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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 1632d3bc2bb56a9⋯.png (6.66 MB, 5760x3240, 16:9, 1632d3bc2bb56a95642f177f49….png)

eee372 No.504327



Q's Current Tripcode: !UW.yye1fxo

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Saturday, 2.24.18

>>480458 Stanislav Lunev

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>>480311 Sec Test

Friday, 2.23.18

>>476837 COMMS OFF 2


>>476516 Run Log

>>476461 Sec Test

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>>475441 Coincidences

>>475991 Its always about the $$$$$

>>472426 rt >>472314 Confirms BHO-Hezbollah link

Thursday, 2.22.18

>>466606 People Kill People

>>466308 DIVIDED

>>466142 This should scare you (deep state/others)

>>466048 rt >>465930 Breaking up something this big?

>>465919 Clowns in China/other

>>465797 rt >>465779 Did you count spaces?

>>465696 rt >>465258 Learning Comms

>>458475 Scroll through both docs

>>458430 Highly protected documents

Wednesday, 2.21.18

>>>/greatawakening/454 [OP]ERATIONAL

>>>/greatawakening/453 !!!

>>>/greatawakening/452 Which are you?

>>448584 US Cyber Task Force

>>448510 rt >>448451 Coincidence? :Protect 6/14-46

>>448465 rt >>448410 @Jack thought he was protected [PROJECT DEEPDREAM]

>>448399 USSS gun intercept, Protect code

>>448338 Stay tuned. Phase [2].

Sunday, 2.18.18

>>423894 , >>423957, >>423948, >>423953, >>436255

>>422626 rt >>422606 Gannett, McLean, VA, Just the Tip…

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MONDAY 2018.26.02

We have more than we know. We are missing connections. We must build the map. We must leave no stone unturned. We must dig until we exhaust every possibility. We must focus. When light is focused, it can burn through anything. We are here to RESEARCH not to shitpost, when the Great Awakening happens, we must already have an encyclopedia of knowledge ready to redpill. The masses won't believe it unless we have massive evidence. That is why Q chose us, let's be the autists he knows we are.

Group ideas are to create dedicated research threads which will help us then build maps. Research threads will be listed in their own section of the dough. If you have information about a subject, please create a thread and request that it be added to this section of the dough. Here are some posts from the discussion. Please review and lets discuss more. WE WILL BUILD THE MAP!

>>501108 , >>501114 , >>501081

The discussions here -

>>499446 , >>499546, >>499595, >>499633, >>499964, >>499620, >>499625, >>499650, >>499717, >>500018

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Recent Notable Posts

MONDAY 2018.26.02

>>GETTING ORGANIZED TO BUILD THE MAP. See the new section above. Let's create threads and discuss further.

>>502806 Imperator_Rex etc: Could it be that we are all on the same team?

>>502745 $1 million pizza party thrown for Hussein compliments of Denise Ilitch

>>502036 , >>502096 Dig on James VanderVeer LIDDLE and Patricia Shea LIDDLE

>>501044 Broward County 9/11 connection

>>501064 Nikolas Cruz detailed history

>>501070 RR attorney wife client list include BO, RM, JC, BC & HRC

>>501558 Shooting timeline

>>501371 3 Dead Scientists detailed info

>>501338 Broward police didn't let medical personnel the school to help wounded

>>501121 The Unification Church

>>501064 Nikolas Cruz: Information summary

>>491773 , >>501047 The Steele Dossier: A Map

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>>501660 Names of Murdered Victims in Stoneman Douglas Shooting

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>>247024 2018.02.02

>>9019 2018.09.01

cdd01e No.504422

File: 97dcc6c461ff61a⋯.jpeg (155.88 KB, 888x499, 888:499, image.jpeg)

867f00 No.504425

Memefags pls support sheriff clarke he is a hero

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/02/will-die-fighting-sheriff-clarke-reveals-special-meaning-behind-second-amendment-video/

825860 No.504427

File: aee9856d3f8f27c⋯.png (393.24 KB, 365x491, 365:491, LP.PNG)

Keep us Safe

05b92b No.504428

File: 37c08ee69096cde⋯.png (969.8 KB, 1024x777, 1024:777, DeliciousBread86.png)


Delicious bread, Baker

e2f9c8 No.504429

If You Have A Mental Illness, This Antifa Student Group Wants You

http:// dailycaller.com/2018/02/26/texas-antifa-mental-illness/

https:// web.archive.org/web/20180220140551/https:// revolutionarystudentfrontatx.wordpress.com/2018/02/06/stumble-fall-stand-tall-summation-of-the-revolutionary-student-fronts-revolutionary-mental-health-program/

05b92b No.504430

f61c53 No.504431

Sheriff Israel likes to pick on the black folk….some pretty blatant entrapment here

http:// www.independentsentinel.com/sheriff-israel-accused-entrapping-black-people-beef-arrests/

f4dfe3 No.504432

File: 1bbc41bb12ff590⋯.jpg (10.89 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 1509855277416.jpg)

More Q posts that may go with my post from last bread >>504162

Nov 4

By the time POTUS returns from his trip the world will be a different place.

Godfather lll

Alice & Wonderland

Alice (Lewis Carroll) =

The Bloody Wonderland =


Nov 4

Q = Alice

You'll soon understand the meaning behind Alice "&" Wonderland.

Everything has meaning.

God bless.


Nov 2

Fellow Patriots,

I'm being advised actions have created accelerated counter-actions.

We have not yet ascertained the scope of the attack.

Watch the news outlets.

POTUS' Twitter take down was not by accident (as referenced several hours ago).

Should the lights go out please know we are in control.

Do not panic.

We are prepared and assets are in place.

God bless - I must go for good at this point.


2aee86 No.504433

File: 93af04e2996f11d⋯.jpeg (3.76 MB, 2490x1388, 1245:694, DBB533E5-AC70-4D9C-B55A-E….jpeg)

9d3053 No.504434


Anon bleeding from mouth. (tongue in cheek)

214575 No.504435


wow, i cant imagine sending my daughter to a dance with a f pussy on the side of it.

liberal idiots at its finest

a7ca74 No.504436

File: 9bdab69528870b0⋯.jpg (97.17 KB, 418x345, 418:345, hoggpiss.jpg)

The pissing anon strikes again…

3f8e26 No.504437

File: 36bfa4003d4b510⋯.jpg (412.99 KB, 2172x3862, 1086:1931, 20180226_172526.jpg)

File: 597377ac86dd15f⋯.jpg (227.65 KB, 1078x1231, 1078:1231, Screenshot_20180226-173238.jpg)

Repost from end of last bread.

https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=dR-zbQMXUAM

K this is freaky. A-9zBT1-033 line from from the Feb 14 (day of shooting) Q post is a video that was posted to YouTube January 31 2016. Link to hooktube link above. Definitely MKultra involved. Many other videos on that account MKultra related. Is telling us this video was the trigger for the shooting?

bd87b0 No.504438

File: 86e9db4a41246d7⋯.jpg (23.63 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 00c86b2150114b2fb049c2369f….jpg)

>>503623 (previous thread)

Congress only has to meet so many days in session. They are representatives of their congressional districts. When they arent in DC, they are in their districts having town hall meetings and serving their districts. Why people think they have to be sitting in DC is beyond me. LEARN HOW THIS WORKS.

0886ba No.504439

File: 5931d9347465750⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1417x1428, 1417:1428, Capture _2018-02-26-18-35-….png)

214575 No.504440

File: ae54a018fdb39af⋯.jpg (318.22 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, thankyoubaker.jpg)

9d3053 No.504441

File: 58ad10ee93a1baf⋯.jpeg (86.58 KB, 425x417, 425:417, 54302078-66FA-46D4-B8EB-9….jpeg)

288028 No.504442


I knew it, good job anon

9cc7a2 No.504443

>>504419 (prior thread)

Wow that's quite the find. Good job.

1e59bb No.504444


Cliff is good for archetype level stuff only. Not really valid for divining or nailing down short term individual details though, as his analysis is still slanted to his own worldview. He admits this himself, which is why he refuses to assert any metadetails from his short term forecasts in most cases.

Good for checking which way the wind is blowing in general though. He's definitely not one of (((them))). He's also very heavily in the self-reliance camp (as opposed to just being a prepper).

He may even view /qresearch/ with a measure of suspicion as to motives, which is fine, as he's focused on other things anyway.

Just don't start sliding the thread with his stuff, he has his own agenda, and platform you can use for that.

b78dd3 No.504445

File: eda67917e8d01ea⋯.jpg (90.62 KB, 640x852, 160:213, Purim 911.jpg)

File: 689c49d861475fe⋯.jpg (460.09 KB, 732x648, 61:54, Purim911IsraelJewsMeme.jpg)


Don't know what's worse… pussy dresses or burning Twin Tower dresses/suits in Israel…

9d3053 No.504446



Pissing anon

You cray cray

89314c No.504447

From end of last bread:



2da8e7 No.504449

File: 8175720b799cd00⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1038x656, 519:328, screenshot_10.png)

File: 350a5ab6ec823c4⋯.png (691.08 KB, 817x745, 817:745, screenshot_12.png)

File: ca05d8323eb515f⋯.png (745.93 KB, 749x499, 749:499, screenshot_11.png)

Re-post from last bread

4da9b1 No.504450

File: 4c097d3e1bd87ff⋯.png (41.53 KB, 765x393, 255:131, q 772.png)

Did anyone else make the mistake of reading this Q posts so that you were thinking of the target to be a human? Post discussion references to MKULTRA.

Now when I read it, I'm sure that the target to be manipulated is THE CAR!

Remove code/program update (flash prom etc) then trigger the operation!

OPerations in the US, ORIGinated/controlled from a foreign country!

The video in the Q post is about CAR slamming near presidential motorcade.

Which countries could have planted remote programmable cars? Japan? S-Korea? China? They have technology. S-Korean CIA equivalent have connections to CIA. S-Korea is good in mobile technology.

Time to DIG more…?!?

0bfc76 No.504451


And this is why we need guns.

a35b58 No.504452


Baker, I'm not sure who has been making these maps (a big thank you for whoever does), but the latest one from bread linked below only goes through the end of the first GA thread on 2/18. Doesn't include anything new from phase 2.

>>426009 UPDATED: Latest Q Map Set (5of5)

455b97 No.504453

Guys, Check out.., must be something interesting

http:// www.gclvx.org/The%20Whole%20Enochian%20Dictionary.pdf

f4dfe3 No.504455


also reposting again from last bread from Q posts

Nov 1

POTUS will be well insulated/protected on AF1 and abroad (specific locations classified) while these operations are conducted due to the nature of the entrenchment. It is time to take back our country and make America great again. Let us salute and pray for the brave men and women in uniform who will undertake this assignment to bring forth peace, unity, and return power to the people.

It is our hope that this message reaches enough people to make a meaningful impact. We cannot yet telegraph this message through normal methods for reasons I’m sure everyone here can understand. Follow the questions from the previous thread(s) and remain calm, the primary targets are within DC and remain at the top (on both sides). The spill over in the streets will be quickly shut down. Look for more false flags – stay alert, be vigilant, and above all, please pray.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Love is patient, love is kind.”

God bless my fellow Americans.



nov 1

They are the true Patriots. We will never forget. Let these coming days be remembered in our history as the time we fought to recapture the republic from those evil bad actors who for so long have sacrificed the good people of this land for their own personal gain.

Fight the good fight.



TY anon.

9cc7a2 No.504456


Baker please note. This is a good find.

28a78b No.504457

File: 3f47f3075b67541⋯.jpg (22.02 KB, 310x312, 155:156, cool rabbi.jpg)


Q loves Jews. If you dont love Jews you should LEAVE.

e9c5d3 No.504459

File: 84866062395d156⋯.png (495.69 KB, 744x450, 124:75, ClipboardImage.png)

993675 No.504460


I wonder if that is an Apache chief on that test screen?

627e15 No.504461




Please add these two last dedicated threads to the "Dedicated Research Threads". We should be good to go after that.






dc3553 No.504462


This will not age well.

894313 No.504463

File: 3e6bbd0920b9e0f⋯.mp4 (15.4 MB, 720x480, 3:2, QresearchFlhoax.mp4)

what did i just hear.

f75f28 No.504464


Will you kindly add Unwinding Benghazi to the list of dedicated research breads above?


b78dd3 No.504465


Of course Q loves jews.

But these people are not really jews.

9d3053 No.504467


Difficultly loading video.

4da9b1 No.504468


bigger pic pls?

f33e12 No.504469


HANDLE WITH CARE!!! Go frame by frame, it's FULLLLLL of creepy subliminals!

I sure won't watch it as a video

627e15 No.504470


The white building in the back left is the key that links these pictures together.

d062ff No.504471

File: 4036575681c555d⋯.png (457.71 KB, 658x653, 658:653, ClipboardImage.png)



I know this was from 2015, but are they planning on doing this again??

INSLEE is CORRUPT!!!! Anons - any digs on him?

f61c53 No.504472

Oh shit….Cruz hired a lawyer to go after trailer Roxanne 2 months before the shooting

https:// dmlnews.com/report-florida-gunman-hired-lawyer-school-massacre/

2d0b35 No.504473


Updated 2/8/2018

Write Review



Brad A Graverson is listed as an Officer with Graverson, Inc. in California. The address on file for this person is 3440 W 170th St, Torrance, CA 90504 in Los Angeles County.

The company is a California Domestic Corporation, which was filed on July 24, 1985. The filing status is listed as Suspended. The address on file for this company is 3440 W 170th St, Torrance, CA 90504 in Los Angeles County.

The Registered Agent of record is Lela M Graverson.

View Phone Book Listings For Brad Graverson In California

Contact Information

First Name: Brad

Middle Name: A

Last Name: Graverson

Full Name: Brad A Graverson

Title: Officer


3440 W 170th St

Torrance, CA 90504

County: Los Angeles

Area Code: 310/323

Company Name: Graverson, Inc.

Mailing Address:

3440 W 170th St

Torrance, CA 90504

214575 No.504474


ok but i hope you understand the kid in fl was not involved in shooting.

there was a drill going on, he was walking with a chick that said there was shooting going on in other side of building.

ff, drill, pcyop, whatever u want to call it.

eee372 No.504475


4da9b1 No.504476


stupid distractor, filter

272fe5 No.504478



You can make a secular argument for inherent natural rights - the language of deism in the Declaration of Independence is rhetoric. The substance is the same, as the secular argument is that BY DEFINITION (i.e., inherent, natural) Man has the right of property, which all the other rights are based off of

So stop trying to divide us. You absolutely need no religious leanings to believe in inherent, natural rights

57b773 No.504479

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The big question who controls Snowden

My guess on who controls snowden would be HRC and BO.

Still digging on that one, here what I've found so far.

Here is the English Translation for the North Korean Video. However take note.. at the bottom of the translation…

"It is better to die than live like a dog or a pig." [Note: The narrator uses the North Korean word for South Korea, 'Namchoson' (남조선) throughout, including when 'quoting' the 'South Korean professor'.]

Recent news on America's illegal spying activity has angered countries around the world. The United State's NSA extended its spying activity to 38 embassies including its allies, Japan and South Korea, European offices in the UN, and EU offices in Brussels by collecting information through hacking into computers, the Guardian and Germany's weekly newspaper Der Spiegel exposed.

Outrage grew across the European Union, and there has been a backlash from other countries against America. However, it is only the South Korean puppet government who has refused an explication, saying America's illegal spying activity is just a 'revealing article' where the context itself is ambiguous. The funny thing is that South Korea is taking sides with its master by rationalizing the idea that any country's intelligence agencies can collect clandestine information for its own national security.

Regardless of whether or not the story can be confirmed, South Korea has to consider the United State's situation, they say. How humiliating and servile! Only a puppet government would welcome American activities with open arms and applaud, even when they commit murder, wage war, or plunder wiretap.

Last year, Wikileaks disclosed the fact that South Korea is swarming with pro-Americans, and providing information to the American government ranging from the National Assembly, government and military, to business sectors and the church. The U.S. embassy [in Seoul], therefore is able to know what agenda or document sits on the desk of the [South Korean] presidential office by the very next day. Whether South Korea is being spied on or not, there are no secrets for the puppet government. South Korea's finds itself in the midst [of a scandal], disclosing [a former] president's classified documents—an unparalleled event in diplomatic history—there are no secrets and no need to argue with the master. However, South Koreans frequently rage over our 'cutting edge security threat' whenever it gets the chance. A country like this only exists in somewhere like South Korea, where the country doesn't know how to be angry or lose its temper in front of its master, America. It instead can only show its unmanly smile, while raging against the same people by foaming at the mouth; they are indeed evil forces. A war[-waging] hypocrite with no military sovereignty! America's fifty-first state that can't move a step without the permission of America! A puppet government who is matchless under the sun! A professor in South Korea said "living as a Korean in the world is both humiliating and pathetic." "I don't know how this happened, we have been ruined in front of America so much that we look like a taxidermied animals. South Korea is a scarecrow with nothing but its skin left. When looking at South Korea, a country that clings to and lives off America but still makes noise about economic growth, it reminds me of a quote from a poem:

"It is better to die than live like a dog or a pig." [Note: The narrator uses the North Korean word for South Korea, 'Namchoson' (남조선) throughout, including when 'quoting' the 'South Korean professor'.] Translation by Susan Ahn in Seoul for NKNews 비굴하고 가련한 추태 《개, 돼지로 사느니 죽는편이 훨씬 낫다.》

9cc7a2 No.504480

File: 03158ba4d20ca94⋯.jpg (26.81 KB, 312x234, 4:3, 312px-RCA_Indian_Head_test….JPG)


Dunno, definitely not the most important aspect of that post.

a2472a No.504481

www. easyreadernews.com/bill-clinton-speaks-at-redondo-union-high-school-graduation-ceremony/

Well well well………lookie who spoke at that particular high school in 2012 Yup Slick Willie >>504271

5ffcd0 No.504482





I found the smoking gun



http:// www.classmates.com/reunions/school/Redondo-Union-High-School/3977#

he was 2011-2015

i got him

http:// archive.is/Vv3dY

f36542 No.504483


Wasted dubs. Contradictory. Do you defend the Bill of Rights for ALL Americans, or not?

98f35e No.504484

Anyone figure out what the "liddle" nonsense yesterday was all about?

b78dd3 No.504485


You know what this is called in dutch?


