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File: f1711524dc6d851⋯.jpg (8.71 KB, 255x143, 255:143, GENERAL.QresearchGeneral.jpg)

5cac7d  No.2943433

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Q Research supports attacking terrible ideas with better ones. We believe the use of violence only proves a bad argument. We are researchers who deal in open-source information and informed opinion. We neither need nor condone the use of violence in our work here.




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Welcome to Q Research (README FIRST, THEN PROCEED TO LURK) https://8ch.net/qresearch/welcome.html

Q Plan to Save the World - Video introduction to the Q plan - https://youtu.be/3vw9N96E-aQ

Q - Killing The Mockingbird - (2nd in vid series): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80s5xuvzCtg

The Best of the Best Q Proofs >>1552095, >>>/qproofs/49 SEE FOR YOURSELF

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Q Clearance Archive: irc.qclearancearchive.net

Q's Latest Posts

Saturday 09.08.18

>>>/patriotsfight/204 ———--------—————- FREEDOM.jpg ( Cap: >>2936226 )

>>>/patriotsfight/203 ———--------—————- There was a time when ( Cap: >>2936111 )

Friday 09.07.18

>>2926144 rt >>2926085 ———----------——– If [RR] is dirty, Mueller must also be dirty.

>>2925937 rt >>2925844 ———----------——– What FISA is about to be DECLAS?

>>2925825 rt >>2925758 ———----------——– FISA warrant issued / approved>Papadopoulos

>>2925765 rt >>2925488 ———----------——– Specific timing rests w/ POTUS.

>>2925579 rt >>2925398 ———----------——– [Activated] If 'schedule' is known….

>>2925398 rt >>2925189 ———----------——– Month: Sept

>>2925189 rt >>2925016 ———----------——– NYT "Anon" source? "Sleeper Cells"

>>>/patriotsfight/202 ———--------—————- James Comey Tweet Translation: ( Cap:>>2924947, >>2924975 )

>>>/patriotsfight/201 ———--------—————- Why did [RR] recommend the firing of [JC] to POTUS? ( Cap: >>2937606 )

>>>/patriotsfight/200 ———--------—————- Goodbye, Mr. Rosenstein ( Cap: >>2923781 )

>>>/patriotsfight/199 ———--------—————- #FLY[RR]FLY# ( Cap: >>2937538 )

>>>/patriotsfight/198 ———--------—————- Who signed? ( Caps: >>2937412 )

>>2919757 ———-----------------------------——– Their attempts will FAIL.

Thursday 09.06.18

>>>/patriotsfight/197 ———--------—————- VIP Patriots! We see you. ( Capped: >>2910329, >>2910510 )

>>2909917 rt >>2909503 ———----------——– Follow the picture.

>>>/patriotsfight/196 ———--------—————- This is called 'PANIC'. ( Capped: >>2909771, >>2909813 )

>>2909418 rt >>2908723 ———----------——– Control & Divide.

>>2908527 rt >>2908303 ———----------——– There is a lot more to this than you realize.

>>>/patriotsfight/195 ———--------—————- WHAT ARE THEY AFRAID OF? ( Caps: >>2907952 )

>>2907565 rt >>2907383 ———----------——– HEADS UP

>>2906399 rt >>2904064 ———----------——– 1/Billion Coincidence?

>>2906216 rt >>2905624 ———----------——– Read between the lines.

Wednesday 09.05.18

>>>/patriotsfight/194 ———--------—————- We knew this day would come. ( Caps: >>2893000, >>2903953, >>2905126 )

>>>/patriotsfight/193 ———--------—————- "TREASON?" Q+ ( Caps: >>2892732, >>2903863 )

>>>/patriotsfight/192 ———--------—————- Military Law v. Criminal Law ( Caps & Video: >>2892069, >>2903858, >>2903496, >>2904197 )

>>>/patriotsfight/191 rt >>>/patriotsfight/190 -- Sara Carter on DECLAS ( Caps: >>2890006, >>2903810 )

>>>/patriotsfight/190 ———--------—————- Do you believe in coincidences? ( Caps: >>2888992, >>2903773 )

>>>/patriotsfight/189 ———--------—————- C_rsi subpoena ( Caps: >>2890241, >>2903757 )

>>>/patriotsfight/188 rt >>>/patriotsfight/99 - 2 sec Stream (Cap: >>2888158, >>2888225 (99's Cap))

>>2887813 ———-----------------------------——– PREDICTABLE FAKE NEWS

>>>/patriotsfight/187 rt >>>/patriotsfight/177 - Being Afraid (Caps: >>2887245, >>2903743 )

>>>/patriotsfight/186 ———--------—————- Money Talks (Caps: >>2887174, >>2903717 )

Tuesday 09.04.18

Compiled here: >>2925504

Monday 09.03.18

Compiled here: >>2908626

Sunday 09.02.18

Compiled here: >>2874949

Q's Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/ | Qs Tripcode: Q !!mG7VJxZNCI

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>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

5cac7d  No.2943436


are not endorsements


>>2829643, >>2829673 1986 U.S. District Court Dost test: No CP image guidelines

>>2327065 How to filter gore spam >>2334211 (new: Add into [Options] -> Theme)


>>2942966, >>2942979 Did the Swiss cucks really just vote to keep central banking?

>>2942786 Side-by-sides of Oct 28 drops

>>2943416 #3723


>>2941968 The attacks will intensify against Tucker

>>2941971 >>2942015 TOASTMASTER USER SCRIPT 2.3.0 (correct pastebin in 2nd link)

>>2942031 >>2942034 Attempted smear campaign by NPR on 'Women for Trump'?

>>2942150 NoName And His Ties To The Saudis And The Rothschilds (2017)

>>2942346 Apple Inc bans (the cabal asset) Alex Jones app for 'objectionable content'

>>2942389 >>2942474 Donovan/OSS/CIA ties to the Rothschilds and Rockefeller Foundation

>>2942413 POTUS won't see 'First Man' due to omission of planting the American flag on the moon

>>2942617 #3722


>>2941163 >>2941178 >>2941193 Free Speech Systems LLC dig (shell companies?)

>>2941190 Gloria Steinem in Netflix Doc ‘Reversing Roe’: Abortion Is ‘Basis of Democracy (wrong.gif)

>>2941197 Resignations in the news today

>>2941200 President Trump May Use Military to Build Border Wall

>>2941221 Updated List of Infowars Influence Network Members

>>2941239 Rep. King to McConnell: Bring Sanctuary City Bill to the Floor

>>2941299 Ted Cruz in for a fight in Texas’ U.S. Senate Race.

>>2941517 Dig on 'Package Q’

>>2941536 Prime Minister of Abkhazia died in a car accident

>>2941842 #3721


>>2940710 Theory: Fiona Hill may be the NYT writer

>>2940767 Netanyahu Regime Secretly Arming and Funding Twelve or More Terrorist Groups in Syria

>>2941008 WikiLeaks founder and Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange is in extremely poor health and requires immediate medical treatment

>>2941076 #3720


>>2939626 HR 4919: If you got "mental disabilities", you get (RFID) chipped

>>2939642 >>2939719 BREAKING: LIBERATION OF IDLIB HAS BEGUN; Al Qaeda’s Last Stand

>>2939658 Hussein gets called out for surveilling reporters

>>2939683 Rabbi Exposes Rampant Child Sex Abuse by High-Level Jewish Clergy

>>2939706 Texas Children's Hospital Physician Arrested for Child Pornography


>>2939907 Sweden Election: Populists Set for Major Gains, Social Democrats’ Grip on Power Fading


>>2940193 Google, Facebook and Amazon are just extensions of the surveillance state

>>2940302 #3719

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>>2931046 #3707, >>2931808 #3708, >>2932567 #3709

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5cac7d  No.2943445

File: e79e5bc93c644b6⋯.jpg (16.71 KB, 198x255, 66:85, TuckerI.SmokeLiberalsForSp….jpg)



f8c33e  No.2943460

File: 46022bef570aa1d⋯.jpg (82.93 KB, 1080x1315, 216:263, kdz9ncw.jpg)

Thank you, Baker!

fb6247  No.2943461

File: c3ffb02e669d280⋯.webm (2.39 MB, 640x360, 16:9, FB-QAnonFinal.webm)

Thank you baker

167096  No.2943462


Why dont we just spray some shit on every person who lands in New Zealand for near future. Spray that radioactive tracking shit and see where they all go? What holes they crawl into.? And then Rods of God the fuckers.

ad4d6d  No.2943463

Why Trump's Record Trumps the Media's Spin

The media is determined to prove that Donald Trump is unfit to be president.

No matter how many outraged opinion pieces or news articles (but I repeat myself) the New York Times produces, no matter how many smarter-than-thou analysts with non-prescription eyeglasses mope about sadly on CNN, no matter how many Obama fan boys and girls left in the White House press corps shriek at the president whenever in earshot, it just doesn’t matter anymore.

The economy hums. Trump keeps us out of foreign entanglements. Wages increase. America’s traditional meritocracy replaces the Democrats’ grievance-based society. Life happens.

And while the New York Times op-ed was a nice try by the media, they must on some level, deep down, grasp the new reality: no one hears their screams.


df91c2  No.2943464

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



ecc191  No.2943465

File: 181c10059e3c5c9⋯.jpg (44.63 KB, 480x586, 240:293, 181c10059e3c5c9774213f05f4….jpg)

thank you baker

buns for ya

96464c  No.2943466

File: dc9475805a38154⋯.jpg (86.92 KB, 468x585, 4:5, IMG_746.jpg)

860165  No.2943467

File: 9b0dba1910950d9⋯.jpeg (29.76 KB, 255x170, 3:2, 185AD7CB-DA09-431C-A16C-2….jpeg)

Thank(you) Baker

683fd1  No.2943468

File: 34a866014438718⋯.jpg (58.17 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 41141902_1888143771273140_….jpg)

df91c2  No.2943469

File: fba89a0f12b9f0e⋯.jpg (28.16 KB, 403x600, 403:600, 7fa24045c7e26811eee61efb41….jpg)

8386ea  No.2943470


Saying foolish things

is like setting a trap

to destroy yourself.

Proverbs 18:7

8817f5  No.2943471

>>2943444 LB

Ft Knox


Well damn! Sounds more like a touristy thing- no audit or anything. THAT needs to be done.

ThanQ for that Anon!

881a85  No.2943472

File: d5feda8597b838b⋯.jpg (109.29 KB, 1200x358, 600:179, schumann-resonance-8-septe….jpg)

Schumann Resonance Today Peaks:

Today the situation is changed drastically, from 10:00 a massive activity has started. Most of the variations went above 40 Hz. and the massive spikes are continuing.

Frequency means how many wave cycle happen in a second, 1 Hz. means 1 cycle per second, 40 Hz. means 40 cycles per second, Amplitude is the size of the vibration, how big is the wave, the chart shows the frequency variation in Hz and the amplitude using the white color.


da3acb  No.2943473

File: f4da44c87d677e7⋯.jpeg (71.81 KB, 541x731, 541:731, 3B712743-9DAE-4997-840C-4….jpeg)


God I LOVE this one. Who is she??

Thank You Baker!!

29870f  No.2943474

File: 400519f4f4f7a10⋯.jpg (58.15 KB, 500x473, 500:473, 2hcpru~2.jpg)

Trump 2020

ad4d6d  No.2943475

How to Recognize Demonic Activity in the Church Scandals

“By sexually abusing children, Satan desires to destroy the icon of the kingdom of God.”

“Who is going to believe you?” It is the devil’s taunt, according to exorcist, Father Gary Thomas. It is a message to silence sexual abuse victims. And we have learned that same message silenced or impeded the truth of the sexual scandal in the Church from getting out for so long.

Fr. Gary Thomas is the exorcist for the Diocese of San Jose, California. His training in Rome was the subject of the 2010 book The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist by Matt Baglio. Hollywood made it into a movie in 2011 starring Anthony Hopkins.


da3acb  No.2943476

File: 557f70c474e3fd0⋯.png (263.54 KB, 638x691, 638:691, Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at ….png)

They're not even trying to pretend. The video is lame. Bye Bye Hollyweird.

4ed62b  No.2943477







Drudge is drudging up a three year old photo.


fb6247  No.2943478


Gold plated tungsten

033c8b  No.2943479

File: 8bbd07dac4b48b9⋯.jpg (63.52 KB, 393x585, 131:195, don gay.jpg)


>CNN's New Hero "plaid shirt guy"

Yeah, after Don said "we love you", I pictured him inviting the young fag over for some pizza.

df91c2  No.2943480

File: a3579d85cf666ef⋯.jpg (73.48 KB, 730x879, 730:879, Q1002 VATICAN.jpg)

File: b9aa3c188b0d437⋯.jpg (29.77 KB, 480x360, 4:3, VHS4.jpg)

File: 5921104d0e39836⋯.jpg (355.93 KB, 886x793, 886:793, fixed.jpg)

File: 144db5cea624cf9⋯.png (577.76 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, q 1002.png)

59bd14  No.2943481

File: 85f6d1872f66b85⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 2641x2037, 2641:2037, Thank_You_Baker.jpg)

Thank You Baker!

167096  No.2943482


Is that a real Jew meme? Or you just mocking their real dumb skills at memeing? They can not actually think this works?

You think it works? I think it sounds petty and fucking retarded. Do even communist find this good?

You got to be fucking with us. Even they are not this dumb? Or are they?

da3acb  No.2943483

File: 63951a8dcfcd510⋯.png (541.83 KB, 591x587, 591:587, the_left_can't_meme.png)

8203d4  No.2943484


It saves time not having to sort them out later on….

8817f5  No.2943485

File: 7678f3f683a703d⋯.jpg (141.36 KB, 820x820, 1:1, solar disc.jpg)


Maybe this has something to do with that?

Gonna be busy round the 11th, eh?

UPDATE @ 04:40 UTC (Sep 9): The coronal hole stream is predicted to reach Earth by late on September 10th. Minor (G1) geomagnetic storming will be possible. An aurora watch will be in effect for the next 48-72 hours.

58906d  No.2943486

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

(video link)

1bef3c  No.2943487

File: b2b6c6cd8cd0d23⋯.jpeg (445.59 KB, 2080x1560, 4:3, Fuck Masons.jpeg)















58906d  No.2943488

File: 0841452e37ca880⋯.jpg (267.43 KB, 1280x621, 1280:621, salt mirro.jpg)

7ff504  No.2943489

File: f301ff33b394935⋯.png (417.44 KB, 567x503, 567:503, yacht.png)

File: 10564eec2aa8791⋯.png (704.73 KB, 629x601, 629:601, yacht.png)

File: 539dc42fb3d249b⋯.png (406.72 KB, 781x675, 781:675, yacht1.png)

File: 75c1fa253c3e87f⋯.png (753.49 KB, 791x630, 113:90, yacht1.png)

df91c2  No.2943490



94ab49  No.2943491










5e35b9  No.2943492

File: 00ba18ee8ae5a5c⋯.jpeg (9.65 KB, 259x194, 259:194, Unknown-4.jpeg)


6b9422  No.2943493

File: be083a1fc7587bb⋯.jpg (328.49 KB, 1540x460, 77:23, wooWoo.jpg)

File: ce18342926e9ab0⋯.png (688.99 KB, 729x547, 729:547, Pepetay.png)


Whoop whooop!

On this day, thanks in part to the Schumanator resonance, a new rare Pepe was born.

df91c2  No.2943494

File: 502073c289851f3⋯.png (11.58 KB, 255x251, 255:251, f9597f6ef1b23dac3c0a92017b….png)


Kill all masons then right?

010556  No.2943495

File: 09a6c25f88576c8⋯.jpg (399.26 KB, 1440x1242, 80:69, IMG-20180909-WA0005.jpg)

File: 33c7147a6e748df⋯.jpg (408.53 KB, 1440x1059, 480:353, IMG-20180909-WA0001.jpg)

File: 7b531b9ba2cfe51⋯.jpg (333.71 KB, 1421x1330, 203:190, IMG-20180909-WA0002.jpg)

683fd1  No.2943496


No… they really share that crap.

CONVERSEly… I kinda love "Just Be Best"

7e4f7f  No.2943497

File: 6ae8515d8bd73d8⋯.jpg (113.32 KB, 960x617, 960:617, 1481760984124.jpg)

Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.


7ff504  No.2943498

File: d45d1e2d447ab2f⋯.png (235.14 KB, 512x512, 1:1, nasamason1.png)

File: 912895fea26d4df⋯.png (316.74 KB, 501x324, 167:108, service_mason.png)

ecc191  No.2943499


bo. bv u really need to ban this idiot.

i know no bans but this is trying to set up anons.

eb9430  No.2943500


Lets make a deal Flat Earth guy, I'll research the flat earth after 2024 when Trump's presidency ends if you stop posting.

8817f5  No.2943501


Yeah- was thinking the same.

Rumor has it the Clinton Crime Family did leave all the <90% which came from the melt coin back-in-the-day. Supposedly, that's all that's left.

6025ea  No.2943502

>>2943406 LB

THE VISION OF CHRIST that thou dost see

Is my vision’s greatest enemy.

Thine has a great hook nose like thine;

Mine has a snub nose like to mine.

Thine is the Friend of all Mankind;

Mine speaks in parables to the blind.

Thine loves the same world that mine hates;

Thy heaven doors are my hell gates.

Socrates taught what Meletus

Loath’d as a nation’s bitterest curse,

And Caiaphas was in his own mind

A benefactor to mankind.

Both read the Bible day and night,

But thou read’st black where I read white.

opening lines of

BLAKE, The Everlasting Gospel


6c1ff4  No.2943503

File: 6e4b132b29cc9f4⋯.png (769.89 KB, 600x749, 600:749, ClipboardImage.png)

550f7c  No.2943504

File: 13354c6aa813e66⋯.png (1.86 MB, 834x1203, 278:401, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4d5f22242410913⋯.png (223.42 KB, 396x667, 396:667, ClipboardImage.png)


Nice one!

fb6247  No.2943505


Yup, the image has been around the block quite a few times. Many past articles used it.

