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File: d21ca899745e7f0⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Q_Anon Research.png)

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5258ca No.695670

File: 7394301980d8337⋯.jpg (173.4 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Fired.jpg)

eac039 No.695672



9067ee No.695673


I read a ANon tell us McCabe was fired about 330 yesterday afternoon. Did any of you other Anons see that?

56a20e No.695674

ThanQ for the emergency bake

bdb276 No.695675

File: bda62a5a616c88e⋯.jpg (56.61 KB, 477x640, 477:640, de41387b3f47b8560842ef2335….jpg)

TY BAKER - Close call there :P

69065b No.695676

File: 55fd8ec823b5598⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1231, 1080:1231, bakers.png)


Nice work.

894733 No.695677

File: afa300f48bc9871⋯.jpg (603.01 KB, 1936x1050, 968:525, liberalstwokidsarrowsMEMEB….jpg)






#ToiletsAlsoHaveABlueWave ←DEM's

1ee6fa No.695678

Blessed is the emergency baker!

eac039 No.695679


https:// pastebin.com/6p7csvMx


bdb276 No.695680

File: 7fcec4ab701d839⋯.jpg (168.29 KB, 1098x614, 549:307, s789dfg6sd8f97g6sd87g6gf87….jpg)

cd928e No.695681


8:30 PST it was announced on News.

bdb276 No.695682

File: 7603263041d7a54⋯.jpg (109.64 KB, 1842x1036, 921:518, sf7g6sd789g6dsf89g7fd6gc.jpg)

ccfa31 No.695683

File: a77d726c17fe67a⋯.jpg (9.97 KB, 286x176, 13:8, index.jpg)

Thanks baker ! I was trying to make a emergency bread but the oven started to overheat.

eac039 No.695684

ccfa31 No.695685


I think I can learn to do that properly before the end of this bread

76ef36 No.695686



he may have escaped the eyes of justice in this world but he cant escape the eyes of the Lord

116b2f No.695687

Tried starting a bread once, 8ch said the post was too long.

9067ee No.695688

Good morning Anon's ,Good Morning Real Q ! Good Morning President Amazing 45 !! Glorious day to be alive and serve you're family's. So proud and honored to be here again . Great job Real Jeff Sessions !

Oh and another note.. Fake Q you have A SHIT TON of guts to be fighting against all us autist warriors down on the ground. The entire US military intel on here and the president of the United States. You really are fucking with something you will not be happy about when you're info is leaked here soon. You have no idea what is going on behind you're keyboard bud. I hope Real Q smashes you in the head crusher. Death to fake shit , Long live the Republic!

ccfa31 No.695689


I think you have to cut the dough in two or three posts

bdb276 No.695690

File: 6d1213c16506c73⋯.jpg (121.37 KB, 1842x1036, 921:518, sf7g6sd789g6dsf89g7fd6gd.jpg)

e8217d No.695691

File: 048484fe098cdd4⋯.png (265.39 KB, 578x446, 289:223, ClipboardImage.png)

116b2f No.695692


Re-Reading the comms post on baking.

728c66 No.695693




>1964 $1.25 = 2018 $15


>you missed

Aha! Another one of many fooled by an Orwellian language trick....

When money is 'created' as debt, into a national economy, the assets against which the loan is created have not increased.

This gives away the lie.

The value of every unit in circulation is decreased in line with national borrowing.

Thus what you think is 'inflation' is actually currency devaluation.


If the people believe in inflation, then it typically follows that they believe the causes for inflation are increases in material and/or labour costs, or just plain old greed hiking prices for fatcats at the top and shareholders.

For inflation, most of the public's ire is therefore directed at the government patsy's to create pressure for regulatory changes to affect the market place in favour of the consumer 'rights'.

If instead the people understood the real crime as currency devaluation, they would then rightly direct their ire towards the bankers and those who create our currency.

The current ruse against the world via internationlist financiers would fail in short order....

894733 No.695694


Feck yeah!


c6458f No.695695

File: 10f30a0dccec4ab⋯.jpg (40.51 KB, 628x314, 2:1, sexkitchen.jpg)


You sure you weren't…distracted?

9067ee No.695696


4 pm at the latest Anon leaked it yesterday. I saw it and said.There it is !, Anon then said when asked for sauce said we will know soon.

e97e0f No.695697

tx for bread.

Can anyone help me out with this , since when do we not research strange codes . this is so weird.

Google tranlate pe pe pe full text after 50 times pe

Pe pe pe =People worship

4 x = Here are the times

4x +p= from the people

+e = People from all walks of life

+p = from the peak pe

+e = Lift up your eyes

+p= People from all over the world

+e = worshiping the people

+p =from the people of the people

+e = people from all over the world

+p = People from all over the world

+e = worshiped people from all over the world

and so on

People from all over the world

people from all over the world

People from all over the world

worship all around the people

Worship of the people of the nations

people from all over the world

from the tribe of Judah

people from all over the world

Hundreds of thousands of people have died

people from all over the world

Hundreds of people from all over the world

people from all over the world

People's Democratic Party

people who live in idol worship

Sermon on the third day

worshipers of the nations

the people of Israel, and the people of Israel

to worship the people of Israel

the birth of the people of Israel

rarely be worshiped in the nations of the nations

the birthplace of the people of Israel

Sermon on the Mount of Bounty

the honor of the people of Israel

rarely be worshiped in Jehovah's name

dad of all nations of the earth does not belong to the people of all nations

a people of all nations, who lived in the land of Israel

dad of the nations of the earth and of mankind

rarely be worshiped in the nations of the inhabited earth

dad of the nations of the United States of America |

Towards the rest of the people of Israel, who lived in the land of Israel

dad of the nations of the nations

earthly people are worshiping the people of the land

dad of the nations of the earth, the people of Israel,

Towards the people of Nineveh, in the twelfth year of Euphrates,

I live in honor of the people of Israel

I want to worship Ehud people, and enjoy the people of Israel

I live in honor of the people of Nineveh

I want to worship the people of Israel, and to the people of Israel

dad of the people of Israel, the people of Israel

I live in a city called the people of Israel

dad of the people of Israel, the people of Israel, to the people of Israel, to the people of Israel.

Sodom of Juda to Juda

I live in the city of Tarsus

rarely lived in the land of Israel.

I live in the city of Tarsus.

Believe in God's name, worship the people of Israel, and enjoy God's favor

I live in the city of Judaism in the United States.

Believe in God's Peacekeeping

I live in the city of Judaism in the United States.

Believe in God's Estimated People

I live in the city of Israel.

Believe in God's Peacekeeping

I live in the city of Judaea, in the city of Judaism.

Believe in the Sermon on the Mount of Bounty

I live in the city of Israel.

Believe in God's Peacon of Israel

I live in the city of Israel.

Believe in a person who is not a Christian or a Christian.

e97e0f No.695698

I live in the city of Israel.

Believe in God's Peacon of Israel

A person who lives in a state of dissatisfaction with the people of the island

Believe in a person who is not a Christian or a Christian or a Christian or a Christian.

I live in the city of Israel

Believe in God's Peacon of Israel

A person who lives in a state of dissatisfaction with the people of the island

Believe in God's Peacon of Israel

A person who lives in a state of dissatisfaction with the people of the island

A person who lives in a city or a people live in a nation

A person who lives in a state of dissatisfied with the people of Israel

Being borne of the people of Israel is a nation of the people of Israel.

A person who lives in a state of dissatisfied with the people of Israel

Being borne of the people of Israel, who lived in the mountain of the sun or people

A person who lives in a state of dissatisfaction with the people of the island

A person who lives in the same way as to live in the city of Israel

A person who lives in a state of dissatisfaction with the people of the island

Being borne of the people of Israel in the light of the present day of Eid al-Adha

Where are the people living in the area of the peoples living in the people of Israel?

Being borne of the people of Israel is a great nation of people living in the light of the sunset of people living in the light of the sunset of worship.

A person who lives in a state of dissatisfaction with the people of the island

Being borne of the people of Israel is a people who live in a great nation.

A person who lives in a state of dissatisfaction with a person who lives in the same place as of the people of Israel

Being borne of the people of Israel is a nation of people living in the peoples' state of Israel.

Being borne of the people of Israel is a nation of people living in the peoples' state of Israel.

This is what i got so far by translating pe pe pe pe pe from tjazik to english.

It stops after pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe 50 times

Help please other letters give different text!

76ef36 No.695699

https:// www.cfr.org/henry-kissinger-chair-us-foreign-policy

2801db No.695700


From last bread re Strozk dig >>695652

Please add!!

7b15cb No.695701

When is Q going to confirm that Obama is a white hat? The board didn't set itself.

116b2f No.695702

Ahh, yeah that's where I went wrong. Miseed the 'reply to your new post' part.

81b095 No.695703

File: bf36c9e440d14c4⋯.png (96.46 KB, 1004x600, 251:150, Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at ….png)

Morning anons…crisis averted it appears and glory be to the baker!

+1 for US!!! McCabe was FIRED!

116b2f No.695704

Wasn't there somewhere we could 'practice' baking? I seem to remember seeing something like that.

0a198e No.695705

File: 3a63109b8b59e71⋯.jpeg (60.17 KB, 768x433, 768:433, F595D4AA-CA46-4CE2-A228-A….jpeg)

bdb276 No.695706

File: 167e0b5b329fad1⋯.png (275.81 KB, 640x480, 4:3, s7f9d8g6d78f9g6d8f7c.png)

b9ed44 No.695707

File: 48029b085683ee6⋯.jpg (4.86 KB, 261x69, 87:23, aussiebar.png.jpg)

File: ea4e873c4dc729d⋯.png (57.26 KB, 427x409, 427:409, aussieupsidedown.png)

I noticed a suspicious business in Finland that reminded me of Standard Hotels.

Aussie Bar has

- Luciferian inversion in the logo in the form of upside-down text, much like Standard Hotels.

- Red and white spirit cooking colors in the logo, used as complementary opposites consistent with the spirit cooking symbolism.

- Brackets in the logo. Q has used brackets many times, and brackets seem to hold some hidden significance.

- Luciferian inversion in that while the bar presents itself as super Australian, it's actually a Finnish company founded in 2006 by an immigrant from England (called Bejay Visser) who supposedly had a rags-to-riches story.

https:// www.aussiebar.net/ (link entirely in English)

Aussie Bar has businesses in some prime locations in Finland and is currently looking for international expansion. Their website advertises reservations for private events prominently and with a huge font. They prefer to hire non-natives.

b28834 No.695708

File: d05534b017ba217⋯.jpg (109.02 KB, 966x595, 138:85, A_MC.jpg)



76ef36 No.695709

File: 1493f29a69f80ab⋯.png (377.78 KB, 1268x362, 634:181, cfr.PNG)

An Actual American War Criminal May Become Our Second-Ranking Diplomat

Elliott Abrams spent the Reagan years abetting genocide—now, he has been floated as Trump’s deputy secretary of state.

https:// www.thenation.com/article/an-actual-american-war-criminal-may-become-our-second-ranking-diplomat/

76ef36 No.695710


https:// www.cfr.org/experts/elliott-abrams

36ae45 No.695711

>>694995 >>695003 >>695033 >>695038 >>695061 >>695188

>>695190 >>695197 >>695198 >>695217 >>695268

Whatever the target, now would be a perfect time for a FF atk, with some nerve agent, blame it on RUS and start a nice liddle war…

03a21b No.695712


That's what's wild about this. These folks are going to hell. Soon. That went fast.

e8a727 No.695713


Damn! The list keeps growing. Did you add it to the master list?

bdb276 No.695714

File: 490c680158b37ef⋯.jpeg (48.15 KB, 768x433, 768:433, 3a63109b8b59e71a11ab020e4….jpeg)

728c66 No.695715


KEK @ '….20 year old veteran…" orly?

03a21b No.695716

File: d1dcf7a15bd993a⋯.png (531.27 KB, 500x500, 1:1, burnpepe.png)


The list of resignations alone is spellbinding. These people DO NOT fight and claw all their lives to get into these spots to just keep bailing like this.

Lots of job openings for non-perverts.

bdb276 No.695717

File: 9489846f1d1b6f9⋯.jpg (38.9 KB, 480x360, 4:3, s78f9dg6sd897fg6td87fgcf.jpg)

e8a727 No.695718


New Bakers Please Go To Cooking Class




03a21b No.695719

File: 2816a979f9190a7⋯.jpg (12.71 KB, 193x255, 193:255, b7d176c3d5d4d3d887549c6a89….jpg)

This bread needs blessed some more. Thank You Baker. You're doing God's work.

bdb276 No.695720

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e8217d No.695721


no forgot to bookmark the link and can't find it right now, will try after more coffee. unless you want to add it.

ab1b54 No.695722


Has anyone looked into how many resignations we typically see per year? I'm just curious to know what the comparison looks like.

b445d4 No.695723

File: 1dfba999c25f305⋯.jpg (29.83 KB, 512x432, 32:27, ac59c15e527cd3cf8dead8f823….jpg)

a98b40 No.695724


goooooooo awwwwwayyyyyy and take your crap with you.

845d0f No.695725

File: e61b7241a07aed3⋯.jpg (51.68 KB, 498x313, 498:313, sleepy_elf.jpg)

fe6ce3 No.695726

File: a0dcfa31b941e4f⋯.png (229.69 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 4B7F5F36-D399-43F7-9879-EB….png)

Was rereading the original great awakening board, that tab is still open on my tablet somehow. Anyway check out #92, seems relevant

e97e0f No.695727


if someone can explain this to me , i would gladly.

a98b40 No.695728


youd make a better fit over at halfchan

03a21b No.695729

File: e3beebb038d2b63⋯.jpeg (114.26 KB, 800x700, 8:7, Shadilay1.jpeg)


I've been trying to figure out where you get the people to do this?? Everyone needs to be SQUEAKY clean and not be black-mail-able, as we have to assume deep state still has PLENTY of that, it's gotta be hard.

I'd be lying if I said this kind of shit didn't spook me, but what I'm banking on is that some of these people are probably looking at some HEAVY crimes and charges, and Trump is about to execute a LOT of people, and what's one more??

So these front people take commands from the WH and do what they're told and keep the day to day in line, last chance, or ELSE.

You'd be an absolute fool to meet POTUS and then try and fuck him over in any way, ESPECIALLY if it's your last chance. I choose to believe in redemption. KEK!!!

bdb276 No.695731

File: e45c35580fdf140⋯.jpg (86.07 KB, 603x811, 603:811, s789dg6d8s97g6ds87g6d87fg6.jpg)



0a198e No.695732

File: 4c7061fa95283c0⋯.jpeg (66.21 KB, 768x433, 768:433, 986E00FE-2189-46AC-A953-6….jpeg)



b445d4 No.695733

File: 61bb08356ee905c⋯.gif (139.28 KB, 250x227, 250:227, 1512427077204.gif)

eac039 No.695734


Your blessing was noted and well-received, Anon. God bless.

bdb276 No.695735


But… …I don't believe in Pecans.

81b095 No.695736

Just looking over the 12/21EO seized asset list…those involved in fuckery in Iran and NK got hit first…

https:// www.treasury.gov/ofac/downloads/sdnlist.pdf

65bfae No.695737

i think fake confirmed he is 2 so several on team working account

03a21b No.695738

File: 1bde565ef1081b9⋯.jpg (59.5 KB, 800x546, 400:273, 1bde565ef1081b9205eda26b92….jpg)


KEK!!! Where is he from??

I know where he's going.

bdb276 No.695739


It's good, anon - the other was funny too - I just immediately saw greater potential in it was all KEK

6aa503 No.695740

Notables, #861.



03a21b No.695741

File: 68bb8b1dd7638e9⋯.jpg (12.64 KB, 200x200, 1:1, burningpepe.jpg)


What was that last…14,000+ PAGES??

I bet that is some loot. Poor child fuckers, I would feel bad for them but they're child fuckers and I hope they all die soon.

The end. KEK!!

81b095 No.695742

File: 96e42da730914b8⋯.png (946.46 KB, 712x845, 712:845, grandpameme.png)

07e7a5 No.695743


It's AI. Call it by is proper name.

03a21b No.695744

File: e9b25d3e9896f43⋯.jpg (124.02 KB, 640x652, 160:163, 0c12440b3bd7bdc7cca41ec57b….jpg)



Holy Shit!! God man…I hate not being able to be in here because I'm out red-pilling da normiez…You guys are amazing. KEK!!

bdb276 No.695745

File: de83129d0bfe111⋯.png (912.33 KB, 913x609, 913:609, b39257c50730c621dd2f5eb78c….png)

76ef36 No.695746


U started out with such a positive message then escalated to negativity, the fuck is wrong with your emotions

bdb276 No.695747

File: cb6af8069adfc82⋯.jpg (53.68 KB, 736x816, 46:51, 8a62ca60b42f7f3704ee48cc37….jpg)

eac039 No.695748


As opposed to AIAnon, BTW. We leave AIAnon alone to do its thing.

a19a4f No.695749


I will attempt to interpret.

"Worship of the people of the nations

people from all over the world

from the tribe of Judah"

The tribe of Judah, in mysticism of antiquity, are the twelve zodiacal signs. The story of Hercules' twelve labors is an example of the sun transiting all twelve zodiacal signs. Jesus and the twelve disciples are another example.

