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Pro Aris et Focis

File: bb7d59c7b6197c0⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1795x1017, 1795:1017, Q.png)

69e6da No.683741

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>>613164 rt >>613143 Interesting, isn’t it?

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b7712c No.683743

Thanks for emergency bread baker!

69e6da No.683744

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3e03da No.683747

ThanQ baker.. Great bake under pressure.

d1160a No.683748

Yes, Great Job for some reason mine wouldn't post

b116f7 No.683749

Thanks baker1!

69e6da No.683750

whew gunslinger

3e1f12 No.683751

File: b60634170ee3bbe⋯.jpg (28.83 KB, 177x255, 59:85, ffb4c63a90bc1f70aa2088acbb….jpg)

https:// seekingalpha.com/article/4156540-sentiment-speaks-barrick-gold-bottoming

Peter Munk.

Barrick Gold having troubles.



Ummm. Is errbody sleepin n stuff.

I am alone. I am.

b7712c No.683753

Maybe 92a694 super gangsta shill fag missed the bake and go play somewhere else instead of sitting in here and sliding the board.

84ef90 No.683754


US concerned about Chinese military presence in Djibouti www.breitbart.com/national-security/2018/03/07/top-commander-in-africa-u-s-carefully-monitoring-chinese-military-presence-in-djibouti/


Djibouti port background www.agsiw.org/uae-horn-africa-tale-two-ports/

Djibouti debt to Chinese banks www.washingtonexaminer.com/djibouti-downplays-china-debt-as-us-fears-loss-of-critical-port/article/2651182

96f939 No.683758

File: e074ff7e581583d⋯.jpeg (428.52 KB, 1242x1810, 621:905, 2E1F3EB3-765A-4D0E-88AB-4….jpeg)

Interesting that this was published

The audience member made the shocking claims as he emphasised the Conservative and Labour parties were “unprepared” for a Brexiteer victory.

He stated: “The situation is, if I may say, we had a referendum, the majority of the people voted to come out of the EU.

"As a Government and as a shadow government, you weren’t expecting that result.

“You were so confident you weren’t going to get the result you don’t actually know what you’re going to do

b7712c No.683760


Been all kind of busy in Africa since that dude got stepped down a few weeks back.


d1160a No.683763

File: 55fd8ec823b5598⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1231, 1080:1231, bakers.png)


I pointed my Duplicate back over to this one. That was weird started thinking they disabled posts somehow.

edb3e1 No.683764


no hes back and even better


https:// amdflaws.com/

b7712c No.683765


Nevver baked so don't know but there were a bunch of notables in the middle of the last bread. Can those be added to dough mid-bake or …..?


485f65 No.683766

Wasn’t there a theory that the missile alert in Hawaii was indeed a real missile that was fired from a boat (Submarine)?

b23ec2 No.683767

File: 5e4d35f9660ced1⋯.jpg (322.6 KB, 1520x2027, 1520:2027, 09ab6c05322ce21796ccac4bee….jpg)

3e03da No.683769

File: 6def3724a237b1a⋯.jpg (36.58 KB, 420x315, 4:3, cant sleep meme.jpg)


>“You were so confident you weren’t going to get the result you don’t actually know what you’re going to do

KEK remind you of anyone?

cabd77 No.683770


Pray for dad

edb3e1 No.683771


Donnies fearsome loook - look of a LION.

69e6da No.683772


Ill get to all that soon, just got back in the house.


Thanks baker, i will name next bread after you

4da820 No.683773



please consider adding to dough:

Today 3/16 is National Freedom of Information day and James Madison's birthday.

And the OIG report is expected at any point now, and the McCabe firing decision must be made today to prevent his pension payments.


d1160a No.683774


You can but I'd just leave it as is for now. Let the next bread pick it back up.

b23ec2 No.683775

How many think McCabe gets fired today?

edb3e1 No.683776

these shit threads are so disorganized. info gets lost over threads. should be one big long huge page thats infinitely scroll-able.

cabd77 No.683778

Satans a fag

049236 No.683779

File: 6b3c4a503063841⋯.png (37.69 KB, 626x269, 626:269, Screenshot_20180315_at_8.4….png)

d749b4 No.683780

>>683773 No such thing, all for a reason:)

049236 No.683781


he has to be. the deadline is today.

its today or never.

96f939 No.683782

File: 9979b25f57573de⋯.jpeg (429.52 KB, 1242x1975, 1242:1975, C6230BB0-617E-4FBA-B2E2-8….jpeg)

b7712c No.683783


Wonder if Barrick Go;d has anything to do with Kinross?

https:// www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/03/15/tonnes-gold-silver-bars-fall-russian-plane/

edb3e1 No.683784


he will, no retirement benefits


he creates and uses fags, he himself laughs at it but not homo himself


great - another nothing burger happening

bd6281 No.683785


If they don't fire him, then I hope they at least got some useful intel in exchange for his pension.

d1160a No.683786


It'll be historic if this guy acts more mature than a junior high student lmao


b7712c No.683787


Thanks for the hard work!!!

edb3e1 No.683789


no deals. will be fired.


that jew fag cant help him self not garnering attention

edb3e1 No.683790

isareali kikes spying on u via Intel Cpus

cant make this shit up

d749b4 No.683791

I was listening in my car to Marie Harf (I think thats her name) Anyway she was on that Out Numbered show Fox does, Conversation was about McCabe being fired. Her position and defensiveness of the whole situation, got me thinking I wonder what she has to hide, she was the state dept spokes person.

09b00c No.683792

File: 7212daa160fcb72⋯.png (195.92 KB, 1707x629, 1707:629, 30128320193klasdjadjkla.png)

these Q posts still make me wonder what hes trying to get us to see. did the cabal create all of this illusion based on the confusion and unlogical story of alice and wonderland?

bc53be No.683793


The only way he'll save his pension is to turn on Comey, which I'd love to see happen. Even better would be Comey and Obama. Remember Strzok said Obama wanted to be kept aware of all the details in his text message to Lisa Page.

7010b0 No.683794


If their pension is anything like mine, (retired firefighter), he gets convicted of a felony(s) that pension is gone, so either way he's screwed

09b00c No.683795


forgot to mention on the meme Q's use of THINK MIRROR

edb3e1 No.683796


>Marie Harf

Good ears

Second ex-State Dept. spokeswoman denies pushing for Iran video edits

Marie Harf, a top adviser to Secretary of State John Kerry, said Wednesday that she is not responsible for pushing to selectively edit a State Department briefing video in 2013 to delete a discussion about the Iran nuclear agreement, and has no knowledge about who made that decision.

https:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/second-ex-state-dept-spokeswoman-denies-pushing-for-iran-video-edits/article/2592799

bc53be No.683797

>>683696 <<Back to reddit you go, butt plug.


>>683730 I think you're right. McCabe will rat on Comey to save his pathetic skin.

1381d3 No.683798


he'll keep his employee contributions but lose any contributions made by his employer

5388d1 No.683799

File: e366432d6c2ca51⋯.png (411.73 KB, 720x960, 3:4, Screenshot_2018-03-16-05-2….png)

e60994 No.683800


3/16 has arrived

d749b4 No.683801

>>683796 I knew there was more too her story, she used to really drive me nuts with her non answer answers.

3e1f12 No.683802

https:// www.click2houston.com/news/3-arrested-in-worst-case-of-child-pornography-san-jacinto-sheriff-has-seen-in-his-career

Local cops doing their jobs.

God Bless them.

Texas prison will not be kind to these 3.

21596e No.683803


This is a great post.

96f939 No.683804

File: 4f93ba763567306⋯.jpeg (359.13 KB, 1242x1579, 1242:1579, 37F95C25-007B-4E11-B9B0-A….jpeg)

Something has been bothering me about the Kim-Trump summit. The Kim Jong-un offer to denuclearize, agreement to refrain from additional nuclear and missile tests, and eagerness to meet with the U.S. president might never have happened.


Jung Pak, Senior Fellow and SK-Korea Foundation Chair in Korea Studies, Foreign Policy, Center for East Asia Policy Studies, The Brookings Institution

Jung H. Pak

SK-Korea Foundation Chair in Korea Studies Senior Fellow - Foreign Policy, Center for East Asia Policy Studies


What is nagging at me is that these alleged promises or concessions from Kim Jong-un seem so out of character for North Korea’s 34-year-old leader. Since he came to power, Kim has been fast-forwarding the nuclear weapons program, eschewing diplomacy, and mocking the leaders of the United States, South Korea, Japan, and China. Kim has taken full ownership of the North’s nuclear weapons program, enshrined it in its constitution, and for more than six years has explicitly stated that it was not a bargaining chip.

There has been very good analysis about why Trump should not have accepted, whether Kim Jong-un is being sincere, the risks and opportunities of a Kim-Trump meeting, and how the United States should prepare Mr. Trump. But we’ve already built an analytic infrastructure and policymakers are furiously trying to plan next steps based on a possibly incomplete or false rendering of what happened in Pyongyang.

6b19d7 No.683805


Soon you will see her with a wrist support to hide her tracker….

3e03da No.683806


Add it to the list anon! Great find well done…

CK Huchison sounds like a sham… Set up in the cayman islands… Like panama / no tax..

This guy sounds dirty AF!

09b00c No.683807

File: c6e160128500326⋯.png (183.61 KB, 457x499, 457:499, 31203782103872189472189421….png)

File: 0a2b6c07fd2de00⋯.png (19.82 KB, 977x181, 977:181, 31234213421uo34u21io3.png)



4da820 No.683808

Oh shit!

What if the Freedom stringers were a reference to actions on National Freedom of Information Day (today 3/16)?

3e1f12 No.683809



Kinross/Barr:ck G0ld connection would be interesting.

Need to crash workfag..

But ill diggity on it tamale.

God Bless Patriots.

b2f4b8 No.683810

link maybe?




[John Perry Barlow]






1000 pieces.


anyone see this thread by wictor last night? USS jimmy carter flying the jolly roger upon returning home…meaning mission success!

https:// threadreaderapp.com/thread/974509829971615744.html

edb3e1 No.683811


good stuff, lets see how much nothing burger happens today

d1160a No.683812

File: 79e4ca1f770722e⋯.jpg (66.56 KB, 639x778, 639:778, 79e4ca1f770722e1725dc04687….jpg)


Stop with the globalist propaganda already

TRUMP met with Kim in November and hatched this secret plan to pull the Globalist Cock from Deep in the State of N Korea


c68c94 No.683813


My money is on him having touted them out yesterday to cut a deal.

7010b0 No.683814


One of Many, Carroll was a pedo

96d55c No.683816

Kansas is double meaning.

054e10 No.683817



Nice catch.

c68c94 No.683818



b2f4b8 No.683819


https:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/why-was-the-uss-jimmy-carter-flying-the-jolly-roger

374fe4 No.683820


"Buckle your seatbelt Dorothy, 'cause Kansas is going bye bye."

d749b4 No.683822

>>683775 https:// www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/fbi-official-andrew-mccabe-asks-justice-department-not-to-fire-him/2018/03/15/f3f220c0-2871-

Asking not to be fired,hmm, Maybe he spilled it all, but he will be fired anyway IMHO.

b7712c No.683823

3e03da No.683824


>POTUS said Pompeo needs to be in place before Korea talks. The guy who gutted floor 7 is coming to have a chat.

Very interesting!

I wonder "who" that gutter is…..?

f2eb1d No.683825

Good morning anons!!!

Is everybody ready for National BOOM day???

Food for thought:

Your kid gets killed by illegals … they have to protect the illegals.

Their kid gets killed in a school shooting … they have to ban guns.

705c79 No.683826

File: 5a2a21066ca24f4⋯.jpeg (192.63 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 61E91308-3743-4DA9-B70F-B….jpeg)

374fe4 No.683827


cognitive dissonance is like that, on purpose.

96d55c No.683828


There's a weapon inclination in this that I am failing to remember.

f2eb1d No.683829


Like, and then, like, I, like, unzipped like his pants, and like, it was like so BIIIIIG, and like…..

d32dc0 No.683830

Batch 846 Notables

>>682983 disinfo is necessary

>>683113 This is why we FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!!!

>>683116 KANSAS Voter ID law trial

>>683534 Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace

>>683566 Who Holds the Keys?

>>683510 GermanArchiveAnon Update

21596e No.683831

File: 57d696e547de13c⋯.gif (14.04 KB, 520x568, 65:71, pepe_victor.gif)


Well, what the hell would that mean?? Sounds good!! I'm in!!

d749b4 No.683832


LOL, I just spit my coffee all over the screen!!

a860a3 No.683833


Matrix reference.

390ed0 No.683834


repost pl, link not working

d1160a No.683835


I Stroke, It Sprays my face

374fe4 No.683836


Cypher says that to Neo right before the action end of Neo's red pill kicks in, in the Matrix.

21596e No.683837


3.1 out of 10. Would not bang.

bd6281 No.683838

File: 4f981683f479f2e⋯.jpg (41.99 KB, 429x600, 143:200, 1509917419774.jpg)



Here's a picture of Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell. Of course they're connected to the pedos.

96f939 No.683839


Anon the author doesn’t know this yet - shhhhh ;)

f2eb1d No.683840


Were women really that butt ugly in those days?

a41921 No.683841

Morning anons!



HIGHLY plausible…great catch!

21596e No.683842

File: 3b020d3468b5431⋯.jpg (172.37 KB, 536x618, 268:309, Who_Sent_You_MAGA.jpg)


I agree. POTUS knows it's a DONE deal. The speeches at Moon Township and Miramar show that clearly.

96d55c No.683843


Why Kansas?

5fbc52 No.683844

File: a08edad4a77bccd⋯.png (517.84 KB, 530x526, 265:263, ClipboardImage.png)


a41921 No.683845


Pompeo is from Kansas…

c68c94 No.683846


She was about 10 or 11 years old then anon. Hardly a woman!

96d55c No.683847



6b996c No.683848


I love these, but I would totally lie to a terrorist or criminal to foil them.

f2eb1d No.683849


So she looked more human as puberty set in?

d749b4 No.683850

>>683834 https:// www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/fbi-official-andrew-mccabe-asks-justice-department-not-to-fire-him/2018/03/15/f3f220c0-2871-11e8-b79d-f3d931db7f68_story.html?utm_term=.ac4aedf72709

Sorry didn't go long enough!

2f7bc1 No.683851

for the sake of fluffy…



2fed12 No.683852

File: 99330ff29be9e10⋯.jpg (41.72 KB, 510x586, 255:293, freedom press foundation.JPG)


John Perry Barlow (October 3, 1947 – February 7, 2018) was an American poet and essayist, a cattle rancher, and a cyberlibertarian political activist who had been associated with both the Democratic and Republican parties. He was also a lyricist for the Grateful Dead and a founding member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Freedom of the Press Foundation. He was Fellow Emeritus at Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet and Society, where he had maintained an affiliation since 1998.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Perry_Barlow

Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF) is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 to fund and support free speech and freedom of the press.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freedom_of_the_Press_Foundation

bc53be No.683853


Child rapists are true evil walking the face of the earth….


351f22 No.683854

File: 76cc32bb5caeb3a⋯.jpg (1.83 MB, 5120x2875, 1024:575, save-link-as.jpg)


6b996c No.683855


Oh shit son. I dig it.

390ed0 No.683856


ty anon

374fe4 No.683857


Synchronicity. Kansas is a Wizard of Oz reference also (the story is placed there), in addition to the Matrix.

And, Pompeo is from Kansas, as another anon stated.

d32dc0 No.683858


see also >>683534 Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace

d749b4 No.683859


No problem, just a liddle thing, lol

2fed12 No.683860

File: d7b1592b7b667b2⋯.jpg (75.96 KB, 1379x194, 1379:194, secure drop.JPG)


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freedom_of_the_Press_Foundation

edb3e1 No.683861

Q is non other than Sean Hannity

only guy that keeps saying BOOM over and Over

5a673f No.683862


It was a theory floated around here for sure and elsewhere. I'm not 100% sure if we had any drops from Q helping along with that theory. I think it was a real missile.

bc53be No.683863


Inbreeding does not lead to beautiful people. Notice how much they look alike…..

84ef90 No.683864

Trump fires personal aide


96d55c No.683865


He reads the crumbs, dummy.

a41921 No.683867


Fuck me…check this on Barlow…

Founded the Freedom of the Press association…

John Perry Barlow (October 3, 1947 – February 7, 2018) was an American poet and essayist, a cattle rancher, and a cyberlibertarian[1] political activist who had been associated with both the Democratic and Republican parties. He was also a lyricist for the Grateful Dead and a founding member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Freedom of the Press Foundation. He was Fellow Emeritus at Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet and Society, where he had maintained an affiliation since 1998.[2]

5a673f No.683868


Greatest Show On Earth!!!

edb3e1 No.683869


n o n o n o

he is Q

374fe4 No.683870


"Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world", eh?

96d55c No.683871


SpaceX coming in, look at times/relations.

f2eb1d No.683872

Every social engineering scheme ever devised was dreamed up around the idea of keeping its creator the most comfortable and getting the most for nothing, while doing what could be done to make the people giving the free ride the most tolerant of the b.s.

Societies cannot be engineered into happiness. They must evolve their way there.

Something to keep in mind as the chains are lifted off us. It's the means to an end, not the end itself. Where things go after the Storm is up to us. What will we CREATE?????????

