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File: 077ab1e7aaf2fbf⋯.jpg (521.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 077ab1e7aaf2fbfea054d57ecf….jpg)

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5b5753 No.690765

https:// pastebin.com/8YAP9eBH

79ffcf No.690808

FLYNN 2024!!!!

71abb4 No.690834

File: b713fc29f6182b9⋯.png (555.04 KB, 735x413, 105:59, package explosion.png)

Couple of observations

FL school shooting

3-15 FL school/university Bridge collapse

3-15 TX chemical plant explosions

TX package bombings

1st letter of each street in order of bombing spells,


Could be a coincidence that it spells something or maybe a message? Could be someone was a target & the other 2 are to throw police off. Just may be too crazy of a coincidence to refer to Hogg.

Both FL & TX had the storm/flooding/hurricane, we do know that there is some sort of weather tech out there. If Jennifer Lawrence comments about TX derserving Harvy bc the state went for Trump give us even a small clue to what the cabal is thinking. Just very interesting, can't specifically say TX & FL are being targeted. Chemical plant bombing sauce, foxnews.com/us/2018/03/15/texas-chemical-plant-explosion-leaves-at-least-1-person-missing-1-injured.html

1b2024 No.690841

ANONS good work recently these last few breads hit hard

213bae No.690844

File: 8f37abbc8cf345e⋯.gif (8.7 MB, 480x270, 16:9, giphy.gif)

42f53c No.690862

File: 04f3cf4ab04bdfc⋯.png (3.58 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 58A5F7FC-E4B0-40D8-8965-34….png)

Falkland Islands is a little British Overseas Terriitory. It lays just off the eastern coast of the southern tip of South America.

Interesting tidbits about the Falkland Islands;

It’s run by the Monarch of the United Kingdom, which is the head of state for the territory.

also, they’re official anthem is “God save the Queen” and their motto “desire the right”

348029 No.690865

Hi there, God. PepeAnonFrog here, humbly requesting Wisdom, Enlightment, and a GreatAwakening for all anons. Do us a solid, will Ya, Big Guy? Thanks.

c87888 No.690867

File: fd2abf71787ff95⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 189.16 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, s8iOaQe.jpg)

Thank you, Baker!

5b5753 No.690868

File: 66a48d8ade9a65e⋯.jpg (43.09 KB, 474x394, 237:197, daddy pepe and nons.jpg)

d0cee3 No.690869


> a hand up each other's vajajay to have "orgasms"

That's not just for lesbians or librarians, anon.

t. the female ejaculation whisperer

125d2e No.690870


Fox News Accidentally Publishes Draft Report on McCabe Firing (He Has Not Been Fired Yet)

by Josh Feldman | 7:56 pm, March 16th, 2018

Fox News accidentally jumped the gun a little today, briefly publishing the draft of a report prepared in the case that outgoing FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe got fired.

There have been reports that McCabe may get fired before his retirement officially starts this weekend and lose his pension, following a recommendation from the disciplinary office.

Well, with so much attention on what AG Jeff Sessions will decide, Fox News accidentally published a pre-write with some details before any announcement was made:The post was up on the site for around 45 minutes before being taken down.

Mediaite received this statement from Editor-in-Chief and VP of Fox News digital Noah Kotch:

FoxNews.com accidentally published on Friday evening a draft version of a news report that was being prepared on standby in the event that Andrew McCabe was fired. This mistake was the result of a technical error. The article was never surfaced on the website, and it was immediately taken down. We sincerely regret this serious error.

b8e6ba No.690871

>>690839 (last bread)

I think it would be more effective to emphasize that the woman (Stormy) is paid to smear POTUS because all the other globalist tactics have failed.

3603df No.690872

But not against here just jokes.

What is that pounding

Rain on the roof it is nothing

35c402 No.690873


Expand your fisting.

b3d7d9 No.690875


lmao, the guy on left...muh coat is too damn big

he didnt come prepared

278ac9 No.690877

File: ed6bd962feccaa7⋯.jpg (65.31 KB, 273x412, 273:412, OliverWillith.jpg)


2ae448 No.690878

File: 7aaf94bc61c37ae⋯.jpg (63.57 KB, 450x675, 2:3, s7df89g6d8f97g6ds8fg7f6g.jpg)

e746e9 No.690879

i like these

>>690708 (lastbread)

>>690852 (lastbread)

(but i'm always a sucker for memes quoting/remixing Q)

(except when they suck)


agree that Stormy's not our storm to be bothered with. You want to focus on what CNN is focusing on? Follow their lead? REALLY?

5b5753 No.690880

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


3603df No.690881


not bad but in oval office

1cb8df No.690882


That UK Monarch is a complete mess., the Falklads/Malvinas must be Argentines..

020606 No.690883


posted that and the link last bread no one cared..


773b7c No.690884


keywords ban, banhammer, BO/BV, should be banned, porn, and the entire biblefag list.

64e4cf No.690885

we need more crumbs. light a fire in this thread.

5b5753 No.690886

File: efda5d908c8c641⋯.png (42.5 KB, 774x339, 258:113, capture.PNG)

https:// www.timesofisrael.com/netanyahu-may-be-questioned-again-monday-along-with-wife-and-son/

090c31 No.690887


>>TRust Sessions

>>i think that should have been Trust >>Sessions???

>>I really think I agree with Dave Hodges that Sessions is going away and Trey Gowdy will be the new AG.


there is a larger plan afoot anon. Can't you see it. This public fake tension between Trump and Sessions is a show put on to direct the narrative. If Sessions and Trump seem to be at odds when Hillary indictment drops or when wide spread voter fraud gets exposed, Sessions will be shown as acting independently and not politically which is what the left would have immediately accused him of if he was perceived as getting along with Trump.

This is an information war and they need to control the narrative within the media as best they can so the American public will actually hear the evidence.

This game of chess runs deeper than you realize

3603df No.690888


Yup i always believe cnn

af916c No.690890


I am not violent -

but if I ever see you on the street in Gtown Oliver - I am going to knock you the FUCK OUT

No warning

e73f7e No.690891

File: 15783e549d070e2⋯.png (152.47 KB, 888x242, 444:121, 1521225580418.png)

2ae448 No.690892


Not to mention a years-long string of rape allegations that still persist to this day. The Stormy thing - even IF it habbened was consentual. So the issue is a non-starter. It's mindless gossip for the part of the left we will never reach no matter how hard we try…

d40336 No.690893

I'm feeling comfy knowing we have a lot of old famalam around lurking.

CIAniggers shitting up the board is temporary, dead cat bounce shit.

I'll be here digging and brainstorming.

1638fe No.690894


I was reading an interesting treatise of the nature of sin the other day, and how all disorder (physical, spiritual, psychological and natural) stems from the Fall.

The suggests the Roman Catholic belief that disorders in nature, such as extreme weather events, are nature reacting to the presence of increased sin. As the latter increase, so does the former.

I found this interesting, in that everything Liberal Progressives (ie Reform Judaism for Gentiles) believe, when examined more closely, always seems to end up as being a deliberate opposing reaction to God's Will.

Climate Change is a huge Reform Judaism crusade, and if I remember the sites on Reform Judaism it's not an atheist belief, but based on their scripture. (It's convenient how often Gentile Liberals are unaware of how they're acting us advocates for Scripture).

As such, it makes sense they would push the Climate Change Hoax, for not only does it place the blame on one of Reform Judaism's greatest enemies (Capitalism), it also crushes the Christian idea that it is Man who causes natural disasters through increased Sin, and, as such, it stops Liberals reflecting on their moral actions.

Two birds with one stone, so to speak.

Board members really need to dig into Reform Judaism further. It explains a hell of a lot about politics.

178871 No.690895


The current cryptocurrencies promise all sorts of security and fidelity and the proponents of those systems don't appear to be aware of just how compromised ALL of the hardware and software is. Without solving that, you don't even have a place to start. For this reason, I totally ignore cryptocurrencies.

Implementing a robust distributed system isn't all that hard. Then how is it that there are no whitepapers coming out of academia about it? All of the experts (and I have researched this) believe it is impossible. Uh....cabal much? They're simply destroying anyone's career that touches on that subject and funding the hell out of anyone who publishes anything saying it is a "holy grail".

They do the same thing with fusion reactors (which exist) and electromagnetic propulsion systems (which exist.) They change the education of these disciplines in order to obfuscate the understanding such that those educated to be experts will miss the details necessary to do this.

Tesla's work is a great example of this. They say Wardencliffe was about transmitting wireless energy. What was it really about? I know, but I'm not going to slide the board (or get gagged with an NSL.) These techniques of misinformation are incredibly powerful and have been in place for well over 100 years.

Back to the direct point - yes, if you incentivize participation, you solve the entire 'business' of the network. Have the price paid for resources fluctuate based on need. If there's more need, it is more profitable to provide those resources. If you use a lot, hey, just pay for it and everyone wins. No business necessary - no bills - no access charges, etc.

Regarding "badge" - badges, tokens, shiny 'rewards' that online systems like games give the player when they accomplish some goal. They're stupid. Let's teach people that those things are worthless and other things are valuable. Like, for example, LEARNING SHIT AND BEING PRODUCTIVE.

7b137b No.690896

Lesbians trying to impress each other cuck'n board

348029 No.690897


>Yup i always believe cnn is a steaming pile of shit.

Trips don't lie.

b3d7d9 No.690898


me too, lol

i really cant believe people really watch it

unless its like the springer show for them

af4510 No.690899


Biblefags may end up being important.

I would not ban.

Also they don't seem to spam.

57b694 No.690900


We all look forward that. Let us know how it goes.

21f8f1 No.690902


Where's the next G?

51355b No.690903


I found it interesting

49e762 No.690904

File: 89bcadb97c7fa32⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1272x663, 424:221, Hannity_2011.png)

Here we go! Another episode of Hannity and another purple tie. Every time he says "bought and paid for" you have to drink.

6fc172 No.690905

File: ab95e09ac4fce79⋯.jpg (165.9 KB, 625x625, 1:1, 377824134683562354yt865234….jpg)


3603df No.690906


All you need is doubt about Stormy.

That is the Democratic Tactic and it works.

c6b4fd No.690907


veddy nahsss

57b694 No.690908



c9b4c4 No.690909



c0b4ce No.690910


i believe you are right

either way we should know soon

i dont think POTUS can afford to wait too much longer to go public/drop the hammer with elections in november

not to mention my nerves….

POTUS is nails

0992fd No.690911

I posted this a few a few days ago.

Found this on my laptop while cleaning, deleting files.

Since Q showed up with his "drops" since October, it sort of blew me away after reading this again.

The Hopi Elder message was like reading a Q drop.

The style, words, form, the message itself.

Hope the bread maker can place this in the bread, or somewhere else motivation when someone needs it.

Remember what Q always says, "There are no coincidences."

BTW, the last line is a doozy.

NOTE: I saved this on Saturday, November 12, 2016

“A Message From The Hopi Elders”

“You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour.

Now you must go back and tell the people that this is The Hour.

Here are the things that must be considered:

Where are you living?

What are you doing?

What are your relationships?

Are you in right relation?

Where is your water?

Know our garden.

It is time to speak your Truth.

Create your community.

Be good to each other.

And do not look outside yourself for the leader.

This could be a good time!

There is a river flowing now very fast.

It is so great and swift, that there are those who will be afraid.

They will try to hold on to the shore.

They will feel they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly.

Know the river has its destination.

The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river,

keep our eyes open, and our heads above the water.

And I say, see who is in there with you and celebrate.

At this time in history, we are to take nothing personal. Least of all, ourselves.

For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.

The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves!

Banish the word “struggle” from your attitude and your vocabulary.

All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

We are the ones we have been waiting for!”

- Oraibi, Arizona, Hopi Nation

NOTE: The Hopi Nation was not discovered until around 1880 and lived in same location for over 1100 years, making their home the longest established functional village in North America. ←(Might be a reason they stuck around so long, who knows).

4842a3 No.690912


^^^ found the boomer antifa

d0cee3 No.690913


Pennyroyal tea an a kick to the stomach.

Today we RU-486

e746e9 No.690914

File: cbf54c70046bc66⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1111x777, 1111:777, Q_BiteCrumbs_historic_Clow….png)




006ec0 No.690915


Old guys do that

because they can't get wimmen. lmao

722eb5 No.690916


Has any-anon considered that Trump may have set this up with Stormy just to fuck with the MSM?

He would have to know it would have near zero effect on him, but would be like the missing airliner CNN covered for 8months 24/7.

7b137b No.690917

File: 549e25835528a54⋯.jpg (56.43 KB, 628x628, 1:1, IMG_1150.JPG)

Dykes are not dams

51355b No.690918


Purple ? Looks blue to me

3603df No.690919


sow doubt in stormy

6fc172 No.690920

File: 583a0c9dcbeea85⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 33.02 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 21294390_2013054682044935_….jpg)


Thank You Baker

178871 No.690921


of course he did.

57b694 No.690922

File: da29bc3b1feaa38⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 583.31 KB, 1024x455, 1024:455, ClipboardImage.png)

b8e6ba No.690923



773b7c No.690924


you misunderstand … i want no-one banned, and nothing deleted … those are filtering keywords.

3603df No.690926


sow doubt in stormy

f3618e No.690927

File: 23f07e111e1a357⋯.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1668x1556, 417:389, DFC04549-4372-442B-B5D4-E….jpeg)


d0cee3 No.690928


So again, Russian hacke…er, chemists.

125d2e No.690929



cb4999 No.690930

File: ccc933457a1adb3⋯.jpg (76.26 KB, 500x476, 125:119, oopspoops.jpg)

File: 0c55b14358f9f90⋯.jpg (1.64 MB, 2213x6204, 2213:6204, timeline.jpg)

b3d7d9 No.690931


17 is mine

3603df No.690932


Remember an intern brought down Clinton.

0652bd No.690933

Alice in wonderland…the rabbit kept saying

"Look at what time it is"

Has anyone looked at the clock lately?

5b5753 No.690934


Have they said why he died yet?

354f1b No.690935

What is with the old ass men sucking each other off porn? This just a troll job or these guys luciferians we should know?

6fc172 No.690936



7b137b No.690937


This bitch owns a Subaru

e746e9 No.690938


ah, good ole pandaclock, how's it doing?

4d45fd No.690939


Stop it Pelican Fag,I know it's you

71abb4 No.690940


There is only 1 that we know of, we don't know if there were other packages, they haven't said much since it happened. Not saying it refers to Hogg, could be too crazy of a coincidence. If message, maybe calling Hog like a pig? Lipstick on a pig type insult?

d0cee3 No.690941


>get a Zippah

I have to change the channel when he comes on. His yelling makes me physically ill.

8242ab No.690942

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Lord of the Memes

51355b No.690943


Do we know what he died of ?

6c11d5 No.690944


Whath the futh did you juth futhing thay about me, you litthle BITH?! I'll hath you know i grathuathed top of meme clath in the Blue Thealth, and I've been involvthed in numerouth thechret raidth on Al-Reddith, and I hath a team of over 300 confirmed thillth. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top thitpother in the entire media matterth meme thquad.You are nothing to me but juth another target. I will wipe you the futh out with prethithion the liketh of whith has never been theen before on thith Earf, mark my thucknig wordth. You think you can get away with thaying that thit to me over the Internet? Think again, futher. Ath we thpeak, I am contacting my thupervithor DAVID BROTHK, who ith gonna backtrath you across the UTHA and your IP ith being trathed right now so you better PREPARE FOR THE STORM, MAGGOT. The Thorm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're futhing dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can thill you in over theven hundret wayth, and thatth just with my bare hands. Not only and I extensithly trained in unarmed combat, but I have accetththhh to the entire arthenal of THOROHT OPEN THOTHIETY FOUNDATHION and I will use it to it's full extent to wipe your mitherable atth off the face of the conitinent, you little thit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your liddle "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would hath held your futhing tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the prith, you goddamn idioth. I will thith fury all over you and you will drown in it.

57b694 No.690945


You sure?

213bae No.690946


Seems like a gross fucking troll

57b694 No.690947

8dcedc No.690949

File: 0c714d4c2acf0ca⋯.jpg (33.29 KB, 570x344, 285:172, 1521246885626.jpg)

Reminder to anons to stop listening to prediction fags and random twitter accounts pretending to be in the know. You're only setting yourself up for disappointment, which leads to you being angry here and in general. Pic related

348029 No.690950


Lemon Party

3603df No.690951



0dc870 No.690952


It's an age old archaic meme from the early-mid 2000s.

Basic shock 'humour'

Just filter it and move on.

6fc172 No.690953


filter and move on Anon.

722eb5 No.690954


Fuck! I almost forgot about that night.

Still counting? I forgot the link!

b8e6ba No.690955



65dfda No.690956

File: da31ea7afed0847⋯.jpg (12.62 KB, 255x128, 255:128, 6fb474537c432e5aa572a75cea….jpg)

File: c364482c821537f⋯.png (16.86 KB, 180x255, 12:17, e5d62e97b9efefe8f0a9ad18bf….png)

File: e734af8d772e99d⋯.png (55.97 KB, 220x309, 220:309, USAFSAM_Shield.png)



I beseech thee

do not rush Q

why does he post in intervals?

why is he not here posting always?

are we human?

can we be here 24-7?

pace of life is critical

positive feels man

take it easy and enjoy the show

4d3d03 No.690957

Does anybody else get the idea that Theresa May might have become "un-neutralized?"

Q has mentioned that Putin is controlled by the three families: (#15)

>There are more good people than bad. The wizards and warlocks (inside term) will not allow another Satanic Evil POS control our country. Realize Soros, Clintons, Obama, Putin, etc. are all controlled by 3 families (the 4th was removed post Trump's victory).

But he also pointed out this: (#133)

> “Vladimir Putin: The New World Order Worships Satan”

So we know Putin has had issues with the Rothschilds & Co., then threw them out. We also know that Russia has been scapegoated for everything…but primarily by whom? Globalist-allied media and deep state actors, for the most part, and those parroting them. Everyone on this board has been accused of being a Russian bot at one point or another, and I doubt any of us are. I know I'm not, and the only bots I've experienced are the shills in here.