"Hundreds of thousands of people have died…

People's Democratic Party

people who live in idol worship"

Religion = idol wroship

Jesus is worshiped as God (he is an idol erected by Constantine in 325 CE which directly coincides with the beginning of the Age of Pisces, the two fish. Jesus fed all with two fish, bread basket (Virgo which is directly opposite Pisces) and twelve baskets of scraps were left over (twelve tribes of Israel). This is all symbolic.

Muhammad = idol of Islam. Muhammadans imitate the pattern of conduct of Muhammad for a living. Over 700 000 000 people are dead due to the imitation of this one man's pattern of conduct.

"rarely be worshiped in the nations of the nations…

rarely be worshiped in Jehovah's name"

JHVH = four "fixed" signs of the Zodical/Tribes of Israel:

Ezekiel 1:10, ‘Each of the four had the face of a man, and on the right side each had the face of a lion, and on the left the face of an ox; each also had the face of an eagle. 11 Such were their faces. Their wings were spread out upward; each had two wings, one touching the wing of another creature on either side, and two wings covering its body. 12 Each one went straight ahead. Wherever the spirit would go, they would go, without turning as they went’.

J - Scorpio (Eagle)

H - Aquarius (Man)

V - Taurus (Bull)

H - Leo (Lion)

Half-man half-animal = man transcending his animal nature. This is the difference between CAIN and ABEL: Cain gave into animal nature to spill the blood of his brother (tiller of the soil = his own mind) whereas Abel gave his first of flock (sacrificed his own carnal mind).

0a198e No.695750

File: 9a2ccedb234dd93⋯.jpeg (64.6 KB, 768x433, 768:433, 0F1ABA61-5F67-4114-8962-D….jpeg)

81b095 No.695751


It is…

-Freedom of Press group includes Snowden and Barlow and a list of choads on their BOD

-they use and endorse and perhaps wrote SecureDrop

-heavily indicated this is the vehicle for the 4a drops and perhaps Freedom or Press the group behind

03a21b No.695752

File: 1046f11be44e508⋯.jpg (89.4 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1046f11be44e508ba43c0d47aa….jpg)


I gotta hand it to the ones that went down with the ship.

We need some Titanic Sinking with these guys memes.


9067ee No.695753


I have been on this path since 91101 .Real Q and 45 is the only hope I have had my whole life .If you fuck with my Real Q , you get the sword.

76ef36 No.695754


why do u feeel the need to capitalize RANDOM words?

9067ee No.695755


Treason, THATS IT?! lelzzz

76ef36 No.695756


bruh u so delusional. u dont even know who Q is but ur fighting for him and furthermore this online caricature is ur only hope in life? bruh u need fresh air bruh

d336e0 No.695757

Memes need to push to the next step.

SEDITION PRISON JUSTICE combinations to make the public ready that his crime is serious, and needs to be punished.

Maybe start questioning how a corrupt system can get justice. Why try an insider, Clinton is free.

69065b No.695758

File: 1e3b123b0fce87a⋯.png (437.65 KB, 688x447, 688:447, mccabe.PNG)

36ae45 No.695759

File: d5f1a12fcf4112e⋯.png (223.56 KB, 793x687, 793:687, McCrumb pension2.png)

File: 0ca62f56df82332⋯.png (79.82 KB, 633x238, 633:238, McCrumb Pension.png)


McCrumb will still collect part of his pension, unless further action is taken.

http:// freebeacon.com/issues/andrew-mccabes-pension-worth-1-8-million/

b445d4 No.695760

File: 22fb2dcb5bc27d7⋯.png (1.04 MB, 935x780, 187:156, Three-Amigos.png)


Lisa H Barsoomian


Lisa H Barsoomian a US Attorney that graduated from Georgetown Law she’s a protege of James Comey and Robert Muller

Barsoomian with her boss R Craig Lawrence represented Bill Clinton in 1998 Lawrence also represented

Robert Muller three times

James Comey five times

Barack Obama 45 times

Kathleen Sebelius 56 times

Bill Clinton 40 times and

Hillary Clinton 17 times between 1998 and 2017

>>694273 Meet Lisa H Barsoomian

eac039 No.695761

Fox News doing a March Madness segment.

9067ee No.695762


I am smart enough to see the connections and it is real in my mind. You will never get me to leave here by the way. There is no going back for me . Just deal with it. True warriors of God are here to destroy you evil ones. Time is short for darkness.

bdb276 No.695763

File: 7712acbf1bffafd⋯.jpg (125.21 KB, 1842x1036, 921:518, sf7g6sd789g6dsf89g7fd6gf.jpg)

eac039 No.695764


Thanks for bringing this back to the forefront, Anon.

54d9fe No.695765



c62c52 No.695766

File: 279bd095d312dc3⋯.png (15.59 KB, 672x526, 336:263, cc.png)

File: 2fa20e2bba8d562⋯.png (164.26 KB, 1023x486, 341:162, cc2.png)

Has anyone been looking into Cargo Cults?

>Their need for symbolism will be their downfall.

There's this creepy fucker from the Marina Abramovic Institute that has an entire gallery on the stuff.


It seems like uncontacted societies reconstruction of logos would be a good gauge of what random stuff falling from the sky would do to locals.

c6458f No.695767

File: 2e667480685fa34⋯.jpg (50.36 KB, 640x383, 640:383, wronghorseandy.jpg)

1e6e8c No.695768


Great Awakening:

▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/27/18 (Sat) 20:09:33 No.70


The clock is ticking.

How's Russia?

[Mr. Contractor]

Freedom of the Press.

John Perry Barlow. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

https:// freedom.press

SecureDrop [Whistleblowers]?

SecureDrop>Clowns In America.



▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/15/18 (Thu) 07:25:44 No.92

File (hide): 0eddec41f7955c0⋯.png (1.54 MB, 591x1280, 591:1280, Clown_Comm_Narrative.png) (h) (u)


Thank you for showing the world how Clowns pass the narrative to journalists @ 4am.

Re_read crumbs re: SecureDrop.

John Perry Barlow. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/18/18 (Sun) 20:41:03 No.104











JOHN PERRY BARLOW. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<



JOHN 3:16



▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/15/18 (Thu) 21:12:42 0f16d4 No.387462


>James Dolan. Dead suicide

>Aaron swartz. Dead suicide

>Kevin Paulson. Turned over securedrop to Freedom of the Press

John Perry Barlow - 187 post name [DROP]. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


You are now a liability.


▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 03/16/18 (Fri) 04:41:56 69fcbf No.680795




[John Perry Barlow] <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<






1000 pieces.


76ef36 No.695769


ah so the religious inclination is whats keeping u here… hmmm….. nteresting

0a198e No.695770

File: d4fc431796822e4⋯.jpeg (52.87 KB, 768x361, 768:361, E5E32414-345B-4449-BE38-C….jpeg)

81b095 No.695771


Isn't it great that they waited until the LAST DAY POSSIBLE to fire him!

These fuckers have done so much to harm the country as US cannot wait for the perp walks!

bdb276 No.695772

File: 5c6d5da812e73cd⋯.jpg (148.64 KB, 1842x1036, 921:518, sf7g6sd789g6dsf89g7fd6gfg.jpg)

d83deb No.695773



Anon has added it. Here's the link for those looking

https:// docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1B-95giwldeKgsd0nYiw_sEaSf4kGNLZgEIvEhL2mVAw/edit#gid=0

b9ed44 No.695774

File: 86baf855370efcf⋯.jpg (6.96 KB, 153x129, 51:43, rationalwiki.jpg)


I'm also wondering about brackets in general. It looks like [they] have some esoteric meaning. Q is certainly using them a lot. Killbox? A big question is whether the Illuminate use brackets for signaling something.

Aussie Bar uses brackets for its logo, and then I noticed that Rational Wiki does too. Reddit used this Rational Wiki article for justification for taking down their Q board:

https:// rationalwiki.org/wiki/The_Storm

https:// rationalwiki.org/wiki/Main_Page

"Rational" Wiki is a New Atheist wiki that opposes in a snarky way not only Creationism and anything supernatural but also anything conspiracy, which it treats similarly dismissively as too stupid for a rational person to believe. Reddit used Rational Wiki much like Snopes has been, which makes me think that Rational Wiki may be similarly controlled. This is what made me take notice of the double brackets around the brain in the logo.

So I suggest people keep their eyes open for [brackets] in suspicious places. Is there a pattern to be found?

69065b No.695775

File: f6280a47719a9de⋯.png (438.1 KB, 688x446, 344:223, mccabe.PNG)



Fixed Starring and Pension

0a487d No.695776

File: 9894833900c4f9a⋯.jpg (133.27 KB, 702x729, 26:27, FBI_Agent_Who_Interviewed_….jpg)

Do you believe in coincidence?

McCabe will be prosecuted

bdb276 No.695777

File: ed0406d8f948661⋯.jpg (54.14 KB, 501x498, 167:166, 8sf9dg7sf9d87g6sd87f5c.jpg)

81b095 No.695778


Don't feed the trolls brother! Glad you are here and just pay no mind to that fake Q…

The shills and AI are smart..they will engage with you and try to start a narrative..one way is to piss you off :-)

c6458f No.695779


That was intentional.

0a487d No.695780



b28834 No.695781


We are winning Bigly!

eac039 No.695783


Be proud of those trips of truth, Anon. God bless.

81b095 No.695784

Hey 76ef36 we see you! Better wrangle that bot handler…

9067ee No.695785


Yes ,nigger clown. Children in cages keeps me here, forcing infants to inject animal dna keeps me here, CPS stealing children for old men to cum on keeps me here, that little red head girl in the photo with that demon gaga keeps me here. Q crumbs and Anons keep me here. What keeps you here tree fiddy? . Go back to clown drawing board. Anons are here to stay . :OWLS:

bdb276 No.695786

File: ca4deb2cec27b72⋯.jpg (55.59 KB, 498x634, 249:317, sf7d89g687dsg687dsfg68sd7f.jpg)


Fuck yeah - made that little worm sweat it out. KEK - alllllmost - and, awwww you lose. Fuggen DENIED!

e34e76 No.695787



Lucky you. Look @94

I'll repost later. You are right near it<

Consider A=1 @ last Q drop_X

8773a7 No.695788

Interdadting, facebook is nuts

https:// www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/technology-43440043?

So now companies they dont like are suspended

9067ee No.695789


Ok will do Anon . I am done . Made point . I am here for you 45 Anons and REAL Q dawg. Happy day 3:16 was GYUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

81b095 No.695790


coders use brackets…

mathematicians use brackets…

military code uses brackets…

legal writing use brackets…

SOP manuals use brackets…

d3f0f1 No.695791


You had me at "nice tits"

0a487d No.695792

File: be7171ddeab796f⋯.jpg (116.52 KB, 871x653, 871:653, Revolting3.jpg)


Trust the plan.

Full control.


More to follow March is going to be fun to watch

81b095 No.695793


Comey (with pension) posting etheric bullshit and philosphy…

What will McCabe be posting in 6 months?

b28834 No.695794

File: 9ab8576ef7ee8c5⋯.jpg (55.18 KB, 400x620, 20:31, hilari dast.jpg)

What happened in that shower Killary? Soap?

Does you hand hurt? lol

9f9f88 No.695795

File: 3976ae324f6d207⋯.jpg (33.51 KB, 373x474, 373:474, 26kp7b.jpg)

e34e76 No.695796


You have it right there. Who is Q talking to? What did Q put in brackets the [1st] time? A=1

What is Secure_drop Apache Really?

0a487d No.695797


and they work in teams to intimidate and sow discourse

e34e76 No.695798


@work ttyl

b28834 No.695799



76ef36 No.695800


she pricked her finger for spirit cooking

down in india to get children cuz haiti is blocked off and so is the middle east

bdb276 No.695801

File: a0e58af9f36b4c4⋯.jpg (75.32 KB, 778x468, 389:234, fg7896d98fgf7896b.jpg)

File: cfd51c26bf9fdd4⋯.jpg (23.45 KB, 480x269, 480:269, s7dfg6sd78f9g6d8s7f.jpg)

File: 2caeca82461d874⋯.jpg (38.92 KB, 600x401, 600:401, s8g907fsd809g709sd8fg7s98f….jpg)

File: 28f25b0ed010226⋯.jpg (286.69 KB, 1191x1473, 397:491, sf789gtfd76gd7fh64.jpg)

694c5d No.695802

File: a98e38255f28d58⋯.jpeg (29.99 KB, 660x371, 660:371, a98e38255f28d5804ec66086c….jpeg)

File: 7798be47b3b1bab⋯.png (66.94 KB, 384x480, 4:5, 7798be47b3b1babe3dc77f544e….png)









81b095 No.695803


>Yes ,nigger clown

Bahahahahahah…so hard to maintain composure on here with the BS troll attacks..well said anon..well said!

Sorry for slip…

c6458f No.695804

File: 7e42fd7449dbea8⋯.jpg (103.95 KB, 576x708, 48:59, paypiper.jpg)

bdb276 No.695805

File: 7adfa1cbda0b146⋯.jpg (86.23 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 7s8df9g69s87dg6sd87fgb.jpg)

8773a7 No.695806

More info on Cambridge Analitica

http:// www.bbc.com/news/blogs-trending-40792078

694c5d No.695807

File: c6f6fba76b5ba00⋯.jpg (36.06 KB, 854x480, 427:240, 859f5f0f8db3_sf_4.jpg)

14ebe8 No.695808


>they will engage with you and try to start a narrative..one way is to piss you off :-)

You give the clowns too much credit. They're stupid as fuck. They are too day-glow to be considered good at their jobs.

This quoted part of yours is spot on though.

69065b No.695809


Before they guards confiscate my phone, I want to say: "I love you Bubba!"

bdb276 No.695810


I know it slides the bread - but they are kind of fun for a soccer ball…

631645 No.695811



3c930c No.695812

G*d bless this board and all who sail in her lads.

Could we meme the Sacler's and Purdue into.funding a national opiate and addiction treat program ?

This a challenge anons. What is your judgment, I ask in G*d's name, and because G*d damn the pusher man.

What CIA crack did to the black community in the 80s Purdue Pharma and the Sackler family did and are doing to America.

69065b No.695813

File: ef59a627419f3c2⋯.png (514.15 KB, 448x443, 448:443, poked.PNG)

2fb03b No.695814


she picked india for the very same reason trudeau picked india…



remember she was with her



to know how fucked you are…

trump wants to make america great again





694c5d No.695815

File: 486d2d8e0a57bba⋯.jpeg (51.34 KB, 720x397, 720:397, DRxAMQ3UIAAB8Wz.jpeg)

File: 539c9f4d76fa9aa⋯.jpg (16.19 KB, 191x255, 191:255, 43a5a19002f0f41e9d147a6267….jpg)



Where are the shills now? Lolololololol Suck it, losers!!!

Q is legit. Trust Sessions. The fun is just beginning.

81b095 No.695816

Hey anons…looks to be a slow morning so will throw this out there for you considerations…

The Q's must not be early risers…I have been on this board pretty consistently in the am's for a LONG time..as have others..

Don't think we have ever seen Q have we? Never been on with me…maybe ME..lol..but just speculating that Q's aren't early risers…

694c5d No.695817

bdb276 No.695818

File: 37f083115bda02f⋯.png (550 KB, 774x578, 387:289, 78s96g78sd9fg7d8sg6ds87gf.png)


OH - Now that's FUNNY

e8217d No.695819



76ef36 No.695820


the fuck r these autistic numbers fam? i dont compute

eac039 No.695821


862c52 No.695822

File: 4de4b472e562c43⋯.jpg (11.55 KB, 300x450, 2:3, straponpussy.jpg)

8621df No.695823


This makes Pompeo look like a Saint. What is up with these crooks being appoint to the SOS's office.

61e5da No.695824

File: 53913496ee9dc40⋯.jpeg (91.35 KB, 1080x566, 540:283, 1520468402.jpeg)

bdb276 No.695825


We tend to see Q 'round about 2am on the night watch - which is my usual time bc the clowns are off the time card…

0a487d No.695826

File: 810fdc544249f71⋯.jpg (153.83 KB, 931x733, 931:733, ClownSpotting.jpg)

They will be clocking in soon


Todays slide will be…


2fb03b No.695827

File: 66da3affdc35326⋯.jpg (45.71 KB, 1038x357, 346:119, gematria_table.jpg)


elite numerology

instead of multiples reduction to singles expose g is power knowledge

notice the g in the freemason logo…


b28834 No.695828

File: 523d89489914d35⋯.jpg (84.52 KB, 400x620, 20:31, hilari dast.jpg)

bdb276 No.695829

File: b71f2168a5f93d0⋯.jpg (34.6 KB, 366x366, 1:1, a5d4f8ad59gf70a8sd67g.jpg)



76ef36 No.695830


so children in india being smuggled via train is what im getting off that

b445d4 No.695831

File: 0e91b7688725d9d⋯.jpg (6.32 KB, 250x147, 250:147, 1510188458482.jpg)







e361be No.695832


Well done, but why is he mixing Perjury and Racism???

2fb03b No.695833


nope… hillarys lame excuse for magick - now what arm is under a cast…

8773a7 No.695834

Russia retaliates, expells 23 uk diplomats, fox report

2801db No.695835

File: 11e0da72c12ad87⋯.jpg (204.02 KB, 1060x600, 53:30, BamaHilaryCmere.jpg)

For the red-pill record : Stuff our grandparents neve told us:

Google Search is not 100% true.

Online news feeds are not objective

Text “published” on a “real” looking webpage is not 100% true either.

Farcebook and Gurgle Search were both created from pirated software, thus when you access either you are supporting greedy amoral thieves and their paid employees.