3e03da No.683873

File: b19c716c76ce42c⋯.jpg (109.38 KB, 780x438, 130:73, HRC india meme.jpg)

390ed0 No.683874

File: fc59a43cbdeca81⋯.png (471.75 KB, 788x576, 197:144, banksy2018.png)

artanon here:

Banksy mades a new work in NYC (after 5 years of absence)

He was always a pointer to society.

Rats running against time?

Rats leaving the boat before sinking?

https:// de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banksy

and here the article:

https:// www.monopol-magazin.de/neue-banksy-arbeit-new-york-aufgetaucht

also in Washington Post…

6b996c No.683875

File: 3315e621d6c9d20⋯.png (21.22 KB, 1415x182, 1415:182, Screenshot-2018-3-16 Natio….png)

File: 1f6763776e438a9⋯.png (8.51 KB, 1395x52, 1395:52, Screenshot-2018-3-16 Freed….png)

Relevant for more digging? FOIA?

5a673f No.683876


Was there a launch/landing attempt 300 miles off the coast of California that day?

351f22 No.683877

File: 6ead6710964d533⋯.png (113.85 KB, 954x664, 477:332, es-prez-of-fpf.PNG)


>Edward Snowden is a former intelligence officer who served the CIA, NSA, and DIA for nearly a decade as a subject matter expert on technology and cybersecurity. In 2013, he revealed the NSA was unconstitutionally seizing the private records of billions of individuals who had not been suspected of any wrongdoing, resulting in the largest debate about reforms to US surveillance policy since 1978. He has received awards for courage, integrity, and public service, and was named the top global thinker of 2013 by Foreign Policy magazine. Today, he works on methods of enforcing human rights through the application and development of new technologies. He joined the board of Freedom of the Press Foundation in February 2014 and was named the president of the board in 2016.

<was named president of the board in 2016

<was named president of the board in 2016

<was named president of the board in 2016

2fed12 No.683878


thx Anon.

good work has been done.

f2eb1d No.683879


Hmmm. They must have had a thing for Moloch.

390ed0 No.683880


ohh wonder, wonder Alice, lol

3e03da No.683881

File: b4ad6c60dcb9466⋯.jpg (113.72 KB, 780x438, 130:73, hrc india meme 2.jpg)


Slight change to the ending kek

96f939 No.683882


Note “Order out of chaos” in the sub title. Made me laugh !

4a35ef No.683883


Electronic Frontier Foundation - check out all CIA related docs available for download:

https:// www.eff.org/agency/central-intelligence-agency

4da820 No.683884


Yep, I'm thinking today might actually be the day.

If it is, everything will change overnight once the extent of corruption in the DOJ / FBI and Obama administration broadly is exposed.

I'm fucking excited.

2e52fa No.683885

Pray for JR family.

96f939 No.683886


Kansas can blow up a storm too

8cddad No.683887


Could this be related?

Full article here:

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-16/russia-blamed-attacks-us-power-grid-starting-2016

Last July, however, the Department of Homeland Security reported that the Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating corp in Kansas had been targeted by hackers in one of several breaches of U.S. nuclear plants. Hackers were thought to be mapping out computer networks for future attacks, according to the Times.

That said, there has been a fair amount of pushback against the administration's claims of Russian hacking by both the Wolf Creek plant and the Nuclear Energy Institute.

Spokeswoman Jenny Hageman declined to say at the time if the plant had been hacked but said that there had been no operational impact to the plant because operational computer systems were separate from the corporate network. Hageman on Thursday said the company does not comment on security matters.

John Keeley, a spokesman for the industry group the Nuclear Energy Institute, said: “There has been no successful cyber attack against any U.S. nuclear facility, including Wolf Creek.” -Reuters

Meanwhile, watch out - China is beefing up their cyberweapons…

96d55c No.683888


https:// www.space.com/39382-spacex-dragon-return-to-earth-crs13.html

Broken link, fix it.

96f939 No.683889



d749b4 No.683890



Every time I see that pic, I think,

"Well would you look at what just fell out of my shit hole" LOL

374fe4 No.683891


ZH is about has as much veracity as Vanity Fair these days. Cmon…

c68c94 No.683892

File: 7f8874688f45433⋯.jpg (98.81 KB, 1200x716, 300:179, LiveLeak-dot-com-68a_14701….jpg)

File: 18a81ebbb238039⋯.jpg (52.72 KB, 640x758, 320:379, LiveLeak-dot-com-72c_14701….jpg)

File: 19e85df29369231⋯.jpg (67.61 KB, 917x385, 131:55, LiveLeak-dot-com-72c_14701….jpg)

What the Turks think of Merkel, I mean Hitler

a41921 No.683893


A real list of shitbags on their board…just sayin..

https:// freedom.press/about/board/

96d55c No.683894


Kansas in in all caps for a reason.

437848 No.683895


>John Perry Barlow

He hung out with JFK jr. in NYC. Sounds (wikipedia) like they could have been good friends (more than social acquaintances).

May have known a lot of stuff and it's hard to get a read on where he was at. At lot of angles there. Connected in Europe, too.

Looks like he may have had health issues (wikipedia again), so may be natural cause re death. Still.

Must be a key here somewhere.

a41921 No.683897


Agree we are close! I hope today the day. I have kinda been waiting on the "big drop" since pizzagate days…hopefully we get it! Chances are the onion will continue its slow peel…BUT..onion is peeling!

edb3e1 No.683898

this guy Q is ULTRA crypticc as fuck on purpose so anons go on a random wild goose chase

a41921 No.683899


Anons…really? Could have double meaning of course..but very obvious..

Convo was about trusting Sessions, then anon asked about trusting Pompeo..Q said trust Kansas which is where Pompeo is from…

2fed12 No.683900

File: 6ce70984d39df14⋯.jpg (12.3 KB, 645x45, 43:3, fpf1.JPG)

File: 4ac4e78514c710e⋯.jpg (42.39 KB, 816x307, 816:307, fpf2.JPG)

File: 872890cdc9ef836⋯.jpg (34.57 KB, 780x274, 390:137, fpf3.JPG)


Freedom of the Press Foundation

https:// freedom.press

710250 No.683902


> Dorothy

Mike Pompeo, full name Michael Richard Pompeo, was born on 30 December 1963, to his father Wayne Pompeo and mother Dorothy Pompeo, in Orange, California located in the Unite States.

351f22 No.683903


Ever watched the TV Show "The Magicians"?

Plot is similar to Chronicles of Narnia, 4 children, enter wardrobe etc.. But Author in the show sounds more like Carroll.

OR maybe most children's book authors of the time who knows.

edb3e1 No.683904

if Q was president Trump and close friends then why is he so scared about who's watching ?? He keeps saying (((they))) bad actors are watching and that's why he can't spell out info but if he's that powerful and he has everything under control as he says and he's winning bigly then who's he scared of?????????????????????

16f1ff No.683905

Did anyone see the Dilley scope yesterday? I know a lot of ppl aren't fans & don't listen, but I really think he had a point. Until the Mueller investigation is done, I am not expecting to see the big shit go down. It's still a game in play till that happens.

Mueller was "recalled to military duty" to perform a specific task. That was why he met w POTUS the day before being appointed special council. His task is to give POTUS most public, thorough proctology exam in history. Only after this is done & people see he really is clean from corruption & influence will they be able to move on the 18000+ indictments. Making any move publicly begore the investigation wraps up can trigger the left into screams that he is Hitler & to normies it could really look that way. They don't see how deep these rabbit holes go. That is why we were picked to do the red pilling.

Mueller is not a good guy or bad guy. He's a guy just trying to save his own ass, and following the chain of command. He is not on the side of Trump. He is following orders to do a completely thorough investigation into EVERYTHING. Do you really think they would have gone along w it if they didn't know what the outcome would be in advance?

96f939 No.683906

File: 1c6fd21f9111d1d⋯.jpeg (145.17 KB, 1242x582, 207:97, 9BC0BAD1-EF9A-4AD6-8F0F-1….jpeg)

“I will lift up mine eyes unto the mountains: From whence shall my help come?”

It comes from the Lord God through his good and faithful son President Trump !

3e03da No.683907



I just think that she has helped make India great again! and she is trying to get a safehaven to go to….

No deal! kek

They look "calm" because they DGAF about what is out in public, coz they always had "friends" who made issues disappear….

b7712c No.683908


This does't suggest health issues:

Feb 15 2018 14:12:42 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 0f16d4 387462


>James Dolan. Dead suicide

>Aaron swartz. Dead suicide

>Kevin Paulson. Turned over securedrop to Freedom of the Press

John Perry Barlow - 187 post name [DROP].


You are now a liability.


5eeee8 No.683909


I think you are meant to entertain the idea that all the world is a stage so to speak. Even Trump is a narrative, which makes it funny that people get behind him so much. It's like Pro-Wrestling. It's real in the sense that the wrestlers still hit each other but it's coordinated reality.

573ad4 No.683910

Ok stick with me….

Think Back to the Future 2.

Think Skynet.

What if Q-group is "Doctor Brown" or "Kyle Reese" trying to help us out of an alternate timeline where these evil bastards take over?

Just a thought. If it means anything it will if it won't please disregard.

a41921 No.683911


Did we ever confirm 4a's come from Gannet? We did confirm 4a's go on SecureDrop didn't we?

Oh..today could be a real hoot!

9419dd No.683912


Podesta today?

3e03da No.683913

File: ba18824f45fe68b⋯.jpg (74.44 KB, 790x729, 790:729, hrc hole eew.jpg)


kek and yes in that pic she does look like she dropped a turd and only felt it when it hit her foot on the way down….

Swish…. Nothing but net…. (pic related kek)

b9adcb No.683914


Reminds me of when AJ went there, dropped some anti-cabal truthbombs and created a crack in the political spacetime continuum.

d1160a No.683915

File: 4e294f8012364f4⋯.png (561.36 KB, 499x445, 499:445, hole.PNG)

d749b4 No.683916

>>683907 I agree. I truly believe that is how she views anyone who is a threat to her, something she just drops out.

edb3e1 No.683917

John pArry Barlow has an album called RECKONING

573ad4 No.683919


WW reach.

d749b4 No.683920

>>683913 Maybe that"s how she really broke her toe, shits too heavy

2b105e No.683921


Q means that they still have the plan under control. That they are able to work according to the plan.

Q never said that they have the bad actors under control.

Q said this is Phase 2.

Q didn't say, that the war is over.

Q says, we are winning big, which means that they are winning the battles.

We are still in Phase 2, not at war's victory.

3e03da No.683922


When I see that pic I always think that the pretty girls hole was that small when hillary first got to her… and now HRC is proud that she has stretched the shit out of that poor girl…..

All the girl needs is some "privileges" and she won't sequel…..

490608 No.683923

a41921 No.683924


Pompeo represented Kansas 4th Congressional District…

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Pompeo

15212e No.683926

Praying for happenings today, please God.

304f7c No.683927


I don't know if anons are aware or prepared for the fact that the "war" is going to take YEARS not months

edb3e1 No.683928


Q literally said he has FULL CONTROL yet he still writes in a cryptic weird vague puzzle like frustrating manner

Mar 15 2018 19:41:02 (EDT) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 26e3a8 678189


Trust the plan.

Full control.

3e03da No.683929

File: 47333bf1ca15c0a⋯.jpg (6.86 KB, 224x224, 1:1, nibbler poop.jpg)


kek… she poops dark matter like nibbler

Pic needs HRC's face

573ad4 No.683930


Yeah full control of the real government.

a41921 No.683931


Plausible analysis…I puzzle over several things here to0 anon…like..

WHERE THE HELL are the 18k+ sealed indictments coming from?? Under whos authority? Mueller? doubtful..Secret grand juries? likely..but under whos authorities? Military? Ergo need for newest EO on UCMJ?

c68c94 No.683932

James Comey gets his ass handed to him at Howard University

https:// www.liveleak.com/view?t=sMlZL_1521190387

9a9d7c No.683933

Dead cat bounce is a pollster term. Makes me think perhaps KAC is a Q or involved. Q seems to be a team.

3e03da No.683934


You can be in control of a war, and still not have victory under your belt..

This move is something gargantuan…. It is not easy and there is SO much that would be going on in the background that I am surprised that things are moving this quickly..

I thank all the anon's and Q for helping us understand what is going on and to help the fight and awaken the masses.. What an honour and privilege to be a part of this team. We have the BEST seats in the house here anons!

6160aa No.683935

Chief Executive and Four Associates Indicted for Conspiring with Global Drug Traffickers by Providing Encryption Services to Evade Law Enforcement and Obstruct Justice

Vincent Ramos, the chief executive of Canada-based Phantom Secure, and four of his associates were indicted by a federal grand jury today on charges that they knowingly and intentionally participated in a criminal enterprise that facilitated the transnational importation and distribution of narcotics through the sale and service of encrypted communications.

This is the first time the U.S. government has targeted a company and its principals for knowingly and intentionally conspiring with criminal organizations by providing them with the technological tools to evade law enforcement and obstruct justice while committing transnational drug trafficking.


d749b4 No.683936

Wasn't there a discussion, regarding Tweet Trump did where he misspelled Alex Baldwin"s name Alec? Did it ever get resolved?

3e03da No.683937

File: 02dd74ca73ea001⋯.png (15.45 KB, 655x357, 655:357, dead cat.PNG)


Dead cat bounce means: (pic related)

Expect a crash in the stock market… Look to buy into the market once it has bottomed out (because that dead cat is going to bounce)!!!

351f22 No.683938


>You can be in control of a war, and still not have victory under your belt..

Hence the retaliations that Q team have no control over and the lives lost in the process.

a41921 No.683939


Key is this…choads new print and eventually televised media would die…

Choads are nothing if not excellent little planners and began to plan on how to control the new frontier, the internet..

Choads needed know folk heros to "normalize" their control..like Barlow and Snowden..

Q is right..MSM is dead..we need to fight for our IBOR!

81d2f3 No.683940


kansas = pompeo dont over think it

485f65 No.683941


I think a lot of people get frustrated that the MSM narrative doesnt seem to be shifting yet. If you dig deep you can tell things are happening however to the masses, things are still the same.

3e03da No.683942


You need to look into sphere's of influence and the meaning and how it applies here.

485f65 No.683944


too specific. It's literally just another phrase for "bounce back"

16f1ff No.683945


I don't think it's coming from Mueller. I think Mueller is stayimg in his lane & only focusing on deep dive of Trump. I think DOJ is doing the indictments, which is why I also think Q keeps telling us to trust Session. I think Trump & all the recalled military have put a tight seal on the leaking, bc not doing so jepordizes the safety of the operations.

Dilley said he knows of former high ranking military being recalled to duty, after 18 years of being out of it. Old school military. Military that has seen the corruption & was forced out to cover it all up.

This really seems like the missing piece of the puzzle. Dilley thought that this info could help fill in gaps in the map.

573ad4 No.683946

Guys honestly I have never laughed so hard and felt such good things from being here…. even with all the normies showing up tonight. I love you fags. Full homo.

d1160a No.683947


agreed Q is a team, POTUS is part of that team as well.

However, Dead Cat Bounce is a Stock / Trading term.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dead_cat_bounce

3e03da No.683948



We will see it once the MSM can't look away any longer - or they will be destroyed once and for all and the public will see what "transparency" really means!

374fe4 No.683949


>What an honour and privilege to be a part of this team. We have the BEST seats in the house here anons!

And even at that, battles and skirmishes are had here every day. Interesting times indeed

a41921 No.683950


Wowser..today could be EVEN MORE INTERESTING…

John 3:16 is the Bible phrase you ALWAYS see in the background and on signs etc!

Damn anons…Barlow, Freedom of the Press Day, Day of Judgement…wow!

1cf93b No.683951

Good morning Patriots,

Nice, Big Beautiful crumbs dropped last night :)

573ad4 No.683952


Dude Q is not always that freakin detailed….


573ad4 No.683953


Go look at the full map Rainman!

e628e5 No.683954


Love that pic of GEOTUS, he has that "bitch I will fucking slap the taste out of your traitorous mouth" look

16f1ff No.683955


I think the EO on the UCMJ is to put pressure on the recalled military (at least partially) to ensure they do the jobs they were recalled for, to do them clean & correct.

Also, to expand who can be brought before tribunals.

374fe4 No.683956


Maybe. You still hold the screaming faggot title though, so no worries there..

9419dd No.683957


First light of dawn here East Coast. I really hope

JP is gitmo'd today.

3e03da No.683958


The world is a battle ground anon… It only depends on who you make your enemy and who you make your ally….

573ad4 No.683959

File: 44a4ced7fd02378⋯.jpg (9.43 KB, 255x143, 255:143, 0bb0f8cc0bdf42655ac8b55d41….jpg)


I like this new anon.

fd5dd4 No.683960


Jackie sent John Jr to spend time on the ranch as a teen, also.

3e03da No.683962


kek… I feel a facepalm coming on

81d2f3 No.683963

dude, what detailed? that is a simple, non-detailed, commonly used term. you obviously are clueless, so stop contributing.

573ad4 No.683964


couldn't say newfag or newfag would go all reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

3bf25c No.683965

Love the board early a.m. best loaf of the day (no pun intended)

Bad day to be a shill. They should arrive in T minus 40mins.

