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Pro Aris et Focis

File: aa70b5bab2b85aa⋯.jpg (305.08 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 5a9fc18a8f371b171a24217b7a….jpg)

d67454 No.391543

"Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions."


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d67454 No.391562

File: f733f2e9efad6a8⋯.jpg (17.93 KB, 350x260, 35:26, jack6.jpg)



Please link relevant posts here

9aabdd No.391565

Follow the money. It’s the key!

9aadbc No.391566

File: 2263baa8b157111⋯.jpg (40.26 KB, 638x151, 638:151, pixel1.JPG)

File: c5ed31404bedbf9⋯.jpg (38.78 KB, 626x154, 313:77, pixel2.JPG)

File: ec8477055c30fda⋯.jpg (27.73 KB, 622x107, 622:107, pixel3.JPG)


https:// www.computerworld.com/article/3132428/android/google-pixel-phone.html

https:// www.computerworld.com/article/3127817/android/pixel-google-phones.html

b6dadd No.391567

File: 8af457ebf16b2d7⋯.jpg (127.54 KB, 474x330, 79:55, nosypelican.jpg)


>I find irony in her name.

f574b5 No.391568



WE WUZ KANGZ psyop aimed primarily at 15-24 year old nigger retards and keeping that 'chip' on hand to rile up negroes for future usage.


Deusional 'empowerment' using the lowest denominator.


001253 No.391569

Thank you baker ‍


That’s why I vacuum sealed one and bagged it 5 diff bags with oxygen absorpers and buried it.

312863 No.391570


it's like what McAfee did to the south americans -> gave them "free" computers w/ his own back doors in each one

1b3e90 No.391571


>Camilla is a tranny

Dear lord

cea713 No.391572

These school shootings are not just about gun control…. its also about making our kids distrust the law/authority will keep them safe thus encouraging vigilantism as well as distrust each other and promoting schools where snitching is encouraged… etc… trying to create a North Korea-like population.

41803e No.391573

File: 5be04c70ab178f8⋯.png (201.03 KB, 588x464, 147:116, cb622789-6ee3-488e-ac25-59….png)

This guy is a hero

bb95d2 No.391574


How do you decide on which posts/explanations to put in the spreadsheet?

add491 No.391575

File: 7f77b037c43f70c⋯.jpg (178.03 KB, 775x960, 155:192, s5.jpg)

File: 8ef75716fb906fc⋯.jpg (126.7 KB, 778x960, 389:480, s4.jpg)

You Will Obey.

6d8c43 No.391577

https:// www.scientificamerican.com/article/mind-control-by-cell/

d68089 No.391578


Holy shit...I just had a thought

Remember in Rand Pauls speech the other day after Pelosi did her all day readings from illegal land invaders?

He mentioned how we spent billions of dollars for cars to go to afghanistan or some shit..IMAGINE they rung up a bill for brand new $30K+ cars but were sending them over cash4clunkers cars lmao pocket the change

ef215d No.391579

File: b20ed38b5942ec2⋯.png (632.9 KB, 1418x1421, 1418:1421, Capture _2018-02-15-20-03-….png)

MK- Ultra Delta Often Chickwit Naomi- project monarch, chatter

Obama important backer - Marilyn Katz oversaw security for the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) and advocated violent guerrilla tactics toward the police - Katz- fundraiser for Obama

Marilyn Katz (clown) - MKCommunications

f8143e No.391580

File: 0e48128bd077e78⋯.jpg (133.63 KB, 505x549, 505:549, true secret of NIMH.jpg)

Just gonna throw this up one last time.

f6f3a4 No.391581

File: 90f48b4ef279b44⋯.png (57.79 KB, 529x251, 529:251, trolls.PNG)

9aadbc No.391582



add491 No.391583

File: 2991eac8f48e7f3⋯.jpg (770.33 KB, 1024x779, 1024:779, Butterfly and Princess.jpg)

What Is Mind Control?

522e68 No.391584



I thought about that, but the same time we are scared enough to bury them, we should be using them.

bb95d2 No.391585

I'm thinking if we go through the drops question by question, we can come up with answers, decide on the 2 best ones, and get Q to verify?

8b73de No.391586

Thank you Q for giving me a chance to save our wonderful country ..Until you I had zero hope.

fa13e0 No.391587


Yes, did you need help with the spreadsheet?

a5f174 No.391588


Need more.

No lists.

dbb379 No.391589

Anyone remember this guy?

http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2017/09/26/ex-police-officer-arrested-near-white-house-with-arsenal-weapons-cops.html

2c8420 No.391590

File: afd4b4365305e9d⋯.jpg (226.18 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, EliteBondage.jpg)

cea713 No.391592


Yep…and the guy that flew his ultralight onto the White House lawn.. both were probably programmed.

b0d831 No.391593

https:// patriots4truth.org/2018/01/12/how-they-plan-to-control-everything-in-your-life/

Have we looked through this?

1e0936 No.391594

Just a thought, why do 90% of mass shooters surrender rather than go down fighting? Switch on and switch off???

cc763b No.391595


highly likely

and this would account for about 0.0001% of their raping and pillaging of the country for the year

00e51f No.391596

File: e9165c6ae303847⋯.png (879.11 KB, 1062x387, 118:43, mkul4.PNG)

File: 7aafcaec46aeae2⋯.png (391.93 KB, 882x210, 21:5, mkul.PNG)



30dc50 No.391597


Maybe but nobody will be fooled into taking "the mark" , there will have to be a conscious acceptance of evil.

fa13e0 No.391599


Well…. everyone knows how incendiary The #GreatAwakening hashtag is!!!!


1a7d9b No.391600

Maybe related, zero tolerance policy at school. Basically if someone attacks you and you respond adequately, both are punished. So resusting bulling physically is punished but… constant anti bulking seminars, blah blah. Imho kids are trained into submission

c92cff No.391602


New law needed. If you are on Alzheimers drugs, ya can't be in Congress ffs.

009493 No.391604

>That niggah Sam Hyde claiming MK Ultra

Fuuuuug lads he can’t keep getting away with this

a5f174 No.391605


I'd tap it.

cea713 No.391606


What I find striking is that they never panic when being taken to jail… you would think that if they were waking up from programming they would freak out… but no they are programmed to stay cool and collected afterward as well just like a hypnotist that tells you not to remember anything about being hypnotized.

3fd005 No.391607

File: 8b91a15adb350bb⋯.jpeg (93.65 KB, 573x750, 191:250, E4EC2543-8641-486E-8128-F….jpeg)

d68089 No.391608


free thought it a god given human right

those who disrupt ones thoughts forcefully are violating ones human rights. Therefore they (the fakenews) should be charged with human rights violations lol

370f16 No.391609

20c5b2 No.391610

File: 4858587c3771f80⋯.png (53.44 KB, 859x502, 859:502, MKULTRA.png)


Hmm, implant..

312863 No.391611


if you haven't read Cathy O'Brien's Trance-Formation of America (MKUltra/Project Monarch), and you want to, here you go:



553295 No.391612

File: ab016cb5617466e⋯.jpg (90.08 KB, 752x501, 752:501, odom-2-752x501.jpg)


What about this guy? I do, I knew him…

dd1e5a No.391613


ding ding ding


986372 No.391615


nosy pelican


…pelican posts poof!

cea713 No.391616


Bye bye Pelosi and most of congress.

cdc9be No.391617


I find irony she's not in an asylum somewhere earnestly looking around at others with that wide-eyed deranged stare. ("I'm fucked up, are you fucked up?")

1e0936 No.391618


Maybe it's just me, but i'll be damned if i'll just let someone shoot my ass. Charge them, throw something, ANYTHING other than wait to die…

8b73de No.391619

MKultra the Franklin Credit union… Paul Bonacci story .

522e68 No.391620


It was against federal law for news organizations to push lies.

Obama changed that with an EO.

182604 No.391621



dd6630 No.391622


It's Texas. Chances are good they all took the guns not to do a mass shooting, but to protect themselves and their friends from that "guy" they all know and expected to maybe be a copycat. But they can twist a narrative, I am sure.

5600ed No.391623

TO af1777 No.390318>>390318

That jumped out at me too - great dig. BTW, my research into Wray fam, shows that George Bush is the godfather of Trip Wray (the son). Not clear on GB sr or jr

5a5f2e No.391624

>Why is everything 'really' made in China?

I wonder what they put in all those electronics and software from devices coming from there. Full of backdoors and dirty fixes.

fa13e0 No.391625


Go on…

001253 No.391626

>>391567 fascists meeting in DC!

https: //itsgoingdown.org/fight-freedom-no-racist-sexist-fascists-dc/amp/#click=https:// t.co/WvCCogw1xZ

3d7d64 No.391628

File: ad286ef42222e7a⋯.png (3.2 MB, 1024x1489, 1024:1489, buho.png)


The prominent public university in Colombia is pic related. Also its architecture is Bauhaus (think Schoenberg or Duchamp but for architecture, E Michael Jones fans will know all about it.) Of course people ("illustrated" students and proffesors) think that it's beautiful since the owl is about knowledge and Bauhaus is, well, like Schoenberg and Duchamp - revered!

Add to that a 50 years long civil war caused by mockingbirds and marxist guerrillas and you may get the extent of the efforts of those sick fuckers to ruin a country. And this happening, perhaps to a lesser extent, worldwide. Incredibly sick.

This board, Q and Trump is US once again leading the way worldwide toward freedom and prosperity. I love you all, patriots, whichever flag you pledge alliance to. We're fighting with you, burgerfriends, to save your great nation and thus (we hope) the world.

God bless.


a5f174 No.391629


https:// 8ch.net//greatawakening/res/1.html#95

T-minus [12:34]

What's the hive's thought on this? Midnight in whatever timezone Q was in (the math says Central, if so).

00e51f No.391630

File: d121e7c5765125c⋯.png (714.52 KB, 892x379, 892:379, mkul3.PNG)

009493 No.391631


What I find interesting in how they rarely go for high score

5e4e42 No.391632


When I was younger, my parents told me stories of TV shows putting in hidden subliminal messages to get you buy a product. Same thing. Cognitive brainwashing....and their TV's were in black and white!

1b3e90 No.391633


Today's porn is like watching videos of engines. Mechanical and sterile.

In the 'old days' of magazine there was some mystery and sensuality. Ironically what online porn did to me was make me truly appreciate a well dressed woman who shows a bit of leg or bosom. A low cut or otherwise sexy dress give me a raging hardon vs. some naked tatooed harlot taking it in every hole.

I'm also probably one of the few here genuinely turned on by that antifa moldilocks hairy girl, because she's just <i>different</i>.

bbf054 No.391634

To map anon from last bread, ICYMI


International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) / International Red Cross / International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent



International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent

blog.littlesis.org/org/50099/International_Federation_of_Red_CrossCrescent Societies

There's a direct connection with Haiti, the CF, and the UN via Gary Connille.

And with North Korea


5f9b54 No.391635


There ya go!!

8b73de No.391636

Pokemon go app had everyone walking around police stations federal buildings etc.. spying I thought it then still do.

b6dadd No.391637


There is actually a good argument for time limiting everyone's political "career". It should never be let become a career.

The youth are the future and have an equal right to have their voice heard. Sometimes the wisest words come from the youngest mouths.

cc763b No.391638


"pelosi" - in greek there is a word that matches kinda

pronounced peh-los is "nap" of cloth

pronounced "pee-los is "academic cap" aka cube square hat

0519fd No.391640

Regarding Stormy Daniels:

Stormy: We are in the storm. It is stormy.

Daniels: "Daniel" means a friend you can always trust regardless of the situation.

Trump is in their face just like they're in our faces and they don't see it.

It is going to be fun to see their highlighting Stormy Daniels backfire on them like an unexpected STD…

5600ed No.391641



370f16 No.391642


Go to last bread and CTRL+F T-minus

Some good stuff there.

c92cff No.391643


YAY! winning BIGLY.

1e0936 No.391644


That too…It doesn't make sense, if they know what they're doing… If you know your life is over after doing something like that, why not just go down blasting, instead of rotting in jail?

a2ab13 No.391645

File: 387aab5c9d9a035⋯.jpg (341.26 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Pixel team.jpg)



"Think Google [new Pixel phone]. "

Pixel team


https:// arstechnica.com/gadgets/2018/01/google-closes-1-1-billion-deal-for-half-of-htcs-smartphone-rd-team/

"the team behind Google's Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones -- will be purchased by Google for $1.1 billion in cash. "

https:// www.engadget.com/2017/09/20/google-buys-htc-pixel-team-1-1-billion/

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Pixel

fa13e0 No.391646

File: 3ef996402dd6888⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, smart nt.png)

Made this for the last thread, someone posted Nassim Taleb's tweet - shoot this out there, it will make him smile and it's all true

126879 No.391647

File: c599ee8b534ea15⋯.jpg (9.99 KB, 167x105, 167:105, northkoreafrogs.jpg)

Look at the musicians in NK!

http ://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/news/North-Korea-how-to-visit-the-worlds-most-secretive-country/

fecf0b No.391648


Filling in the precious geospatial data that the Google car and Maps satellites couldn't provide.

c6fa99 No.391649


You never, ever, give up.

Stand up! Keep fighting!


b50859 No.391650

>>391535 (last bread)

Yup the danged zaps, and I had violent vivid dreams to add to that. So when I'd fall asleep...ZAP, wake up. Or, in my case I'd alternate between the two, ZAP, hellish nightmare, ZAP and I felt like I got no sleep because I'd never get to that stage in sleep, restful sleep.I'm blessed I had support to get through withdrawals. It's MKUltra pills if ya think about it. Indirect attacks, chemical attacks on us. THEY ARE SICK!

dbb379 No.391651





One more for you guys:

>Strong evidence indicates that McVeigh was >placed in

>the MK ULTRA program, the CIA's venture >into mind-control.

>This is based on the fact that Dr. Louis "Jolly" >West, head

>of the Psychiatric Department of U.C.L.A., >has visited

>McVeigh while he was incarcerated in both >Oklahoma and

>Jefferson County, Colorado, prior to trial. >West is the

>foremost mind control expert in America and >is a known CIA


>Consistent with the elements necessary to >recruit a

>candidate susceptible to mind control, it is >noted that

>during the sentencing phase of McVeigh's >trial his neighbors,

>teachers and army supervisors all agreed to >the same thing,

>that being: McVeigh obeyed orders no matter >what .

https:// archive.org/stream/CorruptionSatanicDrugCultNetworkAndMissingCHildrenVol.14623/Gunderson%20Report%20on%20the%20Bombing%20of%20the%20Alfred%20P%20Murrah%20Federal%20Building%20NOT%20Classified-219_djvu.txt

1a7d9b No.391652


24th picture. Have you seen olympics mcdonalds commercial. They sexualize sandwitch and dont even hide it. I almost puked

4158ef No.391653


u made this bread? surprising… not bad but not as savory as usual..

88222f No.391654

File: eaa78e2a81b4b6d⋯.png (59.43 KB, 602x406, 43:29, ClipboardImage.png)

4ch implicated in psyop.

>They will try to discredit.

e85810 No.391655

File: 0cc403dbf0296d3⋯.png (73.82 KB, 706x189, 706:189, Screenshot_2018-02-15-19-2….png)

CIA is satan personified. They used terminally ill cancer patients as subjects.

a5f174 No.391656



cea713 No.391657

File: 67fc83264f39c94⋯.png (477.7 KB, 1319x924, 1319:924, C40x2VIP.png)

Two C-40s one of which is in VIP blue/white are getting ready to head across the pond in Nova Scotia.

553295 No.391658


Never would have seen it coming, had no idea how nuts he was


30dc50 No.391659

File: 0dd0a34702a05d1⋯.jpg (33.62 KB, 500x497, 500:497, FB_IMG_1518744337108.jpg)

5e4e42 No.391660


And lets not forget decorating nurseries in black and white fades, spirals on crib mobiles, black clothing, and now muted grey decors. We allowed ourselves to be brainwashed.

b6dadd No.391661

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Anyone remember this guy?

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZpmRcS9MDI

32435e No.391662

I <3 QQQQQQQ!!!!!!!

370f16 No.391663


Annnd stolen!!

522e68 No.391664


http:// foreignpolicy.com/2013/07/14/u-s-repeals-propaganda-ban-spreads-government-made-news-to-americans/

bd32f8 No.391665

File: ab6f01b944c964a⋯.png (243.8 KB, 857x429, 857:429, GIS4Q.png)

Anyone consider using GIS



Systems to produce a Q Map?

https:// Qgis.org/en/site/

A team of anons could pack every bit of Q intel into one interactive layered map.

Some people expressed an interest in this project. I do not know if Q would approve or not. Seems like a good way to link all the info.

fef866 No.391666


yep and don't forget THEY PAID the HOSPITALS to relieve them of their terminally ill patients. Even sicker.

b6dadd No.391668


They have no idea how many brothers you have!

097197 No.391669


Good thing we're on 8ch

633317 No.391670

File: 623b36408aa0483⋯.jpg (251.71 KB, 1304x932, 326:233, myhomiesstill - Copy.jpg)

472a55 No.391671

File: 2b5aec1cec61067⋯.png (84.91 KB, 700x748, 175:187, ECBDC71B-9DA7-47F9-9AFB-FF….png)

File: 52f66e9bcab466a⋯.png (85.08 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 93D2ACE6-B289-408C-9E6D-92….png)

File: 685687ef579a4a1⋯.jpeg (106.19 KB, 400x400, 1:1, CD95C546-5323-497C-934A-2….jpeg)

File: 6079b24bb84bb61⋯.jpeg (19.65 KB, 225x224, 225:224, D3F796AB-F9C4-408A-B25A-8….jpeg)

1e0936 No.391672


Dude i'm the same way! I like a girl who isn't a dime a dozen type.. That Antifa chick is a perfect example, lol i watched her porn tape a few times.

61b8e3 No.391673


Yeah what happened to him…did the fucking Prince Charles ass rape him and slit his throat afterwards? Those two girls who filmed it had no idea the horror they were witnessing.

20c5b2 No.391674


Speaking of the MK Ultra., it's known about a recruitment center in Atlanta.., There is more Centers as that?

370f16 No.391675


Twas debunked.


413c45 No.391676

Serious question: If Q-Team owns MI (+Marines?) + NSA - why not just start taking out bad actors via wetworks?

5dfbea No.391677

File: fd35720f0b294e6⋯.png (151.44 KB, 535x629, 535:629, alpha-gamma.png)

A book about the subjects distinguishes between 6 types of programming. Alpha up to Gamma.

Note that the "Delta" programming is known as killer programming. (remember the Q Delta stringer)

Omega is a self destruct form of programming, also known as code green (remember agent green and code green)

Sauce: Consensus Trance (book)

https:// books.google. com/books?id=pE3PDQAAQBAJ&pg=PA80&lpg=PA80&dq=mk+ultra+german+translation&source=bl&ots=uCgu-HlDIv&sig=UEa_dUEu3h7aQYKsIOMITLfThf8&hl=nl&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjN-Y2NlKnZAhUBa1AKHdPXAzs4ChDoAQhCMAc#v=onepage&q=mk%20ultra%20german%20translation&f=false

986372 No.391678


I ‘member

still feel awful he was put in position to escape

dreadful environment

052f6c No.391679

Why is TWITTER TRENDING CRAZY WITH new Apple I phone 5s etc It's planned. Cannot track people if peopld don't purchase apple phones. They must trend it so people will rush to buy. THEY'RE TRACKING STORING EVERYTHING VIA PHONES>>391564








b50859 No.391680


Look for dopey eyes too. Ala the San Bernardino shooter's driver's license.

ebc841 No.391681

Tucker just did a great job debating a lib on gun control.

"Why don't you people EVER talk about pharmaceutical psych drugs causing these shootings"

1a7d9b No.391682


I have read that but by whom and how, do you remember?

1b3e90 No.391683


Are there nork mail order brides? Ones who will dress modestly, make you a sandwich and then be a harlot in the bedroom?

This might be one method of following the money.

8b73de No.391684

Q how do we protect ourselves from what is to come? We ARE being watched all of us..

82f6ba No.391685


Now someone photoshop David Rothschild's face on all these.

1e0936 No.391686



Do not go gentle into that good night, rage, RAGE against the dying of the light.