We know that the C_A has spoofed attacks to look as if they've originated in China and/or Russia:

<https:// www.newsmax.com/newsfront/wikileaks-cia-hacks-disguise/2017/03/31/id/781787/

We also know that Q has mentioned the "Russian Reset" in #237:

>Biggest cover up in our history.

>U1 - CA - EU - ASIA\NK.

I>ran deal.

>Russian reset.


We also know that May had been "neutralized" from #620:

>May is neutralized.

>MI6/SIS undergoing house cleaning.

>Queen/monarchs seeking shelter.


>These people are stupid.


I'm thinking that the Deep State ordered these hits on these Russian spies, and went into overdrive blaming the Russians to keep that bullshit narrative going. Why would they do it so ham-handedly, with all of this attention on them already? Likely those spies had information on the U1 scandal, among other things. I'm thinking that the deep state–in particular the Rothschilds, are trying to bring all the anger they can muster down on Russia. I would bet that they are the ones ultimately behind these killings, and May decided to go with it because…why wouldn't she, given a choice between "neutralization" and staying in power via Deep State puppetry? The more that they can discredit Russia, the more they can scapegoat them and empower the media to push narratives blaming them for everything the Deep State does.

Tillerson was fired pretty quickly after Tweeting that he felt that Russia was likely behind the poisonings. Did Trump get rid of him for speaking without consulting with Trump first? I'd be pissed if I were President and someone were putting out a statement on such a matter without consulting me first. Certainly it wasn't too much to ask to provide a sample to Russia so they could do their own investigation–it's not as if anyone would believe them if they denied it, but it would have been a reasonable accommodation in light of the accusation.

I'm no fan of Russia. Honestly, I'm sure that there are bad elements there that are doing horrible things, just like there are bad actors in the US. I doubt Putin has full control over there, and I know Putin is no innocent, virginal lamb. But we know they didn't hack Hillary's email. We know they didn't hack our elections. We know they didn't collude with Donald Trump. And I'm guessing that they didn't kill those spies, either–at least, not the ones in the past week.

020606 No.690958


make a new one just like it with Mel Gibson from Conspiracy Theory :)

354f1b No.690959


Like the Superbowl faggot sex trolls? Those were bad. This isnt all that much better.

5c933d No.690961



Right. She's a media Honeypot. Every time she giggles she makes money from her videos, streams, interviews, etc. The media is making her rich and Donald is probably in on the scam.

213bae No.690962


lol already did

2ae448 No.690963


Doubt wasn't enough to sink Billy-boy. Not worried. If They had anything, they would have laid it bare by now. It's not enough to make a lick of difference.

Those who support Trump are staying in that camp and those who staunchly don't, aren't moving either. I don't care what games the media is playing right now - even on Fox (via a couple of their contributors) - 2020 is sewn up. His accomplishments will come full circle for election time + he will be the incumbent (a natural position of strength that's already a gimme).

94aa95 No.690964

File: be1120545e2d493⋯.png (440.82 KB, 429x474, 143:158, ClipboardImage.png)

21f8f1 No.690965


Been hearing lipstick on a pig a lot lately.

7b137b No.690966

Some revolting vaginal anon wants to prove her diversity is like a catch glove left in the compost pile. Old beer and banana peels

9a8d6a No.690967

File: 0ee34fb5fb6d994⋯.jpg (95.26 KB, 1000x760, 25:19, Shadilay.jpg)

0652bd No.690968


Not a pandaclock fag.

My watch is broke.

Asking if anyone has the time?

278ac9 No.690970

69220b No.690971

AC360 bringing up a storm quote, guest interjects with story about Trump: "I am the Storm."

https:// webmshare.com/play/EVw8L

006ec0 No.690973


It's because women tire men's obsession with dick. She shuts down…. So then men turn to men.

3603df No.690974

Stormy went in and asked for a raise

Not that kind she said. Then knelled down.

5b5753 No.690975


Did Thomas Paine stop tick tocking? He started tick tocking in Nov.

af4510 No.690976


What is that 3rd image from?

(The one with the lamp on top of the blue and red shield)

722eb5 No.690977


I don't care if he banged her, but he is a clean person and would not have wanted a porn star. For Gods sake his wife is a perfect 10!

Furthermore- I am happy with him trolling in such a manner. It is all CNN can talk about while they lisp and sink.

0160bc No.690978


yet out anti gun retard-in-cheif- is suing her for 20 million.

really now? as Mccabe gets his +2mil pension and Hillary wanders India. Q= Larp

2ae448 No.690980


I bet faggotanon had to tap out to take that photo. Prob mad bc we didn't buy his clown FE theory KEK. He sure was trying to fool us with that whole "the Bible says the earth is flat" crap, eh? :D

70aab5 No.690981

File: 0392a34dfa62992⋯.png (84.03 KB, 1055x321, 1055:321, bing.png)


i find Bing search to be remarkably accurate

125d2e No.690982



Tick tock


Drunk before

69220b No.690983



0b7598 No.690984

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5511871/Trump-attorney-porn-Stormy-Daniels-violated-NDA-20-times-seeks-20M.html

Trump's attorney filed a lawsuit against Stormy Daniels. $20M in damages.

59450f No.690985


For those interested in the photo of Angela Kasner and two others at a New Years Eve party in Berlin in 1972, here are some more photos from that party

http:// www.inaagency.se/features.php?cat_id=63&feat_id=2961&sessionid=4r6lohhr16750aa1d4spvn9hu3&l=english

71abb4 No.690986


Really? In the news?

3603df No.690987


Lies work or we would not be where we are now.

Humor works better.

64e4cf No.690988

b0d6ae No.690989

File: 52553aaae8ca8a1⋯.png (45.98 KB, 401x539, 401:539, Trump Tweet Meeting Kim.PNG)


Trump has posted several times about meeting Kim and yet the MSM have not picked it up.

7b137b No.690990

File: 7d4ec65a1585687⋯.jpg (128.7 KB, 625x705, 125:141, IMG_1113.JPG)

Thank you Alex , I'm gonna with "shit I don't get paid for" for $1000

06207e No.690991


Nooooo we will die kek

81e105 No.690992

Epic drop and dig

Over at half chan. Relevant to our efforts.

http:// boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/163902843

57b694 No.690994


The earth might not be flat, but your dick is definitely hard. Show it off a little. Don't be shy.

0cfbdf No.690995

What if Trumps lawyer paid her to make this story up? Part of the movie?

5be1b9 No.690996


Words of wisdom, anon. Thank you.

6a5c47 No.690997


The time is now.

213bae No.690998



hearsay but still interesting

5b5753 No.690999



Trust the plan. Something is about to go down in the EU BILGY.

090c31 No.691000


Q and Company are "SETTING THE STAGE"

I believe they are disseminating fake info of infighting to people like Corsi and Cernovich to make it more believable to the lefty press.


125d2e No.691002


NEver met that female

86d03d No.691003


Clearly this is the March Madness Q was talking about. To cripple the integrity of the MSM on both sides. Maybe you should stop worshipping MSM. Even if it is boomer tv Fox News. Two sides, same fucking shekel.

da0ef0 No.691004


You can have the brown one. I'll take the Aryan on the left.

178871 No.691005


hearsay. given what is going on with all of this, i wouldn't touch this with a 10 ft. shaft.

2ae448 No.691006

File: e70cd106a50f3aa⋯.jpg (40.64 KB, 504x376, 63:47, 74nd.jpg)


KEKEK - you just outed yourself faggot.

5c933d No.691007


Totally agree.

0652bd No.691008


That's when I've been waiting

51355b No.691010



64e4cf No.691011

0890a2 No.691012


They sure are.


March madness, indeed.



0160bc No.691013

File: 5f923efb7b0cc4c⋯.jpg (11.19 KB, 248x203, 248:203, fine.jpg)

c306f6 No.691014


Merkel "shocked" look with POTUS @ joint news conference? Wonder what "taping" he's alluding to?? Code used there??

7b137b No.691015

So what is despotic in plerbitopia and does the plerbiteria still have patrons

125d2e No.691016


Vomited. A bunch…

3603df No.691017


Not the issue.

CNN and others are making her a credible witness!!!!!

Can we allow that?

da0ef0 No.691019


Yup. The second anyone tries to interpret a Q message as a date, filter.

b3d7d9 No.691020

773b7c No.691021

File: 6db1b012e292a99⋯.jpg (141.34 KB, 397x717, 397:717, 26k21t.jpg)

1cb8df No.691022


May is so weak right now..good digits.

3603df No.691024

If you don't think they can sell a porn star as credible you are wrong!

Your choice.

da0ef0 No.691025



d0cee3 No.691026


Yeah, but the tone of that article reeks of "stupid normies aren't buying the narrative our lawyers are selling because Trump." You can practically hear the sneering of that 'journalist.'

882a79 No.691027


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https:// www.youtube.com/embed/1yuZKAdvxJU" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

71abb4 No.691028


I bring it up bc it is SO STRANGE

2 common factors in each state set and both states have a step progression thing in common.

FL 2 incidents involving schools

TX 2 incidents involving explosions

FL high school then ->University

TX package explosion->chemical plant explosions

e8854d No.691029

d40336 No.691030


Whos ID is that.

178871 No.691031


porn stars are just people. some of them are nice people.

125d2e No.691032


Anon cord cut

Another anon provided link

Stop saber rattling peckerhead.

5b5753 No.691033

File: bfdb3bed6971f58⋯.png (344.03 KB, 645x638, 645:638, capture.PNG)


You mean like this?

9b3a5e No.691034

Brace yourselfs…we are biological robots. Every emotion, every sensation, every mood, every body function, can be induced with the push of a button. Humans are highly valuable for getting shit done without the button pushers going down for it. They are the only ones who get to live this life to the fullest.

b3d7d9 No.691035


is slippery when wet

06207e No.691036


Bad trips but I love the message. ThanQ for sharing

cbf471 No.691037


Anyone who is not a Christian worships Satan and must be killed.

3603df No.691039



I have a camera and money. What will you do?

178871 No.691040


come get me.

be8c17 No.691041

File: 19c25b3a5d2bc70⋯.jpg (40.1 KB, 419x387, 419:387, q.jpg)

File: 414f03ea653c55f⋯.jpeg (110.11 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Isa45.8.jpeg)

File: e433a3f80fe1381⋯.jpg (198.67 KB, 1000x1001, 1000:1001, finishit.jpg)

57b694 No.691042



What, you mean like this?

https:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/147547939/#147567888

7b137b No.691043

>>691025 after rock is shock

After shock is Spock

After Spock is the minivanner

Two in the front, five in the rear

01d288 No.691044



I understand why MSM haven't picked up anything: he is simply referring to the meetings they plan to have in the future.

cba870 No.691045






















cbf471 No.691046



77ab5a No.691047

File: 58ce79b4b846e46⋯.png (62.6 KB, 254x373, 254:373, 58ce79b4b846e46fcd02c2801b….png)

File: 2b851516d9d1271⋯.jpg (18.92 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 6a57666324c63da20ae769b6a2….jpg)

File: 17889020cac0e51⋯.jpg (18.82 KB, 204x255, 4:5, d5b54a25cec8d2f2338b1179ce….jpg)


ok cool, TY, bunch of names.

Shareblue is clearly shillary-loser related.

So you saying them shitting up the board, did I get that right? Sauce? IP records? Anything?

Or are you shitting up the board really?

And yes, these are barfbag humans, I agree, but I persist: sauce? Sourcecode of them bots? Anything?

a7650f No.691048

178871 No.691049


ah, another one who knows the mind of God.

c0b4ce No.691050


no you got it wrong

anyone who is not a muslim is an infidel and must be killed!

a6729e No.691051


So, anyone who does not worship your fictitious being is obviously worshiping another fictitious being.

Eat a dick, retard. KYS

d71376 No.691052

The Associated Press

‏Verified account @AP

9m9 minutes ago

BREAKING: Florida transportation officials: Engineer called 2 days before bridge collapse to report cracking at 1 end of span.

3603df No.691053


You get the point right?

86d03d No.691054


That's horseshit that it's going to be April to be honest. We're being dragged on for a shitty ride when they could easily do needs to be done to awaken the masses on a large scale.

3:16 did nothing. Neither did Ides of March.

57b694 No.691055


Better strap in and buy some Vagisil and coconut oil.

d0cee3 No.691056

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It doesn't matter if you believe it, it's if they believe it.

69220b No.691057

File: 3f349a26f42485d⋯.png (2.25 MB, 1265x877, 1265:877, ClipboardImage.png)


1fd2fd No.691058

File: 49acbd565fdabf1⋯.jpg (84.59 KB, 640x534, 320:267, Noahide World Order.jpg)

Talking about the Noahide Law for the Goyim upsets you?

You'd rather people didn't know?

The NOAHIDE World Order

Soros takes orders from (P)harisees

Read the text. It signs you into second class citizenship

49e762 No.691059


wasn't he doxxed?

2121a5 No.691060


He's supposed to be dead….

f24fd6 No.691061

File: ddf28d9e0ac132f⋯.jpg (78.49 KB, 640x960, 2:3, IMG_1095.JPG)

Cevapi awareness

5b5753 No.691062



No, look at the date POTUS has pointed out in the tweet. The last time they had a missile test was 2 weeks after POTUS Asia trip. That is what POTUS is pointing out.

cbf471 No.691063


Jesus sees it when you masturbate. Repent!

21f8f1 No.691064


Agreed, there is NO Frickin way he touched that Skank of a petri dish.

0890a2 No.691065


It's all symbolic.

Put it together with the Parkland Bus Burnings and the Parkland School Shooting and a more complete picture will emerge.

c0b4ce No.691066


kek sarcasm!

af916c No.691067



3603df No.691068


5a9273 No.691069


What are you still doing here then? Fucking leave already.

0890a2 No.691070


and that is when we began to be sold down the river and all the factories disappeared….. coincidence, huh?

65dfda No.691071

File: 9a97bc6b66474d2⋯.jpg (254.36 KB, 1174x1200, 587:600, DQ-jpkWV4AACirw.jpg)

File: 5c4839d0e6d8aa1⋯.jpg (798.03 KB, 783x1024, 783:1024, 1f642a6776b34f712448c5bd33….jpg)

File: a0fd218b1f60a53⋯.png (226.43 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, untitled.png)

File: e734af8d772e99d⋯.png (55.97 KB, 220x309, 220:309, USAFSAM_Shield.png)


I've been trying to dig moar there. Volanti Subvenimus. The shield of the aerospace medicine program in the USG. Kennedy got capped right after dedicating their new facility in Houston and

giving his famous last speech about going into space kinda reminds me of the baby with the gold Christmas ornament over his head on the children's headboard at the Vandy's. Also the guy who ran the experiments there was named Liddle. Then he ran the program at Vanderbilt U for Endochrinology and became a huge boss. Loads to dig here

c512c1 No.691072


I like when Cerno shits the bed like this.

He burns more and more cred.

Soon nobody will listen.

0cfbdf No.691073


Wrong, all fucking Goy must die

86d03d No.691074

Ok blind follower. Good job being mindless drone. What else you got?

d40336 No.691076


Extensive back channel


POTUS fucking met Fatboy and has been negotiating all along and even sent his daughter to complete details.

Fucking kek. This media is late as fuck

f2ba03 No.691077

be the autists we know you are


4d3d03 No.691078


Anything May touches right now reeks to me. There have already been incredible sanctions on Iran. That whole line of questioning by Q asking about the $400 million dollar cash delivery? That was money sent to Iran specifically to get around those sanctions.

Then again, smart sanctions are what killed North Korea. So if they're done in earnest, by people actually trying to make them work, they're effective. So we'll see…but the leap to accuse Russia so quickly is the signature of the deep state to me right now, because they're stupid and it's an obvious pattern.

0ee1be No.691079



Thx bro

77ab5a No.691080



That Vagisil works on vaginas, not on cunts, remember? Big mistake, often made. Fixed it for ya.

568871 No.691081


Dude, Cernovich is a genius (at self promotion)

5c9e63 No.691082

Not sure how relevant this is, but it happened today:

http:// www. wsbtv. com/news/local/dozens-arrested-in-massive-multi-state-child-exploitation-crackdown/717008405

76 child exploiters arrested

722eb5 No.691083


Likely that /leftpol is sliding too slow, so they jumped in here because they are all about #Resisting shit without using a brain.

(that's my guess on the "evolution of shills among species")

cba870 No.691084


















9a8d6a No.691085


Incorrect, shill.

Love your neighbor is a commandment central to the Christian faith.

a6729e No.691086


So hard to tell around here sometimes, Anon.

FFS, we are supposed to be surrounded by high IQs.

fdc1e9 No.691087

https:// saraacarter.com/trump-sent-clear-message-to-europe-on-iran-when-firing-tillerson/

To the anons I’ve been discussing Iran with, this supports why I think it was related to the EU opposition primarily, who had been overly influencing RT. With Iranian Revolution coming up, POTUS could no longer put up with RT’s dissent. Russia and China also need to be sidelined. Gulf allies likely tasked with keeping mullah supporters in Syria, Yemen, etc. tied up. NK already neutralized.

dd6229 No.691088


This is very offensive please delet this

57b694 No.691089


I like this anon. He sees.

af916c No.691090


Know your enemy….



006ec0 No.691091


Then you got game. Most men don't.

655f05 No.691092


Ho ho, Fox has trashed itself!!!

https:// www. mediaite.com/online/fox-news-accidentally-publishes-draft-report-on-mccabe-firing-he-has-not-been-fired-yet/

Southernfag here remember the time the Birmingham News published the list of finalists for the Miss Alabama pageant (it is a yuuuge deal here) the Saturday morning before the final round of the pageant that night.

Holy shit, I don't ever want to see that many angry girls again in my life. It's a wonder they weren't burning cars in the parking lot at Samford. Guys get mad, have a fistfight, and get it over with. This was on another level. That's been like since 2012, and I bet they are STILL pissed.

Even damn beauty pageants are fixed.

They're a big deal in the South. Texas pageants are something from an alternate universe.

da0ef0 No.691093


Filter and dont reply.

722eb5 No.691094


I am just going to say:


cba870 No.691095





3603df No.691097

ok LMAO a cia plant in stormy is not to be fought because all find her hot

Got it.