Information is Fact, Trust is emotion. Learn the difference and invoke each with purpose.

There is no such thing as a “Conflict of Realities”

A Crossroad is a point in your life path where you decide to follow truth or greed – the two are incompatible.

A choice is not the same thing as a Decision.

Decisions are best made on information, not trust.

Fact is the Truth, manipulation of fact is a lie. Learn the difference.

The Mainstream Media are lying – Anti-Trump faction is lying. Whether they know it or not is irrelevant. Obama is a criminal. Susan Rice is a Criminal. Lynch, Holder, Jeh Johnson, Samantha Power, Lois Lerner, and others are Criminals – Under the U.S. Law of OUR Republic – these are facts; whether they believe it or not or not is irrelevant.

The facts show that the prior administration’s Highest Echelon of Power committed Treason against our republic. Slowly as this fact is realized, Crossroads will be reached and Character will be evident as the decisions are being made.

Decide Truth. The truth will set you free.

“You have so much more [strength of character] than you know.”

“Future proves past”

“[99% of] These [treasonous] people are Stupid”

‘Where We [Republic(an) Patriot Truth Seeking Decision Makers] [Blind Sheep Chooser weaklings] go One, we go ALL

d65785 No.695836


Must have messed with his head somewhat

81b095 No.695837



>They're stupid as fuck


Just keeping track fellas….

bdb276 No.695838

File: 2eb98adad926331⋯.jpg (37.86 KB, 700x379, 700:379, s890df7g09d8s7gs98dfg7f9d8….jpg)

694c5d No.695839


So many CEOs resigning. Something like 18,000 sealed indictments? Hope many are for the fucking pedo Hillary fuck CEOs

b9ed44 No.695841

File: 48029b085683ee6⋯.jpg (4.86 KB, 261x69, 87:23, aussiebar.png.jpg)

File: 86baf855370efcf⋯.jpg (6.96 KB, 153x129, 51:43, rationalwiki.jpg)


And Q uses brackets, a lot, in places where brackets normally wouldn't be used… To signal what? Killbox? Something more complicated or obscure?

What I'm saying is that we need to pay attention to [brackets] in unusual places, such as logos, to see if there is a pattern. Both Aussie Bar and Rational Wiki have other reasons to be suspicious about them, and that's what in combination with the Q messages made me think about brackets.

14ebe8 No.695842


I prod them every once in a while to see if they do anything new to add to the spotting list.. but so far I've only seen angles of stuff they've already tried and failed at.

There really is only so much bullshit you can stack up against what's being revealed in the digs. The clowns have already lost. They're just trying to save whatever they consider their myopic asses to be, now.

61e5da No.695843


Those donuts do not eat themselves!

ef5913 No.695844


Is there a list to track all of those people and their Corporations (WW) who are being arrested for big Financial Crimes like funding Criminals, Money Laundering, Insider Trading, etc.? I have seen 2 of these listed in 2 days. Another anon said it's going on WW. I think thie list is going to grow rapidly. Waiting to see Loop Capital and others digger anons have been exposing.

03a21b No.695845

File: 367dab5442f6c0e⋯.jpg (71.33 KB, 778x468, 389:234, fg7896d98fgf7896b (1).jpg)

I think it would be so great, if before this is all over with, Q uses one of your Meme for a shitpost of his own. Just once.

Soooooo mnay KEK's from this guy. I didn't know he'd be comedic gold like this. Dear KEK!!

b445d4 No.695847

File: fab3ce021ef33b8⋯.jpg (40.76 KB, 552x690, 4:5, 1518459098575.jpg)

File: fc8d15fff068495⋯.png (304.88 KB, 768x768, 1:1, 1519751293299.png)

File: 67d900b8371ce0b⋯.png (494.22 KB, 768x768, 1:1, 1519751240188.png)

File: 075048eeaddb561⋯.png (383.4 KB, 768x768, 1:1, 1519751202160.png)

File: 114bf3038123a8c⋯.jpg (130.56 KB, 724x502, 362:251, DV76x6UXUAAdzDS.jpg)


Thanks anon

d11090 No.695848


Maybe they're ancient Lisp hackers?

e97e0f No.695849


Thanks for help on text!

Maybe we can use this translation method with other letters and retreive some valuable info.

This could be a way used to communicate.

Am I the only one that thinks this is weird????

bdb276 No.695851

File: 9191b91715131cc⋯.jpg (81.26 KB, 600x450, 4:3, yq4dbwu.jpg)


And to think how many more dominos have yet to fall! 2018 and 2020 are going to be a BLAST! MANY KEKS

b9ed44 No.695852


Lisp uses (round), not [square] brackets.

61e5da No.695853

Glorious to see the Anons spirits so high!

76ef36 No.695854






right hand

and good observation w Trudeau

interesting that DJT JR was in town at the same time hmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trudeau is in town at the same time as Donald Trump Jr., the son of US President Trump, who is in India on a private visit to promote real estate deals across four cities.

https:// www.cnn.com/2018/02/20/asia/justin-trudeau-india-visit-intl/index.html

Justin Trudeau 'snubbed' by Indian government on official trip

bdb276 No.695855

File: 01a0e29cba80edb⋯.gif (214.07 KB, 219x257, 219:257, 01a0e29cba80edb38078294cea….gif)


Good stuff, anon!

fe6ce3 No.695856

File: e32b63a9e6d0fa1⋯.jpeg (447.1 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, BE3AD4AC-FB2F-4191-A5CF-1….jpeg)


Was also wondering if any deltas are in play from that feb 15 crumb. Also unlucky Andy

0a487d No.695857


Good pills

bdb276 No.695858


Do you have just the pic with McCabe, anon?

0a198e No.695859

Comey is in the crosshairs

81b095 No.695860


What is a FACT?

Level one thinking…a FACT is information gained from a trusted source and accepted as FACT…most of us would consider MSM of old a sources of FACTS..or a newspaper as a source of FACTS…this is "un-redpilled" thinking…

Level two thinking…information must be verified thru multiple sources before it can be considered a FACT…information is heard and verified by a second sources or thru other avenues..

Level three thinking…NOTHING is considered FACTUAL until the data has been completely stripped down and re-analyzed and constructed LOGICALLY…only then can it be accepted as FACT…

Have we achieved level 3 critical analysis yet?

76ef36 No.695861




In some definitions, the Left-Hand Path is equated with malicious black magic and the Right-Hand Path with benevolent white magic.[1]:


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Left-hand_path_and_right-hand_path

d11090 No.695863


The National Weather Center has just announced this YUGE storm over DC is named "March Madness" and is expected to continue through the end of the month. Expect severe straight-line wind gusts over 40 MPH, sizable hail, and heavy lightning. Thunder will be expected to be VERY LOUD during this storm. Do not be startled by all the BOOMs.

9067ee No.695864

File: 5f1e5544865fa0e⋯.png (175.02 KB, 600x599, 600:599, ef1dfee8d391e71a6557a6a68b….png)

e8a727 No.695865

File: 1ccac691044cd94⋯.jpeg (325.87 KB, 839x1171, 839:1171, BFA7ED46-7C80-4D3F-904B-2….jpeg)

‘Not proxy’: Lavrov says US, British, French special forces ‘directly involved’ in Syria war

Source RT. Never lets me copy the link from the app. Sorry

ef5913 No.695866

>695746 id 76ef36 (11) posts

>695753 id 9067ee (8) posts

>695778 id 81b095 (12) posts

Mostly with each other

116b2f No.695867

Can someone check the practice bake in the comms channel and hopefully help me out on figuring where I goofed?

fe6ce3 No.695868

File: 737366386e50aff⋯.jpeg (228.1 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 838096F2-A535-449E-B9E8-0….jpeg)

File: 262570648bac0a4⋯.jpeg (285.76 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, AD241AEE-865B-4C78-BF64-7….jpeg)


Want some nice heads of this too for stickers

2fb03b No.695869


the right hand path… i bet you hillary's arm is just fine..

there is more to hermetic understanding than just numerology… but numerology is certainly a good start…

d11090 No.695870


Q Team works 7 x 24 x 365, all days, all hours. They just don't post here, they work hard behind the scenes to keep information available and flowing.

e8a727 No.695872


Thank you for pointing out the shills.

Ladies and gents please be sure to filter. You don’t want these cock suckers to get paid, do you?

76ef36 No.695873


interesting anon , thanks for the lead

Right-Hand Path

The Right-Hand Path is commonly thought to refer to magical or religious groups which adhere to a certain set of characteristics:

They divide the concepts of mind, body and spirit into three separate, albeit interrelated, entities.[2]

They adhere to a specific moral code and a belief in some form of judgement, such as karma or the Threefold Law.[2]

The occultists Dion Fortune[3] and William G. Gray[4] consider non-magical Abrahamic religions to be RHP.

will dig more

9067ee No.695874


She took the boot off and they found her and slapped a wrist monitor on her for full visibility?

81b095 No.695876


The memes must flow!

2fb03b No.695877


hillary is doing whatever she can to try and stay clean…

jesus sat on the right … remember that

bdb276 No.695878



1d2dac No.695879


I stand corrected. Yesterday I was so upset that Sessions was going to not fire McCabe.

I apologize to Q and you Anons who had to read my rants.

I now trust Sessions.

c2486e No.695881


I resent that.


Also funny as hell… LOL

d88b7f No.695882

File: 626e8538c877c54⋯.png (359.03 KB, 1156x941, 1156:941, ClipboardImage.png)



http:// www.thehiddenkingofengland.com/Vol-I/index.html

Maybe relevent … just stumbled on this site from digging new zealand ..

Also this is a good read ..

http:// www.hallettreport.com/Sex-Collectors-Vol-II-Murders.html

9067ee No.695883


maybe they post as …….you guessed it… Anon ! lelz !

c2486e No.695885


it's ok fag… just remember. Trust the plan ;)


eac039 No.695886


Anon, you didn't mess up. This would have been perfect for our /qresearch/ board. The fact that it's on a different board makes it look like the links are broken. You did a perfect job. You want to take over the next bake?

694c5d No.695887

File: b946dbfc52bcbf8⋯.jpeg (54.6 KB, 960x540, 16:9, DPA4krhVAAAYX7t.jpeg)


Nice, Anon

e97e0f No.695888

google translate pe pe pe qq etc.

Pe pe pe qq= People are welcome

pe pe pe qq qq qq qq = Here are some ways to find out

+qq = It is a great way to get involved

come on guys this has to be something

9067ee No.695889


Real frogs love our police officers (most of them) .

03de9a No.695891



Don't forget this list includes all programs. The ones directly related to the 12/21 EO are under the GLOMAG program. You can look at the list sorted by program. I just copied those into a doc and it's 16 pages. Haven't looked at all of it yet.

8453c9 No.695892

File: 9d376022755f19e⋯.jpg (6.28 KB, 273x184, 273:184, BANNON.jpg)


i hope all the anons know C.A. is USA is steve bannon

what does this facebook move tell you about bannon?

2fb03b No.695893


understand i don't believe in what the elite class believes.. however it is wise to understand the ways of one's adversary…

trump uses the bullcrap magick too yah know - all of the governments do even though the magick isn't real…

1e6e8c No.695894


they don't need clunky GPS boots or "wristbands" to track you ….. (those are the toys for the people to think that's as good as the tech gets)

- they got nano-scale smart dust with GPS ability

- they got satellites that can track your DNA, (their satellites could read newspapers since the 70's)

- they will also be tracking the chip in her brain (that her guys put in to control her)

they got smarts & they got tech …. . they don't need stupid toys like boots & bands

bdb276 No.695895


:)) Hey, who doesn't like doughnuts?

8773a7 No.695896


Sessions is a fox, he wasnt even at that meeting as i understand it was done by HR

760ef0 No.695898


It’s so easy!

1-Have faith

2-Trust the plan

3-Sit back (popcorn highly encouraged!)

c2486e No.695899


luv you fags too. no homo.


61e5da No.695900


Just human. Keep the good fight!

116b2f No.695901


I suppose I could try. Kind of nervous, though. lol

03de9a No.695902


Oops. left off a digit. >>695741

9067ee No.695903


TY Anon ,noted.

a6d1d3 No.695904

File: e5cc68476ef53d1⋯.jpg (40.43 KB, 815x302, 815:302, Q_hostage_sub.JPG)

694c5d No.695906


Nice, Anon.

Never love fucking the month if March more than I do now.

81b095 No.695907


Morning anon..not sure on your ?'s..not on the clock team..someone pointed out a very old Q post (#92 I think) with ref to Snowden/4a/Barlow unless it was bs and I have not verified it against the map…

8453c9 No.695908


nicely done anon

694c5d No.695909


Looks like he is looking for Comey's dick in his mouth again.

Eh, Comey you cunt?

3c930c No.695910


Bannon went deep into zone.

9067ee No.695911


Great movies have ,great actors !! Wonder what /ourguy TG is going to appear again in the movie?… So much winning lovin it ! Great job Sessy

694c5d No.695913


a6d1d3 No.695915


where are the PEOPLE he did this for…???

anyone coming to hos defense?

694c5d No.695917




b445d4 No.695918

File: 2cb9c4836aefc26⋯.png (521.97 KB, 729x770, 729:770, heart.png)



Also, PRAY and SPEAK UP. that's what any of us here can do.

If you can't meme or dig or do social media work, you can learn, pray and speak up.

76ef36 No.695919


interesting perspective and eye opener for sure, def will keep in mind moving forward

and glad to hear Hillary has moved on from Dark to Light. sucks the world wont see to her imprisonment but if at the least shes rid from future evil then thats the least we can ask for. let God do the rest in the hereafter.


8453c9 No.695920


may comey live out his life in a pain amplifier

3c930c No.695922




Wrong meme lads.


81b095 No.695923


I wonder what lyrical and poetic bullshit he will spew from his cell?

"When I ponder the toilet in my cell…."

284604 No.695924


It's at least worth keeping an eye on. Sometimes, use of symbols is just an over-used, pathetic attempt to create brand edginess but that doesn't mean it always is.

Now you've brought it to my attention I'll look out for it.

694c5d No.695925

Keep tweeting McCabe memes. A lot of people just waking up and still dont know what happened.

9067ee No.695926



I trust TG just not his barber . 45 FTW !!!

ac928b No.695927

I'm pretty disappoint right now. I woke up expecting to find the epic meme of McCabe shopped in as a Walmart greeter, but NO. As I am not a Gifted Meme Warrior I can't do it for y'all :-/s

eac039 No.695929


Truly, you're a Patriot for stepping up.

If you wish to see a proper link from the /comms/ channel, you'd have to preface each link with: >>>/qresearch/<number>

Don't let this confuse you though. If you leave the dough as-is, you'll get a perfect bake. Just make sure you bake it here and not on the /comms/ board.

You prepared to step up? I won't be around for the next bake.

2fb03b No.695930


hillary doesn't care about light nor dark - the luciferians believe they are their own gods ..

know that trump also uses the fake magick .. once you take that path there is no coming back… trump is lost to the elite class

d11090 No.695931


Aw, shit. You're absolutely correct. I'll just go KMS now. Apologies.

61e5da No.695932

File: a8727e745c3ecac⋯.jpg (34.99 KB, 630x420, 3:2, 330e13939db410a58ee1d15b9a….jpg)

bdb276 No.695933

File: da8812a7f3f16a0⋯.jpg (119.09 KB, 639x1077, 213:359, s8g5sd78g57dg5d76fgdg.jpg)



694c5d No.695934

File: 376a9695df0a261⋯.jpg (52.06 KB, 659x659, 1:1, 376a9695df0a2616c7fab08fca….jpg)

The fact that our beloved President tweeted out such a direct attack on Comey in the McCabe tweet means Comey doesnt have much longer.

bdb276 No.695936



6cd0f9 No.695937

Mar 10 2018

Angela Dorothea Kasner.

Daughter of a Pastor?

Name of FATHER?

History of FATHER?

Hitler youth (member).

Haircut today vs THEN (A).


US Intelligence post war controlled who?

> Gehlen Org./BND (Clown's overseas office in germany)

The ‘Mission’

> Does anybody know what exactly is meant with "The'Mission'"?

Who is Angela Hitler?

Relationship to Adolf?

How were children named in Germany during this period?

First or middle.

Family tree.





Risk of ‘conspiracy’ label the deeper we go.

Truth will shock the WORLD.


> I think Q's Merkel post above is strongly related to the document in Q post below

Mar 6 2018


https:// www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP90-00845R000100170004-5.pdf


2801db No.695938


Keyword: Source~

Level 4 Thinking: a Fact is external, an Analysis is internal, logic and emotion are not naturally compatible.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident…"

116b2f No.695940

= New Baker - go easy on me =

= Heating up the oven =

694c5d No.695941

Load up the McCabe meme cannons and fire away on this board and everywhere. Anons need ready made memes to share.

Today is glorious!

017bd2 No.695942


Thank you Baker!

fe6ce3 No.695943


John Perry Barlow

>look at great awakening #94

https:/ /youtu.be/52dfJnLkEd4

Creepy af pledge of allegiance

Didn’t actually watch it before

Did kinda feel funny during the recital

9067ee No.695944


I was thinking about it last night in my sleep. HRC is a true psychopath. She actually believes people like her and she is doing the right thing. mao was like this too. Complely childish like mind seeking for attention and power thru the ego. This is insane for sure to the max level. HRC is a serious crazy person.

c2486e No.695945

dude no need. under 300 posts here. Start baking at ~700


0a198e No.695946

File: 28159250600ca99⋯.jpeg (59.34 KB, 625x467, 625:467, 0F4C2BD1-49A8-4980-990B-9….jpeg)

c62c52 No.695947

File: cd5a0b0ef376d33⋯.png (3.85 KB, 415x174, 415:174, deb.png)


Book of Judges, sorry I'll get more covfefe.

