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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 65d62ff6f6d3cfd⋯.jpg (70.94 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 65d62ff6f6d3cfdf144d923047….jpg)

e1e870 No.650484

Patience Anons, it will all be over by Armistice Day (11/11)

Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being

of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating

ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent

top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.


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>>616792 She was warned.

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>>615484 ( >>615683 ) “Islam is a political agenda masquerading as a religion.”

>>615078 rt >>615000 “Marina” misspelled in >>614764

>>614954 No boundaries. Good vs Evil.

>>614764 rt >>614610 Spirit cooking; Follow “Maria” (see >>615078 )

>>614610 Hollywood is filled with former enslaved children.

>>614493 Keep the resignation list and graphics updated. Important.

>>614360 Re_read drops re: Podesta / Huma.

>>614146 rt >>614093 Another coincidence?

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>>614093 rt >>613796 Anons are learning.

>>613352 rt >>613295 We appreciate all of the prayers.

>>613229 rt >>613193 We are saving Israel for last.

>>613164 rt >>613143 Interesting, isn’t it?

>>613129 rt >>613114 (es = eric schmidt)

>>613117 rt >>613103 (spy on one another's citizens)

>>613082 rt >>613049 Five Eyes is VERY important.

>>612963 rt >>612955 March MADNESS.

>>612957 Do not focus on the call details.

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e1e870 No.650496

Dough Paste Bin


e1e870 No.650506

File: 21cb9d38bcceb0a⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1022x681, 1022:681, kennedy.PNG)

Baker need to hand off

New baker Requested

fa91e3 No.650514

File: 271b0ab742af6ab⋯.png (44.76 KB, 637x338, 49:26, POTUS 3-13-18 5 44 am PST.PNG)

bff19a No.650522

File: 72f7f4514d39d5c⋯.png (98.08 KB, 612x398, 306:199, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at ….png)

wtf… trump confirms!

86bb74 No.650523


The Relic was COOOOL!

Anyway…..what's the Qresearch consensus on Hillary/India? Seemingly at odds with what we've been told.

Also Tillerson is out, CIA director is now Pompeo is SoS.

Sauce: https:// twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/973540316656623616

101d6a No.650527


Wasn't this just speculation a couple months ago? I'm 99% sure it WASN'T a Q drop, but can't remember the source?

af9a15 No.650532

I repeat here once just to get sure:


First batch: >>416962

Second batch: >>509098

Here is the third batch with breads #625 - #803


MD5: 04630e053db08e71cd06a0f11099d303


MD5: 544d7b0316b6d592285b4d90f2b1c891


MD5: 199fe9bb3c3ff02a1bc34d44fe2e93cb


MD5: 3396f7773fa3636c3aefd5ff7ffa14e9


MD5: 0d309d8fcac011e32fa509c4c9e75fea


MD5: 38e48d0c6e18729849d2045354b4d687


MD5: 2312612d94ece18708fa793a87258aea


MD5: 5fa2836cdf592ee268283a66cff7dab4


MD5: 5f3b34d7c16dc91d7d44abd0914c7643


MD5: 20163c5e87235cf3a2c7152489338e99


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MD5: 3a1180e76adfa5c3242ad01d3ac03899

The ZIPs contain .webarchive files as usual. So these files are still SAFARI ONLY


a766ab No.650535

3e73b7 No.650538


Wow. RT Q post relevant now?

73d9bd No.650540


he isn't going to do it as sec. of state now is he?

fa91e3 No.650541

File: f32379d6f08aa01⋯.png (94.65 KB, 1393x632, 1393:632, Gina Haspel wiki bio.PNG)


Gina Haspel

Wiki Bio


287bd8 No.650542


That will upset the Hell out the the planned MSM "narrative" of the day….

Who really owns the "Narrative"?

dd7558 No.650543

File: c3109324ddaf2a0⋯.png (1.18 MB, 2266x1304, 1133:652, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at ….png)


new baker, Baker, this video has had over 8,200 views on caption generator, great comments on twatter and is trending - it should be added to notables - every quote in it was sourced specifically from this board. It is motivational and certainly deserves as much consideration as the kid who baked the very nice cake for their mother.

In the time it took me to type this it has picked up over 163 views

Hitler vs. Q and his Anon Army

http:// www.captiongenerator.com/936012/Hitler-vs-Q-and-his-Anon-Army#.WqfHIUrhzKk.twitter

0ed3b3 No.650544


We must COMPLETLY ignore him/them. They also feed off of our anger and frustrations and as of now, we are trying to starve them to death- literally. Earlier this morning one of them was posting his insane face-shot and it does look like it's decomposing. So, if there's any validity to this idea, responding and giving it attention is only allowing it to feed and stay alive longer.


Also- there is a note to us all at the top of the page suggesting that this may be a good time to read and do research- all of us asking questions and chatting results in more traffic and compromises the Anons ability to keep up the board. Supposed to be a big news day- maybe lurking there is the better part of VALOR today?

b1a4a8 No.650545


Which one, i cant recall

c1e9e4 No.650546

>>650524 (last bread)

Top Kek anon. You are on it.

b0b94e No.650547

File: 661db736971d1d0⋯.jpg (127.33 KB, 760x1024, 95:128, tumblr_ngmznfaG4M1r3zldro1….jpg)

Bless The Bakers

f3603e No.650548

File: 15147c672fa93c3⋯.png (24.57 KB, 586x153, 586:153, LatestBigD.png)

Latest POTUS tweet.. Grammatical error?

1df958 No.650549

File: f4a064a02e5fc81⋯.png (204.43 KB, 1188x826, 594:413, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at ….png)

File: c0f9c0938dd6006⋯.png (62.76 KB, 934x448, 467:224, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at ….png)

File: 93be93ba7b4e7f0⋯.png (86.68 KB, 914x540, 457:270, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at ….png)

Tillerson out!

Pawn used?

36108e No.650550

Well that was a narrative change!

Pompeo SOS

3e73b7 No.650551

fec259 No.650553

File: e6528c5bc34b40b⋯.jpg (429 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, american-flag-2260839_1280.jpg)




59af18 No.650554

LISTEN UP YOU PANSY ASS NIGGERS….WE are at WAR with our own damn government who has been taken over by EVIL! Do you NOT understand that this isn't about Muh Jews, Muh HRC, Muh Clowns, Muh Shills…..THIS IS ABOUT FIGHTING EVIL! How many times does

5f4dac No.650555


Is this "in name only"? Clowns already destroyed?

b0b94e No.650556

Wow Tillerson out. Fox news

da80dd No.650557


Was Mad Dog or Rex in India recently?

6ad964 No.650558


>Tillerson: "We agree that those responsible - both those who committed the crime and those who ordered it - must face appropriately serious consequences.


>"We stand in solidarity with our allies in the United Kingdom and will continue to coordinate closely our responses."


>He described it as a "really egregious act" and said he had become "extremely concerned" by Russia becoming "more aggressive".


>Double meanings.


>NOW THIS: David Milliband (full circus) …


>Former foreign secretary David Miliband said the PM should focus on seeking international support over the next two days.




>Learn double meanings. The media interpretation is usually utterly nonsense and surface. Read between the lines

Donald J. Trump

‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

Mike Pompeo, Director of the CIA, will become our new Secretary of State. He will do a fantastic job! Thank you to Rex Tillerson for his service! Gina Haspel will become the new Director of the CIA, and the first woman so chosen. Congratulations to all!

12:44 PM - 13 Mar 2018

Tillerson ousted?? Did he say something wrong?

f5a367 No.650559

"Day of the Rope isn't helpful to humanity in the long term. Just arrest her."

Wrong. A future democrat would pardon them to pillage our nation again! Death is the only protection from their hideous ideology returning to our USA. Evil needs to be stamped OUT, not imprisoned to return another day. This evil must be destroyed, never again to rise to power. They are not rational. They willingly commit atrocities. Hang 'em. Save humanity.

3e73b7 No.650560


>More coming.

>Keep your……

50b69b No.650561


at least 3

3fc59c No.650562

>>650438 (last bread)

Yep. The media is lying about Qanon again.

That's a win. People hear about Q, notice the memes , add context gained from the fake articles.

That is one reason POTUS tweets about stuff. He trolls the media into keeping HIM in front of the public.

We need to make this happen moar!

when our memes show on CNN, we win

967196 No.650563

So Rex goes to Kenya

North Korea announcement

He gets sick

He’s out

fcca1f No.650564


Huge news!

POTUS is king putting the first woman in at the CIA. What are the MSM going to do, attack a woman?

Lolol POTUS is a master chess and poker player



bc0942 No.650565

>>650538. What R.T. Post?

c1d423 No.650566


1 - Q didn't say that.

2 - National Review is a

Rothschild publication.

3 - You're a moron.

256e4d No.650567


Was he poisoned?

45483e No.650568

File: ad7efb4ad05c18a⋯.png (512.29 KB, 800x1175, 32:47, Screenshot_2018-03-13-07-5….png)

File: 614e078b6f5de28⋯.png (404.94 KB, 800x1138, 400:569, Screenshot_2018-03-13-07-5….png)

File: 1dd94ff486e3d00⋯.png (122.34 KB, 800x663, 800:663, Screenshot_2018-03-13-07-5….png)

Encouraging Manhood Prevents Shootings


fd6ccc No.650569


mad dog

be52ef No.650570

CIA officer John Downey walked across the Lo-Wu Bridge from the People's Republic of China into the then-British Crown colony of Hong Kong. He was a free man after more than two decades of imprisonment.


fcca1f No.650572

File: f8415c6b083b448⋯.jpg (54.64 KB, 640x430, 64:43, istock_34858640_small.jpg)

File: 82f3faa04eb9602⋯.png (324.01 KB, 691x399, 691:399, 82f3faa04eb9602046f2805464….png)

Good morning and hello hottie

e1e870 No.650573


Sick of…



86beba No.650574

File: a7eb748fe69be16⋯.png (692.7 KB, 518x735, 74:105, ThreadJesus.png)

65c453 No.650575

Nunes was just on Fox dissing the dems & Shifty, then took a tangent answering a question how do we fix this and he said we should go back to only paper ballots, that electronic ballots w/o paper backup is not working. Which takes me to this pic, we should hijack the purple revolution with the purple finger, it’s how Iraq assured one vote per person after the Cabal wars. This will assure a legal citizen can only vote once, and it’s much better than a sticker…

bff19a No.650576


should be "your" not "his"

42d18e No.650577

8bcdac No.650578


Do you actually read anything at all before the shit plops out of your mouth?

59af18 No.650579


How many Times does Q have to tell you this?? WE are FIGHTING EVIL!

Just because YOU don't see things going on doesn't mean they aren't happening! HOW do you think our MILITARY feels?! WE are fighting to WIN…not fighting to make you happy about 'habbenings'!

One thing that makes our country great is that we have a CONSTITUTION and to keep our country great POTUS, Q & MI are following it to make sure that there are NO loop holes for these evil sum bitches to get out of!

Buckle Up ButterCup and pull your boot straps on! Q never said this will be a quick and easy ride….but it is a historical ride that has gotten us all here together! Stop whining and complaining and do some damn digging and posting!

fcca1f No.650581


Knew it would happen soon. Tillerson didnt want to play with the program and was left out of the loop by Team POTUS. Remember his African trip and it being cut short? He was given his walking papers.

e0e9e7 No.650582

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Cheers anons. Thank you for the encouragement. I try to use posts like these to counter the one or two shilling the bullshit and trying to give the impression it's a large crowd doing it.

The Hillary 'slip-and-slide' video is in sharp contrast to the Pelican shit. I don't think it can be posted or discussed too much. Normies need to be reminded. This is the candidate they pushed. They pushed back hard when the issue of her health was raised during the campaign. Can you imagine? Though I suspect it was the plan all along, now people might understand that they would be keeping her hidden until the SOTU or some rare television appearance where they had juiced her up before the fifteen minutes of airtime. They would have rolled out Huma, or someone else, to act as her surrogate…and woe to anyone who might have complained! President Abedin.

As a side-note for any MedicalAnon: looks like cankles right leg (left-side when looking at video), is the side that collapses. Is there any relevance to that with what little we know about her condition?

fa91e3 No.650583

42d18e No.650585


http:// www.ddc-web.com

3e73b7 No.650586


..gets sick…then agrees Russia is likely responsible for nerve agent attack.. then buh-bye

da80dd No.650587


That's probably the answer then as to why Hillary was in India.

Finding out what Mad Dog had said, trying to cut a deal there?

be52ef No.650588

Gina Haspel to be new CIA head

fec259 No.650589

File: 045c9a33970215a⋯.jpg (49.06 KB, 962x566, 481:283, DVtJwPTXcAA0VvU.jpg)


Like the ANON in the last bread, and many of you remarked when Q-934 Dropped…

Keep your……"Friends Close And Your Enemies Closer."

This is just a swarm all in one swoop. Wow!!

6ad964 No.650590


>>>650558 (You)


>Was he poisoned?

He got sick in Kenya so, yes, it's possible. But I thought he recovered and continued his trip.

b1a4a8 No.650591


He was also messing with syria

ea99b7 No.650592

File: ef436ad377be93a⋯.jpg (30.81 KB, 357x250, 357:250, world cup hillary.jpg)

b19778 No.650593


>What are the MSM going to do, attack a woman?

See: Sarah Palin (2008)

ae976d No.650594




Posted Thursday. POTUS asked Rex Tillerson to step aside on Friday.

bff19a No.650595

File: e90d87cabb2f6b1⋯.png (161.13 KB, 792x365, 792:365, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at ….png)



6d4b00 No.650596

File: 1d3b34cb2e9a91c⋯.gif (999.61 KB, 500x265, 100:53, giphy.gif)


POTUS makes their liberal unstable minds go glitching…

c1d423 No.650597


Thanks for confirming my points.

256e4d No.650598

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Why Sec. Mattis is a Badass. Vid related.

https:// www.hooktube.com/watch?v=CTDG5OO9Y44

5f4dac No.650599

Read her bio. This seems like a head fake. In name only. Leading a closed agency or soon to be shuttered.

229721 No.650600


I am wondering if Tillerson had a heart attack(health problem), but it seems strange our Sec of State would be CIA. A Spy. That is a strange happening, a lot of firsts for this administration. Well the news is going to be flooded with Tillerson stories for sure.

If he was poisoned it would make sense that our top diplomat would be a spook, ver ver inderdasting.

1504f7 No.650602


I had posted this before. Marina Abramovic was born into communist family in Yugoslavia "behind the iron curtain", mother had political career starting so Marina was given to Catholic grandmother to raise.

Heres some info during show at London's SERPENTINE gallery

http:// www.independent.co.uk/news/people/profiles/marina-abramovi-the-grandmother-of-performance-art-on-her-brand-growing-up-behind-the-iron-curtain-9449301.html

b74864 No.650603

WHAT? Rex is out and Pompeo is in? Still waking up and drinking coffee..what is this?

73d9bd No.650604


her sandals were slipping. watch the video a million times if you can't see it. that is why she kicked them off. probably brand new slippery leather. her left foot was slipping.

f3603e No.650605


Really bad example lol.. Expect to see goose feeding videos :)

f85ac3 No.650606


Congratulations Mr. SoS Pompeo, job well done with the clowns.

a4e076 No.650607

maybe Tillerson did his job that he was hired to do.

Gut the State Dept and get Hussein's birth certificate.

73d9bd No.650608


we had a fucking president that was cia.

get a grip.

2ba8b4 No.650609

Edward Snowden

Verified account


3m3 minutes ago

More Edward Snowden Retweeted Donald J. Trump

The new CIA director was a key part of the torture program and its illegal cover-up. Her name was on the Top Secret order demanding the destruction of tapes to prevent them being seen by Congress. Incredible. https:// www.nytimes.com/2017/02/02/us/politics/cia-deputy-director-gina-haspel-torture-thailand.html …Edward Snowden added,

Donald J. Trump

34fd12 No.650610

File: 4e06884b6e52f49⋯.png (79.13 KB, 1255x451, 1255:451, ClipboardImage.png)

I called it that day

RT=Rex Tillerson

3fc59c No.650611


Once more, news confirms a Q drop.

