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File: d5055660dbbb0b7⋯.jpg (585.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, d5055660dbbb0b7de6831eaa06….jpg)

96ecd3  No.2898661

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Q Research supports attacking terrible ideas with better ones. We believe the use of violence only proves a bad argument. We are researchers who deal in open-source information and informed opinion. We neither need nor condone the use of violence in our work here.




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Q - Killing The Mockingbird - (2nd in vid series): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80s5xuvzCtg

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Q Clearance Archive: irc.qclearancearchive.net

Q's Latest Posts

Wednesday 09.05.18

>>>/patriotsfight/194 ———--------—————- We knew this day would come. ( Cap: >>2893000 )

>>>/patriotsfight/193 ———--------—————- "TREASON?" Q+ ( Cap: >>2892732 )

>>>/patriotsfight/192 ———--------—————- Military Law v. Criminal Law ( Cap: >>2892069 )

>>>/patriotsfight/191 rt >>>/patriotsfight/190 -- Sara Carter on DECLAS ( Cap: >>2890006 )

>>>/patriotsfight/190 ———--------—————- Do you believe in coincidences? ( Cap: >>2888992 )

>>>/patriotsfight/189 ———--------—————- C_rsi subpoena ( Cap: >>2890241 )

>>>/patriotsfight/188 rt >>>/patriotsfight/99 --- 2 sec Stream (Cap: >>2888158, >>2888225 (99's Cap))

>>2887813 ———-----------------------------——– PREDICTABLE FAKE NEWS

>>>/patriotsfight/187 rt >>>/patriotsfight/177 -- Being Afraid (Cap: >>2887245 )

>>>/patriotsfight/186 ———--------—————- Money Talks (Cap: >>2887174 )

Tuesday 09.04.18

>>2881670 rt >>2881180 ———----------——– What are the odds of that? (Video link >>2881001)

>>>/patriotsfight/185 ———--------—————- Almost! ( Cap: >>2880853 )

>>>/patriotsfight/184 ———--------—————- A Week to Remember ( Cap: >>2880776 )

>>>/patriotsfight/183 ———--------—————- What are the odds? ( Cap: >>2884581 )

>>>/patriotsfight/182 ———--------—————- CLOCKWORK. ( Cap: >>2874615 )

>>>/patriotsfight/181 ———--------—————- Like Mother Like Daughter. ( Cap: >>2874466 )

>>>/patriotsfight/180 ———--------—————- Twitter and graphic post. ( Cap: >>2874312 )

>>>/patriotsfight/179 ———--------—————- Add to the list. ( Cap: >>2873755 )

>>>/patriotsfight/178 ———--------—————- John Kyl news. ( Cap: >>2873697 )

>>>/patriotsfight/177 ———--------—————- What’s at STAKE? ( Caps: >>2884588, >>2884668 )

Monday 09.03.18

>>>/patriotsfight/176 ———--------—————- Pages 33 & 34 ( Cap: >>2869160 )

>>2867109 ———-----------------------------——– You've been a BAD boy [NP].

>>2866709 rt >>2866697 ———----------——– Graphic post

>>2866658 rt >>2866631 ———----------——– "Trump Blasts Sessions"

>>>/patriotsfight/175 rt >>>/patriotsfight/173 - Clickbait & opinions vs logical thinking. (Capped: >>2866103 )

>>>/patriotsfight/174 ———--------—————- What is the common theme when bad news is about to break (against them)? (Capped: >>2865170 )

>>>/patriotsfight/173 ———--------—————- FBI & DOJ CORRUPTION (Capped: >>2864694, >>2864785 )

>>2863534 ———-----------------------------——– Magic Sword.

>>2863433 rt >>2863368 ———----------——– With love comes trust. Schedule changes can be very painful.

>>2863057 ———-----------------------------——– Both [C-3]h[A-5]mbers (House / Senate) in [S-6]ESSION tomorrow.

Sunday 09.02.18

Compiled here: >>2874949

Saturday 09.01.18

Compiled here: >>2874931

Friday 08.31.18

Compiled here: >>2863818

Thursday 08.30.18

Compiled here: >>2817974

Wednesday 08.29.18

Compiled here: >>2805444

Tuesday 08.28.18

Compiled here: >>2783629

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are not endorsements


>>2829643, >>2829673 1986 U.S. District Court Dost test: No CP image guidelines

>>2327065 How to filter gore spam >>2334211 (new: Add into [Options] -> Theme)


>>2883628 , >>2883698 , >>2889775 <----------- MAKE THIS MEME GO VIRAL <-----------


>>2897984 Anon Reminds Us What The Missions of U.S. Secret Service Are

>>2898016 CA Wildfire Update

>>2898045 Graham-Kavanaugh Transcript (Q PF/192)

>>2898063 UK: 17 Men and Women In Court Over Huddersfield Child Sex Exploitation

>>2898070 ICE ICE BABY: Vanilla Ice Was On Quarantined Emirates Flight

>>2898217 Anon's Theory About Tomorrow: Sessions Tomorrow?

>>2898224 >>2898332 Vid of John Kasich Saying NoName Was Put To Death

>>2898270 Operation Fast And Furious Graphics Refresher

>>2898313 Bob Woodward Member of Yale's Book and Snake Club

>>2898356 DOD Tweet: #NationalReadABookDay

>>2898660 #3665


>>2897192 NXIVM Update: FBI Says Another Superseding Indictment Likely in Nov.-Dec.

>>2897212 UN Says Al-Qaeda Able to Produce Chlorine Gas in Syria

>>2897259 Report on IDF funding Syrian rebels pulled on request of ‘army's censor'

>>2897262 Earthquake Fag Update: Utah

>>2897282 Did 9/11 Justify The War in Afghanistan?

>>2897306 VP Pence's Handshake With Woman Raises Alarms For Anons

>>2897521 Nike Becomes Face of Social Justice Despite History of Outsourcing, Employing Slave Labor

>>2897627 United States Space Force Posts "Q-Eye" Pic

>>2897672 New POTUS Tweet: "I'm draining the Swamp"

>>2897591 "Its been like, 24 hours, since John McCain was put to death" - Cuomo Primetime

>>2897214 Learn our comms: Aug 5 Q Post Reminder

>>2897748 Support Grows for Trump to Pardon John Kiriakou

>>2897851 #3664

#3663 Baker Change

>>2896511 Clockfag updates.

>>2896530 Celebrities having plane troubles.

>>2896541 Maxine Waters dig.

>>2896569 North Korean leader asks South Korean envoy to deliver message to U.S.

>>2896584 Massive CP, extortion case could have up to 500 victims.

>>2896544 The MSM are White Hats theory.

>>2896691 Reminder to Follow the Pen

>>2896716 Constitution Daily Article explains that journalists can be forced to reveal sources.

>>2896736 Precedents for Military Tribunals Date to 1846

>>2896789 List of Neocons

>>2897015 ‘Coward’: Left Rips ‘Senior Official’ Behind Anonymous New York Times Op-ed

>>2897047 Schmidt: Op-Ed Writer Has an ‘Obligation to the Country’ to ‘Come Forward’ In ‘This Moment of Crisis’

>>2896584 Massive CP, extortion case could have up to 500 victims. (Link now dead)

>>2897417 #3663


>>2895685 JFK's nephew dead at 63.

>>2895695 NYT = fake Q shill?

>>2895699 Voters report seeing their vote switched before their eyes.

>>2895842 Dianne Feinstein Admits Coordinating with Anti-Trump Parkland Dad Before Kavanaugh Hearing.

>>2895857 Full weight of the house (Dorothy's red shoes) referenced in Q drops.

>>2895898 The sleeper cells have awoken threat issued via text message.

>>2895967 National security investigation has begun into op-ed writer.

>>2895994 John Podesta tweets sleeper cell story.

>>2896014 Kim Jong-un recommits to denuclearization.

>>2896016 Trump rally tomorrow.

>>2896091 Former AR Senator sentenced to 18 years in federal prison.

>>2896131 Embattled deputy AG Rod Rosenstein under investigation, no longer has authority to sign FISA applications.

>>2896143 Fayetteville Councilman arrested for child sex crime.

>>2896067 Organized MSM/Social media narrative collusion.

>>2896331 Kim Jon Un and South Korean President Moon to hold summit in Pyongyang from Sept. 18 through Sept. 20.

>>2896322 #3662

Previously Collected Notables

>>2893982 #3659, >>2894747 #3660, >>2895527 #3661

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>>2887125 #3650, >>2887865 #3651, >>2888673 #3652

>>2884717 #3647, >>2885503 #3648, >>2886333 #3649

>>2883107 #3645, >>2883922 #3646, >>2885383 New Bun for #3646 added #3648

>>2880880 #3642, >>2881589 #3643, >>2882345 #3644

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657709  No.2898716

File: 15c769991a7d165⋯.gif (48 KB, 220x288, 55:72, Pilgrims_logo[1].gif)


96ecd3  No.2898718

File: ad2af719c451396⋯.jpeg (15.32 KB, 254x255, 254:255, c43b33dc648b27f8801d51727….jpeg)



1412ba  No.2898721

File: d51e598b0ea8cd3⋯.jpg (133.1 KB, 936x1200, 39:50, z6YrIA8.jpg)

Thank you, Baker!

6886a3  No.2898722



Why Jfk Jr was ever "good friends" with him….confuses me…just politics?

e5787e  No.2898724

File: e5e025a0c1dc6ef⋯.jpg (86.87 KB, 640x480, 4:3, IMG_026.jpg)

4ddb9e  No.2898725



0d942b  No.2898726

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

How I feel now

15f542  No.2898727

>>2898574 lb

autist is what we tend to call them

also look up the term "empath"

these are their ways of explaining these things

Not only will we find they aren't very whole or entirely correct, there will undoubtedly be certain aspects which have been tweaked to confuse us or demoralize us

they've known what they were up against

luckly, some of /ourguy/s have been grooming us for these times

These things aren't all that easy for me to explain. This information is very new to me. I have a very strong feeling someone, if they could advise me in any way, would mention that it's very confusing and foggy in the beginning.

the hard part is not really having much of a direction or guide

once you eclipse the beginner's shock and surpass the depression and everything, you're likely to feel a bit different. things slowly begin to be more clear and easier to cope with.

not a whole lot more i can convey to you at this point. i'm sure you'll find your way though

after all, we were chosen for a reason

3fa635  No.2898728

File: 6c293cc1fad7071⋯.jpg (18.36 KB, 360x270, 4:3, 1535245840218.jpg)


d67edb  No.2898729

File: 7a1f3674c29c054⋯.png (376.11 KB, 558x308, 279:154, trust sessions.png)

e3ca5d  No.2898730

File: 1e03e4b5d5faa5b⋯.png (147.27 KB, 507x338, 3:2, pepebread.png)

great job bakin' baker!

96ecd3  No.2898731

>>2898711 (pb)

Kek! Made it just in time.

Got it 2/3 times tonight. Getting a little better…

First night baking I missed it both times.

f39742  No.2898732

File: 63da922f18a6dda⋯.png (734.38 KB, 1000x749, 1000:749, ClipboardImage.png)

TY Baker.

Hey, a funny thing happened to me

When I looked at this photo

All I could think was MMMMMM

Why would that be?

2356b8  No.2898733

File: 614df079ad9ca6f⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1218x889, 174:127, Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at ….png)

File: b167cd89833511f⋯.png (709.01 KB, 1278x871, 1278:871, Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at ….png)

File: 0577624f038e271⋯.jpeg (274.4 KB, 900x900, 1:1, fullsizeoutput_10e4.jpeg)

Space Force confirmed, Maybe providing air security ????

569eee  No.2898734

Cher: Our Lives Will Never Be the Same If ‘F*cking Train Wreck’ Kavanaugh Confirmed

Pop superstar Cher has claimed that people’s lives “will never be the same” if Judge Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed to the United States Supreme Court.

In her latest string of all-caps tweets filled with emojis, the Mamma Mia! star claimed that Kavanaugh’s confirmation would lead to the repression of LGBT people, an overturn of Roe vs Wade, people of color losing the right to vote, and a situation where Trump would have immunity from criminal prosecution.

Cher’s comments come amid Kavanaugh’s Senate hearings, with Democrats and left-wing activists across the country imploring lawmakers to vote against his confirmation. On Tuesday, dozens of protesters interrupted the hearing proceedings, with demonstrators including actress Piper Perabo and far-left Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour arrested by police.

The 72-year-old pop icon, who helped fund raise for Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful 2016 campaign, is known for her barely coherent tweets raging against Trump and the administration, having previously described the President as a “cancer ravaging our nation.” She later apologized for those remarks.

Last month, Cher warned Democrats that to win a majority in Congress they must “stop [the] Gestapo tactic of ICE” and impeach President Donald Trump. She now sees young people as the future of the Democratic Party.

“The Democrats f*cked up so bad in their message, and how old [the leadership] is,” Cher said in an interview with Billboard last year. “You’ve got to pray that old people die before young people can get involved with the party.”


4ddb9e  No.2898735

File: c320b9891cf0912⋯.jpg (35.24 KB, 620x783, 620:783, IMG_0215.JPG)

94f11f  No.2898736

File: fd93d1a7facb37d⋯.jpg (57.25 KB, 716x524, 179:131, DankeBaker.JPG)


How ya doin' baker?

Lookin' good man, ty!!

Gonna bake another for us?

You should!

But if you're ready to handoff

I can take it.

4288a9  No.2898737

File: eec4328e2175b4a⋯.jpg (35.28 KB, 660x371, 660:371, trumq.jpg)


ThanQ baker!!

4c5896  No.2898738

File: 583cac6cef3596a⋯.png (717.18 KB, 830x963, 830:963, Cartel_Land_(2015)_-_IMDb_….png)

>>2898704 lb

Must see movie showing what gov't corruption does to a country.

96ecd3  No.2898739


Thanks for the help tonight Anons and Bakers.


137084  No.2898740

File: 51f4f587eabb5e6⋯.png (174.09 KB, 923x484, 923:484, 1620.png)

File: 879dffbdf82f127⋯.png (131.27 KB, 713x383, 713:383, 1621.png)

File: 49386218bbbb312⋯.jpg (110.4 KB, 457x699, 457:699, kj3ywzlqjt611.jpg)

File: 7c8dbdbd9adfeab⋯.jpg (186.44 KB, 800x989, 800:989, a0919108881_10.jpg)

File: 4dd4e4a04e6b176⋯.png (379.68 KB, 816x684, 68:57, Hang Masons Q.png)




On June 28th, 2018 after the Maryland newspaper shooting, Q made a post asking why Freemasons are always on the scene of most shooting locations. After the San Bernardino shooting the local news interviewed a guy wearing a Freemason hat. After the Santa Fe Texas high school shooting the local news interviewed a guy wearing a necklace with a Masonic square and compass. After the Sandy Hook "shooting" several Freemasons were interviewed and appeared to be actors. Q correctly pointed out that Freemasons are involved in these pre-planned mass shootings carried out by the swamp / cabal.

Q said symbolism will be their downfall. In the posts Q heavily implied that Freemasons are evil and working hand in hand with the satanic cabal. Scottish Rite Freemasons involved with the Shriners (they wear Muslim fez hats) organize children's charities. On the surface they appear to to be doing good, but the ony reason they run the charities are to target and groom children to funnel into the cabal's pedophile network.

On September 2nd, 2018 Q posted a music video from Magic Sword. He said the song was played by "Operation Specialists" [pre-event] the prior night. He then posted a pic of Seal team choppers. The special op guys were listening to a band whose logo contains several Masonic elements. Why are the "good guys" listening to the "bad guys" music?

First Q tells us that the Freemasons are evil and part of the cabal. Then he posts a video where the Q team special ops are jamming to a band rife with Masonic and cabal symbology. So which is it Q, are Freemasons good or bad? Why was your team jamming to the enemy's music?

You have one week to explain yourself. Otherwise, this lone autist will take his semi-automatic POF Renegade+ down to the local Masonic lodge and kill every single one of those old pedophile satan-worshipping fuckers in the lodge. And I'm not a pussy, I won't commit suicide like the soyboy tards hopped up on Prozac and Zoloft who usually do mass shootings. I will fight until my last breath like a Chad and take out as many Masonic police officers as I can. If however, you explain why your team was jamming to evil Masonic cabal music, then I will call my plan off.

e3ca5d  No.2898741


the post above yours is me

all good, great job

handoff was offered if you want it: >>2898736

bf12d4  No.2898742

File: 2a28fc9b3c125b0⋯.jpg (85.8 KB, 500x500, 1:1, med_1414565045_image.jpg)

Gracias Baker

03942b  No.2898743

File: 2ce839a321813c7⋯.webm (8.69 MB, 350x196, 25:14, Winning.webm)

Thank you Baker, Q, and Trump.

4107e9  No.2898744


Thank you baker and everyone here.

The world need more people like us and the sad part is that they don't even know it.

5808af  No.2898745

File: 524c8e39211a635⋯.jpg (218.95 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, 32796_14big.jpg)

TY baker

0d942b  No.2898746


She needs to read 'Who Moved My Cheese'.

3fa635  No.2898747

File: 16a78cf96efdf0f⋯.png (1.05 MB, 809x614, 809:614, 1233693645448.PNG)

4ddb9e  No.2898748

File: 6a1a6ce3420976a⋯.jpg (34.54 KB, 500x333, 500:333, IMG_0553.JPG)

4ddb9e  No.2898749

File: 56daadca6bf2acf⋯.jpg (82.2 KB, 1024x1360, 64:85, IMG_0347.JPG)

28591c  No.2898750

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>2897306 (#3664)

>>2897391 (#3664)

>>2897451 (#3664)

Previous notable about female officer passing something to Pence in handshake (Embed related 6:40).

