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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 077ab1e7aaf2fbf⋯.jpg (521.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 077ab1e7aaf2fbfea054d57ecf….jpg)

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https:// pastebin.com/ksnDZKix

228f04 No.676727

File: 60340bffc0a12a2⋯.png (857.3 KB, 1279x849, 1279:849, cbts for 8chan.png)

http:// freedomforcenews.com/forum

4ad01b No.676742

So, now we know Q is a LARP. It's been a diversion to keep us chasing our tails and WAITING (trusting the "plan") while shit continues to fall apart.

Things ARE happening (indictmentfags can calm down), but Q isn't /ourguy/. Not even a little. Focus your energy elsewhere to MAGA, but fuck Q in his filthy little kikehole.

Oh, and you niggers who keep wanting to Watch the Water or scream BRIDGE BRIDGE BRIDGE - Go fuck yourselves with HIllary's old douche.

f5f23e No.676757

File: 42f3e106fb151e3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.89 KB, 533x499, 533:499, zip it!.jpg)



c2d327 No.676778


Fuck off Monty, go on back to YouTube and make your shitty music. I bet you 15 dirty sox you won't. Sure won't.

f0e357 No.676779


The guy who got a call from his sister was not this guy. His beard was much bigger.

419a69 No.676781

Was the bridge collapse predicted?



Payback for today.





What does BRIDGE-2 imply? Another one coming down?

c920c9 No.676782

Oh look… the Red Cross is on scene

27950d No.676783


Evil-doers running True Lies Qnn YouTube channel 24/7. Also have discord page. Black or white? I sniffed them out last night. Def intelligence of some kind. If black.. take 'em out

2d599a No.676784

File: 377d47d116ac4a2⋯.png (390.25 KB, 936x2286, 52:127, p00-13.png)

File: 80470105bd838ad⋯.png (262.42 KB, 880x1908, 220:477, p14-29.png)

File: a307e34f117d64f⋯.png (290.13 KB, 887x1951, 887:1951, p30-44.png)

File: 2ec5a9fc5421b1c⋯.png (306.26 KB, 891x2022, 297:674, p45-60.png)

Remarkable post by 'mkultra research anon' on /pol/.

He explain research they did for Clowns, how public mass brainwashing works, based on evolutionary beneficial traits (make quick decisions (based on small amount of information)).

He didn't know it at the time it was mkultra related. He realised it years later.

MK-Ultra succeeded - do you like your dream Anonymous (ID: I/1tMVbY)

Said he has worked in a group of shadowy agency that was contracted by Clowns.

Apparently they did behavioral studies on some animals how they reacted to what they saw and how did it effect evolution. And what is the implication in light of mkultra.

To my understanding results were remarkable, althought Clowns said they were faulty (as not revealing the importance).

To put it shortly according to my understanding it has been evolutionary advantageous if you have reacted quickly based on what you have seen. Not stopping to thinking about deeper possibilities. Most of the time that is winning strategy in evolution.

So how mkultra can use that to their advantage?

Majority of people will react quickly based on what they see and do not think things deeper. This is how majority can be mislead and brainwashed.

The thing is that mkultra is not only some hard core mind manipulations, memory cleaning, multiple personalities and so on.

From this research he understood that most of the mkultra manipulations happens on mass media, tv, movies. People see movies, how people talk, behave and react. But those are actors.

They say this plants false memories (you could say false assumptions). People learn that when someone is doing like that, then this follows. And they learn those behavioral patterns (ie. false memories, or false assumptions).

Fiction replaces reality step by step. If people do not have enough real life encounters with real people they can never have ammunition to replace false learning from the mass media.

This is what Clowns / global cabal is doing… as they own most of the media. They slowly brainwash generations.

Archived here:

https:// yuki.la/pol/159904005#p159909893

c209b8 No.676785

File: 27815d709ae87cc⋯.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1125x1637, 1125:1637, 572D1AEB-3C5F-465E-BBD4-C….jpeg)

File: 9bd39cef172806f⋯.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1125x1633, 1125:1633, 9033040C-A15E-4E2C-A594-E….jpeg)

Omar Navarro


We should push Omar Navarro to win against Mad Maxine this November. I’ve just begun to dig and he looks like a patriot and actually may live in district he wants to represent.

309750 No.676786


Stop. Just stop.

f0e357 No.676787

File: af9b46c003e8be0⋯.png (57.83 KB, 626x406, 313:203, ClipboardImage.png)

LdR's last twat. I kinda miss her. just kidding…she can go put her head in a wood chipper

a09435 No.676788


They are using them in the middle east too those fuckers.

427d2e No.676789

File: 429ca1cc62a48d2⋯.jpg (88.39 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_5680.JPG)

File: 11977a1f3214353⋯.png (412.67 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_5690.PNG)

File: 8bade0cad7c4f5f⋯.jpg (99.6 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_5691.JPG)

File: 68420ee64d3b9a8⋯.png (315.79 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_5692.PNG)

File: f61afeca4b5a26e⋯.png (355.67 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_5693.PNG)



>Q Card Viewer!

https:// genesis55.github.io/QCards/#qcards-source?card=POTUS


Link to Card Collection Thread

1ff358 No.676790

What shills want:

To fill the breads with shitposts.

To get you to respond to their stupidity.

To get you angry.

To get you discouraged.

To get you to think Q is a LARP or AI.

To get you to doubt Q/POTUS/The Plan.

To get you to think Patriots are giving up.

To get you to think negatively.

You to forget about SA.

You to forget about NK being freed.

You to forget that the Patriots are in control.

What shills DON'T want:

You to dig.

You to make connections.

You to use logic.

You to ignore them.

You to build the proofs.

You to find the truth.

You to know we are winning BIGLY.

You to dispense the Red Pills.

You to think positively.

You to remember the stage is being set via EOs.

You to remember the sealed indictments.



They are desperate.

They are scared.

They are scrambling.

They are LOSING.

They know we are getting closer to the big picture.

They know something BIG is coming.

They are trying to silence us and it's not working.

Godspeed, Patriots.

Let's show them why they will never win.


108eb0 No.676791


Payback for payback…?

This is bridge-2 187

1eb7fb No.676792


Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.

You’re watching a movie. Try going behind the camera once in a while.

c17ea2 No.676793


Of course.

ba1058 No.676794

File: 5aad3f36ae1afea⋯.jpg (206.87 KB, 1024x681, 1024:681, Combined-Air-and-Space-Ope….jpg)

This is the bullshit that happens when politics and analysts interfere with operations. Q/POTUS may have been pushing for shit to happen but they were forced to pull back. Rumor of Mattis holding up OIG for edits probably because shit is so bad they fear that people are going to fight over the scraps and threaten our security. Others are digging in because they want to ensure continuity of government blah blah. Fear of our markets crashing and foreign attacks when our guard is down etc.

Can you drop at least one fucking Domino please??

Fuck it!


a09435 No.676795


Twitter people ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE! They show up in my comment section all the time.

d82b78 No.676796

File: ef842f69f429dc0⋯.png (54.5 KB, 646x585, 646:585, ClipboardImage.png)

be67e7 No.676797

If the Trump peepee vid was real would you watch it?

0a2f3a No.676798

>>676705 (last bread)


unless he wanted her dead

01488d No.676799

File: 258e05567d8cbee⋯.png (291.86 KB, 566x540, 283:270, reallydude.png)

now Assange is quoting the equivalent of the National Enquirer

6e7da5 No.676800

Do you knuckleheads really think that some insignificant bridge is part of some elaborate NWO plan that has to do with Q intrigue, and 75D chess?

108eb0 No.676801


“...and wash yo ass!” -Redd Fox

a09435 No.676802


Pelosi out, Schiff in.

3c1fb8 No.676803

On resisting social influence

Susan Andersen and Philip Zinibardo

Stanford University

http:// documents.theblackvault.com/documents/mindcontrol/ADA075694.pdf

https:// www.pdf-archive.com/2018/03/15/ada075694-resisting-social-influence/

Abstract (copy/pasta from pdf)

Resisting social influences becomes important when such influences can be appropriately thought of as "mind control." When information is systematically hidden, withheld or distorted it is impossible to make unbiased decisions. Under these circumstances, people may be subtly led to believe they are "freely" choosing to act. It is precisely this kind of decision that persists and most affects our behavior since we come to believe in those attitudes and actions for which we have generated our own justifications. The thesis of this essay is that "mind control" exists not in exotic gimmicks, but rather in the most mundane aspects of experience. Because it does, it is possible to reduce our susceptibility to unwanted coercive control by increasing our vigilance and by learning how to utilize particular basic strategies of analysis. We present a series of troublesome situations followed by strategies of resistance which are broadly applicable to the wide array of mind-manipulation attempts that surround us daily. Our sources have included surveys of relevant social-psychological research, as well as interviews and personal experiences with con men, cultists, super-salesmen and other perpetrators of mind control. Pragmatic advice is blended with a conceptual analysis of the basic issues on wnich vulnerability to persuasion rests–in the hope that individuals who find they must make decisions on the basis of contrived communications will be bettpr abte to transtorm them into thoughtful, meaningful choices.

6c8b90 No.676804

Watch the tone immediately change when Q shows back up. It'll be the dawning of the Age of Aquarius II.

a42df2 No.676805


Eat a bag of dicks, jerk. You ain't happy with things, GTFO.

db46de No.676806

Boomer pussies with no skin in this game whatsoever, pussies who sit retired all damn day behind a keyboard, never risking anything, have not the balls to hold Q accountable.

I get it. The worst generation. You do you.

You roll over and submit.

Others can't and won't. We call bullshit. We have skin in the fucking game.

Q team: we're fucking sick of getting clobbered in the streets out here. NOT A GODDAMNED WORD FROM POTUS OR SESSIONS.

7df27f No.676807

File: 51cd3fcea7803d8⋯.jpg (282.02 KB, 804x1190, 402:595, Light House.jpg)

File: 69c93cb6ef66a1b⋯.jpg (250.94 KB, 850x656, 425:328, squareearthrevealed.jpg)

File: d07b397903c2256⋯.png (663.92 KB, 810x798, 135:133, images.duckduckgo.com.png)

File: fe9fbec9770e735⋯.jpeg (77.59 KB, 692x1005, 692:1005, moon light.jpeg)

File: 21b88c024ece4fe⋯.jpg (179.65 KB, 801x675, 89:75, truth telling.jpg)





082998 No.676808


K, Thanx.

27950d No.676809


This is for all of you.

"And Shepherds we shall be

For thee, my Lord, for thee.

Power hath descended forth from Thy hand

That our feet may swiftly carry out Thy commands.

So we shall flow a river forth to Thee

And teeming with souls shall it ever be. In Nomeni Patri ,Et Fili, Spiritus Sancti."

db46de No.676810

d82b78 No.676811


NOT Schitt for brains, no way!

247897 No.676812


The school and the company which built the bridge boasted of the speed of its construction, which was aimed at reducing the traffic burden on the busy thoroughfare, according to the Miami New Times.

The bridge's planning was done at FIU's very own Accelerated Bridge Construction University Transportation Center.

'This [accelerated bridge construction] technique reduced potential risks to workers, commuters and pedestrians and prevented traffic tie-ups in the area,' FIU wrote in a press release from five days ago.

http:// panthernow.com/2016/02/22/new-bridge-to-benefit-student-pedestrians/

6c8b90 No.676813


Been through Nam

Fuck you.

558126 No.676814


Omar is a great guy I followed him and the other Deplorables all through the 2016 election and beyond the Cali MAHA team is legenday!!!

Definitely Omar Navarro for office 🇺🇸

Omar is /ourguy/

a09435 No.676815

File: 85538a6f78e6cc4⋯.jpg (106.85 KB, 1024x794, 512:397, AP_18072406794841-1024x794.jpg)

File: 9d442be962878e8⋯.png (101.1 KB, 889x492, 889:492, Capture.PNG)

File: 97e9e47c421a880⋯.png (837.55 KB, 860x576, 215:144, bahrain 4.PNG)

File: c30a8a2f7ed4d5d⋯.png (826.81 KB, 844x565, 844:565, bahrain.PNG)

Unanounced, BUT he still got the red carpet!

https:// sofrep.com/100774/100774/

bffcaf No.676816


>You witnessed a strength test tonight.

Is this related to FL today?

c17ea2 No.676817


I have read in to him as well. He should win IF they get the machines fixed. Meme bombs should be easy with Mad Max involved.

558126 No.676818


MAGA –– sorry, tired :P

4ad01b No.676819




Yeah keep chimping out to your failure of a LARPing nigger.

Seriously, feel free to continue spending your time freaking the fuck out whenever you encounter anything that says APACHE. Or any time the word "water" comes up in the news. Or counting commas and spaces in Tweets and pretending it's Morse code or whatever.

Or, you know, get off the Q Cock and think for yourselves. Faggots.

427d2e No.676820

File: 900d1df538d5e0d⋯.jpg (367.78 KB, 1152x966, 192:161, IMG_5394.JPG)

1e7e53 No.676821

Has Mueller now moved onto Pizzagate?


ab326b No.676822


It's after 5 Eastern, and all morning we heard how McCabe was somewhere groveling for his job

Maybe that was completely false, because we've heard zilch since that bridge fell.

That bridge looks like a bunch of drunk college boys designed it.

So what's the status on McCabe right now?

Is Sessions even in DC this afternoon?

Maybe it's more important that Sessions ISN'T in DC this afternoon, and somewhere else lying low.

US Marshals - any way to learn about any active ops currently?

I'm already past the point of caring who's doing what job in the White House. Those people know what they're getting into when they choose that world.

a42df2 No.676823


No it was not. You really think QTeam would collapse bridges & kill innocent people as payback to anyone? You really don't belong here. Ugh, the stupid burns.

a09435 No.676824


That's the rumor.

2da578 No.676825


The project also showed strong sustainable building strategy in its attention to environmental impacts, including relocating protected wildlife, using efficient machinery, controlling stormwater runoff, planting noninvasive vegetation, and recycling 99 percent of the concrete and steel removed from roads and bridges. As well, the endeavor facilitates the use of alternative transportation by integrating rail projects and improving pedestrian crossings and connections with bike trails. This includes a $750,000 fund that is established to promote alternate transportation modes during construction.

Several industry leaders formed the I-4MP team to design, build, finance, and operate the project through a 40-year P3 concession agreement with a total design and construction cost of $2.32 billion.

All the new bike, train, bridge, trail infrastructure is globalist. It is about climate change.

http:// news.asce.org/florida-p3-improvement-project-earns-envision-platinum/

a78054 No.676826

too paranoidfag from last bread

and they r telling you to save everything offline

so they have the proof it was you even after you smash your hd's… omg, run

28d54e No.676827

>>676177. Last bread

I will get on it

e1afdb No.676828


(last bread)

Oh sorry. I just realized my mistake. My intent was not to call you a puppet. it was to call Sean Penn a puppet. You may have inferred that, but if not, my apologies patriot. Meme on.

1b61f8 No.676829

>>676816. Hmmm!

755eeb No.676830


>GPO Plum Book

The Plum Book is used to identify Presidential appointed and other positions within the Federal Government.

https:// www.govinfo.gov/app/details/GPO-PLUMBOOK-2016

6beb9d No.676831

>>676661(last bread)

Putin told the world about Russias new weapons and made clear that Russia would be able to defend herself (and to attack).

Q asked why Russia would tell the world.

Answer: Because the world needs to know that you have modern and effective weapons, so that you won't have to use them, because your threat already works.

And maybe, some people will ask, if Putin could have used the U1…which would help Trump immensely in his fight against the swamp.

Maybe Trump has asked Putin to boast with his new weapons?

4c31ea No.676833



9779a4 No.676834

File: ae3cd2318fa0bbf⋯.jpg (48.9 KB, 492x328, 3:2, they-placed-their-hands-on….jpg)

File: 6187ba965dbc450⋯.jpg (33.79 KB, 594x350, 297:175, what-difference-does-it-ma….jpg)

File: 8c5d78f5c04aaab⋯.jpg (47.05 KB, 620x432, 155:108, crazymaking-projections-de….jpg)

File: 4d03fd787990c4f⋯.jpg (105.09 KB, 936x482, 468:241, pathetic-remorseless-evil-….jpg)

d82b78 No.676835

File: 8e2108a4c63fd53⋯.png (192.27 KB, 997x559, 997:559, ClipboardImage.png)

214685 No.676836

File: 3748cbf212b1374⋯.png (228.12 KB, 985x553, 985:553, MAP-FL-NASKeyWest-FIU3.png)

>>676683 from last bread


Please clarify "bridge 187".

Nothing personal anon., there's just a lot of words being thrown about right now, all with varying definition.

Do I believe that the Navy Plane Crash @ @NASKeyWest into the "Water" yesterday less than 24 hours and prior to the FIU "Bridge" Collapse today is a coincidence or connected?

If so, great question.

Do you have easily accessible sauce on Navy Plane Crash description? Haven't found it but just startd looking.

5ee2ae No.676837


Multiple Meantings..

0398f0 No.676838


Why evil anon? Was aware of channel but haven't watched it.

a78054 No.676839


not white hats

2a8691 No.676840

File: cb9199ad2cde0fa⋯.jpg (113.78 KB, 878x585, 878:585, NancyPelosi.jpg)

7df27f No.676841

File: 579f4a670511ab2⋯.jpg (114.95 KB, 480x622, 240:311, They Lie.jpg)

File: f708eaca44a19bb⋯.jpg (165.8 KB, 798x540, 133:90, Rainbow.jpg)

File: 80a734295be6033⋯.jpg (161.37 KB, 700x600, 7:6, bazinga BANG.jpg)

File: ac90c0a5352d3b4⋯.jpg (105.81 KB, 738x360, 41:20, olbers.jpg)

File: 1642bdc35345f01⋯.png (446.05 KB, 672x672, 1:1, Biblical World.png)


Follow The Yellow Brink Road

Add up the Pieces


d82b78 No.676842

File: 78e93fcc8527e19⋯.png (5.15 KB, 436x208, 109:52, ClipboardImage.png)

0a2f3a No.676843


MK Ultra and mass brainwashing is very real - they are doing it to us on a mass scale, every day. NLP.

