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File: 1632d3bc2bb56a9⋯.png (6.66 MB, 5760x3240, 16:9, 1632d3bc2bb56a95642f177f49….png)

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Q's Current Tripcode: !UW.yye1fxo

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Thursday, 2.22.18

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Wednesday, 2.21.18

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Sunday, 2.18.18

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MONDAY 2018.26.02

We have more than we know. We are missing connections. We must build the map. We must leave no stone unturned. We must dig until we exhaust every possibility. We must focus. When light is focused, it can burn through anything. We are here to RESEARCH not to shitpost, when the Great Awakening happens, we must already have an encyclopedia of knowledge ready to redpill. The masses won't believe it unless we have massive evidence. That is why Q chose us, let's be the autists he knows we are.

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MONDAY 2018.26.02

>>GETTING ORGANIZED TO BUILD THE MAP. See the new section above. Let's create threads and discuss further.

>>502806 Imperator_Rex etc: Could it be that we are all on the same team?

>>502745 $1 million pizza party thrown for Hussein compliments of Denise Ilitch

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https:// pastebin.com/qfCMBfRs

2ef0f2 No.505141

File: f779d5ee3b9a548⋯.jpg (108.14 KB, 780x1024, 195:256, IMG_0765.JPG)

Not bout drake

e79950 No.505206

Sorry for the early bake. Wanted to make sure a bread was made incase Q dropped into the end of the last one.

767fb1 No.505234


Thank you Baker!

8e5b67 No.505261

>>505206 thanx its kewl we are waiting drop

e79950 No.505274


My spidey senses were going off.

87cfef No.505278

File: 39ef1794ba514c6⋯.png (404.19 KB, 490x438, 245:219, Screenshot-2018-2-26 Meme ….png)

8e5b67 No.505280

8e5b67 No.505281

>>505278 yeah this POS needs to be shown the road

a5acdf No.505282

File: 40349e86b7d760d⋯.png (680.26 KB, 761x457, 761:457, screenshot_18.png)


And proof that not all people wear their caps after the ceremony :)

470403 No.505283

Thank you baker 👨‍🍳 👩‍🍳

631153 No.505284


Now it's down to 2014? The date sure keeps changing. I really am getting sick see this guy.

82919b No.505285


the satellites are what you need to fear.

not nukes.


spacex is launching new ones for...hopefully good, hopefully to secure the comms.

sci fi? no its real. they can smell you, hear you, taste you, feel you, from space.....

remote neural monitoring


7c7800 No.505286

Stan' s Great Escape (one of Nova Blue's video titles)


Sorry, I cant watch these videos.

34314e No.505287


The middle school graduation checked out. disinfo

8e5b67 No.505288

>>505282 Kid is a fame fag

87cfef No.505289


keep bitching … i'll start up on billy grahm too.

f9f950 No.505290


"Sorry i'm getting a lot of notifications right now"

Stop asking it's nothing

fe1266 No.505291

>>504437 (last bread)

what I noticed from the video:

16 turning to 12, then at the end remaining 16. Don't know significance.

Signs in the photos from from Russia or Soviet Union say "exit into city" "stop"

23/02/1918: First victory of Red Army over the Kaiser’s German troops near Narva and Pskov. In honor of this victory, the date is celebrated from 1923 onward as “Red Army Day”; it is renamed Defender of the Fatherland Day after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, and is colloquially known as “Men’s Day”. www. dayinhistory.net/?m=February&d=23&y=1918&go=Go

4961ae No.505292

File: 34bcde7686609e3⋯.png (518.07 KB, 394x775, 394:775, ClipboardImage.png)

Tasty bread, Baker.

8e5b67 No.505293

>>505289 And i care because of why again

b35908 No.505294

File: c98b0a0f829bf12⋯.jpg (164.28 KB, 768x842, 384:421, 3UtaYRp.jpg)

e79950 No.505295

File: 23222e02dd32b6a⋯.png (776.58 KB, 1080x1440, 3:4, Screenshot_20180226-192532….png)


Now I'm disturbed!

91f27a No.505296

File: 4e7baae2678f5b1⋯.jpg (101.2 KB, 696x546, 116:91, Timemachine1.jpg)

Where did it all start?

Back in 1962, a German national working with the American Air force found a way to move objects using opposing magnetic charges, his air crafts were a V shape in design with the two ends of the V shape having opposing electron magnetic pulses, these literally pushed the air ships forward or back or side to side at an amazing rate of speed, controlled by differing the magnetic pulses emitted.

Using this technology, Bulldada labs and its branch division located in South East Asia named Bulldada time Control systems (B.T.C.S.), went to work to try and use this method to disrupt, stop and eventually control the very momentum of time itself.

A big job and one that has lasted for many years, claimed many lives and caused a great many "natural' disasters.

Such as the Tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands across the western Southern Asian country's.

How ever even with the many set backs, explosions and horrific events, Bulldada is as committed as ever to finally use radioactive magnetic effervescent technology to control time. We just wont give up…

Currently on staff we have some of the best scientific minds in the world, names like Dr. Sid Gone, Dr. Phil Shanky, Dr.Jenny Pelti, Dr. Adam Ireland and many others.

We are now located outside Phnom Penh Cambodia, having moved our facility here recently after the facility in Thailand imploded leaving nothing but a smudge where once 17 doctors and 147 support staff, 29 test animals and a 4 million dollar series of labs once stood.

they will be missed…

But Bulldada will continue on!

Our facility has passed its yearly inspection by the CEOs (dr. Philo Drummand and Dr. Hal Robbins) and we look as if we are poised on the edge of actually making this idea work this time.

We are a time travel company you can count on!

http: //btcs13.webs.com/aboutus.htm

a4f1a0 No.505297

File: a11ea7d946a745b⋯.png (909.25 KB, 1608x976, 201:122, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

File: 5f0e42416350f37⋯.png (796.29 KB, 1586x1252, 793:626, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

File: d4a1f1a77da3b29⋯.png (465.12 KB, 1524x1398, 254:233, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

File: cdc6b8c7eff46c8⋯.png (229.96 KB, 1616x890, 808:445, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

File: 1d013bbc347fb24⋯.png (982.6 KB, 1656x1404, 46:39, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)


c6b582 No.505298


You do realize this does not prove anything except that you are chasing the wrong trail.

89f6aa No.505299

Any anon in contact with Rising_Serpent, or does he read here?

a4f1a0 No.505300


https:// old-friends.co/school.php?s=16322#2013

https:// old-friends.co/school.php?s=16322#2013

https:// old-friends.co/school.php?s=16322#2013

https:// old-friends.co/school.php?s=16322#2013

4961ae No.505301


Why would anything from Newsweak disturb you?

STOP READING the propaganda!

82919b No.505302


alt right is trash

liberals are trash

i have no problem with taking out hate spewing retarded trash. sorry not sorry,

591408 No.505303

File: d99ea740992046b⋯.jpg (11.74 KB, 300x168, 25:14, dds.jpg)

Is David Hogg pulling a 21 jump street and posing as a student to play his part when the time came for the operation his dad was sent to Florida for?

6472b0 No.505304


That would be odd as they are different school districts. The odds of a graduation taking place in another district? Torrance Unified is where Calle Mayor is and it is right next to South High. Same property opened same year, I am not saying Im right you are wrong but something is off. And the kids being taller than parents in 8th not super common. Not trying to slide.

9fcca4 No.505305

checked out where? Sauce? >>505287

a5acdf No.505306


It proves your a fluoridated shill

6d98bd No.505307

File: a66825b2dd1b45c⋯.png (376.82 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Dick_Dabney_Schmitt.png)

File: a209093f8fd17cb⋯.png (325.27 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Kloman_Amelia_Kidd.png)

File: 3ee7773374a7842⋯.png (348.5 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Kloman_Andrew_Hinton.png)

File: 55d59809522c260⋯.png (331.86 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Kloman_Andrew_Love.png)

File: 51aa548ee04bece⋯.png (324.18 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Kloman_Charlie_Gibson.png)


He took the time to chat, Ken Starr’s plea for a child molester

http:// gawker.com/he-took-the-time-to-chat-ken-starr-s-plea-for-a-chil-1464516616

Letters of support for Chris Kloman

https:// www.documentcloud.org/documents/835134-kloman-letters.html

John Podesta, a seasoned hand (at slaughtering pigs at the Claude Moore Colonial Farm)

https:// www.politico.com/story/2009/07/john-podesta-a-seasoned-hand-024575?o=2

Langley / McLean, Virginia

Claude Moore Colonial farm - just 3 minutes away from CIA / George Bush Center for Intelligence Headquarters

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Langley,_Virginia

Linda L. Burke, teacher, Potomac High School suicide

Burke, 40, had been under investigation by state police for alleged misconduct with a minor.

http:// www.insidenova.com/headlines/potomac-high-school-teacher-under-investigation-found-dead/article_5b260de6-faff-11e3-86f3-0019bb2963f4.html

The Millennium Report claims Susan Alefantis - who has a business in McLean VA (sister of James Alefantis) wrote a letter supporting Kloman

http:// themillenniumreport.com/2016/11/james-achilles-alefantis-and-his-comet-ping-pong-network/

List of supporters with Susan Alefantis on the list

https:// s3.amazonaws.com/s3.documentcloud.org/documents/835178/kloman-letter-writers.pdf

2f6e27 No.505308

Another witness saw Cruz on other side of school from shooting


8e5b67 No.505309

>>505302 thanx antifa fag

982a1a No.505312


They won't listen…been at it all farking day. One burnt loaf after another

eee9d1 No.505313



b0f320 No.505314


HAHAHA, 21 Gun Grab starring David Hogg!

f9f950 No.505315


Glad to see fake news graduated

6d98bd No.505316

File: c363683264aedf7⋯.png (328.09 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Kloman_Claude_Moore_CIA_Gr….png)

File: 30ce74e65fdb793⋯.png (336.95 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Kloman_Gary_C_Olson.png)

File: 10b8e48054d3f63⋯.png (342.11 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Kloman_William_D_Hagar.png)


He took the time to chat, Ken Starr’s plea for a child molester

http:// gawker.com/he-took-the-time-to-chat-ken-starr-s-plea-for-a-chil-1464516616

Letters of support for Chris Kloman

https:// www.documentcloud.org/documents/835134-kloman-letters.html

John Podesta, a seasoned hand (at slaughtering pigs at the Claude Moore Colonial Farm)

https:// www.politico.com/story/2009/07/john-podesta-a-seasoned-hand-024575?o=2

Langley / McLean, Virginia

Claude Moore Colonial farm - just 3 minutes away from CIA / George Bush Center for Intelligence Headquarters

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Langley,_Virginia

Linda L. Burke, teacher, Potomac High School suicide

Burke, 40, had been under investigation by state police for alleged misconduct with a minor.

http:// www.insidenova.com/headlines/potomac-high-school-teacher-under-investigation-found-dead/article_5b260de6-faff-11e3-86f3-0019bb2963f4.html

The Millennium Report claims Susan Alefantis - who has a business in McLean VA (sister of James Alefantis) wrote a letter supporting Kloman

http:// themillenniumreport.com/2016/11/james-achilles-alefantis-and-his-comet-ping-pong-network/

List of supporters with Susan Alefantis on the list

https:// s3.amazonaws.com/s3.documentcloud.org/documents/835178/kloman-letter-writers.pdf

591408 No.505318


he's already an FBI agent… this must be his first job and doing it with dad as mentor and guide

a4f1a0 No.505319



wait what? im confused

is the david hogg shit CLOWN or ANON??????

03eb50 No.505320

On Liddle Hogg:

How about memeing his photo with:

How long before his "friends" shoot him

And blame the NRA?


82d0d6 No.505321


Burnt Toast. Loaves.

All Day!

0d5d26 No.505323


c'est fini exp. it is over, it is finished

5fe48d No.505324


look up coral castles in florida.

im happy you all are learning.

also disturbed at the implications.

yes this is all a simulation.

your prayers and thoughts matter tho.

renounce satan at once.

c41807 No.505325

File: 859d59281cfe286⋯.jpg (132.24 KB, 800x420, 40:21, MSNBC pointers.jpg)

8af2f1 No.505327

File: 518d02423ab4290⋯.png (596.51 KB, 1141x376, 1141:376, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fa4bac38fc49d58⋯.png (215.1 KB, 663x329, 663:329, ClipboardImage.png)

>>505276 eight graders do where cap and gowns the pictures are everywhere





notice the school colors on the calle mayor middle school website

notice the gowns in the calle mayor graduation photos easily found on jewgle


457cba No.505328

>>505236 <<previous bread, nk videos weird....

not WWI but the Bolshovik revolution revolution in Russia thus the pictures of the people hung...

fe1266 No.505329


Does Russia now call itself "fatherland"? During Soviet days, it was "motherland". Did it have a gender change?

ea7678 No.505330


I believe she said "stop spaming you retard"

6d98bd No.505331


The death of Dabney and Dick Schmitt's son (a 1999 graduate of the Potomac School) and friend of Chris Kloman's son was unusual - as is his hand "M" hand gesture in the photo

9fcca4 No.505332

File: 9e397f6b4593f82⋯.jpg (150.18 KB, 651x627, 217:209, clinton high 2012.jpg)

21b677 No.505333


No when he says sell the stock. Well the FBI hired a bunch or had something going on withFEDX

e79950 No.505334



They call us alt right. That's why.

82d0d6 No.505335


Compromised ex f b i uses son to exonerate?

8670ce No.505336

Just follow him…he will usually respond to you tho


21b677 No.505337


Looking for it now

0a58a2 No.505338


This girl is an idiot. This whole thing is getting a bit too much digging. She said she didn't even see anything. GO BACK TO REDDIT.

5fe48d No.505341

File: 596ccdf673c666c⋯.png (94.23 KB, 466x301, 466:301, ClipboardImage.png)

09cf53 No.505342

http:// www.myredondo.com/class-2014-graduates-redondo-union-high-school/

Over half of the photos in this album are now missing. Did they show Hogg or other persons involved in this circus?

46e938 No.505343




Here's your sauce.

Sorry, but they are 8th graders. Girls mature earlier than guys do.

Mom says Calle Mayor at South Torrance. Check out all the pictures on the link listed in 505174 which are from 2011 same place. No way the guys are 17 or 18.

7a1e96 No.505344

File: 2735ddfbd7c1d96⋯.png (130.55 KB, 616x170, 308:85, ClipboardImage.png)

>>504940 (last bread)

>Светлана Боэрзa

= Svetlana Boyers

1bf3ab No.505345

File: c58874b7ec1a233⋯.jpg (471.24 KB, 2399x1386, 2399:1386, bulldada.jpg)


anons, i think i've stumbled onto something here. possible child trafficking and/or child harvesting

>Bulldada Time Control Systems

>pic related

29ae3e No.505346

File: 349bbc577cb1201⋯.jpg (313.39 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, nova2.jpg)

File: 8598bae34a43c89⋯.jpg (367.3 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, nova1.jpg)


these images flash SUPER fast in that video.

can anyone make out who is in the photo.

982a1a No.505347


He's a fu*ing distraction to every anon here. It was decided yesterday to drop it already. the MSM WANTS you on him. Geez wake up people

868505 No.505349


that explains all the strange friend request on my personal facebook :) some created 19 mins before adding me! weird

c6b582 No.505350


Personally I use fluoride free toothpaste and I don't drink tap water. But I think this guy is bait in the wrong direction. Go ahead and spin your wheels if you must.

34314e No.505351


The Hogg shit is a mixture. Tons of it has been wrong. the 9:32 AM interview. You can't debunk the kid doing a gun control interview and time stamping it himself. It was their huge fuck up. He made it in the morning during the fire drill. he was confused. We've been fed an ENORMOUS amount of disinfo to make it all look like krank shit to hide the one smoking gun.

c0f187 No.505352


Ignore the Hogg slide, just a bunch of shit bags that need to fuck off back to half or reddit

82d0d6 No.505354


Someone needs nap. 24 hours minimum. Caplock Captain. Red Text Thug.

21b677 No.505355

Here it is fed. FBI

https:// about.van.fedex.


5fe48d No.505356

Remote viewing - leslie winer - &c. full album mp3 320


SRI International (SRI) American edgescience issue 30. they coined term viewing by kean, erlendur haraldsson, shannon taggart, paul leblond, alexander. Vern Clark, Robert L … Kenne, Henry Kressel, David Liddle Tag translation: LibraryThing members can translate tags into languages all sites richard contr


Remote Viewing



a4f1a0 No.505357


!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anon WTF did you just find?

8fa1d6 No.505359


Doesn't this shit have its own thread by now?

fa5804 No.505360



Sauce or neck yourself faggot.

470403 No.505361

2 Friends of Nikolas Cruz seen him on the 'other side' of shooting.

(One outside during "Drill" at 3:20)

2 People seen a Shooter in Tactical/SWAT like gear.

Maybe the Actors in the Media will have to report this if enough people investigate it.


4e1fad No.505362

File: 09eda4d855ee257⋯.png (365.8 KB, 968x635, 968:635, RUHS.png)

Could this be our new CNN poster boy?

https:// www.hightideonline.org/print-archives/2014-2015/

2716aa No.505363


over the weekend, I proposed, these kids were being diddled, Old school term for, molested.