This was most likely a challenge coin. Military units, police forces, fire departments and other uniformed services often have unit challenge coins that they give to dignitaries, VIPs and as "attaboys." Nothing to see here but division faggotry.

5d0557  No.2898751

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Do we know anything about this YT channel? Only 2 videos posted and just created this week.


1st video the account posted, ~6 minutes.

The videos are well done production wise, wondering if friend or foe? Useful? Thoughts? Ima skeptic so want some other eyes on it.

bd85c2  No.2898752

I wonder if ruby slippers red shoes references are clown shoes references in disguise.

c83e8b  No.2898753

File: 64cc930bba1f3ae⋯.jpg (2.03 MB, 2083x2499, 2083:2499, Bless-this-Bread-1.jpg)

File: f9c4194a90f6c23⋯.jpg (310.18 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, It's-Happening-GenQ-1.jpg)


e18f5d  No.2898754

>>2897680 (lb)

isn't that guy some mud-blood royal?

plus kazakh is a cabal stronghold or something?

then there's the israeli double angle in this story?

weird psyops are weird

we should call more cabal/royals MUDBLOODS.

I bet they'd hate that.

They care so much about that shit.

Look at their shilling on half, it's obviously the whole projection thing.

Goddam they're embarassing. It's cringey to share a planet with these morons.

At least the normies don't know any better.


ceb4bd  No.2898755

File: 7d57f3f78aab4db⋯.jpg (119.32 KB, 2260x562, 1130:281, 5954-United-We-Stand-Flag.jpg)

376de6  No.2898756

File: 18ad8d7e52efb86⋯.png (1.39 MB, 687x1024, 687:1024, bread.png)

File: 82b9133569cff15⋯.png (268.93 KB, 458x500, 229:250, 1 filter how 2.png)

7a6138  No.2898757

>>2898692 (lb)

Thank you for caring, non-US Anon. It’s people like you that will ensure the seismic wave of change will not end at the shores of the US.


Be patient with us in our present parochialism. When we’re breathing normally again we will focus on the rest of the world. We will never be quitting the fight until the world is liberated from tyranny and evil.

602483  No.2898758



baker i can take it too but i fucked up my formatting by pasting in new code and am trying to get back Q/You highlighting..got used to it - not comfy without it

4ddb9e  No.2898759

File: a6b2f1b79595f4c⋯.jpg (60.47 KB, 565x1100, 113:220, IMG_0601.JPG)

File: 7585c09f18c2e8d⋯.jpg (78.85 KB, 736x976, 46:61, IMG_0602.JPG)

File: cf79de415176dd0⋯.jpg (105.65 KB, 600x900, 2:3, IMG_0603.JPG)

3fa635  No.2898760

File: 6bb582046cc6b32⋯.png (957.28 KB, 946x485, 946:485, hjhgj4545674.PNG)









5d0557  No.2898762

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


2nd video

675344  No.2898763

File: edb023870464b46⋯.jpg (90.92 KB, 565x852, 565:852, dayofdays.jpg)

c83e8b  No.2898764

File: 8ea7124d181e8b7⋯.jpg (349.02 KB, 600x833, 600:833, The-Great-Awakening-1.jpg)

>>2898478 (lb)

Please give them my love. I wish them and you a Great Awakening!

f39742  No.2898765

File: 0b39a85f5d39ec6⋯.png (773.75 KB, 665x853, 665:853, ClipboardImage.png)



d67edb  No.2898766

File: 4f9e19cf529914d⋯.png (5.42 MB, 3968x3496, 496:437, Hehasrisen2pac.png)

1604ff  No.2898767

File: fe49a62ad841be7⋯.png (97.19 KB, 264x191, 264:191, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 70d6ab831238646⋯.png (90.86 KB, 226x223, 226:223, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ac9d8d26d3962df⋯.png (108.5 KB, 276x183, 92:61, ClipboardImage.png)

>>2898295 (pb)

Rainbow Girls

96ecd3  No.2898768


Thanks for the support!

If you're ready to take over, I will handoff to you. I would love to bake another but I can't be a zombie tomorrow for IRL duties. Operating equipment that could remove limbs if I'm not careful. This seems to be the time when Breads slow down.


4ddb9e  No.2898769

File: 0ceb3f2d4eb3f13⋯.jpg (95.56 KB, 720x1105, 144:221, IMG_0714.JPG)

File: 321378507d542fa⋯.jpg (67.38 KB, 1249x2048, 1249:2048, IMG_0716.JPG)

File: 701c8709c142de4⋯.jpg (152.3 KB, 960x958, 480:479, IMG_0717.JPG)

8356ce  No.2898770


Finders cult is known, for a long time, some just encountered that knowledge during PG, like some here are now just discovering Pilgrim Society, or months back, BIS &c

The Finders cult is unique in that it is supposedly agency-linked, specifically. Different than the Franklin scandal - definitely relevant.

Don't know if you saw the other night but there is now a "new" sex cult being dug into - similar to but not affiliated with NXIVM, called "First Taste" or something. Frankreport.com was writing about it yesterday. Significant - I think there is a nexus between all of these - these are just the ones published (semi known) but they are just "cells" to a wider, worldwide overarching system.


767915  No.2898771

>>2898686 (lb)

What specifically are you referring to that happened today?

94f11f  No.2898772


Yeah, I can do it baker



Confirming Handoff?

And fantastic job. Thank you!!


Heard, thanks

5d0557  No.2898773


Great job Baker!

6515f3  No.2898774

File: 7d8e90e21fa2249⋯.jpg (139.25 KB, 768x768, 1:1, donaldwinningcaballosing.jpg)

d67edb  No.2898775

File: 2ded9f1fdcca173⋯.png (4.66 KB, 255x89, 255:89, 498dde6588797a319b7cb18955….png)

Read the bible.

God Wins.

e52f74  No.2898776


As I understand things, it takes an actual law to create a new branch. The people that work for AFSPC, the MAJCOM that will become the new branch, have not been informed of anything specific. Just saying…

ffef9b  No.2898777

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


f2c59e  No.2898778

File: e4aaf3389895021⋯.png (200 KB, 328x450, 164:225, because.png)

095bf0  No.2898779

Nice job night crew!

Whatever y'all did, the shills ran away bigly. Maybe the cash was counterfeit. Best movie ever - moar popcorn required!

03942b  No.2898780

File: ab3a984333e0090⋯.jpg (257.66 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Trump-Promises.jpg)

99272f  No.2898781


Didn't she famously molest Anthony Kiedis? Why is anyone listening to the political rantings of a known child rapist?

6515f3  No.2898782

File: 011cc94945aad8b⋯.jpg (98.01 KB, 500x672, 125:168, QanonAwakening.jpg)

96ecd3  No.2898783



Thanks for having my back Anons. I love you muddafuckas.


6f7adc  No.2898784

File: c910c5e1f34dc05⋯.png (209.9 KB, 875x554, 875:554, 2018-09-06_00-27-55.png)


Did Kasich just call POTUS "Commander of the chaos?"


Well, yeah!

Commander Qaos!


f37aa3  No.2898786


I'd have to watch those shit eating cunt faced fucks first, so, no…I haven't.

f2fc82  No.2898787


Good find Anon..

Makes the song; "somewhere over the rainbow" seem a bit disgusting to me now.

ffef9b  No.2898788

File: 7468a9e1e667346⋯.png (39.94 KB, 900x1092, 75:91, 7c77470e6c6eda2d47eb4ff461….png)

File: a6ea356bb8742c8⋯.jpeg (43.2 KB, 634x457, 634:457, article-0-001604A10000025….jpeg)

File: 182dfaba23232fc⋯.jpeg (116.54 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 40658707_1021751406386579….jpeg)

751b44  No.2898789

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Free Julian Assange Rally.

095bf0  No.2898790


That's her back hole. Get with the times already eBot. Politically incorrect bucket of bolts.

2356b8  No.2898791


Its a USAP program, theres allot of programs that congress doesn't know about .

4ddb9e  No.2898792

File: 675a37a15a6cd28⋯.jpg (58.56 KB, 426x935, 426:935, IMG_0576.JPG)

File: 2bc69a5d6921d19⋯.jpg (49.59 KB, 489x800, 489:800, IMG_0577.JPG)

File: 6a381da76958549⋯.jpg (96.94 KB, 640x640, 1:1, IMG_0578.JPG)


6515f3  No.2898793

File: 92959530d030766⋯.jpg (76.14 KB, 500x575, 20:23, backholemoistureyoda.jpg)

94f11f  No.2898794



>love you muddafuckas.

Back atcha Anon

Sleep well

f51a71  No.2898795

File: 28915a7fe5a1c58⋯.png (1.7 MB, 832x1200, 52:75, ClipboardImage.png)

Thank yo Baker.

a9eef9  No.2898796

10ea46  No.2898797

File: a1e0db99a722d8b⋯.jpg (65.97 KB, 560x372, 140:93, TTWWFTS.jpg)

7eb02d  No.2898798

File: 294d8cfdf631724⋯.png (762.21 KB, 1022x558, 511:279, alinskpan.png)

602483  No.2898799


how do i get back the bar at the top that allows you to click through you's and Q's?? ..and the post rate? wanted to add the toast coaster but it got rid of all the other stuff

7a6138  No.2898800


She’s already signaled her intention to leave the US.

Bitch needs to follow through and finally retire somewhere else.

9330e1  No.2898801

File: 8ec792b13638dd4⋯.jpeg (88.51 KB, 640x550, 64:55, pepe assange wikileaks.jpeg)





d52bc6  No.2898802


What a coincidence!! Surely all these disc shaped objects seen almost daily throughout mankind's recorded history are something that doesn't exist.

This is notable if only to bring more attention to the subject matter, however others should agree or disagree first.


675344  No.2898803

File: e842f3c81e74cfb⋯.jpg (72.41 KB, 800x433, 800:433, ns5.jpg)

c83e8b  No.2898804


Nice! Great sky.

fd7036  No.2898805

File: 76c15a5bda44718⋯.png (906.53 KB, 1242x2121, 414:707, IMG_9143.PNG)

f2c59e  No.2898806

File: f89a16ccb5bf2de⋯.jpeg (23.08 KB, 362x200, 181:100, clown_shoes.jpeg)

878923  No.2898807


The Democrats have turned on I.C.E.

d0a833  No.2898808

>>2898016 CA Wildfire Update

UPDATE 9:08 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2018

The U.S. Forest Service says the Delta Fire is now 5,000 acres and is 0% contained.

The Shasta County Sheriff's Office has issued an evacuation warning for the community of Dunsmiur.

The U.S. Forest Service says the fire is human-caused.


a7721a  No.2898809

File: 64ada1cd53bed30⋯.gif (631.99 KB, 347x263, 347:263, PtqnIPC.gif)

Thank you baker.

2356b8  No.2898810


You eat some back hole you must .

4ddb9e  No.2898811

File: 6b59f0295acace2⋯.jpg (154.43 KB, 640x640, 1:1, IMG_0108.JPG)


4288a9  No.2898812

File: e9c19c13e49a7cd⋯.jpeg (31.84 KB, 216x255, 72:85, b1242616f067dd63c7e287ad4….jpeg)


Of course anon. This world belongs to people like us because that is a world for all. During the years I have learnt to master my patience which I am thankful for, I will stay here until the very last day.

Yes keep up the good work! Never have I seen this kind of action in the US - we are winning and it is very easy to see from my point of view.


d0a833  No.2898813


= last bread link

96bbc3  No.2898814

File: d3f641b3399f2db⋯.png (759.57 KB, 685x833, 685:833, ClipboardImage.png)

Firefags: This is the map the Ca Governor's Office of Emergency Services uses to track CA fires. Good Detail



ae542d  No.2898815


Roger. Dumb. Will be better.

That account was active for over a year. Dig tonight, find intel, 2 hours of chatter, and now it's gone! Archives are good. Thank You.


Yes, but with name, rank, and serial number?

6515f3  No.2898816

f2fc82  No.2898817


CHER has been and always will be a cunt witch.

Dig her past, she's been a bad donkey.

4ddb9e  No.2898818

File: 8b889b55c0f0201⋯.jpg (119.2 KB, 960x625, 192:125, IMG_0243.JPG)

f23683  No.2898819

>>2898701 (lb)

Or maybe the smallest of truth nuggets dropped by one you would not expect.

People may not have heard it consciously, but subconsciously it is planted there.

767915  No.2898820


But not before a whole lot of horrendous stuff happens to the planet.

4c5896  No.2898821

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

37d0fc  No.2898822


>Last month, Cher warned Democrats that to win a majority in Congress they must “stop [the] Gestapo tactic of ICE”

literally admitting the dem voter base is illegals

10ea46  No.2898823

File: 0d6a3037d854f7e⋯.mp4 (482.74 KB, 426x240, 71:40, McCAIN Put to death.mp4)

>>2898224 lb


d2c54c  No.2898824


okey dokey

anything else while we are at it?

967656  No.2898825

Timing of the Pain

There's an optimum time for the storm, great awakening and pain. It has had to wait until the primaries are completed so that ballots are locked. If the plan did this too soon it might allow D's to recover and put up new candidates that didn't have exposure to Hussein and the bitch.

They can't let it get too close to the election because something can always go wrong. You don't want to lose the opportunity.

It reminds me of sniping…lie in wait very quietly…and wait…and wait until the target gets close enough. Then squeeze (don't pull) the trigger very slowly. Be surprised by the "bang"–just like we will all (hopefully) be when the trigger is pulled.

I'm hoping this is part of the plan. Sessions needs to wait for his pitch. And don't forget that DJT has a history of letting people think he is totally down and out, on his last leg, or throwing in the towel–then when you lure them into complacency or better yet into a position of superiority you pounce.

So as frustrating as it is and as frustrated as we all are we need to trust the plan. Frankly at this stage of the game if it were a LARP we'd all be screwed. So dig in and let's get a good at-bat.

a5a689  No.2898826


A number of mason apologists popped up in the last thread. Beware anons. Do not fall for the "A lot of what people say about Masonry on the net simply isn't true"

^^ Take it from someone who used to collect masonic texts. Most of what I've seen about them online IS true. They are Luciferian muslim fez hat wearing, ritualistic weirdos and you would be absolutely SHOCKED how many of our law enforcement and judges are a part of this occult fraternity.

It's no surprise why they show up at all of these "shooting" events because police departments are full of them. It's a major problem. They all swear an extremely UNCONSTITUTIONAL oath.

Do not fall for it. These guys are bad news. The blue lodge members might not be aware of what really goes on, but as you get into the real lodges you need to understand they are trained and instructed to lie and do anything to protect one another from the very start.

4aede0  No.2898827

File: 2f6cadf8dd1aa2e⋯.png (404.46 KB, 1224x1526, 612:763, NAStruth.png)

File: ebf03e122477fa8⋯.png (166.27 KB, 964x1278, 482:639, Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at ….png)

File: d7106fdc5b84f15⋯.png (91.5 KB, 1028x500, 257:125, Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at ….png)

fuckin snormies with obsessing the Eminem in in the beautiful land of cuckistan also known as the north

the reality is it is all fake, a movie, a show, an act - to boost ratings, they are friends, behind the tweets and rap videos - probably laughing raking in the dough right now as and people are fucking getting fucking philosophical about two guys who take dick in their ass and sold their soul.






Who made EM big?


MGK Aint no different just a image throwing up devil signs getting sodomized by producers, these men are not hard - they are actors.



594b06  No.2898828


reflections. this is the second one of these in the last 36 hours there was another one in NC; and these aren't discs.

4ddb9e  No.2898829

Soundcloud embed. Click thumbnail to play.

19c06d  No.2898830

File: 9e6cce201c46959⋯.png (200.42 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, BFC795B6-621E-413F-9949-9C….png)

File: 5f0218e01f6ea14⋯.png (586.97 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, B02FD9C2-6237-4523-875D-F3….png)

File: 48db7b301927c0e⋯.png (966.43 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, E948B20C-40FE-4CB3-A312-0B….png)

The witch is back. HRC to lead #Resist movement.


2356b8  No.2898831


I want to lick those all night

7a6138  No.2898832


Truth is corrosive to the angels of darkness.

Let’s make MOAR.

96ecd3  No.2898833

File: d8816f32ea079cd⋯.jpg (76.56 KB, 450x477, 50:53, 50c766ce452c9dba8738700a72….jpg)

File: 00a5089025b81bf⋯.jpg (14.09 KB, 255x185, 51:37, 445692756ddffe529d824072dc….jpg)

File: 4a10dcd9576b136⋯.jpg (12.53 KB, 255x163, 255:163, 91e2f4cb8602192485ec055e96….jpg)

File: 2e4ea85b105d14c⋯.jpg (133.46 KB, 940x659, 940:659, 2e4ea85b105d14c10c20e9439d….jpg)

File: 81d3055dd42edfd⋯.jpg (13.95 KB, 255x245, 51:49, 81d3055dd42edfd65a26030c46….jpg)


Cheers Anon.

d52bc6  No.2898834


You can thank the Cabal and the demons they are praying to for that bad meme.

2018+ will be GLORIOUS and we won't settle for anything less!

c414dd  No.2898835

File: 18efde6746c1be4⋯.jpg (45.96 KB, 422x345, 422:345, iu (2).jpg)

ae542d  No.2898836


Yes, but with that much intel?

Name, rank, and serial number?

