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File: 6268f09e9233453⋯.jpg (145.4 KB, 1795x1017, 1795:1017, # JPG.jpg)

e6f1fc  No.2606750

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Q Research supports attacking terrible ideas with better ones. We believe the use of force only proves a bad argument. We are researchers who deal in open-source information and informed opinion. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




Integrity, for in Truth lies Victory.

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Q - Killing The Mockingbird - (2nd in vid series): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80s5xuvzCtg

The Best of the Best Q Proofs >>1552095, >>>/qproofs/49 SEE FOR YOURSELF

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Q's Latest Posts

Tuesday 08.14.18

>>2606371 ————————————– House of GOD?

>>2603411 ————————————– Judge Sarah Backus?

>>2603103 rt >>2602749 ——————- You are under constant tracking/surveillance.

>>2602749 ————————————– Did you ever play HIDE-AND-SEEK?

>>2601546 rt >>2601488 ——————- Confirmed.

>>2601479 rt >>2601407 ——————- DEFEND_B720-1A

>>2601407 rt >>2601331 ——————- Armed man Hoover Dam re: link to Q?

>>2601331 rt >>2601052 ——————- Re_read drops re: SET UP.

>>2601101 ————————————– Ex 1.1

>>2600716 rt >>2600476 ——————- Not seen since WL Podesta dump?

>>2600470 rt >>2600205 ——————- Calculate probability.

>>2600089 rt >>2600020 ——————- Do not link to [CF].

>>2600026 rt >>2599937 ——————- Each FAKE NEWS article written or attack is a badge of honor - military grade.

>>2599937 rt >>2599779 ——————- We've had the ball the entire time.

>>2599748 rt >>2599082 ——————- Actors will act. We are in control.

Monday 08.13.18

>>>/patriotsfight/151 ——————-—— Sara Carter Article ( Cap: >>2585581 )

>>>/patriotsfight/150 ——————-—— Do not let this HYPOCRISY stand. FIGHT! ( Cap: >>2584619 )

>>>/patriotsfight/149 ——————-—— Smile for the Camera. ( Cap: >>2587514 )

>>>/patriotsfight/148 rt #147 ————— Normal? ( Caps: >>2579895 )

>>>/patriotsfight/147 ——————-—— Normal? ( Caps: >>2579789 )

Sunday 08.12.18

>>2570811 rt >>2569956 ——————- These accounts are run by BIG NAMES

>>2570672 rt >>2570066 ——————- You are the MAJORITY - by far - and GROWING

>>2570579 rt >>2569957 ——————- Fair & Balanced ( Caps: >>2567618 )

>>>/patriotsfight/146 ——————-—— Who do they report to? ( Caps: >>2570214 )

>>>/patriotsfight/145 ———————-— NBC scrubbing potentially sensitive Tweets from known characters ( Caps: >>2569319 )

Saturday 08.11.18

>>2564091 rt >>2563815 ——————- James Gunn + Satan: The choice to know will be yours ( Caps: >>2569758 )

>>2561079 ————————————– https://twitter.com/NBCNews/statuses/1028408743309008899 ( Cap: >>2561128 )

>>2560115 rt >>2559940 ——————- https://twitter.com/billmaher/status/112332199386296320 ( Cap: >>2560142 )

>>>/patriotsfight/144 ——————-—— We, THE PEOPLE, are the CURE ( Caps: >>2559100, >>2559143 )

>>>/patriotsfight/143 ——————-—— Not seeking re-election ( Caps: >>2558970 )

>>>/patriotsfight/142 ——————-—— State Dept [HRC]>>Eric Schmidt>>Lisa Shields ( Caps: >>2558342 )

>>2557485 ————————————– IRON EAGLE

>>2556980 ————————————– The SHARING of INFORMATION IS VERY IMPORTANT

>>2556723 rt >>2556646 ——————- BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM [NEXT WEEK]

>>2556646 ————————————– Autists catch the message?

>>>/patriotsfight/141 ——————-—— Could a new Telecommunications Act be on the way ( Caps: >>2555256 )

>>>/patriotsfight/140 ——————-—— The World is WATCHING (Caps: >>2555067 )

>>>/patriotsfight/139 ——————-—— Discovery.

>>>/patriotsfight/138 ——————-—— FAKE NEWS Consolidation (Caps: >>2554744 )

Q's Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/ | Qs Tripcode: Q !!mG7VJxZNCI

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ab15f0  No.2606802

The Visions of Fatima are real. Q, the fire. God help us.

b6035d  No.2606804


are not endorsements


>>2573462 , >>2573531 Archives have been updated: https://8ch.net/qresearch/archive/index.html

>>2462073 1986 U.S. District Court Dost test sets guidelines for No CP images

>>2327065 How to filter gore spam >>2334211 (new: Add into [Options] -> Theme)


>>2606511 PA priests molested more than 1,000 children

>>2606344 US Bishops release statement regarding the PA sex abuse

>>2606241 , >>2606339 A look into the Associated Press & Thompson Reuters

>>2606310 Supreme Court Justice Robin Davis resigns

>>2606133 Eye opening clip of Omarosa interview

>>2606150 Camera angles, the missile and Allen Island

>>2606047 Links to research on Ketron Island

>>2606057 , >>2606039 More resignations: RTA & St. Tammanay's

>>2606673 #3289


>>2605586 Hussein campaign staffer found dead

>>2605584 North & South Korea to create a single economic community

>>2605509 Weinstein sex trafficking lawsuit can proceed

>>2605401 Voat researcher found dead; Jem777's post search

>>2605376 Island owners research

>>2605384 , >>2605588, >>2605592, >>2605743, >>2605503 Island owners research

>>2605329 , >>2605332, >>2605348, >>2605356, >>2605367 Island owners research

>>2605329 , >>2605373, >>2605537 David Copperfield's Island & Abramovic

>>2605306 , >>2605308 New range of sold Q Proofs

>>2605304 Spieden Island Time line + fun facts known

>>2605285 , >>2605536 Geo-T: Geotagging? QRD

>>2605906 #3288


>>2604997 Oakley's Jim Jannard, Spieden Island & Fiji

>>2604894 Allen Island and the space mogul

>>2604866 Special laptops with no back doors, sold by mistake

>>2604859 Paul Allen Island & the co-founder of Microsoft

>>2604833 XKeyscore (XKEYSCORE or XKS)

>>2604715 Ellison 911 call confirms assault details

>>2604708 SIGINT & DARPA

>>2604627 Chelsea Clinton: Legalizing Abortion Created Trillions

>>2604591 Private Islands Owned by Billionaires

>>2604482 MAP account to look into

>>2605130 #3287


>>2603750 Allan Island near Ketron Island owned by a space mogul Eric C Anderson

>>2603760 Syria Update

>>2603738, >>2603513 (lb) Snowden + PRISM + XKEYSCORE

>>2603888 Anon digs on Left-Wing "Indivisible" Groups popping up around U.S.

>>2603934, >>2603948, >>2604341 Judge Sarah Backus Twats

>>2604011 NXIVM Update

>>2604041, >>2604340 Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer concedes defeat to Trump-endorced Kris Kobach - AP

>>2604106 Eartquake Update Alaska

>>2604153 DNC Releases Statement on Keith Ellison Domestic Abuse Allegations After 72 Hours of Silence

>>2604175 SIGINT… mentioned by Q found 4 times here

>>2604311 Double Q Foundation

>>2604403 #3286

Previously Collected Notables

>>2602931 #3284, >>2603685 #3285

>>2600544 #3281, >>2601219 #3282, >>2602155 #3283

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cee4d5  No.2606805

File: 3b4d5a8891c19f6⋯.jpg (87.61 KB, 571x269, 571:269, No Catalog Neo.jpg)

Yes, The catalog is a mirage right now.

sorry for shitting this possible bread, OP seems to have trouble finding it

b6035d  No.2606806

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11ff6d  No.2606808

File: d485b9237c422ae⋯.jpg (88.65 KB, 400x513, 400:513, a6ffcc08f41e69101c5bd490b7….jpg)

b6035d  No.2606809

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b74d8e  No.2606810


Dough from previous baker

2eceec  No.2606812


Drag the snakes out of the pit, show them for what they are. LIGHT will prevail over their darkness.

The central point of a great controversy.

Best snack for the big Event?



b6035d  No.2606814

#3290 Dough


Wew lads, thanks for the help

All good now

86cae3  No.2606816

Love a broken c-log

0410a1  No.2606817

>>2606783 (lb)

Look at some of those links in my post you linked to. Some talk about what I presume are affiliates having to PAY to use their DATABASE and info. Sounds like paying to gain access to intel to me.

31f8ec  No.2606819

>>2606598 (last bread)

WW1, thats what I meant anon, kek

thanks baker

catalog down again

b74d8e  No.2606820


I am a baker. Once you try to start a new thread, go to the Index and look for the new thread number.

Often, a post will "hang" at 100%, but it's in the index ready to be completed.

fc498a  No.2606821

File: 931707fa21b2bd0⋯.jpg (251.68 KB, 1263x839, 1263:839, qmap website.jpg)

File: 095a2d923677061⋯.jpg (193.08 KB, 992x678, 496:339, Response to antiFa Petitio….jpg)

File: f9f66ab5eddf3c3⋯.jpg (179.97 KB, 888x595, 888:595, anitFa Petition.jpg)

File: 3eee65c4ac03e2d⋯.jpg (153.8 KB, 751x500, 751:500, Trust the plan_2.jpg)

File: daf26d31b5c5364⋯.jpg (346.1 KB, 1200x706, 600:353, news.jpg)

5cf26d  No.2606822

File: df05d6433b8b82b⋯.png (761.67 KB, 1912x1556, 478:389, Q400 flight and missle.png)

>>2606371 (lb)


Is this the missle?


Start video link at 1:30

11ff6d  No.2606823

File: e65e6e4dfc97802⋯.png (521.26 KB, 900x609, 300:203, 29bfeaded2713ef1cccd65684d….png)


>>2606808 - Sorry for posting before dough

8a7588  No.2606824

File: cc144b644d1278f⋯.jpg (624.62 KB, 1000x734, 500:367, Bless-this-Bread-7.jpg)

File: 41c16c7fe00c0dd⋯.jpg (311.8 KB, 500x705, 100:141, Thank-You-Patriots-3.jpg)

Thank you, Baker.

Thank you, Patriots.

Love you all.

26e86d  No.2606825

Waits for anons to figure chans out…

14d64d  No.2606826

>>2606619 (last bread)

Fiona Bartlett Said that they did do this at the churches in Australia. Sacrificed them on the Alters in the churches only some congregation members met on Tuesdays and held the sacrifice rituals, the Kids were bred for this by Breeders and she said that they never went outside, were kept in cages and in the basements of the churches. in tunnels. They were bred specifically for sacrifice

she had to stay in cages with them sometimes

b6035d  No.2606827


Previous baker baked this one

Cheers crew. Didn't realize the cat had blown.

Thanks for the help.

d81dbe  No.2606828

File: e633ac9aa2c2fc0⋯.jpg (166.88 KB, 713x792, 713:792, SmartSelect_20180803-23515….jpg)

File: d414ae93ed1452d⋯.jpg (403.18 KB, 719x760, 719:760, SmartSelect_20180803-23334….jpg)

Threats to OUR. POTUS!!

b9eb99  No.2606829



Retard… "Vampires" are metaphorical for Jews.

The Hebrew "day" begins at sunset, or night. (Vampires hate sunlight).

When Jews first arrived in the US and could not write, they refused to make an "X" as a mark because it was similar to the Christian cross. (Vampires can't stand a crucifix.)

Jews have historically and consistently been accused of participation in "Jewish blood-libel", or rituals involving the draining/drinking/eating of human blood from a sacrificed victim. (Vampires drink their victims blood.)

There are too many parallels to list. Some anon did it one night. But, it's pretty obvious that Vampire stories are allegories for Jewish-exploits.


Go on, I'm reading.

31f8ec  No.2606830

is this the only bread you finished baker???

should BO delete the others???

fc498a  No.2606831

File: 1346861ef9cd402⋯.jpg (298.87 KB, 1262x632, 631:316, which way.jpg)

File: c3918125aa871dc⋯.jpg (118.32 KB, 971x953, 971:953, strzok section chief count….jpg)

File: 0a95a23623657cc⋯.jpg (54.69 KB, 582x509, 582:509, Q drop 08122018_4.jpg)

File: bdc1f541f83bc6d⋯.jpg (100.61 KB, 776x438, 388:219, omarosa_2.jpg)

File: 49dabcd15960b39⋯.jpg (51.43 KB, 548x547, 548:547, change we can believe in.jpg)

b9eb99  No.2606833

== FYI: Catalog is fucked again… We are "the children of the index" again… And the fags that scroll fro the "next bread" post.

fc498a  No.2606834

File: a73e42273ebd66d⋯.jpg (660.47 KB, 1100x1471, 1100:1471, Great Awakening_11.jpg)

File: aaf71ff3ae577f2⋯.jpg (224.3 KB, 1162x1144, 581:572, 5D chess.jpg)

File: b214a45acb37954⋯.jpg (402.35 KB, 1225x867, 1225:867, Big league 08112018_1.jpg)

File: 389d0e7ded9e0aa⋯.jpg (108.49 KB, 800x529, 800:529, No strings.jpg)

File: 7bcdaa8cfb0be20⋯.jpg (177.1 KB, 800x736, 25:23, max crowd.jpg)

d086a9  No.2606835



additional breads no dough

BO/BV should consider deleting

6f44a5  No.2606836

What if you found out that HALF of the people you know are evil in at least one sense of the word.

504c06  No.2606837


Way to Weather the Storm



2cc576  No.2606838

File: da20f4bb9167124⋯.jpg (39.26 KB, 470x327, 470:327, jfk-hitler.jpg)

I choose to KNOW!

6dfb9f  No.2606839

Q is going after the Jews and the Catholics today.

Will there be anyone left?

5cf26d  No.2606840



fc498a  No.2606841

File: dbcbbe9c6e94a14⋯.jpg (121.93 KB, 653x557, 653:557, Trump not racist.jpg)

File: c0d91302739935c⋯.jpg (292.4 KB, 1113x918, 371:306, hotline.jpg)

File: d0e8e1d775a18d1⋯.jpg (142.79 KB, 586x574, 293:287, Trump Tweet 08102018_1.jpg)

File: 0fdebe516c29860⋯.jpg (308.54 KB, 706x807, 706:807, SpyOp.jpg)

File: de334095fb062f4⋯.jpg (204.49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Boom.jpg)

b6035d  No.2606843


Not any issue, anon, twas an emerg.


Backatcha anon


I'll go and check. It's the only one I posted through the index

bc8427  No.2606844

File: 1ce29d0aaf71970⋯.png (3.29 MB, 1280x1920, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)


For service under


Thank You

59e695  No.2606845

File: 4bff971cf36091a⋯.png (12.55 KB, 408x140, 102:35, Screenshot_2018-08-15_05-3….png)


Or use the ToastMaster script. Pops up in realtime as the thread is created. Saves so much time and hassle.

ca6e79  No.2606846

File: 568a5a4f8e71bf3⋯.jpg (112.91 KB, 332x467, 332:467, TruthLight..jpg)


(((They))) will be JUDGED


Matthew 4:19

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.”

John 8:12

Then Jesus again spoke to them, saying, "I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life."

John 3

20 For everyone who does evil hates the light and avoids it, so that his deeds may not be exposed. 21 But anyone who lives by the truth comes to the light, so that his works may be shown to be accomplished by God.

Luke 8:17

"For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light. ∞

99bb77  No.2606847


Bad Aliens, then we're done : )

ab3cba  No.2606848

To all the shills and/or newfags saying "GET THEM NOW!" "NO MORE WAITING!" "THIS IS TAKING TOO LONG" etc… Do you not understand how much is at stake here? Do you understand the sheer weight of the war that is being fought at this very moment, while you continue to whine about it "Taking too long"?

The men and women on the FRONT LINES of this war, and those who have helped in planning and executing what has been done so far, have more than likely known about the TRUE depths of this evil for many, many years. For years, they probably felt helpless and raged at the fact that nothing could foreseeably be done while they lay awake on contless sleepless nights. Don't you think if things could be done instantaneously they would have long since been done? "This is not a game" in the most serious sense of the phrase. This is a war of biblical proportions, and will dictate the future of humanity for hundreds of years.

FINALLY, we have reached a time when action can be taken, and it's the one and ONLY shot there is or ever will be to make things right. Step back and think for a fucking second. THINK about the true scale of what is happening. This is not for your entertainment and for your sense of justice to be satisfied as quickly as possible, this is to once and for all expose and defeat the corrupt, satanic, and outright evil that has plagued the world for so very long.

Stop being so selfish. Trust the plan, and do your part in helping to make this Great Awakening the greatest victory for Good in humankind's history.

31f8ec  No.2606849


thats such an ignorant claim


gotcha, there are a few others

fc498a  No.2606850

File: c4e5857c53d9a43⋯.jpg (402.27 KB, 1418x1080, 709:540, Q drop 08092018_4 list.jpg)

File: 60df701ffc890a7⋯.jpg (354.16 KB, 1133x914, 1133:914, Devin Nunes.jpg)

File: f5e4caaf8a244f8⋯.jpg (69.55 KB, 854x356, 427:178, Trust four.jpg)

File: 5c1ead82f8b18dd⋯.jpg (194.63 KB, 700x644, 25:23, Protect elections.jpg)

File: edef7576b3ecc36⋯.jpg (52.73 KB, 315x499, 315:499, going ham nellie ohr.jpg)

8ff2e3  No.2606851

File: 1b3e10e13ba0a36⋯.jpg (797.38 KB, 2219x2998, 2219:2998, why.jpg)

26e86d  No.2606852


Pretty much this.

Like first day of college, "look to left of you, look to the right of you. 1 of those people is an evil fuck with horrible things they've committed."

1770f4  No.2606853

31f8ec  No.2606854


agree with everything written

b904ff  No.2606855

File: 87be17b78dc0f58⋯.jpeg (42.82 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 0FDD9620-B46C-4D35-A9C1-A….jpeg)

File: 22324ab9f704ba3⋯.jpeg (67.6 KB, 500x333, 500:333, C3BFA99A-B2B4-4D4E-B021-6….jpeg)

>>2606724 lb

Epstein island et al…


5cf26d  No.2606856



73d1a9  No.2606857

File: 8e6eb6fe39f6638⋯.jpg (305.12 KB, 921x855, 307:285, Bible 1.jpg)

File: 655069d66f2143d⋯.jpg (242.99 KB, 672x729, 224:243, Yellow Submarine.jpg)

File: b10fcb74d53dd28⋯.jpg (308.68 KB, 1199x701, 1199:701, Bible 2.jpg)

House Of God

What does the Bible say about earth?


Who is Enoch?

What is the book of Enoch?

Why was it taken out of the Bible?

Did Jesus quote the book of Enoch?

Does this lend credibility to it?


b9eb99  No.2606858

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


(((They))) have even openly admitted to their depraved secret-lives.

fc498a  No.2606859

File: fb1b68f76c6d8bd⋯.jpg (102.24 KB, 723x528, 241:176, Q drop 07292018_13.jpg)

File: 2f85954278fbee4⋯.jpg (34.24 KB, 391x470, 391:470, site down.jpg)

File: 830862dcd8b70b0⋯.jpg (124.52 KB, 1115x423, 1115:423, Q drop 07292018_6.jpg)

849b75  No.2606860

File: 33e97390531d1d2⋯.jpg (135.77 KB, 1537x848, 29:16, 6.JPG)

Allen County Judge Levine retiring at the end of the year


6dfb9f  No.2606861




Underground, connected tunnels??