770374  No.2943506

File: d9489c8b0422319⋯.jpg (221.22 KB, 812x802, 406:401, 864a177b5dc7cf7ab1c42567bf….jpg)

>>2943444 lb

This is one of the most interesting things ive read from CNN in years. The pictures are super grainy and some gold is only shown from one angle though.


860165  No.2943507

File: af264734e663716⋯.jpeg (243.67 KB, 640x502, 320:251, E33AAE37-8ED4-499A-9D87-5….jpeg)

File: 50686eeba99e505⋯.jpeg (309.4 KB, 639x741, 213:247, BD6135CA-0C16-418B-8C38-6….jpeg)


Page 4 paragraph 10. Look for H3310 congressional record-house April 13, 2018 congress.gov

59e6cf  No.2943508

Great job on those nobables, baker.

8817f5  No.2943509


Did we ever hear who left in an ambulance from the WH last week?

4ed62b  No.2943510

File: 016f2bf1969903f⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1501x1083, 79:57, cortez boobs.png)


I'm sensing a message, but not sure what you're trying to say. Have some bewbs.

9eddab  No.2943511

File: f27b050d1cf3508⋯.jpg (925.24 KB, 1920x1067, 1920:1067, yoda1.jpg)

Fish eye lens, you are not.

1839d1  No.2943512

File: d5c427880c8754e⋯.png (4.96 MB, 2048x1348, 512:337, ClipboardImage.png)

File: df39e596b200660⋯.png (461.07 KB, 828x800, 207:200, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 58f1d9be0b17fb9⋯.png (157.76 KB, 750x444, 125:74, ClipboardImage.png)

Joe M dropped a hint. It is happening. Thank you Q, John. God Bless you all here.

90b581  No.2943513

File: a34e8da5dc83452⋯.jpg (30.09 KB, 350x316, 175:158, IMG_2280.JPG)


Spamming black bitches across multiple breads…

8817f5  No.2943514


Is he part of the new Farm Bill? kek

8386ea  No.2943515


Looks like someone is trying to set up a FF.

df91c2  No.2943516

File: 6116b764944d50b⋯.jpg (7.34 KB, 225x224, 225:224, 12wq.jpg)


please, native boobs are my trigger boobs…

be sensitive to my plight!

550f7c  No.2943517


Watch out.

The Secret Service has access to this board.

It is a bad idea to even joke about killing the President.

Given that the Q group and most of the senior Military officers

Running the counter-coup,

Are Freemasons, this kind of talk has no place here

Ignore the shills when they spew their shit and nonsense.

94ab49  No.2943518

File: a4d26c8722f0f7e⋯.jpg (119.86 KB, 960x960, 1:1, a4d26c8722f0f7e27199cabf3d….jpg)

was this a shop?

5cac7d  No.2943519

File: 3616399d5afc77d⋯.png (7.45 KB, 246x205, 6:5, TrumpThrowingDudeOverWall.png)

>>2943461, >>2943460, >>2943465, >>2943466, >>2943467, >>2943473, >>2943481, >>2943503, >>2943492

Ty Anons




You have to go back

(pic related)

8817f5  No.2943520


FFS, Anon.

I gotta go make me a samich now.

0bbe83  No.2943522

File: 4aca28b72346e08⋯.png (272.56 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 5ECEB1FC-E5CB-4FA6-B555-01….png)

File: 53f06ce7bfee8d5⋯.png (1.19 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, B86CC9B4-788B-45B0-9CBB-AE….png)

File: 90cea82fec0fab1⋯.png (1.05 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 3B7A939A-F2B3-41F8-8CB2-1D….png)

File: f25b49dbac108fc⋯.png (1.07 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 45E56CB9-7777-415E-B958-AD….png)

Microsoft mandatory service fees for Windows users begins 2020.

Now we can pay them to spy on us…..perfect.


c75c63  No.2943523

>>2943333 lb

Since nukes are a hoax, as is most everything else we are taught, my bet is that it is so they have easy access to "Antartica" and the continents beyond. Look at a map, an early one.

df91c2  No.2943524

File: 222b9f994dcd431⋯.jpg (193.08 KB, 1197x592, 1197:592, pepe soon.jpg)


oh oh ok!

59e6cf  No.2943525

>>2943176 (lb) Anon illustrates potential ISS sabotage

Notable missed from last bread

59d610  No.2943526

File: e41e06d53a846c7⋯.png (212.56 KB, 1890x853, 1890:853, Nutbag.png)


That idiot only speaks for himself and does not represent the views of all anons here. He'll also simply switch IPs and repost again, as he's done before. Just ignore him.

54398d  No.2943527


Ib et your boss is a kiddie fucker.

i bet he cornholes your ass for eh… "ot"

8817f5  No.2943528


Was there a threat?

Cuz if there was, we need to turn that in!

NEVER a joke.


16576e  No.2943529


There is again a lot of shilling in here.

Currently much muhjew stuff, besides FE and other bs.

Please think for yourself if this is ok with Qs message.

A lot of cabal folks are from jewish families and also israel is involved in a certain way. That is no secret and was and is being digged on.

However, generally blaming all jews and using 'nose' images, saying 'kike' and 'goy' over and over, is not based on facts and just division shilling.

By that shills hide the fact that the leadership of every religion seems to be involved.

Many CEOs are involved. Many politicians, worldwide. Many advisers from thinktanks are involved. ...  Many are not jewish.

There are many 'real jews' like J Kushner, they are fine people who want freedom like us. Some of the cabal activities have used beeing jew as a shield/cover to harm their activities and blame others.

Also, sacrificing children to moloch, getting high on adrenochome and gay mason stuff is not a jew thing.


>>2815685 lb

>>2941990 lb

>>2879552 lb

>>2879141 lb

>>2869478 lb

>Anons are not divided.

>Anons are under attac.

>Recognize the difference.

>Trust the plan.







[Shills] want to divide us.



16ce89  No.2943530

>>2940710 (prev notable)

Early morning Fiona Hill was dug hard.

Brookings Institute. CFR member. Soros employee.

Check previous notables.

033c8b  No.2943531

File: 95847bbc4682036⋯.jpg (292.27 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, earth_astronaut_in_space-2….jpg)


>Flat Earth guy

ahhhh…wrong post number anon

I'm a round earth guy

fb6247  No.2943532

File: 1fea1fdb223d3c0⋯.webm (1.54 MB, 700x720, 35:36, barrel roll.webm)


There's no going back now

984268  No.2943533

Mike Ruppert: "She [Nordica Theodora D'Orsay (Teddy), a CIA contract agent] was arranging for large quantities of weapons to be loaded onto ships leaving for Iran. At the same time she was working with Mafia associates of New Orleans Mafia boss Carlos Marcello to coordinate the movement of service boats that were bringing large quantities of heroin into the city. The boats arrived at Marcello controlled docks, unmolested by even the New Orleans police she introduced me to, along with divers, military men, former Green Berets and CIA personnel.

The service boats were retrieving the heroin from oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, oil rigs in international waters, oil rigs built and serviced by Brown and Root. The guns that Teddy monitored, apparently Vietnam era surplus AK 47s and M16s, were being loaded onto ships also owned or leased by Brown and Root."


da3acb  No.2943534


What are we thinking here Anons??

770374  No.2943535

File: 1fe1e09137e314d⋯.jpeg (11.3 KB, 255x205, 51:41, 1fe1e09137e314d6a1cd081b5….jpeg)


>aurora watch will be in effect for the next 48-72 hours

Yea except the FBI raided the solar observatory yesterday and nobody has access to the tools and telescopes there. Some spooky shit going on.

0cc1cc  No.2943536

File: c15aca0796aa5c6⋯.jpg (65.03 KB, 300x624, 25:52, gibbet.jpg)

Fiona Hill, I hope you go to jail for the rest of your life.

She's a giant mole that's been embedded in the White House, and fucking Nellie Ohr wrote the whole plan.

"Follow the wives"

All these bitches are in the same category as Cleopatra and Mata Hari.

Lodestar is a weapons running program. Much more, just listen.

People hiding under the guise of "humanitarian" mission personnel

Did everybody know Peter Strzok speaks Farsi?

SHILLS are trying to derail with all this Masonic stuff

BE SUSPICIOUS of any random topic that drops in out of nowhere, unrelated to anything


If he knows, others do too.


@chillum too

Important to gather info from multiple sources, and I think Q would agree.

Seriously ready for military tribunals to use the gibbet in sentencing.

It'll leave a longer-lasting memory, and God knows that's what we so desperately need.

c75c63  No.2943537

WTF is with the notables from last bread? We had a live op fucking with a RatsChild and [MI6], good FE and Restoring-the-Republic and (((YOU))) got NOTHING?!

90b581  No.2943538

File: 7165e460f881510⋯.jpg (370.64 KB, 971x627, 971:627, IMG_1576.JPG)


Needs moar bacon.

26c8aa  No.2943539

>>2943443 lb

Yeah I agree with the other Anon… the 30 months starts AFTER THE PRESIDENT SIGNS IT which happens AFTER IT PASSES THE SENATE which happens AFTER IT PASSES THE HOUSE…. It has only been INTRODUCED and then used as a liner on the bottom of a parrot cage of some representative's secretary's grandkid… Its NOT happening on Sep 2019.

584e30  No.2943540

File: 1979868ce3ae32b⋯.png (513.99 KB, 500x851, 500:851, freedom.png)

Pic in line with bread name

550f7c  No.2943541


>Looks like someone is trying to set up a FF.

What is FF?

Fucking Fool?

Because only a FUcking Fool would give YOUs

To such an obvious shill.

The right way to reply

Is with a broken link like the one above

And some LOGIC and FACTS

That destroy the shill's case.

ad4d6d  No.2943542

File: f7e97d60b7ac49f⋯.jpg (569.52 KB, 1476x1707, 492:569, WtPogxm.jpg)

e114e4  No.2943543

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Roger Stone giving the speech of a lifetime. Totally had some balls!

Its habbening!

881a85  No.2943544


>muh jew

This is a Mossad meme, you can fuck right back off to reddit.

99b2fb  No.2943545

File: 5724e5ad92fd47f⋯.jpg (187.92 KB, 567x599, 567:599, hot 15.jpg)


She's pretty.


167096  No.2943546


Either he is dumb or just a kid.

Even the Masons can figure out that Albert Pike was a Kike and was up to no good.

They figured it out finally and now are going after the Luciferians. Lots of so called Masons are going to get the noose. But most have no clue what evil shit they are involved in.

I think they are waking up though. The Masons out there should watch Lodge 49. I think some important people are trying to tell them some important information about their club.

fb6247  No.2943547


Austronomer here. Any news articles about this? Haven't heard anything about it.

033c8b  No.2943548

File: e4f4f22574c6104⋯.jpg (61.68 KB, 451x728, 451:728, PODESTA.jpg)

ecc191  No.2943549


i know he doesnt represent us real anons.

hes trying to set up a ff. shill

26c8aa  No.2943550


Kid has terrible muzzle control.

ab8768  No.2943551

File: 3f491e1514ad894⋯.png (74.19 KB, 800x450, 16:9, kali-linux-review-feature-….png)

Don't know if this is significant but there was an MI6 op string going on last thread that mentioned Kali and White Dragon. Kali Linux uses a White Dragon symbol and is an OD designed for penetration testing and digital forensics.

1bef3c  No.2943552

File: 051b798baac533d⋯.png (131.87 KB, 499x499, 1:1, bc43d86c117ef7f37793ece5e5….png)


LOL you capped my msgs to the mods. You guys can't get rid of me, I'm too high-ranked of an anon.

This can all end though if Q would once and for all condemn Freemasonry.

0bbe83  No.2943553

File: 167277850951f2b⋯.png (7.6 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, D95FD25A-36CC-481C-B629-89….png)

File: 9ad55c66cdf2c96⋯.png (2.32 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 973029D6-B52C-47D0-9500-9C….png)

File: 786aa950468b8f8⋯.png (2.04 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 7B999117-4C36-474D-A499-3A….png)

File: 8ee726458490bc3⋯.png (2.61 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 19A0E82B-69D1-49E9-9497-8E….png)

Underwater habitats.

Prototypes & a couple decommissioned units.


ab8768  No.2943554


Typo: OS

550f7c  No.2943555


But Trump has already publicly stated

That he has no intention to abolish the Fed

Just change its structure a bit

And the first steps are already in place with new board members

Giving the administration control.

da3acb  No.2943556



ad4d6d  No.2943557

File: dbcda6a46cb418f⋯.jpg (246.2 KB, 1800x1302, 300:217, Demi_183.jpg)

0cc1cc  No.2943558


Operation Lodestar

Fiona Hill brought in by Nellie Ohr


b278ef  No.2943559

File: 4bd7e889c863737⋯.jpg (88.38 KB, 1122x360, 187:60, 20180909_081502.jpg)

579920  No.2943560



6b9422  No.2943561


A simple grilled cheese sandwich. Mmm mm.

90b581  No.2943562

File: c709a2cb3a320ef⋯.jpg (4.14 MB, 1960x4032, 35:72, IMG_2283.JPG)


Horse ass.

2bca2a  No.2943563

>>2943457 (PB)

Sometime in the future, unlock it - coincides with freedom and sh*t. Maybe those are the swamp rats we need to go after next or at the same time - as we are freeing ourselves from creatures in Washington, so must we from those in the military who are deeply entrenched with the Cabal. I guess it is all the same thing. I have lots of patience and don't expect anything overnite. Just hope to find someday those answers that many others have asked as well. No demands, just the bone when the time is right.

033c8b  No.2943564


old school

167096  No.2943565


Baby making hips….odds of any of you big headed anons leaving a big headed baby to get stuck in her tubes is very unlikely.

That shit is a keeper.

eb9430  No.2943567


Gonna need a machete to navigate that jungle.

fb6247  No.2943568



Found it

>SUNSPOT, New Mexico - The National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico, and a nearby United States Postal Service office, were evacuated for security reasons Thursday, observatory officials said.

>"We have decided to temporarily vacate this facility as a precautionary measure. And we're working with the proper authorities on this issue," Association for Universities for Research in Astronomy spokeswoman Sheri Lofson said.


SUNSPOT, New Mexico - kek

94ab49  No.2943569


gonna need to put some sauce on that

4fe4a1  No.2943570


those shoes…

99b2fb  No.2943571


>jp morgan dropped a bombshell in a letter to investors


8817f5  No.2943572

File: 0e7f11466d27852⋯.jpg (7.49 KB, 236x189, 236:189, 911M.jpg)

File: e005bd100dac3ff⋯.jpg (38.24 KB, 385x309, 385:309, 911Mer.jpg)

File: 28c23aace50e10c⋯.jpg (5.22 KB, 255x208, 255:208, 911.jpg)

File: 5d128c70947a03a⋯.jpg (591.5 KB, 1080x1308, 90:109, 911 re-do.jpg)


Don't recall.

Wonder if that data is available at NOAA?

Gonna be a good numerology day; 9/11/2018 2+1+8=11


and its mirror, 611

Then there's this (pic related)

e114e4  No.2943573

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>2943543 (me)

Sorry, wrong link wtf.


770374  No.2943574

File: 44b39dc4d30a8ec⋯.jpg (54 KB, 519x467, 519:467, 1526448982047.jpg)


Yea Alamogordo(?) New Mexico solar observatory was taken over by the FBI and others and sealed off.

I didnt think anything of it until solar anon told us about the storms. Give me a minute for article.

df91c2  No.2943575

File: 88ff8e7f0332433⋯.jpeg (58.5 KB, 604x516, 151:129, 88f.jpeg)

the reeee is fucking killing me about as fast as the winning… uber alles kekistan!

calm pet kittay

ecc191  No.2943576


na, open it up slips right in. u get a few hairs in your mouth though, just spit them out.

2df93f  No.2943578

File: 053e69e58f6713d⋯.gif (210.86 KB, 640x480, 4:3, atl_ir4_sat_tropicalindex_….gif)

File: 8069ccbd7bc472c⋯.gif (105.73 KB, 640x400, 8:5, gl_sst_mm.gif)

Watch the water! There are 9 active tropical storms currently. 5 in the Atlantic (including remnants of Gordon and Invest 94L). I don't ever recall so many at the same time.

eb9430  No.2943579


I'll still wear a pith helmet just for fun

90b581  No.2943580

File: 7d3517430358e53⋯.png (602.91 KB, 709x810, 709:810, IMG_2278.PNG)


>That shit is a keeper.

Until she can't fit through the car door…

df91c2  No.2943581


do you do ben davidson?

550f7c  No.2943582


In the USA

They do not hang people

Who have no clue what they are involved in.

In fact, it can be difficult to get a jury to return a guilty plea

In a case like that.

Which means that the DA is unlikely to even lay charges.

And so far, you have not even identified which law these people have broken.

In the USA, people are not convicted because

Some fatass in momma's basement who spends all day on the Internet

Happens to be pissed at him.

In the USA, this is not a crime.

In fact, the Bill of Rights protects the right of people

To be masons

Even if their lodge leaders are murdering pedophiles.

In the USA people only get charged with crimes

That they are directly involved in.

6c1ff4  No.2943583




ecc191  No.2943584


when is this storm supposed to hit? sounds like a perfect time to do an emp and blame it on the flares.

fed9d7  No.2943585

File: 2ec24980cf5d78f⋯.png (364.1 KB, 493x370, 493:370, tour-guide-working.png)

c75c63  No.2943586


Yeah, but didn't we decide George is MOS so he's distracting/setting a narrative.