21bfb0 No.676844

The Black Pill comes for all of you.

Like a car crash horrible, but difficult to look away from.

ab17a6 No.676845


Top of this bread under notables. ^^^^^

e1afdb No.676846


thank you.

good lol from that.


54b607 No.676848

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Re-watched "I, Pet Goat II" after several months of Q-crumbs … it's a whole new experience.

Pick your poison:

https:// www.hooktube.com/watch?v=6n_xCI-peq0

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n_xCI-peq0

e8c169 No.676849


http:// www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1730.htm

a42df2 No.676850


I already filtered a ton of the idiots. Gah, I think the stupid is contagious.

5ee2ae No.676851


For that.. it's incredible what is happening in the US., Because the People is brainwashed., March Madness.

f0e357 No.676852


I watch it once in a while just to see how many more things in it I now understand. I can explain just about everything in it now.

01488d No.676853

File: 8260dd80439cb2e⋯.png (552.04 KB, 616x400, 77:50, marchmadness.png)

7639f3 No.676854


On ya, things that bothered me before make so much more sense now.

6e7da5 No.676855


And with all that, it still collapsed. Your tax money at work. However, it is still an insignificant event. Unfortunately people died. Very sad.

248561 No.676856


(from last bread regarding closing lanes to retain support structure under the bridge)

This would cause traffic jams and voters hate traffic jams!

It's not about what is the best for the cause - it is always about your own ass.

a09435 No.676857

File: 95c2ff569a33cf3⋯.png (99.73 KB, 919x621, 919:621, Capture.PNG)

Mattis, you busy dog you!

545d8e No.676858


i see shills getting inspiration from idiots

6beb9d No.676859

b0b0e4 No.676861

The best thing to shut the shills up is a Q message…

ba1058 No.676862

File: 9e387a459ba0615⋯.jpeg (822.22 KB, 2000x1378, 1000:689, trump-cover-final-e148729….jpeg)


Can I get a special alt. version of the storm? For my scrapbook

9779a4 No.676863

File: da4e695ad82c46e⋯.jpg (61.86 KB, 526x578, 263:289, the-moment-trump-realizes-….jpg)

File: 911a16031f7164f⋯.jpg (58.22 KB, 526x578, 263:289, bray-like-a-jackass-i-chea….jpg)

File: 6891d1baf1fc56f⋯.jpg (56.74 KB, 526x578, 263:289, losers-cheat-winners-win-t….jpg)

568a9d No.676864

We are surrounded by idiots. Filter and move on I guess. Kek


ab46a8 No.676865

Q should have said dead dog bounce. People are more upset about this dead dog on a united flight and are forgetting the Florida thing already

0a2f3a No.676866


schiffty is going to jail.

35471e No.676867

File: 21dd5486e9ea92d⋯.png (139.49 KB, 504x691, 504:691, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at ….png)

4ad01b No.676868


Bunch of sheep-thinking retards aren't they? It's like reverse autism where you're really just an ignorant nigger playing Milton-Bradley's hot new game: Confirmation Bias.

2da578 No.676869


The point is that all of this sustainable infrastructure and transportation is a mess. The electric bikes are, the self-driving cars are, the pedestrians mixing with cyclists. They do not plan out where the trains will go before they start installing them. They knock out a bus depot for the train with no plan of where to relocate the bus depot. It is all by the seat of their pants.

a62989 No.676870

File: 858ae8e7399fed1⋯.png (409.53 KB, 662x633, 662:633, Trey re Saudi Nuclear.PNG)

File: 81f8aafaed3a010⋯.png (39.65 KB, 539x688, 539:688, 1 Saudi Prince Nuclear.PNG)

File: 1796f02cebf57ce⋯.png (37.75 KB, 538x638, 269:319, 2 Saudi Prince Nuclear.PNG)

File: fc7d0d3a7c79739⋯.png (11.69 KB, 546x156, 7:2, 3 Saudi Prince Nuclear.PNG)

The plot thickens.

Saudi Arabia pledges to create a nuclear bomb if Iran does


6c8b90 No.676872


Schiffty's gonna swing at the end of a fucking rope.

7df27f No.676873

File: 6a3c22541bb1dc8⋯.jpg (18.15 KB, 179x368, 179:368, giantskeleton.jpg)

File: 0e8825ff4a6cf8c⋯.jpg (640.31 KB, 730x1955, 146:391, Giant found.jpg)

File: 2c60b488052cc8a⋯.jpg (209.82 KB, 1024x523, 1024:523, NWO.jpg)

File: e2d850a1672cb99⋯.jpg (48.76 KB, 784x720, 49:45, planes flies flat.jpg)

File: 5bcfe22a7ca1ea7⋯.jpg (149.56 KB, 1366x566, 683:283, elba.jpg)


Giants - FE - Bible - Book of Enoch - ALL ARE TRUE




e1afdb No.676874


I believe that's could be a misinterpretation.

I think they knew the black hats were going to take a bridge out to 187 someone.

Or maybe to send a message?

Or to bring fear to the people?

Who knows, but Q or the white hats did not drop that bridge.

They may have known it would happen, but not where and when?

f8512f No.676875

Donald Trump Jr's wife Vanessa has filed for divorce.

This is according to a few different sources.

He was becoming too much like us apparently.

He was becoming more and more MAGApede and she didn't like it.

Here is just one article from a shit source.

https:// www.vanityfair.com/style/2018/03/donald-trump-jr-vanessa-headed-for-divorce

Only reason I read it and kind of dig this is this paragraph:

They spoke to various “friends” and people “close to the couple,” and have armchair-diagnosed them with a couple issues. One is that since Junior’s dad became president, suddenly everything was not “low-key,” the way Vanessa likes it, but instead, extremely high-key all the time. A second issue is that Junior has always traveled a lot, and he’s traveling even more these days: hunting big game, running the Trump Organization, at jury duty, hawking luxury condos in India. And the third is that Don Jr.’s tweets have grown more unhinged. These friends are concerned, pointing especially to the fact that he liked tweets linking antidepressants to school shootings. The couple declined to comment to the Post’s multiple requests for comments, and Don Jr. has not yet tweeted about it as of writing.

a42df2 No.676876


Pffffft. I'm not upset at all. I don't think the bridge collapse or water had anything to do with any Q crumbs either. It's a ridiculous supposition. I don't go over the cliff with the idiots. And I don't believe that Q is a larp. That's all. You think Q is a larp, leave mthr fukr.

f4b3cf No.676877

http:// www.nydailynews.com/new-york/donald-trump-jr-s-wife-files-divorce-article-1.3876829

Vanesa files for Divorce from Don Jr.

Wow, somebody was telling the truth.

Does that mean Kelly is leaving too ?? Omg, I hope not.

e2f01c No.676878




3094b5 No.676881

Q, what if I took Hillary out for you?

No payment needed. Just want to get this done once and for all. You KNOW they kill babies. We have more than enough to redpill the masses. Why do we have to wait til 4-11 or 11-11?

PP on social media is gloating about how much they make killing the innocent. The stage has been built, set and painted with streamers and balloons.

Do something already. You sound like a boomer with all this talk and no action. I'm not egging you on, just sick and tired of this upside down world we see. We can easily start red pilling people if you just pull the fucking trigger already. Everything is saved and in print format. Let's get this show on the road already.

ab17a6 No.676882

File: 9bb4aac205e0c3a⋯.jpg (89.27 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 1st recon.jpg)



They think the same about the F-18 crash.

df8815 No.676883

File: 6035fdce1490707⋯.jpg (125.65 KB, 970x454, 485:227, Executive-from-Munilla-Con….jpg)












Munilla Construction installed the bridge. Check a few of them here in the photo - - - hmmmmm.

63b42c No.676884


Absolutely correct. The thomas paine interview made some generalizations that would lead people to think this was a simple problem and SES=Obama goon. If we brigade that idea too hard, we will look silly when they trot out all the legitimate program uses and ignore covering the abuse.

It is hard to find documentation about this program and that issue about whether or not they can be fired needs some textual support. Has anyone found relevant docs for this? If they can't be fired by the president or have authority that supersedes the political appointee head of agency, this is a massive massive problem.

The devil is always in the detail when it comes to government.

40f83c No.676885


Let's hope so.

That ENT lawyer, got my almonds activated

a09435 No.676886

File: d43b496b4464535⋯.png (273.75 KB, 728x543, 728:543, Capture.PNG)

https:// economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/international/world-news/five-key-moments-in-merkels-career/articleshow/63295855.cms

47603b No.676887


Top post. Patriots stand strong.

f8512f No.676888


Don Jr is my spirit animal.

e10f4b No.676889

Nerve agent is easy to produce in a non lab environment, haha

https:// www.thecanary.co/global/2018/03/15/new-evidence-left-theresa-mays-russian-spy-story-tatters/

e1afdb No.676890


I do not trust Vanity Fair as a source, or Page Six.

I will believe it when I see it come out of his mouth.

2da578 No.676891


They routed a SMART train through a sidewalk in Northern California. The train goes 79 miles per hour. They put in warning lights and bars for the bike lanes and car lanes, but nothing to safeguard the pedestrians on the sidewalk or in the crosswalk. Pedestrians already being killed. They are so fanatical, they are not planning these things out and just wait for a tragedy to happen first. The same is happening with the new trains all around the country.

b8d30d No.676892

File: ebc7bec97c4ba49⋯.png (273.13 KB, 687x224, 687:224, gffd.PNG)


Actually speaking of bridges, prob happened cause of that cheap made foreign steel.

5ee2ae No.676893




5 Keys for save?

6beb9d No.676894


You forgot: everything has multiple meanings…

Every idiot declares his stupidity being just another one of the oh-so-multiple meanings.

Infinite stupidity.

db46de No.676895


How fragile is your thinking that you need a tip card on how to behave and respond on the chans?


545d8e No.676896

File: 0db76706b6a7960⋯.png (122.54 KB, 438x246, 73:41, Screenshot-2018-3-15 Meme ….png)

27950d No.676897


The RIGHTEOUS thing to do with all of this seized money is to cut each and every American a check. I'm being serious. Im pretty sure we have $.50 in the bank and we "women at the well" ourselves to the point of stress. We push through. I help our neighbors with food, clothing, and caring. It would be nice to get some compensation for the years of suffering these evil POS's have done to my family and all our families.

34eb32 No.676898


Multile Meanings…

Simple solution BRIDGE -2 = BRID

Is BRID a Name/ Company,…?

BRIDGE-2 (every letter minus 2) =


But it does not make sense to me

35471e No.676899

March 15, 2018


Attorney General Sessions Delivers Remarks in Lexington, Kentucky About the Opioid Epidemic

Press Release

Alleged MS-13 Member Charged in Violent Racketeering Conspiracy Including Drug Trafficking and Extortion

Press Release

Former Nashville Judge Indicted on Additional Federal Obstruction and Theft Charges

Press Release

Attorney General Sessions Provides Further Support for Local Law Enforcement with Launch of New Collaborative Reform Initiative Technical Assistance Center


Attorney General Sessions Delivers Remarks to the International Association of Chiefs of Police

Press Release

Individual Pleads Guilty to Attempting to Provide Material Support to ISIS

March 14, 2018

Press Release

Three Miami-Area Home Health Agency Owners Charged for Role in Health Care Fraud Scheme

Press Release

Historic St. Helena Parish, Louisiana, Public School Desegregation Case Successfully Resolved

Press Release

West Virginia Business Owner Sentenced to Prison for Failing to Pay Employment Taxes

Press Release

Maryland MS-13 Member Convicted in Federal Racketeering Conspiracy Including Murder

Press Release

Statement of John C. Anderson, United States Attorney for the District of New Mexico, Before the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs


Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim Delivers Remarks at Antitrust Division’s First Competition and Deregulation Roundtable

074d69 No.676900

Great title baker!

Side note… did this bridge collapse happen in sweetWATER?

11a100 No.676902

- So glowfag Pompeo now the SoS.

- Sanctions against Russia for meddling in the 2016 U.S that never happened.

- Trump actually agreeing with that mutt May that this nerve agent attack was real.

Trump admin is officially comped.

c5b4cd No.676903


quote: that would be a bridge too far.

082998 No.676904


It's odd that according to MSM she did this all on her own! She must have built the prison and rounded up the prisoners with no help from anyone, Wow! Incredible! Truth: She knows the previous administrations. In THAILAND "Gina Haspel … briefly ran a secret CIA prison" keyword is BRIEFLY. Why so brief? What did she learn about this so-called torture prison site? Thailand has a huge sex trafficking problem. I think it only took a breif amount of time to gather her evidence about what this torture site was really about. Obama and Sex Trafficking!

e2f01c No.676905

21bfb0 No.676906


I don't think Q is a larp either, definitely unprecedented events happening now.

I do think this board is a pawn to be used and discarded.

The Black Pill awaits.

e1afdb No.676907



Bye bye Paul.

558126 No.676908

File: 3c0a98b0d8ea0a6⋯.png (859.04 KB, 534x802, 267:401, screenshot_912.png)


This is a great book on the subject….

54b607 No.676909

File: c266507a2860302⋯.jpg (67.96 KB, 349x349, 1:1, c266507a2860302be82c8b02b8….jpg)


You are a machine anon, churning out high-quality work while most slide and shit-post lately. Love these. Many retweets to you.

63b42c No.676910


This is sketchy as hell. Do we have any good ideas for motives for this not being an accident? It is hard to see how this is tactical. Have name dead/injured names been released? Good find.

7df27f No.676911


The Bible is Literal

Earth Cannot be moved

Earth sits on foundations

There is a "firmament' in the sky above our head





5ee2ae No.676912


get out to /pol/ , it's better for you.

47603b No.676913


Keked. Brilliance.

159bc4 No.676914


you know National Enquier is more of a news source than New York Times, they would be sued out of existence if was fake as CNN

2da578 No.676915


In California, the state government is openly partnered with China to remake the state into sustainable transportation to combat climate change. It is chaos.

3094b5 No.676916


So she's a typical cunt calling him a conspiracy theorist instead of doing the research herself?

He made the mistake of marrying a "woman" aka retard who was only around to live like royalty. Her father in-law is the President of the free world. Instead of stepping up and using that platform to help Ivanka in the human trafficking issue, she just wants the paparazzi parties without true work being done.

Out with the fake bitch, in with someone who actual gives a flying fuck. Typical lazy soccer mom cunt.

db46de No.676917


Yes, and Florida is surrounded by water on three sides! More than that, each of the people that were killed were at one point made of water and drank water in order to live. Also, we're heading into the Spring in Florida. You know what that means? Water from the sky!

6beb9d No.676918


For you "Vanity Fair" is a source?

What does "Cosmopolitain" say about it?

Or "Teen Vogue"?

0a2f3a No.676919


If only one of those indian guys had given her a strong push. Would've been over. Must be kicking themselves. But I do look forward to her hanging ceremony.

4ad01b No.676920


You're a dumb cunt and should kill yourself today.

bdd31f No.676921


another Poseidon P-8 inbound

6c8b90 No.676922


"Officially." Yeah.

Now you can go home and prepare for the Apocalypse.

0ba633 No.676923


Fuck, I just want to see Q go on the offensive in a bigly way….

I get the traps and the evidence, fuck I can’t wait for it to start really breaking the other direction to the visible public.

a62989 No.676924

File: d49a34e566c6648⋯.png (473.59 KB, 662x562, 331:281, Hannity Tweet re Pelosi re….PNG)

File: 738040d91511cc6⋯.png (45.24 KB, 671x522, 671:522, Hannity re Pelosi re Wall.PNG)

PELOSI PANICS: Nancy SHOCKED at the 'OBNOXIOUS' HEIGHT of Trump's Border Wall


[video in link]

"…telling journalists during her weekly briefing that the physical barrier has no place in “civilized society.”

a92f52 No.676925

Trump is awesome and Q is awesome. Just scanning scenario space here. Hubris is a thing though. Indictments must unseal by April after OIG report drops and Mueller closes. Comey book out after that with new allegations fueling calls for reopening Mueller. Stormy Daniels is not going away quietly if she is not a Trump plant (which I doubt). NYPD will drop Weiner files if they don’t see arrests. Without crackdown on election fraud, impeachment gets more likely if only because GOP politicrooks see a loser against the Deep State, they don’t see any downside to staying with Cabal with the new CIA reps being seated and the halls of Congress teeming with exCIA staffers. And Awan spy ring seems to be faded away…along with all the dozen or so other Obamagates. Constitutional Convention might be the final gambit, but unless MSM is broken [it is not] there are no guarantees there. I trust the plan but the plan has to show major judicial outcomes this year. Hannity can tiktok for the rest of his life but without 2018 arrests of VIPs for sedition treason and RICO, what is the plan? Could it really be the case that years must pass before cabal can even have ONE person indicted? 40/60 right? The 40 should not have to be inferred. The 60 I get.

f8512f No.676927


That is one article.

More than one source behind it.

I said it was a shit source faggot.

40f83c No.676928

5ee2ae No.676929


in any rise, comes a hang.

b35094 No.676930


nice , i was gonna but no energy left . kek

6e7da5 No.676931

File: b7b3ad2809f60e2⋯.jpg (81.61 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 26h230.jpg)

df8815 No.676933


http:// www.manafort.com/pages/welcome.asp

108eb0 No.676934


Was the bridge collapse predicted?



Payback for today.





What does BRIDGE-2 imply? Another one coming down?

Q drop structure important here anon believes.

The BRIDGE. (this was/will require payback?)