05761a No.691098

McCabe walks

I walks

Nobody gets a free pass

49e762 No.691099

File: 76d7a46aa66cf16⋯.jpg (11.94 KB, 284x177, 284:177, download.jpg)

Friendly reminder that we were talking about #ReleaseTheCures when the recent shootings began.

I saw a commercial earlier for a drug that claims to slow the advance of cancer. The commercial seemed to imply that one maybe able to now "live with" cancer like HIV. I don't watch these commercials often, so I don't know if this kind of drug is new or not.

178871 No.691100

File: 208cf6018d39e8e⋯.png (361.97 KB, 679x1460, 679:1460, ClipboardImage.png)


http:// www. wsbtv. com/news/local/dozens-arrested-in-massive-multi-state-child-exploitation-crackdown/717008405

57b694 No.691101


Basically just be a nigger about it.

c0b4ce No.691102


this was irony - but it reflects the truth of raving religious fanatics

the reason Q said this is not about religion is because it DIVIDES WE THE PEOPLE

Hear that pro lifers? keep it to yourself its your own business and does belong here

c8dfc9 No.691103


Did a little research. Siemens Business Services is located in Germany. It merged with a few other entities into what is now called Siemens IT Solutions and Services.

Germany prosecuted this company. Criminal and civil charges were filed in the US too during the Obama years. Looks like SBS just traded on our stock exchanges.

Trump can partially clean up the entire world going after swampy companies (and insiders) who have no presence in the US but trade on our exchanges. So far, his sanctions have been directed specifically at companies and individuals not countries.

fd24d3 No.691104

I'd like to point out that the R vs D, Conservative vs. Liberal is a programming meant to divide us.

I used to be a progressive and watch Turks/Hartmann. I was the President of my union. But when I saw Trump's first campaign, I loved him. When it looked like it was going to be Trump vs. Bernie, I thought win-win.

You need to realize that Bernie the socialist served a purpose for the Great Awakening. Bernie reached out to young people with a ton of student debt, no jobs, and living in mom's basement. He presented an ideal that IF we didn't spend money of stupid wars, we could easily have that liberal dream.

What do you think it is going to be like when the cabal/deep state is defeated. There will be no more war. Poverty, the environment, health will all be addressed. It will be a whole new world. Bernie let us have a "glimpse" of the potential. He is/was part of the plan.

But… we voted Trump in. And we are winning Bigly.

Praise KEK and Praise our Everlasting Holy Father who keeps His promises. The veil is lifting and I like it.

af916c No.691105

File: 94b940016842323⋯.png (222.57 KB, 468x369, 52:41, ClipboardImage.png)



5a9273 No.691106

File: ff40788ab5be24b⋯.png (47.64 KB, 658x901, 658:901, Dunce-pepe.png)


You clearly have an IQ >80

50652f No.691107

Abodah Zara 26b: "Even the best of the Gentiles should be killed."

006ec0 No.691108


Everything is happening……. It's magical.

3603df No.691109


a62680 No.691111


No she Didn't. Clinton was never kicked out of office !!!

0160bc No.691112

First I think "Q" is bullshit. I wanted to believe.

Second this retard we have as POTUS has managed to make it impossible to RedPill anyone.

Anti-gun and busted/suing Pornstars/hookers.

really? get rid of this moornon. I'll take my chances wiyj Pence. I hope Trump is impeached, which I would bet is next.

59450f No.691113


Wit duh flock bid Jew tossed fogkilm slay oh trout knee. Jew ladle pitch? While half Jew mow high garage you hated drop off nigh glass win duh spiels…

2ae448 No.691114

File: 002aaa598313871⋯.jpg (73.6 KB, 620x565, 124:113, sfd798g6sdf78g96dsf87g6.jpg)


This should be enough proof. If not, just ask @Jack - he's got a few copies, I'm sure…

125d2e No.691115


Central bank of Rothschilds in Iran, yet?

57b694 No.691116


Well, if you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room.

21f8f1 No.691117


Yeah, it's not something I say but it sticks out so likely on Fox or something. I Only livestream Fox so no other MSM, but also no sauce, sorry.

5b5753 No.691118


We need extensive digging on past EU crumbs bc when POTUS was trolling Kim about nukes, it was obvious what was really going on bc of past crumbs about NK. I have no idea what is going on with EU aside from Merkel.

64e4cf No.691119


snnnnniiiiiiffffffffffff…oh yes my dear….sssnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiffffffff….quite pungent indeed…is that….dare I say….sssssssnniff…eggs I smell?……sniff sniff….hmmm…yes…quite so my darling….sniff….quite pungent eggs yes very much so …..ssssssssssssssnnnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiffffff….ah yes…and also….a hint of….sniff….cheese…..quite wet my dear….sniff…but of yes…this will do nicely….sniff…..please my dear….another if you please….nice a big now….


Oh yes…very good!….very sloppy and wet my dear….hmmmmm…is that a drop of nugget I see on the rim?…hmmmm…..let me…..let me just have a little taste before the sniff my darling…….hmmmmm….hmm..yes….that is a delicate bit of chocolate my dear….ah yes….let me guess…curry for dinner?….oh quite right I am….aren't I?….ok….time for sniff…..sssssnnnnnnniiiiiiiiffffffff…..hmmm…hhhmmmmm I see…yes….yes indeed as well curry……hmmm….that fragrance is quite noticeable….yes…..onion and garlic chutney I take it my dear?…..hmmmmm….yes quite…..


Oh I was not expecting that…that little gust my dear….you caught me off guard…yes…so gentle it was though…hmmmm…let me taste this little one…just one small sniff…..sniff…ah….ssssssnnnnnniiiiiffffffffffff…and yet…so strong…yes…the odor….sniff sniff…hmmm….is that….sniff….hmmm….I can almost taste it my dear…..yes….just…sniff….a little whiff more if you please…..ssssssnnnnnniiiiiffffffffff…ah yes I have it now….yes quite….hhhhmmmm…delectable my dear…..quite exquisite yes…..I dare say…sniff….the most pungent one yet my dear….ssssnnnnniiiifffffffffffffffffffffff….yes….

dd6229 No.691120



49e762 No.691121


I swear it seems like I see several stories like this each week… never before have I seen so many child molesters and human trafficking rings being broken up

e746e9 No.691122

File: 6c74d253b46c53b⋯.png (25.37 KB, 396x397, 396:397, Comfy.PNG)


getting better

c67c06 No.691123


What's more secure than a country under embargo?

f10fc2 No.691124

Got a laugh out of this:

https:// apnews.com/3a123dc6efc4424f88626f8c8413b685/The-Latest:-Trump-lawyer-claims-up-to-$20m-in-damages

'Muh Nuggah'


71abb4 No.691125


I hadn't heard, had to look it up, do you mean in PA, Parkland school district?


722eb5 No.691126


If only concernfaganons would realize THIS is part of the planned happenings.

3603df No.691127


The only impeached president never to resign.

43c430 No.691128


Exactly. Why would anyone listen to Mike Cervix anyway?

16b639 No.691129



Top kek!!! Offended? You shouldn't have said that faggot

5be1b9 No.691130


Filtered. I got sick of the Jew hating 2 nights ago.

125d2e No.691131


>I'd like to point out that the R vs D, Conservative vs. Liberal is a programming meant to divide us.

good vs. evil

That is all.

04057e No.691133

File: 4f16e5ef57e55cc⋯.png (105.14 KB, 405x261, 45:29, Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at ….png)

Veteran Congresswoman Rep. Louise Slaughter died Friday days after falling in her residence, her top aide said.

The 88-year-old lawmaker had been the first woman to chair the House Rules Committee and was her party's top member on the panel when she died.

The New York Democrat died at George Washington University Hospital in Washington, a week after a fall in which she'd sustained a concussion, said Liam Fitzsimmons, her chief of staff.

213bae No.691134


lol anon

1fd2fd No.691135


I wish i could but it's law now.

That's why we're fighting.

c512c1 No.691136


Everyone is gonna walk muh man.

It fuckin sucks.

178871 No.691137


Yeah. Thousands and thousands of the worst pedophiles ever being arrested for over a year. Hm….nope! Nothing's up!

9a8d6a No.691138

File: 9c3981379754363⋯.jpg (178.69 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Pharma00.jpg)

File: 8e57a1e0a44b41a⋯.jpg (104.79 KB, 1024x513, 1024:513, Pharma3.jpg)

File: 2cc6941ea4bc3e6⋯.jpg (156.16 KB, 1070x514, 535:257, Pharma4.jpg)

File: 1f904fa8e277550⋯.jpg (133.21 KB, 1027x525, 1027:525, Pharma6.jpg)

File: c8924cf86a12816⋯.jpg (151.13 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Pharma11.jpg)

0160bc No.691139

"we" should have known right here.

0652bd No.691140


No Sir,


c0b4ce No.691141


yes exactly like that

c5e757 No.691142


USAF School of Aerospace Medicine

220501 No.691143


Yeah but I bet he gets supponaed in the end

cba870 No.691144





2ae448 No.691145


>Soros takes orders from (P)harisees

KEK @ this steaming pile of shit here. Pure autism, anon. /facepalm

57b694 No.691146


That's because you're a kike and your father rapes your dog.

01d288 No.691147


thanks, I should have kept my mouth shut.. didn't have a good look and didn't even see q's comment below it.

Sorry & thanks for the correction!

af916c No.691148



Thanks for posting the article

8Chan AUTOMATICALLY breaks your link

no need to do it three times manually

help us out here ok?

0160bc No.691149

File: 7b418c89ddf04a1⋯.jpg (7.11 KB, 259x195, 259:195, jew.jpg)

3603df No.691150

my 10 is out

f3ed11 No.691151

File: e72a56fb38f04cb⋯.jpg (35.13 KB, 300x450, 2:3, 26jo7c.jpg)

1cb8df No.691152


The Week was saved, Again!!

125d2e No.691153


🥚 zactly

49e762 No.691154

almost half of Trumps staff have quit or been fired… I wonder how many of those people that are now gone were in Q group?

178871 No.691155


>help us out here ok?

lazyfag. I cut/pasted it from the OP's message I referenced. I'm not editing his newfag spaces just so you don't have to hit delete a couple of times.

07b2ca No.691156


Agree. That's why Trump blocking the Broadcom takeover of Qualcom is such a big deal. The Spectre and Meltdown problems will get worked out and are due to be solved S2 2018.

There are LOTS of white papers…

I know of a master's dissertation that was just turned in on it…but that's the least of the information out there about it.

Here are 2 links to the example I like best, but you can make you're own decisions. I think you're jumping to conclusions a bit early though.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-RLdU8Y0Qc

https:// maidsafe.net/docs/Safe%20Network%20Primer.pdf

You know what Wardenclyffe was about but won't share? BS without proof.

956b9c No.691157



8242ab No.691158


Yea they know its bad for the maga movement. Nobody is so retarded to not understand that simple 3-checker logic.

c0b4ce No.691159




7085eb No.691160


(from last bread)

Yes, same here.

1fd2fd No.691161


So Soros subverts every country but Israel?

Funny that…..

125d2e No.691162


Egg 🥚 zactly

59450f No.691164


Journalists heavily involved in DC politics see the world through political eyes. If you want perp walks then you see the world through Hollywood eyes. It is a GRAVE mistake to interpret discussions about the murky twisted world of DC politics as if it was a Hollywood script.

Fact is, this is no Hollywood script. It's not a movie at all. It's not even a game. It is just real life which is often grimy and confusing and specifically NOT DESIGNED FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT.

Failure to understand this fact leads many anons to disappointment. But you will still benefit in the end, when the dust is all settled.

57fd08 No.691165


Thelema is the true religion.

006ec0 No.691166


Too early to tell.

42e208 No.691167

File: 091d9cf74ca4e84⋯.jpg (55.62 KB, 1440x983, 1440:983, IMG_1135.JPG)

So the investment bank of records (ibor) pushed for some integrated circuit equality on a chan board. Then professional female agro homos tossed kek salad. And now we all pandering for a tripcode . Sheeple forgot , Pavlov was right , tick tock

d0cee3 No.691168


You wear white gloves in ceremonies.

Was doing research and I bought a pair for looking at rare books, maybe that's why they wear them? To preserve books.

c476a3 No.691169

1 of 2.

A few thoughts. I don't think it's unfair to say a lot of people, myself included, we're hoping today would prove a historical day, Storm-wise. It is 3-16, after all. Unless I missed something, it was (more or less), like any other day of recent past.

I'm not here wading in on the status of Q-team either. I spent many an hour investigating crumbs from months past, and I was convinced Q was, to some degree, an insider. With that said, I'm afraid I may have set my expectations too high.

Why do I say that? Because in a more fair and just world, where things were moving in the right direction, rather than discussing thousands of sealed indictments, at the very least, we would be seeing folks like Lois Lerner frog-marched to prison. The list is endless, and their crimes well documented. Yet today the news blathers on about whether Andrew McCabe should get a pension? A pension? Sheriff Scott Israel is still the Sheriff of Broward County. Debbie W. Schultz has paid no price for actions, including publicly berating the DC Metro Police Chief with 'consequences' if he failed to release the laptop he was holding as evidence (of her crimes).

I am a bit of a black sheep in my family and society. I have asked questions about chemtrails, vaccines, the water, Luciferian global elites and how they operate for many, many years. I used to feel alone. It was only after hearing Trump during the campaign that I began to realize I was not alone. Shortly after, Q appeared and I found Reddit first, then the chans. I have read breads almost exclusively to any other online news source. For a while I maintained a pro-Trump Twatter account, only to learn, early on, it was being heavily shadow-banned. I am aware of the similar purging on Yutube/gaggle/Farcebook etc. I also paid to have a small web shop but GoDaddy has done nothing to assist with SEO and, to date, not one stranger has found my site. In business, all forms of commerce will be controlled, in some fashion, by Amazon (CIA), while simultaneously conservative voices are being shut down by Silicon Valley as to prevent our ability to get our ideas out in aid of upcoming elections. CONTINUED IN MY REPLY POST.

f3618e No.691170


0fc742 No.691171


Expand your smiting

b0d6ae No.691172


Reread Trump's tweet.

He posted …and has promised not do so through OUR MEETINGS.

There is another Trump post that talks about meeting with Kim but no one is paying attention.

d40336 No.691173

Flynn appearing in public today also looking comfy as fuck.

I'd say the assraping of the cabal is coming shortly.

50652f No.691174

File: 57a156b52be37db⋯.jpg (20.31 KB, 204x255, 4:5, jews911.jpg)

fb4586 No.691175


He'd be better off dead.

c476a3 No.691176


2 of 2.

What worries me know is this. If we, as a society, are going to have any success in rounding up those who have acted against the best interests of the country, say Mr. Obama, Mr. Eric Holder, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok/Lisa Page, Sally Yates, Hillary & Bill, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Ben Rhodes, John/Tony Podesta, George Soros and any number of others…I'm afraid it's only going to occur of a long period of time, many years, if not decades, at the least.

Mr. Michael Horowitz's IG report has still not dropped, though I have lost every explanation for that being the case. Mueller's farce continues unabated.

Nothing yet has been done to anyone involved in the great financial collapse, fast and furious, targeting groups by the IRS, uranium 1, the Clinton Foundation etc.

Q's drops, interesting as they are, have not resulted in much progress towards the issues I named, or the many others I didn't mention. They have helped us, as a group, investigate historical affairs many were unaware of, but as to convicting Hillary or Obama etc., they have come up short.

About a month ago I expressed a desire for 'our side' to get a symbolic win in the news. A perp-walk for some low hanging fruit perhaps? I wrote my post after reading a news story about how mean and inconsiderate President Trump was for firing Hope Hicks. I explained to the chan board that I expected the normies at work to talk shit about 45 when I went in. The replies to my post were a bit defensive and harsh. One comment that stands out was someone quoting from The Art of War and then, in Q-like fashion, added that an unannounced thunderbolt was going to strike sometime during the week. A boom, if you will. 'We don't announce our plans to our enemies!'

It never came. In fact Q recently asked if we 'noticed the first boom' that had apparently already occurred. Truth be told, I'm still unsure what that boom was.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this. I appreciate what I learn here, I believe we are making a difference vis-a-vis the narrative. But unless Q-team produces something, very clear in its impact, I will have begun to pull away from the hope I had earlier placed in W-team's ability to affect change. I feel I have been more than patient at this point. What's left for me is the sad realization, that though nothing new, there really are two different rules of law. One for the elites, for whom they rarely, if ever, apply. And one for the rest of humanity, slaves like me. Then it will be up to me to learn how to make that wisdom beneficial rather than just depressing to my spirit and soul.

ed5f6d No.691177


good idea.

256c43 No.691178

I don't think this has ever been brought up. But apologies if it has.

Is the McCabe in Andrew McCabe, an authentic Irish/Scottish name, or could it be a alternate spelling for Macabee, as in Macabees.

2ae448 No.691179


So stop talking about abortion and you won't get responses that trigger your snowflake sensitivity.

1cb8df No.691180

The Shill clown attack is more desperate..

abff44 No.691181


Blavatsky = disciple of Satan

57fd08 No.691182

bb22b5 No.691183

File: 2222f0f71151eb2⋯.webm (9.99 MB, 320x240, 4:3, JFK - The Speech That Kil….webm)

File: 73708170dbf4975⋯.jpg (83.59 KB, 960x719, 960:719, JFKterror.jpg)

3855ed No.691184

where's mutti?

f10fc2 No.691185


make it 200 million.

77ab5a No.691186


Interesting observation from another clearthinking anon. Keeping afloat in the slides and abreast of the sh1lls…

>>691116 I know it's not meant for me originally but, do you really want me to wait outside,like?

>>691119 Getting "shitting up the bread" to a 'whole new dimension while you wait' kinda thing. TY anon, KYS.

b0d6ae No.691187


Q confirmed it. Look

802fa9 No.691188


Expand your booming.

178871 No.691189


>The Spectre and Meltdown problems will get worked out and are due to be solved S2 2018.

I'm not trusting ANY CPUs. I'm building my own computers that are secure regardless of any hardware exploits. I think that's the future of machines because it doesn't cost much more. You need 2 CPUs and a good software implementation - that's it.

