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File: a4a8c3c9ea7bc51⋯.jpg (212.74 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, a4a8c3c9ea7bc51c86871a07eb….jpg)



File: 0fbe55720020c98⋯.png (82.61 KB, 543x369, 181:123, Untitled.png)

DC's Patreon is once again active, now with a promise to remove the incest to comply with Patreon's new rules.



So what, is this the serious thread while the other one is one I can actually joke in it?



I really hope he does the typical "unofficial official mod" thing that other authors have done… if not that's pretty much it for this game for me


File: 8a234080ebb0609⋯.gif (910.51 KB, 240x180, 4:3, 57873453390.gif)



He's pretty much implied as much in the Discord. Also note that none of the CG is going to change, and that it's only a dialogue swap. Inevitably the original dialogue will be modded in again.


this game without incest is a common game without any interest on it


well we can all ways up the Cuck, get mr hary asshole in the gym to fuck said used to be aunt. that will spice things up. and make people argue just like this comment will. first will come the want to be insult "sick cuck fuck". can't really use a fetish line against someone with that fetish as an insult. it'd be like me calling you guys sick incest fuck. see it doesn't really work. except that it was so sick IT GOT BANNED LOL




>"broken bot"-tier posts.

Pack your shit and fuck off, you illiterate nigger.



Watching someone fuck your aunt is considered voyeurism



OH MY GOSH someone else who agree's!!!

This is why BB wasn't Cuck! Someone else know's the actual definition! I was pandering to the dumb shit's that think it's NTR/Cuck. I'm so glad you caught that. ^_^



I mean i dont like ntr but watching someone i dont love get fucked is not getting cucked. even if a nigger is doing it. Just like in something unlimited. The meta bordello isnt cucking because i dont love any of the women and neither does the protagonist. Like that would mean watching porn is cucking yourself.


File: 96f76bcef6a7b8d⋯.png (301.64 KB, 417x657, 139:219, 96f76bcef6a7b8d980b6b3b42e….png)


>BB wasn't cuckolding

are you retarded or something?

they were your love interests and they got fucked right infront of you no matter what you did. you got cucked no matter how much your brain wants to explain it away with saying "but we weren't dating". it doesn't matter if you were dating the whole point of the game was to fuck them, they were already your from the get go and then someone took them away, you are a cuck if you got off to it.



If you are not new to this place you should have already understood the way cuckoldry work according to htg/hgg:

If there is another male character aside from the one controlled by the player, and/or some female character refuse to fuck the player or have not sexual scene implemented into the game (involving the player), then this mean the game is cuckshit. All the attention of the female characters must be focused on the MC. Walking in a lesbian couple while they are eating each other, and joining their fun creampiyng them both multiple times make you a double cuck. Stealing someone elses girlfriend make you a cuck.

The dick of the MC must be unchallenged and unquestioned. An absolute being with no rivals. An object of worship for all female characters in the game. Everything that derail from the MC's dick being the god of his universe make the player a cuck.


File: 46b119db8d36a30⋯.jpg (40.61 KB, 750x477, 250:159, 28951681_389110958227784_5….jpg)


File: cff3c82cf152879⋯.gif (1.38 MB, 498x211, 498:211, giphy.gif)


>So any game where you train a girl and she takes other cocks AKA Akabur's games is cuckshit. She's basically a public slut and not worth playing for. Like about 70% of the (((games))) here.

>A game where you are the sole male and corrupt the girls around you into only loving your cock AKA Rouge-like is good shit. You must be able to fuck the girl though, otherwise stuff like dating daughter counts and you never fuck her.

I get that nigga.


Definitions of cuckold:

"the husband of an adulteress, often regarded as an object of derision."

"(of a man) make (another man) a cuckold by having a sexual relationship with his wife."

Why y'all so fucking desperate for everything to be cucking? You're already watching someone else fuck girls, the MC isn't you and if you're attached to any of the girls you want him to fuck you're literally cucking yourself by this logic.

It's not cucking unless you're in an actual committed relationship and/or are married.

We get it, you don't like to share because you're big alpha manly men with the biggest veiny dicks in town, but that's not cucking.

Stop with your fetish shit.



i disagree with the whole wife only definition

that definition is outdated, from a time where legit relationships were limited to married couples.

nowadays regular bf-gf relationships count just as much, even if you have a narrow definition of cucking.

pornwise its even broader and can include daughters, childhood friends, sisters, lolis and whatever else. except mothers, because thats disgusting and gross.


BB was cucking if you let eric fuck your sisters and the aunt. that he fucked the mom is ok from a non-cuck perspective, because there was no romance before that, the mom was a bitch and also see above, mom-son is furry-level disgusting



What? Complete bullshit my dude, people have been casual sex partners for many many years, cucking would hardly be a thing in a properly religious marriage would it.

You can't disagree with it because you want to change the definition of being a cuck, it is what it is.

If you don't like people sharing or a woman taking multiple dicks, that's a different issue.

You got Polyamoured.


Admittedly it doesn't have the same ring as cucking but most of the whining about cucking here isn't actually about cucking.



polyamorous(?) relationships are not the same as cucking, because it involves actual romance with multiple people, there are gay ctriple couples where everyone loves (and fucks) everyone, and that is polyamorous, as well as polygamous relationships where a man has 2+ women or a woman has 2+ men. those examples are not cucking.

the classic cucking scenario is a couple (where both have romantic feelings for each other), and one of the two has sexual encounters with one or more people outside that relationship. They can be completely unromantic, and it is still cucking (and in that case entirely not polyamorous). Also, it doesnt matter at all if the couple got married before the cucking happens.

I didnt talk about casual sex partners aka FWB before, no idea how you get that idea. Or is every relationship that hasnt been cemented in front of the allmighty spaghetti monster "casual sex" in your eyes?



>has actually dropped in progress

DC's patrons are the real cucks tbh.



Basically, the difference between Poly and Cucking is that one of the partners isn't getting laid.



not really, the two things are not opposites or different states. a relationship can be both or none. polyamorous (pretty sure you spell that differently) describes the romance (dokidoki love) part, cucking is a sexual thing. well, cucking needs romance as well, otherwise its just people fucking around and no one cares.


So, who's going to go for the update when it releases? I'd like to see the new teacher content, but I'm not keen on losing the Aunt, Sister and Mother stuff since that's the only worthwhile shit in the game at the moment.



Could keep an old release to play them again but…really, this game lost my interest so hard after it became clear the fuckers dragging it out as long as possible and focusing on characters after the Mom/Aunt/Sis, that no one is interested in.



tbh the game had to be rewritten so some new code tasks were added.



It is casual if there's no romance, yes. And I wasn't talking about you specifically, plenty people on this board demand something is cucking if any dude but the player fucks ANY female in the game, even if it's the players slaves that literally exist to be whored out as a core mechanic of the damn game.

So by your definition there people love to invent the romance side of it and claim it's cucking.


this was supposed to come out this weekend right?



It got asked in the stream yesterday. Apparently not. It's a "massive" update with four sex scenes remember? He's introducing more items and scenery than anything else.




Plus they are implementing their Incest Failsafe for Patreon, as I said early, incest is so messed up that it is banned, :P. They were prepped for this to happen so they have to throw that in and add the new sex scenes.

read their updates on their page. https://summertimesaga.com/

Don't pander to the lazy, just throw a crumb and let them do the work.



Are you mentally ill?



Cant wait to have a closer look at those lockers!


File: 8d6850ed2926ecc⋯.jpg (66.92 KB, 796x1000, 199:250, s-l1000.jpg)


>Incest Failsafe for Patreon

so, will there be a way to leave everything as same?



ask DC, I'm just sharing links. I personally will be holding on to the latest version, just in case.



because there was a scene in Rogue-Like Evolution by Oni someone unlocked on an android version that I cannot see ever again because I cleared my stash of old versions of games. (in rogue-like, it was a scene where the movie usher catches you two and you get kicked out or you bribe him with, time with rogue or money.)


What new options to vote for after Roxxy's (0.16) update:

>Annie's story and Principal Smith (underground cult)

>Judith's story and the Latinas

>NTR for Jenny and Diane

>The dating system (which will affect Mia only for now)

>The main plot (father's revenge), the Pizza place (Tony and Maria), the bank, Igor and his henchmen.

>Rhonda's story and the swimming pool (lifeguard Cassie)

>Coach Bridget, the athletic's team (5th teacher, smaller update)

>The library (Jane) and the book club (addict anonymous)

>Eve, her older sister and the tattoo parlour

>Mia's improved story and Nun Angelica


>Roz? :P

>The trap? xD



>Judith's story and the Latinas

I never thought about the Latinas being tied to Judith (i know they bulled her), looks promissing.



i hope its an either/or choice, like with mia and her mom. really dont want to bang/date judith just to progress with the latinas.


>NTR for Jenny and Diane

im mildy surprised that actually got included, considering all that has been said here i was convinced it was already in the pipeline for years now.

seriously though, i couldnt care less about the characters. he should add the mom for good measure, maybe some good old fucking (with someone not her son) finally lifts her mood and gets her to wear something other than her bathrobe.

My personal favorites from all those choices would be "mia extended"/"dating" (same reason, mia best girl), then "rhonda/lifeguard" and "eve+co", in that order. "library/bookclub" could be interesting or complete crap, depending on what it actually includes. the other choices mean little to nothing to me, eroero wise.


>Faggots still bump the shitty thread and not the good one


>Faggot that keeps complaining about the mom is a cuck

Color me surprised.



>time with rogue

So he was going to whore Rogue? Lmao cucks got Roguelike already.



>NTR for mom and sis

what the fuck….

didn't he specifically say "there will be no NTR" some time ago when people were hounding him about the gaming turning into cucksville?

not only is he taking away the incest but hes also adding in cuckolding. kill yourself DC you fucking cuck jew


File: 3b1b0479d5f4f83⋯.png (29.55 KB, 540x321, 180:107, ClipboardImage.png)

Why are you Bitching at DC for this shit? It's the MoralFags in Patreon that cause all this, Jack Conte is the true cuck in all this, he's PayPal's Bitch now, just watch http://sendvid.com/8i4b5tut

Patreon is now a "No Go Zone" now for Dev's making a Porn Game, we need a reliable platform that isn't going to Bitch, because someone is making a adult (fictional) Game!

Oh Btw, they have Livestreams every month and the security is a joke, so have fun at their annual jerk off sessions https://www.crowdcast.io/patreon


File: 24b115d46047cc2⋯.gif (1.8 MB, 282x257, 282:257, 24b115d46047cc2d3388d04da6….gif)


Shut up, pathetic white knight. DC didn't have to comply with patreon. This is stockholm syndrome-tier bullshit and DC is a cuck for just shutting up and comply. His fanbase is large enough for him to start some shit in the scene.

>Patreon is now a "No Go Zone" now for Dev's making a Porn Game

Good. All patreon porn games were either an scam or shit.

>we need a reliable platform that isn't going to Bitch


Kill yourself. The only thing this shitty scene needs right now is people with balls and a good work ethic that hates cuck shit. But guess what, you will probably not find that person on fucking patreon.

Stop bumping this shitty thread.



Nah man thats bait. The last additions should had been giving it away.




You do know MC had the trap listed along the monster girl from the very beginning, right? DC is and have always been a faggot.



The fact that DC isn't doing the fan patch workaround means DC is 100% at fault



With a different platform no need for a shitty workaround patch, thats why DarkSilver aka Big Brother got banned, Patreon found him out because he was telling them how to patch it through Patreon's platform


File: d69229c0698841c⋯.webm (209.75 KB, 480x270, 16:9, what are you retarded.webm)


>DC didn't have to comply with patreon.

So DMD and Big Brother was what? A glitch? you dumb fuck

>Good. All patreon porn games were either an scam or shit.

So why are you here then? STFU or GTFO Bitch!

>Stop bumping this shitty thread.

The only Cuck I see in this thread atm is you Fuck face go auto asphyxiate sucking your own cock Nazi-fag



When he says he didn't have to comply, I assume he means DC should have left Patreon.comply to their demands.




>All patreon porn games were either an scam or shit.

Four Elements Trainer and the Pyorgara's games aren't total pieces of shit, but overwhelmingly you are right.



>So DMD and Big Brother was what? A glitch? you dumb fuck

Shove your false dichotomy up your ass.

He didn't have to comply. He could have left. He could have LITERALLY NOT TAKEN ANYTHING OUT and done exactly what IA did, still selling incest on their site. You're sucking his cock and complaining it's not AIDS-riddled enough.


File: 62db26e0326e2d8⋯.png (94.19 KB, 319x277, 319:277, 1457719162922.png)


>Calls me a retard

>Can't even read


File: ed7825031ca0a1d⋯.png (215.44 KB, 1000x557, 1000:557, a5fk5dg6yflz.png)

Wow the Dumb-Fags are strong here, if you guys can't gasp the facts by simply Reading, I ain't going to teach ya!

No wonder I left this shithole, but by and means carry on believing your stupid Shit what else you going to do?

It's not like 4Chan made a ton of reports against DC to Patreon causing him to edit out incest for now, and when a actual fan of the game passes a copy the a patched verison of 0.15, I know you guys will shit on the Help then, so forget it, you can sit in shit for all I give a damn!

Oh and Captain fuck face over here >>40552 can be your Apha Crying little Bitch/Fag, Enjoy yourselves in your scat cuckery!


Don't bother writing back, I ain't going to be reading it ( ° つ °)╭∩╮



True, I agree.

It's retarded for some people to think the patch workaround, while shitty, can't work though. Since BB getting banned was avoidable if they weren't retarded about it like you pointed out.





File: 08d472a7759b0ec⋯.jpg (337.18 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 21413a2c6136362b21f65af94d….jpg)

Just popped in to say that I genuinely hate all of you and only show up here for potential screenshots

Enjoy your gay shit



>>>/reddit/ tier reply

>bumps the thread




>It's not like 4Chan made a ton of reports against DC to Patreon causing him to edit out incest for now



>when a actual fan of the game passes a copy the a patched verison of 0.15



>I know you guys will shit on the Help then



>so forget it, you can sit in shit for all I give a damn!


<[incoherent autistic crying]


>fagzoners unironically think they can convince anyone that DC isn't being his basic bitch self ever since the sister update.

If he's not willing to provide a work around,this game is as good as dead here.

I liked his shit but as per usual the creator kike'd out.



I don't have access to his patreon, but if some anon here could help me out voting for these two choices:

>>Annie's story and Principal Smith (underground cult)

>>Coach Bridget, the athletic's team (5th teacher, smaller update)

I would be very thankful. These are the two that I've been wanting to see the most and it annoys me that they haven't been worked on.



Good riddance. Incestfaggots are the most annoying bunch. Goodbye.



Why would anybody vote for the coach and Annie when they can vote for Judith?



Are you done, just fuck off then, so you can enjoy niggers and NTR.



Im sorry that girls outside your family circle have cucked you so much that you decide that only your relatives would be willing to fuck only you (Though i guess you get cucked everytime your dad fucks your mom).

Sorry you lost the roasties you have as family in the game but im not going anywhere because im not jaded enough to think no incest=NTR/BLACKED.


File: f528332630737e5⋯.jpg (14.85 KB, 233x290, 233:290, 2015-12-26.jpg)

God damn it. I just want to fuck the fucking teachers already.



is there a mega download?



Come on, you can't be this retarded, please tell me you were baiting.

Just leave and don't come back



There is no longer incest here. Go away you colossal faggot.



Oh really, despite all incest is going to stay with fan based patches, so you must be retarded.



>Fan based patches.

Fan Fiction. Cant wait to see you complain when you have fapped to the same scenes for the 100th time and you lash out at DC every day for not doing more family content.

Lmao at your life.



Go back to Fag95. You'll be more welcomed there.



They complain about no incest like the faggots from here, but at least here i can shitpost witouth the mods butting in. So fuck you.



Nah, they love censorship and cut content, like you.



Nah they also have moronic comments like "game is dead" just because there is no incest despite there being so many characters that will get content.

So both places are full of literal homosexuals like you ignoring all the pussy content to come just for some fetish that literally 95% of western porn devs have.



>despite there being so many characters that will get content.

Like your family. Oh, wait, they cut that content, along Mia's and probably Eric's mom too.

>full of literal homosexuals

You know, without all the incest content that made around 80% of the game and the planned and in development gay content, you are probably the homosexual for playing this game.



Obvious troll is obvious.



>Like your family.

There are much more characters that are more worthy than your roastie family.

You are a homosexual if you can only think of the one only gay character in the game. If incestfaggots werent hogging all the scenes there would be more variety of characters sex scenes by now. Obviously homosexuals like you dont want pussy but rather focus on one gay dude.

Lmao come out of the closet homosexual.



>There are much more characters that are more worthy than your roastie family.

But more than half the actual content of the game is your family or other forms of incest, like Eric's Mom. So the game is back to have so little content that is laughable. The game didn't went forwards, it went backwards, and whether you like incest or not, the fact that the game doesn't have content now is undeniable.

>You are a homosexual if you can only think of the one only gay character in the game

Actually, DC will make Eric fuckable, since it seems that after incest gay shit is the most voted during streams. So have fun with your gay game.



Thats because incest people decided to lead the game that way. Which is why that now more than ever SS will have more variety. The teacher's update will get things going forward.

Even if they make Eric Fuckable and that gym guy we still have Eve, Latinas, Hall monitor, Judith, Mia and her mom, Roxxy, the pizza guy wife, the lifeguard and Ronda, the fish girl, the succubus that won that poll, the aforementioned teachers.

SS is far from dead and its annoying that people declare it dead just because they wont get more content for the characters that already had shitton of it.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>all these shittier characters like monster girl trash

>"SS is far from dead"


File: 8cbc8bde472a357⋯.png (34.53 KB, 139x143, 139:143, 8cbc8bde472a357598a5423095….png)


>The teacher's update will get things going forward

>Only one scene per teacher

>get things going forward


>Even if they make Eric Fuckable and that gym guy we still have

Considering they are going to be in the game anyway, it's still a gay game, and the thing is, there's cut content now, and if you do the math, the gay content now is more than the straight content. So have fun with your gay game.

