2877358

File: 28f4e5ada388fd7⋯.jpg (39.56 KB, 225x322, 225:322, 10124.jpg)

>>2876868 (pb)

>>2876886 (pb)

No wonder Rice has a scowl and weird eyes?

If stuff surfaces on this dude, her neck is in the noose.

55796a  No.2877359

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

046b8d  No.2877360


Don't be confused.

It looked like Russia was bombing yesterday/today. (Anon posted link this morning.)

Russia and US are coordinating to push back ISIS.

ST6 Magic sword this weekend.

Then Russia.

Publicly - "Assad, don't be naughty."

Privately, Assad won't be touching that shit. Will be getting his country back soon.

US and Russia to remove ISIS (which also looks like Iran sometimes.)

Remember how Putin and Hussein used to disagree on the Middle East? I think Russia might not be our favorite country, but they want ISIS gone, too.

08f5d0  No.2877361

File: 86f5d3851fe578f⋯.png (173.17 KB, 640x576, 10:9, FireHose.png)

1b8b74  No.2877362


the message was for it's operator ;)

f5a3a9  No.2877363


Expected more replies to the poll but still entertaining. Lunatic who claims the MSM has no reason to deceive us and all journalists are honest and have integrity, doesn't need to look into Q because she just knows HAHAHAHA I love these leftists. they're so sure of themselves that they don't even need to research anything. There's a word for that…hubris.

1a58cf  No.2877364


There should be a separate bread to dig on midterm candidates….so we can all spread memes of the truth

ce58f5  No.2877365


Operation Magic Sword…… just like in the movie, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978), where they use mosquitoes to spread encephalitis.

c7d455  No.2877366


I stopped watching Basketball after the brazen rigging of the 2002 Championship game between the Kings and Lakers.

That game was so blatantly rigged, I'm honestly shocked people didn't just walk out during the game!

ab420e  No.2877367

File: 689d593993ccf65⋯.jpg (307.84 KB, 1024x1296, 64:81, young_joseph_stalin_drawin….jpg)

2ef9ee  No.2877368


My first thought was that he had some type of poison that could be absorbed through the skin. They'd play the whole emotionally disturbed father of a survivor angle and anyone suggestion DS involvement a crazy conspiracy theorist.

58371f  No.2877369


He's just looking for answers. Wouldn't you?

d02992  No.2877370


We will not telegraph our moves to the enemy, we will however light a fire to smoke them out.

Paraphrasing so forgive me if I'm wrong.

e71402  No.2877371

File: e6a68548a81daff⋯.png (350.95 KB, 587x862, 587:862, Q LINDA SASOUR BITCH PAKI ….PNG)

Linda Sarsour arrested in congress meeting details (image)

6535a7  No.2877372

File: 8c651928c2ad858⋯.gif (512.03 KB, 352x240, 22:15, moldilocksbtfo.gif)


Sarah Sanders bringin' the lumber !

3a1716  No.2877373

File: f66a5b8b2b0b8ba⋯.png (19.51 KB, 583x182, 583:182, AQ23.PNG)


70 People arrested by Cap Police

e1f5f1  No.2877374

File: d409dc99a65239f⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1242x1387, 1242:1387, nike stones.png)

04f6b2  No.2877375


Spic! Racist is just a bad word for white people. Go fuck yourself

248d53  No.2877376


Holy shit that is insane

cfa938  No.2877377

File: 3730fd649feb7ff⋯.png (3.41 MB, 1360x1991, 1360:1991, tmp.png)



Is okay anon. Come back rested and well.

So much chit chat shills bots right now and I don't have time to post I can only lurk sorry.

Will join all as soon as I can.

Remember anons we are winning BIG

Never reply to bots and shills for the thrills.

1e1f6f  No.2877378

File: 1751499d5c06e31⋯.png (797.24 KB, 1138x699, 1138:699, LAPD PEDO.png)


Oh gee I wonder why

e509c9  No.2877379


Like the earlier bread: kudos anon

e97774  No.2877380

File: b6e7414d1c9efa1⋯.jpg (31.77 KB, 666x387, 74:43, 92703d238a5d6a27cacce4ea37….jpg)


I Know, he's always been one.

That Dirty Beaner!

ebf758  No.2877381

File: dce6992450ebe4a⋯.png (95.77 KB, 392x340, 98:85, ClipboardImage (33).png)



I have always remembered my dreams. FAR more than anyone I know. For about a year before this, the ONLY dream I had (And I do not have recurring dreams, ever) was of being in a classroom, with a big wipe board, and a teacher or two, and a bunch of people I shared bonds with, but didn't know.

And I could never put my finger on what we were discussing. But we weren't quite getting it. Been here since day 1, and I swear it was US.

Now I have dreams about being on here and working with other groups, every single night.

Been a ride on many levels Anons. Thank You for ALL of this.


aa44a2  No.2877382

The big news Today was Emanuel stepping out.

watching London for Khan To quit,

that was Rahms clone.

5c1550  No.2877383


Since this is the first time I've ever said it, I think

you might be wrong.

Besides that, slide? Have you ever watched Potter?

This is a main part of the "program."

When it comes to the bad guy.

a742c4  No.2877384

File: 8e6fdb66aa1120e⋯.png (60.11 KB, 446x811, 446:811, hrc17tweets.PNG)

Who is in control of Hrc's Twatter?

17 tweets on Kavanaugh that Q links to

f7c5f9  No.2877385

File: f546b8e7c355f5c⋯.png (339.62 KB, 392x374, 196:187, Shut-Up Goy.png)

ab420e  No.2877386


i can think of at least five to twenty mureders i can pin to the faggot preterm, ergo, the devil must be dealt with , and the catholics have a humming sword that was forged from the WW1 bullshit the trannyshillin lynn but the people through

2ef9ee  No.2877387


In fact fetanyl could fit the bill and considering the opioid epidemic it wouldn't be as suspicious a substance to come by.

d0db90  No.2877388


I'm not talking about ISIS, they have barely any territory and don't do the FFs like al qaeda and NoName's rebels do

I'm talking about Idlib

moar threats of attacking the SAA for trying to take back their country from 'moderate' beheaders and al qaeda

56989b  No.2877389

File: d2e73dc1025dfbc⋯.jpg (17.49 KB, 474x266, 237:133, thC0A37W22.jpg)

a1ca9c  No.2877390



ebf758  No.2877391

2816cb  No.2877392


Linda Sarsour among the arrested - good!

a43f55  No.2877393

new fag here. Given the pro illegal invasion and anti gun positions of the father, it seems logical to me that he may either be being blackmailed OR he's "in on it" and the death of his daughter a sacrifice? And he did say prior to this he was going to do "everything he could" to help insure Kav did NOT get approved. I'll go back to lurking now.



d02992  No.2877394

File: 2d9a0e42112734b⋯.jpg (166.11 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, SF1.jpg)

58371f  No.2877395


Ole Wan Valdez…

5877ea  No.2877396


How TF does this clown get that close to Kavenaugh!

How the HELL does he even get in to the chamber for this hearing???

FUKERY! and a set-up, that's how!

Parkland dad is a pedo AND he's no one of any importance to even be there. let alone in the front with access!

0a011a  No.2877397



Mentioned it a few breads ago but listen to Trump

>Madeleine is the key. She’s the secret. Because she’s the person . ..

Trump: Right. Well, I assume that means it’s going to be a negative book. But you know, I’m some — I’m sort of 50 percent used to that. [Laughter] That’s all right. Some are good and some are bad. Sounds like this is going to be a bad one.

BW: It was a chance missed, and I don’t know how things work over there in terms of . ..

Trump: Very well. We . ..

BW: . . . getting to you.

Trump: Well, if you would call Madeleine [Westerhout] in my office . . . Did you speak to Madeleine?

BW: No, I didn’t. But I . ..

Trump: Madeleine is the key. She’s the secret. Because she’s the person . ..

BW: Well, I talked to Raj [Shah] about it. I talked to . . . I talked to Kellyanne.

Trump: Well, a lot of them are afraid to come and talk, or — you know, they are busy. I’m busy. But I don’t mind talking to you. I would’ve spoken to you. I spoke to you 20 years [ago] and I spoke to you a year and a half or two years ago.

3a1716  No.2877398


Man, my blender has that symbol!