4cb185 No.504486

File: 221a5a3e8931ab7⋯.png (522.02 KB, 800x1280, 5:8, Screenshot_20180226-183551.png)



Another pic

8e4f3f No.504487


Even worse than inslee is the WA attorney general….already multiple lawsuits vs GEOTUS…he's playing hard, i see politics in his future

de2c3d No.504488


>he doesnt helieve in God even after POTUS said we worship god in America

Very divisive.

999741 No.504489


Anyone can edit classmates.com

eee372 No.504490


It was a joke by BO. He fixed the filter now.

d486a9 No.504492


What timeline is this from??

993675 No.504494


I was getting at a possibly early indication of Apache.

272fe5 No.504495



455b97 No.504496

File: 5b2d12975fa84a7⋯.png (38.52 KB, 648x653, 648:653, wat.png)


No.504159>>504170 >>504172 >>504239




In the Minute 43.., it begins to talk about the Microchips, curiously.., Yesterday, Operation Disclosure also talked about the Microchips…

5ffcd0 No.504497

File: c3caea987942962⋯.jpg (137.88 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DavidHogg 2011-2015.jpg)

f36542 No.504498



Jan 27 2018 Q

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0uCrA7ePno


"Bring them to heel"

Define heel.

(of a dog) follow closely behind its owner

f75f28 No.504500


Anyone can call the local library and have them fax a page of the yearbook, too.

ee634b No.504501

File: 548fc0ba15f0f83⋯.png (6.97 KB, 462x66, 7:1, redondono.PNG)

de2c3d No.504504


>a God

Which one? Lucifer?

627e15 No.504505


Pause at 0:34


3a6ffb No.504506

Jeff Kasky and Wife Surrogacy Business tried to set up booth at job fair to hire women as surrogates

https:// www.newsmax.com/US/surrogate-mother-job-fair/2014/04/20/id/566617/

18e3d6 No.504507




LINK: http:// rosettedelacroix.com/?p=15026

5ffcd0 No.504508


thats why i archived it

15f828 No.504509



Confirm → Q post matches up w/ youtube vid.

Looks like an activation vid to me, but i'm no expert.

Take the speed down to .25 – creepy as shit.


272fe5 No.504510


Wave at the Clowns, everyone!!!

98f35e No.504511


Ahh, thanks!



f4dfe3 No.504512


These should help memes too

More Q

Nov 2


Dear Patriot.

We hear you.

We hear all Americans such as yourself.

The time has come to take back our great land.

The time is now.

Rest assured POTUS is backed by the absolute finest people alive who are all dedicated to the eradication evil and corruption from the US/World.

Find peace.

God is with us.

God bless and be safe.

-The WH


nov 2

Look to Twitter:

Exactly this: "My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us……."

God bless.


nov 3 from ps 23

God speed to those who will be put in harms way. You are the bravest men and women on earth.

We will never forget.

All share one title in common and that is the title of "Hero."

"The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake. Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever."

also around this time jer 29:11

a2472a No.504513

File: 9e397f6b4593f82⋯.jpg (150.18 KB, 651x627, 217:209, clinton high 2012.jpg)

So did Bill ever turn up at YOUR high school?


bab1b5 No.504514

File: da17036207c6e00⋯.jpeg (67.47 KB, 1080x610, 108:61, 1519688539.jpeg)

File: c527c057f0c900c⋯.jpeg (63.49 KB, 1080x610, 108:61, 1519688789.jpeg)

File: ec905ba5c19bbc1⋯.jpeg (80.49 KB, 1080x610, 108:61, 1519689015.jpeg)

File: 6c598bfe9377faf⋯.jpeg (75.68 KB, 1080x610, 108:61, 1519689085.jpeg)

999741 No.504515


Im saying someone jacked with it during the yearbook timeframe last week. It was debunked on 1/2 chan.

4da9b1 No.504516


keep fighting off the board, filter if you can't stand someone. don't spam the board, your fighting has nothing to do with qresearch…. just floods

f61c53 No.504517


There were over 18 cases of him targeting black ppl…the cops set them up by using female cops to entice them


be136d No.504518

this is wierd, leadership pictures are owls

ow.ly at hootsuite

https:// hootsuite.com/about/leadership#

894313 No.504519


Feb 14, obviously tucker

5ffcd0 No.504520


cool now check the site history and look for when it was edited.

Hogg is BTFO

ead25b No.504521


Ensure. Geico "insures."

999741 No.504523


Thats not south torrance high school.

d486a9 No.504524









f36542 No.504525



Video possibly renamed after Q post?

a2472a No.504526

www. easyreadernews.com/bill-clinton-speaks-at-redondo-union-high-school-graduation-ceremony/ >>504449

dc2877 No.504527

File: 126c007460294ab⋯.png (447.38 KB, 647x595, 647:595, boldrick_2014.png)




That photo isn't even in her timeline. This one is... he looks much younger.

Perhaps an entirely synthetic history using older photos, just like Sandy Hook?

b2cc7c No.504528


I would make it EVEN slower than .25…. frame by frame only… IMHO and then go wash your eyes kek

c5c112 No.504529


Oh, Hogg is Lord of the World now. He was on "Morning Joe" saying he "will not allow" Sheriff (((Israel))) to be blamed for a stand down. He will not allow it.

f75f28 No.504530

File: 87dc16e818607d5⋯.jpg (43.77 KB, 425x533, 425:533, 25csxt.jpg)

907600 No.504531

File: efb228da2cb0aff⋯.jpg (6.71 KB, 120x120, 1:1, heavens gate.jpg)

c1c1d2 No.504532

Remember this well. Always burned me up inside knowing this.

Targets painted and told to stand down.

https:// freedomoutpost.com/bombshell-benghazi-targets-painted-air-support-overhead-obama-calls-off-strike/

0bfc76 No.504533


Someone needs to kick his father's ass.

d486a9 No.504534

File: a4c5a36657f323a⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1119x837, 373:279, Q.png)

7772c6 No.504535

File: 4652bbd3d8abac7⋯.png (17.21 KB, 1010x70, 101:7, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

File: 5f0e42416350f37⋯.png (796.29 KB, 1586x1252, 793:626, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

File: a11ea7d946a745b⋯.png (909.25 KB, 1608x976, 201:122, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

File: e0fdc86a9906305⋯.png (38.3 KB, 1548x190, 774:95, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

File: dc3c8b25c856bd6⋯.png (223.39 KB, 728x1226, 364:613, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

!!!!!!!! DAVID HOGG CLASS OF 2013 !!!!

What the FUCK is this!?!


-CLASS OF 2013

2518a1 No.504536

File: 0561742b684a56e⋯.png (683 KB, 674x854, 337:427, Redondo High 2012.PNG)


Also a repost from last bread.

Clintons had ties to the school.

BC spoke at the 2012 graduation.

He then attended a fundraiser for the Redondo Beach Education Association at Parras Middle School

f61c53 No.504537


He could use some LeGate nips

c294bb No.504538


Hes got a lot of chutzpah

f61c53 No.504540


In fact…..he looks a lot like LeGate

9cc7a2 No.504541


No. Published two years ago.

ead25b No.504542


Never go onto the battlefield without a complete salon makeover. So very important.

a7ca74 No.504543

File: 38f373e5b78b6e2⋯.jpg (244.6 KB, 682x960, 341:480, vaggy.jpg)

18b932 No.504544

File: 341172f285f0882⋯.jpg (199.18 KB, 917x753, 917:753, Untitled.jpg)

f75f28 No.504545


Someone call the library. It will be there.

e52d27 No.504546


One of the stills has a date on it.



ead25b No.504547


Mega cool! Is much progress being made turning this message into a running story?

caaedf No.504548


Remember to save offline important key images.

a18513 No.504549

>>504175 Last Bread

Redondo Union real school.

Tracy Lords went there for awhile.


And the one girl supposedly hit multiple times in the shoulder and one in the back. Supposedly 4 hits. BTW 3 in one shoulder????? But I disagree with AR comment. For 17 people if he was shooting one person 4 times and 17 dead, there would be a lot of shell casings. Because injured and dead 3 round groupings. 100 Shell casings or so or more. In a short amount of time.

c450fd No.504550



15f828 No.504551


did they wipe the vid?? – the link is not working for me

f61c53 No.504553


omg…thats fucking hysterical

632817 No.504554



I just watched it at 1/4 speed to catch more of the images. Freaky. And some of it reminds me of the creepy Russian stuff that was posting every afternoon for a while.

c294bb No.504555

File: 6940e376eb7c312⋯.png (618.45 KB, 2140x1090, 214:109, 1519689368177.png)

f36542 No.504556


The uploader could still rename it. Just taking that into consideration.

3a6ffb No.504557

510014 No.504558


That has already been debunked. There was a video showing that the yearbook pic that was listed as being in CA was actually from the Marjorie Stoneman High Shool year book.

ead25b No.504559


I just can't believe Q would have forewarning of a school shooting and not stop it. Maybe it wasn't known what the event would be; only that there would be something going down.

993675 No.504560


>Pause at 0:34


The Ring.

7772c6 No.504561


click the actual file name on it

9d3053 No.504562


Difficultly loading video. >>504504

894313 No.504563


Its my video. Will post if need

3a6ffb No.504564


is emma Gonzales too?

aabf56 No.504565


At the end, 23-second mark, she can be partially made out to say, “I’m sorry, I’m getting so many - - - - - - -“ and the rest is hard to make out. Anyone out there have the equipment to slow down and analyze?

f1538e No.504566


yeah I have always understood it to be the car

c5c112 No.504567


I heard he was at Ford's Theatre and witnessed the Lincoln assassination. And pretty sure he was at Golgotha, too.

e2f9c8 No.504568

Broward’s Collaborative Agreement on School Discipline was announced in early November 2013. Instead of suspensions, students are referred to the PROMISE program, where they receive counseling for several days and then return to school. A host of non-violent misdemeanors no longer require an arrest, though officers can sometimes override that if they feel it is necessary (“I wanted to make sure deputies always had discretion,” says Scott Israel, Broward County’s sheriff).

https:// www.scribd.com/document/372308388/Broward-County-Promise-Program-Fully-Executed-Collaborative-Agreement-Final-Document

https:// www.browardprevention.org/behavior/promise/

Why again did Sheriff Israel NOT arrest the killer MONTHS BEFORE the shooting? Perhaps he hasn’t read the law as he denied that he had the power to Dana Loesch on CNN.

https:// www.flsenate.gov/Laws/Statutes/2011/836.10

9e9a85 No.504569


"with like 2 bullets in her leg, and that's how everybody knew there was going to be a shooting at our school … "

a2472a No.504570

How many deep state mother fuckers spoke at your high school? Small world ain't it? >>504536

dc2877 No.504571


Calle Mayor Middle School

Their colors are red, so possible


Though he sure doesn't look like a 13yo 8th grader in that pic.

20ab47 No.504572


Why don't atheists understand this? The Bible is the Word of God and if you dont obey the Word of God you are a filthy Satanist and probably a pedophile. The end.

e3fa20 No.504573

File: fc9f820ca089b39⋯.jpeg (583.01 KB, 1242x1855, 1242:1855, 3A4D0D76-F920-4D4B-AEC5-B….jpeg)


Nov 5 Q clarifies

Alice is Hillary

Bloody Wonderland is Saudi Arabia

9a4e17 No.504574

File: e3b214b3dddf86a⋯.png (626.24 KB, 1174x645, 1174:645, ClipboardImage.png)


can someone isolate that image? face is that the face of the shooter?

f36542 No.504575



Clif High had my attention for some time. Once Halfpasthuman required pay for all reports, lost interest

993675 No.504576

File: 8bedff9e99e0c8f⋯.png (42.69 KB, 901x503, 901:503, 1.png)

Saw this in that video.

Did any of you all catch it?

d062ff No.504577

File: 5dcad49d3945ccf⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1143x568, 1143:568, ClipboardImage.png)


I see jail time in their future!! Truth is gonna come out, always does! And we have a POTUS that is all about LAW & JUSTICE (pic related)…

Plus there's that POTUS Trump curse! Love it!!! It's time for JUSTICE in this here land!!!!

6fa11c No.504578

If new dedicated research threads are being made, there are some older ones that possibly should be incorporated into them.

d08721 No.504579


The 14 year olds I talk to are usually too busy giggling to be afraid.

da4d73 No.504580



There was a recent article posted dozen of threads ago of one parent of a kids from there that’s pissed cause she has to pay for her kids med care ..and wanted to know where the money went…

f4dfe3 No.504581

894313 No.504582


I have a longer version but will not let me post been trying to post this since February 14th. had to self edit

6fa11c No.504583

File: 89e529ed4887474⋯.png (37.23 KB, 182x252, 13:18, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

File: 33935585c0e0a0e⋯.png (22.54 KB, 180x244, 45:61, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

627e15 No.504584


Da Fuk is FAKE NEWS doing up there in the 4th pic?

c5c112 No.504585


Oh damn, that's funny. But the mental illness is frightening.

288028 No.504586


"Sorry i'm just getting so many notifications right now"

f61c53 No.504587


Notifications…her phone was blowing up

9d3053 No.504588



“going to be a shooting”

Video not loading

a2472a No.504590

Sauce? I haven't seen shit debunked Show me it is while I dig. >>504558

510014 No.504591


Now he's blaming the Governor Rick Brown for the deputies not going in.

15f828 No.504592


no one i've ever heard of gets a cap/gown for a middle school grad

9d3053 No.504593



627e15 No.504594


New baker, please see:


5814ca No.504595


0 0000 018739 7-ZjG - this is at the bottom of the Q post & also the title of another vid on that channel.

6fa11c No.504596

File: c56ab85a3316710⋯.png (34.55 KB, 181x256, 181:256, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

File: b5bfeccf6d9d45f⋯.png (20.53 KB, 202x273, 202:273, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

File: b5bfeccf6d9d45f⋯.png (20.53 KB, 202x273, 202:273, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

627e15 No.504597


Fuck me I did that backwards.

a235b9 No.504598

File: c212023afef9dbb⋯.png (323.49 KB, 572x682, 26:31, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// globalnews.ca/news/4048563/eric-hoskins-resigns/

627e15 No.504599


To incorporate these older ones, simply go to the new dedicated thread, and post the link to these ones with a small description.

48459d No.504600


Looks like manhattan beach or hermosa

ee634b No.504601


Looks 13/14 to me >>504527

455b97 No.504602


Snowden was iniciated of the C_A.., in the BO Period., he was in the NSA.., the Question is?.., if Snowden was with BO, Why he fled to Russia?.., that's doesn't make sense, We have to remember that the C_A (Factions 1, 2 and 3) and Snowden was only dam of this war.., actually the NSA is in war against the [C_A 3]

I don't know, but i think that Snowden is C_A 1 or 2..

d356a9 No.504603



6da1db No.504605


This is Redondo HS, not the one in California… Don't we have pictures of Hogg graduating from Redondo? Last bread?, wearing red?, and the R football field? Anons?

f75f28 No.504606


Remember all those "I was there" memes with Brian Williams?

9e8061 No.504607


Watch her eyes. Looking to her right is a body language indicator of making shit up.

Looking to the left is an indicator of recall.

2da8e7 No.504608

File: 2586ddad4e0f0ed⋯.png (216.57 KB, 1103x904, 1103:904, Redondo Union High School ….png)

File: 06f0fb46817b2c4⋯.png (240.21 KB, 1083x907, 1083:907, David HoggsRedondo Union H….png)

I found this on David Hogg from Redondo Union High School Alumni graduating class of 2016

999741 No.504610


It was on 1/2 chan about a week ago. no sauce. Dig away, just be weary. I'm only talking about classmates.com and yearbook. not the pictures.

214575 No.504611


wish people would stop saying "filtered"

just do your thing and move on, jeez

2849d7 No.504612



Could you repost? Thanks

bab1b5 No.504613

File: b14ce6b7b4b5884⋯.jpeg (121.82 KB, 1080x572, 270:143, 1519689988.jpeg)

2da8e7 No.504614


sauce: http:// redondounionhighschool.org/alumni/7751238/david-hoggs.html

6da1db No.504615


This one is not the California one. This one is Redondo, in FL. Last bread. Pics of Hogg in red from graduation

1837ce No.504616


RR attorney wife client list include BO, RM, JC, BC & HRC

^^^^From Bread

So in a nutshell…

PRIVATE PROSECUTIONS are alive and well in this county even though they were banned in most states in the 1800s.

POTUS is now a victim of what many US citizens have endured from the local courts.

1e59bb No.504617

> cdd01e No.504422

This is bullshit.

The label atheist exists to divide you.

The label religious exists to divide you.

This statement: Natural rights are unalienable.

Is quite different than: Privileges that are labelled as rights are inalienable.

Yet both statements are correct.

Shills use such tactics as misrepresentation of facts concerning the intended role of government that contradicts the many treatises on the topic, written by the Founding Fathers… Using weasel words in this way.

Another example would be trying to argue that a so-called atheist has no right to speak simply because they are an atheist…. Then trying to use this to contradict the Founders' statements concerning the freedom to redress grievances with government.

The power of words is stronger than most people are care to recognize… To their cost. Discern!!!

474156 No.504618

File: c97fe8af376b5e9⋯.jpg (100.86 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, FacebookScrutiny1.jpg)

File: 2d11410d1d39c12⋯.jpg (144.35 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GoogleFacebookScrutiny1.jpg)

File: 5c7a1cafffb828a⋯.jpg (169.8 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GoogleScrutiny1.jpg)

30a935 No.504619


You do realize that your Images say Hoggs and his name is Hogg…

38ee47 No.504620

>>504425 – Well Said! HERO-PATRIOT

>http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/02/will-die-fighting-sheriff-clarke-reveals-special-meaning-behind-second-amendment-video/

6fa11c No.504621

I'm not sure if all of them will fit into other current dedicated threads. Perhaps they just need to be linked up at the top to make people aware of them. Many are buried in the catalogue.


caaedf No.504622

File: 6bda590500f7401⋯.jpg (323.47 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, not sure.jpg)

a18513 No.504623


The debunk was a fake high school name. Redondo Union real. The debunk was a clown for sure.

bb3826 No.504624


“But, WAIt! There’s more!”