>its annoying that people declare it dead just because they wont get more content for the characters that already had shitton of it

That's not the problem, idiot, the problem is that the game basically went down so much in content that it's ridiculous. Yes, there was enough incest content, but that doesn't justify cutting it.



Nice meme faggotron.


What math? Mia and her mom, the Orcette, fish girl, Judith will still be there. Care to tell me the gay content that the game has? No? The you are gay as fuck.

The very reason there is a problem is because incesfags pushing for the family to get all content and now they are going to get bitten in the ass for idiots. Lmao.


File: 222fcbaf384088e⋯.jpg (63.07 KB, 851x476, 851:476, 222fcbaf384088eee457b137fe….jpg)


>Mia and her mom

<2 Scenes each at best and in different paths

>Orcette, fish girl and Judith

<A Single scene each

>7 scenes at best

>Mom, Sister and Aunt

<4 scenes each and maybe more

>Care to tell me the gay content that the game has?

Pic related plus DC said he already have more, but he can't tell because it would be spoiler, so here's the thing, faggots already have more scenes than most girls on the game, INCLUDING THE TEACHER UPDATE.


File: 0ca2f73edb3dc05⋯.jpg (69.53 KB, 853x481, 853:481, 0ca2f73edb3dc05672991360d1….jpg)


Ah, and let's not forget the fact that you will be able to send naked selfies to the gay guy and he has a bigger dick than the MC. Just the kind of game faggots like you will enjoy.




You said the gay content output is greater than the straight one. Girls, even ignoring incest, still have more content than gay stuff. You have not proven shit.



For each girl, it is, considering most girls have 1 scene at best. So yeah, there's more gay content per girl than there's for straight girls.



Again pls tell me this gay content you are talking about (Like a shot of MC fucking/getting fuck by a guy). And i dont care if a girl only has one scene, its still one more scene over the alluded gay content. Your math doesnt adds up.



Already posted them, faggot.



You didnt, and even if that somehow counts you still have like 5 more to go before your claim of gay game becomes true.



See >>41022 and >>41023

And here's the thing. Gay content is already made and it's more than most girls have, so still true. Just come clean already with your faggotry, no wonder you wish for incest to be removed.



Those are not sex scenes so you have not proven anything.



I didn't say sex scenes, did I? And it's still gay content, done and planned. It is so hard to admit you like playing a gay game?


File: a3a855a0c203adc⋯.png (19.82 KB, 293x219, 293:219, stfunigga.png)



>implying they're not coming

You dunce. If they made faggot scenes even if they aren't sex scenes THEY WILL BE SOON TO COME!





a pic with the MC whipping out his dick is hardly gay, it happens all the time, and in all sorts of games. That there is a character who is gay also doesnt faze me, at least there is zero chance that he steals any of the MC's girls (which should be a totally safe concept with all the cucking allergies here).

So far there has been no actual gay scenes, and with the incest-related revamp i dont see where the devs will take the time to implement gay content. People have been screaming "muh, nigger-cucking" "muh, traps" "muh, faggotry" for eons, but so far nothing has happened. Even the pics you posted arent even in the game yet.


Who's the person in the class pic that's trying to hide?


I can't understand why to make affairs with other men in an erotic game that is not intended for fags.

I have no hatred for homosexuals. I also don't usually get too immersed in the plot of the games. Even so, I don't want to "experience" an affair with another man. Even if it's a silly game, this is not cool, this is not the kind of experience that I and probably no other heterosexual wants when when playing an adult game.


Anyone have walkthrough of Roxxy's line specifically? So annoying begin game again and check every thing, every door in game. Please?



There's not much content for Roxxy besides finding her nude on the shower so it's not really worth the effort, at least not yet.



Patreon backers are mysterious entities and have most bizarre fucking taste I've ever fucking seen.



But in last thread I saw picture of hotdoging Roxxy. Or it was the limit of relationships?



If it is patron pressure, then DC is making a serious mistake. I have no doubt that the vast majority of his patrons are disgusted by this idea, even though they have not stood against it.

And the problem of homosexual scenes goes far beyond simply giving more opportunities to the player. If the author is creating a game that is not intended for the gay public, and even decides to make scenes where the main character engages sexually with other men, then he has no respect for what he is doing.



not entirely sure which scene you are talking about, but it is quite certainly not implemented in the current version.

the update that adds roxxy content is scheduled for after the current one i guess. it was meant to be

15.0 = teachers

15.5 = sister

16 = roxxy and dexter

but seeing as the sister content is now certainly on hold, there is a chance roxy is getting some love early.



What you saw was probably fan art which is ironically often better stuff than the crap DC puts in-game


File: b6c53399365dc0d⋯.jpeg (34.95 KB, 300x261, 100:87, 1449843129636.jpeg)

>Bumping the cuck thread.


>a pic with the MC whipping out his dick is hardly gay

You do realize that's a drawing of MC sending a pic of himself with a soft dick to his gay friend, right? The problem is not the pic itself but what it is intended for. It's gay content even when on itself isn't gay.

>i dont see where the devs will take the time to implement gay content

But he will, specially since it already exists, see >>41022 and if he made it already, why the fuck he wouldn't implement it in the game?

>Even the pics you posted arent even in the game yet

<B-but it isn't gay yet!

But it will and you will be playing a gay game, faggot. I hope you enjoy fucking fat fuck in the ass while his mom is railed by some nigger.


Most of the gay content comes from literal faggots watching his stream and pushing him to write that instead of other thing. And I mean it, only like 40 people at best watch his streams, and he do shit based on the opinion of those 40 fucking faggots.

>If the author is creating a game that is not intended for the gay public, and even decides to make scenes where the main character engages sexually with other men, then he has no respect for what he is doing.

You are the anon this board needs, but not the one it deserves.


>there is a chance roxy is getting some love early

>By the same faggot that keeps delaying the project

>By the same faggot that adds faggotry, monster girls and Roz before better content

>By the same faggot that took his time to modify and remove all incest instead of working on more content



At least the dude is still working on it unlike the other patreon milkers who just jumped ship to the next project they can exploit people with.


File: 121283d3a140fc3⋯.png (176.54 KB, 905x260, 181:52, stop that.PNG)


>Bumping the cuck thread

>Defending DC


File: f7384c312c53a12⋯.jpg (17.7 KB, 428x280, 107:70, 1446607867754.jpg)

>5 months




File: 3acbef390cd9a15⋯.gif (35.38 KB, 220x211, 220:211, tenor.gif)


Half a year for 4 porn scenes


File: 3ea167c1cffe77b⋯.jpg (293.34 KB, 820x1159, 820:1159, 1522877554522.jpg)




per month


File: feac3d291ae1d1d⋯.jpg (39.66 KB, 361x535, 361:535, 1522879386502.jpg)


Imagine have so much time that you fake a document just to shitpost. No patreon, no site, no discord and the signature is from fucking Don Draper.




Holy shit, the anon literally came in as I was about to swallow the bait. 10/10



You must be a lot of fun at parties.




File: ed675129b384131⋯.jpg (159.46 KB, 1200x801, 400:267, ed675129b384131a3ef8f9be6e….jpg)


>yfw you get cucked out of replies for quality bait



your tears are delicious



>86% yesterday

>85% today




They found more incest dialogue… A lot of it. At least another 2 hours to change all the mom/son/sister/etc to something else. It was a LOT.



2 hours? C'mon, ctrl + f "sister", "mom", et voila. You can change that shit in less than half of an hour and left everything as is just adding "step".



> an erotic game that is not intended for fags

And yet here you are playing it



Fun fact: I have a project with 80k words and I readjusted to Patreon's new TOS in one day.


The joke didn't work because I don't play this game. I feel a natural rejection against MC's face, which I could ignore if all the top girls didn't have the same stupid appearance. This art doesn't please me at all, although I recognize that it is still infinitely better than games made with DAZ3D models.



Is your project in the text-only phase now? What style are you planning to produce it in?



No, it's a shitty amateur and unpretentious game that I do for fun but it ended up getting really big (80k words is a considerable amount), even so I spent only a few minutes (one day was a simplification) to make the whole story of incest with the sister and the mother in a new story. As I organized the Renpy scripts for characters, I basically just had to read the scripts of these characters and adapt the story, which is extremely easy.

Then I went in all the other scripts and changed all the mentions that the protagonist made about the sister and the mother, which was also easy too because I remembered all the mentions because I wrote the fucking script.

The fact that DC is taking so long doesn't make the slightest sense for me, unless his story has the depth of a book by Marcel Proust or Dostoyevsky…



Step incest is still incest for patreon and it's really fucking stupid as well.



>Makes game for fun and without patreon

>Makers it incest free anyway

Are you fucking stupid or what?


File: d8a04da79d71939⋯.png (171.17 KB, 306x330, 51:55, Genetics did this.png)

Wouldn't DC have to change the look of MC or MC's family? If he doesn't, I hope he gets 'reviewed' by Patreon again and kicked off, so he can scrap all the shit ToS changes and do the game how he always envisioned it.



I'm not that dumb, I followed suggestions to put the game on Patreon and so I had to adjust it. Today I have about 200 patrons and I feel compelled to keep my page up because these guys pay (cheap because I'm not Jewish).


The chances of him needing to change the appearance of the characters is ZERO. The TOS refers to explicit things like the story making clear that there is familiar relationship between the characters. If the artist is bad and draws everyone with the same face, this does not mean that the game is breaking the rules. In fact, if you use this reasoning in Summertime Saga, then the protagonist's mother, sister and aunt are actually MC's clones with a wig and silicone implant.

The only case in which they ask to change the appearance of characters is when they look like children.


File: 26df71b2bc6e08f⋯.png (68.42 KB, 239x254, 239:254, 26df71b2bc6e08f1ec1c3f84ae….png)


>I'm not jewish

>Has a patreon anyway

>Even removes incest

Keep telling yourself that, faggot



Step incest is a boner killer anyway



It's ironic that it's a shame that Patreon isn't even jewish enough to not shun entire genres worth of works that people have and will literally hand them money for. Wouldn't be the first time porn had influence on some tech-related industry.

>Triggered Nitwit: UGH. You support X? I'm boycotting Patreon.

>True Jew Patreon: [Sees X's patrons devoted enough to actually keep throwing money their way instead of turning at the drop of a hat for stupid reasons] k lol



Nah, using Patreon as a way to speed up production of a game is not to be Jewish.

The tiers I put on the pledges are low (I get 1/3 of Patreon's average) because I don't intend to get rich by exploiting porn addicts, I just want to have an income that allows me to make my game on my PC.

With the $900 I earn per month at Patreon, I can use my PC 100% of the time to make the game. Before, I lost a lot of time doing SIG maps that generated less money and gave me more work.

And finally, instead of doing subversive content where the player has women stolen by people of other races or engages sexually with homosexuals, I do a reactionary content where women only feel fulfilled when they serve an honest heterosexual man.

I other words, I am totally not Jewish, regardless of what you think.


File: 5181699d26621bf⋯.png (66.31 KB, 255x248, 255:248, 4459668429510dfd6b5095b34f….png)


If you need to change YOUR product to please them then you are not doing it for your product or the integrity of it anymore. You're doing it for that sweet sweet shekel. Putting low tiers is just your excuse to feel better about crippling your product to get money because you're a fucking jew.

>B-but there's no cuck content!

Seeing how dishonest you are even with your own feelings I wonder how much that will last, not to mention you wouldn't be the first patreon dev that lies about it. Also, game with no incest = Shit.



>If you need to change YOUR product to please them then you are not doing it for your product or the integrity of it anymore.

It's an exchange, I made the changes to the game to be accepted at Patreon, so I can speed up production of it in several months. The patch comes later, as I said, it's easy to patch, contrary to what the liar devs claim.

>Putting low tiers is just your excuse to feel better about crippling your product to get money because you're a fucking jew.

You're reasoning like a jew and think that everything is motivated by profit.

>B-but there's no cuck content!

Cuck and homosexuality were examples that I quoted because you called me "jew" and this implies that I would be trying to subvert people who play my game, which is not true.



>so I can speed up production of it in several months

More money =/= faster games. That's actually jew logic.

>think thay everything is motivated by profit.

>But I need money to speed up the process!


>I would be trying to subvert people who play my game, which is not true.

So far. You are a patreon dev. You already modified your project for shekels, so I'm sure you'll add cuckolding later and argue it isn't cuckolding.



the virgin sjw jew vs the chad hebrew merchant



pathetic cucklover detected


File: 67f020df5df33a4⋯.jpg (21.99 KB, 400x396, 100:99, 1426462682567.jpg)


>It's an exchange, I made the changes to the game to be accepted at Patreon, so I can speed up production of it in several months. The patch comes later, as I said

>The patch comes later

>is not to be Jewish




>More money =/= faster games. That's actually jew logic.

Yes, that's why I think Patreon is not beneficial to the adult gaming scene, I was discussing this on the DMD thread with a Mr.Dots fanboy and my opinion is that Patreon's system is especially harmful when the author earns more than he needs to produce the game.

This is the case for DC too, he earns 25k a month with Summertime, but I'm sure he does not even need 1/5 of this to produce an update (which by the way it will take 5 months to do).

In any case, not everyone views the situation in the same way. Personally I prefer to finish a project quickly and start a new one than trying to earn the highest possible profit of the same game. And even from the point of view of the market, I believe this is the best attitude to take if you have long-term concerns.

>But I need money to speed up the process!

Exactly. I made a maximum of $250 using the PC in my spare time before, and obviously making an adult game was not my priority. Now I earn $900 with Patreon because of the game and I not only have incentives to continue doing it as I have a moral duty to finish it.

>So far. You are a patreon dev. You already modified your project for shekels, so I'm sure you'll add cuckolding later and argue it isn't cuckolding.

You're wrong though. And there are differences in making an easily reversible modification and adding fetishes that will change events and personality of the characters.



Patch it later is the least Hebrew thing to do, genius. Because I'm going to miss the opportunity to have patrons who like the content of the patch. The content it will only be available when the game is finished, that is, when there are no more reasons for someone to do pledges at Patreon.

You guys need to stop using "jew" in the wrong context.



>The content it will only be available when the game is finished




Let me try to explain so that a retard understands:

>patch before:

physically impossible

>patch after:

doesn't bring monetary rewards to the dev because the game is available for free

>patch during:

way to try to gain as much as possible with your project, since you'll get pledges of the fetishists who want the content of the patch.


File: f8c7646c847cf76⋯.jpg (59.67 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Why Are You Here.jpg)


>that spacing

Why are you here? Why can't you stay in your containment site with the rest of your kind



I don't know if you noticed, but this board is semi-abandoned and there is no more real criticism, just a parody where users keep repeating "cuck" and "jew". If you want to try to keep away new users to avoid contaminating your board, I'm sorry to inform you, but it's too late for that.



>any post with a line break in it is from a reddit infiltrator wanting to take over our secret club









>make a game never ends

>The content it will only be available when the game is finished

>fetichists still donate in hope

Oyyy But you unlike DC, are using Patreon only as a way to speed up production of your game, of course.



Of course, that's why I have thousands of patrons, giving me a small fortune! Because of an incest patch whose only advertisement I ever made was an anonymous board and they do not even know what I'm going to do.

Come on guy. I know Patreon's devs are not trustworthy, but I think you're exaggerating a bit.

And this discussion is completely irrelevant. This all started because I said I had a project of +80k words and I adapted it to the new TOS in 1 day (in fact it was a few minutes and I explained why it's so easy to do this if you have the least organization in the scripts). That's the important information here.



Pretty much. Stop writing like a retard.


This thread is hilarious.


Nice bait. DC mentioning other devs (who don't create incest content anymore, at least officially) was a bit suspect, though.




Hey dev, will the patch restore Sarah's true age too? Asking for a friend.


So what's the consensus on how long this last 7% will take? A week? Week and a half? I'm taking into account how slow DC is.


Did this thread get invaded by ultra-homophobic Slavs who can't stand a single gay scene in their shitty porn game? I swear to god, homophobes just need a good dick up their ass.



Its not DC who does the coding of the game ..its done by some low IQ indians


File: a818a12a2133c89⋯.jpg (85.07 KB, 720x720, 1:1, For you homo nigger from 8….jpg)



Dude, people in this board is easier to trigger than social justice transexuals from mizzou. You should know by now.

Quite interesting that the most hardcore and unforgiving sexual talibans are the ones you find lurking porn imageboards.


File: 34ad8d25764192a⋯.png (303.2 KB, 329x399, 47:57, ClipboardImage.png)




But anon an ultra-homophobic slav runs the board




I bet that if the girls in this game would have got a dick and start having sex with dogs and horses you would jerk off furiosly to it.


Jan 01, 2018: 6,631 patrons

Feb 01, 2018: 7,057 patrons

Mar 01, 2018: 7,553 patrons

Today: 8,632 patrons

Does this explain why dev is not in such a hurry?



Point taken!



Stop projecting.


File: eda3cc42c4585da⋯.png (14.97 KB, 371x137, 371:137, lads.png)





Ctrl + F "step": 2374 matches




Ftfy. DC has confirmed they don't work weekends.


It's this Monday after a couple of delays because someone was sick so actually next Saturday, sorry gaiz



Fuckers should since this project got delayed so goddamn much.



yea woho only took him 4 months and 100k

we get what like 20 minutes of gameplay at most and at the cost of removing all the incest….






Neck yourself, queer.


File: b4115418f376951⋯.png (16.39 KB, 375x137, 375:137, lads.png)




20 minutes? Nah, man. You gotta play the game all over again and discover how to play the new stuff locked behind shitty game design remember when Mia went in the laboratory and the game give no fucking hint that she was there?, also 20 minutes? more like 120 minutes just for the lockers! The lockers, dude! Each one for each fucking student for no good reason, can't wait.



I'm actually hope for the best of 0.15, but when you live in a world of pain, you start enjoing your own suffering.



You just need a good meaty dick in your cute little bitch hole~


File: 845dbe18a2c9e2e⋯.gif (1.6 MB, 400x400, 1:1, 1440123289444.gif)

>5 months


Holy shit, has this update really been in works for 5 months? That's fucking unacceptable, even with the Patreon guidelines bullshit that occurred. 4 scenes should not take 5 months.



>That's fucking unacceptable

130000 dollars don't agree with you. Maybe you are on the wrong side of the scam.



