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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 077ab1e7aaf2fbf⋯.jpg (521.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 077ab1e7aaf2fbfea054d57ecf….jpg)

4fd04a No.685990

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https:// pastebin.com/j6CjwndB

c46e77 No.686047

File: 7469820ad562128⋯.png (42.98 KB, 1000x727, 1000:727, 152080706177490016.png)

8c6546 No.686063

Steele mentioned in Barlow's link. Anyone dig an R. Steele?

Let me know.

cb79a8 No.686070

Don't know if anyone saw this when it came out in January but it pertains to the shadow government and huge number of Obama appointees to this group. http:// myemail.constantcontact.com/Anatomy-of-the-Deep-State—Naming-Names.html?soid=1108369064136&aid=SqRkY8eb0_g

815a61 No.686071


I saw that name and was suspicious as well. Don't know how many hits you would get from a Robert Steele from 2002, though.

368415 No.686082

Iran next


Double meaning

Muslim Brotherhood



0f1a29 No.686091

Robert David Steele


74d10b No.686095


Should we all become fake Q?

Fake Q = Q !UW.yye1fxo in name field

368415 No.686105


Think I am Spartacus

John Q public

Where We Go One We Go All


e47bed No.686106

POTUS twatter misspelling:


7e4f72 No.686110

File: b32dc88250ccd76⋯.jpeg (208.77 KB, 750x616, 375:308, EDAD5FBA-B981-4FBF-AC2F-F….jpeg)

Run on sentence..

Someone on the run


No commas

Don’t stop whatever is going on?

837ea3 No.686111

Thinking out loud….

[David Michael Miranda] 19

[CIA] 3

4fd04a No.686112

File: 74be16212e84ffc⋯.png (269.84 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180316-113904.png)

File: a0ff1618a92a995⋯.png (328.94 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180316-113919.png)

Thanks for the tip SaraCarterAnon!

https:// saraacarter.com/explosive-text-messages-reveal-judge-in-flynn-case-was-friends-with-strzok/

f259d0 No.686113

What if you read Trump's tweet according to the punctuation he used?

It would be great for the Republican Party of Nevada,

and it is unity if good guy Danny Tarkanian would run for Congress

and Dean Heller, who is doing a really good job, could run for Senate unopposed!

Not sure if there is something hidden here about unity and Nevada.

e6e310 No.686115

File: 5636e2163d6dbaa⋯.png (89.13 KB, 1500x620, 75:31, ClipboardImage.png)


>Faux Q

How scared are you right now?

0f1a29 No.686116


Robert Steele Open Source Information- Internet-CIA/NSA

71f361 No.686117

File: ddebd2450667d71⋯.jpg (556.96 KB, 2200x1700, 22:17, ShillForceDummies.jpg)

d84ad7 No.686118





























































689b92 No.686119

File: 3cf681f76a231c7⋯.png (386.15 KB, 597x445, 597:445, 886.png)

Today seems like a pivotal day.

We're just now learning yesterday that Sessions DID NOT have to recuse himself from any Russia/Trump investigation because a simple non-criminal probe itself doesn't require the AG to recuse himself like a criminal investigation would.

Sooo…are we to believe that Sessions was completely clueless about that basic distinction and he screwed up by recusing himself and he then let RR appoint Mueller to slowly barbecue Trump seemingly endlessly OR did he unnecessarily recuse himself knowing full well RR would appoint former FBI Mueller (ex marine)?

Let's say Sessions misread the law and royally scewed up. I doubt this because someone somewhere would've made him aware of it within the last year.

There's no way someone hasn't brought it up to him or others.

The MSM would have you believe they just now realized this huge blunder in Sessions recusal. C'mon!

But lets just say Sessions actually screwed up.

IF Sessions DOESN'T fire McCabe today (as Trump has been demanding forever) despite Sessions having legal cause and IF Sessions DOESN'T unrecuse himself and unseat Mueller AND Trump DOESN'T explode and DOESN'T fire Sessions for gross incompetence it means that it's part of the plan and Mueller is in on it as well.

There's NO WAY Trump would tolerate such reluctance or incompetence on that level at this stage. The recusal fuck up in of itself would blow Trumps mind.

Yet….we hear no reaction at all about the recusal thing? No rumblings or wtf! from the WH or Trump?

That's a BIG tell imho.

Is it possible Mueller/ex marine was never a fbi director candidate when he met Trump but was instead recalled to active duty that day? And RR had no clue and appointed the next day the very guy that Trump/MI hoped or knew RR would?

If McCabe isn't fired today and Trump doesn't blow his twitter stack or nail Sessions for anything you'll know Mueller is doing more than just investigating Trump and maybe doing so as a marine.

368415 No.686120


Patriots have no fear


eef4a7 No.686121

File: a86706cc64d3c00⋯.jpg (580.14 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, fs89g70sg8s7607.jpg)

File: c69a1f33e9d40bb⋯.jpeg (174.71 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, df789a6df798adf6d897fa6fa….jpeg)

File: 251e717f70873f5⋯.jpg (156 KB, 768x768, 1:1, da87f6ds6g87a6g876g87b.jpg)

f69fac No.686122

File: 90b8ba65b5fd76a⋯.png (81.13 KB, 837x794, 837:794, not fake Q.PNG)


Not Fake Q, try again…

eef4a7 No.686123

File: ea3d69b8621d87f⋯.jpg (90.36 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, das7f89s0dg7s.JPG)

29b326 No.686124

ok anons,,, putting my neck in a noose here… but here goes… I think [P] is the PEOPLE… the PEOPLE have the power but have forgotten over time as we get caught up in our me me me world and have let the 'leaders' of the world set their agenda in plain sight and we the PEOPLE are guilty of let them get away with it… our POTUS was selected to wake us up… therefore,,, he is saving us for last… we the PEOPLE will respond and take back not only the USA but the WORLD…

4b3465 No.686125

Did anyone see this:

BREAKING REPORT: POTUS Trump Has Decided to Fire National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster *Updated*

President Trump has decided to remove H.R. McMaster as his national security adviser and is actively discussing potential replacements, according to five people with knowledge of the plans, preparing to deliver yet another jolt to the senior ranks of his administration.

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/03/breaking-report-potus-trump-decided-fire-national-security-advisor-h-r-mcmaster/

0c17ef No.686126


what in pray tell does cutting trees down next to auto bahn have to do with the price of tea in china?

74d10b No.686127


Opposition is going to be disqualified?

e47bed No.686128


Not a run on sentence if you can't insert a period somewhere, which you couldn't here. The predicate is: "could run for Senate unopposed!" It makes grammatical sense.

368415 No.686129

511ee2 No.686130

File: 2f5de388868b49f⋯.png (425.28 KB, 382x550, 191:275, ClipboardImage.png)

Hollywood director Gilliam hits out at #MeToo 'mob rule'

March 16, 2018

Paris (AFP) - Hollywood director Terry Gilliam said Friday that the #MeToo movement has morphed into "mob rule", claiming that while some women suffered, others used Harvey Weinstein to further their careers.

The Monty Python member said Weinstein "is a monster" and that there are "plenty of monsters out there… There are other people (still) behaving like Harvey" in the film industry, abusing their power for sex.

Weinstein was exposed because he "is an asshole and he made so many enemies," he told AFP…

https:// www.yahoo.com/news/hollywood-director-gilliam-hits-metoo-mob-rule-112742135.html

f7b06e No.686131

From last bread.


>Tremendous article.

Indeed, the title alone is genius.

>Why Spy?

>John Perry Barlow, 10.07.02

>If the spooks can't analyze their own data, why call it intelligence?


>formalize the chansf or information consolidation all the way through the legislation process.

Nice, how do we do this and avoid the bureaucratic quagmire that has defined these systems ever since we created these systems?

>We the people must manage the government

Exactly, that said, with great power comes great responsibilty. Can we diffuse power through decentralization. If so then how?

d84ad7 No.686132


Make Everything Great Again for boomer Republicans. -_-

Two sides, same fucking jew coin.

32a58d No.686133


So Soros is working for us? Uh huh

4fd04a No.686134

I will believe that McMaster is out or moved when it is finalized.

ba371f No.686135


Fake {Q}

Ask your wife 01 ?

D1CKs that are black

How many has she had?

Since you've been married?

Black cum snowball @ U





eef4a7 No.686136



That apostrophe bugs the shit outta me though KEK

ecdbfa No.686137

When is your spring break over?>>686129

1987e3 No.686138

File: 5f132abafcabf62⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 273.55 KB, 563x750, 563:750, bffc5d8667b2c416df4e60ed8b….jpg)

Bless the baker

6a172e No.686139


BREAKING REPORT: Paul Ryan Will Announce Retirement From Congress…

https:// www.citizenfreepress.com/breaking/report-paul-ryan-will-announce-retirement-from-congress/

a4f0e4 No.686140

File: b32dc88250ccd76⋯.jpeg (208.77 KB, 750x616, 375:308, b32dc88250ccd76cec0d93b10….jpeg)

File: a7503e11ec4f88c⋯.png (8.96 KB, 421x104, 421:104, Screenshot_2018-03-16_18-3….png)



Danny Tarkanian.

Who posted first?



e47bed No.686141

File: 3a931befa1ff4a2⋯.png (447.49 KB, 720x528, 15:11, 3a9.png)

b8f9cb No.686142


Look at the updates.

d84ad7 No.686143


But the faggot won't name anyone. Wooooow. Surprise, surprise. Keep cashing those checks then, kike fucker.

983147 No.686144

File: 66802c3b5e51704⋯.jpg (62.07 KB, 540x666, 30:37, 1331517.jpg)

368415 No.686146




689b92 No.686147

File: 51de36ebc3f4605⋯.jpg (216.8 KB, 1024x678, 512:339, 35280093724_eb5ecb5f26_b.jpg)

File: 703bf75dce51962⋯.jpg (175.74 KB, 1024x775, 1024:775, 36229575425_d53e489e06_b.jpg)

File: 349b00d30904f5f⋯.jpg (108.32 KB, 764x884, 191:221, 36356133185_0eafd04b7f_b.jpg)

37d442 No.686148


Take some time to view this page and support

Gun owners of America

The “take action” page has some great resource making it easy for you to contact your congressman and TELL THEM HELL NO TO ANY 2ND AMENDMENT LEGISLATION!


Please email, call, twat; better yet do all three

https:// cqrcengage.com/gunowners/home?10

1f483b No.686149


Trump/Q have been playing 4-D chess going back 3 years ago. Enjoy the movie!

e69ff9 No.686150


Hard to believe they set this span (which relies on the mast & cables) over the roadway.

The deck wasn't constructed to support its own weight independently. Without the cables, without temporary supports from below, it was destined to fail.

How no one thought of that or NOTICED THE DANGEROUS situation is beyond me. One look at that bridge & I would have gone out of my way to NOT DRIVE under it.

Hard to believe they set this span (which relies on the mast & cables) over the roadway.

The deck wasn't constructed to support its own weight independently. Without the cables, without temporary supports from below, it was destined to fail.

How no one thought of that or NOTICED THE DANGEROUS situation is beyond me. One look at that bridge & I would have gone out of my way to NOT DRIVE under it.


Didn't congress suggest need to fund infrastructure not wall?

Limbaugh just said same. Using bridge collapse to deny funding for Wall.

2fd4c6 No.686151

In "Stunning Judicial Ruling", South Africa's Zuma Hit With Corruption Charges

South Africa's chief prosecutor, Shaun Abrahams, said that he would bring back a case against Mr Zuma relating to a 1990s arms deal to buy European military kit that had cast a shadow over politics in Africa’s most industrialized economy for decades. As a result, Zuma will face 16 charges relating to 783 counts of corruption over the 30 billion rand ($2.5 billion) deal.

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-16/stunning-judicial-ruling-south-africas-zuma-hit-corruption-charges

83316d No.686152

File: ae60997dcd2bf8c⋯.jpg (43.52 KB, 306x407, 306:407, 26der2.jpg)

File: ddc420bbe405c4a⋯.jpg (157.57 KB, 758x499, 758:499, 26df2f.jpg)

File: 143a34a30898719⋯.jpg (93.93 KB, 732x499, 732:499, download (5).jpg)

File: f3b02226b762557⋯.jpg (10.47 KB, 297x170, 297:170, download (6).jpg)

File: ff78c43d829f238⋯.jpg (86.3 KB, 900x675, 4:3, Huma abedin wife of perv a….jpg)

Q, get your ass out here and resolve this. I’m calling you out as a LARP. Come at me.

Remaining silent while anons are jumping ship is an admission of LARP. Been here since OCT fighting for you EVERY step of the way until Hillary leaving the country.


>>651577 (You)

>>652149 (You)


The LARP is researching POTUS schedule and making cryptic comments too vague to be believed one way or another.

Here’ s an example:

Q says stuff like: "Watch the water", "Watch the news". "Disinfo is necessary". Then Q will posts numbers and letters that make no sense to manipulate us into thinking it is a code.Q tells us to "build the map" Where is it? Best case scenario: Q accidently let anons believe something that wasn’t true and neglected to correct us. Worst case scenario: Q is purposefully telling us things that are not true. Either disinfo is necessary or Q is a larping liar.

See how vague this is? Not to mention the stuff that Q HAS claimed never came true.

Boot theory debunked, Atlanta airport debunked

John Legend and Tiegen debunked, Huma indicted debunked, Podesta indicted debunked

Hillary arrested debunked, Snowden changing sides debunked "Trump should be shot!" debunked. Loop Capital? GANNETT? The list goes on…Wake up anons

<<The best way to debunk Q is to read Q's posts.>>

Q is a brilliant strategy to get free high quality pro Trump memes, research and social media support for free.

Corporations pay millions for the combined work we do for free.

Not all is lost. At least Q brought us together. We should continue to dig and find a way to save our country.

Just don’t be afraid of using critical thinking and common sense.

I know you’ve seen this, Q.

Did you hear me?

Your anons are leaving.

I’m calling you out as a fake.

▶Anonymous 03/16/18 (Fri) 11:08:59 30861d No.685806>>685852

>>685427 (You)

The only thing I disagree with here is "At least Q brought us together". I don't find this true, just look at the responses to your comment. You're not yelling at people on this board, you're looking out for them, yet they'll ridicule you for not thinking exactly like them. (Yet they claim normies are brain washed).

What happened to critical thinking?

To add to your issues, I will add my own.

Q has stated "we see all, we hear all" yet many lives have been lost in false flags, just as recently as yesterday (supposedly).

Q claims, "this is not a game", then asks, if "you'd like to play a game". I feel like we have been playing one already.

"Enjoy the show, we are winning". Loss of innocents lives is winning and a show I should be enjoying? If they knew about this bridge, why not prevent it? Or the trains that crashed a few months ago, or the powder that got sent to Don Jr, etc.

People completely ignore all the wrong and put a HUGE spotlight on the one vague, generalization that could be explained as a Q prediction (or 100 other things) and that's what they grasp to and attack you like a vicious bear, hungry and starving, if you even Question things. You can be polite to the users, polite about Q, but the minute you question this all, look out, Cult Q will be on your ass in a heartbeat.

I also find it pretty pathetic a lot of these guys dish bullshit and then hide behind a filtered button the minute they get done saying what they need to.

8ch really is starting to seem like a group of high schoolers, unemployed pill poppers and all-knowing information givers. AKA, complete bullshit.

Anonymous 03/16/18 (Fri) 11:12:34 30861d No.685840>>685868 >>685973 >>685976 >>685989 (You)

>>685427 (You)

…Also, don't forget the Memo was supposed to change EVERYTHING. Obama was supposed to be caught spying, Hillary, too. So much was supposed to come from the Memo.

And then BOOM!!!!! Nothing.

Now it's the IG report, new hype, new hope and after it's release, same old shit. Q will mention something new and these a.d.d types will run where pointed toward, never once looking back at the pile of bullshit they've been run through.

Anonymous 03/16/18 (Fri) 11:24:10 469017 No.685973>>685989


You're so right. The memo was suppose to bring about yuge changes. RR gone, Sessions in-recused, end to Mueller, charges filed against the FB criminals, on and on.

What a joke that was. So, now we are suppose to believe that something might actually happen when the OIG report comes out? If the general public knows of the crimes committed by the 7th floor, you know damn good and well the Congress/DOJ know about it. Yet, every single one of them are still employed!!!! Including McCabe. Yet a lowly sailor took a pic of a submarine console and was immediately thrown in the brig. Yeah, sure there is equal justice under the law.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.


Critical Thinking Anons

6a172e No.686153


I love you

d84ad7 No.686154


Too bad I voted for this mofo. Not liberal, just sick of this stall tactic. Planning for "years" yet getting more campaign money. How's POTUS' nut taste in your mouth?

b8f9cb No.686155



93cbe9 No.686156


'Angels' is altitude in 000's of feet (old WW2 term).. If I give you place, course and altitude, you should be able to place the plane in 3-D space and get an indea were it's headed.

I usually check Flightaware later with the tail or flight numbers to update my plots.

ef4c77 No.686157


Expect An ‘After Easter’ Bombshell Announcement From Speaker Ryan


Keep track of the rsignations and retirements.

e47bed No.686158


(((it's))) intentional. Lurk moar.

d54eef No.686159

File: 490d58066656c14⋯.png (2.38 KB, 150x90, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png)

No Q posts in this bread.


bf1c10 No.686160


>>685570 (You)

You must have skipped school on the day they taught basic capitalization at highly intelligent Doctor school.

>> If I told you that uniform spelling, punctuation, capitalization and formatting didnt even exist in ancient Greek and Rome, but are relatively recent inventions (18th century), you wouldnt understand that, would you?

e11043 No.686161

File: 59c2b81be8b8e21⋯.png (545.89 KB, 977x2833, 977:2833, saracarter-3-16.png)

File: 401d63d1eb63dd2⋯.png (71.34 KB, 206x300, 103:150, newStrokTexts.png)

sara carter reporting new strzok texts

strzok was buddies with judge who recused on

Flynn case

a10aa0 No.686162

File: 3d508cf66b3d5a5⋯.png (7.47 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 48E4BE70-2543-4129-89DC-B9….png)

4fd04a No.686163


Huh. Interesting.

71f361 No.686164


Being blind, disqualifies, you, for checking grammar!

5e7790 No.686165


April fools

5846ca No.686166


Doctors are Savants. They don't know basic things like practical math and grammar.

2a0139 No.686167


Robert David Steele was partners with Bill Binney back in the day. I don't follow him a lot but he was the first person I heard mention that North and South Korea would reunify. I will look for the sauce but it was about a week before the denuclearization was announced. He has a lot of insight and my guy says good guy.

983147 No.686168

File: b2359630f2eb86b⋯.jpg (59.69 KB, 540x666, 30:37, 1331520.jpg)

133366 No.686169


Holy shit, I needed that laugh. Thank you anon.

d16072 No.686170


stop writing "(you) and maybe I'll read your too long rants, until next bread, FILTERED FAGGOT

5846ca No.686171


Nice! When will this never happen and not affect anything?

df4d97 No.686172

File: 7b1167c93faae91⋯.png (459.86 KB, 658x600, 329:300, Bongino re Flynn.PNG)

File: c6727be9de150ab⋯.png (501.76 KB, 546x895, 546:895, 1 Federalist re Flynn.PNG)

File: 1bbfe3653d4aada⋯.png (119.99 KB, 535x901, 535:901, 2 Federalist re Flynn.PNG)

File: 46fa36aaad4b19c⋯.png (111.88 KB, 543x898, 543:898, 3 Federalist re Flynn.PNG)

REVEALED: Peter Strzok Had Personal Relationship With Recused Judge In Michael Flynn Case


"In the messages, Page and Strzok, who are rumored to have been engaged in an illicit romantic affair, discussed Strzok’s personal friendship with Contreras and how to leverage that relationship in ongoing counterintelligence matters."

a4f0e4 No.686173


Think mirror.

Expand your thinking.


df1ced No.686174

When Potus twats , it sounds like Potus .

When bo twats , it doesn't even sound close to how he normally speaks …..

0c17ef No.686175


first of all, anyone with an ounce of common sense would know

1. this was going to fall without support and the most important.

2. for the love of God, redirect traffic during this so called test.

im calling bs, was done on purpose.

d84ad7 No.686176


Thanks Q-ueer. I know we could count on you.

Make deez nuts great again.

74d10b No.686177


Why are you pretending?

1dd270 No.686178

File: 5adaa636a3d4dc1⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 915.73 KB, 1024x777, 1024:777, DeliciousBread71.png)


Delicious bread, Baker

230447 No.686179

File: d7228ef95d5a34e⋯.jpg (462.81 KB, 549x3404, 549:3404, QmentionsBarlow.jpg)

Q mentions John Perry Barlow many times.

Sort of paints a broader picture.

Barlow = major fuckery?


f21455 No.686180

File: fa9ef475424da01⋯.png (489.05 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2827.PNG)

File: 63d6e55d3c14bcd⋯.png (317.61 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2828.PNG)

5e7790 No.686181


I should have been shored up in the middle

eef4a7 No.686182

File: 2b69f828cfbbc99⋯.jpg (32.75 KB, 500x280, 25:14, Dr_e315a4_1204190.jpg)


Obvious shill is obvious. Your clown shit don't work here, nigger.

83316d No.686183


Yea, that was my mistake.

Taken out in next post.

511ee2 No.686184

File: f7d87cd07708a1f⋯.png (633.9 KB, 634x862, 317:431, ClipboardImage.png)

Get that money.

"James Comey is to embark on a nationwide book tour with tickets going for up to $97 as part of a media blitz to promote his new book."

"Among the two dates in New York will be a taping of the New Yorker radio hour for which tickets cost $57 to $97.

A description of the event says that the magazine's editor David Remnick will talk with Comey about 'the 2016 Presidential election, the investigation of ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, and more'.

On TV Comey will appear on ABC for a special edition of 20/20 on April 15 and The Late Show on April 17.

Comey will also appear on The View on April 18, where he will be quizzed by hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar among others."

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5507257/James-Comey-cashes-97-ticket-coast-coast-speaking-tour.html

0f1a29 No.686185


"Robert David Steele is the pro bono Chief Enabling Officer (CeO) of Earth Intelligence Network, a 501c3 devoted to teaching holistic analytics (HA), true cost economics (TCE), and open source everything engineering (OSEE). He has designed a PhD/DBA along the above lines, but has yet to find a university interested in radical innovation.

