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File: 2ca1bdf21b2af5b⋯.png (6.67 MB, 5760x3240, 16:9, 2155.png)

fcefaf No.1712604

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


Board Rules (Please read the rules) https://8ch.net/qresearch/rules.html

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Monday 06.11.2018

>>1704083 rt >>1704039 ---- Patriot.

>>1704013 rt >>1703935 ---- What recent news came out re: SR/JA/WL lawsuit?

>>1703795 rt >>1703606 ---- What else might (23) refer to?

>>1703304 ----------------------- They (you) will fail

>>1702026 rt >>1701934 ---- PUNISHER

>>1701934 rt >>1701838 ---- This statement should ring alarms.

>>1701838 ----------------------- #[[[RR]]]#

>>1700867 rt >>1700690 ---- Provides Timeframe. (Winter Wonderland, London)

>>1700371 ----------------------- London pics [prev]. Year determined?

>>1700175 ----------------------- EU sanctions (IRAN). Nothing to do w/ NUKES (cover_). Hussein pallets of cash. More coming. Got Popcorn?

>>1699928 rt >>1699813 ---- There will be many redactions on the IG report. Optics are meaningful. Political hit job narrative. Who appointed Huber?

>>1699764 rt >>1699750 ---- IG>Huber. You have more than you know.

>>1699714 ----------------------- What is Kim REALLY doing? The World is Safer. IRAN developments...

>>1699229 rt >>1699199 ---- Gardens by the Bay. See prev pic. Timestamp. Coincidence? Everything shown has meaning. You are watching a 'scripted' movie.

>>>/patriotsfight/103 ----------- Where Was Kim Tonight?

Sunday 06.10.2018

>>1694930 ----------------------- Stay vigilant and maintain situational awareness.

>>1694863 rt >>1694833 ---- Not necessarily from /ourguy/s…

>>1694816 ----------------------- Every single picture posted is ORIGINAL.

>>1694734 ----------------------- Track ALL suicides.

>>>/patriotsfight/102 ----------- Specx.png

>>>/patriotsfight/101 ----------- #FLY[RR]FLY#

>>1693998 ----------------------- Not POTUS.

>>>/patriotsfight/100 ----------- Start the Clock.

Sunday 06.03.2018


Tuesday 05.22.2018

>>1509322 ----------------------- Enjoy the show.

>>1508206 rt >>1508060 ---- Attacks will intensify [all sides].

>>>/patriotsfight/99 ------------ _AF1_5A_

>>1506866 rt >>1506817 ---- It’s happening.

>>1506815 rt >>1506500 ---- Avoid NSA data collection. It failed. (Re: Nellie Ohr)

>>>/patriotsfight/98 ------------ RAPID FIRE.

Monday 05.21.2018

>>1497716 ----------------------- Military OP. [Green]. General K [JFK]: RR<-WRAY->Rachel Brand(Panuccio/Pruitt)-Scheiderman. D5

Sunday 05.20.2018

>>>/patriotsfight/97 ------------ Q! Quotes Ephesians 6:10-18, – 1 Cor 13:4-13

>>>/patriotsfight/96 ------------ Those who are loudest…

>>1483388 ----------------------- We exposed the password [#91] on purpose [23]

>>1483187 ----------------------- The entire time See >>1483318

>>1483159 rt >>1483003 ---- ROT = Rotation

>>>/patriotsfight/95 ------------ US Flag

>>>/patriotsfight/94 ------------ WE ARE Q!

>>1482139 rt >>1482048 ---- TRUST the plan

>>>/patriotsfight/93 ------------ They are losing [all] control

>>>/patriotsfight/92 ------------ [6] surv [value targets]

Saturday 05.19.2018

>>>/patriotsfight/91 ------------ Now Comes The Pain

>>>/patriotsfight/90 ------------ https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/997951982467014656

>>1472746 rt >>1472647 ---- We control [utility]

>>1472647 rt >>1472580 ---- I'd watch the news that day.

>>1472525 rt >>1472472 ---- Mistake or on purpose?

>>1472440 ----------------------- (Password expose)

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fcefaf No.1712609


are not endorsements


>>1666554 BO Creates Static Welcome Pages For Newfags

>>1545457 No more bans announcement from BO


>>1711950 Boom. Federal court orders FOIA response from DOJ. Kadzic tipped off Podesta on Hillary emails.

>>1711987, >>1712347 Q proof graphic, Singapore hotels and pictures.

>>1712005 Full text of the Trump-Kim document.

>>1712060 Foreign leaders comment on Trump-Kim meeting. Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi.

>>1712074, >>1712253 Trump press conference. 25 hours awake so far. "Korean War will soon end."

>>1712083, >>1712097 Human rights were discussed at Trump-Kim meeting.

>>1712111 Missile launch or something in Washington State. Government denies.

>>1712162 Politico on Trump diplomacy

>>1712168 Otto Warmbier may have been an Israeli spy. North Korea sided with Palestinians.

>>1712209 Washington Times comments on G7 photo

>>1712320 "Anyone can make war, only the truly courageous can make peace" DJT 6/12/18

>>1712356, >>1712380 NSC meeting: Pakistan commits to work with FATF, world bodies

>>1712501 Rod Rosenstein speaks at the IEF


>>1711284, >>1711181, >>1711179, >>1711180 Four points agreed at Trump-Kim meeting

>>1711223 Panmunjom Declaration, referenced in Trump-Kim four points

>>1711265 Pictures of swamp creatures could unlock deal

>>1711339 Brucellosis as chemical warfare

>>1711373, >>1711660 Larry Kudlow had a heart attack tonight

>>1711392 Kim will leave Singapore on Tuesday night by Chinese 747

>>1711397 Austria Chancellor Kurz gets death threats for shutting down mosques

>>1711393, >>1711411, >>1711346 Sarah Sanders tweets photos from meeting

>>1711588, >>1711603 South Korean media call summit "the talks of the century"

>>1711605 Q posts, Trump tweets, and summit pics side by side graphic

>>1711618 Pompeo tweets picture from Trump-Kim meeting

>>1711850 This notables list in its thread


>>1711070 Former Pakistan dictator Musharraf to run for parliament

>>1711006 'Everybody came at me,' emotional Dennis Rodman says as Trump meets Kim Jong Un

>>1710967 President Trump and Kim Jong Un signed a joint statement...in which the North Korean leader said they "decided to leave the past behind."

>>1710767 Donald Trump says he will invite Kim Jong Un to White House

>>1710505, >>1710511, MORE BOOMSx3

>>1710459, >>1710460, The signing of a very important "document"


>>1710133 Pedo Town information

>>1710226 Coordinated attacks in eastern, northern Afghanistan shatter tenuous cease-fire

>>1710159, >>1710180, Follow the pen

>>1709999 Bipartisan support raised for Congressional role in nuclear talks with North Korea

>>1709947 31 Years ago today......Gorbachev tear down that wall.

>>1709788, >>1709912, Good for Dennis

>>1709887 Trump and Kim to go for signing ceremony (updated)

>>1709803 U.S. unveils de facto embassy in Taiwan amid China tensions

>>1709792, >>1709800, >>1709808, >>1709945, Trump and Kim to take a walk around Capella hotel after lunch


>>1709543 Pope Francis accepts resignation of Chilean bishop accused of covering up child abuse

>>1709455 Timeline for POTUS' 4am press conference

>>1709394 The load's here!

>>1708906, >>1709337, Interesting quote by KJU and the Menu for the lunch meeting.

>>1709054 Justice Department lockdown lifted after 'hoax' active shooter report

>>1709032 Larry Kudlow expected to make 'full and speedy recovery' after heart attack, White House says


>>1708115 Sen. Dems Attempting to "rein in" POTUS Trade polices with ZTE

>>1708146 Kim's "Sister" Revisited

>>1708148 U.S. launching office to identify citizenship cheaters

>>1708217, >>1708191, >>1708260, Clintons, NXiVM, Timelines, and moar

>>1708120 Huber, If you Forgot is building the case on Clintons Emails

>>1708296 De Niro and Weinstein are good friends

>>1708308 Ambassador Rodman was ignored when he approach BHO with Personal message from Kim

>>1708432 Nunes Sets Deadline for DOJ 2 provide Docs on Alleged FBI Informant Obstruction

>>1708724 Russia Threatens to Leak Hussein Secrets

>>1708714 Official Meeting transcript


>>1707361 Mrs Judy Kudlow reassures Anons Larry is doing fine

>>1707540 Rep.Norman, R-S.C demands monthly Cabinet travel log reports

>>1707233 Decode of Q crumbs about EO redactions etc.

>>1707874 Eric Rich Sues Publishing platform for defamation (q Post related)

>>1707958, >>1707960, >>1707924 Ambassador Rodman

>>1708082 Watch the Sky (rocket launch?)


>>1706706 Nasa archival images of North/South Poles

>>1706954 No gold fringe on US flags


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (Anons Watching Summit)

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63071c No.1712646

File: 30408d36db398f2⋯.jpg (182.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 421238b7256d1c20d19b194331….jpg)

File: b9a2998a648f4f9⋯.png (8.75 KB, 255x210, 17:14, 24aedf9cf17df2a74b18c8b064….png)

If you watch these channels you are a brainwashed retard…

4eb343 No.1712675

File: 4c7cccd32adf79f⋯.png (172.5 KB, 1080x729, 40:27, Screenshot_20180612-170457….png)

The four outcomes of the summit. Thank you DJT, KJU & Qteam.

69d2e8 No.1712679

File: 34a1bfda4fbf081⋯.jpg (389.41 KB, 948x632, 3:2, dream_bb593w8w4z8.jpg)

File: 7c031f62a309919⋯.jpg (265.24 KB, 1024x662, 512:331, dream_rfiuvopny8d.jpg)

b3039f No.1712684


Note #2.

'Regime'. Singular..

Unification is at hand. I suspect it will all come together during second term of DJT's admin.

b5ecb3 No.1712686

File: 2501302589a9fff⋯.png (75.35 KB, 666x879, 222:293, 114141540700070376578743.png)

c98adf No.1712687

File: 2e565484bb08dec⋯.png (864.54 KB, 1274x840, 91:60, Yall.png)

fcefaf No.1712688

Baker requests handoff

902857 No.1712689

So is Trump safe aboard AF1 now? Go time? Q said he’d be protected aboard AF1 correct?

05c8d7 No.1712691

File: a36f2e3472e3fee⋯.jpg (26.13 KB, 329x500, 329:500, jews_omg.jpg)


>watching the electric jew in (((current year)))

1c5437 No.1712692

File: cbe7321f73d616c⋯.jpg (161.01 KB, 388x540, 97:135, P38Q6448R_2.jpg)

Thank You Baker. Enjoy your Tuesday

b3039f No.1712693

>>1712683 lb

Good anon, don't feed the jew faggot. That one is a familiar jidf very specifically copying anon syntaxes and meshing together retardedly irrelevant 'insults' to try and provoke.

Half of the spammed pics are well known clown pics.

Today's target is MSM. Q told us to BREAK em.

Let's take to the waves. msm is going into full meltdown.

9c17b0 No.1712694

File: 678ccba11520671⋯.jpeg (350.23 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, F59779CC-2258-4B80-8657-6….jpeg)

File: 9db2ff5073e9160⋯.jpeg (762.68 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 03747BA0-88F7-423F-8925-D….jpeg)


morning anons

dark to light continues

god bless you all

b7533b No.1712695

>>1712654 (l/b)

DJT uses flattery to great effect. He uses lavish praise to flatter the targets of his deals until they are eating out of his hand and would do anything for him. He makes them feel like they're his new best friend. Remember how Macron was transfixed by Trump? It's very clever and very manipulative. He plays on their deep seated insecurities and need to feel liked. Stuffs them so full of carrots that by the time he gets out the stick they barely notice the thwack on their backsides!

132191 No.1712696

File: 2c1a7b4974a67b2⋯.jpeg (130.16 KB, 730x537, 730:537, 2c1a7b4974a67b2fabc59ea26….jpeg)

Thank you Baker

90dcc0 No.1712697

File: cc67526580a30d5⋯.jpg (23.19 KB, 300x168, 25:14, LIES AND CORRUPT.jpg)

53938d No.1712698

File: b03ab3af85fc565⋯.jpg (24.33 KB, 399x600, 133:200, sexyrussian.jpg)

a DOJ official said Rosenstein is currently “representing the United States in a brief unrelated visit to a foreign nation, one of America’s key intelligence partners,”

this cocksucker needs arrested immediately and charged with treason. he has no

business in another country on official business without the authority of potus!

ty baker

d8691e No.1712699

eing accused of division is kind of a false arguement. Because there is a leadership caste to the Luciferians. And likely they have a racial component. Because in history people who lived near each other likely had a similar racial make up. So going forward they likely are clannish.

So the real question is what group heads up the top ranks of the Luciferians?

Any attempt to figure this out will be called division fagging. However this is just a strategy by the white hats….to avoid people being able to fall back to their ultimate defense which is "racism" or whatever fag word is popular at the moment. Theoretically I can understand Q avoiding "naming" any group early.

But you know there has to be a top ranking caste as well as I do.

Who are they?

Why is Israel saved for last?

b3039f No.1712700


Best korea + worst korea = bestest korea.


[[[RR]]] likely in UK, trying to get cabal instructions?

132191 No.1712701

so fucking funny, They are meeting in Washington state, to end/cancel the people/homeless tax they were going to impose on bisinesses( one they announced a month ago)

i bet they got alot of backlash from that, and thats why they are quickly peddling back their bullshit.

90dcc0 No.1712702

File: 91726fb623f1fa0⋯.jpg (23.39 KB, 288x175, 288:175, satanists dont give a fuck.jpg)

53938d No.1712703


pretty sure it was said he was in canada

132191 No.1712704


kek businesses,

906de7 No.1712705

Ya know..the anon with the theory that Seth Rich is alive AND a Q might have some merit…

Sure you all saw the fella behind Trump at the speech with a pic of the van that the MS-13 choads were apprehended in and the anons assessment…

With latest crumbs even MORE possible…

Great time to be alive..just sayin'

4412a5 No.1712706

File: 42dcf5d3684f68b⋯.jpg (36.3 KB, 626x265, 626:265, djtsh.JPG)

d68e9d No.1712707

03eded No.1712708


I caught that, too.

I believe that KJU would be happy to be a figurehead and allow Moon to run the whole peninsula.

e471a5 No.1712709

File: 0f1d75110652cd0⋯.png (539.55 KB, 854x531, 854:531, moneychangers.PNG)

Q was foretold 40 some years ago.

3c92cb No.1712710


>Why is Israel saved for last?

Because EVERYONE agrees to denuclearize, except (((them))). But they have to. Trust the plan.

Could they use their Samson Option against a completely denuclearized world?

When there is no real or supposed (fabricated) threat anymore, THEY also HAVE to give up their nukes.

- End -

53938d No.1712711


ha ha, done been started

573e25 No.1712712

File: ba35dc69049ee8f⋯.png (445.89 KB, 635x751, 635:751, ClipboardImage.png)


>>1712320 "Anyone can make war, only the truly courageous can make peace" DJT 6/12/18

is wrong… (and is me)

for the sake of historical accuracy….

“Anyone can make war, but only the most courageous can make peace.”

Via /ourgirl/ SHS


Minor but, fuck we are writing history, let's make it correct!!

beef2f No.1712713


Anyone check CNN website yet? fuckin crazy

05c8d7 No.1712714

File: 7397c388d1d7da1⋯.jpg (145.94 KB, 1154x1547, 1154:1547, checkem_tesla.jpg)


Who killed the messiah?

53938d No.1712715


havent seen, brief summery please

906de7 No.1712716


RR likely in NewZealand…think 5EYEZ…

573e25 No.1712717

b5e575 No.1712718


Or studying the art and power of propaganda.

63071c No.1712719

There would be no "division" if we were all divided on racial lines. Who thought it a great idea to mix everything into one glob of shit? I can answer if this is too complex a question.

d8691e No.1712720


Your right. I will stop the unintended slide. I was just caught up in one of my personal thought exercise theories and decided to put it down again on here. I will try to stay on target since my theories likely can not be used to discover any "truths" that are important to the movement.

I have just grown obsessed with thinking about the makeup and thought process of the Patriots that worked their lives to put this plan in place for us. I am amazed by it and keep trying to figure out patterns.

I think I am seeing some.

But honestly it might just be academic in the long run.

b3039f No.1712721


Will be easy considering that actual nuclear materials and scientists were fucking buried under a mountain back in nov.


Shit, trudeau was called out wasn't he? If RR is dirty, mueller must also be dirty, vice versa.

Disinfo or not doesn't matter.

We focus on breaking msm today with NK business.


Not everyone. Also, israel without roth control is like house without a foundation. The entire state was a roth creation. It serves no other purpose.

jewish and israeli crimes against the world and US is equivalent to muzzy crimes.

To free the world, Patriots must remove the jewish influence. It's very simple.

53938d No.1712722


5 eyes in canada also..

The Five Eyes, often abbreviated as FVEY, is an intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States

906de7 No.1712723


On Bonanza?

24022a No.1712724

Probably covered yesterday but couldn’t see so in case…


Khanna and 14 Democratic colleagues on Monday sent a letter to Trump — ahead of his historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un — saying they were “encouraged” by his efforts to resolve the Korean War and achieve denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

“We are encouraged by your efforts to pursue direct diplomacy with North Korea with the dual goals of resolving the nearly seven-decade-long conflict and achieving the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula,” they wrote.

They also said they were concerned that some, from both parties and inside and outside of his administration, seek to “scuttle progress by attempting to place conditions on the talks, including the insisting on full and immediate denuclearization or other unrealistic commitments by North Korea at an early date.”

“Requiring unreasonable concessions before talking, or early in the negotiations process, is precisely why this conflict remains unresolved,” they wrote.