187 BRIDGE-2. (FL bridge is retaliation?)

Anon recalls reading F-18 was moving and then explosion nobody saw ejection (eyewitness). Their key west run resembles a bridge per map here. Sky bridge.

4c139f No.676935


Only once, just to verify it.

b8d30d No.676936


Use only trusted sources, anything else are prob lies,Vanity Fair is Not fair at all.

3832e1 No.676937

When will you bunch of dumbfucks understand that you shall not respond to clownshillfucks?

3094b5 No.676938


Two sides, same shekel.

We're being fucking played, anon. How much evidence to we need to "save offline" only to have that be used against us in court to throw us in GITMO?

db46de No.676939


Q chose /pol/ and started at /pol/, turbonigger. But you're a Q oldfag, amirite?

6c8b90 No.676940


You don't.

2fc1b5 No.676941

File: 1af373b4b3591da⋯.jpg (41.22 KB, 641x530, 641:530, 78e392bebb1c2cb4d567855e3f….jpg)



5f1b46 No.676942

File: b30bdf8d701a1fb⋯.jpg (27.64 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Screen-Shot-2017-06-09-at-….jpg)

Globalist Puppet Mueller Continues Witch Hunt Against POTUS but Where's the Investigation of the Obama Regime?

http:// thegoldwater.com/news/20721-Globalist-Puppet-Mueller-Continues-Witch-Hunt-Against-POTUS-but-Where-s-Obama-Investigation

https:// twitter.com/IWillRedPillU/status/974394661447110658?s=19

21bfb0 No.676943

11a100 No.676944


They won't even bring her in for questioning.

c7f4c7 No.676945

https:// www.wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/Clinton_Email_August_Release/C05778404.pdf

d5e06c No.676946






All this time - I thought this was an intelligence recruiting platform

6e7da5 No.676947

File: 6eb34cdee56469c⋯.jpg (90.25 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 26h2cu.jpg)

a09435 No.676948

File: a4157e141eeb6a1⋯.png (346.74 KB, 1031x522, 1031:522, Capture.PNG)

http:// jewishjournal.com/news/israel/231819/netanyahu-gets-cold-feet-dismantling-government/

b0b0e4 No.676949

http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2018/03/15/broward-deputy-scot-peterson-seen-standing-outside-during-florida-school-shooting-in-new-video.html

d843a9 No.676950


>"haha, they will just climb the wall"

>"no, don't make it that high"

a5a140 No.676951

File: 584921b54cd731a⋯.png (30.86 KB, 1375x920, 275:184, ClipboardImage.png)

5ee2ae No.676952


Months bro.., trust the plan.

f8512f No.676954


I know it is a shit source, as I said in OP.

I just like the idea of Don Jr becoming so MAGA that it was too much for a normie to handle.

108eb0 No.676955


She lives behind walls around her house and that’s ok she’s Nancy.

db46de No.676956


Mattis on crazy-eye blood fraud startup girl's board of directors.

POTUS on American Red Cross board of directors.

dec0ca No.676957

BO is in a tough spot.

No matter what he does he gets criticised.

That is likely unavoidable as we question EVERYTHING.

Questioning everything is one of the keys to our strength.

But what if we put together a SHORT list of things we would all agree should be banned.

Such as:

Fake Q posters

People saying Q is a LARP

People posting about Flat Earth

Would most Patriots agree?

Would that help the board significantly?

Would that prevent BO from being criticised?

e2f01c No.676958

https:// www.infowars.com/gop-says-voting-machines-miscalibrated-in-district-lamb-won-saccone-votes-switched-to-lamb/

9f1d68 No.676959



Even though you might "know" all this, it's different when you read it.

Even if you read it again.

>>388571 MK Ultra thread

a5a140 No.676960

File: ae918799c9005f4⋯.jpg (534.66 KB, 1375x920, 275:184, NoArrests.jpg)

545d8e No.676961


are you spying on me … how did you get a screenshot of my desktop image?

248561 No.676962


Everyone wants quick and easy solutions. Power hungry people know and exploit this. But most things in life are neither quick nor easy.

b91a23 No.676963


I remember years ago thinking that SES members had less federal job security than regular civil service jobholders and were treated closer to political appointees, at least expected to be willing to leave when the political leaders changed. Maybe the press was lying then, but that was the clear impression that was left.

f98904 No.676964


I’m glad someone else brought this up…

Has that soulless Marissa Mayer look to her.

Oddly, I’ve also seen it in girls who ride horses. Crazy

0455d0 No.676965


There is not one…this whole thing is getting old. nothing is being done…they just keep getting away with all this crap and no one is doing sh… even q is getting old to me..I think I am leaving for awhile…the elections are still fixed and the government is still corrupt…no hillary video no one arrested yet…need a leave see you on the other side!!

db46de No.676966


As everyone knows, applying arbitrary nanny rules to the boards significantly improves results.

1d6bd6 No.676967


Fake Q is good because he exposes people who are too stupid to immediately recognize fake Q.

So let's not ban fake Q.

3689f7 No.676968

File: 087e8fd6922f07c⋯.jpeg (38.04 KB, 474x457, 474:457, fatpepe.jpeg)


Laughing, laughing, LAUGHING OUT LOUD.

11a100 No.676969


>Would that prevent BO from being criticised?

Calling Q out for wasting our lives for the last six months.

21bfb0 No.676970

File: 7b381c78d4b2372⋯.png (13.34 KB, 600x700, 6:7, keep-calm-and-watch-the-wo….png)

b8d30d No.676971


LOL, I get your point, she's like, f it your crazy, and who are all these anons?

b0b0e4 No.676972


How many times do you need to be told to stop worrying about it and get to work.

Fuck them. Install the script and ignore it.

1eb7fb No.676973


There is nothing new here. This is Plato’s Cave shit and this guy thinks he changed the world 20 years ago but just realized it.

People go about their lives unaware of What is true and beautiful. Same old, same old.

106612 No.676974

File: f975230f877aca9⋯.jpg (551.91 KB, 1911x945, 91:45, Spartans.jpg)

Spartans gathering in Washington?

7df27f No.676975

File: 7a8e173df29ad01⋯.jpg (163.23 KB, 801x434, 801:434, midnight-sun.jpg)

File: 6fb525dadeca878⋯.jpg (38.3 KB, 500x341, 500:341, red pill.jpg)

File: a08c0021ce16cc6⋯.jpg (212.35 KB, 806x568, 403:284, way too far.jpg)

File: fe9fbec9770e735⋯.jpeg (77.59 KB, 692x1005, 692:1005, moon light.jpeg)

File: 9d8655903c205c5⋯.jpg (26.9 KB, 474x493, 474:493, Awww.jpg)


Everything they have taught you is a lie

The enemy is here on this page

They are steering the conversation

They want you LOOKING DOWN - LOOK UP - UP - UP

There is dome above your head!


Research Flat Earth

>>676873 (You)

>>676841 (You)

>>676807 (You)

5ee2ae No.676976

File: a787b4e9981f7c0⋯.png (136.53 KB, 200x300, 2:3, a787b4e9981f7c09b4d2ab820e….png)

Trust the plan., Q did it..

db46de No.676977


Your sociopathic lack of concern for the parents who children have been raped and killed is noted, patriotboomer.


3094b5 No.676978



If this is true, I suggest we don't post until Q does from here on out. Elizabeth Holmes took $700 MILLION fucking dollars and didn't step foot in a holding cell.

You try to run a lemonade stand, and they throw you in jail before you even make a full dollar.

I'm not buying this Trust The Plan shit. Sounds like they need more time to find free-thinkers like us and be 120% sure they've got all of us tagged via IP & Social Media before they strike.

Order through Chaos. Remember that.

bdd31f No.676979

lots of sub hunting in the PNW

5ee2ae No.676980


I think that We need a new board.

9aa183 No.676981


behold the wonder of Filter ID+

it's all you need

a5a140 No.676982


Well put, Anon.

6beb9d No.676983



d50c6a No.676984



c70ff7 No.676985


The bridge might have been intentionally sabotaged to cover up bad steel. The plan could already have been in place and therefore known by counter intelligence

c11052 No.676986


Trust Sessions…wet juicy fart.

a42df2 No.676987


It is probably true. It's all over the searches using duckduck. So what? They are human. Hopefully it will be "amicable" & no one badmouths the other. They have 5 children to do the right thing by.

9f1d68 No.676988


Don't infight, please - same team.

He was refering to

"Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions."

7d26c9 No.676989


Didn't say WHICH BRIDGE....(important)....

May have just heard the chatter regarding A bridge....

OR....it might not have been a drop about a LITERAL bridge....

i.e. "bridging a gap".....etc....

We need to be REAL CAREFUL on how we "interpret" Q drops....and not READ IN TO IT to make it something it's not!

1eb7fb No.676990


I like Gina. She’s got spunk.

63b42c No.676991


There is a very real chance, IMO, that Don Jr fooled around in Russia 2013 at the Miss Universe Pagaent and this was or was going to be uncovered by the Mueller investigation. He probably told her and she left him. If something like this were true, this weakens Mueller's leverage considerably.

I have no evidence that supports this theory other than some of the things the drunk guy who refused to give additional testimony implied when he was interviewed on air.

2da578 No.676992


https:// www.enr.com/external_headlines/story?region=southeast&story_id=xXsZc3tXYR9qUw5etvRbBcKEQ5RnHM60tfP4Zg2v_pe19OjI2HGNV5pKNFir6JqBMRB0arL-JePDXe07KAiMONcsSQqDiTSU0AbmiyutKXn_CXXJtS3sBcysZAXy7yLd&images_premium=1&define_caption=1

There have already been four deaths associated with these green sustainable infrastructure projects in Florida. Before the bridge collapse.

5ee2ae No.676993


Archive offline that!, it's important.

2abd61 No.676994

File: 1f2152a467c19bb⋯.mp4 (284.19 KB, 360x360, 1:1, Cute Toy.mp4)



a62989 No.676995


No censorship.


If it is legal, deal, ignore and grow up.

3094b5 No.676996


NorCal or SoCal?

I'll fuck her shit up if she's close by. I'm sick of this shit. We need vigilance. More than enough evidence to do it ourselves.

b8d30d No.676997

I was hoping a certain video would finally drop today : ( All the Normies need a huge wake up call and eye opener already.

40f83c No.676998

File: 40e40c3b83ea584⋯.png (352.15 KB, 1298x332, 649:166, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at ….png)

db46de No.676999


Nigger, I can read and have read that. This is me, doubting the gospel.

247897 No.677000

Anons are discussing the bridge collapse, because it's what we do. We dig through news events.

And if we have people saying right off, don't dig, it's worthless, its stupid, etc.

No one dictates to us, what we choose to dig on. We are free to dig on anything we think , could be possibly related.

sometimes we dig on something small,, and it leads to a bigger lead on something else.

Sometimes it's a semi break for anons to dig on a bridge, instead of foundations/ people, etc.

People telling others not to dig on certain subjects,, raises BIG RED SHILL FLAGS.

And yesterday we were discussing bridge collapses( an anon was making infrastructure memes) and was using pictures of bridge collapses. I suggested using pics from bigger collapses/events for his memes.

Do you remember the plan( Obama and Clintons plan) to weaken America, make sure shoddy materials and building practices infilitrate our Military, infrastructure.

What better argument against infastructure( if people think new things are expensive( 14 million) and they are no better/safer then old grade D bridges we have.

It could be just a tragic accident,, done on purpose for some reason( argument against infastructure spending, which is coming up, and being discussed in the news)

b991ad No.677001


I have done that recently too and really wanted to bring this up.

When the girl "lily" drops the apple, there's a pretty clear Q symbol around her… And IDK if this is a reach, but as the apple splits it really looks like 4ch to me.

Also… if you go to the website http:// heliofant.com/

the guys that made it… You will notice their logo.. and it appears to me theres a Q smack dab in the middle of it.

I could go on, but I'm trying to keep it strickly Q related

719774 No.677002

== Watch This ==Have you seen this video regarding Trumps election being Divine? This is very awe inspiring!!

Just WOW! Ties into Q crumbs!

https:// youtu.be/1xfm1rf33bY

a09435 No.677003

File: 0d7933f871a0ade⋯.png (83.36 KB, 888x380, 222:95, cap2.PNG)

File: 517e249ed208695⋯.png (846.12 KB, 906x484, 453:242, Capture.PNG)

https:// www.nationalreview.com/2018/03/syria-crisis-obama-foreign-policy-disaster/

6beb9d No.677004


Is this a research or a gossip board?

0a2f3a No.677005


There's still time. A good shock to the system would do them good.

a09435 No.677006

c11052 No.677007


It’s a chase your tail board.

218c2d No.677008


Or they're only pretending to get divorced to protect her and their children from the attacks of the Left.

719774 No.677009

File: 374f1bdf2d25663⋯.png (739.59 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2787.PNG)

Watch This

Have you seen this video regarding Trumps election being Divine? This is very awe inspiring!!

Just WOW! Ties into Q crumbs!

https:// youtu.be/1xfm1rf33bY

f98904 No.677010


I fucking can’t wait until Q goes on the offensive to the public daily…..

It still feels like waiting, collecting, shutting down things with ops out of sight.

Eventually it has to start going the other way.

1e7e53 No.677011


Clown faggot trying to get us shut down for advocating violence against a sitting congresswoman?

Knock it off

7df27f No.677012

File: 8324a98e943cc9e⋯.jpg (367.44 KB, 1000x713, 1000:713, map-pic.jpg)

File: b14649dfcb296f6⋯.jpg (122.52 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Earth Brain.jpg)

File: 12ca9edf559fc43⋯.jpg (109.52 KB, 480x598, 240:299, Even I know.jpg)

4267d8 No.677013

File: 5aa1a17bfedfe70⋯.jpg (98.16 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Mueller.jpg)

Feck this Anon likely fails more captchas than an AI…

6e7da5 No.677014

You morons don't get it. BO can't ban anyone effectively. Use your fucking filter, you retarded slobs.

The chans are the very last place on the net that does not have censorship. Try posting anything you have posted here on wordpress, or similar, and see how long your blog lasts.

f5f23e No.677015

File: 5b84e458d7c56a2⋯.png (1.22 MB, 700x1400, 1:2, 13-Problems-Solved-by-Cook….png)

0a2f3a No.677016


depends on what the definition of "is" is.

9f1d68 No.677017


And this is you getting trips.

Your concerns are valid, and it's good to have them - shows you can think. I respect them. I will put faith because of other sources referencing Q and puzzle pointing to the Great Awakening.

I believe we are living in the last days of negativity.

6beb9d No.677018



6beb9d No.677019

3094b5 No.677020


Who said anything about violence? We can protest and follow her all over the country with memes, dumbass.

But I guess you want to whine and bitch on a forum like a boomerfag without doing anything in the REAL WORLD.


c11052 No.677021

Trust Sessions *wipes drool from double chins*

40f83c No.677022


hey our digits mirrored! How cool!

d50c6a No.677023


Fuck you Comey, go do your shitty poetry images

db46de No.677024



Is this a research board or nah? I mean, it takes exactly one second to search and find this:



But yeah, shady as fuck anon. Shady.

bb67c9 No.677025

File: 74486682633a272⋯.jpg (167.2 KB, 1504x867, 1504:867, secret empires.JPG)

Do we have this sauce from today?

http:// www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/03/15/secret-empire-joe-biden-john-kerry-billion-dollar-deal-chinese-government/

a78054 No.677026


maybe the 4 to 6% is the ones that dont fit well into the nwo

545d8e No.677027


that's how the shills killed r/CBTS_stream

c5fa51 No.677028


I personally think it's all part of the shit show to take down MSM. Could be wrong, but with all the monkeys fucking the football right now, who knows.

77983d No.677029


They already know who you are.

aa3b72 No.677030


go dig sth

b91a23 No.677031


Please show calculations leading to your conclusion that "midnight sun" as observed is inconsistent with the regular model of spherical tilted earth rotating on its (tilted) axis and revolving around the sun.

Check those calcs. I am sure you are wrong, and it's exactly consistent.

ab17a6 No.677032


Any sign of 2-#### birds.

6e7da5 No.677033

If Sessions is simply acting like an incompetent, do nothing, doddering fool, he should get the award for best fucking actor, ever.

358805 No.677034


Mueller is there to protect the cabal from arrests. He will not finish the so-called investigation!

d50c6a No.677035



db46de No.677036


The niggerbrains here think asking valid questions and holding people to account is negative and shilling. It's an act of fucking love.

247897 No.677037

File: 6f5d1804cd81156⋯.png (410.53 KB, 568x335, 568:335, 6f5d1804cd811561ab68a344b8….png)

3689f7 No.677038


4-6% are the ones bitching on online boards and doing nothing useful.

9f1d68 No.677039


From non-Q sources I can say this: Relax, it's not 1984.

0a2f3a No.677040


>monkeys fucking the football

106612 No.677041

File: 3d4f792f0dcdb51⋯.jpg (361.92 KB, 1239x985, 1239:985, NAF11_3.jpg)

NAF11 on final approach into Rotterdam.

fc2640 No.677042

File: 0d83cc92efe7672⋯.png (78.42 KB, 304x105, 304:105, ClipboardImage.png)


These are gorgeous, and you are a genius talent. But please, can you remove the reference to this board? We're not supposed to direct the public to this board.

c11052 No.677044


The NY Post

f7ec39 No.677045


It is whatever YOU make it.

108eb0 No.677046

9f1d68 No.677047


You have the right to question everything on every level, let no one tell you otherwise.

6a9b14 No.677048


>Cyclists will be chipped. They have already come out with it in California. The autonamous electric cars cannot recognize cyclists.


>And cyclists obey no traffic laws.