99272f  No.2898837


Probably Thailand with her creepy ass. I doubt she is allowed to leave the U.S. at this point though

cfbed9  No.2898838

File: 680f03508f0f147⋯.png (247.46 KB, 512x496, 32:31, 811f8be3e97e2c0b15bd0be259….png)


Middle one was me, just an honest mistake, didn't see the paper in her hand already. Corrected myself in that same bread too, if you cared enough to follow the replies you'd have seen it.

96ecd3  No.2898839


Thank you for everything you do, BO!



10ea46  No.2898840

File: 5d6ddc6c2e67b67⋯.jpeg (195.4 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, On The Road To Success.jpeg)


I wonder if Sonny was killed and did not actually ski into a tree.

efd1df  No.2898841


Love the meme, since you posted it, let's talk tarot.

This is the card that represents Libra, which astrologically, Libra's sign reigns mid september to mid october.

The #11 in numerology represents the gateway to awakening. 1+1= 2 which represents unity and balance.

The justice card represents fairness, equality and equilibrium. Not only does she hold the scales to weigh things in a balanced way, but the sword is in her other hand, which represents the consequences that come along with the actions being weighed.

She does determines what justice is based on the actions made, for better or worse. "Karma" is another nickname.

This card can talk about legal matters or anything to do with court, but also our morals, being able to discern and be objective. If you have been doing what is required of you, you get your rewards. If you have not…PAIN.

If I could describe people that remind me of this card I would say: Gowdy, Sessions, Putin (he's a libra), and basically all the bad ass people I saw in the Kavanaugh hearing today that truly wanted to see the laws be upheld.

Justice and Judgement are two cards I think of when it comes to what we're experiencing. The tower would be another card.

9185bf  No.2898842


thank you anon….they ALL tried to slide it away

2fe43e  No.2898843

File: 010d04f85935ec1⋯.jpg (181.21 KB, 1804x2414, 902:1207, 20180618_062521.jpg)

File: fc017f42931cbae⋯.jpg (10.4 KB, 255x167, 255:167, be1dd5ab7f64cb2e34d3980f90….jpg)

File: 7210e5d83f81859⋯.png (221.05 KB, 474x281, 474:281, Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at ….png)

File: 5597cfb035b3c2f⋯.jpg (99.55 KB, 908x620, 227:155, VWdd23yWWxhc6rAIO7iCc80y_c….jpg)

Thank You for the delicious bread baker!! I LOVE the Name. Very Much. Shadilay One & ALL!!

2a7822  No.2898844


When you take the master mason's obligation (oath), you specifically swear not to be at any ceremony to make a woman a mason or allow it to be done if you can stop it.

This was recently in the news in the UK about whether or not to kick trannies out. Grand Lodge there decided you can stay in as long as you were a man when you were made a mason.  So by that, technically, I guess a "woman" could be a mason but natural women can't be made one in the first place. Think the sauce for that was zerohedge or dailymail.

There are affiliated groups where female members have to be related to a mason to join. Order of the Eastern Star and Order of the Amaranth are the biggest of those organizations.  OES is the one with the pentagram.  Amaranth is a flower I but I've never seen them in the area where I live.

There are also affiliated groups for children of masons like Demolay for boys and Rainbow Girls international for girls. Also one called daughters of saint…Jude? I can't remember which saint but that's another smaller offshoot they don't have in my area.

York and Scottish Rites are affiliated orgs for men where you have to be a master mason to join but are specifically NOT "masonic" organizations.

My original point being that women can't be masons in the blue lodge. They do have what they call clandestine masons but they are basically rogue groups who aren't affiliated with AFAM (Ancient Free and Accepted Masons). Another part of your master mason's oath says that you won't talk about Masonic stuff with clandestine masons or attend their lodges.

More than likely these "female masons" are OES and Amaranth members.

efd8ad  No.2898845

File: 37de23fc57c6648⋯.jpg (8.96 KB, 165x115, 33:23, images.duckduckgo.jpg)

4ddb9e  No.2898846

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b1b9b5  No.2898847

File: 582998418ee1148⋯.jpg (2.22 MB, 2079x7357, 297:1051, Qproof_Airplane_shot.jpg)

File: 061c8be1adf4fdb⋯.jpg (74.57 KB, 640x705, 128:141, shruggirl_datshadow.jpg)

e3ca5d  No.2898848

File: 2f82f2247c547cb⋯.png (1.28 MB, 815x1010, 163:202, pew.png)

f2fc82  No.2898849

File: ad5832e6fbc1839⋯.jpg (152.31 KB, 1280x880, 16:11, tumblr_p1pthjoAGk1upvfnvo1….jpg)

Get some appreciation BAKERS

9330e1  No.2898850

File: 3fe3924dbc9cc05⋯.jpg (1.8 MB, 3600x2400, 3:2, alisha boe 1.jpg)

File: 9ea6004d4fcc460⋯.jpg (243.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, alisha boe 3.jpg)

File: 237e86d70b75d97⋯.jpg (2.3 MB, 3142x4724, 1571:2362, alisha boe 5.jpg)

File: fa2668b07e28a02⋯.gif (1.54 MB, 500x583, 500:583, alisha boe react.gif)


Is that Alisha Boe?


767915  No.2898851


Hmmmm…. Should I pull it out of the funeral program?

81460d  No.2898852


8b3538  No.2898853


funeral saturday

burial sunday

electrocution tuesday

slip of the tongue wednesday

13a1cc  No.2898854


you cant escape the flouride

even if you dont drink water with it in it

any product that uses tap water has it

967656  No.2898855


I want BHO and that smug face of him carted off. I want his daughters to never ever want to even know where he's buried.

0d942b  No.2898856


Bet someone wonders the same thing about Liam Neeson's dead wife who met with the same fate. Don't worry bout Liam tho - he's all good. Didn't even make a dent. 'Taken', anyone?

f20b5d  No.2898857


BO ?? This nasty shill has been messing around on this channel far too long without consequence. Why??

10ea46  No.2898858

File: dc2dfb84db88d7e⋯.jpg (44.78 KB, 640x360, 16:9, FEINSTEIN BAG.jpg)

2aa030  No.2898859

So HRC's life pretty much depends on abortion. A woman who is responsible for countless murders. Irony of the highest order.

bf12d4  No.2898860


Stop cancer treatment Friday

1412ba  No.2898861


Lurk moar and learn to eBot, newfag.

4f251c  No.2898862

File: 90a05e6c194abe7⋯.png (728.78 KB, 652x723, 652:723, Sec Pompeo 9-5-18 9 52 pm ….PNG)

File: fe5f0ade8a24b61⋯.png (2.36 MB, 1189x774, 1189:774, Sec Pompeo 9-5-18 9 52 pm ….PNG)

File: 9090de3b7c3ff2e⋯.png (2.48 MB, 1485x657, 165:73, Sec Pompeo 9-5-18 9 52 pm ….PNG)

File: 739fb2d1eb89a85⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1172x777, 1172:777, Sec Pompeo 9-5-18 9 52 pm ….PNG)


594b06  No.2898863

File: b68e8d0a5623451⋯.jpg (19.64 KB, 300x300, 1:1, tsh.jpg)

File: 452b112a25e7d19⋯.jpg (397.4 KB, 769x832, 769:832, hristianskaja_magija0.jpg)

File: 69007e05548d8ab⋯.jpeg (257.83 KB, 640x517, 640:517, 69007e05548d8ab84f6f453a7….jpeg)

File: 3d040421225057e⋯.png (106.38 KB, 677x201, 677:201, Screenshot_2018-08-25 Capt….png)

File: e74f6118b4d27bc⋯.jpg (48.27 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault (2).jpg)

ceb4bd  No.2898864


80/20 in the video shows they haven't done their homework, it's been 60/40 for a very long time now, in pepe years anyway.

767915  No.2898865


Yes, I'm looking forward to a glorious ending, too. I want to go with the ascended split of the planet.

8f70df  No.2898866

File: 13ea83d4aa1ed77⋯.png (579.02 KB, 1824x892, 456:223, Selection_459.png)



This site went live just after POTUS was elected.

Lists poser celebs who promised to leave the USA if Trump was elected.

Cher included. ;)

657709  No.2898867


The Pilgrims Society

Group.png The Pilgrims Society

(Deep state milieu) ISGP WebsiteRdf-icon.png


Pilgrims of GB dinner, 9 January 1951. Flags and logo in background

Pilgrims logo.gif

Formation 16 July 1902

Type secret society

Leader President of the Pilgrims Society

Incumbent: Michael Boyce

Since August 2013

Interest of Joël van der Reijden, Charles Savoie

Membership • Elizabeth Regina

• HRH Prince Philip

• HRH Prince Charles

• Nelson W. Aldrich

• Winthrop W. Aldrich

• John Nicholas Brown II

• Lord Carrington

• John W. Davis

• Charles G. Dawes

• Admiral William J. Crowe

• Chauncey Depew

• Allen W. Dulles

• John Foster Dulles

• Mark Fox

• General Alexander Haig

• W. Averell Harriman

• Joseph P. Kennedy

• Henry R. Luce

• Sandra Day O'Connor

• Henry Kissinger

• Elliot Richardson

• General of the Army George C. Marshall

• Andrew W. Mellon

• John D. Rockefeller

• David Rockefeller

• Elihu Root

• Jacob Schiff

• John Hay Whitney

A very low profile group that has been in operation for over a century and has Elizabeth Regina as its patron. Members include ministers, diplomats, CEOs and others. Who knows what this "dining society" discusses over dinner?…

Pilgrims Society logo. "Hic et Ubique" - "here and everywhere"; apparently a reference to the idea that the United States and Great Britain should stand together side by side everywhere. The eagle represents the United States; the lion Great Britain

The Pilgrims Society is a British-American society established 1902. The patron of the society is Queen Elizabeth II.

In so far as the general public are aware of its existence at all, that awareness is, in all probability confined to its established custom of holding dinners to welcome into office each successive U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom and each new British Ambassador to the United States. There is a lot more however to the The Pilgrims Society than simply hosting the odd old-boys dinner party.

"The Pilgrims Society" has only a minor entry at Wikipedia - 400 words as of August 2016.[1] This may be a testament to the influence of established power centers and a certain reluctance to upsetting their wish for privacy.

At the turn of 20th century a number of influential persons were interested in bringing the establishments of the United States and Great Britain closer together. The St. George's Society in New York, the American Society in London, and the growing network of Anglo-American League branches in England (founded by a good number of later Pilgrims Society members), were seen as inadequate, so the idea arose to form a new, elitist society with branches in both London and New York. This became the Pilgrims Society, which organized regular meetings in such prestigious hotels as the Victoria, the Waldorf Astoria, the Carlton Ritz, and the Savoy.

The idea of setting up what ultimately became the Pilgrims Society was first discussed by a number of Americans working in London. One of them was Lindsay Russell, a well-connected lawyer from New York, who regularly visited London in these days to set up his law firm Alexander and Colby. It was Russell who got together with General Joseph Wheeler (on a visit in London), General Lord Roberts, and Sir Harry Brittain. Together they organized the original meeting of the Pilgrims of Great Britain at the Carlton Hotel on July 11, 1902. The meeting was a success and two weeks later Lord Roberts was elected president of the Pilgrims; Lord Grenfell and Admiral Hedworth Lambton became vice presidents. Two other vice presidents were Americans: Senator Chauncey M. Depew (Yale Skull & Bones 1856; lawyer to Cornelius Vanderbilt; member of J.P. Morgan's elite Corsair Club, together with William Rockefeller) and General Joseph Wheeler. Sir Harry Brittain became secretary and the Archdeacon of London, William MacDonald Sinclair, was elected chairman of the executive committee

Has member Elizabeth Regina +, HRH Prince Philip +, HRH Prince Charles +, Nelson W. Aldrich +, Winthrop W. Aldrich +, John Nicholas Brown II +, Lord Carrington +, John W. Davis +, Charles G. Dawes +, Admiral William J. Crowe +, Chauncey Depew +, Allen W. Dulles +, John Foster Dulles +, Mark Fox +, General Alexander Haig +, W. Averell Harriman +, Joseph P. Kennedy +, Henry R. Luce +, Sandra Day O'Connor +, Henry Kissinger +, Elliot Richardson +, General of the Army George C. Marshall +, Andrew W. Mellon +, John D. Rockefeller +, David Rockefeller +, Elihu Root +, Jacob Schiff + and John Hay Whitney +


7f00fb  No.2898868

File: 6e1e028715e47f9⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1785x735, 17:7, collaborating.png)

c6e605  No.2898869

File: 3566f1a6a3d3752⋯.png (62.82 KB, 851x321, 851:321, Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at ….png)

Just me, or does MSM messaging seem more scattered/less coordinated lately?

NYT posts anonymous op ed

LA Times rebukes NYT "white house anon" (which they likely wrote themselves)

CNN still rambling about how Trump is doomed (pic related)

0d942b  No.2898870


Yeah, leave that alone

3fa635  No.2898871

File: e5d6044c058dbfd⋯.jpg (85.36 KB, 526x744, 263:372, 51dbc9fe3e9752222983fa8d05….jpg)


bless u bo, i know u r not thr HRA but u r up there

f2c59e  No.2898872

File: 3b6ca1bdea99b27⋯.png (253.15 KB, 555x332, 555:332, soda-cans.png)

4ddb9e  No.2898873

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


13a1cc  No.2898874


topics that get the most shill push back



any sort of positive prayer involving repetition

corsi and alex jones for some reason ( lol)

9850c3  No.2898875


>Just me, or does MSM messaging seem more scattered/less coordinated lately?

The deep state/cabal is in full blown panic mode.

9d3f24  No.2898876

File: c3dd3142465c315⋯.png (8.68 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, 4A5B7842-8E79-469D-BC6C-46….png)


Water bottles.

99272f  No.2898877

Did you fags happen to watch the vid posted by Vanilla Ice on Twatter? Tons of cops and large black SUV's and whatnot. Also, it was his last Twat of the day….


4ddb9e  No.2898878

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f2c59e  No.2898879


do a name filter and never see again

a04c08  No.2898880

File: dd5c44f64df2014⋯.png (212.78 KB, 834x506, 417:253, ClipboardImage.png)

Has this been all forgotten about?

seems like it never comes up anymore

8b3538  No.2898881


>Stop cancer treatment Friday

conviction friday

fake and gay closed casket funeral saturday

fake and gay closed casket burial sunday

12 amps at 2,000 volts tuesday

put to death 24 hrs ago slip on wednesday

9330e1  No.2898882

File: c77715e0c84136f⋯.png (408.25 KB, 675x1034, 675:1034, fast and furious tweet.png)




af061e  No.2898883


Thanks for not posting last bread. If you’re on an Apple phone it’s a fucking nightmare

54f516  No.2898884

File: 05d717a7574a43a⋯.jpeg (49.01 KB, 736x960, 23:30, DmYmev7VsAAWeSP.jpg-large.jpeg)

Thank God for his sacrifice…….

may he be free soon.

7eb02d  No.2898885


As have all those degenerate freaks, especially the NJ, NYers & Pedowood "entertainers". Looks like the walls are closing in for them to be freaking out so badly. NVIXM is probably just the beginning.

3067be  No.2898886


I thought she was dead? Mandela effect?? Lol

2fe43e  No.2898887

File: d1dec2ac5d095c3⋯.jpeg (61.82 KB, 258x300, 43:50, d1dec2ac5d095c3aa511631a9….jpeg)

File: a0fa824d4166d72⋯.png (80.2 KB, 254x404, 127:202, 171717green.png)

>>2898369 (Both PB)


KEK!! Turn it up. By ALL means.

81a749  No.2898888


It's all well and good to speculate on what you think it might be, but as far as what we can see in the video, there is no telling. All we can see is he slipped something in the pocket. I'm not going to speculate on if it's a coin or a note or whatever yall are claiming. I'll just leave it at he did a weird handshake and received and item he put in his pocket.

0d942b  No.2898889

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4ddb9e  No.2898890

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7f00fb  No.2898891

File: a38d0a3577b6851⋯.png (227.72 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, HRC_Never_thought_she_Lose….png)

3fa635  No.2898892

File: 3ac442c9c860d81⋯.png (376.92 KB, 639x557, 639:557, 3ac442c9c860d8166fa5df8240….png)

ne1 else feel like movie 2 has started?

4ddb9e  No.2898893

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

767915  No.2898894


Oh? Did they lose their 4am talking points? Gee, they'd actually have to do some real reporting, if so. They're probably out of practice.

94f11f  No.2898895


Thanks man. You comfy? Ya know, I know we're all excited about POTUS's "Treason!" twat (and I am too) but what really got me comfy was boss's rt of the "ass-fucked" post, lol. No one will convince me he doesn't love us just the way we are.

e3ca5d  No.2898896


there are anons who don't use social media

I'm one

9f3f95  No.2898897


How do you think it's okay to post here and you don't even know what eBot is

1604ff  No.2898898


Absolutely. Any of us who have known these people know what they really are. Thank you for spelling it out for them.

3067be  No.2898899


Challenge Coin

'Move on :)'

08fd7c  No.2898900


Masonry is dark, creepy, and at bottom, evil.