The House Democrat letter is signed by Reps. Raul Grijalva (AZ), Barbara Lee (CA), Mark Pocan (WI), Pramila Jayapal (WA), Tulsi Gabbard (HI), Bobby Rush (IL), Zoe Lofgren (CA), Madeleine Bordallo (GUAM), Colleen Hanabusa (HI), Mark DeSaulnier (CA), Richard Nolan (MN), Karen Bass (CA), Jared Huffman (CA), and Jamie Raskin (MD).

Their letter stood in stark contrast to one sent on Monday to the president by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and six Senate Democrats, which said they would oppose any agreement Trump reached with North Korea unless certain and conditions were met……



63071c No.1712725



True and true.

Eat shit yews.

f18701 No.1712726


The art and science of engineering consent.

b5ecb3 No.1712727

File: ebadf51bb900a03⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1763x919, 1763:919, 10863489028091300981327.png)

d8691e No.1712728


This is theory. This is war theory which is all well and good. But kind of deceptive in the long run.

Perhaps the normies need the deception to avoid to much mental strain. But it isnt the whole truth now is it?

219e69 No.1712729


Rodman blasts Obama, says Kim was willing to talk 5 years ago



2022c7 No.1712730

Muh Joos shills starting early today.

4412a5 No.1712731

File: c6185fb38ecbbf7⋯.jpg (62.88 KB, 588x498, 98:83, pomp.JPG)

9c17b0 No.1712732

File: 0b4007f564f7f00⋯.jpeg (482.26 KB, 2029x1324, 2029:1324, DFC1441A-216E-4D64-AD73-0….jpeg)

interesting flight just out of Oceana


53938d No.1712733

File: 238432f2f2c38ff⋯.jpg (63.82 KB, 685x497, 685:497, wwar.jpg)

i sure hope these DEWS are in the control of white hats now!

34ddbc No.1712734

>>1708270 The trade agreements that POTUS & Team are unwinding were not designed to benefit our nation. They were deliberately designed, like everything else, to DESTROY us. To build up the satanic side by using our own intellect, wealth and decency against us. That, in a nutshell, is exactly what the deal was. ROPE.

219e69 No.1712735


You here yet?

474480 No.1712736

(and others)

(and o seth r)

POTUS tweet

e471a5 No.1712737



It was more humor. Autistic Humor more precisely. Though I think my vaccinations made me pale in comparison to millennial autists.

Ima meme this shit, Earnest Borgnine decodes Q lol.

North Korea is Best Korea

fcefaf No.1712738

Baker is going to sleep now

90dcc0 No.1712739


You really want the truth?

edf721 No.1712740

From personal connections, Bordains crew is absolutely convinced he could not suicide himself. Now his mother said the same to media.

fc184a No.1712741


Sleep gentle baker.

4412a5 No.1712742


Night baker. Thanks for the work.

33cb44 No.1712743

File: 791e672c14fe754⋯.png (465.01 KB, 1026x634, 513:317, Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at ….png)

of course they did

53938d No.1712744


lol ok anon

still half sleep, need moar cofvee

d7e39e No.1712745

File: 239558a6967e450⋯.png (1.53 MB, 2466x1196, 1233:598, SKYEVENSXS.png)

4c2625 No.1712746

File: f11549755e0110c⋯.jpg (43.43 KB, 300x267, 100:89, dennis-rodman-TIGER-dress.jpg)

File: d828a8afb504bce⋯.jpg (13.8 KB, 303x205, 303:205, rudYTrump.jpg)

>>1712634 (lb)

>Did someone help him escape from (((them)))?

Think crossdressing.



Last NBA game I ever watched was Rodman's final game. Had the pleasure to watch him play in person many times.

Could never truly measure what he brought to the table every time he stepped on the court. Enthusiasm & talent = magic.


May you get there and well beyond, anon. Stay vigilant and enjoy your new life. Godspeed.

d0786b No.1712747






609251 No.1712748

File: 7510e7015ffee40⋯.jpg (83.21 KB, 960x854, 480:427, bakerthx.jpg)


sweet dreams baker

e471a5 No.1712749

File: befda0a78d37c99⋯.png (1.19 MB, 598x899, 598:899, baker.PNG)


Thanks Baker for your service. Sleep well

b7efab No.1712750


Remember, you can't spell Cuck without C and UK.

fc184a No.1712751


All those names. Just like the stars in the sky.

1f89ec No.1712752

I just turned on MSNBC . Mika says in 3 mins they are going to go over all of the important events of the summit. I can't wait to see what they have to say

3c92cb No.1712753


>israel without roth control is like house without a foundation.

Take out the control and what remains is a bunch of dangerous wild animals. Zionist extremists are not like 'us', don't think like 'us'. Pure evil.

53938d No.1712754

File: a0d3cd5c5d1ba0a⋯.jpg (417.74 KB, 1920x2500, 96:125, niceass.jpg)

File: 44f4d0febd81e42⋯.jpeg (145.32 KB, 607x1280, 607:1280, sexyindian.jpeg)

good night baker

appreciate ya

fc184a No.1712755


leddit is ready for war.

906de7 No.1712756


+1 and have had similar thought myself anon…probably why DR so emotional..he was also freed by POTUS..

d8691e No.1712757


Sure I am all bout theory. I want it all whatever it is. I promise whatever you say I will think about it for a while and roll it over in my mind.

24022a No.1712758

Donald Trump included a Hollywood-produced video in his presentation to Kim Jong-un during nuclear talks in Singapore.

The four-minute film showed Kim as a leader at a crossroads and urged him to choose a more economically and technologically open future

Part of the footage included a wide shot of a beach and an image of speedboats.

Trump said North Korea has 'great beaches' and is situated perfectly between the economic powers of China and South Korea.

It's unclear where the beach and speedboat images were shot.

But Trump said he encouraged Kim to consider a future that included condo and hotel developments in his country.



1c5437 No.1712759

File: 23f76148ab02478⋯.jpeg (134.42 KB, 1440x1093, 1440:1093, 1528804353.jpeg)

b3039f No.1712760


There are other people around the world who can play that game better than 'zionists', anon.

The entire world is watching jewish influence being reduced to nothing on this board and beyond.

This is a revolution on world wide scale.

If any jews want to live in a new world, they will change their tune, inside and outside, quick.

Do they seriously think they are fooling anybody?

No one is amused. No one is willing to play their game anymore.

Fed will be restructured.

New currency system will be in place.


Let's not wait for them, we need to get there first.

POTUS and Q team Patriots made this happen. This was a plan over a century almost in the making.

BREAK the (((MSM))).

63071c No.1712761


Shut up you stupid kikesucking faggot turbonigger.


I am going to stop pretending thus link and others like it is somehow radical and untrue.

132191 No.1712762

File: ad567c062f4e70a⋯.jpg (34.76 KB, 658x500, 329:250, 25ygzc.jpg)

File: c7cee7285516af3⋯.png (103.73 KB, 1521x481, 117:37, Post about Headstone.png)

File: 918ad4304c6a684⋯.png (603.38 KB, 1781x834, 1781:834, Post about gravestone 2.png)

File: 8577061b112502c⋯.png (613.17 KB, 588x444, 49:37, Gravestone Q.png)


That Q almost looks like Q on my parents gravestone, before i had the tail lengthened, kek

After i received the artistic sketch of gravestone, and made post, i ended up calling them back, and requesting for them to make tail longer, so it would really look like a Q.

b3039f No.1712763


Rest of your points are on target though.

Stay strong, Patriots.

0e9586 No.1712764

>George Soros: ‘Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong’

>Trump ‘is willing to destroy the world’

>if Democrats win and forge a relationship with moderate Republicans, he would lean toward impeaching Trump “because he is endangering the United States and the world.”

Can you see SOROS wish come true. By the time that happens POTUS will have a lot more support.

995204 No.1712765


Hitler Homo filtered

63071c No.1712766


They have power so long as brainwashed boomers exist. Not out of the clear yet anon…

4508f2 No.1712767

File: afb4b3a81e7e86e⋯.jpeg (20.42 KB, 256x387, 256:387, Qfilmposter.jpeg)

24022a No.1712768


Monday night saw the historic meeting of Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Historic meeting came at a bad time for social media during The Bachelorette.

Bachelorette fans on Twitter were less than thrilled ABC coverage of their favorite show was being interrupted by politics.

ABC cut to live footage of President Donald Trump meeting North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un at the Singapore summit.



63071c No.1712769


Found the jew faggot filterer announcer. Adios kike!

b3039f No.1712770

File: b5ffbebb998e426⋯.jpg (15.36 KB, 228x309, 76:103, adolfmeinkek.jpg)


Thanks for baiting these (((shills))) out early, anon. 995204, 2022c7 will be IP hopping through out the day, manufacturing 'consent'.

Destroy them.

e471a5 No.1712771


That is pretty cool, except them passing away.

fce2f8 No.1712772


North Korea is now just Korea

1c5437 No.1712773

File: c876a7f96823857⋯.jpeg (194.71 KB, 1440x1439, 1440:1439, 1523934892.jpeg)

995204 No.1712774

File: 78d3f85ea93e25d⋯.jpg (166.76 KB, 960x540, 16:9, boomerblame.jpg)


>so long as brainwashed boomers exist.

63071c No.1712776


Manufacturing "CONsensus" too.

Sick of these yews.

b3039f No.1712777


The ENTIRE 'boomer' meme was generated specifically to tear apart the people and divide them, when in fact apple don't fall far from the tree and we are all in the same shit boat together.

Pay no heed to psyop'd people.

Truth is self-evident.

Produce results, and better yourself, and you will be standing strong.

Resist urge to lash out, resist urge to knee jerk.

This is war, and we are fighting our way out come hell or high water.

On target.


53938d No.1712778

File: 7b62ce579fc83d2⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 716.73 KB, 1226x815, 1226:815, boomboomgif.gif)

File: 30903ee77dbed53⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 84.41 KB, 720x554, 360:277, 30903ee77dbed53a5743ccdd44….jpg)


i personally like the Q boom boom room

6f1af2 No.1712779

File: c755dab180ff9f2⋯.jpg (266.86 KB, 968x634, 484:317, 1511399480588.jpg)


Fuck you boomer.

50363b No.1712780

File: 18228a5b1952fca⋯.jpg (115 KB, 1000x541, 1000:541, 1528803762614.jpg)

File: 099ee3fff9edd5b⋯.png (804.1 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, trumpkim.png)

Anyone else feel bad for Kim?

Kim is a millenial. He was born into this and forced to continue it and its forced him to live super-paranoid about being killed. He just wants to watch movies and play video games and go out to VIP clubs.

46fad7 No.1712781


Start, maybe. Reunification will likely take a long time. The Korean people have had to steal to survive and have been mind controlled for most of their life.

You can have free travel, but east/west germany-style reunification may take a decade to a generation.

edf721 No.1712782


Boomers elected potus, just stuuuup

63071c No.1712783


Nice boomer meme. Clearly made by a brainwashed boomer.

Fake and gayer than normal fake and gay.


fce2f8 No.1712784


That Q pic looks like coke on a kitchen counter

e471a5 No.1712785


Division Fags

573e25 No.1712786

File: 29ab6d03e43afb6⋯.png (361.77 KB, 635x738, 635:738, ClipboardImage.png)

Yup, Boom did in fact go boom. Fuck the shills.

Clockfags?? are y'all on the shit that went down, everything that made Val. stay up all morning, trying desperately to salvage her precious 4am, talking points????

c0e0e3 No.1712787


Accurate and state of the West is very depressing.. how many years it would take to fix without a collapse and reform?

53938d No.1712788

Boomer slide

they was lied to also

b3039f No.1712789


Incoming 'boomer' slide.

Incoming 'muhjooshlls' slide.

How many times have we seen this?


Destroy and BREAK the MSM today along with JIDF shills in here. MSM first.

Take to twitter, kikebook, anything really. Destroy the MSM today along with their 4am talking points.


we will see.

b7533b No.1712790


DJT knows that though it may be impossible to command darkness to go, it is always possble to let in the light. Showing KJU what the "light" could look like for his country was just what was needed. All before have concentrated on demanding that the "darkness" is driven out - an impossibility. DJT understands that darkness is dispelled only by letting in the light.

7001b5 No.1712791

File: ebc6eaf6850592b⋯.jpg (425.91 KB, 1482x1310, 741:655, 10.jpg)

63071c No.1712792


We had to drag them kicking and screaming. They are still fucking things. Vote for Trump sure but get the fuck outta here after that…

219e69 No.1712793


Yep, like they had internet in the palm of their hands back in their day, ready to access all the information that we have access to today.

Right, faggot, it's you all that are to blame, boomers are trying to fix that which you all are not intelligent enough to do.

Fuck, even POTUS is a boomer, you fucking hypocrite!

e1193a No.1712794

File: 4c4b41dd307c565⋯.png (480.04 KB, 660x660, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


This poor pathetic babyboy feels he hasn't any power…. boohoo. All those big bad boomers take away your binky, sweetbaby?

539358 No.1712795

File: b70f8b8eafebaf9⋯.jpg (63.99 KB, 1032x786, 172:131, youtubehrckorea.jpg)


Baker Notable from last night

Got missed in a few last bakes

Imran ran a spyring in Congress, He's been let go and overlooked, Why? Because if that unwinds they all go down. President Trump tweeted about him and called him "mystery man"


#1709998 Imran Awan still employed by Clinton hacks



YouTube censored vid where HillClit speaks of how her diplomacy as Sec of State vis a vis Korea was better than what Trump does.

See the platform and undeserved respect the Major Media give for her lies?

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQ5nR2QDuuMhtt


Vid was blocked from Japan and who knows what other countries world-wide

132191 No.1712796

File: 18120e6330dca0d⋯.jpg (19.83 KB, 255x218, 255:218, 65fab305388f16aa0484aa24bc….jpg)


it is the white lettering carved in stone, kek

another anon made it into a trip checker, kek

Really looks like a line.

6060d7 No.1712797

Thank you for correcting the image display when clicking on a thumbnail to expand in the same page without needing to RELOAD the page with the back button.

This greatly facilitated image posting to Twatter for the Q-storm yesterday.

Your work is appreciated by this anon.

d7e39e No.1712798

File: 2c872159c8407d8⋯.jpg (15.77 KB, 992x744, 4:3, photo_2018-06-12_14-07-52.jpg)

File: 287b375c78b2bf5⋯.jpg (80.53 KB, 992x744, 4:3, photo_2018-06-12_14-08-01.jpg)


f9c976 No.1712799

File: fca13fc0ea2ceb0⋯.png (134.52 KB, 524x259, 524:259, think.png)


his coming out party.

219e69 No.1712800

1c5437 No.1712801

File: 8c614674bf7e587⋯.jpg (99.35 KB, 1407x637, 201:91, IMG_20180612_070607.jpg)


Agreed. I don't see a sinister evil man when I look at him.

90dcc0 No.1712802


Ok. Here a thought for you to turn a few times.

Instead of thinking about race. color, religion and all the other divisions in the world. For the cause of evil. Think about the possibility that some piece of shit has access to higher wisdom. Reincarnation and the tracking of souls(like the Deli Lamha) through astrology(time is irrelevant and is just another way of interpreting where we are in space) and can come back life after life in any sex, status or place on globe (think spirit cooking).

With all wealth and evil intent to fuck with the world past on from previous lifetimes…… That maybe true.

b3039f No.1712803

File: d3a7309d285bbc2⋯.jpeg (24.03 KB, 474x474, 1:1, psychologicalwar.jpeg)


Case in point, following jidf faggot tries to provoke you:


New fags, learning yet?

War is real.

How many (((cohencidences))) do we need before it is proven that we are on active war zone?

Dig, disseminate, and stay on target.

(((shills))) are irrelevant.


219e69 No.1712804


He's a millennial taking advice from a boomer!

4c2625 No.1712805

File: b58df4980963c64⋯.jpg (67.28 KB, 684x512, 171:128, VJ-V.jpg)


Wonder who was behind all the death threats DR got?

My first guess..

3c92cb No.1712806



>There are other people around the world who can play that game better than 'zionists', anon.

>The entire world is watching jewish influence being reduced to nothing on this board and beyond.

>This is a revolution on world wide scale.

>If any jews want to live in a new world, they will change their tune, inside and outside, quick.

I'm not talking about zionist jews alone. What about the severely brainwashed christian zionists. They are hellbent to get their 'Armageddon' and 'Rapture', which is NOT going to happen. I wonder if they will accept their biblical timeline being screwed up. And actually the same with the zionist arabs, who some still call muzzies here. Those people belong to the 4-6% Q talked about. But in my opinion, the percentage is a bit higher than that.

53938d No.1712807


remember, he was cabal created boogie man

i think he has a good heart

63071c No.1712808


Boomers need to take their medicine. Its not the end of the world that they get criticised.

1c5437 No.1712809

File: bd9bad7c959cd08⋯.jpeg (58.68 KB, 975x780, 5:4, 1523713148.jpeg)

fce2f8 No.1712810

c98adf No.1712811


Not just a Boomer…it's TRUMP

573e25 No.1712812

File: b0562fb9ee0e51e⋯.jpg (171.21 KB, 911x727, 911:727, makePeace01.jpg)

Do the concernfags, and the LARPfags realize, what happened last night???

IT Fubben HABBENED!!!!!!

b3039f No.1712813


Most everyone is psyop'd to some degree, anon.

Let's stay on target.



e471a5 No.1712814

File: 87a0a64976146dc⋯.gif (1.91 MB, 480x270, 16:9, uaQSQtP.gif)

0ff196 No.1712815

>>1712521 (last bread)

English version of the movie starts here:


This was the WH stream, it was still filming the screen but is near full-screen

edf721 No.1712816


Imho he is mk uktraed himself. They killed people around him, also he knows what was done to regular people. He escaped by disconnecting, act like a child ( disney performance)

995204 No.1712817

File: 6daed14571bdc50⋯.jpg (97.29 KB, 642x921, 214:307, nazimom.jpg)


Useless souls wasting away in Mommy's basement have to try and blame Boomers & Jews for their failures.

Such sad and pathetic total failures.

e1193a No.1712818


I don't know. It did take some time for East/West Germany to work out the kinks, but Korea is culturally very very different. We may see the NKs take to the change without a hiccup.