>There are LOTS of white papers…

This is new then. Fortunately, I've known how to do it for a very long time. It sickens me that any pressure was put against it in the first place.

Feel free to call BS without proof on Wardencliffe. It won't change my behavior.

2164b6 No.691190


Mary had sex with a Roman soldier, Joseph got pissed, Mary blamed the kid on an angel of God.

….and you fucktards bought the story too.

006ec0 No.691191


Explain to me what it is like to be so ignorant.

be8c17 No.691192

File: ba9e9f9ab3e4964⋯.jpg (406.5 KB, 1000x1382, 500:691, Q_keep_calm_and_destroy_th….jpg)

7b6a04 No.691193


Lemon party, lol, those were the gold old days.

d352d2 No.691194


The outrage is deafening.

Was that the plan?


Criminal prosecution

Sessions expels no political capital, bigger fish, looks fair?

I gotta tell you, it’s painful to witness.

57fd08 No.691195


Wrong, you know nothing.

f3ed11 No.691196

Q has been saying BOOM for 13 days now….

773b7c No.691197


baby murderer filtered

95a661 No.691199


Going full nerd here, but gloves are no longer considered a useful tool when handling archive materials. New thinking says fibers from the gloves are as damaging as oils from the hand…so currently archivists are instructed to handle with freshly washed but not gloved hands.

Or at least that was the thinking last week when it came up in a conversation with a professional archivist.

The moar you know…

1cb8df No.691200


>You need 2 CPUs and a good software implementation - that's it.

With OS Linux?

0160bc No.691201


I lost hope when he lost Hope Hicks.

655f05 No.691202

File: bfd64b7cd52b525⋯.png (11.29 KB, 135x135, 1:1, GBI.png)



This was pretty big. The Georgia AG is on a mission to get the pervs. I think he must have seen all the pedogate stuff, and gotten a fire in his belly.

Full press release with list of perv names: https:// gbi.georgia.gov/press-releases/2018-03-16/76-arrested-multi-state-child-exploitation-operation-named-%E2%80%9Coperation

10-4 on Atlanta being a trafficking hub. Multiple interstate highways intersect in downtown Atlanta and then there's the Hartsfield Latoya Jackson Intergalactic Spaceport And Nail Emporium. Add too many lowlifes plus an enormous metro area which covers almost 8,400 square miles.

I wish somebody would outlaw air conditioning for a couple of years, so all those newcomer fuckers would leave.

6fc172 No.691203

==Remember Anons== Don't let the shill faggots get to you. Don't respond to them. Filter and move on. Bless you all. We will WIN BIGLY!!

42e208 No.691204

8242ab No.691205

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Everything you know is false

c67c06 No.691206


How many times has he said it?

d40336 No.691207


Please never (you) with shitty replies about Flynn. You scream glowing faggot.

Better shills obviously work beginning at about 10pm.

abff44 No.691208

File: 12b59ff31f49642⋯.jpg (18.08 KB, 255x210, 17:14, 2e983d03301ec87bf7e59763a8….jpg)

50652f No.691209


Filthy Kike.

125d2e No.691210


Anon waits.

0652bd No.691211

The root of the Rothschild issue is simple.

Money supply, liquidity…watch water.

We have doubled the amount of cash since 2007.

Dollar is worth 50 cent.

We give them money and they loan it back at a rate…interest fuckery.

c0b4ce No.691212


you articulate well but IMO the jury is still out so this is not productive

The key event (deadline) this year are the midterms so think in that time frame

if nothing by then we are all toast

f3ed11 No.691215


You think Trump fired Hope Hicks?

c87888 No.691216

File: b0bf22546e15f9b⋯.jpg (100.24 KB, 750x469, 750:469, APRIL1.jpg)

77ab5a No.691217


Touché, you're right on that one, no doubt.

Have more meat on them, btw?

(I'm a diggerfag kinda dude)

006ec0 No.691218


Not painful…….. just fascinating.

f717c7 No.691219

File: 491d05abf06f77c⋯.png (1.8 MB, 961x729, 961:729, CommunistsJewsInGermany.png)

ANTIFA - Communist Jews in Germany

c0b4ce No.691220


thy will be done

2ae448 No.691221


Soros was working for OUR CIA and got his start under H.W. Bush - whose daddy funded the Nazis. KYS.

773b7c No.691222


1964 $1.25 = 2018 $15

you missed

5b5753 No.691223


lol and no one gets it.

2c905e No.691224

Is Trump ramping up the deep state's war on drugs part of the dead cat bounce?

178871 No.691225


You could use any [insecure] OS [like linux] on the internal CPU but should should wrote your own system top-to-bottom on the outside CPU. Put the internal CPU in a Faraday cage and only communicate with the outside CPU serially, with a direct hardware [not smart] interface. This eliminates all hardware/peripheral attack vectors.

If you think any OS you can get from the internet is secure, you are SORELY mistaken.

57fd08 No.691226


Fantasy land, don't take the brown acid.

6a5c47 No.691227

File: 142f9e9ea5cfa85⋯.png (299.08 KB, 410x512, 205:256, Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at ….png)

File: 388655b9e2230d9⋯.png (296.81 KB, 408x516, 34:43, Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at ….png)

551c1c No.691228


if you are offend. leave or click hide pic.

c67c06 No.691229

"I had been on the job for a while before I realized that I have no staff," he complained. "Everything the agency does had been pushed down into the components…it's all being managed several levels below me." In other words, the NSA had developed an immune system against external intervention.

https:// www.forbes.com/asap/2002/1007/042_3.html

5c9e63 No.691230


Glad I could help, I heard it on the radio today and figured the patriots here could use it.

66c2d1 No.691231


Nigger a fair happens once a year where you go and get your pigs judged


42e208 No.691232

File: 1e70528798d5d02⋯.jpg (41.07 KB, 640x702, 320:351, IMG_1094.JPG)

I bet the Jews think there is dumb fucking goyim in this country .

2164b6 No.691233


So are you a flattard, or a Catholic or a muzzie…. all the same mental illness

2ae448 No.691234

File: 1ab4f1dd135fc90⋯.jpg (53.06 KB, 606x411, 202:137, 7fsd6g89s7df6gs8df7g6a.jpg)

5b5753 No.691236


I'm agreeing with you. The other anon didn't catch what Q had confirmed.

d0cee3 No.691237


Define plan.

What is a plan for?

What is a plan really for?

Why did he hire that black site spook to run the CIA?

Is Ivanka into BDSM?

Is Trump into CBT?

Is 'covfefe' a safeword?

Trust the plan.

57fd08 No.691238


Red mafia.

2c905e No.691239


Some sports writers say BOOM every time there's a touchdown.

f717c7 No.691240

File: f94f65c7c538b07⋯.png (1.71 MB, 978x710, 489:355, CommunistsJewsInGermany2.png)

ANTIFA - Communist Jews In Germany

9fdcfa No.691241

Brace yourself :) Yesterday I glanced board Q shoed up

c0b4ce No.691242


i couldnt care less about nonsense slurs

i only care about winning with POTUS

and divided we fall - abortion is a 50-50 proposition - cant get more divided than that

Q brought up abortion/PP as evil and that was wrong - it has been in the breads for that reason

722eb5 No.691243


There was a chart floating around about how many pedos are being arrested compared to other administrations. It is not deniable- its happening.


Post a chart for reply concernanon about number of pedo arrests under trump, I do not have it…

Furthermore: Evidence is here about progress, LdR is off twitter, all the Potus "trashtalkers" stepped down and/or gone, etc.etc.etc

IF you don't see or sense progress, take a break, spend a week away from the board. Come back and over such time you will surely notice a difference in things.

The Chemtrails stopped almost worldwide with the dissolution of the CIA. etc.

If everything happens too fast, it is going to appear that POTUS is assuming the position of dictator and not abiding by the law. Also normies have a 2-3 day news memory, they will remember the "Russia investigation" because it lasted for 18months. But if it happened in 1-2wks, normies would forget it.

I fully understand the necessary crawl of things.

Have faith.

42e208 No.691244

File: bdc3ceee4fbbebe⋯.jpg (48.03 KB, 391x522, 391:522, IMG_1018.JPG)


Grabs pussy

af4510 No.691245



OK thank you.

I asked because separate research just had me learning about the snakes in the middle (Caduceus). I was doing mason/Egypt research and it came up and looked familiar. Also related to some of the stuff regarding the Pope.

Apparently it's pairing with Medical stuff is wrong and illogical. Possibly suspiciously so.

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caduceus

006ec0 No.691247

Stupid shills think they can derail the board.

This board is eternal.

37874d No.691248

Here is an interesting archive I found:

"Jews declare war on Germany"

look and see if you recognize any of these tactics

https:// archive.


"Judea Declares War on Germany!" - Daily Express headline, March 24, 1933.

"Judea Declares War on Germany! Jews of all the World Unite! Boycott of German Goods!

Mass Demonstrations!" - These were all headlines in the Daily Express on March 24, 1933.

"The Israeli people around the world declare economic and financial war against Germany.

Fourteen million Jews stand together as one man, to declare war against Germany. The Jewish

wholesaler will forsake his firm, the banker his stock exchange, the merchant his commerce and

the pauper his pitiful shed in order to join together in a holy war against Hitler's people." - Daily

Express, March 24, 1933.

"Each of you, Jew and Gentile alike, who has not already enlisted in this sacred war should do so

now and here. It is not sufficient that you should buy no goods made in Germany. You must

refuse to deal with any merchant or shopkeeper who sells any German-made goods or who

patronises German ships or shipping…. we will undermine the Hitler regime and bring the

German people to their senses by destroying their export trade on which their very existence

depends." - Samuel Undermeyer, in a Radio Broadcast on WABC, New York, August 6, 1933.

Reported in the New York Times, August 7, 1933.

Joining with Samuel Untermeyer in calling for a war against Germany, Bernard Baruch, at the

same time, was promoting preparations for war against Germany. "I emphasised that the defeat

of Germany and Japan and their elimination from world trade would give Britain a tremendous

opportunity to swell her foreign commerce in both volume and profit." - Baruch, The Public

Years, by Bernard M. Baruch, p. 347 (New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1960).

Samuel Untermeyer was a Jewish leader and close friend of presidents Wilson and Roosevelt.

Bernard Baruch was a presidential adviser to Wilson, Roosevelt and Truman.

"This declaration called the war against Germany, which was now determined on, a 'holy war'.

This war was to be carried out against Germany to its conclusion, to her destruction"

"We want to bring about a deep hatred for the Germans, for German soldiers, sailors, and

airmen. We must hate until we win." - Lord Beaverbrook, quoted in Niemals! by Heinrich


"There is only one power which really counts. The power of political pressure. We Jews are the

most powerful people on earth, because we have this power, and we know how to apply it." -

Vladimir Jabotinsky, Jewish Daily Bulletin, July 27, 1935.

"Before the end of the year, an economic bloc of England, Russia, France and the U.S. A will be

formed to bring the German and Italian economic systems to their knees." - Paul Dreyfus, "La

Vie de Tanger" May 15, 1938.

On the 3rd of June, 1938, the American Hebrew boasted that they had Jews in the foremost

positions of influence in Britain, Russia and France, and that these "three sons of Israel will be

sending the Nazi dictator to hell." - Joseph Trimble, the American Hebrew.

"Germany is our public enemy number one. It is our object to declare war without mercy against

her. One may be sure of this: We will lead that war!" - Bernard Lecache, the president of the

"International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism," in its newspaper "Droit de Vivre"

(Right to Life), 9 November, 1938.

"The war now proposed is for the purpose of establishing Jewish hegemony throughout the world." - Brigadier General George Van Horn Mosely, The New York Tribune, March 29, 1939.

f3ed11 No.691249


14 times, and in 9 different posts

e746e9 No.691250

File: 1f0629763331a66⋯.png (865.31 KB, 818x468, 409:234, ExpandYourSmiting.PNG)


had to

86d03d No.691251


Mad kek mate. Good one.

I'm just sick of this 0-200 track record. Definitely sounds like Q is in government.

178871 No.691252


Also don't forget the huge number of arrests happening for satanic practices involving children. They're ripping out the cabal from the bottom up.

2ae448 No.691253

File: 697f41816bd36e5⋯.jpg (91.41 KB, 750x482, 375:241, sd8097g0s9d8f7gsd098g7f98g.jpg)


250f59 No.691254

April showers. Make it rain.

Bring May Flowers. Trust.

c0b4ce No.691255


see my point? pro lifers are not rational

they hate anyone that disagrees

just like libtards

e746e9 No.691256

File: e169b206b411ccd⋯.png (123.8 KB, 333x333, 1:1, (pepeQ_plus.png)



c476a3 No.691257


Let's hope they haven't shut down all online venues to advocate for our candidates. That's what they are currently doing…the success President Trump had really scared them, and if they can help it, they won't make the same mistake again. Thanks for the feedback anon. Godspeed.

a6a426 No.691258


She is getting a lot of free advertising out of this… worth more than the 130K

582080 No.691259

How many more Military and Civilian PATRIOTS did Obama & this Cabal fuk over, kill, bankrupt, & destroy? Obama tried hard to go after General Flynn…threatened his family & Flynn has had to sell his house for money to fight these BOGUS CHARGES because of an EVIL MUSLIM Gay Nigger fuking fag who wanted to DESTROY AMERICA got elected by a bunch of pussy soy boy & dike communist bitches!!

Fk I'm pissed thinking about all the good PATRIOTS who were destroyed by these evil Fula!!

Semper Fi, HOORAH, Fuk em ALL!!

beeedb No.691260

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Has this VIDEO from PIC Q posted of Pope kissing Rockerfellers ring been included?? Was posted last night by another anon!

https:// youtu.be/5jOCYLwrF_E

b3d7d9 No.691261

i say writteranon put in top of bread telling all newbies to read all maps before they enter?

2ae448 No.691262

File: 99f2f543fe3f8d2⋯.jpg (49.15 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 786fgs7d8fg6sd87fg5sdf67g5.jpg)


50652f No.691263

File: de109f979f104af⋯.jpg (21.78 KB, 204x255, 4:5, 26hvbi.jpg)

77ab5a No.691264


Definite proof! TY anon, now we can rest the case.

LMAO dude, why isn't this very map used more often, could prove A LOT of things! Love to see the source (unmemed) one.

7b6a04 No.691265


pornhub is pushing her hard.

773b7c No.691266


they are libtards.

9fdcfa No.691267


I bet trump will help Jews get rid of Zionists

3d1643 No.691268


Has someone confirmed that that is in fact a Rockefeller? An anon posted (some time ago) that it was actually a refugee.

95a661 No.691269


There are just so many things not quite right about that statement. Kek.

5b5753 No.691270


But they don't read the bread to being with.

2ae448 No.691271

File: bd7f6d07d70687f⋯.jpg (38.3 KB, 606x411, 202:137, 7fsd6g89s7df6gs8df7g6d.jpg)

d352d2 No.691272

File: e5e29367e3ea7ea⋯.gif (13.43 KB, 500x320, 25:16, 2EA19F48-5111-406E-A3C4-F0….gif)

File: f400824c6295606⋯.gif (13.94 KB, 500x320, 25:16, 3D3C5868-1FF2-428F-883A-AA….gif)


You missed the part where $15 today is actually less.

49e762 No.691273

File: a64783f6e4dbd44⋯.jpg (441.62 KB, 1600x1259, 1600:1259, usdgn74558m01.jpg)

13917a No.691274

File: 1151a68214fcc09⋯.jpeg (64.42 KB, 1080x1393, 1080:1393, 1521250380.jpeg)

178871 No.691275

File: e7774a5d95fe34b⋯.png (589.38 KB, 606x411, 202:137, ClipboardImage.png)

3d1643 No.691276


Nevermind, found the sauce at YouTube.

2ae448 No.691277

File: a1e0291e51d8e5f⋯.jpg (15.52 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 13731568_579811165525652_7….jpg)

59450f No.691278


See how the simple minded view the world.

They have no idea what is happening in DC.

Somehow they missed the fact that DC is where they play the game of Federal politics.

In the world of Federal politics, March 15th was BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM.

But the simpleminded thought they were watching a Hollywood movie.

They expected action and special effects.

They expected explosions and flames.

Their weak little minds have been well trained by the Illuminati.

They are the sheep who have given their power to the Cabal.

They will continue to be disappointed until they take their power back and stand up to the elite.

Instead of hiding on this Internet board.

Instead of hiding on Twitter and Facebook.

Instead of hiding in their houses.

Instead of hiding at all.

Revolutions are won by patriots.

Patriots fight.

Patriots do not hide.

Patriots get out in the world and FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT.

Patriots are like Russians.

In Russia they have a saying: RUSSIANS NEVER GIVE UP!

I have even heard this from people living in Ukraine and other countries.

If it is good enough for Russia, it is good enough for the USA.


Say it.

Feel it.


42e208 No.691279

File: 1b039607dd65b2f⋯.jpg (37.88 KB, 650x406, 325:203, IMG_1151.JPG)

Go wave your genitals politics on half chan

21f8f1 No.691280


WTF is all that? Holy shit thats a lot of crumbs…..

b3d7d9 No.691281


yea i was just thinking outloud, tired of seeing shit from the beginning

250f59 No.691282



07b2ca No.691283


Ras Pi 3 b+?

They've been looking at it for decades. Basic architecture since 2006. Cryptocurrency has been the catalyst though. It never got off the ground because it needs adoption incentives, internet and external(funding).

Not really calling BS. Just don't believe without proof. Would be nice for those with more info to share. That's all.

2c905e No.691284

File: 849a7052f1c8fb6⋯.jpg (212.66 KB, 907x499, 907:499, boom.jpg)

d352d2 No.691285



d0cee3 No.691286

File: 99acdd25ca3d82c⋯.jpg (116.26 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, jared.jpg)


>We have the sub

What about the underage girl hostages? Are they alright?

91eadc No.691287

File: 6a5eeeca918f285⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1003.63 KB, 2145x1078, 195:98, stormydaniaelsCOMPED.png)


Like this?