633317 No.391687


by whom? the media they own, lmao

i seen the cell footage where the girl filming was talking about it.

b5caf1 No.391688


Common sense, redpill, do your job and don't get distracted by lower impulses.

7c2f6c No.391689



Haha, they havent heard of 8ch yet.

b6dadd No.391690


Poor dude was escaping from the Palace. God only knows what they did to him before and after. Not many places for a naked man to hide in Kensington.

78275a No.391691

File: 868612255a9da4a⋯.png (523.33 KB, 600x600, 1:1, kent.png)

7be2e2 No.391692

Just red pulled my whole fam… 3 highschoolers in North Texas busted at guns at school today alone…

I said “There are lots of theories out there on why this is happening.”

Mom says “What?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you”

Bait taken. MK Ultra bomb dropped… activating kids on meds that have been in therapy through tones on their iPhones.

Mom pauses and says “I could believe that.”

Jaw dropped. Mission accomplished.

5010de No.391693

File: 830bd66a89514ff⋯.jpg (450 KB, 1100x1471, 1100:1471, !newsweak28..jpg)

File: f625a501610c828⋯.jpg (463.9 KB, 1000x1337, 1000:1337, !newsweak29.jpg)

Yesterday and todays Newsweaks

I drop here if interested:


8deb24 No.391694

Q Is watching Tucker

7c2f6c No.391695


Because we have morals.

cea713 No.391696


China lake, CA and Ft. Detrick, MD are to other MKUltra programming centers for sure.

4e607b No.391697


Bad actors have numerous 'dead man switches' or so to speak.

Besides, there is literally no end to their replacements.

You do not fully comprehend why it is so necessary to not only kill them, but to do so in a way that destroys it from the roots.

They are allowed to live, so they may be completely destroyed for now and forever.

This is not a game. Read OP.

dbb379 No.391698


I think they were very widespread but the one I've most heard mentioned is the Atlanta center. That's where they tried creating assassins out of children.

7c2f6c No.391699


Tucker watches Q.

b50859 No.391700


My better half has NASCAR on and aint budgin' I'm going to have to catch the replays tonight.

NKULTRA…should hashtag that on twat

646736 No.391701


by— snopes?

b5caf1 No.391702



You are doing good work.

210499 No.391703

File: 7902d981062ecc1⋯.jpg (48.91 KB, 630x400, 63:40, taleb.jpg)

File: d27c8a128849749⋯.jpg (204.87 KB, 750x801, 250:267, talebtrumpclintonlifters.jpg)



b607b1 No.391704


There is no *secret* knowledge to bring you to light. There is no one single path to bring you to the truth. It's enough to honestly desire it and ask for it humbly and without pretensions and you will receive it.

Know Rene Girard? A philosopher and anthropologist. Used to be pretty popular until he converted to Christianity, then his academic career stopped in its trajectory (surprise, surprise).

Human society is founded on ritualistic murder. People want what other people want. You see another person wanting to possess something and you too now want it just because the other person has the same desire. Desire is literally contagious. Girard developed a mimetic theory around this. Eventually a critical amount of aggression, mimetic rivalry builds between people who want to possess the same things. There is no resolution, things become ever more violent UNTIL a third party victim is blamed for the situation and is sacrifically murdered and that appeases society again. Later they worship this sacrificial victim as a god that brought peace. This sounds bizarre, but the man studied this from a historical perspective and concluded that human society is built on ritualistic murder of an innocent victim that regulates violence. Now, I don't need you to believe all of this word by word, just hold it in your head as a concept.

So then, the guy studies Christianity and Christianity follows familiar patterns of other society founding myths, but there's one KEY difference. In Christianity, God is on the side of the victim! In Christianity, God says the victim is innocent for all to see. In Christianity, God is not on the side of the system of domination.

Why is this important? The true revolution, the thing that will clear out all darkness is precisely in refusing to participate in the false life that gets constantly reinforced by the world. Their entire system of control, all of their power, collapses instantly when people replace competition between eachother for charity and love. It's not fiat currency that they can make out of thin air that is their ultimate weapon. Their ultimate weapon is your desire. The *liberation* from all standards of moral conduct is only a liberation in the sense that it gives every desire you can think of authority over your mind and body and the more materially tying desires you have, the more you're reliant on their system. So this *liberation* is really just a liberation to choose how you want to be enslaved. Then when you're hooked on material desires (and I want to make clear here that I don't mean just material in the sense of money or material objects, but even of something as possessing status, of wanting to be someone in the world etc.), they have you in the pocket. We know people only start by wanting to be loved, but they have made it so that to be loved, you need people to admire you, have money, be popular on social media, you need to make questionable compromises at work to get money, you need to do x y and z to be interesting to women or if you're a woman you have to be x y and z to be interesting to men, you have to build your social status, and you have to have more of this than other people.

0519fd No.391705


And it spreads… 1 = 2, 2 = 4, 4 = 8, …

b607b1 No.391706



Their system of control is reliant on you fighting other people for social position and temporal power, so that by placing yourself above others you enjoy perks of a momentarily socially dominant position. That is the dream they're selling you. The high you get from that. OK, you're not enticed by the high? You're not gonna play that game? The *losers* here know the consequences of rejecting the world system. It's a pretty miserable life, because everyone else who is playing by the rules of the world system will reject you! Less job opportunites, lower salary, harder to start and support a family, harder to live independently, less romantic opportunity, less friendship opportunity and less social recognition.

If the world hates you, understand that it hated Me first. If you were of the world, it would love you as its own. Instead, the world hates you, because you are not of the world,but I have chosen you out of the world. Remember the word that I spoke to you: ‘No servant is greater than his master.’ If they persecuted Me, they will persecute you as well;

The carrying of your own cross is precisely in the REJECTION of this world system. But it is SO HARD because it goes against the natural human inclinations for feeling loved, important to someone, and like one matters. Consider what happened to Jesus who completely rejected their system. We beat him up, spit in his face, mocked him and crucified him for not following the world system. And yet even as we did this, He still had endless love for us. He did not scheme how he could replace the people who held the material power with other people he liked better. His Kingdom was LITERALLY not of this world. Think about what that really means. That is the revolution that must take place. The real revolution is in complete rejection of the world system as we know it. If humanity did that, if humanity picked up its cross, the mechanisms of material power that enslave us would collapse instantly and you would have tomorrow a world where we can live in peace. Light vs darkness. Good vs evil. You don't need to see a caricature of a bearded man on clouds throwing bolts or a horned red guy with pitchforks. Understand what you are seeing around you!

2d2c3d No.391707


Here is a pastebin to some Elsa stuff from a whileback. Pw=cialol

https:// ghostbin.com/paste/qpjoc37c

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=9&v=Eks-g-TNGbo

b6dadd No.391708

File: d54d2fb58927d2b⋯.png (521.64 KB, 600x600, 1:1, down.png)

370f16 No.391709


Where have you been?

I'm Q Team is all over the 'wetworks'.

See, SEALs are on the case!


028c53 No.391710

Daniel means God is my judge


32435e No.391711


Yes! All legal citizens allowed to carry!

Return Fire!

383c37 No.391712

File: 33799c3cf2202d4⋯.jpeg (190.72 KB, 862x468, 431:234, 9510E015-7908-4973-89C9-1….jpeg)


>Subliminal messaging

Are you ready to go to the bottom of the rabbit hole? 1939!

38bd08 No.391714


And if we had to go to war, who is going to build our weapons, pub servers? A nation not ready is not feared. Why we don't fear NK, like what a couple thousand that are not starved and schooled?

af6b9b No.391715


Great job Anon!

baa550 No.391716


"Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It's a very mean and nasty place and I don't care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain't about how hard ya hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!"

I read this almost everyday, about my life and what we are doing here anons, this is the greatest fight we will ever be in. KEEP FIGHTING.

126879 No.391717

https:// heavy.com/news/2017/06/fred-warmbier-cindy-otto-parents-father-mother-obama-trump-photos-video-ohio-cincinnati/

Warmbier’s Parents Claim the Obama Administration Urged Them to Remain Quiet

Fred Warmbier Owns a Metal Parts Business in Cincinnati & Otto Warmbier Was Class Salutatorian

Forbes wrote a profile on Fred Warmbier that called him an entrepreneur.

“Warmbier owns a small business, Finishing Technology, located near Cincinnati, Ohio. The company finishes and anodizes metal parts –and is growing rapidly,” wrote Forbes.

Otto Warmbier graduated from Wyoming High School in Ohio in 2013 as class Salutatorian, reported Cincinnati.com.

In high school, Warmbier was known as an outstanding student and a “great kid,” the newspaper reported, adding that he received a scholarship and was named a student of the year. “He qualified for the dean’s list at the University of Virginia, where he was also an Echols Scholar, an honor awarded to the top 7 percent of incoming first-year students, according to Warmbier’s LinkedIn page. Warmbier also serves as alumni chair for the Theta Chi fraternity at the university,” reported Cincinnati.com.

“He was a Salutatorian of the school here. He did an amazing speech,” Fred Warmbier said in the news conference, saying Otto always made his parents “look good.”

The June 15 press conference was held at Otto’s former high school. A school official remembered how Otto’s smile would “light up a room.” Some of Otto’s teachers helped lead the press conference. “Otto really thrived here,” the official said, describing Otto’s “ebullient smile…and ability to bring out the best in everybody

He was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in a North Korean prison camp, and paraded before the television cameras as a propaganda tool. The North Korean government said Warmbier, who was on a trip with the Young Pioneer Tours company, tore down a propaganda poster at the Yanggakdo International Hotel, where he and about 100 other westerners were staying.

b6dadd No.391719


Amen brother

d68089 No.391720


obamas NDAA 2011 or 2012 i believe

20c5b2 No.391723

What Happened with Jacob Zuma (South Africa).., it's Out?

6b4ab0 No.391725

File: 85139293feec53c⋯.png (51.6 KB, 721x446, 721:446, SARAHRUTH2.PNG)

File: fe9218e9a63a484⋯.png (50.13 KB, 734x390, 367:195, SARAHRUTH.PNG)


Yes he did! Also, SarahRuth on twatter is redpilling the HELL out of people; IMO, this is the kind of power that Q is saying the anons have; spread it, meme it, preach it.

bbf054 No.391726


“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you”

Stealing that line!

0519fd No.391727


Not every definition. ;)

https:// www. urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Daniel

20fee5 No.391728


GIS are not useful for an entity relationship model, they are optimized for fixed 2D spatial information.

They also don't have any tools or support for rearranging or moving 'painted' .information.

sadly on par with MS paint for such a job.

370f16 No.391730





It's all over YT.

I'm much too lazyfag to dig for you.

I distinctly recall something about the architecture NOT matching the palace.

fddb2c No.391731

File: 4992213ae3f35c2⋯.jpeg (170.86 KB, 1471x856, 1471:856, F24E3BA7-9494-44C8-BEAE-D….jpeg)

File: 3f59fcf4230a7d2⋯.jpeg (231.92 KB, 1408x1023, 128:93, 67FE3F5E-A965-414A-ABDA-D….jpeg)

f717af No.391732

Any way Otto was Military Intel or NSA tortured by clowns?

ebc841 No.391733


Obama repealed Smith-Mundt Act in 2012.

99def7 No.391734


Pffft! If 4chan ( or 8 for that matter) could easily manipulate the press, this dip shit would not be calling for the corrupt law enforcement to spew out the hoaxes only to have 4/8 chan expose the corruption in both the press and law enforcement. Did anyone ask the eejit for sauce where channers broke down the mockingbird press?

32eb00 No.391735


FBI 302 (investigation interview forms)

OR March 2

bbf054 No.391736


Brilliant, esp the second one. We need to put these in Newsweak's twitter.

6c74ba No.391737

https:// teskilatimahsusa.wordpress.com/2017/11/06/mk-ultra-project-the-rothschild-zionist-plan-one-global-braincybernetic-hive-mind-and-satanic-world-government/

“The Mother of All Black Ops (James F. Marino)”


Conducting Mass Mind Control Via The Electromagnetic Spectrum – How The NSA Is Being Used As Part Of A Clandestine Plan To Turn The Human Species Into A Race Of Mind-Controlled Robots & How The Electromagnetic Spectrum Is The Means By Which This Crime Against Humanity Is Already Taking Place (By James F. Marino)

4e607b No.391738


Christianity was targeted by the enemy for a reason.

1e0936 No.391739


Exactly my thought for YEARS!!! Take away our manufacturing, take away our ability to arm ourselves in the event of war… (((They))) really have planned our destruction for decades.

b0d831 No.391740


I have been redpilling everyone I speak to. The word is spreading faster than we know. I know of 3 people I have directed to github page that are researching and now I answer questions all day at work. We are winning, no doubt about it.

d67454 No.391741

File: 2bccd957b148b22⋯.jpg (79.47 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, big-trouble-in-little-chin….jpg)


lots going on I'm looking for more relevant posts to add.

also I'm doing digging too

7d6ee1 No.391743


It's precisely what Q is suggesting….

7ec556 No.391744

File: ae6ba75690d25ff⋯.png (620.65 KB, 524x494, 262:247, You Are Free TV.PNG)

You should watch this person's video. She is spot on every time and here also. She talks about how they are one of the most PEDO-infested corrupt counties in the country. How there was a SWAT Team active shooter drill that was initiated by the Secret Service 3 weeks earlier.

Seem fishy? Yeah, to me too.


7dcafe No.391745


planefags, wasn't there a military aircraft circling the Dallas area the night before last?

d68089 No.391747


they have robbed us blind

obamalamadingdong made alot of money and so did the CIAniggers watching these threads

370f16 No.391748



Double meanings.

04b652 No.391749

File: 75db990f4fa5831⋯.png (659.2 KB, 567x639, 63:71, ClipboardImage.png)

Beautiful bread, Baker.

dd6630 No.391750

File: 0abc6545660decc⋯.png (269.33 KB, 920x719, 920:719, ClipboardImage.png)

BTW, take a look at the highlighted names. Some of you youngsters might recognize some still in action. Some of us mid age peeps will know the rest and how … creepy these people were, sitting there getting this report they already knew this much and more about…

Senate MK Ultra Doc linked by Q

5600ed No.391751

This reminds me of the election. Trump used the MSM for unlimited free pub and wins. Now he uses this to take them on at the next level. A frog statue in the reflecting pond. What a sight that would be!

986372 No.391753


mg peers choose…


or it isn’t true


4158ef No.391754


i figured.. you rock..knew something was up…

( • )( • )

af6b9b No.391756

File: 522ae816f011e3d⋯.png (295.67 KB, 592x395, 592:395, Abwe.PNG)

Lads we may have had a copy cat.

633317 No.391757


i know how they said they debunked it, but it was a lie!

950e8d No.391758


It does seem like they would, but if they are controlled and the object is gun control it makes sense to keep your puppet alive for a bit so you can reuse him in the news over and over. He has to be arraigned, tried, sentenced, etc. Outright kill him and the news cycle keeps the public moving on in just a couple of days.

cea713 No.391760


Been military planes circling Dallas many nights in a row now… B-52 last night.. that UK military plane landed in Dallas on Sunday, a few USAF/Navy gulfstreams, etc..

88222f No.391761


irrelevant considering the body of q posts originating on 4ch. or are you that new to not understand where q started posting?

04ce0c No.391762

File: 97f0186ccfc3371⋯.jpeg (64.14 KB, 609x393, 203:131, 5FBC3077-9420-47AB-843C-B….jpeg)

5f9b54 No.391763


I got news for you, Christianity still is the target of the enemy

fc2f27 No.391764

File: b4252c58024b44b⋯.jpg (90.75 KB, 700x854, 50:61, c2f935cdb72ed5a7595f4b9830….jpg)

Watch the Water

just woke, but have you diggers looked at this yet?


from twattter:

> twitter.com/micahflee/status/963852298714628096


370f16 No.391766



b50859 No.391767

File: 783efd71668e181⋯.png (281.86 KB, 347x347, 1:1, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-02….png)


Hekmati, the US Marine held hostage in Iran when visiting his grandmother. He's dropped off the radar too after the exchange between Obomba and Iran.

41803e No.391768

Maybe CBTS/The Storm was comped purposely in preparation for the MSM attacks.

3eb142 No.391769

File: 89b88490800089c⋯.jpg (63.99 KB, 615x550, 123:110, Gates headline.jpg)

File: b341d32408a58ca⋯.jpg (20.58 KB, 600x211, 600:211, Skyking tweet.jpg)

Something interesting here, the article says Gates had a "Queen for a Day" interview. Skyking tweet included the word "Queen" a few days earlier. Interesting coincidence.

https:// www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/top-trump-campaign-adviser-close-to-plea-deal-with-mueller/ar-BBJc6y1?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp

413c45 No.391770



I get it: Cut the strings. Nuremberg 2.0. Impatient I guess. Back to lurking.

7c2f6c No.391771


Otto accidentally found out what really goes on in NK.

9c322d No.391772

File: 83c2397e3abd13b⋯.jpg (271.05 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, burning skull spirit quote….jpg)


>Why is Big Pharma essential?

[NAZI-originated] companies dominate.

Continuation of population control programs.

>Expand your thinking past cures.

Man is created perfect.

(((Hip[p/s]ocrates))) has been preaching the opposite for millennia.

"You are broken, your Creator unjust"

"Let us fix you."

"But you are still broken! Unjust isn't it?"

"Let us apply this other fix, and another"

Our Lord, Christ, made enemies of these (((Hypocr[i]tes))).

Our Lord, Christ, freed us of their Kontrol.

>Think Google [new Pixel phone].

Breeds dependence.

Dependence triggers biological changes.

Biological changes subvert free will.

[Vicious cycle.]

>Think Apple [vs. Samsung].

Apple [cult]ure is dependency based.

Apple trains users to seek approval.

Apple controls you. And you LOVE it.

>Why was Blackberry destroyed?

Encryption not open.

Vs. [modern cloud environment]

>We can guide but you must organically uncover the TRUTH.

[Obfuscates prediction algorithms].

Also, virtual pincer attack.

>THEY are watching.

Much of US population are dependent.

US population are thus hostages.

THEY don't need to drop a nuke.

THEY can trigger mass suicides.

THEY can trigger mass kiddy fucking.

THEY can trigger mass heart attacks.

THEY can trigger a wide range of fuckery, e.g. [opiod epidemic]


Internet as it now is, still controlled.


Anon_Pers: do tell, when oh when will we be allowed to let loose with the guns and butcher knives–metaphorically, of course. Our Souls burns IRL, forced to deal with these EVIL shitbags and smile even as we know they are coordinating our slow-drip deaths. This Anon has not HATE, per se, but the smug fuckery.

This Anon burns to deliver justice with my hands. No Peace. No Rest. Only Thirst.

028c53 No.391773

I see people red-pilled most every day, asking questions. There are way more good people than bad! >>391705

a2ab13 No.391775

File: 458bfcf7edee806⋯.jpg (294.02 KB, 687x829, 687:829, AC1.jpg)

File: 037d6cfa5e1c4ab⋯.jpg (56.82 KB, 585x714, 195:238, AC2.jpg)

File: 7c498d40175600f⋯.jpg (205.79 KB, 481x520, 37:40, AC3.jpg)





Alfred CARver

A. Dinsley

add491 No.391776


That's a whole bottle of red pills.

9aadbc No.391777


Why is Big Pharma essential?

The Over-Prescribing of Psychoactive Drugs to Children: A Scourge of Our Times

Today, the administration of psychoactive drugs to children (6-17) is all too common and growing at an alarming rate. These drugs often cause the opposite of the intended effect, often condemning children to a life of misery and ill health. The prescription of these drugs is said to treat “chemical imbalances” which were said to cause ADHD, Depression and Bi-polar disorder. It turns out, however, that what we were calling “disease-causing chemical imbalances,” is simply incorrect . The sad irony is, the inappropriate use of these medications is in fact creating different chemical imbalances, which do cause mental disorders, many of which are both life-long and debilitating.

https:// www.cchrint.org/2010/09/01/the-over-prescribing-of-psychoactive-drugs-to-children-a-scourge-of-our-times/

633317 No.391778


use your head, they got some so called expert and said oh.. it was a very sophisticated cgi.

the girl that filmed it live was talking with others as it happened. cant debunk that. u must go back

38bd08 No.391779


Thats a guy that may have had a weapon in his car, should have been on his person.

