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File: f1711524dc6d851⋯.jpg (8.71 KB, 255x143, 255:143, GENERAL.QresearchGeneral.jpg)

63b630  No.3428082

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Welcome to Q Research (README FIRST, THEN PROCEED TO LURK) https://8ch.net/qresearch/welcome.html

Q Plan to Save the World - Video introduction to the Q plan - https://youtu.be/3vw9N96E-aQ

Q - Killing The Mockingbird - (2nd in vid series): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80s5xuvzCtg

The Best of the Best Q Proofs >>1552095, >>>/qproofs/49 SEE FOR YOURSELF

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Q Clearance Archive: irc.qclearancearchive.net

Q's Latest Posts

Tuesday 10.09.18

>>>/patriotsfight/373 -------------------------------- Statement release 10.9.18 [p_AUTHORITY1] (Cap: >>3417457 ; reminder re: /pf/175: >>3417530 )

>>3412993 rt >>3219413 -------------------------- Guangdong = Guangzhou = Shenzhen?

>>>/patriotsfight/372 -------------------------------- effort to combat CHINA's attempts to harm our farmers (Cap/txt: >>3412511, >>3412512 )

>>>/patriotsfight/371 rt /pf/297 -------------------- AMERICA IS NO LONGER FOR SALE. (Cap: >>3412170 )

>>>/patriotsfight/370 -------------------------------- Coincidence the news today is focused on a resignation? (Caps: >>3408439 ; >>3408550 )

Monday 10.08.18

>>>/patriotsfight/369 -------------------------------- [Sally Yates] ( Cap: >>3403973 )

>>3398484 rt >>3398290 -------------------------- Court order to preserve ALL data sent to GOOG? ( Cap: >>3400639 )

>>>/patriotsfight/368 --------------------------------- Graphic: DECLAS! ( Cap: >>3396370 )

>>>/patriotsfight/367 --------------------------------- Win-at-all-costs? ( Cap: >>3395933 )

>>>/patriotsfight/366 --------------------------------- Blasey Ford #WALKAWAY ( Cap: >>3395886 )

>>>/patriotsfight/365 rt /pf/357 -------------------- Your voice is spreading. ( Cap: >>3395849 )

>>>/patriotsfight/364 --------------------------------- TomFitton/Status, Knowledge is power. ( Cap: >>3395849 )

>>>/patriotsfight/363 --------------------------------- [Next Up][RR], Locked & Loaded ( Cap/text: >>3395264, >>3395283 )

>>>/patriotsfight/362 rt /pf/306 -------------------- Think 2/3rd Senate vote req to impeach [impossible]. ( Cap: >>3395092 )

>>>/patriotsfight/361 rt /pf/293 -------------------- Anons knew POTUS would not be baited to FIRE ( Cap: >>3394395 )

>>>/patriotsfight/360 ——————————— NK will allow inspectors access to nuke sites ( Cap: >>3390086 )

Sunday 10.07.18

>>>/patriotsfight/359 --------------------------------- THE WORLD WILL KNOW THE TRUTH. (Cap: >>3384629 )

>>>/patriotsfight/358 --------------------------------- Goodbye, Valerie Jarrett. (Caps: >>3383199 ; >>3383224 ; >>3383269 )

>>>/patriotsfight/357 --------------------------------- Devin Nunes on Russia probe and FISA abuse (Cap: >>3382810 ; >>3382812 )

>>>/patriotsfight/356 --------------------------------- [BOOM WEEK] (Cap: >>3382314 )

Saturday 10.06.18

>>>/patriotsfight/355 --------------------------------- DON'T BE A PAWN IN THEIR SICK GAME ( Cap: >>3374695, >>3375172 )

>>>/patriotsfight/354 --------------------------------- [Repost][Search & Destroy] ( Cap: >>3373783 )

>>>/patriotsfight/353 --------------------------------- "Wrap-Up Smear" deployed v. Justice K? ( Cap: >>3371630, >>3371514 )

>>>/patriotsfight/352 rt /pf/306 -------------------- Justice K impeachment: CON sold to voters by LYING D's ( Cap: >>3371193 )

>>>/patriotsfight/351 --------------------------------- America's destiny of goodness and good will ( Cap: >>3369559 )

>>>/patriotsfight/350 rt /pf/298 ——————– TODAY, THE REPUBLIC, TOOK BACK CONTROL. ( Cap: >>3372173 )

>>3368187 rt >>3367982 ————-————– God bless, Patriot. Celebrate - this means so much. ( Cap: >>3368259 )

>>>/patriotsfight/349 --------------------------------- POLITICAL HIT by D's. ( Cap: >>3367230 )

>>>/patriotsfight/348 --------------------------------- WELCOME TO THE DEMOCRAT PARTY. ( Cap: >>3366916 )

>>>/patriotsfight/347 ——————————— IT WAS OUR LAST CHANCE TO SAVE IT ( Cap: >>3362076 )

Friday 10.05.18

Compiled here: >>3408448

Q's Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/ | Qs Tripcode: Q !!mG7VJxZNCI

Past Q Posts

Those still on the board --- https://8ch.net/qresearch/qposts.html or >>>/comms/226

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Dealing with Clowns & Shills

>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

63b630  No.3428097


are not endorsements


>>2956097 Thread Specifically For DECLAS Memes <----- MAKE THIS GO VIRAL <-----

>>3257753 Thread specifically for RED OCTOBER Memes for the MidTerms


>>3395243 BO : "/cbts/ and /thestorm/ ownership transferred. Thanks CM... All bans lifted"

>>3336410 /CM/: New posting servers, load balancer, and alacrity cacher owing to uptick in 8ch traffic

>>3405679 Q: The Basics - An Introduction to Q and the Great Awakening v.1.0 ( >>3176426 archived)


>>3427964 Fed taking us for a ride? Dow Sinks 800 Points as Tech Stocks Slide

>>3427979 U. of Illinois defends "Trumpaganda" course. Is okay. Fed funding ends when?

>>3427736 Two Q Clocks on "plausible deniability"

>>3427532, >>3427556, >>3427575, >>3427813, >>3427840, >>3427867 Anon on Ari Melbar

>>3427527 Grassley Seeks FTC Assessment of Health Ins Scheme that May Increase Patients’ Cost of Care

>>3427510 New @DJT, rally departure announcement

>>3427410, >>3427415 Syria update

>>3427409, >>3427423, >>3427634 [RR]'s testifying b4 congress postponed indefinitely

>>3427371, >>3427385 @HRC, "democracy means... compromising" (sure, when you're losing)

>>3428073 #4345


>>3426641, >>3426660 SEC Files Subpoena Enforcement Against Alleged 'Pump-and-Dump' ICO Scheme

>>3426830 For keks: Anon posts leaked Shill Worker Weekly Planner (Sr. Ctr is mad lulz)

>>3426768 Chinese Intel Officer Charged w/Economic Espionage/Aviation Secrets theft

>>3426760, >>3427074, >>3426811 YUGE LIST: MSM's Failed “GOTCHA” Stories to take out Trump + NBC lies

>>3426753 US, Mexico To Co-Host Second Prosperity and Security Conference in Central America

>>3426748 Digging aids for Q's list from FBI reading vault: names, pages & dates

>>3426735 Wray to Sen. HomeSec Committee re Chinese spy chips: "careful what you read."

>>3426733 Sept: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Unveil Mobile auth: less pwd, more spying

>>3426717 'dasting: What's Kamala Harris doing in Israel? Or Murkowski in Iceland?

>>3426692 Well-sauced blog: Not content w/ leader in IP/tech theft, China to become GMO Giant too

>>3426602 Marxist Astroturf: Left-Wing Leaders Caught on Tape Telling Bussed NYC Activists to Keep Quiet

>>3427304 #4344


>>3426491 Crazy Uncle Joe Biden not running after all?

>>3426479 Lol ABC: Former spy who compiled controversial dossier breaks silence to criticize Trump

>>3426441, >>3426463 MSM after /Ourguy/ Stephen Miller: OpEd by gradeschool teacher

>>3426105 DHS waives environmental rules to boost border security in Texas

>>3426122, >>3426375 Eric Holder on civility: "When they go low, we kick them."

>>3426495 #4343


>>3425482 UK showing signs of uncuckening? Bake-the-cake Bakers actually win in court

>>3425172, >>3425228 Digging pf373 names: First up, Michael Steinbach - FBI

>>3425232 1997 article fingering DiFi for illegal moneys from China

>>3425265, >>3425078, >>3425335, >>3425161 Moar Anon Wisdom re: Plan-trusting v. Goncern

>>3425036 Limo-crash co. owner's son arrested, criminally negligent homicide likely

>>3425604 #4342


>>3424802 Assistant to Goldman Sachs CEO "jumps" from 33rd floor window

>>3424608, >>3424691, >>3424723 Sara Carter on Jarrett and Rosenstein

>>3424770 Senate passed bipartisan law to reform our water infrastructure

>>3424281 Older News Vid: Norma McCorvey admits Roe v. Wade based on her lie?

>>3424312 Law and Order: Alleged GOP-doxxing Dem Staffer Denied Bail

>>3424288, >>3424506 Kamala Harris Questions Christopher Wray On Kav FBI Investigation

>>3424271, >>3424386 Anons muse on Israel's decision to use self-dozing bulldozers

>>3424269 Antifa still getting a pass in Portland OR, escapees get charged instead

>>3424302 Another Iowa Rallyfag shares, counted 6 Q's

>>3424958 #4341

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>>3416460 #4330, >>3417226 #4331, >>3418005 #4332

>>3414202 #4327, >>3414937 #4328, >>3415699 #4329

>>3412269 #4324, >>3412716 #4325, >>3413464 #4326

>>3409620 #4321, >>3410378 #4322, >>3411145 #4323

>>3407370 #4318, >>3408143 #4319, >>3408855 #4320

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21e53f  No.3428120

File: 170acfb634f38d2⋯.png (172.99 KB, 608x529, 608:529, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8eb2309af8a4659⋯.png (82.26 KB, 604x417, 604:417, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0ce51d207bc437d⋯.png (56.9 KB, 596x306, 298:153, ClipboardImage.png)


63b630  No.3428123

File: 6f238b1806d37fb⋯.jpg (16.59 KB, 231x255, 77:85, BasedLindseyDepravedBiden.jpg)

Baker Requesting Handoff

Nearing expiration date, kek



0f98b8  No.3428138

https://mobile.twitter.com/JohnCooper0610/status/1049508935215005696 Audio of liberals being caught busing in people to influence campaigns.

aa5bd2  No.3428139

File: fa0af62fd24e6bc⋯.jpg (61.2 KB, 564x842, 282:421, bewbscrowe.jpg)

File: 7b887afa3bc3f55⋯.jpg (157.59 KB, 680x1024, 85:128, bewbsmat.jpg)

nice hit baker!!

421555  No.3428140

File: de8468db4e91677⋯.gif (2.8 MB, 340x463, 340:463, bakerboobsbouncing.gif)

DAMN BAKER hit it right on 751

TY have some boobs

f56810  No.3428141

File: c1eefc477896821⋯.jpg (162.92 KB, 1250x938, 625:469, IMG_3377.JPG)

696037  No.3428142


KEK. Public lobbying with voters asked to help with the lobbying. You can't make this shit up. And idiots are going with it.

c9aa95  No.3428143

File: b13db95608f80d5⋯.jpeg (530.8 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, original mound.jpeg)

Thank you baker. Enjoy this original mound photoshoop.

c6c1e4  No.3428144

File: a1eba330d82eb9b⋯.png (156.81 KB, 562x679, 562:679, lindsay graham zorro the g….png)

13d097  No.3428145


Agreed not likely all died in that crash. If true we will never know if only NYSP investigate, Feds not comped would have to investigate to find truth. Cuomo controls the NYSP

5d4434  No.3428146

File: c6c752880feac27⋯.jpg (11.36 KB, 242x170, 121:85, I got you bruh.jpg)

Thank you, Baker. That was perfect timing.

7aa499  No.3428147

File: 97b44b37ba75e61⋯.jpg (323.72 KB, 998x604, 499:302, c&g17.jpg)

>>3427937 (pb)

0a7719  No.3428148

>>3428134 (lb)

Is the sky falling?

f56810  No.3428149

File: da5ce06a686fbf3⋯.jpg (118.58 KB, 914x875, 914:875, IMG_2933.JPG)

323136  No.3428150

"Democratic special interest groups have already launched over $15 million in attack ads. (They're the same groups that organized the George Soros protests this last week)."


d9e07a  No.3428151

File: 3bd8d9eb14cf320⋯.jpeg (17.76 KB, 600x401, 600:401, nuts.jpeg)

696037  No.3428152


XP, the good ol' days.

550e34  No.3428153

"Ex-Obama aides reveal he had plan for if Clinton won and Trump rejected results"


0b2bea  No.3428154

File: 27db1824008dd75⋯.png (1.05 MB, 799x992, 799:992, race-relations-hrc.png)

09ae26  No.3428155

File: 15a9d5db2d8dbb8⋯.png (1.5 MB, 900x900, 1:1, CollageB4346-2.png)

5591ee  No.3428156


Good afternoon, Baker.

Would, but can't owing to life obligations.

Will be able to bake during or after the rally for a while.

Can operate on emergency-only standby.

P&L was around a bit ago, hopefully he or another Baker will be able to step in.

God bless, and hang in there.

31dc95  No.3428157

File: 36cc5c9c7e9396d⋯.jpeg (32.99 KB, 344x438, 172:219, 68220c9060fa3698194f69e38….jpeg)

File: 9c0227e91623be7⋯.jpg (78.27 KB, 480x598, 240:299, 2jsyv2~2.jpg)

File: c25ef013d6a1873⋯.jpg (72.85 KB, 480x564, 40:47, 2jsrs3~2.jpg)

File: 56bb4af7d0684f0⋯.jpg (53.68 KB, 460x460, 1:1, 2jnbmn~2.jpg)

The Deep State is still running everything in America.

14f93b  No.3428158

File: 05ad3a0601b709e⋯.jpg (189.56 KB, 1024x883, 1024:883, irish_spring.jpg)

>>3426853 (pb)

Another (time tested) shill-tactic: diluding the bread with third-grade moo joo jamboree.

Oh, your little games.

ce61ef  No.3428159

File: 2459187ee600399⋯.png (626.79 KB, 538x882, 269:441, POTUS Schedule 10-10-18 1 ….PNG)

8336a2  No.3428160


Please not LB or PB in the future.

b966ee  No.3428161

New Q not added to notables

1b6326  No.3428162

Restructuring the Fed is the only way us common folk will ever see interest rates worth anything for our savings. Trust the plan.

c6c1e4  No.3428163



Im gonna need some mushrooms with this remix

ce61ef  No.3428164

File: 356f893a1c03d68⋯.mp4 (2.47 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Holder Kick Them.mp4)

Eric Holder Inciting Violence Against Republicans

"When they go low, we kick them."

"That's what this new Democratic party is about."

c6cd9a  No.3428165

File: 3c7335601d39b9a⋯.jpg (668.58 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181010-153840….jpg)

File: fff3974d7ca354e⋯.jpg (652.42 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181010-153851….jpg)

File: 2483c7b71e82e20⋯.jpg (646.16 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181010-153901….jpg)

File: e5c4d8daf814462⋯.jpg (649.26 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181010-153910….jpg)

File: c96900a30fc7bc2⋯.jpg (688.73 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181010-153919….jpg)

Council on Foreign Relations. Cooper blind-copied Cheryl Mills on the email. Mills forwarded it to Sullivan with the warning: “I was BLIND COPIED ON THIS SO DO NOT FORWARD ETC.” Bill Clinton’s involvement raises conflict of interest questions, as he was heading up the Clinton Foundation at the time.

In a February 14, 2009, email exchange, Sullivan apologized to Hillary that it took so long for him to respond to some of her emails, saying in his subject line “Again apologies — not sure why these emails just arrived.” Secretary Clinton had sent her last message to Sullivan at 2:26 p.m. that day, and Sullivan replied at 8:09 p.m., suggesting the email was down for six hours. Hillary replies: “Thanks for both responses. Huma told me State email was down so that may account for the delays.”

In a March 21, 2009 email to Sullivan and aide Jack Lew, Secretary Clinton noted that under the Obama Fiscal Year 2010 proposed budget, with projected deficits of $1 trillion per year and 5-6% GDP, the United States “wouldn’t be able to join the EU.”

“We continue to uncover the mishandling of classified information in Hillary Clinton emails that she tried to hide or destroy. This is further evidence of the urgency for the DOJ to finally undertake a complete and legitimate criminal investigation,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Attorney General Jeff Sessions should immediately order a new investigation of the Hillary Clinton email scandal.”

Last year, the FBI uncovered 72,000 pages of documents Clinton attempted to delete or did not otherwise disclose. Until the court intervened and established a new deadline of September 28, 2018, the State Department had been slow-walking the release of those documents at a rate that would have required Judicial Watch and the American people to wait until at least 2020 to see all the releasable Clinton material.

Hillary Clinton repeatedly stated that the 55,000 pages of documents she turned over to the State Department in December 2014 included all of her work-related emails. In response to a court order in another Judicial Watch case, she declared under penalty of perjury that she had “directed that all my emails on clintonemail.com in my custody that were or are potentially federal records be provided to the Department of State, and on information and belief, this has been done.”