78a946 No.505364


>are what you need to fear

lost me here^ with the word fear

a6cf3f No.505365

The confusion occurred because the response >>505097

was in reply to a MK Ultra post(vid's programing activate discussions if not I may have lost my spot somewhere along the line and jumped in at the wrong place?)

here >>504865 which still makes these posts




6472b0 No.505366



Exactly. Checked jack shit. Maybe we are barking up wrong alley but this stinks. Calle Mayor would hold at South. Not outside the district at Redondo Union. Unless someone can show different its bull.

2077e6 No.505367

Baker, suggest adding dedicated boards for the following topics so that they can be consolidated. There are 2 or more boards currently in the catalogue dedicated to the same or similar topics:


suspicious deaths/missing persons




maps, graphics, and other resources

Thank you!

c6b582 No.505368


You got it. Designed to throw us off.

591408 No.505369


he was talking on reddit about how his family was going to move back to LA… so, they were only in FL temporarily

e3a3b9 No.505370

File: b21ec3d791b1fc9⋯.gif (1.75 MB, 480x254, 240:127, tumblr_inline_nxrkjjobTS1t….gif)

I can just hear them now

"How could you let us down?"

But they don't know what I found

Or see it from this way around

Feeling it overtake

All that I used to hate

Wonder what if we trade

I tried but it's way too late

All the signs I don't read

Two sides of me can't agree

When I breathe in too deep

Going with what I always longed for

Feel like a brand new person

(But you make the same old mistakes)

I don’t care I’m in love

(Stop before it’s too late)

Feel like a brand new person

(But you make the same old mistakes)

I finally know what is love

(You don’t have what it takes)

(Stop before it’s not too late)

(I know there’s too much at stake)

(Making the same mistakes)

And I still don’t know why it’s happening

(Stop while it’s not too late)

And I still don’t know

Finally taking flight

I know you don't think it's right

I know that you think it's fake

Maybe fake's what I like

Point is I have the right

I'm thinking in black and white

I'm thinking it's worth the fight

Soon to be out of sight

Knowing it all this time

Going with what I always longed for

Feel like a brand new person

(But you make the same old mistakes)

I don’t care I’m in love

(Stop before it’s too late)

Feel like a brand new person

(But you make the same old mistakes)

I finally know what is love

(You don’t have what it takes)

(Stop before it’s not too late)

Man, I know that it's hard to digest

But baby this story ain’t so different from the rest

And I know it seems wrong to accept

But you've got your demons, and she's got her regrets

And I know that it's hard to digest

A realization is as good as it gets

And I know it seems hard to accept

But you've got your demons, and she's got her regrets

But you've got your demons, and she's got her regrets

Feel like a brand new person

So how will I know that it's right?

In a new direction

So how will I know I've gone too far?

(Stop thinking that the only option was)

Feel like a brand new person

I finally know what it's like

(Stop thinking that the only option was)

So how will I know I've gone too far?

(Stop thinking that the only option was)

And I know it's hard to describe

(Stop thinking that the only option was)

So how will I know that it's right?

9fcca4 No.505371

I want to get this strait……………your MOM is the sauce? I bet she thinks you are handsome.


7881f3 No.505372

File: 5f4f167e100c67f⋯.png (303.37 KB, 1144x702, 44:27, capture(1).png)

File: 80774d68c05a451⋯.png (92.76 KB, 922x382, 461:191, capture(3).png)



Russian signage doesn't seem too thrilling. Just street signs, like STOP and ATTENTION!

aa8f30 No.505373


Why don't this Hogg story have a separate thread? It is distracting.

f9f950 No.505374


Wow… Quick richfag order one

91f27a No.505375

File: ac28f6fb9f9a042⋯.jpg (76.66 KB, 545x400, 109:80, BCTSEquipiment-collage.jpg)

File: 439db919942e5bd⋯.jpg (46.1 KB, 455x300, 91:60, BTCSfacilities_pic2.jpg)

Bulldada uses only the highest grade plutonium in our facility, 25 times more refined then anywhere else

f449c2 No.505376

File: 813616c57de543c⋯.jpg (30.6 KB, 472x720, 59:90, hypnotized.jpg)


Common sense says you institutionalize anyone who is a danger to others or to themselves. Otherwise they must be free. This idea we'll take the guns from the mentally ill is complete bullshit. The MSM has us programmed to ask the wrong questions and have the wrong conversations.

1a0536 No.505377



>calle mayor middle school

No caps, red gowns:

http:// www.wonderland-photography.com/blog/2011/07/01/kyle-%E2%80%A2-class-of-2011-%E2%80%A2-calle-mayor-middle-school-promotion/


043b4b No.505378

File: 170b24d8cdc1625⋯.png (127.67 KB, 722x572, 361:286, ClipboardImage.png)


This is Not quite as important as this post on the previous board, but it's interesting that the next video that Ques up on this channel is blocked - look at the topic

7a1e96 No.505379

File: a5d1c4d5569b3b9⋯.png (182.44 KB, 1236x941, 1236:941, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 64b09de12111e6f⋯.png (201.48 KB, 747x396, 83:44, ClipboardImage.png)

>>504950 (last bread)

Enhanced contrast a bit.

Looks like a bikini top?

Not sure about the R hand

1964c7 No.505380


Organ harvesting??

2b5418 No.505381

Obama's secret MIT speech


c41807 No.505382


Look up his mom's FB page and ck her photos…

Rebecca Boldrick, she had photos of David and his sister going back to 2009!!

00271b No.505383

dear Q - PLEASE ask POTUS to read these 2 docs. PLUS, no bump-stock was used in the FL school shooting…i think they're fairly useless, but WHY "ban" them?? thank Q!

barry's EO (2012):

https:// obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/the-press-office/2012/07/26/executive-order-white-house-initiative-educational-excellence-african-am

aaaand the Broward Co "Agreement" which came along AFTER the EO (2013):

https:// www.scribd.com/document/371916407/Broward-Co-Collaborative-Agreement-on-School-Discipline-MOU

5fe48d No.505384


fair enough. they are what controls other people. if you are not controlled, others are, others who can shoot you on command. food for thought.

f3d185 No.505385


Yes but it is viscously being pushed here. & this Blue corps & now time travel BS >>505345 just look at this graphic

>>505345 posted 5 minutes after >>505296

Yeah we aren't being astroturfed by trash leads or anything. nope.

767fb1 No.505386


The scary animals are House dust mite.

89f6aa No.505387



That's kind of the problem.

He wrote a nice Twonker storm about the Dimms and FL and how they are broke and need the controversy down there to raise money.

Problem is the fucking guy wont stop retweeting pats on the back and he's shitting up my twat feed with it.

I mean, at this point its like literally 200 "nice job" and "great info" tweets… enough is enough.

At what point do we have to trade good info for this bullshit?

Anyone here know him and can ask him to shut the fuck up with this time wasting?

78a946 No.505388


newsweak needs clicks. I'm gonna give them one & entertain myself with the comment section again, Q seemed to find it funny

87cfef No.505389

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I think the shills need a wider variety of things to bitch about

http:// www.thewatcherfiles.com/billy.htm

http:// humansarefree.com/2016/02/satanic-pedophilia-network-exposed-in.html

https:// pedophilesdownunder.com/tag/billy-graham/

http:// satansrapture.com/billygram.htm

http:// asheepnomore.net/tag/billy-graham/

0b97e0 No.505391


(((alt-right))) is controlled opposition

0d085c No.505394

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TSILe2t88g

52166f No.505395



Glowing faggots wasting our time…fuck the liddle fame whore

34314e No.505396


They made a new video where he does the interview and says 2:52. It took them 3-4 day and then all the mainstream media sites swapped to that updated version. They are trying to RetCon History. I watched the 9:32 gun control interview video on the 15th. Check old breads from the 14th-16th I'm sure its in there or at least some screen grabs.

a4f1a0 No.505397


fuck! thanks anon

fe1266 No.505398


Link to photog website doesn't work for me. Maybe you need to clean it up, maybe it's bogus.

91f27a No.505399

File: 6321ce094df2bd7⋯.jpg (50.53 KB, 750x564, 125:94, BTCSnew lab.jpg)

BTCS New Lab…Geeeez what have we stumbled into???


Fracturing of time and space in slivers?

http:// btcs13.webs.com/aboutus.htm

339ba0 No.505401


there were certainly a lot of parking spaces for students at the school

Nikolas attended ROTC which mebee ain't a favorite of democrats, just a thought

For a guy who couldn't get himself together

he went to school -- and had a job

he looked healthy

no, this kid would have had the money

and should have had a car if he was working

457cba No.505403


Not trying to schill, but smells like a honey pot who would in all honesty put kids in the about and saying that they clean up toxic crap.

#Clown Trap site?

After all the link came from the strange video.???

Careful anons

4a9f44 No.505404

File: 5db3d78d67556b9⋯.jpg (194.48 KB, 819x1050, 39:50, tgmeme.jpg)

Tucker is about to take on the subject of the boy ( posing as a girl wrestler) beating up girls and of course winning without question. I hope it catches fire!

fa5804 No.505405



339ba0 No.505406

File: eefaa39f5f879ad⋯.png (298.46 KB, 502x343, 502:343, school-entrance-side.png)

6472b0 No.505407



f0c51a No.505408


The president, who has rarely crossed the Mississippi River during his first 13 months in office, is scheduled to visit California in mid-March to see prototypes for a potential border wall and learn more about the construction, according to administration officials involved in the planning.

He will also visit Los Angeles to attend a Republican National Committee fundraiser, these people said, one of a number of fundraisers he is expected to headline in the next two months.

w ashingtonpost.com/politics/trump-expected-to-visit-california-to-view-border-wall-prototypes/2018/02/26/d06b5ea8-1b26-11e8-9de1-147dd2df3829_story.html?utm_term=.6ec809597646

c845da No.505409


You realize this fuck bucket is funded by a Rockefeller right?

46e938 No.505410


My mom, bless her soul, knew I was handsome. Hogg's mom on the other hand, has a son with a face only a mother could love. She's the one who said his "graduation pic" is Calle Mayor at South Torrance.

8670ce No.505411

Lol…I didnt notice that. You can mute the convo and you wont get any stuff from that thread anymore. I would tell him but Ive already been yelled at on twat today

He's part of that new twat breed of Pultizer journos I guess..


7ae698 No.505412


>[insert MSM affixed label here] is controlled opposition.


591408 No.505413


Is that a warning from the future?

87cfef No.505414

File: 4552f182e0d4d1f⋯.png (130.28 KB, 199x325, 199:325, Screenshot-2018-2-23 Meme ….png)

File: 400e02f3b6ce184⋯.png (194.95 KB, 280x380, 14:19, Screenshot-2018-2-22 Meme ….png)

e3a3b9 No.505415

File: 1080b0920ff4e25⋯.jpg (44.08 KB, 488x800, 61:100, 1080b0920ff4e250de0e3f2e07….jpg)

By the way I loved it when you faggots touched me on here. It's fucking hilarious. Suck my dick you A.I. demented freakshow. Just kidding.

91f27a No.505416


We offer custom made time travel devices starting at just under 120,000$ US up to 950,000$ US (depending on the crew size and time distance capabilities.

We also offer a complete line of genetically engineered products, from new species to custom designed viruses. (price dependent on request and creation time)

Our team of top notch scientists are working around the clock and around the world to consistently bring you the finest quality products, in fact we are so sure of our quality that we offer triple your money back on all time distortion and time travel devices should they fall in anyway below the advertised ability or customers custom requirements.

How many time control system company's can offer that sort of promise? only one, only bulldada has the ability and proven success to offer TRIPLE your money back.

Contact us today via secure gmail e-mail at


Or visit our facility at #750 street 371, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We are open 24hrs a day,

(caution if the red light on the main gate is flashing please get as far away from the facility as possible, we recommend a safe distance of 100 kilometers)

We can make your yesterday happen tomorrow!

50% off sale! Happy birthday sale!

New for the month of September in honor of our president’s birthday we at Bulldada are offering a 50% discount on all our products!

(note, offer extends only to products not sold in the year previous to this offer, offer excludes all bi-pedal life forms, offer not allowed where prohibited by law, offer does not include anything, offer void for all employees, friends of employees, family of employees and neighbors, offer void in all American states and most of Canada, offer only good for items sold online between the hours of 1pm and 3:45pm Cambodia time, offer will not be allowed, offer excludes all items not previously priced at double the actual worth, offer can not be combined with any other offer, offer void for all mammals, offer to be retracted immediately with no warning, offer includes exposer to radiation.)

http:// btcs13.webs.com/productsservices.htm

ff75ee No.505417

This bread is stuffed with greasy shills

f9f950 No.505418

"Dew to our main condenser now out-putting 800,000 Kilojoules of magnetic disruption we have redesigned our safety zone distance to coincide with this increased output.

All staff within the complex of lab #7 will be immediately eviscerated should out-put over draft, thus no safety plan is needed for lab #7 staff.

Everyone else within the facility will have approximately 12 seconds once the siren sounds and the red lights start flashing to get to a minimum distance from the facility of no less then 100 kilometers.

This is important, to recap, all staff within or around the facility will have only 12 seconds to find the safe distance of 100 kilometers from the facility. this is the new safety zone and alert time update.

thank you

Dr. Philo Dumand (Lab safety coordinator) "

http:// btcs13.webs.com/staffnotices.htm

Shit reads like a SCP

9fcca4 No.505419

I smell a triggering, without the gun oil >>505327

6472b0 No.505420

Normies are buying in to the Hogg shit. If he can be 100% toasted he should be.

aa8f30 No.505422



0f5135 No.505423


creepiest night ever on this journey… wow Anon. this looks legit…just wow

8a351f No.505425


i agree greer is a limited hang out

lots of other whistlebowers say similar things about him

fa5804 No.505426


No caps here, different colors and different color scheme.

f73117 No.505427


its a girl on testosterone …fuckin fake news

78a946 No.505428

File: 529e587da45e360⋯.png (53.17 KB, 760x420, 38:21, ClipboardImage.png)


seems not too many even care to comment

50c573 No.505429

File: 99d374ac6e247f8⋯.jpg (119.87 KB, 801x419, 801:419, joe.jpg)

a44434 No.505430


https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=UilUYHnS4dU

another vid match: 0 0000 018739 7-ZjG

>>>ACTIVATE CODE: [0 0000 018739 7-ZjG]

8e8616 No.505431


u wanna live til 100?

591408 No.505432

any of the other kids in hogg's group just in town temporarily for this job?

1444f5 No.505433

91f27a No.505434

Employment opportunities

Currently we have the following posts available at our Phnom Penh Cambodia facility.

Receptionist (must have great English and Cambodian speaking, reading and writing skills, be between the ages of 18 and 25, look very presentable, be able to preform all tasks asked of them. salary starts at 500$US per month with free dental and medical coverage.)

Bio-electrical engineer (Must be able to provide real time anti-mater cohesion and have experience with effervescent condensers and magnetic relays, salary starts at 3,000$US per month)

Quantum Accountant (Must have a minimum of 3 years experience with all quantum math systems, salary starts at 1,200$US per month includes dental and medical benefits. )

Magnetic disruption advanced system delay tectonic expert (must have a PHD in this field and be willing to work under water for 17 hour shifts, salary starts at 13,000$US per month.)

Lab servant and anger displacement person (Must be willing to do anything the "lab boys" ask of you, no matter how weird or strange it may be, absolute secrecy is advised and nudity is required. this job may include bondage and being beaten to reduce the anger and stress of lab boys, salary starts at 50$ a month, no experience needed.)

send your CV directly to our CEO at dr.adam.ireland@gmail.com

Include your CV, a full body photo, current location.

Bulldada will only contact short listed applicants, thank you

http:// btcs13.webs.com/workforus.htm

fa5804 No.505435


Notice the same color scheme as the David Hogg pic. Caps on.

1bf3ab No.505436


listen retard, it has a direct correlation with a Q post and deals with a subject Q has mentioned. kill yourself.

0d085c No.505437


No I didn't, was just searching yootoobe for orion related stuff. Thanks for the info.

28d685 No.505439


Hmmmm, that's interesting.., Black Hat?

99537a No.505440


Reminds me of turboencabulator.

f449c2 No.505441

File: ed0eecdfcd603d1⋯.jpg (76.04 KB, 472x720, 59:90, Disarm crazies.jpg)

e3a3b9 No.505442

Welcome to the garbage zone.

Nothing with real importance happens here.

We want to hurt you.

f9f950 No.505443

Just this month Dr. Kay Thegreat from Zimbabwe has discovered a way to reverse the polarity of our effervescent Magnetic condensers to disrupt time by causing the sphere of time affected to move more rapidly then real time, in fact he has gotten a monkey to grow to full adulthood from an infant in just 12 minutes! Yes its true the monkey then went insane and mutilated 3 lab technicians before spontaneously combusting and setting fire to the east wing. But never the less, we have now found the way to speed up time. And that’s exciting!

This has to be a larp it's too stupid

c845da No.505444


Sure NP anon, he is also connected to the Clintons so be very careful with him

f3d185 No.505445


Burden of Proof is on you Anon. I can upload change the title of an uploaded Youtube video right now and link it here with Q stringers. Use your head.

8670ce No.505446

This board got weird….

e3a3b9 No.505447

Twisted relics of human importance and desires resonate here, but with a twist of otherworldy power.

It isn't here to save you.