2c8420 No.391780

File: c4e103c4b587d36⋯.jpg (8.74 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


Here is MKUltra in effect

b6dadd No.391781

File: 742e5be98451ce1⋯.jpg (700.23 KB, 1685x1000, 337:200, hillaryjigsawplay.jpg)

add491 No.391783

File: 72e313cbbb167ff⋯.jpg (50.24 KB, 346x504, 173:252, stormy meme.jpg)

265aec No.391784


Holy Shit!

I was only red-pilled two years ago and even back then…I would have seen this statement as complete horseshit!!

This has gone beyond conspiracy theory!

This has evolved into a FULL BLOWN delusion!

Many people, just said things we don't like…[Russians]

Many people are convincing others not to believe our bullshit [Russians]

Many People say, the government and Media are corrupt… [Russians]

I have several friends who are still liberal, and even they are not stupid enough it believe this shit!!!

cea713 No.391786


THIS… figured he stumbled on the secret "video room" on the hidden 5th floor in his hotel and didn't like what he saw on the surveillance screens.

028c53 No.391787

urban dictionary is deep state sheeple dictionary


9aadbc No.391788


Inappropriate prescribing

The use of psychotropic drugs by adult Americans increased 22 percent from 2001 to 2010, with one in five adults now taking at least one psychotropic medication, according to industry data. In 2010, Americans spent more than $16 billion on antipsychotics, $11 billion on antidepressants and $7 billion for drugs to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The rapid growth of all three classes of drugs has alarmed some mental health professionals, who are concerned about the use of powerful antipsychotic drugs by elderly nursing home residents and the prescription of stimulants to children who may have been misdiagnosed with ADHD.

"There is a huge financial incentive for psychiatrists to prescribe instead of doing psychotherapy," he says. "You can make two, three, four times as much money being a prescriber than a therapist. The vicious cycle here is that as psychiatrists limit their practices primarily to prescribing, they lose their therapy skills by attrition and do even less therapy."

https:// www.apa.org/monitor/2012/06/prescribing.aspx

30dc50 No.391789

Q forgive the break from digging, but we are so curious… someday when this is all over do you think we will ever be able to know who you are?

In any event, i am not a young man, and i prayed i could do just one more thing to make a difference in this life. Not that I have yet, but you at least give me hope, and there is no greater cause. Thank you Q. God Bless.

32eb00 No.391790


are you wanting us Anons to sign our work? What we create, we share…all for a good cause.

bdd49c No.391791


Same with my wife, I think people deep down know shit is fucky, they just haven't had the proper evidence to show them the truth.

fecf0b No.391792



Which would make it worse because that implies he wasn't tortured by NK but by the Clowns.

8f4d7a No.391793


think you just answered one of

Q's questions re how Big Pharma

is involved with MKkultra. Partners

in crime. Cruz will now be 'prescribed'

doses of drugs to zombie him down?

149ca8 No.391794



Because QE2 loves watching a swinging dick out her window.

Kid most likely died from the fall.

dd1e5a No.391795


i'll never forget the video when he took them back to the house where the kids were held under the porch…fuck man that shit is sill going on all over the country.

052f6c No.391796

>>391762 dAMN IT LISTEN TO ME PEOPLE!!!!!!! Blackberry's can't be tracked!!!! Open your eyes. APPLE PHONES, ALL, ARE TRACKED!!!!!!!!!!


986372 No.391797


until last gasp of satan issued

ff97e8 No.391798


Great job anon, i love all these you are amazing, keep putting em out they work

dd1e5a No.391800


zero regulation enforcement. corruption times infinity.

7443bd No.391801

File: f25754aac11738e⋯.png (129.56 KB, 441x500, 441:500, google pixel.png)


Google Pixel Phone Patent

"Google patent could mean that future Pixel phones will sport a rear touchpad"…"Google writes in its filing, "It would be advantageous to have an improved touch sensitive surface that offers additional modes of operation." This rear touchpad could handle many different tasks depending on the app or operation that the user currently has open.

For example, if a music app is open, the rear touchpad would control music volume. If the browser was in use, the rear touchpad could allow the user to zoom in and out or scroll through web pages, all without having to touch the front screen."

Google lures Apple chip Designer away:

Google Hires Veteran Chip Designer Away From Apple to Build Custom Chips For Pixel Smartphones

Tuesday June 13, 2017 8:55 am PDT by Joe Rossignol

Google has hired veteran chip architect Manu Gulati, who worked at Apple for the past eight years, according to Variety. Gulati is now a Lead SOC Architect at Google, where he began in May, according to his recently updated LinkedIn profile.

Google buys entire HTC Team:

Google Buys the Pixel R&D Team from HTC for $1.1 Billion

The company also acquired all the patents they needed

Sep 21, 2017 06:45 GMT · By Silviu Stahie · Share:

Google will purchase a part of HTC’s team that worked on the Pixel and Pixel XL devices for the measly sum of $1.1 billion.

The Pixel line of devices have been a success for Google, and it’s clear that the company is moving forward in building its own phones, without the help of other businesses. As it stands right now, that might be difficult to achieve from scratch. They lack the manpower and expertise, but they do have a lot of money.

Everyone thought that Google would simply buy HTC when the phone maker announced yesterday that it’s halting all stock transactions. A takeover seemed imminent. It turns out that Google doesn’t really need the entire company, but only the people working for it.

"It’s like buying your own sports team"

Google decided to buy just the “Powered by HTC” team, which worked at the Pixel and Pixel 2 devices. It seems a little odd to buy just the people and not the company, although this is something that happens in sports all the time. All in all, about 2000 employees will move from HTC to Google.

What’s even more interesting is that HTC will continue to make its line of flagship phones and that Google also made a non-exclusive license deal for various patents.

“HTC will continue to have best-in-class engineering talent, which is currently working on the next flagship phone, following the successful launch of the HTC U11 earlier this year,” reads the announcement from the company.

"Partnership with Valve is intact, for now"

HTC also specifically mentioned their VIVE virtual reality business, which is developed in collaboration with Valve, and said that it’s not going to be affected, although it might be the kind of statement that should not be needed. It was most likely for the benefit of the shareholders.

489765 No.391802

"Why is Big Pharma essential?

Expand your thinking past cures."

I've sometimes thought that the swine flu hysteria a few years when governments spent millions on Tamiflu vaccines are to blame for 'leftists' today, perhaps it suppresses the ability to think or makes people more susceptable to brainwashing or something. Did any anons take the vaccine?

126879 No.391803


At first glance, University of Virginia student Otto Warmbier seemed to have been the victim of an unfair trial, as he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for stealing a North Korean (DPRK) propaganda poster. But several conspiracy theories have arisen since then.

One such example is this post, which does a great job of highlighting the inconsistencies behind Otto's conviction. For those uninterested in reading the actual post, some of the main points I found most intriguing were:

•The tour group Otto used to tour North Korea (Young Pioneer Tours) failed to stress to their participants the importance of not stealing items from the DPRK, as well as the dangers it entails

•Otto's roommate in North Korea, Danny Gratton, was the only person from the tour group who actually saw Otto get detained; the rest of the group was nowhere to be found

•Otto and Danny were supposedly separated from their group because the hotel they were staying at "uncharacteristically missed the wake up call," which leads one to wonder: why did the tour group just leave two of their participants behind, especially in a place as oppressive as North Korea?

•His confession during his trial seemed very staged/scripted/acted out

In addition to the points in the above mentioned post, Otto admits to have been provoked to commit the theft partly due to the Friendship United Methodist Church, of which he was NOT a member (confirmed by this article on Otto being of Jewish descent). He stated that he was financially incentivized to do so in return for a used car worth $10,000, which he thought he could use to help his family who was "suffering from very severe financial difficulties." But sources close to Otto (or who live in his area) said the contrary, stating that his family was wealthy.

There were two other parties that Otto claimed to have pressured him into stealing the poster: the U.S. government and the University of Virginia's Z Society.

He said during his confession: "I never should have allowed myself to be lured by the United States administration to commit a crime in this country…I wish that the United States administration never manipulate people like myself in the future to commit crimes against foreign countries."

The Z Society at the University of Virginia is a semi-secret organization Warmbier was trying to become a member of, with links to the CIA. But the post above states that the society had never met with Otto nor had anything to do with his crime. Additionally, Warmbier confessed the following to DPRK officials: "In order to prove my braveness to the Z Society I committed my crime in the DPR Korea with hopes of joining the Z Society." (Full transcript available here)

This leads some to believe that the Friendship United Methodist Church + U.S. government + Z Society combination could be codenames for the Central Intelligence Agency, of which Warmbier could secretly have been a part of. Conspiracy theories state that he was covertly working in North Korea under the guise of an American student on tour.

https:// steemit.com/news/@theywillkillyou/the-otto-warmbier-conspiracy-theory-links-to-the-cia

1b3e90 No.391804

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


She's got Hillary Cackle.

cea713 No.391805


He will be chemically lobotomized… remember how James Holmes' distant glare only got worse the longer he was in custody.

b9f880 No.391806

Is anyone backing up the videos/ images/ PDF's?

bdd49c No.391807


If you read it carefully, there is double-speak, legalize in their where they repealed it, but then put other language in basically continuing the "Propaganda" act

312863 No.391809


correct. believe me, i know -> read the book in one sitting. but i'd already known of mkultra, just not how they fractured the brain and then continued w/ trauma, etc. absolutely repulsive - hunting parties, snuff films, using the children of the mkultra slaves.

30dc50 No.391810


Where we go one, we go all

7a18de No.391811

Long time lurker, first time poster, hope my post helps. Not sure if some other anons have answered these in other threads, I haven't checked everything since threads are moving fast.


The main feature of BB phone has always been their MDM server (BES). It gives you total full control of a BB handset hooked to it. Once a BB handset is hooked to a BES server, all Internet connection made from the phone MUST go through that BES server. No traffic leaking to Google, Facebook, etc. The BES server also provides additional layer of encryption of the traffic with key generated and kept locally by the BES server owner. The Internet connection that goes through BES server can be monitored, filtered, whatever by the BES sysadmin. You can also monitor all calls, emails, texts, BBM messages. The BES sysadmin is literally the god of all the handsets hooked to it.

I remember India government want BES server key, and BB told them "We don't have them. Those belongs to the respective BES server owners," and then they got kicked out of India.

Blackberry bought Certicom for their BES encryption, and Certicom was the first one to have elliptic curve encryption back then.

I think BB was also the first one to do device-specific hardware keys, secure booting, etc. At least for consumer electronics.

Some BB10 handset models have certification from DoD.

Side note: They got their certification during BHO's administration. BHO himself used a custom BB handset as soon as he became POTUS, before finally switching to a Samsung phone near the end of his second term.


BB bought QNX, and made the microkernel the base for their BB10 handset. It's a microkernel, with everything else siding in userspace as services (even graphics driver), making kernel exploitation very difficult because the attack vector is very small.

>I think it is possible Blackberry still makes phones, but they're secure and only for the elite.

The last thing I heard from them, they stopped making BB10 handsets. They tried making a secure (lol) Android handset, then shredded their in-house hardware team, and licensed their "secure Android" to someone else. Now another company makes Android-based Blackberry handset. Then they transformed their MDM offering into something cloud-based (all your data are belong to us), and opened up their patents to be licensed for anyone who wants to.

I haven't kept up with them for a long time. I was a huge fan of BB10 handsets. Very clean, very easy to program for. POSIX compliant with Qt-based GUI framework. One thing I also noticed is how my brain always goes into an overdrive when in front of it, thinking what could be done next.

>Aaron Swartz

Every time someone brought up his name, I can't help but think of Ian Murdock as well, not sure why.

What really happened to Ian?

32eb00 No.391812


beautiful work, Anon!

dd1e5a No.391813


two consenting adults? idgaf if he smashed her or not.

f17873 No.391814

Guys what the fuck is happening to all the truthers Social Media Accounts turning on Qanon? They are providing ZERO proof and all are claiming Q is fake.

Are they all Dis-Info Agents or have they all be MKUltra'd?

It makes no sense what so ever. They say Q doesnt sound the same anymore and yet they completely disregard that Q uses multiple Devices from multiple different locations and that Q himself has said He/She is a WE.

I know we need to just ignore the haters but I am concerned about the people I had used to trust.

20c5b2 No.391815

Thoses Emues learned to fly.. (2 C130, 1 B737 , 1P8) lol..

Serious.., I hope that The mouths improve, I want justice.

986372 No.391816





32eb00 No.391817


Yes. 🇺🇸

0519fd No.391818


>urban dictionary is deep state sheeple dictionary

Could be. In that case, the name doesn't mean anything. Unless it does.

b9f880 No.391819


Dude you have improved so much over the last few weeks

great job as usual

84ea39 No.391820

File: e322ba93bd06c3c⋯.jpeg (86.05 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 6572B0B8-596D-4239-B5DB-9….jpeg)


I’m just posting this to provide context regarding the economic impact of both industries.

>Gun Sales average between $20-$30 Billion

>Pharma Sales average between $300-$400 Billion

The U.S. pharmaceutical market is the world’s most important national market. Together with Canada and Mexico, it represents the largest continental pharma market worldwide. The United States alone holds over 45 percent of the global pharmaceutical market. In 2016, this share was valued around 446 billion U.S. dollars. Many of the global top companies are from the United States. In 2016, six out of the top 10 companies were from the United States when based on pure pharmaceutical revenue.

https:// www.statista.com/topics/1719/pharmaceutical-industry/

The estimated economic impact of the US firearms industry in 2012, according to data from the National Shooting Sports Foundation. That’s up from $27.8 billion in 2009, due to job creation and new sales taxes. 26,325 new gun-related jobs have been created over the past two years, according to the NSSF.

https:// m.csmonitor.com/Business/2012/1217/US-gun-industry-is-thriving.-Seven-key-figures/31.8-billion

a2ab13 No.391821

File: 8e06259cd6ac6b0⋯.jpg (524.16 KB, 550x830, 55:83, AC4.jpg)

File: f0b0d6c5d9cf257⋯.jpg (261.42 KB, 482x762, 241:381, AC5.jpg)


Published 2016

cea713 No.391822


IDK why you would fuck Stormy when you've got Ivanka at home. just sayin

1b3e90 No.391823


I did that to someone I didn't trust. It's coming in real handy these days. Only looked in the backdoor once they broke my trust.

8b73de No.391824

be safe God speed and Ty Q for your faith in us. we will prevail and the truth shall set us all free. God speed my friends

af6b9b No.391826

File: 038be9f0fbf7fb5⋯.png (360.16 KB, 379x382, 379:382, akikie.PNG)

cab1dd No.391827


Chinese-authored spyware found on more than 700 million Android phones

https:// www.cyberscoop.com/android-malware-china-huawei-zte-kryptowire-blu-products/

Just maybe... iPhones and Pixles have the same spyware. Some other anon said it first. China has the dirt on everyone

f17873 No.391828


and wow my grammer was terrible.

6ed7c6 No.391829


I think Q is saying we need to start writing blogs and columns about the "coincidences", about the MKULTRA program, etc… That way when there is "official investigations", they have info that they can corroborate their finding with.

5f9b54 No.391830


Skykings has been hopping today

https:// twitter.com/skykinginfo

5ea91b No.391831


Stop. Namefagging.

312863 No.391832


namefags are detested here. ditch it and try again w/ your info.

dd36f3 No.391833

Been thinking about the Florida shooting. Normally the social media of the shooters are prepped to show right wing, white nationalist, trump supporter, etc. Instead this time shows the opposite.

Normally they have preset responses. No twats till Q asked about them.

Normally it's days until history and mental state are known/questioned on MSM. Reports were out that day that he had issues.

I think this was a message to POTUS to show what they can still do. But it's so sloppy in the post-op that they have shown how desperate and weak they are. They have lost so much control.

5e4e42 No.391834


Yes, She is spot on most of the time. I like her take on Q by not borrowing the boards research but, by doing her own research and concurring with us. She probably comes here to lurk. Smart lady! YouTube is now playing games with her video channel. YouAreFreeTV

9c322d No.391835



"paralysis and nervous disturbances [due to] indirect concussion" ie low-frequency MK.

d68089 No.391836

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


what a fucking moron

societal decay

0519fd No.391837


>because the attack vector is very small.


c92cff No.391838


Just like all of the other ones. Bottom line, I think in this narritive, They, really want our guns. Remember the old, I believe, Chinese quote, Maybe Russian, Old fag, too much happening.. There is a gun behind every blade of grass, when asked of invading America.

dd1e5a No.391839


thats the whole point of tv 'programming'. its an advertising platform. and advertising uses hypnosis. mind control has been being perfected over thousands of years. and now AI has it to an EXACT science.

6b4ab0 No.391840


A good read from Scientific American. Cell phones used to control a person's alpha waves. Combined with psychotropic compound it maybe be possible to program a person to complete tasks.

https:// www.scientificamerican.com/article/mind-control-by-cell/#

8fd9a3 No.391841



I don't see it, and if anything the left has really lost ground in recent years. They believe guns are bad one week and the next cry about how awful police brutality is, or how trump is literally raising a nazi army and we need to resist (But nonviolently, because guns are bad, educate yourself and be progressive you hateful bigot!)

It's a feels storm- They post on facebook and forums, virtue signal to their social group the"socially acceptable" feelings to show that they're cool/hip/liberal (like the rest of their friends) and pat themselves on the back for 'raising awareness', while doing nothing to enact actual change. Next week, there's the new hotness to be enraged about. Trump, or Russia, or <insert hotbed topic here>. 4 months ago was the worst shooting in US history, and look how easily the public has forgotten.

Even more fun, go read the anti gun arguments made now. Look at the ones made 6 months, a year, 5 years ago regarding gun rights. Everything. EVERYTHING is exactly the same. The same logical fallacies, the same character jabs, the same efforts to associate firearms ownership with being a negative character trait, or small penis, or any other sort of nonsense. Wanting all gun owners dead (so much for being nonviolent!)

It appears completely artificial at this point- either a programmed reaction to a stimuli, or some sort of socially engineered programming. An incredible piece of work, if it's the later; but how do we get it OUT of society?

d3d6db No.391842


Disinfo agents clowns are masters of controlled opposition

b5caf1 No.391843

Be careful of negative influences - re-check THOUGHTS. See what "program" they serve. Adjust accordingly.

20c5b2 No.391844

File: e25bd3fdea247ab⋯.png (912.34 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Emues.png)

b6dadd No.391845


They are controlled opposition. Roy Potter is a prime example.

When Trump was running for President he was behind him all the way. Then at the last moment he changed his mind and called on all his viewers to vote Hillary.

Same pattern unfolding with Q.

He isn't even ex military. He is a fake.

d98a06 No.391846


She is the first place I heard Q referenced.

6d8c43 No.391847

Today's posts are a lot to digest. The line that stood out for me was Q's command to "Build Proofs". Let's look at this from a scientific point of view. In science, you start with a theory. In our case it is a conspiracy theory. For example, we think that recent mass shooters were influenced by some sort of Mkultra style government project. This is a theory. Or a hypothesis. The next step is to do research to prove our theory true or false. We do this by sending the hive mind out into the internet.

In our initial mission, we flooded social media with shock memes. It got a lot of curiosity and attention. The people that were attracted aren't going to be happy with just a theory backed up by our interpretation of some cryptic hints typed by an anonymous person.

When those doubters start to trickle here, we need to offer them PROOF not THEORIES.

I propose that we write hundreds of fact sheets. Each sheet should be only one page long. Throw in a few colorful boxes, and photos. Keep the reading level at fifth grade or below. Write in a style that lawyers or academics would use. Ask one highly focused question, then give an answer with proof. In the example above, write a one page fact sheet asking "What is Mkultra?", then offer a brief, easy to read summary with a link to the government report. Another fact sheet might ask, "Can cellphones be used for mind control?", and answer yes. Then, it cites scientific studies from revered academic journals to support the answer

We need one single place to store all these fact sheets (suggestions and help, please?), where they won't get lost in shill posts. Normies could read them directly, and anons could use them as talking points when attacked by nomies with vague "yeah, but…" comments, and as the basis for more informative memes. Of course, everything needs to be backed up off-line, too.