9fdcfa No.691288

pornhub is soros project pushing incest and everything destroying American family values

Open homepage and you will see 10 videos mom bang son, brother sis etc. I wonder who in USA is jerking on videos like that? Nobody it is pure damn propaganda brainwashing

773b7c No.691289


I'm sure … i've looked it up 1000 times in the past 10 years … didn't feel like it today.

61a09d No.691290

Pull the trigger Q, or we’re going to kill you!

fdc1e9 No.691291


Oughta be, how much has the US sent the mullahs in the last decade? That said, good for them.

c306f6 No.691292




Oh...I trust THE PLAN alright....

You know, the one where JESUS TOOK THE KEYS from your god....

Yes indeed...THE PLAN is BRILLIANT....

I am sheltered under HIS WINGS...


"Right Back At Cha"

2c905e No.691294


What happened to March Madness?

Always in the future things are.

bb22b5 No.691295

File: 5d84b36079c9e76⋯.jpg (64.91 KB, 475x500, 19:20, IWW.jpg)

File: 23cdfaceedfb2e9⋯.jpg (19.93 KB, 368x359, 368:359, iww.jpg)





both see a resurgence?

not a coincidence!>>691219

178871 No.691297


The CPU is very likely compromised unless you hardware firewall it through a serial interface and Faraday cage. Have a nice day.

You have to remember, the cabal owns all of the CPU producers. Do the math. They want into your machines. The internet of things is their way to get you to make huge botnets for them for free.

5b5753 No.691298


We'll try it and see if it helps.

1998f8 No.691299


Yes. The infuriating point is the Dems see federal jobs as a "property right" (yes, it's an actual concept in law created out of thin air by progressive/marxist law schools……) and therefore they believe they can't be fired. There is a brouhaha about Obama holdovers in the State Dept being "reassigned" to work that they feel is beneath them.

I personally know many good people who put duty to country first who were gleefully screwed over by Obama embeds. They had no problem politicizing everything.

Job one, I want them all fired and only after extreme vetting get rehired. If you are "non-essential" then you shouldn't be rehired any time soon.

Enough is enough.

4d45fd No.691300



All those Saudi Princes arrested=nothing

NK is in Olympics w/SK and now talks=nothing

Over 100 resignations=nothing

Elite Fire Sales=nothing

Plane,Heli Crashes=nothing

Odd deaths,suicides=nothing

Censorship on Twit,tube,book=nothing

Shakeup of Major ABC Entities=nothing

Stock market up,tax bill=nothing

I can go on but what's the sense

now here's the good one


c476a3 No.691301


Hey sage, do me a favor? Say your liddle bit of wisdom so even someone such as I, of so little intellect, might have a chance to understand.

And then try to offer up a counter-argument, if able. Glow-attacks really don't work here…but thanks for playing.

Sage: You're like shooting fish in a barrel.

21f8f1 No.691302


Don't forget the fuckin hurricanes

07127b No.691303

Q. How do we solve the problem of making the problems our primary focus?

A. By understanding that you're well trained to focus on the problem, so that we can react (complain, bitch & moan, anything other than SOLVING the problem), and being GIVEN a solution.

The Hegelian dialectic hard at work.

Asking for solutions to be GIVEN is how we lost our power in the first place. Se a problem, solve a problem, without trained Pavlovian reactions, and there's no room for a prescribed solution to be given as "remedy".

Obviously the shills (or their bosses) know this. Demands from Q for alleviate concerns, or for confirmation for our theories, plays right into their hands, and they play on it, especially if (((THEY))) are the ones initiating the "Q prove yourself" and other concernfagging posts. Open your eyes anons, only way you get played, is not by losing awareness of, or not knowing, the games that they are playing on YOU.


Be aware of what you're taking part in.

e746e9 No.691304

File: 097e1e38c6f58d6⋯.png (883.41 KB, 818x468, 409:234, ClipboardImage.png)


so how's april? still march over here

3d1643 No.691305

ok, on further looking, the Pope was in fact kissing the hand of Holocaust survivors. Names at link.

https:// www.romereports.com/en/2016/07/29/pope-francis-meets-with-10-holocaust-survivors/

5b5753 No.691306

c4bb03 No.691307


>Pull the trigger Q, or we’re going to kill you!

Are you talking to the mouse in your pocket? You certainly don't speak for me.

afa1cc No.691308

File: c9227596bcea509⋯.png (12.24 KB, 330x250, 33:25, GTLOGO.png)

File: 584a40aec24dfc9⋯.jpg (139.25 KB, 960x960, 1:1, AVIOR HOTEL.jpg)

File: 36796784a8050eb⋯.png (2.14 KB, 95x58, 95:58, gtmap.png)

“GOLD” - RE READ November 22

Wed 22 Nov 2017 16:28:01 No.150512900


Iran Deal.

Why is this relevant?

Re-read drops re: NK / Iran.

(Y) What does it mean to be covered in gold?

Which couple was photographed covered in gold?

The public release was a mistake.

Who released the picture?

Who has all the information?

(Y) What does it mean to be covered in gold?

Can you locate one other pic w/ Y head covered in gold?

What does this represent?




Wed 22 Nov 2017 16:47:21 No.150515203

Ancient Egyptians considered gold “the skin of the gods” – specifically the sun god Ra – and often used it to craft objects of spiritual significance.

Why is this relevant?


Wed 22 Nov 2017 16:52:24 No.150515835

3 sides form what shape?

Expand your thinking.

Re-read crumbs.


So I put Gold And Triangle together for:


The Golden Triangle has more than 550 of DC’s best restaurants, shops, bars, parks, and more—just minutes from major DC attractions.

https:// goldentriangledc.com/map/


The Golden Triangle designates the confluence of the Ruak River and the Mekong River, since the term has been appropriated by the Thai tourist industry to describe the nearby border tripoint of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.

Golden Triangle - Wikipedia



The Story of the Golden Triangle in British Columbia


The Golden Triangle. In a hidden corner of Northwestern Canada lies some of the world’s most significant mineral potential. Billions of dollars of undiscovered gold …

THERE ARE MORE "Golden Triangle" places.

And some pedo triangles with them.

090c31 No.691310


No you're just a tool for the lucifarians. Those people are evil and real regardless of whether who the worship is real.

You have know idea the psyop you have been exposed to since you were able to sit up and watch Sesame Street.

Let me tell you something. You have no idea what is real and what isn't because you were programmed by TV….you should question everything at this point Media of all sorts has been at work on all the public to form their opinions.

Social engineering has been the number 1 priory for the elite for over 100 years.

You don't have to believe in a particular God but you should realize how you have been and still are being manipulated by the elite to full fill their agenda.

Learn what they believe. Learn WHY they believe it. Learn WHY they are pushing for it. Learn WHY they need YOU to be an atheist.

After all that….question everything you learned off off TV, movies, books, and school. Most patriots are only half way awake. Liberals on the other hand are completely stupefied in brainwashing fluid.

722eb5 No.691311


He has to. The Zionists are the cancer.

Can't thrive with such aggressive cancer…

6186af No.691312


quit responding to the shitposting fag bags

They have short attention spans and will get bored and wank.

Filter and keep the focus anons. WE ARE WINNING BIGLY

1998f8 No.691313


Yes. I am grateful every day for GEOTUS, AG Sessions and Gen Mattis.

3d1643 No.691314


Not Rockefeller after all.

https:// www.romereports.com/en/2016/07/29/pope-francis-meets-with-10-holocaust-survivors/

9a8d6a No.691315

0326b8 No.691316


> I'm building my own computers that are secure regardless of any hardware exploits.

Building your own processor may take a while …

Saying that you can do some cool shit with arduino ….

e746e9 No.691317


interesting but you say nothing of where/who the logos are - related, or they just came up in search?

cafc9a No.691318


It also can't be explained how Trump is able to discover and take down all these child traffickers, unless they were known entities that the previous administration had ignored.

77ab5a No.691319


Just caught you in the middle of an argument here.

How did you compute pro lifers not rational? Faulty battery or something? Rethink your think, me thinks you're off your rocker. Anyway, pro/against life isn't what this board was meant to cater for.

This is more a pro-digging board, an anti libtard kinda thing. With your permission of course.

1fd2fd No.691320


Almost all of them are zionist. They've taken control of the elite in many western countries

fdc1e9 No.691321


Thunder….storm is drawing closer? Bringing the rain? Will the storm be upon us soon?

37874d No.691322


there's more:

"I wish to confirm in the most explicit manner, the declaration which I and my colleagues made

during the last months, and especially in the last week: that the Jews "stand by Great Britain and

will fight on the side of the democracies." Our urgent desire is to give effect to these

declarations. We wish to do so in a way entirely consonant with the general scheme of British

action, and therefore would place ourselves, in matters big and small, under the co-ordinating

direction of His Majesty's Government. The Jewish Agency is ready to enter into immediate

arrangements for utilizing Jewish manpower, technical ability, resources, etc." - Chaim

Weizmann, President of the World Jewish Congress, Head of the Jewish Agency and later

President of Israel, the London Times, September 5, 1939, and the London Jewish Chronicle,

September 8, 1939.

"The millions of Jews who live in America, England and France, North and South Africa, and,

not to forget those in Palestine, are determined to bring the war of annihilation against Germany

to its final end." - Central Blad Voor Israeliten in Nederland, September 13, 1939.

"Stop talking about peace conditions! Break Germany in pieces!" - The Daily Herald, No.7426, 9

December, 1939.

"The Jews, taken collectively, view this war as a holy war." - The Daily Herald, No. 7450, 1939,

quoted in "Reichstagsbrand, Aufklarung einer historischen Legende," by U. Backes, K.H.

JanBen, E. Jesse, H. Kohler, H. Mommsen, E Tobias.

"Even if we Jews are not physically at your side in the trenches, we are morally with you. This

war is our war and you fight it with us." - Schalom Asch, Les Nouvelles Litterairres, February

10, 1940.

"In losing Germany, Jewry lost a territory from which it exerted power. Therefore it was

determined to re-conquer it." - Louis Marschalko, "The World Conquerors : The Real War


"The World Jewish Congress has been at war with Germany for seven years." - Rabbi M.

Perlzweig (head of the British Section of the World Jewish Congress), Toronto Evening

Telegram, February 26, 1940.

"The Second World War is being fought for the defense of the fundamentals of Judaism." -

Rabbi Felix Mendlesohn, Chicago Sentinel, October 8, 1942.

"We are not denying and are not afraid to confess that this war is our war and that it is waged for

the liberation of Jewry… Stronger than all fronts together is our front, that of Jewry. We are not

only giving this war our financial support on which the entire war production is based, we are not

only providing our full propaganda power which is the moral energy that keeps this war going.

The guarantee of victory is predominantly based on weakening the enemy forces, on destroying

them in their own country, within the resistance. And we are the Trojan horses in the enemy's

fortress. Thousands of Jews living in Europe constitute the principal factor in the destruction of

our enemy. There, our front is a fact and the most valuable aid for victory." - Chaim Weizmann,

President of the World Jewish Congress, Head of the Jewish Agency and later President of

Israel, in a Speech on December 3, 1942, in New York.

"Played golf with Joe Kennedy (U.S. Ambassador to Britain). He says that Chamberlain stated

that America and world Jewry forced England into World War II." - James Forrestal, Secretary

of the Navy (later Secretary of Defense), Diary, December 27, 1945 entry.

"It is untrue that I or anyone else in Germany wanted war in 1939. It was wanted and provoked

solely by international statesmen either of Jewish origin or working for Jewish interests. Nor had

I ever wished that after the appalling first World War, there would ever be a second against

either England or America." - Adolf Hitler, April, 1945.

The joke doing the rounds of the British Union of Fascists at this time, was that the Jewish

national anthem was, 'Onward Christian Soldiers.'

b501d5 No.691323


Q said they had to do this and that the world would collapse otherwise.

50652f No.691324

File: 67323b297d6ae97⋯.jpg (93.11 KB, 500x625, 4:5, 26k3l2.jpg)

42e208 No.691325

File: 2df6a540e4dfdc6⋯.jpg (23.07 KB, 190x265, 38:53, IMG_1118.JPG)

Thanks Alex,

"Shit I don't get paid for" for $900

b3d7d9 No.691326



push on fagbook

c8dfc9 No.691327


Bernie is a communist. He always has been. Communism and fascism sound great to the downtrodden but never work out well for anyone but the top in real life.

One of the worst things that happened in this country was brainwashing the population into believing a college degree was necessary for a good paying job. Before this happened, a person only needed a HS diploma or GED to earn enough for a comfortable middle class lifestyle.

IMO the youth need to be bailed out from under their crushing college debt. A lot of them need to be thrown off gov handouts such as SSI and told to go get a fucking job.

178871 No.691328


The CPUs all went to hell in the late 80's. Same time most of the tech industry went to hell. The USAF knew all about all of these types of exploits in the late 60's. These people are sick.

33a280 No.691329


Of course, it is not a rockefeller. These are Nazi concentration camp survivors. "Pope Francis meets with 10 Holocaust survivors

While in Poland for World Youth Day, Pope Francis meets with 10 former prisoners from the Nazi-run Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camps. Upon arrival, the Pope was greeted by Prime Minister Beata Szydlo. Afterwards, he met the one of the oldest survivors in attendance, Dunicz NiwiÅ?ska, 101, she is a Polish Violinist. He greeted each of the former Auschwitz-Birkenau prisoners one-by-one. Past Prisoners of the German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp Auschwitz-Birkenau who met Pope Francis on July 29 DUNICZ NIWIÅ?SKA HELENA, born in 1915, in Viena, camp number 64118, polish violinist, classical music literature translator. Her hometown was Lviv, where till 1943 she was living with her parents and brothers. She was arrested together with her mother, Maria Dunicz, in January 1943 . She was brought to Auschwitz on the 3rd of October in1943 from Lviv. As a violinist she became a member of an orchestra in a Auschwitz II-Birkenau camp. Her mother has died two months later, on December 1943. In January 1945 during a "death marchâ? she was evacuated in KL Ravensbruck, and then to Neustadt-Glewe, where she regained her freedom. After war she started to live in Cracow. In 2013 thanks to National Publishing of Auschvitz-Birkenau Museum appeared her book "One of the Girls in the Bandâ?. FROS ALOJZY, born in 1916 in Rybnik, camp number 136223. Arrested in April 1943, because of conspiracy work. Deported to Auschwitz on August 9th, 1943. During the first two months, as an ill person, he was in the camp hospital. After that he was hired to sort the packages for the prisoners. During the Autumn of 1944 he was transferred to KL Sachsenhausen (number 115773), and then to KL Buchenwald (number 96935), liberated in April 1945. In 2015 his memoir was published titled: "My storyâ?. IWAÅ?SKA JANINA, born in 1916 in Warsaw, camp number 85595. In August 12th, 1944 brought to KL Auschwitz in a vehicle for civilians from the Warsaw Uprising Evacuated in January 1945 to KL Ravensbruck, then to Neustadt-Glewe, where she was liberated. PROFESSOR DŁUGOBORSKI WACŁAW, who was born in 1926 in Warsaw, camp number 138871. He was arrested in May 1943 in Warsaw for a conspiracy activity. On August 25, 1943 Transported from the prison "Pawiak" and deported to Auschwitz. Employed in the camp hospital in Birkenau until the end of January 1945. After the departure of evacuation transports, he escaped from the camp. After the war he worked as a university researcher and research curator at the State Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau. Part two to follow:

f717c7 No.691330

File: c27f41f03b50486⋯.png (1.7 MB, 968x714, 484:357, CommunistsJewsInGermany666.png)

The destruction of the Communist Internationale is a task for the nations of the whole of the christian and civilized world.

Does your culture/media seem civilized? Christian?


956b9c No.691331

Do the Krassenstein brothers work for Soros?

77ab5a No.691332


Wow, TY anon!

c67c06 No.691333

File: d0fa92e2d650cb1⋯.jpg (111.62 KB, 680x413, 680:413, joogle.jpg)

33a280 No.691334


Part two:

PROFESSOR KÄ?CZKOWSKI ZBIGNIEW born in 1921 in Cracow, camp number 125727, was arrested in April 1943 under a false name Kaczanowski. In June 24th he was sent to Auschwitz. His mother Zofia, who died in the camp was employed in the camp hospital at Auschwitz I, as a nurse. In July 27, 1944 he escaped from the camp but was captured and imprisoned in Block 11, then deported to Buchenwald, where he was transferred to Ravensbrí¼ck. After the war he was working as a university researcher. LESIAK STEFAN was born in 1927 in PiÅ?czów, camp number 197204. On the 17th of September in 1944 he was deported to Auschwitz, under a false name Wesiak. He was transported in a vehicle for civilians from the Warsaw Uprising. A month later he transferred to Buchenwald, where in April 1945 he was freed. NIKODEM VALENTINA was born in 1922 in Lodz, camp number 8737. She was brought on the 16th of July in 1942 to Auschwitz with her mother who died in the camp because her father killed the Gestapo in Lodz. In the camp she worked in the camp packaging department, she helped women who gave birth to children in the camp and was the godmother of some of those infants. On 26 October 1944 she was transferred to Flossenbí¼rg and regained freedom in May 1945. MAJEROWICZ MARIAN was born in 1926 in a Jewish family in Myszków, camp number 157715 in October 1943. He was brought to Auschwitz, where his parents and little brother died. In January of 1944 he was taken to the Gross-Rosen, liberated during the death march from the camp in 1945. He is the President of the Association of Jewish Veterans and Victims of World War II in Warsaw. UMLAUF EVA (74 years old), camp number A-26959, was brought to Auschwitz as a two-year-old child with her family in November 1944 from Sered. Her mother was liberated from Auschwitz, since she was pregnant at the time of arrival to the camp. She gave birth to a daughter Eleonora, in April 1945. Fí?RST NAFTALI was born in 1932. In Bratislava, camp number B-14026, he was deported to Auschwitz on the 3rd of November 1944. From Sered, he was evacuated in January 1945 to Buchenwald and liberated there. He lives in Israel. He is the author of the book "Wie Kohlestí¼cke in den Flammen des Schreckens - eine Familie í¼berlebt den Holocaust" RAUCH PETER was born in1939. In Munich, camp number Z-3531; He lived with his parents and five sisters in Munich, where his father ran his own business in shipping. On the 8th of March 1943. His whole family was arrested and deported to Auschwitz II-Birkenau. Peter and his mother were transferred first to Ravensbrí¼ck, then to Mauthausen and Bergen-Belsen. There, in 1945. He was liberated and returned to his hometown.

c8dfc9 No.691335


Bernie is a communist. He always has been. Communism and fascism sound great to the downtrodden but never work out well for anyone but the top in real life.