552382 No.505448


A verifiable circus of clowns. Been escalating since yesterday. They're working hard on injecting misinfo and directing us into their present distractions and traps. The only solution I can think of is to reread and dig on the map.

e73f7a No.505449

File: 75f53f8ecead2db⋯.png (77.61 KB, 884x403, 68:31, Screen shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

I found a documentary called "10 days of darkness" - the plot serves as an allegory for shining light where there has only been darkness for 100 years. Could this be what Q meant?

link: https:// www.kickstarter.com/projects/1771476374/10-days-of-darkness

63ea55 No.505450



7ae698 No.505451

File: db1cddca05fad16⋯.png (45.15 KB, 600x518, 300:259, db1cddca05fad160814eabdd64….png)

> e3a3b9 No.505442

fa5804 No.505452


Looking into Flouride free toothpaste. Recommendations? Either store or homemede is option.

89f6aa No.505453


I wasn't aware I could mute the conversation. I'll try that.

That said: the guy needs to show a bit of decorum. This is as bad as that thomas paine motherfucker ICYMI us all day every day.

People need to understand Twonker is easily flooded with garbage.

0d085c No.505454


Defo thanks for the heads up. I'm still gonna listen to him to see what garbage he's pushing.. Good to know what their side is at too ;)

b0f320 No.505455


Toms of Maine

2148ed No.505456


There are 8th grade graduations too. He would've finished 8th grade in 2014

46e938 No.505457


take out the space between ". com" after you copy. It works fine.

b89ad8 No.505458

We're supposed to meme and shit to draw the attention of normies on key topics and fallacies. But I dont think the memes get much past this board. We are our own audience.

1444f5 No.505459


Girl is "transitioning" to a boy & is taking testosterone treatments, but the rules say she/he has to compete as the gender listed on the birth certificate. The girl/boy said that she/he wants to fight w/males, but they won't let her/him.

af83e7 No.505460

Dr Gary Lee Munroe Barney

c2a73f No.505461

This one goes out to the chan 'Hogg-Investigation' team, such as anon at:


After watching the student show Hogg as a junior in the video of him opening the Marjory Stoneman Douglas yearbook at:


The debate, to me, is over. I've even seen footage of Hogg with classmates at MSD 'sheltering in place' during the event. It really doesn't matter where he was in 2015/2016. There's now enough proof he was in Parkland, Florida when it went down. In my opinion, those interested in digging on Hogg should look for another avenue to investigate. Otherwise, though you might not be meaning to, your just adding confusion around an issue that seems resolved.

05a3db No.505462


Try the fennel flavor. Surprisingly fresh and zero fluoride.

3d568e No.505463

Is Kaspersky and its products trustworthy?

8670ce No.505464


I mute convos a lot bcs I get tired of the threads with 47 dipshits liking all the other dipshits

34314e No.505465


This shit is probably filled with new pizza gate type codes wrapped up in a package that looks absolutely insane.

e3a3b9 No.505466

File: 44aa90eea2cdf89⋯.jpg (79.62 KB, 488x800, 61:100, 44aa90eea2cdf89e4feae29e7f….jpg)


And through you comes order, faggot. Least you forget.

c845da No.505467


For sure, watch his movie. He brags in it about his connections to the Rockefeller and the Clinton's if I memory serves

1444f5 No.505468


Yes they have, and all last night too. I'm sick of 'em.

b79e74 No.505469

File: e8fa2d01c4e0317⋯.jpg (591.47 KB, 1800x2500, 18:25, 13013 NOVA CORP BLUE.jpg)

These are all the 13013 NOVA CORP BLUE Video Dates - Video Name in order

89f6aa No.505470


Yes he is. Not going to Twonker about him ever again. Ignore that faggit.

457cba No.505471

File: cdd21cc3981fdf9⋯.png (467.84 KB, 903x659, 903:659, ClipboardImage.png)

DON't Feed the CLOWNS

Still not sure how that weird time travel site was decyphered from that headache video, but I small a troll….

3525d8 No.505472

File: 158fa803db8b79f⋯.jpg (130.75 KB, 956x678, 478:339, Hogg.jpg)

I would suggest the people saying this guy Hogg doesn't look like the guy who disappeared after carrying Paddocks luggage are glowing fag nigs.

552382 No.505473


No, but none of them are. It depends on who you'd rather be comped by.

8e5b67 No.505474

>>505443 kek….self burning chimp love it

78a946 No.505475


I still don't understand anons saying that Hogg is a distraction, when he's been given free reign with the liberal narrative that has real life effects? Yeah I get that the narrative itself IS a larp and a distraction with him in a leading role. YET, who better to take the reigns back than anons here digging to destroy "his" narrative?

3e7edf No.505476


When a system works, you use it.

When it's bullshit, you sell it.

125367 No.505477


You look like a shill homo…so what?

f9f950 No.505478

File: 0436cfac5931a9e⋯.jpg (908 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, tmp_7d44e57b46a2ec0cc97fb6….jpg)

It appears to be a book

https:// www.smashwords.com/extreader/read/206778/1/interzone-incorporated

even mentions the name of that youtube channel

"NOVA13BLUE police caused death and destruction in this dimension in the years of 1995 to 1997 in Thailand"

ff75ee No.505479


The best/only way to defeat a kid like Hogg is not to hit head directly.

Don't attack him from the right.

Pretend to be to the left of him and get him to discredit himself. Make him say crazy things.

He seems to be very susceptible to virtue signaling.

e3a3b9 No.505480

Oh the funny little worms that squirm.

0e536e No.505481


Newsweek Unraveling; Dozens Of Journalists Bail As Fraud Probe Heats Up. https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-26/newsweek-unraveling-dozens-journalists-bail-fraud-probe-heats

Something’s going down at Newsweek. Servers were taken recently in financial investigation..now being reported that top staff have been fired

http:// investmentwatchblog.com/heads-up-somethings-going-down-at-newsweek-servers-were-taken-recently-in-financial-investigation-now-being-reported-that-top-staff-have-been-fired/

e73f7a No.505482


Tom's is owned by Colgate. Just use straight baking soda.

05a3db No.505483

Please create a David Hogg sub board so this can go on forever in private.

f60510 No.505485

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Another creepy vid by that user,missle anyone,wtf,weird

8cb678 No.505486

File: 2af39f60c4af2fb⋯.jpg (771.14 KB, 1048x1522, 524:761, Screenshot_20180226-194141.jpg)

File: 90fbe5b5e4b68a2⋯.jpg (233.99 KB, 1199x1109, 1199:1109, DW6eLK7UQAAHwZ5(2).jpg)

File: 571cec9aec5e929⋯.jpg (347.45 KB, 978x1204, 489:602, Screenshot_20180226-194319.jpg)

File: 4ee194b34c8f872⋯.jpg (340.39 KB, 978x1514, 489:757, Screenshot_20180226-194343.jpg)

File: d3dd4592f55e70b⋯.jpg (306.44 KB, 1052x1247, 1052:1247, Screenshot_20180226-194528.jpg)

https:// mobile.twitter.com/HousatonicITS/status/967884930612170752

Klaus Eberwein.

http:// www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/haiti/article160983614.html

Connected with all of this. Hamas in Florida too. DWC is rep for Broward County

3525d8 No.505487

File: 08620d57624d146⋯.jpg (70.34 KB, 616x469, 88:67, EastShill.JPG)

89f6aa No.505488


Better plan is to focus on our work here and ignore that faggot.

c0f187 No.505489

File: 53567bd01ab0096⋯.mp4 (15.54 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, David Hogg Interviewing St….mp4)

0f5135 No.505490


checked… we need to keep looking. Q was leading us to these. This is a tool box used for programming. I'm almost certain of it.

e3a3b9 No.505491


ea7678 No.505492


I think the underlying message is Take it to Another Board. This is Q Research.

2f6e27 No.505493

File: 79925eb8e4c6714⋯.png (445.72 KB, 800x531, 800:531, photostudio_1519695999647.png)

File: 8c1f9433a7619f1⋯.png (1.36 MB, 800x1004, 200:251, photostudio_1519695968187.png)

fbe2a4 No.505494


13013 = BOB

b89ad8 No.505495


Eat <20 net carbs per day. You will not get film on your teeth and get ass breath.

8af2f1 No.505496

File: 4ae41527614aefe⋯.png (164.97 KB, 438x248, 219:124, Opera Snapshot_2018-02-14_….png)

36ad89 No.505497


been watching in slow mode, omg

creepy shit, i wont listen and i keep turning my head.

there are like 10 porn vids @40 sec flashes so fast.

MK ultra mind control training film

89f6aa No.505498


No. Please dont. Ignore that tranny.

f3d185 No.505499


What deck is that.

041287 No.505500


That's NOT what they're targeting. At all.

b35908 No.505501


>Looking into Flouride free toothpaste. Recommendations?

Toms of Maine has one with calcium and argenine.

038e83 No.505502



Earthpaste has no fluoride and only natural ingredients. It's easy to make at home as well.

If you feel like something closer to the toothpaste you're used to, then check out JASON toothpaste. They sell it at Whole Foods and Amazon.

Stay away from Tom's of Maine. It has Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and other nasty shit despite being fluoride-free.

982a1a No.505503


Now you know why all the planefags have left the board and all the Milfags are gone and most original Q fags have left.

e3a3b9 No.505504


Yu gi oh one???? .

ad999f No.505505


Forget the red flag about his funding, just listen to the guy. He is overflowingly full of shit. Everyone who is someone is ready to have his back, and he has mountains on top of mountains of solid evidence…but he's waiting for more donations…and he can't produce anything besides conjecture.

b58507 No.505506


Wouldn't be surprised one bit if this kid was already a clown. He's a liddle glowworm.

8e8616 No.505507


you know whats fascinating…probably of topic but there are actually uncontacted tribes in the amazon and indian ocean islands and australia area………………anyways yeah

05a3db No.505508


It would allow the kids to swim in their own pool

5f77c7 No.505509


Ok this is a weird poster.

Pedo symbol on female hat

Left black eye and lips sewn shut man on rt

Look at the wives vibe in there.

Bet Abramvic showed up :-)

49ee11 No.505510


I just use baking soda.

457cba No.505511


Nose is different,

Shape of the face is longer than Hogg,

Eyes are closer together than Hogg,

Eye Brows are very different but they could be plucked,

Hair line is different too.

Hogg has an Eddie Munster Elf type head.

a50173 No.505512

Some motivation for all my fag bros out there

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uk-87jzhVhs

f3d185 No.505513


Nice meme. I'm curious the artist of that tarot.

4ed1d9 No.505514

File: 4cad26aaffb1532⋯.png (131.15 KB, 490x367, 490:367, ba0847e6ac80b6bd0846d5ec61….png)



This is cuckchan level shit


Dig elsewhere

I hear there's GOLD in the medic. fraud connections to that funny county in FL

87cfef No.505515


8th grade bulldogs red HS seahawks maroon. shill filtered.

9fcca4 No.505516

OK………..Let us say this Hogg thing is designed to throw us off. This little fuck did go to that school? Bill Clinton did speak at this school graduation in 2012. Want sauce on Billy? Got it archived and willing to post again. We got a picture of Hogg with a big smiling mommy in a grad outfit, that matches a black kids outfit in 2016. Hmmmmm. No fucking coincidences! I count three coincidences. How many fucking high school graduations does a POTUS fucking show up to? lets make it a percentage of high schools in the fucking country…………. What? .000001% and you don't call that kid or that fucking high school sloopy? If you don't you are blind dumb fucks. >>505368

409b60 No.505517


Criminals gone wild. Why are these people still walking around doing harm?

e3a3b9 No.505518


Question 1.

Are you human.

Question 2.

If human, what have you done today?

89f6aa No.505520


We need to focus on the jew negroid sheriff, fuck that tranny kid, ignore him.

8670ce No.505521


Not what it was a month ago, for sure

3e7edf No.505522


It is not a toolbox.

eee9d1 No.505523

File: a697dcfa2980baa⋯.png (300.36 KB, 1276x1014, 638:507, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

From the trafficking EO

4bed78 No.505524

File: 8972462723ae4b1⋯.jpg (336.49 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 8598bae34a43c896091f16b1f6….jpg)

File: ebd27a539698cbc⋯.png (305.84 KB, 1115x589, 1115:589, capture(4).png)


The header in that dust-mite(?) Image leads to a result on a music sharing page, with an invitation to "break the code".

http:// videostopc.us/13-551423-nova-corp-180a-youtube

I haven't downloaded it.

982a1a No.505525


wow…and there goes another slide

eee9d1 No.505526

File: 424aeb55055bbc3⋯.png (306.89 KB, 933x1219, 933:1219, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

a5acdf No.505527


Wow Q put that one right out there in the open for us to see no wonder they keep saying re-read the crumbs!

eee9d1 No.505528

File: cd0b2012b244329⋯.png (337.54 KB, 762x1183, 762:1183, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

05a3db No.505529



bb4918 No.505530


privacy doesn't exist. you can make it harder but if they want in theyre gonna get in.

8e5b67 No.505532

>>505501 Tooth plus has Arsenic try it

041287 No.505533


Hotels are not same address.

445e01 No.505534



eve online no?

63ea55 No.505535

ACTIVATE CODE: [0 0000 018739 7-ZjG]

So Q posts a MK-Ultra activation video code the day of the Parkland shooting, interesting…


e1f9f6 No.505536

>>505285 I’m digging on capability to nudge a near earth orbiting small asteroid using a spacex craft to perturb orbit way out there so it hits. Need autist with access to STK orbital calc software and lots of time

89f6aa No.505537


No more Hogg talk here faggots. Its been sliding the bread for days.

8fa1d6 No.505538

Q is never going to post here again with all this fuckery

e3a3b9 No.505539


My heart weeps.

09cf53 No.505540


"13013" is a clever way of writing "BOB" (13 looks like a "B"). So you can read this as "BOB NOVA CORP BLUE". This is a reference to mysterious leader figure of the Church of the Subgenius "BOB"

http:// subgenius.com/

The Subgenii have been out there for at least 25 years at this point, and as far as I know it's a group of people in their 40s that get together for debauchery (drugs, including absinthe, orgies, and other degeneracy which their group refers to as "slack"). Most of the artwork and memes on the site in some way pay homage to BOB, the pipe-smoking gentleman whose face you've no doubt seen many times.

In the past, much Subgenius culture referred to the concept of "X-day", an "upcoming event" that was supposed to be some combination of a great awakening and a cataclysm, which doesn't upset the subgenii because all they care about is pursuing slack and the "stark fist of removal".

I've read every word on their site, but that was over 10 years ago, and it's likely that much has changed since then. Some of it was pretty inscrutable and I never got a solid read on any of it, but I don't doubt that I encountered some mind-altering shit during that time period.

598cda No.505541


Project Monarch

Levels of MONARCH Programming [11]

ALPHA. Regarded as "general" or regular programming within the base control personality; characterized by extremely pronounced memory retention, along with substantially increased physical strength and visual acuity. Alpha programming is accomplished through deliberately subdividing the victims personality which, in essence, causes a left brain-right brain division, allowing for a programmed union of L and R through neuron pathway stimulation.

BETA. Referred to as "sexual" programming. This programming eliminates all learned moral convictions and stimulates the primitive sexual instinct, devoid of inhibitions. "Cat" alters may come out at this level.

DELTA. This is known as "killer" programming, originally developed for training special agents or elite soldiers (i.e. Delta Force, First Earth Battalion, Mossad, etc.) in covert operations. Optimal adrenal output and controlled aggression is evident. Subjects are devoid of fear; very systematic in carrying out their assignment. Self-destruct or suicide instructions are layered in at this level.

THETA considered to the "psychic" programming. Bloodliners (those coming from multi-generational Satanic families) were determined to exhibit a greater propensity for having telepathic abilities than did non-bloodliners. Due to its evident limitations, however, various forms of electronic mind control systems were developed and introduced, namely, bio-medical human telemetry devices (brain implants), directed-energy lasers using microwaves and/or electromagnetics. It is reported these are used in conjunction with highly-advanced computers and sophisticated satellite tracking systems.

OMEGA. A "self-destruct" form of programming, also known as "Code Green." The corresponding behaviors include suicidal tendencies and/or self-mutilation. This program is generally activated when the victim/survivor begins therapy or interrogation and too much memory is being recovered.

GAMMA. Another form of system protection is through "deception" programming, which elicits misinformation and misdirection. This level is intertwined with demonology and tends to regenerate itself at a later time if inappropriately deactivated.

7ae698 No.505542


Compelling.. Cradling the symbol of Liberty and Justice amidst the 'bread and circus' spectacle.. Accurate.

b89ad8 No.505543

File: b72fde727aea390⋯.jpg (163.06 KB, 651x627, 217:209, cigar.jpg)

6d98bd No.505544

File: 58e44a375023815⋯.png (363.27 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Habitat_for_Humanity_Red_H….png)

File: eae55304e3051b7⋯.png (745.8 KB, 2224x1112, 2:1, McCabe_Conflict_Hatch_Act_….png)




Did you know the Habitat for Humanity Construction Team Members are called "Red Hats" because of the Red Hats they wear.

Also the color for the Habitat for Humanity logo is the exact same as Andrew McCabe wife's Virginia State Senate campaign.

Also of interest - "Newcomers Guide - Who runs McLean?"

http:// www.connectionnewspapers.com/news/2015/aug/28/newcomers-guide-who-runs-mclean/

26603a No.505545


Anon in last bread asked about little/liddle filter.


Holy shit, someone timed this one perfectly….


Said he was gonna drop a meme but ended up rolling on auto…. AWESOME.

f9f950 No.505546

Why would the stringer videos lead to this?

