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File: f1711524dc6d851⋯.jpg (8.71 KB, 255x143, 255:143, GENERAL.QresearchGeneral.jpg)

b2698d  No.2901769

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Q Research supports attacking terrible ideas with better ones. We believe the use of violence only proves a bad argument. We are researchers who deal in open-source information and informed opinion. We neither need nor condone the use of violence in our work here.




Q Proofs & Welcome

Welcome to Q Research (README FIRST, THEN PROCEED TO LURK) https://8ch.net/qresearch/welcome.html

Q Plan to Save the World - Video introduction to the Q plan - https://youtu.be/3vw9N96E-aQ

Q - Killing The Mockingbird - (2nd in vid series): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80s5xuvzCtg

The Best of the Best Q Proofs >>1552095, >>>/qproofs/49 SEE FOR YOURSELF

100+ Q Proof Graphics qproofs.com

Q Clearance Archive: irc.qclearancearchive.net

Q's Latest Posts

Wednesday 09.05.18

>>>/patriotsfight/194 ———--------—————- We knew this day would come. ( Cap: >>2893000 )

>>>/patriotsfight/193 ———--------—————- "TREASON?" Q+ ( Cap: >>2892732 )

>>>/patriotsfight/192 ———--------—————- Military Law v. Criminal Law ( Cap: >>2892069 )

>>>/patriotsfight/191 rt >>>/patriotsfight/190 -- Sara Carter on DECLAS ( Cap: >>2890006 )

>>>/patriotsfight/190 ———--------—————- Do you believe in coincidences? ( Cap: >>2888992 )

>>>/patriotsfight/189 ———--------—————- C_rsi subpoena ( Cap: >>2890241 )

>>>/patriotsfight/188 rt >>>/patriotsfight/99 --- 2 sec Stream (Cap: >>2888158, >>2888225 (99's Cap))

>>2887813 ———-----------------------------——– PREDICTABLE FAKE NEWS

>>>/patriotsfight/187 rt >>>/patriotsfight/177 -- Being Afraid (Cap: >>2887245 )

>>>/patriotsfight/186 ———--------—————- Money Talks (Cap: >>2887174 )

Tuesday 09.04.18

>>2881670 rt >>2881180 ———----------——– What are the odds of that? (Video link >>2881001)

>>>/patriotsfight/185 ———--------—————- Almost! ( Cap: >>2880853 )

>>>/patriotsfight/184 ———--------—————- A Week to Remember ( Cap: >>2880776 )

>>>/patriotsfight/183 ———--------—————- What are the odds? ( Cap: >>2884581 )

>>>/patriotsfight/182 ———--------—————- CLOCKWORK. ( Cap: >>2874615 )

>>>/patriotsfight/181 ———--------—————- Like Mother Like Daughter. ( Cap: >>2874466 )

>>>/patriotsfight/180 ———--------—————- Twitter and graphic post. ( Cap: >>2874312 )

>>>/patriotsfight/179 ———--------—————- Add to the list. ( Cap: >>2873755 )

>>>/patriotsfight/178 ———--------—————- John Kyl news. ( Cap: >>2873697 )

>>>/patriotsfight/177 ———--------—————- What’s at STAKE? ( Caps: >>2884588, >>2884668 )

Monday 09.03.18

>>>/patriotsfight/176 ———--------—————- Pages 33 & 34 ( Cap: >>2869160 )

>>2867109 ———-----------------------------——– You've been a BAD boy [NP].

>>2866709 rt >>2866697 ———----------——– Graphic post

>>2866658 rt >>2866631 ———----------——– "Trump Blasts Sessions"

>>>/patriotsfight/175 rt >>>/patriotsfight/173 - Clickbait & opinions vs logical thinking. (Capped: >>2866103 )

>>>/patriotsfight/174 ———--------—————- What is the common theme when bad news is about to break (against them)? (Capped: >>2865170 )

>>>/patriotsfight/173 ———--------—————- FBI & DOJ CORRUPTION (Capped: >>2864694, >>2864785 )

>>2863534 ———-----------------------------——– Magic Sword.

>>2863433 rt >>2863368 ———----------——– With love comes trust. Schedule changes can be very painful.

>>2863057 ———-----------------------------——– Both [C-3]h[A-5]mbers (House / Senate) in [S-6]ESSION tomorrow.

Sunday 09.02.18

Compiled here: >>2874949

Saturday 09.01.18

Compiled here: >>2874931

Friday 08.31.18

Compiled here: >>2863818

Thursday 08.30.18

Compiled here: >>2817974

Wednesday 08.29.18

Compiled here: >>2805444

Tuesday 08.28.18

Compiled here: >>2783629

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Dealing with Clowns & Shills

>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

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are not endorsements


>>2829643, >>2829673 1986 U.S. District Court Dost test: No CP image guidelines

>>2327065 How to filter gore spam >>2334211 (new: Add into [Options] -> Theme)


>>2883628 , >>2883698 , >>2889775, >>2900760, >>2900777 <-- MAKE THIS GO VIRAL <--


>>2901756 ZeroHedge article questions details of Skripal arrests

>>2901440 Fake News CNN's Chris Cuomo: Conservatives Want ‘White Male’ Judges. O Rly kek!

>>2901438 The Morning Just Gets Better w/@DTJ: "Deep State & the left going crazy" =/= "N"

>>2901381 Resignation, Africa: Louis von Zeuner, chair of African Bank

>>2901069, >>2901218 Refined Q-clock No Name proof +crumb, Clock marker posts for today

>>2901051, >>2901064 POTUS, please: mercy sir, we yield. Autists actually tired of winning

>>2901058 Kavanaugh pushed to reopen Vince Foster case even tho DS using to discredit him

>>2901767 #3670


>>2900961 And a VERY good morning from @DJT it is: Still "unwavering" frens w/ Kim Jong Un

>>2900760, >>2900777, >>2900798, >>2900841, >>2900806, >>2900811 PAYtester $$ is SOROS $$

>>2900804, >>2900814 AIRKEK: MC-12W Liberty over Savannah, Shady13 orbiting Hunter AAF

>>2900844, >>2900849

>>2900870 American Financial co-CEO, FC Cincinnati owner sells millions in company stock

>>2900833 Google wants to kill the URL (bc you can't find what they won't let you name)

>>2900480 Ali Al Amriki, son of Boston Police Cptn, Sentenced for ISIS-Inspired Terror Attack

>>2900456 Two Russian nationals have been named and charged over the Skripal poisoning

>>2900403, >>2900653 Don Jr. Insta's one of our Nike memes in homage to his dad

>>2900642 Don Jr. retwats SAVAGE Nike meme of Anthony Weiner. Top Troll status conf.

>>2900345, >>2900395 Anons (incl MarineAnon) are not impressed w/Posobiec's ribbons

>>2900341 NYT: Don't want school shootings? Let these guys spy on your kids!

>>2900295, >>2900299, >>2900338, >>2900368, >>2900379, >>2900440 Deep Digg on the Afghanistan/Ned Price/Jennifer Lynn Matthews/CIA Spec Ops morass

>>2900291 What's WaPo suggesting? "We’re in danger of our history going up in flames"

>>2900287 Update on Q-Clock from last night, "What you are about to learn..."

>>2900281, >>2900300 WaPo lol: Fair trade deals are bad, tracking illegal aliens is bad.

>>2901416 #3668


>>2899993 Emirates Flight Held At JFK bc Several Reported Sick On Board (#4 now?)

>>2899902 Kek. 'CRAZYTOWN': RNC Releases Campaign Ad of Unhinged Leftists

>>2899830 Last Battle? Syrian Army Ready to Launch Offensive, Liberate Idlib?

>>2899827, >>2899851, >>2900000 Bc major quints: Beheading, HW, & Adrenochrome

>>2899820 GermanArchiveAnon Update: #3647 to #3666

>>2899605 Impudent Hussein: Tells Denmark speech is off if contract made public

>>2899584 Kim Jong Un wants to denuclearize even faster? Are we WINNING yet?

>>2899550 Bc duh: Space Force gets praise from top Democrat and the Air Force.

>>2899511 Clockmagic strikes again: "Heart Attacks Can Be Deadly" eh No Name?

>>2900205 #3667


>>2899230, >>2899252 Because it's bread 3666, a reminder Who Wins

>>2899132 TX: 68 men arrested on prostitution ("trafficking") charges Jun/Jul 2018

>>2899040 Moar on Low-IQ Maxine: one of the 13 “Most Corrupt Members of Congress.”

>>2899018 Nike able to walk the street? Boycotted by Nat'l Assoc of Police

>>2898930 Based Pompeo having "robust-discussion" re: Indian-US relations rn

>>2898830 Head Cadaver in Charge! HRC to lead the Resist Movement in Midterms

>>2898826, >>2898874 Informed Anons lay out shill hotspots & Masons' role in FF/LE

>>2898808, >>2898814 Moar on Cali fires. The swamp is trying to fight back alright.

>>2898734, >>2898822 Cadaver Reanimated to Shit-talk Kavanaugh (jk, it's Cher)

>>2899443 #3666

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>>2891737 #3656, >>2892501 #3657, >>2893257 #3658

>>2889364 #3653, >>2890136 #3654, >>2890907 #3655

>>2887125 #3650, >>2887865 #3651, >>2888673 #3652

>>2884717 #3647, >>2885503 #3648, >>2886333 #3649

>>2883107 #3645, >>2883922 #3646, >>2885383 New Bun for #3646 added #3648

>>2880880 #3642, >>2881589 #3643, >>2882345 #3644

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b2698d  No.2901788

File: 81eaf11c0cf724d⋯.jpg (45.51 KB, 356x526, 178:263, HelpUpNewfagLion.JPG)

Any AM bakers lurking?

Could use a handoff, but not falling asleep yet kek



Newfags: we bust your balls to make you better Anons

Read this plz:


f3fe65  No.2901796

File: ca2ed74e54b3ade⋯.png (860.09 KB, 617x881, 617:881, Jesus-Christ-is-coming.png)

Jesus Christ, we pray for You to watch over our board

We pray for You to take control, and banish lies

We pray for You to inspire and guide us in all we do.

We pray for the advent of Your Kingdom [here]

And on earth.


501ca8  No.2901800

File: 0af2d7fbcd789cd⋯.png (346.92 KB, 768x768, 1:1, fast and furious.png)

File: 01519c138728e9f⋯.jpg (300.76 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, fast and furious5.jpg)

Hussein and Hillary facilitated a genocide w/ Operation Fast and Furious by running illegal weapons to Mexico for the Cartels to use against the Population. The very same guns they tried to righteously ban in the USA



no homo

b43bf7  No.2901803

File: 33d65ffb11de984⋯.png (302.96 KB, 596x1381, 596:1381, ClipboardImage.png)

HRC's daily melt down

ba5310  No.2901804

File: 65faf265f62b218⋯.jpg (397.26 KB, 2028x3098, 1014:1549, hug.jpg)

Thanks baker.

I'm no longer tired of winning. Now I want moar.

f29ca3  No.2901805

File: b26c9d521c06611⋯.jpg (152.26 KB, 750x739, 750:739, DmDgj2XXoAAswA4.jpg)

Blessed be the Bread Maker.

f3fe65  No.2901806

File: 4e3affee5752129⋯.png (175.11 KB, 382x417, 382:417, kittywut.png)

File: fcf8f08485a5773⋯.png (426.8 KB, 800x534, 400:267, beliefinsomething.png)

File: 8a6ca9ab49b2cd9⋯.png (222.58 KB, 964x1372, 241:343, ASJdfguuumh88833.png)

File: 2aba31ed33153ab⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1111x872, 1111:872, soonpope.png)

File: 25771125c81f7ff⋯.png (59.08 KB, 165x260, 33:52, bakertrust.png)


Haha, kek, you are sleepy human anon baker, and you need to "hand off" to another human, that is human like you? Is that what you are saying wakey bakey baker boo anon!

ThanQQ to the baqers, the realz heroez!!!!

68c493  No.2901807


bruh this and Benghreasy is what got people on the fuck-obama train back in like 2014, good info for brandnewbabyfags though (which apparently is like 90 percent of the population)

2b30d8  No.2901808

>>2901569 (pb)

I believe Q already addresed this and implied the McCann case is actually unrelated to the Podestas.

501ca8  No.2901809

File: b935903d600e582⋯.jpg (35.38 KB, 480x640, 3:4, IMG-20140905-WA0007 (1).jpg)

File: ba27f87d1ffb8cd⋯.jpg (35.63 KB, 480x640, 3:4, IMG-20140905-WA0008.jpg)

File: 6972f1cbe3510b8⋯.jpg (44.9 KB, 640x480, 4:3, IMG-20140905-WA0003.jpg)

Thank You Baker!

af0ec3  No.2901810

DOJ: We Will Examine Social Media Firms That 'May Be Hurting Competition'

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica:

In the wake of a Senate committee hearing in which top officials from Facebook and Twitter testified, the Department of Justice issued a statement saying that it would be investigating social media firms. "We listened to today's Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearing on Foreign Influence Operations' Use of Social Media Platforms closely," Devin O'Malley, a DOJ spokesman, said in a statement released to reporters on Wednesday morning. "The Attorney General has convened a meeting with a number of state attorneys general this month to discuss a growing concern that these companies may be hurting competition and intentionally stifling the free exchange of ideas on their platforms." The DOJ did not further explain by what criteria it would be examining these companies.

Google submitted a written testimony, while Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg told the committee that the social media company is continuing to fight misinformation, fake news, and foreign interference. Similarly, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey dismissed any allegations of his company's bias during the testimony.

https:// tech.slashdot.org/story/18/09/06/056238/doj-we-will-examine-social-media-firms-that-may-be-hurting-competition?utm_source=slashdot&utm_medium=twitter

a08d6a  No.2901811

I spent most of yesterday trying to debunk Q.

I wanted to see what Anons had to say and what I could figure out. By the end of the day, I was defending Q to others that were in the room trash talking. The difference being I was trying to pose questions and offer different avenues and paths.

Shills just come in with "any arrests yet?"

I'm not a fan of how biased I've become toward Q. So yesterday felt necessary to give me a balance. That being said,

One more note. We all piss each other off here. We get on each others nerves, we throw out the KYS far too often (damn it feels good during a response though kek), we shit on each other, we compliment each other, we are a family. Again. Balance was needed. If you spend you days dedicated HERE, you start to judge the Anons and what you are exposed to. So for the first time since being President of the United States, I actually took the time to read the user comments on Twitter after POTUS wrote, "Treason!".

Those comments made me lose the hope I had for normies, but at the same time, made me realize how awesome everyone here is. Sorry for being a prick.

5184d5  No.2901812

File: 9d5c8fc09ae172f⋯.png (1.05 MB, 945x676, 945:676, rbgsleeps.PNG)

>>2901768 (LB)


You collected a JIDF shitpost shilling cocksmoker's skidmark trail!

Good Job, Anon!

It helps newfags in their pattern recognition shill detection learning curve..

6c732d  No.2901813

File: 2c22450fe9abdae⋯.png (724.24 KB, 750x458, 375:229, NoseyFkers.PNG)

File: 8c6b37a13993da3⋯.png (207.1 KB, 347x353, 347:353, 5eyes.PNG)

Five-Eyes nations to force encryption backdoors

The governments of Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand have made the strongest statement yet that they intend to force technology providers to provide lawful access to users' encrypted communications

71ed69  No.2901814

Startups Flock to Turn Young Blood Into an Elixir of Youth

"While much work remains to be done on how this regenerative process actually works, Stanford’s parabiosis studies have since inspired the creation of a handful of ambitious startups aimed at producing similarly dramatic effects in humans. Today, the latest young-blood medicine-maker, Elevian, emerged from stealth with $5.5 million from investors including Peter Diamandis, one of the more prominent faces in the Silicon Valley “death disruption” scene."


f3fe65  No.2901815

File: 7aefcf59511e374⋯.png (222.24 KB, 466x427, 466:427, ClAkittumstrustsBO.png)

File: 5309977da6c85ab⋯.png (410.25 KB, 1177x795, 1177:795, unctuousmikey.png)

File: e5da5f8f094a46b⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1111x799, 1111:799, falcon-of-happenings.png)

File: dc3694c59dc8056⋯.png (325.16 KB, 740x317, 740:317, qtsy.png)

File: 48589b73abc3b5d⋯.png (268.76 KB, 461x566, 461:566, epsteinbakerobsession.png)



Oh wow, awesome spam by human anons that are not bots that appear like clockwork every thread and scarcely vary their monotonous output! Such realistically human anon spam anons! Awesome!

Follow suit and thank the bakers slavishly everyone! Do what the notbots are cueing you to do, on this here internets that is not controlled by an AI propaganda system! Woohoo!

32392e  No.2901816

File: 7be0af197aac082⋯.jpg (76.65 KB, 640x751, 640:751, 7be0af197aac082abb1f9827a0….jpg)

Byron Yorks article is a good one.


It mentions a premise:

"6) It looks like a Woodward tie-in. Perhaps the author has been planning the piece for months. Perhaps its release had nothing to do with the publicity campaign for "Fear: Trump in the White House", the new book by Bob Woodward."

I would go a step further and say Woodward's book, the NYT "saboteur" article, OANN's "Q-exposed", - are all interrelated and coordinated.

6c732d  No.2901817


here is the link


f38e98  No.2901819


But you act the prick so well.

1c624b  No.2901820

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Day 3 Kavanaugh Fox News


87726d  No.2901821

>>2901743 (lb)

No means fire in the front hole, yes means fire in the back hole.

ba5310  No.2901822


Good morning, Faggot!

e238e2  No.2901823


>>>2901051, >>2901064 POTUS, please: mercy sir, we yield. Autists actually tired of winning

Blazes, pray tell what foul mockery is this?

That such an insulting suggestion be notabled as such is not only faulty but truly despicable…

14aaa7  No.2901824

>>2901069 pb

"Heart attacks can be deadly."


Is their a connection of McCain to a specific "Heart Attack"?

a08d6a  No.2901825


Who said acting?