In a hearing on Thursday, Judicial Watch will report the estimated number or percentage of withheld information it intends to challenge.

A hearing in federal court is scheduled:

Date: Thursday, October 11, 2018

Time: 10:00 a.m.

Location: Courtroom 25

U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia

333 Constitution Ave NW

Washington, DC 20001

To read all press releases related to this case


f56810  No.3428166

File: 74f91189d689168⋯.jpg (200.71 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, IMG_3252.JPG)

It's a star wars meme in the end

2ef919  No.3428167


dumbest statement all week

just gtfo

433a95  No.3428168


Lies! Hooah is from actually HUA




550e34  No.3428169

File: 6193ebf6ea15e78⋯.png (129.47 KB, 1011x386, 1011:386, Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at ….png)

"Ex-Obama aides reveal he had plan for if Clinton won and Trump rejected results"


fe4e75  No.3428170

File: 64de37d5e81d4b7⋯.jpg (63.61 KB, 774x774, 1:1, 83a3304e1a5d53beefc5311691….jpg)

9b0b34  No.3428171

Let’s stop waiting. They’re literally putting our young sons in jails for being who they are. Why are we still waiting for Q? I say this as someone who’s with you. Who has followed in hope.

If you’re a man out there and can’t wait any longer for some nameless bureaucrats to arrest themselves, you need to instead help us fight at the ground level. Reject feminism in all forms. Tell the women in your life to shut the fuck up. And tell your sons or any young man who might listen to you to not listen to the bullshit our Jewish media and education system is telling them. You don’t HAVE TO WAIT to make a big difference. We need to man up right the fuck now or start considering Islam. These are the cold facts. Remember as the man you are the head of the household. Start small.

f695c5  No.3428172


Are we playing "spot the newfag"?

f025ae  No.3428173


Redg called, he also wants to know if you'll make it tonight

Don't leave us hanging, bro, you might not care about the annual bowling tournament but we fkn do

1930fe  No.3428175

Everyone feel better after Q's last post?

c6c1e4  No.3428176

File: 141c99eecd37651⋯.jpg (93.61 KB, 885x516, 295:172, trey gowdy you stfu and gt….jpg)

b9a676  No.3428177

Q hello

You posted Are you ready? Arrests

Okay, call me stupid bit I was expecting arrests. But I'll add this to the list of BS.

People like the Podestas could ne arrested.

Except no one will be arrested.

13d097  No.3428178


Sorry, will not happen again

f91318  No.3428179


Somehow makes her look less crazy.

6e3054  No.3428180

File: d9fc6a56728a525⋯.jpg (340.87 KB, 1511x1102, 1511:1102, chuck002.jpg)

b89442  No.3428181

no fisa declas and no booms. do it already Q+

aa5bd2  No.3428182

File: bfef5c9f99ae621⋯.png (86.29 KB, 600x400, 3:2, lafchinpoko.png)

57c15a  No.3428183

File: 6a418cc384a3848⋯.jpg (176.23 KB, 688x723, 688:723, STORMOFALIFETIME.jpg)

File: 1e849ebff65bf62⋯.jpg (214.72 KB, 1428x867, 28:17, DOTHAN @28.jpg)





7e1e7c  No.3428184

File: 0a232ab5cde574f⋯.jpg (30.92 KB, 500x333, 500:333, Facepalmfox.jpg)

4f498c  No.3428185

File: 2ffe50bac1a7059⋯.jpg (104.71 KB, 707x795, 707:795, 68d13488cccb4100fdcd90e713….jpg)

Hey faggots, stay comfy and patient. Taking back the world from the long-reigning evil cabal is not a simple task. Moreover, it's a fucking blessing that it's happening. Nothing you can say or do can stop or speed up the dismantling of the old guard. Relax. Anyone who isn't calm and content at this point is a fucking shill that should be ignored. NO (You)'s for doubters and shills!

780c00  No.3428186


We have to say "yes," or we risk getting tribunaled.

987e80  No.3428187

File: 85bab477ccc47a2⋯.png (329.97 KB, 412x480, 103:120, tybaker999.png)

cd0929  No.3428188


How's the weather in Tel Aviv?

4b50da  No.3428189


Groundhog Day?

d54aa5  No.3428190

File: 4e452bcd1b398b5⋯.png (41.95 KB, 657x302, 657:302, 1 how 2 filter.png)

00de4d  No.3428191


Instead of posting, maybe you should think about driving an ice cream truck

d1a74d  No.3428192

File: 56023cb3095b9aa⋯.jpg (35.14 KB, 480x479, 480:479, bankster-stooge.jpg)

>>3427655 (LB)


Follow the money

29f290  No.3428193

>>3426324 Previous

You poor stupid bastard popcorn is not the GMO soft corn fed to humans. Do some research.

b80e8f  No.3428194

File: 5e61d274a85a207⋯.jpg (130.77 KB, 1080x380, 54:19, Screenshot_20181010-163906….jpg)


Possibility that the only disinformation here is the year? You know a lot about the future. Maybe Hillary will get arrested on this day

08fd37  No.3428195

October Markets in the Red.

Welcome to Red October.

Massive market correction inbound, will plunge the economy. Yes weve been efFED.

f91318  No.3428196


If you're here for fee fees, you're in the wrong place.

253f93  No.3428197

File: cd3760749a6a84d⋯.jpg (34.24 KB, 540x409, 540:409, Comb08102018030220.jpg)


NF or phone fagn

b966ee  No.3428198


Awesome meme!

Have any more?

Make one with a lawn mower. That would be funny

1930fe  No.3428199


ah yes kek

b0b647  No.3428200

DHS Issues Waiver to Expedite Border Wall Gate Construction Project in Texas


21e53f  No.3428201

File: a739d6cd2b4c002⋯.png (4.64 MB, 1209x7972, 1209:7972, ClipboardImage.png)

branson telling musk to chill the fuck out, hilarity ensued…


696037  No.3428202

File: fce08ca060f2b98⋯.jpg (93.64 KB, 1116x844, 279:211, download (1).jpg)


Shill it harder, Primo.

Sky is falling is a term used for market crashes, here's ONE example from 3 years ago before any ref's


f56810  No.3428203

File: 170496ef70b0533⋯.jpg (63.59 KB, 320x320, 1:1, IMG_3159.JPG)

You were warned

In plain sight

b03216  No.3428204

File: 02e9911a7420c0a⋯.png (613.08 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 926A34AD-9D56-4A16-B6A5-7B….png)

Is this a man made disease? Is it working up to yet another unnecessary vaccine manufactured by the cabal????

Children’s Hospital Confirms 3 Cases Of Acute Flaccid Myelitis, A Mysterious Polio-Like Illness, In Pittsburgh


b9b583  No.3428205

Anyone know how fast that limo was going to kill all 20 people?

0b2bea  No.3428206

File: d742408c1f55981⋯.jpg (50.98 KB, 327x377, 327:377, d742408c1f559817ac8a4b93f4….jpg)

Hello fren,

I just caught (you) trying to find your post.


d9e07a  No.3428207

File: 2a64995bcb0aa01⋯.jpeg (16.88 KB, 600x401, 600:401, n2.jpeg)


Don't have that one

aa5bd2  No.3428208

File: dc646d1d5bdb690⋯.png (270.42 KB, 900x574, 450:287, wtfover.png)

06ddfd  No.3428209

File: f35c6111e60058f⋯.jpeg (23.44 KB, 367x550, 367:550, a_049.jpeg)

ty baker

e3595b  No.3428210

>>3428069 lb

Jews. Not even close.

>>3428066 lb

Not a (((cohencidence)))

f91318  No.3428211


Anyone who needs anything more than "Hillary Clinton is not the POTUS" is a spoiled child.

8dd5c1  No.3428212

>>3428042 (lb)

Anon, we’re taking out the ENTIRE swamp. You want us to announce to all the sleeper cells that we’ve detained their leaders, instead of wiping them out too? Think anon. Refer to very first post signed Q Clearance Patriot.

08fd37  No.3428213


Hello newfriend.

b966ee  No.3428214


Thanks for playing along dipshits

You make it easy

5d4434  No.3428215


I was thinking earlier about how the panhandle always votes Red. I wonder about the areas of SC and VA that sustained heavy water damage by Florence. Red, too?

f56810  No.3428216

File: c6c30d83561aecc⋯.jpg (356.14 KB, 1440x864, 5:3, IMG_3385.JPG)

File: 4af03db66760791⋯.jpg (279.37 KB, 1760x700, 88:35, IMG_3387.JPG)

d9e07a  No.3428217

File: 17d459f8757f283⋯.jpeg (18.58 KB, 600x401, 600:401, flyover.jpeg)


there are several lawn mowers

I do not have them

79c2a8  No.3428218



Same mistake as happened at Apple when Steve Jobs was FIRED ?

Real Tech people should run Big Tech companies.

535073  No.3428219

File: de39e9d2c4258b1⋯.png (178.65 KB, 302x194, 151:97, Capture1.PNG)

All the Alien/CE5 nitwits need to do some research on the new age movement they are all being fooled by with the same old age bullshit

There is nothing new about New Age worship, a consistent movement since the fall of mankind. It gained great strength with the Modernism movement of the 19th and 20th centuries through the advancement of psychologists like Freud and Jung. At the start of the 20th century, it was energized by the teachings of Alice Bailey. Many of Bailey’s followers were early idealists who spearheaded the birth of the United Nations. Much of Bailey’s new age teachings remain a foundation for UN spiritual beliefs including humanism and earth worship.


1930fe  No.3428220


not sure what fee fees are.

25ad2e  No.3428221

[RR] not gonna testify till POTUS is done with him.

When does a bird sing?

2ef919  No.3428222


wasn't a fucking Q crumb you stupid fuck

6e3054  No.3428223

File: 033650231964e08⋯.png (39.24 KB, 454x314, 227:157, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d5e4add65f20377⋯.jpg (589.56 KB, 1200x808, 150:101, SHS-Shills-2.jpg)

aa5bd2  No.3428224

File: 5c2d74dba74ee98⋯.jpg (114.08 KB, 500x500, 1:1, cold.jpg)


remember the Liberty

408193  No.3428225

File: 997e7829818fe6e⋯.png (1.01 MB, 2160x1354, 1080:677, 7tbiqUm.png)

421555  No.3428226



c6c1e4  No.3428227

File: 7cd1134f79c5948⋯.png (984.62 KB, 1098x585, 122:65, mike pompeo kim jong un tr….png)

These shills today

9b0b34  No.3428228


Buddy you tried to connect this shit to the last storm. And that didn’t work out did it? You think Trump and/or Q is some weather god too? Cmon.

fb4fde  No.3428229

File: 87f2209e52de596⋯.jpg (95.75 KB, 544x305, 544:305, HILLPIZZA.jpg)

File: dc903dae8d738fd⋯.jpg (317.23 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, HILLThe-Exorcis.jpg)

File: 72d09ce3de0476d⋯.jpg (310.41 KB, 1302x898, 651:449, HILLtwilightzone.jpg)

File: bc508322c384133⋯.jpg (121.14 KB, 620x387, 620:387, OMEN.jpg)

b966ee  No.3428230


Those are cool.

Any more you can share?

98a9e0  No.3428231


Erie is right on the water… watch the water?

408193  No.3428232

File: e0bef2bfc9099e4⋯.jpeg (175.95 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, jewmemes.jpeg)

fe6572  No.3428233

From (LB)

Seems Notable to me.

Unsealed indictment.

Chinese Economic Espionage.


31dc95  No.3428234

File: 3c990c1a3d954aa⋯.jpg (64.06 KB, 475x432, 475:432, 2jqj26~2.jpg)

File: ff0add677f3e140⋯.jpg (33.91 KB, 413x310, 413:310, blackwater.jpg)

File: 9dfdb58346ad4bc⋯.jpg (86.15 KB, 480x542, 240:271, 2jt6b4~2.jpg)

File: 2f9e2325c878afe⋯.jpg (31.5 KB, 400x274, 200:137, main-qimg-f829dd8db58bc06d….jpg)

Done with Q's lying ass fake hype posts.

5d4434  No.3428235

File: dcb2fdd37996444⋯.jpg (25.54 KB, 599x403, 599:403, A Hole in One 4 Trump.jpg)

f91318  No.3428236


DHS needs to absorb at least 10 intel agencies plus the crooked cops soon.

d9e07a  No.3428237

File: e070639fd43c387⋯.jpeg (14.54 KB, 600x401, 600:401, rocket.jpeg)

c0e937  No.3428238

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Katrina = DESTRUCTION reigns on American people. they rounded up all the guns because of the 'looters' …hmmm wonder why we don't see 'looters' and gun round ups during the Trump presidency?

Sandy = 1 week before elections 2012.. Obama used it as a political leverage.

Harvey= Trump shows us how he handles things DIFFERENTLY than Obama and Bush did…

Florence= if once wasnt enough… here's another 'historic storm' that DID NOT do damage our country the way prior administrations handled the storm

Michael= BIGGEST STORM TO EVER HIT OUR COUNTRY. [God uses it for good, not evil] It's bringing MORE water to the Carolinas. Did you ever think they might've needed it?

hmm… the algae probably won't be a problem anymore either.


This storm is CENTER STAGE.

the GAG CLAUSE can come and go… and the radical left will miss it due to the storm coverage.

FAKENEWS can't talk shit since they're having to focus on fear/trauma from the storm.

again. [5] steps ahead.


f025ae  No.3428239


ok, so you'll be there for the game?

4b50da  No.3428240


Jewcy pussy with yarmulke?

f56810  No.3428241

File: f99951aa19b9fad⋯.png (149.39 KB, 636x320, 159:80, 3BB80A53-855C-4D40-BD0F-72….png)

5e93ed  No.3428242

File: 975bb37085bdbb9⋯.jpg (714.91 KB, 2171x1179, 2171:1179, iu (1).jpg)


cfbe15  No.3428243

File: f3fdc82271acdd5⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1692x1692, 1:1, qclock_q_djtredline1008boR….png)

File: 80081743eac49ef⋯.png (2.23 MB, 2633x2017, 2633:2017, rbgclock.png)

Two blank clocks (no marker connections or lines).

All the RBG posts.

All the"red line" posts with RR highlights.

GS clock initiated.

Moundtards on filter.



408193  No.3428244

File: 3c9a43752ccb859⋯.jpg (53.97 KB, 625x416, 625:416, ROPEHUGSFROMKITTY.jpg)

2ef919  No.3428245


October 10, 2018

New emails appear to be among those Clinton had attempted to delete or had otherwise failed to disclose




e2cb7b  No.3428246


Oh no we’re back to the ugly chicks.

e677b7  No.3428247


Probably a gift from the polio vaccine.

24f997  No.3428248


millennials just wouldn't know what to do with pussy if it jumped out at them.

5d4434  No.3428249

File: 3c3c108ed1e3c91⋯.jpg (25.19 KB, 599x403, 599:403, pepe on the mount.jpg)

408193  No.3428250

File: 96f4693b712f2d8⋯.jpg (4.93 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images.jpg)

aa5bd2  No.3428252



here - put cursor in eyewall and click for windspeed

make up your own fucking minds….

1a86c9  No.3428253


The first polio vaccine was created in Pittsburgh

696037  No.3428254


Bashing younger generations isn't the right path to a free world with different ideas.

13d097  No.3428255


Need that meme, remove chart background and add corn cobs falling from the sky

408193  No.3428256

File: dd28b5990ee8f6a⋯.jpg (44.04 KB, 660x330, 2:1, Mexico-red-heifer.jpg)

e968f7  No.3428257

File: c82d4d86e4d5d05⋯.jpg (108.52 KB, 891x500, 891:500, 2jkh2k.jpg)


e677b7  No.3428258


Your stupid shit is a tired act. Must be the same asshole that did deez nuts faggot shit.

21dcb9  No.3428259

Attorney General Jeff Sessions plans to weigh in against Chicago police consent decree

Once again wading into the contentious battle over policing and violent crime in Chicago, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday announced he would file a statement in federal court opposing the proposed court order that would force sweeping changes to the city’s Police Department.

Sessions’ announcement came the day after President Donald Trump — who has repeatedly highlighted Chicago’s stubborn gun violence — suggested the department employ stop-and-frisk policing to battle crime.

Sessions revealed his plan weeks before a federal judge is scheduled to hear public comments on the proposed consent decree, a court order that would mandate reforms overseen by an independent monitoring team. The decree would likely stand as one of the most significant consequences of the push for police reform sparked nearly three years ago with the release of the video of Officer Jason Van Dyke shooting Laquan McDonald 16 times.

On Friday, Van Dyke was convicted of second-degree murder and 16 counts of aggravated battery.

The written announcement from the Department of Justice referenced another controversial oversight deal governing policing in Chicago — the agreement between the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois and the city that required cops to more thoroughly document street stops. Sessions argued that the deal led to a spike in homicides.

Read more at:


8057ff  No.3428260


The earth is covered in over 70 percent water, you are chasing a ghost.

6664ff  No.3428261

Is this something the cabal has control of Q? Are they creating the hurricanes with this HAARP apparatus? I pray we win this fight!