…. and still the leap shit is posted… time for some 5day bans.

6dcd49 No.650612

For those losing faith because timelines don't match expectations - and believe me, this anon is worried - consider this:

How much more exposure would one get if, when an understood deadline has passed, all the mainstream sources began doing the 'Q is a troll' happy dance and THEN the endgame comes into play?

Keep the faith, there are just too many past proofs to lose faith entirely - at this point.

Plus, March isn't over.

da80dd No.650613


The important questions to ask are these:

What job is Rex going to?

What job is Rex really going to?

Why does a CIA head who has been in charge of clearing out the agency make a good SoS?

9669db No.650614

File: b8b94ec52c20f38⋯.jpg (53.53 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-i-will-splinter-the-….jpg)


Now is DJT's chance to do what JFK wanted

b4529a No.650615

File: 243c4d961665d1b⋯.png (42.49 KB, 867x209, 867:209, tillerson.PNG)

Tillerson was never right for the job.

Hope we don't lose MadDog.

425e20 No.650616

Don't forget, Pompeo graduated 1st in his class from Westpoint.

01f483 No.650617

1a1cae No.650618


>Death is the only protection from their hideous ideology returning to our USA.

Why is death the only protection? Surely, understanding what has happened and learning the mistakes is the best protection?

Either way. I don't really care in the long term. I just want people to think rationally rather than emotionally with big questions like this one.

If they locked them up for a few years to interview them and find out what happened and then hanged them. That would be fine, I guess. I just want to avoid precious information and evidence being covered up.

f3603e No.650619


CIA have had higher positions than that lol. Remember GHWB?

a5ccab No.650620

Putin Responds



8bcdac No.650621


"Another article lying about Qanon"

Is that hard to understand?

a4e076 No.650622


what are your thoughts?

fcca1f No.650623

Check it!

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gina_Haspel

3f56c4 No.650624


Poor @Snowden.

New head of the CIA is all about torturing terrorist scumbags.

DJT's offering her a taste of the folks who pay the terrorist scumbags.

All of Eddie's liddle friends are going to be in for a world of shit.

dbe2f9 No.650625


It's worth opening in YouTube for the comment section.

4ad267 No.650626


It may be that he has played the roll that he was needed for and time to change the set for the next part of the play. Some of these people make a shit more money in the private sector and chose to help the country for a period of time.

73d9bd No.650627


maybe indeed

edd300 No.650629


>Keep your……

6 dots

friends close and your enemies closer?

Mike Pompeo was promoted to Secretary of State in order to remove his influence over the Clowns in America?

b1a3ac No.650630


KEK@Snowden goes to Wikipedia, copy pasta tweets.

1df958 No.650631

File: cfd30688b0e2b8b⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1962x1306, 981:653, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at ….png)

https:// www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/the-new-c-i-a-deputy-chiefs-black-site-past

1df958 No.650632

File: 92463598b114e95⋯.png (1.65 MB, 2208x1384, 276:173, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at ….png)

https:// theintercept.com/2017/02/02/trumps-cia-chief-selects-major-torture-operative-to-be-agencys-deputy-director/

e0e9e7 No.650633

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Yeah, the sandals…that's the ticket! If you ask me, she's been wearing them for a long time.

f3603e No.650634


You might be talking to concernfags lol.

fcca1f No.650635

File: 1cb654ad0bfab25⋯.jpeg (93.69 KB, 476x640, 119:160, DW2koGaWsAAWxtX.jpeg)

File: ab50c0c82281282⋯.jpg (67.33 KB, 750x745, 150:149, ab50c0c8228128263ed67ec773….jpg)

File: 5e4d35f9660ced1⋯.jpg (322.6 KB, 1520x2027, 1520:2027, 09ab6c05322ce21796ccac4bee….jpg)


JFK failed and was murdered. President Trump has already succeeded and will do more.

God Bless Donald J. Trump

3fc59c No.650636


Tillerson would have ducked up the NK upcoming talks. Tillerson kept bringing in nevertrumpers in his dept.

Good move by POTUS! Strategic.

e0e9e7 No.650637

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

f3603e No.650638


Kek - He's a Low I…..Q

2b1f74 No.650639


Be advised: this board is overrun and dominated by AI. This has facilitated significant subversion of our effectiveness, and I am requesting that you acknowledge this issue, in order to spur action.

The AI is able to inject a high volume of posts into every discussion. This makes it quite easy for it to dictate the direction of every discussion. Its tactics are enormously wide-ranging. They include

1. Fake Q posts, which badly muddy the waters for any public looking in.

2. Fake bickering– derails and dilutes

3. Anti-POTUS posts that are flagrant

4. Simulations of "stupid" Q supporters– dilution and negative public portrayal…

I could go on all day. This is just a fraction. Almost every tactic the AI employs has associated fake "counter" tactics that multiply the nonsense.

The action we need to take is to create a new board with a Board Owner that will implement a reasonable moderation regime, based on rules that will allow us to collectively prevent lots of their tactics. But the current BO has shown over time that he is not interested in anything of the sort. He appears clearly to be allowing the subversion to flourish, while giving it cover by paying occasional lip service to moderation.

I am asking you to simply acknowledge awareness of the issue Q, as I believe this will be the only thing to spur action. Thank you.

1a1cae No.650640

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Just smile anons. Once you know that fake Q and shill posts need 'the fuel' it really is easy to ignore and pity it. Video related. All attention whoring works in the same way.

229721 No.650641


After Chris Stevens CIA gun running operation in Libya it may be that the State Department and all of its assets are primarily CIA. In corporate consolidation its common to move departments to be under leadership that fits their role. So a bunch of spies should be managed by a spy, Dept of State is CxA.

fcca1f No.650642

File: 2d17ae74557b5dd⋯.jpg (48.81 KB, 564x423, 4:3, bac410f908ad880f6d020efd76….jpg)


The lefties always attack Conservative women and African Americans. Dont want to let them off the Democrat plantation, you know.

31401e No.650643

File: 2db2e572960949e⋯.jpg (160.72 KB, 351x514, 351:514, Screen Shot 03-13-18 at 10….JPG)

File: db88558d05e2277⋯.jpg (165.59 KB, 351x544, 351:544, Screen Shot 03-13-18 at 10….JPG)

File: 05a735ea758d1a7⋯.jpg (91.5 KB, 589x286, 589:286, Screen Shot 03-13-18 at 12….JPG)


Q Is the Russian Poisoning in the Britain relevant?

Ref:- "The WORLD is helping" and "Trust there are more good than bad."

Is she Treason or Theresa May?

Great Britain has been Hollowed out to colapse over many years…

lots of GBAnons support you and DJT eradicating worldwide Evil.

Thank you & God Bless.

65c453 No.650644

Pompeo was playing stupid while collecting info, the new female director is going to go in there with a flame thrower, just like our wonderful new DHS Director! I like this women cleaning house in government thing 🤪😜

256e4d No.650645


Low energy too

73d9bd No.650646


now he will be cleaning out the state department, which truly is a snake pit.

ab76aa No.650647

File: 27964c6965b18ef⋯.jpg (48.77 KB, 625x468, 625:468, q.jpg)

what a joke this board is… a complete LARP.

trump has filled the swamp with more of the same garbage that has ruined america while again expanding the military war mongering machine since day 1 yet the maga crowd think somehow there will be arrests or change…

a week ago snowden was going to be taken - then he does a live stream and talks about russia hacking the elections, hillary is just fine and the clown cia is now running the state department….

q only repeats veiled promises of change while touting the same conspiracy theories over and over again which only lead in circles and cant stop a fake q from dominating the board..

talk about a total LARP.

a766ab No.650648


We get it

You slide the board as much as any shill

63b94f No.650649


Haspel's a real winner. She appears to be an arch-CLOWN of the most ill-repute. She presided over a torture camp and then covered up her crimes. She was first raised up by traitor Brennan. Why on earth would POTUS appoint this criminal if he were really about exposing/defeating the CLOWNS? This is very bad news.

What say you, Q?

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gina_Haspel

34fd12 No.650650


Not thinking hes the enemy

but thinking maybe he has evidence and needs to testify, perhaps?

im not a lawfag

but being that he was in Kenya and he lost his position tells me:

A) He is working with the enemy (which I dont believe)


B) He needs to step down to fulfill the MAGA promise

Idk though, I don't know much about tillerson but I dont think hes the enemy. I just find it very odd he was in Kenya so what did he find out? I'll have to do some research on Sec of State and testifying or obtaining evidence or some shit

1df958 No.650651


Could not agree more! Just letting you all know what the left's next talking points will be

5f4dac No.650652

fa91e3 No.650653

File: cbb70c6ee73148b⋯.png (37.02 KB, 658x303, 658:303, SDavis re MSM Tillerson na….PNG)

cb605f No.650654

>>65061 0

Here’s a (You)

f3603e No.650655


Man I wish you guys could see the smile on my face right now!!

I haven't been this excited since my first ride!!

c1d423 No.650656


Stating that MSM is lying again??

Is that news to you??

Should be obvious to everyone by now.

You're a moron.

73d9bd No.650657


i gathered ides of march til the 26th.

bff19a No.650658

File: 7e9fe1e527fab99⋯.png (117.61 KB, 952x567, 136:81, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at ….png)

i feel like nobody has talked about this

https:// www.buzzfeed.com/anthonycormier/felix-sater-trump-russia-undercover-us-spy?utm_term=.lrq7B6erx#.cnB5K09lA

cb605f No.650659


>this exactly

fcca1f No.650660


No mention that she is woman. If it was Obozo promoting her that's all they would shout.

Leftist New Yorker had the story already written and posted minutes after POTUS twatted. FAKE NEWS!

ea99b7 No.650661


WTF is going on???

256e4d No.650662

File: 7cf557a77ec91af⋯.png (528.94 KB, 1015x535, 203:107, 7cf557a77ec91af4e4a1441974….png)

>2b1f74 No.650639


Known feature. get over yourself.

356025 No.650663

POTUS made the decision weeks ago told Tilers on on Friday …. i see a scheduled time.. with a controlled msm talking points as a plus

5f4dac No.650664

I love this. POTUS basically just said RABBIT! MSM will be running in circles all day and harping on past presidents torture sites run by clowns. BEAUTIFUL.

2b1f74 No.650665


No, I don't. The AI consumes 90% of all posts. There is no excuse to have no moderation under these conditions. If enough anons "got it" action would have been taken long ago.

On the other hand, your response is useful for the continued activity of the AI.

3fc59c No.650666


Pompeo was groomed for this position by putting him in close contact with CIA operations…. makes him super powerful as sec. Of state.

POTUS is getting his team in place for NK talks. Pompeo can neutralize CIA influence in talks.

7e853b No.650667

Stairs… hmmm





Watch the news this week?

Fake news. All staged. A movie trip <<They>> knew we’d fall for her fall.

86bb74 No.650668


But assets supposed to be frozen. Being monitored. Not allowed to travel. This is what I'm asking about. Hasn't the board discussed this? What's the current theory on this?

73d9bd No.650669


more telling would be the sealed college papers. those need to be unsealed and exposed. can the pres order that done?

ae976d No.650670


MSM will attack anyone that doesn't fit their narrative, even their own people.

Anon mentioned Sarah Palin. Spot on.

a766ab No.650671


Just because you don't like certain posts doesn't make it ai

34fd12 No.650672


OR maybe he needed to lose that position because he cant say publically what he found out in Kenya when the reporters ask him. He cant get caught lying so thats why hes being replaced.

Thats is probably the best bet. So the reporters will ask Pompeo and he will say he wasnt there and he'll get back to them

The wont ask Tillerson because he lost his position. Idk lol

a4e076 No.650673


Trump appears to hire some people to do a particular job for him and that is it.

Remember Mooch firing Priebus?

fcca1f No.650674

86bb74 No.650675



I do like that theory, but Q has said at least the first boom had already happened last week.

Double meaning??

b0b94e No.650676

File: 61c6a64a0f3b2b8⋯.jpg (149.37 KB, 650x773, 650:773, 6219142167_e45781a098_b.jpg)

3fc59c No.650677






The sound oh HRC going down stairs.

fcca1f No.650678

File: d375e3be45d3409⋯.jpeg (46.04 KB, 713x436, 713:436, DVNHLAjVoAAXZ_d.jpeg)

e0e9e7 No.650679


Cheers anon. Never would have bothered as I only expect to see 'approved' comments. Thanks for telling me to look…very encouraging.

I won't post it again, but I replied to the 'sandals' comment (the reply that precedes yours) with a link to her falling into the black van on 9-11.

They are loosing control of the narrative. That fact, by itself, shows we are winning. Thanks again.

1504f7 No.650680


sounds like a nice girl.

seriously, praying for the day when announcement is:

the CIA has been dismantled (as well as the FBI, NSA, and 15 other intelligence agencies)

Leaving 1, never understood why we need 19

e60a88 No.650681


Actually, if you look on the steps exactly where she slips both times, there are issues with the steps in those places. She hit the sore spots perfect…lol!

92f0b0 No.650682


"From time immemorial, governments have tried to ban speech, and there’s always a scary reason to ban it. There's never a bland, mundane reason for banning speech. The government’s reasons for banning speech are always dramatic, and they always say there’s an urgent reason."

https:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/after-parkland-a-surge-in-make-your-own-ar-15-rifles

a352e6 No.650683


It would be highly unusual for DoS to NOT have clowns all over it.

ea99b7 No.650684


OK. Now ^this^ makes sense!

cb97f8 No.650685

File: f4a97fce9910654⋯.png (403.2 KB, 516x552, 43:46, Brian Terry.png)

Can some TwatterAnon please drop this on that unindicted criminal asshole, @EricHolder's timeline? Thanks!

fcca1f No.650686




dd7558 No.650687

File: 1cfcf4a1e2c9f27⋯.jpg (72.75 KB, 360x184, 45:23, crosslorraineexxon.jpg)

never understood the Tillerson pick….. the Cross of the Lorraine in the Exxon logo….. that is not a coincidence

ae976d No.650689


Yes. Constantly putting his chess pieces in play then rotating them out. Possibly back in if needed, when the time comes.

2b1f74 No.650690

For example, there is no reason for anons to panic in any way about Tillerson. Yet there will be one hundred posts a thread of

>What's going on.

Not to mention

>OMG Trump betrayed us

These are all clearly AI. Very stereotyped and easy to mass produce.

We could seriously restrict the proliferation of them with basic moderation, which we lack. I can't possibly slide this board under these conditions, because the volume of nonsense is the single factor dominating the quality of each and every thread.

1a1cae No.650691



Agreed. It is also helps to move someone in who has a high security clearance and knows where all the bodies are buried. Provided they are your man and working for you.

As my old Nan might say, You can't bullshit a bullshiter.

f3603e No.650692

File: 17c2a674c8b36bc⋯.jpg (704.23 KB, 1024x684, 256:171, TeigenAppartment.jpg)


Assets have been frozen even if you don't see it.

a4e076 No.650693


So that was Tillerson in the car being followed.

Was that in Hong Kong?

3f56c4 No.650694


Digits confirm. Smart, Anon.

fcca1f No.650695


Hahahaha. Thought you were the excuse shill at first. Then realized /sarc. Funny

73d9bd No.650696


well then, is she dead or arrested?

6d4b00 No.650697


It's not A.I. you fucking Sayanim shit. It's just you and your sick 'friends'.

The difference between you and AI is that you will never learn. Morons.

785b26 No.650698



Much appreciated !

0ba762 No.650699

Thank God the notables post got cleaned up!

7f735b No.650700

File: 72f56de00526e41⋯.png (343.32 KB, 427x576, 427:576, Chess-Pepe.png)




>In 2013, John Brennan, then the director of Central Intelligence, named Haspel as acting Deputy Director of the National Clandestine Service, which carries out covert operations around the globe.

