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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 077ab1e7aaf2fbf⋯.jpg (521.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 077ab1e7aaf2fbfea054d57ecf….jpg)

14ea0e No.755249

Russia Report Findings

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14ea0e No.755262

https:// pastebin.com/4f8h9abs

f41878 No.755278

File: 71f68058c7c4d67⋯.jpeg (376.66 KB, 1125x1609, 1125:1609, E60AC554-5142-4DFC-8D0B-0….jpeg)

e345f7 No.755283

File: 3f90b19b68cd9d3⋯.jpg (6.59 MB, 6000x4200, 10:7, MUELLER Scalia.jpg)


c2ff32 No.755298

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Judaism Discovered - Michael Hoffman - @ 14:20

@ 14:20 …mass murder as a mystical technique for the attainment of ecstasy and personal experience of the divine … Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg Chabad-Lubavitch

the divine?


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=mICrAiqkuFg

3e6292 No.755309


Cambridge Analytica's London HQ Evacuated Due To Suspicious Package

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-22/cambridge-analyticas-london-hq-evacuated-due-suspicious-package

dab62e No.755314

Save yourself some grief. Filter early and often, and call out the shills on their B.S.

1c4b23 No.755315

File: 3d50a4de2b1a27a⋯.png (112.43 KB, 827x275, 827:275, Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at ….png)

f1156f No.755316


Flat White thingy gets in the way of Big Yellow Flat thingy


c3870d No.755317

What about the CLOUD act? The freedom of police to get data directly and easier from tech cos? As much as I trust Q, the last thing I want is corrupt pigs with more access to my life.

f27195 No.755318

>>755288 (last bread)

My reason for asking: I ALREADY LOOKED FOR IT!

There's NOTHING directly from Q's posts saying that arrests happen during a shut down. If there's an allusion that I'm missing, then, point it out. Take your own advice and re_read crumbs. And stop confusing anon's theories with what Q actually said. It's embarrassing.

874cca No.755319

>>754503 Not one GD word of this self righteous screed is true.

7431c2 No.755320


Cuck Minister Justin Trudeau visits India in late Feb, gets snubbed.

Shortly after, Hillary Clinton also goes to India, and also gets snubbed.


Especially, Hillary.. has absolutely NO FUCKING REASON for going there.

Q said she was whitelisted, and that this was probably not smart.

Can anon's help me out? Can someone help me list the locations that they both went to? Then we can put them on a map. I suspect that at least one of the locations will be a near match.

They were MEETING someone there. I bet $10 on it.

415bd7 No.755321

I'm a stupid faggot lolol

0008e2 No.755322


and thanks for sharing that

776a06 No.755323

File: 19ca52a60308675⋯.png (721.55 KB, 648x874, 324:437, mental-illness-in-america.png)

39b239 No.755324


This is why Assange went wild on libya/benghazi yesterday. Is Macron aligned with Potus or a Globalist? How does the french justice system work? Appointed by Macron or independant?

a2373d No.755325


>and call out the shills on their B.S.

And especially mock the fuck out of them to remind them that they are clowns.

They hate being mocked.

9b4ca7 No.755326


one allusion may be that you can't arrest members of Congress while they are working on Capitol Hill.

d94139 No.755327

File: 6a69232d5e58736⋯.jpg (73.72 KB, 451x287, 11:7, russia_leaks.jpg)

They are sticking to the Guccifer 2.0 (aka Warren Flood) and Wikileaks (Russian cutout) storyline.

cd7b33 No.755328


most of Q's posts require that you you were there at the time to understand the context around the post … i could care less if you are too dumb to understand that. "show me" =filtered

3e6292 No.755329

What is the scoop on SPECTRE?

7b04a4 No.755330


>Taxes go to the queen of england in the united states corporation.

I've tried to understand the US corporation and England owns us concept, but still don't get it. Do you know of any sources other than AnnaReitz? that explains this?

ac1940 No.755331

File: d08996d606581d9⋯.jpg (96.77 KB, 960x540, 16:9, Justin-Trudeau-India-960x5….jpg)

File: 5a2ab0d3e5b756e⋯.jpg (204.54 KB, 720x523, 720:523, 5a2ab0d3e5b756e09b7f80fccc….jpg)


Pretending to be President and Prime Minister in their own imagine worlds.

1c4b23 No.755332


Isn't that a law? I swear I've read that somewhere. You might be right, lad.

64a1ce No.755333


And Blocks the Light to the Flat Thingy Below it.

Flat Head Theory

dab62e No.755334


Pathetic. Filtered.

8bfcf7 No.755335

File: 8e0f58004e7ff4f⋯.png (557.22 KB, 648x874, 324:437, CrisisActors4.png)

ac1940 No.755336

File: e485213ded2ea7c⋯.jpeg (109.2 KB, 1080x1085, 216:217, e485213ded2ea7c98e99cb6f9….jpeg)

d94139 No.755337


I wonder how many computers and file cabinets will need to be destroyed by the bomb squad for 'safety' reasons.

48d625 No.755338

File: f78454cf1657f71⋯.jpg (199.71 KB, 672x672, 1:1, Yellow Submarine.jpg)

File: 9480fc80ec83ba6⋯.jpg (198.14 KB, 798x540, 133:90, Scripture.jpg)

File: f028426dfbb23aa⋯.jpg (127.67 KB, 736x496, 46:31, lion.jpg)

File: 44150bbe17ccbf9⋯.jpeg (234.75 KB, 1046x726, 523:363, PLAY FOR KEEPS.jpeg)

9b4ca7 No.755339


more like mind kontrol and manipulation

these kids are being used

(they are not mentally ill, just severely misguided and kontrolled by their handlers)

5177fc No.755340

File: 38d2920aeb5b492⋯.png (671.15 KB, 718x804, 359:402, !General Flynn.png)

GA cover fag here.

Anons who still use "social media" please distribute this.

I feel sorry for this guy.

Will post later also.

0727c2 No.755341


HRC has ties to Indian Drug Companies, also human trafficking in that area

Australia Clinton Foundation

http:// www.michaelsmithnews.com/2016/10/ross-cameron-on-sky-with-paul-murray-re-the-clintons-and-me.html#more

a2373d No.755342


HAHAHAHA What a fucking bag of tools.

809ce9 No.755343


It's law. They can't be arrested there or travelling to and from the house.

ac1940 No.755344



Which two countries border India?

Come across the border to meet them?

9b4ca7 No.755345


yes I believe so, laddy.

48d625 No.755346


Do you why this is their symbol?

70dd8b No.755347

File: b3b127b26f09846⋯.jpg (375.6 KB, 1137x899, 1137:899, Govt Officials Stepping Do….jpg)

File: abca32df9963d1e⋯.jpg (709.85 KB, 1139x1313, 1139:1313, Internatational Events 032….jpg)

File: 0f799eae3b84220⋯.jpg (610.65 KB, 1137x1447, 1137:1447, US Leaders Stepping Down 0….jpg)

Here are some updated lists that I'm tracking (pics related). Another anon has set up this site for tracking as well:

https:// docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1B-95giwldeKgsd0nYiw_sEaSf4kGNLZgEIvEhL2mVAw/edit#gid=0

8804b0 No.755348

File: 9a6b1ebab05c48d⋯.png (90.41 KB, 847x537, 847:537, aqua.png)

File: 9d2d272f5a43bfa⋯.png (57.14 KB, 634x1224, 317:612, aquab.png)

File: e5e303952d0d243⋯.png (445.04 KB, 1194x741, 398:247, aquac.png)

File: bdfd330cbe210a4⋯.png (88.8 KB, 515x503, 515:503, qauad.png)


Did some digging on Evoqua Water Technologies because they showed up big in the insider trading list. But this is not my area of expertise.

Will need some investor anons, or water industry anons, to confirm whether there is something fishy here.

http:// aqua.evoqua.com

ac1940 No.755349





dab62e No.755350


Yes. I'm sure he'll be pardoned, but boy has he taken some crap. You do great work!!!

0008e2 No.755351


trudeau is trying for a job in the globalist world

he thought he was going to be obama suck boi

he would survive trump and he is bouncing from trump's buddy to backstabber

hillary is looking for a handler

she probable found it in queen beatrix, whose son is so evil and insane he travels full time with a psychiatrist. and make charles look stately.

down she goes

ac1940 No.755352

File: d443f44b8949a23⋯.jpg (42.87 KB, 549x407, 549:407, d443f44b8949a2394e3f973a5e….jpg)

30cdb2 No.755353

https:// www.epa.gov/saferchoice/design-environment-alternatives-assessments

345c7a No.755354

File: 3ccd5abaa521e50⋯.png (469.84 KB, 591x421, 591:421, Zuckerberg Mark 2.png)

dab7c1 No.755355


Are you serious? Macron is a Rothshild production. They groomed him to gut France—which is exactly what he's doing now.

3f3708 No.755356

JA has a new symbol on Twitter…the rabbit.

ac1940 No.755357

File: 05ecbee68fefc23⋯.jpeg (26.53 KB, 247x255, 247:255, 05ecbee68fefc231656d817d5….jpeg)

a2373d No.755358


The BO will not remove. The training wheels are off. Filter with your mind.

Ridicule them into irrelevance.

dab62e No.755359


Yesterday evening, BO said the best thing to do is filter and say you did, so others may filter too. Mass filtering, he called it.

893d9a No.755360

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is not a game. This is why we are here.

ea91a9 No.755361

Honestly thank you baker for removing the pathetic Who we are headline.

7b04a4 No.755362


Andrew H Karp, Grad degree in poli sci from GWU, congressional intern 2x, former lobbyist in DC

Answered May 18 2016 · Author has 194 answers and 377.9k answer views

Yes. Article I, Section 6 of the Constitution provides, in part: “They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.”

The first sentence quoted above gives Representatives and Senators limited immunity from arrest for some offenses while Congress is in session. It does not grant them immunity from indictment and subsequent prosecution, however.


ac1940 No.755363



Here comes the response.

Dont complain.

0ec69a No.755364


Got it. Will take it for a spin. Get some rest. Love my anon family. <3

3f4c00 No.755365

Hi all. I posted this question last thread, but it was at very end. I also took the time to re-write it so it made more sense. I have been ill with flu and unable to keep up here. Today i was reading the notables in order to catch up.

I saw on notables batch 923 the post about the FBI watchdog nailed for child molesting and his name was John H. Conditt. I was wondering if there is any connection between him and the austin bomber Mark Anthony Conditt? Was there a discussion about this, and if so can someone point me to it so I can read it. Thank you all.

3f3708 No.755366

might be wrong JA>>755356

eb8150 No.755367

Guise, any ideas in addition that potus and he disagreed on mueller firing?

President Trump's personal lawyer John Dowd has resigned as the head of the president's legal team for Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, per the NYT. A White House official confirmed the report to Axios.

40e36c No.755368

File: a05841ca8a7b2dc⋯.png (181.14 KB, 880x441, 880:441, Steele Skripal.png)

File: 9096481f2eac4f0⋯.jpg (15.91 KB, 190x390, 19:39, novichokbook3-s.jpg)


Posted this several breads back, hope it continues to gain traction.

Look at the formula. There's fuckery here, more likely that it was F_entanynl placed by C_*_A

4cc451 No.755369


White Hats in France?

ac1940 No.755370



9b8616 No.755371

File: 06b5d9962a8b99e⋯.png (260.32 KB, 987x887, 987:887, mhydro.png)

dab62e No.755372


Amen. Shills would do well to ponder that they are supporting pedophile satanists who also torture and kill children. Real nice.

786674 No.755373

(last bread) Very nice dig, anon.

>Watch the WATER

>https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judd_Gregg

For the United States presidential election in 2016 Gregg endorsed former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, and upon Bush's suspension of his campaign Gregg endorsed Ohio Governor John Kasich.[10]

>>755251 Judd Gregg divestiture

Link with

>>754988 Qest Market Analysis Tool

>>755052 AQUA - stock symbol

>>755118 "Evoqua Water Technologies

>>755166 evoQua

Q Marks the Spot in the Water?

a2373d No.755374


>Dont complain.

I don't. I laugh and mock ;)

9b4ca7 No.755375


Oh YEAH thank you Baker for deleting that shit

62754c No.755376

File: 3cc81b7c83c67f3⋯.png (11.79 KB, 510x356, 255:178, ClipboardImage.png)

FACEbook is announcing new FACE recognition software

be2453 No.755377

>>755318. You can’t arrest them while working or on their way to and from work

edb443 No.755378


Still an hourglass


49a8d0 No.755379


Yes. It is


eee9d5 No.755380

File: e165cf28044dbc2⋯.jpg (185.69 KB, 1015x600, 203:120, charlie brown.jpg)


Good way to get the attention of the Christians.

1b93a1 No.755381


>JA has a new symbol on Twitter…the rabbit.

one of the many fake assanges

0e5ade No.755382

File: 2ff602d827d3f9a⋯.jpg (68.44 KB, 1125x599, 1125:599, DY59OFOXcAEr3Il.jpg)

688a89 No.755383

File: 2c0ff7b543b74f6⋯.jpg (366.52 KB, 1079x1752, 1079:1752, Screenshot_20180322-112203.jpg)

File: 54d881a04b8d5ad⋯.jpg (557.05 KB, 1072x1734, 536:867, Screenshot_20180322-110647.jpg)

workfagging right now but I think I might be on to something. going back over the Red_Red stringers I found something compelling.

I think the first few lines of the drop might be overseas money transfers.

timeframe for the prefix is 2015 and 2016 so well within the scope of crimes.

Extra eyes on this might see what I haven't deciphered yet.

http:// worldremittances.info/h/vexh

dab62e No.755384


Future confirms past. Q mentioned this.

898903 No.755385

>>754958 (last bread)

Amen. We need to start going out in person (NOT take to the streets but with Campaigning) to get diff (R)'s and actually MOVE people in our direction. Did you see post last night from alleged Fox Employee? Anons jumped on his shit but he was right. We need to MAKE them hear us.

7431c2 No.755386


Yes this too. So did they both go to a location that would be close to the border for one of these countries to have someone come meet them?

I guess with air travel that doesn't really matter, but if that's the case why go all the way to India at all?

There's something fishy going on here! I really think they both went to India for the same reason. Their reasons they gave to the media are complete bullshit:

Here's Hillary:

http:// www.weeklystandard.com/excitement-for-hillary-clinton-in-india/article/643254

And Clinton's other wish "was to personally thank finance minister Pranab Mukherjee for his long friendship and for his contribution to Indo-US relations in a quarter century if not more." But no meeting between the two has taken place.

Mukherjee left for Manila on Thursday to take over the chair of the board of governors of the Asian Development Bank for a year.

He coincidentally arrived in Dhaka last evening for the concluding ceremonies of the Rabindranath Tagore sesquicentennial celebrations while Clinton was still in the city and will return to New Delhi late tonight, but till the time of writing, scheduling conflicts have prevented any attempts to arrange a meeting between the secretary of state and the finance minister.

Considering the lack of interest by these two individuals with whom Clinton wanted to meet, it's a bit odd (or perhaps it's simply ironic) that "excitement" is the word used to describe her visit.

a2373d No.755387

File: 7cf557a77ec91af⋯.png (528.94 KB, 1015x535, 203:107, 7cf557a77ec91af4e4a1441974….png)


HAHAHAHA What a fucking bag of tools.

500ca5 No.755388


This is why I am here and cannot sleep, this precious child and the like.

3d3225 No.755389

File: 9d899969265c578⋯.jpg (64.38 KB, 798x421, 798:421, 5eu0izef0cn01.jpg)

>they're learning

786674 No.755390

Muddy Purple, love it. Mauve?

cd7b33 No.755391


guess who just volunteered to dig on it … your question has been asked repeatedly ever since we had the name … awaiting your results.

122931 No.755392

Election Fraud Report. Enjoy the show!

The Republican candidate for a Pennsylvania district conceded to his Democratic opponent Wednesday night.

Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Conor Lamb announced his GOP opponent Rick Saccone had called him to concede last week’s election.

“Just got off the phone with my opponent, @RickSaccone4PA, who congratulated me & graciously conceded last Tuesday’s election. I congratulate Mr. Saccone for a close, hard-fought race & wish him the best. Ready to be sworn in & get to work for the people of #PA18,” Lamb tweeted.

3dda1e No.755393


Please note: mocking shills is NOT arguing or trying to educate them.

Just tell them they are assholes, then filter.