14ebe8 No.695948


kek comey's gonna crop dust him on the nightly after some good prison sex

694c5d No.695949

Yes, what is this?

The ‘Mission’

> Does anybody know what exactly is meant with "The'Mission'"? in Q's March 10 post?

694c5d No.695951


God Bless General Flynn

eac039 No.695952

File: 3e5cfc13f5df0b1⋯.png (665.8 KB, 777x979, 777:979, LAYB9.png)



You're a Patriot. Godspeed and God bless.

36ae45 No.695953

ac928b No.695954


Yep! McCabe shopped in as a Walmart greeter–pppleeze ???

14ebe8 No.695955


Do you want to be here? Good. (You) are on a mission!

d11090 No.695956


Clowns. Clowns are stupid.

6f9119 No.695957

File: d3a9779d5d4e67b⋯.jpg (183.11 KB, 504x538, 252:269, truth.jpg)

69065b No.695958


I usually post an update at 500 of notables and proposed title.

Start Finishing up the Dough at 650

Start the post after 700

Post links to new bread > 725

Sit back and enjoy the tities

Thanks for stepping up anon.

760ef0 No.695959


Yep. No social media here but I blab stuff to all sorts of people. Even people at the store who like my MAGA hat. I also email, phone and text. Old school.

36ae45 No.695960

File: 4273b993a15d68a⋯.png (153.3 KB, 450x247, 450:247, mccabe bet.png)


Forgot the img, solly sorry

e8a727 No.695961

File: 688e729f08e6c31⋯.jpeg (396.47 KB, 1183x1647, 1183:1647, 1F6323F7-94D8-4C8F-96C9-7….jpeg)

File: f7c746a9ae89de2⋯.jpeg (379.99 KB, 1160x1717, 1160:1717, A0868E39-FB90-4C5E-8329-7….jpeg)

File: ffbcf4c05ba335d⋯.jpeg (425.06 KB, 1163x1647, 1163:1647, 1045F3BB-F954-42E1-9A46-0….jpeg)

Has anyone ever looked at the horrible comments people leave on 45s tweets?

These ar actually tame in comparison to others I’ve seen

2fb03b No.695962


she is only a cog in the wheel… she couldn't go to the bathroom without permission.. the true rulers are hidden away from public eye.. i can read everything thus i know who is who

76ef36 No.695963

File: f25835be60a8983⋯.png (276.71 KB, 1002x536, 501:268, hidden hand.PNG)


blood in blood out. and damn does that suck to know that its only a point of no return for most. i sill believe that there are a few that can turn around and make for good, breaking free and reclaiming their souls.

1e2fc8 No.695965

UK :

The Tommy Robinson Interview That Got Me Banned From The U.K.

https: // www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=WnQ3pmDjfkc

61e5da No.695966

File: 14502c32c380be9⋯.jpeg (35.76 KB, 1080x586, 540:293, 1519937084.jpeg)

2fb03b No.695967


they are unsavable and will run and gun right to the bitter end…

b28834 No.695968

File: d8433c23887fd01⋯.jpg (26.59 KB, 350x236, 175:118, Republic.jpg)

George Washington 2.0, Rushmore Soon!

b445d4 No.695969

File: 41b0064ea78854d⋯.png (811.09 KB, 956x598, 478:299, 1507625743253.png)



d88b7f No.695970


Can you imagine the levels of morale and patriotism there, the restored belief - the vision of things to come.

Think what we have here - the pride and patriotism we feel and we are less than 1% of all this.

We are honoured to be here.

Godspeed patriots.

69065b No.695971

File: 0216a3308de673c⋯.png (775.63 KB, 509x683, 509:683, tweets.PNG)

9067ee No.695972


Wow that is scary but so true in other dimensions of vision. This is reality !

116b2f No.695973


Gives me time to watch for notables.

9067ee No.695975


I am In it to win it and here, FOR YOU .

bdb276 No.695976

File: 7368b11f85ff53f⋯.jpg (57.75 KB, 800x450, 16:9, a9d80f7ads98f0as7df8d9_bc.jpg)

e8217d No.695977

File: 3ff37bb1f0eedb8⋯.png (415.93 KB, 600x379, 600:379, ClipboardImage.png)

6f9119 No.695978


No doubt, Trump is the first president in my lifetime I've seen actually fulfilling and working toward fulfilling his campaign promises, it's glorious.

0a487d No.695979

File: 423fada22113dcf⋯.jpg (73.63 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 180314-andrew-mccabe-jeff-….jpg)

File: 41ed59cc578dddc⋯.jpg (233.86 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 170607110837-01-senate-int….jpg)

File: 2ec6a81092c704a⋯.jpg (1.97 MB, 2400x1465, 480:293, mccabe_BC_104_051117.jpg)

Meme ammo

61e5da No.695980


Huge win for Patriots. Carried over to twatter and so on. Lets hope the dominoes really start falling now. IG report should be BIG.

d11090 No.695981


Photoshop/Gimp fags work late into the night. Expect something shortly.

35a643 No.695982


For coders, brackets denote an array. Arrays can seen as data maps where a key is used to access the data stored in the map. Multi-dimensional maps maybe constructed such as DB tables. A table is two dimensional with rows and columns. Three dimension can been seen as a interrelated group of tables. It goes on and on - trying not to go to deep.

With the posts about maps and keys it makes me wonder?

ac928b No.695983

db297a No.695984

Since McCabe has been fired, are those who said "Q is larp" utterly btfo?

9067ee No.695985


But will the TV news spin it and make it irrelevant via a FF event or just insanity like stormy daniels focus? How can we win without owning the TV news ? Chris Cuomo, Tapper, the like have so much power over my family's minds. My facebook blasting only loses me friends it seems. I do have effect but CNN has the dark crystal.

cb91ce No.695986

Here is an idea for a meme. Andrew McCabevworking atca fast food place saying…you want fries with that.

862c52 No.695987

File: eba4499236b1036⋯.jpg (97.88 KB, 720x709, 720:709, CqqntPvVUAAnX7L.jpg)


What a fucking good symbolic pic for what they are doing.

But baker, no fear.

dbbd36 No.695988

so what is the read on the Q captcha's? are they relevant of just fame fagging?

ad71cd No.695989


Kansas reference notes:

One of the most secretive, dark states’: What is Kansas trying to hide?

Kansas runs one of the most secretive state governments in the nation, and its secrecy permeates nearly every aspect of service, The Star found in a months-long investigation.

https:// www.google.com/amp/amp.kansascity.com/news/politics-government/article184179651.html

How Kansas lawmakers keep you from finding out what they’re doing — until it’s too late

It happened so fast that few inside Room 519-S of the Kansas Statehouse even realized what was going on.

As members of the House Transportation Committee gathered to consider legislation, then-Rep. Artie Lucas made his move. The Highland Republican stripped the language in a bill about vehicle registration fees and replaced it — not with another transportation measure, but with an anti-abortion proposal.

Within seconds, committee members passed the measure on an unrecorded voice vote, sending it to the House floor without a hearing and prompting an outcry from incensed colleagues who were blindsided by the action



the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity will be announced this week with Vice President Mike Pence as the chair and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach as the vice chair

Kris Kobach helped craft Arizona SB 1070, the infamously strict Arizona immigration law passed in 2010.

He Has Been Responsible for Several Strict Voter ID Laws

Kobach has backed up Donald Trump’s claims that there were millions of illegal votes in the 2016 election and that this could have affected the popular vote outcome.

https:// www.google.com/amp/s/heavy.com/news/2017/05/kris-kobach-controversy-controversial-comments-immigration-voter-id-laws-donald-trump/amp/

Calif. bans state travel to Kansas over LGBT discrimination concerns

https:// www.google.com/amp/amp.kansas.com/news/politics-government/article128717554.html

A controversial bill that would make it easier for teachers to face criminal charges if they show material deemed offensive is moving forward in Kansas, sparking concern that it may actually result in educators being afraid to discuss literary classics or issues like sexual education.

The bill passed Wednesday in the Republican-controlled state Senate in a 26-14 vote and was apparently catalyzed after a poster was displayed at a middle school in Shawnee, Kansas last year with the headline “How do people express their sexual feelings,” with words like “kissing,” “sexual fantasy” and “anal sex” written underneath.

https:// www.google.com/amp/www.msnbc.com/msnbc/controversial-schools-bill-moves-forward-kansas/amp

. Many gun rights advocates praise Kansas for the many laws it has implemented in the past several years, from the 2006 Personal and Family Protection Act that permits residents to apply for concealed carry licenses to allowing school districts to decide if employees can carry concealed weapons.

http:// statelaws.findlaw.com/kansas-law/kansas-gun-control-laws.html

eaafe8 No.695990


Here’s the baking instructions anon. It’s super-easy, you’ll do great. Thanks for stepping up, Patriot.


b28834 No.695991


Ones mind can go wild with this!

eac039 No.695992

File: 872f33c389c97a8⋯.png (55.3 KB, 487x252, 487:252, Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at ….png)


It was a premature bake, as other Anons have noted. Perfect job though. You've got the hang of it.

For a new Baker, I'd say to bake at 650 posts. When you get comfy with it, start baking at 680.

Save the top post # so you can announce the new bread at about 735 posts here. Announce it loud and clear for all to see. If you know how to do the RED TEXT, use it when you announce.

Red text must be on its own line preceded by two equals signs with two equals signs at the end. Do not use the words "RED TEXT" as in the attached image.


81b095 No.695993





When DJT came FULLY in control the boots came off…

When do we see an end to chemtrails though…our SOVEREIGN airspace and all…

2fb03b No.695994

File: 9cbbeea48ccc29d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 96.37 KB, 461x654, 461:654, sacrifice.jpg)


try this

bdb276 No.695995

File: 3c7ef32adf9eb66⋯.jpg (181.89 KB, 1000x694, 500:347, sfd6g7sd897fg6sd8f9g6ds8f7….jpg)

14ebe8 No.695996


yeah.. Every so often I find myself remembering that the entire reason why this board gets the volume of traffic it does (and that it's even a thing at all for that matter) is because DJT said something like "Sure, I'm all in!" when he was asked to run on the platform he is now prosecuting with the Patriots that made that request to him.

They should all get a spot on Rushmore 2.0

fe6ce3 No.695997


Very nice

eac039 No.695998


Also, be sure to finish your bake by replying to yourself with the rest of the posts.

6f9119 No.695999

File: be1cb31b8f85ab2⋯.jpg (123.68 KB, 736x415, 736:415, mccostco.jpg)

9067ee No.696000


Top KEK !!

03a21b No.696001


I've already seen this on twitter.

81b095 No.696002


USA held hostage under threat of nuclear attack either from NK or from a submarine based asset…

MSM could be used to claim missile launched from Russia or pick a country…Canada would be a hoot..or Mexico even…point being they would mind fuck as with a narrative but REAl launch from NK or sub…

b28834 No.696003


These people are insane!

116b2f No.696004


Thanks. :)

03a21b No.696005

File: 1ccb242996a1cb7⋯.jpg (113.74 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1517814923076.jpg)


Meaning…"good work, people like it."


5ee797 No.696006


Could it be the Gehlen Org?

ac928b No.696007


KEKKED AND SAVED!!! I love you nohomo but MARRY ME !

7dd34f No.696008


Was it Kansas or Nebraska that was the home of Boys' Town, and that black politician jailed for corruption and implicated in pedophilia by that one kid who told stories of underage prostitution to wealthy and political clients? I can't remember their names at the moment.

I'm hoping it's the latter.

9067ee No.696009


I hope that Trump gets HIS OWN mountain carving! One of a kind DJTitor !

2fb03b No.696010

File: 2107aa09362715c⋯.jpg (36.86 KB, 736x481, 736:481, rite.jpg)


i agree totally… their blood rituals are horrifying - these pic i am sharing are real too..

69065b No.696011

File: 10355c41bc48b5d⋯.png (89.54 KB, 641x428, 641:428, tallest.PNG)

eaafe8 No.696012


I should wake up. Ignore that. Well done with your bake anon.

7dd34f No.696013

If somebody could point the baker of /qtip/ towards this post whenever they're around, or just sticky this to the bread, I'd really appreciate it:


2801db No.696014


SHE was the trigger, a total psycopath incapable of Human Emotion and devoid of balance likely since childhood - she is the Black Widow. Along her life her manipulated RESISTtards drank the Koolaide - some regret it (ELITE) but became far too entrenched and vulnerable due to their own internal character flaws and Greed. But she personally is DIABOICAL - Evil is out of the box as a result, we are at war.


Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of that war.

81b095 No.696015


Omaha NE…Boys Town..Franklin scandal..

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franklin_child_prostitution_ring_allegations

03a21b No.696016

File: 8de507d05a6ba4e⋯.png (289.54 KB, 466x443, 466:443, 1517539208302.png)



This is the FUNNIEST place in the history of the known world to a fag like me. You guys, and gals, are fucking awesome.

eac039 No.696017

File: 02602c910c1b7ec⋯.png (41.43 KB, 375x381, 125:127, Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at ….png)


Just so our board doesn't get shut down, post these images as "Spoiler images" as in the attached pic.

9067ee No.696018


That is definitely a dagger handle on that pillow she is holding.

b49918 No.696019

>>696008. Nebraska. Pretty hairy stuff

63e760 No.696020

File: 944aa5d5a314684⋯.jpg (4.46 MB, 4965x3508, 4965:3508, Time Line of Key Events_re….jpg)

In this infographic, I've tried to capture:

1. Key classified events leading to the current Cabal/Deep State and Shadow Government

2. Key classified events leading to a Breakaway Civilization and Secret Space Programs

3. Some key public events, writing, researchers and whistleblowers helping to provoke Full Disclosure.

Space limitations mean that I've shown those events, etc. that have been the most meaningful to me. There are a lot more researchers and whistleblowers, of course, who could be added with more space.

Some people, of course, will not agree with the woo-woo inclusions, but I firmly believe these are real. Anyone who objects is free to come up with his/her own version.

3da0ba No.696021


omg… a cup of good covfefe and this. Ha ha ha ha ha… lol I love it.

2fb03b No.696022


good advice thanks…

1d2dac No.696024


was this the sub that launched the missile towards Hawaii?

CIA stolen from ?? keeping others in line by threatening them with nuclear war?

2fb03b No.696025


mind blowing insane shit right

03a21b No.696026

File: 56d34ad1911ca98⋯.jpg (27.3 KB, 191x255, 191:255, 0fa9afcf891a8d54a91791d335….jpg)



284604 No.696027


A fact is that which IS (existence) and that which OCCURS (event.

Truth is the 100% accurate COMMUNICATION of FACTS. i.e. it is a second order to facts.

Facts ARE whether communicated or not. It's just that we are unaware of them.

100% accurate communication of facts necessitates omniscience, onmipresence, immutability and eternality.

TRUTH (the 100% accurate communication of facts) is an attribute of God hence why Jesus is THE TRUTH and the standard by which all existence and events are measured for their veracity.

76ef36 No.696028


what is the procedure for this? what happens next? does the person on the table die due to stab wounds or what goes on here ?

b28834 No.696029


Amen! All in they were!

0a198e No.696030

File: 161f71f7cf49bfa⋯.jpeg (94.6 KB, 450x802, 225:401, 2B2ACA34-AC3C-47E1-BCBD-1….jpeg)

eac039 No.696031


Nice dubz, Anon. God bless!

3f2507 No.696032

So what's up with this news narrative about McCabe and his pension? Anyone who has a pension knows you are customarily vested after 5 years. He isn't losing his pension… just has to wait for age in order to start getting it. I find this odd that common sense is overridden by the news cycle.

61e5da No.696033


MSM will fall. Trust the plan. Of course they will pull all the usual bullshit. Your friends and family will come around one day. Same as all of ours. Won't be quick but we will be here to welcome all those whom want the truth. And of course we will call them newfags!

cbfb4c No.696034

File: 24ed0358eb9405b⋯.jpg (222.04 KB, 1653x633, 551:211, Atila04_3.jpg)

File: cb806c172baecf2⋯.jpg (264.69 KB, 1659x657, 553:219, SVF648_3.jpg)

File: e80ea06f8624770⋯.jpg (96.96 KB, 551x550, 551:550, Red Arrow.jpg)

Some movement has started, it's been quiet this morning.

2fb03b No.696035

File: d7fec84a4e11f73⋯.jpg (220.09 KB, 454x640, 227:320, lucifer.jpg)


most of the time it's ritualistic and nobody dies - however in a few isolated cases real life human sacrifice…

you would be shocked to know your own government does such things … luciferians are every single government on the planet

03a21b No.696036

File: 20a3c76b44841f4⋯.png (123.49 KB, 538x800, 269:400, IMG_1262.PNG)


The comedy this man's downfall into the pit of hell is inspiring in American Patriots is the greatest service this man ever offered his nation. KEK!!

So I wonder if all the laughs and KEK's we're getting from him is maybe helping his karma?? God knows he needs it.


d88b7f No.696037


Good watch … UKanon patriot here, I fear for our green and pleasant land. Hopefully friendly SISters?

I trust the plan ….