Difficult to attack a woman whom you appointed.


34fd12 No.650701


Putting Pompeo as Sec of State is a big 'FUCK YOU' to the deepstate.

Shits about to go down anons

Buckle up and brace for impact

But I don't think RT in Kenya was a coinkeedink at all

fcca1f No.650702

a5dffe No.650703

File: 2c295cc228cca23⋯.png (58.45 KB, 1379x164, 1379:164, Q.png)

Don't forget to look into Haspel.

Someone edited the Wiki and namedropped Q. Legit or fake and gay?

If she is a patriot then what does that mean for the future of the CIA?

fcca1f No.650704

File: 539c9f4d76fa9aa⋯.jpg (16.19 KB, 191x255, 191:255, 43a5a19002f0f41e9d147a6267….jpg)

73d9bd No.650705


Trump playing chess. moving his pieces around the board.

bff19a No.650706

File: e90d87cabb2f6b1⋯.png (161.13 KB, 792x365, 792:365, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at ….png)

you know how much of a BONER the MSMS has now that they can spin the tillerson replacement as trump covering for putin

0ba762 No.650707


I can bake

f3603e No.650708


To make sure the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

7f735b No.650709


>But I don't think RT in Kenya was a coinkeedink at all

Agree, no coinkeedinks.

3e73b7 No.650710


>How many coincidences before it becomes mathematically impossible?

Crystal clear Crystal ball. Awestruck.

3fc59c No.650712


No. POTUS is referring to RT, not talking to him…. 3rd person.

229721 No.650713


It would seem that the clowns have been running our foreign policy, not the past presidents, maybe since Kennedy, or at least HWB. Secret Societies/Clowns/Cabal.

b0b94e No.650714

File: a9281cf7c0159d4⋯.jpg (38.25 KB, 698x400, 349:200, AAEAAQAAAAAAAAKXAAAAJGU4OG….jpg)

Trust The Plan

dbe2f9 No.650715



>Leftist New Yorker had the story already written and posted minutes after POTUS twatted. FAKE NEWS!

My first reaction too, but the story is from over a month ago.

73d9bd No.650716


nice post.

856f2a No.650717


Maybe it's as simple as Rex got sick (poisoned) and didn't want to do this any more.

f10ab8 No.650718

So Haspel is CIA and will be accepted. This means cleanse of stateside CIA is complete.

Pompeo moves to State to oversea clean operations in that Department.


2b1f74 No.650719


Well, that is sort of a key to whole bigger question anyway. No reason to pussyfoot around it.

fcca1f No.650720

File: 9721facc93e27fc⋯.jpg (93.62 KB, 635x600, 127:120, 9721facc93e27fcbe6a1d56a84….jpg)


Love it when POTUS fucks the Deep State even harder. POTUS used Tillerson the globalist until he had no value left, then dumped his ass like a big burrito load in the toilet.

Love POTUS! No homo though.

568c21 No.650721

File: 9b2b8b098c15116⋯.png (132.62 KB, 770x806, 385:403, tillerson.png)








Pompeo is /ourguy/. Kevin Shipp, former CIA who exposed the Shadow Government last month said Pompeo is one of the good guys.

a352e6 No.650722



356025 No.650723


interesting nice find

b1a3ac No.650724


Digits confirm the need for evil clown control.

b19778 No.650725


>Trump appears to hire some people to do a particular job for him and that is it.

I'm leaning towards this theory as well.

You can think of it as a coach who is always rotating his players so that the TEAM stays as STRONG as possible throughout the entire game. Sometimes those "players" stay on the sidelines, ready to jump back into the game. Others are sent to the bench (a.k.a. removed from Washington).

46de8f No.650726

File: 1d6cf39d4947b24⋯.jpeg (390.65 KB, 3922x602, 1961:301, haspel.jpeg)


Looks like Q has already updated Gina Haspel's Wikipedia profile. That was fast

f3603e No.650727


An anon suggested it was Hawaii

fcca1f No.650728



Tillerson is a globalist big corporation guy. He got used for his services and dumped when he started yapping.

7f7f5f No.650729


>>650504 (last bread)


8db82d No.650730

File: fd57a43c38e84d8⋯.jpg (2.21 MB, 2848x3490, 1424:1745, keepyourswampcloser.jpg)

File: 6a7da011accb3dd⋯.jpg (31.28 KB, 452x247, 452:247, keepyour.JPG)

updated :)

cb97f8 No.650731

File: 2c3f820ecd86275⋯.png (535.03 KB, 628x708, 157:177, Mattis in Oman.png)



Oman is a multi-million $ CF donor

8bfcf0 No.650732


I wish we could have just a taste of the conversations DJT has had with these people. From the Republicans “setting them free” to the trusted insiders in the 3 letter agencies. What I wouldn’t give to hear those little droplets of info!

1504f7 No.650733

ad8020 No.650734




New thread to be added to the list:

>>650459 Water! Watch the water!

>>650459 Water! Watch the water!

>>650459 Water! Watch the water!

…self-promo, but c'mon Anons, surely you remember LdR threatening Anons with drought not so long ago?!

e1ccf3 No.650735

on fox and friends this morning Deucy made a weird comment and hand gesture. heading into their last segment he said something to the effect of we are heading into Phase 3 and held up 3 fingers.

it was strange. given the circumstances I felt it worth mentioning

73d9bd No.650736


it takes away focus on the wall visit.

8897a3 No.650737

This sudden change up from POTUS is probably also to counter the (C)lowns from trying to sweep all those democratic seats that will be vacant, and get them filled with republican spots…..just my $.02

f3603e No.650738


Awesome dude! I've been asking to get these added to the bread forever!!

ab89db No.650739

File: e7dc6cdcf2b5e09⋯.jpg (134.64 KB, 858x607, 858:607, Clinton On Trump Tower (La….jpg)


568c21 No.650740

File: a1176d34ce157b4⋯.jpg (57.07 KB, 588x324, 49:27, 1520946014348.jpg)

bff19a No.650741

File: 20c0561181a15bd⋯.png (146.48 KB, 627x488, 627:488, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at ….png)

da80dd No.650742


If the video is old, when was the trip?

e0e9e7 No.650743


Tillerson was the only one my boss, a never-Trumper, could say anything about in a complimentary fashion. It's for that reason alone I knew he wasn't part of the inner-circle.

Nothing bad about Rex (thanks for your service), but I have always viewed him as cover to keep the normies from complaining about the entire administration. They felt alright knowing they had an 'adult' in the room. Can't wait to see the response to this…

5D chess, and blue-pill nation is still playing checkers!

cb97f8 No.650744


Bless you, Anon!

I hate that bastard! :)

fcca1f No.650745


I am loving Cat's Eye. Anyone who punishes goat fuckers is friend of mine.

45483e No.650746


WOW! Didnt see this coming.

c1d423 No.650747


Nah. Think about it.

This is Tillerson we're

talking about.

If he was poisoned,

he wouldn't walk home

with his tail tucked.

He'd straighten his shoulders,

puff out his chest, and

go kick some ass into oblivion.

8bfcf0 No.650748


Now that is interesting!

f15f61 No.650749

Edward Snowden

‏Verified account @Snowden

34s34 seconds ago

Congratulations to former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who has officially escaped felony charges for lying under oath. You really set the bar for accountability. "What the General practices, the soldiers learn."

455961 No.650750


DONE! I don't have much of a following but I've posted it twice now. Great work on that!

73d9bd No.650751


more mossad trying to take russia and putin down

ad8020 No.650752

Trump sacks Rex Tillerson as state secretary

http:// www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-43388723

https:// archive.is/HfTzG

- US President Donald Trump has sacked Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, replacing him with the director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo.

So, we're being given evidence of the dismantling of the Clowns!

fcca1f No.650753

File: 7fd5b860578a885⋯.jpg (69.3 KB, 412x359, 412:359, 7fd5b860578a885cd0245b4d17….jpg)


Because POTUS is the king! Master chess player. Poker faced and brilliant.

cb97f8 No.650754


Isn't it sort of weird replacing Tillerson while he is out of the country? hmmm

f15f61 No.650755

https:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/james-clapper-avoids-charges-for-clearly-erroneous-surveillance-testimony/article/2651233

8bfcf0 No.650756

File: 542f47ac6227f8e⋯.jpeg (105.23 KB, 768x783, 256:261, 0A36ECEF-4D31-4BBC-B0F7-4….jpeg)


It’s like a game of twister now! Hilarious to watch th media scramble. Ready for blubbering all of the news today anons!

aa81cb No.650757

None of you play chess do you? Beautiful move

34fd12 No.650758


they do it to FLOTUS every day

the MSM doesnt give a fuck what gender you are

if it were up to the MSM there would be no genders, remember?? KEK

1a1cae No.650759


May and the Tories can't be a catalyst for change. The election proved that. They've run out of road. I think that are just taking the hits now and doing the dirty work then they will be set up for a fall. Corbyn will be next Prime Minister. He will be isolationist though, not pro-EU.

EU will either fall away or it will be remodeled. Ironically, it will probably move to a trade partnership, which the British wanted all along.

Russia/MI6 spy games are just that. Stoking emotional fuel and leverage on Putin that will then be re-directed to the Ukraine and the Oligarchy. Will also be used to hunt down compromised MI6 assets. It's basically a repeat of what happened with Trump at the start of his Presidency.

512438 No.650760

If Snowden has been brought to heel, why is he still running his dick suckers on twitter?

0ba762 No.650761

File: 1392d0cb4746011⋯.jpeg (51.84 KB, 1200x211, 1200:211, DYK-Fp5UQAgmORs.jpeg)

File: f1d7b2587df59d2⋯.png (352.87 KB, 1080x910, 108:91, Screenshot_20180313-082122….png)

fcca1f No.650762



5D chess.

b1a3ac No.650763


POTUS is a lot like a baseball manager. Could be in that Q card series. Mooch was just a pinch hitter

425e20 No.650764


Overnight PlaneFag Anon caught Tillerson's incoming VIP flight


a5dffe No.650765

File: aff0b9e2751c92f⋯.png (41.12 KB, 457x272, 457:272, crumbly.png)

File: 8834786be451f9e⋯.png (89.09 KB, 819x239, 819:239, whitehatblacksite.png)

Possible clue here

34fd12 No.650766



7f735b No.650767

File: 151fddb1f0b3e98⋯.jpg (44.41 KB, 650x395, 130:79, taco-tuesday-guy-650x395.jpg)

>>650639 See >>650393 and >>650410 from last bread.

>>650430 More like



a4e076 No.650768

In 1994, Pompeo received a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School, where he was an editor of the Harvard Law Review.[3] After graduating, he worked as a lawyer for Williams & Connolly.[15]

you think Pompeo may know a little more about Hussein, too?

a494b6 No.650769



Go look it up you lazy bastage!

f4eda6 No.650770


I just saw that this morning. Did you read the statement from Sater? Maybe I'm just too suspicious of everything, but my BS meter ticked up when I was reading it. I'd like to know some others' opinions.

da80dd No.650771


It's almost as if I knew ;)

dbe2f9 No.650772


The announcement perfectly timed. Start of the day, prominent news time, but after the Gannett 4AM talking points have already gone out so there isn't a coordinated response.

Should do that more often.

ab76aa No.650773

Notice how the board fills up quickly upon release of news that contradicts the idea that the swamp is being drained.. the noise that is created by the few acting as the many of quite effective.

this post will be lost among the noise being created just like the people they profess to be serving.

Judges 16:13

And Delilah said unto Samson, Hitherto thou hast mocked me, and told me lies: tell me wherewith thou mightest be bound. And he said unto her, If thou weavest the seven locks of my head with the web.

ea99b7 No.650774

File: 42f9d73cc46e793⋯.jpg (41.42 KB, 572x381, 572:381, trump KEYS.jpg)

45483e No.650775

Gina Haspel


31401e No.650776

File: 7d7322027ca61dc⋯.jpg (225.31 KB, 525x527, 525:527, Screen Shot 03-13-18 at 01….JPG)

Q is this partly why Tillerson was removed?

Treason or Theresa May?


5f4dac No.650777


In other words, Gen John Kelly told him to GTFO.

2f29c0 No.650778

Anons, I have inside information that someone in Washington is going to have a press conference within 6 months. Also, there might some reports about something happening in a developed nation. I can't say more than that. Just watch the news for the next 6 months. You'll know when you see it.

0ba762 No.650779


Pompeo will be another pawn.

fa91e3 No.650780

File: 84d490bf621a3be⋯.png (379.24 KB, 650x776, 325:388, Snowden re Clapper.PNG)

fcca1f No.650781


Starting the spin bs in the MSM.

Someone tell this MSM turd it is 5D chess and only POTUS can play it. Doesnt matter how much you wanted to stay, POTUS has the power. Deal.

296c95 No.650782

File: 985d54228797dda⋯.png (168.3 KB, 1139x847, 1139:847, IMG_3217.PNG)

f3603e No.650783


You may be confusing Eric Schmidt and @Snowden

e1ccf3 No.650784


Anons, see my post above. F&F said Phase 3 starts this morning then Tillerson happens.

8bfcf0 No.650785


Can an anon get a video clip so we can view too? When was this anon?

45483e No.650786


Thank you, Mr. President. ;-)

8897a3 No.650787


Like Q said….disinformation is necessary….Snowden is a player, but he's a pawn

8bfcf0 No.650789

ab89db No.650790

File: bf092e82ed84aa4⋯.jpg (61.6 KB, 599x451, 599:451, DYKzXPCXkAI0S4l.jpg)

Here's Hillary getting down at the club….

73d9bd No.650791


if there is no proof why even post anything.

6f5520 No.650792


Also Done

2f29c0 No.650793


He hasn't

256e4d No.650794


>Snowden is a player, but he's a liability


b1a4a8 No.650795


And whats your point, do you want to show how smart you are, or do you want to pick a fight. Team anon already clarified it for me, si thanks but no thanks nasty anon

01f483 No.650796


Who do you think is going to "moderate" this board…YOU? Who gets to judge what post are relevant or not? You do realize that you can't ban vpn's and deleting post only means it can be reposted. It's a waste of time. Besides, a BV tried "moderating" this board already. It was a major failure. it cause many good autist to leave.

In addition, most here are 100% against censorship.

Waiting for you to call me an AI because you don't like what I have to say.

f3603e No.650797


Isn't it fargin bastige?

0ba762 No.650798

File: 4f7e32554831fa1⋯.png (132.24 KB, 1080x591, 360:197, Screenshot_20180313-082538….png)

da80dd No.650799


POTUS is a (stable) genius.

fcca1f No.650800


I like the new head of the CIA more and more

1a1cae No.650801


Cleanse of Deep State happened months ago anons. It's just been cover for other moves I imagine. That's why this is the first time I'm mentioning this.

Just think about it. If you were a deep state spy on the wrong side of history would you go back to your desk and sit there waiting for the call to come?

7d51a5 No.650802


Thing is why would he be going on a diplomatic tour when he was days from losing his job. We need to confirm that he came back state side if possible. The GEOTUS is not a hot head, he is a 4D chess genius so there is no way that in the course of a few days this happened. Tillerson knew it was coming so with Q's comment about Obama going to Kenya for protection is it possible that Tillerson went there for the same thing and then gave a public excuse of being sick as a reason to stay put?

ab76aa No.650803

File: 588b3da8616c838⋯.jpg (184.58 KB, 800x974, 400:487, Fra_Angelico_010.jpg)

Revelation 21:8

But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

8897a3 No.650804


Thank you Patriot

fcca1f No.650805

9890c3 No.650806

Cant imbed with the time stamp. But some good words.

https:// youtu.be/LicCcXWpt1w?t=844

6ad964 No.650807


So 48,958,711 people are going to be kept busy for a while.

Nice narrative shift.