7431c2 No.755394


Of course, but put them together. Why did they both randomly go to India within weeks apart?

dab62e No.755395


Filtered the flat earth CRAP.

df33c8 No.755396


Genesis 1:9-13 DAY 3

Circle of the Earth

1c4b23 No.755397

File: 7709e0589206e76⋯.jpg (39.33 KB, 419x610, 419:610, Best trap card_d6f660_6181….jpg)

File: 0ee5749d345984e⋯.jpg (33.7 KB, 305x450, 61:90, 71 hOOt1p7L._SY450_.jpg)

File: 3d50a4de2b1a27a⋯.png (112.43 KB, 827x275, 827:275, Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at ….png)

File: 3d50a4de2b1a27a⋯.png (112.43 KB, 827x275, 827:275, Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at ….png)




Are they really about to activate Rand Paul & GEOTUS' Trap, I mean Trump card? Perfect reason to shut the government down for damn sure.

54a503 No.755398

>>754788 (last bread)

I am the anon who posted all of that a while back. The link to the pdf was in the Q post >>563386 from the c_a gov website. Should be about 28mb in size and has around 700 pages. Each page I noted are the exact document pages, not the pdf pages. I have a lot more to add to it but didn't bother since it was going to get lost in the shill and FE bullshit that was in full force. If there is a way to add the pdf somewhere while phonefagging I can and will link it here. God's love to each of you.

a81db7 No.755399

File: cd1fd9630b9ce9d⋯.jpg (72.07 KB, 720x720, 1:1, IMG_1268.JPG)

Think reality poisoning

450da3 No.755400

File: ee01f562633c263⋯.png (768.75 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, FE1.png)


853d57 No.755401


First American generation that embraced socialism, first that embraced feminism, first that talked about taking away our guns. No self awareness whatsoever. Worthless as fuck. And we will pay for you in your old age.

You know, in some cultures, when the elderly could no longer pull their weight, they walked out on an ice flow to die. They didn't want to burden their children. Something to consider.

a2373d No.755402

File: 09c700bcaa4fda0⋯.png (63.87 KB, 792x700, 198:175, 09c700bcaa4fda0ca134c9be87….png)

ff485b No.755403



this kills the guccifer argument

http:// archive.is/SdPNy#selection-13.0-13.12

0008e2 No.755404

https:// archive.org/details/cia-collection?&sort=-downloads&page=4


19c703 No.755405


Check it out, startup company selling teenage blood to the rich so they can live forever. Everything is coming to light…

https:// youtu.be/BK0lh6im1oU

6b8545 No.755406

so "yesterday", but did you Anons watch the whole video Q posted?

Comedy Central doing a skit on Q

We made Prime Time! They must be in Panic mode.

sauce- around the 9 minute mark.

https:// www.cc.com/episodes/drc1ue/the-opposition-with-jordan-klepper-march-20–2018—of-montreal-season-1-ep-1080

Enjoy the show.

Expect a lot more.



7cd46f No.755407

just got a call from anonymous 774-314-7169

that's a first silence….

dab62e No.755408


Another shill tactic … pretend to be one of the cool anons by saying "reeeeeeee" or nigger or kike or newfag or … well, you get the idea. Fortunately, they suck, so they are not very good at it. Filtered.

a81db7 No.755409

File: 241a0c02d88c9be⋯.jpg (89.48 KB, 698x1024, 349:512, IMG_1269.JPG)

Good old days

a2373d No.755410


If Rand goes for a filibuster I am going to kek my face off.

5f3750 No.755411


Last I heard was you can't arrest a sitting member of Congress while Congress is on session. The House or Senate however can order the Sgt at arms to arrest and bring them to the floor.

This is allowed so a qurom can be reached

853d57 No.755412


I used to live in Alaska. Part of the year it is dark for 24 hours a day. Sun never comes up. During the summer there is a time it never sets. Explain you miserable retards.

5a46d8 No.755413

File: dafbbd8220c24ef⋯.jpg (29.16 KB, 298x283, 298:283, 269h3m.jpg)

df33c8 No.755414

Trump lawyer who ran his mouth about Trump needing to fire Mueller, which Trump won't do was never seriously going to do, has now resigned.

9b4ca7 No.755415


ssh don't give it away

1c4b23 No.755416

File: eefadca9ca4571d⋯.jpg (405.74 KB, 2000x1200, 5:3, the-cult-of-kek-holy-trini….jpg)


Enlightening me, anon.

fafe50 No.755417


I need popcorn for this answer.

7b04a4 No.755418


He may be exhausted. He may think his piece of the work is accomplished and has other fee paying clients to tend to. Or as you say Trump may be following a different path than Dowd wanted him to follow. Lawyers provide counsel/advice; clients make the decisions.

401e74 No.755419


Better to ignore….

dab62e No.755420


That lawyer (Dowd) was urging POTUS to NOT fire Mueller.

bd8a0a No.755421


not the place for self reflection

a2373d No.755422


HAHAHAHA What a fucking bag of tools.

82bd1b No.755423

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


122931 No.755424

File: 7514fa422b853c4⋯.jpg (82.45 KB, 888x499, 888:499, wray meme.jpg)

0008e2 No.755425

a few yesterday were suggesting MZ might have been for Mohammed bin Zayed

well here is his #1 guy making news today

having fled the country

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5527313/George-Nader-key-witness-Muellers-Russia-probe-FLEES-US.html#ixzz5AQb2t2q8

a81db7 No.755426

File: b5ffd8354bbf829⋯.jpg (136.76 KB, 1063x1056, 1063:1056, IMG_1270.JPG)

Nailed it

1c4b23 No.755427

File: a1d1627954e157f⋯.gif (220.8 KB, 500x375, 4:3, giphy-5.gif)

dab62e No.755428


No, BO said to filter them and to say that you had done so, in order that others may also filter.

5a46d8 No.755429

File: 9e6063a8975eb41⋯.jpg (10.13 KB, 255x193, 255:193, 1c1b1b48861a7279693c90c9c2….jpg)

ee71dc No.755430

File: 2aeeef7588048de⋯.jpg (46.92 KB, 850x400, 17:8, FlatEarthKingpin.jpg)



Even the founder of FEfagging says ain't nobody got time for that.

ac1940 No.755431

File: ac1c365413fe354⋯.jpg (63.62 KB, 650x520, 5:4, Funny_ebd8fb_1084992.jpg)

a2373d No.755432


Nah fuck that, they just become emboldened. Playing defense doesn't work with these fucking faggot retard clowns.

122931 No.755433


Fire Mueller? Indict that fuck!

3f4c00 No.755434


okeydokey. I will try. I was just trying to find out if there was already info to piggy back on. I will get up to speed as flu fades. Thank you for response.

853d57 No.755435


An obscure comedy show mocks us- HUGE WIN!

Dems and RINOs pass 1.3 trillion dollar spending bill that could have been written by Hillary herself- eh, no biggie.

dab62e No.755436

49a8d0 No.755437



No matter how many curtains we have to pull back first, that's the curtain we're working towards. Patience is the hardest part. I have not forgotten those children & all the others they represent.

0008e2 No.755438


try and caputre 1 billion opinions in an information war

ac1940 No.755439

File: c800e169ec605a3⋯.jpeg (16.29 KB, 255x162, 85:54, c800e169ec605a30582054f5b….jpeg)

File: e485213ded2ea7c⋯.jpeg (109.2 KB, 1080x1085, 216:217, e485213ded2ea7c98e99cb6f9….jpeg)

b14db6 No.755440

>>754191 (last bread)

Hope your Rizvi material is collated and added anon. We did a fair amount of Rizvi digging last night and I think it’s a huge part of the puzzle. Unable to post just now, but have all the posts and info saved. I’ll check what’s been added of yours and add any if necessary later. Thanks RizviAnon amd thank you Baker.

0e5ade No.755441


This kills Guccifer 2.0 as well

https:// www.thenation.com/article/a-leak-or-a-hack-a-forum-on-the-vips-memo/

dab7c1 No.755442



Sometimes you really have to stop and wonder if you're going crazy or if the people you're looking at are extremely stupid. A world famous billionnaire getting some P from hot young chicks… In what universe is this a bad thing? Worse, it happened more than a dozen years ago.

That can't be it. There must be something else behind them bringing up these stories. They can't be THAT dumb. And Gloria Allred again… Jeez, even the progs are getting bored of that tired old hag now.

5a46d8 No.755443

File: 11a85c0abbdb98c⋯.jpg (43.06 KB, 432x494, 216:247, redcc.jpg)

ad6dda No.755444


Hope those 30 pieces of silver are worth it, schillses.

78a15d No.755445

File: b3c90719c6ccbd8⋯.jpg (49.01 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, homerbrain.jpg)

File: 227eaccbb477ad1⋯.jpg (18.48 KB, 320x308, 80:77, homerTV.jpg)


It is true tho

152d78 No.755446


Ask yourself every time a Trump team member is let go - was this guy/gal a leaker?

I have no information or claim to make regarding Dowd but we all know any secret skeleton in the closet is being leveraged by the cabal.

a81db7 No.755447

File: 149b9d904efd91f⋯.jpg (72.63 KB, 660x680, 33:34, IMG_1271.JPG)

Do ü Lyft

3e6759 No.755448


fuck your filter, and your lack of reading comprehension. I recall clearly anons discovering that law re: arrests (Article I, Section 6, Clause 1: Privilege from Arrest), was there. Some other anon that you should be calling dumb said that Q SAID IT. Lie. Wasn't for you idiot, was for HIM to prove his claim.

c3caed No.755449

File: d6ecd3430b7b707⋯.jpg (60.21 KB, 522x826, 261:413, 9df433e5ae2fabfa6a4335d31c….jpg)

Delayed Thanks Baker. God Bless

f27195 No.755450



Yes, we found that clause, I recall that, however, it's not in a Q drop (rad: Q didn't SAY it, anons found that), is the point that I'm making. When someone says that "Q said", they'd better be able to prove it.

Too many false claims being made on this board. as it is.

(Article I, Section 6, Clause 1: Privilege from Arrest)

ac1940 No.755451

File: c72a210d71f658d⋯.jpg (86.48 KB, 736x737, 736:737, ee16cfcd064f692d627cf05a56….jpg)

File: f5d537d4b0a4ac5⋯.jpg (350.66 KB, 833x615, 833:615, f5d537d4b0a4ac5d2cdd3d34c9….jpg)

6b8545 No.755452


Rino's ares till bought and paid for shills.

7b04a4 No.755453


And discussions between counsel and client are CONFIDENTIAL. If I had an atty. broadcasting his opinions to the public and media, I would fire his ass immediately. And probably file a complaint to have him disbarred for ethics violations.

dab62e No.755455


and to quote Q:



8fe5cb No.755456

File: 4001b2a0e7d1e70⋯.jpg (615.27 KB, 1458x483, 486:161, FuckComedyCentral.jpg)

ea91a9 No.755457

148 Character transmission on 8992 ongoing.

Thats a long message.

ac1940 No.755458

File: 3f75d1785a06dad⋯.jpg (104.27 KB, 300x300, 1:1, DanBonginoShow.jpg)

https:// www.bongino.com/march-22-2018-ep-682-sold-out-again/

cd7b33 No.755459

8cab91 No.755460


I know she went to Golconda Fort near Hyderbad (think Hi tech city) in the state of Andra Pradesh. ((The place where jobs go when offshored)) However when showing her at Golconda Fort and the nearby tombs (the travel guide she was holding before the fall), the media said she was in Mumbai (Bombay). As awesome as the Fort is, if I was touring India for fun I'd go to Agra and see the Taj Mahal, but she never went there. So I think she was seeing tech folks, data access folks. EVERYTHING IS STORED IN INDIA

a81db7 No.755461

File: b1a4508e562cdff⋯.jpg (55.7 KB, 640x481, 640:481, IMG_1272.JPG)


3d6206 No.755462


On the surface,

https:// www.shethepeople.tv/news/meeting-hillary-clinton-in-mumbai/

To give a keynote speech

cd7b33 No.755463


to translate for the NON RF fags skykangs is going nutz

21716b No.755464


Here is the problem with you flat earthers and all of your army of minions. You are universally despised across the entirety of the internet and it is not because you speak the truth or do not speak the truth.

You show up uninvited to a beautiful house someone has diligently prepared for their own purposes and proceed to take up residence smack dab in the middle of the living room and scream at the top of your lungs. You repeat the same thing over and over again and resist all logical inquiry and instead simply stick to the script you are comfortable with.

The unfortunate thing is that the residents had mercy on you and even built an addition to the home specifically for you and you refused their accommodation and repeatedly head back into the living room over and over again.

What do you suppose would happen to someone that did this in real life? Why do you insist on conducting yourself in this manner and do you really think this is how a supposed Christian is encouraged to act? Please provide biblical examples of any of the disciples being instructed in this manner.

Do you really believe that people are encouraged to take your message seriously when you present it in this manner in every place that you invade? Really?

39b239 No.755465


Is the number close to your number? I've been getting calls from numbers that are just a couple digits different from my own recently. I don't answer them.

a16112 No.755466


Yeah, that funding bill pisses me off more than some low-rated comedian. I don't get this board sometimes.

1a9ded No.755467


And tons of anons make incorrect assumptions and interpretations about Q drops all the time.

I could care less if you are too dumb to understand that you can't take anon posts at face value, and if they are too butt hurt to provide sauce on their comment it probably means they didn't have any to begin with.

0008e2 No.755468


Trump is definitely a different kind of manager

he hires his enemies and discards them as needed

they think they are clever right up til their name starts trending and they learn of their new spot on the dust heap of failed coups

0e5ade No.755469


CIA Phoenix Assassination Program files

https:// archive.org/details/cia-phoenix


https:// archive.org/details/stargatefiles

Office of Strategic Services files

https:// archive.org/details/office-strategic-services


https:// archive.org/details/mkultrafiles

3b65d2 No.755470


You are not ready for freedom.

be2453 No.755471

>>755450. In Anons defense, we were all trying to figure out why the push for govt shutdown and found that they could not be arrested during work

a2373d No.755472


>skykangs is going nutz


98a684 No.755473

File: 2f543bace5089fd⋯.jpg (113.2 KB, 736x1417, 736:1417, Popcorn2.jpg)

Enjoy the show.

122931 No.755474


It's true that the current younger generations have been failed by their forbearer's blindness to govt and bus corruption. Theyve had no real education and no jobs. We had The Who, Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa. Theyve had Beyonce and Jay-Z and a whole lotta other low-life "culture." Very much unlike when I came up in the 80s (our last decent President before now). It's up to the younger generations, however. to either make excuses for the rest of their lives or do something.

What Would Jefferson Do?

ea91a9 No.755475


DAMN. It's so long he just misspelled at character 103.

30cdb2 No.755476

Why filter FE? Its harmless..

Seems that the insistence to do

so is telling.

fd71d7 No.755477

File: c7be2e1adcf58cc⋯.jpg (11.5 KB, 255x136, 15:8, 20e6d3aaa2e133f8313296afb3….jpg)

File: f66e5aeb041191c⋯.jpg (12.45 KB, 255x170, 3:2, cfdd129df278440331bd42fffa….jpg)

It's funny, we rage against flat earthers while we invite muslims in our midst.

Cognitive dissonance much?

Welcome to the Flat Earth Research ProjeQt ;)

Okthxbye. Back to work.

786674 No.755478

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Hard to step away when I drew such a gorgeous color this bread and anons. are Jammin' on all cylinders on both land & sea.

One more bread then Spring is calling. Gave us quite a surprise to make her appearance.

If you can dig the Loch Ness Monster, I found something else in that neighborhood also strange : Escape From Pompeii.

6b8545 No.755479


That comedian….does he know what he stepped in with his insults to the finest Autists on Earth?

7b04a4 No.755480


Based on some Q drops about Traitors and Treason, some members of Congress could be arrested in the middle of a speech in the House or Senate chambers.

However, that would be overly dramatic and unseemly.

c3f1e7 No.755481


SES + BILL CLINTON + G.H. Bush were Phi-Beta-Capa as is HC. They used the CIA private equity Group investors including David Johnson, Alice Hay, commander in Europe, to take bets in elite hotels (such as done at Mandalay Bay) junket rooms to plan murders. In the case of 9-11, they bet on the SES coup-de-etat during the 9-11 war games.


They have a 2-CLASS SYSTEM:

① The Elite, the untouchables of the SES.

② The people they want dead.

They run the murder for hire activities.


THE SERCO- CLINTON FOUNDATION – CIA – SES MURDER NETWORK. 18 Murder-for-hire services explained.

SERCO, a private British foreign-owned corporation:

① Controls and runs SES.

② Controls the MSM via the CIA.

③ Runs the assassin teams.