Middle School GRADUATION

3f8e26 No.504627

File: d494baf197e57a0⋯.jpg (278.53 KB, 1078x1308, 539:654, Screenshot_20180226-180127.jpg)

File: b834d9e4a55a018⋯.jpg (243.28 KB, 978x1147, 978:1147, Screenshot_20180226-180525.jpg)


Here's another one from the same q post! Very very creepy audio. January 7th 2018

ACTIVATE CODE: [0 0000 018739 7-ZjG] from the second last line!

https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=UilUYHnS4dU

The project monarch one is very disorienting too. Holy crap. Is Q telling us the sequence of vids they programmed the go code with?

2bd2b9 No.504628

Hey guys

Hot chick Stacey Dash to run for Congress in CA. Is she a true patriot? She risked her career to come out as a Trump supporter during the election…


627e15 No.504629


Otherwise, go inside of them an salvage a few of the gems.

If we're completely missing a relevant topic that SHOULD have a dedicated thread, then perhaps we can actually make that too.

f75f28 No.504630


You don't sound terribly convincing.

4d3b0a No.504631

Trump is more worried about bump stocks than the millions of sub human illegals still running around.

1837ce No.504632


RR attorney wife client list include BO, RM, JC, BC & HRC

^^^^From Bread

So in a nutshell…

PRIVATE PROSECUTIONS are alive and well in this country even though they were banned in most states in the 1800s.

POTUS is now a victim of what many US citizens have endured from the local courts.

Sorry for the repost…Trying this post again without the typos and with the link

a18513 No.504634

Redondo Union pics

https: //duckduckgo.com/?q=Redondo+Union+High+School&t=hg&iax=images&ia=images&iai=http%3A%2F%2Fb.vimeocdn.com%2Fts%2F465%2F920%2F465920523_1280.jpg

3a6ffb No.504635

Emily and Alicia Sucher. They are victims from Stoneman Douglas. This is not the first time their family has been in the middle of a gun scandal.

Let’s establish who they are related to. Here are Phyllis and William Sucher, they have a son named Michael.

William built Century World Enterprises, one of world’s largest in import/export of civilian/military equipment.

When Phyllis passed away in 2007 Emily and Alicia are listed as grandchildren. So Michael is either their father or uncle. We are going to focus on him.

Michael Sucher is president of [C]entury ([I]nternational) [A]rms among other businesses.

At the time of this article, more than 500 of the WASR-10s (Romanian made variant of the AK) imported by Century Arms were recovered in Mexico after being purchased in the U.S. February 2011 report.

https:// www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/gunrunners-mexico/vermont/

A gun linked to the Paris terror attacks that left 130 people dead and wounded 368 others has been traced back to a Century Arms.

Century Arms also sold arms to the Contras of Nicaragua at the time the 1980s Iran-Contra scandal.

https:// threadreaderapp.com/thread/967633872899862529.html

It’s just the family business.

04817b No.504636

re "Bridge"

Operation London Bridge

"London Bridge is down: what happens when the Queen dies?

The first plans for the Queen's death, codenamed 'London Bridge', have been in place since the 1960s, but were refined around the turn of the century. Like with the death of her father King George VI in 1951, once her death has been confirmed by her personal physician, currently gastroenterologist Professor Huw Thomas, …"


9cc7a2 No.504637

File: bd581cb1dac2c6b⋯.jpg (67.27 KB, 638x153, 638:153, QDrop_Nov_04_2017_Q_equals….jpg)


What about this?

c5c112 No.504638


I think you mean Rick Scott. But, yeah, Hogg is on a Caligula-like power trip at the moment. He will blow up the sun before the week is out and hurl Mars away into another galaxy, such is his cosmic power.

caaedf No.504639




2da8e7 No.504640


Yes I do realize and I'm not going to let one s stop me from posting the results….

03d35e No.504641


MKUltra testing/perfecting was done outside of US to avoid oversight and laws. The CAR control, in some vehicles it's possible, but requires steering control mechanisms on board. IIRC, the car model used had no such equipment. The women from the car were hallucinating that they were driving by their job. They were the ones programmed and were unaware of their actions. With the tech we are assuming was used (cell phone with subliminal programming) the signal likely ORIGinated outside US, passed along cell network into the US. That's what I got from the post in context with MKUltra document.

f4dfe3 No.504642


Don't recall if it was verified by timeline, but i remember a few days or so ago anon mentioning he was born in 1998

61d0c7 No.504644

Anons, who do you think was the target of the explosion in London last night?

7ffc28 No.504645


Are you suggesting that forced inclusivity is divisive? Gosh, if only someone had seen that coming ahead of time.

b834c7 No.504646

File: 39102a25f899667⋯.png (31 KB, 895x688, 895:688, Calle 8th grade promotion.png)


They've got this year's 8th grade promotion taking place at South High School in Torrance.

7da85d No.504647


innocent civilians

aff8fd No.504649


Nice! I see that WA also has some outstanding sealed indictments. I hope these guys are on them. Seattle rules this state and they can't seem to get rid of these crooks.>>504471

05b92b No.504650


Yes, she's /ourgirl/

2da8e7 No.504651

File: 8175720b799cd00⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1038x656, 519:328, screenshot_10.png)

bb4c45 No.504652

German prince drives 200 miles before jumping to his death from roof of 21-storey hotel after being allowed out of prison where he was serving four years for fraud

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5435185/German-prince-falls-death-Frankfurt-hotel-roof.html

9af094 No.504653


Right, you can edit a video title and/or description without changing the publication date.

56912d No.504654

File: 2da969777ea0fe7⋯.png (396.82 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180226-185451.png)

File: a60bce31e1c267b⋯.png (421.08 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180226-185445.png)

What's up faggots

Ready for Purim 5778?

d08721 No.504655


>JR "Bob" Dobbs wallpaper

999741 No.504657


Non of the kids in the 2014 and 2016 RU HS are wearing the silly necklace things .

http:// tbrnews.com/news/redondo_beach/redondo-union-high-school-class-of/collection_e6e208b0-34c0-11e6-8022-f32037ebb90e.html#10

https:// www.dailybreeze.com/2014/06/13/graduation-2014-redondo-union-high-schools-seniors-celebrate/

7772c6 No.504658




I hope more anons look at this and wonder why this is all here like it is…

641245 No.504659

File: 2dba943ff6aec68⋯.png (1.03 MB, 720x899, 720:899, ClipboardImage.png)

Real good bread, Baker.

4da9b1 No.504660

File: c86a25c9018f945⋯.png (303.92 KB, 956x777, 956:777, ClipboardImage.png)



Watch to other video on the SAME CHANNEL, its title was ALSO in the Q post: '0 0000 018739 7-ZjG'

https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=UilUYHnS4dU

d486a9 No.504662


Whoa, okay then, confirmation of something

c5c112 No.504663


Didn't he survive the Titanic, too? Pretty sure he did.

ead25b No.504664


I was doing some work in 2008 on a project that he wanted to do but didn't have time for. I was in regular contact with him regarding this project for 5 months. After that, George Ure - then his partner - used to con information out of me; he'd call me with networking questions acting like he had work for me when really he just wanted free consulting. Clif was wrong again and again and again; he seemed to have valid information but just couldn't get the timing anywhere near what it needed to be. For the past few years he has degraded to being little more than a Buttcoin mouthpiece and occasionally he'll put out some anti chemtrail rants but that's it.

9e9a85 No.504665


Why doesn't it make sense that someone on BO's team would flee to Russia? BO seems to have been tight with Russia.

61d0c7 No.504666

That explosion in London was no accident. Gas leaks blow walls and windows out, leave framework half in tact. The second floor support was blown clean, dropping top floor flat on the establishment below. Clean, building on either side that touched, unhurt. This was professional, and pretty darned good if I must say myself.

1a0a82 No.504667


There is so much wrong with this story I don't even know where to start. Wonder what the true story is.

2da8e7 No.504668


Those Lays filled with candy are given after the ceremony!

d8f36f No.504669


Ok, NOW i'm almost convinced to change my mind about video name changes…wow

4aba0f No.504670


If you watch this and DON’T arm yourself, you’re an idiot. https:// twitter.com/RealJamesWoods/status/967964121307033601

2bd2b9 No.504671


That's great.

We need a wall of fame. Seriously.

2518a1 No.504672




I have not dug into every aspect yet, but here is the brief rundown.

Inslee, whom I despise as governor was in Congress from 99-12. He served on the Committee for Energy and Commerce.

He is friends with and was in Congress when Gary Locke was the governor of WA. Locke was later appointed as the ambassador to China and ALSO later served on the Department of Commerce, and was part of CFIUS that approved the U1 deal.


I still need to connect all of the dots, and do more research, but I am sure Inslee is dirty dirty dirty and probably at least peripherally connected to U1. At the very least he is an atrocious governor and very friendly to illegals flooding into the state.

61d0c7 No.504673


Hmm… I'm pretty sure not. The job was too perfect; too professional.

d59881 No.504674


pretty much same here

bb3826 No.504676


Cruz bo 1998

d486a9 No.504677


Operation cold snap – hmmm

Like, "come in from the cold?"

306720 No.504678


that test screen is what they used to show on the tv in the 70s

a2472a No.504679

File: 3d1274d0a5e3a50⋯.jpg (192.47 KB, 1139x790, 1139:790, Hogg High school.jpg)

Found this >>504605

d062ff No.504680



All the ==RED RED==

and the ==flyEaglesfly==


a091f3 No.504681

MK More

https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=89GQN842SBA

5ffcd0 No.504682


call him anti-semetic

fight fire with fire!!!!!!!!!!

8094d4 No.504683



http:// www.myredondo.com/class-2014-graduates-redondo-union-high-school/

d59881 No.504684

Levin g stone

bb4c45 No.504685


I'll have to search a bit more.

According to this site: "Die Polizei schließt einen Unfall aus." which means that they rule out an accident, I believe.

https:// www.bunte.de/royals/royals-weltweit/deutscher-adel/carlos-von-hohenzollern-39-todes-drama-um-den-skandal-prinzen.html

d08721 No.504686


Now we wait for Carolyn Bennett.

d59881 No.504689

happy now?

455b97 No.504690


that must do the R's for help.., search good people for the Congress..,

0bfc76 No.504691

Is this the first "terror incident" that the media focuses on the "victims" instead of the "killer"? Don't watch MSM but sure seems like it.

eecb59 No.504692


sounds like she was being told not to talk about "they"

2da8e7 No.504693

File: 8175720b799cd00⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1038x656, 519:328, screenshot_10.png)


Yes, this picture and again the "Hawaiian lays filled with money and candy" they are wearing are given after the ceremony….

0138fd No.504694



interesting stuff

999741 No.504695


9a4e17 No.504696


guess we should check them on YT for comments maybe the Cruz kid commented.

3f8e26 No.504697

File: a0f3242dc0c5c42⋯.jpg (144.81 KB, 978x615, 326:205, Screenshot_20180226-181757.jpg)

d59881 No.504698

a possible connection to oct 30 and hrc

cf4f6a No.504699

Sheriff Israel's ties to New England Corruption:

http:// www.golocalprov.com/news/broward-sheriff-israel-has-ties-to-wayne-david-collins-infamous-for-links-t

Claim is Israel takes contributions from bondsmen in a justice for profit scheme:

"…Previously: Israel vs. Granteed in fundraising.

Scott Israel's campaign for sheriff this year has taken heavy contributions from some of the least glamorous enforcers in the chain of justice: bail bondsmen from Miami to Jacksonville. Thirty-eight of them, to be exact, shelling out $13,700 for the primary election alone.

Chumming around with bail bondsmen has earned Israel criticism in the past. During the 2008 election, in which he unsuccessfully challenged Al Lamberti, he took $500 from a bail bond agent named Wayne David Collins. Collins, arguably the most powerful bondsman in South Florida, had gotten in trouble with the law in the '80s for throwing around his influence in the Mob town of Providence, Rhode Island. He had his criminal record expunged so he could get a bail bondsman's license. The Miami New Times ran a hell of a story on him back in 2004.

Collins' companies also allegedly gave thousands to the Common Sense Coalition, which supported Israel in 2008 (and which, for you history buffs, took in $160,000 on Israel's behalf from two of Scott Rothstein's partners, while Rothstein continued to pump money to Lamberti).

Israel says Collins isn't supporting him this time around – though the agency Collins started, Universal Bond, has given the $500 maximum to Israel's primary campaign this season. But it's worth a look into why, exactly, a potential sheriff might be getting so friendly with bail bondsmen in the first place.

When an accused criminal is awaiting trial, he can be released on bail. If he's unable to pay, he can go to a bail bondsman, who will front the money in exchange for 10 percent of the bail amount, usually. It's then the bondsman's (and his insurer's) money on the line if the suspect doesn't show up to trial.

Bondsmen's livelihood depends on a steady flow of arrested people – and it's the sheriff who rounds them up. It's also the sheriff who runs the county jail, which is the alternative to being released on bond. Across the country, bondsmen have been caught colluding with judges, prosecutors, and yes, sheriffs to arrange an optimal flow of would-be inmates through their doors.

This is where it gets ugly: Bail bondsmen also have an interest in who gets arrested. They don't have much interest in a sheriff or police department making high-level corruption or white-collar crime arrests, because those people won't have a problem posting bail by themselves. The bond industry is one that thrives on lower-income people, who are more likely to be arrested for theft, violent crimes, or drug use. Bondsmen have an interest in more of these street-level arrests being made. So it can make you wonder: What are 38 bondsmen who open their checkbooks for one sheriff's candidate in particular expecting, exactly, in return? …"

http:// www.browardpalmbeach.com/news/scott-israel-has-taken-13-700-from-bail-bondsmen-what-do-they-want-in-return-6452494

4da9b1 No.504700


wake a sleeping asset?

The audio of the video must be decoded… slower? reverse? or something… audiofags needed

2da8e7 No.504701

File: 0263eb663cbfd3d⋯.jpg (123.43 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, hogg_grad.jpg)

File: e7a8fdd2a30c64e⋯.jpg (173.15 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, hogg_grad2.jpg)

214575 No.504702


ok this is get me twisted

q is killary? wtf

84b78f No.504704


He wouldn't tell you that, that's classified. However if we were to stumble upon it by accident while looking something else up… Well what a coincidence.

d59881 No.504705


and also to 11th March

2f38ed No.504706



yep ok….time for me to nope out right about NOW

its been real guys.

peace out

a2472a No.504707

File: d64433d527da3e8⋯.jpg (197.74 KB, 1206x806, 603:403, Hogg High school2.jpg)

and this >>504679

5ffcd0 No.504708


food for thought. check the drama/theater club there. look for other classmates and their FB/ pinterest/IG. someone else will have doxed him in their need to camwhore.

also check google map view around his address to compare if we see him by some miracle chance.

check libraries, moviue theatres, malls, lazer quest, pokemon go, whatever is in his neighborhood that liddle homo would be involved with.

b834c7 No.504711



Here a blog with pics from Calle Mayor middle school 2011 8th grade promotion, complete with candy leis

http:// www.wonderland-photography. com/blog/2011/07/01/kyle-%E2%80%A2-class-of-2011-%E2%80%A2-calle-mayor-middle-school-promotion/

f61c53 No.504713

We have been at this so long I didnt even remember that


776fee No.504714


Do they have 8th grade graduations like this in Redondo?

894313 No.504715


i think someones in her ears

a2472a No.504716

File: 3d1274d0a5e3a50⋯.jpg (192.47 KB, 1139x790, 1139:790, Hogg High school.jpg)

Is this a real sight? has his name listed as class of 2016 >>504701

bb3826 No.504717


Trudeau’s motorcade

LA last week

a18513 No.504719

Redondo is right next to Torrance where Dad was in FBI. Likely place to live. Its nice area. It is between Palos Verdes and Hermosa Beach. Lot of pro athletes in Hermosa and Manhatten Beach.


1cd73b No.504720

What’s the consensus of Hogg? Why would he be in 2 diff high schools as a senior? You really don’t think he could be undercover?

7772c6 No.504721






The posts aboves and the POST below seem to MATCH UP.





6d4be3 No.504722



tags on this video:

Russia numbers station frequency ww3 trump Putin code

Some of the words in this vid sound like Russian.. any russian speakers on?

Jan 19 2018 16:42:56

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: ee2415


Need a few red pills for family, friends, and others?

Read the #Memo.

Release coming.

Final clearance underway.

Make sure to learn Russian.


d08721 No.504723


All these videos are weird

https:// www.youtube.com/channel/UC6OUS6lhiDaDrL9qINsjZAg/videos?disable_polymer=1

ad452b No.504724



Big Big Big

d59881 No.504725



214575 No.504726


yea, anon who posted above, clarify

4cb185 No.504728

File: 599c2f8187c8a0b⋯.png (427.86 KB, 800x1280, 5:8, Screenshot_20180226-175754.png)

Has any work been done to prepare for this potential? FF n Houston?

d8f36f No.504729


http:// www.independentsentinel.com/sheriff-israel-accused-entrapping-black-people-beef-arrests/

Just read the article. Wow. Crooked as hell, fits the profile of recent events (set ups)

7772c6 No.504730


look for 2013

b834c7 No.504731



Yes, apparently they do.

993675 No.504732


Wonder if the candy cane has any significance to it?

5043ce No.504733


http:// redondounionhighschool.org/alumni/7751238/david-hoggs.html

894313 No.504734


i think shes being told what to say through her ear piece

90a17a No.504735


Alice's last name is Liddel.

455b97 No.504736


archive it.., every thing must be archived..

a2472a No.504737

File: 3d1274d0a5e3a50⋯.jpg (192.47 KB, 1139x790, 1139:790, Hogg High school.jpg)

File: d64433d527da3e8⋯.jpg (197.74 KB, 1206x806, 603:403, Hogg High school2.jpg)

5ffcd0 No.504738

File: a434640f9886243⋯.jpg (104.18 KB, 590x394, 295:197, redondo art.jpg)

interesting theater in redondo. looks like spirit cooking shit.

f02943 No.504739


Is this where someone says eternally BTFO how will he ever recover!

306720 No.504740

File: bf818234527b127⋯.png (425.97 KB, 1466x762, 733:381, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 54d976028d92fc2⋯.png (594.28 KB, 1463x770, 19:10, ClipboardImage.png)

File: de1d3dd88f442e3⋯.png (238.46 KB, 710x301, 710:301, ClipboardImage.png)


now go thru all the stringers and put them into youtube.


e407ab No.504741


None of the 'rights' in the bill of rights are mentioned in the bible. No where does it say anything about a right to posses a weapon. Nor is there a right to worship other gods, or speak freely.

Are you afraid you will undo the constitution because it is founded on a myth?