82b11e  No.2606862

Guys, lets remember its not all Catholics.

Its not the real Catholics, its the ones who call themselves Catholic but are not.

There are lots of patriots in Vatican City, its just the cabal has a strong hold there.

No they are not ethnic Catholics, Catholicism is a religion!

No divisionfagging guys, don't talk about how the Vatican is doing evils stuff, it offends the Catholics.

Guys, don't name who is and isn't Catholic. IT doesn't matter, its just good vs evil.

e87375  No.2606863

>>2606374 (lb)

Thanks anon, this is the sauce of my video.


(embed is on their site unfo)

4c1fed  No.2606864

File: 2ccf7a09b019742⋯.jpg (274.24 KB, 475x594, 475:594, thestateofCA.jpg)

FUCK the beast system. I can't pretend to be this much of a faggot just to get a "job" surrounded by libtards. I can't even find a small business to work out in my remote area of CA. Hell it's not even remote it just has suburbian faggots. Q! Rain some jobs over Cali! I'm willing to clean toilets but no one is calling me back!

a4de55  No.2606866

File: 35f044f0ab2fa91⋯.jpg (392.75 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Coffee Frog Q.jpg)

Who broke the catalog again?

6799d9  No.2606867

Baruch, you wanted to be famous?

There, now you're famous.


0c8656  No.2606868

File: 8379cbea1948062⋯.mp4 (9.75 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, sky king.mp4)


thank you baker(s)

o7 for answering the call

your duty is respected by me

this is from anon previous bread

it deserves moar eyes


if you are gonna be that guy that sits on this live bread and reads shit live, fuck man, at least others go off bread and dig and shit and activate their almonds, all you do is read what others collect, ya you get knowledge, you clown others, but really are you that high ranking? to me you're just rank

5cf26d  No.2606871

File: e909c51804df4c9⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1438x912, 719:456, EP Oh.png)

fc498a  No.2606872

File: ceb80d16e8f94f1⋯.jpg (63.93 KB, 600x370, 60:37, NBC vs anons.jpg)

File: 7d728d7e3ccb82b⋯.jpg (227.92 KB, 1000x713, 1000:713, Threats_2.jpg)

File: 70d339d9b9d826d⋯.jpg (254.84 KB, 1300x956, 325:239, Mason lodge France.jpg)

File: 2bcb147f91ef763⋯.jpg (120.08 KB, 800x889, 800:889, 100 mil to 1.jpg)

File: 9fdc84d7258a8e1⋯.jpg (410.75 KB, 1207x776, 1207:776, valerie jarrett born in ir….jpg)

c5d87b  No.2606873

File: bceb97f1637e2ad⋯.gif (2.65 KB, 100x100, 1:1, symbol-pentagram.gif)

File: 54e9b571e00f871⋯.png (234.41 KB, 888x1196, 222:299, 133.png)

File: f94dea2f4db8b64⋯.png (315.07 KB, 920x1430, 92:143, 142.png)




Bloodlines - Follow the Money - Blood Rituals - Ashkenazi Judaism - Quid Pro Quo

d81dbe  No.2606874



636c07  No.2606875

File: d109a4127093cef⋯.jpeg (65.28 KB, 487x417, 487:417, arrest.jpeg)


Jeez anon you are slow.

bc2d57  No.2606877

File: 36514bb15768240⋯.jpg (143.01 KB, 500x764, 125:191, Trust-the-Plan-Liberty.jpg)


That's right. Yes true.

2cc576  No.2606878

File: f5f7075ce5d6383⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 1920x1486, 960:743, f5f7075ce5d638322d9ff084ac….jpg)

File: c737bafb0ada07d⋯.jpg (200.58 KB, 1000x685, 200:137, canaanite_god_child_sacrif….jpg)

849b75  No.2606879

Today's Resignations in the news.

Ingham County Commissioner Louney resigns over campaigning from government email


Andover Veterans Services director resigns over profane tweets


Former Mexico Beach Chief Resigns from School Officer Post


Tallahatchie sheriff resigns as FBI says he took bribes from drug dealer


Winchester superintendent submits resignation after being placed on leave


Hamilton County High School principal resigns


Haas resigns from TC Commission


Cartner resigns as superintendent of ECPPS


Daniel Boone superintendent resigns


BREAKING: Deputy chief of Palm Beach Police Department to retire


Chancellor Duncan retiring from Texas Tech System


fc498a  No.2606881

File: 71329b439a90fbe⋯.jpg (91.29 KB, 736x422, 368:211, Nord Stream Pipeline Germa….jpg)

File: 01c39d19453df20⋯.jpg (286.59 KB, 799x932, 799:932, Daily Caller Awan 07112018.jpg)

File: 04efd9fc397957f⋯.jpg (205.79 KB, 960x1328, 60:83, NATO countries Defense Exp….jpg)

File: 5d0376a1f0699cb⋯.jpg (245.56 KB, 1059x597, 353:199, Huma Abedin DoS SAP securi….jpg)

File: 8f36087eebb352a⋯.jpg (249.39 KB, 668x937, 668:937, Obama campaind paid 972000….jpg)

a6a791  No.2606882

File: a65e251e9aaf4b3⋯.png (346.52 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6cda7bd355e753b⋯.png (546.75 KB, 728x449, 728:449, ClipboardImage.png)


Is this our reality?

4c1fed  No.2606883

File: bd03036a493a9e7⋯.gif (445.96 KB, 300x186, 50:31, joker.gif)


>What is the book of Enoch?

>Why was it taken out of the Bible?

But anons want to call you a shill or biblefag yet Q quotes scripture. Hilarious. I'm glad you're not diet woke and a free thinker anon. Welcome to infinite peace. Fuck NASA and their deceptions of "space."

31f8ec  No.2606884

>>2606879 Today's Resignations

good work anon


73d1a9  No.2606886


Have you ever read the catholic church official doctrine?

Mary remained a virgin?

Communion turns to flesh?

Holy Father? (pope or god?)


82b11e  No.2606887


I think your right Anon. Half the world could be connected by DUMB tunnels for all we know.

99bb77  No.2606888


All religions that don't have the people and betterment of mankind in mind can go take a hike.Just the way it is now

b904ff  No.2606889


Now, KETRON Island, owner…?

14d64d  No.2606890


That is video of the plan????

that looks like a missile

those jets were scrambling for that missile?

26e86d  No.2606891


Most people think either/or. You see it all over the boards (mostly shills) but still.

Autists can think both/and or neither/nor.

4c1fed  No.2606892


Absolutely. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. So much of you just wait for Q's manna. DIG. FFS.

186fbd  No.2606894

File: 3a549d807168387⋯.jpg (108.5 KB, 960x540, 16:9, catholiccherch.jpg)

1ac52b  No.2606895


Never seen that woman since she appeared on oprah.

In fact I bet she is a roth.

fc498a  No.2606896

File: f06479ca2d66ad3⋯.jpg (293.18 KB, 827x1049, 827:1049, Hurricane Electric.jpg)

File: d8ffdff65b0c4e5⋯.jpg (154.7 KB, 863x610, 863:610, Putin Obvious.jpg)

File: 094b3783da4355d⋯.jpg (162.16 KB, 946x536, 473:268, Trump password.jpg)

File: 2913264179c39fd⋯.jpg (130.43 KB, 1012x724, 253:181, Taxes 2 point 0_2.jpg)

File: 4d89c5d6858cf1a⋯.jpg (307.17 KB, 800x1333, 800:1333, birds of a feather.jpg)


no table

59e695  No.2606897


<don't talk about how the Vatican is doing evils stuff, it offends the Catholics.

Don't talk rubbish! I'm Catholic and despise the Vatican. Most of us do. We are sure as fuck not offended!

6dfb9f  No.2606898


The Boring Company is an infrastructure and tunnel construction company founded by Elon Musk in 2016

f895c1  No.2606899

File: 95a4c7dda06755e⋯.jpg (41.13 KB, 612x344, 153:86, WOOOOOT!.jpg)



b904ff  No.2606900


SA TX Air Force bases absent

5319b3  No.2606901


Far fetched theory:

Morlocks are real. So are their holes.

571db0  No.2606902

File: b45c2c1ea373939⋯.jpeg (200.71 KB, 1440x414, 80:23, AF64E870-03EC-4ABB-9006-5….jpeg)

File: 25cb7d49b58f690⋯.jpeg (244.82 KB, 800x800, 1:1, F9C4D59B-94A4-47F8-9EA6-A….jpeg)

f603d9  No.2606903


Wrong. Good vs Evil. Big difference, anon.

690074  No.2606904

File: 08b484ac16bc3f5⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1287x959, 1287:959, Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at ….png)

Thank You Baker!

3f7497  No.2606906

File: c5ac19806cab4a5⋯.jpeg (178.69 KB, 1200x750, 8:5, That's_It_2.jpeg)

31f8ec  No.2606907

I wonder what Ex 1.2 will be….

f2b3b4  No.2606908

File: e48ffdf05c04902⋯.jpg (59.6 KB, 489x807, 163:269, Y chromesome.jpg)

File: d7110a3dfc4fd93⋯.png (228.35 KB, 285x637, 285:637, hermaphrodite.png)

File: b656e76e48a4890⋯.jpg (77.53 KB, 500x667, 500:667, baphomet 2.jpg)

b48098  No.2606909

Now, I found it.

Calculate probability.

What is the mathematical probability that a rogue missile launched at/near the runaway plane?

How many billionaires own islands?

How many billionaires live on islands?




Is Q saying that the bad guys used a rich guy's estate to launch the missile?

b9eb99  No.2606910


Here's an idea… Just be a good Christian… You don't have to belong to an organized church to study the Bible and love your neighbor.

02eec2  No.2606912

New information about the Q400 aircraft crash on Ketron Island has emerged.

The plane crash on the island was a cover for an aerial attack.

The F-15 escort was not only there to escort. It was there to attack a Cabal MIC-built underground hideout located on the island.

According to sources, the underground hideout facilitated a submarine dock where a decommissioned Sturgeon-class nuclear submarine was being kept.

The submarine that Q posted back in June (https://qanon.app/#1479) was the "USS Richard B. Russell", a Sturgeon-class submarine that was decommissioned in Washington State.


The image of that submarine was posted right after the photo of the Whidbey Island missile launch (https://qanon.app/#1476).

The name of the mechanic who allegedly hijacked the Q400 aircraft was Richard B. Russell.

There are no such thing as coincidences.

Q Post 1845:

"Autists catch the message?

Think missile.

Do you believe in coincidences?


The decommissioned USS Richard B. Russell was re-outfitted with a long range ballistic missile that was used in an attempt to assassinate Trump in AF1 prior to arriving in Singapore before the summit with Kim Jong-un.

The missile was armed with a nuclear warhead and was aimed to detonate in the ocean below Trump in AF1.

The Q400 aircraft was remote controlled to crash directly into the exact location of the underground hideout.

The plane flew in a circular pattern around Ketron Island that resembled a "Q" before crashing.

The F-15 escorting the Q400 aircraft then used a specialized weapons package to destroy the underground hideout.

The crash site was a cover for any smoke or explosions caused by the destruction of the underground hideout. The plane crash also served as a reason for the F-15 to be there.

The underground hideout and the submarine were successfully destroyed.

The covert operation was successful.

None of this could be publicly exposed as the public would be flabbergasted about the whole ordeal.

The released air traffic audio of the incident was pre-recorded. All an elaborate cover for the covert operation.

Side Note: The underground hideout on Ketron Island was also being used to facilitate satanic pedophilia activities. No children were present at the underground hideout at the time of the covert operation. If any children were present, they would've been extracted by special forces prior to the operation.

2cc576  No.2606913

File: fce8b9aaf61c8be⋯.jpg (128.52 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 4d35c3c62961f7a94419e390aa….jpg)

d81dbe  No.2606914



b904ff  No.2606915


Mysterious booms across country

Destroying dumbs?

b6035d  No.2606917


I've asked BO/BV to delete the other bakes

31f8ec  No.2606918


there was no misile


>The submarine that Q posted back in June (https://qanon.app/#1479) was the "USS Richard B. Russell",

no it wasn't, GOD DAMN it was ohio class

you posted this same disinfo ealier, stfu

05b65c  No.2606919


It could also mean that all the players are connected, i.e. priests, celebrities, presidents, prime-ministers etc.

Many turn out to be relatives of each other or connected via secret societies (masons, knights of malta, the multitude of orders etc.)

f895c1  No.2606920


All the towers in NYC were lit up BLUE tonight.



d07501  No.2606921

File: 42df5b148df84f6⋯.jpg (45.72 KB, 632x623, 632:623, faces.jpg)

File: 694988ba8ccf6ce⋯.jpg (50.61 KB, 670x426, 335:213, pope.jpg)

849b75  No.2606922

File: b84ba3d93fb70c6⋯.jpg (78.83 KB, 1043x825, 1043:825, 6.JPG)

File: a9a4c71946d28ad⋯.jpg (50.53 KB, 1003x191, 1003:191, 7.JPG)

Grace Road church followers detained in Fiji raid


f895c1  No.2606923

File: d53abbeb1cc1428⋯.jpg (43.31 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1rjzbt.jpg)

26e86d  No.2606924


Rumor has it. Good luck saucing it tho without going to (conspiracy theory) sites and shouted down.

8a7588  No.2606925

File: 403fea1d4bfedad⋯.jpg (309.85 KB, 500x705, 100:141, The-World-is-About-to-Chan….jpg)

File: d1dc30d51efb4a2⋯.jpg (1.57 MB, 1440x1915, 288:383, We-Are-Winning-2.jpg)

Take heart, frenz. Every day, the worst criminals possible to imagine are being removed from positions of power, all across the world. Every day, child abusers are being locked up. The world is changing before our eyes, and what we see is only the tippy top of the iceberg. We are Winning, no matter how loud the [MSM] screams. This is what they look like when they're losing and they know it.

Stay strong, stay together, stay the course. They cannot stop us now. Too many of us know.

Love you, frenz. WWG1WGA.

9f2067  No.2606926

File: ff2d437a6b2a7eb⋯.jpg (227.18 KB, 1500x1098, 250:183, 141016970.jpg)

386b39  No.2606927

catalog is broken




02eec2  No.2606928


First time I posted this, mofo. There are lots of anons on this board, not just you or I , dummy lol

b904ff  No.2606929


Owners name dig and posted few breads back

Q popped in and fuck if I didn’t cut n paste. Shit

5cf26d  No.2606930


That's what I wan't to know . Been trying to get Q to answer. No one seems to have completely deciphered his last post about the missile though.

He's probably not gonna spell it out for us though. It could be Venus as well.

b103a0  No.2606931


anons - fake and gay? (not showing up in tineye)

73d1a9  No.2606932

File: 4f4080e3c8b61c3⋯.jpg (386.64 KB, 890x798, 445:399, APOLLO.jpg)

File: 91dd172f60f1917⋯.jpg (383.48 KB, 1140x670, 114:67, Impossible Hubble.jpg)


Conspiracey? Hiden truth? Hello World

What are molecules?

How is heat transfered from atmoshpere to molecules?

Do you have a mind?

Can you think?


91b5c8  No.2606933

Jesus called the jews OF THE DEVIL.

Does it get anymore evil that that?

Wake the fuck up.

Here are some wonderful Jewish Laws that ALL JEWS MUST FOLLOW.

Jewish Laws directly from the Talmud:

"A Gentile (non-jew) girl who is three years old can be violated." 9 boda Sarah 37

“Extermination of the Christians is a necessary sacrifice.” Yalkut 245c

“Even the best of the Goyim (Gentiles) should be killed.” Zohar, Shemoth

"It is permitted to deceive a Goi." Babha Kama 113b

“A Jew may pretend he is a Christian to deceive Christians.” Iore Dea 157,2 Hagah

“A Jew must always try to deceive Christians.” Zohar I, 160a

That is a SMALL sample.

No other religion on Earth permits such things.


If that isn't evil in your mind, then nothing is evil.

6bf7b3  No.2606934

File: 3e716fdeae62c0e⋯.jpg (2.16 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180814-233430….jpg)

File: 6c05d95cca0e79b⋯.jpg (158.77 KB, 1020x641, 1020:641, 12182017_derailmentCP_1045….jpg)


probably unrelated to each other but still interesting - the Amtrak derailed not far from the island awhile back

186fbd  No.2606935


Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world. – James 1:27

d8885b  No.2606936

File: be0520b7d33b392⋯.jpg (20.05 KB, 255x253, 255:253, e8eb075ea04d63da6c22c3e660….jpg)

02eec2  No.2606937


Holy shit wow…. suddenly it makes perfect sense lol

bc2d57  No.2606938


So. Someone took all the info that anons dug and posted and debated here on the chan, and wrote an article on it.

89910d  No.2606939


Q is pissed, we are pissed..critical mass reached? If not we are very close. Regardless, game over for the bad actors!

99bb77  No.2606940

File: a9d4319ec04a999⋯.png (235.95 KB, 304x376, 38:47, hjk8j5j5.PNG)


Don't forget this one,lol

c5d87b  No.2606941


Human trafficking all about the Ashkenazi Jews needing blood and pedos needing children, not in that order.

e87375  No.2606942


I haven''t counted, but it looks like around 400 separate titles on that Island. So not owned by one person.

The southern part is a bit mysterious though, maybe just a park or reserve or something?

b2be11  No.2606943

File: 8485308a39e08fc⋯.jpg (48.63 KB, 733x385, 733:385, henry-ford-wars-for-profit….jpg)


Good article on CIA/Mossad infiltration of media from a few years ago.

>Ulfkotte reveals that there are many quid pro quo exchanges between news correspondents and intelligence agencies. Large sums of money, gifts, public recognition and significant career advancement go to those journalists who provide useful information on people they meet or know, or on places to which they travel. Many times, the reporter, like Ulfkotte, need only put his name on an article written for him by some spy agency or financial institution. Money and gifts change hands; doors open to elitist groups, like the Trilateral Commission, Atlantik-Brücke, the Aspen Institute and the German Marshall Fund of the United States. Those who do not cooperate are fired.

097c1b  No.2606944

File: 10c65ec5f858378⋯.jpg (61.88 KB, 500x722, 250:361, red.jpg)

Thanks Baker

6dfb9f  No.2606945


Trump is after Jews, Catholics, Democrats, Never Trumpers, Bankers, Chinese, journalists,

and now I found out Omarosa is a worthless shifty dog

There's nobody left to trust except my Aunt Ethyl down the street.

02eec2  No.2606946


Yep this site steals us 8ch's work a lot

https:// inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2018/08/operation-disclosure-gcrrv-intel-alert_14.html

31f8ec  No.2606947


no it isn't, if i wasn't doing something, I'd go back and cap your bullshit

>There are lots of anons on this board, not just you or I , dummy lol

go back to facebook

its blatant disinfo shill

bc8427  No.2606948

b9eb99  No.2606949

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

No shit… (((They))) had radio-laws re-written to shut up this man years ago. His name is Father Coughlin.

