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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ze1c02b43c5fc1b06dad409388….jpg)

08260a  No.3434274

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Q - Killing The Mockingbird - (2nd in vid series): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80s5xuvzCtg

The Best of the Best Q Proofs >>1552095, >>>/qproofs/49 SEE FOR YOURSELF

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Q Clearance Archive: irc.qclearancearchive.net

Q's Latest Posts

Tuesday 10.09.18

>>>/patriotsfight/373 -------------------------------- Statement release 10.9.18 [p_AUTHORITY1] (Cap: >>3417457 ; reminder re: /pf/175: >>3417530 )

>>3412993 rt >>3219413 -------------------------- Guangdong = Guangzhou = Shenzhen?

>>>/patriotsfight/372 -------------------------------- effort to combat CHINA's attempts to harm our farmers (Cap/txt: >>3412511, >>3412512 )

>>>/patriotsfight/371 rt /pf/297 -------------------- AMERICA IS NO LONGER FOR SALE. (Cap: >>3412170 )

>>>/patriotsfight/370 -------------------------------- Coincidence the news today is focused on a resignation? (Caps: >>3408439 ; >>3408550 )

Monday 10.08.18

>>>/patriotsfight/369 -------------------------------- [Sally Yates] ( Cap: >>3403973 )

>>3398484 rt >>3398290 -------------------------- Court order to preserve ALL data sent to GOOG? ( Cap: >>3400639 )

>>>/patriotsfight/368 --------------------------------- Graphic: DECLAS! ( Cap: >>3396370 )

>>>/patriotsfight/367 --------------------------------- Win-at-all-costs? ( Cap: >>3395933 )

>>>/patriotsfight/366 --------------------------------- Blasey Ford #WALKAWAY ( Cap: >>3395886 )

>>>/patriotsfight/365 rt /pf/357 -------------------- Your voice is spreading. ( Cap: >>3395849 )

>>>/patriotsfight/364 --------------------------------- TomFitton/Status, Knowledge is power. ( Cap: >>3395849 )

>>>/patriotsfight/363 --------------------------------- [Next Up][RR], Locked & Loaded ( Cap/text: >>3395264, >>3395283 )

>>>/patriotsfight/362 rt /pf/306 -------------------- Think 2/3rd Senate vote req to impeach [impossible]. ( Cap: >>3395092 )

>>>/patriotsfight/361 rt /pf/293 -------------------- Anons knew POTUS would not be baited to FIRE ( Cap: >>3394395 )

>>>/patriotsfight/360 ——————————— NK will allow inspectors access to nuke sites ( Cap: >>3390086 )

Sunday 10.07.18

>>>/patriotsfight/359 --------------------------------- THE WORLD WILL KNOW THE TRUTH. (Cap: >>3384629 )

>>>/patriotsfight/358 --------------------------------- Goodbye, Valerie Jarrett. (Caps: >>3383199 ; >>3383224 ; >>3383269 )

>>>/patriotsfight/357 --------------------------------- Devin Nunes on Russia probe and FISA abuse (Cap: >>3382810 ; >>3382812 )

>>>/patriotsfight/356 --------------------------------- [BOOM WEEK] (Cap: >>3382314 )

Saturday 10.06.18

>>>/patriotsfight/355 --------------------------------- DON'T BE A PAWN IN THEIR SICK GAME ( Cap: >>3374695, >>3375172 )

>>>/patriotsfight/354 --------------------------------- [Repost][Search & Destroy] ( Cap: >>3373783 )

>>>/patriotsfight/353 --------------------------------- "Wrap-Up Smear" deployed v. Justice K? ( Cap: >>3371630, >>3371514 )

>>>/patriotsfight/352 rt /pf/306 -------------------- Justice K impeachment: CON sold to voters by LYING D's ( Cap: >>3371193 )

>>>/patriotsfight/351 --------------------------------- America's destiny of goodness and good will ( Cap: >>3369559 )

>>>/patriotsfight/350 rt /pf/298 ——————– TODAY, THE REPUBLIC, TOOK BACK CONTROL. ( Cap: >>3372173 )

>>3368187 rt >>3367982 ————-————– God bless, Patriot. Celebrate - this means so much. ( Cap: >>3368259 )

>>>/patriotsfight/349 --------------------------------- POLITICAL HIT by D's. ( Cap: >>3367230 )

>>>/patriotsfight/348 --------------------------------- WELCOME TO THE DEMOCRAT PARTY. ( Cap: >>3366916 )

>>>/patriotsfight/347 ——————————— IT WAS OUR LAST CHANCE TO SAVE IT ( Cap: >>3362076 )

Friday 10.05.18

Compiled here: >>3408448

Q's Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/ | Qs Tripcode: Q !!mG7VJxZNCI

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Dealing with Clowns & Shills

>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

08260a  No.3434281


are not endorsements


>>2956097 Thread Specifically For DECLAS Memes <----- MAKE THIS GO VIRAL <-----

>>3257753 Thread specifically for RED OCTOBER Memes for the MidTerms


>>3432141 To the maintainers of qanon.pub and qmap.pub: PF No.165 is missing

>>3395243 BO : "/cbts/ and /thestorm/ ownership transferred. Thanks CM... All bans lifted"

>>3336410 /CM/: New posting servers, load balancer, and alacrity cacher owing to uptick in 8ch traffic

>>3405679 Q: The Basics - An Introduction to Q and the Great Awakening v.1.0 ( >>3176426 archived)


>>3433643 Qclock on ABC = NBC tweet

>>3433686, >>3433920 Reminder: 140 Democrats refused to Vote Yes Condemning Illegal Voting by Immigrants

>>3433782 University of Texas Child Porn Professor is a Chinese Spy under FBI Espionage Investigation

>>3433860 Australian Federal Police officers have raided the Department of Home Affairs in Canberra

>>3433955 Former Top F.B.I. Lawyer Says Rosenstein Was Serious About Taping Trump

>>3434021 First ever 'Chinese spy' extradited to stand trial in USA

>>3434035, >>3434046 New POTUS tweet, with video

>>3434061 Email from secret Clinton adviser Sid Blumenthal about the change of government in Kyrgyzstan on April 8, 2010

>>3434098 Pompeo says no more US reconstruction aid to Syria if Iran stays

>>3434110 Lots of references to H as Evergreen in this batch of emails

>>3434256 #4353


>>3432773 Supreme Court grapples with dispute over detention of immigrants

>>3432851 The Running Battle Between Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe

>>3432862 POTUS Schedule for tomorrow

>>3432913, >>3433017 Strong resemblance between Haiti US Embassy PAO Indran Amirthanayagam and Hussein's couch buddy

>>3433018 Q clocks from 'force the question' drop

>>3433235 China Will Put 10% Ethanol in its Gasoline by 2020

>>3433391 Anon on Before any arrests can happen

>>3433478 #4352

#4351 Baker Change

>>3432040 Watchdog demanded investigation into Nikki Haley's private flights before she resigned

>>3432057 New Project Veritas Video, Phill Bredesen's Field Organizers, Behind the Scenes

>>3432141 qanon.pub and qmap.pub are missing PF No.165

>>3432146 Chinese Intelligence Officer Charged with Economic Espionage Involving Theft of Trade Secrets from Leading U.S. Aviation Companies

>>3432311 Francis J. Barletta's, Lou Barletta's brother, obituary

>>3432350 James O’Keefe Attacked by Dem Senate Campaign Manager Before New Video Release

>>3432374 Reminder: Creepy zombie like libtards from Justice K protests

>>3432578 JW Sues Defense for Details of Contracts with anti-Trump Spygate Figure Stefan Halper

>>3432684 JUST IN: White House announces Trump (5 appeals court and 8 district court); moar sauce needed

>>3432712 #4351


>>3431489, >>3431538, >>3431739, >>3431785 Barletta Digs

>>3431424 No Coincidences!!

>>3431401 Big story from the Justice Department involving Chinese espionage + US aerospace companies

>>3431281, >>3431302 For the ClockFags & CLOCK FAG SHOWS OFF w Q

>>3431932 #4350


>>3430993 Republicans in Congress Now See The Light On Funding The Border Wall

>>3430868 Sen Bob Corker Very Wealthy Man

>>3430682 Catholic League Adamantly Opposes Child Victim Act

>>3430651 Wasn't she supposed to serve US? Twitter unamused as IDF 'salutes' Haley for her support for Israel

>>3430529 Jeff Sessions & Acting Asst Attorney General Jeffrey H Woods meeting with Interpol

>>3430498 Edward Snowden is expected to speak via video link at a closed conference held in Israel

>>3430479 Open Philanthropy Project (Dig Moar)

>>3430456, >>3430861, >>3431002, >>3431006 Guy Who was Arrested for Election Day Bomb Plot Married to a Psychiatrist (Dig Needed)

>>3431152 #4349

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>>3430338 #4348

>>3428073 #4345, >>3428810 #4346, >>3429599 #4347

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08260a  No.3434298

File: 459ae18232b3c5f⋯.jpg (58.88 KB, 832x391, 832:391, pepeinthewater.jpg)



b12fb5  No.3434325


Yup. A woman. A dog. A family. A people.

A demonized forbidden truth in spite of it ruining your life due to people like you that side with the left who you know are known liars.

I know love like you could never imagine.

You love safe things.

You love approved things.

You make sure the left allows you to love those things.

I despise people like you and the rest of the christards in this thread.

You have done nothing to fight back against the left this past decade. You faggots were always always in the way. Being faggots like you are being right now.

We fight the left. We don't act like bitches and cower in the face of being called names...(anonomysly over the internet-which you faggots do)

I have been fighting these jews and leftists for ten years and I don't care about defending a country that hates me for being a straight white male. I don't fight for you. I fight for me. I fight for what this country was and always should have been but because of your leftist brainwashing you resist.

It is okay to be white. It is okay to want this country to be white.

It is okay to know for a fact that the best situation is for this country to be white and to stay white.

All of our children would sleep well at night.

d1147e  No.3434339

File: 19a31458fe8cd4a⋯.png (147.29 KB, 350x261, 350:261, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 65d963f81b50725⋯.png (610.63 KB, 800x531, 800:531, ClipboardImage.png)

TYB have a juicy catfish to go along with this corn bread.

ea4236  No.3434349

File: 644d1a70d77480c⋯.jpg (14.35 KB, 220x275, 4:5, RR stock.jpg)

RR took the investigation away from McCabe.

RR suggested the firing of Comey.

Why did RR sign the 4th FISA warrant?

Why didn't RR just close the investigation into Trump once he realized McCabe and FBI had NOTHING on Trump?

204891  No.3434352

File: 3dfba71274b6a1f⋯.jpg (85.53 KB, 675x1024, 675:1024, 1539229871680m.jpg)

Why is killing these people illegal?

1edd73  No.3434354

File: 5bd5e25ce7ea5ad⋯.jpeg (73.22 KB, 705x468, 235:156, 46354095-F8C6-4C26-8665-6….jpeg)

e8c2af  No.3434355

File: aeb1dc15d37bd88⋯.jpg (11.55 KB, 231x244, 231:244, eb4e1a92847cdf0cec11fe71c5….jpg)


more kek slapped up in dat dough then we usually see

night crew baker be spicin it up

925a6c  No.3434356

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>3434228 (pb)

I ain't missin' Q at all,

since Q's been gone... away

I ain't missin' Q,

no matter... what the Shills say..

d02b75  No.3434357

File: f4f3f87ef975058⋯.png (390.45 KB, 800x500, 8:5, RESPECT THE BAKERS.png)

thank you baker

5962ba  No.3434358

>>3434277 lb

He who lives by the sword, shall die by the sword.

Do not threaten.

If there is to be a war, let it begin here. We will defend.

Got it?

67fec7  No.3434359


I think the logic is inescapable

8e1ec9  No.3434360


Because FISA goes both ways.

1f303d  No.3434361


shill bots

0bbde1  No.3434362

File: 35f2fef8fb28bbc⋯.jpeg (305.78 KB, 640x933, 640:933, 542C07DE-BFAC-481B-B2BB-E….jpeg)

Photonics logic gate kek

b52b0e  No.3434363


We get reincarnated until we level up. We live to make choices and learn. Choose wisely

df5a79  No.3434364

File: 96999d5390c7489⋯.jpeg (251.51 KB, 750x675, 10:9, FCF54583-2336-426A-8862-8….jpeg)

File: a447596e53ebd53⋯.jpeg (53.12 KB, 480x852, 40:71, 13C3D6D3-A7B5-474B-969B-6….jpeg)

Ty baker

b12fb5  No.3434365


Perfect image for the faggotty post you made.


Cuck Patriotard Millionaire


a9e480  No.3434366

Bolshevik Propaganda

Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Sixty-fifth Congress, Third Session and Thereafter, Pursuant to S. Res. 439 and 469. February 11, 1919, to March 10, 1919


ee1311  No.3434367


>Why is killing these people illegal?

Because we continue to define them as people.

d8bbf9  No.3434368

Q is a MILITARY OP. WHO owns the board? That should be proof enough.

Does the MILITARY warn before attacks? NO.

They collect INTEL. There can be NO MISTAKES. NO loopholes.

This is NOT a game. This is our lives. We voted for President Trump because - EVERY DAY- he is proving our choice to be correct.

Q serves the President.

WHY would Q reveal a timeline/arrest date (to us/them) when Q is fighting global corruption?

Would that be intelligent? NO.

We want answers and arrests, yes, but Q is building a foundation so we HAVE the answers when the attack comes- expect this to be without warning.

Q wants us ready without warning.

Understand the reason we are here. To educate ourselves. To understand why things will be happening. To share. To help.

THAT is our purpose.

570747  No.3434369

File: c6fc88b956ce5e6⋯.jpeg (407.45 KB, 750x618, 125:103, 24DE9B45-7BFD-4CBF-BC54-0….jpeg)

File: 3b312a96f591686⋯.jpeg (277.87 KB, 750x563, 750:563, 11910A4A-C330-45AC-805C-0….jpeg)

File: 95c1fcbde376b51⋯.jpeg (484.94 KB, 750x739, 750:739, 61DBAF44-53EE-4CE1-848B-5….jpeg)

25 has been in the news

Are they trolling the Swamp and their USAID slush fund?

bbbef8  No.3434370

File: 6dbc380bc865525⋯.png (1.17 MB, 900x800, 9:8, CollageB4353-3.png)

b12fb5  No.3434371


Real American.

No argument.



8c426d  No.3434372

File: 12030d592f96f76⋯.jpg (37.9 KB, 313x400, 313:400, ssdare.jpg)

5059c5  No.3434373

File: 101f6e55f5d3f89⋯.png (78.64 KB, 567x485, 567:485, ClipboardImage.png)

>>3433665 pb

I'm not an R-fag, but here's something I found a long time ago and forgot until now kek. Have fun.

a08ce9  No.3434374



Irrelevant as ever, and refusing to accept it.

d1147e  No.3434375


Best meme.

Also best version of this meme

59ef23  No.3434376

>>3434327 (lb)

It does seem to be. Cause the past several spy movies, theres always a scene where the camera pans right over the top of it. Just one of those things that kinda makes ya wonder.

cd1cf2  No.3434377

File: 579687b4c2a3393⋯.png (716.48 KB, 677x500, 677:500, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0cc09e462eb1256⋯.png (52.7 KB, 669x818, 669:818, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2a9b920601afade⋯.png (538.83 KB, 666x776, 333:388, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5223d9aacc00eef⋯.png (56.98 KB, 665x920, 133:184, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 785d6f5d60887eb⋯.png (38.72 KB, 665x636, 665:636, ClipboardImage.png)

Ultimate False Flag Operation

Blaming Mother Nature for Terror Attacks

Using Weather Weapons of Mass Destruction

With the exception of the false flag terror attacks staged on September 11, 2001, government-sponsored acts of weather warfare and environmental terrorism are exceedingly more deadly and destructive.

Consider that the current estimate for the damage caused to the Texas alone is already estimated to be $180 billion due to Hurricane Harvey. Opportunities for disaster capitalism have always played a significant part in the decision process to wage weather warfare. Similarly, predatory capitalism has frequently driven the decisions to perpetrate egregious acts of environmental terrorism (e.g. BP Gulf oil spill)

Now that everyone knows that HARVEY was steered into Texas coastline, it’s generally understood that IRMA will likewise be directed to a specific target… … …still unknown! That the national conversation has shifted so quickly to manmade superstorms is a HUGE happening. For only when a critical mass of Americans realize that these superstorms are geoengineered from substantially smaller storms which naturally form during hurricane season, will the awareness be sufficiently raised to terminate them altogether.

When Shock & Awe is geoengineered

The weather weaponry that was utilized to geoengineer and steer HARVEY into Texas is really very simple. The state of the art of geoengineering technology is quite advanced; much more than the taxpayers have been told. While chemical geoengineering has been conducted for several decades, the capacity to carry out chemtrail operations has seen a dramatic increase since 9/11. Likewise, the requisite HAARP technology has been refined considerably in the past 10 years.