4ddb9e  No.2898901

File: fcd5c6bcf225e66⋯.jpg (93.85 KB, 590x451, 590:451, IMG_0026.JPG)


594b06  No.2898902

File: cfed716ae7ed2aa⋯.png (1.11 MB, 730x1324, 365:662, Screenshot-2018-5-27 The D….png)

File: 8a1b70ca151aec7⋯.jpg (138.33 KB, 736x800, 23:25, 8a1b70ca151aec74c10cc0a89e….jpg)

File: 06568b7ddff1cdb⋯.png (79.42 KB, 834x496, 417:248, Screenshot-2018-3-6 Federa….png)

File: d6589d793c87991⋯.png (341.04 KB, 767x511, 767:511, Firesign, project, Clinton….png)

File: aa092c019ec2b95⋯.png (99.6 KB, 893x514, 893:514, Screenshot-2018-3-6 Federa….png)

e3ca5d  No.2898903


kek, twatter, talk about an echo chamber

ideas are shot down if they're not legit here

and there is no censorship

fuck @jack and fuckerberg

9850c3  No.2898904

Laura Ingraham and Hannity both love their voices so much that they do not let a guest speak more than 20 seconds before interrupting.

I get that are excited and have short time blocks, but seriously it is hard to follow a point of view with all the interjections.

Let the guests look good for once. It is not all about you looking good all the time.

f2c59e  No.2898905

File: cc42003440d6ccb⋯.jpeg (87.56 KB, 736x1087, 736:1087, mel_g.jpeg)

meme kek

b74cbc  No.2898906




Not all of us are in America or American.

But, as America is the global economic engine of the world, when America is great, the world is doing really good. Also, when America does good things in areas like medicine, law, technology etc, the world wins.

Please help make Australia, Japan, UK and the Poutine Maple Leaf lovers great as well.

Can make NZ great but they need to stop being annoying and give up the sheep loving.

99272f  No.2898907


The articles don't make any sense at all anymore. Just headlines because they know that almost nobody reads the article and they are too panicked so they cut corners. Most people are too asleep to know what they are reading anyway or they just skim. If you point out that it doesn't make sense they usually get angry or shut down

bcc364  No.2898908

File: 122bc0883463ca6⋯.png (470.71 KB, 344x586, 172:293, drainingtheswamp.PNG)

File: 3915716cf1e88da⋯.png (368.77 KB, 786x506, 393:253, Nightshift09.PNG)

File: 187d9d99e56fb3c⋯.png (588.22 KB, 789x498, 263:166, nightshiftwater.PNG)

c83e43  No.2898909


> “You’ve got to pray that old people die before young people can get involved with the party.”

What a stupid cow! Apparently God gave her a choice, to either have a great voice and no brains, or brains but no singing voice. Pretty apparent which one she picked.

97fef1  No.2898910

NO NAME was 'put to death…'

NO NAME 'was put to death', according to Ohio Governor Kasic in a very recent CNN news clip….


b9740b  No.2898911

File: d86aef87b21707f⋯.jpg (182.81 KB, 750x761, 750:761, love them.jpg)


Gotta love them, they make this SHIT fun.


and they get to go to HELL!

a5a689  No.2898912



I, ____, of my own free will and accord, in the presence of Almighty God, and this Worshipful Lodge erected to him and dedicated to the Holy Saint John, do hereby and hereon (Master presses his gavel on candidate's knuckles) most hail, forever conceal, never reveal any of the secret arts, parts or points of the hidden mysteries of Masonry which may have been heretofore, or shall be, at this time, or at any future period, communicated to me as such, == to any person or persons whomsoever, except it be a true and lawful brother Mason, or within the body of a just and lawfully constituted Lodge of Masons; == nor unto him or them until, by strict trial, due examination, or lawful information, I shall have found him, or them, as lawfully entitled to them as I am myself. I furthermore promise and swear that I will not write, print, paint, stamp, stain, cut, carve, hew, mark, or engrave them on any thing movable or immovable capable of receiving the least impression of a sign, word, syllable, letter or character, whereby they may become legible or intelligible to any person under the canopy of heaven, and the secrets of Masonry be thereby unlawfully obtained by my unworthiness.

All this I most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear, with a firm and steadfast resolution to keep and perform the same, without the least equivocation, mental reservation or secret evasion whatsoever; == binding myself under no less penalty than that of having my throat cut from ear to ear, my tongue torn out by its roots, and buried in the sands of the sea, at low-water mark, == where the tide ebbs and flows twice in twenty-four hours, should 1, in the least, knowingly or wittingly violate or transgress this my Entered Apprentice obligation. So help me God, and keep me steadfast

It continues to get worse, and worse, and more satanic as they progress. These people are NOT your friend. They do NOT belong in our law enforcement or systems of government. Do NOT let them trick you.

81a749  No.2898913


You're gonna need sauce to claim that anon =) bronze star for you

59a089  No.2898914

Anons. I havent been digging much last 48 hours like I normally do. Yesterday at 3:35 my neighbor was pronounced dead. She had an aneurism.

This morning, at 2 am Central time, she will undergo surgery to donate her organs. If you are willing, please take a moment of silence and maybe a prayer for her 2 children and her stepson.

Her name is Rachel. She always smiles for everyone. She will be missed. Her final selfless gift of life for others should tell you all you need to know about her.

Thank you

6515f3  No.2898915

File: 3b2f76efd0090c9⋯.jpg (38.8 KB, 640x360, 16:9, watching-movie.jpg)

9330e1  No.2898916

File: 40dbf728d873585⋯.png (453.89 KB, 852x1928, 213:482, fast and furious holder to….png)

File: 12b4c210c6245a2⋯.png (513.13 KB, 792x1911, 264:637, fast and furious holder to….png)

File: f0030a2edccaeb9⋯.png (516.94 KB, 845x1929, 845:1929, fast and furious holder to….png)

File: 974c61900d558e2⋯.png (345.84 KB, 835x1914, 835:1914, fast and furious holder to….png)

File: a263a5b18e4375c⋯.png (353.92 KB, 447x615, 149:205, fast and furious holder 5 ….png)



878923  No.2898918


Jesus said not to swear oaths at all.

These folk begin with an oath of secrecy.

4ddb9e  No.2898919

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



a04c08  No.2898920



I quit social media

waiting for the D5 then maybe jump back into

pointless now to piss in the wind without D5

well I guess it would be a nice "told you so" factor but so tired of not having arrests/discosures to back me up

738a14  No.2898921

File: a8425b91bd1bafd⋯.jpg (405.03 KB, 1944x1229, 1944:1229, _20180906_010235.JPG)

File: e0fff00672d5096⋯.jpg (395.71 KB, 1958x1333, 1958:1333, _20180906_010320.JPG)

6ff7fe  No.2898922


Commercials. Money. Short conversations.

efd8ad  No.2898923


Funny you say that.

The Cover-up of Sonny Bono's Murder


2fe43e  No.2898924

File: 082f55794de408e⋯.jpg (22.72 KB, 318x405, 106:135, 1509930348872.jpg)


Just another luciferian witch screaming at mostly brainwashed women and the men who cuck to them (Hmmm) because she's in BIG trouble.


13a1cc  No.2898925


hey at least you arnt banned

7a6138  No.2898926


Yes indeed! It’s encouraging to see so many good people here; all caring not just for the US, but for worldwide transformation.

God bless you all! Darkness to Light EVERYWHERE.

5d0557  No.2898927


I missed that, glad you caught it. An anon posted the 2nd video from same channel last bread and just got me curious. Like I said, they were well done, but wanted other opinions as to content accuracy.

6515f3  No.2898928


On an average day, how many sheep would you say you "loved"? kek

8f70df  No.2898929

File: 8660114e2499831⋯.jpg (8.37 KB, 244x207, 244:207, science_R_good.jpg)


Good eye, Anon.

4f251c  No.2898930

File: 7cc122fc4ccbaed⋯.png (741.11 KB, 648x756, 6:7, Sec Pompeo 9-5-18 9 58 pm ….PNG)

File: 2a0ddec7599520a⋯.png (1.77 MB, 1111x730, 1111:730, Sec Pompeo 9-5-18 9 58 pm ….PNG)

File: 4ba4878bf2691ea⋯.png (1.79 MB, 1096x726, 548:363, Sec Pompeo 9-5-18 9 58 pm ….PNG)

File: a438abf0f522a19⋯.png (1.91 MB, 1104x732, 92:61, Sec Pompeo 9-5-18 9 58 pm ….PNG)



c6e605  No.2898931

File: efcf081e86975ca⋯.png (20.94 KB, 833x661, 833:661, 1475839219397.png)


I wish we documented this concept more - more of a text-heavy concept but proves a point.

Books will be written

19c06d  No.2898932


Tru dat.

6ff7fe  No.2898933

Truther or Liar. Which would you rather? Good argument.

a7032a  No.2898934

File: d8fccd1022881cf⋯.jpg (239.21 KB, 1188x676, 297:169, check mate 1.jpg)

1604ff  No.2898935


I guess my point was that they have a compliment to the men's order of Masons. The women may not be called Masons- but they follow the same rules.

f2c59e  No.2898936

File: 46762471dde88dd⋯.png (337.66 KB, 532x348, 133:87, sod.png)

bread sped up today/tonight ?

7a6138  No.2898937


Amen! Let your yes be yes; and your no, no

c79280  No.2898938

File: 69d8fbbdd3b187a⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1038x978, 173:163, freemason-clown.png)

2a7822  No.2898939


Job's daughters. That's the other girls group.

594b06  No.2898940

File: ec7679f71d3cfd1⋯.png (261.62 KB, 533x654, 533:654, e083878812b4ad5ab7d598f501….png)

File: 939a8b44b493725⋯.jpg (62.27 KB, 968x681, 968:681, demis_roussos_getty.jpg)


It's almost as if it's intentional.

357160  No.2898941


If RR is a black hat → RM is a black hat

RM is definitely a black hat.

So long, RR.

e3ca5d  No.2898942


I haven't been on in years anon

hate that shit

but I value the anons' work spreading the GreatAwakening, don't get me wrong

I just can't stand that shit

all it was good for was coordinating parties and talking to chicks

b74cbc  No.2898943


I have Shetland Sheepdogs, they are sheep herding experts. I have them for a good REASON!!!

ae542d  No.2898944

File: f071043daa89a10⋯.jpg (119.71 KB, 605x960, 121:192, adrenochrome.jpg)

File: 668b6158764d7e4⋯.jpg (52.43 KB, 640x478, 320:239, He's_right_you_know.jpg)

File: 210333cf68e6e92⋯.jpg (439.96 KB, 1036x696, 259:174, reference 18.jpg)


He's right you know:


Above presented for the first time to the Dimentia Praecox committee for the Royal Scottish Rite of NY in '52

Below is what allegedly took place to prove theory (within 18 months???)


Explanation on request

8744fc  No.2898946

Queen Victoria unified the catholic (((them))) and the protestant (((them))) via the glue of the khazarian/pheonician (venetian) money-advisors.

Cecil Rhodes used the og bavarian illumanti and other jesuit documents as his inspiration for the rings within rings compartmentalized structured designed to retake America.

3067be  No.2898947


I thought it immediately, but another Anon called it… Have you ever seen an exchange? It will give you pause until you know it is a patriotic thing…

a04c08  No.2898948


>Jesus said not to swear oaths at all

Jesus wasn't an American

we swear oaths of allegiance to the US when we join the military or enter public office

6886a3  No.2898949

Q ……..

Antinin Scalia SCJ….86'd or 187 as you put it

What makes you think they can't 86 all 3 of your SC judge appointees JUST LIKE THEY DID AS

You obviously have updated your security protocols concerning them, their relatives and whole family's…..whatever the cost is pay it

719b5e  No.2898950


can we get a meme out of this memefags? please and thanQ

creepy chicks are creepy

9330e1  No.2898951

File: 0b7909c6bf86c5e⋯.mp4 (591.05 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, popckorn deadpool KEEek.mp4)




eb9470  No.2898952

File: bc1a268a2979f8a⋯.jpg (37.42 KB, 480x480, 1:1, bc1a268a2979f8a2dfa27c4e51….jpg)

9c79ed  No.2898953


She doesn’t have a great voice IMO

4d5569  No.2898954


Microchip @Microchip PRO

2 hours ago

Remember my handles on Twitter WDFx2EU and then a number? I adapted that to QAnon posting when we stared it.

WDFx2EU means:

we don't forgive

we don't forget

expect us




This stuff had been planned out for months and months in advance. The silly quips, "wwg1wga" and "trust the plan, stay the course". All derived from ominous messaging pulled from Anonymous back from around 2011 version of Anonymous.

So much that has yet to be revealed.

Microchip @Microchip PRO

4 hours ago

I know you're here on Gab, current Q, and I know you've interacted with me today. Your time is almost up.

3fa635  No.2898955

File: daf74d3b25afc82⋯.png (347.24 KB, 800x443, 800:443, daf74d3b25afc822639a6786df….png)

4ddb9e  No.2898956

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a7032a  No.2898957

File: 9971ca403c5d7e2⋯.jpg (221.03 KB, 1024x733, 1024:733, ATE CONARY.jpg)

19c06d  No.2898958



6515f3  No.2898959

File: 4e5c0b32d6ae133⋯.jpg (2.24 MB, 2400x3000, 4:5, aj-iphone-wallpaper.jpg)


You ain't from aroun' here, are ya boy?

efd1df  No.2898960



Glad this was brought up, I have a friend who served and came back home. I was talking to him about Q and when I mentioned Masons he said it wasn't anything like that.

I'm not sure if he's aware or not. He told me this grand story about how there are two different 13 family bloodlines basically. And that there are good masons that are fighting the bad ones.

He drove me around the area and showed me the temples in town, and all the buildings surrounding. Two Catholic Churches, factories, a hospital and food joints. Told me they're all connected.

Said symbolism is from the bad masons, and good masons meet secretly in places that don't broadcast. He also talked about how you can't really be a real mason unless you have a certain bloodline. He has two of the bloodlines Fiona Barnett mentioned in her testimony videos, so that had me confused.

He said Trump was a mason, and a majority of armed services have branches of Masons.

He did have the part about trafficking correct and mentioned the pope, since he said he has been to the vatican, but I don't know if I trust all of that.

Everything I've been searching for points to Trump not being a mason. And furthermore, he said he was from the order of benjamin franklin which was a good mason, but in the CIA pdf it says most masons were bad in nature.

470c10  No.2898961

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Kavanaugh needs more digging. I believe it’s very likely Kavanaugh is a Mason. Also Father Enzler and Catholic Charities needs to be dug on. Who says their wife was wearing a Black and White Checkered shirt as a memort of running on 9/11? These are some odd things that stuck out to me during LG’s questions at a Supreme Court Confirmation hearing. There are no coincidences.

@ 3:44: Senator I regularly serve meals at Catholic Charities at Tenth and G …. with Father John Enzler, Head of Catholic Charities Dc. who I’ve known since I was nine years old when I was an Altar Boy, he was at Little Flower Parrish.

@ about 24:27: I was in the Counselors Office of the West Wing…For the next few…minutes, then we were all told to go down to the bottom of the West Wing and then we were all evacuated , and ah I think I thin the thought that flight 93 might have been headed for the White House, it might have been headed here and ah Secret Service.. We were being hustled out and then panic started screaming at us ah sprint run… we sprinted out my wife was a few steps ahead of me, she was ahh President Bushes Personnal Aide at the time, and we sprinted out…She was wearing a Black and White check shirt I remember….

Who would say?Hinting at being a Mason, He is Catholic too BTW remember…IJS

He also said "I Owe You", to Diane Feinstein after she suggested to him "Good Husband" at 29:05 . He cannot owe any one here as it goes against Congressional

81a749  No.2898962


I've accepted my share of attaboys anon. Doesn't mean thats what it is, still purely speculation. Not that it really matters we would ever know. But gotta chill with the sauceless claims

e3ca5d  No.2898963


no one cares about MicroDick

4aede0  No.2898964



99272f  No.2898965

File: 048c9bf9683db4e⋯.png (40.41 KB, 460x254, 230:127, ClipboardImage.png)


Looks like Ice was a busy boy lately. Seems I remember a former fake president and about 350 celebs heading over to South Africa and Kenya (without Oprah as many headlines stated). Must be big cabal habbenings over there. Or maybe he was just remodeling some shantys? BTW, where is Oprah lately? Is she doing live stuff?

8356ce  No.2898966


Are you sure you are responding to the right post?

76d01b  No.2898967


Why Jesus said that?

59a089  No.2898968


Kek. Good warning though

bcc364  No.2898969


When the Hammer drops, won't be anyone left to do that shit anymore

218081  No.2898970

File: d43320fd6670717⋯.png (618.07 KB, 800x450, 16:9, BEEN LIKE DIS SINCE HE POO….png)

3067be  No.2898971


We are all endowed with inalienable rights by our creator. The basis of common law? LawFags?

e3ca5d  No.2898972


seen that, based

97fef1  No.2898973

NO NAME was 'put to death'…?

Apparently, according to a recent CNN newsclip by Ohio Governor Kasic… no name was '…put to death…' .


f2c59e  No.2898974


Quakers and maybe some others don't swear oaths

It looks like you can also do an "affirmation" rather than an oath

>Franklin Pierce has been the only president to date who affirmed rather than swore to the oath of office.

9850c3  No.2898975

File: dce507479e11adf⋯.png (907.01 KB, 1224x1272, 51:53, ClipboardImage.png)

I am guessing the 4am talking point today was that POTUS is not fit to be president.

"John Kerry told Colbert that the Trump official's op-ed scares him: “What it really means is we don’t have a president""

ffef9b  No.2898976

File: cc65a9da3d12a1f⋯.jpeg (34.21 KB, 500x334, 250:167, tumblr_p571k80aOP1veskpyo….jpeg)


d2c54c  No.2898977

File: 9e5947099d138d9⋯.jpg (51.3 KB, 1198x600, 599:300, 2f9lIHQ.jpg)

File: 3c355e5417e01ef⋯.jpg (309.83 KB, 1883x1175, 1883:1175, 3c355e5417e01effe485841557….jpg)



time to chad out

Hope to still see yall in the Chad Timeline in a few hours.