What have you got beyond an MOS sauce, please explain!


c72058  No.2943587

File: 1ea502399278fc2⋯.jpg (111.2 KB, 959x1280, 959:1280, IMG-20160825-WA0075.jpg)

File: a2f00fc56076953⋯.jpg (140.61 KB, 1280x959, 1280:959, IMG-20160823-WA0022.jpg)


26c8aa  No.2943588

File: 9376072fb94c902⋯.png (138.56 KB, 882x897, 294:299, Qfed.png)


Nice trips and not sure exactly what that has to do with a gold backed currency law that is dead in committee. FED is a machine to manage a shithole fiat currency. Nothing is required to manage a gold backed currency other than a national mint which we already have. Simple as that. I think they will make some sort of hybrid or an alternative currency. Something that will run parallel to the dollar as it inflates away. Somewhere smart people can run to as unfunded liabilities and bullshit are "paid off" with inflation. Pic shows what I have gathered about Q's FED posts.

bc05c2  No.2943589

File: f803ae8a76e120b⋯.jpg (96.56 KB, 973x720, 973:720, spacex_real.jpg)

8817f5  No.2943590



No doubt JP will fail! They've lost their ass on the silver speculation and I think TRUMP crushed everyone recently in the shorts (with Elon's help).

I wanna see those letters!

770374  No.2943591

File: 136dc10bad17a43⋯.png (229.31 KB, 1217x761, 1217:761, Screenshot_2018-09-09 Suns….png)

Any of the Astronomybros know more about this place?


ac5f5b  No.2943592


It’s already the law.

Just needs to be enforced

The United States Constitution declares, in Article I, Section 10, "No State shall… make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts". This means that no State can make something besides gold or silver a "tender in payment" (which means they cannot "make something else an offer as payment") for any debts, which would include debts owed by and to the State. However, EVERY State in the United States of America HAS made some other "Thing" an offer as payment - they have by law declared that they will accept, and pay out, Federal Reserve Notes for any debts owed by or to them. Therefore, every State is in violation of Article I, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution. Thus the need for the "Constitutional Tender Act" – a bill template that can be introduced in every State legislature in the nation, returning each of them to adherence to the United States Constitution's actual legal tender provisions.

0bbe83  No.2943593


Oh my.

5e35b9  No.2943594

File: 975fa2cf5736d2a⋯.jpeg (8.32 KB, 275x183, 275:183, images.jpeg)


The days when REAL men loved the stench of a hairy pussy .

94ab49  No.2943595


so this was faked?

167096  No.2943596


Reread my post. I think you misunderstand something. If you didnt du nuffin you got nothing to worry about.

c75c63  No.2943597


Not happy, forced to do it. Worse than being married for money!

4fe4a1  No.2943598

File: 603ec0051fd201c⋯.png (6.21 MB, 2136x2246, 1068:1123, jz.png)

Is this guy for real or is he an edgelord?

741624  No.2943599


You’re going to be waiting awhile. Q is a military branch of white hat freemasons, so is Trump.

8817f5  No.2943600


Nope. Don't listen to anyone anymore.


All ya gotta know.

Bankers/investment anyone just wanna separate you from your money.

bc05c2  No.2943601


Depends on what you mean by "this"

af81ab  No.2943602

File: f3af66798c94f41⋯.png (205.79 KB, 524x383, 524:383, coup cross.png)

File: e51ced005ceaf5f⋯.jpg (215.43 KB, 1000x641, 1000:641, Bruno.jpg)



2: There is an unknowable God.

booing intensifies.

All the hermetic cults practice some sort of elitism that breeds disdain for their fellow man. Once you know their secrets you realize they're powerless.

As part of the Great Awakening, we should offer them a free, one way ticket, back to Sirius.

99b2fb  No.2943603

File: 3cce1c110bdb380⋯.jpg (80.22 KB, 1080x810, 4:3, ass03.jpg)


Not bad.


033c8b  No.2943604

File: b9d183c6044ec03⋯.jpg (34.16 KB, 451x197, 451:197, Truck-Greets-stupide Antif….jpg)


>Or you just mocking their real dumb skills at memeing? They can not actually think this works?

>You think it works? I think it sounds petty and fucking retarded. Do even communist find this good?

>You got to be fucking with us. Even they are not this dumb? Or are they?

They really are that STUPID!

54398d  No.2943605


HE mangles giant black cocks with his mouth and then plays bob's your uncle with a doorknob and his asshole.

ecc191  No.2943606


l u really think there is a car up there? ummm no

1bef3c  No.2943607

File: 4dd4e4a04e6b176⋯.png (379.68 KB, 816x684, 68:57, Hang Masons Q.png)


He's for real, and he'll get the rope.

90b581  No.2943608

File: b4f048288f59b2f⋯.jpg (328 KB, 720x540, 4:3, IMG_2063.JPG)


It's all good until you realize it's 50% fat.

0bbe83  No.2943609


Judicial system is corrupt as fuck. It doesn’t work the way it’s “supposed” to work.

Traitorous assholes will probably be dealt w by Military tribunals anyway.

94ab49  No.2943610


look at this african and decide for yourself. 100% edgelad

770374  No.2943611

File: 4782b42a57eb584⋯.jpg (627.28 KB, 1013x825, 1013:825, 1535348172915.jpg)

Weird they shut it down before this solar event happens but it could be a nothingburger.

….or maybe this is the end anons.

c72058  No.2943612

File: 16dc4be04c43641⋯.jpg (148.17 KB, 1024x731, 1024:731, comfy astronaut popckorn.jpg)






df91c2  No.2943613

File: ff0e776191459fa⋯.jpg (83.66 KB, 620x497, 620:497, 27kgdm.jpg)

File: a992f4ebc491882⋯.jpg (54.38 KB, 800x514, 400:257, q braveheart.jpg)


I am like next to top anon…

stop wasting time q:

8817f5  No.2943614


Little things in life, right?

Made me hungry, bruh!

e76918  No.2943615


They are spraying like hell in France since yesterday, it's not the first time I see a correlation between strong sun radiation to come and spraying.

167096  No.2943616


Jew pedophile psyop of shaved pussy to get the masses ready for kiddie porn will do a number on a population. They think with proper advertising they can sell anything to the Goy. So for the last 30 years they have been trying to sell fucking nubile pussy. To get you ready for it they went with a industry wide shave the pussy movement. All the porn mags and porn videos went with it over night. Almost like when the Jew needed America to go into WW1. They just all locked arms and began the German is a Hun and is killing baby meme.

Shaved pussy is a Jew psyop. And it worked.


8386ea  No.2943617

>>2943598 = pos

94ab49  No.2943618


seems like a pr error in 2018…

9eddab  No.2943619


If it was the end, ya think POTUS would declas everything as a distraction..

ecc191  No.2943620


does it coincide with the russian excersize/.???

8817f5  No.2943621

File: 62d2b2eec196591⋯.jpg (6.94 KB, 179x255, 179:255, ace.jpg)




98f225  No.2943622


If that's the case, I wanna know. What time I need to set my lawnchair up, fill up my cooler, and watch it all go down. Much like in Armageddon the movie, I want a front row seat.

ecc191  No.2943623


remember,,,learn russian

c72058  No.2943624

File: 6218d5243257d0c⋯.jpg (12.59 KB, 255x197, 255:197, shut it down.jpg)




1bef3c  No.2943626

File: 51f4f587eabb5e6⋯.png (174.09 KB, 923x484, 923:484, 1620.png)

File: 879dffbdf82f127⋯.png (131.27 KB, 713x383, 713:383, 1621.png)


Consider posts 1620 and 1620, I don't think they're Freemasons. The magic sword post sent mixed signals though.

df91c2  No.2943627

File: bc359d0108b5cc6⋯.jpg (23.84 KB, 480x472, 60:59, ce0a3403b0.jpg)

File: d0174c910a5f281⋯.jpg (113.66 KB, 528x408, 22:17, KENNEDY Q KILL.jpg)

File: 19956881e04d043⋯.jpeg (48.3 KB, 590x318, 295:159, IDIO1.jpeg)

File: e86406b4369cbcc⋯.jpg (104.63 KB, 640x626, 320:313, 1529332059139.jpg)

e114e4  No.2943628



26c8aa  No.2943629


Exactly… see Our government is essentially dead. most ammendments ignored. Commerce clause allowed the Fed Gov to grow to a billion times its intended size. National currency destroyed and blown out to the point of insanity. Fucking documents floating around publicly talking about SINGLE accounts and SINGLE transfers on the Swift system totaling 9 TRILLION dollars or MORE… Tell. Me. Thats. Real… Nope Its all fake and gay. Our parents and grandparents let it go. Now we have to take out the trash and rebuild it all over again… This will take the rest of our lives.

Don't think for a minute anyone but little children will get to enjoy the fruits of these labors we are starting in on… We will face hard times here soon and will spend our lives fighting to save our nation.. We have taken only the FIRST STEP on a journey of 1000 miles.

The over-reach has been so extreme that we went 8 years with a fake illegal president with a transvestite wife for fucks sake… Its over boys.. We need to roll a new government because this shit is a corpse. simple as that.

2e3757  No.2943630



so that's why my grandad calls it a beaver…

ac5f5b  No.2943631


This post is sponsored by:

Acyclovir (Zovirax) Famciclovir (Famvir) Valacyclovir (Valtrex)

97f4f0  No.2943632

If this has not yet been covered concerning AJ….. Original ppost on Neon revolt…

Jones has ties to the Bronfmans, and through them, this Saudi billionaire Adnan Khashoggi – who is actually a Mossad agent himself posing as a Muslim, an Arabist – and they’ve spent years building up this Mossad-backed-and-operated network of companies in America – essentially acting as “conspiracy” gatekeepers.


Just when you think you’ve reached the bottom of the rabbit-hole…


4fe4a1  No.2943633


How many bots do we have live now?

fb6247  No.2943634


Why is it backwards?

8817f5  No.2943635


Spray every day, all day, in the mid-west here; they call it fly-over country. Sad part is, it's also our 'bread basket'- where all our food is grown. Also where most of the forests are.

They're killing it all. Trees all got spots. Sad. I'm a farmer- 160 acres of non-gmo fields put yields are still way down.

c72058  No.2943636

File: 1d9d3d67a8d6a23⋯.png (273.94 KB, 500x452, 125:113, WOT VANILLA ICE.png)





ab8768  No.2943637


No. Stone → Alex Jones → Mossad

cb5aed  No.2943638

File: cab1c1d2f907e82⋯.png (64.02 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 9C311F63-B7B3-4F08-BCE5-24….png)

010556  No.2943639


"Thinking Outside The Box" Anon

c75c63  No.2943640


Either it's shitty AI or they are outsourcing to India!

7ff504  No.2943641


But National Preparedness Month isn't even halfway through. Still preparing

770374  No.2943642

File: 89d0a72d8321e95⋯.jpg (44.01 KB, 343x361, 343:361, 1531370476565.jpg)


Here >>2943568

And heres my source >>2943591

0cc1cc  No.2943643

File: 718ed5f55d22a9b⋯.jpg (154.2 KB, 533x800, 533:800, Fiona.jpg)


I know, yes, potential MOS

I look at all this from the standpoint of "can I prove this"

If not, I at least listen to what they have to say.

He's saying Flynn is a good guy who was compromised, is pointing finger @ "beautiful" Nellie Ohr, already named by POTUS & Fiona Hill (cannot explain other than instinct that they both seem dirty)

Saying Petraeus is dirty, and we've nudged that opinion here previously

Also shining bright lights at the major think tanks/warmongers, Brookings, Carnegie, etc

Members of these have financial interest in military industrial complex - so obvious, follow $$$

Apparently Fiona Hill has flipped & is spilling beans on everybody in her network

We need to dig on Fiona Hill. That's the target.




770374  No.2943644


Maybe preparation is for the aftermath.

8817f5  No.2943645


No solar 'event'. Happned a couple weeks ago when this same 'gash' came around. Just a GEO-storm G5. No EMP, nothing freaky. We are in solar minimum.

26c8aa  No.2943646


Fucking woolly mammoth is more like it…

fb6247  No.2943647

550f7c  No.2943648


Nobody wants a gold backed or even a silver backed currency

Except cranky Anons on the chans

Who know nothing about economics

And who do not have the guts to write a detailed description of their plan

And go out in public to defend their ideas against detractors.

It will NEVER happen.

df91c2  No.2943649

here you go sunspot concernfags who do not know about Ben Davidson


e114e4  No.2943650

Good Night Anons, enjoy the video of Stone's speech today and get some sleep. It's going to be a busy month.

For all you Q haters, watch for yourself and see if that's not proof.

Sorry to point back to my own post so many times. But it's important. Shots were fired to the Cabal. [RR] and Mueller mentioned, along with many other things.

cacef7  No.2943651


>Shaved pussy is a Jew psyop

That's some high level Q research right there. FFS.

0bbe83  No.2943652

File: 12f60c966a8d18a⋯.png (363.91 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, C904ABFD-ABAE-4603-A347-31….png)

File: f7d2684293d1f2e⋯.png (193.41 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 2BCA1069-456C-4E5E-A1B3-6C….png)

File: 2caa58cbcd11d83⋯.png (247.53 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, A110A256-DEE7-4D0B-A4D2-6E….png)

File: 5249c80e41a847d⋯.png (281.43 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 9AA15BD1-62F3-48BE-A112-0E….png)

Magic Sword - The Face Of Evil

f8c33e  No.2943653

File: 25d2104f26e8395⋯.png (82.74 KB, 241x235, 241:235, 25d2104f26e8395fa619b9e182….png)


No, I am. Fight me.

54398d  No.2943654


I dunno, I was just trying to figure an interesting way of saying the person in the image takes it from both ends ;p

c72058  No.2943655

File: e3592331f47445c⋯.jpg (40.96 KB, 599x712, 599:712, robot secret.jpg)





8fbc73  No.2943656

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I humbly nominate this tune to be the official music video of the Qanon Research board.

It has several things going for it to merit such rare status.

1. The name of the band is PAIN.

The name of the video is SHUT YOUR MOUTH.

3 It has Aliens and flying saucers.

4. It has government cover ups.

5 It has tin foil conspiracy undertones

And most importantly, IT KICKS ASS!

I think many anons will like this video.

d83395  No.2943657

>>2943378 (lb)

most excellent read anon…like a novel


a990bb  No.2943658


covens of 3…

8817f5  No.2943659

File: 391c382555399ad⋯.jpg (14.58 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 3 per.jpg)


You should always be prepared, Anons.

Just cuz the goobermint puts it on a calendar doesn't mean diddly squat. Matter of fact, what you need to prepare for most is what the goobermint might do- any day of the year.

df91c2  No.2943660

File: 933e6d42c2c2454⋯.jpg (132.79 KB, 757x502, 757:502, 1510097214290.jpg)

ben also does a kick ass WHERE WE ARE GOING video concerning the actual motion of the solar system + some very SERIOUS revelations concerning exiting dense space + exiting safe neighborhood + sun activty down so our shields are down…

sorry we are all doomed and shit…

ac5f5b  No.2943661


Everyone that actually works for a living wants to ENFORCE what is already the law.

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

-Henry Ford

The few who can understand the system will be either so  interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors,  that there will be no opposition from that class, while, on  the other hand, that great body of people, mentally  incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that  Capital derives from the system, will bear its burden  without complaint and, perhaps, without even suspecting  that the system is inimical to their interests."

-Nathan Rothschild

“Fiat currency is an economic whip used to beat the working class”


Richard Russell, one of the world’s most knowledgeable and respected financial advisors recently stated that fiat money is “the greatest fraud ever perpetuated on the American public.” Fiat money is paper currency, backed by nothing of intrinsic value – currency that derives its value solely by the faith placed in it by the people and nations who hold it. Every fiat currency in the history of the world has been devalued by government to the point that it has eventually been rendered worthless. Russell, in a recent article entitled “Fiat Money is Headed to the Graveyard, And The Gold Boom Hasn’t Even Begun” writes, “In the big picture, I believe we’re going to put fiat currency to the test. Fiat money allowed the U.S. to experience boom. Fiat money produced the tech bust, the equities bust and the housing bust. Fiat money is the vehicle that is created and sponsored by the world’s central banks. Fiat money will prove to be a fraud. Out of the graveyard of fiat money will emerge real intrinsic money – gold.”



Fix this problem, all other problems will sort themselves out.


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa- tives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, SECTION 1. FINDINGS.

Congress finds the following:
(1) The United States dollar has lost 30 per-

cent of its purchasing power since 2000, and 96 per- cent of its purchasing power since the end of the gold standard in 1913.

(2) Under the Federal Reserve’s 2 percent in- flation objective, the dollar loses half of its pur- chasing power every generation, or 35 years.

To define the dollar as a fixed weight of gold.


1bef3c  No.2943662

File: 4591fb9125b72a2⋯.png (437.5 KB, 500x500, 1:1, bHaJV3g.png)

167096  No.2943663


Keep a full tank at all times if you can. Get some rice and beans if your low on funds. Batteries.

Anything you would take on a camping trip. If you got a gas grill. Get more propane. You can boil water with it.

Water, gas and food. You will be fine.

A cheap shot gun if you got the funds.

7ff504  No.2943664

File: 797d529ec51f0b5⋯.jpeg (10.14 KB, 255x176, 255:176, masonbill.jpeg)

File: 8db1651c2dee54f⋯.png (376.21 KB, 650x435, 130:87, masonemblems.png)

File: d8f425a25b65cf5⋯.jpeg (127.51 KB, 800x640, 5:4, mason_irs.jpeg)


mason bleep bloop

26c8aa  No.2943665


If we did get it, with that trade imbalance we would be outta gold in like 6 months… even if we have what we SAY we have which we DON'T. so you want another quickly inflating fiat mess then. Funny why is CHina and Russia stacking metals like crazy? Inquiring minds want to know.

0cc1cc  No.2943666

File: 968862f369ffb1b⋯.jpg (39.49 KB, 800x522, 400:261, Fiona2.jpg)




This woman was and is extremely dangerous, imho.

"Fiona Hill was born and raised in northern England. She studied Russia and modern history at St. Andrew’s University. (For royal family fans, this is also where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, attended college).