I'm just looking forward to seeing all those poor people fed first, then set free to rebuild their lives.

c856b5 No.1712819

>>1712274 [[[RR]]]

>It does indeed. Now, why the TRIPLE BRACKETS TONIGHT?

Because he’s in the sights for 3 crimes?

-Uranium One

-Clinton emails

-Crossfire Hurricane coup/coverup

d8691e No.1712820


Moonchild? Barbara Bush choosing to die and the clan bringing her evil soul back in her Great grand daughter?

This type stuff?

c98adf No.1712821

File: e7d7a49f567a6c3⋯.png (6.54 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Love.png)

539358 No.1712822

File: 97612d96dd6cad7⋯.jpg (400.44 KB, 1200x2304, 25:48, Obama sold uranium NK like….jpg)


What was the 4am command? Anyone know yet?

Also, JIDF? What is that acronym stand for?

I'll hold my nose and take to twitter.. What a day!

90dcc0 No.1712823


Distinct possiility

609251 No.1712824


Can you imagine how depressing it would be to return to DPRK after spending a few days in lavish Singapore?

9c17b0 No.1712825

File: 056d2f90446e341⋯.jpeg (417.14 KB, 1350x1800, 3:4, FC1AA84D-7995-4B9C-93E6-2….jpeg)

b04778 No.1712826

>>1712182 Last Bread

Excellent work anon. Can you change the Dr, Pepper to a can of Canada Dry ginger ale?

Love you all!

e6ec67 No.1712827


*in the clear

33cb44 No.1712828

File: 991e5ab1a9cbb54⋯.png (227.9 KB, 1279x529, 1279:529, Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at ….png)



53938d No.1712829


they believe this shit..

also princess sister dieing at 33

is prolly cult related

86ed50 No.1712830

66786f No.1712831

File: d0b6d64d89c2acc⋯.jpg (37.09 KB, 265x205, 53:41, Missiles.jpg)

File: 3326417fc27453a⋯.jpg (127.42 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20180610035615.jpg)



f83d6c No.1712832

File: 74245ca8d176d5f⋯.png (852.48 KB, 770x449, 770:449, ClipboardImage.png)

GOP forced to act on Dreamer legislation

House lawmakers, after years of dodging a vote on immigration, may finally be ready to tackle it this month thanks to external pressure from advocacy groups and internal pressure from GOP members who represent thousands of people who came to the United States illegally as children.

Republicans could vote on legislation as soon as this month, although many details remain undecided.

What’s clear is the House will vote for the first time in decades on how to legalize a large group of illegal immigrants. In this instance, it’s the 1.8 million so-called Dreamers.

Lawmakers are shaping an agreement around a plan to create an eight-year pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, who would be able to apply for a special visa.

The House has long avoided this kind of vote, beginning in 2006 when the Senate passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill that would have provided a pathway to citizenship for the all the nation’s illegal immigrants. The House at the time ignored the Senate bill and instead passed legislation to strengthen border security. Neither bill cleared Congress.

Since then, the House has avoided votes on any bill that legalizes people who came to the country illegally.

But “attitudes are changing,” longtime Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., said last week as he left a closed-door GOP meeting on immigration reform. “There is a better attitude than anybody has had so far.”

Republican leaders had no practical way to dodge an immigration vote this summer. A small group of moderate Republicans teamed up with nearly all Democrats to sign a discharge petition that would eventually force votes on a trio of immigration reform bills this month.

House Speaker Paul Ryan and other leaders, who want to avoid votes on the three measures because the proceedings would essentially give control of the floor to the Democrats who make up most of the discharge petition, instead promised a vote on a GOP-written bill by the end of June.

“What’s different this time is the leadership has decided we are coming together and we are going to come up with an alternative because we’ve got a discharge petition and [Ryan would] rather have us make that determination," Rohrabacher said.

It’s a scenario that would have been inconceivable even a few years ago, when lawmakers preferred to duck the issue, particularly in an election year.

But outside groups, namely immigration rights organizations, have mobilized on the Dreamer issue and have put pressure on GOP lawmakers who represent Dreamer-heavy districts.

Many of those GOP lawmakers are also facing the most difficult midterm election prospects of their political careers.

Rep. Jeff Denham, R-Calif, who is one of the endangered Republicans and whose district is home to many Dreamers, is an author of the discharge petition.

“I want a permanent fix for Dreamers,” Denham told the Washington Examiner. “I’ve been extremely clear about that.”

Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, who was in Congress for past immigration reform attempts but is not running for re-election, said the pro-Dreamer organizations, who often camped outside member offices and held large rallies, made it harder for lawmakers to ignore this time.

“There is more activism,” he said. “The Dreamer groups are certainly more organized.”

Barton said the discharge petition put forward by Denham and other moderates under re-election pressure played the most important role in prompting the debate.

“The discharge petition is the reason the leadership is beginning to address the issue,” Barton said.

Denham said he will wait until Tuesday for GOP leaders to come up with an offer in writing that provides the eight-year pathway to citizenship for the Dreamers.

If he doesn’t get one, he’ll summon the final three signatures from Republicans waiting in the wings and it will trigger a vote on the three measures, two of which are staunchly opposed by conservatives.

Ryan has stressed that the discharge petition measures don’t have enough support to pass. Even the lone conservative bill of the trio lacks enough support because some Republicans oppose its guest worker and E-Verify provisions.

“I know it's only three away,” Ryan said, referring to the discharge petition signatures. “And the best we can do is basically make sure that we exhaust the possibilities of coming together as a House Republican Conference to bring a bill to the floor that everyone can support.”


995204 No.1712834


The Rosenbergs couldn't be charged with treason because we weren't at war with Russia.

Something to remember.

However, they WERE charged with espionage and executed.

573e25 No.1712835


//memefag is dronk as fuk.. but cant wait to see what Monkey Jarrett has done to salvage her 4am's

b3039f No.1712836

File: 78f232d4621e5ff⋯.jpg (241.39 KB, 1272x1023, 424:341, JIDFproofs.jpg)

File: 9837cf6091be5a1⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1105x7141, 1105:7141, JIDFproofs2.png)

File: 4a19730732b229e⋯.png (148.33 KB, 1030x353, 1030:353, jidfwhistleblower.png)

File: 22bb0504b824c3f⋯.jpg (77.48 KB, 274x414, 137:207, kikesvstruth.jpg)


JIDF = jewish internet defense league. It's a real entity, and also operates more professionally via various front groups and 'consultation firms' in areas around DC, NYC, chicago, etc. Really all you need is dedicated teams with internet connections and basic infrastructure.

Bots, algos, scripts ('muhjooz' 'muhdivisionfagz' etc), and their syntaxes GLOW.

Psyop 101.

They also recruit from ranks of IDF conscripts and operate directly out of tel aviv and other areas in israel. Many are completely braindead.

2a75b3 No.1712837

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




And this is why what is being done here is so important and hence the constant bombardment and attack.

The choice is within each one and it is an infinite battle.

Consider collective conscious altering physics. The rest fall inline. What is considered real has become digital and is variable, mutable on the fly. An age old WAR between GOOD and EVIL, intensified eternally with ever new technology, tools, weapons. Who controls the biggest, fastest computation, calculates faster. We are mathematical. One sum is an other's demise. Add it up bitches.

Pic related


f18701 No.1712838


POTUS showed Kim a video starring both of them.

You are watching a movie.

Enjoy the show.

Sauce here https://abcnews.go.com/US/exclusive-trust-trump-opens-kim-historic-summit/story?id=55815265

53938d No.1712839


potus showing him, tourists, wwe coming like in SA, all the lavish things…

my money is on a new trump hotel in nk near future.

d8691e No.1712840


I hate that idea. Wonder what the White Hats do about this? If it is real I am sure they have a strategy to try to fight it.

f18701 No.1712841

File: c49c6564a54fc43⋯.png (43.11 KB, 712x222, 356:111, Movie.png)



Apologies, sauce here


46fad7 No.1712842



The timing means he went to Bilderberg or the NATO defense meeting. The vagueness implies he could even be at both, depending on who is going to go see. Going to the UK gives him proximity to either.

972174 No.1712843


It was me. My sins put him on the cross

fc184a No.1712844

File: 894655b81fa414b⋯.png (469.98 KB, 647x2652, 647:2652, 8172364237489234.png)


All those young white people, dying.

46164c No.1712845

File: 2aadc69aefdea35⋯.jpg (315.52 KB, 1021x744, 1021:744, CAIN AND ABEL.jpg)


same ole story…

53938d No.1712846


is that pic of the same time, place?

7b5b86 No.1712847

What do we think about the idea that bringing the bodies back is the delivery mechanism of the human rights abuses? When we receive remains with severed bones and other weird things(not just of people who died in battle or of old age in POW camps), this gives the administration a path toward disclosure.

b3039f No.1712848


Also 4am talking points likely:

- It had nothing to do with Trump efforts (diminish accomplishments)

- KJU is playing trump because muh 70 years of experience (mock, ridicule).

- nothing will come of it just 'more meetings' (minimize, 'make boring', 'routine') ←—' Nothing to see here, goy' etc.

Two of the above angles have been already played yesterday. First is going to come out today.

"What about all the rhetoric before the summits?"

Concernfagging etc.

Best of luck, anon.

0ff196 No.1712849


This was also shown live just before his press conference.

There was a Korean version first, then the English version



I'm currently creating a clip version of it.

995204 No.1712850


5 eyes should become a defunct organization.

Canada, Australia and the UK have all become totalitarian states where freedom no longer exists.

e6ec67 No.1712851


these people really are stupid.

609251 No.1712852


a trump hotel in north korea sounds great to me! With Trump's eye for real estate, it must be great.

90dcc0 No.1712853

File: 391d543f1d5acf3⋯.jpg (504.33 KB, 1499x1161, 1499:1161, LIGHTNING DONE RIGHT.jpg)


I have nothing but admiration for them.

7dd9b9 No.1712854

Bill Mitchell

Verified account


24m24 minutes ago


Democrats actually have to now campaign against low taxes, low unemployment and low war. Wow. I need more popcorn!

everyone on the q train!

1e4eb3 No.1712855




DESTINY pictures prestents a story of opportunity

40:35 Out of the darkness can come the light

41:20 A man is presented with one chance (shows basketball dunk - Rodman)

42:02 DARK to LIGHT

66786f No.1712856

File: e08e008efa65a9f⋯.png (343.33 KB, 904x936, 113:117, skunk.png)

4508f2 No.1712857

If I were a public figure, I'd call Q a LARP just to CYA but I've got a list of predictions he made that have come true:

John Perry Barlow's death by heart attack. (Jan. 27) https://qposts.online/?q=1%2F27%2F2018&s=date This one is pretty spooky.

The Pope will have a terrible May. https://qposts.online/post/995 (Anybody who thinks otherwise doesn't get the Catholic Church).

The Republicans will do well in the CA primary https://qposts.online/post/1195

Any others?

06fa75 No.1712858



Reunification has always been on the card, imho.

53938d No.1712859


his son could actually build it with no conflicts of interest. if not after his 8 year term is over 4 sure

e1193a No.1712860


The one guy I know that broke the AF torture section of the survival training course…?

He laughed all the way through. At everything. They cut him loose on it early, he was unbreakable and was sabotaging the training.

Of course, they were limited to what they could do, but he showed the other trainees the best defense (and offense) against the psychological BS was humor.

Never forget, laughter is light.

219e69 No.1712861


Still a boomer! Kek!

e471a5 No.1712862

File: bf37664342c81c8⋯.png (585.38 KB, 703x458, 703:458, bf37664342c81c8ded1bc4ae39….png)

Have a Great Day Anons

TRUMP Is our President !

f18701 No.1712863

>>1712849 PERFECT, there is a good video on business insider of it and daily mail. Links below



995204 No.1712865


>This was also shown live just before his press conference.

"Out of the darkness can come the light"

549a01 No.1712866


ya its also on drudge very very odd ( don't know if timing lines up) but could be an attempt to take out a bad actor space controlled platform or sat (in order to protect POTUS & KJU) but that is most def a rocket of some type do private industries need to announce when they are sending up a sat ?

539358 No.1712867

File: 3cb7ac7d0302cd5⋯.jpg (160.94 KB, 1000x1099, 1000:1099, whatnowmaddow.jpg)


It's a programmed Boomer -hater.

Variety of Trump-hater.


I'm wondering what straws they are going to grab at as time goes on? I imagine there are many who are disorientated, since the whole Trump Peace Korea won't make sense in their world view.

I vote that they [MSM controllers and shills] will try to ignore it, sweep it under the rug and hope everyone goes along and forgets what happened yesterday.

fce2f8 No.1712868


All those loser Boomers had loser children like YOU…

5cf5fd No.1712869

File: faf9158a56a712f⋯.jpg (320.63 KB, 960x606, 160:101, ad4a8c874026807fc224d6d6bf….jpg)

Patriots don't support someone like Bernie Sanders.

With that said:

Stealing an election is wrong.

Murder is wrong.


4412a5 No.1712870

File: 95663d94ac450c0⋯.jpg (33.74 KB, 620x329, 620:329, br.JPG)

Ben has a lot of room to talk. Iran anyone?

c8de41 No.1712871


Did Trump provide a live demonstration via iPad of a working missile launch? Or maybe we sent Kim's enemies into outer space? May you live in interesting times, indeed.

3865d8 No.1712872

Key points from Breitbart Huber article:

>Turley called it “brilliant”to combine all the powers of the U.S. Department of Justice’s inspector general with a prosecutor who can bring charges, seek indictments, and get results for President Trump far more quickly than a second special counsel.

>He also informed the chairmen that Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who is working with Huber, has a staff of 470 investigators, giving Huber access to enormous investigative firepower that far exceeds the staff of any special counsel.

>the inspector general’s jurisdiction to conduct civil and criminal investigations includes “actions taken by former employees after they have left government service.” Then Huber can act on any of those matters.

>A grand jury can be empaneled anywhere, which means that it could be a group of citizens from deep-red Utah – in the heart of Trump country – instead of the D.C. Swamp that decides whether to hand down indictments for felony prosecution.

>which means that the IG’s report can hold people accountable even for actions that do not violate a specific statute.

>If a special counsel were appointed, there would be a great deal of delay,

Take down of the Dem party. Timing is key. Must happen before Nov. elections.

d3db33 No.1712873

File: bf5e7ce3109bb7d⋯.mp4 (972.03 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 3DK5HFVmHf0.mp4)

Acusta begging to have his press pass revoked, caught on hot mic justifying why he shouts rude questions to Trump and Kim.

Hey if they're not going to let me in the fucking meeting that's what's going to happen… That's the way it goes, baby.

Liddle faggot trying to derail the summit.

Link with timestamp:


33cb44 No.1712874

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


trudeau on north korea

7b5b86 No.1712875

Trumps on the flight, where's the drop?

edf721 No.1712876


Idk, interesting angle. Maybe he didnt know sanders was sold out. Look at goodman, he is a patriot and on trump train now. Felt the bern during the elections

53938d No.1712877


DO IT Q!!!

take away his pass!

b3039f No.1712878


(((shills))) and useful idiots.

7b5b86 No.1712879


Make Voting Great Again.

b2398a No.1712880


Would you voluntarily disarm surrounded by Islam. I wouldn't. That ones a hot mess. The only way would be abolishing Islam.

669913 No.1712881

File: 1fa3a944433685d⋯.png (78.59 KB, 1829x480, 1829:480, North Korea Has No Nukes 2.png)

File: c7d62145acab171⋯.png (1.14 MB, 2516x1172, 629:293, North Korea Has No Nukes.png)



I love our President!

2022c7 No.1712882


I'm not who you think i am…

No IP hopping here, just made an observation.

549a01 No.1712883


I am normally for freedom of the press but MSM is not the press it is a corporate entity who's only desire is to fuck this country revoke em all

a781e5 No.1712884

File: 27217c445a91122⋯.png (495.85 KB, 573x524, 573:524, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e52407ca4758504⋯.png (643.5 KB, 692x373, 692:373, ClipboardImage.png)

Nov 20 2017 13:12:14 (EST)

POTUS opened the door of all doors.

Expand your thinking.

What is the keystone?


June 12 Otto released

June 13 Rodman in NK

other day Trump says might support changes to pot laws

Rodman sponsored by potcoin

https://www. nytimes.com/2017/06/13/world/asia/dennis-rodman-north-korea.html

e6ec67 No.1712885


what's your excuse for being a loser, you little faggot?

4a342e No.1712886

What is a ladder on a fire truck called?

4a342e No.1712887


Expand your thinking.

3d2a55 No.1712888


Stairway to heaven

3865d8 No.1712889

Counter the upcoming D vs. R narrative to right vs. wrong. DECLAS will reveal major wrong doing. Hopefully swamp repubs will be included.

1419ed No.1712890

I know that we have text of the Kim-Trump summit, but do we have the original document?

995204 No.1712891


Yesterday I heard a foreign journalist refer to our press as THE OPPOSITION MEDIA

946faa No.1712892


my god stfu….. are you really THAT butthurt ? get help

edf721 No.1712893


Do you believe potus will declassify obamas sealed records? That will be a boom

2a75b3 No.1712894



>Being targeted and assassinated by power, profit seeking pharmaceutical corporations controlled by EVIL does not equal suicide, or the attempt to misdirect or cloud reasoning on why evildoers who have been shown light are committing suicide, killing each other or otherwise being killed.

4412a5 No.1712895

Speaking of yews. Shapiro is on fox.

33cb44 No.1712896

File: 1e8b172356881a1⋯.png (65.46 KB, 631x262, 631:262, Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at ….png)

e1193a No.1712897

I have a suspicion that we didn't just get Otto Warmbier delivered to us. I think there was a letter secreted on his person. Like those notes found in goods from China, pleading for help. I think that was the first outreach, and something in Trump's "rough rhetoric" was the response requested to confirm the message was received and Trump was willing to come to the rescue.

