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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 077ab1e7aaf2fbf⋯.jpg (521.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 077ab1e7aaf2fbfea054d57ecf….jpg)

8fd512 No.745800

Welcome FBI: We've been expecting you. Hopefully you will learn something while you are here. We know not all of you are bad apples, only some of you are comp'd.

#internetbillofrights Thurs Eve War Room IBOR req, URGENT



And follow through on your email confirmation

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8fd512 No.745826

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16e4bc No.745830


You screwed up the number

8fd512 No.745831

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8fd512 No.745833

https:// pastebin.com/5u3KkGpN

16e4bc No.745842

BAKER, YOU NAMED THIS 294 instead of 924

15f012 No.745872

File: 21c999f971a5076⋯.png (476.83 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 8DB9C8B8-1F1A-42E1-9EC5-B1….png)

File: 4f085a1f45a28fd⋯.png (809.67 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 9792FF1F-B3CC-4059-B053-B4….png)

f0e944 No.745880


Baker #924 correct??

8fd512 No.745885


Dyslexic typing, sorry. BO will change for us.


e91031 No.745886


I agree that planned false flags are well within the Q team's ability to detect and issue warnings about. But not all chaotic events involve conspiracies by (((them))). If this Conditt nutjob was acting alone, then RV would be the only possible explanation for the prediction that I can think of. Time will tell…

1c3135 No.745890

Isn’t this #924? You have #294!

8fd512 No.745904

66f65c No.745926

File: 8ec5d395d563021⋯.png (426.49 KB, 804x450, 134:75, Screen-Shot-2018-01-11-at-….png)

What happens when they have to write their own news stories, has this been thought through properly…….

5c79b0 No.745932


I remember 294.. good times. Seems so long ago! We are so much smarter now.

be5dc4 No.745935

File: c2980e6827dcd31⋯.jpg (220.83 KB, 962x576, 481:288, streisand.jpg)

>if the normies find humor in their methods and quirks, they will never believe anything they say!

The fucking retards.

c7b06d No.745936


This was foretold.

15f012 No.745939

File: 48e5405547e0764⋯.png (122.83 KB, 440x386, 220:193, ClipboardImage.png)

Mark Zuckerberg will address the Cambridge Analytica scandal soon

Thus far, Facebook leadership has been largely silent about the ongoing Cambridge Analytica scandal – a fact that's disturbing to many of the service's millions of users. Most troubling is the lack of a statement from CEO Mark Zuckerberg, but that could change soon. NBC News is reporting that Zuckerberg will speak publicly about the incident for the first time in the next 24 hours or so, with a focus on "rebuilding trust."

This public statement will come after days of controversy and public scrutiny into how data-mining firm Cambridge Analytica came into possession of information on some 50 million Facebook users. That data was allegedly provided to the Trump campaign to help it secure a place in the White House in 2016. Since the news broke late last Friday, Facebook has been under fire from Congress, the FTC, the Attorneys General of Massachusetts and New York, the UK's Information Commissioner and – of course – the public.

We'll have to wait and see whether his statements can slow Facebook's declining stock price and reassure troubled users, but the cries of #DeleteFacebook appear to be louder than ever.

2dee9e No.745940


The baker said in the last thread it needed to be fixed.

e20f41 No.745941


Does anyone have a compilation of fake Q posts to test that hypothesis? Was fake Q saying things that could be construed to be hinting at the bombings?

4b3ada No.745943

File: 251375a47486c32⋯.jpg (115.46 KB, 750x750, 1:1, IMG_8907.jpg)

be5dc4 No.745949


dead cats reference?

f1b654 No.745951

Workfag here. Just like to say hello to any FBI guys who have stopped in to see us. God bless and please don't judge us for our fanatical support for liberty, justice, and the American way.

9e06c1 No.745952

File: 94d3fce50b6522d⋯.png (268.43 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, bread922.png)

File: 8d013854a6ea417⋯.png (120.87 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, bread923.png)

> We have the algorithm.

> Thank you @ Snowden.

> Learn chess.

> Q

Brd 294 tbd..

d71ad7 No.745953


Did someone say that Global Currency is being reset internationally? :)

6296e1 No.745954

File: d0b6b62556314d4⋯.jpg (453.78 KB, 1024x577, 1024:577, MargeHomerPatsy.jpg)

File: 611f31f6c786fab⋯.jpg (342.64 KB, 1024x690, 512:345, HomerThinkingBomberLies.jpg)

File: c3b0d28c66c7686⋯.jpg (823.84 KB, 1024x738, 512:369, ComeyBombAttacks.jpg)

File: 8cc46c428d0f0f9⋯.jpg (756.42 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, stupidfbilosers.jpg)

File: e8299a73ff31286⋯.jpg (753.98 KB, 1024x685, 1024:685, bombschoolfbi.jpg)

10583f No.745955

File: d443f44b8949a23⋯.jpg (42.87 KB, 549x407, 549:407, d443f44b8949a2394e3f973a5e….jpg)

File: b3d40a841a71093⋯.png (98.05 KB, 283x600, 283:600, b3d40a841a710930d8f3b2c9ac….png)

File: 88845665092ca90⋯.jpg (173.31 KB, 895x514, 895:514, senior-executive-services-….jpg)

6296e1 No.745957

File: 1dfb6e502d0c3c4⋯.jpg (457.04 KB, 1024x678, 512:339, joeyatdoorfbischoolshooter….jpg)

File: 726419a13cda6c8⋯.jpg (467.46 KB, 1024x678, 512:339, joeyatdoorfbibombattacks2.jpg)

File: c5283b5b7029f5a⋯.jpg (445.6 KB, 1024x678, 512:339, joeyatdoorfbibombattacks.jpg)

46f14b No.745958

>>745884 (Last bread of an Anon)

Steve Bannon hired Cambridge analytica

he knew facebook would give up data

he's using that to his advantage

cambridge analytica is a british overseas firm

us regulators cant do much to them

so it doesnt hurt cambridge much to snitch on themselves to do great damage to facebook

they pulled a Mike Flynn with Cabridge Anaytica

Holy fuck Bannon, under appreciated GENIUS


b63741 No.745959


Banks Thaker!


c7b06d No.745960

85882b No.745961

>>745827 (last bread)

In case you missed this, baker.

f1b654 No.745962


Remember what Q said about class action lawsuits and social media? The other day Judge Nap on Fox iterated that this matter could lead to massive class action suits which could be devastating for FB. Cheers!

846546 No.745963

File: 5106debfe19926a⋯.jpg (374.29 KB, 640x626, 320:313, da5c39b24d7b5d813fb7229d56….jpg)

Thank You Baker.

0fd238 No.745964

File: f78739156e0f12a⋯.png (1 MB, 931x523, 931:523, Screenshot-2018-3-21 LIVE ….png)

File: 6e038199fa1f1ba⋯.png (578.33 KB, 931x523, 931:523, Screenshot-2018-3-21 LIVE ….png)

Coast Guard nabs 7400 Kilos of Cocaine in the past 30 days

fedd0e No.745965

I think I see what's coming in the News today…that Austin bomber will be linked to both Q and Alex Jones/Infowars…I could be wrong, but Brooke Baldwin is nearly in tears on TV … they will search his computer and claim that he followed Q religiously!! wait for it !!

15f012 No.745966

File: 6ed92444d220778⋯.png (364.55 KB, 640x320, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg are quietly freaking out about the Cambridge Analytica scandal and pulling late nights behind the scenes (FB)

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg have not commented on the Cambridge Analytica scandal, but Zuckerberg appears set to break his silence in the next 24 hours.

The data leakage has cost Facebook tens of billions of dollars in market value since news of it broke over the weekend.

Zuckerberg and Sandberg are aware of the problem and have been working late into the night on their response, according to Wired.

"Mark, Sheryl, and their teams are working around the clock to get all the facts and take the appropriate action moving forward," a Facebook representative told Business Insider.

Mark Zuckerberg is preparing to break his silence on the Cambridge Analytica scandal in the next 24 hours.

Facebook has been rocked since news broke on Friday that the social media giant was banning the British data company Cambridge Analytica — which has ties to Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign — for obtaining information from as many as 50 million Facebook profiles by abusing Facebook's data-sharing features.

Those who have not yet commented publicly on the matter include the two most important people at Facebook: CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg

10583f No.745968

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

80006e No.745969

Anyone checked the notables for the old #294? If not, I'll give it a go.

10583f No.745970

6296e1 No.745971


https:// anonfile.com/0bP2R7debd/BombSuspectPoliceLies.webm

>Listen to the police lies!

b27d0b No.745972


GCR is real!!!?????? It’s actually coming!!??????

Wtf!??? Is Powell going to touch on it today at the FED meeting or will they tank the markets first?

WTF Surprising the esoteric stuff is easier to believe then a GCR.

4b3ada No.745973


Good, we'll get a larger reach then.

c7b06d No.745974


If this occurred it would just get more people listening to Q.

These people are (stupid).

Winning is assured.

846546 No.745975


Bannon. Great Actor!

10583f No.745976

File: 89079a4115bc48f⋯.jpg (51.53 KB, 750x763, 750:763, podesta-tweet.jpg)

File: 08570630127d172⋯.png (30.96 KB, 577x321, 577:321, wikileaks-tweet-facebook.png)

File: e3e08c4a114de81⋯.png (341.77 KB, 1024x537, 1024:537, dead-cat-bounce.png)

198555 No.745977


Netflix is showing bad signs of its agenda

I started watching the first episode of Everything Sucks! (netflix original) and there is a scene with a 14 y.o. girl who unbuttons her pants and starts touching herself to a nudie mag.

I was very sickened by this. I do not know how it isn't child pornography.

19c87d No.745978

Regarding Austin bomber. Let's say for a moment the claim on reddit of the package being sent to Alex Jones blew up in transit (I am not saying I believe it fully). But if we pretend it is true, what if the reason that one blew up is because they opened the package to inspect its contents? (Illegal search because of who the recipient was.)

10583f No.745979

File: e485213ded2ea7c⋯.jpeg (109.2 KB, 1080x1085, 216:217, e485213ded2ea7c98e99cb6f9….jpeg)

56f386 No.745980


I believe this too. I also believe the rest of the bombs would have complete a picture on a map of a Q. Another anon suggested the first letters of each street was D HOGG FF.

946ebc No.745981

File: b3d40a841a71093⋯.png (98.05 KB, 283x600, 283:600, 582B8E58-129B-423D-873B-0D….png)

Can we add this to the dough? It was at the end of last bread. I think it’s too perfect of a fit.


9a4115 No.745982

File: 21713e4886c5c53⋯.png (491.28 KB, 1441x767, 1441:767, sheryl Sandberg COO Facebo….png)

d00634 No.745983

File: b6dd952f8a9c2bf⋯.png (175.56 KB, 884x448, 221:112, 1111111.PNG)

File: 5af61d8fa3ad338⋯.png (518.78 KB, 1053x398, 1053:398, 222222.PNG)

File: cd13e5f3524cdea⋯.png (126.87 KB, 875x467, 875:467, 33333.PNG)

File: 477e0dc6166844b⋯.png (48.92 KB, 843x555, 281:185, 444444.PNG)

Nicole Meyer - Jared KuShner's sister

Meyer is married to Joseph Meyer. In January 2013, Meyer was named the new CEO of Observer Media Group, which publishes the New York Observer online and had been owned by Kushner since 2006.

2cee0c No.745984


>Zuckerberg and Sandberg are aware of the problem and have been working late into the night on their response, according to Wired.

more eyes on this, so obvious

59eeb6 No.745985

I have a feeling that this omnibus bill will be turned down by Trump ….. 10 days of darkness and the storm Ensues ….. This budget has more Pork than a pig farmer … Perfect timing stage is set

d71ad7 No.745986



506f3a No.745987

>>745765 (last bread)

On Nflix, if you got it.

b3b56c No.745988


Uh oh peepee hurt time to die.

edda4e No.745989

File: 2f83ecfdbff698f⋯.jpg (362.61 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Banks1.jpg)

File: f5e78ff7d0d0379⋯.jpg (226.75 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Banks2.jpg)

File: 882560ca793dd44⋯.jpg (177.79 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Banks3.jpg)

File: 99ef7ab0cff497f⋯.jpg (169.23 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Banks4.jpg)

15f012 No.745990

File: 3330bfe4f310e38⋯.png (173.97 KB, 640x336, 40:21, ClipboardImage.png)


UK government calls on Zuckerberg to give evidence on Facebook's 'catastrophic failure'

edda4e No.745991

File: ebd9d9a404edc0a⋯.jpg (212.34 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Banks5.jpg)

File: 80be417fbb3fa57⋯.jpg (196.6 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Banks6.jpg)

File: b1a5948156183f8⋯.jpg (186.55 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Banks7.jpg)

File: 9597a80c411f7d3⋯.jpg (304.05 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Banks8.jpg)

85882b No.745992


Once you explain how you are going to "apply the keystone," perhaps.

b27d0b No.745993


Can’t tell if serious or mocking…

None the less Ron Paul might die peacefully if it’s real.

bd490a No.745994

>>745918 (last bread)

It appears to relate to this horror...

https:// independentaustralia.net/life/life-display/fiona-barnett--candy-girl,8248

https:// independentaustralia.net/life/life-display/fiona-barnett-candy-girl-and-the-police,8292

c00ac7 No.745995

>>745213 (last bread)


If you want to read more about this, research something called vicarious learning, or vicarious reenforcement. What these methods lead to is something called compassion fatigue, which it then becomes easier to divide, as the targets now lack empathy.

Vicarious Reinforcement is a learning process that was hypothesized in Social Learning Theory. It refers to the process of learning behaviors through observation of reward and punishment, rather than through direct experience. For example, children who have grown up with older brothers and sisters often learn about behavior and expectations through watching their siblings. When they see their sibling get rewarded for a certain action, they learn that they should also do the behavior.

d71ad7 No.745996


I'm fucking crying right now! It's fucking real!!!! Boom = Iraqi

Boom = Zimbabwe

Boom = UST

HORY SHIIIIIIIT! To hear my own family talk shit and call me a fucking loser. WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?! LADS! THIS IS IT!

c7b06d No.745997


Its always been real. You knew that.

83ac97 No.745998

File: 18276f10ff7320b⋯.jpg (42.21 KB, 1210x856, 605:428, 6g.jpg)

Fiona Barnett child abuse drawings .

6296e1 No.745999


You forget Q confirmed keystone like a month ago? Go back to FB ffs.

0fd238 No.746000


yes … let's create keystone pelicans … SMH.

9a4115 No.746001

File: 976603a28086c7e⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1214x900, 607:450, screenshot_140.png)

99ea9f No.746002


Well when Q was silent for most of the week, it was F Q who took over the board and kept posting fake booms for shills to chime in waving a false flag saying "Q is responsible for Austin."

Were they working together? We don't know, but Q probably was scraping their metadata. Then later on a more well-behaved F Q showed up.

47c8fc No.746003


And you’re a retard if after Q has been telling us the cabal controls our history and our world, and we believe what they want us to. You still think they won’t hide a flat earth and ultimately hide God. You’re as bad as libtards and you are part of the reason why Q can’t give us 100% truth. Because of idiots like you denying theories without researching them. And I know you haven’t researched them because if you had, you wouldn’t say what you said. Don’t act like a libtard.

c7b06d No.746004


Dampen the QWOW factor, there still alot to do to let everyone knopw the truth.

88850f No.746005


bubble busting?

dow up 200+ how does that fit in to GCR?

e8d15d No.746006

File: e86e07b9b0b3b27⋯.png (846.64 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, eu after iran.png)




a9e4b5 No.746007

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Facebook Is a Government Surveillance Tool:

Lionel Buries Hillary Apologist in this Epic Takedown

THIS is funny and he goes ballistic

https:// youtu.be/XJQrwcxtZkI

46f14b No.746008


Petro-Yuan Coming?

cd1005 No.746009

= Q said "This is not a game" =

Walter Jon Williams wrote "This Is Not A Game"

"The story of This Is Not a Game is driven by a force located at the nexus between commercial marketing and geek culture: the alternate reality game, or ARG. Though the book is set in the near future, ARGs are being planned and played right now: these are the massive and complexly plotted entertainments that have driven millions to hunt for clues on hidden websites, deliver packages to secret locations and call studios where live actors impersonate characters from a carefully crafted fiction."

https:// bookpage.com/reviews/2395-walter-jon-williams-this-not-game#.WrKkIfnwbIU

da23f5 No.746010


Senior Executive Members are still deeply embedded in all of our institutes, including the FBI. Many are starting to try to get out before the hammer comes down but the truly evil members are doubling down. It is the SES members in the FBI that tell the field offices what to do. Wray can say anything he wants but the true power has always been with the SES. Once the SES is taken down (SOON), then DJT's appointee's will have the true power that we assume they already have.

bd490a No.746011


Background / sauce


d71ad7 No.746012


I'm serious as a mofo. Can you imagine a hypocritical family saying blood is thicker than water because I trusted in the only person who saw me for me and they basically harassed her with doubt and holier than thou bible thumping only to have my "blood" family talk shit every day outside my bedroom door. I'm leaving them in the fucking dust and taking my life back!