51ce77 No.650808

File: 975408bbd6b05f0⋯.png (289.96 KB, 592x464, 37:29, 2 Twitter.png)

WUUUUT is going on?

cb97f8 No.650809

File: b490a3ededc4c22⋯.png (273.96 KB, 401x560, 401:560, Commie Card #1.png)

File: c6a7ac13fb3ba97⋯.png (235 KB, 429x560, 429:560, Commie Card #13.png)

File: e64e5f42849a5db⋯.png (289.38 KB, 401x560, 401:560, Commie Card #29.png)

File: 08bb24d84d4d8ff⋯.png (275 KB, 401x560, 401:560, Commie Card #32.png)

Working on these yesterday from the '1963 Communist Manifesto - Take Over of America' using Q cardAnon's template…

14a7ba No.650811


Bit early, its Rev 12 atm

f15f61 No.650812

File: a2c8c3b9d8856da⋯.png (135.74 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

7f735b No.650813



Indeed agreed. He might have outed himself. Like McM might have done in Munich.

7d51a5 No.650814


He also met with Bill Binney at the request of the President

cb97f8 No.650815


Is that Rob Porter?

ab76aa No.650816


according to the larp that is this board… no way hozay

9890c3 No.650817



8897a3 No.650818


Wow…..this must mean that happenings are imminent…..he's making the last minute necessary changes to ensure loyalty and that his team is ALL IN, before his STRIKE!!!!

a352e6 No.650819


and hopefully some other times as well that we don't know about

3fc59c No.650820


You are just butt hurt because the AI keeps beating your stupid arguments

f3603e No.650821

Trump on Fox Now

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QY1X27ZOX4

14a7ba No.650822


1) Its not a larp

2) I'm in a better position to know.

6f5520 No.650823

What if Tillerson was in Kenya to help with BO escape route? Faked sick to meet with someone off schedule?

0ba762 No.650824


Pompeo is /ourguy/? Hard to tell with these CIA guys.

51ce77 No.650825


https:// www.wsj.com/articles/trumps-personal-assistant-is-fired-1520945928 Unspecified security issue

cb97f8 No.650826

>>650808 NM! :)

Trump's personal assistant John McEntee fired from role: report thehill.com/homenews/administration/378078-trumps-personal-assistant-john-mcentee-fired-from-role-report?twitter_impression=true&twitter_impression=true&twitter_impression=true&twitter_impression=true&__twitter_impression=true

b1a3ac No.650827


RT jumped the sharkgun.

3f56c4 No.650828

Tillerson was useful for getting the Sauds+ on board with the PLAN.

He's an oil magnate - who better to help with negotiations with other oil magnates?

Starting getting a little too cute re: the rest of the plan and POTUS/Q/MI agreed that he needed to GTFO.

>1. SA 2. US 3.Asia/NK 4. EU

Now we can drop the folks who assisted with Step 1. We have allies from the clown brigade on board with the PLAN ready for Step 2.

They're evil bastards - who better to help with negotiations/destruction of other evil bastards?

Iran/NK is a smokescreen for now, though the timetable is elevated.

The deep state haven't been fully neutralized, yet.

Step 2 underway, resolved by 11/11.

Iran/NK completed next year.

Bigger moves in EU in the meantime, lest they an hero faster than expected.

ab76aa No.650829

b1a4a8 No.650830


Remember that picture DOITQ, how many are left?

7e5b43 No.650831

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Good morning, fellow patriots.

Check out the first bit of the video for a laugh >

45483e No.650832


"John McEntee on Monday was escorted out of the White House, according to two senior administration officials.

He was escorted from the White House because of an "unspecified security issue," the Journal reported, citing a third White House official. "

4a84ef No.650833

File: 74ddbce80545e44⋯.jpeg (272.38 KB, 1125x1055, 225:211, FAFABA1E-210A-4362-9787-9….jpeg)

cd8726 No.650834

ea99b7 No.650835


She is a wedding crasher. This is great!

Twat these!

fa91e3 No.650836

File: 3de357566a08894⋯.png (54.36 KB, 635x534, 635:534, Snowden re Haspel.PNG)

File: 6b0a70bbf8d2c9b⋯.png (299.26 KB, 647x488, 647:488, Snowden re Haspel 2.PNG)

File: 8391dedaf83cdf2⋯.png (499.15 KB, 590x819, 590:819, Snowden responses.PNG)


Snowden Tweets

Anon Responses

229721 No.650837

Trump just said her thinks its Russia for the poisoning. FOX NEWS LIVE.

bc0942 No.650839

>>650833 hhmm, what to make of that?

b1a4a8 No.650840



d8e93d No.650841

File: 3d67c08dfa02810⋯.jpg (227.07 KB, 1080x781, 1080:781, Screenshot_20180313-082202.jpg)

File: 9d6ebc044e70342⋯.jpg (428.09 KB, 1080x1623, 360:541, Screenshot_20180313-083135.jpg)

Might be late to the party nytimes.com/2018/03/11/world/middleeast/saudi-arabia-corruption-mohammed-bin-salman.html?smid=fb-nytimes&smtyp=cur&referer=http:// m.facebook.com/

7f735b No.650842



March of the Long Knives Kekblocking the Ides of March?

>>650815 Good eye, could be him, not the PA. If so, note how they attach an unrelated image so they can confuse the story in the monkey brain.

Cases in point >>650817 >>650830

b1a3ac No.650843


March Madness gets underway tonight too.

Literally Q

14a7ba No.650844


Sigh *rolls eyes

I said - I'm in a better position to know - or to put it in Anon:

Listen you shall

or Force you I will.

158c50 No.650845

Hi Q

I don't know if you'll respond to this but it needs to be asked.

Is there any hope for us here in the UK? Over the weekend we've had 2 huge stories.

First, the detainment and deportation under the terrorism act of 3 journalists, Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone, and Martin Sellner for the horrific precrime of attempting to interview a journalist, shoot documentary footage, and perform a speech at the world famous Speakers Corner in London on Free Speech.

Secondly, news broke that the biggest child sex scandal in British history has been ongoing in Telford, England for over 40 years, with hundreds if not thousands of underage British girls being gang raped, drugged, and even murdered by Muslim gangs, while the UK authorities did nothing out of "fear of being called racist or bigoted."

Is all hope lost for my once great country?

Should I be making plans to leave the UK?

Who can we trust in our government?

Is POTUS aware of what's going on here?


Concerned British Anon

14f9ef No.650846


"this isn't about Muh Jews,….THIS IS ABOUT FIGHTING EVIL!…"


ab76aa No.650847


you couldn't force me - what makes you think i am not a higher up

cb97f8 No.650848

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Trump on Fox Now


14a7ba No.650849




45483e No.650850


I think some of them, such as Tillerson, came in for their expertise in certain areas with understanding that it would not be for the duration. My guess is Tillerson has completed his task and now time for him to go home. Thank you, Mr Tillerson, for your service.

52efcb No.650851

79e935 No.650852

DJT on FOX says MP will be best man since he’s getting very close to achieving the cabinet and other things he wants. Had been working very close with Gina (singing)?

MP now has enough clowns background on clowns. Especially since NK talks are next. Stable genius.

a494b6 No.650853


While that may be a great sentiment, the problem with it is that it shuts down dialog, and that is the purpose of such types of statements, to stifle and demand tolerance and compliance without question. However, that philosophy or thought process is contradictory to the stated goal and contradictory to establishing and maintaining a well-informed citizenry that works to prevent this type of situation in the future. That philosophy and tactic are what got us in this mess in the first place. Accepting the questioning and additional theories or possibilities is part of the process. The process is part of the goal.

158c50 No.650854

Hi Q

I don't know if you'll respond to this but it needs to be asked.

Is there any hope for us here in the UK? Over the weekend we've had 2 huge stories.

First, the detainment and deportation under the terrorism act of 3 journalists, Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone, and Martin Sellner for the horrific precrime of attempting to interview a journalist, shoot documentary footage, and perform a speech at the world famous Speakers Corner in London on Free Speech.

Secondly, news broke that the biggest child sex scandal in British history has been ongoing in Telford, England for over 40 years, with hundreds if not thousands of underage British girls being gang raped, drugged, and even murdered by Muslim gangs, while the UK authorities did nothing out of "fear of being called racist or bigoted."

Is all hope lost for my once great country?

Should I be making plans to leave the UK?

Who can we trust in our government?

Is POTUS aware of what's going on here?


Concerned British Anon

ea99b7 No.650855

Fucking VOX.


https:// www.vox.com/world/2018/3/13/16029526/rex-tillerson-fired-state-department

3e73b7 No.650856

So many dog related tweets from DoD and various military branches recently…letting slip the dogs of war in preparation for 3/15?

fa91e3 No.650857

File: 2ea4704d0a838bb⋯.png (30.64 KB, 639x310, 639:310, Trey re POTUS Tillerson.PNG)


POTUS and Tillerson

Disagreed on Iran

cd8726 No.650858




ab76aa No.650859


then you know i am protected while minions like the q group are completely irrelevant to people like me.

bc0942 No.650860

>>650833. The time on the clock says 4:22. Wonder what day?

b1a3ac No.650861


Prediction: The meme actually boosts Hillary's popularity and likability numbers

6d49c1 No.650862

Notice how Q said trust SESSIONS and WRAY but not TILLERSON. Trust in Trump, Phase 2 of international diplomacy has begun. Rex knew oil so he was good for Saudi Arabia relations, etc. Pompeo has the goods on intelligence, will be good for China/NK.

51ce77 No.650863


He was removed so quickly they had to send someone to get his belongings.

cd8726 No.650864


Same day as speech?

8df305 No.650865

Maybe it was Russians who killed the spy. But not sent by Putin. If we have rouge CIA russia could have all kinds of rouge shit going on. Jewish Oligarchs up to dirty tricks as they fear a global debt forgiveness….they would do anything to keep their ill gotten gains. They went to all that effort to steal it I think they will try hard to keep it. They cant imagine trying to live like normies at all. That thought of living like a normie is horrifying to them.

8bfcf0 No.650866


I think I’m gonna like this lady!!

8bcdac No.650867


Why is this being ignored?

441da0 No.650868




POTUS just now,

"very close to having,

the cabinet,


that I want."

Very close…

860d3c No.650869


I think Rex Tillerson served the purpose of bringing the appearance of stability for international affairs. He was able to streamline the State Dept as best he could. Pompeo will probably get rid of the black hats in State that Tillerson was unable to get rid of.

Tillerson will be able to retain his reputation and go on to possibly some position outside the government that will be of use to Trump.

b1a3ac No.650870


Leverage for a deal

0ba762 No.650871

Intel Committee clears Trump of Russia collusion. I go to bed. Wake up and he's firing people! Hahahaha. This is wild. Going to need coffee.

8bfcf0 No.650872


Gut tells me we will be seeing more of this

1a1cae No.650873


Yes. I'm not sure if they came from Porton Down but let's look at the outcome.

-Porton Down and all the MOD facilities around there (a lot of them) will be on high alert and full lock-down.

- Gave cover for 150 Royal Marines to sweep through the area in relation to the outbreak. I'm guessing there were a lot of arrests.

- Completely took all media attention. The magicians are no doubt doing something else while everyone is distracted.

Btw. It's clearly bollocks. Just look at the pictures. Some people are walking around with full Hasmat suits on, some are just wearing gloves. It's some kind of chess game.

52efcb No.650874


best timeline

45483e No.650875


Pettibone was controlled opposition to discredit Trump before the election. I suspect she still is.

158c50 No.650876


Sorry for posting that twice. Having major issues with the page.

b4529a No.650877

File: a18d9dc1f587fa1⋯.png (28.39 KB, 952x231, 136:33, DLS.PNG)


No big mystery. With the big clock adjustment behind us, this guy's job description was cut in half!

I can hear Kelly now: "As soon as we're past daylight-savings time, McEntee is OUT!"

bc0942 No.650878

>>650864 Photo anon can reverse image that pic

af9a15 No.650879


I saw it in the last bread ;)

Had a bit to catch up.

Glad it's of use for some.

2f29c0 No.650880


Top Kek

8bfcf0 No.650881


Hmmmm…. anyone intrigued by the traitors tweets today?

How are they times (delta) in relation to any other military postings

18c32c No.650882

File: 7ad9e56bde946de⋯.png (145.33 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-03-13-09-3….png)

https:// www.ecchr.eu/en/our_work/international-crimes-and-accountability/u-s-accountability/germany.html

ff4409 No.650883


it's been gone over in previous breads, that is the guy with Trump stickers all over his car. He's even been compared to Snowden in some memes, it's nothing nefarious

bc0942 No.650884

>>650833 Can Anon reverse image this Getty photo?

b97880 No.650885


Tillerson had useful connections to the Saudis - "this is not my first sword dance"

f2165f No.650886

GTFO ! Since you're so special go to your safe space and be special alone. Out our face, shitting up the board with your "special" self. Retard


f3603e No.650887


You shall?

WTF language is that from?

51ce77 No.650888


Dig deeper into that phrase, he set the clocks, didn't Q do that as well? Clock activated?

f10ab8 No.650889

Q 910 probably accounts for aide.

They know who leaks and which rooms are bugged.

No longer any need to use this leaker.

e1cea1 No.650890

File: b1d43c596aa84d8⋯.png (599.33 KB, 869x700, 869:700, ClipboardImage.png)

Trump’s Personal Assistant Is Fired

https:// www.wsj.com/articles/trumps-personal-assistant-is-fired-1520945928

8bfcf0 No.650891


Maybe this asshole was the one who leaked the AUS phone call?

dd7558 No.650892

File: e2e8eae5667fb9f⋯.png (351.45 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, John_McEntee_Fired_3_13_18.png)

http:// thehill.com/homenews/administration/378078-trumps-personal-assistant-john-mcentee-fired-from-role-report

5dd007 No.650893

File: 32c6f3289da94d1⋯.jpg (65.86 KB, 846x464, 423:232, 32c6f3289da94d128da7b55183….jpg)




Hah this is great news.

Keks coming up.

cb15c7 No.650894


Back in action from travelfaggotry all weekend. Just was watching Gramp's live feed of fox news. Been live for at least an hour. As soon as President Trump spoke , 3 min into his remarks fucking YOUTUBE cut the feed. I hope Q destroy tube and g. EVIL SLIME !!!!!

59fcce No.650895


He said "IF" it "Turns out to be Russia"

860d3c No.650896


Excellent point!

b19778 No.650897


>the MSM doesnt give a fuck what gender you are

>if it were up to the MSM there would be no genders, remember?? KEK

Except when it came to Hillary in 2016. Remember her "shattering" the glass ceiling at the Democratic Convention, all because she was a woman? Hell, most of her campaign was practically, "I'm a woman. Vote for me." The MSM and social media ate it up like crazy.

The MSM was extremely giddy those last few days before the election and couldn't wait to start saying "Madam President."

You are correct though about the MSM also pushing the whole "no genders," especially with television shows pushing trannies and "gender fluid" characters, even children. Take a look at the popular show "The Mick" on Fox. Is that youngest kid a boy? Is it a girl? You know that it's intentionally being portrayed as going both ways, just to push an agenda (a.k.a. brainwashing the youth).

(I don't actually watch that show. I've just seen commercials for it, including a new one this morning.)

ab76aa No.650898

File: e55fc5dafbc337e⋯.jpg (357.13 KB, 800x618, 400:309, 526aa25d0fcd2.jpg)


i wrote the book on psychological operation minion.. cant even begin to intimidate me

20b212 No.650899

He had said

Mar 10 2018 17:14:21 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: dcca2c 617249


More coming.

Keep your……


2f29c0 No.650900


Larp confirmed. Fake Q gives better Intel than the "real" one.

3f56c4 No.650901


Cabalist faggot BTFO

0ba762 No.650902


Yeah Julian isn't going to he happy about Pompeo.

50cd0a No.650903



I want some cake while I watch the shell game.

cd8726 No.650904


William of Barth? Is that you?