Maybe "fire and fury" was to KJU what "tippy top" was to us.

549a01 No.1712898


good shit hahahaha glad this event is WW just think what would have happened if they let that piece of shit Accosta in XD

7b6bf4 No.1712899


Bernie isn't so bad, maybe misguided by socialist ideologies but he isn't evil like HRC and others.

333722 No.1712900



You boys think this is more of a 4am DROP BOX piece for the LSM to deflect from……..

THE STORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a781e5 No.1712901


forgot Trump visit Asia Nov 5-12 2017

86ed50 No.1712902

549a01 No.1712903


But he is a pussy because he backed down to them ( you can bet Trump received 100x the amount of threats as Bernie did hence why he is the greatest POTUS in US history)

e1193a No.1712904


Kek! Wish you had sauce on that, do you recall which journalist? Maybe we can get that clip.

539358 No.1712906

File: 36c8a6a222291b1⋯.jpg (24.19 KB, 600x457, 600:457, 6123.jpg)


Sorry, but you don't get to decide what's a Patriot.

"Alliances will all be changing"

~You will be surprised at who will become your allies and who your enemy

Prediction by Dr. Steve P from over one year ago.

All supposed "Patriots" aren't on the new side either. Just think of McEvil ./NoName. people swear up and down that he is a great Patriot. Same with the fucking Bush family.

Leave your concepts behind and stay open for what is to come.

There's programming on all sides. Lots of $$ money, time, energy, life-times and lives spent on that evil project too.

3865d8 No.1712907


There has been a call on Trump for months now to DECLAS DOJ/FBI materials which were only classified for CYA purposes. Q is indicating that is forthcoming. Evidently it is going to be massive, so we'll see.

a781e5 No.1712908

File: 03ec0e29eec0421⋯.png (11.97 KB, 464x258, 232:129, ClipboardImage.png)

ed8695 No.1712909


1.8 billion muslims are going to give up their religion for 8.5 million Israelis?

Think logically anon…If Islam really wanted to wipe out Israel it would have been done long ago. Its just a scam so both sides get more aid and support the MIC on American Tax dollars

1419ed No.1712910

File: 6e078acf3320768⋯.png (943.38 KB, 1080x1706, 540:853, Screenshot_20180612-180723….png)

This is the state of global fake news machinary! Melt it down. We replace this.Q, once everything is said and done, I don't want these fuckers to be around.

703b48 No.1712911


anon votes affirmative for DR

e1193a No.1712912


Bernie is a hypocrite like all "socialists." He's the pig in Animal Farm.

1c5437 No.1712913

File: 277dff02f479b15⋯.jpeg (12.25 KB, 255x145, 51:29, a442d768cc608af600fe10573….jpeg)


Fuck Bernie

1a716e No.1712914

File: d8811217cf12cea⋯.jpg (101.62 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, skyevents.jpg)

This photo taken at Whidbey Island in Washington sure does look like the "meteor" that fell over Michigan in January.

Tyler Rogoway from The War Zone says it is a medevac helicopter based on ADS data (and we all know how accurate that can be right planefags?) No, this is a weapons system.

Let's Talk About That Mysterious 'Rocket Launch Over Whidbey Island' Photo


3ca780 No.1712915

File: 378190c82ffd676⋯.jpg (47.12 KB, 485x492, 485:492, Early Unpublished Photos o….jpg)

Welp, maybe gonna end the war…

Ongoing since… about then.

669913 No.1712916

File: a42612753027b8a⋯.png (26.85 KB, 452x452, 1:1, Who Controls North Korea.PNG)

File: 7516f328f96a4cf⋯.png (82.26 KB, 1829x480, 1829:480, North Korea Has No Nukes p….png)

File: 1da831bc5ee8b8d⋯.png (1.01 MB, 2516x1172, 629:293, North Korea Has No Nukes p….png)


>Today's target is MSM. Q told us to BREAK em.

OK, but how? Should we just do DIRECT Q drops like these in conjuntion with DJT tweets? Look at the highlighted parts. I mean, there's quite the time gap (insuring the facilities were completely destroyed, etc.). However, if the normal person were to see this, they'd begin to think that everything in the media was complete and utter trash, right?

d8691e No.1712917


Rodman will go down as a very interesting footnote in history. Fuck maybe not a footnote but a whole page? A Chapter even? Maybe a Book? How about a Movie?

Imagine trying to cast Dennis Rodman? 6 foot 9 inch dude?

Heroes come in all kinds of packaging.

05a87b No.1712918


SNEAKY SNEAKY! (in a good way) … You guys left out the part about returning the old gold to be returned (Asia and other) and financial reset? We didnt even hear a peep about that on the boards I dont think.

3865d8 No.1712919


Swamp[ creature. Look at his houses and his wife's bank deal.

53938d No.1712920


i really hope potus and Q team really re-thinks the whole 40/60…

i want all to come to light so to wake everyone

and so it never happens again.

all the arrests def need to be public knowledge

it should all be available but a choice to know it all.

3394ec No.1712921

File: 07edf5322e05d94⋯.jpg (317.57 KB, 1600x1066, 800:533, d5-cat-dozer-cat-d5-dozer-….jpg)

File: 6880d1f98118ea9⋯.jpg (17.47 KB, 250x188, 125:94, 250px-Alice_in_Wonderland_….JPG)

Thunder arrives 14 June.

5:5 [loud & clear]


2+3=5…..5:?….what else =5?….14

1A = 1st appearance of Alice

Mar 3 2018 23:08:25 (EST)


Bring the thunder.



D5 appears 58 times

D5 = Caterpillar


…Alice in Wonderland


Area Fantasyland

Status Operating

Opening date June 14, 1958

General statistics

Attraction type Dark ride

Manufacturer Arrow Development

Designer WED Enterprises

Theme Alice in Wonderland

Vehicle type Caterpillars

Duration 3:38

Must transfer from wheelchair

Alice in Wonderland is a dark ride in Fantasyland at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Based on the animated Disney adaptation of the same name, the attraction resides next to a second ride, the Mad Tea Party, based on a scene in that same adaptation.

Guests ride in caterpillar vehicles down the rabbit hole.

05a87b No.1712922


(more about what you guys have been working out with KJU, et al?)

1419ed No.1712923


Peace is the prize.

4412a5 No.1712924

File: 951c0dd2a1373c9⋯.jpg (33.92 KB, 631x274, 631:274, dr3.JPG)

Get this Anons

333722 No.1712925


Hopefully him and his wife end up in court for bankrupting that college she was in charge of.

07f7f6 No.1712926

Why did Bernie keep on collecting $27 when he knew they wouldn't let him win? He didn't HAVE to run as a Dem. Remember there was an "agreement".

1c5437 No.1712927


Nice post

fc184a No.1712928


>OK, but how?

Spread this >>1712873 Notable

c98adf No.1712929

File: 245b5743c1c47dc⋯.png (95.87 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, PostDetectorOK.png)

b3039f No.1712930


(((they))) tried hard to break that one. MAde sure he offended whites in every possible way - think madonna - fellow psyop'd 'star'.

He finally got to do the right thing.

703b48 No.1712931


they aren’t incorrect (foreign journalists “woke”?)

b3039f No.1712932



Baker, this is important as hell.

2a75b3 No.1712933

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What do you think

b3039f No.1712934


Good thinking. DJT tweets are KEY.

WE are the STONE. FORCE.

Follow POTUS.


33cb44 No.1712935

File: 10136b166eb2e82⋯.jpg (33.64 KB, 577x374, 577:374, bernie-sanders.jpg)

File: e26131202314873⋯.jpg (134.38 KB, 630x500, 63:50, berniebroooo.jpg)

53938d No.1712936


agree, i just hope these are in total control of white hats!

these can also be used to super heat water..

used along side geo-engineering/chemtrails

they can and have been used to create super storms… hurricanes.

2a75b3 No.1712937

File: 406b3b5c4f3217e⋯.jpg (74.7 KB, 447x465, 149:155, focus.jpg)

e24290 No.1712938



I love DR. All this talk about him everyone only remembers him being a Red Bull. Don't forget, long before that he was a Piston!!!

We are all so happy and proud of you Dennis!!!!!

703b48 No.1712939



POTUS stable

Rodman good hearted

669913 No.1712940




He does that, and they'll have a case for "Freedom of Press" being in danger. It would make Trump look like a dictator.

1e4eb3 No.1712941

Ignore the shillls, feel the love anons. We are here , history is happening around us and we have a behind the scenes guide.


05a87b No.1712942


70 year period of gold held in Switz. to expire and gold returned? This is a whole new can of worms and different narrative. How many movies are we watching at once? Nobody ever asked that.

beef2f No.1712943

File: 6c1249adda51c7f⋯.jpg (85.63 KB, 842x433, 842:433, PEACEONEARTH.jpg)


Well I stayed up all night to watch it happen live. Well worth it. Truly an amazing night for me and the entire world. Thanks to President Trump, and his staff. I also welcome a new member to our family. Kim Jong Un!!! Cant wait till he gets a twitter account so I can thank him personally!! And of course who the unnamed ones…Q, pepe, and the Anons. Peace on earth (soon).

1c5437 No.1712944


I never saw this shit before.

549a01 No.1712945


True that, completely agree with that synopsis, one can hope tho, but in reality you are 100% right

9c17b0 No.1712946

File: d130864aa07feb6⋯.jpeg (602.56 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 4F6D99CC-19C4-4F9C-A042-1….jpeg)

File: abc97e8c25f04bd⋯.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1642x1711, 1642:1711, 7C8BF08F-2DA2-445E-B055-4….jpeg)

33cb44 No.1712947

File: 9bb567f0fd60b1c⋯.png (429.43 KB, 623x665, 89:95, Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at ….png)

File: 65aa4e7456beef6⋯.jpg (47.18 KB, 586x472, 293:236, mikepompeopart.jpg)


is that what pompeo was saying in his tweet? he first tweeted one and left out "part of"

ba1b53 No.1712948


It's propaganda. http://www.businessinsider.com/ndaa-legalizes-propaganda-2012-5

The way to fix it is to :

1) remove all .gov $$$ to the media, be it NPR, tax breaks, or paying the NFL and carriers to air pro America stuff.

2)break up these corporations, No more FOX+ Disney+CNN+ Warmer or whatever crap.

IMO the local news media should not be ClearChannel + ABC affiliate ect.

3Dissolve these 3 letter agencies, and strip anything left over of and $$$ for a "budget" bye bye CIA, ATF, Dept Education, IRS,EPA

e6ec67 No.1712949


wow this fuckstick wrote this?

"Pigness"? WTF

this has to go viral

a575e5 No.1712951

File: fd1220d6de39095⋯.png (25.8 KB, 727x139, 727:139, ClipboardImage.png)

well, that whole sleep thing didn't work too well

good some news for ya anons, we missed this (dropped at 2 am during the habbenings):


tyler takes a pesimistic view as if we are using the SDF, not supporting them

but this will lead to the REUNIFICATION of Syria between Assad and the Kurds, leaving the small pockets of ISIS and Idlibistan left


3865d8 No.1712952


Different. Michigan is a light pillar caused by ice. Light source is the explosion. Note this was January. Washington is something else. Can't be a light pillar, you have to be really cold for that.

Check out these examples of light pillars for reference: http://


132191 No.1712953

Fox needs to get that dick Brian Kilmeadeoff the air. No one needs his brooding negative nancy vibes in the morning.

He has been pouting all morning, not one smile.

b3039f No.1712954


The faggot (((jew shill))) wrote that after his first divorce.

Cucked to shit, went into hiding in a cabin in Vermont, started writing for a local rag nobody ever read for pennies to make a 'living'.

Did you know that faggot got kicked out of fucking BERKELEY hippy commune for NOT WORKING?

The only 'money' that shill ever made was stealing from a local college via his new wife and taking bribe money from HRC to back off and buy a new red sports car and lake side house.

(((SHILL))) through and through.

53938d No.1712955


i hope he destroys everything about this gay muzzy. expose it all potus!

9c17b0 No.1712956


i bet kju's on here already

d31728 No.1712957

File: 7f5da88b3053b33⋯.jpg (26.46 KB, 514x203, 514:203, 1.JPG)

File: 1567dd989750025⋯.jpg (83.43 KB, 830x732, 415:366, 2.JPG)

POTUS mentions "WarGames"

Double Meaning?


e24290 No.1712958



This is most definitely wicked notable!

b653af No.1712959


Do it, Q.

WWG1WGA, but Rodman went places we could only dream of going and did things most people are only now starting to comprehend.

Some men deserve to have their faith rewarded.

Give the Patriot a medal.

a575e5 No.1712960


hey KJU, you're /ourguy/ and sorry about the cabal fucking over your country for decades

just end the slave/prison/death camps and then follow the agreement and we're good

micky d's all over NK

703b48 No.1712961


thinking of times when “insignificant” human reminded anon of “beauty of humanity” by looking with eyes instead of compassionate heart

45ecf4 No.1712962

File: 04e971723f87df7⋯.jpg (14.15 KB, 236x236, 1:1, StairwayToHeaven.jpg)

File: 4921e582f23a59c⋯.jpg (330.49 KB, 1024x680, 128:85, 911-Ladder3-MolecularDisso….jpg)

File: 529e47040e3a271⋯.jpg (34.35 KB, 600x315, 40:21, Courage.jpg)



Ding ding - agree with Stairway to Heaven.

Also, what caused the Molecular Dissociation associated with Engine 3 on 9/11???

b3039f No.1712963


I would not be surprised if KJU, Xi, Putin, and other foreign heads of state casually browse these boards on regular basis.

Federal government workers legit love chans btw. No joke. You think YOU are being cucked to shit at work? Try working in DC.

539358 No.1712964

File: 68898d4af5674bf⋯.png (277.63 KB, 768x768, 1:1, iranranson.png)


I'm thinking fake Pres "X" kept very few records and probably destroyed already what he could?

It's not that hard to prove enough crime in what he did, as it stands now "You Have Everything"

Also, it's understood the text message connected to the Tarmac meeting included Pres. Liar/falseHope ? At least that is the rumor

4a342e No.1712965

1a716e No.1712966


Whats the source of the light if a light pillar? No explosions, no meteor craters, just a garage on fire and thats not going to create a flash like that. IDK can't you come up with any non-uh muh swamp gas-type explanations anon? You know where you are right?

3410d4 No.1712967

File: e3143a28cbb9644⋯.png (650.07 KB, 2732x2048, 683:512, IMG_3245.PNG)

Fuck this guy

45ecf4 No.1712968


Of course, it's also the BOOM ladder, no?

4412a5 No.1712969

File: bce72a7cbe20771⋯.jpg (26.02 KB, 632x211, 632:211, Military.JPG)

New Article.


e1193a No.1712970


So, Acosta must be hoisted on his own petard and become disgraced so that CNN fires him of its own accord as a liability.

What can you dig up on him, autists? With his entitled arrogance, I wouldn't be surprised to discover an order of protection or two against him from old girlfriends. Maybe he can be #MeToo'd.

1e4eb3 No.1712971

File: 6aa496013aff1ef⋯.png (12.34 KB, 444x545, 444:545, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 36f2d13a1ae1605⋯.png (44.38 KB, 488x415, 488:415, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c16089b72e296d8⋯.png (12.14 KB, 640x729, 640:729, ClipboardImage.png)

OK, here we go anons. Q's password wasn't accidentally released - I'm sure we can agree on that.


What else might (23) refer to?

Dash v Minus?

Also relates to Q post 1443. There are a couple of oddities in that Q post. Look at the line of dashes … look closer. Then end character is a dash character the rest are different.

NowC@mesTHEP@in—-23!!! = 4E 6F 77 43 40 6D 65 73 54 48 45 50 40 69 6E 2014 2D 32 33 21 21 21

2014 …

The line of dashes from Q post 1443

———————————- = 2014 2014 2014 2014 2014 2014 2014 2014 2014 2014 2014 2D

11 x 2014 = November 2014?

2D = 24? JA chess board (White Bishop)?

Try it yourself - copy it into the ascii box @ https://www.rapidtables.com/convert/number/ascii-hex-bin-dec-converter.html

The ……'s are also weird and not the character thety appear to be.

acda57 No.1712972

>>1712194 (lb)

You know more than you think.

Freedom awaits.

For humanity.

Live in the light.

Be the light for others.

Who you are when no one is watching

Is the person you are when the world is watching.

You can hide it for so long.


The truth will shine.

The beam of light has been activated.

Truth will free the world.


53938d No.1712973


vhat an idioso

b3039f No.1712974

File: 84f64d414602c63⋯.jpeg (14.68 KB, 255x231, 85:77, iamthemedianow.jpeg)


Those who are loudest are the key weak link.

Great thinking, anons. Liking the energy shaping up.

4a342e No.1712975

File: b0477f5c0aef456⋯.jpg (64.94 KB, 595x394, 595:394, 1723-004-26E6133A.jpg)

d61753 No.1712976

Okay, new theory…

HRC sold our Uranium to Russia

Which Russia then sold to EVERYONE.

HRC turned our pure virgin uranium into a prostitute.

They were all going to sweep it under the rug once she was in office.

They didn’t count on Bernie and Trump’s miracle campaigns threatening their plans.

So the Russians helped HRC rig victory.

But then a Nebraska boy named Seth Rich came along and basically out-foxed Putin. lol

Then it all went to shit.

Assange did the Putin/HRC Deepstate dirty.

(Podesta’s food fetish… why? WHY?!)

When Putin saw the tide turning against HRC, he told the Dems to blame him (knowing it would make them look crazy) and to get their moles in Trump’s campaign to start setting up meetings with his Russian agents to legitimize this new Trump/Russian collusion false narrative.


Only thing was that, at the same time, he contacted Trump’s camp to let them know HRC was spying on them.

He led HRC/the DNC/Obama right into a trap and they fell for it.

They actually trusted Putin!

Maybe Putin knew HRC was going to try to take Putin out once she was in office as her way of sweeping U1 under the rug and he beat her to the punch.

Fast forward to where we are now.