Anon, this is it. Jesus Christ almighty. This is it!

83ac97 No.746013


oh shit , thanks anon , saved .

be2f57 No.746014

File: f2b2492f133f8ab⋯.jpg (70.43 KB, 500x377, 500:377, Rothschild-horns.jpg)


She also has a face

85882b No.746015


As he might say, bless his heart.

1991a8 No.746016


SES is the keystone holding together the bridge of the deep state cabal. We get rid of that and the deep state’s grasp is cut off. Then we publicaly try them, find them guilty, and lethally inject them to hell.

4fa472 No.746017


Epic overreaction anon. Chillax and do some digging before you set yourself up for more disappointment. I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just saying that kind of reaction to some random twat of a chart. Get a grip, mang.

15e4ff No.746018


No coincidences anon, no coincidences. :)

31f22a No.746019

File: 592859389b20d24⋯.png (437.33 KB, 543x699, 181:233, ClipboardImage.png)


>Vatican’s largest infrared satellite

But it's in Arizona?

Lucifer Instrument Helps Astronomers See Through Darkness to Most Distant Observable Objects

A new instrument with an evil-sounding name is helping scientists see how stars are born. Lucifer, which stands for (deep breath) "Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research," is a chilled instrument attached to a telescope in Arizona. And yes, it's named for the Devil, whose name itself means "morning star." But it wasn't meant to evoke him, according to a spokesman for the University of Arizona, where it is housed.

The instrument is chilled to -213 Celsius, about -351 F, to allow for near-infrared observations. That wavelength is important for understanding star and planet formation, as well as observing very distant and very young galaxies. Lucifer has three interchangeable cameras for imaging and spectroscopy in different resolutions. It has a large field of view and high-res capabilities, which allow a wide range of observations.

Lucifer is part of the Large Binocular Telescope, which happens to be right next to the Vatican Observatory on Mt. Graham in Tucson. That's right, the Vatican has an observatory in Arizona, manned by Jesuit astronomers. Now its next-door neighbor is named for the Devil.

Scientists at five German universities designed the instrument, and they came up with the name, according to Daniel Stolte, a spokesman for the University of Arizona. Stolte -- who is German -- explained that the team was tossing around names, looking for an acronym that would fit all the technical terms.

"In Germany, they wouldn't have the same hesitation that Americans would have, since it's a very secular country," he said. "I may be completely off, but that's just my hunch -- for us Germans, Lucifer just sounds cool. It's more historical than emotional." No matter your religion, the photos are certainly cool.

https:// archive.is/nmUaE

25a0af No.746020

File: 0299637f830c2c4⋯.jpg (234.71 KB, 893x1200, 893:1200, DYxGdOnU8AAO2Jm.jpg)

Trump is right: The special counsel should never have been appointed


http:// thehill.com/opinion/white-house/379372-trump-is-right-the-special-counsel-should-never-have-been-appointed

d71ad7 No.746021


The 26th of this month. So that means the US has to shift into turbo to be able to keep it's wealth. Oh fuck. We're on the horizon of a glorious showdown. The cabal is going to get fuuuuucked up very soon.

506f3a No.746022


When we get rid of the repeaters, then we will have real reporters step up and get real news, instead of fake news. All good. And byebye to doofus there. Will be so glad to see him go.

aa3af8 No.746023


dead cat bounce

272392 No.746024

File: 542474231eedef4⋯.jpg (238.12 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, jack-burkman-is-a-badass.jpg)

ladies & gentlemen: the man, the myth, the meme… Jack Burkman

http:// dailycaller.com/2018/03/20/seth-rich-investigator-attacked/

a979d2 No.746025


Anon contributing to that post here.

Reading the basics now, and it makes perfect sense.

This is basically reddit in a nutshell.

<I get points for going with the hivemind, and gold if I go along with the hivemind exceptionally well.

<Not getting the rewards I'm used to for doing the same thing over and over… might as well repost and try again.

<What, disagreeing with the hivemind gets me bad rewards? But what they're saying is wrong! Do I speak up or shut up?

They've turned vicarious reinforcement into crowdsourced fascism.

88850f No.746026


this *dead cat* has trotted up hill for a looooooong time. too long to be 'dead'. I was hearing dead cat bounce from economists 5 years ago.

46f14b No.746027


Hmm,, With a Collapse of the Internet.., a huge showdown., Oh Fuck!, Archive Everything Offline!!!

15f012 No.746029

Judge denies Trump bid to get sexual accuser Summer Zervos' defamation suit tossed: 'No one is above the law'


75925b No.746030


Oh damn anon. Didn't think of that.

16e4bc No.746031


I vote for guillotines, and their heads could roll down a plinko board.

Is Bob Barker still alive?

6296e1 No.746032

NEWSMAXTV just showed our Qresearch logo!!!

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsAKZbe7KHw

d71ad7 No.746033


This guy gets it. Anon, you da best.

c7b06d No.746034


Suddenly all shills stopped posting,

there were no more bots on the board.

A clarity in the thread, real people, real discussion.

Here we are folks,

We did it.

46f14b No.746035


it isn't a person. it's a monster!!

d71ad7 No.746036


10 days of darkness, famalam. Get ready.

7279e6 No.746037

The more I think about Stormy Daniels, the more I just think its a paid actor by the Democrats. They've been relentless with the "accusational females" since Trump won

8de9bd No.746038



They're all fucking (((steins)))

011030 No.746039


John Podesta said Wednesday that daily Wikileaks' dumps of his emails in the weeks leading up to the 2016 election were meant to "divert attention, at least to give the anchors on Fox News something to talk about other than the 'Access Hollywood' tape."

"The data from your e-mails, your e-mail dump came out only minutes after the 'Access Hollywood' [tape was released]," MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell said to Podesta, who served as Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, during an on-set interview on Wednesday.

"Late on a Friday afternoon," replied Podesta.

"And just to set the context, most of those Wikileaks dumps were early in the morning to drive the news cycle here in the U.S.," Mitchell said. "So this was unusual from the get-go and you guys noticed it right away."

"Oh, absolutely. And I think it was done to try to divert attention, at least to give the anchors on Fox News something to talk about other than the 'Access Hollywood' tape," Podesta argued.

"And I think that the question is whether there was coordination between the [Trump] campaign and Wikileaks, at least through intermediaries, about the timing of the release."

Just hours after a 2005 tape of Donald Trump making lewd comments to an "Access Hollywood" host about groping women was released, emails from Podesta's hacked account were published by Wikileaks.

The email dumps, which put the Clinton campaign on the defensive, continued almost up until Election Day.

15e4ff No.746040

File: 8d494e8361d8578⋯.png (2.19 MB, 959x2607, 959:2607, welcome great awakening.png)

stylized version… if anyone wants a more readable version I'll be glad to make one.

2dee9e No.746041


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=YN7luWRSh2g

Kids at Stoneman-Douglas bringing weapons to school.

SRO getting what is effectively a free paid vacation for sleeping on the job.

What they don't mention about Nokolas Cruz's brother's case is that he was fined something like $500,000 for what would normally be a $25 fine…and all he was doing was skateboarding in the parking lot of the high school. He had been told to stay away from the school, but still…$500,000 for what amounts to trespassing?

83f758 No.746042

File: 09ebce136b24954⋯.png (821.97 KB, 768x746, 384:373, shinj.PNG)

46f14b No.746043


10 Days



aa3af8 No.746044


5 yrs ago Q wasnt around )

d71ad7 No.746045


I've done my research for quite sometime. I'm positive shit is going down. Get ready for some booms, not antifa bombings but real shit. Cabal takedown.

b27d0b No.746046


How you know all dis forsure?

7279e6 No.746047


No internet for 10 days when the Storm begins?

bd490a No.746048


We share your excitement but it's important to keep our cool. It's one battle not the entire war.

2d3177 No.746049


>Holy fuck Bannon, under appreciated GENIUS

Yes, it was shocking that a couple anons here actually doubted him (fake fight in Jan). Everything Bannon does is calculated down to the last detail and planned years in advance.

77a876 No.746050

File: 1a6151d16096717⋯.jpg (30.13 KB, 480x480, 1:1, facebook.jpg)

ff4de8 No.746051


I still don't get what the relevance of this is or how it changes anything.

Just to be Devil's advocate...so what? What does it mean?

4fa472 No.746052


KEK, Lionel laying down some troof, and in an amusing way.

1991a8 No.746053

File: b3d40a841a71093⋯.png (98.05 KB, 283x600, 283:600, 0FDA4D1D-4582-43E8-B885-C8….png)

“Applying the Keystone”

The utilization of the SES can be the key to quickly transforming our country.

First, all present SES members must be fired. Not sure on legalities but our president does have a “phone and a pen”… perhaps he can EO the shit out of them.

Next step, greatly reduce the amount of SES positions and appoint all us anons to those remaining positions. Where we can be trusted to bust balls and maintain the integrity of the federal agencies and offices we are responsible for helping.

That would be one way of applying the keystone.

7690df No.746054


Q and Qresearch have never been the pill that would open their eyes. It’s always been about the proofs and timeline. When did what happen and who did it? Use facts to prove corruption. How we obtained the evidence should not matter in our presentation as long as the evidence is without question true.

59eeb6 No.746055


I think Trump is going to start the show Friday ….Refuse current budget …Release IG report that already have the Sealed Indictments on standby …. Govt shutdown ……and Clean up

aa327e No.746056

Let me throw an idea, i maybe wrong here but. Recent poll demonstrated 73% believe in the existance of deep state. Now Comedy Central said Q followers believe POTUS fights against cabal. Its not actually negative publicity for our movement. They also showed hadh #qanon, said smth about Penn i believe is following, again good people will check, since its in line with their thinking

ee3625 No.746057


dISLExiA iS pRetTy ComMOn rOUnD HArre

3f505d No.746058


i hope so

83ac97 No.746059

File: ad0d8e933f2097b⋯.png (494.8 KB, 910x596, 455:298, iikik.PNG)

i love tom petty , but this is bugging me now .

6d2d2c No.746060

In the event that the Cabal turns off the Internet, find a ham radio operator and red-pill him/her (by force if necessary).

7.295MHz during the day

3.995MHz during the night

Lower Sideband for those listening on shortwave receivers.

a593f4 No.746061


>Everything Bannon does is calculated down to the last detail and planned years in advance.

And Trump fired him in a very ugly public episode.


Bannon still working to drain the swamp without affecting Trump?

"Enjoy the show"

6138b8 No.746062

RE: TX bomber

Anon posted excerpt of mother's FB - Mother writes she"graduated him" and appreciates the support over the years.

Sounds home-schooled w/probs that were long-term. Similar to other FFs? On meds?>>745999

6e8ee7 No.746063

File: 2e398a64b24d876⋯.png (61.22 KB, 516x445, 516:445, ClipboardImage.png)


What is that symbol supposed to be? Reminds me of these images being talked about from history from different parts of the world. Note the circles on both sides of the figure

c7b06d No.746064


The 10 Days of Darkness has been spoken about in the online GCR and similar discussions and intel drops for as far back as 2012.

All Banks will alledgedly shut down,

{Power Grids, Storms, Monsters, "stay inside"}

All multi-dimensions discussed.

This is not a game.

Conspiracy is a concept created to deter people from truth.

ff4de8 No.746065


Thanks, Anon. Was trying to understand how this interpretation of the keystone makes more sense than the others.

b1d821 No.746066


>Enjoy the show.

bd490a No.746067


Any autist worth his salt knew what baker meant. Move along.

3f505d No.746068

I'm a fucking asshole that fucks anyone who comes to my free app.

Mark Fuckerberg

15f012 No.746069


where are you getting this date from? what is the significance of the 26th?

aa327e No.746070


Remember some twatters promoted such talk to avoid censorship

a6a5bc No.746071

File: f0c55b5fad4330f⋯.jpg (188.17 KB, 960x540, 16:9, mzbroke.jpg)

ff4de8 No.746072


Do we know for a fact that Tump fired him. I still believe that he's working for POTUS and that that whole thing was a ruse.

7cf069 No.746073


Someone get that thing a sandwich

6e8ee7 No.746074


Probably a kid who got touched by big money and big power. Didn't have a choice but to give in or get fukd, like the rest of them. Not an excuse, but reasoning

960c21 No.746075


One can't help whats in their DNA

506f3a No.746076


Most of their NOs are crap. Altered Carbon is pretty good, but def adults only. Every other - not worth giving the eyes.

They have been pushing homo/les for years, and since last year or so been going with the pedo agenda. Still some good stuff, but have to really search for it. Getting close to cancelling my subscription, not worth it.

799139 No.746077


Shouldve thrown a few needles in his arm and bottles of pills falling out of his pockets.

0fd238 No.746078

File: 2706d4c16d55d51⋯.png (270.22 KB, 438x292, 3:2, Screenshot-2018-3-21 Meme ….png)

please put the SES stuff in the bread …


77a876 No.746079


tubalcain from masonry

001149 No.746080

File: ec18ee1a4ea0ffa⋯.jpg (22.27 KB, 255x255, 1:1, e57f35b2252185e7781c36daea….jpg)


Sounds good, I'll volunteer.

6138b8 No.746081


As in keystone holds it all together - Maybe keystone is the missing corners of Q's triangle?

SES is significant IMO.

846546 No.746082


Kek. A tad on the thin side.

59eeb6 No.746083

Remember when it comes to Bannon …..Act strong when you’re weak ….Act angry when you’re not …..Act Happy when you’re angry …. Trumps Madness ….Brilliant

e04731 No.746084


And then, another keystone was found. Double meanings. Expand you thinking. This isn't a month ago.

46f14b No.746085


Bannon is a important pawn for Trump., and he works better in covert. Not in Public.

2d7b83 No.746086


They've turned women crying about sexual harassment into a car alarm in a Walmart parking lot.



Followed by nobody giving a fuck or even looking in that direction.

7279e6 No.746087


This shutdown would be done by black hats? Or white hats?

b14783 No.746088

File: 6c0ffb645f7cce1⋯.jpg (82.76 KB, 1229x269, 1229:269, ScreenHunter_112 Mar. 21 1….jpg)

Are we getting any closer to the "scary but safe personalized message"??

This was posted 3 months ago, so you'd imagine we are pretty close.

Most think it's going to be an EAS (EBS) message.

15e4ff No.746089


Rebmeemr smoe tettwars promoetd scuh tlak to aoivd cseirshnop

taht aonn is wcnthiag…..

9a4115 No.746090

LOVE Lionel!!!

d4cd8f No.746091

File: abd849025a975d3⋯.png (893.09 KB, 1111x1952, 1111:1952, Q_Keystone.png)


they might be well intentioned but really, keystone-talk is just wasting your time

46f14b No.746092


hmmm.., that is the Question?, 2 Shutdown in the US., I don't trust in the Chinese.

a6a5bc No.746093


He hasn't even had his first birthday.

77a876 No.746094

File: ff902a458446b1d⋯.png (184.53 KB, 474x266, 237:133, ClipboardImage.png)

c7b06d No.746095



This is a natural process of re-evaluation of the human planet consciousness.

Hold stead your beating heart.

Stand strong in the storm of PrimeC.

Decide for yourself.

48aa18 No.746096


Looks like AZ cliff drawings I've seen.

History records, maps, events important to the tribes who drew them.

3f505d No.746097


a2f880 No.746099


This is great, Anon. Thank you!

a979d2 No.746100


Kek. Perfect analogy.

An aside: is it just me or is it really comfy in here today?

This is the calmest I've seen things in weeks.

b1d821 No.746101


Entire plan has been laid well years in advance. Notice that this message was sent eons ago (in chan internet timeline).

We have come a long way.

(((glowing niggers))) have no clue what they are doing at this point.

7279e6 No.746102


If the best they have is that Trump may or may not have had consensual sex with a consenting adult 12 years ago, then they got nothing

1e9228 No.746103

File: d9fcca523bf1703⋯.jpg (15.73 KB, 255x200, 51:40, d07f30f278ceb93dde43b88819….jpg)

Whoa…..RT shit.


b27d0b No.746104


Leafland just got a new EAS alert to text system in the last week everyone got a text that says it will be active April 6th.

Came on up plebbit over the last week. Very recent.

1991a8 No.746105


Any publicity is good publicity. These people are so stupid!

799139 No.746106


Podesta thinks he has some nice dance steps there but he's tripping all over his own two feet….LOL….it's EASY to say it was meant to divert attention…but they ALSO should know they have NOTHING leaked to prove that they knew…..no defense!