9419dd No.683966

File: f687a43fce041c3⋯.jpg (106.01 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Qarlin.jpg)

Guy was a prophet

edb3e1 No.683967

lol 847 pages of unorganized mumbo jumbo

a41921 No.683968

Anons…digging to see if Barlow was a part of this…which was a VERY good thing back in the day and very disruptive. Does anyone recall if the Open Software Foundation produced an "Internet Bill of Rights" :-) ? Might be worth a dig as they produced Open Office, Linux, Gimp, a TON of useful shit that was free…I was VERY VERY impressed with this as a young programmer and have even named our company from this movement…

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_software_movement

6d65d8 No.683969


Another Anon suggested DCB referred to the "blue wave" the media has been hyping. IOW, not a financial use but a political one.

3bf25c No.683970


Another perfectly timed morale boost for the troops. Team Q!

419a81 No.683971


Covfefe time. Get rrrrready!

573ad4 No.683972


yes he did.

yes we have it.

1bd010 No.683973

File: a155f0845f9ccf2⋯.jpg (19.15 KB, 515x243, 515:243, q715.jpg)


https:// www.eff.org/

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_Frontier_Foundation

Mitch Kapor

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YgRK3n7Ok4 Ties to NSA all support IBOR

edb3e1 No.683974

what did covfefe ever mean?

a41921 No.683975

"The GNU Project /ɡnuː/ (About this sound listen)[3] is a free-software, mass-collaboration project, first announced on September 27, 1983 by Richard Stallman at MIT. Its aim is to give computer users freedom and control in their use of their computers and computing devices, by collaboratively developing and providing software that is based on the following freedom rights: users are free to run the software, share it (copy, distribute), study it and modify it. GNU software guarantees these freedom-rights legally (via its license), and is therefore free software; the use of the word "free" always being taken to refer to freedom."

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_Project

3e03da No.683976


hahahaha I could see that in your reply… VERY restrained KEK

419a81 No.683977


Guesses as to their marching orders today?

e5a820 No.683978


And this surprises you how exactly? Almost all personal computer hardware has spyware loaded on it. All software has back doors.

1cf93b No.683979


We thank him for that :)

a9c099 No.683980

File: 72e8e836f24ec98⋯.jpg (42.78 KB, 1016x360, 127:45, Anti_RhD.JPG)

(They) produce Rhesus-neg antibodies….

Atorolimumab (TAB-149)

Recombinant monoclonal antibody to RhD. Atorolimumab is an immunosuppressive drug directed against the Rhesus factor.


a41921 No.683981

"The Free Software Foundation was founded in 1985 as a non-profit corporation supporting free software development. It continued existing GNU projects such as the sale of manuals and tapes, and employed developers of the free software system.[9] Since then, it has continued these activities, as well as advocating for the free software movement. The FSF is also the steward of several free software licenses, meaning it publishes them and has the ability to make revisions as needed.[10]

The FSF holds the copyrights on many pieces of the GNU system, such as GNU Compiler Collection. As holder of these copyrights, it has the authority to enforce the copyleft requirements of the GNU General Public License (GPL) when copyright infringement occurs on that software."

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_Software_Foundation

573ad4 No.683982


sorry just a lot of newfags since the redditt ban.

487534 No.683983

1st special council = CBTS

2nd special council = STORM

3e03da No.683984

File: 80ce2a81f4214d4⋯.png (102.49 KB, 487x306, 487:306, uuuh.png)


>DCB referred to the "blue wave" the media has been hyping

… Don't know what you are talking about sorry… Maybe I should go back to lurking (dam going to work to pay bills n shit haha)

e5a820 No.683985


You haven't been paying attention. China has been colonizing Africa for the past decade. Look it up.

c68c94 No.683986


The open software foundation do not produce linux, openoffice or gimp.

They write the standards to be adhered to.

For someone who "works" in this sector your knowledge is seriously lacking!

573ad4 No.683987


uh negative there ghostrider. You're about to get to learnin'.

81d2f3 No.683988


great work Sherlock! youll have the case solved in no time! Now go finish your homework and get ready for school.

1cf93b No.683989


I am rrrrrrrrrrrrready! lets do it! Thanks for crumbs Q was badly needed.

686edc No.683990

If shit was going down today it be be happening now .. just sayin

a41921 No.683991


Then why do we still have chemtrail overflight of Sovereign US airspace? Just sayin'

9419dd No.683992

File: 8aa37fd41c89678⋯.jpg (166.42 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, FRANklin S&L.jpg)

File: 592e1b2ef22a8b6⋯.jpg (29 KB, 306x361, 306:361, ghwbsh.jpg)

e628e5 No.683993


What about this:

Barlow condemned Donald Trump in November 2016, characterizing him as a "thorough creep" and "toxic asshole" in a Facebook "micromanifesto".[48]

3bf25c No.683994


Same old boring fake Q, flat earth, boomers suck, Qs a larp. Divide us. Thats all they got. Ignoring is best but sometimes you just have to fuck with them.

b9adcb No.683995


Is that Maria Whorf?

573ad4 No.683996

File: 4a996f61f6abc73⋯.jpg (10.91 KB, 255x144, 85:48, ac341f3ea6ca2f7c67c2a2bcd7….jpg)

21596e No.683997

File: a0de89fb091eab0⋯.jpg (45.08 KB, 500x500, 1:1, he-man.jpg)


FUCKIN KEK!!! Not what I was expecting at ALL.

3e03da No.683998


>redditt ban.

WTF??? I heard that CBTS went down as well from justinformedtalk on jootoob… I was like "whaaa, people are still on CBTS" hahahahaha

Then Q says that they are taking "extreme efforts to censor"…. But hitting reddit is the lowest of the low… Like shooting hippos in a bucket kek

69e6da No.683999


You still here baker? you want to take over?

6d65d8 No.684000

Ryan retiring?

https: //townhall.com/columnists/myraadams/2018/03/16/expect-an-after-easter-bombshell-announcement-from-speaker-ryan-n2461284

3bf25c No.684001


Kek. Early morn board is best board!

59050f No.684002


also the story has weird pedo vibes when you think about it. Frank L Baum wrote the books in Chicago (Oz park is named after him)

Dorothy is a runaway - returns to an abandoned house; gets knocked un-conscious and has a techno color dream of witches, midgets etc (drug induced haze?) -+ruby slippers (red shoes)

Then the actress herself was a child actor that the kept drugged up to shoot the movie (uppers to wake up, sleeping pills, etc)

http:// www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/03/12/judy-garland-was-molested-by-munchkins-on-wizard-oz-claimed-ex-husband.html

>>as far as I can verify this is the actual fox news site - looks fake as hell

fd5dd4 No.684003


I thought we had him pegged as a clown way back when we diggeried on him the first time.

573ad4 No.684004

edb3e1 No.684005

what is the point of all this? it wont wake up normies, no normy is going to read through and analyze 847 threads of jibberish mumbo JUMBO

686edc No.684006

Ryan’s probably going to run as a dem

573ad4 No.684007


go through the notable posts.

a41921 No.684008


Had not grocked on Mueller being used to clear Trump..that makes a hell of a lot of sense though!

Indictments almost have to be civilian grand juries with military tribunals…EO could have given power to civilian bodies over military justice…

High ranking retired military would make EXCELLENT judges…

d1160a No.684009


I certainly have been called worse.

However Oldfag is more accurate!

Glad you are here!

b7712c No.684010

Not a Belieber but ran across this: At first this seems off topic but it's actually not. With all the Pedo shit getting wrapped up in HW and the MKUltra, something is wrong here. Take a moment and watch the Bieb at Midnight Sun premiere. They say he is supporting his friend but that ain't what this looks like to me, CREEPY, that boy is fucked in the head.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdzojmsoFeM&app=desktop

f03290 No.684011

Not sure if you guys know, but 4chan is frozen. No one can post, I believe it's because of that kid from /r9k/ who committed suicide on live.

And the bridge that collapsed too, anyone talking about this end up banned. Something seems fishy, the kid might be a victim of MK Ultra.

He shot himself in the head with a 2k shotgun.

How can a basement dweller afford that?

e5a820 No.684012


Brookings Institute=nevertrumper neocon part of the shadow government.

Keep on lapping the globalist totalitarian propaganda.

d340f9 No.684013

File: 752f508d5523b15⋯.png (243.1 KB, 721x395, 721:395, david rockefeller CFR re b….png)


Die Natürliche Wirtschafttsordnung.

Translation: The Natural Economic Order.

Yes same as it was THEN it has always been. This is fully stated in what Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bush, even freaking pedo joe biden have said when they all and others call for New World Order. It clearly states is to be run by bankers ie economic leaders,

All you retard fags are ignorant. This stuff has been KNOWN since THAT time! get it. get over yourselves with your NEW perspectives.

Q fully confirmed something that is well known. Got it. accept it move on with that. It is a fact & no more wasting time on your bullshit

437848 No.684014



> The Kim Jong-un offer to denuclearize

I think NWO is Nuclear World Order.

Pakistan nuke center/scientists may have been blown up in the MOAB attacks, because it probably isn't worth it to negotiate with them.

Russia, China, India have all had prominent meetings with Trump.

UK/France in Europe have also been highlighted by Trump meetings and Israel will be last on the docket. Probably have to wait on Israel until Iran is cleared.

SO NK may be another state sanctioned (allegedly) piece to the agreement.

Could be the state actors are allying and aligning against the non-state actors. Maybe (probably) the non-state actors need a state front to test/deploy and those countries are being brought on board to not collude with non-state actors. The decision not to collude will be defended by Trump's promise of backing by the US military.

Trump wants Iran nukes gone, and his first trip was to SA, maybe asking them to put their nuke plans on hold until the state nuclear alliance is complete. Obama's Iran deal accelerated state sponsored nuke goals, so they have to be walked back with Trump's promise of military support as the deal maker.

IOW, it may not make sense unless you consider there may be rogue non-state actors involved with nukes and that position wouldn't be public knowledge.

My thinking here is in consideration of Trump always saying his uncle emphasized how horrible nuke weapons were. It may be his major focus. Trump also said things are worse than he had imagined. The key is trusting Trump and US military support under Trump.

The media narrative is to create an untrustworthy Trump in an attempt to stop this, IMO.

6160aa No.684015

total msm/dem btfo - this should get more traction

Correction: Trump’s Pick to Head CIA Did Not Oversee Waterboarding of Abu Zubaydah

ProPublica erred when it reported in 2017 that Gina Haspel was in charge of a secret prison in Thailand during the infamous interrogation of an al-Qaida suspect.


d749b4 No.684016

https:/ /wikileaks.org/Stratfor-Emails-US-Has-Issued.html

John Perry Barlow, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF): +1 415 436 9333 and +1 202 797 9009, barlow@eff.org

419a81 No.684017


The beauty of it is they don’t have to. Semi-normies like me lurk here, then report to the normies what I’ve learned here.

1cf93b No.684018

I think 1000 pieces here refers to clown agancy, JFK speach 1000 pieces?




[John Perry Barlow]






1000 pieces.


e628e5 No.684019


and there was no fucking Internet for him to learn from so that is even more evidence that GC was a smart motherfucker

3e03da No.684020


You may need a powerpoint and a laser pointer…. Laser pointers are cool…

Also you may need a IQ higher than 70 to understand this….

573ad4 No.684021

Also please learn to quote correctly by clicking on the post number. Thank you

d340f9 No.684022


READ & LEARN >684013

How the fuck are you retards still going over and dissembling FACT into spinning it into misdirection and bullshit.

Stop! U are misdirecting.

You also show GREAT ignorance and that you are NOT RED PILLED. ARGGGG

edb3e1 No.684023


is there an ego requirement? how high should my ego be to understand this? over 40,000 ft?

21596e No.684024

File: 2336637d76cbbd4⋯.jpg (103.78 KB, 1024x392, 128:49, 2336637d76cbbd4bfd582066f7….jpg)


Remember the formula: We are MAGA Rubber, they are Globalist Leftist Scum Glue, Their Projections bounce off of us and end up rightfully sticking to WHO??

I can't believe that Satanic Children Eaters and their bloodline cabal homies and their puppets are basically reduced to the SAME nonsense that dominated Kindergarten arguments. It's all ANY liar has. Crazy.

6d65d8 No.684026

So, if there are no big layoffs in the administration today, its safe to assume more leakers were exposed.

http: //www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/03/exclusive-report-massive-layoffs-hit-tomorrow-va-secretary-shulkin-chief-staff-gen-john-kelly-gone/

a41921 No.684027


Morning anon…

-Freedom of Press day today!

-Digging and stripping bark off the Freedom of the Press foundation started by Barlow and using SecureDrop…

-today is 3:16..John 3:16 Day of Judgement

A lot of potential habbenin's

edb3e1 No.684028


how do u get to do the red font thingy, i want to try it, teach me. no fair.


374fe4 No.684029


No. Some of us choose not to give clowns (you)s. Fuck off.

755fe8 No.684030


what the hell

d1160a No.684031


Unfortunately I cannot due to work.

I would recommend removing the Notables from Batch 835 Notables and below, whoever does.

e5a820 No.684032


India smells better than Hillary

0aa894 No.684033


Spotted the Clown Nigger.

https:// 8ch.net/tech/res/882204.html

e628e5 No.684034


I did as well but there are some in this bread trying to slide him as something else and I am not buying that cause it smells like a shit sandwich

edb3e1 No.684035





1cf93b No.684036

Morning Anon,

Thank you for the info. Wish AM to be fired!

3e03da No.684037



ego is the enemy here. Maybe drop down in to land

a41921 No.684038


Judges…recalls are for judges…might be wrong but highest probability with know data…

53ba01 No.684039


"Enjoy the show!" from last night means THE STAGE IS SET!

I think today is the day!

d1160a No.684040


Notables should be archived here btw:

Best Of Bread >>311157

7fa7a7 No.684041


Don't forget AG Sessions confirmed an outside DOJ prosecutor has been working with the IG for nearly a year, Those indictments are likely from them and the Grand Juries they have seated hidden away all this time.

487534 No.684042

d749b4 No.684043

Today sees the launch of the Freedom of the Press Foundation − a new initiative inspired by the fight against the two-year-long extra-judicial financial embargo imposed on WikiLeaks by U.S. financial giants including Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and the Bank of America.

The Freedom of the Press Foundation, an initiative of Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) co-founder John Perry Barlow, former Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, the actor John Cusack and others, will crowd-source fundraising and support for organizations or individuals under attack for publishing the truth. It aims to promote "aggressive, public-interest journalism focused on exposing mismanagement, corruption and law-breaking in government".

https:// wikileaks.org/WikiLeaks-declares-war-on-banking.html

96f939 No.684044

File: 2718b54f24e93c0⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, BC37335B-BCCE-48E0-B176-1E….png)

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - An Indian political party that governs a southern state quit Prime Minister Narendra Modi's coalition on Friday blaming it for a lack of financial support, officials said, in a blow to the coalition ahead of national elections next year.

The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) controls 16 lawmakers in India's 545-member parliament, but Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party-led coalition remains in majority.

edb3e1 No.684045



yea i figured it was the jews after i read through

very suss answers from kikes

https:// www.anandtech.com/show/12536/our-interesting-call-with-cts-labs

3bf25c No.684046


Playing an important role Patriot.

374fe4 No.684047


That is quite an important detail you have there. It means that DC is not in control of the proceedings against itself.

1cf93b No.684048


Or at list we made the foundation of the stage, still under construction. Have to admit there where many Booooms during Hannity show.

755fe8 No.684049


or they are the leakers

2a29cd No.684050

I am not one to ever promote jewtube, but I have seen a video this am, and would like to know if anyone else has seen or heard of these lights in Ohio, 3 days ago…The vid is only 2 min.long, no talking, or music, just a live shot out of the windshield of an auto, when these really strange lights appear vertically, 3 of them, and they r not reflections on the windshield, as they r blocked at times by trees…

2a29cd No.684051

http:// www.oom2.com/t53842-mysterious-beams-of-light-appear-in-the-sky-over-ohio

a41921 No.684052


Hmmm..is that why I remember submitting code to them back in the 80's? Didn't they maintain the websites for Linux/Firefox/etc? Of course you are probably right anon….

1bd010 No.684053

File: 16130f5e7db0d70⋯.jpg (138.05 KB, 1200x673, 1200:673, DVxd2T-VMAEX9vo.jpg)

96f939 No.684054

File: 512e697840c1ffa⋯.jpeg (327.72 KB, 1242x1773, 138:197, 14FD3536-D1F3-4ECB-A29C-F….jpeg)

Earlier this week, Pakistan said at least three of its diplomats had been harassed in New Delhi, and several of their children had been intimidated and threatened on their way home from their school.

New Delhi accuses Pakistan of having carried out an equivalent campaign of harassment against its own diplomats posted in Islamabad, alleging that Pakistani spy agency personnel entered the embassy's residential compound.

a3743b No.684055

Anyone notice the lack of early morning tweets from the God Emperor today?

Seems like that only happens when there is news that will drop that will take over the narrative itself. Trump just directs the narrative with his tweets when needed.

7fa7a7 No.684056


Correct, Sessions did that last year, and all the proceedings are just now coming to light. It seemed like one of the booms to me, kek.