He seeks to create an international Open Source Agency for local to global information-sharing and sense-making as well as OSEE innovation. His ideas would enable the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals — first within the USA and then globally — within a decade or two at 10-20% of the cost of the prevailing industrial-donor model. On 25 January 2018 he met with William Binney and agreed that Thin Thread should be the foundation for the local to global information-sharing and sense-making network — the post-Google Internet — to be created by the Open Source Agency. On 12 February 2018 he created Open Source Everything, Inc., a Virginia C Corporation, as a new global for-profit endeavor to help all who wish implement his ideas at commercial and national scale."


6f46ea No.686186

File: e1686b909343482⋯.jpg (20.48 KB, 236x327, 236:327, e1686b90934348262f2cf262c2….jpg)

d84ad7 No.686187


Awesome, more waiting! YAY! I'm trusting the plan and it feels grrrrreat getting fucked in the ass with no lube by Q. YAY!

624adb No.686188


Now you know why this won't work.

This has been going back and forth back and forth throughout history.

Its been done and it doesn't work. Never has and never will.


We can't agree on things.

We over populate.

We try to fix that and it doesn't work.

We cull and start over and the same problems keep coming up.

We can't agree on politics, religions or morals.

The other side is….if we did, what would be become?

A robot? Would we grow or become stale.

Would we strive for things?

Watch the show Anon. That's about all you can do.

e65300 No.686189


near a military station where some of those flights are mentioned, a lot.

think yourself.

I give you a hint: better view :-)

1987e3 No.686190

File: 701216619cc1237⋯.jpg (26.74 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Crazy-doctor-using-a-steth….jpg)

d84ad7 No.686191


A betrayed voter is more dangerous than a paid shill.

Remember that, faggot.

eef4a7 No.686192


I solved it!


Moob is a man-boob. Which is what you are! HAHAHAHAHAHA-GTFO

1f483b No.686193

74d10b No.686194

File: d97c744ae2b8856⋯.jpg (24.03 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 9UneDWp.jpg)

a4a40a No.686195

File: 8f9991dac824309⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 618.2 KB, 753x506, 753:506, EEEWWWWW.png)

5846ca No.686196

6f46ea No.686197

File: 35244c0da6aad58⋯.jpg (22.24 KB, 255x242, 255:242, 3e2be5d751bce8c962accb7bd9….jpg)



83316d No.686198



I think Q is trying to tell us something.

I cant quite put my finger on it…

Dig anons!

Where we go one, we go all!

5023d8 No.686199

How AI works



5846ca No.686201


Still more informative than a "real Q" post.

f69fac No.686202


Whoops, I was so focused on confirming that his old posts had spaces I forgot about the bold aspect. My sincerest apologies. We've got a phony.

760609 No.686203

File: 171d0da54329bb7⋯.jpg (119.29 KB, 900x658, 450:329, 3a_Tornado.jpg)


there was one more BOOOOOM

which if you count the O's there are 19 O's whether that had significance or not.

that being said, I get that this is frustrating and it is very hard to take when you still see these corrupt pieces of shit walking around but I think that if we are at war and we are working to drain a swamp that has been here for 50 years… then it is not going to happen in a year + 6 months. There is much to do Anon, things to put in place. I am not going to call you a shill or clown. I think maybe you should take some RnR and we will continue on and you might or might not come back. Sometimes soldiers need to leave the front lines and take a break or not come back. We will understand.

f2eaaa No.686204


He announced some time ago that he wouldn't rerun in Nov .. so this means he is not finishing out his term? Ok.

0f1a29 No.686205

"Episode 65 sees Global Freedom Movement Media joined by former CIA operative Robert David Steele to discuss the political pedophile epidemic. In this episode, Robert addresses PedoGate, child trafficking, Israel, Mossad, America’s compromised politicians, the Clintons, and his innovative ideas for solving the world’s woes."


eef4a7 No.686206

File: f3f58f691f492e9⋯.png (358.54 KB, 490x516, 245:258, f3f58f691f492e9fa64c67bdf2….png)


Please- tell us all how you've been 'betrayed'. I gotta hear this shit lulz

a27a0a No.686207


>>formalize the chansf or information consolidation all the way through the legislation process.

>Nice, how do we do this and avoid the bureaucratic quagmire that has defined these systems ever since we created these systems?

>>We the people must manage the government

>Exactly, that said, with great power comes great responsibilty. Can we diffuse power through decentralization. If so then how?

I have read most of this site and can't find a reason it isn't possible: sapiocracy.com

Synopsis: a hard-core redux of democracy using technology to aid the process. I'd bet the deliberation process for creating things to vote on might end up containing an environment similar to the chans but refined for productivity instead of ludicrosity.

I'm a computer/software/hardware jack-of-all-trades gurufag and I've read through and thought about the above for years. It is possible but would have to be done very carefully. Critical piece is the self-testing open specification - not just open source. Many nodes in the system have to watch and validate many other nodes constantly. If that's possible then a totally secure distributed network platform can be created. Also of note is that by my read, any democracy could decide to morph into such a system of control simply through new legislation to modify the voting process. In other words, it is an onramp to such a system that is already compatible with all existing democracies/republics.

Intriguing. These things could exist and be reliable. Compared to what the world has tried, they are really, really, really advanced. Once a distributed system is redundant and self-validating enough, it becomes completely fault-tolerant and virtually impossible to compromise.

Note: In my wanderings, there are tons of things out there that are looking at this kind of thing like an app. Fuck that…..this has to be precise and engineered like an airliner. There's no 'fudge' room on the way these things work - it has to be bulletproof.

fuck communism

4fd04a No.686208


Q points to him being murdered but I'm not sure why he was. He must've found out something he wasn't suppose to know.

83316d No.686209



Not gonna stop me from fighting.

0c17ef No.686210


i could see them doing this to bring in heavy machinery and wide loads. as maybe tanks

ca1fd4 No.686211

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/413187.html#414088

>not my work but it seems relevant today.

Feb 11 2018 21:37:17!UW.yye1fxoQec346b339775

Ask yourself, would the PUBLIC understand the following statement: "Rogue actors (Clowns/US former heads of State) initiated a missile launch in order to 'force' the US into a WAR/conflict against X?"


What U.S. Government agency would have the ability to raise its own “Dark Fleet” outside the regular chain of military command and Presidential executive authority? The only U.S. agency capable of doing so is the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). More specifically, we are talking about the CIA’s Directorate of Operations (formally Clandestine Service) which runs all its global covert operations, where a Dark Fleet would have been developed to meet operational requirements.

http:// exopolitics.org/the-secret-navy-behind-the-ballistic-missile-attack-on-hawaii/

Directorate of Operations (CIA)

The Directorate also housed special groups for conducting counter-narcotics and counter-terrorism, for tracking nuclear proliferation, and other tasks. Administrated by the DO, the paramilitary operations officers from the Special Operations Group are maintained in the Special Activities Division.

They are highly skilled in weaponry; covert transport of personnel and material by air, sea, and land; guerrilla warfare; the use of explosives; assassination and sabotage; and escape and evasion techniques. They are prepared to respond quickly to myriad possible needs, from parachute drops and communications support to assistance with counter-narcotics operations and defector infiltration. SAD maintains a symbiotic relationship with the Joint Special Operations Command, and is largely run by former JSOC members.

Joint Special Operations Command

The Joint Special Operations Command also oversees the Special Mission Units of U.S. Special Operations Command. These are elite special operations forces units that perform highly classified activities.[4][5][6] So far, only six SMUs have been publicly disclosed:

The Army's 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (Delta Force)

The Intelligence Support Activity's primary role is as a deep reconnaissance, intelligence-gathering special mission unit, in support of DEVGRU and Delta Force. Meanwhile, Delta Force and DEVGRU are the military's primary counter-terrorism units, eliminating high-value targets and performing hostage rescues are their main roles, along with special reconnaissance and direct action assignments.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joint_Special_Operations_Command

Delta Force

The 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D), commonly referred to as Delta Force, Combat Applications Group (CAG), "The Unit", Army Compartmented Element (ACE), or within JSOC as Task Force Green,[2] is an elite special mission unit of the United States Army, under operational control of the Joint Special Operations Command. The unit is tasked with specialized missions primarily involving hostage rescue and counter-terrorism, as well as direct action and special reconnaissance against high-value targets. Delta Force and its maritime counterpart, the U.S. Navy's SEAL Team Six (also known as DEVGRU), are the U.S. military's primary counterterrorism units. Delta Force and DEVGRU perform the most complex, classified, and dangerous missions in the U.S. military, as directed by the U.S. National Command Authority.

The Central Intelligence Agency's highly secretive Special Activities Division (SAD) and more specifically its elite Special Operations Group (SOG), often works with – and recruits – operators from Delta Force.[22]

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delta_Force

“The Hunt for Red October”. The plot of the movie described how the major powers were all hunting for a rogue Soviet submarine equipped with ballistic nuclear weapons whose captain and officers wished to defect with their new stealth technology.

QAnon’s repeated references to Red October is telling us that a similar scenario is currently occurring with the U.S. and other major world powers all seeking a rogue CIA submarine equipped with ballistic nuclear missiles and advanced stealth technology. Rather than the captain and crew wishing to defect however, the CIA submarine may be seeking a new opportunity to launch a false flag attack designed to precipitate a major regional war.

http:// exopolitics.org/qanon-corroborates-hawaii-missile-attack-hunt-for-rogue-cia-submarine/

Feb 15 2018 01:01:01!UW.yye1fxoQ91

SEPT 7, 1776.

http:// www.history.com/this-day-in-history/worlds-first-submarine-attack

Feb 15 2018 07:08:41!UW.yye1fxoQ276796382161

Watch the water. Q

6f46ea No.686212

File: 22bf647433ee3bd⋯.jpg (25.3 KB, 662x420, 331:210, IMG_7607.jpg)

93cbe9 No.686213

@ Cadet planefag

By '2-planes' we mean planes that show up as 'Military' on ADS-B Exchange that have the reg. Number format 2-ABCD, 2 being the prefix for Guernsey in the same way N is for the US or G is for the UK. Example: I'm tracking 2-MSTG and 2-NYAW now.

Whoever these people are, they are registering them in Guernsey to hide their origin and owners. Guernsey is to the UK like the Caymans is to the US, i.e. well dodgy and to do with lots of money.

As for 'Blocked flights' I usually check ADS-B Exchange, Flightradar and radarbox, as one of them tends to have the info. it's not perfect, but it fills gaps.

Feel free to ask questions if you need more.

ca1fd4 No.686214


> (cont'd)

Anonymous 02/17/18 (Sat) 21:17:11 11dca0 No.414093>>414159


Watch the Water

NOAA OceanWatch

http:// oceanwatch.pifsc.noaa.gov/monitoring.html

http:// oceanwatch.pifsc.noaa.gov/index.html

JPL Ocean Surface Topography from space

https:// sealevel.jpl.nasa.gov/

World Ocean Atlas

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Ocean_Atlas

Submarine Squadron 1

http:// www.csp.navy.mil/css1/Submarines/

http:// www.csp.navy.mil/subpac-commands/

Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative and The Center for Strategic and International Studies / Maps of the Asia Pacific

https:// amti.csis.org/maps/

Russian submarine activity increases around Atlantic internet cables: report 12/23/17

Russian submarine activity around undersea cables that provide internet and other communications connections to North America and Europe has raised concerns among NATO officials, according to The Washington Post.

NATO officials say an unprecedented amount of Russian deep-sea activity, especially around undersea internet lines, constitutes a newfound "vulnerability" for NATO nations.

“We are now seeing Russian underwater activity in the vicinity of undersea cables that I don’t believe we have ever seen,” said NATO submarine forces commander and U.S. Navy Rear Adm. Andrew Lennon. “Russia is clearly taking an interest in NATO and NATO nations’ undersea infrastructure.”

“It’s a pattern of activity, and it’s a vulnerability,” added British Air Chief Marshal Stuart Peach, who has spoken about the issue in the past.

http:// thehill.com/policy/defense/366290-russian-submarine-activity-increases-around-under-sea-internet-cables

https:// www.submarinecablemap.com/

d48bd9 No.686215

https:// 100percentfedup.com/dhs-fbi-alert-russia-hacked-us-power-grid-obama-presidency/

While Barack Obama was busy in the White House, plotting with Black Lives Matter activists and Al Sharpton to divide our nation, the Russians were working to infiltrate our power grids…It’s good to know we have a President who takes our national security seriously, back in the White House.

In March 2014, The Russian Times (RT) published an article about the vulnerabilities of the US Power grids:

The entire US power grid could be shut down for more than a month if just nine of the over 55,000 electric substations placed throughout the nation were sabotaged by terrorists or other criminals, according to a new report.

A study by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) found that just a handful of American substations provide much of the electricity that flows to large swaths of the country, sources familiar with the analysis told Rebecca Smith of the Wall Street Journal. Aside from nuclear power plants there are no federal rules requiring utilities to be protected.

This study, though, found that disabling just nine of these substations could leave much of the country without power for weeks, or possibly even months. There are an estimated 30 “crucial” substations that rely on large power transformers to increase the electricity’s voltage, thereby giving it the capability to move long distances.

The Journal report this week is only the first time the results of the study have been made public. Some officials have known about the results for months and have admitted that they would be open to updating security around the plants as well as changing the way electricity is delivered to Americans.

Former FERC chairman Jon Wellinghoff was one of the officials who briefed top US lawmakers on the contents of the report. He recommended that officials propose new security standards for the crucial facilities no later than June.

d84ad7 No.686216


Let's give it to 3:16 so I can laugh in your faggot face. "Trust the chan"

6a172e No.686217


Do you have a link where he announced that he was retiring or just talking out of your ass?

6f46ea No.686218

File: 8e94067ea997f49⋯.jpg (84.45 KB, 443x600, 443:600, Ivanka Trump Ivanka Trump ….jpg)

File: d51475dfd19412b⋯.jpg (72.8 KB, 1008x672, 3:2, ee3b312e0eaaa7443d9c6c39ea….jpg)

File: 00a132f61411586⋯.jpg (83.66 KB, 646x646, 1:1, michelle-malkin-1488870881.jpg)


Its all about the white and asian women these days. Back to purity.

b8f9cb No.686219


Like how securedrop was used to locate and silence whistleblowers we never even heard of, because FPF was a clown front? That kind of thing?

83316d No.686220


Hey Trump Mafia.

760609 No.686221


True and who ya gonna vote for? apparently we never really had any choice, its been Evil (D) or Evil (R) until Trump came along. I think I see the (R)'s cleaning house more than the (D)'s but for now, i am putting ALL my faith in Trump and hopefully that is a good thing.

fa3a44 No.686222


Very wise So much fuckery all around.

2be129 No.686223


Liability. If you know, and aren't crucial to future plans, you're eliminated. Barlow gave credence to Freedom.press and Securedrop.org. But Snowden was now in place. Everyone else became expendable. We knew he was a clown and immediately afterwards he had a "heart attack." They had to know he would flip if brought in.

6f46ea No.686224

File: 0590b296e60c9fb⋯.jpg (144.43 KB, 1280x841, 1280:841, PA-7481214-Benny-Hill-on-s….jpg)

3 16 is glorious already

d48bd9 No.686225


Yesterday, The Department of Homeland Security and FBI reported that the Russian government was responsible for a “multi-stage intrusion campaign, and had gained remote access to our energy sector networks during former President Barack Obama’s final term in office:

Reuters – The Trump administration on Thursday blamed the Russian government for a campaign of cyber attacks stretching back at least two years that targeted the U.S. power grid, marking the first time the United States has publicly accused Moscow of hacking into American energy infrastructure.

Beginning in March 2016, or possibly earlier, Russian government hackers sought to penetrate multiple U.S. critical infrastructure sectors, including energy, nuclear, commercial facilities, water, aviation and manufacturing, according to a U.S. security alert published Thursday.

The Department of Homeland Security and FBI said in the alert that a “multi-stage intrusion campaign by Russian government cyber actors” had targeted the networks of small commercial facilities “where they staged malware, conducted spear phishing, and gained remote access into energy sector networks.” The alert did not name facilities or companies targeted.

The direct condemnation of Moscow represented an escalation in the Trump administration’s attempts to deter Russia’s aggression in cyberspace, after senior U.S. intelligence officials said in recent weeks the Kremlin believes it can launch hacking operations against the West with impunity.

It coincided with a decision Thursday by the U.S. Treasury Department to impose sanctions on 19 Russian people and five groups, including Moscow’s intelligence services, for meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and other malicious cyber attacks.

Russia in the past has denied it has tried to hack into other countries’ infrastructure, and vowed on Thursday to retaliate for the new sanctions.


U.S. security officials have long warned that the United States may be vulnerable to debilitating cyber attacks from hostile adversaries. It was not clear what impact the attacks had on the firms that were targeted.

But Thursday’s alert provided a link to an analysis by the U.S. cyber security firm Symantec last fall that said a group it had dubbed Dragonfly had targeted energy companies in the United States and Europe and in some cases broke into the core systems that control the companies’ operations

3f05ae No.686226


bowel movement



poo poo

pee pee

6f46ea No.686227

File: 86ccf5fff84e548⋯.jpg (37.34 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 86ccf5fff84e548371fe3c2e74….jpg)


With pride

93cbe9 No.686228


Buahahaha! Kek. You forgot the cat that operates the light switch.

3f05ae No.686229

fake Q is funny

ae54d9 No.686230

File: 94283c2fca8a933⋯.png (4.25 KB, 467x189, 467:189, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9922f0a08e4e336⋯.jpg (85.49 KB, 750x563, 750:563, assange1.jpg)

eef4a7 No.686231

File: 559346c517fae35⋯.jpg (54.47 KB, 998x678, 499:339, 7s8f9dg678s09fg678sdf9g.jpg)


Don't get butthurt because you have to troll so hard for that bowl of rice, faggot. It won't get any traction here - just keks

669fd5 No.686232

File: a9e25f7365e940d⋯.png (458.15 KB, 545x536, 545:536, Hacker Adrian dead.PNG)

Hacker Adrian Lamo who turned Wikileaks' Chelsea Manning in to FBI dead at 37

511ee2 No.686233

File: 4100d6d7396845e⋯.png (8.69 KB, 249x114, 83:38, ClipboardImage.png)


84e7fc No.686234


Sessions made a mistake. Simple. we can argue how and why and who for days. Doesn't make him anything but HUMAN.

POTUS seems to act not when a person is disloyal or aggressive or makes mistakes, only when a person makes the same mistake More Than Once.

So far Sessions is good on that one~

ef4c77 No.686235

'Stress test' preceded Miami bridge collapse that killed 6

When the bridge collapsed, the main tower had not yet been installed, and it was unclear what builders were using as temporary supports.

https:// www.onenewsnow.com/ap/politics/stress-test-preceded-miami-bridge-collapse-that-killed-6

a27a0a No.686236


Sounds like clowns lost access to intel and are tapping truncs via Russian subs.

2fd4c6 No.686237

File: 9a04e8afed62754⋯.jpg (74.95 KB, 500x712, 125:178, DYbHlzYX0AA7nAO.jpg)

32a58d No.686238

File: fbe5f7b0accf68d⋯.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1080x2220, 18:37, 1951EC91-C656-451D-B860-0….jpeg)

This was posted on 4chan and deserves some more eyes. The anon also said to watch for “Sung Chung” in the news in about a week or so, which will prove this person is not a LARP

cf432e No.686239

1f483b No.686240

For fuck's sake…

Fox News just announced that Sessions has until tomorrow to make his decision.

I'm trying to be patient, but…

901af0 No.686241

this board is very quiet.., it's the shills, but it's so quiet.

ba371f No.686242


1 Dick

2 Dick

3 Dick


All these dicks in your back door


3f05ae No.686243


haha perfect bc this is all so fucking childish its insane

1dd270 No.686244


Whomever is maintaining the deaths, please add this.

a27a0a No.686245


Seriously….who the hell fucks that up? Stress testing a bridge without the main cable supports installed….at rush hour? Ugh.

926fe8 No.686246


Didnt an anon recently post that he and Romney were going to try and run against Trump on the (R) ticket in 2020?

61c99a No.686247

File: d4158dc34a6f546⋯.jpg (161 KB, 902x960, 451:480, IMG_1024.JPG)

political parties are like

fa3a44 No.686248


>Paul Ryan Will Announce Retirement From Congress

Maybe maybe not….. The source of the news is dubious.

Would be nice…. but could also be hope porn.

60c400 No.686249


Was it [187], drugs, or AIDS because he's probably a fag?

a47ca6 No.686250


Wannabe planefag here. I can't figure out how to filter for military on ADS-B.

What am I overlooking?

cf432e No.686251


If McCabe is going to get indicted, this makes no difference, except as a distraction or possibly a signal.

4fd04a No.686252


Was Barlow part of Securedrop or just FPF?

025c62 No.686253

File: 77dee34e93d61ff⋯.png (870.05 KB, 1420x618, 710:309, Screenshot-2018-3-16 maebr….png)

Indirectly Q related:

Over on plebbit, there are a bunch of oldfags (so old they can't chan, barely can plebbit) one of them has a theory about the cbts ban.

He believes the ban was related to bringing up Mae Brussell ( think William Cooper but 1971 to 1988)

for any that are interested http:// maebrussell.com/


d48bd9 No.686254

Not sure if posted already…

https:// euobserver.com/tickers/141328


Slovenian prime minister Miro Cerar unexpectedly resigned on Wednesday after the country's top court annulled a September referendum that approved a €1bn railway project - the centre-left government's biggest investment programme. Cerar has lately been under growing pressure from strikes and protests by public-sector workers including teachers, police and nurses demanding higher pay. The resignation comes a few months ahead of general election which was expected in June.

0fbf0a No.686255


That seems legit. It's well done if it's not.

b8be7c No.686256


It was a fake news leak to catch the leakers.

33c8b5 No.686257

File: 705af358c760791⋯.png (534.62 KB, 1129x706, 1129:706, screenshotAtUploadCC_15212….png)

Wonder if this is one of the Booms.