Just shut the fuck up and focus on Q and POTUS.

214575 No.504742


fucking weirdos

f4dfe3 No.504743




This guy knows Russian, Stanislav Lunev.

118193 No.504744

File: a2bff98a145ee31⋯.png (176.35 KB, 490x276, 245:138, Parkland Lawsuit.png)

Here's some positive news and advice. Today I had a lot of success red pilling people about Parkland by simply asking, "Where are the lawsuits?" In our highly litigious society, how do you have 17 dead students, proof that multiple levels of law enforcement were negligent, and not a single lawsuit? Not even are the lawyers mysteriously absent, but the talking heads on TV aren't clamoring for lawsuits either. Isn't that strange that nobody at all is talking about lawsuits when this situation would be a slam dunk win for any lawyer?

I highly recommend this strategy, Anons. Even the normies seem to understand that something is off when lawyers aren't involved.

390ef3 No.504745

File: e44cf4111568739⋯.png (98.12 KB, 855x707, 855:707, alice.png)


Maybe these posts

5043ce No.504746


Redondo very close to LAX where Kevin R. Hogg was an FBI agent for 14 years….

1e59bb No.504747


This is pretty much why I couched my initial response in such a cautionary way..

To be fair I noticed this degradation as well. I attribute it to his information sources being poisoned; last I understood he was mining 4chan for his data.

We were all made to know here that 4chan is comped, recently. If he still has discernment he will have moved on, knowing what we know. This calls the mined data into question.

I don't know any of the above as facts. Just using my own discernment the way I understand the situation with Clif as it's played out.

b78dd3 No.504749

File: b834d9e4a55a018⋯.jpg (243.28 KB, 978x1147, 978:1147, b834d9e4a55a018ebb9b0121ea….jpg)


This code (at top of stringer pic) is a vid as well…


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=dR-zbQMXUAM

626d17 No.504750

82e0d7 No.504751





84b78f No.504752

File: 05c10f27daa1792⋯.jpg (48.25 KB, 586x330, 293:165, 05c10f27daa179239670fb0e14….jpg)


And all of a sudden black ops 1 is sure starting to resonate with quite a bit of truth.

caaedf No.504753

Counter the narrative anons!

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvoBXXNY2SA

Download and store offline! Video of Hogg's school yearbook.

2aee86 No.504754


Distraction is necessary

306720 No.504755


NK bro

f61c53 No.504756



a18513 No.504757


If you look young and if he really graduated in 2013 he could have already done college and joined Bureau. The field is RU not South Torrance. Still digging.

d08721 No.504758


>In keeping with tradition, once news of her death has been formally announced, a footman in full mourning dress will pin a black-edged notice to the gates of Buckingham Palace detailing a ten-day mourning period.


aabf56 No.504759


It reads HoggS- there's an 'S' - his name is Hogg

306720 No.504760


oy vey

eecb59 No.504762


This kid can't even spell doubt ( dought). Maybe he failed a few times. Easy to believe!

dc2877 No.504763

File: e9f2b761f760896⋯.png (341.22 KB, 1080x660, 18:11, paybackfortoday.png)

Check this out. From the Nova Corp Blue video.


Payback for today was posted on 23/2/2018

100 years

5814ca No.504764


We need to cross ref these video titles with the Q stringers to see if anything else matches up.

390ef3 No.504765


https:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/147978093/#147987614

5bba83 No.504766


Yeah I watched a couple of them and went through the first one a few times frame by frame. I feel like I've been electrocuted lol

bab1b5 No.504767

File: a8ec62a71ace9ac⋯.jpeg (119.15 KB, 1080x572, 270:143, 1519691143.jpeg)

15f828 No.504768



there's Russian in the first vid, too



Q related

02b4bd No.504769



this whole channel is full of this shit.

0b01c7 No.504770


http:// conspiracy.wikia.com/wiki/Monarch_Project

Interesting and informative

d8f36f No.504771

File: d61cf6a3e37026b⋯.jpg (149.73 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, #452 GA Patriots Traitors.jpg)

Friendly Reminder

f4dfe3 No.504772





After WWII "scientists" from the enemy's camp were allowed to come to the USA, ex. ever hear of vivisection, look it up & it happened to ( eight US airmen this happened to ) . Any Nazi & scientists from Japan came here to bring their knowledge, sickening. Wonder if Stanislav Lunev is one of those and reason for this Q post

Stanislav Lunev.


Payback for today.


f61c53 No.504773


I dont wanna watch…whats going on with all this?

4aba0f No.504776

'I am dealing with a bunch of things right now': Florida school shooter called cops HIMSELF after his mother died www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5433695/Florida-school-shooter-called-cops-mom-died.html

93840b No.504778

File: 2ebeed0e5d3a922⋯.jpeg (255.52 KB, 960x683, 960:683, 46376FD4-2BA8-496A-9BA1-B….jpeg)

1a0a82 No.504779


>I'll have to search a bit more.

You would think there would be no way he would commit suicide just for fraud. Since he's a Prince you wonder why he even got as far as jail in the first place. Someone sure didn't like him.

15f828 No.504780

File: 6bf008ddb770787⋯.png (286.32 KB, 702x432, 13:8, russian?.png)


this is from the >A-9zBT1-033 youtube

is this Russian? (pic related)

eecb59 No.504781


me too and an attempt to 'save' by the host stepping in pretending to be the noise in her ear

b2cc7c No.504782


It's pretty bad,,, it's made to create high anxiety it seems. Told you not to watch it as a vid… Try relaxing music

bab1b5 No.504784

File: 2efef1cbeda424a⋯.jpg (139.56 KB, 800x420, 40:21, hoggwild.jpg)


Any meme fags good with cut and paste should place this rat faced punk in all historic moments.

455b97 No.504785


Where is all those Qposts?

b78dd3 No.504786


Doesn't feel good. I'm very cautious to watch that stuff. It may trigger something… idk.

8e4f3f No.504787

File: a506df660a8e135⋯.png (76.83 KB, 717x395, 717:395, cox.PNG)

Thinking about the BRIDGE post. Maybe Lunev digging provides anons with a bridge to other interesting info?

Main guy interviewing Lunev for the house was Curt Weldon. He is widely known for his participation related to the Cox Report (Chinas theft of US nuclear info) see pic.

Shot in the dark? Might be worth digging..this was WJC's time in office.

5ba779 No.504788

Think I might have found something digging into shooter's backgrounds/psych drugs. I posted originally at >>504589 but wanted to outline here to maybe get some help.

Steven Kazmierczak (2008 Northern Illinois University shooting). I found an article leading to an organization called Thresholds. They treat mental health issues and were subpeonaed in his case. I started digging them and found:

Current President/CEO is Mark Ishaug who was previously CEOs of AIDS United (formerly the National AIDS Fund and AIDS Action) and AIDS Foundation Chicago. Previous CEO was Anthony M. Zipple (at time of shooting).

There is also a Threshold Foundation but I can't determine if they are tied to Thresholds.org or not. Interestingly, the foundation offers grants for psychedelics research.

I'm still digging but would appreciate more eyes to prove/disprove if this helps the bread rise.

8094d4 No.504789


Also for looking, 2014 (date of hogg pic):

http:// tbrnews.com/news/redondo-union-high-school-graduation/article_3be8e840-f366-11e3-b977-0019bb2963f4.html

http:// files.photosnack.com/iframejs/embed.html?hash=pd1nwiss&amp;t=1403289063

2bd2b9 No.504791

Re the Hogg kid, he's literally, actually a Fed, isn't he? Like he's an agent, not just going along with the flow.

I know for a fact and have met junior spooks at college age (clowns)

Doesn't this fit the cabal MO? They recruit and use kids–they don't just fuck 'em.

d08721 No.504792

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Been trying to remember his name forever.

This I found interesting.

0b01c7 No.504793


Have a feeling all of this will be gone soon. Must archive now

2518a1 No.504794

File: e2404ac7ff7fd88⋯.png (550.03 KB, 535x755, 107:151, Hogg Snot 1 BB 2-2618.PNG)

File: c21636c5f149714⋯.png (63.72 KB, 528x552, 22:23, Hogg Snot 2 BB 2-2618.PNG)


If he was already graduated, it really wouldn't matter if he doesn't return to HS. Just sayin. Either way this snot is annoying. Wonder what he was paid to destroy his life this way.

David Hogg Vows Not to Return to School Until Lawmakers Pass Gun Control


5bba83 No.504795


They are freaky videos of MK ultra genre.. some have messages in them if a military anon can decipher.

299cea No.504796

File: 49aa74ddfce63f8⋯.png (92.2 KB, 1055x308, 1055:308, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

sounds like someone know what was going to happen…. uh ohhh https: //archive.is/8MfoN#selection-571.0-579.85

3ffe74 No.504797



The date



changes into


2018 !

This is a creepy video chock full of subliminals,yes.

Watch slowest speed or frame by frame dudes.

455b97 No.504798


Prince William As King?

960364 No.504799


I caught a website in all that subliminal stuff.. time distortion?? crazy sht http:// btcs13.webs.com/

e52d27 No.504800


So the big question if the pieces were put together correctly on this and this is MKUltra and was used/planned to be used on Cruz. Did Q team know this before the "shooting" or after, digging into his phone and/or computer?

Based on the time of the post and the shooting, Q team knew what set Cruz off no later than 4 hours after the shooting.

02b4bd No.504801

File: 5efbe351067a97e⋯.jpg (34.18 KB, 920x301, 920:301, spy_network.jpg)


this was interesting

>spy network

999741 No.504802



its an insane amount of work to put together for a channel that averages 300 views.

474156 No.504803


"Exit from town"

288028 No.504804

File: 83ddc0fc3b4bb64⋯.png (6.29 KB, 703x179, 703:179, ghertr.PNG)


caaedf No.504806


Watch it change. Next week it will be spelled correctly.

a2472a No.504807

I agree………….but isn't it an odd thing, almost coincidental that the puke we are looking for with pictures in a red graduation gown from this high school would have one letter out of place? I mean Hogg and Hoggs? Really? You buy that? It's that guy. I'll bet a dollar. >>504759

a18513 No.504808


Yes and Torrance. Read he was there. All South Bay.

118193 No.504809


Anon, I strongly suspected that there was going to be a false flag on Valentine's Day based on some numerology I did over the weekend. I was stopped multiple times from posting about it (one time I actually did type it out, but accidentally closed the tab before I posted it. I'm convinced that it had to happen for some reason. Like they needed this to happen to catch people red-handed or for other plans to fall into place.

57b773 No.504810

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


This is some serious creepy shyt!! But,I'm noticing that this person(s) has keywords for search?

Example this video:

Code | project monarch | MK ULTRA | operation windpipe | al Gore | Nixon |flabbergasted | Oprah

390ef3 No.504811


Read the top of the bread for more info.

eecb59 No.504812


arrest him and his father for truancy

2d0b35 No.504813


Updated 2/8/2018

Write Review



Brad A Graverson is listed as an Officer with Graverson, Inc. in California. The address on file for this person is 3440 W 170th St, Torrance, CA 90504 in Los Angeles County.

The company is a California Domestic Corporation, which was filed on July 24, 1985. The filing status is listed as Suspended. The address on file for this company is 3440 W 170th St, Torrance, CA 90504 in Los Angeles County.

The Registered Agent of record is Lela M Graverson.

View Phone Book Listings For Brad Graverson In California

Contact Information

First Name: Brad

Middle Name: A

Last Name: Graverson

Full Name: Brad A Graverson

Title: Officer


3440 W 170th St

Torrance, CA 90504

County: Los Angeles

Area Code: 310/323

Company Name: Graverson, Inc.

Mailing Address:

3440 W 170th St

Torrance, CA 90504

6f580c No.504815


Videos for channel ID UC6OUS6lhiDaDrL9qINsjZAg

Norm Chomsky Dance Routine


Wed Jan 17 2018

Project Monarch AB17


Thu Jan 11 2018

Lana 88.120.75


Sun Jan 07 2018

0 0000 018739 7-ZjG


Sun Jan 07 2018

MK ULTRA Mind Kontrol SC 14.9


Wed Nov 08 2017

MK ULTRA Alpha 99.3 Activation Trigger


Wed Nov 08 2017

Rare And Uncensored Interview With Blind Sam


Tue Oct 24 2017

Blind Sam Teaches You To Play Spandau Ballet On An Acoustic Guitar


Tue Oct 24 2017

Virgienyah, The Evening Prayer


Thu Oct 19 2017

Blind Sam Teaches Ammo Can Repair


Mon Oct 16 2017

Stan' s Great Escape


Tue Oct 10 2017

1978 Maine Summer


Tue Oct 10 2017

CalYattah villarata


Fri Oct 06 2017

Serin aalthomus


Thu Oct 05 2017

Vampire Eater Aljabaah-baah


Mon Sep 18 2017

Night Watchman, Friday


Wed Aug 30 2017



Tue Aug 29 2017

Aratron bethor phaleg och hagith ophiel phul


Fri Aug 18 2017

Sexy feet


Fri Aug 18 2017



Thu Aug 17 2017

Sexy Grimorium Verum


Tue Aug 15 2017

Lesbian vampires mind control film 1959


Thu Feb 09 2017

America Is The BEST!


Mon Jul 18 2016

Mike Pence vampire


Sun Jul 17 2016

The Truth About Dallas


Sun Jul 10 2016

Exploding pussy


Sun Jul 03 2016

Tactical Assault Boat


Sat Jul 02 2016

Satanic Nazi Lesbian Love


Thu Jun 23 2016



Fri May 27 2016

With All Due Respect 13013


Sun May 08 2016

The Making of a President (A short silent film.)


Tue Mar 22 2016

Hillary Clinton our “new” president. (featuring Rosanne Barr)


Mon Mar 21 2016

Barack Obama Hillary Clinton - Umbrella


Sat Mar 19 2016



Wed Mar 09 2016

The Vampire's Holiday


Thu Feb 25 2016

North woods receiver 2


Mon Feb 22 2016



Wed Feb 17 2016

So You Think You Can Die


Sun Feb 14 2016

North Woods Receiever


Fri Feb 12 2016

Circus War Pride / Цирк войны Гордость


Fri Feb 12 2016

Caravan Of Lost Souls


Thu Feb 11 2016



Tue Feb 09 2016

Chinese New Year


Sun Feb 07 2016

A Love Story (Mature Audience Only Please)


Sat Feb 06 2016

MK ultra mind control training film


Fri Feb 05 2016

Numbers Station Code 67 Echelon Major


Fri Feb 05 2016

3828 MHz


Thu Feb 04 2016



Wed Feb 03 2016

13-551423 NOVA CORP 180A


Mon Feb 01 2016

13-551423 NOVA CORP 180H


Mon Feb 01 2016

0bfc76 No.504816


Attempt to get all kids to protest and stop attending school across the country?

3ffe74 No.504817


cool, you check it out yes?

5043ce No.504818


He already graduated LOL

0b01c7 No.504819


One video had a long disclaimer about watching it. Mentioned if you had been subjected to certain test, to be very careful. Especially not to watch it more than 5 times in a day.

1b0cf9 No.504820




This shit is fuuuuuuuukt

5ffcd0 No.504821

File: 8bdb0b65fbc13ac⋯.jpg (39.55 KB, 1045x569, 1045:569, russian Q maybe.jpg)

i wonder if this is why Q said learn russian?


and WTF is with the splooging vagina?

6b80b7 No.504823



960364 No.504825


sure did, the president of company is Professor Adam Ireland PHD CEO. No clue if its real

a2472a No.504826

2016 not 2014 >>504789

0b01c7 No.504827


Started mentioning Project Monarch

9a4e17 No.504828

File: 839433565f216f3⋯.png (604.91 KB, 946x636, 473:318, ClipboardImage.png)


in the Pence Video these guys are in the last frame inverted.

Anyone recognize them as a band or something?

455b97 No.504829


Thanks Anon, We have to Archive Everything.., until the Qposts..

a7ca74 No.504830


>https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=dR-zbQMXUAM


Who is a youtubefag who can tell the date when this (these) videos were uploadedd?

We need to compare history of things in the news to the upload date.

I have a hunch we are going to find a traumatic event for a victim (hogg, or who knows who) or a meaning to the date.

c0a0d0 No.504831


February 23, 1918 (Saturday)[edit]

The first drafting of new recruits for the Soviet Union were held in Petrograd and Moscow while the first professional infantry units fought occupying German forces, marking it as the unofficial birth of the Red Army.[123]

1837ce No.504832

File: 568a9e436ecafdb⋯.jpg (74.37 KB, 911x516, 911:516, Runcie.JPG)


Wonder why Q hyphenated


Robert Runcie was Parkland Super??

Q posted 17 days before FL shooting:

Jan 27 2018 20:12:12




https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0uCrA7ePno


"Bring them to heel"

Define heel.

(of a dog) follow closely behind its owner.

a18513 No.504833


He is an agent. Likely well over 18 yrs old. Still searching.

f33e12 No.504834


Just don't watch it… I'm sure some of the frames will be posted here…. If you do, you will hve to recover from it.

1b0cf9 No.504835


Operation cold snap:

https:// youtu.be/_MSJAScZuKM

f4dfe3 No.504836


some images may be good for memes, but also don't want to trigger.

9af094 No.504837

Hey Q, was Deepwater Horizon taken out by a North Korean (CIA) submarine? TIA

474156 No.504838

File: 066a869811b12f5⋯.png (96.32 KB, 1151x283, 1151:283, ClipboardImage.png)


Yes it is Russian and it says

"exit to town"

5b70a5 No.504839


Too late. I'm already feeling like I need to become a crisis actor

5043ce No.504840

File: 0263eb663cbfd3d⋯.jpg (123.43 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, hogg_grad.jpg)

4da9b1 No.504842


maybe car had something special installed in it… or the Q post tells about details in general, not only related to that incident and that car model

ebcb74 No.504843

Anons, you blow me away. The organization of the various threads of research coupled with the graphics and aggregated Q posts in all their different forms is mind boggling. So many anons in different states, countries, and on every continent (there’s at least one fucker in Antarctica following this phenomenon) have come together for one reason - to find the truth.

This is what Q and team are trying to do. We’re proof it can be done. It’s dysfunctional at times, but the progress made by anons since October is nothing short of awe inspiring.