15e4ff No.746107

File: 6ff92be91c5827d⋯.png (531.68 KB, 700x2526, 350:1263, 1984.png)

1984 is here….

59eeb6 No.746108

I smell IG report and Govt shutdown Friday ….. Stormy weather coming …

960c21 No.746109

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Ride the Lightning!

3f505d No.746110



6e8ee7 No.746111



cb13bb No.746112

File: 7862c32a35eb382⋯.gif (43.61 KB, 400x204, 100:51, 1511725398341.gif)

hang the traitors


7279e6 No.746113


Trump didnt fire him. He resigned. They had a pre-signed contract with a specific end date and he left at the end date. The word "fire" never came into play until Trump made that announcement that "when I fired him, he lost his mind". Bannon is a hidden weapon working from the outside. Very white hat

3f285f No.746114


To you and any other anons versed in the GCR: Do you think the transition will be jarring enough to warrant a bug-out bag or short-term survivalist mode until things are back in control? Or would it be low-key enough that we continue about our lives as it takes place?

a61e6a No.746115


What does this do for those that hold gold and silver?

01e77b No.746116


If you watch the video of potus talking to press yesterday with the Saudi prince/king, he rattled off a bunch of specific "new contracts" totaling hundreds of billion dollars. Associated with the list he spoke of, were names of companies/projects. I believe these were announced "in plain sight" as a message to cabal members: See these ppl, they are playing ball and if ya don't want us to take your ball, you'll do this…

d00634 No.746117




83ac97 No.746118

File: 6183e13913f4e2e⋯.png (188.28 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 6mboeo-21501yateo8z.png)

bd490a No.746119


Nothing more pathetic than Dick Shitstain

15e4ff No.746120


Fuck YOU

a6a5bc No.746121


It'll drop when everyone least expects it. Like a bolt of lightning.

5733b5 No.746122

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Watched this video a few weeks ago….has an interesting theory about the dinar


b1d821 No.746123


Deep state is trying to stir panic in people, so that chaos may reign.

OUR job is keeping them CALM.

27b126 No.746124

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Feeling good all around.

46f14b No.746125


1984 vs 1776

7279e6 No.746126


It is definitely lining up for that possibility. I always said a Friday is by far the best day to release the IG report because the MSM cant counter it till Monday morning

16e4bc No.746127


>hang the traitors

Fuck hanging. I demand guillotines and plinko boards.

41c6bb No.746128

>>745769 (Bread #294)

Some of us know too much. I believe Fusion Centers is the least of it. There does seem to be some level of protection. Speaking for, erm, a friend.

2d3177 No.746129

File: 1ec370c687c340d⋯.png (403.42 KB, 991x584, 991:584, Kabuki.png)


>And Trump fired him in a very ugly public episode.

Childish and overly dramatic public episode. Not believable.

Now Bannon is free to do whatever the fuck he wants.

Media can't try to link anything to Potus anymore, the public would just get confused.

be9c80 No.746130


Q says us and our families are safe, so it should be low key activities.

d66a41 No.746131

I believe a big connection is Recorded Future (CIA) partnership with Google Venture (includes all google: earth, chrome, docs, etc.) Snowden worked for CIA when this was formed, he wrote the algorithm. It is utilized across Goog, Twit, FB, YT, Chan etc. Good guys have @Snowden, he's talking. He gave up the algorithm

be5dc4 No.746132


can you guys explain this to retards that don't understand the economic importance here?

7279e6 No.746133

File: 9a23fe5b5884f9c⋯.jpg (84.53 KB, 889x500, 889:500, 26usv0.jpg)

15e4ff No.746134


I see a total reset coming. Think prices today will revert to 1950's prices. Take off 2 zeros off today's money and you'll have the gold standard back.


a1c4ba No.746136


Whitehats IMHO.

I remember during OP Jade Helm seeing long trains carrying what looked like APC's with domes on top where the gunner turret usually is. Perhaps they were setting up an ad hoc network of APC's for this type of OP.

Perhaps Jade Helm was prep for 10 days Darkness.

Just speculatin'

973bc9 No.746137


Start a go fund me to get this sweet gal some panties!!!

80006e No.746138


I know. Running it now. GONNA NEED SOME OLDFAGS helping.

Here it is: https:// archive.fo/M3aNF

This stands out:



Also Castro's oldest son had committed suicide.

Trump delivery of RNC "shut it down" video

https:// www.youtube.com/ watch?v=ty2SQM3xlZs

Enormous monitoring that board. Lots of unsigned Q. Will get live link to the board after this posts.

Help. One fag on an island today ain't gonna get it done. Need manpower.

a6a5bc No.746139


I'll take death to traitors anyway I can get it.

ee3625 No.746140


It would be wonderful if Anons would go back and watch old Trump videos…. The Guy Loves 'Great Drama'. He's been apart of some of the best LARPS in history… Just watch some of his old WWE Wrestling clips. He out shills all the pro shills. His Tweets are artful, concise and direct. His use mastery of SunTze is both deceptive and laser point accurate….

The easist way to get through to the stoopid is by not acting like a Remarkable Genius

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-21/it-wasnt-russia-it-was-obama-based-social-media-mining-beat-hillary

15e4ff No.746141


>1984 vs 1776

Facebook vs Chan

Who will win? The only one that can. The one on the RIGHT. The one who knows how to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!

46f14b No.746142


He is making a good work in Europe :)

3f285f No.746143


True. Q would have advised us if and when it approaches to stock up and wait it out. Still, I'm going to a grocery store and buying me some tendies.

80006e No.746144


trying again for live link

960c21 No.746145


You actually think the cabal left gold in Ft. Knox?

d66a41 No.746146

Sorry if I missed it, did we determine RT was in fact Tillerson? I'm thinking one of the other participants was VJ, running the shadow gov

7279e6 No.746147


I dont know if you caught this or not, but way back in January, it was quietly announced that as of the end of January, Trump would have the ability to mass text every cell phone on the planet. As you can see this could be important to the storm, he has the power now

bd490a No.746148


Yes, Barker is 94 years young. It seems pervs tend to live a long life

ee64fe No.746150

File: 05fd80234673475⋯.jpg (5.34 KB, 300x168, 25:14, tillerson.jpg)

The plight of the Palestinian people is truly tragic. But their woes are not traced to Israel or the Jews. No - full culpability lays at the footstep of so-called Palestinian "leadership", which has consistently sacrified its own people for selfish political and financial gains.

This has been the case since the massive propganda campaign that persuaded ordinary Palestiians not to return to their homes after the Six Day War. They were told Jews would burn them alive, rape their women, and torture and kill their children. The intent of this evil lie was to keep political leverage for the terrorist "leaders."

This was proven over and over again - most recently by the efforts to block a water treatment plant in Gaza. Gaza has no clean water. The Gaza population has relied on humantarian support, and access to Israel. This is no different than the famous "Samaritan Crossing" on the border with Lebanon. For years, IDF border personnel permitted pregnant women to enter Israel for their deliveries. However, as terrorists took advantage of any gap in security to commit atrocities in Israel, these crossings were shut down.

The plant is an excellent example of the humanitarian efforts of many nations - opposed only by Hamas, the "leaders" of the very group that will benefit from the project. Hamas officials boycotted the opening ceremony for the new plant - demonstrating their utter disregard for the needs of the people they purport to represent.

The Palestinian Authority (Fatah) Prime Minister made the trip to Gaza to mark the opening of this new water treatment facility. On his way on March 13, he was the target of a failed assassination attempt in northern Gaza. Someone is still sending a message, and the meaning is clear - death to moderates - no peace with Israel - ever.

This has been the stalemate for decades. Now, however, it appears that Palestinian terrorists have been completely outmanuvered. This was accomplished under the watchful eye and carefully laid out plans of the new American Commander in Chief - Donald J.Trump.

The recent firing of Rex tillerson was one step in the President's meticulous plans. An excellent March 13 analysis by "Prophecy in The News" summarized the context and purpose of the Tillerson dismissal:

"The establishment’s view that the Fatah-controlled PA is the be-all-and-end-all of Middle East peace efforts. The view that there can be no Arab-Israeli peace without the Palestine Liberation Organization compelled successive U.S. administrations to continue to embrace it despite its support for terrorism, and despite its refusal to accept or even respond to any offer of peace by either Israel or the U.S.

All of this can be reconciled by recognizing the brilliant manuever President Trump pulled off. He has in effect irrevocably exposed the dead end bad faith obstacle inherent in the Palenstinian role in a peace solution. Trump has set the stage for a multi-national coalition of all parties other than the extreme Palestinian factions.

This is precisely the same strategy the President used with North Korea - once the multi-national coalition was in place there was nowhere to go and NK was hopelessly outnumbered. The exact same scenario is now playing out in Palestine. In both cases ordinary people living in these embattled places were desperate for peace.


he globalist agenda kept these and many other groups powerless over their own fates - captive for these many years. The NWO forces have held such factions as strategic pawns in their agenda of domination always dangling the threat of WW3 over the world should they not get their way.

Palestine includes the crown jewel of international conflict - the Holy City of Jerusalem - the virtual center of three major world religions. As such it has been the key in the globalist plans. They created it out of the ashes of WW1, and have, until now, manipulated it with skill and determination.

President Trump has cut through the fog of war and lies, straight to a real solution. One that has eluded many before him - it will indeed be historic.

Watch for it. PEACE IN PALESTINE is closer than you think.

a2f880 No.746151


No internet would be the least of our troubles.

c7b06d No.746153


I know not where or who you are, and I do not wish to know.

But I'm sure if you are keeping up with this side of global affairs, you will be more than fine.

You are watched. And quite a protected free commodity.

We don't leave anyone out.


80006e No.746154




>>241031 is gone. I can't keep going right now. Please don't let this die.

be9c80 No.746155


Your just now getting started on supplies?

69409a No.746156


this is a great analysis…and this is just the way it works.

46f14b No.746157

Resigned the President of Peru!!

https:// www.infobae.com/america/america-latina/2018/03/21/renuncio-el-presidente-de-peru-pedro-pablo-kuczynski/

1e9228 No.746158


Plus the stock market closes and thus reduced financial volitality. (Wow, that sounded nerdy)

e56665 No.746159

File: 3e21e9bd2105586⋯.jpeg (31.25 KB, 850x850, 1:1, Chris Hansen.jpeg)


Hi, FBI Agents! Why don't you have a seat.

7279e6 No.746160

Dammit, Trump just signed off on the spending bill. I guess no shutdown this weekend

b8726d No.746162

"only some of you are comp'd." To many people that reads they get free shit.

7cf069 No.746163


Shillanon here.

I was on my lunch break.

85882b No.746164


Yes, via PLAN. Trust the PLAN.

47c8fc No.746165


I actually think this will help our cause because it proves Q really does exist and and that trump and Q are against he cabal. It even mentions 4ch and 8ch, soo I’m assuming normies are going to get curious and start lookin up things. So it might not be bad after all

7279e6 No.746166


Yep makes perfect sense. Gotta do it on a Friday

8fd512 No.746167

c7b06d No.746169


Welcome back.

15e4ff No.746170



>Friday is by far the best day

But when on a Friday, and why?

After sunset! Because the Jenazis go on their sabbath. And don't have any contact with the "outside" world for 24 hours!!!

Oh it's glorious! Make them work for their money on Sunday because they can't use pre-recorded shows!!!!!

Remember last Friday? It was a good night!


Yep, that's part of it… but why do they always drop after dark? If it was strictly stock markets they'd drop at 4 or 5pm.

d00634 No.746171



alll of u r niggerssss

bottttom tier niggerrrrrsss

f7f5d9 No.746173


Woah. There's no turning back now.

3f505d No.746174



e3b394 No.746175

File: 22b9ad8f7a4dbd5⋯.gif (386.72 KB, 600x396, 50:33, White Rabbit.gif)

Quick question, fellow 'nonsSo I've been under a rock the past week or two.

How did we find out about the SES possibly being the keystone, and please tell me Anon found it instead of Q or someone having to spell it out for us?


>EAS (EBS) message.

checked and also thats my vote.

073f57 No.746176


probably related to FBI opening a case on Q. Can't have agents incriminating themselves, can we, FBI/CIA?

506f3a No.746177


Who is that standing up?

Fiona Barrett fingered Nicole Kidman's dad, BTW. Lots of articles about him fleeing pedo investigation in Australia, and then he (conveniently?) died.

Now Fi is missing, presumed dead…?

http:// www.twoeggz.com/int/6211365.html

80006e No.746178


Lots of anons have had contact with various gifts. Been fun to watch.

8de9bd No.746179

Q, how was your trip to Saudi Arabia?

Nice book title by the way…

59eeb6 No.746180

All the Sealed indictments are from The IG report …… So technically when the Bill drops the arrests can begin …..Tie that too the last minute phone calls being recorded by the NSA that are being documented from our career Politicians getting their bribery calls from Big Biz ….. for payoffs in the Budget …… 1 . 3 trillion dollars ? >>746126

46f14b No.746182

File: 8c16db5da7e36f5⋯.jpg (28.85 KB, 600x338, 300:169, presidente-peru-kuczynski-….jpg)



970327 No.746183


till when tho? last time was three months. like he keeps holding this over his head

506f3a No.746184


POTUS knows the ins and outs of how the media works, very very well. He has them by the nose and they don't even know it.

7cf069 No.746185


Trust Wray

Trust the plan.

2e80c5 No.746186


In the UK Facebook are being accused of misleading the commitee investigating "fake news" and they're dragging Zuckerberg before the commitee.

63ff7d No.746188

File: 065a2adb9f2a532⋯.png (58.67 KB, 859x451, 859:451, mapdefinition.png)

File: 1900e8fc08a7bdc⋯.png (98.89 KB, 1283x647, 1283:647, this-is-the-map.png)

File: 3c760069e1fc757⋯.jpg (202.87 KB, 886x953, 886:953, chesslogo.jpg)

the MAP

02ff4d No.746189


How many times are you going to post these stupid memes? Please, get some new material.

a1c4ba No.746190


But what if the cell network is down/affected too? I would imagine it would be to have true "darkness". The military would still need to communicate.

I believe Jade Helm was a cover for establishing that comm network.

2d3177 No.746191


a couple speeches, yeah, but i'm still waiting for the real fun to start, fake drama, fake crises, leading the cabal into trap after trap and acting like everything is random and happening by chance. Bannon is ruthless and funny, great combination

3f285f No.746192


I would be in quite the trabble if it were to suddenly shut down basic services since I'm caughr up in my own daily grind with the rest of my folks. My own fault if it would be the case, but it sounds like we're all gonna be just fine as the currencies normalize.

9a4115 No.746193


Why waste money on lethal injection just make them walk the plank into shark infested waters….

aa327e No.746194


There is Fionas deposition on Kidmans dad, she describes young Kidman (she) watching. So Kidman born into it

83ac97 No.746195

File: c2a7ea3ef9b2310⋯.jpg (44.05 KB, 1145x910, 229:182, 6cidnp-5975yqo3lwyy.jpg)


Facetious Bumbling Idiots .

0fd238 No.746196


abel danger vid

1a0ce8 No.746198

podesta on msnbc today

http:// www.msnbc.com/andrea-mitchell

e04731 No.746199

File: c23346c53db28e5⋯.png (250.48 KB, 820x540, 41:27, ClipboardImage.png)

Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a memo to federal prosecutors on Wednesday, instructing them to pursue the death penalty in drug-related cases, including “dealing in extremely large quantities of drugs,” as part of their response to the opioid epidemic.

https:// www.justice.gov/file/1045036/download?utm_medium=email&utm_source=govdelivery

4fa472 No.746201

File: 19542e627f3ce6a⋯.jpg (108.96 KB, 716x668, 179:167, USDtoIQD.jpg)

7279e6 No.746202


Probably not, but we also probably know where the gold is. Im sure Leo Wanta knows

be5dc4 No.746203


can you use more words, or a link? I'm also following the q uestion

75ec8f No.746204


stop namefagging, no RT is Ritzvi traverse, the minority stock holder of FB

a9e4b5 No.746205


his FACE while Lionel is going off is precious & telling

6e8ee7 No.746206

Bring the rain!


Evacuations in CA today due to rain.. related?

3f285f No.746207


Cryptic, but I will take your word for it, whomever you are. I look forward to the GCR.

7279e6 No.746208


Yeah they gotta figure that one out

5a5482 No.746210

File: 69b849715d4cfd2⋯.png (588.72 KB, 744x664, 93:83, 69b849715d4cfd21ac3cfa23f2….png)


Rex unlikely, he was on E coast last night

Eating dinner with Mattis @

Greenhouse restaurant, Jefferson Hotel, VA

methinks RT = real time

03c5ce No.746211

File: 71cf60631cad313⋯.jpg (12.85 KB, 210x101, 210:101, Capture.JPG)


2 presidents in a day

>Q woke (pic related)

15e4ff No.746212


No, no gold in Fort Knox right now, but they will be giving it back or they will die and we will get it back anyway.