21e53f  No.3428262

File: fc51010c45337b6⋯.png (46.39 KB, 580x351, 580:351, ClipboardImage.png)

For the Kanucks out there needing political levity …


63b630  No.3428263


Ty for checking in baker, it's all good.

Yeah, P&L will be around soon.

Just grabbing some cold cuts

and will march on.

>>3428139, >>3428140, >>3428146

(kek, thanks guys. close one!)

>>3428143, >>3428143

ty anons

b03216  No.3428264


Just think it’s strange this is suddenly coming out again

52d986  No.3428265


Michael is the biggest storm to make landfall in the Florida Pan Handle, not the biggest storm to ever hit the country. It is smaller in size and lower on scale than Katrina and Camille, and probably a select few others. Sorry, anon.

f56810  No.3428266

File: f849d09c6985f2e⋯.jpeg (58.53 KB, 750x501, 250:167, 7BFB8D1C-23BD-4F51-82B4-0….jpeg)

File: 6ba3e7ecb807d7d⋯.jpg (190.82 KB, 640x640, 1:1, IMG_3244.JPG)

File: e165dfae0208938⋯.jpg (68.24 KB, 600x944, 75:118, IMG_3251.JPG)

fb4fde  No.3428267

File: a7886fee070a396⋯.jpg (124.33 KB, 864x864, 1:1, sky.jpg)

File: 7c626486ede49a7⋯.jpg (131.03 KB, 567x748, 567:748, crew.jpg)

d9e07a  No.3428268

File: 929d79529c4e6d0⋯.jpeg (15 KB, 600x401, 600:401, kdog.jpeg)

3f464b  No.3428269

File: ae2873e16667fdb⋯.png (1.67 MB, 980x1395, 196:279, ClipboardImage.png)

017662  No.3428270

File: 54efa9244b3c434⋯.jpeg (415.82 KB, 1242x1081, 54:47, 4B808B91-7C26-45C7-B15D-7….jpeg)

Chinese Intelligence Officer Charged with Economic Espionage Involving Theft of Trade Secrets from Leading U.S. Aviation Companies

A Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS) operative, Yanjun Xu, aka Qu Hui, aka Zhang Hui, has been arrested and charged with conspiring and attempting to commit economic espionage and steal trade secrets from multiple U.S. aviation and aerospace companies. Xu was extradited to the United States yesterday.

The charges were announced today by Assistant Attorney General for National Security John C. Demers, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio Benjamin C. Glassman, Assistant Director Bill Priestap of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division, and Special Agent in Charge Angela L. Byers of the FBI’s Cincinnati Division.

“This indictment alleges that a Chinese intelligence officer sought to steal trade secrets and other sensitive information from an American company that leads the way in aerospace,” said Assistant Attorney General Demers. “This case is not an isolated incident. It is part of an overall economic policy of developing China at American expense. We cannot tolerate a nation’s stealing our firepower and the fruits of our brainpower. We will not tolerate a nation that reaps what it does not sow.”

“Innovation in aviation has been a hallmark of life and industry in the United States since the Wright brothers first designed gliders in Dayton more than a century ago,” said U.S. Attorney Glassman. “U.S. aerospace companies invest decades of time and billions of dollars in research. This is the American way. In contrast, according to the indictment, a Chinese intelligence officer tried to acquire that same, hard-earned innovation through theft. This case shows that federal law enforcement authorities can not only detect and disrupt such espionage, but can also catch its perpetrators. The defendant will now face trial in federal court in Cincinnati.”

"This unprecedented extradition of a Chinese intelligence officer exposes the Chinese government's direct oversight of economic espionage against the United States,” said Assistant Director Priestap.

Yanjun Xu is a Deputy Division Director with the MSS’s Jiangsu State Security Department, Sixth Bureau. The MSS is the intelligence and security agency for China and is responsible for counter-intelligence, foreign intelligence and political security. MSS has broad powers in China to conduct espionage both domestically and abroad.

Xu was arrested in Belgium on April 1, pursuant to a federal complaint, and then indicted by a federal grand jury in the Southern District of Ohio. The government unsealed the charges today, following his extradition to the United States. The four-count indictment charges Xu with conspiring and attempting to commit economic espionage and theft of trade secrets.


According to the indictment:

Beginning in at least December 2013 and continuing until his arrest, Xu targeted certain companies inside and outside the United States that are recognized as leaders in the aviation field. This included GE Aviation. He identified experts who worked for these companies and recruited them to travel to China, often initially under the guise of asking them to deliver a university presentation. Xu and others paid the experts’ travel costs and provided stipends.

31dc95  No.3428271

File: b6e2d79c27382fd⋯.jpg (62.33 KB, 601x477, 601:477, 2jttu7~2.jpg)

File: e850a50cbe84bf6⋯.jpg (87.82 KB, 480x527, 480:527, 2jszd6~2.jpg)

File: 9c0227e91623be7⋯.jpg (78.27 KB, 480x598, 240:299, 2jsyv2~2.jpg)

Nigger go back to gay bar already you annoying shit stain.

543f24  No.3428272

Hi Q,

Don't know what was happening yesterday, but my Compassion Energy was at an all time high. There must be people in need of Compassion… Hope it is the Deep State swamp rats. Proceed with care. Prayers to POTUS, Q, Patriots, and Anons.

We are Winning Bigly.

51204c  No.3428273

==Can't make the rally tonight?

Here's a summary:



Elizabeth Warren

Jerusalem embassy


Look at those cameras. They won't show the crowd.

Fake news

Local candidates speak

They said I could't win. Look at us now


987e80  No.3428274


and the water is always level.. we're fucked

408193  No.3428275

File: 31f83867ae75cc8⋯.jpg (96.77 KB, 500x576, 125:144, 10monkeys.jpg)

File: bf524c5c78c6933⋯.jpg (24.59 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 12ftpentagonhole.jpg)

696037  No.3428276

Am I the only one that reads about Michael hitting Florida and thinks "Is Barack's dirty ass with him?"

b03216  No.3428277


Hahaha 1978 nov, huge hurricane hot pepsicola, FL, flooded the bases,, fortunately I was transferred two days prior!

b966ee  No.3428279


These are the best ever.

It’s like you could almost do a million different things.

Soulless ginger bush is magical!

1ae6cd  No.3428280

File: 117b6acadd97755⋯.png (211.4 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20181010-164401.png)

File: 9ba6f75f342e456⋯.png (283.37 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20181010-164455.png)

File: a550ce1335b02c2⋯.png (324.06 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20181010-164330.png)

File: 304856ef16e31d7⋯.png (190.17 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20181010-164307.png)

Shahid Hussain. Terrorist piece of shit turned FBI super informant. Specialty - chlorine bombs.

5e93ed  No.3428281

File: a1114fdda94b19c⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 4127x2730, 4127:2730, P1050044.jpg)

5d4434  No.3428282

File: 2c5b04bd2bdebae⋯.jpg (102.74 KB, 515x500, 103:100, goatfuckers?!?.jpg)

926a0e  No.3428283


b03216  No.3428284

0af361  No.3428285


canuckfag here. I like Ezra…he's a rebel conservative. Till the lefties chased him out of the MSM.

fb4fde  No.3428286

File: 5ace99abe3e8cae⋯.jpg (88.4 KB, 567x748, 567:748, uni.jpg)

File: a4d0d5163711a75⋯.jpg (30.57 KB, 255x170, 3:2, jumppepe.jpg)

File: 464565689d83e82⋯.jpg (284.81 KB, 567x748, 567:748, mandelinbaymound.jpg)

File: 2a1ed8e03a6ffac⋯.jpg (537.95 KB, 864x864, 1:1, pussyisland.jpg)

25b970  No.3428287

Not sure is this has been posted already.

Michigan State Police: Kids found in missing persons sweep weren't all missing


9d09e8  No.3428288


is this henry’s favorite meal?

aa5bd2  No.3428289

File: 0f467a14ac44a23⋯.jpg (240.52 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, bewbspier.jpg)

6e3054  No.3428290

File: aeb14409d16a373⋯.jpg (69.48 KB, 614x439, 614:439, deadHorse.jpg)

408193  No.3428291

File: 11c2c2223f4f88e⋯.png (890.94 KB, 800x640, 5:4, doitwookie.png)

696037  No.3428292


You want him to hold a rally for voting and not mention accomplishments or the purpose of the rally itself. OOOOooooK.

e2404c  No.3428293

File: b1a4b1bf989d1b0⋯.jpg (72.1 KB, 768x805, 768:805, obama toilet.jpg)



b966ee  No.3428294


Oh wow.

A new blank to work from!

Powerful material.

d9e07a  No.3428295

File: e7bdcfe3adf9114⋯.jpeg (15.52 KB, 600x401, 600:401, 1.jpeg)

253f93  No.3428296

File: 44589ea5ffa0f7c⋯.jpg (30.43 KB, 640x435, 128:87, AndThenTheresThisAsshole.jpg)

f025ae  No.3428297


> rebel conservative


he's AJ-level tier

4b50da  No.3428298

Antifa scum… Mentally unstable as can be…


a9a765  No.3428300

File: a7ced1cbe6b3305⋯.png (329.1 KB, 1440x1906, 720:953, Screenshot_2018-10-10-16-4….png)

JJ confirms that RR is a no show.

"-NYT reports (McCabe memos) Rosenstein discussed recording the President

-FBI Chief Counsel Jim Baker: Rosenstein was serious about recording POTUS

-McCabe memos subpoenaed by Congress

Rosenstein won’t turn over memos, and he’s a no-show for tomorrow’s scheduled questioning."


bab5ee  No.3428301


Rational demoncrats will view the calls to violence as a terrible idea, because thyes

4d0ed7  No.3428302

File: f1db0c809eba2e1⋯.png (623.46 KB, 831x467, 831:467, killary-twins.png)

1930fe  No.3428303


Weather manipulation

11c98d  No.3428304


> DHS needs to absorb at least 10 intel agencies plus the crooked cops soon.


1. DHS was one of the most crooked orgs! Napolitano appointed AQ to an "advisory board" that had hiring/firing power over the whole DHS, and every subsequent DHS head took orders from them.

2. Centralization is part of the problem! The many agencies need to be empowered to act on their own. ANYBODY should be able to press charges if they see something.

71fb74  No.3428305

File: 13e305063114e2c⋯.jpg (26.96 KB, 493x545, 493:545, idnothingtoseehere01.JPG)



2ef919  No.3428306

File: bf228b3b60b7241⋯.png (136.54 KB, 611x549, 611:549, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2ad8dec6dbbf829⋯.png (69.09 KB, 595x374, 35:22, ClipboardImage.png)

wasn't this not allowed??

using the state department for CF connections?

21e53f  No.3428307



yeah and yeah but funny stuff at times

e677b7  No.3428308


exactly or go to windy.com and do the same.. Earth school and windy.com are usually both spot on. Another bs fake news weather scam.

b966ee  No.3428309


And we were sliding along….

That’s kick ass!

adf3f3  No.3428310

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Eric Holder Continues Promoting Violence Against Republicans

253f93  No.3428311

09ae26  No.3428312

File: a04e38288df941f⋯.png (1.57 MB, 900x800, 9:8, CollageB4346-3.png)

1ae6cd  No.3428313

File: 0cc142b07fd85d0⋯.png (282.13 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20181010-164249.png)

File: 1d658b78dde3fc9⋯.png (427.2 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20181010-164158.png)

File: 64aac7f34aac290⋯.png (290.02 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20181010-164215.png)

20 people don't die in a fender bender. MSM won't touch this shit.

8057ff  No.3428314


A few rallies ago POTUS kept saying "just you wait and see here in the next couple weeks". I will always give POTUS the benefit of the doubt, Q not so much.

e2404c  No.3428315


And he's gonna do a big huge nothing about it.

10aca9  No.3428316

Hmmm… Send a Seal to the UN..lol


733f65  No.3428317


>rock climbers

d9e07a  No.3428318

File: 9149fac21d91a1f⋯.jpeg (16.79 KB, 600x401, 600:401, hobbit.jpeg)

0af361  No.3428319


…but he's just not into UFO's and shit. check out rebelmedia.

5d4434  No.3428320

File: 187de33f6ea8744⋯.jpg (29.77 KB, 397x400, 397:400, laughing dog.jpg)



bab5ee  No.3428321


Rational demoncrats will know that the calls to violence are a terrible idea, because they can easily see that R's are doing nothing violent whatsoever.

b07875  No.3428322

File: 72ba048f27d9633⋯.jpg (166.83 KB, 1362x1312, 681:656, [hrc].jpg)

>>3427665 pb

>"I cannot disappoint" seems like an odd choice of words..

In contrast to:

Democrats cannot be civil with Republicans - Chillary Clintonian

b966ee  No.3428323


New Q say to riot?

What did I miss?

253f93  No.3428324


any sauce on why it happened?

f56810  No.3428325

File: f864d53f8821561⋯.jpg (74.22 KB, 320x320, 1:1, IMG_3180.JPG)

File: 9d5419e4bcbbbed⋯.jpg (351.61 KB, 1120x1120, 1:1, IMG_3189.JPG)

File: 7c14d3a69881e1f⋯.jpg (251.8 KB, 1312x950, 656:475, IMG_3193.JPG)

I need lunch homos

Flagelate yer selfs

31dc95  No.3428326

File: cc5e5953d5fa33c⋯.jpg (47.76 KB, 480x535, 96:107, 2jkdd9~2.jpg)



Faggot pedophile stfu you filter fag.

09ae26  No.3428327



f91318  No.3428328


Yeah, how is the clowns' ability to act on their own working out for us, again?

408193  No.3428329

File: 8d089256824c69a⋯.jpg (189.22 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 95a6217873e8a2514bb82fa8e5….jpg)

9b0b34  No.3428330


Yes there are many shills. But there are also those who raise legitimate concerns about what’s going on here. We should definitely beware something or someone telling us to just wait, that everything is being taken care of for us. That’s exact what Q tells us but unfortunately it’s NOT how your ideas get manifested in the physical world. We have to start a real movement. Tell people you know and love about this. Try to tell them what’s going on. There is absolutely no excuse I’ve hurt my relationships with people just by telling them things they needed to hear. You will have to make that sacrifice. We neee to also start organizing against widespread federal corruption at the local level. At a scale beyond merely voting. Tell people about the deep state. Tell people the good things Trump is doing. If you’re afraid of backlash, then maybe sprinkle in some things you don’t completely agree with (like continuing to give Israel 40 billion of our tax dollars for instance). We need to start spreading information in meat space. Becaue otherwise nothing will ever happen. The founders and the men who fought and died in our revolution did so on their own will. And if you are too afraid of losing friends, or seeming crazy, or of not reaching people then I say you are nothing but a coward. Think for a minute about the unknown continental soldier who took a musket ball to the face to win you the country you love today. NOTHING IS FREE.

e2f1f1  No.3428331


Exactly… just unresearched, uneducated mind control drones who have been manipulated by cabal. But hey… at least they weed themselves out as either literal satanist shills or just the star seed mind control slaves

67b534  No.3428332

File: 585d9eabc519630⋯.jpg (140.55 KB, 745x482, 745:482, potus-get-in-help-maga.jpg)

51204c  No.3428333


I notice he's missing the part where he's gonna do something about it. SSDD.

4d0ed7  No.3428334


whats the best program for making them?

c5d5fb  No.3428335


This is retarded. Must be CTA.

5d4434  No.3428336




Pick one.

1d54ba  No.3428337


The Tall Midget James Madison warned us that the Constitution was for a moral people; it wouldn't work for anyone else.

Unless the Amoral People are rendered impotent, This Nation is Doomed in 20 yrs.

Demographics =Destiny.

The Plan being successful doesn't change this at all

67bd7e  No.3428338

>>3427641 (lb)

JUST read this from Ohio's Secretary of State, written in 2017 as part of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity Resources:

In addition, my office has used what data-matching resources are available to us to identify noncitizens on Ohio’s voter rolls. To date my office has identified 821 individuals on the voter rolls who were non-citizens, of whom 126 have cast ballots and have been referred for prosecution.

This leads me to my first recommendation for consideration by the Commission. The federal

government maintains a database of legally present non-citizens. However, access to this

resource is limited, and searching it is difficult unless the individual’s Alien Identification

Number is a part of the state records. '''Since the federal government issues Social Security

numbers to non-citizens and requires states to register a voter using the last four digits of that

person’s Social Security number''', the federal government should give states better and more

efficient access to federal databases to enable them to verify eligibility. Otherwise there is no

way to know if a person using this information to register to vote is a citizen or not.



f40be4  No.3428339

File: 272cab8b12102d6⋯.png (63.82 KB, 626x454, 313:227, rr.PNG)


RR tells Senate Judiciary and American citizens to go fuck themselves // openly mocks hearing

b36dc5  No.3428340

File: f16f8c61e90e800⋯.jpeg (21.66 KB, 255x255, 1:1, E36CD518-9D27-46B6-A3C1-D….jpeg)

Who said

Sky is falling?