6535a7  No.2877399

File: 2f474b001ba1a17⋯.gif (158.63 KB, 550x397, 550:397, jihadijohn.gif)


>watching London for Khan To quit,

This won't happen.

London is moozlum now.

411b9c  No.2877400



fucking upside down inverted world

e71402  No.2877401

File: e15e25e3fcb217e⋯.png (725.32 KB, 848x598, 424:299, Q LINDA SASOUR BITCH PAKI ….PNG)


also arrested in March

can't she be shot? ooop I mean deported

e2399a  No.2877402



70 people?

Did they keep letting new ones in after they dragged the others out?

d6405d  No.2877403


Bail needs to be set at 5k more than what Soros paid them for showing up.

f42c0c  No.2877404



f542ae  No.2877405


Clowns have all the Judges comped

They gotta go or there will never be justice there.


78887f  No.2877406


Oh yeeeeeeeeah…

You also claim he did pedo stuff.

You can claim he did that…

But can you prove any of it?

b36701  No.2877407

Looked in Notables and no mention….

Any Declass today?

25cace  No.2877408


I have another one for you……….



ab420e  No.2877409

have frumpo fagOTUS try the "black eye challenge" the pope knows the ceremony

9dbc82  No.2877410

File: 95a52bd609476a1⋯.png (598.02 KB, 929x924, 929:924, Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at ….png)

File: 34bf3cbb2424ff9⋯.png (245.13 KB, 635x400, 127:80, Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at ….png)

Illegal immigrant used Pennsylvania store owner's gun against him, nearly killing him, police say




here we go again…

58371f  No.2877411



dda4c9  No.2877413

DECLAS now or after Kavanaugh confirmation?

ff7531  No.2877414


opoid epidemic is just cleansing our society of addiction and unproductive people. why is fentynal death row drug too? Just think…. lowest unemployment in history… how did that happen?

840302  No.2877415


she advocates for sharia law and should be deported or prosecuted

68ad69  No.2877416


You see a lot of these guys doing this sort of hand motion, face. Any Illuminati experts know if it is a sort of spell or?

56989b  No.2877417


that's why I said it was a fuckery job.. they purposely somehow got in there all at once

248d53  No.2877418

File: b32f6ecfa5931d3⋯.jpg (35.27 KB, 530x298, 265:149, 2h7nsp.jpg)

d02992  No.2877419





a4debd  No.2877420


Sarsour has worked closely with left-wing Jewish groups including Jewish Voice for Peace and Jews for Racial and Economic Justice.

ab420e  No.2877421


25k sealed with the name julian over and over is half the case, the rest are just his supporters

04f6b2  No.2877422


Kill em. Not trolling or kidding I am tired of these disgusting rats existing. Put a bullet in each of them. Tianneman square em

6a10bd  No.2877423

File: c43b33dc648b27f⋯.jpeg (207.13 KB, 1020x1024, 255:256, 52FD098D-2732-4B7F-AEF5-3….jpeg)

a55f0c  No.2877424



398a9c  No.2877425

File: 78d6102b9e4c681⋯.jpg (156.05 KB, 1033x1300, 1033:1300, happy-redhead-woman-childr….jpg)

198d63  No.2877426


^^^^THIS^^^ is brilliant!!!!

e9ffaa  No.2877427

yo who's got that fresh nike commie meme

e68357  No.2877428



0919bf  No.2877429

File: 95e57e342d4f16c⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1434x1252, 717:626, CoyoteUgly.png)


e71402  No.2877430


thee's the jews AGAIN

3c191b  No.2877431

File: a7fea81aefe1333⋯.jpg (165.1 KB, 1093x762, 1093:762, 1.JPG)

Nike stock down $4.2B after Kaepernick stunt

1b91ca  No.2877432

File: 8c78bec248cb08d⋯.jpg (41.49 KB, 524x512, 131:128, HRC-sendintheCLONES.jpg)

b1a75d  No.2877433


Nay, Not close enough to be a clone.

Just a look alike.

04f6b2  No.2877434


Cut that cunt's ugly head off. Martial Law now

3a1716  No.2877435

File: 45ef3bf8e48699b⋯.png (661.71 KB, 882x434, 63:31, AQ24.PNG)




Baker give credit to >>2877373

78887f  No.2877436



That's an interesting twist.

But… interestingly, if nothing is being done behind the scenes, why are there 50,000+ sealed indictments across the US [what % = USA v. X?]? Coincidence vs. HUBER start?

50% USA vs JA?

He'll HAVE to dump everything he has THEN, right?

ab420e  No.2877437


shoot yourself in the head like your daddy so the death cult can play with huindu demons and eat babies .

choose the .45

5877ea  No.2877438

File: 1edc4a4c66c195c⋯.gif (977.04 KB, 500x381, 500:381, noose gif.gif)


At what point do they close the doors to allow justice and law to rule the day?

This is an act, one that POTUS needs normies to see, but that's enough already. Let's get some work done.

The madness stems from their last-ditch effort to stop the practice of law in this country. They all know they will hang for their crimes and this is PANIC!

58371f  No.2877439


They won't shut up until someone (((One of them))) is convicted and dies…

d6405d  No.2877440

File: d4fe7a050debf63⋯.jpg (68.38 KB, 920x747, 920:747, 920x920.jpg)

4c1b65  No.2877441

File: 9b90b47889080d3⋯.jpg (270.15 KB, 467x700, 467:700, james-upham-memorial.jpg)

File: 28824fa8b462898⋯.jpg (84.4 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1939-iron-cross-first-clas….JPG)

File: 6f3725aa29e171a⋯.jpeg (106.3 KB, 546x1214, 273:607, img.jpeg)

File: a508858fae75609⋯.jpg (36.68 KB, 645x344, 15:8, 645x344-substitute-teacher….jpg)

Hahaha he was a Freemason, James B Upham creator of the Nazi salute the same used to be used for the pledge of allegiance. Some fucking coincidence!!!


a5bec7  No.2877442


I bet they had a Dry Mouth?

e4f825  No.2877443



( I'm not even kidding.kek. "aspirin""actor")

cc8c59  No.2877444


I want to frame it and put in my office!!

1f9bb7  No.2877445

Did Juan Williams just equate protesting Nike to protesting the American Flag?

b4ecc3  No.2877446


Hopefully he's not seeking re-election because he's gonna be locked up in his mysterious Chicago warehouse black site.

e9ffaa  No.2877447

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ab420e  No.2877448


these pedoraptors are associated with the fagOTUS serial killer you stupid faggot

6ef825  No.2877449


Good news.

b1a75d  No.2877450



body doubles.

Less glamorous?

Simpler explanation, especially since they are not identical

248d53  No.2877451


I dont understand how it was allowed for more than 5 seconds. This isnt a freedom of speech issue, its a fucking supreme court confirmation hearing. That would be like me interrupting a city hall meeting with the mayor. You cant do that shit

56989b  No.2877452

File: 410a090d812ce49⋯.jpg (18.22 KB, 475x266, 25:14, th2MXXKWUH.jpg)

3a1716  No.2877453


Sorry should be, >>2877392

f5a3a9  No.2877454


>why is fentynal death row drug too?

Because states can't get the 3-drug or midazolam so they just OD the prisoner

e4f825  No.2877455


With digits like that, YOU MUST!

25cace  No.2877456


In and Out Burger for the 2nd night.

04f6b2  No.2877457


Typical dumb nigger. Not surprised. Best not to listen at all, nigger rambling is not even worth arguing against.

385f97  No.2877458

File: ae744a11da6042d⋯.png (278.3 KB, 1046x641, 1046:641, Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at ….png)

a742c4  No.2877459



He has been busy too

35f371  No.2877460


BORN IN 1905

248d53  No.2877461


You know the cabal shit their pants when they heard that announcement today. that is HUGE win for America

da9c00  No.2877462

File: f47c66f6d00960a⋯.jpeg (265.56 KB, 1724x1199, 1724:1199, 9C6A74CD-CE1C-4DD5-BA7F-6….jpeg)

78887f  No.2877463


Let's just continue with this line of thought, then.

Who did fagOTUS kill, and did he personally do it?

27c094  No.2877464


To retain fans and make the game exciting.

>>2877150 Parity yes. Sadly, I stopped watching.

9dbc82  No.2877465

File: 6e779715905fe28⋯.png (854.65 KB, 1020x766, 510:383, Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at ….png)

68c14b  No.2877466

File: b493b099681df10⋯.jpg (710.54 KB, 1997x1677, 1997:1677, Q Pic.jpg)


She's Smart.