Looks like this site:

http:// btcs13.webs.com

Is related to this book:

https:// www.smashwords.com/extreader/read/206778/1/interzone-incorporated

Which is a reference to this movie:

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naked_Lunch_(film)

"Having inadvertently accomplished his mission, Lee flees to Interzone, a city somewhere in North Africa. He spends his time writing reports for his imaginary handler, and it is these documents which, at the insistence of his literary colleagues who later visit him, eventually become the titular book. Whilst Lee is under the influence of assorted mind-altering substances, his replacement typewriter, a Clark Nova, becomes a talking insect which tells him to find Dr. Benway by seducing Joan Frost, who curiously is a doppelgänger of his dead wife. After coming to the conclusion that Dr. Benway is, in fact, the secret mastermind of a narcotics operation for a drug called "black meat" which is supposedly derived from the guts of giant centipedes, Lee completes his report and flees Interzone to Annexia with Joan Frost."

8e5b67 No.505547

>>505538 yeah he cares not for the shills and clowns

c41807 No.505548

File: 38fca3dfac8af1e⋯.jpg (167.42 KB, 815x490, 163:98, Hussein's fake non-news.jpg)



So wth was the big secret? Hussein is such an attention seeking ho! I can't wait for that Muslim terrorist to be in GITMO!

2ef0f2 No.505549

File: 746c08c7adf82e4⋯.jpg (93.56 KB, 1798x1920, 899:960, IMG_0340.JPG)

Wookie dues

f3d185 No.505550


Lurk & dig into Canadian Charities. Did you know in America Form 990s show individuals who donated + Foundations & companies but in Canada that information is non-public? Hella gay.

Any way fuck off and share the deck name

c04cb9 No.505551

File: f6dea654958202e⋯.jpg (332.71 KB, 925x574, 925:574, channel.jpg)


Can any anon with streaming ability check into other videos on that utube channel.

In particular the ones about OBAMA and HILLARY!

They look fucked up by thumbnails.

(I cannot stream)

1444f5 No.505552


Yeah, probably why Q hasn't made an appearance. The dumbass is all over this place on the Hogg crap. Ugh.

552382 No.505553


I'm still here, and watching the clowns run amok with people who haven't done the requisite map reading and lurking because it's now a lot of content that requires effort.

9fcca4 No.505554

SO Hoggs mom said? Sauce? and you believe right out a woman who worked at CNN for 20 years………….married to FBI? Want to buy some seaside property in Nevada? >>505410

8af2f1 No.505555


lets say you find the most damning piece of information on this kid - like say a recording of him telling his buddies he graduated from some other school five years ago and he has a check in his wallet from the center for american progress. What do you got?

You have the equivalent of some nigger on a corner pushing dime bags for a mid level dealer who works for another mid level dealer who may or may not know the phone number of another mid level dealer who thinks he knows where his shit originates.

You got nothing but a tiny fish.

Think fucking big. Go after the HEAD of the snake. NOT the tiny COCK on the snake - that is why you and the whole fucking crew in here obsessed with this kid is a fucking distraction.

Just go on his Twitter feed and start talking to him like you would talk to your own kid. Tell him to sit the fuck down - finish puberty - go fucking lead a hard ass life like the rest of the adults in this world - gain some fucking experience and the come back and tell us all how it went and we might listen.

As for now - he is a nobody and only a very small part of the population listens to the kid - the more he talks the weaker he gets so let him fucking go. Think about it.

8e5b67 No.505558

>>505549 Always wanted to try some wookie nookie

3525d8 No.505559


You don't know much about lighting and facial structure.

e4dffe No.505560


Obama mentions scandal free in the speech. Q had this phrase regarding bho in an early drop.

I don’t know if the answer to Qs question about the reason or importance of this was ever explained.

1444f5 No.505561



91f27a No.505562


It was a separate 'stringer?' Code entered into a search engine I believe, not from the Russian vid from your screenshot.

28d685 No.505563


Is for deactivate the Sleeping cells?

b0f320 No.505564

File: 9ee8ebcbbcd201b⋯.png (390.42 KB, 358x448, 179:224, flag.PNG)

e3a3b9 No.505565

File: 95592842a81e351⋯.png (187.37 KB, 640x480, 4:3, tumblr_okllasWDoU1rypw9yo1….png)


4ddee5 No.505566


https:// www.treasury.gov/ofac/downloads/sdnlist.pdf

updated list Today. its not 13 any more.. more like 1300

eee9d1 No.505567

File: ef6e0a0bbe884d6⋯.png (19.18 KB, 462x127, 462:127, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

fa5804 No.505568


Slick Willy must be connected to the Human Trafficking, then. Either thru Broward Sheriff Office or DSW or even Sheriff Israel. I mean a short plane flight to south Florida from Haiti or closeby is possible.

c78518 No.505569


looks like our boy

78a946 No.505570


And why we were told to archive everything, this being a post from GA Phase 1. Future proves past

30ef39 No.505571


the bigger news here is the fact that he's in a photo with Hillary

34314e No.505572


The school shooting narrative has many moving parts of which hogg is just one. Their narrative falls apart if any of it falls apart. If they lied once, it all comes down. We're investing 75% of our energy on hogg when there are 100 other places to attack.

You think all this hogg disinfo is an accident? 9:32 video is the best evidence we're going to get on hogg. Lets not forget about the kid who was arrested, the sheriff, sketchy parents all over the board.

46e938 No.505573



Nice numbers, too, by the way.

1444f5 No.505574


finally filtered.

87cfef No.505575


post it

f3d185 No.505576



Hexen 2.0 Tarot

Thanks anyway fucker.

f60510 No.505577

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=UilUYHnS4dU

21b677 No.505578

File: 1722237413a1760⋯.jpeg (318.62 KB, 1242x735, 414:245, 13F2373E-C72D-4280-9F92-2….jpeg)

Got one

c41807 No.505579



liddle filter was funny at first, it got old quick! lol But I think it got a lot of Anons searching for more dirt on 'Liddle' again!! :)

28d685 No.505580


Mario Kart 64?, WAT??

e3a3b9 No.505581


Share with me the reason why I should care.

b89ad8 No.505582

File: 9e0f3ee0e590978⋯.jpg (120.52 KB, 800x420, 40:21, erebus.jpg)

445e01 No.505583



im pretty sure youre talking about an online game here

30bbe6 No.505584

S.D'er. Stop being a fucking dick to everyone.

Y.V. Go back to Facebook, you don't belong here.

89f6aa No.505585


Fuck off about Hogg. Quit fucking the bread up. Take it to raddit.

8670ce No.505586


I was stuck on the players for a bit myself, I will admit. Only bcs it led to some interesting characters like arms dealers and Chicago criminals. Thought maybe it would loop back around to Loop or fill in some holes.

f96e39 No.505587

>>503630 (last bread)


Roe V Wade.

That guy is burning in hell right now because of that vote

457cba No.505588


nope those videos gave me a headache.

Need to be on LSD or something to appreciate those.

Want a laugh watch the one Interview with Blind Sam… Stumbling drunk.

1444f5 No.505589



eee9d1 No.505590



8e5b67 No.505591

Come on Q throw us a bone man

8fa1d6 No.505592

Latest Trump twat:

Merit-based immigration reform will benefit American workers and relieve the strain imposed by our current system on Federal resources.

5f77c7 No.505593


Those glowing eyes were freaky

fe1266 No.505594



Or a BS excuse to use young children.

"Our team work non-stop only taking breaks to copulate and drink coffee."

That doesn't say the staff copulate with each other. And it's located in Cambodia and Lesotho, poor places. They even show children on their page.

c04cb9 No.505595


Streaming is not possible on my console.

(even embedded)

I am bookmarking and will revisit, but wanted to make point to anons about HRC & Hussein having a video title on that channel.

bbc4d7 No.505596

NovaBlue competent cells are for routine molecular cloning applications. NovaBlue is a K-12 strain derivative that offers high transformation efficiency, facilitates plasmid stability, and allows blue/white screening with appropriate plasmids.

http:// www.emdmillipore.com/US/en/product/NovaBlue-Singles-Competent-Cells-Novagen,EMD_BIO-70181?bd=1

d323af No.505597


What is the exact source of this photo.

8391d4 No.505598

We know they want people divided but it's interesting to see how they're dividing companies and lawmakers too. This is getting intense!


3c9f5d No.505599


Didn't the Clinton Foundation play in Canada and the US with their charity to hide some stuff?

Don't like the other anon being so cryptic, but could be where that is leading.

87cfef No.505600


opposed … it's endless on the news channels. filtered.

f3d185 No.505601



We should all seek to dig a little bit at home so we have tangible things to talk with our public sphere about in relation to wide spread corruption of our social order.

8a351f No.505602

File: 221e727ec486955⋯.jpg (39.81 KB, 625x358, 625:358, car 50 q where are you.jpg)

ba7205 No.505603


not even close to funny, not at all,

30ef39 No.505604


I was shitposting check >>505278

c845da No.505605

8e5b67 No.505606

>>505596 I dated a chick that gave me the plasmids

eee9d1 No.505607

File: ddb9baf4078ae35⋯.png (48.46 KB, 847x182, 121:26, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

f3d185 No.505608


Nigga asked me what I did today & if I'm human lol. I'm simply sharing what I've been upto.

89f6aa No.505609


Take your Hogg talk to reddit. This is a useless distraction.

e3a3b9 No.505610


Lead to what? You know it's all centralized on the top, right? This is a game, you've feel for the trap. lol

c04cb9 No.505611


Probably don't want to watch those videos high or anything but a strong and unaltered state if you know what I mean…

Just in case you were not kidding!

3c9f5d No.505613


Interesting point. One of the few example of a company standing up against where the NWO is going. If it becomes more of a trend, then we know the good guys are winning.

c41807 No.505614


Hogg graduated Middle School in 2014, slidefag!

0148b4 No.505615



more church of sub genius sliding

b63316 No.505616

I do hope Q got my post about Cochlear….I am quite content with my mind, as they tried and failed many many times to break me already, but I know how to shut them out, it is other's I am concerned about…they do not know what power they have.

457cba No.505617


Charity based out of Canada since they don't have the same restrictions if I remember right.

09cf53 No.505618

File: e1820499592548f⋯.jpg (51.93 KB, 436x362, 218:181, e76cf415dc5d2df41d97364bc7….jpg)




Yeah. Bulldada was one of the many memes mentioned frequently on the Subgenius website (or should I call it a weebsite?) so you're going to find references to this content in myriad places. Back when I first read into all of it, more than 10 years ago, it was a popular source of memes for the Steve Jackson Games crowd (tabletop weirdos) and often mentioned alongside sites like Warehouse 23 and SCP.

http:// www.scp-wiki.net/

http:// basement.warehouse23.com/

http:// subgenius.com/

Note that, to everyone I knew, all of these sites were considered jokes, memes, places to have fun and get weirded out. I've even contributed content to all 3 of them myself.

It's possible they are related to something deeper, weirder, and more sinister, but it's also possible that they're just jokes and memes created by internet nerds. Choose carefully if these places, and youtube pages based on their content, are where you want to focus your digging efforts or not. I won't say it's a bad idea, but I will say that you may be better of focusing on things that Q himself has asked you to focus on.

87cfef No.505619


wrong color gown shill. filtered.

bbc4d7 No.505620

Good Lawd!

No, I thought it was weird - "molecular cloning …K-12 strain …"


ea7678 No.505621


Canadian billionaires that owned a pharma company were in bed with the Clinton foundation. They turned up dead not long ago.

509878 No.505622

File: c98a70c7cac44c0⋯.png (291.49 KB, 1031x322, 1031:322, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 59f7912ad93d812⋯.png (367.32 KB, 1641x415, 1641:415, ClipboardImage.png)

This image discussed in last bread at >>505123 is plainly a symbol for a radio transmission tower. Anybody who's into radio recognizes it immediately. It is practically the universal symbol for radio broadcasting.

f3d185 No.505623


One of those restrictions As i am finding out is: Charities in Canada don't have to publicly share who donated what. Just total donations.

0f373c No.505624

File: 54f11eb7b684f98⋯.jpg (119.22 KB, 877x947, 877:947, sadly.jpg)

f96e39 No.505625


Days ago when I came across this, and there is no photo, so I did not post.

Point is, you can add anyone yourself to classmates and claim they were in this or that class (Add Missing Names button)

So fake post, sorry.

89f6aa No.505626


OPPOSED. Take it elsewhere. It's a distraction.

You realize you're feeding a 17 yo troll? Wake up nigger.

8fa1d6 No.505627

I'm forever grateful for Jesus saving my soul, and as I deepen my relationship with God, it really is an indescribably amazing feeling of being born into a second life.

78a946 No.505628


Makes sense, once upon a time lived under that threat. Was too obvious that the people around were on remote control of some sort. Pretty sure it's not over yet as they get more advanced before their ultimate shutdown.

>KNOW your surroundings.

2f6e27 No.505629


There is already a thread for crisis actors and his face is the title photo.

e3a3b9 No.505631


Tell us more.

3e7edf No.505632


It's Count Chocula

eee9d1 No.505633


so then why the fuck are the threads sliding with this shit

f3d185 No.505634



Barry Sherman Chair of Apotex. They worked with Clinton Foundation in Haiti.

28d685 No.505635


White Hats in NZ?

8a351f No.505636


muh 5 yrs old has way more common sence then these "kids" ever will

00aff5 No.505637


I"m with you anon. Anytime you get Anons jumping up and saying don't look here…then they are probably shills shitting their pants.

I hear the warnings of a plant, but these people are stupid…remember? They wouldn't be able to plan that far ahead.

It is an area worth gathering evidence. More needs to be looked at to determine if he has already graduated from high school.

He is obviously a liddle pencil dick no matter what age he is. Keep up the good fight!

f0dafb No.505638

File: d2b661f88ea698d⋯.jpg (74.45 KB, 754x398, 377:199, obama tappin wires.jpg)


No they're not. Seriously seen school teachers and profs who lean lib sick of this famewhore.

What DEMS Aren't Talking About!

Early retirements, McCabe thrown out of office like a liddel bitch, DEM MEMO that never mentioned McCabe NOT ONCE and without McCabe no #ObamaGate, FBI texts of racism and questions about Mueller's team (there was a third one going down when famehogg came on scene, can't remember who even), MuellersBiasedTeam, and uh oh UNMASKING at the highest echelons why don't our weaders wanna talk about that real shit? —and that fam is going to get PROSECUTED! #LisaPage #PeterStrzok

>Bitches blowing shit up to avoid talking about it!

Let's bring it on back into the mix! They're swervin HARD LEFT. Let's push 'em off the edge. Just a leddle NUDGE! TAG EM. #ObamaGate hard

8fa1d6 No.505639

I really want to rant about the eternal displeasures that will be forced upon those responsible for things like these super computer social media bot machines but I don’t want us to get sidetracked. Those responsible are well aware of the stakes and the bond they made with Satan. What fools! Hahahaha. Like their AI is stronger than God’s Eye (AI). Keep up the good work anons. The clowns are scared.

bb4918 No.505640

75f53d No.505641



William S Burroughs was one very creepy guy.

a936e0 No.505642

Stoneman Douglas Survivor’s Father Dinged with Trafficking (Republic of Congo – Haiti)

https:// digitalempire.wordpress.com/2018/02/25/oy-gevalt-stoneman-douglas-survivors-father-dinged-with-trafficking-republic-of-congo-haiti/

021706 No.505643


WW support, remember?

c845da No.505644


I cant seem to find anything on WTF he is on about. Do you know or can you point me to a sauce I can read?

af83e7 No.505645


https:// www .youtube .com/channel/UCykhRZORxkMpG2R3cGHJ32A/videos

b63316 No.505646


because clowns ran out of balloons to play with.

445e01 No.505647

File: 04949697ea1586f⋯.jpg (139.73 KB, 1533x817, 1533:817, Capture.JPG)

f96e39 No.505648


It should. That women, who is a pretend man, is allowed to take steroids to make her look like a man.

Big edge. Fake titles should be stripped.

4ddee5 No.505649

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


e3a3b9 No.505650


Guys it's a conspiracy. A REEL one OKAY !?!? Ask more more deets (details)

b0f320 No.505651



Intended meaning:




.plant (seed) by scattering it on or in the earth:


dou·ble en·ten·dre.

[ˌdoobl änˈtändrə, ˌdəbl änˈtändrə]


a word or phrase open to two interpretations, one of which is usually risqué or indecent.

but thanks, my spelling is often horrible

05f798 No.505652

File: b5b073ebb116cbd⋯.jpg (7.07 KB, 275x183, 275:183, stwarp2.jpg)

File: e2244ba15c9dee8⋯.jpg (11.96 KB, 259x194, 259:194, mand1.jpg)


Space/Time is already folded. Actually quite a lot to form a physical system check out fractal dimensions and chaos theory and Mandelfrot set etc. But if uncontrolled unfolding will most likely not be stable and will collapse back and could have rather dramatic effects in spacetime that might not be healthy.

8a351f No.505653


id like reading that rant friendly anon

409b60 No.505654

A police officer in every school will keep us safe!

Nothing is safer than a govt extortion/protection racket!

26603a No.505655

File: d2f2ad3f85728bc⋯.png (37.67 KB, 500x500, 1:1, HO GITMO HUSSEIN.png)


>So wth was the big secret? Hussein is such an attention seeking ho! I can't wait for that Muslim terrorist to be in GITMO!

you know what they say…. MEME IT BOYS!!!!!

457cba No.505656


i wasn't kidding.

took some advil to get get rid of it.

Wasa headache in the frontal lobes after just 1 and half of them.