Latest article from SC

https:// saraacarter.com/explosive-text-messages-reveal-judge-in-flynn-case-was-friends-with-strzok/

ca1fd4 No.686258

>old bread

SHOCK CLAIM: U.N. Aid Workers Have Committed '60,000 Rapes' In The Last Decade

Former senior official says 'predatory abusers' took jobs as aid workers for access to vulnerable women and children

https:// www.dailywire.com/news/27188/shock-claim-un-aid-workers-have-committed-60000-emily-zanotti?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_content=102516-podcast&utm_campaign=beingconservative

e6ce69 No.686259

Great explanation from Uncle Bumblefuck what might have happened with the bridge:

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioC61QW7SHQ

3fd407 No.686260


Thjanks for posting this here. I think we all knew but it's good to have confirmation from an outside sourse - it it can be trusted. I'm inclined to trust, mind you.

4fd04a No.686261



fc7201 No.686262


Read the mayor was in hong Kong at the time. Might not be important, just something that stood out to me.

511ee2 No.686263

File: 9fc713fe9564ffb⋯.png (54.9 KB, 400x145, 80:29, ClipboardImage.png)


760609 No.686264

File: c563b31887cca4d⋯.png (89.44 KB, 1328x1140, 332:285, pepe_black_lol.png)

d7ed84 No.686265


It's time to chuck them all at this point. I'm so over the bs. I'm afraid nothing will happen with ding dong McCabe. he's a travesty to the human race. So incredibly unfair he canned some good patriots who were working to protect American Citizens while he worked to put us in danger. he get's his pension and people, many people lost theirs or had to use it all to defend them selves in the fake court of law. I'm Sooooo over this hypocrisy bs. I can't even.

33c8b5 No.686266

File: bf7f4a0193770b0⋯.png (432.87 KB, 703x1024, 703:1024, Screen-Shot-2018-03-16-at-….png)

0c17ef No.686267


we already knew this was going on

1f483b No.686268


From here on out… "Faux Q"!

e11043 No.686269


disinfo now from Assange?

Adrian Lamo turned in Bradley Manning

chelsea manning did not exist then

93cbe9 No.686270


OK, on the main screen you'll see the 'Menu' icon. Click it, then 'Options', go to the 'Filters' tab and add 'Military' as a filter. You can turn it on and off again by ticking the box.

eef4a7 No.686271

File: 3e6f6a9b77ec347⋯.jpg (41.79 KB, 500x473, 500:473, Yodakek.jpg)


Fucking KEK

60c400 No.686272


Securedrop is part of FPF so I guess both. John Cusack the clown is also in there which makes me think everyone involved is guilty as fuck.

ba371f No.686273

File: 8f6b2879fb83b8a⋯.png (284.06 KB, 866x488, 433:244, Capture.PNG)

It's quiet in here today minus Fakefag Q so I will suit up in my planefag uniform and get to work.

Posted is the current traceable military flights over CONUS

a27a0a No.686274


Thanks for sharing this. NSA sees all. If legit, will not aquit.

f8ba0d No.686275

File: d8e246f44c663f6⋯.png (121.87 KB, 919x767, 919:767, zzzzzzzzzzz.PNG)

478506 No.686276


Not "Fake Q", but Bruce!

http:// www.montypython.net/scripts/bruceskit.php

3ce37b No.686277

File: ec5989e8ddf414d⋯.jpg (5.24 MB, 4376x4472, 547:559, Q Map 8.jpg)




Hi Baker, I've noticed here >>686004 that you still have replaced >>638592 with the updated version of "Latest Q Map Set (8of8)"

Pic related is the updated version.

N.B. It is in GMT/UTC, as opposed to EST which the first 6 map graphics are.

cc070d No.686278

I am not sure digging is that important today, we digged for months now. What is important is to understand whats habbenning/not habbenning. If i learn about one more cia evil plot or one more person who is conspiring against this country i will not get any closer to a cabal takedown. So for myself i declare today the day of reckoning

84e7fc No.686279


Ryan: poooooor judgement & Double Mistakes = doesn't back POTUS in the crunch –Ryan lost on the Tariff issue guess he thot POTUS would be impeached by now HA!! Thats what he gets for listening to Schumer.

30b19a No.686280


Thank you for the real work.

FakeQ dilutes the real agenda here.

>Also this is important

https:// www.cfr.org/blog/trump-china-and-steel-tariffs-day-wto-died

6f46ea No.686281

File: 22bf647433ee3bd⋯.jpg (25.3 KB, 662x420, 331:210, IMG_7607.jpg)

Love it!

The sore loser is going to implode the Demonrat party.


https:// nypost.com/2018/03/15/stop-hillary-just-stop/

7908c0 No.686282

File: aa804fa900c2170⋯.jpg (34.2 KB, 360x432, 5:6, nose pick.jpg)

32a58d No.686283


Yeah, it’s not a surprise. But it’s good to see turmoil within the ranks at Google. Their charades will eventually crumble

760609 No.686284


What the fuck?

926fe8 No.686285

File: f694359ce4e1b1a⋯.png (35 KB, 1146x228, 191:38, LamoDead.png)

d00d5c No.686286


This anon gets it!

Q is my Shepard

I shall not Want

Logic to interfere

WIth the Sheeple

84e7fc No.686287


YAY!! Love the PlaneFags~

a85b44 No.686288


I've become a firm believer in the filter. Shills, Whiners, Clowns,retards, and reactionary newbies never contribute anything anyway. Waste of time to even skim. I'm not missing a damn thing filtering them trigger happy like.

Talk about it being quiet! Truly peaceful. Makes it easier to think and work.

954e7f No.686289

File: 29114695a993ba4⋯.png (200.4 KB, 600x288, 25:12, hor2.png)

511ee2 No.686290

File: e24a5e0e8af26b7⋯.png (21.23 KB, 300x150, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

f8ba0d No.686291


ryan mcconnel spinless traitors .

hope it is the dead cat bounce ….

d00d5c No.686292


Still Trust in the Plan????

760609 No.686293

File: 8f828448ede94f8⋯.jpg (9.42 KB, 236x189, 236:189, pepe_bra.jpg)

d84ad7 No.686294


Like people put ALL their faith in BO and look how that turned out?

What has Trump done for the actual people? Pedo/drug busts are dandy and awesome, I get that but most people don't even know about that. What has he done for the average American Joe to help them get back on their feet or see a better tomorrow?

I'll wait.

6f46ea No.686295


Dead. Coincidence?

50d103 No.686296


https:// www.ft.com/content/07fc42fe-21aa-11e8-a895-1ba1f72c2c11 Possible?

b89060 No.686297

File: 4aac8db2576b9bb⋯.jpeg (213.51 KB, 1019x674, 1019:674, DHS CERT.jpeg)



https:// www.us-cert.gov/ncas/alerts/TA18-074A

posted in bread yesterday

d7ed84 No.686298


Agree. :)

926fe8 No.686299


Exactly my point - testing or even tightening cables would have meant traffic should have been shut down.

f51b7f No.686300


So … you're saying there's

no purity or class in

latinos or blacks?

You don't know many

real Trump supporters.

6f46ea No.686301

ba371f No.686302


Fakefag Q bangs Hitlery sober?

Thats what my sources say!

ef4c77 No.686303

File: efa262fa0922feb⋯.jpg (72.78 KB, 597x721, 597:721, secure drop death.JPG)


January 2018

https:// freedom.press/news/tribute-james-dolan-co-creator-securedrop-who-has-tragically-passed-away-age-36/

d7ed84 No.686304

d84ad7 No.686305

File: 55f4b3bb7627a72⋯.gif (782.2 KB, 500x217, 500:217, giphy-2.gif)


Exactly my fucking point.

93cbe9 No.686306

The reason I post my Sitreps in the format I do is because it would take me too long to collate screenshots and have to, er, work, because work.

I hope that it makes some wort of sense to other planefags, it seems to. It's more like military plane plotting.

6f46ea No.686307


No, just Demonrat kind.

POTUS ones are awesome.

ca4983 No.686308

C Herridge Fox - Session has until tomorrow to decide. McCabe's pension will be reduced. Legal bar is high to deny whole pension. Swecker, former FBI, says IG recommended firing cause a lying FBI agent is worthless in court. He expects TNT in IG report.

4fd04a No.686309


Poor guy and his poor co-workers who have to read all that. I burnt out after 2,000 HRC emails.

c77679 No.686310


FILTERED you ungrateful fag

e94cee No.686311

Iran next [].

>iran is in the 'killbox' next; to be targeted

RT days after.

> I think RT fired publicly days after he was privately fired

RT Kenya.

>RT got 'sick' in kenya

No coincidences.




>Muslim brotherhood is coming back into new




d7ed84 No.686312


For the birds.

7f8c6a No.686313


SecureDrop, the premier site for forwarding the narrative of the day to MSM propagandists worldwide.

"Tragically passed away" = killed because he knew way more than he should have and the cabal wanted his ass dead.

93cbe9 No.686314

File: a0b8cbb31f2ad24⋯.png (2.06 MB, 960x1440, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

A part of the etymology of the term 'Angels'.

eef4a7 No.686315


Looks like it's meme time again… I imagine their offices will be getting flooded with phone calls and emails. There's also the veto option, mebbe.

0bc4ee No.686316

File: 4fd5ce916149543⋯.png (67.6 KB, 1080x615, 72:41, Screenshot_20180316-223625….png)

Rex Tillerson Kenya? He fall I'll.

d00d5c No.686317


Is that the same Judge that was on the FISA Court?

722ffa No.686318


We all know Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared without much of a trace.

Was its disappearance the cover? Did it really land in NK or Iran?


Where did it end up?

What was the purpose?

Who was suppose to win the election of 2016?

Why was the Iran deal kept from Congress and placed at the highest level of classification?

Meaning, a United States Senator could NOT review the deal but other foreign powers could.

How much money was hand delivered by plane(s)?

Why in cash?

'''Where did the plane(s) actually land?

What was the cover?'''

Who paid for BO to attend Harvard?

Why would this occur pre-political days?

Who was the biggest contributor to the CF?

The graphic is the key.

Why does the MSM push conspiracy w/o investigation?

Who controls the MSM?

What does the word 'conspiracy' mean to you?

Has the word 'conspiracy' been branded to mean something shameful in today's society?

The world cannot handle the truth.

This pill cannot be swallowed by most.

Risk in painting this picture.



ef4c77 No.686319

File: 2c8327f6fe31f17⋯.jpg (95.27 KB, 662x623, 662:623, manning_fpf.JPG)


the Barlow organization, FRREDOM OF THE PRESS FOUNDATION, are big Manning supporter.

https:// freedom.press/search/?query=manning

71f361 No.686320


From overboard to zero enforcement.

Why have these rules if you don't use them?

What are we, democrats?


d48bd9 No.686322


https:// m .fin24.com/Companies/Agribusiness/rupert-rothschild-vignerons-ceo-resigns-after-20-years-20180316


17:55 16/03/2018

Cape Town - Schalk-Willem Joubert has resigned as CEO of Rupert & Rothschild Vignerons after a career of 20 years.

During that time, he played a major role in building the winery into a premier South African brand with a portfolio of wines.

He will leave the service of Rupert & Rothschild Vignerons at the end of May to pursue new opportunities in the SA wine industry.

Johann Rupert, chair of the board of directors of Rupert & Rothschild Vignerons, says it has been an honour to have had Joubert at the winery for two decades.

“He was with us from our first harvest in 1998 and grew with the brand through his skill as a winemaker and manager, sharing our vision of becoming a pre-eminent name in South African wine,” says Rupert.

“Schalk-Willem helped us achieve this, and everyone in the industry recognises the contribution he made. I wish him well for the future and have known him long enough to know he will make a success of whatever he chooses to take on from here.”

6f46ea No.686323

File: 5834e401fe2287d⋯.png (540.79 KB, 516x750, 86:125, 5834e401fe2287d79cfc5afc1f….png)

File: 82f3faa04eb9602⋯.png (324.01 KB, 691x399, 691:399, 82f3faa04eb9602046f2805464….png)

File: a6e03ad07251992⋯.jpg (21.54 KB, 402x291, 134:97, hillary-crazy-angry-nuts 1.jpg)

File: 22bf647433ee3bd⋯.jpg (25.3 KB, 662x420, 331:210, IMG_7607.jpg)


Thank God Hillary lost to Trump.

d84ad7 No.686324


Triggered another boomer.

Eagle-1, cuck 2.


f259d0 No.686325


What happens if we start a Twitter campaign?

Why is Sung Chung so famous?

What is Sung Chung's greatest achievement?

Sung Chung for President in 2020.

Who ever heard of Sung Chung?

Did Sung Chung really do it?

Can you believe the news about Sung Chung?

And so on. Then if there is a murder or shooting or terrorist attack by or against Sung Chung, everybody will be asking why this name was all over twitter before it happened. And that will lead back to this Google stuff.

6f46ea No.686326

https:// nypost.com/2018/03/15/stop-hillary-just-stop/


ca1fd4 No.686327

https:// www.politico.com/story/2017/04/24/obama-iran-nuclear-deal-prisoner-release-236966

cf432e No.686328

File: a01f8d9b37c731f⋯.jpg (77.14 KB, 642x463, 642:463, TrumpIran1.jpg)

File: b53ead9f3f36dac⋯.jpg (59.43 KB, 640x379, 640:379, TrumpIran2.jpg)

File: 5ef365e5980e5ff⋯.jpg (230.59 KB, 679x936, 679:936, REXIT.jpg)

File: c69fe11fb382c91⋯.jpg (215.88 KB, 715x916, 715:916, IranProtests3.jpg)

File: 51849873b3d278d⋯.jpg (219.43 KB, 723x638, 723:638, IranProtests4.jpg)

https:// ncr-iran.org/en/news/iran-protests/24502-iran-regime-will-soon-fall

Iranian Revolution may be kicking off as soon as this weekend. POTUS shuffles his cabinet deck in preparation. SA announces if Iran has nukes, SA would have to get nukes as well. SA and Gulf Allies have been training and upgrading capabilities and equipment. Russian "mercenary" convoy last month advanced on US position in Syria and was disintegrated. Signal to Russia that the US is not playing games in the Middle East? POTUS working to pull out of Iran deal and pressure EU as well. RT not effective in these talks. He's out. SA nuke announcement pressures EU, Russian, and China. None of them want to see SA and Iran both as nuclear powers. NK already neutralized. US role will be to support the Iranian people, through Gulf Allies keep mullah supporters in neighboring countries out of Iran, and keep Russia and China from intervening to prop up the mullahs. Time will tell.

b2ba8a No.686329


"Truth To Power"




Sorry if this has already been posted but after 850 boards I may have missed it.

a27a0a No.686330


Paywall. I am not a subscriber to FT. Screenshots?

f7b06e No.686331

File: 8ce3ab653445c85⋯.jpg (76.86 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 19989411_10103884548295871….jpg)

File: 2c15b2a68ec52bd⋯.png (222.09 KB, 1400x787, 1400:787, Barlow.Leary.NO2.png)

>The BARLOW Dossier (so far up to this bread)

Running Compilation of Sauce since last Q post

>>680795 [John Perry Barlow]

From last bread.

>Q Research General #849: John Perry Barlow Edition

>>686025 Compilation from previous breads

> w/ pic evidence of close connection with Sean Ono Lennon

>>686074 Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace written in DAVOS, Switzerland

>>685364 Deadhead connection w/ MK Ultra/Clowns

>>685377 >Again: Barlow was a traveling companion of Lynn Forrester (LdR)

> So Barlow knows all the players. Big part of the Snowden stuff. Was he with LdR in NYC and together with JFK jr.?

>>685793 >traveling companion-->It means mason,


>>685169 (Last Bread - the BARLOW/CIA/link:

>https:// www.forbes.com/asap/2002/1007/042.html)


> process of information digestion



>On the day I first visited the CIA's "mission control" room,

>"the stovepipe mentality" where information is passed vertically through many bureaucratic layers but rarely passes horizontally.


>possible to formalize the chansf or information consolidation


>Seems to be precisely what Q is doing….


> …insightful enough to inspire wisdom in our Readers. FTFY.

>>686024 Illuminati Anthem– To the tune of "Eleanor Rigby" 11-07-88 -- Steve Jackson, Joe Vail, Creede Lambard

relates to in #848

>>684759 Barlow had control of Op "Looking Glass"?

>apparent ability to predict the future used in the games maybe operation looking glass files or similar.Maybe this is where Barlow got ideas for his inventions as well?

>Secret Service raided the offices of Steve Jackson Games who made the Illuminati card game

> master copy of GURPS Cyberpunk; a genre toolkit for cyberpunk games, written by Loyd Blankenship, (kek)

>>684909 Hacker Cyberpunk Illuminati Card Game

4fd04a No.686332

File: 4b4741e92e8b4ee⋯.jpeg (52.73 KB, 706x273, 706:273, DYbPZOYWsAMVMN8.jpeg)

df4d97 No.686333

File: 435f368caff8bad⋯.png (119.04 KB, 631x479, 631:479, Scavino45 3-16-18 10 10 am….PNG)

File: b4c5d0eec78f756⋯.png (137.88 KB, 766x297, 766:297, Scavino45 3-16-18 10 10 am….PNG)

a47ca6 No.686334


Thanks, I'll give it a try.

Between script blockers and all the other browser privacy stuff, sometimes it's hard to tell if things are blocked, or I'm just a retard.

b86f6e No.686335

File: 4f981ed9d0f7951⋯.jpg (448.03 KB, 800x1080, 20:27, concernboom.jpg)

a27a0a No.686336


Lots of getting rid of witnesses habbenin.

ba371f No.686337

File: e076b31e8273e98⋯.png (157.17 KB, 833x539, 17:11, Capture.PNG)

At first glance San Antonio appears to have a bit of military traffic. Appears to be just routine training probably originating from Lackland AFB

6f46ea No.686339

Silicon Valley is EVIL

https:// www.thedailybeast.com/silicon-valleys-favorite-prison-reformer-accused-of-sexual-assault-and-harassment

eef4a7 No.686340

File: b26029fba95173c⋯.jpg (42.03 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 9s87g78sdfg697d80fg6.jpg)

The clowns and Soros trolls are THICK today. All this concernfagging. Set filters to vaporize!

901af0 No.686341


>https:// m .fin24.com/Companies/Agribusiness/rupert-rothschild-vignerons-ceo-resigns-after-20-years-20180316

<He will leave the service of Rupert & Rothschild Vignerons at the end of (((May))) to pursue new opportunities in the SA wine industry.

May?, A Message fo May?

760609 No.686342

File: 85281b24f201948⋯.jpg (92.63 KB, 915x960, 61:64, b54eb66ff6df688e8b0c190436….jpg)


well in my sanctuary city… there are lots and lots of blue collar workers talking about the extra money they are getting in their pay checks from the tax cuts. they are liking that. I think he as given hope to many, and only the people in the 8chan/qresearch threads like us know the despair of what is going on. most people are not even paying attention to a damn thing but i see more and more being red pilled than before so that gives me hope.

64e284 No.686343

Adrian Lamo, the prolific hacker who turned Chelsea Manning in to the FBI, has died according to a Facebook post by a family member.

https:// www.mirror.co.uk/news/us-news/hacker-adrian-lamo-who-turned-12201421

7f8c6a No.686344


>concrete actions

Yay for codespeak.

What else does this say?

08bab1 No.686345

81e559 No.686346

File: faa725814eba759⋯.jpg (203.21 KB, 500x500, 1:1, qturretsynbromboom.jpg)

511ee2 No.686347

File: 40511273488d6cc⋯.jpg (269.58 KB, 1271x315, 1271:315, 2018Bs.jpg)

42bdcf No.686348


its a start bro

025c62 No.686349

File: a501e3f73d4f018⋯.jpg (14.52 KB, 288x176, 18:11, Playgirl article.jpg)

dropping this topic after this post:

Complacent Beverly Hills housewife Mae Brussell had quite an awakening in 1963 when President Kennedy was assassinated, and again when she read and cross-indexed the massive 26-volume Warren Commission Hearings. She saw that the international terrorist network that had made up the Axis powers during

World War Two had gone underground and continued their world-wide fascist campaign, overthrowing one country after another. America was not exempt.

Frustrated that this vitally important information was largely unknown to the American people, Mae went to her friend Henry Miller of Big Sur, California (with whom she would later brag to friends about an affair). He told her that people can do anything they want if they apply themselves; live anywhere, learn anything. And there is nothing worse than looking back and regretting not having done what was important to you. "Don't die before you're dead."

And with that advice Mae moved herself and the kids to Carmel, California and began the selfless, nonstop journey of political and history research that would soon rock the radio airwaves of Monterey and Santa Cruz counties from 1971 through 1988. Her listeners would never be the same.

While most of America slept:

Mae saw that most anything Americana was being infiltrated, murdered, infected, poisoned, or deregulated. As Mae stated at the University of California in Santa Cruz: "What is happening to us is a classical case of totally destroying us. And by the same people who've been at the top doing it since World War Two."

On May 29, 1968 Mae confronted Rose Kennedy at the Monterey Peninsula Airport and handed her a note telling her Robert Kennedy would soon be assassinated. A week later he was shot to death at The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

Mae's first published article in Paul Krassner's The Realist was actually financed by John Lennon (Krassner couldn't afford the $5,000 printing cost).

Frank Zappa once gave her a computer for filing and cross-indexing her research (but she never used it).

Two weeks before Patty Hearst was kidnapped Mae told a Syracuse University audience that the SLA shooting of school superintendent Marcus Foster was the beginning of terror and psychological sabotage, in the same vein Germany had been subjected to in the 1930s.

In August 1977 (broadcast #282) Mae discussed Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple move to Guyana. She speculated it might be a training camp for assassination teams – this was more than a year before 913 members of the church were massacred.

Much of Mae's March 29, 1981 broadcast was spent discussing the power- struggle within the Reagan Administration and asked who will kill off their team members first. The following morning President Reagan was shot in Washington D.C.

Her countless list of German and White Russian fascist fingerprints to President Kennedy's assassination reached its peak in May of 1988 when she discovered the name "Adolf H. Schicklgruber" handwritten in Marina Oswald's notebook of poetry in the Warren Commission exhibits.