419a81 No.684057


T Y. ( back to lurking as I sit back and let you all do your thing!!)

fd5dd4 No.684058

File: 70e9ecc7827a2d6⋯.jpeg (332.01 KB, 1242x694, 621:347, 0AFDB1CD-854F-4007-BE4E-4….jpeg)

File: c6d66b9ed8b2898⋯.jpeg (742.32 KB, 1242x2072, 621:1036, 76960CA5-C0FF-433A-83AB-F….jpeg)

File: 91a6de8b6e2594b⋯.jpeg (552.7 KB, 1242x1622, 621:811, 53D8E96A-C1ED-4CBD-AFDF-F….jpeg)

Interesting Drudge spotlight rn

https:// www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-russia-sanctions-energygrid/in-a-first-u-s-blames-russia-for-cyber-attacks-on-energy-grid-idUSKCN1GR2G3

>citing former officials

>McCarran, NV

>Wolf Creek nuclear plant, Kansas

573ad4 No.684059


psssssssst a lot of em think sessions isnt doing anything……….

144a3f No.684060


I know that area.

They have them on video. They've proven their guilt. Take them out back and blow their brains out, not let them sit for years on appeal and force their victims to pay tax dollars to feed and clothe them. Old timey Texas justice. Quick and effective.

d749b4 No.684061

There is a TREASURE TROVE in wikileaks, for so much of the research here! Just using Keywords.

https:// wikileaks.org

a41921 No.684062



Wow…well all you really need to do to see the character of Barlow is to look at the board of the Freedom of the Press Assoc…choad'ish to say the least…

And..they use and promote SecureDrop! The 4a press delivery vehicle…

21596e No.684063

File: 58623c6d2d1a2f9⋯.jpg (136.24 KB, 877x799, 877:799, 599936_5149692535235818_25….jpg)

File: c89b69da3b60707⋯.png (1.09 MB, 960x898, 480:449, AerCapture.PNG)

File: 6e4552dfe49df48⋯.jpeg (27.16 KB, 480x431, 480:431, DVPRfamXcAEn5z9.jpeg)

File: f096c95ad8c76b3⋯.jpg (473.78 KB, 2540x1430, 254:143, Screen_Shot_2018-03-05_at_….jpg)



Never seen that one before. This fucking bread delivers. You know, even with all the FE guys and clowns, shills and overall stupidity, every bread makes me laugh a few times and I learn something. This has been an amazing ride. Can't wait to go back someday and read ALL the breads.

edb3e1 No.684064



7fa7a7 No.684065


Kind of like POTUS letting everyone think he is not smart enough to manage. Let them sleep…it will be glorious.

33ed6f No.684066



374fe4 No.684067


..And his audience is far less acclimated to the level of info that we see.. So as things move forward it will be interesting to see how the Kabuki of our times plays out..

b7712c No.684068


By going back to half chan duh!

c68c94 No.684069

File: 052fb6ea6fbb3b7⋯.png (122.99 KB, 1176x596, 294:149, OSFHistory.png)

File: 4adeb73a7933ed4⋯.png (113.02 KB, 1355x528, 1355:528, OSF.png)


Maybe you did but they didn't produce the products you mentioned. They are covered under the GNU license, maybe you confuse them with someone else?

e628e5 No.684070


Maybe but I worry about it. You see when you back a man in to a corner and all of the sudden drop it on him that his entire life is a lie, that everything he ever held as sacred truth is nothing more than a control mechanism he will most likely lash out fiercely. Are we all prepared for what might come next?

53ba01 No.684071


All I know is you always say enjoy the show right when it's about to start!

0be47f No.684072


Good one page reality sum up !

10dbbe No.684073


That depends on whether McCabe is SES or not. Any anon. figure that out?

7010b0 No.684074


Yep, hopefully to a nice tropical Cuban resort

573ad4 No.684075


I pray so.

d48799 No.684076


An interesting post from last bread



>Might have figured this out:

>First Q posted this:

>The creation of the internet and ‘connecting’ platforms is bringing about their downfall.

>Failure to control.

>MSM is dead.


>Which seems innocuous enough, but then a few posts later he says this:


>You cannot possibly imagine the size of this.

>Both were on 3/10. He's also been talking about subgroups:

Read the rest


21596e No.684077

File: 6fcc0d37da0bb8f⋯.jpg (51.73 KB, 750x758, 375:379, 2scoops.jpg)


I watched this clip, god help me, from some BS FakeNews outlet a few days ago, and it was ALL about how POTUS is ALWAYS golfing and just chillin supreme, wasting time and money golfing. Breathless reporting, all geared to make average joes jealous and to confirm TDS in the audience.

Actually made me laugh. They'll all learn soon enough. KEK!!

d340f9 No.684078


EFF and FPF were quickly subverted and taken over by blackhats. Recall that they were supposed to collect money to help JA & WL but then took ALL that money & then cut off JA & WL. Recall who all were on the boards and part of the org. Well known dirty players in all of this. As well those "secure" places whistle-blowers were to use to make drops were all set ups to take in the evidence & harm those making drops. All intel gathering to harm and stop REAL truth. JA etc have been writing about this. Named names. Then all those people were exposed

So I trust NOTHING w/ EFF or FPF at all. They have proven to be the opposite of what they claim. As well Cusack gives it NO credibilty tied so those families like Pivin who is tied to


The line

>>RATPAC Brett Rat

refers to Brett Ratner & James Packer tied to all sorts of dirty stuff.

Now here comes why we all wondered WTF was Trump thinking by making a totally known tied into DeepState Elite Globalists Goldmansachs and loyal to israel NOT USA dirty pedo Hollywood ties made Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnunchin who owns runs Dune Capital Partners, that also then set up another entity with MANY dirty players to make Dune-RATPAC. Recently removed Gary Cohn also ties into this stuff and that was another early WTF on Trump also as this stuff is known. tied into the whole RatPac stuff is Robert Evans, Warner Brothers, also creepy Jeremy Pivin (he is from a multi family network in entertainment that connected in the Cusaks, and others in their parents acting club/representation of "acting families in the business"

Stuff that ties into dirty playeers twink molester pedo druggie drug pusher Bryan Singer is some ties into Mitt Romney's Bain Capitol (That also had tied into the whole Franklin shit)

The RatPac stuff ties into Brett Ratners father, and James Toboc, Russell Simmons etc tin in Kevin Tsujihara

That "Shady gaming" company tied to all those ex CIA FBI heads is know for ties to mega drug cartels, murder, online gaming, money laundering, off shore accounts, funding all sorts of black ops etc Tied into Operation Pelican of course

Remember Freeh is to total POS like they ALL are & anyone who's duty it was to HONESTLY investigate and expose what really happened in all the Fed operations when they pulled off the Oklahoma City Bombing. Understand this ties IN MANY people and loud asshole anti MAGA voices now.

It would be VERY easy for Q to make some BIG total drops on OKC and Trump to release all that info. THAT would begin many people to dig through all those file archive drops and research and expose write stories tell truth. And then force something to be done about it.

Because right now pieces are in place with dusted off operators with clone operations to do another like that that IS on the table. The NGO's ((())) & Soros whores are priming the pumps and setting up the boogie men and they already are tying that shit to Trump. So exposing that ALL would stop that and call out all the bad actors, which is also Clintons, but so many FBI/CIA mil intel Dept State Treasury , BATF and foreign actors & the NGO's that are unregistered foreign agents who were involved (who also were fully working w/ Gogglag for censorship across all platforms, and changing those algorithms search results. They also had stage set to deplatform a mass of people either right before or during, when they pulled an event last fall that ties into this. To silence them from being able to fight the preset new cycle narrative that was spun and massive, and set up to harm trump and did

a41921 No.684079

05fff2 No.684080


maybe its a reference to a telescope and how astronomy and religion are all lies and people have been duped for years and years and years and 99% would shit themselves if they only knew the truth.

and no i am not talking about flat earth!

9a9d7c No.684081


It is also used in polling and common lingo with pollsters.

b7712c No.684082



Either way, the pay period doesn't end until midnight Saturday so I don't understand why they are saying he has to be fired by 5 pm today. They could wait until before midnight Saturday.

1faf98 No.684083

File: 57a324449db2468⋯.jpg (26.2 KB, 523x218, 523:218, q99p.jpg)

since it was posted and since seeing and believing all the sheat AND trusting …this is one that still mindfeks me personally…..

16f1ff No.684084

File: 5d9dd9ce24ed189⋯.jpg (68.75 KB, 640x533, 640:533, IMG_20180316_065031.jpg)

Also party of the Dilley scope yesterday, this photo of Obama in a Ukranian chemical weapons plant back when he was still a senator in 2000.

Dilley's intel (3 sources) indicated that this directly ties in to the UK stuff happening today.

374fe4 No.684085


You know, I personally thought it was so fucking gay that the press made a sink about the ice cream..

I mean, wtf.. look at how tall the guy is.. Give him another scoop.. Kek it's fucking ice cream, not gold!

144a3f No.684086

File: c306c30aaff0c7e⋯.png (539.4 KB, 800x1280, 5:8, Screenshot_2018-03-16-06-5….png)

573ad4 No.684087


Good to have you here. My advice is start off just lurking. Enjoy the show!!!

edb3e1 No.684088


i dont mind going to a hospital if in exchange i get to know all TRUTHS

304f7c No.684089


It's dumb actually

38c772 No.684090


Times up?

10dbbe No.684091

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

>>683966 Related repost from last bread.


←Terence McKenna Culture is not your friend

>"It invites people to diminish themselves & dehumanize themselves by behaving like machines,

>meme machines, meme processors of memes passed down from Madison Ave. & Hollyweird and what have you."

(Audience) "How do we fight back?"

>"How do we fight back? It's a question worth answering. I think by creating Art (memes). The more Man can create Art, the more he can become incomprehensible to the Machines."

a41921 No.684092


We would go to a website with OSF all over it anon and get projects that were needed for coding Linux, etc…sure it morphed into the over reaching..but at the time you would look at OSF for coding and tasking…VERY VERY early stages of the internet, etc.

70c597 No.684093


US attorneys across the country working with grand juries, all grand juries are supposed to be secret

3bf25c No.684094

File: d2ae288479032a1⋯.jpeg (52.89 KB, 1080x504, 15:7, 1521201234.jpeg)

e628e5 No.684095


Dunno about the hospital but I am pretty confident the streets would be on fucking fire

d6e87b No.684096


So, I wonder how many people of this great nation of ours already believe that our government is corrupt. I would say 90%. And half that are yearning for their suspicions to be confirmed.

The only trouble I see is the bought and paid-for opposition, which will be dealt with quickly, if not harshly. IMHO

c68c94 No.684097


And he looks great for his age.. His wife ain't too shabby either ;)

b86cf3 No.684098


click on the word options in the upper right corner of your screen

select themes

and unlock your fucking caps

stop yelling

its early new fag

d340f9 No.684099


McCabe has DEEP tied to the (((cabal))) russian mob globalists Soros Rothschilds Bush Oleg Deripaska McCain, McAuliffe, Clintons, folks. ALOT of Russian ties. DEEP Russian ties. To the their anti Russia freedom deepstate, and the corrupt global bankers.

a41921 No.684100


I know a few USAttorneys and I am NOT hearing that buzz…either super secret or another avenue…

05fff2 No.684101


pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

374fe4 No.684102


>The more Man can create Art, the more he can become incomprehensible to the Machines."

It's been proven by a few studies now that learning a musical instrument and learing art forms increases IQ. Just saying.

390ed0 No.684103


we (the people) know that.

Did (((they)) know, too?

Hope so.

c68c94 No.684104


Oh right I get you now anon.

e628e5 No.684105


If that 90% stat was even close to reality elections would not even be close anymore but take a look at what is happening…they are damn close.

Sure one could shout "they cheated" and maybe they did but until that is proven it is nothing more than empty window dressing,

573ad4 No.684106


They've been brainwashed. Literally.

96f939 No.684107

Bill Richardson hoping to buy some time looks like-desperate!

US should delay North Korea meeting after Tillerson ouster: Ex-ambassador Richardson

The "unceremonious" firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is "very concerning," especially in light of the upcoming summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, said Bill Richardson, whose past diplomatic missions included negotiations with Pyongyang.

Last week, Trump accepted an invitation to meet with Kim by May, although it has yet to be arranged The two leaders have exchanged barbs in the past over North Korea's nuclear program.

Richardson told CNBC's "Closing Bell" on Tuesday that the meeting is "the most significant negotiations I think the country is going to have during the first term."

And those negotiations have to be led by a secretary of State, contended Richardson, who formerly served as ambassador to the United Nations and as Energy Secretary under former President Bill Clinton.

Therefore, he believes the meeting should be delayed by a month.

https:// www


1faf98 No.684108


agree but that is the point…99% will include all here that knows most by now right? Or clearly no idea of the real truth and why hospital? not in shock or freaked out or…in hospital…wtf ugh

10dbbe No.684109


Probably cuz (they) want the story for Friday night drive time talk radio.

Would be fun if DT fires Mr. Porsche Boy by tweet for Saturday morning covfefe after the weekend Talking Points Memo already went out.

Would ruin the urban libs entire weekend trying to scramble after already spending the night before and a bottle of pinot grigio coming with witty bon mots to jab at POTUS for not firing him.

05fff2 No.684110

edb3e1 No.684111


ahhh im at ease, this is so tranquil now. tangerine colors are so warm and reminds me of the bright and early sunrise

thanks anon

edb3e1 No.684112


link to video? of kid shooting himself

1cf93b No.684113


Starting to see that nothing is a coincident! Sometimes I scratch my head, but starting to see things that if I told anyone they think I lost it! lol

d749b4 No.684114

>>684078 I completely concur! All in it for themselves and tax free at that, scum of the earth.

7fa7a7 No.684115


wtf ghoul much

a41921 No.684116


>https:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/why-was-the-uss-jimmy-carter-flying-the-jolly-roger

Maybe the sub capture referenced by Q?

2b105e No.684117


They are stupid.

573ad4 No.684118

if half chan is gone…. guys….. BEGIN MASSIVE ASS ARCHIVE MODE!

b7712c No.684119


Agreed, just a simple champagne brunch n twat, haha. Cheers M8

c68c94 No.684120



I think it would be for some kind of bodily cleansing, maybe even chip removal.

06cb2d No.684121


There was video anon.

a41921 No.684122


reversals and part of their bullshit religion…

3bf25c No.684123

File: b3e6de2fa45c6aa⋯.jpg (378.22 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 81TBL7xYESL._SL1500_.jpg)

Point Of No Return.

e628e5 No.684124


Eh, you should see how my family looks at me. I have actually been uninvited to events because I don't let the leftists in the family take their shots at the GEOTUS unanswered…oh and fun fact, calling him the GEOTUS will always get the question "what does that mean?" and their fucking heads will explode when you tell them. I rather enjoy that part

1cf93b No.684125

Shills are still sleeping! Wake up bums, almost 9 and time to start FE thing…

522562 No.684126


The UK fuckery is so fucking obvious it's stupid. If you ever try to dicredit the official narrative you will get a shit load of shill on your ass in no time.

C'mon the FSB must be the dumbest of all to assassinate someone like this.

It's MI6 killed an ex Russian spy by alcohol poisoning by sticking a bottle of Russian Vodka up is ass to try to frame Russia. This is pure insanity. And of course the french an other NATO nation are screaming for war!

b7712c No.684127


Half or Four?

Either way explains a lot of the new fags in here sliding the board the last bread or two.

d636c6 No.684128

>>684039 I don’t think it’s set yet. The 2nd prison to house them isn’t done and we have lots off judges who aren’t confirmed per POTUS

1faf98 No.684129


k one logic possibility thanks.

edb3e1 No.684130


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=V52T1BTzgH4

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=V52T1BTzgH4

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=V52T1BTzgH4

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=V52T1BTzgH4

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=V52T1BTzgH4

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=V52T1BTzgH4

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=V52T1BTzgH4

487534 No.684131


edb3e1 No.684132



>or four

>proceeds to call others new fags

the audacity of this anon

6c3a75 No.684133


Video…? Which video. How did I miss this?

a41921 No.684134


Are you seriously calling me a clown? Wow…be careful here anon…




Watch your quick trigger…

10dbbe No.684135

File: 4a247427036dce7⋯.png (596.17 KB, 652x888, 163:222, FBI-McCabe-AD-Porsche-Tiny.png)


>DEEP Russian ties.

deep deep DEEP DEEP Deep

If we had about 1/2 dozen anons. focus on this issue ONLY all day, we'd probably have a nice thick dossier on Boy Tiny for the twatter crew by 6 pm. sharp.

But alas, everyone's running in 6 different directions all at once.

d340f9 No.684136


YES because it was already on record that MANY places were making that toxin. As well the UKs own nasty lab is only 7 miles from the site of the british spy of Russian heritage and his daughter. And he is a criminal corruption etc and was in jail. UK did like they do many prisoner exchanges. Those are never an issue once decided.

The fact is that the UK spy has close association to Steele and other UK spys of course and WAS part of those involved in the many installments for the BS fake piece meal pee pee dossier. Understand THAT.

He could expose things, as he was a "source" for it, hired & paid working for deepstate (((cabal))) UK NWO intelligence

Also recall IT WAS UK GHCQ in Fort MEADE md that WAS spying on Trump & his people for the dirty US deepstate.. to get around any need for FISA or on records. THAT has not been addressed. There is NO such thing as National Security when WE share & allow access to all our shit & all our people to mossad, UK, Pakistan, and the German gov is all just Clowns. Literally clowns and assets and been that way. Helmut Kohl and his peeps freaking did dirty stuff Bush, Clintons and ties into the US deep state DOING Oklahoma Bombing. Understand that, German intelligence as well as Isreali involved w/ the FBI BATF etc to do it all & the parallel operations AND the cover up.