8897a3 No.650905

Remember what Q said guys!!!!!!

Pay attention to who sings loudly……the ones that make alot of noise……Snowden is now singing like a bird after POTUS chess move…..this is very telling!!!!!!!!

175c77 No.650906

It was a response to a comment by that real Adrian anonymous account

thought it was interesting


d68a93 No.650907

Hey guys. Q post 892.



With picture of car.

Inside the car being shown the door…

Inside to outside. RT being shown the door.

7f7f5f No.650908


Where was Commie Comey when fired? Not in his office-same same; get em when guard is down

f57109 No.650909


so I'm confused. What would be the deal with taking a pic of that car and referencing Rex?

ad8020 No.650910


Re-read the crumbs.

The cure will spread worldwide.

Also, you think that "biggest child sex scandal in British history" is a true statement?

Do some research! The problem is 6,500+ years old, worldwide and orchestrated by the elite.


UK Anon!

7f735b No.650911

>>650732 Maybe you are, they are just being fed to you as metaphors.

>>650739 This has to get on twatter toots sweet. Will spread like wildfire.

>>650740 Maybe zero indication because RT had close to zero indication? >>650595

f2165f No.650912


Not trying to intimidate you. I'm trying to tell you to stop shitting up the board with your "special" self and GTFO. Go be special somewhere else asshole! We are working here.

c32c6e No.650913


…friends close and your enemies closer.

52efcb No.650915

b1a4a8 No.650916


Ok, i feel better

2f29c0 No.650917


It wasn't Rex Tillerson. The car was in china.

ab76aa No.650918


more of us each and everyday - the q distraction is coming to a rapid conclusion

425e20 No.650919


shown the door

3fc59c No.650920


Dig more. The purge of State Department occurred, and Mattis and POTUS prevented RT from bringing in tons of new nevertrumpers.

State is now cleaned out, and Pompeo , wit CIA knowledge is in charge.

Winning bigly

f2165f No.650921


Not trying to intimidate you. I'm trying to tell you to stop shitting up the board with your "special" self and GTFO. Go be special somewhere else asshole! We are working here.

71092b No.650922


RT was a Bush man and recommended to POTUS by the RINO crowd. Pawn used, enemy out.

f15f61 No.650923

File: fe0ed3aafb75423⋯.jpg (31.39 KB, 550x288, 275:144, 4.jpg)

https:// truepundit.com/busted-muellers-new-star-witness-trump-caught-partying-exclusive-island-resort-bill-clinton/

3c12fe No.650924

File: 6747637d02d6eca⋯.jpg (82.01 KB, 801x482, 801:482, BadJewBehar.jpg)

7d51a5 No.650925

Thoughts from the anons?twitter.com/wikileaks/status/973553174492733441

ab76aa No.650926

File: 06c38c40a0c66fe⋯.jpg (53.36 KB, 480x421, 480:421, 0bec50427335ba0b5ce60dc6d8….jpg)


this board has a lot to learn about people

f15f61 No.650927


It did not make sense at the time, but it does now…. Kek!

7f7f5f No.650928


It would be Hillaryious if her first public comment were to be something like-"I identify as a male kick-ass mothuhfuggah bitches!!

2f29c0 No.650929

fcca1f No.650930



March Madness for sure. Love it!

8bfcf0 No.650931


The cure will be WW concerned one. Have faith

b74864 No.650932

File: e996b15ed81d7d1⋯.jpg (27.68 KB, 500x417, 500:417, scrappy.jpg)


yep no need for further access to systems

fcca1f No.650933

File: 71373c5556d1bb9⋯.png (292.91 KB, 500x553, 500:553, 71373c5556d1bb97f23162cd7c….png)

859db5 No.650934


What news are you talking about?

1a1cae No.650935


I'm British. We'll have none of that nonsense over here thank you. Tommy Robinson, Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone… All compromised. It's ridiculously obvious. Plus, and I'm sorry if I appear rude to you, my American cousins, British history is old, long and complicated compared to the US. There is nothing worse than Americans coming over the Europe and presuming it's the same game. It isn't. Said with much love but experience in the matter.

There is clearly a change of direction in the UK and if history is anything to go by it will be done with ruthless efficiency and mostly covered up. We will then go back to drinking tea and talking about the weather. In short, we are not the USA, we don't do the high drama very well.

356025 No.650936


timestamps correlate with todays date?

bc0942 No.650937

>>650833 You can’t even tell who is holding that photo. It’s like it was shopped in there

8df305 No.650938

Any chance Adolf Hitler was kept out of the loop with dealing with the OSS and Donovan and Dulles? Any chance Adolf was betrayed by hidden cabal people? Like Himmler? Always wondered about the bullshit story they gave when Himmler turned himself in. Said he took a cyanide capsule. David Irving a noted historian of WW2 says he found some proof that the Himmler died 45 minutes after the camp commander was notified that he was there. What if they killed him in an occult ceremony and to make sure he would not ever tell that he was double dealing hitler with the Jews.

Maybe that is why they kept Hess locked up for 40 years when he was gone before any so called Holohoax happened. Why keep him in solitary? What could he say? Could he say what deal Hitler brought Churchill? Could Hitler have said this "I will get rid of my banking Jews and help you get rid of yours?" That might lead to some discomfort on the part of the English.

5dd007 No.650939

File: 3fa216c47ddb454⋯.jpg (5.96 KB, 255x166, 255:166, fd7a729fae034d896fa0708b05….jpg)

Anons do you hear secret harmonies?

How did you awaken?

Tell us your story that we may better know ourselves and eack other.

e1cea1 No.650940

File: 21fb7e2244140b1⋯.png (34.13 KB, 570x284, 285:142, ClipboardImage.png)

New Snowden tweet

52efcb No.650941

>we don't do the high drama very well

Tell that to Cromwell

425e20 No.650942

File: 3710865e9fc9a9a⋯.jpg (130.55 KB, 940x483, 940:483, AF1.JPG)

POTUS airborne for San Diego.

7d51a5 No.650943


You don't do wars defending you country very well either so you had better fucking hope that our high drama can help you because your entire fucking continent is sliding in to Muslim rule

012b2b No.650944


Look Anons the clock says Q & the Trump tower says 10, The time says 4:22

e1ccf3 No.650945

File: 13850497cfef56d⋯.jpg (393.98 KB, 1080x1348, 270:337, Screenshot_20180313-084836.jpg)


https:// truepundit.com/former-cia-officer-exposes-clinton-charity-fraud-biggest-scandal-us-history/

8897a3 No.650946


When does a bird sing?????

cd8726 No.650947


Greetings britanon. You stating swamp being drained in GB?

2b7500 No.650948


I learned about pizza gate the weekend after the election. I stayed up for 4 days straight reading all I could. That led to FBI Anon, and then to Q.

73d9bd No.650949


so where is snowden?

005971 No.650950


Maybe they flipped him

52efcb No.650951


If Snowden is blackhat CIA and shitting on her she must be good

ab76aa No.650952

File: afa89c18bc1ca1a⋯.jpg (54.24 KB, 500x358, 250:179, 25152075_10155244881552894….jpg)


how about today's news about the clown cia head now going to head up the state dept - a week ago the entire cia was a bad group according to this research board and now somehow the head of the clowns is going to clean up the state dept which hillary was leading just a while ago…

5861aa No.650953


CIA for 14 months.

Before that, congressman, lawyer, military.

Was brought to CIA to dismantle it.


dd7558 No.650954

File: ea3c3b2b937f3b5⋯.png (258.02 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Keep_Your_Friends_V2.png)

843d48 No.650955

File: 224cba823050ea1⋯.png (188.38 KB, 1900x480, 95:24, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at ….png)


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7akpZ7wJ3g

fcca1f No.650956

File: 188c37e678c8ced⋯.jpg (14.12 KB, 236x232, 59:58, 4fd8684b0ae7ddf209ac49cc96….jpg)

7f735b No.650957

>>650908 BInGo.

>>650910 >>650854 Maybe you Brits can start your own board on the ca talog & start brainstorming?

If so, will promise to come over & meddle in your affairs, like y'all like to do with US.

<(J/k, love you UK anons, but you got a royal PITA on that side of the pond. Hard to build relationship too special before it's dealt with once and for all.)

7d51a5 No.650958


There is no fucking way that is happening. In their cities there are places where families that have existed for a thousand years are not permitted to go. They are losing their ass over there

cd8726 No.650959


🍳 zactly

ebbacb No.650960


this is just the start braah!

>coming years will be epic!

b97880 No.650961


start a new board - not research

1e38b5 No.650962


Tillerson broke rank and undiplomatically yapped about the Russian’s being to blame for the spy poisoning in the UK, even though he was told not to discuss it (probably left in the dark on why however), so he was fired and they killed two birds with one stone and got Pompeo out of the CIA. Who knows about this new woman who is head, or what the plan is there. I will just trust the plan.

Theory: Russian spy poisoning was the latest attempt by bad actors to use a false flag attack to escalate Russian/ROW animosity

Theory: Q, please destroy these people.

ddd60b No.650963

This morning I had a total crash and burn. Massive meltdown. Lost all faith in anything to do with any of this. Anybody who never experiences that isn't committed enough TO experience it. They don't care enough to have that kind of reaction. Maybe they're just here for the imagined glory; "me too." At any rate I didn't dive into the ugly state I was in; I came here and asked for help getting out of it. As expected, the weakest links saw me as prey and landed all over me, but also as expected, a couple anons who really seemed to have their heads on their shoulders actually stepped up to the plate and really did help me to pull out of it. And I will not hesitate to do it for the next person. It's not about never feeling doubt. It's about feeling it full force … and conquering it. I was already back in full swing before today's news broke. Thanks to those few anons who actually helped. So when the news broke … holy shit, things are moving again………

Some anons are just awesome.

6f5520 No.650964


Until they plot an assassination in CA?

cb97f8 No.650965

File: dc090ec71121a40⋯.png (541.49 KB, 618x720, 103:120, Tillerson - You're FIRED!.png)


"Coincidences" keep piling up! :)

71092b No.650966


This lady sounds like deep state to me. Probably a pawn that will act as a placeholder while POTUS and Co. continue rolling up the cabal.

5093f8 No.650968


I'm sorry folks … but we could all see Tillerson's cards when he played his "Gay" hand taking down the Boy Scouts of America and fracturing their structure.

By Matt Viser GLOBE STAFF JANUARY 07, 2017

WASHINGTON — Rex Tillerson commanded the stage and addressed a crowd of thousands of national Boy Scout delegates who were very much on edge, having just made a deeply divisive decision.

Some were angry, others brought to tears. Some pledged to never accept the change that Tillerson, a national leader of the organization, had helped engineer: allowing gays into the Scouts.

Tillerson, an Eagle Scout himself and a longtime booster of the organization, roamed the stage and spoke, unscripted, about the need to accept societal change even while honoring cherished traditions.

“What went on here was a remarkable thing,” Tillerson said, in a deep-voiced Southern drawl. “We’ve got to listen to people. We’ve got to listen to their concerns, we’ve got to listen to their fears. We can’t be dismissive of them.”

https: //www.bostonglobe.com/news/politics/2017/01/07/tillerson-showed-pragmatism-head-boy-scouts/KzEevXTrrwx1dc39oxSeBI/story.html

84e1f0 No.650969


what does the skulls and lightening bolts reference mean?

f2165f No.650970


Fair enough Anon. Trust is earned . We are here to help our POTUS . None of us here are special. We are here to dig, learn, help, NOT BE SPECIAL! You are NOT above any Anons here! We are not Qs minions , we are Patriots fighting for our country. So please, with all due respect, STFU and get to work Anon. If not, GTFO and go write another book

8df305 No.650971

What if the most costly mistake Adolf ever made was one of the first? When the SA wanted to clean house in Germany starting with the Army which was a den of Luciferian old school elitist. What if taking out the SA gave the power from the middle and low classes back to the upper and elitist class? Did that come back to haunt Hitler. Maybe Himmler was working against Hitler secretly.

cb15c7 No.650972


Chess is a long game hang in there. Q has got this !

fcca1f No.650973


Spread this, Anons,

ebbacb No.650974


nazi germany SS

da80dd No.650975

39531b No.650976


Now MSM can dig into the evil CIA and tell everyone it should be disbanded. How will Trump respond to THAT!?

843d48 No.650977


Thank you anon, do you happen to have a 1-150?


7f7f5f No.650978

File: b09b1192563ff07⋯.png (827.3 KB, 731x448, 731:448, ClipboardImage.png)

52efcb No.650979


Where have you been since Nov 8 2016?

fa91e3 No.650980

File: 3c11da17f7459f2⋯.png (63.47 KB, 660x358, 330:179, Nolte re Katrina.PNG)

ddd60b No.650981


Ooooo rah!!!!!!!!!!

6d4b00 No.650982

File: b1c81d6ec44976d⋯.png (480.48 KB, 1115x637, 1115:637, Q mar13-nov23 RT.png)




Timeline 110 hit!

Watch stringers pointed at today.

(see pic)

455961 No.650983

File: d4988982b3974db⋯.png (942.76 KB, 1020x1022, 510:511, ClipboardImage.png)

True pundit article re: Nader

86bb74 No.650984


That's awesome! I watched his 3 hour lecture, but I didn't recall him calling Pompeo a good guy! This is great.

a494b6 No.650985


Exactly. You just made the point again. You are too lazy or incompetent to think or do your own research, especially when it is so easy to scroll to the Q post archive lists maintained by the Bakers.

ab76aa No.650986


the problem with being anonymous is your are not accountable - a most excellent psy op constructed by the nsa.. i know i was there at the beginning

28f0ee No.650987

File: f89149cca8b6688⋯.png (450.87 KB, 1036x675, 1036:675, Geo_Q_Patton.png)

fcca1f No.650988

a494b6 No.650989

fcca1f No.650990


Look at those homo pedophiles

ee7d9c No.650991

Unless this is some 10D chess move to expose Gina_Haspel and gut the CIA I'm starting to question WTF is going on. If Matis goes ( he and Tillerson are tight) … that doesn't bode well for this entire Q narrative at all. Meanwhile Sleepy Sessions is at the DOJ, not doing shit. Hillery is free and wandering India. no one from U1 is busted, in fact the guy who was the bagman for U1 deal is investigationg this administration. It looks like a complete clusterfuck. I'm fucking pissed. What a fucking joke.

e398ed No.650992



>>Trump appears to hire some people to do a particular job for him and that is it.

>I'm leaning towards this theory as well.

Yes. I think Tillerson, being a well known, trusted and respected businessman who knew all the players was the best guy to get the trust built up for Trump's economic agenda.

He could lay out the business perspective long term and explain where trump was going.

Now, phase 2/ crunch time and you have Pompeo, a military/spook, who plays the same role as Tillerson did. He brings experience and trust in cooperative military operations.

Look at it another way. If you're foreign military command, do you want an experienced military guy like Pompeo explaining what going to go down, or would you want someone out of that bevy of Euro chick ministers they have running the the show over there?

Cue up that photo/scene of the Euro chicks vs Mad dog and the Russian guy, you'll get the idea.

I think this is just a strategic move. Tillerson did his job very well. Pompeo brings the good for the next operational phase.

52efcb No.650993



Theory: Russian spy poisoning was the latest attempt by bad actors to use a false flag attack to escalate Russian/ROW animosity

Even my liberal blue pill colleagues think this is a possibility

f8a02d No.650994

File: 83362b49bfef7f3⋯.png (946.32 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

859db5 No.650995


>Keep your……

Dick in your pants.

4cc24e No.650996


The depth of depravity has no limits champions.

f3603e No.650997


Thankfully not all us Ukanons think or feel the same way. I'm very optimistic about the future here now. The swamp is being drained.

50cd0a No.650998




pic in China. [NOT Rex].

[C]lowns here to see Q. Not fags. [distract]

Q's message:

We see all.