Remember who the United States Military is?

This is a fight between nations (Russia, China, USA) and the cabal along with people vs the cabal.

Foretold in Revelations 2:9 and 3:9…. 12:1 fulfilled 9/23/2017 in full.

And the cabal ain't going to win.

Mark Taylor Prophecies… return 7x what they have stolen.

National Debt wiped out.

Certain banks and debt to them will be wiped out. Lots of crazy ass shit happening. I expect student loan debt to be gone as well.

5acfc4 No.746213



>* Qcode guide to abbreviations pastebin.com/UhK5tkgb

The interpretation of "P".

Please add P2 to the possibles.


cfbbb6 No.746215

File: 00da778924228dc⋯.jpg (86.35 KB, 708x1024, 177:256, 1510091669712m.jpg)

4fa472 No.746216


Me too, I'm with you anon. Just don't get how that twat that was reacted to on the IQD proved anything. MAGA on.

960c21 No.746217

Is the stage set for the HRC video? I know, I am so impatient….

970327 No.746218

not sure if this has ben mentioned before but you know how q mentions DOE, q clearance, NUCLEAR capabilities re info, narrative power….

idk maybe this is nothing, but what does a nuclear silo look like from the sky when you are right over top?? the vapor coming out of the hole…


cfbbb6 No.746219

File: 00da778924228dc⋯.jpg (86.35 KB, 708x1024, 177:256, 1510091669712m.jpg)

ee64fe No.746221

grow as much of your own food as you can

even a 5' square or pots will give you clean safe food

that and a couple cases of h2o will be mighty valuable when the shtf

and it will - its just a matter of time - no one knows when

e3b394 No.746222

File: 7a4e3e6e186905b⋯.jpg (74.07 KB, 800x792, 100:99, ilikethispic.jpg)


>abel danger vid


https:// youtu.be/75BoBD4-hMw

you lazy sack

daac7a No.746223


he also had a blog…very conservative views. anti gay marriage, anti abortion but one interesting tidbit. he was against sex offender registries. didn't someone a bread or 2 ago possibly link him to an fbi agent that was into CP? same last name?

6e8ee7 No.746224

MANDATORY evacuations for 30k people. 6 months of rain in 8 hours? Whoa

970327 No.746225


40000 view

5322a5 No.746226

File: a732dd8d0af2968⋯.jpg (126.79 KB, 830x523, 830:523, SES Keystone.jpg)

Don't know if this was posted.

Huge document dump regarding SES - "The Keystone"



Linked from aim4truth site:



e96f9a No.746227

>>745965 I told my spouse yesterday that when this is finally solved they will use the chans as the reason! I called it.

cd1005 No.746228


Hawaii charter boat group witnessed explosion in sky on morning of false missile alert

A man’s sister told him a group of boaters witnessed an aerial explosion about 100 NM offshore around 8:00 a.m. last Saturday morning

Youtuber Ashley LP chimed in:

So I live on Island and our family has a lighthouse, we all saw a bright flash that morning as well. There is much buzz about this… Thank you for actually putting what islanders are all talking about.

The video was posted one day after a false missile alert caused a panic throughout the islands.

https:// www.intellihub.com/claim-hawaii-charter-boat-group-witnessed-explosion-in-sky-on-morning-of-false-missile-alert/

ff4de8 No.746229



Isn't this always the fate though of every magalomaniac who tries to play God and wants to rule the world? They go so far, and then they fall, or die. Nothing lasts forever.

Facebook will not last for much longer. The younger generation folks do not use it. In fact they mock it and call it a tool for Boomers. Its today's version of MySpace…or AOL…or telephone booths…or vinyl records. Once the youth abandon a part of the culture it fades into oblivion…especially when it comes to technology. Same will happen to Twitter and the others. The technology will shift again to smaller, cross-compatible platforms that are not centralized with one person (like Fuckerberg or @Jack) having all control and dictating to users what they should think, say, or feel.

be5dc4 No.746230


okay, i'm breaking my brain trying to come up with it, can anyone tell me what GCR is?

0fd238 No.746231


no, it was days ago … i didnt care then or now

506f3a No.746233


Yeah, but I think it would be best to try to prepare for a 3 month period, just to be safe. Have food and water, cash, etc. If you have a BOL, make sure it's ready to receive.

Hopefully, we will only feel a small burp. Cabal will try to make it a civil war/zombie apocalypse, but I think Q-team has managed to cut the strings and we won't see that kind of upheaval.

If so, then thank God! If you want to have an idea what we will have escaped, look up Selco and read his story.

59c6c5 No.746234


Then Trump could also make "recess appointments" like Hussain did. No need for congressional approval hearings.

7279e6 No.746235


I think this is different…this one is just a spending bill mainly for the wall related stuff

a9e4b5 No.746236

File: 0c51241bd9c4ee4⋯.png (450.12 KB, 534x600, 89:100, DAFFY.png)

bf0a16 No.746239

File: 4c82e252b6e5dd4⋯.jpg (23.15 KB, 562x378, 281:189, GunsVsForceps.jpg)

be5dc4 No.746240


yeah what was I suppose to do with "abel danger"?

7279e6 No.746241


Fox news just briefly reported it

83ac97 No.746242

File: d705f01a3982244⋯.jpg (110.57 KB, 980x640, 49:32, 6jt76k-o5zaygy7c76z.jpg)


was posted but , keep reposting for anons just joining . this is gold imo .

46f14b No.746243


The return of Keiko Fujimori??

fc5f3a No.746245


Global Currency Reset

7cf069 No.746246


Masonic floor

506f3a No.746247


Cabal moved the gold, but Q team I think has repatriated it. Or will do so.

Do you think we will go back to $35 per oz?

bb3c33 No.746248


They even call themselves 'keystone" on their homepage. Deep tendrils. CIA as brought out by another Anon.

2e1be2 No.746249

File: 7528a6ed4c2396f⋯.jpeg (48.99 KB, 750x464, 375:232, 0DF97F73-F574-4E11-8121-1….jpeg)

File: 5e8cb5e5ed795bc⋯.jpeg (58.19 KB, 744x285, 248:95, A606EA0C-7D94-4FEF-8962-A….jpeg)

File: 302919ac03a0c3d⋯.png (849.85 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, FE19A379-361E-49BF-8864-AF….png)

These are the locations of the Austin Bombs

Look what it spells out hoggdff


Twit Smashing_t says he’s the bomber bro

Look what they found when digging on him

Shits getting crazy


This is where I got the info

@rayelle @inthematrixxx

be5dc4 No.746250


Thank you. I knew it had something to do with global currency.

d78454 No.746251

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2210759/Gaddafi-killed-French-secret-serviceman-orders-Nicolas-Sarkozy-sources-claim.html

I know the source is a garbage newspaper but read the article, look at date when it was posted. Sarkozy recently arrested for the very conspiracy theory noted back then

cb13bb No.746252


secureteam or thirdphaseofthemoon ha the cell phone video of it

970327 No.746253




be9c80 No.746254


Oh, I agree.

Even if it wasn't this, but storms and other events as well.

bc0414 No.746255

File: 00da778924228dc⋯.jpg (86.35 KB, 708x1024, 177:256, 1510091669712m.jpg)

15e4ff No.746256


No worries.



34f0b6 No.746257


Shiff was looing for those

7279e6 No.746258

Does anyone wonder if Trump creating all this fake outrage about Mueller is just making the situation worse? I get why he is doing it, gotta make liberals side with Mueller, gotta elevate Mueller so it looks like him and Trump are enemies, which will make Mueller more credible to the public. But what happens when Mueller drops the bomb that Trump didnt collude, and MSM decides to run with "Trump bullied Mueller and harassed Mueller the entire SC and forced him to exonerate"?

15e4ff No.746259


Ty for the compliment anon. I try to have a nose for truth.

- village idiots

9a4115 No.746260


Big Pharma go Boom in the stock market :)

63ff7d No.746261

File: 4b6ebc511af26a4⋯.png (51.45 KB, 564x395, 564:395, potus-3-21-1456.png)

potus twat

506f3a No.746262


Better pick up some canned goods ASAP. Just to be safe. If we have 10 days darkness, you might get peckish.

69409a No.746263

BMW razzia in Munich/Germany today.

with 100 policeman…

(only german sauce available).

85882b No.746264

My theory is that the keystone is INTELLIGENCE. Both the kind in your head and the other kind.

e04731 No.746265


The #QAnon framing continues…

506f3a No.746266


Watching and smirking. A real dreamboat, that one.

ee64fe No.746267

File: 14e592f2fa3ec82⋯.jpg (7.17 KB, 333x151, 333:151, sarah.jpg)

Some observations on Red Pilling

Consider the fact that about 25% to 30% of the nation are hard core liberal loons. These are the true deplorables and they will never change or convert any more than WE THE PEOPLE will abandon POTUS.

The leaders of this looney bin are the 4-6% that Q says are "lost to us." WE THE PEOPLE can co-exist with the remainder of this group BUT we can never again allow them to control the agenda or even to waste our priceless time and energy.

if you look at the numbers about 1 out of 4 persons are in this left looney bin category. As the average family is at least 4 persons, then you are assured that at least one member of your immedate family is in this category. When you condsider skewing and demographics in many families it will be worse - but 1 out 4 is a minimum.

I'm guessing you all know who that is in your family - Is it a coincidence these are always the high maintenance types? the bullies who demand attention? The ones who always have reason they need attention or someone to tell their problems to?

OK these are the 25%ers. So how do we deal with them? My wife was an MD and she used to say "Treat 'em like a psych patient" In other words be professional, polite, but cold. Do not engage emotionally - it sucks your life away.

Want a perfect example? Sarah Huckabee - watch her technique with a room full of tantrum cry baby asshats. You can't do it better than Sarah. You will find that once the cry baby sees you are no longer being TROLLED AND TRIGGERED by them - they will back off - but DON'T let your guard down - the moment you do you they will go back into character (think of POTUS "Snake" poem) - then you will have to start over.

Spend all of your red pill energy on those in the 75% that are normal human beings.the rest treat as psych patients - Trust me it works.

a6a5bc No.746268


>Does anyone wonder if Trump creating all this fake outrage about Mueller is just making the situation worse?

No. Next worry?

d4115f No.746269


f Q probably got a "call".

f7f5d9 No.746270


I do hope he vetoes this ridiculous bill. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are clearly playing for the other side.

15e4ff No.746271


I didn't give you a fucking ZOU so why the hell you reply?

Dumb fuck.

This is a waste of bread so go to hell and bother someone else. I hear /pol/ would love you.


5acfc4 No.746272


I.E.: Propaganda Due


Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry

The Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry, headed by Anselmi, concluded that the P2 lodge was a secret criminal organization. Allegations of surreptitious international relationships, mainly with Argentina (Gelli repeatedly suggested that he was a close friend of Juan Perón) and with some people suspected of affiliation with the American Central Intelligence Agency were also partly confirmed; but soon a political debate overtook the legal level of the analysis.[23] The majority report said that P2 action resulted in "… the pollution of the public life of a nation. It aimed to alter, often in decisive fashion, the correct functioning of the institutions of the country, according to a project which … intended to undermine our democracy." A minority report by Massimo Teodori concluded that P2 was not just an abnormal outgrowth from an essentially healthy system, as upheld by the majority report, but an inherent part of the system itself.[11]


157eb1 No.746273


POTUS is having fun with this. Let him be.

445f49 No.746274


Keystone has multiple meanings.

Now that we have the attention of the FBI, we can guide them to all the right places. SES is the keystone to the shadow government not just the deep state.

FBI White Hats, you must prove your loyalty to the US Constitution. No more words. We ANONS have done the digging, now you need to prove to US that you are not comped like others in your midst. Take action and demonstrate this publicly, so that we may know you as Patriots as evidenced by your deeds. Otherwise, you're just cabal/pedo/satan supporting clowns who will go down as traitors.

e96f9a No.746275

>>745997 what is GCR? Red pilled in 09 but only a few subjects, nothing on a gcr?

39778e No.746276

File: 72809b168f1e306⋯.png (810.44 KB, 817x450, 817:450, ClipboardImage.png)

2d3177 No.746277


He's been talking about SES for years. Retired US Marine. Sister is a top SES member/pedo ring director. He seems to be protected cuz YT never censored his vids, but he just moved his channel anyway, so maybe things are getting bad enough for them to start harassing even the untouchables

https:// www.bitchute.com/channel/abel-danger/

5a57b8 No.746278

File: 3aa5f33891ac127⋯.jpeg (220.12 KB, 1536x327, 512:109, 025483C8-CCF2-4EED-9246-9….jpeg)

a1c4ba No.746279


If there is to be a financial reset, does the spending bill really matter?

3f285f No.746280


The global currency reset, which would be the ultimate middle finger at the cabal, especially to the Rothschilds and their Federal Reserve toadies. It's been spoken of in these threads time and again but this sudden news about the Iraqi Dinar is a sign.

e3b394 No.746281

File: ee985336ba189e8⋯.jpg (152.03 KB, 1200x1194, 200:199, Mother Russia.jpg)


>google "able danger vid"

>Open his youtube channel

>click on relevant video

a little sleuthing aint goes a long way.

Kinda why most are here.

75ec8f No.746282


global currency reset. I didn't even have to look it up, saw it first time 5 minutes ago. Think about the context. Easy

111b66 No.746283


No dude


The media is retarded

Trump is methodically exposing them as frauds.

1991a8 No.746284


You’re saying all us anons are being protected by the white hats?

39778e No.746285


Hey nice! Russian bots helping you guys out!

15f012 No.746286

File: 21c999f971a5076⋯.png (476.83 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 7CA133CB-4490-4D46-925E-A2….png)

File: 4f085a1f45a28fd⋯.png (809.67 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 8C3C6B0D-8B8C-4A2B-B822-FE….png)

File: 6c8ac3bfccaa6b9⋯.png (707.64 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 7B07ED31-DF85-4498-89F4-5E….png)

File: 49b062fbbe60135⋯.png (707.9 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, B82E8523-1FF8-4549-9631-D8….png)

In regards to the US/IRAQ DINAR

Look at the change of price that happened just since yesterday. Something big coming.

7cf069 No.746287


What about the rest of us?

be5dc4 No.746288


I know see that abel danger makes youtube vids. The video I was linked to wasn't an abel danger video. I understand now. Thanks.

2d3177 No.746290


>Obama called him also

hahahahahaha, funniest potus ever

15f012 No.746291


Lowest it has been EVER recorded

39778e No.746292


Buy some Dinar? lol

0fcc6b No.746293


How many times are you gonna shit up the board with your tripe? These are new asswipe!

0f1db8 No.746294


There are just some things so sick that they aren't funny or normal. Trying to normalize it means your seriously not normal either. Ever heard of Manson. Hollowood is the new Manson.

ff2afd No.746296


Or a knock on the door.

15e4ff No.746297


Wouldn't surprise me. I have $50K in USD coming to me through a trust in November. Hope to be able to buy some land and farm with it. $35 an oz gold and $300 an acre land would be a godsend. But then if the $50K ends up being worth $5k in new money I'm in the same spot.

Waiting and watching.

be5dc4 No.746298


Yes, can you elaborate on that? I don't know much of the economics behind this that would make any of this significant for someone like me.

15f012 No.746299


It’s true and very shortly it will be 1-1 with us dollar

a979d2 No.746300


>not a bad thing…….


>Keep your……

DJT signalling? Keeping friends close and enemies closer?

053d61 No.746301


ellipsis countdown in effect…

506f3a No.746302


Hm. Not sure I like being on anyone's list, but I guess I kinda knew what I was getting into once I started lurking/posting here. Guess I just don't care anymore. Give me liberty or give me death.

75ec8f No.746303


saying "you guys" implies you are not with us and should go back to your gay porn

e162be No.746304


The sat links would still work. Global access.

50439e No.746305

New Fed Chair Powell is actually giving ANSWERS unlike Yellen did.

36e4cf No.746306


FB still hasn't even lost half of the gains it made last year. Not sure why everyone automatically assumes this is the end. I specifically remember this false celebration with the first MEMO.

Let's wait and let things play out. Jumping ahead of news that can change doesn't help us look sane.

be5dc4 No.746307


yeah, like I've said, I dind't know of able danger. The video linked by that anon wasn't an able danger video, so i got even more confused.

ee64fe No.746308

File: 1225b3aaaef3a72⋯.jpg (11.03 KB, 292x172, 73:43, gold.jpg)


bingo - no it doesnt

and POTUS has another win win

if the economy crashes or he wants a reset he switches to gold/silver basket based currency and prints $20 greenbacks to pay our debts

if not then MAGA and let the good t imes roll

d81d93 No.746309


He's implying there was no collusion with Russia, and daring the MSM to go after him for "being a puppet of Putin" or some nonsense like that

39778e No.746310

File: ecd4941a6831b3b⋯.png (286 KB, 463x325, 463:325, ClipboardImage.png)


I know someone who would disagree with you.