1c45e6  No.2901826

File: a476d4295d0e9c4⋯.png (70.79 KB, 612x311, 612:311, 9.6.png)

File: 7a6fdef8117857d⋯.jpg (48.04 KB, 620x413, 620:413, obongo najib.jpg)

File: 5228363c8aff6da⋯.png (37.71 KB, 522x696, 3:4, duderino.png)

0a9f4b  No.2901827

File: 42f53c4cef95b19⋯.png (202.06 KB, 671x1591, 671:1591, Graham Kavanaugh Transcrip….png)

File: 37c107f8982a4de⋯.png (9.53 KB, 403x285, 403:285, KIKE FINAL SOLUTION FOR TH….png)

File: 67774ffe74c5f8d⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1152x1008, 8:7, GORILLA IQ VERSUS.png)

File: d9c4036086e539f⋯.png (109.14 KB, 614x561, 614:561, IMMIGRATION SCOTUS ON BIRT….png)

Graham/Kavanaugh Transcript in pic form for your Twatting pleasure

f3fe65  No.2901828

File: e586b9888818f05⋯.png (721.24 KB, 1024x759, 1024:759, BBOUSMOH.png)

File: fc97d49632e4e7e⋯.png (690.46 KB, 555x808, 555:808, halp.png)

File: 406d137147ead22⋯.png (926.76 KB, 1203x840, 401:280, mildlynauseous.png)

File: a5306e0b2b29734⋯.png (1.44 MB, 848x1212, 212:303, Megs.png)

File: 59218b9a45f78bc⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1663x1189, 1663:1189, sheparsisted.png)


Fresh and up-to-date chan lingo anon, you can keep repeating this same crap for another couple years, and it will continue to appear vividly realistic!



130cb5  No.2901829

>2901051, >2901064 POTUS, please: mercy sir, we yield. Autists actually tired of winning

Looks like someone needs to handoff here and go to bed.

a08d6a  No.2901830


This is why I never gave Crytpo much thought. You can't pay someone an hourly wage on something that loses value over minutes and hours.

6c732d  No.2901831

File: 8cde1557bc3b638⋯.png (898.05 KB, 779x427, 779:427, Sheep.PNG)

How People Become Easily Controlled By Tyrants

The question often arises in liberty movement circles as to how we get to the point of full blown tyranny within a society. There are numerous factors that determine this outcome, but through all the various totalitarian systems in history there are common denominators – elements that must be there for tyrants to prevail. When we can identify these common elements in an objective manner, we make it far more difficult for despotic structures to stand


d4eb62  No.2901832

File: 72b9a5c80d1399b⋯.jpg (13.57 KB, 255x252, 85:84, levelup.jpg)

Who or WHAT is Payseur

Payseur (P) is a word that means PAYMASTER

Is Payseur a fake personage that the Vatican set up by which they run a global conglomerate of companies illegally and tax free?

Through this Illegal personage they could do all sorts of fuckery for 100's of years.

Just make up a fake person and call him chairman of the board and there ya go.

Then through the church place your agents in all the right spots to ensure things go smoothly.

Payseur is the Paymaster of the unHoly See or the Chairman of the Board.

68c493  No.2901833

File: e5da5f8f094a46b⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1111x799, 1111:799, e5da5f8f094a46b8e9b42310c2….png)

Crypto floppin like a pancake bois, what the fuck is legal tender anyway

Q do you have any stock quotes or fckn financial insight idk about the other anons but I'm treadin water in this modern economy

192aac  No.2901834

File: 4ab5a1dc91f7b28⋯.jpg (60.14 KB, 600x450, 4:3, the_fatrix_by_sweeetsp.jpg)


Thank you for your service:)

9c259c  No.2901835



lets take it slow

take it slow

71ed69  No.2901836


Good find.

That was my reaction after the NYT hit piece. Woodward behind it.

e63ea5  No.2901837

What if the Anon source is POTUS himself!? How fucking hilarious would that be. Trolling level EPIC.

92bd08  No.2901838

i've been taking care of business, away from the desk for a few days.

just checking in to say - i want to know.

i'm ready to know.

and i know that you don't think anyone is ready, but hoo-boy my life right now. fucking bring it.

do it Q.

(i mean, on your schedule - i can wait forfuckingever, and i will still be right here, figuratively)

68c493  No.2901839


RR is under investigation so don't be such a faggot

8c57ea  No.2901840


> would go a step further and say Woodward's book, the NYT "saboteur" article, OANN's "Q-exposed", - are all interrelated and coordinated.

Of course they are. They're getting very desperate as the end draws near.

501ca8  No.2901841

File: 40dbf728d873585⋯.png (453.89 KB, 852x1928, 213:482, fast and furious holder to….png)

File: 12b4c210c6245a2⋯.png (513.13 KB, 792x1911, 264:637, fast and furious holder to….png)

File: f0030a2edccaeb9⋯.png (516.94 KB, 845x1929, 845:1929, fast and furious holder to….png)

File: 974c61900d558e2⋯.png (345.84 KB, 835x1914, 835:1914, fast and furious holder to….png)

File: 10bf9a4e3dc4ef0⋯.jpg (305.32 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, fast and furious4.jpg)


The DECLASSIFICATION of the documents HUSSEIN buried is completely current news

92bd08  No.2901842


i've said that in more than one place. the op-ed was submitted by Q. lol.

d3679c  No.2901843


Typical drop for Bitcoin.

e238e2  No.2901844


>Shills just come in with "any arrests yet?"

and sometimes anons post as fake, and are as such no better than actual shills.

good for you if you feel you learned something, at least. now kindly fffff… ind yourself

c24dae  No.2901846

File: cc8a1abf476da0a⋯.png (346.98 KB, 712x374, 356:187, kasich1.png)

e7b3cc  No.2901847


Agree with everything except that actual normies are commenting on POTUS twat. Those are unhinged cabal low level operators operators

0c8e19  No.2901848

The youtube video on Q's latest post isn't working for me. Anyone else have the same problem, or a work around?

d4eb62  No.2901849

File: ab30e204196399b⋯.jpeg (11.45 KB, 255x199, 255:199, kys.jpeg)


Great now go KYS


d96dfb  No.2901850


Conventional wisdom:

100 - Your age = Percentage of investments in "Stocks". The rest, Bonds/Savings.

Unconventional wisdom:

Don't do stocks. Mutual funds are the riskiest thing you should do.

45c1a9  No.2901851


Has to be. And you can:t use Occam's with this Prez: NOTHING he does is simple.

e5e18b  No.2901852

File: 2fab140fd3cfdc9⋯.jpg (238.44 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, 2fab140fd3cfdc970c538f68e0….jpg)

b73690  No.2901853

>>2901523 >>2901802 Gov. John Kasich - McCain Put To Death Clip & Full Interview


868c52  No.2901854

File: 49feed9e2ce4d9e⋯.jpg (19.79 KB, 255x238, 15:14, FlotusIgnoreTheShills.jpg)

Thank you baker!

Sleep wasn't worth it kek

missed u frens

1893e5  No.2901855

File: 676b1cc227bc2e8⋯.png (479.4 KB, 620x411, 620:411, 2018-09-06_09-29-08.png)

File: 4cbb81c69ee0ce8⋯.png (640.87 KB, 902x505, 902:505, 2018-09-06_09-29-43.png)



Cars used to be notable in their designs.

Today, low end to Mercedes, they all look alike.

fc4b23  No.2901856


>Don't do stocks. Mutual funds are the riskiest thing you should do.

comfy. don't depend on a casino for your retirement.

7ee510  No.2901857

File: a22b04247483825⋯.png (29.28 KB, 575x228, 575:228, Capture.PNG)

There is a 99% chance Trump wrote the NYT op ed. Remember what he warned the MSM about last week….

68c493  No.2901858


who dropped this bish???? I didn't see this last night at all and I went to bed at like 1am

I stand fuckn corrected is this what THE DECLAS WAS

I'm sorry dog I literally have never seen this, just got hit with a paradigm shift plz help me contextualize this; did Q drop this link or was it dug?

f3fe65  No.2901859

File: 11673c10b9e88fb⋯.png (1.23 MB, 662x990, 331:495, LurkMoor.png)

File: 09c6ff941780f9f⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, TrustJim.png)

File: 75ab1a9935e2baa⋯.png (230.66 KB, 1102x1302, 551:651, RedditBoomer.png)

File: 8394372cef07a60⋯.png (3.13 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, facesof.png)

File: 9d4143345964a21⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, powerghouls.png)

937eb2  No.2901860

Anons I am thoroughly enjoying every single last minute of this movie. the NYT is done, they just dont know it yet

00e296  No.2901861

>>2901715 (pb)

[responding to SkepticAnon who dismissed Kavanaugh's Jesuit loyalties as a non-issue]

I'm not tossing anything together, I'm evaluating one man based upon his own professed loyalties.

Consider that the Kennedy family was NOT Jesuit, nor was the pope during Kennedy's administration. Consider that Snopes' dismissal of concern over Kavanaugh's Jesuit training and loyalty is, well, Snopes' usual kitty litter over the truth.

Here's a site which discusses the oath and some history of Jesuit hijinx:


A brief except therefrom:

Later known as the ‘Jesuits,’ they were the military arm of the RCC. The Jesuit leader titled the Superior General, and his merry men were commissioned to undertake all kinds of enforcement jobs, such as assassinations, spreading propaganda, forgery, and theft all in the name of the Catholic Church, and at the behest of the Pope himself. Holy work, indeed!

Loyola put together a legion of highly trained soldiers whose unquestioning loyalty was to their superiors, no matter what they were directed to do. Their aim was to regain the riches and power the Papacy had lost to the Reformation. They were and still are virulently anti-Semitic, viewing the Jews as the people who ‘killed Jesus.’ They robbed the Jewish people at every opportunity and during WWII, assisted the Nazi’s in rounding up Jews for labor camps while confiscating Jewish gold and assets for the RCC.

Through the years, power struggles between the Jesuits and the Popes resulted in the assassination of several Superior Generals and Popes. Superior General Francis Borja secured additional power for the Jesuits by amending the Constitution of the Jesuit Military Order, giving the Superior General of the Jesuits power, second only to the Pope himself. Then in 1572, Borja secured from Pope Gregory XIII, the legal right for the Jesuits to deal in commerce and banking.

It was under the incredible power of this Constitution that the Superior General of the Jesuits began to be known as the ‘Black Pope.’ He is termed ‘black’ because of his covert, hidden activities, not his race. The Scottish Rite Freemasonry, the Knights of Malta, Royal Orders of Chivalry, High Shriner Freemasons and the Knights of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher, are all under the authority of the Superior General of the Jesuits. Reverend Father Adolfo Nicholas is the latest to be elected to this position, in 2006.

The Catholic Church’s response to the Reformation was the Council of Trent, which met in Trent, Italy for 25 sessions from 1545-1563. It condemned and cursed all doctrines of the Reformation, with the 4th session considered to be the most important. In it, the Jesuits condemned freedom of speech, freedom of the press and stated that no man had the right to choose his own religion, publish what he feels is truth and has no right to freedom of conscience. The Vatican wanted and still wants complete control over the individual.

Eric Jon Phelps, is the author of Vatican Assassins, which covers five centuries of the Jesuit-

Vatican connection to the unfolding New World Order agenda. He outlines all aspects of global control by the Jesuits, dating back to 1540, and links every major global conflict and political assassination, including Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy, to the Jesuit Order.

He reports that the Jesuit Superior General, as well as the other High Jesuit Generals, are sorcerers who worship lucifer. They do not believe in satan, but see lucifer as the angel of light and the true ruler of this earth, which he presently is. They hold black masses in the Vatican’s underground chambers which includes satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice of children. Much of this has been documented by adult survivors of this abuse.


Since this rolled over into the next bread, I'll repeat this sauce herein:

>>2901657 (pb)



and several other sources, some with the transcript.


[To the SkepticAnon who dismissed the Pope's ecommunication as a non-issue]

Ask yourself, IF the pope were not a member of the EO Church, then why would the Patriarch bother to excommunicate him? And why would it be reported as a big deal?

I really think you ought to learn a few more facts.

501ca8  No.2901862

File: dc32cb4ab6e1bc0⋯.jpg (102.11 KB, 397x600, 397:600, st michael.jpg)


St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray. And do thou, Prince of the Heavenly Hosts, by the power of God, cast down to Hell Satan and all his evil spirits, who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.


713329  No.2901863

File: 81bc5441ffa51ad⋯.jpg (155.16 KB, 1389x1409, 1389:1409, tybbaker.jpg)

f38e98  No.2901864


All slaves to aerodynamics

06fcc7  No.2901865



Pup pup bein' all WWG1WGA!!

And now I miss _ even more than usual. (She was not a paraptroopup. Just a veryveryvery good girl.)



130cb5  No.2901866




1c624b  No.2901867

File: 89f5185f266b2b1⋯.jpg (92.83 KB, 600x562, 300:281, Fishing Is Fun.jpg)

File: 676564f9177e8ad⋯.jpg (148.8 KB, 992x744, 4:3, tif.jpg)

192aac  No.2901868


RESIST Bobble-heads and BOTS always attacking POTUS twats;)

fc4b23  No.2901869


>There is a 99% chance Trump wrote the NYT op ed. Remember what he warned the MSM about last week….

Disagree - by this action, the author will discredit everything that is putting pressure on POTUS.

f77448  No.2901870

File: 95f0be01ad43162⋯.png (1.18 MB, 800x636, 200:159, iran2.PNG)


7ee510  No.2901871


Same. This is super enjoyable!

ba5310  No.2901872

File: 2398a4d83232b6d⋯.jpg (110.88 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 2398a4d83232b6d9cc029dc32d….jpg)


We missed you too, you son of a bitch!

3416f8  No.2901873

>>2901784 (pb)

Notable Baker

#2901784 Info on "Special Operations" Afghan. Digs waiting

>>2901756 (pb)

>>>>2901728 (pb)

>>2901767 (pb)

>>2901772 (pb)

>>2901780 (pb)

>>2901799 (pb)

I don't see them in the aerial shot.

Aerial shot is on a clear sunny day.

Image of POI is on a rainy overcast day.

>>2901728 (pb)

>>2901759 (pb)

The problem is with the copy I downloaded. I checked it and the sound was some other soundtrack. I didn't check the online vid yet.

The other version posted worked. Much clearer too


9c259c  No.2901874


do you just pick random posts to sperg out on?

i was making fun of him, have more covfefe or neck yourself

501ca8  No.2901875

File: 54250ccd3be2656⋯.png (34.5 KB, 567x567, 1:1, jesuits.png)



1c624b  No.2901876

File: 24c109263bbf92a⋯.jpg (2.93 MB, 2814x3899, 402:557, Archangel_Michael_by_Nikol….jpg)

File: e1f01e5dd97e97f⋯.jpg (146.3 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, PP.jpg)

File: a3f067bd2100996⋯.jpg (578.29 KB, 800x1061, 800:1061, Архангел Михаил winning.jpg)

130cb5  No.2901877


Baker needs to handoff and go to bed

25fcdb  No.2901878

I think Q removed the football game link because of sensitivity to the autists of 8ch.

Could've been any one of us carrying that ball, starting off in the wrong direction, etc.

f38e98  No.2901879


leafie leafie leafie.

your slip is showing doll.

f3fe65  No.2901880

File: 6a7e678371bcc79⋯.png (102.43 KB, 237x255, 79:85, FUCTUP.png)

File: ce6fd55aa9b29d4⋯.png (244.17 KB, 465x629, 465:629, REKT.png)

File: bdd30825b99290d⋯.png (6.64 KB, 429x98, 429:98, tellygramph.png)

File: 966da4955766c7e⋯.png (58.66 KB, 165x260, 33:52, 911BAKER.png)

File: a96f81cbc087419⋯.png (760.6 KB, 999x666, 3:2, Biden2020.png)


ThanQQ baqer thanqqer! Let us all thank the baqers obsessively, because it is so realistic for us to do so! It doens't reveal fakery, because it's not fake. WE are obsesssed with the bakers, that human BO vets, opaquely, in order to control our information on this board that is not a clown op! Awesome anons, Love to UUU and all the baqers!!!

9cfdb7  No.2901881


No. the DECLAS coming is the 20 pages of the FISA application .. perhaps more.

a7718c  No.2901882

What the fuck is going on? "Trump TV Network" Youtube channel is having ALL of their videos become unavailable.



What the FUCK!!!

339913  No.2901883


"impersonate someone else at the polls"

HRC's ghost writer is correct, that is just 1% of the voter fraud and rarer than lightning striking you.

No mention of the other 99% that use dead people, false addresses, additional phantom household members, etc.

71ed69  No.2901884


Getting scared cause of this?


a5b262  No.2901885


Its on.

68c493  No.2901886



Oh hot damn I completely forgot about bonds

Thank you brothers

I know the fluffyfags get roasted here all the time but it's hard not to love y'all


and that's today or tomorrow, or at least the push is gettin that strong. When did that F&F document get out though I did not expect new light to be shed

9c259c  No.2901887


apparently its too early for /s

thanks for assuming the /s :)

653d50  No.2901888

File: 501af5003d11eb6⋯.png (944.73 KB, 1302x766, 651:383, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5e0d648bceb8db2⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1312x788, 328:197, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a19c4be36a8906c⋯.png (458.97 KB, 1316x786, 658:393, ClipboardImage.png)

If this hasn't been here then

This is HUGE.

Ann Vandersteel interviewed two intelligence community (NSA?) guys.

1 hour video. from Monday Sep 3rd, 2018

YourVoice™ Steel Truth (9/3) "DeepState Exposed!"

Original from Ann:


One was THE GUY, that received the phone call that alerted them that there is a spies in the Trump Campaign.

Then he told Admiral Rogers. And he flew to meet Trump campaign same evening to tell them.

This happened Nov 1, 2016.

He is telling all the background information that has been going on with the elction fraud.

He says:

- government knew there were spies in Trump campaign and didn't tell them

- some of the spies were recommended by the state to Trump campaign

- He was part of a group to analyse, fight, prevent election fraud. about 190 ppl unit.

- they saw NONE Russian collusion.

- they did see US government collusion!

- noting EO 12333 section 2.3 adding possibility for other alphabet agencies to get RAW data from NSA. to cover the fact that they already have it. Done after the elections before Jan 20 2017

He is telling that they are setting up a website to contain all / alot of information (declassified) from intelligence community that can be accessed by anyone. Wake up anon researchers!! And special access to Trump !?!

These guys sound very credible. Listen yourself.

Worth listening. Judge yourself. Try the beginning if you get hooked to the story.

If true, this is huge.

It is very coincidental with Q/Trump telling by end of this week something big is happening.

Do these guys have a go ahead from Q team to release this explosive information at the same time when other explosive information (FISA DECLAS) is coming public?!? Final bombardment of Deep State?!?

I saw this video from Tracy Beanz

Embedded with comments from Tracy:


Who was also very excited about the interview and embedded it into her own video with very slight comments, with the approval of Ann Vandersteel… to gain more exposure.

(notable word as marker, for consideration for the baker).

7ee510  No.2901889


4d534a  No.2901890


the aerial shot is a picture i took on google maps to show you the part of the street so you can check it yourself and see the directions.