Hill traveled to this side of the pond to attend Harvard University in 1989. She earned a master’s in Soviet Studies and a doctorate in history while at Harvard. According to her Brookings Institution bio, Hill also studied in Moscow, at the Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages."

4aa751  No.2943667


Brilliant business plan; make sure every pc and laptop is sold with Windows and then mandate a charge for its use.

Not only will this earn trillions, as anon says, have the double pleasure of charging people to be spied upon.

Somehow, I doubt this shit will age very well.

881a85  No.2943668


Thanks, Satan.

167096  No.2943669


What do you think we are doing here faggot?

Changing the Overton Window. Your quite slow if you dont think we can change the minds of the normies on anything we want.

8817f5  No.2943670

File: a932a62a9f43fde⋯.jpg (11.37 KB, 130x205, 26:41, jerk.jpg)


I got an ace -in-the-hole. I win!

Oh yeah and I got some of this stuff too (pic related)

That's all I need.

94ab49  No.2943671

nightshifttm is so weird

df91c2  No.2943672

File: d80cbfd79ffca5a⋯.jpg (87.25 KB, 954x539, 954:539, PEPE TRIPPIN.jpg)


i dub thee FOR THE LOVE OF GOD personfag!

d5c0c7  No.2943673


Fun Anon, but I humbly think this is better… "truth" in multiple languages.


0bbe83  No.2943674


Yes, I noticed that. Didn’t listen to the song though, not up for that right now, kek. Trying to pull up lyrics though.

c72058  No.2943675

File: 052657f27279f29⋯.jpg (19.34 KB, 255x245, 51:49, pepe love.jpg)




9eddab  No.2943676

File: 5d1c911affd8c12⋯.jpg (175 KB, 1488x496, 3:1, Musk Underground.jpg)


it's no wonder Musk's Boring machines are so popular.

df91c2  No.2943677

File: d2044430bcd5987⋯.png (31.8 KB, 896x994, 64:71, PEPE BABY 2.png)

File: b25945f7fa94724⋯.jpg (49.93 KB, 960x840, 8:7, PEPE KITTY.jpg)

0cc1cc  No.2943678


Why do so many biological females in Washington DC make a damn hobby out of looking as aesthetically hideous as possible?

They work at it like it's their JOB.


4fe4a1  No.2943679

1bef3c  No.2943680

File: 7c8dbdbd9adfeab⋯.jpg (186.44 KB, 800x989, 800:989, a0919108881_10.jpg)

fd9e56  No.2943681


All the funny money pumped into the system by Quantative Easing ended up in cabal pockets - but it didn't stay there - they know paper money is worthless. They used it to buy up land and natural resources across the globe - especially water. I hope the Plan includes confiscation of all their ill gotten gains and their return to the people. Water belongs to us all - not to the greedy elite.

26c8aa  No.2943682


I'm fucking dyin' here. You killed me with that comment. You gotta warn-an-anon before you post some funny shit like that. Many of us smoke weed man… You could hurt someone.

fb6247  No.2943683

File: 1cbf1b1cfda2eb9⋯.webm (3.41 MB, 709x560, 709:560, justanormalday.webm)


Thanks anon

0cc1cc  No.2943684


Nobody's called me that since the divorce in the 90's

94ab49  No.2943685



df91c2  No.2943686

File: 95ddd1a5a4f5780⋯.jpg (8.03 KB, 255x176, 255:176, 3b781bc38adb80f31dfb409c5c….jpg)


they are exodus and leaving us here to fry!

got ketchup?

4aa751  No.2943687


Maybe night shift for you, anon, but the sun has been up here for hours best I can tell behind the blanket of clouds.

7ff504  No.2943688

File: 7adb7d32ef74cbd⋯.jpeg (41.72 KB, 480x328, 60:41, deval.jpeg)

58906d  No.2943689

File: e9fabe83938c898⋯.jpg (199.6 KB, 953x468, 953:468, FISH I WORLD.jpg)


Do you like my new boat?

d5c0c7  No.2943690


Wrong video. Night Shift. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnyLfqpyi94

af81ab  No.2943691

File: 877b9a7534907d6⋯.jpg (247.95 KB, 1300x956, 325:239, Stock_Image0808_sealed_bun….jpg)



Send the cabal a text message saying "It's happening, everyone meet at the secret bunker asap, Yours, LDR"

Then we seal off the entrance with our bulldozers.

8817f5  No.2943692


Slight increase in solar wind, that's all. May be able to see some auroras if northern enough. All's well.

881a85  No.2943693

File: b0e4525c1704536⋯.jpg (131.2 KB, 1160x773, 1160:773, 1536422645610.jpg)

File: 63dc486b58f65da⋯.jpg (147.4 KB, 1160x773, 1160:773, 1536422680402.jpg)

File: 39ff39c3c5281e5⋯.jpg (141.77 KB, 1160x773, 1160:773, 1536422817009.jpg)

File: 5ced8ecae1a2cc2⋯.jpg (59.73 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 1536425997928.jpg)

The airport famous for it's apocalyptic murals, unaccounted-for spending in construction, strange stories about very deep areas built & contractors fired with NDAs after doing a week's work, and UFO stories they've decided to go all in with a hashtag and the following strange posters on temporary construction walls mid-terminal.

That last image of the horse shooting lasers? That's a sculpture outside that fell & killed it's artist during creation FYI. Which is actually a somewhat common thing for sculptors, but ominous with all the other rumors about Denver Airport.

5cac7d  No.2943694

File: 51c751e39df6553⋯.jpg (21.96 KB, 430x339, 430:339, Earth Guy.jpg)




>I'm a round earth guy

Just to be clear, do you mean,

a round-earth guy?


a round, earth-guy?

99b2fb  No.2943695

94ab49  No.2943696




love you guys im going to bed bye

770374  No.2943697

File: 8800533adc87a4a⋯.jpg (242.18 KB, 499x499, 1:1, apocapepe8686826862826fdfh….jpg)


Is there a better way to go than shitposting on the chans and getting instafried by a solar explosion??

Is that peak autism??

df91c2  No.2943698

File: 1b2cb314676e1a0⋯.jpg (473.78 KB, 1266x797, 1266:797, 111222.jpg)


i dub thee wrongvideolinkfag!

4fe4a1  No.2943699

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

881a85  No.2943700

File: 59e3985ba870a72⋯.jpg (69.44 KB, 499x674, 499:674, 1536448404131.jpg)

4aa751  No.2943701

File: 7a00df3522b0adf⋯.jpg (68.7 KB, 722x388, 361:194, donald clinton.jpg)


Is there really any other type of female outside modern socialist ideology?

fb6247  No.2943702


I'm not worried. Been through more solar storms than I can count. Nothing ever really happens except like you stated Aurora delight.

df91c2  No.2943703

File: ca7563898a4554d⋯.png (411.88 KB, 999x500, 999:500, FLAG Q.png)


gn dear i mean PATRIOT!!!

167096  No.2943704


It is the truth. You can go figure it out.

They want to make the world safe for kid fucking. So they plan on how to do it. Baby steps are needed to move the overton window on kid fucking. So to get the population ready they thought it would help if all their working women…the whores the porn stars the porn mag women all shaved their pussies. If you want to continue making money fucking showing your pussy the Jews demanded the women shave it.

Since they get together and make group plans. (your with me this far right) they do this industry wide.

They plan everything in detail decades ahead of time. One part of the puzzle anon.

Accept it or throw it out. I dont care.

It is how it works….in industry wide changes.

Like when the Jew wants gangster rap to destroy the black culture…..over night all the companies go only with gangster rap.

7ff504  No.2943705

File: 92a1e15c5f6e11f⋯.png (56.54 KB, 764x226, 382:113, cdan.png)

cb5aed  No.2943706

File: 72adeee3f999917⋯.jpeg (138.62 KB, 640x457, 640:457, 800ABE1C-547D-46D5-A24C-F….jpeg)


550f7c  No.2943707


The problem is NOT fiat currency.

It's that the central bank is privately owned by a Cabal that is above the law. If the government takes control and ownership of this central bank, then any profits the bank makes would go back to the people in the form of reduced taxes and enhanced services.

The ownership and control is what matters.

Using a gold-backed or silver-backed currency means GIVING UP CONTROL

And although people like to think that we know how much gold or silver there is, it's complicated. You can turn electrictity into gold if you live by the sea. There are mines all over but those who know about them tend to keep their mouths shut.

In a gold-backed system, the country with the biggest territory should end up with the most gold, and therefore will rule the world. So, are you ready to hand over the keys to Russia?

Are you?

Fiat currency is a BRILLIANT idea, and now that everybody has woken up to how it works, all we need to do is to kick the con-artists out of the system.

When the cult of con-artists is eliminated, it's a whole new ball game.

df91c2  No.2943708

File: 62caed8c3a4a91f⋯.jpg (621.04 KB, 1778x1337, 254:191, PEPE FIGHT.jpg)


I will have a dab hit ready and waiting for impact!

0bbe83  No.2943709


I think it smells pretty moldy already. Kek.

da3acb  No.2943710

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




0bbe83  No.2943711


Kek. Kek. Kek.

c75c63  No.2943712


Looks like you can get the spying for free by upgrading to Windows10!

26c8aa  No.2943713

File: fca55633b2aa639⋯.png (658.25 KB, 825x619, 825:619, 78f6d98b4ea702306c216f9f36….png)

File: f41df26d802eb28⋯.png (951.89 KB, 843x681, 281:227, 5ca13d9ba8ac9a38c1eb3cbf62….png)

File: 234dde2e92d47ef⋯.pdf (1.21 MB, World Bank 2012 Final Audi….pdf)


And back we go to Allodial Title land ownership… Which would solve these issues in a hot minute… Have you looked into White Spiritual Boy accounts and Insignia Gate drops? Here is my fav…

cacef7  No.2943714


Call them as I see them. Hit one for me.

4fe4a1  No.2943715


Boomer spotted.

3daceb  No.2943716


They used to study sunspot and solar activity but I recall reading somewhere that they were leasing time on the scopes for other projects as well. It's on the top of a mountain and there isn't much there beyond the huge scopes, housing, a few labs and a visitor center.

da3acb  No.2943717

File: 88aff29174bb2d3⋯.jpg (2.01 MB, 4656x3492, 4:3, 20171024_012004.jpg)

File: ccbe83554f5a7b2⋯.jpg (3.07 MB, 2620x4656, 655:1164, 20171028_223309.jpg)

File: 2b45f1da52fd9ef⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 1836x2835, 68:105, 20180906_185413.jpg)

File: b8b6a1cf1f7a3f0⋯.png (499.84 KB, 605x459, 605:459, Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at ….png)



579920  No.2943718



"…the penicillin resistant syphilis of the American body politic."

Spit out my beer, RIP my keyboard.

0bbe83  No.2943719



Tried finding lyrics. All preview clips say instrumental.

032aa7  No.2943720

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

010556  No.2943721




0bbe83  No.2943722


Top Kek! What a bargain.

df91c2  No.2943723

File: 061b3b7a1e0216a⋯.jpg (28.22 KB, 420x420, 1:1, 980x.jpg)


looks comfy

8817f5  No.2943724


Will keep the Fed as our central bank, just WE THE PEOPLE will own it, not a private institution anymore.


ThanQ Voice-of-reason Anon!

^^ What he said.

881a85  No.2943725

Rabbi Hillel Weiss said he believes Trump’s decision over moving the embassy is the first stage of bringing about the end of days.

Rabbi, Pinchas Winston, claimed ongoing tensions between Iran and Israel is building to the Messiah.

b632db  No.2943726

Huge Updates From Wilcock


Can skip the part talking about Q as we here are all familiar with it and go to the 2nd half of the page for some quite interesting information / data points.

c72058  No.2943727

File: 422bd82503c6c7c⋯.jpg (23.62 KB, 445x300, 89:60, GOLD FAKE.jpg)

File: 77237805a46d221⋯.jpg (27.69 KB, 600x338, 300:169, GOLD FAKE CIGARRETTES.jpg)



Apparently they pass the basic advanced checks most dealers do on gold (have been found on NY BANKS).

Fort Knox has that or is empty.

I wonder whence all the hundreds of tons of Qaddafi gold.

eb9430  No.2943728


There's never been a better time to make the switch


ac5f5b  No.2943729

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The founders were very specific on this point, they clearly understood that “money” had to be based on something of intrinsic value to avoid fraud in the monetary system.

They selected gold and silver coin and named it as such in our Constitution:

“No State shall make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts;“

We are currently living beyond our means as a society.

We are allowing desperate, destitute people to flood into our country.

We are exporting our jobs and manufacturing base to nations historically hostile to us and we have debased our currency and allowed criminal fraud to run rampant in our banking and financial systems.

At some point a certain inevitably will present itself clearly.

How long until this harbinger arrives and who will suffer the consequences?

#GreatAwakening is not an action…

It is a reaction… and now it has begun.

"The Senator could scarcely believe his ears. 'Now my next question is, is it your intention that the report of this hearing should be that Greenspan recommends a return to the gold standard? Greenspan responded, 'I've been recommending that for years, there's nothing new about that. It would probably mean there is only one vote in the Federal Open Market Committee for that, but it is mine.'"


An inquiry into the evils of a fluctuating medium of exchange…


A Caveat Against Injustice


“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

-Henry Ford

The few who can understand the system will be either so  interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors,  that there will be no opposition from that class, while, on  the other hand, that great body of people, mentally  incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that  Capital derives from the system, will bear its burden  without complaint and, perhaps, without even suspecting  that the system is inimical to their interests."

-Nathan Rothschild

“Fiat currency is an economic whip used to beat the working class”


Richard Russell, one of the world’s most knowledgeable and respected financial advisors recently stated that fiat money is “the greatest fraud ever perpetuated on the American public.” Fiat money is paper currency, backed by nothing of intrinsic value – currency that derives its value solely by the faith placed in it by the people and nations who hold it. Every fiat currency in the history of the world has been devalued by government to the point that it has eventually been rendered worthless. Russell, in a recent article entitled “Fiat Money is Headed to the Graveyard, And The Gold Boom Hasn’t Even Begun” writes, “In the big picture, I believe we’re going to put fiat currency to the test. Fiat money allowed the U.S. to experience boom. Fiat money produced the tech bust, the equities bust and the housing bust. Fiat money is the vehicle that is created and sponsored by the world’s central banks. Fiat money will prove to be a fraud. Out of the graveyard of fiat money will emerge real intrinsic money – gold.”



Fix this problem, all other problems will sort themselves out.


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa- tives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, SECTION 1. FINDINGS.

Congress finds the following:
(1) The United States dollar has lost 30 per-

cent of its purchasing power since 2000, and 96 per- cent of its purchasing power since the end of the gold standard in 1913.

(2) Under the Federal Reserve’s 2 percent in- flation objective, the dollar loses half of its pur- chasing power every generation, or 35 years.

To define the dollar as a fixed weight of gold.



f8c33e  No.2943730

File: ff50ec3116c2902⋯.png (221.7 KB, 415x411, 415:411, Screenshot.png)


That's it?

9eddab  No.2943731

File: a0618720af15e7d⋯.jpg (901.74 KB, 1920x1065, 128:71, yoda3.jpg)


Cool as my helium balloon, it is not.

Ride it, you must.

550f7c  No.2943732


But if there really is a group of whitehat Illuminati and Freemasons, who have been planning this whole revolution against the Cabal for decades, then she could be a key player in bringing together, Russia, the UK and the USA in joint action.

There is really no reason at all to doubt this person, other than an easily debunked theory about the NYT Op-Ed. It did not take much investigation to find that it was a student essay from USC.

26c8aa  No.2943733


Just like the Taco Bell Illuminati ads… They are trying to make it a fake joke since its now coming out as real…

fd9e56  No.2943735


And we need the truth about such things as oil being arenewable, abiotic resource to prevent the cabal from artificially inflating the price by convincing us it's a non renewable resource..


"The amount of oil seeping into the Gulf of Mexico, at this very moment, emerges from an *ocean* of oil that is almost as large as the Gulf itself! This ocean of oil didn’t appear there because it was a giant fish graveyard. It was not a prehistoric jungle 20 miles high and 500 miles wide. This oil is abiotic oil and is produced by geological actions in the earth itself. Abiotic oil is created by intense pressures on carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and sulphur. The sort of pressures required to create oil are natural as one gets down a certain depth under the heavy crust and in the upper layers of the mantle. In some ways oil is the natural lubrication system for the crust and the upper layers of the mantle as it shifts and orbits the planet’s core.

The best think-tanks have known this for several decades now and have kept it hush hush to keep prices of oil high and help the oil industry. This was necessary because oil companies have huge assets and those assets are put to good use in infrastructure, research and development in more than simple oil production. Capitalism requires that certain commodities be given a value above and beyond the cost of procurement. Now that we have a leak which will not be able to be plugged, it’s time to prepare and explain what exactly is going on with the Deep Horizon well and why it is almost impossible to cap that Genie back in the bottle."

4ed62b  No.2943736

File: 2e8b88fb7e447a9⋯.jpg (15.07 KB, 680x440, 17:11, chris hansen.jpg)


Demi Moore hair diaper.

c72058  No.2943737

File: fc03c7448d24dea⋯.jpg (13.84 KB, 255x217, 255:217, pepe autism.jpg)








0bbe83  No.2943738


I guess it’s just an instrumental piece. Couldn’t find any lyrics.

881a85  No.2943739

File: 65fa25c5d373a93⋯.jpg (2.28 MB, 3728x2697, 3728:2697, 1536430706246.jpg)


Digits confirm

da3acb  No.2943740

File: 2e5b9065755f1db⋯.jpg (55.61 KB, 560x451, 560:451, 2e5b9065755f1dbfbf6a835a38….jpg)


Gotta keep your foxhole straight right Anon??


8817f5  No.2943741


C'mon, bruh! You know that answer! HRC was involved in Gaddafi! CF banked it all. Nice thing about that is, with them being TRAITORS, all their bank belong to US!