I still want to find out what motivates people to donate money like this.

a) Do they believe that this will help the author to develop the game more efficiently?

b) they have lots of money and don't know what to do with it?

c) are they so addicted that they can't wait for the free version or don't want to waste time looking on piracy sites?



Mind you, 130000 is what he got for the last 5 months. He must be well beyond 300000 in total.

That's a third of a million for a 3 hour porn game with mediocre art design that gets updates every couple of months for which people pay 100k a piece.

Even so, the only reason to be upset is because of envy, free market is not at fault. It's still completely retarded.


File: 3b5a9e7a532b0fd⋯.png (74.48 KB, 253x239, 253:239, 566ce9dd9993b980227df8f0f0….png)

>game at 95% right now

>once it hits 100% it still has to go through bug testing


File: d935f7e0acc1e79⋯.png (15.08 KB, 374x136, 11:4, lads.png)






>but it's now




>3 months later



Well yeah… i would expect in a board about training games the average user would be supposed to be quite deviant.

Why are moralfags here?



Possible happening?



Honestly do you think there is going to be some major content worth playing even?

>Oh time to go through the same fucking story for the 15th time in a row because in almost 2 years he still can't port saves


The best thing about this game is the incest route

How many times have you done Mia route?

I barely finished it the first time

And this next update is just Mia Route x 4/5

I'm prepared for nothing and i'm expecting even less



Part of me wants to believe. The other part of me just wants to see the four scenes lol. I just want to confirm the suspicion that the four and a half months were all bullshit.


No patch or no other possibility to change a good previous game?



I'm also curious about that. The interesting thing is that even if the update is disappointing, it will guarantee between 500 and 1500 new patrons in a few days. While in the business world devs suffer from the consequences of not meeting the hype, in Patreon's world a late and disappointing update guarantees even more money to be buried in the project.


My money's on it being 97% till wednesday,then it becomes 98% until friday when it's released,i'd say next monday but i don't think they're brazen enough to do it,it's obvious enough that the progress bar is BS,they need to retain some semblance of it being reliable



>you like harem games

>that must mean you like to fuck children, animals, and your own sex

It's time for you to drink a bottle of cyanide.


How long will DC milk this last 3%? A week? Two weeks? I'm feeling another week and a half personally.


It's moved 2% today, maybe we'll get the last 1% tomorrow and get the game by next Saturday



His speed is the inverse of how many people he hired, he'll get 50 more coders and we'll get a christmas 0.15 release



99% rn


>People forgetting about the next full week of progression breaking bugs

Tsk tsk


Does version 0.15 mean that the game is about 15% done?



Look like i was wrong thinking that NTR and futa were the cancer of the hentai industry.

Is vanilla the true cancer. Is what bring in all the moral paladins and the normies.

At this point i even support gay shit (not the futa one) and bestiality. In order to bring some cleansing into the indie community. Until at least the noisiest normies and moralfags go away.



File: 0e4d7527ed95b8c⋯.jpg (18 KB, 255x251, 255:251, 0e4d7527ed95b8c2644066f820….jpg)



Way to out yourself.



1.0 = 10%




t. normies



version number has no relation to percentage of completion. a dev can go from 0.3 to 1.0 and have a completed game, or from 0.14 to 0.15 and still be in the early demo stages



t. normalfag













In theory 1.0 should be used for a finished product. And everything above are supposed to be bugfixes and additional content. But every dev have their own way. Some don't even care and just add some number just to say "yeah i updated something".


Did this jump from 19/20 to 20/21?



The jew strikes again!!!








If you scroll up the original amount of coding tasks were 19. He bumps it up to stall for time lol


File: 6fb73db3a7916d1⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 320x225, 64:45, 1521247496016.gif)

>four, in a week five months without update

>Patreon $28,206

>after update,if/when it drops will hit 30K easily

>no new artist,coders,posers,writers

>just DC streaming in the nude



i get people life the artstyle and i guess the story is ok even though theres barely anything there but why the fuck would you pledge when the fucker doesn't update?

how fucking rich are cucks? how can they spend so much just to jack off to non existent porn?



Sunk cost fallacy. By the time you realized you've been kiked, you've already built up a wall of rationalizations.

>$5/month is nothing to me

>he acknowledged me on stream once, we're practically best friends

>heh, l-listen to those poorfags complain while my money literally produces the game they're getting for free, you're welcome poorfags!


File: 55b5a0e2c2d0668⋯.png (366.77 KB, 592x480, 37:30, sss.png)

DC and the guy that makes Corruption of Champions is the reason why i believe we need a nuke to kill all the idiots who pledge to them


File: f9ea5117af3d130⋯.gif (953.67 KB, 828x650, 414:325, kompas2.gif)



what the fuck is that?



A nigger



Sam9 the web developer for SS has been working on a patreon download system, basically when the game is released the patreons will have access to this download by logging into the Kompas website to download the files from a high speed server(because usually MEGA crashes when DC releases his game on their servers lmfao). Yay money.


New patron rewards and status update!

0.15 is almost ready for release and is just a matter of days away, as we wrap up our bug fixing. In the meantime we'd like to introduce a new patron reward for those who pledge and support us on all tiers.


The new reward will allow you to access a unique private download link on our website by linking your Patreon account here:


The private download will be the first accessible link to our updates (everyone gets the game on same day, but this will be the first one accessible), and it will have a fast download rate.

*Note that this new reward feature will be tested with this release, which means it may require some improvement/adjustments but it is something we plan on keeping in the long run for all those who support us.*


I'm also planning on adding further rewards for those supporting us in the near future by allowing patrons to have an inside look into how the progress/tasking is doing during development and more!

Thanks for supporting us and again I'm sorry it took so long to push this update out with the unexpected series of events surrounding Patreon guidelines. I will be posting the update (along with the changelog) as soon as we clear the last QA testing (soon!).



You might be on to something anon.

5$ says no one will notice there was a QA.



>sorry it took so long

>sorry it took me half a year to add 5 minutes worth of content, thx for the 100k losers


File: 3f912ce151a115b⋯.jpg (50.55 KB, 600x886, 300:443, DC can suck a big dick!!!!….jpg)


Motherfucker made a website for his fake ass company who he doesn't have a trademark..for his game that doesn't have a trademark on the name ….. half a year wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I hope some autistic will decrypt the two versions and compare them to see exactly how much content was added in 5 months.



as if it isn't going to be leaked anywhere


File: fdd7d789543c91c⋯.jpg (57.49 KB, 530x800, 53:80, fdd7d789543c91ce779c1c48ed….jpg)





Guys can we make a patron to kill DC ?



Autist reporting for duty. Though I'm mostly doing it to add back the incest content, and see how much was removed/changed.


File: 91c14f8719fd8b5⋯.png (316.52 KB, 598x449, 598:449, Untitled.png)

Another day over, still at 99%.

I've got a good feeling about Thursday though.



is this the update where they remove all the incest (essentially half the game) and replace it with half finished bullcrap?



Don't worry, you still get to fuck your TENANT WHO IS NOT RELATED TO YOU BY BLOOD and look at the tits of OTHER FEMALE TENANT WHO IS EXPLICITLY OVER THE AGE OF 18, once you sign the necessary paperwork. And view the art they removed from the upcoming updates once the game is finished 7 years from now.



Bless you Anon.



i hope you don't die of old age before you have the chance



I think they said around friday or so at the Picarto stream




I will bet you irl money it goes to 21/22



Fite me


File: 019af3bdcd1c0b1⋯.png (403.46 KB, 887x653, 887:653, Oh_Boy_Dex.png)

Leaked pic from 0.15


File: a20cd4e4f4e7e96⋯.gif (1.16 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 76ch8dL.gif)


File: b2d282a978eeb46⋯.png (5.24 KB, 349x73, 349:73, Untitled.png)


nigga idk what they change because it was like this for the past 3 days


File: 3071ad08fa4d71b⋯.png (123.84 KB, 366x1410, 61:235, devcommits.png)


bugfixes fam its LIT :D



>Code: 20/21, 99%

Is the remaining task "program the entire fucking game"?



Wouldn't be suprised.

If he hired an actual coder they're probably doubling over and completely overhauling the college coders spaghetti code


File: ff1f854ef2606eb⋯.png (196.3 KB, 400x291, 400:291, shitpost.PNG)

From Dark Cookie himself, you made yet pirate cucks?


File: a6aab65493d70b4⋯.png (25.6 KB, 820x182, 410:91, retarded jew faggot.png)

>Delaying the release for the android version

>30K per month

>still can't code

They're bullshitting us, the faggots probably just didn't do bat shit for 4 months and decided to "work" only a week away from release.

Either that or they're massive retards.

What kind of shitty coder is that?

Holy fuck!



>people play h-games on phones

what kind of degenerates are these people



Imagine being on the train right next to a guy playing Summertime SAGA. I would cringe so hard I would break my jaw




You know people use more their phones than computers nowadays, even for porn. Also, with a phone you can masturbate on a public toilet, on your bed and even in public if your stealth skills are high enough.



>public masturbation

Only in a sick, degenerate and Jewified society is something this morally abhorrent possible.



Fuck you, and fuck all the people that do this.

Use a computer for your porn habits inside your own domocile, filthy fucking degenerates.




Oy vey.

I actually tried playing it in bed on my phone, it's more trouble than it's worth. You literally don't have enough hands to hold a phone landscape, use the touchscreen on it and then wank off at the same time. Not to mention that unless you have a 13" phablet, the screen, while uncomfortable to hold, is also going to be too small to see anything or hit buttons properly. You need something with the size and form factor of a laptop at least, at which point you'll be running Win/Linux/Mac anyways.



kek, imagine if that is the only scene in 0.15 and ultra cucked everybody for half a year straight.


File: 7e72bf9978ddf3f⋯.jpg (322.33 KB, 1914x802, 957:401, mywaifuforrealbro.jpg)

so its fryday, wheres the gaem lmao



Didn't your waifu star in some coal burning propaganda film last year?


File: a2d28497648d6ca⋯.jpg (68.43 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 1708-GeorgeRR.jpg)


Don't worry it's coming and it gonna have a lot of weenies on weenies action



dunno but she is all pro hitler now and that is just right(reich) ;)


Why dont they just release the PC version now, and either delay the port or release it but with a disclaimer saying the current version cannot save?



Probably because this save thing is just another excuse for the delay.



Thats what I thought



I don't even know how you CAN break break saving on Android, and on Android only. As far as I know Ren'Py uses the same files and code for saving data the exact same way on all platforms, unless it's a really obscure bug that hasn't been found yet (or they're trying to do some wacky shit like DDLC and write directly to a file or something).



I'm at the point where I don't believe DC actually hired any new coders


File: e7902860a2d055c⋯.png (9.04 KB, 369x64, 369:64, Ot3lqys.png)


One week to fix the save bug


One week to "QA things"


Now we have to wait 1 or 2 week-problems and have the game in the last week of april.



>this is actually all just an elaborate troll and DC roleplaying from 3 separate accounts to create the illusion that he has a team working on the game


lmao I last checked this back in January - decided I would stop following it for some time to come back to a decent amount of new content, only to learn DC hasn't released fuck all in this time??? That's fucking unacceptable unless there's like 12 high quality long sex scenes in this update



Even so it's fucking Ren'py, you can re-use a lot of the already written code.



inb4 it's 3 lines of dialogue and a single 10 frame GIF


They dont even ban spammers.all they care about is money and since the already got it they dont give a fuck about finishing the job.by the way the longer it takes the more money they earn from patreon.they could release the game in feb 2018 but they got to earn 3 month worth of free patreon support.


File: d39511a3721c560⋯.jpg (23.51 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 01xn93tp6d001.jpg)

Can someone make a petition to expose this jew….like make him show us how much money he give to his coders or obligate him to hire a another artist


how the fuck is it not out yet? i swear it was at 99% like 4 days ago. does DC not have a sense of urgency or what? hes been working on this update for over 5 months, and cant even think to himself 'maybe I should really hurry this up, they've been waiting a very long time" nope lets milk this last 1% for as long as we can. i will never understand patreon backers, especially this ones backers.



>hey guys we're bug-testing, the game will be out soon!

>5 days later

>still bug-testing, we want to make sure the release is perfect!

>update comes out, its a buggy pile of shit

>hey guys heres a google document, please list all the bugs that we happened to gloss over while bug testing for a week! sorry again, get us to $40k per month and I'll hire another coder for the next update in 6 months!


File: 588b8a6b22adaf9⋯.jpg (124.82 KB, 1375x749, 1375:749, 1465905050628.jpg)

>6 months



I have bad news for you, pal … Patreon blocked the page for a few days and forced the authors of the game to withdraw incest. So it is likely that after these 5 months you have less content than in January hahahahhaha.



According to DC it'll only be dialog changes


File: ef7925413248138⋯.png (99.47 KB, 435x512, 435:512, AAAAAAA.png)

>30k a month for a shitty porn game

WW3 when?



that might explain why we aren't getting any updates, he's just taking the cucks money and waiting for WW3 so he never has to update.



lol, fucking patreon cucks still giving him money


Will he include a way to reset it?



lmao even at fag95 they're getting angry now… hahahahah, funny to watch though.

probably the shill mod paid by Darkcuckie is going to censor them in a couple of hours


How the fuck is his money growing and not releasing anything yet …


File: f752a997f6dab6a⋯.jpg (12.41 KB, 300x240, 5:4, 1474828840161-300x240.jpg)

I fell sad for the people who donates money to this scammer and for new people who still donate to him even if he did not launch anything in 5 months..

DC scams really easy…

*He never gonna find another artist because he never looks for one (if he finds another artist the updates will go fast and he can;t milk his patreon for another 10 years "The real reason" )

*He hires part time coders from india or other low wage country or worst he hires friends who basically learns how to code now (he never gonna make save compatible because they don't know how)

*He lies about what he is doing..(he says he is gonna make update just for 2 teachers then says it's gonna be for 4)

*His last goal is a joke one not even him expected to go so far in the 30K money zone

*This is no longer a passion project for him because he renounce the incest in game with no real fight(says he will add it last again but that will be in 10 years …And don;t say a good guys will patch it back in the game ..he will not update for 10 years what is the point to put it back if it's gonna be the same)

*He know patreon will review him someday ..but he did not prepare for it …(just said he will delay the release because of the big surprise)

If DC will make a book about how i scam the incest loving comunity for 10 years i will buy the colectors edition of it …



You'll probably get scammed out of the book though



Most likely DC would set up another Patreon pledge so he can afford to take a time off from SS development. The book is released in 10 page long chapters over the course of 4 years


File: fe4cfa39aead8f2⋯.gif (1.08 MB, 680x680, 1:1, b49.gif)


The F95 zone nigger deleted my post because it was to redpill for them


File: 1f4befd4cba3c42⋯.jpg (41.81 KB, 771x807, 257:269, 25105815_10213025774112903….jpg)


Now they ban me from the thread…because i ask why is the only thing deleted is the critic about the DC..





Calm down, Evgeni



He feeds on your misery, and converts it to raw currency. For every day that passes without an update, his power increases. Soon, he will grow large enough to consume Patreon itself and create a black hole made of money.



Calm down? We are way too late for that.



We must embrace rage as fuel for our journey.


File: 51b966251a98ca1⋯.webm (864.77 KB, 494x360, 247:180, Alex Jones becomes a Supe….webm)


OK, I am sufficently enraged by this ordeal - direct me towards something to lash out at.


File: 6fefc0a3052d82c⋯.png (2.97 KB, 299x197, 299:197, 1517885660189.png)




Lol it's not coming out today or tomorrow.. DC doesn't work weekends




LOL i remember reading this thinking, theres no way its gonna take a whole fuckin week to get 1 coding task done, this post is ridiculous.

…here we are almost a week later…



>he never gonna make save compatible because they don't know how

Do you know what is funny? You don't have to do anything for the save to work between different versions. To break the save in Renpy, you need to rearrange the entire structure of the code in an absolutely retarded manner.

If you don't rewrite the code structure doing stupid things like taking pieces of code from one file and putting it in another, and if you set the new variables to "default", the save will continue to work.



Yeah, i remember getting the first Incestrual Awakening build and i still continue from that saves, it works perfectly.

DC must be fucking retarded



I'd bet that he's trying how long he can get away with.

People are really dumbfucks to continue giving him money after axing incest and taking so fucking long.


File: 4df04717fb00933⋯.jpg (58.8 KB, 1130x678, 5:3, 1387606163711.jpg)

You need to pledge $10 and above to be able to download and play the new update…lololololololol

The mad Jew actually did it



Not sure if that's the case or if it's a change from previous versions because I haven't been following this game for that long, but that's honestly pretty much the standard for Patreon funded games at this point.


File: 858e3b46f8d4f1d⋯.png (17.28 KB, 517x494, 517:494, Untitled.png)


To be fair, his average per patron is low compared to other devs. But this doesn't justify much, after all, the patrons had to wait 4 months so the last update of it will cost about $12 per patron, which would put him among the biggest jews of adult content creators.



No it isn't. And even if it was, it shouldn't be.


Remember that this release will either have less content or your mom will just be your roommate.



mom was trash anyway


File: cebb1d2b94b99ab⋯.jpg (34.68 KB, 493x387, 493:387, 1405277311550.jpg)



Nice bait faggot.


File: d3312425e20a4f0⋯.png (5.54 KB, 506x80, 253:40, 9192435.png)

What did he mean by this?


File: 972e8bb4af910ed⋯.jpeg (30.09 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 972e8bb4af910edf35b30741e….jpeg)

The way patreon cucks let themselves get fucked in the ass is one symptom of a decaying society and the gaming industry as a whole. This is why shit is going downhill. Id wish those Patreon dev faggots/ e-celebs etc. would get what they deserve.

WW3 when?


File: b1a82443da12866⋯.gif (996.38 KB, 290x231, 290:231, 194.gif)

What the fuck is this game now? And it's supporters lol.

>4 months and two weeks later and still no update

>confirmed stuff via discord (no point in fake news trolling now)

>teachers are four sex scenes,with lewd build to them

>teachers will not have branching paths

>do what you have to do then bang

>no additional content is being added to the update despite there being time for additional art

>all changes are dialogue

>the PE teacher is not part of the update

>despite the game being delayed Patreon revenue is actually up


>DC has confirmed he will be having a stream of him working on the game while naked



Green with envy.