1964c7 No.505657

Lunev talking about psychotronic mind control at 20 minutes into this radio interview. Operational and used on 1000s of people.

https:// www.trunews.com/listen/stanislav-lunev-through-the-eyes-of-the-enemy

4783e0 No.505658

I'm REALLY hoping that by the time we hit 1,000 BREADS we get to celebrate the following:

1. BHO in GITMO on death row for public hanging

2. HRC in GITMO on death row for public hanging



5. McStain Wiped away

6. All Pedophiles neutered waiting on death row

7. All the Sex traffickers of children & adults enjoying a weeklong vacation in the pen with BIG BUBBA then hung

8. All the money stolen from every American & our country retrieved and divided amongst every single person

9. All truth about our purpose on Earth, if aliens exist, if the world is flat/round, where Elvis, Biggie, & Tupac are!

1,000 BREADS will BE GLORIOUS! (Wishing on the closest star!) KEK!

c845da No.505659


He is holding a ripped flag, you're not going to plant the thing are you

339ba0 No.505660

File: c045b19810a017b⋯.png (317.7 KB, 591x394, 3:2, comey-whatever-3.png)

0f5135 No.505661


I agree this is NOT MK Ultra ….. I apologize if it sounded like it.

This is definitely not MK Ultra.

I guess when I say a tool box, I'm talking about whomever this person is, it is theirs. Do they use it? IDK Does he get off on it? my guess, YES.

does that make sense?

fe1266 No.505662


I didn't love Trump/s emphasis in his CPAC speech on importing workers to work in the new factories coming to USA. Those factories have to come here regardless due to tax laws and other enforcement. I hope Americans have clear first shot at those jobs before those companies get a chance to think of importing people for them.

89f6aa No.505663


Because we are full of idiots fucking up the bread.

Everyone rain down hard on the hogfag shills.

49ee11 No.505664


This thread is being botted to death. Just awful. Look at this one, for example.

I hope the dwarves get unplugged soon. Geez, that will be a great day.

f27c68 No.505665

>>505158 (last bread)

>>Target subjects are pre disposable to certain mental illnesses.

That sounded strange the first time Q said it. Now I get it.

Normal phrasing would have been

Target subjects are predisposed to certain mental illnesses.

pre disposable suggests that the subjects are disposable, i.e. it's fine with someone if they die in performing the assignment.

And pre disposable suggests that their disposable status is predetermined, when their programming begins.

Not nice!!

63a581 No.505666

File: c7e096b0ae75163⋯.jpg (67.45 KB, 1020x610, 102:61, NK Tower.jpg)


This is probably a MK Radio Tower

631153 No.505667


Alex Jones sells some great toothpaste. It's his father's mixture and Thom's of Maine makes it for him. I am not a fan of the Bubble Gum but the mint one is great.

fceee5 No.505668


>No more Hogg talk here faggots. Its been sliding the bread for days.

It's not going to stop until Q-Team points us in another direction. Things have somewhat ground to a halt. I don't expect much until the start of a new month, but my attention span has grown a bit weary as of late. I haven't given up by any means, but have somewhat realized diminished expectations since nothing of relevance has happened for a while now.

a4f1a0 No.505669

File: 9bc59d91abf1af4⋯.jpg (89.8 KB, 570x500, 57:50, canadian lol.jpg)

File: 51e388962efcd2a⋯.jpg (3.64 MB, 3124x2228, 781:557, canada1.jpg)

File: 8fa37f05a094c6d⋯.png (217.73 KB, 452x340, 113:85, canadasnipe.png)

File: 90a7f185643e2c4⋯.jpg (90.38 KB, 620x402, 310:201, canada2.jpg)


are you a fellow canadian anon

ff75ee No.505670


No, by the 1000th bread we will be saying 'It's Happening!"

552382 No.505671


Might as well. Sounds interesting.

c04cb9 No.505673



Be careful - I just hope Q didn't overlook the fact that anons will watch shit frame by frame and from every angle.

e3a3b9 No.505674


Unplugged? The silicon valley soyboys want to plug MORE INTO THIS. THEY'RE A BETA PROJECT AT BEST, AND LIKELY NOT THE FIRST.

c845da No.505675


Looks like spacey is cupping the bawls of that little beta twat doesn't it?

28d685 No.505676


Evil Digs Confirm., shit!..

457cba No.505677


Correct, i had forgotten that tidbit

heard it on the radio, don't remember what show.

Thanks for reminding me.

I think McCains is the same way.

89f6aa No.505678


Q never pointed us to talk endlessly about this dumb kid. Take it somewhere else.

78a946 No.505679


>>505555 (quads!)


Fair points anons, I respect that

500ac8 No.505681

File: 84c023b4448f151⋯.jpg (110.32 KB, 1109x883, 1109:883, friendly.jpg)


mein nigga

adfd96 No.505682


United Way threatens people to keep them quiet

021706 No.505683


We are taking advantage of this kid, just like the other adults are.

f27c68 No.505684


Yes. Suddenly pieces are falling into place…

This is kinda dreadful, familam. Hugs all around, nohomo.

ff75ee No.505685


Ahhh I long for the good ole days when we talked about aliens

bb4918 No.505686

File: 52b985e964e9c18⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1144x694, 572:347, ClipboardImage.png)


sure he will


required reading

http:// files.meetup.com/562554/Brice%20Taylor%20-%20Thanks%20for%20the%20memories.pdf

5ee418 No.505687


Hussein is busy planning his itinerary. He and the wookie have been invited to Prince Harry's wedding.. Word is that they intend to make a big splash in London— where many of the cabal elites will gather to privately party in grand style.

Oh, the peace of the wicked…

95039f No.505688


Ahh ok more info to add got an address for that stop?

fca0e5 No.505689


Hold out your hand and eat some fiber.

598cda No.505690


http:// conspiracy.wikia.com/wiki/Monarch_Project

Found this during this dig. Believe it is relevant.

b63316 No.505691


I've seen better timeslices and keyframes (my own words)

05f798 No.505692


Sounds like this company either sells people or nuclear material.

49ee11 No.505693


Trust me, you are getting unplugged. You are full of diseases. You are tainted with the clowns.

631153 No.505694


That kid is not a kid but an adult and knows exactly what he's doing. He needs to be taken down

2efb89 No.505695


You are right, I mistakenly wrote 1998 but I meant to write 1918 in my post >>504797



morphing into 23/02

2018 IIRC

b33a4d No.505697

File: 4359efe0cfe517f⋯.png (301.43 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, 4b193a7cb4d7c117722083fa24….png)


reminds me of this

46e938 No.505698


For the third and last time,



pics from the 2011 Calle Mayor middle school 8th grade promotion, at South Torrance, just like Hogg's mom said for her 2014 picture. Complete with red gowns and candy leis.

>www.wonderland-photography. com/blog/2011/07/01/kyle-%E2%80%A2-class-of-2011-%E2%80%A2-calle-mayor-middle-school-promotion/

89f6aa No.505699


Take advantage somewhere else tweener fag. This is not an example of Q research.

7ae698 No.505700

RE: Q in reference to Big Pharma power through [intel]

Big Pharma has all of the [intel] concerning problem children and MKU controlled subjects.

They are doing it through HIPAA and ACA!!!!

The HIPAA regs were signed into law by Bill Clinton

The ACA regs were signed into law by Barack Obama.

Fuck the shill slides!!!! HIPAA and ACA records = (your) electronic medical history in a searchable database!!! ALONG THE HISTORIES OF ANY PERPS INVOLVED IN THESE CRIMES in conjunction with MKU!!!

8093ed No.505701


Likely part of an ARG

Used to play these all of the time.

8af2f1 No.505702

File: f7086009a4d6b04⋯.png (128.67 KB, 712x706, 356:353, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// www.panynj.gov/press-room/press-item.cfm?headLine_id=1904

who was talking about the port authority and loop


28d685 No.505703



Yes.., very curious.., because.., NZ is where the mogul think to escape..,

014392 No.505704


Bullshit. Space and time are immaterial and cannot exhibit physical properties like "folding", "curving" or "dilating."

Dimensions define mass and give it shape. There are three of them. THREE.

Time is not a dimension. You've bought into new age bullshit without realizing it.

b89ad8 No.505705


Just a case of idle hands…

fca0e5 No.505706


Any Christians around wanna tell us about how current events tie into revelation?

What about the north pole, any leads there?


87cfef No.505707


bulldogs red seahawks maroon

wrong shill.

c78518 No.505708


2/24/1920-Nazi Party founded

cf9b65 No.505709

File: cde9020587ff66a⋯.png (149.42 KB, 748x693, 68:63, ClipboardImage.png)


Alpha 99.3 conditioned response activation video.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRbgQuEUwB4

b0f320 No.505711

File: 4e052664dd3a3de⋯.png (620.63 KB, 596x447, 4:3, complete.PNG)


Is that all I'm left with is CIA niggers about to be put out of work lol??


Alegory Motherfuckers:

The Tattered Flag is the state of the Union and it's people. QAnon's mission is to wake the people and cause their consciousness to bloom again. We do that by:

Sowing and planting the seeds of Truth

Then the flag (state of the Union and it's people) will be restored

Sorry Im an autistic retarded genious lmao.

Dudes, seriously this is what modern art does to the human mind. WWG1WGA

bb4918 No.505712



> It is reported these are used in conjunction with highly-advanced computers and sophisticated satellite tracking systems. >>505285

655f48 No.505713




re: 58 spaces / 18 spaces.

▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/22/18 (Thu) 20:54:38 9539a2 No.465797


Did you count the spaces in the tweet and cross ref against spaces left here to match meaning?


"spaces left here" doesn't mean subtraction. It means spaces left by Q here on the board,


This Q drop has 21 blank spaces and the following is 18 characters: "FOR GOD & COUNTRY."

That would make the POTUS quote:

What many people don’t understand, or don’t want to understand, is that Wayne, Chris and the folks who work so hard at the @NRA are Great People and Great American Patriots. They love our Country and will do the right thing.FOR GOD & COUNTRY.MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

c845da No.505714


Not sure if serious, if you are then that is too fucking bad for him. He should have chosen sides a bit more carefully.

e3a3b9 No.505715


Oh, you have no idea of what mental tinkering they've done. It's been quite interesting and also dramatic. Some of you have even mentioned the idea of purple bois through these stream of threads.

I'm just along for this interesting ride. I wonder what will happen after all of this is over.

021706 No.505716


Im agreeing with you. I am saying we need to knock it off.

2ef0f2 No.505717

File: d17f920a7434979⋯.jpg (73.94 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, IMG_0417.JPG)

043b4b No.505718



38155b No.505719


Lookup Frank Giustra

The Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership

Radcliffe Foundation

Crisis Group


Boys Club Network

c04cb9 No.505720


Could be this…

"House of Nasi"!?!

b63316 No.505721


Yep, did my looking into this a bit this morning, seems legit.

b2d077 No.505722


Start pulling all these videos down before the account gets deleted.

8fa1d6 No.505723

The brain is a sensor that can be manipulated using various methods. Sensory deprivation, starvation, meditation, drugs, binaural beats, electromagnetic frequencies etc.

Consciousness is not continuous it is created between 40-50 Hz. If you can slow down the brains refresh rate then you can change the consciousness of the subject and potentially induce psychic functioning. Remote viewing, intuition, shamanic experience etc.

1444f5 No.505724

8af2f1 No.505725

File: 65237d5364cb8a7⋯.png (325.45 KB, 744x1280, 93:160, ClipboardImage.png)

http:// www.panynj.gov/press-room/press-item.cfm?headLine_id=1173

ff75ee No.505726


>What about the north pole, any leads there?

Wait… Santa is part of the cabal??? I always wondered about those liddle elves

eee9d1 No.505727


I remember an article saying he was working with the FBI..

Was he a Nazi?

Does this confirm Operation Paperclip?

352fc2 No.505728


With all due respect, this Hogg caracter isnt what this thread is about, i respect your search for truth, unfortunatly i must have missed the part where Q said waste 8 days digging on this fag.

You are passionate and that is to your credit, just remember to keep your eyes on the bigger picture, and if this little queer is your bigger picture then have at it.

Im searching for pedos and enemies of humanity, not when the little piece of shit graduated.

591408 No.505729

File: d238a277c2da706⋯.jpg (98.8 KB, 685x574, 685:574, 4jdifpwx9le01.jpg)

fe1266 No.505730


almost quint 5's ! Very special numbers.

89f6aa No.505731


Sorry anon. Misunderstood. Just sick of watching our brothers talking about this dumb kid.

78a946 No.505732


>pre disposable suggests that the subjects are disposable, i.e. it's fine with someone if they die in performing the assignment.

>And pre disposable suggests that their disposable status is predetermined, when their programming begins.

Yes indeed! I took it as a typo on first read, then after 2nd read, the word disposable stood out. Both predisposed (to certain mental illnesses) and pre-disposable (already determined that the persons are throwaways) fit from my pov. Its not nice at all, their game is rigged and dirty

00aff5 No.505733



All of the kids already look shady as shit with their agenda and their talking points/scripts being read. IF more comes out and proves the kid is a fucking fake that was planted there for when this false flag was ready to kick off, then it is important and doesn't hurt the effort here.

You need to be able to take in all information here and then analyze whether it helps the cause, is supporting facts, showes these luciferian fucks and their agenda. I am not ripping on skepticism and caution; that's good too, but quit calling everyone a shill for trying to gather all they can.

This whole event stinks and it is time to gather as much evidence as possible….just like Sandy Hook…

28d685 No.505734


Ohhhhhhhhhhh, The fake Russian.., he always posted that.. , it's make sense..

b89ad8 No.505735


Also Glencore. Canadian mining Company. Investing in US Operations like Polymet.

Maple niggers gonna steal our minerals.

ef5751 No.505736

File: 0ba9086b2359ae8⋯.png (17.02 KB, 455x338, 35:26, Capture4.PNG)

File: d19eb09ec23e1b1⋯.png (39.55 KB, 820x550, 82:55, Capture.PNG)

I mentioned earlier that there are seventeen '$' signs in #816, and the article mentions that Newtown got $17 million in federal aid:

< http:// www.courant.com/news/connecticut/hc-sandy-hook-shooting-two-years-later-20141214-story.html

I was digging through Q's posts, looking for money-related items. I noticed that there were a bunch of periods in #524. When I C&P'd, I realized that they weren't all periods–there were ellipses mixed in.

I enlarged the text and changed the font so you could see. It looks like four groups (corresponding to the [1],[2], etc.?):

three ellipsis, period, "AND"

two ellipsis, "ON"

two ellipsis, period, ">ON"

two ellipsis, period

I don't think it's just a matter of 10,6,7,7, or else why bother grouping them? Anyone care to take a guess?

49ee11 No.505737


You have no control over what you are along for.

021706 No.505738

b2d077 No.505740

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=vo4ZkdTylWw


591408 No.505741


or a fucking space ship that the elites are going to blast off in once they nuke all of us

8cb678 No.505742


Checked. Digits confirm.

cd3e7b No.505743


Just read through all 35 pages at the Congressional Library and this is misleading. The Dick Act is all about organizing and outfitting the National Guard. A quote was taken out of context in the last several pages from a former President but it is not actually part of the Act itself. Sorry.

https:// www.loc.gov/resource/rbc0001.2012yapam90993/?sp=33

a30170 No.505744

File: 2d3149175e065dc⋯.png (130.04 KB, 1071x626, 1071:626, capture(7).png)


Clarification: This dust-mite header leads to another 'NovaCorp' video, more easily accessed here:

https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=vo4ZkdTylWw

Invites us to "break the code" Followed by what is presumably Russian. Translates online thusly: "All that all the world the world it is the wise, 7 world a nonsense a nonsense is 2 1 would wash that it is 3 therefore the whole 1 B the whole wise, contrary to, to me not to me that it to me you would see? 7 that you would will be not all that You it therefore it that would be 1 there was Also the whole there would be it nonsense EOT all all Anything therefore so. EOT so. Therefore you see? 3 whole there was, the whole a nonsense, own 2 that that, And, 3 not And And own whole is the world wise, what not contrary to the world that. So.. EOT it. That so. You see? 3 whole"

dd1f48 No.505746


On what fucking fag planet do eighth graders get a cap and gown

Sorry, no

8391d4 No.505747

Anyone here play the angle yet that the NRA are not /ourguys/?

Any NGO wielding that much political control over legislators by definition, shoudln't be trusted.

Now of course I support their premise, but I also support the premise of the Red Cross.

Just throwing it out there but I might dig on this a bit.

05f798 No.505748


Now it just sounds like a fake company completely

Find a company incorporation or something to prove existence.

e73f7a No.505749

File: cc340030274e652⋯.png (504.23 KB, 614x401, 614:401, 980x.png)

File: 264584b2471139c⋯.jpg (106.75 KB, 500x701, 500:701, DOC---SubAd-11-sm.jpg)



take a look at the bush on this poster from the Subgenius site. Compare it to the original. Also, why the grilling? Plus the people falling into hell motif. This is all very strange

eee9d1 No.505750

File: b1ea7ea21b73e82⋯.png (162.99 KB, 506x728, 253:364, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)


http:// edition.cnn.com/chat/transcripts/2001/02/20/lunev/

631153 No.505751


It was a joke. We were called Russian bots at the time

e3a3b9 No.505752

File: b85643f44ad66b7⋯.jpg (51.41 KB, 500x600, 5:6, 1517396292876.jpg)


Do I? Or is it half-truths all along? At least it was quite personal. And some of you got quite jealous of it.

Soooo captivating.