Serves them right.

b91a23 No.677049


It's an embarrassment for Mattis because as a board member he could have a fiduciary responsibility regarding Theranos. If he does, it'll appear thru civil court action, nothing we need to do.

a62989 No.677050

File: fab11d6a05e0c94⋯.png (23.66 KB, 623x204, 623:204, Mooch re jr.PNG)

File: 18f15014bff3943⋯.png (34.78 KB, 647x263, 647:263, Mooch re jr 2.PNG)


I have not seen pics of Jr and Vanessa together in months.

I suspected something like this and wish both of them well.

They do deserve their privacy which they won't get of course.

That being said, Mooch just posted these.

So let's move along and let Jr have his personal life.

3094b5 No.677051


Like us. Their programming didn't work so they're giving us an autist wild goose chase so we incriminate ourselves without their need to go heavy.

Remember how the tribunal will allow non-military lawyers? Yeah, as if you anons know anything but. We're getting fucked and cucked.

9ac6cc No.677052

File: 4207ad978834753⋯.jpg (250.67 KB, 885x516, 295:172, iknowwhatyoudid.jpg)

1b61f8 No.677053

What’s with all the Airforce traffic in DC? Anons want to speculate?

bb67c9 No.677054


good.. ty. just getting off of work. haven't been able to phonefag today.

0a2f3a No.677055


Mooch is on the CFR

545d8e No.677056

File: d02c6f60cbe31d9⋯.jpeg (56.64 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DYW-RTQVAAAHRhT.jpg:large.jpeg)

File: 56e33bafdad5650⋯.png (7.26 KB, 220x42, 110:21, Screenshot-2018-3-15 Tweet….png)

dead pellican

ab326b No.677057


>monkeys fucking the football

yeah i'll be repeating that, ha

db46de No.677058

I know very well people who grew up in bible cults. Any question is met with a verse from scripture. It is brainwashing garbage. What is happening here?

<ib4 some asshole quotes Q

0a2f3a No.677059


it's a first for me!


6c8b90 No.677060

File: 28d544d7bd5f116⋯.jpg (105.79 KB, 527x444, 527:444, castpearls.jpg)

528650 No.677061



a09435 No.677062

There has to be more dirt on John Kerry, right? Why are there not more John Kerry crumbs?

c17ea2 No.677063


Not specifically. But when the fire gets hot they fuck shit up to cause a distraction. And they do it all the time anon. And of the person that was listed as killed is who they are saying what are the chances after her husband was whacked too? With all the remote hacking tools they have. But I hear you next research.

5b58a5 No.677064

Ever play a real time strategy game? One technique to win is to go after the peasants and then the buildings cant be upgraded, soldiers cant be deployed, people cant be fed etc. Its what the cabal has been doing to us forever. Think about it, we're leaderless. Theyrr on the other side of a divide and it took a few compassionate people on that side to realize what was going on is wrong. We are the pyramid without a capstone, all little guys and no leader. Maybe nature abhors a vacuum and people like trump come along to step and be a real leader to us.

It could also be why we're not seeing arrests of big names. Trump is going after the support base first. The low level human traffickers and child porn distributers. Its Probably a huge source of income for the higher ups. And at the same time separating us from the MSM, hollywood, social media and hitting them in the pocketbooks. Destroying the pyramid from the bottom up

3310b9 No.677065


I have both a Brother & a Sister who will be part of the 4-6%. It wouldn't matter if DJT made world peace with Iran & NK or shit a golden nugget on 5th & Main…they'd still hate his guts. They're so brainwashed and can't reach them with anything. Their souls are so conflicted with hate that Sister has lost all faith in God since DJT elected. Satan has a big hold on their souls. Sad, but true-brainwashed beyond any help!

77983d No.677066


Who cares outside of the people involved? Shit happens in every marriage and sometimes they break apart.

3094b5 No.677067


Exactly! My boomerfag dad is the same way. Anything to avoid actual thought or real life action to save problem in his own life.

"God will provide" Even those he's fat as fuck with a stress fracture and can't walk down these McMansion stairs in house in foreclosure. What a fucking load of bullshit.

6e7da5 No.677068

File: 7d4459c654a1abb⋯.jpg (59.58 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 26h3u9.jpg)

dec0ca No.677069


Filtering only last for a single bread and is not a solution.

Banning flat earth is not censorship, it's staying focused. This is Q RESEARCH not flat earth research.

Fake Q can fool new patriots. We were all newfags at one point in time. Is keeping fake Q worth losing members who could lurk and then contribute? Is it worth losing someone who may connect important dots?

Our strength is in our unity and working together. In out diverse backgrounds and area of expertise. We have made much progress but still need new people and perspectives.

5ee2ae No.677070


Curious.., More Alternatives.

0a2f3a No.677071


Bill Gates was visiting today, and Ireland dignitaries

c17ea2 No.677072


When some of the real truth comes out hopefully the spell will be broken. And it is a spell.

df8815 No.677073

b8d30d No.677074


I was just thinking, this could be a distraction possibly and nothing more, guess we'll have to wait and see.Good luck MAGA Jr.

a09435 No.677075

File: 35376258c30413b⋯.png (37.37 KB, 716x254, 358:127, Capture.PNG)

https:// www.bibeypost.com/minerals-technologies-mtx-stock-declined-while-rothschild-asset-management-has-decreased-stake-lesa-sroufe-shares-rose/

a433fe No.677076


Multiple levels. Everything we're doing here is for the sake of fighting corruption on the most massive scale.

So much so that if we told everyone everything we know, it would be just too much for a normal person to take in. Yes, we're labeled "Wacko" "Conspiracy Theorist" and Nut", but we don't let that stop us because we NEED to expose these things. Sure when we get close to letting something uncomfortable slip out, we get attacked. It's all part of this. It doesn't matter if it's America, Germany, Italy or France…if you consider yourself a patriot, believe in a greater good for yourself, your region and the future, then either sit back and watch these boards or give us a hand and start looking up stuff. You don't have to be good at it, as long as you learn something. Read the Q post catalog, pay attention to the news and what we do here, too.

1d6bd6 No.677077

File: e3eb8bdf78189f1⋯.jpg (100.22 KB, 960x539, 960:539, seemnice.jpg)

3832e1 No.677078


Autoban the ones that respond to FakeQ…

a42df2 No.677079


That's why r/CBTS got shut down. One of many reasons, so STFU. When you start talking about "vigilante" justice, which you misspelled as "vigilant", that's a problem, NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK IT IS OR IS NOT.

4267d8 No.677080


Unless you explain yr excellent drawing

this Anon is confused

9ac6cc No.677081


My whole family is like that. We don't even speak now. Their loss IMO. But I refuse to give up, I'll always fight for truth.

528650 No.677083


That makes as much sense as banging your head Against the wall "cause it feels good when I stop".

4cd6f8 No.677085

File: 3b6e81f6dc71fec⋯.jpg (38.18 KB, 318x439, 318:439, IMG_1143.JPG)

4d9d19 No.677086

>>676055 (last bread)

>"Der Volkslehrer mit Ursula Haverbeck"

>blocked on YT and Hooktube

it is working on vimeo. interesting granny, and funny. she's almost 90 and making YT videos about the most taboo topic in Germany ha,

358805 No.677087

Feels like this today:

Moses went to get the 10 commandment, and everyone started to chow on each other because he was late! lol

cc2cb4 No.677088


Laying more foundation for an Iranian Revolution. Many mullah bootlickers are crapping themselves at this news.

a09435 No.677089

File: 8c9ee591b337d79⋯.png (21.56 KB, 722x226, 361:113, roth 2.PNG)

https:// heraldks.com/american-money-management-has-raised-its-union-pacific-unp-position-by-507495-as-share-value-declined-rothschild-asset-management-has-trimmed-visa-v-position-as-market-valuation-rose/

9f1d68 No.677090


Programming on many levels.

The lack of true spiritual awakening is replaced by a false messiah from satanic sources, reinforced by quotes from a cult book.

Current christianity cannot hold a candle to the gnostics from the age of the spiritual master Jesus. His original teachings were common sense and extremely empowering - they can be found today, if one dares to look, fragmented and in the "minds of lunatics". You will most likely be told to "go research flat earth" (psyop made to discredit us) because the pidgeonhole conspiracy effect is magnified for sleepers.

When one spiritually awakens by applying extended common sense spiritual teachings - using Universal Love in his daily life - then one becomes resistant to such misleading sources, and begins the path that will free him forever.

9aa183 No.677091


duckduck "pears before swine" and become educated

77983d No.677092


Yes. You'll get to visit her every during because she'll be in the cell right next to you. Hope you like the smell of rotting cabbage.

1d6bd6 No.677093


Dumb anons are dumb.

d9317f No.677094


cast not pearls before swine

4cd6f8 No.677095

File: d91ed4b6a198a48⋯.jpg (71.79 KB, 290x506, 145:253, IMG_1132.JPG)

Damn red coats

27950d No.677096


Did you Boom boom boom boom post refer to the 4 aircraft that went down? Pakistan, Iran, Ny, x?

545d8e No.677097




retards filtered

9aa183 No.677098


doh, *pearls

c15a4e No.677099

File: 4adeb8d91353a56⋯.png (4.17 KB, 291x132, 97:44, Screenshot-2018-3-15 Q.png)


Maybe you missed the memo.

2b9a73 No.677100

File: 881f888a4ed48bd⋯.jpg (125.97 KB, 790x444, 395:222, Unbenannt-1k.jpg)

you think podesta was recorded by a 2nd person when he turned full skippy? maybe it was his own phone on his belt? explains the weird angle.

to be honest, its kind of a stretch. but I think I am onto something here.

106612 No.677101


That's a negative at the moment. I've seen none all day. They may have got cuter and turned the transponders off if they know we are watching them.

b8d30d No.677102


Kung fu Hustle lady will kick her butt fast,haha

309750 No.677103

What would your top 2 questions to Q be,

if Q showed up right now??

d50c6a No.677104

File: 35d138b4c908f61⋯.jpg (57.04 KB, 702x395, 702:395, 26dm3p.jpg)

c70ff7 No.677105

things like a video being released before any trial seem unrealistic to me. Letting evidence out into the Court of public opinion would be a great defense argument for the ability to have a fair trial. Remember anons when we get impatient, we don't only want to see an arrest, we want a prosecution, conviction, and no over turning by an Appellate Court. The conditions in society now will not bring those results. When Bill Clinton was President he fired every prosecutor and hired his own picks. He appointed Judges who serve for a lifetime. Bush 2 and BHO also appointed Judges and hired prosecutors. The planning to drain the swamp may have been in the works for years but the power to clean house was never there. When we look at all of the damaged done to our Country over several decades and see how much has been turned back and repaired, you can see the win category is unlike any other time in our Countries history. If you step back and look at the big picture you can see the Trump train is moving at warp speed in comparison to the decades it took to cause the harm. Pull up your bootstraps and relight your inner passion to MAGA. Ignore the shills. Don't waste a post to talk to them or about them. If you are going to address the subject be sure to include something of value in your post. This is our home field and they are a mere temporary visitor. Carry on

fc1c1e No.677106

Can't find the sauce right now, but that bridge was designed to be a suspension bridge.

6ce930 No.677107

So far 2018 has been a tad bit less than glorious.

a09435 No.677108

File: 35376258c30413b⋯.png (37.37 KB, 716x254, 358:127, Capture.PNG)

File: 8c9ee591b337d79⋯.png (21.56 KB, 722x226, 361:113, roth 2.PNG)

File: b9a9d685dcd03f0⋯.png (18.6 KB, 871x191, 871:191, roths 3.PNG)

Rothschild's are in the mood to sell?

a62989 No.677109


Also sets the stage for US to do something re Iran

Would not seem reasonable to have NK denuclearized and then have SA develop nukes

4cd6f8 No.677110

File: 7326e3d0389e6ad⋯.jpg (41.42 KB, 337x436, 337:436, IMG_1137.JPG)

Concernfags need a board

cc2cb4 No.677111


Can't wait for the day this board is not needed.

6beb9d No.677112


I'm calling out the BS posters.

If you are fine with nonsense posting, it's okay for me.

Istead of telling me, what to do, read this article so you can understand what Trump really achived with his tariffs. Warning: it is longer than a few sentences.

https:// www.cfr.org/blog/trump-china-and-steel-tariffs-day-wto-died

0455d0 No.677113


Show me an arrest

show me hillary video

568a9d No.677114


You understand that you are talking to yourself faggot? That's creepy. Nobody cares that you're drooling ….FILTERED

d9317f No.677115


found in "the kybalion" too

6a35a9 No.677116


They coordinate their shit in the open on Twitter and maybe other places. All the intel it seems they had was a bridge attack. We couldn’t stop it but we knew it was coming, just like the parkland shooting. I’d say another bridge will come down. But wasn’t there a collapse in Europe of one too recently?

9aa183 No.677117


some of us don't see Q as our private guidance counselor

6cf7dc No.677118

Did the chemical weapons in Ukraine get funneled to MB or ISIS?

https:// fas.org/asmp/campaigns/MANPADS/2005/LugarObama.htm

1d6bd6 No.677119


Define "glorious"

Who exactly wasn't sleeping those nights?

e1afdb No.677120


I am not believing a video is going to be released. I am a patriot.

I support the good guys.

I just have a hard time believing a video of hildabeast of some sex act will be released.

Call me crazy. and I will eat crow if it comes. I am perfectly ok with that. Just not gonna believe it til I see it.

0c9d28 No.677121


Why for the love of God Pompeo.

Is the stage set and ready for the Vid, if not

anything we can do to help?

6c8b90 No.677122


I agree. As soon as business wrapped up I'm out of here never to return. Only here for the intel.

cc2cb4 No.677123


The only person wasting your life is you. You are responsible for you.

5ee2ae No.677124


That happens when the Board isn's Discipline

106612 No.677125

File: 51d98d64f32d81d⋯.jpg (381.38 KB, 1729x975, 133:75, FRADB.jpg)

The French Air Farce are off to Egypt/Jordan again, based on flight track.

247897 No.677126


They are saying it was filed in New York Court today.

Vanessa files for divorce from Donald Jr after 13 years of marriage and five children together

Vanessa Trump has filed for divorce from her husband of 13 years, submitting papers in a Manhattan court on Thursday

The couple have five children and a source tells DailyMail.com that Vanessa is not seeking full custody at this time

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5507187/Vanessa-Trump-files-divorce-Donald-Trump-Jr.html

dec0ca No.677127


Q never said it was a sex act.

Trust the plan.

a382d3 No.677128

http:// abcnews.go.com/Blotter/rezko-connection-obamas-achilles-heel/story?id=4111483

Tony Rezko was Obama's money man before being convicted of money laundering and pay-for-play. Were there others funding Obama's early days?

27950d No.677129


Or does Boom refer to the new aircraft called boom and their role in Spacex?

1c5c86 No.677130

>>677021 Expand you're thinking *pets cat*

c2d327 No.677131

DO we have any PROOF someone died in the bridge collapse? Or the school shooting for that matter?

e1afdb No.677132


I'm not the anon who posted that.

Glorious to me is anything with more Freedom.

Give us back our Freedom.

I already feel glorious but am happy for more.

The tax cuts were YUGE.

MSM does not want us to know how glorious that was.

4cd6f8 No.677133

File: 1eb8c62d46225f2⋯.jpg (86.79 KB, 640x640, 1:1, IMG_1141.JPG)

Q is a symbol

A circle

With a line

Drawn through

Happy hunting

5ee2ae No.677134


I hope a plane crash.

6beb9d No.677135

CFR wrote an article on Trump's new tariffs.

CFR says that Trump is right and that there are no legal measures to stop him.

CFR says that the WTO is history.

https:// www.cfr.org/blog/trump-china-and-steel-tariffs-day-wto-died

b91a23 No.677136

>>676990 I was very disturbed by the horrible photos coming out of Abu Ghraib. We definitely did some sick things over there. I don't know if Haspel was associated with it or was working to keep the excesses down, among troops who doubtless hated and feared the enemy.

"Torture" can mean something as simple as waterboarding, and if it was effective, I don't have a problem with it. I didn't have any confidence in our objectives over there, but that wouldn't have been Haspel's call.

419a69 No.677137

Watch the water

https:// orbmedia.org/stories/plus-plastic


e362b6 No.677138

anons if you know anyone in CT get them to oppose this bill!

I can't believe all of the supporters either - I listed them too~

https:// cga.ct.gov/asp/cgabillstatus/cgabillstatus.asp?selBillType=Bill&bill_num=HB05421&which_year=2018


Please email your written testimony or appear to speak at the hearing. Your VOTE counts and so does your VOICE!

Don't let them steal it from you! #STOPTheNPV

*DETAILS below:


The Government Administration and Elections Committee will hold a public hearing on Monday, March 19, 2018 at 10:00 A.M. in Room 2A of the LOB. Sign-up for the hearing will be from 8:00 A.M. to 9:30 A.M. in Room 2A of the LOB. Please submit 30 copies of written testimony to the Committee staff between 8:00 A.M. and 9:30 A.M. in Room 2A of the LOB. Testimony received after the designated time may not be distributed until after the hearing. Please email written testimony in Word or PDF format to GAEtestimony@cga.ct.gov. Testimony should clearly state testifier name and related Bills and/or Resolutions.


To enter Connecticut into the Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote, thereby committing the state's votes in the Electoral College to the presidential candidate that wins the popular vote nationally, regardless of whether such presidential candidate wins the popular vote within the state.

Co-sponsors of HB-5421

Rep. Joseph P. Gresko, 121st Dist.Rep. Derek Slap, 19th Dist.

Rep. Mary M. Mushinsky, 85th Dist.Rep. Kim Rose, 118th Dist.

Rep. James M. Albis, 99th Dist.Rep. Matthew Lesser, 100th Dist.

Rep. Roland J. Lemar, 96th Dist.Rep. Larry B. Butler, 72nd Dist.

Rep. William Tong, 147th Dist.Rep. Philip L. Young, 120th Dist.