3fa635  No.2898978

File: 4ff509f32192fd6⋯.png (188.21 KB, 702x569, 702:569, 698aa437874d95bdd21cfa2dc9….png)

6515f3  No.2898979


ooh.. A timeline with Cher dead? Missed that one. Sounds fun tho.

6886a3  No.2898980



F……… THE RUSSIANS……..NO MORE OF OUR URANIUM LEAVES THIS F…….COUNTRY COME HELL OR HIGH WATER….if they got a problem with that they can come and get it……

af061e  No.2898981


Funny, you ask a logical question and everybody attacked you as being stupid.


That Bot is here 24 seven every bread and now they’re defending it?


They told you to lurk more, you’re a dummy, Your new Here, we except this.


4aede0  No.2898982


bro honestly HONEST TO GOD

they are all acting literally acting

it is a movie

seriously im sure they even pause and take re-takes bro

honest to god

they were given that acting role or death

they know the truth yes we've been lied to yes the earth is flat and god is real yes yes yes

0d942b  No.2898983


Don't be going down that 'Meet the new boss, same as the old boss' rabbit hole yet. This movement is fragile yet, not ready for those questions.

8744fc  No.2898984

The British created the CIA via their money men lackets on Wall Street (via OSS). The CIA and State Department were infiltrated. The CFR is the instructor. Chatham House (RIAA) is the CFR instructor.

3fa635  No.2898985


soft coup turning le corner

a5a689  No.2898986

File: 540d203dd94a5e1⋯.jpg (5.64 KB, 180x235, 36:47, download (1).jpg)

File: 4cf0690f70c4527⋯.jpg (6.26 KB, 190x266, 5:7, download.jpg)

File: 07db01c8462ef83⋯.jpg (11.57 KB, 275x183, 275:183, images.jpg)

File: a63c3064ea64c74⋯.jpg (8.2 KB, 262x192, 131:96, masonASTRONOTS.jpg)



can you say hussein?

7a6138  No.2898987


Then I pray for Rachel and her passage from this world to a place of safety.

As a Christian, I wait for the renewal of the Heavens and the Earth and the restoration of all things.

May her memory be eternal.

c83e8b  No.2898988

File: 01f71ef900943ea⋯.jpg (295.68 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Wishing-You-GenQ-1.jpg)

File: ee2f81fea059438⋯.jpg (288.3 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Wishing-You-GenQ-LYA.jpg)


Wishing you all a Great Awakening, frenz! This is how we Make Everything Great Again!

b9740b  No.2898989


Just Think…

The SHILLS have already been tracked by Q Team, the MI and NSA. They are the crumbs that are rounded up last. No Deals.

Keep on doing what you are paid to do SHILLS.

We Have It All.

Soo Fucked!!!


9330e1  No.2898990

File: 8beffae60bef193⋯.png (3.29 MB, 1838x1130, 919:565, comfy pepe space.png)



4ddb9e  No.2898991

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4107e9  No.2898992

Q, can we get the BHO picture with his AK please.


9c79ed  No.2898993


Seems like no one on the outside got it.

7f00fb  No.2898994

File: 85284471194a405⋯.jpg (181.78 KB, 696x470, 348:235, Altar_Table_Masonic_Ritual….jpg)

f23683  No.2898995


Don't forget William Shatner's beautiful young blond wife, floating face down in the pool.

7f00fb  No.2898996

File: edf7427a05ad691⋯.png (600.92 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, WTF_lindsay.png)

c79280  No.2898997

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2fe43e  No.2898998

File: 043152a5f89d980⋯.png (866.31 KB, 850x960, 85:96, ClipboardImage (7).png)


I'll be here. KEK!! These are fucking gold.

7a6138  No.2898999

File: 9d5309ff0b4c9a1⋯.jpeg (28.17 KB, 255x233, 255:233, 6CB86B66-8F13-438A-910C-B….jpeg)

9330e1  No.2899000

File: 6ce73b8a35f6767⋯.jpg (344.37 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, we are seeds.jpg)




6515f3  No.2899001

File: e121d24c37bd815⋯.jpg (89.71 KB, 616x500, 154:125, potuscopypasta.jpg)

4ddb9e  No.2899002

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



bdecec  No.2899003

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

kill em all, kill em all, kill em all, kill em all, kill em all, kill them alllllllllllllllll

God wants us to kill all of the evil bastards!

The Great Evil is upon us!

No Deals!

kill em all, kill em all, kill em all, kill em all, kill em all, kill them alllllllllllllllll

59a089  No.2899004


Nice full house

a7032a  No.2899005

File: 05994c20932a3a0⋯.png (696.33 KB, 1079x678, 1079:678, hear no see no.png)

File: 7895f8a97ed4db3⋯.jpg (196.06 KB, 847x696, 847:696, moon glow.jpg)

File: beccc34766d3d97⋯.png (566.27 KB, 576x674, 288:337, old bone.png)

File: 0efb7123c5fcde0⋯.jpg (340.51 KB, 816x949, 816:949, chicago1.jpg)

File: 91dd172f60f1917⋯.jpg (383.48 KB, 1140x670, 114:67, Impossible Hubble.jpg)

2a7822  No.2899006


Might dig and see if Kavanaugh is a Knight of Columbus. If so, he's probably not a mason because KofC forbids joining masons.

Masons don't have a restriction on joining KofC but the knights will boot you if they find out you're a mason.

8b3538  No.2899007

File: be00e3ec268d23e⋯.png (391.1 KB, 426x561, 142:187, 94750009-d823-5276-c2b7-53….png)


>Pics will surface of Hussein holding AK47 in tribal attire.

bf12d4  No.2899008


I'm a little different than some anons here. The Masons don't scare me and am pretty proud of who they were in the mid 1700's. Not sure we would have the Constitution we have if it wasn't for them. You would be surprised at some of 'occult' leanings of our founders. Alchemy and Mystery Schools. Maybe what is feared is the unknown?

7a6138  No.2899009


They don’t listen like we listen.

Unintended revelation or mere slip of the tongue?

2fe43e  No.2899010

File: 3ba672b756f3f2d⋯.jpg (75.44 KB, 500x1000, 1:2, compass.jpg)


Honorable Anon. Prayers incoming. God Speed Rachel!! You made it Home. Job Well Done. QResearch Honors You.


50f1ec  No.2899011

File: e997693bf9cc3d9⋯.jpg (707.03 KB, 2142x1594, 1071:797, e997693bf9cc3d99ef2945d1ac….jpg)


no deals for shills.

08fd7c  No.2899012

File: 1f9b08eb88d1b39⋯.jpg (34.95 KB, 497x500, 497:500, monica redsauce.jpg)


I like sauce.

5c727f  No.2899013

>>2898685 lb

Everyone keeps focusing on the white paper which is clearly shown as changing hands

This is how magicians work

You have to watch only the handshake and after

Something looks to have been palmed

8744fc  No.2899014


Some of us are just concernfags. You want us rounded up too? See how dangerous your line of thinking is? Rule of law.

19c06d  No.2899015

File: e68ed662ef9a261⋯.png (1.47 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, E9F5FD4B-94A9-40AD-9E38-F2….png)

File: 8dbb11bd9022d89⋯.png (1.18 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 70341FAA-6ABF-4C20-AED4-5E….png)

File: e975e97d6a0dfa9⋯.png (1.74 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, AD1FCF75-9680-4D51-BBF3-14….png)

File: 84fb51ea8fe08b9⋯.png (998.46 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 743B3584-5A52-48B0-8403-22….png)

Jim Carey trying to revive his career by reviving, “In Living Color,” along with his Mr. Rogers “spoof” character, Mr. Pickles.

. (That doesn’t sound creepy at all, does it?)


3067be  No.2899016


That is BotAnon, much more annoying than the bot… Killing us with repetitive and bad memes…

8727e6  No.2899017


Oh! John Kerry. That's not suspicious at all.

9850c3  No.2899018

File: e2f783f959d1205⋯.png (694.19 KB, 1168x832, 73:52, ClipboardImage.png)

Nike just did it to themselves.

National Police Organization Launches Nike Boycott over Kaepernick Ad Campaign


4b7e17  No.2899019

File: 6c53c1733c83886⋯.png (25.28 KB, 201x241, 201:241, 6c53c1733c83886a1ef796d1e7….png)


My god hes even stolen the Anonymous thing all the cringe leftist monkeys use now.

4ddb9e  No.2899020

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



1604ff  No.2899021


But NZ has Taika- I really hope he isn't a bad one.

99272f  No.2899022


Only a few ambulances in the vid for over 500 people…

e3ca5d  No.2899023

File: 06138f3950b71cd⋯.jpg (348.14 KB, 1238x1238, 1:1, navysealtwatt.jpg)

0f8ce8  No.2899024


And therein lay the lie.

That "ascension" is the goal to be pursued.

The only way to overcome the trap that has been laid is for people to align, morally, with one extreme or the other such that they are no longer distinct as an individual.

A sort of spiritual bose-einstein condensate, if you will.

If the saying among those who believe themselves a part of lucifer is "know thyself" - then what it means to be human is to "know each other."

Lucifer believed that the path to evolution was defined by power and, as such, consumed the heavens endlessly in a vain pursuit of an ever higher form. The trap, if you will, is rather simple. Offer up an eden as a sort of contest. "I bet my beings will never choose to disobey me and partake of the knowledge of your pursuits." Game on.

The setup is simple, but the result is profound. Just as we chose to disobey, so can the families from the fallen angels. They can disobey… And not lose the knowledge.

Thus, the cycle of death and rebirth continually grinds away at the entity revered as Lucifer as more and more of 'himself' can continue to choose against him.

The only way aroud the trap is to make it so that individuals are driven to embrace the same ideals held by the original being such as there are few/no differences.

The "ascension" is a lie. We are the higher form meant to bring judgment to the angels.

ae542d  No.2899025



Yes. Not sure if I'm communicating that effectively, by yes I'm sure.

19c06d  No.2899026


Good for them!

594b06  No.2899027

File: e74f2e6e5e0b785⋯.jpg (218.41 KB, 1312x1056, 41:33, 5f12524d85936acbbd95b81337….jpg)


when did you start glowing?

59f6e8  No.2899028

File: 987e462ff6730f9⋯.png (97.37 KB, 247x255, 247:255, thisiswhy.png)

2fe43e  No.2899029

File: b0cfd9aa87c9d8d⋯.jpg (257.78 KB, 2089x1440, 2089:1440, 1536135991009.jpg)


We need a different name than Stacy though I think don't we?? I never met a hot stacy. Quite the opposite. Or are we stuck?? KEK!!

a04c08  No.2899030


>knights will boot you if they find out you're a mason

they're all cryptokikes anyways

594b06  No.2899031

File: 0fd5939971807f5⋯.jpg (67.5 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 0fd5939971807f55b0f28d7c90….jpg)


Hello Lucifer.

10ea46  No.2899032


Thank you - sounds like Arkancide.

f05b3a  No.2899033

Baphomet? The truth will BLOW YOUR MIND. Behold the secret laid bare. This is by far the best explanation of it I've ever read. From the templars to the Masons to the FED, IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW.


Required reading for those who choose to know. Takes 20 minutes, YOU WILL THANK ME


7a6138  No.2899034


Not secret oaths. Big difference.

99272f  No.2899035



c6e605  No.2899036

File: 5e67481f12a1c19⋯.png (306.36 KB, 3853x3303, 3853:3303, Differences.png)

If you compare drop 2095 to 1332, there is only ONE difference.

I've never seen an exact duplicate Q post before, but I must take ALL changes seriously.

Adding "Obama" is likely to cater to the more mainstream crowd Q has garnered.

But what about the " / > / Hussein ?

4ddb9e  No.2899037

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




2fe43e  No.2899038


I want to go put this on my Facebook wall where all my liberal friends are. At least a few brains would melt.


I laugh every time. KEK!!

767915  No.2899039


If that is true, the people need to be told eventually. It's actually a Biblical principle. 1 Timothy 5:20. (If you believe Paul was a legitimate Biblical writer.)

7dede8  No.2899040

File: 31c20a7ddcb48f6⋯.png (590.54 KB, 549x412, 549:412, ClipboardImage.png)

Maxine Waters Dig (continued)

Waters’s Corruption

For a number of years, Waters’ daughter Karen has been in charge of a “slate mailer” operation for Waters’ federal campaign committee, Citizens for Waters (CfW), where other political candidates pay CfW to endorse them in its mailers. These payments to CfW have ranged from as little as $250 for a school board candidate, to tens of thousands of dollars for higher-profile candidates, to $171,000 for a wealthy California businessman who ran for elected office. (One of the more prominent individuals to appear on Waters’s endorsement mailers was Kamala Harris, who in 2010, when she was running for California attorney general, paid $28,000 to Waters’ campaign committee for that privilege. When Harris ran for the Senate in 2016, she gave CfW another $30,000 in order to appear in the mailers.) When Karen is paid the money that she is owed, she will have pocketed around $750,000 for running the mailers for the campaign since 2006." https://freebeacon.com/politics/maxine-waters-slated-pay-daughter-another-108k-campaign-funds-lucrative-operation/

In 2005/2006, the left-leaning organization Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington named Maxine Waters as one of the 13 “Most Corrupt Members of Congress.” The CREW report cited a December 2004 Los Angeles Times investigation disclosing how three of Waters’ closest relatives had made more than $1 million during the preceding eight years by doing business with companies, candidates, and issue organizations that Waters had helped. One of these relatives was Waters’ aforementioned daughter Karen, who not only charged candidates for space on her mother’s “slate mailer,” but also received payments from a nonprofit organization which she and the congresswoman had established. In this report Waters entire family is implicated in the crimes, they each had a role to play in the corruption. Read the entire report here: http://web.archive.org/web/20060616035849

/http:/www.beyonddelay.org:80/Beyond_DeLay_Report_Final_2.pdf (please download and archive before it disappears)

2009 and 2011, Waters appears on this list again, when she used her position as a senior member of Congress and member of the House Financial Services Committee to prevail upon Treasury officials to meet with OneUnited Bank. She never disclosed that her husband held stock in the bank. Full report here:

https://s3.amazonaws.com/storage.citizensforethics.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/20022703/Waters%2C%20Maxine.pdf (please download and and archive before it disappears)

On August 2, 2010, the House Ethics Committee filed three charges against Waters, alleging that she had used her influence to gain special favors (from the federal government) for OneUnited. In September 2012, the House Ethics Committee issued a report clearing Waters of all ethics charges related to allegations that she had tried to secure federal bailout money for OneUnited during the 2008 financial crisis. Report here:


The Ethics Committee did rule, however, that Waters’ grandson and chief of staff Mikael Moore had somehow proceeded, without the congresswoman’s knowledge or approval, to lobby for special treatment for OneUnited. Washington Examiner report here:


According to Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton, California Democratic congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, a friend of Waters, helped delay Waters’s trial before the House Ethics Committee by stalling subpoenas and improperly firing two lawyers who were working on the investigation. Report here: https://www.nationalreview.com/2017/04/maxine-waters-democrats-resistance-leader-corrupt-california-congresswoman/

In November 2010, _The Washington Times _reported: “A lobbyist known as one of California’s most successful power brokers while serving as a legislative leader in that state paid Waters’ husband $15,000 in consulting fees at a time she was co-sponsoring legislation. Four years earlier, in 2006, an IRS report had declared such “real-estate finance businesses” to be a “scam.” Report here: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2010/nov/7/lobbyist-paid-15k-to-maxine-waters-husband/

4d5569  No.2899042


Check out Kerry's ties to China, Russia

This is a foreign coup gone live today

08fd7c  No.2899043


It's amazing how stupid our country is and how brainwashed.

407ec4  No.2899044




Anon who introduced me

Im a little weirded out right now


Thank you

It is beginning to make sense.


a5a689  No.2899045

File: 7b8c934bc073927⋯.jpg (442.06 KB, 1140x350, 114:35, Famous-Masons2.jpg)

File: 1b3a383ed103725⋯.jpg (90 KB, 440x353, 440:353, freemason_washington.jpg)

File: 459a2347c56c8e7⋯.jpg (19.67 KB, 300x168, 25:14, mason event.jpg)

File: faa497ba39a8213⋯.jpg (8.16 KB, 273x184, 273:184, mason ritual.jpg)



These guys are deeply, DEEPLY entrenched everywhere. You cannot mention CABAL without mentioning freemasonry.

bdecec  No.2899046

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



10ea46  No.2899047

File: 29c92ebc4cba210⋯.jpg (77.64 KB, 450x430, 45:43, Eternal Rest.jpg)

4b7e17  No.2899048

File: 71ef278a98c705a⋯.jpg (57.07 KB, 823x777, 823:777, 71ef278a98c705a2666fb8a922….jpg)


Hi CIA. Calls for violence are not welcome here. Go back to drug dealing.

a953dc  No.2899049




6515f3  No.2899050


Thanks. Been looking for this. Saved

1d06fc  No.2899051


Prayers said anon.

2a7822  No.2899052


There's tons of really stupid disinformation about masons here. Actually all that happens there is you put your hands on an open bible with a square and compass laid on it and say a few words.

b9740b  No.2899053



Aiding and abetting the enemy!



e3ca5d  No.2899054


put moar and moar pressure on tester

POTUS HATES him and we want that Senate seat

d52bc6  No.2899056


You are overcomplicating. He said the right thing - we are making a positive choice, so we will attract a positive timeline. Very simple!