3f285f No.746311


Other anons here could explain it in more depth than I could, but the crux of it would be a complete wipeout of debts to the Federal Reserves and a return to our own monetary (gold) standards per nation.

5acfc4 No.746312

File: 4269e36590db8cb⋯.png (44.37 KB, 714x495, 238:165, Screen Shot 03-21-18 at 12….PNG)

File: b865636c50dcf5f⋯.png (50.68 KB, 275x275, 1:1, Click Me - Copy.PNG)

9a4115 No.746313


There's still over $400 billion dollars worth of gold left in California let's go dig some more up :D

053d61 No.746314


That's the vanishing act grand finale. Magical.

36e4cf No.746315


Took the words from my finger tips to type.

a6a5bc No.746316


Maybe f q had an involuntary "come-to-Jesus" moment.

Or maybe he's wearing a cone of shame right now.

be5dc4 No.746317


Sorry, I should've been more specific. That part is easy enough to understand. What i was asking for was a more economic explanation on how this would actually play out, how it would effect me, and what I could do to take advantage of having the knowledge before other people do.

d71ad7 No.746318

File: 5d629e5435041c4⋯.jpg (122.24 KB, 497x679, 71:97, db8ed95cdd04ecf4a41b024f5b….jpg)











Draining the swamp. For those who listened to GEOTUS speech yesterday, he mentioned it several times which was the title of the reform needed to bring power back to the people.

Draining the Swamp: Monetary and Fiscal Policy Reform by Harvey Francis Barnard. Barnard claimed that the proposals, which included replacing the income tax with a national sales tax, abolishing compound interest on secured loans, and returning to a bimetallic currency, would result in 0% inflation and a more stable economy.

Details include but not limited to:

1. Restore Constitutional Law in Republic of the United Sates of America.

2. Remove USA, Inc. administration officials and all members of the US Congress from their positions due to their continuous unconstitutional actions.

3. Forces the USA, Inc.’s President, the Vice-President, Cabinet members, and all members of Congress to leave office.

4) Suspends all elections everywhere in the world, at all sovereign levels of government.

5) Allows new Republic of the United States appointees to temporarily govern the country’s affairs until fair and legal elections can be held.

6) Allows Republic military law enforcement to physically remove or eliminate any obstacle impeding GESARA law.

7) Allows the Republic Congress to implement the natural Constitutional Line of Succession.

8) Eliminates all “states of emergency” thus declaring peace for every land abiding by GESARA and it’s alliance.

9) Forces the US military to immediately remove troops from all sovereign nations who no longer willingly accept them to reside on their soil. That includes Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and the Philippines.

10) Zeroing out of credit card balances and bank debt relief worldwide.

11) Activates the Republic’s Treasury Bank and Republic Treasury, along with a gold backed USN currency printed and overseen by the Republic of the United States and not the Federal Reserve which will now be marginalized until eliminated.

12) Federal Income Taxes lies will be abolished, as will the old tax code; and new easier, simpler and global tax code will be implemented on non-essential items. Essential items such as food and medicine, and used items, are exempt from the sales tax.

13) The IRS, FEMA, Shadow Government Lobbyists will all be jailed, arrested or worse.

14) Creates a new 17% flat rate non-essential new items only sales tax revenue for the government.

15) Increases benefits to senior citizens and makes them permanent.

16) Establishes new Presidential and Congressional candidates within 120 days after G.E.S.A.R.A.’s announcement. An interim government will quietly be put in place as to handle the nation’s affairs until new leaders can be democratically elected.

17) International Monitors will be present to prevent illegal voter ballot stuffing or fraudulent election activities of special interest groups.

18) A new U.S. Treasury rainbow currency backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals will be issued into public circulation.

19) Eliminates birth certificate records ato be used as chattel property bonds by the US Department of Transportation.

20) Restores financial privacy globally.

21) Resets all judges and attorneys back to Constitutional Law.

22) Ceases all aggressive, government military actions worldwide–including the Middle East.

23) Establishes peace throughout the world as monitored by the UN Security Council.

24) Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes across planet earth.

25) Enables the release of thousands of hidden patents for suppressed technologies currently held under the guise of national security–including free energy devices, anti-gravity and sonic healing machines.

ca9f3a No.746319

File: 83dbd7bb9763e63⋯.png (341.55 KB, 522x393, 174:131, kek-moloch.png)

361e44 No.746320


506f3a No.746321


Katherine Austin Fitts located $21 trillion that has been stolen from the treasury. I mean, she knows where that is. Hope POTUS/Q team have talked with her. That will cover the entire national debt.

36e4cf No.746322


7279e6 No.746323


I love every minute of it. They are going to hang themselves

bb1984 No.746324

Is there a way to follow the money into cryptocurrency transactions? This gives some ideas for Bitcoin:


2345b4 No.746325


It will. You can skip past that if you wish, but the fact will remain that people, human behavior…the human element are relevant in the equation. The question is, why is it ignored so often?

143a22 No.746326

In addition to Facebook losses there is a FTC investigation, investor class action suit as well as potential insider trading charges against Zuck. Facebook users could also start a class action due to their data being abused.

d78454 No.746327


Have you cross checked with other websites? Isn’t just a website error?

5ddde4 No.746328


Pepe's autists recognize patterns

79f6e4 No.746329


please link - Kraut-anon is curious…

8307f6 No.746330


They have video of an incoming missile? Looking for it but haven't found anything on either site yet

e3b394 No.746331


yeah but it was on his channel front page as a liked video

my bad though i just clicked on it assuming it was an upload

46f14b No.746332


it's Minerva. Moloch is a Bull.

36e4cf No.746333

I thought there was a Hillary video to look for? What happened with that?

75ec8f No.746334


I don't understand this. In the currency calculater, it says 580 dinar=$1

Does this mean the value of the dinar is going up/ USD going down?

0fd238 No.746335


every single person that lives in or escaped from the midwest ?

63ff7d No.746336

File: 988f9e0b0bcfbac⋯.png (61.97 KB, 562x400, 281:200, potus-3-21-1505.png)

CNN literally has no talking points

they are live time chatting about his tweets

4fa472 No.746337

File: 19542e627f3ce6a⋯.jpg (108.96 KB, 716x668, 179:167, USDtoIQD.jpg)


What news on the Iraqi dinar, I looked and this is what I find?

1991a8 No.746338


Be anxious for nothing, right? Glad we’re in good hands.

d150e1 No.746339

This is 924 right? It says 294

284fee No.746340

File: f5becc2bc14534c⋯.png (20.65 KB, 638x510, 319:255, ClipboardImage.png)


So is this site suddenly becoming relevant?

https:// operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

c7b06d No.746341

0daaba No.746342


How many shares did he sell before the news came out?

How much money did he save doing that?

Patern seems familiar, now where did we see that happen?

Some lady perjured herself (lied to the FBI) and did some time (not nearly enough mind you)!

6d8d25 No.746343

10 minute delta in last Trump tweets about Putin and Russia.

cb13bb No.746344


from some ones cell phone who was on that tour.

i saw it back then ill go tryto find it.

fingers crossed it didnt get purged yet…

15e4ff No.746345

File: 349d1d865b1bbd3⋯.png (330.71 KB, 781x739, 781:739, BOOM BOOM BOOM.png)



Trust the plan.

b84c4e No.746346


Relax Anon, we're just rewinding the clock!

6d2d2c No.746347

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2d3177 No.746348


And MBS sitting there smiling and even laughing here and there while potus went thru all the pix on his picture board like a student giving a book report. kek

e04731 No.746349


Question was asked, Is the stage set? When it is, then, we'll see it. I'm in no rush.

59eeb6 No.746350

Remember the Cabal has Printed Trillions of Dollars that were un accounted for and stashed in Warehouses all over the world ….They found Pallets in Iraq during first gulf war ….. So You get rid of current currency and tell people to retrieve for new currency ….. You just made all those FEd reserve notes in old dollars worthless …. Drug money .Bribe money , WORTHLESS ! CABAL BROKEN ….

15e4ff No.746351


Not sure I like being on anyone's list, but I guess I kinda knew what I was getting into once I started lurking/posting here. Guess I just don't care anymore.

Give me liberty or give me death.

how many anons agree with this???? Bet all of you do!!!!

e3b394 No.746352


no it means that every one dollar is worth 580 dinars

if it changed to $1 is worth 600 dinars then either the dollar is rising or the denar is falling, and vice versa if it was under 580

bd7074 No.746353


There are comments underneath saying it’s real. Some people thought it was a typo.

506f3a No.746354


He's been champing at the bit to start talks with Russia, but been held back by the stoooopid MSM story about collusion. Now he's being vindicated, he wants to get started with the next stage, which will be working things out with Putin/Russia to our and their advantage. Hey, peaceful fair trade is the way to go.

Trump has work to do, wants to get on with it.

855894 No.746355


These look great anon but you keep misspelling the word -discreet

be5dc4 No.746356


Sweet. Thanks.

How do I take advantage of the impending switch (if it happens)? Is there something I should buy? Should I move my money in to something specific?

Can I get anything actionable out of this?

ca9f3a No.746357

File: d74d27da6847a6f⋯.png (544.84 KB, 1296x723, 432:241, ibor-bot-2.png)

a979d2 No.746358

>the coming Arms Race

Free world v. CommEUnists.

c7b06d No.746359




3f285f No.746360

16e4bc No.746361



Wouldn't surprise me. I have $50K in USD coming to me through a trust in November. Hope to be able to buy some land and farm with it. $35 an oz gold and $300 an acre land would be a godsend. But then if the $50K ends up being worth $5k in new money I'm in the same spot.

>Waiting and watching.

If there's a reset, watch for prices of stuff that's normally mortgaged/borrowed against to fall relative to things normally purchased with cash.

Without artificially low interest rates, car and house prices will need to come down.

d2744d No.746362


Dead cat bounce was for PA election. to give the Dems hope????

05f71c No.746363

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2qIXXafxCQ

>We are FIGHTING for LIFE.

>We are FIGHTING for GOOD.

>We are at WAR [@].



>Do you TRUST the US Military?

>Do you TRUST the Chain Of Command?










69409a No.746364


here you go 'kraut' anon:

https:// www.merkur.de/wirtschaft/bmw-razzia-in-muenchen-darum-geht-es-9712762.html

Viel Vergnügen

702d7d No.746365


know the chem and energy but what was the smarts? brains?

36e4cf No.746366


I ask, because I'm not certain it's a Hillary video. Q's post doesn't state that, but people here say that's what it is. Based on bread, I'm assuming?

be9c80 No.746367

75ec8f No.746368


ok, but sites a week old say a dollar is worth 1180 dinar, so a dinar is increasing in value?

a6a5bc No.746369


He's like Trump. He comes across as pleasant and cordial. But he's a deadly foe if you cross him.

d81d93 No.746370


Agreed, we were allies with russia during then only for alittle after WW2. A US-Russian alliance insures world peace and NO WW3 (too bad for the neopolitical globalist NWO)

7392f2 No.746371



please lord

0fd238 No.746372

File: 711472bdbf8934f⋯.png (287.47 KB, 438x292, 3:2, Screenshot-2018-3-16 Meme ….png)

https:// www.justice.gov/opa/pr/attorney-general-sessions-issues-memo-us-attorneys-use-capital-punishment-drug-related

361e44 No.746373


can you link to thread shown in the image pls?

506f3a No.746374


Taking advantage? Like buy low, sell high? Sorry, can't help you there.

Just remember, gold and silver have never been worth nothing.

e04731 No.746375

File: 0ca4022c56f1188⋯.png (24.39 KB, 358x344, 179:172, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 28624b6910bac7c⋯.png (42.6 KB, 353x445, 353:445, ClipboardImage.png)


Pics related anon

ff2afd No.746376


I'm preferring to imagine that fakeQ's door got kicked in.

Military men do not like imposters.

0fcc6b No.746377


Abel Danger videos are hard to watch. You like watching old grumpy men eating sandwiches and slurping tea?

No matter the content, the old guy ruins everything.

c7b06d No.746379

LOOK at the tweet.

Right as WE are talking about the Reset.

Trump posts (remember RESET)

a1953f No.746381

the bread is being fucked with. notable posts are being removed and no one is doing anything about it.

21f870 No.746382

File: d602369d5c1d51b⋯.jpg (297.17 KB, 768x1536, 1:2, FacebookScandal2.jpg)

15e4ff No.746383




d4cd8f No.746385


>Q's post doesn't state that, but people here say that's what it is. Based on bread, I'm assuming?

people here say a LOT of stuff based simply on stuff people here say.

happens aaaaaaaaaaaaalll the time

ac2e45 No.746386


Yes, thank you, that's what I meant. 10 people are in on it/know about it. 7 military, 3 civilian.

d71ad7 No.746387


It's going to be updated soon. XE and a few exchanges/converters lag like a mofo.


To make a "rabbit" disappear, Easter Sunday.


You don't need to buy anything, anon. Just let God do what He does best. Take your money out of stocks even if there's a penalty. Put it in a credit union (unincorporated), buy gold/silver, supplies, a fucking shotgun for the few days of darkness and calamity ensuing from unprepared/misinformed normies and that's about it.

At least I did my part informing those willing to listen like all of you so my conscious is clear.

f7f5d9 No.746388


Is anyone else a tiny bit disturbed that this is also what is happening on this board?

7f4e7a No.746390


With all due respect, it's possible (or even likely) that he was the patsy/fall guy for the whole charade. Not only is there a possibility he wasn't acting alone, there may be the possibility he wasn't acting at all.

Excuse my ignorance, what's RV ?

aa327e No.746392


He goes on personal stories hard, you just cant wait fot the actual information. It takes 45 min for 2 min of useful staff

6f57f9 No.746393


Stop making sure people love you. Approve of you. Accept you. Embrace you.

Let people hate you. Let them condemn. Let them disapprove. Let them judge.

The world keeps turning.

You've seen the alternative. You've been living it all your life.

Let people hate you. It's the most liberating thing you will ever do in your entire life. And the most empowering.

652a67 No.746394


Great song

Jerry died a horrible death but his life and music was about the art of drinking and staying lose…


63ff7d No.746395


start listening to Q

archive everything offline

i literally have 50 gigs of material

c3f89f No.746396


Clinton foundation ties in Peru

143a22 No.746397

Any questionable people that were here probably ran when Q announced the FBI was poking around

d4cd8f No.746398


>no one is doing anything about it.

take note of the removed


shill bakers have been a problem ever since 4chan, on/off in gravity (but THANKYOUDELICIOUSBREAD)

0fcc6b No.746399


That's true.

a1c4ba No.746400


Agreed. Watched my first and last Abel vid yesterday. Shut it down when he started singing about water from a well.

a6a5bc No.746401


Speculating on what happens after the door gets kicked in.

4fa472 No.746402


I saw that, and then I went out looking for confirmation that something was going on and all the news about something like this was *crickets* and the other currency exchange sites showed normal trading. I assume anything that gets posted is BS until I verify. I suspect investing.com is having an error with their IQD chart until proven otherwise based on the research I did.

75925b No.746403


I've noticed it's been much less shilly today.

c0c354 No.746404


Use restraint. They desperately want to set up the "conspiracy" crowd to look bad.

ff2afd No.746406


Yes.. Yes he did, didn't he…

15e4ff No.746407


I wasn't the one who came up with the original, copy/pasted off the chan. Should have ran my spell check. thank you!!!!!!

7cf069 No.746409


Loop Capital

001149 No.746410

File: 8eb4080e1ee1147⋯.jpg (110.65 KB, 391x533, 391:533, Salman_of_Saudi_Arabia_(20….jpg)


The ultimate gold rabbit hole deep dive can be accessed from here:

https:// fofoa.blogspot.com/

FOFOA is "friend of friend of Another" his predecessor in the "gold crumbs" game was "friend of Another" and the best and original friend of gold autists was Another. I'd bet he's around here.

46f14b No.746411


And North Korea., Keiko Fujimori also is in the Swamp?

16e4bc No.746413


>CNN literally has no talking points

>they are live time chatting about his tweets

If that continues, it indicates Q captured the Dropbox algorithm.

960c21 No.746414

How does some 23 year old with NO military experience know how to build bombs that he can ship in a package and kills people? Does anyone buy this bullshit? And then he kills himself as police are closing in with a bomb and not a gun. This is bullshit.

e04731 No.746415


Shit I need to catch up, I only have 34 gigs!

a6a5bc No.746416


And how is this now different for them?

361e44 No.746417



fuckin shit…..