I'm not Catholic, but I see this guy as BASED AF. Have a listen for yourself. It's only like 2 min. long.

f895c1  No.2606950

File: a805492d92f1753⋯.jpg (153.33 KB, 1280x705, 256:141, the-walking-dead-daryl-dix….jpg)



I was getting annoyed Q hadn't addressed the Flight etc the past few days.

And I just login for the first time and BOOM BOOM BOOM!

d81dbe  No.2606951



Have been a little MIA lately, gotta go find the OWNERS name…

d3bb88  No.2606952

We here are all aware that the medical model of “mental illness,” aka biological psychiatry, continues to dominate our system of “treatment” for individuals in emotional distress and for persons whose behavior is perceived to be annoyingly aberrant by others. Despite massive amounts of evidence which, in a fair world, would and should undermine this status quo, the pharmaceutical/psychiatric complex has worked tenaciously to create, maintain, and extend the dominant system — which has led, as a consequence, to support from mainstream media, courts, the entertainment industry, the general public, and, it seems, every elected national official. This is despite the best efforts of many — including dissident mental health practitioners, academics, journalists, and individuals who have been consigned to, and have survived, the prevailing mental health system — to reform or eliminate the present system and replace it with one placing greater emphasis on ethical values, respectful treatment, and practices more likely to help clients have satisfactory lives and flourish. To date little progress has been made toward that end.

It is clear that the failed system of biological psychiatry and the harm it imposes upon its clientele will not be rectified until 1) It is perceived publicly to be of problematic concern upon the national stage, and 2) The factor, or factors, which have most successfully protected it from influential and persuasive assaults on its power and authority can be identified and neutralized.

Based on writings and talks by UCLA professor David Cohen, it appears that the primary factor which protects psychiatry’s unwarranted police power and authority, and trust in its unsupported “scientific” claims, is that it is perceived as performing the function, not so much of assisting emotionally upset and confused individuals, but of shielding society from folks who appear disturbing, irritating and are, especially, believed to be dangerous. In fact, our social culture appears more than willing to ignore the harm perpetrated by the medical model of emotional distress and behavior, and the damage created by its pharmaceutical “cures,” so long as it retains a belief in and continues to value the extra-legal power it grants psychiatry to shock, drug, and incarcerate otherwise innocent individuals as necessary activities to protect society.

a6db6b  No.2606953

File: 47102215f0f375b⋯.png (15.33 KB, 470x246, 235:123, Q 1763.png)

File: f6423860ea8130e⋯.png (390.38 KB, 821x889, 821:889, Safe Childhood 8-14-18.PNG)


There are arrests and prosecutions daily

Check the link Q provide weeks ago

f9ac53  No.2606954


Nobody believes a fucking word we talk about here so it would be nice if Q would just tell us.

cee4d5  No.2606955

File: 4d3aec4793efc12⋯.gif (1.32 MB, 400x560, 5:7, Woke.gif)


The vortex of life is incomplete without those points of being that constantly circle around the event horizon or the absolute most recent Qresearch post, kek. Everyone's got their place, but yes, Q gave us a cornucopia platter of directions upon which to dig and make deeper connections, especially with EXAMPLE 1.1 - Find the 1 to 1 to 1 to 1 connections. The primary sources and their chain of affiliates. The more ways that the evil can be webbed together and connected, the easier it is for those further away from the NOW POINT that is the current post, to be able to understand different facets of the whole, because different beings with different mental patterns will need different ways of seeing the information presented in order for it all to stick - thousands of beams of light, and whatnot.

eb7080  No.2606956



<<Clumsy anon.

bc8427  No.2606957

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Broaden your horizons

You really CAN

Live with NO Hollywood.

636c07  No.2606958

File: 43cc827e7d12d4e⋯.jpg (42.19 KB, 386x456, 193:228, Faggot.jpg)

2cc576  No.2606959

File: d90d93c664ed1d1⋯.jpg (16.76 KB, 390x285, 26:19, 1452749079148.jpg)

718401  No.2606960

File: 3f0a4f336de8453⋯.jpg (187.94 KB, 1067x1600, 1067:1600, hot_girlsehghKPH51rsw5zvo1….jpg)


Future historians will attribute the earth's 50% ginger population to anons shitposting preferences.

82b11e  No.2606961






Did I sound like a retard?

Was just pointing out how stupid it sounds to say stuff like that when it comes to other specific Abrahamic religions, but when it comes to the church its fuck the evil Vatican. I know not all Catholics are bad, but I don't have to dislaim it every two seconds like people do with (other) religions on this board.

73d1a9  No.2606962


Jesus also said to one of his apostles, "get thee

behind me satan."

He did not call ALL jews of the devil.

Only individual people.

Jesus is a jew.

His apsostles are jews.

Those who are real jews accept the messiah (jesus)

Those who do not are not jewish.


02eec2  No.2606963


Go back and cap it dude. This is the first fucking time I posted it. All I did was copy paste from this site to show this site AGAIN stole stuff from us chans

https:// inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2018/08/operation-disclosure-gcrrv-intel-alert_14.html

02ba11  No.2606964


So how about them baby raping Catholics huh?

4b3122  No.2606965



Strzok just looks evil like Schumer does

8ff2e3  No.2606966


[Aunt Ethyl]

9e15b6  No.2606967

File: cfe0d5ed9652301⋯.jpg (385.85 KB, 909x760, 909:760, 7clI82cs02iipmaq349xcz_002.jpg)

0c8656  No.2606968

File: def1995f246d22f⋯.png (212.86 KB, 851x876, 851:876, 1475881377669.png)

i guess since q started it…

here's Ben Garrison getting in on the


f895c1  No.2606969

File: 88df9ff9afcd083⋯.jpg (53.1 KB, 750x934, 375:467, tumblr_o22fdchUDI1skqlxjo1….jpg)

Thanks Baker!

dcfa26  No.2606970

File: c9ff8d902926a87⋯.png (293.19 KB, 922x794, 461:397, Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at ….png)

File: 8c72b5807ee2ecd⋯.jpg (707 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, IMG_5601.JPG)

File: d5def01f4f071dd⋯.jpg (379.62 KB, 1242x1856, 621:928, IMG_5602.jpg)

File: 0b9fca8f00d5cb7⋯.png (1.7 MB, 2644x1774, 1322:887, Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at ….png)

digging more on Dr Henry Jarecki

He owns two islands in BVI

He created a youth center there and also builds schools in cambodia.

I found a picture of him with Soros

Also one of his sons was the interviewer for the JA hologram conference back in 14 https://time.com/3490585/google-eric-schmidt-wikileaks-julian-assange/

8bd6ba  No.2606971


Her accent is upper midwest. I would say Wisconsin.

If memory serves Cathy O'Brien is also from Wisconsin. Hmmm……..

d3bb88  No.2606972


Prescripticide: A Proposal for Action and a Request for Your Help

We here are all aware that the medical model of “mental illness,” aka biological psychiatry, continues to dominate our system of “treatment” for individuals in emotional distress and for persons whose behavior is perceived to be annoyingly aberrant by others. Despite massive amounts of evidence which, in a fair world, would and should undermine this status quo, the pharmaceutical/psychiatric complex has worked tenaciously to create, maintain, and extend the dominant system — which has led, as a consequence, to support from mainstream media, courts, the entertainment industry, the general public, and, it seems, every elected national official. This is despite the best efforts of many — including dissident mental health practitioners, academics, journalists, and individuals who have been consigned to, and have survived, the prevailing mental health system — to reform or eliminate the present system and replace it with one placing greater emphasis on ethical values, respectful treatment, and practices more likely to help clients have satisfactory lives and flourish. To date little progress has been made toward that end.

It is clear that the failed system of biological psychiatry and the harm it imposes upon its clientele will not be rectified until 1) It is perceived publicly to be of problematic concern upon the national stage, and 2) The factor, or factors, which have most successfully protected it from influential and persuasive assaults on its power and authority can be identified and neutralized.


bc2d57  No.2606973


Main thing is for the info to disseminate out into normiesphere. I don't resent the info getting out through multiple channels. They took our informed speculations and wrote them as facts though.

46fe6d  No.2606974


Seems plausible that outer space is fake

9d94d5  No.2606975


Not matter what validity you claim your message may or may not have, it is COMPLETELY LOST due to the incessant and parasitical spamming, on /qresearch.

0c8656  No.2606976


sexy digits

digits sexy

f895c1  No.2606977

Anyone think the choice to know will be ours

means that we will have to connect the dots and come to the final conclusion and that Q will not lay it out for us? PRETTY PRETTY sure this is what he's getting at…

5319b3  No.2606978


this can't be real.

b82843  No.2606979

File: 1013ee4890e9a3d⋯.jpeg (35.81 KB, 255x255, 1:1, CBB03702-0C2B-453D-A5AD-7….jpeg)

1300+ Grandy Jury report on Diocese in PA:

https:// media-downloads.pacourts.us/InterimRedactedReportandResponses.pdf

b904ff  No.2606980


Yeah. But this poster was revealing (green text) about man grew up in billionaires house with satanic rituals. Didn’t out person whose deceased nor any other perps. Not cdan either. This man described KETRON island details precisely although he didn’t know the name of it.

89910d  No.2606981


Same here, had many "to do's" after work..just got home and jumped in here and holy fuck!!!

0410a1  No.2606982


UPI, I had forgotten about these guys. Some interesting information here though.


"In 2000, UPI was purchased by News World Communications, an international news media company founded in 1976 by Unification Church leader Sun Myung Moon.[10][11]

It now maintains a news website and photo service and electronically publishes several information product packages. Based mostly on aggregation from other sources on the Web and gathered by a small editorial staff and stringers, UPI's daily content consists of a newsbrief summary service called "NewsTrack," which includes general, business, sports, science, health and entertainment reports, and "Quirks in the News." It also sells a premium service, which has deeper coverage and analysis of emerging threats, the security industry, and energy resources. UPI's content is presented in text, video and photo formats, in English, Spanish, and Arabic.[12]

UPI's main office is in the Miami metropolitan area and it maintains office locations in five other countries and uses freelance journalists in other major cities."

Remember this guy? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_Myung_Moon

KEK, moonies, forgot about those clowns too.


6dfb9f  No.2606983


Hi Aunt Ethyl

b6f8a1  No.2606984

the choice to know will be yours:


b9eb99  No.2606985


Fuck, this pumps me up every time I listen to it…

Chills down the spine.

02eec2  No.2606986


I've caught this site doing that several times. They even did it to me once, with a big post I made on Reddit. It was copied word for word on their site, and they made it sound like it was some intel, when I clearly stated on Reddit it was just a theory.

73d1a9  No.2606987


Think new arrivals.

The world is watching.

a9e5a7  No.2606988

The Catalog is frozen.

59e695  No.2606989


>Did I sound like a retard?

Yes you brought up the subject of catholics and the vatican and got it ALL wrong. Speak for yourself in future and not others you know NOTHING about!

009ec1  No.2606990


>Ashkenazi Jews

eric schmidt

39c9e6  No.2606991

File: 0944867a6218c8f⋯.jpg (314.31 KB, 1653x2048, 1653:2048, St Michael Prayer.jpg)

b9eb99  No.2606992


Fairest point EVER!

f895c1  No.2606993

File: 3742cdd1365af4f⋯.png (218.16 KB, 752x529, 752:529, 374.png)


We're under constant attack.

33d7d2  No.2606994

File: fac2f6ed1b42019⋯.png (266.42 KB, 763x689, 763:689, Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at ….png)

File: 6321ce53b257d6d⋯.png (85.24 KB, 882x282, 147:47, Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at ….png)



holy shit Q

that was fast

shortly after Q posted we get this headline

6dfb9f  No.2606995


The bitch, I knew she was dirty.

040337  No.2606996

File: f7b0180bd866c71⋯.jpg (41.09 KB, 640x633, 640:633, pepe laugh.jpg)

31f8ec  No.2606997



then someone else copypasta'd the same bullshit disinfo

you can go look at the side by side in the SBS thread, or you can reverse image search the sub Q posted and you'll find out its an ohio class sub

not muh scrapped sub

sauce that shit then, (whoever did it last time) passed it off like theirs, like you did

its blatant nonsense

0410a1  No.2606998


News World communications


02eec2  No.2606999

I know the Q drop about the pilot and crash is hard to decode, but I do believe we need to figure out what billionaire owns the island, and maybe the surrounding islands too.

82b11e  No.2607000



Went right over your head.

Source; Im a plane

b9eb99  No.2607001


Life's a bitch, huh? ;)

9d94d5  No.2607002


Exactly. This is the reason I called out your clearly diversionary and hence malevolent tactics.

Talk to you again in a few months if you're around.

c2b78f  No.2607003



I am going to be as clear as possible for Q team to understand.

Continued impunity with which these fucking BITCH MADE scum get to disrespect our people and nation without getting their skulls broken and smashed in only serves to demoralize and drive your most dedicated supporters/world into the edge of violent and spontaneous actions they themselves may not even control - which is EXACTLY what (((they))) want.

Even though your comms and messages have served well to counter this, I can see the absolute end of the fraying lines as people are starting to really stop giving a fuck at this point in time.

If it's us VS these third world scum/globalists, people are willing to do the unthinkable (for them).

Which is why it is VERY necessary to demonstrate FORCE and POWER on a street level by Q team and our professionals to smash their disrespect and subhuman attitude to the pavement in a VERY lethal and terrorizing manner - in a very controlled/overwhelming fashion.

People are demanding removal and death of those who disrespect and commit crimes against our women and children, against our people. Our civilization.

We have no 'obligation' to work with others. Yet we chose to do so. These racially motivated scum are simply there to be killed and eviscerated by us, for being against us at EVERY TURN.

Apparently everyone else's priorities matter but ours. Not even our willingness to not accept disrespect and aggressive actions by others.

We did not elect Q team and POTUS for simply continuation of cuckery and defeat. We did not elect any patriots to carry out delusional new-england mentality of 'equality' upon which the world pours their scorn on.

We did not elect YOU, POTUS and Q team, to serve as handmaidens to your jewish friends and their world view and their vision for America as they continue to carry out their racially motivated vision of how our people should act/talk.

We, the PEOPLE.

We refuse to tolerate this fake reality any longer. Criminals must pay, aggressors against OUR PEOPLE and OUR CIVILIZATIONS must pay a LETHAL price and have their entire tribe/race dominated and eviscerated to demonstrate exactly what happens to those who dare believe they can attack us with impunity.

Lethal action. It's us or them.

None of your words of 'unity' or 'against racism' reach the ears of those fucking subhuman piece of shits being let off by corrupt delusional judges, or those who see that they are free to commit crimes with impunity on racial basis and your people are being attacked by them (and, increasingly, YOU - or [[[those]]] who pour honey down your ears).

Your vision and world view, assuming it is yours, is running into a flat wall.

Q team, this is a very straight message from those who see the situation on the ground. You may see the forest, but I am not sure if you are giving two shits about anything other than fulfilling some kind of delusional type of 'good' that literally is not doing anything to help stem the tide of increasingly emboldened and racially motivated ENEMIES who are running rampant world wide on daily basis, street level.

Straight report from those who still believe we the people matter - unlike what your jewish and foreign friends believe.

f895c1  No.2607004

File: 30ee8cd6c3d5397⋯.jpg (41.88 KB, 552x414, 4:3, 1cszx1.jpg)


The choice to know will be ours….

Free Will.

What allows Q legally to post IMO.

fc498a  No.2607005

File: 26cb8b43edaf05c⋯.jpg (213.22 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, The world is about to chan….jpg)

File: f7373106f91c1ca⋯.jpg (114.47 KB, 626x749, 626:749, Bruce Ohr.jpg)

File: 37825d2e8c0a61a⋯.jpg (183.65 KB, 1200x812, 300:203, Ugly web_4.jpg)

File: 49d8678b9639c21⋯.jpg (176.67 KB, 1200x791, 1200:791, Ugly web_3.jpg)

d81dbe  No.2607006



59e695  No.2607007


Brock STILL paying you? What a waste of his money on a retard!

1dbe6a  No.2607008


the pilot/hijacker mentioned



the Mama whale and her baby

02eec2  No.2607009

Liberals: Trump should be impeached because he cheated on his wife with Stormy Daniels

Also liberals: Lets donate money to Peter Strzok's GoFundMe account, the same guy who got fired for anti-Trump texts to a girl he was having an affair with behind his wife's back

73d1a9  No.2607010

File: 4c3d13de6922a48⋯.jpg (702.97 KB, 1626x1032, 271:172, 2015 N 2012 blue earth.jpg)

File: 66d22641b217104⋯.jpg (415.18 KB, 1361x713, 1361:713, Earth Meme.jpg)


It's good to know that some can see.

Just wait, the more research you do the incredible

it becomes.

The more you realize what it means the more

amazed you will become.

bc8427  No.2607011

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Think YOU have problems?!

Maybe other people have bigger problems

Even huge problems can be solved


Find your team

Build your team

It's time!


The Greatest STORM in the WORLD 2017,

big Waves 20 m

ad68f7  No.2607012


>>TR is a conglomerate corporation with divisions of


Risk Management Solutions

Intellectual Property


Reuters News Agency

Pharma & Life Sciences

Scholarly & Scientific Research

Tax & Accounting


Financial Customers

The Financial business provides a broad and robust range of offerings to financial markets professionals. It delivers global content sets, including fundamentals, estimates, and primary and secondary research. Financial also provides customers with tools, platforms, venues and services to enable fast, intelligent decision making.

⁃ Investment banks/bankers/professionals

⁃ Wealth managers and wealth management firms

⁃ Portfolio/Asset managers

⁃ Research/Financial analysts

⁃ Economists

⁃ Traders and brokers

⁃ Financial institutions

⁃ FX and money market traders, sales desks, hedge funds and alternative market makers

⁃ Institutional traders

Risk Customers

Our Risk business provides a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to help our customers address third-party risk (customer, supplier and partner), regulatory compliance, corporate governance, operational risk controls, and pricing and valuation.

⁃ Audit/Compliance/Risk management professionals

⁃ Money laundering reporting officers

⁃ General counsel

⁃ Boards of directors

⁃ Law firms

⁃ Banks

⁃ Insurance companies

⁃ Accounting firms

⁃ Government institutions

Legal Customers

Legal is a leading provider of critical online and print information, know-how, decision tools, software and services. The business serves customers in law firms, corporate legal departments and governments, including federal, provincial, state and local government lawyers and judges, as well as investigators.

⁃ Law firm and corporate legal professionals

⁃ Legal professionals in government agencies/departments

⁃ Law students

⁃ Law librarians

⁃ Judges, lawyers, court and law firm staff

⁃ The general public

⁃ Fraud prevention and investigative professionals in government, law enforcement, law firms and businesses

Tax & Accounting Customers

Tax & Accounting is a leading global provider of integrated tax compliance and accounting information, software and services for professionals in accounting firms, corporations, law firms and government.

⁃ Tax departments of multinational and domestic corporations, accounting firms, financial institutions and tax authorities

⁃ Accounting firms, corporate tax, finance and accounting departments, international trade professionals, law firms and governments

⁃ Government offices (treasurers, tax collectors, auditors, clerks, assessors, land managers)

⁃ Accounting firms, corporate tax, finance and accounting depart­ments, law firms and governments

Reuters Customers

Founded over 165 years ago and powered by nearly 2,500 journalists around the world, our news has a reputation for speed, impartiality and insight. We provide trusted business, financial, national and international news to professionals through Thomson Reuters desktops, the world’s media organizations and directly to consumers via reuters.com and Reuters TV.