1c45e6  No.2901891

File: 02d5364dea7bf16⋯.jpg (80.39 KB, 300x300, 1:1, truth.jpg)

File: ec5b5ca5f8fbe97⋯.jpg (195.32 KB, 1600x1354, 800:677, blue mail.jpg)


no mistake that the order was dissolved/banned twice

868c52  No.2901892

File: ccd41e3c43e306c⋯.jpg (19.26 KB, 204x255, 4:5, WEHABSERVERS.jpg)

File: 4f0424ecad1c5cf⋯.jpg (10.09 KB, 255x143, 255:143, wehaveitall.jpg)

File: 291eb7ef57c879f⋯.jpg (14.26 KB, 255x191, 255:191, wehavetheserverschachacha.jpg)



b73690  No.2901893

File: 3e1ded944c5c02e⋯.jpeg (215.84 KB, 1280x852, 320:213, FLOTUS.jpeg)

FLOTUS blesses this bread and all who view it.


d78ed8  No.2901894


About 5:30 into this video, the open toed sherrif is fiddling with what looks to be a white sheet of paper?

7ee510  No.2901895



ce9dc8  No.2901896

File: c9de52add3890fc⋯.png (106.36 KB, 700x880, 35:44, 31287643280879543079125743….png)

File: bf188217c105f58⋯.png (4.92 MB, 1132x1573, 1132:1573, 2178278303665478o23753721i….png)

8adf01  No.2901897


occam's razor isn't what is most simple, it's the explanation that uses the least assumptions. Which isn't always the same as simplicity

6c732d  No.2901898


That's what I thought when I first saw it

f29ca3  No.2901899


Grassley just said, welcome, to those who are here for three days, and those who may be here for only a few minutes (REEEEEE!S)

welcome to all.

192aac  No.2901900


The BotAnon has de-cloaked

9291c6  No.2901901


House Intelligence Committee

If any member of the committee requests a vote to declassify something, the committee must meet within five days to vote on it.

If the committee approves declassification, it then notifies the president.

If, after five days, the president hasn’t personally objected in writing to certify “that the threat to the national interest of the United States posed by such disclosure is of such gravity that it outweigh any public interest in the disclosure,” the committee may proceed with disclosing the information.

If the president does object, the matter may be referred to the full House for a vote, by a majority vote of the intelligence committee.

The House rules appear to differ from the Senate in not offering the option for the full body to approve a partial disclosure; at least, that option is not stated explicitly as it is in the Senate version.

25fcdb  No.2901902

fairly newgag here. been lurking alot and that leads me to this question:

What's it called when bread after bread keeps getting recycled memes?



Do they want me to comment and then they'll go away?

I know, I know, just filter.

00e296  No.2901903


Kavanaugh is on the BOARD OF DIRECTORS for his childhood Jesuit school. You don't think that those who control the training of young Jesuits take the Oath? I challenge you to prove that point with sauce.

dc8082  No.2901904

File: 10ea5a9019d5761⋯.png (179.53 KB, 999x613, 999:613, Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at ….png)

File: 43c5571483265c5⋯.png (50.8 KB, 450x299, 450:299, Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at ….png)



(((Jesuits))) founded by Ignatius Loyola a CONVERSo aka MARRANO aka a JEW

501ca8  No.2901906

File: ace1b7e8667ea11⋯.png (285.55 KB, 640x427, 640:427, fast and furious holder sh….png)





a08d6a  No.2901907


KEK. I was waiting for that!

f3fe65  No.2901908

File: a192683616135e6⋯.png (429.95 KB, 620x506, 310:253, MOONBEASM.png)

File: b4bbfc5bf850bc5⋯.png (342.13 KB, 800x533, 800:533, ourbakers.png)

File: 263f08b6b970456⋯.png (1.8 MB, 1250x859, 1250:859, RumpBO.png)

File: 55f3bb8ed9295ca⋯.png (92.09 KB, 738x222, 123:37, everytactic.png)

File: 835df0ecc41d9a2⋯.png (403.82 KB, 1135x728, 1135:728, justice7.png)


Floofy blessings and fairy dust to all anonsie pies!! Foo fooooo!!!!

2ae663  No.2901909

File: 3781e4f114fac2f⋯.png (3.94 MB, 4532x1732, 1133:433, ClipboardImage.png)

Update on comparison of list of 17 DOJ/FBI called to testify before Congress and the list of Fired/Resigned/Demoted brought to our attention by Q.

Possible White Hats (or Black to Grey)?

Joseph Pientka, FBI Agent

George Toscas, DOJ Agent

Three additional categories?

A) Trio on short list for IDEN Agent 1, Agent 2, FBI Attorney 1, FBI Attorney 2 (Who is the 4th to complete the set?) One of whom is reportedly working in counter intelligence.

B) Not known if Fired/Retired/Demoted (4 individuals). Pending or in the clear? Co-operating behind the scenes and not openly?

C) Jonathan Moffa. Does not appear in recent list Q provided in posts 1807 & 2069.

Does the graphic prompt moar digging, Anons?

1c45e6  No.2901910

File: 55412e6dfafef7f⋯.jpg (138.04 KB, 879x960, 293:320, bn.jpg)

File: 356481aeb8193dd⋯.jpg (82.68 KB, 565x753, 565:753, snuff boiz.jpg)

dc8082  No.2901911




2d5fb7  No.2901912


Disagree, the NYT says they know the source's ID, but they are keeping it Anon. They certainly would not collude w/ POTUS in this.

25fcdb  No.2901913


but I kekk'd.

oh did I kek.

b73690  No.2901914

File: edf15f6c84f73be⋯.jpg (208.58 KB, 1024x741, 1024:741, IvankaWings.jpg)

f29ca3  No.2901915

"You only have yourself to blame if you didn't get the documents they wanted"


1c624b  No.2901916

File: 61ca2f3d175b73a⋯.jpg (252.91 KB, 1920x1130, 192:113, 53.jpg)

Police: Reports of active shooter at Fifth Third Bank downtown Cincinnati


fc4b23  No.2901917


>Do these guys have a go ahead from Q team to release this explosive information at the same time when other explosive information (FISA DECLAS) is coming public?!? Final bombardment of Deep State?!?

Either this is part of the plan or they're clowns and they're about to have a very rude ending to their ruse. (Personally, I currently believe they're legit and this is part of the plan. Trust but verify.)

1c45e6  No.2901918

File: be107ff92844fb6⋯.jpg (42.87 KB, 410x600, 41:60, fake.jpg)

83704e  No.2901919

File: ffe1afd0e927307⋯.jpg (89.92 KB, 800x533, 800:533, Biden 2020.jpg)

68c493  No.2901920


a friend of mine tried to call out my Roanoke theory as bullshit bc of Occam's Razor

Can confirm it's about least assumptions

that fuckin faggot believes the Roanokians went over to the native americans to chill bc they didn't like civilization but cared enough to leave a note on a tree for where they are goin, fuck that dude even if he's probably right

fc4b23  No.2901921


sauce or man yogurt.

45c1a9  No.2901922


I just mean CINC is tricky - fucks the DS all the time

735198  No.2901923

File: a76284bbbf62a01⋯.jpg (41.76 KB, 500x405, 100:81, 2ev6wd.jpg)

f77448  No.2901924

File: 123845b0924b16e⋯.png (269.39 KB, 542x338, 271:169, iran3.PNG)


The Muslim Brotherhood is a fundamentalist Islamic organization recognized by many as the parent group of many of today’s terror organizations. While the Muslim Brotherhood’s goal is a worldwide Islamic State (aka, Caliphate), it has established influence over the highest levels of American government.

06fcc7  No.2901925


I like you.

d96dfb  No.2901926

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You anons. So proud. Starting to figure this all out, aren't you?

e238e2  No.2901927


belief in occam's razor is in itself an assumption

fc4b23  No.2901928


ignore. enjoy.

7ee510  No.2901929

File: c0c01cd4eb7935a⋯.png (31.92 KB, 580x227, 580:227, Capture.PNG)

'We must impeach, we must impeach we must – ah crap….'

dbd03c  No.2901930

Behold the power of God in the Psalms!

The future proves the past.

Psalm 119:

The Glories of God’s Law

119 Blessed are those whose way is blameless,

who walk in the law of the Lord!

2 Blessed are those who keep his testimonies,

who seek him with their whole heart,

3 who also do no wrong,

but walk in his ways!

4 Thou hast commanded thy precepts

to be kept diligently.

5 O that my ways may be steadfast

in keeping thy statutes!

6 Then I shall not be put to shame,

having my eyes fixed on all thy commandments.

7 I will praise thee with an upright heart,

when I learn thy righteous ordinances.

8 I will observe thy statutes;

O forsake me not utterly!

9 How can a young man keep his way pure?

By guarding it according to thy word.

10 With my whole heart I seek thee;

let me not wander from thy commandments!

11 I have laid up thy word in my heart,

that I might not sin against thee.

12 Blessed be thou, O Lord;

teach me thy statutes!

13 With my lips I declare

all the ordinances of thy mouth.

14 In the way of thy testimonies I delight

as much as in all riches.

15 I will meditate on thy precepts,

and fix my eyes on thy ways.

16 I will delight in thy statutes;

I will not forget thy word.

17 Deal bountifully with thy servant,

that I may live and observe thy word.

18 Open my eyes, that I may behold

wondrous things out of thy law.

19 I am a sojourner on earth;

hide not thy commandments from me!

20 My soul is consumed with longing

for thy ordinances at all times.

21 Thou dost rebuke the insolent, accursed ones,

who wander from thy commandments;

22 take away from me their scorn and contempt,

for I have kept thy testimonies.

23 Even though princes sit plotting against me,

thy servant will meditate on thy statutes.

24 Thy testimonies are my delight,

they are my counselors.

25 My soul cleaves to the dust;

revive me according to thy word!

26 When I told of my ways, thou didst answer me;

teach me thy statutes!

27 Make me understand the way of thy precepts,

and I will meditate on thy wondrous works.

28 My soul melts away for sorrow;

strengthen me according to thy word!

29 Put false ways far from me;

and graciously teach me thy law!

30 I have chosen the way of faithfulness,

I set thy ordinances before me.

31 I cleave to thy testimonies, O Lord;

let me not be put to shame!

32 I will run in the way of thy commandments

when thou enlargest my understanding!

33 Teach me, O Lord, the way of thy statutes;

and I will keep it to the end.

34 Give me understanding, that I may keep thy law

and observe it with my whole heart.

35 Lead me in the path of thy commandments,

for I delight in it.

36 Incline my heart to thy testimonies,

and not to gain!

37 Turn my eyes from looking at vanities;

and give me life in thy ways.

38 Confirm to thy servant thy promise,

which is for those who fear thee.

39 Turn away the reproach which I dread;

for thy ordinances are good.

40 Behold, I long for thy precepts;

in thy righteousness give me life!

(to be cont.)

25fcdb  No.2901931


meme police here:

that borders on tasteful

you will only get one warning.

b675b0  No.2901932

File: d61659468f016f9⋯.jpg (61.81 KB, 694x381, 694:381, PayPerArrest.jpg)


Kek, Grassley knows it's all a paid show on that side.. Kill 'Dem with kindness. let them keep showing 'emselves as boisterous fools.

dc5b78  No.2901933

File: 1b7cb61fbd83392⋯.jpg (28.33 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 25eutdp-e1516337249784-640….jpg)


71c599  No.2901934

File: b219d87a1b6492f⋯.jpeg (18.65 KB, 612x344, 153:86, 9465C5B4-4829-49D5-A785-9….jpeg)

File: cc4b5a81bf9551a⋯.jpeg (36.35 KB, 590x350, 59:35, E88AEF6B-C444-4F1D-BCB8-D….jpeg)

File: fe82eb47a64ffe4⋯.png (2.09 MB, 1918x984, 959:492, 882511BD-5A4C-43BF-9164-A0….png)

Re possible MH370 wreckage(?) in Cambodia

I found the image of the plane on google earth, same as in the Notables

A few news items around the world but seriously quiet for something so potenitally BIGLY

Any more info on this or is it just fake news?

Is the plane fake??

0bb356  No.2901935

File: 1ebe53b8e71eeee⋯.jpeg (109.31 KB, 854x660, 427:330, 0BEAE16F-E124-47EA-86FD-3….jpeg)

File: a509195cf4c15d5⋯.jpeg (159.51 KB, 1350x243, 50:9, 02C839CD-3910-45BD-BA15-9….jpeg)

File: ab531fafb721925⋯.jpeg (28.73 KB, 255x186, 85:62, FB009FE2-4244-4BE6-9463-4….jpeg)

Can someone please consolidate these pictures into one for distribution?

68c493  No.2901936


don't be that one epistemological fuckhead we all have in our Intro to Philosophy class, and that guy can never get one fuckn concept down

Socrates would've called you a party pooper

3ffbdc  No.2901937

File: 38046f6a3f24665⋯.jpeg (46 KB, 474x394, 237:197, newfag pepe.jpeg)

3416f8  No.2901938



1c45e6  No.2901939

File: 09897f3a2bab5dd⋯.jpg (61.78 KB, 515x540, 103:108, selfie.jpg)

File: 51cd29719f0ba83⋯.jpg (20.27 KB, 708x438, 118:73, kls.gs.najib.jpg)

File: 2a2ccdeb2389a1d⋯.jpg (56.32 KB, 510x348, 85:58, Yacthing.jpg)

25fcdb  No.2901940


why do you cast your pearls

among pigs?

0d85d0  No.2901941


copy right strike?

f3fe65  No.2901942

File: 7a83da5a70c9811⋯.png (902.62 KB, 1342x783, 1342:783, namingthe.png)

File: 0251e9861903211⋯.png (239.27 KB, 1050x1344, 25:32, REDDITBOOMERBO.png)

File: 2102c0cec1d4c19⋯.png (236.47 KB, 640x480, 4:3, LABOUEFTIVITY.png)

File: 947678597b84f7d⋯.png (580.99 KB, 610x800, 61:80, LordBolingbroke.png)

File: 8aed4e045292e44⋯.png (2.34 MB, 1395x858, 465:286, KekUnbound.png)


You are surely convincing humans that I'm a bot by posting this one-line post humananonfaganon. God knows, I can hardly appear human myself in the face of your articulate humanness, the latter of which is not confined to clinging to repetitive botesque one-liners. No, not in the least are YOU so confined, human. So um, I'll recloak now fam!

f5775b  No.2901943

Thoughts on the paper passed from pence to lady… maybe the note said…

“You’re next……”


71ed69  No.2901944


Nothing here that Beanz herself couldn't have said. Disinfo is my guess. Just more fuckery for paytriots.

Beanz has lurked here a long time, anon.

Don't fall for disinfo.

b2698d  No.2901945

>>2901804, >>2901805, >>2901809, >>2901863, >>2901834, >>2901854, >>2901893

>no longer tired of winning.

Yeah, it's the kind of tired that wears off fast kek

>Sleep wasn't worth it kek

>missed u frens

Know that feel too lol

Ty anons

>>2901792 lb, >>901823


Nice, um… word choice, there, "Anon."

A big part of what we do here is shared culture. We work but we also play as we work. When Anons are catching up on relevant diggs/news, a little taste of some of that culture is valuable bc it helps set a mood. Agreed that these kinds of posts should only be used sparinigly as flavor, not the meat of the bread itself. But sometimes Anon(s) captures what a lot of us are feeling. If another Anon were reading in-bread, this is how it would read. That's why they're notable. But this is just one baker's editorial style. Other bakers do things their own way.


>Baker needs to handoff and go to bed

Well, no replacement stepped up yet, so we're stuck with each other Brocklie.

Can someone get this faggot some ass-creme plz?

a08d6a  No.2901946


Know who I am. It's absolutely everything else I'm clueless on.

b8b1df  No.2901947

File: 0b1ea8716780942⋯.png (266.37 KB, 316x401, 316:401, ClipboardImage.png)

3416f8  No.2901948


I see. Thank you for your work

339913  No.2901949


Be the deep state with plenty of printed fiatskis

Buy shitloads of cryptos 12/2017

Price skyrockets more people jump in

2018: Peridocially sell-off large amounts

Ha ha suckers Crypto's are poison!

Bitcoin 9/6/2017: $44xx

Bitcoin 9/6/2018: $64xx

dbd03c  No.2901950

Psalm 119 (cont.)

41 Let thy steadfast love come to me, O Lord,

thy salvation according to thy promise;

42 then shall I have an answer for those who taunt me,

for I trust in thy word.

43 And take not the word of truth utterly out of my mouth,

for my hope is in thy ordinances.

44 I will keep thy law continually,

for ever and ever;

45 and I shall walk at liberty,

for I have sought thy precepts.

46 I will also speak of thy testimonies before kings,

and shall not be put to shame;

47 for I find my delight in thy commandments,

which I love.

48 I revere thy commandments, which I love,

and I will meditate on thy statutes.

49 Remember thy word to thy servant,

in which thou hast made me hope.

50 This is my comfort in my affliction

that thy promise gives me life.

51 Godless men utterly deride me,

but I do not turn away from thy law.

52 When I think of thy ordinances from of old,

I take comfort, O Lord.

53 Hot indignation seizes me because of the wicked,

who forsake thy law.

54 Thy statutes have been my songs

in the house of my pilgrimage.

55 I remember thy name in the night, O Lord,

and keep thy law.

56 This blessing has fallen to me,

that I have kept thy precepts.

57 The Lord is my portion;

I promise to keep thy words.

58 I entreat thy favor with all my heart;

be gracious to me according to thy promise.

59 When I think of thy ways,

I turn my feet to thy testimonies;

60 I hasten and do not delay

to keep thy commandments.

61 Though the cords of the wicked ensnare me,

I do not forget thy law.

62 At midnight I rise to praise thee,

because of thy righteous ordinances.

63 I am a companion of all who fear thee,

of those who keep thy precepts.

64 The earth, O Lord, is full of thy steadfast love;

teach me thy statutes!

65 Thou hast dealt well with thy servant,

O Lord, according to thy word.

66 Teach me good judgment and knowledge,

for I believe in thy commandments.

67 Before I was afflicted I went astray;

but now I keep thy word.

68 Thou art good and doest good;

teach me thy statutes.

69 The godless besmear me with lies,

but with my whole heart I keep thy precepts;

70 their heart is gross like fat,

but I delight in thy law.

71 It is good for me that I was afflicted,

that I might learn thy statutes.

72 The law of thy mouth is better to me

than thousands of gold and silver pieces.

73 Thy hands have made and fashioned me;

give me understanding that I may learn thy commandments.

74 Those who fear thee shall see me and rejoice,

because I have hoped in thy word.

75 I know, O Lord, that thy judgments are right,

and that in faithfulness thou hast afflicted me.

76 Let thy steadfast love be ready to comfort me

according to thy promise to thy servant.