0bbe83  No.2943742


Cool! I want to make the leap. Tired of giving money to these traitors. Thx!

df91c2  No.2943744


ok whoa…

WE control so WE can print as much as WE want as long as any "extra" leaves our system and as long as the rest of the world believes that WE will pay… they hold most of their dollars and keep them in their system instead of ours = win win

We could in theory print enough to lower our moneyvalue albeit temporarily to a low point and then repay our global debts totally screwing everyone except us as long as we could quickly reraise the value and its a horrible game that does screw alot of people esp. globally but yes WE CAN kek

4aa751  No.2943745


>Richard Russell, one of the world’s most knowledgeable and respected financial advisors

Wait, is this the same Richard Russell after whom the Sub and building were named?

Either way, it seems like Q may have been pointing to a currency reset with the Russell barrel roll movie. Or am I just a little tardy to the party on this one?

9eddab  No.2943747

File: 458a3d5c35dac31⋯.png (26.12 KB, 602x500, 301:250, 1536297754106.png)


This. learn some basic linux now, while you still can escape the Swindow$

0bbe83  No.2943748

c72058  No.2943750

File: d14a13c650b9388⋯.gif (334.79 KB, 640x636, 160:159, PEPE MATRIX GIF.gif)






0cc1cc  No.2943751

File: 6abf8ccc8b52d67⋯.jpg (59.94 KB, 1023x575, 1023:575, Fiona3.jpg)

File: 7a2570481f96b6c⋯.jpg (150.65 KB, 649x668, 649:668, Chemonicsemailaddys.jpg)

Fiona Hill worked for Chemonics.

It's a DNC hangout.


Nellie Ohr ghost wrote a book on how Stalin used universities in America to Exfiltrate secrets to Russia. Did she use “GCHQ” NSA Contractors to deep dive on Trump’s campaign. Bob Otto is the go between to Bob Levinson in Iran. Fiona “Spy Ring in the White House” Hill is there too

Awww man, look


"To best respond to the needs of our beneficiaries and clients, Chemonics has seven regional business units: Afghanistan, Asia, East and Southern Africa, Europe and Eurasia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa, and West and Central Africa and Haiti. Recognizing the tailored needs of global health and supply chain solutions, Chemonics also has business units that serve those technical areas. In addition, each business unit houses a cross-cutting technical practice team that leads industry outreach, promotes innovation, and supports business development and project performance across the company and throughout the world. Our six support units — Strategic Solutions and Communications, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Executive Division, Information and Technology, and Risk Management — underpin our commitment to learning, business ethics, supporting our industry, and managing our business and projects to the highest standards."


Uh, yeah, apparently

Trump can fire Fiona TOMORROW

NSA is probably up right now too working

Speculation by George Webb that this is all CIA vs. DIA

Both of them are threatened by open source (that's US)

"You have more than you know"

"The people have the power"

Weapons for drugs, pay to play, worldwide.


ac5f5b  No.2943752


Ronald Reagan once famously declared that inflation is a tax, but sadly most Americans did not really grasp what he was talking about.  If the American people truly understood what inflation was doing to them, they would be screaming bloody murder about monetary policy.  Inflation is an especially insidious tax because it is not just a tax on your income for one year.  It is a continual tax on every single dollar that you own.  As your money sits in the bank, it is constantly losing value.  Over time, the effects of inflation can be absolutely devastating.  For example, if you put 100 dollars in the bank in 1970, those same dollars today would only have about 17 percent of the purchasing power that they did back then.  In essence, you were hit by an 83 percent “inflation tax” and all you did was leave your money in the bank.  So who is responsible for this?  Well, the Federal Reserve controls monetary policy in the United States, and the inflationary monetary policy that the Fed has gotten all of us accustomed to is taxing the living daylights out of us.  This is madness, and it needs to stop.


8817f5  No.2943753

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Whaddya mean, that's it? I got this ashtray, this paddle game, and the remote control, and the lamp, and that's all *I* need. And that's *all* I need too. I don't need one other thing, not one…

df91c2  No.2943755

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


indeed ANON…shit is tight like that


167096  No.2943756


Yep…Taco Bell strat. Not going to work. Because the normie cares little who is in charge. Not really. Give them some taco bell and they go with it.

Small very dedicated groups is how to move shit. We got that in spades.

4aa751  No.2943757

File: 9a99f080ff79003⋯.jpg (67.21 KB, 1063x696, 1063:696, meme steal.jpg)


Great meme.

I stole this the moment the artist posted it.

0bbe83  No.2943758


That is an awesome graphic, btw!

b632db  No.2943759


"Six different insider sources have confirmed that several spy satellites and computer systems for the Deep State have been blinded… in a stunning attack.

There is widespread agreement among these insider sources that some sort of major, visible action against this genocidal, globalist entity is now impending.

Three of these insider sources are only speaking to us at this time, at least in terms of any public figures they communicate with.

One of these sources is conveying the shared wisdom of five different military “units” of up to eight personnel each.

The code names of the now-disabled satellites are Snow White, Corona and Big Bird, followed by a one or two-digit number.

These covert satellites were apparently the communications backbone of the Cabal / New World Order / Illuminati / Deep State.

This mass shut-down of spy satellites appears to be a move that paves the way for swift actions that the Deep State cannot predict in advance.

This may come in the form of the unsealing of a whopping fifty-one thousand, seven hundred and one sealed indictments, and the arresting of the suspects therein.

Clear evidence also suggests that these perpetrators will be subject to military, not civilian, trials — meaning the proceedings will not drag out over ten or twenty years.

This is something all of us really need to think about and get clear on now, before any future data dumps that may throw us into emotional trauma.

Since the highest-level offenders will likely be prosecuted in DC, this mass event may come to be known as the Washington Trials, in homage to the Nuremberg Trials.

Now that these mass arrests may finally be imminent — after eleven years of reporting on this issue — this may be the most significant article we have written here in quite some time."


550f7c  No.2943760


Russia is actually tapping into some of their deep abiotic oil to feed their gas pipeline system. As I understand it, you can identify the source of the petroleum as abiotic versus organic by looking at the carbon isotope percentages. Abiotic oil has a high percentage of an isotope that is absent from organic oil. And this difference is detectable through all the stages of production and end products.

And we haven't yet seriously look at LENR or cold fusion.

df91c2  No.2943761

File: 122d090b2ff63d3⋯.jpg (8.8 KB, 480x325, 96:65, QANON4.jpg)


so that is where my dookie goes?

0cc1cc  No.2943762


Sad thing is I'm not old enough to be a boomer.

Experience is a hell of a teacher

df91c2  No.2943763

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


end the fed!

Money masters for the win!

c72058  No.2943764

File: 2b11cc1b7d5ca17⋯.jpg (160.5 KB, 852x480, 71:40, SPACEFORCE PEPE .jpg)





7ff504  No.2943765

File: 8860752aa8244c8⋯.jpeg (20.34 KB, 255x166, 255:166, pepe_eyes.jpeg)

6c1ff4  No.2943766

File: 768f4237c9b8542⋯.png (677.62 KB, 600x536, 75:67, ClipboardImage.png)

During its advance, the SAA found a US-made M2 Browning 12.7mm machine gun, which had been used by ISIS fighters in al-Safa. The same type of machine guns is used by US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups at the US-led coalition base in the nearby area of al-Tanaf.

Which US military / spook unit was assigned a Browning M2 with a barrel jacket serial #5504091 - 1ZES1 P2?

da3acb  No.2943767


Well this is funky….

919787  No.2943768

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

LLILITH by Zen Garcia


df91c2  No.2943769

File: 1a3467844fef274⋯.jpg (124.42 KB, 446x299, 446:299, anon1.jpg)



6b9422  No.2943770

File: eaed8c8110fb54b⋯.jpg (63.52 KB, 600x433, 600:433, TipTopRamen.jpg)

File: b4e9a184f8beeb3⋯.png (466.02 KB, 654x450, 109:75, TopKekMan.png)


Served cold.

8817f5  No.2943771


Right! It's the interst we can never pay back. If it's backed by a commodity, there's always a way to pay it back.

Like this:

The very 1st dollar, our gov asked the Fed to print. They gave it to us with interest. We had $1. But we owed interest on it. How do we pay the interest- we only have $1?

See what they did there?

57eb8e  No.2943772

File: 5bff25a51388496⋯.jpg (230.14 KB, 600x416, 75:52, DWS_birth_control_face.jpg)



Honestly, you kids, I know most women these days shave or at least trim, but the beaver in that picture is a very mild one compared to the way things typically were in the 70s and before.

You can probably still find pictures online from very old porno mags if you go looking for them. Some of the women were so hairy you could not

say for certain there was a vagina underneath.

Now here's a picture to get everyone's mind off of porn and back on research. Please do not post the nudes of DWS in response. She had a nice body at that age but it's still an evil cabal witch with teeth so bad even the British pity her.

26c8aa  No.2943773


I want to believe it but the Constitution states "Shal not be infringed" as well… How's that working out? It states 'regulate commerce between the many states' etc.. See so many of these are written but not followed. It states the President can't be from fucking Kenya but here we are… I hope you are correct. I hope this dead bill sitting in committee can be sent to the states and it will make them use a gold standard again but IDK… What about all the other ones?

My worry with the FED is that if it remains it will simply be recaptured soon. Easy money right? Crash the economy and say Trump was Hitler we need fiat paper back! and there we go again.

It will take more than that IMO for it to last.

d5c0c7  No.2943774

0bbe83  No.2943775

File: 298759107fb2909⋯.png (1.06 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 078A0230-AF06-4661-8CDD-84….png)

File: 40f7ae8ced4f437⋯.png (1.33 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, CF8AF299-65FD-4D9B-9684-46….png)

The idiots at The Washington Post are working late…..

df91c2  No.2943776

File: fa23cb75ba654f2⋯.jpg (79.46 KB, 1024x819, 1024:819, QANON6.jpg)


lmfao 2 in a row!

e9cc6c  No.2943777

finished godfather 3 - horrible ending

i don't get it

7ff504  No.2943778


it's at brilliant and stupid at the same time

550f7c  No.2943779


Given that the plane hijack ended up in RICK ROLLING the plane, I suspect that the message is that Richard Russell the economist was a Cabal plant to trick us into trying a non-fiat money system. Then out of the resulting chaos, the Cabal could save us and make lots of sheckels from knowing how things would fail, before it happened.

4aa751  No.2943780


Add this one for a winning trifecta


c75c63  No.2943781


Look at those trips!




Man confirmed!

852bb5  No.2943782

>>2943777 ZAZA!

4fe4a1  No.2943783



Real women have hair.

eb9430  No.2943784





Honestly, games are the only reason to stay with Windows, and games are sucking more and more just like hollywood.. the big companies are bowing down to SJW causes. I haven't touched my game library in weeks, so on labor day weekend I pulled the trigger and installed Linux.

My only regret now is I didn't do this sooner. I am discovering absolutely amazing software.

I recommend a music manager/player called Clementine.

cacef7  No.2943785


>It is the truth

Got some sauce? So women shaving their legs and underarms is a Jew psyop as well by your line of thinking, correct? Therefore, anyone liking a shaved woman will accept pedo shit? Srsly? GTFO. Spit all the hairs out you want, although I highly doubt you've ever pleasured a woman that way.

df91c2  No.2943786

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


try this one


167096  No.2943787


Fuck that. Name it the Baron. Because that kid is going to space and telling the fucking Aliens who has the biggest dick in this town now.

8817f5  No.2943788

File: 3282cc4b7e2b1a7⋯.jpg (286.86 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, DJT Q.jpg)


That'd be ok by me.

I believe he was a good man. Took care of his peeps and they were all living above - way above- poverty levels and had a good thing going. Feel bad we- she- fud them over. We've (they in our name) fukd a lot of countries over.

POTUS' gonna make that right.

Make us all FREE.

99b2fb  No.2943789

File: 85364b12f8ff457⋯.jpg (25.53 KB, 890x382, 445:191, pink.jpg)


>Shaved pussy is a Jew psyop.

Technically you are correct.

But…pussy is beautiful and it's great to interact with it this way.

Plus, it helps with the stank.

550f7c  No.2943790


Yes, as long as the cabal owns the Fed, they have an endless income supply.

But if the people own the Fed, it backfires on the Cabal, because their wealth decreases in value over time unless they do real work like us. And all that growth in debt is owned by us, and can be periodically redistributed, or used to build infrastructure or eliminate taxes.

6c1ff4  No.2943791


>Which US military / spook unit was assigned a Browning M2 with a barrel jacket serial #5504091 - 1ZES1 P2?

More importantly, how did it end up in the hands of ISIS?

d83395  No.2943792

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Thank you anon…that song has been in my head for days.

Do you know who they are singing about?


97f4f0  No.2943793

plaidshirtboi interviewed on CNN…..


5175ca  No.2943794


Are we gonna have to ask Q to request POTUS to GET RID OF THE TRANNIES?!


4fe4a1  No.2943795


Jackie Wilson and Marvin Gaye I think. And this song and album is perfect.

9457af  No.2943796

File: a65cd1a7cb34e66⋯.png (571.61 KB, 592x569, 592:569, Microchip Meme 9-9-18.PNG)

57eb8e  No.2943797

File: 7f33e54ae1f8440⋯.jpg (1.82 MB, 1307x1800, 1307:1800, 1310356141038.jpg)


Wouldn't the specific gravity be wrong? Or the uh, mass per unit volume.

0cc1cc  No.2943798

File: ad6d39290db12a2⋯.jpg (75.41 KB, 480x360, 4:3, moley.jpg)


Fiona Hill is POTUS' Russian advisor and a goddamned HOLDOVER from not just Hussein, but Bush:


President Donald Trump is expected to tap Fiona Hill, a former intelligence officer and a critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, as his White House senior director for Russia and Europe.

The decision, first reported by Foreign Policy, comes as the Trump administration is struggling to tamp down new suspicions over connections between the president's' associates and Russian interests.

Hill, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, was an intelligence officer from 2006 to 2009 with the National Intelligence Council, serving under both Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

A White House official told Foreign Policy that Hill was offered the job – the one of the most important positions within government shaping the U.S. relationship with Russia – by Keith Kellogg, chief of staff to the National Security Council

8817f5  No.2943799


ECON 101.

Easy stuff.

But the reason we're here is cuz nobody gets it. Nobody knows wtf $ is all about and how it happens.Less than 3% of universities even offer ECON. By design. They don't need the competition ie; they don't want you to know.


(hope everyone pays attention this time)

97f4f0  No.2943800

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Plaidshirtboi full interview

ac5f5b  No.2943801


So as long as the white collar criminals continue to throw us scraps from their table your ok with it?

What is this all about then?

How smart do you have to be to run a fraudulent currency printing press?

If we were ALL allowed to print money, the problem would become very apparent very quickly.

That’s why only the central banks are allowed to do it.

4aa751  No.2943802


Yeah, I saw those DWS nudes and wondered where the paper bag was.

She was definitely a butter face where you would also feel compelled to batter her face.

Of course you still would have the choice of whether to deep or shallow fry.

5cac7d  No.2943803



>This can all end though if Q would once and for all condemn Freemasonry.

Threatening to continue harassment of innocent internet researchers unless demands are met?

That explains why you haven't offered any arguments.

But please, do continue parading your idiocy b4 an influx of increasingly discerning newfags.

Pretty soon, we won't even have to put any effort into redpilling at all.

You retards will do our work for us.


>WTF is with the notables from last bread? We had a live op fucking with a RatsChild and [MI6], good FE and Restoring-the-Republic and (((YOU))) got NOTHING?!

>good FE

>good FE

>good FE

The defense rests

167096  No.2943804


You would be mistaken. Even with a hairy pussy you only get a hair in your throat once in a while. Not really a big deal. It folds right down. Shaving the pussy is a pain in the ass. Your face gets rubbed raw if you dont get them to do it daily. A fresh stubble is nasty. Honestly hair is natural. If God wanted you to fuck a shaved pussy he would give you a nine year old wife…….

Oh yeah Muhammed got one…..

df91c2  No.2943805

File: 64a5d4bfe49e80a⋯.jpg (122.5 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, 150907122658-01-pope-obama….jpg)

File: f25a81a34abcc66⋯.jpeg (19.26 KB, 500x341, 500:341, EFABC59D-40D3-4570-81E3-5….jpeg)

File: 8e0a792eab255f5⋯.png (971.96 KB, 295x640, 59:128, Guardian_P.png)

File: 245ae8f52b71984⋯.jpg (2.03 MB, 2257x1639, 2257:1639, V15.jpg)


Research thread concerning all things VATICAN JESUIT BLACK AND WHITE POPE

Strictly BYOB


8817f5  No.2943806

File: 67ec568ec970611⋯.jpg (62.38 KB, 401x560, 401:560, BOOM card.jpg)

4aa751  No.2943807


The SG is very, very close to gold.

99b2fb  No.2943808

File: b997896a784bb43⋯.jpg (134.33 KB, 1000x1499, 1000:1499, early jenna.jpg)


>Shaved pussy is a Jew psyop

Sadly, he's right!

7ff504  No.2943809

File: 1530b951589902c⋯.png (974.33 KB, 980x534, 490:267, federal.png)

fd9e56  No.2943810


Loosely speaking, fiat currencies ARE asset backed - by the most valuable resource on the planet - people, and their capacity for work.

df91c2  No.2943811

File: df8eff381b086ce⋯.jpeg (12.07 KB, 255x166, 255:166, 8860752aa8244c809360f0154….jpeg)


omg my wife is a jew psy op!

oh shit wait! that's her asshole

550f7c  No.2943812

File: 31eac1e6798c111⋯.png (581.37 KB, 500x767, 500:767, ClipboardImage.png)

Time for me

To post an image

Of a beautiful white girl

ac5f5b  No.2943813


They did it to help spread herpes…

The more you know

8817f5  No.2943814


WTF is SG. Never heard of it.

GOLD has always been the go-to commodity in ALL successful societies.

eb9430  No.2943815


>Shaved pussy is a Jew psyop.

