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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 077ab1e7aaf2fbf⋯.jpg (521.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 077ab1e7aaf2fbfea054d57ecf….jpg)

ff7ac5 No.624511

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ff7ac5 No.624536

https:// pastebin.com/23gA0wfC

8e4b4f No.624544

A little clarification here for those who are unaware.

Q often refers to POTUS "having everything." Since 2009, every single form of electronic communication in the United States, and likely every other developed nation, is on record with the NSA. Every text message, every email, every fax, every video (from YouTube to video conferencing). This treasure trove of information is how POTUS and Q piece together everything they know.

The problem is that none of this information is admissible in court because it was not legally obtained.

What most are never made aware of is the absolutely staggering scope of super computer operations in the United States alone. Q often refers to the 7 Dwarves. These are not 7 super computers. They are super computer complexes. "Four Acres of Cray" is the old name for Claude Moore Farms, a facility adjacent to Clown HQ in Langley. That is one Dwarf. There are six others, spread out throughout the nation.

The amount of hardware serving the CIA and the Cabal is staggering, and none of it is desktop based. Desktops are used for managing the office. For all the serious work, it's all about super computers and nothing BUT super computers. The desktop and server world, to these guys, is kids' stuff. The number of companies involved, on both the hardware and software end, in supercomputer development, is probably 100x what the normal person perceives. There are easily 1,000,000 cores operational across the entire spectrum of what the NWO is using. Obviously they are not all in a single computer but if memory serves, there are upwards of 400,000 cores in one single super computer. Available memory is in the thousands of terabytes.

You can safely assume that no key-based encryption in use today is safe. It's all prime number based and it's all breakable. Breaking Q's trip code is a joke, it's so easy for the hardware these people have available. In the eternal war of better encryption vs. better methods for breaking it, the breakers will easily be out in front for all eternity. They simply add more cores and more memory every time the ante is upped with better encryption. As it stands today, the coders will never be safe; the breakers will always have a 1000x advantage because it's exponentially faster, cheaper, and easier to simply add thousands of new cores and terabytes of new memory to the breaking effort than it will ever be to expand the encryption capability.

So that's the general overview of the playing field.

ff7ac5 No.624555

File: 8f311514bea4a3f⋯.jpg (24.22 KB, 413x416, 413:416, trumpohnoes.jpg)

<mfw we have to red pill /pol/ that the cabal are Nazis, and the holocaust happened, and people died.

10cb01 No.624566


i was at the rally tonight...

there was another creepy guy behind trump but to the right

he looked like he had a plastic head

i wasn't close enough so i assumed that he was a wounded veteran or something.

it was odd though

b2dce8 No.624573

File: 06106d51d83fb66⋯.png (62.16 KB, 505x534, 505:534, 4edceb0e2d77eb4eb845034d71….png)



c93c72 No.624574



Ran that alley. Lead nowhere. That is what makes me think it was setup to look that way.

Smoke and Mirrors.

I'm thinking patriot now.

He had nothing.

This was slick though.

https:// web.archive.org/web/20100704002854/http:// www.attrition.org/mirror/attrition/1999/05/02/www.bellsouth.com/

d07962 No.624575

File: a7f0704c7ae3a31⋯.png (246.34 KB, 1431x782, 1431:782, Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at ….png)

New Petition for POTUS!! HOT OFF OF THE PRESSES!!!!




>https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/declare-purdue-pharma-producers-oxycontin-enemy-republic-united-states-america-0

"Set the Stage."






3baf8a No.624576

Australia has the highest inflow of HNWI (High Net Worth Individuals). In other words, rich people are fleeing to Australia. Ask yourself, why would they go to an ISLAND full of dangerous geography and poisonous/dangerous animals? Maybe because the vast majority of the world wouldn't be able to get to them if they're corruption was found out?

Also, the organization that created this report for 2018 is called NEW WORLD WEALTH. Coincidence?


https:// www.businessinsider.com.au/high-net-worth-individuals-are-moving-to-australia-2018-1#khVX0ZX00Lj5JE9x.99

https:// samnytt.se/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/GWMR-2018.pdf

d84fc3 No.624577

goodnight anons

God Bless and stay safe

been another long day

e45bc5 No.624578



ff641c No.624579

File: 6cf95d3720abdeb⋯.jpg (9.96 KB, 320x159, 320:159, ZioNazi Medal.jpg)

NAZI Medal…


4c6c2c No.624580


There is a lot of open space there. All of Australia contains roughly the population of Los Angeles

9a48d8 No.624581


Third idea is obvious!

Q has been saying for a while now MAKE FUCKEN NOISE!!!

if he tells you.

"Ya know we considered unleashing justice, but ppl arent ready for it."

what reaction would you expect to have from that?

6c9719 No.624582

File: 5ebb9212c7aef0c⋯.jpg (32.01 KB, 641x479, 641:479, polydactylism.JPG)

The Nephilim king was born in China.

9edf0d No.624583

Q needs to clear up this holocaust denial crap,

9dd210 No.624584

File: f63272c940b03e3⋯.jpg (40.92 KB, 396x382, 198:191, 1519006526516.jpg)

360969 No.624585

File: f6934ab1512aa06⋯.jpg (351.3 KB, 1280x657, 1280:657, pgategatedalley-door1.jpg)

File: 0ca2e9ca70b7eac⋯.jpg (410.37 KB, 1280x659, 1280:659, pgategatedalley-door12.jpg)

File: 558a45259af9215⋯.jpg (8.78 KB, 116x101, 116:101, pgategatedalley-door14.jpg)

One more dump of pics of a rear door of a business a couple of doors down. There's a lot of symbology, if nothing catches your eye save them anyway. Source is Ice Poseidon's Washington DC stream few months back.

cf6b62 No.624586


Clowns + Vatican + Roths + Queen + Secret Orders + 3 city state + Pharaonic Octogon families of the Swiss Templars and other groups trying to control humanity via the Banking Cartel.





229df1 No.624587

File: 0f3e05e50991b1e⋯.jpeg (983.24 KB, 1242x2094, 207:349, 7751440B-CE32-43B1-BD6F-8….jpeg)

File: 8deb679979ffc0e⋯.jpeg (619.34 KB, 1242x1564, 27:34, ED3C2725-6AED-4E89-A74D-4….jpeg)

Anons, looks like we are scraping the surface of those whom Hitler sired.

— HRC, Merkel and Obama related?

It can’t get more bizarre but quite possibly true.

e02cc3 No.624588

just want to point out that in one of the /pol/ threads, somebody went agro on the cia

74348b No.624589

File: f47a34533bb49df⋯.png (34.54 KB, 1200x1165, 240:233, sleven.png)



<Here it is with correct flag colors.

b5840e No.624590

My theory after tonight.

Rothchilds stole the name. Pretended to be Jews.

Got Hitler in power.

Used Hilter to kill/eliminate real the real Jews.

Roth’s then get US involved to clean up Hitler.

Then the British Empire gives Israel back to the “Jews” AKA Rothschilds.

So the rothchilds hijacked the Jews by killing the real ones and got a country for it.

Just a theory after tonight.

I can’t go to no holocaust. It’s documented we took in the scienctist who ran those plans for their research.

ca6bf9 No.624591


apologies, when shit gets ugly, for some reason lag or other, that response was intended to another post.

4c6c2c No.624592


That kid needs guitar lessons pronto

d07962 No.624593

File: dd1d4d9ff7b52fe⋯.png (453.56 KB, 732x409, 732:409, Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at ….png)

File: 0b591ecc8271f08⋯.png (440.46 KB, 658x380, 329:190, Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at ….png)

File: 3394f6d60ed2d62⋯.png (522.83 KB, 899x591, 899:591, Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at ….png)

File: ce3c30e456a1875⋯.png (842.55 KB, 1039x587, 1039:587, Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at ….png)

Great Work Baker!!





ff641c No.624595

File: b8b0f9269348beb⋯.jpg (54.5 KB, 548x487, 548:487, Zyklon B - Facts and Findi….jpg)

Q-Pulled back.

I cant!

ffb16d No.624596

File: 6862a064b275722⋯.png (369.13 KB, 1605x849, 535:283, ClipboardImage.png)

File: be3424f06daef0c⋯.png (318.59 KB, 1625x881, 1625:881, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e5d971bc0941998⋯.png (255.39 KB, 1633x875, 1633:875, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5b570b136a382b0⋯.png (378 KB, 1636x883, 1636:883, ClipboardImage.png)

9a48d8 No.624597


This anon gets it!


b2f5b6 No.624598

11:11 understood. Thank you all. Godspeed.

a35213 No.624599

File: 89f352b16f6f0dd⋯.jpeg (239.76 KB, 660x665, 132:133, DB21E878-E1D2-4758-987D-7….jpeg)

Bless This Shill Free Bread


253707 No.624600


Q doesn't have to do anything actually.

ce8810 No.624601

WW2: what was the global result?

The axis was the ultimate proxy army. The US/UK ended up with dominion over everything they invaded as well as the belligerents' home nations.

159171 No.624602

I posted this in the last bread wanted to share it again because anons should hear it.

I believe in the holocaust. Do I think Spielberg spits out propaganda, sure.

Are the numbers accurate, I don't know.

Here's what I know:

According to Arnold Toynbee, a famous British historian and member of the britsh foriegn service, he actually met with Hitler in 1936 and is the main reason Chamberlain underestimated Hitler so badly. Germany was the first country to begin to populate British Palestine with jews in the late 19th century, early 20th century.

Germany wanted to establish a trading post between Europe and the middle East and for all intents and purposes to them at the time they had found a loophole with German jews to establish what to them was basically a German colony.

The plan backfired because as soon as the jews landed they began to distance themselves from German culture, resurrected Hebrew and stopped speaking German.

Germany took great offense to this and this was the true beginning of the conflict between the Germans and the jews. The Germans basically lost it on them cuz they stopped speaking German.

This situation detiorated very badly over the next 30 years with wealth disparity and competing cultures.

If you don't believe the deep hostility the Germans particularly the Nazis held for the jews you should really study German propaganda and see what they thought in their own words.

Holocaust deniers are basically flat earthers. Its just profound ignorance of history.

I honestly think clowns push this idea on here more than anyone else because it's an easy way to discredit us. But I know a lot of anons agree with me.

7d55da No.624603

File: 9cf7f51b2938f63⋯.png (115.22 KB, 2000x1112, 250:139, hrc-rockefeller-conf.png)

Not a huge surprise here

Hillary is a Rockefeller. Her signature confirms it. Her signature says more than just what I show in Greek here, but that will come tomorrow as I have other signatures to get into the graphic.

but I had jostled with it in my mind whether it was Rockefeller or Soros or Satan or whatever

It's Rockefeller…. Nelson would be my guess as to which brother was her dad (he was VPOTUS of US at one time and Hillary's a "dynasty" woman)

Crooked said her dad inked/hung draperies during the debates with Trump. Somehow several days ago I figured out that draperies = tapestries = jesuit. But there is a step in that logic missing. Too sleepy right now.


Hillary Rockefeller Center Diane Diana Artemis Tefnut Rodman Rodham Clinton

1cdf6a No.624604


How did he deny the holocaust exactly?

cf6b62 No.624605


The man that jumped off the bridge, left a note also…man in NY killed in the park…left a note…all HC kills are actually clown kills.

d3c7b4 No.624606

Remember W=VV?

How about NVVO?

Prepare yourselves emotionally.

http:// nvvo.tumblr.com/

861d8a No.624608

From "Natürliche Wirtschaftsordnung" the National Economic Order aka NWO Its about Eugenics Folks:

"We must avoid the fate of a Christian reduced to

beggary and disarmed in the economic trial of strength by the logical application of his creed-with the

result that he and his brood go under in the process of natural selection. Humanity gains nothing if the

finest individuals it produces are crucified. Eugenic selection requires the direct contrary. The best of

mankind must be allowed to develop, for only then can we hope that the inexhaustible treasures latent

in man will gradually be brought to light."

229df1 No.624609

File: 5fba19b76ba4d46⋯.jpeg (694.4 KB, 1242x681, 414:227, 0472D516-DC0C-4D96-A668-3….jpeg)

Obama’s genetic father Malcolm X? They look like twins.

cf6b62 No.624611


Wow, good find!

d82671 No.624612




playing both sides

front puppet vs real controller

5fad9c No.624613


>>621156 Fuck Farrakhan. That asshole has been inflaming niggers since the 80's. Anyone associated with this human piece of shit is an idiot and a fool. Wake up muzzie lovers!!!! They'll be raping your wives and children if we don't stop them now. Just like in the EU.


"Promises made.

Promises kept."

9a48d8 No.624614


you know who holds the key to allot of this intel and is still alive to talk about it?

Admr ACE!

that old geezer is a rock star!

ff641c No.624616


>Rothchilds stole the name. Pretended to be Jews.


>Got Hitler in power.


Used Hilter to ROUND UP the Jews.

Purpose to form the STATE of ISRAEL (for where he would have reigning power)

"These people need a homeland" - Balfour Declaration

Some (LOTS) people died in the camps from TYPHUS.

6c9719 No.624617


you saying all black people look alike?

861d8a No.624618

From "Natürliche Wirtschaftsordnung" the National Economic Order aka NWO- The end of the family!

"Natural selection, thus restored, will be further intensified in the Natural Economic Order by the elimination of sex privileges. To secure this aim, rent upon land will be divided among the mothers in

proportion to the number of their children, as compensation for the burden of rearing children (Swiss

mothers, for example, will receive about 60 francs a month for each child). This should make women

economically independent enough to prevent them from marrying out of economic necessity, or from

prolonging a marriage repugnant to their feelings, or from being forced into the class of prostitutes

after a first false step. In the Natural Economic Order women will have not alone freedom to choose

their political representatives (an empty boon !) but freedom to choose their mates; and upon this

freedom is based the whole selective activity of nature."

222564 No.624619


If you didn't know that before, then you are correct to a pretty decent extent.

77d426 No.624620


Good catch. Looks like a clown move.

"An extraordinary number of former intelligence and military operatives from the CIA, Pentagon, National Security Council and State Department are seeking nomination as Democratic candidates for Congress in the 2018 midterm elections. The potential influx of military-intelligence personnel into the legislature has no precedent in US political history.

If the Democrats capture a majority in the House of Representatives on November 6, as widely predicted, candidates drawn from the military-intelligence apparatus will comprise as many as half of the new Democratic members of Congress."


92f40f No.624621


Stanley Ann Dunn looks a lot like Adam Lanza

70ca80 No.624622

I read about 1/2 of Mein Kampf. It's pretty obvious that Hitler thought Jews were subhuman, and that he didn't believe in Christian charity toward subhumans. I'm open to the possibility that Hitler didn't gas 6 mil. Jews, but not to the possibility that he was a decent guy who wanted to live and let live. The man's plan was to conquer all the Slavic lands, genocide the people, and replace them with people like me. I don't think anyone questions that. If he didn't kill the 6 million, I don't get the impression that he didn't think that would eventually be necessary.

cf6b62 No.624623

Banking cartel, a.k.a. C-I-A - Jesuits killed JFK, murdered Lincoln, destroyed Germany, re-wrote the history to cover up those fighting the banking cartel.

ff7ac5 No.624624


filter filter filter. Q never said anything about the holocaust. He said dig into merkel, etc.

a358a8 No.624625

The story about Elizabeth Warren not running for President tonight into hill is a lot about nothing.

She is up for reelection this year so she can't come out and say she is running for President before her Senate election this fall.

Standard for any politician to do this.

She has to do her Senate race first. Then provided she isn't in jail I am sure she will run….not that it matters.

Also in the article she wouldn't commit to fulfilling the 6 year term in the Senate if she wins this fall. There you go.

A very misleading headline by The Hill.

11eafd No.624626


Of course people died.

Just not 6 Gorillion.

74ab19 No.624627

Remember the Dance Video?

How noble it is to lead.

How brave it is to be the first followers.

How creepy it becomes in the pile on stage.

That's where this board is going.

Followers must always expect their leaders to be forthright with them.

fad443 No.624628


Fair enough analysis

9081ab No.624629


the fact that you misrepresented what he said proves you are a shill and lying thru your teeth. "By your words you will be justified and by your words you will be condemned." Your time will come and when it does, you will remember your words, shill.

62730e No.624630


(((They))) never cared about the Jews. Jews are a tool. Israel is a container.

af6b8b No.624631


hitler did nothing wrong

bb0da1 No.624632


Same at inaugural. Anons theorized it’s SS weapon hiddden in fake hand.

36ab4c No.624633


Thank you

3b7997 No.624635

File: 216c90e1a7400f9⋯.jpg (56.76 KB, 625x450, 25:18, 1503511876226.jpg)


The Purple goblin and friends set a counter to their Marxist influence. We can see it plainly here and several other places.

Let me be more clear - we're right to distrust (((David)))'s influence, but not so right to honor and celebrate the Nazi puppet regime.

Not all of them are prepared to see the light yet, Q. If you are who I think you are, good luck. I know you'll need it. Good thing you're used to it, eh?

Semper Vigilans

8c065e No.624636


It has been said for MANY years that Obama was Malcom X's love shild to a white lady.. My theory is that he was conceived during a satanic ritual, and they shipped her off to kenya to have the baby..

This is why they went to hawaii years later and got a shot form birth certificate.

Obumma's "dad" is only a step dad…

62730e No.624637


Where do you put tools?

cf6b62 No.624638


Fake Jews took control = the Khazarian mafia. Hitler fought the banking cartel - reason why they had to get rid of him.

ffb16d No.624639

File: 1e7c7801872c774⋯.png (924.76 KB, 1627x871, 1627:871, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8048826a4d9a3f7⋯.png (267.59 KB, 1604x881, 1604:881, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c6bddc15044c07e⋯.png (313.86 KB, 1534x853, 1534:853, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 706cb49aebc0bfa⋯.png (370.49 KB, 1561x874, 1561:874, ClipboardImage.png)

d07962 No.624640

File: 2cba21a3725c62c⋯.jpg (58.82 KB, 324x499, 324:499, WSBolshevik_.jpg)

File: 61e8e0f434459c8⋯.jpg (55.39 KB, 323x499, 323:499, NaziWorldOrder.jpg)

File: 09f353bfca653aa⋯.jpg (52.5 KB, 346x499, 346:499, LeaseLend.jpg)

I saw these three books in the Dilley Thread with good write ups.


9e4a70 No.624641

File: 8372259b5f2f79d⋯.jpg (850 KB, 1879x2599, 1879:2599, HillaryHandCollage.jpg)

It's hard to know which pictures are HRC, and which are her double, who sometimes appeared in public for her. I assume all the ones with a weird looking scar on the hand are her and not the double.

Unfortunately I didn't record the URLs these came from when I dug this on February 16th but they are probably easy to find.

ff641c No.624642

File: b0c9b22a0e44e71⋯.jpg (63.41 KB, 548x487, 548:487, Ground Penetrating Radar.jpg)

NO GRAVES = Shhhhh…. Prosecute Deniers!

9a48d8 No.624643


"Some guys have all the luck"

"Some guys have all the fame."

such a beautiful first lady, such an amazing president! so lucky to be alive to bear witness.

kick ass sir! maga!

cf6b62 No.624644


PoL board are a bunch of losers.

d47ba6 No.624645

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


199779 No.624646


Hitler Royal Family project a hard pill to swallow

581e26 No.624647

File: 7e212650cd07f1e⋯.gif (489.57 KB, 300x268, 75:67, dasracis.gif)

222564 No.624648


KEK…why are you looking for 6 fingers…or signs of 6 fingers?

ff7ac5 No.624649


He didn't. Some are having a hard timing coming to grips with not being correct about something.