What’s the critical point: the NWO globalists can manufacture a storm, ramp it up to cataclysmic superstorm magnitude, and aim it practically anywhere they so desire. Not only that, but they can play with its direction, speed and rain-making capability by pressing the necessary buttons. They did just this in the case of HARVEY as the following video illustrates: This is exactly what a geoengineered hurricane looks like. (Video)

HARVEY was actually manipulated to travel around and then sit right next to Houston for what seemed like an eternity. Of course, everyone knows the rest of the story—the 1000-year flood of 2017. Not only was the ensuing biblical deluge deliberately fabricated as a “Shock & Awe” event, it’s only the first post solar eclipse catastrophe that is planned for the American people. IRMA appears to be next up on their weaponized weather agenda.

While many seem to doubt this weather warfare scenario, the satellite imagery and other diagnostic modalities all point to the same conclusion: Hurricane Harvey was a geoengineered storm. The controllers of this meteorological drama even performed cloud-seeding in Texas on the day before HARVEY made landfall. Official Cloud-Seeding Report Filed On August 24th In Texas County.

There were so many classic geoengineering signatures present in HARVEY’s case that it has become the gold standard for recognizing future manufactured superstorms. Even NASA’s own satellite video captured some of the telltale signs of geoengineering techniques. As the following depiction clearly demonstrates, there were great outside forces at work to regenerate HARVEY into a powerful hurricane immediately after it made landfall on the Yucatan Peninsula. Hitting land always takes away their stream, and yet look here: Satellite Shows Harvey Regenerate into a Hurricane (Video)


5962ba  No.3434378


Did she just wipe splurge off her face?

56eca4  No.3434379

File: 3950c713d0e5704⋯.png (316.23 KB, 840x420, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

1f303d  No.3434380


get outta here with this language shill

e14a29  No.3434381

File: ecdd748aa5f375c⋯.jpg (121.25 KB, 952x964, 238:241, ecdd748aa5f375c9bb40ce05a3….jpg)

File: 60a52ca37fc56b3⋯.png (8.81 KB, 255x253, 255:253, d2597d5a7e6099524e83c181d5….png)

8c426d  No.3434382


By Rochelle Sparrow!

df5a79  No.3434383

File: 65be7f9ff09a274⋯.jpeg (35.11 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 76A72730-E82D-4081-8F16-D….jpeg)

4ac248  No.3434384

File: 6e3f80acb82ce67⋯.jpg (49.19 KB, 700x467, 700:467, rrfisa1.jpg)

File: 2f9c560a53838e5⋯.jpg (230.92 KB, 1951x1070, 1951:1070, rrfisa6 (2).jpg)

File: cd43d1dd8836114⋯.png (455.51 KB, 969x502, 969:502, rrfisa76.png)

File: f3b2a2f860c6eae⋯.jpg (160.09 KB, 1122x510, 11:5, fisawarrant.jpg)

File: 1c9e32368228b55⋯.jpg (90 KB, 714x500, 357:250, roundandrounde46.jpg)

3434062 pb

Troll has some success there guise

>>3434099 pb

>>3434221 pb

>>3434249 pb


0bbde1  No.3434385


That’s primitive but a start..

K now don’t get a chub that’s all you get out of me clown nigger

35cd66  No.3434386

File: bcffec57596b04c⋯.png (16 KB, 885x287, 885:287, 3apture.PNG)

File: 48f38df45429c94⋯.png (16.83 KB, 886x272, 443:136, 1apture.PNG)

File: 0a946205f9e0f8d⋯.png (17.41 KB, 886x275, 886:275, 2Capture.PNG)

Q post 3,4 👀

'' Open your eyes.

It finally came out that Rod/Bob were key players in the Uranium scandal.

Don’t you think POTUS would be tweeting about removal given clear conflict.

Why did POTUS meet Bob under the cover of FBI Dir interview?

Bob is unable to serve as Dir per the law.

Some of us come here to drop crumbs, just crumbs.

POTUS is 100% insulated - any discussion suggesting he’s even a target is false.

POTUS will not be addressing nation on any of these issues as people begin to be indicted and must remain neutral for pure optical reasons. ''

Think Mirror !!!

ee1311  No.3434387

6bced8  No.3434389


Because FISA goes both ways.

Because Trump promised a special council on Hillary/Obama and that is what he's REALLY doing.

5b2778  No.3434390


She sure is obsessed with skin color and domination.

6af24b  No.3434391


Nice work anon. I can buy that.

b58d46  No.3434392

File: d38bf14d5e63c39⋯.jpg (97.01 KB, 480x407, 480:407, 2juaig~2.jpg)

File: 9c0227e91623be7⋯.jpg (78.27 KB, 480x598, 240:299, 2jsyv2~2.jpg)

File: 63a8dce6c22f513⋯.jpg (59.36 KB, 480x673, 480:673, 2jszof~2.jpg)

File: 36cc5c9c7e9396d⋯.jpeg (32.99 KB, 344x438, 172:219, 68220c9060fa3698194f69e38….jpeg)

Anons this is a serious convrtsation, honestly, the longer I'm here the more worries I'm having. I've been here since thread 1 of CBTS, PG, and way before.

Q saying "don't worry we're in control" and "We are here for a reason" creep me the fuck out.

Although no public arrests/hangings have been made (they can't even ever tell us that McCain was put to death - because they are too worried about controlling the public). We are constantly told "HEY, BILLIONARE executives are quitting with huge bonuses! Aren't you happy!? CEOS are quitting!" We are supposed to be fucking happy about that?

We have been relegated to cheering for behind the scenes movement.

Q (NSA) team is here to CONTROL THE RIOTS.

They know we know. They have more than confirmed our suspicions on what's going on. We wrongly think they are on our side to take them down.

Although Q & NSA ARE ON OUR SIDE - they don't HAVE THE SAME GOAL.

Their goal is to protect the military, and the nation from changing. They are here to CONTROL us. They are here to convince us not to riot. They are here to convince us not to kill democrats. They are here to convince us to VOTE for president.

The problem is, I'm fucking pissed.

It's becoming more and more clear with EVERY POST.

Q has no interest, in EVER bringing anyone to public justice. They are handing things with "internal military tribunals" - THEY WILL NEVER BE TELEVISED. THEY WILL NEVER BE PUBLIC.

Where the fuck do you all think McCain went.

Q team is very proud of themselves, for putting him to military tribunal. The problem is - NORMIES DONT KNOW ANY OF THIS.

We really need to demand PUBLIC HANGINGS. I'm sick of CEOS resigning peacefully.

This entire team seems convinced to try to change the medias mind. It's a waste of fucking time. The media is gone forever - and Q team has yet to understand this.

They are literally here just to convince us from rioting because they know we are pissed. We are literally cats to them, and they are the cat herders.


Oh yeah Q where is all the arrests…. Lmao

570747  No.3434393




b12fb5  No.3434394


Whites are jews?

Hi nigger

de6cbe  No.3434395

File: 7bda7f93d3d0ab6⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1302x1784, 651:892, Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at ….png)

Want to live next door to Anderson Cooper's Mommy? Now you can!

https:// nypost.com/2018/10/10/its-shockingly-cheap-to-be-gloria-vanderbilts-neighbor/?utm_source=NYPTwitter&utm_medium=SocialFlow&utm_campaign=SocialFlow

701929  No.3434396

File: 3542722de6b093f⋯.jpg (49.65 KB, 783x387, 87:43, IMG_20181011_001605_111.JPG)


Rage dollars.

22edea  No.3434397


1. He saw McCabe as an enemy because McCabe's notes mentioned his wire-wearing plan.

2, 3. Consistent with him being a Bad Guy.

4. Why do you think he thought the FBI and McCabe had nothing? And even if he thought that, keeping it going is very much a Bad Guy thing to do.

6af24b  No.3434398


Who twerks anymore?

5b8f0b  No.3434399

that feelz like fishing

1edd73  No.3434400

File: 6658f0ce22d72ab⋯.jpeg (94.87 KB, 666x480, 111:80, 8E654E46-6A89-4986-B034-5….jpeg)


Sorry for the trigger(s)

e1d297  No.3434401

File: 945fa220a6f6f7f⋯.jpg (171.72 KB, 528x408, 22:17, Shill shit at epidemic ste….JPG)

0bbde1  No.3434402

de6cbe  No.3434403

File: b374adde879ed6d⋯.png (592.19 KB, 435x512, 435:512, plan_is_we_are_going_to_tr….png)

cd1cf2  No.3434404


Things are slow, vent some built up anger for ignoring them for the last 9 hours

5b2778  No.3434405

File: 5e18a963792515d⋯.png (45.56 KB, 645x277, 645:277, Selection_520.png)

9d2cbe  No.3434406


At this rate, the criminal clan will all die of natural causes and enjoy every cent of their ill gotten riches. Where is the justice in that?

This is just a vote psycop - nothing of substance actually happens.

a3cfad  No.3434408

File: 16a07b53d6590c0⋯.jpg (59.53 KB, 696x720, 29:30, alien-thisiswhy.jpg)


Fuck off shill.

These memes do NOT represent our cause.

At all.

b12fb5  No.3434409


You still watch/listen to the fatman and his silly theories about nazis don't you?

You do.

I can tell.

df5a79  No.3434410


She likes the beebeecee.

c18d9c  No.3434411


Hes been shilling that crap all day

1edd73  No.3434413

d0919e  No.3434414

Q haters = obvious shills.

6af24b  No.3434415



c18d9c  No.3434416

File: 38016e372730518⋯.jpg (94.23 KB, 670x768, 335:384, sarah silverman i eat abor….jpg)

a08ce9  No.3434417


I'm beginning to wonder if anons or shills read shit before they post.

I was quoting her. When she got to the adjective "white", I stopped reading. Then I blasted her as being an irrelevant person.

9d025d  No.3434418

>>3433804 (lb)

In my 26 years of active service, this is the most accurate small arms I've had the privilege of operating.

2e411c  No.3434419


no bullshit, a deep deep book black program buddy out of general dynamics, raytheon, star wars and shit, told me that he had been "doing this" for thousands of years. smiliar to the vague yet specfic way of how patton talked about it.

the way im now looking at "time" sure sounds plausible.

said as long as you don't go into the light youll pop back out. hes like "your friends, your family, your mom will all be saying were here, come, come to us" hes just like DONT. DO NOT. dude had some weirdly personal knowledge of some shit in the dark ages.

also claimed he was an alien. who the fuck knows anymore… 2018 already blew my mind clear open.

"why not".

b58d46  No.3434420

File: 142e847d9265b40⋯.jpg (72.78 KB, 480x532, 120:133, 2juayx~2.jpg)

File: 9dfdb58346ad4bc⋯.jpg (86.15 KB, 480x542, 240:271, 2jt6b4~2.jpg)


I ever meet Q I'll ram his head I'm a toilet.

2941b2  No.3434421

File: d72a7a4aed481f8⋯.jpeg (26.65 KB, 254x255, 254:255, 9AF69FF5-866B-4E9B-BAD7-8….jpeg)

File: a00b968fcac92bc⋯.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1085, 1242:1085, F9BE3DB4-3FB2-4DBD-B49D-8….jpeg)

File: 061e45daf45e365⋯.jpeg (441.36 KB, 1242x929, 1242:929, 0D328378-3252-4EE9-8541-7….jpeg)

File: 65580554b374cff⋯.jpeg (91.85 KB, 600x749, 600:749, 89AA4174-B313-4FCC-B430-1….jpeg)

File: 102da1d4eccae46⋯.jpeg (83.65 KB, 900x516, 75:43, 0AD61E4C-500B-4054-BF39-7….jpeg)


Add more Jew shit. See attached.

a3cfad  No.3434422


double dubs confirm.

5059c5  No.3434423


>Why did RR sign the 4th FISA warrant?

He's a great actor who played the demons' game so as to bait them into incriminating themselves?

d7c0fd  No.3434424

File: 35b1f1bb3944319⋯.jpeg (136.9 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 3300CDAE-8478-4F52-B523-A….jpeg)

File: d98ec47a369278b⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1080x1350, 4:5, C03730C6-3D09-4851-B548-98….png)

Anti JFK Jr. = Fusca Meme with Blank.

d43966  No.3434425

File: 0199f1c17dbc808⋯.jpg (159.23 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 0199f1c17dbc808b700b16c9ce….jpg)

Thank you, Baker!

260f15  No.3434426

File: 0757f87ed7d8846⋯.jpeg (299.5 KB, 1280x1217, 1280:1217, 8D88D148-B8EC-4470-BDFC-1….jpeg)


5b8f0b  No.3434427

File: 6e734ee52076b78⋯.jpg (285.95 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, Clowns In The Wire.jpg)

d02b75  No.3434428

File: cc0423c505c4fa5⋯.jpg (49.43 KB, 800x420, 40:21, 10-8-ROD HIMMLERSTEIN.jpg)

File: 99608afd0da1824⋯.jpg (40.41 KB, 800x420, 40:21, 10-8-ROD HIMMLERSTEIN2.jpg)

File: 7bdcc655a21361f⋯.jpg (43.08 KB, 800x420, 40:21, 10-8-ROD HIMMLERSTEIN3.jpg)

File: 051d4138123dac1⋯.jpg (45.85 KB, 800x571, 800:571, 9-26-BYE BYE rod1.jpg)

File: 2feb0477098ef41⋯.jpg (51.29 KB, 800x571, 800:571, 9-26-BYE BYE rod2.jpg)


good memes anon

i can admit, yours are better than mine but

sharing is caring so….

cd1cf2  No.3434429

File: a951844de7db996⋯.png (584.55 KB, 739x479, 739:479, ClipboardImage.png)

Asia Shares Shattered by Wall Street Tumble

SYDNEY—Asian share markets sank in a sea of red on Oct. 11 after Wall Street suffered its worst drubbing in eight months.

MSCI’s broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan shed 2.7 percent to its lowest in 18 months.

Japan’s Nikkei fell 3.4 percent, the steepest daily drop since March, while the broader TOPIX lost around $195 billion in market value.

Shanghai shares touched their lowest since late 2014, while China blue chips slid 3 percent.

On Wall Street, the S&P500’s sharpest one-day fall since February wiped out around $850 billion of wealth as technology shares tumbled on fears of slowing demand.

The S&P 500 ended Wednesday with a loss of 3.29 percent and the Nasdaq Composite 4.08 percent, while the Dow shed 2.2 percent.

President Trump told reporters after landing in Erie, Pennsylvania, for a campaign rally that the market plunge was “a correction we’ve been waiting for for a long time.”

He also pointed the finger at the Fed for raising interest rates.

“I really disagree with what the Fed is doing,” Trump told reporters before a political rally in Pennsylvania. “I think the Fed has gone crazy.”

It was hawkish commentary from Fed policy makers that triggered the sudden sell off in Treasuries last week and sent long-term yields to their highest in seven years.

The surge made stocks look less attractive compared to bonds while also threatening to curb economic activity and profits.

Yuan a Flashpoint

The shift in yields is also sucking funds out of emerging markets, putting particular pressure on the Chinese yuan as Beijing fights a protracted trade battle with the United States.

China’s central bank has been allowing the yuan to gradually decline, breaking the psychological 6.9000 barrier and leading speculators to push the dollar up to 6.9380.

That has forced other emerging market currencies to weaken to stay competitive, and drawn the ire of the United States which sees it as an unfair devaluation.

“The yuan has already weakened significantly, to offset the tariffs announced so far,” said Alan Ruskin, Deutsche’s global head of G10 FX strategy. “Further weakness could exacerbate concerns of a self-fulfilling flight of capital, and a loss of control.” There was also a danger for the U.S. if Beijing had to intervene heavily to support the yuan.

“China buying yuan and selling dollars would likely entail some selling of U.S. Treasuries at a point where the market is showing some vulnerability, and could be very vulnerable to signs of China liquidation,” added Ruskin.


2ff9d0  No.3434430


She’s got some weird veins (looks like a round subcutaneous implant) on her right neck. Strange.

c18d9c  No.3434431

The shill just called himself a toilet.

What a faggot!

d328fe  No.3434432

File: e9698d8d7604903⋯.jpeg (7.34 KB, 255x128, 255:128, clownshill.jpeg)

d0919e  No.3434433

File: 20d397624d84e75⋯.jpg (176.91 KB, 800x477, 800:477, bad weather PRAY.jpg)

“Racism is evil. And those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans,” Trump said.

67fec7  No.3434434


Mueller and Rosenstein knew for sure McCabe had nothing when fbi turned over Russia investigation to the Special Counsel, there were no facts tying trump to Russia collusion.

86f23e  No.3434435

Q nor Trump talk about healthcare, too much. Trump said he is reducing the premiums but not in my state. And pre-existing conditions do matter to some insurance companies nowadays again. My premiums are going sky high and I won't be able to afford healthcare if they go up to $800/month for little ole me who sees the doctor once a year to fill prescriptions.

52a060  No.3434436

1edd73  No.3434437

File: 05b7ce1eec71c00⋯.gif (970.91 KB, 500x211, 500:211, 43ABF3E2-AEFA-4CB8-98E3-DC….gif)


Sorry for the trigger(s).