⁃ Broadcasters, print publishers, online/digital distributors/government/partners

⁃ Financial, legal and tax & accounting professionals

⁃ Global professionals consuming news

⁃ Brands, advertising agencies

9e15b6  No.2607013


what's up with the swastika and the pedo swirl

why not a Q?

Shilly shit

849b75  No.2607014

File: b8634413fba7d42⋯.jpg (102.6 KB, 872x653, 872:653, 6.JPG)

Butler Health System Acknowledges Alleged Fraud By Former Administrator


c5d87b  No.2607015


Who is family 'y'? Satan?

This blood line and jew thing make so much damn sense in the context of Q#142… WWII was about making the Jews unhateable, so they could get away with whatever, including blood rituals.

Hitler was a puppet to let all of this happen. The EU is the Nazi party under control of Hitler's daughter A. Merkel.

205ca8  No.2607016

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

(Bread #3289)


This could be a case of two peas in a pod. Here's another side that was posted earlier. Maybe her voodoo was stronger than his:



Michael Clarke Duncan Gay virgin


There's an add-on for some browsers that lets you bypass the age restriction.

26e86d  No.2607017


Well, since I was trying to be nice and agree with you, i will say you're a retard if you don't understand the Cabal corrupted every religion early on.

People dont understand how deep and how LONG the cabal has been ruling shit.

And half anons think "THEY WIN" ..lol Cabal thinks their GOD WINS..


7eb6b3  No.2607018

PEEK-A-BOO [ILLUMINATI] you are Doomed

31f8ec  No.2607019



91b5c8  No.2607020


You have no fucking idea what the hell you are talking about.

f895c1  No.2607021

File: 3c0164cb4bc85c3⋯.jpg (112.87 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, DknB4lbUcAAqpaF.jpg)

c6422d  No.2607022



(Insofar as I've noticed that it appears to contain what is declared, though it doesn't look like an official document in a number of ways)

bbd2be  No.2607024


So annoying. Is this the best [[[they've]]] got?

31f8ec  No.2607025


I filter the FEtards now, its too tempting

99bb77  No.2607026


Most people that are good don't know they go to an evil religious center to worship or go to work for an evil boss, etc. Most people are good and when they find out the people or places they frequent are bad….see ya, they'll walk away, much like how we can't watch some celebs or sports figures now. World is changing for the better now, WWG1WGA : )

02eec2  No.2607027


Rockefeller, or Roths?

186fbd  No.2607028


I think it's partly going to be a case of when the stuff is finally released, there'll be a series of, in effect, "Spoilers," like we have here, such that the deeper you want to go, you make a conscious decision to take each step, knowing it will be progressively more disturbing/shocking as you go.

36ca16  No.2607029

Re: Q drop #1878

See how the cabal mocks Almighty God’s simple definition of religion.

(James 1:27) “Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.”

The cabal controlled “church” targets children not to comfort and care for them, but to abuse or murder (sacrifice) them. The cabal’s religion, therefore, is intentionally the polar opposite (EVIL) of Almighty God’s definition.

As far as keeping “oneself unspotted from the world” Almighty God gives us another easy to understand verse to guide us:

(1 Thessalonians 5:22) “Abstain from every form of evil.”


Forget all the manmade religious doctrines (half-truths), institutions and practices we’ve been taught from our youth to trust, and begin to build again on Almighty God’s simple Truth.




832c1a  No.2607030

File: ae32fe37ddfcfe0⋯.jpg (31.67 KB, 788x142, 394:71, GombeenMan.JPG)

File: 1acb23547e2d1a3⋯.jpg (16.58 KB, 245x205, 49:41, JudenPresseDracula.jpg)


If you read Bram Stoker's Dracula the parallels w/Jews are obvious. Makes sense when you consider it may be a fantasized version of a character in an earlier novel of his, The Snake's Pass. "The Gombeen Man," was published as an excerpt, based on the real problem of the way Jewish money-lenders impoverished Irish farmers getting them to put up their land. Gombeen means "counting," similar to "combien" in Spanish.

Draining of us our resources/money/land is a metaphor for blood-drinking too. Just as their lying media poisons our understanding of reality, draining our ability to think/discern properly. So many ways Jews parasitize us.


690074  No.2607031

File: 65d4c94664d7db3⋯.png (343.06 KB, 526x508, 263:254, Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at ….png)

59e695  No.2607032


Shove your reconcile up your sweaty ass crack!

31f8ec  No.2607033



++ = roths

bd430b  No.2607034


I love only 2 things on this world

b82843  No.2607035


*1300+ pages

b74d8e  No.2607036

>>2601101 (previous bread Q post)

Q's latest graphic explains why Israel is last (for a very good reason). The Mossad (Israel's intelligence agency) is who is directing the media and anti-US politicians (and anti UK, and anti-etc).

The 1:1 part tells me that they keep their lines very distinct, which means that one person knows only who is above and who is below them. Therefore, if someone is turned, only a small number of the cabal are implicated.

This leads to the reason Israel is last. They have to work their way up through many, many lines of command back to the top, else the cabal will just regenerate due to having just a few of its Hydra heads removed.

0410a1  No.2607037


Nice job.

91b5c8  No.2607038


Go right ahead.

I'll try not to cry.

b6f8a1  No.2607039

the choice to know will be yours:


eaee71  No.2607040


Sorry Anon, Jesus wasn't a Jew. I'm not going into it, but NO. I spent 15 years in the church, I was a minister, and my Autism is reading and comprehension. Just…No.

fc498a  No.2607042

File: 234dd60fbdd21af⋯.jpg (116.09 KB, 900x496, 225:124, Thanks for your Vote.jpg)

File: 018c5327d555a02⋯.jpg (105.68 KB, 800x513, 800:513, Shelia Jackson_2.jpg)

File: ba4c5672194e91d⋯.jpg (181.59 KB, 760x758, 380:379, abandoned.jpg)

File: 7563773936b9a72⋯.jpg (121.76 KB, 517x624, 517:624, key server.jpg)

File: 4a40747ce9f6b02⋯.jpg (313.12 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Night Crew_2.jpg)

73d1a9  No.2607043


It's only those who cannot see that think it diversionary. This is the master key to understanding

ALL there symbolism and all their secrets.


c67f30  No.2607044


I hope Q reads this.

4c1fed  No.2607045


Shut the flying fuck up, sheep. Do your own fucking research before you start spewing that common core like parroted bullshit you call muh education. Stupid fuck. Break the programming. You'll see predictive programming and "Astronauts" coming clean saying they never went to the moon. GTFO.

eaee71  No.2607046



8a7588  No.2607047

File: b7f3c2901c29cc5⋯.jpg (670.92 KB, 1000x734, 500:367, Let-Love-Be-Your-Shield-1.jpg)

Love is a source of power that they can't touch.

Love belongs to us.

Love is not weak in the face of evil.

Love Sees Justice Done.

26e86d  No.2607048


Good argument, Way to think out wannabe autist.

Back to non-thinking FB for you.

718401  No.2607049


>https:// media-downloads.pacourts.us/InterimRedactedReportandResponses.pdf

Getting an invalid cert warning.

48ddd2  No.2607050

she said Chicago.

I'd like to know more about that book.. did she say Lola's Cave?

690074  No.2607051

File: 84d8b526782317b⋯.png (190.4 KB, 369x408, 123:136, Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at ….png)


But who made the graphic, and what is the sauce for the image?

f895c1  No.2607052

0d68c2  No.2607053

File: 51cc6ef085a4ba5⋯.mp4 (14.24 MB, 848x480, 53:30, Pizza Is Served By Ellen -….mp4)


were they auctioning children on here?

10b37f  No.2607054

Biblefag here. Why do you think Peter/Paul were crucified upside down in Rome?

That is the story that is usually told about their martyrdom.

The reason given is that Peter didn't see himself as worthy as being crucified the same way as Jesus. What if this was misinfo?

What if they were trying to tell future generations something?

Is the upside down cross a Satanic symbol?

What if Peter, the first Pope, was trying to tell us something…

Saint Malachy's Prophecy says the current Pope is the last Pope…

If God is real and Satan is real, then would Satan mock God by turning his own house? All these pedos in the Catholic Church really make you wonder…

bbd2be  No.2607055


The GoFundMe shit pisses me off to no end. People like Robyn Gritz who were SCREWED by assholes like McCabe and Candice what's her face are financially RUINED while these asshats raise this kind of money from their cabal friends within hours.

46fe6d  No.2607056


5thAveAnon dig was interesting.

Was there a satanic ritual space in the basement of 666 Fifth, connected by tunnels to other buildings in the area?

All ended and broken up by JK purchase?

That's what it sounded like.

4fc265  No.2607057


Nxivm connection? Fiji, slaves.

eb7080  No.2607058


>Anyone think the choice to know will be ours

Probably more that the administration is not going to draw extra attention to it.

Arrests will occur and it may make the news, but don't expect Trump to make a big deal about the pedos going down and their crimes.

So, pay attention and read the details, if you want.

The choice is yours how much you want to know.

Much of the public might not even realize it.

The flaw, of course, is that failure for the public to fully acknowledge it will mean it happens again in the next generation.

Things like this need to be in history books and taught in school or else we just repeat the same mistakes of ignoring it.

73d1a9  No.2607059


Jesus FULFILLED the entire Jewish religion.

If you don't know this you were never a christian.

He is the jewish mesiah.

The jewish christ.

This is why we call him christ, call him the mesiah.

You are a simple, child like diversion.

02eec2  No.2607060

I'm all for the cracking down on ANTIFA, but it makes the case difficult when they show up to protest white supremacists (so called). We need ANTIFA to show up and protest something harmless, then crack down on their asses so it doesnt come back and bite us in the ass and allow the MSM to say we defend white supremacists

901276  No.2607061



Everyone is talking about the New World Order and a one world government, but according to a former Canadian military officer, nobody wants to believe its true sinister nature lies in the mysteries surrounding thousands of deep underground military bases scattered throughout the world.

Here is his story…

Timothy of Canada tells a wild story, a story of underground military bases where animal and human sacrifices nourish the bowels of creatures that have inhabited the earth long before man arrived.

He doesn’t expect anybody to believe him, saying most people will think he’s talking science fiction anyway.

But nevertheless he feels compelled to speak, feeling compelled to risk life and limb as the New World Order zeroes in on the last stages of its incredible worldwide population reduction plan.

“They have been delayed with their plan to reduce the world’s population by 80 percent but the globalists are now stepping up their activities,” said Timothy, who refuses to use his real name, in an extended conversation this week from Germany, where he’s employed in the aerospace industry.

“I am not about to use my name, risking incarceration as I would be in violation of our country’s State Secrets Act. Also, do you know that more than 3,000 people have been killed for trying to talk about what goes on in these underground bases. It’s basically a death sentence when you start getting too close to the nerve center of the real New World Order’s plans.”

And Timothy says the real heart and soul of the New World Order plan lies in the mysterious underground military bases scattered all over the world, including roughly 30 in Canada, 140 in the United States and more than 1,500 worldwide.

He became privy to this top secret information when he served as a junior officer in the Canadian Armed Forces in the aerospace engineering branch, while working at one of the top secret deep underground military bases at Cold Lake in Canada.

And what he learned and what he has been researching ever since leaving the military is how this network of underground bases not only houses and conceals non-human life forms with incredible powers, but conceals an underground warehouse of sophisticated super-human technology used for mind control, advanced military weaponry and weather manipulation with the eventual goal of depopulating the world.

“Most people, including most of the so-called patriots, are sincere about defeating the New World Order, but they are really looking in the wrong direction. They need to uncover, expose and alert the people of the world what’s going on below the earth’s surface,” said Timothy who likes to talk in a machine gun, rapid fire fashion, as he recalled first being alerted to the underground military base phenomenon when he researched the mysterious events surrounding cattle manipulation in Alberta, Canada, in the 1970’s.

“It is very dangerous and you could be killed if you try to expose what the globalists are doing with this network of tunnels and underground facilities, but I have ended my silence since they are now in the final stages of there plan. Remember, AIDS being manufactured? Well, what’s in store for mankind is now much worse and we need to do everything we can to try and stop the destruction of the world as we know it.”

881b8c  No.2607062

>>2606501 lb

We've all sinned.

But the ones that don't repent and go to God for forgiveness and get born again, those will not just die, but be destroyed. Not by God, but by the adversary, the enemy of mankind (steal, kill & destroy). Get right with God - He is just to forgive!

Romans 10:9&10 - how to get born again. Just believe and confess Jesus Christ as Lord and that he was raised from the dead. That is all it takes.

God didn't want a bunch of "followers" that didn't even know Him; that went to priests for confession/forgiveness. He wants a personal relationship with all of his children. A one on one relationship. You don't need to belong to a "church" (i.e. building made with hands) to get access to God, that access is gained only through Jesus Christ.

These are truths that the Catholic Church has tried to keep hidden from people.

59e695  No.2607063


So astonauts not going to the moon means the earth is flat? You are getting even more retarded. Fuck off back to Brock!

ab3cba  No.2607064

040337  No.2607065


Unless you got hard proof of what your "meme" claims, the only thing you are doing is spreading disinfo. Sauce up or Stop.

39da14  No.2607066

Any autists figure out where POTUS was when Omarosa recorded him?

If POTUS was in a


then she's fucked.

7a7d9b  No.2607067

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




I think this 4:49 min VIDEO is NOTABLE.

31f8ec  No.2607068


>The 1:1 part tells me that they keep their lines very distinct


1:1:1:1 = they're the same/their talking points and stories therefore are the same (equal ratio like 5:5)

b9eb99  No.2607069


>"I know not all Catholics are bad, but I don't have to dislaim it every two seconds like people do with (other) religions on this board."

Well, for one, the Bible does not appear to condone pedophilia or subjugation of other human beings, as does the Talmud. Second, 6 million Catholics didn't fake their deaths. Third, Jews have been kicked out of 110 nations for similar reasons each time. They seem to be subversive by nature.

Furthermore, they stink and are unattractive.

f895c1  No.2607070


Oh come on don't you think that might be a stretch…

Everyone loves pizza… Had 2 slices for din din myself tonight.

bd430b  No.2607071

File: 585dfd626b220fd⋯.jpg (30.64 KB, 660x371, 660:371, potus 11.jpg)


potus doing his job

02eec2  No.2607072


You think PS's funds are frozen and thats why he is doing it? I cant figure out his angle. Just to garner sympathy maybe

91b5c8  No.2607073


Tell your rabbi.

That shit doesn't work anymore.

690074  No.2607074

File: 2f6eb9a6400e99c⋯.png (169.51 KB, 513x440, 513:440, Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at ….png)


>Roman Catholic Diocese of Scranton 799


f895c1  No.2607075


It's from this Twitter someone keeps posting….


b8474e  No.2607077

File: af3ca43d329ebb7⋯.jpg (57.62 KB, 400x400, 1:1, RIPRICH.jpg)

Swooping into comfy nighttime bread. >>2606750

fc498a  No.2607078

File: 14fb86b254826b0⋯.jpg (388.32 KB, 1151x912, 1151:912, Robert Byrd.jpg)

File: 448136969fc8d03⋯.jpg (260.29 KB, 849x947, 849:947, Q drop 08052018_8.jpg)

26e86d  No.2607079


DC is a two party consent

e60007  No.2607080

File: ead015941e18b71⋯.png (11.59 KB, 593x204, 593:204, nIrMauDHlzQ-mPQax7hvGoCS9V….png)

02eec2  No.2607081


Same with the Cohen/Trump recording. Florida is a 2-consent state, and good chance POTUS was at mar-a-lago for either/both calls

623c43  No.2607082


Q is going after the ==EVIL== Jews and Catholics today.


59e695  No.2607083


>Saint Malachy's Prophecy

Any sauce to go with that anon?

c67f30  No.2607084


If this really is true, and NYPD knows it, Q knows it, POTUS knows it, and nothing has been done? Makes zero sense

7eb6b3  No.2607085


Did HRC ever play HIDE-AND-SEEK?


1f5b79  No.2607086

File: 42f45f284202169⋯.png (163.9 KB, 888x888, 1:1, Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at ….png)

File: 0f349c3bfe22437⋯.png (83.32 KB, 1848x504, 11:3, Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at ….png)

File: a1bd6e8dead3122⋯.jpg (719.87 KB, 1800x1200, 3:2, SeaTac scenerio.jpg)

File: 48a09e22d5be91b⋯.jpg (615.22 KB, 1800x1200, 3:2, Anderson vs Ketron.jpg)

Muh theory on Baker 1 and the stolen plane.

* He was an "innocent".

* He was MK'd to take the plane…

* ANDERSON ISLAND (not Ketron Island).. is where the missile was launched from, if not the island, the deep water right behind it.. privately owned land all around there.. I am looking at land on Anderson Island and there are/is land on the far side of the island that the Missile was fired from (BEHIND Ketron).. and it would be private beaches and privately owned.. so it would be easy to launch from back there, no one at 3:58am would be the wiser (although it was pretty light out for that early in the am)

*The F15's scrambled REALLY QUICK because they knew what was going on. The missile intercept took longer by the F16's that intercepted then.. it was able to get into air. The plane.. it was intercepted REAL QUICK and for that reason his plane stayed in the immediate area… The F15's kept him in the area. ONLY could have done that if they were on top of him super quick. He didn't have a lot of fuel, so I am sure he was probably wasn't going far anyway.

*Remember the "secret USAF" plane circling overhead in for the last ~10 days in Seattle? They knew it was coming. And I am sure there was fighters ready on standby, not that there isn't already, but they had them on double secret standby.. /Ourguys/ knew it was coming. Part1, Part 2 the message was that under Q teams nose, they were able to steal the flight. They made it happen, Q400, Flight number, and a previous Baker.. all a message that we should be fearing their amazing and awesome powers.. kek. There are ROGUE actors in that area, Seattle.. Antifa/Democrap stronghold.. next craziest place out side of NY, CA, Chicago.. etc.. Seattle is about as far left as you get, and Bezos, Bill Gates are out there.. they are more than likely involved in some capacity.

*People don't go [Fishing].. as in they don't come out to the privately owned islands to see what is going on out there generally. The islands are kinda their own lands.. no real oversight as far as I know of. PRIVATELY OWNED land. I have been trying to find out who owns the spots, running into errors on who lives there through a reverse addy search.. says not found, even though I have an addy (example 12808 134th ave Anderson island).. white-pages says no data.. but Trulia lists all the spots to buy and sell.. so not sure about that.

*Possibility that land was bought by Billionaires for purposes like this that has been happening in the Seattle/Puget Sound area. For "Clandestine acts"..

718401  No.2607087


Someone send this impatient asshat Q's post about "those who cannot understand".

9e15b6  No.2607088

any anon have any idea of the metrics

Q said 5K a day plus

I saw anon note 240 UID a bread

is that peak

Why arn't the breads blowing out in seconds

Seems not right

39da14  No.2607089


The District of Columbia's wiretapping law is a "one-party consent" law. DC makes it a crime to record a phone call or conversation unless one party to the conversation consents.