Trump has gotten Putin to come clean about all this.

Trump respects Putin for trying to do what’s best for his country and for his strategic maneuvering.

Trump is willing to work with Putin, China, and all their puppets, but he wants denuclearization.

What’s playing out in Korea is the scripted microcosm of what’s going on between the US and Asia.

Why would they denuclearize?

Because we have a new weapon so much fucking crazier than nukes (rods from God?) that all those countries are surrendering (for now).

That’s what I think happened.

Biblical times.

Delete your Facebook and live off the land as much as possible.

The beast of corporate-driven technology will thrive during these years of peace and prosperity. And the end battle will not be far off.


That is the most patriotic thing you can do.



6e7ed0 No.1712977


Fuck my meds

t. @PalmerReport

e1193a No.1712978


This was made public during the election, but the MSM declined to circulate it widely.

45ecf4 No.1712979

File: fbe25306ceab888⋯.png (536.06 KB, 579x753, 193:251, Pierce Sky-Boom Aerial Wat….png)




Didn't know this. Were you thinking this anon:


24022a No.1712981

File: 19186810d35cc5e⋯.jpeg (40.54 KB, 378x354, 63:59, 3CBBAD20-DEAD-49A0-ADCF-B….jpeg)

a575e5 No.1712982

File: 887430acbbe00b0⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1355x764, 1355:764, shillpopcorn.png)


this guy probably cries every night

c921e5 No.1712983

File: fa7322b5b439026⋯.jpg (72.5 KB, 729x286, 729:286, follow_trump.jpg)

careful who you follow

549a01 No.1712984


not concern fagging here but look at the likes on that comment ( when POTUS just made peace with NK) some people (or algorithms) are just so fucking asleep

d8691e No.1712985


Putin was installed by MI. Russia is on our side. A Russia Summit will be coming.

827538 No.1712986


Sigh. You NEVER post a link here without breaking it first. Because among other things, the owner of the site where that link is found can trace the click-throughs back to this board, and WE DON'T WANT TO DRAW PEOPLE TO THIS BOARD FFS

a575e5 No.1712987

File: 6c94fd2f0552bcc⋯.png (202.36 KB, 606x302, 303:151, ClipboardImage.png)



but the signatures look the same (maybe POTUS signed this when he was dead tired)

995204 No.1712988

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It was a link I got from these boards.

Let me check my history.

OK, got it.

I think it's probably somewhere in the first hour but not sure

0b9f67 No.1712989

File: 96d5465fa5b8e93⋯.jpg (61.41 KB, 1099x313, 1099:313, ytl.JPG)


You know you can embed the video link?

fc184a No.1712990


Go back to https://www.reddit.com/

05a87b No.1712991



Wow! Cool! Didnt see that! Yeah.. Allegedly the Roths stole (as per usual) a specifically named group's gold (Asian) and POTUS and company along with Asian leaders have been working on the gold's return and TONS of other things that Q hasnt even told us. Exciting!

7e87d6 No.1712992

>>1712111 (ob)

Beam of LIGHT


“Rest in peace Mr. President (JFK), through your wisdom and strength, since your tragic death, Patriots have planned, installed, and by the grace of God, activated, the beam of LIGHT. We will forever remember your sacrifice. May you look down from above and continue to guide us as we ring the bell of FREEDOM and destroy those who wish to sacrifice our children, our way of life, and our world. We, the PEOPLE.”

Prayer said every single day in the OO.

JFK - Secret Socities.

Where we go one, we go all.


4a342e No.1712993


Not possible. Learn about TOR.

They chose this platform for a reason.

b3039f No.1712995



City of music and art must be made GREAT AGAIN.


a575e5 No.1712996


goooonnna save that

4412a5 No.1712997

File: 9d7155cf2a85fa8⋯.jpg (95.46 KB, 664x621, 664:621, Military2.JPG)

e6ec67 No.1712998


so he's parroting de Niro? Bad move

3865d8 No.1712999


Signatures are different. Look at the bottom line up. Q sig not aligned. Also ending "P" looks different.

e6ec67 No.1713000


Don't believe everything you think, dude.

53938d No.1713002


cant wait for the light to be shown on the upper masons/shriners

995204 No.1713003

File: b5a8638012335ed⋯.jpg (21.22 KB, 328x328, 1:1, bernie2.jpg)

24022a No.1713004

The video shown to KJU



b7533b No.1713005


Yeah! Why the hec not? Start appreciating people other than snarky politicians.

53938d No.1713006


wondering if roths had a rep or member at the bilderburg

07f7f6 No.1713007

The only winning move is not to play. Joshua is happy.

a575e5 No.1713008

File: 6c94fd2f0552bcc⋯.png (202.36 KB, 606x302, 303:151, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3b7c92d16a1d0b9⋯.png (58.25 KB, 207x207, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


I should have said they look SIMILAR, not saying they're the same

53938d No.1713009



rod needs deserves this award!

549a01 No.1713010



Holy shit ( the video literally says out of the darkness can come the light) DARK TO LIGHT MORE Q PROOFS :D

e6ec67 No.1713011

File: 72edc4ac80a8f6f⋯.gif (320.56 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1495316788582.gif)


All Hail Austria.

I guess.


74e638 No.1713012


there WOULD be something fishy if two signatures were identical

0b9f67 No.1713013


Huge achievement.

Not a sky event.

9c17b0 No.1713014

File: 6c2a5ece1fcd190⋯.jpeg (141.61 KB, 657x886, 657:886, 0267654B-9376-4AC7-8B22-0….jpeg)


i know, right

spooky af tho

they can see us but we can barely detect them

i one received a reply that led me to believe

they were checking out my personal finances

i just hope they stay good and not get too judgemental

af61bd No.1713015


Wow. Future proves past. Very awesome!

24022a No.1713016


Can someone embed it? I don’t know how- sorry

a575e5 No.1713017


thats what I mean

just pointing out the again that the EO pic has POTUS' signature

I can't get my signature to look the same EVER

05c8d7 No.1713018


that's deep

4c1f7e No.1713019

File: 701ef615c4fba1a⋯.jpg (29.49 KB, 373x304, 373:304, YesJewAllen.JPG)

File: 600f0310445d960⋯.jpg (62.9 KB, 616x432, 77:54, YesJewIsrael.JPG)

File: b48036e8f9a0cd3⋯.jpg (49.93 KB, 506x372, 253:186, YesJewMarx.JPG)

File: 59f17b696b2560f⋯.jpg (42.16 KB, 529x308, 529:308, YesJewRhodes.JPG)


Stoopid kike.

1b7c40 No.1713020


Wait till you find out who you've been talking to here.

74e638 No.1713021


i can barely get my signatures to even look similar


a575e5 No.1713022





that would be the Romans

they crucified hundreds of thousands of people

46164c No.1713023

File: b74b8b78e9d18c1⋯.jpg (70.97 KB, 889x377, 889:377, The Werther Effect.jpg)


>All those young people, dying.

The MSM will not go down without destroying all that they can. Its called pathological envy.

They know about the The Werther Effect, which was named after Goethe’s 1774 novel “The Sorrows of Young Werther” that caused a rash of copycat suicides in Europe after the romantic depiction of the hero’s suicide.

What can be done to prevent the Werther Effect? Recommendations from professionals say that it start with media coverage.

Recommendations to media to prevent the Werther Effect:

1) Don’t glorify the act or the persons who commit suicide.

2) Don’t present it as an answer.

3) Don’t engage in repetitive reporting of the suicide in the news. 4) Avoid simplistic explanations

5) Avoid graphic descriptions of the technical details.

Future Proves Past

Citation: Kim J-H, Park E-C, Nam J-M, Park S, Cho J, Kim S-J, et al. (2013) The Werther Effect of Two Celebrity Suicides: an Entertainer and a Politician. PLoS ONE 8(12): e84876. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0084876

e6ec67 No.1713024


Yes, agree it is going to be something bigger… in the actual sky above

3410d4 No.1713025

File: d767edd8271962c⋯.jpg (119.71 KB, 759x506, 3:2, IMG_3246.JPG)

A twatterpic lel

995204 No.1713026

File: a8d6486dfb3884d⋯.jpg (29.55 KB, 565x566, 565:566, kilmeade.JPG)


I HATE Brian Kilmeade

0b9f67 No.1713027

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Available in the USA per your link.

>https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQ5nR2QDuuMhtt

e6ec67 No.1713028



6a78ee No.1713029

LOL, this is gold.


4d77dd No.1713030


BO made it so links don't have to be broken anymore.

4d77dd No.1713031


Fake ass twitter account

853027 No.1713032

File: b38ec33edd6a83f⋯.png (362.42 KB, 594x738, 33:41, Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at ….png)

File: 534d837499598c9⋯.png (225.26 KB, 595x730, 119:146, Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at ….png)

File: 1bedca7667597be⋯.png (239.96 KB, 593x764, 593:764, Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at ….png)

File: 73bae04ad055cd1⋯.png (225.74 KB, 597x772, 597:772, Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at ….png)

Justin Raimondo of Antiwar.com on the G7 and NK meetings.

* America prisoner of her allies.

* Elites calling Merkel leader of the free world. Ha!

* Elites don't want free trade.

* Elites are caught in Trump Derangement Syndrome.

* Russia, Russia, Russia.

* Soros disappointed.

* Asia is the future. Europe is dead.

And who is a better symbol of that degeneration than Merkel, presiding over a country that has been self-emasculated both militarily and culturally? Let her take over leadership of the “free world so Germany can spend trillions policing the planet – although the appearance of German troops in certain regions is sure to provoke some unpleasant memories.


f77ccc No.1713033

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


#RedpillinRodman had half a million impressions last night and currently has 100,000 this morning.

Watch Rodman's interview if you havent yet and blast the meme cannons.

Let's wake some normies up.

a575e5 No.1713034

File: 39b7a29bcf9fe91⋯.png (87.23 KB, 882x345, 294:115, ClipboardImage.png)


which fake news fuck did this?

c98adf No.1713035

File: 73e7e0ee71fe49d⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1000x750, 4:3, Stupid.png)

53938d No.1713036


revelations 1:7

BEHOLD, HE IS COMING WITH THE CLOUDS, and every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him; and all the tribes of the earth will mourn over Him. So it is to be. Amen.

6a78ee No.1713037


Duh. I know. That's why its funny. He's trolling eye spy larper

e6ec67 No.1713038


I have about twelve different signatures

46164c No.1713039

File: cc11d37158bdcb7⋯.jpg (190.72 KB, 863x566, 863:566, TRUMP KIM WALK.jpg)

File: 5c84fa973ef0b6f⋯.jpg (489.56 KB, 1623x919, 1623:919, Rodman Kim POTUS.jpg)


>June 13, 2017 Rodman in NK

f77ccc No.1713040

File: 1c73e40af384cf8⋯.jpg (58.49 KB, 440x591, 440:591, 1c73e40af384cf85e07ad928ac….jpg)

File: 06b8f52a1066ad6⋯.jpg (86.33 KB, 605x454, 605:454, 06b8f52a1066ad6e23effa5ffd….jpg)

File: 87fba5e1ec4efc3⋯.png (1.84 MB, 978x1230, 163:205, 87fba5e1ec4efc3f0cd6a1989c….png)

File: a5305c390adb403⋯.jpeg (445.06 KB, 1786x964, 893:482, a5305c390adb4030088484e54….jpeg)

File: 2435b8844346866⋯.jpeg (88.15 KB, 576x324, 16:9, 2435b8844346866a97d33c420….jpeg)








0b9f67 No.1713041


Ha ha ha ha ha, V for Valerie.

53938d No.1713042


King James Bible

Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.

b3039f No.1713043


That little faggot needs to learn rest of the world isn't as deep in (((shit))) about anything relating to PC as US is.

Old gaurds in NK has a very direct method of dealing with disrespectful brats like 'acosta'.

e1193a No.1713044

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f77ccc No.1713046

File: d58863457aab788⋯.png (48.05 KB, 624x357, 208:119, RedpillinRodman.png)

File: 0083960f936530a⋯.png (40.8 KB, 1096x398, 548:199, RedpillinRodman Analytics .png)

File: 8cdcf3e77d4f8e0⋯.png (33.54 KB, 1092x373, 1092:373, Graph.png)

File: c36851121bc760b⋯.png (34.97 KB, 850x424, 425:212, #MKOA 1.png)

File: 49bb64ad2b26d76⋯.png (28.18 KB, 847x361, 847:361, #MKOA 2.png)

132191 No.1713047

File: aa5a655e16dbd85⋯.jpg (66.25 KB, 844x414, 422:207, 22 (1).jpg)


i don't think he is evil like the others as well. But he was blackmailed, and compromised, or else he would have spoke out more about the cheating.

Not sure if he was being nice, not wanting to rock the boat.

They shut him out at DNC convention, and his supporters, built a wall around the convention site.

He also appeared to be roughed up, ( look at his cheek)and looked like he just found out how evil and sick those people are.

I heard from someone who was in his campaign, that they threatened his grandchildren.

He was against TPP, bankers, monsanto, corporations.

He and Trump actually had several positions that were similar.

He is still doing what he is told, either by force, or willing patricipant.

He also is only worth like 3 or 400 k,,( vacation house he bought ( cheap, small compared to many others in congress) was purchased after His wife inheritated a property that had been in her family for decades, and they sold it and bought a different place, due to location, etc.

Time will tell, if there is a sealed indictment with his name,, i think he still being blackmailed and threatened to cooporate.

9c17b0 No.1713048


just do it

this man deserves the accolade

0d5485 No.1713049

File: 0b6856e3c9800bb⋯.png (693 KB, 827x468, 827:468, WatchTheWater.png)

File: 8778e4a5c3353b9⋯.png (690.81 KB, 827x468, 827:468, WatchTheWaterIran.png)

File: 2a913034a41b5b2⋯.png (683.5 KB, 827x468, 827:468, WatchTheWaterIranNext.png)

Iran, June 10, 2018 - The country of Iran is burning and a growing water crisis has become one of the six super-challenges, according to regime officials. The Anzali Wetlands in northern Iran are nearly destroyed, according to the state ILNA news agency.

Recognized internationally and considered one of the largest homes to migrating birds and fishes in Iran, the Anzali Wetlands are now sharing the fate of 60 other wetlands across Iran that are on the verge of complete annihilation due to wrong policies adopted by the ruling mullahs’ regime.

- Villages without water “3,000 villages of Sistan & Baluchistan Province lack any drinking water network.” “1,200 villages in this province have water delivered with trucks,” said Mohammad Naeim Amini-Fard in an interview with the state ISNA news agency.

In other areas of Iran, due to the lack of adequate resources, trucks deliver drinking water to 110 villages of Golestan Province in northern Iran, according to the state IRNA news agency quoting the director of Village Water & Sewage Systems Department.

- Drinking water shortage

The fingers should be pinpointed at the regime ruling Iran, with its unbridled policy – or lack thereof – in building dams. The end result is destroying jungles and wetlands, a very premature agricultural system, water resources being literally stolen and rerouted for military purposes and industries controlled by the Revolutionary Guards…

These measures are destroying Iran’s water resources, pushing the entire country into an unprecedented water crisis in many provinces.

Sauce: https://english.mojahedin.org/i/irans-water-crisis-emerging-dangerously

05c8d7 No.1713050

File: f615b29677f688f⋯.jpg (61.83 KB, 500x380, 25:19, Pope, Cardinals.jpg)


These Romans?

0ff196 No.1713051

File: 686debb6496a2a2⋯.mp4 (8.67 MB, 384x288, 4:3, Dark to Light Summit Movie.mp4)




Singapore Summit Movie (English)

"Out of the darkness can come the light"

(clipped from the WH Stream)

f77ccc No.1713052

File: d146e99c7aa8c3e⋯.png (38.76 KB, 860x429, 860:429, #MakeKoreaOneAgain.png)

File: a38b6df755d5a14⋯.png (30.62 KB, 852x344, 213:86, #MakeKoreaOneAgain 2.png)

File: d4c1cf7a71da17a⋯.png (695.13 KB, 972x392, 243:98, #MKOA.png)






4c1f7e No.1713053

File: 186d352e3a1fdad⋯.jpg (53.34 KB, 504x377, 504:377, MonkeySoYerSayin.JPG)


BO changed it so you don't have to break links, like two months ago…

You new?

853027 No.1713054

File: 3653b0cbddaba8d⋯.png (76.39 KB, 224x304, 14:19, ron.paul.png)

Ron Paul on Trump and NK.

The neocons demand that North Korea give up all its bargaining chips up front in return for vague promises of better relations with the US. Yet in the post-Libya era no serious person would jump at such an offer. Their biggest fear is that peace may break out and they are doing everything to prevent that from happening. Conflict is their livelihood.

I also find it disheartening that many Democrat opponents of President Trump who rightly cheered President Obama’s efforts to reach a deal with Iran are now condemning Trump for opening the door to diplomacy with North Korea. Did they genuinely support President Obama’s diplomatic efforts with Iran, or did they just prefer the person who happened to occupy the Oval Office at the time?

The issue is about policy versus politics and I am afraid too many Americans of all political stripes are confusing the two. Many Americans, it seems, would prefer that we continue down the path to a potentially nuclear conflict on the Korean peninsula because they do not like the current US president. Does that make any sense? Has politics come to over-rule our common sense to the point we would go against our own interests and even our own lives? Let’s hope not!

Hopefully this historic Trump/Kim meeting is the beginning of a dialogue that will continue to dial back the tensions. Hopefully we can soon remove the 30,000 US troops that have been stationed in South Korea for seven decades. One thing Washington must do, however: stay out of the way as much as possible so as to allow the two Koreas to continue their peace process.


4d77dd No.1713055


they are the same person. Any legit troller would be blocked.