"The end is not for everyone" ??

cf6b62 No.624651


Look at her tongue also and check canabalism disease..leaves a hole on the tongue…

857761 No.624652


The six-fingered man…he kill my father.

f59394 No.624653




076127 No.624654

File: 264f853ece3104d⋯.jpg (19.45 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

…Q… How Long Must…WE THE PEOPLE…Endure The OSS / SS / CIA

Carpe' Diem

ff7ac5 No.624655


Top cookies to the anon that made this connection! Awesome!

5ce9e1 No.624656


hardest kek all day. thank you.

74ab19 No.624657


This board is SICK with it.

cad9e4 No.624658

FOLLOW THE WIVES! "Pedogate - Women Operatives in High Places"

"Alleged" claims - but probably some leads. IF this is credible, then I understand the reason for the 40,000 ft view of map. How do you even begin to explain/illustrate all the connections? 92 women listed, many EU, CA, AUS, US; SOS Children's Villages play HUGE role; here's a few names. I've included HRC's info as listed to give you a sense of what you'll find.

Marina Johnson

Laureen Ann Harper

Kathy Robertson

Elisabeth Freud (nee Murdoch)

Heather Anne Mills

Ann Romney

Lena E. Trudeau

Greta Van Susteren

Theresa Mary May

Jane Fonda

Valerie Bowman Jarrett

Samantha Power

Ariane de Rothschild

Lady de Rothschild

Angelina Jolie

Michelle Obama

Sarah, Duchess of York (nee Sarah Margaret Ferguson – Fergie)

HRC: Revised December 8, 2012 .. Allegedly uses SOS Children’s Villages to raise children for the pedophile sexual entrapment and extortion of prospective leaders such as Rhodes Scholar and former POTUS man-in-the-middle, Bill Clinton; she allegedly shuffled patent assignments used to build BBC Crimewatch timelines (‘Crimelines’) for murders dating back to at least 1984; she allegedly built Crimelines for the ‘Songbird’ profile executed by a patented guidance and control system in the bomb which demolished the Pentagon’s U.S. Navy Command Center on 9/11; she allegedly shuffled patent assignments for QRS-11 gyroscope sub-assemblies installed on a John ‘Songbird’ McCain weapons platform debris or evidence from which was removed on a Crimeline over the Pentagon Lawn on 9/11; she allegedly engaged in the sexual extortion of Joseph Giroir Jr. (former boss at Rose Law Firm), John Huang (former Commerce Department), John Riady (family partly owns Lippo Group in Indonesia where Barry Soetoro, now Barack Obama, was groomed as a pedophile entrapment expert) and various directors of Tyson Foods Inc., Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and BEI Technologies, Inc; as a patent lawyer, she allegedly assigned time lapse patents for BEI micromachined GyroChip sensors to support remote hijacking of systems related to Aircraft Flight Control, Helicopter Flight Control, Missile and Projectile Guidance, Unattended Guided Vehicle Navigation for Commercial and Military markets for everything from missiles to commercial light and heavy aircraft; as the Junior Senator from New York she allegedly used the Onion Router patent assignment with Sarah Ferguson to co-ordinate attack on Floor 101 of WTC#1 at their meeting the night before 9/11; she allegedly master minded the raid on Ron Brown’s office with T-Force and FBI’s Robert Hanssen to get continuity of government and encryption codes for D2 Banking and 9/11; Crown Agents’ USAID-SBA liquidations; ancestors associated with Oddfellows three-link binder of patents for contract killing; her 9/11 Modus Operandi was allegedly used by Crown Agents in 1836 arson at U.S. Patent Office to convert U.S. patents to exclusive use of City of London livery companies]”

http:// themillenniumreport.com/2017/03/pedogate-operatives-in-very-high-places/

cf6b62 No.624659


The Black Pope is the leader of the Jesuits. Check the Jesuit initiation rights = Satanic - murderers.

eac2b9 No.624660

File: b066335878e8be3⋯.jpeg (79.56 KB, 960x560, 12:7, sun.jpeg)

File: 48dc6092f9c52df⋯.jpg (94.29 KB, 720x710, 72:71, Why Lie.jpg)

File: 0e5baec6615b734⋯.jpeg (118.13 KB, 960x640, 3:2, nasa earth.jpeg)

File: 68884a739a368b5⋯.jpg (133.87 KB, 744x557, 744:557, divide the waters.jpg)

Yes cabal controlled much.

Yes cabal is evil

Yes it's all secret societies

Yes it's all tied to satan worship

Yes they worship the STARS

Yes all of music, movies, government

has been crafted to corrupt us (intentionally)

We know all that.

But what many of you don't know YET

is the that Bible is true. Earth cannot be moved.

They tell us lies but they KNOW the truth.

All their secrets are coming out and

perhaps the hardest to believe is this…


What are stars?

Why is Q pointing us to stars?

Who really is Q?

d07962 No.624661

File: e31b88e72f7edb6⋯.png (109.29 KB, 213x232, 213:232, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at ….png)

File: 9d973bb97ccabeb⋯.png (561.95 KB, 604x605, 604:605, Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at ….png)

File: b3074e80d9a313d⋯.gif (3.04 MB, 590x633, 590:633, weghoc8y9re01[1].gif)


KEK!! Thank You Anon!!


af6b8b No.624662


>a hand has wrinkles it must mean something

6c9719 No.624663


Lots of info out there on what Jews were doing in Germany before the war. Pretty much what they usually do… bleed them dry thru banking and the like. Jews also think they're better than the goyim.

So the sentiment would seem to go both ways.

b192a9 No.624664


Research the homebirth midwife connection. Unregistered newly born babies born at home without any documentation or knowledge on the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney, Australia. Research midwife leaders. Many "lose" babies of their own. What happened? Why do they still want home births if they've "lost" babies? Research the leader..

222564 No.624665


Awake is the word you're looking for.

5368c8 No.624666


But this is perfect. We can blow them out of the water.

We just meme like we are lefties, complaining about G-men candidates trying to run our lives.

68f296 No.624667

That's probably pretty close because the horrors and destruction documented by our grandfathers, uncles and dads in the military was certainly legit. They fought and died to protect those they thought were unable to defend themselves. They were deceived just like the rest of us.>>624590

8515de No.624668



Much better.

222564 No.624669

199779 No.624670


The clowns are trying to melt into the population

3447ff No.624671


Lots of caves too. And Pine Gap…..

8e4b4f No.624672


This is where people have the wool pulled over their eyes. One one hand we have a ton of outcry over the lengths gone to, to fake Obama's birth certificate and basically rewrite his history. Then we turn around and say the exact same thing could not possibly have been done with the Holocaust because everybody has bought the bullshit for so long. And it's too politically incorrect to look at the basic facts.

Print newspaper articles have shown at least ten distinct occasions between 1914 and 1938 where exactly six million Jews were being annihilated and starved and massacred and only money could save them. It was always half the world's population. The number of six million was then pulled right out of the play book for WWII.

Plug in the brain and think. Not even 1% of the required logistics ever existed in the Nazi regime to kill off six million Jews in concentration camps. Just because fake documentation was created for all these supposed events, it is suddenly beyond reproach.

It's also documented that Eisenhower starved to death nearly one million German soldiers who surrendered after WWII.

So we must go back and forth as it's convenient to say "this documentation is wrong, and this could never be." All without any basis beyond how we feel about it.

f0dad1 No.624673

By the late 30s, a dozen countries in Eastern Europe had been taken over by the soviets. Communism was violently spreading throughout Europe. Germany would have been next. National Socialism was nothing more than a response to Communism. Even General Patton knew we had engaged the wrong enemy during WW2. Enough with the bullshit about Germany wanting to conquer the world. That is total propaganda from the marxist history books. It's really simple, just listen to Hitler's speeches. All Germany wanted was to regain the land that had been stolen from them following WW1 and to stop the spread of Communism. Do I like Hitler? Fuck no, he was a statist. But he has been falsely vilified to an extent that almost hard to believe.

b7e7bc No.624674

I’m not saying that NWO stands for Nephilim World Order but if you believe in the Bible you have to consider the fact that demons still breed with humans. Think about the giants in Joshua’s time. Or David and Goliath. Why did God flood the earth? Why are all babies given RH- blood tests? Why do these evil people control the blood banks? I don’t believe in shape shifting reptilian alien people but I do believe the Nephilim have always been with us.

cf6b62 No.624675


True. The stars are alive. The universe is a holosphere and the earth sits at the bottom of the holosphere.

6ff032 No.624676


Keep in mind that Share Blue makes those post often to slide us and it works.

eac2b9 No.624677

File: 8695d50ee79b94b⋯.jpg (33.23 KB, 397x432, 397:432, Flat Earth Logos.jpg)

File: 28f6c7f11127b64⋯.jpg (277.36 KB, 636x1171, 636:1171, moon rocks (2).jpg)

File: f8383420711fa60⋯.jpg (94.43 KB, 682x328, 341:164, neilarmstrong.jpg)

File: a4607ef4f433af5⋯.jpg (20.63 KB, 320x312, 40:39, Which Earth Is Real.jpg)

1d3650 No.624678


>We chose this board for a reason

af6b8b No.624679

File: 4d022a0255267de⋯.png (109.97 KB, 584x800, 73:100, 1517527532171.png)

ff641c No.624680


I have heard the story that Hitler turned on the Roths, but he was related, and also a zionist. So I am not totally convinced about that. But it is possible he actually liked his country enough and realized that without the bankers he had a chance to get Germany wealthy.

I don't think the Roths would allow him to live if this was his true game, and evidence seems to suggest he did not die in that bunker.

96c46e No.624681

Is this the NWO book that Q was referring to? What is NWO-ish about it? What parts should we be concerned by?

https:// www.community-exchange.org/docs/Gesell/en/neo/

Also, there were some Nazi biographers who got rich and infamous. Albert Huber, Francois Genoud, a few others. Whatever happened to their money and networks? Are they still an issue?

cf6b62 No.624682


UFOs are angelic beings…demons are fallen angels. God is real.

7ef04f No.624683


In humans, its an autosomal dominant trait. If you have 6 fingers, there is a nearly 100% chance your children will too.

b192a9 No.624684


Agreed. Unregistered home births are the key. Research the leader in Sydney.

a358a8 No.624685

I have always been suspicious of the 6 million number.

You do the math it just it strains the credibility.

I don't know when the killing supposedly started but let's just start with a basic outline.

WWII started in 1941 and ended in 1945. If you do the math for 4 years, 173 people would have to have been killed every hour of every day for 4 years straight.

Sorry, not buying that. That seems more than a bit of a stretch.

ac793a No.624686


The Nazi's were fuel starved. A major problem was the amount of fuel required for the V2 rockets.

It's also impossible to cremate 6 million individuals in 5 years.

cf6b62 No.624687


There are documents that proved he fought the banking cartel, reason they destroyed Germany. Reason for all wars.

d07962 No.624688

File: 33c09834e23a7c9⋯.png (294.56 KB, 617x329, 617:329, Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at ….png)


Oh…No worries about that. She has a reserved spot at GITMO or one of our other fine detention facilities.

70ca80 No.624689

File: 40dccf1a95c5519⋯.gif (466.17 KB, 244x194, 122:97, giphy.gif)


Women choose their own mates? Fuck that shit!

9581ba No.624690

Should we prepare for Sunday's talking points to include us for going in too Deep?

should we continue on this route, or like Q, change gears for now and expect a new window of opportunity?

9dd210 No.624691

Anything that questions the narrative is Shareblue. Grow up dumb asses.

d47ba6 No.624692

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




ac793a No.624694


Could probably kill 173 people an hour but you could never cremate that number.

72b1a8 No.624696

We got a team working on the Qresearch 777 thumbnail?

We need to make that one fucking epic.

fad443 No.624697


That's what (((they))) want you to think!

Mole people.

9e4a70 No.624698

File: 08f7632db91bc17⋯.png (347.14 KB, 1721x764, 1721:764, Blue Gene installations.png)


Some specs on the supercomputers as they existed from 10-20 years ago. They are now seeking bids for "Exascale" supercomputers.

Extracts from Wikipedia articles on each of the seven supercomputers (https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Simulation_and_Computing_Program) follow:

1. The first one, ASCI Red (1997-2005), built by Intel, was installed at Sandia National Labs in late 1996. Based on the Intel Paragon computer, it met the goal of a true teraflop machine by YE 1996 and ran a full ASCI application the next year. It was in service from 1997-2005 and was the world's fastest supercomputer until late 2000.

2. The ASCI Blue Pacific supercomputer (1998-?) was installed at Lawrence Livermore National Labs, in Livermore, California, in 1998, a collaboration between IBM Corporation and LLNL. It was an IBM RS6000 SP massively parallel processing system, with 5,856 PowerPC 604e microprocessors and a performance of 3.9 teraflops.

3. The ASCI Blue Mountain (1998-2004) supercomputer at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico, was a collaboration between Silicon Graphics Corp. and LANL. It was a cluster of ccNUMA SGI Origin 2000 systems with 6,144 MIPS R10000 microprocessors and a top performance is 3.072 teraflops. In 1999 it was the world's second fastest computer, and remained among the world's ten fastest computers until November 2001. After decommissioning it was replaced by the ASCI Q, Lightning, and QSC supercomputers.

4. ASCI White (2001-2006) was a supercomputer cluster based on IBM’s commercial RS/6000 SP. 512 of these machines were clustered and ran IBM’s AIX operating system. It consumed 6 MW of electricity and achieved 12.3 teraflops. It was built in NY and installed in California.

5. The ASC Purple supercomputer (2005-2010) at LLNL, a collaboration between IBM and LLNL, was a redundant ring of 196 POWER5 SMP servers, containing 12,544 POWER5 microprocessors, 50 TB total memory and 2 petabytes disk. It ran IBM's AIX 5L operating system. In 2009 it ranked 66th among top supercomputers. It consumed 7.5 MW of electricity and had a processing speed of 100 teraflops.

6. Blue Gene is (was?) an IBM project to design supercomputers with petaFLOPS-range speeds and low power consumption. The project encompassed 3 generations of supercomputers: Blue Gene/L, Blue Gene/P, and Blue Gene/Q. Blue Gene systems have often led the rankings of most powerful and most power-efficient supercomputers.

7. Red Storm (2005-?) is a supercomputer architecture designed for ASCI by Cray, Inc based on specifications from Sandia National Labs. The same architecture was later commercially produced as the Cray XT3. Red Storm is a partitioned, space shared, tightly coupled, massively parallel processing machine with a high performance 3D mesh network; its processors are commodity AMD Opteron CPUs with off-the-shelf memory DIMMs. It contains a custom NIC/router called SeaStar with a PowerPC 440 based core. It was initially configured with 10,880 single-core 2.0 GHz Opterons and ran a version of Linux – 140 cabinets on 280 square metres (3,000 sq ft) of floor space. The architure has been scaled-up twice by scaling up the processors and adding cabinets resulting in >26,000 processor cores and peak performance of 124.4 teraflops. A 2008 upgrade added Cray XT4 technology: Quad-core Opteron processors and 2 GB memory per core, resulting in performance of 284 teraflops.

cf6b62 No.624699


Who is that speaking?

01009b No.624700

To the Anon asking about private flights and smuggling, I can help with that. I work for a private aviation company. The owner brings whoever and whatever he likes on the aircraft. Some hazardous material restrictions of course

d07962 No.624701

File: 148979526f4622b⋯.gif (735.9 KB, 738x780, 123:130, A273C924-4B60-4F56-9975-EB….gif)





63f834 No.624702

The third possibility is that Adolf Hitler's grandfather was Jewish. Rumours to that effect circulated in Munich cafes in the early 1920s, and were fostered by sensationalist journalism of the foreign press during the 1930s. It was suggested that the name `Huttler' was Jewish, `revealed' that he could be traced to a Jewish family called Hitler in Bucharest, and even claimed that his father had been sired by Baron Rothschild, in whose house in Vienna his grandmother had allegedly spent some time as a servant. But the most serious speculation about Hitler's supposed Jewish background has occurred since the Second World War, and is directly traceable to the memoirs of the leading Nazi lawyer and Governor General of Poland, Hans Frank, dictated in his Nuremberg cell while awaiting the hangman.

http:// www.nytimes.com/books/first/k/kershaw-hitler.html

8c065e No.624703


Why for the star of david?? Never seens that before….

ce313b No.624704

So, folks, what is the true name for the NWO?

81fe05 No.624705


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This

b6c45b No.624706

File: c806d7e0977ebad⋯.png (389.33 KB, 587x544, 587:544, 03-08-28 PMPK.png)

Here's an updated promises made promises kept graphic, last one (I saw) was kinda shit

655caf No.624707


And if we play our cards right we'll be able to join them

fb1501 No.624709




"Their individual stories have helped to inspire and encourage countless awakened or fast-awakening folk, worldwide. So please share this post widely as a powerful means to continue to awaken the 99.8 percent of non-Jew humanity that is, by and large, still fast asleep. And let’s take back our world!"


ffb16d No.624710

File: 8510353e6eaa514⋯.png (358.77 KB, 1617x877, 1617:877, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 493537969ec9699⋯.png (555.73 KB, 1607x871, 1607:871, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 32a64050aa8bd18⋯.png (287.19 KB, 1554x809, 1554:809, ClipboardImage.png)

File: eb27458a45fa135⋯.png (352.34 KB, 1587x879, 529:293, ClipboardImage.png)

9a48d8 No.624711


anon, have you learned nothing about programing?

look at the state of affairs!

so many brain dead ppl incapable of thinking for them self's.

They radicalize everything they touch.

they keep the people thinking the division is dominant between whites and blacks, or cops vs citizens or veterans.

they split the people into a thousand groups.

think about it. we have followed the jew money for a long time.

if Q came out tomorrow and told us the jews did all of it. poof!

Hitler was a saint.

all I am saying is have an open mind anything is possible in this game of "Not a game!"

72b1a8 No.624712


Because the main puppet masters were Juden.

Hitler was still beholden to the banks.

Who did they suggest he bring onto his team?

1d3650 No.624713

File: b00556bfb7f4c07⋯.png (23.67 KB, 610x165, 122:33, ClipboardImage.png)

eac2b9 No.624714

File: b14649dfcb296f6⋯.jpg (122.52 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Earth Brain.jpg)

File: d75dcc1945bf38f⋯.jpg (88.19 KB, 446x297, 446:297, Star Trails.jpg)

File: 4fd851f2bbc4750⋯.jpg (102.74 KB, 800x404, 200:101, Rainbow.jpg)

File: 692d973ea64d9e2⋯.jpg (87.01 KB, 714x476, 3:2, ice wall.jpg)

1fa928 No.624715


This is EXACTLY why the Bible was never meant to be taken literally.

You end up with superstition and flat earth, etc.

857761 No.624716

File: a3ded953649e4d5⋯.jpg (97.78 KB, 460x395, 92:79, Burial.jpg)

Found evidence of the Holocaust.

OOPS. My bad. This is the Armenian Genocide. Who did it?

ff7ac5 No.624717

I am not looking to get banned and I actually want to dig in on the Q crumbs so I am only going to say this once:

Blaming an entire group of people for your "problems" makes you a loser. Maybe some holocaust deniers need to 'expand their thinking' and what not.

>>614954 (Q)

Go ahead and flog me now….

ff641c No.624718

File: dcb940eeac0ecd4⋯.png (10.78 KB, 152x195, 152:195, jewisnazi2.png)


IF he was not just following a script he should have gotten rid of this (pic related) that was a zionist ball and chain to his effort.

I know the history, but the question is was that just a production or what he really was doing.

The propaganda was so thick back then, it is truly a model for CNN.

It's still mind boggling nearly 100 years later.