There were times when death threats drove Mae off the air: once by Charles Manson family member Sandra Good in September 1975. Sometimes Mae resorted to recording her shows at home on her small cassette tape recorder and privately mailed out copies to her subscribers.

In 1983 Mae's show was picked up by listener-sponsored KAZU

FM in nearby Pacific Grove. Five years later she was forced off the air, for the last time, from death threats but continued sending out her weekly tapes to subscribers until June 13, 1988 (tape #862).

Mae died of cancer on October 3rd of that year. She was 66.

eef4a7 No.686350

File: 611b3071a38ea6c⋯.jpg (86.17 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, fsd7g896dsf8g97df68g76df.jpg)


The left can't meme :D

2e1d45 No.686351


all the stupid people where do they all come from?

all the stupid people where do they all belong?

ooooooo look at all the stupid people

6f46ea No.686352

File: ac1c365413fe354⋯.jpg (63.62 KB, 650x520, 5:4, Funny_ebd8fb_1084992.jpg)


Yes, they are.

Anticipating big news it means. Stay tuned, going to have a shillstorm when the big news hits today. Going to love rubbing it in their faces.

e94cee No.686353


ba371f No.686354

File: d950bc63ebe4163⋯.png (39.13 KB, 987x377, 987:377, Capture.PNG)

Something going down in Franklin County Georgia.

I am a planefag but moonlight as a scannerfag

08bab1 No.686355

File: 597d455df1672ea⋯.png (311.92 KB, 1094x320, 547:160, MS13.png)

55ecca No.686356


I don't remember seeing anything in notable posts about the social network called ORKUT. It was owned and created by Google and Barlow was one of it's first users.

In 2004.... being one of the "digerati", Barlow was among the very first users of the invitation-only social network Orkut at its inception. He decided to send all of his 100 invitations to friends in Brazil; two years later, some 11 million internet users in that country (out of 14 million total) were on the social network. That's a pretty good track record... so why is it called one of the companies that failed to become facebook? Maybe a "test" market for social networking spy tools.

https:// en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Orkut

6dd728 No.686357

File: c5d8fa49b48e8b5⋯.gif (152.25 KB, 744x902, 372:451, slo.GIF)


they posted a spelling correction. missing "L"

ca4983 No.686358


LOL. whew!

a27a0a No.686359


Note San Antonio is (was) a HIVE of MS-13.

c77679 No.686360


I am no Boomer , and I'm not triggered at all. Triggering is stricktly reserved for millennial snowflakes. And boomers are awesome, at least they know how to spell and use grammar correctly… But you can go and fuck many many many off's. Kek. Dumbass- filtered for being dumb AF

37d442 No.686361

Please visit this page from

Gun owners of America

Take a few minutes to send the emails on the take actions section. They have made if very easy to click and support the 2nd amendment by letting you congressman know that you


https:// cqrcengage.com/gunowners/home?10

f51b7f No.686363


God Bless America!!!

Feels GREAT to be able to

honestly say that I'm

proud to be an American.

I never thought it

would be possible.

More work to do.

Keep on!!!

d56c9a No.686364


I've listened to you tuber Florida Maquis report on the various collisions with Navy vessels and all of them seem to have been following these underground cables.

facc75 No.686365



Perhaps we are gathering the pertinent information which exists organically but is not TOTALLY COMPILED.

Then we hand it off to 'industry endorsed, algorithm-centric based AI and let the chips fall where they may?

We humans must after all integrate technology into our existence AND our future.

6f46ea No.686366

File: 5e4d35f9660ced1⋯.jpg (322.6 KB, 1520x2027, 1520:2027, 09ab6c05322ce21796ccac4bee….jpg)

Simply the greatest.

55ecca No.686367


LdR missing?

d00d5c No.686368


Welcome aboard.

d84ad7 No.686369


Like Obama money for the liberals. Same. Fucking. Thing.

As above, so be-Jew.

a27a0a No.686370


You can tell when you're on the right track because they kill you.

27ecb5 No.686371

The average age of Congress went down today, when 88 year old Louise Slaughter (D) of New York died, following a fall at her NY residence last week

Was the oldest member of the House of Representatives

She had served 16 terms


901af0 No.686372



e94cee No.686373

File: 7798be47b3b1bab⋯.png (66.94 KB, 384x480, 4:5, maga.png)

760609 No.686374


couple of weeks ago I did see the fighter jets take down a plane, to Kelly, posted it here but there weren't really any plane fags around so it sort of died on the vine. but I looked for myself and there was a plane that took off from Fort Worth that flew 1000 then up to 40000 towards Virginia then made a complete U-turn and went toward San Antonio doing the same, 1000 Feet to 40000 when 5 fighter jets came at him from all directions right over downtown on a Saturday afternoon. Crazy

6f46ea No.686375

File: 1cb654ad0bfab25⋯.jpeg (93.69 KB, 476x640, 119:160, DW2koGaWsAAWxtX.jpeg)


Same feeling, brother. Feels wonderful.

Must keep up the fight.

30b19a No.686376

File: 5bf03783a1e6842⋯.png (920.47 KB, 1252x568, 313:142, Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at ….png)


https:// saraacarter.com/explosive-text-messages-reveal-judge-in-flynn-case-was-friends-with-strzok/

025c62 No.686377


yep she got the Dr. Mary's Monkey treatment.

33c8b5 No.686378


Seems from reading it that it is a judge with the name "Rudy'

I think the one before was a woman,but not sure.

2b19e7 No.686379


There was Clown chatter on the dark web about that fiasco. It seems they knew ahead of the public announcement that Mueller would be selected as SC and that POTUS would be blind-sided by it. POTUS himself said that Mueller would be crossing the red line if he drifted away from investigating Russian involvement in the election and into Trump's private business affairs. But he just filed to obtain Trump's private business records. So what comes next?

Disinfo is real. Mueller is a Deep State guy, a Bush/Obama lackey, and a Clown operative. No one really knows that the fuck is going on, and perhaps this is so for a very good reason. They're taking an awfully big risk playing such a high-stakes game this close to an election that could potentially swing the House back to the Dems. Yeah, I know…that will never happen. But you know what, it very well could happen. And if it does the MAGA agenda will come to a screeching halt for the next 2 years.

ca1fd4 No.686380

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/414077.html


>old bread

Mindwar by Michael A. Aquino

In 1980 an obscure internal U.S. Army concept paper, "From PSYOP to MindWar," accidentally became public. Though only a brief, theoretical speculation, it exploded into the focus of alarmist rumors and debates for the next three decades. Is the government involved in invasion of the mind beyond the blundering, haphazard legacy of the infamous MKULTRA experiments? Even more unsettling, do such efforts extend beyond conventional scientific research to dark and arcane arts whose very existence is the stuff of legend? The answers are here, in this book by one of that 1980 paper's co-authors, Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino. Originally intended for the eyes of government policymakers alone, it is now openly available. Ironically _MindWar_ is unclassified only because a level high enough to embrace it has never been anticipated or even conceptualized. What it is capable of setting in motion is simply beyond all previous human interactive experience. For millennia violent warfare has been the scourge of humanity, and all attempts to end it through negotiated or imposed peace have brought only temporary respite. On the premise that war is endemic to the human disposition, _MindWar_ proposes to eliminate its killing and destruction by replacing it with a far more powerful kind of war - one which focuses on the human mind both individually and collectively. The persons and property of people are removed as targets, replaced by the divisive situations and problems originating in their consciousness. These are then controlled, adjusted, and reformed to produce a harmonious and cooperative total environment. The price for this solution is that, for the first time in practical history, the actual machinery of human thought is accessed, by the methodical application of science, psychology, and esoteric arts of antiquity. MindWar assumes, as did the ancients, that the ultimate aspiration of mankind is to the Good. But, like the Manhattan Project which rashly opened an earlier genie's bottle, MindWar could be misused with even more ominous consequences. Devised to save humanity, it could also supersede it. Hence this genie must be examined and evaluated while its bottle is still sealed. This book extrapolation and evolution of the original 1980 concept is not merely theoretical. It proposes "laboratory" implementation through the structural redesign of the U.S. Army's three "Special Operations" branches: Psychological Operations, Special Forces, and Civil Affairs. A multiphase sequence of their interaction in a MindWar campaign is outlined, with the international crisis resolution procedures of the United States modified to facilitate it. In a forthcoming second volume, the structures and programs to implement this will be discussed in detail. Not merely a "military book," _MindWar_ extends its application to human political and social interaction generally, identifying and refining what were previously only vague or unknown mental processes into a new science of "thought architecture." It opens the door to a standard of rationality and precision in human affairs in which the experience and exercise of thought are finally, fully mature.

6f46ea No.686381

File: 374938dba87f029⋯.jpg (63.88 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 374938dba87f0294fddaded2f6….jpg)

File: b68d763ba672949⋯.jpg (53.81 KB, 800x450, 16:9, b68d763ba672949e761e3d8b35….jpg)

4fd04a No.686382


Justice For Flynn!

37d442 No.686383

If we’re supporting death penalty for drug dealers….

The same should apply to corrupt judges and officers!

a27a0a No.686384


Humans need to make decisions for Humans. NOT AI. Besides, AI is mostly hype.

5023d8 No.686385

File: e066b6201c28137⋯.jpg (286.28 KB, 1956x980, 489:245, c68cd4095e1ea5d5d361c722e3….jpg)




>▶it was a trap


>▶5 leakers in NSC exposed themselves to the public.

511ee2 No.686386


Nike, Oracle, Micron, Fed Rate Hike, Trump Tariffs: Investing Action Plan

12:21 PM ET

The Federal Reserve will hold a policy meeting, and another increase in benchmark interest rates is widely expected, while President Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs are due to take effect. Meanwhile, Nike (NKE), Oracle (ORCL), Accenture (ACN) and FedEx (FED) will lead on the earnings front, with Micron Technology's (MU) quarterly results coming with the chip sector in flux. Earnings from KB Home (KBH) will come along with housing data at a key point in the market. …

https:// www.investors.com/research/investing-action-plan/nike-oracle-micron-fed-rate-hike-trump-tariffs

a4a40a No.686387


Yes, also the judge that presided over Fynn and then recused himself.

6dd728 No.686388


Yes. There is an "L" missing.

6f46ea No.686389

File: d22f8d882a1b6a3⋯.jpg (17.41 KB, 420x314, 210:157, ap_donald-trump_ap-photo17….jpg)

a4a40a No.686390


OOPS! Flynn.

df4d97 No.686391

File: d2166b3755f623b⋯.png (505.58 KB, 672x714, 16:17, DoD 3-16-18 8 18 am PST co….PNG)

246643 No.686392

File: ffab88ed5f8698c⋯.jpg (349.14 KB, 1630x1400, 163:140, Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at ….jpg)

33c8b5 No.686393


DOJ officials did not immediately respond for comment.

In a text message chain from Page to Strzok on July 25, 2016, she writes, “Rudy is on the FISC! Did you know that? Just appointed two months ago.” At that point, the pair continues to discuss other issues but comes back to Contreras, “I did. We talked about it before and after. I need to get together with him.” Then later Strzok appears to return to his discussion about Contreras.

Strzok/Page July texts

Page: “Thought of it because you had to Google FISC judges and him there. I’m telling you.”

Strzok: “….She brought up a good point about being circumspect in talking to him in terms of not placing him into a situation where he’d have to recuse himself.”

Page: “I can’t imagine you either one of you could talk about anything in detail meaningful enough to warrant recusal.” Page then goes back to discussing a different issue saying, “Anyway, maybe you meant to, but didn’t.’

Strzok: “Really? Rudy. I’m in charge of espionage for the FBI. Any espionage FISA comes before him, what should he do? Given his friend oversees them?”

Page: “Standards for recusal are quite high. I just don’t think this poses an actual conflict. And he doesn’t know what you do?”

Strzok: “Generally he does know what I do. Not the level or scope or area but he’s super thoughtful and rigorous about ethics and conflicts. (redacted) suggested a social setting with others would probably be better than a one on one meeting. I’m sorry, I’m just going to have to invite you to that cocktail party. Of course, you’ll be there. Have to come up with some other work people cover for action.”

Page: “Why more? Six is a perfectly fine dinner party.”

Investigators working with Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and Rep. Mark Meadows, both with the House Oversight Committee, discovered the text messages during their ongoing investigation into the FBI’s handling of the alleged Trump-Russia collusion investigation, the Congressional members told this reporter. Under rules established by DOJ officials, congressional investigators could only review the less-redacted version of the pairs’ text messages at DOJ headquarters and only the highly redacted version of the texts was allowed to be removed during the ongoing process, they said. Of the 1.2 million documents collected by Horowitz’s team, the House Oversight Committee has only received 3,162 “unique documents,” they added.

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC)

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC)

“Why did Contreras recuse himself?” said Jordan. “Text messages show he had a relationship with Strzok… Why did the DOJ make it difficult for us to get the information? To me, those are the two fundamental questions. We don’t know that answers to either one of those ”

Jordan noted that the text messages provide some context but that some of the communications are not completely clear. He added what is “clear is that the back and forth exchange shows that Strzok and Page were friends. But we don’t know if the discussion regarding recusal has anything to do with Russia or if they were referring to another case. What we do know is that Contreras recused himself after the guilty plea but we still don’t know why?”

Meadows added that a “recusal for a judge is a very high bar,” added Meadows. “I think from my standpoint we’re asking the department of justice and the FBI to give us the documents we need to do proper oversight. Failing to be able to be able to provide Congress with those documents in an expeditious manner would certainly strengthen the case for a special prosecutor.”

Meadows also stated that the DOJ’s failure to be forthright with the information makes it extremely difficult for Congress to conduct oversight.

“The only thing we would not have access to is grand jury material and some classified documents,” said Meadows. “There is no reason why we cannot get the same documents the Inspector General has.”

d84ad7 No.686394


Thank you kindly. Still sick and tired of these mindless drones saying trust the plan.

Trust yet verify you dumb fucks. But no, they love memes to much to think.

Old ass dirty boomers dying after running 16 terms and no one is doing anything to prevent that from happening with the voting power we could have if they shut the fuck up and did something. All they wait for is the morning news to parrot what they didn't even help do.


2b19e7 No.686395


It was an oversight by the Founding Fathers that they did not put term limits for everyone elected to government office. No one should be eligible to be in office for more than 2 terms.

e11043 No.686396

File: 4c73c0e68e32b37⋯.png (144.04 KB, 780x411, 260:137, deadcongressbitch.png)

33b193 No.686397



Isn't it interesting then to know that the Podestas' father spent his career working for Aaron Swartz's grandfather at Embosograph?

Q taught us there are no coincidences, right?



6f46ea No.686398

File: c0f63e58342fa56⋯.jpg (82.64 KB, 960x540, 16:9, trump-president-3.jpg)

d84ad7 No.686399


Ooook, retard.

d00d5c No.686400


Odd how the same names keep popping up…

30b19a No.686401


246643 No.686402


KEK. I bet someone paid good money for that low energy shill.

6dd728 No.686403


Hvala vam

c4c9eb No.686404


SecureDrop is how clowns and black hats set media narratives / talking points at 4am in a secure fashion.

b86f6e No.686405


BOOM-ers will ignore this shit until Q leaks the #HRCVIDEO

BOOMERS trim the hedges and drink merlot and read The New Yorker


e94cee No.686406



Trust the plan.

Full control.


74d10b No.686407


A BOOM always leads to a BUST

5ce792 No.686408

https:// www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/inside-porton-down-britains-controversial-12192830


@Chemical Attack UK

Of course, they identified the 'agent'

What is the best way to hurt America?


If Russia and America were allies, then the game is won= world prosperity.

'Equilibrium' demands tension points everywhere. EU loses power with America and Russia as allies; China would be contained, co-opted. A peaceful arms and innovation race would begin.

Enemy is desperate. FF abound

(X) for 'Y'

4fd04a No.686409

File: 3a273ed7d3a4595⋯.png (787.03 KB, 1080x1248, 45:52, Screenshot_20180316-122225….png)


60c400 No.686410


Do you really want people to think that's all there is to it?

26e49d No.686411


trudat. not sure about the death penalty, but abusing authority of Law, whether by judges, cops, prosecutors, etc, all are exponentially worse crimes.

"thin blue line" is no excuse.

it's a resposibility.

own it, fuckers, and stop it with the "bad apples" crap as if that explained anything.

all you need is one to ruin the bunch.

the bunch was ruined a long, long time ago.

deal with it.

9edc3e No.686412


Still IS a hive. and our city is a Sanctuary city and Soros was successful in getting our Prosecuter out of office. So I don't know what is going to happen. SA is full of ignorant corrupt city leaders starting with the City Manager Sheryl Scully and the police chief McManus. Scully is paid upwards of 517,000 per year for being city manager. She is corrupt and McManus makes 300.000 for police chief. Scully makes more than the president of the USA. Makes one wonder why she is so important other than we are a hub for massive human trafficking and she keeps it quiet.

d48bd9 No.686413

Resignations,,, all over the place ….

https:// www.ft.com/content/ef661f42-293a-11e8-b27e-cc62a39d57a0


Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s European head Alex Wilmot-Sitwell has quietly resigned from the bank, throwing a spanner in the works for its Brexit planning and post Brexit leadership. Mr Wilmot-Sitwell, who was BAML’s co-president for Europe and Emerging Markets (ex Asia) for the last six years, handed in his resignation earlier this week, people familiar with the situation told the Financial Times. The bank informed staff of his departure in a memo sent just before 5pm

The Briton has been a key figure in the bank’s Brexit planning and was named as chairman of the Frankfurt-based broker dealer which will take over BAML’s EU markets business after the UK quits the bloc in 2019. It is understood that his departure was amicable and related in part to the changes to his role and BAML’s structure after Brexit. The bank is splitting its existing EU headquarters in London into a broker dealer in Frankfurt and a banking business in Dublin to serve EU clients, and a London-based entity to serve UK clients. Before joining BAML, Mr Wilmot-Sitwell was chairman of UBS’s investment bank, which was one of the biggest in the world during his time there (before being dramatically scaled back in 2012). His future plans are unclear; he has six months notice at BAML, as do most of its senior UK executives.

e47bed No.686414


Awww, the poor widdle baby is too stupid to do a little legwork to figure out what Q's posts signify. How sad for you.

837ea3 No.686415

They need to take the pension for McAbbe and give it to Flynn……that would be totally fine with us!!!!!!!

901af0 No.686416


Another Resignation (2 days ago)


DOD giving a message to the UE?

f259d0 No.686417


Securedrop has nothing to do with passing the narrative of the day. That is done by the Gannett newsfeed produced by USA Today every morning at 4am eastern time when they send their masters to their printing presses across the country.

Securderop is an app produced by a CIA front organization that offers whistleblowers a secure way to communicate with news media who publish their private encryption keys. Users believe they are getting an app that has the best most secure encryption, however, it has a backdoor that lets the CIA see all of these leaks. They can then target the whistleblowers in any way, even killing them.

FakeNews has nothing to do with Securedrop. They are two different projects of the CIA and have two different goals.

a47ca6 No.686418


>You can tell when you're on the right track because they kill you.

I want that on my grave stone.

a27a0a No.686419



eef4a7 No.686420

File: 088b8969bf677b3⋯.jpg (58.65 KB, 850x588, 425:294, 97fd1925e3adf5663137d23635….jpg)

07a903 No.686421

File: aa16ab5b3806f77⋯.jpg (8.66 KB, 255x255, 1:1, picked.jpg)

File: fcae50cde812c5b⋯.jpeg (12.58 KB, 255x172, 255:172, ab99685bd93f02a4ca43439f9….jpeg)

File: 62e1603c7683515⋯.jpg (148.99 KB, 866x1200, 433:600, 62e1603c7683515d634e80dcc1….jpg)


And what did YOU do to get things along besides shitposting?

>Yet a lowly sailor took a pic of a submarine console and was immediately thrown in the brig. Yeah, sure there is equal justice under the law.

>Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Pics related.

There you go.

a61f81 No.686422

File: c6e587d6a85d4cb⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 30.17 KB, 500x502, 250:251, moob.png)

2e1d45 No.686423


it was my turn

it's still my turn

68b208 No.686424


https:// www.pdf-archive.com/2018/03/16/mindwar-michael-aquino/

a27a0a No.686425


Well that sucks. Wear a Faraday hat, anon.

511ee2 No.686426




I'm eyeing Oracle since they are #10 on the Billionaires list while Amazon is #1 and it's friday.

"Database software vendor Oracle reports fiscal Q3 earnings late Monday. Analysts estimate 4% EPS growth to 72 cents with revenue rising 6% to $9.77 billion. Wall Street thinks 2018 could be a big year for acquisitions in the enterprise software market, with Oracle possibly a buyer. Meanwhile, the company faces more competition from Amazon (AMZN), the leading provider of cloud computing services, and Salesforce (CRM), which are developing alternatives to Oracle's computer database technology. In December, Oracle's outlook for its cloud computing business fell short of estimates."

cf432e No.686427


IG Meme: AC/DC





Kek on.

f0916d No.686428


Steele has a YT channel, and seems to talk about current things. He's been categorized as a conspiracy theorist. But I think he has some creedance.

eef4a7 No.686429

File: aa61992ef209969⋯.jpg (28.63 KB, 500x258, 250:129, 261449d4-4114-46e6-8f5a-84….jpg)

217d6f No.686430



74d10b No.686431

File: 86235ee176af609⋯.png (39.55 KB, 641x375, 641:375, ABOOK-March-2018-Retail-Sa….png)

a4a40a No.686432


Nice Feeders!

Suckle, Suckle soy boys!

d76e22 No.686433

>>686333 Gawd what is it about concrete steps? BHO tweeted about the, the pope tweeted, HRC falls down them and now we have POTUS talking about them

f51b7f No.686434


Any new info?

looks to be in

rural area

Also news in GA:

missing CDC director

no updates

7908c0 No.686435

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter died Friday at age 88. She has served the greater Rochester community, starting as a Monroe County legislator, in 1976. Wochit

4fd04a No.686436

File: 435c133188b2988⋯.png (753.61 KB, 1080x1245, 72:83, Screenshot_20180316-122519….png)

File: fcd19946a8e1c8e⋯.png (205.52 KB, 1080x645, 72:43, Screenshot_20180316-122604….png)

4866b2 No.686437


You anon get a BOOM for that one! Ill hold the SHAKALAKA for when the OIG report drops.

cf432e No.686438

246643 No.686439


Why are faggots so rushed to bust a half dead loser. You know she will die before any justice is served. She hurt her wrist and can't manage to attend her speeches now. NK and Iran are real progress.

d84ad7 No.686440


Because they're old pieces of dumb, dog shit.