Dont mistake pure disgust with envy anon. Not everyone needs or wants the neetbucks dc is receiving on a monthly basis. There are people who still believe in a higher morale and ideal and they couldnt give less of a shit about his income.



Sounds like sanctimonious bullshit. Keep being envious.


I have no idea why everybody is asshurt about this game on either side, but I'm having fun. I haven't even played it yet, the artstyle is unappealing as fuck.



I'm envious money making wise at least. Click on the gif, I like DC's hustle. If I could make 30 thousand a month despite actually falling behind I would.



I dropped the game when this bullshit started. It was legit one of the best games out there half a year/a year ago, with plenty of content and frequent enough updates, but the crap with shitty coders and taking longer and longer to update the game without a decent reason (it sure wasn't for the amount of new content). I only really shekeled in about 4$ in those few months but fucking hell, I can't imagine how people can still support this shit. I can understand new supporters, since the game has plenty of shit, but you're better off dropping the money on games that actually update their shit monthly (or even twice per month sometimes), at least you'll know why you're dropping your money on it



>lol stay jelly hahaha

fuck off


lol new update is, they are still missing some ART ASSETS(hahahahaahaha)

this is too funny, literally after 6 days of sitting on 1%, they realise there is art missing, my ass lol

well whatever :shrug:


Holy shit last time I checked the Patreon was 5 days ago, and we're still at 99%?

What's worse, the time where he had to delay one of the updates for another week because his coder went missing before he was able to give him the new version, or this?


File: a8e502d4f42fbe8⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 299x207, 13:9, giphy.gif)

>DarkCookie-Today at 12:09 PM

>@everyone Was going to stream but I have to help the devs with some missing assets and errors. I'll try and stream tomorrow instead. Sorry guys - trying to push the update out! ^-^


File: 601af2474616ede⋯.gif (2.98 MB, 500x500, 1:1, Anita finds this amusing.gif)


Good thing I never backed this faggot and stopped caring about this game months ago, otherwise this might enrage me.


File: 846e0856d008bd0⋯.jpg (78.08 KB, 839x795, 839:795, realising.jpg)



Summertime is literally paying F95 mods to keep it down low, after all its about only money and keeping it clean from people who been around too long and know whats up.

DC - imma take 5+ years to complete this game in slow comfy mode because imma a fuckign zucc like this but worse. much worse then all jews combined on this planet.

keep up the donations or game wont be finished looking forward to making at least +100k/month in 2020 faggots, you better or else yu kno what happenz.


File: 6a57eb799bce552⋯.png (15.32 KB, 391x152, 391:152, 45645689771.png)

F I N A L L Y .





File: 6fd6de769cd93da⋯.png (308.38 KB, 600x700, 6:7, b2a.png)


Action is COMING



Uh….so where is it lol?

>sorry guys games done but will get it out tomorrow night 8 PM, USA time 1 AM Monday.



Somebody link YA BOI



I have 0.20 $ lets put together some money and get the link. We need 1$



I got $0.40all we need is another 40. N all seriousness is it out for the backers? I’ll pay the dollar and drop the link for everyone if so



its not out yet, patreons say they can't download it themselves. don't spend your money


File: ac76295ff0bf232⋯.png (89.51 KB, 1105x1053, 85:81, 1522809379698.png)


It's out for all Patrons, the others will get in an hour or so according to a mod in the Picarto.tv chat.


Does DC accept food stamps?


File: f77195fee903bb0⋯.jpg (57.38 KB, 584x960, 73:120, 1520211050602.jpg)


Would a jew accept them?



Downloading big hype train haha


File: 6f1525690bc05ab⋯.png (3.85 KB, 232x47, 232:47, unknown.png)


Someone posted this on Discord, I don't know if it's the real one.

I'm downloading right now.

The size matches the one posted on the patreon



i'm gonna pass m80


File: be6c689343209d4⋯.jpg (38.23 KB, 747x491, 747:491, DDOtRPGXUAA30Bs.jpg)


I don't fucking care what you do.

— For everybody else but thisfaggot

Here is another link, this one was posted in the Pickato.tv chat.




outta here with your scam links



File: 99e6201bff19f04⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.png)

mediafire link is legit



Legit. Thanks man.

Thank you based F95Zone cucks.




If you guys are interested you can check the changes by clicking on "0.15.0 changelog" in the main menu.


File: f0e7cd36400f12e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 19.22 KB, 609x151, 609:151, spoilers-0.15.00.png)

Here the list of the scenes from the 0.15.00 changelog.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>13 scenes

Hum, let's see.


File: 7df930fcc26f656⋯.jpg (5.63 KB, 240x240, 1:1, cat.jpg)

Development at 100% bois oh shiet.


File: 280caa78afb223c⋯.png (523.74 KB, 1026x800, 513:400, jfkQw7Y[1].png)

Is it really that easy?


File: 32fbd96d6057ff2⋯.jpg (183.45 KB, 512x288, 16:9, 9l4ry3.jpg_thumbnail.jpg)



Maybe not, Doggeek their coder, said they didnt just replace names but rewrote the whole story to fit the dialogue better so it may be weird with " mom" now.


Is there no actual patch to bring the incest back?



there are games that simply let you input what the relation between the characters is, and they put notes like "dont use mom or sister!!", so you just input mom, or sister lol

i dont understand why they can't go with such a simple route



No, it's ruined the history.



>1 week without fapping

>download 15.0

>spend 2 hours edging

>game corrupt my save and forget all the scenes all saw

>closes game

>open 14.5 with everything unlocked

>see mom on kitchen

>touched her bagina and bang her


Great update.

I will try >>44328 now.



It would need to rewrite the whole dialog again, like DC said, only when he finishes the game never ever.



Not even going to bother launching then


fuck sake, how do i get the textbook from dexter, I'm not finding him anywhere but in the gym spot at school, whats the fucken trigger



He is with the Dyke teacher.


File: ef65eb6bfbe6ad1⋯.gif (3.63 MB, 608x548, 152:137, thescienceintensifies_by_g….gif)


>Touched her Bagina and bang her was best part it really made me question the universe and what our purpose in life is



u find him at the basketball court bro



nevermind,trigger is the basketball court. Now how the fuck do I raise my int? its not the classroom with the french teacher any more



play mazerunner on computer, bro.


Incredible, i'm playing with cheats for the first time and i can skip the minigames. Its like the game was design in that way, it's so much better


so I need to get a flower for the science chick, its in a cave, it better not be the cave with the mermaid chick right? cuz fucking hell, way too much fucking loops just to finish one person


nope, theres a dark spot where you find the frog in the back ground, caves there. Thank fuck


i'm an idiot, can anyone help with the fallen branch location?






oh, so i got it.. and the drill but talking to eric does nothing?



There is now a workbench on the garage.



thanks again!


There is an incest-patch available




You don't need do the "(.)"

Tropic don't give a fuck.


File: f14c0694018b514⋯.jpeg (41.5 KB, 576x576, 1:1, 1471469625026.jpeg)


Ok, i got into the game with cheats mode (and is so much better, the minigames/grind always was a hastle to do). I only saw Mrs. Bissete scenes, finished my fap and will only return in a week (fucking no fap).

I can really see why people pay for his patreon, even with the artstyle (that is so much better than dazshit and is not that bad at all people say), the writing is good and i felt hooked the whole session, it was worth the time.


File: 46bb218611ef29c⋯.png (339.41 KB, 485x429, 485:429, SummertimeSaga_2018-04-15_….png)

>quality of several months


File: 3b17e69ebebe820⋯.jpg (47 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 3b17e69ebebe820b9ded7a265b….jpg)



He's clearly not getting enough money to actually fix this stuff

I mean 30k to look over 3 lines of code in a visual novel in renpy?

Uh hello?

Are you kidding me?






I mean

Did you even donate to his patreon?


>haven't played 14.5, decide to wait for 15

>it's out

>fucking finally, all right, let's get to it

>enable cheat mode

>school doesn't unlock after talking to Eric for the first time

Nice! I'll just go ahead and support dev on Patreon! 60k or so bucks per patch are clearly paying off right there!



God damnit, I was already working on one myself. Probably for the best, because they moved around 90% of the files for no reason.

Is this one supposed to be semi-official? The patch more or less just does an overwrite on everything with the old dialogue, so it's not a "fan_mod.rpy" type deal the developers clearly left a loophole for. The "censorship" is actually fairly thorough, they even changed the filenames and things like handwritten notes with "mom" on them in the game.


what's with the french poem assignment?

When i go home and try to do it it says there's no work, and the library's not doing anything either



I was messing around with the incest.rpa and if you remove it the school unlocks and then put it back in after the school it seems to be… ok? Still testing.



Yeah, seems like it, I removed it and the school unlocked.

Honestly, don't know if it's worth the hassle to put it in if it's bugged.


Wait so I'm a bit out of the loop.

What happens if you don't have the incest patch? For instance I called the Mom Joanne for now and I'm at the start of the game where she's on the phone, MC referred to her as Joanne…

Is the incest content literally still there but he only calls them by their names?


File: c5e1a4dcec0f34f⋯.png (387.16 KB, 1498x1044, 749:522, Untitled.png)


You refer to them explicitly by name most of the time, it looks like.

>my friend Diane


File: f86cb5f4fca4082⋯.jpg (90.15 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, location_school_locker_eri….jpg)


File: b64146cdf27bea6⋯.jpg (144.74 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, location_school_locker_eri….jpg)



Oh…for some reason I'm so retarded that I didn't even register there's incest between other characters…

Eh, I kind of don't care. I've played so many versions of this game that the characters are ingrained in my mind anyway, if the incest patch has a chance of fucking the code up and corrupting shit, then I'm just not going to bother.

Most of it doesn't make sense anyway like yeah Erik has a hot milf friend he fucks, sure.


I need reviews

Is it actually worth the wait?


>no incest unless we move to another platform

Aaaaaaand dropped. Providing anonymosly sufficient patch disguised as fan made patch would work the magic, but no.

Someone tell us if this incest patch handed around is real and does it works


File: 0f84febc77811e0⋯.png (10.78 KB, 487x222, 487:222, Untitled-2.png)


Like I said, they were pretty thorough. She's also referred to as "mrsj" instead of "erikmom" in the game files, in case the Patreon gestapo decides to go through the code.

I wasn't really invested in the game to begin with, so this is overall a net positive for me. Now I get to enjoy the incest equivalent of "six year old girl who's actually a 1000 year old ancient goddess so it's totally okay, trust me", and follow the adventures of a 21 year old middle school student who lives with a hot MILF for absolutely no reason.



don't bother with incest patch spammed around, it fucks up the game. Its a money grab where you have to click through links to generate money for some faggot, only to end up with nothing.



Oh my fucking God why does this update try to force you in to touching that fat ugly fuck Judith at every turn?

Fuck right off, she's disgusting. Bitch won't come out the toilet unless you let her homeless hands touch your dick and you need her for the flute and the French dictionary and I bet she's necessary for other things too.

Fuck that.

That's without a doubt worse than MC being cucked, who wants to fuck a pig.



If you play with it, school will not be unlocked.



judith, best part of the patch fam



Mom will also not move past her first day dialogue when you apply the patch after unlocking the school


File: a8e04a64d387d4a⋯.png (658.68 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, a8e04a64d387d4a3456548c9cb….png)


Looks like somebody can't handle the THICCNESS.



I haven't tried it yet but yeah, you might wanna wait for a less shit version if you don't want to delete and re-add the patch every time you run into a bug.


How the hell do I get Dexter's book or Eve's art pad?



She ain't thick, she's just wrong.

Her family spent all their money on her absolutely fake tits and now they're filthy poor people, the main mother, Diane and Mrs Johnson are thicc bitches, that aren't ugo's.

Judith is the ugly chick you go for in school because you're desperate.



Fair point, but what if that's my fetish?



But anon, making a separate patch to unfuck incest is a lot of work!

Poor dev doesn't get payed enough through the patreon to strain himself like that, especially with how often he releases patches lately! Cut him some slack and make sure to support him!


Spoilers where can i get the third pile of magazines - currently i got one pack from the music teacher and one from Kevin, plus how can i get Dexters overdue book?


Mom > Judith > Roxy > Erics Mom >>>>>>>>>> Everyone else >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sister



Holy fuck, this fucking art.



File: f136ece8c669190⋯.png (151.96 KB, 359x414, 359:414, 571968229_preview_14394430….png)





am I retarded or is this a game-breaking bug?

>cant continue to make money via Diane because I don't have enough strength

>can't buy the game Eric wants because no money so I can't increase strength with gay dude

>no way of making money, cant deliver pizzas cause no fucking bike and I can't buy one


where can i find the erik's book



>Defending this shit because muh (((options)))

Consider killing yourself.


My biggest problem here.. How do I gain intelligence? lol



here you reply



I still have no idea if the patch was actually released by the devs themselves, or just some guy quickly editing the dialogue. It was uploaded about 5 hours after the game itself and it's a buggy pile of mess that uses different code from 0.14 AND 0.15, so could be either way.



Will do, thanks. Enjoy your shit game.



You should be able to work for Diane, str or not, it should skip through the talk if you fail the test and let you talk to her and work in the garden.



Isn't it only dialog changes?

I'm assuming that all the bugs are because DC is incompetent and not because of the patch



basketbal court

and the book is in his locker idiot


play the pc game


Does the incest mod fuck up Aunt unlock?



I guess the time of the day matters now


File: ba0c7a142d81a98⋯.png (153.4 KB, 1811x955, 1811:955, Untitled.png)


It is, but it's implemented in a really fucking weird way. The patch basically takes all the labels (chapters, story pieces) with an incest-related character in them, re-implements those whole scenes under a new name (intro_dialogue, intro_dialogue_patched) with the old dialogue in them, and changes the "jump to this point" function to always jump to the ones suffixed with "_patched" instead of the regular ones. So when the game tries to load a scene where you mention that you have a random girl living with you, it loads a different scene instead where it's changed back to "my sister". I have no idea why.

The weird part is that the scenes in the patch are different from the ones in the normal game, OR the pre-censorship game. It's closer to 0.15 because they have the replay functionality added to them, but they use the old dialogue combined with completely different code for things like adding items to your inventory or loading shit (as far as I can tell they both effectively do the same thing, so there would be no reason to change things to get the patch to work). My best guess is that the content of the patch comes from a version of the game before or after 0.15, where a few things are implemented differently. They basically released a patch from 0.14.9 or 0.16 for the current game, which I'm guessing is why it has about three gamebreaking bugs in it so far. Or it's made by some random Russian dude who also changed half of the code to his own homebrew shit for some reason.



Fuck homebrew russian code

I spend more time trying to make sense of the shitty google translate more than I do actually fixing any code



I'd say your problem is liking Eric's mom, you disgusting piece of shit.


The worst part of this update is that it brought a lot of fucking retards to this thread.



To be fair it's really bugged and I just want to progress…


alright, Ive got the magazines from the teacher lounge and from the gay dude, where the fuck else do i find magazines





same here i guess 40 weeks of bugtesting didn't find this


Well look like I'm fucked, when I buy the pantie from the sister for 100$ it doesn't get into my bag-pack and I can't give it to the gym guy, but I can't buy another one , anyone know who to unlock the situation or spawn a pantie or idk ?>>40010



bugged, skip it and keep playing or just drop it, which I am close to, since this game is full of them.



I think that's the shitty coder taking the 0.14.5 version's dialogue and paste it to the current version and called it a day, without bothering to check it.



Damn …

That's where a save edit tool or a terminal to enter cheat-code would be handy to manually fix these issues when they occur.


File: c5c84eb9c6690b2⋯.png (34.98 KB, 1349x247, 71:13, Untitled-2.png)


That's what I thought so at first, but some of the dialogue is actually from the new version. There are scenes that don't appear yet in 0.14.5 that the patch covers, and changes that were made in 0.15 that are also present in the patched scenes. I think what happened is that they made the patch before 0.15 was finalized, forgot about it for a while and then made a bunch of changes to the game which were mostly compatible (directly adding something to your inventory versus calling a function that does it), so they just went "fuck it". It effectively downgrades your game to 0.14.9 with incest but more bugs in it.

They also didn't want to patch the files directly, probably because distributing it as an .rpa without having to extract or change anything is more elegant, and you can't add/remove whole new lines of dialogue with the translation feature (I think). The downside though is that unless they're using some kind of automated system for this, they'll have to manually copy over any change they make to the game into the giant mod file as well. Which will result in missing spelling fixes at best, and gamebreaking bugs at worst.


It's Ren'Py, you can set config.developer = True to get a console or rewrite the whole game if you want to. Given DC's work schedule, that could actually be a good idea. If it's something obvious you might just have to type "some_variable = 12" or "jump hallway_scene_2" into the console to get around it.


im fully fucking convinced that the week they spent "bug-testing" was them just fucking jerking off. you literally cant complete debbies/moms route because whenever you try to grab the towel from the bathroom it doesnt add it to your inventory.


>- New sex scenes:

>- 3 animated for Dewitt

> 1 animated and 4 lewd for Okita

>- 1 animated and 1 lewd for Bissette

>- 1 animated and 2 lewd for Ross

>- Annie, Roxxy, Eve, and Judith have gotten some love.

thats fucking it, all this months just for this?! bro what the fuck


File: 073df22f7e15a7e⋯.png (60.33 KB, 167x207, 167:207, SummertimeSaga_2017-12-19_….png)

Finished all new content i could find

Everything is unlockable, although i did ran into some deadlocks, but managed to circumvent them either by reloading a previous save or doing something else.

The new animations are quite smooth.

I recommend not using the patch for less buggy gameplay.



not a python developer at all, following your advice I tried adding a

renpy.config.developer = true

at the end of the main function of SummertimeSaga.py but the game simply didn't start if I put it before


and ignore it if I put the line after (or so I gess).