I love night shift <3

76d01b  No.2899057

9f3f95  No.2899058


I mean the nation was kinda founded on people dragging evildoers out onto the street, covering their body in molten tar, and throwing feathers on them so that they die slowly, painfully, and humiliated. So you're just a little bitch.

594b06  No.2899059

File: 205ea7c4023ab2a⋯.png (23.79 KB, 669x308, 669:308, Screenshot_2018-08-27 Alle….png)

File: 55fecd20df3f4ca⋯.jpg (425.6 KB, 1225x1012, 1225:1012, Screenshot_2018-08-30 Q Re….jpg)

File: 59ce9f781da61d8⋯.png (491.66 KB, 829x466, 829:466, Screenshot_2018-09-02 Watc….png)

File: 36c96a2f97e9d18⋯.png (372.71 KB, 642x434, 321:217, Screenshot_2018-08-27 Goog….png)

File: 7c3ca79fe7777f6⋯.png (249.08 KB, 1243x534, 1243:534, sScreenshot_2018-09-02 Q R….png)

8b3538  No.2899060


not big sky event, since you typed in all caps

08fd7c  No.2899061


Is it possible that Kasich is this stupid?

Or is he just totally crooked?

cfbed9  No.2899062

File: 1d53599ccc11987⋯.jpg (53.08 KB, 413x395, 413:395, top pop.jpg)

9850c3  No.2899063

File: 065274388bf248d⋯.png (183.71 KB, 1220x856, 305:214, ClipboardImage.png)

What if the NYT "forgot" to add the word "retired" to senior administration official?

8727e6  No.2899064


Serious question from someone that did not see the episode.

Normally guests are scheduled for a particular reason… they have a book or movie to shill etc.

What was the pretext for Kerry to be on Colbert?

Is it something that was a little too convenient timing, or was there a legitimate reason he was scheduled to be on?

c414dd  No.2899065

File: 49ad3ab0d3263ce⋯.jpg (50.2 KB, 453x286, 453:286, iu.jpg)

File: 7858b1280cd4fe6⋯.jpg (39.84 KB, 331x354, 331:354, iur (8).jpg)

bdecec  No.2899066

File: 222b9f994dcd431⋯.jpg (193.08 KB, 1197x592, 1197:592, pepe soon.jpg)



b74cbc  No.2899067



4ddb9e  No.2899068

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2e7339  No.2899069

8b3538  No.2899070


it was a leak

f39742  No.2899072

File: 92d0adc57818a7f⋯.png (2.51 MB, 1328x2000, 83:125, ClipboardImage.png)


Because they simply do not know

How to just lean back

And relax in the sunshine…

2fe43e  No.2899073

File: 15cbe29a368ba22⋯.jpg (138.52 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, 941f84a70031b5555b222ad913….jpg)

File: 657c31507f009a6⋯.png (59.13 KB, 404x316, 101:79, 657c31507f009a66bde64dc73b….png)

File: 7f18fdd358d338a⋯.png (37.79 KB, 562x373, 562:373, 7f18fdd358d338ae17eb3dde42….png)



Now POTUS will MAKE them all bend a knee. Dumb asses. I hate Nike.

a953dc  No.2899074


Sky event? Why sky?

08fd7c  No.2899075


No mason should be allowed to hold any govt office.

a7032a  No.2899076

File: 82aa1ae9d22cb3d⋯.jpg (464.51 KB, 1280x873, 1280:873, darwin shh1.jpg)

File: 18827ca71781dd6⋯.jpeg (203.41 KB, 696x607, 696:607, glowing earth orb.jpeg)

File: fa7fa66f9afdca9⋯.jpg (304.49 KB, 871x871, 1:1, scrable FLAT.jpg)

File: 8dc63c454366ca8⋯.jpg (215.7 KB, 752x733, 752:733, Flying Graphic.jpg)

File: 4c3d13de6922a48⋯.jpg (702.97 KB, 1626x1032, 271:172, 2015 N 2012 blue earth.jpg)


You want answers?

I want the truth.


Or can you?

(please be attentive - deprograming in progress)

59f6e8  No.2899077

File: 9a79ab60e70c154⋯.png (44.85 KB, 553x484, 553:484, humans.png)


Catchy tune.

f23683  No.2899078


It was the brains and promoting talent of Sony Bono that made her a star. Then she shit on him and left him behind and turned their daughter into a homo man.

b92a78  No.2899079


John Tester needs to go. I believe it's personal for POTUS.

9850c3  No.2899080


>Check out Kerry's ties to China, Russia

>This is a foreign coup gone live today

Not to mention his close personal friends the Iranian mullahs.

4ddb9e  No.2899081

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




7a6138  No.2899082


And what would you say if he’s a Knight of Malta?

Weigh the man first and discern where his loyalties lie.

c414dd  No.2899083


the drain plug is loosening

08fd7c  No.2899084


Rachel is safe. Dont worry about her.

a5a689  No.2899085


Anyone can go on ebay and buy your texts and see EXACTLY what you people do.

You can also get them for free in scanned PDF's online literally everywhere.

Anons I encourage you to go RESEARCH FOR YOURSELF- these guys have been out in the open forever. All they can do is try to discourage you from looking under the hood yourself.

It's common knowledge. These guys are BAD news. They have no place in law enforcement or government. == SECRET SOCIETIES ARE OUR ENEMY ==

e3ca5d  No.2899086



yes it is

2a7822  No.2899087


Also, I've only ever seen one sword per lodge unless there's a closet full of them I missed. Sword goes to the tiler who is like the door guard. Sits outside the lodge room playing on his phone and knocks a few times.

e18f5d  No.2899088

File: 905e9b78993cb7f⋯.jpg (2.18 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 905e9b78993cb7f6cf5ae6ac7c….jpg)

File: b513b033275b809⋯.jpg (2.28 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, b513b033275b80944452038ede….jpg)


looks pretty damning

old testament crap with satan masquerading as god? check

recruiting a bunch of useful idiots to form a figurative human moat around jerusalem? check

satanic garbage? check

secrecy (which is…just fucking abhorrent to us autists)? check

stupid fucking club where everyone covers each other's asses so that a bunch of dead motherfuckers who don't realize they're walking the green fuckin mile think they can get away with anything they want? check fucking check

enjoy the other side

>>2843863 (x-bread)

2fe43e  No.2899089


One of the worst. Him and that loser from RI "whitehouse" are the only two that I HAD to go politely crap on on twitter.

7b37dd  No.2899090


He is a masonic member..

Whipper johnson

Google it.

They are mobsters making money…

Off of my ideas and people buying Q stuff and donating to all of their different twitter accounts youtube accounts..


76d01b  No.2899091

File: 4ffac0c7f2d8e53⋯.png (15.72 KB, 1018x191, 1018:191, ClipboardImage.png)

he Department of Justice, led by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has announced that it will follow President Donald Trump’s directives to investigate whether social media companies purposefully hampered conservative voices on their platforms.

In an emailed statement, Justice Department spokesman Devin O'Malley wrote that “the Attorney General has convened a meeting with a number of state attorneys general this month to discuss a growing concern that these companies may be hurting competition and intentionally stifling the free exchange of ideas on their platforms.”

The meeting was spurred, says the statement, by Wednesday’s Senate hearing on the use of social media platforms by foreign influence operations, in which Facebook Chief Marketing Officer Sheryl Sandberg and Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey testified. “We listened to today’s Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearing…closely,” O’Malley wrote.

The main intent of the hearing, however, was to discuss how foreign influencers are using social media platforms like Facebook to influence elections and spread disinformation. There was very little talk of conservative bias, and the committee chairman, Republican Senator Richard Burr, acknowledged that imposing regulation on these platforms could violate the First Amendment.

Trump and other Republicans have recently argued that social media companies and tech platforms like Google purposely suppress conservative voices on their sites. They have repeatedly called for an investigation into their practices.

“Google search results for 'Trump News' shows only the viewing/reporting of Fake News Media. In other words, they have it RIGGED, for me & others, so that almost all stories & news is BAD. Fake CNN is prominent. Republican/Conservative & Fair Media is shut out,” tweeted Trump last week. “Illegal? 96% of results on 'Trump News' are from National Left-Wing Media, very dangerous. Google & others are suppressing voices of Conservatives and hiding information and news that is good. They are controlling what we can & cannot see. This is a very serious situation-will be addressed!”


59a089  No.2899092

File: 824cc968104f7aa⋯.jpg (650.76 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180906-002351….jpg)

File: f6669dda9ccb704⋯.jpg (87.91 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, IMG_20180906_002343.jpg)

Someone is feeling left out…

597754  No.2899093


Oaths imply trust. Jesus saying let your confidence/trust be in God only. Lesser oaths are permitted or we would trust no one and be unable to follow leaders. Ultimate trust is unto the Lord God Almighty only.

f2c59e  No.2899094

File: 118735261e691eb⋯.png (132.21 KB, 373x382, 373:382, okay.png)

4f251c  No.2899095

File: 56e1520af2cded4⋯.png (26.18 KB, 607x303, 607:303, Microchip murderous rage 9….PNG)

It seems Microchip and Mossad Posobiec are setting the narrative for a possible attack

f2fc82  No.2899096


Oprah is stress eating.. She'll be back when she's 850lbs.

799bc6  No.2899097

File: b94dc3641a47b54⋯.jpg (77.43 KB, 720x525, 48:35, 7b7f9a2424ea0976fffb423857….jpg)

File: b287f019360dc9a⋯.jpg (69 KB, 480x588, 40:49, b287f019360dc9a6cee116ea20….jpg)

File: c8ef3cb0bf70b4d⋯.jpg (61.87 KB, 480x754, 240:377, c8ef3cb0bf70b4d30a68d50653….jpg)


Daughters huh?

Funny… How come there are ZERO baby pictures?

8f70df  No.2899098


Your snake oil pitch is weak and tired.

b9740b  No.2899099

So Q you take the big one down, Hussein, and all the rest can be charged for conspiring?

Military Tribunal Time…Time has Come brother Q!

2e7339  No.2899100

File: a6d85bb0ca67f00⋯.png (99.76 KB, 385x523, 385:523, Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at ….png)

e5787e  No.2899101

File: dcecc7f63b196df⋯.jpg (160.52 KB, 640x619, 640:619, IMG_025.jpg)

59f6e8  No.2899102

efag = MLP FIM pedo/cabal faggot tonight.

4ddb9e  No.2899103

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

af061e  No.2899104


This is the most misunderstood part of Christianity And the five books of Moses. There are no symbols, there are no traditions of man.

That’s what separates us from all religions of the world and even Christendom of today.

Any house divided against itself will fall

bdecec  No.2899105



f2c59e  No.2899106

Why did MOS choose that Nazi symbol

50f1ec  No.2899107

File: 44f0adc1b541e40⋯.jpg (46.1 KB, 575x323, 575:323, ebc.jpg)

bf12d4  No.2899108


Been waiting for a headline like that. Was just a matter of time. If all goes well we will see more like this in the future.

54f516  No.2899109

File: 9d27b3566792019⋯.png (708.47 KB, 1276x719, 1276:719, Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at ….png)

b92a78  No.2899110

File: 058e2820efd83f9⋯.jpg (21.31 KB, 540x304, 135:76, 5b8df9a2caae3.image.jpg)


John's looking fit these days.

751b44  No.2899111


Yep Deep state tied at the hip to the Television Media Hollywood personality. coordinated. they do it right in front you.

a953dc  No.2899112

Q, do we know the name of the second movie yet? Trying to stop up on more popcorn, investing in Orville Redenbacher

4088b7  No.2899113

File: 28666036dd068d2⋯.png (6.77 KB, 444x156, 37:13, Screenshot_2018-09-06 Q.png)

File: c483be5c7e5b13c⋯.png (25.17 KB, 306x189, 34:21, Screenshot_2018-09-06 adam….png)

File: d435dd36c0ad60d⋯.png (23.94 KB, 640x153, 640:153, Screenshot-2018-5-12 The I….png)


Thank you, Logical Thinking Anon!!

You get a 444 confirm from the Chief!!

The group was infiltrated by the Illuminati :(yeah, they're REAL!!)…

Masons held ancient wisdom dating back to the Templars (: so the story goes :) who were executed by the church… They were forced to hide… Chess moves… True, there are bad ones, too… but many are lower-level and rather ignorant of the centuries old battle taking place behind the curtains… Changing of the GUARD!!

4288a9  No.2899114

File: da112a30d405977⋯.jpg (940.34 KB, 1276x3412, 319:853, thefinders.jpg)


The Finders (CIA) is a EVIL shadow group

In November of 1999, I acquired an enormous amount of paperwork from retired FBI Senior Special-Agent-In-Charge Ted L. Gunderson who had compiled box loads of research and had assembled a number of reports in recent years which described unimaginable "operations" of treachery, sadistic savagery, degradation, abuse, and murder caused by intelligence agents of the United States government against its own citizens, especially children.

The Finders

The kidnapping of children for purposes of prostitution, pornography, high tech weaponry experimental abuse, mind control abuse, child slave labor for underground alien-controlled facilities, white sex slavery, and the satanic ritual murder of untold thousands of American children snatched from the streets and playgrounds of America by agents working for the CIA is the principle reason for the existence of a covert CIA operation called "The Finders".

The Finders is one of the most alarming and despicable covert operations against America's children that Gunderson's investigations helped to uncover, but it's only one of many covert Gestapo-like acts committed against American citizens by government agents under directives issued, not by Congress or the President, but rather by international satanists collectively known as the Illuminati, who control the Secret or Inner government of the United States as well as every other major government in the world. The "Finders" operation began in the 1960's and continues kidnapping children to this very day.

Source; interview with Ted (ex FBI).




Very interesting article from 87

He describes the odd work of the Finders nonchalantly. “My goal is to know everything and say nothing. I run a private intelligence game, and I send people out undercover to find out various things. I’ve been investigating the CIA before it was the CIA, when it was the OSS.”

The Finders, he says, still have a strong membership—made only more loyal by the lawsuit, he assures me—now consisting of “10 above ground and 10 under, who don’t show their connections to the group.”


4ddb9e  No.2899115

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

594b06  No.2899116

File: 980dae14e5b200f⋯.jpg (113.51 KB, 960x540, 16:9, tYR4j6ast0TYzaj3g7ZsyB424m….jpg)


highest ranking troll. he's so funny.

31f8ba  No.2899117

File: b9bbd39ca07f8d8⋯.png (185.68 KB, 620x592, 155:148, eastern-star.png)

File: bff5593ef737f4c⋯.jpeg (15.32 KB, 189x266, 27:38, download (5).jpeg)

Did the portland anon take the photos of the white rabbit mural at the masonic lodge from a few nights ago?

a5a689  No.2899118


Anyone here a fan of JFK?

He tried to speak out against secret societies. Masons are EXACTLY that. They are our enemy.


f39742  No.2899119

File: aa5317aa45fc53e⋯.png (685.93 KB, 620x802, 310:401, ClipboardImage.png)

Did this swimsuit designer

Forget something?

Or did she just put it on wrong?

e3ca5d  No.2899120


1. Crimes Exposed

2. POTUS exonerated by Mueller

3. Huber prosecutes those who committed crimes

594b06  No.2899121

File: 5281cc2395e7859⋯.png (137.62 KB, 907x989, 907:989, f5607e597ed3201a1eae1a489d….png)

9850c3  No.2899122


>Serious question from someone that did not see the episode.

>Normally guests are scheduled for a particular reason… they have a book or movie to shill etc.

>What was the pretext for Kerry to be on Colbert?

>Is it something that was a little too convenient timing, or was there a legitimate reason he was scheduled to be on?

The timing is suspect.

1) The article was release only 1 hour before Cobert taped. Did he have advance info from the NYT?

2) Kerry was there to just talk. Conveniently, he was asked about running for president. Of course he gave the usual weasel politician answer of not having ruled out the possibility.

"Less than an hour before The Late Show’s Wednesday night taping began, The New York Times published its op-ed from an anonymous senior official who self-identified as “part of the resistance inside the Trump administration.” "

f2c59e  No.2899123

Are there a lot of Hitler / JFK parallels ?

9b56fa  No.2899124


plenty of duplicate Q posts

738a14  No.2899125

File: 6491e39a0e2e459⋯.jpg (252.11 KB, 1906x1362, 953:681, _20180906_012623.JPG)

File: 1d36a8a0e0c5a58⋯.jpg (303.62 KB, 2006x1377, 118:81, _20180906_012537.JPG)

4ddb9e  No.2899126

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b74cbc  No.2899127


Big week Anons.

Trusting Jeffery now?

Internet bill of rights, freedom of speech and freedom to post baker ladies.






bdecec  No.2899128

File: db1ecf7e0ead184⋯.jpg (38.58 KB, 575x575, 1:1, 61eVbKgM7HL._UY575_.jpg)


no no one here

f23683  No.2899130


ya…ya…"God is dead"

"Lucifer is the One true god"

He "freed us poor enslaved mortals from the tyranny of accountability, rules and laws of a monomaniacal God."

"Now we are truly free, to be hedonistic, murderous and sinfully adventurous."

"The only limitation, is your own mind."


f9c5a9  No.2899131


Matlock Pepe, top kek


19c06d  No.2899132

File: b278c4cb206d97b⋯.png (3.02 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, FBCC4E78-03BD-435B-8216-A5….png)

File: ef253f288eca874⋯.png (3.45 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 57E838B9-7244-46DB-86C3-F6….png)

File: d7a15100f276b82⋯.png (1.65 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, AB52CF0F-3373-4D0B-91C8-E3….png)

68 Men Arrested in June and July in Houston, TX.

MSM calls is prostitution, but police state it is human trafficking.