Probably, but inserting sexual obsession into society has always been a jew psyop. The reality is Sex feels good and everything but it not all that, and the only people who obsess over it usually are obsessing over a fetish or a perversion.

And this all started with Freud.

57eb8e  No.2943816

File: dd5e546f0bfb0e4⋯.jpg (805.6 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, 1171986462863.jpg)



The amount of equipment we've abandoned (intentionally? I'm not sure) in that area is insane, plus all the arms that NoName and Alice have funneled into the area.

9eddab  No.2943817


Yeah vidya was a big setback for me as well in making the switch, but my own library has been dormant for months now.. There's a few games floating around out there that are ported to linux already, but I also wasn't much into graphics-intense games often either… Not having Photoshop is somewhat of a setback, and re-learning things through GIMP is a bit of an annoyance as it's not nearly as robust. But overall, it was a fairly comfy switch.

167096  No.2943818


I know I am correct that it is a Jew psyop. And I am correct it is for kid fucking.

But most people dont know that and the shaved pussy isnt a big deal. But (((they))) come at everything with a full spectrum approach. And any little bit helps when you want a goal as bad as Jews want to fuck your daughter before her tenth birthday and they dont want you to get upset about it. Your just a dumb Goy and dont know God gave them your daughter years ago.

7ff504  No.2943819

File: f98deb8b0a04d1c⋯.png (373.83 KB, 612x456, 51:38, BIS.png)

File: dcf5ba957fa17eb⋯.png (893.68 KB, 980x600, 49:30, BIS copy.png)

4aa751  No.2943820


Specific gravity, anon.

tungsten 19600

gold 19320

da3acb  No.2943821

File: 3b7a623fd37b484⋯.jpg (19.09 KB, 255x226, 255:226, 2f0745d536ca090381b1fc435c….jpg)


Pretty much.

6b9422  No.2943822

File: 749356d26a2b2be⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1048x867, 1048:867, KekServedCold.png)

c72058  No.2943823

File: be55fb3d9ee2e1c⋯.gif (606.57 KB, 800x792, 100:99, pepe matrix.gif)


-Back all your personal files.

-Make a Windows Factory Recovery CD/USB (they come with your PC, or your PC has an option to create them. if you fuck up, you reinstall windows to install Linux over it again)

-Download CINNAMON (there are three flavors, choose CINNAMON unless your computer is +10yo)


-Create a bootable media (you leave this CD/USB in your PC and restart, your computer will restart from the CD/USB and show you a trial of Linux Mint, with option to INSTALL)


-Once you open your trial of Linux Mint you can see how it feels and stuff, but if you restart everything will be lost, so you better INSTALL, which is the CD icon on your Mint Desktop.

- ??????????


fd9e56  No.2943824


Same can be said about the fashion industry and their constant pushing of a pre-pubescent, almost androgynous, female body shape for models. Poor, half-starved creatures.

4aa751  No.2943825



Perfect, anon!

6c1ff4  No.2943826


>The amount of equipment we've abandoned (intentionally? I'm not sure) in that area is insane, plus all the arms that NoName and Alice have funneled into the area.

Well maybe the DoD needs to check the records. If we can start tracing down these ISIS arms to where they originated, gives an idea of WHO is responsible

550f7c  No.2943827

File: 40bfc29a1f864c0⋯.png (1.4 MB, 853x1280, 853:1280, ClipboardImage.png)


For those who want even more white

Look at the sight of this

Beautiful white sand

A nice white shell

What more could you want?

ac5f5b  No.2943828


Correct in the sense that all credit instruments are a claim on an asset.

See Venezuela for what happens to ALL fiat currency.

Who do you suppose will be left owning ALL the assets when that happens?

d83395  No.2943829


See anons…many of you may want to trash

the older generation. But this song right here tells you we (being young adults then) were trying to speak out about what we saw happening around us. Marvon Gaye, was murdered by his own father. A sad day.

6cc669  No.2943830

File: 3144918730a9652⋯.jpg (91.38 KB, 500x432, 125:108, 3144918730a9652a818e6f7bf7….jpg)

File: 116c4e11601a7b6⋯.jpg (204.98 KB, 1400x931, 200:133, t7qblm-k6a-igq-i-czavbbovm….jpg)

File: a8b78c517e8c73f⋯.jpg (114.75 KB, 1400x1048, 175:131, t7qbli-k6a-igq-i-czavbbnvc….jpg)

0bbe83  No.2943831



Many thx.

881a85  No.2943832


A functioning mind, a functioning culture, and a pleasant personality.

e9a315  No.2943833


I always thought Trump was serving Fondue out of his head…

c72058  No.2943834

File: 3fc1f00e76d8f7d⋯.jpg (95.24 KB, 931x1280, 931:1280, IMG-20160816-WA0007.jpg)


What do you mean?

When it gets orange skin texture and gets flaccid?

Girls look good by basically eating enough to get fat in the right places, no gym required.

Then they look like their hambeast mothers.

df91c2  No.2943835

File: 659c07c456bd080⋯.jpg (16.52 KB, 512x568, 64:71, HUN0158-Pepe-Smokes-Leggin….jpg)


i happen to think older trashy anons are pretty sexy

770374  No.2943836

File: 4de0b2668a02f18⋯.jpg (61.23 KB, 720x725, 144:145, 4de0b2668a02f187573b53988f….jpg)


Is there anything constitutional that grants them exclusive rights to the money printing market?

I think i could give 15c bills marked as $100 for a much better price than the Fed.

da3acb  No.2943837



26c8aa  No.2943838


I believe you misunderstood me… I DEFINITELY am not a proponent of the FED remaining nor of any form of FIAT currency. I am ok with a 100 percent gold/silver backed paper or even crypto-currency but not with any shitty central bank to fucking wreck it or turn it back into what it is today all over again. My argument is that OP's https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/5404/text will not put us on a gold standard nation wide by September 19 with no further action… That is what seemed to be the point laid out here. What am I missing…

4aa751  No.2943839


Damn, anon, you are so hard to please!

6e2656  No.2943840


OK … what happened to Mifsud?

We know you know …

5cac7d  No.2943841

File: 085789720c355cf⋯.jpg (25.26 KB, 480x480, 1:1, HairlessPussy.jpg)


Also looks weird w/o hair…


Oh hey there copypasta JIDF shill, long time no see!

About this, tho:

>generally blaming all jews and using 'nose' images, saying 'kike' and 'goy' over and over, is not based on facts and just division shilling.

>not based on facts

That's where you're wrong frendo

The truth is on our side

Truth wins

6b9422  No.2943842


My head actually hurts from laughing so hard.

Whoever made the no name noodles is top kek.

57eb8e  No.2943843

File: 8622158ee648cb6⋯.gif (842.54 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 1358665902417.gif)


He's right, but other anons are also correct that having a wife with a shaved or trimmed pussy is kind of nice. Less hair means better airflow, better airflow means less sweat, less odor, easier access. I've been down both roads and I can say, while the hair doesn't bother me in any way, it's technically nicer without.

43c299  No.2943844

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Marvin…On the Night Train

26c8aa  No.2943845

>>2943827 natural hair that is not a colossal wad of pubes on her head…

0cc1cc  No.2943846

File: f74ea828c22e6e8⋯.png (810.27 KB, 936x547, 936:547, Fiona4.png)

This woman is evil at a level directly correlated to her ugliness.

Seriously one of the homeliest hags I've ever seen.



"Trump adviser and Russia expert Fiona Hill’s supposed motive: She was close to H.R. McMaster and Trump once mistook her for a clerk." (kek!)








7ff504  No.2943847


Doesn't the Constitution give Congress the power to print money?

Is the Fed unconstitutional?

fd9e56  No.2943848


Hence why we have to declare our salary and age etc when applying for a loan. We, and our capacity for work, are the asset backing the loan.

Sure, secured loans may be backed by property as well, but that's just a belt and braces security measure in case your capacity for work is compromised for some reason. And a way to rob you of your property.

68bf10  No.2943849

i wonder if the underacted fisa might be released after the midterms

if Trump wins, it doesn't matter and he can proceed on his own schedule, allowing for more work to be done and airtight cases to be developed

if Trump loses, he goes nuclear and releases it

8fbc73  No.2943850


Then I'm Centerfold material.

Careful where ya put that staple though.

881a85  No.2943851

File: 10d137e74f3e538⋯.gif (762.09 KB, 250x188, 125:94, 1367494852051.gif)



I mostly fuck grandmas these days. Younger women are too brainwashed. Old women will treat you right and the pussy tastes just as good.

770374  No.2943852


I think Mifsud met the same fate as Halper anon.

57eb8e  No.2943853

File: b8202932e32fe0a⋯.jpg (101.34 KB, 850x638, 425:319, Magazine - vs - Clip.jpg)


Yeah. Since we have that one serial number, the right people should have no trouble identifying that weapon's origin.

Sadly, our logistical costs for bringing equipment to that area are SO high, that it is more cost effective to leave it there and produce new materiel at home than it is to bring it back with us.

99b2fb  No.2943854


>We could in theory print enough to lower our moneyvalue albeit temporarily to a low point and then repay our global debts totally screwing everyone

Yes, but this inflation would completely destroy our currency.

16576e  No.2943855



The Federal Reserve System (also known as the Federal Reserve or simply the Fed) is the central banking system of the United States of America. It was created on December 23, 1913, with the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act, after a series of financial panics (particularly the panic of 1907) led to the desire for central control of the monetary system in order to alleviate financial crises.[list 1] Over the years, events such as the Great Depression in the 1930s and the Great Recession during the 2000s have led to the expansion of the roles and responsibilities of the Federal Reserve System.[5][10][11]

5175ca  No.2943856


The history of the coinage act is interesting, but still the dollar is defined as a certain amount of gold and silver, the latter being removed from circulation in 1965.

That said, you ask how come the dollars we use are not gold/silver or their certificates but Federal Reserve Notes?

To answer you would have to use logic. There are two different US'.

6cc669  No.2943857

File: 6e9857c38b7ad3d⋯.jpg (137.94 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Slide6.jpg)

File: e01860018f4555a⋯.jpg (527.32 KB, 1620x1080, 3:2, 02-Missing-Rubble-1620x108….jpg)

File: e37ef9d2258534f⋯.gif (187.37 KB, 332x440, 83:110, Toasted Cars2.gif)

File: 2e04d034de6712f⋯.png (905.95 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Screenshot_2018-08-13 Dust….png)

File: b891435bbb85134⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1318x1261, 1318:1261, Screenshot_2018-08-13 Dr J….png)


we're reaching levels of (((syntax))) never thought possible

0bbe83  No.2943858


How did she get the damn job w Trump?

Could our guys be using her? Surely they knew she worked for Shitbag Soros….

167096  No.2943859


Wonderful stuff. Makes me feel better just listening to it.

df91c2  No.2943860

File: 0f495cd6b488bed⋯.jpg (12.16 KB, 314x161, 314:161, 0f495cd6b488bedf7f6e6d6c56….jpg)

File: 2f67629072557a8⋯.png (290.03 KB, 1242x811, 1242:811, 2f67629072557a844ced8c50e9….png)

File: ee9113b8ef7c333⋯.jpg (9.35 KB, 259x194, 259:194, QQQQQ.jpg)

GN all of our little pretty pretties

May the most high Pepe bless and keep you

Dream of our Freedom while you still can as one day soon it will be ours and you will have to find something else to dream about…

damn i should write stuff

4aa751  No.2943861


It's not just having the shop skillz, it's also having the wickedly twisted mind to create the composition.

Trust me, it was stolen and spread within seconds of me catching it when the artist first posted it asking if it was too soon.

ac5f5b  No.2943862


Princess Isabelle: The king desires peace.

William Wallace: Longshanks desires peace?

Princess Isabelle: He declares it to me, I swear it. He proposes that you withdraw your attack. In return he grants you title, estates, and this chest of gold which I am to pay to you personally.

William Wallace: A lordship and titles. Gold. That I should become Judas?

Princess Isabelle: Peace is made in such ways.

William Wallace: Slaves are made in such ways. The last time Longshanks spoke of peace I was a boy. And many Scottish nobles, who would not be slaves, were lured by him under a flag of truce to a barn, where he had them hanged. I was very young, but I remember Longshanks' notion of peace.

This ultra-secret fraud is known as the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The Federal Reserve Act responded to the Public's outcry for an end to concocted monetary crises that had robbed the entire American citizenry of much of their life's earnings.


5175ca  No.2943863






8817f5  No.2943865


Tungsten's cheap! Gonna go out on a limb and say supply is plentiful. If it's plentiful, it ain't gonna be valuable.

43c299  No.2943866


Me, too.

df91c2  No.2943867

File: c47184175f25410⋯.png (18 KB, 780x620, 39:31, PEPE SMILE CRY.png)


pics or it didnt happen!

4aa751  No.2943868


Do the words "We have it all", mean anything to you, anon?

d0a675  No.2943869


such a stupid sheep picture. These symbols weren't created to mean something evil. Memes like this make us look foolish.

c72058  No.2943870

File: 9c8b16fe7617602⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, linux mint.png)


There WILL BE humps on the road, but you just google "linux mint {your question/issue}" and you will have answers, plenty of them, I actually enjoy reading the forums and learning in lightspeed what people learnt during years of forum questions/answers.

My personal pebble in the shoe was my laptop has no CD drive, so I cannot burn a perfect clone of the program. I have to create a bootable USB, and many bootable USB making programs corrupt the Linux OS, so you might want to stick to the official forums and look for what worked for people after everything else failed.

The first programs to create bootable USBs that appear in google tend to corrupt Linux Mint, but there is one mentioned in a LinuxMint forum which is praised by a user who had every other program fail on him.

By the way, you won't know your Linux USB is corrupted and you will install a corrupt OS if you do not check it for integrity.

When you choose to install your LinuxMint from the trial USB version it will ask if you want to check media for integrity issues. DO IT

Even 1 corrupted file is bad news, look for a better LiveUSB maker.

5 years ago, another anon in /pol/ gave me this basic tutorial, and I was so happy, I had no idea how much I would love the OS, this is how I pay forward

16576e  No.2943871





The term "monetary policy" refers to the actions undertaken by a central bank, such as the Federal Reserve, to influence the availability and cost of money and credit to help promote national economic goals. What happens to money and credit affects interest rates (the cost of credit) and the performance of an economy. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 gave the Federal Reserve authority to set monetary policy in the United States.[87][88]

The Federal Reserve Act (ch. 6, 38 Stat. 251, enacted December 23, 1913, 12 U.S.C. §§ 221 to 522) is an Act of Congress that created and established the Federal Reserve System (the central banking system of the United States), and which created the authority to issue Federal Reserve Notes (commonly known as the US Dollar) as legal tender. The Act was signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson.

After November major change of FED is possible imo.

714667  No.2943872


How does it help with the stank?

Usually seems to be bit MORE stank - like, STANK stank vs. normal stank.

8817f5  No.2943873


Treasury is responsible for $.

0cc1cc  No.2943874


Noteworthy: Fiona Hill has dual UK/US citizenship

The Trump administration has offered a well-respected scholar and sober critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin the position of White House senior director for Europe and Russia, a White House official told Foreign Policy.

The decision to hire Fiona Hill, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, for one of the government’s top jobs dealing with U.S.-Russia relations is likely to earn bipartisan praise in Congress where Republicans and Democrats have expressed mounting unease with the Trump administration’s apparent contacts with Russian officials during the presidential campaign. The House Intelligence Committee laid out parameters Wednesday for an investigation into the Trump campaign’s possible contacts with Russian officials.

Hill, a dual U.S.-U.K. citizen and former U.S. intelligence officer from 2006 to 2009, has written critically of Putin’s autocratic tendencies and desire of a “weakened U.S. presidency.”

“Blackmail and intimidation are part of his stock in trade,” she wrote in a column last summer explaining Putin’s interest in interfering in America’s presidential elections.

In her 2013 biography of Putin, she warned policymakers not to underestimate the Russian strongman given his strategic cunning and ability to find weaknesses in opponents derived from his experience in the KGB.

Since President Donald Trump’s election in November, she has dismissed the possibility of a dramatic rapprochement with Russia given the inherent differences between Washington and Moscow. “The Russians will get all giddy with expectations, and then they’ll be dashed, like, five minutes into the relationship because the U.S. and Russia just have a very hard time … being on the same page,” she told the Atlantic in November.

Hill was offered the position by National Security Council chief of staff Keith Kellogg prior to the ouster of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. She hasn’t yet filled the position and is still going through procedural steps such as background and security checks, according to the White House official. Hill is “in the process to take over the Europe and Russia position,” said the official.

Hill did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A GOP Senate aide told FP that Hill’s appointment would come as a relief to Republicans wary of Flynn’s ties to Russia and eager for a shrewd Kremlin analyst in the White House.

The decision comes amid mounting calls in Congress for the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Moscow’s alleged role in interfering in the 2016 presidential election in order to boost Trump’s candidacy. Those calls were expected to increase following a report on Wednesday that then-Sen. Jeff Sessions spoke twice last year with Russia’s ambassador to the United States before becoming Trump’s attorney general. Sessions swore to Congress during his confirmation hearing that he hadn’t met any Russian officials. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi has called on him to resign.

53f5ca  No.2943875


You can draw a straight line from the towers through the toasted cars to Brookhaven National Labs.

57eb8e  No.2943876

File: 7b6169c7dd25000⋯.gif (2.15 MB, 340x190, 34:19, 1418648207541.gif)


Man, that's a lovely butt. Normal underwear is way more sexy than lingerie and other contrived crap.

347d29  No.2943877

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Q's legit now.

ANONYMOUS - Q Anon, What Is Coming, Urgent Message!!

711700  No.2943878

File: c571867bd429df4⋯.png (98.68 KB, 1079x544, 1079:544, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b8725c18a332be6⋯.png (40.92 KB, 654x224, 327:112, ClipboardImage.png)

Who is named in #FLYSIDFLY# ?