I am willing to help write some of these fact sheets, but I have a technical problem. I am an advanced Inkscape user. I am concerned that creating an inkscape file and posting it here will accidentally leave a trail back to my location. Can someone please explain in 5th grade language how to move a file from a computer to this board without leaving a trail of location data?

1e0936 No.391848


She's beautiful, but those fake tits look much better covered.

e9d436 No.391849

File: 1e6f202ce13fcd1⋯.jpg (62.36 KB, 759x417, 253:139, AL.jpg)


>Why is Big Pharma essential?

>Expand your thinking past cures.



Aluminum in various forms is used as adjuvants in many vaccines.

"to create a stronger immune response in the patient’s body"

https: //www.cdc.gov/vaccinesafety/concerns/adjuvants.html

Studies suggest aluminum accumulates in the brain.

https: //www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11130287

Cell phones emit electromagnetic fields. can we agree on this without links?

What happens when aluminum is subjected to magnetic fields?

https: //terpconnect.umd.edu/~wbreslyn/magnets/is-aluminium-magnetic.html

Do you see where this goes?

Adjuvants left over/embedded in the target's brain can be activated.

At certain frequencies it can be controlled?

Triggers what… memory? panic? a pre-planted state or sequence?

Re: Blackberry

Was blackberry killed off because their network could not be controlled?

Was their magnetic field of the wrong frequency or strength to activate the adjuvants present in the target's brain? Therefore useless as a takeover candidate.

fddb2c No.391850




She’s thorough. Is she homeless? Seems to live in her van.

126879 No.391853

This must tie in to the Americans who became ill in Cuba due to some strange frequencies.

Of course it happened after Obama left office.

312863 No.391854


excellent first post, anon. welcome.

34d9dd No.391855

Darn it, I have a pixel 2.

30dc50 No.391857


Fuck 'em. Thank God they outed themselves as unreliable now before shit really gets real.

Which reminds me of an Irish prayer: May those who love us, love us. May those who hate us, turn their hearts. And if You can't turn their ankles so we will know them by their limp

6a1653 No.391858


why do you keep posting with a name?

All that matters here is content.

Nobody wants to earn a gold star or recognition.

You will garner far more respect if you post anonymously like the rest of us do.

Please. It matters.

A name sticks out like "Look at me! I'm important! Notice me, notice me! My ideas are more important that yours!"

Don't you see that? Names divide us.

dd6630 No.391859

File: 4b416c3d57af121⋯.png (258.35 KB, 1055x941, 1055:941, ClipboardImage.png)

More info on where all the good stuff came from…

f234fa No.391860

File: 193228c88f4be88⋯.png (1.52 MB, 2880x1292, 720:323, Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at ….png)

File: cd3dcfa0b33519a⋯.png (1.62 MB, 2880x1296, 20:9, Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at ….png)

File: 8c08970262f5678⋯.png (1.56 MB, 2880x1296, 20:9, Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at ….png)

File: 35d560eb38b57ba⋯.png (312.18 KB, 2880x1294, 1440:647, Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at ….png)

File: 32ebde6a4a3d2ce⋯.png (296.2 KB, 2880x1292, 720:323, Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at ….png)

What does Apache do?

Apache writes what politicians do not want to read, newspapers are not allowed to write, but what everyone should know. The autonomous editors bring revealing and up-to-date investigative journalism that ignores the issues of the day. Apache deems the role of an independent fourth power very important. Deep and clear analyzes provide more information on complex social issues. Content rules!

From where does the name 'Apache' come from?

We took our inspiration in the Paris of the Belle Epoque, with the Apaches of Maurice Ravel .

Who contributes to Apache?

Apache renews, rejuvenates and widens. You see that, you feel that.

Meet our employees:

Karl Van den Broeck (editor-in-chief)

Nica Broucke (editorial coordinator)

Tom Cochez (investigative journalist)

Jan Walraven (investigative journalist)

Steven Vanden Bussche (investigative journalist)

Kaja Verbeke (investigative journalist)

Stef Arends (research journalist)

Georges Timmerman (investigative journalist)

Luc De Cleir (sales manager )

Valérie Claessens (administrative assistant)

Bram Souffreau (operational director)

Dirk Apers (chairman)

The Board of Directors consists of Dirk Apers, Bart De Waele, Charlotte Schoofs, Georges Timmerman, Charline Vandenberghe, André Van Halewyck and Jan Vangrinsven.

https:// translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=nl&u=https:// www.apache.be/info/adres/&prev=search

8f4d7a No.391861


this is a great meme

028c53 No.391862

Everyone of those pukes highlighted is/was a real cocksucker. I remember well. >>391750

1b3e90 No.391863

File: 427d805e9b64efd⋯.jpg (16.73 KB, 474x474, 1:1, rover.jpg)


That's it, I'm starting work on my Russian Troll costume for Halloween this week.

a97e7d No.391864

Combined tech of phones watches fit bits ect. Can monitor location sorroundings facial recognition other devices/ppl around you heart rate mood temperature and much more just like Obamacare was always about control your device becomes your 24 hr government monitoring system that’s why big pharma wants it

095bf7 No.391865


I think this is part of the UN Small Arms Treaty's REQUIREMENT that signatory states "raise awareness" about guns as part of a confiscation scheme.

4158ef No.391866

WAR ON HEALTH - The FDA's Cult of Tyranny

https:// hooktube.com/VibVIRsHnI0

f234fa No.391867

File: 7db12a314c6b1cc⋯.png (304.46 KB, 2880x1290, 96:43, Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at ….png)

File: 3eacd15a447819a⋯.png (308.44 KB, 2880x1292, 720:323, Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at ….png)

File: 36a6a5f1f0bc879⋯.png (328.83 KB, 2880x1296, 20:9, Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at ….png)

File: e13c4a802a4a89b⋯.png (282.03 KB, 2880x1292, 720:323, Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at ….png)

File: 77f64a7dce00905⋯.png (930.15 KB, 2880x1296, 20:9, Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at ….png)

fc2f27 No.391868

File: 1bec2d21951cdcf⋯.jpg (86.41 KB, 700x840, 5:6, 9d66cbdd55e2e297760e830844….jpg)


126879 No.391870


The only thing EVERYBODY was laughing at this week were the Obamas and their stupid portraits

32435e No.391871


Hammer twatter with it

376470 No.391872

Feb 15 2018 14:30:51


ID: 8ec7df




Target subjects are pre disposable to certain mental illnesses.

> Mental/medical professionals working for the dark state. Compromised or Disillusioned?

Target subjects are scouted over a period of time to study and arrange 'THERAPY'.

> enter big pharma

'THERAPY' takes [x] to break the mind into a functional/programmable device.

> x=drug

Science Fiction?

>labeled conspiracy theory


0d879d No.391873


Personally I like the idea of drafting people into congress. Random selection with a medical / psychological test.

a8d64c No.391874


Been working..haven't caught up yet.

Quick question: have we discussed "FlyEaglesFly" being the actual code that s wired into this dudes brain as a "go" code? Eagle mascot and all. Dude shows up wearing his school Eagles shirt.

It reminds me of this case where a psychiatrist MKULTRAed her cousin into trying to kill her ex-fiancée. She was just recently arrested for it.

https:// www.cbsnews.com/news/dr-pamela-buchbinder-jacob-nolan-did-psychiatrist-brainwash-cousin-to-kill-ex-lover/

d68089 No.391875

File: a66d5b12e531e93⋯.png (347.66 KB, 669x377, 669:377, ClipboardImage.png)

for inspiration

a2ab13 No.391876

File: 9e7f5e54b55dd92⋯.jpg (186.68 KB, 672x396, 56:33, AC6.jpg)



Characterization of a Blast Wave Device and Blast

Wave Induced Traumatic Brain Injury in a Rat

Model by '''Magnetic Resonance Imaging and


https:// scholarscompass.vcu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=3402&context=etd

28e407 No.391877

testing to find


383c37 No.391878



>Christianity was targeted by the enemy for a reason.

2 words: Free Will

You’re right to say NO to slavery

bdd49c No.391879


Why? We have reason to believe the Cabal makes us "sick", so we need medicine.

Sick cycle of shit, Create the need, provide the treatment or Cure, which you will need God knows how many more pills to treat side effects…Cycle of propagation

30a2cf No.391880

Can't read anymore of that mk ultra doc. It's sick.

ff97e8 No.391881


Trust no one

d67454 No.391882

File: 57cf1f37d4370cf⋯.jpg (11.15 KB, 315x235, 63:47, jack9.jpg)


kek thanks bro im trying to be around baking more.

I still cant figure out where they took the FL shooter to im looking at sat images but iI'm not having any luck matching the sidewalk in the cnn photo with cruz in a gown.

dd1e5a No.391883


no. thats not the palace

97508f No.391884

Would be almost impossible to do here….even the lib transplants love the guns

The largest group of new gun owners here is apparently Chinese immigrants…go figure >>391622

6a1653 No.391885


That still was taken from some TV skit I think.

5f9b54 No.391886

File: 7d865f56b53c65c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 536.07 KB, 728x567, 104:81, BILL CLINTON.png)

a7c726 No.391887

File: 7a62a2d7e919804⋯.jpg (620.29 KB, 650x834, 325:417, spy.jpg)


You're mistaken. As he's stated numerous times, this board was chosen for a reason.

The mission: This board is building a parallel construction.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parallel_construction

"Parallel construction is a law enforcement process of building a parallel—or separate—evidentiary basis for a criminal investigation in order to conceal how an investigation actually began."

Q & company have access to everything, but because of how they have access to everything, what they have can never be used to bring anyone to justice. It's all the fruit of the poisoned tree, legally. Nothing is admissible.

The crumbs are a way to lead (((US))) to arrive at the same level of knowledge, and to accumulate the proof from public sources with are not tainted in the eyes of the justice system.

Why this board: Weaponized autism.

We use the term jokingly, but a defining characteristic of autism is the inability to leave a task incomplete. All of the these leads, or at least a substantial portion of them, must be run to ground.

This board is being asked to assemble "proofs." Unassailable proofs, the truth of which cannot be dismissed.

This board is being asked to disseminate the proofs, the truth that's been uncovered - to penetrate the collective consciousness that has been lulled to sleep by omission, and deception.

Forget the justice angle for a moment: If the White Hats just put it all out there, and told the whole story - or even just parts of the story - how would people know that is wasn't just another psyop, or government lie?

How would (((we))) know, if we hadn't done the work, and arrived at the truth through our own efforts?

It has to be done this way, for everyone's sake.

5600ed No.391888


At first I thought Holmes was faking for an insanity plea but psychotropics can do that.

b67b21 No.391889


That bitch is CIA as sure as I'm breathing. Total Hollywood handler. Indeed, the irony. These people ARE stupid. Another example:

Steadman Graham as Oprah's handler/alter who keeps her personality program from breaking (her in-STEAD man). I mean, c'mon. Like we're all THIS dumb. So many other examples...

1e0936 No.391890


Happened during his administration too. Sonic weapons used to harm hearing, brain, even other organs…Q made reference to these weapons attempted use on POTUS too.

2ef5a3 No.391892

File: b2e66fa6c74847c⋯.jpg (42.33 KB, 632x162, 316:81, Capture.JPG)

Mind control? This post might explain O's & M's portraits.

478b51 No.391893


Shills gonna shyll …

9ee02a No.391894


Wasn't blackberry exclusively used by the government for a long time?

b6dadd No.391895

File: 02ba08b75377135⋯.png (495.2 KB, 771x507, 257:169, fulldisclosure.png)

Let us not forget

dd6630 No.391896

File: bdbe5ea5c45db84⋯.png (153 KB, 923x762, 923:762, ClipboardImage.png)


Might want to check them out as well

af6b9b No.391897


Was waiting for something like this. Great job, Anons!

633317 No.391898

he American music industry reached an informal standard of 440 Hz in 1926, and some began using it in instrument manufacturing. In 1936 the American Standards Association recommended that the A above middle C be tuned to 440 Hz.[4] This standard was taken up by the International Organization for Standardization in 1955 (reaffirmed by them in 1975) as ISO 16.[5]

they changed it to 440hz from 432hz to keep us in a state of perpetual agitated state.

e75522 No.391899

File: a2734a4f552708a⋯.jpeg (705.02 KB, 1017x966, 339:322, 8E326292-CF69-4F45-9AC9-B….jpeg)

still reading the mkultra doc, will take a while. but it’s the kind of book I can’t help but read the end of beforehand. What’s really interesting so far… is that over and over and over all these people repeat “we are talking about events from 12-25 years ago and we don’t do this anymore”


then you see this page at the end, which says they just changed the name and continued MKULTRA research under a new name and continued to do human testing up until 4 years prior to this 1977 hearing.

the never ending procession of LIES from our government.

big daddy bush just modernized the CIA into an outfit that operated outside of federal funding using drug/human trafficking $, right? :(

312863 No.391900


those who need to be here, will be here. Truth carries a power all its own, so don't worry . . . keep putting the Truth out there.

cea713 No.391901


This is why a ton of marketing companies have embraced biometrics in their research.. many of them will pay you to record eye movement, heart rate, electrodermal activity, even brain waves as you watch whatever content they provide… I have reason to believe this research is being conducted by companies like Disney who then sell the raw data to the gov to be used for nefarious purposes.

4aef72 No.391902

File: 10604e6405f1f55⋯.png (137.49 KB, 878x459, 878:459, 1977-1.PNG)

File: 8db398bf19f4fed⋯.png (137.07 KB, 874x228, 23:6, 1977-2.PNG)

File: effd7d8c87e5b90⋯.png (165.83 KB, 888x299, 888:299, 1977-3.PNG)

d67454 No.391903

File: aa06f5b515b64aa⋯.jpg (52.71 KB, 848x366, 424:183, nanowrimo_jack_burton_Sele….jpg)


I need to step away can I get another baker?


32435e No.391904


Can you make that Lewinsky?

b5ed24 No.391905

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



QHHTfag here…once a person has been hypnotized all that is needed is a 'trigger' word or phrase to induce the hypnotic state again. Easier than most imagine.

Watch Al Roker's response to the words "Holy Ghost" to get an idea of how it works!

b50859 No.391906


It used to be dead when I'd look at my State on the military craft map, now there's Cobra Balls twice, and a couple tankers from over the pond.

I figure when a plane goes by that rumbles my house like AF1 did I'd better load up my planefagware. Lot's more craft.

Question on planes. My spouse saw a fighter while at the job, said it was loaded up with a couple pentagon projectiles. When I looked it up, it was an Israel plane, all white. Hope he's a white hat and not a Pentagon Audit Attack 2.0

Our military is quite a symphony, we're blessed to have them. I notice other countries are helping. ItalyAF was one I noticed.

7dcafe No.391907

File: eccafe735a559b8⋯.jpg (39.23 KB, 500x321, 500:321, 7135.jpg)

mkultra can also look like this

095bf7 No.391908


Perfect idea!

9aadbc No.391910

File: 7987ade7819e448⋯.jpg (24.64 KB, 409x219, 409:219, Q_95.JPG)

A time happens twice a day when the numbers go in complete succession.

bd32f8 No.391912


this meme writes itself. Move Bill closer to Bill.

126cc9 No.391913


Dear Q.

From my laymans viewpoint I will offer a perspective as a tiny piece of the whole picture.

In the early years of analogue mobile phones, antenna design change made improvements to signal quality , handset signal strength send and receive.

Since going digital, the antennas appear to have become a lot smaller.

There are TWO distinctly separate systems in a mobile phone handset - the Radio and the handheld computer. All custom rom mods i have seen only appear to play with the handheld computer………

A whie ago I took a copy of the ROM in my Samsung Core Prime phone (2015/2016 model). Unpacked it, then unpacked the Bootloader. ONLY some files were readable in there without more specialised software ans knowledge.

In the Linux SE section of settings in the Bootloader there were found some annotated entries that said:

Added at request of NSA

Added at request of Chinese Government

On the Radio side, that silicon hardware is known very little about in general outside specialised knowledge, some sources say it has its own built in software. This seems similar to the Intel ME engine management system whereby as long as only power is on to the mainboard, the secretive ME engine can and does communicate (bypasses system CPU) through the network.

Refer https:// software.intel.com/en-us/node/632310 on how to access that from your browser. The true depth of it most of us will never really know.

In Mobile phones, as the RADIO portion is separate engine to the rest , i suspect only those with specialised security clearance and knowledge could provide insight to what is truly baked into the silicon and secretive firmware that could and might give remote monitoring of attached sensors to the device without any user interaction nor knowledge, and is likely to fall into specialised arena of TSCM few would truly be aware i suspect is the case.

That would mean, the successful marketing of a device to have a population voluntarily carry and be attached to emotionally , is a perfect weapon to selectively produce the waveforms and frequencies required for control or provoking individually or enmasse and few would be the wiser as that technology was introduced gradually (but quick enough) to be adopted.

An effect, refer fitbit capture data presented recently as movement heatmaps, that data given freely under the guise of " healthy" and self monitoring aware whilst a greater effect is at play.

The question is, just what can the radio section of a mobile truly do in terms of frequency and waveforms that remain undocumented, and how is the human psysiology altered with big pharma as a carrier to enable the desired effect of the specialised waveforms and frequency combinations.

Just my laymans view :)

32435e No.391914

5dfbea No.391915


Roy Potter is on an email list from google parent company alphabet, along with David Seaman. (second topic)

https:// steemit.com/q/@flynnl1ve5/roy-potter-only-takes-cash-for-childrens-movies-hmmm

And his buddy Montagraph is exposed.

https:// steemit.com/montagraph/@flynnl1ve5/roy-potter-has-teamed-up-with-montagraph-the-starnet-pedo-dealer

99def7 No.391916

meme anons… can we get a meme of the last 10 shooter's Democrat voter registration? They want gun control, we want Democrat control

312863 No.391917


so, in answer to Q's question -> big pharma is not just about "cures" (which they keep for themselves), they are about drugging and MKUltra'ing people, too.

126879 No.391918



"I am obliged to confess I should sooner live in a society governed by the first two thousand names in the Boston telephone directory than in a society governed by the two thousand faculty members of Harvard University"

William F Buckley

5ea91b No.391919


Explain the logic underlying that conclusion.

860748 No.391920

File: 75c468a0774cec1⋯.jpeg (6.68 KB, 345x146, 345:146, images-37.jpeg)

Programming is real!

Soften up the normies

7be2e2 No.391921


What if they were being threatened to stop “or else your family”. That would change a tune real quick

9aadbc No.391922


Matthew 12:34

Brood of vipers! How can you, being evil, speak good things? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

6b4ab0 No.391923


Thus the "remodel" job at the WH. Q more or less confirmed that.

1b3e90 No.391924


The "Russian dossier" started as a 4chan LARP sent to Rick Wilson.

Maybe I should shop around my LdR slash fiction. "Donald Trump's secret affair with a Rothschild."

646736 No.391925


-thanks for the memory trigger-

3855ce No.391926

Searched Apple/Samsung lawsuit

https:// www.velaw.com/Blogs/Tech-Blog/Apple-Hit-with-300-000-Sanction-for-Missing-Document-Production-Deadline/

Sanctions on Apple for monopolizing baseband processors - devices that enable cellular comms in cellphones.

3ebca3 No.391927


"Q Is watching Tucker"

"Tucker watches Q."

The world awaits Q!

Betcha Schmidt caught wind of his 'secret' meeting with Pelosi by now.

The whole world knows! Even if we don't know when, Q does!!

7ec556 No.391928


I had 3 that I would watch and all 3 have turned saying Q has been compromised since the posts are now different. Well, hello….there has at least been 3 that I can tell from the way they post. Things are going faster now and they can't wait for us to take to long figuring stuff out. Hard enough as it is when we know the subject.

5600ed No.391929


The more bits the better.

cea713 No.391931


Could have very well been a foreign aircraft here for Red Flag exercises out at Nellis in Nevada… there is also the ATAC company that provides planes to act as enemy fighters in exercises. They fly IAI planes but they have a camo pattern usually tho..

http:// www.atacusa.com/atac_aircraft.html

8fd9a3 No.391932


Admiral Yamamoto, pre ww2; supposedly.

Q says "We are the army", Does that mean we're the 3% that would fight back? Unsettling implications. Like another anon said, "I like my rad counts low".

17f590 No.391933

File: c6320dd1965f5b1⋯.jpg (555.06 KB, 1080x1748, 270:437, Screenshot_20180215-195335.jpg)

Why does this story take place in the future? Fuckin MSM

c20da9 No.391934


I will bake anon.