5d2239 No.624719

File: 2a36b27734cc110⋯.png (479.7 KB, 730x721, 730:721, evil486o.png)

if tomorrow is the day, we should have ammo ready.

b6c45b No.624720

f5c55c No.624721

File: b54d0fc83899908⋯.png (44.13 KB, 774x565, 774:565, Q post DhytcDFbF5874 37875.PNG)


I have translated the video (google translate) and removed the time stamps within the

translated portions. Here is the Transcript of Video Q referred to (see pic):

"that one then has the commitment that we have a convert that this lie

And this debt burden is on the German friendly and that again a debt complex conspicuous ours children can live yes hello friends i have the today great honor next to the grand dame of to sit in freedom Movement and the truth 'movement woman ursula haverbeck I'll take many of you to be a concept is to pass away yes few seldom weeks you do not care about their leases are now up to date read again that they are legally binding were convicted yes because of the

They can § 130 criminal codetell what is the last stand so the last stand is that i am in detmold where 34 state courts proceed

is merged they do not have the vocation yetit is decided that has to leave just a procedure against the vocation then we initiated the revision and here I am for two years prison convicted without parole because the revision has not been distracted that's the way it could stand anyone come in handy for a convocation but can not because my 18 request put my adhesion first to investigate ok i find it impossible a lady after the age to women and so that your television that this vintage 1928 and now we have 68 that is 19, 24, 91 year old woman should be locked up for that to other results came in even regarding our stories being full together, I am yes not to another corner so i do not get any answer get that bad they wanted you want to since 2009 written and oral all things are all things somehow have to do with this question where the six million jews gassed

I want to be romantic founded and for reason we have not such a beautiful story as we 30 or for 40 years from Auschwitz have experienced then afterwards to hear from Auschwitz itself that's right and there it is for the holocaust be obvious and he

probably never before court in Nuremberg also not always proof procedure it would not really have to undergo problem should be exactly what i have even if it is an obvious one

The fact is that you are a whole people then accuses the concerned of the that's clear also to be able to say that where because otherwise it is not a fact and also not obvious then that depends in then the whole plant is in the air reason if the correct by-ways it does not sound that way

End of Part 1

cf6b62 No.624722

4c3e5c No.624723

File: 0210cf65037519c⋯.jpg (78.53 KB, 850x588, 425:294, da87d6fg789ad6f6f7b.jpg)

Holee shit, Anons! I have been off the board and twatting today just to actually spend some time there for a change - and it looks like it's been a BOMBSHELL DAY. KEK!

74348b No.624724


You could if you force them to build a bunch of walk-in blast furnaces.

af6b8b No.624725

File: ef689fbeeb5be6b⋯.gif (3.59 MB, 720x404, 180:101, trump fat bastard.gif)


yes, my shit!

9e4a70 No.624726


Anon you spelled Purdue Pharma in the title and Perdue Pharma in the body. One is incorrect.

In this context "its" (possessive pronoun) should not have an apostrophe.

I love your petition though!

9581ba No.624727

Too many race defenders already, this could be used to undermine our entire work and the build-up of credibility.

In these last trads there's been an i nflux of concessus makers, and people showing their social conditioning towards the pre-existing narrative.

921da3 No.624728

File: 047b1762b97f71c⋯.png (2.4 MB, 1643x931, 1643:931, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 047b1762b97f71c⋯.png (2.4 MB, 1643x931, 1643:931, ClipboardImage.png)

File: abacaa2d4c4e317⋯.png (2.4 MB, 1643x931, 1643:931, ClipboardImage.png)

File: abacaa2d4c4e317⋯.png (2.4 MB, 1643x931, 1643:931, ClipboardImage.png)

File: abacaa2d4c4e317⋯.png (2.4 MB, 1643x931, 1643:931, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// i.imgur.com/rsJ0abw.jpg

http:// americanfreepress.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/45_48_Rogue_Nation1.jpg

https:// blog.kareldonk.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/judea-declares-war.jpg

626271 No.624729

File: 7d8f17cdc9a6dc7⋯.jpg (132.76 KB, 489x543, 163:181, riufhqiurf7u4r48uy83.jpg)

84bdd1 No.624730


There was probably a P90 under it

7f5007 No.624731




fad443 No.624732

So we need to expose the Zionists, yet also maintain relations with them so that we can beat the Muslims?

637eee No.624733


How did the gunman aim so perfectly?

I always thought the Frank Marshall Davis connection was far more likely that Malcolm X. Plus he looks more like FMD and spoke over and over again about "uncle frank" in his bullshit book.

f2db8b No.624734

File: 69fe73cd686ec13⋯.png (102.38 KB, 255x166, 255:166, ClipboardImage.png)

72b1a8 No.624735


All world leaders turn inward on their own people and hold the world hostage?

ff641c No.624736


Don't forget the Concentration camp called SOBIBOR that came up during the Nuremberg trials… They convicted a guy over deaths at that camp!

Oh that's right, he made up the name of the camp to prove and document his death trial was a farce!

cf6b62 No.624737

4c3e5c No.624738

File: a76de98f51d66c9⋯.jpg (145.16 KB, 766x846, 383:423, s7fd8g6sd98g68s7d9g6df786g.jpg)

File: 3a88e7939c9c373⋯.jpg (75.27 KB, 650x650, 1:1, s7d89fg6sdf87g56fd78g65f7g….jpg)

File: 9b32bf9e517775d⋯.jpg (62.59 KB, 496x696, 62:87, and_then_this_happened.jpg)

File: 20875fd72b75d94⋯.jpg (127.55 KB, 1252x952, 313:238, 78s95g7f6ds97g689dsf7g98.jpg)

222564 No.624739


This many countries did not make a mistake…

109 Locations whence Jews have been Expelled since AD250

https:// www.biblebelievers.org.au/expelled.htm

d47ba6 No.624740

File: fd5bcfe85c8c73e⋯.png (30.87 KB, 300x250, 6:5, AmFsnYPcaP-2.png)

567a3a No.624741



Q, sir, where is Vice Admiral Charles Richard? MIA for 24 hours?

076127 No.624742

The phrase Novus ordo seclorum (Latin for "New order of the ages"

f5c55c No.624743

File: b54d0fc83899908⋯.png (44.13 KB, 774x565, 774:565, Q post DhytcDFbF5874 37875.PNG)


Obviously, what does that say and say Now they have that too Federal Constitutional Court the so-called Federal Constitutional Court asked once clarity What is that with this § § 130 out of itself has and you have no answer for a long time but the constitutional court has received They can answer that answer So that was just the beginning that the memorial on swiss even reduce the number so drastically

has around three million and then comes the cemetery meyer respected mirror editor and reduces the west so that too conclusion probably only very very cautiously forgave 356,000 outside of exactly like in nobody will forget auschwitz outside exactly in two farmhouses of theirs a man just the foundations has discovered that is very interesting the result to the cemetery meyer has come to those and we have to accused them of people and then it would be us was then in a different judgment

in that said no the fresh on meier not punishable that has yes verified and not punishable and verified is derived from veritas the truth So he researched according to white and so far we have said at that time yes made in myself big number with horst mahler

So now we can say that too holocaust warmly given to us can not say that maybe 356,000 and it can still less are already a singular crime ie the biggest crime can be the only time alone victims of the displacement are already much more that was 2.5 to 3 millions and thus have two these lay the years would and we had and the whole com and turned we and as everything takes then is the obsolete and we have postponed spread three times this contribution from christoph mair from the magazine eastern europe i was in may 2005 and the publisher building contractors know the former Bundestag president she publisher is thus a purely scientific time is not vulnerable politically not from the right-wing extremist milieu show but you already know very factually and there we have at least 20 people who have the have participated so three times this contribution with the corresponding accompanying letter sent as even to sues but a court a prosecutor and so on and not one is accused but that was quite possible so with it re it actually done we then called then to the club for the rehabilitation because of the deny leaves wet founded and this further then founded and then there is it still no everything is forbidden hall forbidden again today so wondering we have refuted in all cases always only a ban and thus we actually have the best proof from the other side that what not true that something is wrong that one can say because the truth otherwise needs actually no winner means the city now again lay if we are not yes well then the situation is that is that the situation is so can be that probably but not maybe it could be that they are alcohol and must drive up it can it can not be both it's all it's still all open more open than it was ten years ago now the question is short ask how what do you want from generation young generation really hurt that she makes herself know what is a politics what is that is right next to the state she is not at all that deprived that called regulates so still less it is but if we do not just want to be subordinates in a dictatorship but if we really want mature citizen what yes yes is always maintained and I mean the training stand was

definitely in the mid of the last year so that the german people could take care of their own interests as mature co-responsible citizen that has been greatly reduced


5368c8 No.624744


Good stuff

eac2b9 No.624745




The most wonderful news of all is….

No matter what these guys have hidden from you

No matter how much evil they have done


Seek Him, he is living truth… his living bread.

He is the bread of life.

The TRUTH will set you free. Amen and good night.

ff641c No.624746


As twisted as shit is, the Muslims are probably the Zionists…

70ca80 No.624747


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Sm8JM-K1dc

f5c55c No.624748

File: b54d0fc83899908⋯.png (44.13 KB, 774x565, 774:565, Q post DhytcDFbF5874 37875.PNG)


I have translated the video (google translate) and removed the time stamps within the translated portions. Here is the Transcript of Video Q

referred to (see pic):

quite many people have no idea medium but it is always foundation points and then it is not possible that one cares only for economy and for

life of mind thenone must take care of the sex life that is in the cheat the policy says everything yes right and

what they also said before the lecture below that it is not allowed to have to live as comfortable as possible but that we have a higher goal

serve in each one can make a contribution we do not have understood yes yes so that's good so easy that is outdated but I would say if we

really speak of people then heard this h here level to it the person is just wandering on wien flex already said between two powers thanked

also said in a small narration the person stands between animal and angel and he has the order getting higher to the angel being to develop

but not withdrawn here but that is undesirable that we notice here clearly the whole political action of our enemies jena based on it and b

with all the means tries as the first after 45 o'clock the german pedagogy that was very high destined to destroy yes and now ours are

developing children all back that I can confirm that teacher namely was what it looks like in the schools and if I look if I have wrote

violently from the previous century so still from the previous century to 1890 like ga r the I typeface is reached and if I know what my

grandfather knew poetry although the elementary school has visited and I'm sure what she still if for the treasure have poems and texts in her

head the just now they can look like this contracts well and that is so wonderful but the was actually driven out systematically and by the

american popcult set but ultimately is a soulless murder of us german so the german beings enter because it would say i really haussuche was

superior and the people that we come again and again find could be very difficult to endure because neighbors even with a nicer bigger house

has what he did but has very strained and I have only a small ships card because I can not see it but that f not only worry we will make sure

that the German beings the German spirit again on me exactly what each of them make that is their cause we can hope for them


ff7ac5 No.624749


Added to bread, thank you anon.

cf6b62 No.624750


The Hitlery - Merkel - Soros Purple Revotion is covered in blood of the innocent.

174ded No.624751


Thanks for the info.

If I understand correctly, this is all basically a battle of NSA/Trump/Q/USMIL vs CIA/FBI/GlobalNWO for the future of the U.S., and for the direction the world will take for the next decade or two.

fad443 No.624752


Oh fuck, Saudi Arabia.

159171 No.624753


My opinion on hitler is that he took over a Rothschild funded political party. He was never with them in the 1st place. Hitler was a mad man.

If you wanna understand hitler understand him through the eyes of goebbels.

He was a real deal war hero. Should've been dead. He was a rejected artist, war genius. But he was mad. Heart full of hatred. He wanted to dominate the world. Like this is real shit. He convinced all of Europe and the U.S. he was peaceful and then took over basically the entirety of Europe in a few months with an army no one knew he had.

I think he survived it too. Russians and Americans both claim they found his body. Lol

733a94 No.624754

File: e63d7932f5b58da⋯.png (136.15 KB, 290x393, 290:393, ClipboardImage.png)


why don't you flat earth fags go back to reddit and facebook and quit fagging up the q board.

No where has Q said anything to suggest a flat earth..

f5c55c No.624755

File: b54d0fc83899908⋯.png (44.13 KB, 774x565, 774:565, Q post DhytcDFbF5874 37875.PNG)


We are working on it also that they may emancipate themselves from their miserable reber because they let it be a very simple recipe actually

that we at especially in the winter when he was very mixed in West Prussia the German had really very fast a big wonderful house takes pick

had a very small window take of the German groups on contemptuously the Poland has and says Polish economy by the way first and the products

jealous and jealous of the German why he has so much and I want to have but rather oppressed I had to work hard for it and then the ultimate

brings one ready to accept the help of the better working grateful and the other manages to finish without it condescending and to be

presumptuous correct that must both learn both always have to learn and this requires a society of the coexistence through love mutual

understanding and respect follow each other gep does not know if they know the most well yes the really mighty we hear the master there is a

chapter that is the educational province and the night goethe every human being brings a lot of already on this world we think only to the

great musicians and so on am already 34 years old but one must learn each time completely from people that is awe and because of this in the

educational they want the children to first learn to rejoice before what is among them before the earth reverence for what is about him for

the divine spiritual world and awe before the life of them is in the co-creatures and that is what every human must re-enter and that is

totally missing these decrete are not are no longer was known to days in the education system I would say yes it is no talk anymore it is not

then the poor on the plate how can you bring that back again after you see that you can do that in every single of this spirit again arises

and in the also many of my colleagues maybe take an example in the people want to be the German and who also care for the German nature want

to convey that to the children want and there is more of it than we think the problem is most do not know that we are in the majority most

think because they from the press that you pretended so get that actually the predominant part of the German rather left he green he to take

diversity is oriented that's true but not the most we really want the traditional values have again and show that we now see it and in which

really many see and also network and in the comments each other confirm we see we are actually much more than the media for the then 18 to 25

year old there are also in advance


3f1457 No.624756

What is required for humans to be able to reach an altitude higher than 40k feet?

What is required for humans to be able to reach a depth of 25k+ feet?

A desire to. A perspective that supports and reveals a need or reward to do so.

A multi level syllabus would help considerably to increase efficiency.

Lvl 1 - 0 to 40k' altitude or 0 to 5k' depths Topics - Economics, Finance, Politics, Trade and Philosophy/Psychology/Sociology

Lvl 2 - 40k' to 60k' altitude Topics - Technology, Project Paperclip, Occult/Esoteric/Duality

Lvl 3 - 60k'+ altitude Topics - Breakaway civilization, Antartica, Secret Space Programs, Simulation theory, etc…

This is just a generalized example. There are good teachers and not so good teachers. Personality and mutual respect plays a major role regarding whether or not the student considers a teacher to be a good teacher or not. This is a psychological/sociological issue. This is not a mandatory education, so it will be important to subtly "coax" the student to want to be interested in the subjects and want to learn the material.

Approach and perspective or vise versa has everything to do with the result/goal.

Patience will be required, probably more so of the teachers (we are all teachers, and we are all students)

Where we go one, we go ALL.

Now get out there and meld some minds ChanFAGS!

MEGA - Make Earth Great Again!

ca6bf9 No.624757

File: 42608ae9f8af94f⋯.jpg (194.99 KB, 600x754, 300:377, HITLER, ADOLF_0003 (1)_003.jpg)

cf6b62 No.624758


Muslim religion created by the Jesuits - Catholics….. The Zionists are aligned with the Jesuits.

fb1501 No.624759








All are DIVISIONS designed to keep good people of all types from unifying against EVIL present within ALL of those divisions. TPTB try to shift blame onto others. Focus on the Evil, not the Group

7d55da No.624760


yes of course i caught this one

it's no surprise either, tbh. with the nature of how everything went down.

>No drawn lines.

Decode w/ 49


(mueller/rosenstein/pence/hilldawg = pigs)

Prayers for all

637eee No.624761


Shit. We're struggling to red pill T/D faggots. Could use all the graphics we can get and some idiots, even on our side, won't believe it until POTUS himself speaks in plain fuckin English to confirm it.

4c3e5c No.624762

File: 9d35311b3f1e1c6⋯.jpg (141.56 KB, 1252x952, 313:238, sf978g5fds76g4f679.jpg)

I see I shoulda put on my chest waders…

eac2b9 No.624763

Think high.

Think highier.

Think highiest.

Oh father, please forgive me.

Holy father, please guide me.

In Jesus name I pray.

9dd210 No.624764

File: e26ba089f13b7fd⋯.jpg (36.03 KB, 600x398, 300:199, 265ily.jpg)

←- Who can for get this old-time classic?

08f9c9 No.624765


I heard it too that Hitler went rogue.

cf6b62 No.624766


That is, the fake Zionists = the Khabalah…there are many types of Zionists…

48f01e No.624767

8e4b4f No.624768


It's just scary. I can't think of another word to describe it.

70ca80 No.624769


No doubt, but all Jews shouldn't get Zykloned because of the Rothschilds anymore than all Germans should get raped by Turks and Somalis because of Hitler

8c065e No.624770


More like long drop / short rope

637eee No.624771


So fucking sick of the FE brigade.

f5c55c No.624772

File: b54d0fc83899908⋯.png (44.13 KB, 774x565, 774:565, Q post DhytcDFbF5874 37875.PNG)


So if I ask what you do less freedom shield shopping shopping and building fund and which but rather light does not mean or what you do not go times in the theater or sometime a that you have that one I have the impression already largely destroyed so it is so important that we are so that is not so I am glad me that they have become so old me I hope now I called and I wanted hope that we can take a lot of by then really infected with our mind and believe that we do it i thank i do not quite want that thank you i also quite a lot nice years and maybe you see again in freedom thank you today is an example that we do not really you do not know how again i but it goes through the whole body like now if i sit next this must have something to do that they are sent from god in any case before every shoulder line have a sitting good things are alright thank you 1 I had forgotten to be what before all I notice the jurists if it is so hard to understand it's not about us single people that is quite incidental it is really about something superior and I would always say something divine spiritual the salvation of personality in the rich man and of the peoples in the individuality of humanity that's what we have to go for it because otherwise it will be broken then people can not see more bad develop but developed back then everything is broken conversation with Mrs. H Renewed upload because of blocking Frydon "


cf6b62 No.624773


He did, he was supposed to implement the NWO of the banking cartel and went rogue, against them…in part…

d82671 No.624774

File: 78a8a63703d50f6⋯.jpg (3.95 KB, 200x194, 100:97, ENDpepe.jpg)


Nobody is unaware who is the enemy.

We are also aware there are pets.



Shut your lying mouth before we shut it for you.

We are capable of navigating.

You are not.


8e4b4f No.624775


That's pretty much it.

ca60a6 No.624776

Task for grannyanons:

Convince shills to argue over cookie recipes

dbd3ed No.624777


Good luck with that. the local /pol/tards have built an identity cult and a rationale for existence around the Hitler dude and his fist pumping circlejerk boyband

e52f57 No.624778


This started in /pol. Q knows exactly what the consensus is. If Q wanted this clarified, he would have done so already.

I wish I could find the anon post from yesterday explaining this and see if I can get the baker to add to the bread for people who think Q should cleanup this or that.

08f9c9 No.624779

Has anyone searched the JFK files that were recently released for data? Didn't it say Hitler was alive and living in South America?

72b1a8 No.624780


not with a K

With a Q

Makes it Hermetic Qabala

Spice in some evil…


a3b20d No.624781

alright, so can I just ask here one thing…

what is the ONE thing, the ABSOLUTE ONE THING, the cabal or NWO cares about MOST?

and why would that be the case?





409417 No.624782

If you as POTUS saw these kinds of numbers, what kind of punishment would you consider ?

United States

The United States accounts for approximately one quarter of the estimated number of drug-related deaths worldwide, including overdose deaths, which continue to rise. Mostly driven by opioids, overdose deaths in the united States more than tripled during the periof 1999-2015, from 16,849 to 52,404 annually.

Source: The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) ‘2017 World Drug Report’.

www. unodc.org/wdr2017/field/Booklet_1_EXSUM.pdf

In January 2017 the Center for Disease Control has estimated that the number of people in the USA who had died from overdosed in the 12 month period prior to January 2017 was 64,070.