77 Let thy mercy come to me, that I may live;

for thy law is my delight.

78 Let the godless be put to shame,

because they have subverted me with guile;

as for me, I will meditate on thy precepts.

79 Let those who fear thee turn to me,

that they may know thy testimonies.

80 May my heart be blameless in thy statutes,

that I may not be put to shame!

(to be cont.)

868c52  No.2901951

File: 8458ddf4926aa40⋯.png (73.23 KB, 255x149, 255:149, ivankalaughingnowtheyalllo….png)



yeah, heres a more tasteful Ivanka meme, imo.

f38e98  No.2901952

File: d8bbd1061240b79⋯.jpeg (296.77 KB, 1242x542, 621:271, EE187E59-2544-4152-AEEB-3….jpeg)

889d03  No.2901953


That’s kinda what I think. POTUS wants to be under budget and ON schedule and I think a little fire needed to be lit.

fc4b23  No.2901954


Think physics. And don't be dumb.

b789cf  No.2901955

File: 248486ce5798f00⋯.png (87.88 KB, 400x300, 4:3, ALOT.png)

a7718c  No.2901956

File: e3a4a0660ba739e⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1829x825, 1829:825, Capture.PNG)



e7b3cc  No.2901957

>> 2901947


8adf01  No.2901958

File: 9fbd08a1fa382ea⋯.png (565.78 KB, 1556x914, 778:457, declas-SBS2.png)


Yeah the lost colony has been a mystery for centuries.


yeah and hes known to be his own anon source throughout the years


while you can be pedantic, occams razor is a tool. not a belief system. but yes you are right kek

>pic not related

2a1353  No.2901959

File: 8ba16654262096f⋯.jpg (74.72 KB, 709x960, 709:960, Impeach.jpg)

f29ca3  No.2901960

File: ab383829b3313b6⋯.png (570.92 KB, 1071x1128, 357:376, Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at ….png)

Did you notice?

The Freudian Slip.

"24 hours since John Mccain was put to death"

What is the penalty for Treason?




dc8082  No.2901961


Big Bnag is OSUND separating from SILENCE, aka 'god' SPEAKING will into CREATION- 'god' SAID' , 'let there be light'.

Throat chakra, Vishuddha.

Why to priest wear the white collar? To symbolize SOUND separating from silence, aka LIGHT from DARKNESS, at THAT point, Vishuddha.

Priests do not even know this, KEK.

7ee510  No.2901962

68f4aa  No.2901963

File: 28c9187da71e8a2⋯.jpg (96.72 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 8123b5150b68dcf8a17aefea38….jpg)

File: fb6fb7406e24114⋯.jpg (180 KB, 736x489, 736:489, 54e9a038a65509d45c67405bfa….jpg)

ThanQs Baker!

Morning anons,


Do you mind not spamming the same memes over and over? Circulation is good, keeps shit fresh, eh? Here, have some new batter:

501ca8  No.2901964

File: 67fa2f4cd19ec4a⋯.gif (191.52 KB, 239x300, 239:300, jesus popckorn.gif)





1c45e6  No.2901965

File: 8e8f8142c225e84⋯.jpg (287.68 KB, 1547x1697, 1547:1697, water.jpg)

what does Dr. M know?

ddfe82  No.2901966

File: ba76050d3b2c59e⋯.jpg (52.18 KB, 828x467, 828:467, GrahamKavanaugh.jpg)

>>2901635 lb






Law at War exchange begins @ 2:48:25

>"What kind of country have we become?" @ 2:42:42 (pic related)

Full Graham questioning @ 2:22:27

Would suggest everyone who can archive this ASAP

e8238c  No.2901967

File: 8db82457e181dc8⋯.jpeg (155.63 KB, 1165x434, 1165:434, 43A1DC04-4B4F-4ECD-A7FF-3….jpeg)

71ed69  No.2901968


Chaotic creativity?

e7700c  No.2901969

so i see they have the bargain bin teir shills working today

68c493  No.2901970


I enjoy your theory but my wallet won't accept it

If you got some sauce I'll take a look but niggas finance their house on that shit we don't wanna read that

Fuck me if that's true

Nevermind dog just drop the sauce or fuck outta here with your psyop

868c52  No.2901971

File: 0b759dd9fe281e1⋯.jpg (11.49 KB, 152x255, 152:255, PEPEIVANKA.jpg)

This one from last night is a keeper!

a08d6a  No.2901973

Former NASA contractor charged with cyberstalking 7 California women for explicit photos

A former NASA contractor threatened seven women by saying he would keep off the internet personal nude photos he had hacked from their computers — if they met his demand to email him new, explicit photos, a federal indictment claims.

Richard Gregory Bauer, 28, of Los Angeles, had downloaded nude photos of six of the seven women he stalked and sent them attached to emails that threatened publication, authorities said.

Writing under an alias, he told the women he would keep the hacked pictures off the web — if they took more pictures of themselves undressed and sent those to him.


a7718c  No.2901974


>saving thumbnails


74d487  No.2901975


They might - if they received it anonymously and read the content and gleefully rushed to publish without any type of vetting process at all, simply because the narrative was so inflammatory and sensational and negative about the man they hate so much…and then immediately upon publishing they were presented with the truth that Trump wrote it. Maybe not plausible, but possible nonetheless.

192aac  No.2901976


Would you rather be the BOisAbotAnon? Please don't kill yourself, that is too good for you and your worn out memes… Have a nice day…

00e296  No.2901977


Not scared, just indignant. We the People have the right to be secure in our persons, papers and effects/property.

The government has gradually insinuated itself into our homes and private lives via abuse of technology. That's wrong, and it's GOT to stop if Trump plans to keep his promise, repeated many times, to return the power BACK to the people.

d78c36  No.2901978

File: bae02fdb4488ead⋯.png (857.43 KB, 931x524, 931:524, 1536239875176.png)


Survey: US companies added a solid 163,000 jobs in August.

WASHINGTON – U.S. businesses added 163,000 jobs in August, a private survey found, a decent gain that suggests that employers are confident enough to keep hiring.

Payroll processor ADP said Thursday that the job gains were the fewest since October. But last month's pace of hiring is still enough to lower the unemployment rate over time.

Solid economic growth is underpinning an optimistic outlook among businesses. Growth reached 4.2 percent at an annual rate in the April-June quarter, the fastest pace in four years, spurred by tax cuts and robust consumer spending.


06fcc7  No.2901979


Nah, just dismissing you, Anon. :(

Not trying to be hurtful or unkind.

You do seem to have a rigidity of thought that may be getting in the way of your own best intentions.

501ca8  No.2901980

File: 65be6d4c14b36f3⋯.gif (312.95 KB, 240x320, 3:4, jesus super sayan.gif)



bae533  No.2901981


John Titor…

b7b6af  No.2901982

File: 4103d652661125f⋯.jpg (20.16 KB, 511x355, 511:355, sundog.jpg)



make no mistake this place is a bootcamp for the mind

the critical thinking skills learned and information shared here will prepare you to make sense of the coming events

05140e  No.2901983

Grassley is bitch-slapping the Dem committee members.

7ee510  No.2901984



e346bb  No.2901985

Administrative items of the day at Kavanaugh hearings: Chuck Grassley states in short "documents needed to ask questions will be delivered by end of day, today!"

25fcdb  No.2901986


Sauce or it didn't happen.

f3fe65  No.2901987


lol… WOW

a5b262  No.2901988

275092  No.2901989


Maybe Kavanaugh will be asked about citizenship for illegals. That would be interesting.

2b30d8  No.2901990


Keep lurking newfag.

0e7280  No.2901991

Hey guys. This 9/11 Is the 17th anniversary. 17!

a08d6a  No.2901992


Thank you. I appreciate this response.

68c493  No.2901993


Ever since we stopped doing literally Anything with NASA, those contractors seem like they got a LOT more time on their fuckin dirty hands

(ahem obama makin the US a space hitchhiker ahem)

06fcc7  No.2901994


It is definitely something.


e238e2  No.2901995


hehe. it's not a bad concept, but i've rarely seen it used properly, to be honest.

99% of the time Occam's Razor is simply a fresh coat of confirmation bias paint/rationalizing and self-inflated legitimacy


You might know who you are, but anons who engage with you don't.

So unless you are VERY funny or clever (most likely no), fake-shilling is just as wasteful as the real thing.

So that's something to learn, either you or anons reading this.


Poe's law is an adage of Internet culture stating that, without a clear indicator of the author's intent, it is impossible to create a parody of extreme views so obviously exaggerated that it cannot be mistaken by some readers for a sincere expression of the parodied views.

ba5310  No.2901996

File: 58d1c872e723096⋯.jpg (379.54 KB, 1268x842, 634:421, face.jpg)


You are watching memes grow, newfag.

Let them grow, newfag - let them grow.

1893e5  No.2901997




dc5b78  No.2901998



868c52  No.2901999


I didn't make it I stole it, plz forgive! plz no bully! sorry fren..will not share again

7ee510  No.2902000


This one is at a bank and was just reported on fox news this morning.

601ed1  No.2902001

Here's how it may have happened:

No name has a plan to escape to (name a country)

He pretends he has cancer, so when shtf he can leave

shtf. he announces the end of treatment and prep his bags.

Oops, operators take care of him.

People around him know, but what can they do? Damned if you say something, damned if you don't.

Now they're all going bunkers… and they make a huge deal of his life and want to rename a building, etc to get back at Qteam.

b73690  No.2902002

File: 80d89063ea8e54d⋯.mp4 (30.28 KB, 476x156, 119:39, capt-(2).mp4)

71ed69  No.2902003


Good life advise from POTUS.

a08d6a  No.2902004


Agreed! It's crazy.

32392e  No.2902005

File: a08e603813d6e90⋯.jpg (14.12 KB, 255x196, 255:196, 5de217e7a69606f3a70fd84bc8….jpg)

25fcdb  No.2902006


you seem like someone who likes to push the limits

remember: don't meme Bairron.

735198  No.2902007

f3fe65  No.2902008


I am not sure what you are trying to say notbotanon. What exactly are you asserting as your justification for being mad? I will be happy to do my best to address any concerns you have, within reason. But if you carry on like some limited-output propaganda bot, then we can hardly interact like humans. So come to the table. Let's talk this out like men.

92bd08  No.2902009

File: 740c251aa0dfeb6⋯.jpg (34.21 KB, 443x395, 443:395, jazz music gets stronger.jpg)

87726d  No.2902010

File: d057c04c3fda020⋯.png (593.17 KB, 844x728, 211:182, US_Hurrican_aid_demands_su….PNG)

Blast from the past, still relevant thou


“Hurricane Harvey's floodwaters damaged many homes in the Texas city of Dickinson, and residents are applying for assistance and working to repair their properties.

But Dickinson's application for repair grants is raising eyebrows. Alongside standard items such as project descriptions and grant amounts, the city application reads:

"By executing this Agreement below, the Applicant verifies that the Applicant: (1) does not boycott Israel; and (2) will not boycott Israel during the term of this agreement."

In doing so, the application appears to make eligibility for hurricane relief funds contingent on political beliefs regarding Israel, which the American Civil Liberties Union describes as unconstitutional.

"The First Amendment protects Americans' right to boycott, and the government cannot condition hurricane relief or any other public benefit on a commitment to refrain from protected political expression," ACLU of Texas Legal Director Andre Segura said in a statement.

A city official told NPR that Dickinson is simply following a recently passed state law: "The city has nothing to do with it."

They are referring to House Bill 89, which came into force on September 1. But Rep. Phil King, who authored the legislation, told NPR he was baffled about why it was being applied here.

"We're eating this morning, having my oatmeal, and I see the article in the paper. And it's like, 'Oh no, what could they possibly be thinking?'" King said.

Gov. Greg Abbott signed the bill into law in May, saying that it was aimed at targeting companies that are involved in boycotting, divesting or sanctioning Israel, also known as BDS.”

0c8e19  No.2902011


Anyone have a link for me? Curious as fuck, but tried three different browsers and can't get it to open.

f29ca3  No.2902012

File: ad70a19b26def18⋯.png (139.8 KB, 635x509, 635:509, Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at ….png)


Just sniff the meme's back hole, to verify freshness.

a59376  No.2902013

File: c415789fa4bf534⋯.jpg (37.23 KB, 612x338, 306:169, GG.JPG)

Love it!

a7718c  No.2902014


next time click the image to expand it and save the full size image, instead of saving the small sized thumbnail preview image. just a pro tip newfriend. carry on

3416f8  No.2902015


"Opps, I did it again"

"Haven't caught us before with this, so I guess it really doesn't matter."

"What difference does it make?"

Public are in deep trance.


e346bb  No.2902016


Corey Booker ~ still harping on the 'OBSURDITY' of the process ~ they are begging for these documents! Watch what you ask for, sir!

dc8082  No.2902017


They should ALL be asked on the record, to prioritize in order, ALL of their soon oaths and loyalties. And then be asked specifically how one oath supersedes another.

Marriage. Office. Bar. Secret order/society. Fraternity. etc…

501ca8  No.2902018

File: fa2668b07e28a02⋯.gif (1.54 MB, 500x583, 500:583, really.gif)




1c45e6  No.2902019

File: 586236dd056a067⋯.jpg (102.21 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, radio boi.jpg)

File: b11241083b32d47⋯.jpg (178.83 KB, 1024x759, 1024:759, iran dprk.jpg)

dbd03c  No.2902020

Psalm 119 (cont.):

80 May my heart be blameless in thy statutes,

that I may not be put to shame!

81 My soul languishes for thy salvation;

I hope in thy word.

82 My eyes fail with watching for thy promise;

I ask, “When wilt thou comfort me?”

83 For I have become like a wineskin in the smoke,

yet I have not forgotten thy statutes.

84 How long must thy servant endure?

When wilt thou judge those who persecute me?

85 Godless men have dug pitfalls for me,

men who do not conform to thy law.

86 All thy commandments are sure;

they persecute me with falsehood; help me!

87 They have almost made an end of me on earth;

but I have not forsaken thy precepts.

88 In thy steadfast love spare my life,

that I may keep the testimonies of thy mouth.

89 For ever, O Lord, thy word

is firmly fixed in the heavens.

90 Thy faithfulness endures to all generations;

thou hast established the earth, and it stands fast.

91 By thy appointment they stand this day;

for all things are thy servants.

92 If thy law had not been my delight,

I should have perished in my affliction.

93 I will never forget thy precepts;

for by them thou hast given me life.

94 I am thine, save me;

for I have sought thy precepts.

95 The wicked lie in wait to destroy me;

but I consider thy testimonies.

96 I have seen a limit to all perfection,

but thy commandment is exceedingly broad.

97 Oh, how I love thy law!

It is my meditation all the day.

98 Thy commandment makes me wiser than my enemies,

for it is ever with me.

99 I have more understanding than all my teachers,

for thy testimonies are my meditation.

100 I understand more than the aged,

for I keep thy precepts.

101 I hold back my feet from every evil way,

in order to keep thy word.

102 I do not turn aside from thy ordinances,

for thou hast taught me.

103 How sweet are thy words to my taste,

sweeter than honey to my mouth!

104 Through thy precepts I get understanding;

therefore I hate every false way.

105 Thy word is a lamp to my feet

and a light to my path.

106 I have sworn an oath and confirmed it,

to observe thy righteous ordinances.

107 I am sorely afflicted;

give me life, O Lord, according to thy word!

108 Accept my offerings of praise, O Lord,

and teach me thy ordinances.

109 I hold my life in my hand continually,

but I do not forget thy law.

110 The wicked have laid a snare for me,

but I do not stray from thy precepts.

111 Thy testimonies are my heritage for ever;

yea, they are the joy of my heart.

112 I incline my heart to perform thy statutes

for ever, to the end.

113 I hate double-minded men,

but I love thy law.

114 Thou art my hiding place and my shield;

I hope in thy word.

115 Depart from me, you evildoers,

that I may keep the commandments of my God.

116 Uphold me according to thy promise, that I may live,

and let me not be put to shame in my hope!

117 Hold me up, that I may be safe

and have regard for thy statutes continually!

118 Thou dost spurn all who go astray from thy statutes;

yea, their cunning is in vain.

119 All the wicked of the earth thou dost count as dross;

therefore I love thy testimonies.

120 My flesh trembles for fear of thee,

and I am afraid of thy judgments.

(to be cont.)

a08d6a  No.2902021


I don't understand your concept of shilling. I wrote nothing suggesting such. I apologized for my actions. I called myself out. I said Anons here are good people. If this is a new shill tactic, then I guess they finally came up with something worthwhile. If you'd like to continue responding to me, that's fine. But contradicting to the anti-shill movement

d33eae  No.2902022

File: b357123efec1edd⋯.jpg (539.9 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180906-064203….jpg)

I thought the very same thing as soon as the story broke.

8d45bb  No.2902023


trips, anon's just sayin you saved the SMALLER copy of that image, not the full size. either right click the filename and choose save as or click the image and save the BIGGER one. carry on, we all started off in your shoes.. WWG1WGA

735198  No.2902024

File: efcb07c54ff1d63⋯.jpg (102.76 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 2ewtlt.jpg)

6c732d  No.2902025


Trump has been playing these idiots since day 1 and now their just figuring it out

1c45e6  No.2902026

File: fee9a8c2e6fe4a1⋯.jpg (45.36 KB, 648x369, 72:41, fat leonard.jpg)

File: c62c5937ad390c7⋯.png (537.21 KB, 768x673, 768:673, crime chief.png)

File: bf61c35fafb6da4⋯.jpg (263.87 KB, 900x793, 900:793, FL COMPED.jpg)


eb4487  No.2902027

File: 0caaf429a10e004⋯.png (506.52 KB, 831x819, 277:273, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 73beddca2fa5e2f⋯.png (643.27 KB, 640x512, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f369b260abc80b3⋯.png (10.58 KB, 631x173, 631:173, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a6f95799781202d⋯.png (220.37 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


rosenberg espionage trial 1951

Judge Kaufman justified the death sentence as follows: “I consider your crimes worse than murder…. I believe your conduct in putting into the hands of the Russians the A-bomb years before our best scientists predicted Russia would perfect the bomb has already caused, in my opinion, the Communist aggression in Korea, with the resultant casualties exceeding fifty thousand and who knows how many millions more of innocent people may pay the price of your treason


f3fe65  No.2902028

File: 80f11b6b2b7d304⋯.png (450.13 KB, 626x576, 313:288, BP.png)

File: fcf8f08485a5773⋯.png (426.8 KB, 800x534, 400:267, beliefinsomething.png)

File: 8a6ca9ab49b2cd9⋯.png (222.58 KB, 964x1372, 241:343, ASJdfguuumh88833.png)

File: b991cd0ff48bdd5⋯.png (327.06 KB, 609x698, 609:698, GAG.png)

File: 06bf633bd1e9eda⋯.png (590.8 KB, 651x924, 31:44, JesusSaves.png)


Stop lying to yourself. You have to go. Goodbye.