403678  No.3434438

>>3434227 (You) lb

Mueller and RR are not partisan Trump people, but they are honestly investigating the swamp (final FISA application, the one done after McCabe was out, has lots of extra redacted pages, most likely pertaining to surveillance on coup plotters).


So the redacted pages don’t protect them?

These two fucks are the swamp, scummy ass piece of shits known to man and I’m supposed to trust them?

They found Jesus? I think not

b12fb5  No.3434439


You are right.


I was fighting four or five jews at the time.


ee1311  No.3434440


Giraffe-like neck.

4ac248  No.3434441

File: f383e8b76126eb9⋯.jpeg (115.65 KB, 1010x689, 1010:689, keepamericagreat.jpeg)


He 's not removing them because he doesn't want to remove them.

They are digging their own graves.

Think of an avalanche. It's starts small. and slow-seeming. but "has legs"

1518d8  No.3434442

File: bbfdd8f752c2ed1⋯.png (52.56 KB, 247x249, 247:249, Screenshot 2018-09-30 at 8….png)

5b2778  No.3434443

File: 33ef4ab3b04b6e8⋯.jpg (13.63 KB, 255x242, 255:242, HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAA.jpg)


>I'm a toilet.

df5a79  No.3434444

File: 0ade2ef3c80342d⋯.jpeg (70.13 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 3B794FB7-C607-498F-A2EE-5….jpeg)

1e8ac2  No.3434445

File: 2cca9cbb018c60f⋯.png (617.56 KB, 1200x592, 75:37, ClipboardImage.png)

260f15  No.3434446

File: 23eef904c044a82⋯.jpeg (131.97 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 886BA95C-87D1-4154-A782-2….jpeg)

e14a29  No.3434447

File: f4767f4974c19f7⋯.png (545.68 KB, 574x408, 287:204, f4767f4974c19f73c119610a64….png)

Boston Symphony conductor's batten fattens around babies

750db5  No.3434448

>>3434122 (lb)

Specific statute is not mentioned here, but this seems to be a comparable situation:

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - "A Montgomery woman has pleaded guilty to revealing confidential information while she was serving on a grand jury in a major drug case, Attorney General Luther Strange announced.

Latoya Ware pleaded guilty in Montgomery County Circuit Court on Monday to an unclassified felony after attempting to reveal classified grand jury evidence."


a3cfad  No.3434449


>double dubs confirm


And double dubs confirm once again! Kek.

d0919e  No.3434450

File: 125dc744e253fbc⋯.jpg (141.04 KB, 593x851, 593:851, rr attemps fail.jpg)

d8bbf9  No.3434451


Oldfag here. Us anons get it. Frustrating as hell because we get disgusted with their actions (especially during the pizzagate digs). But we understand there is a process and protocol that HAS to be in place so it is done right. WE will know when the net goes down, as to WHY it happened. The general public and MSM will be creating chaos. The patriots know better. You see, information- good and bad (disinformation) is necessary so we are prepared. That is why we are here.

0e4d7f  No.3434452


Sean Hannity is a patriot.

c18d9c  No.3434453

File: 8842e21a616d2e4⋯.png (62.41 KB, 401x486, 401:486, pattie gonia pointer chekt.png)

999d8a  No.3434454

They must have leverage.


Stock market crash?


FISA wasn’t just built up by Q, but Sarah carter, hannity, pretty much all white hats.

Their plan was to use their leverage to stall progress

Discredit Q and white hats who have been communicating the plan. The shills are coordinated exactly for this mission. They are responding to each other to try and sew seeds of doubt. Prob most coordinated effort to date.

They will fail

But if you all had a choice between succumbing to their demands to save millions, or prevent market crash, would you? Would you make a deal?

We gotta move forward. We started this, and we have to finish it. There is no going back. Humanity is at stake.


260f15  No.3434455

File: 36f36d985d04bdf⋯.jpeg (55.96 KB, 615x411, 205:137, E417FE5C-7321-4A4E-9DDF-3….jpeg)



ba579e  No.3434456


I agree anon, VF != JFK JR…

but, JFK JR may still be alive, just not that guy.

d8f46d  No.3434457

File: befbe166573c6ff⋯.jpg (91.84 KB, 640x420, 32:21, IMG_20181007_151113.jpg)

File: 595ff14c480116a⋯.jpg (98.52 KB, 640x420, 32:21, IMG_20181007_150549.jpg)

File: e62e2eae590535f⋯.jpg (133.61 KB, 640x480, 4:3, IMG_20180930_172353.jpg)

File: 1c3dc0b0a08a843⋯.jpg (315.96 KB, 1079x977, 1079:977, IMG_20180930_172112.jpg)

More ammo

79ddcb  No.3434458


somewhere along the line, you started to believe that you were here to receive things, or be rewarded… that was a misunderstanding on your part.. this is about doing.. not getting.. or being happy.

26ddaa  No.3434459

File: 5e50e57d73f7622⋯.gif (127.3 KB, 415x400, 83:80, anthony_wee.gif)


imagine a world without slutty, jewish whores who subvert the very basis of western civilization.

d0919e  No.3434460

File: e8961c946ece6cb⋯.jpg (168.89 KB, 914x716, 457:358, Sara Carter rod rr wire ta….jpg)

“Those who spread violence in the name of bigotry strike at the very core of America,” Trump said.

b52b0e  No.3434461


It wont be for much longer.

d83bac  No.3434462



b58d46  No.3434463

File: c25ef013d6a1873⋯.jpg (72.85 KB, 480x564, 40:47, 2jsrs3~2.jpg)

If I ever meet Q after 7 tours I'll ram his head in a toilet for playing the American people.

ea4236  No.3434464


POTUS declined multiple meetings but then he appears on AF1. I am so confused.

a08ce9  No.3434465

Dana Perino is a dumb cunt. The "Founding Fathers" were federalist and anti-federalists.

8b7d7a  No.3434466


Boring, stupid CTA copypasta and failed lame ass memes. What else is new, loserlarp

1295a7  No.3434467

File: c74846d1f0b99b2⋯.png (84.73 KB, 605x526, 605:526, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b5645d280145165⋯.png (167.68 KB, 584x515, 584:515, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 58cfae6c9cb8767⋯.png (176.78 KB, 599x579, 599:579, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5a25ac312792658⋯.png (57.03 KB, 588x372, 49:31, ClipboardImage.png)

What the fuck is going on here? Plane crash reported a mile short of the runway. Plane has not been found, neither have the passenger and pilot. Family is assisting the search and investigation. Even though they nor the plane have been found, they are thought to be ok? How can that be?


e1d297  No.3434468

File: 78a634dd0219aa6⋯.jpg (40.5 KB, 640x480, 4:3, room-237.jpg)

Too damn SHILLY in here

cf9139  No.3434469

I cannot copy y pasta with this device, but to those involved in the convo regarding "who gies or doesn't to heaven, this is a subject that I take lightly. I was raised a Christian. As I grew older I saw many things that caused me to question the ultimate validity of Christianity. Over many years I came to the conclusion that God does not make suffer those who live good lives. It's preposterous to think that it is otherwise.

5b8f0b  No.3434470

Digs on "CFR saving the NWO from Trump


good sauce here

bbbef8  No.3434471

rewards come in a better world for all… even the shills will benefit, which is fucked.

260f15  No.3434472

File: e723158b3a6f7ba⋯.png (1.63 MB, 2048x2048, 1:1, CDA2913F-307A-4DB4-9B2D-04….png)

c18d9c  No.3434473


Remote control?

e18441  No.3434474


R sparrow=red sparrow double meaning?

0bbde1  No.3434475


I’m transiberian gender bender sexual so you prolly don’t want to see that..

56eca4  No.3434476

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


They are swamp, but working for Trump.

If you can sit through this, you WILL believe.

start about 20:00

1edd73  No.3434477

BTW: Drudge is focusing on the weather in Florida.


6af24b  No.3434478


How would they know the people are safe?? More BS. 7/10

f596dc  No.3434479


What kind of fucking faggotry is this?

38bce6  No.3434480

File: 252bd155721e289⋯.png (735.7 KB, 727x561, 727:561, 469600004311canvas.png)

ecbf4a  No.3434481


Not too wrong, but wouldn't even go that far.

Still, for "dead" people to arise from the grave, me personally, I'd need much more than a few "coinky-dances" (even if those might be none).

b74cb3  No.3434482

File: 8ad32447bffe6bd⋯.png (379.19 KB, 405x400, 81:80, (you).PNG)


go away

9b5f70  No.3434483


>Why is killing these people illegal?

We have a choice. Fight to save the Republic and all the benefits it brings. Or kill to satisfy outrage. The Jew is once again trying to set the stage for the French Revolution. Who do you think was behind the original? I get your point though. Remember we make the laws. She well may yet be killed.

fdeb0c  No.3434484



5962ba  No.3434485


(You) are not one of us.

Agreeing that rule of (common) law means that if one is accused, let two witnesses bring first hand account to a grand jury.

A public lynching does not follow the rule of law and is repugnant to a civil society.

If you think that your communist BS, idea of justice is the right way to go, then (You) are in the wrong country.

So take your riotous bullshit somewhere else.

Men (true men) in this country submit themselves to the rule of law - not rule of the mob.

ca238c  No.3434486

File: e3ffb0e784ba28e⋯.jpeg (55.12 KB, 686x385, 98:55, A7B10C60-0F51-4F2F-8D22-D….jpeg)

e31914  No.3434487


Is this the start of a bukkake flick?

6bced8  No.3434488


Huber has the pages

Congress has the pages

WaPo and NYT have the pages

The only people in the dark is the public

It's about controlling the pace of the reveal so they can conduct the investigation against HRC and Obama without getting shut down by politics.

df5a79  No.3434489

File: 580ff668a840367⋯.png (27.81 KB, 655x509, 655:509, 90F06B6C-88A5-4D4A-89C3-9C….png)

Sorry fags to waste quads on a shiptost.

Didn’t see it comin up.

6af24b  No.3434490


I smell your fungus from here.

d8f46d  No.3434491

File: 38e56f2f8405f59⋯.jpg (552.68 KB, 1104x1970, 552:985, IMG_20180920_164547.jpg)

0bbde1  No.3434492


Yeah so the whole alpha male thing is totally lame

Everyone knows that real men use nair

0dfc04  No.3434493

File: 8de5aa359be13cb⋯.gif (1.26 MB, 250x140, 25:14, 8de5aa359be13cb35cfaad8f39….gif)

8c426d  No.3434494


Sure is interdasting

d7c0fd  No.3434495

File: d98ec47a369278b⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 48234DA1-74E0-4DFD-BF1D-B1….png)

4ac248  No.3434496


He finally called a meeting with him

What's so confusing?

Are you retarded?

06e422  No.3434497

File: c4e2b6826209513⋯.jpg (28.7 KB, 428x391, 428:391, 1510731161641.jpg)

b58d46  No.3434498

File: 77ee391ab2656ae⋯.jpg (27.82 KB, 480x252, 40:21, 2f4bmj~2.jpg)




Faggot go back to the gay bar… Piss on you scum.

79ddcb  No.3434499


Well said.

484deb  No.3434500

File: b7c5515a823245e⋯.png (394.51 KB, 597x579, 199:193, PedowoodBurning.png)


Am okay with guillotines on Hollywood Blvd.

6af24b  No.3434501


Trump does things in BIG Ways. YUGE actually.

cf3aba  No.3434502

File: 22d135137c10618⋯.png (433.64 KB, 896x569, 896:569, 435634563435.png)

8b7d7a  No.3434503

File: 5c4311b6c853f09⋯.png (35.25 KB, 143x189, 143:189, Screenshot 2018-10-08 at 7….png)

87214c  No.3434504

File: dcc7e34d1a674f8⋯.jpg (477.12 KB, 634x1024, 317:512, shillbook.jpg)

f596dc  No.3434505


I'm tempted to revive my Hitler memeing.

fe4512  No.3434506

File: 01fb7e3b5e9a4bb⋯.jpeg (23.48 KB, 255x255, 1:1, da22ec4d627ebc5755c459029….jpeg)


I am pretty sure yo are whats in the toilet…Neck yourself shill

67fec7  No.3434507

Rantingly.com is a better drudge


0b5b7c  No.3434508

File: af1b2e01575a635⋯.png (202.49 KB, 770x433, 770:433, Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at ….png)


looks like you can buy it on ebay

d02b75  No.3434509

File: 90c727532c0f68e⋯.jpg (35.82 KB, 550x367, 550:367, YOUR TOILET FAM.jpg)


i found your family reunion photo

which one is you?

c18d9c  No.3434510

ea4236  No.3434511


To meet about what though?

502875  No.3434512

>>3434302 PB

Don't Dox Q

d0919e  No.3434513

File: dbcbbe9c6e94a14⋯.jpg (121.93 KB, 653x557, 653:557, Trump not racist.jpg)

8c426d  No.3434514

File: c390e3001bc636d⋯.jpg (248.35 KB, 972x752, 243:188, P1030552.jpg)

ade7ac  No.3434515

File: 1efd692661fb5a1⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1258x796, 629:398, Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at ….png)

look at all these connections

0b5b7c  No.3434516


shit last bread, sry

d1147e  No.3434517

File: faa5fbad1e9d9f6⋯.png (187.76 KB, 601x600, 601:600, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a1f3b1deb95addc⋯.png (361.42 KB, 619x413, 619:413, ClipboardImage.png)

1e8ac2  No.3434518



I'm supposed to take the word of McCabe and Baker - 2 clear, unequivocal partisan hacks, one of which is certain, the other likely, to be under indictment?

Currently, as I understand it, Baker knows McCabe talked about [RR] wearing a wire, because he discussed it with Baker and Page. But Baker doesn't know what went on between McCabe and [RR].

To me it seems likely that it's a sham and an attempt at bringing as many down (particularly those who 'may' be actually helping Trump).


ea3951  No.3434519

File: c75bbdc0519d84f⋯.png (1000.63 KB, 1125x1430, 225:286, IMG_2763.PNG)

File: fe873d0164b3c01⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1125x1604, 1125:1604, IMG_2764.PNG)

File: c6640ae9c1ca432⋯.png (259.8 KB, 987x826, 141:118, IMG_2765.PNG)

File: ae79b181d0a807a⋯.png (498.31 KB, 1016x1553, 1016:1553, IMG_2766.PNG)

260f15  No.3434520

File: ae76edf8ab6c2c2⋯.png (422.77 KB, 624x416, 3:2, 59D7A4F3-E637-4AB6-A74F-F9….png)

701929  No.3434521

File: a8bb1af015a900a⋯.gif (642.69 KB, 240x286, 120:143, downloadfile.gif)

0c8204  No.3434522

File: 760e41de7f9acb2⋯.png (246.43 KB, 772x590, 386:295, hillpoints.png)



8b7d7a  No.3434523


How did that murdering Q work out for you? Oh, that's right. It didn't. How about murdering me? Whoops…..failed again. Same as always. One big failed CTA

6af24b  No.3434524


I can see a resemblence.

5ac9cb  No.3434525

File: 0ac8710824c0fd3⋯.png (769.7 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_4053.PNG)

File: d7fc985af0dec15⋯.jpg (127.12 KB, 416x739, 416:739, IMG_E4053.JPG)

took photo of my laundry at the laundrymat… was trying to see how long was left untill it was done drying… without getting up… bad back… I blew up the photo to see the timer better and look what I saw in my Dryer!!!

c63315  No.3434526


The FISA reveal keeps getting upstaged by natural disasters and SC Justice controversy

e18441  No.3434527


Plus the book is red

1e8ac2  No.3434528


I should have added I'm not a RR=white hat theory supporter either.

e9f39f  No.3434529

File: 3f1c2539ca7a0c5⋯.png (355.99 KB, 578x422, 289:211, 2018-10-10_23-55-33.png)




cd1cf2  No.3434530

File: ff6ec4c2143fcda⋯.png (388.5 KB, 500x372, 125:93, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d6f49d9d661fe6c⋯.png (386.8 KB, 904x786, 452:393, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ad39d55e5c313be⋯.png (182.6 KB, 905x846, 905:846, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ab5d62e86fc88b8⋯.png (115.71 KB, 913x796, 913:796, ClipboardImage.png)

Paul Craig Roberts: Erasing History, Diplomacy, Truth, & Life On Earth

One of the reasons that countries fail is that collective memory is continually destroyed as older generations pass away and are replaced by new ones who are disconnected from what came before.

Initially, the disconnect was handled by history and by discussions around family tables. For example, when I was a kid there were still grandparents whose fathers had fought for the Confederacy. They had no slaves and owned no plantations. They fought because their land was invaded by Lincoln’s armies. Today if Southern families still know the facts, they would protect their children by not telling them. Can you imagine what would happen to a child in a public school that took this position?

Frustrated by the inability of the Union Army to defeat the Army of Northern Virginia led by West Point graduate Robert E. Lee, Lincoln resorted to war criminals. Generals Sherman and Sherridan, operating under the drunken General Grant, were the first modern war criminals who conducted war against civilian women and children, their homes and food supply. Lincoln was so out of step with common morality that he had to arrest and detain 300 Northern newspaper editors and exile a US Congressman in order to conduct his War for Empire.