Source: The Center for Disease Control ‘Provisional Counts of Drug Overdose deaths, as of 8/6/2017’. https:// www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/health_policy/monthly-drug-overdose-death-estimates.pdf

ff7ac5 No.624783

7d55da No.624784


they'll live

hitler was easier to get over than NIN was

21e0d2 No.624785

File: 43ea2cad01ce73b⋯.jpg (139.31 KB, 1038x1134, 173:189, DX-6xTKVwAAK8HH.jpg)

Thank goodness we defeated the Nazis so Britain could instead be invaded by Muslims.

12d494 No.624786


Thank you Anon. Great Work.

cf6b62 No.624787


Divisions created by the Jesuits and the Khabalah, in the Hegelian dialectic, divide and Conquer. Romanus maximus.

08f9c9 No.624789


You forgot Immortality. What is the point of all of this if you can't life forever.

4c3e5c No.624790


trips confirm

eac2b9 No.624791


Soon you will see.

It cannot be avoided

4d11b3 No.624792


Rasins instead of chocolate chips..

Have grannyanons gone too far!?

3538a0 No.624793


fake as shit

8e4b4f No.624794


Or even worse, the people who think Q needs an enforcer - and they are it, even though Q never tasked them with doing it. Religions do this, don't they?

5ce9e1 No.624795




it's the biggest conspiracy ever. yet no censorship whatsoever (youtube/facebook/etc). meanwhile, tons of small truth channels are deleted daily. who's really being played? think of the 16 year plan in relation to when the FE topic took off. if that timeline played out, the cabal would get a total reset of history with people like you mentally castrating yourself into a particular line of thinking. definitely not "expanded thinking". you are trapped in a logic loop; right where (((they))) want you. good luck.

222564 No.624796


Power….and dont reddit space here faggot

f5c55c No.624797


Thank you and you're welcome! I formatted it and yet 2 of them went wonky!! sorry about that.

cheers anon.

655caf No.624798


What tells you they don't already know how?

73253c No.624799

File: ee56d0c971c7fab⋯.jpg (61.68 KB, 600x553, 600:553, march hare.jpg)

Good luck, anons

cf6b62 No.624800


I have seen it spelled the other way…probaly many ways to spell it.

ff641c No.624801


He was as ruthless as other Roths.

And I totally believe he survived the war and probably ended up helping plan AmerCIA's destruction before he died.

1fa928 No.624802


That little girl next to Hitler is not Merkel. She was born in '57 and this photo was about '37. Don't use incorrect info in memes.

3fce8e No.624803


I think Q might be referencing how deep the /speech/ went, and the pushback was too strong (ie. not enough control of media situation); they need to test the water with speeches and see what the response is

not too deep on the stuff shown here!

857761 No.624804

File: 483ed456912cce2⋯.jpg (30.87 KB, 400x257, 400:257, Gulag.jpg)

In this picture we see further evidence of the Holocaust. A group of Jews is being transported to Treblinka by Germans.

Oh shit, these are Russian Christians being transported to a gulag by Bolshevik Jews. Sorry.

10cb01 No.624805


at the inauguration… it was not a fake arm… if you watch him long enough you see him move his fingers.

and i'm saying the guy at the rally had a fake looking HEAD

so weird

5fad9c No.624806


>Natürliche Wirtschaftsordnung - Natural economic system.

I think anon is on to something here but I can't find an English translation of the original German text.

ba4c30 No.624807

File: 773cc7567f09a9e⋯.jpg (606.28 KB, 807x1024, 807:1024, 613463228.jpg)


Guys, I found this open source in getty archive:

https:// www.gettyimages.de/detail/nachrichtenfoto/geli-raubal-and-her-mother-angela-hitler-raubal-geli-nachrichtenfoto/613463228#geli-raubal-and-her-mother-angela-hitler-raubal-geli-was-adolf-niece-picture-id613463228

"Geli Raubal (indicated by arrow) and her mother Angela Hitler Raubal. Geli was Adolf Hitler's niece and apparently also his lover; her mysterious death in 1931 was ruled a suicide though many believe Hitler shot her."

This opens the possibility that Hitler fucked his niece and Angela is the daughter of his niece. But the dates dont at up with merkels age (born 1954). But this is a picture to save.

d07962 No.624808


I've had the SAME thought.

I need to make sure I get Some Tasteful BakerGirls lined up. For The Archives.

076127 No.624809

File: 264f853ece3104d⋯.jpg (19.45 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

…Q… How Long Can…WE THE PEOPLE…Endure The OSS / SS / CIA

Carpe' Diem

21e0d2 No.624810


You're gonna upset the boomers

f22446 No.624811

File: 308801cd1bb2395⋯.png (287.38 KB, 850x315, 170:63, Cabal #3.PNG)

File: 0ba4fb4abfa3d65⋯.png (97.26 KB, 855x411, 285:137, Cabal #3 Back.PNG)

81fe05 No.624812


Hey…. please be mindful. There are a lot of sensitive anons here and will hurt their feels when you hit them with the truth.

229df1 No.624813

File: 855453de3218abd⋯.jpeg (620.51 KB, 1242x1521, 138:169, F620BD0C-03B9-4B6F-B89F-E….jpeg)

File: 1a8d488668a3d81⋯.jpeg (546.47 KB, 1242x1261, 1242:1261, 27EE4B11-8026-4EB6-BBF6-B….jpeg)

File: 2038bf1f3f5ee4b⋯.jpeg (591.91 KB, 1242x1305, 138:145, C3A8D853-D74D-40C1-BC00-B….jpeg)

4c3e5c No.624814

Some nuggets in this one: http:// higherpursuits.net/history-in-4d-warlords-of-the-information-age/

ecd46c No.624816


The Nuremberg World Obfuscations, you mean.

d07962 No.624817


Remarkable. Speaks deeply. Thank You!!

c93c72 No.624818

File: 9cff0382ed07b4a⋯.gif (42.16 KB, 618x432, 103:72, armanen.gif)

File: 748a96275b11541⋯.jpg (73.79 KB, 650x667, 650:667, cocacola.jpg)

File: befd2dcacac19f5⋯.jpg (178.82 KB, 640x613, 640:613, gm.jpg)

File: b4412982403ba5a⋯.jpg (37.91 KB, 500x213, 500:213, ibm.jpg)

Guido Von List

Ties back to NWO. This is where it all started. Hitler was a 'spy' that infiltrated then lead his way to the top of the German Workers Party. He was then 'turned' by the teachings of Anton Drexler and the 'Blood Order'. Teachings were all based on Guido Von List.

NWO isn't just a group, but it is a philosophy. I think these philosophies were taken over by the elite which is why Q has us digging this direction.

For example, TRUE 'Aryans' has a specific skull shape and other similar physical features. - I.E. Rothschilds

Nordik ways leads you to think Nordik World Order, but that wouldn't align with Obama by any means. So, one must believe it is something different from Nordik, but still related. Again, goes back to it being a philosophy.

The only way to carry it out was to make sure Hitler was dead. From there the plan was in action. The Ford family had already become extremely rich thanks to Hitler. List goes on…Coca Cola, MGM, Chase Bank, Dow Chemical, Brown Brothers, Alcoa (Aluminum - VERY RELEVANT RIGHT NOW), GM, and IBM. Probably many more.

Back to Guido Von List…We all know the rituals of these elites and what they are doing. We also know what the largest show of might is Nuclear.


Control the Nukes

As long as the elites have control of the nukes they have the power to rewrite history.


ca6bf9 No.624819


Yeah I napped during the afternoon, woke up got on, and Holy Shit. Love the Q post of "March Madness". Buckle up and hold on to your butt, shit's getting more real.

8e4b4f No.624820


People are easily led. I find truth to be a little more beneficial, and whatever it takes for me personally to digest it is my problem. Truth is truth; things only happened one way.

cf6b62 No.624821


It is impossible for them to censor everything, particularly things that have not "taken-off".

70ca80 No.624822


If Q came out tomorrow and said my penis is a foot long everybody on 8 chan would be jealous of how hung I am. The point is that even if the received story about the holocaust is a lie, it doesn't make Hitler good.

7d55da No.624823



>First they'll deny you…

d07962 No.624824

File: 0c95a6d5aa36fd5⋯.jpg (15.74 KB, 255x200, 51:40, cc10bde75ec62c83672c32c6c4….jpg)



9dd210 No.624825


Truth Hurts.

72b1a8 No.624826

File: 73751dc581b8a57⋯.png (33.39 KB, 304x327, 304:327, Gabalafk.png)


The main thing you're missing is that it adds "hermetic" to the situation.

Like… Masons.

And just for funsies:

http:// www.quantonics.com/What_Is_Qabala.html

a3b20d No.624827


so if we expand our thinking here,


IF that is the case; how long would this have been going on? Who taught them? How did certain families come into absolute power? Over literally every other human on the planet?

4c3e5c No.624828



http:// www.naturalmoney.org/NaturalEconomicOrder.pdf

af6b8b No.624829

File: 0283e3925e658e6⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 4505x3003, 4505:3003, 1517468370450.jpg)

8c065e No.624830


Did they keep hitler's seed on ice?

Or did adolph fuck her while in Argentina?

1fa928 No.624831


THANK YOU. That flat earth shit is so ridiculous.

eac2b9 No.624832

File: 7015a9e01d8cf28⋯.jpg (176.7 KB, 1107x631, 1107:631, cell phone.jpg)

File: 123ed8f419f47bc⋯.png (220.79 KB, 602x579, 602:579, alpha waves keep u distrac….png)



They are warping your brain on purpose

Televison hynotizes you (flicker rate, music)

They are warping YOUR BRAIN!!!!


ff7ac5 No.624834


Couldn't get the link to work. Wouldve been interesting though.

5fad9c No.624835


I agree that all niggers look alike.

If Jug Ears and Malcolm X are related they would be brothers or step brothers. I have a lot more respect for Malcolm X than Jug Ears….

4d11b3 No.624836


Why drink the blood of the young if they can already live forever?

There actions are what's telling.

Makes more sens in the fallen angels paradigm, they are damned her forever. They will always try to be like god/live forever/achieve immortality.

8e4b4f No.624837


That's roughly 137 bodies per hour, non stop for every single hour of a 5 year period.

222564 No.624838

File: b16606a7876204e⋯.jpg (11.53 KB, 216x234, 12:13, kys-kil-your-sulf (2).jpg)

ba4c30 No.624839


Neither the public dates of death nor the public dates of birth I would trust.

b05ce1 No.624840


Nah - ignore them!

2ab89d No.624841

>>624595 I agree, and just

think we had our own Nazis

supporting Hitler here in the USA ..it just goes o show, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

3207eb No.624842

File: 61c874108ad029f⋯.jpg (8.71 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

the breads the last few hours are a clusterfuck of disinfo/shills/spam/and random conspiracies.. its hard to filter. feels like a bad episode of Hellsing. Pic related.

4c3e5c No.624843

File: 669d07d8fcaf299⋯.jpg (162.74 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 21200735_1588341541218181_….jpg)

cf6b62 No.624844

8e4b4f No.624845


Why are you having Pepe shoot himself?

970da1 No.624846


HRC - Vatican - C-I-A - Roths made a pact under Obama to control the planet and funnel the money they get from the Bitcoin scam at Diego Garcia via Soros.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

eac2b9 No.624847





Think - think again. BOOOOM

dbd3ed No.624848


>Q needs to clear up this holocaust denial crap,

Denial of what?

Irregardless, do you know how many millions of European Caucasians died in WW2? So why do we all selectively focus on the 6 gojirrilion (or whateva it is) and completely ignore the rest, many of which died fighting for their country and their fellow brothers. Fuck off with this shit, if you are going to die, die fighting for your blood and country.

b9c9be No.624849


Thank you !

7f5007 No.624850


Fear → Sheep




08f9c9 No.624851


Q keeps posting about following the bloodlines. Nazis were experimenting with eugenics. Why? I think this is all related but I am not sure how. That is what Q called the keystone. My mind goes off the deep end and says it all comes to down to genetics.

f5c55c No.624852


You're welcome! sorry about messy formatting though. :-)

9e4a70 No.624853


You answered yourself TWICE?

That's a shill tactic that discredits the one using it.

861d8a No.624854

>>624806 It is application of Darwinian theories and indeed, the Ubermench:

The Natural Economic Order has nothing to do with Utopias and visionary enthusiasm. The Natural Economic Order stands by itself and requires no legal enactments, it makes officials, the State itself

and all other tutelage superfluous, and it respects the laws of natural selection to which we owe our being; it gives every man the possibility of fully developing his ego. Its ideal is the ideal of the personality responsible for itself alone and liberated from the control of others-the ideal of Schiller, Stirner, Nietzsche and Landauer

388e73 No.624855


N is for Nephilim, the order the Luciferians believe was unjustly genocided by the almighty during the Noahic deluge.

cf6b62 No.624856


Think Russian missiles all over the U.S. inside containers, activated by Iridium cell phone tech, pointed at all patriots who might try to rebel against the clowns. Control of U.S. ports. Uranium Crime Syndicate.

95d8a8 No.624857


Good Redpill.., I do like Hellsing., always has good references.

cf6b62 No.624858


No, just linked various posts of others together is all.

8c065e No.624859


http:// gawker.com/5071373/bombshell-obama-malcom-x-love-child

Article from 2008

http:// beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2011/11/proof-obama-is-the-love-child-of-malcolm-x-1422378.html

Srticle from 2011

I have heard many radio interview saying that Malcom X is Obama's father…

This is not false. He was bread to be the president, and to be evil!

857761 No.624860


The elite have always been obsessed with the preservation of bloodlines.

4c3e5c No.624861

File: 7792cb064ba9931⋯.gif (3.91 MB, 500x210, 50:21, 7792cb064ba9931c02ec44d2e5….gif)

12d494 No.624862


Awesome Thank you!

cf6b62 No.624863


Because the stars are alive.

ff641c No.624864


With no disposal site(s)…

Those guys were genius or had magical bone vaporizing disposal methods!

(no pig farming was recorded in history at those camps!)

e543c7 No.624865


fuck off garbageman

ba4c30 No.624866


remember Mr. Mengele? Who was linked to Podesta by rumours?

He was a reproduction expert and fled to argentina, aparently with US knowing and using his knowledge.

74348b No.624867


Sheep always need a boogeyman to be protected from.

01009b No.624868

Hitler also killed Gypsies and Gays and Jehovah's Witnesses. He would free JW'S if they would sign a statement renouncing their faith. Most did not. The others had no options because he considered them tainted.

4c3e5c No.624869

File: 2ff5f9c6ce2cb0f⋯.jpg (101.9 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 617813c50fc9e21f7cf9d28bdb….jpg)


Pelicanfag, is that you? Hey guys - Pelicanfag is back!

0faba7 No.624870


13 lost tribes minus the serpent cult of Dan?

dbd3ed No.624871


>Q keeps posting about following the bloodlines. Nazis were experimenting with eugenics. Why? I think this is all related but I am not sure how. That is what Q called the keystone. My mind goes off the deep end and says it all comes to down to genetics.

Has to be Biblical blood lines.

So either finding the lost bloodline of Nephilim through lines of Noah or

Getting the chosen Abraham -> King David bloodline

cf6b62 No.624872



34ba62 No.624873

File: 0af5be1a63f5422⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1367x1033, 1367:1033, Capture _2018-03-11-00-58-….png)

fad443 No.624874



Big if true.

9081ab No.624875

This whole "no holocaust" smells like an effort to discredit Q and POTUS. They're such idiots.

d47ba6 No.624876

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

08f9c9 No.624877


And how does Nazis and twins come into play. You can go all the way bag to the Dogon origin tales and the story of the twins. Need to dig more and dig deep.

d07962 No.624878

File: 575e462daa26255⋯.png (755.52 KB, 694x572, 347:286, 4356356546457777.PNG)

File: 8649f496a258878⋯.jpg (18.31 KB, 600x338, 300:169, downfall1.jpg)

File: a50c2411c4afaad⋯.jpg (1.25 MB, 1608x1080, 67:45, IMG_20180223_235154_proces….jpg)

File: 8260dd80439cb2e⋯.png (552.04 KB, 616x400, 77:50, marchmadness.png)


Globetard Loser Organization.


cf6b62 No.624879

You clowns are under arrest.

637eee No.624880


FFS! Where have you been Mirror?? Suddenly you have the ball s to print this shit? How many years did you hear the stories and rumors and DO NOTHING?

Glad it's coming out, but pissed this shit wasn't stopped earlier by a MSM doing their JOB.

89e065 No.624881

File: 438ddacdd1d3d6a⋯.jpg (179.39 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, QAnon.jpg)

File: 941dd90a8b02258⋯.jpg (159.16 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, QAnon2.jpg)

F&G? Found this on Twatter.

8c065e No.624882


Agreed… Look at Obama's birth cert kek

I never thought that Hitler died in 45 tho..

argentina is a nice stop before New Swabia….

655caf No.624883


Think of bodies as vessels, you wanna keep good care of it all the while you've got it. Once done you get another and transfer into it.

148405 No.624884


Hard to convince an indoctrinated public. Really hard. However, people are waking up - especially in regards to the events that happened AFTER the so-called "end" of WWII. The number of lives lost for no reason is beyond logical comprehension. They wanted to eliminate Germany. And with today's "leadership" the desire to (((essentially))) eliminate Germany continues. What ridiculous policies they have! The fact that the Germans are not pitchfork and torching the capitol is beyond me.

229df1 No.624885

File: c41c14ccf335cea⋯.jpeg (381.82 KB, 1242x908, 621:454, A137B58E-949E-407E-BB06-5….jpeg)

Nazi Royal Line - is the pill

eac2b9 No.624886




All you who think flat earth is CRAZY

Answer me one one question please…


076127 No.624887

File: 5dae5d386f52a93⋯.jpg (102.29 KB, 480x720, 2:3, john-jacob-astor.jpg)

Was Jack Astor really opposed to the federal reserve ? Did he really die on the Titanic ?

36ab4c No.624888

File: 9ee3795249381a7⋯.jpeg (222.07 KB, 837x790, 837:790, 00641DD8-B829-4D4B-9200-B….jpeg)

80490f No.624889

File: bd2604d2cb4a718⋯.jpg (9.98 KB, 213x255, 71:85, bd2604d2cb4a71882f35c4d5c6….jpg)

/your/ mom just got here

im out

cf6b62 No.624890


This is the truth, not some conspiracy. The clowns deny it and make fun of those who expose this. Do not listen to these clown shills.

95d8a8 No.624891

78f59e No.624892


You forgot George Soros's BFF and partner i crime Teresa Heinz-Kerry.

9a48d8 No.624893


I agree friend.

I also love how back in nov crumbs Q asked about gold and its value.

I have been saying for years. you cant eat gold folks!!

monetary slavery is the root of this whole mess!

so we know all the old money has a claw in here.

We know our constitution is there biggest enemy.

875869 No.624894


I'm sorry, but when you learned that William Casey, head of the CIA said that they will know they have succeeded when everything the American people believe is a lie, what did you think he meant?

The Holocaust was already something that the American people believed in Casey's day. Therefore it is a lie.

Everything believed by a normal person who is unaware of Q and the revolution, is a LIE. Got it?

The Holocaust has to be a lie. And in fact, if you dig, you will find lots of evidence. Why did the Zionists in the 1870's write about the slaughter of 6 million Jews bringing in the return to Israel? Do you believe they were psychic or something? Or where they telling you what their plan was.

When we say the Holocaust was a lie, we are NOT saying that no Jews died. At least 200,000 Jews did die from various causes. Maybe more, maybe even 400,000. But not 6 million. That was their plan but they could not achieve it.

Note that I said it was "their plan". The Zionist plan, not the Nazi plan. Not that the distinction matters because any of the leading Nazis were Zionists, even Jews.