82b11e  No.2607090


Of course. I agree. I just think the constant walking on eggshells and disclaiming this and the bending over backwards to make a point that there are good (Muslims) is counterproductive, makes the argument looks weak, should be left to feel good leftist multiculturalists. Anons on this board know we are fighting evil and who we are talking about when we make generalizations.

02eec2  No.2607091


makes perfect sense anon. And in order for this plan to play out, POTUS cannot shut down the media (talking points, chain of command, etc) until last

02ba11  No.2607092


As far as I am concerned you did that personally unless you can prove otherwise.

0d68c2  No.2607093

File: f4f4d5ec6c9f896⋯.mp4 (14.15 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Brad Pitt Chips In Pizza M….mp4)

Look who all chips in for pizza !

31f8ec  No.2607094



not to mention its likely against executive privilege and you'd think its illegal to secretly record in the white house/SITUATION ROOM

b6035d  No.2607095


Baruchthescribe Article -


Comments are anonymous and are at 0

b904ff  No.2607096

File: 8d1777fa01da07c⋯.jpeg (105.77 KB, 500x791, 500:791, E08834A5-0801-448D-B856-5….jpeg)

File: 397a79e2d5c9444⋯.png (759.6 KB, 500x1199, 500:1199, E5590DBA-73D7-416A-A36B-84….png)

6dfb9f  No.2607097

Niskanen Center

The Open Society cabal


National Review!!! and many others

73d1a9  No.2607098

File: 83d5fdb8c3f5d4c⋯.jpg (406.41 KB, 1258x756, 629:378, Moons.jpg)

File: 4f4080e3c8b61c3⋯.jpg (386.64 KB, 890x798, 445:399, APOLLO.jpg)

File: 65e538741e3c0d5⋯.jpg (255.62 KB, 682x778, 341:389, no molecules.jpg)

File: a2727abe902f6d1⋯.jpg (193.71 KB, 631x623, 631:623, no sound.jpg)

File: 86357ce51317c5f⋯.jpg (307.3 KB, 1335x696, 445:232, Flat Magnet.jpg)

Conspiracey? Hidden truth? Hello World.




Why does the government research things that

do not exist?


ab3cba  No.2607099


Catalog continually going down now. Makes it harder for newfags to find new breads.

ea6872  No.2607100

I really can't wait for this shit show to finally be over, with the baddies sitting in a 6x9 cell, awaiting execution or permenant incarceration.

Pretty much since about a month or so after it all started (been around since beg.) it's been one effed up coincidence IRL after another, basically pretty near bankrupting my family…

f895c1  No.2607101


Someone has been spamming the link!


186fbd  No.2607102


Good vs Evil.

As wide apart as the East is from the West.

No gray area.

3b8477  No.2607103




Where is "So Much Text Girl" when we need her???

bc8427  No.2607104


Q said:


We need to get organized.

Stay organized

Did we listen???

If a people will not organize

In their local communities

To play the game of politics

Then all is lost.

The Internet will be shut off

And we will be all alone

In Momma's basement

And then the power will go off

And then the running water

Do you know YOUR neighbors?

Here is one plan according to


That would drive the money changers from the temple


26e86d  No.2607105


This is correct. Dont know what i was reading.

bb0c17  No.2607106


There are reportedly underwater entrances on the west coast. A Trident submarine was reportedly lost under CONUS. Then there's this:


f895c1  No.2607107

File: f6dfcfcd28a98ac⋯.gif (2.99 MB, 252x263, 252:263, HnV8bNj.gif)

718401  No.2607108


Catalog down raises board IQ. No worries.

bd430b  No.2607109

File: 65ae9942d6dccd0⋯.jpg (78.34 KB, 640x473, 640:473, seal.jpg)


and SEAL

you just fvck w. them

7fc928  No.2607110

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Came across this video showing a "numbers station." They're thought to be used to send encoded messages via shortwave radio; I've heard a few before when I was a kid, but never knew what they were.

I know virtually nothing about HAM radio, but at one point I was looking into getting a license. There's a lot more to it than just getting onto a cb and talking to random ppl; the reason I was interested was b/c I was heading a space balloon experiment, and in order to communicate with the electronics on it I would have had to have a license. Note that this would have allowed me to control the electronics remotely as well.

Not saying Ohr's wife was using a numbers station or anything else; maybe someone with knowledge can elaborate on what she might have been doing.

46fe6d  No.2607111

File: 9c507cdb8a8463c⋯.png (663.04 KB, 877x459, 877:459, fe_why.png)

02ba11  No.2607112


Nice digits. I hope it gets comfy for ya. Hasn't been comfy for me today at all.

73d1a9  No.2607113


My rabbi is Jesus, the Christ.

Tell him yourself.

186fbd  No.2607114


Evil people have no shame and they never think they're wrong.

48ddd2  No.2607115



seriously stop.

I am fucking furious that you did not warn first.


f6a72c  No.2607116

File: d572fd078e77a91⋯.jpg (18.35 KB, 255x246, 85:82, pepe_lmao.jpg)


methinks he doth protest too much.

74e563  No.2607118

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5319b3  No.2607119



Two words:

Packet radio.

fc498a  No.2607120

File: d3345792741656a⋯.jpg (62.04 KB, 402x456, 67:76, posted.jpg)

File: 3eee65c4ac03e2d⋯.jpg (153.8 KB, 751x500, 751:500, Trust the plan_2.jpg)

File: 1346861ef9cd402⋯.jpg (298.87 KB, 1262x632, 631:316, which way.jpg)

File: 94bc13518972c23⋯.jpg (57.83 KB, 560x325, 112:65, illusion of choice.jpg)

File: 3a77b84a07cea7f⋯.jpg (73.83 KB, 703x379, 703:379, Tax Cut Cut Cut Cut.jpg)

eaee71  No.2607121


Great Video. Hard to argue. These are the things I share with the fence sitters. TY!! KEK!!

a7f55f  No.2607122


many lurk, not all post

i've never seen more than 300 uid in a bread

5k a day may include other forums

a7199f  No.2607123

File: 3ef2530671ad423⋯.mp4 (2.37 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Maddow profits from Prison….mp4)


Excerpt from 2016 interview with Assange; interviewer Randy Credico describes learning how MSNBC funds Maddow

Do we have any memeologists around who can put something together?

While the racial incarceration gaps may be narrowing, this is the data from NAACP:

Though African Americans and Hispanics make up approximately 32% of the US population, they comprised 56% of all incarcerated people in 2015.


Therefore, the meme can truthfully argue Maddow's exorbitant salary (roughly $7 million/year) is funded by exploiting prisoners of color.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEmM4rHVlTQ

f895c1  No.2607124

File: 5cf109ad52b663a⋯.png (166.01 KB, 482x344, 241:172, 8852def88e073c5ad838edf6d4….png)

6bf7b3  No.2607126

File: fed71e3a78bc55b⋯.jpg (953.17 KB, 1440x1783, 1440:1783, 20180814_235756.jpg)


ahahahahahhahahahah that's the best they can come up with hahahahahhahaah

5319b3  No.2607127


bah disregard pasta; site is fake and gay.

eb7080  No.2607128


It's why the Antifa sponsors are also likely financing the Unitetheright idiots as puppet antagonists, to make sure they have more legit events to protest or else they are going to get silly.

59e695  No.2607129

File: 949356baa8334e0⋯.png (43.85 KB, 1203x243, 401:81, forgeries.png)

99bb77  No.2607130


Shills bumping into each other at the revolving door trying to get in

91b5c8  No.2607131

File: f465a3cb4701b7f⋯.jpg (22.74 KB, 400x586, 200:293, f465a3cb4701b7f9c87a1a9e89….jpg)


Martin Luther didn't think so.

In fact, no theologian before the 20th century ever thought the bullshit you think.

You are a deluded fool at best, and a jew at worst.

946a67  No.2607132



The bible was rewritten and the word Judean was changed to jew to mislead. It meant someone that came from the region of Judea not someone of the jewish faith. Get your facts right faggot

39da14  No.2607133


No worries. Curious if POTUS was in 2 party consent state. Makes sense to point out that's why he's in Mar-a-lago a lot.

040337  No.2607134


Checked it out. Just a pic on a twatter page with no sauce. This shouldn't be spread around. It only feeds disinfo. If one day an actual vid show up with HRC doing said claim to that girl, then yeah, send that out to everyone in the world. Otherwise, for all we know, it is a kid whose parent didn't strap her in to her seat and that is what happened when she went through the windshield. Then someone just slapped a bunch of accusations to the pic and called it a day.

f895c1  No.2607135

File: fe1dcc47d04a2ef⋯.png (286.77 KB, 750x390, 25:13, 5646077add089560678b478f-7….png)

718401  No.2607136


5K isn't all here. Think r/greatawakening/, etc.

05b7b1  No.2607137

File: e4e5f65ff08c107⋯.png (1.06 MB, 921x880, 921:880, HaaretzFE896874333.png)


Back to the old FE bullshit hey shills?

Tick tock….

0410a1  No.2607138


The parts of this that I find particularly interesting are the parts that say that it sells a PREMIUM service which has deeper coverage and analysis of emerging threats (to who?), the security industry (who's security?), and energy resources. Also interesting, at least to me is the ONLY three languages, English, Spanish and ARABIC.


4e02a8  No.2607139


No diggs on Backus yet anons?

here is a little taste:

"the third woman is a Haitian native was turned over to ICE agents"



f895c1  No.2607140


My bad sorry ANONs.

840f76  No.2607141


A better question is, Why do you post things that do not exist?

4d26b6  No.2607142


Weinstein, Spacey, then Travolta and Brad Pitt


Pedo Rapist

Scientology shit

Adopts a lot of kids

ALL CHIPPING IN FOR PIZZA! These people are so stupid

73d1a9  No.2607143


Ever shop at Wal Mart?


02eec2  No.2607144


yep for sure. I hope Q team has a good plan for it

bb0c17  No.2607145

I think this hit the target -

>>2605932 (PB)

>>>A United States military occupation code, or a Military Occupational Specialty code (MOS code), is a code used in the United States Army and United States Marines to identify a specific job. In the U.S. Air Force, a system of Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSC) is used.Mar 4, 2013

Taking flak - >>2606043 (pb) and now the catalog is down and, Astrofag and FE shills are back.

Is it possible DS/DOD runs media and the senior operator has an official MOS code?

Would make sense why they withdrew the Smith-Mundt Act + plenty of Army special forces field manuals about propaganda + we know the clowns are in all media, even the so-called ALT media. YT Studios has a clown in every daily strategy session with managers.

82b11e  No.2607146


all your dick is faggot

b904ff  No.2607147


Snagged potus and perez

Gold, Jerry!

8a7588  No.2607148

File: acad90e56be3c39⋯.jpg (919.36 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, Sweet-Dreams-Patriots-1.jpg)

Sweet dreams, frenz. May angels guard your sleep ~ stay safe, stay comfy. Love you.

73d1a9  No.2607149


Prove them wrong then.

f895c1  No.2607150


Woah woah woah.

Brad ain't that bad a guy.

634170  No.2607151

Censorship Is What Happens When Powerful People Get Scared


▶ Censorship Is What Happens When Powerful People Get Scared Anonymous 08/14/18 (Tue) 06:48:04 000000 No.12005278>>12005295 >>12005356 >>12005421 >>12007549 [Watch Thread][Show All Posts]

>Anyone who tells you the recent escalation of censorship by U.S. tech giants is merely a reflection of private companies making independent decisions is either lying or dangerously ignorant.

In the case of Facebook, the road from pseudo-platform to willing and enthusiastic tool of establishment power players is fairly straightforward. It really got going earlier this year when issues surrounding egregious privacy violations in the case of Cambridge Analytica (stuff that had been going on for years) could finally be linked to the Trump campaign. It was at this point that powerful and nefarious forces spotted an opportunity to leverage the company’s gigantic influence in distributing news and opinion for their own ends. Rather than hold executives to account and break up the company, the choice was made to commandeer and weaponize the platform. This is where we stand today.

Let’s not whitewash history though. These tech companies have been compliant, out of control government snitches for a long time. Thanks to Edward Snowden, we’re aware of the deep and longstanding cooperation between these lackeys and U.S. intelligence agencies in the realm of mass surveillance. As such, the most recent transformation of these companies into full fledged information gatekeepers should be seen in its proper context; merely as a dangerous continuation and expansion of an already entrenched reality.

But it’s all out in the open now. Facebook isn’t even hiding the fact that it’s outsourcing much of its “fake news” analysis to the Atlantic Council, a think tank funded by NATO, Gulf States and defense contractors. As reported by Reuters:

Facebook began looking for outside help amid criticism for failing to rein in Russian propaganda ahead of the 2016 presidential elections…

With scores of its own cybersecurity professionals and $40 billion in annual revenue in 2017, Facebook might not seem in need of outside help.

It doesn’t need outside help, it needs political cover, which is the real driver behind this.

But the lab and Atlantic Council bring geopolitical expertise and allow Facebook to distance itself from sensitive pronouncements. On last week’s call with reporters, Alex Stamos, Facebook’s chief security officer, said the company should not be expected to identify or blame specific governments for all the campaigns it detects.

“Companies like ours don’t have the necessary information to evaluate the relationship between political motivations that we infer about an adversary and the political goals of a nation-state,” said Stamos, who is leaving the company this month for a post at Stanford University. Instead, he said Facebook would stick to amassing digital evidence and turning it over to authorities and researchers.

It would also be awkward for Facebook to accuse a government of wrongdoing when the company is trying to enter or expand in a market under that government’s control.

Facebook donated an undisclosed amount to the lab in May that was enough, said Graham Brookie, who runs the lab, to vault the company to the top of the Atlantic Council’s donor list, alongside the British government.

Facebook employees said privately over the past several months that Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg wants to outsource many of the most sensitive political decisions, leaving fact-checking to media groups and geopolitics to think tanks. The more he succeeds, the fewer complications for Facebook’s expansion, the smaller its payroll, and the more plausible its positioning as a neutral platform. Facebook did not respond to a request for comment.

040337  No.2607152


all good anon, thank you for understanding.

eaee71  No.2607153


Filtered for telling me what MY relationship with MY Father was and is. You sound like a maniac, a fanatic of the worst sorts. The EXACT type of people we're looking to rid ourselves of.


0157e2  No.2607154

File: c427a6fd57224db⋯.png (15.9 KB, 444x301, 444:301, Screenshot_2018-08-14 Q(1).png)

91b5c8  No.2607155

File: 24e3ad785f6b58d⋯.jpg (176.61 KB, 530x764, 265:382, SturmerScholars34c.jpg)

862b14  No.2607156

New Q on /PF

cbd4e6  No.2607157



Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.


0410a1  No.2607158


Oh, and one other thing that I find interesting is the fact they are so low profile.

634170  No.2607159


With that in mind go ahead and check out the Atlantic Council’s donor list and all the shady characters on its board.

Now that it’s been established that Facebook is in fact censoring based on advice provided by former spooks and other assorted establishment charlatans, let’s talk about what this means. I think there are two major takeaways.

First and foremost, the entire push to make arbitrary de-platforming by tech giants the new norm proves the establishment is scared to death. The very powerful folks accustomed to manipulating and shaping the world via narrative creation aren’t terrified about what Alex Jones says, they’re terrified that it’s popular. The establishment “elites” are in such denial about the consequences of the world they created, all they can do is spastically attack symptoms. Trump didn’t divide U.S. society and Alex Jones didn’t cause our widespread (and entirely justifiably) distrust in institutions; the status quo system did that via its spectacular failures. Trump’s election and Alex Jones’ popularity are merely symptoms of an incredibly corrupt and failed status quo paradigm, the stewards of which continually refuse to take a look in the mirror, accept blame and reform.

The way I see it, two key events of the 21st century directly led to the situation we find ourselves in currently. The launching of the Iraq war based on false evidence spread by intelligence agencies, politicians and the media, and the decision to bail out bankers and protect them from jail in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Combined, these two things created an environment of anger and distrust in which nearly anything becomes possible politically and socially. Trump and Alex Jones are symptoms of a failing society, not the root causes of it.

If I’m right about this, censorship of such voices by SilIcon Valley billionaires will backfire spectacularly. Alex Jones has now been made a martyr by tech oligarchs and deep state think tanks, which gives him more street cred than he had before. De-platforming does nothing to the demand side of the equation when it comes to his content, as we saw with his Infowars app soaring in the charts soon after the purge. If people want to find Alex Jones and Infowars, they will find it. Moreover, other communities are beginning to wake up to how dangerous all of this is. For example, last week we witnessed a growing number of Bitcoiners create accounts at decentralized Twitter-alternative Mastodon in case Jack Dorsey decides to step up censorship there.

Ultimately, it’s safer for society to have open public forums where all ideas — whether you consider them dangerous and crazy or not — can be openly expressed alongside each other. That way we can see what’s out there and debate or debunk them in front of large and diverse audiences.

This is 2018 and de-platforming popular content won’t make it go away. It’ll just shift it over into areas of the internet you can’t see, where it’ll fester and grow stronger over time in even more intense and radicalized echo chambers. You’ll think it’s gone from society because it’s been safely cleansed from your corporate-government Facebook timeline, but it may grow even stronger in the shadows. This is particularly the case in a nation dominated by an entrenched, corrupt and unaccountable elitist class. One that refuses to confront the reality of its monumental failures, and instead chooses to self-interestedly obsess over what are just symptoms of a decadent empire in decline.

6dfb9f  No.2607160

All the EVIL people are on top of the Flat earth.

Top supremacists must be arrested.

e60007  No.2607161

File: c9aa78c78a4f5f7⋯.jpg (65.46 KB, 901x749, 901:749, 1489565382547.jpg)

1f5b79  No.2607162


This is just designation for a level isn't it? E5 etc?

aded0f  No.2607163

Q, is this bigger than we can imagine because of divine intervention?

a7199f  No.2607164

f895c1  No.2607165

File: 1ddbdcb91f114bb⋯.jpg (39.12 KB, 490x315, 14:9, 9rhz2.jpg)

82b11e  No.2607166


Ummm, no sweety.

05b65c  No.2607167



It's necessary to set the stage.

Built up independent comms with a dedicated core.

Go public and invite more to join.

Gradually release more and more information about the heinous crimes committed by cabal and condoned by cabal affiliated entities.

Prepare the public for the big reveal.

Offer a viable alternative with the economic recovery.

Neutralize cabal fail-safes.

Release tapes, e.g. HRC saying things like "Keep the starved/stupid/helpless" etc. etc.

Only in this manner can a civil war be avoided.

It can't happen overnight.

0c8656  No.2607168

File: a820f3ee4e09873⋯.jpg (94.79 KB, 493x493, 1:1, HRA.jpg)

highest ranking wuh?

bd430b  No.2607169


thios board, has many army

pilots, marines, please tell the rest ghow is seal?????!?!?!?!?!

73d1a9  No.2607170

File: 3298d3ff3d19585⋯.jpg (147.56 KB, 989x550, 989:550, The Clock is activated.jpg)


Tick tock?

Did you know that the sky is a giant clock?

The sun marks time of day.

The moon marks time of month.

The position of stars marks time of year.

So yeah anon, tick tock.

f9ac53  No.2607171


They have no idea how any of this works. Pres Trump is right, we are the elite. These people are stupid.

690074  No.2607172

File: fa7e4ed9c404ca9⋯.png (330.05 KB, 1177x895, 1177:895, Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at ….png)


"The Diocese of Scranton also chose to defend its clergy over its children."