573ad4 No.684137

File: 8678bc8c79568d6⋯.jpeg (8.12 KB, 255x130, 51:26, 380bd677ed63ca981bceb918a….jpeg)


KeK! doesn't look like I'm the one quick to TRIGGER. REEEEEEEEEEEEEE

d32dc0 No.684138


“Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across.”

― Sun Tzu

While much of the wool that's been pulled over the collective eyes has been for control, There's ~40 years of tech, and medicine advances that have most likely been suppressed under lock and key that would be re-discovered and implemented. There's a lot of catching up that we would need to do as a country.


Think mirror…Which 1% are the ones who have access and knowledge of many cures that have been hidden?

That's my interpretation of that line..

e628e5 No.684139

Anyone see this about the Disney CEO?


b86cf3 No.684140


shoot yourself and film it…

then go back and watch it

c68c94 No.684141


There was no video. You didn't miss a thing anon. Beware of the liars!

6434d5 No.684142

Theory about Hillary's bathtub slip. With the other incidents, I suspect Kuru.

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuru_(disease)

Given satanists love cannibalism, not surprised.

For the sake of the PGers being informed, will we be expected to testify against the perps when the time comes?

b7712c No.684143


Ohhhh I get it, Sorry Anon but where I'm at there are more chans, 2,5 etc and I've never been on four so it wouldn't occur to me.

Until now so thanks.

80bc30 No.684144

File: e89e86289577e34⋯.jpg (229.13 KB, 736x900, 184:225, Yellow Truth.jpg)



Read the Lyrics and UNDERSTAND THEM

"In the town where I was born

Lived a man who sailed to sea

And he told us of his life

In the land of submarines

So we sailed up to the sun

Till we found a sea of green

And we lived beneath the waves …"




Our world is the submarine

0be47f No.684145


My sides ! Bwahahahaha

80bc30 No.684146

edb3e1 No.684147


>half of 8 is 2,5, etc…

this anon o_O

11550c No.684148



https:// www. handelszeitung.ch/politik/ukraine-us-politiker-drangen-auf-waffenlieferungen

http:// forum.fok.nl/topic/2230153/1/999>>684126

5018c5 No.684149

File: 974d55fa629f7e1⋯.jpg (429.92 KB, 1438x1021, 1438:1021, Screenshot_20180316-104950.jpg)

Anybody seen this already?


2 minutes between Tweets

Roth (Kansas) & his friend (march madness)


2 minutes Q post #950 'KANSAS' / #951 'March madness'

In case I screw up w/ attachment: Look up Tweet by D. Rothshild & Austin Lavin

d1160a No.684150

File: c932e201b27386e⋯.png (380.36 KB, 485x480, 97:96, craigslist.PNG)


21596e No.684151

10dbbe No.684152

File: 46b96367e72894a⋯.jpg (140.92 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 17DUBAI1-brunchNtwat.jpg)


>champagne brunch n twat


80bc30 No.684153

926221 No.684154


Published on 25.03.2015

The US House of Representatives has overwhelmingly asked President Barack Obama to provide weapons to the Ukrainian government for the fight against pro-Russian separatists. The resolution was passed by 348 to 48 votes and further increased the pressure on Obama .

According to reports that the internationally agreed ceasefire for eastern Ukraine was broken, the White House announced in early March deliveries of so-called non-lethal equipment to the government forces.

The House resolution says that Washington must also equip Kiev with "deadly defensive weapons systems" that would allow the country "to defend its sovereign territory against unprovoked and ongoing aggression by the Russian Federation."

The call for arms shipments also comes from Obama's Democrats. Democrat MEP Eliot Engel said on Monday evening that his government should stop treating the Ukraine crisis as "a distant conflict ". However, Obama's Cabinet on the issue of arms shipments is also internally divided.

Sharp criticism from Russia

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pawel Klimkin welcomed the support of the US House of Representatives. In Russia , however, this met with harsh criticism. If the US actually delivers weapons to Ukraine , that would aggravate the confrontation, warned the Russian foreign minister Alexei Pushkov on Tuesday in Moscow .

The Duma deputy called the support "aggressive". "This resolution is a direct call to war," said Franz Klinzewitsch of the ruling party United Russia . Russia and the separatists in Donbass accuse the Ukrainian government of preparing a new offensive in the war zone.

Kiev is calling for more money

Meanwhile , Kiev appealed to the international community to avert the country's financial collapse with more money. To save Ukraine from bankruptcy, the international community has pledged a total aid package of $ 40 billion. In the estimation of the Ukrainian government, that does not seem to be enough.

"I firmly believe that the G-7 and the G-20 are now responsible for providing much greater financial support to Ukraine ," Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko told the Financial Times on Tuesday . "The cost of a failed state would be much higher."

The country's economy between the EU and Russia was struck a good year ago, even before the onset of the violent conflict in the East. Gross domestic product shrank by seven percent in 2014, with a 5.5 percent decline this year. At the same time, according to IMF calculations, the country's debt ratio will rise to 94 percent of economic output in 2015.

5fdaac No.684155

File: f797a3034b13d3d⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20180316-080625.png)

Bad actor

21596e No.684156


I feel like I'm in a batman movie. Even if this is just straight up, still sorta wild. Wut??

7010b0 No.684157


of course multiple meanings: if people learned that certain food products had "people" in the ingredients, or the pedo, luciferian child sacrificing, might cause some mental problems. Proof that vaccines and medicines do more harm than good, Yeah, it's a lot for a normie to swallow

bc2a35 No.684158


someone is doing a FOIA on Barlow too. Interesting they denied it at first because he was alive. Then he died. https:// www.muckrock.com/foi/united-states-of-america-10/john-perry-barlow-cia-involvement-40279/

edb3e1 No.684159








https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4Hrup0UAZk

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4Hrup0UAZk

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4Hrup0UAZk

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4Hrup0UAZk

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4Hrup0UAZk

53ba01 No.684160


I think the more likely scenario is the HRC video since that is when q first mentioned "is the stage set". So, the beginning of the public knowing.

10dbbe No.684161

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Theme music

< –

The Beatles-YELLOW Submarine

a41921 No.684162


Barlow only referenced in the footer…

This is interesting though! In the article…

"Secret Grand Juries with secret indictments are apparently Eric Holder’s preferred method of dealing with publishers who hold his administration to account."

Apparently secret grand juries no big deal for an AG to call…so 18k+ could be in DOJ purview…

5fdaac No.684163

God bless the constitutional republic of the United States

God bless the second American revolution

God bless Q, POTUS and their teams in their Noble journey

926221 No.684164




https:// www. handelszeitung.ch/politik/ukraine-us-politiker-drangen-auf-waffenlieferungen

02b278 No.684165



From a ++.

Something's fucky.

49af54 No.684166


The streets should be on fucking fire!

our founding fathers would have shot every one of those pieces of shit by now.

you have to give the deep state props tho, they have done a fantastic job dividing the nation.

we can all kill one another for there misdeeds rather than unite and take our country back!

Smash these mother fuckers Q! god speed.

1dc3a9 No.684167


From Qs post, you can see someone posted Pompeo was Trump's guy…Q is just saying here, trust him….or thats how I read it.

b9adcb No.684168


Highly suspect timing and MK op possibility to hit the site then, considering the history. We might see Hillary soon ranting about Pepe Le Q and Chan the Robot.


114855 No.684169



>please consider adding to dough:

also Q mentions John 3:16

another hidden code

that scripture however mentions God' love

so perhaps a pardon, forgiveness?

53ba01 No.684170


I'm guessing the HRC video since that is when he first mentioned the stage.

2f1ea0 No.684171

she got a deal

she gets to wear the monitor on her wrist instead of her ankle

2f1ea0 No.684173

80bc30 No.684174

File: 363474d0362265e⋯.jpg (86.84 KB, 512x491, 512:491, spinny.jpg)

File: 89a6919ca427c91⋯.jpg (464.38 KB, 1311x665, 69:35, long railway no curve.jpg)

File: 46305929cc925d0⋯.jpeg (107.47 KB, 696x457, 696:457, glowing earth orb.jpeg)

File: 66e31ef99a03460⋯.jpg (261.2 KB, 978x739, 978:739, satellite-bs.jpg)

File: 21b88c024ece4fe⋯.jpg (179.65 KB, 801x675, 89:75, truth telling.jpg)


The enemy is here, trying to steer the coversation.

Don't let them herd you like sheep.

This for yourself.

Examine the evidence

Define submarine.

The world is the submarine

Waters above - Waters below



926221 No.684175




check photo credit!

https:// www.handelszeitung.ch/politik/ukraine-us-politiker-drangen-auf-waffenlieferungen

5fdaac No.684176

File: 2ca8373a48b0bfa⋯.png (713.21 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180316-081352.png)

Targeted hit?

926221 No.684177


http:// archive.is/FZrF5

a41921 No.684179


THAT! donut! and a coming attraction I'd wager!

https:// paleofuture.gizmodo.com/the-story-behind-that-jfk-quote-about-destroying-the-ci-1793151211

1faf98 No.684180


fair enough and I get all that promise BUT still …only other thing is that the 1% controls the 99% but even that doesnt quite fit

144a3f No.684181


thank you, Sawman!

dd0a1a No.684182


Fox & Friends just said that McCabe would not lose his pension even if fired today. He would need to be convicted of something like treason in order to lose his full pension.

Setting the stage of his non-firing?

b7712c No.684183


I'll help you out……and thanks for not being a douche about it >_<

2channel (2ちゃんねる ni channeru, 2ch for short) is a Japanese textboard. In 2007, 2.5 million posts were made every day.

By October 2017, 2channel was acquired by Loki Technology, Inc. The site was rebranded as 5channel to avoid potential legal issues.[12]

573ad4 No.684184


yeah right on the border w/ syria? After we "discover" the DUMB there? I don't buy it.

d436f7 No.684185



I have lost many friends over this fight. Brainwashed begging to be disarmed and enslaved further. I have no feelings anymore, MAGA must happen. I only ask Q to really really really come down on CNN HARD!! Crush those demons on tv like a GRAPE!

1cf93b No.684186

I love the sound of BOOM's when comes from Team Q!

Seem's like MB got badly shafted. Better than music in my ears. TY they are very evil. IRAN on the back burner for now.

Iran next [].

RT days after.

RT Kenya.

No coincidences.






887c28 No.684187


She also worked at the C_A and knows Haspel.

5fdaac No.684188


Firing squad!

e628e5 No.684189


Okay sure…or it could be the sub that Q has been talking about since last year….


a41921 No.684190




[John Perry Barlow]









>CIA sub with nuclear missiles used to intimidate and control US mil and president


>hostages on the sub??

1000 pieces.

>bye bye CIA…


33ed6f No.684191


Maybe Pompeo isn't "Kansas"

yeah yeah, wikipedia…born in Kansas, still living

*Robert Gates (born 1943), CIA director, U.S. Secretary of Defense, Wichita

*Sam Brownback (born 1956), U.S. Representative, U.S. Senator, Kansas Governor, Garnett

DING DING-is this kansas?

Ty Cobb (born 1950), Special Counsel to the President of the United States, Big Bend, Kansas

a41921 No.684192


Oh..THE LINK=Freedom of the Press association=SecureDrop=4a feed to MSM=clowns

b23ec2 No.684193



45198b No.684194

Li Ka-shing retiring.

HK link?

02b278 No.684195


No wonder they were shilling like crazy last night.

That was as clowny as I've ever seen this effort get.

Good job by both Q team and Anons for keeping it together.

c68c94 No.684196

File: 2637125a1cc21c5⋯.jpg (386.47 KB, 1024x614, 512:307, mccabe3.jpg)

File: b09f236160d19ee⋯.jpg (463.69 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, mccabe2.jpg)

File: 0ba04b5d84ec613⋯.jpg (466.88 KB, 1024x621, 1024:621, mccabe1.jpg)

47afd9 No.684197


Was advised that even if he is fired he gets his pension. Must be convicted of a Felony in order to disrupt his benefits.

a41921 No.684198


Well he did say "kansas" vs trust pompeo…always another layer with Q…

ad3131 No.684199

Anons…. I had a dream last night, which the details are fading fast so I must share….

I was at a Q Rally, and it was the second Q Rally that I had attended.. The date was 4/4 and all of a sudden something happened and all of us at the Q Rally suddenly had some magical power. Can't recall what power we all had, but it was obvious to all of us there that we had it. Then the alarm went off and nothing else remembered.

Sorry Baker for eating up bread when there are recent Q posts, but I felt this may be important in the future.

It's Happening.

b23ec2 No.684200


To Chinese government for sure. Why would he wait until 89 years old and then suddenly retire?

d749b4 No.684201

>>684162 That's what I found so interesting, why was he referenced?

755fe8 No.684202


That would be …

The Point Of Know Return

38c772 No.684203


Hope of Color on manifest - second column. What????

d636c6 No.684204

>>684186 This is how I read it. Q said Iran next and RT went tripping days after that. He went to Kenya and got poisoned which MB is now in the crosshairs

7fa7a7 No.684205


THIS ^^^^^^^^^^These are fantastic!!

a41921 No.684206


Speculative..Freedom of the Press assoc has an interesting BOD…

https:// freedom.press/about/board/

b7712c No.684208


Yeah well Steve Doocy is from Kansas too, Abilene.

80bc30 No.684209

File: e664a52fe5a7947⋯.jpg (213.54 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Flat Earth Trump.jpg)


On 3/13 This meme first appeared on Qresearch.

Before yesterday Q only ever used a "BOOM"


Coincidence [no coincidences]




33ed6f No.684210


Is "Kansas" Ty Cobb or Robert Gates?

Both from Kansas

a41921 No.684211

This fella might be worth a dig…

https:// freedom.press/people/micah-lee/

6d65d8 No.684212


MB is Iran's foreign service agency.

21596e No.684213

File: a36d78b7ea3065f⋯.png (2 MB, 1336x933, 1336:933, Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at ….png)

File: 799b1ff5dd195a0⋯.png (295.67 KB, 624x337, 624:337, Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at ….png)


Yup. That guy is Nancy Pelosi's evil brother. RINO Globalist going away.

10dbbe No.684214




>Looks like he may have had health issues (wikipedia again)

Barlow had serious back problems for last 15 years of his life. Multiple surgeries. Probably on some serious pain MEDS for a long time.

>Must be a key here somewhere.

Most definitely a key here. Most.

Did you know Barlow was a lifelong member of the Republican Party?

There was also some stuff on Barlow dropped last night. I'll go find it to add to the dough.

Great start, anons. Keep sniffin.

c68c94 No.684215


Haha that took 5 minutes. Fire requests if you have any anon.

755fe8 No.684216


bunch of clowns

3197db No.684218


Show the link to where it was posted on the 13th, I call bullshit

3bf25c No.684219


It would but it would also be just "Point Of Know Return" drop the "The"

Shitty band anyways.

887c28 No.684220


It's also a VERY serious crime to leak info about grand jury proceedings. So would they risk their careers, their law licenses, and their reputations, just to tell you about "Moe Lester" being indicted for molesting children?

114855 No.684221


woke up thinking about []

kill box it they say

nothing in it


who is called zero

O Obama

just a thought

1f4834 No.684222



The Jolly Roger referenced here was flown on 9/11/2017. Significant date, doncha think? But not sure it is related to Q's sub drop.

80bc30 No.684223

File: 1642bdc35345f01⋯.png (446.05 KB, 672x672, 1:1, Biblical World.png)

File: b8b285bff934d0f⋯.jpg (152.31 KB, 1280x967, 1280:967, h.jpg)

File: 78dd8a6af0e612e⋯.jpg (178.14 KB, 868x690, 434:345, sun pattern.jpg)

File: 579f4a670511ab2⋯.jpg (114.95 KB, 480x622, 240:311, They Lie.jpg)

File: f708eaca44a19bb⋯.jpg (165.8 KB, 798x540, 133:90, Rainbow.jpg)


Bible is true

Jesus lives

Earth sits on a foundation

The earth cannot be moved

There is a firmament above our head


edb3e1 No.684224


make one with him and something related to the 700k donation his wife took

so lots of money and something get creative

80bc30 No.684226



The user was banned for posting the meme

Ask the Baker - I don't know how to go back

d749b4 No.684227

>>684187 Well there you go, there's the circle jerk again!

d32dc0 No.684228


>text points back to some fake news article by a guy named Jimmy Rustled… flat clowns are really desperate, kek.

5a673f No.684229


Cabal caused perhaps?

5a5d47 No.684230


This Q-research, not FLAT EARTH research.


c68c94 No.684231


More pedo and lgbt symbolism!

b23ec2 No.684232





3197db No.684233

f2eb1d No.684234


For whatever twisted path this concept has to take before being accepted, it's going to take that path. We're not going to escape this reality no matter how much it threatens us.

Reality is what it is. Belief doesn't change it.

I've said it before: the sudden onslaught of FE material pouring in here only starting this week has not been from shills. It's been from white hats trying to make the final transition to truth (on this matter) as gradual and painless as possible.

b23ec2 No.684235


Anything with flat earth is a shill.

Filter, Anons.

Mods ban immediately. Thanks.

10dbbe No.684236

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Heard once: Music is moving mathematics in time.