6f46ea No.686441

d00d5c No.686442


The number of doubters are increasing, with each let down after a big build up.

We The People don't even has a chance of voting into office true patriots because the elections are so rigged. Potus knew it long before he took office. 15 months later, not a damn thing has been done to change it. We can't even change the laws for term limits.

Still holding out hope the swamp will be drained eventually. Otherwise, there is no hope.

a59fae No.686443


Barlow is an enigma at this point and Q is leaving it that way.

2e1d45 No.686444


head's up clown…even when we bitch

we still love Trump and are here for Q

so disappear

6f46ea No.686445

File: 486d2d8e0a57bba⋯.jpeg (51.34 KB, 720x397, 720:397, DRxAMQ3UIAAB8Wz.jpeg)

4fd04a No.686446


f7b06e No.686447


>can't find a reason it isn't possible: sapiocracy.com

There's also sociocracy (still digging Barlow atm, but sauce is easy to find).

It's an org structure designed as interlocking circles.

Used successfully in some European biz's and a few small town gov'ts.

<Wonder if there's a way to mix the 2, taking the best of each?

>Critical piece is the self-testing open specification - not just open source. Many nodes in the system have to watch and validate many other nodes constantly

Random first thought: could this be accomplished on a blockchain.

>Once a distributed system is redundant and self-validating enough, it becomes completely fault-tolerant and virtually impossible to compromise.

Yup, and can then be replicated fractally.

>this has to be precise and engineered like an airliner. There's no 'fudge' room on the way these things work - it has to be bulletproof.

Agree absoutely.

And its father Marxism too.

>>682823 #845

More from John Perry Barlow….

> "I do have a kind of Marxist sense of the inevitability of this shift taking place, that there will be a global commons that includes all of humanity. And that it will not be particularly subservient to governments in any way."

< https:// www. wired.com/2016/02/its-been-20-years-since-this-man-declared-cyberspace-independence/

The fact that the genesis of this might come from a bunch of anons. who detest Marxism is Quite a delicious Barlowian irony, yes?

Then again,

>>684214 from #847

>Did you know Barlow was a lifelong member of the Republican Party?

5eb3ee No.686448


look at garcia's dad….and jim morrison's. look at laural canyon. cali 60's bands not organic.

2b19e7 No.686449


Don't be too quick to believe clickbait headlines and fake news. The money that was going to be withheld was a measly $1 million from California. That's where this came from.

Withholding that money only serves to punish the tax paying citizens who live in those cities, not the politicians who are supporting the sanctuary bullshit. Not everybody who lives in a sanctuary district supports the craziness. The county where I live and the one north of me are both sanctuary areas—so designated by the liberals who are in power. But there are many conservatives (and also many D voters) here who do not support sanctuary.

This is not about the GOP. It all falls on Jeff Sessions. He is the AG. He is the one who is supposed to be enforcing the law but refuses to do so. If he was aggressively going after the sanctuary mayors and prosecuting them and throwing their asses in prison this would stop.

cf432e No.686451


Well that was fast. Think maybe, like most things POTUS does, this was a done deal before the press caught a whiff?

37d442 No.686452


IMO if sessions doesn’t fire McCabe it’s a sleazy representation of “brothers in blue” mentality

Saving one of his own, protecting his “benefits”

It’s akin to corruption just like these judges!

6f46ea No.686453

File: 539c9f4d76fa9aa⋯.jpg (16.19 KB, 191x255, 191:255, 43a5a19002f0f41e9d147a6267….jpg)


The power of POTUS

0fbf0a No.686454


No it's not. Q said the talking points went out by email.

d9acd5 No.686455


Zuma? Sounds familiar.

d84ad7 No.686456


Trust but verify, dumbass. Fuck the media giving you fodder. Nothing for The People.

Q works for (((them))) not us. Get me a fucking Tacoma Q and I'll change my goddamn tone. Until then, suck my taint.

0a2e57 No.686457


2nd this motion

Document dump Friday


For Q so loved the world that he released the IG Krakken Report upon the normies.

74d10b No.686458


Nothing super successful is organic, it is spook funding that makes them untouchable.

b89060 No.686459


whoa. great dig anon. ty.

I assume that was the Henry Miller who wrote Tropic of Cancer, which led to a series of obscenity trials testing American pornography laws.

f0916d No.686460

File: fd51dadba08ddf8⋯.png (305.77 KB, 1521x905, 1521:905, ClipboardImage.png)

Forgive me if another Anon has dug this up. …

found this while digging on Steele…a YT follower of his, stopped endorsing him, and went to this style of news.. Crowdsourcing for truth???

Sounds Shilly, prolly Clowny

c01d81 No.686461


At work. Find the q posts with good good and great

b86f6e No.686462


Who gives a fuck what I think, I'm on a fucking 8chan board

The MESSAGE is not getting to NORMIES, the people who vote in elections

b8a13d No.686463

File: b2e35349263308a⋯.png (818.12 KB, 1300x704, 325:176, Screen-Shot-2017-04-05-at-….png)

File: 94d151cf8484d25⋯.jpg (88.93 KB, 720x578, 360:289, img_3954.jpg)

File: 89f3559fda4011b⋯.jpg (191.21 KB, 750x988, 375:494, img_3942-e1491409458982.jpg)

Talking about VR, here is a public case where a VR experiment at UC Davis University, turned a normal college Red Head girl insane. She spent 365 hours in VR, immersed in a game called second life (so they say), to see if they could push the boundaries of identity, by being trans and different species. The person who was in charge of the experiment was a tranny.

Normal red head girl's mental health problems after the experiment:

1. She goes psycho at people in public (famous video)

2. She thinks she's married to Justin Beiber.

3. She's an amateur web cam girl.

4. She has conversations with herself.

5. She claims to be raped by every man she knows.

Here's the famous video: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvQxWNWbtwA

Here is a website summarising her: https:// turtleboysports.com/turns-out-ginger-cheesehog-anna-storelli-used-to-be-skinny-got-a-boobjob-has-multiple-restraining-orders-and-snapped-after-2-week-virtual-reality-experiment-in-college/

I've attached pictures of the story.

I would definitely not be surprised if the push for VR, especially by Zuckerburg/Facebook, has everything to do with brainwashing.

d48bd9 No.686464

https:// www. columbiamissourian.com/news/state_news/county-collector-resigns-as-fbi-investigates-county-funds/article_c42c2435-d595-58b6-a3d3-ca7b8a255cdc.html


County collector resigns as FBI investigates county funds

The Associated Press

FULTON — A mid-Missouri county collector has resigned after suspicious activity was found in the county's checking account.

Callaway County officials say collector Pam Oestreich resigned suddenly Thursday and the collector's office is closed until further notice.

Prosecuting attorney Chris Wilson said in a news release that the FBI has been contacted as part of the investigation into county's checking account.

Oestreich resigned after meeting with county officials. She was serving her fourth term in office.

The county clerk currently is overseeing tax records from the collector's office. The county clerk will appoint someone to audit the records.

e94cee No.686465

File: 1ae2c060b679cc1⋯.png (39.12 KB, 591x147, 197:49, Opera Snapshot_2018-03-16_….png)

Does anyone know how late the IG report is??

511ee2 No.686466


effect or affect?

d84ad7 No.686468


15 months and tons of fucking people are homeless yet dumb ass children can come together and push for something they know nothing about yet grown ass adults can barely keep a conversation going amongst themselves. Kek. Fuck the plan. Trust in yourself.

217d6f No.686469

File: 5817febbe90dc26⋯.jpg (287.92 KB, 783x1084, 783:1084, Nader.jpg)


d7ed84 No.686470


Problem is they are so evil they will never give up. I'd like to see some of these guys locked up, because they falsely lock up people and nothing happens. you legit lock up one of these people or even try and they scream like hell or kill people, witnesses etc. It's sad. We can pray for God to lift us from this unfair crap. or it really is near the end times. I'd love to see one person get locked up. McCabe for starters. the others can wait, but this one is now. If not, I get it, maybe they need more evidence for a trial later. I hope there is a clause if you go to jail for nefarious shit while you worked for the Govt. you pension is terminated. If not, we need to vote that it with NO GRANDFATHER CLAUSE. It looks like I need to run for congress.

a27a0a No.686471



I'll check this out.

> blockchain

Forget blockchain. It is just mathematical obfuscation. It just makes things harder to change and gives a false sense of security. The way to secure systems is through redundancy, not obfuscation. (I'd love NSA to point this out to people because I suspect they can crunch right through a blockchain with little effort. I think blockchain is a Q honeypot for elite bastards.)

6fc58c No.686472


Love all the deals these usurious fucks are getting!

Proves if you murder, rape and steal from people your whole life - you get rewarded for it, hell if you do it well you even get a cabinet position.

7908c0 No.686473

File: dae018b29d82ae9⋯.jpg (116.64 KB, 623x517, 623:517, Screenshot_34.jpg)

https:// www.cbsnews.com/news/nikolai-glushkov-police-investigating-death-of-russian-in-london-boris-berezovsky-associate/

263ab6 No.686475

What are the chances of a boom in the next few hours before primetime news? IG report today hopefully.

37d442 No.686476

File: 674ec8ffec8d4b6⋯.jpeg (256.48 KB, 1504x829, 1504:829, 644CD18C-C7D2-47EE-8257-E….jpeg)

d10201 No.686477


Press s to spit on grave. Too bad he lived as long as he did

4fd04a No.686478


It's literally due anytime.

d68224 No.686479


Posted about Zuma a few times a mazillion breads ago.. No traction. This is promising. He is EVIL.

d84ad7 No.686480


Doubt Q will actually pull through. Talk is cheap as FUCK.

368415 No.686481

File: 20867d989f94ce4⋯.png (71.59 KB, 996x584, 249:146, Screenshot_2018-03-16-19-3….png)

File: ec6e2692d8f0a77⋯.png (60.2 KB, 831x464, 831:464, Screenshot_2018-03-16-15-2….png)

File: 8b59a8c748981bc⋯.png (51.78 KB, 950x363, 950:363, Screenshot_2018-03-16-15-0….png)



a27a0a No.686482

901af0 No.686483


2 Strike.

e94cee No.686484


I know but when was it supposed to be released?

Why would it take extra time, additions or editing??

d7ed84 No.686485


sorry for my typos. I was ticked. LOL

dd993f No.686486

Please let me know if you're noticing these things as well.

This is a dig on Wal-Mart, sauce isn't anything in particular, just random observations over the past few weeks to couple months.

I personally believe that Wal-Mart has become so big because they (were) going to be FEMA camps. Part of the plan, was to gut Main Street America and drive Middle Class Americans into poverty. You can't subject a country with a strong middle class to a Third-World Existence.

Many businesses have access to (relatively) similar prices as Wal-Mart, they can't compete on 5-10% margins though. Walmart runs on 5-10% margins for a lot of stuff and they used to sell things cheaper than cost to get people in the door. Loss leader tactics.

Now, ask yourself, how does Wal-Mart run on such low margins? They have the same supply chain as any other corporation, they have the same manufacturers as many other corporations, they have much of the same building expenses as any other corporation. So, ask yourself, HOW does Wal-Mart run a business with the margins that they do?

I'm not even focusing on the quality issue. Yes, Wal-Mart has tended to sell a lot of shit in their stores, and the quality is far under what it used to be as we have become a "throwaway" society. This is part of the problem, but, honestly, I don't think that the price differences due to quality are as big of an influence as some of these other things I'm looking at.

Let's briefly take a look at Costco. Costco competes quite well with Wal-Mart. However, Costo is NOT in bed with the Clowns. So, they make a relatively valid comparison as they have low prices, albiet in bulk, and look at their locations. They are concentrated in major population centers throughout the United States. I haven't heard of a Rural Costco. But, there's lots of Rural Wal-Marts. Costco also pays their employees around $15.00 an hour, which is close to a fair living wage, at the same time that Wal-Mart had been paying minimum wage. Ask yourself, Why is this?

90% of Wal-Mart's employees (have) been making minimum wage. They'll move into an area, and they'll hire everyone at minimum wage and put the entirety of Main Street out of business in no more than a few months. Other expenses that Wal-Mart doesn't shoulder include health insurance (Many employees make little enough to qualify for Medicaid and food stamps from my understanding)

But, the wages of employees is a rather small expense in a large corporation that's doing millions of dollars every year in volume and business.

So we really need to look into Wal-Mart's building practices. What if the CIA was paying Wal-Mart to build "(Control) concentration camps" disguised as "Wal-Marts"? If the clowns really wanted Control Camps they'd want to have them in a very regular pattern (Wal-Marts are normally 60 miles apart) generally based on population. Put all this together with the FEMA coffins, the guillotines, and various other things, and a more complete picture begins to emerge.

I look at Wal-Mart's logo and I see the Star of David or 666. They are a Cabal Corporation from all appearances. Do they have access to nearly unlimited funds at extremely low interest rates for a very long period of time? Normal businesses don't have that kind of access- they actually have to pay a loan based on the "going" interest rate, which, has been up to 20% in the 1980's and is still 25% on credit cards, or a normal bank loan runs 5-8% if your "credit" is good.

Also, consider the fact that Wal-Mart just closed all of their Sams Clubs in Alaska, along with other stores across the United States, and raised their nationwide minimum wage to $11 an hour. $11 an hour is still pathetically low, however, it's more than many employers pay in many of the rural markets that Wal-Mart serves. Before that, "minimum wage" was the norm for Wal-Mart.

My local Wal-Mart just posted within the last month or two that they will NO LONGER price match other local businesses. I don't know if you've noticed that, but it is actually quite significant. Right now, Wal-Mart is selling grapes for $2.99 a pound, at the same time that a local grocery store is selling them for $.99 a pound.

From what I'm seeing, I think the "strings have been cut" to Wal-Mart and they're finally competing with other corporations on a relatively level footing. (Comparatively). They no longer have the access to the cash that they used to have nor do they have the leverage to pay employees minimum wage anymore. Prices there are rising, and people are going to find out that they can buy many things that Wal-Mart sells cheaper elsewhere at local stores and online. It's already happening with Amazon.

I believe that now is a great time to be opening a small business in Main Street America due to POTUS policies and the fact that many of the barriers have been removed and the strings have been cut to the puppets.

16dbf7 No.686487

BREAKING BOOM: Now We Know Why FISA Judge Rudolph Contreras Was Removed From Flynn Case…

https:// www.citizenfreepress.com/breaking/breaking-boom-now-we-know-why-fisa-judge-rudolph-contreras-was-removed-from-flynn-case/

b8be7c No.686488


The important thing about Flight 370 was that it had 20 Freescale employees as passengers.

Freescale makes microprocessors and all kinds of other tech that goes into weapons and defense.

Freescale is connected to Blackstone, Rothschilds and Carlyle Group.

2d7071 No.686489

File: fe3008a91091094⋯.jpg (132.68 KB, 1059x962, 1059:962, glowing.jpg)






b8a13d No.686490

File: 94d151cf8484d25⋯.jpg (88.93 KB, 720x578, 360:289, img_3954.jpg)

File: 89f3559fda4011b⋯.jpg (191.21 KB, 750x988, 375:494, img_3942-e1491409458982.jpg)

File: b2e35349263308a⋯.png (818.12 KB, 1300x704, 325:176, Screen-Shot-2017-04-05-at-….png)


Talking about VR, here is a public case where a VR experiment at UC Davis University, turned a normal college Red Head girl insane. She spent 365 hours in VR, immersed in a game called second life (so they say), to see if they could push the boundaries of identity, by being trans and different species. The person who was in charge of the experiment was a tranny.

Normal red head girl's mental health problems after the experiment:

1. She goes psycho at people in public (famous video)

2. She thinks she's married to Justin Beiber.

3. She's an amateur web cam girl.

4. She has conversations with herself.

5. She claims to be raped by every man she knows.

Here's the famous video: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvQxWNWbtwA

Here is a website summarising her: https:// turtleboysports.com/turns-out-ginger-cheesehog-anna-storelli-used-to-be-skinny-got-a-boobjob-has-multiple-restraining-orders-and-snapped-after-2-week-virtual-reality-experiment-in-college/

I've attached pictures of the story.

I would definitely not be surprised if the push for VR, especially by Zuckerburg/Facebook, has everything to do with brainwashing.

d54eef No.686491

File: 8a25513113c0ab1⋯.png (376.64 KB, 1095x697, 1095:697, ClipboardImage.png)

Hmm, so this guy lived in KANSAS

http:// www.zdnet.com/article/adrian-lamo-hacker-dies/

The Colombian-American hacker, who resided in Wichita, Kansas, first rose to notoriety in the early-2000s by hacking into systems at The New York Times, Microsoft, and Yahoo, which he was subsequently convicted for.

f259d0 No.686492


The trace of the engine diagnostic shows that the plane did fly either to the ocean off West Australia or to Kazakhstan. But that was an intermittent signal that would not have detected a quick stop at Diego Garcia to drop off excess passengers.

Use a search engine to see what folks have discovered about the possible northern route and a mysterious site on the ground near the last signal location.

Everybody knows that Putin runs Kazakhstan because that is the Soviet Union. Putin and his dirty Commies obviously stole the plane.

But ask yourself, What if.

What if Kazakhstan was no longer part of the Soviet Union?

What if Kazakhstan is no longer controlled by Russia?

What if Putin is no longer a Commie but was part of the capitalist group who overthrew the Communists?

What if Putins study of economics in University led him to believe that Communism is wrong and Capitalism is right?

What if (((they))) don't want you to really understand what is going on so (((they))) use Putin as a convenient scapegoat?

What if that other plane, MH17, was shot down because (((they))) thought it was Putin on his way to Sochi after the Olympics in Brazil?

What if you could think for yourself, dig, make connections and draw your own maps?

http:// nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2015/02/jeff-wise-mh370-theory.html

7d45ca No.686493



Nihilistic World Order

131dbe No.686494

File: 7f146e830899654⋯.jpg (151.74 KB, 1280x882, 640:441, TRON-Legacy-391.jpg)

I may be going out on a limb here, but in the act of autistically digging through info on JPB, I'm seeing a lot of parallels in philosophy between the character "Flynn" from Tron Legacy and the IRL John Perry Barlow.

Horrifyingly, a major theme in that movie is how an AI copy of Flynn took over in the real Flynn's place and created a BLOODSPORT as a central theme to the virtual world, basically manifesting the exact opposite of Flynn's philosophy. Lots of parallels to other threads we've been pulling on here, anons. Just sharing this realization with hopes that maybe it will help others in the hivemind connect dots. Carry on anons. We are winning bigly.

For God and Country.

Where we go one, we go all.

a4a40a No.686496


Barlow was a C_A handler of GD for MK program. MI rep steering the anti-war movement into the hippie turn on, tune in, drop out movement. Drugs were glamorized for profit and misdirection of rational thought.

cf432e No.686497


The big build ups are almost always the result of anons stretching to tie specific dates to certain actions. Their methods are generally flawed in my opinion, and cryptic and subject to multiple interpretations.

No way Q drops specific time and date for material operations in advance. If he does, it's 100% disinfo to confuse and influence POTUS' enemies. This leads to anons who lack understanding of warfare and deception on this level get misled and confused.

If they gave up on all that BS, learned the PLAN revealed by POTUS, as supplemented by Q's narrative, and trusted the PLAN, they could do some research, craft some meme loveliness, and KEK heartily when the future reveals the past.

They've been warned repeatedly, and shown to be foolish repeatedly, but I guess the temptation is too great and they want to be more actively involved than they are or can be in the winning going on right now. Us anons need to understand our role, and not think we are secret agents. Anons have an important role, but it's not glamorous enough for some, I guess.

MAGA on, Patriots!

6f46ea No.686498


Fake news

156f3a No.686499

Notable >>683719 Glimpse is in #846 not #847

Ty Baker

217d6f No.686500

File: d8a4e5d5c8df256⋯.png (339.07 KB, 447x425, 447:425, Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at ….png)


Nader chillin with Bill.

Perverts love other perverts.


a27a0a No.686501


1) LOL

2) waste of great tits

3) Profit.

48a219 No.686502


https:// oig.justice.gov/semiannual/

https:// oig.justice.gov/reports/

246643 No.686503


I don't get the stormy angle. Who cares? The Left is too worried about Trumps sex life. Everyone knows Trump loves the ladies. I know this story is BS, but I wouldn't care if it was true.

4fd04a No.686505


The report was put together and turned in January 12, I know there was at least 1 addition to it, and it was 1.2 million documents (originally). Then they put out the report findings publicly. IG can't even charge anyone with a crime. It would have to be given to the proper Dept for them to use in a criminal case.

a27a0a No.686506


more witnesses being un-lifed.

16dbf7 No.686507

File: 9e63ad328297327⋯.jpg (88.43 KB, 1274x720, 637:360, Michael-Flynn-White-House-….jpg)

Text messages obtained by The Federalist show that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page conspired to collude with Judge Rudolph Contreras, a FISA judge who presided over Michael Flynn's guilty plea and was later removed from the case.

http:// thefederalist.com/2018/03/16/revealed-peter-strzok-had-personal-relationship-with-recused-judge-in-michael-flynn-case/

511ee2 No.686508


I never knew of this craziness.

Ready Player One movie is coming soon March 29, 2018 to push more craziness.

Odd (not) that FB, Alphabet, Sony and HTC are the top dogs in VR stocks.

06e921 No.686509


Guys this is it.


MB ManBooB

MB MahMouD


4d3ef1 No.686510


Another article

https:// www.mirror.co.uk/news/us-news/hacker-adrian-lamo-who-turned-12201421.amp?__twitter_impression=true

579c78 No.686512

What did we learn today..

1 nothing big will happen today.

2. FE shills are here because we're 90% the way to off planet exploration. FE shills must contain us or the Lucifarians cannot play God.

3. New CIA director scares people and people don't understand the appointment. Reason is, she knows who, how and where regarding the clown plans. Let it run to see how it operates, learn how to take it apart.