5e93ed  No.3428341

File: 7aca22ce14e6158⋯.jpg (102.5 KB, 752x578, 376:289, gty_air_force_1_5_kb_15050….jpg)

f025ae  No.3428342

File: ab632c1c5337f6e⋯.png (571.48 KB, 858x617, 858:617, compd.png)


> legitimate concerns

4d0ed7  No.3428343


>whats the best program for making them?

d9e07a  No.3428344

File: 1bb0859069a13f6⋯.jpeg (23.67 KB, 600x401, 600:401, tritan.jpeg)


I'm on Linux, use gimp

not a pro by any means

6664ff  No.3428345

File: f3b8b41c59e5e2d⋯.jpg (771.81 KB, 1080x1250, 108:125, Screenshot_20181010-134027….jpg)


Heres a video about HAARP during Hurricane Harvey last year! I think the deep state is trying to kill people and create distractions! I hope I'm wrong though.


06ddfd  No.3428346

File: e506beb0efae07d⋯.jpeg (124.32 KB, 1024x734, 512:367, overTarget.jpeg)

File: 6c8ddbdb81b92bb⋯.jpeg (15.29 KB, 255x255, 1:1, flaminQ.jpeg)

5cb4d6  No.3428347


Now that's on fire!

88994d  No.3428348


The Brackets are for the ones that are being used to set up the DS.

c6cd9a  No.3428349

File: dfa8494273c46b9⋯.jpg (528.47 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181010-155232….jpg)

696037  No.3428350

Q scared [RR] shitless. KEK. Legit.

c5d5fb  No.3428351


they're still butthurt about the embassy

c9aa95  No.3428352

File: 6c51dfe97f980db⋯.jpg (29.72 KB, 600x401, 600:401, Judenhut.jpg)






Bravo, stringing all the tards along


0c18c6  No.3428353




[RR] by impeachment then.

JJ already told us as did Meadows they've already drawn up those papers, did they not?

7aa372  No.3428354

anyone have antfia's tax returns

ce61ef  No.3428355

File: 1c9f346e1bb7b74⋯.png (721 KB, 644x891, 644:891, POTUS Schedule 10-10-18 1 ….PNG)

File: b4dbd96862f449d⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1467x825, 489:275, POTUS Schedule 10-10-18 1 ….PNG)

File: a235b0fbc35532c⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1470x813, 490:271, POTUS Schedule 10-10-18 1 ….PNG)

File: a0afc516fde40c2⋯.png (1.93 MB, 1474x823, 1474:823, POTUS Schedule 10-10-18 1 ….PNG)



408193  No.3428356

File: 423ad31e737b495⋯.jpg (136.6 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, download (2).jpg)

File: 9303276b97af1e7⋯.jpeg (284.75 KB, 600x648, 25:27, dubsdubs.jpeg)

File: 9c0706c96fbc332⋯.png (896.1 KB, 792x886, 396:443, EATTACOS.png)


253f93  No.3428357

File: 763a29dec2d62c7⋯.jpg (97.42 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 763a29dec2d62c7a2d6a3b5618….jpg)

176bae  No.3428358

File: 092da886deaa690⋯.png (176.31 KB, 605x539, 55:49, donthavethecrayonstoexplai….png)


ConcernFagging will ALWAYS be a bad look anon.

5100ac  No.3428359

File: e6c453739c2e4ec⋯.png (171.47 KB, 672x528, 14:11, trumpnkhaha.png)

f91318  No.3428360


[RR] thinks he can hang in there and catch a break with a D congress, an impeachment, or if he can hold out long enough, a D POTUS in 2020.

The man is delusional at this point in time, and he's only going to get worse.

c5d5fb  No.3428361


Another retarded post. Boy you guys…low level shills.

8057ff  No.3428362


Hurricane looks like propaganda

7e1e7c  No.3428363

File: 3fe7043d7eb6449⋯.png (394.47 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1484777380794.png)

266c06  No.3428364

File: 0225e4ead27f36b⋯.jpeg (196.61 KB, 1395x784, 1395:784, 58878D71-D44F-469D-A2BD-5….jpeg)

323136  No.3428365


Have you ever wondered why different places in Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013 still refer to a now-archaic structure called an administrative group that was used as the foundation for server management in Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003? Even stranger, the administrative group features the strange string “FYDIBOHF23SPDLT” that’s exposed if you perform operations such as examining the legacyExchangeDN of a mailbox:

Get-Mailbox TRedmond | Format-List Identity, legacyExchangeDN

Identity: TRedmond

legacyExchangeDN: /o=Contoso/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/cn=Exchange Users/cn=TRedmond

The answer is that when Microsoft decided to change the way servers were managed in Exchange 2007, they retained a single administrative group for backwards compatibility and stored details of Exchange 2007 servers there. This model persists for Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013, which is the reason why the administrative group is still around.

You can see from the value of the legacyExchangeDN property of the mailbox shown above that the administrative group is an Active Directory container within the container used to hold all the objects used by the Exchange organization (in this case, the organization is named “Contoso”). LegacyExchangeDN is also used in the same way by Exchange Online in Office 365, although in this case the organization name is "ExchangeLabs".

In fact, legacyExchangeDN is another artefact of the past, this time going back to the original Exchange 4.0 Directory Store that was loosely based on the ITU X.500 recommendations. Of course, the Directory Store evolved into Active Directory and when Exchange 2000 began to support Active Directory, it also kept the X.500-format distinguished names (the DN part of legacyExchangeDN).

But what of FYDIBOHF23SPDLT? Well, when the Exchange 2007 developers selected a name for this special hold-all administrative group, they decided to use a name that was highly unlikely to be in use within a production organization. Many Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003 organizations went with the flow and selected the default “First Administrative Group” as the name for the first administrative group in the organization (logical anyway…), but the need existed to come up with a really unique name. Hence FYDIBOHF23SPDLT.

If you use a very old code called “Caesar’s Cipher,” you’ll find that the code works by shifting letters by a set number (the shift parameter, or code key) right or left within the alphabet to mask the meaning of words. In this instance, if you move the letters in “FYDIBOHF23SPDLT” one space to the left, you end up with the text “Exchange12Rocks” or “Exchange 12 Rocks” with spaces added for readability. Exchange 12 was Microsoft’s code name for Exchange 2007 and now you know how the developers came up with the name to honor the work they’d done to create what turned up to be the first version in the current generation of Exchange’s architecture, the third since the product first shipped in Exchange 4.0.

Developers will tell you that it’s always easier to write code when you don’t have to cater for an installed base and have to interoperate with previous versions. In this instance, the Exchange developers did a lot of hard work to ship Exchange 2007 and had some fun at the same time.

2ba581  No.3428366


"while civilian courts are functional"...

What if they are compromised? Pedophiles, blackmailed or otherwise compromised.

9b0b34  No.3428367


You’re retarded. You want everything done for you. You want to never lift a single finger to “save your country.”

e3595b  No.3428368



How to Jew the alt media?

"Kick out" Jew from MSM.

Inject Jew into alt media where Jew creates alt media company.

Said company tows the Jew line that MSM tows.


Jewing complete.

408193  No.3428369

File: 8dff83d565713c8⋯.jpg (64.78 KB, 949x960, 949:960, 8dff83d565713c82d8a18600f7….jpg)

File: 9652157efb58678⋯.jpg (22.55 KB, 403x348, 403:348, 9652157efb5867850a094664fc….jpg)

File: 28c9a6d80fda14a⋯.jpg (52.22 KB, 466x700, 233:350, 1459874630_pishnogrydaja_b….jpg)

38b8f9  No.3428370

What the hell happened to the DOW?

b07875  No.3428371

File: 4897701434d71aa⋯.jpg (177.38 KB, 610x656, 305:328, river.jpg)


15 Miles on the Erie Canal Bread Title

Am I missing something?

Seems a bit- odd.

Code is it?

57c15a  No.3428372



>Buddy you tried to connect this shit to the last storm. And that didn’t work out did it? You think Trump and/or Q is some weather god too? Cmon.

What are you even talking about? I ONLY WROTE "RECONCILE"

I provided a link to Jeff Master's WUNDERMAP, which lists local weather stations IN REAL TIME.


b966ee  No.3428373

File: cca682c1b0b6824⋯.jpeg (93.64 KB, 768x1200, 16:25, C4D7BB70-9514-4AA7-934D-3….jpeg)

2ef919  No.3428374

File: a00b284d365bad2⋯.png (158.75 KB, 731x560, 731:560, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fc4d9239d07c84b⋯.png (135.28 KB, 712x472, 89:59, ClipboardImage.png)

aa5bd2  No.3428375


if people are on balconies and streaming their phones, then it just isn't a bad storm.

in a bad one, you do not go out.

you cannot hold your phone steady.

shit is flying all around you, from branches to shingles to broken boards.

storm surge is enough to submerge cars.

color me unimpressed

7aa372  No.3428376

File: 239b0d102bbc690⋯.jpg (19.95 KB, 465x119, 465:119, Screenshot 2018-10-10_13-5….jpg)

3f464b  No.3428377



the rejection of all religious and moral principles,

often in the belief that life is meaningless.

OUR ends justify any means

extreme skepticism maintaining

that nothing in the world

has a real existence.

only the narrative is real

denied the existence

of genuine moral truths or values

do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law

rejected the possibility of knowledge

or communication

you are sheep. Obey or die

asserted the ultimate meaninglessness

or purposelessness of life

or of the universe

we are cogs in a machine

Politically, Nihilism gave rise to Communism, National Socialism,

Fascism, Cultural Marxism, Zionism, Democratic Socialism and Technocracy.

In the 1970's Technocracy, the design of the machine, became the blueprint

For a New International Economic Order

Our fight is against Nihilism in all its forms.

Many people have only a vague idea what Nihilism is and know nothing about the ideas which it grew out of. You have to start by understanding the basics of Social Darwinism and Scientific Monism. Then it will become clear how Nihilism has distilled these down to a pure philosophical ideal, and then the various political movements took nihilism as their ideal and tried to design practical ways to implement it in the real world. Their political movements are only concerned with efficiency, with one best way, no dissent, and manufacturing of the narrative and of public opinion. It hardly matters whether they are left or right when they are beating you over the head and saying, obey us because we are right and you are wrong, we are big and you are small and there ain't NOTHING you can do about it.

The ideology of the Left is based in Marxism, and Karl Marx was actually a practicing Satanist, who formulated communism as a political tool to achieve the Satanic agenda for the world. But even if you don't know or acknowledge this, it is evident just from "judging the fruits" of the Left that they are pushing a Satanic (evil) agenda – promoting atheism, abortion, homosexuality….and many other agendas for the purpose of destroying society.

Analyze the psychology of Satan himself….he is damned and is without hope for redemption. He is jealous of the fact that mankind has the chance for eternal life and joy unimaginable. Thus, he harbors murderous hatred for man. It's the old saying "misery loves company". As such, he desires to steal, murder, destroy – and using every other means to accomplish those wicked aims, including lying and cheating, etc.

Now look at Satan's followers, the Left. Sure, some of them are just well meaning dupes. But a large portion of them are pushing what they know is an evil agenda. They have chosen to join the "dark side". For whatever reason, they either know they are damned and abandoned hope (nihilism) or have chosen to join with evil. They hate those of us who are good, and will inherit eternal life and blessings. Like Satan, they just want to destroy society, and take as many people down with them as they can. They don't even care if they destroy themselves (nihilism), destroy the earth, and reduce their own quality of life, etc. All that matters is their desire to destroy those people they hate….the good and decent people.

0c18c6  No.3428378


always warming to see our mil treat potus like a

real CIC.

06d97a  No.3428379


Latinfag here.

Vincentem (or 'vincens') fuscam = "Conquering the darkness."

Transliterated into English we would leave off the -em (or -s) and the -m endings.

Vincent comes from the present participle of "to conquer":Vincens, vincentis. We use 'ing' to indicate the present participle.

7ab7e3  No.3428380



ahhh. 10-4.

90's baby here.. Katrina is the main hurricane my mind would think of when i heard the word on the news.

but now that Trump has shown us 3 storms, and the POWER OF GOD… I now see that the previous administrations took ADVANTAGE of storms to condition our fear/trauma.



>weather manipulation

right. not only is Trump proving it exsist. He proves it can be controlled for GOOD, not just destruction.


408193  No.3428381

File: 7491285daefd971⋯.jpg (112.96 KB, 869x556, 869:556, 7491285daefd97190079592f28….jpg)

que viva foodstamp sushi

7aa372  No.3428382



d7ae6c  No.3428383

File: d434fab3779c5b6⋯.png (442.34 KB, 1178x1262, 589:631, Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at ….png)

This is what the liberals are putting into our schools!


fe4e75  No.3428384

File: 6b9d74bc76185a5⋯.png (238.26 KB, 498x487, 498:487, ClipboardImage.png)

these mounds are organic

21e53f  No.3428385


i think you could have a used a few more words to make that an even more useless statement lol. GIGO

b966ee  No.3428386


Q did

Last bread.

Put Ruth in the FUCKIN KILL BOX again too

Should have been there

1ae6cd  No.3428387

File: 0b91d10c6623bd3⋯.png (376.35 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20181010-165412.png)

I gotta say this website seems to be a lot more legit than most right now. People still trust MSM way too much. We are in 1984.

aa5bd2  No.3428388

File: ed7a30a07dcc519⋯.jpg (86.03 KB, 480x403, 480:403, beldrexit.jpg)

0b2bea  No.3428389

File: 97df69c1f327ff5⋯.jpg (7.58 KB, 250x191, 250:191, 52471edd5e923d345dab7c75a1….jpg)


Are you fucking stupid? Are you trying to get the movement branded as violent?

3beb2b  No.3428390

Q used batters box instead of killbox last night. Is this a shift to avoid a FF in qs name like removing the Q shirts at the rallies?

41018f  No.3428391

File: dd5eaf423ede7e0⋯.jpg (24.13 KB, 460x454, 230:227, projec.JPG)

71fb74  No.3428392

File: 0b47e4358994b29⋯.jpg (24.17 KB, 465x315, 31:21, 2toberevealedts01.JPG)

5e93ed  No.3428393

File: 2d3c3b4362bb69c⋯.jpg (19.63 KB, 273x188, 273:188, d0d1b6c2e69ff146d1d5e19f4d….jpg)

File: 86cf518fc049d2d⋯.jpg (10 KB, 255x170, 3:2, 9af439674c72d3c8d0dccaf61e….jpg)

7aa372  No.3428394


saw it here few months ago

9b0b34  No.3428395


Did you even read what I wrote you coward? Are you too chicken shit to tell people in real life what you know or what you think you know? I’ve been doing it for 10 years almost now. I’ve finally got my poor mother to stop watching the filthy msm. Results are possible. I’m not telling you to straight up abandon Q here. But extend your knowledge to meat space. APPLY YOURSELF

176bae  No.3428396

File: 1acb30f6a5d1d4f⋯.png (311.1 KB, 664x595, 664:595, KekKYSCANNON.png)

d7ae6c  No.3428397


Someone trying to flee the country?

b966ee  No.3428398


Work smarter, not harder

41170f  No.3428399


Oh, I see…only the good guys have an

October surprise??

Did you ever think that crashing the markets

before the mid-terms might be part of their playbook?

78f553  No.3428400

File: 9f64084002bbea0⋯.png (120.58 KB, 796x437, 796:437, npc vs russianbot.png)

e677b7  No.3428401


Some stupid chick on the weather channel was doing the fake shit. Then she gets a wind reading and she is like 48 mph. FFS Fake Weather Channel. Insane

408193  No.3428402

File: 7b0808766871456⋯.gif (2.97 MB, 250x200, 5:4, 3da97a4179183d38b729c56dd5….gif)


shake it

b966ee  No.3428403


Clam memes are rockin too

31dc95  No.3428404

File: d554702f04ac075⋯.png (388.4 KB, 844x469, 844:469, 1eba2967e822e903f6d37d7d35….png)

File: 33c0eb18ffdd09f⋯.mp4 (11.31 MB, 480x360, 4:3, The Gong Show - Gene Gene ….mp4)

File: 5485d20f194b3f6⋯.jpg (71.27 KB, 480x583, 480:583, 2jnxi6~2.jpg)

0c18c6  No.3428405

File: 99224605bc777b7⋯.png (70.22 KB, 749x500, 749:500, RR in Box.PNG)

253f93  No.3428406

File: 6e78024276a8a20⋯.jpg (182.35 KB, 1080x946, 540:473, Screenshot_20181010-135635….jpg)


d9e07a  No.3428407

File: da07f98b12f9ecf⋯.jpeg (14.7 KB, 600x401, 600:401, c.jpeg)

f91318  No.3428408


Don't think so. Just letting us know who's still there, who is going to be removed.

e14666  No.3428409

File: 52ef8a41e026aee⋯.jpg (66.04 KB, 740x317, 740:317, rg19.jpg)


Hey baker just finished up a meme and I think I have a few bakes in me. Want a handoff now or next bread?

543d60  No.3428410

Previous bread:


Tell us more.

b07875  No.3428411


We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.

d5fd8a  No.3428412

They should drop the act that Q is giving us inside info and just send us all an email of the crumbs from a Trump superpac. The whole point is just to vote for the Republicans anyway. That way Q can stop pretending that he is military intelligence officer.