Ever see Eric Weinstein's talks with Dave Rubin? Eric works for Peter Thiel and has a PhD in Math from one of the Ivys. Eric's a smart mofo, and an avid music lover.

>Eric Weinstein LIVE: Trump, Mathematics, and the 'Thinkuisition'

6d65d8 No.684237

Cobb is running Trump's engagement with Mueller. Last I heard, Cobb was pushing back to end Mueller after the House 'no collusion' report was released

3197db No.684238

Happy Friday and 3-16

John 3:16

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

f2eb1d No.684239


You are directly contradicting POTUS. How many people would do that when they cared enough to come here at all?

1faf98 No.684240

nothing against flat earthers…sure as hell are some fken lies about space but becoming a fken spammer doesnt help your cause ffs…it makes you look like a shill clown larp fag

e628e5 No.684241


Trying not to filter this type of shit because I am a Christian myself but you are sliding the fucking board and shitting up the bread. There is a time a place for this sort of thing but it is not now and it is not here.

It is this exact type of shit that makes people ignore you and the light of Christ, your unwillingness to keep your shit to yourself and let other people live how they want. You are not their savior and you cannot legislate or harass someone in to divinity. It makes you look like an elitist asshole so stop it.

b23ec2 No.684242

Oh, really, wasnt Germany criticizing POTUS for doing or saying basically the same?

Burn, Germany, burn!

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-16/germanys-new-interior-minister-islam-does-not-belong-germany

3197db No.684243


How many IP's and login do you have?

80bc30 No.684244

File: 8324a98e943cc9e⋯.jpg (367.44 KB, 1000x713, 1000:713, map-pic.jpg)

File: 51cd3fcea7803d8⋯.jpg (282.02 KB, 804x1190, 402:595, Light House.jpg)

File: fe8e12326ba6493⋯.jpg (343.32 KB, 858x960, 143:160, SACRED GEOM.jpg)

File: d07b397903c2256⋯.png (663.92 KB, 810x798, 135:133, images.duckduckgo.com.png)

File: ad13bf9b5b0d0be⋯.gif (152.27 KB, 770x550, 7:5, LADY_LIBERTY_AT_NIGHT.gif)




Connect the dots

How many dots do you need before you listen

Do the research

The enemy is here

They are steering the conversation

Don't look down - look UP, UP, UP.

The truth is above your head

Filter at your own peril

02b278 No.684245


Mods are actually banning people now?

I was under the impression that they weren't banning anyone because "muh censorship". Did that change?

b23ec2 No.684246


Shill. Shilly. Shillfag

a41921 No.684247


Slippage but damn anons…some good work in this loaf!

This effort is about our human evolution. That is the big picture here. We have been controlled as a human population and we are waking up to that control. We will evolve and evolve magnificently! Those on this timeline are working toward a spiritual evolution over a technical one…so welcome aboard..

Job ONE…flip the USA..MAGA!

33ed6f No.684248


I am thinking this is the Sub (USS Carter) because no coincidences. The red October, maybe the Cater was involved.

4025cd No.684249


there is no way white hats would be so fucking annoying. FEs are pedos.

5a5d47 No.684250



c68c94 No.684251


Filter him.. He is far from a Christian anon. He is a paid shill that protects child murderers and pedophiles.

d636c6 No.684252

Damn, it was so quite in here up until recently. They must have woke up and had coffee

1375ca No.684253

b23ec2 No.684254


Shills in here trying to distract. Filter.

Mods need to keep watch. They dont hide themselves that well. Usually something triggers them and they get all pissy.

5faa41 No.684255

I think any BOOM is important news based.

Any long BoooooomS, Mil action based. My opinion.

e3c8b1 No.684256


The Jolly Roger pic was taken September 2017.

54b7d3 No.684257



SUB = Subcontractor = Snowden

a41921 No.684258


Agree weird.."Where to go for comment??"

a53b50 No.684259

if the earth is flat, okay, fine. it wouldn't be the end of the world. I'd find people would rather accept that than being poisoned all their lives from big pharma and having their babies eaten… that's what is more likely to make people go crazy and violent. so yawn to FE

3197db No.684260


Watch the water

b23ec2 No.684261




Chk6《《parameter set, solid f2:/-/》》


33ed6f No.684262


Cobb is from Kansas!

e628e5 No.684263

You guys are affecting my life…I keep typing twatter.com in to duckduckgo…

edb3e1 No.684264


Correct! Heres a cookie

b23ec2 No.684265



6d65d8 No.684266

Anons, what's up with the use of braces in Q posts.

e6b9c8 No.684267


We may be the 'watchers'

c68c94 No.684268

File: 44b09b53b6fc0f0⋯.png (26.7 KB, 598x362, 299:181, filters2.png)

File: 0fd4113d2d5a59e⋯.png (30.71 KB, 600x364, 150:91, filters.png)

Anons remember you can set filters yourself that keep the board clean ;)

a41921 No.684269


Ryan is married to Jenna or Jana Ryan…she is related to former Senator and current University of Oklahoma president David Boren…Mr. Boren also on the illuminati council of 300…

05b855 No.684270

File: 439c637a6b26695⋯.jpg (59.95 KB, 540x512, 135:128, dafuqouttahere.jpg)

how about bouncing some of these flat earth fagglets out of here?

1faf98 No.684272

File: 146584f8c387287⋯.jpg (47.57 KB, 595x454, 595:454, matis.JPG)


80bc30 No.684273

File: 8324a98e943cc9e⋯.jpg (367.44 KB, 1000x713, 1000:713, map-pic.jpg)

File: 51cd3fcea7803d8⋯.jpg (282.02 KB, 804x1190, 402:595, Light House.jpg)

File: fe8e12326ba6493⋯.jpg (343.32 KB, 858x960, 143:160, SACRED GEOM.jpg)

File: d07b397903c2256⋯.png (663.92 KB, 810x798, 135:133, images.duckduckgo.com.png)

File: ea8c8a58555e676⋯.jpg (289.27 KB, 852x942, 142:157, see far.jpg)





Earth cannot be moved

02b278 No.684274


…OK. That's… sure, whatever.

Whatever that is, it doesn't answer any of my questions.

I was under the impression that the mods were "opening the floodgates".

Did the mods change their policies on banning folks recently?

11fa92 No.684275

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6d65d8 No.684276

Remember Anons, FEs work as teams. Responding to them make you a suspect.

b23ec2 No.684277


Thanks for reminding noobs in here.

A couple of amateur shills in here now, but good to keep filtering as they lose any power to disrupt the research and legit conversation.

4daf5f No.684278

Lyrics by John Perry Barlow, "Looks Like Rain"


And brave the storm to come,

For it surely looks like rain.


http ://artsites.ucsc.edu/GDead/agdl/llra.html

c0bb39 No.684279


"It could also mean there is an event coming up soon that may cause a big rally or a huge sell off"

Huge sell off like Roths mansion, Zuck FB stock, Rockefeller Art auction of a life time….

https:// www.yahoo.com/news/options-traders-betting-big-move-124012447.html

5a5d47 No.684280

>"What do you think of the latest Q post?"

>"The earth is flat!"



1381d3 No.684281

File: a62fdd86533753c⋯.jpg (13.07 KB, 400x400, 1:1, artsculptrip.jpg)

jesus christ… i feel like i just got kicked off the varsity team and have to play with a bunch of middle school kids. this is fucking embarrassing…. for anyone who isn't a shill… go back like 5 threads or so and just read. you aren't helping, and this isn't a chatroom. fuck

c68c94 No.684282


Yeah they hate not getting paid. If only anons would get with the program lol

b23ec2 No.684283



Anyone heard of this before now?

a41921 No.684284



Flat earthers and all others welcome..

board dedicated to QResearch..

plenty of flat earth boards to discuss theories..

3e03da No.684285


that is a pretty big boom right there

80bc30 No.684286


Christian you say? Nice language

"and you shall know them by their fruits…"

1faf98 No.684287


Secretary Mattis condemned Iran's continued efforts to undermine regional security, to include supporting the Assad regime, destabilizing actions in Iraq, and facilitating weapons shipments to Yemen in violation of United Nations Security Council Resolutions.

Iran next….

049236 No.684289

File: a6d3c260e22872c⋯.jpg (212.15 KB, 1218x1015, 6:5, 1521162245285.jpg)

a41921 No.684290


New and good news anon..ty!

b23ec2 No.684291

File: 22bf647433ee3bd⋯.jpg (25.3 KB, 662x420, 331:210, IMG_7607.jpg)

Just reminding people how utterly stupid and incompetent Hillary is.

Thank God Trump was elected. I cant imagine otherwise.

54b7d3 No.684292


SUB = Subcontractor = Snowden

b23ec2 No.684293

File: 0590b296e60c9fb⋯.jpg (144.43 KB, 1280x841, 1280:841, PA-7481214-Benny-Hill-on-s….jpg)

Comedy gold.

1caa72 No.684294


As an Anon mention earlier I think Sub is referring to Known Subject.

I think hostages is referring to the America people being held hostage by the corruption of the CIA

a41921 No.684295


god love you fellas…

unity! but lets stick to the task…

54b7d3 No.684296


SUB = Subcontractor = Snowden

5d2bf2 No.684297

Good morning Friday, usually Big days. Go A Team!

80bc30 No.684299

File: 28f6c7f11127b64⋯.jpg (277.36 KB, 636x1171, 636:1171, moon rocks (2).jpg)

File: 2c60b488052cc8a⋯.jpg (209.82 KB, 1024x523, 1024:523, NWO.jpg)

File: 0ecf028e21e4ad3⋯.jpg (61.06 KB, 480x360, 4:3, combustion.jpg)

File: 2547d6a1f80305d⋯.jpeg (36.72 KB, 480x480, 1:1, images.duckduckgo.com.jpeg)

File: 64236d6adaeac21⋯.jpeg (20.86 KB, 425x282, 425:282, head in sand.jpeg)


Not that I haven't sinned myself. Sadly, I have.

But this is relevent.




b23ec2 No.684300

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-16/germanys-new-interior-minister-islam-does-not-belong-germany

Bye, bye, Merkel the whore

d636c6 No.684301

Usually we have a lot of one posters here right before a happening

a41921 No.684302


Sub=CIA asset capable of getting us into a nuclear war=Red October=captured=scatter the clowns to the wind…

73c307 No.684303



2b105e No.684304

80bc30 No.684305

File: 80a734295be6033⋯.jpg (161.37 KB, 700x600, 7:6, bazinga BANG.jpg)


Respectfully, this is the task and this is why…


96f939 No.684306

File: 173bacd62490ef9⋯.jpeg (412.19 KB, 1223x1872, 1223:1872, FABE7F0D-EA8F-4EF5-B657-6….jpeg)

Not sure if this was posted- sorry if so

https:// www


a41921 No.684307


Pic may NOT be related WE HAVE THE SUB pretty clear…

d436f7 No.684308


Wow crazy ! FE may be real ???!!

49af54 No.684309

yay! look at all the FE cucks!

you pussies need a balloon and a chair to sit in and a parachute. report your findings to us. till you do this. stfu

3197db No.684310


"I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the wind" —John F. Kennedy

(1,000 pieces)

4da301 No.684311



Seriously, fuck off

96f939 No.684312


President Donald J. Trump

HUMAN TRAFFICKING IS AN AFFRONT TO HUMAN DIGNITY: With millions affected worldwide, human trafficking is a global atrocity that deprives millions of their universal human rights.

Human trafficking, also known as modern slavery, affects people from all backgrounds at home and abroad, placing millions into a sickening form of exploitation.

Per the International Labor Organization, there may be as many as 24.9 million victims of forced labor across the world, with millions going unidentified and unseen.

Children are especially vulnerable to this evil practice, as they account for 25 percent of modern slaves.

Victims are compelled to perform labor or commercial sex acts through the use of fraud, force, or coercion, reducing the value of human lives to that of mere commodities.

The United States is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children – both United States citizens and foreign nationals – victimized by human trafficking.

In FY 2017, DHS’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement Homeland Security Investigations (ICE/HSI) initiated 833 human trafficking cases, resulting in 1,602 arrests and 578 convictions, and identified 518 victims of human trafficking.

The HHS-funded National Human Trafficking Hotline (NHTH) received reports of 8,686 unique cases of potential trafficking in FY 2017, identifying 21,644 potential victims.

Annual illicit profits from human trafficking were estimated to be as high as $150 billion in 2014, demonstrating the substantial economic scale of this abhorrent criminal industry.

PROTECTING THE INNOCENT: President Donald J. Trump is taking a stand against human trafficking, dedicating our Government’s full resources towards fighting this repulsive crime.

The President’s Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons (PITF) is working tirelessly to address all aspects of human trafficking.

As defined by the Trafficking Victims Prevention Act (TVPA), it is the policy of the United States government to address human trafficking via “The Three P’s:”

Prosecution of Traffickers.

Protection of Victims.

Prevention of Human Trafficking.

In March 2018, the President appointed nine human trafficking survivors to serve on the U.S. Advisory Council on Human Trafficking for terms of two years.

President Trump declared January 2018 National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

In September 2017, Ivanka Trump and Deputy Secretary of State Sullivan joined more than 20 world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly for a global call to end modern slavery and to announce the State Department’s $25 million grant to the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery.

In February 2017, the President signed Executive Order 13773, “Enforcing Federal Law with Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking.”

This Order directed the United States government to identify, interdict, disrupt, and dismantle the transnational criminal organizations that engage in human trafficking.

In light of the impending Senate vote on H.R. 1865 – the FOSTA-SESTA legislative package designed to fight online sex trafficking – the Trump Administration is hosting a roundtable on human trafficking to review and discuss the path forward on this critical issue.

f17754 No.684313





*rant off*

4da301 No.684314





This. Cannot be coincidence.

1f4834 No.684315


Q's style of cryptic communication creates and maintains high interest. If we knew who he is and he just came out and stated facts and updates, he would amount to just another talking head. The intrigue surrounding Q and what he has to say outpaces any communicator I can think of - including Trump himself. The secrecy of identity enables him to release information and the cryptic nature allows for plausible deniability should his identity be disclosed prematurely. The Q phenomenon is pure genius.

ad3131 No.684317


I never thought of it like that. If we evolve spiritually, there is no need to evolve technically. We will harness the powers of Universal Law and technology will be as dinosaurs.

Thank you anon. I needed that.

49af54 No.684318




Arm your citizens!

and expose how 9-11 opened the door by use of unpatriot act and slavery, I mean freedom acts.

10dbbe No.684319



More sauce on Barlow - #845

>>682524 Interesting question.

>>682599 1992 article by JPB.

>>I called Admirals Stansfield Turner and Bobby Ray Inman. Their Carter administration positions as, respectively, CIA and NSA Directors, had endowed them with considerable experience in such matters


>A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace

>Davos, Switzerland February 8, 1996

>>682823 JPB in 2016-

>"I do have a kind of Marxist sense of the inevitability of this shift taking place, that there will be a global commons that includes all of humanity. And that it will not be particularly subservient to governments in any way."

More coming.

e628e5 No.684320


This is why Q does what he does…


80bc30 No.684321

File: cdb0968f4a88b3a⋯.jpg (137.25 KB, 600x504, 25:21, bedford-rowbotham.jpg)

File: 8fa114969e78e1d⋯.jpg (130.15 KB, 600x518, 300:259, bedford-experiment2.jpg)

File: b9b157cdc059d35⋯.jpg (98.13 KB, 736x736, 1:1, Flat Horizon.jpg)

File: fe9fbec9770e735⋯.jpeg (77.59 KB, 692x1005, 692:1005, moon light.jpeg)

File: d07b397903c2256⋯.png (663.92 KB, 810x798, 135:133, images.duckduckgo.com.png)


They will tell you to filter

They will tell you to ignore

Don't listen

Research for yourself

FE is the key to all understanding


The enemy is here.

They are trying to steer the conversation

Don't let them.




9f368d No.684322


If half still down (/pol) this would make an interdasting coincidence

Nov 25 2017 13:54:45 (EST) Q (trip removed) 10956085



4Chan infiltrated.

Future posts will be relayed here.


b9adcb No.684323


That group are satanist cabal circus clowns using a bit of truth with their lies so people will drink the poison.

Think Jim Jones. That's FEfags endgame faith

2a29cd No.684324


Kek!! i loved watching this as a child…

4daf5f No.684326


Lyrics by John Perry Barlow, "Looks Like Rain"


And brave the storm to come,

For it surely looks like rain.


http ://artsites.ucsc.edu/GDead/agdl/llra.html

f2eb1d No.684327


Isn't this exactly the brick wall you run into so often when trying to red pill normies?

So much evidence right in front of them. They don't examine. They just lash out, having no idea what they're lashing out against.

Math will override emotion every day of the year.

e6b9c8 No.684328

Fort Leavenworth is home to the Military Corrections Complex, consisting of the United States Disciplinary Barracks, the Department of Defense's only maximum security prison and the Midwest Joint Regional Correctional Facility. In addition, the Fort Leavenworth Garrison supports numerous tenant organizations that directly and indirectly relate to the functions of the CAC, including the United States Army Command and General Staff College and the Foreign Military Studies Office.

02304e No.684329

File: 415608bf263ec35⋯.png (242.2 KB, 1340x450, 134:45, Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at ….png)

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-16/hong-kongs-richest-man-retires-hands-control-empire-son

9f368d No.684330

Nov 25 2017 15:28:38 (EST) Q (trip removed) 10956374

Flash Dir_






Key secured.