24022a No.1713056

333722 No.1713057


What a small little pussy…..he needs to be put in the [ ] for a lesson to be learned.

f77ccc No.1713058

>>1713051 POTUS movie for KIM - You are watching a movie - Enjoy the show


a575e5 No.1713059


yup, well their ancestors 2000 years ago

except Rome was LEGIT ROMAN back then, Catholicism ruined Rome, led to the fall of the empire, the dark ages, and later to the muslim conquests in europe and ME

1f89ec No.1713060

File: e8798aa78bfd8f9⋯.png (646.82 KB, 1019x633, 1019:633, ns.PNG)

Nancy and the talking points. I give myself whiplash reading/hearing her words

53938d No.1713061


we need to get desalinization plants up and running on free energy power

1e798c No.1713062

I watched POTUS during his press conference (after the meeting) and his Q&A session.

Am I the only one that seems to think that he took off the "awkward" mask and revealed a strong, confident, well-spoken President?

Is he "setting the stage" to "flip the script" for the grand finale?

132191 No.1713063

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



121b0b No.1713064

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Qanon & North Korea Redpill for normies

lots of positive comments. Was made two weeks ago

3410d4 No.1713065

File: 1d4ca7676363e8f⋯.png (1.73 MB, 2732x2048, 683:512, IMG_3249.PNG)


Yep, what a bitch

4412a5 No.1713066


Yes, he was serious as a heart attack.

ba943c No.1713067


If I had to guess, your opinion is shared by many

05a87b No.1713068


someone please post pic of Rodman in NK holding "Art of the Deal"!! please!

fc184a No.1713069

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Skip to 6:32

Rodman warms Coumo in 2014 that one day the door of North Korea will open.

fc184a No.1713070



121b0b No.1713071

File: 0eb201b80a5683a⋯.jpg (2.87 MB, 3360x3988, 840:997, QsaidNKdealmade.jpg)


Here is the graphic that I made after I made the video

86ed50 No.1713072


watches and reads like a promo you would find the the movie Truman Show.

7001b5 No.1713073

is otto really dead or in witsec

33cb44 No.1713074


someone want to create a fake twitter account with a picture of a very young looking girl. then DM him saying how him trolling POTUS makes you wet. and go from there… although knowing acosta… he'd probably prefer young looking boys

c98adf No.1713075

File: 401121510c653a6⋯.png (372.53 KB, 758x515, 758:515, Rokay.png)

26d18e No.1713076


He admits he's fake, like the real one. Check him out, pretty funny. He's trolling the LARPS and it's actually pretty funny. Pretty sure he's one of us.

132191 No.1713077

File: 5cfbad5185563d1⋯.jpg (25 KB, 634x382, 317:191, 4D273FF400000578-5833935-i….jpg)

File: 58ca4e27eb2baa8⋯.jpg (24.34 KB, 634x371, 634:371, 4D273FDF00000578-5833935-i….jpg)

Hilarious moment Kim Jong-un looked VERY unimpressed after Trump asks photographers to make them look 'nice and handsome and thin and perfect'

Donald Trump sat down with Kim Jong-un for working lunch during their summit

He asked reporters to get a picture of them looking 'nice and handsome and thin'

Kim Jong-un was then caught on camera looking baffled at Trump's joke

Trump and Kim agreed to pursue 'complete denuclearization of Korean Peninsula' in return for 'security guarantees' for North Korea

Kim Jong-un was caught on camera looking baffled after Trump joked about looking 'nice and handsome and thin' during the summit in Singapore.

The President made the quip as the pair sat down with their aides for a working lunch at the Capella resort on Sentosa island.

As the men approached the table Trump turned to waiting photographers and asked: 'Getting a good picture everybody? So we look nice and handsome and thin and perfect?'

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5833935/Hilarious-expression-Kim-Jong-uns-face-Trump-jokes-photographers.html

ad5897 No.1713078


i don't think any of this is by accident.

what else could 23 be?

initially i think of 11pm, military time

it can't be a timezone shift, because that's +12 or -12, never gets to 23

-23 degrees of latitude or longitude

-23 degrees of temperature

23 was jordan's number when he played with rodman

it's a prime (the ninth)

atomic number of vanadium (which is important if you follow the CoVFeFe theory, making the string 6-23-26-26 or F-W-Z-Z)

number of chromosome pairs in a human

telnet port

W. if something was being signed by W instead of Q, they might say -W

so many possibilities.

1c5437 No.1713079

File: 79c0f262115d457⋯.jpeg (140.26 KB, 1440x847, 1440:847, 1523804132.jpeg)


That's all I hear when this cunt speaks

a575e5 No.1713080




let them dig their holes deeper and deeper

6503c6 No.1713082


Fuckin KEK…lol

a575e5 No.1713083



lol I'm staying with this until further confirmation:

NowC@mesTHEP@ain—-23!!! =

Tminus 23 days on until the cabal has pain due to the NK summit and the PUBLIC freeing of NK/KJU

trip reveal on the 5/19/18 and 23 days from then is today (in USA) 6/11/18 (6/12/18 in SING)

b1219a No.1713084

I've seen a few posts about indigo children, or being called by angels or whatever. I don't mean to demean your experience if something has happened to you, but to those who HAVEN'T been called:

Keep in mind that it might all be bullshit designed to make you think that because YOU haven't been called that YOU aren't special. You ARE special, no matter who you are.

e1193a No.1713085

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

24022a No.1713086

File: 397bf14348c4d39⋯.jpeg (726.41 KB, 996x1137, 332:379, 23019BE0-0E52-407A-8607-7….jpeg)

We are watching a movie ;)

Flashback 7 months to the day

Trump Tweet

Why would Kim Jong-un insult me by calling me "old," when I would NEVER call him "short and fat?" Oh well, I try so hard to be his friend - and maybe someday that will happen!

2:48 AM - Nov 12, 2017 · Vietnam

a575e5 No.1713087

File: 976c7e5ed004247⋯.gif (1.21 MB, 480x287, 480:287, trumpwrong.gif)


1. here's the gif

2. what is

e1193a No.1713088


He just separated from his wife of 24 years last year. Don't want to create something fake, want to find something real.

dbe1f7 No.1713089

File: 8577061b112502c⋯.png (613.17 KB, 588x444, 49:37, 8577061b112502c7aaea9f2157….png)


Hope this doesn't effect her case against that fat, sloppy, sob Weinstein.

e1193a No.1713090


Don't want the gif, want the clip.

And everything you wrote. Just wrong.

86ed50 No.1713091

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



the Illuminati/Occult are obsessed with the number 23

dbe8b0 No.1713092

File: e822017cc529260⋯.jpg (771.28 KB, 5568x3712, 3:2, 1528766525.jpg)

File: 8a895bf6dde48fb⋯.png (1.28 MB, 923x768, 923:768, 1528724098.png)

File: b89f59183c8ab2d⋯.jpg (313.2 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 1528616470.jpg)


their eSports team just got 10 feet better


qanon.news anon; what is going on with your site? RIP

4412a5 No.1713093

File: ffd048fa6140886⋯.jpg (14.59 KB, 222x255, 74:85, 23military.jpg)


Think military.


1fdb3e No.1713094


is this the level of schizo larping we're at now?

ad5897 No.1713095


fwiw, i don't disagree, just thinking sideways.

Singapore is GMT+8, and EST is GMT-5, for a 13 hour difference.

if 23 days is just the countdown from the trip reveal to the…trip, ha…then i don't think Q would have asked what else it could mean. but that's just me thinking around.

853027 No.1713096

File: 1bdf0110c60902a⋯.jpeg (4.76 KB, 314x161, 314:161, murray.jpeg)

“If authentic free trade ever looms on the policy horizon, there’ll be one sure way to tell. The government/media/big-business complex will oppose it tooth and nail.”

- Murray Rothbard

File under government/media/big-business complex member anyone that talks shit on DJT at the G7.

9c17b0 No.1713097


kek, and that cnn fucking hack that interviewed Rodman could only repeatedly ask..but..but..does he even speak English??

yeah, cause they were chatting in best Korean while walking around?? and kim, didn't he go to Yale or Harvard or something? last I checked they didn't have Korean curriculums in the Ivy League

1f89ec No.1713098

File: ac986e0eec18733⋯.png (463.92 KB, 572x321, 572:321, mer1.PNG)

26d18e No.1713099

File: 39db5f78a480c42⋯.png (312.24 KB, 784x596, 196:149, 111111.png)



b3039f No.1713100

File: d469dfa707f4634⋯.jpeg (9.2 KB, 251x248, 251:248, laughingpepe.jpeg)


When all else fails, (((shills))) bring out the old boring esoteric LARP.

24022a No.1713101




fc184a No.1713102



26d18e No.1713103


At the very minimum, he should get a medal for keeping the same hairstyle all these years.

53938d No.1713104


i been wondering what he knows and who he was hiding from

1c5437 No.1713105


Same haircut after 30 years

e1193a No.1713106


Critical Thinking and CNN. Oil and water.

2022c7 No.1713107


Switzerland, Anon.

He went to school in Switzerland…

995204 No.1713108

File: bbc64214463465b⋯.jpg (139.55 KB, 727x504, 727:504, kimwiz.jpg)

1fdb3e No.1713109


yeah my dude let's hope the indigo children called upon by angels to google search public info succeed in their divine mission.

be46e0 No.1713110

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Trump finally told the press that he had spoken with Kim over the last few months. Love my President!

24022a No.1713111

File: 702a357f3b42bda⋯.jpeg (594.1 KB, 1242x994, 621:497, 39694AE4-018E-406A-BFEB-F….jpeg)

dbe8b0 No.1713112


The current state of "'journalism'". Any anons have that Deepthroat meme of the metoo journo going deep for her sources that were bouncing around the other night?

Ali Watkins


20acdb No.1713113


O, nice one!

The 23 generals?

4c1f7e No.1713114

File: 025c01a2d5684c7⋯.jpg (82.59 KB, 403x375, 403:375, CHLUke.JPG)



Could you show me a picture of her?

b7efab No.1713115


ac·cost past tense: accosted

approach and address (someone) boldly or aggressively.

New spelling for past tense: Acosta'd

995204 No.1713116


The next guy can add the Yellow Brick Road

4412a5 No.1713117

File: 873bdddd8f5fc4a⋯.jpg (49.51 KB, 439x470, 439:470, military3.JPG)

23 military members

9c17b0 No.1713118


there ya go

no fucking way he doesn't speak English

4508f2 No.1713119


In fairness to Bernie, that's probably been his experience.

That and women fantasizing about what's for breakfast.

b7efab No.1713120


46 and 2, just ahead of me

0b9f67 No.1713121


I doubt they would have the kind of free time required to hang out here. More likely they simply data mine this site.


dbe8b0 No.1713122


Fucking mockingbirds will change their tone and act like they care. The turds on the Georgia AM radios flip flop daily and the stinkiest turds are on during traffic hours so poor travelers sitting in the worst traffic get bombarded by 4am talking points in the morning and evening.


1c5437 No.1713123

089151 No.1713124


i don't think it's hopeless. many people have forgotten what they are fighting for. they will soon wake up. there will be unity through love but it won't be forced down our throats. if people are left to themselves without artificial intervention they act in love. that's not to say they don't gravitate to people like themselves but i have great confidence in the human spirit

26d18e No.1713125

Indigo Children = Mentally abused children who were brainwashed from an early year by parents who fell into new age crystal bullshit after massive, unrecoverable LSD trips at woodstock.

Think Offspring.

DCF should remove them from their parents and educate them in geology. Crystals are crystals. Super cooled, metamorphic rock and minerals. Nothing more.

fa453a No.1713126

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

We're watching a movie.

>President Trump and Kim Jong Un had a historic private meeting earlier today in Singapore. And while we don’t know exactly what was said between the two men, we do know that Trump played a video for Kim on his iPad. The video was created to look like a Hollywood movie trailer and it’s honestly pretty bizarre.

20acdb No.1713127




Seriously though, that quote has much meme potential. It's a bonafide MGTOW quote.. BGHOW (Bernie going his own way)

a575e5 No.1713128


>their ancestors 2000 years ago

you posted a pic of MODERN catholics and said "these romans?"; no their 2000 year old ancestors were crucifying, have you seen any modern day catholic crucifixions? only jihadis do that

>except Rome was LEGIT ROMAN back then

Rome before catholicism was when they crucified jesus and the most

>Catholicism ruined Rome

rome turned into the SJWs of their day, and let barbarians invade so they could "covert them"

>led to the fall of the empire, the dark ages, and later to the muslim conquests in europe and ME

that invasion of Rome led to the fall of the western empire, the subsequent dark ages in europe, and due to the split empire, the eastern empire eventually fell too

but muh yt video say I'm wrong got it

995204 No.1713129


>we need to get desalinization plants up and running on free energy power

Look Libs, we solved your problem of rising sea levels.

666209 No.1713130

All of this winning! It's amazing.

99df60 No.1713131


but… but… the dude from Tool did a song about them (as Puccifer). If some sort of artist gives them legitimacy then it must be real right?

3ff401 No.1713132


isnt south africa out of water at this point?

53938d No.1713133

ad5897 No.1713134



i like that connection, but then why the odd minus/dash?

it's almost like we're supposed to be looking for some specific offset of 23 somethings.


995204 No.1713135


Trump is well aware of what a historic milestone he is about to unleash.


e6ec67 No.1713136


he's right >>1713128

you're wrong

9c17b0 No.1713137

File: 5defc707ce9bb3d⋯.jpg (655.1 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, IMG_4453.JPG)


I thunk the minus vs dash comment was illuminating

was thinking of how (((they))) comped numbers

dates with a dash, it is like minus

when the numbers actually add up

they just like confusing us poor sheep

bf5563 No.1713138

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



a575e5 No.1713139



219e69 No.1713140


ICE nabs 91, including MS-13 gang members, during 5-day sweep


b63347 No.1713141


playing her part in this movie beautifully

121b0b No.1713142

File: 4c7be739482836b⋯.jpg (74.55 KB, 655x431, 655:431, NKgrphnotable.JPG)

File: 758493d24c01b16⋯.jpg (111.32 KB, 1343x592, 1343:592, NKgrph2.JPG)

File: 1b0d74785f3c050⋯.jpg (228.23 KB, 1348x796, 337:199, NKgrph.JPG)



Proof of originality just so no shills claim I stole shit or claim that I'm trying to famefag.

Went into notables for what it's worth.

24022a No.1713143

File: 044f78ee7f164e7⋯.jpeg (667.78 KB, 1242x777, 414:259, 8F5D4C78-4164-40C0-942F-4….jpeg)

a342dc No.1713144



"must be verifiable"

"all talk"


They really have nothing for this one.

4412a5 No.1713145

File: ba5ce3116721b75⋯.jpg (20.45 KB, 427x169, 427:169, 44.JPG)

b63347 No.1713146


playing his part in this movie


99df60 No.1713147

The salt coming from the liberal gulag is hilarious but sad at the same time.

There are tens of millions of people who can't even see that this a good thing. Instead they're ignoring all the evidence and secretly hoping that Trump is enacting some sort of Russian plot to foment more chaos in the world. We need to find a cure for Trump Derangement Syndrome quickly.

b7efab No.1713148


To reproduce sexually requires 46 chromosomes, 23 pairs from each parent. Minus 23 would mean you are asexually reproducing, making an exact copy of one parents genetic makeup (or, if science has progressed far enough a mix of desirable genes from multiple). Minus 23 would also be known as cloning.

883b56 No.1713149

Trusting the plan.

Can we get some clarification on "where is the closet star"? I'd like to know more about space and if it's legit. I ask one simple question and beg for a blunt, simple yes or no. Is space real?



b3039f No.1713150

File: 94032c0847341df⋯.jpg (300.08 KB, 1794x1080, 299:180, pepcrossing.jpg)


Where we go one, we go ALL.

20acdb No.1713151

File: 8ae67433ae78cfa⋯.jpg (7.29 KB, 250x207, 250:207, 8ae67433ae78cfa34cbbe66ee0….jpg)


Michael Jordan wears the number 23.

It's highly likely that the Chicago Bulls were/are kneedeep in Moloch worship.

Maybe this also mean "Fly, Airjordan, Fly"

You never know with MI..

Still trusting the plan.

Still working on bettering myself.

0c0e2b No.1713152


If America falls the world falls? Tad arrogant don't ya think? The world wants America top stop bombing the rest of the world. So if America falls, maybe there will be peace.

P.s Russia and Iran are rocking oUT with China thanks to sanctions and tariffs. Russia is booming.

fc3479 No.1713153

File: 037adbfb03b6081⋯.jpeg (159.55 KB, 1242x402, 207:67, 5D9413F2-1E22-469D-A419-B….jpeg)


>What else might (23) refer to?

June 23rd? Q-Day?

b7efab No.1713154


Not 23 pairs from each parent…23 from each parent. 23 pairs in a normal person.

1e798c No.1713156


I'm more than eager to "take my medicine" if you're willing to administer. Here's the challenge, son:

I'm nearly 60 years old and willing to meet you at any random Crossfit box on any random day. You and I will complete the stretching, warm-ups, strength/skill set and the workout-of-the-day together.

The very second the workout ends, you and I will immediately begin fighting. No weapons, but prison rules.

Pick the city, the box and the day. I'll be there.

0b9f67 No.1713157


As much as I can't stand that guy, I believe this to be a genuine sentiment, many of us feel the same sense of relief.

33cb44 No.1713158

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

what the fuck?

4c1f7e No.1713159

File: eaa8ffebc128120⋯.png (97.34 KB, 348x297, 116:99, ClipboardImage.png)

Have you guy seen





(sorry, vid won't embed)

Mehgan Markle looks like a robot, not kidding

53938d No.1713160

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


dumb dumb dumb dumb girl

stupid as can be

219e69 No.1713161


We are the frogs of war!


883b56 No.1713162

The problem with this is, Q can come back and claim misinformation in 3 weeks about "23" and then it was a waste of a dig.

Also, didn't Q say dash? 2-3, or 23-, not just "23"

9c02a4 No.1713163


Proxima Centauri is the nearest one. About a light year away I reckon. Yes, space is real.

I really hope anon is not this dumb

46164c No.1713164

File: 394db568cddc7bc⋯.jpg (198.04 KB, 915x781, 915:781, filtering.jpg)







>New fags, learning yet?