2ef919  No.3428413


you disgust me you stupid fuck

696037  No.3428414

File: 4c79ea4fae00e7a⋯.png (209.04 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 4c79ea4fae00e7af7feccab599….png)

Every bread has a theme to shill with.

Last bread it was Corn holing faggotry with GMO's (Gay man orgasms)

Bread before that it was no BOOMs

Now it's "Q is full of shit" and currently a (fake) "Q not in notables, what did Q say, "

d7ae6c  No.3428415


Sad thing is, liberals literally think POTUS and R's are the ones bringing us toward 1984.


b966ee  No.3428416

I trust da clam

fa851a  No.3428417


Need to update that Boomer web page

Looks like 1995

408193  No.3428418

File: 258c45426e6a2ee⋯.jpg (109.33 KB, 562x430, 281:215, POTATOEDICK.jpg)

f91318  No.3428419


Might want to apply that to all normal network shows; they're all clown controlled and not for the viewer's health.

67bd7e  No.3428420


reject it.

we do not have to let them re-define simple truths.

and homeschool…NEVER put your children into the schools as they exist today.

22f2f9  No.3428421

File: 3ca80a6baa495ef⋯.jpeg (696.86 KB, 1242x1824, 207:304, 983AEE5B-298F-43F9-8790-C….jpeg)

File: de59f4f781ce374⋯.jpeg (633.26 KB, 1242x1774, 621:887, 561F411D-2A6D-4F7F-9E3C-2….jpeg)


Bing bang boom

be6a92  No.3428422

e677b7  No.3428423


Wonder if it is another way, like wildfires to scam federal funds.

3cb5fb  No.3428424

TAPPAN, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – A New York man is under arrest for an alleged bomb plot.

Paul Rosenfeld, 56, faces charges related to alleged plans to make a bomb and threat to a public place in Washington, DC.

FBI agents could be seen removing boxes from Rosenfeld’s home in Tappan.

“All we can say at the moment is that we are conducting law enforcement operations pursuant to an ongoing investigation. There is no threat to public safety,” the FBI said in a statement.

Check back soon for more information on this developing stor

f025ae  No.3428425

File: de6fed6d39e40d4⋯.png (893.82 KB, 823x462, 823:462, YODAAApe_stupid.PNG)


a lot of y'all

are too easy to troll





b966ee  No.3428426


Don’t forget the ginger bush slide I tripped

7c3f10  No.3428427

File: 37d865e1cf83a7f⋯.png (67.68 KB, 636x341, 636:341, Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at ….png)

BREAKING AT JFK AIRPORT: American Airlines from NY to Montreal heading back due to issues with the plane's landing gear. #FDNY #EMS staging with a second alarm response.


f91318  No.3428428


[PROJECTION] is very real.

408193  No.3428429

File: ed564007cea3762⋯.jpg (34.29 KB, 750x549, 250:183, BERNIEISM.jpg)

67b534  No.3428430

File: 7be7a7cce6497d7⋯.jpg (156.11 KB, 748x534, 374:267, hillbag-pubes-coughing.jpg)

3c4103  No.3428431


(((R O S E N F E L D)))

7e1e7c  No.3428432

File: 1fd50d44d122056⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 82.03 KB, 810x590, 81:59, 187654245876283.jpg)


There are no coincidences.

ce61ef  No.3428433


Washington State / Sanctuary State

Antifa just as bad as Portland, Oregon / just not reported as often

e14666  No.3428434


Thanks BO I'm on it.

3ef0dd  No.3428435

>>3427773 lb

Mitchell has done something like that for Collins, yes? But much more $$$.

8cb70d  No.3428437


>im dumb

we know

63b630  No.3428438

Keep this in mind when they try these scare tactics. Posted last night:

>>3419793 Ex-pharmafag weighs in on timing and cabalist attacks




Goyim, I…


>not sure what fee fees are.

the eternal boomer

67bd7e  No.3428439


both were against the present administration.

0b2bea  No.3428440


nihilism leads to despair, despair leads to violence, violence leads to suffering. Faith in God you need.

0a6d32  No.3428441


Stacey Abrams is who?

e2f1f1  No.3428442


"we have to start a real movement" Well are you just sitting on the chans telling other anons how they should run their lives. What makes you think many of us are not already doing real things long before Q ever came on scene. Q is bypassing MSM fake news……. thanks for telling us what we ought to be doing but I think you are pretty late in the game!!!!!

31dc95  No.3428443

File: f4fd96e36d70d57⋯.jpg (64.59 KB, 480x522, 80:87, 2jk5cr~2.jpg)




That is because you are a homosexual SoyBoy….

024ebb  No.3428444


like the parents who lost their children to violent illegal aliens?

9b0b34  No.3428445


I’ve been on 8ch longer than you you dumb kike. I’ve done more to inform people of the deep state over ten fucking years of real life rants to take any shit from some gutless punk like you. You don’t have the balls to go and talk about the Zionist deep state to real people. I have. And my family thinks I’m crazy. But you know what, I fight for the truth. Truth is holy. And I’ve gotten some results. You will not solve your country’s problems on the fucking Internet I assure you of that. You NEED to spread these ideas in real life. You NEED to consider running for open political positions at the local level if you want to spread your views. Otherwise this is all for nothing. Get active. I’m begging you.

7c3f10  No.3428446

File: 141975113a1f2fe⋯.png (66.87 KB, 569x276, 569:276, Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at ….png)


Shit, wrong photo. Sorry

6926b2  No.3428447


all talk, no action

par for this course

505262  No.3428448

File: 3f79d8b38006e57⋯.jpeg (894.74 KB, 1242x1134, 23:21, 86885DFC-09F4-4B59-86CA-0….jpeg)

If you’re curious as to whether or not cabal is orchestrating the Dow drop, this ss should answer it for u.


7ab7e3  No.3428449

File: 95606d7f95fa82b⋯.jpg (630.86 KB, 862x1096, 431:548, redpill2.jpg)

File: 7ea4a887520a6f6⋯.png (1.06 MB, 890x495, 178:99, love.PNG)

File: 52bcabd5e5ba15a⋯.jpg (155.4 KB, 649x648, 649:648, SKULLTRIX.jpg)

File: ce6d35f1bbc62d9⋯.jpg (21.5 KB, 305x397, 305:397, that_nose_tho.jpg)

File: 531058a949f6fc6⋯.jpg (249.42 KB, 2465x1643, 2465:1643, whirlwindclean.jpg)

30c485  No.3428450

File: 31c535f41544a59⋯.jpg (63.18 KB, 600x401, 600:401, moon man.jpg)

The best Ginger mound yet…….

408193  No.3428451

File: 3d856e1c3166f86⋯.png (930.77 KB, 1267x396, 1267:396, ancientaliens.png)

71fb74  No.3428452

File: 9560501f1216262⋯.jpg (25.17 KB, 418x235, 418:235, 2toberevealedts.JPG)

890153  No.3428453

[RR] meets with POTUS on Monday on AF1. Trump says, "It was a good meeting", but nothing positive about [RR] other than he won't fire him.

[RR] is supposed to testify before a committee on Thursday. Wednesday morning, he announces he isn't showing up.

ConcernFags go nonlinear.

Think optics.

If he's subpoenaed, won't Normies wonder what he's hiding and/or running from? If he voluntarily appears, he looks squeaky clean.

Get it? Got it? Good.

640842  No.3428454

File: 0189e333d0fee87⋯.jpeg (12.23 KB, 215x234, 215:234, 781cdbf38ee82a7d088b4643c….jpeg)

cffdcf  No.3428455



> wildfires to scam federal funds.

POTUS "you don't give an arsonist matches"

61cbe8  No.3428457

File: c538cf47bd207e1⋯.jpg (119.52 KB, 747x1148, 747:1148, 1539203954340.jpg)

aa5bd2  No.3428458

File: 1af4d0660cb05a6⋯.jpg (74.3 KB, 600x383, 600:383, beldr1hole.jpg)

d5fd8a  No.3428459


"We don't condone violence."

I'm glad George Washington wasn't a pussy. We'd still be a British colony.

2ef919  No.3428460

File: f906ec269a1ae01⋯.png (133.68 KB, 578x526, 289:263, ClipboardImage.png)

check this one out

pg 81

White Males are an endangered species

8057ff  No.3428461


It's a shame that the Anons are not allowing themselves to question what is going on. The truth is never afraid of questioning, it welcomes it. The truth always reconciles itself. Good to see some Anons still have a backbone. This didn't start with Q and it doesn't end with Q. Way too many have come before us to let some Anons piss it all away because they would rather be guided by their pinky rather than their own logic and reasoning. Thank you Anon.

1d5fc6  No.3428462


WATCH: Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp Criticizes Hillary Clinton For Rejecting Civility

In a recent interview on CNN, Hillary Clinton told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour in an interview that it is impossible to “be civil” with the Republican Party. Now Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) is speaking out.

"You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about," Clinton said in the interview. "That's why I believe, if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and or the Senate, that's when civility can start again. But until then, the only thing that the Republicans seem to recognize and respect is strength." she continued.

"That's ridiculous," Heitkamp told CNN's Anderson Cooper. "I mean I can't imagine how you get anything done if you don't bring civility back into politics, and that goes for both sides."

"I hope that we can find common ground in this country that sexual assault is more prevalent than people thought it was," she said.

Heitkamp’s remarks break with several of her fellow senators, including Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), who encouraged activists to “get up in the face of some congresspeople.”

In the interview, Heitkamp also commented on the confirmation process of now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh; she was widely criticized for voting against him. She said she was initially planning to vote for Kavanaugh before the hearing, but changed her mind after watching his testimony with the sound off.

“During the process of listening, I thought… we expect someone to have to Corum we expect someone to have to have a judicial temperament,” Heitkamp said. “I thought well maybe it’s tainted by what I heard. And so I turned off the sound and watched it with the sound off, just his opening comments. What I saw was someone who was angry, someone who was aggressive, someone who really I think challenged everyone in the room.”

“Of course he was going to be angry,” she added. “But I think there is a way to express that anger in ways that maybe can communicate anger but maintain judicial decorum.”

Heitkamp faces a tough race in November, with polls showing she is down by nearly 10 points to her GOP opponent Rep. Kevin Cramer.


f56810  No.3428463

File: 9c25f74d59a3ce0⋯.jpg (376.15 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, IMG_3217.JPG)

5e93ed  No.3428464

File: 34531cdbd6d673a⋯.jpg (14.03 KB, 277x192, 277:192, 12fa920b60f44a76bd9dee486f….jpg)

d9e07a  No.3428465

File: 1514e77698eae23⋯.jpeg (17.56 KB, 600x401, 600:401, rp.jpeg)

505262  No.3428466


U shills use the gayest fucking memes.

Try harder rabbi.

67b534  No.3428467

File: b95937d46ef831c⋯.jpg (153.69 KB, 482x639, 482:639, ford-nutty-professor.jpg)

cc71fb  No.3428468


Offshoring to Communist China and India

GE and Hon

Six Sigma of Greed

agile sell outs of the United States

0f7b5a  No.3428469


Any significance the post calls out "…en route Omaha, NE…" but then calls out KERI?

0b86b7  No.3428470

So Rosenstein will be a no show tomorrow per Jim Jordan?

21e53f  No.3428471

File: 7631cb3fc9c6fd8⋯.png (27.15 KB, 972x136, 243:34, ClipboardImage.png)

File: baf7b242efa033e⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1209x5434, 93:418, ClipboardImage.png)


696037  No.3428472


Just fucking remember right now some kid is being raped and murdered. Some satanic fuck is drinking their blood and evil people are doing their damn hardest to keep evil and hate alive in this world.

And you're here fucking posting this bullshit.

176bae  No.3428473

File: 633839363b56a25⋯.png (86.88 KB, 265x200, 53:40, GOGOFUCKYOURSELF.png)


I can honestly tell you without a shadow of doubt that you really don't belong here.

You should go to Facebook with this. Say Hi to Fuckerberg for me

bb4ac0  No.3428474



Don't listen to the Whiners

Every group has them

Not to be confused with the Winners

Exclusive to WWG1WGA team.

63b630  No.3428475


Keep this in mind when they try these scare tactics. Posted last night:

>>3419793 (pb) Ex-pharmafag weighs in on timing and cabalist attacks

Q said we are safe.

7aa372  No.3428476

File: ac30147944696e9⋯.jpg (387.59 KB, 1214x1194, 607:597, Screenshot 2018-10-10_14-0….jpg)

File: b916bff810c623b⋯.jpg (255.89 KB, 1862x1048, 931:524, susan20rice_john20rice20ca….jpg)


408193  No.3428477

dyke pron is stupid

d5a95a  No.3428478



>XP, the good ol' days.

Good enough for CERN, kek.


08fd37  No.3428479


Levantine is Mossad agent. Kinda like the Shapiro/Bannon of CA.

44456c  No.3428480

File: 43d602eeac96c46⋯.jpg (148.44 KB, 939x571, 939:571, EmailPgA9NYT.jpg)

File: eec74c75ed060d6⋯.png (42.35 KB, 475x372, 475:372, djta17.PNG)


This one kind of jumped out because of the DJT tweet earlier.

email - pg A9 NYT

tweet - pg A17 NYT

0a6d32  No.3428481

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Campaigning for Stacey Abrams to "change America."

21e53f  No.3428482


yeah you're an idiot. GIGO

cc71fb  No.3428483


>Offshoring to Communist China and India


>GE and Hon


>Six Sigma of Greed


>agile sell outs of the United State

7aa499  No.3428484

File: 94d47285c10c9b4⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 897x701, 897:701, c&g18.jpg)

7ab7e3  No.3428485

File: 8cf791f145724fa⋯.png (560.73 KB, 551x511, 551:511, POTUS_Meme_Blank_2.PNG)





practice love and grace.

your type is not welcome here until you do.


b966ee  No.3428486



If it’s not soulless ginger pussy, it’s not a meme

5e93ed  No.3428487

File: ac5d788bc00a531⋯.jpg (27.66 KB, 265x237, 265:237, howdareyou.jpg)

f67381  No.3428488

McConnell, at odds with Trump, says ‘nobody’s going to beat’ Murkowski in Alaska

By John Wagner and

Mike DeBonis

October 10 at 4:34 PM

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Wednesday that Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) remains unbeatable in her home state despite her opposition to Brett M. Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination — a view at odds with President Trump.

“She’s about as strong as you can possibly be in Alaska. Nobody’s going to beat her,” McConnell told the Associated Press as part of a wide-ranging interview.

Murkowski, whose seat is on the ballot in 2022, last week voted against advancing Kavanaugh’s nomination and voted “present” on the final confirmation vote, calling Trump’s nominee “a good man” but “not the right man for the court at this time.”

[Trump says Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski ‘will never recover’ for voting no on Kavanaugh]

That prompted Trump to predict that Murkowski — the only GOP senator to oppose Kavanaugh’s nomination — would go down in defeat if she runs for reelection.

In a brief telephone interview Saturday with The Washington Post, Trump said voters in Alaska “will never forgive” Murkowski.

“I think she will never recover from this,” he said. “I think the people from Alaska will never forgive her for what she did.”

“She’s certainly going to recover,” McConnell told the AP, pointing to Murkowski’s resilience in her 2010 election.

In that race, Murkowski was defeated in the Republican primary by Joe Miller, a tea party candidate backed by former Alaska governor Sarah Palin (R). But Murkowski prevailed in the general election as a write-in candidate, becoming the first U.S. senator to do so in more than 50 years.

Murkowski weighed in herself Wednesday, telling reporters at the Capitol that she was not overly concerned by Trump’s criticism.

“My barometer is not necessarily what the president says but what the people of Alaska say,” she said.

Murkowski said that she had gotten a mixed reaction from constituents since coming out against Kavanaugh but added that would have been the case regardless of how she voted: “I’m not guided by the polling out there, that’s for sure, but on this one, Alaskans were pretty much split down the middle. And so you knew going into it that if you vote one way, you’re going to make half the people happy and half the people not happy.”

“I agonized, I considered, and ultimately I had a decision to make that was based on the best judgment that I had, and I had to follow my conscience,” she added. “I did that, and I’m good with where my conscience has taken me.”

Later, in a floor speech, Murkowski stuck up for fellow Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), who was also undecided until the final days before Kavanaugh’s confirmation but ultimately voted yes — earning her the enmity of liberal protesters.


543d60  No.3428489


Yeah baby!

30c485  No.3428490

File: 7bffe4ea1666abc⋯.jpg (48.12 KB, 702x395, 702:395, 2jtlgb.jpg)

38b8f9  No.3428491

File: 5ddb0724aaad6b1⋯.png (45.32 KB, 596x381, 596:381, Capture.PNG)

This is unusual phrasing for a POTUS tweet about a rally. Like he is calling out something specific about the PA Rally.

f025ae  No.3428492


>White Males are an endangered species


let's just identify as


and piss off the LGBTQQBFVUJSVBSUVCHS+ at the same time

b966ee  No.3428493


Why did Q leave us? He was just here.

e677b7  No.3428494



Anyone have a pic of both harris and heitcamp together

09ae26  No.3428495

File: acc3b887c278689⋯.png (1.5 MB, 900x800, 9:8, CollageB4346-4.png)

61cbe8  No.3428496

File: c24d6ed0f708e9e⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1608x1116, 134:93, 1539204244355.png)

3ef0dd  No.3428497

File: baba9b68d90af85⋯.png (237.26 KB, 400x378, 200:189, ClipboardImage.png)



Thanks Bakers for the Bakering at speed.

eaaa24  No.3428498

>>3427725 (pb)

Game Theory

Check -

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper


This is not a tanked stock market. The downward slope is too smooth. Rise in interest rates is triggering profit taking. They will reinvest in something more profitable, maybe stock, maybe something else. You get a different pattern of sell off when the market tanks. All of this is run by bots now. And this is just a normal correction triggered by interest rate rises.