A priest was arrested, convicted after decades of abuse, ignored by the church.

The judge and

a State Senator


received letters from a Bishop, regarding the case, urging the priest be released to a treatment center.

from another Anon's sauce (above)



99bb77  No.2607173

File: ce601333d8b6619⋯.png (50.99 KB, 1146x307, 1146:307, 815pf.PNG)


8ff2e3  No.2607174

File: cd7e6225ae2abba⋯.jpg (129.77 KB, 628x994, 314:497, comfy.jpg)

59e695  No.2607175

File: 6f4dc57bf55f1f3⋯.png (27.37 KB, 1269x215, 1269:215, PF152.png)

cd0da0  No.2607176

>>2606133 Eye opening clip of Omarosa interview l.b.

First 8 seconds told me everything I needed to know.

60907f  No.2607177

I think Q meant 5,000 new awakenings every day. Or 5,000 new checking into the Q movement. >>2607136

378fbb  No.2607178

File: 84368d38ed71717⋯.png (14.92 KB, 444x301, 444:301, ClipboardImage.png)

186fbd  No.2607179


We'll never forget.

Take that to the bank.

1f5b79  No.2607180

they fuck with us and no one pays attention.. they are using daytime attack strategy at night, they know we are slower and can help one another out and figure shit out. Fucking awesome you fucking cocksucker deepthroat bastards!!

73d1a9  No.2607181


prove statement or be revealed.

cbd4e6  No.2607182


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 08/14/18 (Tue) 22:01:13 No.152



[Read very carefully]


"Child trafficking victims who’ve spent their formative years servicing the carnal desires of men, often foreigners, who are three, four, five or six times their age. Their madam tells me that many of their customers are western humanitarian workers who’ve come here to help rebuild Haiti after the recent run of natural disasters."

The more you know…


2956ba  No.2607183

File: 41fb8270ac88c16⋯.jpg (180.58 KB, 985x797, 985:797, 30.jpg)

Dude doxed over 600antifa members on twit (go through thread to get all the lists



f895c1  No.2607184

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.







e27fe3  No.2607185

File: 16d6aaaded43169⋯.jpg (26.69 KB, 657x527, 657:527, pepeinvestigates.jpg)




This investigation has been going on for over 3 years. How is this connected to what Qteam/Potus/anons are doing? How c

60c23c  No.2607186

File: a3cb78ae782abf1⋯.jpg (116.09 KB, 1136x617, 1136:617, 6.JPG)

File: 92e197c9c37c5be⋯.jpg (76.69 KB, 398x747, 398:747, 7.JPG)

SC Justice Indicted Again.


e48e0d  No.2607187

File: ad1afd552f3e551⋯.jpg (15.81 KB, 255x143, 255:143, ZomboMeme 13082018212234.jpg)


Nigger get a pepe

840f76  No.2607188


Here is not the place. No one cares or is listening to your bs.. (I don't even know why I responded to your shit post) .. so why do you insist on posting your nonsense if no one gives a shit?

946a67  No.2607189

Just like the internet of today where the jews mislead people with fake news. The printing press was the internet of yesteryear. They controlled the information and manipulated it to their liking faggot.

6dfb9f  No.2607190


New Q

"Operation Underground Railroad"



e48e0d  No.2607191

File: 80dfd21f61861cd⋯.jpg (50.57 KB, 436x636, 109:159, ZomboMeme 15082018010358.jpg)

0c8656  No.2607192

b6f8a1  No.2607194

File: 0b7c541118650e5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 219.59 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, tweeten-1534309327141.jpg)


097c1b  No.2607195


Its Flat & Square. kek

Revelation 7:1 After this I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding back the four winds of the earth to prevent any wind from blowing on the land or on the sea or on any tree.

f895c1  No.2607196

File: 8bbd89f32d9369c⋯.jpg (42.47 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)





087878  No.2607197

File: 5429153cc5dc761⋯.jpg (36.04 KB, 677x492, 677:492, BabySacMakesHerSmile.JPG)


Check this out at 2:05.

Fat chick is talking about baby sacrifices

And Oprah's producers cut to a 1 sec shot of another guest while she's speaking

fc498a  No.2607198

File: 40255878e93e872⋯.jpg (343.09 KB, 1253x874, 1253:874, dem primaries wikipedia.jpg)

File: 20b3c980222b03c⋯.jpg (152.37 KB, 1100x550, 2:1, oprah for prez_1.jpg)

File: edef7576b3ecc36⋯.jpg (52.73 KB, 315x499, 315:499, going ham nellie ohr.jpg)

File: ab1d5a899349197⋯.jpg (340.29 KB, 1546x918, 773:459, 1776_2.jpg)

File: 447891a60c90363⋯.jpg (118.69 KB, 889x499, 889:499, GDP estimates trillions ta….jpg)


No problem, honored, thank you. Spread it far

and wide. Let this ev il choke on the truth.

"5,000+ new/day."

73d1a9  No.2607199


If by mania fanatic you mean that I believe the Bible, then you are right.


b904ff  No.2607200

File: 1ccd5a42411f198⋯.jpeg (630.99 KB, 640x970, 64:97, 125D0EEF-D76D-4671-A00A-6….jpeg)

f895c1  No.2607201

File: 6af05cf146c7b0e⋯.jpg (70.91 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 6af05cf146c7b0e2c7ef65604a….jpg)

6dfb9f  No.2607202


The Sex Ring article was in the ENTERTAINMENT section so it wouldn't get much traction. MSM cabal.

840f76  No.2607203


I'm gonna need to see Hillary in the pic..

eaee71  No.2607204


Saved. Boy…Someday, how is this going to look to children learning History??

901276  No.2607205



NORAD North Bay – The Story of Living underground

What structure is: 680 feet underground; three stories tall; can house over 400 people, can stop an atomic bomb; and has two very long entry halls? It is not Superman’s cave, although he would be proud of it. The answer is the NORAD North Bay Underground Complex, Ontario Canada.

The Norad North Bay Underground Complex is the most extraordinary military installation ever built in Canada. During the Cold War, Canada was in an unenviable geographic position, lying directly between the Cold War’s principal adversaries, the Soviet Union and United States. This meant if the war turned “hot”, Canada would become a major nuclear battleground: to reach their American targets—cities, military bases and industrial installations—Soviet nuclear weapon-armed bombers would have to cross Canadian airspace. Meanwhile U.S. interceptors would swarm the airspace to shoot the attackers down.

Norad North Bay Under Ground Complex Black and White Photo

Norad North Bay Under Ground Complex

Thus by default Canada was the air defence “front trenches” for the North American continent. For this reason, plus its friendship with the United States, on 12 September 1957, Canada and the U.S. formed NORAD, the North American Air Defence Command, an organization that unified the two countries’ air defences into a single, coordinated, fast-reacting, continent-wide network. It was (and still is) a true partnership; the Commander-in-Chief of NORAD is always an American, the deputy commander always a Canadian. Both are able to access the highest levels of the U.S. and Canadian military and national governments. Canadian and American NORAD personnel work at each other’s bases and installations, performing the same defence duties, under the same uncompromising scrutiny—all NORAD personnel, regardless of nationality, are under constant threat of no-notice evaluation. That is, they can be tested at their job at any time, with no warning.

During the Cold War, personnel who failed an evaluation by a marginal degree were placed on 30 days’ probation; if they failed their subsequent test they were removed from NORAD. Personnel who failed a no-notice evaluation by more than a marginal degree were removed from NORAD at once. With nuclear extermination hanging over the continent, liable to spring at any instant, there was no room in the Cold War NORAD for anything less than the best trained, most able personnel.

The NORAD Agreement was officially signed by both nations on 12 May 1958. The name was altered to North American Aerospace Defense Command, 12 May 1981, to more accurately reflect the extent of command’s responsibilities, keeping watch of activities in space over North America as well as those inside the Earth’s atmosphere.

Norad Underground Complex Large Conference Room

Norad Underground Complex

By virtue of Canada’s front line position, the Canadian air defence command and control center was deemed the most important piece of the NORAD “pie”, with respect to bombers. (North Bay was never involved in ballistic missile defence.) Its early warning of and reaction against a Soviet nuclear air attack were critical for the survival of the U.S.-Canadian portion of the North American continent. As one air force officer put it: “(regarding a bomber attack) We lose North Bay, we lose the continent.”

Following a cross-Canada survey of candidate sites, North Bay was selected:


The Underground Complex’s SAGE computer equipment comprised a pair of computers, nicknamed “Bonnie and Clyde”, plus Maintenance & Programming and Input & Output areas. Combined, “Bonnie and Clyde” weighed 275 tons (245.5 metric tonnes); encompassed 11,900 square feet of floor space (.273 acres, 1,105.5 square meters – the floor space of a dozen small houses); and had a (then) staggering memory capacity of about 256K. When the Maintenance & Programming and Input & Output areas are included, total floor space used by SAGE was 18,810 sq ft (1,747.5 sq m — equal in size to about 20 small homes).

In 1982–1983, the SAGE computer system was replaced throughout NORAD by the “Regional Operations Control Centre/Sector Operations Control Center” computer system. This long-winded term is abbreviated “ROCC/SOCC”. It was a faster, more versatile and, in particular, substantially smaller system. North Bay’s ROCC/SOCC total computer components took up the floor space equal to about two houses versus 20 for SAGE. North Bay’s SAGE computer system was also tied into Canada’s BOMARC nuclear-tipped air defence missiles. Cost to convert systems in North Bay was $96,000,000.

… much more text to read….

cee4d5  No.2607206

File: 403a4d11db8d45b⋯.png (930.15 KB, 1228x918, 614:459, Screenshot_2018-08-15 (2) ….png)

File: 7a87f2fcfc90469⋯.jpg (3.48 MB, 1689x11048, 1689:11048, Screenshot_2018-08-15 ‘The….jpg)

File: 26f1a000bdb9db1⋯.png (23.24 KB, 1605x178, 1605:178, Screenshot_2018-08-15 [Fut….png)



(1) Haiti Youtube Video cap

(2) Article Cap

(3) Post Cap


31f8ec  No.2607207

b6035d  No.2607209

File: 7d99b92034d81e1⋯.jpg (40.97 KB, 725x211, 725:211, ScreenCap_012.jpg)


It's in last breads notes anon, thx

New Q

>>>/patriotsfight/152 ——————-—— Child trafficking victims

e27fe3  No.2607210

File: 16d6aaaded43169⋯.jpg (26.69 KB, 657x527, 657:527, pepeinvestigates.jpg)

File: 34dfac023d8a71d⋯.png (21.34 KB, 237x255, 79:85, 0d9204d2b278bf709cb9bd19bb….png)



Sorry for the typo.

This investigation has been going on for over 3 years. How is this connected to what Qteam/POTUS/anons are doing?

How can credit be given when this investigation happened under BHO?

6d3c66  No.2607211

File: cc1718250afa73b⋯.jpg (94.43 KB, 857x482, 857:482, hasbaraCamp.jpg)


I think the hasbara training classes have started up again

73d1a9  No.2607212



The south pole goes all around the edge in a circle.

The dome fits over it in a circle.

The corners are beyond the dome.

So yes, circle and square at the same time.

c2b78f  No.2607213


We know. That is why there haven't been fucking insurgencies and armed uprising.

People are listening to Q. They are staying frosty. But if anyone thinks that we are going to accept things keep sliding down while our enemies run around with IMPUNITY, they are wrong.

Our will matters. Our children. Our future. We are not going to be sacrificed on the altar of 'good' that increasingly seems to have been based on delusion, not reality.

The way things are going on the ground level it seems more and more clear that what 'plan' is in motion is simply there to protect the jewish/foreign vision for what america should be, and our people in DC holds the same contempt for suffering people and raped children (on racial basis) and women as any other fucking globalist scum. We are seeing jewish delusional fingerprints ALL over this shit with patriots play handmaiden in delivering us in a round about way, different but ultimately same flavor.

No doubt the fucking subversive scum are going to try and use this statement as a 'proof' to tell our people how your average 'common people' cannot be trusted and are too juvenile/stupid to 'get it'.

Yes, we are willing to wait for cleaning to begin. OUR people need a future. OUR will. OUR visions. Not that of fucking poison pouring 'suggesters' within the admin and elsewhere with subversive agenda.

We can wait as long as Q team and POTUS are working towards goal for OUR people, OUR future. Only question is, are they doing so?

Or has our less than stellar efforts in navigating this, unfortunately taking beatings from Q team themselves (don't hate, fucking spread your legs goy), allowed our enemies to be emboldened and giving harder time for Q team?

People ARE 'awake' to many things, including many message sent by Q team. What they ALSO are 'awake' to is that there is NO COMPROMISE or fucking 'unity' with those who DARE believe this means whites/europeans or western patriots are supposed to fucking let these ENEMIES who are GLADLY taking advantage of EVERY CONCEIVABLE opportunity to undermine what is OURS.

PEOPLE matter. Does our race and civilization matter to Q team? Or are we simply playing partner to a round about way of abolishing all that we are and our own will on the altar of 'unity' and 'good'?

Reciprocity - not a single step taken back in regards to our people, our future, our CHILDREN. Sequence in all things.

We stay frosty and hope Q team and POTUS can give us a bit more pointed directions on how to counter these enemies. There is no compromising with them - it's either THEM or us.

7eb6b3  No.2607214

Eye of Providence.



The crown is a symbol of satanic bloodlines and signifies high level satanism.


Secret society.

The island.

Sacrificial victims are ritually killed.

Underground ritual/torture chambers.


Red Cross.



Human trafficking.

Disposal of bodies evidence.

040337  No.2607215



see below


73d1a9  No.2607216


So in short, you cannot disprove.

Something I already knew.

7ff3f7  No.2607217


Q should have added a listen carefully as well.

"We don't call it child trafficking", (the rant too long to print, for fucks sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

b6035d  No.2607218

File: bed2a4e5fb779c1⋯.jpg (39.79 KB, 724x210, 362:105, ScreenCap_013.jpg)

>>>/patriotsfight/152 ——————-—— Child trafficking victims

e48e0d  No.2607219

File: 6ee95c9e9c9907e⋯.jpg (84.62 KB, 953x507, 953:507, ZomboMeme 13082018212811.jpg)


Try me

4cfb96  No.2607220

File: 4acbf56ae968fd0⋯.png (2.74 MB, 2864x1476, 716:369, Screenshot 2018-08-14 22.0….png)

File: 2d0e0a9db453247⋯.png (1.74 MB, 2861x1479, 2861:1479, Screenshot 2018-08-14 21.5….png)

File: 95cbf25af3a5293⋯.png (3.11 MB, 2867x1482, 2867:1482, Screenshot 2018-08-14 22.0….png)

ketron island near crash. probably just branches but looks weird up close.

bf483c  No.2607221

▶Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 08/14/18 (Tue) 23:01:13 No.152



[Read very carefully]


"Child trafficking victims who’ve spent their formative years servicing the carnal desires of men, often foreigners, who are three, four, five or six times their age. Their madam tells me that many of their customers are western humanitarian workers who’ve come here to help rebuild Haiti after the recent run of natural disasters."

The more you know…


4cfb96  No.2607222


sorry, sauce=


ab3cba  No.2607223

File: 8e521d8a2232e94⋯.jpg (117.96 KB, 800x600, 4:3, acrg5ijit6g11.jpg)

Maynard James Keenan, rocker, wine maker has a new Pizza Wagon

b7a0d7  No.2607224


"Trying to take 33 children out of the country."

33 - occult masonic number, what are the odds


9e15b6  No.2607225


that's it

an occasional busted catalog


Yeh I looked that up also and was thinking

AOS like the Highest Ranking , Average Ranking

or Dirt Digger , Meme Specialist

but yeah a Military Operations Specialist at the top of the pyramid.

that is POTUS

f895c1  No.2607226

File: ac4979ab14c535c⋯.jpg (68.87 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Shia-LaBeouf-and-Einstein.jpg)

b904ff  No.2607227



When BHO confidants show up on list of perps. Watch for links…

10b37f  No.2607228


hmm, jesuits…

f895c1  No.2607229

Anyone think James Franco's career is DONZOOOOO?!

b6035d  No.2607230

Q Posts Monica Silsby Video

Confirmation of all we've researched

6dfb9f  No.2607231


shhh, you'll pop the Larp

e48e0d  No.2607232

Haiti from Q… Thr lid blows opr .. Hillary is fucked

840f76  No.2607233


No, I can. But that is not what Q research is for.

862b14  No.2607234



46fe6d  No.2607235

File: d93a483a4b799d3⋯.png (213.37 KB, 329x365, 329:365, hill_vill.png)

73d1a9  No.2607236

Why is the church corrupted?

Its target number one of the satanists.

The Bible is sound, the churches are filled with sinful people.

bf483c  No.2607237

File: 8d92fc3b440535c⋯.jpg (85.1 KB, 500x603, 500:603, 2fu0ve.jpg)

27225c  No.2607238

File: d76ca9c8ce3776b⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1766x1197, 1766:1197, billmaherhaitiSILSBY.PNG)

1f5b79  No.2607239


Ketron is absolutely nothing. You read breads? Look at this posting:


f895c1  No.2607240

File: 4f7a6a4d7b21168⋯.jpg (41.4 KB, 678x381, 226:127, obama-satan-678x381.jpg)

840f76  No.2607241


And something I already knew.. you weren't going to answer why you spam you shit on this board over and over when NO ONE CARES

1ac52b  No.2607242



I should have logged in to my 8ch account first…


Now I can never get to be a high ranking anon like Rogers!


f603d9  No.2607243


We already know this, we also know what the UN workers and Red Cross volunteers have done to the children of Haiti. We want it stopped, we want those involved prosecuted and we are counting on POTUS and team to take care of the situation, STAT.

cee4d5  No.2607244


Not even over 9000 views on that Haiti video from 2010.. Sad!

How many eyes on can begotten?

b6035d  No.2607245


Laura. Too excited. Thx anon

0410a1  No.2607246

CFR - The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), founded in 1921, is a United States nonprofit think tank specializing in U.S. foreign policy and international affairs. It is headquartered in New York City, with an additional office in Washington, D.C. Its membership, which numbers 4,900, has included senior politicians, more than a dozen secretaries of state, CIA directors, bankers, lawyers, professors, and senior media figures.

The CFR meetings convene government officials, global business leaders and prominent members of the intelligence and foreign-policy community to discuss international issues. CFR publishes the bi-monthly journal Foreign Affairs, and runs the David Rockefeller Studies Program, which influences foreign policy by making recommendations to the presidential administration and diplomatic community, testifying before Congress, interacting with the media, and publishing on foreign policy issues.

Another "non-profit" organization. Kinda makes ya wonder doesn't it?


73d1a9  No.2607247


Then what is q research about?

Satanic conspiracies?

Hidden truths?

Revelation of satanic lies?

Hmmm. Sound related to me.

74e563  No.2607248

File: 5f36b83fa446cda⋯.png (63.73 KB, 420x294, 10:7, 000001.png)

eaee71  No.2607249

File: 6a87ce6349ecd21⋯.png (235.3 KB, 510x413, 510:413, Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at ….png)


This woman is (of course) so untrustworthy, and a terrible liar.