One of the worst things that happened in this country was brainwashing the population into believing a college degree was necessary for a good paying job. Before this happened, a person only needed a HS diploma or GED to earn enough for a comfortable middle class lifestyle.

IMO the youth need to be bailed out from under their crushing college debt. A lot of them need to be thrown off gov handouts such as SSI and told to go get a fucking job.

07b2ca No.691336



https:// www.wired.com/2014/11/airhopper-hack/

hence the faraday cage.

42e208 No.691337


Does cynicism make you constipated

d352d2 No.691338


What that former $1.50 would buy you is about 15 cents today due to devaluation and inflation.

61a09d No.691339


Your little mouse can dream about a protest that will make the government do their job…lol.

The Lion in my pants will take this government back.


85ee5b No.691340


They should start releasing them because the more that is coming out it is hard to trust Sessions and Wray….I sure hope they are on the team..time will tell. Q start dropping

bb22b5 No.691341

File: 4b9695ca26cfe93⋯.jpg (44.41 KB, 403x403, 1:1, nationOfWorkers.jpg)


>Social engineering has been the number 1 priory for the elite for over 100 years.

b2eb18 No.691342

Hacker Adrian Lamo who turned in Chelsea Manning for leaking classified government documents dies in unknown circumstances at the age of 37 as Wikileaks founder Julian Assange calls him 'a conman'

Adrian Lamo, the hacker who turned in Chelsea Manning to the FBI for leaking classified US documents on Wikileaks, died at the age of 37. A cause of death is still being determined.

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5511661/Hacker-Adrian-Lamo-turned-Chelsea-Manning-dies-37.html

c0b4ce No.691343


no i never say pro life is not rational

the responses to those that do not agree are irrational

this came up because Q posted on PP was evil but there was no evidence of that unless you believe abortion per se is evil

and so it went

i just dont want to lose 50% of the country who are not pro life

125d2e No.691344


End enslavement

Unnecessary evil

551c1c No.691345


not rockefellers. holocaust survivors. i fell for it before myself. do your own research.

50652f No.691346

File: 6e102547fc07cbb⋯.jpg (90.9 KB, 500x625, 4:5, 26hweg.jpg)

722eb5 No.691347


Does she got a Clock on her?

(not a cock in her anons)

Re : Clock tattoo… Is that a clock??

What time is it depicting?

→ my eyes must be burned from being on chan thru dicknado breads!

07b2ca No.691348


Precisely. Not saying Ras Pi is secure but that its a cheap starting place.

2ae448 No.691349

File: 753b2b18894ad4d⋯.jpg (62.52 KB, 786x511, 786:511, sfd7890g6sdf89g7d89fg7df7g.jpg)

77ab5a No.691350


Cool meme TY

d2ed71 No.691351

File: c2bc51f342f14aa⋯.png (3.24 MB, 1538x1153, 1538:1153, Marina House.png)

256c43 No.691352

File: 12f3f31a858321c⋯.jpg (27.54 KB, 400x225, 16:9, george_bush_i_signs_public….jpg)


Why is it offensive? It's public law.

http:// www.auburn.edu/~allenkc/7laws.html

e746e9 No.691353

anyone ever dig up something fresh on Jim Jones and the story of Jonestown? There's docs out there identifying him as a clown, but wondering if he came up in fresher research

61a09d No.691354


Patriots don’t protest silly…

b3d7d9 No.691355


beautiful and so f true

65dfda No.691356


>https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caduceus

seems like history books are comped

Nazis framed?

49e762 No.691357

File: 4a42a0d84f85305⋯.jpg (72.2 KB, 720x960, 3:4, mz9ski3gy7m01.jpg)

Which one of you did this?

01766e No.691358

File: 5157d88fe6f983e⋯.png (110.13 KB, 716x562, 358:281, ClipboardImage.png)

Interesting to note:

Remember Wisenant - he was arkancided in Florida a while back?

His wife is part of the FIU faculty.

Just sayin…

DeceptionBytes had a vid on it….

3d2f08 No.691359

File: afb4f3aaebd0b11⋯.png (153.01 KB, 470x250, 47:25, Boot on the hand.png)

Fractured wrist?

A boot on the hand is worth two on the….

afa1cc No.691360


They just came up in search, so I thought I would put it out there. Perhaps other anons might know about them or look into them.

Q posted GOLD AND TRIANGLE SHAPE in same day.

When I reread crumbs, they seem to go together and may be a clue to gold caches, banks, child trafficking??

07d1e7 No.691361

File: ae60997dcd2bf8c⋯.jpg (43.52 KB, 306x407, 306:407, 26der2.jpg)

File: ddc420bbe405c4a⋯.jpg (157.57 KB, 758x499, 758:499, 26df2f.jpg)

File: 3b3f6e9fb9e5d58⋯.jpg (123.78 KB, 501x500, 501:500, download (3).jpg)

File: f3b02226b762557⋯.jpg (10.47 KB, 297x170, 297:170, download (6).jpg)

File: ff78c43d829f238⋯.jpg (86.3 KB, 900x675, 4:3, Huma abedin wife of perv a….jpg)

Q, get your ass out here and resolve this. I’m calling you out as a LARP. Come at me.

Remaining silent while anons are jumping ship is an admission of LARP. Been here since OCT fighting for you EVERY step of the way until Hillary leaving the country.





The LARP is researching POTUS schedule and making cryptic comments too vague to be believed one way or another.

Here’ s an example:

Q says stuff like: "Watch the water", "Watch the news". "Disinfo is necessary". Then Q will posts numbers and letters that make no sense to manipulate us into thinking it is a code.Q tells us to "build the map" Where is it? Best case scenario: Q accidently let anons believe something that wasn’t true and neglected to correct us. Worst case scenario: Q is purposefully telling us things that are not true. Either disinfo is necessary or Q is a larping liar.

See how vague this is? Not to mention the stuff that Q HAS claimed never came true.

Boot theory debunked, Atlanta airport debunked

John Legend and Tiegen debunked, Huma indicted debunked, Podesta indicted debunked

Hillary arrested debunked, Snowden changing sides debunked "Trump should be shot!" debunked. Loop Capital? GANNETT? The list goes on…Wake up anons

<<The best way to debunk Q is to read Q's posts.>>

Q is a brilliant strategy to get free high quality pro Trump memes, research and social media support for free.

Corporations pay millions for the combined work we do for free.

Not all is lost. At least Q brought us together. We should continue to dig and find a way to save our country.

Just don’t be afraid of using critical thinking and common sense.

I know you’ve seen this, Q.

Did you hear me?

Your anons are leaving.

I’m calling you out as a fake.

▶Anonymous 03/16/18 (Fri) 11:08:59 30861d No.685806>>685852


The only thing I disagree with here is "At least Q brought us together". I don't find this true, just look at the responses to your comment. You're not yelling at people on this board, you're looking out for them, yet they'll ridicule you for not thinking exactly like them. (Yet they claim normies are brain washed).

What happened to critical thinking?

To add to your issues, I will add my own.

Q has stated "we see all, we hear all" yet many lives have been lost in false flags, just as recently as yesterday (supposedly).

Q claims, "this is not a game", then asks, if "you'd like to play a game". I feel like we have been playing one already.

"Enjoy the show, we are winning". Loss of innocents lives is winning and a show I should be enjoying? If they knew about this bridge, why not prevent it? Or the trains that crashed a few months ago, or the powder that got sent to Don Jr, etc.

People completely ignore all the wrong and put a HUGE spotlight on the one vague, generalization that could be explained as a Q prediction (or 100 other things) and that's what they grasp to and attack you like a vicious bear, hungry and starving, if you even Question things. You can be polite to the users, polite about Q, but the minute you question this all, look out, Cult Q will be on your ass in a heartbeat.

I also find it pretty pathetic a lot of these guys dish bullshit and then hide behind a filtered button the minute they get done saying what they need to.

8ch really is starting to seem like a group of high schoolers, unemployed pill poppers and all-knowing information givers. AKA, complete bullshit.

Anonymous 03/16/18 (Fri) 11:12:34 30861d No.685840>>685868 >>685973 >>685976 >>685989


…Also, don't forget the Memo was supposed to change EVERYTHING. Obama was supposed to be caught spying, Hillary, too. So much was supposed to come from the Memo.

And then BOOM!!!!! Nothing.

Now it's the IG report, new hype, new hope and after it's release, same old shit. Q will mention something new and these a.d.d types will run where pointed toward, never once looking back at the pile of bullshit they've been run through.

Anonymous 03/16/18 (Fri) 11:24:10 469017 No.685973>>685989


You're so right. The memo was suppose to bring about yuge changes. RR gone, Sessions in-recused, end to Mueller, charges filed against the FB criminals, on and on.

What a joke that was. So, now we are suppose to believe that something might actually happen when the OIG report comes out? If the general public knows of the crimes committed by the 7th floor, you know damn good and well the Congress/DOJ know about it. Yet, every single one of them are still employed!!!! Including McCabe. Yet a lowly sailor took a pic of a submarine console and was immediately thrown in the brig. Yeah, sure there is equal justice under the law.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.


Critical Thinking Anons

802fa9 No.691362



c67c06 No.691363


uhhh….. FOOT!

50652f No.691364

File: 0d569e56230a64d⋯.jpg (19.71 KB, 204x255, 4:5, 26htzr.jpg)

c306f6 No.691365



cba870 No.691366























42e208 No.691367

File: 8f31ca83847d2a5⋯.jpg (39.67 KB, 315x400, 63:80, IMG_1028.JPG)


Follow your dreams homo

c4bb03 No.691368

File: 45a9ac8db1e32cd⋯.png (66.03 KB, 792x700, 198:175, 71863bfb7c136ba7d5df26d089….png)

>61a09d No.691339


You're still trying to transfer your statements onto me. Fuck you.

178871 No.691369


It is even worse if you consider that these CPUs have been proven to have extra cores in them. Even without extra cores, it is relatively trivial to insert hardware exploits in a CPU and the ONLY way to find it would be to laser shave the CPU, map it with an electron microscope and reverse engineer it. Then see if there's anything there that doesn't match the specifications.

Given what I've seen, ALL of the CPUs have been comped for a very long time. Any peripherals with DMA access to RAM (at any time, like USB) are also comped with sophistcated attacks. We're just not aware of all of the exploits so it seems rational to say there aren't exploits. Bollocks.

Yeah. Consumers will do that. /NOT

95a661 No.691370


Perhaps there's a good argument in offering Hillary a padded cell for her own protection.

86d03d No.691371


So no to jobs?

I'm all for arresting pedos but will they actually stay there or be released like the fag who had A MILLION images of CP only to be released on probation.

Arrests do nothing but put on a show. What happens after is more and more corruption if you have shekels or connections.

Not impressed with the "stage" being set.

125d2e No.691372


She was named as possibly being under bridge IMMEDIATELY afterwards.

d0cee3 No.691373

File: a3913f58fcc8385⋯.png (78.46 KB, 210x218, 105:109, g spot.PNG)


I can do it with my cock too if we've been fucking for a while.


Bring towels.

beeedb No.691374


Well, it's A VIDEO from which Q posted a STILL PIC from!!

e746e9 No.691375


could be - we definitely didn't dig the gold drops enough, good initiative

49e762 No.691376

File: 8d666132f2f3935⋯.jpg (129.89 KB, 516x755, 516:755, hxumunk4v7m01.jpg)

afa1cc No.691377

File: c5bd997eb68c3f7⋯.jpg (4.85 KB, 147x105, 7:5, fbipedotriangle.jpg)


fbi pedo symbol

50652f No.691378

File: 89643863828c22a⋯.jpg (19.84 KB, 204x255, 4:5, 26huud.jpg)

551c1c No.691379


pedophile logo covered in gold

c512c1 No.691380


They have no fucking clue what ((())) even means. They use it all the time incorrectly.

Fuckin hilarious.

ba69c4 No.691381

Q’s “These people are sick” and “Follow the money” tied to his links of “Covert Action” articles led me to the book Bioterror: Manufacturing Wars the American Way. I’ll try to condense, but TMI…

Military and universities have been hand-in-hand on R&D since at least WWII for bio/chemical weapons. Nearly same universities then as now. In order of $$: John Hopkins, U of WA, Seattle, U of MI, U of PA, U of Pittsburgh, Stanford, Columbia U, U of CA San Diego (Berkeley), U of WI, Madison, Duke U. Starts at $585 million annually (2013 #’s) and goes up to $1.88 billion.

Fort Derrick, Maryland and Naval Biosciences Lab in Oakland, CA major military sites for bio weapons. In 1969, Nixon halted offensive biological warfare research. Facilities closed, samples destroyed and personnel released. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) took its place.www

c67c06 No.691382


Some of the bug finders on these iX chips did that.

Fucking crazy….

b0d6ae No.691383


this board posts weird at times. My post showed up in two places.

f20328 No.691384


LOL. Keeps this distraction in the news

Nobody with 2+ brain cells gives a single fuck about this old pron star who's looking for a paycheck and TV time.

But, it keep the leftards all wound up, sreeching about an old porn star, and looking like wingnutz to people with brains.

Who. in their right minds, would like to be known as a democrat (or vote for one) after the dems stroking out over a dried up old porn star and sex/no sex with a billionaire 17 years ago.

Trump is a genius.

c4bb03 No.691385

File: 4a996f61f6abc73⋯.jpg (10.91 KB, 255x144, 85:48, 4a996f61f6abc737dfdb197525….jpg)

>61a09d No.691354


Two different answers, same fucking clown. sup clown, you're kinda dumb…

6c39d0 No.691386

File: 1fbc92044b1efa3⋯.png (327.67 KB, 933x518, 933:518, DphJAaB.png)

2c905e No.691387

File: 1260587795775cf⋯.jpg (95.86 KB, 750x500, 3:2, Trump Drug War.jpg)

If we're on the brink of all this greatness, why the fuck is Trump doing a campaign in New Hampshire on Monday to prop up the deep state's War on Drugs?!?!?

When I heard he was coming, I was going to go and bring meme/Q banners and try to get them on tv to get the message out. Then, I heard he's only coming to prop up the deep state.

WTF. SOOOOOOOoooo disappointing. I'm just disheartened by Trump rhetoric on the war on drugs. It's the heart of the deep state and primary source of their income + needs to be destroyed.

c67c06 No.691388



9393ea No.691389

Kim Dotcom = Q ?

ec11ad No.691390



4ca9ab No.691391


abortion is evil

all abortion is evil

abortion is murder

murder is evil

murdering babies cannot

ever be excused

there is no excuse

no valid reason for

killing an innocent life

give that a life the right to choose

does that life have no right to live??

773b7c No.691392


if you're dumb enough to spend it as cash … 6 1964 guarters has a value of $17.70 as of right now (damn you, you made me look it up)

9a8d6a No.691393

File: b8f9b152b5144d2⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1850x619, 1850:619, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2a8220ef8c577e8⋯.png (508.56 KB, 833x618, 833:618, ClipboardImage.png)

@planefag cmdr

I was told to report any 2-####

and any C40.

Found two of them currently flying over US.

BOXER41 = Pic1.

Cannot locate callsign BOXER42 on the map although lat/long is given (pic2)

178871 No.691394


Yeah. Assume they have 10 hardware ways to get in invisibly without even touching the zillion software exploits across every platform. Fun times.

13917a No.691395

655f05 No.691396

File: bfd64b7cd52b525⋯.png (11.29 KB, 135x135, 1:1, GBI.png)


From: https:// gbi.georgia.gov/press-releases/2018-03-16/76-arrested-multi-state-child-exploitation-operation-named-%E2%80%9Coperation

"While investigators regularly target the trading of all types of child pornography, in Operation Southern Impact II investigators targeted those seeking out and distributing the most violent child pornography involving infants and toddlers."



41910e No.691397


Female ejaculate = piss.

2ae448 No.691398

File: 290b411550bcaaa⋯.jpg (110.02 KB, 1268x516, 317:129, sfd7g986dsf87g6d78gf6g.jpg)


>Your little mouse can dream about a protest that >will make the government do their job…lol.

>The Lion in my pants will take this government >back.


Like a bug on a windshield, anon… (pic related)

42e208 No.691399

File: b6382fb54515f1a⋯.jpg (245.9 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, IMG_0900.JPG)


Who shot themselves in a back hoe faggot

4b6a1f No.691400


>sup clown, you're kinda dumb…


d0cee3 No.691401

File: 9e6eb915d961164⋯.jpg (16.9 KB, 474x284, 237:142, dr hook.jpg)

File: 2e5e640e9f82269⋯.jpg (33.7 KB, 474x632, 3:4, pennyroyal.jpg)


I'm just amateur abortion.

71abb4 No.691402


I won't/didn't it's mentioned in my post here >>690834

b3d7d9 No.691403


damn it

unredact the huma

722eb5 No.691404


I tend to agree, but on the surface it would appear that America is 90% liberal. So perhaps (and I pray it is true) that Zionist are really just followers of the leaders (aka: useful idiots just like most liberals in USA).

IF this is a valid theory, they need to be un-brainwashed also. For them, with a supremacist "talmudic" ideology it is far worse than liberalism.

6c39d0 No.691405

File: 4acd3b2772c6af8⋯.jpg (113.85 KB, 450x818, 225:409, 1509920745220.jpg)


Go die

178871 No.691406


kek. biology. glands can do that.

c67c06 No.691407


So much CP, they have to TRIAGE IT?!?

f20328 No.691408


>and yet the MSM have not picked it up.

Getting the Nork fat boy to give up his nukes is a yuuuuuge positive for Trump.

Don't expect the msm to tell anyone about it.

50652f No.691409


Where dunned ya learned english at?

afa1cc No.691410


not me, but I like it.

It could also say EXIT GITMO

f17484 No.691411

85ee5b No.691412


You just make stuff up, you do not know this. There is no proof of any of what you say. So far there is not any proof to trust Sessions at all. I am waiting to see if it is even true info

125d2e No.691413


>Operation Southern Impact II


Anon wondering what original sting turned up?