SERCO uses “demon” face-recognition software to track SERCO´S 18 murder-for-hire services on the Federal Bridge Certification authority for The Clinton Foundation. The killers hired, such as in the case of Seth Rich, are then tracked via the same system and killed, to eliminate the potential witnesses. All recent murders of people associated with HC, The Clinton Foundation, the DNC are all a result of this SERCO – SES – CIA MURDER-FOR-HIRE NETWORK.

More details can be found here:

Obama's Secret Army FOUND! (SES)

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlRIxkVTyeA




I really doubt they would put someone in like that just to get dirt on him. The damage done would be too great just to frame someone. Does not make sense.



https:// www.endchan.net/aaanwopros/res/358.html

ac1940 No.755482

File: 9a04e8afed62754⋯.jpg (74.95 KB, 500x712, 125:178, 9a04e8afed627548ecbf60e85d….jpg)

b77747 No.755483

File: 26056c8dca8b54c⋯.jpg (159.29 KB, 545x960, 109:192, tumblr_olpgfrpT2p1r9ije4o1….jpg)


Fucking kek, that's gold

3d6206 No.755484


http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/03/hillary-clinton-injures-hand-india-visit-cancels-scheduled-events/

This one here alludes to more than one event as found in times of india

a81db7 No.755486

File: 1b437063a0afcd6⋯.jpg (86.34 KB, 639x697, 639:697, IMG_1273.JPG)

Thrasymachus making memes

dab62e No.755487


Filtered … flat earth.

e49a84 No.755488

File: 0c3ecc879a5d890⋯.jpg (226.83 KB, 648x874, 324:437, time-jump-shark-3.jpg)

File: ad547ed7d1574e2⋯.jpg (222.81 KB, 648x874, 324:437, time-jump-shark-1.jpg)

File: 2127bac38e4250e⋯.jpg (218.62 KB, 648x874, 324:437, time-jump-shark-2.jpg)

use these

f41878 No.755489


Unknown, but public prosecution after 2 days questioning and Ghadaffi’s son says he has evidence (and there are the Hillary tapes).

https:// www.nbcnews.com/news/world/sarkozy-given-preliminary-charges-gadhafi-s-son-offers-evidence-n858976

1b93a1 No.755490


i don't see "image drop" as related to the Getty thing, i think here Q means the images he dropped of the live asian op

eee9d5 No.755491

File: b6633f9d729c603⋯.jpg (63.17 KB, 405x443, 405:443, VegetablesGirl.jpg)

3e6292 No.755492

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said Tuesday during an appearance on The Laura Ingraham Show podcast that the term “deep state” accurately describes how an unelected bureaucracy of national security officials in positions of power exert influence without Congressional oversight.

“Absolutely, there is a deep state, because the deep state is the intelligence agencies that do not have oversight,” he said.

“Only eight people in Congress know what they’re doing, and traditionally, those eight people have been a rubber stamp to let the intelligence communities do whatever they want. There is no skeptic among the eight people that are supposedly overseeing the intelligence community.”

The “Gang of Eight” that Paul referenced is made up of the majority and minority leaders of the House of Representatives and Senate, along with the chairmen and ranking members of the two intelligence committees, and are the select few members of Congress with real-time access to America’s most sensitive intelligence.

Paul pointed out that he believed Obama-era CIA Director John Brennan, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and others used intelligence collected “without any judicial warrants” for political purposes, in addition to “try to bring Trump down.”

“John Brennan and James Clapper were doing whatever the hell they wanted, without any judicial warrants, and I think there were numerous people in the Obama administration who were using intelligence — one, to try to bring Trump down; but two, also, they were using it for political purposes,” he said.

“And this is very, very worrisome.”

a2373d No.755493


>What do you suppose would happen to someone that did this in real life?

They would get a swift backhand across the mouth and shown the door, posthaste.

Because they are faggots

f81493 No.755494


oh look there's Cagney & Lacey

dab62e No.755495


Filtered … flat earth.

eee9d5 No.755497



ab8911 No.755498

Trump may be in position to force Mueller to end his probe soon.

The key witness gone.

Without him they have nothing.

An obstruction charge wont hold any water.

http:// thegatewaypundit.com/2018/03/report-robert-muellers-shadowy-witness-flees-the-country-after-hes-exposed-as-convicted-child-molester/

Things getting to hot for Trump's head lawyer?

He's gone today.

This may be strategic, someone might have had dirt on him.

https:// www.nytimes.com/2018/03/22/us/politics/john-dowd-resigns-trump-lawyer.html

The end of the Russia BS is when the real fun begins :)

f41878 No.755499


Great one anon!

f27195 No.755500


Hey, you, see. >>755450 and >>755448. Context. Q did not SAY that there would be arrests during shutdown, anons discovered it while digging based on what Q did say re: shutdown. There's a difference.

I was there, recall clearly. Otherwise, I wouldn't have made the distinction, or would have believed that Q DIRECTLY SAID IT w/o looking for myself.

8cab91 No.755501


Adding to another anon comment. India is also know for medical tourism, especially medical tourism from countries with govt socilizedHC, especially the UK. It is major big business. Also "plastic surgery", but India is big on knee and hip replacement, anything that has a huge wait list in the UK and other socialized medicine countries. If HRC need a procedure under the radar, India is a place to go and cost half as much. You recover in a hotel not the hospital.

ae8e2f No.755502


She's gotta be a pricey one too. Scary.

They've got more little brown boys then they know what to do with.

Those probably wind up going to the organ harvesters, like surplus apples get made into apple sauce or smaller one's or if they have imperfections etc. Only the red, ripe, juicy one's get the full price.

Hot ones I'm sure are far more "valuable" just like any commodity. Sad. So dehumanizing.

1c4b23 No.755503

File: 7cc7efae0a46370⋯.gif (882.13 KB, 312x213, 104:71, 7cc.gif)

9f01ef No.755504

90 percent of the patents were held by IBM and given to Facebook. Must be 500 patents to control the media that was IBM whose ideas they stole from inventors sold to FB.

ICBM need the IBM to take off. They would sell their parents. The I in IBM does not stand for America.

5a46d8 No.755505

I'm beginning to think the shills switch tactics every bread. It's flat earth in the day and jew hating nonsense at night.

Just don't reply and filter

a81db7 No.755506

Faggots homo queerbait cuckolding

ac1940 No.755507


Remeber when Q wrote



Did everyone notice it was not in all CAPS? My feeling means something important that is a lead up/ step to the main event. Q would write [WEDNESDAY] if it was a main action.

Thoughts, Anons?

627b15 No.755508


Damn, never going to get any sleep now attention whore.

853d57 No.755509


I don't hate them for that. I hate them for the fact that they are so so fucking stupid. You don't need advanced math to see the earth is round. You don't need special equipment. You can sea the ships rise into view as they come over the horizon. You can see the seasons. You can go north (or south) and see the times of the year when the sun never sets or never rises.

When I see a flat earther, I cant help but feel some degree of sympathy for the elites. They call us cattle, sheep, subhuman idiots. The presence of flat earthers just go to show that at least for a large chunk of the population, they are absolutely right.

ce29dd No.755510

File: a102cd9ecab9c3f⋯.png (777.68 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-03-22-11-3….png)

File: e76fcca21270b76⋯.png (975.76 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-03-22-11-3….png)

http:// www.newsweek.com/obama-new-zealand-kiwis-clamor-access-former-president-854402

a81db7 No.755511

File: e7af9cafbf1a952⋯.jpg (81.61 KB, 946x729, 946:729, IMG_1274.JPG)

9e8084 No.755512

File: 0b4ed42698e540b⋯.png (104.47 KB, 591x831, 197:277, Hogg re muffins.PNG)

a2373d No.755513


HAHAHAHA What a fucking faggot clown.

dab62e No.755514


This is a shill, pretending to be a perfectly reasonable anon. Filtered.

ac1940 No.755515

File: ac1c365413fe354⋯.jpg (63.62 KB, 650x520, 5:4, Funny_ebd8fb_1084992.jpg)


Forget niggaz…

1c4b23 No.755516


So next Wednesday? What are you getting at, fam?

e49a84 No.755517

File: 1de1f68ca34e3c7⋯.jpg (216.33 KB, 648x874, 324:437, time.jpg)


or make your own

c3f1e7 No.755518

The Swamp SES murder-for-hire system exposed!!




Now you know the truth.

The truth shall set you free!

The Solution to Free The Planet!


edb443 No.755519


People seem to be quite upset over this Omnibus steamer.

f10aab No.755520


What is this?

0008e2 No.755521

File: 4638ed0eaa885cf⋯.jpeg (40.81 KB, 590x200, 59:20, pence-and-trump-e14684642….jpeg)

doesn't pence look like his has got a rack hiding under that suit jacket?

786674 No.755522


Holy Titanic, anon. That's a boatload of divesture for single day. What site is the SEC Filings pic from? Resource I use hasn't picked it up yet.

Please share link and I will take a deeper dive.


30a7d1 No.755523


He was comped.

Now acting like Nunberg.

Crazy what they do when their fired.

ea91a9 No.755524

Skykings is going nuts.another 48 Character Transmission. The third win a row.

1b93a1 No.755525


nope (or if only to help idiots distinguish Assanges)

ce29dd No.755526

File: aa3892288fd46d4⋯.png (931.03 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-03-22-11-4….png)

File: 1a089173d93c1c0⋯.png (448.81 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-03-22-11-4….png)

File: ecda46cfcfcd8b8⋯.png (409.51 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-03-22-11-4….png)

https:// uk.mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUKKBN1GX08W

ac1940 No.755527


No, Wednesday passed. Several things happened…but not the big thing.

Fridays are always good. Wonder what might occur tomorrow. Last Friday McCabe was fired.

dcf6ba No.755528

755446. Did I hear them say Dowd represented the one We Don't say his name in the past?

30a7d1 No.755529


maybe bullet proof vest?

f81493 No.755530


Joe Degenaro came in and Dowd went out

853d57 No.755531


Good logical argument you have there. Thanks for making my point.

ac1940 No.755532


Never looked at it to verify

a81db7 No.755533

File: 761d722524889dd⋯.jpg (69.73 KB, 800x600, 4:3, IMG_1275.JPG)


Between you me and the mailman

ce29dd No.755534

File: ea33f598d0b9e4c⋯.png (396.7 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-03-22-11-4….png)


https:// m.timesofindia.com/world/rest-of-world/obama-shares-parenting-tips-with-new-zealand-pm-ardern/articleshow/63410935.cms

415bd7 No.755535



ac1940 No.755536


NZ govt is hiding a lot. They were in on the cabal, NWO.

623cd2 No.755537


"Rest will be forthcoming" KEK!

and we're done here folks. This bill is a steaming pile of shit that funds planned parenthood AND sanctuary cities among other disgusting shitlibs causes.

0008e2 No.755538


https:// www.puppetstringnews.com/blog/video-surfaces-of-obamas-eric-holder-stating-brainwash-people-about-guns

f27195 No.755539


I agree. Doing so would only feed into the "he's a dictator" narrative. Best to do everything by the book (Constitution), and no one can cry foul later.

145e60 No.755540


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Senior_Executive_Service_(United_States)

re-read Q breadcrumbs about finding the keystone.

3e6292 No.755541


Someone do a good, I mean really really great ones with "Mental Illness" as the theme.

9b4ca7 No.755542


Joe diGenova

623cd2 No.755544

File: b44ed3033086d62⋯.png (73.55 KB, 585x320, 117:64, trump.png)

a16112 No.755545


That bill, if signed, will definitely be a set back, both for draining the swamp and red-pilling.

ab8911 No.755546


NZ is cucked so hard.

I think Kim expected this rejection.

But was a great way to get ppl attention on crimes of Hussein.

1b93a1 No.755547


and yet you call for notable?

what the f are you doing here?

have some standards, if only for your own self-respect

5f3750 No.755548


Nothing in your useless screed is true.

FDR was a fascist/socialist back in the 1930's. Truman was one also.

So go read a book.

9f01ef No.755549


Will Mueller bring in the Storm?


The storm is upon us.

dec4e1 No.755550

Sessions Issues Memo to U.S. Attorneys on the Use of Capital Punishment in Drug-Related Prosecutions

https:// breaking911.com/sessions-issues-memo-to-u-s-attorneys-on-the-use-of-capital-punishment-in-drug-related-prosecutions/

ac1940 No.755551

Great to see the tech stocks dropping again today…

ae8e2f No.755552


There AREN'T flat earthers.

They're all black ops.

Now that we see Q is "hitting the big screen" it will just be SOOOOO convenient for them to have all this flat earth stuff handy to show Americans watching at home JUST WHAT THIS WHOLE Q THING IS REALLY ABOUT.


bea6c8 No.755553

File: d5553fe47fbc653⋯.jpg (309.85 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

ac1940 No.755554

File: 71373c5556d1bb9⋯.png (292.91 KB, 500x553, 500:553, 71373c5556d1bb97f23162cd7c….png)

aa5929 No.755555


8cab91 No.755556


Nepal, Pakistan, Bangledesh, Butan, China

5a46d8 No.755557

File: 74a85ba2ea66511⋯.jpeg (83.98 KB, 883x477, 883:477, hrc video.jpeg)

dab62e No.755558


Hmmnnnn, not liking that "rest will be forthcoming."

f41878 No.755559


On the bright side, this leads to exposures/disclosures on HRC, Samantha Power, Susan Rice, Benghazi, Libya…

1211c8 No.755560


Gitmo isn't free.

bea6c8 No.755561

File: c842436ac9ff832⋯.jpg (23.96 KB, 285x268, 285:268, deeznuts.jpg)

1c4b23 No.755562


Word to big bird. Makes sense. Good Friday is next week too. I'd like to see some comfy happenings then as well.

401e74 No.755563


^^ THIS ^^

3d6206 No.755564


A bit of a stretch but maybe some folks made a sojourn for the Colgate palmolive board meeting

http:// www.moneycontrol.com/stocks/stock_market/corp_notices.php?tab=peers&autono=10949661&classic=true

c3f1e7 No.755565



Fast & Furious.

https:// www.endchan.net/aaanwopros/res/199.html

0008e2 No.755566


we are the game

this is the game

we are the keel

78a15d No.755568

File: ba5b23d868f6dab⋯.jpg (118.7 KB, 500x674, 250:337, ParklandJews.jpg)



ac1940 No.755569

File: 64267318915a65b⋯.jpg (94.87 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 64267318915a65b6392ebee5ed….jpg)

dab62e No.755570


This is why they have to be called on their bullshit, every time.

ac1940 No.755571


2 and 5

fd71d7 No.755572

File: 429235a4c611c42⋯.png (6.03 MB, 1857x3523, 1857:3523, Discworld_Reading_Order_-_….png)

I never thought I would post something like this but there you go:

definitive proof of flat earth, pic related, it's all in there.

bea6c8 No.755573

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3e6292 No.755574


Thanks clown. BLOCKED

a16112 No.755575


On the top of the list of statements by politicians worldwide.

5df927 No.755576

File: b285218d2b333ed⋯.jpg (72.19 KB, 754x293, 754:293, RT.jpg)

The shill circus is back.

Shame you faggots didn't die in the snowstorm.

1c4b23 No.755577

File: ea70ca977c25bd5⋯.jpg (26.6 KB, 230x345, 2:3, 82657-quints-0-230-0-345-c….jpg)

dec4e1 No.755578


Where is the link to this?

6b8545 No.755579

File: a83e935a75088f1⋯.png (593.25 KB, 1183x544, 1183:544, kobi2.png)

c3f1e7 No.755580


Robert Mueller Exposed.

https:// www.endchan.net/aaanwopros/res/29.html

American Intelligence Media

https:// www.youtube.com/channel/UCv0dEcvXLOf4ZFvjCahK4Lw/videos

893d9a No.755581

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a81db7 No.755582

File: abd7dbc11c0caa6⋯.jpg (31.89 KB, 460x280, 23:14, IMG_1276.JPG)

No ones gonna drag you up to get into the eigentlichkeit where you belong … but where do you belong

8bfcf7 No.755583

File: ac3f3fd8f5f1d75⋯.png (553.04 KB, 648x874, 324:437, CrisisActors5.png)

ac1940 No.755584

File: 3579a3323b4d752⋯.jpg (30.43 KB, 414x508, 207:254, 3579a3323b4d752003c5b6166e….jpg)



f27195 No.755585


Yes, that was discovered and we anticipated it (arrests) happening during Chucky's shutdown (Thank you for visiting the WH). But, it was short lived. The only bone tht I have to pick is anons claiming the Q said something that Q clearly did not say. It's misleading, irresponsible, and outright sloppy given that MSM+ others are starting to take notice and look for ANYTHING to discredit this board.

d94139 No.755586

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Highly curated Paddock video that aligns with their narrative.

6b8545 No.755587


The KEK is strong this morning.