7ac73d  No.2877468


Interesting. Sure ties in with recent prepping for FF.

aa44a2  No.2877469


I Agree. still its a powder Keg. keeping watch.

ab420e  No.2877470


she changed shape after sucking up all the wtc souls

bb9bbe  No.2877471


Q posts on a board with an anti-POTUS creepy satano-propaganda bot FOR A REASON… I'm just not sure what it is.

But I encourage anons, such as there are, to consider the question.

be24d2  No.2877472


or an executive board meeting where Nike is discussing backing dumb NFL kneelers

d0db90  No.2877473



>>2877089 President Trump's job approval rating among Hispanics in Florida is at 54%

>>2877106 Kamala Harris Husband

>>2877148 Facebook building a physical 'war room' for US midterm elections 'arms race'

>>2877180 US, Turkey Agree 'Any' Syrian Offensive in Idlib 'Unacceptable' - US State Dept

>>2877221 Cardinal Wuerl met with Pope Francis about crisis in D.C. diocese

>>2877232 Obstruction: Democrats Begin Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing with 62 Interruptions

>>2877295 British soldiers deployed under EU badge

>>2877373 >>2877435 70 People arrested at Kavanaugh's hearing, including SarSour

>>2877280 Planefag update: Private jet out of Little Rock, AR with Blocked escort

e3f5af  No.2877474

File: 7da9c09f41a0b0e⋯.jpg (509.73 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, IMG_032.jpg)

e71402  No.2877475


hrc has one of the two front main teeth looks off colour, badly matched crown or dead nerves but the woman on the right does not seem to have this same discoloration

854e8a  No.2877476

File: d509501240852ab⋯.jpeg (48.81 KB, 388x339, 388:339, 807E0966-6E4B-4081-8E1A-5….jpeg)

6535a7  No.2877477


Shitty trigger discipline …. figures.

5b3912  No.2877478


whats that mean?

a4debd  No.2877479


You don't think that is interesting considering her muzzie-ism?

e2399a  No.2877480


>they purposely somehow got in there all at once

The room didn't look like it was big enough for 70+ audience members all at once.

That's why I asked if they kept letting in new ones.

56989b  No.2877481

File: 3ba3f3497eade67⋯.jpg (72.57 KB, 440x661, 440:661, 440px-Melania_Trump_offici….jpg)

b81b1b  No.2877482


I think it's in reference to Q's query of who are the firewalls, Monday 08.27.18

>>2761932 rt >>2761474

9d088a  No.2877483


>Draco Reptilians?

No, I wouldn't say that. The idea of reptilians is absurd to me. I quite believe the idea of the "dragon" which was Lucifer and cite the book of Enoch. And as far as we know these people have been hiding fallen angels from us, blah, blah.

The crocodiles to me, meant the swamp. I had this dream the day before POTUS said be prepared for disaster, which really had me spooked begooked.

The Fool or the Magician huh?

Only one or the other?

I think not, I choose neither. I accept the whole journey, and at one point we are every card in that deck.

I much enjoy learning from each stage life has granted me, the ability to grow and change, learn from my lessons. The magician was once the fool, if it weren't for the fool's desire to take risks, he wouldn't have discovered the other part of who he was.

I'll just choose to be the whole deck, and expand my mind.

However, there are ever really two choices in life despite whatever journey you take, and that is good and evil.

And I already made the choice to do Good and humble myself.

04f6b2  No.2877484


Biggest story of the day. This scary motherfucker is a foreign agent of Israeli mossad. It was probably no accident that Chicago became an incredibly violent shithole lately. That was more than likely his zionist task.

1a52b4  No.2877485

File: 583d2cecdc68057⋯.png (850.53 KB, 1880x934, 940:467, AZAZ0909 DCx2_2018-09-04_2….png)

File: deef3942265a513⋯.png (891.59 KB, 1880x934, 940:467, AZA0909_2018-09-04_223522.png)

Both AZAZ0909 planes from Wilmington to DC Davison & Albany to DC JBA.

2c9894  No.2877486


The unbelievable come-from-way-behind Super Bowl win by the Patriots a couple of years ago was my finest NFL moment, and I've been a Tom Brady fan since before Bledsoe got injured. If that game was rigged, the Patriots said fuck the rigging in Q3 and went rogue. That being said, the NFL can now kiss my ass.

ab420e  No.2877487



false martyr

false witnessing


ff7531  No.2877488


Trump is a bad puppet, he messes up the plan alot.

b81b1b  No.2877489


classiest bakergirl on the board. well played.

7ac73d  No.2877490


Something was anticipated.

9dbc82  No.2877491


Can't wait for this front hole to go down



be24d2  No.2877492


I watched it for most of the day. It looked like after the break more people came back in

bb9bbe  No.2877493

File: 48589b73abc3b5d⋯.png (268.76 KB, 461x566, 461:566, epsteinbakerobsession.png)

File: 2460f953db6bcbf⋯.png (227.32 KB, 466x427, 466:427, clownkitty1.png)

File: 2aba31ed33153ab⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1111x872, 1111:872, soonpope.png)

56989b  No.2877494


actually they cram them in there… im sure it sits at least 50

5877ea  No.2877495


This was just the pre-cursor to their life of crime. Corrupt CA judges allowed them to walk. They will be implicated further and they WILL hang for their crimes!


3a1716  No.2877496

File: 1bb253bb567cc3c⋯.png (60.23 KB, 568x570, 284:285, AQ25.PNG)

Nice summation.

bb9bbe  No.2877497

d02992  No.2877498

File: 9a06713188f7d28⋯.jpg (106.71 KB, 1254x704, 57:32, WalkAwayNike.jpg)

35f371  No.2877499


Glare on screen. Made mistake…born 1845.

4ac5db  No.2877500

File: 334c88425aa07fc⋯.jpg (64.19 KB, 1024x759, 1024:759, rs_1024x759-150609143124-1….jpg)

6535a7  No.2877501


Fukken saved.

87bfe7  No.2877502





you really think there is a president running the country

5dd9ed  No.2877503

File: 478a03cce36f02f⋯.jpg (835.43 KB, 2125x1800, 85:72, 31 mirror of 19.jpg)

File: d2dfdcaa4d4da0d⋯.jpg (459.34 KB, 1796x1200, 449:300, 19 mirror of 31.jpg)

File: 44090a626b2811a⋯.jpg (804.38 KB, 2246x1301, 2246:1301, 32 mirror of 18.jpg)

File: 4db2af3744db645⋯.jpg (479.88 KB, 1348x1294, 674:647, 18 mirror of 32.jpg)


Today's Q Clock

Pic 1

The US taxpayer is funding the very people we are engaged in taking down.

Think GS pays for Antifa out of his own pocket?

Wind the CLOCK.


Graphic form for each correlation a MUST.

This will break the MSM.


Today's Q Clock Mirror

Pic 2

Nothing is deleted.

No Such Agency.

Army Lt. Gen. Paul Nakasone


End of POTUS investigation?

Continue w/ other investigations?

Stage set?

Tomorrow's Q Clock

Pic 3

POTUS delete/install.

Some platforms will collapse under own weight of illegal activities.

When does SESSIONS step back in?

Goodlatte & Gowdy [important].

Today, EVIL lost control / leverage of Iran.

Why is HRC in NZ?

Suicide watch.

Tomorrow's Q Clock Mirror

Pic 4


WE are privileged to serve you.

We are taking action behind the scenes.

End of MSM.

Iran is next.


Sweet Dreams.


b23b35  No.2877504

Just got here Anons? Did it happen??

I told all my friends and family and social media spammed that DECLAS was today. Today’s the day we get the truth!