Be proud anons. And FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

2d0b35 No.504844

David Hogg, Class of 2015 - Redondo Shores High …


David Hogg 2015 graduate of Redondo Shores High School in Redondo Beach, CA is on Classmates.com. Get caught up with David Hogg and other high school alumni from …

Graduated from: Redondo Shores High School

Location: Redondo Beach, CA

Graduation Year: 2015

i clicked this and…

Back to Classmates®

Oops! We can't find the page you're looking for. Try one of the following:

Re-enter the URL in your browser's address bar.

Use the school and member search on the right.

Click the refresh button.

Click the browser's back button and return to the previous page.

Visit our home page to browse for the page you want.

Visit Help to find answers to frequently asked questions.

288028 No.504845

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=vo4ZkdTylWw

Break the code. . все что все мир мир это это мудрым, 7 мир бы нонсенсом нонсенсом это 2 1 мой что это 3 потому бы целый 1 B целый мудрым, вопреки , мне не мне бы что это мне видишь? 7 что Ты будет не бы все что Ты это потому это что было бы 1 было И целый бы будет это не нонсенсом EOT не все все Ничто бы бы потому так. EOT так. потому видишь? 3 целый было , целый нонсенсом , собственный 2 что то, , И , 3 не И А собственный целый это мир мудрым, что не вопреки мир что . так. . EOT это . бы что так. видишь? 3 целый

f61c53 No.504846


Yea…was it remote anon who linked that website talking about a vday ff? Bcs the super bowl was thwarted?

25e9b0 No.504847

474156 No.504848


My error. Correction here


"Exit to town"

e2f9c8 No.504849

File: f804d57db5efcf0⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1366x2403, 1366:2403, 13013 NOVA CORP BLUE.png)



video was uploaded 2 years ago

999741 No.504850


I'm not watching with volume on.

0138fd No.504851


>Steven Kazmierczak

Weird, that was A. Merkel's family name, before gramps changed it to Kasner. Bloodlines?


eecb59 No.504852

File: 264a7d1c3906d0e⋯.png (489.97 KB, 814x661, 814:661, drunk.PNG)

any meme magicians that can add a bottle of booze labeled power?

05b92b No.504853

A DDGo search of "Nova Corp Blue" led me to this video about an abandoned town in Ohio. Creepy!


4aee38 No.504854


only lamefags and shills put the tripcode in replies

dc2877 No.504855

File: fa8f75c3b536eff⋯.png (286.69 KB, 1075x612, 1075:612, novahidden.png)

Tons of 'hidden' frames in these videos. Have to go frame by frame to find stuff.

a41968 No.504856


Holy crap did you see the codes at the bottom of the screen (not on the video itself, on the hooktube screen, each coded like a shaded button.

Russia numbers station frequency ww3 Trump Putin code


5ffcd0 No.504857


The fucking irony of men with guns showing up to his house to force him to go to school because men with guns wouldn't go into his school.


455b97 No.504858


The Thursday.., We have to Archive Everything..

7da85d No.504859

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


b834c7 No.504860

File: c14f198108119a7⋯.png (845.72 KB, 813x422, 813:422, calle promotion.png)

File: 3a9fb2ff219e3f5⋯.png (1.42 MB, 805x736, 35:32, calle mayor.png)




Mom's claim that it is Calle Mayor Middle School 8th grade promotion checks out.

Here are pics from their 2011 middle school promotion. The 2018 promotion is on the calendar for June 21 at South Torrance High School.

eecb59 No.504861

>>504857 Twisted

c5c112 No.504862


Clown protection.

455b97 No.504863



a2570d No.504864



I looked up 13013 NOVA CORP BLUE and the first video that came up was "Walk of CLAUNECK"

I listened to about 15 secs and had to stop it - too creepy for me….sounds like Russian.

Then I looked up "Walk of CLAUNECK" and it looks like a whole pile of devil worshiper stuff.

Take a look at this Nova Corp Blue's YouTube page here:

https:// www.youtube.com/channel/UC6OUS6lhiDaDrL9qINsjZAg

571075 No.504865

File: 2a3d193a57509a7⋯.png (413.9 KB, 1003x675, 1003:675, 1.png)

File: 78f07e2da2275b3⋯.png (525.05 KB, 1015x725, 7:5, 2.png)

File: 453a3cf23998626⋯.png (453.85 KB, 991x725, 991:725, 3.png)

File: 26be88554a2a36f⋯.png (462.73 KB, 977x685, 977:685, 4.png)

File: e23c0b6ae016758⋯.png (175.42 KB, 973x679, 139:97, 5.png)


That's one weird ass page.

Here's screen shots of the vids they have up.

4cb185 No.504867


Days Jan 31 2016

caaedf No.504868


They aren't sending their best.

a2570d No.504869


Didnt realize you posted it here too….sorry anons!

735dc9 No.504870

Patriot here understanding the school shooting is important but realizing that shills have filled up our breads with it.

682b43 No.504872

If any one wants to breakdown the video use good programs like final cut pro, Bryce 3D, 3D Studiomax, Sony Vegas Pro

For audio use, Use the top audio software both TV & Music use in the last 10 years, because they have the ones that change the audio frequency for a type of sound your ears don't hear but your brain waves do

f61c53 No.504873


Whats in the bushes???

What in the name of God??

da4d73 No.504875

File: db52363b97eb587⋯.jpeg (69.46 KB, 500x375, 4:3, DE450806-9D0B-4022-A34E-6….jpeg)

Found this gem

03d35e No.504876


Not disputing that bad actors can take control of vehicles remotely. Anything with OnStar or equivalent is susceptible. Up until active parking assist and lane correction, all they could control was acceleration, braking and possibly locking the steering wheel. You still have to account for the driver, and making them appear to be under the influence of drugs and hallucinating is easier to keep narrative control than a lucid person saying the car controlled itself.

3f8e26 No.504877

File: 80ee37d007bc9ab⋯.jpg (608.66 KB, 1078x1706, 539:853, Screenshot_20180226-183120.jpg)

File: 130d6fc8e857a0f⋯.jpg (408.06 KB, 1078x1482, 539:741, Screenshot_20180226-183142.jpg)

File: fb58a7007a55003⋯.jpg (666.71 KB, 1058x1512, 529:756, Screenshot_20180226-183205.jpg)

File: 920c65ce0e8dc37⋯.jpg (296.76 KB, 978x978, 1:1, Screenshot_20180226-183702.jpg)


The accident happened just after the motorcade left the Ronald Reagan presidential library where Trudeau had given an address touting the benefits of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Sgt. Saul Gomez with the highway patrol said a motorcycle officer who was part of the motorcade and riding ahead of the prime minister’s vehicle tried to stop all vehicle traffic along a road not far from the Reagan library.

But a vehicle made a left turn and the two collided in the intersection.

The female driver of the car and her child were taken to hospital as a precautionary measure, Gomez said.

The road was closed for several hours as investigators combed the scene.

Nivea Bustanante, who lives nearby, said she heard a crash and went outside to check what happened. She said she saw one officer on the ground and another officer pulling over the Toyota in front of her neighbour’s house.

She said she only saw one person taken in an ambulance — the officer involved in the crash.

“The lady in the car, she was just afraid,” Bustanante said.

“She was making a left turn and then she was very scared. She looked very scared.”

Gomez said the crash is being investigated as a simple accident. He said police didn’t see any signs of impairment in the SUV driver, but will look into whether it played a role in the collision.

If the driver is considered to be at fault, then she could face charges, Gomez said.

Trudeau will be in Los Angeles for a media event Saturday morning with the city’s mayor before travelling back to the national capital.

https:// www.thestar.com/news/canada/2018/02/10/trudeau-motorcade-involved-in-multiple-injury-crash-in-california.html

Good catch anon! Car control? Statement of driver is similar to the one for the one that ran the POTUS motorcade.

https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=1Yqa5PUViPo

474156 No.504878

File: 9e57d3baecc39c4⋯.png (660.97 KB, 1707x420, 569:140, ClipboardImage.png)


Here is a machine translation (pic)

My language study is way too rusty to verify this. It's not proper sentences. and/or is very colloquial. Sort of a strange murmuring…

a18513 No.504879


Redondo SHores not real school. Redondo Union real school.

3ffe74 No.504880


I'm in dire need of some eyebleach, I feel tainted, seriously, dunno if I want to see the rest of what's on offer from these guys.

c067c6 No.504881

a7ca74 No.504882


Memeworthy fact…

b55c8d No.504883

This is a screencap >>504574 @0:07 in the A-9xBT1-033 vid


02b4bd No.504884

File: 3d538a24131a9ac⋯.jpg (56.35 KB, 799x469, 799:469, child_laborers.jpg)


fucking strange web site for sure.

a front for child trafficking? I found this image on their about page


7da85d No.504886


it honestly looks like a giant white rabbit head morphed into something evil. idk what im even looking at

6f580c No.504887


13-551423 NOVA CORP 180A


Mon Feb 01 2016

13-551423 NOVA CORP 180H


Mon Feb 01 2016



Sun Jan 31 2016

13-551423 NOVA CORP 180F


Sun Jan 31 2016

13-551423 NOVA CORP 180E


Sun Jan 31 2016

13-551423 NOVA CORP 180D


Sat Jan 30 2016

13-551423 NOVA CORP 180C


Sat Jan 30 2016

13-551423 NOVA CORP 180B


Sat Jan 30 2016

That's all of them. I will re-format to just show vid name and date

4aee38 No.504888

File: c19b9f96096bdb8⋯.png (782.57 KB, 886x953, 886:953, kek_ocd.png)


Nice Finds Anons way to OCD for the WIN!

I tried to state this before, we must be smarter. They will convince us the truth is a lie.

We should have been smarter, soo much Hogg history and footage in Redondo, and him drinking in a club

2518a1 No.504889

File: 229e6e126644b07⋯.png (218.93 KB, 1102x343, 1102:343, Hogg the Financial advisor.PNG)


No he's not. Hes a financial advisor.

7772c6 No.504890


That background noise is a radio, it's called HETERODYNING.

Happens with feedback/interference/ close radios over lapping.

da4d73 No.504891

2b121f No.504892


Sure it is.

http:// rshs-rbusd-ca.schoolloop.com/

eecb59 No.504894

File: 647432391d9ae8c⋯.png (20.51 KB, 764x144, 191:36, dought.PNG)

>>504889 "DOUGHT " IT

288028 No.504895


Could be coded

a18513 No.504896

735dc9 No.504897

A patriot here understanding the school shooting is important but also realizing that shills have filled up our breads with it.

d062ff No.504898


WTH is this from??

These girls are a LOT younger than the men here. and one back there is in a bra??

eee372 No.504899


This kid is fk'd. Someone responsible needs to step in and guide him.

This is getting really bad.

cdd01e No.504900


Divisive is becoming the catch-all word on this board to attempt censoring. Do you call Q DIVISIVE when he says FOR GOD AND COUNTRY? DO YOU THINK HE DOESN' MEAN IT WHEN HE SAYS IT? JUST A CATCH PHRASE?

I am well aware of the secular argument. The problem is this entire civilization is built on the principles that can be found in the bible.

There is a term for when you tear a civilization down and don't have anything other than secular theory, or first principles, to back you up. Nihilism

5b70a5 No.504901


Has Soros found a way to take over young Hogg's body??

a2472a No.504902

File: 3d1274d0a5e3a50⋯.jpg (192.47 KB, 1139x790, 1139:790, Hogg High school.jpg)

File: d64433d527da3e8⋯.jpg (197.74 KB, 1206x806, 603:403, Hogg High school2.jpg)

7da85d No.504903

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

I honestly feel very uncomfortable after watching these videos…like a very uneasy feeling..

5043ce No.504904


LOL liddle does he know that USPS delivers packages for FedEx and UPS they have contracts with each other KEk

4aee38 No.504905


When you want it there overnight, and you want to defend your rights!


The Official Carrier QAnon and the 94%

3a6ffb No.504906



da4d73 No.504907

File: 080764cdd8b4bd6⋯.png (841.15 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 057F7F32-FE6D-431F-B58E-4C….png)

9fa89d No.504908

File: 0e75b404d82bd8b⋯.jpg (130.5 KB, 800x420, 40:21, AU51X0gcd.jpg)

7772c6 No.504909


to add it really fucked up my tinitus… THE FUCK CAUTION WHEN WATCHING THIS

caaedf No.504910


Its a snowbank against a fence with a bail of hay in front of it….

42687a No.504911

File: fcc45f21b3a61bc⋯.png (159.54 KB, 744x567, 248:189, lookup-snead-address.png)

File: 1e79ec14c5c43b4⋯.png (73.13 KB, 702x782, 351:391, 5700-nw71-Terrace.png)

File: 6a841653d1476ae⋯.png (27.49 KB, 542x306, 271:153, snead-house-value.png)

OK, so…

Looking into the distance from Nikolas Cruz's house

as he did not seem to have a car like many of his friends did (upper middle class area)

(explain that one if you can)

Note: in this NYT article it says he had to take the bus to his adult learning classes, and then would ride his bike to the Dollar Tree store where he worked.

(give me a fookeen break here – the guy needed a car BADLY – and should have had the money with which to get it)

The NYT article is very interesting. Kids "just knew who it was" and "if there was going to be a shooting, he would have been the one to do it."


Nikolas complained of kids teasing him.

I can see it easily as a set up – as a "get even" from some screwed up "cool kids" who needed someone to be their narcissistic resource for power.

As to my location search: (pic related)

News articles said Cruz lived 3 miles from school which confirms the address found on several searches.


that house is listed at the County Assessor page to another person who is getting a "homestead discount" meaning that they have to be the ones living there.

An Assessor NAME search for James B Snead brings up an account # that is given to another person.

When I searched "who is where" links, there are many pages of "James B Sneads" in Florida but NOT ONE OF THEM came up in a Assessor search.

I will post the entire NYT article in a new post.

age 48, used to live in: boynton beach, florida, coral springs, florida wahiawa

related to: delight snead burke, carol budnik snead, carol l snead

james b snead

5700 nw 71st terrace, #parkland, pompano beach, florida 33067


https:// www.peoplefinder. com/people-search/FL-Parkland-James-Snead/0/

James B Snead

5700 NW 71st TER #PARKLAND

Pompano Beach, FL 33067


https:// www.anywho. com/people/james-snead/fl/p2

5700 NW 71st TER #PARKLAND, Pompano Beach, FL 33067

(561) 372-9245

https:// www.spokeo. com/James-Snead/Florida?middle_name=B

https:// www.nytimes.


https:// archive.is/8wBPk

bab1b5 No.504912


I hear you. sjw here????

7da85d No.504913

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

641245 No.504914


>David Hogg Vows Not to Return to School Until Lawmakers Pass Gun Control


Whether of not this liddle cunt returns to school and finishes his education is of absolutely ZERO concern to the rest of America.

Let him do what he fucking wants, as long as my freedoms aren't infringed.

Who died and made this liddle cocksucker important?

He's over-playing his fabricated fame …. by a factor of 100.

a2a43a No.504916

File: 88daf2783f9ee35⋯.png (464.16 KB, 675x338, 675:338, ClipboardImage.png)


Check it out for yourself. Redondo Union High School. Pic very much related.

https:// www.google.com/maps/place/33%C2%B050'46.0%22N+118%C2%B023'02.4%22W/@33.8465452,-118.3809886,198m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d33.8461!4d-118.384?hl=en

8094d4 No.504917


Only problem is Hogg photo dated june 20, 2014 (graduation date was june 13th that year)

Play wheres either Waldo here

http:// files.photosnack.com/iframejs/embed.html?hash=pd1nwiss&amp;t=1403289063

0b01c7 No.504918


https:// www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_mindcon02.htm


999741 No.504919


avidolz.com anyone brave enough to click?

d062ff No.504920

File: 96ef412512ac501⋯.png (949.35 KB, 831x509, 831:509, ClipboardImage.png)


forgot the pic…

c5c112 No.504921


His crash and burn is going to be epic.

a18513 No.504922


Yes, lower GI only though.

6da1db No.504923


That's Russian?

f61c53 No.504924


Seriously…it makes my stomach hurt

Is the next one a human centipede?

626d17 No.504925


Except the date in the vid is 1918, not 98

6d4be3 No.504926


You're right, I shouldn't have been lazy and should have used a screencap of the post instead. duly noted.

15f828 No.504927

File: 0dfe04692ab21f3⋯.png (546.48 KB, 660x414, 110:69, hogg1.grad.png)

bbbdcf No.504928


O/T for any in need of fresher after all this stupid ass HOGG famefag shit yes I know I'm glowing but I'm pissed because /ourguys/ are being distracted by (((them))) over stupid shooting. NRA's not going away; Trump can't get Congressional Dems to do shit without force and we know what that means —but CIA taking over narrative and we're falling for it.

STOP! Get narrative Back To ObamaGate and Corruption!

This guy Lionel suddenly seems like good guy. Because today? He's the one not talking about stupid Coward Co distraction we were warned about but Pizzagate, corruption, all that. And getting momentum back. Watch HIM if you need some hogg-eyebleach www.youtube.com/watch?v=KP6tuEyJabM

We do this. We focus on original q anon and Trump talking points about VILE secret societies/deep state. There's still ONE out there at least on YT not distracted. Bless you all and let's go kick Globalist ass.

f61c53 No.504929


Whats going on here?

3581ca No.504930


>http:// www.wonderland-photography. com/blog/2011/07/01/kyle-%E2%80%A2-class-of-2011-%E2%80%A2-calle-mayor-middle-school-promotion/


>0 0000 018739 7-ZjG

It seems to me that this is a channel they are using to pass messages to eachother. Any russian anon to translate this.

1b0cf9 No.504931




They look imbred

3a6ffb No.504932


I want the names of the kids that teased him

a7ca74 No.504933


idk. was posted last bread as libtard fodder. no history noted.

(I just added the dog)

pussible fashion show, or prom.

(see what i did there right… kek)

dc2671 No.504934

http:// www.timescall.com/longmont-local-news/ci_31690698/accutane-makayla-grote-murder


Used to treat severe acne, there has been debate for decades about whether Accutane causes depression and psychosis.

While defense attorneys Steve Jacobson and Mike Rafik never specifically stated von Grabow used Accutane, they said they plan to call Bremner to testify how the drug could possibly cause aggressive or violent behavior in a person who had never before exhibited those types of behaviors.

cdd01e No.504936


I do support the Bill of Rights for all. How can you possibly infer different. Did I imply an atheist had no right to the First Amendment?