7c94c8 No.755588

Been doing a little digging and backtracking on Snowden. I have been trying to piece together some things. My working theory is that @Snowden and JA are tied together. The main question I was trying to figure out was why @Snowden was a VIP. Why does that person specifically tie into this when other people could do his job. I will try to keep this light so people actually read it.. but here it goes

Hillary Clinton has the "email' server scandal. In realitiy the SAP's that she was leaking were the NSA programs @Snowden made aware to the public in his rise to fame. The leaks weren't just ment to sell to the Chinese and Russians, but to leak the "enemy's" (NSA/MI) SAP's to deepstate actors in the major countries. XKeyscore and PRISM play directly into censoring the Internet and the #IBOR stuff was ment to point us in the general direction and give a broad overview.

Now whether it was reverse engineering or actually using the programs, whatever the details were… the Deep state needed someone with experience to come in and help. In comes Snowden. A deep state plant inside the NSA. Wondering why he was so important was an issue, because I highly doubt he would have been able to smuggle out any SAPs or programs, due to security proticol etc etc. But if China and Russia already had the programs due to HRC's server, Snowden would have been learning about those programs from the inside, basically training to do what he's currently doing (As of March)

Q asks "Who provided support to escape?(ref @Snowden)

Who was the US after during this time?

JA - have you learned & eliminated L-6?"

JA became aware of everything on the HRC server. SAP's (and whether by using them, or just also on that server) Pizzagate, Spirit Cooking, Censorship, etc… Deepstate knew that an outsider had all this info, so the whole Snowden opperation was done to counter any info JA leaked.

So I will sum it all up right here…


JA obtains key info from the HRC server scandal. The server scandal was a way of getting SAP's to the deepstate actors in every country that is a major player. Snowden was a deepstate plant in the NSA to learn how to use XKeystroke and PRISM from the inside out. He goes to China and Russia to set up the ability to censor the internet in these places, based off the SAP programs. He was the deepstate's response/counter to JA and the Server scandal.

c5af6d No.755589

PSA - Please remember that Wikileaks is a psyop and CANNOT be trusted. All data dropped is 100% verified and correct its not the data its the motives

https:// www.hooktube.com/watch?v=6Sn8DPl3LLI&t=2687s

dab62e No.755590


aaaaand … it's gone. Filtered.

14ea0e No.755591



c3caed No.755593


Took them long enough to make this didnt it.

415bd7 No.755594

so many beautiful people in my life that I am thankful for

2034de No.755595

eee9d5 No.755596


Not even you.

Jesus saves

Not even me.

Everything is spiritual.

We should never forget that.

ccdccc No.755597

I met a family member for lunch today

Thought I'd show her that Trump speech on YouTube as a mild way to begin the path of red pilling her

When POTUS started talking about Clinton she got "triggered"

5f3750 No.755598


Don't forget stars are angels, so we have really fat angel in our sky

1574a5 No.755599

File: 26547252a85676b⋯.png (580.53 KB, 777x474, 259:158, ClipboardImage.png)

3e6292 No.755600


How long was it in the production studio before it got the okay from the spooks?

8bfcf7 No.755601

File: d315e968b33a9bd⋯.png (555.44 KB, 648x874, 324:437, CrisisActors6.png)

0008e2 No.755602

File: d97681f982e5c0f⋯.jpg (21.92 KB, 282x179, 282:179, msm.jpg)

fafe50 No.755603

I can't find the Q post where he links a video to Trump making a Q as he says a certain term Q wrote prior.Anyone have it?

f10aab No.755604

FBI tactic is to go undercover and stir shit up. Suggest illegal stuff and then push you towards doing illegal stuff, and then arrest your ass or kill your ass like Finicum and they walk away laughing. American Heroes

36f3c2 No.755605

Holy Shit! Trump just called the tariffs a mirror!!

ea91a9 No.755606

The Long one:

Sender: Stargate

Receiver: YDH722



c5af6d No.755607


HRC and Obama destroyed Libya, whats this got to do with the frogs?

6b8545 No.755608

Trump Live

just called the tariff a mirror.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCVpnS9R6lw

9b4ca7 No.755609

File: e90e76435697e1e⋯.png (530.13 KB, 1456x678, 728:339, schedule.png)


where's he going?

not scheduled to leave WH today

78a15d No.755610


You suffer from mental illness as evidenced by your pavlovian emotional childish reaction to a word

0008e2 No.755611



but for the Grace of God

30cdb2 No.755612



36f3c2 No.755613



fafe50 No.755614


Entrapment is their best method of "Justice".

dcf6ba No.755615

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/755249

From Wikedpedia

Dowd represented Arizona Senator John McCain during the Senate Ethics Investigation known as the Keating Five in hearings held in 1990 and 1991.[21] John McCain was cleared for impropriety by the Senate committee, but was reprimanded and criticized for his poor judgment.[22]:6

8315b2 No.755616



ea91a9 No.755617


Fucking Autocorrect Stockade not Stargate

bea6c8 No.755618

File: fdad7bd1d8adc0f⋯.jpg (234.11 KB, 648x874, 324:437, 1de1f68ca34e3c7dbe33213980….jpg)

a2373d No.755619


Rand can do it too.. He's in the top ten of longest Senate filibuster record holders (#9 with one lasting 12 hours, 52 minutes).

1574a5 No.755620

File: 78ca2f523b81090⋯.png (1.07 MB, 995x696, 995:696, kekly_digits.PNG)

dec4e1 No.755621


So glad this is being updated. Thanks Anon

a81db7 No.755622

File: 70007c0c5f99dbf⋯.jpg (56.07 KB, 720x531, 80:59, IMG_1277.JPG)


eee9d5 No.755623


Wrong! We are many, and GROWING.

None have disproven any post.

f41878 No.755624

File: 822978e89537e1b⋯.jpeg (246.03 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 5CC0BED5-EFDC-4C92-A0CB-9….jpeg)


That day in news:

c3caed No.755625

File: da4941c19afb250⋯.jpg (15.75 KB, 259x145, 259:145, 260px-Sg1stargatefront.jpg)

0008e2 No.755626

File: 2df0a567b3c3b47⋯.jpg (21.44 KB, 189x255, 63:85, 26x6tj.jpg)

509241 No.755627


Idiots and their tramp stamps. Tattoos are so fucking stupid.

e231f6 No.755628


Uh. Every single FE post has been disproven. Nice try, shill.

a81db7 No.755629

File: 44eac3624fea0e4⋯.jpg (41.12 KB, 308x280, 11:10, IMG_1239.JPG)


Repost from last night

3e6292 No.755630



He is Live now at the WH

5a46d8 No.755631


I like this one

ab8911 No.755632


POTUS live right now see >>755608

So hes not on AF1

But wtf is going on today?!

f27195 No.755633


Which video?, there were @ least 2 fitting your description

d94139 No.755634


It shows how he got all the bags to the room (using bellmen, over days).

Adds a few new details about him having a room at the Ogden, and driving back/forth to Mesquite to get more weapons.

They have edited out anything that might show him meeting with anyone else.

It doesn't talk about or explain other things rumored to have been found in his room (laptop without a hard disk, military cell phone charger, etc).

178d9b No.755635


Where's the sauce anon? Thanks in advance

fafe50 No.755636


Most recent one.

eee9d5 No.755638

File: ea8c8a58555e676⋯.jpg (289.27 KB, 852x942, 142:157, see far.jpg)

fafe50 No.755639


2-3 weeks ago tops, I'd say. But time blurs when you lurk.

a2373d No.755641


HAHAHA You're a double posting faggot

503106 No.755642

File: bfb09748ced4317⋯.jpg (13.33 KB, 216x234, 12:13, Cryptkeeper.jpg)

Trump's ex-attorney John Dowd is 77 years old?!?!

God almighty, why do those freaks in DC ever retire?

What, are they scared they can't make it until the Grim Reaper comes for them on just $20 million, and they need $30?

I can see working until 65 or even 70 if you actually need the income.

Not if you were already financially successful in 1975.

Ego isn't a valid reason to keep working.

Avoiding spending time with your family isn't a valid reason to keep working.

If you haven't done it by the time you're 77, you ain't gonna GET to do it.

Go the fuck HOME and get out of younger peoples' way.

48518a No.755643

F-35 is a piece of shit.

d4c988 No.755644

File: 7ab75f174629e88⋯.jpg (55.61 KB, 640x360, 16:9, _67100859_67089279.jpg)

File: 1e22a731f9772fb⋯.jpg (47.87 KB, 700x470, 70:47, 22_big.jpg)

File: 911336fc2c1280c⋯.jpg (106.29 KB, 615x402, 205:134, 46193.jpg)

File: 8d4f2b8c40ae90e⋯.jpg (48.13 KB, 625x361, 625:361, 1018316866.jpg)

FEEDBACK REQUESTED: I'm thinking of some memes that may be in poor taste, but may be powerful.

Matt Drudge called social media "Internet Ghettos" a year or so back - where we are all trapped and controlled online.

Drudge suggested that we all "build our own things" so that we aren't silenced (easy for Drudge to say, right!) – anyway, I've been thinking of social media as Internet Ghettos might be a powerful meme – using WWII photos of Nazi ghettos as powerful visuals… the problem I am struggling with is – real people were actually controlled (and often killed) in these WWII ghettos.

Do "Internet Ghettos" warrant such a painful real-world comparison?

Help me understand.

4cc451 No.755645



509241 No.755646



The guy never reveals anything, he's a waste of time.

2034de No.755647

POTUS signing now!

94fbd3 No.755648

File: 40b3a1e88ecd853⋯.jpg (416.57 KB, 1602x1620, 89:90, Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at ….jpg)


FE be like

bea6c8 No.755649

File: 74bb2d12dcd0e66⋯.jpeg (10.97 KB, 255x138, 85:46, 74a85ba2ea66511bb90883bc8….jpeg)

14ea0e No.755650


Sure, whatever you say Hillary.

fd71d7 No.755651


poor sod, even taking the time to write this out and post it.

pathetic, get a life dude.

If you don't wanna see what's going on here, stay away. There's more URLs where this one came from.

Come to think of it, if this is the way to lose the FEs, so be it. cheers.

3e6292 No.755652


9b4ca7 No.755653


ah thanks


keeps falling off radar

dec4e1 No.755654


Trump says he didn't. They want him to talk to Mueller so when Mueller asks did he have sex with Stormy and he says 'No' under oath….they will say 'Gotcha' and then impeach him for lying like they did Bill Clinton for the same damn thing.

9f01ef No.755655

Omnibus Bill Includes Specific Clause Barring Funding for Donald Trump ‘Wall’

The 2,232 page Omnibus bill includes a specific clause barring funding for a wall on the southern border that mirrors the new prototypes already there.

The bill reads:

The amounts designated in subsection (a)(2) through (a)(4) shall only be available for operationally effective designs deployed as of the date of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2017, (Public Law 115–31), such as currently deployed steel bollard designs, that prioritize agent safety.

The clause allows Democrats to say that the bill does not fund Trump’s wall, and allows Republicans claiming that border security funding includes funding for a “wall system.” Speaker Paul Ryan’s office issued talking points praising the funding for “95 miles of border wall system.”

http: //www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/03/22/omnibus-bill-includes-specific-clause-barring-funding-donald-trump-wall/

a2373d No.755656


HAHAHA What a fucking clownfag you are!

6eecbc No.755657


As a Millennial with Boomer parents, I can confirm a lot of this is true. I'm grateful for what my parents did to ensure I had a good upbringing, but they just don't understand that setting out on your own is not as easy as it was when they were growing up. I'm not looking for Boomers to "take responsibility" or anything like that, but I have yet to come across a Boomer who will admit that, hey, maybe the economy and job market are different than when they were growing up.

2034de No.755658


targeting China over steel, aluminum and intellectual property theft

b6df0e No.755659



The Clowns cut-off my connection for posting that, so obviously this is something they do not want you to read or know about.

eb8150 No.755660


I am not sure since we are talking about mental harm vs physical, imho

786674 No.755661

File: 4bb06685e41d109⋯.png (527.98 KB, 682x385, 62:35, TreasureChest-SeaOfThieves.png)




Check that anon. Found a link. We may have just hit a



There were 13 divestitures on 03/19/18.

And on 03/14, 8 including the CEO and ALL of the top Executives.

<Holy Big Kahuna.

dec4e1 No.755662


I forgot to add that is if they can prove he was lying even if he was or wasn't.

aa5929 No.755663

File: 90076e35b651734⋯.jpeg (5.31 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 680AE909-395E-4176-955E-6….jpeg)

a81db7 No.755664


But there are a million dodge caravans

0008e2 No.755665

File: c29594a8870eabf⋯.jpg (22.27 KB, 189x255, 63:85, 26x73q.jpg)

ode to john

6b8545 No.755666


about time!

515e03 No.755667


The Deep State now has a name and it is SERCO and the Senior Executive Service. Darkness can not live in the light. They are now exposed. This is what I will be putting my efforts into the next few days and I hope others will as well.

dab62e No.755668


So is this the new slide, then?

f27195 No.755669

Moon Township?


Q post (cropped): >>592689

https:// ytcropper.com/cropped/We5aa1b3278dd0a


http:// irc.qclearancearchive.net/09.%20Videos/POTUS/President%20Donald%20Trump%20EXPLOSIVE%20Rally%20in%20Moon%20Township%2C%20Pennsylvania%20-%20March%2010%2C%202018.mp4

a81db7 No.755670


Sympathyfag pr0n for Faggots cuck'n

eee9d5 No.755671


ahahhahahhaaaa. This is how ballers disprove the

science behind Flat Earth. NICE. It's hard to

match your intellect.



94574d No.755672




14ea0e No.755673


Calm down Rand.

aa5929 No.755674

Got an AF gulf stream…about to land in DC from TAMPA, FL.

c3caed No.755675



178d9b No.755677

Flood detected: Post discarded


14ea0e No.755678



f10aab No.755679

File: 55f28979dd52cf7⋯.jpg (8.74 KB, 240x210, 8:7, download (1).jpg)


High 55555's

5df927 No.755680


Go for it.

Provide an example, anons will give feedback.

a2373d No.755682


You haven't provided anything of substance to have a conversation about, faggot.

Because you're a stupid fucking clown.

f41878 No.755683

File: c8e5153d1685fa8⋯.jpeg (200.46 KB, 620x438, 310:219, 9F84791E-B0B8-49D7-8D48-5….jpeg)

ac1940 No.755684

File: ed69db70bc55c21⋯.jpg (177.79 KB, 1500x1005, 100:67, 10712719_350919_3fb450c5d9….jpg)

14ea0e No.755685

It might be Pence on AF plane leaving Washington?

aa5929 No.755686

File: c617070f3184d67⋯.png (104.18 KB, 350x189, 50:27, ClipboardImage.png)


Royal Air Force flying out of Fayetteville, NC heading northeast…

Voyager class aircraft

f27195 No.755687


NOTE: the 2nd link is a different video (March 10th). Go with the 1st on for your answer (March 8th) >>755636

eee9d5 No.755688


Put me in my place then. Start with this. (as if)


6b8545 No.755689

Next from POTUS: Generation X round table.

WTF is GX?

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRMg5dAnGx8

1c4b23 No.755690


Just doing my part ;)

a2373d No.755691


Poor lemmy. RIP

49a8d0 No.755692


Let's refrain from referring to kids as "hot".

8cab91 No.755693


That's the photo of HRC at Golconda Fort near Hyderabad.

4cc451 No.755695


DDoS Attack?

666bb2 No.755696


> The Deep State now has a name and it is SERCO and the Senior Executive Service.

As opposed to CIA, NSA, etc…?

The deep state is wherever there are people who are government funded, abuse their positions to promote their private interests, and collude with each other. Some people in these organizations are legit and they will be the ones to point out the criminals.

bea6c8 No.755697


Dude lived a kick ass life. Why poor?

3f4171 No.755698

Oh what a glorious day –– I woke up to China experiencing massive amounts of karma :D

a81db7 No.755699

File: 23c6efa352330a9⋯.jpg (45.16 KB, 720x654, 120:109, IMG_1278.JPG)

And I got a glock in my boot

ac1940 No.755700



Love Ben Garrison. No homo.

9f01ef No.755701


Illusion of choice.

Rig the voting system Looks like a choice of dems (ass) and republicans (fat elephants).

Same with the bill looks like fence on one side and no fence on the other side. This is BS!!!

There are no choices.

They think you are sheep!!!

Same with the bill dems and repubs

aa5929 No.755702

File: de9917f5a9fd1f0⋯.png (95.94 KB, 273x185, 273:185, ClipboardImage.png)

also, got an DHS chopper flying along the Potomac river..

heading west..