71ed69  No.2902029


Not what I meant, anon. Did you follow the link? I meant that the 5 eyes are getting scared cause they can't see.

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 08/30/18 (Thu) 16:52:12 bd6786 (9) No.2805326>>2805362 >>2805365





68c493  No.2902030


Yea I'm gonna take your side fuck Occam's Razor

I've only had it brought upon me in order to disprove something I say on the basis that it's more than A → B, shit ain't always simple Occam it just ain't

Poe's law though I can take and run with, shit like that is how we actually end racism, realizing that intent is determined by the creator of the message, that's a huge pill to swallow for some people though

b2698d  No.2902031

>>2901780 (pb)

>ZeroHedge is not a good source

I agree Anon, it was near the end of bread and I thought it could spur digging into the official narrative, so I included it.

I'm open to removing it from notes tho, if Anons want.

I normally am very sparing with ZeroHedge notes–if I note them at all.

eaee49  No.2902032

File: dd848ac9c5d7bf0⋯.jpeg (15.86 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 4C09476D-5821-4525-A8FA-9….jpeg)

dc8082  No.2902033



The usual, of course...


dc5b78  No.2902034

File: 1dac296c8461ac3⋯.jpg (43.36 KB, 640x480, 4:3, AP_18212762690677-640x480.jpg)




7caade  No.2902035

File: 12d9ad104db7656⋯.png (342.1 KB, 877x770, 877:770, ru6FJH,TK6.png)


fc4b23  No.2902036


Imagine the quote when applied to the needless torture and death of millions of children.

68c493  No.2902037


I love the biblical themes on here, keep it goin anon you're never taken for granted

God bless

25fcdb  No.2902038


only half

f3fe65  No.2902039



The fact that this gets so little attention shows how much of the activity on this board is inorganic…

85cebd  No.2902040

File: cb8bbaf1e6530ef⋯.jpg (155.54 KB, 1026x609, 342:203, MichaelMooreSaid.jpg)

File: f83a3a0a4ee2503⋯.jpg (17.91 KB, 401x227, 401:227, MooreHeadline.jpg)

This is pretty funny. Michael Moore claims POTUS ran for President because Gwen Stefani made more money than him on her reality show.


1c45e6  No.2902041

File: bf45133516b9b1f⋯.jpg (120.47 KB, 988x661, 988:661, rolling.stone.jpg)

el chapo trial…

a08d6a  No.2902042

File: 87a1c7a4b25de02⋯.jpg (105.87 KB, 696x696, 1:1, thumbnail (7).jpg)

File: e71356de3402d24⋯.jpg (102.23 KB, 696x696, 1:1, thumbnail (5).jpg)

File: 5f51df71bfc29bd⋯.jpg (98.99 KB, 696x696, 1:1, thumbnail (4).jpg)

File: 6a7739839339507⋯.jpg (85.21 KB, 696x696, 1:1, weirdfuckingisland.jpg)

File: 76729521d0c8a0b⋯.png (71.92 KB, 375x360, 25:24, 76729521d0c8a0bcf3bda9c7d3….png)

7ee510  No.2902043

File: 46cacb35ac1cb87⋯.png (16.03 KB, 586x180, 293:90, Capture.PNG)

8d45bb  No.2902044


this is EXCELLENT, especially given the fact that BEEKER exploded in nearly every episode, we could be so lucky….

c0eea8  No.2902045


zionist bankers….


Kikery in my lonestar state…

Makes sense to be a concern of (((them))), but I am quite surprised they put it in writing.

And even more surprised Texans did not tell them to GTFO.

e7b3cc  No.2902046


We are on it for 3 breads already

130cb5  No.2902047


Thank you Baker

868c52  No.2902048



This right here is why I love autists, much help very respictful :) ty anons!

I've learned moar here in 8 months than I have in a 20ish years kek

e238e2  No.2902049


>the anti-shill movement


you seem confused… i just reacted to your post where you admitted fakeposting all day yesterday. we don't need fakes, we have enough of those. you might want to read again to understand the other nuances, but that seems hopeless at this point, thanksbye, goodluck catchingup and with your movement

501ca8  No.2902050

File: db2026c840d36bf⋯.png (44.17 KB, 407x312, 407:312, supreme gentleman.png)



eb4487  No.2902051

File: 3d2d431ed0d31d5⋯.png (507.12 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d3de477b394dc2b⋯.jpg (63.46 KB, 371x500, 371:500, Chiggers.jpg)



25fcdb  No.2902052


could you post the one about Solomon praising his lover's tits?

I love that ancient porn.

1c45e6  No.2902053

File: 390306d898790a5⋯.jpg (49.58 KB, 510x340, 3:2, hehe.jpg)

00e296  No.2902054


So say (you). Sauce?

192aac  No.2902055


Would you rather be the BOisAbotAnon? Please don't kill yourself, that is too good for you and your worn out memes… Have a nice day…


When an anon is easily spotted shitting in every bread, it is a problem. Just find some new content and you will not be so easy to flag;)

dc8082  No.2902056

File: 816302c81cf2826⋯.png (186.26 KB, 1221x627, 37:19, Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at ….png)

a59376  No.2902057


This was all over my twitter feed early this morning. Now it's gone… Strange…

fac04f  No.2902058

File: 8c1546e8fed0e7a⋯.jpeg (161.97 KB, 1182x678, 197:113, ff1.jpeg)

They are in a state of panic! !Here's the 1st FF today. probably more to come

7caade  No.2902059

<iframe width="427" height="240" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/AoPBJDbkXPo?ecver=1" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

339913  No.2902060


>If you got some sauce I'll take a look but niggas finance their house on that shit we don't wanna read that

Yeah, the sauce is on the books of the FED's ESF

If/When they get audited for the first time you'll be able to drown in the sauce of the shit they've done.

Who else has the deep pockets to quintuple a market cap in < month?

As far as financing a house on it, those dumb fucks can look in the mirror for the source of their problems.

83704e  No.2902061

File: 047525f62316a9b⋯.jpg (72.93 KB, 1024x884, 256:221, fake and gay 2.jpg)

fc4b23  No.2902062


This could be either side doing the scrubbing. Protecting the timeline is likely important here.

2d5fb7  No.2902063


ANON, you must be a…


f5775b  No.2902064


All over my twatter and fake book ! Hundreds reposted

1c624b  No.2902065

File: 133802a1a58fddc⋯.png (998.01 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, soldering.png)

8d45bb  No.2902066


if this ACTIVE KILLER was truly a mass casualty scenario stopped before it happened OR after carnage: MILITARY TRIBUNAL as a ENEMY COMBATANT and DEATH by FIRING SQUAD. that will stop this nonsense REAL QUICK

3416f8  No.2902067

File: 81a61c3c537be3e⋯.jpg (128.25 KB, 1000x1143, 1000:1143, jfk2.jpg)

Funny how they have to confirm their reality with an "unquestioningly telling the truth" and "GreyLady is Americas most distinguished…" blah blah to cover over the fact there is nothing. there. "No there there"

If they were telling the truth would it have to be buttressed? Doesn't truth stand on its own?


a7718c  No.2902068

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



i gotchu fam

pro tip "Show post options & limits"

bae533  No.2902069


It’s been news since last night after it happened, are we all supposed to act super surprised as fuck every time someone reposts the same thing?

5e6555  No.2902070





"John Mc….was PUT TO DEATH!"

Freudian Slip???????

9291c6  No.2902071

Anybody know the next time there is break for Congress? Would it be Thanksgiving?

Maxine or any other Congress member can not be arrested unless Congress is not in session right?

8c57ea  No.2902072


It was already noted several breads back.

32392e  No.2902073

Sorry I dont have an embedded vid but only a link -


Do Kavanaugh protesters know what they’re protesting?

Not a notable really but a funny vid (F&F Interview) of Charlie Kirk of Turning point USA trying to talk to Kavanaugh protestors - who are (of course) totally fucking clueless.. I havent been able to find the full video

bcc59f  No.2902074


Nice mole.

71ed69  No.2902075


Can't read previous breads?

2cb472  No.2902076

File: c553ffa4a01b0ca⋯.jpg (27.09 KB, 456x287, 456:287, Pointer.JPG)

c0e75d  No.2902077

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This was posted last night, I thought it was really well done.

1c45e6  No.2902078

File: 30dd6402207c311⋯.jpg (35.51 KB, 468x308, 117:77, orpahs sekret.jpg)


oprah's organic secrets…

medical trials and more…

6c0aba  No.2902079

File: 3f364a9237dec1a⋯.png (27.98 KB, 869x125, 869:125, ams.1png.png)

dbd03c  No.2902080

Psalm 119 (cont.):

121 I have done what is just and right;

do not leave me to my oppressors.

122 Be surety for thy servant for good;

let not the godless oppress me.

123 My eyes fail with watching for thy salvation,

and for the fulfilment of thy righteous promise.

124 Deal with thy servant according to thy steadfast love,

and teach me thy statutes.

125 I am thy servant; give me understanding,

that I may know thy testimonies!

126 It is time for the Lord to act,

for thy law has been broken.

127 Therefore I love thy commandments

above gold, above fine gold.

128 Therefore I direct my steps by all thy precepts;

I hate every false way.

129 Thy testimonies are wonderful;

therefore my soul keeps them.

130 The unfolding of thy words gives light;

it imparts understanding to the simple.

131 With open mouth I pant,

because I long for thy commandments.

132 Turn to me and be gracious to me,

as is thy wont toward those who love thy name.

133 Keep steady my steps according to thy promise,

and let no iniquity get dominion over me.

134 Redeem me from man’s oppression,

that I may keep thy precepts.

135 Make thy face shine upon thy servant,

and teach me thy statutes.

136 My eyes shed streams of tears,

because men do not keep thy law.

137 Righteous art thou, O Lord,

and right are thy judgments.

138 Thou hast appointed thy testimonies in righteousness

and in all faithfulness.

139 My zeal consumes me,

because my foes forget thy words.

140 Thy promise is well tried,

and thy servant loves it.

141 I am small and despised,

yet I do not forget thy precepts.

142 Thy righteousness is righteous for ever,

and thy law is true.

143 Trouble and anguish have come upon me,

but thy commandments are my delight.

144 Thy testimonies are righteous for ever;

give me understanding that I may live.

145 With my whole heart I cry; answer me, O Lord!

I will keep thy statutes.

146 I cry to thee; save me,

that I may observe thy testimonies.

147 I rise before dawn and cry for help;

I hope in thy words.

148 My eyes are awake before the watches of the night,

that I may meditate upon thy promise.

149 Hear my voice in thy steadfast love;

O Lord, in thy justice preserve my life.

150 They draw near who persecute me with evil purpose;

they are far from thy law.

151 But thou art near, O Lord,

and all thy commandments are true.

152 Long have I known from thy testimonies

that thou hast founded them for ever.

153 Look on my affliction and deliver me,

for I do not forget thy law.

154 Plead my cause and redeem me;

give me life according to thy promise!

155 Salvation is far from the wicked,

for they do not seek thy statutes.

156 Great is thy mercy, O Lord;

give me life according to thy justice.

157 Many are my persecutors and my adversaries,

but I do not swerve from thy testimonies.

158 I look at the faithless with disgust,

because they do not keep thy commands.

159 Consider how I love thy precepts!

Preserve my life according to thy steadfast love.

160 The sum of thy word is truth;

and every one of thy righteous ordinances endures for ever.

161 Princes persecute me without cause,

but my heart stands in awe of thy words.

162 I rejoice at thy word

like one who finds great spoil.

163 I hate and abhor falsehood,

but I love thy law.

164 Seven times a day I praise thee

for thy righteous ordinances.

165 Great peace have those who love thy law;

nothing can make them stumble.

166 I hope for thy salvation, O Lord,

and I do thy commandments.

167 My soul keeps thy testimonies;

I love them exceedingly.

168 I keep thy precepts and testimonies,

for all my ways are before thee.

169 Let my cry come before thee, O Lord;

give me understanding according to thy word!

170 Let my supplication come before thee;

deliver me according to thy word.

171 My lips will pour forth praise

that thou dost teach me thy statutes.

172 My tongue will sing of thy word,

for all thy commandments are right.

173 Let thy hand be ready to help me,

for I have chosen thy precepts.

174 I long for thy salvation, O Lord,

and thy law is my delight.

175 Let me live, that I may praise thee,

and let thy ordinances help me.

176 I have gone astray like a lost sheep; seek thy servant,

for I do not forget thy commandments.

fc4b23  No.2902081


I doubt it. I think it is RR. Part of the plan.

c0e75d  No.2902082

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f29ca3  No.2902083

File: 42855e8540f7863⋯.png (596.68 KB, 1077x1040, 1077:1040, Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at ….png)

File: 4cabd2c67baa94c⋯.png (381.16 KB, 748x1080, 187:270, Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at ….png)

DNI Coats Statement on The New York Times Op-e

Speculation that The New York Times op-ed was written by me or my Principal Deputy is patently false. We did not. From the beginning of our tenure, we have insisted that the entire IC remain focused on our mission to provide the President and policymakers with the best intelligence possible.

Daniel R. Coats, Director of National Intelligence



937eb2  No.2902084


is this your first week on 8ch? News hits this board no more than 5 minutes after it hits the general public. If it happened last night, we talked about it all evening and night, and its prob been posted 40 times

f3fe65  No.2902085


I am sorry, but you are just outputting botesque shilling points. Talk to me. We are both humans, right? So drop the chan-cliche lingo for a moment. Drop the stereotyped posing. Talk to me. What is our common ground? What do you believe in? What do you think the "infiltration and internal disruption" of this board consists of? Why do you care?

We can talk man to man, right human?

b73690  No.2902086

File: 139413bb7a75cc5⋯.jpg (523.65 KB, 1024x706, 512:353, DietWoke1.jpg)

File: 2c8bec0dcbd6349⋯.jpg (957.72 KB, 1024x672, 32:21, DietWoke2.jpg)

File: 4532d6065fa9ec9⋯.jpg (824.54 KB, 1024x585, 1024:585, DietWoke3.jpg)

File: 974ec338c3e3698⋯.jpg (563.72 KB, 1024x547, 1024:547, DietWoke4.jpg)

File: 4a6f8bc4d8cebce⋯.jpg (609.88 KB, 1024x571, 1024:571, DietWoke5.jpg)

ba5310  No.2902087


There's the mirror.

She gets it.

7ee510  No.2902088

File: 94cc1c9350ae357⋯.jpg (201.65 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DmaiCwoX4AELe88.jpg)

Pow wow before the hearing.

d45c94  No.2902089


Fat Leonard….

With Mike Mullen DIR TY

501ca8  No.2902090

File: a4428bed7c3f18a⋯.jpg (54.91 KB, 610x500, 61:50, wang doodle.jpg)

File: a54fd610cacc7be⋯.jpg (89.53 KB, 377x864, 377:864, wang doodle 2.jpg)



868c52  No.2902091

File: cc9244ac87a4d48⋯.jpg (11.06 KB, 255x145, 51:29, itsshowtimelemmegetalite.jpg)

File: 6d61c3395e06ac4⋯.jpg (12.55 KB, 255x191, 255:191, gangsallhere.jpg)

File: 542b7e0fd072b7d⋯.jpg (13.73 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 3dpepezoomed.jpg)

a52211  No.2902092


Still here … https://theyig.ning.com/generalvideos/mccain-put-to-death … you can "save" it if you want …

1893e5  No.2902093

File: b9994f9f300586d⋯.png (1.2 MB, 684x1105, 684:1105, 2018-09-06_09-48-13.png)

File: d7c4a3aa37f4e82⋯.png (250.84 KB, 377x560, 377:560, 2018-09-06_09-49-24.png)

File: 8e7243f661321a4⋯.png (595.29 KB, 913x513, 913:513, 2018-09-06_09-50-30.png)

File: 1d56e00c463b01d⋯.png (266.26 KB, 467x350, 467:350, 2018-09-06_09-51-32.png)


She is stunning in Pepe!

For that matter, she always looks amazing!


f5775b  No.2902094

File: e7c98759d348f1e⋯.png (1.6 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, A6C504D8-1187-4023-9DBF-40….png)

File: bc84e0e39edff5a⋯.png (1.45 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, DF0F5800-6EBB-4A8B-A33E-88….png)

File: 16e5d7c26d32ca4⋯.png (2.11 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, D89927B5-62E1-402C-89BB-47….png)


dbd03c  No.2902095

File: 4368b1893f9afc9⋯.jpeg (93.24 KB, 300x539, 300:539, Divine Mercy.jpeg)

010e3a  No.2902096

File: 2b8022a0bdd86c8⋯.png (747.84 KB, 3090x2032, 1545:1016, TRUMP_M2_Twitter_50Cal.png)

ba5310  No.2902097

Booker going overboard.

Virtue signaling himself out of a job.

a08d6a  No.2902098

File: c5cdf6f4150d4fd⋯.jpg (103.65 KB, 696x696, 1:1, thumbnail (1).jpg)

File: 4597a8432aba75d⋯.jpg (64.84 KB, 696x696, 1:1, thumbnail (2).jpg)

File: 443480a74250367⋯.jpg (101.36 KB, 696x696, 1:1, thumbnail (3).jpg)

c0eea8  No.2902099

File: 575ab748e89279b⋯.jpg (249.59 KB, 1064x1257, 1064:1257, !glassceiling.jpg)


She rocks…

68cb86  No.2902100

File: 884cb37f5b091a1⋯.png (870.7 KB, 1117x596, 1117:596, trumpkisschildspeech.png)

Thank God for POTUS and Q and all Patriots. I have watched this short video many times, often with tears of appreciation. This is a movement to take back control of our country. A strong America led by normal everyday Americans means more peace in the world and far less war. The Storm is now beginning. The Calm is now over. Prepare fellow Anons by praying, and then praying again. Take your families to the gun range and practice. Prep your home, know your neighbors, and be ready for anything that comes at you. Trust the plan, stay the course, and we'll see you November 11, 2018, the flip-side.


7caade  No.2902101

u rock bro, my bad, ty anon>>2902068

f3fe65  No.2902102


LOL, no reason to be furious anon. The amazingness of the fact of the slip would seem to overrride these stereotyically bitter chan attitudes. Why are you mad? Think about it. Or try to think about it. lol. Are you NOT full of joy right now? How?

06fcc7  No.2902103


So, you're saying that he invests his time and energy into children being taught how to EXPAND THEIR THINKING??