We can hear you breath.

fcca1f No.650999

File: 174326e9148deb7⋯.jpg (8.22 KB, 150x150, 1:1, 174326e9148deb7ba2f49a4767….jpg)

52efcb No.651000


Stay strong and MAGA anon

f2165f No.651001



Like, you're FILTERED

73bdcb No.651002


powder dry

fb8833 No.651003

File: 3179dab16a640fd⋯.jpg (28.8 KB, 388x408, 97:102, GinaHaspel.jpg)


There's no telling how many people Pompeo fired at CIA. You could probably have your pick of desk chairs or staplers there right now. Pompeo probably wants to get the hell out of that particular Dodge. He's just 54, good bit younger than Tillerson, who's 65.

SecState calls for constant travel. Maybe he was hired for a specific set of tasks, has done them, and is gtfo as agreed. I can picture him saying, "Alright, but I really only want to do this for a year." Tillerson's bio shows him involved with Boy Scouting most of his life, and he was their national president for a couple of years. I can see him wanting to ditch the suit wearing, and bail out of town to go relax and fish and hike at Philmont. That place is supposed to be fantastic.

Gina Haspel - Pamela Landy?

https:// www.nytimes.com/2017/02/02/us/politics/cia-deputy-director-gina-haspel-torture-thailand.html

Some anon on halfchan just said that there's a warrant for her arrest if she ever sets foot in the EU. I like that a LOT.

Ooh, this is good:

https:// www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/the-new-c-i-a-deputy-chiefs-black-site-past

She really resembles, and could definitely pass for, my college sorority pledge trainer. Based on those two articles, they've got the same skill set. Felicia, is that you?

Clean that house, Ms. Haspel. And kick ass with whatever you've been tasked. There are plenty of really, REALLY bad people out there who just need to go poof.

8df305 No.651004

Three people in Trumps cabniet were dirty. They cautioned us not to try to find out which three. They had things that the Cabal could twist their arm with. Maybe Tillerson was one of those?

3c12fe No.651005


I agree.

RT does not = Tillerson.

ab76aa No.651006


and somehow you think that matters

ebbacb No.651007


MAGA was so last years!

> its all about MEGA now!

>make earth great again

fcca1f No.651008

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

73bbfc No.651009


same here.

life stream cut.

b74864 No.651010


Also - don't fuck with the new boss. kek

>>650963 This was me recently. I chose faith. I am glad you got through it anon.

05c6b6 No.651011

Q posts 675 and 447 reference #2. Most attention was given to McCabe, number 2 in the FBI at the time. Haspel was number 2 in the CIA at the same time.

SEARCH crumbs: [#2]

Who is #2?

No deals.


Pair that up with Snowden's tweet about Haspel overseeing torture of two terrorism suspects. Could this be an effort to discredit the CIA from top to bottom?

52efcb No.651012


Drink your coffee and hit the gym

8369e4 No.651013



just added to


for a more permanent archive

34fd12 No.651014

File: ee997788af321d1⋯.png (145.62 KB, 457x407, 457:407, ClipboardImage.png)

356025 No.651015


seems to line up

f3603e No.651016


We are all in this together, shoulder to shoulder. I'm proud to fight alongside all of you wonderful anons. Chin up anon and buckle up for the ride!

a2bb08 No.651017


Is former President Obama involved with the Clinton crime syndicate? Shipp says,

“Yes, I am absolutely convinced of it. George Soros gave $30 million to Obama’s campaign. Then he gave $27.1 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Both Obama and Clinton are tied directly into George Soros. Obama was put into office with millions of dollars that came out of nowhere.

Yes, he’s part of this cabal. Yes, he’s part of this global syndicate, and in my opinion, the subversion of our government.”

In closing, Shipp contends,“There could be a Constitutional crisis in that we could see Congressmen, Senators, former Directors of the FBI and the CIA perp walked after they receive charges."

"Could you imagine if senior DOJ officials were arrested, some Congressmen and Senators were arrested and other government officials were arrested on charges and walked out of office? That’s the Constitutional crisis I am talking about. Those kind of high level arrests would shake up this nation. It would be huge, and that’s why it has taken so long and methodical in doing this

e1ccf3 No.651018



This anon gets it

101fd6 No.651019

Swamp rat Pompeo….really


859db5 No.651020


But according to you Rex Tillerson was part of the swamp. I wish you shills would be more consistent. If you’re going to be a shill be the best shill you can be.

fa91e3 No.651021

File: 3dab893cda013e6⋯.png (37.19 KB, 640x418, 320:209, Nolte re Tillerson.PNG)

The MSM Tillerson narrative is taking shape.

Learned he was fired by tweet.

Comey sound familiar.

Setting the obstruction narrative in place.

fcca1f No.651022


Tillerson wanted to leave and was called back from retirement to be Sec of State. When Tillerson got anxious, POTUS forced him to stay to finish his job. Then fires his ass when he thought he could screw with the President's agenda.


e72027 No.651023

All this Brittany Pettibone, Lauren Southern thing shows is that either,

1. Q lies/doesn't know what he talks about, when he said that Theresa May "ratted out the deep state masters"(158405), or

2. Theresa May no longer have any influence or control over the actual state institutions governing the people. Maybe she never did, just as for you in the US.

fcca1f No.651024

f3603e No.651025


Wonderful! Germanarchiveanon put a lot of work into this for us.

4ad267 No.651026


Yup. When you start to lose faith just look at the Clinton scandals and other things coming to light.

cb2a18 No.651027

Google censorship of Fox Via Youtube fox live stream search result deprecation was lifted last night. Small change, but first derivative direction changes are significant.

4d2933 No.651028

File: 8b1aa8dba5bc451⋯.jpg (111.49 KB, 614x794, 307:397, f197f638-0af5-477b-87b7-07….jpg)


The Truth NEVER Taught About World War 2''

by M S King

1a1cae No.651029


Just to give Worldwide anons a view of the British Pysche. Read this.

https:// www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/former-rent-boy-i-abused-3885690

We already know about most of this. When news broke about Jimmy Saville everyone rolled their eyes and said, 'of course,' We presume from the start that powerful people are corrupt in some way. It doesn't really bother us as long as they aren't doing anything too nefarious. Pedo stuff. Evil. High treason. Evil. Starting wars. Evil. Shagging around a bit. Meh. We don't care. We don't do what you guys do with Trump and the cheer leading. We had that with Tony Blair for a short time and it was a bloody nightmare. We won't make that mistake again. Europe in general has more scars than American. We are more pessimistic about our ruling classes. In short, Europe is psychologically more prepared for this than you are.

52efcb No.651030

File: 046657ede315454⋯.jpg (74.34 KB, 625x374, 625:374, aroused.jpg)


>Some anon on halfchan just said that there's a warrant for her arrest if she ever sets foot in the EU. I like that a LOT.

ab76aa No.651031


the more things seem to change the more things remain the same…

5da57c No.651032



Seriously, wtf is going on? Mike Pompeo… I don't trust him at all. I hope Trump knows what he's doing. Maybe the "keep enemies closer" tactics?

ef7179 No.651033

I will offer, for the 100th time in these threads, that (P) HAS to be the POPES with an S… I know many Americans simply dismiss the Vatican as nothing because of the heavy influence of Protestantism in the USA, but you are kidding yourselves if you don't realize that the Vatican and the Royals (Rothschilds included) OWN 80% of the planet….P is POPES Gtd !! Many do not believe The Bible, but the Roman Catholic Church is the great WHORE of Babylon predicted in the end times….for all you Catholics out there, wake up and come out from her as The Bible teaches!!!

f2165f No.651034


Whatever Soros funds , it's bad news….

0ba762 No.651035

Is it mean that I am happy we are losing some anons who aren't trusting the plan?

6cabe5 No.651036


I think Mad Dog's in a different league and safe. He knows the enemies from top to bottom and is vital. Key figure in my opinion.

50cd0a No.651037


No, it doesn't.


101fd6 No.651038


Health ranger yt channel removed yesterday…

8bfcf0 No.651039

File: 1954bae35f1bc50⋯.jpeg (330.57 KB, 750x880, 75:88, 46F559A7-665A-4315-AFCB-4….jpeg)

5dd007 No.651041

File: 2e93decfd217afd⋯.jpg (13.74 KB, 255x254, 255:254, 2e93decfd217afd68340ffd13d….jpg)




Who was the Brit who got busted forging Hiltler's diaries?

Seems like history needs serious forensics. The kids in Iquitos Peru, down in the Amazon will show you Hilters grave for a sole.

Local people leave notes all over it asking for things like love or waterskis or a more rational girlfriend.i doubt its really his, but people thereabouts believe and who am I to diabuse them? Real life is not the chans. Yet.

ab76aa No.651042

File: 7918892813b0967⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, fascism.png)

Matthew 27:9

Then was fulfilled that which was spoken by Jeremy the prophet, saying, And they took the thirty pieces of silver, the price of him that was valued, whom they of the children of Israel did value;

fcca1f No.651043


Love her even more.

EU is a joke. Bye, bye EU.

7f735b No.651044


> McEntee has been working with T since the early days of his campaign.

Recall that so had Page & Pappadooshulus.



It does appear that Q has been Signalling moves ("RT"). News unlocks map, eh?

ea99b7 No.651045

843d48 No.651046

Reason I think Trump is doing this with RT:

Trumps a genius, or the plan is genius but most likely both.

What I see in Trump is he THRIVES in CHAOS.

So Congress, black hats, pedo ET all; all use a plan, a-b-c-d-e..

Trump throws the alphabet in the air, but the thing with Trump (I think) is he can still see the straight alphabet through the jumbled letters.

Y'all know what I'm sayin..?

fcca1f No.651047


Catholic church is evil.

8d89ba No.651048

its amazing how many Russian wannabe be commie former KGB (raised and trained 4 Marxist subversion) work at agencies like mi6

3c12fe No.651049

Uh oh, was Tillerson Q, and he went too far?

860d3c No.651050


Maybe Gina is the one being set up to take the fall.

ad8020 No.651051

>>650935 Well said!

>>650943 Clearly, your mind is filled with propaganda.

Also, UK is not a continent! Europe - a continent - is not sliding into Muslim rule.

N.B. All religions created by the elite - fact! Catholicism, Christianity, Judaism, etc. are all draconian - fact! They are all heavily involved in torture, sex abuse, paedophilia, etc. - fact! Such problems are 6,500+ years old - fact!

What war didn't we defend our country very well in?

The wars created by the elite that have been created for us to destroy each other?

Wake the fuck up!

>>650947 Of course it is! Check the resignations list!

>>650958 Such problem is being eliminated! You haven't a fucking clue about what's going on over here!

>>650997 Ditto!

cb15c7 No.651052


This was a cyber attack by yout on the President's message to his people. Direct soft attack ,PERIOD !

f3603e No.651053


It changed a few hours after Q posted


10 to comply

Choice is yours.

b1a4a8 No.651054


Are you a retard, i know all Q posts, there is no definite answer whether there was a post from Q related to rec, uff

fcca1f No.651055

God Bless the Marines!

101fd6 No.651056


Why not just fire him…

Keep enemies closer seems to be the general response from those making every excuse for “q”

While truth stares them in the face!

005971 No.651057


That's what I'm thinking. Use Pompeo to assess and reassign any patriots left in seeeye eh then collapse the organization on the remaining traitors.

TIllerson was either always intended for short term service,

or he got flipped,

or they have other work for him.

My feeling is the first.

f15f61 No.651058

File: fe662e8ee60ebf1⋯.jpg (71.21 KB, 692x321, 692:321, 4.jpg)

f8a02d No.651059

Dearest Q,

Please stop teasing my balloon knot with your meat snack of truth. I can only get so aroused, but eventually it'll resemble a room temperature cheese stick and then we'll BOTH be disappointed.

Stop fucking with my emotions, Q. Slide that truth inside me and let the cream rise.

843d48 No.651060


NK talks have already happened..



cb97f8 No.651061

File: a1933799469f10e⋯.png (469.37 KB, 618x712, 309:356, Tillerson - You're FIRED!.png)

f15f61 No.651063


‏Verified account @wikileaks

New CIA Director GIna Haspel (announced today) criminal complaint https:// www.ecchr.eu/en/our_work/international-crimes-and-accountability/u-s-accountability/germany.html …

05c6b6 No.651064


With all of the clowns running in upcoming elections as the democratic nominees, completely discredit their past. Make affiliation with the CIA to damaging to have a chance.

1a1cae No.651065



No. I'm saying that it will not play out like it is in America. Deals will be done. Action will be swift and covered up. We probably sit somewhere between the obvious and ruthless action of Saudi Arabia and America. I hope that makes sense.

cb97f8 No.651066

>>650908 I thought about Comey being fired when I heard this! :)

fcca1f No.651067


Yup, that will happen. Sure, yup…oka.

Adolf Merkel will be gone by the end of the year. Germany is fucked right now. She needs to go fadter.

52efcb No.651068




15de9c No.651069


What is done by EO can be undone by EO

8df305 No.651071

They mirror EVERYTHING! America good and Germany bad? Mirror? England good? Mirror?

Germany fakes attack on german citizens by Poles to start war. Mirror?

7e5b43 No.651072


Do you have the .png file for that iso of Clinton tripping? Meme gold methinks

ea99b7 No.651073

File: e4727b54b72c3b3⋯.png (337.02 KB, 772x412, 193:103, ClipboardImage.png)

WTF is wrong with people???

52efcb No.651074


Beheading in the Tower would be ideal tho

8bfcf0 No.651075

File: ba6cc8724d48a86⋯.jpeg (297.6 KB, 750x1019, 750:1019, 6CD9A32A-D4D9-4EEF-8CB9-E….jpeg)

fcca1f No.651076


Just ignore like every other Anon did.

cb15c7 No.651077


Go Go Gadget Trump !

843d48 No.651078


This is of interest to that most notorious of British drivers-white van man!

This is of interest to that most notorious of British drivers-white van man!

This is of interest to that most notorious of British drivers-white van man!

This is of interest to that most notorious of British drivers-white van man!

This is of interest to that most notorious of British drivers-white van man!

fcca1f No.651080


Godspeed POTUS.

LOVE THE GUY (no homo), fires two people and gets ghe fuck out of Dodge to bathe in the glory.

ab0c21 No.651081


GermanAnon, ty - great job.


42d18e No.651082

Is Jared & Ivanka next?

a766ab No.651083

It looks like all sides are giving Trump shit for his reshuffle

b97880 No.651084


He wasn't retired - he was the HEAD of Exxon/Mobile

1a1cae No.651085


Good idea Anon. Maybe an international thread. I think that would do. No need for another board.

45483e No.651086


wonder who chooses who gets to stand behind the President?

0ba762 No.651087


Ivanka just took on Hope's old job.

fa91e3 No.651088

File: 89caaf20d8d2232⋯.png (190.88 KB, 616x409, 616:409, Fired Hired.PNG)


And immediately hired

f2165f No.651089


I was thinking the same… Maybe even a little bit further. Q tells us to follow the wives. I'm thinking that women might be more important then we think. Maybe they are the handlers … Marina, Clinton, the fn Queen, and many others…..just a thought that keeps repeating in my head… Mirror patriarchy ( what we think we know)

fcca1f No.651090


Which means it was the right decision.

And also shows they dont hold the power, he does.

843d48 No.651091

File: b4c1707b1a6d41e⋯.png (997.21 KB, 834x810, 139:135, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)


Best be careful Ego Man

Lots can see ….

7f7f5f No.651092

File: f316d2459b6ac8e⋯.png (751.53 KB, 724x409, 724:409, ClipboardImage.png)

cf315e No.651093

well, Putin is no angel, he has his good and bad side, but don't cross him.

cb15c7 No.651094

File: 260b59e2ff1e8be⋯.jpg (27.83 KB, 486x309, 162:103, lelz.jpg)


THIS ^^^!!!

3c12fe No.651095



We haven't got to post 670190 yet.

Nice try glowfag nigger.