File: abfdfce092b0500⋯.png (541.45 KB, 1077x821, 1077:821, devconsole.png)


Disclaimer, I haven't been using Ren'Py for longer than a week and I have no fucking clue how it works internally. I think there's some way to create a new .rpa that overrides everything and enables the config.developer option for you, but otherwise the method I found that works reliably is to find where the devs DISABLED it, and simply change that. In Summertime Saga's case that should be /game/(scripts.rpa)/scripts/core/system/options.rpy:2. I'll try to write a full tutorial in a bit, in case someone is interested in taking apart the game files.


is there an unlock everything button or cheat or file? I don't wanna replay everything again once again


I'm a programming expert and I know this is possible so yeah someone should make a mod that let's you skip along routes 'cause that'd be damn handy

Certain infallible logic means I am unable, but certainly capable, of doing it myself

Get on that lazy people



How else are they gonna milk this dry? Finish it? Ha!


File: bdce73525859e37⋯.png (885.8 KB, 1919x1006, 1919:1006, Debbie.png)

Anyone know what scene I'm missing with the Mom?



Post your save and i'll help you figure it out.



probably fucking in her bed during the day



That's the one. Thanks bro.


File: cab45e1121b92e7⋯.png (493.49 KB, 1013x739, 1013:739, Untitled.png)


Apparently this one.



please share your file



Where can I find Roxxy's Pom Poms? I patched the game and I dont' know if that broke it, but I can't find them in Coach Bridget's locker or her office



Nevermind, the patch breaks the game, deleting it fixes it


this update was just really forgettable. I'm glad I don't pay for this shit. what a bunch of paypigs



It wasn't that terrible, but it's just not 4 months of content. There's plenty new things, but the biggest problem is the amount of bugs and the fuckers started fucking up their grammar. I get that some russian or spanish cunt using google translate fucks up, but I'm fairly certain that most of DC's team are from US, which makes shit like "alot" fucking annoying, especially considering at least 100k went for this update. If you're taking that amount of money you should have some proper quality assessment team


File: 55150b1a731b61f⋯.png (890.69 KB, 1040x806, 40:31, Untitled.png)

After fucking around for an hour with trying to make a version of scripts.rpa that gets picked up by the game without vomiting errors all over the place, it turns out that simply making a new script with the priority set to 999… works just fine, for some reason. So here's two scripts that might be useful for some people, you can use either or both of them at the same time. You need to extract the .rpy file and put it in the /game/ folder inside the game. That is, the folder literally named "game" inside the folder of the game (e.g., "C:\Users\John\Desktop\SummertimeSaga-0.15.1-pc\game", and NOT "C:\Users\John\Desktop\SummertimeSaga-0.15.1-pc\"). They should work fine on all platforms, though I only tested them on Windows. No promises.



This one sets config.developer to True, which enables the developer menu (Ctrl + D) and the developer console (Ctrl + O). The console is basically like a RenPy version of Python's interactive mode, meaning that you can paste lines of code from the game files or write your own things "live" without needing anything special. You'll probably want to use the jump command (jump roxxy_shower_dialogue) and variable editing (milking_unlocked = True) most often. Other than that, everything should continue to work as normal despite the dev tools being enabled.


I figured this would be cleaner than uploading 100% savefiles or making a mod that adds "skip to this scene" menus. It unlocks everything in the cookie jar shit for your persistent save data without touching anything else, so you can use the scene viewer in the main menu and play the game normally at the same time. Unless the game is spaghetti code and playing scenes sequence breaks the whole thing, I honestly have no idea. Back up your save folder just in case.

I also decided to just upload the whole game with the files decrypted, in case people want to rip the images or look at the game code. If you want to do it yourself, all you need is Python (2 or 3 should both work), and two scripts by the name of "rpatool" and "unrpyc". Extract .rpa-s with "python rpatool.py -x file.rpa", then decompile .rpyc files with "python unrpyc.py filename.rpyc". There's also a batch script on f95 called UnRen that should do all that automatically if you're not familiar with command line shit.


Since this is Ren'Py, you can also just play the game from the decrypted files above, it makes no difference. You can swap out sprites or edit the script and write your own fanfics if you like. Also, if you can't open the PNG files in "images", that's because they aren't PNG files, they're actually WebP. Drag them to your browser or get an image viewer that can display/convert them. Why are they still named PNGs, because 30 thousand US dollars.



>cute emo girl getting blacked

i'm not okay with this nigga



No one except for cucked devs are OK with that.



I am.


>paint a white masterpiece on my ovarian canvas

why did this line made my dick so fucking hard





Fug. Something's amiss here. Where do you write that french poem?

Apparently it was something to do with the library but I can't do anything there or at my PC.



Go to the library, Mia's there. Talk to her, then go to the back room where people are fucking. After they leave, take the book on the table. Then go write your poem in your room.


File: 7a5263f30d07cc0⋯.png (307.16 KB, 1280x528, 80:33, tmp_24000-f384f110d2694885….png)

With every release this pile of shit becomes more unstable and buggy as fuck. New content is disgustingly short

>Patreon cucks defend this





I'm glad I don't pay for anything really fucking glad. I'm only just playing it now because it has some animation.



Ironically, the animation is one of the reasons why the content in the update is relatively short.


File: 6de0b36a670d343⋯.png (555.33 KB, 1016x781, 1016:781, Pain.png)


these minigames are such shit it'a hilarious. I can't seem to even select two bottles to mix the paint what the hell?


Oh now it decides to work?


W-w-what hold on, Mrs Johnson becomes Erik's "Landlord"? That's fucking hilarious.

Imagine you could have a hot milf landlord that stayed in the same house as you when you're fucking 17 or some shit at best, what a dream land these people live in now.



I laughed at it too. It's still blatantly obvious it's his mother. I dunno why they couldn't just leave that one alone. Make it so MC can fuck her and that's it problem solved.


File: 48eef0a9c897efc⋯.png (163.91 KB, 1020x772, 255:193, Tammy.png)

I genuinely don't remember anything else with Erik's mom besides those three scenes. What am I missing?



Or do that, but keep the same scenes and crudely censor out Erik with mspaint every time he appears on screen.



Poker I think, and something else. Try the unlocker script from >>44467 if you're lazy.



The second one is you seeing her through the telescope mid-day on her exercise ball. The third one is when you tell your sister you want to spy on the neighbors and you see her getting eaten out by Erik before you go down on your sister.


okay so I fugged all the teachers. How do you get that slutty lifeguard to fug you and the omega tiddy red head?



kek no. The white got got BLACKED



Can you still fuck Mia if you split up their parents? Like, can you have both her mom and her



*guy fuck



No, which is why the game tells you to save before making the decision.


File: eeeabed8a2e8084⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1353x1011, 451:337, art class.png)

I feel like this scene wrote some checks that it didn't adequately cash.


how can i write the french poem?

On computer appear: "don't have homework".



One of the many reasons to shit in this game.



So, are you a cuck, a dev or both? And if the latter, what games are you ruining?


File: af5cc86c439668e⋯.gif (509.86 KB, 700x827, 700:827, 1503785351330.gif)

Is there hope for some sort of playable future version of the game involving wincest? Either through some sort of patch or otherwise.

Because if there isn't, I'll probably stop supporting the game. It was what drew me in. The other storylines are cool, but I've played it a billion times every time a new update came out.


How long have they been making this game?



Yes, it's been confirmed a million times in this thread alone that the incest is only temporarily written out and when the game is finished, he'll relrease it with all the proper nouns returned to their original states.



my bad. How is that allowed though?

Will the project be removed from his Patreon page when it's complete? Because iirc it can't be advertised at all if there's incest involved.



Presumably, he'll be working on his next game and Summertime Saga will be off Patreon entirely.


File: bca73ffec16ce9d⋯.gif (828.08 KB, 500x500, 1:1, bca73ffec16ce9d64f7ed47331….gif)


>I'll probably stop supporting the game

>Supporting it in the first place

Should have drink bleach a long time ago.



>When the game is finished

>Implying it will ever be finished




>I'll probably stop supporting the game

You pay for this? Man…



1 dollar a month

sorry not sorry for being a penny pinching neet



Neck yourself already.


Wish people would upload saves.



Yeah, sometimes the goal is to just answer the question, not sitting there being an obvious fagcuck memeing about the game not finishing.



get a job, kike



10.000 cucks donating 1 dollar are 10.000 dollars.



In all honesty, I would stop supporting it and support smaller patreons that have promising games and regularly update the game instead. Incestral Awakening comes to mind (not sure if they'll continue the game now, though), but personally I'm doing Peasant's Quest, since I'm into that shit. As far as I'm concerned, someone posting regular updates with decent content deserves more support than this game and your 1$ barely makes a difference when someone makes 30+k per month. There are plenty of other games that sadly don't get anywhere near as much support as they should.

As far as SS is concerned, it's still the same game, the guy just says "Debbie" instead of "mom", so you can just pretend it's that. Judging by the amount of fuck ups this update had, though, I'd consider pulling my support, if I were you.




Forgot to mention, here's a few decent ones:

My Summer with Mom & Sis (almost finished)

Insexual Awakening

Town of Passion

Milfy City (guy has good games in general)

School of Lust (looks small as it's only at 0.2, but you can Fela Pure your sister and play for a few hours)

Peasant's Quest (no incest, but decent nonetheless)

Others, not sure about updates:

Man of the House

The Twist (models look kinda goofy)

Dark Neighbourhood (looks ok so far)

Beggar's My New Life (for that thicc)

Some are RPGM, but they aren't that terrible in that regard. Only Beggar's game had really crazy grind, but I think he lowered the requirements for quests now


What are commands for stats increase/decrease? Please, it is crucial.


File: ae0713277616319⋯.png (145.76 KB, 1040x806, 40:31, Untitled.png)


Normally it would be a variable, but the game uses


"str", "int", "dex" and "chr" are the valid options for it. There's also a command for setting all of them to 10, which is


(Also I made a mistake in >>44467 you have to use Shift + D and Shift + O to open the menu/console, not Ctrl.)



So I took a look at this for the first time… and this guy is getting 30k a month with this nasty art? Damn, which I could bank making shadman tier art.


A new bugfix patch is out, by the way. The incest mod hasn't been updated yet so it's now even buggier (according to the site an update to it should be "coming tomorrow", though).

0.15.2 Changelog and Bug fixes:

- Fixed Erik sneak into school block when there are no ticks left.
- Fixed not being able to ask Debbie where to get paint if you have paint already.
- Fixed the magazine items to show how many you have completed already.
- Fixed the robed dialogue appearing during the day instead of during the sneak mission.
- Added a dialogue for Ross at the end of her story while in the classroom.
- Added a hint to the librarian for the poem book quest.
- Fixed Invisa-Woman.
- Added a reminder to get the shovel before you can work in the garden.
- Added a skip option to the music minigame if you fail 3 times.
- Fixed an error in the science minigame if you clicked a 4th ingredient before it could finish.
- Added dialogue for Coach Bridget when she is in her office.
- Fixed Jenny's panties not being added to the inventory even when paid for. (Rip off Jenny)



File: 2cecb116f87a118⋯.jpg (161.17 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 7OcLW1l.jpg)


What are you talking about?


Forget DMD's "Can you fuck the daughter yet?".

"Can you fuck mom again?", at least applies to more games.



>The goal is answering retarded questions for newfags from reddit and fag95

>A pledging faggot at that

You obviously aren't from here.


DC was so Jewish that it did not even make it easy for the moders who are working for free.



Is this montage or is this scene in the game itself? These three copy/pasted bodies, my god, what the fuck?!



To be fair, I think it's just some meme image from DC's stream, there are a bunch of them being spammed around.


I still having a problem with french poem.

When I talki with the librarian only appear the option "nevermind" and on the PC appear "don't have lessons".

I'm using the save of the 0.15.1


Using the save of 0.15.1 on 0.15.2 just fuck everything.

You lost a lot of things like: "mom kissing", "trailer" and have a bug of shovel, you have the shovel on your bag but the game say you don't.

5 months to this SHIT.



French poem doesn't use the librarian at all.

It was already explained here: >>44478


So…am I actually locked out of anything if I continue to use 0.15.1?

I played the new stuff for like an hour or two, I can't fucking be bothered doing it all again to see unfucked sections of the game.

Seriously I wish DC would just add some sort of switch in the game to let you start at a certain point though all character routes. It's such a tedious game to play over and over again.


Okayy, beware…

Even if you copy your 15.1 saves to 15.2 and then delete them and go back to 15.1 anyway it still somehow fucks 15.1, I'm having the mother talk about Diane and having a name check for her hours in to the game, already seen that bitches tiddies twice…


the fucking bug fix just adds more fucking bugs to fix



how the hell do u got to this point i cant seem to find the last stack of mags i got one from the teacher in the lounge and one from the gay dude in the cafe but where the fuck is the last one



for some fucking reason its at the basketball court, its next to the school



> adds more fucking bugs to fix

It feels like DC is doing this on purpose.



That could be an issue with the way Ren'Py handles saves, namely that it backs up everything to a separate folder and uses those even if you remove your original save files. Try going to %AppData%\RenPy and deleting everything with "SummertimeSaga" in there, and then copying back your original saves to the 0.15.1 game's folder. (That's on Windows, on Mac they should be at ~/Library/RenPy/ and in ~/.renpy/ on Linux)



I just deleted everything to do with 15.2 and over wrote the one save I used with it, seems like that one save essentially corrupted 15.1.

Seems to be fine now. Whenever I was vising characters it was firing through each event every time I talked to them.

Now I'm just lost as fuck and don't know where I am with each teacher…I know it will take years but I hope DC adds a quest log at some point



>the fucking bug fix just adds more fucking bugs to fix

Yeah it's a bit of mayhem right now.

Forget about copying savegames between versions right now, it just don't work.

There's 2 versions of the ic patch, v1 has bugs on v15.1, v2 is better but don't work well on v15.2..

And even if you play 15.1 without patch, there's bugs.

Haven't tried 15.2 yet, postponing it till this weekend

There's some good new content though, just saying


You know, I actually really don't mind that the incest has been "removed"

The whole concept of living with hot thirsty bitches you can conquer is good enough really, I just wish the art was in some way adjusted so that they weren't obviously family, as it's jarring to the new content style

If this was a game about being in college trying to fuck your room mates rather than being a kid trying to fuck your family, it'd be pretty great

Also damn that Mrs Bissete scene

I was expecting to get cockblocked and only get a hj scene at most

The Okita scene is kinda…shit

Not tried the nigger or Mrs Ross' yet

Also it's funny when MC is having dreams about fucking his totally-not-mother even though he's already fucked two of his teachers and is on the way to fucking half the town


File: 47cab97db14427d⋯.jpg (29.82 KB, 535x513, 535:513, Winning.JPG)

How do you feel after all your bitching this month Dark Cookie is even making more money. Stay mad cucks.



I feel dead inside, at this point.


File: 48d2fdfebe715f6⋯.jpg (27.89 KB, 375x375, 1:1, 48d2fdfebe715f61fb41f2e079….jpg)


I feel the same since I've always knew the masses are dumb.


File: ad4479cae251e04⋯.png (436.43 KB, 835x638, 835:638, zzxlncb.png)

future unlock's, fear's



Eve's got actual content in this update?



Barely any, not much worth noting.


File: 0b90c8642a87b13⋯.jpg (154.39 KB, 984x734, 492:367, 0b90c8642a87b131ceb8238221….jpg)

Holy fuck, DC is actually a fucking invalid. The 15.2 hotfix adds MORE bugs. Because one of Okitas filenames was incorrect I couldn't progress and when 15.3 came out, spaghetti code means that I can't use old saves. For the sake of one period, there goes two hours. Thanks DC, you absolute fuckwit.





He clearly needs more money alright man

DC is starving

When was the last time you donated man?


I mean…they don't really get that much as hilarious and memey all that is.

33k split between 8 people isn't a whole lot per person, obviously some of them will get larger cuts than others but if we were to pretend it's even then that's only just over 4k per person.

Assuming they're all US citizens they probably all have heaving amounts of student debt, probably some sort of medical bills too.

33k is a large figure but not like DC is going to be driving around in a Lambo flashing cash and picking up hoes on the street.

Also holy fuck 8 people make this?


File: a63b5f7ac82a684⋯.jpg (92.28 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1520574933169.jpg)


What a time to be alive

But seriously was incest the only redeeming quality of this game?

cuz as a not incest fan I just dont feel it.



Akabur has finished 3 games that are 100x harder to make than summer time saga and he makes 5k a month

I don't know what the fuck your point is



To be fair I think DC either takes most of that anyways, or he should. Of the 8 people he pays, one of them does "HR", one of them manages the discord, one of them is responsible for "sound and music" (I'm pretty sure the game uses stock assets, or at least it sounds like it), two of them do "dialogue and posing", and he also has two coders who rewrote the whole fucking game to be more OOP for god knows what reason and fix each others' bugs.

The largest amount of people being paid a full salary that would make sense to me for a project like this is 3, DC doing the art/writing, a "technical artist" doing boring graphics work and one guy who's an actual programmer working alone, writing as little code as necessary.

I think he's reached the point where people are giving him more money than he knows what to do with, due to the popularity of the game. It's just people giving 3 dollars on average, but there's more and more of them each month so it adds up. He doesn't even have a goal left on his Patreon anymore, I think it's just "I'll do a stream shirtless lmao" or something.



She flashes her tits to MC and Eric while you're doing the music teacher quests. She's doing karaoke while drunk.


To some degree, yeah, I guess, but even after it's removed I don't mind doing Diane/Debby/Jane quests. The problem is amount of bugs this shit had, I couldn't get paint for the guitar and would probably need to start the game, so I just used the unlocker to get shit in the cookie jar and watched the scenes there. Kinda wish I had saved the 4+h I put in this update and just did that from the start


File: dcd8e07d7096fd0⋯.jpg (84.16 KB, 700x714, 50:51, dcd8e07d7096fd03dd69c3d798….jpg)


>as a not incest fan


To answer your question thouhg; yes, the only half-decent thing about this game was the incest. The art is by far the weakest part - not sexy in the least. I have seen 3D models done better.



Actually is not too bad as a game.

Too bad 75% of the fuckable characters need a paper bag on their heads, they're fatsoes, or shit like that.

So yeah… without incest is quite an uninteresting game. Like "i have no interest in unlocking sex scenes with this ugly bitch".

Saddest thing is that the art, technically, is very good. Talk about wasted potential.



100x harder to make?

Yeah okay sure, it's not like they're barely more complicated than VN's and only feature a couple of characters or anything.