4b6a1f No.691414


Its slowish in here. I am going to work on side by sides. Let me know if you have any that pop in your head to start on.

f68b9e No.691415


Please don't be antisemitic

2ae448 No.691416


Death penalties for big pharma's bad actors. THAT'S what he's talking about. You're off on some other topic.

d40336 No.691417


We never fucking dox Q. Keep your opinions on who Q is to yourself unless it's the standard "Trump is Q we love you GEOTUS" shit.

And it's not Kim.

Q is extremely close to the president, enough to post a PHOTO FROM FLIGHT TO/FROM SECRET NK MEETS.

I recognize your effort, newfriend

ea3419 No.691418


There are 8-9's in the q post. It is the default position in an OM system when a person is no longer active.

64e4cf No.691419


thats from today… right?

c67c06 No.691420


they typed in 'img' into google.

59450f No.691421


And here is another photo of Merkel and friends at the New Years Eve party along with a Canadian newsmagazine article

http:// www.macleans.ca/politics/angela-merkel-the-real-leader-of-the-free-world/

9393ea No.691422

File: c9a801a851da95b⋯.jpg (45.18 KB, 480x360, 4:3, c9a801a851da95b2b52e6b83fb….jpg)

07d1e7 No.691423


I wish I could. I dont have the original.

c0b4ce No.691424


ok i see your position

but 50% of america is pro choice

this is not winning issue

this is divisive

you are shilling for the NWO

2ae448 No.691425

Funny picture. Was this before or after he used the Nazis to overthrow gov'ts in south america?

655f05 No.691426


That's right. That's how bad it is.

Judges should be given physical castration as a sentencing option.

Chop it all off.

41910e No.691427


Which glands?

77ab5a No.691428


Alrighty, 'sOK, understand.

I can understand rational arguments on both side of the spectrum. The matter is alas thus heated that rationality has been the foremost victim in all of this. I know we are not rational beings maskerading as rational ppl but whenever rationality is appealed to or referred to one should be held accountable to it, IMHO. 'sWhy my intervention, 'sall.

AND this is a BIG topic that transcends all of that: it is related to religion, philosophy, society building and more.

c512c1 No.691429


Heeyyy You guys!!!

13917a No.691430

File: 2e15c23bc9a8b45⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 166.32 KB, 1080x837, 40:31, 1520009402.jpeg)

Well the board has officially gone to shit so may as well add some ass

07d1e7 No.691431

6c39d0 No.691432


Just because you can admit you are inbred, doesn't mean you are any less of a faggot

d40336 No.691433


*Gets the rope ready for satanic pizzaniggers*

07d1e7 No.691434


Happy Friday

747533 No.691435



655f05 No.691436


Yes. Check @Georgia_AG Chris Carr's Twitter to confirm.

f20328 No.691437


You very clearly don't know anything about Christianity.


91eadc No.691438


Clock on left, rose on right?

42e208 No.691439

File: e8a219136aeb95d⋯.jpg (29.11 KB, 312x472, 39:59, IMG_1131.JPG)

All this frump homo eroticism is as bad as the tribadism compost. I owe myself s beer. Beware of asshole worship, it's shit, even elects caca. The sympathy baiting is selfish

722eb5 No.691440


The MSM portrays 50%… What is it really?

178871 No.691441


i don't see any water in that photo.

8c2ede No.691442

File: 53e9142247b7163⋯.jpg (144.88 KB, 458x1024, 229:512, DYYzHh9VMAERn__.jpg)

File: bc76617596b556e⋯.jpg (80.78 KB, 549x600, 183:200, change.jpg)

4Chan cucks have entered the building clearly.

And based off this recent intel ((pic relevant))

FilterAnon in full effect.


Derail us as much as you want…

We are UP for the challenge.

((We are Anonymous. We do not forgive. We do not forget))

2ae448 No.691443

File: da6a5c5388cb47a⋯.jpg (11.51 KB, 274x184, 137:92, 1535672_10201148890910575_….jpg)

125d2e No.691444


Lazy fuck investigators

f20328 No.691445


Took me 30 seconds to see the water.

21f8f1 No.691446



Yes you did, sorry Anon, just drinking my coffee now. Totally flew over the first line when I asked about the next G

6f6c1a No.691447


> find a way to save our country.

You're right, a holocaust would save it. A real one this time.

c67c06 No.691448

So the Intelligence community was essentially looking in the phonebook of the internet for CP, pretending that the problem is much less than it actually is.


07d1e7 No.691449

Mar 15 2018 19:31:42








-Q goes full LARP and full retard all in one post.


77ab5a No.691450


(You) are one sick KEK

3cdc21 No.691451


This entire SecureDrop thing has really bummed me out today.

Do you know how many people who are probably dead and/or lives destroyed because of this bunch.

Fuckin Barlow

6fc172 No.691452

File: 905feda3be272e5⋯.png (122.25 KB, 269x282, 269:282, 121u57497097035-388888-g.png)

c512c1 No.691453

File: e4f36c2c54b5b5e⋯.gif (497.17 KB, 499x274, 499:274, tumblr_lm9475oxly1qiym67.gif)

e746e9 No.691454


basically making sure to have the simplest version possible of all the times Q posted before Trump tweets with markers, events like BDT/things that people see as "predictions" by Q, though it's more about leaks that can't be understood until certain things happen.

But those are what people/normies will want to see when it's time, that's what i'm trying to think of: what will they ask for, what will they want to see? …but, much as i'd like to help more, there's not much of a precise drop/question i can think of

42e208 No.691455



4b6a1f No.691456

File: db861322e080752⋯.png (28.23 KB, 660x237, 220:79, capture.PNG)

This should accelerate the IBOR pretty quick!!

722eb5 No.691457


Wonder what time the clock is reading?

My eyes and screen are low res!

d0cee3 No.691458


It's not piss. It's more viscous, kinda like that hand sanitizer stuff.

bcf4c0 No.691459


Nope …. it's all timed for maximum affect on the Mid-terms and 2020 elections

95a661 No.691460


What do you think the best argument to prove Q is right now? I can't seem to come up with anything that isn't layers deep in weeks of reading…

Agree completely that we need a few easy gets published to convince normies.

8242ab No.691461

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3eb341 No.691463

File: 2b96f5bfd40d384⋯.png (40.94 KB, 854x347, 854:347, UM.png)


Interdasting, anon. Wondered similarly about Comey (pic related).

655f05 No.691464


Red blooded men used to do a better job at lynchings in this part of the country.

Everybody who drives on I-75 southbound over Roswell Road in Marietta rolls right over the place where Leo Frank was hanged.

7085eb No.691465


I think newfags forget to make sure they've clicked Reply at the top of the thread they want to post in, and thus end up creating New Thread. Hence, the amount of sliding going down.

07d1e7 No.691466

0326b8 No.691467


Back in the day there was a rumour of a us govt backdoor in Windows 95/98 … would love to see if that was true

e746e9 No.691468


wasn't Barlow the idealist utopian that got used and killed?

49e762 No.691469



91eadc No.691470

File: 7aa40c50c47805b⋯.jpg (193.4 KB, 634x567, 634:567, dream_xivghqv9765.jpg)


One of the hands seems rather ornate.

You should look up a higher res version, for science.

ba69c4 No.691472


Berkeley took over Naval Biosciences Lab and the Virus Cancer Program (VCP) took over Fort Derrick. CIA had their hand in VCP BIG time and rehired many of the personnel released by Nixon’s 1969 order.

All military research shifted to public domains but continued. Fort Detrick became the NCI’s Frederick Cancer Research Center after 1971 and Litton-Bionetics became prime contractor (military ties since 1960’s for bioweapons). G.D. Searle (now Pfizer/Monsanto) also still tied (since 1950’s). These people involved in MKULTRA, MKNAOMI and the Mason-Pfizer monkey virus (pre-cursor to AIDS).

01766e No.691473


Has it been announced yet who died from that bridge collapse?

125d2e No.691474


Sickening. Where are these children’s protectors?

9393ea No.691475

File: 83f07db56aca06e⋯.jpg (59.31 KB, 628x450, 314:225, birds.jpg)


i have found my flock

57b694 No.691476


He really did screw the pooch. Cast it too far, can't reel it in now.

Fuck Q in his neckbearded asshole.

c4bb03 No.691478


I will take the one looking at the camera please.

974154 No.691479

Huh, Shitbag got his taxpayer pension.

Why is the sky blue?

972446 No.691480

Could've sworn I heard something before he got filtered

4ca9ab No.691481


So if 50% of the population

wants to behead green-eyed

persons then I should abandon

logic and cater to their delusion??

4b6a1f No.691482

c0b4ce No.691483


depends on the exact question context demography etc

subject to severe manipulation of course

but it been pretty consistent at 50-50 since 1973 so thousands of surveys

also confirmed by the even split in elected officials

its a mexican stand off - cant be resolved by Q and this movement

125d2e No.691484


Anon doesn’t know. Ebony not mentioned. 6 DOA!?

08fb19 No.691485


No, there is no storm. 6mos + people have been saying this shit! Nothing is happening. How many have wasted hours and hours, lost friends trying to redpill with this shit. It is BS to this point.

c67c06 No.691486


They have none, due to the welfare state replacing Daddy.

773b7c No.691487


WOW, whoever edited that is amazing … awesome attention to detail on the timing.

178871 No.691488


I've seen the Windows kernel code with the NSA keys in it. I've also known systems programmers who worked there - the whole thing is spaghetti.

01d288 No.691489


"An operation like this, we really just want to send a loud, booming message that it won't be tolerated," Miles said.

"Truthfully, we could do operations like this every single day if we wanted."

http:// www.wsbtv.com/news/local/dozens-arrested-in-massive-multi-state-child-exploitation-crackdown/717008405

f717c7 No.691490

File: 26a0c3f5867338f⋯.jpg (248.03 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, BrainwashYourDad.jpg)

File: 9c5371a52f6b305⋯.jpg (35.32 KB, 600x401, 600:401, BrainwashYourSelf.jpg)


Amazing what you can learn by reading BOOKS instead of watching (((Hollywood))) movies that glorify the death of 50 million white people so that jew capitalist/communist/cultural marxists can transform your formerly beautiful country into a third world hell of satanic rule.

a7650f No.691491


DFW metroplex called golden triangle

85ee5b No.691492


There is no way the Q team would kill people.

6f6c1a No.691493



55320a No.691494

File: 92690aab06d06d3⋯.png (191.44 KB, 590x656, 295:328, 1521249839733.png)

https:// twitter.com/Mediaite/status/974806923731185664

c67c06 No.691495


Hell, most of the population didn't want to secede from Britain, or to free slaves.

d01dc5 No.691496

This is what Q should be pointing us towards. Get us up to speed on the history hidden from us.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8LyHeBqjwA

b29d41 No.691497


No, but black hats would.

d0cee3 No.691498


No, but I do like happen to like gold star lesbians who want to experiment with a man to see what it feels like.

c8dfc9 No.691499


New Hampshire allegedly has one of the worst opioid problems. Trump's speech there is supposed to include: death penalty for drug traffickers, propose changes in treatment/recovery for addicts, prevention, and education.

The majority of illegal opioids is flowing in through the southern border. He's hoping the wall will cut off that supply

491adc No.691500


Two letters MJ.

71abb4 No.691501


No worries. Enjoy your coffee

620da9 No.691502

There are many AI bots tonight.

49e762 No.691503


this kid is making a lot of enemies

95a661 No.691504


Yep. Crickets.

Project Mockingbird might be worthwhile to work up.

Sadly, ideas are my forte. My design skills suck.

c6b4fd No.691505


oh ….such words…moved truly. Thank you.

125d2e No.691506


Advocacy. God, provide protective advocates for Your innocent ones. Amen.

07d1e7 No.691507

66c2d1 No.691508


Anybody have a decent version of this screengrab?

21f8f1 No.691509

File: 1dbd766cb3ed082⋯.jpg (150.6 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, S__14196743.jpg)


>could be - we definitely didn't dig the gold drops enough,

Any relation to the Kinross Co that dropped a shit ton of Gold off the back of an airplane in Russia yesterday, or PM's Barrick Gold???

722eb5 No.691510


Wondered about correlation of Alice in Wonderland.

(where I was trying to sauce)

But ONLY in the name of research, I should get a better monitor (10inch 1024x768 sucks!) if I am going to really enjoy looking at tattoos on sex objects!

07b2ca No.691511

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZNlqXUJzKk

Field McConnell and David Hawkins Abel Danger, together with Ole Dammegard join [Jason Goodman-Crowdsource the Truth] to discuss the game being played out on the world stage.

a2af48 No.691512

File: a7e3ef01031559d⋯.jpeg (371.16 KB, 800x1419, 800:1419, A2528C17-CEB5-4260-82DD-4….jpeg)

af4510 No.691513




Definitely dig on these but research has led me believe the gold, Triangle and eye of Ra stuff is related to Egypt the pyramids, the gods they worshipped and how those are present today, such as Epstein's gold domed Temple and the other symbolism involved there. Those symbols and themes also connect to the Freemasons and Knights Templar.

be8c17 No.691514

File: aec6834ccb0c533⋯.png (175.83 KB, 508x476, 127:119, tictoc.png)

Jan 13 2018 - 22:09:38 CF_BOOM_SHOCK_BYE_

Mar 3 2018 - 23:15:14 BOOM.

Mar 3 2018 - 23:42:23 BOOM.

Mar 4 2018 - 01:24:16 BOOM.

Mar 5 2018 - 01:39:53 BOOM (…MB lined up 3x…)




Mar 8 2018 - 08:46:32 BOOM.

Mar 15 2018 - 19:29:14 BOOOOOM!

Mar 15 2018 - 19:31:42 Boooom!



Mar 15 2018 - 19:36:51 BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 31 2017 - 23:00:15 Why hasn't the MB been classified as a terrorist org?

Nov 5 2017 - 23:34:15 Was the MB affiliated to any of these organizations/people?

What faith does the MB represent?

50652f No.691515

File: 5acb9056c501d05⋯.jpg (55.71 KB, 360x408, 15:17, 1514536050783.jpg)


I'm ready for you, honey.

c0b4ce No.691516


here is a better question



07d1e7 No.691517


Can I nominate the Abel Danger team to take over for Q?

The one we have now is broken.

b3d7d9 No.691518


they eat it, look up gold in bread

95a661 No.691519


Follow the money from Qs early posts and then show how $$ flowed from Kerry to his daughter's NFP?

fdc1e9 No.691520

http:// www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2018/03/16/nolte-disgraced-mainstream-media-swamped-massive-layoffs/

Our media is shockingly useless, constantly playing catch up with actual news while obsessing over rumor and innuendo.

Consider the fact that the media that protected Bill Clinton — a man who as president committed perjury to cover up his sexual affair with a young intern, an affair conducted just a few rooms away from his wife and daughter in the Oval Office — is now obsessed over a porn star’s story that she might have had a consensual affair with Trump more than a decade ago.


When women credibly accused Clinton of rape, groping, and harassment, our media joined the White House in destroying them as liars. But this same media hoping to turn a 12-year-old consensual relationship into a national scandal.

Americans are tired of the media lying to them, misleading them, lecturing them… Today, there are plenty of alternative sources of news. No one needs to put up with what is called the MSM anymore.

Which reminds me…

To protect Barack Obama’s anemic economic “recovery,” our media tried to convince us that unemployment in the Obama era, was really “funemployment.” When the working class, those our elitist media despise, lose their jobs to illegal immigrants, unfair trade deals, and oppressive and unnecessary environmental regulations, the media have dismissively suggested that they all catch up with the times and learn computer code.

So let me be the first to wish all of these “journalists” a Happy Funemployment and wish them luck all the luck in the world with their new careers as computer coders.

9a8d6a No.691521


No, that is a false choice.

Those are independent ideas, not in opposite to one another.

01766e No.691522


So, while they're concentrating on stormy, the real storm is gaining speed!

Honestly, I do not believe that our POTUS Trump would touch it with a ten foot pole! I mean a porn star?? And he's a germaphobe! Yuck!!! No way!

ad9185 No.691523

worked like a fag all day from sun up til sun down. can one anon please take a second and tl:dr me so i'm up to speed?

What did I miss?

8c2ede No.691524


> What happened to March Madness?

So sorry to learn you are blind.

I can't begin to understand….

…the daily challenges you experience.

Anon…iz ok, we help u.

Juz help us understand.

Since you don't see with your eyes

Is it moar clear thru ur your boo hole?

1f84e1 No.691525


He's odd looking. Like the halves of his face don't match. Like someone who has had a stroke.

2ae448 No.691526

File: 66de77dad9523e6⋯.jpg (39.36 KB, 436x400, 109:100, s7df986g7s9d8f6gf76g54.jpg)

77ab5a No.691527


I'm a diggerfag and I must admit that this is DEEP.

491adc No.691528

File: 3cdf329274d3a5a⋯.jpeg (455.57 KB, 1242x682, 621:341, 01EBA31D-7DFB-4053-A8E8-B….jpeg)


Want sex traffic in Atlanta?

Find me(pic) ask for MJ

f717c7 No.691529

File: 8ab14c516460ac0⋯.jpg (26.26 KB, 451x276, 451:276, Diversity.jpg)


Speaking of eye color. Yes more than half the "country" want to replace you. If they were legally allowed to behead you they would in an instant.