4. Let the old holdovers run for the same reason as above. First year salvage, second year savage. Learn this saying and apply it.

5. NK fixed, non kinetic

6. Iran to be fixed non kinetic

7. Russia ok, more 'let it run to take it apart' theory. Communications intact and good.

6f46ea No.686513

File: 7dd7b18967012e9⋯.jpg (56.79 KB, 640x414, 320:207, 7dd7b18967012e9a0921505b47….jpg)

For the DemonRat fags on here…This one is especially for you.


a59fae No.686514


Bridges looks like Barlow in that pic.

428cd2 No.686515

File: 8f220b0b182594f⋯.jpeg (73.13 KB, 540x720, 3:4, hellNaw.jpeg)


You are retarded.

ca1fd4 No.686516

>any planefags have been able to connect those CIA plane numbers to the dates and times for the Iran cash deal?

https:// www.christianpost.com/news/pastor-saeed-abedini-has-suspicions-about-whether-us-paid-400m-ransom-to-iran-167561/

Amid recent allegations that the Obama administration made a $400 million cash payment to the Iranian government for the release of American hostages, Pastor Saeed Abedini, one of the prisoners released on the same day of the payment, is speaking out.

The pastor, who spent three years in an Iranian prison and was released in January earlier this year, told Fox Business Network this week that on the day of his release he and other prisoners were taken to the Tehran airport where a plane was waiting for them. They waited several hours, however, until a second plane arrived. It is widely speculated that the second plane contained a ransom payment.

Abedini said their plane did not depart until 10 a.m. the next day when they flew in that same plane to the U.S.

When it comes to whether Abedini believes the United States paid ransom for their release, the pastor said, "they didn't talk about money," but that he had his suspicions, according to Fox Business Network.

"We call them terrorists and I don't believe they are going to use this money for building orphanages, which I was arrested for, but I prefer that the politicians answer this question," Abedini said.

While grateful to be free, the pastor is concerned about imprisoned Christians who are still in the country and being executed at an alarming rate.

"I'm very grateful about my release and freedom, but there are some people still left behind and Christians who are still in prison," he said. "Two days ago some of my friends … have been executed because of their faith. Every Wednesday they execute 100 people."

There is great speculation that the Obama administration paid ransom to free Abedini and three other hostages.

Fox News anchor Brett Baier said of the accusations, "This is circumstantial, but it does time up with what that man [Abedini] was experiencing on the plane. As you look at that plane sitting there waiting to go until the other one lands."

President Obama and members of Congress had advocated for the release of Abedini and the three other detained Americans: Washington Post correspondent Jason Rezaian; former Marine Amir Hekmati, and Nosratollah Khosavi-Roodsari, The Christian Post reported.

The Obama administration has repeatedly denied that the money paid to Iran on the same day that Abedini and the other hostages were released was ransom money

0a2e57 No.686517

File: 46d4883d8b9ed17⋯.jpg (174.01 KB, 823x877, 823:877, sesssionssss1.JPG)

Sessions and RR 2nd SC

f51b7f No.686518


So that whoever may read it

shall not perish, but have

everlasting proof.

df4d97 No.686519

c80fa7 No.686520


We should do what China does:

"China executed its former top food and drug regulator on Tuesday for taking bribes to approve untested medicine, as the Beijing leadership scrambled to show that it was serious about improving the safety of Chinese products."


f7b06e No.686522

File: 7d19769945a2063⋯.png (54.38 KB, 466x308, 233:154, Q262-Take.multiple.paths.png)


Anons. are here to research any & all things related to information dropped by Q.

As was noted, >>686331 is a

>Running Compilation of Sauce since last Q post

>>680795 [John Perry Barlow]

It is also an exercise on

(1) how to organize collected research until a search function is implemented, so that crumbs are not lost & forgotten

(2) how to get anons. just arriving up to speed on a particular topic ASAP.

Happy 3:16

d7ed84 No.686523


kek on the keebler elf. LOL I agree with you. thanks for your post

1a2bb4 No.686524

File: dc3fca32fa08b39⋯.jpg (108.45 KB, 1440x413, 1440:413, 1521221252475.jpg)

this legit????

0a2e57 No.686525


Document source

https:// www.judiciary.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/2018-03-15%20CEG%20LG%20JC%20TT%20to%20AG%20DAG%20(Special%20Counsel).pdf

5e7790 No.686526



e94cee No.686527


Can the IG refer someone for criminal prosecution?? So if the IG finds criminal or civil acts, can he say that in the report and Sessions or someone in DOJ prosecute?

a27a0a No.686528


Stormy Daniels [Stormy Waters] is a laser pointer for the MSM kitties. Her reveal will make them appear utterly retarded. (Even more retardeder than they already appear.)

720101 No.686529

Ron Perlman was the Barlow proxy see moonwalkers

f51b7f No.686530


you don't get it

24e8d5 No.686531

Welcome to the green screen.

abc816 No.686532


Besides, we still don't know the definition of "is", yet, so we're SOL until Bill clues us in.

Bottom line: Democrats have an affair to cover. Conservatives are a little more interested in the treason occurring within our various federal 'intelligence' institutions.

579c78 No.686533


and what is it that i don't get? Be specific and back it up.

8fe17c No.686534

Hey Q, where's my fucking video you stretched out cunt?

a10aa0 No.686535

File: 3ed0917b8b1af4b⋯.png (506.19 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, A4909BD1-59FA-476F-96F2-D2….png)

669fd5 No.686537


I may be onto something but then again maybe not. After each comma, on Trumps new tweet, I put to the next line. I then took the first letter of each line and came up with Iawc. I searched that and came up with tons of links to water. Q says watch the water. Any Anons want to help dig this? I really don't have the attention span to stay at something for long periods of time.

Trumps tweet

>It would be great for the Republican Party of Nevada,

>and it’s unity if good guy Danny Tarkanian would run for Congress and Dean Heller,

>who is doing a really good job,

>could run for Senate unopposed!


https:// www.structurepoint.com/engineering-and-infrastructure/project/iawc-water-main-projects

a10aa0 No.686538

File: 42df930253bbb1b⋯.png (2.43 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 03A080A1-98F3-44C8-9B5D-8C….png)

901af0 No.686539


What are you talking about?, Putin only is playing the Game in Kazakhstan.. and Kazakhstan has more talks with China [Commerce] than with Russia. Although Kazakhstan can be the source of the U1.

a59fae No.686540


>Barlow was a C_A handler of GD for MK program.


e94cee No.686541


Because a talking point is the IG can't prosecute and they need a 2nd special counsel. Do they want a 2nd special counsel to go after more than just the FISA and FBI/DOJ because it seems like it

abc816 No.686542


no, they probably do and are deliberately obfuscating to discredit the whole thread.

07a903 No.686543




^^ This ^^

368415 No.686544


I have to confess

The only video we actually have

Is of POTUS ass fucking Stormy Daniels


901af0 No.686545


Barlow: Flynn

G.Flynn: Sam Flynn?

dd993f No.686546


>Makes one wonder why she is so important other than we are a hub for massive human trafficking and she keeps it quiet.


You just answered your own question

Why is she so important

How much you wanna bet she's getting paid off by someone to keep it quiet?

5b0ece No.686547

Q, will POTUS ever do anything about the situation in Flint Michigan?

8fe17c No.686548


That'll work.

4866b2 No.686549


what time is it on the east coast anon?

74d10b No.686550


This would fall inline with Erik Prince suggesting a new Phoenix Program

e47bed No.686551


^^^ fake patriot is fake AF

5e7790 No.686552

eef4a7 No.686553

File: 028166aaaa9b71e⋯.jpg (25.22 KB, 600x369, 200:123, 051513-goodtime.jpg)


Here's a rare pokemon for ya, FakeQfaggot

480ff0 No.686554

What has Rudy Guliani been up to these days? I hope he has a role in the storm. Or maybe he is deep state also

246643 No.686555


Totally agree. This is another Fire and Fury Larp. Distractions are necessary, but why is CNN so retarded? Why would they pretend this can hurt Trump? It's not like he was getting his dick sucked by a young intern in the Oval office.

1a2bb4 No.686556


1:41 PM

7d139b No.686558

fake Q you have become so lazy stormy daniels really

f7b06e No.686559


> It is just mathematical obfuscation.

Agree, also obnoxiously energy intensive.

> way to secure systems is through redundancy, not obfuscation.

A "hashgraph" type model? (Sorry, not up to speed yet with latest, greatest crypto-inspired tech & who & what is potentially comp'd.)

> blockchain is a Q honeypot for elite bastards.

Now that would be TOP KEK.

a93e5c No.686560

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q_methodology

Q-methodology has been used as a research tool in a wide variety of disciplines including nursing, veterinary medicine, public health, transportation, education, rural sociology, hydrology and mobile communication.[1][2][3][4][5] The methodology is particularly useful when researchers wish to understand and describe the variety of subjective viewpoints on an issue.[6]

> mobile communication.

Might be relevant.

Q methodology net. "Q methodology database by subject". Retrieved 20 September 2008.

http:// www.qmethodology.net/index.php?page=2&orderby=subject

Bracken, Stacey Storch; Janet E. Fischel. "Assessment of preschool classroom practices: Application of Q-sort methodology"

https:// doi.org/10.1016%2Fj.ecresq.2006.09.006

. Early Childhood Research Quarterly. Elsevier. 21 (4): 417–430. doi:10.1016/j.ecresq.2006.09.006.

https:// doi.org/10.1111%2Fj.1467-9523.2007.00433.x

Previte, Josephine; Janet E. Fischel; et al. "Q Methodology and Rural Research". Sociologia Ruralis. European Society for Rural Sociology. 47 (2): 135–147. doi:10.1111/j.1467-9523.2007.00433.x.

http:// adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2008HESS…12.1097R

https:// doi.org/10.5194%2Fhess-12-1097-2008

Raadgever, G. T.; Mostert, E.; van de Giesen, N. C.; et al. "Identification of stakeholder perspectives on future flood management in the Rhine basin using Q methodology". Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. 12:

5. Liu, Chung-Chu. "Mobile phone user types by Q methodology: an exploratory research". Retrieved 20 September 2008.

http:// inderscience.metapress.com/app/home/contribution.asp?referrer=parent&backto=issue,2,8;journal,6,29;linkingpublicationresults,1:110880,1

669fd5 No.686561

File: b02afff9b2ecc07⋯.png (403.15 KB, 551x779, 29:41, Julian tweet on Lomo.PNG)

Coroner says serial FBI snitch Adrian Lamo is dead. Lamo, a fake journalist, petty conman & betrayer of basic human decency, promised alleged source @xychelsea journalistic protection, friendship and support, then sold him to the FBI.

480ff0 No.686562


Thoughts on what she will reveal? Its gotta be something that makes the MSM look really stupid for mis-reporting

5b0ece No.686563

396b22 No.686564

This topic has about 10-20K people on Twatter going nuts (I've seen many starting to take the redpill with this).

I'm gonna sumerize: a guy with the account @strayedaway (a total left wing nuts) recieved a voicemail message that in NATO phonetic alphabet read "danger SOS it is dire to you to evacuate be cautious they are not human 0429364230 SOS danger SOS".

Then, he recieved a lot of strange messages in several languages, one demanding he to take the post out (and he says someone took pictures of his house at 3am with a flash). The numbers in the message appear to be coordinates signaling where MH370 dissapeared (at least 1 message was in malaysian).

I'm gonna leave a short clip explaining a little more, don't know if it's worth digging.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=7alvBggWsYg

511ee2 No.686565


Was this from a Buzzfeed article today?

3cad67 No.686566


Lurk Moar

07a903 No.686567


If and when you're feeling bad and defeated, as is now clearly the case, you should engage more in RL.

Serve a real purpose for real people.

926fe8 No.686568

File: c4a96a918b2ae7b⋯.png (155.38 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, MerlinThings that make you….png)


It wasnt ransom money, it was HUSH money

2e1d45 No.686569

poor little sean lennon exiled after the murder of his father John Lennon to swiss boarding school Institut Le Rosey

some alumni

Aga Khan IV, the Aga Khan (born 1936), Imām of the Shia Imami Ismaili

Prince Edward, Duke of Kent (born 1935), member of the British Royal Family and President of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club[20]

Benno Elkan (1877–1960), German-born British sculptor, one of the first Roseans[21]

Ghida Fakhry, Washington, D.C. co-anchor of Al Jazeera English[22]

Fardad Fateri (born 1964), American business executive and CEO[23]

Emanuele Filiberto, Prince of Venice and Piedmont (born 1972), of the Italian House of Savoy[24]

Dodi Al-Fayed (1955–1997), movie producer, romantically linked to Diana, Princess of Wales, died in a car accident together in Paris[25]

José Ferrer (1909–1992), Academy Award-winning actor[26]

Firouz Nosrat-ed-Dowleh III, Prince of Qajar Dynasty (1889-1937) [27]

King Fuad II of Egypt (born 1952), the last King of Egypt[28]

Alexandra von Fürstenberg (born 1972), former daughter-in-law of fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg and one of the Miller Sisters[29]

Prince Egon von Fürstenberg (1946–2004), fashion designer, of the House of Fürstenberg[30]

Pia Getty (born 1966), socialite, one of the Miller Sisters[31]

Toulo de Graffenried, Baron de Graffenried (1914–2007), Swiss motor racing driver[32]

Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg (born 1981)[33]

Francesca von Habsburg (born 1958), art collector and the wife of Karl Habsburg-Lothringen[34]

Albert Hammond, Jr. (born 1980), singer, musician, band member of The Strokes[35]

H. John Heinz III (1938–1991), United States Senator[36]

Richard Helms (1913–2002), Director of Central Intelligence and United States Ambassador to Iran[37]

Hermon Hermon-Hodge, 3rd Baron Wyfold (1915–1999), member of the British House of Lords[38]

Hohenzollern family members, of the Prussian royal House of Hohenzollern[39]

John Caldwell Holt (1923–1985), American author and educator, pioneer in youth rights theory[40]

Sir Alistair Horne (1925-2017), British historian, biographer[41]

J.B. Jackson (1909–1996), French-born American writer, landscape designer[42]

King Juan Carlos I of Spain (born 1938)[43]

Khaled Juffali, Saudi businessman[44]

Sir Michael Kadoorie (born 1941), Hong Kong business magnate[45]

Justine Kasa-Vubu, politician, daughter of former President of the DRC, Joseph Kasa-Vubu[46]

Rhonda Ross Kendrick (born 1971), actress, daughter of Diana Ross[47]

Adnan Khashoggi family, the children of Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi[48]

Michael Korda (born 1933), writer, former Editor-in-Chief of Simon & Schuster[49]

James Laughlin (1914–1997), American poet and book publisher[50]

Sean Taro Ono Lennon (born 1975), musician, son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono[51]

Warner LeRoy (1935–2001), owner of Tavern on the Green and the Russian Tea Room[52]

Marie-Chantal, Crown Princess of Greece (born 1968), member of the Greek Royal Family and one of the Miller Sisters[53]

Molson family members, of the Molson Breweries Canada family[54]

Leona Naess (born 1974), British singer-songwriter[55]

Nicholas Negroponte (born 1943), founder and Chairman Emeritus of the MIT Media Lab[56]

Stavros Niarchos family, the children of Greek shipping magnate Stavros Niarchos[57]

Álvaro Noboa (born 1950), Ecuadorian businessman, candidate for the Ecuadorian Presidency[58]

King Ntare V of Burundi (1947–1972), the last King of Burundi[59]

Ali Reza Pahlavi I (1922–1954), brother of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavī[60]

Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavī (1919–1980), the last Shah of Iran[61]

Pahlavī family members, of the Pahlavī dynasty of the Persian Empire[62]

Prince Rainier III of Monaco (1923–2005)[63]

Andrea di Robilant, Italian fiction writer[64]

Winthrop Paul Rockefeller (1948–2006), Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas, member of the Rockefeller Family[65]

Alexis von Rosenberg, Baron de Rédé (1922–2004), art collector, socialite[66]

Tracee Ellis Ross (born 1972), actress, daughter of Diana Ross[67]

Rothschild family members, of the banking and finance dynasty[68]

Robin Russell, 14th Duke of Bedford (1940–2003)[69]

Tatiana Santo Domingo (born 1983), Brazilian and Colombian socialite and heiress[70]

Tad Szulc (1926–2001), non-fiction writer, New York Times correspondent[71]

Taittinger family members, French champagne producers[72]

Mayuko Takata (born 1971), Japanese actress, Iron Chef judge[73]

Elizabeth Taylor family, the children of Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Wilding[74]

Irving Thalberg Jr. (1930–1987), American philosopher, son of Irving Thalberg and Norma Shearer[75]

David Verney, 21st Baron Willoughby de Broke (born 1938), member of the British House of Lords[76]

David Willoquet, Minister of Economy of Le Rosey

Thady Wyndham-Quin, 7th Earl of Dunraven and Mount-Earl, Irish peer[77]

Adam Zamoyski, member of the Zamoyski family[citation needed]

5e7790 No.686570


Reverse Honey pot

8fe17c No.686571

2b19e7 No.686572


This IG report is being delayed because it is likely a nothingburger. There's still time left in the day for Sessions to fire McCabe. If McCabe walks away with that pension intact that would be an extremely unfortunate travesty. But scumbag Brenan and others walked so…

c4c9eb No.686573




There’s little or no doubt that SecureDrop is comped to expose leakers. Just like many claimed leak sites are honeypots

8a2397 No.686574

File: c1d7384b68ad550⋯.jpeg (535.03 KB, 1242x1627, 1242:1627, 6DC8442B-F726-4E3F-A55C-0….jpeg)

All 44 people onboard the ARA San Juan are believed to have perished on the boat which disappeared on November 15 last year.

Argentine President Mauricio Macri and other officials have always said the navy vessel had been carrying out training exercises when it disappeared.

The government's Chief of Staff, Marcos Pena, told Members of Parliament the submarine ARA San Juan's primary objective was to "locate, identify and register with photographs / videos logistic carrier vessels, oil tankers and investigation ships under other flags".

However, Mr Pena then added: "As secondary objectives of this activity, they established vessels and aircraft that operate out of the Falkand Islands."

Mr Pena also revealed a list of the vessels and aircraft the submarine had identified, which included RAF planes and aircraft from the Falkland Islands Government.

This shocking revelation comes four months after the submarine disappeared off the coast of Argentina.

Ships from the Argentinian Navy are still looking for the presumed sunken submarine which suddenly stopped all communication on 15th November 2017.

Within hours of ARA San Juan's last transmission, reports describe an acoustic anomaly compatible with an explosion detected in the vicinity of the vessel's last known location.

The Falkland Islands is a British Overseas Territory 300 miles (483 km) off the coast of South America.

26e49d No.686575

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


mmmm dat soundtrack's among my favorite Qresearch moodmusic

511ee2 No.686576


NVM. Timely.

b8be7c No.686577


Ah… GD was not MK. That's just bullshit.

Have you actually listened to any GD?

Most of their music, especially at the time, has traditional American and early country roots.

The music was rarely, if ever, political or agenda driven.

People at the time just liked experimenting with drugs, especially new drugs like LSD. Just like they do now.

Regarding the GD phenomenon, culture and community. If their intention was to glamorize drugs for profit and misdirection of rational thought they did a horrible job.

f259d0 No.686578


It's not late at all. It is being delayed in order to get maximum impact. This is all a game.

Trump's tweet pulled the wool over the cabal's eyes and focused them on Mueller and Sessions. Now that game is almost over. As soon as Sessions takes his game to a climax it will seem like a hammer has come down and then BOOM, the OIG report (or reports) will follow. Boom, Boom, Boom.

The BOOMs are an important part of the game because they drive cracks in the cognitive dissonance.

Liberals and Democrats are our friends. They are citizens. We need them to fully support Trump's MAGA programs. Anyone who is still attacking liberals is an enemy of America and in bed with the clowns. It is THAT simple.

1987e3 No.686579


Well said anon. I am guilty as fuck of overreaching on Q posts. Learning my lesson slowly. I am eating crow from jumping the gun on "Soros And Hillary are in gitmo"

Oh well. It's only life!

246643 No.686580


There is nothing to reveal. If she really had info that could stump the Trump. I think the Roth would buy her a nation to reveal it. NDA would not stop her from making millions or billions.

5b0ece No.686581


Couldn't agree more Anon.

e47bed No.686582

File: a4b210dc3c7c396⋯.png (338.81 KB, 579x424, 579:424, ClipboardImage.png)

d76e22 No.686583

>>686486 interesting. HRC worked for Walmart in Ark.and was on the board I believe. At the time there was all the planes going through there with Cocaine,tying Walmart with their trucks.

df4d97 No.686584

File: da44c1f9d6aaf17⋯.png (31.88 KB, 711x321, 237:107, Pension.PNG)


A travesty is your ignorance.

What happens if McCabe is eventually charged?

e94cee No.686585


I'm thinking a 2nd special counsel will investigate essentially all 8 years of Hussein's administration


Agreed anon. The NEOliberals and NEOconservatives are the enemy, they're straight elitist and globalist marxists

eef4a7 No.686586

File: 6a0790b44d3edc9⋯.jpg (122.72 KB, 733x549, 733:549, Ongoing_Investigations.jpg)

91df22 No.686587

Holy shit anons!! Stormy Daniels aka Stormy Waters. Q- watch the water. Make it rain. The storm is upon us.

44b4d6 No.686588

File: 539fd4cbe456d37⋯.png (583.49 KB, 746x748, 373:374, 8c03a8535ca863859da0f30930….png)

You know what I love about this place, is fuck the shills, just skim through that shit and learn.

they can shit up the breads…

You cannot possibly imagine the size of this.

Trust the plan.

Trust there are more good than bad.

The WORLD is helping.

We are not alone.

We are all connected in this fight.


We are winning BIG.


Fuck faggot FakeQ ;)

a27a0a No.686589



Hashing is just a [potentially wrong] short-hand for data comparison, but yes, to get a perfect system, you could use a full-on data comparison that goes slowly in the background and a hash comparison model to quickly detect 99.99999999% of attacks/errors. I believe you need the full data comparison at some point, but you can encrypt the data in such a way that nodes on the system can compare data without actually being able to gain access to the data. (Note said encryption does not have to be done with cyclical algorithms - it can use totally unpredictable hardware [quantum phenomenon] random data.) This preserves 100.0% security while also validating everything constantly.