What a monster.

d96dfb  No.2902104



I made a clip on C-SPAN!

e8238c  No.2902105



“Who are the greys…”

74d487  No.2902106

Oh, SNAP!!!! Cory Booker is going to release an email related to these proceedings - open the fucking floodgates, Cory – DO IT - let's go.

This is getting REALLY good now.

b73690  No.2902107

File: dc17cc7b757af9c⋯.jpg (761.68 KB, 1024x644, 256:161, DietWoke6.jpg)

File: 7fab1ca1c1efff0⋯.jpg (702.28 KB, 1029x642, 343:214, DietWoke7.jpg)

File: b22ac46545fe40a⋯.jpg (465.03 KB, 1030x576, 515:288, DietWoke8.jpg)

File: 4fb4da662f3c08e⋯.jpg (744.79 KB, 1028x518, 514:259, DietWoke9.jpg)

7ee510  No.2902108

Corey Booker and Kamala Harris ought to be locked up or at least expelled from govt.

Complete low lives

32392e  No.2902109

File: d47666449741eaa⋯.png (193.84 KB, 563x542, 563:542, 1535449110155.png)

6d543e  No.2902110


e5e18b  No.2902111


Your breasts are like two fawns, twin fawns of a gazelle grazing among the lilies…

68c493  No.2902112



Emergency Support Function? I'm gonna dig but the info would just sadden me

Did you see the number of suicide hotline calls that spiked during the last BTC drop? This shit actually fucks with people's lives, the more I go on here the more we desperately need Q to be real

People's rights have been getting stomped to fit the cookie cutter to make money to live, but if they fuck with our MONEY (which i mean come on the only private part of our gov was the fuckn Reserve) they are fucking with a level they are not prepared for

hundreds of millions of Americans working at a loss

This cabal will not last much longer, it's info like this that would make any citizen drop shit and start protesting, I guess that's why you never get a Federal Reserve Update while watchin the evenin fuckn news

These people are STUPID

b2698d  No.2902113


It's sad, this obsession he has.

If he wants to censor so bad,

why not just take a few socks

to a Patriots Prayer rally

and try to shove 'em

in those dudes' mouths.

Would prolly work out

about as well as trying

to troll us into submission kek.

b7b6af  No.2902114

File: f6faf5a5c36450a⋯.jpeg (85.16 KB, 960x960, 1:1, mattis2020runMadDog2020.jpeg)

File: f9dd789919178fd⋯.jpg (117.41 KB, 672x960, 7:10, saintMattis.jpg)

from the 1st church of the holy hand-grenade

e238e2  No.2902115

File: c9bb071c5df32cb⋯.png (259.5 KB, 777x796, 777:796, CB.png)

File: 2088f514cae5b4f⋯.png (279.72 KB, 777x796, 777:796, CCCBBBep.png)

File: f26f5fc47f21fb3⋯.png (276.35 KB, 777x796, 777:796, CCCBBBepp.png)

File: 1d1c323d9d128f7⋯.png (307.16 KB, 777x796, 777:796, CCCBBBeppin.png)

06fcc7  No.2902116


Is amazing.

Grassley laid him OUT.

a59376  No.2902117

Ok when can we hang the nigger Booker, we have the rope and a tree.

7ee510  No.2902118


c36fdd  No.2902119

File: c135c1f980abf81⋯.png (160.57 KB, 735x1632, 245:544, ClipboardImage.png)

Justice Department and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Reach Settlement to Resolve Allegations of Auto Lending Discrimination by Fifth Third Bank

I recognized the bank name here's why…



e238e2  No.2902120

File: 6419f5ef0557545⋯.png (831.76 KB, 1231x705, 1231:705, CB_0 copy.png)

File: 9296a33437a0b62⋯.png (815.34 KB, 1231x705, 1231:705, CB_0opy.png)

File: bd89bf9a274d659⋯.png (452.74 KB, 777x796, 777:796, CCCBBB.png)

e346bb  No.2902121


Senator Corey Booker states he is going to publish e-mails that are 'committee confidential' because of the stonewall happening in the Kavannaugh hearings.

8c57ea  No.2902122

File: 9f71a1f72276072⋯.jpg (80.95 KB, 490x336, 35:24, and_there_i_was.jpg)

05140e  No.2902123

Booker releasing committee confidential information.

e8238c  No.2902124

339913  No.2902125


Is the Bulgarian Mafia's ZH a perfect news source?

How does it compare to Drudge's 50% Hollywood meaningless drivel links?

Who else mentions topics that 99% of the media ignores?

In the era of Everything IS Compd ZH is the best we gots.

501ca8  No.2902126

File: 7b7c73489fec018⋯.gif (1.48 MB, 280x180, 14:9, alisha boe deal with it.gif)




eb4487  No.2902127


(10) posts

nuff said

youve technically reached your limit is kinda wut muh fellow autists are getting at

look at the other current posters over 10

-popcorn jesus

-obama malaysia meme spammer


868c52  No.2902128

File: a50767c892208f0⋯.jpg (9.99 KB, 255x170, 3:2, bookerconcenered.jpg)

1c45e6  No.2902129

File: 1434d8e139c4e9d⋯.jpg (34.87 KB, 317x320, 317:320, light my fire.jpg)


stephen king?

6d543e  No.2902130

anyone able to link me to this live stream where sen booker is going nuts?

e5e18b  No.2902131

File: 9debb9b7e828cf2⋯.jpg (513.43 KB, 3200x1680, 40:21, 636150775547792116-GTY-623….jpg)

a7718c  No.2902132

redpill me on Chuck Grassley

3ffbdc  No.2902133

File: e2e0de4c803a2ad⋯.jpg (43.13 KB, 400x387, 400:387, breakingnewsnotables.jpg)

7ee510  No.2902134



2d5fb7  No.2902135


Wow I don't even know how to react to this picture. my hand burns just thinking about it

482178  No.2902136

File: c7b1f888ee841c4⋯.png (54.01 KB, 780x674, 390:337, jamesdao.PNG)

File: f6de9a3acd564b9⋯.png (47.08 KB, 518x526, 259:263, jamesdao2.PNG)


James Dao is who approved publishing the hit piece.

He has written on veteran's issues.

61ae3d  No.2902137

Loot of the Mayans and Aztecs wound up where?

According to Roy Campbell, the South African poet,."Guernica" so famously painted by Picasso - it never happened.

Unlike Picasso, Campbell was present.

So was this great lefty tragedy was nothing but a cultist fraud?

What else were they up to in Spain?

General alex Orlov put the loot of the new world the Spanish gold, on to a Russian freighter and sent to USSR for "safe keeping."

Who said "they will see their gold again when I see the back of my neck shaving." ??

3416f8  No.2902138

File: b7690510b729552⋯.mp4 (7.83 MB, 640x358, 320:179, PEDOGATE - WAS PODESTA THE….mp4)


This is a keeper. Archive, if you haven't already.

Get a trustworthy voice print specialist, for the fial nail.

f5775b  No.2902139


Do you want a list or just the top 100? Ha ha

197a60  No.2902140

Sounds like it might be huge but I know how many (not all) of you feel about Beanz. Former Intel. Community Members banding together to bring Spygate info mainstream. Website complete and to become publicly avail. tomorrow (Friday)


f3fe65  No.2902141

File: 0251e9861903211⋯.png (239.27 KB, 1050x1344, 25:32, REDDITBOOMERBO.png)

File: 1986b1e0fc521c3⋯.png (39.88 KB, 640x480, 4:3, iamanon.png)

File: 39abd56832eb40c⋯.png (600.34 KB, 1151x717, 1151:717, normezra.png)

File: 383cec1fda37a3d⋯.png (31.38 KB, 908x266, 454:133, tohell.png)

File: a7985b3a26921e2⋯.png (812.51 KB, 585x854, 585:854, TheFaerieSpence.png)


What are you talking about anon? Be coherent, or try, or try to try.

3db368  No.2902142

Another Musician drowned in tub.


0e7280  No.2902143


Yah, he got his share…

1c45e6  No.2902144

File: 0aab5cc413be35e⋯.jpg (39.97 KB, 267x400, 267:400, normal boi.jpg)

lbgtq hollyweird youth

a5b262  No.2902145

WHY are Dems screaming about confidentiality routines?

Will the hearing be live DECLAS for everybody!

f5775b  No.2902146


Where is congress anon???

f29ca3  No.2902147

File: 1eba9cc944e88fd⋯.png (1.8 MB, 1427x858, 1427:858, Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at ….png)

Booker gettin' bitch slapped, started a big discussion about MUH PAPERS

Grassley - "We''l be here to midnight…if the 2 hour rule is invoked, no one will have an opp. to interview, last day today."

Whitehouse - I do not accept the process, the legitimacy or validity, it's as if you repealed the law of gravity - this rule does not exist

this hearing is not legitimate - nothing confidential has been released.

653d50  No.2902148


Regardless what Beanz says all the info is in the original video.

Beanz is irrelevant related to this video.

That's why I put the original video link there.

Check the original. It has nothing to do with Beanz.

4cdf9f  No.2902149

File: 79889991e528b0f⋯.jpeg (659.87 KB, 1242x1232, 621:616, 3ED571D7-235A-469F-B53F-1….jpeg)

File: 546bebacaaa96fa⋯.jpeg (794.39 KB, 1242x1247, 1242:1247, 3617F38F-294B-4050-B4BA-7….jpeg)

Anyone need a good laugh??? Our anti political corruption memes intimidate people of color? And that includes Asians. Hahahahahabahba

a59376  No.2902150

Ok we need more rope and more trees…….

Time to release the EXECUTIVE ORDER!!!!!!!!!!

00e296  No.2902151


I did read it, but mistook your meaning.


71ed69  No.2902152


I think it is a bot. Read the post right below yours


"I am sorry, but you are just outputting botesque shilling points. Talk to me. We are both humans, right? So drop the chan-cliche lingo for a moment. Drop the stereotyped posing. Talk to me. What is our common ground? What do you believe in? What do you think the "infiltration and internal disruption" of this board consists of? Why do you care?

We can talk man to man, right human?"

Could just be a newfag, but sure is shitposting.

52ba27  No.2902153

File: 25355eba2f233f9⋯.jpg (63.86 KB, 807x229, 807:229, Favorite_Video_YOU.jpg)

File: 2292e5af4c6aaf5⋯.jpg (201.24 KB, 442x1267, 442:1267, Favorite_Video_45.jpg)

File: 41ce1fdab393d30⋯.jpg (199.67 KB, 541x1204, 541:1204, Favorite_Video_111_Theory.jpg)

File: 23e6505d40bff06⋯.jpg (174.87 KB, 510x904, 255:452, Favorite_Video_4_10_20.jpg)

So, I've really been either over-analyzing the Kek out of Q's favorite video..,

Or.., there may be something more to this!?

So, knowing what we now know…I see a carefully crafted video full of markers!!

I'm working on the [:55]'s next… I cut 5:45 from the graphic, but I'm figuring I'm going to do a set for 0-4 on the [:55]'s then do each 5:_5 in a separate one, just for fun… I'm trying to see what else I can find…

The video is 5:48 in length… 48 out of 60 reduces down to 4/5… In total there are 24 fifths to the video, which makes me think of a day… Just some things I been up to on the side… Figured I'd throw it out there..

e7b3cc  No.2902154


Why oh why should we believe them?

7ee510  No.2902155

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

06fcc7  No.2902156


You should take a break, Anon.


If you place so much importance on a persona that is simply pointing you toward things that have been available for a long time and are waiting for… what? it would be a good idea to relax, enjoy the last days of summer, read a good book, and (again) RELAX.


Be good to you, fren.

b346dd  No.2902157


3ffbdc  No.2902158


Doesn't sound spoopy at all. Nothing to see here.

e5e18b  No.2902159

File: 6e12fa7a47a6454⋯.jpg (90.46 KB, 1200x871, 1200:871, Matteo-Salvini-e1535785599….jpg)


yes…let them grow.

bcc59f  No.2902160


Strange it wasnt a doorknob and a bungee cord.

26028f  No.2902161

File: 4e015fa70822185⋯.jpg (79.71 KB, 517x422, 517:422, twatt.jpg)


gj anons

7ee510  No.2902162


He has the highest classification clearance of any senator and works in a separate secured area of the senate building. He is very important to the plan.

d45c94  No.2902163


what is the paytreon???

b30275  No.2902164


He also trust in you.

71ed69  No.2902165


I too am pissed about what has been done to us as a nation. I just think that this new push for backdoors is them (5eyes) getting desperate. I should have been more clear.

937eb2  No.2902166


>LOL, no reason to be furious anon. The amazingness of the fact of the slip would seem to overrride these stereotyically bitter chan attitudes. Why are you mad? Think about it. Or try to think about it. lol. Are you NOT full of joy right now? How?

Lol you are most definitely a bot

f5775b  No.2902167


He,p makes great rope, and grows fast

97ccc5  No.2902168

File: 1bda49d6c76b862⋯.jpg (35.72 KB, 688x456, 86:57, 1bda49d6c76b8620cbbe294c90….jpg)


I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt for now anon and assume you're just stupid enough to pay attention to this.

Please don't try to push the issue and graduate yourself to willfully shilling.

6c732d  No.2902169

File: 64fd241a03375e4⋯.png (733.52 KB, 754x427, 754:427, mrctv.PNG)

File: 639b95471b58554⋯.png (205.13 KB, 378x207, 42:23, SheWishes.PNG)

its been 2 years and they still can't figure it out

NBC Discovers Midterm Voters Don’t Care About Trump Tweets, Russia

During a report on Wednesday’s Megyn Kelly Today, NBC News correspondent Jacob Soboroff revealed that midterm voters in Florida were much more interested in local issues that impact their daily lives than the latest tweet from President Trump, the Russia investigation, or other political intrigue in Washington D.C


f5775b  No.2902170

2d5fb7  No.2902171


If you actually read the context of that, Solomon was only trying to flatter a shepherd girl he could take her as another concubine, but she wasn't having it and she stayed loyal to her shepherd boy lover. Song of Solomon is really a beautiful story about the difference between true love an infatuation.

32392e  No.2902172

File: 3041ca3582624c2⋯.jpg (249.37 KB, 1099x702, 1099:702, 1530652935343.jpg)

1c45e6  No.2902173

File: 4655ccc08615424⋯.jpg (86.02 KB, 640x374, 320:187, pedolanski1.JPG)

File: a3100eb74cfe6ce⋯.jpg (66.1 KB, 612x383, 612:383, romo pedo.JPG)

File: 4fba7f29cc7f5d4⋯.jpg (97.92 KB, 640x384, 5:3, pedolanski.JPG)

roman's swiss pizza takeaway

c36fdd  No.2902174


He's scared, and he's got much to be scared of..

a59376  No.2902175

File: 634126560d568a3⋯.png (94.11 KB, 254x255, 254:255, ClipboardImage.png)


Just another useless POS trying to be impotent in their own mind.

fe5e9a  No.2902176

File: be5d4df82794ffb⋯.jpg (140.1 KB, 1024x521, 1024:521, JFK-Jr.-Studio-54.jpg)

Who You Gonna Call? Podesta!

What Actually Happened to John F. Kennedy, Jr.?

Dec. 27, 2010


Hankey takes as his point of departure two overlooked pieces of evidence in the official report that the National Transportation Safety Board published one year after the crash. First, the radar data describing the path of Kennedy's plane showed that just as Kennedy was making his final approach to the Martha's Vineyard Airport, his plane, in the absence of any explosion or engine malfunction, suddenly plunged headfirst into the ocean, falling 2500 feet in 45 seconds.

Secondly, the fuel selector valve on Kennedy's plane was found to have been turned to the off position. … The second and much less frequently used function of the fuel selector valve is to cut off all fuel to the engine from both tanks.

Around 7 a.m. on Saturday morning, a desperate Senator Kennedy telephoned John Podesta, President Clinton's Chief of Staff, and explained his frustration.

Podesta then telephoned Clinton immediately.

Clinton responded by telling Podesta to call the Air Force and demand that it begin a search within 15 minutes.

The Air Force responded by telling the Coast Guard to take 2 boats and 2 helicopters on a wild goose chase across 20,000 square miles of ocean.

John F. Kennedy, Jr.’s plane reported missing

July 17, 1999


MATTITUCK, N.Y. (AP) – An intensive search was under way today for John F. Kennedy Jr., whose small plane was missing en route to a family wedding in Massachusetts. The only son of the 35th president was traveling with his wife and sister-in-law

President Clinton, who is spending the weekend at Camp David in western Maryland, was told about the disappearance of the Kennedy plane by John Podesta, his chief of staff, shortly after 7 a.m. Saturday, the White House said.

5f5151  No.2902177

File: 212b4c3d2f54f2b⋯.png (1.02 MB, 960x766, 480:383, ClipboardImage.png)

Vanderbilt Estate creepy swimming pool.

e8238c  No.2902178


Yes, and also applies to (in no particular ranking order):

True Pundit

Daily Caller





Every single one of them. Every single one that cites anonymous sources… is on the line.

97ccc5  No.2902179


I don't know, I'm pretty sure even bots can be designed to produce legible English.

He might just be an honest to goodness retard.

06fcc7  No.2902180


And Drew.


501ca8  No.2902181

File: a5daa3dd4914565⋯.jpg (41.88 KB, 720x395, 144:79, podesta muh aliens.jpg)




71ed69  No.2902182


That you in a new dress, Tracy? Got some new actors?

339913  No.2902183


>Emergency Support Function?

Close enough for government work

Exchange Stabilization Fund

Aka Ain't no market we can't prop up / slam down

ebebd5  No.2902184


I like this meme, but if you intended audience is normies, I recommend that you leave off the last line, which insults them.

1c45e6  No.2902185

File: f310556f1dfa793⋯.jpg (25.5 KB, 400x230, 40:23, weiner.JPG)

weiner king

739d4f  No.2902186

Blumenthal has such an annoying voice. Now moving to adjourn long enough to obtain then review yet more documents before voting.

I hope he gets slapped down like the insect he is.

f3fe65  No.2902187

File: 28a715143d3c55e⋯.png (673.72 KB, 453x640, 453:640, ..png)

File: 28f9a8f933f4462⋯.jpg (48.05 KB, 533x639, 533:639, sleepybot33.jpg)


If I say, "drop the chan lingo and talk to me man to man", and the poster I'm addressing fails to respond, but then you quote the post, and produce YET MORE botesqye chan cliches, then what are humans reading along going to think?

The problem that the bot system has is that it CLINGS DESPERATELY to a fixed stock of post forms, which are all forms of stereotyped "chan" talk. The strict necessity of clinging in this way makes it all too obvious who is a bot, and who is not. And it is a problem that can't be overcome. Therefore, the bot system should, at the very least, drastically reduce its output, if it doesn't want to keep outting its falsity so stupidly.