Anyone got the link to the DECLASed docs, i wanna spread em far and wide!

a4aa3e  No.2877505


So addicts are unproductive people? Maybe in their addiction but ANYONE can be affected. I became an addict after getting blown up in Afghanistan and spending a month in the hospital. It took me YEARS to get off that crap. Thank God I'm clean now and more productive.

ae71a1  No.2877506

File: 4ffafcacdf85f54⋯.jpeg (449.66 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, DEB6978F-4E23-4059-8D97-A….jpeg)

5be3df  No.2877507

File: 5c77a181e29134d⋯.jpg (35.7 KB, 572x475, 572:475, MEMEFACE.JPG)

Meme potential…


a836c4  No.2877508

File: a8ab328a19da9e4⋯.png (662.91 KB, 728x943, 728:943, ClipboardImage.png)

270 Strategies (270S)

270 Strategies (270S) is a consulting firm that was launched in 2013 by supporters of President Barack Obama. Their objective was to help left-wing “campaigns, companies, and causes” use “grassroots organizing” methods to “transform communities” and “keep doing big things to change the world” even after January of 2017, when Obama’s presidency was due to end. From 2013-15, the firm served more than 160 clients across a variety of sectors. In the political sphere, for instance, 270S’s clients included such groups as Battleground Texas, iVote, and Ready for Hillary. The organization also provided key services for Cory Booker’s 2013 run for the U.S. Senate (in New Jersey), Terry McAuliffe’s 2013 gubernatorial campaign in Virginia, Rahm Emanuel‘s 2015 mayoral re-election bid in Chicago, and Ro Khanna’s (unsuccessful) 2014 run for a congressional seat representing the Bay Area and Silicon Valley.

In areas not related directly to electoral politics, 270S has supported clients like the Service Employees International Union, Planned Parenthood, the Environmental Defense Fund, Everytown for Gun Safety, the College Board, and AARP to promote their respective agendas vis-a-vis a wide range of issues—including immigration reform, health care access, “women’s equality,” a higher minimum wage, education standards, and efforts to avert the purported dangers associated with “climate change.”

In September 2014, 270S launched a recurring six-week program that begins with five days of “intensive” campaign training at the organization’s Chicago headquarters (at a cost of $3,500 to each trainee), followed by an optional five weeks of volunteer work with an “an important Democratic campaign in the United States” (an opportunity that costs each trainee an additional $1,500).

270S was established by a team of six founding partners with deep ties to Democratic Party leaders and agendas. These founders were:

Jeremy Bird, who had previously worked for the presidential campaigns of Howard Dean (2003), John Kerry (2004), and Barack Obama (2008 and 2012); Meg Ansara, who had worked on the 2002 campaign of Senator Paul Wellstone (Minnesota) and the 2002 gubernatorial campaign of Robert Reich (Massachusetts); partnered with Jeremy Bird as a national trainer for staff at the Democratic National Committee in 2004; and served as the 2012 Obama For America campaign’s national regional director; Mark Beatty, who had helped develop Organizing For America’s initial program, served on Barack Obama’s 2008 Post-Election Task Force, and served as the deputy battleground-states director for Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign; Betsy Hoover, who had been the director of digital organizing for the 2012 Obama For America campaign, where she was responsible for “bridging the gap between online and offline organizing”; Mitch Stewart, a longtime political activist who had formerly worked for the Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party, the Environmental Defense Fund, the presidential campaign of then-Senator John Edwards, the re-election campaign of Senator Tom Daschle, and the 2012 Obama For America campaign (where he was the the battleground-states director); and Lynda Tran, a Battleground Texas advisory board member who previously had been appointed by President Obama to serve as director of communications for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at the U.S. Department of Transportation.


4f7f54  No.2877509


Sacramento, CA in out busy as usual.

thought maybenthe mentally ill

brigade might have an wffect here -nope, the mixed asian/philipino/hispanic majority here are too ignorant and chaotic to boycott anything, theyre just vaguely anti-trump and dont even know why….

ff7531  No.2877510


He has the power and will to interrupt 'the plan' when he disagrees with something

ab420e  No.2877511

File: 2767cd344662fc4⋯.png (409.49 KB, 1454x993, 1454:993, buttFUCKiTunes.png)

i should tell you how much i think this board is a crock of shit for being handled by the shit that caused this shithole to get a frumpo fronthole devil

b4ecc3  No.2877512


Took me a while to realize Trump was actually literally going to go after Obama.

They have to be realizing it now. Imagine when their voters realize it.

56989b  No.2877513

File: 048e6e2e4ae0165⋯.png (608.71 KB, 600x656, 75:82, 3333.png)


exactly..nice recap

046b8d  No.2877514


Remember the old fashioned morphing software? Morphing NoName to this one would be a lot of fun as a gif.

254c44  No.2877515


so Dave, can you make it for the game tonight or not?

we were expecting you last time

0b5f73  No.2877516

What a show today!

Wonder what tomorrow is gonna be like Q?

Please protect Kavanaugh!!

Of course POTUS!

ff7531  No.2877517


I said that is what they are doing, not that it is right to do it. I am an alcoholic myself.

cc7c41  No.2877518


Sorry, but that chick simply can not follow Sarah.

She may have made a good one before, but now, not so much.

04f6b2  No.2877519


The first game I ever attended in person as a kid was Brady's first against the Colts and Manning. Funny that they were picked to lose that one, but they won and never stopped winning. I hate the nfl now though. When Brady's done I am definitely done watching.

27c094  No.2877520

File: 71504a0594cbc41⋯.jpg (122.38 KB, 750x729, 250:243, rahm_emanuel_chicago_war_z….jpg)

File: 3123507cccaf4b4⋯.jpg (97.72 KB, 556x682, 278:341, LoopObamaRahm.jpg)

File: ba188804df76d54⋯.jpg (102.2 KB, 876x492, 73:41, Chicago Rahm UN.jpg)

File: efd0d9a38c0ccc0⋯.jpg (53.18 KB, 550x400, 11:8, Pelosi Rahm moloch.jpg)

File: 0d48419eb331366⋯.jpg (234.46 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, Chicago Rahm - Clinton UN.jpg)

5b3912  No.2877521

any one wondering what marcinko is up to these days? bet he would like to go hunting

4ac5db  No.2877522

File: 4fd9f4b4b0e5605⋯.jpg (42.35 KB, 500x450, 10:9, 4fd.jpg)

5877ea  No.2877523


^^^LOOK at CK's eyes!

Yes, it's all in the photo and reflections but that was PURPOSEFUL!

You are looking straight in to the eyes of EVIL!

bb9bbe  No.2877524

File: 09c6ff941780f9f⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, TrustJim.png)

File: a96f81cbc087419⋯.png (760.6 KB, 999x666, 3:2, Biden2020.png)

File: 8394372cef07a60⋯.png (3.13 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, facesof.png)

File: 406d137147ead22⋯.png (926.76 KB, 1203x840, 401:280, mildlynauseous.png)

File: a5306e0b2b29734⋯.png (1.44 MB, 848x1212, 212:303, Megs.png)

a1ca9c  No.2877525


51,000 to go…

3a1716  No.2877526

File: 05724bb938ec3c4⋯.png (459.79 KB, 654x587, 654:587, AQ32.PNG)



Tomorrow: Facebook, Twitter to Appear Before Senate Same Day as Kavanaugh

ebf758  No.2877527

File: 61d5dd450395c64⋯.png (817.73 KB, 1073x723, 1073:723, Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at ….png)

File: 0c1b0c4290f8725⋯.png (263.22 KB, 592x525, 592:525, Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at ….png)

File: 65434fc59674a0d⋯.png (138.22 KB, 330x508, 165:254, Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at ….png)

File: 1dc2528637a64d0⋯.png (266.09 KB, 327x485, 327:485, Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at ….png)

For any Twatter Anons. Also a good example of how #FakeNews just LIES. Fuckers.


198d63  No.2877528


There are functioning addicts but generally, as the addiction takes over, productivity decreases to the point of ceasing.

a4c3a2  No.2877529


>70 People arrested by Cap Police

That's a LOT of shills for one man

78887f  No.2877530

File: 855c946690199f7⋯.jpg (42.71 KB, 648x1000, 81:125, 2rrqih1.jpg)


The President doesn't have anywhere NEAR the "highest clearance".

6a10bd  No.2877531

File: d535426cd07c275⋯.jpeg (299.92 KB, 1125x1712, 1125:1712, D6C0A125-8777-48FE-9D2A-6….jpeg)

Colin hasn’t done shit to better the cause of so called “police brutality” how about just listen to the cop when he says stop moving, put your hands up, don’t reach for your pockets. Why aren’t they mad that blacks are killing each other non stop in Chicago? Fucking hypocrites.