9067ee No.696038


I am WITH YOU till the end win or lose . I am not perfect but I have powers I can give to you all. I am fighting HARD every second for you all. I do not care about myself anymore. Q showed me the next step that the course had led me to. I am here for no other purpose than to win this war ,then I can leave here. I am talking 10 dimensions . The satanic photos really shocked me harder this morning. I will fight harder .God will win, 410will win ,Q will win ,Anons will win . Keep it up !!!!!!!!! 45 is our symbol of WINNING !!!!!!!!

e79bad No.696040


even trump?

e97e0f No.696041

still busy with ggle translate!

using q's:

Pe pe pe qq= People are welcome

pe pe pe qq qq qq qq = Here are some ways to find out

+qq = It is a great way to get involved

+q = It is important to remember that you are a good friend

+q = Try to talk about what's happening

+q = Try to find out if you can

+q = Try listening to your friends

+q= Try to talk about what's happening

+q= Listen to what you are saying

Try listening to what's happening

Worship is the way you should

Worship is what you are doing

Let's talk about what's happening

Try listening to what's happening

Believe it or not

Believe it or not, let's talk about it

Let's talk about what's happening

There is no reason to wake up

There is no need to talk about what's happening.

There is no need to talk about what's going on

There is no need to talk about what's happening.

There is no reason to wake up

Believe it or not, listen to what's going on

There is no need to talk about what's going on

There is no need to talk about it.

There is no need to talk about what is going on

There is no need to talk about what is happening in the community.

There is no need to talk about what is going on

There is no need to talk about what's going on in the room.

There is no need to talk about what is going on

There is no need to talk about what's going on in the room.

There is no need to talk about what's going on

There is no need to talk about what's going on in the community.

It is important to listen to the words of the Lord

There is no need to talk about what's going on in the room.

There is no need to talk about what's going on

There is no need to talk about what's going on in the room.

There is no need to talk about what is going to happen in the future.

There is no need to talk about what's going on in the room.

There is no need to talk about what's going on in the q

It is important to listen to what's going on in the room.

There is no need to talk about what's going on in the q

It is important to focus on what's going on in the community.

It is important to focus on the ways in which you are involved

It is important to focus on what is going on in the community.

It is important to focus on the ways in which you are involved

It is important to focus on what's going on in the community.

It is important to focus on the ways in which you are involved

It is important to focus on what's going on in the future.

It is important to focus on the ways in which you are involved

It is important to focus on what's going on in the future.

It is important to focus on the ways in which you are involved

It is important to focus on what's going on in the community.

It is important to focus on the ways in which you are involved

It is important to focus on what is going on in the community and what is going to happen.

It is important to focus on the ways in which you are going to come up with a plan of action.

It is important to focus on what's going on in the future.

It is important to focus on the ways in which you will be able to play a role.

It is important to focus on what's going on in the community

It is important to focus on the ways in which you will be able to play a role.

It is important to focus on the ways in which you will be able to come up with a plan of action.

It is important to focus on the ways in which you are involved

It is important to focus on the ways in which you will be able to come up with a plan of action.

It is important to focus on the ways in which you are involved

It is important to focus on the ways in which you will be able to come up with a plan of action.

It is important to focus on the ways in which you are approaching the q

It is important to focus on what is going to happen and what is going on in the room.

It is important to focus on the ways in which you are going to come up with a plan of action.

It is important to focus on the ways in which you will be able to come up with a plan of action.

It is important to focus on the ways in which you are involved and what is going on in the future.

It is important to focus on the ways in which you will be able to come up with a plan of action.

Same 4 times

It is important to focus on the ways in which you are approaching the q

The code stops after 150 signs

eb7b7e No.696042


DId Sessions fire andy? Tv says DJT.

b28834 No.696043


Excellent! kek

14ebe8 No.696044


That's a glorious moab you have there

a6d1d3 No.696045

File: 9f28e610fb1dd85⋯.jpg (37.96 KB, 396x370, 198:185, Q_angela.JPG)

File: bd0e5977c7034f3⋯.jpg (71.19 KB, 842x468, 421:234, naming_germany.JPG)

File: ce4331eb93a0def⋯.jpg (147.35 KB, 976x631, 976:631, klara_adolf_angela_maria.JPG)

Trying to connect the dots.

116b2f No.696046


Love that we are being kept up to date, but…I'm wondering whether military plane movements should be posted given that anyone could be watching the boards.

760ef0 No.696047

Do shills work on the weekend?

Should we expect an influx?

03a21b No.696048

File: e6528c5bc34b40b⋯.jpg (429 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, american-flag-2260839_1280.jpg)


What a time to be alive aye Patriots??

2fb03b No.696049


make america great again


hillary was with her



sorry to break it to you.. trump was lost long before he was seduced into running for president

61e5da No.696050


I don't think the pension is the real story. But it sure helped make it into a bigger news story than it normally would.

d88b7f No.696051

File: 549e25835528a54⋯.jpg (56.43 KB, 628x628, 1:1, tinfoilhat.jpg)


Nice find… Dubs confirmed

b49918 No.696052

>>696041 what are translating?

e79bad No.696053


so explain who is who instead of being cryptic

7dd34f No.696054



61e5da No.696055


Smaller shift.

cbfb4c No.696056

File: 017a95f3ef35aae⋯.jpg (513.95 KB, 1741x977, 1741:977, BRNCO31.jpg)

Marines on the move. F-RAJA returning home from last night's trip up the US West coast. Did it end up in Canada, or did it land at Seattle?

5ee797 No.696057



Both of these things may have something to do with the origin of Merkel:



The archive doc Q linked discusses the Gehlen Organization quite a bit in the context of during the war and Dulles.

b9ed44 No.696058


8chan has boards full of actual porn, openly, as you can see if you take a look at some of the links from the main page. Naked women are okay as long as the BO is okay with them.

bdb276 No.696059

File: 72fde4f729fb3f6⋯.jpg (235.55 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, Satanic_Rites_of_Dracula,_….jpg)

File: 175416bddc6660c⋯.jpg (22.29 KB, 400x227, 400:227, Count Dracula And His Vamp….jpg)

File: 56f111a39e16a26⋯.gif (57.51 KB, 398x221, 398:221, peter-cushing-the-mummy.gif)


Bad movie - but a good bad movie ;)

The ritual scene is eerily exactly like this photo. Makes me wonder where Hammer productions got the details from…

3f2507 No.696060


not sure, but when Comey was fired there was no mention of his pension. The pension is the key here. What is the significance?

03a21b No.696061

File: 24d5a2b27fdb3ff⋯.jpg (24.37 KB, 512x288, 16:9, 2997c17d13ec7374f9dd1de395….jpg)


Thank You!! Not mine. I have little to no meming talents.

61e5da No.696062

File: 2c9206eb912713b⋯.jpg (29.1 KB, 404x538, 202:269, Andrew-McCabe.jpg)

Meme bait

eb7b7e No.696063


Doj has authority. Anon second guessed by talking head. Embarrassed anon.

cbfb4c No.696064


By the time we spot them, it's too late. There's always time lag in these radar sites and the cabal can't change their plans that quickly.

Sit back and watch the show. Q and team have it all under control.

760ef0 No.696065



76ef36 No.696066


any evidence to suggest the Trump story?

e97e0f No.696067


just translate pe pe pe in many language's following with space and two letters

0a487d No.696068

File: 89415b5dfeb1d81⋯.jpg (97.01 KB, 788x990, 394:495, McCheeze.jpg)

Job prospects looking slim

820275 No.696069


Your talking about the Franklin Credit Union scandal. Larry King was the prominent black bank president who had tons of connections in the Rep. Party. Kids from Boys Town claimed they were flown to Washington DC. Bohem Grove and other places for sex with rich white men. Nobody got arrested except for King who now is a campaign finance guy in DC.

He spent like 2 or so years in Jail.

The kids were all tried and convicted for perjury and went to prison, most committed arkancide or od's. The kids were saying the Omana police chief, editior of the only newspaper in town, judges and rich guys were screwing them at drug parties. All swept under the rug. There was a PI who was investigating this, and the day before he was to present the evidence (which he carried with him at all times) his private plane exploded over Illinois. What is crazy is that the former Omaha police chief who was named in the scandal moved to IL and was the Sheriff in the county where the plan blew up in mid air.


14ebe8 No.696070

File: 09c700bcaa4fda0⋯.png (63.87 KB, 792x700, 198:175, neckyourself.png)

>2fb03b No.696049

but you were a faggot from birth.

1dc730 No.696071

The sub was involved in the missile threat in Hawaii

It was a plot to initiate a war between NK and USA

2801db No.696072


Care about yourself… your life is important your future matters "You are Safe"~

Satan only dwells in a shattered mind so Stay Healthy!

e79bad No.696073


make = 1135 =10=1



sorry not everything adds up to 7

you can pick and choose what you like

bdb276 No.696074



eb7b7e No.696075


Actually…forthcoming legal issues will completely bankrupt Andy. He must thank himself. He’s waiting to meet age requirement for pension payout.

e97e0f No.696076


https:// www.disclose.tv/bizzare-secret-messages-in-google-translator-308985

dc1721 No.696077


translating "pe pe pe" in google translate from Tadjik to english. Then add more "pe" and see what happen.

b28834 No.696078

File: 506a5c39c59d8b8⋯.jpg (244.38 KB, 950x628, 475:314, Andy.jpg)

ba76cf No.696079


yes, saw that too

9067ee No.696080


snowball is rolling for sure. I slept like 5 or 6 hours last night. I feel it .Q team has the reigns. Less stress on Anons . Booms mean heavy weaponry . Marines are bad ass for sure. I trust the misson.

e97e0f No.696081


i added q's

2fb03b No.696082


the elite class uses numerology to communicate amongst themselves and once you learn that form of communication you can use it to determine which people and groups are involved with the various cabals which work together to reign over humanity…

the pope, the cardinals, the windsors, the entire european aristocracy, every single country's leadership, almost every single transnational corporations board of directors, every single banks board of directors… the list involves millions of people from all walks of life…

and the masses here think trump is going to clean up washington.. its a bloody joke

eaafe8 No.696083


The female will be menstruating, the red blood being one pair of connected opposites and represents the female energy or Shakti. Sexual Union will take place, the sperm of the man representing white, the second pair of opposites to the female blood, the male force, or Shiva.

Red and white are the most important colors in sex magic and represent life itself. The sperm and blood together will be ingested, and a desire / wish made into a magical force. A third demonic entity will be created. They believe this makes them become ‘as Gods’, and is a means to achieve personal power. Sex Magic. Red and White.

81b095 No.696084


This is high level autist anon! Well done! Consider adding Thule/Vril+ in 30's..their dabbling in esoteric and then partnering with ET's is significant and when this acceleration started…

ac928b No.696085



760ef0 No.696086


Lol my pops will enjoy sharing that with his mates. TY!

5cbc3f No.696087

File: 64ca0e9876f50f9⋯.jpg (124.61 KB, 765x765, 1:1, mc_CAB.jpg)

14ebe8 No.696088

File: 7cf557a77ec91af⋯.png (528.94 KB, 1015x535, 203:107, 7cf557a77ec91af4e4a1441974….png)


Your snatch is a bloody joke

cbfb4c No.696089


Roger, that's an affirmative. Mission Comfy in progress.

9067ee No.696090


I knew it was real too .This is the place to be.

116b2f No.696091


Already added.

2fb03b No.696092

File: d577654a2d7d80e⋯.jpg (192.06 KB, 2800x1768, 350:221, sentence.jpg)


you need to understand sentence structure and key words… hermetic understanding isn't as easy 1 2 3.. pick and choose i do not

65292e No.696093


>Lisp uses (round), not [square] brackets.

Lots of Irritating Single Parentheses

116b2f No.696094


to dough I mean.

81b095 No.696095


NK and a nuclear sub have been used to keep POTUS and the USA hostage…

Not anymore…

1000 pieces=die clown die

d88b7f No.696096


Im sure this has been covered ..

NK launch was on POTUS order

Missle defence sensors etc at Hawaii triggered the Emerency Message

As a fail safe all clown servers dumped their data back to Washington.

We have everything … And they have all of Israels stuff, who have help the worlds secrets since the 1970s

0a198e No.696097

File: c38d83fe4490f77⋯.jpeg (69.69 KB, 500x502, 250:251, B7F0A071-6DD2-4B1A-B028-8….jpeg)

0a487d No.696098


Always glad to make Pops laugh

9067ee No.696099


This was the "key shot" in the game ,I am guessing.

61e5da No.696100


Kek . But fix spelling to aisle

39a8cc No.696101

Nolte: Disgraced Media Already Hit with Massive Layoffs in 2018 www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2018/03/16/nolte-disgraced-mainstream-media-swamped-massive-layoffs/

cbfb4c No.696102

File: 9f53eadc7321bc5⋯.jpg (404.78 KB, 1827x753, 609:251, BRNCO31_2.jpg)

BRNCO31 is currently vectored towards London, but will it divert to Mildenhall?

[Suspense intensifies]

03a21b No.696103

File: 2b84d2158c37cc9⋯.png (268.33 KB, 617x604, 617:604, Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at ….png)


Did someone say "G"??

e79bad No.696104


ok first of all how did you gather all the info about them (to verify you)

second what is their end game if they have one?

2fb03b No.696105


yah… and if you think that was by accident think again

b28834 No.696106


TY I will fix it. Dyslexic….

39a8cc No.696107

File: 0a33ed42def0b07⋯.png (766.52 KB, 500x698, 250:349, McCabe fired.png)

81b095 No.696108




Being watched…

b4dc14 No.696109


When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history. You may scapegoat Andy McCabe, but you will not destroy America…America will triumph over you. https:// t.co/uKppoDbduj

e79bad No.696110


haha oh yeah

"Homie G"

03a21b No.696111

File: 01b48a38da48957⋯.jpg (60.77 KB, 499x499, 1:1, 1510718198127.jpg)


KEK!! This is the rush of Memes we NEEEED!!

63e760 No.696112


Yes, yes! Great idea. I'll see if I can make room.

Thank you.

e8a727 No.696113


Agreed. Huge move

cbfb4c No.696114

File: 7487bffad465afa⋯.png (255.35 KB, 440x330, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

03a21b No.696115



2801db No.696116


TRUMP is not about Magik - nothing to do with it. Conversion is not "Magik" it is Of The SPirit - that synthesis of Reason and Emotion, the election of POTUS was the Catalyst for the Spiritual Conversion of America.

So STFU talking sjit

ac928b No.696117



I'm dyin' n my sides are aching

9067ee No.696118


Oh that's RICH. I can't wait to see Q's endgame .

992c33 No.696119

File: 12f3f31a858321c⋯.jpg (27.54 KB, 400x225, 16:9, george_bush_i_signs_public….jpg)

Dee Cappy Tay Shun? Say what?

Know it. Noahide.

Public Law 102-14, which set the Noahide Laws as the basis for International Law.

Noahide World Order

81b095 No.696120


where are our magma flights?

7dd34f No.696121

2fb03b No.696122


was raised within freemasonry and order of the eastern star… i always refused to join those groups but was taught the ways… i am also not a young man..

for the record - i deny lucifer. i deny satan.

end game is the end of most of the human race

858e49 No.696123


Thats great, keep up.

Now we can continue to see where is connection with Angela Dorothea Kasner in same way, if there is any direct connection.

a6d1d3 No.696124

File: 9f28e610fb1dd85⋯.jpg (37.96 KB, 396x370, 198:185, Q_angela.JPG)

File: bd0e5977c7034f3⋯.jpg (71.19 KB, 842x468, 421:234, naming_germany.JPG)

File: ce4331eb93a0def⋯.jpg (147.35 KB, 976x631, 976:631, klara_adolf_angela_maria.JPG)

File: 7cf3915e99ddbc3⋯.jpg (121.62 KB, 863x648, 863:648, klara_maria.JPG)

OK - now what?

Autists…calling for you assistance.

d88b7f No.696125


Tell me about it went to bed at 4AM … @ 5:30 "Hmm what if David Kelly is one of the 3? Beghazii - former seals/NYT? - need to dig stratfor/wikileaks for those initals in the [companies], New_Zealand_Initiative,International Four-H Youth Exchange

Depending on the time of day I am fuelled by coffe, beer or whisky and nicotine.

2fb03b No.696126


tough pill to swallow i know…

e79bad No.696127


why would they teach you if you refused to join?

is it easy as just saying no?

cbfb4c No.696128

File: c867a784702ff3f⋯.gif (653.8 KB, 600x390, 20:13, kitten-kong.gif)

The cabal's next move has been put into operation…

76ef36 No.696129


shed some more light as to why Trump is compromised and how he uses fake magick

e97e0f No.696130

Any codefags on google translate ?

I posted full text after using only pe combi then i tried the qq combi.

Nobody else interested?

bdb276 No.696131

File: 687fa84651323f2⋯.jpg (30.44 KB, 404x538, 202:269, 2c9206eb912713b8f1b70c38f5….jpg)


eb7b7e No.696132

03a21b No.696133

File: 18b9613ccfff195⋯.jpg (138.67 KB, 750x954, 125:159, 1510150992791.jpg)



2fb03b No.696134


over 50 years i spent surrounded by them.. just because i refused to join doesn't mean i don't know every tiny secret they ever uttered… those secret types love to try and seduce those they want with knowledge, so i listened but always refused to join…

39a8cc No.696135

File: e104011023085a5⋯.png (696.87 KB, 500x1098, 250:549, McCabe fired.png)


Have you seen McCabe's 'Woo is me' statement?

b28834 No.696136

File: 0996e6578d9356a⋯.jpg (244.67 KB, 944x642, 472:321, Andy_2_1.jpg)

Fixed it!