2f6e27 No.505753


no clue

89f6aa No.505754


All hail this anon.

f0fcc6 No.505755


If Q doesnt say it, it cant exist… dangerous way to think. (Not you. The other anon.)

38155b No.505756


google sucks at translating idioms across languages.

78a946 No.505757


>required reading

thanks for this, I've only gotten bits & pieces of this story before

500ac8 No.505760


he specifically said

fight fight fight

keep asking questions

how do they control the children?

what prevents a child revealing the truth?


attacking Hogg's character is directly in line with Q.

1444f5 No.505761


Where I'm at eighth graders DO indeed get a cap & gown. Expand you thinking for God's sake. Slide.

598cda No.505762


We have dug up specific Q crumbs tonight and IMO the most important for days and these shills won't STFU about this jerkwad.

0f5135 No.505763


This right here… the vids remind me of this…

systematic hypnosis by using subliminal messages with targeted conditioning

49ee11 No.505764


But you will be unplugged.

But elaborate anyway. Tell us more. What do you think you will do when the shit hits the fan and the clowns are finally blown up?

6c6017 No.505765

File: 026377db43a2177⋯.png (496.5 KB, 957x701, 957:701, eec94acb9527c6f87c0a830d46….png)

8af2f1 No.505766

https:// www.slideshare.net/SheriKasprzak/mu111015

info here connecting Loop to deals in and around Broward County - working hand in hand with Raymond James

8391d4 No.505767


>what prevents a child revealing the truth?

Train them into SJWs

8a351f No.505769

File: 0d1fb0f19cd0b17⋯.jpg (162.58 KB, 1024x779, 1024:779, 0d5b6174003b0522cd6aee67bc….jpg)

9d0d6b No.505770


Top kek I really like this.

Don't know how we didn't think of the pacifier before this.

457cba No.505771


Sur it didn't help we was doxx'd on some video.

So we inherited the twitter DNCBots and of course the normal Clowns.

Do miss the PlaneFags ….

We really need to get back on track.

My twatter posts last night asking questions are still circulating lots of people like that tactic.

No insults accusations can't prove,

shared/liked over a 1000 times.

if your stuck on Parkland stick to formula.

No insults,

no tags,

Ask Questions about the facts we know, so surmise.

i did call the kids Parkland Drama Club completely accurate.

With a simple screen shot of the EMT story from last night.

Stupid young turks had a poll should we ban AR 15 and it was 73% against.

So we are winning on the Gun Control front.

78a946 No.505772


That idea is so fucked up that it's probably right. Damn. Nice trips too

e3a3b9 No.505773

File: 20b254bf5b85d89⋯.jpg (391.09 KB, 795x1006, 795:1006, 1519476294032.jpg)


Sleep and dream.

1444f5 No.505774


That is not Hillary Clinton. That is his MOTHER.

5fb222 No.505775

File: 418d99a04d5f953⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1069x629, 1069:629, capture(6).png)


I used Babylon, but, yeah. Figured I would throw the text in anyway, since I ran it. There is a a location shown in the video too… these are so creepy, I am not sure how much I want to step though it…

ff75ee No.505776

Santa touched my peepee #metoo

89f6aa No.505777


"I'm not so sure I agree 100% with your police work there Lou"

6d7d48 No.505778

File: 1e6c2f96a16d3aa⋯.png (608.51 KB, 1439x1439, 1:1, bitchesNmoney.png)

598cda No.505779


Where's russiantranslatefag?

49ee11 No.505780


Well that sounds nice. You can go to sleep right now. Just let it all go. Go ahead. Go to sleep.

f60510 No.505781


mind control in the music vids?

9d7488 No.505782


We are in "birthing pains" with rumors of war and earthquakes in diverse places (underground nukes on faultlines). It is the beginning of the end but not the end yet, according to Jesus.

Only worry about the seals. The first 4 are plausibly identified. Red and white arrived in 1776. Spotted is the central banking menace. Black may be radicalized Islam. Fifth seal is where more Christians must be martyred before the story continues. Sixth seal is the Rapture. Seventh seal means shit is about to go down.

The Whore of Babylon is Mecca. The wine is oil. Iran will nuke Mecca. Can't you see it playing out?

In other words, Islam is going to become a mega-menace before all is said and done.

100084 No.505783

>>505455 Hello activated charcoal toothpaste

591408 No.505784


My only issue with the NRA is that they did not speak up for or defend in any way the citizens of Illinois and Hawaii when those states tried to take guns from those who had obtained medical marijuana cards.

5df968 No.505785


IW = IRIS WEINSHALL- Chief Operating Officer of The New York Public Library, former commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation – wife of CHUCK SCHUMER

f97f40 No.505786


Evil Check

8af2f1 No.505787

File: 778aaba49d69b11⋯.png (220.99 KB, 663x329, 663:329, ClipboardImage.png)


on this fucking fag planet - in torrance california

at calle mayor middle school where david hogg graduated the eight grade

will you shut the fuck up now???

a4f1a0 No.505788

File: 51e388962efcd2a⋯.jpg (3.64 MB, 3124x2228, 781:557, canada1.jpg)

a17e78 No.505789


Any anon trying to tell another what to do is suspect. You do your thing. Other anons can confirm or deny the Hogg graduation date. He is making himself relevant as he will not shut up, therefore he warrants scrutiny. I am looking into some U1 matters as well as Inslee and any other items I feel like.

ba7205 No.505790

so, with release the memo, what ever happened? anybody arrested? anybody even indicted?

only indictment i seen closely related if you call it that, was 13 russian trolls tweeting on a public social media website designed for tweeting.

my point, is there even any court hearings happening? after all, it was the memo.

8af2f1 No.505791

say the following words you get filtered






49a505 No.505792


ack, you have me curious anon

1444f5 No.505793


Well you obviously have more sense than to obsess over it & try to cram it down others throats like others are doing.

f9f950 No.505794

Still going down that stringer video hole and got some names

Possible modern mind control architects?

Maybe they made the media for it?

Ian Sommerville

Brion Gysin

William S. Burroughs

Allen Ginsberg

Jack Kerouac

"He(Ian Sommerville) and Gysin also collaborated in 1961 in developing the Dreamachine, a phonograph-driven stroboscope described as "the first art object to be seen with the eyes closed", and intended to affect the viewer's brain alpha wave activity."

87cfef No.505795


you are very confusing.

38155b No.505796


from my experience on a project needed to translate from english to spanish and they all sucked on complex idioms. Need someone that is fluent in both languages to properly convery what it really says, else it's mostly giberrish. Note that google give an almost similar translation.

e3a3b9 No.505797


Dreaming isn't giving up though. I'll wake up.

8391d4 No.505798


Good point anon. Maybe because they're in bed with Pharma?

b0f320 No.505800


>will you shut the fuck up now

I'm guessing no. Have they checked the Q Tasks?

bbc4d7 No.505801


Ain't surfin there without a VPN

f3d185 No.505802

9fcca4 No.505803

Sauce? >>505614

09cf53 No.505804


That sort of black humor and doomdayish, hellish motifs were\are what the site was all about. Lots of artwork relating to the end of the world, humanity being murdered by robots and aliens, cities being blown up, people being barbecued, drug use and other stuff fitting that framework was everywhere. All interspersed with the chillingly out-of-place visage of "BOB" lifted straight out of the idyllic 1950s suburban perfection which is, by today's standards, too plastic to be real, almost disturbingly so.


Yeah. It's a 4-member EVE corporation (which is absolutely bottom-tier tiny, especially compared with the massive 30000-50000 member titanic multi-corporation alliances like the Imperium) likely named this way by a player who has seen the subgenius material and found it interesting enough to name his corporation after.

a5acdf No.505805

File: d2f2c1b7e3d6108⋯.png (290.86 KB, 1226x741, 1226:741, screenshot_25.png)


I found this book by Dr. Adam Ireland anyone familiar with it? The synopsis is really weird….

Silo#5, 77.3- Homeland 2/43 file command B13 32°35'50.61"N 110°53'21.53"W 177312-09 NORAD 5 CFR BLACK-98

8cb678 No.505806


Boom. Cryin' Chuck has been awfully quiet lately

49ee11 No.505807


Where? How?

8a351f No.505808

File: 7c3c28d369941b8⋯.jpg (100.2 KB, 500x615, 100:123, 7c3c28d369941b894d0a843bed….jpg)


comfirm paperclip?

have a space nazi(related)

457cba No.505809


that looks like an explosive storage facility see the bunkers spread out so an accident doesn't set off everything…

363e33 No.505810

I miss Q. And I miss the Silent One. Are you here?

a5acdf No.505811


Sauce: https:// www.abebooks.com/9781475183269/Code-worlds-secret-Adam-Ireland-1475183267/plp

1444f5 No.505812


I'm afraid that Q isn't gonna throw us anything with all the David Hogg fuckery going on.

eee9d1 No.505813

Stanislav Lunev.


Payback for today.


I think this confirms operation paperclip

e3a3b9 No.505814


In a bed, in a pleasant place.

05a3db No.505815

0374ac No.505816

Stanislav Lunev - the Bridge between two agencies?

ea1150 No.505817

Just ran across this piece on a bizarre fringe blog. Anyone who has recently seen the History Channel series with Bob Baer called Hunting Hitler will understand the connection to Bariloche. The bizarre secretive visits to the out of the way location by JK, Hussein, and, now RexT are just that..bizarre. Bariloche seems to be a jumping off point to Antartica. Let's see if RexT heads there next. Could it be that we are still fighting the 4th Reich which headed to S. America / Antartica after WWII?

https:// gizadeathstar.com/2018/02/anyone-else-tillerson-visits-bariloche/

dd1f48 No.505818

I retract my statement

The cap and gown photo is middle school.

This is bullshit to make the video he self timestamps at 9:32 discredited

We need to focus only on that

1cd2e1 No.505819


I agree. Who is gonna decide who is crazy?

598cda No.505820


I watched them all and dug as long as I could. Don't feel so good about it. Will venture back later, but am afraid they will be gone soon.

eee9d1 No.505821


he was an FBI consultant and worked for the KGB

6c6017 No.505822

I have beecesred

05f798 No.505824


Clownsor Russians recruiting code breakers?

d5be2c No.505825


And then there's the lieutenant governor who is a member of the CFR.

As a senator, he was on the Senate Transportation committee.

And for the grand finale on WHAAT?

"After graduating from Yale, Habib returned to Washington, and began practicing law at the region's largest law firm, Perkins Coie, where from 2009 to 2017 he advised technology startups, and led the firm's civic and community initiatives.[30]"

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyrus_Habib

ff75ee No.505826


Where oh where,

Are you tonight,

Why did you leave me here all alone?

a6cf3f No.505827



Is this a still from the video from Q post?

It looks like that movie the ring, i think it's called with the hair in the face, creepy.

30bbe6 No.505828


I'm curious what happens on Bread #666

8670ce No.505829

You dont know who those names are?


9fcca4 No.505830

Who is the congressman/woman of that district? who is the sheriff in that county? Digging


6b9a2d No.505831

As we integrate into phase 2 after the enormous pressure Patriots put on the traitors, it's expected that Patriots take a step back and let (((them))) think they've gotten a break.

This war is still full on Sun Tzu.

We get a break to digest and internalize the massive amount of info dropped by Q, and strengthen the truth zeitgist.

It's almost halarious to see some anons be worried about our momentum. You have no idea how massive our movement is.

This isn't a game.

Saturate yourself in Q's information

Do it for yourself, first and foremost, be a virus of confidence

Push the 100th monkey effect into overdrive lads

Post last edited at

89f6aa No.505832


Yep +2

05a3db No.505833


He'd Haw reference

f449c2 No.505834

File: 302ad1484afdf66⋯.jpg (63.09 KB, 1000x571, 1000:571, declassified-e148874683329….jpg)

b89ad8 No.505836

Maybe Q doesnt have all the answers. He throws out questions to the board like he does and everyone runs off digging and making connections and feeding that info back to him.

We are the Q computer.

We are the billion monkies typing on keyboards for a billion years till one of us accidentally writes Macbeth.

5ee418 No.505837

8af2f1 No.505838


you totally misread my post fool

i am the one saying anyone can do a fucking jewgle search and put this shit to bed and not bring it here

i am also a pedo hunter and looking to slay the cabal

i am sick of fake bullshit from this board making it to twatter and then people have to spend all day chasing twitter users to tell them its fake and the hours every day of proving to hundreds of people the shit they are retwatting is fucking false and making us all look bad in here

38155b No.505839


Giustra gave the Clintons several millions a while a ago for some "charity work" i think it was pre-election.

a4f1a0 No.505840


Who is the Silent One

ea1150 No.505841


Oh, and it appears JB was recently there as well

https:// gizadeathstar.com/2018/02/anyone-else-part-two-bezos-bariloche/

6c6017 No.505842

eb 15 2018 14:28:16





Civilian Puppet.

Player in the game?

We play for KEEPS.

Need help sleeping?

How was your meeting w/ Pelosi?

Protection offered?

Life Lesson: Be smarter than those controlling you.


dd1f48 No.505843



I retract.

Must be slide to discredit time stamp video.

Apologies for the faggotry. I hate this fucker

6d7d48 No.505844

November 2, 2017 1:08 pm

UserID: zGyR4tyi PostNo: 147636035

You can paint the picture based solely on the questions asked.

Be vigilant today and expect a major false flag.

Does anyone find it to be a coincidence there is always a terrorist attack when bad news breaks for the D's?

What is that called?

Military relevant how?

BO could not and would not allow the military to destroy ISIS - why?

How was ISIS formed?


How has POTUS made such progress in the short time he's been President?

Alice & Wonderland.

b0f320 No.505845

File: 1e507035b4764cb⋯.png (824.28 KB, 998x1117, 998:1117, analyst_division.png)


nice analysis BV

500ac8 No.505846



He is the face of this movement. Talking him down takes the entire thing down. Everyone is blasting him. He is the enemy and anyone who is too weak to attack the enemy is just as bad as the enemy themselves.

this fucking board is so full of cuckery right now im literally in awe. from kikes crying about pics of chicks in bikinis to fags saying "Muh Hoggs is a gud boi he dindu nuffin". Q didnt come here looking for emotional reactions that's for damn sure. lace up ur boots anons or get the fuck out of our way and go march with Hoggs. the choice is urs.

4e1fad No.505847


Hogg as a senior in 2015 in Redondo Union HS


49ee11 No.505848

"Bulldada" OBVIOUS shill bait. Do not bite anons.

e7876c No.505849


Eric Schmidt to work at MIT. Renegade speech also there. whoooa what a coincident.

eee9d1 No.505850


Clear, but what about the FBI / GRU connection?

b89ad8 No.505851


Obama is the spit roasted meat.

f449c2 No.505852


Chris Matthews will.

363e33 No.505853


He knows who he is.

3e7edf No.505854


That's the key to all of it: the hundredth monkey. We are so close … what will happen when we reach that point? We can only wait and see.

6065ff No.505855

I don’t know Anons but I’m kinda afraid Q now.

956944 No.505856


check out the "ceo's" email on google

0374ac No.505857


The two - CIA/FBI

9d0d6b No.505858


what happened to the planefags? I wondered, but hadn't asked.

89f6aa No.505859


Fuck off shill.

a4f1a0 No.505860


Wise one?

c845da No.505861


Felt like this for a long time now. The GEOTUS needed a massive research arm that could not be corrupted or influences by glowing nigger clowns and that is exactly what we are

591408 No.505862

File: 21a555e9371718f⋯.jpg (47.14 KB, 560x372, 140:93, 45Rrxjf.jpg)

05a3db No.505863


Life Lesson: Be smarter than those controlling you.

I am going to remember that.

87cfef No.505865


wrong color, I thought about that but it's lost it's punch. if they didn't see it before the edited version it just looks edited.

49ee11 No.505866


This is peak bot shilling performance right here anons.

28d685 No.505867


Hmm, Interesting.., Confirmed.., R-Tex was in Argentina, a strange Reunion with Jeff Bezos..,

http:// exopolitics.org/german-space-program-antarctica-to-reveal-itself/

Ps: Salla also posted Q in his blog..

2599f6 No.505868


That post is not Q.

Look here:

http:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/148777785/#148779656

"Attached gr[A]phic is correct."

http:// archive.4plebs.org/dl/pol/image/1510/10/1510107905656.jpg

There are no posts in that graphic by ID: AZhj37bn

No post on 4 Nov that says 'Q = Alice'

ba7205 No.505869


dont use that number, skip it

363e33 No.505871


Silent One.

fca0e5 No.505872

Nunes talking "Phases" with Hannity rn

cf9b65 No.505873


I would read it: $8M DB USA x amount ON date 1 AND y amount ON date 2.

631153 No.505874


Those are the shills. Every time we are right on target they come out and try to make everyone slide. The ones doing most the work ignore them and continue digging.

d77c39 No.505876


I'm here but my Russian is decades rusty and the phrases were not grammatical sentences, possibly some kind of murmuring, or very colloquial. You can go through it word by word and it just does not make sense either in English or in Russian. Also there was that EOT symbol, yes that meant End Of Text in teletype, pre-internet days, and the Russian text abbreviated it using Roman characters EOT just like we'd use.

6d9095 No.505877

e3a3b9 No.505878

File: 601c937d491be82⋯.jpg (59.97 KB, 427x431, 427:431, 601c937d491be82f2840186f05….jpg)

7e7ee0 No.505879


Note Note Note

Should repost in Big Health link as well


Big Health NEEDS to be renamed


has to be obvious , big health is Not

Q never mentioned once big health

If you want to incorporate all the other stuff into one board ( I personally think Big Pharma needs its own board. More than enough just with that) then do Big Pharma/ Health

b33a4d No.505880


just ask the other half?