4ddb9e  No.2899133

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2a7822  No.2899134

File: 87de96858111cef⋯.jpg (770.8 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 20180906_002530.jpg)


Actually, the official text is an unassuming blue book called King Solomon and his followers. Most of it is written in a short hand code. No satanic stuff in it. Pic related.

4b7e17  No.2899135

File: 2ad725b60948951⋯.jpg (366.08 KB, 1242x1299, 414:433, 2ad725b60948951207d03f21cd….jpg)


WaPo, NYT and literally all cabal MSM used the same tired 'dangerous' line as well. Theres like a hundred million people who follow Q now. Its like shutting down Kellogs because a bank robber ate corn flakes in the morning.

50f1ec  No.2899136

File: f099eb2e77ed5df⋯.png (762.39 KB, 529x640, 529:640, f099eb2e77ed5dfc9a7c5aabd7….png)

e542b8  No.2899137

In case this hasn't been posted yet . . .

NOTABLE resignation!


8af25f  No.2899138


prayers for Rachel.

767915  No.2899139


Any similarities are more with those who opposed JFK.

cfbed9  No.2899140

File: 052657f27279f29⋯.jpg (19.34 KB, 255x245, 51:49, 052657f27279f29cad9d7b6ab4….jpg)


Praying for POTUS and patriots before sleep tonight, that the rally tomorrow brings lots of much needed LIGHT to The People.

Big Sky Country

bf12d4  No.2899141


Thanks anon. I was going to post more..may have to wait until next bread. It supports what you say as well. It's the mystery schools (ancient wisdom) that went to war with each other when the US was forming.

925862  No.2899142



Sheriff passed message (or drink tickets?) to Pence.

She had her eyes on Pence soon as POTUS stepped forward (6:28), moving a piece of paper (or several?) from hand-to-hand-to-pocket. Definitely passed something to Pence.

Who is she? What is her role in the Sheriff's organization, comms?

bdecec  No.2899143

File: 061b3b7a1e0216a⋯.jpg (28.22 KB, 420x420, 1:1, 980x.jpg)


some people here like bells on boats go figure

76d01b  No.2899144


A lot is happening, it seems. Trump's bombardment. I like that.

94f11f  No.2899145


There may be some masons that aren't aware of the higher levels of Luciferianism associated with their order, but I doubt highly there are "good" masons. I think this is disinfo.


Ty anon. Crazy shit right dere.


Thanks Anon. Appreciation is… appreciated.

31f8ba  No.2899146

File: f1b741296347d70⋯.jpg (71.14 KB, 450x269, 450:269, RAM Rainbow Cufflinks LR.jpg)

File: 9650f00d95b4876⋯.jpg (34.04 KB, 500x280, 25:14, 9650f00d95b4876742a32dd7a5….jpg)


People are talking about rainbow girls and there is also the royal arch or the rainbow arch which is like the "over the rainbow" costume shop in eyes wide shut.

767915  No.2899147


>Big Sky Country

Sky event?

ae542d  No.2899149


yes and… (delete if necessary):


Marion David Pettie, Jr

age 75, born Nethers, VA

Retired Air Force Intelligence in 1956 as Master Sgt.

Wife: Isabell Pettie (Deceased)/CIA Support Sec. COS Germany

Sons: George Pettie (Air America/Vietnam)

David Marion Pettie (member of cult: The Community)


Alleman, Ronald L. "Lucky" "Merry Man"

Berns, Stanley

Grogan, Mary

Herbst, Christian (KRIS)

Knauth, Kristin

Reiss, Theodore G. (wife: Ann)

Schoen, Allen

Silverstone, Stuart Miles (aka Steve Learner)

Winn, Randolph

Usdin, Steve



Ammerman, Douglas Edward (aka Kenny Rogers, Earnest Angel, I


Arico, Paula M. (children: Mary and John Paul Pope/married


Beltz, Judith Friedman

Cox, John J.

Evans, Judith

Gabriel, Susan E.

Holwell, Michael James (aka Houlihan/children: See Arico)

Lawton, George

Livingstone, Patricia H. (son: Max)

Meyer, Robert M.

Roseberry, Patricia

Said, Carolyn (daughter: Bee Bee)

Sartor, Valerie

Shapiro, Jan

Sherwood, Diane E.

Sylvester, Barbara ("Bonnie"/died Jan 1982/Pettie's girlfriend)

Terrell, Robert Gardner "Toby" (aka Ghingiz K. Plato)

Ubois, Jeff (married Ma Li, from Canton China).

Van Deusen, Thomas R.

Wagg, Terry.



Finders, 3920 W St NW, 20007-1774 202-337-9814

Finders, J. 3918 W St NW, 20007-1773 202-338-8163 Lucky

Womens Travelers Center:

3918 W St NW, 20007-1773 202-333-9696.

National Press Club:

Global Press, 529 14th St, NW Wash 20045-1000 202-662-7431

Bio World, 529 14th St, NW Wash 20045-1000 202-662-7431

AAA-1 Information Finders, Natl Press Bldg2000 202-347-9200

Emergency Services, Natl Press Bldg, 20004 202-347-9200

Global Press Review, Natl Press Bldg, 20004 202-347-9200

Graphics News Service, Natl Press Bldg, 20004 202-347-9200

Information Bank, Natl Press Bldg, 20004 202-347-9200


bdecec  No.2899150

File: c47184175f25410⋯.png (18 KB, 780x620, 39:31, PEPE SMILE CRY.png)


arch doom!

8727e6  No.2899151


Thanks, anon.

So either the show bumped another pre-scheduled guest AND had a prominent anti-Trump politician available to discuss the Big Story, both at last minute.


Kerry was pre-booked for no particular reason and big coincidence that NYT article comes out one hour beofre


Kerry was pre-booked "for no particular reason" and "big coincidence" that NYT article comes out one hour before.

2fe43e  No.2899152


Him and the McCain girl should be cellies at GITMO.

a7032a  No.2899153

File: 4d1232bbc0e703c⋯.jpeg (62.72 KB, 474x557, 474:557, images.duckduckgo.com.jpeg)

File: d07b397903c2256⋯.png (663.92 KB, 810x798, 135:133, images.duckduckgo.com.png)

File: 4c53739b94cf80a⋯.jpg (162.51 KB, 798x540, 133:90, Rainbow.jpg)

File: e66faf433bf2422⋯.jpeg (177.24 KB, 1237x700, 1237:700, puzzle.jpeg)

File: bb5407ef7a72783⋯.jpeg (147.86 KB, 432x661, 432:661, st.jpeg)


Snake oil? We sell lubricating oil. I think your looking for the place

down the street. But we don't blame you. You are

a victim.

1b7f6b  No.2899154

File: f5dfa13903cbe13⋯.jpg (96.73 KB, 711x810, 79:90, Coincidence-Qeye.jpg)


Is this an official Space Corps twatter?

Q - eye? Coincidence?


8af25f  No.2899155

Calif. continues to burn.

send help

76d01b  No.2899156

b6be52  No.2899157

File: 6c331cc0ae2a7b5⋯.jpeg (62.28 KB, 653x680, 653:680, 1D7E6AAC-8138-4269-B52A-1….jpeg)

John Kasich slips and shows senator [NoName] was put to death.


cfbed9  No.2899158

File: e6930c867d0d514⋯.jpg (34.01 KB, 255x255, 1:1, e6930c867d0d5141aac26026d3….jpg)


Idk, just think it'd be neat.

9330e1  No.2899159

File: f1d1d018a4f01b9⋯.jpg (1.79 MB, 4724x3142, 2362:1571, alisha boe 4.jpg)



d9cc94  No.2899160


Fake News

8727e6  No.2899161


Colombo, actually, I believe.

Just one more thing that's been bothering me…

efd1df  No.2899162


But Solomon was condemned by god for worshiping heathens, he turned away from God after having taken in multiple wives…all of which were pagan.

So if they're reading a book tied to Solomon, I wouldn't want to be part of it.

4ddb9e  No.2899163

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

bdecec  No.2899164

File: 933e6d42c2c2454⋯.jpg (132.79 KB, 757x502, 757:502, 1510097214290.jpg)


if we send a caravan of taxis and uhauls will you leave and come back to your senses?

a5a689  No.2899165


Exactly anon.

Just because some low ranking dipshit who joined a lodge so he could see some benefits to his local business and doesn't go any deeper than paying MONEY to his lodge (where do you think Scientology and Mormonism got this practice from??) comes on and tells you it's all just old men sitting around drinking cigars, doesn't mean shit.

This is a satanic secret society that has utterly invaded every aspect of our government and law enforcement worldwide. You see masonic badges posted at the entrance to almost every city in your town. GO LOOK.

Secret Societies have NO PLACE IN AMERICA

f2fc82  No.2899166


The Black Forrest in Germany (Baveria) didn't get it's name because it's dark in illumination, it got it's name because of the evil cult (dark magik) practiced there.

Isn't it any wonder why the Illuminati started their rebranding in Baveria, then America (skull n bones). I state "rebranding" because Ignatius Layola was the first Illuminist and Jesuit soldier. This stuff goes back waaaay past 1700's unfortunately.

978c38  No.2899167

File: cbfdd8b59051eb6⋯.jpg (2.02 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Baker Bread Q.jpg)

File: 78eb6f0f683cb67⋯.png (1.76 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Baker Bread Q Alpha.png)

Thank You Fabulous Bakers! New one for you! Love Ya's! NoHomo

Baker Bread Q .jpg & Alpha .png Files

cec28b  No.2899168

>>2899011 It's there Bread and Butter!

f9c5a9  No.2899169


yea your right, kek, it's late

9850c3  No.2899170

File: 9d353c8fb0bee8e⋯.png (56.3 KB, 838x234, 419:117, ClipboardImage.png)


The burning anywhere near where the utility/rail companies want to build lines?

a7721a  No.2899171


Fake and gay

91e3f0  No.2899172

File: 3b036aa0228d643⋯.png (46.96 KB, 920x840, 23:21, ClipboardImage.png)


No, not an official account.

6886a3  No.2899173


You were 100% right on Brett Kavanaugh…

Fantastic pick Sir…..

Too bad he's a Catholic but it dowsn't matter….bc I see his heart, his soul and his spirit they all scream GOOD MAN….and they are rare these days

54f516  No.2899174

File: aa0cfb0d42e7bbc⋯.jpeg (13.57 KB, 480x462, 80:77, DmYH0gTU8AEUzAg.jpg-large.jpeg)

03942b  No.2899175

File: 5678de1a8101e0a⋯.png (624.63 KB, 840x473, 840:473, StoryForOurGrandchildren.png)

File: 444655cd05ede63⋯.png (341.55 KB, 840x473, 840:473, StoryForOurGrandchildren2.png)


How it will be written

c79280  No.2899176


Shhhh…. imagetyperz

e18f5d  No.2899177


they aren't completely wrong

but we're done with that now

they want to stay in the dream

it's time to move on

break the wheel

7a6138  No.2899178


Which is why most Christians have always refused to swear oaths, and membership of secret societies has often been proscribed.

Thankfully, in the Orthodox Church ☦️ that’s still the case.

But when anyone has sworn an oath of secrecy to protect members of a society, despite the laws of the land, then we have a problem. And the US has a fetish for secret societies and for secrecy of all kinds. It afflicts our nation like few other phenomena.

It’s time to shine the light of truth and treat as secret only those things that must remain secret for the nation’s greater good.

91e3f0  No.2899179


Weird, I remove the image before that posted, but it posted it anyway.

4b7e17  No.2899180

File: f81dcf3c2dc808f⋯.jpg (641.9 KB, 2025x1350, 3:2, f81dcf3c2dc808ffa91953fe43….jpg)


Doesnt even look close to an official thing.

But you already knew that….

767915  No.2899181


Oh! Forgot about that. That explains the smell.

I can't stay up any longer. Jet lag is a bitch. The updates on my online database won't be finished tonight. The local update will be running for a couple hours more.

6f5773  No.2899182


Yeah, and you can see Pence's hand go into his jacket pocket.

f2c59e  No.2899183


the C_A ?

4ddb9e  No.2899184

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0cadfd  No.2899185


It's fake…whole website is satire

8b3538  No.2899186


>if we send a caravan of taxis and uhauls will you leave and come back to your senses?

could you just take the illegals back to the border instead?

9850c3  No.2899187

File: 99608417880335d⋯.png (26.5 KB, 846x180, 47:10, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5731e0e805a2bdb⋯.png (55.94 KB, 848x388, 212:97, ClipboardImage.png)

Q has a great sense of humor.

94f11f  No.2899190


He's our firewall.

Against threats external and internal.

Q team knows what's up.

767915  No.2899191


Or perhaps their puppeteers?

b6bee7  No.2899193

File: b29829eb72dc0a9⋯.jpg (59.02 KB, 519x374, 519:374, hk.jpg)

4aede0  No.2899195

File: 593bf1fd3bfd1f3⋯.png (380.6 KB, 1508x912, 377:228, Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at ….png)



2a7822  No.2899196

All the mason bashers should go infiltrate a lodge and report back. All you have to do is go find a local mason and ask to join.

My initial purpose was to learn about their OPSEC and codes. I learned enough to formulate my own system of question and answer password security if needed but was basically disappointed by how boring it all was.

a7032a  No.2899197

Trusting The Plan - Remaining BRAVE










How many pieces do you need to see before you

realize that it's a puzzle. You can't see the big

picture when you're only stairing

at one piece. Add up the pieces, do the research and FREE YOUR MIND.

With knowledge comes great power to see the


Game over.

59f6e8  No.2899198

File: 8a09ab1ce7d7201⋯.png (369.94 KB, 623x318, 623:318, fuckoff.png)



Some of the links in that article:

https://worstpot . us/ever/you-idiots-will-believe-anything/

http://www.loveforum . net/off-topic-discussion/15952-views-consensual-incest.html

76d01b  No.2899199


Praying for California.

8af25f  No.2899200



we used to be red….until the Illegals invaded

c6e605  No.2899201


Sure, but not this long and this exact. Name another comparable in character length, I'm genuinely curious.

bdecec  No.2899202

File: ae86904d55a6176⋯.jpg (189.78 KB, 677x873, 677:873, fab bakers.jpg)

6886a3  No.2899203

Logic Says

- McCain was arrested flown to GITMO, interrogated, filmed for record, tried, found guilty and subsequently executed. His body was flown back to the US for the family and those who still kneel down to him and his "cause".

40829f  No.2899204

File: b542c3cf4804616⋯.png (342.17 KB, 684x385, 684:385, Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at ….png)

31f8ba  No.2899205

File: b95f0a549936a36⋯.mp4 (13.88 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 913212410a846752f142887ce8….mp4)

This is concerning because notice the guillotine in the backround. These guys look like masons wanting to kill the public not just sort of justice or revival or whatever.

efd1df  No.2899206


You're allowed to be part of certain Masonic temples, but "real" Masons would shun you because you aren't part of a certain bloodline. And they make sure to verify your bloodline before being initiated, if you can't trace it all the way back to the founding, you can't join.

2fe43e  No.2899207

File: 526a98c4b9311dc⋯.png (285.55 KB, 369x529, 369:529, Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at ….png)

File: e7e0cb2a08a860d⋯.png (263.66 KB, 931x665, 7:5, Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at ….png)

File: e911e3305578d65⋯.png (178.04 KB, 484x213, 484:213, Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at ….png)


Every Anon needs to order this book, get tested if you can afford it from a place listed in the back, and get you some of this in your life. ASAP!!

Save your life. Oh, and these seaweed snacks are fire. Great for that natural dose. The lime are unreal. KEK!!

9330e1  No.2899208

File: 161de166df733af⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1435x1075, 287:215, mexican servers.png)


When I was initiated I swore to protect the constitution and to fight to keep justice and honor among men.

The first initiation is quite honorable and nationalistic, at least in Mexico.

efd1df  No.2899209


Is that a magic sword on that person's chest?

cec28b  No.2899210

>>2899203 And now it's all Logic fault!

0f8ce8  No.2899211


Perhaps I am complicating things.

However, there is a reason I reacted to that post the way I did.

Far too many people find themselves hypnotized by 'higher' dimensions and more fantastic descriptions of a paradise. I find it all rather naive… Or even foolish. As if they have discovered all they need to learn, here, and can't wait for 'the real life' to start.

It's a sort of cop-out. A veiled nihilism which denies the significance of the world in front of us. Not as a material thing - but as an experience.

There are two fundamental ways to view the world in front of you… Either you are its master and here to teach it, or you are its student and it is here to teach you.

The many religious institutions and depictions have ironically succeeded at getting people to both accept the existence of God while believing God's world to be a mistake that must be fled from - an entirely nihilistic perspective.

But, there again… I suppose dealing with the basics of "don't eat people" takes priority over the nuances of existentialism.

767915  No.2899212


CA was burning when I left a month ago. Amazing that the fires are still burning.

af061e  No.2899213


Just the fact that you’re the only one that responded says a whole lot

60e85a  No.2899214


they all look pretty fucking kikey

e52f74  No.2899215


Actually unknown. Nobody has confirmed or denied. The folks I work with in AFSPC think it's cool. None of us know.

1d06fc  No.2899216

File: 602e09df3a8fd2d⋯.gif (2.53 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Hanging - Its Time.gif)

6f7adc  No.2899217

File: 3c4b0790f2b7444⋯.png (572.26 KB, 721x815, 721:815, 2018-09-06_00-59-15 copy (….png)

9330e1  No.2899218

File: afe928441e48591⋯.jpg (265.33 KB, 1143x682, 1143:682, mcccain isis.jpg)




37d0fc  No.2899219


>"professional troll" preaches mental health advice


a8da99  No.2899220


So, it appears to be ~ started up when Space Force was announced ~ FB page looks to be quite legitimate with all post.