Sen. Steve Cassano, 4th Dist.Rep. Michael Winkler, 56th Dist.

Rep. Bob Godfrey, 110th Dist.Rep. Michael D'Agostino, 91st Dist.

Rep. Jonathan Steinberg, 136th Dist.Sen. Beth Bye, 5th Dist.

Rep. Joshua Malik Hall, 7th Dist.Rep. Patricia A. Dillon, 92nd Dist.

Rep. Kevin Ryan, 139th Dist.Rep. Matthew Ritter, 1st Dist.

Rep. Henry J. Genga, 10th Dist.Rep. John K. Hampton, 16th Dist.

Rep. Charlie L. Stallworth, 126th Dist.Rep. Terry B. Adams, 146th Dist.

Rep. Geraldo C. Reyes, 75th Dist.Rep. Cristin McCarthy Vahey, 133rd Dist.

Rep. Linda A. Orange, 48th Dist.Rep. Brandon L. McGee, 5th Dist.

Sen. Terry B. Gerratana, 6th Dist.Rep. Dorinda Borer, 115th Dist.

Rep. Gregory Haddad, 54th Dist.Rep. John "Jack" F. Hennessy, 127th Dist.

Rep. Diana S. Urban, 43rd Dist.Rep. Christine Conley, 40th Dist.

Sen. Marilyn V. Moore, 22nd Dist.Sen. Gary A. Winfield, 10th Dist.

Rep. Michael A. DiMassa, 116th Dist.Rep. Robert Sanchez, 25th Dist.

Rep. Andrew M. Fleischmann, 18th Dist.Rep. Juan R. Candelaria, 95th Dist.

Rep. Robyn A. Porter, 94th Dist.Rep. Chris Perone, 137th Dist.

Rep. Hilda E. Santiago, 84th Dist.Rep. Toni E. Walker, 93rd Dist.

Rep. Ezequiel Santiago, 130th Dist.Rep. Susan M. Johnson, 49th Dist.

Rep. Russell A. Morin, 28th Dist.Rep. Edwin Vargas, 6th Dist.

Rep. Alphonse Paolillo, 97th Dist.Rep. Josh Elliott, 88th Dist.

Rep. Chris Soto, 39th Dist.Rep. Liz Linehan, 103rd Dist.

Rep. Antonio Guerrera, 29th Dist.Rep. Michelle L. Cook, 65th Dist.

Rep. Joe de la Cruz, 41st Dist.Rep. Christopher Rosario, 128th Dist.

Rep. Emmett D. Riley, 46th Dist.Rep. Steven J. Stafstrom, 129th Dist.

Rep. David Arconti, 109th Dist.Rep. Peter A. Tercyak, 26th Dist.

Rep. Caroline Simmons, 144th Dist.Sen. Bob Duff, 25th Dist.

Rep. Jason Rojas, 9th Dist.Sen. John W. Fonfara, 1st Dist.

Sen. Douglas McCrory, 2nd Dist

https:// cga.ct.gov/asp/cgabillstatus/cgabillstatus.asp?selBillType=Bill&bill_num=HB05421&which_year=2018

358805 No.677139


You are correct, will be evidence to arrest them but nothing pedo. Bad stuff will come out behind the closed doors. We do not need lawlessness here…

9aa183 No.677140


it happens every damn time he posts, between dozens of useless "HELLO Q! LUV U" posts and such shameful garbage, anons rushing to throw their prefered beef at Q, hoping to be chosen ones… ugh. hate those with a passion

4096af No.677141


Q predicted the bridge collapse.

Future proves past.

2c7a4f No.677142


I would think no, until MSM runs it for hours on end. then I ask why are they pushing this?

f5f23e No.677143


i know eh?

the defeat of nk

and the way liddle kimmy folded

was a real downer

4e0abc No.677144

File: ab0dce61e66e6dc⋯.jpg (633.13 KB, 5128x2857, 5128:2857, gettyimages-532642398-e147….jpg)

wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q? wtf, !Q?

c70ff7 No.677145


a sex video with a child could never be released because it is child porn and anyone airing or watching it would be jailed. I hope that is not the expectations of others because they will be disappointed.

1b61f8 No.677146

>>677120. I don’t think so either. Really I don’t believe anyone cares about her sex life. I think it has something to do with her ordering a hit or Benghazi

d50c6a No.677147

File: 2f338e216d5d55c⋯.jpg (55.83 KB, 702x395, 702:395, 26h4mx.jpg)

0a2f3a No.677148


I used to think everyone knew that. But they don't. Seems to be the hardest thing for some people to grasp.

872a30 No.677149


predicted? NO

viewed via looking glass? Maybe

6c6233 No.677150


Little shits. Collecting tissue while it's still warm

106612 No.677151

File: 791a5dd4555e36f⋯.jpg (280.95 KB, 1091x981, 1091:981, FRADB_2.jpg)

This one left from Paris CDG. Could be Macron?

a62989 No.677152




a770cb No.677154

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/news/grade-point/wp/2018/03/15/new-pedestrian-bridge-collapses-at-florida-international-university-injuring-several/?utm_term=.f6cb952a5575


This is the university that George Webb is always says collects the foreign kids for the rat lines…

cf2cd8 No.677155

File: afe1d5abc181383⋯.png (831.06 KB, 1315x608, 1315:608, InclusiveCapitalism.png)

File: c67b4252df145f9⋯.png (384.25 KB, 1482x736, 741:368, InclusiveCapitalism2.png)

File: c1fdbe927084fc5⋯.png (277.07 KB, 352x481, 352:481, ShareBlueGayDads.png)

File: 11d913732fadf47⋯.png (852.55 KB, 1223x513, 1223:513, Salesforce.png)

So what is Lynn de Rothschild been doing since one month after the FBI announced they were opening a criminal investigation into HRC?

She held huge gathering of globalists including Bill Clinton and Vatican reps.

https:// www.inc-cap.com/

Most recently she was speaking at this Dreamforce Conference of all kinds of tech people and celebrities like Al Gore, Mark Cuban, Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman, etc.. This conference is connected to some company called Salesforce that uses AI technology in an app they call EINSTEIN.

Looking at the social media of the employees it is clear they are all full blown commies. Tons of homos, trans, and minorities all demanding "EQUALITY". Pure cancer everywhere you look.

Somebody smarter than me please look into this. I think this is connected to Shareblue and Soros. Huge operation. Links.

https:// www.youtube.com/channel/UCkHkhetUQaCO8CAMqS3xaaw/featured

https:// www.youtube.com/user/salesforce/videos

https:// twitter.com/salesforce

https:// www.wired.com/story/inside-salesforces-quest-to-bring-artificial-intelligence-to-everyone/

https:// www.forbes.com/companies/salesforce/

https:// www.forbes.com/profile/susan-wojcicki/

Susan Wojcicki is connected to Salesforce.

https:// www.instagram.com/salesforce/?hl=en

6a9b14 No.677156


The National Enquirer is actually covering Uranium One.

2abd61 No.677157

File: 466120bd7011cf7⋯.png (14.15 KB, 288x288, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Found it.

4267d8 No.677158


ty looked at the drawing and overlooked the pearls

a04c80 No.677159

Daily reminder, if that faggot McCabe gets a pension there is no "trust sessions", "trust Wray", "trust the plan"….

a85dba No.677160


As someone posted earlier, FIU President is a CFR member.

7d26c9 No.677161

File: 251ea182e18297f⋯.jpg (21.55 KB, 341x413, 341:413, wrecking-ball.jpg)

If that's not SPOT ON….I don't know what is!!!

a42df2 No.677162


I'm pretty sure it would take an amendment to the constitution to abolish the electoral college. My opinion is that it will never happen.

eba11a No.677163


Q wrote:










Russia ICBM tech.

HRC open source.




Highest levels of US-G.



. . .

Could this be the BRIDGE: http:// itlaw.wikia.com/wiki/Federal_Bridge_Certification_Authority

This relates to how one computer is authorised to connect to another computer.

Think certificates.

247897 No.677164

File: f63bf8a774cf373⋯.png (631.42 KB, 774x864, 43:48, Dilly drop 3 of 8 on March….png)


They will not be dropping a sex tape first( it will be one of the other ones, like tarmac meeting)

Brenden Dilley drops have always been good, reliable.

5ee2ae No.677165


Yep, Now We need to update the Rules of the Group, this is shameful.. :(

0a2f3a No.677166


yeah gross WTF

I drink bottled water all the time dude


4cd6f8 No.677167

File: 35cb16651d34348⋯.jpg (34.84 KB, 383x384, 383:384, IMG_1139.JPG)

Ever since wookie went roque

Q team has been


Stop biting yo tongue fags

0455d0 No.677168


I agree, Q would need to do some talking

ab17a6 No.677169


Keep an eye open its heading mideast. 2-BASG went into Salalah late last night.

c70d20 No.677170


Their fears about people fighting are soo overblown, particular as it relates to the public. The internals can eat fuckin' dicks, put a couple of them on death row and they will chill the fuck out FAST.

As far as the people they have been turned into sheeple completely pacified by TV, drugs, apathy do you really believe they will go apeshit?

If the answer is yes then you are falling for the Deep State's plans to stop / slow the offensive. Think about it

The only people you need to worry about are the Patriots and what they will do if you do not take care of business.

It's just more delay and BS tactics, which is why I was not a fan of the last post Q left us with. Pull back, he must not be a Marine! (Not that I am either).

Either way they got to be done by 11/11 so mayaswell get it over with, when in doubt kill !

5ee2ae No.677171


Plane crash?

fbb1ef No.677172

https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/2447975

Found something of use for red pilling.

Evidence regarding existance of satanic ritual abuse.

9aa183 No.677173


as if more rules was a solution… NO.

Those who are smart to follow them don't need them

Those who are too dumb to follow them wouldn't

a770cb No.677174


Wonder if it was made with Chinese steel…

Lots of people are CFR members…

What are his other connections?

4cd6f8 No.677175

File: 975b46c9b05d05c⋯.jpeg (5 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 71FCDC92-87DD-4D87-B8D8-2….jpeg)



825fb5 No.677176


I hate to say it too but it's true. Q made a big point about pointing out #2 and having Trump confirm it with a Tweet. If he gets that pension and gets to walk away. Thats some bull.

545d8e No.677177


> www.cfr.org/blog/trump-china-and-steel-tariffs-day-wto-died

here ya go impatientfags:

>But that should not close our eyes to what has been lost. The WTO was the crown jewel in the effort to build international governance

3094b5 No.677178


Nam. LOL. Fuck off dusty boomer faggot.

Fighting proxy wars means you're hardcore? Think with your trigger finger and not your brain some more. KILL YOURSELF. You're just in the way. You're welcome for your scammy social security that we'll never get. Good on you old fucker.

8d49b5 No.677179

File: 673560c9ee5d922⋯.png (398.72 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_5695.PNG)


>Alt Art

Q Card #102

a09435 No.677180

File: e29f9c1e40dc83f⋯.png (27.8 KB, 948x254, 474:127, Capture.PNG)

http:// host.madison.com/business/investment/markets-and-stocks/lockheed-martin-to-build-saudi-arabia-a-modern-navy/article_f5566ef8-6c22-51d2-9d04-fb9915f97a49.html

e362b6 No.677181


They cannot air something like that, however, I did heard there is footage of an official 'handling" a child in a forceful way, not sure yet if that is her or not thought

607d01 No.677183


Same, whole family, but I think they'll come around. Meanwhile, it is so painful to witness, and it is heartbreaking that I am unable to share the Truth.

ab17a6 No.677184

5ce789 No.677185


You act like a brainwash machine.

Doesn't work. I already know flat Earth and the heliocentric model are both wrong.

You have to think outside in.

6c8b90 No.677186


That's what goes on here.

Q has given us veritable pearls of highly valuable information and insights.

Too many don't seem to recognize or appreciate it.

4cd6f8 No.677187

File: 5b2fe4ceef643f8⋯.jpg (55.96 KB, 345x427, 345:427, IMG_1136.JPG)

Plenty of shrimp Dan

bec732 No.677188


So if you dont like the way things are run around here- go & shit the board up someplace else.

cefac0 No.677189

http:// www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/03/blind-item-7_10.html?m=1

George Nader the paedo? Ref human trafficking and CP. Sick.

a42df2 No.677190


No he did not. You really think if they knew they (the white hats) would have actually let it happen & kill/injure a bunch of people? Please. I think it was a crappy structure to start with, & could even be b/c of really bad steel from China. QTeam does not plan for or allow people to be killed in ANY situation. JMHO.

3094b5 No.677191


So Q's hand is up Dilley's ass like a puppet?

Is that what you're getting at? Livestreaming with a MAGA fashion show behind him. Kek. Next blind loyalfag, please.

309750 No.677192


Do you have the most recent one?

106612 No.677193


Roger that. I watched it approach there but had to hit the sack. Thanks for the update.

These 2-planes are really suspect and spoopy as Hell.

e1afdb No.677194


Good laugh.

I agree.

She's dumb if divorcing.

She's safer with him in my book.

But what do I know.

5ee2ae No.677195


And Why is the Shills here?, also the Shills are fools and Emos., there isn't Discipline

cb5a83 No.677196

File: 111ed5369f466ff⋯.jpg (55.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, lockheedmartin.jpg)


Lockheed Martin needs antitrust attention because it is the most dangerous corporation on earth, worse than OCP. The satanic pentagram as a corporate logo isn't good either.

6beb9d No.677197


Thank you, for reading this.

Yes, he ended WTO that harmed national economies.

He just did it.


c8a156 No.677198

File: 9d82a19f6ac62d1⋯.png (19.9 KB, 1328x202, 664:101, MARCHOFIDES.png)



dec0ca No.677199

Is the bridge a variation of a false flag?

A way to control the news cycle?

A way to distract from BIG news that they are scared might come out today/soon?

da4616 No.677200

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0455d0 No.677201


I hate to say it but I sure hope Q teem will hurry up on some arrest. People are starting to get a little …..

e1afdb No.677202

106612 No.677203



3689f7 No.677204

File: 0777b3613804e1a⋯.jpg (66.99 KB, 334x278, 167:139, Blesspotus.jpg)


Correct. Bread this if you can, OP/BO/BV/Baker.


db46de No.677205

The constant call from the boomerfags on this board for bans, for new rules, for the need to announce that they are filtering, calling everyone a shill, is disgusting. That said, it really puts into perspective where these fascist millennial Maoists are coming from – their parents of course, who are all here apparently.

a09435 No.677206

File: e60c8761a6892cb⋯.png (79.43 KB, 923x370, 923:370, Capture.PNG)

https:// www.wsj.com/articles/saudi-arabia-signals-commitment-to-oil-production-cuts-1521031199

4cd6f8 No.677207


Allied signal is worthless

They had a conspiracy with Fran filters for a long time

Fexas shill caca

4096af No.677208


What happened on March 3, 2018? The bridge is payback for what happened that day (today).

590432 No.677209


I can only imagine what shit they could of talked about on that call. hopefully it's something that will lead onto the deeper stuff. need them normie glads tingling for more juicy gossip.

9aa183 No.677210


if there was so much more discipline, i don't think you'd be posting… but hey, good to have worldwide anons here. I hope your english gets better, though. Godspeed

ab17a6 No.677211


2-CHIU into Beijing 00-45 direct flight from HK. In earlier breads.

825fb5 No.677212

File: b5958555775e656⋯.jpeg (218.68 KB, 913x1009, 913:1009, D6046789-C9AC-417A-AB9A-8….jpeg)

db46de No.677213


Didn't come for pearls. I came for blood and justice.

5ee2ae No.677214


Desperate meansures requieres Desperate actions.

545d8e No.677215


Democrat filtered

2c7a4f No.677216


hardware store chemical suicide only takes one inhale.

f4b3cf No.677217


Did the Chinese record their conversations with Joe Biden ?? And did the Chinese make a deal based on pressure from the Cabal ??

da4616 No.677218


a electric universe SAFIRE update

6e7da5 No.677219

File: 2a3a7f79e337fbe⋯.jpg (66.55 KB, 500x888, 125:222, 26h5cw.jpg)

623ebb No.677220


I predict the bridge collapse NOT connected, people are really reaching here. IMO that bridge looked like it had bad connections at pier(s). How can the bottom slab be flush to the wall/pier instead of mounting on the pier top it was Bolted/welded to the inside face of pier. Makes no sense!

4a652f No.677221


Your work is stupendous!

If you take requests, I would like to see a card for Admiral Mike Rogers. I didn't see one for him the other day when I was going through the collection.

Thanks again for all your work on these - they are becoming very popular and hope you are copyrighting your work

6c8b90 No.677222


This is exactly why, when the business of this board is completed, I'll leave for good and kick the dust off my shoes as I exit.

cad84b No.677223

e1afdb No.677224


who the f cares at this point.

4cd6f8 No.677225

File: df39acde45af620⋯.jpg (37.73 KB, 278x530, 139:265, IMG_1129.JPG)

Hoes don't know

c70ff7 No.677226


if convicted of a crime against the USA such as obstruction of a federal investigation, he would be held liable for the cost of the investigation and that would exceed his total pension by far. I'm not hung up on the deadline for pension detail. He would have to make restitution to the American people and Federal prosecutors would have to do their job and seek the restitution

c8a156 No.677227


106612 No.677228

File: 42ebf3c2570074b⋯.jpg (44.27 KB, 500x721, 500:721, Conehead2.jpg)

a42df2 No.677229


Fuck you asshat. What have you ever done for your country, proxy war or not? People didn't have a choice in the Vietnam war b/c of a little thing called the draft. Eat a bag of dicks you ignorant idiot.

780be0 No.677230


neither one of which are questions

huge problem with most newfags

they dont read

108eb0 No.677231

6a9b14 No.677232


First day on the job, glowfag?

d9317f No.677233


Ayn Rand predicted it too, and much more to be learned here.