1673d0  No.2877532

File: 235f0a4e4d3cf0e⋯.jpeg (134.68 KB, 341x506, 31:46, CD113F11-6C70-451D-BA7F-F….jpeg)

DAMNIT OF COURSE im phinefagging for the thread with FLOTUS memes galore!!! Love u frens

c6eb5c  No.2877533


Thank you for your service, ClockFag! o7


e3f5af  No.2877535

File: efce6f87892c197⋯.jpg (428.62 KB, 727x1280, 727:1280, IMG_035.jpg)

4ac5db  No.2877536


Were these protesters?

4f78dd  No.2877537

File: 87b71be544efde7⋯.png (404.74 KB, 643x353, 643:353, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c7456cb3fefefdd⋯.png (147.83 KB, 679x770, 97:110, ClipboardImage.png)

File: dfab5299866f855⋯.png (54.87 KB, 666x651, 222:217, ClipboardImage.png)

Google Notifies People Targeted by Secret FBI Investigation

Dozens of people reported receiving an email from Google revealing a potential FBI investigation into people who purchased malware.

At least dozens of people have received an email from Google informing them that the internet giant responded to a request from the FBI demanding the release of user data, according to several people who claimed to have received the email. The email did not specify whether Google released the requested data to the FBI.

The unusual notice appears to be related to the case of Colton Grubbs, one of the creators of LuminosityLink, a $40 remote access tool (or RAT), that was marketed to hack and control computers remotely. Grubs pleaded guilty last year to creating and distributing the hacking tool to hundreds of people.

Several people on Reddit, Twitter, and on HackForums, a popular forum where criminals and cybersecurity enthusiast discuss and sometimes share hacking tools, reported receiving the email.


27c094  No.2877538

File: 84911a0e797056a⋯.jpg (16.86 KB, 180x255, 12:17, Rahm - Bill Clinton eat ba….jpg)

File: f945ee4513eee7d⋯.jpg (390.82 KB, 1440x960, 3:2, Alwaleed-RahmEmmanuel-.jpg)

File: d7d1e6541db235f⋯.jpg (329.6 KB, 986x659, 986:659, Chicago60shot.jpg)

File: a9ce7a33f6bb1cc⋯.jpg (159.86 KB, 960x540, 16:9, ChicagoMurderschitownwwwes….jpg)

File: 9acba8d4a350bf5⋯.jpg (45.32 KB, 661x352, 661:352, CandaceOwensChicagoShootin….jpg)

5dd9ed  No.2877539


Nice dubz, anon. o7

2243e3  No.2877540



Trump talks to Woodward like you would to your 100-year-old grandparent.

04f6b2  No.2877541


Nah don't go overboard. All I see is a clueless nigger. The real evil are the ashkenazi kikes who own nike. Look them up.

da1fa1  No.2877542

File: 1843d1671fa8677⋯.png (927.27 KB, 960x720, 4:3, cpubach-05.png)

File: 792f40904dbd90d⋯.jpg (171.88 KB, 2084x1445, 2084:1445, 1533422069708.jpg)


I liked sid's cpu bach

a6c435  No.2877543

So does the confirmation vote today?

198d63  No.2877544


Brady is the only reason I watch the nfl. I don't know a thing about football.

bb9bbe  No.2877545


Fack, that's interesting, if not shopped. The people photographing and designing these things look at every tiny detail like that, no doubt. Certainly nothing "just random" about that….

d02992  No.2877546

File: 76fb2fd4dcbdd67⋯.jpg (66.18 KB, 648x364, 162:91, cortez.jpg)

cfa938  No.2877547

File: eec4328e2175b4a⋯.jpg (35.28 KB, 660x371, 660:371, trumq.jpg)

TheCabal is CRYING

no wonder why the shills and bots are flooding

double pay today

keep calm and dig on


Where we go one, we go all!

046b8d  No.2877548


Make her green. For Pepe.

3a1716  No.2877549

File: 0248a00e45c1c4d⋯.png (476.71 KB, 651x658, 93:94, AQ34.PNG)



Analyst Downgrades Facebook over ‘Toxic Brew’ of Slow Sales and Regulation Risk

ed637f  No.2877550

File: 93d7a18d9016732⋯.jpeg (386.51 KB, 1054x1568, 527:784, FE059FC3-064F-408F-AD30-0….jpeg)


Nice rope, gonna need a few more

cbf009  No.2877551


that was fucked up. Just watched it in slo mo.

Good for Kav for knowing what to do in an instant.

He should have been removed after that stunt, guards were fucking SLOW - that guy got too close and could've assaulted or poisoned him

ff7531  No.2877552


We don't focus on many cures either. It seems to be some book a dude wrote in 1945 which magically cures this disease which impacts a huge portion of the population, with an extremely low rate of long term success in treatment….. new solutions will bring about health, productivity and citizenship in America.

5be3df  No.2877553


Thank you for your service Anon

ab420e  No.2877554

notice how the despotic memes of the agenda drivers

are attempting a "arbiter of duress" or a "chmapion of vengenace" archetype

it is lame and homoerotic

e8414e  No.2877555

File: 7731e4c5e6a60a1⋯.png (161.34 KB, 1242x1334, 27:29, IMG_5740.PNG)

File: 199e67a9d943a61⋯.png (106.91 KB, 1242x656, 621:328, IMG_5741.PNG)

a4debd  No.2877556


the top 10 levels are >40k ft so to speak

e509c9  No.2877557


Yes. I have them. Give me your name and number and I'll fax them to you.

32a588  No.2877558


I shall be happy to watch this.

I'll be dead long before this reaches it's logical conclusion.

I laugh at those who 'wait and see"

I laugh at those who refuse to study history and see what is in front of them

I laugh at those who will become overt slaves.

I laugh at those who will not stand and fight.

I have warned, and those warnings have been ignored.

This is how liberty dies.

Thou shalt reap what thy sow.

I hope you enjoy harvest.

a742c4  No.2877559




e9ffaa  No.2877560

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5877ea  No.2877561



Actors- that's how.


I get how POTUS needs this show to allow the normies to see the insanity, but I've had enough.

This is mockery of our highest institutions at this point.

2c9894  No.2877562


Sorry you missed it. We were sworn to secrecy.

4f78dd  No.2877563

File: a0bd49a6fb3ddf1⋯.png (14.14 KB, 493x185, 493:185, ClipboardImage.png)

3a1716  No.2877564

File: 179abb39bfa0650⋯.png (539 KB, 659x668, 659:668, AQ44.PNG)




Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Testifies Before the House Energy and Commerce Committee Tomorrow

e2399a  No.2877565


>Took me a while to realize Trump was actually literally going to go after Obama.

At first he just wanted to be President to fix things.

After Obama made fun of him, he specifically wanted to humiliate Obama by undoing his 8 years of hackery.

But after Obama tried to frame him?

He is out for revenge, to destroy Obama and everything/everyone associated with him.

4ac5db  No.2877567

File: dfe10917e89d0b1⋯.jpg (94.14 KB, 787x500, 787:500, download.jpg)

27c094  No.2877568

File: 3472848cdd918dd⋯.jpg (145.48 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Chicago 2.jpg)

File: d598931331d453c⋯.png (3.26 MB, 1742x1200, 871:600, Chicago 3.png)

File: 23784c1f3360f01⋯.jpg (74.88 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Chicago F up.jpg)

File: f19a0418cead332⋯.jpeg (113.45 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, Chicago gang.jpeg)

File: 5625ad17406c948⋯.jpeg (480.8 KB, 1800x1013, 1800:1013, Chicago welcome 2.jpeg)

ed637f  No.2877569

File: 6acb8c782a9df07⋯.jpeg (442.64 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 4F54F1F0-C06D-4477-92FA-1….jpeg)

cbf009  No.2877570


the eyes were no doubt shopped

but it send the message

78887f  No.2877571


In stepped Admiral Rogers and now General Nakasone Satoshi-san.

Who has more clearance/knows more?

Those two, or Don Juanald?

a5bec7  No.2877572


Couldn’t agree more.


f542ae  No.2877573


I have them here on my desk right now.

ab420e  No.2877574




and then the satanist offers his wife for the cover up

bb9bbe  No.2877575

File: ebc2ec5817ae911⋯.png (61.26 KB, 165x260, 33:52, iCANT.png)

aa44a2  No.2877576


you Know Williams was at one time for anybody who comes to America must assimilate to our values. they set his Ass straight somewhere.

c6eb5c  No.2877577

>>2877549 Analyst Downgrades Facebook Over "Toxic Brew" of Slow Sales and Regulation Risk


Any MarketFags been following GOOG, FB, Twitter stocks leading up to these hearings?

bc853a  No.2877578

File: b82b51fce079a60⋯.jpg (155.05 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, NIKE_justdoit.jpg)

5c1550  No.2877579


How do the ones that are in controll (real control) get it?