Seriously what the fuck is that nonsense my dude, 100x harder? Princess Trainer literally has only 3 fleshed out fuckable characters and most of the content is centred around just one of them.

For all it's faults and shortcomings SS has tons of bitches to fuck and tons of character routes that all have to be blended in to each other.


Probably yeah, I'd say the project is in a weird zone where it should hire some more professional workers to increase output, but might not quite have the funding to satisfy someone of that calibre.

Other things to consider being equipment costs and taxes.

Basically my main point being it's not like DC gets 30k delivered straight to him that he can do whatever he wants with whilst he get a Drinking Bird to program the game for him.

The argument that the amount of money they make should directly translate to how well they can make the game is nonsense(to an extent)

How many billions do YouTube and Facebook make a year and their sites still run like geriatric asshole. Still can't even fullscreen videos on Facebook properly for fuck sake.


File: 91a44f55e01f96e⋯.jpg (23.88 KB, 288x252, 8:7, 1522849146306.jpg)



>Design systems and stats around specific characters with complex dialogue sequences to account for each new change in the story


>x: "lmoa fuk my bagina but first collect the 3 magic coins" set in a linear structure with no deviation

What is the blend?

Please explain it to me

Have you ever even opened up any of the scripts for summertime saga?

>Uses facebook

I guess my point was redundant



The point is: a competent person can offer content as complex as this with only 5K, or maybe even with less than this. Like every successful project of Patreon, this is another pretentious game whose author collects 10x more than necessary and yet can't offer a bug-free shit or with simple functionalities like functional saves between versions.



A competent person can offer content as complex as this for free. You're not required by law to make a Patreon and quit your job.



Yes. But I am not only considering quality, but quantity.

Oops … Ignore, it took him 5 months to do the last update.

So yes, he could offer the same thing for free. But he earns 30k for that. Good for him.



>>Design systems and stats around specific characters with complex dialogue sequences to account for each new change in the story


I'm sorry, what? How the fuck is Princess Trainer complex?

SS has tons of shitty minigames in it, Princess Trainer is just grinding events until you can get the whore to do something new. Literally most of the game is grinding, it's not fucking complex in the slightest you shill.

And the scope of the game is clearly far more than any of Akabur's relatively simplistic ones. Christ.

In any case I'm seeing there's already a 0.15.3, the fuck, that's somewhat impressive.

It would actually be impressive if the bugfixes didn't fuck the game but they unfucked it fairly fast.

Goodbye invisible Mia clone.



>SS has tons of shitty minigames in it

Could someone explain to me why devs think that minigames in adult games is a good idea?

Do they feel guilty about offering an interactive story and deciding on minigames to pretend there is some gameplay?



>You shill

>Proceeds to suck off DC even more 2 lines down

The cognitive dissonance is on another level here


File: 349caab4b0e9ab3⋯.jpg (448.05 KB, 900x1015, 180:203, 6f31956bly1fei19wh1vxj20p0….jpg)


Not everyone consider "adult games" porn galleries inwhich you have only to repeatedly click the "go fuck the next girl" button.

Someone appreciate that the game is actually a game.

Even considering that usually indie devs attempt at gameplay are mostly total failures.


File: fdc364f07f9d32e⋯.png (35.15 KB, 338x770, 169:385, Untitled.png)


The main problem is that you can't just shovel money at something and expect to make it better. It's a common trap a lot of Kickstarters and open source projects fall into. If the guy in charge of that money is a hack who doesn't know how to hire people or manage time, you might as well just make a nice pile of cash instead, and burn all of it. There's also a cap on the number of people you can hire for a project and still get some kind of a benefit from doing so, "too many cooks in the kitchen" and all that. If you were to pay 70 programmers to work on SS for instance, you'd either end up with 65 of them sitting on their asses and not being able to do anything because it would be redundant, or all 70 of them constantly arguing with each other and SLOWING the progress of your game.

There's also the Google/Facebook problem you mentioned, when you have something that works fine but people keep giving you money, feature creep starts being a real issue. Which is how you end up with stupid shit like Youtube being redesigned for the 6th time.


Same reason pic related is a thing.

>fuck we have a programmer who knows Python but Ren'Py is baby shit and we're paying him for 8 hours per day, WHAT DO WE DO???



At that point you're just making a regular game with occasional fanservice in it. Ironically, I usually find myself enjoying those games and spending 7-8 hours on the gameplay, while skipping over the porn aspect and constantly going "yeah yeah fuck off I wanna get back to finishing this first".

You could make a very good case for the story and aesthetics though, since those directly tie into the porn and your enjoyment of it.


File: 97a9e30fcc64b5e⋯.png (75.79 KB, 1600x619, 1600:619, fucking seriously.PNG)



Are you fucking serious?

They just opened up the pygames manual and pressed Ctrl+C

How is that complex in any fucking way?

Most of Akabur's stuff is built from the ground up

Like I said did you even look up any of the shit you're arguing about?

Literally open both up and you can see the vastness in difference



My Patreon game dev can beat up your Patreon game dev!



One can argue that DC has more writing and more generic shit tier art crammed in but to argue about his code quality is fucking retarded since most of it is fucking trash and copy pasted and to top it all off






>very questionable art

>slow updates for little content

>lazy work

>big beta testers userbase

>main story ruined to keep shekels

>Lots of complaints but all user eager for more

>+ 30K and growing

Would be DC the luckiest dev, currently?


File: 66f8f2d0df68c98⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1301x976, 1301:976, June and Erik.png)

So, with Miss Okita, when she's having you make the Faptic Engine and she sends you to talk to June… if you've already done the June romance and she's with Erik, you're fucked, right? Because it won't let me click on June anymore, it just pops up with a dialogue from Erik.



What are you talking about you fucking retard? When did I ever say SS is amazing?

It has a much larger scope than any of Akabur's completed titles, it just fucking does there is far more planned content for SS.

Literally Princess Trainer has 3 fuckable actual characters in it, meanwhile almost every female in SS, of which there are a lot, has or will have their own story line some of which will mingle with others.



>A completed project is more fleshed out code wise than an early stage unfinished project


Still can't deny that SS is going to have far more content and be more complex in the end, perhaps not through code but the sheer amount of shit you can do.


File: 1f8901b18a1f3d5⋯.png (2.33 MB, 2000x1646, 1000:823, reee.PNG)


I disagree and I think you're fucking stupid




Can you two get a room already?


File: 3f0d4d593786a9e⋯.png (22.03 KB, 512x144, 32:9, progress.png)

Are you ready, /htg/? Place your bets now.

Three and a half months.



3 months


File: a7fba3377518d40⋯.png (605.85 KB, 1296x971, 1296:971, Completed.png)

Fuck me, after having to restart six times because of game-breaking bugs, I finally finished the Cookie Jar.



5 weeks but its gonna be shit



after forcing people to wait 5 months i doubt he has the balls to do it again in fear of his fans leaving him. my money is on 2 months and it will be short and shit.


File: 4dcfda0d2d1a2ed⋯.png (263.34 KB, 512x500, 128:125, shiet.png)

Almost double the work than the last update, also almost twice the amount of art than the last update. DC making up for shitting the bed the last update. Cover girl getting the update she deserves.


File: 608c89c3e727258⋯.jpg (65.75 KB, 500x497, 500:497, MI0001747130.jpg)


almost half of it is code…..


So I never played this game, is it worth it now?

I mean in terms of content and fap department.



look forward to that update in a year.



If you've never played the game ever then yes it will give you some real good faps. Go to lewdpatcher and grab their patch if you want the incest however. But for me it was kinda meh considering the quality of the mom,aunt and sis updates.



Lewdpatcher just removed the summertime saga patch page.



God damn it, why is Bridget, Rhonda, or Principal Smith not up there? I want fucking scenes with all of them, damn it. Don't deny me them, you dumb dev.


File: e56b2ee223930cb⋯.png (111.14 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Thinking_Face_Emoji.png)


>incest patch is released, it's a buggy mess because it uses code from an ancient version of the game

>"incest patch update coming tomorrow"

>.15.2 is released instead

>"incest patch for .15.2 coming tomorrow"

>.15.3 is released

>the page is gone

My almonds have been activated.



Don't worry,from the looks of it the MC and Kevin are going to get cozy really soon.



Seriously. I've been waiting for Bridget content for a year now. He even makes an update called "the teachers", but no. And the next one is going to be about the thot.



I think they realized they are working for free while the Jew wins.


>Sometimes I tell people he's the reason why his father killed himself.

Fucking wow. Jenny a shit.


File: 52c9d3761607058⋯.png (9.13 KB, 247x152, 13:8, Files.PNG)


Where exactly do you put the patch files in?



In the folder named "game" inside the main folder of SS. It's a buggy pile of shit though, so you might as well just not bother.



All I want is to fug the buff girl with dumb hair. Having an ability to change her hair color would also be a plus.

Actually, I lied. While I do want that, I want Principal Smith and Annie content the most. I need to show my misguided uptight waifu the error of her ways and transform her into a sweetheart or a dominant alpha who makes Smith her bitch. Plus, I seriously want to find out the relationship between these two, because it has to be something close if Smith actually makes Annie go down on her sometimes.



>70 programmers to work on SS

>Visual Novel

>70 programmers

Looks like DC is successful in convincing followers it's necessary to have a team of coder to create a VN with one artist.


File: f5bffc104315d25⋯.png (531.93 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png)





What scenes does the librarian have?



Well he already has 3 of them, not counting himself.



Only the one where you spy on people having sex in the back room, I think.



He could hire 20 programmers and it wouldn't change much for the development speed. Having three coder but only one artist for a renpy VN is upside down.


File: 0cf615aa88145f5⋯.png (542.34 KB, 491x492, 491:492, really.png)


>separate functions for increasing each grade

>same shit for checking and increasing stats

>not something like increaseGrade(grade) or hasStat(stat)

Tell me now. Is what I'm saying actually impossible in renpy or is this just plain shitty coding in a game with a budget of 28k usd a month?



Pretty much, yeah.


Given that the "minigames" in SS are copypasted from a babby's first programming tutorial, I'll let you figure that one out.


File: 73aac8aeaf9c293⋯.png (15.58 KB, 586x292, 293:146, super-linear-scaling.png)


> or all 70 of them constantly arguing with each other and SLOWING the progress of your game.

It's a bit ironic, too, because good programmers understand contention-related scaling issues.

for i in range(amount):

Fucking stop. My eyes are bleeding. The DRY violations are one thing, but this is a whole other level of pajeet.



Ren'Py is just a Python library, so it's perfectly possible to do that.

But hasn't the dev gone through like a dozen different "programmers" that they've hired to work on this already? Clearly programming isn't their forte because they need to hire someone else to do it, but evidently management isn't their forte either or they'd have hired someone competent by now.


How is that poll going that he put up earlier today?


hey so i think i'm fuckin retarded or something but i cannot for the life of me find out where to put the image folder from the incest patch into the game folder

using a mac by the by like a proper idiot and i assume it's quite possible it's hidden away or using something different on that version


can't even find a single image in the entire contents of the game, scoured it for a little while but nil, should mention i'm tech retarded except i know how to check contents and go to library and shit


File: 6298e292b25d055⋯.jpg (58.82 KB, 675x450, 3:2, 1511621015836.jpg)


>using a mac






No idea how it works on Mac tbh, you might have to go inside an .app or something. Try to find the directory that contains something like "archive.rpa" or "scripts.rpa", and put both the "images" folder and the .rpyc file from the incest patch in there.



I'm pretty sure the most recent guy was explicitly hired to "refactor the codebase", ie clean up the mess of the other one.



alright i did that and it seems to have worked, thanks bud absolute legend


File: 9a6194e67d461df⋯.jpg (22.02 KB, 398x500, 199:250, thanks.jpg)



here you go have this as well



As someone who has worked in a corporate setting, sometimes "cleaning up the old codebase" just becomes "making a different mess than the old codebase" because the people working on "cleaning" are at least as incompetent as the people making the original mess.

It's still a barely usable mess in the end, but management feels like they've done something so it just continues on forever.


I want to test this game just to see what his mechanics are like. But I don't want this latest version with bugs and no incest. Does anyone recommend an older version? I don't intend to play too much of this shit, I just want to see the mechanics that dev implemented in it.


I finally decided to test the game

> Shouldn't you be in school?

> Shouldn't you have a job?

I closed the game.



14.5.2 (from December 20) was the last release before the Patreon bullshit hit, but I deleted it like a dumbass and the website doesn't archive old download links, so I had to track down the Mega link from sketchy Indonesian pirate sites. Seems like you've already given up, but here it is in case someone needs it for reference (like me). It has the old dialogue and everything except the scenes with the four teachers.


And yeah, the game doesn't exactly have any "mechanics" to speak of. There's a very basic stat system which makes you play the same minigame 10 times, and a very basic day/night cycle which completely breaks your immersion when the character you've been talking to a few seconds ago is also in two different locations wearing completely different clothes with dialogue options that are now suddenly unavailable.

It's actually surprisingly basic for a $30k game, especially given the (relative) quality the art and the infrastructure around the whole thing. I was legitimately expecting more from it. It's pretty short, too.




>Hmm… It's has been a pretty long time since I last played it. I wonder what I missed ever since I dipped out of following SS after the whole Patreon affair.

>[Saves file]

>Time to replace the version I already have.

>[Checks the version I already have]




>hey guys this is the last version from before the whole patreon affair

Yeah, I wonder why it is that you already have that version.



I think his point was that it's been 5 months since a new version was released.



But new versions have been released. That anon intentionally did not post the new versions because they had the incest content stripped out and were buggy as hell.



I know, I'm the one who posted that. And it's from the end of last year. The Patreon drama happened a few weeks ago.


is it worth a one and done playthrough yet?


Holy fuck. I thought you were overreacting when you said that the game had a lot of bugs, but I already came across a soft lock in the first scene. The fat neighbor says we need to go to school, but the school is locked on the map.



It's usually not this buggy (I usually played through the whole new and old content without encountering any bugs), it's mostly this update being an absolute trash, not only because it kinda adds shit no one really cares about (barely any Roxxy, you know, the cover girl that's in the main menu, website, patreon, instead they add 4 teacher crap). Bugs would be bearable, but you need to start the game from beginning every time you patch it and fuck that


Kinda, it's still a decent game, if you don't count the buggy update, but most people played the game from beginning half a dozen times and it kinda gets boring eventually


File: 10be5825f5a01f8⋯.png (1004.71 KB, 1307x1011, 1307:1011, Untitled.png)

Well, I played some more.

The concept is interesting, go around the city and look for the girls, cool.

I think the city map and the way to explore the places pretty decent. But…

Holy fuck, The text is sometimes atrocious. I stopped in the part that the director asks MC what was he doing in the locker room.

So she tells him to undress and to the girl next to her to show the breasts.

Holy fuck, what a piece of shit! I have nothing against this kind of scene, but I think dev doesn't have the sense of humor needed to implement them.

The art isn't that good, but it is consistent in my opinion. Some scenes are horrible (pic related), but most are good.

It's a fun game. But what amazed me most is that # 1 in Patreon's adult games is very amateur, especially in the quality of the text.

Oh, and didn't find any charismatic character so far. Perhaps the closest thing to any charisma is the mother of the fat neighbor.


File: f3360252d40e40f⋯.jpg (186.16 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1524231721893.jpg)

anybody has more SS edits?





File: 021c3ffb4059f42⋯.png (534.33 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 021c3ffb4059f427b284f2adeb….png)


Loss memes are eternal.


File: 3a15e6289f91d3b⋯.png (544.42 KB, 1024x750, 512:375, 101382_crap.png)


File: 001c09fa0dce598⋯.png (689.76 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 37925_1.png)


File: 0d39f9ec18aa29e⋯.jpg (29.36 KB, 500x500, 1:1, PointingLaughingEmoji.jpg)

>im going to find you a girlfriend

>sorry I talked to her and it looks like it's not going to work out

>oh btw one thing led to another and she's coming to my place tonight.





Kind of what I expect from this shit.


Well, I think I've played enough of this game. Maybe play again when it's released.

After having sex with her mother and sister, the game lost all meaning for me.

The tasks are usually long and don't bring any kind of satisfaction to the player. It's something like: go there, talk to him, get the item I'm going to tell you where it is, come back, talk to someone else, wait until tomorrow, unlock the scene.

And in the meantime there will not be any plot or character development, it's just a long-winded task to give you a false sense that you had to work hard for sex.

The development of the plot with the mother is well done, this I must admit, and it is the only thing of value that I found in the game. The one of the sister is well made too, but the fact that it had no charisma at all ruined the experience.

Without incest I believe that this game loses a lot of sense. No storyline can be interesting (for example, an English teacher and an art teacher). They are boring and totally bland.

Oh, and I played in fap mode, because being forced to do the minigames and making money is just too painful, which makes this game unbearable.



Welcome to the ride. Now you get to wait five months for the next update where you fuck a thot.


>about to fuck french teacher

>she takes off her pantyhose



File: 2330b711b5bae4e⋯.jpg (50.89 KB, 500x335, 100:67, 2f635fb115b00629788deba1a6….jpg)

about DC goals


I chose Mia's mother but I deeply regretted it. Her sex scene is scary. Her face is so deformed that I can't tell if it's a human being and if it is, it looks more like a man than a woman.

Lucky that I've saved before, the scene with Mia is no big deal, but compared to her mother's it's a masterpiece.



The saving grace of Mia's mother is that Mia hears you fucking her and sits outside her room crying.




Yeah I'm not sure why anyone would want the mother other than just to see the scene or curiosity.

She's ugly, she's annoying and she'd realistically be shit in bed.

Mia is young, attractive and relatively innocent but more importantly, fresh. You could mould her interests to suit you easily.


>Ross wants me to talk to Mia

>No option to talk to Mia about Ross

Quality gameplay.



You have to find her at a specific time/location and THEN talk to her if I recall correctly, because SS is spaghetti code and each instance of a person is technically a different character. Same with getting Eve's art pad, there are 3-4 spots Eve could be in and she only gives you that dialogue option when she's specifically in the hallway at noon.



I chose the mother because Mia has zero charisma.

I thought it would be interesting to see a religious milf start to get horny and beg for the cock of the protagonist.