2a29cd No.684331

KEK!!! I am so glad to see that the FE'rs are here today. Now we just need Bold trip Q…

c0bb39 No.684332


yes, he is. Buzzfeed sucks as sauce, but they do lay it out as it actually is:

“It takes years to get rid of career SES employees,” Zebrak added, referring to the senior executive service, which encompasses the top echelon of federal employees such as McCabe. “Normally when someone is SES and is a poor performer or problem employee, they are moved to another job or encouraged to leave. Very rarely do federal agencies employ the removal process.”

https:// www.buzzfeed.com/maryanngeorgantopoulos/mccabe?utm_term=.ciAXQzv3Z#.ndmgyer52

Also, not sure if this has been shared here, but Hussein strengthened SES in 2015 with an EO

https:// obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/the-press-office/2015/12/15/executive-order-strengthening-senior-executive-service

09b00c No.684333

File: 1cc655836461f86⋯.png (100.82 KB, 418x448, 209:224, 39287328917328137131278931.png)

good reminder on the markers

ceb31c No.684334


or the Argentinian sub that went missing.. red October ?

3bc693 No.684335

There's a conspiracy going around that Seth Rich never died, he faked his death and really is Q, plotting his revenge. But it's wrong, although much of the above is actually true… Q tells us we're not going to believe who we're talking to, and many won't, but let me give you a hint. We've been planning this for 60 years now, watching, waiting, accumulating undeniable evidence that will hang them all! But I don't want you to dwell on this, or worry so much about who you're talking to, because, "Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future."

a41921 No.684336


>go back like 5 threads or so and just read.

Are you referring to Barlow? If so and if we are recapping then WTF is it not noted in the NOTABLES from previous loafs? Hope I did not just waste my morning…

2a63bb No.684337


Watching water and sub related?

f2eb1d No.684338


Nov 25 2017 15:28:38



80bc30 No.684339

File: 69c93cb6ef66a1b⋯.jpg (250.94 KB, 850x656, 425:328, squareearthrevealed.jpg)

File: a08c0021ce16cc6⋯.jpg (212.35 KB, 806x568, 403:284, way too far.jpg)

File: 0c5f9c8fd348039⋯.jpg (326.99 KB, 1023x738, 341:246, se.jpg)


This is enemy… upset because he losing controll

of the conversation.



FE is the key to unlocking all their psyops

Look up, up, up… there is your truth.


a41921 No.684340


What is the drawing in the upper left hand portion? Where are those equations from?

f2eb1d No.684341


Nobody ever figured out that sub fiasco. The one in Argentina vanishes, and every since then, every dig on what that sub really is leads in a thousand different directions.

3197db No.684342


I think you're on target Anon. No coincidence that sub went missing. POTUS himself mentioned it several times

http:// thehill.com/homenews/administration/361621-trump-touts-sending-aid-in-argentina-submarine-search-and-rescue

98ad30 No.684343


Did you flush the toilet in Australia and compare the direction of watet going down to US as i suggested. Do that please and come back to report

9f368d No.684344

File: f269b300116236a⋯.png (8.89 KB, 343x150, 343:150, CastleCommactiveREDRED.PNG)

File: a804cf44289ea18⋯.png (5.17 KB, 344x151, 344:151, key secured.PNG)

File: 340ab1b9b0c9a01⋯.png (4.76 KB, 341x78, 341:78, REdREd.PNG)

File: 340ab1b9b0c9a01⋯.png (4.76 KB, 341x78, 341:78, REdREdactsmall.PNG)

File: 0613843facddb11⋯.png (5.46 KB, 342x177, 114:59, we have the sub.PNG)

posting for visual ref

049236 No.684345


pretty sure its just random equations. just a meme signifying a retard who thinks he knows shit

80bc30 No.684346

File: 12ca9edf559fc43⋯.jpg (109.52 KB, 480x598, 240:299, Even I know.jpg)

File: f708eaca44a19bb⋯.jpg (165.8 KB, 798x540, 133:90, Rainbow.jpg)

File: 17723d65821e2ed⋯.jpeg (87.75 KB, 720x531, 80:59, stop.jpeg)

File: 46305929cc925d0⋯.jpeg (107.47 KB, 696x457, 696:457, glowing earth orb.jpeg)

File: b14649dfcb296f6⋯.jpg (122.52 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Earth Brain.jpg)

7010b0 No.684348


Invalidate Hussein's Presidency, anything he did, or people he appointed…might be the loop hole to shit can the whole lot. Not a law fag,

f87ee0 No.684349

May have to head to the seedy underbelly of 8ch just to get a little chan culture back into my life. Even a month ago would be great again.

a41921 No.684350


Plausible and perhaps "proven" in another loaf..if so,please reference…

We know NK has been holding us/POTUS hostage with a nuclear threat..again with a complicit MSM the missiles could be said to have launched from China or Russia or the flavor of the day…same with a sub launch…

The CIA could also have had a submarine asset…just sayin and as plausible as SUB=CONTRACTOR…

374fe4 No.684351

BPEarthwatch talking about the firing of mcmasters:

https:// www.hooktube.com/watch?v=drU9TpextI8

96f939 No.684352


Good catch

15212e No.684353

3bf25c No.684354

Aaaaand flat earther shill is first to work.

b9adcb No.684355

File: 9db85a5c99b6b05⋯.jpg (109.33 KB, 634x940, 317:470, FEfags Sleeping.jpg)


You're being too kind about the FE clown cult. Have you seen the sleeping arrangements in the FE team propaganda mill?

755fe8 No.684356



a41921 No.684357

755fe8 No.684358


thats Maxine Watters

80bc30 No.684359

File: 8aaff4214729232⋯.jpg (330.46 KB, 963x641, 963:641, Suez-canal.jpg)

File: 0ecf028e21e4ad3⋯.jpg (61.06 KB, 480x360, 4:3, combustion.jpg)

File: c5d8b6e465d5ca1⋯.jpg (165.86 KB, 682x659, 682:659, combustion2.jpg)

File: e2d850a1672cb99⋯.jpg (48.76 KB, 784x720, 49:45, planes flies flat.jpg)

File: 5bcfe22a7ca1ea7⋯.jpg (149.56 KB, 1366x566, 683:283, elba.jpg)


Let play - Connect the Dots

How many dots does it take to make a picture?







144a3f No.684360

Rubio turning over a new leaf?

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio


The righteous cry out, the LORD hears

and he rescues them from all their afflictions.

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted,

saves those whose spirit is crushed. Many are the troubles of the righteous, but the LORD delivers him from them all. Psalms 34: 18-20

6:03 AM · Mar 16, 2018

a41921 No.684361


Well..they actually describe some hyperdimensional physics so of interest :-)

724d23 No.684362

File: e4f36c2c54b5b5e⋯.gif (497.17 KB, 499x274, 499:274, tumblr_lm9475oxly1qiym67.gif)

The people on this board this time of day.

3e03da No.684363


devil woman!!! hahaha

ca87b8 No.684366

Are we not looking far enough ahead about the SUB and HOSTAGE post?

What, if like NK, Iran was just neutralized as part of the Mattis visit through the Middle East and the outward support to the growing revolution sentiment?

We had hints about NK before it was announced and didn't make the connections (on purpose I believe to keep the Black Hats at bay) because the drops led us to other areas to dig that provided necessary information.

f87ee0 No.684367


A conspiracy, you say?

80bc30 No.684368

File: 0e8825ff4a6cf8c⋯.jpg (640.31 KB, 730x1955, 146:391, Giant found.jpg)

File: c5cbedff174f5eb⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 1936x1296, 121:81, What do the stars SAY.jpg)


The coriolis effect is a myth.

Easy to verify if your interested in truth

Isn't that why your here?


Connect the dots

Stars are living



144a3f No.684369

File: 6e426d398f358cf⋯.png (402.59 KB, 800x682, 400:341, Screenshot_2018-03-16-07-5….png)

d436f7 No.684370

I missed the deal about Cusak. I heard some chatter about 200 breards ago but was late to the party then. I saw Anon mentioned hm as number 2 note on the Qdrop. Is there any link I can get caught up about who he really is and about?

374fe4 No.684371

File: 4a996f61f6abc73⋯.jpg (10.91 KB, 255x144, 85:48, 4a996f61f6abc737dfdb197525….jpg)

>80bc30 No.684359

How many idiots does it take to sperge about FE on a board that gives zero fucks about FE in reference to MAGA at this time?

That's a serious question. How many of you clowns got that doozy of a cribsheet? Because it's a sign your boss hates you. Just saying…

98ad30 No.684372


Check this out

https:// canadafreepress.com/article/dnc-failed-to-certify-obama-as-eligible-in-most-states1#.

4d3af7 No.684373


The alien ship is coming for them …its almost here

56725b No.684374

Who the F are these Flat Earthers, and how did they get in here.


this is Q research. has NOTHING to do with Flat earth. PERIOD!!!!


Get a life. We've debunked a flat earth theory for 500 years! Go to space faggot! Look at the Earth rotate…

Fucking idiots! I'm ashamed they are "contributing". Prolly Clown Shills….time to FILTER them!

c68c94 No.684375

File: bbc21fc811419e0⋯.jpg (313.34 KB, 1024x538, 512:269, mccabe6.jpg)

File: c0b3aca187d7401⋯.jpg (611.92 KB, 1024x756, 256:189, mccabe5.jpg)

File: 9f038633a4bff76⋯.jpg (389.14 KB, 1024x614, 512:307, mccabe4.jpg)

d436f7 No.684376


I am not a FE ,but Q did mention Kansas and they have that album cover. Q should know that would lite the fire back up. This is Q's fault , but I still love ya guy.

f87ee0 No.684377

I need to know why all the research that was so important - and mostly incompletely - only a few weeks ago is now totally irrelevant in favor of screaming about muh internet rights and stumbling over the word "boom." Were we not capable of handling the task, Q? It feels like we're all on the bench waiting for free ice cream. No one is even old enough to drink beer these days.

3e7e37 No.684378

File: d62088716574d62⋯.png (21.54 KB, 987x224, 141:32, q bring rain.PNG)

File: 3ae8683bb10e788⋯.png (62.92 KB, 817x336, 817:336, comey tweet justice.PNG)

File: 565755d398b1808⋯.png (22.47 KB, 768x257, 768:257, isaiah 45.PNG)

I'm not sure this is right. It's just a thought.

Q says, "Make it rain, bring the rain," etc. That could be related to the pics of water and the storm imagery and the booms of thunder. Probably is.

But then: Isaiah 45:8–"Shower, O heavens, from above, and let the clouds RAIN down righteousness."

And that verse is thematically similar to Comey's stupid tweet from awhile back, that was probably not just hypocritical and stupid but some kind of a signal: "but justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an everflowing stream. Amos 5:24"

What a swine that guy is. Pics related.

1346e2 No.684379


your post gets you filtered

f3f33d No.684381


It's just pelican fag, BO of CBTS, being butthurt about Q moving.


c68c94 No.684382

File: 2637125a1cc21c5⋯.jpg (386.47 KB, 1024x614, 512:307, mccabe3.jpg)

File: b09f236160d19ee⋯.jpg (463.69 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, mccabe2.jpg)

File: 0ba04b5d84ec613⋯.jpg (466.88 KB, 1024x621, 1024:621, mccabe1.jpg)

5faa41 No.684384

GS's money at work, relax, they are everywhere!

96f939 No.684385

File: 434a54969d7ae7c⋯.jpeg (467.56 KB, 1139x1908, 1139:1908, 1D94860D-73D5-4127-A359-2….jpeg)

Pyongyang said Ri Yong-ho's trip was for "bilateral relations and issues of mutual concern".

Sweden has a long history of mediating between Washington and Pyongyang.

Mr Ri had already met his Swedish counterpart Margot Wallstrom late on Thursday and early on Friday.

Sweden's foreign ministry said their discussions would focus on tensions between the two Koreas, and Sweden's diplomatic work on behalf of the US in North Korea.

Mr Ri's visit has been extended from the scheduled two days, and he will now stay in Sweden until Sunday, Sweden's SVT Nyheter reports.

54d256 No.684386


His name IS Seth Rich

c0bb39 No.684387


If his presidency is deemed invalid, yes his EO's can, but SES has been around for a long time. No way in hell do they need to be strengthened. That can go! We really only need GS. Strengthen the military, hold GS accountable (they can be SUPER lazy with lack of fear of being fired) and purge contractors and SES- we'd be good.

3bf25c No.684388


Just a boring shill tactic. Fuck em

304f7c No.684389

File: 8b59a8c748981bc⋯.png (51.78 KB, 950x363, 950:363, Screenshot_2018-03-16-15-0….png)


W-we are w-winning



fe544c No.684390


This is a quote from the Matrix about being red pilled.

07fe72 No.684391





[John Perry Barlow]






1000 pieces.


@[S][1st] Snowden first?

@[C][1st] Comey First?

The LINK (^these two people linked between corruption?)

John Perry Barlow ("and brave the storm to come, for it surely looks like rain")



[4] (After Comey and Snowden are the storm comes rolling in on tempo?)

1000 pieces.(JFK quote on dismantling CIA)

Just my take.

1346e2 No.684392


i filters all anons like you

too bad for you

you're going to miss a lot

d436f7 No.684393



f17754 No.684394





rant on because some faggot´s won´t get it

e628e5 No.684397

File: b43b515c671fdec⋯.jpg (77.04 KB, 700x393, 700:393, banig.jpg)

15212e No.684398


This shit just gets deeper and deeper

805a8d No.684399

This is interesting- WaPo article says Cmdr of sub was Smith but this article says a Pentagon stooge (Floyd) took over command of the Jimmy Carter October 6:


ccf37c No.684400


Well look at that!

This should be in notables

22585b No.684402


Holy mother of God anon! Are you saying JFK is alive????????

96f939 No.684403


Potus hosted the Swedish P. M Stefan Lovfen 10 days ago…

https:// www


3bf25c No.684405

And like clockwork fake Q is here. But 5 mins late today. You will be docked 50cents (half your hourly pay) for that. Slacker.

7cdbb0 No.684406

Just heard on Fox News that even if fired, McCabe keeps most of his pension, UNLESS also found guilty of treason, sedition or really bad crime.

Firing alone means we keep paying for that fuckers green fees forever!


1a01fa No.684407


so the president likes fucking porn stars… if you think about it, it just means he has a big dick.. hahaha

4d3af7 No.684408



Obama mocked flat earth

Obama was almost always wrong

That is troubleing

Not a FE just saying

4025cd No.684409


no, my normies recognize bullshit and corruption when they see it. its the lack of mass arrests to prove anything will be done, that the hard part.

f2eb1d No.684410

Q once said "investigate those in front of the camera who scream the loudest." Who is screaming the loudest in here? Shill, shill, everybody run! They are the first ones I filter.

I remember Pelicanfag, how the same screaming went on about him … then one day we wished we had him back.

When POTUS says "if the world were round, believe me, I would know!" … and nobody even investigates … then what are we doing here? Lost in our own hypocritical shit?

Have we EVER seen a barrage like the FE barrage going on now? Ever stop to think there might be a valid reason for it? All that's being presented is math. Hard evidence. Not shilling. Not sliding the board.

If you were Q, and you knew the FE theory was true, and you watched the frenzied irrational response of this board (overall), how would YOU handle it?

When you can't even believe POTUS … what ARE you doing here?

15212e No.684411


>UNLESS also found guilty of treason, sedition or really bad crime.


b23ec2 No.684412

Anons, ANYTHING that has"flat earth" in it FILTER IMMEDIATELY.

Dont even mention, just move on to topics at hand.

69e6da No.684413


96f939 No.684415



fce487 No.684416


Why are you talking to yourself?

b23ec2 No.684417

File: 678c8fa90cf9fc9⋯.jpg (39.86 KB, 457x456, 457:456, 678c8fa90cf9fc949424680042….jpg)

2d71c3 No.684418


Cabal trying to salvage their NK op.

Sweden is rotten to the core with NWO.

So Sweden was the mediator btw US and NK for a long time? Ever wonder why nothing ever got solved?

Trump proved he doesn't need mediators.

51fcc9 No.684421


I genuinely can't stand Cernovich. He's been helpful in spreading information, but good lord, he's so obnoxious.

f2eb1d No.684422


He spends plenty of time on InfoWars so that affiliation is always there to be looked at.

724d23 No.684423

756018 No.684424

File: 39f625c3a1b7ba5⋯.jpg (6.09 KB, 225x225, 1:1, Cup coffee.jpg)


The filter is easy and quite satisfying!

fe544c No.684426


And there is a recent story out saying that Dorthy (the actress) was molested by munchkins (the actors).

b9adcb No.684427


Did Tillerson fail to arrange a Kenyan getaway passport for Hussein to flee there?

dc41f1 No.684428

File: 81c8887d25910b1⋯.png (72.86 KB, 789x139, 789:139, ClipboardImage.png)


374fe4 No.684429


>Have we EVER seen a barrage like the FE barrage going on now?

Were you here during the (multiple) site and board moves?

All of the shit currently going on on this board is kid's stuff kekekekekekekekekek..

f2eb1d No.684431


Not sure if a link was posted, but that was mentioned in one of the breads from yesterday.

b23ec2 No.684432


Tillerson was being monitored.