284604 No.696137


>and the masses here think trump is going to clean up washington.. its a bloody joke

You can't chase out darkness but you can let in the light. Isn't that what Q has always said and what DJT is attempting to do?

Don't be so defeatist - start shining your own little bit of light. If we all were to do the same we could dispel the darkness between us.

e8a727 No.696138

File: a548873243af928⋯.jpeg (25.84 KB, 132x255, 44:85, 0A7172B4-2CD4-4E80-91B3-7….jpeg)

ac928b No.696141



2801db No.696142


Ok meathead ….PROOF?

And while youre at it study "Conversion" you definitely need one~

017bd2 No.696143


I had hoped he would turn, but him and Comey will go down together I guess.

9067ee No.696144


Thank you Anon.

dc1721 No.696145


funny also with repeting "xes" or "xpe" instead of "pe"

f41ae2 No.696146


What would be the lineage that matches the conventions of the day?

b1beb9 No.696147


There was no way she could lose.

61e5da No.696148

File: b7488434221760d⋯.jpg (10.63 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 8ce1a195d459683d5145a73888….jpg)

e79bad No.696149


so why dont you just spill out all their secrets? i mean if your not part of them why hold back?

i recommend you start a new thread and make it for yourself to do that

51105c No.696150

I still think Trust Kansas refers to Pompeo, but since we've been told many times that there are no coincidence, if Obama choosing Kansas is relevant then we have to assume he was either forced to choose Kansas OR he is playing the game and has flipped and now working covertly for us. Oh, the intrigue. HUSSEIN is evil, but what about Barack?

Remember the other day when Q said we would be blown away if we knew who was speaking to us? What if….? I cannot forgot DJT, upon taking office, speaking about the letter O left for him in the Oval office. His tone and demeanor did not appear defensive but quite the opposite. Crazy times. Gonna get interesting.

2fb03b No.696151


the slogan was enough for me to know his entire campaign was orchestrated..

make america great again

great is what he wants to make america

great = 7

the white house exists within the 20005 zip code and sits on 16 street…

too many 7's and the fact he got "SELECTED" and not elected.

2fb03b No.696152


it's ok… few can understand and even fewer want to believe….

e97e0f No.696153


there has to be a way to figure this out.

these are messages put there for a reason.

73fc6d No.696154


Yes, but 1+ 3 + 6 = 10; and 10 - 3 = 7

So there.

ccfa31 No.696155

File: 4f0e5b932fdca21⋯.jpg (98.89 KB, 224x369, 224:369, neebler.jpg)

Old meme request

053632 No.696156


No worries anon, isn't watching the watchers and holding them accountable the whole purpose of us?

ca76a2 No.696157

File: ce427caf8cc727f⋯.jpeg (516.55 KB, 1242x1104, 9:8, CD1BFCA1-DD47-4D71-951F-5….jpeg)

File: 988a6e6d4b81760⋯.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1375, 1242:1375, D0563CAF-B622-488B-A11C-7….jpeg)

File: 9bf9f5443623444⋯.jpeg (220.2 KB, 1242x702, 23:13, 533E927E-2929-40D8-B6D6-7….jpeg)


Good morning anon! Anybody want to put these 3 together?

2fb03b No.696158


i have - spent months spilling them on this very channel - and each time ridiculed and called a shill… ( scroll up - was recently called that again)

anyway - the end game is upon us all… it's almost too late to change anything

9067ee No.696159


I drink 2 to 3 cans of NOS a day and work non stop on this board or work on red pilling out in the world. I am laser focused on Q mission at this time in life. Can't sleep since pizzagate dropped via anon on 4 . When this is over then I can go back to being myself. At this time I am a Battle frog for the World's freedom. I am a soldier for Q and 45 /anons. Wherever that future lives is where I go.

0a198e No.696160

File: 47fd89015484d8b⋯.jpeg (72.94 KB, 404x538, 202:269, 922C41FD-7A6D-4850-829C-4….jpeg)

39a8cc No.696161

File: 0ba19eaa5d25291⋯.png (390.31 KB, 404x525, 404:525, mccabe-fucked.png)

2fb03b No.696162


always add and never subtract…

numerology rules

7dd34f No.696163


I say forget it. We have more than we know. We already have the biggest single intelligence drop in human history. The likelihood that a vague purported cabalist, who types every sentence with ellipses, is actually going to contribute something we cannot already find out or which is not shill-tainted is near zero. Move on.

eb7b7e No.696164


Anon doesn’t worry.

Anon is anon.

c1f0b9 No.696165


What goes around comes around

0a487d No.696166

File: 45f03933480f6be⋯.jpg (96.6 KB, 788x990, 394:495, McCheezePleeze.jpg)

b445d4 No.696167



e79bad No.696168


yeah i know a lot dont have open minds.

i still recommend you open a thread, i am really interested to know what you know.

I think Its always best to let someone speak and then you can work out the truth yourself

7dd34f No.696169




650b10 No.696170


5 USC 8312

check into it

violations of this code revoke pensions>>696032

bdb276 No.696171

File: ea4dabc20200f9e⋯.jpg (34.88 KB, 450x421, 450:421, sf97d8g6s897dfg6sd8f7g6d.jpg)


Get some new copy pasta, faggot. BOOOORING

ad71cd No.696172

Prayer to the Kansas House of Representatives Sparked Furor

Pastor Joe Wright's words went viral, leading to a national debate

Updated December 18, 2017

Pastor Joe Wright gave a prayer before the Kansas House of Representatives in January 1996 that sparked a political furor. In the following months, the prayer Wright wrote in 30 minutes, led to "angry walkouts in two state legislatures.

https:// www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https:// www.thoughtco.com/kansas-house-of-representatives-urban-legends-4072737&ved=2ahUKEwjwtbfAr_PZAhUpjK0KHZcpDjcQFjAAegQIBhAB&usg=AOvVaw1SQfcTkoJ6nx2FmhVyASwu

‘I just let him lead’: Behind the prayers Kansas lawmakers hear daily

May 26, 2017 09:54 AM


They are sometimes the only quiet moment of the day in the Statehouse.

The prayers said in the Kansas House and Senate each day, like clockwork, often go unnoticed. Sandwiched between an attendance roll call and the Pledge of Allegiance, they can quickly slip the mind as lawmakers get to work.

But not always.

https:// www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http:// www.kansas.com/news/politics-government/article152807934.html&ved=2ahUKEwjwtbfAr_PZAhUpjK0KHZcpDjcQFjAOegQIAhAB&usg=AOvVaw3cwKewWUnvoCcCt04oI6Hn

The controversial prayer:

Heavenly Father, we come before You today to ask Your forgiveness and seek Your direction and guidance. Lord, we know Your Word says, "Woe to those who call evil good," but that's exactly what we've done. We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and inverted our values.

We confess that we have ridiculed the absolute truth of Your Word and called it moral pluralism.

We have worshipped other gods and called it multi-culturalism.

We have endorsed perversion and called it an alternative lifestyle.

We have exploited the poor and called it the lottery.

We have neglected the needy and called it self-preservation.

We have rewarded laziness and called it welfare.

We have killed our unborn and called it choice.

We have shot abortionists and called it justifiable.

We have neglected to discipline our children and called it building esteem.

We have abused power and called it political savvy.

We have coveted our neighbors' possessions and called it ambition.

We have polluted the air with profanity and pornography and called it freedom of expression.

We have ridiculed the time-honored values of our fore-fathers and called it enlightenment.

Search us oh God and know our hearts today; try us and see if there be some wicked way in us; cleanse us from every sin and set us free.

Guide and bless these men and women who have been sent here by the people of Kansas, and who have been ordained by You, to govern this great state. Grant them Your wisdom to rule and may their decisions direct us to the center of Your will. I ask it in the name of Your Son, the Living Savior, Jesus Christ.


51105c No.696173

File: 9d0c656a2256fa7⋯.png (343.73 KB, 530x709, 530:709, Screenshot_2018-03-17-08-0….png)

3da0ba No.696174


I'm liking this. nice

7dd34f No.696175


"Why was BHO traveling before/after POTUS?"

a46280 No.696176

I have never seen a more dishonorable vagina than McCabe. Full scale homo commie.

b49918 No.696177

Oh NO, this board has gone crazy. We now believe BHO is a white hat?

2fb03b No.696178


I did open a thread… was deleted

5ee797 No.696180


No we don't.

9067ee No.696181

File: 8eed3783cfb7635⋯.jpg (43.14 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 8eed3783cfb76351d7ffe2166d….jpg)


There are a few " I wonder if birds try to fly to the moon" type posters on here for sure.

e79bad No.696183


go to qonly

2801db No.696184


OMG no proof at all TYPICAL.

Choose to believe whatever asshole you lick IDKare you are so full of yourself and so BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBZZZZZZZZZZZZ WRONG


e8a727 No.696185



The ending sounds like a call to arms for the sleeper cells IMO

5ee797 No.696186


Today's theme is GLP. God help us all.

496350 No.696187


This must become wide knowledge.

Suggest hashtag: # LisaBarsoomian

Apologies if this has already been mentioned. I just woke up and read this on CTH and came here and saw that part had been posted.

This must reach Hannity, Tucker, Pierro, etc.

0fd820 No.696189


turned off vpn to say 'lol'

cbfb4c No.696190

File: fb19c896869477a⋯.jpg (364.8 KB, 1725x779, 1725:779, BRNCO31_3.jpg)

BRNCO31 headed out over the North Sea towards Netherlands. USAF C-40 Clipper has just left Stanstead Airport.

c9fe2c No.696191

Matlock vs Perry Mason.

Who wins?

eb7b7e No.696192


FOX news pulled story originally announcing Andy firing. With apology.

9067ee No.696193


Hey now, Trump has posted there as Anon a few times or his team did anyway. GLP is the fastest breaking news site I have ever seen. A shit ton of crazy's to weed thru tho. Clown's abound .

7dd34f No.696194



lmao im just entertaining the notion.

don't actually think it's true, but hell, we've been relentlessly told to expand our thinking and that we'll laugh when we find out who's in control of NK. Would be divine humor.

2fb03b No.696195


i also know people here know the math - used by intelligence personnel it is.. they don't want the public to know about hermetic numerology.. that is why i am censored more often than allowed to speak…

ef5913 No.696196


3 Left, 3 right and one behind. they must have considered him a BIG threat as he was leaving. Usually the escort out is 1 or 2.

eb7b7e No.696197



c9fe2c No.696198

39a8cc No.696199


I thought the same thing!

bdb276 No.696200

File: 8ab897c928a801c⋯.jpg (44.1 KB, 404x538, 202:269, 2c9206eb912713b8f1b70c38f5….jpg)

2fb03b No.696201


efforts here have be the whole of the law love is the law love under will that the efforts here have been carefully produced by three the angel mercury has been no worse no worse here as well as well been careful in this work love introduction the grand experiment an important part in one they an syntax all take human language as their object of study there are some significant differences camparing languages within languages all since the field of syntax attempts to explain theological study from ancient structure the field of syntax is unconcerned all production and perception the human language within a given language or across languages mostly dealing from ancient greek languages is a subfield that rules theoretical universal languages which studies the systems of language or languages whereas the physical perception of the eternal God frame i is a subfield of ark of knowledge secrets that studies and classifies languages together determin their relative branch within a statement according to wisdom man n in syntax from ancient theories human perception of the speech deliver half voice woe law two times what source in language itself comes from two in the form of an an evil spirit with faith moon to him nine seal making voices evil satan spirit four presence under whom holes thunders such is the study of hermetics

3f2507 No.696202


This entire bread is fucky. Getting weird vibes. Will check back later. bye

c9fe2c No.696203



I like how you think, anon.

eb7b7e No.696204

e8a727 No.696205


Very nice anon! Can someone put all 3 together as a side by side to add to that thread?

9067ee No.696206


Not going to lead you there . You will thank me later kek

a46280 No.696207



61e5da No.696208

File: 25ba28056a6c8b5⋯.jpg (193.79 KB, 800x800, 1:1, flat,800x800,070,f.u1.jpg)


And to further prove your point i heard bakers will be adding this to all bread

55888b No.696209



https:// www.rawstory.com/2018/03/fox-news-accidentally-publishes-pre-written-draft-saying-trump-fired-andrew-mccabe/

On Friday afternoon, Fox News accidentally published on their website a pre-written draft meant to be posted when and if President Donald Trump fires former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

CNN’s Brian Stetler was first to notice the erroneous posting of the draft, a just-in-case measure employed by many news outlets to be ready in the event of a major death, staffing change or firing.

b49918 No.696210

I was reading yesterday that the attack in Iraq that killed 7 came from China. Can anyone elaborate?

116b2f No.696211

…I think we need a new baker…sorry…

39a8cc No.696212

2801db No.696213


Nahhh just some Dumbass Baiter

b28834 No.696214


LOL, we are having fun with this!

9067ee No.696215


Bye clown , go collect your tree fiddy a post from soros.

7c5855 No.696216

Was tagged on a post that was removed on f…b about the Malaysia flight. Anyone have the video here?

a6d1d3 No.696217

File: 3a88133a0f06ef4⋯.jpg (40.88 KB, 606x269, 606:269, mccabe_under oath.JPG)

Who else lied under oath?

(((THEY))) thought they were ok because the HIGHEST LEADERSHIP was advocating for this subversion.

Let the games begin.

61e5da No.696218

b28834 No.696219


LOL, oh Lord!

39a8cc No.696220


>Trump fires former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

POTUS didn't fire McCabe, DOJ did.

a6d1d3 No.696221


https:// theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/03/17/dont-ignore-the-obvious-key-words-from-ag-sessions-including-under-oath/

724239 No.696222


If you look on wikipedia, when a source is cited for a statement in the body of an article, the source is linked to by a number enclosed in square brackets, like this >>[1]. The only other two ways to 'enclose' this link to make it stand out ar parentheses and curly brackets. Both of these options already have standard uses.

Parentheses are used within a text in order to 'bring up' something closely related to what's being presented. Like another way of saying, 'by the way'.

Curly brackets are used extensively in mathematics. Especially in set theory.

Which leaves square brackets to highlight the link to a source.

In the logo for RationalWiki, I see two sets of square brackets. What this says to me is that they're trying to convey the idea, (subliminally), although there may be an external source for something, the real source, the 'trusted' source, is in reality your own brain. i.e. rational thought.

I'm not saying that there isn't some other reason for using square brackets in this logo or the aussie bar logo, there may well be. What I am saying is that people learn things by associating the new stuff to some old stuff. We make connections between ideas by associating one idea to another idea bc of some basic concept that's related to both of them.

As far as the aussie bar logo, if we compare it side by side to the rationalwiki logo, I see the words inside the square brackets representing the two sides of the brain. The left side of the brain processes information linearly, rationally. In the logo the word on the left is upside-down, as if to say take logic and turn it upside-down. Evil is good and good is evil, etc. It's also written in white so, what's the opposite of white?

The right side of the brain processes information emotionally. The word on the right is red. Red is associated with blood, fire, and the devil, but it's also used to represent the color of a heart on a valentines day card, and it's the color of passion. This most basic of emotions can be positive or negative depending on how we control our emotional responses with our intelect. Let's not forget that alcohol dulls the our ability to think rationally. So it appears as if this logois saying, go in the bar, drink some booze, and set your emotions on fire.

Put them both together and you get: Forget logic, turn it upside down and let your negative emotions take over.

a46280 No.696223


>We now believe

another boomernigger who comes here to believe things yelled to him by a mob of fellow retards

eb7b7e No.696224


🥚 zactly

Normies repeat though

116b2f No.696225

= New baker needed=

…Sorry… :\

cbfb4c No.696226

File: fcfa9334c2a448e⋯.jpg (371.06 KB, 1825x717, 1825:717, ZJTHC.jpg)

This one has attracted my attention, as it's headed from jersey (another island full of financial fuckery). Might be worth looking into Tower House Consultants, as it screams money, imagery and possible cabal to me.

e8a727 No.696227


If you really think all of this is truly anonymous you are sadly mistaken. All the 3 letter agencies are lurking. Some good some bad

Hope you are on the right side of history

e79bad No.696228


waiting for you

3ad170 No.696229

Great news re McCabe. Hanging with other PATRIOTS today in Gettysburg, honoring those who fought in the Irish Brigade. Freedom knows no country, only PATRIOTS.

ad71cd No.696230


I believe that you're thinking of the Franklin cover-up & rising African-American young Republican Larry King who ONLY was sentenced to 15 yrs for ALL of the CRAP he did & yet, (((they))) sent a signal to the one young teen to not talk & if they did, they'd lock them up as promised by giving her a 30 yr sentence for perjury! Most of the Franklin cover-up was in Nebraska & in DC like the midnight call boy field trips to the White House & parties etc in DC! I recall Boystown involvement but I'd have to fact check where that was to be certain! Wish they had gotten those EVIL ppl then!!!

2801db No.696231

File: 433c0d82a22ef48⋯.jpg (472.49 KB, 4500x4500, 1:1, Q_IfGodotCmes.jpg)

0a487d No.696232


careful of conclusions I didn't check the date of pic

dc1721 No.696233


I think it's a bug coming from the specific Tadjik language and the software used to translate.