8b4d7d No.755703

File: a0c0ad2d5afdb17⋯.jpeg (173.18 KB, 640x960, 2:3, F9344C4A-32CF-4783-9F0E-3….jpeg)

File: a5dc5e50f6c5cd6⋯.jpeg (195.07 KB, 640x1073, 640:1073, D32AB90C-8B48-4206-BF33-6….jpeg)

Great example as to why you bred to check all threads for notables as the juicy ones seemingly disappears in the next bread.

Hmm some fuckery is amiss…

b6df0e No.755704





Wray exposed, SES crime-syndicate member:

American Intelligence Media

https:// www.youtube.com/channel/UCv0dEcvXLOf4ZFvjCahK4Lw/videos

The Swamp SES murder-for-hire system exposed!!



4cc451 No.755705


People born in the 2000.

3e6292 No.755706

House Passes $1.3 Trillion Omnibus Spending Package 256-167

a2373d No.755707


>Put me in my place then.


There's no point discussing anything with you, because you are a stupid clown faggot.

786674 No.755708

File: ff181bcead840f5⋯.png (93.98 KB, 742x394, 371:197, evoQua-AEA-Caymans-032118.png)

File: 4986f8dcffcc92c⋯.png (363.47 KB, 550x435, 110:87, YellowSubmarine-Painting.png)





Sorry forgot one example.

$36,000,000 worth of stock by them alone.

Check out the Island of Domicile in Yellow.

Manning the lifeboats to escape to the Yellow Submarine, are we boyz?

Not so fast…anons. are on your Tail…

7e8eaa No.755709

File: 4758f159d603c0b⋯.jpg (443.9 KB, 1200x1500, 4:5, 03222018resultsJpg.jpg)


ac1940 No.755710


Holy fuck, even snuck the shit stain in too!

bea6c8 No.755711

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Lemmy dedicates this song to HRC…

eb8150 No.755712

5b1cfb No.755713

Any anons have the memes of the antifa and nazi flags. I have had both copies on twatter and FB deleted, so I thought that I would put them up again, since it seemed to offend some.

ea13eb No.755714

File: 7702c07637ec2a6⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1024x724, 256:181, 0512c4fe3a0b652317ba85f6b8….png)


i put a poop stain on it too lulz.

081c52 No.755715


If it's really important, he puts it in the subject line - NYC/BDT/Fireworks Monday was in the subject line.

IMHO [Wednesday] was just the end result of the MZ/FB panic meeting - MZ on CNN, posting his whining, etc. BTW, only Foxnews and Hill (Ben) pointed out that Hussein did the exact fucking same thing in 2012, with even the same tools…. Did MZ ever admit that?

2a4420 No.755716

File: 3621d456b65efa4⋯.jpeg (631.34 KB, 1201x2049, 1201:2049, 1AC2CDED-847C-43DE-9F80-9….jpeg)

ac1940 No.755717



eee9d5 No.755718


So that is code for… I can't debunk the science

so I will just call you names.

No wonder they have fooled the world for so long.

68c4c3 No.755719


Wasn't John Dowd one of the attorneys(a dope IMO) who was talking about the Russian probe in a restaurant?? No common sense.

b6df0e No.755720


The Swamp SES murder-for-hire system exposed!!


ac1940 No.755721

File: 5b6bfe41526318c⋯.jpg (185.54 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, 10710781_350743_5a20da0fe8….jpg)


Lemmy got the bitches

a81db7 No.755722

File: 37b77f975615537⋯.jpg (52.95 KB, 840x1144, 105:143, IMG_1236.JPG)


This timing is weird

18c5b4 No.755724

POTUS (at China tariff signing) "Reciprocation is a MIRROR. Think of it like a MIRROR."

1574a5 No.755725

File: d48cf5f515ca760⋯.png (776.19 KB, 673x519, 673:519, ClipboardImage.png)

f10aab No.755726


Must have been the leaker Rat

78a15d No.755727


Interesting that the jew world order tech giants are censoring proof that ANTIFA opposed Hitler and now oppose Trump. What could it mean?

6b8545 No.755728


so a Presidential round table talking about 18 year old's?

178d9b No.755729


Where's the source anon. Thanks in advance

6e0f57 No.755730


GOOD! President Trump says it's OK, then it is OK with me!

eee9d5 No.755731

File: ad13bf9b5b0d0be⋯.gif (152.27 KB, 770x550, 7:5, LADY_LIBERTY_AT_NIGHT.gif)

b6df0e No.755732



The Star Code.


515e03 No.755733


I agree and its the SES members within all these agencies that are the deep state.

9e8084 No.755734

File: 32545ade0f81b65⋯.png (26.79 KB, 649x232, 649:232, Trey re POTUS re Mueller 3….PNG)

a2373d No.755735


A heart attack is a shitty way to die. and he was a legit guy.

a81db7 No.755736

File: 79195a579e16f0a⋯.jpg (83.35 KB, 619x960, 619:960, IMG_1237.JPG)

Check please

Number one had the special

dec4e1 No.755737


That is what I am asking about. This was posted several breads ago and they didn't leave a link. I am asking whoever posted it can they post the link to this PDF.

48518a No.755738

File: d65fcdd9a912a56⋯.jpg (185.18 KB, 600x800, 3:4, yeehaw.jpg)

4cc451 No.755739


the US and China are a mirror of the Debt

(Sorry, amateur Eng)

c5af6d No.755740


Educate yourself, watch the video

Assange and open societies are linked on multiple levels

6eecbc No.755741


Gen X is the generation after the Boomers, born from roughly 1964-1982

eee9d5 No.755742

File: ed9ac72472c3b94⋯.jpg (87.76 KB, 637x423, 637:423, head in sand1.jpg)

9f01ef No.755743


Rounded up like sheep or cattle

They think you are Sheep!!!

acd16c No.755744


The Seal of the District of Columbia features the date 1871, recognizing the year the District’s government was incorporated

….that created the (All Capital Letters) “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” thereby creating a private U.S. corporation which is its own city-state of its own country with its:

read here:

http:// www.wakingtimes.com/2014/07/04/independence-day-corporation-united-states-america/

Here is another rabbit hole. AUSTRALIA in all caps is a corp in Washington DC so is also owned by the crown. But I disagree that it goes to the queen. It goes to the Crown.(City of London) Very different.

Section 44. (v. ) in common with the other members of an incorporated company

consisting of more

than twenty-five persons;

The Parliament of Australia has more than 150 persons.

COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA (Corporation) registered in the



CIK (0000805157)

SIC: 8880 - American Depositary Receipts

State location: DC | Fiscal Year End: 0630

Business Address




http:// www.peoplesmandate.iinet.net.au/Government_as_Foreign_corporation.html

873914 No.755745


Soros daughter has a Tibetan Foundation, Tibet borders India. ?

http:// www.trace.org/

e1e3b3 No.755746


Pakistan is right next door, and that is where Awan's family fled to, and where he was going before getting picked up by the Feds.

3f6ffd No.755747

File: 7f21f68345647f6⋯.png (796.06 KB, 558x924, 93:154, AFJ.png)

c356f0 No.755749



RED PILLED FUCK who woulda thought!

ac1940 No.755750





3e6292 No.755751


The Senate now has until midnight Friday to pass it…

49a8d0 No.755752



July 4th, 1998

Seaside Heights

xxo Your Tour Guide


RIP Lemme (Nice Union Jack Speedo btw)

a81db7 No.755753

File: 73af884dd40c6c8⋯.jpg (36.74 KB, 337x450, 337:450, IMG_0267.JPG)


a2373d No.755754


>So that is code for…

What part of "There's no point discussing anything with you, because you are a stupid clown faggot." did you fail to comprehend?

9b4ca7 No.755755

File: 1a150a6ea342fb6⋯.png (3.72 MB, 2040x1442, 1020:721, hill-gar.png)


that was added

178d9b No.755756


Wish I knew anon

f32b4c No.755757



This guy gets it.


Wasn't my idea, I can't take credit. I just thought it would help.



0008e2 No.755758

b6df0e No.755759


The Swamp SES murder-for-hire system exposed!!






eb8150 No.755760


I do not ser how this is good

45ab19 No.755761

Anons, notice how NO MEDIA she talking about even DHS election hearing yesterday. The deep state just launched an incredibly effective counterattack by simultaneously going after the 2nd amendment on YT while pushing conservative and alt media to cover THEIR narrative. WHAT HAPPENED AT THAT HEARING?

ac1940 No.755762


Wouldnt that be amazing if he dumped all of Hitlery's crimes and a few videos during testimony? Mueller would have to investigate.

Something is up….Hmmmm…

78a15d No.755763

File: e405d0fdf3fc4bb⋯.png (389.11 KB, 519x379, 519:379, NaziAmerica.png)

File: 4a38c6ae4f585dd⋯.jpg (81.79 KB, 768x440, 96:55, NAJABP.jpg)

File: c0d65032f9dcf62⋯.jpg (1.23 MB, 1577x1256, 1577:1256, NSvsDemocracy.jpg)


You could just go to the Q posts and get that image yourself too

a2373d No.755764


HAHAHA What a fag you are…

2e0e36 No.755765


Close to being a Q a fucked up Q that is.

14ea0e No.755766


He's always said that. I'm sure he will meet with him.

459b19 No.755767

File: 5973e86cdb96034⋯.png (28.2 KB, 783x501, 261:167, fe4.png)


it's only 600 feet lower, not 2400 (2400 is the arc length difference)

256c2b No.755768


Correct, asia live op image was the reference, otherwise great explanation

070fac No.755769

File: 5536730c0e8aa47⋯.jpg (217.73 KB, 648x874, 324:437, communistcore.jpg)

081c52 No.755770


And those that disagree with it's narrative might get Arkancided. Zero Dark Thirty, take 2.

c63489 No.755771


Huh? Can you repeat that another 4 or 5 times?

520a81 No.755772

https:// www.google.com/amp/thehill.com/homenews/house/379710-key-house-conservative-omnibus-may-be-the-worst-bill-i-have-seen%3famp

This omnibus bill needs to be stopped.

Not in article, but supposedly Omnibus bill (HR 1625 IIRC)) has gun grabbing provisions (NCIS), Cloud Act (scan social media without warrant, and other horrible things.

Seems it just passed the House.

f41878 No.755773

File: aa3121037c88968⋯.png (77.52 KB, 500x305, 100:61, 7CF2830F-BD8A-4595-815F-D2….png)

8fe5cb No.755774

File: 4001b2a0e7d1e70⋯.jpg (615.27 KB, 1458x483, 486:161, FuckComedyCentral.jpg)

d4c988 No.755775


Yes - that's my concern, exactly.


See photos attached to orig post.

For memes, I'm thinking along the lines of:

Facebook is a digital ghetto

Run by the digital gestapo


Shut your mouth

You clicked "accept"


You shut up NOW!

You clicked "accept"


I did not accept this

We need an #InternetBillOfRights

You get the idea…

Thoughts please.

b6df0e No.755776

File: 6abced1691293fb⋯.jpg (37.02 KB, 207x290, 207:290, ANGRY_CLOWN_MASK_GREEN_WHI….jpg)


This is what The Clowns do.

e1e3b3 No.755777

File: 41fee49d47eb6d0⋯.png (175.04 KB, 442x506, 221:253, 67fuyg5.png)

https:// twitter.com/joshdcaplan/status/976863325098332162


a81db7 No.755778

File: bfce2c92313a027⋯.jpg (55.93 KB, 604x498, 302:249, IMG_1280.JPG)

I ain't tagging if u's s hoe

459b19 No.755779


checked, no math or reading comprehension

5a46d8 No.755780

File: 78f0543fb31f41b⋯.jpg (17.53 KB, 189x255, 63:85, 1de1f68ca34e3c7dbe33213980….jpg)

1c4b23 No.755781



So if China is having gold/asset backed Yuan it only makes sense that the mirror of that is gold/asset backed US currency riiiiiight?

15caef No.755782


You have to understand the different jurisdictions and how they work as well as the treaties that were signed back at the end of revolutionary war, civil war what have you.

Once you get a handle on the jurisdictions and what is allowed to exist where (corporations vs living humans) it will become clear how things are owned and what is going on in the world.

Here is an ok place to start reading.

http:// www.barefootsworld.net

d03615 No.755783

File: 2365db3760af04c⋯.png (282.93 KB, 429x578, 429:578, ClipboardImage.png)

5a46d8 No.755784

File: 139ba0709d539d2⋯.jpg (18.3 KB, 189x255, 63:85, 26x8gs.jpg)

48518a No.755785



Sovereign countries and sub-jurisdictions have corporate overlays.

Here's a great example. All route signs in Ontario used to say "The King's Highway." When enough people pointed out trusteeship and fraud in the courts and got out of their moving violation tickets, that phrase was all removed. ONTARIO the corporation is not the Province of Ontario of the Dominion of Canada. (CANADA the corporation was founded in 1981).

786674 No.755786

>>755668 No slide, treasure crumbs at the bottom of the Caribbean.

Dig into the link,



and you'll find Judd Gregg staunch supporter of JEB! and also

>served as the 76th Governor of New Hampshire and was a United States Senator from New Hampshire, who served as chairman of the Senate Budget Committee.


among many many others.

>>755314 Thanks for the advice. About to take you up on it col.mustard anon.

1574a5 No.755787

File: 58cf6b15efbffc0⋯.png (158.13 KB, 1107x718, 1107:718, ClipboardImage.png)

Resignations list will blow your fucking mind & lift your spirits https:// twitter.com/yigsstarhouse/status/976849007355056128

eb8150 No.755788


Yes this one

ac1940 No.755789

File: ed69db70bc55c21⋯.jpg (177.79 KB, 1500x1005, 100:67, 10712719_350919_3fb450c5d9….jpg)

File: 45f2869c01ccb70⋯.jpg (106.01 KB, 750x563, 750:563, 45f2869c01ccb7092d80b50eba….jpg)

b6df0e No.755790


AT&T’s ‘Internet Bill of Rights’ idea is just a power play against Google and Facebook.



8315b2 No.755791


this ben garrison guy is a champ

1b93a1 No.755792

File: ebd433a8311a923⋯.png (602.29 KB, 648x874, 324:437, time-pkland.png)

#1 self-help book of the year: how to turn a tragedy into a career

ea91a9 No.755793

Ok. I am not long into RFfagging…

But SKYKING is sending and sending.

Never heard so many transmissions in a row.

Maybe there is some RFoldfag who knows if this is normal.

dab7c1 No.755794


They're looking for new handlers and cash. A lot of their resources have been cut off. Trudeau knows that his time is running out and that he will not be re-elected. He's kissing ass left and right in anticipation of life after his current gig.

I believe that they are all traveling around in search of places to run and hide.

b6df0e No.755795



Sure, no problem!

acd16c No.755796


They are not sovereign anymore. They are corporations masking as countries and we the sheeple are monetized commodities.

3e6292 No.755797


Walkforourlives is this weekend, I hope it flops hard.

44e889 No.755798

File: 6c8e5a7b00267c4⋯.jpg (705.28 KB, 1100x734, 550:367, clown_4.jpg)


>IBOR is a total scam, come look at my not comped at all /thestorm/ link. Time to fire sessions again and something about pelicans.

d03615 No.755799

File: a4e11ba85d348c6⋯.png (283.28 KB, 426x576, 71:96, ClipboardImage.png)

a606da No.755800

File: 589ec485a656b0a⋯.jpeg (399.74 KB, 750x963, 250:321, 028A060D-5FD3-4C07-A8F1-9….jpeg)

POTUS just retweeted this at 115 EST

ea91a9 No.755801


Damn… had just 3h sleep… sorry for the name field

eb8150 No.755802

http:// www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/03/22/white-house-president-trump-will-sign-1-3-trillion-omnibus-bill/

1f179e No.755803


From the 70's with Nixon., US and China has to dance with eath other.

fd71d7 No.755804

I don't know if there is someone with more posts in this bread than the following dude:dab62e. 19 at present, not bad, here is the totality of the work he provided, for ease of reference.

As out bread will look almost full, he will still be staring at an almost clean slate. ;)

Just ask yourselves, who's sliding and shitting up the bread here (I am obviously because I repost his posts, but I do this only once for demonstration purposes, he's at it every bread he partakes in)

>Save yourself some grief. Filter early and often, and call out the shills on their B.S.

>Pathetic. Filtered.

>Yes. I'm sure he'll be pardoned, but boy has he taken some crap. You do great work!!!

>Yesterday evening, BO said the best thing to do is filter and say you did, so others may filter too. Mass filtering, he called it.