I believe this is the GAME THEORY referenced by Q multiple times.

323136  No.3428499

File: 0665be75cf55b22⋯.png (44.28 KB, 548x286, 274:143, oscar.PNG)

File: 00fe33fd408eb91⋯.jpg (17.39 KB, 261x285, 87:95, 090121OscarFloresChiefMass….jpg)

PROOF Oscar Flores had an email account on CLINTON'S EMAIL SERVER

From new drop today at


Here is the article with the suspicions

January 21, 2009—February 1, 2013: Hundreds of Clinton’s emails are printed out by a Bill Clinton staffer; he may have a relevant security clearance.

Clinton presents a letter of congratulations and signed photo to Chief Culinary Specialist Oscar Flores during his retirement ceremony aboard the USS Makin Island on April 1, 2010. (Credit: Chief Mass Communication Specialist John Lill / US Navy)

Clinton presents a letter of congratulations and signed photo to Chief Culinary Specialist Oscar Flores during his retirement ceremony aboard the USS Makin Island on April 1, 2010. (Credit: Chief Mass Communication Specialist John Lill / US Navy)

A September 2016 FBI report will mention that the FBI determined “hundreds of emails” were sent by Clinton’s deputy chief of staff Huma Abedin and other State Department staffers to a member of Bill Clinton’s staff so he could print them out for Clinton. His name will be redacted, but he is almost certainly Oscar Flores, because the report will mention that he is a member of the US Navy Reserves, which Flores is at the time.

Some of these emails will later be determined to contain information classified at the “confidential” level, including six email chains forwarded by Abedin and one email chain forwarded by Clinton.

But the FBI will determine that Flores received a security clearance at the “secret” level on October 25, 2007 from the Defense Department. Furthermore, although Flores retires from the US Navy Reserves in September 2010, there is no indication his security clearance is deactivated at that time. (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 9/2/2016)


696037  No.3428500


I guess when you're the one doing the infiltrating, you don't need the latest updates. Kek.

408193  No.3428501

File: c9fd4a94d110c42⋯.png (885.78 KB, 1024x684, 256:171, laura2.png)

File: f76fa16746513fd⋯.gif (29.77 KB, 512x448, 8:7, lawnmowerman.gif)

File: 428d288bdbcced8⋯.jpeg (651.26 KB, 813x1153, 813:1153, meinmilkshake.jpeg)

9b0b34  No.3428502


I told my parents and friends what I thought really happened on 9/11 like 8 years ago. I do much more than sit on here. I take what I learn and I tell others. You think it’s easy? I’ve almost destroyed relationships. My mom asks me why I care so much. If we take this shit to real life you will start to see results. Becaue right now the powers that be are busy destroying the idea of a family in our country. Right now they are about to let waves of hungry muslims into our lands to conquer us. And I don’t mean hungry as in food. We are so close to being conquered right now.

67b534  No.3428503

File: 9f22b60f6cff511⋯.jpg (242.25 KB, 684x682, 342:341, hillbag-swamp-monster.jpg)

e639f1  No.3428504

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Steve Bannon on how the strategy that elected Trump is going global'

294dc4  No.3428505

File: d8e45919e1ae6be⋯.png (224.67 KB, 451x822, 451:822, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3828096fa29ecc9⋯.png (221.82 KB, 619x794, 619:794, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e2277b69869a7a3⋯.png (486.26 KB, 591x830, 591:830, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8cff99904819958⋯.png (172.92 KB, 587x801, 587:801, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f78b07f25e2aff2⋯.png (246.09 KB, 554x751, 554:751, ClipboardImage.png)

bb4ac0  No.3428506


Could they have been gassed in the car?

1a86c9  No.3428507


Trying to make up for that no vote on Kavanaugh already

d9e07a  No.3428508



987e80  No.3428509


indicates that something that normally would cause him to cancel occurred

1d5fc6  No.3428510






b966ee  No.3428511


These are pretty memetic too

Very powerful.

d5fd8a  No.3428513


"Tell the women in your life to shut the fuck up."

I'm going to go out on a limb and say you are divorced. Am I right?

ce61ef  No.3428514

File: 7547200b8c2a8c0⋯.png (530.14 KB, 648x531, 72:59, POTUS 10-10-18 2 01 pm PDT.PNG)

New POTUS Tweet


1d5fc6  No.3428515


Or gun in back

408193  No.3428517

File: c593bed0bad2b16⋯.jpg (119.52 KB, 1430x623, 1430:623, goshecon.jpg)

f025ae  No.3428518


Meh. Different flavor, same purpose

b966ee  No.3428519


5. [Next Week]

b36dc5  No.3428520

File: 0635445452c8aa5⋯.jpeg (24.54 KB, 196x255, 196:255, 6AF6432A-DBA1-42C4-8C4B-5….jpeg)

7ab7e3  No.3428521

File: 71f59f264c4ae0e⋯.png (1.19 MB, 746x960, 373:480, KEMPSIGN-abrams.png)

File: 49227e802dea2e4⋯.png (567.67 KB, 862x485, 862:485, walkaway.png)

File: fbc74199464d861⋯.png (584.42 KB, 862x485, 862:485, (ABRAMS-scream.png)

File: d9e1c2f226ac74a⋯.png (492.47 KB, 863x353, 863:353, megaphoneheaderfinal.png)

File: 87e2d2d26eb3886⋯.png (97.6 KB, 408x367, 408:367, pepeyardsign.png)

22f2f9  No.3428522

File: ad3aede6803e934⋯.jpeg (131.88 KB, 1242x1081, 54:47, 9C5B0D1E-C812-403E-90E6-7….jpeg)

File: f7742e3cfd59bae⋯.jpeg (1.04 MB, 879x1553, 879:1553, 77B325BE-2D46-4730-8BB2-3….jpeg)



Did you miss the corresponding indictment news from the other anon I tagged?

1a86c9  No.3428523


I said the same thing last bread and so did someone else so I'm not the only one that noticed it

408193  No.3428524

File: c0265bde1003d06⋯.jpg (41.01 KB, 430x629, 430:629, JUSTSAYNO.jpg)

38b8f9  No.3428525


That's what I was thinking. Or maybe there was a threat so he tweeted he wanted to go anyway or something.

fb91f9  No.3428526


kek, Biden

733f65  No.3428527


Was there a chance he was going to cancel or something?

last two weeks seems strange

376320  No.3428528


Potus looks like he's besties with RR at the moment, correct?

Now is the time, and they have an excuse to do it now, time for Congress to Impeach RR!

Will be done by 3;15pm this Friday.(Prediction)

55278d  No.3428529


no way to impeach without 2/3rd vote so we know that's not gonna happen. Sessions could fire him but Sessions is not going to do that. What's left? DECLAS maybe, is Sessions going to deliver it to the house? No!

5d4434  No.3428530

File: 403abbc2b030a88⋯.jpg (26.65 KB, 599x403, 599:403, Nasim Mound.jpg)

d2fc0c  No.3428531

File: 5b5cde5dc858945⋯.jpeg (313.05 KB, 1125x1110, 75:74, 6D1D1859-B48D-411D-B6BF-C….jpeg)

File: 0e83983b1318d66⋯.jpeg (314.49 KB, 1125x1044, 125:116, CE46AD79-6E78-4B74-9980-5….jpeg)

What’s going on with the stocks?

DAX falling.

DOW falling.

669eab  No.3428532

Chinese spy charged with trying to steal US aviation trade secrets: officials


06d97a  No.3428533

09ae26  No.3428534

File: 73d0fb5a0a74483⋯.png (248.26 KB, 500x488, 125:122, ClipboardImage.png)

adf3f3  No.3428535

File: b0f26e43b285b45⋯.png (580.48 KB, 601x657, 601:657, 10-10-2018 17 New York Man….PNG)

New York Man Planned Suicide Bombing In D.C. On Election Day, Feds Say

Paul M. Rosenfeld planned to detonate explosive device on the National Mall on Election Day to attract support for “Sortition”

Paul M. Rosenfeld has been charged in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York in connection with manufacturing an explosive device in his Rockland County residence.

U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman said: “As alleged, Paul M. Rosenfeld concocted a twisted plan to draw attention to his political ideology by killing himself on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.—risking harm to many others in the process. Rosenfeld’s alleged plan for an Election Day detonation cut against our democratic principles. Thanks to outstanding coordination between local and federal law enforcement, Rosenfeld’s alleged plot was thwarted and he is now in federal custody.”


d7ae6c  No.3428536


How about mandating a government ID to vote then mandating that government ID say CITIZEN or NONCITIZEN on it you dumbass?

This isn't that difficult!

9ba6b0  No.3428537

File: 95c68386fea06ea⋯.jpg (27.93 KB, 255x235, 51:47, PLBest.jpg)


Hey Baker, I am home now. I see another baker offered to bake, which is fine with me. I was mostly offering because you were getting tired. I will be around to Rally bake if the other Baker does not stay that long.

733f65  No.3428538



ce61ef  No.3428539


>Was there a chance he was going to cancel or something?

During presser earlier, he had mentioned he was not sure

eaaa24  No.3428540


Let me correct this mess.

>>3427725 (pb)

Game Theory

Check -

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

I believe this is the GAME THEORY referenced by Q multiple times.

Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper


This is not a tanked stock market. The downward slope is too smooth. Rise in interest rates is triggering profit taking. They will reinvest in something more profitable, maybe stock, maybe something else. You get a different pattern of sell off when the market tanks. All of this is run by bots now. And this is just a normal correction triggered by interest rate rises.

543f24  No.3428541


HRC WAS arrested that day… Boot? She is under control of Patriots and is playing her part in the movie. Enjoy the show… make popcorn.

08fd37  No.3428542


They really efFED us this time!

67bd7e  No.3428543

Alien Invasion II: The Sequel to the Discovery and Cover-up of (((Non-citizen Registration and Voting))) in Virginia

“At the instruction of Governor McAuliffe’s political appointees, local election officials spent countless resources to prevent this information from spilling into the open,” PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams said. “Virginia hid critical information that would have improved election integrity while a political operative-turned-governor vetoed numerous proposals that would’ve prevented alien registration and voting. From NoVa to Norfolk and all urban and rural points in between, alien voters are casting ballots with practically no legal consequences in response.”


b966ee  No.3428544



0a6d32  No.3428545


Oh, a pink hat.

733f65  No.3428546


Any reason why?

1d5fc6  No.3428547

File: 740cca526dbf330⋯.png (443.51 KB, 586x454, 293:227, ClipboardImage.png)

Vulgar “F**k Kavanaugh” Sign Welcomes Locals to South Charlotte Middle School

Over the weekend the sign in front of South Charlotte Middle Schooll bore the vulgar message “F**k Kavanaugh.”

The school originally said the sign was Photoshopped but later had to issue a new statement that the images had not been doctored.

** Lady Liberty 1885 is following the story.

The school now says the sign was vandalized.

They are looking at security video to identify the leftist hacks who vandalized the sign.


e968f7  No.3428548

File: 9aaf504338039b3⋯.jpg (107.13 KB, 891x500, 891:500, 2jkqr9s.jpg)

cbbdce  No.3428549

File: 3663b1bdc636f97⋯.png (861.89 KB, 753x688, 753:688, ClipboardImage.png)

Come on kok gobblin shills. Is this all yall have. Amuse me please.

1d5fc6  No.3428550



92675d  No.3428551


hurricane, dummy

2ef919  No.3428552


might take this to /pol/

no one is digging on these emails

they "appear to be among those Clinton had attempted to delete or had otherwise failed to disclose"

b966ee  No.3428553


She is Pretty

7c3f10  No.3428554


105% you say?

2459a9  No.3428555


Q is 100% right that the wheels of Justice are slow.

Why TF are people ASKED to come and appear?

Subpoena them!

RR spoke about treason with his dark friends and he can tell congress to fuck off?

cc71fb  No.3428556


Offshoring to Communist China and India

GE and Hon

Six Sigma of Greed

agile sell outs of the United States

Hon CEO BOD JPM during bailout of wall street JPM buys HON stock with Taxpayer money

rewarded by a Board seat at the NY Federal Reserve

Demands that they do not have to pay taxes

zero tax. Offshores jobs destroying security in many sectors. CEO of HOn GE pads with hundreds of millions of dollars thanks to taxpayers bailout of Hon And GE

GE decalres it is a bank and needs more bailout money during the bailout of wall street.

Offshores jobs to China.

696037  No.3428557

Shit needs to be taken more seriously in here. Concerns are fine. Legit concerns. Shitting bread with red pussy hair, "fake Q" posts…if anything is failing, it's us.

c6c1e4  No.3428558

File: 25f1a009f4b8145⋯.jpg (151.7 KB, 840x480, 7:4, trump swamp drain that fuc….jpg)

7ab7e3  No.3428559

File: 242e6feb7bd95f1⋯.png (609.49 KB, 863x573, 863:573, abramswillresist.png)

File: 4777da835ea0e78⋯.png (77.62 KB, 963x246, 321:82, Jul25DJTKEMP.png)

File: bdce6a1deae6682⋯.png (674.45 KB, 863x500, 863:500, GAgovBLANK.png)

File: 6390dea714dc322⋯.png (614.58 KB, 862x485, 862:485, trumpaccomplishedmore.png)

File: 088f022f2d70d00⋯.png (595.93 KB, 862x485, 862:485, figureouthow.png)

06ddfd  No.3428560

File: 4eb1a859d2b5bf1⋯.jpeg (19.84 KB, 290x295, 58:59, clownBW.jpeg)

b36dc5  No.3428561


If i was a parent….

820762  No.3428562


"pain" was a reference to the pain Q is going to endure in the butthole area tomorrow after [RR] bends him over

Q Team - "can we have the unredacted docs oh pretty please with sugar on top"

[RR] - "fuck off R"

Q predicted this! T-Shirts on sale now

31dc95  No.3428563

File: 7f58124c35acd28⋯.jpg (65.46 KB, 480x533, 480:533, 2jsrkg~2.jpg)

File: 63a8dce6c22f513⋯.jpg (59.36 KB, 480x673, 480:673, 2jszof~2.jpg)

File: b6e2d79c27382fd⋯.jpg (62.33 KB, 601x477, 601:477, 2jttu7~2.jpg)



Hopefully you were never in the military…..

SoyBoy you got mental problems.

eaaa24  No.3428564


The storm hitting Florida right now.

733f65  No.3428565


Oh. Florida is south of Both DC and PA… Must be a pretty large one

b16099  No.3428566

File: 8377ced29508ee2⋯.png (193.46 KB, 429x511, 429:511, Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at ….png)

7e87e2  No.3428567

File: 81217de124e590f⋯.jpg (59.57 KB, 640x464, 40:29, treason.jpg)



Take the fucker down.

c6cd9a  No.3428568

File: 5f8d16631754dc1⋯.jpg (846.65 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181010-160622….jpg)

File: 6596279ab8d3046⋯.jpg (770.33 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181010-160633….jpg)

File: 9c490fc491fda67⋯.jpg (737.48 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181010-160646….jpg)



5e93ed  No.3428569


Welcome to Public Education- where children are used as political and social pawns

f025ae  No.3428570


you never paid Will for the bowl team shirts, either, man.

not cool

ce61ef  No.3428571


>Any reason why?

He was asked about the rally when he was discussing the hurricane

He acted as if he didn't know what time the rally was and said he'd see if he was still going.

Fox's Shepard Smith cut the feed of POTUS presser

2ef919  No.3428572


"105% of African Americans voted for the President/White Males are an endangered species"

I shit you not

4f498c  No.3428574

Just a little goodies from Judicial Watch:

The new documents obtained by Judicial Watch also show Hillary Clinton being given speech-making advice by Blumenthal. They reveal a potential conflict of interest between the Clintons. They also contain information about a CIA team killed by al Qaeda:

In a January 24, 2008, email from Clinton aide (and later 2016 presidential campaign manager) Robby Mook to Maggie Williams and Mills regarding staffing of the State Department, Mook describes seven categories of applicants on a spreadsheet, and includes the category “Friends and Family.”

A November 6, 2009, email from Hillary Clinton speechwriter Tomicah Tilleman to Sullivan details a memo Blumenthal sent to Secretary Clinton containing suggested material for a planned speech in Berlin. Tilleman wrote: “Due to the need to produce the second Atlantic Council speech, we’re just going to run with Sid’s draft. Megan’s in the process of cleaning it up and cutting it down.”