YMMV, loserbots

e5e18b  No.2902188

File: 9e83cc770a9a89e⋯.jpg (23.44 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 9e83cc770a9a89ea22c91e4762….jpg)


context matters

a08d6a  No.2902189

File: 3ef79afd4266c36⋯.jpg (35.38 KB, 815x458, 815:458, flohthurs.jpg)

Keeping an eye on this Hurricane. Reminds me of several phrases.

"watch the weather" , "watch the water"


"the storm"

At a Glance

Florence rapidly intensified into the first major hurricane of the 2018 Atlantic season Wednesday.

It has now weakened a bit, due to wind shear, but will reintensify next week.

Florence will generate swells that will begin to affect Bermuda on Friday.

Swells from Florence should also reach the U.S. East Coast by this weekend.

There is a large amount of uncertainty when it comes to Florence's path next week.

Interests in Bermuda and along the U.S. East Coast should monitor Florence's forecast.

a59376  No.2902190

Sorry Blumenthal you can't handle the truth.

852292  No.2902191

File: 2566cdd16980546⋯.png (8.97 KB, 128x84, 32:21, Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at ….png)


Scared knows he is fucked might as well step-down and try to burn down the house with them by Booker impeached they can all step down in the name of SJW I don't care as long as there gone

fc4b23  No.2902192


>Vanderbilt Estate creepy swimming pool.

*Paseur hotel built in 1880 (?). Leased to Vanderbilts for 99 years.

06fcc7  No.2902193


Do you have a slide to add to this pool?

937eb2  No.2902194


hahahaha good call anon

ef0dfc  No.2902195


It’s amazing that there are only individually-produced graphics regarding F&F and not professionally-produced, media disseminated infographics years after the events of the cover-up. If that’s not a sign of the DS/IC/MSM cabal, I don’t know what is.

9ff931  No.2902196

File: bd4c7e6f6ba1319⋯.png (2.14 MB, 1114x1423, 1114:1423, NoName 72 MEK virgins.png)

735198  No.2902197


King has lots of skeletons that are going to be exposed

26028f  No.2902198

"Secondly, the fuel selector valve on Kennedy's plane was found to have been turned to the off position. … "

This is a indicator that..

If you would want to jump out.. this is what u would do.

the craft will then plunge after a short while giving u time to get the shute on and jump out.

06fcc7  No.2902199


I can't handle his face.

(Sorry/Not sorry.)

It's a very awful face.

b0258a  No.2902200

>>2898826, >>2898874 (pb)

I swear you faggots are as bad as the leftists. Somebody calls you out for posting bullshit and you try to shout them down and call them shills.

The only people here talking shit about freemasonry are the ones who have never been masons.

I bet if some non-veteran comes in and starts saying a bunch of false shit about what goes on in the military because they "used to collect military texts" you veteranfags would be all over them.

Apparently you can be an expert on masons without ever joining though. Fucking idiots.

And if it's THAT bad, maybe you fags should join lodges and start taking direct action to dismantle the organization from within. As far as I know, Q hasn't prohibited anyone from joining a lodge or stated a specific intention to destroy masonry.

But you won't do that because you're afraid you'll have to rape a goat or whatever you believe is going to happen during an initiation. You're literally walked around the room blindfolded, repeat an oath, get blindfold removed, learn how your rank wears the apron, watch a sideshow and leave. Then it's boring ass meetings and fundraisers for the rest of your time in the blue lodge.

Oh and you have to profess a faith in some monotheistic system. Guy who led me around whispered "in God" in my ear when they asked what I placed my trust in. I was told later that God is the most common response but Allah or whatever else is acceptable as long as you believe in a single higher power.

One of you mason bashers should try joining a lodge and saying "in Satan" just to see what the response is. LOL.

But again, you non-masons are too afraid to try because you think you'll get strapped into the chair from A Clockwork Orange.

Ok. Now that I've given you actual firsthand information of the initiation ceremony, go ahead and start up the "You're a shill/all masons worship Satan" crap.

ddfe82  No.2902201


Sweet, thx!

Such an enlightening 3:17.

Every American should watch.

00e296  No.2902202


My failed perception indicates it's time for sleep for me (been up since yesterday).

Thanks for sharing the 5eyes stuff, but I had read some of that yesterday. night.

739d4f  No.2902203


Post size limits are going to constrain an answer to this past the point of practicality, unfortunately

1c624b  No.2902204


Rope a dope.

b2698d  No.2902205


>Can someone please consolidate these pictures into one for distribution?

I nominate you, Anon!


You're most welcome, Anon.

My pleasure.

a7718c  No.2902206


ty anon

71ed69  No.2902207

2902187 - Bot or just an idiot. Classic projection on your part. Alnisky tactics get so old.

a71a64  No.2902208

File: b856cc43b748790⋯.png (652.26 KB, 998x764, 499:382, CCC549BF-14FF-4A2E-8EE2-BA….png)

Queen’s coronation sceptre topped with Maltese cross



Did you know the Queen of England is German?

5f5151  No.2902209

File: 95c57cf98d095e9⋯.png (519.03 KB, 800x800, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Just for you…

47d3ac  No.2902211

http://thehill.com /policy/technology/405177-justice-to-convene-meeting-on-whether-social-media-companies-are

501ca8  No.2902212

File: 17c415ecfe9a594⋯.png (355.77 KB, 459x341, 459:341, podesta turdeau.png)



c0e75d  No.2902213

File: c28a3288eb30254⋯.jpg (47.05 KB, 400x225, 16:9, 5b8df9a2caae3.image.jpg)

f29ca3  No.2902214

File: ed3c73e6a9f1d38⋯.png (133.46 KB, 1091x619, 1091:619, Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at ….png)

Kennedy: Disruption is not just a buzzword. We must disrupt our ways of doing business to get inside & disrupt our adversaries’ decision loops. For instance, in ground domain, we must recover asymmetric advantage. In the air, trade dominance for undeterrable presence. #DARPA60


f3fe65  No.2902215

Ms. Feinstein has such beautiful hair!

482178  No.2902217


26028f  No.2902218


12: The number of years Kavanaugh has served as a judge on the Court of Appeals

307: The number of opinions that Kavanaugh authored

480,000+: The number of pages of docs the Judiciary Committee has received

13: times the supreme court adopted his position on issues

6c0aba  No.2902219

File: 7598121dde91be8⋯.png (70.15 KB, 1839x917, 1839:917, wlas.png)

File: 3f364a9237dec1a⋯.png (27.98 KB, 869x125, 869:125, ams.1png.png)



Keystone: ((("Missing))) ("Attachments:)" SP WikiLeaks doc final11.23.10.docx


a5b262  No.2902220

Is the importamt stuff IN the kavenaugh files they want to declas?

Dems so much fighting against.

6c732d  No.2902221

File: 18b1bf26f98d408⋯.png (646.69 KB, 750x422, 375:211, mrctv.PNG)

File: 8eca254cb9670d3⋯.png (287.3 KB, 451x251, 451:251, wimp.PNG)

This dummy actually thinks we care what he thinks

Bozell & Graham Column: Chuck Todd Badly Undermines Himself

Apparently, a weekly show on NBC and a nightly show on MSNBC weren't large enough platforms for Chuck Todd to complain about troublesome conservatives


bf66f8  No.2902222

File: 03de3b916590975⋯.jpg (41.41 KB, 407x314, 407:314, iur (2).jpg)

File: 9016340ef9ebbed⋯.jpg (27.45 KB, 391x260, 391:260, iu.jpg)

File: f634fcce554bf49⋯.jpg (114.37 KB, 650x650, 1:1, 78e9a4194edd27ada9cbac23a6….jpg)

516628  No.2902223


We Were Kangs.

Kang's been a BAD Boy too.

Kang is a pedophile among other thangs.

c36fdd  No.2902224

File: 0c769441c88884d⋯.png (32.16 KB, 673x837, 673:837, ClipboardImage.png)

Company Overview of Fifth Third Bank



a5b262  No.2902225


WH records, GWB!

f9771f  No.2902227


what's gonna happen?

71ed69  No.2902228


Blackmailed his way up? Being truly evil? Just some ideas.

bf66f8  No.2902229

File: 3c86a7e545a11f4⋯.jpg (117.51 KB, 640x640, 1:1, iur.jpg)

e238e2  No.2902230



come on, now, really.



7ee510  No.2902231

Theres no way Trump doesn't get involved in the DOJ after this shit show by the Dems in this Confir hearing.

c24dae  No.2902232

9/11 truth for 17th anniversary

d78c36  No.2902233

Is Feinstien dressed for a funeral ?

e5e18b  No.2902234


so fein!

492f9a  No.2902235

No name = traitor yields


Hero' breaks and makes propaganda tape.


suppressed search for POW or their remains.

what a

dirt bag.

1c45e6  No.2902236

File: 29d86e5d5c9b9e1⋯.jpg (103.16 KB, 500x375, 4:3, edelman.jpg)

File: 78def6327a06fed⋯.jpg (85.75 KB, 401x307, 401:307, demon.jpg)

File: 8737ce569184984⋯.jpg (218.43 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, not phallic.jpg)

a5b262  No.2902237

de4c50  No.2902238





qanon.pub is back in full glory.

These are mirrors:

qanon.app qdrop.pub qanonmap.bitbucket.io qntmpkts.keybase.pub

bf66f8  No.2902239

File: 2b693cca1d80cd5⋯.jpg (47.02 KB, 468x356, 117:89, ipad pictures 2015 001.jpg)

9780c6  No.2902240


same as the lady behind kavanaugh

6c0aba  No.2902241

File: a7d17cb24f3ad6f⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1907x883, 1907:883, ncilla.png)

>Find the rabbit

ddfe82  No.2902242

File: 7fdbde11b5ec906⋯.jpg (33.44 KB, 669x174, 223:58, GG-cabal.jpg)

Good on Glenn.


e7700c  No.2902243


clearly it scared you enough to reply to my post 8 hours later

why is discussion of masons so scary to you ?

nobody here is saying all masons are bad

the point of a PYRAMID system is that you and the other masons are serfs to the people at the top who worship lucifer

6c732d  No.2902244


Everybody knows hes psychotic

06fcc7  No.2902245


Aw - this reminds me of being a little person! had some game called Mousetrap, or something like that… No pigs, tho. Just marbles.

32392e  No.2902246

File: 421b95f9d17dada⋯.png (79.39 KB, 442x593, 442:593, 4009d206df40ea61697b385d33….png)

ba5310  No.2902247


She woke up this morning, checked her pulse, and decided she might as well pick out an outfit that looks good in an open casket.

5dd30a  No.2902248

File: 0044b50e4dc9325⋯.jpg (141.79 KB, 1164x852, 97:71, KUDLOW LODESTARS.JPG)

File: 0da7838d6bb397a⋯.jpg (126.59 KB, 1044x866, 522:433, MATTIS - WORD = FIRST PRIN….JPG)

File: dcb2b735dd6d28f⋯.jpg (66.97 KB, 810x548, 405:274, PENCE - WORD = LODESTAR.JPG)

File: 1e138b5aa9e9b60⋯.jpg (147.09 KB, 1824x541, 1824:541, BOOK BY PHILLIP COLLINS - ….JPG)

Whoever wrote that NYT piece was very careful and crafty. He/She used familiar words, from previous speeches, that are ascribed to certain staff. Also attaching a section of a book from Author, Philip Collins, "When they go low, we go high". Here are just a few examples:

e238e2  No.2902249



https://qanon.pub/ )))))))







7ee510  No.2902250

File: ea1daac7b6e92d3⋯.png (20.07 KB, 585x208, 45:16, Capture.PNG)

08be86  No.2902251


You have all the tell tail signs of a Memefag.

Try putting away your keyboard and open up your photo editor.

Memes are worth 10,000 words and prevent scroll finger.

0bb356  No.2902252


I’m a nontechnical anon. Absolutely no meme skills other than memegenerator (and those end up sucking) but thx

c36fdd  No.2902253




501ca8  No.2902254

File: 6bc8f3876f41686⋯.jpg (450.99 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, fast and furious3.jpg)

File: 6dff2e78baaaa96⋯.jpg (55.62 KB, 501x410, 501:410, fast and furious holder.jpg)




c24dae  No.2902255

File: d2cfdfc9d4e6dcc⋯.png (435.02 KB, 596x497, 596:497, stephen_king.png)

492f9a  No.2902256


I know the bank, was on a softball team they sponsored, along with a local bag; free pitchers if we won. I thought 5/3 had to do with returns or location of branch; like thats the bank on 5th st and 3rd ave.

7caade  No.2902257

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e346bb  No.2902258


part of the parade!


1c45e6  No.2902259

File: 8638854abef4778⋯.jpg (18.57 KB, 474x315, 158:105, bavaria.jpg)

File: ed1ed52abdb7b3c⋯.png (1.83 MB, 1906x1102, 953:551, dis.33.png)

File: b285a95a34611aa⋯.jpg (270.87 KB, 1300x694, 650:347, him.jpg)


king wrote a lot of film project scripts…

e5e18b  No.2902260

File: 361a63248f46f88⋯.jpg (19.11 KB, 464x400, 29:25, 42108793-464x400.jpg)

secret private session….

9a5736  No.2902261

What's up with Trump TV Network not showing any content?? I was

just watching it yesterday…


766868  No.2902262

You have more than you know.

What are we overlooking ? A document dumped , a code , a law referenced ?

We must understand the total of what we have and look at it from other angles , MiRROR ?

de4c50  No.2902263


qanon.pub has no relation to the other sites EXCEPT its mirrors

5f5151  No.2902264


Didn't the vanderbilts go bankrupt? I visited the place years ago, can't remember exactly but I think the son spent all of his money on this place.

61ae3d  No.2902265




Dr Gu [relative(?)] was a STD inspector for the Hefner Hollywood honeypot.

Might be father.

Unual name.

Dr Gu.woked (1970s) with Bernie Cornfeld ( IOS ) and corrupt drug dealer and bailbonds man Danny Majors who ran judges in LA.


a08d6a  No.2902266

File: eb3335e74758d1d⋯.jpg (41.11 KB, 526x789, 2:3, stage103.jpg)

White Rabbit Public Art Project's Marina Abramovic Enlightenment & Walking Tour

Sauce: https://imby.com/hudson/article/white-rabbit-public-art-projects-marina-abramovic-enlightenment-walking-tour/

The “Marina Abramavic Enlightenment & Walking Tour of Hudson” is inspired by, and named for, Hudson’s MAI (Marina Abramovic Institute) founder and developer, Marina Abramovic. While the MAI building on Columbia Street awaits completion, the “Marina Abramovic Enlightenment & Walking Tour of Hudson” seeks to create a context within which spontaneous public performance art can occur. The tour, in four stages, invites participants to engage in a small scale art performance experience right in the heart of Hudson. There is no charge for the tour experience and participants can engage in as many tours as they like, space permitting.

The “Marina Abramovic Enlightenment & Walking Tour of Hudson” was installed at the intersection of 4th Street and Warren by artist Tom McGill and assistant Keira McGill over the weekend. This White Rabbit Public Art Project installation has been designed to remain in place so that residents and visitors to Hudson may experience the tour over the course of the Summer.

The White Rabbit Public Art Project invited you to tell us about your experience of the “Marina Abramovic Enlightenment & Walking Tour of Hudson” at hudsonwhiterabbit@gmail.com. There are more information about the White Rabbit Public Art Project and pictures of the installation at https://www.facebook.com/WhiteRabbitPublicArtProject.

The “Marina Abramovic Enlightenment & Walking Tour of Hudson” has not been conceived, produced, sanctioned, supported nor is in any other way connected to Marina Abramovic or MAI. Rather, the tour is named for Marina in a loving homage to her efforts to promote art in Hudson.

f41793  No.2902267

File: 3c0c5c56b8bcc51⋯.png (445.59 KB, 1079x605, 1079:605, Madame Q.png)

Found this interesting, Madame Q from "I Pet Goat II" . Heliofant is an interesting website.


8d8620  No.2902268

>>2901803 So we get the daily HRC mouth sewer, now combined with the news that she is allegedly to lead the Resist buffoons. I call BS. The evil hag is cowering in terror, trying to work up enough guts to swig down that entire bottle of pills. Paid whores write her tweets while she twists in the wind. Tick tock, skank!

65125b  No.2902269

File: e7ffb3d466ac872⋯.png (227.14 KB, 938x633, 938:633, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// www.cincinnati.com/story/news/crime/crime-and-courts/2018/09/06/active-shooter-multiple-people-shot-downtown-cincinnati-dispatch-says/1210202002/

Breaking news!

a7718c  No.2902270

what has Steve Bannon been up to lately?

1c45e6  No.2902271

File: 2d67a3ee9939551⋯.jpg (55.41 KB, 474x428, 237:214, pointy.jpg)

film project

5244a5  No.2902272

Has anyone dug on Bill Burck? Dems raising hell now in hearing about he deciding what docs are confidential in Kav hearing. Just know he is George W's private attorney.

a5b262  No.2902273


1c45e6  No.2902274

File: 383ca5877dbd1a6⋯.jpg (7.82 KB, 178x200, 89:100, wtf.jpg)

iran contra


6d543e  No.2902275


rally, bruv


you're going to want to see this one

739d4f  No.2902276


The nostril-spread in the last one, kek

26028f  No.2902277

File: 582c95eab9aec0d⋯.gif (288 KB, 1080x777, 360:259, hellothere.gif)


Can you compile all thee long post from q and do this:

set 1 up from one side, then mirror them.

Like the attached pic.

Maybe we see something else on them.

Just maybe they are when compiled into a larger picture a bigger picture.

5f5151  No.2902278


'Like clockwork'

501ca8  No.2902279

File: d44456c5591a7da⋯.jpg (27.05 KB, 522x294, 87:49, podesta russians.jpg)



b2698d  No.2902280

>>2901996, >>2902005


The absolute state of histrionic dem concernfagging at ystdy's hearings… wew lads.

f74e67  No.2902281


They'll just say it was some AI thing with a buggy algorithm.

8adf01  No.2902282


Touring in europe and Australia, giving speeches and spreading the MAGA movement into MEGA. hes setting the stage for the next board.

e238e2  No.2902283


fatalities, sure, but what people really want to know is the pigmentation of the suspect.


7caade  No.2902284

File: d9bac1afa716cc5⋯.jpg (21.88 KB, 640x360, 16:9, C5gEsDrfcMGVlAe8v52QdouU_6….jpg)


Caillou; each day I grow some more (worldcorpo mix)

65125b  No.2902285



We will turn on the LIGHT and reveal their smoke and mirrors to the world!

ddfe82  No.2902286


Corollary : When you see "anon sauce" no matter how crazy, be willing to consider, it just may be true!