5043ce No.504937

File: ca05d8323eb515f⋯.png (745.93 KB, 749x499, 749:499, screenshot_11.png)

File: 9abf42ef20b2fbf⋯.png (220.29 KB, 445x251, 445:251, screenshot_09.png)

File: b95367428589b85⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1465x636, 1465:636, screenshot_07.png)

File: 68d52d3792126f4⋯.png (145.42 KB, 664x231, 664:231, screenshot_08.png)

d8f36f No.504938



Jap porn site

could have been worse

2518a1 No.504939


I'd love it if he and Schiffty went down on the same day?

288028 No.504940

Wtf is this? a video of a take down notice?

Whats with the comments?

and who the fuck is Светлана Боэрзa saying thanks?

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkXfuPUkSC4

90d38e No.504941



https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/504327.html#q

f4dfe3 No.504942


>The date



>changes into


>2018 !

As in feb 23?????

Was that why he was disoriented and no on has their story together, was it planned feb 23 to occur? or maybe

What is Cruz b-day?

6bc3ab No.504943


That is a drowned person in the water.

8e4f3f No.504944


Drop some tasty crumbs…ship feels off course a bit!

f75f28 No.504945


Yes. I think it's clear that they will skip Charles.

WIlliam is a Rothschild through Diana. Kate is a Rothschild. They are popping out heirs to the throne to consolidate power.

f703ee No.504946



Check out the other vids, one named "Project Monarch AB17"

a2472a No.504947

2016 not 2014 >>504917

3be562 No.504948

File: 7170177313846ed⋯.jpeg (730.68 KB, 1242x1235, 1242:1235, BC3B92CB-7333-4247-B521-2….jpeg)

The Calm Before The Storm. Yes it was.

The Great Awakening. Yes it is.

Phase 2. Time to reveal the Patriots and the Traitors?

30a935 No.504949


Didn't he already Graduate?

5ffcd0 No.504950

File: c36ded77a849830⋯.jpg (49.04 KB, 1100x833, 1100:833, HOLY SHIT.jpg)



5bba83 No.504951

File: 4467e562858e5f5⋯.png (401 KB, 896x504, 16:9, pacifisthogg3.PNG)

File: 938041c666f70a9⋯.jpg (136.66 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, pacifisthogg2.jpg)

File: c7aaf5f93626d48⋯.jpg (73.05 KB, 1096x616, 137:77, pacifisthogg.jpg)

Left blank for all you master meme anons.

cdd01e No.504952


When you tell Q to shut the fuck up for saying FOR GOD AND COUNTRY I will consider your comment valid.

f4dfe3 No.504953



q post this on the 24

Stanislav Lunev.


Payback for today.


maybe Stanislav was here because of his MK Ultra/Orion knowledge

90d38e No.504955


All out…names of bullies

this shithole campus reeks

7da85d No.504956

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

25ae2a No.504958


thank you for checking it out

however the false bullshit is all over twatter and fakebook

people are so fucking gullible

9af094 No.504959


And also the SS El Faro?

3a6ffb No.504960

I was just talking to someone who had heard Cruz was a Russian baby and most likely had alcohol fetal syndrome

Anybody know?

f61c53 No.504961


Found this one today about some bullying

https:// theralphretort.com/marchforourlives-media-darling-caught-bullying-nikolas-cruz-on-twitter-back-in-october-2017-2025018/

Also, Cruz had hired a lawyer back in December I think to go after the trailer Roxanne

https:// dmlnews.com/report-florida-gunman-hired-lawyer-school-massacre/

2ef264 No.504963

>>504815 why dont you take up the rest of the friggin page newfag

a7ca74 No.504964


finding that utube video should have been as easy as copy-pasting q's txt into a search box…

Please tell me someone with some bandwidth and a pc can run searches on all of the q-stringie crumbs.

my speed is slow as hell, and im offgrid. So I can do one or 2 tonite!

7da85d No.504965

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


OKAY, IM DONE. OUTTIE. I have to calm myself.

15f828 No.504966



1cd73b No.504967

Well if he is an agent, we probably don’t want to dox him.

ef8ad3 No.504968



avidolz.com (Jap Porn Site) site hits just jumped

455b97 No.504969


<Prince William

What a mess it's ready for begin.., it's for this year?

2ef264 No.504971

>>504968 not me i am into that Romanian Midget Clown stuff man

57b773 No.504972


Yeah… going thru these… this is some creepy stuff

90d38e No.504973


Outcry from bullied student. Administration does not intervene.

Criminally culpable and liable.

d8f36f No.504974


>So remember, when you are arguing politics with an atheist you are arguing with someone who does not accept the existence of the same god whose image we are all made in and, by extension, does not believe in the very rights the founding fathers called inalienable.

>Did I imply an atheist had no right to the First Amendment?

Yeah, you kinda did, just a little.

3f8e26 No.504975

File: a51639b0713003d⋯.jpg (302.63 KB, 1054x1676, 527:838, Screenshot_20180226-184807.jpg)


Insane… wonder if trigger code is in one of q posts

30a935 No.504976


This is some Whacked out Satanic shit

f61c53 No.504977


me no like

1d6520 No.504978


"nova corp blue" leading to russian site about ar-15 accessories

13013 NOVA CORP BLUE 1 month ago. Highjak86 I am sure the new stuff is great but really after those few experiences I would rather leave well enough alone…

http:// zdravv.ru/watch/Ez65Kh8So4o/ar15-accessories-part8-charging-handles.html

c9c594 No.504979

File: 49e50343566d3b4⋯.jpg (2.1 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 1512693020894.jpg)


big if true

unrelated, but

>much love to POTUS

>much love to Q team

>much love to anons

just when I thought I had no purpose in life, you show up

626d17 No.504980


I agree. Also most of the so called evidence is clearly altered and misdirection aimed at discrediting our work in general. Going after students is STUPID. Wrong targets.

d8f36f No.504981



They'll be thankful for anons accidental endorsement

93840b No.504982

File: 6689220bf614598⋯.jpeg (261.56 KB, 960x683, 960:683, 2602D6F2-96F3-4B98-97E3-E….jpeg)

25e9b0 No.504983

For who has been watching the shitty videos: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=cC9r0jHF-Fw

57b773 No.504984


Something very significant about the Ham radio… it's pretty much in each video - That looks like a pile of snow? (I hope)

5ffcd0 No.504985

File: a0314f825db52b8⋯.jpg (19.53 KB, 438x381, 146:127, lickysticky.jpg)


well this was interesting

455b97 No.504986


Hmmm.., it seems the Movie Quarantine..

f703ee No.504987


"Voices in head?

We know."

Check out the MK Ultra Activation Code one

42687a No.504988


The NYT article – note that they had put out a manhunt for a "short, red-haired guy with black pants"

https:// www.nytimes. com/2018/02/18/us/snead-cruz-florida-suspect.html

https:// archive.is/8wBPk

James and Kimberly Snead, who took in Nikolas Cruz shortly after his mother died in November, knew he was depressed by her death. But they had no idea, Mr. Snead said Sunday, about the depth of Mr. Cruz’s troubles until the catastrophic rampage at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

“We didn’t know he had such an evil past,” Mr. Snead said in a telephone interview, sounding weary and at a loss to explain what had happened. “We just didn’t know.”

Mr. Snead said he and his wife let Mr. Cruz, the suspect in the rampage, stay in their Broward County home after the youngest of their three sons, who knew Mr. Cruz from Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, Fla., asked if he could live with them. They declined to provide their son’s first name or age.

Mr. Cruz, 19, had been struggling following his mother’s sudden death of pneumonia on Nov. 1, and had been staying with a friend of his mother’s in neighboring Palm Beach County, Mr. Snead said.

But there was “tension,” according to Mr. Snead, over money and over Mr. Cruz’s guns.

He owned several, and they were unsecured. The friend of Mr. Cruz’s late mother had a toddler, Mr. Snead said, and did not want the child to be around the weapons.

So the Sneads, who own guns themselves and keep them under lock and key, drove to Lantana to pick up Mr. Cruz and his belongings. On the way home, Mr. Snead said, they had Mr. Cruz buy a gun safe and bring it along in a truck rented from the Home


Mr. Snead said he thought he had the only key to the safe. He did not learn until Wednesday, after 17 people were shot and killed at Stoneman Douglas with a semiautomatic AR-15 rifle, that Mr. Cruz had apparently kept a duplicate key, he said.

“We knew he had troubles and a couple of issues, but I’ve raised three boys, and I thought we could help,” said Mr. Snead, a 48-year-old construction consultant. “It’s a very selfish thing he did — aside from the families he hurt, he hurt the family that tried to help him and give him a chance.”

Asked what punishment Mr. Cruz might deserve, Mr. Snead said he did not know.

The Sneads began speaking publicly about their relationship with Mr. Cruz on Saturday, in an interview with The Sun Sentinel of South Florida. Their attorney, Jim Lewis, said the couple has been cooperating with law enforcement since the shooting.

The Sneads were “absolutely not” the people who called in a tip to the F.B.I. in January, warning that Mr. Cruz owned a gun and had a desire to kill, possibly at a school, Mr. Lewis said. The F.B.I. has acknowledged that it failed to investigate the tip.

Mr. Snead and his wife knew Mr. Cruz was depressed because they asked him about it, Mr. Snead said. Mr. Cruz was often withdrawn, and when pressed about why, he’d say he was thinking about his mother. Mr. Cruz was not medicated, Mr. Snead said, but the Snead family had made plans for him to get help.

“He was supposed to see a counselor this week,” Mr. Snead said. Still, the Sneads thought Mr. Cruz was doing better.

“Things were good,” Mr. Snead said.

He said he had pushed Mr. Cruz to take adult education classes — he’d had to leave Stoneman Douglas because of fighting, Mr. Cruz told them — and to get a job as a cashier at a Dollar Tree store. His time was taken up riding the bus to school and back home, and biking to and from work, Mr. Snead said. He said he was not aware of Mr. Cruz practicing shooting, at a gun range or anywhere else, in the time he was with the family.

The Sneads knew Mr. Cruz had an Instagram account — their son followed Mr. Cruz on it — but have since realized that Mr. Cruz had a much wider, more troubling presence on social media, in which he apparently posted about guns and about being cruel toward animals.

“We have animals” — two dogs and six cats, Mr. Snead said — “and he loved them, and they loved him.”

The night before the shooting, Mr. Snead said he noticed nothing unusual. The family ate cheese and steak sandwiches for dinner — Mr. Cruz put a chocolate chip cookie on top of his — and then watched “Jeopardy” on television. Mr. Cruz went to bed early, as he often did, Mr. Snead said.


cdd01e No.504989

The meme warfare on Hogg needs to be a bit different. If you create one that preaches to the choir it is not at its most effective. If an anon could create one that made the progressives doubt him, rather than circle their wagons, that is your winner.

7c052f No.504990

what # are we using for the internet memes?

7772c6 No.504991


Why so many vidsssssssss

MKULTRA'n urselfs! WWwwwwwooooOOOOooOOOOo

15f828 No.504992


you got the wrong year – check for 2016

1b0cf9 No.504993


Whatever it is looks like glowing nigger to me, kek

dda069 No.504994

File: 270de614d5402d1⋯.png (152.88 KB, 1157x329, 1157:329, ClipboardImage.png)


The two with Russian titles.

The first one doesn't translate.

The second one does.

Pic related.

d3845f No.504995

Beware the ides of March

7da85d No.504996

File: 3e65127f647e81d⋯.png (2.73 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 4AAF2FA1-3196-4FA5-AAB5-94….png)

f703ee No.504997

MK ULTRA Mind Kontrol SC 14.9

https:// www. youtube . com/watch?v=ZYxveTH6vQM

742486 No.504998


Church of the SubGenius guy, was everywhere in the 90s.

a18513 No.504999

Calle Mayor would be at South Torrance because they are connected. Not Redondo where pics taken. https:// duckduckgo.com/?q=calle+mayor+junior+high&t=brave&ia=web

723888 No.505000



Cia tried same car hack attack in Moscow; killed Putin's favorite chauffeur.

25e9b0 No.505001

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3a6ffb No.505002


The teachers know who the bullies are.

8e4f3f No.505003


Keep it simple, don't go all FF crazy to start for FS…

"I didn't know Kim Kardashian had a little brother…"

Call him out for fame whoring

4da9b1 No.505004

File: c36f174a60a2685⋯.png (219.45 KB, 900x795, 60:53, ClipboardImage.png)


single frame from that video at 6:10

cdd01e No.505005

File: 4b4eac2b23ac1a5⋯.png (890.51 KB, 1216x1116, 304:279, image.png)


Still waiting. You are not implying disagreeing with one is a violation of their 1st Anendment rights are you?

f4dfe3 No.505006


were you the one who posted a pic with 2 number overlayed on each other? what were those numbers?

7b101a No.505008


Where's the sauce that these were Israelis? shill

455b97 No.505009


Also lack the Bush..

f4dfe3 No.505011



1a0a82 No.505012


She has never wanted Charles to be Prince for as long as I remember. Decades ago I always wondered why. Just thought he must not be Prince material but that was when I was still asleep. When he was made to marry Diana I knew her son would be King. What do you think the Queen wont give up her thrown until she dies? Her mother did so Elizabeth could be Queen but damn if she will to let Charles be King.

1cd73b No.505013

I don’t understand why Q would give us codes for this?

4aee38 No.505014


>Cia tried same car hack attack in Moscow; killed Putin's favorite chauffeur.

That was my analysis when the event happened. Before Bummer left office and Punishment for not playing ball with them against TRUMP w/ Dossier.

c9c594 No.505015

File: d47214b5cc1421d⋯.jpg (142.57 KB, 1205x935, 241:187, Untitled.jpg)


http:// zetatalk.com/ning/17sp2016.htm

6f580c No.505016


Slinging insults is a good way to push people with valuable skills and information away. You make Newfag sound foul and dirty.

a2570d No.505017


A-9zBT1-033 (A-9zBT1-033)

"Republic-D" (13-551423 NOVA CORP 180D )

"Republic-E" (13-551423 NOVA CORP 180E)



a7ca74 No.505018


I do.

To open your eyes to how a target is trained.

Sick reality of the clown underworld.

baebf3 No.505019

File: fa67a61280eb525⋯.jpg (105.44 KB, 1400x700, 2:1, Final-Fantasy-VII-summons.jpg)

File: d7087ae9aa62494⋯.jpg (157.68 KB, 945x525, 9:5, battrump-photos-00.jpg)

"Secret" Tech Release Timeline.

What is science that operates according to rules not yet disclosed?


Most "classified" tech known by Anons to exist ALREADY exits as "magic".

Scientific research today is NOT a farce.

It functions to find ways to introduce new tech without publicly revealing the occult.


Programmable Matter.

Blue Beam.


Nuclear Power.



etc etc.

All previously available only via "magic".

…that is to say…

All available via "hidden/occult sciences"

I trust Q.

And when Q says "we have more than we know" and "EXPAND YOUR THINKING", I believe s/he refers to this.

What if we were all Creator Gods?

What if we each had the power to make micro alternations to the timeline now?

Refer to the concept of "Summoning", as portrayed in the game Final Fantasy 7.

Imagine. A dragon born eons ago amidst the stars, travelling light years to arrive right now, in time to smite your enemies.

Think carefully about this concept. And now refer back to what Q asks of us.

We are being asked to collect available data, to craft a narrative that is palatable to the public. True or not (yet), it will be made true as more & more people seek.

My suggestion:

The Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight Returns.


Young Trump filled with dreams, fuelled by the hope, wealth, and network of dad.

Young Trump's horror as bullets ripped through the head of JFK & other patriots.

A sobered Trump using his resources to understand, plan and prepare himself.

Can you imagine this?

Trump as B. Wayne… as the Batman?

Are you following me?

Instead of "proving" this an that, to red pill. Focus instead on aligning 'normies' with the feelings that fuel our GEOTUS.

Per the rules of SUMMONING, the rest will literally fall into place. Understand that there is no one in this world who is more closely aligned with the winds of justice. Focus on this. Focus on Justice.

Justice for White Men.

Justice for Blacks.

Justice for Autists.

Justice for Gays.

Justice for America.

Justice for Americans.

57b773 No.505020



42687a No.505021

File: f8a182c5973dc7d⋯.png (217.13 KB, 487x349, 487:349, cruz-arrest-1.png)

File: f4dd0ec21566b82⋯.png (709.33 KB, 800x471, 800:471, snead-address.png)


https:// www. nytimes. com/2018/02/18/us/snead-cruz-florida-suspect.html

https:// archive.is/8wBPk

According to Mr. Snead’s account, the next morning Mr. Cruz told Mr. Snead’s son, his former classmate, whom he’d met at JROTC in high school, that he wasn’t going to school because it was Valentine’s Day. In September 2016, his mother had told the state social services agency that Mr. Cruz had been acting out because he was upset over a breakup with a girl at Stoneman Douglas.

Mr. Snead said he did not see Mr. Cruz on Wednesday morning, but assumed he was home with his wife. Ms. Snead, a registered nurse who works in a neonatal intensive care unit, planned to sleep during the day to rest before her night shift.

On Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Snead said, after he had learned about the shooting from his son, a SWAT officer called him to ask about Mr. Cruz’s whereabouts. Mr. Snead said

he didn’t know.

He called his son to ask him. By then, the son had heard a description of the shooter —

short with red hair, wearing black pants — and father and son reached the same conclusion: The police suspected Mr. Cruz.

“I called the SWAT officer back and had him go to my house, because he was there with my wife, all morning, by themselves,” said Mr. Snead, who suddenly feared for her safety.

Ms. Snead, it turned out, was asleep, alone and safe. The police arrested Mr. Cruz without incident along a residential street in the neighboring city of Coral Springs, about two miles from the school. They took him to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries, and then transported him to the Broward Sheriff’s Office headquarters. By then, the Sneads were there, waiting for their son, who was speaking to deputies.

Mr. Snead said his wife turned angrily to Mr. Cruz, still wearing a hospital gown.

“Really, Nik?” she asked. “Really?”

He said Mr. Cruz replied that he was sorry.

90d38e No.505022


My state, legally bound to inform authorities including campus admin. License revocation and jail for violation.

d08721 No.505023


I think Alex Jones knows Ivan Stang,

999741 No.505024


super predator is old HRC/WJC material from their campaign in 1992. hillary got blasted over it by some BLM people this election.