Time to wake up. You have slept long enough.

4c3e5c No.624895

File: ee64e5078fc68bd⋯.gif (469.16 KB, 500x300, 5:3, giphy.gif)


You bet, anon! I haven't had time to read it yet - only d/l it about an hour ago but there it is! First time I ever saw Q say to pull back (outside of elevation context) - so it caught my attention YUGELY.

ba4c30 No.624896


The New World Order is starting to look a lot like the old world order…

Also notice:

the German IG FARBEN was the biggest chem corporation of its time producing the Zyklon B in some daughter company for the Nazis.

Whilst the Nazis had their trial, the Suits never had their justice coming and instead they just rebranded their companies, splitting IG Farben up in several Big Players like BASF or BAYER who…


just want to merge with MONSANTO…

here we go again.

733a94 No.624897

File: 1b70cbd05dbb0c2⋯.png (677.92 KB, 819x985, 819:985, ClipboardImage.png)

ROFL when I seen this…


"Maxine Stupid"

a3b20d No.624898


so if we are talking about bloodline and eugenics now;

are they possibly looking for a certain gene mutation in blood?

if this is about bloodlines, then they must be possibly inseminating certain people with pure bloodline sperm cells or eggs. That's how they preserve their line?

What about new members? Would the pure bloods not allow their daughters to breed with others that don't have that pure blood? but then that leads me to believe that couldnt be the case because of the inter-marriages of different powerful families?

or maybe it is the case and they all know where the bloodline goes and they tell the women to marry this man and that will create a certain special bloodline? idk im just spit balling here

ad55c6 No.624899

N is for Neanderthal…it’s all about the DNA—keeping it pure.

857761 No.624900


Eugenics is about maintaining pure bloodlines. The objective of all eugenicists was purifying the genetic stock of the elite, to keep it from being contaminated by the riff-raff (cattle, goy, etc…)

af6b8b No.624901

File: e766ba9531270ef⋯.jpg (448.48 KB, 962x942, 481:471, waterkek.jpg)

cf6b62 No.624902


There is nothing new under the sun.

ff7ac5 No.624903


Does that say Qanon? That's awesome!

e50ce6 No.624904

File: bd5af6596951362⋯.jpg (201.48 KB, 1153x651, 1153:651, 54534753487598347598347598….JPG)

Has Operation Paperclip been discussed?

d07962 No.624905

File: d54ccbcf61f0b86⋯.jpeg (416.23 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 695E49DD-FEC8-457C-88A6-1….jpeg)

File: 4fa8228ec903589⋯.jpg (12.53 KB, 189x255, 63:85, 4d5626b1cfe5d63c82722aacd8….jpg)


Awwww HELL!! Guys…It's time you knew the Truth…PelicanFag is HRC.

Disinfo Is Necessary.

f5c55c No.624906


You're welcome Anon !!

1fa928 No.624907


Who is 'they'? And what exactly do you mean 'worship stars'?

So, now admiring the stars on a beautiful, clear nite is bad? Guilty.

cdb608 No.624908


Our beautiful First Lady and President.


71f60c No.624909

Q should have saved the Hitler stuff for later.

It's all anons will focus on now

It could potentially derail everything

We should focus on happenings occuring more presently

af6b8b No.624910


kek, plz be real

fad443 No.624911

Watch Zyklon-B actually be modern day Round-up

36ab4c No.624912

File: 169b8afab734b3d⋯.jpeg (224.65 KB, 837x790, 837:790, 57F1166C-627F-4433-8D63-0….jpeg)

eac2b9 No.624913


Little doubt

2bc42e No.624914

File: 2731308f587a97d⋯.png (325.81 KB, 837x764, 837:764, 1242142132132125345fsfsdf3….png)

could Q+ be Q giving comms through cell towers?

7d55da No.624915


i would straight up be the bad cop right now

and i'm normally calm.

here's one for ya

this is important. they are all abused sexually and all must perform vile acts to keep their little satana powered up. so therefore

>you eventually realize they're ALL homosexual

ad7265 No.624916


Sorry just for further clarification, how does the patriot act apply to this? Would any info collected under the guise of the patriot act be admissible in a court of law?

12d494 No.624917


He was the richest of them all at the time.

I have questioned where his money went. I can not find answer that is solid. Follow the money is always in my mind. He was 1 of the 3 who were going to vote no on the FED.

148405 No.624918


Yup. Mass misinformation warfare. No wonder it's been going on and on and on!

5368c8 No.624919


Nobody said that.

But the power of MSM to destroy with lies is now trumped

by the power of the interwebz to fight back with truth.

78f59e No.624920


They must be stopped or all of this will have been for nothing. They're like cockroaches and should be treated as such.

cf6b62 No.624921


An awoken anon.

861d8a No.624922

Gravity's Rainbow. Thomas Pynchon knows something… that book… pre-Q.

857761 No.624923


Got news for ya, pal.

Nothing we do on this board will discredit either of them.

b6c45b No.624924

File: c806d7e0977ebad⋯.png (389.33 KB, 587x544, 587:544, 03-08-28 PMPK.png)

ad55c6 No.624925

Trump said Neanderthal in his speech…that is the N in NWO

70ca80 No.624926


And he killed Christians who resisted the nazi co-opting of the churches

637eee No.624927


Look how they are marrying now. Always trying to keep it in the family, it might appear two wealthy spawns of luciferians are marrying, but it may be that they are looking to marry "in the family".

148405 No.624928


Sure - but it is still important to connect the dots.

222564 No.624929


In the end it wont be too shocking….most people already suspect fuckery in that entire story. Hitler could be an alien from space and it wouldn't shock anyone.

9081ab No.624930



0ac932 No.624931

File: accec82b82fbdee⋯.png (230.1 KB, 499x157, 499:157, 158297.png)

File: 681d139eacb3827⋯.png (769.47 KB, 728x360, 91:45, 956578887160532992.png)


Hoping for a clean and healed UK.

>May is neutralized.

>MI6/SIS undergoing house cleaning.

>Queen/monarchs seeking shelter.


>These people are stupid.


eac2b9 No.624932


Satan worshipers worship Saturn, Mars, Jupitor (wandering stars - they all twinkle like stars because they are) and sun worship.

Why worship something that is not alive???

Doesn't make sense AT ALL.

They tell lies but know truth.

8c065e No.624933


Mengele is a sick man who went to america through paperclip…

He worked as a MK Ultra programmer for many years.. The possibility (and likeness) of Mengele being Skippy's father is very possible.

This lady was programmed by Mengele and her story is eye opening (took me a few times to watch it the whole way through):

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lc8xgay8CKg

My theory is that they get famous people to have sexual rituals (satanic) and then the so called "rosemaries baby's" are MK Ultra'd through childhood ad programmed to be the "people" they are in later life (if they survive).

1fa928 No.624934


Can WE censor it????

f5c55c No.624935


You're welcome! We are in this TOGETHER !

d47ba6 No.624936

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

70ca80 No.624937


bery goncerned

733a94 No.624938

File: e1d988cbfe11e33⋯.png (539.03 KB, 958x670, 479:335, ClipboardImage.png)


i swear its real….

95d8a8 No.624939


The message will arrive to All World., that is Sure, that was today in PA?

d07962 No.624940

File: ef3db3e703056cb⋯.png (810.23 KB, 970x540, 97:54, Screenshot_from_2018-02-08….png)


Hopefully not too much longer.

cf6b62 No.624941


Timothy Holseth arrested by thugs again, missing for two weeks now! Sound the alarm!

Trump get him out of jail!

He is the one exposing the pedophelia in the F-B-I and the clowns!

https:// www.youtube.com /user/floodofnoah/videos

4c3e5c No.624942

File: c778056541c933d⋯.jpg (93.08 KB, 1024x607, 1024:607, 20-of-the-weirdest-and-rar….jpg)


Um, because it has squat to do with the shape of the earth? Final answer. Look, anon - before I perma-filter, I just wanna say that even the trade winds vs. the earth's *rotation* says it's crazy. Wrong turn in the rabbit hole, anon.

637eee No.624943


No offense anon but we'd get laugh out of T/D with that. That's not a new phrase, so Q posting it and then having the sign at the rally really means nothing. Irritating, but true.

08f9c9 No.624944


Spit balling too here. What if these "Nephilim" had certain abilities, abilities now diluted through constant intermarrying. If you want those abilities back, you need to find the gene mutations. Why the big push for 23 and me?

9a48d8 No.624945


in depth anon, but feel free to create a side thread on it. there is SOOO much info down that rabbit hole. many interesting things there.

91112a No.624946

File: 252eda4aa393bb4⋯.jpg (73.31 KB, 680x961, 680:961, tay3.jpg)

cf6b62 No.624947


Only if you are a clown.

fe57f7 No.624948


So what?? Everything that comes out will be shocking. You can’t even handle Angela Hitler and you want all the truth???? You are part of the reason why Q doesn’t give us the whole truth. Man the fuck up!!!

4c3e5c No.624949

36ab4c No.624951


She sent a text said you were short last time .

b05ce1 No.624952


Was thinking Biblical/Cananite/Nephillim. However found a link about Nazi's looking for blood purity:

http:// www.spiegel.de/international/world/how-german-blood-purity-research-advanced-medical-knowledge-a-902865.html

One of may links searching

rh blood nazi nephillim

772a46 No.624953


Many loaves ago this was suggested - Gebi had a baby, probably Merkel's daddy Horst since he was born in 1926 and Gebi moved in with Hitler (she and her mom) in 1925. Illegitimate children were fostered out in those days … Merkel's daddy's "father" was a policeman in Berlin. He also was in the Hitler Youth, but then all the kids were at that time.

So Angela is possibly Hitlers Great Niece and Granddaughter. At least, that's what I was thinking. Could def be completely wrong.

d07962 No.624954

File: 20bb1c6f7f5b095⋯.png (92.11 KB, 487x473, 487:473, Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at ….png)


DAMN!!! Thank YOU!! I was flying so fast. Ugh!! Well, it's the heart that counts right?? Thanks for the kind words.


cdb608 No.624955

Q, nice pose by @Snowden in HK. Did you manage to catch any flies in the photo shoot?

733a94 No.624956

File: aad1082e25f4e39⋯.png (732.72 KB, 813x986, 813:986, Screenshot from 2018-03-11….png)


Forgot the sauce…

i swear i couldn't make that up… ROFL.

https:// twitter.com/MaxinePWaters/status/972291126630678528

637eee No.624957


The fake one has two T's …but, there's no gay check mark…

222564 No.624958


If it's shocking to you then you haven't been digging deep enough.

af6b8b No.624959

File: 8f784dbee8c6dad⋯.jpg (107.94 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1517469612942.jpg)

e52f57 No.624960


When Podesta and/or Hillary and/or Obama is arrested Q will have everyone's focus right where it needs to be without any drop necessary. Clearly the stage is being set for when this moves to the EU.

eac2b9 No.624962


Then i guess these genius world leaders are ignorant then.

They worship non living things because… ummmm?

Guess your right.

fad443 No.624963


It's a parody account

71f60c No.624964


All I'm saying is that we shouldn't get too side tracked with the Hitler stuff

Trust me I can handle any revelation

I've been waiting for this my whole life

9081ab No.624965


No. He needs to continue with it. Why do you think we are being shilled so hard with the holohoax crap. They know info about to come out or be found that they dont want out.

78f59e No.624966


Soon all the SorosStooge ShariaBlue shills will be getting a nice hemp necktie for all they've done.

d07962 No.624967

File: e6528c5bc34b40b⋯.jpg (429 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, american-flag-2260839_1280.jpg)


Thank You ALL!!





4c3e5c No.624968

File: 4317f27b6a66eb3⋯.jpg (7.93 KB, 173x184, 173:184, 10857919_912811772075784_3….jpg)

2bc42e No.624969


or is + control of the top of the cabal? using their heirarchy and compartmentalization against them?

088a41 No.624970

File: 58a7d33a803defa⋯.jpg (8.25 KB, 320x180, 16:9, images.duckduckgo.com.jpg)


LOL…"Hello, My name is Inigo Montoya….

you killed my father, prepare to die."


6e50fd No.624971


How do we know that the Q's code wasn't added to this Usula haverbeck video AFTER Q made his post?

9a48d8 No.624972


I fear this is what Q was talking about.

its so NOT shocking to us. that Q didn't receive the reaction that was anticipated.

not due to shock but a. "Ya so!" lol

as for the poster you were responding to saying they are concerned with a derailment due to Nazi sht, I suspect he/she is glowing a bit.

12d494 No.624973


Be assured that no one is able to discredit all of the evidence that POTUS and Q have.

I do not think people are denying the holocaust completely. There are questions that need answered. It is right to question the true happenings. Such as 911 we know it happened but we also know it did not happen as we have been told. We question it to find the full/real truth. It is smart to question, it is stupid to be afraid to question just because something is too touche for some.

5ce9e1 No.624974


LA Kings vs Blue Jackets last week

772a46 No.624975


Only a gajillion times. You need to read the synopses.

637eee No.624976


Yes but Q points to the hairstyle specifically. Why is it not possible that Hitler with that little girl was taken later after he escaped Germany? Idk either, but the hairstyle comment sticks out.

076127 No.624977

File: 774125f4e7bd94a⋯.jpg (89.79 KB, 1024x680, 128:85, the-donald.jpg)

…Q…If The Earth Were Flat Would You Deny It ?

"I own a 757, beautiful plane, it's the best plane! If the world were round, believe me, I would know!”

13e54d No.624978

>>Angela Dorothea Kesner born in Hamburg West Germany in 1954, Hitler "died" in 1945…???

b3c5d1 No.624979

File: 54a56f9864be794⋯.png (62.47 KB, 578x328, 289:164, pharma1.PNG)

File: 6620e5013846798⋯.png (89.82 KB, 602x473, 14:11, p1.PNG)

File: 9dbfde239bc4448⋯.png (46.95 KB, 577x225, 577:225, p2.PNG)

File: 13772ff2a7c68ec⋯.png (61.21 KB, 593x272, 593:272, p3.PNG)


term paper , WOKE AF

19 yrs old.

Got an A.


Where's the college benefits for the kids who are hard working woke patriots?

cdb608 No.624980


How much later? Do you know how far we are in the timeline? Timing is everything. Everything done for a purpose. The traffic increased, new people brought in and intrigued.

7d55da No.624981


they need their little wanderers for purposes of divination

question: are all wanderers "fallen" ones? or are any of them good? or are they all "cheribum-esque" neutral? or….?

95d8a8 No.624982

088a41 No.624983


But it's beautiful…you would be shocked how many young Libtards would believe it.

10cb01 No.624984

File: b1b69e144f693bb⋯.png (154.44 KB, 338x523, 338:523, Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at ….png)


fuck guys… it took 4 seconds to figure out this was fake

1d5c29 No.624985

Been gone all day, whats with the too deep Q post?

I'm downloading the (what i assume is) book

"Silvio Gesell The Natural Economic Order"

Honestly I have yet to be even slightly surprised at anything we have found.

I think on this board Q does NOT need to careful (just a guess) on this board, Most of us are or have been for a long time 100% awake and are aware of how deep this goes we just lack detail.

Now normies on the other hand…

ca60a6 No.624986


We need a grammar-Merkle meme.

fad443 No.624987


Yep, there's legit fags in here.

a1dd35 No.624988

File: eaeca38c637f51d⋯.png (680.18 KB, 1186x906, 593:453, Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at ….png)


This woman on twitter is all over the Hilton sisters

https:// twitter.com/carolyn_limaco/status/972460777008373761

4488ef No.624990



cf6b62 No.624991


Maybe he does not fligh high enough to see it?

8515de No.624992


Love child sounds gay as fuck. He is pretty dumb and pretty girly. Inbred would easy to believe.

5ce9e1 No.624993


What are you citing as your source that they worship stars?

cbe915 No.624994


I mean at this point if aliens and Hitler don't end up involved in the end I think I'd be disappointed.

Normies are one thing but you can't really overestimate what anons are ready to accept.

772a46 No.624995


Genetically targeted diseases. That's why.

ff7ac5 No.624996

How are AWANS connected to Israel?

12d494 No.624997


Hitler did not die in 1945. Hitler left and lived to be a very old man. Hunter Hitler was even on the History channel, there are real FBI docs on that fact that our own gov knew he got away. Argentina is where he lived for many years.

222564 No.624998


Agreed…..what would be shocking is to see a vid of HRC fucking some kid in the ass with a strap on while drinking adrenochrome juiced from a freshly plucked gland of some newborn. Now THAT would be shocking AF!

cdb608 No.624999


Some don't get sarcasm and purposely altered pics in the spirit of memes.

4c3e5c No.625000

File: f102f8c5c75d38c⋯.jpg (332.92 KB, 1366x1024, 683:512, proj_sunshine_01.jpg)

585517 No.625001

d07962 No.625002

File: 6e4552dfe49df48⋯.jpeg (27.16 KB, 480x431, 480:431, DVPRfamXcAEn5z9.jpeg)

ba4c30 No.625003

Remember George Carlin? Speaking of nowadays corporations he said something like:

"Germany lost WW2, Fascism won it."


aka known as

Fressen und Gefressen werden.

655caf No.625004



cdf591 No.625005

File: 80950f5db8329e2⋯.jpg (85.47 KB, 600x374, 300:187, funny-pics-enough-with-the….jpg)

cdb608 No.625006


Pakistan is a complicated country, isn't it? So simple and basic, yet so intertwined in many things.

e52f57 No.625007

Q talked about reach. The video Q referred to with the Admiral had very little views when I first saw it and is now up to 43,943 views. Gives some idea to the reach of this board.

ffb16d No.625008

File: 2552836f63cc108⋯.jpg (26.68 KB, 425x521, 425:521, 1387781315815.jpg)


heya rabbi what ya doing?

>pic related

229df1 No.625009


Hitler was a Roths it will surface.. finding info on it now. Well knows he was part Jewish.

9081ab No.625010


I'm with ya on that, anon.

d07962 No.625011

File: a36d78b7ea3065f⋯.png (2 MB, 1336x933, 1336:933, Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at ….png)

cf6b62 No.625012


He forgot to paper clip it to the front page, LoL.

70ca80 No.625013


There is evidence that Jewish leaders prevented Jews from being sent from Nazi Europe to Palestine. I think this is mainstream news. If I'm right, then it has to be acknowledged that there were at least some Jews who thought the death or abuse of Jews in Europe would benefit the Zionist goal of setting up a Jewish state in Palestine.

772a46 No.625014

>>625000 No, but I've heard of Operation Sunrise.

b7e7bc No.625015


Getting warm anon

a54b56 No.625016


Merkel is the present

34ba62 No.625017

File: c025bd270471d3f⋯.png (687.22 KB, 1243x750, 1243:750, Capture _2018-02-11-11-37-….png)

File: 88871e8daa07873⋯.png (778.73 KB, 1345x1072, 1345:1072, Capture _2018-02-11-11-32-….png)

File: 27cd569542c3560⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1371x1402, 1371:1402, Capture _2018-02-11-12-07-….png)

b3c5d1 No.625018

File: 481780aa475eee8⋯.png (115.3 KB, 608x505, 608:505, p4.PNG)

File: 719a55035906e56⋯.png (54.51 KB, 600x368, 75:46, p5.PNG)

File: d488de7be3ffd39⋯.png (60.38 KB, 581x348, 581:348, p6.PNG)

File: 10d236814129e81⋯.png (86.83 KB, 601x435, 601:435, p7.PNG)


Term paper (cont.)

076127 No.625019

Hitler Was Half Rothschild / Jew He Hated His Father

cf6b62 No.625020


The fake Khazarian Jews of the Qaabalah did that.

ff7ac5 No.625021


I feel like there will be no shortage of reading coming up.