0fd238 No.746418

File: 401bf5a5d4c1a7a⋯.png (284.7 KB, 490x275, 98:55, Screenshot-2018-3-3 Mr Mac….png)


kinda like how the baker just plain bailed last night when Q posted?

ca9f3a No.746419

File: 0b8f896e7be68ff⋯.png (277.66 KB, 522x393, 174:131, kek-minerva.png)

0fcc6b No.746420

59c6c5 No.746421


Global Currency Reset. C'mon man!

ccfcd7 No.746422

Looking for the PDF of the internal Facecuck document for the promotion of an Obama trip. I had to leave and lost it before I could save it.

8de9bd No.746423

File: 2ba90f7fd7da07b⋯.png (58.66 KB, 518x490, 37:35, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 34856d292d6a389⋯.png (26.24 KB, 484x263, 484:263, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ea6bd47f9b2ddca⋯.png (81.04 KB, 755x432, 755:432, ClipboardImage.png)

506f3a No.746424


Yep, just ask all the other princes that had an unexpected stay at the Ritz Carlton in Riadh. He is a bedouin. This is how they are.

2dd97b No.746426



7279e6 No.746427

File: 7b081cb07f372c6⋯.jpg (61.59 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 26uvxr.jpg)

15e4ff No.746428


That's PRECISELY what I am expecting to happen.


Price of land can't be $10,000 an acre because that's based on $300 an acre rent and 2-3% interest for 30 years.

If the interest rates go to 10% or IDK what would be reasonable the price of land must come down to around $200-1000 an acre like they were for decades.

Very few farmers are going to be able to take advantage of it because they won't have any liquidity in my opinion.

5733b5 No.746429

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Give this a peep….


dbf2ec No.746430

File: 740ab8fbff9305c⋯.png (89 KB, 583x181, 583:181, ClipboardImage.png)

846546 No.746431

be9c80 No.746432

Anybody else noticing double postings going on?

d81d93 No.746433

File: 11a85c0abbdb98c⋯.jpg (43.06 KB, 432x494, 216:247, redcc.jpg)

0fcc6b No.746434


It's fear-mongering bullshit with no basis in reality.

a6a5bc No.746435


That's why we need to get to the bottom of all of this, try the perpetrators and execute the guilty. With prejudice. Nip this fucking shit in the bud forever.

15e4ff No.746436


what do you think is happening on this board? People being censored?

bc0f85 No.746437


Everything BHO did was acceptable, nothing DJT does is acceptable, even if it is the SAME EXACT THING.

The spin is losing it's spin. Even normies are catching onto this.

ff4de8 No.746438

File: da1ef5db2c9cc07⋯.jpg (139.58 KB, 690x1000, 69:100, Reed_Hastings,_Web_2.0_Con….jpg)


The answer to your question lies in looking into the CEO of Netflix. The dude is a raging California liberal…the truly insane kind. Close friends with Gray Davis, Schwarznegger, and the current idiot governor there. He is also a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter, was a rabid bundler for Hussein, and very close friends with Fuckerberg and Bill Gates. He was a member of the Microsoft Board of Directors for years. He is still a member of the Facebook Board of Directors.

This dude is cabal through and through.He endorses open borders, faggotry, and everything else on the Lefty agenda. I have no doubt he is part of the pedophile elite as well since he hangs out with all the rest of them. The new media like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon streaming services aren't all that different from the old media. They support the same socialist NWO causes, and they are all promoting programming that mock God, morality, heterosexuality, and the traditional family while attempting to normalize homosexuality, pedophilia. You will note that the underlying themes on the shows are the same—demonize and ridicule the straight white male, promote feminism and emasculated male characters. The more people continue to expose their minds to this shit the more they accept it as normal. The pedo stuff is 'new morality' its a type of operant conditioning like the multiculturalism bullshit.

50439e No.746439

The Russian reset was an attempt by the Obama administration to improve relations between the United States and Russia in 2009.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_reset

da23f5 No.746440


Yes……The SES is the base of the whole house of cards. This is the Big Red Pill in my opinion. The SES has literally made our elections void since the 70's because it is these swamp creatures that have the true power and manipulation of all of the governmental entities.

9a4115 No.746441

File: 9f5887bc4d9d0bb⋯.png (335.97 KB, 370x547, 370:547, 12462ea3936a9c12a2833891ad….png)

File: 10a9628e39212dc⋯.png (37.57 KB, 200x200, 1:1, bullshit.png)


Complete 100% Grade A Bullshit

1991a8 No.746442


Me too. It’s been nice.

7392f2 No.746443

nice explanation of the the reset

https:// www.scribd.com/doc/275219426/Global-Currency-Reset-Revaluation-of-Currencies-Historical-Overview

d81c80 No.746445

File: a894ef7d4851e8e⋯.png (4.26 MB, 3151x4500, 3151:4500, they_did_what_Moloch_vC.png)


Moloch = Bull

They believed that Moloch would give them financial blessings if they sacrificed their children to him.

Owl - Minerva (Bohemian Grove)

The owl was depicted as the symbol for wisdom because it had an ability to see in the dark. It was a metaphor because it would illuminate the darkness of the masses and educate the ignorant.

c7b06d No.746446


Ha. Are you afraid?

59eeb6 No.746447

Look up Leo Wanta and Ameritrust Corp ……. This money was stolen by BUSH …. Wanta was imprisoned and released by Al Gore …. Wanta is retrieving Trillions of Dollars and bringing back to the USA ….It was our money ….Wanta and President Reagan did this deal in 1988 ….. That means Trillions of stolen Dollars being returned to Treasury …. Spicer is involved on Retrieval ….Tom Henneghan has been talking about this a long time …..He has been right on the Money so far ….. So there will be no Deficit soon …. The Reset is real and their will be a massive Surplus ….. 2018 will be Glourious ….PS I am just the messenger ….Don’t shoot the Messenger

022591 No.746448

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


She's mandatory viewing.

aa327e No.746449


The funny thing libs applauded this. He is a dictator, he has to go

29a969 No.746450


I don't think it's even possible for what he describes to happen here. In the first place, every post here has exactly equal chance of being seen. Second, you get positive and negative responses almost no matter what you post here. On top of that, most autists don't really care what anyone else thinks anyway. If we did, we'd be on facebook racking up followers and dopamine hits, not here toiling in obscurity but relishing in truth.

e04731 No.746451


No. Because I archive everything. Not disturbed at all.

67e0c7 No.746452


What is the coming arms race? Free Energy?

79f6e4 No.746453


Danke - the question now is: police raid because of serious investigation or police raid to let evidence magically "disappear"

0f1db8 No.746454


It's call life and living it. Anything else is just blind existence most wake up to sometime during their last breath and realize, "what the fuke was I waiting on, or to hear in order to engage in my own life … a shot fired off?"

a0e4d1 No.746455


There's a dedicated page for that theory. Please stop flooding the q research board with that theory it doesn't belong here.

ff2afd No.746456

File: a5f05ed672da59f⋯.png (359.57 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, a5f05ed672da59f2861bca2337….png)

957c18 No.746457


Looks like a greyhound poor woman

be9c80 No.746458


Follow the money.


0fcc6b No.746459


Not at all. Why would I be? All money is fake, all debt is fake.

14e365 No.746460

d81d93 No.746461


hypersonic weapons/aircraft and better nukes

cb13bb No.746462

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



it was this

i found it from the secureteam video on the hi missile

506f3a No.746463


Yeah, and he openly said a few years back that he thinks US citizens are stupid.

855894 No.746464

File: 3e783b6591f2fd1⋯.png (1.56 MB, 818x1195, 818:1195, The Storm bkcvr.png)

Great meme an anon posted, except for a few typos.

12295f No.746465


Almost Anon.

Q team has the Algorithm so when they stopped internet censorship and set up MSM too, I think that is the video time.

36e4cf No.746466


How will they explain so many people "disappearing" if they're keeping things 40/60. People will notice and begin to ask questions.

You can't just wack out or imprison huge influences like Soros, etc without people noticing.

So how will they do this, but only reveal 40/60?

This has been bugging me. Also why I don't like simply reading about Dems/Americans in Q posts.

BOTH SIDES are bought off. Why do we only hear about Mccain and Bush family?

Not saying I disbelieve, simply questions I have (that will get me roasted here lol).


63ff7d No.746467

File: 2e62c2519c29466⋯.png (244.73 KB, 568x539, 568:539, Assange-3-21-1514.png)

File: 748aadfed6472ad⋯.png (296.32 KB, 530x449, 530:449, assange-imwithher.png)

File: 902a4a95bdacd10⋯.png (116.26 KB, 568x522, 284:261, Assange-retweeting-WL.png)

File: f85cbc85582298c⋯.png (191.83 KB, 571x529, 571:529, Assange-retweet-WL.png)

File: 87f819afa5bd016⋯.png (304.2 KB, 527x446, 527:446, assange-WL-retweet.png)

assange twitter binge

all within about 10 mins

aa327e No.746468


Aha, and they couldnt find one person to proofread what they wrote on that idiotc button

7f4e7a No.746469


I hope Alex Jones doesn't see your post. He head will swell to new proportions. Nobody wants to see that. Well, unless he could no longer fit through the studio door.

e04731 No.746470

0daaba No.746471

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2qIXXafxCQ

15e4ff No.746472


last I checked I only have around 500MB. Snip posts as I come across them, I don't try to archive everything. I have plenty of information for proofs.


No I don't buy it at all. The kid's dad was FBI. Same shit happened in Parkland.

Bomb remotely detonated.

Now who was in the area and knew he was being pulled over?

6e8ee7 No.746473


He is beginning to talk more and more like Q

c7b06d No.746474


Re-evaluate the fake things.

Forgive all debt.

Earth backed trade.

So who is selling fear?

e3b394 No.746475

File: 5bfbba91cbe0ce4⋯.jpg (9.85 KB, 152x225, 152:225, Eye of Dissatisfaction.jpg)


$1:1180dinar = 1 dollar is worth 1180 dinars

Im not gonna look up the numbers but like I said above, one dinar is worth a smaller fraction of a dollar, either because the dinar lost value or the dollar gained.

50439e No.746476

File: f802e31a0dd9d90⋯.jpg (12.62 KB, 250x265, 50:53, Hillary_Clinton_and_Sergei….jpg)

On 6 March 2009 in Geneva, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presented Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with a red button with the English word "reset" and the Roman alphabet transliteration of the Russian Cyrillic alphabet word перегрузка ("peregruzka".) It was intended that this would be the Russian word for "reset" but actually was the word for "overload".

41c6bb No.746477


Why waste good architecture? Turn it into housing.

0fd238 No.746478


actually … it's Russia's money read Wanta's book … and no Bush didn't get his griny paws on it.

506f3a No.746479


Thank you Anon! Will settle down with a cup of java to peruse this later. Lots to learn.

15e4ff No.746480

03c5ce No.746481


What !!! I am on a list now. I'm outa here.

ccfcd7 No.746482


This shit infuriates me. At this point, anyone bringing up Russian interference is covering for child trafficking. At least, in my eyes. I nearly believe that bringing it up is worthy of death, emotionally. It makes me so pissed

e3b394 No.746483

File: a35d51c634d7487⋯.jpg (62.85 KB, 640x640, 1:1, We could have stopped this.jpg)


or likely some combination thereof

b14783 No.746484

If only they knew there was a purpose behind nearly ever typo in his tweets hahaha.

Poor Yahoo!!

https:// www.yahoo.com/news/covfefe-council-trumps-trouble-spelling-unpresidented-172931307.html

d150e1 No.746485


I'm apologizing for my ignorance but can someone give me a rundown on GCR? I know it's global currency but please enlighten me. I've not read much about it and I've been doing irl stuff and fam drama lately

e04731 No.746486


Cancelled my netflix sub months ago. I'd advise others to do the same. Many other ways to chill.

d71ad7 No.746488


Looks like the FBI white hats know what's up.

If it goes to a 1:1, I'm going to forever Trust the Plan and just shut the fuck up. There are already safety nets in place for the stock market so when it falls, it's going to be a well deserved correction because (((certain))) tech companies have gotten wealth as fuck off of our information without any tangible asset other than US being seen as assets and employees to the United States of America, Inc. Once our nation becomes a republic, we'll have access to the wealth our strawman accounts were making (birth certificates traded as bonds internationally)

If you Gaggle, GESARA, they automatically label it as a conspiracy so you already know you've struck oil and (((they))) don't want you digging any further.

Get ready for the biggest BOOM ever seen when all the cabal rats scurry away in fear because they know how guilty they are for intentionally keeping us poor and taking land away from hardworking farmers.

a6a5bc No.746489


You're not saying you disbelieve, but your faith is weak. That's on you.

81435c No.746490

File: 7a3e7eaf1ed35a9⋯.jpg (361.69 KB, 1080x592, 135:74, Screenshot_20180321-122306.jpg)

Q said "Boom" 3xs.. not sure if he meant (literally) the bombs in TX or referring (metaphorically) to damming evid against ppl…

but if they meant it literally & they had that info, why would they allow innocent ppl to die?

(pic is gay but i like the saying & I'm too lazy to make a meme)

b84c4e No.746491

Donald Trump is a fucking genius.

Q too.

This is amazing.

Q says that MSM is dead and social media is the future.

The cabal knows this and is building an algorithm to MSMize social media and regain control of the narrative.

What does Trump, Q and Bannon do?

Expose Facebook.

Trump is innocent because it likely is the case that CA didn't use the 50m data. But the real story is that our data is being mined so massively.

Of course, us smarties here aren't surprised. But many normies hadn't a clue this was possible. They think big data is excel spreadsheets.

Anyway, knowing that Social Media is the future it is vital that we secure and safeguard it in ways we failed to with TV.


11152b No.746492


Yes. No point in releasing information that can be censored on the internet or ignored by the MSM.

50439e No.746493


Buy a MyPillow

0fcc6b No.746494

Anyone else having issues getting Fox News today on jewtube?

40cf96 No.746495



3f285f No.746496


Damn, son. Julian dropping breadCHUNKS about Benghazi and HRC. This is all coming at us fast… "March Madness" imminent?!

59eeb6 No.746497

>>746478 He claims trillion owed to us …Is that True ?

e3b394 No.746499

File: a080a9ae5b38007⋯.jpg (27.44 KB, 499x499, 1:1, THANK MR. SKELTAL.jpg)


calm down it's just freedom of speech.

e04731 No.746500


Seriously considering it! neck pains = migraines

6e8ee7 No.746501


Woudln't be surprised. They don't support the Alphabet/Goog narrative

d81d93 No.746502

File: 283062b0bcdd794⋯.jpg (16.92 KB, 290x216, 145:108, brennan.jpg)

Q, what is going to be done with brennan?? He's a commie clown

f7f5d9 No.746503


Probably not, but it's still irritating that Ryan and McConnell are still doing everything they can to undermine POTUS.

69409a No.746504


good question, regarding that it happened in Austria as well, we can stay curious what it's come out of this. Please have a look to the car numbers we are taking about. 11.000? What is the volume of total production per year? Your theory/guess can be right.

See you on the other side of the ocean (speaking from here).

c3f89f No.746505

Hey Q team. I have a very fun idea for a post transition redpill media event. Get at me.

7279e6 No.746507

""""They can help solve problems with North Korea, Syria, Ukraine, ISIS, Iran and even the coming Arms Race.""""

Very cryptic

15e4ff No.746508

Does anyone have any thoughts about what's going to happen to the public school system? I can see the public school model of centralized teaching going by the wayside and a return to small schools or homeschooling. Maybe the public school system will stay open but parents will have free choice as to what they want to do.

But what will they do with all the buildings?

0fd238 No.746509


use less pronouns … maybe i can answer.

ca9f3a No.746510

File: 1edc7ce0cda361e⋯.png (1.25 MB, 722x1024, 361:512, wantedpepe.png)

c7b06d No.746511


Talking about us.

286002 No.746512


0f1db8 No.746513


Looks like anyone watching it knowing the word is out on their pedo programming is going to be known as a Pedo from here on out.

Damn … I can't cancel my subscription to this sick channel fast enough.!

7279e6 No.746514


Supposedly, the "plan" is to make all currency at even exchange rates

11152b No.746515


Most will not see the significance in this tweet.

bd490a No.746516


Anons, I think you need some economics 101.