In a December 30, 2009, email exchange, senior adviser Phillippe Reines disclosed to Clinton and Abedin that the seven individuals killed in an al Qaeda attack in Khost, Afghanistan, were in fact CIA personnel. The CIA had been trying to keep this fact secret. Reines wrote: “To the extent it’s currently being reported, they are being identified as DOD personnel, not Agency.” He goes on to say that CIA Director Leon Panetta’s chief of staff, Jeremy Bash, told Reines that “The details are thin and he [Bash] couldn’t get into specifics on an open line, but they believe the contact they met with set them up and was either carrying the explosive or detonated it.”

On June 28, 2009, Bill Clinton’s aide Justin Cooper emailed Hillary Clinton, with a copy to her household assistant Oscar Flores, edits made by Bill Clinton to a speech Hillary was to give at the Council on Foreign Relations. Cooper blind-copied Cheryl Mills on the email. Mills forwarded it to Sullivan with the warning: “I was BLIND COPIED ON THIS SO DO NOT FORWARD ETC.” Bill Clinton’s involvement raises conflict of interest questions, as he was heading up the Clinton Foundation at the time.

In a February 14, 2009, email exchange, Sullivan apologized to Hillary that it took so long for him to respond to some of her emails, saying in his subject line “Again apologies — not sure why these emails just arrived.” Secretary Clinton had sent her last message to Sullivan at 2:26 p.m. that day, and Sullivan replied at 8:09 p.m., suggesting the email was down for six hours. Hillary replies: “Thanks for both responses. Huma told me State email was down so that may account for the delays.”

In a March 21, 2009 email to Sullivan and aide Jack Lew, Secretary Clinton noted that under the Obama Fiscal Year 2010 proposed budget, with projected deficits of $1 trillion per year and 5-6% GDP, the United States “wouldn’t be able to join the EU.”

e2f1f1  No.3428576


What the fuck are you doing about it fuckwad? Crying on the chans. How about go volunteer your ass to rescue victims of human trafficking douche face or shut the fuck up!

46d68f  No.3428577

File: 0e3b0383e7c6512⋯.png (56.44 KB, 255x170, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

b966ee  No.3428578



8cb70d  No.3428579



<im not a new faggot i swear

d9e07a  No.3428580


>They also contain information about a CIA team killed by al Qaeda:

38b8f9  No.3428581

File: fb05310aa8fdd9f⋯.png (70.4 KB, 603x471, 201:157, Capture.PNG)

I am assuming this already made it here but incase it hasn't here it is.

cc71fb  No.3428583


GE declares it is a bank and wants bailout money from taxpayers in the bailout of wall street.

Offshores jobs and works with Communist China

Six Sigma of Greed !!!

820762  No.3428584


What are the odds anons, [RR] meeting tomorrow is pushed back or cancelled because [RR] is tired of raping you guys?




31dc95  No.3428585



Good tear it up, good for the economy.

1d54ba  No.3428586


Demographics = Destiny.

We have 20 years. Use it wisely

0c18c6  No.3428587


>Potus looks like he's besties with RR at the moment, correct?

that's gotta be to keep POTUS insulated….

Congress been hinting a long while already.

— so maybe [RR] first, then DECLAS???

—- that could take weeks!!!

3dfd09  No.3428588

File: 0698d1daede8dc2⋯.jpg (7.94 KB, 236x251, 236:251, 787e7ec71e57f9793db5fb3630….jpg)

Just for comfy

08fd37  No.3428589


Always happens before a massive FF, anon. Did you figure out what sector was falling hardest so we know what kind of attack it is?

b07875  No.3428590

File: 69c31d2ed3f9d12⋯.jpg (20.41 KB, 255x255, 1:1, tv tell.jpg)




Don't fall for this MSM bullshit!


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.355

Oct 6 2018 21:22:26 (EST)



THINK for yourself.

RESEARCH for yourself.

TRUST yourself.




71fb74  No.3428591

File: f4444dcd8fbff07⋯.jpg (15.49 KB, 355x217, 355:217, littlesecret01.JPG)

3cb5fb  No.3428592

Father of World Wide Web Launches Radical Startup to Take Back the Internet from Google & Facebook

Control, News, Recent Articles 6:00 AM A+A-

A revolutionary startup was recently announced by the "father of the world wide web" which plans to radically decentralize the internet to give it back to the people.

by Tyler Durden

"For people who want to make sure the Web serves humanity, we have to concern ourselves with what people are building on top of it,” Tim Berners-Lee told Vanity Fair last month. "I was devastated" he said while going through a litany of harmful and dangerous developments of the past three decades of the web.

That's why "the Father of the World Wide Web" has launched a start-up that intends to end the dominance of Facebook, Google, and Amazon, while in the process letting individuals take back control of their own data.

Berners-Lee's new online platform and company Inrupt is being described as a "personal online data store," or pod, where everything from messages, music, contacts or other personal data will be stored in one place overseen by the user instead of an array of platforms and apps run by corporations seeking to profit off personal information.

The project seeks “personal empowerment through data” and aims to "take back" the web, according to company statements.

The man who created the world wide web by implementing the first ever successful communication between a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) client and server via the internet in 1989 lamented that his creation has been abused by powerful entities for everything mass surveillance to fake news to psychological manipulation to corporations commodifying individuals' information.

But he's long been at work on a new project to take the web back, described in depth by the business technology magazine Fast Company:

“This week, Berners-Lee will launch, Inrupt, a startup that he has been building, in stealth mode, for the past nine months. Backed by Glasswing Ventures, its mission is to turbocharge a broader movement afoot, among developers around the world, to decentralize the web and take back power from the forces that have profited from centralizing it. In other words, it’s game on for Facebook, Google, Amazon.”

“We have to do it now,” Berners-Lee said of the newly launched project. “It’s a historical moment.” He identified the main impetus behind his recent announcement that he'll be going on sabbatical from his research professor post at MIT to work full-time on the project as the recent revelation that Facebook allowed political operatives to gain access to some 50 million users' private data.

At MIT Berners-Lee has for years led a team on designing and building a decentralized web platform called 'Solid' — which will underlie the Inrupt platform. The Inrupt venture will serve as users' first access to the new Solid decentralized web:

“If all goes as planned, Inrupt will be to Solid what Netscape once was for many first-time users of the web: an easy way in. And like with Netscape, Berners-Lee hopes Inrupt will be just the first of many companies to emerge from Solid.

e639f1  No.3428593


Anons DO NOT interfere with baker chats/handoffs.

b966ee  No.3428594



Nothing’s made it here but redhead pussy.

This one is actually notable

c9aa95  No.3428595

File: 04d7002bf3e7c04⋯.jpeg (41.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 4d cross.jpeg)

File: 904cd6cabddc860⋯.gif (536.09 KB, 480x348, 40:29, 904cd6cabddc860e66650c2661….gif)



Agreed. These memecollages are fantastic creative engines; great stuff. It's like looking at the memery through the 4th dimension.

5e93ed  No.3428596

File: 49da4748c238802⋯.jpg (82.16 KB, 585x520, 9:8, ruleoflaw.jpg)

File: bc84c3fe9f28fca⋯.jpg (241.44 KB, 1170x914, 585:457, American Flag Eagle Wallpa….jpg)

180bf3  No.3428597

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Wow War Drummer really hit it out of the park in this video for red pilling thos refusing to SEE

I've listened 3 times just so I understand the concept being told how we are a REPUBLIC but they insist on using the word democracy using it to divide, create the right of special interest groups to protest etc.

7e87e2  No.3428598


Jordan already said 100% not happening he bailed….

we'll see.

f25cf6  No.3428599

File: 393139da8e09f0b⋯.jpeg (320.53 KB, 1125x694, 1125:694, 1CCE219D-CB6E-4079-AA8D-3….jpeg)



c6cd9a  No.3428600

File: 556de49328a20f1⋯.jpg (843.77 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181010-160900….jpg)

File: 4a8d42b15a95a6d⋯.jpg (948.78 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181010-160907….jpg)

File: 66b5bc8bc65827d⋯.jpg (801.26 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181010-160916….jpg)

File: 419626c8f65de72⋯.jpg (793.3 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181010-160936….jpg)

File: fd03e0485e3c411⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181010-160945….jpg)

From bottom of bread


820762  No.3428601

Q says are you ready for some "pain" and "arrests"

well good thing because here is your 24-7 Hurricane coverage








cffdcf  No.3428602


herd mentality

855391  No.3428603

File: f85e60e97c35683⋯.png (176.12 KB, 700x599, 700:599, threat-index.png)

8426e1  No.3428604

File: dd104678ccd578a⋯.jpg (84 KB, 800x435, 160:87, FN2.jpg)

File: 0ea6d795f049003⋯.jpg (61.9 KB, 600x450, 4:3, FN4.jpg)

File: 5b5d35790d09941⋯.jpg (95.33 KB, 800x400, 2:1, Only You.jpg)

b966ee  No.3428605



Wish I had more

cc71fb  No.3428606


Builds wifi HQ to allow spies more access from Communist China

63b630  No.3428607


>But there are also those who raise legitimate concerns

Not again and again, makes no sense.

If you weren't invested in a demoralization agenda, you'd just leave.

Why stick around desperately pleading with us fools?

And if you're a legit anon, what about all the shills shilling your same message?

The problem for you shills is: WE USE LOGIC

2ef919  No.3428608

File: bd65e3647fa9fc2⋯.png (168.95 KB, 1084x528, 271:132, ClipboardImage.png)

pg 100

dinner with podesta

"both regretted dinner tonight."

06ddfd  No.3428609


What's with all this boomer talk then?

890153  No.3428610

Proposing New Sport…

Every night, in a new major city, Anons and Antifa square off in a brawl. No weapons; just fists and feet.

Everyone registers. 100 names (each side) drawn from a barrel.

Televised on Pay-Per-View; proceeds go to veteran's charities.

Also, Vegas opens online wagering with 50% of profits also going to benefit veterans.


5a2ed0  No.3428611


Could we remove that Obelisk after we have removed the deep state?

669eab  No.3428612


I always enjoy War Drummer. Who ever they are, they are doing a great job imo.

3f42da  No.3428613

File: 5ef0415f95aa2e8⋯.jpg (13.34 KB, 300x168, 25:14, inpatientfags.jpg)

File: e6fef29a33c3347⋯.jpg (13.45 KB, 311x162, 311:162, royallyscrewed.jpg)

da1986  No.3428614


Anons are (seemingly) griping a lot. Maybe related?

240ee6  No.3428615

GM appoints an ex-CIA deputy director to its board


3ef0dd  No.3428616

Q has repeatedly referred to AG Session's confirmation vote, 52-47.

Then-Senator Sessions voted present.

Who was the lone D to vote to confirm?

Senator Manchin (West Virginia).

Digging on Manchin's voting record.




f025ae  No.3428617



now that most people don't believe them

they can hit for real/be an actual surprise to the cult

21e53f  No.3428618

File: d589d66e6fc994b⋯.png (624.83 KB, 704x582, 352:291, ClipboardImage.png)


still spouting crap … garbage in -> garbage out. you should try harder maybe it'll only be slightly less useless crap.

d9e07a  No.3428619

File: 5f78883bff75db0⋯.jpeg (14.64 KB, 600x401, 600:401, ar.jpeg)

024ebb  No.3428620


smells like voter fraud. Someone ought to tweet that to those on the email and ask them to clarify the 10%% and it they don't then it's voter fraud.

bab5ee  No.3428621


Agree about impeachment. Then, he can be forced out easily.

8426e1  No.3428622

File: 4749d095b57db9d⋯.png (412.76 KB, 800x1028, 200:257, FAKE NEWS SABOTAGE.png)

File: dd104678ccd578a⋯.jpg (84 KB, 800x435, 160:87, FN2.jpg)

f98e1c  No.3428623

File: c93a65a24c9a62b⋯.jpg (10.96 KB, 255x199, 255:199, speeshuPepe.jpg)

I've been here since CBTS shilling for cents on the dollar, and Q has kept his promises throughout the entire journey. I can't take it anymore, I can't even afford to feed my 8 cats and my liberal arts major theyfriend refuses to finger my hairy vag unless we impeach drumphf.

Apparently getting a (you) from fellow low T shills doesnt count towards your salary, in retrospect I would've known that if I had read the handbook, but I figured reading only the title would suffice. Anyways, I'm going to kill myself now and I urge my fellow shills to join me. Together we'll bleed on this scam of a presidency!

e968f7  No.3428624

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Patriots, Republicans, Countrymen…Seize the Day!


180bf3  No.3428625

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Word for Word: President Trump on Hurricane Michael Preparations (C-SPAN)

63b630  No.3428626

File: 7b049c0d8e4b8b8⋯.jpg (21.71 KB, 255x247, 255:247, ReadNotables.jpg)



Which is why it's already been noted

e639f1  No.3428627

File: 53183f10651ba73⋯.jpg (151.81 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, china.jpg)


>Lured them to the china..

Was the china on display?

1d54ba  No.3428628


The University of Texas has been a hot spot for seditious behavior since the 60's. They even tried a Communist Revolution for the City of Austin and failed according to one of my professors who went there at that time.

bb4ac0  No.3428629


This website is NOT legit. Hit and miss. Sometimes it is correct or points us in the right direction but also contains tons of speculation.

8426e1  No.3428630

File: 9d983c91a48f628⋯.jpeg (96.6 KB, 800x443, 800:443, DL CNN.jpeg)

File: 4014f70762f29f7⋯.jpg (85.69 KB, 500x313, 500:313, Mainstream Media.jpg)

fa851a  No.3428631


their mad because Boomers mortgaged their future

069057  No.3428632

File: 6f64b7b7f83d4e2⋯.jpg (72.31 KB, 472x569, 472:569, 2jtdww-merchant.jpg)

08fd37  No.3428633

To Anons sperging out about Market tanking:

Relax, this always happens before a massive FF. It’s completely normal. If you really want to get a leg up, look at which sectors/companies are performing much worse/better than the average. Ttyl

820762  No.3428634




…….and it literally was postponed



67b534  No.3428635

File: 7066a5b3625afb7⋯.jpg (122.03 KB, 681x589, 681:589, redy-4-red-tsunami.jpg)

2ef919  No.3428636

File: 22457a526d37ae9⋯.png (243.72 KB, 858x563, 858:563, ClipboardImage.png)

=="Clear that Gaddafi does want a deal. And knows it will end in him going. I can tell you

about it when we meet."==

pg 114

85430e  No.3428637

File: ab49e1cc4a8f850⋯.jpg (45.45 KB, 960x620, 48:31, nfelk73654gha.jpg)

c9aa95  No.3428638

File: 457ef46648d039d⋯.jpeg (23.13 KB, 381x253, 381:253, inpatient.jpeg)


Nah, inpatients look like this.

b07875  No.3428640


FFS. BOTH of you have it backwards.



cbbdce  No.3428641


Fire Crotch

57c15a  No.3428642

File: 133f4b7801ad0b3⋯.jpg (216.31 KB, 1200x796, 300:199, DpKZjOqUUAE6cOw.jpg)

4b50da  No.3428643

File: ed76caac615149f⋯.png (116.56 KB, 555x347, 555:347, Screenshot_2018-10-10 Q.png)



POTUS is always 5-steps ahead.

0872ae  No.3428644

File: e475de3d17f0be1⋯.jpg (20.49 KB, 591x156, 197:52, Jim Acosta popsicle.JPG)

File: 310abe7d17e752e⋯.jpg (144.38 KB, 971x1200, 971:1200, Acosta diaper full.jpg)

BREAKING: Jim Acosta asks Trump if he will apologize for his threats to the press. Trump responds:

“Do you need a Popsicle?"

987e80  No.3428645

File: 8e8b72abfadee7a⋯.png (17.99 KB, 1200x789, 400:263, justintime.png)

4b9ad9  No.3428646

File: 181acfd65d08f52⋯.jpeg (421.96 KB, 750x1009, 750:1009, 1CD16F55-A3F2-4116-B688-8….jpeg)

Project with Financial Institutions protection

bab5ee  No.3428647


Vote Trump 2020 so he has a mandate to fire Ratty Roddy and end the Marine Bob probe. That's the ticket!

b36dc5  No.3428648

c76b58  No.3428650

File: cb8d79820417000⋯.png (213.26 KB, 1337x726, 1337:726, ClipboardImage.png)

7.0 earthquake in Papua New Guinea


6926b2  No.3428651


or maybe the cat 4 hurricane currently hitting the south?

3f4667  No.3428652



The first 1000 were cool. They're just a slide now.

31dc95  No.3428653

File: 36cc5c9c7e9396d⋯.jpeg (32.99 KB, 344x438, 172:219, 68220c9060fa3698194f69e38….jpeg)

File: 0ae2170971811a8⋯.jpg (53.13 KB, 500x501, 500:501, 2gfxzx~2.jpg)

File: 2f61e247bf11f24⋯.jpg (57.55 KB, 500x427, 500:427, 2gypp6~2.jpg)

Q is a habitual liar and it's sad he has serious mental health issues.

0ae0fa  No.3428654



820762  No.3428655

NO MEETING with [RR] tomorrow

….breaths in…..