921da3 No.625022

File: 4ebe27ab6a8474a⋯.jpg (106.74 KB, 600x527, 600:527, The_Myth_Of_German_Villain….jpg)

eac2b9 No.625023


You seem nice. You seem smart. Awsome.



4c3e5c No.625025

File: e4b5c32a9bf5f59⋯.jpg (205.73 KB, 1692x812, 423:203, sf79d86g9s78df7g689ds0fg79.jpg)

File: 54a8b2e31b98139⋯.jpg (116.16 KB, 1252x952, 313:238, s67g567dgs8d7fg67d8f9s.jpg)

File: 497b780999a1297⋯.jpg (143.32 KB, 1252x952, 313:238, s86g548s7d6fg743sdf76357.jpg)

ad55c6 No.625026

spacefag here…earth is spherical. period.

71f60c No.625027

The Hitler stuff is the least shocking thing Q has dropped

088a41 No.625028


I really don't think it is us that worries him, but those on this board that feel compelled to run right off with "hot Q news" and scream it to the normie world before anyone else. AKA namefags and big mouths.

2ab89d No.625029

Q made it clear this is about good versus evil.

Hated of the jews in Germany started before ww2, the jews had money…they have been the bankers of every war.

The Roman Catholic church borrowed money from the Jews and when they didn't want to pay it back they had the inquisitions.

After WW1 while Germans were hauling a wheel barrels of money to buy a loaf of bread , the Jews were living in nice houses and eating well.

So where does it all end?

70ca80 No.625030


here we go

cf6b62 No.625031


Have you heard of the sunshine IP logger?

(Clown OP).

f7cef5 No.625032


Don't encourage them.

d07962 No.625033


Whoa!! Thank YOU ANON!!!

875869 No.625034


Geli is short for Angela.

If Geli had a daughter, then the little girl photographed with Hitler who looks a lot like Merkel, could be Geli's daughter. And that little girl, who would have been born around 1931 would have been 23 when Angela Dorothea was born in 1954 and named after her grandmother Geli.

Note that Geli was Hitler's niece so this would be just the kind of incest that the Rothschilds' prefer.

And if Hitler in 1931 wanted to become emperor of the 3rd Reich, as a satanist he would have to sacrifice his eldest child. But he had no firstborn. So perhaps he used his Sister's firstborn instead and sacrificed her.

5b904a No.625035


Shipping container nukes?

I don't even give a fuck now

Light em off mother fuckers or STFU

b6d8f1 No.625036


It's one of the best parody accounts going. I love it.

f03932 No.625037

File: b543e43f8211ffa⋯.jpg (13.95 KB, 255x190, 51:38, bread.jpg)

f59394 No.625038


Maxine P Waters

Good stuff though.

cf6b62 No.625039


There you go, not "we".

af6b8b No.625040

File: 5c07386633d8284⋯.jpg (853.01 KB, 2500x3333, 2500:3333, crying myrcle.jpg)

733a94 No.625041


know what,

i didn't know it was a parody account.

But it was still funny as heck.

Admit it you laughed too.

cdf591 No.625042


Space fag land your mothership on my lawn and get me off this effing planet kthx

08f9c9 No.625043


And advanced weapons research, sorry had to got there.

076127 No.625044

JackAss says Earth Is Round…LMAO

b05ce1 No.625046


Will keep digging then- TY!

cf6b62 No.625047


Clown agent exposes himself.

ff7ac5 No.625048



I hadnt seen this. OMG this is funny!

fe57f7 No.625049


We all want freedom from the cabal and the sooner the better. The more he gives the more we can spread out memes. We have to be able to handle everything and spread it out to normies. We are Q teams middle man. If you can’t handle the truth, neither will the weaker minded normies. So we have to accept and take in everything he gives us. The more and sooner the better.

d07962 No.625050

File: 2a314849b845c64⋯.jpeg (88.78 KB, 721x940, 721:940, 2a314849b845c64224d6693e4….jpeg)




222564 No.625051



076127 No.625052

Ass Fag..F…his mother

6e50fd No.625053


I agree. The holocaust did happen.

1fb50c No.625054


Yet he says they've gone too deep. It's boggling my mind ALL. DAY. LONG. Nothing about it was surprising or anything to me. Maybe the fact that Merkel is the daughter was too soon. ?? Who knows.

f7cef5 No.625055


and if you flip her initials upside down it's an acronym for Maxine "Dipshit" Waters

92e7ef No.625056

File: e9a5dff65dead68⋯.jpeg (186.53 KB, 1601x1182, 1601:1182, D91C4995-1311-412F-9E71-F….jpeg)

File: 3e97dc0b05274ea⋯.jpeg (117.38 KB, 894x369, 298:123, E423740A-AD15-4474-9B19-A….jpeg)

File: fea63e1e8ab32c3⋯.jpeg (329.85 KB, 1228x1040, 307:260, 45CD2E86-60AE-44E1-A5BE-6….jpeg)

Working off a hunch and a typo in a Q post reference regarding NWO.

“Anyone mention NWO referencing Natürliche Wirtschaftsordnung, the National Economic Order?”

That is an incorrect translation.

Natürliche Wirtschaftsordnung is NATURAL Economic Irder not The mistranslated National Economic Order.

Q said N doesn’t mean Nazi.

Could NWO mean Natural World Order?

The Nazis had a natural superiority selection thing going on for sure. Natural World Order makes sense if they are establishing a natural order of superiority of rulers and sheep.

ecd46c No.625057


Eat and get eaten?

Essen = Eating (human)

Fressen = Eating (animal)

72b1a8 No.625058

File: 02231ab3673f003⋯.png (548.83 KB, 650x920, 65:92, bananaearthposter.png)


Ignore this faggot.

Expand your thinking.

Unpeel your eyes from the lies.

ff641c No.625059

File: 9a1be9133dfc2e1⋯.jpg (569.55 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, temp1.jpg)

Jewish Census at the Holocaust Era

(hmmm.. Correct this after it was pointed out.)

12d494 No.625060


Yes, I must agree with you. I am not as shocked as one would think one would be. Dig enough in to the Illuminati you already knew about this part.

NK was what shocked me. I did not see that coming , Clown control say what ? ?

96e07b No.625061

No arrests yet?

A complaint filed in the Southern District of California on Thursday charges Vincent Ramos, the founder and CEO of Canada-based Phantom, with racketeering conspiracy to conduct enterprise affairs, as well as conspiracy to distribute narcotics, and aiding and abetting. Authorities arrested Ramos on Thursday, according to the court docket. Crucially, the complaint alleges that Ramos and Phantom were not simply incidental to a crime, like Apple might be when a criminal uses an iPhone, but that the company was specifically created to facilitate criminal activity.

URL: www. documentcloud.org/documents/4406486-Vincent-Ramos-Complaint.html

4c3e5c No.625062

File: a4a0cd87d818098⋯.png (267.64 KB, 450x582, 75:97, 666560.png)


TOP KEK, Anon!

78f59e No.625063

>>624909 Th e only ones focusing on that are the "usual supects" of clowns and shills.

cf6b62 No.625064


Those who took down the twin towers will get extra express VIP service.

076127 No.625065

novus ordo seclorum

229df1 No.625066


Meme this “just the tip, went too deep”

772a46 No.625067

Q's saying we need to question our government. Nothing should be sacrosanct, and government has the obligation to 'splain itself. Period.

71f60c No.625068




The Hitler stuff is completely non-shocking to me to the point that I feel it's more of a distraction than anything else


861d8a No.625069


This book lauds natural selection as underlying economic theory. Much sounds quite libertarian, but its also tinged with eugenics that was common in the day.

6e50fd No.625070


We need to take that moronic "the holocaust was fake' garbage off the "Notable Posts" list. It is disgracing the Q and POTUS.

772a46 No.625071


Right you are. They are outing themselves again. Idiots.

cf6b62 No.625072


She is even too embarrased to look at him, cause she knows he exposes her crimes.

eac2b9 No.625073



Look friend… why is the pyramid a symbol of the illuminati?

Everything ties back to Egypt because the

pyramids were build BEFORE the flood.

When the nephilim walked umong us.

Just google satan star worship or satanic sun worship.

The topic is tooo long to build a case on this platform.

The worship of saturn (ect) is easily found and verified.

8515de No.625074


Christ, just go masturbate on the corner if it makes you feel better.

BUT leave the bread/threads alone! Dumbass.

fe57f7 No.625076


What if that picture is in Argentina or wherever he was hiding. And that really is Angela with her dad adolf?? What if the cabal helped him be with her and then took her back to Germany and groomed her. Hitler obviously didn’t die in that bunker.

d07962 No.625078

File: 966daa82fdd44cb⋯.png (100.4 KB, 660x371, 660:371, _99636100_trump2_976getty.png)


So to the doubter who doubted this, do we have any photos with POTUS having "Promises Made/Promises Kept" anywhere???

Because I don't see any.

dbd3ed No.625079


>Eugenics is about maintaining pure bloodlines. The objective of all eugenicists was purifying the genetic stock of the elite, to keep it from being contaminated by the riff-raff (cattle, goy, etc…)

Must be the Nephilim then, most likely. The nephilim, or aka "great men of old…

Using NLT

Genesis 6:4

In those days, and for some time after, giant Nephilites lived on the earth, for whenever the sons of God had intercourse with women, they gave birth to children who became the heroes and famous warriors of ancient times

Rereading this for the dozenth time if not moreso, I really think some of the ancient superhero, demi God tales were probably talking about these Nephilim. So it may not be a stretch to say that Greek mythology may fill in some details that were left out of the Old Testament Bible. Hercules was probably a real person and not just a normal person for he was part "God" and part human. Reread that again and you realize that he is basically a Nephilim from the Bible, ie Sons of God.

Taking this bit from commentary on the passage

>The same became mighty men.–Heb., They were the mighty men that were of old, men of name. "Gibborim," mighty men (see Genesis 10:8), has nothing to do with stature, but means heroes, warriors. It is also generally used in a good sense. The children of these mixed marriages were a race of brave fighting men, who by their martial deeds won for themselves reputation.

http:// biblehub.com/genesis/6-3.htm

and as for the Sons of God or the fathers of these Nephilim

>The Jewish interpreters, who well understood the uses of their own language, are right in the main point that the phrase "sons of the Elohim" conveys no idea of moral goodness or piety. Elohim constantly means mighty ones (Exodus 15:11, marg.). (Comp. Exodus 12:12, marg., Exodus 21:6; Exodus 22:8-9, where it is translated judges; Exodus 22:28, 1Samuel 2:25, where also it is translated judge.) In Job 1:6 the "sons of Elohim" are the nobles, the idea being that of a king who at his durbar gathers his princes round him; and, not unnecessarily to multiply examples, the "sons of the Elim," the other form of the plural, is rightly translated mighty ones in Psalm 29:1.

http:// biblehub.com/genesis/6-2.htm

The rabbithole never ends.

77b76d No.625080


Is this that mommy-loving french douche padding her back in the lower pic ?

72b1a8 No.625081


Are we re-establishing the Natural World Order?

159171 No.625082


They call em beach balls. They're actually a big deal. Russia has been proliferating this shit to the Iranians. They can sit in storage containers for 10 years and remain active.

cf6b62 No.625083







6e50fd No.625084



b3c5d1 No.625085

File: 7fc5dd42051ff1a⋯.png (80.4 KB, 606x431, 606:431, p9.PNG)

File: 1c94ae3c6b083e1⋯.png (61.34 KB, 621x359, 621:359, p10.PNG)

File: 2eb2328932a2fed⋯.png (70 KB, 578x395, 578:395, p11.PNG)

File: 90390d657033806⋯.png (73.04 KB, 591x486, 197:162, p12.PNG)



655caf No.625086


>The truth would put 99% of people in the hospital.

772a46 No.625087


Eugenics is driving force with the cabal now.

222564 No.625088


You can't prove shit….fly your ass into space or the fucking glass ceiling and prove it. You or no one else can, so STFU and stop stroking your junk to make a point that no one can refute or disprove. It's a waste of life. Either prove it with facts that are 100% accurate and undeniable or stfu with it.

f2db8b No.625089


Furthermore, it is not going to help red pill anyone! It is something to graduate into. now, we need as simple and provable as possible.

f59394 No.625090


No no no. That is wrong, it is actually a plantain.

cdb608 No.625091

TZs are fun, aren't they Q? Keeps the excitement up though. 13+. Enjoying. Network here provides insight. Insight and expanded network provide evidence. To be delivered when ready. Soon. Need drop point. Secure.


4488ef No.625092

cf6b62 No.625093


Yep, but the clowns make fun of us for exposing this.

21e0d2 No.625094


There is no solid evidence of this, you cannot produce it, I know that.

eac2b9 No.625095


Thank you for questioning.

That is the first step.

Now go and get answers to those questions!!

Bible is real - Jesus lives

5fad9c No.625096

"We stand on the shoulders of Patriots who poured out their sweat and blood and tears. We're going to do things that nobody has been able to do."


8c065e No.625097


TFW…. Trump tells you he will tell the whole world you are hitlers daughter


353491 No.625098


You and those like you are why Q needs to hold back, went too deep. Your mind is too fragile to accept the truth.

72b1a8 No.625099

File: 066805ef8fcfd31⋯.png (244.4 KB, 650x920, 65:92, leaflet3.png)




a1b8d4 No.625100


POTUS qualified his remarks several times:

DEATH penalty for drug dealers who MURDER

people with the crap they sell.

never mentioned pot dealers. geez.

did you listen to his speech??

ff641c No.625101

File: 103e189968babe3⋯.jpg (283.58 KB, 481x704, 481:704, temp2.jpg)

Russian Holocaust

ALSO 6 Million.

Wait…That never happened….

(Don't tell the NewYork Times!)

72b1a8 No.625102

File: 03599a58da20fbf⋯.jpg (50.67 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 13552537_10205161102666959….jpg)



71f60c No.625103


Thank you

Let's focus on revealing the cabal that's operating NOW

222564 No.625104

5ce9e1 No.625105


Sorry, of course I got that point. You implied that they were specific entities. I have not seen a reference that the stars were sentient except in allegory.

cf6b62 No.625106

American Intelligence Media

https:// www.youtube.com /channel/UCv0dEcvXLOf4ZFvjCahK4Lw/videos

https:// aim4truth.org/

7d55da No.625107

File: 39f153cc85c54e8⋯.jpg (271.64 KB, 1000x636, 250:159, baby-in-the-backseat.jpg)


It ends with JUSTICE.


They're vile. Don't try to separate the "Jews" and the Catholics… Same sick cult/club.

I wonder if Turnbull has any place where we could rent some property for a mass-relocation event?

fe57f7 No.625108


It’s not shocking to you but it’s definitely an eye opener to normies who are just brainwashed. But we will agree to disagree and move forward.

73253c No.625109

Pinched this from https:// www.theburningplatform.com/

The author makes a good case for Q.

Yojimbo, The Burning Platform, 3/9/18


Bear with me, and let’s together consider a scenario: Imagine one day you wake up, turn on the TV, and there is complete pandemonium. The news has just broken that the Trump administration has set up military tribunals; arrested hundreds of members of both political parties; arrested thousands of others outside government; renditioned George Soros; captured Edward Snowden; and seized Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barry Obama, and John McCain and charged them with treason. Additionally, imagine many of those arrested are charged with child trafficking for sex or organ harvesting, for drug trafficking, and for undermining the sovereignty of the United States. How would the populace react? How would the liberals react? How would the MSM characterize it? Imagine the totality of it.

I think there would be complete chaos. Society would be at the point of coming to a complete standstill, or a revolution, or a societal breakdown.

Most likely, the MSM would be in a full informational warfare stance. They would be characterizing these sweeping actions as dictatorial. They would say that President Trump had arrested the opposition, had lost his mind, was acting extra-Constitutionally, and had directed Sessions to fabricate evidence.

The Democrat Party, certainly, would be saying that Trump had become mentally unstable, that the “resistance” movement must rise up, that people must demand that their Congressmen must remove Trump from the Presidency, and they would basically call for riots.

If anyone arrested was a Republican, like John McCain or Lindsey Graham, the Republicans as well might call for Trump to be removed. The cancer of corruption, treason, selling out America and the Deep State collusion might have spread throughout the Congress.

Trump would have no base – except the majority of the citizens of the US. But those would be hearing the constant lies, propaganda, and disinformation coming from the MSM – perhaps even Fox news. There would be competing voices on the internet, on the radio, on the TV, from the government. How would the average normie know what to believe?

BUT, what if some person or group had chosen a new and untried path? What if, to prepare the sheeple for the shock, some person or group decided to move via the internet to spread the information to the citizens in a way that went around the MSM, went around the official channels, even around the White House?

What if someone or some group decided not to give the information to the public, but to throw bait out to the anti-social, skeptical, independent thinking denizens of the cloistered boards of discredited, offensive, and ignored websites? What if they knew that this was the primordial energy to harness to reveal Truth? What if this board held the eternal curiosity of man to rip the lid off of Pandora’s box?

What if this person or group KNEW that the media would spin the truth into lies, and that any information from the White House would be seen as biased and dubious. What if they foresaw the riots and decided to use the internet to disseminate the information early to prepare the public for the shock?

d07962 No.625111

File: 6df3563238b73ef⋯.png (343.43 KB, 1658x914, 829:457, Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at ….png)



https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/declare-purdue-pharma-producers-oxycontin-enemy-republic-united-states-america-0

FUCK THEM!! #DeathDealers

Wait until you guys all find out about the illicit SEMI TRUCKS of this shit just "popping up" all over our nation.


31cb2e No.625112

File: 4d5e670a97a00d2⋯.jpg (113.33 KB, 600x800, 3:4, djtballs.jpg)

12d494 No.625113


Q's reply "We've gone to deep"

Was in replie to an Anon trying to figure out

what the N in NWO actually means.

After Q allowed us to know that N in NWO

Does not mean NEW or Nazi.

This is what Q pulled back on. That letter N and its importance to more knowledge on what we haven't been told yet

ff641c No.625114

File: 2a495c1f9c25f6a⋯.jpg (285.77 KB, 622x631, 622:631, temp3.jpg)

Jews (ahem … Surprised?) Begging for funds for Holocaust BEFORE it "happened"…

73253c No.625116

What if, like a “virally-spread” video, people began to mention to each other about the phenomenon of this intel being left on these discredited boards? What if teenagers and internet savvy adults began to carry this information to their friends and family?

What if all this “intel” began to coalesce at some point into appearing Truthful, even though the puzzles had to be solved by anonymous citizens? What if the “answers” were not given, like pap to infants, but instead had to be researched, decoded, speculated, and found by those interested in solving them?

What if the “answers” and the understanding of the dynamics of such treasonous and evil actions came NOT from the MSM, NOT from the White House, NOT from “talking heads”, but from message boards like 4chan, 8chan, Voat, Gab, and elsewhere. What if the message began to spread even to websites that were oriented around economics? What if the message spread beyond those sites to the general citizenry?

It would seem to me that the SHOCK of the arrests, the misinformation of the MSM, and the inflammatory calls of the Progs would be mitigated and neutralized, because many would be aware ahead of time.

The point of this is that the Cognitive Dissonance would be immense in the public. The sudden airing of the repulsive, vile, unthinkable, treasonous, and corrupt truths about the powerful few who run this country might be too much for many to accept. They would default to the programming that they grew up with. They would deny. They would become angry and lash out at the messenger. They could not comprehend and accept the truth if given all at once.

This Socratic and puzzling method of asking questions and tantalizing the fringe autists with intelligence (and truths) only known by the select few could indeed be a method that is genius. It is using the nature of the internet to find almost any information, coupled with the ability of a cohort of driven deviants to communicate instantly across the globe, coupled with the unheard-of releasing of classified intelligence to the public.

Many would be prepared for the shock, because they would have heard the information from their teenage sons and daughters, from their co-workers, from respected voices on the sites they frequent, and from other websites.