They TAKE it.

Once you TAKE it, full clearance.

dark to light

103030  No.2877580


So you didn't get the email?

e9ffaa  No.2877581

File: 182dfaba23232fc⋯.jpeg (116.54 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 40658707_1021751406386579….jpeg)

Thank you to all you guys behind the scenes!! Working hard for justice, you give me hope

63a03c  No.2877582


this'll blow their heads clean off.

a4c3a2  No.2877583


Protesters, yes, including some inside the hearings disrupting for sure, not sure how many of that 70 was outside

b8cbb4  No.2877584

File: 79e12354f67f978⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1500x845, 300:169, 79e12354f67f9789a7b37f5dd3….png)

68ad69  No.2877585


Give the people who have retirement money in FB time to get out.

198d63  No.2877586


It's absolutely heartbreaking to see the fallout from these addictions. Everyone who is touched by it loses. I applaud our Patriot who was able to climb out from that dark place.

e8414e  No.2877587


dont link me to your gay bot comments fuck face

931fd5  No.2877588

File: 77f655ac8bad09e⋯.png (3.48 MB, 1920x6563, 1920:6563, screencapture-cnn-2018-09-….png)

File: 34c1a4943c1dc40⋯.png (3.88 KB, 408x116, 102:29, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 17b469d3f7b0bd9⋯.png (218.29 KB, 1725x902, 1725:902, ClipboardImage.png)

Learn to Read the Map

>with Gematria (attached map is not complete yet, I.P. project) Please don't stop reading!

(((CNN))) article because they are one of the most (((comp'd))) by (((Them))), therefore, most coded.

What's Gematria? (((Their))) sacred Kaballah says God created the Earth by merging the Letter with the Number with the Sound (vibration). Gematria = Geometry of Letters, or the numerical relationships between letters. Numbers supposedly have a certain vibration. Think music notes. Most basic cypher is a=1, b=2, c=3, …, z=26. Freemasons use the same codes. This is the code the elite use to affect TIME using the RITUALS of GEMATRIA. Use http://www.gematrinator.com/calculator/index.php to decode for yourself and start learning more. I'm still learning.

Why should I care? Q has been teaching us Gematria since NOVEMBER 2, 2017. And not many of us have grasped the significance of it yet! Learn!

>Anonymous ID: pGukiFmX No.147588421

>Nov 2 2017 01:18:35 (EST)



As an example of "Fake News" by the numbers:

Inferno Brazil's National Museum

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Appears to be a Masonic/Illuminati ritual to destroy history and therefore: time. If anyone has any other observations…?

Anons, this is exactly what we thought yesterday when it went up in flames, now we have the Gematria that agrees with our theory.


To the naysayers:

I realize that if you look hard enough, you'll find connections in everything. There is an organic component to this code (think Fibonacci #s, Prime #s, PIE 3.14..), you'll see it if you start analyzing your own Gematria and events in your life. I believe this is sacred knowledge and the (((Elites))) have been hoarding it for themselves, and as if that wasn't bad enough, they are manipulating the natural order of the Universe (the numerical code) by staging events and planning them to the day/hour in concert with peoples names and birthdays/important lifedays. Why? I think it's to twist God's Earth and make it into Satan's playpen. This is my working theory.

(((They))) will tell you Gematria is only for the hebrew alphabet. This is another lie. (((They))) created the English alphabet and it contains the same coding. Here is an article where they admit to the hebrew version: https://www.myjewishlearning.com/article/creation-mysticism-fashioning-the-world-from-letters/


ab420e  No.2877589


i guess we are condensing death into cortez for the pet rabit later from the mage

walrus and aflb are prol disco potatoes after the honetmoon

5dd9ed  No.2877590


Artful. Well done, anon. o7

25cace  No.2877591



5877ea  No.2877592

File: 95d44e23e2d980a⋯.jpg (144.75 KB, 1051x788, 1051:788, Gberg kids 2.jpg)


I'm going to keep posting this.


Pic shows the younger Gens of the Maurice Greenberg family.

We could also be seeing a young Snowden in the front row, but that is DEFFINATELY Cortez in the back!

3a1716  No.2877593

File: 133f7edb57e8d51⋯.png (497.08 KB, 585x542, 585:542, AQ45.PNG)


Don't eat Honey Smacks, CDC

78887f  No.2877594


You can't beat Evil with diplomacy.

They literally wrote the book so that they could get away with shit.

103030  No.2877595


Looks like he Borked his pants

e87252  No.2877596


twitter went up 5% on thursday. for no reason at all. probably to soften the incoming blow.

15601f  No.2877597


That's why Potus set up a seperate intel branch where he has the highest clearance. Provided by the militairy and private contractors like blackwater

bb9bbe  No.2877598


Not shopped, as in THAT IS HOW THE AD WAS PUT OUT, AND IT WASN'T SHOPPED SINCE. Which is all that matters.


a4debd  No.2877600


Q is at the top.

That's why he is helping potus fix the problems…

a2b18d  No.2877601

What the fuckin fuck ?

http:// www.voltairenet.org/article202747.html

The Syrian armed opposition calls Moscow and Ankara to BOMB IDLIB ?!

948278  No.2877602

File: b727941c4bca7cf⋯.jpg (821.91 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Kek Frog Q.jpg)

da9c00  No.2877603

File: 70deb2555a46a87⋯.jpeg (1.62 MB, 2224x1242, 1112:621, FAB9B000-1949-469F-B043-2….jpeg)

How true is that?

d02992  No.2877604

File: 99b146785b1ab61⋯.jpg (425.63 KB, 1500x864, 125:72, sellout.jpg)

File: a1a3587e453f4d8⋯.jpg (519.17 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, traitor.jpg)

04f6b2  No.2877606


Meh what's wrong is that an Israeli foreign agent is in charge and he is destroying the city. But you know what? I don't give a flying fuck how many niggers are killed there. THe less niggers there are the better things are for everyone else. Fuck em. I'm all done caring. Sad because I used to care so much. Fuck the apes now.

78887f  No.2877607


Walrus and AFLB don't talk and haven't in god even knows how long.

Fuck off with that.

3a1716  No.2877608





b77d1f  No.2877609

Sayings of the Wise

Proverbs 17-29

Pay attention and listen to the sayings of the wise;

apply your heart to that which i teach,

for it is pleasing when you keep them in your heart

and have them ready on your lips.

So that your trust may be in the Lord,

I teach you today, even (You).

Have I not written thirty [30] sayings for you,

sayings of counsel and knowledge,

teaching you true and reliable words,

so that you can give sound answers

to him who sent you?

Do not exploit the poor because they are poor

and do not crush the needy in court,

for the Lord will take up their case

And will plunder those who plunder them.

Do not make friends with a hot-tempered man,

do not associate with one easily angered,

or you may learn his ways

and get yourself ensnared.

Do not be a man who strikes his hand in pledge

or puts up security for debts;

if you lack the means to pay,

your very bed will be snatched from under you.

Do not move an ancient boundary stone

set up by your forefathers.

Do you see a man skilled in his work?

He will serve before kings;

he will not serve before obscure men.


Anons, you are skilled at your work.

You shall serve before kings;

not before obscure men.


Vincit Omnia Veritas

Amor Vincit Omnia

Cras Es Noster

Deus Vult

bb9bbe  No.2877610



e8414e  No.2877611

File: d5b82ddd398ce01⋯.png (159.55 KB, 1242x880, 621:440, IMG_5558.PNG)

File: fb654c4b473ebaf⋯.png (155.78 KB, 1229x810, 1229:810, IMG_5592.PNG)

File: a110bb598e2bdff⋯.png (155.57 KB, 1242x783, 46:29, IMG_5606.PNG)

File: c2565b12cfecfd1⋯.gif (970.68 KB, 401x480, 401:480, IMB_CAi1j8.GIF)


do not stop talking about feiny

d02992  No.2877612


Only happy to help a brother. WWG1WGA

ff7531  No.2877613


Indeed. It is tough to know how to fix such seemingly hopeless issues. Corruption in government impacts available treatment models due to the profit generated from the ineffective recovery industry. It is healthcare, and healthcare companies don't make money from the well or sober. It will improve leaps and bounds in my opinion.

a6c435  No.2877614

DECLAS today?!

be24d2  No.2877615


harvest egh… I'm intrigued by that word and it's use by the bloodline families. Why does "reap what thy sow" only apply to us but never to ((them))

4ac5db  No.2877616


Do you guys not agree in Freedom of Speech or Freedom of religion?