106612 No.677234


That's a roger, thanks.

a42df2 No.677235


Thank you for your service & sacrifice, anon. The stupid is strong in here today.

9aa183 No.677236


>who the f cares at this point.

polyamorous sexually liberated hypocrites liberals?

247897 No.677237


https:// twitter.com/Hublife?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

He is LIVE right now, taking Q questions.

27950d No.677238


60% must remain private for humanity? Bullshit. They eat babies, have been genociding us in a slow kill this whole time… I can fucking (sorry for cursing just showing passion) handle it!!!

a5a140 No.677239


You would do well for yourself to read Q's posts prior to posting here and publicly displaying your colossal ignorance. Your sociopathic lack of knowledge trumps (pun intended) this Anon's brilliant meme:

"Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions."

a770cb No.677240


No, “[you] all hang from nooses."

40f83c No.677241


I would ask what about the black pope in Solomon temple

and if shakespeare was a blackhat/whitehat

dude and dr john dee.. MATH BLAST

I trust the plan anon.

No questions about it, see the forest through the trees.

e1afdb No.677243

c920c9 No.677244


Show us your DD214 juniorfag

1d6bd6 No.677245

File: e2b5eb0bd2b357a⋯.jpg (163.39 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, born.jpg)


They are here to get responses, period. It's what they've been doing all over the web for 2 years.

4cd6f8 No.677246

File: 6c6e1290abf9c29⋯.jpg (30.53 KB, 487x302, 487:302, IMG_1128.JPG)

Faggots have

Empty promises

Go forth

Is that all ya got

e509f1 No.677247


The three monkeys…

cc2cb4 No.677248


My guess is that the US "doing something" about Iran will amount to withdrawing from the Iran deal and providing "support" to the Iranian people when the revolt gets serious against the mullahs. Already rumors that the Iranian military refused to crack down on the protests last year calling explicitly for regime change, and the mullahs had to resort solely to the Basij militias. Now there are reports that Basij militiamen are burning their Basij militia cards and siding with the people. If that is true, and large scale protests kick off again, with no military and no militia support, the mullahs are done. It will just be a matter of time. Gulf allies are building capabilities and forces. The important thing for the US will be international support, backing off the mullahs lackeys in neighboring countries and keeping Russia and China on the sidelines. NK already neutralized. SA's nuke announcement is part and parcel of neutralizing those in the EU community and others who are siding with the mullahs but would find a nuclear SA intolerable. Now Trump shuffles his deck to get Iran hardliners on board. Bolton, if that announcement is true, is a serious dude who is also a hardliner. He busted a lot of chops when he was Amb to the UN under GWB. Some don't like him because of his neocon heritage, but I don't think that would disqualify POTUS from using him. Time will tell.

fc1c1e No.677249

File: abf441a702114f7⋯.jpg (172.51 KB, 1480x829, 1480:829, Pedestrian-bridge-renderin….jpg)

File: 5395d058221c860⋯.jpg (230.31 KB, 1468x824, 367:206, Pedestrian-bridge-renderin….jpg)


Here are the renderings for the bridge. Was supposed to be a suspension bridge.

https:// news.fiu.edu/2016/02/fiu-selects-mcmfigg-to-design-and-build-pedestrian-bridge-across-8th-street/97102

a09435 No.677250

File: 1166e9460589286⋯.jpg (41.17 KB, 768x476, 192:119, trump tss.jpg)

419a69 No.677251



The bridge was an unfinished suspension bridge without suspension. Guess what can happen.

3094b5 No.677252

File: c684d7701e9eb0b⋯.jpg (90.39 KB, 600x567, 200:189, todd-entrekin-87b024ecbdf5….jpg)


Boomer triggered. Take your pills, old fuck.

Oh look, yet ANOTHER BOOMER stealing money from their job.

http:// www.fox32chicago.com/news/dont-miss/sheriff-who-pocketed-750k-from-inmate-food-fund-bought-beach-house-for-740k

Fuck you and your pension, undeserving ass waste of space.

What have I done? I buy a coffee and donuts for the homeless and talk to them every week I can afford to. What the fuck have you done other than milk the system with MY tax money reminiscing about a war you didn't even use your head in. The dumb asses who fight proxy wars have no say in what happens in their own country since you never stayed around to help fix it. Get the fuck out of here, dusty shitbag.

ab17a6 No.677254


Odd that fbianon posted that someone particular was on the plane. Haven't verified. Late night last night.

f7ec39 No.677255


Respect your elders. For some day you will be an elder who will then understand the folly of youth. Been there done that. You will see.

4267d8 No.677256

Away for half a day and viciousness seems to be licking its ugly tongue all around us……….why not research as well viciousanons you might learn something more than hate

Off to dig.

db46de No.677257


Like a cult member, you quote scripture OF WHICH I'M FUCKING AWARE NIGGER

Do you not understand that I disagree with your gospel?

eba11a No.677258


WHY would Russia tell the world?


Why is SR back in the news?


Why is SESSIONS acting weak?


IG report?

No legit leaks.

MSM staging narrative.

IG appointed by SESSINS for?



Enjoy the show.

Dead cat bounce.


Dead cat = SR

bounce = back in the news.

Could this be the BRIDGE? http:// itlaw.wikia.com/wiki/Federal_Bridge_Certification_Authority

internet meta-data collectors?

HRC open source?

The BRIDGE is the key to connectivity/authorisation between computers.

5ee2ae No.677259


>but hey, good to have worldwide anons here. I hope your english gets better, though. Godspeed

How nice. Thank you. Not all World is American.., the Americans historically repudiate mine. Some Day.

4cd6f8 No.677260


Not the place for Russian hooker stories

I know they are soviet fags

But it doesn't roll off the tongue

c8a156 No.677261

File: b7db99fff5816c6⋯.png (42.52 KB, 504x218, 252:109, IM.png)

8f6057 No.677262


>now Assange is quoting the equivalent of the National Enquirer

Assange, Snowden, KDC looking at karma. and Gina;s the Bitch.

Indiana Wants Me; I Fought the Law and the law Won; The night Chicago Died; Tom Dooley; Ride Like the Wind (any others?) are on shuffle in Gina's IPod playlist I'm told (a little birdie).

They hitched their wagon to the wrong horse (EU). Human rights !!1!, you know the court or whatever that will arrest Haspel he she sets foot in Europe.

The dog that howls is the one that got hit. Probably should have taken the deal they were offered.

248561 No.677263


Second that - human error on all levels.

ecfb95 No.677264


It's a message from DerpState. "There shall be no bridge over troubled water. We will destroy your plan to lead people to a new republic."

0455d0 No.677265


Like you would not want to know or see the tape…better than asking about flat earth..

610349 No.677266


So no one told you … "It's Only Movie's…It's Not Real Life"? You never said that to someone else. Your parents never shared this little insight with you so you wouldn't try and put a sheet over your shoulders and fly off a building or out at window? Or the hundreds of thousands of other example's out there, that if you didn't process the fact that a movie isn't real life, would have had you pushing up daisy's before you were 10?

Not buying it. Everyone knows nothing in a movie relates to their life. Maybe the character or heroin in the movies life, but only a moron would try to emulate a movie character and think they could actually pull off being real or taken seriously more then 10 seconds.

Not buying it… Buy it that morons are buying it though…

4096af No.677267


This rag does get some stories right

7df8f3 No.677268


WH suicide

5ee2ae No.677269


Who are you?. I'm Not American.

bc1f3c No.677270

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


c3bf10 No.677271

Anyone know another place to do Q research with less shills and dick suckers?

6e7da5 No.677272


What is the worst thing that can happen? A bunch of soybois take to the street for a giant cry-in? It is so stupid.

108eb0 No.677273


Q group stopped phase two with computer certificate links and shit down illegal distribution of state secrets?

c920c9 No.677274


Ignore that fat fuck. He couldn’t pass the physical

3094b5 No.677275


KEK. Respect elders who can't respect themselves enough to actually gain wisdom rather than osteoporosis? No thanks. By your fruits you shall know them. And sitting in a chair watching stories shows me your fruit are made of wax. Fake as fuck.

You could easily get some land and start a community instead of living in a McMansion with cultured stone where you don't even know your neighbors. Like I said and always will say, get the fuck out of the way.

3689f7 No.677276


Now here's a post worthy of attention. Good thinking, anon.

cb5a83 No.677277


>Fuck you asshat. What have you ever done for your country, proxy war or not? People didn't have a choice in the Vietnam war b/c of a little thing called the draft. Eat a bag of dicks you ignorant idiot

Ever hear of a little thing called Canada? Conscription is as unconstitutional as Social Security. Who stood up for the Constitution or the natural rights behind it? Crickets.

No soldier in the U.S. military has ever protected freedom for 100 years. They did not serve their country by killing people in the name of God over Rothschild mischief. The ones who come back gung-ho are usually cooks, drone operators, pencil pushers, socialists, amputees desperate to hear that it wasn't for nothing, and other SJW chair force derelicts. Everyone else sees the evil and despises war forever after. I never knew any soldier from Afghanistan or Iraq who even respected the U.S. armed forces afterwards. The pension kept them silent.

4096af No.677278


Huge spoilerfag

872a30 No.677279

File: 0a3aacb8492ba6b⋯.png (12.89 KB, 255x168, 85:56, twitter8.png)

9aa183 No.677280

File: 59e3a4911659c4b⋯.png (888.48 KB, 820x460, 41:23, YODAAApe_focus.PNG)


right here

bdd31f No.677281


"No man survives when freedom fails

The best men rot in filthy jails

And those who cry 'appease, appease'

Are hanged by those they tried to please."

~ Hiram Mann

403ba3 No.677282

I'm running a pole on Twatter to see the support for my costs to upgrade my Linode. I expect $240-400/month in storage and bandwidth.

Brother anons in the Searchable thread are willing to help integrate the half-chan and other products into the database.

My wife gives me only $x allowance as I'm disabled. SSA thinks I'm not. I have "straight-white-christian-male" syndrome.

db46de No.677283


Facebook, YouTube, Tracy Beanz. Those places you left to come here are still waiting for you.

4cd6f8 No.677284

File: 2de35a40a5e19e2⋯.jpg (68.21 KB, 680x425, 8:5, IMG_1021.JPG)


Shiff memo




724bcd No.677285

PELOSI PANICS: Nancy SHOCKED at the ‘OBNOXIOUS’ HEIGHT of Trump’s Border Wall


107186 No.677286

Q, hoping u show urself 2day. Stuff aint easy here.

545d8e No.677287


nope everyplace else is worse.

a42df2 No.677288


If you think you can tell me to get the fuck outta here, you are wrong dusty shitbag. Haaahaaaahaaa we are all laughing at you.

I'm triggered? Haaahaaahaa microdick boy YOU are definitely triggered. Haaaahaaahaa.

6beb9d No.677289


waste of time, filterd

0c32ed No.677290


It's possible that Theranos & The Red Cross were infiltrated by Mattis and POTUS. Makes it easier to be closer to the dirt and find it.

54b607 No.677291

File: d4b54bdf04c1464⋯.png (667.03 KB, 1338x685, 1338:685, 2018-03-10_1639.png)

4cd6f8 No.677292


Yo mama

984320 No.677293


Pull your pants up boy.

872a30 No.677294


will you confirm Q on GreatAwakening?

403ba3 No.677295


I am NOT going to put up a paywall. Either people are willing to help or they are NOT.

I am simply asking nicely.

If it is not of value, then the market will decide.

I did NOT come here to make money. I came here to help solve problems. Expenses only.

62cfc4 No.677296


This is correct, the people need just compensation from the evil we have suffered.

a75ebd No.677297

File: 668ff9542287078⋯.jpg (185.05 KB, 600x600, 1:1, divided.jpg)


Apologies for the other. We all need sleep. We all need some resolution.

Thank you for your service.

b9b95e No.677298


Deals between countries could be scrapped, world war, civil war, etc, etc. Don't be retarded.

247897 No.677299


sorry,, it looked like it was live, kek, guess it was 2 hours ago.

Trying to get video to play, does anyone know, if his live talks are avail later on youtube?

Had issues finding his videos( or they play silent) Something i have found google/twitter/facebook do) video appears like it is working, has volume bar,, but they render some videos silent.

Not usre if others have had this happen. ( i always thought of it, as a form of censorship, they could deny) because video, on all acounts, appears to work,, just silent.

cb5a83 No.677301


>What is the worst thing that can happen? A bunch of soybois take to the street for a giant cry-in? It is so stupid.

No, the worst thing that can happen is the soybois vote for an SJW mayor or governor who then uses the police forces for pure violent evil, all while you're fucking thanking them for their service. We should just roll the carpet out for the police state right now, we hate the endgame but revere all the components of it.

3094b5 No.677302


THIS x9000

545d8e No.677303


tidepod munching communist filtered

748e77 No.677304


Dont listen to this fuck about respecting your elders for the sake of being older than you. Age isnt an instant ticket to wisdom. The coward who fled from battle and lived longer the man who died for your freedom doesnt deserve more respect. Respect only what you deem respectable.

e1afdb No.677305


I'd love to see some arrests.

If it doesn't happen, I'm still going to live me life and be happy.


I'm good.

eba11a No.677306


What else did SR find on HRC sever beyond classified documents?

f5f23e No.677307

File: 382ef2bc945a76a⋯.jpg (70.48 KB, 800x500, 8:5, WAX.jpg)

488bb8 No.677308


Yes. No coincidences says Q

7d26c9 No.677309



And before Anons connect @Snowden as "a Clown"…..re-read it….carefully!

Notice the periods.



THINK END right here.

The way I read it: Snowden is the second bridge…to RECTIFY THE LIST BELOW!!!!!

a42df2 No.677310


https ://8ch.net/qresearch2gen/catalog.html

6e7da5 No.677311


That *could* happen. But it *won't* happen. Try to be less naive about how the world works.

0c32ed No.677312


As usual

f7ec39 No.677313


I can’t argue with that. I was taught to respect my elders so I do. There is nothing wrong with that. End of discussion

107186 No.677314


anything true about alien or bible shit?

4a652f No.677315

File: 45f2869c01ccb70⋯.jpg (106.01 KB, 750x563, 750:563, 58b0743101fe5815378b4b9a-7….jpg)

If any one of these guys leaves,

a) the other two will soon leave after

b) not many will show up at the parade

c) I will be leaving also

d) All of the Above

a770cb No.677316

File: 6337cbf59084e2c⋯.png (140.87 KB, 948x164, 237:41, header - Edited.png)

1d6bd6 No.677317


I hate to tell you but a Q appearance won't do shit for the board, my dude.

What will he do, tell us stuff is underway and next week will be epic?

The board will be chaos until bad guys see justice. When that happens the board will be like fucking boot camp.

4cd6f8 No.677318

File: 43052ee671b6934⋯.jpg (44.83 KB, 450x693, 50:77, IMG_1092.JPG)

All this entitlement

Is like enabling

Which keeps on taking

Not a gift



e1afdb No.677319


A lot of Bullshit apparently.

Cheating Bernie Sanders our of a D Nom.

Code about pedo shit.

Code for spirit cooking shit.

Lots of illegal shit.

Murder for hire.

Endless list.

8d49b5 No.677320

File: d235d4948ad47ed⋯.png (306.49 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_4729.PNG)



Actually I am working on a card for him #111-115

Which has lead me to Question one of the cards I made… No Such Agency

(Pic related)

It was my understanding from reading Q posts that the NSA was cleaned up by Patriots and are now helping POTUS… /ourguys/ now.

But I have seen other anons saying NSA is NOT/ourguys/?

Clowns are corrupt can't be cleaned.

FBI is not as corrupt it might be able to be cleaned.

NSA was Cleaned and is now ourguys.

I will need to make new card or something if my info was off…

c3bf10 No.677321

Trump's opioid plan includes pushing death penalty for drug dealers.

https:// www.cbsnews.com/news/trump-finalizing-opioid-plan-that-includes-death-penalty-for-drug-dealers/

419a69 No.677322


>Second that - human error on all levels.

You have to be extremely incompetent to put up a suspension bridge without suspension and let people under it.

84071f No.677323


It pays to pull the Allah weeds

108eb0 No.677324


Voter info tampering

Election fraud

Money laundering

Collusion to prevent Sanders level chance during race

825fb5 No.677325

File: 17a989acd3d3c55⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 3AD69AA0-1AC3-4F51-8C57-C8….png)

Okay, guys come on. I need some reassurance. Does this look like a guy who has any worries at all about talking in public?

1e7e53 No.677326



George Nader is Mueller's foray into Pizzagate.

Who set up the cloud? ES

3094b5 No.677327


Nice attempt to dox boomer. Deepthroat a grenade.

a09435 No.677328

File: a2ba9d7e4f3384b⋯.png (74.44 KB, 449x549, 449:549, 9659ddb688c119fb853e8423ba….png)


They all need to stay


545d8e No.677329

File: 998ec280b14ebc4⋯.png (664.41 KB, 679x518, 97:74, Screenshot-2018-3-14 Satur….png)

b9b95e No.677330


Hence the 60%, retard.

a23d8b No.677331


Caught that too. No coincidences?

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Bridge_Too_Far_(book)

ce2784 No.677332

It has been suggested that Q is repeating the information put out by Mae Brussell. Mae Brussell is a conspiracy theorist of the 70s and 80s, she traced back a lot of shady activity in the US to the OSS/CIA/Paperclip/Deepstate resurgence of the Nazis in the USA.

Mae Brussell: Richard Nixon & Project Paperclip (01-10-1977)

https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=zgcGWPiad6M

One of the problems Q will face if they are going in this direction ("Who is Angela Hitler?") is the 4/pol/ Nazi culture. Could our own biases interfere with objective understanding of the situation, resulting in Q pulling back?