Market value is based on supply and demand. Sure, price can fluctuate due to money supply and interest rates, but only incrementally.

d78454 No.746517

Can anyone explain why were fapping so hard over this Iraqi Dinar thing when every website apart from Invest say it’s business as usual? Am I missing something?

d4cd8f No.746518


i'm so glad all those normies are finally fucking seeing the light on all them goddamned fake-personality tests that simply serve as phishing info disguised in the lamest variations of "which disney princess are you?"

now if they could also understand that nazis don't actually appreciate being laughed at that would be grate

63ff7d No.746519

File: 298b0b506c5ee24⋯.png (175.26 KB, 529x447, 529:447, Assange-digginginto-May-an….png)


he isnt slowing down with this either

keep an eye on WL for a possible drop?

a2f880 No.746520


Oh man now I am hungry for pork roast, saurkraut, and mashed potatoes.

f7f5d9 No.746521


Is Brennan the "former intel dir" referred to in the Q post dropped at 22.52 last night?

ee8544 No.746522


>theory about the dinar

I'll watch your video in a bit but in the meantime, I noticed a lot of baby boomers fell for the dinar scam. Any specific angle there?

7279e6 No.746523


I meant to clarify better. This was in regards to being friends with Russia. Of course Russia can help with all those, they are all deep state products lol

7392f2 No.746524


cleanest explanation i could find… it's from 2015 so some of the reval #'s are probably different now… but i expect you'll be quickly trying to buy some foreign currency before the reset happens

aa327e No.746525


They will call on your landline, dont go anywhere

71eb2e No.746526

Still room 224, should be 924

0eb031 No.746527

File: 4990b63e2832051⋯.png (170.4 KB, 1026x655, 1026:655, Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at ….png)


the resigned president of peru was a wall street bigwig that attended princeton http:// dailycaller.com/2016/07/28/a-wall-street-bigwig-just-became-president-of-peru/

960c21 No.746528

File: ec26013762bedff⋯.jpg (46.27 KB, 530x298, 265:149, 26ux6u.jpg)

d81d93 No.746529


A lot of people thought that but I think 'intel director' meant DNI not CIA

846546 No.746530

7f4e7a No.746531


It may be real at some point, but if you're basing all this on the post above about the Dinar, you are being far to gullible. There are easier ways to set yourself up.

7279e6 No.746532

File: 0e255dd8dee823e⋯.jpeg (12.1 KB, 163x255, 163:255, 7b431ab591d904c5b29678b44….jpeg)

8307f6 No.746533


Thanks for locating that. I've seen this one, but it was not recorded on January 13 but in 2017 I think. (It as an actually military test). It fooled me too but another anon pointed out the original footage to me.

I believe that there was a missile. I'd love to see some actual video of it.

a6a5bc No.746534


I did it a year ago when them came out with that nigger show designed to make white people feel guilty for simply existing.

Haven't missed it even once.

e162be No.746535


nice find anon, it fits, I think.

looking deeper….

9d95af No.746536


Hey FBI White Hats. Over Here. Now's your chance to prove your loyalty to the US Constitution. We better see some action on this and your public statements about it. Get going. Otherwise, we'll just assume you're part of the deep state/cabal/pedo network, and there will be no deals.

506f3a No.746537


Little one-room community school house. Best way to go.

All the buildings? Put the newly homeless libtards there, until they can figure out how to work for a living.

40cf96 No.746538


as ol' jed would say

oooo dogie!

e04731 No.746539


EPIC. Once (some) normies realize that THEY are the product, they'll be mad as hell & leave those platforms in droves. Unless they mend their ways, those platforms will be finished, sitting right next to MySpace in obscurity.

7b8065 No.746540


Same here.

a2f880 No.746541



46747c No.746542

File: 8a72ddceaa628b9⋯.jpeg (559.37 KB, 750x1014, 125:169, CEEE7D8B-00E7-4F1E-A08D-C….jpeg)

15e4ff No.746543

I'm well aware of market value and supply and demand. And I also know why the price of land has been jacked higher for 15 years even with the average age of farmers now at 70-75.

It's all based on interest rate, money supply, and willingness to lend fuckery.

4fa472 No.746544


No, you're not missing anything. Just an anon or two that got overexcited about a broken chart on investing.com. MAGA on.

0f1db8 No.746545


Cough … cough, if that's what you really thought, why didn't you warn anyone then? Maybe because your bored this afternoon, and are short on your self righteous indignation for the week and thought you'd catch up on the boards with this slop.

96cc67 No.746546

Is this whole leaking thing of the "do not Congratulate Putin" ….Trump is so mad etc…all for optics?

7f4e7a No.746547


I think somebody is shooting their was a liddle bit prematurely.

a6a5bc No.746548


I'm a bit antinoun myself.

c30ee4 No.746549


Shills are absent because they know board is watched and not by them…?

75ec8f No.746550



the "Russian reset" was Clinton selling our technology (military) to Russia in return for huge donations to the CF

1eb5f3 No.746552


Clinton, Merkel, and Sarkozy saw this as a positive feature.

7392f2 No.746553


the question i ask when people say "dinar reset is a scam"… why would the iraq dinar be the first in the history of all the world wars to not reval it's currency afterward…. dinar was around 3.50 to 1USD before bush 1 went to war.

f7f5d9 No.746554


So Clapper then?

c314f4 No.746555


I've also heard ARG referenced in cicada 3301 circles, for what it's worth.

d78454 No.746556


Thanks, that’s what I thought had happened but wasn’t 100%.

a76886 No.746557


such an awesome moment. MBS is loving it.

097fed No.746558

File: 89a9c2aedc73b18⋯.jpg (40.42 KB, 361x266, 19:14, Capture comittee 300.JPG)

File: b8f8d11e3bad0df⋯.jpg (64.09 KB, 708x524, 177:131, Capture opposition tweet.JPG)

comedy central - what they don't want them to investigate

40f03b No.746559

I know this is anecdotal, but in regards to the global reset I have a interesting story to tell.

I used to frequent a coffee shop where some really 'high profile' people would visit. I met a few country music legends and low-key actors from 80s-90s movies, original founders of some pretty famous companies.

It was a very small yet pretty interesting place. A lot of the locals would hang out there as well, of course.

Every weekend a group of retired NASA scientists would meet there. They were probably in their late 60s- early 80s. One of their friends was visiting with them one afternoon, and when I stepped out to smoke a cigarette the old NASA retirees leave, he steps out as well and we start chatting.

First we spoke about basic things, small talk, the town, then we move to occupations. I find out he does 'Financial consulting.' So I ask him about bitcoin. This was just about a year ago, maybe more and bitcoin was proving to be a goldmine for early investors.

He kind of passes off giving me his opinion on bitcoin, but warns me.

"They're going to do an audit on every country, it going to start happening this summer. We are planning on making the US something that is asset backed."

I ask him how he knows and who is we. He tells me "Its my job, did it for 30 years, i'm retired now but I was asked to help."

After a LONG rant about how the banks kept screwing him and holding onto to his 'first million dollar loan' he mentioned his family.

He said he was related to the Waltons of Walmart, but was an 'out of wedlock child'.

Last summer is when he claimed the audits would start happening. I took him for his word but never saw anything about it in the news - so ultimately I wrote him off.

But with the Q leaks - I now feel like maybe he wasn't somebody I should have wrote off.

Hopefully this doesnt fucking dox me.

79f6e4 No.746560


Good choice - have a "Oa Maß" with that. Prost! And greetings to other Kraut-Anons!

Kämpft, Kämpft, Kämpft!

e04731 No.746561


Propaganda. It comes in all shapes and sizes. Divide and conquer. Fuck Netflix, right along with MSM. I liked them better when I could rent DVDs.

13aceb No.746562


Peace in NK, Middle East (Iran & Palestine), etc. would be cause for a parade. Can it all be done before 11-11-18?

bd8b88 No.746563



ecc322 No.746564


Wanna make a bet? March will pass, as will April, Without anything significant happening.

7f4e7a No.746565


Request for Oral Evidence = spit in this cup

Sounds like they want to find out whose dick has been in his mouth.

88529a No.746566


Thanks for the digging it is what I thought on a earlier post and got disagreed with.

f7f5d9 No.746567



0fd238 No.746568

d4115f No.746569


:This was a big topic in earlier breads months ago. If those guys are correct it is a lot more than the debt. Most of the debt is phantom debt anyway so it will get wiped. Would be a massive surplus.

6d937b No.746570


It could be but in the context presented and that Q spoke of saving the best for last…

In that spirit….

Anon posted a Wenatchee paper clipping from way back, 1906 like (I'd slide onto another topic relating to wenatchee but not now) and then Qs post relating to which country and keystone took on another light.

https:// wearswar.wordpress.com/2018/02/05/the-desperate-measures-to-enforce-belief-in-one-only-one-historical-event-are-escalating-in-absurdity-old-ladies-get-jail-rapists-go-free/#_ednref7

https:// thunderofgod.wordpress.com/2012/10/06/1906/

http:// www.iahushua.com/BeWise/dogma.html

Repetition of things past and that thing about conicidences….

d71ad7 No.746571


You seriously need to do some research, anon. I'll pray for you.

I bet you think we went to Iraq for "terrorism" right?


99bb15 No.746572


We got FBI whote hats potentially lurking. I bet they'd love to knock on the doors of a few Shareblues.

cb13bb No.746573

File: 58f81182d521fb4⋯.jpg (123.61 KB, 882x731, 882:731, 1510753942982.jpg)


damn i just saw its not the one..

you have the right one? link please and thanQ

pepe 4 u

07a673 No.746574

File: bba8d1d34c57f85⋯.jpg (80.04 KB, 788x460, 197:115, barack-obama-vladimir-puti….jpg)


Clearance to complete the Uranium 1 deal

5733b5 No.746575

I am not really sure….I know that a hedge fund bilked ppl out of about 23 million a few years ago selling dinars

But according to various EO's, it is legal and was encouraged to buy dinars

Boomers usually have disposable incomes, so I can see that happening

This is all new to me….until I happened on that video I had never heard of the concept


f33e20 No.746576


Now this is worth putting in the bread. Well done.

9a4115 No.746577



0eb031 No.746578

File: 4990b63e2832051⋯.png (170.4 KB, 1026x655, 1026:655, Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at ….png)

File: ca14ac01ac2a585⋯.png (220.47 KB, 1103x545, 1103:545, Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at ….png)

File: 83e4f37143eeb32⋯.png (137.19 KB, 1012x662, 506:331, Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at ….png)


tons of connections… his daughter writes for the new york times. also this article mentions isikoff

this guy is definitely worth digging in to

http:// www.nytimes.com/1999/04/19/business/media-talk-awkward-moment-for-white-house.html

5f2092 No.746579

youtube.com /watch?v=oL1NhrsmUF0

e04731 No.746580


Yes. He's teasing them while they're trying to make Russia the enemy like it's the USSR in the 60s. Fun to watch.

59eeb6 No.746581


He interviews with Stew Webb and claims 400 trillion

4c4c83 No.746582


I like this analysis. "Have you found the keystone?" SES is a sort of keystone to the whole US GOV control mechanism for the cabal.

286002 No.746583



anons will remain losers

9ec011 No.746584














11152b No.746585


Makes you wonder why Putin outed her and what her real vendetta against Russia is.

1fe5dd No.746586


There is no point in being afraid of being on "a list"…I realize we're "anonymous", but if (((they))) wanted to find you, they could do so very easily.

Remember, No Such Agency captures EVERYTHING in that monster facility in Utah, so they can see literally everything we do, right down to the IP address, and most likely right back to the physical address of the machine. I suppose VPN's are a decent safeguard, but even THOSE could presumably be tracked. One would think that HRC and Company would've realized the power of the N ess ayyy, but then again, they never thought she would lose. So now the tools (((they))) put in place are being used against them. REALLY stupid, indeed.

So yeah, I don't care anymore about being "doxxed"…living in fear is not really living at all.

Same goes for death…in the grand scheme of things, we only get to spend a relatively small amount of time in this physical realm.

Make the most of it, I sez. :-)

15e4ff No.746587


the plan has been around for years. thank you for sharing your story, makes sense.

Only thing I can think of that could have doxxed you is the fact you mentioned a coffee shop for the rich and famous… lots of people go through those places so I wouldn't worry about being doxxed.

6138b8 No.746589


The data was collected by FB when Cambridge Analytica was working for Ted Cruz - not Trump.

Maybe Bannon knew they were using the FB data, but maybe he didn't. I hope the former - Trump has already had way too many betrayals. BTW - initially, the number was 20M

people - not 50M. Also, why aren't we hearing about Google's Voting Information Project (in conjunction with Pew) and how virtually every voter "education" NGO is funded by globalists?

Anyway - This reeks of a set-up: The Center for Global Engagement was created during the Obama admin, and is part of the globalist infiltration. Cambridge Analytic's parent corp. is SCL. SCL (look at their projects) is aligned with the globalist agenda. It is SCL - not Cambridge -

that holds the current State Department contracts.

The Pentagon, prior to Trump, allocated millions of dollars to the State Dept for engagement "projects," but, to my understanding, since Trump's been in office, the State Dept. has only used about 500K of that money. Lumpkins (forget first name at the moment) was original director of Global Engagement. Current director is Daniel? Kimmage.

Then you have Alexander Nix, (resigned) director of Cambridge Analtyics, and Aleksnder Kogan (now Spectre,) the psychologist who developed the OCEAN personality test. Kogan allegedly described the purpose of the test as an academic study, i.e. the data would not be used

for anything else. Then he allegedly broke that rule by turning the data over to Cambridge or SCL.

The video - supposedly created late last year into early this year - nice timing to try and destroy Trump. Mention is made of Ukraine women. Kogan was, and apparently still is, a professor in the UK. Hmmm…We've seen coordinated efforts between, UK, Ukraine and globalists before - and NOT on Trump's part.

There are still people within the Dept. of State working against Trump. Nix, Kogan or both are dirty players, and the Cambridge Analytic "scandal" was almost certainly contrived to bring Trump down. Not working.

As far as FB is concerned, they are, at best, negligent in providing proper oversight of user data and, at worst, complicit in the scheme. It's also possible that a faction of the globalist group saw an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone - damage Trump (not happening) and replace FB with a social media site of their own.

I'll leave it there for now.

d81c80 No.746590

then by all means enlighten us with your knowledge

4c0074 No.746591

File: 5a0494e979aba19⋯.jpg (58.03 KB, 494x480, 247:240, circle.jpg)


Thanks POTUS. Message received.

Looking forward to The break

d4115f No.746592


If peace is established throughout ME, all refugees can be returned home. Which will save Europe.

d81d93 No.746593

File: 53f8cf14bc8c180⋯.png (150.65 KB, 474x657, 158:219, ClipboardImage.png)


Not sure here are all of them

7279e6 No.746594

Does Russia have a Rothschild central bank?

ccfcd7 No.746595

File: 5d29bb54ca9e8d3⋯.jpg (80.74 KB, 627x453, 209:151, trumpenergytweet.jpg)

Pretty sure he is alluding to the sale of inferior information. Mocking them for selling petty things, because the good stuff was secure from them!

Saying that they were not important then, so….

15e4ff No.746596


VPN's help a lot

Have fuckery with my computer being on here without a VPN.

1805d3 No.746597



so…the un will monitor, even though the un is a horrid rothchild/globalist entity? interim government put in place?

while this all sounds wonderful, it also sounds as though they are saying we are buying you. they will remove all government except for newly appointed people. they will ONLY be in place for 120 days…four months so that new governments can be elected.

when they get you complacent and happy with no debt, and more money than some have seen ever, then, they say


they new world order has taken over. i want to believe this could happen…BUT

when something sounds way to good to be true, what usually happens?

a1c4ba No.746598


Maybe this is why the Roths are liquidating.. Converting to gold?

097fed No.746599

File: 8a7cb9b53912fd6⋯.jpg (37.79 KB, 432x279, 48:31, Capture sun god conspiracy.JPG)

46f14b No.746600


Yep, It's American/Peruvian Banker.

e04731 No.746601


Priceless. Pun intended.

4fa472 No.746602


Everyone in the world knows that the debt currently incurred by governments can never be paid back. So I think there are multiple plans being bandied about, for good and evil, to ultimately address this problem. It's gonna happen at some point, it has to, it's just a matter of whether the people get screwed or the banksters take the hit.

The devil will be in the details.

7f4e7a No.746603


Get a hold of yourself, anon!

NO, NO I mean let go of yourself !

Go unload your guns before you figure out it ain't happening. Eat something. Get some sleep.

d4115f No.746605


Yep, we will see but truth is stranger than fiction these days for sure.

0fcc6b No.746606



What website do you refer everyone to?

4c4c83 No.746607


Cave paintings - best theory is they represent massive electrical storms that would have been present in distant (cave man) past.

506f3a No.746608


Good question. I think not, since Putin cleaned out the oligarchs. Probably why they are being kept poor at present.

Anybody know for sure?

6e8ee7 No.746609


I'm only screaming like a crazy person in here. Fox news is reporting it.

7279e6 No.746610


He is letting the cabal know he knows the truth about NK, Iran, ISIS, Syria, etc. I am not familiar with any Ukraine funny business

1805d3 No.746611


the rothys own most of the gold already.