Prob should go move somewhere else if this triggers you so much…

3a1716  No.2877617


At least 130 people infected with the outbreak strain of Salmonella have been reported from 36 states–the ilnesses are linked to Kellogg’s Honey Smacks cereal, the CDC says.

Illnesses started on dates from March 3, 2018, to August 7, 2018. Ill people range in age from less than one year to 95, with a median age of 57. Of ill people, 69% are female. Out of 98 people with information available, 34 (35%) have been hospitalized. No deaths have been reported.

0fe2bd  No.2877618

File: cf88ba05125a316⋯.jpeg (143.5 KB, 750x491, 750:491, 77F8D91D-C70F-4578-83C4-D….jpeg)

68c14b  No.2877619

Abortion rights are fine for Juan Williams.

Someone should ask him why he didn't abort his kids!

68ad69  No.2877620


I mentioned earlier, not just slave labor but HUMAN TRAFFICKING! Nike may be toast. Think EO.

87bfe7  No.2877621


this has op written all over it

handlers in wh


7ac73d  No.2877622


She was born here. Unfortunately.

78887f  No.2877623


Space Force

"Highest" Clearance.

MiB… fuuuuuuuu-


Q would kinda HAVE to have Majestic Clearance to be involved with Ayy.

Granted, pretty sure GEOTUS is married to one.

Which would be why Barron is so important, globally.

1b8b74  No.2877624

56989b  No.2877625

File: 06ef50c4551e5cc⋯.jpg (34.44 KB, 396x651, 132:217, th2J826NKQ.jpg)

248d53  No.2877626


Since yesterday evening?

76a55b  No.2877627


no sauce

no analysis

no comparrisons

no info on Cortez background

no compelling case whatsoever

just a picture you claim is some one…

plz try again, this is shit

bb9bbe  No.2877628

File: 53d24557322c4ee⋯.png (710.73 KB, 1001x655, 1001:655, KAMALA.png)

File: 2bde3da3d124df2⋯.png (259.89 KB, 500x333, 500:333, horridbotmemes1.png)

File: e586b9888818f05⋯.png (721.24 KB, 1024x759, 1024:759, BBOUSMOH.png)

File: 865fb0f9c1c6606⋯.png (434.45 KB, 1333x885, 1333:885, TRUSTBROGAN.png)

File: 59218b9a45f78bc⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1663x1189, 1663:1189, sheparsisted.png)

c7d455  No.2877629


I'm pretty sure I can guess but could you take this picture and circle Osio then repost?

e71402  No.2877630


or why his mother didn't feel the same way….. in time

edf789  No.2877631


No one said he couldn't talk on his own time

not when we are paying

931fd5  No.2877632

File: 92aba7ea07aa3cd⋯.png (20.36 KB, 417x425, 417:425, ClipboardImage.png)

>>2877588 I realizing replying to your own post is frowned on, but…

88 dubs. KeK is confirming. KeK says to take a look.

88 is also related to TIME using Gematria. It's even in the map I just posted.

Seriously, KeK.

c6eb5c  No.2877633

>>2877608 >>2877593 Salmonella Outbreak Linked To Kelloggs Honey Smacks Cereal (Attack on Pepe?)


Are they trying to send a message to us?

d02992  No.2877634


We promote free-thinking anon, also freedom to worship. When we want someone's opinion however, we give it to them.

b1a75d  No.2877635

File: 1a0e7f42834e4da⋯.jpeg (21.7 KB, 704x356, 176:89, bigsecret.jpeg)


I call BS.


PS half the stuff that no one apparently knows about isn't even secret as you would ordinarily understand the word.

It's told to everyone straight out, but they still don't get it.

What do you need high security for?

All you need is a brain and some eyes.

And maybe time and interest to study.

It's right in public, via documents, photos, books.

But it's still a secret.

Why ?

Because we live in a backward age.

04f6b2  No.2877636


Fuck niggers. They can go somewhere else. How about that? You don't give freedom of speech to animals or farm equipment haha. I don't think you have the constitution for the change society is about to undergo. This is our country.

ff7531  No.2877637


I like the parrot smoking the cigarette, don't be so down on yourself.

8d85d8  No.2877638

File: 84c9f94c21f8eb8⋯.jpg (30.48 KB, 480x624, 10:13, somebodylook.jpg)


Damn it, anon. I hope you get someone smarter than I to keep deggin at this with you.

>I suck at numbers

78887f  No.2877639


Handling is like a sword.

It can be used for Evil, for Good, or mundane shit that doesn't really effect anything.

All depends on the wielder.

25cace  No.2877640


( * )( * )

e9ffaa  No.2877641

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f542ae  No.2877642


That's not Honey Smacks

That's Honey Ass Whopping

9d088a  No.2877643


I definitely can.Also, I am new to the Chans but I will be sure to answer any questions I can about this in the future.


This site is great on detail as far as what the cards mean specifically. It might not go into detail about the symbology, but if you search the card names individually it should show more results that you'd be looking for.

As for the rest of the deck, that's a lot to learn. It took me a year of winging my research to understand how to read the combinations, there are 78 cards to a whole deck.

Here's the link for the minor arcana:


Minors are broken up into four suits, like regular cards. (You can read with regular playing decks.)

Swords - Communication, Thought, Intellect

Cups - Emotions, Intuition, Creativity, Female Sexuality

Wands - Action, Passion,Ego, Male Sexuality

Pentacles - Foundation, Finances, Materialism, and grounding.

d32e56  No.2877644


You can be sure that certain Nike executives with a lot of stock what this would happen and prepared accordingly.

d02992  No.2877645


Or sister :)

God bless.

43fcdf  No.2877646


What a faggot

b4ecc3  No.2877647


I feel like a <1yr old baby probably shouldn't eat honey smacks. When do babies get teeth? Wtf.

3a1716  No.2877648

File: 74c3a7e08ffb7f7⋯.png (225.31 KB, 604x624, 151:156, AQ54.PNG)



Trump was gonna sue NBC for chopping the Access HWood tape

68424e  No.2877649


Heard a radio report saying In and Out's sales are up 20% since the boycott started.


ab420e  No.2877650

File: d87bec4cbd69b2e⋯.png (686.33 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, frontholetherapy.png)


b0cbbb  No.2877651


they were posted on Reddit


78887f  No.2877652


We live in a backward age where sleep is preferred to being awake.

Horrors abound you're awake and it's still Dark outside.

Search inside for Peace…

But look outward for challenge and growth.

You were thrown into the Darkness for a reason.

Are you spreading Light, or wallowing?

fe7e17  No.2877653


microsoft outage

ff7531  No.2877654


I think it was a failed market analysis. The corporation wanted to try and capture the revolution. "Real revolutionaries wear nike"…. it failed. Nice job, hate the player, not the game.

bb9bbe  No.2877655

File: 75ab1a9935e2baa⋯.png (230.66 KB, 1102x1302, 551:651, RedditBoomer.png)

File: 947678597b84f7d⋯.png (580.99 KB, 610x800, 61:80, LordBolingbroke.png)

File: c200d191f65a8e5⋯.png (2.45 MB, 1108x1353, 1108:1353, Jesus2.png)

File: 03a727f35ee3b4b⋯.png (15.8 KB, 516x79, 516:79, controlled.png)

File: 28f9a8f933f4462⋯.jpg (48.05 KB, 533x639, 533:639, sleepybot33.jpg)


Parrot? Check your eyegorithms.

e267b0  No.2877656

File: ac8e1970f91b85d⋯.jpeg (8.52 KB, 132x255, 44:85, Melania stunning.jpeg)

4c1b65  No.2877657

File: 6f3725aa29e171a⋯.jpeg (106.3 KB, 546x1214, 273:607, img.jpeg)

File: 9b90b47889080d3⋯.jpg (270.15 KB, 467x700, 467:700, james-upham-memorial.jpg)

File: 28824fa8b462898⋯.jpg (84.4 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1939-iron-cross-first-clas….JPG)








Read his obituary knights Templar which explains the iron cross on his grave stone. (Beauseant comradery) Freemason tabernacle of the royal arch. Scottish rite. How the fuck is that possible. Mother fuckers.