The NOVELTY of it would be attractive. The FAMILIARITY of those telling them would make it trustworthy. The REPETITION of the message from various sources would make it hard to ignore. The ORIGIN of the message would be alluring.

Even those who might disagree with the information or dispute the arrests of those involved might tone down their reactions if their minds were primed to consider the possibilities of treason, child trafficking, or sedition.

Have these three items ever existed together at any point in human history? Has this synchronicity ever been attempted? Have humans ever had this chance? I think not. This is the brilliance of the attempt.

It may be a way to preclude the violence, riots, and bloodshed that might occur after such a shock. It might be the stroke of genius that could only come from the Goodness of God.

IF this is true, and IF this comes to fruition, this may be one of the greatest times to be alive in human history. This might be a revolution that does not involve physical warfare, but INFORMATION WARFARE, such as the kind that got Donald Trump elected. This might be one for the history books.

IF this is true, then our civilization might have actually averted a totalitarian surveillance warfare State where we would have reverted to feudal status – stripped of our rights, stripped of our wealth, and thrown into permanent darkness for the unforeseeable future.

THIS is why I attend to the phenomenon of Q. The audacity and genius of the method is breathtaking. The possibilities are immense. The futures that have been wagered here are daunting. The outcomes are staggering. And the peril of losing is fearsome.

We MUST open the minds of our brethren, our family, and other in any way we can. We MUST help free them from the prison of the propaganda their minds were infused with as they grew. We MUST at least consider the POSSIBILITY that Q is real and truthful, that Q is Military Intelligence.

The only other alternative is high velocity lead.

Like it or not, as people who can think for themselves, we are the Vanguard, and we must prayerfully come together as our intuition and judgement guide us.

Deus vult.

Your choice, fam. One way or another, believe or not, the ride is about to start.

74348b No.625117



Always has been.

Humans = cattle to them.

Humans = currency makes perfect sense in this sense.

Haitians seem to be top-grade for some reason. ;)

b9c9be No.625118


They had to have known this would happen. Prob going dark for a few.

732071 No.625119


What's this weird post? Not giving a you to it

4c3e5c No.625120

File: 00f05f3bf33219f⋯.jpg (126.59 KB, 1252x952, 313:238, s78f09g6sfd89g709sfg7.jpg)


Love this - KEK

7fddf1 No.625121


Neanderthal World Order?

229df1 No.625123

File: 58b470cdbaa7260⋯.jpeg (498.68 KB, 1242x1176, 207:196, 88CD6F0B-F53B-4213-A5FF-8….jpeg)

File: 4d31325517b9614⋯.jpeg (583.1 KB, 1242x1450, 621:725, 6360686B-DF07-484B-BFB5-0….jpeg)

File: 6204f9fb29e5531⋯.jpeg (529.88 KB, 1242x1196, 27:26, 7327B418-FD34-433F-8310-9….jpeg)

Ok - I’m a believer hitler is Satan’s spawn.. Malcolm x and hitler.

076127 No.625124

ANONS…Anyone offended at being called a conspiracy theorist….I Do No Know You…..WEAK !!! FLAT FUCKERS

eac2b9 No.625125


Prove it with science.

Go watch flat earth proofs and debunk it with facts.

Real science supports a flat earth

Besides that… the bible says so.

222564 No.625127



Maybe so, but the normies will shrug it off like they do everything. If they don't give a shit about things happening right now, they sure wont give a shit about things that happened almost 80 years ago.

cf6b62 No.625128


But he did not answer the question about what someone suggested it is…that is when he dropped back…and dissapeared..

f20e2c No.625130

There has been a change in energy here tonight. The ante has been upped. Everything got more real. The weight of this war shifted more to us. Carry the load anons. We all need to realize, this isn’t a game. This whole process isn’t to “keep us informed” while someone else does the work. It is to prepare us for what is to come, and what is to come “isn’t for everyone”. Do you know what that means? Some will want to participate, but won’t. Some can’t. Some will not possess what is needed. Do what you can to become “worthy” of the end, because it will be part of history. Courage, faith, and riteousness will be required. Maybe think mirror also means look in the mirror.

353491 No.625131

File: f96147f32f50ddc⋯.jpg (91.37 KB, 640x572, 160:143, 383ccf319f54f4441eec081b8c….jpg)


The red pills are hard to swallow for the weak minded.

ff641c No.625132

File: fed5a290cfa82a5⋯.jpg (199.47 KB, 499x716, 499:716, temp4.jpg)


New York Times again - predicting the Holocaust and raising money for the cause, before the cause happened.

72b1a8 No.625133



Hillary lost the election!


222564 No.625134


error anon….replied to wrong post.

432aec No.625135


Whatever "N" is..China just made it illegal. ;)

70ca80 No.625136


you're right

71f60c No.625137

I think if people want to debate the Holocaust they should go to /pol/

088a41 No.625138


>Maxine P Waters = [P]ee Waters

Democratic Rep for California. California just passed a bill to put treated "sewer water" into California's water reservoirs.

How apropos.

How much ya makn' on that one Maxine?

cf6b62 No.625139


The universe is a holo-sphere and the earth sits at the bottom of the holo-sphere. The entire universe rotates thus the surface of the earth rotates. The sun is stationary in point inside the holosphere. The stars rotate above around the holosphere.

4c3e5c No.625140

b7e7bc No.625142

Think about the marriages for power? The royals? Soro’s nephew and Chelsea? Why control the blood banks? Why are these evil bastards always tall with long arms? Think Comey, LDR, Kerry, etc. Maybe this board is not ready to consider that there is another so called superior race on this earth? Q has dropped the clues but I doubt he will ever come out and say we have half demon half humans on this earth today. Biblefags need to spread that redpill. The earth is round btw. You flat earth fags need to go elsewhere.

b3c5d1 No.625143

File: 0f07e160a6679b2⋯.png (963.44 KB, 750x465, 50:31, ashstar1.PNG)

Hi I'm Ashtar, from the Galactic Federation of FUCKING CARTOONS.

If anybody is interested in actual digging, I posted all kinds of Purdue Pharma info in THIS thread… that has been hijacked by woo woo goo heads.

5d2239 No.625144

Melania predicted her future?

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=SB1avMEhi_s

fe57f7 No.625145


Yes! We have to be very open minded to EVERYTHING and just listen out theories. Holocaust deniers, flat earth… all of it. BUT soon enough we will find out which ones are true and which are not but shoot down others, not yet. Unless they are just being trolls.

4c3e5c No.625146

File: ac48b0bc4e92e19⋯.jpg (21.35 KB, 417x269, 417:269, 7s9d86gs0d8f9g6798sf0d7g6.jpg)

cf6b62 No.625147


How and why did China make it illegal?

ef66e2 No.625148


exposing facts is part of research

5aae5c No.625149


According to our history books, whether true or false, the 'Allies' where the first to walk into the concentration camps. The proof, if there is any, must therefore be found ind the documents of the Allies.

9581ba No.625151


perhaps it's not nazi per se. but one of their other groups… DVD, thule, vril…

5fad9c No.625152


Prime meme material…. Priceless!!!!

ecd46c No.625153


Merge the right Angela-pic with the right Adolf-pic, and it's a very nice red-pill meme. I don't do memes, but the resemblence is striking and easily demonstrable.

1fb50c No.625155


Yep I know, I just sometimes expand on thinking he meant the whole Nazi/german/Hitler drop all together. Maybe we can't be ready for the NWO info, if we aren't ready with the Merkel drop first? I think he wants us to dig on the other stuff first. And everyone is still talking a lot about NWO. He may not come back until we figure out more on other drops today.

cbe915 No.625156

File: a0e5b721d5dbf5d⋯.jpg (667.97 KB, 1406x1874, 703:937, warned.jpg)

ff641c No.625157


I'll flip the crumbs into the batter and hope for the best… Rinse and repeat in a day or two.

It will catch on, because truth always does…

(good find)

Anons need to realize the clips we have are archived personally because these are scrubbed intensely from the internet. By forces that have MILLIONS of dollars a year of funding to ensure that no one knows these facts.

Hence the ADL…

5b904a No.625158


Tim Kennedys hunting Hitler show was a soft reveal

And the prior service CIA spooks acting surprised…wasn't even good acting

Since though Ive been wondering hard how many NAZIs in US govt

fad443 No.625159

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5451535/Why-did-China-ban-letter-N.html

12d494 No.625160


I caught that. Its so fucking weird and funny but do I want to know more !!!

08f9c9 No.625161


“Blood mixture and the resultant drop in the racial level is the sole cause of the dying out of old cultures; for men do not perish as a result of lost wars, but by the loss of that force of resistance which is contained only in pure blood. All who are not of good race in this world are chaff. And all occurrences in world history are only expression of the races’ instinct for self-preservation. What we must fight for is to safeguard the existence and reproduction of our race and our people, the sustenance of our children and the purity of our blood, the freedom and independence of the fatherland, so that our people may mature for the fulfilment of the mission allotted it by the creator of the universe. Those who are physically and mentally unhealthy and unworthy must not perpetuate their suffering in the body of their children.” Hitler in ‘Mein Kampf’.

eac2b9 No.625162


Why would they worship something that is not living?

Are you Christian?

If so go to the Bible and look into the Prophet Enoch.

The Book of Enoch was stripped from the Bible 800 years ago.

Why? Enoch was a legitamate prophet.

They quote the book of enoch in the new testament.

the book of enoc will tell you EVERYTHING.

After that… go to youtube and watch informational videos about flat earth.

If you believe in the Bible your ride will be much easier to accept.

92e7ef No.625163


And my fat finger made a typo.

Correction - Order not irder

7d55da No.625164


a name that they use is LIAM

it's basically like this

"El, I am!"

And they also use it like this for a musician (and some others named this)

Liam Lawton

"El, I am! I'm Law to N!"

I guessed "N" = "chuch" after i saw a book entitled "N" at the Christian Book store. Probably wrong.

I need to go back and find that book or just wait another month or whatever. (Been working on that "N" for a while.. N=1 in Septenary Cipher… Etc…) Cheers.

70ca80 No.625165


http:// www.nkusa.org/activities/Speeches/2006Iran-ACohen.cfm

16. The Zionists, with their secular pompous approach behave in complete opposition to this philosophy and dare to say ‘Never Again’. They have the audacity to think that they can prevent the A-lmighty from repeating a ‘Holocaust’. This is heresy.

17. Furthermore, as we all know, they compound the wrong of this policy by imposing themselves in a most cruel and harsh manner on the Palestinian People.

18. I must add that the use by the Zionists of the Holocaust to further their aim of a sectarian State is the height of hypocrisy when one bears in mind that the Zionists turned each stage of Nazi oppression to their own advantage, to further the aim of forming a State. In the thirties when the Nazi policy was to expel the Jews from Germany, it is well documented how the Zionists cooperated by working together – yes together - with the Nazi authorities to evacuate ‘suitable’ Jews i.e. young healthy pioneer material, from Germany to Palestine. Then during the war when the killing was proceeding, it is again well documented how their attitude was one of callousness, not helping when they could even though they were able to. They needed the suffering and the deaths in order to be able to push for their State when the war would end. Finally, after the war they turned the whole issue of the Holocaust and the pity and sympathy it evoked into almost an article of faith in order to ensure as much as possible the acquisition of their State. Claiming that Zionism was there in order to prevent another Holocaust, when in fact Zionism predated the Holocaust by decades. They then proceeded to justify their atrocities against the Palestinians in order to further their cause.

19. To sum up, the Orthodox Jewish view is that yes there was a Holocaust to a terribly significant degree whatever that was. But in no way can it be used to justify the illegitimate and criminal cause and actions of Zionism.

20. My friends I wish to end with the prayer that the underlying cause of strife and bloodshed in the Middle East, namely, the State known as ‘Israel’, be totally and peacefully dissolved. To be replaced by a regime fully in accordance with the aspirations of the Palestinians. When Arab and Jew will be able to live peacefully together as they did for centuries.

21. May we then merit the time when the glory of the A-lmighty will be revealed to all and all mankind will be at peace with each other.

076127 No.625166


ffb16d No.625167

File: 7049880c84ce973⋯.png (619.67 KB, 530x615, 106:123, ClipboardImage.png)


'muh 6 million goyim"

088a41 No.625168

File: 26ef42afbb212bf⋯.jpg (574.97 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, J_Rothschild_Wanted.jpg)

Hey Lynn…You're a star!

6e50fd No.625169


Get that holocaust denier video out of the "Notable Posts. It is NOT notable at all it is abominable!!! It was a shill trick that someone got suckered into.

ff7ac5 No.625170


Something to do with censorship.

1fb50c No.625171

How do you make a letter illegal when it's in your NAME? ChiNa. lol So odd. >>625135

f22446 No.625172

File: 2dbb948ae0bf171⋯.png (374.94 KB, 775x350, 31:14, Cabal #2.PNG)

File: d145d4c2ee1ae5f⋯.png (127.73 KB, 785x338, 785:338, Cabal #2 Back.PNG)

7ef04f No.625174


this is a parody account i think

e41955 No.625175


Thanks Q. I wonder how much lost art, historical items, and other artifacts are kept within the Vatican vaults.

I also wonder how deep the rabbit is with the Black Pope and the Jesuit Order.

God bless you Patriots, I know the Whore of Babylon will fall.

6dc172 No.625176


If Q is a team, maybe one of them gave too much info?

72be88 No.625177

File: 86ccf5fff84e548⋯.jpg (37.34 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 2ubs[1].jpg)

b05ce1 No.625178


Found link about cabal and researching RH factor. Right track to follow if you know?

http:// rhesusnegativeanddnacorrelations.blogspot.com/2016/04/i-ve-seen-lot-of-different-posts-on.html

cf6b62 No.625179


Rockets cannot go up too far…there appears to be dome above the earth protecting it..earth in quarantine….but they can go high enough to loose gravity and orbit within the holosphere…. they reach a point of balance where objects above them exercise the same gravity as the earth below, and thus enter into orbit within the universal holosphere, up above the earth…

9081ab No.625180


then let Q release the evidence. That is not something that is believable until itvis proven. I have no problem doing a paradigm shift if the evidence is before me, but Q didnt say it, and I'm certainly not taking the word of an anon until I'm shown the evidence. There are papers, files, something somewhere if true. I'll come back and post that I was wrong and all of yall were right, but until then, it is garbage. This premise is basically saying that all the American military who liberated those camps are lying. I am more than willing to accept it and say I was wrong if it is proven.

21e0d2 No.625182

File: e6ef944abbe2f49⋯.jpg (107.7 KB, 600x344, 75:43, 1513816595640.jpg)

All the people throwing out wild speculation regarding Hitler/Germany need to cough up evidence like is required for the rest of Q's crumbs.

All the evidence I have points to Hitler as being intended as a puppet, cut his strings, fought the bankers, forced into War, arrested a Rothschild.

And most certainly the Holocaust did not happen, I challenge you to truly investigate it like you would for the rest of this adventure. 270k~ Jews died to either Typhus or starvation from supply lines being bombed.

353491 No.625183

File: d97d03041172f61⋯.jpg (240.14 KB, 542x1099, 542:1099, 6001605506b8145590ebc53baf….jpg)


fact: allies did not discover any Death camps. only Russians claimed they found Death camps. Concentration camps are not (necessarily) death camps.

1fa928 No.625184


I don't believe Q meant that they went to far with us.

I think he was talking about the speech. He could have accidentally responded to the wrong post.

72b1a8 No.625186


I thought i replied to the one about people not giving a shit about what happened 80 years ago…

ef66e2 No.625187


This movie was made in 1932, about a Jewish doctor.

"The Symphony of Six Million"

https:// www.imdb.com/title/tt0023545

a6f60f No.625188

The ritual use of human blood, semen and urine by the death-obsessed Marina Abramovic (who is NOT the founder of performance art as her groupies claim) is a neo-wiccan appropriation of the Tantric (Tibetan) practice of devotees swallowing the "five treasures" from the body of their master: blood, semen, urine, feces and flesh as a "transmission" ritual. Her invitation of Clinton operative Tony Podesta to a blood-semen "spirit cooking" dinner is not about art experience but represents a very dangerous ritualized prelude to political murder.

http: //www.rense.com/general96/marinaabram.htm

ff7ac5 No.625189



cf6b62 No.625190


Possibly….they always seem to vanish when certain people are online….know they may expose something…

ffb16d No.625192


Funny we have already had millions of talks over there, but this issue was brought HERE, not by us this day.

1fb50c No.625193


I believe if this was the case, he would come back and say so. Yet he hasn't.

f7cef5 No.625194


Then save it for last. That's apparently part of the plan. Duh.

72b1a8 No.625195

File: 4257c3c42dc8abc⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1776x1776, 1:1, MyrimemetamagicMan131344.png)




Proofs and stuff…

a3b20d No.625196


maybe the anon who posted that he replied to went too deep

16fdfa No.625197


Not really different than ads on TV today wanting Christians to send money to starving Jews in Israel. They are a very prosperous nation, get billions in official aid from US and own all the banks.

Never understood how people there could be starving.

ca6bf9 No.625198


One way of getting the word out

6e50fd No.625199


Oh, cut the shill, "fragile', nonsense. There's nothing fragile about getting angry about shills trying to make Q and Trump lok like imbeciles.

4c3e5c No.625200


Somebody passed this along to me - can't say I've verified - or that I'm that kind of autist, but here it is. Mebbe you can do something with it.

http:// www.reformation.org/adolf-hitler.html

cf6b62 No.625201


Good points.

5b904a No.625202


Made the same assumption

95d8a8 No.625203


>https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=SB1avMEhi_s

It will be that She will rebuild Yugoslavia?

1fa928 No.625204


"The Bible says so".

Can you take this FE crap to a different thread????

Enough already.

ff641c No.625205



That explains why the mud is so slippery when you peel back the top layer…



f59394 No.625207

File: 2b99266036d0e0d⋯.jpg (151.08 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, BEcult.jpg)

6e50fd No.625208


AMEN. Our military were NOT liars.

b3c5d1 No.625209


Please try to read all the posts I made about Purdue/Big Pharma Opiod crisis.

THIS is important research and this thread is the chatroom of bullshittery woo.

ba4c30 No.625210


http:// www.spektrum.de/news/fressen-und-gefressen-werden/588860

Think hunter and pray.

things like neoliberalism are nothing but the old jungle masqerading as something fancy.

'the best rise to the top' (of the foodchain) and so on.

that explains cannibalism: they "proof" to themselves being above the human race even. top of the food chain.

5d2239 No.625211


to be a fly….

432aec No.625212


Was a joke on this

https:// www.theguardian.com/world/2018/feb/28/china-bans-the-letter-n-internet-xi-jinping-extends-power

dbd3ed No.625213


>What we must fight for is to safeguard the existence and reproduction of our race and our people, the sustenance of our children and the purity of our blood, the freedom and independence of the fatherland, so that our people may mature for the fulfilment of the mission allotted it by the creator of the universe.

This could either be a grandiose vision of the Germanic people importance and destiny or it could very well be an indication that Hitler was in on the N. bloodline information.

Next >

How many N. hominids survive today on Earth?

Of these >

How many are aware of what they are and their unique genetic/bloodline heritage

Of the aware ones, how far have they come in making use of all the powers and skills

And have they found others and started organizations

Was X-Men just a comic book

3c7cfe No.625214

File: a747b60870b76d4⋯.png (919.85 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 777.png)

777 is nearly upon us. Any ideas for a thumbnail?

f7cef5 No.625215


but.. it's not a sphere… It's a space potato.

74348b No.625216


Just filter and/or ignore.


63f834 No.625217

So the POTUS suggested death for drug dealers. Why? Because they directly and/or indirectly murder hundreds or more people right? I suspect this has nothing to do with drugs. I think POTUS was testing the waters to see how people would react to death for individuals committing "other" direct and/or indirect murders. Can we say those using children in ritual sacrifice? Get where I am going with this? Think deeper!