Today this history is largely erased. The court historians buried the truth with the fable that Lincoln went to war to free the slaves. This ignorant nonsense is today the official history of the “civil war,” which most certainly was not a civil war.


9d586f  No.3434531


You wish.

618fa8  No.3434532

File: 88bb8a1b5e6055d⋯.png (40.12 KB, 651x297, 217:99, Scavino45 10-10-18 9 25 pm….PNG)


7b430d  No.3434533

File: d8ed440fa3dfd2a⋯.jpg (79.24 KB, 576x288, 2:1, armymen.jpg)


Well done, MemeFag.

b74cb3  No.3434534

File: 68cf2baf68f3df7⋯.jpeg (443.25 KB, 1242x1162, 621:581, Ewww Pepe.jpeg)


They are that stupid. Justices don't hold dollar purses. The House starts funding.

35cd66  No.3434535


I definitely agree there is_a reason he is not removing them. Trump is not the walk on egg shells kinda guy. Notice he's surrounded by lots of 4 star generals.

b58d46  No.3434536

File: cc5e5953d5fa33c⋯.jpg (47.76 KB, 480x535, 96:107, 2jkdd9~2.jpg)



Go jack off your dad you pedophile maggot.

ee1311  No.3434537

File: 4aecaa5b8a5664c⋯.jpg (102.56 KB, 720x1004, 180:251, heryicontrol.jpg)

570747  No.3434538

File: caae7607bef2fd0⋯.jpeg (200.17 KB, 750x614, 375:307, 4B6394B2-8A21-4378-98F7-C….jpeg)


Weather warfare has been around for a long time!

13f2df  No.3434539

File: e61722aadc75f25⋯.png (599.7 KB, 915x530, 183:106, ClipboardImage.png)

260f15  No.3434540

File: 78ae952312062bd⋯.gif (1.55 MB, 500x347, 500:347, E9087BDB-07C5-4DED-9C19-B1….gif)


Almost makes me think someone has a weather machine.

d8f46d  No.3434541

6bced8  No.3434542



Neither McCabe or Baker are credible.

And certainly not the WaPo or NYT.

The RR wiretap story is bullshit.

Or more likely an attempt to blame him for something THEY actually did with Comey.

f522c4  No.3434543


This sound like you?

Honestly, this looks like pharmagic to me. There really isn't even all that much solid evidence to conslusively demonstrate massive uptake in seratonin from SSRI's, and you would think this informational "case study" would list MDMA in clinical manifestations (because that's the REAL seratonin increase) but it doesn't. Not trying to take from your experience, anon... these just rarely pass test for me.

"SS presents with a classical triad comprised of mental status changes, autonomic hyperactivity and neuromuscular manifestations (Table 2). The onset of symptoms is usually rapid, within minutes to hours after the ingestion. The manifestations may vary from mild to severe. The patient with mild syndrome may have only tachycardia and some autonomic symptoms such as mydriasis, diaphoresis and neurological findings such as hyperreflexia. In severe cases there might be severe hypertension, agitation, delirium and hypertonia. The core temperature has been recorded as high as 41°C in severe cases. The neuromuscular features of clonus and hyperreflexia are highly diagnostic for serotonin syndrome, and their presence in the setting of serotonergic drugs establishes the diagnosis. Clinicians should remember that muscle rigidity could sometimes mask these signs. No laboratory tests confirm the diagnosis of SS. CPK and myoglobin are done to assess the muscle breakdown, secondary to the muscular activity, and rigidity that is seen with this syndrome. Drug screens may help in the detection of co-ingestions that precipitated the syndrome. Measurement of serum serotonin levels has not been shown to be helpful. Sternbach reviewed 38 cases from 10 case reports and 2 case series published in the literature, from which he derived diagnostic criteria for serotonin syndrome (Table 3) [11]. A significant problem with Sternbach’s criteria was the inclusion of four criteria that relate to mental status, i.e., confusion, hypomania, restlessness and incoordination. Because only three were required for the diagnosis of serotonin syndrome, someone with an anticholinergic syndrome would also meet the clinical criteria. Ataxia or incoordination is also not seen in serotonin toxicity since there is no cerebellar involvement. Hunter et al. have described clinical criteria for the diagnosis of this syndrome, which are 84% sensitive and 97% specific for the diagnosis of serotonin syndrome (Fig. 2) [12]. These are currently used to make a diagnosis of serotonin syndrome. Our patient was on a serotonergic agent (fluoxetine) and had inducible clonus with agitation satisfying the Hunter criteria for serotonin syndrome."


08260a  No.3434544



>>3434377 Using Weather Weapons of Mass Destruction

>>3434429 Asia Shares Shattered by Wall Street Tumble

anons… its STILL muh dick

c63315  No.3434545


Hurricane Erin

d0919e  No.3434546

File: cabb55a45dc2812⋯.jpg (169.51 KB, 800x600, 4:3, rr 25th recorded.jpg)


What did they think was going to be released?

Why was RR requesting the meetings?

Because they thought it would be released,

what moves did they make?

Moves and counter moves exposes the players.

Do they know the players?

Who do the players need to be exposed to?

dbc5b1  No.3434547

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ee1311  No.3434548

File: 444f7996f32a284⋯.jpg (100.66 KB, 621x748, 621:748, JeffMW 10.10.18.jpg)

fe4512  No.3434549

File: b7750d2826d9d9e⋯.jpg (345.75 KB, 806x1024, 403:512, john finger.jpg)


now you sound like a hobo with a cardboard sign outside a 7-11. In your shit tier country do you even know what a 7-11 is…how bout a hobo?

cf9139  No.3434550



What is the point of these memes other than to just be as gross as you can?


5b8f0b  No.3434551

File: e13d849dcf85dfc⋯.jpg (57.5 KB, 552x310, 276:155, e13d849dcf85dfc2bfa749631d….jpg)

87214c  No.3434552

260f15  No.3434553

File: 24fc3d1b5296d6c⋯.png (1.01 MB, 683x1024, 683:1024, 354DB2CF-7949-4AF8-B105-79….png)

f596dc  No.3434554


Depressing Tucker interview with Victor Davis Hanson on the sudden decline of Cal after the tech boom. These people gotta go.

dc9d47  No.3434555


the CFR is a subversive organization that should be rounded up and arrested

0bbde1  No.3434556


That bitch prolly still looked like Garth 30 yrs ago lmao

Gtfo out of here with that dumpster pussy ain’t nobody rape yo ass!

403678  No.3434557


You made the Fatal mistake of asking a logical question.

Look at your responses?


8b7d7a  No.3434558

File: c9b1e4812f3ef45⋯.png (85.13 KB, 270x205, 54:41, Screenshot 2018-10-10 at 1….png)


You got one thing right at least…

b74cb3  No.3434559

File: faad7ec71bfd832⋯.png (338.26 KB, 359x530, 359:530, 1990s Mom.png)


Show and tell time!!


d1147e  No.3434560

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

35cd66  No.3434561


Interesting factoid, Zionists want to restore Solomon's Temple not David's Temple…Huge difference!

53e4ac  No.3434562

File: e96ad84ccf6757f⋯.png (597 KB, 640x412, 160:103, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ae99357395c6668⋯.png (150.65 KB, 360x240, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 548c40855a25f2c⋯.png (603.46 KB, 749x500, 749:500, ClipboardImage.png)


Uh, no.

ee1311  No.3434563


I like doing it.

That's the point.

If others like it, that's a bonus.

8d2c2d  No.3434564

File: 4bd5c3aa9292933⋯.jpeg (87.85 KB, 750x748, 375:374, FEB65E7D-0D26-414A-9F21-A….jpeg)

File: 89f4cbb30f7adcc⋯.png (369.71 KB, 580x611, 580:611, 7666C39A-9F94-4871-9252-6B….png)


JFK’s murderers alleged son at the rally tonight. Zoomed into his sticker on coat: Q

78f0c4  No.3434565


POTUS said he was going to postpone meeting with RR until after Kav was in.

Kav in, so POTUS met with him. What's so confusing about that?

3849ec  No.3434566

File: 801a788aa326349⋯.png (2.55 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Q_Letter_Smoke_American_Fl….png)

File: 7bb0768e712d443⋯.png (575.92 KB, 556x438, 278:219, Q_Ring.png)

File: 6903ee774487c40⋯.png (186.67 KB, 309x370, 309:370, Q-transparent.png)

File: 3e7817916124df2⋯.jpg (63.86 KB, 512x768, 2:3, q4.jpg)



f522c4  No.3434567


>and their presence in the setting of serotonergic drugs establishes the diagnosis.

I'd give my left nut for this logic to apply for vaccine adverse reactions.

6af24b  No.3434568


I can't fault that analogy either.

260f15  No.3434569

File: cd2f7b55245ef2a⋯.jpeg (170.98 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 38DB1835-CD48-4AD3-B29B-0….jpeg)



d0919e  No.3434570


When does a bird sing?

b1cb7d  No.3434571


I assumed that witch was dead.

c18d9c  No.3434572


You found it!

I didnt check ebay, only Amazon, and Google images when I was trying to find out more about it.

That was a dig all its own.

It sounded juicy the way the radio host was describing it, I wonder what kind of info is in there?

b52b0e  No.3434573


I think the Jew caps are an esoteric thing like the original tin foil hat. Being that God connects to us through the third eye the Jews worshiping satan do not want god to contact them so they put the hat over their third eye. Kind of like trying to block god from themselves.

1edd73  No.3434574

It is important to give the enemy a taste of their own medicine.

The biggest difference, of course, is that ours are funny.


8d2c2d  No.3434575


It’s late. You know what I mean.

2e411c  No.3434576

f596dc  No.3434577


I think all 8 will lose.

e4bd07  No.3434578

File: ed573ab57bb7cfb⋯.jpg (14.95 KB, 233x216, 233:216, 2ciguy.jpg)

If ETs are real how did they get here?

cd1cf2  No.3434579


Earlier than that.

6af24b  No.3434580

File: 75c3085b03efe34⋯.jpeg (75.45 KB, 360x432, 5:6, CHIPS.jpeg)


I respect a straight.

1295a7  No.3434581

File: 6756e97d89fc509⋯.png (67.13 KB, 654x482, 327:241, ClipboardImage.png)


Maybe that's how they know? How do you have a passenger while remote controlling though? KEK!

Seriously though, just punch in "plane" into duckduckgo and click the news tab. Daily spoopy and fake news being reported.

Here's one from yesterday:

Flight from Detroit to Shanghai has a passenger with a medical emergency A FEW HOURS INTO THE FLIGHT yet they decide to go all the way back to Detroit where the guy gets pronounced dead. Why not stop at any one of the probably hundred or so airports along the way? You couldn't pay me to get on a plane right now


1e8ac2  No.3434582


Is the tune true?

b74cb3  No.3434583

File: b74a9144707385e⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1497x818, 1497:818, Hollyweird-Blank.PNG)

5b8f0b  No.3434584


Yes check out the link lots of sauce

cf9139  No.3434585


At least you're honest.

b58d46  No.3434586

File: 899cd30b0ff8348⋯.gif (647.05 KB, 231x320, 231:320, interpretive-dance-gif-6.gif)




Faggot stay in the basement and jack off that's your entire life.

999d8a  No.3434587


Time isn’t a constant

d0919e  No.3434588


Depends on the consequences.

ee1311  No.3434589

File: fbfaccfd807ce71⋯.jpg (242.47 KB, 1024x761, 1024:761, Hotel GITMO 11.11.2018 Rev….jpg)


One of mine.

Here's another. I'm going to add a few new faces (MSM). Probably tomorrow.

f522c4  No.3434590



I'd keep that pic forever!

d02b75  No.3434591

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

every time someone says "Night Shift" or shares a meme with it on it

i think of this song

very fitting imo

only reason i prefer Night Shift

not so shilly lol

a short reprieve

1f303d  No.3434592


Space isn't local

c0bb4d  No.3434593

File: da1dada70976d34⋯.jpg (102.21 KB, 854x676, 427:338, ShillyMcShillerson4.jpg)

8b7d7a  No.3434594

File: 22efb4be7073a48⋯.png (72.02 KB, 184x211, 184:211, Screenshot 2018-10-10 at 1….png)

c18d9c  No.3434595


It didnt really make sense to me otherwise kek

Me neither. Or a bus, train, or any type of public transit!

126b02  No.3434596

File: 0cfb01345eec96e⋯.gif (158 KB, 220x169, 220:169, jj.gif)

d992fc  No.3434597


has anyone sent this to that kimmel guy?

i guess that might explain their relationship, he seems polite

2e59df  No.3434598


What do you want him to headline?


How Q said wait we can't arrest?


eb8670  No.3434599

File: 141ff3db337faff⋯.png (194.51 KB, 635x359, 635:359, trumpsig.png)

So, I have been gone and need just a little help!

Is Trump holding the release of the Russia Docs to get leverage

on the EU trade deal?

This is what I thought before I left, so can someone update me real quick. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….don't have time to go back through bread. TY

df5a79  No.3434600


You have no idea what gross is.

Or what anons have had thrown at us in the last 11 months. For example a man having sex with a dead woman that is post autopsy and organs are removed.

Please politely fuck off.

Right on the fuck outta here.

1edd73  No.3434601

File: 57f795f129fc413⋯.jpeg (123.34 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, 7E2618D1-A767-451A-BE4D-2….jpeg)

Promises made.

Promises kept.

ecbf4a  No.3434602

File: d44f998499f6399⋯.jpg (57.49 KB, 600x800, 3:4, toilet_job.jpg)


You the toilet, no?

Why you acting up like this?

1295a7  No.3434603


Anon, you can't be putting your mom in the dryer like that, it's unsafe

c18d9c  No.3434604


You could fill this whole thing up with familiar faces - do it!

5b8f0b  No.3434606

File: aa917342082459a⋯.jpg (106.63 KB, 800x466, 400:233, QResearch Indestructibale.jpg)

a08ce9  No.3434607


>Hurricane season is dominating the news cycle

LOL. That has nothing to do with it. If the plan was to have the FISA DECLAS right the fuck now, it'd happen. That's not the plan.

When are midterms, again?

e4bd07  No.3434608


I know its relative.

What Kind of fuel do they use?

87adbf  No.3434609

>>3433674 (lb)

LMC just stop. You're pumping this theory all over the internet, and it is not even useful here. But after you larped hard -AS- JFK JR, lying to us for weeks that you were totally really JFK Jr, guys!, nobody cares. All you are now is a famefagging slide we can't trust.

f596dc  No.3434610


Yes, I found that through here, thanks.

c18d9c  No.3434611



Dumbfuck shilled himself!

cf9139  No.3434612



The question was, why these memes in particular.

d0919e  No.3434613

File: 49fde5e38470a91⋯.jpg (171.75 KB, 937x809, 937:809, Trump declas.jpg)

Why was RR anxious to meet Trump?

Why did Trump let a shill hang, without reply?

What was RR forced to do?

Who helped besides JB?

Does it matter if JB is lying or telling the truth?

b12fb5  No.3434614


Fuck off you stupid anti racist anti white faggot.

You are that gay. Wallow in your gayness.

1edd73  No.3434615

ee1311  No.3434616


Probably will. It's a work in progress since late last year.

fe4512  No.3434617

File: de556778a436f72⋯.webm (2.8 MB, 640x640, 1:1, horsie weights .webm)


Yeah that and fucking your mom. Oh making you look stupid I guess thats 2 things. Here sven have an equally stupid gif.

87adbf  No.3434618


and if others DONT like it, that means you make another one

c18d9c  No.3434619


I remember.

Ive watched it grow

1f303d  No.3434620


Some don't use 'fuel', extradimensional

78f0c4  No.3434621


That's a pretty fucking big lint ball.

1edd73  No.3434622

File: 34396bee91d9e50⋯.jpeg (36.02 KB, 345x321, 115:107, 6C06D206-299E-4B62-AA42-E….jpeg)

35cd66  No.3434623


"The Watchers" were sent here by God ions ago, unfortunately some were seduced, rebelled and married earth women their offspring were the giants and mighty men of legend and they being diluted became today's 13 Illuminati bloodlines, who believe they have a divine right to rule.

1e8ac2  No.3434624


This comment supports my distrust of Baker far more than it does increase my trust of his and McCabe's word.

Besides, again, Baker does not have first hand knowledge of RR actually saything anything, much less being serious vs being sarcastic.