3f7497  No.2607250

File: 03dd5779d501a15⋯.png (19.38 KB, 1782x208, 891:104, ClipboardImage.png)


b904ff  No.2607251



862b14  No.2607252


Everything connected, deeper than we know.

9415c0  No.2607253

26e86d  No.2607254



>Apocalypse has always meant unveiling.

>An apocalypse (Ancient apokálypsis, from literally meaning "an uncovering"[1]) is a disclosure of knowledge or revelation.

>The question is: What were the Cabal going to unveil that would establish their One World Order?

840f76  No.2607255


FE has not been brought up in any way shape or form other than by shills

f895c1  No.2607256

File: 18d78e3a9808cd4⋯.gif (736.86 KB, 220x277, 220:277, tenor.gif)



Seems legit….

690074  No.2607257

File: 81674ff470d13a6⋯.png (143 KB, 392x292, 98:73, Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at ….png)

7ff3f7  No.2607258


pf is catching up all the new eyes vs what was posted here today. Remember where Q posts for proper context of the drops. If you have been here for awhile pf is summer reruns.

9e15b6  No.2607259


Nothing digital can be trusted. Did you count the views

99bb77  No.2607260

File: e07fb9bee4eea0e⋯.png (47.32 KB, 1155x294, 55:14, 815PF2.PNG)

60907f  No.2607261

File: 5228a4bacdd0914⋯.jpeg (230.26 KB, 1252x1110, 626:555, 62C481AE-9900-4F7A-852F-D….jpeg)

File: 8616b82554f7a29⋯.jpeg (176.41 KB, 1080x808, 135:101, 4768AD60-C2BA-47F1-A5FA-9….jpeg)

Oh, look. Rainn Wilson in Haiti too.


63f128  No.2607262

File: 100274944158aa4⋯.gif (593.98 KB, 401x220, 401:220, 7E235731-3B92-4E4B-82C4-8F….gif)


Was* a jew

a6db6b  No.2607263

File: c0d2a730210571c⋯.png (168.32 KB, 1562x779, 1562:779, Ketron Gates.PNG)


Posted Earlier by an anon regarding Ketron and possible Gates ties (see pic)


If this was a clue, then Orcas Island or vicinity is likely


The Orca's name Tahlequah (who is also known as J35) could be a clue

eaee71  No.2607264


Whew!! What a NIGHT!!

f895c1  No.2607265


Think connected is a double meaning in this sense meaning tunnels as well as "connected"?


9f2067  No.2607266


Mixed up with Monica Petersen?

e27fe3  No.2607267

File: 1aa9018337e22b5⋯.jpg (39.33 KB, 450x268, 225:134, 1148_1253230725640.jpg)


so you're saying BHO (Satan reincarnated) allowed the corrupt investigators and judges to investigate one of the biggest sex abuse scandals in US history?

e6be4c  No.2607268



b6035d  No.2607269

Latest Q

>>>/patriotsfight/153 ——————-—— [[[[HUNTERS]]]] BECOME THE HUNTED ( Caps: >>2607250 )

>>>/patriotsfight/152 ——————-—— Child trafficking victims ( Caps: >>2607218 , >>2607221 )

>>2606371 ————————————– House of GOD?

862b14  No.2607270


This is the shit that gets my blood boiling.

Burn them all, destroy every last one.

f9ac53  No.2607271


It's sad that Q had to link an Al Jazeera report to get an accurate report.

1ac52b  No.2607272


Remember the CATACOMBS of Rome (and other cities) that had tunnels underground full of bones of the dead from thousand years ago (so they say).

Makes one wonder where those bones really came from now doesn't it?

73d1a9  No.2607273

File: 1f80c1bb0582c68⋯.jpg (427.54 KB, 1584x674, 792:337, isle-of-man.jpg)

File: 0ee907d124ce22b⋯.jpg (313.7 KB, 963x641, 963:641, Suez-canal.jpg)

File: 6130d9dad4e54d0⋯.jpg (189.59 KB, 1004x546, 502:273, ny-bear.jpg)

File: ad13bf9b5b0d0be⋯.gif (152.27 KB, 770x550, 7:5, LADY_LIBERTY_AT_NIGHT.gif)

Conspracey? Hidden Truth? Hello World.





f895c1  No.2607274


France as well.

All over Europe……



bd430b  No.2607275

I will sleep like a baby, if knew SEALS will protet POTUS

7ff3f7  No.2607276


Nice that Q giving the night crew some loving. I thought sure after the chaos afternoon, Q would be done.

73d1a9  No.2607277

f895c1  No.2607278

File: ab5fd8849882aaf⋯.gif (778.28 KB, 299x360, 299:360, giphy.gif)

bc8427  No.2607279



It is all Catholics

Who accept UNMARRIED priests.

A Christian priest should be married and have children

Unmarried priests are a SATANIC thing.

It is unnatural in the sight of God

b904ff  No.2607280

File: e52e08870abea85⋯.jpeg (497.38 KB, 640x985, 128:197, 995D4DE0-B0CA-4AB7-BC41-7….jpeg)

Like lifting the lid on supposed pot of boiling water…

b6035d  No.2607281


Definitely. Not the first time I've done that. Kek.

Brings tears to my eyes to have Q confirm what so many have researched.

Thanks Q

7354ba  No.2607282


Is this just how deep we need to go?


378fbb  No.2607283

File: 93a85e2f3387290⋯.png (439.92 KB, 1120x784, 10:7, ClipboardImage.png)

ciHaiti - Social : World Day Against Human Trafficking


040337  No.2607284


Swift trial. Death penalty.

718401  No.2607285


Was tempted to go help. Now glad I didn't.

dc328a  No.2607286

File: 5bcd78cd316dc3c⋯.png (227.21 KB, 1530x1104, 255:184, dali-cdan.png)

Is Dali Lama a Pedo?


Today's Blind Items - All The Little Boys

This actor was A+ list back in the day. The biggest movie star on the planet. It was at a time when there were several leading men battling back and forth for that title. What knocked him from his perch? Not what so much as who. This permanent A list mostly movie actor is the source of that world famous rumor which got spread by word of mouth and knocked our actor down to A- list. A for show wedding and marriage that made news everywhere didn't really stop those rumors. Our actor had no way to address the rumor without answering questions and discussing it more, so sought other ways. When the marriage to the superstar didn't work, he turned to someone else. No, not a woman, but someone he thought would really boost his image. It gave him a different image, but it never really brought him back to where he once was.

His most recent ex says the actor blames the person he turned to. He says the person he turned to was more interested in finding young boys who were drawn to the person like a moth to a flame. He had a choice of literally thousands of boys and when our actor would want to see the person, he often had to wait days or weeks because the person just wanted to be with his "harem," he called it. Even when the person would travel the globe, there they would be, tagging along, a group of a half dozen boys for every week he was traveling. A three week trip? Twenty boys, a new one for each night. Our actor never said anything to anyone and just continued to make people believe the person was something else. It almost seems as if our actor embraced that kind of do anything attitude because that is when our actor became sort of a menace on set and in public and continues to do so up to today. It is also interesting that our actor no longer talks about the other person in such glowing terms. How could he? When the truth comes out, and it will, how will our actor look when it turns out he knew and said nothing.

Richard Gere, Sylvester Stallone, Cindy Crawford, and Dali Lama

e60007  No.2607287

File: c951ee10ab30458⋯.jpg (439.38 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, PB150850.jpg)

File: 7dc2ac4747822ed⋯.jpg (31.88 KB, 400x400, 1:1, perfectunion.jpg)

bf483c  No.2607288

File: 8022d6dfaa3f485⋯.jpg (79.58 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2fwe8i.jpg)

5784dd  No.2607290

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.152 📁

Aug 15 2018 00:01:13 (EST) NEW



[Read very carefully]


"Child trafficking victims who’ve spent their formative years servicing the carnal desires of men, often foreigners, who are three, four, five or six times their age. Their madam tells me that many of their customers are western humanitarian workers who’ve come here to help rebuild Haiti after the recent run of natural disasters."

The more you know…


I can't sleep as it is…

(mumbles) where's my fukken shovel?

b6035d  No.2607291

Lonely Notables

Any friends for them? Help a baker out…

>>2606879 Today's Resignations in the news

>>2606867 Baruchthescribe / Paul Furber is Q article on heavy.com

73d1a9  No.2607292





Cast not your pearls among swine lest they…

6d3c66  No.2607293

And with more than five million children enslaved worldwide, Operation Underground Railroad certainly needs the help. In fact, human trafficking now rivals guns and drugs as one of the fastest-growing crimes in the world.

10b37f  No.2607294


i think he said some jews were of the synagogue of satan. not ALL, or even a small amount, but some.

on a different note, it is my understanding that God holds his own accountable first and foremost before handling other evil so starting with Catholic Church indictments would be the way id start. clean your own house before moving on.

4e02a8  No.2607295

hunt them down like dogs Q

make them feel the pain of those kids.

6dfb9f  No.2607296


Silsby actually stole 20 kids from one village and 13 from another.

This is real.

e6be4c  No.2607297


Nah, ask Q if they ever heard of the Nazi SS Rat Line, and to drop a crumb on it. Don't hold your breath.

840f76  No.2607298


I'm tired and going to bed now. I just wanted to fuck with you before I left. And even though they had to see our back and forth for a bit, I did stop you from shit posting your nonsense for a bit. Mission Accomplished. Fuck Off FE. Carry on Patriots. WWG1WGA

ddc3d3  No.2607299

Q, how close till the stage is set at this point? I'm sure at this point the snowball cannot be stopped nor do we tell our enemies however vaguely close are we getting to that point?

b9eb99  No.2607300


No one escapes.

e48e0d  No.2607301

File: 7c5986194e58b64⋯.jpg (69.78 KB, 750x563, 750:563, ZomboMeme 15082018011506.jpg)

0bf9af  No.2607302


I don't know if, for me personally, I would say half the people I encounter are evil in some way but I wouldn't be surprised if it were close. I have been looking into the effects that a person who has malignant narcissism has on the people around them. A lot of times the children who are not taken away from the parent end up becoming like the sick parent.

I would guess that because we live in a society that does nothing to really punish those who physically, sexually, and/or emotionally abuse children/young adults that a portion of them will grow up to be like their abuser. The more the sick people abuse, the more abusers/mentally unstable people they create.

f6a72c  No.2607303

File: dbb7fc14e13fbf4⋯.png (246.74 KB, 1787x767, 1787:767, ClipboardImage.png)



a2f9ae  No.2607304

File: ad3a38a8d9c91c9⋯.jpg (160.85 KB, 1000x518, 500:259, e0e8199fadcdf4765bc26a35fc….jpg)

File: fc5ffe5408dda98⋯.jpeg (233.8 KB, 1000x518, 500:259, fullsizeoutput_c34.jpeg)

File: c5d7c921ec990e1⋯.jpeg (246.5 KB, 1000x518, 500:259, fullsizeoutput_c35.jpeg)

File: 65adc2d21662a8e⋯.jpeg (159.26 KB, 501x516, 167:172, fullsizeoutput_c36.jpeg)

Major Red Pill

I saved these from another anons posts a couple weeks ago. I'm restating from memory what anon said in the post:

First pic is the chamber

Second pic is a mirror of the right side - the illusion

Third pic is a mirror of the left side - the truth

Fourth pic is what anon called the pond - one mirror on top and one on bottom.

f895c1  No.2607305

File: 7d18eddc7fc27dc⋯.jpg (527.31 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 34f57f8509012e7⋯.png (405.89 KB, 957x536, 957:536, WK9vKIuBufQ3qRDIGllA20aOPf….png)

0157e2  No.2607306

File: 784af042f174b36⋯.png (786.35 KB, 1140x891, 380:297, Screenshot_2018-08-14 Tim ….png)

b9eb99  No.2607307


I can't believe you faggots actually get paid to suck this bad.

29e2e7  No.2607308

File: f028426dfbb23aa⋯.jpg (127.67 KB, 736x496, 46:31, lion.jpg)

c2b78f  No.2607309


>Built up independent comms with a dedicated core.


>Only in this manner can a civil war be avoided.

Also agreed. We ARE aware that provoking, pushing us toward civil war is what ((they)) want.

All your statements are on point, and the plan is sound. REAL question is are all these things being done with goal to restore white/european people their countries, people, and civilizations? Or is our will there to be used and sacrificed on the altar of 'good' as it has always been?

The only question is what exact end are we working towards - I hope Q team understands how much despair and hatred people RIGHTFULLY feel right now, how much they are attempting to break free from black/white paradigm to counter the brainwashing mechanism in place, and how the whole 'koombaya' tone is REALLY feeling like a fucking stab in the back all the way, even if the truth is the 3rd option.

Sequence. We do not act based on position of reaction, but we will NEVER accept a future where our people and children are not put first in our own fucking countries and civilizations, and where others follow OUR will in OUR OWN FUCKING HOUSE, at OUR permission.

We, the people, matter.

People ARE capable of working with the plan Q team has in motion. What they ARE wondering is whether they are working towards the end goal of white/european peoples (their own fucking people) or siply fulfilling another kind of cabal designed '3rd option'' that delivers us to them in a round about manner.

We will NOT be held hostage.

e6be4c  No.2607310


Dammit God bless your efforts Patriot anon. The truth they cannot handle still = FE.

f895c1  No.2607311




dcfa26  No.2607312

“They have been beaten down, and abused, and made to feel worthless, but nothing in the world is more rewarding than when you see the light come back into their faces."

Bring that light back

27225c  No.2607313

File: 64a47bc55cd7a41⋯.png (354.66 KB, 400x502, 200:251, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ae12d2a7040178d⋯.png (366.82 KB, 618x475, 618:475, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ab224ca42b82dee⋯.png (233.57 KB, 331x499, 331:499, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3c0426dba5d195b⋯.png (624.14 KB, 741x487, 741:487, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm never watching "The Office" again. Fuckers. :(

31f8ec  No.2607314


stfu Pfaggot

690074  No.2607315

File: 84eb8b008f5aedc⋯.png (268.86 KB, 669x749, 669:749, Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at ….png)

From Q's sauce:

"WHO is afraid of the water?"

1f5b79  No.2607316

it would be helpful to at least try to stick to topics that Q is discussing or has discussed in the past..

If we are here to work on shit that is.

63f128  No.2607317


was*. Just like Trump was* a democrat, get over it shill

f2b3b4  No.2607318

New Q

▶Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 6 minutes ago No.153


"This is far from a ‘vigilante group’; leading the team is ex-Department of Homeland Security special agent Tim Ballard, perhaps America’s foremost human trafficking expert. "The problem in Haiti is an international crisis,” Ballard explains. “With so many children displaced or orphaned during the recent earthquake and hurricane, recruiters moved quickly to sweep these children up. And the worst part of it all is that in many cases the clients are the foreigners who’ve come here to help, the NGO workers and the so-called humanitarians.”





19873b  No.2607319

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

OK Anons, my digs this week are leading me to a connection between

- the Space Force

- Satanic ritual abuse

- Secret lunar program

- MILABs (military abductions with purported 'alien' element)

Tony Rodrigues (video related) talks about having been abducted, sent to a clandestine military/intel base on the moon, and then returned to the Seattle area (Ketron Island or Safari Island, anyone?) where he was subjected to SRA and used for 2 summers as a sex slave.

I've always surmised that manned activities on the moon didn't cease in 1972- they just went black. Various accounts have emerged over the past several years about what may be going on there. While Corey Goode is almost certainly a charlatan, Tony Rodrigues' story sounds a lot more credible.

When we were digging on Snctm this week, it led me to the instagram acct of a user named tangyoof. In one post, tangyoof refers to a 'Paul Snyder, 175 lbs' who he claims to be missing, last seen on the moon (pic related).

I'm not sure what tangyoof means by that, but elsewhere in tangyoof's posts there is discussion of pedo activities occurring at Snctm. Taken together with Rodrigues' acct, I have to wonder whether some of the activities we're investigating aren't being carried out on the moon.

At first glance it seems ridiculous, but keep in mind that many of the new antigravitic craft can make the lunar jouney quickly, and cheaply too given that they don't burn a 'fuel' per se. The moon would be a great place to carry out activities you want hidden from public view.

I suspect one motivation for forming the Space Force is to extend law enforcement out to that Wild West of a Lunar Frontier and to reign in some of the rogue space programs that the Navy, Army, DoD, GNA, and others have been running. Some of which may involve human trafficking, unethical cultivation of psychic spies, and labor abuses.

bf483c  No.2607320

File: 1bdf402edd905b3⋯.jpg (87.98 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2fwecp.jpg)


this popped in too, kek

7ff3f7  No.2607321


I have wondered if there is value in compiling a list of the more you know segments and who was in them. I'm curious but could be a time wasting rabbit hole.

29e2e7  No.2607322


No, you didn't.

Protections in place.

Trust the plan.

Try harder.

0410a1  No.2607323



14 Aug 2018 - 10:01:13 PM



[Read very carefully]


"Child trafficking victims who’ve spent their formative years servicing the carnal desires of men, often foreigners, who are three, four, five or six times their age. Their madam tells me that many of their customers are western humanitarian workers who’ve come here to help rebuild Haiti after the recent run of natural disasters."

The more you know…


Interesting, for as little as a handful of Australian dollars. Is THAT why Killery has been hanging out in Australia? To make sure she gets her cut of the cash since all other sources of revenue have been severely curtailed?

f895c1  No.2607324


Max Spiers.

634170  No.2607325


e6be4c  No.2607326


Wonder who Pindar is - antichrist?

6dfb9f  No.2607327


ace9dc  No.2607328


No, that is rank. MOS is specific. For example:

"Integrated Attack and Electronic Warfare Systems Specialist"

f6a72c  No.2607329


way ahead of you anon. working on it now.

29e2e7  No.2607330


Is, was, always shall be.

2f2a1b  No.2607331

File: 3cebea11f5f030f⋯.png (665.76 KB, 719x1002, 719:1002, b4af008637cba1ea567163cd40….png)


Thank you for sharing that, Anon. I hadn't seen that. Goosebumps and tears.


67304d  No.2607332

In a major way, Q is letting us down.

A military general would not allow it's troops to be defensiveless to the attacks of the enemies, yet that is what many of us have to deal with on a daily basis.. Trust the Plan are the words we get when our friends and families think we are lunatics…

Yes, there have been many revelations that have opened my awareness to what is really going on, but if no arrests are made, what good does that do?… If even your wife who trusts you more than anyone else in the world to tell the truth starts to question you, then there is a problem.

LARP or not, I admit I have learned more in this past year than in any time before… I have dug into resrearch and have been amazed and sickend at that I've uncovered too… But we take all the hits by talking about it, and no harm is done to "Q"… Right now, I am feeling like they are leaving this solider behind.

8d5853  No.2607333

If I told you that you could stop paying taxes right now legally would you believe it?

There is no law that establishes jurisdiction.

Rebuttable presumption of liability.

Is liability the same as an assessment?

The IRS has been running illegally on a conclusive presumption of liability for decades.

The supreme court has already established the difference between liability and an assessment.

Why do you think on the bottom of your taxes you sign under penalty of perjury that you owe it?

Does agreeing that you owe something to make it legal?

We all have been paying an illegal tax.

I have the laws and the documents

da331d  No.2607335

ddc3d3  No.2607336


Considering the amount of stupidity in the shilling going on, you might be warm. Going deeper into that thought and digging might bring out the gore fag again.

f895c1  No.2607337


Pindar is the over lord of the world.