There is a problem with the chans having a Nazi influence and the Deepstate having a Nazi influence, yet both being enemies.

d82b78 No.677333

File: 7247167d818b2e6⋯.png (644.47 KB, 764x477, 764:477, ClipboardImage.png)

Did everyone just catch that?

4cd6f8 No.677334

File: 5a436d5be6af2cc⋯.jpg (38.65 KB, 382x385, 382:385, IMG_1130.JPG)


<3 😘🎻

72a784 No.677335


"Youth is wasted on the young"

c8a156 No.677336


9aa183 No.677337


you think the old collection of transplanted organs that passes for GB still alive tweets itself?

appearances are their kingdowm, anyway, don't be fooled

87caaf No.677338


How much doubt are you willing to allow in all of this codified messaging?

Why not go public if you could change the course of the world?

df4959 No.677339







@Snowden has flipped and is feeding

CIA Intel to white hats. A bridge somewhere in US was to collapse. 187.


What does BRIDGE-2 mean?

6e7da5 No.677340


60% of what, exactly?

40f83c No.677341



108eb0 No.677342

91c027 No.677343

Fuck Q. Fuck DJT. I'm moving so my IP will be changed, I may just buy a new computer too. fresh start and all. all there to do is get the garden in by spring, build a coop for the hens and as always buy more ammo.

bring on the civil war.

8c6767 No.677344

What is narcotics part of thread name? Work fag sorry

87caaf No.677345


care to elaborate?

6beb9d No.677346

107186 No.677347


cabal making it easy for us. note those names, their about to retire real soon. swamp is going crazy

106612 No.677348


George Dubya managed to dodge that draft. Didn't he get National Guard duty instead?

8c6767 No.677349


Later faggot. See you next thread


3094b5 No.677350


>Ever hear of a little thing called Canada? Conscription is as unconstitutional as Social Security. Who stood up for the Constitution or the natural rights behind it? Crickets.

>No soldier in the U.S. military has ever protected freedom for 100 years. They did not serve their country by killing people in the name of God over Rothschild mischief. The ones who come back gung-ho are usually cooks, drone operators, pencil pushers, socialists, amputees desperate to hear that it wasn't for nothing, and other SJW chair force derelicts. Everyone else sees the evil and despises war forever after. I never knew any soldier from Afghanistan or Iraq who even respected the U.S. armed forces afterwards. The pension kept them silent.

These boomers keep lying to themselves because they have earned money the same way the Deep State did. I wonder if they can remember how many times Bush bitched "Terror" after 9/11. I'm sure that's part of the military testing. Brainwashed morons.

Preach, anon. Preach. Knowledge is power, not shiny metals.

a860ac No.677351

Quick Question.. Who the Fuck is Brendan Dilley?

21db85 No.677352


omg, u must go back or if your going to stay get caught up

724bcd No.677353





#BREAKING: Acting deputy director of the @FBI David Bowdich testifies the Obama DOJ purged 500,000 fugitives from the national instant background check system, or (NIC) A system used to check gun buyers!

(video related - cannot embed from twitter)

Vid link here:


Addition sauce:


545d8e No.677354

File: ce1afdb1067a51b⋯.jpg (135.4 KB, 1280x575, 256:115, McCabe-DOJ-True-Pundi44444….jpg)

Decorated FBI agent Robyn Gritz, who maintains embattled former deputy director Andrew McCabe ruined her career, dropped a combination of Tweets late Thursday excoriating McCabe’s leadership and his inner circle at FBI HQ.

McCabe faces termination from the FBI in the next 24 hours.

If more former FBI agents spoke candidly, as Gritz has made a practice of doing, the FBI mess could be mopped up much faster. Instead, many agents — current and retired — continue to cower, afraid they might lose a pay check and a career in the corrupted law enforcement agency.

But not Gritz.

Take notice how this is done, all you FBI tough guys out there hiding under your beds:

https:// truepundit.com/boiling-point-decorated-fbi-heavyweight-spills-beans-mccabe-drops-devastating-bombs-crooked-fbi-cartel/

5ee2ae No.677355



159bc4 No.677356

File: 5c04024cea64236⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1314x946, 657:473, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// truepundit.com/boiling-point-decorated-fbi-heavyweight-spills-beans-mccabe-drops-devastating-bombs-crooked-fbi-cartel/

c70ff7 No.677357

Senator Grassley on Fox news just said there was 100 Judges waiting to be seated and that should be a priority. (paraphrasing) He knows there can be no prosecutions until the Courts are cleaned up

4cd6f8 No.677358

File: f7d28c7c405c6fc⋯.jpg (45.49 KB, 500x504, 125:126, IMG_1142.JPG)

Asked for help

Asked for tools

Asked for iPhone

Asked for tacos and a BBQ sandwhich

Where Mah buckets Pendejo's

872a30 No.677359

File: 8687e08d76e45ba⋯.png (353.31 KB, 877x602, 877:602, winning bigly.png)


thank you for sharing

eb552c No.677360

File: 33eb29eff56b909⋯.jpeg (100.75 KB, 1242x356, 621:178, 8289976F-A28C-470A-AA06-A….jpeg)


No-was dropping off the car and turned tube on to the grassley/graham timed release. What did I MISS?

>MIA paperplanes in my captcha

91c027 No.677361



~you git it ~

4267d8 No.677362

File: aa1637fd09af4ff⋯.jpg (64.18 KB, 960x698, 480:349, Mr Oerang.jpg)

There is a common sense cause here on these threads …lets use our common sense to solve it

724bcd No.677363

Sean Spicer spotted back at the White House


1feed5 No.677364

The bridge is the spy swap.

The Russian who got poisoned who was part of a spy swap.

He was poisoned because he was going to out MI6 as Dossier source.

He knew Chris Steele.

What better way to cover MI6 than to blame the Russians.

This is about to come out.

This ends May's time as PM.

16a2b6 No.677365

CBTS was comped from day 1

Don't forget what they did here

Their subplebbit was shit also

And now they have new website

It looks like crap, probably honeypot.

Need plebbit, try r/greatawakening

But voat is always better

9aa183 No.677366


some dudebro who thought he'd have more chances of winning an election by flirting the Qanon vote, by having his own "intel drops" and all.

he has a following, and unfortunately they're not content to just drop the info/chatter here but have to discuss it at length and treat it on the same plane as Q

3094b5 No.677367


Is that a to-do list for 2020?

dced51 No.677368

Hey God, PepeAnonFrog here again. Please, please, PLEASE share some Enlightment and Wisdom and Knowledge with all us anons, real soon now.. Mmmmkay? Love ya big guy.

6e7da5 No.677369


Listen, stupid. Put into words what you mean. Stop using bullshit cliches as if you know something. What about the 60% are you talking about? What did you mean? It was vague.

4cd6f8 No.677370

File: 091d9cf74ca4e84⋯.jpg (55.62 KB, 1440x983, 1440:983, IMG_1135.JPG)

Tick tock

2d599a No.677371


I agree this should be added to notables. BAKER note.

It is from someone who seems to be insider, tells about clown methods, confirms how widespread mkultra is… not only for manchurian candidate and likes. Tells how the methods work based on his scientific research. Note that Clowns denied & mocked the results even for the researchers who did it but used the results.

3832e1 No.677372

Look at the march madness.

D.C. , Russia, UK, China, warmongering MSM…

I see „them“ fighting back. When everything is so interconnected and huge as Q States we are witnessing their fight to regain control.

c17ea2 No.677373

Bit off topic. But tied in with failing infrastructure, bad steel, evil cabal, etc.. If for the sake of argument, 9/11 was a combination of Nuke, thermite and directed energy.(Seems plausible, with the molten steel after words and dust etc.. It was partially vaporized.) China bought the steel and the cabal new it would be reconstituted because they demanded it as part of the deal. So you have dead souls, radioactive steel sent to China. Sold back, weakened and having a radioactive signature.(smarter anons have mentioned this pertaining to military equipment.) Now you have failing infrastructure because of garbage steel. Hawaii is building a high speed rail and had rust encapsulated in concrete that had to be redone for another example.

They had major problems with rebar and bolts etc..

Many have pointed out the terrible Chinese steel and obviously POTUS is firing up US Steel again. The bad guys get as much mileage as they can from every deed.

590432 No.677374


agreed sounds like nsa was cleaned. I think cia will get dissolved into the nsa and they can fire whoever they want then. a nice merger card would be good when/if that happens

0a2f3a No.677375

File: c3cd69e98a43d50⋯.png (303.1 KB, 564x943, 564:943, zakim.png)

File: 133f60d48b84077⋯.png (2.08 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, zakim2.png)

Great. I had a feeling about the Zakim Bridge in Boston - another suspension bridge, and found this.

The lead design company behind the pedestrian bridge that collapsed at Florida International University on Thursday co-designed Boston’s Zakim Bridge.

https:// whdh.com/news/group-behind-collapsed-miami-bridge-co-designed-bostons-zakim-bridge/

84071f No.677376


That's why the Founding Fathers gave the president martial law powers.

43f73e No.677377

File: 0874cac33ab776d⋯.jpg (52.07 KB, 500x374, 250:187, 67456eea42cca42e2d9a8a4ce2….jpg)

0c32ed No.677378

From the looks of the board, anons' guess about +++ + +++++ being 3/15/, Ides of March having big happenings, didn't happen?

Ok, stop grasping on to unconfirmed dates for thing to happen, is my answer to that. Think logically. Remove the emotional attachment.

108eb0 No.677379


>http:// itlaw.wikia.com/wiki/Federal_Bridge_Certification_Authority

The Federal Bridge Certification Authority (FBCA) is an information system that facilitates acceptance of certifications for transactions. Since its initial conceptualization and operation, the FBCA has evolved into the Federal Public Key Infrastructure Architecture (FPKIA) that encompasses Certification Authorities (CAs) from multiple vendors supporting different FPKI policy and function. The FPKIA enabling policy CAs are the: (1) FBCA, (2) Federal PKI Common Policy Framework (FCPF) CA, and (3) Citizen and Commerce Class Common (C4) CA. The operation also incorporates the E-Governance Certificate Authorities used to issue Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security protocol certificates supporting assertion-based credentials for Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) data exchanges.

8c6767 No.677380


>implying I haven’t seen this LARP the past 8 years


107186 No.677381


tarmac meeting vid with hildebeast on vid phone conference. and…. "arcancide, leaker, we see all": This plan has been YEARS in the making.

HAR HAR HAR. SR still alive.. OMG that wud b great. gonna troll cabal with it over tw_t. watch em go crazy.

ec315e No.677382



NO plane hit the pentagon.

So where was that plane taken?

What has been used for since then?

And where were the passengers taken?

37cd40 No.677383


how much body srmor is POTUS wearing?

eba11a No.677384



187 BRIDGE-2.

@Snowden Clowns.

This is correct.

The bridge provides authorisation.

187 the cat who found the connection between 2 computers.

@Snowden Clowns aware of all BRIDGE connections.

Sample list follows . . .

a09435 No.677385



6e7da5 No.677386


I know. But thank you. Just trying to get retardanon to make an argument.

c17ea2 No.677387


Makes sense.

0d7a7a No.677388


For these Shill to make THIS much effort in Trashing Q can only be one Logical conclusion:

Q's Real and the Clowns are afraid of him.

a09435 No.677389


Hopefully enough.

4cd6f8 No.677390

I'm getting drunk tonight

You don't know the struggle


6c8b90 No.677391


I think you are correct.

825fb5 No.677393



c920c9 No.677395

File: aa62d3245811ea4⋯.jpeg (69.27 KB, 788x500, 197:125, 2D72225A-9738-4573-85BB-6….jpeg)

248561 No.677396


That is the exact reason why the world is totally FUBAR right now. Power, position, success etc. was completely decoupled from intelligence, hard work, skill, competence and so on.

9a9365 No.677397

File: 8957e0bdd3d29f6⋯.jpg (279.25 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, GreatAwakeningTogether7.jpg)

File: 89852c9f088e495⋯.jpg (347.35 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, GreatAwakeningTogether6.jpg)

File: 270dd9a09d35ab8⋯.jpg (390.8 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, GreatAwakeningTogether5.jpg)

File: 4dca78543cded97⋯.jpg (551.06 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, GreatAwakeningTogether4.jpg)

File: 4ee364ce7a19692⋯.jpg (373.47 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, GreatAwakeningTogether3.jpg)

Don't worry - be happy.

106612 No.677398


Ding Ding Ding!!

61595a No.677399

File: d85fe5c66a56109⋯.jpg (396.26 KB, 2118x1060, 1059:530, Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at ….jpg)

1d6bd6 No.677400


Long learning curve for those who will not see.

7d26c9 No.677401


Yes…@Snowden = White Hat….but I don't think he was ever a Black Hat….

Kind of like Admiral R = White Hat….even though at NSA during BLACK HAT reign….

c70ff7 No.677402


That is not what martial law is for! That is a misuse of it and if used that way would cause permanent harm to our Country

d5131e No.677403


I like this theory.

21db85 No.677404

4 to 6% lost

just in the us 6% is 19,000,000 people

thats alot of lost people anon

320ee0 No.677405

Hey Anons,

What can be done to push McCabe to be fired? I do not want this piece of shit getting a pension! Not on my, and most of your, dime. It appears tomorrow is his day to get through. If he isn't fired he will get his pension and walk away! Fuck that BS! If they let him go like Clapper justice is dead in this country.

03db9f No.677406

File: a83d74fb5f35dc8⋯.png (561.7 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, IMG_4123.PNG)

File: c8e78ccdb7444ca⋯.png (576.67 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, IMG_4124.PNG)


Concernfag moron alert!

We know Q is Military Intelligence using NSA assets. This is a military operation. Q has told us we are in Phase 2. If you don't know what Military Phasing is, see attached.

Still Phases 3-6 to go … keep you lace panties on and unbunched … jeez I'm glad we don't have to rely on pathetic spineless losers like you for victory. If you've got nothing positive to contribute to the effort … may I respectfully suggest you FUCK THE HELL OFF!!!

6beb9d No.677407



a42df2 No.677408


Yes, & Flynn stood up for Robin Gritz, which is why McCabe hated him.

8c6767 No.677409



Fuck off preteen cunt

db46de No.677410


^^^^Niggerbrain boomer thinks John Titor was born in the 20th century.

780be0 No.677411



but I would ask questions when asked to ask questions

alex trebek

4096af No.677412



a09435 No.677413

File: dcf5811b8e47c28⋯.png (169.54 KB, 1116x502, 558:251, Capture.PNG)

File: d83792425f31464⋯.png (135.45 KB, 765x616, 765:616, cap2.PNG)

Lou Pearlman records came up in the FBI Vault today. He as a boy band manager and child molester.

5ee2ae No.677414


<This ends May's time as PM.

May and Corbin probably , Good hyphotesis.

91c027 No.677415


heh, hope for the best,plan for the worst, I've been doing that since, oh shit at least 9/11 and throughout FBHO's reign. only good thing so far about Trump, is ammo got cheaper :D

e362b6 No.677416


Governor Dan Malloy just made the Comment that the "NRA is a terrorist organization"

We gotta get on all of their asses, im pissed

Some CT locals made a video similar to the NRA one and just a side note: I am not doxxing this FB acct, this is a business account

https:// www.facebook.com/KyleReyesCEO/videos/1677358912357545/

3094b5 No.677417

"The new financial system is hosted on a protected quantum server that cannot be hacked or accessed without permission (thanks to technology given by the Galactics)."

More NESARA bullshit. KEK. I fucking hate these boomers. FUCK THIS.

ec315e No.677418

Why does POTUS

have parsley in

his suit pocket?

98d70f No.677419


Thanks Q

419a69 No.677420


>The lead design company behind the pedestrian bridge that collapsed at Florida International University on Thursday co-designed Boston’s Zakim Bridge.


8d49b5 No.677421

File: 4ab05ae38b9eeee⋯.jpg (121.32 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_5228.JPG)

108eb0 No.677422



7d26c9 No.677423


LOL…this one made me Laugh out Loud…

Shrills never leave….

c17ea2 No.677424


A lot. All the reeeeeeeeeee he is fat stuff is nonsense. He is loaded up with armor.

0d7a7a No.677425

Bill Smiths video is very good.

The Keystone, Make it Rain, Censorship software across all Platforms, Class Action suit,

https:// www.youtube.com/channel/UCRVpj-n5kyVfDNtcuwN6KkA

c5b4cd No.677426



>https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Bridge_Too_Far_(book)

yes, that was my association…

and the film:

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Bridge_Too_Far_(film)

872a30 No.677427

for the plane fags- Blue Angels at Luke AFB

b57ba0 No.677428


I think its much more than that.

84071f No.677429


If you tell a soldier or cop, active or former, that you think the govt did 9-11, 99% chance they'll get mad and you, call you un-American, and say "If you don't like it here, go live in China."

c776f0 No.677430


Could it mean the LINK or BRIDGE between @Snowden and Clowns broken, or "187"? And now maybe they have to work on BRIDGE-2.

c920c9 No.677431


Umad! Eat a dick

a09435 No.677432


That's not Q.

108eb0 No.677433




b0b0e4 No.677434







Numbers on the Internet Bill of Rights petition are not where they need to be.

You want to be the ones to tell Q we fucked it up and instead sat around here concernfagging over shills and whining about what to do with the board like some homeowners association?

Get your lazy fucking asses off the board and get the message out to absolutely every that you know thru every channel you have as an audience.

https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/internet-bill-rights-2

Needs 77,099 signatures by April 3… failure not an option.

Don't forget craigslist announcements.

Join message boards just to post about it.

We're not where we need to be, so shut the fuck up and get signature.







6e7da5 No.677435


Wow! that is so fucking profound. You should become an internet guru. MORON.

61595a No.677436


Good thing we have contained them in the cities. Leftist rioting in Democratic districts is the best red pill there is.

a09435 No.677437


Clovers. The Irish leader is there.