But that wasn't what happened. The DC text is pretty mediocre and she keeps repeating those nonsense of purification and shows no real feeling of being horny.

In addition, the designs and animation of her sex scene are bad even when we consider the Summertime's standards.

Finally, an anon wrote above that Mia was crying in the hallway while we fuck her mother, but that's not what I saw, she just asks what we were doing in the house, the protagonist gives an excuse and the scene ends.



No multiple of 17, 14, and 21 can hit 100. Why lie?


File: 3a0c2786f3018cb⋯.png (22.77 KB, 512x144, 32:9, progress.png)




inb4 the number of tasks suddenly changes to 150, and then 200.



Will MC make enough cash to pay off the debt? Will he kill the head mafia boss and become the Don and fuck all the women? Will he go to college? These are the real questions we need to ask ourselves.



he is in college now



I also think this was the main factor for SS success. If we look at another game that was very successful, Dating My Daughter, the only thing it has in common with Summertime Saga is the theme, the rest is quite different, however both authors were practically pioneers and now they collect the rewards.

However, the Summertime Saga still has the advantage of having a relatively interesting formula, although very flawed. Games inspired by the SS tend to be more successful.



Fuck… Wrong thread…



Now that I'm on the right thread: I hope the DC doesn't try to develop this Mafia story.

It would be good if the mafia only served to encourage the player to make money. The henchmen appear from time to time and that's it!

DC is clearly limited in writing the text and the history of the Mafia has a lot of potential to turn into a cringefest.



anon switch to a firefox fork and use tree style tabs



I disagree. The Mafia threat should culminate into the protag meeting the boss, who turns out to be a busty female. There should be a handful of different options here, from working with Mia's father and getting her taken down, or to fucking your debt free from her.




Fuck that, more lolis.



What game have you been playing?



If DC did that, the Mafia wouldn't really have a purpose.


File: 9c13299c16264b2⋯.png (8.13 KB, 284x255, 284:255, 35.png)





File: 8122c2f5f3638f9⋯.png (316.82 KB, 600x416, 75:52, Rage.png)


Why the fuck are people still donating to this shit?


File: 52615259e3536de⋯.png (9.67 KB, 284x230, 142:115, 1.png)

D-Did he just lose $10,000 because of monthly payment leeches?



Holy shit, what. The game doesn't even have Patreon rewards.


Did he ever stream naked?


File: de70715372eed1d⋯.png (37.6 KB, 514x332, 257:166, Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at ….png)


File: 983909b795f6e20⋯.jpg (17.08 KB, 480x360, 4:3, sex.jpg)


There is still hope for mankind



The purpose of the mafia would simply be to tell the player that he needs to make as much money as possible to avoid a negative consequence. I hope the Mafia serves just for this.

If DC, with his "talent", try to create some intricate story (like every story involving the Mafia), there is a great chance of it becoming a cringefest.

Unless he does as they said above, putting a busty boss mafia and end the story in a "humorous" way (in dealing with DC it's good to put humor in quotation marks).


File: 8da1289a1603dee⋯.jpg (29.82 KB, 600x400, 3:2, laughing at shills.jpg)


Shill got what he deserved


File: c8603ada5bafed4⋯.jpg (36.06 KB, 377x352, 377:352, wew.JPG)


Life is beautiful and rewarding again.




looks like he got it all back


File: 3ebc41d75f3be60⋯.jpg (70.33 KB, 456x386, 228:193, 3ebc41d75f3be60646da99cd54….jpg)


I realize now.


File: 15b3106055c7738⋯.jpg (154.91 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, 23678654323476786547.jpg)


They're too dumb to know how to spend money


How is this level of stupidity even possible



What the fuck? Is this true? In April 30 it was 11814 patrons (almost same), but 34,514$. And now it's 10,360-29,856$. Seems as cheating to me.



No, more like fake screen.



It's probably something to do with the upfront payments >>46189.


I can personally attest to having seen both numbers. I posted the screen with the 35k one and it changed pretty much an hour after that. Graphtreon shows the same. Again, I doubt it's some kind of (((conspiracy))).



File: b19e018957a645e⋯.jpg (5.71 KB, 164x191, 164:191, 15074630184090s.jpg)


>Adult Games Rank 1st


File: 153253ecc14eb03⋯.jpg (343.53 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 1522883435655.jpg)


>Patreon Rank 7th


File: 50e8ef36e9564e0⋯.jpg (339.14 KB, 888x1440, 37:60, UNhDvzFrP6bQeKpiXDclAPgzgL….jpg)

he's upgraded Roxxy's art, lookin' good?



Every new month value drops because Patreon can't process all payments immediately.

All pending values disappear until Patreon manages to collect.

And many people give up at the end of the month too, because in Patreon you can make the pledge on day 1, download everything that the author makes available and cancel the pledge on the 30th, to repeat the procedure infinitely until you are blocked by dev.


I think it got even worse. In fact, I find it funny that DC uses this character as the "propaganda girl" of the game, since she is the character purposely unfriendly (both in personality and appearance).

And in my opinion, her sex appeal is close to zero.


File: b6a8734598235a3⋯.png (244.88 KB, 583x457, 583:457, 14526107892110.png)



>no content at all



>the ugly redneck thot now looks like the exact same ugly redneck thot

I don't get it. The girl on the bottom is a definite improvement though.



wow she looks exactly the same, really worth waiting 5 more months



If you look veerrry closely, you may notice that these women look slightly more feminine now (and slightly less like they were slammed into a door recently) with the effect of having a bit more approving/less sceptic looking expressions, and their clothes fit their tits a little tighter. Oh, and also the button things on the blondie's waist are blue now.

What do I win?



lips changed

shading improved

clothes shaded lines removed

Belly button added

lines un underpants fixed

legs shaded

eyebrows matches hair

smoother hair

face less fat

still looks like shit

rat looking face slightly less long

earring hoops shorter

upper lip no shadow

hair being back

ear showing

line showing jaw line


File: 25b2c6ec973b73c⋯.png (568.08 KB, 1296x971, 1296:971, a7fba3377518d407a49408748d….png)


>no content

C'mon, he might be slow updating, but don't pretend that the game doesn't have content. It's got more in its incomplete state than most finished games have.




It Monster Island game, not SS



I don't agree that the game "has no content", has a moderate amount in my opinion, but this picture doesn't prove much.

Most faces there have very few events.

The game has about 8 hours of gameplay, but probably about 6 hours the player will spend walking around the map looking for items to click on or seeing the same events and texts being repeated for the thousandth time.



Goddamn, that spic has short arms.


File: 8d2a5edfbfa31f4⋯.png (849.12 KB, 1267x914, 1267:914, Screenshot_1.png)

What are this things to start "milking"?

I already have the cow fantasy, the milk jar….


How I can increase the intelligence?

I already did the homework of french



There's a game on the PC.


File: 55328aa64cd5116⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 451.93 KB, 600x450, 4:3, spoiler.jpg)

teaser CG from 0.16



Homework will never increase your intelligence you silly goose. That's what games are for!



I had a boner before this

Now I don't



>same pose as mother or aunt or whatever

Is it hard to think of interesting poses according to character, in this case the school whore?


File: 973c08c675f5d35⋯.jpg (61.36 KB, 413x429, 413:429, meewitme.jpg)



She seems older than she is.



I got stuck in this quest for a while too.

If I'm not mistaken, I unlocked it by finding her in the kitchen and making all the events available there, then meeting her in the garden and talking some shit and making a gardening event that is almost completely broken.


I do not even know what character DC tried to draw here…


I'll review all the events I've done in the game:

> Mother:

Only really good events of the game. If all events kept the same quality I would have Summertime Saga is a good game.

> Sister:

95% boring, 5% cool

> Aunt:

Totally retarded.

> Fat boy mother:

The Yoga part is idiotic, but overall the events are acceptable.

> Mia:

Boring as fuck

> Mia mother:


> Orc girl:

Garbage x2

> French teacher:

Not funny, but acceptable.

> Black teacher:

On the limit of being bearable

> Chinese assexual teacher:

I think this teacher's events best portray what the Summertime Saga is all about. It is the perfect example of mediocrity. The events of the asexual teacher are mediocre from beginning to end, in every aspect, from creativity and humor to drawing and animation.

Conclusion: The game has only one good thing that is the relationship between the boy and his mother. The rest is an ocean of mediocrity with many bugs and a total inconsistency in the immersion of the game. You find the same character in several places at once, doing different things, it makes no sense at all.



Too bad the mother x son will no longer be updated



I agree with you that the mother situation is the best so far.

The sister situation is a close second for me. It would be better if the sex scenes were better, but I really liked the way it built up into the night fuck/shower scenes, especially with the overpowering part. Theres just not enough variety here, and a lot of potential for awesome things. You should be able to put it in her butt by now, or get a blowjob, etc. The sister situation would be really awesome if they had it gradually change the dynamic to where you are more dominant/in control, and basically end up doing all sorts of undignifying things to her, with your penis of course.

I like the mia sex scenes, but there definitely need to be MORE, a lot. Its very bad how it basically goes from "i like you but we cant do anything like that" to full on sex+anal with one change. There should be inbetween prizes, sneaking about places, etc. Theres so much room for sexy fun here.

I actually also really really like the asian teacher scenes, but again, needs more sex situations with her.

Everything else is garbage, though.

I'm also tired of waiting for the ability to fuck the yoga lady that you find the dog of. She has a very unique vibe which would be fun to have sex with compared to the others.




This alone would suffice as a review in my opinion



from what i've gathered, in the poll there's the sister and the aunt and the Aunt is winning (by few votes), so no hope to have more scenes with the sister


it's official: diane will be the focus of the next update, followed by jenny



Who and who? Don't you mean aunt and sister?



Whomst could you be talking about? Do you mean your step-aunt and your step-sister?



Not really, I only meant the aunt and the sister.


<inb4 go away reddit/f95 fag, you can lick my sweaty, hairy asshole

You all do realize that DC doesn't actually pocket $30K+ every month right? After fees and taxes, he might get 60% of that. It's still quite a bit of cash, but it's not anything near what people bitch about.

Not to mention that DC's patreon total dropped from well above $30K to well below $30K right before the Patron billing went out for the first of the month. That wasn't the $1 people fucking off that dropped the total like that.

Curse DC for looking out for his own best interests by removing the incest! He should have taken the high road and done something that would take a lot of work like set up his own funding thing somehow! Because then you could start whinging about how the updates were even slower!

Most of you fuckers don't even seem to care about anything other than the number of animations of fucking anyhow, so what do you care if MC is fucking his mom or just some old broad?

Making a porn game isn't going to get you anything but experience. It's not like you can put it on your resume ffs.

The rage and tears from the dumbasses who cry about a gay scene are so hilariously tasty. It's a game about watching a guy with a big dick fuck bitches that worship his big dick. You're fapping to a big dick. It's okay though, I still believe you think you're totally straight.

Wait! Maybe that denial is where all this pointless anger and bitching comes from! Maybe you should fap some more to the MC's big dick some more to relieve that stress.

<inb4 "you suck DC's dick!" If I had the chance, yeah, I probably would. I'm unafraid to admit my oral talents work on both pussy and cock.



You do realize that starting a sentence with "you do realize" makes you sound like a massive fucking tool, right?


File: 9fe9d118093de8e⋯.gif (800.07 KB, 540x405, 4:3, 9fe9d118093de8e5030833273b….gif)


>Reddit spacing

>DC apologist

>A literal faggot


>Most of you fuckers don't even seem to care about anything other than the number of animations of fucking anyhow, so what do you care if MC is fucking his mom or just some old broad?

That's where you are wrong. First of all, animations are a waste of time and you could have more CGs with the time you invest doing a single animation. Second of all, incest is a big deal because otherwise I'd watch porn, and I don't want to watch porn.



>Reddit spacing

He's wrong, but fuck you too.



>t starting a sentence with "you do realize" makes you sound like a massive fucking tool, right

Fair enough. a massive tool, just like the MC's in the game. I'm good with that.


>Second of all, incest is a big deal because otherwise I'd watch porn, and I don't want to watch porn.

Well, this faggot has more fun than you do wishing you could fuck your own mom, so I'm good with that, too. If you really can't find anything in the near infinite amount of porn on the net other than this game to fap to, I'm truly sorry for you.

<Press F to pay respects


File: d3b2ae1fb19eac0⋯.jpg (80.3 KB, 640x566, 320:283, 1518412241126.jpg)



>Press F to pay respects

2014 called gramps. It wants its stale memes back.



Always funny when people point out and old joke with even older joke.



I love it when fags like you show up with the same tired arguments that would make Jack Thompson call you a retard



When you see the same old crap spouted regularly, there's not much else to do but bring the same successful arguments out again. A bit of dust doesn't make them wrong.

I will freely admit that the Jack Thompson crack is quality though. Nice.



>After fees and taxes, he might get 60% of that.


The amount you see on the author's page already considers the tax rebate. That is the "pure" value that the author will receive at the end of the month, with only these two discounts:

- fee for money transfer

- dropouts

I have a Patreon and on average I get between 90-95% of the value that is written on the last day of the month. If the DC was 30k at the end of the month, then it probably got about 28.5k. And yes, the value dropped to 24k on May 1, but that does not mean that DC has lost all of this from patrons, it just means that Patreon has not been able to charge everyone instantly.



Well, then, I guess I sit corrected. I thought I'd made pretty good calculations, but they were based upon the number on the main Patreon page reflecting gross rather than net earnings.

It seemed like a safe assumption based on the wording on the creator section on Patreon, but my googlefu failed me when it came to trying to figure out what that number represented for certain.

Even with that though, I have to believe that DC is still not pocketing $30K a month by himself. There are other people working with him, and I figure they want money for what they do. If I understand correctly, there's a staff of six working on SS at the moment. If you split that evenly (which I'm sure it isn't, but the point still works), $5K/month or $60K/year is low to average for graphic design/game development work.

Now I certainly can't say that DC puts out the quantity of work that a regular employer would require, but for those of us who actually had to pay for it back in the day, porn was nearly always twice the price compared to, well, not porn. So, I figure that gives DC a bit of wiggle room.

Now though, I am actually going to fuck off to reddit because this was a fucktastic wall of shit text to post on an imgboard, and I admit it.



Well, he probably did not pay a lot of people because it was 4 months to the last update and he did the art and the text.

I bet his costs with the Summertime Saga are very low. The biggest cost is actually the time he spends with the project, since he could be working at this time. However, since his art is terrible, he probably could not get a job, so his time is not worth much.

In view of the market prices and the quality of the game, I believe the real value of the last update of the Summertime Saga is around $ 5k. As he has raised $ 100k, he is probably having a luxurious life right now, even though he is a bad artist.

And even if he pays for some slaves to do the game's programming, there's still plenty of money left.




As a developer, the amount of coding work in SS (including things like the website/Discord and the Patreon integration) takes two, maybe three weeks of light effort. You can literally do large portions of this shit in a day, and they've been working on it for over a year now. The most substantial part of the game is the writing and the art, which as far as I know is handled entirely by DC because he still hasn't hired a TA for the busywork. You could MAYBE make an argument for the two "posing" guys he has (who basically go through the script and insert Erik's talking sprite at this line, hide it here when he stops talking, show Debbie's sprite up to this line, etc.), but I still wouldn't allocate less than 75% of the budget on DC, since he does all the art, writing and directing (unless "dialog" means that the posing guys also write the script of the game).



Considering the coding is apparently done by literal monkeys, I'd assume they're being paid in bananas.


>You're fapping to a big dick

<What is porn



I don't think the dev pays programmers.

It's clear he doesn't even want to think about messing with the complex part of the code. The whole game is inconsistent, the characters are in several places at once, doing different things.

This breaks the immersion and is a serious problem. If this persists in the game, it's because the producers decided that fixing the code would be a very big job and would generate more problems that would solve. And this is only feasible in a scenario where there are no programmers engaging in the game.

The game is amateurish and probably doesn't have qualified people working 100% of the time on it. Certainly the people who help the DC don't earn as hired employees, but only getting a commission for help.


File: 1f365eecbbd117a⋯.jpg (85.44 KB, 500x688, 125:172, 1e353w.jpg)


We are not in a thread about other porn games or porn in general, we are in a thread about this shitty game, you're just mad people point out how shitty it turned out to be and how much of a massive incompetent Jew DC is.


>Successful arguments

Those jokes were debunked long time ago, shill.



Is that suppose to be Roxxy?!

WTF, how can DC be such a hack that he can only draw his characters in the typical 3/4 angle view.

Every time he drew them in any other possition they look like completly different people.



Either they look like other characters, or they become true deformed aberrations.

This girl in the picture can be the lifeguard of the pool too.

Roxxy was supposed to be the hottest girl in the game, but she doesn't have any sex appeal and if by chance that girl is her, then she literally looks like a monster.


File: 3f4ff2bdc52df24⋯.png (22.68 KB, 512x144, 32:9, progress.png)


Two weeks later - 9% more done. Averaging 4.5% a week.



0.16 should be out sometime in September, then.




It could be Roxxy's mom



It's not actually that uncommon for drawn characters to look off when they're suddenly drawn face on. It's not as bad, but a lot of Simpsons characters look off when their not shown from an angle.

The thing is a good artist would realise this, and stop doing it so often. DC needs to work to his strengths. Not this shit.


File: 501c0c2068624d3⋯.jpg (13.35 KB, 221x255, 13:15, thiccthink.jpg)


Now it's at 40% after a day meaning 8% of the work was completed. Funny how not streaming today impacted it that much.


I don't play this since v0.12. Is this last version any good?



Go back to reddit and stay there, you cocksucking faggot. No one wants to see your subhuman-level intelligence here. Learn what a fucking paragraph is.







a distinct section of a piece of writing, usually dealing with a single theme and indicated by a new line, indentation, or numbering.


File: a6d0a5df55e61b5⋯.png (265.77 KB, 533x624, 41:48, dando o butico para não ga….png)

>0.15 took 4 months to release

>0.16 is already 50% finished in a 1 month

>0.16 will probably be much less barebones than 0.15 since is focused in one character

What a time to be alive, Diane is next (0.17).



wow only 2 months to get 2-3 h-scenes and maybe new 10-20 minutes of "gameplay"


Why do all the bad Patreons get all the money and do not release any content. While all the good ones barely get anything cash and have to stop development cause no one supports them.