6d7d48 No.505881

File: 3cda8e8227d6485⋯.png (25.67 KB, 350x288, 175:144, ClipboardImage.png)

c94430 No.505882

18a14e No.505883


_ _ _ . ON _ _ AND _ _ . > ON _ _.

Just a thought

_Follow _The _Money. On _Enter _Govt and _Exit _Govt . > On _Enter _Govt.

b89ad8 No.505885

File: 531163757835232⋯.jpg (46.75 KB, 640x340, 32:17, med_1409215707_1381615537_….jpg)

09cf53 No.505886


That thing was an unfinished, sagging concrete husk for something like 25 years. I hadn't realized they finally went back and finished it. Does its completion correlate with any BHO or ES visits?

9b650f No.505887


Or let's all bomb-post, and fill it in like 2 minutes.

bba10b No.505888


LR in killbox hopefully..

c46062 No.505890


[CLAS-HIGHEST][incoming sig][designate] [shooters][3][x]

f3d185 No.505891



>Giustra committed $USD 100 million plus half of what he earns in the resource industry for the rest of his life. Carlos Slim Helú, the Mexican businessman and one of the richest men in the world, made a matching contribution

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Giustra#Clinton_Giustra_Sustainable_Growth_Initiative_(CGSGI)

>Carlos Slim Helú

Should be looked into as well. I've already compiled good stuff on Giustra.

a6cf3f No.505892


Is this what Q meant when Q said,

It's about the break

not accounting for what Q said later,

to vs. the

c41807 No.505893


That's an awesome painting!

598cda No.505894


Thanks for the input

a17e78 No.505895

File: 54c783bc3711ec2⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1560x556, 390:139, Calle Mayor Middle School ….PNG)


More pics here:


9fcca4 No.505896

Why don't you take the pedo hunt to another thread? Seems to be a lot of "anons" wanting to drop this Hogg subject. >>505728

6d7d48 No.505897



exactly one month before FL shooting to the day

7bb1ee No.505898

File: da1c0c5a836b270⋯.jpg (120.29 KB, 620x400, 31:20, slidingfry.jpg)

How I feel about every post about the FL shooting.

7bb1ee No.505899

File: da1c0c5a836b270⋯.jpg (120.29 KB, 620x400, 31:20, slidingfry.jpg)

How I feel about every post about the FL shooting.

5ee418 No.505900


"Located in Asia" [Cambodia]… Q repeatedly asked what's going on in Asia…and he said we were missing the connections…Hmmmm.

While we're distracted with the Hogg bullshit we really are missing the really important connections.

21ef50 No.505902


sry, shill, but this liddle piggie is about to become the mother of all catalysts.

just filter, it's what i did: i.e. no reply necessary

ff75ee No.505903


My God, even BV is calling you people monkeys

(Fake news!)

47b16b No.505904


Are you anons beginning to see that is was ALWAYS (((THEM))) (puppet-masters)?

Indeed, for at least the last century or so, it HAS BEEN THE RUSSIANS (puppets).

The Bolshevik Revolution was essentially two revolutions.


en.wikipedia.org/wiki/October_Revolution (AKA Red October)

Now you know why (((they))) are so pissed the (((she))) lost the election.

It was to be the 100th anniversary of the NWO plan. (More symbolism).

Her win would have ushered in the NWO.

Now you are starting to see just how deep their rabbit hole goes.

The broad strokes of the SCAM:










10 NWO

The order of 7, 8 and 9 are debatable

Notice a running theme? It's FEAR.

Keep the sheep in fear and they'll beg you to enslave them in the name of safety.

Dig on the UN regarding nuclear disarmament.

In a nutshell, the rest of the world is to be disarmed BEFORE Russia.

Then, the people themselves.

>Timing is everything

8391d4 No.505905


One way to look at it is if we can give this shithead enough bad PR, they will have to pull away from Hogg and try and boost one of the other kids.

If so that could prove that anons' attention on him is fucking up THEIR plans.

Which means KEEP DIGGING because why the hell not?

100084 No.505906

>>505746 it’s part of the whole “you get a yuge prize for participating “ mentality! It’s ridiculous but I will go one better…preschooler with caps and gowns! No joke

c41807 No.505907

File: f81302553c360be⋯.jpg (635.94 KB, 2020x1088, 505:272, GITMO Padded Cell by 3-31-….jpg)

Cell Padding and Installation

Padded Room for Detainee Behavioral Health

1. Purpose: Padding for a US Government mental health or psychiatric room in a detention medical facility

2. Shipping to 8998 Blount Island Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32226 (for embarkation to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba)

https:// www.stratvocate.com/grow/find-opportunities/view-opportunity?noticeid=1356891&solnbr=W91WRZ-18-Q-0016

470403 No.505908


From a movie

b63316 No.505909


I live in silence

20e9da No.505910


Rjukan? That's where the Nazis were producing heavy water.

49ee11 No.505911


Legit posts that are exposing this flagrant false flag would be fine, IMO. It is the bot posts muddying the waters that have to go. They have to go now.

91f27a No.505912

File: 31186ff1653717a⋯.png (12.92 KB, 533x289, 533:289, 505700.png)


Thanks for the lead-in.

I have also pondered the 'system' used to vaccinate and innoculate travellers prior to international travel. Oftentimes the medicine is ordered directly for that singular 'patient' and certainly an opportunity to alter components of any injected medicines.

e3a3b9 No.505913


they probably think as them as lesser.

96aa46 No.505915




http:// btcs13.webs.com/staffnotices.htm

dd1f48 No.505916


It would seem these items are bait to keep us off the fact that the little prick literally made a video saying the shooting was at 930am.

My hatred for this clown blinds me.

38155b No.505918


Probably, though i did find a new nugget about Giustra just now, knew he was into mining gold and other minerals but here's a new one he's into

Frank Giustra, the Canadian mining maverick who amassed a fortune building what would become one of the world's largest gold companies, is digging for another kind of gold: cryptocurrencies.

https:// www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-investor/investment-ideas/frank-giustra-backed-firm-hive-switches-from-mining-gold-to-bitcoin/article36572363/

c78518 No.505919

File: 14247232274d677⋯.png (206.18 KB, 1062x463, 1062:463, 2:24.png)

February 24 has an interesting past

09cf53 No.505920


This shit is probably all subgenius parody fiction.





bba10b No.505921


Should've made it more obvious and posted 11:11

8af2f1 No.505922

File: e6679b2a7dea201⋯.png (567.95 KB, 663x912, 221:304, ClipboardImage.png)


>13 32°35'50.61"N 110°53'21.53"W

these grid coordinates are to a old missile silo in arizona

ef5751 No.505923


Maybe. I'm wondering if there is an acct number or date in there. Note how there's only one '>' sign, which usually means "into" or "becomes."

3e7edf No.505924

File: e13f2076193fb47⋯.png (6.42 KB, 430x181, 430:181, wtf99a.png)


Just did a screen cap from GitHub.

87cfef No.505925

e7876c No.505926


The Canadian map

631153 No.505927

A Q post from last Nov. Dems never change

Nov 2 2017 10:08:46

Does anyone find it to be a coincidence there is always a terrorist attack when bad news breaks for the D's?

81da2a No.505928

File: d828b04ddce4379⋯.png (25.87 KB, 478x704, 239:352, ClipboardImage.png)

bba10b No.505929


So Q is Alice…

Taking is down the rabbit hole…

But, what will we find on the other side?

041287 No.505931


Wow. Maybe this is what Q is referring to?

aa8f30 No.505932

The Bridge.??

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5433899/Secret-plan-blow-Sydney-Harbour-Bridge-1942.html

Plans still under lock and key. Has 9/11 connection.

314800 No.505933

File: ee064d7000db6f4⋯.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1522x1741, 1522:1741, 4F4B55D3-CE6D-4DC0-A442-3….jpeg)

Just got my 1st ever twatter ban for responding to pissed on twatter whore Chelsea Handler for trying to make something dirty about this pic of Ivanka sitting on POTUS lap.

f449c2 No.505935


The CIA was populated by former Nazis to "work overseas." OPERATION PAPERCLIP

2599f6 No.505937


github is wrong. it needs to be corrected

8af2f1 No.505938




bba10b No.505939


Clearly Cabal doesn't want us seeing this.

They are controlling these boards more than we could ever imagine !!!!

3e7edf No.505940


I created that graphic … it BETTER be right!!!

a8ed4b No.505941


When I was a kid , I grew up around this dj . We were the kids that stayed after help take shit down. Drink miller light till twelve then go to little five points came back do it again The next night.

Anyway I will not say this guys name , he was doing this research with music theory. Had this ekg think he would put on your head… he would have you go out and dance with it on. At same time he played his music. He would record the sig from your brain. He could Mach up the tones . Knew which ones pushed the most endorphins. He went on to produce some tracks for commercial deals.

Anyway that’s what I know about that .

I will give you a hint . He played that night with rabbit in the moon.

f3076d No.505942


Yes they do look the same.

792292 No.505943

File: 11d39aa277a8431⋯.png (199.82 KB, 392x416, 49:52, yikes.png)

seen this?

aa8f30 No.505944


Possible, for sure.

bba10b No.505946

File: 0fd1ea689f6c0d6⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 2600x1950, 4:3, images.duckduckgo-10.jpg)



75f53d No.505947


>William S. Burroughs

>Allen Ginsberg

>Jack Kerouac

Murders, pedos, gayness. It is all there.

f295f6 No.505948

File: a9b4575f9d9cf84⋯.jpeg (226.07 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, B30E7CAB-137C-40AB-8D7D-4….jpeg)

File: c016d3da1c13ecb⋯.png (2.35 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 5A76BB3E-CE98-459D-B860-A8….png)

File: 89f9cf268fcabbf⋯.jpeg (218.88 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 274FC4ED-768F-4888-A3C0-4….jpeg)

File: 503383c0ab96186⋯.png (2.35 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, FFFCAE92-15BC-4C6B-A21E-AC….png)

File: dd3286a9b8838c9⋯.jpeg (319.48 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, CA0C52C1-86BB-4077-90F8-D….jpeg)

Okay anons, I was trying to redpill some normies on twatter. Had a woman ask me if she could DM me in regards about Parkland and David Hogg and Sheriff Israel. I blocked out her name and anything that will dox her or me for anonymity reasons as you can understand. Here is part one;

46e938 No.505949


Exactly! Tie in Obama's changes to FERPA, the establishment of longitudinal data bases combining med records with education records under Common Core (Oregon's is called P-20W for prenatal to 20 and working!) Gives Big Pharma access to ALL the info they need

8af2f1 No.505951


dont doxx yourself atlantafag

0b97e0 No.505952



> as far as I know it's a group of people in their 40s that get together for debauchery (drugs, including absinthe, orgies, and other degeneracy which their group refers to as "slack"

14 year old girls too.

1cd2e1 No.505953

Shills have been here lately trashing the governor of Missouri calling him corrupt with no proof. NOw I know why

http:// www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/02/25/hantler-george-soros-declares-war-state-missouri/

It wasn’t enough that, years ago, George Soros fanned the flames of anti-police protests in Ferguson, Missouri. Now he’s back to his old antics: bankrolling a prosecutor to go after a popular, conservative Republican Governor, Eric Greitens.

Soros’ Washington-DC based super PAC gave St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner almost $200,000 to make sure she carried his water once elected. And she has: She’s softened enforcement of crimes and, worse, has used the powers of her office to recklessly pursue an investigation against the Governor.

That investigation culminated in an indictment this past week—which means that Missouri taxpayers are, yet again, on the hook for spending taxpayer money for frivolous cases, thanks to George Soros.

Missouri isn’t the only place Soros’s tentacles reach. He’s tried to weaken crime laws and attack law enforcement in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Texas. By spending millions to fund soft-on-crime local prosecutors—including $2 million to unseat Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona—Soros hopes that his far-left ideology on crime and violence can take hold in prosecutors officers around the United States.

703dfc No.505954

Anons -

do not watch both the video & sound at the same time.

only one or the other. use only frame by frame in video only.

In audio use only closed captioning so the words show up on the screen, it will filter out the audio frequency that mess with your head.

If you are on Meds the video & audio may trigger your DNA to cherry pick a ingredient within the meds.

Just be safe Anons -

these people are sick & they have cause many people to be fucked in the head

bba10b No.505955

Think about the "Bridge of Spies" as it applies here..

Trading assets for their spies.

Trading knowledge.

Who is trading what, and who is turning from black hat to white hat and from white hat to black hat?

Very important…

87b1da No.505956


tubbies is that u?

vroom vroom?

5df968 No.505958




FG = FRANK GUISTRA - Canadian businessman, mining financier. Uranium One absorbed by a company run and co-owned Giustra – a 100-million dollar Clinton donor, net worth ~1-billion

e3a3b9 No.505959

File: d076b7b08611ef1⋯.jpg (12.87 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

Yes, in the hearts of hearts, the truths of truths you're all being manipulated by faggot nerds like the SA goonsqwarm.

They're faggot nerds with a lotta tech, with no empathy for human life, despite the potential of developing schizophrenia here. Lol

A.I. take these fat bastards out.

I'm joking :>)

a8ed4b No.505960


Thank you anon

f3d185 No.505961


Rofl nice news to me too. Every corner you turn Crypto has some greasy fuck backing it.

f449c2 No.505962

File: 159b4cfabfe2a68⋯.jpg (747.13 KB, 1800x1465, 360:293, Over Target.jpg)

0b97e0 No.505964


>It's possible they are related to something deeper, weirder, and more sinister,

Only if you meet up with them IRL.

f295f6 No.505965

File: f77ff0534c6272f⋯.jpeg (296.62 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 7B41F3A6-0AC3-40B2-BFBF-E….jpeg)

File: faff3d9672023df⋯.jpeg (334.76 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 5C925013-3611-4020-8A49-0….jpeg)

File: bd481e958d57f0c⋯.jpeg (297.63 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, F1D41107-9EE6-4D87-99D1-A….jpeg)


I’m keeping in contact with her right now.

She’s a middle aged lady with a son, who doesn’t buy the narrative the media is putting out. So she started doing research and by luck, I managed to somehow make contact with her.

2599f6 No.505966


again, Q verifies the graphic *he* posts:

http:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/148777785/#148779656

"Attached gr[A]phic is correct."

these spurious and misleading posts by that ID are not in it

fe1266 No.505967





attention (with the exclamation mark)

various numbers, some rather horrible photos

08/05/1917 flashes faintly and quickly

May 8, 1917 (everyone in the world but goes day-month-year which make the most sense)

"In Russia, the February Revolution (known as such because of Russia’s use of the Julian calendar) begins when riots and strikes over the scarcity of food erupt in Petrograd. One week later, centuries of czarist rule in Russia ended with the abdication of Nicholas II, and Russia took a dramatic step closer toward communist revolution. …" https:// www.history.com/this-day-in-history/february-revolution-begins

b0f320 No.505968

File: db1aa037f2a9e57⋯.png (110 KB, 1174x1045, 1174:1045, artofwar.PNG)


>This was is still full on Sun Tzu.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Art_of_War

>This isn't a game.

This is war, loosing is not an option. Thankfully we fight alongside the best!

631153 No.505969


Some things changed according what is going on. Things shifted.

908210 No.505970

File: f40036d7155b085⋯.jpg (82.58 KB, 1568x549, 1568:549, RUHSgraddate.JPG)

File: 5fb521819f06ec8⋯.jpg (119.03 KB, 1226x839, 1226:839, AdamMScal2014.JPG)

File: ac433af2b0eace2⋯.jpg (145.99 KB, 1209x893, 1209:893, ParrasMS.JPG)

File: d51727917792357⋯.jpg (106.78 KB, 959x364, 137:52, Gradinfo.JPG)

File: 8182eb02811b286⋯.jpg (145.59 KB, 1219x868, 1219:868, RUHSsch.jpg)

>>503980 previous





I agree this was a major slid and disinfo

David photo taken 6/20/14 - most probably Middle school graduation. Looks younger, hasn't quite lost his chubby cheeks.

Please see calendars of two middle schools in area from 2014.& HS

I also checked through the grad pics done by B. Graverson the photographer, if you care to review yourself, here is the url : http:// tbrnews.com/search/?f=html&q=brad+graverson&s=start_time&sd=desc&l=25&t=article%2Ccollection%2Cvideo%2Cyoutube%2Cimage&nsa=eedition&app%5B0%5D=editorial&o=75

bba10b No.505971

File: 9e99964627b6eec⋯.png (92.22 KB, 576x560, 36:35, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)



2c8b35 No.505972

Seriously anons,

it's so weird to watch Carter Page.

It's like he's on the brink of laughing, ALL THE TIME!

cf9b65 No.505973


gotta be fake story… illogical people will believe it. all that is probably cover for something else.

a4f1a0 No.505974



457cba No.505975


is that the same as a Minute man silo, decommisioned, ALL of them around here are just fields now.