I could go on, but I'll explode heads. If Q wants to know more, they know how to find me.

a4a40a No.686590


Think 9/11, then think if he is DS. The answer will come to you.

d00d5c No.686591


kek..typos happen. Many are ticked. This helpless feeling is aggravating. There is nothing we can do but make meme's to post on social media that bans us. If I thought for 1 second that true Patriots had a chance in winning an election, I'd be right there running for office myself.

But we are told to stand down, research and make meme's. Trust the Plan, they've got this. Sorry, after so many times of nothing happening when it was suppose to and no eplanation, I no longer trust in it. Give us a broad idea of what the plan is, cause up until now, the reasons Trump was voted into office still exist. I want to believe, I truly do. But something major will have to shift the dynamics before I can believe again.

f8ba0d No.686592

File: b6321047ecc11bc⋯.png (563.35 KB, 1586x766, 793:383, zzzzzzzzzzzz1.PNG)

52cb04 No.686593

File: 06bf185f9e91dd9⋯.jpg (175.2 KB, 960x720, 4:3, principalities.jpg)

File: 3a441a51862f480⋯.jpg (33.1 KB, 250x300, 5:6, God04_sources.jpg)

File: f34d897f8e67667⋯.jpg (19.18 KB, 424x318, 4:3, ThorcreditPublicDomainwiki….jpg)

(P) = Principalities/Powers (Pagan gods) ?

Video is an excerpt from an interview with John Todd recounting a conversation with David Crosby in the '70's, describing how studio exec.s summon "Principalities or Powers" to order (under)demons to follow all the recordings off the masters. Also explains use of 'witch language'

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRc6FRBxpUY

pics from booble image search 'pagan gods'

f259d0 No.686594


Knowing that lots of Illuminati have bunkers and hideaways in the southern hemisphere like Fiji, Marshall Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, and that the Illuminati were planning a nuclear war, where do you think the British royal family have their bunkers?

Who fought a war, even sending royals into combat, to keep control of the Falkland Islands?

480ff0 No.686595


Yep exactly. And people dont take the time to even figure out what she is suing for. She is suing saying Trump didnt sign a NDA. That doesnt mean anything. She isnt suing him for rape, or assault, or sexual misconduct, or endangering her, or extortion….. she is suing saying he didnt sign a NDA. Wouldnt that mean she could talk freely all day any day?

a27a0a No.686596

File: ae49b7777ca4f83⋯.jpg (148.04 KB, 1842x1036, 921:518, Michael_Horowitz2.jpg)

67fd24 No.686597

In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea,

With a glory in His bosom that transfigures you and me;

As He died to make men holy, let us die to make men free!

While God is marching on.

Keep digging, Godspeed anons

d16072 No.686598


no, we gave you the money to fix your lead problem, so we're done here


eef4a7 No.686599

File: 179ad14b31745b5⋯.jpg (42.33 KB, 650x488, 325:244, gv4l9g.jpg)

a3f083 No.686600


> Learning my lesson slowly.

that is why we are here

to learn

dubito ergo cogito ergo sum

>>686277 (cheKeKed)


480ff0 No.686601

File: b29cd69a349bda6⋯.png (300.17 KB, 1365x971, 1365:971, 01.png)

File: 1117196c9c77083⋯.png (68.84 KB, 927x783, 103:87, 02.png)


3rd time this week a transport plane from Naval base in Norfolk went there too

f7b06e No.686602

File: 071556910f0fdb3⋯.png (122.71 KB, 707x516, 707:516, DMSC-Shattuck-1.png)

File: 60212d7c40831b5⋯.png (211.4 KB, 698x518, 349:259, DMSC-Shattuck-2.png)

File: 571174bbad38e9b⋯.png (232.66 KB, 707x516, 707:516, DMSC-Shattuck-3.png)

File: 6f4f57aab8964d1⋯.png (247.16 KB, 696x516, 58:43, DMSC-Shattuck-4.png)


(((AI))) is the new Project Bluebeam?


See pics & link.

> https:// infogalactic.com/info/Swarm_intelligence

> https:// unanimous.ai/what-is-si/

Looks like a 2 way interaction to me.

Filtered through lenses/prisms/mirrors, choose your own metaphor.

579c78 No.686603


Thanks Zac, what you conveyed today made more sense of what Q's been trying to post in 15 minutes than 7 breads of kryptic Q Konversation

5ce792 No.686604



And @ "+1"

We are called to learn the 'tricks' and build common ground.

Dissent and Disagreement will always be; the destruction of Dialogue with flat name calling and manufacturing consent must end.

A Citizen is responsible for their own Discernment and should not appeal to authority for their own motivations and higher cause.

A call to wake up and grow up. No one is getting out of this turbulent time unscathed. The 'skin' of society will need to toughen up on all sides.

a27a0a No.686605


>Liberals and Democrats are our friends. They are citizens.

Yes. They are also victims of MKULTRA techniques of mind control. We need to HELP them, not deride them.

480ff0 No.686606


Supposedly a deep underground compound under the city of London that can house a million people

a59fae No.686607


Fuck off shlomo.

712fb5 No.686608

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a27a0a No.686609


Transport is a huge part of all of this. Explains why MS13 is so heavy in San Antonio - HUGE shipping hub.

e06715 No.686610


Simple : Daylight occurs at different times in different places. If the earth was flat it would day and night AT THE SAMETIME EVERYWHERE.

901af0 No.686611


As kennedy III?

a17752 No.686612

Why would McCabe beg for his pension if his net worth is $143.3 million? Assets frozen or under threat?

https:// networthroll.com/blog1/andrew-mccabe-net-worth-2/

a27a0a No.686613


I mentioned this weeks ago. She's a very nice person, actually.

025c62 No.686614


oh i can't wait to hear the replies to this one.

dd993f No.686615


I completely forgot about that angle.

All connected.

Who cares about hauling a load to a rural walmart when you can thrown in a suitcase of coke and the rest of the shit in the semi rides for free?

d00d5c No.686616


Remember all the meme's we sent out saying HRC and McStain were wearing boots and it was only a matter of time before the were actually arrested? HRC going to India and crapping on Trump supporters sure bit me in the ass. Remember when Q said HRC was going to be arrested by a certain date and time? (Wiping the egg off my face)

a4a40a No.686617


Makes more sense than all of the cryptic horse shit. Maybe, but I (and I think most people) don't give a fuck. Consensual sex is not a crime. So I don't see this going anywhere that becomes to harmful to GEOTUS.

bebece No.686618


Fake Q !UW.yye1fxo can still be filtered by name. I hope that what they were trying to accomplish, because it worked.

b86f6e No.686619

File: 1c62ed6a2830e9e⋯.jpg (209.7 KB, 856x443, 856:443, country-argentina-32882.jpg)


Argentina Obelisk

f7b06e No.686620


Thanks. Very nice summary.

Agree that we should keep it simple (so that stupidfags like me can understand), propose that we discuss this more.

In my foggy eyes, this is the #MAGA of the future.

1f483b No.686621


This is very well thought out.

Interesting. Scary, but interesting.

About a month ago, I saw a video on YT shot by a regular guy that showed the rear parking lot of his local WM converted into massive cages.

d76e22 No.686622

Didn’t we just blow up a bunch of cocaine fields in Afghanistan or somewhere? It could be that Walmart lost its revenue.

47e615 No.686624

File: 9c8133455ca24ec⋯.jpg (64.64 KB, 220x250, 22:25, rg13.jpg)


I get it.

DJT is "keeping" it fresh.

f8ba0d No.686625


i suspect what we are seeing is personel and material for expansion so far . just my guess .

3cad67 No.686626

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2fbfd3 No.686627

Just adding a connection.

David Axlerod's dad was a communist. He was also a psychologist who committed suicide.

http:// gotnews.com/busted-we-have-axelrods-fathers-communist-party-membership-obamalovesamerica/

David M. Axelrod (born February 22, 1955) is an American political operative and political analyst, best known as the Chief Strategist for Barack Obama's presidential campaigns.

After Obama's election, Axelrod was appointed as Senior Advisor to the President.[1] Axelrod left the White House position in early 2011 and became the Senior Strategist for Obama's successful re-election campaign in 2012.[2][3] He currently serves as the director of the non-partisan Institute of Politics[4] at the University of Chicago and is a Senior Political Commentator for CNN.[5]

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Axelrod

91df22 No.686628


No. She is still bound by NDA even if Trump didnt sign. Her actions of taking the money waives her right to have Trump sign.

ba371f No.686629


I've been to Gitmo many times for work. There are commercial flights daily. You have military families living there. Civilian lawyers, military members leaving for leave, ect.

I do hope and pray that they are stocking that place full of the black hats though. I have no connections there anymore and wouldnt say anything if I did, because……

Loose lips sink ships!

5b0ece No.686630


I'm not a MI resident, so missed the mark there (very un-Q like). I just don't want people to suffer.

TL;DR nice try clown.

20b4fe No.686631


Southern Cross underwater cable system:

https:// southerncrosscables.com/home/network

Australia to FIJI to Hawaii to USA

712fb5 No.686632


No bro Grateful Dead is literally Satanic.

480ff0 No.686633


If Military Tribunal, they dont give a shit about insanity or anything. If proof/evidence is there, she's fucked

669fd5 No.686634


Hillary's trip to India has the left even against her. Those remarks that women voted what their husbands, sons and boss told them too didn't go over too well. Dems are trying to get away from her as fast and as far as they can before voting time.

a27a0a No.686635


MSM is talking about it because literally everything else that is happening would hurt them more. The asshats know this, but it is still a better option. Game theory - Q is clever.

53a240 No.686636


They found an old sea mine it sounds like.

3b6b29 No.686637


Also, an effective method for a technical manager to herd cats…er…engineers.

0fbf0a No.686638


Wrong McCabe, shill. Reading on the page you linked:

"Andrew McCabe (born 29 August 1990 in Longreach, Queensland) is an Australian track and field sprinter. He was a member of the Australian 4 x 100m relay team that equalled the Australian record when they qualified for the finals at the 2012 London Olympics."

246643 No.686639



Correct. Stormy is a Q proof. The NDA would not stop her from talking. Lawyers would line up to defend her and pay any small fee that breaking the NDA would cost. Stumping the Trump would be worth almost anything to the cabal. Stormy could make Billions if she had real dirt. CNN being this retarded worries me. I didn't think they could be this stupid.

901af0 No.686640


The Argentinians always meet in that damn obelisk. for Football (Or Soccer for the Americans), or for protest.

131dbe No.686641


Definitely highly possible, but I thought GD's handler was the guy that was their LSD connection as well, can't think of his name off the top of my head. Read about it on that LOOOOOOONG series of articles on Laurel Canyon some anon posted back in the very beginning when Q first started posting on halfchan, if anyone is interested.

I do wonder if his works and philosophy are somehow significant to the cabal's AI and augmented reality push. If my previous comment about the parallel between his story and Tron holds any water, it suggests that they wanted to use the Monarch/MK ULTRA machine to foist an idea about AI upon us (I say this because the movie was so heavily pushed by Disney, which we know are bad actors). We know that they control the "boundaries" of our thoughts by prepackaging ideas shown in movies, and factoring that we tend to emulate the same behavior we see. I need to re-watch Tron again to see what kind of message they were trying to push since I watched it so passively back when it came out. Anyhow, your skepticism is warranted, and I think it's at least worth looking more into. Q posted about this guy for a reason.

Also, after we figure out his significance, we need to figure out how it ties together with the machine learning censorship and DEEP DREAM threads we've been pulling on.

Keep the hivemind rolling, anons. We can do this.

0c17ef No.686642


havent heard that saying for years

"loose lips sinks ships"

480ff0 No.686643


I know she is just a decoy, but I am curious to see where this is going

eef4a7 No.686644


Poppies, anon - opoiod connection there. That rabbit hole leads through Obammy back to the Bushes

bebece No.686645



The education required to qualify for those jobs, is another story. Education is a HUGE part of MAGA (not often spoken about here), and should definitely be a priority. Last I checked, with all of the intentional dumbing down of this society, we have a lot of catching up to do.

f8ba0d No.686646


yes , i suspect what we are seeing so far is personel and material for expansion .along with what you said .

a27a0a No.686647


thank you for this knowledge free post

4fd04a No.686648


She would also have to prove that she has been insane for over a decade and yet held the positions she has held.

f51b7f No.686649


You gave yourself

away with …

""We over populate.""

GTFO you filthy pig

ca1fd4 No.686650

Voter fraud/ machine problems

tested. watch.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=t75xvZ3osFg&feature=youtu.be&app=desktop

a27a0a No.686651



a3f083 No.686652

File: fbab0b69d4018ab⋯.jpg (31.03 KB, 480x360, 4:3, tacPot.jpg)

927a49 No.686653

File: 8b8ce84c0706ae0⋯.png (413.97 KB, 594x584, 297:292, ClipboardImage.png)

Surprising POTUS posts wsj post considering what they just did re his staff & John Kelly.

368415 No.686655

How's that 3.16 nonsense working out for you guys?


dde6fb No.686656


then you licked the fudge pop! lay off the tide pods! your mom is coming home for lunch,better get off the computer or she will spank your ass again!

0c17ef No.686657


they flooded the ghettos with heroin in the 60s

so its been in cabals hands for at least that far back

a4f0e4 No.686658

Difficult to swallow.

Important to progress.

The Q on here is fake.

Has been since Jan 5.

The most egregious lie was the fake operation to arrest someone in a hotel.

You all fell for it lock, stock and barrel.

He reads the news and then lies about it.

Stop wasting your time.



1987e3 No.686659


I remember…

c07aba No.686660

File: 0c0d6c8a9e1226d⋯.jpeg (304.03 KB, 1464x878, 732:439, fence.jpeg)

File: a025cd7b6a6f1ad⋯.jpeg (303.48 KB, 1250x880, 125:88, breakers.jpeg)

File: 98e538db4539e11⋯.jpeg (388.44 KB, 874x1234, 437:617, hillbull.jpeg)

File: 46188c2d8477b83⋯.jpeg (92.91 KB, 790x602, 395:301, hill.jpeg)

File: e7a78efea0767fc⋯.jpeg (149.13 KB, 942x614, 471:307, snakepit.jpeg)

facc75 No.686661

https:// www.eff.org/deeplinks/2018/03/new-backdoor-around-fourth-amendment-cloud-act

A New Backdoor Around the Fourth Amendment: The CLOUD Act

By David Ruiz

March 13, 2018

…..Moreover, the CLOUD Act allows the foreign police who collect Americans’ communications to freely use that content against Americans, and to freely share it with additional nations.

To review: The CLOUD Act allows the president to enter an executive agreement with a foreign nation known for human rights abuses. Using its CLOUD Act powers, police from that nation inevitably will collect Americans’ communications. They can share the content of those communications with the U.S. government under the flawed “significant harm” test. The U.S. government can use that content against these Americans. A judge need not approve the data collection before it is carried out. At no point need probable cause be shown. At no point need a search warrant be obtained.

This is wrong. Much like the infamous backdoor search loophole connected to broad, unconstitutional NSA surveillance under Section 702, the backdoor proposed in the CLOUD Act violates our Fourth Amendment right to privacy by granting unconstitutional access to our private lives online.

Also, when foreign police using their CLOUD Act powers inevitably capture metadata about Americans, they can freely share it with the U.S. government, without even showing “significant harm.” Communications “content” is the words in an email or online chat, the recordings of an internet voice call, or the moving images and coordinating audio of a video call online. Communications “metadata” is the pieces of information that relate to a message, including when it was sent, who sent it, who received it, its duration, and where the sender was located when sending it. Metadata is enormously powerful information and should be treated with the same protection as content.

To be clear: the CLOUD Act fails to provide any limits on foreign police sharing Americans’ metadata with U.S. police.

159f37 No.686662

McCabe has been fired.

91df22 No.686663



Agreed. I hope this turns out to be epic.

98e091 No.686664



8e5ed1 No.686665



0f518b No.686666

File: 7d27249542dae59⋯.mp4 (15.29 MB, 960x720, 4:3, videoplayback (4).mp4)


159f37 No.686667


Fuck off Fake Fuck

a4f0e4 No.686668




Archive and screenshot.

Bad people watching.

f44753 No.686669


here's what i've got so far - from the Bible, also the Book of Enoch, and also Q drops:

When the angels mated w/ women and produced giants (nephilim) those were the brothers of Goliath

they died


their spirits lived on

the fallen angels were repentant (and i'm not sure if they remain that way - i know azazael duridiel - the angel bound hand and foot in dudael and to him is ascribed all sin - the one who told me in an indescribable way "Do you want to know the name of the devil? It's azazael duridiel." - no shit - Book of Enoch said he's bound and buried under rocks in dudael - anyway i know azazael is fucked for sure)

the children couldn't be killed

note because they were evil (from woman who came from man who is condemned by sin from birth)

but because they were from angels, who don't die.

so their spirits lived on

they're still here today

and this is the evil we're up against

azazael is bound and remains rebellious because he knows he's damned but his spirit and the nephilim spirits work on earth to cause harm and impedance on good


doubt P=pagan because there are many pagans

but there is much to be learned

f8ba0d No.686670

File: 7e05a771b8d59d6⋯.png (621.91 KB, 813x807, 271:269, 5ygkaw-GhjtpJA.png)

Fake Q is here to tell us real Q is a liar …

you just can't make this shit up .

a27a0a No.686671


It is impossible with the cabal in the way. Once the cabal is disarmed, it may be inevitable. Get ready for Star TrKek.

e47bed No.686672


Seems they still care more about getting their daily ratings up than anything else… not that it's working.

1a9bc5 No.686674


If you're not satisfied then just leave you loser. Everyone here is of their own free will. We don't care that you think it's a LARP. You are typing on deaf ears or should I say blind eyes. No one cares what you think. If you don't like it leave. We just filter you and move on. No one needs to prove shit to you. No one needs to convince you. We are all volunteers. No one is jumping ship. No one cares how long you have been here. You are not important. No one is leaving infact the UIDs keep getting larger and larger. If you don't like 8ch then leave. Quit posting here. No one is making you post here. It's all a LARP great then leave why are you still posting here? Why waste your time? Why try to convince others to your own opinion? Just leave. If you are a "critically thinking anon" then why are you posting this garbage and why not just leave instead of wasting your time. No one cares about your opinion. We are working here. Let the grown ups work. If you don't believe it or think it is fake then leave.

c07aba No.686675

Easy to filter fake fucks

e69ff9 No.686676

Assange tweets may be relevant. Lamo dead.

Coroner says serial FBI snitch Adrian Lamo is dead. Lamo, a fake journalist, petty conman & betrayer of basic human decency, promised alleged source @xychelsea journalistic protection, friendship and support, then sold him to the FBI. https:// www.salon.com/2010/06/18/wikileaks_3/ …

dd993f No.686677


The only thing that makes any sense is that the plane went to Deigo Garcia. Then it became M17 which seems very probable because of the dead bodies on M17 that were obviously not fresh according to eyewitness accounts. There are also comparisons between the supposed MH17 and MH370 because Malaysian Airlines had done a redo of their planes between the two crashes. So it's pretty obvious that MH17 IS MH370.

Why the hell would Maylasian Airlines redecorate their fleet right after MH370 disappeared if it honestly crashed?

Maybe they knew it was "stolen".

b07dfc No.686678



eef4a7 No.686679


American Gangster w/ Denzel Washington ;)

dde6fb No.686680


Them tide pods are difficult to swallow? You swallower u!

1dd270 No.686681

File: 47c13fbb567bbc6⋯.jpg (435.85 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, 47c13fbb567bbc654b9db14469….jpg)

d76e22 No.686682

>>686644 Ok but this was connected to cocaine. Remember when Mendez was flying in cocaine to Arkansas? They would then load it into Walmart trucks to ship out around the US. HRC was on the board there at Walmart around that time or earlier and still probably had connections. BC was heavy into it also

2fd4c6 No.686683

Capitol Police Arrested Male Dem Operative For Assaulting Female Trump Admin Official

http:// dailycaller.com/2018/03/16/dc-capitol-police-american-bridge/

2e1d45 No.686684

not breaking just funny mike Huckabee

Gov. Mike Huckabee




Breaking Wind from CNN! Andy McCabe offered deal for lying to FBI and won’t get pension but will get passage in overhead bin on United flight to Oakland to work for scofflaw mayor.

b07dfc No.686686


they are desperate..

d16072 No.686687


I'm just telling you, MY TAX DOLLARS are oing to fix their shitty water the Democrats fucked up. The only way to really fix Michigan's water problem is for them to quit being so God-damn stupid and stop voting for criminals (Democrats)

0b8eca No.686688


>Securderop is an app produced by a CIA front organization that offers whistleblowers a secure way to communicate

In this interview (Jan 2014) with a German news outfit Barlow says they were asking media to put links to secure Drop on their websites. Barlow said that whistleblowers don't have to go the long way around through his foundation, they can use secure drop instead.

It gets curiouser and curiouser.

Zeit Online in German

http:// www.zeit.de/digital/datenschutz/2014-01/john-perry-barlow-interview

Barlow: Inzwischen müssen viele Whistleblower den Umweg über unsere Stiftung gar nicht mehr gehen. Wir haben viele Medien davon überzeugt, einen Dienst namens Secure Drop auf ihrer Internetseite anzubieten.

eef4a7 No.686689

File: 893b2d6419eb053⋯.jpg (129.37 KB, 1363x598, 1363:598, fa890df7sd098f7ads98f7sd98….jpg)


Fuckin'-A right! Awesome timeline.

f259d0 No.686690


No way. It can't be.

What if the sun is a flashlight. Then it couldn't shine on all the same parts of the earth at once. God is up there moving it.

What if God is a moron? Then he would just keep moving that flashlight across the earth over and over except when he takes a break to sleep.

I finally believe in the flat earth theory. Halleluyah!!!

a27a0a No.686691

1d30b6 No.686692

Democratic operative David Brock founded American Bridge in 2010 and raised tens of millions of dollars to support liberal candidates. The group has been described as an “opposition research hub of the Democratic fundraising apparatus.”

http:// dailycaller.com/2018/03/16/dc-capitol-police-american-bridge/

dd993f No.686693


Thank you anon.