5cbc3f No.696234

File: dc3510531fa0b3d⋯.jpg (122.9 KB, 765x765, 1:1, MUCKABE.jpg)

992c33 No.696235



a46280 No.696236

McCabe is crying like a beaten homo and his homo pedo buddies are all crying with him – over a pension.

What till they see the gallows.

51105c No.696237



at this point, I'm ready for anything.

b49918 No.696238

What’s the current dig?

51105c No.696240

File: 55b3cd7da440919⋯.png (353.44 KB, 544x714, 16:21, Screenshot_2018-03-17-08-0….png)

stole this idea

e8a727 No.696241


“Bathroom clean up, again?”

d88b7f No.696242

File: d73563e9d53552a⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1880x934, 940:467, SH-2-CHIU-Plane.png)

File: ebcd46d3b752fc2⋯.png (35.85 KB, 1130x536, 565:268, ClipboardImage.png)


Blessed be the vigilant.





All registered Mil but come from www.basg.gg

BoD all have military links

https:// www.basg.gg/about/

Private jet management/crewing etc.

Special members card to get you out of a jam - you know like when your plane gets impounded.

Also with your members card get access to the flying palace ..

https:// www.basg.gg/this-flying-hotel-can-be-yours-for-55000-an-hour/

cbfb4c No.696243

File: a72b1891ba338b9⋯.jpg (123.83 KB, 1033x887, 1033:887, Tower House.jpg)

Why would you still have a plane for a company that was dissolved in 2015? Something smells off, particularly as it was an IT company.

Only one company officer - Rachel Bulmer.

61e5da No.696244


They know!

a44dba No.696245

Morning thought:

Crossing my fingers that POTUS gave Bill Gates an ultimatum at the WH last week. Gates has to clean up his act and actually use his charity funds to establish clean water for the world, or Gates can expect to lose control of his fortune.

The Gates foundation is an umbrella that lets a select few travel like royalty under the guise of helping the world. It shuffles money back and forth to the other foundations where billionaires have promised to "give away" half their wealth. Except they give it to each other to keep the game going. They accomplish very little. Try getting money from one of those elite foundations and you'll be dismayed within a couple of weeks. Same with USAID - which Hillary co-opted during her SoS tenure.

If POTUS called this afternoon and asked me what job I wanted for tolerating days and days of stupid shit on this "research" board, I'd ask for the chance to straighten out America's 501(c)3 scams.

That would be work worth doing.

0f775b No.696246

File: 37f9af2888addbc⋯.jpg (96.84 KB, 480x360, 4:3, we-chose-to-commit-treason….jpg)

992c33 No.696247

File: 9ddc450a84fb830⋯.jpg (79.23 KB, 640x534, 320:267, 49acbd565fdabf10e80dc7c8ac….jpg)

Know it. Noahide.

eb7b7e No.696248



Anon knows.

On their list too, you are!

5ee797 No.696249


I'm suddenly interested in the Gehlen org and how that was probably Merkel's guardian/groomer.


9067ee No.696250


Gates is on a MAJOR fundraiser thru the brainwashed people for sure. I have been approached to give to the foundation as recent as last week by a brainwashed family member .

39a8cc No.696251

File: 6f162cffb7ec240⋯.jpg (240.09 KB, 800x800, 1:1, fuck your safe space.jpg)

7bfd5f No.696252


Having a serious brain cramp, here. Who is HR again?

e79bad No.696253


go fuck yourself

cbfb4c No.696254


Basically, the whole 2-plane thing is a private airline with on tracking? That's what I suspected that it was.

ef5913 No.696255


Got it. Thanx.

250304 No.696256


enlightening, thanks.

820275 No.696257


human resources

e79bad No.696258


still waiting

also whats the davinci code / mona lisa

b445d4 No.696259



could be important.

>SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook is suspending the Trump-affiliated data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica, after learning that it failed to delete data that it had taken inappropriately from users of the social network, Facebook said late Friday.

83b452 No.696260


Looks like Comey is the biggest loser when it comes to Mach Madness!


496350 No.696261


Please also take care of the (4)'s. These are becoming a menace. But yes, the elite-level (3)'s are a total racket.

5cbc3f No.696262

File: 38a0dc47882ac49⋯.png (805.59 KB, 765x765, 1:1, mcnoose.png)

d11090 No.696263

File: c4d5a06eaf5a630⋯.jpg (102.5 KB, 575x369, 575:369, 26kt7a.jpg)



So, the colors/tones aren't matched. Shoot me.

b28834 No.696264

File: cb5f483bd226db6⋯.jpg (255.55 KB, 1000x628, 250:157, Andy_2_1.jpg)

Soon to be Manager.

32be0e No.696265

File: 6e86f78113565e5⋯.jpg (94.28 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 26k6tm.jpg)

d11090 No.696266

File: ec28700288488b6⋯.jpg (95.99 KB, 575x369, 575:369, McCabe WalMart Greeter.jpg)


For your memeing fun

b2ac96 No.696267


The 7 Noahide Laws set up two classes of citizens. Goyim follow the 7 laws. Jews follow a different set and receive different benefits.

It is the planned basis for international law.

61e5da No.696268


But Muh Feelings

cbfb4c No.696269

File: afb0a7a44acb13b⋯.jpg (251.99 KB, 1523x627, 1523:627, 2BASG.jpg)

File: e1a86d1a6baf466⋯.jpg (216 KB, 1237x941, 1237:941, 2BASG_2.jpg)

File: 66b6e76b842b484⋯.jpg (229.82 KB, 1207x943, 1207:943, 2BASG_3.jpg)

File: 1d44342cfffa0de⋯.jpg (259.75 KB, 1399x791, 1399:791, 2BASG_log.jpg)


They have a Boeing 737 too - 2-BASG. I've seen it myself.

bdb276 No.696270

File: 3dbf37232ba3639⋯.jpg (67.56 KB, 630x504, 5:4, you_are_a_glowing_faggot.jpg)


Fuck you faggot - I'm a Gen-Xer. You still never answered my question 3 breads ago - how is it you keep focusing on Bush and the Jews but you won't address how that squares with Bush(es) and the Nazis. You can't have it both ways. Jews don't rule the world - except in your narrow mind. You are glowing. Read a Bible, faggot (pic related).

ca76a2 No.696271


Wondering… any digs into Lois Lerner yet? I dont recall any but another anon might

68e803 No.696272


4-ignore the shills

5-install the script

7bfd5f No.696273

Watch the first ten seconds of this airhead on CNN trying to figure out what to say when she gets blindsided by the news of McCabe getting shit canned… Priceless!

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpPHnPpEVBY

bdb276 No.696274

File: 26d66cef5de6db4⋯.jpeg (31.89 KB, 438x246, 73:41, TheWallMeme-e146557879873….jpeg)

d88b7f No.696275

File: 2957f394894cbd1⋯.png (785.97 KB, 994x857, 994:857, SH-13-Board.png)

File: 47b779cd3b5c57e⋯.png (675.53 KB, 824x574, 412:287, stephen-hung.png)

File: 2d73b26f16dcaa3⋯.png (37.69 KB, 1035x693, 115:77, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cac7e4e46d693e3⋯.png (155.63 KB, 858x594, 13:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 70dbaefcaaa15f2⋯.png (90.54 KB, 825x576, 275:192, ClipboardImage.png)


I will have a poke at it … here is a good one from Companies house …

I got here by looking at Peter Lee COKER JNR - he is on the BoD of that 13 hotel run by Stephen Hung (possibly 2-CHIU??)

anyway he is on BoD @


and from there to


Im no accoutant (by a long chalk) but as far as I can see they made over £700,000,000 and didnt pay any tax???

Loving the slow rising bread …

d88b7f No.696276

File: 69b9ef0f7b1b40b⋯.png (163.7 KB, 995x914, 995:914, ClipboardImage.png)


Another pic

5cbc3f No.696277

File: 6dcfd55bf098ff3⋯.png (566.26 KB, 765x765, 1:1, UHOH.png)

Gonna need more nooses

b4dc14 No.696278

File: a9b22911da0b2e4⋯.png (389.01 KB, 1411x1855, 1411:1855, Capture _2018-03-17-06-28-….png)

…more coded messages…?

b976f5 No.696279


I'm mostly lurking. Can you help me how to install the script?

bdb276 No.696280

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


For our entertainment, I'm embedding dis shiznit - KEKEKEK

b28834 No.696282

File: 769fa7da141697a⋯.jpg (117.38 KB, 800x533, 800:533, Bald-Eagle-Flying-in-The-S….jpg)

77e3a3 No.696283



Then you woke up and realized your at 8CHAN!

Fuck off with your safe space that is about to get a holes blown all through it!

b445d4 No.696284


airy language to sound smart and to virtue signal

3e24c8 No.696285

File: 4a2fcb090b84154⋯.png (34.94 KB, 964x115, 964:115, 2BraceOrNot2Brace-C.png)

File: 2b27e7b8973d905⋯.png (88.46 KB, 966x512, 483:256, LispersNeedBraces.png)

68e803 No.696286

File: 834a3176841f55e⋯.png (2.05 MB, 1859x1160, 1859:1160, ClipboardImage.png)


Ha ha ha… White House Turmoil, really?

250304 No.696287


wow thats a big empty threat

116b2f No.696288

new baker needed


250304 No.696290


cnn keeps replaying kennedy

sick fucks

d4611a No.696291


We need to invert this relationship between Strzok and Contreras to identify other bad actors. A FISA/Federal Judge is a far more powerful position than Strzok had. If there is a shadow network, this judge will have many other connections to it. FISA court records may be sealed and secret, but his regular federal docket is not.

The biggest question of all though is figuring out how cases get assigned to him. If you want to compromise the courts, you either need to compromise ever Judge(unlikely given life tenure) within a District or have control over how cases are assigned. Does anyone have an understanding of how cases get assigned to particular federal judges among the pool of possible candidates? This function is the key to controlling the court system.

d11090 No.696292

File: ddcab1341d6cd1f⋯.png (127.74 KB, 210x315, 2:3, McCabe Head Transparent.png)

For all the meme-makers.

Pic related.

ee9343 No.696293

File: 4ee40487b90aedc⋯.jpg (29.79 KB, 320x240, 4:3, BadJews911.jpg)

bdb276 No.696295

File: 251e717f70873f5⋯.jpg (156 KB, 768x768, 1:1, da87f6ds6g87a6g876g87b.jpg)

cab84b No.696296

File: 72d53674c83da0c⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 3883x2193, 3883:2193, Mccabe1.jpg)

32be0e No.696297

File: 5229766146a259a⋯.jpg (11.88 KB, 255x163, 255:163, 26k9vz.jpg)

bdb276 No.696298

File: c102b37ad62efb3⋯.jpg (64.06 KB, 848x477, 16:9, s890g7sd09g87sd9g7dg98d7fg.jpg)

cbbd09 No.696299

Russia’s Defense Ministry says “US instructors” are training militants to stage false flag chemical attacks in south Syria. The incidents are said to be a pretext for airstrikes on Syrian government troops and infrastructure.

https:// www.rt.com/news/421589-us-preparing-syria-provocations-airstrikes/

6cd0f9 No.696300

File: f983a471c969ad7⋯.jpg (110.96 KB, 676x411, 676:411, pic_r_k.jpg)


assuming Herlind Kasner (Merkel's mother) is daughter of Angela Maria "Geli" Raubal, because of strong similarities,

then according to naming patterns Merkel's first name should be Angela (1st mother's mother=Angela Maria Raubal) as it is.

b28834 No.696301


House for sale sign soon, Karma!

250304 No.696303


ill look up hermetic numerology some time thnx anon

e438ac No.696304

File: 9abdf03205b2a4a⋯.png (99.75 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_2018-03-17-09-3….png)

Phonefag here….I downloaded the pdf file showing all the seizures from EO…..and this is what the file is showing…..anyone know what is causing this?

43b7be No.696305

Maybe I missed the discussion but on Comey’s NCAA bracket, he did not make 2 picks/fill in bracket. Has this been discussed?

250304 No.696306

my ID is all numbers only, they are onn to me right?

d336e0 No.696307


The judge isn't a fool and may not be corrupt beyond the standard outlook of liberalism.

Emails show that they were playing him by a social invite, not a one on one he would be suspicious of.

Either way, the FISA system needs to go to Gitmo with the traitors. We need a 100% return to CONSTITUTIONAL LAW.

5cbc3f No.696308

File: 916a79e1a15a1ad⋯.png (369.23 KB, 600x400, 3:2, brennan32.png)

bdb276 No.696309

File: 519848b2b188cb0⋯.jpg (46.32 KB, 404x538, 202:269, 2c9206eb912713b8f1b70c38f5….jpg)

c60d35 No.696310


character set is unavailable to that reader, us a full feature tool, tool.

81b095 No.696311


TY Patriot! Pizzagate got me spun up as well…was there in the beginning with voat..dug up a few things and was able to help a bit…

Try taking turmeric/black pepper or guarana for energy…

We all need a food re-education..just sayin…

We have something we share with dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, fish, and most other life on the planet called an endocannabinoid system. This system, most researchers agree, is your MASTER regulatory system. It is resource based..meaning you have to eat for it. Would also be very easy to break you with food…looks to me to be EXACTLY what has happened…

Point being…exchange NOS for turmeric and black pepper or guarana..or all three!

61e5da No.696312

File: ab8139521b0a44d⋯.png (261.61 KB, 1070x1692, 535:846, 2018-03-17 08.35.46.png)

We are gonna need Hindenburg sized red pills for these libtards. These are some of their responses to MCcabe firing. Amusing and sad at the same time

0a198e No.696313

File: 99db32ee075a8d3⋯.jpeg (480.96 KB, 1411x1855, 1411:1855, A94C97AF-6B34-41ED-947E-F….jpeg)

51105c No.696314


the cheekbones

55888b No.696316

File: 5fc0f3bc748643b⋯.jpg (7.38 KB, 194x259, 194:259, images.jpg)


The Latest on Stormy Daniels and President Trump (all times local):

7 p.m.

Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, wants a lawsuit brought by porn actress Stormy Daniels moved to federal court, and claims the woman could owe $20 million in damages for violating a non-disclosure agreement.

The Friday court filing seeks to move Daniels’ case from a state-level court to federal court in Los Angeles.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, is seeking to invalidate the non-disclosure agreement. She has offered to return the $130,000 she was paid.

The filing accuses Clifford of violating the agreement more than 20 times.

A separate filing says Trump would join a request to have the case heard by an arbitrator.

Clifford’s lawyer says it’s an attempt to have the matter decided in private arbitration, “thus hiding the truth from the public.”


4:15 p.m.

A porn actress who said she had sex with Donald Trump before he became president has been threatened with physical harm, her attorney says.

Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, has been seeking to invalidate a nondisclosure agreement she signed days before the 2016 presidential election in order to discuss their relationship, which she said began in 2006 and continued for about a year.

Clifford’s attorney, Michael Avenatti, tells The Associated Press his client had been “physically threatened,” but he isn’t providing details. He won’t not comment on whether the threats came from anyone tied to the president, the Trump campaign or the Trump Organization.

51105c No.696318


probably Russian bots

81b095 No.696319


THIS IS GREAT ANON..holy cow will we see this meme with some interesting things! Hrrrrmmmmppphhh..well done!

68e803 No.696320


I can't find the post.

(((Bakers, script install instruction post not in the bread.)))

Can someone help our friend with the link to the script?

e79bad No.696321



post more pics

why do they do it

894733 No.696322


wow, nobody cares.


77e3a3 No.696323


863 is already baked

32be0e No.696324


I worry that most are a lost cause. They will go down with the ship, and fall on their own sword before holding their own accountable

d336e0 No.696325

We need a meme delisting CNN as a news source.

Just a fairly neutral announcement.

CNN Loses News Media status.

d4611a No.696326


This is an impressive profit.

bdb276 No.696327


I posit that these types of commenters are the same clowns that have been hammering us in the breads for days. You're not gonna reach these ones. They are bitterly clinging to that tree fitty. js… Been doing this online since '05 and I can spot paid infiltraitors miles away. We used to get them in our Ron Paul groups and eject them just as quickly.

14ebe8 No.696328


No. If a user can't figure out how to make an unsecure user space javascript snippet function, they shouldn't be using it.

81b095 No.696329

eb7b7e sent me a cute little ghost when I outed him…ty :-)

Baker..might won't to note that strategy at top of loaf works pretty well on the clowns…

d94593 No.696330


OAN says Sessions

61e5da No.696331

51105c No.696332

Sheriff Israel Doesn’t Show Up for Senate Hearing, Immediately Gets Put In His Place


7b5acb No.696333





7b5acb No.696335


Baker take note. It’s me anon!

5cbc3f No.696336

File: 778c93826840273⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, CLOWN344.png)

b445d4 No.696337


>Michael Avenatti

While in college and later in law school, Avenatti worked at a political opposition and media firm, The Research Group, run by Rahm Emanuel (later White House Chief of Staff for President Barack Obama, and mayor of Chicago).[17] Avenatti worked on over 150 campaigns in 42 states, including multiple gubernatorial and congressional campaigns and Joe Biden’s U.S. Senate campaign.[7]

He also was a race car driver, and has sued Donald Trump for stuff dealing with apprentice. Fucking weird.

322788 No.696338



Yes, Sessions fired him.

724239 No.696340


The braces referred to in your pics are called curly braces. >>{}

The subject at hand is square braces. >>[]


81b095 No.696341


If you truly are apologies :-)


Trying some things on the ai…

7b5acb No.696343






b28834 No.696345

Dems and MSM foaming over AM firing Bigly!