4ac5db  No.2877658

File: 9e62d7e2c41cb9c⋯.jpg (39.44 KB, 895x503, 895:503, picard-facepalm.jpg)

ab420e  No.2877659

File: fed24848901ac3d⋯.jpg (104.93 KB, 400x425, 16:17, stalin-obama-meme.jpg)

384571  No.2877660


Is it odd that she played a SuperWoman CIA agent in the short lived series on Bravo or something like that.

Series ran for about 2 seasons, first year she was physically smoking hot, patriot. Then she got thic for the last season, and was doubting her patriotism.

5877ea  No.2877661


SPECIFICALLY- how do the Trump cards work?

f542ae  No.2877662


What is Gematria?

It's a farce that's what Gematria is.

Just ask the one guy who's had a website dedicated to it for last 20 years. Who shut it all down.


Because nobody can verify or agree what system to use for starters.

It's defunct and never means anything other than confirmation bias.

a7a348  No.2877663

File: 7c4d4e738fa8efb⋯.png (19.25 KB, 1131x105, 377:35, acorn knon wiki am started….PNG)

File: 54adfe2b1ca7498⋯.png (65.19 KB, 681x605, 681:605, acorn little rock station ….PNG)

File: f5bdb0850452c16⋯.png (56.13 KB, 661x528, 661:528, acorn knon funded by feds ….PNG)

File: 71b7e492b8fc1e9⋯.png (235.95 KB, 1338x216, 223:36, acorn knon history dfw lin….PNG)

File: d9449cfed4ff879⋯.png (175.45 KB, 565x481, 565:481, acorn challenges licenses ….PNG)


KNON in dallas was a church station.

Here is a wiki mention: pic


ACORN HAD A STATION IN LITTLE ROCK, ARK which sends us back to Obama training with ACORN in Chicago and working with the Clintons out of Arkansas.

KABF 'the voice of the people'


Until 2009, KNON Dallas was getting federal funding but 'accounting problems' led to the funding being pulled. (That was also about the same time Obama connections to ACORN were made public in the election.)


"Walkington readily admits that KNON's accountants kept poor records that year, but he says that the station management discovered the problem and took care of it by the time that the auditors swooped in. Even so, the damage had already been done. According to Walkington, the CPB refused to look at the bookkeeping improvements that happened in 2009, after the station discovered the accounting discrepancies and fixed the problem. Several prominent Dallasites, including Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson and Mayor Tom Leppert, submitted letters to the CPB, requesting that KNON be put on probation and allowed to prove that it really did clean up its accounting. Nonetheless, the CPB still opted to pull the grant entirely in January of this year.

In other words, KNON is now completely community funded. Earlier this week, the station wrapped up its latest pledge drive, which it has always held quarterly to fund the remaining operating costs not covered by federal funding. Before the grant was pulled, KNON had to raise $88,000 per quarter to stay in business; this past May, that figure increased to $114,000."

story from 2011 local Dallas chain media


The KNON programming had a three hour block daily in the morning of ACORN programming. Purely political commie programming.


Here is a look at the block programming in Dallas ie music.


ACORN USED LOBBYISTS AND PROTESTS (some called it terrorism) to achieve their goals.

Here is a book capture that calls them a consumer interest organization kek



Deeper digg coming.

835bc2  No.2877664


Good one, Candace.

e14b88  No.2877665

File: c8c7d7fe4965681⋯.png (1004.32 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, F92C9901-675E-400E-BE76-00….png)

Hahahha Hahahaha YESSS

63394f  No.2877666

File: 2245a0a2bc7484b⋯.jpg (22.75 KB, 400x400, 1:1, downloadfile-13.jpg)

File: c2e76c2c1e37f01⋯.jpg (83.66 KB, 638x480, 319:240, 2h7ozr~2.jpg)

78887f  No.2877667


Gematria isn't that hard.

If you need a basic version, look into the Tesla 369 stuff.

You'll understand simplification and get better at pattern recognition…

Which is the main goal.

Pattern Recognition = Autism.

87bfe7  No.2877668


to date said wielder has my attention

0b5f73  No.2877670

File: 943c224f31bd62b⋯.png (24.05 KB, 672x570, 112:95, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cb77d5e2afccb34⋯.png (478.74 KB, 600x545, 120:109, ClipboardImage.png)


4ac5db  No.2877671

File: fae06a1d3f95b91⋯.jpg (93.79 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, Flame1_1024x1024.jpg)

ab420e  No.2877672


talmud queer nonsense prol

9d088a  No.2877673


I've been a lucid dreamer since I was a child, I usually remember a lot of my dreams, but right now I remember all of them with detail. I've been writing them down.

I've had dreams about chatting on reddit KEK, maybe i'm on there too much.

Write them down, I am going to request mods make a board for dreamfags like us.

Maybe we can help in the spiritual battle, since this is more than just a battle of the DS.

046b8d  No.2877674


Excellent observation. Lizard eyes.

Kapernick has a Jewish nose. Not that I want to impress you >>3877541.

He's arabian, not black. And adopted.

aa44a2  No.2877675

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Zina Bash’s Hand Gesture At Kavanaugh Hearing Prompts White Nationalism Speculation


This is the gift that keeps giving.

there watching and perving.

d0db90  No.2877676



>>2877089 President Trump's job approval rating among Hispanics in Florida is at 54%

>>2877106 Kamala Harris Husband

>>2877148 Facebook building a physical 'war room' for US midterm elections 'arms race'

>>2877180 US, Turkey Agree 'Any' Syrian Offensive in Idlib 'Unacceptable' - US State Dept

>>2877221 Cardinal Wuerl met with Pope Francis about crisis in D.C. diocese

>>2877232 Obstruction: Democrats Begin Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing with 62 Interruptions

>>2877295 British soldiers deployed under EU badge

>>2877373 >>2877435 70 People arrested at Kavanaugh's hearing, including SarSour

>>2877280 Planefag update: Private jet out of Little Rock, AR with Blocked escort


>>2877537 Google Notifies People Targeted by Secret FBI Investigation

>>2877526 >>2877549 >>2877564 FB and Twatter news

>>2877608 >>2877593 Salmonella Outbreak Linked To Kelloggs Honey Smacks Cereal (Attack on Pepe?)

da9c00  No.2877677

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Oddly satisfying

04f6b2  No.2877678


Pussy boomer. They're not humans. I am done giving a single fuck. They are violent apes and you just need to look at FBI crime stats to prove me right. Do you disagree with numbers dumbass? If so you are wrong.

13% of population, >50% of crime. Read. Read carefully.

a1ca9c  No.2877679

File: d404cacfd18a5ca⋯.jpg (66.37 KB, 396x517, 36:47, hand-signs_thumb3.jpg)

File: e2bfc722cd26e99⋯.jpg (53.83 KB, 400x396, 100:99, yoni1.jpg)


Yoni hand sign

887333  No.2877680

File: 560dc814fe31123⋯.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1242x1835, 1242:1835, 9137564E-59D6-4E7D-831B-5….jpeg)

3e9701  No.2877681

File: c0d40984824c6b4⋯.png (90.36 KB, 2924x274, 1462:137, Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at ….png)

With the digs on Nick Pickles, don't forget Q used that word previously….

d02992  No.2877683

File: 43052f6d7f5676a⋯.jpg (99.97 KB, 960x640, 3:2, normandy.jpg)

File: bf22c4ba9b28f7e⋯.jpg (123.75 KB, 1024x513, 1024:513, normandy2.jpg)

File: de2732ae347c728⋯.jpg (111.18 KB, 1024x709, 1024:709, normandy3.jpg)

File: 071f40f3765e01b⋯.jpg (122.16 KB, 1024x578, 512:289, omaha.jpg)

4ac5db  No.2877684






Please KYS.

You are a complete and utter moron.

d5d4db  No.2877685


And WHERE the fuck was he sitting? He wasn’t directly behind, in the front row. It’s full. He came speeding up, Kav has barely extended his legs by the time PedoParkland is right fucking behind him.

I need video from right before this, broader view.

Hunting now.

68c14b  No.2877686


He has some Jew in him. Check his nose.

ab420e  No.2877687<