I can FAR easier picture RR saying 'So, I should wear a wire and try and get the sitting President - who already knows most of what is going on - to say something on tape to impeach him?' in a sarcastic manner than I can see him ever openly agreeing to do it.

f596dc  No.3434625


Has Jacob actually been sighted this year? Soros? Fat Tony P?

d02b75  No.3434626


time is a manmade contruct

plain and simple

does not really exist

all that does is this everlasting moment

thats my view anyway

0b5b7c  No.3434627

File: 13a4a6fd148a1d8⋯.jpg (7.38 KB, 204x160, 51:40, th-1.jpg)


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

no take backs

you already done fucked that last one up

heres your shilly token :)

7e7442  No.3434628


EVERYTHING is leverage for POTUS, nothing is off limits, everything is on the table for USA FIRST

274d24  No.3434629

File: 09f23f52b26c4d3⋯.jpeg (445.96 KB, 1600x883, 1600:883, EE089A1D-026C-4CF0-80AF-0….jpeg)

mmmm Night Shift anon patriots just ignoring doubtershills. what is a shillpost with no (You)?

f522c4  No.3434630

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Time isn't a thing.

b74cb3  No.3434631

File: 31359c827606bd5⋯.png (523.05 KB, 500x471, 500:471, Electric Slide Hybrid.png)


Hurricane season is real. It happens the same time every year. It's not a conspiracy.

Move along anons. Unless your shils cause I'm telling you right now, this theory is borderline.

cf9139  No.3434632


Sigh……….I asked a question that you apparently did not understand. So, you can fuck off.

4ac248  No.3434633


they are all in it together. They've been working together for years.

They were setting up Pres. Trump; that's why Rod wanted to wear a wire for their meeting. D'uh.

That's why he always has a stupid smirk on his face.

McCabe is on the hot seat, so is L. Page, and they ratted out Rosenstein, in private interviews. McCabe is even under a grand jury investigation.

There is no "special council" It's Huber.

RR is going down. And when he does Mueller investigation will be closed.

Then we have midterm election.?

403678  No.3434634


We will Be doing a Shill/AI upgrade on Saturday between 6am and 12 noon this Saturday.

Did not expect any Shills or AI during this this time.

Thank you

8ch Management.

Wouldn’t that be a great message?

ea3951  No.3434635

File: e63ae707757992a⋯.png (561.69 KB, 1125x1560, 75:104, IMG_2768.PNG)

Hologram principle?

Not musk garbage simulation.

5059c5  No.3434636

File: f5a829e6f6b2280⋯.png (13.15 KB, 523x362, 523:362, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a8464bcdce36765⋯.png (51.37 KB, 636x329, 636:329, ClipboardImage.png)


From these posts, only Comey and McCabe have an alliance. But yet everybody is in agreement with regard to RR's supposed shenanigans? Regardless, they're ALL using him as the scapegoat, but why? They (Comey and McCabe in particular) can't possibly think that what RR "did" will look worse than what they did, do they? Especially if the prospect of 187 was brought up? Watch, they might try to insinuate that RR was the ringleader for that plot next.

84a00e  No.3434637

File: a8e42608b122bc7⋯.png (3.22 MB, 1235x910, 19:14, capture_012_10102018_21080….png)

File: 5d7964bc1029a71⋯.png (2.45 MB, 812x1051, 812:1051, capture_013_10102018_21090….png)

File: 1249d10d15cd5bd⋯.png (3.52 MB, 912x1347, 304:449, capture_014_10102018_21151….png)

Digging on Anna Eshoo led me to Palo Alto.

Christine Blasey Ford, [Palo Alto] told Eshoo.

Eshoo delivered to Feinstein and blah, blah, blah…

Looking back over 30 years, I see the same people colluding.

To this day. Some are still in DC.

Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, Bay Area…I see "Mafia".

I see [Chinese] Gay Mafia.

Just sayin'…

Who has heard whispers of the"Gay Mafia" running the State Department?

Bay Area Reporter; November, 1988.


8ae98f  No.3434638

File: 93feb618ab9e033⋯.jpeg (58.93 KB, 574x387, 574:387, 172B54A0-5C05-48E1-9E00-1….jpeg)

File: e45e841b733257a⋯.png (3.79 MB, 3000x2000, 3:2, BCB2352C-B5EA-4978-8BF0-5E….png)

File: a51cb0db020739b⋯.png (609.04 KB, 1000x410, 100:41, 07C57DD5-209F-4B9F-B1DC-C7….png)

e4bd07  No.3434639


Sure they do it takes energy to move

fuel is energy and

Energy is fuel

a9e480  No.3434640

File: 9aa9e9fd88d234c⋯.jpg (203.92 KB, 600x828, 50:69, WhiteArmyPropagandaPosterO….jpg)

b74cb3  No.3434641



0bbde1  No.3434642

I used to pay a fat woman to sit in front of me and eat a large piece of chocolate cake with her bare hands.

The crying part at the end was always weird though.

Idk what it was - the fact that there was no more cake or that I had paid this lady to eat cake in front of me.

It always made me weep afterwards.

b1cb7d  No.3434643


Agreed. I also believe we gain seats in the House.

df5a79  No.3434644



Sigh Faggot.

If friendly fire….

It happens.

30c37d  No.3434645


In Descending Order:

Unified Field => M/String Theory => Holographic Universe

260f15  No.3434646

File: bbba5eb83fd4382⋯.png (233.95 KB, 414x508, 207:254, 81CD4338-0484-4F06-99B7-B7….png)





d0919e  No.3434647


Does it matter if JB is lying?

If lying, where does it lead?

If not lying, where does it lead?

f596dc  No.3434648


Yeah, that was one I had lol

4ac248  No.3434649

File: 46b504600735282⋯.jpg (41.81 KB, 365x432, 365:432, Merkelhobbyhorse.jpg)

1f303d  No.3434650


i've always felt an aspect of 'think mirror' is time symmetry. Quantum AI Q+

ea3951  No.3434651


Soros over the winter in Davos. Rothschild as excerpts in papers but no photo proof. No clue about fat tony. He’s under investigation.

dbc5b1  No.3434652

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

72ad6a  No.3434653

File: 306db7f94b5f048⋯.jpg (118.63 KB, 941x534, 941:534, o7og5jcm.jpg)

ee1311  No.3434654


I make 'em and move on to the next one.

Every once in a great while I make a classic.

5b8f0b  No.3434655

File: 37f6700f951c539⋯.jpeg (265.14 KB, 1240x630, 124:63, TRUMP RED SEA.jpeg)

eb8670  No.3434656


We have it all!

1edd73  No.3434657

File: 03fe71e61eca399⋯.jpeg (93.31 KB, 500x566, 250:283, EEAC8DD0-AF84-4D58-9090-7….jpeg)

53e4ac  No.3434658


I'm not advocating violence, but plebs are the only ones asked or forced to submit to the laws created and enforced by those who violate them daily.

373e98  No.3434659


Jim Watkins is the proof?

"Q serves the President."

Says the President? Or just an anonymous voice on the Internet?

b12fb5  No.3434660


This is not good because it accuarately describes the bolsheviks as jews.

So therefore not double plus good.

See how that works?

We deny truth for Jewmerica!


5b8f0b  No.3434661

File: 8bebe765f7e6f01⋯.png (609.19 KB, 846x963, 94:107, We Have The Servers.png)

1f303d  No.3434662


zero-point energy?

ea4236  No.3434663

If Mueller investigation is closed before midterms Rs will not turn out in the numbers that they would if Mueller is still going. Voters will feel POTUS is safe and not feel the urgency to vote.

I want SC closed, I want RR and Mueller gone, I want DECLAS and everything else too, but I want a REDWAVE too and if it is all done in the right order we can have it all.

d0919e  No.3434664

File: b371c8b46c26149⋯.jpg (266.86 KB, 965x723, 965:723, Cruising altitude.jpg)

c18d9c  No.3434665


I got dibs on Linda

e4bd07  No.3434666


Hahaha That's true if you believe everything church and government tells you

c0bb4d  No.3434667

File: 89da00859d84ded⋯.jpg (47.77 KB, 707x443, 707:443, toilet.JPG)

File: 9e13db478e22e8d⋯.jpg (101.92 KB, 375x500, 3:4, tiolet1.jpg)



you are done. this is who you are now.

f596dc  No.3434668


I wouldnt be surprised by +/- 5 in the House.

fd0970  No.3434669



cf9139  No.3434670


I dont mind a little friendly fire. Its normal here. I don't like the fucking attitude when the question posed was not even understood.

a08ce9  No.3434671

File: e283a2f0babf50b⋯.png (2.81 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, f6f2618822aef322845da2879f….png)


Thank you, anon! Great post. Needs to be repeated.

08260a  No.3434672


test → Justice K → DECLAS → RED WAVE → RR (resign, effective AFTER Mueller is done) → Mueller finished (exonerates) → ]HUBER[

78f0c4  No.3434673

File: 2a5bd87ca94a8fd⋯.png (334.42 KB, 674x734, 337:367, Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at ….png)

James Woods explains that the democrats pushing violence - IS EXACTLY WHY WE NEED THE SECOND AMENDMENT.

ca238c  No.3434674

File: 0afb1ee36b5dcdb⋯.jpeg (88.11 KB, 640x512, 5:4, 12224D7C-B153-4C39-B741-5….jpeg)

Gratias tibi ago…


Deus te benedicat……

8b7d7a  No.3434675


It's who CTA has always been

Crusty Toilet Anon

c5f616  No.3434676


kek.. What a dunny!

5b2778  No.3434677

File: ffc431af5c9cc0b⋯.png (234.91 KB, 857x429, 857:429, Selection_570.png)

f6c995  No.3434678

>>3434465 Never trusted her!

f596dc  No.3434679


Talk about a yuge hit.

b12fb5  No.3434680


Linda is Asian.

Goodbye genes.

Hello chinese food forever.

f522c4  No.3434681

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


number 2# the frozen guy that can't move cuz he overloaded and wants to look pretty….can someone get pepe to pinch that pussy's nose for me, purdy please?

30c37d  No.3434682

File: 102e239237385e2⋯.jpeg (90.04 KB, 640x878, 320:439, DpMYh0WUcAAaDRS.jpg-large.jpeg)

Dot dot dot

35cd66  No.3434683


Funny how Q isn't (((buddy buddy))) here any more. He's acting a little fed up after the response. So its just business. For The Republic!

ea4236  No.3434684


RR cant resign before midterms or we might be fucked. If they drop the DECLAS right before voting day this might work.

d0919e  No.3434685

File: aff649289a160dc⋯.jpg (182.71 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Servers.jpg)


"Starting in 2010?

HRC Sec of State 2009 - 2013.


Think Sever Access [granted]

Money talks.



f6acde  No.3434686


There's a message on the wi-fi, and I'm sending you my email tonight.

c63315  No.3434687


No one asked you to chime in.

Hurricane Erin 09/11

3849ec  No.3434688

File: f5f7fdc3fc6e96a⋯.png (211.26 KB, 547x548, 547:548, NEC-Stuff-1 copy.png)


What's Good Night Shift??

We In Here


ee1311  No.3434689


Wow. Darken her hair some and give her brown eyes and she looks like my sister 40 years ago.

2e411c  No.3434690


hah trust me buddy, dont care what your interweb shit says, its VERY real.

or do you think you can go an entire month on a drug that cooks holes in your brain like swiss cheese with zero repurcussions?

to be honest, it was worse than that shit.

that's on my life. and the lack of dreaming, not a lack of memory, picture yourself floating out in space, with zero stars, light, planets, coments, nothing. no sound. no scintilla of emotion or reaction.

if you want the gods honest truth i remember it all so clearly and it fucking me up so bad not having an ounce of happiness or personalization or even sense of actually being in the world, THAT is what watching a movie through your lifes eyes feels like, to the point where i honestly, on everything, planned on blowing my brains out if it didn't stop. or i guess if everything else didnt start back up again.

a life without serotonin is truly the most bleak painfully numb dark cold inside black cataclysmic sentence on the soul ive yet to experience. wouldn't wish that shit on no body. not even our enemies, id put a bullet between there eyes and take the charge for it myself before id do that.

thats on everything.

only thing i felt for half a year was the jeans rub against my leg that i remember so vividly that first morning after.

d8bbf9  No.3434691

File: 28088839cda48d2⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1242x2688, 207:448, 693933BF-3D21-4921-89EB-3F….png)

File: eae8c1532e8f4b7⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1242x2688, 207:448, 779984A1-54B8-403D-9BE2-17….png)

File: 0cd62f26e132d5e⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1242x2688, 207:448, E55C6592-89DA-4D18-8E60-EC….png)

File: ee8920e3858b5fe⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1242x2688, 207:448, 2D26D472-1FD6-41E8-84AE-37….png)

File: 702a7ca46420064⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1242x2688, 207:448, CA92BCC8-0328-43FD-AE02-91….png)


This is an ECXELLENT article covering Feinstein/Eshoo, ties to Google/Silicon Valley & Dems.

Sauce: https://newrepublic.com/article/75615/traitors-their-class

6242f7  No.3434692


Agreed. No shortage of black hats to go around.

c5f616  No.3434693


… Um you can't just post this pic.. What happened?

f6c995  No.3434694

>>3434669 Also…why are chemtrials still blowing out our skies?

f6bc7f  No.3434695

File: 8840ac90fa58eca⋯.jpg (319.64 KB, 1100x731, 1100:731, 5727902_orig.jpg)

File: 09a08a0fe9d08a6⋯.jpg (45.1 KB, 380x255, 76:51, 125630522420091023chinese.jpg)

File: d19eca6ad65a748⋯.jpg (52.61 KB, 760x428, 190:107, x_lon_sinojuda_160301.760;….jpg)

File: 5f6d24f9e84b710⋯.jpg (47.93 KB, 592x383, 592:383, 06sino-passover03-tmagArti….jpg)

File: ab79d7584863a6e⋯.jpg (290.75 KB, 827x1390, 827:1390, What you never see a chine….jpg)

5962ba  No.3434696


Yes. And we who claim to be American Patriots (beholden to the republic) should behave as if our Sacred Honor has been sacrificed in order to preserve that Republic.

f596dc  No.3434697


I'm actually Norwegian, the type that kills villages full of idiots like you for a few laughs later and a silver goblet.

e4bd07  No.3434698


if it is Zero-point

why are we still using fossil fuels?

f522c4  No.3434699

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f6bc7f  No.3434700

File: 7fe2a90659a5aec⋯.jpeg (57.73 KB, 602x452, 301:226, main-qimg-f179e47b2e4b82e….jpeg)

File: 2988c7ff0ea08e0⋯.jpg (33.46 KB, 408x269, 408:269, 35bcec5.jpg)

File: dd7f05e70b6ae03⋯.jpg (26.33 KB, 480x360, 4:3, c6294b87d069cb1cd631fcd225….jpg)

File: 3990ec7ce57e34f⋯.jpg (29.94 KB, 630x350, 9:5, w-china-passoverjpg-142363….jpg)

File: 6e8ff6ed0ec7d19⋯.jpg (116.48 KB, 460x395, 92:79, Michael-and-Chinese-Jew-So….jpg)

30c37d  No.3434701


This is all I got.


c0bb4d  No.3434702



I'll use that one from now on.

f6bc7f  No.3434703

File: 6bf67d30c8fc557⋯.jpg (97.82 KB, 878x585, 878:585, simg_4768.jpg)

File: dccf4898cd8440c⋯.jpg (6.76 KB, 300x272, 75:68, s-l300-9.jpg)

File: 6fe5715b14a97f7⋯.jpg (65.92 KB, 510x383, 510:383, roths-2.jpg)

File: b258a558ea31b59⋯.png (164.46 KB, 500x579, 500:579, demonic-facebook-jew-mark-….png)

d8bbf9  No.3434704


Sure thing! Been here a looooong time and seen a lot. We know more than anyone. Even the MSM comes here to lurk ;)

ea3951  No.3434705


He’s taunting (((them)))

08260a  No.3434706

File: 7a2331d7b6e2226⋯.png (3.42 MB, 4566x2282, 2283:1141, paradesidebyside.png)


exactly, I agree with you


11/11 as a marker to gauge

b58d46  No.3434707

File: 53e61c5a1c41490⋯.jpg (9.63 KB, 298x204, 149:102, th.jpg)



Stop farting on your dad's balls.

eb8670  No.3434708


Think bigger picture. The Dems have nothing left but to fight. We all know how corrupt they are now. The DNC cheated, the News cheated, Obama spied, Hillary keeps stealing, They all are on the take…you think anyone is going to vote for them again. They have no choice but to blow it up…that is all they have left.

1f303d  No.3434709


Zero-Point Energy




dc9d47  No.3434710


firearm on ones person at all times, this is the only way to ensure safety

d43966  No.3434711

File: ed8f051de2bc1b6⋯.png (114.32 KB, 416x435, 416:435, b2x5cCT.png)

Might as well start calling the shills NPC's here too.

925a6c  No.3434712


Same reason (they) don't give us the cures.. it's all about the money.

35cd66  No.3434713


Nancy Pelosi also wanted a second special counsel as per Q post. Obviously Rod and Bob weren't dirty enough or she knows something others don't.

403678  No.3434714


You won that!

d0919e  No.3434715

File: 051ce7b04658389⋯.jpg (135.07 KB, 676x561, 676:561, bruce ohr interviews.jpg)



d02b75  No.3434716


whats good in this bread

is that guy saying "I'm a toilet" and being clowned because of it

shit is still making me laugh

i had stopped laughing but then this


"this is who you are now" LOL

i love you fuckers

good shit my fellow good souls

this bread is already great

c5f616  No.3434717




I hope this VIPAnon can post some sauce when he gets home and comfy

b12fb5  No.3434718


What is this?