What does Rosenstein's cock taste like R

"These people are stupid" get fucked

d9e07a  No.3428657

File: 457d2ccda19c182⋯.jpeg (14.96 KB, 600x401, 600:401, tree.jpeg)

919b47  No.3428658

Another baker checking in

Can bake if required from now until 10pm ET, or be around as backup, just holler.

d6e2e2  No.3428659

File: 5c5dd8d1daf5992⋯.png (202.19 KB, 1166x1013, 1166:1013, Screenshot 2018-10-10 14.0….png)

File: 00183889b944649⋯.png (135.5 KB, 1166x890, 583:445, Screenshot 2018-10-10 14.0….png)

File: 61be5a835372dbd⋯.png (146 KB, 1172x930, 586:465, Screenshot 2018-10-10 14.0….png)

File: 0f0d33c72e25060⋯.png (229.26 KB, 1391x1439, 1391:1439, Screenshot 2018-10-10 13.5….png)

This Charles Newman guy (worked for NSC in Obama's White House) that married FBI attorney Trisha Anderson ( >>>/patriotsfight/373 ) seems to be a spook. Can't find anything on him on the web.

d133f7  No.3428660



0c18c6  No.3428661



024ebb  No.3428662


offshoring jobs needs a nice hefty tariff on it, or make it a crime.

d9e07a  No.3428663

File: 92e96fa5da0ff5d⋯.jpeg (14.05 KB, 600x401, 600:401, slinky.jpeg)

f025ae  No.3428664


>The first 0 were cool.

38b8f9  No.3428665



06ddfd  No.3428666

File: af3462eca8034cb⋯.jpg (23.19 KB, 255x158, 255:158, clownCarni.jpg)

376320  No.3428667


"Watch the Water"

0456bf  No.3428668

Neons newest


5d4434  No.3428669

File: 9274d2963464e0a⋯.jpg (24.48 KB, 599x403, 599:403, pepe pumpkin on ginger mou….jpg)

08fd37  No.3428670


This is a good idea!

63b630  No.3428671


Hey man, thanks.

How 'bout we handoff at start of next bread?

While I'm posting, here's notes so far, cuz you never know kek:


>>3428514 New @DJT–See you soon in PA!

>>3428625 POTUS speaks on Hurricane Michael (nothing new revealed, just that storm is big)

>>3428316 Kek! What did you just say about me, UN? Navy Seal Ryan Zinke next ambassador?

>>3428306, >>3428374, >>3428480 Digg on state dept/CF connections in Cheryl Mills WL emails

>>3428476 Surreal timeline: Susan Rice’s Republican son assaulted at pro-Kav event?

63139d  No.3428672


wtf about "Goodbye, Mr. Rosenstein" does he not get

When is he going down?

8426e1  No.3428673

File: ceb77ecb3c236a9⋯.jpg (114.16 KB, 800x874, 400:437, s.jpg)



3955e9  No.3428674

lads, how soon do you think until we can get some more ethanol in our gas tanks? what does the Q clock say?

a8ecf9  No.3428675


No……could have been never trump op…..not DS optics after R's are united before election

6154bf  No.3428676

You fags might want to cool it with the ginger mound. Looks less than 18.

28326b  No.3428677

File: 24b532743df357c⋯.jpg (301.79 KB, 720x1122, 120:187, 20181010_161558.jpg)

Acting Assistant Attorney General?


71fb74  No.3428678

File: 9d911ddea11934f⋯.jpg (22.76 KB, 402x388, 201:194, zzz9idntshC.JPG)

5054c7  No.3428679

DOW futures down over 1,000.

Enjoy the ride, niggers

c6cd9a  No.3428680

File: bba8041657b7569⋯.jpg (559.95 KB, 1700x2200, 17:22, IMG_20181010_161739.jpg)

File: ba9e8cd5805ca31⋯.jpg (580.66 KB, 1700x2200, 17:22, IMG_20181010_161743.jpg)


820762  No.3428681


he's not Q is a literal pussy computer program

can't even declassify a piece of paper or txt messages like a little bitch

cffdcf  No.3428682


>This Charles Newman guy (worked for NSC in Obama's White House) that married FBI attorney Trisha Anderson ( >>>/patriotsfight/373 ) seems to be a spook.

Notable Baker?

fa851a  No.3428683



2ef919  No.3428684


put this one too:


about dinner with podesta

987e80  No.3428685

File: 709c3ed754a1db3⋯.png (21.87 KB, 1200x789, 400:263, noodle.png)

150599  No.3428686

I know it is hurricane season but I have to say this Hurricane Michael situation is extremely odd to me and I have gone through dozens of these through the years. The way it emerged so close to the coast and without gaining steam at sea is very rare and I have never seen anything like this before in terms of a hurricane forming so close to the shore and turning into a super hurricane.

I have to say I am highly suspicious of China already but given that we know "they" sold all our tech to the Chinese it makes me wonder if this is truly natural or has something to do with the recent events of NC getting hammered, then a few days later China gets hit with a super typhoon and now a massive hurricane emerges close to shore in Florida. Back to back to back within short time.

c6cd9a  No.3428687

File: bf3f0befb811e02⋯.jpg (797.06 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181010-161734….jpg)

4b50da  No.3428688




b07875  No.3428689

File: a2c7c1121726d52⋯.png (49.04 KB, 256x260, 64:65, QBake2.png)


With all due respect back-up Baker… you should hollar loader about taking over this shift.

5e93ed  No.3428690

File: 0aed347d3490615⋯.jpg (72.5 KB, 625x422, 625:422, redoctmound.jpg)

7e87e2  No.3428691



HAHAHAHA. You have magical skills.

6e7a6c  No.3428692

File: 024d7f49f85b448⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 2255x1820, 451:364, 07 mirror of 43.jpg)

File: 10488204d376a47⋯.jpg (1007.06 KB, 2250x1360, 225:136, 43 mirror of 07.jpg)

File: a54711bfeb54bb7⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 2492x1800, 623:450, 37 mirror of 13.jpg)

File: c95954ab2ebfd1b⋯.jpg (682.19 KB, 1717x1440, 1717:1440, 08 mirror of 42.jpg)

File: b90fd1bb3549aa9⋯.jpg (376.12 KB, 1350x934, 675:467, 42 mirror of 08.jpg)


Today's Q Clock

Pic 1

"Here to stay."

No, you're not.

1:07 [Marker]

Huber coming.




Today's Q Clock Mirror





Remember THIS DAY.

Follow the pen.


Today's Classic 180-Degree Q Clock Mirror :37

Pic 3


Now comes the pain.

RED wave coming?


On Guard.



Tomorrow's Q Clock

Pic 4







Thank you USSS.

Tomorrow's Q Clock Mirror

Pic 5




D's cannot survive.



DECLAS coming?


b966ee  No.3428693


That’s why I asked for them

024ebb  No.3428694


some folks need to run for the school board, or apply for jobs in overwhelming capacity.

e14666  No.3428695

File: e22f67c8929301a⋯.jpeg (12.97 KB, 218x231, 218:231, pepeborntofren.jpeg)


Hey P & L I may hand off before the rally so I can get a bite to eat. Thanks for the backup.

5e93ed  No.3428696

File: 55f42e7f3136274⋯.jpg (81.6 KB, 522x594, 29:33, iu.jpg)

e14666  No.3428697


>>3428159 POTUS rally schedule.

>>3428164 Holder advocates violence against conservatives.

>>3428200 DHS issues waiver to expedite border wall gate construction project in Texas.

>>3428243 Clockfag provides RBG/RR/GS blank clocks.

>>3428165, >>3428245 JW: New emails appear to be among those Clinton had attempted to delete.

>>3428270 Chinese spy charged with economic espionage.

>>3428446 JFK AIRPORT: American Airlines from NY to Montreal heading back due to issues with the plane's landing gear.

>>3428462 Heitkamp (D) criticizes HRC for her uncivil speech.

>>3428491 Trump heading to rally despite storm.

>>3428600 UT 'CP professor' is a Chinese spy.

>>3428615 GM appoints an ex-CIA deputy director to its board.

Did I miss any?

93eaca  No.3428698


It most likely has to do with the hurricane. The media is going to slam him for having a rally the same day a cat 4 hurricane hit.

4dee19  No.3428699






He was just saying Goodbye, for the night. See you again in 12 hours. Exactly [12].

6e3054  No.3428700

File: b9586c9d8c0276b⋯.jpg (151.44 KB, 1842x742, 921:371, shs-acosta.jpg)

d9e07a  No.3428701

File: 8bc93915583fbf4⋯.jpg (13.68 KB, 600x401, 600:401, bumbstock.jpg)

85eb73  No.3428702

File: bf2531d5764998d⋯.png (308.72 KB, 593x529, 593:529, mss.png)


1b1d3f  No.3428703

File: 8699325b9494552⋯.png (539.86 KB, 1176x644, 42:23, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 83e3f0865f1e3aa⋯.png (90.27 KB, 920x407, 920:407, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 49c90dcb66c2f3f⋯.png (46.67 KB, 923x289, 923:289, ClipboardImage.png)

Simona Mangiante is not a (Russian) spy.

But admits they met through Mifsud!

Leaves open possibility she's an Italian spy…


63b630  No.3428704

File: 807b3f57137b222⋯.jpg (45.17 KB, 498x474, 83:79, NewfagsPleaseLurkMoar.JPG)

>>3428581, >>3428665

>I am assuming this already made it here

Srsly, why assume?


That's why we make them!

This isn't just a copypasta jungle gym ffs.

ce61ef  No.3428705

File: 1699caeaaaf2a1e⋯.png (757.73 KB, 660x672, 55:56, Acosta 1 re Rally Crowd 10….PNG)

File: e6085b276638960⋯.png (442.72 KB, 654x552, 109:92, Acosta 2 re Rally Crowd 10….PNG)

File: cb6d1d3914bf469⋯.png (337.14 KB, 644x480, 161:120, Acosta 3 re Rally Crowd 10….PNG)


POTUS Trolling Acosta


3ef0dd  No.3428706

Eric Holder on civility: "When they go low, we kick them."


Who is going low. It is all up, up, up.

Anyway, the Kav confirmation process saw the Ds go low, low, looow. The R response was the Collins speech, the Mitchell speech, and, yes, Kav's own self-defense speech.

Oh, and SEN LG took the high road, too.

Of course, POTUS mocked the content of the CBF testimony but did not kick her when she went loooooooow.


4b50da  No.3428707


Let him do that suicide bombing then…

in the Nevada desert.

376320  No.3428708



He was given ample opportunity to divulge. He chose evil, he will suffer PAIN!

150599  No.3428709


Just to follow up. It is even odder as NORAD and US NORTHCOM are doing the debriefing about the hurricane.

It is very suspicious.

2ef919  No.3428710

File: 4c3c0b2ff3f09de⋯.png (54.36 KB, 845x243, 845:243, ClipboardImage.png)

subject: Jews

323136  No.3428711



>>3428499 PROOF Oscar Flores had an email account on CLINTON'S EMAIL SERVER

08fd37  No.3428712


RR is not going anywhere.

Think logically.

How many times has he called out RR?

How early was he called out?

How obvious has he made it RR is the lynchpin?

How many times has he said he will remove RR?

How much do the Dems want him to stay.

Think logically. If he was the target, it would never be that obvious.

1db34c  No.3428713

Markets fluctuate…it’s what they do.

5e93ed  No.3428714

File: e5890e0f2970b81⋯.jpg (41.74 KB, 577x517, 577:517, iu (9).jpg)

1d54ba  No.3428715

If they win in 2018/2020,

It is Over for European-Americans


They will redistrict the entire nation so that no Republican can ever win again.

And they can justify this RIGHT NOW UNDER EXISTING LAW since it is LEGAL AND ENCOURAGED to disenfranchise the White Voting Base because Non Whites are Politically Protected Class of Voters.

That's Institutional Racism/Discrimination.

Whites are 7.5% of the World's Population yet we are treated like a Super Majority.

6154bf  No.3428716


Last time I saw a mound like that I was 15.

8426e1  No.3428717

File: 487bd26e3103a3b⋯.jpg (38.61 KB, 627x429, 19:13, clocks_back.jpg)


Thanks Clockfag

9ba6b0  No.3428719


OK, I will watch and take the handoff if you do!!

180bf3  No.3428720




d133f7  No.3428722

File: 5ac4c794407d08c⋯.jpg (34.42 KB, 565x540, 113:108, go2.JPG)

38b8f9  No.3428723


Thats really funny actually!

89dd90  No.3428724

File: f61d2e5e41a18ca⋯.jpeg (741.69 KB, 1125x1413, 125:157, 312699EF-FD0A-4839-9ADE-9….jpeg)

someone thinks he can save himself


e14666  No.3428725


If we can get some sauce with those tweets I'll put it in.

919b47  No.3428726


There's already a baker taking the next bread brah. I'm letting my fellow bakers know I'm around for backup this eve. Should be another great one.

b36dc5  No.3428727

File: a0045c0cced8bb3⋯.jpeg (35.22 KB, 474x364, 237:182, D41C494B-B9EA-4B72-BDC2-2….jpeg)

b07875  No.3428728

File: ed96336d0ed3f30⋯.jpg (170.9 KB, 400x560, 5:7, STORM.jpg)


It was energized

See: http://tropic.ssec.wisc.edu/real-time/mimic-tpw/natl/main.html

7539ef  No.3428729

Hurricane Michael is the only vengeance the Rothschilds have right now, so they are milking it for all it's worth and being totally cruel to all those millions of poor people who are misled to think it is the hand of God personally punishing them. They could make it all stop if only they loved the truth enough to seek and find it, but instead their fate will be to die, to be scattered, and to lose all their property and memories.

92675d  No.3428730

Q: Respectfully asking if 2018 is still going to be glorious? We'll wait. We're still with you. We'd just like to not always be living on the edge. Most of us are only civies. I know the black hats watch, too. But you have your ways!!! Thanks. Don't know how you keep up with POTUS. I sure wouldn't want to.

b966ee  No.3428731

66d454  No.3428732


I know I know don't reply to shills.. I have to once in a while.

Listen, fuckwits, we have been invited to ringside seats for the greatest and most important show that the Earth has ever seen.

We didn't know the stakes, now we do. We have ring side seats to a game that we had no idea was happening. We are trying to learn the game i.e. a boxing match, anons are reading the rules, scoring sytem, technique. Shills are shouting KICK HIM - WHY AREN'T KICKING HIM, OMG IM GOING HOME

cffdcf  No.3428733



>>This Charles Newman guy (worked for NSC in Obama's White House) that married FBI attorney Trisha Anderson ( >>>/patriotsfight/373 ) seems to be a spook.


> Notable Baker?


855391  No.3428734

File: c5a245424b24b04⋯.pdf (227.46 KB, DOJ_Romanian_Woman_Pleads_….pdf)

File: 38a0a0f4ac09a50⋯.png (31.08 KB, 599x312, 599:312, survcamromaniain.png)

fb0743  No.3428735

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Obama To GOP: 'Go Out There And Win An Election'

08fd37  No.3428736


Subject: Jews

Addressed to Huma!!

Not a drill!

HRC campaign discussing the JQ

bab5ee  No.3428737


Because the 7.5% whites have about 75% of the world's brains and accomplishments.

820762  No.3428738


Q is a lying piece of shit at best

buy those T-shirts as nothing fucking happens anons

89dd90  No.3428739


Just posted baker. Can repost next bread if you wish.


f025ae  No.3428740


> We'd just like to not always be living on the edge. Most of us are only civies.

then stay the fuck outta the way


63b630  No.3428741


Didn't realize you'd been gathering.

Do you wanna go ahead and handoff and use your notes? I'm cool with that. If so…

Handoff confirmed?


ty BO

0b2bea  No.3428742

File: 16fa836d45deccd⋯.jpeg (9.88 KB, 162x255, 54:85, 8c2dbcc4fdbdec6912c47a060….jpeg)

cd0929  No.3428743

File: 60d2211d5a256b4⋯.gif (3.41 MB, 312x302, 156:151, 60d2211d5a256b4bbc2fa89963….gif)

d133f7  No.3428744

File: 69be38bb84e9c00⋯.jpg (52.07 KB, 631x630, 631:630, gofyourself.JPG)

51204c  No.3428745

File: c7e5517b19f230a⋯.png (850.67 KB, 692x543, 692:543, Capture.PNG)


How about never.>>3428654

4dee19  No.3428746

Goodbye, Mr. Rosenstein.

See you [tomorrow].

Exactly [24].


09ae26  No.3428747

File: 905d3edf4afc9b1⋯.png (1.42 MB, 900x800, 9:8, CollageB4346-5.png)

d1a74d  No.3428748

File: 26e01774d6f6d50⋯.jpg (55.23 KB, 500x500, 1:1, HOLDERFA.JPG)

0c18c6  No.3428750


The House Impeaches.

Senate tries. 2/3 needed here.


31dc95  No.3428752

File: f586b891abae9ab⋯.png (38.8 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Screenshot_2018-10-04-12-1….png)





Pedophile when we're you released?

3f4667  No.3428753


Surprised Acosta admitted to the big crowd. Kind of cuts the legs off the empty seats pundits.

9c2cd0  No.3428754


Yes, they were already attacking him earlier, suggesting he has no business holding a rally on the same day as the storm hits.

6926b2  No.3428755


if they win 2018/2020,


38b8f9  No.