312863 No.391935


bet that hurt when you found out. once is all it would take for me, as well -> once the trust is broken, i hold that person in a very different light . . . forever. trust is sacred to me.

bdd49c No.391936


yeah, 2.18 billion Christians WW, that's close to 35% (recorded) World population

b5ed24 No.391937

b6dadd No.391938


Why am I not surprised to hear this?

He who shouts the loudest usually has something to hide.

38bd08 No.391939



30dc50 No.391940


Meaning, if i understand, big pharma is NOT essential to the country or world, they are essential to "them". And so they must also be taken off of the chess board.

1b3e90 No.391941

File: 1f010ddc5bb559a⋯.jpg (22.04 KB, 474x716, 237:358, point in a circle.jpg)


>CENTRAL Intelligence Agency

Masons. Right there in the name.

c6fe94 No.391942

File: 2d5a625a9c6aac5⋯.jpg (68.29 KB, 594x361, 594:361, DNCRUSSIA.jpg)

d67454 No.391943

File: 7f1606810785a94⋯.gif (2 MB, 268x268, 1:1, tumblr_nsl2i6EehD1qc3ju8o4….gif)



thanks brother, I'll be around.

2bcaa8 No.391944


Why is everything 'really' made in China?

> China is intergrall to the Axis of Evil

> China controls tech

> Installs backdoors into hardware allowing them (& Clowns) to spy on American citizens

Cost savings?

> Yes

> Much like NK, China seeks to install a system of complete control based on fear

> Allows them to foce labour for good of nation while destroying America's economy

> China is also takkng over hollywood (control our views through programming)

Why is POTUS focused on SA/CHINA/RUSSIA?

> Axis of evil

> They want to destroy America

> Russia conteols NK

>> NK is a honeypot (fantasy land for politicians and the corrupt)

> Russia runs the corruption side of the power structure.

> Russia has installed Communist sympathizers at the highest level of our governemt.

> China assist Russia by controlling tech and manufacturing

> China's role is to destroy our economy by undercutting our manufacturing industry.

> They can bleed us dry by producing subpar materials forcing us to spend more in the long run.

> They bypass US Regs with the help of Russia and thier influence over our politicians

> SA plays a vital role in the destruction of america

> Under prince Dopey, SA has ensured the ME was in constant state of war

> Keeping the ME in constant conflict forced the US to intervene which spreads our depleted armed forces thinner than we would like.

> War has another benefit: REFUGEES

> Refugees are used to infiltrate nations

> Refugees cause division and strain our economy even further

> Additionally, Dopey Prince controlls the media

> Use media to push narrative

> Use media to demonize patriots

> Use media to control narative and influence perception of islam. Combined with the 7 dwarves, the goal is to destroy our religion, nationalisim, patriotisim and our culture


> Destroy America


> Because they can

> Russia Installed bad actors who are commmie sympathisers

> sympathisers and Russia working together to undermine our democracy


> it has always been Russia

> They are still butthurt?


> Russia has it all

> blackmail

> audio and video


> They have enough to get them hung for treason


> Iran, much like NK is a proxy that does the bidding for the AoE

> strategically located to strike American forces and their allies

> Iran is a go between for Russia and SA


> See Iran above

> Strategically located to hit US forces as well as US mainland/HI

> NK is an experiment in absolute control

> They control everything aspect of its citizens education

> They have created a minimalist society that doesn't drain the nation while creating an army of fiercely loyal citizens

>> They don't know any different


> He seeks to remind them the consequences of turning on the AoE



> We need to break free of China's control


> yes, vital to american spirit


> yes, vital to patriotism


> see above


> absolute


> No Such Agency

> Adm. Rodgers (a patriot like no other)


> Marines

> Rank and file Eff Bee Eyes

> most local law


> We are at war

> Russia has been working to undermine America and destroy us fron the inside

> Art of War

> technology is our trojan horse




















0d1577 No.391945


I read this as

[43] GWB

[42] BC

[41] GHWB

9aadbc No.391946


It’s a cognitive bias called a “frequency illusion” and is also sometimes called “the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon”.

In short, what happens is that once you take note of something unusual like the clock reading the numbers 1–2–3–4 in sequence, your mind starts putting special attention to recurrences of that sequence.

https:// www.quora.com/Numerology-What-does-12-34-mean-I-see-it-all-the-time

b50859 No.391947

I asked before, but don't remember if there was a response with flying bread sometimes. But, why isn't LdR's twatter verified? Seems like a sought after badge even for the RedShills.

346e78 No.391948

0426c9 No.391949

c20da9 No.391950

Thanks anon, roger the paste. Godspeed/

028c53 No.391951

So what are you saying?


a7b31a No.391952


MAke this Michelle with bo on a knee

3f8c0f No.391953

File: 174f82af163d815⋯.jpg (2.2 MB, 1792x2150, 896:1075, water.jpg)

Attached Photo is of the LETTER Received about the water.

Discoveries must be ORIG organically.

- finding, location, uncovering, unearthing

- the compulsory disclosure, by a party to an action, of relevant documents referred to by the other

- ORIG: (= comes from) used to say which part of the body a disease starts from in the body;

(Historical Examples)

“auss dem Landt”; in the Latin version: “in illam regionem”

The Conquest of the River Plate (1535-1555)

- from or in connection with living matter

- in a way that relates to a bodily organ or organs

- in the course of gradual or natural development

Hive-mind. - (hive) a place in which people are busily occupied. aka "the mind."

Pay attention the the water.

Read Photo Attached.

Trihalomethanes (consumed over a period of time, increased risk of GETTING CANCER).


https:// www.globalhealingcenter.com/natural-health/how-fluoride-damages-pineal-gland-health/

Eat the delicious apple.. (snow white)

Double Meaning.

30a2cf No.391954


I've been reading since q posted on and off. Imagine what that document would look like today. 40+ years later. I dont think we could.

312863 No.391955


intentionally bought a samsung and not an iphone precisely because of the back door shit that was being reported . . . this was 3 yrs ago. many know about the snooping, and they just don't care -> mind boggling.

32435e No.391957

File: 37cb6bc52ced5e5⋯.jpg (17.87 KB, 190x255, 38:51, Russian Bots Yankee.jpg)

b6dadd No.391958


Is that you Roy Pedo? Tick tock..

a2ab13 No.391959

File: 66fccdf51d0e5c0⋯.png (168.96 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a4dcb4956f8c63e⋯.jpg (254.74 KB, 1110x727, 1110:727, 168air.jpg)



In 1913 things got strange in the world.

This Carver person had multiple texts published between 1916 - 1924

56a7ad No.391960


MSM claiming there is a Clinton type dress.

Imagine all the DNA on that dress!!!!!!!!

312863 No.391961


another namefag. STOP.

12fa71 No.391962


lol thiss never gets old

c20da9 No.391963


Thanks anon, roger the paste. Godspeed/

>phonefagging, will move device

478b51 No.391964


How have we overlooked that movie here?

"I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!"


633317 No.391965


ban the namefags if they are told and keep doing it bo

fec121 No.391966

File: a27247aa12b0e50⋯.png (13.1 KB, 443x324, 443:324, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a34bed4a3d9454e⋯.gif (394.08 KB, 500x323, 500:323, giphy.gif)




those stares dont seem "human" do they?|

Its almost as if CO may be onto something... and i think Q confirms it.

312863 No.391967


you do realize 75% of this board has you filtered bec. you're an ANNOYING NAMEFAG, don't you? next bread it will be 100%.

7ec556 No.391968


This is war. Get a flipping grip

6136d8 No.391969


What if it's not just psychotropic drugs? Why are we in the middle of an opioid epidemic. I was strung out on Perco pretty bad for a few years before getting off. It was combined with Diaz (valiu) for back and neck (muscle tissue) pain because that was the only other one I could tolerate following MVA's. The Naval Hospital Doc's and then later Civ Docs put me on every type of Drug out there, saying it's a muscle relaxer but actually psychotropics. I tried all of them hoping the pain would go away. Every time, I would feel better immediately but then after a week to ten days the headaches and general feel like shit would set in and i stopped, every time. All the while my Docs would subtly suggest seeing a psychiatrist, never did don't trust those guys. Main problem is loss of short term memory, getting better though since getting off of them. That and the rage. I wish I could remember the names of those drugs.

472a55 No.391970


We’re in charge now.

b50859 No.391971


I took note of 1017 a while, now I'm seeing doubles at least a couple times an hour. 22 and 33 are frequent players. Today I learned this has a name. Thank you Anon.

5ea91b No.391972


He also promoted using private corporations as contractors, which were beyond oversight or scrutiny. I believe he was also instrumental in the School of the Americas and Operation Condor.

2bcaa8 No.391973


May the mighty Lord protect us.

He is on ourside and, through his glory, we will win.

cea713 No.391974


>Why is everything 'really' made in China?

I think this goes back to the Consumer Product Safety Commission thing and ties into the FDA and why drugs are so expensive: regulations. There have been TONS of studies done to show that regulation of an industry has the side effect of driving up revenues for that industry as long as it is an industry that is always in demand.

633317 No.391975


propaganda and lies, programming the sheep the way they want, duh

8fd9a3 No.391976


Hey QHHT guy, any idea why QHHT seems to be the only spiritual work mentioning "The Event" related topics?

e75522 No.391977


yeah just thinking about it is scary.

They were trying to make devices to induce concussions with the resonant frequency of the head causing cavitation of the brain… and also making people immune to it by literally putting an air bubble in their brain. docs near the end.

they basically write it all off as a waste of time producing little of value. obvious lie.

a8d64c No.391978


Thought this was a joke.

2b1b6c No.391979


That is very telling. He knew something was influencing him but didn't know how to stop it. Very sad for everyone.

c20da9 No.391980


Kek. Third time lucky, new baker on new device.

Roger your paste anon, thanks.

41803e No.391981


Bill and Melinda Gates vaccines


Swine/Bird flu



Most diseases are manufactured

819002 No.391982


The eyes. In that painting. They all have them. Look for the split. You’ll start to see it.

bbf054 No.391983



And the Catholic Church in particular. Unlike the protestant denominations, it has a global hierarchical structure. Capture the Bishops Conferences in each country, you've "captured" the Catholics in those countries. (Soros money is flooding into the USCCB.)

Capture the Pope, you've "captured" catholics world-wide. (Soros money and operatives are rife in the Vatican.)

67d65c No.391984

Q, when are you going to expose Andy C? I could post a few keywords here that would give him a mild panic attack.

1b3e90 No.391985


Someone I "knew" for years but only through the Internet. Classic catfishing. They were actually working on behalf of someone else, as I learned when I looked into things deeper.

Oh well, the tax man is going to ream them without lube… I always get even.

7dcafe No.391986


Orlando wouldn't surprise me with Disney

312863 No.391987


is the low-freq MK analogous to what (((they're))) doing with microwaves?

have heard some interesting interviews about their use of microwaves in the past year.

b6dadd No.391988


Her arms are long enough to type a twat in New York from Gitmo

38bd08 No.391989


WWII my grandmother was building planes at Lockheed, women were flying those B17s overseas for delivery, trust me when the Germans and Japan thought they could take us on, not going to happen, now your tank may have problems because it was built by guys that do meth on their lunch break and never graduated HS.

7ec556 No.391990

Hannity on

887946 No.391991

File: 2f3598fffbbbfb7⋯.jpg (140.54 KB, 800x1129, 800:1129, yourbrain3.jpg)

File: 007ee8704a49247⋯.jpg (140.3 KB, 800x1129, 800:1129, yourbrain2.jpg)

File: e1d3ff14330f564⋯.jpg (142.55 KB, 800x1129, 800:1129, yourbrain4.jpg)

File: e3f6d4fb71a9e6b⋯.jpg (141.22 KB, 800x1129, 800:1129, yourbrain.jpg)

312863 No.391992


the only reason we're here today is because americans are armed to the teeth.

yes, they want our guns.

a2ab13 No.391994

File: c8af72c4f24b995⋯.png (241.09 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 55741269f4fb52e⋯.png (248.92 KB, 600x338, 300:169, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 199071bc5e197ce⋯.png (330.54 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 41b3bcdb4a30607⋯.png (315.12 KB, 580x505, 116:101, ClipboardImage.png)


No one talks about Aaron Alexis.

b6dadd No.391995


Isn't it just. How many more left clues like that?

e75522 No.391996


I think he for sure had the movie “The Post” in mind when he wrote this …. and it’s an OBVIOUS clown psyop to restore faith in MSM

e2a004 No.391997


Please make backups, and store them offline. Others are doing it, but it doesn't hurt to have redundancy with this.

4c6b58 No.391999

File: 6a9a6fdd19a969e⋯.png (375.5 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, MIND_CONTROL_BILL_CLINTON_….png)

370f16 No.392000


>can't debunk that.


I suppose you also believe they can't CGI "live" news coverage too, yes?

2788a8 No.392001

File: b9a15be013decb4⋯.png (524.73 KB, 630x480, 21:16, Grunt_mayor_H2.png)

https:// youtu.be/vs1kAiH7lQo

All good, arbiter!

d68089 No.392002

File: b4c2389b5264304⋯.png (341.95 KB, 655x376, 655:376, ClipboardImage.png)

cea713 No.392003


The main difference being you have women who cared what happened to the men on those planes whereas now your meth head hopes the tank will break so he can feel like he is getting one over on the "man".

17f590 No.392004


Here's some sauce for ya nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna848471?__twitter_impression=true

7d6ee1 No.392005



20c5b2 No.392006

Maybe China and his companies of big tech, although Russia don't think.., the Russians aren't communist. Now, Why Q change his position with China..?., rare

Ps: Really, You were born yesterday

478b51 No.392007


Don't forget Kubrick also did "Eyes Wide Shut," which was a remarkable documentary of the cult's culture.

30a2cf No.392009

Let the namefags roll. (((They're))) identifying themselves for us. Job done!

b0ae62 No.392010

Is it possible that Obama truly is a Manchurian candidate? Anything to do with his visits to Russia and China?

Hillary is MKUltra also?? Or was Saul Alinsky a Russian programmer? Many of the liberals are communist in their ideology.

http:// stop007.net/brainwashing-techniques/ (in Russia/differs from MKUltra)

http:// www.thesleuthjournal.com/report-russian-mind-control-revealed/

MKUltra began as a response to WWII Russian and Chinese brainwashing.

http:// www.history.com/mkultra-operation-midnight-climax-cia-lsd-experiments

https:// www.sott.net/article/368300-House-of-horrors-The-CIA-Dr-Gottlieb-and-MK-Ultra

Soviet mind control using EMF’s and also occult methods:

https:// www.thenewamerican.com/tech/item/17383-elements-of-soviet-mind-control-schemes-exposed

Chinese torture methods during Korean War used by CIA at Gitmo:

It described how two instructors from the Navy went to the Guantanamo Bay detention centre in 2002 to teach 24 guards there about methods used by Chinese communists during the Korean War, against American POWs.

https:// eassurvey.wordpress.com/2014/12/09/cia-torture-report-chinese-communist-methods-waterboarding-sleep-deprivation-exposure-to-cold-physical-isolation-sensory-deprivation-physical-degradation/

Other Chinese torture/brainwashing/mind control:

http:// www. news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/true-stories/inside-chinas-secret-brainwashing-centres-people-only-see-what-the-government-wants-them-to-see/news-story/ff300943426c7dc6b76d5865b911660f

Harriet Mills and Chinese brainwashing:

https:// www. bostonglobe.com/metro/obituaries/2016/04/02/harriet-mills-scholar-held-brainwashing-prison-china-dies/WAuWuQV4jFgvRyVTGb7biN/story.html

This article details methods but also history including involvement of major political figures such as GHWB, LBJ, etc. and sites where programming is done (Bohemian Grove and other locations) and transporting/trafficking.

http:// theconspiracyzone.podcastpeople.com/posts/28155

The war against the West won by social programming: http:// www.crossroad.to/Quotes/globalism/Congress.htm

Monarch symbolism in the music/entertainment industry: (Doesn’t China own a large part of Disney?)

http:// www. collective-evolution.com/2013/10/08/monarch-mind-control-popular-music/

http:// transmissionsmedia.com/origins-and-techniques-of-monarch-mind-control/

A very interesting article. Mentions Brezinski (is Mika MKUltra programmed?). Marilyn Monroe and other actors/stars are MKUltra. Mirrors are big imagery (Mirrors???)

Many brand names in industry used as code words/triggers for victims. Says HRC is a 6th level Illuminati witch and Monarch slave handler.

http:/ /educate-yourself.org/mc/illumformula12chap.shtml

Military kids used in MK Ultra http:// www.trinfinity8.com/mkultra-what-i-learned-about-mind-control-from-clients/

819002 No.392011


Bezos. Bynes. Find more.

5600ed No.392012

Very interesting theory, anon. Seems quite plausible. AL collects in brain. Conducts RF. What's missing is

541d62 No.392013

>>391672 and there you have it…how to turn out Pepe.

1b3e90 No.392014

File: deabbc6f34d297e⋯.jpg (32.21 KB, 474x529, 474:529, we do it for free.jpg)


Controlled opposition, and Q isn't trying to sell us filters.

18046b No.392015

File: 37c1c010b2ade55⋯.jpg (66.47 KB, 720x960, 3:4, EMF Frequencies effects on….jpg)

4c6b58 No.392016



I have a full set of .pdf of bread 0 to current on multiple external drives in multiple locations, plus a hard copy printout



have achieved /qresearch bread 287 to current on Wayback

370f16 No.392017


Believe what you will.

It's NOT the same building behind the railing.

fbf08e No.392018


>>390603 (You)

>The only reason there is an US, is because for whatever reason, it didn't work on US.

>The US aren't good guys at all. Endless wars. The only wars have the US involved in some way. Often funding both sides. These companies making things in China. Apple. That's a US company.

You misunderstood me!! I was saying US, as in WE or "us", not the United States.

0d879d No.392019



They were going to MKULTRA POTUS!

996cbf No.392020

Going through the MKULTRA document that Q posted:

https:// www.intelligence.senate.gov/sites/default/files/hearings/95mkultra.pdf

https:// www.intelligence.senate.gov/sites/default/files/hearings/95mkultra.pdf

What I'm reading is fucking bonkers. Guys this is an official document. Reading it slowly and carefully for me would take a week it's LONG. But it's fucking bonkers. Read it slowly and carefully. Jesus man. Experiments were started in the 50s, it's fuckin 2018. YIKES!!!!


32435e No.392021



4c6b58 No.392022


everyone should have one back up

two if it's important

three if it's really important

18046b No.392023


Could be relevant to Q. Geo-Engineering and EMF effects on Water. Lake Shasta

0519fd No.392024


Sounds more like a planted story to me. Like I said…this is going to be epic…

5ea91b No.392025


You glow like a radium fag.

cea713 No.392026



fd9f27 No.392027


All these movies describe what Q is posting:

The Kinsmen



MK Ultra

b6dadd No.392028

File: df206643437e0ce⋯.jpg (213.66 KB, 1266x2027, 1266:2027, 8anons.jpg)


Yup thats the plan

e2a004 No.392029


Excellent, thanks anon.

a2ab13 No.392030

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Alex did though.

Media Buries D.C. Shooter's Psychiatric Drug Past

Published by The Alex Jones Channel on Thu, 19 Sep 2013 01:31:48 GMT

Despite every indication that Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis was on SSRI drugs that have been linked to dozens of previous mass shootings, the mainstream media has once again avoided all discussion of the issue, preferring instead to blame the tragedy on a non-existent AR-15 that the gunman didn't even use.

We now know that Alexis "had been treated since August by the Veterans Administration for his mental problems."

30a2cf No.392031


Gives another definition to awake. The more you learn, the less you realise you know :(

dec0ef No.392032


This is a long read but it sums up the evolution of the MIC and is a history lesson all in one:

https:/ /isgp-studies.com/jason-group-national-security-science

dd1e5a No.392033

7c2f6c No.392034

File: 8657c7e822666b1⋯.png (98.21 KB, 1087x615, 1087:615, MAP DRAFT 3.PNG)

Still missing lots of connections but its a start.

2788a8 No.392035

File: 644e272b8baec1c⋯.jpg (692.36 KB, 1040x1202, 520:601, BlackNeedlerGrunt3.jpg)


819002 No.392036


I think we all know who she is.