Some movie made by a jew about blacks saving jews from white people?

Wow this country is fucking gay.

Glad you faggots didn't notice.

So fucking gay.

And completely untruthful as well.

ade7ac  No.3434719

File: 36d3b50a9b16fe9⋯.png (70.24 KB, 626x314, 313:157, Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at ….png)

File: 0cf870b330777aa⋯.png (106.8 KB, 324x566, 162:283, Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at ….png)

File: be5b56a4ebd3d52⋯.png (27.68 KB, 524x172, 131:43, Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at ….png)



using hurricane to get assets in place for the takedown

FF's can be used by the good guys too

6b7af8  No.3434720

Can someone please repost the Ginsburg men where she cannot be trusted because she can't hold up the weight of her own nose. LOL

Thank you, thank you!

f522c4  No.3434721


I really wanted to read the rest of what you wrote, but I had to stop at the swiss cheese thing. Your here because you know we've been lied to, but you never took the time to source that one?

a9e480  No.3434722


It is the Communists not the Jews

87214c  No.3434724

File: f75d6279b296d29⋯.jpg (313.97 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, theshituationroom.jpg)

cf9139  No.3434725


Reminds me of Bill crying/lying over leaging the WH 8 mil in debt because of the Lewinsky scandal. Boo hoo. Poor Bill. Totally unaware or incapable of understanding anything he ever did wrong. Monica, Juanita B, Gennifer Flowers.

What a pos.

f596dc  No.3434726


^^^^^^ Proof that not all whites are Master Race. You have to be white to be white trash you know.

560a98  No.3434727

File: 32d3f88f48409d8⋯.jpg (78.16 KB, 468x313, 468:313, 32d.jpg)

I need to find out from someone who knows…Not the media. What happened to Feinstein's Chinese spy? Did they just let her go?

d83bac  No.3434728

File: e3b1ab14440c6e1⋯.png (347.75 KB, 617x569, 617:569, ClipboardImage.png)

Had to share this beauty.

ade7ac  No.3434729


WW weather warfare

8b7d7a  No.3434730

b12fb5  No.3434732


No. Its jews.

What do you see today?


Jews trying to destroy a white society.

You see it. Stop pretending you don't.

78f0c4  No.3434733


Even peaceful J Sather was asking about what type of gun to get on Twatter.

403678  No.3434734


AI Can only argue against your post not Your previous responses

b58d46  No.3434735

File: f4fd96e36d70d57⋯.jpg (64.59 KB, 480x522, 80:87, 2jk5cr~2.jpg)


Pedophile you got owned.

ea4236  No.3434736


Second time they have used a hurricane to delay their PAIN this season. No different than lighting their own wildfires and the asking for AID.

84a00e  No.3434737


Some baker's like it, some don't.

Depends on the hour…

Discern, they work in teams.

Back to digging, enjoy!!!

5b2778  No.3434738

File: f9ee8228c0c30db⋯.jpg (7.06 KB, 250x223, 250:223, right_on.jpg)


Like wise!

b52b0e  No.3434739


They will admixture with anyone to get their genetic agents infiltrated. Remember if your mom is a Jew your a jew. So one Jew is all it takes to infect a whole bloodline.

They got plans. Got to steal it all. Everyone has money everyone needs Jews.

df5a79  No.3434740

File: 7547dbb775b65c4⋯.jpeg (38.26 KB, 350x392, 25:28, C30D705F-0558-4044-86B7-9….jpeg)



Yes lets dissect it.

Really get down to the brass tacks…

Nah im tired.

If you can’t see how the context of your post could be misconstrued…

Well then…

79ddcb  No.3434741


Accountability is not blind to any person except those who we do not hold accountable.

f522c4  No.3434742

search topics in Duck Duck Go. add the word "research" or "pubmed" when you find one, then go to pubmed.com (their search engine shadow bans too). look for a free version top right. If it's not there, then use the PMID, DOI, title, or URL here: sci-hub.io

b12fb5  No.3434743


Not claiming to be a master race.

Just claiming jews should move to Israel and whites should have their own countries.


e825bc  No.3434744

>>3433722 (lb)

I am not a white American (U.S.) and like most of what Trump is doing. Will never follow a President like a groupie, so I am starting to have disagreements with this one. Hated the last 4 Prezzies.

4ac248  No.3434745

File: b3637f050b3e722⋯.jpg (210.26 KB, 1496x732, 374:183, chart3.jpg)


Anybody who thinks RR is a good guy?


You really have to twist to make that one work.

They are starting to attack each other because they are all going down.

NYTimes took the bait and printed that article because they were faked out and thought the exposure of the documents was impending - like the next day.

He's faked them out again now; making them believe there is no threat of exposure and that he's working with RR.

We'll find out, won't we?


In my opinion he was schmoozing him and faking him out. Getting him to think he was winning. And acting stupid so RR would think he was safe.

5b8f0b  No.3434746


what's up with Dina Powell…?

e4bd07  No.3434747


I know

35cd66  No.3434748


I'm rather well read, thank you!

0bbde1  No.3434749


Wow that’s some sick punishment

Either your face is a public toilet for a year or you spend 20 years in jail..

Wonder what they would choose lmao

Schiff has them turd cutter teeth so idk..

c18d9c  No.3434750

File: 8db2aa28cab1e3b⋯.png (1.75 MB, 1197x1194, 399:398, guide to surviving the sto….png)


Clever buggers!

08260a  No.3434751



>>3434377 Using Weather Weapons of Mass Destruction

>>3434429 Asia Shares Shattered by Wall Street Tumble

>>3434637 Palo Alto dig

>>3434691 Article covering Feinstein/Eshoo, ties to Google/Silicon Valley & Dems.

104de1  No.3434752

File: b2d8778ed7ed0fd⋯.png (538.41 KB, 601x570, 601:570, ClipboardImage.png)

yoni therapy for the night shift

f596dc  No.3434753


That Soros speech was supposedly from a different event in 2017, per many anons.

cf9139  No.3434754


Not this shit again.

403678  No.3434755


A 4 for Effort

dbc5b1  No.3434756

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

701929  No.3434759

File: 9c950b8cb98fdfd⋯.jpg (68.23 KB, 576x324, 16:9, pg2_a_coltsfan_576.jpg)

45387e  No.3434760

File: 16f80dee33c7ea4⋯.jpg (114.11 KB, 806x864, 403:432, 1a.JPG)

State authorities raid ex-pageant director’s home


a9e480  No.3434761



Communists try to divide us, are you dividing us?

6b9a77  No.3434762

File: 9973c7fff1bbca8⋯.jpg (30.89 KB, 400x346, 200:173, 01-Source-Photo-LBJ-Treatm….jpg)

File: 5e484dace080b77⋯.jpg (70.73 KB, 600x340, 30:17, 10.jpg)

File: 8e15f9ae031be2b⋯.png (149.91 KB, 696x1017, 232:339, Screenshot_2018-10-11 What….png)

File: 32816caa7005bae⋯.jpg (222.1 KB, 1000x664, 125:83, 1000w_q95.jpg)

File: 53f8f3b887d1ae6⋯.jpg (50.2 KB, 854x480, 427:240, WAAF03_C023_0118T3-00002.jpg)

2e411c  No.3434763


i sat in a 4x6 box probably longer than you sat in a high school classroom. and almost got murdered in cold blood inside it.

still had NOTHING on that chapter in my life. not even remotely fucking close.

trust me, "fren" i remember each dream i had. most wretched outstretchde nothing ness your frail mind is incapable of imagining let alone comprehending,

good bye filtered shill.

and yes, reaching an over and unsustainable internal temperature in your brain with constant pressure DOES deteriorate grey matter.

i take back what i said about you sitting in a classrom, dumbfuck.

38ad7c  No.3434764

POTUS trollin tweet. police are coming for you cabal

b12fb5  No.3434765


Starting to disagree with Trump?

You might as well get the fuck outta here then.

Trump is the greatest president the USA has ever had. Its not even close.

08260a  No.3434766


>AT ~400

meant AT 400 on the dot madafaka

c0bb4d  No.3434767

File: fada6629612bef4⋯.jpg (106.07 KB, 500x375, 4:3, toilet2.jpg)


sorry. It's a done deal.

you're getting cleaned by the anons.

8b7d7a  No.3434768

File: e2d11759e2bde3b⋯.png (87.23 KB, 252x201, 84:67, Screenshot 2018-10-10 at 1….png)


By Chuck Barris?

Doubt it.

e243b7  No.3434769


WorldWide You Fucking DOLT

4d597f  No.3434770


now I've seen everything…asian Jews.

That is just wrong on every level.

b58d46  No.3434771

File: 04e1de61e1043d3⋯.gif (643.01 KB, 450x316, 225:158, tenor.gif)


Q is ahomosexual SoyBoy degenerate.

e825bc  No.3434772


RR is someone who had silver spoons every place he turned. He does not understand being wrong. Concept is beyond his experience.

Bye bye Rod.

b12fb5  No.3434773


Most Communists were Jews.

Not a Jew.

Not a Communist.

Your move.

f596dc  No.3434774


These people ruined SF.

6bced8  No.3434775


RR cancelled Congress AFTER meeting with Trump.

He got air cover.

Trump would be tweeting up a storm if he wanted to take down RR for blowing off Congress.

He's not doing that


d02b75  No.3434776



same (saved)

i can here to let off some steam

and the toilet has provided much laughter

im already glad i came here tonight

instead of twatter

53e4ac  No.3434777

File: 07b586e41ef06c8⋯.png (737.99 KB, 994x1867, 994:1867, ClipboardImage.png)


You mean like the militarized police who stage school shootings, stand with Comet Ping Pong, and scoff at regular Americans like we're the enemy? Like cops who assassinate for the Clintons? Like cops who enforce the laws created by the corrupt to keep us powerless sheep? Like the overwhelming number of Masonic cops?

What about the cops who refuse to even discuss that our govt might have done 9-11?

You mean those patriots?

f522c4  No.3434778

If memory serves (this was 2003) the guy that made the holes in the brain claim was paid and had to retract his story later (I think he blamed his lab staff).

I wasn't denying you. I was denying the existence of this condition other than as defined to suit their needs. If they don't understand the process their drug induces in the brain, how can they properly define what they're seeing?

8d2c2d  No.3434779


So according to the Google Jr was 6 ft tall. How tall is this man?

178e6a  No.3434780

File: a7b195cbf07d7a4⋯.jpg (141.46 KB, 818x603, 818:603, 432Hz_44Hz.jpg)

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

– Nikola Tesla

Music Frequency

With this concept in mind, let us bring our attention to the frequency of the music we listen to. Most music worldwide has been tuned to A=440 Hz since the International Standards Organization (ISO) promoted it in 1953. However, when looking at the vibratory nature of the universe, it’s possible that this pitch is disharmonious with the natural resonance of nature and may generate negative effects on human behaviour and consciousness.

Mathematics of the Universe

432 Hz is said to be mathematically consistent with the patterns of the universe. It is said that 432 Hz vibrates with the universe’s golden mean, Phi, and unifies the properties of light, time, space, matter, gravity, and magnetism with biology, the DNA code, and consciousness. When our atoms and DNA start to resonate in harmony with the spiraling pattern of nature, our sense of connection to nature is said to be magnified.

For us to personally win more, we must take back our own energy.

For a start find Mega Hertz music for your needs

432Hz - DEEP Healing


639Hz | Harmonize Relationships | Heal Old Negative Energy - Attract Love | Solfeggio Healing Tones


Some of these sound videos are 3 hours long. You can put them on very low in the background. When you need to watch another clip just mute it for the time then un-mute it.

6b7af8  No.3434781


Sorry, Ginsburg meme. Pretty please!

d0919e  No.3434782

File: ae0a84796fc8e16⋯.jpg (188.3 KB, 800x518, 400:259, Winds.jpg)



Would POTUS risk lives?

ea4236  No.3434783


My thoughts exactly. RR could have closed the investigation into Trump but instead he extended it more broadly into a SC. He also signed the 4th FISA app. RR could have ended this all a long time ago. RR wanted to take Trump down and take McCabe down too.

8c426d  No.3434784

File: 18efde6746c1be4⋯.jpg (45.96 KB, 422x345, 422:345, iu (2).jpg)

35cd66  No.3434785


Because the CIA is evil does that make all Americans evil? Use some common sense and be more specific.

45387e  No.3434786

File: 1de8727eb1c3047⋯.jpg (81.78 KB, 834x795, 278:265, 1a.JPG)

Senators to demand Pompeo justify support for Saudis in Yemen


701929  No.3434787


He's letting rr do it to himself. Reconcile

b35d99  No.3434788

File: d1fb2ef4993c7f8⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1248x774, 208:129, DA.png)

b58d46  No.3434789

File: b527e3c5c440b13⋯.jpg (150.53 KB, 800x687, 800:687, 87b26c37fc5c1508e72a8b6f7b….jpg)



Rod ain't going anywhere you asshole degenerate.

30c37d  No.3434790


I have a 432hz tuned tongued hand drum ^_^

ecbf4a  No.3434791

File: 2950ff78c27f385⋯.jpg (37.91 KB, 568x335, 568:335, AllYours.jpg)

ade7ac  No.3434792


good guys control the satellites

they're sending fake satellite feeds to make it look like a huge hurricane when it's not

a9e480  No.3434793


It was a reaction to division

The question of a national territory for Jews separates the Bundists from the Zionists. After the pogroms and the May Laws of the 1880s, many Jews no longer see any point in the struggle for emancipation within Russian society and turn after the publication of Herzl's "Der Judenstaat" in 1836 to Zionism instead. The largest Zionist party, Poalei Zion ("Workers of Zion"), founded in 1906, is Marxist in orientation and defines the establishment of a socialist-Jewish autonomous state in Palestine as its ultimate goal.

Of all the Jews active in politics, a relatively small number join the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party; most of them join the Menshevik faction after the party splits. On the eve of the Revolution, the Bolshevik party has about 23,000 members, of which 364 are Jews.

The most widespread response, though, to the continued discrimination can be found in the mass emigration of Jews to America and Western Europe. Between 1881 and 1914, more than 2 million Jews leave Russia.

08260a  No.3434794


yet POTUS appointed him and has a good relationship with him

c0bb4d  No.3434795

File: 9dee9fd50b24053⋯.jpg (114.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, pepe1.jpg)

3ee221  No.3434796

File: 2fee9f4422186a6⋯.png (53.37 KB, 774x298, 387:149, Screenshot 2018-10-10 at 8….png)


Really don't know what FISA RR signed….

ee1311  No.3434797


>RR wanted to take Trump down and take McCabe down too.

If so, I have to give him attaboys on McCabe.

46ea6b  No.3434798


Enjoy the show! Have a little trust, fren.

c6a1bf  No.3434799



c18d9c  No.3434800

File: dc05da5f24af48e⋯.jpg (193.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, night shift 13.jpg)


The "I'm a toilet" shillfag takes the trophy tonight, most definitely

6b35fd  No.3434801


That neck can't be real.

0bbde1  No.3434802


The switch to 440 was so that only the Jews could put out the good records (432)

ea4236  No.3434803


No, he has to make sure the Left feels confident that RR is not going anywhere to suppress D turn out and to keep the cabal from firing off a shit ton FFs.

b12fb5  No.3434804



Every jew that voted for Hillary is evil.

Most evil are those that dominate the MSM.

Vast majority support the MSM and voted for Hillary to the tune of 75-80%.

Glad we cleared that up.

7edbd3  No.3434805

File: 268d6417739af61⋯.png (54.4 KB, 858x316, 429:158, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 744b699f63509ba⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1087x830, 1087:830, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 31a9ca07e627e3d⋯.png (5.1 KB, 388x107, 388:107, ClipboardImage.png)


(didn't see in notables, but could have missed it)

'''Newsweek’s Ex-Parent Company Charged With Defrauding Lenders

Prosecutors say $10 million scheme provided funds to help keep company afloat BUY SERVERS FOR ?????'''

Well, guess we know more about why they raided Newsweak a few months ago! Remember how they were carrying servers out?

From January:



cf9139  No.3434806


Would it have been easier to understand if I had written it in crayon, Shirley?

And, stop calling me Princess.

c63315  No.3434807


You are a special kind of stupid. Read the post again. Complex scenarios not your thing I take it. Layers.

5b2778  No.3434808

File: 1393bc9f16597f9⋯.jpg (497.5 KB, 1280x1279, 1280:1279, SingComfy.jpg)


I love triggered evil-doers getting smacked down with mad laughter!

d0919e  No.3434809


How many satellites are there?

Does USA control them all?