0a2f3a No.677438



>NO plane hit the pentagon.

no it was some kind of guided missile.

>So where was that plane taken?

idk dude. Prob to a military base nearby.

>What has been used for since then?

probably for drugs & child trafficking.

>And where were the passengers taken?

a creepy secluded island with a volcano where they worship moloch?

be67e7 No.677439

File: 28287cae5b4eadf⋯.jpg (122.96 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, Erik-Prince-ap-jacquelyn-m….jpg)


Blackwater founder Erik Prince arrives for a closed meeting with members of the House Intelligence Committee, Thursday, Nov. 30, 2017, on Capitol Hill in Washington.

b991ad No.677440


Ty for this… Seems so deliberate

This might be reaching but I was really bored one night. So i searched Helifant and the first thing to come up was this

https:// books.google.com/books?id=YfS7CgAAQBAJ&pg=PA194&dq=helifant&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjYtJvmru_ZAhWBxIMKHZMJBdAQ6AEIKzAA#v=onepage&q=helifant&f=false

2c7a4f No.677441


or not

eb552c No.677442


Fine! Ill do it. Signed the first one before it got nuked.

d50c6a No.677443

File: d48b133339b18c9⋯.jpg (47.63 KB, 507x500, 507:500, 26gkr8.jpg)


MFW ignorant young cabal-brained cucks are egofagging on 8ch as proof they're woke, kek

872a30 No.677444



https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YPl_F06iHA

3689f7 No.677445

File: c442b096ecae581⋯.jpeg (43.39 KB, 474x408, 79:68, jewsonpornography.jpeg)


The only real problem is kikes and sandniggers jumping on it and bitching about EBIL WHITE PEOPLE etc.

Actual anons like us are in reality fully aware adolf and national socialists were most likely pawns to NWO and larger ((cabal)) that not only thoroughly outwitted /ourguys/, but used them for ((their)) own ends in bringing about destruction of europe using two jaws of death: Russia and US.

WW1 and WW2 were industrial scale slaughter of a generation that was our last REAL LIVING tie to the true past that was stolen from us by ((them)).

We were all used. We know. It does not diminish for instance, the rightful desires of the german people or perhaps (assuming adolf was just geniune and was made an unknowing puppet) to rid themselves of kie filth that had thoroughly abused and used the tolerant and relatively benign nature of european peoples, and exploited them for HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF YEARS.

NOTHING washes away the anti-european and anti-white racial hatred that forms one of if not the MAIN crux of this entire tragedy.

We know. Germans knew. Adolf knew (regardless of being a puppet or not). Read further into some select main members of the Reich and national socialist party, and you see that mostly it is the very opposite of what the ((media)) portrays it to be - mainly projection of ((their)) own racial hatred and arrogance onto the defeated Germans and European peoples.

Even if adolf turns out to be a knowing puppet to NWO aka hostile, it does nothing to diminish the truth that kikes and jews have long been a cancerous entity and willing pets to the ((cabal)), EAGERLY partaking in EVIL and are just the two sides of the same coin as semitic arabs and mudlimes and 3rd world scum invading Europe and west right now.

Note that words have meaning. National Socialists never liked to refer to themselves as 'Nazis', which is actually a yiddish/jewish media slur and insult term created by ((them)), mainly ashkaNAZIS.

Fundamentally, it is likely that the 'handler' factions within the nazi party - the part of the party that openly espoused a very surprisingly jewish attitude towards race (outright aggressive racial fear and hatred rather than dislike and reflexive defensive reaction) survived through the odessa and ratline projects.


ecfb95 No.677446


The people connections are "curious" but it's the same players over and over.

Salesforce is a popular customer relationship platform. It's not a problem. Anon looked at Einstein" and it's BS marketing crap. There's no AI involved. Just pattern matching. Or a netflix-style "recommendation engine" at best.

– softwarefag

c920c9 No.677447


Shut seems them up every time

eb0736 No.677448



6c8b90 No.677449


Oh, like what has taken place the past 8+ years has NOT caused permanent damage to our institutions and our form of government?

0a2f3a No.677451


I'm about to open a beer.

Cheers anon.

4096af No.677452




>But it does not make sense to me

Because you talking jackshit

dce5d5 No.677453

The Trump Administration Is Accusing Russia Of Trying To Hack The US Power Grid

https:// www.us-cert.gov/ncas/alerts/TA18-074A

https:// www.buzzfeed.com/kevincollier/the-trump-administration-is-accusing-russia-of-trying-to?utm_term=.ma2GwAV5A#.qe2NREBpE

3094b5 No.677454


"The Alliance's goal is to make the transition event simple, smooth, and swift."

That's why it's been postponed months and months after decades? You might be able to fool these boomers milking social security from the rest of us but free-thinkers see through the "Galactic" bullshit.

Kiss my dirty sphincter.

21db85 No.677455


im not the one asking dumb questions

6c8b90 No.677456


Pitchforks and torches.

c920c9 No.677457


Shuts the fat fucking juniorfags up every time

0a2f3a No.677458


This is all a movie

He has already been fired with no pension

this is just ceremony

cc2cb4 No.677459


He didn't even fill out that bracket. Probably dictated it. He can barely sign his name to it, if that's not a stamp. Only thing he's worried about is his next meal and his next nap.

1deabf No.677460

https:// nworeport.me/2018/03/15/new-jersey-police-bust-pedophile-ring-involving-thousands-of-kids/


dced51 No.677461


This anon gets it.

Pay attention.

1d6bd6 No.677462


I know what the 60% is.

21db85 No.677463


cheers anon, i got a bit bent last night

106612 No.677464


"Goodbye, sweet Prince…"

eba11a No.677465


Then there's those computer games where YOU keep picking up other shit to surround YOU/make YOU more powerful.

Secret Service, Marines, etc.

6beb9d No.677466

c920c9 No.677467

Blackhawk down in western Iraq

3094b5 No.677468


Look in the mirror, nigger.

Must of taken you a whole 30 minutes to make that meme. Shameful.

f555bd No.677469

US Black Hawk down in Iraq. fuck.

eca5ec No.677470

I wonder if this bridge stuff will turn into part of that cheap steel stuff

984320 No.677471

File: dca0f0f46b8866c⋯.jpg (113.36 KB, 500x762, 250:381, BadJewSilverman.jpg)

db46de No.677472


Except he's not a boomer. Just like you're a goddamned nigger, but undoubtedly white.

5ee2ae No.677473


How much in the Population of the World?

3094b5 No.677474


Perfect time to buy Iraqi Dinars? ;)

eb552c No.677475


Maybe he’ll deliver the wake up kiss

6e7da5 No.677476

You stupid fucker really think that arresting a bunch of crooked politicians will be the end of the fucking world? What happened when the former Soviet union went belly up? Was there a world-wide catastrophe? What about when other countries do the same thing? You know Putin put a lot of bad apples in jail, and expelled a whole not more.

108eb0 No.677477


DHS over remnants of three letter agencies?

419a69 No.677478



cc2cb4 No.677479

4e0abc No.677480


Yes, Monty here.

Didn't your Q-Linton tell you "You are safe" ???

Apparently, not safe enough.

ecfb95 No.677481


You're making a false prediction and outcome like shills do. That's BS.

His pension won't be much good in prison. Alternative is he spills all his beans and goes "free" but he'd spend half of it on protection so he doesnt get suicided. But no deals, remember?

1feed5 No.677483


Corbyn knows and almost said it in Parliament.

He got so many jeers because so many other MPs know too.

Everyone knows the Russian was going to out MI6.

They think the people are stupid.

This ends the British Government.

By trying to un-neutralise herself, May will cause the very cleansing of MI6 that Q described.


The Russians now have a massive advantage.

They can drop this at any moment.

Corbyn will try and force an election.

Mogg will become Prime Minister.

May will resign.

528ad4 No.677484


Don't forget honor.

1b61f8 No.677485

Are Anons saying that without the judges being confirmed the indictments just sit? How will they get around this?

21db85 No.677486


damn, i never really thought about it in actual numbers.. did the math

thats alot of people thats forever lost

5ee2ae No.677487


Confirmed, The STEEL is important.

dfba09 No.677489


SweetWATER FIU pedestrian BRIDGE

eba11a No.677490


This fits more snugly.


c70d20 No.677492


This I can believe it was Steele who was the one that killed that spy a good while back. Sound that out several years after that it wasn't the Russians on that one too. Steele, someone kill this Kike Fuckbag!

6c8b90 No.677493

The one big mistake many of us boomers made is that we didn't practice enough birth control.

320ee0 No.677494


Boomers are not milking Social Security from the rest of us, you absolute fool! They payed in their whole working lives. This is their money you idiot. If you don't pay in you don't take out! Moron!

8c6767 No.677495


Where the fuck else is this snowflake going to make 14.50/ hr while jacking off to blacked porn?

4a652f No.677498


Thanks so much!

Your questions are good ones. My understanding is that POTUS is utilizing MI for intel and which Q referred to as the keystone.

Whether or not NSA is completely cleaned up I could not answer. But under Rogers, I would say that NSA is more /ourguys/ than not and most likely working with MI.

Hopefully, other anons will chime in here.

a09435 No.677499



a42df2 No.677500


Stop it.

b1f724 No.677501


wrong - everything that is happening is according to plan… everything including trumps supposed actions/inaction.. war is on the horizon

eb552c No.677502

I dont mind the bots/shills or participate woth them.

/our guys getting the goods on them via this board so

keep coming m f’ers!

cc2cb4 No.677503


Gotta have criminals shooting folks in numbers, or they'll never get to disarm the sheeple.

5be17b No.677504


You got me! Just signed.

I'm mad as hell and not goin to take it anymore!

d82b78 No.677505


I also don't believe anymore in the "people are going to riot" excuse. I think it's way bigger than that. I think it's the globalist cabal elites a'holes that Q & Marines are more afraid of. The MSM could have been silenced in SO MANY ways by now, just wondering why that hasn't happened?? Esp. if POTUS has control of the clowns already. Just asking Q's Q, not trying to attack or derail. Just wondering WHAT IS THE PLAN? I mean we keep being told to TRUST THE PLAN, but do we know WHAT THE PLAN IS?? NO!!!! So, how do we trust it, esp. since you Q have already pointed out THERE IS NO BODY WE CAN TRUST. Whew! Sorry, had a lot bottled up and waiting for SOMETHING to HAPPEN IN FORM OF ARRESTS LIKE MCCABE, LIKE COMEY, LIKE ANYBODY BIG BY NOW!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

4096af No.677506


Don Jr. for president 2024

107186 No.677507


cud even b a fucking coded msg

106612 No.677508


Wait until they wave a Geiger counter at it. That might confirm 9/11 contaminated steel.

a85dba No.677509


The number is probably a function of how much the normies are expected to swallow. Those calling for 100% disclosure should ponder this. It may be that greater disclosure leads to less acceptance, because the red pill is too large to swallow.

4267d8 No.677510


The one hung up in a travel bag on a bathroom door? Yesh I thought that too.

0c32ed No.677511


No, not apathy, that wouldn't get anything done either. It's the emotional hopium roller-coaster ride that anons put themselves on, and then blame Q or someone else when their guesses/speculation turns out to be incorrect. THen, there's digital tears on the board. Instead of admitting to self-disappointment, the disappointment is misdirected at others, along with shi||s taunting the incorrect speculations adding duel to the fire, because they too are watching it happen..

37cd40 No.677512



yet, the young ones expect the tax payers to pay for their student loans…

help me with that logic.

cf0419 No.677513

Famalam, Q won't be back until after tomorrows cabinet bloodbath. You know why.

Tbh I think that the heavy drops before he left prior to PA speech were a strength test not only for the actual internet/site and how well we withstand clowns, but it was also baiting certain people to make certain moves.

Magically, we are getting a Friday afternoon blood letting after all that information. Wonder why?

6beb9d No.677514


It does.

eca5ec No.677515


u wot m8?

780be0 No.677516


did you kill jonbenet?

tell us more about getting fucked in the ass at the school…and the mkultra that turned you into a sick fucking freak monty please lets have a chatty doo

here is a glass of my piss for you to sip on

21db85 No.677517



ab326b No.677518



Robyn Gritz is who needs to be installed in McCabe's job.

First time I ever heard her interviewed, I cried. Not ashamed to say it.

Extremely smart and extremely tough woman. True patriot.

8e7f98 No.677519


Going through all the clown bull shit we endure here just hardens the resolve of true Patriots… no banning, its for faggots.

1feed5 No.677520


How many MPs do you think are MI6 and/or CIA?

In the UK parliament?

Would the number surprise you?

Were the names on Hillary's email server?

Did she sell that list?

Was it on Weiner's laptop?

e1afdb No.677521



Definitely needs more eyes.

People watch this.

c920c9 No.677523


Born 1946. Boomer

0c32ed No.677524



I see the same thing happen with groups like the OPPT in the past, and with the dinarians, and other "intel" groups.

2c7a4f No.677525


https:// thegoldwater.com/news/20351-New-Jersey-40-Pedophiles-and-Child-Porn-Kingpin-Taken-Down

1deabf No.677526

File: dafbbd8220c24ef⋯.jpg (29.16 KB, 298x283, 298:283, 269h3m.jpg)

c70d20 No.677527


No this one goes back a lot further than that. I was trying to find the article, Were talking century realm.

He prolly did that MI6 spy in the bag. Prolly found out he was a Roth Kike Cocksmoker.

cc2cb4 No.677528


Theory makes sense. Even if correct, every time a bridge is mentioned on TV, anons will post it here. Bridge? Bridge? Watch the water? Watch the water?

108eb0 No.677530


>>677374 The Federal Bridge Certification Authority (FBCA) is an information system that facilitates acceptance of certifications for transactions. Since its initial conceptualization and operation, the FBCA has evolved into the Federal Public Key Infrastructure Architecture (FPKIA) that encompasses Certification Authorities (CAs) from multiple vendors supporting different FPKI policy and function. The FPKIA enabling policy CAs are the: (1) FBCA, (2) Federal PKI Common Policy Framework (FCPF) CA, and (3) Citizen and Commerce Class Common (C4) CA. The operation also incorporates the E-Governance Certificate Authorities used to issue Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security protocol certificates supporting assertion-based credentials for Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) data exchanges.


DHS over remnants of three letter agencies?

a42df2 No.677531


I don't think they are intelligent enough to know that the social security that they accuse us of "milking" is money that we have paid into OUR ENTIRE WORKING LIVES, ffs. Idiots. All I can say is they are in for a very rude awakenig on down the line. Now that just made me laugh out loud…heh heh!

106612 No.677532


If suitcase nukes were used to help bring the towers down the steel would be radioactive. Half lives for some radioactive isotopes are long.

d50c6a No.677533


Now you're thinking.

March Madness was Qresearch honeypot week.

Enjoy the show.

Dead cat bounce.

db46de No.677534


Do you even analogy boomer bro?

6c8b90 No.677535


I paid in way more than I'll ever get. I might break even if I live to around 100.

e2f01c No.677536


harvey weinstein version?

a42df2 No.677537


Thank you. I just posted that fact as well.

9aa183 No.677538


first you think "nah, i won't use Filter, i want to see what's up"

Then at some point you think "ok i've had more than enough of this"

But then you keep stumbling on anons' replies to the filtered, and you think "FUCK WHY DIDN'T I USE FILTER ID+"

3689f7 No.677539


That bait was swallowed, HOOK LINE AND SINKER.

c70ff7 No.677540


Martial law is meant to be a temporary situation after some catastrophic event or invasion took place. It is not meant to obfuscate a civilian system that is functioning . Accusations of corruption would not justify martial law. We might believe those accusations and believe our Court system could not deliver justice to the powerful, but our beliefs don't equal martial law. Hoping for martial law is hoping for something so catastrophic to our Country that many lives are or will be lost.

d49cfb No.677541


Makes perfect sense. IG appointed by Sessions for the SR 187 and the U1 deal. Why-twice. Makes it obvious. I think we'll seen it when MSM is too busy or on a Friday where we'd have the weekend "edge". Just waitin' for the next Act now

748e77 No.677542

If Obama's presidency is invalidated does that reverse any decision he made regarding internet rights, net neutrality etc?

69d8d9 No.677543

Dilley has posted a new video with new intel. He talks some of Q. The main takeaway is that Mueller (former Marine), along with other former servicemen, have been quietly been called back to active duty.

0d7a7a No.677544


They are all C[I]A spyware programs that work across all platforms. Keystone,Rain Maker and so on.

Missing children is spyware that works across Google Chrome platforms which would include Android phones/tablets.

It's all in Vault 7 at wikileaks..JA's site.

The Map just may be Vault 7. Class action against the Clowns because the C_A made them all.

Its worth digging.

8d49b5 No.677546

File: b9dbf87eb620e66⋯.png (364.17 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_5448.PNG)


Ty for your response…

I have been sitting here thinking about making some black/white cards (pic related) to show that we don't know for sure who is good/bad… and explain that disinformation might be used to protect agents and double agents…

c920c9 No.677547


Do you? You seem to throw it around without knowing

5ee2ae No.677548



He's Communist, can destroy more UK. He also must resign soon.

I don't know Who is Mogg, but the British aren't reliable

The Next BOOM?

Phase [4].

984320 No.677549

File: cb25dc6fd052710⋯.jpg (65.15 KB, 777x431, 777:431, BadJewWeinstein.JPG)

cc2cb4 No.677550


I don't believe any date theories spouted by anyone, not even Q. If he gives an exact date, I assume it's disinfo. Pros don't give out operational details in advance like that unless they are trying to influence or confuse their enemies.

228f04 No.677551


Thanks for the info guess we will stay here then.

419a69 No.677552


>If suitcase nukes were used to help bring the towers down the steel would be radioactive.

So they had to move it to "China".

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