>Amen. Shills would do well to ponder that they are supporting pedophile satanists who also torture and kill children. Real nice.

>Future confirms past. Q mentioned this.

>Filtered the flat earth CRAP.

>Another shill tactic … pretend to be one of the cool anons by saying "reeeeeeee" or nigger or kike or newfag or … well, you get the idea. Fortunately, they suck, so they are not very good at it. Filtered.

>That lawyer (Dowd) was urging POTUS to NOT fire Mueller.

>No, BO said to filter them and to say that you had done so, in order that others may also filter.



>Filtered … flat earth.

>Filtered … flat earth.

>This is a shill, pretending to be a perfectly reasonable anon. Filtered.

>Hmmnnnn, not liking that "rest will be forthcoming."

>This is why they have to be called on their bullshit, every time.

>aaaaand … it's gone. Filtered.

>So is this the new slide, then?

49a8d0 No.755805


Real men don't have Y's ; ;

1b93a1 No.755806


so am i right to guess it'll be a gun-free walk?

345c7a No.755807

File: e54166c65fa8324⋯.png (254.57 KB, 570x492, 95:82, ClipboardImage.png)

>>755499 thanks

a2373d No.755808


We know, you really mustn't have much in the way of math or reading comprehension.

That's why you keep spamming the same stupid clown bullshit despite a mountain of anons telling you to go fuck yourself.

Stupid fucking clown I bet your boss fucking hates you, that why you got this shitty ass script.

9b4ca7 No.755809


he assumes that because no one replies

that no one saw it

Give it up nobody cares dude


256c2b No.755810


Asia live op was the image

3b65d2 No.755811


Fuck it's cold out here

Honey, can't we do this inside??!!

6eecbc No.755812


Nah, there'll probably be armed security flanking the marchers.

bdc5fd No.755813

https:// youtu.be/JhMeuDg0s-A

He lays out an interesting strategy based on a military arrest of CS.

b6df0e No.755814


Spending packages are bad, only increases our National debt, which is ONE BIG HUGE SCAM.

Mueller, Trump, Mnuchin collusion with the banking cartel exposed here.


beb248 No.755815


I wonder how the deals that sons Biden and Kerry did with China are going to fare now? BTFO

14ea0e No.755816

Someone DM'd me and said if this Omnibus gets signed a bunch of "patriots" are going to stop supporting POTUS. Oh really? And start supporting who?! Who do they really think is a better option. Not much of so called "patriots" IMO>

48518a No.755817


One clue is finding children smart far, far beyond their years.

1b93a1 No.755818


that'll be hardly ironic

need to get some footage/pics of that

b6df0e No.755819

File: 1b35b306b725fd0⋯.jpg (92.39 KB, 366x513, 122:171, ANGRY_CLOWN_MASK_WHITE_BLU….jpg)



You clown you, we see YOU CLOWNS.

c356f0 No.755820





Snow White Pounce.


No nets.


0ec69a No.755821


Been looking at Loch Ness. Very interesting. I have to run out, but will check into the history of Pompeii. Always wanted to go there. Will post on it all tonight.

eb8150 No.755822


It raises a lot of questions. At least in my opinion. You are right we have no ther choice but why doing this if we are winning?

459b19 No.755823


what a dumb faggot schill

48518a No.755824

File: f3d34b0ef54dcd5⋯.jpg (36.18 KB, 480x599, 480:599, 480px-Golden_Boy_MB_Legisl….jpg)


Manitoba is crawling with cabal and masons.

f81493 No.755825


ah. one of those eyetalians

fbc58b No.755826

File: bf0e31f73765057⋯.jpeg (419.24 KB, 1242x1609, 1242:1609, DC2ED69A-73DA-457B-809D-E….jpeg)

0ec69a No.755827


This was meant for you. >>755821

b6df0e No.755828

838dc4 No.755829


And perhaps that’s their plan.

Who is telling us it’s horrible?

I read it had no border funding, POTUS says it does…


14ea0e No.755830

Tillerson saying good bye as he leaves his post as SoS.

https:// www.state.gov/

fbc58b No.755831


Spelling anon

fd71d7 No.755832

File: 7c28e74981ae83d⋯.jpg (186.45 KB, 1025x512, 1025:512, 7c28e74981ae83d41668276052….jpg)

1c4b23 No.755833



FUCKING GLORIOUS. Any CEO you can think of has resigned. GOD DAMN!

b6df0e No.755834




44e889 No.755835

File: 46b679804f78079⋯.jpg (65.49 KB, 736x981, 736:981, 0910cef7b9ceb2714ce48830dd….jpg)


>Uhoh someone called me out on my bullshit /thestorm/ post.



1c4b23 No.755836


Da fuq is this, anon?

You trying to Q us?

345c7a No.755837

File: 1a0d729a27eb23b⋯.png (329.6 KB, 1500x816, 125:68, 3-22-18 Mirror.png)

Mirror, mirror…

00a6b8 No.755838


But who took their place?

b6df0e No.755839



Especially for YOU glowing clown nigga!



9e8084 No.755840

File: 763b0763cdd0b1d⋯.png (223.01 KB, 541x365, 541:365, World Water Day.PNG)

Today is World Water Day.

9f01ef No.755841

While on Obama’s Payroll, Brennan’s Private Intel Side Business Hacked McCain’s & Hillary’s Classified Passport Records During Presidential Election

Rigging the Obama election. Spying on presidential opponents!!!

https ://truepundit.com/while-on-obamas-payroll-brennans-private-intel-side-business-hacked-mccains-hillarys-classified-passport-records/

be2453 No.755842

>>755558 POTUS doesn’t sound the same in this tweet

9b4ca7 No.755843



b6df0e No.755844





2e4f13 No.755845


All fair skin.

Why? Because dem voters (dark skin) are already on the side of disarmament.

No need to preach to the choir.

It's those stupid fair skinned idiots, particularly fair skinned moms, who need convinced to give up their guns.

Quick, get 5 kids that fair skinned moms can identify with …

Obvious psyop is obvious.

c63489 No.755846

IBOR IS STUCK at less than 30,000.

081c52 No.755847


This 301 action probably big enough to be a BOOM.


cb6a96 No.755848

Is THIS one of the BOOM's

Russia investigation public documents dropped today

https:// intelligence.house.gov/uploadedfiles/russia_report_findings_and_recommendations.pdf?platform=hootsuite

ac1940 No.755849


[Wednesday] was in reference to the MSM leak about McCabe's secret investigation into Jeff Sessions?

459b19 No.755850


===YOU GOT THE WRONG GUY ASSHOLE===I'm the one debunking FE

48518a No.755851


Possessed by demons. The promotion of anal sex has something to do with this.

http:// whale.to/b/sodomy_h.html

ac1940 No.755852




be2453 No.755853

>>755820. This was right before 8 Chan division from half chan

1b93a1 No.755854


just staaaap then

you're feeding it

a2373d No.755855


My bad, sorry for the FF

1c4b23 No.755856



d03615 No.755857

File: fb552155a90ce1d⋯.png (282.91 KB, 424x576, 53:72, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b51b285a60016bf⋯.png (286.1 KB, 428x576, 107:144, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3523b8bbd137b31⋯.png (285.01 KB, 426x576, 71:96, ClipboardImage.png)

78a15d No.755858

File: 90cdc769167420f⋯.jpg (353.75 KB, 800x641, 800:641, Internment.jpg)

File: a0e47946f1d85a7⋯.jpg (136.16 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Internment2.jpg)

File: eb28aa53ac58586⋯.jpg (1.92 MB, 2989x2400, 2989:2400, Internment4.jpg)

File: 83d83ce8cc6ece3⋯.jpg (530.48 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, Internment5.jpg)


Great idea fag

48518a No.755859


Not remotely the same, shill.

8d95a5 No.755860

3f4171 No.755861

File: 740d2000b5a0025⋯.png (91 KB, 923x542, 923:542, screenshot_202.png)

Faceberg back to it's dead cat bounce free fall

4fdd18 No.755862


Wrong, you're an idiot. Gen X goes back to people born in the 70s. Kill yourself faggot.

14ea0e No.755863


Yes. You should read the whole thing. It clears POTUS and his campaign and family and points fingers at HRC and her associates.

033875 No.755864



Pray tell what happens on Friday?

eb8150 No.755865


Those fit better with gun control

786674 No.755866

Found both Loch Ness Monster & Escape from Pompeii in VA.



>>755268 (last bread)


The Loch Ness Monster is a steel roller coaster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, noted at the time of its opening in 1978 as the world's tallest and fastest roller coaster,[1] as well as the first coaster with two interlocking loops.

The Loch Ness [2] remains the only roller coaster with two interlocking loops[3] — other similar designs having been dismantled.


Escape from Pompeii is a shoot-the-chutes water attraction designed by Intamin located at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in Williamsburg, Virginia.


Beginning in the early 1970s, the Busch Gardens theme park was developed by Anheuser-Busch (A-B) as a portion of the company's development investment in the Williamsburg area, which grew to include a brewery, the Kingsmill Resort, as well as residential and office properties.

The St. Louis-based brewer invested in the area following negotiations held between August Busch, II and Winthrop Rockefeller, who was both 'governor of Arkansas and chairman of Colonial Williamsburg in the 1960s and 1970s.[2]

Bus(c)hies & Rockefellers = Quelle surprise. Wonder what they're running in & out of those Gardens across the Trail from Yorktown NWS.

<Got to give it to them though. They do have some creative esoteric agitprop artists on the payroll.

The attraction is based on the ancient city of Pompeii when it was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. Guests board flat bottom boats that advance through the attraction along a canal of water as if the volcano is alive once again.. Special effects include swinging flickering lights, cracking wooden boards, burning walls and ceilings, and tumbling statues. At the end of the ride guests go through a misty dark room right before they go down the five story drop into the splash pool below.

1c4b23 No.755867


Keks all around. We're making this timeline great again.

6b5b14 No.755868

File: 202b749d2c5c161⋯.png (19.05 KB, 236x255, 236:255, b303c9ce329833f5134b2838c3….png)



aa5929 No.755869

File: b661da088c463c6⋯.png (4.45 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, AE68302E-65E2-4E05-A59C-BF….png)

File: 494cf56eb79a46a⋯.png (978.66 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 90AC6DEA-BEC2-446A-950A-B4….png)

78a15d No.755870

File: 7fdc1e723902f99⋯.jpg (54.45 KB, 500x378, 250:189, Internment7.jpg)

File: f2c0e28f3049887⋯.jpg (76.59 KB, 1170x887, 1170:887, Internment8.jpg)

File: 3bbc556c7c4bdc6⋯.jpg (63.89 KB, 640x487, 640:487, Internment3.jpg)

File: 777f4bb8b4d2aa4⋯.jpg (506.37 KB, 2000x1125, 16:9, Internment6.jpg)

a606da No.755871


I think next [Wednesday] is when the MSM will start liking the Austin bomber to Q more in depth. Or at least try IMO

56bbce No.755872


This anon is right. Gen Z is the 2000's.

838dc4 No.755873


Yes mid 60s to early/mid 80s.

459b19 No.755874



next bread I'll post the proof that gravity bends light, which will be the nail in the coffin of this whole bullshit about seeing stuff from x miles away

ac1940 No.755875

File: 6bda590500f7401⋯.jpg (323.47 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, 6bda590500f7401fbec4d29c5d….jpg)


Same shill ALWATS uses "===" to highlight his post and goes off claiming "you have got wrong guy" every time.



dab7c1 No.755876

File: b967dc3b31c8db8⋯.jpg (95.07 KB, 890x594, 445:297, THEM.jpg)

File: 55f1ce0cea533dd⋯.png (93.31 KB, 685x502, 685:502, 20170716_soros.PNG)

Can you spot the non-Jew in the room…. I've got some cash to bet that you can't.

Fake News Washington Post calling Soros critics 'fringe' and 'conspiracy theorists' again. These NGOs are how he's carrying out the NWO plan to destroy Europe. But he's facign serious headwinds in Hungary. The fake media in Europe is even worse than ours here in the USA. Its unbelievable how extensive the Clown/cabal control is.

https: //disobedientmedia.com/2018/03/shilling-for-soros-washington-posts-omission-of-facts-in-defense-of-a-narrative/

345c7a No.755877


;We really need you believe us'

You forgot the 'to'

b6df0e No.755878


We shall have our GCR by using the GDF.


https:// www.youtube.com/user/KarenHudes/videos


Gravity bends light but does not justify that concave earth or flat earth crap.

48518a No.755879


It's "Mircosoft" calling to say you have a "virus."

When I worked in an outbound call centre, we would call far more people than agents we had to speak to people. Most phones aren't answered which was why. When you get silence it means too many people answered the phone so no one left to talk to you.

a606da No.755880


We HAVE to get someone with a large audience pushing it if we want to make it go up. Curious why hannity didn’t grab it like he did with release the memo…

Maybe IBOR petition wasn’t Qs mission for us. Just word of mouth maybe that something has to be done

14ea0e No.755881


This whole investigating Q for the BOOMS is a funny position they have put themselves in bc it kind of forces them to talk about Q if they actually want to try to shut it down.

786674 No.755882

>>755821 Found it already, see


9f01ef No.755883

Twitter CEO: Bitcoin 'world's single currency by 2028' Dorsey believes dollar, euro, yen may soon be thing of the past

(MERCURY NEWS) — Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey believes the dollar, the euro and the yen may soon be a thing of the past, paving the way for a single digital currency around the globe. And that may well be bitcoin.

In an interview with the British newspaper The Times of London, Dorsey shared his belief of the single global currency that may happen “probably over ten years, but it could go faster.”

One world currency - Jack twitter

no American currency

http: //www.wnd.com/2018/03/twitter-ceo-bitcoin-worlds-single-currency-by-2028/#YuKwbgZJwEwPl5wY.99

459b19 No.755884



9e8084 No.755885



I don't believe it is necessary to speculate regarding what the "booms" are or will be.

Like the first one, they will be obvious without the need to guess.

2e4f13 No.755886

Dafuq with the pics of Japanese internment camps?

New shill tactics …. guilt by false equivalence.

Davey Brock musta had a brain storm in the middle of fucking his 9 year old nephew.

a2373d No.755887


There's actually no point in trying to beat them with logic, you know..

They don't employ it to begin with.

5b1cfb No.755888


TY anon…

ac1940 No.755889

File: c8e5153d1685fa8⋯.jpeg (200.46 KB, 620x438, 310:219, c8e5153d1685fa8fb8789e80c….jpeg)

1b93a1 No.755890


it's not like they'll stop when provided arguments/proof, the whole point is ot distract/disrupt/demoralize/etc…

invest your time/energy elsewhere

14ea0e No.755891


@Jack is about to be a thing of the past………

35cf5c No.755892

File: 081fcd2c23e2af1⋯.jpeg (377 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 047BCFBD-D346-45E2-ABF7-D….jpeg)

File: 3950c137d21fdfc⋯.jpeg (449.05 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 25628C63-E0BD-4AB0-B23C-7….jpeg)

File: bf9d7153f7cca20⋯.jpeg (250.51 KB, 1231x1319, 1231:1319, 09F8677C-A16A-4275-B410-1….jpeg)

File: eea85d3a9cfe61f⋯.jpeg (202.79 KB, 1242x1391, 1242:1391, 863ED934-EEED-4A92-890B-D….jpeg)

File: 83f25710eedf9a1⋯.jpeg (234.04 KB, 1242x1361, 1242:1361, 4874CEEE-9ECC-4F8F-8009-6….jpeg)

b6df0e No.755893


31st is big day.

cb6a96 No.755894

>>755848 >>755863

I read it. #44 stood out to me (CLAPPER LIED). After following all this for so long it was not really a shock that HRC was implicated and POTUS cleared. Now just waiting for the OIG report and let the perp walk begin.

459b19 No.755895


It debunks it and proves that the earth is round and you can still see something 100 miles away

a2373d No.755896


OMG Garrison even gave her a shitstain!


9b4ca7 No.755897


tell us more Obi-Wan

ad6dda No.755898


Congratulations on debunking the dumbest fucking idea evar…you must be proud.

f81493 No.755899


it's for 6 months. it gives POTUS authorization over grants for sanc cities. Military salaries equpmnt, billions for opioid addic, revamps NICS/hires security for schools. Bill not perfect, but relies on 60 votes.

e345f7 No.755900

File: f68d296e5b76044⋯.jpg (6.65 MB, 6000x4200, 10:7, Power to PowerEnter JoeDig….jpg)

ac1940 No.755901

b6df0e No.755902


NO CONNECTION between Austin bomber and Q. That ends. End of story.