>War is real.

>How many (((cohencidences))) do we need before it is proven that we are on active war zone?

>Dig, disseminate, and stay on target.

>(((shills))) are irrelevant.


08e966 No.1713165


If so, should US join that economic coalition?

8ff055 No.1713167


should probably just stop watching tv in general and if you do limit it or be careful what you watch

bc1f8c No.1713168

Q when are you going to take out Trudeau? Looks like he's skeered now tho, at least.


According to a source with knowledge of their discussions, Trump said: “People forget how close we are Justin, and I notice that they took a picture of us smiling and talking and the market went up 200 points.”

On Sunday, Trudeau wouldn’t directly respond to Trump’s comments, only tweeting that the meaningful work the G7 had done was all that matters.

Canadian government officials were equally careful.

One called Trump’s actions rude, another said the U.S. president had personally insulted the prime minister and he would not engage on that level, adding that Trudeau was mindful of Trump’s concern — stated through Kudlow — that Trump was angry he’d been made to look weak in advance of the North Korea summit.

In the end, a summit meant to patch trade rifts ended with a deeper acrimony and questions about the Canada-U.S. relationship and how it could recover in the crucial weeks ahead.


e6ec67 No.1713169


give me a fucking break from this teenage brawler shit

fuck off

219e69 No.1713170


He said dash or minus, therefore -23

dbe8b0 No.1713171

File: d5aafba19e37ec9⋯.png (246.8 KB, 826x823, 826:823, ooo00oOO.png)

IG Report slated for June 14th


>With the release of the highly-anticipated inspector general report from Michael Horowitz about the DOJ and FBI’s handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server coming on June 14, House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte said Sunday he expects it to be "very thorough."

>The Virginia Republican emphasized on Fox News' "Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo" that the report will "shed a lot of light" on the "unbelievable bias" demonstrated by leaders in the nation's top in the nation's premier law enforcement organization in handling the Clinton investigation versus the investigation looking into whether there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

946faa No.1713173


that's not the most original line of BS i've ever heard but…damn close

53938d No.1713174


lmao they stetford wived that bitch, lol

20acdb No.1713175




a342dc No.1713176


Interesting. 1st half private; 2nd half public… [44] and then -23. 22 is the first half, 22 is the second half of 44. So perhaps to say "-23" as in, we have 1 more to expose and then the rest is public.

But I am not reading too far into that line of thought.

[44] killbox = Obama when I see it.

8ff055 No.1713177


i think kim is just happy that hes met someone else besides rodman who doesnt want to murder him the dude was probably held in a gilded cage in nk

c921e5 No.1713178


he said 23, but in a recent post mentioned [2] and [3] seperately

fc184a No.1713179



Have yet to see the source. Just the cell phone shit.

883b56 No.1713180


Proxima Centauri is a sector of stars, not ONE star. I'm not stupid. I know NASA is a slush fund and most of the technology never was made. Not flat earthing. Asking about space. Unless you have been to space, you don't really know. You're assuming you know based on what you've been told. And we know just about all we have been taught is bullshit, so why you're so harsh toward me is odd

3d2a55 No.1713181


Think logically, they are wearing masks. It's from Britain's got talent…smh

219e69 No.1713182



NWO isn't stopping when you think of it like that.

That could and would lead to a Asian Union.

0c0e2b No.1713183


Well quite frankly I don't care lol! Check out some info on the business side of things. Or continue on with your head in your ass. Makes no difference to me.

668657 No.1713184

File: 8b852bbeef8820b⋯.jpg (7.81 KB, 176x255, 176:255, ivanka.jpg)


b653af No.1713185


That's unsettling.

That's uncanny valley Stepford Wife shit right there.

Put it down before it activates SkyNet.

995204 No.1713186


The official languages of Switzerland are German, French and Italian. Why would he learn English?

Kim has made the effort to learn some English.

How much Korean does Trump speak?

dbe8b0 No.1713187


What if all bball games are scripted just like Globetrotters, the same 2 teams always face each other and the owners toss shekels at them

2022c7 No.1713188

File: d332ea7626d0768⋯.jpg (299.12 KB, 700x500, 7:5, TrumpMiniTrump2016-1.jpg)


So the pain is coming from a clone of Trump?

Maybe… Mini-Trump?

883b56 No.1713189


Well shit, temperature? -23 sounds like Antarctic weather to me.

4412a5 No.1713190



668657 No.1713191


Sorry about the L. Stupid phone

53938d No.1713192

fc283a No.1713193

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>Tad arrogant don't you think?

Not at all.

You should watch this:

ad5897 No.1713194


IF we go with 'space is real, and not living in a firmament/dome'

THEN the nearest star should be Sol, our own sun, right?

a342dc No.1713195

3d2a55 No.1713196




Stop being so gullible people!

4d7dc0 No.1713197

What a wonderful evening we had last night.

be46e0 No.1713198

File: ea76aa888409b7c⋯.jpg (105.71 KB, 1080x688, 135:86, IMG_20180612_084420.jpg)

56565c No.1713199




99df60 No.1713200


Thanks for your shit-tier economic and geopolitical analysis. I'm sure if the world's largest economy collapsed into oblivion the world would be a better place.

It would be a great thing if America fell and there was no Country left to check the technocratic Chinese Surveillance state from dominating the entire world.

Thanks man.

26d18e No.1713201

File: c8f8a1755cd5689⋯.jpg (16.33 KB, 359x295, 359:295, c8f8a1755cd5689a5f9366f430….jpg)

946faa No.1713202


don't call me frankly , I'm sensitive lol

6e7830 No.1713203

File: 84d280584d2cd83⋯.jpeg (15.6 KB, 441x333, 49:37, images (30).jpeg)

bc1f8c No.1713204


You know ole Trumpie very well. Funny thing I was married to one like that except he came from nothing and doesn't have the kind of money/status Trump has.

33cb44 No.1713205


ha ok… i should've looked…. they're wax

0c0e2b No.1713206


How about if America falls so does Israel. Seeing America funds their lifestyle.

4412a5 No.1713207


Yeah, I thought of Obama as well.

Still, I think the picture is connected

a342dc No.1713208


Yes, exactly.

If it was 44 to go, and when exposed, -23 meant "23 to go" then the first half was almost complete

089151 No.1713209

i'm trying something today with my dog. when we leave the dog alone we put her in a back bedrooom and close the door. she scratches so much on the floor and door that a corner of the tile in the room and a patch on the door have been scratched away. i'm afraid of further damage. she has almost scratched thru the wood of a hollow door on her side and i'm afraid she'will start breaking off more and more off the tile. since i'm home today i've decided to put her in the room and every time she scratches i go bang hard on the door. i'm quickly weakening though because i feel guilty that i'm terrifying her. she's a little thing. is there something else i can do? she is still doing it intermittently.

a17535 No.1713210

Everything you ever wanted to know about the number 23.


b7efab No.1713211


Somewhat related…an interesting dig into Capella (The site of the summit)…

The Goat Star (named for a goat the sucked Zeus, and due to it's monstrous appearance helped Zeus to defeat the Titans (symbolic?) when he skinned it and wore it.

The system is also fueled by the fusion of Helium to both Carbon and Oxygen, which I thought was quite interesting. It also never sets and is visible to the entire northern hemisphere and much of the southern hemisphere.


9c17b0 No.1713212


yeah, but everyone in Switzerland speaks English too

education there lands you like 5 languages

0c0e2b No.1713213

0cbaa9 No.1713214


Don't interrupt your enemy when he's making a mistake….repeatedly…on international TV.

20acdb No.1713215


Very probable.. We know that most of what we've seen is rigged, so top sports are no different.

it's rumoured there was a golfing match where the scripting was really layered, including child trading. This is just a rumour and I've yet to see it.

4c1f7e No.1713216


Yeah, not buying that lie

883b56 No.1713217


Interesting, thanks! I'll check this out.

7c4feb No.1713218

When does a bird sing? When it's free. Maybe he was speaking about Kim?

9c17b0 No.1713219

8ff055 No.1713220


so please tell me im wrong but the cabal leadership caste is supremacist jews ? at least fake jews aka khazars

along with the real power of the vatican

and the european nobility

3d2a55 No.1713221


Oh because yours is more plausible? Get fucked faggot. Stop sliding.

b7efab No.1713222


The EM dash in the password, I think we agreed, is Three spaces wide. DNA (46) minus 23 = clone

b3039f No.1713223


Jesus christ you faggots. I fucking kek'd.

995204 No.1713224


The cure for Liberalism is attrition.

The more bizarre they become, the more of their followers are converted while listening to Trump speak.

Soon they'll be down to just a loud, impotent minority

05c8d7 No.1713225

File: d6f4fe82e1397b7⋯.png (1015.13 KB, 930x647, 930:647, ClipboardImage.png)


To me, the downfall of Rome started with Caesar's death. I've always wondered about the significance of JA's tweet of a cartoon that says perhaps all of Gaul was not defeated.

a575e5 No.1713226


Past statement was directed @ confirmation statements, not assumptions (+JA throw in).

the JA disinfo is what Q was calling out, Q CLARIFIED THIS FFS

d74271 No.1713227

File: 94608ac7cfc2c41⋯.png (737.19 KB, 925x640, 185:128, hanibor.png)


Faux "news" keeps playing brief clip of Mr. Rodman, only when he's getting emotional. As yet, NO mention of how he said Jugears wouldnt even listen? Hannity needs to go to OAN, VERY soon, and take his following to a REAL news station.

d93617 No.1713228


britains got talent, lookalike muh dick and face mask merkle

link has original vid


87ce9f No.1713229


I will only write what I see on this Picture! Maybe it help some great autists or i get blamed! ;-)

Timestamp 10:11:02 =23

Post number 11 23

23 Human

19 in military dress 4 in suites!

Human Nr 20 counting from the left in suite 3 on his right side

20 People in a half circle 3 in the middle

089151 No.1713230


it's because of all the borders. i agree, everyone speaks 4 or 5 languages

2d027b No.1713231


This is fukken gold anon


05a87b No.1713232


I often think of questions throughout my day so here is one i have in my holster…

Why do so few photos exist of Seth Rich? (open source).

fc283a No.1713233

File: 05b45da86e4afa9⋯.jpg (95.53 KB, 876x754, 438:377, Dennis Rodman.JPG)

File: d8f53b263951270⋯.jpg (112.82 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, mewRtKn6d75rsGhubTSHluO9vY….jpg)


Dennis Rodman is our closest star.

Men in Black (the movie) already soft disclosed that he's an alien.

Why do you think that reference was there?


>but what if I'm not?

ad5897 No.1713234


lol. this is why i can't play around with numerology.

every combination of numbers eventually makes sense without context, and meaning is lost…so i try to stick with the closest associations first. jumping to what -23 might refer to before i tie it to half of another crumb. : ) but you do you, anon - think your way and we'll probably hit the same crossroads eventually.

a575e5 No.1713235



cya next bread FEshill

2022c7 No.1713236

File: 37dd29f500847e7⋯.png (187.14 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 21-54-47-751 processed2.png)


Yes Space is real. Closest Star Is our sun, but aside from that it's Proxima centauri, about 4.2 light years away.

See my thread here: >>1706668 proving, at least, that the planet Jupiter is real, pic related.

843873 No.1713237


i noticed that Kim seemed to understand Trump without the interpreter, and Trump as well

883b56 No.1713238

People at work today when I try to give Trump credibility "Nothing has changed, he met a dictator like himself, big deal".

Holy shit, I have to sit with these creatures 8 hours a day!

b7efab No.1713239


Your account has been deducted 3 Social Credits. You are only authorized to travel by donkey for the next 12 months.

9c02a4 No.1713240


stealing this

2d027b No.1713241


I gotta do it for 12, suck it up anon kek

fc283a No.1713242


You should watch the video.

995204 No.1713243


>"where is the closet star"?

The closest star is our Sun.


883b56 No.1713244


Got it. This has been solved. Thanks.

843873 No.1713245


its truly pathetic that so many prefer to hate than see what a historic moment this is….such a shame

113184 No.1713246


because his "crazy/wild" persona was always a cover for being a spook

20acdb No.1713247


Observe how they parrot their lies to eachother.

Observe who talks the most.

See who is listening in silence.

Who's frowning?

Who's scowling?

Who also looks at these lies with disbelieve?

Those are your silent warriors.

6e7830 No.1713248


Very excellent

883b56 No.1713249


I forgot about that kek.

0c0e2b No.1713250


Anyone remember what happens after a hand shake?

Here is a brief history lesson.


a575e5 No.1713251

File: 493899c82fa89b5⋯.png (78.66 KB, 316x248, 79:62, ClipboardImage.png)


the shill is saying that its a group of stars, but the Centauri SYSTEM is

Proxima is specifically Centauri C

b7efab No.1713252


With the picture posted of the SingTel (Sing, Tell) Building.

883b56 No.1713253


After stating I'm not FE…lurk moar

03eded No.1713254

File: d6019f26a20784d⋯.png (795.42 KB, 640x640, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

d8bc43 No.1713255

File: 891062c9106e39b⋯.png (97.9 KB, 255x143, 255:143, ClipboardImage.png)


Anyone else realize how significant this is?

USA no longer governed by Admiralty Law?

24022a No.1713256

File: 1ac1f41719f15b7⋯.jpeg (478.36 KB, 2220x1346, 1110:673, 7C53ABF4-E54A-408D-83CB-E….jpeg)

b3039f No.1713258


>Soon they'll be down to just a loud, impotent minority

This is actually reality. But since majority is scattered, and divided, decent folks are made to fight and harm one another while (((pawns))) are united and focused.

This will be REVERSED.

86ed50 No.1713259





Obamacare Bill - 2300 pages

United Nations National Cemetery in South Korea has 2300 grave plots

Caesar was stabbed 23 times

Octavius had 2300 people executed

Fires on 9/11 - 2300 degrees

chilean miners trapped 2300 feet below ground

2300 sex genes on the 23rd chromosome

Daniel 8:14 New International Version (NIV)

14 He said to me, “It will take 2,300 evenings and mornings; then the sanctuary will be reconsecrated.”

d7e39e No.1713260

i got this acosta hotmic thingy a little cleared up audio wise..


4e0d3a No.1713261

File: 2334f34fe1f56de⋯.jpg (142.4 KB, 960x2461, 960:2461, redgran.jpg)

for unity, not division

a red boomer

995204 No.1713262


Aliens certainly exist just based on the vast number of galaxies

but they're all too far away to ever visit Earth.

b3039f No.1713263



Don't feed the JIDF cunt ip hoppin.

c34c9d No.1713264

File: 0d2c8cfb6b53509⋯.jpg (84.91 KB, 712x539, 712:539, 0d2c8cfb6b535095c064311ace….jpg)

with regard to discerning shilling, read cialdini:



a575e5 No.1713266


Rome should have never become an empire…


c98adf No.1713267

File: dcca9e5b4ab1840⋯.png (98.83 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, PostDetectorM.png)

9c17b0 No.1713268



and "our" media is SO FUCKING STUPID

they can't even have a single thought inn their head

it is 100% scripted bullshit teleprompter garbage on these networks

ZERO credibility, ZERO truth, ONLY spin

38f699 No.1713269


fuck off JIDF

24022a No.1713270

File: 97ee81c768f1cfd⋯.jpeg (757.38 KB, 1242x1298, 621:649, 844393AC-B639-4131-A523-8….jpeg)

22bf49 No.1713271

File: 1828780bb28bceb⋯.jpg (127.92 KB, 881x821, 881:821, MJ1.JPG)

File: 35df270d764347e⋯.jpg (121.75 KB, 893x824, 893:824, MJ2.JPG)

File: 372e82987684acc⋯.jpg (140.35 KB, 888x802, 444:401, MJ3.JPG)

File: 6a0f858316a595c⋯.jpg (126.99 KB, 894x823, 894:823, MJ4.JPG)

File: 5e46694b5acd2d6⋯.jpg (137.4 KB, 893x834, 893:834, MJ5.JPG)


4e0d3a No.1713272




883b56 No.1713273


That was me. I swore I read about it being a group of stars, that's my mistake. Not trying to spread misinfo, so I apologize.

0f1679 No.1713274


Let them Sleep Anon…

Be proud and confident in your awakened state

Soon, they will have no choice but to believe

Generations of lies don't die with a handshake


4412a5 No.1713275


See, that kind of stuff is way too complicated and cryptic.

219e69 No.1713276


Kim Jong Un will start denuclearization 'virtually immediately,' Trump tells Fox News' Sean Hannity


578086 No.1713277


Who's got the dancing Trump/Kim/Assange vid from yesterday? Lost my link, sifting through breads…asking for a friend;)

8ff055 No.1713278


unless they are already here lol

a575e5 No.1713279


well lets assume life exists on a planet WITHIN the Centauri system, it'd still take too long for them to reach us now, unless they left millions of years ago

d7e39e No.1713280

File: 8d1a9b58f7e3336⋯.mp4 (1.27 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, acostahotmic.mp4)


"If they won't allow me into this fucking meeting, that's what happens..all day long..all day long..


1f89ec No.1713281





I was wondering what liberals were saying around the water cooler today. Sorry about your frustration but if you could, keep reporting about your co-workers. I think it's beneficial to know real life reactions and not just see internet reactions

a342dc No.1713283

File: 6f85d0561f057fb⋯.jpg (94.93 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, venus-from-earth-geocentri….jpg)



Mercury and Venus can be seen to do "transits" across our Sun.

From the Ptolemaic perspective (geocentric) that means that one of those two "planets" are the closest star.

If we combine that with what we were taught, the answer is Venus.

089151 No.1713284


i live with them

a575e5 No.1713285

File: 53805eb82fc0591⋯.mp4 (6.34 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 53805eb82fc05910599f20ec41….mp4)


ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh I gotcha

e9930c No.1713286


No, space is not real. Yes, we don't live on a spinning ball hurdling through space going millions of miles per hour. Yes, Q followers are participating in the biggest timesink in history.