246643 No.686694

File: ec02bfe67eddb2f⋯.jpg (586.76 KB, 1856x2530, 928:1265, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at ….jpg)


CNN is anti Trump porn for Hillary's losers. Q has taken over the live chats for the CNN streams. All these shills are returning the favor

1a9bc5 No.686695


Safe to say NSA already knows.

What don't you guys understand about "We hear all - We see all" lol

2fbfd3 No.686696

If The C_A gives CNN its 4 am talking points, it is curious why CNN spent a good month on the Malaysia plane story.

Hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 likely to end in June

http:// www.nydailynews.com/news/world/hunt-missing-malaysia-airlines-plane-june-article-1.3852494

2b19e7 No.686697


You can run and win, but you would be one of the very few in Congress who actually want the system to change so that it benefits the people rather than themselves. You would be offered bribes, and cajoled. And they would dig up embarrassing things from your past or about your family and use it to blackmail you into doing what they want. There is a reason why the system has remained so unchanged for the hundreds of years that it has existed. What we see and what the media tries to get us to believe is all an illusion. These politicians pretend to be members of opposing parties with different ideas. That is bullshit too. They are all buddies. They went to the same schools, their wives are members of the same social clubs, their kids go the same exclusive private schools, they all attend the same swish private cocktail parties. And all of them get richer and richer the longer they remain in Congress. Most who go to Washington vowing to make a difference end up becoming a part of it. It will not change. That is the reason why so many truly good, decent, and honest people stay far away from it when asked to run for office.

I admire our president. I believe that he wants to make it better. But look at what they are doing to him on a daily basis! Imagine what they could accomplish if they channeled all that hatred into productivity.

3c41ae No.686698

File: 66ac516be600ea0⋯.mp4 (9.45 MB, 640x360, 16:9, O6iqIyrCMEabo4Wh.mp4)

Whatever it takes!

a17752 No.686699


Not shill, mistake and conflicting info on page- vid shows McCabe caught in 2nd quid pro quo, mentions wife’s campaign bid but has some other McCabe’s info mixed in. Will continue digging for real net worth.

a27a0a No.686700


don't be worried. see >>686635

dde6fb No.686701


Dude your mom's coming! Unlock basement door or she will sse you been playn on the internets again

f0916d No.686703


Prolly to distract from other events developing at the same time

a4f0e4 No.686704


Get some sleep anon.

POTUS may reTWEET one or more of your POSTS [important news coming liberally undone]

Clowns like there disinformayshun.



2fbfd3 No.686705


I do believe the sealed indictments will expose this blackmail ring.

a27a0a No.686706



REAL education doesn't take nearly as long as what happens in 'schools'.

a4a40a No.686707


British control of the opium trade goes back way farther than Bush. Look up opium wars and read. Western countries have been in the game since Marco Polo, effectively.

01068a No.686708


That's exactly why you're supposed to FILTER those posts. They are posting here just to piss off people like you. That is their mission. They cannot be stopped without this board going to great lengths, and that's just going to turn away the people we need here. Just FILTER and move on.

Fuck you for making me reply, newfag.

5b0ece No.686709


KYS clown fag.

159f37 No.686710


will be in news shortly

69e9e1 No.686711

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

not a bad convo

1987e3 No.686712

File: fd2ad1ea2cac8a5⋯.jpg (18.51 KB, 344x356, 86:89, Trump-Meme-Wrong-08.jpg)

1d30b6 No.686713

http:// dailycaller.com/2018/03/16/dc-capitol-police-american-bridge/

“We are appalled to hear of the events following yesterday’s hearing where a member of Secretary Zinke’s staff was victim to an assault,” committee spokeswoman Katie Schoettler told TheDCNF.

“These actions are reprehensible and have no place in this body. We thank the U.S. Capitol Police for their quick response and professionalism,” Schoettler said. “The USCP is now handling the matter.”

Police took the American Bridge operative into custody on Thursday. Police “arrested an adult male for simple assault against another individual outside room 1324 in the Longworth House Office Building,” an officer told Politico on Thursday.

“The suspect was transported to USCP Headquarters for processing,” the Capitol Police officer told Politico.

American Bridge is a political action committee dedicated to “holding Republicans accountable for their words and actions,” according to their website. American Bridge is known for having operatives follow Republican candidates on the campaign trail.

Democratic operative David Brock founded American Bridge in 2010 and raised tens of millions of dollars to support liberal candidates. The group has been described as an “opposition research hub of the Democratic fundraising apparatus.”

Liberal billionaire George Soros donated $2 million to American Bridge in 2016, and the Tom Steyer-founded NextGen Climate Action regularly donates money to the group, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

a27a0a No.686714


sauce this shit!

98e091 No.686715


You cant make a single sentence without name calling. Grow up.

f7b06e No.686716

File: a3796680d0cb34c⋯.png (55 KB, 400x400, 1:1, GDClownFractal.png)



"Send in the Dancing Bears"


>Keep the hivemind rolling, anons. We can do this.


Btw, find it odd that Barlow was "big brother" to both the sons of JFK and John Lennon?

>>686331 from #849

> w/ pic evidence of close connection with Sean Ono Lennon

>>684718 from #848

Connection to Jackie O & JFK Jr. (deep sauce)

> Jaquie sent son to Barlows cattle ranche when jr. was a teenager, so Barlow could be his "big brother" "mentor" father figure.

5e7790 No.686717

File: 9b2bf60a0128b2c⋯.png (353.15 KB, 782x652, 391:326, ClipboardImage.png)



Verified account

f8ba0d No.686718

File: 46b6a31e9498ec1⋯.jpg (9.97 KB, 255x185, 51:37, 0d84260de976a6628e8e2372be….jpg)


kek , here i think this one is better .

50d103 No.686719

File: e67f84c47b3dfa9⋯.png (181.08 KB, 456x352, 57:44, coxjh2b.png)

Today is the day Trump will STUN the world! KEK

eef4a7 No.686720


I hadn't heard of a Wal-Mart connection, tbh. Not saying it didn't happen - but the coke/CIA stuff I'm familiar with is Mena airport/Barry Seal/Clinton connection. Wouldn't surprise me. I was juuuuust getting my education in politics from my grandfathers when Clinton was POTUS. And, I only recently went back and did a deep-dive on the habbenings in Arkansas when he was governor.

8cc0e5 No.686721



here you go lazyfag

http:// archive.is/R5CBu

579c78 No.686722


Hotel Op wasn't a lie nor fake. Only the man that took the pic and his superiors know waht happened. Anon's here figured out where the op happened but after that nada. No Q drop reported the AAR on that op, no news report indicated that an op at that location happened or who was involved. Nothing of substance can be determined from that pic or the related drops.

480ff0 No.686723


CNN has no clue what is going on. Q team allows the 4am talking points to operate as usual, and what a genius move.

3b6b29 No.686724


Have used SHA based hashes to fingerprint data sets for data deduplication purposes. Encrypting data prior to hashing obviously poisoned dedup. What is it that you wish to do?

901af0 No.686725

(Not a real plane fag).

Hmmm.., it seems as that The Nazi govrnement of Ukraine is displacing., Next to another airplane in Ukraine.

0bc4ee No.686726

File: 3d084ec400cc8d4⋯.png (398.44 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180316-233145.png)

Dead Cat Bounce

c77679 No.686727


Filtered for being a fucken cry baby! Nobody here gives a shit about your feelings faggot . GTFO

e47bed No.686728


twitter. com/DonaldJTrumpJr/status/959162713116160000

98e091 No.686729


Alternative Q is on our side.

What makes more sense?

This post or "Booms"?

Thank you AQ.

Apparently we have to redpill the redpillers.

I got your back.

1d30b6 No.686730



American Bridge is known for having operatives follow Republican candidates on the campaign trail.

Liberal billionaire George Soros donated $2 million to American Bridge in 2016, and the Tom Steyer-founded NextGen Climate Action regularly donates money to the group, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

480ff0 No.686731

The memo was released on a Friday so it could be talked about and processed all weekend, and then MSM talking points couldnt counter it till Monday. Makes too much sense to release IG Report today. It will be BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM

26e49d No.686732


are you aware that the whole point (ok, maybe not whole, sometimes it manages to be funny) of fakeQ is to help with Filter ID+ ?

bebece No.686733

File: 902e6493c9f03c0⋯.png (394.23 KB, 620x449, 620:449, ClipboardImage.png)


I'll reply and get this buy a small bonus, I mean, such a hard worker, and every thread too! Dedication like this can't be ignored! So much critical thinking that I just may say to hell with it all too, and post on bread after bread giving SO much more attention to someone that I claim to despise, just like my exes did on facebook! Such a WONDERFUL idea, why didn't i think of this before?!?!?!?

98e091 No.686734


This post lacks critical thinking, maturity or reason.

3b6b29 No.686735


Speculation at this point.

a59fae No.686736


>"Send in the Dancing Bears"


1f483b No.686737


He was asshole deep in 9/11.

2fbfd3 No.686738


"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education."

Mark TWain

1987e3 No.686739

File: 1f660326bf812a3⋯.jpg (10 KB, 255x185, 51:37, 46b6a31e9498ec1d77ca95c3e3….jpg)

a17752 No.686740

Hopefully more accurate site on McCabe net worth- $11 million in assets (homes, cars, wages). Says net worth increased 127% in last few years.

https:// finapp.co.in/andrew-mccabe-net-worth/

2fd4c6 No.686741

File: a171ad942dbe154⋯.jpg (139.45 KB, 649x886, 649:886, DYadp0DW4AAXlza.jpg)

https:// www.newyorker.com/culture/cover-story/cover-story-2018-03-26

0c17ef No.686742



a10aa0 No.686743

File: f9955cd72c496c0⋯.jpeg (136.7 KB, 913x912, 913:912, A2CEB9C5-1F47-4449-8F9A-B….jpeg)


a27a0a No.686744

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Video related. FFS.

f0916d No.686745


Where did all these trolls come from? Did they ban another reddit sub? FuCK!

98e091 No.686746


It seems you have a problem with your exes on facebook? I hope you resolve it. I dont despise Q. Yet. Im waiting for an explanation.

Happy Friday.

1a9bc5 No.686747


He is filtered but it must be addressed. and go fuck yourself. The world is doomed when good men do nothing, these morons need to understand their own "logical thinking" is not logical and they should just leave if they do not like it here. I'm not pissed off in the slightest.

3f05ae No.686748

c77679 No.686749


GTFO you piece of shit. Nobody here gives a fuck! Out !you dirty whore! Out! GTFO! Go, leave, nobody here wants to hear about your millennial snowflake feelings. Out you faggot!

dde6fb No.686750


Your mom's going to catch you on the internets dude! Whole trailer park going to hear you getting your ass beat again! Last time you ate all the tide pods your mom had to go to work with skidmarks in her panties! you never learn

14e237 No.686751


So Q killed a FBI Snitch, why ??

a4f0e4 No.686752

Yes anon.

Because you always broadcast a live operation a full hour before it's going to happen because there's no ways that would warn anyone.

And then claim a perfectly symmetrical reflection from an open window is a 'substance.'

And then refuse to answer any more questions about it.

The Chinese Hotel story is made up from top to bottom.

Expand your thinking.


465b7c No.686753

File: ac39b076c26e7c1⋯.jpeg (244.51 KB, 1125x988, 1125:988, AC00B006-32E5-4BEA-9C03-4….jpeg)


4ecd2a No.686754


"but the plane fags are difficult"

facc75 No.686755

https:// archive.org/search.php?query=electronic+frontier+foundation&page=4

I've queried archive.org regarding the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the search results are pretty indicative of ongoing court action between EFF and numerous 3 letter agencies and co=operative foreign governments of the world, whether or not they are co-operative with 'friendly governments'.

26e49d No.686756



so damn tired of their uniform, lazy, lame "courage"/resistance/social programming

0a2e57 No.686757


always saw 9/11 Rudy as deep state

fa3a44 No.686758


>Text messages obtained by The Federalist show that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page conspired to collude with Judge Rudolph Contreras, a FISA judge who presided over Michael Flynn's guilty plea and was later removed from the case.

You know what is bothering me to no end?

It's the impunity. So much treason done in the open and nothing.

Now imagine this. Try to tell your best friend that his neighbour is a serial killer. You have all this info on him. You even call the police. But the guy walk free and nothing is happening.

Would he believe you?

This is the situation we are in right now. Until the White hat actually act we can do shit without looking like fucking lunatic!

98e091 No.686759


Define triggered.

Seek help.

I haven't verbally assaulted anyone.

131dbe No.686760

MercyMe - Bring The Rain

I can count a million times

People asking me how I

Can praise You with all that I've gone through

The question just amazes me

Can circumstances possibly

Change who I forever am in You

Maybe since my life was changed

Long before these rainy days

It's never really ever crossed my mind

To turn my back on you, oh Lord

My only shelter from the storm

But instead I draw closer through these times

So I pray

Bring me joy, bring me peace

Bring the chance to be free

Bring me anything that brings You glory

And I know there'll be days

When this life brings me pain

But if that's what it takes to praise You

Jesus, bring the rain

I am Yours regardless of

The dark clouds that may loom above

Because You are much greater than my pain

You who made a way for me

By suffering Your destiny

So tell me what's a little rain

So I pray

Holy, holy, holy

Is the Lord God Almighty

579c78 No.686761


I am but the point of my post is to show anon's here take Q drops and subtile hints to the illogical extreme in most cases.

Take the 'where's snowden' pic. there wasn't 4 people in that pic you could positively identify, none were snowden. Q never provided the image that showed 'snowden'. Anon's assumed and dreamed but nothing provided would stand in court.

ee72df No.686762

File: 5aa96be564e0172⋯.jpg (5.98 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20171217_061116.jpg)


Back in Dec before I started Archiving properly (so I don't have the actual post # - could've been at CBTS) I saw his name on a list of the one's not running.

8a2397 No.686764

File: 1fb6eb338fe660b⋯.jpeg (503.52 KB, 1242x2141, 1242:2141, B296D3FB-0C3E-471C-8D09-9….jpeg)

a59fae No.686765


Didn’t College Humor buy the New Yorker?

98e091 No.686766


Define triggered.

Seek help.

I haven't verbally assaulted anyone.

2e1d45 No.686767

how pro trump is 8chan?

27ecb5 No.686768

Some dickhead with American Bridge (that's Media Matters, that ass David Brock, latched onto Soros' money tit) shoved a female employee w/Interior Dept down onto the floor, then chased Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke (!) in the Longworth Office Building yesterday! Was arrested by Capitol Police & charged w/assault.

http:// dailycaller.com/2018/03/16/dc-capitol-police-american-bridge/?utm_campaign=atdailycaller&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter

Hmm, how to get hold of an arrest report from Capitol Police from Thursday 3/15…

At what point can Media Matters be declared a criminal gang like MS13?

a27a0a No.686769


>here you go lazyfag

thank you informationdisclosurefag.

3fd407 No.686770


Yes. Bitcoin is the home of cabal money. Interesting to watch the fluctuations. Wouldn't want to be in bitcoin myself at this time.

246643 No.686771


I'm pro bit coin, but it proves global warming is not a priority to the EU or any of the other greenfags. Bitcoin uses more energy than many nations. If anything is killing the planet, and bring through natural resources it would be crypto mining.

929618 No.686772


i need that shirt

f7b06e No.686773

File: 660a3d4656768ea⋯.png (158.79 KB, 700x674, 350:337, StarSiskoPepe.png)

d1cc55 No.686775


Damn, talk about a LARP! A walking, nonstop fapfest.

a4f0e4 No.686776

Adrian LMAO.

Timestamp this post.

Will be important.


159f37 No.686777


Patience it will be in news shortly

ca1fd4 No.686778

>In return for Ng’s cash Ashe, 61, advocated for a proposed multibillion-dollar U.N.-sponsored conference center in Macau, authorities charged.

The money was delivered by Ng’s assistant, Jeff Yin, as well as Francis Lorenzo, the former Deputy U.N. Ambassador for the Dominican Republic.

>Lorenzo allegedly received $20,000 monthly from Ng. He served as a middleman who first persuaded Ashe to meet Ng in 2011, papers charge.

Ng, 68, and Yin, 29, were arrested last month on charges that the developer smuggled $4.5 million into the U.S. since 2013.

>Ng's name has previously surfaced in U.S. investigations into how foreign money might have been funneled into the Democratic National Committee prior to the 1996 elections that ended in the election of Bill Clinton.

read:http:// www.nydailynews.com/news/world/u-n-general-assembly-pres-accepted-1m-bribes-authorities-article-1.2386914

https:// www.cbsnews.com/news/united-nations-diplomat-john-ashe-arrested-over-chinese-bribery-scheme/

98e091 No.686779


I dont feel bad or defeated.

Thank you for your concern.

8fe17c No.686780

Hey FAGGOTS how's your 3:16 nothingburger?

a27a0a No.686781


I wish to dig for evidence to jail cabal fuckers. The conversation was about distributed systems for decision making. Hashing was a tangent. Let's not slide.

1f483b No.686782


What do Grateful Dead fans say when their drugs wear off?

"Dude, these guys SUCK!"

bebece No.686783


'Tis true. Life experience as well. Should be considered when hiring applicants, who may have the aptitude to perform a high levels for a particular position, yet don't have the paperwork (diplomas, degrees, certificates) to say so. Of course folks could lie, but don't they on their resumes anyway?

Back to the point, I recall about 12 years ago reading a test given to 8th grade students in the 1800s, which was on par with what's not considered college courses. The "curriculum" has been unnecessarily drawn out over unnecessary years…All for a buck and the making of more labor slaves, rather than truly informed & educated citizens. Disgusting

27ecb5 No.686784


Man, our power grid has been horrifying vulnerable since forever.

Makes me want one of those big-ass generators.

eef4a7 No.686785

File: f39a85dea97b491⋯.jpg (689.82 KB, 2178x2178, 1:1, free-beer.jpg)

Anon above in the bread is confirmed - and I had a DERP moment when I saw it - filter NAME on that fake Q faggot and his days are over. Easy shit - thanks to the anon who pointed that out. kek Free beer tomorrow!

26e49d No.686786


>anon's here take Q drops and subtile hints to the illogical extreme in most cases.

well… yeah.

weren't you around when they spent two weeks deep-analyzing the blank spaces in Q's crop pics?

they go too far

having fun i hope

at least Q-related

not sure it can be herded

74d10b No.686787

OIG Report comes out

Russia Hacked Election

Trump hands reins to Hillary

Economy crashes

Hillary asks Trump to resume Presidency

Economy recovers

98e091 No.686788


Nothingburger lunch washed down with free beer! (tomorrow).

ba371f No.686789


Did it hurt when you had your bottom ribs removed so you could suck your own dick because your wife sucks the neighbors?

d00d5c No.686790


So you are saying if Q gives specific intel, it's disinfo and if he gives cryptic info, it's to be believed? Even though there is no way of verifying? Does that really make sense to you?

So when Q said:

Oct 28 2017 15:33:50 (EDT) Anonymous ID: gb953qGI 147005381


Hillary Clinton will be arrested between 7:45 AM - 8:30 AM EST on Monday - the morning on Oct 30, 2017.

That is disinfo? If so, then who is to say what is really disinfo and what is not? Q certainly does not clarify.

Our role is to make meme's. Yet social media bans us. We are suppose to push IBOR? Then why doesn't Q have all the military sign the petition? Why doesn't potus? Why only the few who dare to visit 8ch?

Serious questions need answers and soon.

eef4a7 No.686791

File: 66e1cb73202547d⋯.jpg (37.15 KB, 425x425, 1:1, df7g89s6dfg87df6g87df6.jpg)

f0916d No.686792


I've never filtered as many Fake Q's in one afternoon as today!

a27a0a No.686793


I always say I'm unencumbered by a classical education.

901af0 No.686794



Digs Confirm!

159f37 No.686795


Going real good! "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." Can't get better than THAT!

1ae071 No.686796



https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAOKwD0gabU

Sharp Dressed Man.

Have you been spying on me?

98e091 No.686797


Why is this here?

How old are you?

912a83 No.686798


8fe17c No.686799


MONDAY. That'll surely be the day.

9f269d No.686800


Fake Q


bebece No.686801


^^^what's not now considered college courses material

025c62 No.686802

File: 3b78dec34269698⋯.png (275.8 KB, 438x263, 438:263, Screenshot-2018-3-7 Meme G….png)



< Crush the biblefags

8fe17c No.686803


Thanks for that, Pastor.

50d103 No.686804


This will be there PLAY, deepstate pulls trigger, shuts down grid DARKNESS. Blames RUSSIA. WW3 End of Days

901af0 No.686805


that is good or bad?

fed0b8 No.686806


why are shitlibs so obsessed with depicting the president naked?

6e6d51 No.686807


Triggered is what pos millennials do when they think somebody cares about their feelings…. Verbal assault? Kek. GTFO! You don't belong here! Go back, all the way back. Don't come back

a27a0a No.686808


What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

eef4a7 No.686809

File: ca4deb2cec27b72⋯.jpg (55.59 KB, 498x634, 249:317, sf7d89g687dsg687dsfg68sd7f.jpg)


Filter NAME. Game over on that butt-stuffing clown.

f9833b No.686810

File: e4f36c2c54b5b5e⋯.gif (497.17 KB, 499x274, 499:274, tumblr_lm9475oxly1qiym67.gif)

d1cc55 No.686811


Less filling, tastes great!

ba371f No.686812


Responding to FAKE Q bro! Chillfag

f7b06e No.686813

a4f0e4 No.686814



Of course it was.


1a9bc5 No.686815


and here you are wasting time writing about other people wasting time. Imagine the hypocrisy??? And here I am wasting time writing about you wasting time writing about other anons wasting time. Imagine????

21cd69 No.686816

File: bcfb7c95e7f3b45⋯.jpg (80.62 KB, 620x438, 310:219, DYYxUqcU8AUqlVO (1).jpg)

All that's missing here is the shit stain and it's golden!

55ecca No.686817

File: b9c520b7a7f8b1a⋯.png (295.67 KB, 885x648, 295:216, ObamaDeleted.png)


a4a40a No.686