2a245d No.505025

Don't mean to slide and sorry if it's been addressed. I have read a few of today's previous loaves and not sure it's been answered. The other day BO/CM (I think), played with the board's filtering (?) and any attempt to write 'little' was automatically converted to 'liddle'. People ran test-posts for what seemed like ages.

Then came the first post where it was spelled correctly, and not only did it reference "cue" (that's spelled phonetically), but the very wording was written as if by him/them.

It attracted a good number of replies, and the way I interpreted half of them, it sounded as if, wink, wink, we understood what was going on. This post was unnamed, saved for the usual 'Anonymous.'

When checking at top of each bread for the latest updates (as it pertains to special posts), they still stop at Saturday's.

Was this something done by Codemonkey, another BO or BV? I've been chronically sleep-deprived for ages, so it's easy for me to miss an obvious joke at times.

Anyone have anything they care to share? Even if in the most general sense? Just want to make sure we're not missing the Bat(man)-Signal.

7c052f No.505026


When QEII was crowned, at her coronation she took a binding vow to not pass the throne until death. She is keeping that vow. Her mother did not take that vow.

8d9a01 No.505027

Truth To Power

The sequel to An Inconvenient Truth.

https:// pirateproxy.sh/torrent/18796042/An_Inconvenient_Sequel_Truth_to_Power_2017_HDRip_XviD_AC3-EVO

3a6ffb No.505028


Yeah, and do you think rocket man Kim is the one killing off his family?

I don't

18b932 No.505031

File: e9f39007c5de8dd⋯.jpg (119.16 KB, 800x420, 40:21, david.jpg)

90d38e No.505033


Revelation of incarnate evil

7c052f No.505034

Does any anon here know what # we are using for the internet memes? It is not listed at top of bread.

5814ca No.505035


It looks like meaningless drivel but it reminds me of the transmissions the British Special Operations Executive used during WW2 to signal resistance groups. EOT is radio language for End Of Transmission I believe.

f75f28 No.505037


Welp. That does it. I'm out. Power on children. I wish you well.

68f689 No.505038

File: 92200d709c7c5ce⋯.jpg (71.53 KB, 654x436, 3:2, 21-david-hogg-actor.w710.h….jpg)

d8f36f No.505039


Confirmed connection(s).

Robert Runcie, from Chicago (3 months as chief information officer and chief administrative officer for Chicago Public Schools) to Broward

http:// www.chicagoreporter.com/choosing-chicagos-next-schools-ceo-robert-runcie-timothy-knowles-john-white/

http:// www.substancenews.net/articles.php?page=2607

fda3db No.505040


Just a further update on what we already knew in this case: https:// constitution.com/school-shooting-plot-exposed-wont-believe-set/

But its getting a little mainstream, so thats good, this was posted on a FB page I follow called Liberalism is a mental disorder if anyone's interested in following (I very well realize most will not want to, but its good to know what is getting out there in the "mainstream"):

https:// www.facebook.com/groups/394523860751477/permalink/824459111091281/?comment_id=824588007745058&notif_id=1519692661039811&notif_t=group_comment_reply&ref=notif

00c238 No.505041

File: 71013ec9c82193e⋯.png (99.38 KB, 810x750, 27:25, capture(2).png)



38ee47 No.505042


Maybe Q testing our Russian. If we have to depend on <<them>> to translate we got no Ruskie.


9a4e17 No.505043


should have screen shot it, Clowns beat you to it and deleted it.

They're working like hellto protect that Petulant Reprobate

25ae2a No.505044


this is epoch

fucking brilliant

07aae8 No.505045


I don't know where that post is at but I'd like to find it too. Has the damn little/liddle thing been fixed yet?

cdd01e No.505046

File: 2c56efc316da315⋯.jpeg (101.93 KB, 641x500, 641:500, image.jpeg)

d486a9 No.505047




At 2:20 the first line of the worldwide Super Bowl broadcast on Feb 4th, 2018 was, wait for it … "come on in from the cold"



57b773 No.505048

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

This is some sick sick sick… crap…

I cannot watch it anymore… making me sick.

You know what it reminds me of. disassociation programing shyt. get you all sleep deprived… etc etc add some drugs (SSRI's). dark, cold room.. Naked.

Loud sounds and disturbing vids.

we've stumbled into someones stash of tools.

90d38e No.505049


Agreed, newfag, and welcome!

571075 No.505051


Why the push for driver less cars?

Control the mobility of the population.

Who is racing to get approvals to manufacture these cars for the general population?

All of them.

Which car companies owe their very existence today to the government for bailing them out?

They didn't start working on driver less cars as a favor to DJT. They've been working on this for years now.

f4dfe3 No.505052


Is the second from the Ukraine?

8e4f3f No.505054

1b0cf9 No.505055


I think the first call is:





X Ray












25ae2a No.505056



this is an attempt to get people to push

fake shit

e407ab No.505057


First you tried to use the bill of rights as a reason that god must exist, now you blame Q for the existence of God. Your logic is ass backwards, and you are just an ass.

93840b No.505058

File: 4614f22884b197a⋯.jpeg (441.9 KB, 748x1292, 11:19, 838ACF1B-E133-4367-9C84-8….jpeg)

File: 8e1d874a7bdd36e⋯.jpeg (162.49 KB, 1096x616, 137:77, EA3B29F8-DD3A-4992-93E8-C….jpeg)

a7ca74 No.505059


Surprised he didn't have records of attending "Assumption University"…

5b70a5 No.505060


The best approach for the Hogg is to shill him and push him further and further left. He's already on the ledge

15f828 No.505061

File: e17343fd0a1ca9f⋯.png (299.9 KB, 460x292, 115:73, grad?.png)


could be hogg? (redondo 2016 grad pics)



1e766d No.505062


Don't know if these are real trigger videos, but heed the warnings on a few of them, before watching.

68f689 No.505063

Tucker going off on Israel

1b0cf9 No.505064


As soon as I saw this, I thought to myself, "Who knows where the bodies are."

42687a No.505065


Just a note:

the street locator map is pointing to a house on 7200 LOXAHATCHEE RD

which I believe is James BAILEY Snead


that address belongs to at least 3 different cities – which seems odd –

I had quite a time getting anything solid on the Snead man.

7c052f No.505066


I thought we decided yesterday that this kid was a MSM planted distraction and not waste our time with him….

c9c594 No.505067

File: 65264a73bceaabc⋯.jpg (13.71 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1487190371375.jpg)

68f689 No.505068

Lions don't care about the opinions of sheep - Scott Israel

f703ee No.505069

Does anyone remem Worldcorpo?

7772c6 No.505070


Could be but who would go through the hassle to create the whole site and what not… Fake news? Really? The fuck is that doing there

2a245d No.505071


It seemed like people were, once again, able to spell it correctly - so I tuned out.

It's that first post though, it stayed with me. Really thought he was saying hello.

37c7c9 No.505072


this looks like a middle school graduation on the high schools football field. maybe they share a field.

5ffcd0 No.505074

To everyone bowing out now this is why we flip out on normies when you get upset over tits or gore. this is not a game. Understand now?

im gonna dl some of these vids now to see what happens. might even go have a fap.

25ae2a No.505075

File: ae09b6069ec7ed0⋯.png (201.6 KB, 391x368, 17:16, ClipboardImage.png)

6fab1b No.505076


Yea right. if they take a pledge to learn how to teach instead of common core indoctrination

37c7c9 No.505077


you know nothing john snow.

watchers on the wall?

winter is coming?

455b97 No.505078


Feb 16 2018 21:35:54

Q !UW.yye1fxo










57b773 No.505079


We found the tool box!!!

cdd01e No.505080


His politics are definitely being drawn out the more anons push him left. I thought I might make him define what is his order of operations, which progressive policy he holds most dear.

25ae2a No.505082

File: c8f16aba9849967⋯.png (202.8 KB, 396x371, 396:371, ClipboardImage.png)

3581ca No.505083


Sauce or fake and gay.

90d38e No.505084


Averted disaster of mass casualties.


d8f36f No.505086


>Still waiting

Still digging, this isn't first priority.

Now, as for your leading question, no that's not what I implied. I'll clarify my question, which in fact is now 2:

1. Is a belief in God a prerequisite for being an American Patriot, or not?

2. Do you defend the 1A rights of atheist Americans, or of any Americans that do not believe as you do, or not?

eeffd2 No.505087


Creepy AF

07aae8 No.505088


>Really thought he was saying hello.

Yes…. "learn their comms"

I've learned them quite well.

Anytime you see 5/10/15 of a VIP with a blue bird it's a good idea to count back and check board for that "voice".

b2cc7c No.505089


Wise Anon

cdd01e No.505090


Wrong. I never attempted to say the Bill of Rights proves that God exists. You can do better than that.

1b0cf9 No.505091


Nah, not seeing any patterns here. But this is sum weirdo shit, to tha max.

a2472a No.505092

Fake and Gay >>505083

25ae2a No.505093


the site is real

the screen shots have been altered


1cd73b No.505094

Nova Corp Blue is doing the vids? How did we come across this?

550078 No.505095


Obviously fake. No way Mika and Joe would give that confession airtime.

1837ce No.505096


Yeah seeing now they used both hyphen and no hyphen…thought I found another Q crumb but closer inspection I say no.

dda069 No.505097


Radiofags –

The digits on some of these video titles look like HF frequencies. What do you think? Especially with the image of a radio transmitter on the 1st page of 13013 Nova Corp Blue.

13013 (kHz?) → just below 40m band

14.9 (MHz?) → above 20m band

18739 (kHz?) →

99.3 (Mhz?) → FM broadcast band

13013 (kHz?)→ again

image of a monster listening to a radio labelled 4054 (kHz?) → above 80m band?

Northwoods Receiver

4900 (kHz?)

13013 again

7334-B59 (7334 kHz?) → above 40m band

Numbers Station Code 67 Echelon Major with picture of a vertical radio transmission tower

Traktoristi Komedia 3828 MHz (explicitly!)


3013c1 No.505098


Holy Ghost!

Second time for that one there.

48e8d5 No.505099

File: b4f9fafa50ab12e⋯.png (8.06 KB, 637x93, 637:93, Screenshot-2018-2-26 Redon….png)

HAH, found the little fucker … graduated 2014 Redondo Union High School as David boldrick

a18513 No.505102


They do not. Calle Mayor is at South High. Colors green and yellow, not red with an R. Redondo a different school district.

caaedf No.505103

Shills not only can't understand memes, they also can't tell the difference between a meme that looks real, and reality.

Maybe this is why they can't meme very well?

42687a No.505104


another article: this is what made me think

"hey– these guys are setting Nikolas up big time"

http:// www.foxnews.


https:// archive.is/PwSCg


The mobile home in Lantana, about 30 miles north of Parkland, where Cruz lived with the friend, drew a police presence late Wednesday, according to WPEC-TV.

Police said Cruz used an AR-15 and had multiple magazines on him during the shooting. Cruz’s attorney, Jim Lewis, told the South Florida Sun Sentinel that the firearm was legally bought and Cruz already owned the gun when he moved in with a friend, a junior at the Parkland high school, three months ago.

“It was his gun,” Lewis told the newspaper. “The family made him keep it in a locked gun cabinet in the house but he had a key.”

Cruz was adopted, along with his younger brother Zachary, by Lynda and Roger Cruz after the couple moved from Long Island, N.Y., to Broward County.

Disturbing photos found on Florida shooting suspect's social media pages.

Video Florida shooting suspect being transferred to county jail

Lynda Cruz died Nov. 1 of pneumonia and Roger had died earlier in Nikolas’ life, according to the Sun Sentinel.

Lewis told the Sun Sentinel that Cruz and his brother were living with a family in Palm Beach County, but Cruz was not happy and asked a friend from the Parkland high school if he could move in.

Lewis said Cruz was allowed to move in after Thanksgiving and was encouraged to take adult education classes. Cruz also got a job at a dollar store.

Cruz was described by former classmates as “weird,” “a little off,” and a “loner.” He had been expelled from the high school for “disciplinary reasons” and was also told he couldn’t bring a backpack on campus. School officials said he had been attending another school in Broward County after his expulsion.

"He started going after one of my friends, threatening her, and I cut him off from there,"

Mutchler said. "I think everyone had in their minds if anybody was going to do it, it was going to be him.”

One student told WJXT-TV that “everyone predicted” the shooting.

“Honestly, a lot of people were saying it was gonna be him,” the unnamed student told the news station. He said kids joked around that the student would be the one to “shoot up the school.”

Cruz, according to Watford, often said "how tired he was of everyone picking on him and

the staff doing nothing about it."

Watford's brother, Giovanni, described Cruz to the news outlet as "a sketchy kid," who was "off" and "super stressed-out all the time and talked about guns a lot and tried to hide his face."

5b70a5 No.505105

Anyone can create a person in Classmates. Don't be stupid.

9a4e17 No.505106


weird watched the first, and another posted or just the start that match Q post, then the Pence one.

Got a strange head ache…

Will not delving into anymore of those.

I'm one of the ones that effects street lights, driving at night randomly street lights go out as i approach, nor rhyme or reason to it…

No idea why.

57b773 No.505107


Code words listed on this vid

HOLY SHIT!!! - you have to look at this link.

Symbolism squared

Aratron bethor phaleg och hagith ophiel phul

The Rituals of Transcendental Magic

http:// www.sacred-texts.com/grim/bcm/bcm08.htm

ac1f44 No.505108

File: 2964acfdccfa7aa⋯.jpg (124.87 KB, 1243x695, 1243:695, circled.JPG)


Air photo almost exactly at midpoint of video clearly has some sort of significance.

723888 No.505109




It's gay fake homo fraud queer forgery, a honey pot methinks anon.

dc2877 No.505110


Stop posting that crap. You can add any name to those things. It doesn't prove shit.

734df8 No.505113

https:// www.trunews.com/listen/stanislav-lunev-through-the-eyes-of-the-enemy

Interview with Lunev on biblical news station

a18513 No.505114


Boldrick? Sorry for being a dumbfag is that mothers name?

502faa No.505116


FedEx founder Fred Smith was/is Marine

8d9a01 No.505117


They way she is leaning away from him speaks volumes.

999741 No.505118


Its a good tactic for redpilling i agree. Its too soon for civil cases though. They are probably forming and letting the sheriff/district hang himself on TV.

dff768 No.505119


Yeah, creepy indeed. Broke it down frame by frame in video editor on my phone, some Inbedded porn, lots of dead people and Russian signs. One says STOP, and I think another one says TURN OFF, but in Russian. It seems all too convenient that these vids on that channel bear Q's activation codes. Something doesn't smell right. I think that 13013 Nova corp blue is a larper, or a school project… Experiment, whatever

b0d638 No.505120


I finally achieved slack. I get paid for nothing.

d486a9 No.505122


The rapper who posted the fake gay Drake screenshot was trying to suck in viewers for his new song dedicated to the Parkland shooting (mind control) victims.

3f8e26 No.505123

File: 138645321951af1⋯.jpg (321.92 KB, 978x1491, 326:497, Screenshot_20180226-185614.jpg)

File: 9581e08d1acd49c⋯.jpg (143.69 KB, 1031x322, 1031:322, Screenshot_20180226-190608.jpg)

File: e7256b718f92d5b⋯.jpg (100.01 KB, 1046x978, 523:489, Screenshot_20180226-190702.jpg)

I don't know if I'm reaching here but snowden's signal app symbol looks pretty close to that YouTube channel symbol.

dc6325 No.505124


Disgrace to dub 4’s

93840b No.505125


Bro let’s try a few other things first before we start calling on the watchtower.

We know .




68f689 No.505126

File: a8b6a563f4bfa0d⋯.jpg (420.81 KB, 1700x2046, 850:1023, 7xygau81lhi01.jpg)

File: 5e67c5bacdf76d4⋯.jpg (35.41 KB, 564x376, 3:2, ajajpRp.jpg)

File: 1eb252ce174c0e9⋯.jpg (58.92 KB, 500x506, 250:253, sfl-south-florida-100-meet….jpg)

File: f195546625f0b6c⋯.jpg (182.31 KB, 801x1224, 89:136, x78o0uf76li01.jpg)

File: c9dd5b337e5595f⋯.jpg (8.72 KB, 231x268, 231:268, xir9xz0ktki01.jpg)

da4d73 No.505127


Isn’t it said that the trait of a psychopath or sociopaths is one who has delusions of grandeur

a7ca74 No.505128

File: 4e63b105055433f⋯.jpg (350.92 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Novacorpblue.jpg)


NovaCorpBlue is fuckin Disney shit?

Why does this kinda not surprise me…

f4dfe3 No.505131


>13013 (kHz?) → just below 40m band

>14.9 (MHz?) → above 20m band

>18739 (kHz?) →

>99.3 (Mhz?) → FM broadcast band

>13013 (kHz?)→ again

>image of a monster listening to a radio labelled 4054 (kHz?) → above 80m band?

>Northwoods Receiver

>4900 (kHz?)

>13013 again

>7334-B59 (7334 kHz?) → above 40m band

>Numbers Station Code 67 Echelon Major with picture of a vertical radio transmission tower

>Traktoristi Komedia 3828 MHz (explicitly!)

If 440 mhz broadcast frequency induces fear, imagine what some of these do!

48e8d5 No.505132

3ffe74 No.505133


I didn't post pics recently BUT in the same video there was a number 16 on blue background that morphed into a 12 at the end.

1a14d8 No.505134

File: 3eeb16b1377f27e⋯.jpg (114.18 KB, 1080x610, 108:61, hoggnorth.jpg)

9a4e17 No.505135


some kind of swimming pool appears to be.

Those Canals around it? Could be Coral Beach Florida area maybe…

2518a1 No.505137

File: a1c379df6aa4afc⋯.png (417.17 KB, 634x553, 634:553, Fed Ex keeps NRA discount.PNG)



A company willing to ignore this juvenile terrorist snot

bb4c45 No.505138


I watched it and still alive :P

But extremely weird and bizar.

15f828 No.505142

File: 32c847f45a7aa0e⋯.png (147.67 KB, 672x874, 336:437, class.list.2015.png)


2015 redondo class list




93840b No.505143


But if we need they are their.

68f689 No.505145

File: 78101dfd69f9c5e⋯.jpg (332.69 KB, 1000x350, 20:7, february-26-1993-world-tra….jpg)

e407ab No.505147


For the zillionth time. Q wrote:



Not days OF darkness

a7ca74 No.505148


Dont over look the star!

a235b9 No.505150

re nova corp blue

there was a russian company at nova corp but all references i could were deleted or google won't translate the pages

dc3553 No.505151

File: e8ee31a1b1eb5a1⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1280x850, 128:85, Screenshot-2018-2-27 Japan….png)

caaedf No.505152

File: 48dd5db2c94125c⋯.jpg (4.91 KB, 224x225, 224:225, download.jpg)

Found that fucker David Hogg.