64974c  No.2902287

>>2901947 Knowing Kelly can find you, perhaps you should write more anonymous op-eds instead..

7e4eb9  No.2902288


Wonder how those sleeper cells are working out for him?

3ffbdc  No.2902289

File: bd4691931cfd700⋯.jpg (158.21 KB, 500x821, 500:821, autistvpredator.jpg)

f3fe65  No.2902290

File: 519566097157c7a⋯.png (514.88 KB, 999x691, 999:691, durb3D.png)

c24dae  No.2902291


Order of St. Hubertus connection?

74d487  No.2902292


Hmmmm. I wonder if we know of any person or persons crafty enough to have written this NYT piece? Makes one wonder, does it not?

9780c6  No.2902293

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

is any of you watching the fucking kavanaugh hearing

dems threatening to release classified information jesus get the fuck in here

5f5151  No.2902294


the hands would be better orange

e7700c  No.2902295


other way around

16551d  No.2902296

Q said stay vigilant. Active shooter in Cincinnati.


3ffbdc  No.2902297


We aren't prey, anon.

586080  No.2902299

File: 2471bc8f520b8d6⋯.png (129.89 KB, 913x830, 11:10, "Thank_You_Chairman_Kim"_-….png)

File: ccc1999770a3aee⋯.png (783.75 KB, 908x1301, 908:1301, "Thank_You_Chairman_Kim"_-….png)


Article has Trump tweet from 6:58 this morning. Posted last bread but baker said already had it but it's not in notables.

bcc59f  No.2902300

File: b49de3de109211e⋯.jpeg (83.6 KB, 600x386, 300:193, stephenking-600x386.jpeg)

ab8551  No.2902301

File: 328fd9b406ac36f⋯.jpg (143.02 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Deep-State.jpg)

(((▪EXPOSED: Real Author of NYT Anonymous Op-Ed GS-15 CIA Analyst▪)))

Global Intel Hub (Zero Hedge Exclusive)


Yesterday a bombshell 'op-ed' by the CIA conTROLLED "New York Times" was published, supposedly from an 'anonymous' source in the Trump Administration, leaving readers wondering who could it be?

We have an idea of who it's not, so before identifying who it could be, let's brief ourselves on the history here. As we explain in Splitting Pennies - the world is not as it seems. The CIA is the most active agency fighting the information war but it is by no means the only one. But it is their likely craftwork here, as the NYT and Wapo are their go-to sources for 'public' information disclosures for the last 50 years at least. Take a look at this interesting revelation from the previous administration, and remember these deep state operatives are mostly still working in their same jobs, but under a President who they want to depose:

Thanks to prior disclosures from Judicial Watch of documents it obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, this is old news. (((That's what the Obama administration chronically did: it manipulates secrecy powers to prevent accountability in a court of law, while leaking at will about the same programs in order to glorify the president.)))

(((But what is news in this disclosure are the newly released emails between Mark Mazzetti, the New York Times's national security and intelligence reporter, and CIA spokeswoman Marie Harf.)))

The second point to understand, the CIA has a well funded well trained team that topples foreign leaders. Guys, this isn't easy. If anyone thinks what they do is easy, you have never been in a military operation. One mistake can foil an operation. And there have been lots of failures. Failures can mean people are killed. This is really serious business! The funding, the training, the resources that go into it - rack up in the tens of billions of dollars. America's best and brightest. Guys with high IQs and training. Here are '7 Governments the US has overthrown' -

The legacy of covert U.S. involvement in the seven successful coups below (not to mention a number of U.S. military interventions against hostile regimes and U.S.-supported insurgencies and failed assassination attempts, including a plan to kill Fidel Castro with an exploding cigar), has made the secret hand of the United States a convenient bogeyman in today’s political tensions.

Even now, despite waning U.S. influence in Cairo, conspiracy theories suggesting that both the (((Muslim Brotherhood and the military-backed government are in cahoots with the United States abound in Egypt.)))

That's just who we know about, based on historical declassified documents. It doesn't mention recent events in Ukraine for example, and other 'client states' - but it's enough to paint the picture of the working model of the CIA and the group who is trained and tasked to do this.

(((The scary thing, this group has turned domestically. For the first time ever, starting from the time when Trump first won the Republican nomination, this 'coup group' has been tasked to topple Trump - a real flagrant violation. There is no higher crime, than treason.)))

Of course, they have more than plausible deniability, as they already operate under legal secrecy, using anonymous identities, false names, dummy corporations, and a global infrastructure setup at a cost of tens of millions of dollars to mask their identities (which was setup for the purpose of regime change in non-US friendly countries).

Fortunately, for Trump, he is actually their boss, so it will be possible for him, if he really wants to drain the swamp as he claims, to smoke the rats and gophers out of the rat holes. Obviously this…cont.


838664  No.2902302

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f3fe65  No.2902303

File: b0d16980d1ff3d8⋯.png (503.85 KB, 999x691, 999:691, durbt.png)

713329  No.2902304

File: c009aa716e45635⋯.png (586.91 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

62411b  No.2902305

File: e497cf293904e6a⋯.png (47.12 KB, 1220x619, 1220:619, pilpul.png)


>"debunks" one small part of voter fraud

>totally ignores the rampant electoral fraud

Typical lawyer kikery.

c24dae  No.2902306

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Donald Trump attacks George W. Bush on 9/11, Iraq

f3d655  No.2902307

can there be a bigger pussy as a chairman? take control and move this shit along

713329  No.2902308

File: 53b0e1315efebd1⋯.png (563.3 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

e5e18b  No.2902309

File: d0939355504cc98⋯.jpg (57.68 KB, 540x540, 1:1, goya_saturn_devouring_his_….jpg)

852292  No.2902310

File: bb4a3932a1b751c⋯.png (494.94 KB, 565x635, 113:127, Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at ….png)


its ok nigger we are all Frens here

996dcc  No.2902311



People have dug into this for awhile.

Mama Podesta was longtime fixture in DC politics, after moving from Chicago.

She served everyone 'pasta'.

Adopted some 25 kids.

Lots of stuff on Voat, Reddit if you look.


6c732d  No.2902312


We can fix this,get everybody out to Vote

08be86  No.2902313

File: 1fb627275d0a9a8⋯.png (297.21 KB, 357x327, 119:109, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e7e40e39cbd0d88⋯.png (138.83 KB, 247x211, 247:211, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3f937beb0677483⋯.png (346.35 KB, 319x401, 319:401, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 227c195aba12708⋯.png (657.7 KB, 475x538, 475:538, ClipboardImage.png)


The Douche Bag you never want to sit next to at a Baseball game.

9291c6  No.2902314

What a mess this morning over documents. If it has nothing to do with national security RELEASE IT!

0ddac0  No.2902315

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

this guy is a Q follower and he puts all the Political players into 6 catagories from Deep State to Patriots to find out where Trump fits in

Interesting watch

713329  No.2902316

File: 4ccde455c65afe4⋯.png (782.51 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

b2698d  No.2902317

File: 7b049c0d8e4b8b8⋯.jpg (21.71 KB, 255x247, 255:247, ReadNotables.jpg)



457be6  No.2902318


Hysterical! Thank You Anon!

b8b1df  No.2902319


So there is not rat in the WH - for sure?

If there is and it's not Pence and not Kelly, could it be any other of the cabinet members?

Administrator of the Small Business Administration Linda E. McMahon

Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats

Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Gina Haspel

Director of the Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney

Representative of the United States to the United Nations Nikki R. Haley

Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue

Secretary of Commerce Wilbur L. Ross, Jr.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis

Secretary of Education Elisabeth Prince DeVos

Secretary of Energy James Richard Perry

Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar

Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Benjamin S. Carson, Sr.

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke

Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Secretary of Transportation Elaine L. Chao

Secretary of the Treasury Steven T. Mnuchin

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert Wilkie

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer

Vice President Michael R. Pence

White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly

501ca8  No.2902320

File: d3fc4eb1219a271⋯.jpg (49.87 KB, 640x640, 1:1, PEPE FARMER.jpg)



65125b  No.2902321


Also FF in progress!

Look at >>2902269

They are scared about FISA!!! Shitting their pants enough for more projection and FF's!!

Evil fuckers will not get away with killing innocent people any longer

713329  No.2902322

File: 958afe2678898c8⋯.png (879.77 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

c24175  No.2902323

File: 39f7be280416dbc⋯.jpg (25.03 KB, 598x302, 299:151, Agenda-21-Is-Evil.jpg)

Time to get rid of this crap !

71ed69  No.2902324


Wonder how many lived a long life? Not many, is my guess.

7caade  No.2902325

File: e150b6f45975c75⋯.png (792.88 KB, 640x640, 1:1, arrows.png)

File: 922f1440a8b0f31⋯.png (383.79 KB, 603x782, 603:782, Screenshot from 2018-09-06….png)

File: aa8198734fbc332⋯.png (192.82 KB, 958x703, 958:703, Screenshot from 2018-09-06….png)

File: a830fb950db7353⋯.png (176.14 KB, 758x793, 758:793, Screenshot from 2018-09-06….png)

File: 968205f2098803a⋯.png (281.96 KB, 732x829, 732:829, Screenshot from 2018-09-06….png)


Fed Bate or whitewash?


f29ca3  No.2902326

File: eefbdb31b4eaae1⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1502x832, 751:416, Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at ….png)

68c493  No.2902327


Aight fag, I've never heard someone call any investment, good or bad, a fuckn "persona"

you own a bank account? When you need to live and shit, money can stress you out. Relaxing when you need to stress on the cash is called bein fuckn lazy

I'll take advice from anons, especially when I ask for it, but if your advice is to relax and take a break, I'm gonna go buy a g of coke bc that means I better go harder

When someone tells you to relax, they're probably in a place where they can relax

I'm bout to get a new job with better pay and I don't want more than 10 percent of that shit in fiat ya feel me I'm not tryna be animous I just don't believe in fucking legal tender like the rest of y'all

29a2ce  No.2902328


I thought the pilot may have been related to the Red Baron and the passengers still waiting for their Uber drivers to arrive …

not much i can do about being dumb

Now i just gotta remember who i spoke with about it so i can avoid them for the next few years

a5b262  No.2902329

So, Dems screamed for documents, they thought could never be delivered (PDB GWB!),

now, documents can be made available and released (PDB GWB!!),

and suddently Dems don't like releasing so much anymore and scream for confidentiality.

Cabal and GWB/911 past included in PDB!

Is this the BOOM?

In the hearing,live for the world?

996dcc  No.2902330

File: 6dafae8a99479cb⋯.png (80.98 KB, 587x514, 587:514, ClipboardImage.png)

Greenwald is politically wacko, but at least intellectually honest.

713329  No.2902331

File: c04ae0e747baf3f⋯.png (540.44 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


last one

b4f960  No.2902332

New left senate slide for the day:

Your "senate rules" don't apply to us.

Meh, that's all they got?

f9771f  No.2902333



>you're going to want to see this one

what about it?

(just dropped in and I haven't been keeping up lately)

c5310f  No.2902334

Shut up Klobuchar.

937eb2  No.2902335


We cant rule out RR either

68c493  No.2902336


when i say "like the rest of yall" i mean no one else here believes in legal tender, not everyone else

c0eea8  No.2902337

File: 50935d088cf79b0⋯.jpg (30.28 KB, 401x307, 401:307, !Hilltan.jpg)

2a1353  No.2902338


except It is DEVIN Nunes, Not DAVID

096c22  No.2902339


Drills this month….what are the odds?


9291c6  No.2902340

The Dems are winning this battle this morning. Release the damn documents if nothing to do with national security. I agree with them today.

f29ca3  No.2902341

Grassley - you wanna give up your emails? make 'em public? I don't think so!

534141  No.2902342



back to reddit faggot.

e5e18b  No.2902343

File: 9c62105defbbdad⋯.jpg (57.12 KB, 500x333, 500:333, a53a552ad03baa7d67402b6527….jpg)


you…have disdurbed me!!!!

7ecb72  No.2902344

Liberals cannot go out into the public without some type of virtue signaling. Their self righteousness branches out into every aspect of their identity.

778dae  No.2902345

File: c0b3d5905f647ab⋯.png (255.96 KB, 951x546, 317:182, ClipboardImage.png)

766868  No.2902346

Cincinnati’s Curious Masonic Church

Cincinnati has long appeared to have a revolving door between the Masonic lodges and the Catholic Church. Having grown up there, I can recall discussions of various people who were both in Knights of Columbus and Masons, and rumors of parishes that were pagan experiments. People talk, and that sort of talk happened way before blogging.

Shooter reminds me I've heard Cincinnati is a mason stronghold.

c642ae  No.2902347

File: 4c48eda68c92bfb⋯.jpg (88.96 KB, 1020x573, 340:191, IMG_20180906_071733.jpg)

f3fe65  No.2902348

File: 2b846d6eba1f690⋯.png (466.16 KB, 950x624, 475:312, FLURMP.png)

c5310f  No.2902349

Grassley getting pissed.

934642  No.2902350


e2cc8a  No.2902351

File: c480d235e98a432⋯.png (735.79 KB, 1019x556, 1019:556, justdoit1.png)


Veteran gentleman who appears twice, 4:10 & 4:30, looks just a little familiar. Guess it's what happens when wondering about somebody so important, so often. WANT to see them, knowing they're safe.

3416f8  No.2902352


Notable Baker

#2902301 CIA hell-bent on toppling Trump ZeroHedge

99f05f  No.2902353


Just now catching up. What exactly is Booker asking for? MOAR documents?

f3fe65  No.2902354

File: 7a83da5a70c9811⋯.png (902.62 KB, 1342x783, 1342:783, namingthe.png)

The demon you are after here

5234f7  No.2902355

File: cb4d249cf5f87f5⋯.jpeg (306.87 KB, 1242x369, 138:41, 09F4EBCF-A3A5-41EA-8595-C….jpeg)

I thought I remembered oblique references from Q to the Sony hack and ES…. but coming up dry trying to reread crumbs.

Anyway. this headline caught my eye

934642  No.2902356

Good Morning Anons

b1ea5a  No.2902357

File: 9645a74a40a91d7⋯.png (57.92 KB, 175x149, 175:149, Center for Popular Democra….png)

File: 612deaa2131ca2e⋯.png (511.29 KB, 597x492, 199:164, Center for Popular Democra….png)

File: f89171ea82145cf⋯.png (21.37 KB, 362x155, 362:155, Screenshot_2018-09-06 The ….png)


look on memes board…

0e36aa  No.2902358


lmao Grassley telling dems let's release allyour emails over last 50 years! do you want that?!

c813d7  No.2902359

review the presidential records act!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

f3fe65  No.2902360


Fine meme anon.

c1c662  No.2902361

Replying to notable from last bread regarding African Bank resignation.

Isn't that the bank that recieved one of the planes from the "Iran Payment" that went to Zimbabwe?

1c45e6  No.2902362

File: 97912610d65ab3a⋯.jpg (65.06 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, BI.jpg)




68c493  No.2902363


I haven't been there since the pizzagate ban, that was a fckn huge red flag

Alefantis sayin "we need to be able to break up conspiracy movements" at the end of that Fox interview scared the shit out of me

71b319  No.2902364

File: 32800b560eb839c⋯.jpeg (22.05 KB, 165x255, 11:17, 2D44D87E-F6A4-40C9-BA33-D….jpeg)

Stormy signed this magazine this spring (its the May/June 2018 issue) and included #MAGA? That certainly lends credibility that she is on Trump’s side.

ca1fbe  No.2902365

File: b61d5042c93fa44⋯.jpeg (468.8 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, NYT.jpeg)

Tomorrows news today! The New York Times OP-ED retraction?

Are we enjoying ourselves?

934642  No.2902366


The irony.

197a60  No.2902367

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Cuomo Prime Time one on one with Ohio Gov John Kasich

Start at the 5 minute mark

"It's been 24 hours since John McCain was put to death"

492f9a  No.2902368


nother one at no name

68c493  No.2902369


holy fuck they got 100 billion dollars just for "foreign exchange intervention"

thank you anon

501ca8  No.2902370

File: 86ccb0a5a877c2e⋯.jpg (127.97 KB, 960x960, 1:1, .jpg)



32392e  No.2902371

File: 2c7bdab59f3fa9b⋯.png (130.28 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 2c7bdab59f3fa9b802a0eb1aaf….png)

File: 496de61cbc24d4e⋯.png (345.62 KB, 750x600, 5:4, 496de61cbc24d4e8893a786750….png)

Todays democrat : Kavanaugh hearing agenda:

- Whine over procedure for 90 min

- Paid protestors being getting thrown out every 17 min.

- Try to drop traps to get sensational headlines

- Go back to office and cry because you know you are powerless and know it will only get worse

Suck it dems…

e238e2  No.2902372


>Are we enjoying ourselves?


Lee Zeppelin & frenz conference later today


+ surprises


a08d6a  No.2902373

File: af444ed2cb7a702⋯.jpg (446.04 KB, 1000x708, 250:177, citywatch__large.jpg)

File: e39fdf67150f9c5⋯.jpg (279.02 KB, 606x800, 303:400, citywatch_detail__large.jpg)

File: 1877bc48cc6d67c⋯.jpg (446.86 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, copies_detail__large.jpg)

File: 7edb7766cb4acc0⋯.jpg (265.72 KB, 1000x587, 1000:587, fight__large.jpg)

File: f8713161ef840ca⋯.jpg (321.23 KB, 1000x682, 500:341, howthingswork__large.jpg)


7caade  No.2902374

File: f0cbad621ebcbca⋯.png (318.84 KB, 582x875, 582:875, Screenshot from 2018-09-06….png)

Sounds legit

7e4eb9  No.2902375

File: 620ad499225f00a⋯.jpeg (10.59 KB, 254x255, 254:255, 620ad499225f00a2e377a680e….jpeg)


good morning beautiful anon

586080  No.2902376


A porn actress that can act is a bridge too far. That is unbelievable.

c4897e  No.2902377


I kept my kids home from school because i am afraid of this. This is not far from me.

5dd30a  No.2902378


Many but I think you may be referring to Q?

71ed69  No.2902379


Yep. And I am loving it!

a08d6a  No.2902380


Smart. You can never be too cautious. Especially with your children Anon. Stay alert.

934642  No.2902381


Stay safe parentanon!

a2be2b  No.2902382

File: ae7fce881e270ce⋯.jpeg (285.25 KB, 1242x721, 1242:721, 4EB2D805-BC3B-45F2-9427-9….jpeg)