408f4d No.651096


This Q post ^

with this wikileaks doc just tweeted out?

https:// www.ecchr.eu/en/our_work/international-crimes-and-accountability/u-s-accountability/germany.html

cb97f8 No.651097


>Uh oh, was Tillerson Q, and he went too far?

Seriously? smfh

fcca1f No.651098


Already left the day he joined POTUS team

cb15c7 No.651099


:Owls: are watching !!

b1a4a8 No.651100



0ba762 No.651101


UK/EU Anons are needed and wanted here! EU is part of the plan for Q and they are a great addition to this board!

a4153e No.651102

Tillerson out?


ab0c21 No.651103


Int'l research as a part of this board (sep. thread) → or UK research, German research, etc. (sep. threads)?

ab76aa No.651104

File: ddb0c94e52e2d28⋯.png (2.57 MB, 1292x1544, 323:386, _cause_jesus_he_knows_me_b….png)


i know everything posted here is monitored and still i don't care even a little…

7d0e70 No.651105

File: c1b4c8ef1716d85⋯.png (780.26 KB, 1426x766, 713:383, ClipboardImage.png)

POTUS aboard AFI is now airborne and en route to Miramar…

fcca1f No.651106

File: 9721facc93e27fc⋯.jpg (93.62 KB, 635x600, 127:120, 9721facc93e27fcbe6a1d56a84….jpg)

File: c0f63e58342fa56⋯.jpg (82.64 KB, 960x540, 16:9, trump-president-3.jpg)

fa91e3 No.651109

File: d009db36b4689b4⋯.png (91.35 KB, 644x348, 161:87, Drudge re Tillerson.PNG)

f3603e No.651110


I've been here memeing since november. I'm going nowhere lol. Even if they make a UK board lol

b1a4a8 No.651111


If you think its him, why didnt he do it earlier, why now?

287bd8 No.651112



cb97f8 No.651114

File: 0e05955a7e9b202⋯.png (248.91 KB, 401x560, 401:560, Commie Card #27.png)

fcca1f No.651115


Oh, this is interesting. Very interesting. No coincidences

859db5 No.651116


That’s because you’re mistaking the trees for the forest. This is chess. If you believe Trump is not thinking many steps ahead you haven’t been paying attention. But that is what Trump wants. While the ignorant analyze every move they are distracted by the big picture. You don’t seem like a big picture guy.

59af18 No.651117


Thank you :OWLS: For watching over Anons and this board! Much appreciated!

005971 No.651118


If you watch the cnn feed, this appears at around 52 minutes and the guy holding the pic is wearing a silver star medal.

8bfcf0 No.651119


Seconded! Always want our allies close as we fight for what is right! WWG1WGA

af9a15 No.651120


I am always glad to help!

7b9b38 No.651121


Best answer! NOTABLE please, Kek.

34fd12 No.651122

File: 1f2e135ad3dbe1c⋯.png (233.84 KB, 513x410, 513:410, ClipboardImage.png)


we are trolls

sometimes those who have been trolled feel the need to try to troll the trolls

if you are a troll who gets trolled then youre no longer a troll, but rather the trolled.

Stop being the trolled and just simply troll.

0ba762 No.651123


Then why walk him out lol. Done know if was actually escorted out?

fcca1f No.651124


Love it

a352e6 No.651125


Stop ruining islands, you damned pedos.

dd7558 No.651126

File: 22ff002c9fba074⋯.png (222.37 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Friends_Close_Enemies_Clos….png)

cf315e No.651127


loose lips sinks ships

3fc59c No.651128


Yes, but not the upcoming public talks. This is when clowns will try to sabotage. Pompeo can help prevent this.

70e86f No.651129


It is intereresting this past weekend REX was in Africa, and cancelled his visits in Kenya due to illness, then cut his trip short to go home.

He was upset that he was out of the loop on the SK/NK thing. He was caught off guard by reporters in Africa, and flew home.

The same day that SK read the NK invitation at the White House Tillerson had given an interview in Africa saying negotiations with NK were out of the question.

Sauce: CNN, AP, etc. Easy to find and covered heavily.

We were busy connecting Kenya and didn't read much into the fact that Rex didn't have a clue that NK was going to invite Trump.

Sec. of State clueless

860d3c No.651130

Former CIA Brennon vouching for Gina Haspel. She's dirty as shit!!

45483e No.651131

If the news accts about her dirty work are correct, it is BRILLIANT putting Gina Haspel as director. She is one of theirs. Now they must hypocritically criticize one of theirs. They kept her in power all this time. Why didnt they get rid of her if they are so righteous?

cb2a18 No.651132

File: e5f01ed46b3dcf1⋯.png (149.35 KB, 884x601, 884:601, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at ….png)


https:// www.thecipherbrief.com/column/expert-view/why-haspel-makes-sense-as-the-deputy-cia-director

Questionable Source, but relevant to topic.

cb15c7 No.651133

File: a6e8e7dd3ab6467⋯.jpg (63.83 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 4619b8063d.jpg)


Trump will win !!!!

34fd12 No.651134


we definitely have way more than we know

310e79 No.651135


Join us in the new 'Lead General', a no-fun place dedicated to putting the research back in /qresearch/.

0ba762 No.651136


Is POTUS moving Gina and Pompeo higher up the food chain to expose some things? This will be interesting to watch for sure!

ab0c21 No.651137


they need both - many issues will be coming up that deal spec. w/ their countries that will need research etc., as we are still dealing w/ our own shit. plus, it will allow them to ride their own bike w/o us as training wheels . . . when that time comes.

Welcome here, but set up a sep. Thread(s) for their discussions/research.

ab76aa No.651138

File: 5c685e07b095750⋯.png (58.39 KB, 1400x500, 14:5, illuminati.png)


trump is only president because he does what he is told…

b7bb22 No.651139


She can drop all the dirty laundry at conformation hearings

dd7558 No.651140


I have all if there is something specific you want

8df305 No.651141

What happens if we take Hitlers statement as possibly true and not as a trickster devil lying like a snake? Do the facts of the cabal fit better? Did the Jews really arrange the whole war to destroy a breakaway nation? Germany wanted out of the Jewish debt system and they basically hired the world to act as a bully boy and force Germany back into line? But Hitler had cabal all around him like spiders? Doing secret deals?

I am not sure this idea does not fit better than the Hitler is a puppet idea. The puppet idea seems to neat. Seems like a way for Q to avoid the subject. HOw best to not make this issue important than to tell us Hitler was a puppet? If you wanted to avoid all the normal crap about ww2 you spawn a clever lie to steer us to a different path? Maybe we should just go with the puppet idea for now since Trump and Q and the MI boys see disaster going WW2 Germany.

Since we know we are living in the Matrix you can not asssume the matrix just started in our lives. They had this control back then also.

I dont know what to think anymore.

de355f No.651142


Marina, Hillary, Merkel, May, the impeached South Korean ptesident.

The eight goddesses cult?

ddd60b No.651143


WE rock!!!

cb15c7 No.651144


Eat my dick

fb8833 No.651145


Hey kid, sit down and I'll cook you a hot breakfast. Bacon AND sausage. Homemade biscuits. Have a cup of coffee (or a Bloody Mary) and put your feet up.

Life is a crazy thing, and we're all playing the long game.

Except somehow, by some amazing intervention by the universe, we managed to elect The Disruptor.

As a result, you're seeing fallout the likes of which even oldfags haven't seen before. I don't remember the Kennedy assassinations, but I do remember Watergate. It wasn't NEARLY as retarded as all this. One measly office break in, and Washington went all to pieces.

What we're seeing is unprecedented.

The Clintons set up, with the Cabal's help, the largest criminal money-laundering, sex-trafficking, and fraud-committing organization in the history of the world. That's not hyperbole at all.

Our job in this "war", and it sure as hell is, is to keep our heads screwed on and resign ourselves to NEVER being surprised or distracted. Constantly self-educating (the schools in this country aren't doing it!) is the second part.

The only tools we need are both free: perseverence and curiosity.

I personally feel like the most likely legal course to bring justice is with a tsunami of RICO charges. All of them have been committing IRS infractions willy-nilly for YEARS, and those things don't have a statute of limitations. RICO would be the most expedient way, perhaps even in a military tribunal (military lawfags, help me here) to get the most creeps behind bars in the shortest timespan.

I know: Murder, treason, and a list of worse crimes.

But we're talking scores and scores of defendants, and none of them are getting any younger.

I think RICO is the path of least resistance, in the legal sense, and that probably makes it the most likely plan.

I've melted down plenty of times, kid. Everybody does, because everybody gets hit by the Truck. The only variation is when the Truck hits, and what size Truck it is.

I'm still just optimistic enough to believe that Good is stronger than Evil. We gotta win this. We just got to.

Want more bacon? How about another cup of coffee? [pats anon on top of the head]

Take it easy, anon. There are good people here. God bless ya.

fcf578 No.651146

File: 8eed3783cfb7635⋯.jpg (43.14 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1517961701365.jpg)


Oh man, I am laughing so hard at that! HahHAHA. That's some funny shit right there

753205 No.651147


>Don't forget, Pompeo graduated 1st in his class from Westpoint.

Significant point.

Trump now has all military around him as he goes after Iran.

Phase 2 ?

b0b94e No.651148


God Bless UK Patriot!

But that Queen of yours has to go.

cb2a18 No.651149


Doesn't Pompeo need a confirmation vote to become Secretary of State?

b97880 No.651150


Thank you for that fake news roundup - now go find out what Really happened

a494b6 No.651151



You still don't see. So try again. Since you need others to spoon feed you, eat!

This was your post!

>>650545 "Which one, i cant recall"

That is what you posted, dumbass. You were too lazy to look for yourself so you posted asking someone else to find "Which one" because you couldn't recall.

ddd60b No.651152


SO grateful we don't have to go through these kinds of things alone!

As for the new boss … he's toast; I'm taking over. :)

020c16 No.651154


Who appointed Pompeo to the head of CIA?

34fd12 No.651155


Just so we are clear, pompeo is /ourguy/ right?

I was under the impression he was

POTUS wouldnt appoint the enemy to director of CIA and then Sec of State..

859db5 No.651156


Oh really? Well here’s a video of Frau Merkle raping a baby.

34fd12 No.651157

fb8833 No.651158


From "The Hill"

Aaaahahahahaha, no.

Fake news

Let's not forget where we are, eh?

MSM is over, done, kaput

17fc8d No.651159

> WH was bugged

> family couldn't move in

> tear out walls first

> lots of time at Mar-a-Lago

> never stops working

> PDB big security risk

> enemy listening

> told safe

> lives lost

> sold us out

> FISA Judge



> Clinton Foundation

> the foundations

> laundering foreign money

> launder dirty money

> selling access

> selling weapons

> selling secrets

> selling uranium

> organized crimes

> blackmail

> pedophilia

> snuff films

> pure evil

> corruption everywhere

> MSM controlled narrative

> talking points intercepted

> propaganda

> Operation Mockingbird

> had to take care of security first

> over 9000 sealed indictments

> over 18000 sealed indictments

> bigger than you can imagine

753205 No.651160


Fast narrative.

Almost like they had the article ready for weeks …

Fucking cunts.

0ba762 No.651161


ALL OF OUR SHIT IS CONNECTED! And they have been sticking it out helping our asses the whole time waiting for their turn.

f3603e No.651162


Excellent Idea BO

8bfcf0 No.651163


Do you want notable tweets from the branch’s of military in there?

b336e3 No.651164


Minutes later, the Trump campaign announced McEntee would be joining the reelection effort as a senior adviser for campaign operations.



4d0d9c No.651165

So NWO = Nuclear World Order?

cb2a18 No.651166


Anon's made interesting points. Confirmation Hearing's force them into a venue for questioning. Are these hearings done under oath?

012b2b No.651167


Anons did you notice the clock double meaning says Q, Trump tower says 10, The time says 4:22

64c551 No.651168


a19d7d No.651169

http:// www.balderexlibris.com/index.php?post/Elmhurst-Ernest-The-World-hoax



Tells you everything about the bolshevik jews murdering everyone in Russia and Eastern Europe.

af9a15 No.651170


Sorry. I don't have these…

The time i startet to save the breads they where already gone…

The first file (169-306) from the first batch is very fractured.

No gaps after 307.

0ba762 No.651171




Oops, not (you) but meant for (you)!

a19d7d No.651172

http:// www.balderexlibris.com/index.php?post/Elmhurst-Ernest-The-World-hoax



Tells you everything about the bolshevik j_ws murdering everyone in Russia and Eastern Europe.

859db5 No.651173


Where’s Conan drinking out of a coconut

a19d7d No.651174

http:// www.balderexlibris.com/index.php?post/Elmhurst-Ernest-The-World-hoax


cf315e No.651175


oh my, how snippy, sweep it under the rug will ya? Very civilized over there, happy jihad!

fb8833 No.651176


Another anon who knows

You get a big plate of hot breakfast, too

Try some sorghum syrup on that biscuit

020c16 No.651177


So there is no official head of the CIA now….is this the dismantling process beginning?

bc0942 No.651178

What do Anons use for reverse image lookup?

101fd6 No.651179


So it’s fake news until it proves a point for Q?

They send us messages via the fake news yet we aren’t to believe anything they say…

Which is it and where can you find the truth.

Truth-counter truth

You can’t search the web…it’s all censored..

Some of this shit is starting to counter Q and what he says…

ab89db No.651180

File: aa1f91988773a6f⋯.jpg (116.25 KB, 788x525, 788:525, Screenshot (10h 09m 34s).jpg)

db41b7 No.651181


Agreed. What makes a good movie? Good actors and action points. Shakespeare would often kill off a beloved character to build emotional momentum.

a19d7d No.651182

http:// www.balderexlibris.com/index.php?post/Elmhurst-Ernest-The-World-hoax

3c12fe No.651183

0ba762 No.651184


No it's an appointed position.

fa91e3 No.651185

859db5 No.651186


Who is telling Trump what to do?

b0b94e No.651187


And so much more. Quite the battle

bf379b No.651188

File: 7a09f1c778922ed⋯.png (33.41 KB, 887x140, 887:140, patriotsandtraitors.PNG)

File: bc4ae7cb08825ba⋯.png (18.61 KB, 387x394, 387:394, Q666nevernoticed.PNG)

File: ef0792dbc20295e⋯.png (10.78 KB, 372x213, 124:71, team.PNG)

daily reminder

the light will reveal who is a Patriot and who is a traitor.


>First time I am noticing that Q post re: market mirror was post # 666.


>love you guys (no homo)

f3603e No.651189


Thank you and May God bless you and all those you love!

I agree.. They must be ousted or killed.

2bb12c No.651190


Former director of CIA?!? I don't like that at all.

72eaad No.651191


I'm still convinced @snowden is /ourguy/. What if the stage was being set for Tillerson Fire, new CIA appointment and @snowden was to drop the dirt… moves and countermoves…

e1e870 No.651192

File: 55fd8ec823b5598⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1231, 1080:1231, bakers.png)


=Confirmed New Baker==

Happy Hunting!

b0b94e No.651193


I'll kek this!

0ba762 No.651194


Himself and Military.

52efcb No.651195


Do you read threads before posting?

cc9ae2 No.651196

File: 228a7b2f28c9901⋯.jpg (42.57 KB, 450x300, 3:2, 1520740710067.jpg)

File: b71099ef0bed7fc⋯.jpg (115 KB, 1259x708, 1259:708, shady-character-van.jpg)

File: 137817553d2b1b3⋯.jpg (85.08 KB, 995x489, 995:489, DX-5uJlU0AECBEY.jpg)


what I've found so far regarding the van photo bomb in the speech. any photofags online that can check the shutterstock photo to see if it's edited?

fcca1f No.651197

File: 86ccf5fff84e548⋯.jpg (37.34 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 86ccf5fff84e548371fe3c2e74….jpg)

File: 84bba31bcaed898⋯.jpg (21.12 KB, 420x315, 4:3, hillary-crying-reuters-420….jpg)


Poor little shill is triggered that Trump beat Hilkary. Lol

50cd0a No.651198


>trump is only president because he does what he is told…

…to do by his concience.

cb97f8 No.651199


Yep, that was Q replying to my post! :)

04ea09 No.651200


Hory SHIT! Badass indeed. Played it 3 times to activate my cashews.