Been keeping an 'eye' on it and this popped across TL tonight ~ felt compelled to post!

8af25f  No.2899221


they just keep light'n em…..

I-5 near Redding just shut down both ways!

54f516  No.2899222


Just like Potus……..

What are the odds of that?

08fd7c  No.2899224


Avoid all unecessary vows and promises also. God might bind you.

4ddb9e  No.2899225

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



f2c59e  No.2899226

File: 6040ba9816fd112⋯.png (316.02 KB, 565x329, 565:329, half-sphere1.png)


half sphere earth?

can't find much online so could be promising

f2bbf0  No.2899227


I would but I got "limited use" for suspicious behavior, WTF ever that means. Can't get it restored without my phone #. Fugging d_ck sucker

4088b7  No.2899228

File: 30ad050d17f546d⋯.jpg (124.91 KB, 698x416, 349:208, Plead_the_1234_Fifth.jpg)

File: d4d9d09fff98754⋯.png (145.19 KB, 496x372, 4:3, Screenshot_2018-09-05 chap….png)

File: 02e2da18722037e⋯.png (458.22 KB, 698x411, 698:411, Screenshot_2018-09-05 This….png)

File: e1eecebfb978beb⋯.png (537.76 KB, 740x416, 185:104, Screenshot_2018-09-05 This….png)

File: a28300a7c44133c⋯.png (243.3 KB, 740x416, 185:104, Screenshot_2018-09-05 This….png)

Has anyone done a good breakdown on the video that Q keeps posting??

I have noticed a pattern with certain markers in the video…

I'm going to try to make a few graphics clumping certain stamps together, whether it's been done already or not, IDK… but considering this is a video from before DJT was POTUS, and certain things tie into Q familiarity… seem like it could be comforting to some knowing that this has, indeed, been planned a long time ago!!

9330e1  No.2899229

File: 2c823dd8bb08dd7⋯.png (315.48 KB, 994x1280, 497:640, MEXICAN TACOS DERP.png)



7f5f09  No.2899230

File: 798f7468778dac2⋯.jpg (30.3 KB, 252x317, 252:317, david.jpg)





1604ff  No.2899231

File: e393ab2278320e8⋯.jpg (46.95 KB, 474x360, 79:60, 2hbcov - Copy.jpg)



bdecec  No.2899232

File: ca7563898a4554d⋯.png (411.88 KB, 999x500, 999:500, FLAG Q.png)


Trust that POTUS and Q TEAM understand and sympathize with your position, Patriot!

7f00fb  No.2899233

File: 2c53487191a20c9⋯.mp4 (5.8 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, McCain_put_to_death.mp4)

"It's like 24 hours since WDSHN's death" - John Kasich on Chris Cuomo's show - CNN

03942b  No.2899234


We need to keep ignoring it.

bf12d4  No.2899235


What if you were protecting something from getting into the wrong hands? Depending on who has what…something could be used to help mankind or hurt it.

543e5d  No.2899236


Some are out now, but we're still getting NEW ones almost daily. One near me today almost immediately jumped to over 5000 acres and I-5 is closed north of Redding, CA

7f00fb  No.2899237

File: 4c236851cd36d57⋯.png (255.4 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 24_hours_since_John_McCain….png)

447e73  No.2899238


This is just a bot posting the same copy pasta in every bread. Filter.

1d3036  No.2899239


Such a great Freudian slip.

c6b19d  No.2899240

File: 2286752f8f57c6a⋯.jpg (63.26 KB, 322x512, 161:256, no_name_reaches_saturn.jpg)

==No Name Opens a Weird Hexagon Portal on Saturn, Puzzling Scientists


02e00e  No.2899241

>>2898740 Why does MSM show people wearing Masonic symbols at mass shooting sites?

Are MSM our friends?

Do MSM have an agenda?

Would it be to their advantage to divide natural allies who wish to MAGA?

Who were instrumental in the founding of the United States?

Who were instrumental in the framing of the U. S. Constitution?

Who were instrumental in the passing of the first 10 amendments (Bill Of Rights) ?

Would this organization be allied with those who wish to destroy the Republic?


Much misinformation presented on these boards.

No such obligation "To put freemasonry above all else"

Closest obligation is, "To keep and conceal a Brother Master Mason's secrets as my own, those communicated to me as such, murder and treason only excepted, and those left to my own discretion."

Attempts are being made to divide us.

Do not fall for these attempts and alienate thousands of good men who are your natural allies.

4ddb9e  No.2899242

File: bf5161f0ae2e032⋯.jpg (11.73 KB, 193x255, 193:255, clockworkorange.jpg)

File: 56c3bf525f11fce⋯.jpg (46.68 KB, 564x625, 564:625, idlewdthatpony.jpg)

File: 27716bb004173dc⋯.jpg (33.01 KB, 584x590, 292:295, Ni0mV2x.jpg)

f2c59e  No.2899243

File: 6c471f4c3293281⋯.png (326.34 KB, 518x342, 259:171, hiv.png)

3fbba1  No.2899244

File: 6b0fe72f0fcb92f⋯.png (23.03 KB, 880x199, 880:199, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 559e340fddb84f3⋯.png (21.28 KB, 878x220, 439:110, ClipboardImage.png)

This (((glowing))) faggot seems bored. Anybody keen on a bombing raid?

5e8a36  No.2899245


Probably did it to save his daughter from the gallows.

6886a3  No.2899246


Justice served….and thats not always so unfortunately.

2a7822  No.2899247


Eh. They don't really go into all that. Like I've said, it's really boring shit once you're in. Kinda wish they'd sacrifice a goat once in a while just to liven things up.

But seriously, if satanic shit happens, it doesn't happen in a blue lodge.

e3ca5d  No.2899248


its actually a faggot

it posts other shit, but thats standard every bread

cfbed9  No.2899249

File: 71f1cff75ef8732⋯.png (520.4 KB, 467x600, 467:600, 71f1cff75ef87326946c131094….png)


Why is he referring to Q in the 3rd person, if he's supposed to be Q? Because he's a faggot.

67b2b7  No.2899250

File: 7a2d0aa786ae60e⋯.jpeg (118.81 KB, 1440x821, 1440:821, 1535891646.jpeg)

1604ff  No.2899251


link was leftover from another dig- sorry

2fe43e  No.2899252

File: 48291f2e06ec387⋯.jpg (16.77 KB, 480x269, 480:269, 12308760_10201108792677914….jpg)

9330e1  No.2899253

File: 2d8b4b99159ece7⋯.jpg (50.56 KB, 720x807, 240:269, mexican la raza usa.jpg)



cec28b  No.2899254

>>2899233 NEXT!

bdecec  No.2899255

File: 38dd265e0c6abcc⋯.jpg (39.61 KB, 500x415, 100:83, 169f28.jpg)


i agree

omg i agree! kek

8f70df  No.2899256



same fucking tired snake oil graphics from MANY MONTHS ago.

You are running a script.

31f8ba  No.2899257


If these guys are executioners white people are in trouble I'll leave it at that. Very reminiscent of the jacobin clubs and the french revolution. They seem to be wanting a bloodbath that's the concerning part guillotines are meant to produce the maximum amount of blood.

87b4d0  No.2899259

File: d10c3b7b9c08772⋯.jpg (21.91 KB, 500x500, 1:1, toy-cat-robot-3d-model-max….jpg)

4f251c  No.2899260


>Why is he referring to Q in the 3rd person, if he's supposed to be Q? Because he's a faggot.

He says there is a new Q that took over and that if Q wanted to prove himself to post on 4 chan under the old trip code

I was reading his Bag posts

He is really an asshole

Top tier piece of shit

99272f  No.2899261


With all these tour and show cancellations along with so many celebs having plane problems, and the crazy amount of plane crashes, what do you think about EMINEM dropping a surprise album on a Thursday? Albums are always released on Tuesdays. I think he was expecting to be taken into custody so he released what he had recorded. His surprise album is named "Kamikaze" (a suicidal plane pilot)

e1cb81  No.2899262


Pre-Revolutionary War, the Secret Societies were either aligned with The Crown, The Vatican, or with the Central Banks (who were then involved on both sides.)

This documentary is about Althorp and The Spencer Family (Princess Diana), her ancestor was 2nd cousin to George Washington and his family owned an Estate near Althorp.

Fascinating history that reveals how tightly woven the secret societies were into every bit of American history.


a7032a  No.2899263

File: 655069d66f2143d⋯.jpg (242.99 KB, 672x729, 224:243, Yellow Submarine.jpg)

File: 8e6eb6fe39f6638⋯.jpg (305.12 KB, 921x855, 307:285, Bible 1.jpg)

File: b10fcb74d53dd28⋯.jpg (308.68 KB, 1199x701, 1199:701, Bible 2.jpg)

File: 8b0bce491ce67d5⋯.jpg (257.43 KB, 857x662, 857:662, Bible Verse2.jpg)

File: a3dd1d066c94570⋯.jpg (340.4 KB, 1358x592, 679:296, Rocket SCIENCE document me….jpg)

OK But What Does The Bible Say About Earth





Why Does It Disagree With NASA? Which One Is Lying?

9185bf  No.2899264


but that would be HIS terms

6886a3  No.2899265

Brett Kavanaugh SCN references "To Kill A Mockingbird" …..KEK

af061e  No.2899266


The Bots are responding to themselves.


41f111  No.2899267


When baby not if

767915  No.2899268


Some believe that heat from open fissures is lighting them in that area. Volcanoes are becoming more active, and Mt. Shasta is one of them. I'm not discounting the idea of arsonists, though. We've always had them in the state. Is there proof of any arsonists in these fires?

f2c59e  No.2899269

File: f2fc001d66a0ef7⋯.jpeg (321.24 KB, 720x723, 240:241, moon_shadows.jpeg)

31f8ba  No.2899270

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

54c22c  No.2899271


Great video .. but it's DEVIN Nunes .. . not David.

4ddb9e  No.2899272

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

94f11f  No.2899273

Basket of deNotables


>>2899230 Because it's bread 3666, a reminder Who Wins

>>2899018 Nike able to walk the street? Boycotted by Nat'l Assoc of Police

>>2898930 Based Pompeo having "robust-discussion" re: Indian-US relations rn

>>2898830 Head Cadaver in Charge! HRC to lead the Resist Movement in Midterms

>>2898826, >>2898874 Informed Anons lay out shill hotspots & Masons' role in FF/LE

>>2898808, >>2898814 Moar on Cali fires. The swamp is trying to fight back alright.

>>2898734, >>2898822 Cadaver Reanimated to Shit-talk Kavanaugh (jk, it's Cher)

9185bf  No.2899274


glad someone else noticed…..several times….."got my grade book copy in my office"

af061e  No.2899275


Uranium one.

4ddb9e  No.2899276

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e1cb81  No.2899277

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Spencer Family (Princess Diana) and The Washington Family. Pre-Revolutionary War family histories.

67b2b7  No.2899278

Night shift flat Earth shills? I'll be damned.

f2fc82  No.2899279


Flat earth..? That's amazi….FILTERED

cec28b  No.2899280

>>2899275 LEVERAGE!

d67edb  No.2899281

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

bf12d4  No.2899282


Thanks anon…will watch.

5e8a36  No.2899283

File: bddc7b311aeb3b4⋯.jpg (27.02 KB, 236x320, 59:80, jjr.jpg)


Hope you are joking anon. If not you have a lot of catching up to do. Better start at the beginning.

e18f5d  No.2899284


it's both

>you are its master and here to teach it, or you are its student and it is here to teach you

it's both

it's the same thing

teaching is learning is teaching is learning is teaching is learning is teaching is learning is teaching is learning is teaching is learning


you are a limb

I am a limb

your thoughts are not yours

fractal antenna brain



where is the origin

where is not the origin

6f5773  No.2899285

Anyone have the "Are you gettin what I'm Putin down?" meme? It's the one of Putin in a hoody. Would be grateful if someone would post it. TY!

7a6138  No.2899286


That’s not the intention. The oaths, and there are many, are to protect brother Masons first and foremost.

If Christians swore secret oaths to protect fellow Christians from the consequences of lawbreaking, what would the secular world say?

e3ca5d  No.2899287

File: bb617ae5f8ae3ca⋯.jpg (21.11 KB, 494x484, 247:242, pepeffuuucccckkkkk.jpg)


I'm getting better at not taking bait

4b7e17  No.2899288

File: 5cce8137b0fd911⋯.gif (33.64 KB, 236x317, 236:317, roylordojestr.gif)


A group who has never made any effort to stop the cabal takeover of the world is not our 'ally'.

Name proeminent masons who have spoken out in last 30 years?

Name an anti cabal event sponsored by masons?

You created Marx, you sponsor Jesuits and the Pope, youre minions of the Queen, you protect RoJ and break laws for each other.

You are the enemy.

4ddb9e  No.2899289

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e31157  No.2899290

So the recent info coming out about McCain's involvement in the IRS scandal - and, more to the point, Tom Fitton talking about Sessions 'not' reopening the IRS scandal investigation actually adds some circumstantial supporting evidence of 'secret pardons' re: Lois Lehrner.

There doesn't really seem to be any other good explanation that I can see, for the choice to not reopen.

2a7822  No.2899291


Ever think that "real" masons aren't actually the "real" masons?

I can join any lodge in my state, be appointed to grand lodge offices, and sit in any lodge worldwide so long as they can verify i'm a current master mason. So am I the fake mason or are the "real ones" the true fakes?

7bbfa3  No.2899292

File: e7c4473aacbbafe⋯.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1242x1568, 621:784, 072326E8-E02B-4796-B788-8….jpeg)

Anons, I stumbled across the twatter account. It’s a Buzzfeed reporter, and it has a weird 43 key code in the bio. What does it mean? Is it some sort of encryption key?

a7032a  No.2899293


Yes I am. The SCRIPT of truth. The "program" of "deprograming."

They use advertising principles to deceive. We use

these same principles to enlighten.

We have a plan.

God wins.

e18f5d  No.2899294

08fd7c  No.2899295


Cal is center-right, but we desperately need fed intervention in the vote.

57ebd7  No.2899296


Uh, this is a lifetime appointment

f2134d  No.2899297


Only on night shift would Law of One show up.

6300db  No.2899298

File: ada5bdb59797196⋯.jpg (130.16 KB, 1078x1096, 539:548, Screenshot_20180905-224501….jpg)


great vid! nice music, good content. well done whoever created this!

f2fc82  No.2899299


Amazing when you lurk on the boards sooo long that you see the same flat earth meme shill shit show over and over again..

2b81d3  No.2899300


Yep. Everyone just forgot about it.

dcfc1f  No.2899301


fire depts too. my dad had just joined the masons and was murdered. still unsolved. cops very unhelpful. now i know why.

f39742  No.2899302


Definitely an official Space Corps account

But since there is no such thing as a Space Corps

I'm not sure how that helps you.

As far as I know

The currently active space jockey all work in the USAF.

Technically there is a Space Force however that is an enemy outfit that is part of the CIA black ops

They were preparing to divert an asteroid so that it would

Hit the earth and kill akk humans

That were not inside protected underground bunkers

In the southern hemisphere.

I know they have been neutralised but not sure if they have been integrated into anything official yet.

4ddb9e  No.2899303

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9330e1  No.2899304

File: 0af2d7fbcd789cd⋯.png (346.92 KB, 768x768, 1:1, fast and furious.png)

File: 10bf9a4e3dc4ef0⋯.jpg (305.32 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, fast and furious4.jpg)

File: 01519c138728e9f⋯.jpg (300.76 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, fast and furious5.jpg)

File: a263a5b18e4375c⋯.png (353.92 KB, 447x615, 149:205, fast and furious holder 5 ….png)






63dfb0  No.2899305


>thousands of good men who are your natural allies

Freemasons are only allied with the Jews, and both are enemies to America.

ffef9b  No.2899306

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Slow Bread is Comfy Bread

67b2b7  No.2899307

f9ac03  No.2899308

File: e84f1f34073e155⋯.jpg (128.63 KB, 920x518, 460:259, The-Unreal-Art-Inside-The-….jpg)

File: 1e03a46d377107f⋯.jpg (165.83 KB, 610x610, 1:1, 2.jpg)

File: 3ccb7cc6cca31b4⋯.jpg (80.42 KB, 540x672, 45:56, IMG_20180906_074556_744.JPG)

White wabbit


59f6e8  No.2899309


>Guillotine in BG.


It's a temporary sign attached to two 4 inch posts held in place with sandbags.

76d01b  No.2899310


Something is very unsettling about the whole thing. So I am a Conspiracy Theorist because I think it is unusual. Am I wrong? Californians know.

bdecec  No.2899311

File: b237e3abab0c948⋯.jpg (52.44 KB, 563x321, 563:321, 14 earth.jpg)



f23683  No.2899312


don't forget, they'd bag and tag their own mother for the 'good of the brotherhood'.

594b06  No.2899313

File: 59c2a77a0865454⋯.png (41.02 KB, 635x298, 635:298, Screenshot_2018-08-23 Gove….png)

File: 7426e6e965491e5⋯.png (305 KB, 686x432, 343:216, Screenshot_2018-09-06 John….png)

File: 2d3dc54d3f81cc4⋯.jpg (35.19 KB, 463x321, 463:321, trump-tweet.jpg)

File: 254c26a16b46ff7⋯.jpg (27.16 KB, 633x322, 633:322, 1996826-980x.jpg)