403678  No.3434810


This is funny

6b9a77  No.3434811

File: e5874be01acff5a⋯.pdf (3.36 MB, 125253main_vol_47-issue_29….pdf)

File: cf31b3c2e5582a4⋯.png (615.68 KB, 1349x873, 1349:873, Screenshot_2018-10-11 Lowe….png)

File: e923f9ca5c36f7a⋯.png (8.31 KB, 300x168, 25:14, images.png)

File: a4922185a9abcb3⋯.gif (33.77 KB, 464x423, 464:423, image1134.gif)


NASA pdf. Lowering The Boom

BOOM. lowering. thumbs down. interdasting.

4ac248  No.3434813


They were all in , all together.

When the shit started to hit the fan, that's when McCabe started turning evidence.

RR then in turn started making it seem like McCabe was the bad guy.

Completely predictable.

df5a79  No.3434814

File: 3e06bfcef1f756c⋯.jpeg (257.8 KB, 1200x801, 400:267, E630DBAD-DACD-462C-84B6-1….jpeg)

f596dc  No.3434815


The masonic Cops are a top enemy of the People who need to go.

78f0c4  No.3434816

File: c76ffaeffd7a9da⋯.png (56.51 KB, 540x359, 540:359, Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at ….png)

ea4236  No.3434817


I dont get the impression that Pompeo gives a shit what the senate demands.

d8f46d  No.3434818

File: 7c55db5204adfb5⋯.jpg (238.09 KB, 1079x789, 1079:789, IMG_20181011_005402.jpg)

File: 1f317389c7d0ab0⋯.jpg (240.35 KB, 1077x717, 359:239, IMG_20181011_005026.jpg)

Mith Chronicler originals

d83bac  No.3434819


Can I make someone else into a toilet, too? Maybe toilet-anon can tell me how they do it.

315aad  No.3434820

File: 99de7769996b9eb⋯.jpg (61.25 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, DpMcuUrXoAESwdm.jpg)





John John!!!!!

f522c4  No.3434821


believe it was me with my "piss on" sticker hanging over #2 sharing my thoughts about desires to go out and kill you a bad guy or two and ruin this great nation of ours by making the rest of us logical thinkers look like something other than.

1f303d  No.3434822


why call them Jews not Illuminati

b58d46  No.3434823

File: b6e2d79c27382fd⋯.jpg (62.33 KB, 601x477, 601:477, 2jttu7~2.jpg)

File: 142e847d9265b40⋯.jpg (72.78 KB, 480x532, 120:133, 2juayx~2.jpg)

File: d38bf14d5e63c39⋯.jpg (97.01 KB, 480x407, 480:407, 2juaig~2.jpg)

Q is a nobody and his posts are 99% fraudulent.

a08ce9  No.3434824


>Penises don't work this way

I don't get it.

e825bc  No.3434825


Huh…I can’t disagree with him? I like most of what I see. I think his style is counter-productive at times. The ethanol rebirth is exactly that….a failed redo. Shows no influence over interest rates. His DOJ has crimes in their faces and aren’t touched.

I would think every free minded person would have things they disagree with.

Never signed up for a cult anon.

c18d9c  No.3434826

File: d35b3e2070d92a8⋯.jpg (91.62 KB, 800x450, 16:9, don lemon is the fake news….jpg)

229d7f  No.3434827

File: 485cc72c661bc80⋯.png (127.18 KB, 290x407, 290:407, fag44.png)

e542ce  No.3434828

File: e654802d4c6e0d4⋯.png (751.15 KB, 960x432, 20:9, signing.png)

Signing of Prescription Drug Pricing Bills

10 October 2018

Keep your enemies close?

30c37d  No.3434829


I campaigned against her, does that count?

I wasn't even a Trumptard yet… I just knew it couldn't be her, and Johnson flipped to supporting the TPP.

That left only one option…

Trump? Donald Fucking Trump?


Whatever, as long as Hillary loses, and he keeps his word against the TPP, I'ma focus on "#FUCKHERWITHACACTUS".

b12fb5  No.3434830


Do jews run the media?


Did jews fake the holohoax?


We are long past damage control friend.

They are guilty.

They better shuffle off to Israel if they are smart.

The USA does not need or want the fucking jews anymore.

They better ban the fucking internet.

They are done here.


30c37d  No.3434831

File: 1d172ac90ac04b4⋯.jpg (214.93 KB, 1173x1086, 391:362, NPCebot.jpg)

b52b0e  No.3434832

File: 75ad752d376fcbd⋯.jpg (148.23 KB, 500x840, 25:42, 2jv0mn.jpg)

9b5e39  No.3434833

File: 55706d30f030d3b⋯.png (325.44 KB, 480x383, 480:383, Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at ….png)

File: 27ebef2848d16fa⋯.png (182.58 KB, 457x234, 457:234, Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at ….png)

bc7a17  No.3434834

File: 2093406b71db939⋯.jpg (53.93 KB, 388x291, 4:3, QRKQ_THIS.jpg)

1f303d  No.3434835


I can't tell if this is real

d0919e  No.3434836


If POTUS fires RR, what happens?

"POTUS will not be BAITED TO FIRE when the release itself will FORCE RESIGNATION/TERMINATION [RR]."

f596dc  No.3434837

Tucker talking about a new Marriage/Baby Boom, which is a must for MAGA. USA fertility at a 42-year low. I have a girl picked out, hope to MAGA with her and see the Republic restored while raising children for the future of our country.

53e4ac  No.3434838


Oh, well then go get your search warrants and kick in Hillary's door. Oh, you mean protests because of course we can't do that. Protest all you want; you're a pawn in their game. They don't listen, they don't care, that have algorithms of disinfo, false flags. Maybe they want you to protest something so you get what they really want you to have. There's no way to know. But they do because they collect all of our data, and they make everything secret. But I do know they don't go to jail for their crimes.

1f303d  No.3434839


RR cooperating witness ?

a57ef3  No.3434840

Metro Atlanta anon reporting back in

Rain has been relentless for hours

Georgia Power reporting about 500k w/no power

Alabama Power reporting 64k w/no power

Power outages are spotty as a result of trees falling on lines

My power is still on, but feeling good about having improved my candle/lantern/flashlight game a while back

Mexico Beach & Tyndall AFB have horrendous damage, check Tyndall twitter tags

Base is closed for foreseeable future

Tyndall EMS has yet to evaluate runway condition

Linemen we LOVE you guys, thank you so much, ya'll are heroes

d8bbf9  No.3434841


FINALLY. Someone gets it. Keep posting this.

I tried but can’t get thru to them.

Thx , anon

8b7d7a  No.3434842

File: cf8a85d05d9005b⋯.png (103.52 KB, 277x204, 277:204, Screenshot 2018-10-10 at 1….png)

78f0c4  No.3434844


Libtards freaking out like Kav x100 and asking for POTUS to be impeached.

ea4236  No.3434845

File: 729cd295050e7c2⋯.jpg (81.03 KB, 768x575, 768:575, checked.jpg)

df5a79  No.3434846

File: 07d7c021c1da672⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 236x309, 236:309, B05390BE-4367-4094-A405-4E….gif)


Crayons Nice.

35cd66  No.3434847


Huge difference between democrats and republicans anon.

Our fathers founded a republic for republicans. Not a democracy for democrats.

Define the difference between republic and democrat.

here's a quickie:

In a democracy the sovereignty is in the group. Republic. That form of government in which the powers of sovereignty are vested in the people and are exercised by the people, either directly, or through representatives chosen by the people, to whome those powers are specially delegated.

dc9d47  No.3434848

File: 100db93e41787d7⋯.png (45.86 KB, 608x511, 608:511, ClipboardImage.png)


he does bring up a point of view that seems to be gaining in popularity

the feeling that there needs to be a civil war, a cleansing to free us once and for all

not saying I agree or disagree with that sentiment. just pointing out that it is increasingly held among many on the patriot side

5b2778  No.3434849

File: c6306dc04c58db7⋯.png (65.03 KB, 721x429, 721:429, Selection_519.png)

d0919e  No.3434850


Not yet.

6b9a77  No.3434851

File: cdbdaa36887d53e⋯.jpg (9.26 KB, 350x144, 175:72, imwages.jpg)

File: c2fa193680486a9⋯.jpg (34.56 KB, 575x266, 575:266, superken.jpg)

File: 39db8336f95e45d⋯.jpg (59.19 KB, 520x480, 13:12, young jim marrs.jpg)

File: 094fa1189ce3b48⋯.jpg (10.62 KB, 275x183, 275:183, index.jpg)

File: 9974d99b248888c⋯.jpg (14.74 KB, 226x223, 226:223, imwges.jpg)




lower boom onto gallows

f522c4  No.3434852

File: 13a8dbf518dd37a⋯.jpg (56.38 KB, 774x960, 129:160, 20841914_857546264412228_7….jpg)

Again, none of it was meant toward any experience you had, though it seems we may have found a new symptom: thinning of the skin.

Can we go back to the blatant lies ubiquitous in the medical literature, or are we gonna hang out in this "me moment" you're having.- asking for a friend.

72a42f  No.3434853


I am going with RR can't give docs to House because those docs are the subject of a GJ investigation.

f596dc  No.3434854


B.A.R. could take out an entire Auntie Fag mob.


5059c5  No.3434855

File: a943a05e71cfe93⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 2100x1500, 7:5, ec9de5bd9765dbaab97f4c5d2b….jpg)

File: 264aa924d0e8994⋯.png (180.96 KB, 474x394, 237:197, 264aa924d0e89942638b119070….png)

Chill out and have some tendies, anons. [RR] belongs to POTUS right now.


Swamp definitely started freaking out after a while, like when there was talk that Mueller's not investigating POTUS. I still say him and Rod are grey hats. They're cooperating in exchange for protection and a little clemency. That's it. It doesn't mean they can't flip back to black if a better offer comes along.

a08ce9  No.3434856




Don't worry, anon. The rampant BM/WF campaign is working.

d0919e  No.3434857


Rest well, Patriot.

e825bc  No.3434859


I am thinking if he had a more subtle non-antagonistic inclusive style he may be the greatest in my lifetime. Reagan is my favorite president. Nixon is second. Best communicators where Reagan and Clinton. Worst Prezzies are Bush #1, Carter, and stuttering Obama.

b12fb5  No.3434860


>>I am starting to have disagreements with this one

Where did I get the idea you had disagreements with him?

>>Counter productive

Coming from a non white this is hardly schocking


5b2778  No.3434861


My bad,

meant for the toilet here: >>3434823

e01316  No.3434862

>>3434837 I like seeing anons excited about the future, procreating, and enjoying life. MAGA. WWG1WGA no matter what stage of life. Enjoy.

1d1c4f  No.3434863

File: f2a5f96d698ba80⋯.png (15.59 KB, 297x498, 99:166, 228.png)

File: df7212313983c41⋯.png (14.79 KB, 283x508, 283:508, 229.png)

The answer seems pretty simple to me. Next rally Potus laysit all out for the world. The deep state are a bunch of satanic pedos that kidnap and torture children and we have the proof thanks to Anthony Weiner and Wiki leaks. What media isn't going to cover or ask what do you mean? Then you provide the evidence and the people will take care of the rest.

Then the rest is history! What's the fucken problem. I'm over this BS and ready to see arrests already. What's the fucking proble?. Seems pretty simple to me. What do I know though?

ea4236  No.3434864


Its an idea that sounds way more fun than it actually is.

08260a  No.3434865


its what the crumbs suggest

ee1311  No.3434866

File: a008d225b8a85cf⋯.jpg (21.4 KB, 302x302, 1:1, Iatoilet.jpg)

315aad  No.3434867


>I'm a toliet

e01316  No.3434868

Ass wipe. No really ass wipe and get your chin. Then call AA. >>3434861

d0919e  No.3434869


Does POTUS need to fire RR?

What is their))) only hope now?

fe4512  No.3434870

File: aad615793c98bcb⋯.mp4 (1.3 MB, 288x240, 6:5, 1971 Ty D Bol Commercial.mp4)

907dbe  No.3434871

File: ac95f19ca3a05cf⋯.png (430.93 KB, 590x1112, 295:556, Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at ….png)


Clock mirror 11/07

>>343729 WW = World Wide

a9e479  No.3434872

File: 807b6e6409a9337⋯.png (270.43 KB, 737x540, 737:540, court.png)


6b9a77  No.3434873


fuck off kikey with your inclusive bullshit

c18d9c  No.3434874


I would really like to be part of that.

I didnt want children with the way things were going with our previous world but now that there is hope I wanna find me a MAGA honey and make babies.

Here's to the future!

ea4236  No.3434875

File: 0d12ede57055662⋯.png (2.01 MB, 1159x799, 1159:799, 0d12ede57055662831a50403f5….png)


Oh shit. I didnt think of that.

4ac248  No.3434876

File: 1f1324ccd7410c6⋯.jpg (43.52 KB, 441x255, 147:85, clinton.jpg)

cf9139  No.3434877


I have heard that as well. Scary thought. I don't think it would be the end of the evil though. It always finds its way back.

9b5e39  No.3434878



b12fb5  No.3434879


You are Asian and I wish we didn't share a country.

Would you like it if me and some niggers and the rest of the world took over your former asian country?

I don't think so.

But you don't care about that do you.

6a2ef0  No.3434880

6d5c6e  No.3434881

File: 62ec146bbd04054⋯.jpg (8.6 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 62ec146bbd0405451a4fa153dd….jpg)

d0919e  No.3434882

f596dc  No.3434883


Memories of those 2 songs.

dad078  No.3434884

File: 7f24c367aeb943c⋯.png (1.04 MB, 2007x1119, 669:373, SOWELL FED.PNG)

fe4512  No.3434885

File: fa09a121d16cda5⋯.jpg (15.87 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 9018fea483fc442c07d1d5872c….jpg)


Fucking gold

403678  No.3434886


You’ll know we won the war when the skies are clear

9110ac  No.3434887

Whoa just had a dream about a huge earthquake in St. Louis.

c18d9c  No.3434888


This shit is too entertaining!

4d597f  No.3434889



d8bbf9  No.3434890

79ddcb  No.3434891


this is no different than Mueller's role. Play the part, preserve what you can of yourself… or… your fucked.

e825bc  No.3434892


HI. Let’s be Frens!


Cherokee/Choctaw/Chickasee/Scottish/German/English Mason anon.

cbd8f1  No.3434893

Difference is ebo is based af and knows more about the history of the world than most put together, might not like him or his opinions or his political views but he is not a snowflake/NPC


ba579e  No.3434894

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I think these are related.

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 540a54 No.343304 📁

Feb 11 2018 19:52:44 (EST)

Anonymous ID: c6d8b9 No.343156 📁

Feb 11 2018 19:45:08 (EST)


>Release prior to cover up.

>Public informed and collapse.

Q there is one thing that concerns me. somewhat related to this, but more related to 60/40. the less the public knows, the more likely they are to falsely assign blame in the future, possibly even generations from now. it's worth keeping in mind.


Understand one simple fact - the US is connected to the rest of the world.

Knowing that, understand, by default, if certain intel is released it would cause a WW/mass suffering.

We share the idea of open source but value life and must make decisions base decisions on outcomes and containability.


5b8f0b  No.3434895

File: a42fb9777acfefd⋯.png (467.14 KB, 2880x1800, 8:5, You're in one.png)

78f0c4  No.3434896

I can just imagine Q giving Potus an anon update in the morning……..

"Sir, there was a lot of gun and civil war talk with the night crew last nite"

b58d46  No.3434897

Q nerds at least one legit post or he's going in the Caballero's toilet dust bin.

df5a79  No.3434898

File: c378cf427c32341⋯.png (200.45 KB, 750x421, 750:421, 3EBB9467-9EC9-47C8-833C-AA….png)


I dont know I’m up to 12 rings now and my benis is getta hecka long….

Awfully skinny tho.

a57ef3  No.3434899


I'd be satisfied with seeing the worst of the left have psyche-destroying mental breakdowns, with a final wave of shrieking and weeping. After that, just so many broken wrecks, wandering aimlessly, wearing 1000 yard stares, whispering pleas to their mothers and Jesus.

f596dc  No.3434900


Sorry, Anon. Be well.

403678  No.3434901


Can you send some Norwegian girls here?

Muh Hotties

08260a  No.3434902


no, muh dick found a new way to troll

same pasta, same pics, just got some new ones

78f0c4  No.3434903


Girth more important than length.

b25f25  No.3434904


Yah, that’s her O face.

d0919e  No.3434905


Some have no way out.

Think no name.

c83933  No.3434906


I think it's a per-splurge pic, based on the facial contortions - and memory… kek

1b72aa  No.3434907


his answer will probably be….GOOD.

b12fb5  No.3434908


Note a kike. You can tell he is some half shit or full asian chink.

Pathetic that americans are willing to give away their country to these fuckers.

Listen to this faggot. He is still sitting here here demanding that Q's or Trump's tone is more to his liking.

Pathetic that nobody challenges these racial enemies to our republic. They want to shit on all of it.