Who is not named?

Q 357

97f4f0  No.2943879


Demi Moore before the boob job. Quick, pass me a weed whacker!!!!

167096  No.2943880


They let us have melody in the old days. Now not so much. Does not fit their narrative.

881a85  No.2943881

File: a15509cdef88d4e⋯.jpeg (28.35 KB, 212x320, 53:80, product_thumbnail.php.jpeg)


>Memes like this make us look foolish.

We look foolish to the world anyway, remember? ☺

0bbe83  No.2943882


Exactly. That’s why I’m wondering why it’s a shocker there’s a Soros mole. They surely already know her history…..

d0a675  No.2943883

File: b93288da20adcbc⋯.png (267.22 KB, 800x820, 40:41, b93.png)

550f7c  No.2943884

File: 338f4dfab670f9a⋯.png (1.42 MB, 990x824, 495:412, ClipboardImage.png)


I like the spice of life

Like these 3 Polish girls

One of whom was born in Mauritius

8817f5  No.2943885



d0a675  No.2943886


not as foolish as a mans eyebrow being decoded as evil symbolism..

4aa751  No.2943887


Could that, perhaps, be why a lot (if not most) of the global gold vaults have gold plated tungsten bars if they contain anything at all?

This was picked up years ago, but, obviously, the story was never allowed to gain traction.

ac5f5b  No.2943888

File: 441df5b14d8b6ff⋯.jpeg (96.95 KB, 850x400, 17:8, 4174808B-5ED3-4059-A0A9-2….jpeg)

9d78dd  No.2943889

File: e79110837ceecac⋯.jpg (36.15 KB, 560x320, 7:4, Chelsea-Manning.jpg)

Of course NZ let the ‘whistle blower’ in to speak. What else would a largely brain dead progressive socialist (Cabal) country do?

Chelsea Manning's audience deserved better.

Laura Tupou

9 September 2018


‘I had gone from bored, surprised, to uncomfortable, to annoyed when audience members were given the opportunity to ask questions. It was the same old thing when this happens at any event - a bunch of statements that are maybe (hopefully) followed by an answer. I could take this five times before I opted to leave.

What a relief.

A couple came out behind us and a woman asked, "What the f*** was that?".

Phew - it wasn't just me.

The hashtag for the event was #LetChelseaSpeak.

Well, that went well, didn't it?’

Two other links on the page above -

Chelsea Manning barred from entering Australia


Chelsea Manning touches down in Auckland


Note: Georgina Beyer (born November 1957) is a New Zealand politician and former Labour Party Member of Parliament. She was the world's first openly transsexual mayor, as well as the world's first openly transsexual Member of Parliament. She is also among a very small number of former sex workers to hold political office.

7765e0  No.2943890


What was it something tesla made ?

881a85  No.2943892

File: 25825a58a35d035⋯.jpg (92.55 KB, 459x737, 459:737, 42f78aa62d919c41354fa0c978….jpg)


>2,600 subscribers

Not significant, really, but interesting digits

c72058  No.2943893

File: bb6ea2c79b7e289⋯.jpg (115.98 KB, 1280x959, 1280:959, IMG-20160816-WA0022.jpg)


I love innocence. Simplicity. Modesty. Makes you feel you are dealing with a human and not a Better Than You robot. Homey.

8817f5  No.2943894

File: 4a33af457382d6f⋯.jpg (32.14 KB, 795x447, 265:149, NoNam red.jpg)


John Sidney we don't say his name.

Also Sid Blumenthal.

But it's the other guy (pic related)

99b2fb  No.2943895


>If the government takes control and ownership of this central bank

Terrible idea.

Govt cant be trusted.

Not what the founding fathers wanted.

>Fiat currency is a BRILLIANT idea

I call it evil.

It enabled all the wars in the 20th century (and today).

fd9e56  No.2943896



550f7c  No.2943897


And how do you think the Trump team knows

What really goes on inside Soros' organizations?

You cannot easily figure all of that out by tapping phones

And reading tons of emails.

Have you ever heard of Humint?

Really Anons, sometimes the moronic outbursts

Completely devoid of LOGICAL THINKING

Make me wonder how you manage to breed.

26c8aa  No.2943898


Exactly correct anon… Next up now BANKS swell the money supply through fractional reserve and loans… Bank gets deposits and they can then lend out MULTIPLES of those deposits not fractions… Monetary supply swells as they literally created money out of nothing but book keeping.

fad2dd  No.2943899

File: b9128b3c294affb⋯.jpg (89.53 KB, 600x398, 300:199, No Not Ever.jpg)


I Don't think so.

16576e  No.2943900



da3acb  No.2943901

0bbe83  No.2943903


I’ll have to overcome the CD drive too. Thanks for the 411.

550f7c  No.2943905

File: 6f3fca193528e1a⋯.png (600 KB, 990x653, 990:653, ClipboardImage.png)

Mauritius is not Africa

Poland is not Africa

Ugly is not anywhere in this photo

And hey, look at all that white!

What more could you ask for?

fd9e56  No.2943906


Fractional reserve - there's the real money creation/inflation culprit…

3eaeb5  No.2943907

All I hear from behind enemy lines is the click click click of the triggers but no boom boom booms. Are they out of ammo?

881a85  No.2943908

File: d1af9f3e9aff778⋯.gif (984.06 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1506899653779.gif)


The problem is that no matter how much wisdom you give to violent, superstitious people, as soon as you do so they'll misuse it and do something awful with it. Until people become more developed there's going to be a lot of growing pains.

4aa751  No.2943909


IIRC, the Fed only had a 99 year mandate to do this. I never heard how or if that was extended.

eb9430  No.2943910


Get used to it, socialists. the likes of chelsea manning is about as good as it gets for you.

d83395  No.2943911

File: 9872c5d1046c468⋯.jpg (797.01 KB, 1689x1125, 563:375, 9191cec1d3c0e95724b4542211….jpg)


I think I just figured it out. slow on the uptake.

why are all these libs so damned fuggly?

while conservative gals are beauties.

It's because their hearts and souls are ugly, and it is reflected through their faces.

8817f5  No.2943912

File: 994cc51a303dc54⋯.jpg (13.19 KB, 229x255, 229:255, sorows.jpg)


Audits are the only way to know.

Also needs to be honesty and transparency involved. Sounds ,like an impossible mission in this world!

Since USA froze all assets of the likes of soros and CF an all the other big cheeses, we get what's in their vaults too. If they hold the real gold privately, which is likely what was going on, all their gold belong to us. It'll alright.

881a85  No.2943913


Redhead in green bra is a certified cutey

4aa751  No.2943914


How about we just increase the reserve to 100%?

That'll fuck 'em.

d0a675  No.2943915


Well that's the reason for symbolism is to not let the un initiated in on secrets. Only people deserving of knowing actually know. Im only saying we look a little ridiculous when we label all symbols evil and then decode a mans eyebrow as evil symbolism..

6cc669  No.2943916

File: 70189306b00eb06⋯.jpg (418.26 KB, 1620x1079, 1620:1079, 03-Dustification-1620x1080.jpg)

File: 4623778508027f5⋯.png (1.28 MB, 800x600, 4:3, Screenshot_2018-08-13 Dust….png)

File: 2a16f240fb39e0d⋯.png (809.59 KB, 737x600, 737:600, Screenshot_2018-08-13 Toas….png)

File: 39470afb0d5db9f⋯.png (1.07 MB, 800x600, 4:3, Screenshot_2018-08-13 Toas….png)

File: e7fa434c15fbf67⋯.png (725.41 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Screenshot_2018-08-13 Seis….png)

bc05c2  No.2943917

File: d110fb640380329⋯.mp4 (10.72 MB, 768x252, 64:21, SongOfQ.mp4)


No. This one.

da3acb  No.2943918


In a lot of ways, you look exactly like what you are.

010556  No.2943919


Something is wrong with this bread.

Where is everybody?

Are Anons being locked out?

See this link. Any thoughts on it?

16576e  No.2943920


What was made law by President and Congress,

can be changed again by them.


550f7c  No.2943921


I see.

So you belong to the school of thought

That believes that guns kill people.

They are inherently evil devices

No matter who operates them.

I'm glad you are not in the Trump administration.

People kill people.

And as for those 20th century wars

They were all enabled by and started by PEOPLE!

99b2fb  No.2943922


> …it is a Jew psyop. And I am correct it is for kid fucking.

>(((they))) come at everything with a full spectrum approach. …. Jews want to fuck your daughter before her tenth birthday and they dont want you to get upset about it.

And we're bad for calling ((((THEM)))) out.



167096  No.2943923

They are poisoned in body and mind. They need to go camping with anons for about two years and get lots of sun and eat better. No fucking TV.

They would all look so much better.

7765e0  No.2943924



frequency wars them assholes they need to be exterminated

d0a675  No.2943925


I also like how you worded that "until people become more developed"

fd9e56  No.2943926


Ha ha! As in banks can only lend what they hold in deposits. Isn't that how Credit Unions work?

ac5f5b  No.2943927


They will crash the currency AFTER they own ALL the assets.

Perpetual slavery after that…

881a85  No.2943928

File: cdfb9ec63473b21⋯.gif (1.61 MB, 500x500, 1:1, giphy-16.gif)


Oh I totally agree with you. I don't post much here anymore because it's an uphill battle. Compassion will win in the end. The secrets of Tetragrammaton are already known outside of the Rabbinical lineages.

8817f5  No.2943929


Yep- lending money to people that the bank doesn't even have creates money from nothing. Talk about a pyramind scheme! It's just a big invisible bubble with no accounting!

6025ea  No.2943930


>We had $1. But we owed interest on it. How do we pay the interest- we only have $1?

Exactly and because of that, the entire extant money supply on planet Earth is not enough to repay worldwide aggregate debt. They have "bankrupted" the entire planet.

26c8aa  No.2943931


Its all so fucking stupid and gay… Needs to go…

6cc669  No.2943932

File: b2ae5ddd463c29e⋯.png (1.14 MB, 800x600, 4:3, Screenshot_2018-08-13 Weat….png)

File: 553284498429756⋯.png (249.38 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Screenshot_2018-08-13 Weat….png)

File: 8b82d1ed5a4c1d1⋯.png (1.25 MB, 800x600, 4:3, Screenshot_2018-08-13 Weat….png)

File: fcd6aa5b08f6aac⋯.png (241.86 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Screenshot_2018-08-13 Weat….png)

File: 8ed7df1b8d84a71⋯.jpg (142.07 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Slide32.jpg)

da3acb  No.2943933

2deee2  No.2943934

File: aca88d8258238a8⋯.jpg (80.22 KB, 544x494, 272:247, 27c9c7.jpg)

037797  No.2943935

File: 122a8135be48a8a⋯.png (1004.59 KB, 1463x1463, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

c72058  No.2943936

File: 4d790fff07fb678⋯.png (825.24 KB, 700x700, 1:1, hackerman.png)


Don't act like a vapid blonde, and google again and again, delve through the Linux Mint forums, rephrase your question, you will overcome any LIVE USB issue in less than 5 hours tops.

And it is super rewarding, you feel like a l337 h4ck0rz

Plus you need a USB with something like 4gb to install the whole OS, it is super lightweight eventhough it is graphically impressive (like the best version of the good' ol' days Windblow$)

Do not get overwhelmed, do not know what a Live USB is?

Just read the basic tutorial for an explanation:


More alien concepts?

google: Linux Mint What Is "X"



eb9430  No.2943937


>I think it's called fractional reserve lending

57eb8e  No.2943938

File: c478aeb4b2f4a31⋯.gif (2 MB, 320x289, 320:289, gpALGIH.gif)


I guess that depends which pussies you've been close enough to smell… but in my experience, less hair makes it easier for them to keep clean. Hair provides more surface area for sweat to cling to, and then bacteria feed on the sweat and when they defecate, bad odors are produced. If there is no hair, most of that will be absorbed into the panties where it's not as easy for them to get at it, plus when she takes the panties off, she also takes off the remnants of that sweat.

da3acb  No.2943939


Interdating Anon.

9eddab  No.2943940

File: 76f9ad5a96bab72⋯.jpg (62.77 KB, 555x396, 185:132, 32_Human Condition.JPG)

8817f5  No.2943941

File: 7e0d1c9ab0e69e5⋯.jpg (9.71 KB, 255x138, 85:46, DJT even.jpg)


Putin and POTUS have this all worked out already. No mis-fires, all fluid, smooth transition. The man's a money magician! No one better for this than /ouguy/!

ac5f5b  No.2943942


Yes anon…

Trump being elected was the first “message” sent to the cabal

Midterms could be just as glorious!!!


272cd3  No.2943943


doesn't even need to be that extreme.

ask them to make it 10% more than it is right now…. whatever they are at… 1:10… 1:25… 1:50…

they never contract.

881a85  No.2943944

File: 5f23acd881ad2c0⋯.gif (178.17 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 3lRg.gif)


Spiritual development is our birthright and it is the point of this illusory matter-cube false reality. In dreams your progress resets. Here it doesn't until death, at least. But people have to reach that conclusion individually, it can't be forced.

2deee2  No.2943945

File: 91b69169820f556⋯.png (117.65 KB, 240x260, 12:13, youspeleditwrong.png)

6b9422  No.2943946


I have zero doubt that all kinds of fuckery happened with 9/11.


1st pic, yes looks like building collapsing.

3rd gif looks like different cars parked at a different time of day. I Don't see toasty cars.

5th pic, yeah what hurricane? I don't ever remember anything about a hurricane that day.

99b2fb  No.2943947

File: ee19853662b6e75⋯.jpg (24.25 KB, 387x387, 1:1, pepe admiring.jpg)







>natural hair that is not a colossal wad of pubes on her head…

Oh my sides. LOL

And with that…. I say goodnight, frens.

167096  No.2943948

The wife is snoring next to me. I want to get some but aint risking that dragon. To lazy to jerk off. I think I am going to sleep.

Fucking annoy you niggers tomorrow.

037797  No.2943949

File: 761f18479e66c47⋯.png (6.75 KB, 698x385, 698:385, ClipboardImage.png)

eee94c  No.2943950


I heard years ago the Clintons had 400 tons of tungsten brought in from China, that were the same dimensions as gold bars, and also coincidentally equated to what was in Fort Knox. This was like 20 years ago, so no source. Was rumored.

4efbf6  No.2943951


I find it amazing we're sitting here with the strongest military in the world, why not just seize all their wealth by force?

8817f5  No.2943952


That's exactly what it's called.

And it's total bullshit.

Money out of nothing. Literally nothing.

1f85e3  No.2943953


Best fucking meme I’ve ever seen. No words needed. My Lord, heads will splode when they see this

5cac7d  No.2943954

>>2943666, >>2943643, >>2943751, >>2943798, >>2943846, >>2943874

Fiona Hill was dug extensively this morning:

>>2934135 #3711

Have you guys gone through these to make sure you're only posting new info? Would appreciate if Anons could help with that and nominate any novel diggs. Ty, baker

(also, "she" doesn't look very womanly. js)

d5c0c7  No.2943955


Left. Right. Black. White. Hispanic. Asian. Republican. Libertarian. Communist. Socialist. Democrat. Male. Female. American. Mexican, Russian. Chinese. Nicaraguan. Every language. Every Race. Every Religion. And any other group you can name.

Divide & Conquer will not work.

THAT song is an Anti-Corruption-Anthem.

Common bond worldwide. We have more in common than you think. Join us.


ac5f5b  No.2943956


God’s fingerprint is a fractal no doubt…

4aa751  No.2943957


TBH, I've never looked at how credit unions operate, I've just made certain I have no account with any financial institution. Well, for the past 10 years anyway.

167096  No.2943959


Maybe….but the hairs are there to make shit glide better. Helps her legs not rub or some shit. I know the one fucking time I shaved my pubes for a lark it sucked bad. I aint asking a girl to do that dumb shit. I hated it. The chaffing was nuts.

99b2fb  No.2943960

File: 93b8647fdf20b05⋯.png (851.44 KB, 898x540, 449:270, pretty 03.png)


>their hearts and souls are ugly, and it is reflected through their faces


272cd3  No.2943961


by more… i'm suggesting closer to the 100% reserve level (1:1)

16576e  No.2943962


For the FED and the forces behind INFLATION is the most important lever for economy.

And inflation means huge amounts of money being shifted from poor and mid class to rich, bc of interests (inflation → risk → interest)


Creating the Federal Reserve gave the Federal Reserve control to regulate inflation, even though the government control over such powers would eventually lead to decisions that were controversial. 

W/o that power of interest rates used against us (afted midterms enable major change by congress) the econimie is going to be stonger and evefy one is going to have a larger share (less taxes possible)

0cc1cc  No.2943963


Fiona Hill is married to Harvard classmate Kenneth Keen.

Past job: Intern for NBC Today Show (eye roll is mandatory here)

And oh my God, she actually IS a coal miner's daughter:



Really unnecessary to dig on whether she's CFR, but of course she is:


Popped up in this WaPo article about the time POTUS drop-kicked a bunch of Russian "spies". Obviously left at least one big fox right in the henhouse.


Was surprised how quickly her home address popped up. Tsk, tsk, expected more from a PhD.

8817f5  No.2943964

File: 994b3451c18b835⋯.jpg (8.03 KB, 255x171, 85:57, Q hand.jpg)


Good source.

Don't think that's much of a rumor these days but a given.

But all the Clinton Crime Family funds have been frozen and belong to us.

STABLE GENIUS (pic related)

881a85  No.2943965

File: 051ec80cdddb8df⋯.gif (2.9 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 1506718410_trippynibba.gif)


We'll see it in fractal format directly when we die.

4aa751  No.2943966


Open global warfare is probably not the best course of action, anon.

57eb8e  No.2943967

File: f5c9dbdf09278f9⋯.gif (2 MB, 236x309, 236:309, 1HCWPq4.gif)


I wish people would not post screencaps of captchas containing "Q".