5f9b54 No.392037

File: a95f9303a13e6a8⋯.jpg (70.59 KB, 500x454, 250:227, 13020356.jpg)


Your answer

c6fe94 No.392038

Can we trust people are who they appear to be?

https: //youtu.be/ohmajJTcpNk

887946 No.392039

File: 9395c89fcb2b11f⋯.jpg (58.19 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, POOPER.jpg)

b6dadd No.392040


Wow. Awesome. Are you uploading it all somewhere?

a8d64c No.392041


Good job anon. We need to search for any shooters who made statements like this. What about the guy who ate the dudes face? Remember how he tested neg for that crap people were taking? I can't fucking remember the name of that shit now. Made in China of course.

fbf08e No.392043


See also...


44035a No.392044

File: 7ead6bb0d011e4d⋯.jpg (178.41 KB, 536x500, 134:125, 1423229163676.jpg)

>We can guide you but you must organically uncover the TRUTH.

this line from Q seems very meta to me, like they are not allowed to go against free will

they are able to give hints about what the cabal has up to but we must go digging and find the links and/or evidence

once it has been found and converted into memes/spread around, exposure of the truth raises our consciousness/light and weakens the darkness

bbf054 No.392045


The colors are a great addition! Did you see that info on Int'l Red Cross and Red Crescent I posted for yu?

a0a1e6 No.392046


alex is compromised or been controlled opposition from beginning

12fa71 No.392047


there is tons of info and proof about scopolamine use in colombia (it was used often for robberies)

victim DOES NOT REMEMBER ANYTHING and will look "normal" to others.

You can litereally ask anybody under its effects to take you to an ATM and withdraw all their money… they will be like sure no problem!

1b3e90 No.392048



>According to a member of the British royal family, the Chinese may also announce they will use “Christianity with Chinese characteristics,” as their national religion as a part of this deal.

Literally Chinese Anglicanism.

d68089 No.392049


watch the movie "conspiracy theory" with mel gibsom

even says "Geronimo" and MKultra

pretty good movie

6c74ba No.392050


natural cures

1b3e90 No.392051


Yeah, I agree (must go to church now and confess lusty thoughts.)

32435e No.392052


Twatter bomb Stephen King

887946 No.392053

File: 307ff82ee7b4c27⋯.jpg (146.33 KB, 800x1129, 800:1129, yourbrain5.jpg)

dd1e5a No.392054


no bc its fake.

wrong person different spelling.

b6fe50 No.392055


Let them come….I'm locked and loaded.

d68089 No.392056


pretty sure he was under hard booze, cocaine and bitches on his dick the night before into the wee hours of the morning

a8d64c No.392057


And the parties they still have…

312863 No.392058


!!!!!!!! THIS !!!!!!

definition of ORGANIC

bd32f8 No.392060


Ha ha ah ha ha ha ha.

Very good anon. Oh man, I am crying from LOL.


7c2f6c No.392061


Yes, just need to add yet.

30a2cf No.392062


Playing THE game!

6b4ab0 No.392063


Some kind of bath salts.

2788a8 No.392064

File: f7f6ca5eef2b89a⋯.png (1.16 MB, 798x750, 133:125, H2_Grunt_Ultra.png)


a2ab13 No.392065


Who else talked about Aaron Alexis?

56a7ad No.392066


proofs would require specific patent finds and then the use of those patents

fa13e0 No.392067


He's a sharp tack and that tweet (result) doesn't surprise me at all.


GJ anon, and it will radiate outwards from there.


It was called (again) the "25th frame" effect. That's old school. Now they do it in layers on tv/movies and also in print and on radio - for the visuals it's only visually subliminally, and the same in audio (store muzak tracks anyone?). They also now pipe aromas in, just not quite noticeable to make you buy moar.

This stuff is decades old, liek MK Ultra, Tavistock, Fabian Society, Frankfurt Institute for Social Research (cultural marxism), and aaaall the rest.

Appears people here now are just coming up and learning about it and trying to catch up.

Maybe we should make a thread for that - resources for people to research to get up to speed with the /pol/acks?

6c74ba No.392068


> this board was chosen for a reason.

kicked off of 4

a0a1e6 No.392069

File: 7d06fc45e7d0b1d⋯.jpg (192.34 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, CELL.jpg)

4158ef No.392070

https:// www.nytimes.com/2018/02/15/nyregion/terror-arrest-bronx.html?mtrref=www.google.com

https:// www.facebook.com/fox29philadelphia/videos/10155781378653855/?hc_location=ufi

dd1e5a No.392071



they are creating the mental illnesses/diseases and then 'treating them' to sell pills and control

7ec556 No.392072

File: b3846d0e1858405⋯.png (274.86 KB, 659x381, 659:381, Jacob Ladder.PNG)


They made the movie Jacobs Ladder about the LSD experiment they did on our soldiers.


The Story of the Drug BZ


418fa1 No.392073

>Why is everything 'really' made in China?

https:// www.technologyreview.com/s/603631/the-us-chip-industry-is-growing-in-china/

Lack of FRIENDLY government oversight? The same way ICBM and nuclear tech was exported to NK by Space X, perhaps Deep State-aligned actors within the tech industry can churn MK Ultra/mind control tech and transmittors into everyday household appliances so that the coming 5G infrastructure has something to "bounce off" of?

>Why is POTUS focused on SA/CHINA/RUSSIA?

Plowing head first into former Deep State-strongholds and collaborators.


To damage the credibility of the dirty laundry about to be aired to the public? U1 is a fact, and it's being desperately buried by the media, for example.



U1 is already a huge clusterfuck. Lots of evidence of Obama admin collusion. The adoption ban (https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dima_Yakovlev_Law) can very well have been a response against child trafficking rings operating within russian borders. The formulation of the law looks very similar to the POTUS' EO signed in late December!


Disclosure of NK ties?


Again, disclosure of dirty business with NK, with that plane loaded with millions and millions of dollars.

http:// www.latimes.com/nation/nationnow/la-na-iran-payment-cash-20160907-snap-story.html


Deep state actors and Space X providing the regime with ICBM delivery and nuclear tech?


Tying up loose ends/damage control on aforementioned affairs?



No more exporting valuable technology to foreign nations?

370f16 No.392074


So, Idiocracy was actually a documentary.

Now we find that The Manchurian Candidate is too?


1b3e90 No.392075


The RC church started using "Holy SPIRIT" in the 70's, probably because it was setting off too many people at Mass.

7ec556 No.392077


I mean BZ, also known as 3-Quinuclidinyl Benzilate, not LSD. That was a different one.

541d62 No.392078

>>391814 Q is giving you crumbs to put the puzzle together. As long as the pieces fit, I am good.

But I am calling you a BIG FAT FAKE. OBVIOUS…C'MON man at least be a challenge.

2d2c3d No.392079


Lol do you know any of the Mt Shasta stories? Get out the tin foil and xfiles music anons. We are gonna get spoopy I think.

67697a No.392080


Good on ya mate!! Would love to download those bread PDFs kek.

28db70 No.392081


How they 'break' minds for programming and how it might have got different:


bringing in weak EM:

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFi1gg7Bcdk

paper by serge kernbach, 2013, weak EM energy on biological material:

https:// arxiv.org/pdf/1312.1148.pdf

a0a1e6 No.392082

metal detectors, cameras, and a couple police guarding doors

072c74 No.392083


She has stories about the psychotherapists involved

04ce0c No.392084

Hyoscyamus niger (scopolamine/Hyoscine)

Causes dry mouth, thirst, difficulty in swallowing and speaking, warm flushed skin, dilated pupils, blurred vision and photophobia, vomiting, urinary retention, tachycardia, pyrexia, drowsiness, slurred speech, hyperreflexia, auditory, visual or tactile hallucinations, confusion and disorientation, delirium, agitation and combative behaviour. In severe cases there may be hypertension, coma and convulsions.

The smell of the flowers can cause giddiness.

c20da9 No.392085


THIS!^^^^ Added to dough.

a0b0e0 No.392086








Porno chicks = high-profile prostitutes. I strongl beleive that many of them have been severely traumatized (think - MKUltra) prior to or upon joining the business.As for IRL, I'll take a women who's not seeking an inordinate amount of attention, who can still dress up to go out on the town making eyes pop out, but doesn't really care to try & compete with other women in that department. Women are being trained more & more away from their maternal instincts, and the porn + "modeling" industry only assists to that end. Destruction of the family unit is one of the goals of control.

2788a8 No.392087

File: da3d5eb35b2a9b2⋯.png (1.22 MB, 965x717, 965:717, Grunt_de_operaciones_espec….png)



dd1e5a No.392088


pretty sure Q is learning as he goes along the same as we are. change in tone seems like part of the plan. i still think its same Q for reasons i can't explain here.

a2ab13 No.392089

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Seems like it just happened yesterday. Wow, time flies.

Shooter identified, death toll rises at Navy Yard mass shooting

Published by RT America on Mon, 16 Sep 2013 21:45:11 GMT

At least 13 people are dead, including a DC police officer and the suspected shooter, Aaron Alexis, after a mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard in Southeast DC, according to Mayor Vincent Gray. Another shooter may still be at-large. Approximately 3,000 members of the military, government employees and contractors work in the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) headquarters in Building 197. The Navy Yard and surrounding areas, including the US Department of Transportation and Nationals Stadium, were on lockdown starting at 8:20 a.m. Local and federal authorities set up a reunification center in a parking lot at the nearby baseball stadium. RT's Sam Sacks has the latest update live from the scene.

6b4ab0 No.392090



Definition of organically-as elements of an organized whole:

"workers in both parts of the new project are organically connected" · "little subplots which fit organically into the overall picture"

f54353 No.392091


This is totally CANADA as a whole

Laugh out loud

6136d8 No.392092


Has anybody else developed Tinnitus like symptoms over the last 5-6 months?

91f0d1 No.392093

I've been gone all day. Was there an 8chan consensus on Parkland?

Was it:

A/ Organic

B/ False Flag w/Real Deaths

C/ False Flag w/feigned carnage

I'll trust your judgment.

18046b No.392094


Yeah, UFOs and Ayys and stuff. But that Image is real. Q said to Watch the Water.

dd1e5a No.392095


btw Q never said he was a team he only said less than 10 people know who he is.

32435e No.392096


I suggest Every Legal Citizen Allowed To Carry

a8d64c No.392097



NK= Monarch Controlled test nation.

4c6b58 No.392098

File: 6a5f47da5a31112⋯.png (2.2 MB, 2582x1846, 1291:923, Connecting_the_dots_MK_Ult….png)

File: 155eef1effb5dd8⋯.png (224.06 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Minne_Mouse_Polka_Dot_Poke….png)

File: 39ea75228fce9b2⋯.png (434.32 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Standard_Hotel_Paddle_Room….png)

Connecting the dots, MK Ultra Style

Posted this in bread 200 on Jan 26…. everyone was like meh….



http:// rosettedelacroix.com/?p=8735

072c74 No.392099


Thank you. Organic.

028c53 No.392100

Many have died as of late. >>392086

887946 No.392101

File: ac0d0977bcb3114⋯.jpg (100.98 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, yourbrain6.jpg)

a70c58 No.392102

Hello anons, was a long time since I've been here active… Got a question, is the R's going down soon? That's all I'm interested in at the moment.

fdf0b5 No.392103

Good Evening Anons!

Wow! I was fonefagging today and was completely blown away by Q!! Quite a day of posts. I've been trying to catch up on the bread from the day.

I found this article today that lead in some interesting directions and names other Projects that the government has worked on in regards to the subject of MK Ultra!

https:// wakeup-world.com/2016/04/11/the-microwave-drug-the-biological-and-spiritual-effects-of-electromagnetic-radiation/

examples from the article: The Microwave Drug: The Biological and Spiritual Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation

The 1998 US Army document ‘Bioeffects of Selected Nonlethal Weapons’ says “investigators are even beginning to describe similarities between microwave irradiation and drugs regarding their effects on biological systems. For example, some suggest that power density and specific absorption rate (SAR) of microwave irradiation may be thought of as analogous to the concentration of the injection solution and the dosage of a drug.” [1]

Background radiation alters our biology (analogous to passive smoking). Our unique signature electromagnetic field and brainwaves are overlayed and potentially ‘entrained’ in a similar way that a binaural beat hypnotic track helps us to doze off to sleep. Transhumanism is here! Why don’t we just get on with it and embed a 24/7 radiation emitting smart chip in every newborn? [5]

A biophysicist at Northrop Space Laboratories in California prepared a paper called ‘Biological Entrainment of the Human Brain by Low-Frequency Radiation’. If the body’s biological clock was related to electrical impulses called alpha rhythms then could electromagnetic fields alter that clock? [9] The file went to the acting director of the Advanced Sensors program of the Advanced Research Projects Agency. Project Pandora was initiated to discover whether very low level m Given the results the new code name became Project Bizarre. Researchers noted ‘potential of exerting a degree of control on human behaviour by low-level microwave radiation’ and that the US needed to overhaul radiation exposure standards to take into account ‘non-thermal damage potential’. [12] icrowave signals could direct the mind. [10]

The article goes on and on. very interesting.

More to consider looking into:

[1] US Department of the Army, ‘Bioeffects of Nonlethal Weapons’, Unclassified 6 December 2006

‘Biological Entrainment of the Human Brain by Low Frequency Radiation’, August 1965

‘Program Plan No. 562, Pandora’, Advanced Sensors Program, ARPA, 15 October 1965.

Goldsmith, ‘Where the trail leads…Ethical problems arising when the trail of professional work lead to evidence of cover-up of serious risk and mis-representation of scientific judgement concerning human exposures to radar’, Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics, vol. 5, July 1995, pp. 92-94.

Sorry for such a long post. this seems relevant

a0a1e6 No.392104


they never left, always been here

418fa1 No.392105


This needs to be a permanent sticky far up the ladder! Own permanently stickied and locked thread even, perhaps!

dd1e5a No.392106


the sheepiest sheep is a wolf

4158ef No.392108

File: cf05fa3d01b61ba⋯.png (260.33 KB, 361x268, 361:268, Screenshot-2018-2-15 Start….png)

File: 4da926eebe2493e⋯.png (254.22 KB, 352x268, 88:67, Screenshot-2018-2-15 Start….png)

File: e14f02fd31b1c3e⋯.png (276.43 KB, 417x268, 417:268, Screenshot-2018-2-15 Start….png)

File: 4fab0612acc92b8⋯.png (317.91 KB, 502x268, 251:134, Screenshot-2018-2-15 Start….png)

File: 5fc3400c6a1179d⋯.png (334.03 KB, 471x268, 471:268, Screenshot-2018-2-15 Start….png)

35ad2e No.392109

Q needs us to find the proofs and make hard copies of the proofs offline because we are ultimately going to be the equivalent of Plaintiffs in the class-action suit that, in essence, dissolves the First Republic of the United States of America for the Second Republic.

This is necessary because the Constitution has to be what it says and not be a 'living breathing document'.

If you want to change the Constitution you will no longer be able to manipulate the Judiciary to circumvent the difficulty of a Constitutional Amendment. The citizenry is going to be called on to re-engage in governing themselves.

c94f0c No.392110


This this this

522e68 No.392111




7dcafe No.392112

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here is the vice piece on Scopalamine for any anons that want to watch or spread

41af94 No.392113


Some dealers tried to resell some clunkers. But for the most part I watched mechanics pull the cars around back throw some kind of additive in the engine then red line them until the engine seized.

dbb379 No.392114


I've plastered this guy here several times. Back when we were on CBTS I did the same.

5ea91b No.392115


If Q wanted blogs, he would have said so. He didn't. He doesn't. The purpose of this op is not to "spread the word and red pill the normies", it's to crowdsource intel, analysis, data management and execution of the op. In some cases that might require public exposure or action in a coordinated effort. But usually it means collecting, analyzing, and managing intel drops, inspiring particular autists to take independent action in millions of ways.

That is how one shifts the Overton Window. Not with a broad-based marketing campaign. But by informing the right key decision makers and thought leaders in a way that drags public opinion. Enough people are aware of the MKULTRA program already to suspect it, in a case like the FL shooting. With this drop, enough of the keenly interested people are already here, appreciating the drop for what it is: corroborating evidence for the existence and possible utilization of such a program by a IC actor. Just like the Vegas shooting.

We don't need blogs. We need you to dig. Study. Contribute intelligently from the areas of your expertise and experience. Lurk, absorb, research.

Emulate Riki-Tiki-Tavi: "Run, and find out!"

If you can't do that, just lurk and learn.

4c6b58 No.392116


Connecting the dots…. MK Ultra Style illustrated


dd1e5a No.392117




b67b21 No.392118


All your media are belong to us.

2d2c3d No.392119


Love the colors as well. Can we get some UK names in there? Elected officials as well. This is great work just giving my .02

Loop Capital? Do we need to see a break down of the bank tiers you think too?

32435e No.392120



Change to Monarch

370f16 No.392121

File: b9ff966596a6be2⋯.gif (651.85 KB, 581x390, 581:390, PutinontheRitzitz.gif)

a8d64c No.392122


Thank you. Couldn't remember right now. So he tests negative for that. Family says he was perfectly normal. Goes and eats a mans face while acting like an animal. Nothing weird there!

3f8c0f No.392123

File: a300116bf2016b2⋯.png (91.74 KB, 500x303, 500:303, hello.png)


Logo - bite out of apple

SIRI - IRIS mirrored - all seeing eye

Turn phone on - HELLO - welcome to hell O<earth

Turn phone off - GOODBYE - say bye to the good!

There symbolism will be their downfall.

The English language wasn't being pushed to be the Universal for no underlying reason.

Hello from the (other side) ….

0d879d No.392124

Looks like its time to buy a new toy.

http:// www.faradaydefense.com/fd-style/32-cell-phone-black-pu-leather-x-large-privacy-protection-45-x-65-blackout-bag-.html

(Or make your own)

887946 No.392125

File: 19f18ce8ab1a524⋯.jpg (91.49 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, yourbrain7.jpg)

20c5b2 No.392126


I think that Even more.., We.., We are the Seed of the New World, A free World, A world with Justice, with Love, With Peace, just say is so ask?..,This isn't only in the US.., it's in the World, for something Receive to send the Message to the Mass, for can't happen with the Lost Generation., if not as The New Generation of the people.

1b3e90 No.392127


Strategic openness. My normie life hardware is all Mac/iPhone.

This device isn't.

Hide in plain site.

3ebca3 No.392128


Good effort, Anon.

I disagree on a lot of points, agree on a lot of points, but certainly appreciate the effort.

47c9b4 No.392129


They planned this shit as soon Q came up. BO at calm before the storm was a major shill and owns the Reddit sub as well.

It's subversion and we got be incredibly vigilant for shit like that.

With that being said I've seen nothing to suggest we should be worried about this board.

Q kinda has them by the balls with his own board now as well.

d68089 No.392130

Holy fuck guys

read these:

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allegations_of_CIA_drug_trafficking

7c2f6c No.392131


Oh yeah, how could I forget Loop!?

Is there a UK connection with Steele?

503df3 No.392132


THIS x 100!

If we can't see our power and USE it, who the fuck else will?

>Be a virus of confidence

2788a8 No.392134

File: 3db748909ee6fc5⋯.jpg (16.13 KB, 400x374, 200:187, Grunts.jpg)


arbiter what the heck do our prophets even believe in?!

312863 No.392135


not to mention instant death -> India

a0a1e6 No.392136


masons are everywhere and the ones i know have never been convicted of a crime, charged not convicted.

also do gangstalking and ruining peoples rep.

112a29 No.392137



You need to zoom out before you start to zoom in. How can I explain this ……You've reached your conclusions before you've defined their relationships. Maybe look at diff top level relationships …Power, Money, Military, Technology, Pharma …whatever. Don't start with conclusions ..e. Roths. DWS, Pelosi etc aren't even linked to Awans here …and they should be

79da6a No.392138

bbf054 No.392139


Wish muckety hadn't gone toes up on us. Shit ton of helpful info there.

d2820b No.392141

File: c81d7c3cdd82417⋯.png (45.61 KB, 741x426, 247:142, Al_again.png)




More on Aluminum in the brain:

>Al is not essential for life. On the contrary, Al is a well established neurotoxin and is suspected to be linked with various neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer's disease (AD), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and Parkinsonism dementia in the Kii Peninsula and Guam [1], and the Gulf War syndrome [2].

https: //www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3056430/

Isn't aluminum also included in chemtrails?