7b5acb No.696346

File: 192fc73ada64acb⋯.jpeg (317.38 KB, 617x687, 617:687, 6190EE5F-0DED-4A41-A015-1….jpeg)

cbfb4c No.696347

BRNCO31 just North of Dusseldorf, appears to be turning towards Frankfurt / Nuremberg.

81b095 No.696348


I thought Vin Diesel pitched?

7bfd5f No.696350

File: 211f22c95730ff9⋯.jpg (211.26 KB, 401x534, 401:534, McCabeSoap.jpg)

322788 No.696351

They are already talking about there being a referral for criminal charges for McCabe coming from the OIG report.

51105c No.696352

Andrew McCabe was told he'd been fired 9 minutes before media knew


038715 No.696353

Mar 3 2018 23:56:48 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 9dc69f 544701










Russia ICBM tech.

HRC open source.




Highest levels of US-G.



WHY would Russia tell the world?


Why is SR back in the news?


Why is SESSIONS acting weak?


IG report?

No legit leaks.

MSM staging narrative.

IG appointed by SESSIONS for?



Enjoy the show.

Dead cat bounce.


Pedestrian Bridge in FL wth?

7b5acb No.696354


tis delightful foaming and frothing

bdb276 No.696355

File: 2c426e5669b2265⋯.jpg (50.81 KB, 606x411, 202:137, 7fsd6g89s7df6gs8df7g6dcb.jpg)

e8a727 No.696356


And the Pope…

81b095 No.696357


weighty…notable worthy…

bdb276 No.696358



116b2f No.696359

Someone needs to re-bake 863…I completely screwed it up.

3f2507 No.696360


interesting that you have access to key classified events.

322788 No.696361


Why does he think he will get any sympathy. Loser.

bdb276 No.696362

File: 5b983c54da6cf46⋯.jpg (39.61 KB, 600x337, 600:337, 2b890d69dd195a2e3e6a0185c0….jpg)

322788 No.696363


Give me the pastebin and I will bake it.

81b095 No.696364

File: 61d7ff6d334e13c⋯.jpg (14.17 KB, 220x124, 55:31, 161120183525-obama-peru-1-….jpg)

e8a727 No.696365


Picture? Surely it has meaning. Possible FF locations?

aa4861 No.696366


The Office of Professional Responsibility, which is a group entirely comprised of careerists, recommended McCabe's firing. If a political appointee attended, one could make the case that the decision was political.

The FBI has a very strict policy that anyone who deceives will be fired. This has been done many times to lower-level Special Agents. They must tell the truth and accept punishment for anything done wrong. The question was whether or not OPR and Sessions had the balls to do the same thing for those at the top. They did.

McCabe can file a lawsuit in court requesting his full pension be reinstated. Some attorneys say this won't work because each person is informed during initial training that deception is a fire-able offense.

32be0e No.696367

File: 6c8036ec81ccab9⋯.jpg (127.67 KB, 857x500, 857:500, 26kufe.jpg)

8773a7 No.696368

Q post from dec 19 two first lunes confirmed, we need to decode the rest of it

cbfb4c No.696369

File: 55220f39be32f6d⋯.jpg (685.18 KB, 1917x923, 27:13, Magma30_26.jpg)

Magma30 has left Catania and is headed towards Germany, possibly on an intercept with Brnco31. RAF Voyager jet is also nearby.

7bfd5f No.696370

fdd36b No.696371


we learn through experience

many won't even try

e8217d No.696374

File: 28feacb7123ff81⋯.png (311.12 KB, 565x427, 565:427, ClipboardImage.png)

0a198e No.696375

File: 80b712934f19bd5⋯.jpeg (201.73 KB, 1400x824, 175:103, 3D07E5EC-CD32-40F6-8D0F-6….jpeg)

File: 26a1ece9a582f1e⋯.jpeg (186.51 KB, 1420x818, 710:409, E6EA0DC9-6DA9-4A4B-8A90-B….jpeg)

File: 9935e728ac3feef⋯.jpeg (165.42 KB, 1394x822, 697:411, A628073A-3E44-403D-9E54-7….jpeg)

Meme away

51105c No.696376

Mueller’s Investigation Flouts Justice Department Standards


March 17, 2018 6:30 AM

"Gates was charged with $100 million in financial crimes — and pled guilty to two minor offenses, one of them highly questionable.

These columns have many times observed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s failure to set limits on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. To trigger the appointment of a special counsel, federal regulations require the Justice Department to identify the crimes that warrant investigation and prosecution — crimes that the Justice Department is too conflicted to investigate in the normal course; crimes that become the parameters of the special counsel’s jurisdiction.

Rosenstein, instead, put the cart before the horse: Mueller was invited to conduct a fishing expedition, a boundless quest to hunt for undiscovered crimes, rather than an investigation and prosecution of known crimes.

That deviation, it turns out, is not the half of it. With Rosenstein’s passive approval, Mueller is shredding Justice Department charging policy by alleging earth-shattering crimes, then cutting a sweetheart deal that shields the defendant from liability for those crimes and from the penalties prescribed by Congress. The special counsel, moreover, has become a legislature unto himself, promulgating the new, grandiose crime of “conspiracy against the United States” by distorting the concept of “fraud.”

Why does the special counsel need to invent an offense to get a guilty plea? Why doesn’t he demand a plea to one of the several truly egregious statutory crimes he claims have been committed?

Good questions."

(story continued at link)


39a8cc No.696378

File: e360e823b4351c4⋯.png (417.03 KB, 566x527, 566:527, Brennan Evil POS Deep Stat….png)


Can a Anon on twatter PLEASE drop this on Brennan's timeline under his threat to POTUS???

116b2f No.696379


>https:// pastebin.com/6p7csvMx

b445d4 No.696380

File: 7238a361d07cd5c⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 4969x3232, 4969:3232, Church-banner-in-the-sky.JPG)


>eavenly Father, we come before You today to ask Your forgiveness and seek Your direction and guidance. Lord, we know Your Word says, "Woe to those who call evil good," but that's exactly what we've done. We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and inverted our values.

>We confess that we have ridiculed the absolute truth of Your Word and called it moral pluralism.

>We have worshipped other gods and called it multi-culturalism.

>We have endorsed perversion and called it an alternative lifestyle.

>We have exploited the poor and called it the lottery.

>We have neglected the needy and called it self-preservation.

>We have rewarded laziness and called it welfare.

>We have killed our unborn and called it choice.

>We have shot abortionists and called it justifiable.

>We have neglected to discipline our children and called it building esteem.

>We have abused power and called it political savvy.

>We have coveted our neighbors' possessions and called it ambition.

>We have polluted the air with profanity and pornography and called it freedom of expression.

>We have ridiculed the time-honored values of our fore-fathers and called it enlightenment.

>Search us oh God and know our hearts today; try us and see if there be some wicked way in us; cleanse us from every sin and set us free.

>Guide and bless these men and women who have been sent here by the people of Kansas, and who have been ordained by You, to govern this great state. Grant them Your wisdom to rule and may their decisions direct us to the center of Your will. I ask it in the name of Your Son, the Living Savior, Jesus Christ.



3e24c8 No.696381

File: 4a2fcb090b84154⋯.png (34.94 KB, 964x115, 964:115, 2BraceOrNot2Brace-C.png)



"Pick a style that suits you,

then use it consistently."

5c18f3 No.696382

File: 3c9b9fd59f84a25⋯.png (128.78 KB, 654x326, 327:163, bren.png)

d88b7f No.696383


Please consider for notables would like more ppl to see ..



9067ee No.696384

>>696364 I just ate breakfast and saw that photo . BARF

81b095 No.696385


Welcome to 8ch….

We are about




But get an extra dermis layer…

b28834 No.696386


TY for the laughs!

7bfd5f No.696388

Truly a great day to enjoy "newscasts" on MSM. They can't figure out how to spin this!

7b5acb No.696389


Anon actually ventured to that thread yesterday. Mirrors research uncovered here to an extent.

b28834 No.696391

Never a dull moment with President Trump!

81b095 No.696392



c1f0b9 No.696393


Kek. Accurate

cbfb4c No.696395

BAS and it's elite airline services provided out of Guernsey and the source of a lot of the 2-reg planes we've been tracking. This is significant and needs to be added.

cbfb4c No.696396

7b5acb No.696397

14ebe8 No.696398


They are blowing themselves up with the bomb nicely

bdb276 No.696400

File: 289cdbc1dfbc041⋯.jpg (150.96 KB, 1098x614, 549:307, s789dfg6sd8f97g6sd87g6gf87.jpg)

38eba8 No.696401

I believe in what we are doing so much that I created a demonetized youtube channel for red pilling. Nothing there will be new for those that have been here for awhile and that is not the purpose of it.

The purpose of creating the channel is to red pill and I have been getting very positive feedback including '..restoring faith in Q' for someone who was losing faith. A few triggered individuals (of course) have shit up my comments too.

Posted this 3 days BEFORE Sessions sued California (anon cred established now, yes? :] )


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZkkDMj3yog

This one is for obvious reasons: QANON - PORTFOLIO OF PROOFS

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYCqdeCra2w

We've got them by the balls!!!

51105c No.696404

Child Sex Crimes Soar by 30 Per Cent in Sadiq Khan's London as Public Anger Over Grooming Grows


b445d4 No.696406

http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2018/03/17/adrian-lamo-hacker-who-turned-in-chelsea-manning-to-fbi-found-dead.html

Adrian Lamo, the notorious computer hacker who turned in Chelsea Manning to the FBI and was arrested for hacking into The New York Times and Microsoft, has died in Kansas at age 37.

Sedgwick County spokeswoman Kate Flavin said Friday that Lamo’s body was at the morgue in Wichita. The Wichita Eagle reported Lamo was found dead in his apartment Wednesday.


3f2507 No.696407


Don't know who you are Anon, but thanks for sharing this. Curious about the 2 dates for the Mayan Calender end

With all this intel, you must have some idea of an endgame to all this. Please share what you think the future will bring.

0a198e No.696408


No more 6

3da0ba No.696409

Got to thinking about a meme this morning.

"Strozk and page are like the gift that keeps on giving"

If any of you Memefags are interested. :-)

d88b7f No.696410

7b5acb No.696411




Yes, both. Seditious individuals expected to practice deceit ad nauseum. Patriots not addressing misbehavior troubling.

ad71cd No.696412

321c8c No.696413

File: fc7c952f0b1a55b⋯.jpg (484 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, OvalOfficePrayerCircle.jpg)

God Bless DJT

Trump Chosen and Appointed by God to End The Luciferian Reign on Earth:

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xfm1rf33bY

b445d4 No.696416


He told the British newspaper that he thought about Manning “every day.”

“The decision was not one I decided to make, but was thrust upon me,” he said.

81b095 No.696417



e8a727 No.696418


ThanQ anon for your efforts helping red pill. It is appreciated and will spread well

bdb276 No.696419

File: 45cb14a84d74ea0⋯.jpg (159.76 KB, 1098x614, 549:307, s789dfg6sd8f97g6sd87g6gf87….jpg)

cbfb4c No.696420

File: 4ec37e7b8092f46⋯.jpg (639.06 KB, 1913x811, 1913:811, Magma30_27.jpg)

I have several converging flights. Two Globemasters, a Wolfhound, and a C-130 Hercules. RAF still conveging on the USAF flights and GAF appear to be doing a routine run between Berlin and Cologne.

b73112 No.696422

File: 9d36057b098983d⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1597x895, 1597:895, ClipboardImage.png)

694c5d No.696423

File: b5919fd163381b4⋯.jpeg (108.92 KB, 1080x1085, 216:217, b5919fd163381b479728e426c….jpeg)

File: ac1c365413fe354⋯.jpg (63.62 KB, 650x520, 5:4, Funny_ebd8fb_1084992.jpg)

7b5acb No.696424


Watchers necessary

Last few days brutal with shills

Finally filtered last freckles days

e8a727 No.696426


No longer needed by the cabal..

e97e0f No.696428

It is important to focus on the ways in which you are approaching the q>>696233

No other languages are the same…..diferent letters differt texts….stops after 150 signs.

come on anons a bit more help please!

8773a7 No.696430

File: fd287d05df5d38c⋯.png (480.79 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 0EB0ED59-D8BE-4FE2-8DFB-A7….png)

first 2 lines understood what does the rest mean?

d4611a No.696431


There are thresholds for fully vesting. He will still get some benefits, but 99% of the time served means the benefits are much lower than 99% of full. I'm not sure what the Plan documents state, but since its a Gov't Pension, I'm sure the TPA has to publish it publicly.

bdb276 No.696432

File: 7cdfe0c9e6fe71a⋯.jpg (48.23 KB, 552x615, 184:205, 7s8dfg68sf97dg6sd8fg6.jpg)



2af6e6 No.696433




King Childeric I of the Merovingian Dynasty liked bees.

"Some 300 golden winged insects (usually viewed as bees or cicadas) were also found which had been placed on the king's cloak.[12] Archduke Leopold William, governor of the Southern Netherlands (today's Belgium), had the find published in Latin. The treasure went first to the Habsburgs in Vienna, then as a gift to Louis XIV, who was not impressed with the treasure and stored it in the royal library, which became the Bibliothèque Nationale de France during the Revolution. Napoleon was more impressed with Childeric's bees and when he was looking for a heraldic symbol to trump the Bourbon fleur-de-lys, he settled on Childeric's bees as symbols of the French Empire."

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Childeric_I

694c5d No.696434

File: 46339302afa4ee2⋯.jpeg (64.43 KB, 700x457, 700:457, DYdZ-d6X0AAKBa-.jpeg)


Trump gets the last laugh once again.

81b095 No.696435


His last speech as pres…in front of some nwo bs symbol…looks like the thule society symbol..just sayin'

321c8c No.696436


Your day has passed. Get over it, SHILL…

65b82c No.696437


Good morning brother! Sipping coffee and reading through this research is how I've started my day since the start of these boards. God bless everyone, have a wonderful day with your friends, family, and loved ones. Going to be an awesome month ahead!

b445d4 No.696438


He also hacked microsoft back in 2004, Bill gates meeting with POTUS recently.

idk, could be relevent.

cbfb4c No.696439


BASG are doing something with the elites. they even have 2-BASG, a Boeing 737 that they use. It's iffy and needs to be recorded and more digging done into it, as BASG could be providing covert getaway planes for wanted cabal fugitives, that's what it's saying to me.

321c8c No.696440


Don't worry, you don't need a pension in GITMO…

e15646 No.696441

do we have a baker?

694c5d No.696442

File: 8340255e1a9078e⋯.jpg (15.58 KB, 255x223, 255:223, de284951365847d37b2f25fd21….jpg)


What's the matter, the McCabe firing triggering you little shillfag?

Lololololol. YOU LOSE AGAIN!

Q was right…Trump is right…March Madness, muthafucka!

724239 No.696443


Stop being a fucktard, your pic is talking about position.

The POSITION of braces is less important, although people hold passionate beliefs. We have chosen one of several popular styles.

Pick a style that suits you and then use it consistently.

Furthermore, all programming languages have specific, tredetermind uses for each stylr/type of braces. You can't choose what style to use or you'll get compiler/interpreter errors.

You must suck at programming, if you even do any.

e97e0f No.696444



>No other languages are the same…..diferent letters differt texts….stops after 150 signs.

>come on anons a bit more help please!

61e5da No.696445

File: ff26a25a5d3a7d6⋯.jpeg (106.8 KB, 1080x722, 540:361, 1520446656.jpeg)

1e6e8c No.696446


don't be rude. not all anons are programmers or web-developers, some are grannies (and that is why you should be nice)


the script is here: https:// anonsw.github.io/8chjs/

read it,

there is a link to screenshots (shows how it works)

and an install link (with screenshots showing you how to install it)

43b7be No.696447

File: b1850fbe9aeb62c⋯.png (889.92 KB, 1184x1022, 592:511, 0244220B-C604-467C-9AE6-D3….png)


On the left hand side. Missing either Creighton/Kansas St and Ohio St/ S Dak st.

6e9672 No.696448


Merkels nickname is "mutti", while she has no children.

Who is the most famous mutti?

> Maria

Anyhow, i think Hitler banged Angela Maria Raubal. (she was the only woman Hitler ever loved, according to a statement)

And the child from that = Angela Merkel's mother. That makes her the granddaughter of the half niece of Hitler, and the granddaughter of Hitler.

322788 No.696449


Yes. It is baked and ready.

d88b7f No.696450

File: f26729354447f8d⋯.jpg (159.21 KB, 1004x1024, 251:256, f26729354447f8dd0400ad74d1….jpg)


Me too - with mil/gvt aid … also that flying palace is sketchy as fuck … parties at 20,000 feet, drop of the evidnce, clean up, fly home. Dark shit

cab84b No.696451

John O. Brennan

‏Verified account @JohnBrennan

John O. Brennan Retweeted Donald J. Trump

When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history. You may scapegoat Andy McCabe, but you will not destroy America…America will triumph over you.

Q, please tell us if this fucker will be going down…

694c5d No.696452


Free healthcare in GITMO for the poor little guy too.

If he lives that long

3f2507 No.696454

File: ba8bd5e62c83d2a⋯.png (144.57 KB, 812x320, 203:80, ClipboardImage.png)

THIS is what happens to a country that gives away it rights to guns. Venezuela gave them up in 2012.

694c5d No.696455