1574a5 No.755903

File: c7bc469b57b4500⋯.png (576.53 KB, 604x771, 604:771, ClipboardImage.png)

ac1940 No.755904



9b4ca7 No.755905




838dc4 No.755906


IBOR petition as on website right now is badly written.

Calls to eliminate censoring of conservative voices. No mention of privacy right, data collection, or protection of everyone. Much, much too narrow.

b6df0e No.755907



cb6a96 No.755908


Are you @Jack off I mean out?

a2373d No.755909


Awww… It's still good for the keks though…

9f01ef No.755910


Jack hiding assets in bitcoin ?

This is his excuse when the EO comes around.

ac1940 No.755911

File: e485213ded2ea7c⋯.jpeg (109.2 KB, 1080x1085, 216:217, e485213ded2ea7c98e99cb6f9….jpeg)

1b93a1 No.755912


trolls don't get debunked

investigate Platypuses

1c4b23 No.755913


I just need to see that little twat resign. Please.

b6df0e No.755914


AT&T’s ‘Internet Bill of Rights’ idea is just a power play against Google and Facebook.



d03615 No.755915


damnit. thanks!

b6df0e No.755916

f27195 No.755917


Then what is [19][1st]?

a16112 No.755918


So, you read it?

86a56c No.755919

File: 44e6d1b692a3e03⋯.jpg (857.11 KB, 2179x1511, 2179:1511, buenos_aires_rio_de_la_pla….jpg)

File: ced518b045e6224⋯.png (317.08 KB, 1654x935, 1654:935, why.png)


serious question, argentinanon here.

From POINT A I cant see point B. Why?

If earth is flat, i should right?

4fdd18 No.755920

File: ed873cc97807b08⋯.jpg (63.25 KB, 750x386, 375:193, DY392qsVMAAMB-z.jpg)

ac1940 No.755921

1b93a1 No.755922


ok let's do better then.

pitch a first draft

b6df0e No.755923



345c7a No.755924


np, Anon

d03615 No.755925

File: 95d06f1a3ce2331⋯.png (285.31 KB, 425x577, 425:577, ClipboardImage.png)

35cf5c No.755926

File: 11c4a4d8f728296⋯.jpeg (259.51 KB, 1242x672, 207:112, D6272DD8-4CE7-496A-B9DC-B….jpeg)

File: 830cda5753cebf6⋯.jpeg (316.77 KB, 1242x700, 621:350, F3C765B4-749D-4047-A744-1….jpeg)

File: a3cb6fd7442ca18⋯.jpeg (313.75 KB, 1240x767, 1240:767, 870EC9E6-6DCC-4E06-8A43-0….jpeg)

File: e52c1d191ba167d⋯.jpeg (120.91 KB, 1242x754, 621:377, EA941E0C-7E4F-40B8-A769-D….jpeg)

File: 66a8897b071a715⋯.jpeg (841.28 KB, 1242x1626, 207:271, ED70311A-5431-4752-B732-D….jpeg)

ac1940 No.755927


Saw. He responded to me.

Not 100% convinced

b6df0e No.755928

a2373d No.755929


This is why Q specified that it wasn't about AT&T pointedly.

Q never asked for a petition.

He asked for #IBOR to be plastered all over social media.

9b4ca7 No.755930


oh well then.

of course.

ac1940 No.755931

File: 69fc6b8255c78db⋯.jpeg (245 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, DO7mCNJUIAA-0gZ.jpeg)

d03615 No.755932


anybody who links /thestorm/ should not be responded to.

b6df0e No.755933



d1286b No.755934

File: e250caa5ee22914⋯.png (290.74 KB, 544x714, 16:21, screenshotAtUploadCC_15217….png)


Twitter is lit up. Trump has pissed off his normie followers BIGLY.

82bd1b No.755935

File: 1b8e3908fc0d76a⋯.jpg (12.11 KB, 300x168, 25:14, discipline1.jpg)


methinks thou dost protest too much

this diatribe reflects much more poorly on you than anyone else

you are so completely hypnotized by what you have been told you dont even have the ability to make a substantive response

mockery and derision are the tools of the evil ones - can't you see that?

if you dont want to respond with substance forget the rant - it is immature and foolish

b6df0e No.755936


Anyone who quotes this guy, except me, should not be responded to. LoL.

178d9b No.755937


I thought so. Beanz still got it right imho

35cf5c No.755938


Hey thanks

033875 No.755939

File: ac4041dba6c2495⋯.png (32.17 KB, 1467x171, 163:19, Holy Week Wikipedia.png)

Forget this week guys, I doubt MAJOR news will happen. Next WEEK is the prize week. It's the HOLY WEEK!!

Can anyone guess what Tenebrae is? ( DARKNESS)

I'm willing to bet all Hell breaks loose next week and no-one will be able to stop it.

Climax= Easter (Resurrection) Sunday.

Resurrection of American values, Patriots and FREEDOM!

ea91a9 No.755940

Another 148 character transmission. Is there a more experienced Radiofag here?

Because SKYKING doesn't stop sending messages. And i am not sure if that is normal.

76d943 No.755941


I agree. Been saying this for awhile. Most leftists will not sign it purely because it mentions that it will aid conservatives. Whoever wrote it WAS NOT THINKING.

9b4ca7 No.755942


fucking filtered

ac1940 No.755943

File: 603ec919a4b67f7⋯.jpeg (142.36 KB, 736x840, 92:105, DNqc4ghUMAIfjBW.jpeg)

File: c0f63e58342fa56⋯.jpg (82.64 KB, 960x540, 16:9, trump-president-3.jpg)

853d57 No.755944


YouTube is google. You know that right? You know that they have been doubling down on censorship? We are losing. They haven't been contained at all.

893d9a No.755945

File: 4f4aadfaff1ee40⋯.png (33.42 KB, 1121x618, 1121:618, ClipboardImage.png)

File: abe6be320fba4f5⋯.png (22.2 KB, 1074x332, 537:166, ClipboardImage.png)


France wanted to fuck Libya over becuase they were making a pan africa currency and he was worried his epeen looked small and wanted to show off.

https:// wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/12660

786674 No.755946

File: 0b81eb18a6590fd⋯.jpg (376.08 KB, 601x450, 601:450, BushBilly.jpg)

File: e12f1f14797d862⋯.jpg (129.21 KB, 1300x960, 65:48, BillyC-wired-bathroom mirr….jpg)

File: d1c8ced2f097d53⋯.png (466 KB, 1024x756, 256:189, BillyBush2.png)


August Busch, II and Winthrop Rockefeller, who was both 'governor of Arkansas and chairman of Colonial Williamsburg in the 1960s and 1970s.[2]

>Bus(c)hies & Rockefellers = Quelle surprise

Billy C craves the Rock?

b6df0e No.755947


AT&T x Google power plays are not needed. No thanks.

345c7a No.755948

4cd22d No.755949


Barack Obama's Executive Order

Executive Order 13714 of December 15, 2015

Strengthening the Senior Executive Service

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, in order to strengthen the recruitment, hiring, and development of the Federal Government’s senior executives; I hereby order as follows: Section 1. Policy. It is in the national interest to facilitate career executive continuity between administrations; to increase senior leadership attention to, and involvement in, executive recruitment; to reduce unnecessary burdens on applicants for executive positions; and to efficiently document demonstrated executive experience. Furthermore, it is imperative to periodically explore and promote new selection methods that effectively and efficiently identify the most capable and talented candidates for executive leadership positions to enhance the breadth and diversity of experiences among our Federal executives; to better support, recognize, and reward our executives, especially our top performers; and to strengthen executive accountability, all while maintaining a system that is focused on the public interest and free from improper political influence. An important aspect of strengthening our Senior Executive Service (SES) members is valuing the work they do every day, rewarding excellence, professionalism, and outstanding achievement through special act awards, Presidential Rank Awards, and other non- monetary and honorary awards. Consistent with the requirements of Executive Order 13583 of August 18, 2011

(Establishing a Coordinated Government- Wide Initiative to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Federal Workforce).

https:// www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2015-12-18/pdf/2015-32060.pdf

bea6c8 No.755950

File: a7e642d0e21a2b9⋯.jpg (218.46 KB, 998x718, 499:359, game.jpg)

a2373d No.755951


Anyone who quotes the guy who quoted the guy, should not be responded to. Except for me! kek

78a15d No.755952

File: 136a8ab0685febb⋯.jpg (127.47 KB, 640x487, 640:487, JapaneseDeathCamp.jpg)

4fdd18 No.755953

File: 3a297ec43a325dc⋯.jpg (33.58 KB, 663x430, 663:430, DY6Ne4BX0AAR2ri.jpg)

File: 75e0c6926aa7fae⋯.jpg (122.01 KB, 749x1114, 749:1114, DY6Ne4HWAAMhYZC.jpg)

File: fd0a25d8dcd7b03⋯.jpg (75.13 KB, 746x660, 373:330, DY6Ne4EW4AATmS7.jpg)

File: cd025864ef931bd⋯.jpg (48.77 KB, 750x393, 250:131, DY6Ne4CXcAEvRUc.jpg)

Joe Biden:

>Jewish influence is immense, it’s immense

>look at immigration and social justice

>no group has had such outsized influence

>Jews behind Hollywood and Media were responsible for gay marriage

122931 No.755954

Arrest moar.

b6df0e No.755955

File: 2a27ba56d660f74⋯.jpg (436.77 KB, 914x1280, 457:640, ANGRY_CLOWN_MASK_GREEN_WHI….jpg)

ac1940 No.755956

File: b946dbfc52bcbf8⋯.jpeg (54.6 KB, 960x540, 16:9, DPA4krhVAAAYX7t.jpeg)

838dc4 No.755957


I’ve been to your crappy thread on defunct site.

I don’t think your screeching here is helpful. You have done nothing to further the point. More hysterical ranting from a different angle.

I do think google, FB, and Rizvi need to be put in check. I don’t think ATT is the one to do it.

However, your story does not play well.

9f01ef No.755958

"The word I want to use is reciprocal. Some people call it a MIRROR tariff or MIRROR tax. If they charge us we charge them the same thing."

Think mirror

mirror can be used in many cases.

thay do it to you …. U do it to them

a16112 No.755959

- Record spending levels

- No wall/border security

- Obamacare intact

- Funds Planned Parenthood

- Sanctuary Cities funded

- Barely 24 hours to read a 2,300 page bill

This Omnibus is so far from what the forgotten men and women of America voted for. I will oppose it.

— Mark Meadows (@RepMarkMeadows) March 22, 2018

893d9a No.755960


You need to add they were in the US

63f3a2 No.755961

File: 01e06e420f3e1a4⋯.jpg (11.18 KB, 277x224, 277:224, DXcRFMTX0AEIDJd.jpg)


Q team needs to push harder MAGA's are loosing hope. We need perp walks soon. Trump signs this 1.3 T bill he will go down after the mid terms Twatter is off the rails over this PR fiasco. Goddamn congress needs sucked through a damn black hole

14ea0e No.755962


Yea Trump supporters are PISSED. I don't think it is time to panic yet, IMO. This is a lot like how everyone flipped that he was going to cave on DACA and 2A and then he backed off after a day or 2.

ac1940 No.755963

File: ed69db70bc55c21⋯.jpg (177.79 KB, 1500x1005, 100:67, 10712719_350919_3fb450c5d9….jpg)


Super Kek, Anon!

82bd1b No.755964

File: befc69230c720c2⋯.jpg (8.27 KB, 300x300, 1:1, vanishingpoint.jpg)

File: ce4415637d28d3f⋯.jpg (18.56 KB, 276x182, 138:91, vanishing2.jpg)

File: 87c9371e59c2c99⋯.jpg (7.96 KB, 275x183, 275:183, vanishing3.jpg)


Up until recently (the 1500’s) everyone knew the earth was flat. However, as usual the cabal was fighting among themselves and the Church/Religion was getting too much power. Claiming the earth was a globe accomplished two very important things. It discredited the bible (if you know what you are looking for the bible distinctly refers to a flat earth) and put forth science as an authority over us. This also was a great way to divide the people - one of their favorite ways to control us.

Two simple concepts to help you understand:

Why does it look like the sun sets if the earth is flat?

Our eyes have a lens that focuses light, converging it, or bringing it to a focal point. As an image such as the sun moves away from our field of vision, it will eventually reach a vanishing point. Because of these two aspects of our lens when two parallel images such as the sun (which is moving in a circle parallel over flat earth) and the earth are at a distance from us they appear to converge or come closer and closer together until they disappear. Just as railroad tracks from a distance appear to join together until they disappear at our vanishing point or a person walking away from you down a flat road will first appear to have no legs, then no torso then no head.

A rainbow is only possible if you have these three things: light, water and a mirror.

Flat earth has an atmosphere over it similar to what we have been told. However, since the earth is flat the atmosphere is dome shaped (½ circle) and what they did not tell us has particles within it such that it has reflective properties just like a mirror. This is significant because this “mirror dome” is what enables a rainbow to be created.

This is why a rainbow will only be seen outdoors with rain or a sprinkler when it is sunny (the mirror dome is always present). To see a rainbow inside one must include a mirror with water and light. There are videos to show you how to do this. However, my husband raised the current scientific explanation that to make a rainbow one does not need a mirror (thus no dome, no flat earth theory) because the light is refracted off the back of each raindrop! Soooo, now I had to get creative to prove one could not create a rainbow with just water droplets but needed a mirror.

To disprove the water droplet theory you will need to have a light source with and without a mirror. A standard flashlight with a reflector (chrome mirror) around the center bulb will suffice for the sun dome. Make sure it has the reflector (chrome mirror) around it as that is what refracts the light just like the sun and mirror dome above earth. Next you will need a light source without the chrome mirror around it, like just a plain light bulb. Finally a spray bottle full of water to create “rain drops”. As soon as it is dark go into the shower or other dark place you can spray water. Spray water in front of the flashlight ( the standard flashlight with the chrome mirror around the bulb) and you will be able to see the light refracted in the spray making a rainbow. Now take the plain light source a bulb with no chrome around it and spray the water in the same way in front of the light; no rainbow. Proof that light does not refract into a perfect rainbow from rain droplets alone, but a mirror (the dome) above the earth is necessary.

122931 No.755965


NOT enjoying the show. At all.

9e8084 No.755966

File: fb894086e0c1149⋯.png (50.21 KB, 651x401, 651:401, Bolling re Budget 3-22-18.PNG)

b6df0e No.755967

File: 6cb1e1917054122⋯.jpg (738.61 KB, 1750x2500, 7:10, new-red-clown-wig-zoom.jpg)



Nice try to discredit the truth clown shill.

2f0d39 No.755968

File: 10ae77aa92a03f3⋯.jpg (559.47 KB, 1561x1080, 1561:1080, when-you-break-free-of-the….jpg)

The Black Pill is the natural next step.

You'll all get there soon.

f27195 No.755969

>Be the autists we know you are.

>You were chosen for a specific reason.

>Discoveries must be ORIG organically.


>We can guide but you must organically uncover the TRUTH.

Given the above, why do anons seem to have an issue with organic ideas that don't fit the mold of "already solved"?

d03615 No.755971

File: ded9f58b7e19952⋯.png (287.36 KB, 427x576, 427:576, ClipboardImage.png)

I could do this shit all day

978753 No.755972

File: c67bf35422dba9a⋯.png (154.25 KB, 424x256, 53:32, ClipboardImage.png)


A three decade tour… a three decade tour!

86a65a No.755973

File: c2b7dff478b1c34⋯.png (230.41 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Trump_Twitter_Austin_Bombi….png)

853d57 No.755974


I hope you are being an ironic faggot. Tell me guys, when 'March Madness" ends this month with no major happenings, no arrests, and nothing to show for it other than a 1.3 trillion dollar spending bill rammed up our asses, will you grow even a little skeptical of Q's bullshit?

14ea0e No.755975


Easter or the Monday after Easter would be an awesome time for major happenings. :-)

08a02a No.755977

Sure has been a bigly week. Lots of arrests, lots to show for our efforts. Thanks, Q. You definitely are not having us chasing our tails.

d1286b No.755978


Difference is they 'thought he was going to cave' This time he did cave.

I saw a ton of real redpilled people really angry.

Can't say I don't agree with them.

I don't trust this part of the plan.

But he stands to lose a ton of voters over this. The tax cuts won't be enough

b6df0e No.755979


>Goddamn congress needs sucked through a damn black hole.

Precisely. Congress serves the banking cartel.

4b7932 No.755980


Red_Red stringers were already resolved.

Dec 4 2017 22:38:51 (EST) Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: eda158 34250



Hussein AIDS Video.

Hidden message?





Expand your thinking.

News unlocks meaning.