2bcaa8 No.392142



NK is an experiment in absolute control.

MKULTR on a mass scale

a8d64c No.392143


They also get to poison us and have it not blamed on our own country. Lead toys anyone? Bath salts?

535f5e No.392144

Not sure if this was covered yet. The latest new tech in cell phones is biometric detection. Facial recognition. Its probably the only thing I can think of that would relate to big pharma.

fa13e0 No.392145


Yep - open source (not hacked, non-classified) accumulation of information. THIS is why Q keeps telling us to

>build the map

If the map was the graphic compilation of his posts, we would not need to build it or be told continually to build it.

>find the spiders

>build the web ("map")

The map is the network of connections radiating outwards from each spider - their web.

Think Clinton Foundation & their donor list.

Think Christopher Steele and all he had dealings with

One anon is making a map of the Roths (upthread)

Think Muckety maps - they are great but sometimes far too large & complex - they boggle the mind.

Many maps have already been made tangentially, which we can use for ours.

Re parallel construction - do you all remember the map Sessions showed on tv re: Uranium 1? It was a network mind-map type diagram.

Q keeps telling us that

>news unlocks the map

The "news" gives us

-connections between people

-business deals/initiatives

-joint projects

-events that people (our targets) attend - locations/dates/QUOTES

These, along with the network of their associates helps us solidify the connections, verify what we have found and gives us AMMO (stuff to link to) that normies will understand.

Had some discussions earlier today with anons about this, the free tools available to us, and how to accomplish this. Dedication and tenacity we have, but we haven't been disciplined enough to keep info in the dedicated topic threads, keep them alive (they've fallen off the catalog) and as you say

<run those leads to ground

It can be done.

We can do it if we work together.

4c6b58 No.392146

File: f8c1d87d4f1ce98⋯.png (5.27 MB, 2500x2500, 1:1, POKE_A_DOT_100.png)


not sure how to link to archived bread???

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/164673.html

was trying to refer to post >>165235

2d2c3d No.392147


I first took that as there would be a drop. Or waterfall of info. Floodgates I don't know. But then this thought today of both the waves and contamination. I got a bit more concerned.

67697a No.392148


This is great anon, and it will help. Thank you for your work.

I have to say though, that it doesn't cover the multitudes of other links and connections required to have the 40 000 ft view of the FULL MAP.

Don't want to tarnish any of your work - I'm just thinking a much bigger map is needed - one in which multiple anons can contribute/add in realtime.

4158ef No.392149


aluminum, barium, and stronum

b50859 No.392150


Spouseanon says it could have been camo, was checking under it's underside more. Are they loaded with mock trajectory or is that real? You've eased my goncerns. The one I found similar today was an ATAC.

b6dadd No.392151

File: 44ab53d636d2483⋯.jpg (228.8 KB, 500x454, 250:227, jigsawhill.jpg)

819002 No.392152

The way this MKUltra stuff works in terms of politicians and celebrities is they always have a very special person show them the ropes. Maybe a romantic interest. They go away on a trip or to a party and get slowly seduced into this. They’re not all controllers. Some are controlled. I suspect many hotel workers involved in trafficking are also controlled. The more important they are, the more personal connection needed.

As to medications, in regard to many mental illness drugs, we know they work but we don’t know WHY. Amphetamines help ADHD. Why do they calm one section of the population and energize another? What is going on there? No one knows. SSRIs work but why do those particular substances inhibit serotonin reuptake? No one knows. And the biggest one - and I know I’m going to lose some anons here - weed. What are the effects of marijuana on the brain? Why does the left push it so much? Leaves on socks? Weed in movies? Weed in songs? They’re pushing it. Why? What does it do? Why is it linked to long term depression and schizophrenia? Would you need to get medicated to solve those problems?

fdf0b5 No.392153


Haha… funny this came up.. I was just going to ask what everyone's thoughts on 'ORGANIC" was.

This is good >>391887

a0a1e6 No.392154


is what we know they spray on us

a2ab13 No.392155

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Yea, China.

Rudy Eugene

http:// abcnews.go.com/US/face-eating-attack-possibly-linked-bath-salts-miami/story?id=16451452


Ronald Poppo

https:// www.local10.com/news/florida/miami-dade/new-video-of-face-eating-attack-released


*vid. gross

Photos released of Miami face-chewing victim Ronald Poppo

Published by ODN on Wed, 13 Jun 2012 11:17:18 GMT

Warning: This video contains some images viewers might find distressing. Doctors release photos of Ronald Poppo, the 65-year-old homeless man who was the victim of a gruesome face-eating attack in Miami. Report by Sophie Foster

cab1dd No.392156


a8d64c No.392157



6b4ab0 No.392158


King made a lot of enemy's & lost a lot of fans with his awful & disrespectful remarks about POTUS. Just some FYI there. It was a hell of a story, though.

a8d64c No.392159

b80ebc No.392160


Makes me think that tracks are being covered.

Think, Heidi Fleiss.

Most of the more recent deaths have been "suicides", correct?

32435e No.392161


Can you say "Chemtrails" then + HARRP = MONARCH …

a992f7 No.392162


Hope this isn't your ##Goodbye## to us!!!!

We've built a lot of patriotic momentum, but I think ongoing contact will assure that it keeps on going, till the cause succeeds and normies take responsibility to keep this nation on the right path. In any case, God bless you Q, God bless POTUS and family, God bless every patriot who serves in any way, and God bless the USA.

6136d8 No.392163


What the FK are you yessing, add a number!

a7ef70 No.392164

Just an update on Signatures. We had another "As the World Turns" today:

Alice & Wonderland: 28

As the World Turns: 6


Godfather lll: 2

Godfather III: 20

Iron Eagle: 7

Jason Bourne (CIA/Dream): 2

Jason Bourne (Deep Dream): 2

Operation Mockingbird: 5

Snow White: 24

Speed: 26

The Hunt for Red October: 1

The Great Awakening: 13

Red October: 5

Titanic: 5


Wizards & Warlocks: 7

This brings the Q team post count up to 785 posts.

84ea39 No.392165

File: a49730ce5abad82⋯.jpeg (31.95 KB, 396x396, 1:1, 06077F3D-1948-4DB4-A601-8….jpeg)



The campaign to limit and eliminate private gun ownership is NOT about protecting people nor ensuring public safety.

THINK ABOUT IT: whereas average annual gun related fatalities in the U.S. are around 30K (10K of which are suicides), there are about 400,000 preventable deaths a year due to “medical negligence/mistakes.” Despite this fact, neither the Media nor Politicians are ever outraged about those 400K preventable deaths by doctors…..it’s all guns, guns, guns.

https:// www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2013/09/20/224507654/how-many-die-from-medical-mistakes-in-u-s-hospitals

Which is a greater threat to the US taxpayer? Guns or lazy doctors who are more concerned with pushing pills?

https:// www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2013/09/20/224507654/how-many-die-from-medical-mistakes-in-u-s-hospitals

27bf3a No.392166

This is tremendous news…. we are forcing BIG PHARMA Release the cures!!

I would appreciate the prayers of my fellow Anons. My father is dying of Alzheimer's… and I hope he doesn't run out of time before this becomes available. I would like to add #RightToTry to our hashtag menu in the bread.

http:// www.daily mail.co.uk/health/article-5391081/Scientists-REVERSE-Alzheimers-middle-aged-mice.html

38bd08 No.392167


Its sad, if you read some of the plaques on mountain tops in So Cal, girls missing their guys, these guys were on flight crews 16 to 18 years old, flying the best we had and still one slide rule calculation from being 1,000 feet to low exiting van norman pass leaving VNY or Burbank, these were kids backed by moms and dads and girls that gave their all as did the kids that did what had to be done, I have a box of P-38 parts, kid 17 joined at 16 and was flying a 3 month old plane leaving VNY to the run range in Mojave, well before the L he went into a dive and never recovered, just a kid, never got to chance to give it to the enemy in the top of the line plane of the day.

20fee5 No.392168

oldfag here

Q mentioned:

>John Perry Barlow.

>Internet Bill of Rights.

In February 1996 John Perry Barlow wrote "A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace" which resonated with the then Anons on the webz and sprawled everywhere within hours.

It was a really hot topic then.

08. Feb 1996

https:// www.eff.org/cyberspace-independence

some context:

02. Feb 1996

>NY Times frontpage Headline: 3 Boys Used Internet to Plot School Bombing Police Say.

https:// www.heise.de/tp/features/Terror-communication-Acts-3410885.html

14. Feb 1996

>a response to Barlows Declaration

https:// www.heise.de/tp/features/Internet-and-Politics-A-Pythagorean-Fairy-Tale-3449549.html

27. Feb 1996

https:// www.heise.de/tp/features/Internet-Independence-and-the-Mass-Mind-3410883.html

346e78 No.392169

bdcf8c No.392170


since q

a2ab13 No.392171


Cool. Good time for him to reemerge.

28db70 No.392172

mk ultra + weak EM waves & research papers:

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFi1gg7Bcdk

fef866 No.392173

Akin to Q's make a list of things you need an ID for. How about PLACES that have metal detectors. I think our schools should have them and retired guards there. Our kids our most important and yet we lack the necessary security needed for their protection.

a70c58 No.392174

ty for this, im not the only one who thinks like that :) >>392123

67697a No.392175


This is not a fucking game!

faf83a No.392176


Party? The thought makes me physically ill. That's no party.

A case of beer, bikini models and Spuds Mackenzie the dog is a party!

eb22f3 No.392177


Jan 23 2018 14:36:34



ID: 384dbe


The light will reveal those on the team and those pretending to be.

This is not a game.

They want us divided.

Last posts [self destruction] will immediately show the world the TRUTH.

Instructions will be sent on how to preserve offline.

You didn’t think this was simply about words did you?

We have it all.

Coming soon to a theater near you.


9ee02a No.392178


Is there a post explaining these?

I must have missed it

56a7ad No.392179


proof tools.

https:// www.uspto.gov/patents-application-process/search-patents

https:// patents.google.com/

b6dadd No.392180


Delores Riordan. Her death was very suspect. Bono was not far from her that day.

c5ea2d No.392181


80's fag confirmed

0f9ce6 No.392182


"Disney is a distraction" indeed. Just one of the many cartoon character methods of MKultra upon the civilian populace there. Geez, some of us were calling it way early into the investigations on 4chan.

c20da9 No.392183


We need to Build The Map. Let's keep discussing 'how'.

5e4e42 No.392184


No no, the Goodbye is for Warren. Pocahontas!

54b8af No.392185



I am not convinced on the T-minus [12:34] = http errors

That whole idea assumes the post time is assigned to EASTERN timezone. For example, the same math in ZULU is 08:02.

What if there is no actual calculation to be done, but it's just meant to be a statement that a simple countdown has begun (12:34 -> 1,2,3,4)?

Then again, maybe it is just a representation of cyberwarfare, like the first anon said.

b80ebc No.392186


Recent Q drops point to B, "sleeper cell" type triggered from the outside to shift the MSM narrative. Be sure to catch up on those Q drops, I've missed ghe day too & came back to my mind being blown

a8d64c No.392187


Were you just in your mom's womb yesterday???

08c3ac No.392188

this is interesting

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trump_(magazine)

>It was edited by Harvey Kurtzman and published by Hugh Hefner

>hugh hefner

>The magazine's mascot was a trumpeter herald in the style of John Tenniel's Alice in Wonderland illustrations.

>alice in wonderland

faf83a No.392189


4 is clowns. 8 is Trump (and therefore MI) friendly.

dbb379 No.392190


Absolutely! Him and Byron May.

887946 No.392191

File: eec4094c48d2043⋯.png (284.59 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, serveimage.png)

4158ef No.392192

File: 9b45ff3a3690e1c⋯.jpg (128.42 KB, 960x720, 4:3, IMG_1459.JPG)

a0a1e6 No.392193


just bought new ink, im going to map my back room like beautiful mind, lol

82af77 No.392194


movies are the map.

q posts are the legend.

we connect the markers in the legend to the map.

4c6b58 No.392195

File: 2b43ff9d2c7a22a⋯.png (721.27 KB, 2288x1850, 1144:925, Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at ….png)

File: beca5f7f4781c3b⋯.png (637.89 KB, 2054x1844, 1027:922, Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at ….png)


turns our body into an antenna

Advanced Metering turns our residence electrical system into antenna…. and voila… control

If they call it "Smart" it's a bad idea

https:// www.smartgrid.gov/recovery_act/deployment_status/sdgp_ami_systems.html

coincidence that this is called "smart" too?

https:// ritualabuse.us/smart-conference/

a0a1e6 No.392196


chemtrails with haarp

2788a8 No.392197

File: 40b451284057922⋯.jpg (16.97 KB, 251x300, 251:300, halo-grunt.jpg)

Man who knew this plane of reality could be so cruel and maniacal

a8d64c No.392198


And they are now AWAKE.

7c2f6c No.392199


Thats not chemtrails, thats a weather pattern.

126879 No.392200


Magician's arts???


1. Research into the effects of behavioral drugs and/or alcohol: 17 subprojects probably not involving human testing; 14 subprojects definitely involving tests on human volunteers; 19 subprojects probably including tests on human volunteers. While not known, some of these subprojects may have included tests on unwitting sub- jects as well; 6 subprojects involving tests on unwitting subjects. 2. Research on hypnosis: 8 subprojects, including 2 involving hypnosis and drugs in combination.' 3. Acquisition of chemicals or drugs: 7 subprojects. 4. Aspects of magicians' art useful in covert operatibns: e.g., surreptitious de- livery of drug-related materials: 4 subprojects.

b9f880 No.392201

Regarding Senator Warren

https:// oig.federalreserve.gov/reports/cfpb-congressional-request-headquarters-renovation-project-jun2014.htm

a13702 No.392202

File: d469c78dc869103⋯.jpg (119.45 KB, 720x563, 720:563, MKULTRA.jpg)

Planned Chemical "Sedation" of the Population Radio Micro Frequencies for Mass Mind Control

Comm - 12 Briefing

Mind Control Operations

http:// stopthecrime.net/COMM%2012%20BRIEFING001%20(1).pdf

a992f7 No.392203


Good to know. Thanks.

4136b0 No.392204



No other sizes of this image found.

a0a1e6 No.392205


u must go back

b50859 No.392206


I needed a break, tbh. It's nauseating. Bonkers is a really appropriate word for it. It's like a short horror story so far.

4158ef No.392207


thats haarp…. as far as the eye could see all directions

723762 No.392208


George Bush's deputy attorney general, Larry Thompson, is Trip Wray's godfather

https:// heavy.com/news/2017/06/christopher-wray-family-children-wife-helen-photo-pictures-facebook-father-mother-son-married-trip-caroline-fbi-yale/

fa13e0 No.392209


>I am concerned about the people I had used to trust.

Q did say a light would shine and show who was on the team and who was not (my paraphrase).

That's it point blank.

Either dedicate yourself & time to helping POTUS via Q team project or let the autists get busy and please get out of our way.

There is a lot you can read and learn to catch up, if you want to.

5ea91b No.392210


Stage magic. Misdirection and slight-of-hand. "How To Slip Them A Mickey"

97039b No.392211

so if we need to start putting together proofs…

we going to need to start pinning up all the main player…all the main crimes…

q has given us everything now we need to sort and organize and build a case of what can be proven

dd1e5a No.392213


bc they don;t want them to see what he carved on his gun.

370f16 No.392214



Yes, newfag much?

They even made several movies about this over the years.

Most recent being "American Made" starring Couch Jumper Cruise.

c498d7 No.392215


Don't want to slide…BUT…that drawing is more reptilian than "Martian"

a8d64c No.392216


Thx for the links anon. Disturbing shit.

56a7ad No.392217

Florida School Shooter

Follow the MONEY

there is NO Way a 19 y/o working at Dollar General could Ever afford all that hardware and ammo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

48ce18 No.392218


>We can do it if we work together.

Fuck it. Lets do this shit.

If bath shills get in the way BO will destroy them

Come up with a list of all top topics and we'll work our way down.

- U1

- Clinton Foundation

- Awan & Pakistan

- Soros

What else?

Mod Edit: You have our full support, Patriots.

Post last edited at

e9e68e No.392219

"What¹s the connection between dead microbiologists, vaccine contracts and MEHPA?²

The research the microbiologists were doing could have developed methods of treating diseases like anthrax and smallpox without conventional antibiotics or vaccines. Pharmaceutical contracts to deal with these diseases will total hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars. If epidemics could be treated in non-traditional ways, MEHPA might not be necessary. Considering the government¹s actions nullifying many civil liberties since last September, MEHPA seems to be a law looking for an excuse to be enacted. Maybe the microbiologists were in the way of some peoples' or business' agendas.

We also know that DNA sequence research can be used to develop pathogens that target specific genetically related groups. One company, DynCorp, handles data processing for many Federal agencies, including the CDC, the Department of Agriculture, several branches of the Department of Justice, the FDA and the National Institute of Health. On 11/12/01 DynCorp announced that its subsidiary, DynPort, had been awarded a $322 million contract to develop, produce, test, and store FDA licensed vaccines for use by the DoD. It would be incredibly easy for DynCorp to hide information pertaining to the exact make-up, safety, efficacy and purpose of the drugs and vaccines the U.S. government has contracted for.

One thing is certain: the small and elite community of world class microbiologists is well aware that its numbers are shrinking and these dead microbiologists were among the few who could have answered these important questions.

http:// www.apfn.org/apfn/scientists.htm

32435e No.392220


= MONARCH Mind control…maybe?

d48116 No.392221




If we're building a case we might want to adopt a numbering system for evidence. We won't possess physical evidence, but we may and do possess digital evidence (e.g., the photo at SOTU; certain pdfs, etc.).


If we're building a map we might want to adopt a numbering system for persons of interest. This avoids duplication, like a database primary key, and facilitates connections to other persons and/or evidence.

Just some techniques used by those who do criminal investigations for a living…

f6a777 No.392222


Watch the documentary “American Made” starring Tom Cruise. Very well done.

cab1dd No.392223


Based on Qs latest line about finding ORIG organic sources Id say a primary purpose is to find public domain sources and evidence that is verifiable and potentially usable as evidence in court. MI probably know everything about everyone but thats not going to help redpill anyone if they cant legally release it. And nobody can dig for public domain info like anons

d9ba55 No.392224

File: 0dac5045caeec94⋯.png (4.49 MB, 2079x1141, 297:163, Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at ….png)


Beta Kitten programming EVERYWHERE

http:// www.pseudoccultmedia.net/2008/10/mkittens-katy-and-christina.html

860748 No.392225

File: 6811130df83ed69⋯.png (541.44 KB, 720x1014, 120:169, Screenshot_2018-02-15-20-2….png)

File: 97da3e7e4e9b671⋯.png (203.33 KB, 720x804, 60:67, Screenshot_2018-02-15-20-2….png)

2d2c3d No.392226



Def important to have in there. Thats Big Benjamin's intel service. Def means agents were working together intl. Um what else? RBG? Hollywood? (something about Slimestein feels like it will come back. Gut tells me that or outrages pedo busts in tinseltown coming) Also Awans connect to more than just Paks. They connect to SR too.

More to come if I think of any

Like I said- constructive criticism. I was gonna make one and you are half way rollin. Lol. Loop had alot of connects. Did you have

2788a8 No.392227

File: d9b4625df94c0d3⋯.jpg (40.46 KB, 320x315, 64:63, halo-2-grunt.jpg)

Uhm… is this human? Hello?

c94f0c No.392228

Newfag, but old digger fag… Map proves past posts, time stamps show that past posts proves future news.

I completely get it, but may not be able to completely explain it. Informing the public, the normiefags is vital. Most know nothing of clown activity. MKULTRA is beginning of awareness. Fight fight fight!

bd32f8 No.392229


Waves happen

78275a No.392230

CIA Argues The Public Can’t See Classified Information It Has Already Given To Favored Reporters

http:// dailycaller.com/2018/02/15/cia-argues-the-public-cant-see-classified-information-it-has-already-given-to-favored-reporters/

b80ebc No.392231


Bono & other long-time heavyweights have a LOT to hide.