2e411c  No.3434909



i wonder if that shill got shitcanned after that one

059fe2  No.3434910

File: ed15f5a658af296⋯.png (2.59 MB, 2732x2048, 683:512, 6816C6AE-8953-48FD-B41B-F5….png)

File: ccd0e46a0545218⋯.png (710.04 KB, 2732x2048, 683:512, EC2E5904-6A2B-4B5C-9C0D-BD….png)

Imminent Trial Flights Expected of Chinese Stealth Bomber “Deterrence to Our Enemy”

a9e480  No.3434911


You might want to read up on cause and effect


6b9a77  No.3434912

File: b2a680316406824⋯.jpg (133.04 KB, 634x460, 317:230, article-2172468-140C44DE00….jpg)

File: 54c002e048f2976⋯.png (859.35 KB, 808x2015, 808:2015, Screenshot_2018-10-11 Lowe….png)

File: 11e7bc54f498130⋯.jpg (302.58 KB, 1353x1129, 1353:1129, desi-arnez-desilu.jpg)

File: 3e5c405f27bbc89⋯.png (100.61 KB, 927x462, 309:154, Screenshot_2018-10-11 Boom….png)

File: 571930e6f5e9894⋯.png (47.11 KB, 710x504, 355:252, Screenshot_2018-10-11 Proj….png)

f596dc  No.3434913


Ha Ha. You may want to see him complete a term first.

c18d9c  No.3434914


Queue you're fired meme!

22edea  No.3434915


Because we don't want congress critters in charge of the money supply.

The Fed doesn't need to be abolished. Every problem with it can be resolved by simply passing a law requiring all of its books to be open record.

d18879  No.3434916

File: fe26f6533ec6060⋯.jpg (52.45 KB, 488x268, 122:67, mobrule.jpg)

no editing required

30c37d  No.3434917

File: 7d165cffd28abe7⋯.jpg (193.72 KB, 509x708, 509:708, d988f73750965149366aba0135….jpg)



So taking that a step further…

There was this speculation that 10/10/2018 was Fiat Crash Day…

And it woulda been if GEOTUS hadn't blown the fuckin' roof off the economy.

Still gotta be wary of the Payseurs and Rothschilds suddenly calling in all debt like they did in the1930's…

Or nuttier, calling in all debt and saying they only accept RothsCoin instead of the fiat.

But they know that leads to:

Martial Law and (((their))) final hand.

They think it would be the Samson/Scorched Earth…

The irony here is that we've had protection from such an event this entire time.

Remember VQC?

There's a math/encryption thing they do.

The Nerds aren't discovering what's up for the first time… it's already known.

Just like how we're not telling Q anything "new".

If the Payschilds try to pull that kind of "We only accept Crypto to pay off your Fiat debt, but you can exchange Fiat for miniscule Crypto"…

VQC goes all Fight Club and WHOOPS!

No more RSA or ECC.

There goes the Fiats and the Crypto.

Hellooooooo AES-256!

Maybe the actual new World Cryptos will be backed by Gold at first, but ultimately it'll be based on taxing the nanotransactions like Saudia Arabia has set itself up to do with Sophia.

So… who is that Journalist… and what actually happened?

Point of contention with KSA?

Perhaps Mohammad bae Salman steps up again…

Don't forget… Alwaleed bin Talal tried to foment tention between USA and KSA…

And he was released from the penthouse with the other "Princes" after the "Purge"… probably for tracking.

What's really going on with that and why the focus?

Out of everything else that's going on in the world…

Why the focus on THAT particular journalist?

6b7af8  No.3434918

Where can I search for memes? Looking for the Ginsburg weight of nose meme. Cannot find on Google of course, censored.

b12fb5  No.3434919



You are not Indian.

And if you were…

I wouldn't care.

Fuck you.

22f1df  No.3434920


Because of Obama's secret pardons, the Trump admin had to get them to commit new Federal Crimes after Jan 20, 2017.

77f90b  No.3434921


You wish. good luck KEK!

1b72aa  No.3434922

File: f866d8bce9f7b42⋯.jpg (130.26 KB, 1080x612, 30:17, CS.jpg)

59ef23  No.3434923

File: fb03b52f2565b27⋯.jpg (71.22 KB, 640x426, 320:213, mlnflc.jpg)

4ac248  No.3434924

File: 7f0475f471f3320⋯.jpg (95.05 KB, 720x717, 240:239, crimespreee.jpg)


He's holding back 'cause he's in a pickle

If there's any investigation about those documents, he's a subject of it.

Therefor when they are released, he will have to withdraw.

He won't release them himself because in that case he would instantly have to retire

Hence "Pickle"

All that is described in the crumbs.

the one belief system around "RR and Mueller" on our side hinges on the meeting POTUS took with Mueller the day before M. was assigned "Special Council?"

The ambiguity is deliberate. And the mis–direction is all about imagination.

No one knows what was in that meeting.

It's just one data point of many.

df5a79  No.3434925


Nah I’ll just rub one side till the other side gets jealous and comes over.

6af24b  No.3434926


I like that idea. I am going to use it!

f6bc7f  No.3434927


Lol, you mean the CIA that works hand in hand with Mossad? That one?


e4bd07  No.3434928

File: 074f1630624b7c1⋯.jpg (21.95 KB, 480x367, 480:367, 43681872_328907480991067_1….jpg)

fe4512  No.3434929

File: d79976c6dff0922⋯.jpeg (126.63 KB, 1440x821, 1440:821, chan saving.jpeg)


Pools closed..kek

ea4236  No.3434930

File: b64ec5d2f79e7e3⋯.jpg (384.33 KB, 2047x1657, 2047:1657, Dh7dA9FX4AcSzBm.jpg)

Alright, going to force myself to go to bed since I am forcing myself to be an adult in the early am.

Night anons.



You cant pardon someone who hasn't committed a crime.

30c37d  No.3434931


ebot's also a handle that's passed around.

Have you not noticed the different styles of ebot?

How about when ebot would suddenly and "randomly" get lucid AF?

The more you notice…

eb8670  No.3434932

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Enjoy The Show, Trust The Plan!

bc7a17  No.3434933

File: 86f1b3cce3c71fd⋯.png (186.38 KB, 1099x632, 1099:632, Screenshot_2018-10-11 Solv….png)

DoE seems to be on the right track now-a-days…

This makes me incredibly happy to see research like this..,

Not only being conducted, but also being talked about!!

As a ScienceFag ;) THIS is WINNING to me!!



d18879  No.3434935



d0919e  No.3434936

File: 82ea897112f8939⋯.jpg (613.43 KB, 1100x1471, 1100:1471, Great Awakening_16 Autist.jpg)

“We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence,” he said. “It has no place in America.”

c18d9c  No.3434937


Top kek!

f6bc7f  No.3434938


They are BURNING those flags… Not celebrating them.

b58d46  No.3434939

File: 36cc5c9c7e9396d⋯.jpeg (32.99 KB, 344x438, 172:219, 68220c9060fa3698194f69e38….jpeg)

File: 499106c2bd66fa2⋯.jpg (63.95 KB, 480x522, 80:87, 2jm0v5~2.jpg)

Q needs at least one legit post or he's going in the Caballero's toilet dust bin.

d02b75  No.3434940

File: d987228a45e349d⋯.png (234.11 KB, 857x429, 857:429, YOUS A TOILET LOL.png)

6b9a77  No.3434941

File: 484432144a6ba37⋯.jpg (112.2 KB, 610x806, 305:403, q-gallows.jpg)

File: 216154f2c79e01d⋯.jpg (65.35 KB, 570x456, 5:4, il_570xN.1535322878_nn3d.jpg)

File: 03c6ce1b4281a27⋯.png (49.33 KB, 200x200, 1:1, boom-gallows1.png)

File: 733b72e5ae79428⋯.png (795.71 KB, 801x540, 89:60, Screenshot_2018-10-11 MKPA….png)

File: 0869aad77e4a48f⋯.pdf (14.06 MB, boom01.pdf)

8b7d7a  No.3434942


No, it's just CTA. He can't even get paid to be that lame

4d597f  No.3434943


Isn't it nice to see "everybody else' with OUR stuff?

d02b75  No.3434944

File: 4b368d1ad18ba03⋯.png (49.42 KB, 500x500, 1:1, TOILET BOY.png)


dam wrong one lol

here we go

79ddcb  No.3434945


you are on a rant…. you need only to dig… you will not be receiving rewards here.. you have only an opportunity… not a promise… you may be part of this… or you may leave… the choice is yours.

35cd66  No.3434946


Well sure bc we are overrun with communists, socialist, natzi's and the like. I get that and serious action is warranted here. But the problem with civil war is you have no control over who or what countries join the other side and how much fire power there gonna bring. Take the Bosnian war for example only multiply that times about 10.

b12fb5  No.3434947

File: 6eaba7f913f23bf⋯.png (180.1 KB, 1513x590, 1513:590, FakeNews1.png)

File: d9556cb160586ad⋯.png (186.99 KB, 1506x360, 251:60, FakeNews2.png)

File: 1c2adf836fcb172⋯.png (172.79 KB, 1515x482, 1515:482, FakeNews3.png)


You asked for it jew.

That is just one bullet in the chamber.

I got six million more. Maybe another six million.

After that.

9110ac  No.3434948

Why in the hell did POTUS put off meeting with RR for two weeks just to keep him around and not have him testify to congress. Something extremely weird is happening.

77f90b  No.3434949

File: d4b8c53bc58adb7⋯.jpg (86.89 KB, 617x499, 617:499, 2jv128[1].jpg)

08260a  No.3434950


>Something extremely weird is happening.

Its called the plan

774cb5  No.3434951

File: dddba145902cbcb⋯.jpg (47.25 KB, 511x432, 511:432, Devil'sTriangle.jpg)


Fuck off shill

If not shill, turn your keyboard in check out.

You're not wanted here.

Nobody involved in this movement is going to grab a rifle and burn and loot shit like a bunch of yard apes.

We're all pissed and impatient.

I'll bear arms when Rush Limbaugh says on air the country is lost.

But it's not- in fact, DJT has it moving in the right direction.

Until then- im sitting my ass in this over priced leather chair and enjoying an adult beverage.

P.S. - eat a dick

1b72aa  No.3434952

File: c47bac830117a56⋯.png (634.62 KB, 805x693, 115:99, In January.png)


not long ago even asking that would have incurred the wrath from many.

e825bc  No.3434953



Anon…I am full Amerimutt! Don’t ya wanna be frens. Kek!

Look man…I will have disagreements with every president. Including Trump. Any weak ass who follows people blindly can get the fuck it of my country.


Veteran of Liberia, Desert Storm, Iranian Tanker Wars, and Panama. And a fucking Amerimutt.

11cd7e  No.3434954

File: d436d49d68fd95e⋯.jpg (149.67 KB, 966x1200, 161:200, DpMhag6UYAA7OFC.jpg)

File: d436d49d68fd95e⋯.jpg (149.67 KB, 966x1200, 161:200, DpMhag6UYAA7OFC.jpg)

bbbef8  No.3434955

File: 5f876c1eebd88db⋯.png (1.36 MB, 900x800, 9:8, CollageShills1.png)

08260a  No.3434956



>>3434377 Using Weather Weapons of Mass Destruction

>>3434429 Asia Shares Shattered by Wall Street Tumble

>>3434637 Palo Alto dig

>>3434691 Article covering Feinstein/Eshoo, ties to Google/Silicon Valley & Dems.

gotta say, its impressive trolling from muh dick

6b9a77  No.3434957

File: 652ca3f21b3aac9⋯.jpg (113.74 KB, 1100x767, 1100:767, wongbaker.jpg)

File: 4bc345d242b8066⋯.png (568.31 KB, 1088x2774, 544:1387, Screenshot_2018-10-08 Mass….png)

File: 07e0f4e8a0983fc⋯.jpg (241.63 KB, 938x1222, 469:611, taylor-swift-twitter-singl….jpg)

File: ae20a6e1c874593⋯.png (462.9 KB, 1036x2305, 1036:2305, Screenshot_2018-10-08 PEDO….png)

File: 9b08f3a5303407e⋯.png (152.03 KB, 1165x1241, 1165:1241, Screenshot_2018-10-08 Pedo….png)

always observe the wrong baker pain scale

8b7d7a  No.3434958

File: cd9bd48fcb8ffb7⋯.png (47.42 KB, 161x207, 7:9, Screenshot 2018-10-11 at 1….png)


Go get 'em, Toiletboi!>>3434939

4ac248  No.3434959



^^^^ Look carefully at this graphic

b52b0e  No.3434960


I think he must of broken RR and the nigger is doing something Trump wants. Probably ratting all the Jews and their plans out. Hoping to live out his days in a D.U.M.B. rather than get the noose.

6af24b  No.3434961


Good likeness of McCabe

30c37d  No.3434962

File: a1fa145d24d44e7⋯.jpg (3.4 MB, 2283x1379, 2283:1379, BlackedOutDOPE.jpg)


Fuuuuuuck yes.

6b35fd  No.3434963


he looks lonely and very concerned.

774cb5  No.3434964


You aren't fooling anybody

2e411c  No.3434965

File: 2a2bbc63e886e2e⋯.jpg (44.72 KB, 275x174, 275:174, 2jv14h (2).jpg)

50cea2  No.3434966

Why the hell are all the documents Trump called to be DECLASSIFIED ….. NOT DECLASSIFIED YET?\


a6ce95  No.3434967




when has cspan in the past cut away from trump at a rally on to an audience member?


11cd7e  No.3434968

File: 01e96bf666c3eef⋯.jpg (56.96 KB, 567x571, 567:571, DbF5WSZVwAAp_cl.jpg)

b12fb5  No.3434969

File: 4d97830ac927623⋯.png (526.52 KB, 499x893, 499:893, Plato1.png)

File: 46e6808e63b4d10⋯.png (65.31 KB, 467x951, 467:951, Plato2.png)

File: 6fb9dbd451bc687⋯.png (593.39 KB, 501x954, 167:318, Plato3.png)

File: b2978d0734ba29a⋯.png (686.38 KB, 426x826, 213:413, Plato4.png)


Want to play a game?

376792  No.3434970

>>3434222 (lb)

In 1603, Bacon wrote to a friend of his, the poet, John Davies, who had gone north to meet the King:

"So desiring you to be good to concealed poets, I continue, yours very assured, Fr. Bacon."

"The wisdom displayed in Shakespeare was equal in profoundness to the great Lord Bacon's Novum Organum." -William Hazlitt

"Lord Bacon was the greatest genius that England, or perhaps any country, ever produced."Alexander Pope , 1741

"In Shakespeare's plays we have Thought, History, Exposition, Philosophy, all within the round of the poet. It is as if into a mind poetical in form there had been poured all the matter which existed in the mind of his contemporary Bacon. The only difference between him and Bacon sometimes is that Bacon writes an Essay and calls it his own, while Shakespeare writes a similar essay and puts it into the mouth of a Ulysses or a Polonius." orthodox Professor David Mason

"...The subjects which most engrossed the mind of Bacon, the opinions which he most strongly expressed, the ideas which he desired especially to inculcate, are those which are found chiefly pervading the plays. Those things which are explained in the prose works of Bacon are to be found repeated, or alluded to, or forming the basis of beautiful metaphors and similes, in the Plays. And the vocabulary of Bacon and Shakespeare is to a suprising degree the same." Constance Pott

"Two things were strenuously avoided by Bacon; the direct mention of the name of Shakespeare, and the literal quotation of any passages from the Plays. This man of genius, coming forward in the essays as commentator on his own works, always clothed his elucidations in words other than those he chose as the poet& as Shakespeare. The poet clothes the thoughts of the philosopher in gorgeous robes: the language of the scholar must be plainer in style, the pictures he draws must be simpler and yet in spite of all, not only in the thoughts, but in the wording and manner of expressing himself, Bacon could not avoid telling us a great deal that carries the mind back to the Plays." EMB, The Day Star Of The Muses, essay in Baconiana 1968

"Directly as men were aware that the main purpose of the published plays was not so much to entertain them as to put them to school, the New Method was certain to become a failure. Long and patient trial of the system could alone attain success. To disclose the author was to reveal the schoolmaster, whose work would be resented as an impertinence by those for whom it was most fit."Parker Woodward (Baconiana, Oct. 1905):

"Without a mask, Bacon's plan for his Instauratio Magna would not have been possible; William Shakespeare was a necessary feature in the vast scheme of Bacon's philosophic experiment which had the world for its theatre, ages for its accomplishment, and posterity for its beneficiaries."Introduction to facsimile of Manes Verulamiani, by W.G.C. Gundry, Barrister-at-Law (Chiswick Press, London 1956).

A comparison of the writings of contemporary authors in prose and verse, proves that no other writer of that age, but Bacon, can come into any competition for the authorship. Judge Nathaniel Holmes 1884

Bacon's style varied almost as much as his handwriting; but it was influenced more by the subject matter than by youth or old age. Few men have shown equal versatility in adapting their language to the slightest shade of circumstance and purpose. Dr. Edwin Abbott

There are far more allusions to the stage and acting in Bacon's works than there are in Shakespeare. R. Eagle,, New Views for Old,1930


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im not into wrath atm..trying to be the roo

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Projection much?

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Stop eating drugs.

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"Why do we look at skin color?




APART, we are weak.