They know.

09b00c No.684433


using trending sports topics that are widely talked about as plausible deniablilty for their comms

56725b No.684435


Whoever is/are Q….they need to have close contact with POTUS to coordinate Tweets and drops. Also, think AF1 pics, surveillance pics.

Not Seth Rich


10dbbe No.684436



Barlow sauce from #844


> an emeritus fellow of the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard

>>681472 Nice John 3:16 meme.

>John Barlow had a deadmans switch that is set to go off on 3/16.

Interesting theory.

>knew Dick Cheney back in the day.


Also was close friends with Alan Simpson, ex-Sen from Wyoming. JPB called himself "an ex-cattle rancher". WY was his 'home state'.

>>682081 The WELL history

>>681913 All of Barlow's voluminous writings (save for the official ones) have been scrubbed or under password lock.

>>681721 Barlow article for The European, reprinted at PuffHo.




>>681789 More Barlow from 1994

>it is a revolutionary war we are engaged in here.

>>681743 Nice FotP 187 Map.

>>681715 Barlow wrote about the "Clipper Chip"

> (Clipper, in case you're just tuning in, is an encryption chip that the National Security Agency and FBI hope will someday be in every phone and computer in America.

>>681767 Johns Cusack/Barlow link.

>>681620 old Barlow tweet : Snowden v. Petraeus

>>681561 @JPBarlow's 3rd to last tweet ever

>"RT @JPBarlow The "reality is what you can get away with" quote was Robert Anton Wilson. Dumb of me not to remember that…"

b23ec2 No.684437


Like the Eagles and LdR. Suddenly a bunch of trillionaires are interested in the plebian sports. Lol

f2eb1d No.684438

Going to nap. Eyes and ears open for BOOM material!!!

4daf5f No.684439


Lyrics by John Perry Barlow, "Looks Like Rain"


And brave the storm to come,

For it surely looks like rain.


http ://artsites.ucsc.edu/GDead/agdl/llra.html

15212e No.684440


Is this why he 'fell sick'? Avoiding a situation, that he was told was being monitored?

1a01fa No.684441


filters don't help…

only the very miniscule few will use a filter while the majority don't and receive the messages of the so called q skeptics that somehow get the name of shill because they question the narrative.

56725b No.684442


thank you Baker! makum uber good!

15212e No.684443

Flat earthers are fags

69e6da No.684444

New Bread




This is 848 not 838

5faa41 No.684445


Sweat Dreams Anon.

3197db No.684446



8553f3 No.684447


The paladins (from Latin palātīne, meaning 'servant, government official'), sometimes known as the Twelve Peers, were the foremost warriors of Charlemagne's court, according to the literary cycle known as the Matter of France.[1] They first appear in the early chansons de geste such as The Song of Roland, where they represent Christian valour against the Saracen hordes inside Europe.

The paladins and their associated exploits are largely later fictional inventions, with some basis in historical Frankish retainers of the 8th century and events such as the Battle of Roncevaux Pass in 778 and the confrontation of the Frankish Empire with Umayyad Al-Andalus in the Marca Hispanica.

Charlemagne has been called the "Father of Europe" (Pater Europae),[c] as he united most of Western Europe for the first time since the classical era of the Roman Empire and united parts of Europe that had never been under Frankish rule. His rule spurred the Carolingian Renaissance, a period of energetic cultural and intellectual activity within the Western Church. All Holy Roman Emperors considered their kingdoms to be descendants of Charlemagne's empire, up to the last Emperor Francis II and the French and German.

b23ec2 No.684448


"Fell sick" after he was told his time was up.

45057c No.684449


Pictures can be shared via mobile phone, to anywhere in the world. Expend your thinking. Q team is more than one.

56725b No.684452


fill the bread baker???

f2eb1d No.684453


I use it heavily … not on the FE people but on the people screaming SHILL! and the ones declaring "filtered!" like anybody notices or cares.


Thank you anon!!!! I hope the world doesn't BOOM without me, before I can return to action.

Why would a shill agree with POTUS?

10dbbe No.684456


Thanks anon. Agree, even buzzfeed has value for certain things.

Confirms intution. Would be nice if POTUS blew the roof of this whole SES thing with a flurry of tweets or an impromptu press conference. He's been hinting at it for months now.

4da301 No.684457

I mean.. FE for me is the one thing I that makes me think "no fucking way". But why would that be the ONE thing I don't believe?

Filtering ANYONE in these threads is fucking retarded. Telling other anons to filter is even more retarded.

We are here because we don't want censorship, right?!

If FEarthers, and anons that tell you to filter FEarthers, could both be shills, it would be stupid to filter one of them.

You can't filter based on your belief system. Not in this moment.

If you're not ready to throw all your beliefs out of the window, GTFO.

fe544c No.684459


Wasn't there a missing, and presumed sunk, sub off the coast of Argentina around the time that Q dropped a bunch of Red October mentions?

So, a nuclear submarine goes missing off the coast of Argentina. Black hats stole the sub. It travels to Hawaii, and shots off a nuclear missile, which the white hats intercept. The sub escapes. Now, white hats have captured the sub?

3e03da No.684460


everyone is on the new bread already… ned to fill this one

69e6da No.684461


69e6da No.684463


1a01fa No.684465


i don't agree with government - every single time a politician opens his/her mouth they fabricate truths and outright lie to the public..

history has proven me correct and trump is no exception

96f939 No.684468


Yes for sure… though I expect Stefan was given a good talking to 10 days ago ;)

aeef17 No.684469

Marsha Marsha Marsha errr

Russia Russia Russia!!!!

Power grid hacks? Hmmm, ok. better nuke russia asap yesterday completely.

Go Nikki! You tell em!

Why is this bitch still in the UN?

Better yet, why is the US still in the UN?

Even better yet Why is the UN still in the US???

This is NOT winning, not even littlely

755fe8 No.684470

File: c6a37a05df457bf⋯.png (84.25 KB, 649x617, 649:617, universe.png)

File: 21f03bb4abc6759⋯.png (12.6 KB, 623x357, 89:51, secret.png)

4da301 No.684471



10dbbe No.684473

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.




Grateful Dead - Looks Like Rain

(Europe 72)

3bf25c No.684475


Sounds about right. Not sure the sub was a nuclear powered sub. It may have nuke missiles though.

69e6da No.684480

Guys scrub the FE, grab the notables, and lets get moving next bread with lots of digging!

6d65d8 No.684482


That's the direction that public opinion needs to go. Demand arrests! muh collusion, muh arrests. Get the public (normies) demanding it.

3bf25c No.684487


But they are pre occupied cause a dog died on an airplane.

b329b9 No.684489


Seth Rich was a Jew.

Jews spell God G-D

and would never point to John 3:16

What an idiotic theory.

b9adcb No.684493


High energy! Built into the political equation.

d436f7 No.684497


56725b No.684500

File: b1800499ac3bcc6⋯.png (807.69 KB, 1214x734, 607:367, ClipboardImage.png)


755fe8 No.684501

File: 1982fd88f7af756⋯.png (16.79 KB, 204x255, 4:5, True.png)

File: e72056f38ad2e0f⋯.jpg (23.47 KB, 336x421, 336:421, toto.jpg)

File: 0942ef5f6c25e97⋯.jpg (51.71 KB, 600x600, 1:1, monica.JPG)

File: 4dc36f0f4cf3523⋯.jpg (18.36 KB, 255x254, 255:254, if.jpg)

d1160a No.684503

File: 7f5d2a9890575d8⋯.jpg (150.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 40f88d31260f40f512ed9d9bd3….jpg)

News So Real they won't let TRUMP watch it


Live Now

755fe8 No.684507

File: 14caf1cb05b4bd5⋯.png (12.88 KB, 255x170, 3:2, ast.png)

File: ea8653f84083cc2⋯.jpg (394.25 KB, 768x448, 12:7, asta.jpg)

File: 84571cf2752f143⋯.jpg (13.02 KB, 191x255, 191:255, astan.jpg)

File: 803b2a66a901145⋯.jpg (168.3 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, astana.jpg)

755fe8 No.684509

File: b4c12fb5de1f61a⋯.png (168.35 KB, 850x400, 17:8, cia.png)

File: 745dd236ee06512⋯.png (10.95 KB, 255x158, 255:158, jfk.png)

56725b No.684511

File: 9337324645bfa96⋯.png (189.54 KB, 414x408, 69:68, ClipboardImage.png)

6d65d8 No.684512


Of course they are. They're still normies. Just sympathize. Gain their trust. Keep being the salt of the earth

3197db No.684514

Missing Argentina sub Wiki page

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARA_San_Juan_(S-42)

56725b No.684515

File: b81c93797c3ac9d⋯.png (518.88 KB, 1323x677, 1323:677, ClipboardImage.png)

755fe8 No.684516

File: d758d176ec898b7⋯.jpg (32.31 KB, 375x384, 125:128, wait.jpg)

b9adcb No.684517


Maybe we're going to rescue Sweden from their future lives of slavery and destruction next.

aa861e No.684518

Kris Kobach, KANSAS Sec of State. Was leading investigation into vote fraud. Dig on this guy, he was advising GEOTUS on the fraud stuff. Maybe still behind the scenes of the DHS investigation.

485f65 No.684519


Q declares Iran is next after NoKo success.

Tillerson is pro Iran nuke deal.

Why is he pro nuke deal? Probably got something to do with oil?

He travels to Africa and Kenya specifically.

Q mentions MB (Muslim Brotherhood).

Muslim Brotherhood has a significant presence in Kenya

Some say Tillerson May be part of the Obama Senior Executive Service.

Tillerson complicit with the Muslim Brotherhood?

Obama connected to Kenya+MB. Maybe RT is too. Pawn used?

d436f7 No.684521


Argentina is Nazi territory

1346e2 No.684522


it's the key that unlocks every lie

and connects all of the dots

304f7c No.684523





4e5fe8 No.684524

File: 7b819fdfb7a811f⋯.png (19.05 KB, 311x337, 311:337, Cognitive_Dissonance.PNG)


FE and MKUltra

As many Anons have noted there has been an influx of FE discussions infiltrating the threads lately.

FE is a MKUltra trigger.

MKUltra programming is pervasive in society. MSM, Schools, Movies, Music, Corporate training, Video games and many other forms of communication to the public.

FE in these threads is intended to use Cognitive Dissonance resulting from the programming to slide the threads.

Read the comments in a FE video and you will understand this. This topic evokes extreme reactions from people.

Don’t fall for the clown-bot bait and slide the thread.

Just saying.

6d65d8 No.684526


Another positive KS link.

755fe8 No.684528

File: fcae50cde812c5b⋯.jpeg (12.58 KB, 255x172, 255:172, obozo.jpeg)

File: 1982fd88f7af756⋯.png (16.79 KB, 204x255, 4:5, True.png)

3197db No.684531


In 1994, during the FleetEx 2/94 "George Washington" exercise with the United States Navy, San Juan managed to avoid detection by US antisubmarine forces for the entire duration of the war game, penetrating the destroyer defense and "sinking" the command ship USS Mount Whitney.[9][10] The submarine has taken part in other exercises including Gringo-Gaucho and UNITAS.[8]

d636c6 No.684532

Referring to 1000 pieces, we know that refers to c-a so if we have JPB and the sub we can free the hostages. I think we have a go if we have all that

a41921 No.684534


Cusack on the board of the freedom of press org…all choads so pick'em…

45057c No.684535

Holy cra cra! If Q really is JFK, this is going to shake the bloody fucking world m8ties!

755fe8 No.684536

File: 1f04df15417e735⋯.jpg (16.22 KB, 195x255, 13:17, bass.jpg)

d436f7 No.684537


DJT Jr. Hang in there brother ,Anon's are here for ya

d48799 No.684539


>Rubio turning over a new leaf?

>Marco Rubio

>The righteous cry out, the LORD hears

>and he rescues them from all their afflictions.

But which LORD?

3bf25c No.684542


I have nothing but no homo love for the normies. Others here may not believe it but we do need them.

755fe8 No.684543

File: 691443c3b76d9a4⋯.jpg (138.28 KB, 891x572, 81:52, fight.jpg)

e6cf71 No.684545


Given his track record, by the time this all comes out in the open, convicting him of a Felony would be as difficult as a 4 year old child opening a refrigerator. Same difference. Call it done.

e3dd32 No.684546

Happy Fire McCabe day

d436f7 No.684548


Thank you for the info was wondering why everyone hates Cusak so much.

56725b No.684549


maybe RT is blackmailed somehow…something is fishy with that guy.

485f65 No.684551

Wizard of Oz - Kansas

https:// youtu.be/1N77NaxlGlU

d636c6 No.684552

>>684539. He was a hostage!

56725b No.684553


stop it , please…

a41921 No.684554


Link almost certainly freedom of the press organization…

d436f7 No.684555


Argentina must be a clown base

3bf25c No.684556

d32dc0 No.684557

File: 48899ec244720a1⋯.png (15.33 KB, 460x282, 230:141, 48899ec244720a1d44b452d9f3….png)

File: a50d513736a1240⋯.png (21.5 KB, 461x323, 461:323, a50d513736a1240ac61d9f7994….png)

File: 8c40eacd83028f1⋯.png (276.52 KB, 970x428, 485:214, 544985.png)


Random Q Posts Bread Filler

5faa41 No.684559

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Every morning that I wake up grateful for OUR President in the WH, Pray for him, his Family and OUR Military. Amazing times!

Watch this again!

56725b No.684560

Will they make McCabe sweat till the 11th hour and then can his a$$? LOL

1346e2 No.684561



c0deee No.684562

File: 5ce866125a3d09d⋯.png (513.21 KB, 773x437, 773:437, ClipboardImage.png)

a41921 No.684564




d436f7 No.684568


Thank you Anon

e3dd32 No.684572

Well the Nunes 10 question memo was a flop. It Was due back by March 2. Last I heard, only 3 people answered it, several more asked for extensions, and most ignored it. Apparently a 5 day extension was given, which made the final deadline 9 days ago. Nothing since

f3f33d No.684575


Amen to that.

POTUS is what this world needed.

And then some.

And all the Patriots to come together under their banners and then unite under a single banner.

And here we are.

56725b No.684581

close enough- heading over to other bread to chastise more FE's…..

e3dd32 No.684582

Fox News is talking like they expect IG report today

d32dc0 No.684583

File: cf5c95558a3918b⋯.png (6.71 KB, 450x156, 75:26, Best for Last.png)

File: ec7d56d50365ee3⋯.png (76.46 KB, 450x542, 225:271, best for last 2.png)

File: 3946f45a19a9668⋯.png (19.07 KB, 1092x213, 364:71, Screenshot-2018-3-10 Q Res….png)

3bf25c No.684586


Good Patriot

4b3c34 No.684587

File: 1bae35727c28300⋯.png (653.02 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Biblical_Flat_Earth_Philip.png)

a0b097 No.684589


>When POTUS says "if the world were round, believe me, I would know!" … and nobody even investigates … then what are we doing here? Lost in our own hypocritical shit?


https:// archive.fo/ZG5ct

3197db No.684590

I wonder if they used Chinese steel I beams on that bridge that collapsed?

4b3c34 No.684593

File: fac30777d921e2b⋯.jpg (45.13 KB, 750x420, 25:14, Biblical_flat_earth_societ….jpg)

aeef17 No.684594


Kris is good people. I know this personally.

e19eef No.684595


Wouldn't that be some shit homie? Right dab smack in the middle of the IG report, POTUS calls him out and JFK rolls out in a wheelchair. Blimey!

d32dc0 No.684598

File: 9669e214aa978d3⋯.png (21.25 KB, 424x379, 424:379, 9669e214aa978d3032aa19b0f6….png)

File: c179bda78479576⋯.png (45.96 KB, 1216x478, 608:239, ASK YOURSELF WHY.png)

4b3c34 No.684599

File: 1dfe609b545f174⋯.jpg (523.81 KB, 1466x982, 733:491, LDR_art_washington_flat.jpg)

c0deee No.684602

File: 1daa4dcfbba579e⋯.png (462.41 KB, 761x396, 761:396, ClipboardImage.png)

4b3c34 No.684604

File: c7d5d8f6773b5bb⋯.jpg (387.07 KB, 565x692, 565:692, Ldr_art_1.jpg)

4b3c34 No.684606

File: c6224df743d1e82⋯.jpg (397.81 KB, 565x692, 565:692, LDR_Art3.jpg)

e19eef No.684607

File: 70e2e6d98ad8c26⋯.jpeg (71.93 KB, 579x695, 579:695, 1dd131303a2b3be3ce28171fa….jpeg)

4b3c34 No.684609

File: 71e5e2535660006⋯.jpg (412.92 KB, 565x692, 565:692, LDR_Art_5.jpg)

d32dc0 No.684612

File: d9975c48ab387bb⋯.png (23.05 KB, 684x348, 57:29, c6dd578b14abac5fd81b7e4e3c….png)

File: 93265fba944eb9c⋯.jpg (363.05 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 7dd8edab8f5510457026ffde98….jpg)

f3f33d No.684613

End of thread motivation.

It's Time to Burn.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoXoOW4I3jM

498730 No.684614


4b3c34 No.684615

File: 0f1a2cac3c59e0d⋯.jpg (414.07 KB, 565x692, 565:692, LDRArt2.jpg)

ccf37c No.684616


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