4aa8b2 No.691530



c67c06 No.691531


Like he's programmed?

f3ed11 No.691532

File: 44f2638fd776e37⋯.jpg (109.72 KB, 1200x669, 400:223, DYVtXjMX4AETsQO.jpg)

3d2f08 No.691534

File: 4622d8fbcfe829c⋯.png (954.13 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 909309fc7d2fa13cbf333e6acd….png)



b2eb18 No.691535

File: 5209f50d40eca45⋯.jpg (99.17 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 26k4mk.jpg)

Saw this story,, had to make this meme real quick,KEK I might have to make a better one, kek

REVEALED: John Kelly says Rex Tillerson was on the toilet when he told the Secretary of State he was going to be FIRED

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5511843/Rex-Tillerson-toilet-told-going-FIRED.html

722eb5 No.691536

File: fabffc675f09595⋯.jpg (182.16 KB, 619x774, 619:774, TEMP0001.jpg)

1f84e1 No.691537


Maybe. Just off.

f3ed11 No.691538

Washington Post just reported McCabe fired

85ee5b No.691539


McCabe Is Fired!!

d71376 No.691540


213bae No.691541


-Fox news thru WaPo

c0b4ce No.691542


your hypothetical is false

this dichotomy is real

the libs would trade your guns for abortion

it demonstrates the division on a constitutional right - you cant pick which ones YOU like

68b637 No.691544

McCabe fired - Ingraham

f3ed11 No.691545



4ca9ab No.691547


It takes a wicked filthy

evil bitch to kill an

innocent life.

Their own child even!!!

Depravity. Wicked!!!!


Defending that evil

is a shame!!!!!!!


afa1cc No.691548

The Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle is a Land at the Border of Crime and Development

The Golden Triangle is an area covering 367,000 square miles in Southeast Asia where a significant portion of the world’s opium has been produced since the beginning of the twentieth century. This area is centered around the meeting point of the borders that separate Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand. The Golden Triangle’s mountainous terrain and distance from major urban centers make it an ideal location for illicit poppy cultivation and transnational opium smuggling.

Until the end of the 20th century the Golden Triangle was the world’s largest producer of opium and heroin, with Myanmar being the single highest-producing country. Since 1991, the Golden Triangle’s opium production has been outpaced by the Golden Crescent, which refers to an area that traverses the mountainous regions of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran.

The Birth of the Golden Triangle

In 1886, the British Empire expanded to include Upper Burma, where the modern Kachin and Shan states of Myanmar are located. Nestled in rugged highlands, the populations that inhabited Upper Burma lived relatively beyond the control of British authorities.

Hundreds of thousands of members of Thailand’s indigenous “hill tribes” constitute another major stateless population in the Golden Triangle. Their statelessness renders them ineligible for state services, including formal education and the right to work legally, leading to a situation in which the average hill tribe member makes less than $1 per day. This poverty leaves hill tribe people vulnerable to exploitation by human traffickers, who recruit poor women and children by promising them jobs in northern Thai cities such as Chiang Mai.

Today, one in three sex workers in Chiang Mai comes from a hill tribe family. Girls as young as eight years old are confined to brothels where they may be forced to service up to 20 men per day, putting them at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS and other diseases. Older girls are often sold overseas, where they are stripped of their documentation and left powerless to escape. Although the government of Thailand has enacted progressive laws to combat human trafficking, the lack of citizenship of these hill tribes leaves this population at disproportionately elevated risk of exploitation. Human rights groups such as The Thailand Project assert that education for the hill tribes is the key to solving the human trafficking issue in the Golden Triangle.

https:// www.thoughtco.com/the-golden-triangle-1434569

21f8f1 No.691549

Ingram says WAPO says McCabe is fired!

4aa8b2 No.691551


Punching bag says what

d71376 No.691552


07b2ca No.691553


we need everyone.

bcf4c0 No.691555


With the way MSM immediatly goes to :

So What…it's no big Deal…lets move on….

Back to Russia, Russia, Russia….

The timing has to perfect. I don't think we'll see rolling indictments until Mid Summer

f9c78c No.691556

Love you anons, all of you. Shills, flat earthets, pro life/pro choice, alien disclosure, biblefags, it doesnt matter. We are truth seakers, we cant stop autistic search till we get to the bottom of it. Potus is our last hope, the only one we have. Q is whatever Q is, at this point we are brought together to research and question everything, we should not stop, we should stay together. OCD is our strength, autism cant be defeated. We want truth and nothing but the truth!!!

fdc1e9 No.691557


So leave.

d2ed71 No.691558

File: ccf3c7291acc3f3⋯.jpg (221.23 KB, 1000x540, 50:27, MAGA Hottie.jpg)



I feel you. The waiting is the worst part.

Can you tell me this?…Do you see a reason on the ISIS side to improve/expand GITMO and get it ready for more prisoners? Do you think those prisoners will come from the battlefield? Could be, but gut says no…

Also, do you believe the sealed indictments number 18,500+? Is that number real or fabricated as part of this giant LARP?

If you believe that GITMO is ready to receive more prisoners and there are a YUGE amount of indictments ready to be released at some point, why be so impatient?

Have you seen the IG report yet? Do you know what is in it? How long after POTUS said the Calm Before the Storm did it take to move on tax reform (through blackmail of Rinos) and taking care of NK like he said he would? It wasn't fast, but it happened…

Other sources (Zack from Morocco) pointing to big names at GITMO towards end of the year. This Phase [2] will happen on their timeframe, not yours…IMO

Can't bank on these crumbs on a daily basis coming true. The real info and dis-info here has helped steer the MSM and is serving purposes you can't see…

Keep up the good fight doubtfags….

c306f6 No.691559


Yes….I posted about Parkland Buses a week after shooting….

Tied it in with LyndR's last tweet about the hot chocolate being the best in the world…next morning….3:00am 16 buses destroyed….an hour from HERSHEY PA…chocolate capital of the world….

And now, PARKLAND medical center involved with DALLAS CRISIS DRILL IN 2 DAYS…

c512c1 No.691560


What if his parents had whipped his ass like he needed?

be8c17 No.691561


Hotel Symbol = Pedo Symbol.

c4bb03 No.691562


>here is a trick question, translated

Would you trade in your right to protect yourself against a rogue government for ANY law that does not protect your right to self defense against a rogue government??

b3d7d9 No.691563


post the damn video for a lazyfag

bcf4c0 No.691564


37874d No.691565


Here's an interesting blog on the subject of FORCED IMMIGRATION around the world:

https:// americangoy.blogspot.


This "goy" states that many of these immigrants do not integrate into the home society. Jews and Muslims keep themselves separate, take good jobs from citizens or go on the dole, and often don't like you.

It explains why the Germans (after giving the Jews refuge in their country and seeing them monopolize their industries, and benefit from the devalued German Mark) were very pissed when the Jews betrayed them.

When the brownshirts went through Berlin marking Jewish businesses with a RED "J" it was a shock to see EVERY BUSINESS WITH A MARK ON IT. They were less than 1% of the population and held 50-80% of the industries.

The Jews also ran houses of ill repute where child prostitutes sat on the curb. The Jews basically made themselves a scourge. It is PREDICTABLE that the home people would resent this. In fact, one might even trace the INTENT to be a scourge in order to demean the Germans and force them into a conflict.

125d2e No.691567


Shilling heavy. No Q drops today. Mc cabe not fired. Gowdy May replace sessions. May is fucked and a liar as is all 🇬🇧. IG report not out.

ba69c4 No.691568


CIA retained samples after Nixon’s 1969 order to destroy and CIA deeply involved inVCP of NCI. also involved- Henry Kissinger who signed National Security Decision Memorandum 35 in 1969 and participated in 1975 Biological Weapons Convention.

There’s so much more info in the book, but boils down to biological weapons being used actively domestically and against foreign powers since right after the war (primarily CIA). JFK released files touch on many of the topics, especially Cuba. Apparently, agents think it’s the ultimate weapon because it leaves infrastructure and resources intact while only destroying people/food sources.

e746e9 No.691569


-Indictements set the stage. Previous verified insiders on 4chan (that guy who got called out as fake&gay but got arrested for it), HWNDU also are useful to provide context for why the chans would be a credible place for this to happen.

-the Saudi Arabia takedown links it to real world, BUT it must be explained in context of the nov.4 us riots bat&switch/disinfo.

-Then maybe go into details of twitter markers, etc, but throughout it is important to insist on the concept of plausible deniability. Q has absolutely confirmed it by replying to a post explaining it, and it explains so, so much about Q's vagueness, why there is not one big arrest or proof that would definitely make it tip over… yet. Soon, apparently.

sure i'm forgetting much, but first draft/splurge

3d2f08 No.691570



K. Let me know when a real source confirms.

f9c78c No.691571



491adc No.691573

beeedb No.691574

Hannity integral part in all of this!

b3d7d9 No.691576


good eye anon

4b6a1f No.691577


213bae No.691578


Don't trust, then verify

bb22b5 No.691579

Laura Ingram reports

McCabe kicked to the curb

974154 No.691580


WAPO not a source. He aint fired, he's getting his pension.

bcf4c0 No.691581


https:// www. huffingtonpost.com/entry/andrew-mccabe-fired-fbi_us_5aa9af61e4b0004c04070d10

e746e9 No.691582

File: e7afb120fa6fda2⋯.png (1.38 MB, 2222x2222, 1:1, News-Truth_WP_Grid.png)

c0b4ce No.691583




676835 No.691584

File: fa009f1a464e2ab⋯.png (583.09 KB, 862x493, 862:493, screenshot_979.png)

2a17b7 No.691585

So McCabe is fired.

882a79 No.691586

McCabe has now been fired.

4aa8b2 No.691587

I think a lot of them are not getting arrested cause they getting capped by a soldier. What I have noticed

66692a No.691589

it happened!!

95a661 No.691590


Indeed. It feels like we just aren't quite there - yet.

773b7c No.691591

File: 756f7457db45d1f⋯.png (365.32 KB, 438x383, 438:383, Screenshot-2018-3-16 Meme ….png)


Mae Brussels

Sneaky Russian sub

Trump quote "I am the storm"

McCabe fired


new shill tatctic


722eb5 No.691592




I just meme'd sacrasm into another anon's pic.

The faggot should be exposed as bloombergs bitch.

Especially after that shit video title.

(I did not watch it, would break my little screen if I did!)

676835 No.691593


c67c06 No.691594


The formula for the nerve agent was published in a book in 2008

9c8b81 No.691595

File: 92e777a9b42fe7f⋯.jpg (41.51 KB, 327x500, 327:500, 5secrule.jpg)



c4bb03 No.691596





Ahem.. sorry for shouting.. The almonds kinda heated up a bit..

70aab5 No.691597

File: 2bd9b3cc40d8961⋯.png (612.44 KB, 867x484, 867:484, BYEAndrew.png)

0cfbdf No.691598

McCabe should be hung till dead. Wake me up when that happens.

07d1e7 No.691599


I dount doubt the indictments. Those are public knowledge that anyone can verify.

I doubt Q.

Still waiting to see the IG report.

bcf4c0 No.691600

been at the bureau for more than two decades, could significantly affect his pension.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions made the decision to oust McCabe after the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility recommended he be fired for his alleged lack of candor during an internal review of how the FBI and Justice Department handled an investigation into the Clinton Foundation. McCabe and his attorney met Thursday with Scott Schools, the highest-ranking career employee of the Justice Department, in an attempt to prevent the firing or at least save his ability to begin collecting a pension estimated at $60,000 a year.

McCabe, a lifelong Republican, had officially stepped down from his post in late January but was using accrued leave to stay on the FBI’s payroll until his retirement date on Sunday, his 50th birthday. Being fired before his birthday means he’d have to wait several more years before he can draw a pension.

He had been with the bureau since 1996 and served a short stint as the acting FBI director after President Donald Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey last May. After the U.S. Senate confirmed Christopher Wray as the bureau chief, McCabe returned to his original role as deputy director.

McCabe abruptly announced he was leaving the bureau at the end of January while tangled in an internal investigation of his handling of the FBI investigations into Hillary Clinton. The Justice Department’s inspector general has been investigating how officials handled the Clinton investigation since just before Trump took office.

While Trump has accused McCabe of having a political bias in favor of Clinton, the Justice Department’s forthcoming internal review suggests he may have actually authorized the disclosure of information that was damaging to the Clinton campaign.

The report evidently says that McCabe authorized a discussion involving one of his top aides, the FBI’s chief spokesman and a Wall Street Journal reporter for a story, published Oct. 30, 2016, that included details of McCabe pushing back on Obama appointees in the Justice Department to continue an FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

FBI officials are barred from disclosing information about ongoing criminal investigations. The Justice Department’s inspector general recommended that Sessions fire McCabe as a result of the internal review, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

McCabe has been at odds with Trump in recent months, with the president apparently trying to undermine McCabe and the FBI’s credibility.

In December, Trump publicly complained about McCabe’s wife’s political affiliations (Jill McCabe unsuccessfully ran as a Democrat for a Virginia state Senate seat in 2015), criticized his oversight of the FBI investigations into Clinton and even mocked his retirement plans.

Donald J. Trump


How can FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, the man in charge, along with leakin’ James Comey, of the Phony Hillary Clinton investigation (including her 33,000 illegally deleted emails) be given $700,000 for wife’s campaign by Clinton Puppets during investigation?

2:27 PM - Dec 23, 2017


71.9K people are talking about this

Twitter Ads info and privacy

Donald J. Trump


FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is racing the clock to retire with full benefits. 90 days to go?!!!

2:30 PM - Dec 23, 2017


46.6K people are talking about this

Twitter Ads info and privacy

In one of his tweets, Trump claimed that McCabe received a campaign donation of $700,000 from “Clinton Puppets,” apparently referencing a donation to Jill McCabe’s campaign totaling up to $675,000 from former Democratic Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s political action committee.

The donation was made before Andrew McCabe was promoted to deputy director and headed the FBI’s Clinton investigation. McAuliffe is an ally to both Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Trump also reportedly called McCabe into his office for a meeting, then asked him which candidate he voted for in the 2016 presidential election, The Washington Post reported in January.

David Bowdich, the FBI’s associate deputy director, is expected to replace McCabe as deputy director, according to The Washington Post. Bowdich has been with the FBI since 1995.

9a8d6a No.691601

File: 124f1788450e4eb⋯.png (767.69 KB, 1289x668, 1289:668, ClipboardImage.png)


Found the other 02- C40 callsign BOXER42.

Need a senior planefag to say whether important.

5b21a8 No.691602


end of the world (roth) central banking system (fiat)… returning currencies to a gold/asset backed system.

178871 No.691603

File: 77f243de47df357⋯.png (867.98 KB, 1185x1400, 237:280, ClipboardImage.png)



Boom. There it is.

21f8f1 No.691604



Just postin, not believin! Wapo leaked that BS yesterday aaaaaand Fox supposedly already let this loose earlier sooooooooooo

2164b6 No.691605



Yep. Pretty much sums it up.

b3d7d9 No.691606


lmao ok ty

b8e6ba No.691607

>>690803 (last bread)

You made a metaphysical argument, I provided a metaphysical response.

fca850 No.691608

File: b917e6b9c64461d⋯.png (20.48 KB, 1180x150, 118:15, Capture.PNG)

95a661 No.691610


Lordy. Those things need suspenders.

f3ed11 No.691611


Turn on the fuckin news

620da9 No.691612


McCabe's fired, faggot.

07d1e7 No.691613



676835 No.691615

File: dc04b8fc978e275⋯.png (585.6 KB, 862x490, 431:245, screenshot_981.png)

b3d7d9 No.691616


i dont get it

020606 No.691617

File: 59adf62aa2ae64b⋯.png (530.79 KB, 1105x630, 221:126, ClipboardImage.png)


c0b4ce No.691618


You are deplorable


jesus weeps

da0ef0 No.691619

McCabe fired? Where are the melodramafags with nothing happens?

620da9 No.691620


Fuck you, bot. McCabe fired.

722eb5 No.691621


The only thing comes to mind…

Motor boating!

2ae448 No.691622


Anon's a fake. Oct. 28th wasn't 6 months ago and he always posts his whiny shit namefagging a "Anon".

42f53c No.691623






4d45fd No.691625


That's the Spirit! And I usually post the Lords Prayer. Aren't we all Gods Creatures?Total shitshow,lol

51322d No.691626

Is it just me or does the pic of Hilarity tripping on the stairs in India look like the Keep On Trucking logo from back in the 70’s.

954c4a No.691627


Which proves that you like being watched when you do it…

164e83 No.691628

I told you fags 34 breads back, that McCabe was fired!

fdc1e9 No.691629


But, but, muh nothing evah habbens!!!!


213bae No.691630

File: 7abfc1c63294e4a⋯.jpg (158.18 KB, 1180x842, 590:421, garrison1.jpg)

56f065 No.691631


2ae448 No.691632

956b9c No.691633

Another bread going?

64e4cf No.691636



advertising 4u

c4bb03 No.691637


They are in their clown meeting shitting their pants because that one fell through for them..

b501d5 No.691639


God help our Republic and Free Speech

07d1e7 No.691640


So is McCabe being fired the BOOM or Boooooooom?

bb22b5 No.691641


ad9185 No.691642


thank you kindly anon.

not surprised on the shilling, didn't notice Q, was curious on McCabe and sounds like he might of just got fired. Not sure that Gowdy would replace Sessions if we are meant to trust him. Could see it, That would be killer.

IG report hopefully comes soon. Been waiting on that one.


07d1e7 No.691643



2164b6 No.691645


Finally, after 6 months , sessions does SOMETHING

9a8d6a No.691646

File: b23d1ea9d5c3dce⋯.jpg (106.15 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, PrayerBreakfast2018.jpg)

d3e376 No.691647

File: 8ba43c8bc486fa3⋯.jpg (13.88 KB, 255x186, 85:62, pepe_hrc_exec.jpg)


I literally just WHOOP'd and clapped my hands… EXCELLENT news…

f3ed11 No.691648

File: ef53246d958ca5f⋯.jpg (105.99 KB, 883x499, 883:499, 26iqoo.jpg)

4d45fd No.691649


Yeah Baby,who's Next!!

9fdcfa No.691650

File: a98e38255f28d58⋯.jpeg (29.99 KB, 660x371, 660:371, DYb5-FBXUAciCYt.jpg-large.jpeg)

I feel so BOOOOOOOOOOOOM now!!!!!!

4b6a1f No.691651

File: 80aadb4ebd66cab⋯.jpg (89.13 KB, 1024x716, 256:179, 80aadb4ebd66cabc69ae56a50a….jpg)



6909bb No.691652

Fuck yeah. McCabe gone. Swept by the storm! Top kek

c0b4ce No.691653


i guess the logic of it is too much to deal with

sorry and god bless

c43a84 No.691654


b3d7d9 No.691655



& The


b48358 No.691656


Heard he was talking. A possibility.

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