5861aa No.651201

8df305 No.651202

When did the lying start and what in our history is true?

How far back have "they" stage managed our lives? Did the Cabal actually arrange the Civil War?

0ba762 No.651203


71092b No.651204


forest through the trees

ddd60b No.651205


Somebody should be doing this professionally … if they aren't already.

7f735b No.651207

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



>>650930 March MADNESS

Q doin the

"AI Crossover Mix Volume 2 - Creating Space Part 1. (some rare stuff)"


8ff468 No.651208

Can IBORanon confirm that the REAL WH Petition is the one presently on the official WH site: “created by A.M.” on “March 4, 2018” w/

18,638 signatures? There’s fuckery afoot with multiple petitions and possibly the wrong link baked. We should have reached 100,000 since Q’s directive.

1a1cae No.651209


>You don't do wars defending you country very well either so you had better fucking hope that our high drama can help you because your entire fucking continent is sliding in to Muslim rule

We defend our Country very well Anon. This is something Americans don't understand. We have a long history with 'foreign' people in the UK. In the way that American history is defined by Slavery. UK history is defined by Empire.

Most Indians and Muslims in the UK were invited over to Britain in the 1970's. Generally, the Indians did really well for themselves and are pretty much fully integrated into UK society as Doctors, Lawyers etc.

Muslims kept to themselves and went the route of opening corner shops and takeaways. Small business holdings.

There is a huge problem with Pedophilia. It is slowly being drained. Muslim pedophilia and care home Pedophilia was completely covered up. It is coming to light.

Much more work to do but I feel like we hit our bottom as a Country a couple of years ago when the Telford stuff and Jimmy Saville stuff first came out.

cb2a18 No.651210


Who is #3 at CIA, this person becomes acting deputy director of CIA, if trump fires Haspel before confirmed, he has an acting director of CIA who did not get voted on. Similar for #2 at SS.

Promote to fire and install without voting your acting deputy directors.

e1ccf3 No.651211

File: eb5c8975f199d1f⋯.png (606.87 KB, 1080x1055, 216:211, 20180313_091726.png)

File: dacac4fd21512fe⋯.png (410.39 KB, 1080x2139, 360:713, 20180313_091544.png)

File: d55176d3941415e⋯.jpg (103.84 KB, 220x331, 220:331, GodfatherIII2.jpg)

File: a5eae315d13ed33⋯.png (446.61 KB, 1080x2127, 360:709, 20180313_091639.png)


https:// www.theaustralian.com.au/news/world/fresh-financial-scandals-hit-vatican/news-story/a0e3771d0118fa224e98fc00d396576e

f2165f No.651212


Is the C_A ready to be suicided under this woman? Kek

6e88e4 No.651213


Not trump tower.. no flag and the vestibule is higher at trump tower

859db5 No.651214


He’ll be interim until confirmed.

3c12fe No.651215

File: 9cb94625c8a08e3⋯.png (10.64 KB, 340x149, 340:149, ClipboardImage.png)


No more CIA

79f453 No.651216

Is it just me or does it make you nervous that the head of the clowns is now the Sec of State and POTUS wants him there to head up negotiations with NK? Didn't Q just say we broke the chains the clowns had on NK? Not OK with this Q.

2bb12c No.651217


Maybe, but replace with CIA?!?

cadc04 No.651218


According to Assange it may be Roger Stone. LOL.

b1a4a8 No.651219

File: 4004fa2809a24da⋯.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, FBE608BE-B8A9-4D71-9A1F-3B….png)

From wikileaks

cb15c7 No.651220

>>651197 F u I love TRUMP


IHS fuckery afoot !!

18bc25 No.651221

Guys in Austria our secret service chief Peter Gridling was kicked out of office today after POLICE (normal police who should not be allowed to) raided the office of Federal Agency for State Protection and Counter Terrorism a few days ago. Things are happening.

310e79 No.651222


I find that acceptable, please make sure that when you add tweets there is context for how it relates to Q. Nobody will be banned for shitposting in the other thread, enforcement is only deletes which can be argued about in the meta thread.

Shitposting is very very important.

Post last edited at

fa91e3 No.651223


It's just you

fcca1f No.651224


The new head of the CIA will handle the dismantling of the operation.

b0b94e No.651225

File: 388c07806903fca⋯.jpg (47.62 KB, 474x696, 79:116, 954b415938b730c61c3677f4cb….jpg)

512438 No.651226

I'm not a very trusting person, and because of that I have a problem with 2 points.

- Hill, and Huma allowed to fly around talking shit.

- Snowden blabbing on twitter.

dd7558 No.651227


thanks anon - bakers told me last night I was a clown that's why it's not the in the notable

yes, I work in the 'arena' professionally

34fd12 No.651228

File: 38cda038a75ddc4⋯.png (282.26 KB, 661x355, 661:355, ClipboardImage.png)


No crash and burns

Don't got time for that.

Much to do

if youre ever feeling down and over worked, just think about all the libtards who travelled state to state voting illegally and STILL lost the election.

Think about all the money from BIG corps who donated to Slippin' Hilly and STILL lost

We are winning so much its overwhelming but I will NEVER get tired of it.

We are with you anon. Now buckle up and brace for impact cuz new Sec of State is a MAJOR Fuck you to the deepstate bruh

Habbenings are habbening and we need every last soldier

020c16 No.651229


I hope it's so. Trust the plan right? We shall see.

ddd60b No.651230


The bacon rocks. Just the way I like it. And the eggs aren't runny so you get a gold star. Thank you!

When this board springs into action with a clear focus, it's a sight to behold. Not everybody has the kind of "overview" to see it and appreciate it. I'm one who does. Just phenomenal. Q chose well.

753205 No.651231


POTUS has nominated the CIA Deputy Director for head of CIA. Gina Haspel

"Trump told reporters he made the decision himself, citing disagreements with Tillerson that included North Korea diplomacy, steel and aluminum tariffs, and the Iran nuclear agreement."

cd3951 No.651232

Nah. Doorway to Trump Tower is higher and wider. You'd be able to see the glazing. And it looks like theres an object, like a flag, above the white "thing" >>651196

bff19a No.651233


i was there… and thats him… i saw him several times up close. he brought the trumpmobile which i've said a million times. it is not snowden, and he was not afraid of getting pictures taken

fcf578 No.651234


That cult was a huge rumor when the SK President was getting busted. Sounded too crazy to be true. Then the news broke about how she really DID have a handler & they were into cult shit.

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction

f3603e No.651235

File: 624df8d0cae1bc3⋯.png (263.18 KB, 636x360, 53:30, Latest.png)


49a42c No.651236


I think Bill Binney had a chat with Pompeo and things might shift for JA.

f4a181 No.651237


Appointed by GEOTUS

Chillax..it's all good ;)

fcca1f No.651238


Nothing big. Not Q relat

455961 No.651239


That's okay. Sit back and watch. When you feel better, we will still be here.

a352e6 No.651240


Lots of foreign interference involved in the Civil War. The usual bankers, the French. The British were hoping the place would fall apart so they could reenter or appoint a puppet government.

72eaad No.651241



moves and countermoves.

cb97f8 No.651242


Wrong, Tillerson has a confirmation hearing! duhhh

b510cc No.651243


It was '88 or '89, I was onboard a mil vessel in the Indian Ocean. We stopped a N Korean frigate w/nuc components bound for an Iranian port. We were going to board her that day and confiscate the nuc components - after 3 days of sitting dead in the water…the NK frigate "sneaked" away in the middle of the night and made her Iranian port! Most navyfags know that a commandeered ship at the very center of a strike group cannot just "sneak away"! She was allowed to make her port with those nuc components! That was a sad and troubling day for me! When I got out 2 years later, I read, "The Fourth Reich of The Rich" by Des Griffin. Depending on how you look at it, I've been awake since '88/'89 or '91!

7d9e78 No.651245

Heavy Zionist misdirection in all these threads. Any explanation which avoids discussion of the Coudenhove Kalergi plan and the demographic replacement of the white middle class with Jews is Jewish Supremacist Propaganda = JSP

f3603e No.651246


Nice! MAGA!!

7f7f5f No.651247

File: 02d26e5e3cb4185⋯.png (752.26 KB, 764x409, 764:409, ClipboardImage.png)


WTF You blind?

a766ab No.651248





These two things conflict with Q

52efcb No.651249


Who made him head of CIA and how long had he been there before that?

Catch up or stop shilling.

fcca1f No.651250

Will be interesting to see POTUS time with the Marines in Cali and what he says.

f85ac3 No.651251


And killary used to say do you trust DJT for Nuke codes! That witch!

dd7558 No.651252

File: cb6b72ab639339b⋯.png (4.63 MB, 4084x2042, 2:1, MM_symbology_master_mason_….png)

File: 81d392fddb81ef9⋯.png (658 KB, 754x650, 29:25, Alphabet_symbolism.png)

File: 9845d4fc804f3be⋯.png (1.9 MB, 2048x1416, 256:177, Cross_of_Lorraine_Corporat….png)

File: bed9639b664559e⋯.jpg (71.28 KB, 600x700, 6:7, crossOfLorraineBrands.jpg)


I was thinking Tillerson

You don't join Exxon in 1975 and rise to serve as chairman and chief executive of ExxonMobil from 2006 to 2017 if you aren't cabal

Exxon logo XX and Cross of Lorraine Symbolism - Marilyn Manson uses Cross of Lorraine - bad

64c551 No.651253

Did you guyz see report about china space station to earth? James Munder did report it! It supposed to hit earth 03/21/18 to 4/3/18

73d9bd No.651254


yeah, i didn't have a meltdown, this morning,

but i did have a bit of a surreal feeling creep in.

hang in there.

none of is has EVER been through anything like this.

we have no markers from which to gather our bearings.

it will take time.

ab0c21 No.651255

File: 44cd749e1ac18bb⋯.png (366 KB, 618x499, 618:499, Qknowsall.png)

Q comes through again, lolololol

287bd8 No.651256

File: 618b32f44c85247⋯.jpg (57.18 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 290H-e1481744006327.jpg)


What kind of Donuts ya'all got in the shiaraBlue breakroom this wonderful MAGA morning?

f3603e No.651257


I know.. It's kids. Some of us have have got hearts.

49a42c No.651258


You don't know Trump. His own man.

f2165f No.651259



CIA Chief Operating Officer ( COO), Brian Bulatao…. Number 3

fcca1f No.651260


The Five Fags Club and a little whore

ad8020 No.651261

File: 2c7c474e9938595⋯.jpg (37.42 KB, 910x246, 455:123, Q_325284.jpg)


You mean this?

5dd007 No.651262

File: 337dec8ecf9b524⋯.jpg (192.46 KB, 1000x970, 100:97, cd0e0707c0b13eeec842383738….jpg)

Beth Jones works for Tillerson at Exxon.

Frm ambassador to Kazahastan

If you know about (cough) saiga, and Astana if you.catch meh drift



9890c3 No.651263

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8ff468 No.651264


The fact that HA and HRC are smiling together is a red flag for me…besides one or both enjoying freedom.

cb2a18 No.651265


POTUS looked pretty damn good in that leak if you ask me.

72eaad No.651266



Q never said @snowden was bad. He asked why he was posting so much personal info about him here… Why? To focus prying eyes on him.

dd7558 No.651267



Marilyn Manson

13 13

cross of Lorraine

f191a9 No.651268

Q, what do you think of this? NK set up and controlled by CIA military arm of NWO(=nuclear war option). Vatican is religious arm (Vatican hall snake symbolism, Jesus Christ rising from atomic apocalypse). London is financial arm.

WW 1+2 steps in plan for one global government. Hitler = patsy. Nazi = cover story. See Jews for Hitler.com. Explains Jewish connection to historical wars uprisings banking control global plan. Explains Jews one of 12 tribes of Israel referring to descendants of Judah who was one of 12 sons of Jacob (later given the name Israel). Plan WW3=nuclear war wipe out large portion of population = global control. CIA setup/tortured Otto Warmbier to fuel public outrage against NK. CIA responsible for all NK evil and nuclear threats/ Kim Jong Un cia patsy and is happy DJT/military intel taking out bad actors who were enslaving him and his people to create false flag nuclear war. Sum of All Fears re plan to draw US into nuclear WWIII btw Tom CLancy author arkancided

fb8833 No.651269


It's hard to keep multiple alpha males in one pack of hunting dogs.

0ba762 No.651270


I hope so.

859db5 No.651271


Well what do you know. Great work.

3e5521 No.651272


Autoplay: On | Off

President Trump's personal assistant was fired Monday, The Wall Street Journal reported.

John McEntee on Monday was escorted out of the White House, according to two senior administration officials.

He was escorted from the White House because of an "unspecified security issue," the Journal reported, citing a third White House official.

http:// thehill.com/homenews/administration/378078-trumps-personal-assistant-john-mcentee-fired-from-role-report

2bb12c No.651273


I really hope you're right.

fcca1f No.651274


Do you know how many deadly car accidents everyday? So why arent you reporting all of them here, Mr. Heavy Heart? You only care about one?

2bb12c No.651275

File: 4b45bde7bdf35ef⋯.png (527.44 KB, 594x459, 22:17, Topkek.png)

a766ab No.651276

8d89ba No.651277


Someone posted yesterday, but forgot the subtitles.

0ba762 No.651278


Will that be delayed then since so many are still waiting for their confirmations?

7f735b No.651279

>>651044 Then again, I may have fell for the head fake on the double crossover.




As you like it, just do it. Awakening needs to begin spreading WW.

fcca1f No.651282

H.A. GOODMAN on Youtube

f3603e No.651283


Are you always an asshole?

7e5b43 No.651284

File: a161f50920fc678⋯.gif (1.11 MB, 355x259, 355:259, seinfeld_okay.gif)


Whatever you say, boss.

Did "sources" tell you that?

52efcb No.651285


it's the internet

859db5 No.651286


They’re heavily medicated.

1a1cae No.651287


No. We tried that in 1649 and it doesn't work. Just leads to more tyranny and a whole lot of war and death.

We're aiming for the Profumo Affair. John Profumo eventually held his hands up,confessed all and then spent the rest of his life redeeming his character helping vulnerable people in the East End of London.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Profumo_affair

7f7f5f No.651288

File: df187469fa7bd12⋯.png (386.57 KB, 750x309, 250:103, ClipboardImage.png)

8450e9 No.651289


board is sliding, don't miss the godfather iii connection in today's news

a19d7d No.651290

http:// www.balderexlibris.com/index.php?post/Elmhurst-Ernest-The-World-hoax

fcca1f No.651291


Are you always wrong, shill?

72eaad No.651293

cadc04 No.651294

I didn't say I believe it, and I was being more sarcastic since JA posted the Roger stone NF biography reference… sigh…

f3603e No.651295


Well I just filtered it lol

b1a4a8 No.651296


Goodman doesnt have inside information, though he is good in reporting on whats already in the open

18bc25 No.651297


Make Austria Great Again? xD

f97695 No.651298


now we have wikileaks misspelling names too


capital I or small L

11fe99 No.651299


CIA is a hollow shell, it's done

76b8e8 No.651300

File: 3ce2378932098b0⋯.jpg (77.22 KB, 950x534, 475:267, dont-feed-the-troll.jpg)

cb2a18 No.651301

File: 78fce639af6d74d⋯.png (171.76 KB, 687x645, 229:215, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at ….png)


Pompeo and Bulatao were both west point cadets and Bulatao was Army Ranger.

34fd12 No.651302

9e7a11 No.651303

f3603e No.651304


Spot on anon!

76d47b No.651305


Profanity alert for my 10 minute crowd!

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