There are 62 possible characters for each slot in the 6-character captcha; A-Z, a-z, 0-9. That means there is a 1\62 chance for each indiividual slot to contain "Q", or about 1.61%. That means there is a 98.39% chance for each individual slot to NOT contain "Q"; when you iterate that across the 6 slots, you can take 0.9839 to the 6th power which gives 0.907 or a 90.7% chance to have no "Q"s in your captcha, or in other words, 10% of all captchas will include "Q", this is not a rare occurrence.

8fbc73  No.2943968


Summa you guys listen to some pretty fuckin' gay shit.

Next it'll be some fuckin' Show tune I guess.

13bda2  No.2943969


Hogg 2.0…

Are these two, together, memeworthy, Highest ranking anon?

1f85e3  No.2943970


With what I just sent down the thunder bucket an hour ago…your engines are doomed.

da3acb  No.2943971

File: 66d41ca4776dd55⋯.jpg (26.23 KB, 439x363, 439:363, 1b219c670253d825eefb3637ac….jpg)



Good Night Anons!! I suppose I better admit my Humanity as well.

Shadilay Anons!!


57eb8e  No.2943972

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2deee2  No.2943973


You must be a blast at parties.

eb9430  No.2943974


Actually there are no numbers in the captcha, so it would be 52, except then again I have never seen a lower case q, so it may be less than that

6025ea  No.2943975


I am SO hoping this is true. This is the key to bringing our planet to widespread prosperity, and, imo, restoration of the Garden of Eden. Symbolically speaking.

1b92bf  No.2943976

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Roger Stone, Jedi Master of the dark arts of politics.

0cc1cc  No.2943977


Thanks - I was busy & away all day long, just can't be here 24/7

6cc669  No.2943978

File: 3b3e74b1323cb4f⋯.png (3.21 MB, 870x5370, 29:179, Untaitled.png)

File: 01390fc68d64fe6⋯.jpg (857.35 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, Image313.jpg)

File: 0d99def0a477821⋯.png (771.41 KB, 800x529, 800:529, Screenshot_2018-08-13 Dust….png)

File: c471e0edbec005d⋯.png (283.35 KB, 1318x2332, 659:1166, Screenshot_2018-08-13 Judc….png)

File: e30bf907a5040b6⋯.png (49.41 KB, 778x535, 778:535, Screenshot_2018-08-11 Brea….png)

What if Q is a Jew? ;-)


6e2656  No.2943979

File: b3ed6949b475a08⋯.jpeg (326.24 KB, 797x1178, 797:1178, 4A93F1B3-C7CA-450C-8E5A-F….jpeg)

File: 4d852666aafe4cb⋯.jpeg (375.52 KB, 953x1191, 953:1191, F5162BCB-B7EB-4D20-8F07-3….jpeg)

1ac1d4  No.2943980


Okay like one of these cannot be Polish… ffs

714667  No.2943981



That is a very thorough answer.

Thank God for the bidet, man. One of THE best inventions ever.

ac5f5b  No.2943982


A conceptual string theory

On this side:

Time is linear and space is 3D

On the other side:

Time is 3D and space is linear.

a perfect circle.

6b9422  No.2943983

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

aec50f  No.2943984


And Fiona Hill was pissed about Trump and Putin meeting together.

c72058  No.2943985

File: a84058d12678ffb⋯.gif (2.4 MB, 498x278, 249:139, popckorn trump yum.gif)




8817f5  No.2943986


Just like that, your $1000 deposit turns In to your neighbors loan for $100,000. Where'd the $ come from? A bank register. It never existed. All the bank had was your original deposit.

ECON really needs to be part of education going forward.

881a85  No.2943987

File: 943054a3424991e⋯.gif (673.45 KB, 216x288, 3:4, 00389.gif)


Interesting concept, but I'm partial to the concept that the truth is beyond, or maybe I should say is found just before, conceptualizations begin.

57eb8e  No.2943988

File: de7a58d9509be08⋯.gif (969.28 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1358070839978.gif)


Sorry! I don't do it to be a buzzkill, I just want people to get excited about things that are actually exciting, and to become great at math because math is great.


I'm pretty sure my captcha a few days ago included a 0. But I failed it, so maybe it was actually O. I got a lowercase q in my captcha today (and I succeeded it).

c72058  No.2943989

File: 289530cad12ee33⋯.gif (296.94 KB, 300x456, 25:38, Pepe comfy water.gif)



e09176  No.2943990


Keeping a 5 O’Clock shadow on kitty keeps her easy to clean AND no chafing….


670feb  No.2943992

File: 3d4a3ae09cdc6ae⋯.png (14.35 KB, 600x167, 600:167, ClipboardImage.png)

File: dc7c809ecfbb2f5⋯.png (294.55 KB, 608x437, 32:23, ClipboardImage.png)

What's with Trump retweeting a Sandy Hook hoax activist?

8817f5  No.2943993


The world needs the USA. They know it too. It will work.

4aa751  No.2943994


I was thinking that maybe the flag pic with the sun visible through the stars was suggesting Costa Rico had been freed.

2deee2  No.2943995


I was just ribbing you.

Math is great. Especially fractions.

You know that 2/3rds of Americans have trouble with fractions and the other 1/5 doesn't care.

Sad, but true.

9f8131  No.2943996

Ebot, how's the weather in Bangalore?

8817f5  No.2943997


He doesn't tweet random folks. Everything happens for a reason. TRUST THE PLAN

5cac7d  No.2943998


Understandable. It's just bakers and archivists have to make sure we don't put repeats in, so it does help if diggers check prev. breads first. So far I haven't seen anything here that wasn't in this morning, but I'm still checking. (Not a lot of digs this bread otherwise, so I have time).

881a85  No.2943999

File: 39702421212f84a⋯.gif (5.91 MB, 640x640, 1:1, 1167dbb5307752e4d71e83f705….gif)


I like you.

6b9422  No.2944000


>What's with Trump retweeting a Sandy Hook hoax activist?

Could be highlighting it for an upcoming drop?

019006  No.2944001

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Audio Coffee for the weary frogs.

2deee2  No.2944002


You too.

Have a good night.

670feb  No.2944003


I'm trying to analyze the purpose behind it.

f8c33e  No.2944004

File: 121897ae23aedf6⋯.jpg (88.45 KB, 1330x748, 665:374, 6pcjaxs7zmky.jpg)

eb9430  No.2944005


founder of NewtownHelpsRwanda.org

What the fuck ever happened to charity starts at home.

104ea5  No.2944006

File: fbd7e56d96032b0⋯.png (860.9 KB, 2211x963, 737:321, Q-Clock Sept9 FF weather a….png)

On the Q-Clock

FF weather alert - Stay Vigilant

FF = Flash Flooding

FF = False Flag

There's more to it than just a weather warning, imo.



57eb8e  No.2944007

File: c3a6be7d8793a2d⋯.gif (130.82 KB, 500x421, 500:421, aEaO6Lq.gif)


For one, everyone's hair is slightly different. You may have gotten bad luck with coarse hairs or differences in your skin or natural oils or something. Also, never shave with a razor down there. For one, you'll make the hairs too short and then they have a huge tendency to get ingrown, and for two, the razor blades will give you little tiny cuts all over as they will chop off the spots where your skin naturally rises up around the base of each hair. Use clippers and shave it to 1\8 inch and you won't have either of those problems and that amount of hair is also enough to keep some of the anti-friction properties so your legs don't get irritated.

t. I've done this for 10 years and it feels great

8fbc73  No.2944008


I can hang with this.

Old but pretty decent.

670feb  No.2944009


I think maybe. Obama has said that was the worst day of his presidency.

6e2656  No.2944010

File: 1d2829dce7442b3⋯.png (614.57 KB, 621x344, 621:344, 0436F333-BCB8-4B73-AB7A-3B….png)

ac5f5b  No.2944011


AND the really insidious part is the bank squeezes a nice profit by supplying absolutely nothing to the transaction.

(The buyer didn’t have any money either)

c72058  No.2944012

File: 8f68b087517d39a⋯.jpg (68.63 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, kek six gazillion kekes.jpg)



99b2fb  No.2944013


Wrong. I believe government is evil and can't be trusted with our money.

>And as for those 20th century wars

>They were all enabled by and started by PEOPLE!

They were started by (Jews) and paid for by central banks, that printed money out of thin air, with the consent of their evil governments. They can't pay for the wars only through taxation so they need inflation. How will this be fixed if we give all the power to the government?


END THE FED (and all central banks)

Nice try, though, (((friend))).

272cd3  No.2944014


for many reasons…. one being their consumerism/consumption levels.

881a85  No.2944015

File: acbd5246ad1db00⋯.jpg (29.65 KB, 540x419, 540:419, 6h9x6qf1vhrq0f_540.jpg)


272cd3  No.2944016


>the chafing was nuts.

no pun intended.

6b9422  No.2944017


I lived through that era and I have realized how much I love thrash again. This is one that is old, but recently discovered for me.

Crisp n crunchy, strange. Love it.

019006  No.2944018


What do you do when you show up to a convention and someone else has the exact same furry costume as you?

eb9430  No.2944019


Those costumes just look like they stink. I can't imagine the saturation of bodily fluids those things accumulate

57eb8e  No.2944020


You don't need a paper bag if you choose the right position!

881a85  No.2944021

File: 4232552d9037e0c⋯.gif (1.36 MB, 360x255, 24:17, 1455161071451.gif)


They yiff of course

That's all they ever do

8817f5  No.2944022

File: ee018e679ab3d86⋯.jpg (17.46 KB, 261x173, 261:173, NATO beast.jpg)


That whole NATO thing… that too.

99b2fb  No.2944023



When the system collapses, our (friends) will ask for the "private" Federal Reserve to be fully taken over by the Government as the solution. You're already seeing calls for that here.

Gold & Silver is the only constitutional money.

272cd3  No.2944024


and then you can both watch the ball game together.

d13d9a  No.2944025



6b9422  No.2944027


If there's dirt coming out about SH relating to Hussein, now would be a great time to slap him back with it.

019006  No.2944028

Bets on 20 pages of FISA next week?

c241cc  No.2944029

File: 1ad8510feae244b⋯.png (827.59 KB, 1295x824, 1295:824, Q TRUMP an ALEX JONES NEWS….PNG)

ANONS… you see this????? itz aj so might need a grain of salt but worthy of dropping


6cc669  No.2944030

File: fd78da4d8db1281⋯.png (788.54 KB, 1328x2920, 166:365, Screenshot_2018-09-09 Form….png)

File: 0d58b81eca7045e⋯.png (1.15 MB, 745x4594, 745:4594, Screenshot_2018-09-09 Amer….png)

File: 01833bd2644b360⋯.png (467.97 KB, 1328x2965, 1328:2965, Screenshot_2018-09-09 Oute….png)

File: 0a5af84d29bdf86⋯.png (594.66 KB, 1345x639, 1345:639, Screenshot_2018-09-09 Vale….png)

File: 725dc75b9aa5303⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1340x3998, 670:1999, Screenshot_2018-09-09 US o….png)


57eb8e  No.2944031

File: 01471c97b7697b4⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1359208183638.jpg)


Hear, hear. Hollywood's ideas of sexuality and femininity are pretty fucked.

8817f5  No.2944032

File: bb905064b62127f⋯.jpg (2.92 MB, 2996x2160, 749:540, NATO.jpg)


re-post bigger pic

881a85  No.2944033

File: 4ad1b76541f104e⋯.jpeg (6.35 KB, 194x259, 194:259, download.jpeg)

16576e  No.2944034

Fractional-reserve banking is the practice whereby a bank accepts deposits, makes loans or investments, but is required to hold reservesequal to only a fraction of its deposit liabilities.[1] Reserves are held as currency in the bank, or as balances in the bank's accounts at the central bank. Fractional-reserve banking is the current form of banking practiced in most countries worldwide.[2]

019006  No.2944035

File: dad65cce1e3e9bc⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 4656x2620, 1164:655, wegoeverywhere.jpg)

Posted this earlier, nice to see a homey IRL.

aec50f  No.2944036


Fear mongering.

ac5f5b  No.2944037


Your powers of observation continue to serve you well anon.

A freedom loving group of patriots would fight a revolutionary war over it.

272cd3  No.2944038


the collapse is being controlled.

the fed has been rolled into the treasury

the US currency has already be refunded (asset backed) and is ready to be launched.

550f7c  No.2944039

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Listen carefully to what is said here. In particular AJ is not behaving the same as he does on his own programs. Why?

Alex Jones – Julian Assange – Steve Pieczenik – Covert Operations to Help Save America

5e35b9  No.2944040

File: e044df932b7bd5e⋯.jpg (164.74 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Pepe-aba-najwy-szy-swag-Mi….jpg)


I have a pack of six digzzz it and kek me if you want it .

064dd5  No.2944041


= printing money from thin air

064dd5  No.2944042

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>In particular AJ is not behaving the same as he does on his own programs.

No shit. Same here (vid related).

8817f5  No.2944043




By my count, they've already tried a dozen times.



16576e  No.2944045



Also Quantitative Easing is just printing…inly helps very few people

POTUS will stop that

8fbc73  No.2944046

File: ad72f115ed70ee2⋯.jpg (418.62 KB, 638x800, 319:400, pepes_hotsauce.jpg)

57eb8e  No.2944047

File: 71a4b446841c61c⋯.jpg (2.2 MB, 2264x1476, 566:369, 1359158750917.jpg)


They haven't caught on in the states, I've never encountered an operational one in all my years. I have never used a bidet. Sad times! The ideal strategy is to do your best to shit right before you take a shower. I know a lot of people use those pre-soaked "butt wipes" but the smell of whatever chemicals they put in them is absolutely repulsive to me. I can't imagine getting something that foul-smelling on my rear seal!

eb9430  No.2944048


AJ has been talking about Trump's assassination since before he was president.

That alone tells me AJ does little more than fear mongering


ac5f5b  No.2944049


Fractional reserve banking on top of Fiat currency?

Our founding fathers would never believe we would be so stupid…

Embarrassing really

7e4f7f  No.2944050

File: 96d26fa0c884fe7⋯.jpg (92.19 KB, 846x844, 423:422, C_4cWh8W0AQWdFJ.jpg)

File: e614d1732eecec9⋯.jpg (258.55 KB, 1200x1164, 100:97, Da3f8mmU8AE_A5H.jpg)

1f85e3  No.2944051


Actors act.

He plays s roll.

1839d1  No.2944052

File: 1080a9dddf63a66⋯.jpeg (382.14 KB, 750x856, 375:428, 0CE372D8-E95D-483F-B6FF-6….jpeg)

Look at this twt from Joe M. There is a gif and at the end POTUS is saying (YOU) with Q+ right next to it. We are Q+. We, THE PEOPLE! Q+ signed posts are from someone who is of the People, connected but different from Q team prime. It’s so beautiful, we really are going to save ourselves. God Bless you all. WWG1WGA!

57eb8e  No.2944053

File: 181dcf90a56e1fa⋯.gif (1.64 MB, 670x658, 335:329, 1514486111972.gif)


There are three kinds of people in this world: those who can count, and those who can't.


I like both of you!

8817f5  No.2944054

File: 54d4df83652d9d4⋯.png (221.25 KB, 550x308, 25:14, POTUS part.png)



Stable genius.


Once that happens, all Cabal cash is worthless. I love this man.

aec50f  No.2944055

File: 8a08523b2668b47⋯.gif (6.82 KB, 220x184, 55:46, Board Pepe Sad.gif)

I feel grumpy. Something better happen next week.

Goodnite anons….

16576e  No.2944056



System installed by a few to serve a few.

now we the people will get it back.


c72058  No.2944057

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Best Pop Artist EVER

Furry Related

lots of hidden symbolism

6b9422  No.2944058


The JC one needs shopped with Trump's foot coming up into his nuts.

To tired to start a project myself.

f47336  No.2944059

File: 69cb27bf1bc4143⋯.gif (9.43 MB, 374x338, 187:169, 69cb27bf1bc414364f0abaf417….gif)


>return home

Sadly I think this is home.

eb9430  No.2944060

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He's not acting. AJ is all about the fear angle. It's always been that way

>on New Year's 1999-2000 Alex Jones told all his national listeners on air that Russia had launched multiple nuclear ICBM's at America, scaring millions of people

019006  No.2944061

Things were good enough, long enough, hardly any Americans questioned where the money was coming from nor cared.

This is how we ended up with the FED.

8817f5  No.2944062

File: 5a9e990b414777b⋯.jpg (16.88 KB, 255x218, 255:218, POTUS beat.jpg)


And we let them do it.


af81ab  No.2944063


-111 = 05/21


When does the clock run out?

5cac7d  No.2944064

>>2943977, >>2943954


This wasn't in morning digg but Sauce doesn't show Fiona Hill worked for chemonics


I also don't see in the sauce where she's a CFR member–just that they list an article she wrote with Brookings. Am I missing it?

But the Harvard/hubby name stuff is new, ty.

Also the bustle article here is new:


e4f248  No.2944065

File: 1bd4148e084c5cb⋯.jpg (137.79 KB, 810x1200, 27:40, Dfb8H-8VQAAPVqC.jpg)

File: 9303af4ccb6f20d⋯.jpeg (19.48 KB, 820x461, 820:461, POTISSig.jpeg)

Ummm…NOPE. No line below the "T"(Checks filename). Dfb8H-8VQAAPVqC.jpg

711700  No.2944067


Screenshot captcha not a marker of statistical improbability, Anon. Some Qs just strike one as, well, a bit of fun. Sharing is frenly.

a183ec  No.2944068

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


If you want an anti-corruption anthem, you should go with a story about a Hollywood actress realizing that Hollywood is using pro-state propaganda to cover up evil conspiracies. I am referring of course to "Skin" by DJ Ten, featuring Mecha Maiko. Nice dubs though.

16576e  No.2944069


Government did not need that much money back then, no endless wars, no huge rip of by banks and companies. No high tax needed.

50% is just ridiculous….if you add all taxes