1b93a1 No.755981


because not all anons here are anons here

board is open (has to), that includes all flavors of idiots/shills

3f6ffd No.755982

File: 03444c492a1da60⋯.png (1.13 MB, 780x1052, 195:263, Time.png)

4fdd18 No.755983

File: 55109a28da4f353⋯.jpg (39.28 KB, 628x290, 314:145, true.JPG)

14ea0e No.755984


This has been posted at least 3 times and it is already in the archived in last notables posts.

a87e78 No.755985


their NRA bash didnt go over so well so now changing tactics. Paid prostitutes, all.

a2373d No.755986


HAHAHA What a tool fag You slipped up and admitted to being a fucking clown the other day with your "my side vs your side" comment you fucking liar of an asshole.

Go fuck yourself clown!!

30a7d1 No.755987

82bd1b No.755988



Also known as the "worldhouse" concept, paraterraforming involves the construction of a habitable enclosure on a planet which encompasses most of the planet's usable area.[43] The enclosure would consist of a transparent roof held one or more kilometers above the surface, pressurized with a breathable atmosphere, and anchored with tension towers and cables at regular intervals. The worldhouse concept is similar to the concept of a domed habitat, but one which covers all (or most) of the planet.

033875 No.755989


You can doubt all you want, this administration is Religious. If you aren't that's fine, no need for the hate. I'm just a fellow anon like you. Hoping and Praying that this plays out on the grandest stage of them all.

f27195 No.755990


You must be new here. Were you here yesterday? Long lists of happenings was produced. Read previous breads. nice try though

b6df0e No.755991


Mueller, Trump, Mnuchin collusion with the banking cartel exposed here.


Trump = Masonic Jesuit Banking cartel shill.

7cd46f No.755992

File: 2a3878fa93b25c9⋯.jpg (956.48 KB, 2500x1658, 1250:829, coming storm.jpg)

Storm Is Coming

35cf5c No.755993

File: d8cf8579328217c⋯.jpeg (68.53 KB, 466x390, 233:195, 8B67EA1E-D57D-4F8D-B077-5….jpeg)

File: c70d11e06236018⋯.jpeg (330.08 KB, 1242x1246, 621:623, 6016A8B9-22BD-4DC9-8AA3-2….jpeg)

File: 8a88eedc112c40a⋯.jpeg (284.92 KB, 1242x769, 1242:769, 953A9541-8CF9-43D6-B6D1-B….jpeg)

File: 8396aa14fbeb0d5⋯.jpeg (343.61 KB, 831x1418, 831:1418, 5C6B36AC-CC04-4C5E-AA3C-9….jpeg)

File: e7671c16499b072⋯.jpeg (344.1 KB, 1163x1178, 1163:1178, 027BE3FC-A838-4844-AD0B-0….jpeg)

4cd22d No.755994


My apologies, I looked to see, and could not find.

853d57 No.755995


He committed to signing it. Face it guys. This is an enemy victory, and it is the biggest "BOOM" of the week.

Schumer and Nancy are pretty good negotiators for people in a panic about to go to jail.

ad6dda No.755996


love me some infogalactic,

Also, these aren't CEOs, but they're C-suite positions: https:// www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/top-security-execs-at-google-facebook-and-twitter-announce-departures/

f1f03a No.755997


They should require that all meetings with lobbyists be recorded and a tv channel that airs them.

30a7d1 No.755999

14ea0e No.756000


Letter from Patrick Leahy says it will be out in a few weeks and it needs to show a good explanation for why McCabe was fired when he was.

a2373d No.756001



786674 No.756002


I think you might be right, anon. If so, could be yuge.

Found another treasure chest currently digging golden nuggets out of,




But will dig into this after, if another anon. hasn't. And thanks for the link. Didn't know this one. Looks like fun.

>http:// worldremittances.info/h/vexh

c3caed No.756003


Kek. For us old guys who get that pic

9f01ef No.756004


The illusion of choice…

Seems like two choices /_\

Only one choice at the top governing the illusion.

They can only manipulate two choices. Yes no

right wrong.

The real choice is the choices given outside the


The real choices number more then 2. This confuses their AI

08a02a No.756005


You mean the breads that are full of shit and flat earth claims? I'll get right on that.

b6df0e No.756006

File: 59331a0229247e3⋯.jpg (8.37 KB, 191x264, 191:264, sessions-clown.jpg)


14 months and NO ARRESTS.

JS and Wray = SES gang members.

You all have been fooled and taken for a ride.








The clowns have FUCKED YOU.

ba20f3 No.756007

File: dc60df675262f05⋯.png (336.15 KB, 497x483, 71:69, Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at ….png)

75777c No.756008


Cool! I would only recommend black outline around the white lettering on the kids' legs to make it easier to read.

122931 No.756009


Apparently, he'll die of old age before anything is done about this muzzie glowfag crooktard.

a2373d No.756010

File: 45a9ac8db1e32cd⋯.png (66.03 KB, 792x700, 198:175, 71863bfb7c136ba7d5df26d089….png)

14ea0e No.756011


Sorry, didn't mean to be a dick. Been a lot of trolls on repeat in here posting the same ting over and over. It is an interesting find.

6e0f57 No.756012


I read that Paul Ryan is supposed to announce he is retiring right after Easter.

be2453 No.756013

POTUS Ana’s a way of keeping his base engaged and everyone else fired up.

35cf5c No.756014

File: 2de7dfcf9a8ecef⋯.jpeg (833.02 KB, 1242x777, 414:259, F59B437F-7C94-45A7-8D3E-8….jpeg)

File: 0da649a9c34889a⋯.jpeg (991.93 KB, 1242x774, 69:43, 6FE05FE3-EAE4-4027-A0C0-9….jpeg)

File: 8bc95b464bf66b0⋯.jpeg (982.89 KB, 1242x774, 69:43, 54134674-F970-45C1-A7E7-3….jpeg)

File: e27e5c68e46a5fd⋯.jpeg (1007.48 KB, 1242x780, 207:130, AB967B3E-0948-474A-B970-F….jpeg)

82bd1b No.756016


no supporter of POTUS gives two shits about this


narrative much?

d1286b No.756017

File: c7c39b1861226f0⋯.png (389.63 KB, 666x566, 333:283, screenshotAtUploadCC_15217….png)

File: 6770682096c25fd⋯.png (32.39 KB, 606x196, 303:98, screenshotAtUploadCC_15217….png)

File: 81752dfb8900426⋯.png (175.17 KB, 608x566, 304:283, screenshotAtUploadCC_15217….png)

ad6dda No.756018


bullshit…these fuckers aren't winning anything. Besides, this has to get past Rand Paul's filibuster.

b6df0e No.756019

File: f2a32041fea068c⋯.gif (254.79 KB, 427x576, 427:576, TRUMP_PENCE_CLOWN.gif)

6eecbc No.756020


Will they get workout time in GITMO?

9b4ca7 No.756021

File: 25f20f3359bfb44⋯.png (1.3 MB, 960x720, 4:3, kaboom.png)


Trust the plan.

I have a feeling Q will be back today, 3/22.

122931 No.756022


A lot of snow for this time of year. Looks nice.

199243 No.756023

File: 6f5efbec88f6c07⋯.jpg (108.34 KB, 590x1024, 295:512, FE_nextlevel.jpg)

File: 387d55451576a51⋯.jpg (88.01 KB, 777x437, 777:437, FE_finale.jpg)


Qresearch is the most active Flat Launch platform on this level planet. Keep it up! The donations and recruits are rolling in. Nice work, anon cattle and sheep help prepare the way for the deeper level above human.

82bd1b No.756024


think MIRROR



f27195 No.756025


Good points made, & i can agree with those.

Even so, minus the obvious idiotic and shill shit, isn't a bit short-sighted to reject ALL new discoveries? It's like stopping with landlines & old rotary phone as the end-all-be-all of phones, when a cell phone is possible. Expanded thinking, or don't think about that again?

76d943 No.756026


IBOR - Needs to be written from a leftist point of view.

Play the game

Subversion is very real.

3dda1e No.756027


No, you are the problem. If you respond to a flathead , I will report you and ask for a,12 hour ban.

filter those who talk to flatheads

Delete this post when finished reading.

ca6d85 No.756029


Paul Ryan just bitch-slapped the Trump White House.

They're breaking out the champagne at Langley.

Presumably the President learned something from this.

b6df0e No.756030

File: 2f71d87d7c3eb02⋯.jpg (25.47 KB, 400x267, 400:267, Paul_Ryan_Clown_02.jpg)

345c7a No.756031


try https:// imgflip.com/memegenerator to make lettering show up better

eb8150 No.756032


The question is WHY ARE YOU HERE???

a2373d No.756033



1574a5 No.756034

File: eb0a66c04c77f00⋯.png (757.8 KB, 761x537, 761:537, ClipboardImage.png)


The worst part was missing

5a46d8 No.756035


What the fuck are you talking about?


aaaannndd filtered

1fe447 No.756036


If RM asks that, the best response might be, "What difference, at this point, does it make?"

b6df0e No.756038

File: 867558ff6b31642⋯.png (25.67 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Clown_Q.png)

122931 No.756040


This part, good. Govt part, not so much. C grade on govt. B+ on bus side.

f8990e No.756042


Normally they are between 40-50 chars. I have gone weeks without hearing a skyking transmission. Last fall when things were heating up with NK, I remember hearing large skyking transmissions. It is not normal for the 100+ char skykings. Also note how many times he says skyking. There is reason to believe that 3 or 4 times (skyking skyking skyking skyking do not answer) suggests not a drill.

Also on the same freq, i have noticed russian chatter in the last couple weeks. And another strange thing was an actual dialogue between two entities followed by an airforce operator standing by for a copy on status, which I've never heard on 8992 khz before.

9f01ef No.756043


Eddie Munster retiring?

82bd1b No.756044




3ba82e No.756045


>Maybe IBOR petition wasn’t Qs mission for us. Just word of mouth maybe that something has to be done

BINGO. It was about prepping the normies to accept that social media can be nefarious.

Best way to redpill is to create just a little doubt, and let them dig on their own.

f27195 No.756046


HELL NO i don't mean obvious clown shit and flat earth? why is that the assumption?

b6df0e No.756047


QLARP is CIA (Worldwide Civilian agency) going to blame alt-right (they actually laugh when they hoax) and blame it on the Russians (alt-right). At the same time showing how stupid people on Youtube spread the disinformation in this lowlevel psyop to point out the stupidy of people and mute them (100% of QANON supporters are republicans). I am former East-European intelligence with a long trackrecord overseas and this is so obvious. The army of Obama is still in power and the deepstate operators are moving to West Europe right now to survive anything that might happen in Washington.

c3caed No.756049

File: 234b855559f8222⋯.jpeg (108.61 KB, 1080x722, 540:361, 1520964905.jpeg)

Shilly here

cfa6c2 No.756050

File: 55707ec84955820⋯.jpg (99.56 KB, 635x451, 635:451, dish.jpg)

Not a word on MSM, huh?


459b19 No.756052


who the fuck are you to beg for a ban faggot? Back to reddit with that cuckold begging shit, patriots don't beg like children pussy

dab7c1 No.756053

File: b2463e251da19d1⋯.jpg (18.35 KB, 823x549, 823:549, brock.jpg)

Watch this story. Its going to get bigger in months to come. I have a feeling that this dude is connected in some way to Mark Salling's murder. He's most definitely a tenet of the Hollywood pedo scandal along with Jeffrey Epstein and David Geffen. Those of you who are familiar with Enty and the CDAN blinds about this underground pedo network in Hollywood know that Enty has been dropping clues about all of this for years.

Brock was heavily mixed up with Bill and Hillary Clinton. He was on the board of the Clinton Global Initiative—which was one of the main supply line for trafficking kids and rinsing cash. This dude was one of the feeders who helped source the unsuspecting your boys in Hollywood for Bryan Singer's and David Geffen's underaged boy sex parties. Even after the DEN scandal blew up this motherfucker walked away from it all and went on to get very rich from Crypto.

This story is long, and it is old. Many, many, many of the child actors in Hollywood/Disney were repeatedly raped by these dudes and their nasty old friends. They hooked the kids on drugs, and passed them around at their pedo parties, and most of them were pretty much ruined by them time they got to late teens. There is a long list of them who committed suicide after they got too old appeal to the pedos anymore. Their careers suddenly dried up.

Ironic that now, many years later, the ones who are pulling the plug on the Hollywood pedo network are the very liberals who were once their closest friends. John Oliver, the Trump-hating douchbag on HBO just exposed Brock in a very, very big way. Brock just got fired from the EOS. If you hear about him committing suicide not long from now remember you read it here first. He knows who all the high-profile pedos are. He helped provide them with aspiring young male actors to drug and rape. Its inexcusable even though he himself was molested and raped when he was a young boy in Hollywood. He proves that the stereotype is true—the abused often do become abusers.

Thank you Enty and CDAN for getting the ball rolling on this.

https:// disobedientmedia.com/2017/01/tech-figure-in-dot-com-child-sex-scandal-was-a-clinton-global-initiative-member/

https:// disobedientmedia.com/2018/03/brock-pierce-removed-from-eos-after-surprising-attack-by-john-oliver/

75777c No.756054


Not everyone can read each thread so duplicate postings of important info is not a big problem. Think of all the dumb shill posts that are repeatedly posted.

a2373d No.756055

KeK I think the clowns and their bots are at a loss today.. No real anons are believing their bullshit :)

Glorious. God bless you anons!

d1286b No.756056


Not all supporters are on the Chans and following Q. Some are the MAGA/Deplorable ones that go to rally's and got him elected.

They don't like Planned parenthood getting funded. Sanctuary cities getting funded. They want the wall. They chant it at rally's. But they are a much larger crowd than we are here.

He can't get elected without them. We are not large enough numbers alone.

Don't shoot the fucking messenger. Just telling you social media is lit up right now !

9b4ca7 No.756057



yeah and put some real pants on that girl

and maybe some shoes for the homeless one

28d609 No.756058


Yep, POTUS just fucked us all!!! Hey all trust the plan. Next Week Boom. Planned Parenthood Funded. Sanctuary Cities funded. POTUS lied to us

b6df0e No.756059

d03615 No.756060


they they TRIED* to convince

They lost. They don't have the numbers. They dont have the support. It's a fight they can not win.

Truth MUST come out. And I KNOW it will

17a49c No.756061

File: 676d2c8a5673937⋯.png (14.35 KB, 329x148, 329:148, panic.png)

Is imminent the Hell of the Earth??

2e0e36 No.756062


Does SKYKING normally send messages whilst Airforce one is in the air?

be2453 No.756063

>>756013. Sorry POTUS has a way

70dd8b No.756064

File: cbb029c3ad8fa77⋯.jpg (27 KB, 308x358, 154:179, 2018-03-22_12-47-03.jpg)

Death of a clown. And not just any clown, but Bozo the clown.

https:// www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/frank-avruch-star-of-‘bozo-the-clown’-dies-at-89/ar-BBKyt88?ocid=spartanntp

31d620 No.756065


What specifically are you enjoying right now?

82bd1b No.756066


ITS still an msm narrative

they are buckling under pressure

cf4b0f No.756067



d34a6e No.756068


>Cuck Minister Justin Trudeau visits India in late Feb, gets snubbed.


>Shortly after, Hillary Clinton also goes to India, and also gets snubbed.



Absolutely OUTSTANDING question!

Add "follow Huma" … why was Huma there and why was she carrying a very sensitive vocal recorder during a tour?

I wonder if she is short on cash from freezes/seizures and was looking as one Anon said a "handler" or cash flow. I agree, no apparent reason for her to go there, and they sure could give a sh_t about why she lost the election. Her prose made no sense.

New Zealand in the mix too,no?

aa5929 No.756069


THIS IS FUCKING HORSESHIT. WTF POTUS, I trust the plan, but you put the pen to paper on this fucking disgrace of a bill. What am I supposed to make of this?

1b93a1 No.756070


i agree, i've often scoffed at dumb interpretations in the past, but those can trigger another thought/lead in new directions, it's far from wasted.

i've also thought certain things were pushing it way too far and been proven wrong (q hand signals, RT as Rex Tillerson, for example)

so yeah, don't get shut down too easily, stand your ground. at worst you get filtered by a few people, no big deal

f27195 No.756071


Is English your first language?

4cd22d No.756072


Thanks, I think the SES needs intense research!

b77747 No.756073

File: 4f0220af7db9b97⋯.png (540.41 KB, 1160x2110, 116:211, ClipboardImage.png)

Researching the (((Dutch Royals))), and

a2373d No.756074


Nobody believe you bullshit, clown.. Not even your boyfreind!

Seeya, clownfaggot!