20cb3f No.625219


Q talks in riddles, not us. I see a star, is that your point? Also, where did this come from, without a source it is meaningless.

77b76d No.625220


Could it be this "stress test" tonight involved exceeding the 40,000 ft level for a sec ?

cf6b62 No.625221


NASA never went to the moon. They cannot get past the dome, a.k.a, the radiation belt….

72b1a8 No.625222


Live from Mandalay Bay?

12d494 No.625223


Mar 10 2018 21:22:56 (EST) Anonymous ID: 3569c9 621807

Anyone mention NWO referencing Natürliche Wirtschaftsordnung, the National Economic Order?

Mar 10 2018 21:26:30 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: d91044 621887


We went too deep.

Attempted a pullback.

Not ready.


Here is a link to the English version on info about the group /name that the Anon asking Q about, who Q then replied to "We went too deep:

http:// www.naturalmoney.org/NaturalEconomicOrder.pdf

Can not take credit , another Anon shared it.

b7e7bc No.625224


Right track. Most people would be shocked to know the truth. These people are evil bc they are not completely human. And they’re not alien although some Nephilim believe they are. That’s why they think we are sheep.

b6b2e6 No.625225

File: bcc01b14dbc729c⋯.png (164.17 KB, 823x514, 823:514, Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at ….png)

https:// www.nwo.nl/en/about-nwo/what+does+nwo+do

d9ca6d No.625226

Nuclear World Order?

353491 No.625227


And (((who))) owns Purdue Pharma?

dbd3ed No.625228


>The Book of Enoch was stripped from the Bible 800 years ago.

>Why? Enoch was a legitamate prophet.

Yup. Was it the Catholic Church that banned the Book of Enoch. Strange because Book of Enoch was widely supported and quoted in the first few centuries AD by major christian figures.

ecd46c No.625229

File: 32d75d76f593ac3⋯.jpg (100.25 KB, 1024x1001, 1024:1001, 92356602.jpg)

File: 979062e57e188e2⋯.jpg (28.35 KB, 415x525, 83:105, adolf-hitler-337494l.jpg)

ff641c No.625230


OMG I remember that shit!

"international fellowship of Christians and jews" - yeah, that is a sucker charity like "kars for kids"

More like Cash For "Pocket!" of Rabbi that runs it.

"Be a good Goy and send Jew cash!" - pretty much the motto….

199779 No.625231


Predictive programming by the good guys

cf6b62 No.625232


It has nothing to do with the Bible and everything to do with evidence we have.

72b1a8 No.625233



No World Order

ff641c No.625234


Enoch is still in the ethiopian version of the bible.

9581ba No.625235


it's not that they went too far with "us", but this board is under constant surveillance, and dropping that here whithout getting enough traction may have given ammo to the bad actors (talking points about conspiracy theorist on 8chan) and thus weakening our overall narrative.

a54b56 No.625236


They use their own characters

5aae5c No.625237


In my opinion, the reason Q brought up Nazi issue because what is happening today has 'some' of its roots in Nazi time. Therefore, what we should be doing is finding that connection. We know ANTIFA has its roots in Nazi time time but when I researched that I found that ANTIFA were actually communists and not Nazis. More important than anything is that all of a sudden this group ANTIFA is reborn again with the same flag an same name. That is spoopy.

72b1a8 No.625238


Starvin' Marvin for the win?

b05ce1 No.625239

Anons- Possible info on Blood lines

Info on Cabal/MK Ultra/CIA/Project Stargate/Psychic abilities/RH blood Could this be relative to blood lines Q posted about?

http:// rhesusnegativeanddnacorrelations.blogspot.com/2016/04/i-ve-seen-lot-of-different-posts-on.html

ba4c30 No.625240


Zygomatic Arch and Eyesocket match.

b3c5d1 No.625241

Please focus on REAL issues we can deal with legislatively.

My mom has been locked up in a mental hospital after having strokes attributed to her opioid addiction for 23 years,

Please help us.

1d5c29 No.625242



Interesting thing China did

Posted March 3rd

"The pushback to this development was intense online. So was the government's pushback to the pushback. In addition to banning use of the letter "N" online, words such as "immortality" and "ascend the throne" were also deemed inappropriate to use on the internet."

https:// www.cnn.com/2018/03/01/asia/china-letter-ban-trnd/index.html

fad443 No.625243

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Central_Intelligence_Agency#China

I'm calling it: The C_A has a rogue group that manufactures opiates out of NK

5d2239 No.625244



Pepe is the King of Chaos

5ce9e1 No.625245


look, i know all of the information you are going to show me. i agree that the Bible is an important text, but there are no supporting citations for FE. however, i will look into Enoch more, the Bible does have important allegorical teachings.

a54b56 No.625246



No Way Out

b9c9be No.625247


Here yes. But over there>>>>>>things are real different for our fellows

08f9c9 No.625248


Here a link to an article about the research if genes influence personality. https:// www.psychologytoday.com/blog/under-the-influence/201307/do-genes-influence-personality

Did not know the government has billions on researching this question.

cf6b62 No.625249



222564 No.625250


KEK! You shills are starting to believe your own bullshit.

d47ba6 No.625251

File: 7b0ad7cc8357cc2⋯.jpg (88.15 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

72b1a8 No.625252

File: e540589bd961bb8⋯.gif (349.98 KB, 600x683, 600:683, PepeClapClop.gif)

e41955 No.625253


Q if that's the case, wouldn't the Jesuit Order the be ones controlling the families (Knights of Malta)?

ff7ac5 No.625254

File: d82462d0c59fa3e⋯.png (27.44 KB, 536x328, 67:41, Capture.PNG)

Not signed Q in this post?

f7cef5 No.625255

File: ab8c94ec4fa6d0a⋯.jpg (64.12 KB, 960x840, 8:7, ab8c94ec4fa6d0a200e812bc20….jpg)

b3a902 No.625256

File: 29b80c9d066c296⋯.png (534.11 KB, 1666x2193, 98:129, sealed_indictment.PNG)


Interesting anon fag for showing sealed indutment that just became unsealed. Looks like the blackberrys provided by technology company were encrptoded and geared toward drug trafficing.

https:// assets.documentcloud.org/documents/4406486/Vincent-Ramos-Complaint.pdf

3c7cfe No.625257


Remind us. What bloodlines did Q talk about?

cf6b62 No.625258


>Enoch is still in the ethiopian version of the bible.

Really? I did not know that!

ecd46c No.625259


Yeah I don't break it down that technically, but thanks for confirming.

16fdfa No.625260


Indeed. BTW, interesting 1914 article. 6 mil must be a magic number.

4c3e5c No.625261

File: 225442f6a640f67⋯.jpg (20.85 KB, 409x309, 409:309, 11402931_829515450488790_5….jpg)


Ball your hand up into a fist, look at it and run into it as fast as you can.>>625221

114db0 No.625262

File: cfbd19185666902⋯.jpg (40.64 KB, 667x411, 667:411, 2018-03-10 22_59_12-The St….jpg)

File: e69e1607e7330af⋯.jpg (70.78 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, hogg1.jpg)

So I saw some anons earlier posting the David Hogg Tweet from tonight with the shooting script promoted and sponsored by The Standard (((pedo))) hotels.

>https:// twitter.com/davidhogg111/status/972666986319753216

Decided to look at The Standard's twatter page, and what did I find? A nice pizza tweet with a video of kids from National Pizza Day on Feb. 9. These fuckers don't even try to hide their degeneracy.

>https:// twitter.com/davidhogg111/status/972666986319753216

ff641c No.625263


Nazi war medallion.

It has two sides.

Star of "Israel"/David


Also the two symbols have been found carved in Jewish Synagogues together. (still digging my archives for sauce on that, but willing to bet anons have sauce on that already)

dbd3ed No.625264


>So the POTUS suggested death for drug dealers. Why? Because they directly and/or indirectly murder hundreds or more people right? I suspect this has nothing to do with drugs. I think POTUS was testing the waters to see how people would react to death for individuals committing "other" direct and/or indirect murders.

Beacuse drug dealers are the dumb front line soldiers in the new assymetrical warfare being used against USA. How do you destroy a country you can never outbuild, outresearch or out fight?

Destroy from within by destroying individuals and their families by all methods available that are nondescript and easy to smuggle into the country. Considering that majority of current drug epidemic drugs are made and shipped from China this should tell you alot. Also the fact taht D Trump brought up chinas drug exports with Xi dude during their meet. China is most likely actively encouraging if not supporting the massive drug influx into USA with hopes that it will result in longerm destabilization of the American middle and lower classes and produce widespread social disturbances.

b3c5d1 No.625267

Q please help us . Anons here tonight don't care, but millions of us are praying for change.

9e4a70 No.625268


Tripcode is what authenticates Q.

3c7cfe No.625269


And Langley. We know this lol

1d5c29 No.625270

File: 9e5fe170218f7e4⋯.png (5.44 KB, 388x114, 194:57, ghdfh.PNG)

The letter N is a snake in Egyptian Hieroglyph

cf6b62 No.625271


Get your face ready for it.

61ce83 No.625272


>>This is not about religions or party affiliation.

>>EVIL is everywhere.

>>There are no drawn lines.

>>No boundaries.

>>Good vs Evil.


Occult fag here…. Is Q talking about the lack of polarity or balance there of?

72b1a8 No.625273

File: af1c1fd606df7da⋯.jpg (23.04 KB, 394x458, 197:229, a14.jpg)


Jew star has 6 sides

There are 6 millions.

There 6 zeros in million.

dbd3ed No.625274


>Enoch is still in the ethiopian version of the bible.

Ethiopian Christian Orthodox. Thus meaning that most of America and Catholic countries will never even hear of it.

ba4c30 No.625275

As much as this stuff is fascinating, I have little hope about redpilling people about Angela being an offspring of Hitler and so on without a major potus speech claryfying this shit to the world.

At one point in the future people have to know. I know its complicated and we touched a thousand topics by now, but there has to be something official.

send it on the emergency channel 24/7, they cant shut that off, can they?

31cb2e No.625276



7d55da No.625277


not to burst your bubble but

7 = G

7 7 7 = G G G = Satanic Symbolism


12d494 No.625278


Is this an attempt to prevent their people researching the NWO and or the Illuminati ?

Odd thing not to be allowed to us or find out more about.

16fdfa No.625279



Am I reading that correctly?

21e0d2 No.625280


Hitler ultimately fought the same group Trump/Q camp is up against, I haven't seen better information that indicates otherwise.

1fa928 No.625281


Why not look up your OWN evidence????

You wait until someone "puts the evidence in front of you"??

5aae5c No.625282


one can easily lose oneself in that topic. I am sure the truth is hidden somewhere in some documents. Maybe Q thinks we are not ready for the truth?

b4fd80 No.625283


I know but you are known across the world as that. If they are using their name in sold goods and such, they would have to use an N. Therefore, it seems next to impossible not to be able to. Probably one of the more stupid things I've ever heard. I want more info on it.

222564 No.625284


You probably did. But think about who will be finding out about Hitler truth….young people who can barely give a shit about the Obama birth cert. If they dont give a shit about that, then they wont give a shit about hitler truth. Not shocking to anyone ….maybe we'll get a little murmur or a sigh, but no one will be rioting in the streets.

d4bf42 No.625285


You just know everybody within a 5 ft radius erupted with popcorn farts

70ca80 No.625286


Enoch isn't in the Bible and never was

4c3e5c No.625287

File: e5ff21617b54325⋯.jpg (24.35 KB, 414x347, 414:347, 5732509.jpg)

72b1a8 No.625288


Looks like a hebrew Lamed

cf6b62 No.625289


LoL, he tripped-out.

3c7cfe No.625290

ff7ac5 No.625291


I know but sometimes its Q, Q+, Q+delta, or (POTUS), but it was blank this time.

441e12 No.625292


Also 11-11 like Q said

"Some numerologists believe that events linked to the time 11:11 appear more often than can be explained by chance or coincidence.[1] This belief is related to the concept of synchronicity. Some authors claim that seeing 11:11 on a clock is an auspicious sign.[citation needed] Others claim that 11:11 signals a spirit presence."

I was seeing 11-11 everywhere for years after 911.

-The towers looked like 11

-110 stories each

- Flight AA11 → 11

- WTC7 47 stores -> 4+7 = 11

many more "11"'s

I wonder if Trump is using their numerology as a thumb in the face or if there is something more to it.

199779 No.625293


Hogg working with The Standard hotels?


cf6b62 No.625295


I got AID THE REAL AID, while you got monkey AIDS.

ffb16d No.625296

before called the swaz it was long known as the fylfot.


the symbol itsself goes long back. used to be one on our school long ago until hitler used it. PR nightmare long ago.

441e12 No.625297

Flight AA11 -> 11-11

72b1a8 No.625298

File: 68ccb4146da7406⋯.jpeg (17.54 KB, 321x323, 321:323, 1*xv-xqPhM_w3qdIatlg8L9A.jpeg)


Looks intentional…

114db0 No.625299


Fuck. Wrong second link. Here is the right one.

>https:// twitter.com/StandardHotels/status/962005964944633856

f7cef5 No.625300


kek what do you think mr sarcastic question mark?

12d494 No.625301


Holy fuck. They are rubbing it in our faces.

This is the Cabal taunting us. Poor lil kids.

I cant wait for it to all crumble down.

0c5b12 No.625302


There's plenty of science done already u FEtards refuse to accept it & just do ur own faulty math to reinforce ur personal confirmation bias. Have u ever seen a panorama time lapse picture of the stars at the equator? U see the stars circling in 2 opposite sides of the sky proving we are on a sphere of some kind.

But u won't accepts this either & will just keep clinging to ur beliefs in a cult like way.

ceaa68 No.625303

Reread crumbs…then went to twatter. Seeing some mirroring between Corey lewandowski, Sebastian gorka and Brad parscale with Q posts and potus posts. Might help confirm crumbs. Lewandowski talked about IG report and McCabe and pointed out that Huma was interviewed by FBI. Gorka and parscale use same Q phrases. Need to keep watching them

ff7ac5 No.625304


Just wondering if there is significance in it not being there.

74348b No.625305

File: d879b69e6662dcd⋯.jpg (23.9 KB, 300x261, 100:87, 2080895017-7rllyd.jpg)



Behold, The dumbest glowfag on the planet!!

a54b56 No.625306


Without the letter N nobody can say No

cf6b62 No.625307


Someone said it is still in the Ethiopian version of The Bible. There are even passages in the Bible that refer to it.

bbdbac No.625308


Was a direct message from a Q Group "Project Manager"

You wont believe it when you find out who's been talking to you…..

353491 No.625309


Q's antifa flag post was all over /pol/ and twatter at least 2 years ago. The fact that it's news to anyone here or /reddit/ shows how out of the loop so many here are. If the idea of the fake holocaust or Mossad's involvement in 9/11 bothers anyone, they're going to be in for a very rough ride, and should probably lurk a whole lot more.

fad443 No.625310


Kids actually DO enjoy eating pizza. FYI

1fa928 No.625311


Exactly. How do people expect to swallow the rest of what is coming their way,

if they react so strongly to this?

This kind of crap is going to keep Q from going forward.

It must be strong religious beliefs holding them back?

ba4c30 No.625312

I think we have to work on the overall map more. we have some deep rabbitholes by now, but we are somehow missing the big picture.

Q said think big.

7d55da No.625313


Kim Clement the prophet who died right after POTUS was elected and had prophesied his victory and all the things also said via the Spirit that "ENOCH WALKED WITH GOD"

Therefore you don't have to take it as canonical - refer to 1 Cor 11:16 if you have issues w/ it - but it's good as scripture says the Spirit

b4fd80 No.625314


Doesn't mean it's not funny as hell and needed here! Geez, lighten up

d07962 No.625315



b3c5d1 No.625316

did all the researcher anons get kidnapped by black hellies?


Breaking News: Enoch said Giants!!!!

08f9c9 No.625317


More recent personality traits inherited through DNA. https:// www.psychologytoday.com/blog/under-the-influence/201307/do-genes-influence-personality

cf6b62 No.625318


Ya, that is YOU.

fe57f7 No.625319


To you it might be BUT to a liberal, brainwashed normie it is an eye opener. Not something easy to swallow

199779 No.625320


that's Mr Socratic question mark

16fdfa No.625321


Didn't Q say Israel was being saved for last (or did I see that in a daydream?).

Interesting what might come out, no?

6e50fd No.625322


Q didn't cause the holocaust denial. A shill posted a Q code onto a video of a holocaust denier. And it got posted in the "Notable Posts" at the top of the bread. It needs to be removed, case closed.

4c3e5c No.625323

File: 85faeba35fc279f⋯.jpg (96.78 KB, 1006x768, 503:384, sa67fg5sdf7gsfdg54dg64dfg4….jpg)

d47ba6 No.625324

File: 03a56444b18972f⋯.jpeg (120.76 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, C1K9P79XEAIaDEI.jpg-large.jpeg)

ff641c No.625325

File: e9cc9394989277b⋯.jpg (203.35 KB, 500x498, 250:249, PizzaShh.jpg)


Did someone say Pizza!

9e4a70 No.625326


Neither. He is stating what kind of conflict we (the world) is in. It's not about nations or nationalities or ideologies or whatever. Also not about political parties, not about men versus women, not about young versus old, not about blacks versus whites, not about homos vs straights, etc.

Rather, it's a raw conflict between Good and Evil.

The way you framed your question begs the question, in other words you asked a leading question that requires people to assume your frame of reference is true before they answer. I reject your frame of reference.

The correct frame of reference is given in the Bible:

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

We are dealing with supernatural forces larger than nations or politics.

bc690b No.625327


Some more information about the Medal:

http:// www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/239848

("Der Angriff" means "the attack")

d4ed25 No.625328

Did anyone notice the song playing in the auditorium a few minutes before Trump went onstage? It was the song from the end of The Sum of All Fears…

cf6b62 No.625329


This is true, you have to see it to believe it, don´t you?

f7cef5 No.625330

7d55da No.625331


check out a martyleeds33 video on youtube. uses septenary cipher. A=1, B=2….G=7, H=6,….M=1, N=1, O=2,…..T=7, U=6,….Z=1

using this cipher and the Holy Bible as a codex is how you could generate all known languages lmfao (true)

bbdbac No.625332


Yup. Clear as can be. Doesn't take anon to figure that out.

fe57f7 No.625333


Yes!! Maybe that’s why Q is pulling back because some anons are too weak to accept the truth and go against their brainwashed lifestyle!

e52f57 No.625334


Q probably seeing how many people would take that red pill and the reaction of those that wouldn't. Pretty sure the expectation wasn't to spread, but that was a big drop and got the impression that he wants everyone up to speed sooner rather than later.

733a94 No.625335

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


someone watched Thor Ragnorok and thought it was a documentary.

Remember this fellow jumped from 128k feet.

Sure it curious there is a curvature there.

Dozens of kids have sent weather ballons to around 100k feet with go-pro's etc,

But guess they al faked it too.

Then explain how come if you watch a tall ship sail out of sight on the ocean, that thing you see is the tops of the masts as it round the CURVATURE of the earth..

LAstly you say Bible says flat, WRONG;

Isaiah 40:22 It is he who sits above the circle of the earth, ….

Job 26:10 He has described a circle on the face of the waters, at the boundary between light and darkness.

Pretty much describes the circle of the earth where day meets dark,

Note, the Biblical Hebrew word for “circle” (חוג—chuwg) can also mean “round” or “sphere.”

So FE fags take your BS elsewhere.

Now on all will be filtered. you never add anything but CNN type fake news to the board.

cf6b62 No.625336


If words stunk then you would be the skunk.

12d494 No.625337