File: 9f051a6f34b63ea⋯.png (400.51 KB, 656x519, 656:519, 09.png)


Instant gratification vs delayed gratification

It's set up in a structure where the more you can milk your audience the better it is for you

But most people fail to realize that, because of this mentality a good game won't happen because the developer will constantly be working on what will get him paid at the end of the month

>Inb4 food analogy

It's like this

>Yeah I can pay money for this nice steak meal that will come to me in a bit

>Or I can go get a hamburger right now



Nothing of what anon said was a distinct section of a piece of writing, so the need of a new line was completely unnecessary, seeing how everything could have simple went into a single paragraph. Also, a paragraph can't be a single line, and when it is is shit writing.

This is a completely new topic, though: Fuck off back to Reddit. And I didn't had to leave a whole space either.


File: 4d4a9ee5e775060⋯.png (395.38 KB, 1163x718, 1163:718, 2018-05-15 20_53_33-ILL is….png)


>and he still gets money every month



In a just world he would be getting all the money summertime jew gets and gets all his medical problems fixed and uses his newfound love of life to make the best lewd rpgmaker game ever

In the real world he dies and DarkCookie makes 50,000 more dollars



>In a just world he would be getting all the money summertime jew

No he wouldn't as Jap created games are…

— 99.9% of the time they're censored. Because mosaic porn is so fucking hot.

— They usually contain some fucked up fetishes. NTR / cuckshit, Scat, Cowgirls, etc.

— The English translations are generally broken as fuck.

— Anime art is an art-form that is actually worse than fucking DAZ models.


File: b6d3e014fc8dccd⋯.jpg (50.14 KB, 848x480, 53:30, [MCS] Masked Rider Kuuga (….jpg)


>Muh mosaic

>What is western release

>Muh NTR

>Implying 99% of western games don't have or plan to have it

>Including this one

>The English translations are generally broken as fuck.

>He doesn't know nip

>Anime art is an art-form that is actually worse than fucking DAZ models

>Implying anything is worse or even more lazy than DAZ shit

Kys SS shill.



>What is western release

What is something that almost never fucking happens. Or something that others attempt to mod the censorship away.

>Implying 99% of western games don't have or plan to have it

And what about the futa shit, the scat, or other stupid fucking fetishes jap games usually contain?

>He doesn't know nip

I'm not a weaboo faggot. I know English, as this is an English forum so fuck off to some Jap forum with your shit jap games.

>Implying anything is worse or even more lazy than DAZ shit

I didn't imply anything. I flat out said that even shitty DAZ is better than the art form that is Anime.

>Kys SS shill.

Not a SS Shill as it's a shitty fucking game. I'm merely commenting on the fact that you're pissed that a shit game like SS gets all the money, and then go on to state that another shit game should be the one to get it instead. You could literally have picked countless other games as it's not hard to be better than SS, but you picked some Jap shit which is actually worse. Congrats on managing to pick something worse, that must have taken a lot of work.


File: 744b581e6be5834⋯.gif (1.6 MB, 498x273, 166:91, confused ass mato.gif)



what even is BB

looked it up and found something called big brother, is it that



We also have to take into account that the sensation of seeking for sex is usually more stimulating than the sensation that you feel after sex (which can sometimes even be somewhat depressing).

So if the game is creating expectations and making the player waste time doing useless tasks like Summertime, in the end the player will think that this is a good game because he got 3h with that stimulating sensation of who is striving to achieve sex.

A game with 1000x better art, text, animations, etc., can overcome Summertime in everything, but if sex is easy, the player will not experience that sex-seeking stimulating sensation.

Basically, the player will prefer to fight for hours against the bugs and against the incredibly stupid tasks to finally see a animation of 2 frames that seems to have been designed by a mentally retarded, if this has made him experience the sensations I mentioned above.

I think this is the reason for the success of Summetime Saga, since the text and the art are of a grotesque quality.



yea, it's a game where you try to seduce your mom, aunt and sisters but then in comes a douche called eric and fucks them all infront of you and tries to have you shipped of to a military academy



Hahahahaha. Okay, now I understand why they say that BB is a game for cucks.



Go back to reddit and stay there, you cocksucking faggot. No one wants to see your subhuman-level intelligence here. Learn what a fucking paragraph is.


File: 4d625be8c388bf3⋯.jpg (73.21 KB, 532x528, 133:132, e12b3fdd219c6d67b7ddd187f4….jpg)


>What is something that almost never fucking happens. Or something that others attempt to mod the censorship away.

But it happens and it isn't hard.

>And what about the futa shit, the scat, or other stupid fucking fetishes jap games usually contain?

Western games also have them. In fact, most western games are inspired by Japanese games, and they usually do it really wrong.

>as this is an English forum so fuck off to some Jap forum with your shit jap games

本当?馬鹿外人。すえて電子掲示板は2ちゃんねるに基づいている。お前は馬鹿だ wwwwww

>I flat out said that even shitty DAZ is better than the art form that is Anime.

Don't worry anon, you couldn't be even more wrong now, specially since your last statement.

>You could literally have picked countless other games as it's not hard to be better than SS

Let me guess, more shit cash grabbing western patreon? There's not a single western game worth it, much less on patreon.

>Reddit spacing



I mostly play Japanese porn games because they actually fucking get finished but yeah it can be damn annoying when you're enjoying a scene and then suddenly the bitch starts shitting or vomiting everywhere, which is usually a completely unannounced featured fetish because half the time that shit is "normal"

I prefer Western games on the grounds that I can read English and don't have to use one of them janky ass translators that somehow make the game harder to understand, more often than not.

I think they both have their pros and cons, personally I prefer Japanese art more because the designs are just a lot more sleek, I fucking hate Western porn that has dudes with like 15 inch dicks and chicks with oversized features.

But then the censoring in Jap games can kill it sometimes, especially if it's so bad you can't tell what hole a dick is going in to.

Uncensor mods are usually terrible and basically put miss-coloured dicks everywhere.

Wouldn't say one is objectively better than the other but you can't deny them chinks do some fine work in terms of production speed and quality, I've played hundreds of hentai games and not found many of them to be all that buggy.

To summarize, I'm bored as fuck and wanted to type some shit. Take that how you will.

Glad to see this thread doesn't involve anything constructive still.



>I've played hundreds of hentai games and not found many of them to be all that buggy.

I believe this is due to the fact that the Japanese adult games industry is professional, whereas in the West games are very amateur.



>But it happens and it isn't hard.

Rarely. Which means 99% of the time you're stuck with a censored adult game. Which is fucking useless.

>Western games also have them.

Western games seem to add the cuckshit. But futa crap, scat stuff, they generally stay clear of.

>Don't worry anon, you couldn't be even more wrong now, specially since your last statement.

Except I'm objectively right as I've shown.

>There's not a single western game worth it, much less on patreon.

Even the worst Patreon cash grab game is better than the censored horribly drawn jap shit.

>Reddit spacing

Your tacit concession of defeat is noted. As the only people who use the "reddit spacing" argument are the people who lost the argument and want to detract from that fact.


File: 544da66924bade2⋯.png (770.27 KB, 767x581, 767:581, yo.PNG)


Not that anon but you're objectively wrong and all the statements you posted are opinons that aren't even popular but more from your own shit perspective

I'm sorry that you are an unga bunga 85iq monkey man and can't appreciate true porn kino


File: 77f4cb02e1436a2⋯.png (130.02 KB, 274x385, 274:385, 77f4cb02e1436a2eb9949df091….png)


>Which means 99% of the time you're stuck with a censored adult game

That's really fucking bullshit because at least the popular games get fan uncensored patch, just like happened with Teaching a Feeling. Sure, the big majority of it don't, but that's because there are thousand of these games in dslite, for example.

>But futa crap, scat stuff, they generally stay clear of

No they don't. See >>12239 and >>33339 and >>21593 and >>38978 and >>3391

Last game being the worst shit that have ever fucking existed. So your argument defeats itself. As for scat, that's rare even in japanese porn as it is in western porn, so I don't see the big deal.

>Except I'm objectively right as I've shown

Except you're not. Anime drawing requires at least effort and skill, specially to look good. DAZ shit is just stolen assets seems all the fucking characters "done" in there look the same, plus they are ugly as fuck.

>Even the worst Patreon cash grab game is better than the censored

Stopped reading there. Even when censored they are far better than patreon cashgrabs, considering most of them don't go past v0.1.

>As the only people who use the "reddit spacing" argument are the people who lost the argument

Or they use it because you're a Reddit spacing scum? That sounds more likely, and that would be true even if you were right. Good thing you are not and you still are Reddit scum.


Dslite doesn't let you release unfinished games, usually just demos and most of them get finished eventually. It's truly amazing.



>Sure, the big majority of it don't

Thank you for agreeing with me.

>Last game being the worst shit that have ever fucking existed. So your argument defeats itself.

No it doesn't, because the Futa shit, the scat shit, the disgusting fetishes isn't very common in Western games (with the exception of the growing cuck faggot community), that shit plagues Jap shit.

>Except you're not. Anime drawing requires at least effort and skill, specially to look good.

Yes drawing requires effort, but the mistake you made is in thinking anime looks good, it doesn't.

>Even when censored they are far better than patreon cashgrabs,

No, and I already explained why. Shit translations, censorship, stupid fucking fetishes, and often times retarded plotlines all make western shit, better. Yes western shit suffers from some of these problems too, but not all of them at once like most jap games do.

>Or they use it because you're a Reddit spacing scum?

No, it's because it's proper. The only one that sounds like they're from reddit here is the weaboo, anime loving faggot. You can't get much more reddit than that.


File: 55d13d499ac55f6⋯.png (227.1 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 55d13d499ac55f6008d4cffa30….png)


>Thank you for agreeing with me.

Sure, seeing how the bug majority of thousand of games lest around 100 or so uncensored, and they are better than any of this crap like, again, teaching a feeling.

>that shit plagues Jap shit

And it plagues western shit as well, as I proved, because the western scene is heavily influences by the japanese industry to the point they either use honey select models or RPG maker, both japanese, or use Ren'py, a VN game motor.

All in all, both are similar with a few key difference, like the fact that japs release games by the thousand and that western shit, as small as it is, is plagued with cuck shit. Also, scat isn't that common, and I dare you to prove it.

>but the mistake you made is in thinking anime looks good, it doesn't

Except it does look good and you can't really prove the contrary. Even if that wasn't the case, the simple fact that it takes effort makes it better than the lazy and disgusting shit that DAZ models are.

>No, and I already explained why. Shit translations, censorship, stupid fucking fetishes, and often times retarded plotlines all make western shit, better

You haven't explained nor proved shit so far. You say it as if western games don't have retarded plotlines or shit translation. See >>18404 and >>32638

Specially since the majority of the western scene is not even composed of english speaking devs.

>but not all of them at once like most jap games do.

Except almost all of them do. See the whole catalog.

>No, it's because it's proper

No it isn't. The same way it isn't proper to write a letter the same way you'd write thesis, because it isn't the same thing. You're kinda right though, the way you write it is proper, if this was Reddit, but it isn't.

>You can't get much more reddit than that

Of course you can. You can be a fedora contrarian that says anime looks bad with no proof.


File: 535b4446533a230⋯.png (168.77 KB, 387x396, 43:44, NEM XIXI VELHO.png)


>you will never get a BB version where you play as Eric, get rid of only male in the family and has a harem for yourself

I couldn't play that shit with that shitty MC, the only way to gain money is by filming your mom getting dick (stoped playing right there). Why i don't get to play as Eric, fuck that game.


So, incest is gone? Then what's the… point?



MC could have been a piece of shit, but Eric was way worse. BB was trash no matter how you look at it and I'm glad it's dead.



Theres a "fan" patch somewhere.


The screenshots of BB was kinda good, i only have played DmD (and enjoyed) because i despise Dazshit. I thought that game could hold my atention, could be "good" like DmD. I was terribly wrong.



Uh oh, looks like we got a weeaboo who has been DEEPLY offended….



Where? I only see a faggot that can't read.



Lol, you seem angry.


File: 5cede2374c797bf⋯.jpg (47.64 KB, 865x807, 865:807, 12247181.jpg)


Yes, I'm very angry, anon.



Well then there's no trolling to do here.

Please exit the thread and go back to browsing nutaku.


File: ed2307a060dec7e⋯.png (172.86 KB, 329x290, 329:290, 1424239899777-1.png)


And if I don't what are you going to do, anon?


What exactly does "posing" mean on the bar of things to do?

Is it to write "show character angry at left" in Renpy? Or does "posing" refer to the events of the game?



Posing is somewhat more complicated since you have to do checks each time to make sure the characters don't reverse or fuck up their size for one thing or another but in essence yeah it's basically

>show x at left

>show y at right

>Change around the expression and body movement as the dialogue progresses and make sure it looks natrual

Honestly it's more tedious than it is hard


Posing is essentially setting up the "picture slides" with art and text for every time you click.

Anyway the Roxxy update will be similar in size to the "teacher update"

There will be 9 sex scenes in update 0.16. Roxxy and her crew, and the Rump house where you supposedly can meet up with Iwanka.

56% done right now.



Hey dude, is there something after the "I love you" dialogue with Jenny?




i also inquire this. i wish you can fuck the tsun tsun out of her



>mfw we make her admit she's in love with us

>she goes full dere

>we take her to prom as main love interest


Save complete please ?



Fuck off, faggot.


62% now.


dead game?



60% now, how is the game developed backwards?



The faggot is adding more work to do, in order to waste as much time as possible.



he's adding content? how dare him!!! we don't want content. am i right?



>going through more hoops for the same amount of content = more content

No you're not right, you're as retarded as every single post you've made on this board.

Fuck off.



63% now. At least its moving in the right direction, even if only at a snail's pace.


File: efdedd55d89f859⋯.jpg (92.8 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, M5hmn2g.jpg)



What the fuck? Only I think DC's attempts to make comedy cringe as fuck?



No more incest and this…



I'm back onboard.



This is the future we chose


File: 92c5e23a401c53c⋯.png (263.53 KB, 716x483, 716:483, are you kidding me.png)


33k a month to draw a redneck fucking his tractor….

how? what kind of jew magic is he using?


File: 3ce6b5d4d22f343⋯.png (309.01 KB, 416x512, 13:16, 3ce.png)


nah man incest is wincest let's be real it's the driving force of most VN's made as it stands and the Dev's who make the games aren't gona turn a blind eye



>So, I may get an extra coder to begin work on the next project after SS.

the ultimate Jew lmao, at this pace SS won't be done for fucking 3 years


he's already talking about starting a new project

i guess 2 updates a year is to much, lets just throw in another game into it and get only 1 update a year.


File: 09181b6b42cbf3a⋯.png (156.75 KB, 563x542, 563:542, 1525492733087.png)

Status update!

When is 0.16 coming out?!:

Ahh, yes. The ultimate question. Well, the progress bar is showing an accurate state of development so you should keep an eye on it! We've done quite a bit of work so far, but there's still some heavy scenes/quests left to finish (Which we are working on and will be very good, I promise!). This update is slightly larger than the previous one, so it's too hard to predict exactly when it will be ready but feel free to hop on our Discord server to find out more!

Didn't you say you were switching to upfront payments?:

Yeah well, despite the majority of Patrons voting positively for the change (90%+), Patreon hasn't given us the option to switch to upfront payment yet (they won't reply to my emails, typing is hard). So that will be on hold for a while until we get access to it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

How are the new Patreon rewards going?:

It's going great! Sam's been revamping our site layout to allow for all those new features/rewards and we're making sure everything will be smooth!

Here's some examples of what we're doing >>>

In-depth task tracker

New polls

The only thing holding these back from being used is that we planned on having them linked to the upfront payment method (read above) but we don't have access to that setting yet for some reason so… Anyway. We may release these rewards anyways until then but they really work best if we know people who have access to them are not spam bots and real Patrons supporting us. We'll update you on all that soon.

What happened to all the old video recordings of streams?:

The stream library on youtube had to be set to private due to being flagged by youtube too many times for inapropriate content. So we're going to be hosting all the video library on our site and not have to deal with YT anymore. It will be part of the new website layout and re-design!

Have you been adding new artists to the team?:

Yes - In fact we've been getting a lot of help with animation this update, and I plan on using an artist to help with some backgrounds in the future (after 0.16).

Are you adding new goals?:

Users have been asking for additional goals and it's been an internal debate as to where the resources should be allocated as we reach more goals. Adding more devs to manage doesn't seem to be the right course as I would end up having to micro manage the team too much and slow down my work output (and we're starting to hit a pretty good pace for update making). So, I may get an extra coder to begin work on the next project after SS. Get him/her to lay down a foundation for the game that won't require me to spend much time supervising and allows us to have a good base for when SS is completed. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this!



(P.S. - I will most likely do less daily streams after this week in order to wrap up the update as the last remaining content to make is spoiler heavy and can't be shown during streams. Just a heads up!)




Up to 69% now. At this rate only another month and a half!


I can't believe this game still gets so much support even after the jew dev cucked to Patreon's demands. Literally the only good thing this game had going for it was the son - mother route. The brother - sister route had potential, but he decided to make the sister an insufferable cunt and locked all her scenes behind annoying tedious activities. We aren't even rewarded by being able to roughly fuck her asshole til she cries, which is the only point of making her such an unlikable character, for the eventual reward of being able to deliver pain to her anus, but nope, no reward. She's nothing more than a trash human being cam whore with a loose ass pussy from using gigantic 57 inch spiked dildos. The aunt is literally cloned mom but without the mother aspect or interesting route. The rest of the characters are so awful they aren't even worth mentioning.

What does this game even have going for it anymore? The only thing I can think of is it's unique artstyle(which I don't even think is good, but at least its unique). The """game play""" itself is awful, so it's really just a visual novel with content locked behind mind numbingly boring mini games. The faggot even decided to lock routes, forcing the player to play multiple times. Honestly fuck anyone who supports this garbage, these jew dev's need to be held to a higher standard but never will be because consumers are so thirsty with ridiculously low standards.



When can you fuck her ass? Never found that. But I agree I don't get why the devs are taking so long to introduce the dere content for the sister.

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