I guess you could call him the Antichrist.

The go between for the Council of 13 and the "Underworld Shadow Leaders"

ace9dc  No.2607338

60c23c  No.2607339


>>2607186 SC Justice Indicted

>>2606922 Fiji Raid of church, founder arrested for enslaving followers.

31f8ec  No.2607340

Do you believe in coincidences????

vatican and MOS get called out and the Pshills come out and shills start proposing every variation of M-O-S there is

try harder you stupid fucks

99bb77  No.2607341

File: b01964eb46a69f5⋯.png (373.45 KB, 790x410, 79:41, TMYK.PNG)

0157e2  No.2607342


now i wonder why chris brown really beat up rhianna

9e15b6  No.2607343


>vigilante group


df57c2  No.2607344


I got it, anon, even if no one else did.

186fbd  No.2607345


Rods of God can fall anywhere, including Australia.

Food for thought.

ab3cba  No.2607346

ddc3d3  No.2607347


>>2607336 (me)

Messed that up pretty badly

4c1fed  No.2607348


Astronauts are freemasons bitch. You played yourself JIDF.

99bb77  No.2607349


Oh shit, never thought of that one

6dfb9f  No.2607350


Of course, you are right. Genius. They target certain zip codes, too.

91b5c8  No.2607351


You would know the answer to that question if you knew what the fuck you were talking about.

The Catholic Church has been corrupted since the beginning. It does not take away from the original post.

19873b  No.2607352


Yep, Max def knew a lot and that played into why he was murdered.

Some anons may call this a slide, but it's not a slide.

As Q said, this is bigger than most autists can imagine.

f895c1  No.2607353



They are all 33rd degree which means they are able to lie to the public openly.

378fbb  No.2607354

File: c3510ba81fb1098⋯.png (791.22 KB, 968x544, 121:68, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 49d3d1e14c7ea88⋯.png (26.81 KB, 726x557, 726:557, ClipboardImage.png)

Hue Jackson’s Wife, Michelle, Wants to End Human Trafficking

Hue Jackson’s name might be on the foundation, but his wife, Michelle Jackson, is a big reason the organization exists. According to their website, the Hue Jackson Foundation aims to “support efforts to combat human trafficking in Cleveland.” Michelle is listed as the foundation’s co-founder, noting her family has been impacted by the cause. The foundation just partnered with the Salvation Army to build a 12-person facility to house victims of human trafficking in the Harbor Light Complex located near downtown Cleveland. Hue spoke with ESPN about why the couple is so passionate about the cause. “Michelle and I are very excited about the opportunity to assist survivors of human trafficking by helping to provide a place of respite,” Jackson said in a statement released to ESPN. “This ribbon cutting ceremony is more than a formality. It is a signal to the community we hope to help that there is a safe place to go and there are people who care.”

The Couple Has 3 Daughters

The Hue Jackson Foundation Just Helped Open a New Center for Human Trafficking Survivors. One of the things the Hue Jackson Foundation is doing to help is partnering with existing organizations to try to do as much good as possible. The foundation detailed the new Cleveland facility that serves as a safe space for up to 12 adults who are human trafficking survivors.


31f8ec  No.2607355



to bad its pope you newfags

cee4d5  No.2607356





This is a present-tense statement.

26a995  No.2607357


Are you afraid for your life? Do you walk around looking over your shoulder? Are you afraid ro leave your children? You don't know what talking a hit is.

4cd28c  No.2607358

Nearly 150 Protesters Gathered to Protest an ICE Detention Facility That Doesn’t Exist https://ijr.com/2018/08/1115933-ice-facility-doesnt-exist/

What a bunch of idiots! lmao

31f8ec  No.2607359

a6db6b  No.2607360


Never noticed before

Gunn looks like a female

2fd8eb  No.2607361

File: ebf694d6a3c4697⋯.png (587.06 KB, 619x500, 619:500, nasim-concernfag.png)

7eb6b3  No.2607362

Inside sources say HRC believes she is hearing demon voices and coded messages.

bdedce  No.2607363


When does he talk about teaching the choir boys how to shower?

a6a791  No.2607364

File: 975d496e5c90e58⋯.png (7.42 KB, 255x166, 255:166, b82d157f45dcdf388632345f32….png)

7e3a89  No.2607365

Report last two Patriots Fight drops MSM. Please. Let the world see who you defend and protect.

Payoffs still worth the copy?..

1f5b79  No.2607366


Doesn't explain how a coding designation (by definition) is in charge of all that is going on.. the PERSON behind A designation would be.. this has to be MOSSAD

a7199f  No.2607367



f895c1  No.2607368


Go on…?

dcfa26  No.2607369


notable island billionaire

7a5e0d  No.2607370



> Is THAT why Killery has been hanging out in Australia?

She was in NZ, anon.


Q, here's what caught my attention:





These fucks can't even recognize proper journalism.

I need help with this one, Q. What groups, specifically:

>And the worst part of it all is that in many cases the clients are the foreigners who’ve come here to help, the NGO workers and the so-called humanitarians.”

I may or may not know someone that has recently went to help doing "masonry" work. I need to know the truth.

6e91c8  No.2607371

File: 4fd221c3936f729⋯.png (622.37 KB, 720x636, 60:53, 20180814_222141.png)

“These places are dark and shadowy and the men who run them have virtually no respect for a human life,” Ballard tells me. There’s one way in and one way out … if they catch you filming, that’s when they pull the guns out. That’s when they realise you are better off dead to them than alive.”

These people are truly SICK

b6035d  No.2607372

Thank you anon. Appreciate.

cd0da0  No.2607373

File: 77217ad7e6ad7e7⋯.jpg (52.37 KB, 624x352, 39:22, HWBush_1000_Points_of_Ligh….jpg)



Silsby's cadence sounds a lot like HRC's in that interview.

>many of their customers are western humanitarian workers

A thousand points of light…

6dfb9f  No.2607374


just ham radio

da331d  No.2607375


Who is his handler, do we know?

46fe6d  No.2607376


What kind of crown should we look for

19873b  No.2607377

File: 756be99412f04ae⋯.png (496.09 KB, 808x595, 808:595, oof.png)


pic wouldn't attach

c4a703  No.2607378

something bad is happening in my state. I need your expertise! Meadow lakes Subdivision, in this month. 10 children so far in the middle of the night are walking out of their houses and going to the same field. When they ask the kids why, they are saying the voices in their heads keep telling them too. NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT IT. My friend works rescue. 10 separate instances this month. Police are quite still trying to “catch the person responsible “ yet nobody understands what is happening. Have you ever heard of anything like this? The guy in the plane??? From the same place! Anyone wanna dig? Help an anon out?

The dude that just stole the plane in Washington is from the same town. This is man games.

Outskirts Of Wasilla

This is all I got: https://www.ktva.com/story/38868025/family-friends-remember-former-wasilla-man-who-stole-commercial-airplane

0157e2  No.2607379


>Guys, lets remember its not all Joos.

>Its not the real Joos, its the ones who call themselves Joo but are not.

>There are lots of patriots in Isreal, its just the cabal has a strong hold there.

>No they are not ethnic Joos, Judism is a religion

>No divisionfagging guys, don't talk about how MOSsad is doing evils stuff, it offends the Joos.

>Guys, don't name who is and isn't Joo. IT doesn't matter, its just good vs evil.

8bd6ba  No.2607380


And what do we make of the nuns? I always found it weird tbat they are married to Christ. How weird is that? In reality, they do good works, but are subjugated.

We never hear of them in these scandals. Are they aware?

e6be4c  No.2607381


Isn't there also a 'counsil' of 3, higher than the 13? John Todd mentioned it.

63f128  No.2607382


Wow, I feel like I had my first Q response based on time stamps correcting that shill…lol

b1a0c8  No.2607383

File: 8b78db8db8b4700⋯.png (2.14 MB, 1384x1177, 1384:1177, 05eaa915074530701b06abb654….png)

File: 40cf069efe76a7a⋯.png (35.62 KB, 192x139, 192:139, 40cf069efe76a7a85beffa6042….png)

File: 887a36820b26ff6⋯.jpg (232.13 KB, 734x989, 734:989, 532ec7fe3f1ed4507c3452e736….jpg)

File: ae65b64ef9ca3a2⋯.jpg (478.88 KB, 1110x1056, 185:176, ae65b64ef9ca3a2d8d86e61821….jpg)

File: d7e158b1f0c41fb⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1498x1612, 749:806, d7e158b1f0c41fbe9a9f7b915a….png)

e60007  No.2607384


okey doke

so the Christ vs Lucifer/Serpent duality is the Illusion?

and the Alien Head is the "Truth"?

So is the Alien Head what Humans are Becoming/Evolving Into?

Or is the Alien Head the "Creator"? (supposedly)

29e2e7  No.2607385

File: 380d5fd6319683c⋯.jpg (137.42 KB, 810x1045, 162:209, not a shill.jpg)

Conspiracey? Hidden Truth? Hello World.






c67f30  No.2607386


I've tried to tell a dozen of my friends and family about all of this shit, and all of them think its crazy nonsense. Havnt been able to truly red pill anyone on all of this shit. At the end of ever attempt, I feel foolish.

eaee71  No.2607387

$300 Per Child

2f2a1b  No.2607388


I know you're a shill… but against my better judgement, I have to respond.

To claim that you've had to endure more than Q and Q+ is fucking bat shit. Unless you're a war vet who has seen active duty in combat, there's no way that's possibly true.

Put on your big boy pants and keep your concernfagging to yourself.

a2f9ae  No.2607389


>I have the laws and the documents

Along with the chat logs?

ace9dc  No.2607390


Trips of truth!

But, one has to move from being hu-man to being Man, change of status is necessary.

A woke person doesn't sign a mortgage (i.e., death pledge).

One has to prove they are woke!

91b5c8  No.2607391

File: aebf78114911a64⋯.jpg (63.91 KB, 480x360, 4:3, jewsjewsjews_008.jpg)

"Jesus was a jew."

So the jews and their brainwashed enablers say.

←- Did Jesus ever partake of this action?

The answer is NO.

f895c1  No.2607392

File: 71aa05ce08066db⋯.jpg (185.57 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Global_Control.jpg)


I am not sure.

b6035d  No.2607393

Q !UW.yye1fxo 6 Mar 2018


So much is open source.

So much left to be connected.

Why are the children in Haiti in high demand?

How are they smuggled out?

‘Adoption’ process.

Local ‘staging’ ports friendly to CF?

Track donations.

Cross against location relative to Haiti.

Think logically.

The choice, to KNOW, will be yours.


02ba11  No.2607394


< They have been through more than we could ever imagine, and yet they find a way back.”

60907f  No.2607395

R.I.P. Max Spiers

Have you found Michael Aquino Founder of the Temple of Set connection yet? Lots of SRA survivors claim he was a top handler/programmer/abuser.


cd0da0  No.2607396

c2b78f  No.2607397




""Child trafficking victims who’ve spent their formative years servicing the carnal desires of men, often foreigners, who are three, four, five or six times their age. Their madam tells me that many of their customers are western humanitarian workers who’ve come here to help rebuild Haiti after the recent run of natural disasters.""

(((western men))).

""This is far from a ‘vigilante group’; leading the team is ex-Department of Homeland Security special agent Tim Ballard, perhaps America’s foremost human trafficking expert. "The problem in Haiti is an international crisis,” Ballard explains. “With so many children displaced or orphaned during the recent earthquake and hurricane, recruiters moved quickly to sweep these children up. And the worst part of it all is that in many cases the clients are the foreigners who’ve come here to help, the NGO workers and the so-called humanitarians.”"



Four, not three kill box - significance?

higher then your usual (((suspects)))? cabal leadership child level? None of Q drops used four kill boxes until now.

58cce7  No.2607398

NBC DeMarco Morgan hosts Haiti Charity….

Look at that Y tree.



e6be4c  No.2607399

New Q


"This is far from a ‘vigilante group’; leading the team is ex-Department of Homeland Security special agent Tim Ballard, perhaps America’s foremost human trafficking expert. "The problem in Haiti is an international crisis,” Ballard explains. “With so many children displaced or orphaned during the recent earthquake and hurricane, recruiters moved quickly to sweep these children up. And the worst part of it all is that in many cases the clients are the foreigners who’ve come here to help, the NGO workers and the so-called humanitarians.”





186fbd  No.2607400


Never forget YOU are the sane one.

99bb77  No.2607402


Stop, i'm here since Oct, pope never fit in my book and Q never confirmed P=POPE , in my mind P is the highest of the high, pope already had a black eye which makes him someones bitch, while pedos do apparently run everything…soo, possibility

16eade  No.2607403


==35 in 0ne bread== not a good look

0410a1  No.2607404


Yeah I understand the NZ thing, but they sort of go together. They are both British commonwealths and are also both part of five eyes.

7fc928  No.2607405


I'm sure that the action is going to pick up dramatically by the time November rolls around. Just think about it logically: if POTUS, Q, et.al. have all of this information, why would they just sit on it while the Blue Wave rolled through and gave the Dems a majority?

People have short memories. I used to promote nightclubs in Vegas; the optimal time to start passing out flyers was about two weeks before the actual event; any sooner, people would forget; any later, they'd already have plans.

Think about all the things we've learned that have just rolled off people's back. Ask the average person what was contained in "the memo"; does anybody remember the details? No, because the media has swamped them with bullshit like porn star lawyer.

There will be big BOOMS in October, and little Booms leading up to them in September. We may get a few nice ones soon.

Also, I think this will go well beyond the next election; I bet we see even bigger stuff two years from now, when POTUS is running for re-election.

ddc3d3  No.2607406

And NPC is in the killbox! Woo!

1f5b79  No.2607407

File: 56eb00e24503754⋯.png (150.42 KB, 924x678, 154:113, Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at ….png)

File: 5f080ecf630ac81⋯.png (1.18 MB, 2054x1370, 1027:685, Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at ….png)


Ex NavySeal launches Operation to expose Pedophiles and it was QUICK.. first 18hrs in or so the GoFundMe campaign page was shut down.

02ba11  No.2607408

And with more than five million children enslaved worldwide, Operation Underground Railroad certainly needs the help. In fact, human trafficking now rivals guns and drugs as one of the fastest-growing crimes in the world.

f895c1  No.2607409

File: 520580d2eb3aaac⋯.jpg (134.5 KB, 698x864, 349:432, 257f646d2bcd6c572b83e7d753….jpg)



690074  No.2607410

File: 0b504e6dbd7e50a⋯.png (215.88 KB, 1486x711, 1486:711, Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at ….png)

New Q



386b39  No.2607411



b90e09  No.2607412



c67f30  No.2607413


Thanks man. But if its up to us to spread awareness, this plan has a major flaw.

186fbd  No.2607414

File: 3890db8c15834c2⋯.jpg (117.09 KB, 792x546, 132:91, blackeyes.jpg)


Speaking of black eyes…

3f7497  No.2607415

File: 61ad17ad1f724c5⋯.png (78.23 KB, 636x318, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

New Q in EDT

29e2e7  No.2607416


We thank you anon. God bless you as well.

31f8ec  No.2607417


no one cares newfag

df57c2  No.2607418


Welcome to the club. Don't worry about it. It rarely takes the first time. Eventually though the things you've said and the things they're seeing start lining up, and they'll start asking more and more questions and resisting them less.

e6be4c  No.2607419


Natural disasters? The hell Natural. Man Made!!!

b9eb99  No.2607420


5 million

We have a lot of work to do, anons.

b8474e  No.2607421


There are varying degrees of Nuns.

Many, well they'd have some stories to tell.

Many are abused. Some, in horrid ways. There are testimonies from ex-nuns on youtube. Very interesting.

8cd897  No.2607422


I think it was the podesta leaks where they were discussing the earthquake as if they knew it was going to happen soon.

91b5c8  No.2607423

File: caa03b24ec7c17b⋯.jpg (139.56 KB, 1024x681, 1024:681, 1533622273157.jpg)

←- Does that look like something you would find in a church of any denomination?

You would find it in a synagogue.

Is this a practice Jesus taught his disciples?

No? Can you guess why?

b6035d  No.2607424


3,000+ saved by the raids in SA alone.

WW lanes shut down.

Bottom to TOP.




High Priority.


19873b  No.2607425


I've seen Aquino discussed in relation to SRA and the OTO, Church of Satan, etc.

Haven't seen him referenced in regards to space-based activities.

If Rodrigues is telling the truth about being SRA'd on an island near Seattle, it must be close to where the Q400 crashed and the hypothetical rogue submarine dock.

Maybe the island belonging to the Anderson (space travel company mogul) guy.

9415c0  No.2607426

a4a4f2  No.2607427


Not to belittle the good folk of Ketron Island, but the properties don't look like billionaire homes, there's too many of them for a start. For a billionaire to own an Island that size I would expect more manicured lawn, maybe a big mansion, a few houses etc.

Maybe he was describing Epstien Island, I've seen it has similarities?

7fc928  No.2607428

Check out this quote from the article Q just posted:

>Two brave Australians are among the rescue team on the ground in Haiti.

>‘Pete’, is a father and a top paramedic. His colleague, ‘Vivienne’, is a mother of two and a former detective with more than two decades of experience.

>They were recruited by Operation Underground Railroad for their skills as covert investigators. They can’t be identified for fear of reprisal attacks from traffickers with international tentacles.

<traffickers with international tentacles

46fe6d  No.2607429

File: d78f12aa95bfc1d⋯.png (108.39 KB, 509x333, 509:333, whoas.png)

eaee71  No.2607430

File: abd3b6b35dd726d⋯.jpg (15.88 KB, 132x255, 44:85, a62479cbf271d6240ade854926….jpg)

#1. Mossad

#2. Catholics

#3. Haiti

#4. NBC

It's been a Good Night!! KEK!!

6dfb9f  No.2607431

File: 95a3e8dad8395e0⋯.jpg (229.32 KB, 2560x874, 1280:437, 9670926907_5fd2bc5fad_k[1].jpg)

This is the main picture on the CF website under 'contributors'.

Haitian girl?

99bb77  No.2607432


Ok, 20 post faggot shill

eb7080  No.2607433


While married to him she directed a film called LolliLove.

About a couple who gives away lolli (pops) to get into the elite crowd.


9415c0  No.2607434



4cd28c  No.2607435

File: 645c9f231c27dd8⋯.png (86.39 KB, 554x328, 277:164, ClipboardImage.png)

a2f9ae  No.2607436


That's alotta questions to anon who stated they were quoting another anon from memory from a couple of weeks ago. You're not bringing your best. I'm not that esoteric or versed in much beyond what my scrutinizing eyes tell me. Take the narrative for what its worth. Does it invalidate the pics?

c2b78f  No.2607437


There is no question people can pull through as long as the plan and goal is sound and is working for the people.

The most pertinent question: is this being done for OUR people first and foremost?

No one will respect or care to follow those who are impotent to protect themselves and their own people.

Optics are important - so are perceptions that must be managed.

29e2e7  No.2607438

File: 44150bbe17ccbf9⋯.jpeg (234.75 KB, 1046x726, 523:363, PLAY FOR KEEPS.jpeg)


Welcome To The LAST Awakening

9e15b6  No.2607439

File: b1ebf71ed1a2ac1⋯.jpg (373.73 KB, 1106x557, 1106:557, DoeRoeLicious.jpg)