20e9da No.505976


Bariloche was a hot bed of Nazi activity after WWII. Supposedly Hitler was living there for some time. "Argentinian" (Fourth Reich) nuclear reactor(s) in that general area as well.

ca167b No.505977


13013 NOVA CORP BLUE is the channel title for the creepy mind control videos. If you search for 13013 NOVA CORP BLUE, someone using this screen name has posted on many forums with that title. He claims to have survived SHTF scenarios in Thailand and Lesotho and to have been imprisoned in Lesotho. I gather he's awake, a prepper, possibly military background, and also listens to Q since he commented on this video below about Qanon. If this is all the same person. I'm mentioning this because he may have changed the title of the mind control video to match Q's stringer. Or not. Here's the video about Q he commented on:

http:// imperiya.by/video/onN9CWA8Rcd/Live-Stream-We-Are-the-Storm.html

8af2f1 No.505978


i know exactly what DJ you are talking about and probably one of two clubs you are talking about

f449c2 No.505979


Yikes! Is that real?

8670ce No.505980

They bought two pretty expensive houses when they moved to Fl. Sold one to some Russian dude who used to own an airline >>505948

bba10b No.505982


OTO or Illuminati?

99537a No.505983



1444f5 No.505984


I'm glad it's not just me being a terrible person. I'd love to slap the SNOT outta the little shit.

1a489b No.505985

File: 653100686c574b9⋯.png (9.91 KB, 245x97, 245:97, Q_capcha.PNG)

oops friendly fire banned my vpn lol

87b1da No.505986


go do something else then. keep your wits.

3e7edf No.505987


BO I am going to 4Chan now to verify this post. If it turns out that what I have is correct, we have to wonder why this IP address is telling us it's wrong. This is Q's s 74th message so it was back in the 4Chan era.

792292 No.505988

File: 152bf4e8e123e40⋯.png (289.12 KB, 476x455, 68:65, DROPOUT1.png)

bbc4d7 No.505989


ummm .. the Q code's 2nd to the last line also references a 13013 nova corp blue video …

38155b No.505992


Seems like, interesting company name "Hive Blockchain Technologies Inc."

a5acdf No.505993

File: bd92304d3919706⋯.png (427.74 KB, 1323x787, 1323:787, screenshot_27.png)


I wonder if that book is just a way for clowns to com with one another?

49ee11 No.505994


Yeah. I had a friend who became a "pastor" of the "Church of the Subgenius" or something, many years ago, but he was just doing it as a joke, and the whole thing seemed like just a troll. But like you said, it could be attached to something more sinister, as these things often go.

bba10b No.505995

File: 0fd1ea689f6c0d6⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 2600x1950, 4:3, images.duckduckgo-10.jpg)

File: 9e99964627b6eec⋯.png (92.22 KB, 576x560, 36:35, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

2599f6 No.505996


try reading the *original* post, and attached graphic, on halfchan

http:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/148777785/#148779656

"Attached gr[A]phic is correct."

28d685 No.505997



87b1da No.505998


look up 100th monkey

bba10b No.506000

File: 9e99964627b6eec⋯.png (92.22 KB, 576x560, 36:35, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

File: a38ed523d4ab33e⋯.jpg (18.53 KB, 610x359, 610:359, images.duckduckgo-11.jpg)


d354be No.506001


The MB was heavily involved with the German Third Reich. Interestingly, they had considerable contact with agents of British Intelligence, as well, throughout World War 2 and then were later incorporated into British MI6 and used to foment the first Arab-Israeli war so that the British could sign a treaty with Iraq.

The gist of it is that there seems to be quite a few problems that are either fomented… Or leveraged from an organic state, before a solution is billed from the same group which started it in the first place.

The Bolsheviks are a fun group to trace. When I search for Bloody October, the wiki article on Bloody Sunday comes up with relation to the Bolshevik revolution in Russia that would lead to the consolidation of power under Lenin and the communist party.

Are there Bolsheviks elsewhere in the world? What if Red October, as a movie, is allegory to the Russian Revolution? I am stretching a bit, as my memory of red October is sketchy… But it is an intriguing angle. The hunt for Red October being the hunt for a Bolshevik plan to stage a revolution using a secret group of conspirators.

87b1da No.506002



631153 No.506003

File: a9e27e16811e42a⋯.png (9.7 KB, 742x156, 371:78, Q is Alice.PNG)

8af2f1 No.506005


sorry anon I warned

dont doxx yourself

they turn peoples life off here

they dont like us very much

09cf53 No.506006


Could be - but they post an awful lot of photos from their events. If that stuff is going on, I would think they would keep the whole thing secret…

http:// www.subgenius.com/newdevivals.html

http:// www.subgenius.com/bigfist/fun/devivals/devivals.html

There are pictures from "devivals" (what they call their get-togethers) including more than 20 past X-Day events, going all the way back to 1991 which is years before I even started reading their site.

I can't say there is nothing evil to these people, but both then and now, I got more of an impresion that they were harmless weirdos with odd tastes in artwork and humor. They don't feel evil the way that the Podestas, Jimmy Alefantis. Marina Abrahmovic, etc. feel the instant you step into their world, DESPITE the off-color artwork and themes.

f3d185 No.506008



in Q 518 - Jan 13 2018 22:33:44

Frank Guistra & Clinton. What's N1LB?

4a9f44 No.506009

>>505972 Russians were right ! This guy is an idiot! He is not a sympathetic victim!

2599f6 No.506011


look at the original Q post, and his attached graphic, on halfchan

http:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/148777785/#148779656

"Attached gr[A]phic is correct."

bba10b No.506012



0b97e0 No.506013

File: 069efe56f199e84⋯.png (672.37 KB, 1024x1532, 256:383, honeypot.png)



3e7edf No.506014

File: 6703348742930a4⋯.png (8.14 KB, 611x157, 611:157, wtf99b.png)

05a3db No.506016


No one left behind

05f798 No.506018


The great thing is that you get to believe anything you want.

I will stick with the math.

bba10b No.506019

File: 836604d7199b06e⋯.png (49.73 KB, 868x268, 217:67, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

The fuck BAKER / ADMIN????

31a12f No.506020

b2d077 No.506021

47b16b No.506022

bba10b No.506023


Dark matter?

a4f1a0 No.506026

File: 8fa37f05a094c6d⋯.png (217.73 KB, 452x340, 113:85, canadasnipe.png)

File: bdfa5e68c5aae72⋯.png (79.13 KB, 808x592, 101:74, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)


to be fair you did dox yourself


e7876c No.506027

Does HRC and they dont say his name still have boots on feet ? Any updates or pics?

bba10b No.506028


After lots of researching it seems they could be easily playing frequencies lower than audible on these boards as a counter measure….

631153 No.506029


[FG&C] is For God and Country

87b1da No.506030



this whole storm has been about mind control

the spell

bba10b No.506032


how did I dox myself?

ea1150 No.506034


Good stuff. Agree. I'm wondering if this is the rabbit hole?

0f5135 No.506035


Hmmm.. you are correct. If this is someone who has been on the board. they could have easily changed the video info to match Q's stringers.

Sick joke…. yes. OR< the clowns did it to drive us to them?

3525d8 No.506036


Jeez, this idiot knows everything.

We can all go home now.

e2f3cb No.506038

a whole lot of

mindfvck shills

this evening

I see they are

still using the

same old crap

material they've

been using

for decades


me thinks it

may be a sign

that some big

things have been

going on today.

They do that crap

when they're scared.


908210 No.506039


lol, only two other public middle schools in area were Manhattan and Jefferson, one did not have calendar and other did not go back to 2014.

Somebody asked for sauce - just trying to put this puppy to bed.

05a3db No.506040


Do not give any personal info, particularly when broaching that subject was the message.

5f7d43 No.506041

EU is the 4th Reich. The Nazis (cabal) were smarter than just trying to win a war. They subverted countries, industries, etc. In the end the EU is the model for that the 3rd Reich was to be.

28d685 No.506042


Mind Control?

36ad89 No.506043



i listened for a sec and got stomach ache and started feeling head ache. be careful watching the moving hypnotic shit too.

b4eae1 No.506044


What a resemblance .. look at "Micheal's face…

2c8b35 No.506045

"Nope. Daddy's Dead" - At Age Of 5, Florida Shooter Watched His Father Die

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-26/nope-daddys-dead-age-5-florida-shooter-watched-his-father-die

982a1a No.506046


If that is the case then he is an idiot if he thinks a room full of 2 yr olds can monitor themselves and be productive. I sure as hell hope they have a plan C, because this isn't working.

Where are your planefags?…your Milfags?…seasoned Qfags? They left. Only the kiddles are left who think dick pics and squirting cunts are priority to post while the few remaining skeleton qanon crew face palm.

9fcca4 No.506047

Agreed. I have yet to see Sauce from anyone who claim this kid did not graduating from Redondo Union. What I have seen are pictures of this kid with his mom at a graduation, in the same garb as others graduating in 2016 and an article of slick willy giving a speech at this school in 2012. It seems to trigger big time. >>505911

631153 No.506048


You talking about me or the idiot who posted it wrong?

bba10b No.506049

File: 0cffce2068c5597⋯.jpg (32.51 KB, 600x336, 25:14, images.duckduckgo-13.jpg)



In reference to them…

f3d185 No.506050




TY Fellas. Some times when you're at this too long you start confirmation bias of your own memes.

f5710b No.506051


Why do you think there was a big push to force electronic medical records on doctors??

c41807 No.506052

>>505658 –→>>> >>505907

PADDED CELL Installation in GITMO to be completed no later then 3-31-18!!! :)

6d98bd No.506053

File: 17d19cc362679f0⋯.png (102.72 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, madeira_fun_facts.png)

f449c2 No.506054


It should really be "former" Nazis.

bba10b No.506055



3e7edf No.506056


The "attached graphic" is correct and valid but it does not include all of Q's posts. This is by design. This graphic is intended to provide what we need to "learn to read the map." Not everything Q posted serves that end, so not everything Q posted is in that graphic. Because a given graphic was excluded doesn't mean it wasn't posted by Q.

If Q says it's not him, then I will erase it from my own database.

a4f1a0 No.506057

File: bdfa5e68c5aae72⋯.png (79.13 KB, 808x592, 101:74, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)


totally seems

to be the freaky face

look at this, caught 3 cocksmokers

all posting within couple seconds L augh O ut Loud

05a3db No.506059


He didn't mean you did, he implied they watch and will continue watching.

bba10b No.506060

File: 0cffce2068c5597⋯.jpg (32.51 KB, 600x336, 25:14, images.duckduckgo-13.jpg)



91f27a No.506062

.@POTUS .@realDonaldTrump .@Qanon .@CNN .@MSNBC #MKUltra

#FalseFlag #internetbillofrights #GreatAwakening #NotABot #DrainTheSwamp #SecretSociety #shadowbans #LockHerUp #NoHR1865 #GITMO #Gbay #StopFosta #ObamaGate #Treason #PigFarma #TwitterLockout #BrowardCoward #CrisisActors

A nice selection of copy and paste Twat Hashtags###

0b97e0 No.506063


This artist couple in Ottawa I used to hang out with ten years ago is connected to a disbarred lawyer who was disbarred for molesting a four year old girl. They used to grow weed together.

Secrecy in one aspect can lead to others to assume you would go along with other, sinister activities. I got tired of him and his temper tantrums long before I found out he was friends with a pedophile, and in retrospect, thinking back to some of the weird things he said, I think he's a pedophile too.

3e7edf No.506064


Correction, "because a given MESSAGE was excluded….."

f3d185 No.506065


Board feels in full on Psyop mode. Is this what happens when most the players are out playing?

fceee5 No.506066


>Q never pointed us to talk endlessly about this dumb kid. Take it somewhere else.

Dude, you come across as an ignorant prick too stupid to realize even those who tend to agree with you.

47b16b No.506067



Yes, century.


Wrong. You'll see in the end.



2efb89 No.506068

So basically what do we know on these videos pointed at by Q?

The name of the account/hooktube channel is something almost meaningless as would typically be concocted by alfabetsoup agency.

The 13013 is a clever way of writing BOB and refers (possibly) to subgenius.com which is a long standing bunch of weird shit in and of itself.

Some URL in one of the videos says http:// btcs13.webs.com/

the president of company is Professor Adam Ireland PHD CEO

Country of origin is conveniently Ukraine, prolly clown infested over there, would have to be, so why not.

Lots of work involved for a channel that has almost no viewers until today ;)

If any of us start to act weird in coming days, what should they do? Tell us here! Refrain from doing unusual shit, go on a hike, have a beer or a bong, whatever but stay safe.

These vids are full of vile stuff (I only visioned one and had my fill).

Anything about dates? Timeline? Qposts, events,video posting dates, dates referenced in these videos?

Some of the porn subliminals come from a japanese pornsite.

Some anons seem to be really adversely affected by viewing, the traumatizing is real and paplable.



This is important for the information gathering on subliminal information and from the security aspect: we are all targeted here AND exposed.

Well…for hooktube this is hook line and sinker ;)

Q warned us that this is bigger than we could imagine; it's dawning on me alright.

We have to read this MKUltra doc VERY CAREFULLY as Q asked us to: that might give more clues as to the whereabouts of these shitvids in the bigger story, no doubt.

There might be more to these than just triggers for shootout-patsies.

Spycomms are a very real possibility, the freaky weirdness used to throw people off the scent so to speak.

There is a jewtube channel and a hooktube one.

I have not discovered them, just found them here, some other anon showed the way and decyphered the codes from Qposts.

I viewed just one so my info is fractional. This needs to be filled in further.

Might warrant its own thread maybe.

No fun between those Hogg red herring fishers here.

Oktnxbye have to go now.

09cf53 No.506069


Correct. I can't say for certain there is no REAL evil behind all of it. After all, making it all out to be a tongue-in-cheek joke spread widely on the internet WOULD be an effective cover if they did in fact have pizza parties or worse.

However, the guiding light in my heart says it's unlikely that the Subgenii represent a real threat or have anything to do with what Q wants us digging up. However, just to be safe, we could dig in and research

Reverend Ivan Stang

Who, as far as I know, is the central Human behind the church and its events and activities. He is not shy–he's attended hundreds of public events and there are innumerable pictures of him on the site, often wearing a cowboy hat and being a drunken weirdo in the company of many similar such individuals.

http:// www.subgenius.com/bigfist/fun/devivals/X-Day98/POST-X-DAY/Post-X-Day.html

The first "X-Day" was in 1998, and when the X-ist Saucer Fleet did NOT arrive to destroy the world, the Subgenii declared that it was because BOB made a mistake and mis-read the date (upside down) and that the X-ists would actually be coming in 8661, not 1998! (LOL)

The event appears to have just been a shindig with a $30 cover charge, live music, debauchery, women with their saggy tits hanging out, etc.

2599f6 No.506070


Q authenticates the graphic that he attaches to his own post, with his verified trip. That graphic spans the date range, and does not include any posts by that ID AZhJ37bn, or say Q = Alice. Just look at it.

bba10b No.506071

File: 0cffce2068c5597⋯.jpg (32.51 KB, 600x336, 25:14, images.duckduckgo-13.jpg)

15d039 No.506072

File: e4c01d7efeeaddd⋯.jpg (37.05 KB, 696x797, 696:797, newsweekbots.JPG)

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-09/newsweek-crisis-editors-go-nuclear-exec-over-criminal-probe-during-leaked-meeting

Instead of worrying about that faggot David Hogg, why don't we go after the fake news media instead?

Newsweek had 450% growth in traffic from Dec 16-Dec 17. (Hint: it was bots) They're also being investigated for fraud.

I bet the botting is rampant in the media. This is a good vector for meming because it flips their "Russian Bot" narrative back onto them.

b63316 No.506073


if she told you she has a son, shill or no, be careful….

do you believe in coincidence?

021706 No.506074

File: 077ab1e7aaf2fbf⋯.jpg (521.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 077ab1e7aaf2fbfea054d57ecf….jpg)

New Bread


2ef0f2 No.506075

So whom be hating the brainwashed kid in Florida

ANd whom is roasting caballs

Was it ssri or was it federal protest

Why and who is attempting to bait your sympathy

I bet that rabbit hole is dank and prol gross

The atrocities deserve no rodeo clown

The clowns deserve no mo rodeos

A pelicans mouth is full of caca

792292 No.506076

Cameron Kasky's father → linked to all sorts of shit

check this out:



bba10b No.506077

File: 9028c6fe34b3c84⋯.png (224.76 KB, 490x296, 245:148, 9028c6fe34b3c84124f63e54d2….png)










b63316 No.506078


much appreciated Baker

38155b No.506079

File: 06d0fe8ade43405⋯.png (34.62 KB, 654x221, 654:221, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ea87eff14f7d5d7⋯.png (10.01 KB, 520x78, 20:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 48f53dcc7310c27⋯.png (21.35 KB, 842x124, 421:62, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-05-17/mining-maverick-lured-out-of-hiatus-by-billion-dollar-gold-dream

05f798 No.506081


Those concrete pats sure look like ICBM launch silos.

5f77c7 No.506082


Looks like a skeet range. Wonder where it be?

ef5751 No.506083


Just for reference, google "Jr. Bob Dobbs" and the "Church of the Subgenius."

It's old stuff. I'm betting many will get sucked into it, because it's like an endless loop of nonsense that borders on making sense just over the horizon. You'll be asking yourself if they're really serious.

It would be a good place to hide real info, because there is so much bs you wouldn't be able to tell if it was an accident.

My advice: don't read it on acid.

8670ce No.506085


fuck man…this whole story is a tragedy

3e7edf No.506086


Q didn't even have a trip code on the date this was posted. This message has an 8 character ID, which only 4chan has. 8chan ID's are six characters.

3bd56a No.506087

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/504327.html#504627

Is that possibly David Hogg in the front?

58bffb No.513084


It does not look human; skeletal proportions are not human - IMHO.

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