Graduated in 1929.

Sliding motherfuckers. BO/BV you should ban the lot of them for shitting on the bread.

68f689 No.505155

dana loesch on tucker now

7c052f No.505156

cdd01e No.505157

File: 1fb4a0380a6175f⋯.jpeg (104.17 KB, 1141x500, 1141:500, image.jpeg)

d8f36f No.505158



>Are all of the anons safe?



>Target subjects are pre disposable to certain mental illnesses.

Also: >>139507

>The light will reveal those on the team and those pretending to be.

If anons were activated by these, then they are pre-disposable (predisposed?) to activation, then unfortunately they would not be on the team.

f61c53 No.505159


I broke down and watched…I feel like someone somewhere was trapped watching these. Like tied to a chair or some shit

2a245d No.505160

File: 91b40ef2fe003f0⋯.jpeg (78.18 KB, 339x575, 339:575, image.jpeg)


Someone posted this pic implying he was in class of 2015.

5043ce No.505161

File: bf91665a65badcb⋯.png (280.89 KB, 445x451, 445:451, screenshot_17.png)

Did someone give him Soros eyes yet? he's the next to fall I'm sure….

5cdd1e No.505163


This one even includes the wording 'activation trigger' in the title…. Can't stress enough how careful folks need to be loading these pages, don't want to activate yourself. who knows how much programming we get from every day inputs….

https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=ZRbgQuEUwB4

Note that this author has a ton of creepy videos with titles including monarch, mk ultra, etc…..:

https:// hooktube.com/channel/UC6OUS6lhiDaDrL9qINsjZAg

9cc7a2 No.505164

File: be50e5b82fbd7fc⋯.jpg (299.06 KB, 1160x601, 1160:601, bloody_wonderland.jpg)

90d38e No.505166


Probability high that’s true.

a6bd12 No.505167

File: b2cb24fdf11729a⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1439x1564, 1439:1564, 20180226_200606.png)

File: 427a53dbc182612⋯.png (2.3 MB, 1439x1891, 1439:1891, 20180226_200643.png)

File: d3e49a7cbc675a4⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1439x1577, 1439:1577, 20180226_200710.png)

File: a91079ccf01a5f6⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1439x1941, 1439:1941, 20180226_200759.png)

File: c80b32044a5ff6b⋯.png (123.71 KB, 1439x661, 1439:661, 20180226_200821.png)


I think I'm going to give up on this lead but wanted to share a few more things I found.


noun · archaic

a person who prepared and sold medicines and drugs.

Camp with 3.7m budget?

Alice in Wonderland?


Drug store?

Infant death day?

d08721 No.505170


That's because the ATF has an office in Memphis.

Don't kid yourselves.

1cd73b No.505171

>>505158 That anon is probabaly the best answer I’ve heard. Thank You

863a4a No.505172


I wish people who try to write would take the time to learn how to spell.

6bc3ab No.505173

This kid Cruz was very suggestible. All around him at the school the kids were talking, before the incident, about how he would be the school shooter.

That is suggestion. That is gaslighting.

They started a whisper campaign and he internalized it.

b834c7 No.505174



I forgot to put the link to the photos, they're from the photographer's website.

http:// www.wonderland-photography. com/blog/2011/07/01/kyle-%E2%80%A2-class-of-2011-%E2%80%A2-calle-mayor-middle-school-promotion/

5ffcd0 No.505176

File: 84c023b4448f151⋯.jpg (110.32 KB, 1109x883, 1109:883, friendly.jpg)

these guys look friendly

5e3dea No.505177

File: 09523b40c017d7e⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 17D7FC60-030A-42B0-91D6-46….png)

Archive everything offline.. came across one of those videos on yucktub channel that comes with this message:

306720 No.505178

File: 81fed8793da4829⋯.png (94.96 KB, 796x484, 199:121, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d2ef517fbac6207⋯.png (100.69 KB, 778x477, 778:477, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9e30d37b9100f7f⋯.png (140.51 KB, 811x545, 811:545, ClipboardImage.png)



predition post >>364690

Liddle SRI paranormal research

Hil lary Garage in Palo Alto

Rocket Man Jack Parsons

15f828 No.505179


i believe that pic has been debunked

90d38e No.505180

586234 No.505182


Parent of aspie 14 year old here.

No drivers license for special needs Kid not strange.

There is no way my kid will be ready for a drivers license by the time he graduates high school.

None of his social retard friends (and I mean that nicely, at least he has some) have cars, including a couple who already graduated.

Cruz kid’s psych profile indicates he won’t be able to keep his shit together even to pass test.

I’ll just be glad when my kid stops beating up his keyboard.

Forget giving him a 2 ton weapon to drive…

15288a No.505183


caaedf No.505184

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Stop fucking sliding hoggshit. Here is that goddamn video again. Don't bother deleting it shills, we've all got it burned and will just keep reposting it.

306720 No.505186


suggestibility is key factor in hypnosis ability

f5685a No.505188

File: 67965481e7d2ceb⋯.jpg (13.13 KB, 255x191, 255:191, Adert1b.jpg)


Here's a pic of him wearing Redondo High School's colors. I'm calling it…Checked!

c5c112 No.505189


Well WHO doesn't want to send their kid here? Nothing says fun and safe like Camp Rothschild.

8c9fa2 No.505191


That's not a proper way to think about it.

These are just normal HF frequencies (most of them) that carry shortwave broadcasts, outside of the U.S. ham bands. Just like an AM station only a different frequency requiring a shortwave receiver tuned to that frequency.

You need to think clearly, anon, and not make stuff up that you don't know.

I think the anon's suggestion is that maybe spies or MK-ULTRA'd persons are being told what frequencies to listen on for coded transmissions. Like the old numbers stations.

Do you remember in spy novels that an undercover spy would sometimes publish a personal ad in the newspaper, as a way of communicating with his handlers, or vice versa? To everybody else it just looks like a personal ad. To the person who knows the code, it conveys secret information.

6bc3ab No.505192


Those girls are absolutely not eighth graders. Those are definitely not thirteen year olds.

455b97 No.505194


And also a Torrent File..

68f689 No.505195

File: 02648c939fbf38b⋯.jpg (104.05 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 25cy2t.jpg)

306720 No.505197


this is correct.

not all can be programmed

2518a1 No.505198

File: 5182cdc1ac6116a⋯.png (50.6 KB, 645x446, 645:446, Suggested Hogg Interview Q….PNG)

f5685a No.505203

File: 67965481e7d2ceb⋯.jpg (13.13 KB, 255x191, 255:191, Adert1b.jpg)


Here he is wearing Redondo High School's colors. With his mom.

07aae8 No.505204


"your country"

code for "use a vpn"

I've done that before. Fuckers.

I like setup on desktop firefox but please do NOT fuck it up for the rest of us on this board. I've already had to quit using a couple because of some jolly roger.

d8f36f No.505205


why don't you dig something of worth anon, and take up all the space you want with it. This is a worthy find, like it or not


GREAT dig anon, keep it up!

a18513 No.505207


And no way that liddle pip squeak taller than mom in 8th grade. He was probably barely 5 feet tall,

cdd01e No.505208


If he had the graduation cap on this might be true. The only argument that might be made with this photo is that he went to a graduation and had a picture taken with his Mom.

15f828 No.505209


so he's in the '17 yearbook as a junior – so what? does that mean he didn't graduate from Redondo in 2015 or 2016?

4da9b1 No.505210

File: c03bff8f3567e88⋯.png (2.22 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=vo4ZkdTylWw

13-551423 NOVA CORP 180A

google maps, where?

306720 No.505211


your prayers alter reality.

you all have the power to alter reality.

thoughts are energy.


c7f81a No.505212

Show my the string of text you guys are finding from Blue-Corps in Q's stringers. in the VIDEO. Fuck the title. Any idiot can rename their creepy pasta channel to meme us. Is there any fucking way to see when the title was edited? (IF it was)

8e4f3f No.505213

Anyone tried running Q stringers on darkweb/TOR sites? I don't fuq with the darkweb, but maybe it brings up something tasty?

90d38e No.505214





5814ca No.505215


Bottom right video on fourth pic called 'A Love Story' has a date of 07/04/2019.


That's next year April or July.

1a14d8 No.505217

File: 5e72ee0433e1877⋯.jpg (124.42 KB, 707x540, 707:540, yellowbellysheriff.jpg)

6bc3ab No.505218


And it is made much easier if he is on psych drugs.

68f689 No.505219

File: 7b21e30bf5ff81f⋯.jpg (109.95 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 25cy9q.jpg)

b2cc7c No.505220


It's just a normal picture, they added dots in the eyes… .opposite of what they should be… makes it ultra creepy

510014 No.505221


Jeeeeeez, that has been debunked. The snot nose Hogg was a student at MARJORIE STONEMAN high school. DAMN.

fea9a2 No.505222


You probably meant to say 440 hertz (440 cycles per second) not 440 MHz (million cycles per second). Big huge difference, Anon.

These radio frequencies are all around us all the time. Anybody with a shortwave radio can tune across the bands and hear foreign stations etc.

These frequencies are not "inducing" anything except transmitting information, the same way your AM or FM radio or XM satellite radio is receiving information that is continually present in the environment. You don't know the radio waves are around you until you tune a receiver to the frequency and demodulate the signal into something audible.

6bc3ab No.505223


Fourth of July, Independence Day.

a7ca74 No.505224

File: f6dea654958202e⋯.jpg (332.71 KB, 925x574, 925:574, channel.jpg)


Look at other videos of this channel.

Hillary and Obama!

(I cant actually stream on this system)

Of course anons are going to notice the "with all due respect" thumbnail. (I did)

15f828 No.505225

File: 72db2ccd4112517⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1132x715, 1132:715, hogg.grad.png)


nope. he was graduating

5043ce No.505226


You throw your hat in the air at the end of the ceremony usually not worn again….

901a79 No.505227

Hey porno guy, go to hell.

9f6ca0 No.505228



1a0a82 No.505229


Anons, don't watch this stuff with sound and video. Do one or the other and then stop and go at first. This looks like bad stuff unless someone is trying to be trippy and it's innocent. Still wouldn't take a chance. Just the few looks I gave it I have a light headache now.

25ae2a No.505230


calle mayor and redondo have the same colors dipshit

that is an eighth grade photo

wake up and fucking do some digging

go look up calle mayor middle school torrance california

then fucking kill yourself

d8f36f No.505231



It's all in the crumbs, we only need to do the digging to prove

>You have more than you know.

caaedf No.505232


If it isn't obvious by now, its a shill.

a235b9 No.505233

nova-corp.ru - engineering firm for cctv and access systems, seemed to have a partner program with dahua tehcnology usa

Here's the translate text i could find for the site







+7 (495) 928-46-26

Nova Engineering | Engineering

professionalism, responsibility, result

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About us

Nova Engineering was founded in 2014. Despite the small age of the company, our specialists have been successfully and successfully engaged in the implementation of complex engineering projects for 8 years already. Among our Customers are such well-known companies as VFS Global, CRI Designing residential and industrial buildings, Russian Railways, etc. All major projects require the Contractor to be highly professional and prompt to solve complex issues during the installation of engineering systems and we try to meet these qualities. With all successfully implemented projects, we are proud and always ready to offer our Customers the latest hardware and software solutions in the field of security and automation systems. At present, the main priority areas for us are:

Integrated security systems covering such activities as: video surveillance, access control system (ACS), security and fire alarms.

Information technology (IT), which are basic in building any network infrastructure. This is a structured cabling system (SCS), a local area network (LAN), the supply and configuration of network equipment.

Automation of business processes. Such as: electronic queue, equipment for hotels, parking systems.

Electrical installation work and installation of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) in the office or at the enterprise.

For consultation and ordering of services - please call: +7 (495) 928-46-26 or through the feedback form.

Sincerely, Nova Engineering team.

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CCTV systems

CCTV systems

A modern complex of engineering and technical security equipment is difficult to imagine without a video surveillance system. Along with other monitoring and protection systems of the facility, it is an integral part of the construction of any complex security system.

Access control systems (ACS)

Access control systems (ACS)

An indispensable integral link in the construction of a security system is the access control system (ACS). Effective business conduct implies a clear implementation of the tasks assigned to employees. For the latter task, the access control system is supplemented

Security and fire alarm (OPS)

Security and fire alarm (OPS)

One of the most effective methods of protecting the premises of an enterprise from fire is an effective security and fire alarm system. Adjustment of this equipment must be carried out by a certified company authorized to perform these works. During …

Network infrastructure

Network infrastructure

The work of each company requires the high-quality functioning of the information infrastructure. Computer networks, dedicated and general lines of communication, as well as other systems operate on the basis of SCS - a structured cabling system. Creating such a network is not …

Automation and control systems

Automation and control systems

Automation and control systems are entering more and more in different spheres of business. The uninterrupted development of any enterprise leads to the fact that the amount of information and the laboriousness of the processing process are increasing, that …

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The new comprehensive partner program Dahua Technology USA provides partner-dealers with more opportunities, support and resources to increase their success. The advantages of the partner program All-Star are designed to help the business of partners to develop successfully. Partners on …


New Smartec STC-HDT3919 high-speed dome camera, working in HD-TVI, AHD and 960H formats

Smartec rotary dome camera STC-HDT3919 was presented by the company Smarttech Security. The novelty works in formats HD-TVI, AHD and 960H and is intended for the street. The new camera is built on a 2-megapixel CMOS sensor matrix SONY with high

6f5e20 No.505235

File: 85b4e1c9a96fe11⋯.jpg (14.69 KB, 255x225, 17:15, 0cd294bb1f9a30402cb812d0a4….jpg)

dff768 No.505236


There was also a date,, Feb something 1918. Lots of ww1 pics in that film

cdd01e No.505237



48e8d5 No.505238

File: cf7a4da36c470f3⋯.png (696.83 KB, 490x604, 245:302, Screenshot-2018-2-26 Meme ….png)

4aee38 No.505239


I think what he means is TRUMP does not care about what he thinks.

Nobody who plays the game gets a free pass


f61c53 No.505240


Ive done a ton of research on Parsons….hes a very overlooked, but integral part of history.

And a distant relative….

25ae2a No.505241


yes he was graduating you are correct


648cc1 No.505242

File: 99a3152d31c56af⋯.png (129.74 KB, 798x427, 114:61, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

25e9b0 No.505243


Listen to Wise Anon… be careful with that stuff..

5043ce No.505244

File: 40349e86b7d760d⋯.png (680.26 KB, 761x457, 761:457, screenshot_18.png)


This liddle kid must be wearing his cap LOL

39660c No.505245


Never let a crisis go to waste. I think he's giving a little when it looks best coming into the midterms. It's the psychological part I'm worried about. What's to stop some future admin from saying conservatism is a mental condition?

93840b No.505246

File: 43c1ca4eaf031a5⋯.jpeg (258.7 KB, 1242x1688, 621:844, B52822C2-D86D-437B-B7B7-D….jpeg)

571075 No.505247

File: 45bfdbe400d7dd2⋯.png (225.94 KB, 1105x807, 1105:807, a.png)

File: e05a37fba0ab34e⋯.png (179 KB, 797x827, 797:827, b.png)

File: df49d0ad811cd4c⋯.png (108.8 KB, 841x767, 841:767, c.png)


If you look at the N0Va channel on u tube this channel is the only one listed (pic related).

He's got a bunch of weird radiofag stuff posted but it doesn't mean anything to me.

4aba0f No.505248

File: 859d59281cfe286⋯.jpg (132.24 KB, 800x420, 40:21, MSNBC pointers.jpg)

a7ca74 No.505249


Anyone know the color of parkland's cap/gown?

c9ce40 No.505250

Top Palm Beach County prosecutor demoted after harassment complaints


Accusations that one of Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg’s chief assistants managed the office “by fear and intimidation” has led to a shakeup at the local prosecutors’ office and is now the center of an investigation.

State Attorney Office officials confirmed Monday that Chief Assistant State Attorney Brian Fernandes, the prosecutor who essentially ran the office’s day-to-day operations, has been stripped of his duties as manager of the felony trial division, homicide unit, special victims unit and others. This after at least one supervisor in the office said in an email that Fernandes’ management style forced at least one veteran prosecutor to leave the office and literally made another sick.

Chief Assistant State Attorney Adrienne Ellis, another one of Aronberg’s three top assistants, is now in charge of an investigation into what sources at the office say is nearly two dozen complaints in total against Fernandes.

The only document Aronberg’s office has released so far concerning the controversy is an email from veteran Assistant State Attorney Greg Kridos, who referenced the investigation in a Feb. 20 email explaining how he believed Fernandes’ management style “detrimentally affected” several attorneys he supervised.

p almbeachpost.com/news/top-palm-beach-county-prosecutor-demoted-after-harassment-complaints/JXEkVE1A5SWaiGpiyNemYP/

b834c7 No.505252


The two pictures are from two different years and places, too.

90d38e No.505253

“Wait for it…”


>What's to stop some future admin from saying conservatism is a mental condition?

25ae2a No.505254


fucking pitiful

the cabal is attacking our planet

and you guys are worried about some pimple face fucking jackoff and where he went to school

9a4e17 No.505255


glad not alone took 4 advil after a couple of them.. wierd stuff.

fda3db No.505257


Haha nice! I think we should start using the word FAKE more with this kid! Actually we should use it everywhere on every issue the left pushes! FAKE narrative, FAKE protestors, FAKE Kids, FAKE news, FAKE leftist agenda, we should push how FAKE these people are!

455b97 No.505258


Are you Gay?

a90204 No.505259


That looks tasty!!!

57b773 No.505260


No more for me… disturbing.

eeab4b No.505262


I did a little research on this a couple of days ago. The TL;DR is that the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is going on (likely target) and the area where the crisis actors are meeting is only two stops away from the venue on the light rail line.

48e8d5 No.505263


at least we're doing something besides bitching about hat other people are doing.

deac83 No.505264


Hague prot prol

f5685a No.505265


Graduation caps are customarily tossed into the air. Why would a teenager go to a Graduation ceremony with his Mom? Siblings are a possibility. Where are they?

cdd01e No.