4b85b0 No.1713287

File: f370a30a3c9811a⋯.png (161.4 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_2109.PNG)

23 ?

668657 No.1713288



In notables a couple breads b back see

>>1712111 (You) Missile launch or something in Washington State. Government denies.

20acdb No.1713289

File: a2ab873d4b5ef70⋯.gif (972.67 KB, 285x171, 5:3, erected_freedom.gif)

File: 53805eb82fc0591⋯.mp4 (6.34 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 53805eb82fc05910599f20ec41….mp4)


here ya go

a575e5 No.1713290


>one of those two "planets" are the closest star

you were never taught that FFS

543eab No.1713291

50f267 No.1713292


an evolutionary mathmatical universe.

We still a secure, identity based network support computational civilization.

24022a No.1713293

File: 8f3773ba48cf8ff⋯.jpeg (563.35 KB, 1242x1462, 621:731, 95BE74C8-5A2A-41FE-A9F1-3….jpeg)

Those American elites who thought @realDonaldTrump has got nothing from the summit will become main obstacles for Trump to push forward solving North Korea issue. Trump has had Kim Jong-un’s commitment to complete denuclearization, now he must deal with those people seriously.

b7efab No.1713294


>2300 sex genes on the 23rd chromosome

MORE THAN 2300 genes

a575e5 No.1713295


desperate FEshill IP hopping

d7e39e No.1713296



here's sauce:


2022c7 No.1713297


You're confusing Alpha Centauri with Proxima Centauri. Alpha Centauri is the closest Star System, consisting of 3 stars and possibly a few planets. Proxima Centuari is also called Alpha Centauri C, and is the closest of the three individual stars in the system.

fc184a No.1713298



Racial mixing psyop.

d93617 No.1713299


The stars are on our side of the sky.

Hence no stars in NAZA footage.

It's L.E.O only i'm afraid.

The star gate base [colorado] knows.

132191 No.1713300

File: 92b40459685898f⋯.jpg (83.18 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2c2w6o.jpg)

b19108 No.1713301



Oh they are making sure everybody are on the same page!

4412a5 No.1713302


Maybe, but I think it would be more connected to military/intelligence.

8ff055 No.1713303


thats obamas home system

219e69 No.1713304


>>>1712111 (You) Missile launch or something in Washington State. Government denies.

Really? A fake yew.

Didn't do yourself any favors liar.

132191 No.1713305

File: 140aaa65b087e34⋯.jpg (86.49 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2c2wmy.jpg)



oops wrong pic, kek

cf7ae7 No.1713306


What say you if this is your creation (which I LOVE) do you mind if I post on my face berg acct?

e24290 No.1713307

File: 60dd45e6b0dd419⋯.png (6.85 KB, 318x159, 2:1, mediadc.brightspotcdn.png)

Found this to be interesting. The Trump team is making changes that are taking effect! Lets see how effective they become.

Federal judge halts secret FEC plot to target GOP groups

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Ads by Revcontent

A federal judge has blown the whistle on a secret Federal Election Commission scheme to punish some Republican groups and their donors, the latest sign of an anti-GOP bias at the elections watchdog.

In a newly released decision, Trump-appointed District Court Judge Trevor N. McFadden shined a spotlight on the FEC’s general counsel who recommended action against four Republican groups but dismissal of similar charges against supporters of a Democratic group, “Black Men Vote.”

In the case, the Washington-based Campaign Legal Center charged that the FEC wrongly voted to drop charges against three of the Republican super PACS accused of taking “straw donations” through corporations.

Winning the war against opioids: A military family's personal struggle

Watch Full Screen to Skip Ads

In a February 2016 3-3 vote, the FEC's Republicans voted to dismiss action in all five cases, noting that the conduct of the donors was the same in each, including the Black Men Vote complaint. FEC Democrats sought to investigate the four Republican and one Democratic groups.

In a sixth enforcement case, the FEC's Democratic chairman switched his position and refused to investigate a real estate developer allegedly using shell companies to funnel Chinese money to support a Florida Democrat.

In the federal court case, McFadden considered only three Republican cases involving straw donors from limited liability corporations, but since the FEC combined all five confidential recommendations, he considered them all too and made a point to note how the FEC counsel’s enforcement recommendations were biased against Republicans.

The decision follows an amazing admission by a former Democratic FEC chairwoman and frequent critic of Republicans and President Trump that the agency is biased against the GOP.

Asked if the cases before the FEC are biased, Ann Ravel said, “Absolutely. The cases have come primarily from watchdog groups, and most of those groups are on the liberal side.”

The judge’s decision won support from a former Democratic FEC chairman who said it was a major victory for the election commission. “A resounding victory for the FEC at the USDC for DC. The agency wins deference for its decision (three Commissioners voted not to investigate three ‘dark money cases) and quite a ‘tip of the hat to the First Amendment's role in agency decisions,” tweeted Bob Lenhard.


9c6894 No.1713308

File: 41c12a99c3a2b86⋯.jpg (40.75 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 41c12a99c3a2b866957f550aed….jpg)

a342dc No.1713309


Exactly, we weren't taught that the Greek word for "planet" means "wandering star"

>The definition of planet, since the word was coined by the ancient Greeks, has included within its scope a wide range of celestial bodies. Greek astronomers employed the term asteres planetai (ἀστέρες πλανῆται), "wandering stars", for star-like objects which apparently moved over the sky.

a575e5 No.1713310

>>1713280 >>1713296 Acosta caught on hot mic bitching


dd8701 No.1713311


Is there a way to download that so i can spread it away from the board?

20acdb No.1713312



I see we dont have a baker

Lemme bake dem bread


please help collecting notables

b7efab No.1713313


CNN: NK's denuclearization is only virtual, Trump admits.

e24290 No.1713314



883b56 No.1713315


Thanks, Anon. It's really eye opening when you see first-hand, all these people that just buy into what CNN tells them. Which…even if you are a liberal and left, fine. Your right, but there's so much proof of CNN rigging stories and making up news, how do you even trust them regardless of your beliefs? Yet people "CNN last night had…"

My time at this job is coming up. I have about 3 months before being laid off and I swear on my last day I wanna yell to these people in chan style "kill yourself" kek.

Instead I'll probably print a bunch of Q scans and leave them all over the building.

e9930c No.1713316


No stars in nasa footage because it's impossible to fake billions of them in accurate positions. Triangulation would BTFO them.

578086 No.1713317

File: 3be86c079e9441c⋯.png (44.84 KB, 261x146, 261:146, spray2.png)

fc184a No.1713318

File: 6916403d0a8b921⋯.jpg (446.71 KB, 750x967, 750:967, 1528811728241.jpg)

>Says Russian Senator

3d2a55 No.1713319


23 & ME, notice the ad push for Fathers Day?

a575e5 No.1713320



rick click or click on the mp4 link the click the download button

b7efab No.1713321


Begun, the Clone Wars have

a575e5 No.1713322


not mine, wish it was go for it

883b56 No.1713323


Poor bastard. ;(

089151 No.1713324


there's a ridge on the right implant. this is embarressing

38f699 No.1713325

File: 24da0204524ffdd⋯.jpeg (91.41 KB, 648x486, 4:3, 5a485d9f64213d9d449ac2a53….jpeg)

e6ec67 No.1713326

File: 32fe6dbf90c4e32⋯.png (1.45 MB, 979x1200, 979:1200, kilmeade.png)

I LOVE Brian Kilmeade


df52c9 No.1713327

>>1710133 pb



sorry if already posted:

"complaint wars" about *wetmedia*

https:// www.ripoffreport.com/reports/wet-media-inc/tucson-arizona-85748/wet-media-inc-barebackrtcom-website-business-involved-in-illegal-activities-discrimina-517808

b3039f No.1713328



These (((fucking shills))) in newsweek are STUPID.

219e69 No.1713329


Here comes all the fake news BS!

53938d No.1713330


shit i think cabal and nephilim have been doing this already in antartica

dd8701 No.1713331


Thanks Anon! Will do. Phonefagging prolly made it harder than it needed to be (kek)

4412a5 No.1713332

File: 65675340afed419⋯.jpg (24.97 KB, 783x172, 783:172, 88.JPG)



I think this is connected somehow.

883b56 No.1713333


You're correct. Sorry for the mistake.

a575e5 No.1713334


lol would love to see your sauce

>star-like objects which apparently moved over the sky

have you learned anything from NOT the 5th century BC?


333722 No.1713335



e9930c No.1713336


Look up Aug Tellez on youtube

9c6894 No.1713337

File: dddac0ff35b1347⋯.jpg (27.15 KB, 600x441, 200:147, winning b.jpg)

995204 No.1713338

File: 69bee8c773be309⋯.jpg (33.43 KB, 400x400, 1:1, shitstorm.jpg)


Whatever 23 does or doesn't mean, it is likely to pale in comparison to what is about to go down on Trump's birthday, hereafter forever known as Justice Day

dbe8b0 No.1713339

mockingbird radio stations saying the KJU summit is a waste because they did not talk about Human rights abuses. How to fix anons?

b7efab No.1713340


Be careful, the Clintons will have you Antarkancided.

fc184a No.1713341



MSM is vis a vis agreeing with Russia.

219e69 No.1713342

Statement from Trump, Kim Jong Un: Read the text


8ff055 No.1713343

anyone ever noticed all the cabal types have a mole dot or whatever the fuck it is on their cheek

thats weird …

dc4d95 No.1713344


>4 am command

-distrust that Trump can get NK to follow through on promises. Trump got outplayed.

-Trump turning his back on our European allies

38f699 No.1713345




Control over the Nephilim DNA. Anyone with that DNA via the Nephilim or line of Adam are the last true thinkers who are capable of genuine, independent thought and creativity. If you control them and their DNA, you can control the future.

What happens though when these reincarnated extraterrestials realize their non-terrestrial DNA origin and start thinking beyond traditional terra nationalistic lines?

4512cd No.1713346

File: 7bb630c6e9f7291⋯.png (156.45 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_7114.PNG)


They are the same.

b3039f No.1713347


Re-read crumbs:

Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 549b47 No.1106719 📁

Apr 19 2018 18:53:11 (EST)


Pelosi admits travel to North Korea [past].

Archive immediately.

They have tried to ‘cover’ this.

Why is this relevant?


These people will lose everything.


a342dc No.1713348




get real.

8ca9b5 No.1713349

Missile launched from Washington Naval base yesterday

http://q13fox. com/2018/06/11/missile-launch-lens-flare-mysterious-object-spotted-over-whidbey-island-raises-questions/

d93617 No.1713350


NAZA is industrial light & magic.

It's like a Mario game with all the platforms in the clouds.

Airforce now own L.E.O onced they realised space was unreachable.

4e0d3a No.1713351


so, is this what a DUMB is?

let's rally against peace…hmmm

33cb44 No.1713352

File: a40e61954b2e332⋯.png (345.77 KB, 605x673, 605:673, Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at ….png)

holy shit i just realized… could this apply to obama?

219e69 No.1713353


Ever hear of that russian until now?

I haven't, so MSM is pushing bullshit again.

7e87d6 No.1713354


Shes terrified.

She knows we know what she did in NK in previous decades.

NK was a hostage.

A hostage who is now free and has first hand recollection/proof of everything they did and made the country do.

05c8d7 No.1713355


Absolutely not. Not even multi-lateral trade deals.

ddda09 No.1713356

File: dc3feceae33804d⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1500x1125, 4:3, creeped.png)

File: c11605bd9f28053⋯.png (370.05 KB, 411x580, 411:580, MADAMNPREZ.png)

File: 7cad1bec27d2dd7⋯.png (177.95 KB, 316x423, 316:423, zuckler.png)

File: 42e29df0577968c⋯.jpg (148.24 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, zuckwithtoast.jpg)

e97a1d No.1713357






Anons, we counter with pushing Rodman interview.

Normies don't believe media they believe people.

Rodman is the best shot we got pushing an alternative to their BS.

I'm been heavy on pushing rodman since last night. My intuition told me then that his interview would be the best accepted as truthful, from the heart, honest, unfiltered, ect.

53938d No.1713358


back in the 30-50s the mil was about 50 years ahead

in the 80s the curve went straight up

it would literally scare the hell out of people if they really knew what there is

995204 No.1713359

File: 0cbf0204519c626⋯.jpg (48.41 KB, 758x358, 379:179, sessionssmile.jpg)


>the report will "shed a lot of light"

Out of the darkness, into the light

b3039f No.1713360

File: e079d42867d6407⋯.jpg (37.71 KB, 600x600, 1:1, SILENTWARRIOR.jpg)


[hussein] had no idea what he fucked with the day he mocked POTUS.

df52c9 No.1713361


i like the "W" theory best.

make sure he pays for 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, …

be46e0 No.1713362


POTUS says we are starting with a blank slate and that he has to deal with what he was given by previous presidents. He says Otti did not die in vain and that Otto was a big part of where we are today with NK.

38f699 No.1713363


Can you smell my shit from a 1000 miles away?

883b56 No.1713364


All due respect, but I;m tired of reading this. I know what I can handle. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility to me and I want the truth.

ddda09 No.1713365

File: 846a66ecc862ffa⋯.png (767.43 KB, 578x850, 17:25, GeneralPepe.png)

File: 2582cbef1887e89⋯.png (762.57 KB, 1306x904, 653:452, Justiceiscoming2b.png)

b3039f No.1713366


Good call really. Also remind people of the korean guy - NK defector during SOTUS.

2022c7 No.1713367


Yes the definition of a planet is wandering star, but that doesn't mean they are literally stars. they appear that way to the unaided eye, like the ancient greeks. .

4c1f7e No.1713368

File: 113932d32efaf16⋯.jpg (175.58 KB, 811x559, 811:559, AiWMarchHare.jpg)


This is to discredit the Alice In Wonderland script idea, which is very real.

e24290 No.1713369

Sorry guise, this one is more tolerable…..

The Trump team is making changes that are taking effect! Lets see how effective they become.

I wonder which Democrat the Chinese money was going to????

Federal judge halts secret FEC plot to target GOP groups

A federal judge has blown the whistle on a secret Federal Election Commission scheme to punish some Republican groups and their donors, the latest sign of an anti-GOP bias at the elections watchdog.

In a newly released decision, Trump-appointed District Court Judge Trevor N. McFadden shined a spotlight on the FEC’s general counsel who recommended action against four Republican groups but dismissal of similar charges against supporters of a Democratic group, “Black Men Vote.”

In the case, the Washington-based Campaign Legal Center charged that the FEC wrongly voted to drop charges against three of the Republican super PACS accused of taking “straw donations” through corporations.

In a February 2016 3-3 vote, the FEC's Republicans voted to dismiss action in all five cases, noting that the conduct of the donors was the same in each, including the Black Men Vote complaint. FEC Democrats sought to investigate the four Republican and one Democratic groups.

In a sixth enforcement case, the FEC's Democratic chairman switched his position and refused to investigate a real estate developer allegedly using shell companies to

funnel Chinese money to support a Florida Democrat.

In the federal court case, McFadden considered only three Republican cases involving straw donors from limited liability corporations, but since the FEC combined all five confidential recommendations, he considered them all too and made a point to note how the FEC counsel’s enforcement recommendations were biased against Republicans.

The decision follows an amazing admission by a former Democratic FEC chairwoman and frequent critic of Republicans and President Trump that the agency is biased against the GOP.

Asked if the cases before the FEC are biased, Ann Ravel said, “Absolutely. The cases have come primarily from watchdog groups, and most of those groups are on the liberal side.”

The judge’s decision won support from a former Democratic FEC chairman who said it was a major victory for the election commission. “A resounding victory for the FEC at the USDC for DC. The agency wins deference for its decision (three Commissioners voted not to investigate three ‘dark money cases) and quite a ‘tip of the hat to the First Amendment's role in agency decisions,” tweeted Bob Lenhard.


a575e5 No.1713370



do you really not know the difference between a planet and star????

by your logic (I HOPE YOU KNOW) we live on a star

do you know how utterly stupid that sounds?

50f267 No.1713371


Because Kim went to la rosey.

Landing page English

Classes mostly English.

Nice place, as elite nurseries go.


4412a5 No.1713372

Half of 88 is 44. He refers to Wizards & Warlocks.


44e9ee No.1713373


Titans of thought in here.

fc184a No.1713374

File: 68743f296643485⋯.jpg (53.7 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1510637437943.jpg)


*strips your citizenship for war crimes*

Heh, nothing personal kid.

33cb44 No.1713375

File: 13e5b9f2c7f6b0d⋯.jpg (3.49 MB, 3424x3003, 3424:3003, Qclockon612.jpg)

qclock for 6/12

it has two instances where Q posted… the reposted the same thing to a new board

on two different dates

both with a 16 min delta

53938d No.1713376


me too anon, im just saying in general like normie general

a575e5 No.1713377



its incredible sometimes in here

4412a5 No.1713378


Equal Black Hats& White hats?

b91637 No.1713379


Obviously just shit himself (relief)

7054a6 No.1713380


at an unprecedented peace summit, and he has to act like an entitled little bitch. honestly, he needs to be fired. so disrespectful.

05a87b No.1713381


Here is another…

I know this plan has been in place for a long time. In 2013 how did bad actors not catch on to what Rodman was doing and POTUS comms? Did they find out and thats why Apprentice ended and Mockingbird started going after him? Did they catch wind of a plan?

e9930c No.1713382


Why wont you research the flat earth doe

a575e5 No.1713383


some say POTUS was MIL INTEL and white hats asked POTUS to run years before he decided to run

dc4d95 No.1713384


Fox is disgraceful 90 percent of the time. Can't watch anymore.

It's too bad OANN doesn't have more funding.

0a3389 No.1713385

Working on a theory for missle

Hope to have it at the beginning of the next bread.

132191 No.1713386


He was being a complete douche bag and negative nancy this morning.( not the first time, it's been a pattern.) Did you see how he acted when Trump called Fox & Friends, he was being a TOTAL fucking dick to POTUS. He's either a clown weasle or just an asshole.