6e8ee7 No.746613


Ball lightning?

e04731 No.746615


^^^^^^^^^^Score: A+, 100%

15e4ff No.746616


revelations 2:9 and 3:9 = bankers

God sees a sparrow fall from the tree…..

a76886 No.746617

File: aaa886e669459ef⋯.jpeg (147.63 KB, 1127x514, 1127:514, 43CF1832-5EDA-4F27-84F6-3….jpeg)

506f3a No.746618


Think the Roths are liquidating because unable to access frozen funds. They are panicking for a reason, you know. How to pay their security without fednotes?

4fa472 No.746620


And I should have stated this also: Who get bent over will likely depend on whether the globalists are in charge or patriots (of their respective countries).

143a22 No.746622

There is no reason to be afraid posting here unless you are into shady stuff. I post similar opinions openly on other platforms in my name. We are Americans and have a right to discuss what's going on in our government. We are anonymous because that's the rules of the game here and allows a little more privacy to discuss things but nobody here us truly anonymous.

9affa3 No.746623

File: 3be3afa2e16cbd0⋯.png (633.33 KB, 642x795, 214:265, uj.png)


http:// abcnews.go.com/Politics/biden-beat-hell-trump-high-school-disrespecting-women/story?id=53897309

d81d93 No.746624

File: 7257ae169a06b5c⋯.png (57.16 KB, 452x299, 452:299, ClipboardImage.png)



From Q's list

0fd238 No.746625

File: 77933974e44b599⋯.png (14.31 KB, 234x196, 117:98, Screenshot-2018-3-21 Tweet….png)

I really hate to encourage the NESARA fags but:

Let us consider what happened with the creation of the National Economic Security and Reformation Act (NESARA). The Act was passed by the United States Congress on March 9, 2000 and then sent to President Bill Clinton for his signature. President Clinton signed NESARA into law on October 10, 2000. At that point NESARA, as with any legislation so acted upon, became a “law of the land”, but wait a minute! No one wanted to enforce it. Why? No one wanted to enforce NESARA because this law required the physical and permanent removal from their government positions of all those, who were treasonous. Those, who had deliberately acted outside the Constitution of the Republic, had committed treason. Those who were treasonous included the United States president and vice president, the presidential cabinet, all members of Congress, various government departmental heads, all fifty governors of the fifty states, judges and others.

ff4de8 No.746626


When Fuckerberg gives his 'speech' tomorrow he will find a way to blame Trump and conservatives and try to make Facebook look like the innocent victim. And the fake media will take it and run with it.

c0c354 No.746627


That was my thought too. Clapper is far more intelligent than Brennan. He's formidable. Almost Rumsfeld level. I'm sure Clapper sees Brennan as a "useful idiot".

e04731 No.746628


refer to Q's list of Roth banks on 11/11

>Russia: Central Bank of Russia

d4115f No.746629



Pinnacle of Draco aka Dragons Penis.

aa327e No.746630


Q gave us a list, Russian central bank was on it

7279e6 No.746631


That might be HRC's beef with Russia then. Also, apparently did, or are, building a massive middle east oil pipeline from Kazahkstan, all the way down to Libya, and Russia was resisting it going into their country which is what we wanted. Also apparently one of the reasons we overthrew Gaddafi and Saddam, they both were resisting the pipeline (and the petrodollar). We built the Afghan section in 2002 when we went to war there

1805d3 No.746632


they know he's a pedo, right?

7279e6 No.746633


Ah ok, thanks Anon

7279e6 No.746635


Thanks anon

a6a5bc No.746636


The purpose of the military is to kill people and break things. I can think of a lot of people who need killing and a lot of things that need breaking right now.

15e4ff No.746637


you are a part of the greatest Spy Novel of all time.

This is a Live Action Role Playing game of the highest order that is actually TRUTH and REAL LIFE.

Isn't 2018 GLORIOUS?

f7f5d9 No.746638


It better be the bankers who get the short end of the stick. Too many of us are woke" to how badly we have been screwed, not just by TARP and the other shenanigans after the 2008 financial collapse, but since the beginning of the FED and the magic of fractional reserve banking.

7279e6 No.746639


Excellent thanks so much Anon

a1c4ba No.746640


If that were true, wouldn't the proceeds from sales be frozen instantly? Doesn't make sense.

I remember seeing a thread where LDR (or someone larping as LDR) stated they don't deal with our "filthy paper" or something like that.

e04731 No.746641



c30ee4 No.746642


Right. Was here yesterday when anon said they reported tip about booms being Q. Then when “investigation” open post made.

The quietness in here shows how much noise is shilling most of the time.

BO should also note what crap ISNT getting posted right now cuz they aren’t here.

>muh free speech

>muh twinks

a2f880 No.746643


Yup. Was just discussing this very principal with my family. Big difference between anarchists and patriots. We here are patriots.

adbad2 No.746644


POTUS is giving us a heads up about the upcoming reset.

1eb5f3 No.746645




Agree that we will see a new currency to immediately devalue all the FED notes hidden all over the world. They would have logistical difficulty repatriating that volume of bills.

Switching to gold backed is problematic unless you can also seize all the cabal gold and restore our reserves - otherwise we are in almost the same situation, if not worse, since China and Russia have been stacking for awhile.

a6a5bc No.746647


You report this as if you are surprised?

e04731 No.746648


No prob

1991a8 No.746649


Where’s my gift and contact? Must not have worked hard enough yet. Damn. I better work harder.

56acd6 No.746650



I hope they do. It's probably why Q has been asking us to build the map and the archives. So when normies are driven here in a mass wave by fake news, they see the proofs.

I move we create some kind of idiot proof extreme normie friendly archive with best proofs explained in a way that the most basic normie can follow.

We can just continue to direct them there to read.

75ec8f No.746651



she was expecting to be future president and needed a STRONG opponent to blow all of our tax dollars on. Russia wasn't strong enough to goad us into accepting a war against them without the "reset" and the uranium.

380549 No.746652


Are they dumb enough to just take what they are given, or might they look at the chan and realize the lies they have been told?

Da, Komrad, we b Russian bots. Trust Media Liberal.

From upstate NY, and Greek, German and Swedish type of Russian.

7279e6 No.746653


Longshot, but you think the storm will involve Trump having to step down as president?

a76886 No.746654

File: eecacec85d40d36⋯.png (1.59 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 3E6F3B4B-FB3A-4C78-BFEB-3D….png)

File: 8a1c6bbb330877e⋯.png (5 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 8738D4B9-75FF-4876-AAEF-54….png)


dc2341 No.746655

File: 2b2e725195fb13d⋯.png (477.98 KB, 1159x626, 1159:626, Screenshot 2018-03-05 at 9….png)


This topic reminded me of this

Posted 03/05

Not saying its legit but reminded me of this post.

bf0a16 No.746656

File: c1cf0b49b659f52⋯.png (58.88 KB, 599x291, 599:291, harvey2.png)

6f57f9 No.746657


Good thing hard drive storage is so cheap!!! I remember a high-end SCSI drive I bought in '92 … at the time it was the best out for desktops in the mass-produced market … $973 for 100 Mb.

4fa472 No.746658


I have faith, but have learned not to read too much into interpretations of the future. Too many see what they want to see, or have ulterior motives. What I am called to do in the present is enough for me.

15e4ff No.746659


what are you referring to?

gift and contact?

a6a5bc No.746660


And his reset button is bigger than Hillary's ever was. And it even works.

ec4cd5 No.746661


They key is to post both ways to avoid alogos and such, roll new accounts every 30-60-90 days etc.. on places like reddit.

If you hold a political card hold it the opposite of how you actually vote….

Post pictures occasionally of things that may seem out of “profile” etc…

Portray a very “neutral” social standing to the Algos.

China just brought in a social standing credit score…. horrifying.

If that happens we will have no choice but to go into wolf is sheeps clothing mode.

5ddde4 No.746662


Fiat currency is fake thus national "debt" is fake.

If rothshilds are done with then there's no one to "reimburse" for the "debt".

If all debts zeroed then there is no "debt".

0fd238 No.746663

File: 2408ce1189fac65⋯.png (920.19 KB, 931x523, 931:523, Screenshot-2018-3-21 LIVE ….png)


President Roosevelt endorsed the idea of moving COI to the Joint Chiefs. The President, however, wanted to keep COI’s Foreign Information Service (which conducted radio broadcasting) out of military hands. Thus he split the “black” and “white” propaganda missions, giving FIS the officially attributable side of the business—and half of COI’s permanent staff—and sent it to the new Office of War Information. The remainder of COI then became the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) on 13 June 1942. The change of name to OSS marked the loss of the “white” propaganda mission, but it also fulfilled Donovan’s wish for a title that reflected his sense of the “strategic” importance of intelligence and clandestine operations in modern war.

https:// www.cia.gov/library/publications/intelligence-history/oss/art03.htm

83f758 No.746664


David Hawkins his partner is more video friendly, however as far as cabal fighting longevity Field is a veteran even though he's hard to watch for the instant gratification people.

36e4cf No.746665


Correct. The real owners of the world care about resources and minerals. Not money.

0fb641 No.746666

File: a4a29073cb7ef28⋯.png (2.11 MB, 1367x793, 1367:793, thirteen.PNG)


Baby Parts is Baby Parts

50439e No.746667

UNSCRAMBLE nksuiiarboc from Trump's last tweet and you get


46f14b No.746668


Confirmed, [P] is Pindar.

15e4ff No.746669


I understand. Logic, rationale, and long hours of study make a difference.

I have faith in what's happening.

286002 No.746670


Yes, but not fully embedded like other countries.

0fd238 No.746671


I think He will easily be relected when the time comes.

960c21 No.746672

Under Fire and Losing Trust, Facebook Plays the Victim

Its not the "Trust" Zuck is worried about losing.

Its the Shekels he is losing.

https:// www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-03-21/under-fire-and-losing-trust-facebook-plays-the-victim

7279e6 No.746673


If so, makes sense why random elites are selling off their stock. white hats getting their money out of the market a little bit at a time so the market doesnt drop too heavily, and then when SHTF they cant crash the market

d81d93 No.746674


when did that happen??

c0c354 No.746675


Massive gain. Factor of 40-50. I don't think we will have a "financial reset" but if we did, and moved to a gold/asset backed currency, the purchasing power of Gold would explode overnight.

ff4de8 No.746676


My thoughts went to Clapper too. Brennan has a loud mouth and a temper, but he's not a man who is burdened with much intelligence or sophistication.

Have to admit, I am not pleased that these assholes fucked the country and lied about it and were allowed to just walked away.

a6a5bc No.746677


And you might throw in perpetuating their miserable lives as well.

36e4cf No.746678


When he made it up

83f758 No.746679


Remote detonation on their MKUltra slave. Easy peasy

1991a8 No.746680


Basically every centralized bank in the world was on it. Only a couple countries were left off.

e3a188 No.746681


Let's do it. Let's some Cali some Federal sovereignty.

50439e No.746682


The left over letters are IOU

69409a No.746683


I feel kind of satisfaction…

daac7a No.746684

File: d447276d87d2b86⋯.jpg (41.41 KB, 302x293, 302:293, watch list.JPG)

2d3177 No.746685


they're great for a lot of things but nsa is watching you thru the malware they put in all the cpus, graphics cards, sound cards, etc.

thing is it doesn't matter, if they want to get to you they aren't gonna wait for you to do anything, they'll just fabricate a story and evidence and send you to the slammer. cia is dead now so nothing to worry about there. ha

1fe5dd No.746687


I'm getting ==zero== dopamine hits from facebook…quite the opposite, actually. It's kinda depressing watching people openly advocate for violence against GEOTUS or anyone else that might have a different viewpoint.

During the "Ron Paul R3volution" (heady days, fer sher), the worst that happened was we got made fun of. TDS is a completely different animal…visceral reactions the like of which I've never seen.

83ac97 No.746688

File: ad0d8e933f2097b⋯.png (494.8 KB, 910x596, 455:298, iikik.PNG)


this was just bothering me looking back .

85882b No.746689


Space, the final frontier.

f7f5d9 No.746690


It has to be Clapper. He and Brennan have been extremely vocal against POTUS, and both were deeply involved in the intelligence leaks and set-up of the Trump campaign and transition team are are probably facing sedition or treason charges..

7ba5c9 No.746691


OK Then, since normies like your mom own about half that debt, they stop getting interest payments. Then, you Anon, are stuck with your mom living in your basement. WTF the idiots have taken over today.

d4115f No.746692


Possess. They do not own. We will see what happens with that.

0fb641 No.746693


Nice DIg, Double Damage Powerup

50439e No.746694

File: 021ec2debfc69bc⋯.jpg (12.96 KB, 255x184, 255:184, 5d29bb54ca9e8d349ae45b52fb….jpg)

Take the Capital Letters or Trump's last tweet


unscramble and you get


46f14b No.746695

I don't know if my internet is trash. (3rd world), but it seems a DDoS Attack coming.

7279e6 No.746696

Of my top 5 people I'm most excited to see indicted in The Storm, Brennan just earned a spot into the top 5 after his arrogant asshole tweet Saturday

ca9f3a No.746697

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e04731 No.746698


>I'm getting ==zero== dopamine hits from facebook

Me either. That blue cocaine isn't for everybody

c0c354 No.746699


I hope it can be done peacefully. Iran was a prosperous secular nation in recent history. I have no idea what it is like to live there today.

83f758 No.746700


Stahp with the P shittery- it does nothing for us WGAF who P is the goalposts have moved 200 times since then FFS!!

36e4cf No.746701


FINALLY a PCFAG. Exactly! So many hardware flaws, meltdown and spectre teach nothing? VPN is infiltrated, it has an access point that can be traced back to.

Using a Windows computer, period. You are comped.

Mac. Comped.

Linux…slightly safer.


71eb2e No.746702


Nope, P is for President Hillary but she didn't win. Now its President Trump.

be2f57 No.746703

File: d339cfb10448c48⋯.jpg (50.26 KB, 500x394, 250:197, Rothschild-party-invite.jpg)


The invitation in reversed text.

32294c No.746705

File: a2c349d18d478d0⋯.png (351.17 KB, 587x464, 587:464, Assange Tweet.png)

7ba5c9 No.746706


They don't own mine and they don't own any of the privately help phys.

2f957d No.746707


He'll be impeached after dems steal the House & Senate in Nov. But that's his own fault for not doing anything about the election fraud.

e20f41 No.746708


You realize that the V symbol her does NOT mean peace it means victory. Do some research see that I'm right.

83ac97 No.746710

File: 166a67eadeadf8d⋯.jpg (62.92 KB, 946x408, 473:204, 6gcb1r-hev2obrsnp2z.jpg)




post and digits confirm .

98959a No.746711


One of Obummer's foreign policy "accomplishments" was the "Russian Reset", but this could indeed be a signal for something to happen under the Trump admin

07a673 No.746712

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

143a22 No.746713

>>746661 I have no reason to hide, like I said earlier if there is a gulag list I have already been on it a few decades. I have been fighting some of this same stuff openly since the 90s.

36e4cf No.746714


FB made me depressed when I had it. The general stupidity of most people was hard to cope with. But it's hard to say that and not sound like an uppdity fuck.

11152b No.746715

File: 2d78af4e93df745⋯.jpeg (69.42 KB, 780x520, 3:2, DYuqypIW4AAzQ8y.jpeg)

0fd238 No.746717


audible KEK

e04731 No.746719


fine on my end. May want to clear your browser cache, flush DNS, etc, if you know how to.

cb13bb No.746720

File: f9ead829cc668df⋯.png (227.69 KB, 499x499, 1:1, f9ead829cc668dfe3c97222cfe….png)

just found out uranus has rings around it

6ac57d No.746722

File: e127d992f11d4b5⋯.png (265.3 KB, 640x696, 80:87, ClipboardImage.png)

Zucker fuck lives!

36e4cf No.746723


Do an ip release, ip renew in CMD

d63e0f No.746724


Just after the inauguration, I emailed the wh with a suggestion to create a public corruption agency, I am so glad this happened but why is it for WV? is it for all states?

2129f0 No.746725


Doing great work, Anon.

2345b4 No.746727




Count the letters

9, 11 or 12?

a6a5bc No.746729


If this happens there will be Civil War 2.0.

c30ee4 No.746733


I have always hated Alice in wonderland.

But that vid, almost drove me off of Tom Petty forever.

We had only had MTV for a few months and everyone was watching it.

I was oldest in my fam so didn’t really know who he was, was more into metal. Thought he was just a freak.

2d3177 No.746734


if it's electronic data, even airgapped, assume they've got a copy of it in Utah

db10cd No.746735


Not if youre clairsentient. FB has very bad juju

be2f57 No.746737

File: 1f5eb70065418ab⋯.jpg (61.06 KB, 500x493, 500:493, Salvador-Dali-at-Rothschil….jpg)


With Salvador Dali, designer of all the clothing and shitty stuff.

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