Too many stories to tell when shit's getting thick for them. The entertainment industry as a whole is literally fuckery, been on the fringes for years and stayed out of the major leagues, until it sickened me completely. Preferred poverty to being gaped.

370f16 No.392232


HAARP is obsolete.

(((They))) use NEXRAD now.

Even out at sea.

Mobile NEXRAD, how 'bout that shit, huh?

028c53 No.392233

a0a1e6 No.392234


they claim planet dimming but thats a lie, proven it traps heat in.

mind control or hiding nibiru/wormwood coming in

887946 No.392235

File: a2b996ad0c2646a⋯.jpg (102.27 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, yourbrain8.jpg)

346e78 No.392236


stop asking doxx questions. this isn't a fucking chat room

d42614 No.392237

>Why is POTUS focused on SA/CHINA/RUSSIA?

These 3 countries are pushing hard to claim world’s natural resources and promote expansionism over weaker neighbors.

342594 No.392238


Cost savings?

<Yes…slave labor

b67b21 No.392239


Sorry. Can't look. Have had enough of that one for a lifetime. Fully programmed, that one.

a8d64c No.392240


I pray your dad gets the chance.

887946 No.392241

File: ed694b5580ce7a1⋯.jpg (109.91 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ciMonarch.jpg)


sorry wrong file

bd32f8 No.392242


Why do you keep posting these video game pictures?

fdf0b5 No.392244


>Project Bizarre

http:// www.esd.whs.mil/Portals/54/Documents/FOID/Reading%20Room/UFO/Bearden_UFO_ADA068988.pdf?ver=2017-05-22-113455-713

FOIA - http:// www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1023700/pg1

Some very interesting documentation for Project Pandora and MJ-12. UFO's? WTH…. Quantum Physics?

c498d7 No.392245

There is no "Logical" reason for BHO to travel before/after to POTUS foreign destinations unless he is trying to "CONTROL" those who POTUS speaks with…is that control with money or some type of mind control?

faf83a No.392246


>Porno chicks = high-profile prostitutes. I strongl beleive that many of them have been severely traumatized (think - MKUltra) prior to or upon joining the business.

True. Maybe not MKUltra, probably just a 'special' uncle or stepdad. Pedophiles create prostitutes and porn stars. Always have, always will.

>I'll take a women who's not seeking an inordinate amount of attention, who can still dress up to go out on the town making eyes pop out, but doesn't really care to try

Used to know a stunner who would shop at thrift stores. She would humblebrag a bit but not overdo it. Don't know about her these days, though.

819002 No.392247


Do not forget the split in this woman’s eyes in this painting, anons. I promise you that you will recognize it in another’s eyes.

4519cc No.392248


notice the PEDO thumb?

c20da9 No.392250

File: 01cb5dcc2394434⋯.jpg (127.63 KB, 999x749, 999:749, # Jimm.jpg)


fa13e0 No.392251


>We need to Build The Map. Let's keep discussing 'how'.

Dedicated topic threads by TOPIC




obviously need some for MK Ultra for the people who aren't up to speed yet

Main needs for info, using tools here >>4852

Add research there (dump the results)

Work together to analyze and build a coherent 'picture'

map it as a network using these (or other) tools: >>9200

Work together to refine the Map

Create infographs & memes for the public to simplify it for them

dd1e5a No.392252


> scopolamine

used every day as a pre anesthetic for surgery

bd32f8 No.392253


Silence of the lambs?

522cd6 No.392254


Hate to say this, but it is obvious they did it to veterans at the VA also.

Putting them on "lists" to get or not get certain treatments. without consent.

32435e No.392255


You know more than I

a3eb83 No.392256








So all these people all talking about 'the signs.'

The signs had to have been noticed.

But not by good actors. Like Q said, identified and used and triggered.

What if his online 'friends' are shown to be clowns?

Messages from IPs maybe.

But who at the FBI 'investigated' this Youtube comment?

67697a No.392257


What, like it's as easy as flicking open a light switch??? Get fucking real.

126879 No.392258

Sergio Canavero: World's first head transplant 'imminent'

https:// www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2017/11/17/italian…

Nov 17, 2017 · A controversial Italian doctor announced Friday that the world’s first human head transplant would take place in China.


Scientists in China conduct 'successful' head transplant …

www.independent.co.uk › News › Science

Watch video · Scientists in China claim to have conducted a successful head transplant on a rat. Controversial surgeon Sergio Canavero and colleague Xiaoping Ren attached the head …


Chinese surgeon reveals I may do human head transplant …


Dr Xiaoping Ren shocked the world earlier this year when it was revealed that his team in Harbin, China had carried out a successful head transplant on a monkey …

6118ee No.392259


I like.

I will have to go back and find sauce, but chinese are not currently allowed to invest in America Hollywood. Those that have, are currently have issues figuring out how to unload those investments. China has cracked down on weak, sketchy investments recently. read an article in China English paper last week, when looking up Shanghai. Will try to find tomorrow and post link.

2788a8 No.392260

File: 8a124af0b9cb07d⋯.jpg (10.32 KB, 325x301, 325:301, HALO_2_G_MAJOR.jpg)


I don't know, what projects your own ambitions and feelings within this timeframe? Care to enlighten me? How are you feeling?

e85810 No.392261

Joplin, Hendrix, Morrison? True OD's?

cb6b57 No.392262


Any anons looking for redpill they can recommend normal people. I highly recommend "politics of heroin."

I had woke history teacher who taught and it changed the way I see the world.

It's basically a history of how fucked the CIA is, incredibly well done.

2bcaa8 No.392263


I prefer your elegance.

If i could edit, i would.

91f0d1 No.392264



Thank you both. I see I have a lot of catching up to do!

a2ab13 No.392265

File: 3379a23b6945162⋯.png (768.77 KB, 600x732, 50:61, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0b5e1a58c056ffe⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1080x635, 216:127, ClipboardImage.png)



dd1e5a No.392266


and theres an alice

c94f0c No.392267


That’s the official version.

They say same thing about elephant cages.

5bcd21 No.392268


>top topics

started work on this the other day, a lot of those should have their own thread

list of lists:

>>169315 Notable Resignations Thread


-owl & y head symbolism


-Dead holistic doctors

-human traffickers arrested.

-the wives/husbands

-loudest voices in front of the camera


-boots (who, when)

370f16 No.392269


Early Gen X anon here.

NO, they DON'T happen naturally.

Not like this.

Growing up, NEVER have I EVER seen the clouds seen today.

b80ebc No.392270


wait…clowns' emblem has an Eagle? as in IRON EAGLE?? Why did i never think of that before now?

d42614 No.392271

Revenue chain is dispersed among a larger number of companies. Piracy makes America weak by allowing trade secrets and intellectual property to be “shared”

32435e No.392272


SAVED! will be bombing soon. ty

2653bb No.392273

f5f370 No.392274

Guys… I watched this movie a long time ago.. Didn't know why I watched it

But Guys… When you watch a movie and check out the lead…. yeap.. john cusack

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNzCdFts43o


faf83a No.392275


https:// www.washingtonpost.com/local/officials-navy-yard-shooter-carved-odd-messages-into-his-gun-before-carnage/2013/09/18/edaae792-2065-11e3-8459-657e0c72fec8_story.html

>Aaron Alexis carved bizarre phrases on the stock of his shotgun before he killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday, and investigators are hoping the words provide clues to what prompted the shooting, two law enforcement officials said.

The phrases were “Better off this way” and “My ELF weapon,” according to the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.

>The officials cautioned they do not yet know what, if anything, Alexis meant in the etchings.

e85810 No.392276


I said the same thing to my spouse not 30 minutes ago.

6136d8 No.392280


Dox my ass, we ARE talking about frequencies and shit. If you don't have it then don't discount the possibility that there are others like myself that have! Have had perfect hearing my whole life, now my ears ring all day long so STFU Doxfag. We

a0a1e6 No.392281

military tech used to be about 50 years ahead of what the civilians have. if we knew what there is now it would scare the piss out of you

b71cfa No.392282

File: ca050c8fdbb8fc5⋯.png (969.63 KB, 2569x312, 2569:312, eyeshaveit.png)

351bde No.392283

I'm mostly lurker. Not enough time or skills for digging but I'm a thinker.

Shooters/Therapists: Pay attention to the man who flew from Alaska to Minnesota(?) to Ft Lauderdale, removed gun from suitcase and killed several - then just surrendered. He was in Reserves (IIRC) and had been to FBI to say people were pushing him to kill people. They blew him off/ interfered w/ his reserves.

Also, Dallas police - Vet Dishonorable - records "lost" Baton Rogue same. Recent Church in Tx - same. All 3 of those sounded off at the time.

Finally, Therapy isn't all for sick purposes. I had a Psychiatrist who was a wonderful woman. Helped me a lot. Improved everything. Use your gut when choosing someone.

08c3ac No.392284

File: 0a6131764886714⋯.png (65.08 KB, 347x172, 347:172, 8ch Banner.PNG)

File: cb0f573835ee46c⋯.png (309.32 KB, 640x359, 640:359, Fiery Red Dragon.PNG)

File: 6d5d27f38425557⋯.png (514.14 KB, 854x481, 854:481, Fiery Red Dragon 2.PNG)

File: 12b7af65a37b33f⋯.jpg (13.43 KB, 299x303, 299:303, See You In September.jpg)



6b45f2 No.392287

File: b4ec539fc2e79cd⋯.jpeg (139.15 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1518748002.jpeg)

32435e No.392288

faf83a No.392289



>Canada as a whole

As Don Cherry says, ban fighting and you get more stickwork. Essentially I had to train myself to be passive-aggressive and sneaky to survive.

a8d64c No.392290



503df3 No.392291


Fuck them. We have work to do. Let them fall and fail.


>MISINFO from past reliable sources.

And, please, don't use the word "concerned" anymore

d68089 No.392292

File: 5c7b3c261c53b93⋯.png (45.88 KB, 314x595, 314:595, ClipboardImage.png)

Watch the water?

https:// www.fa-mag.com/news/house-approves-bill-that-makes-it-harder-for-sec-to-obtain-trading-codes-37190.html

2d2c3d No.392293

File: 93eddb59608a773⋯.png (78.06 KB, 710x1219, 710:1219, e9d3599057b24248ec2cf9fe15….png)


I feel we need a simple, readable graphic. Much like the musk ones from Dec. Bold. Loud. Specific. The threads already exist IMO. And people can read through them all- that is work though and people won't focus. They have been programmed not to. This meme resonated with me though. I am still scratching my head. Something like qcode is where I originally was thinking but - do we have anything we could reference to create something that was already successfully effective at doing something similar to this?

887946 No.392294

File: 909be2590b55003⋯.jpg (84 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, yourbrain9.jpg)


>Silence of the lambs?

5600ed No.392295


>In the Linux SE section of settings in the Bootloader there were found some annotated entries that said:

>Added at request of NSA

>Added at request of Chinese Government

Screenshot of that would be good sauce.

2bcaa8 No.392296



China has been buying up hollywood for years.

Article posted recently advising consumers not to purchase Chinese made mobile phones as well.

d2820b No.392297


Thank you for asking.

I've been feeling your mom all morning.

Now I just feel dirty.

fa13e0 No.392299



see >>392218



LET'S DO IT - good lists

There is a lot in the archives that slid off the board, I will help find & dump

8ch archive: https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/archive/index.html

it's not 4plebs, but it's what we've got.

COPY info not link to posts

887946 No.392300

File: 71cc3f43aa181b7⋯.jpg (73.65 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, blank.jpg)

754fe3 No.392301

If anyone is still wondering…

They've been making all the electronics in China so they can compromise all the devices out of sight before shipping them back. The intel hearing the other day indicated that they're now worried that, for their own brands, China has been doing their own comping in parallel using stolen IP, or alternatively, not comping them at all, which is an inconvenience to the clowns.

Every major thing the cabal does has multiple benefits to them. The other benefits are of course cost and trashing the American middle class + expanding the welfare state.

2788a8 No.392303

File: f6fa34d4735c4e9⋯.png (310.11 KB, 420x420, 1:1, 62de178b8a0a2940183cf77321….png)


Boring demon.

76ca84 No.392304


>China has been buying up “Hollywood” for years.


7a18de No.392305


Adding several things since I posted this in a hurry. Might not have significance, but maybe nice to have:

Until Thorsten Heins's (very short) tenure as CEO, some BB10 handsets were still made in Canada. Typically a limited batch of their flagship phones. The rest were made in Mexico.

When John Chen came in, the first thing he did was he shredded the BB10 team, as well as the in house hardware team.

Afterwards, he started partnership with Foxconn for their handset manufacturing citing cost reasons.

After releasing two very underwhelming BB10 phones using ancient SoCs, and have abysmal sales (intentional sabotage?), they decided to make Android handsets.

When BB made their "secure" Android, one of the unique feature that belonged to them at that time was the secure boot. I heard they "contributed" that back to Google.

After BB gave up entirely on hardware, they partnered with TCL Corporation. TCL now makes BB-branded Android handset.

Turning their MDM offering (BES) from local installation to a cloud based solution also happened under John Chen.

faf83a No.392306

File: 330422a63bc32e9⋯.jpg (38.62 KB, 327x260, 327:260, congress_fasces.jpg)


>"no fascists"

>fasces in House of Representatives

a2ab13 No.392307


Yes. That's what it says in pic #1


af6b9b No.392308



Louisiana Anon here.

>records "lost" Baton Rogue same.

Kept watch on it from beginning. No real clues. But your theory is solid.

5f9b54 No.392309


Read - Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon - or YT interview author David McGowan

c20da9 No.392310



Will add to next bread.

30a2cf No.392311


So true. Crowd sourced journalism. It really is that simple.

We are operation anti-mocking bird and we have freedom beyond corporation's and governments, inspired by the greater good and no need for power, fame or money!!!

6b45f2 No.392312


Hockeyfags on the board? Nice.

6a1653 No.392313

File: 6c4306bee4c0830⋯.jpg (197.07 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening500.jpg)

File: 0a0f58821785d1a⋯.jpg (121.86 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening501.jpg)

File: 021a22a337f844b⋯.jpg (167.15 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening502.jpg)

File: 4b6eeb76015c0d7⋯.jpg (187.22 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening503.jpg)

File: 8990305b5a65538⋯.jpg (196.38 KB, 1026x512, 513:256, GreatAwakening504.jpg)

3f8c0f No.392315

File: d71d8924cf7d960⋯.jpg (36.34 KB, 610x343, 610:343, 1.jpg)

Do you really think these people in this perception of power are brilliant? NO!

Their dumb!

They knew it was over when she lost!

All they have been doing is trying to buy time.

Too bad so sad. ALL is KNOWN.

Why would you wire tap someone? Only if you were worried they knew something about you that would destroy you? a threat? Why was he a threat? What did he have? Documents? How were they obtained? Who is POTUS' family? Future proves past.


What did he know. What did HE really know. What is a REAL mental illness?

What has been the narrative of POTUS and mental condition?

Smoke and Mirrors.

522cd6 No.392317



Anons: I am proud of you all.

Offgrid anon here, and now you know why I live in a faraday cage with cat5 network to outdoor relay.

NEVER had a cell phone bill saves a few bucks also.

Used a one-way pager until 3yrs ago…

Now you understand my logic!

I known this shit for years, but only that it was real and well implemented. More details are coming out than I thought ever would.

Autistic anons = I love you guys/gals!


bd32f8 No.392318


I f33lz l1k3 Uze uh fvggin H0m0.

84ea39 No.392319


Nice work.

It’s just ambiguous emough to lend itself to causing one to question what they’re looking at.

faf83a No.392320


41 years miltech for every year of civilian.

cea0e8 No.392323


What's funny they were talking about Elvis's death, one more thing that hasn't come out yet, Elvis is still Alive.

503df3 No.392324


>Target subjects are pre disposable to certain mental illnesses.

>Target subjects are scouted over a period of time to study and arrange 'THERAPY'.

In this context, it sounds like you weren't a "target" (hopefully). The two you described, sound VERY much like they were pre-disposed to being used as automatons

a2ab13 No.392325


I'm ignorant of Byron May.

What happened?

b9f880 No.392326

File: fbde7431ab1a5cd⋯.png (193.7 KB, 819x828, 91:92, Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at ….png)

1e096e No.392327


Red- pilling is needed, but it needs to be done right. Not with BS like what this chick has on her Twatter about Scopolamine. Scopolamine is an anticholinergic. It is not used to treat mental illnes, pain, or autism. The most common prescription version of it is the patch that peopel who go on cruises wear to prevent motion sickness.

a0a1e6 No.392328

File: 524367ee768f5a2⋯.jpg (238.6 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, GUUILTY.jpg)

File: 4b6d616138d4f97⋯.jpg (154.16 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, truth1.jpg)

File: 29712591b1b8bb5⋯.jpg (33.46 KB, 480x475, 96:95, pinkfloyde.jpg)

6a1653 No.392330

>>391966 "Why are movies made to glorify past 'true' events?" To reinforce the con, prevent the mind programming from breaking down.

fa13e0 No.392331


I'm glad you like that one :) I made others and that's what I've been trying to get anons to do - make infographs - it's a great way to present some complex info in a simplified format that gets the point across.

More here: https:// postimg.org/gallery/fy8cpdzu/

They aren't the best but meh

FREE programs to make them >>9200

I used the info in the spreadsheet and one of those programs above. It is not that hard, takes time but it's kind of fun


I remember when it started - Bill Clinton's 1st term

b50859 No.392333


It calms mine. One day I'm going to need to kick it but it's my almond activation enhancer, at least I can quit it without much more than a little tiredness. This would all be too busy for me without it.

My dr explained it to me when I was diagnosed as to why brains work differently, but I was distracted.Go figure.

d42614 No.392334

Trump is trying to strengthen domestic fundamentals (taxes, employment, GDP, debt management) and unite American people to project US as a globally essential powerhouse.

Xi claims to be supporter of globalism. US needs to force the issue to gain and keep trade presence in global economy. Fair deals means critics can’t bash Trump because they’re fair bilaterally.

This is where Asia Foundation and TPP is bad news. Many Asian countries want to trade with US to gain their independence from China, their bully, manipulator, thief of natural resources. This is reason for China expanding Silk Roads into Africa.

Trump needs to turn the China ship without insulting them. A trade war would hurt both countries. In addition to curtailing China’s cyber hacking and expansionary goals for Asia, Trump’s main goal or most immediate goal is fair trade deals.

He has already started. Repatriation of foreign profits move money back to USA (Apple). I bigly subtle move is FED raising rates and shrinking balance sheet. This move will create a credit crisis for China, which will lessen its dominance in Asia and beyond.

dd1e5a No.392335

did he get an insurance settlement when his mom died? >>392217

fae87c No.392336

They keep plugging the guys identity on the news now every kid on day dreamer meds wants part of the action…..be famous for a day or two…

http:// www.fox4news.com/news/arlington-junior-high-student-arrested-for-threatening-to-shoot-up-school

bd32f8 No.392338

a8d64c No.392339


Absolutely should be REJECTED. It causes complete memory lapse but you are totally awake and compliant. Patients have been abused bc of it.

fc2f27 No.392340

File: ac408f2bdd59494⋯.jpeg (113.47 KB, 750x744, 125:124, 8a84966e161864988b4961968….jpeg)

a2ab13 No.392341


ELF = Extremely Low Frequency

"Extremely low frequency (ELF) is the ITU designation for electromagnetic radiation (radio waves) with frequencies from 3 to 30 Hz, and corresponding wavelengths of 100,000 to 10,000 kilometers, respectively."

b757a3 No.392342




Possible validation of 3:02 a.m.

d48116 No.392343


I forgot to add criminal counts. For each person we need to assemble a list of crimes, and for each and every crime there are enumerated elements.

So the entirety of this investigation boils down to:

(1) Evidence

(2) Persons of Interest

(3) Crimes and their Elements

8d9de1 No.392344

>Why is everything 'really' made in China?

>Cost savings?

Because somebody in the USA (the elite) are getting a share in the profits because of THE DEAL

>Why is POTUS focused on SA/CHINA/RUSSIA?


Banking links? Central banking?




Russia has the archives of the KGB. They know how the modern Democratic party was created as the means to take over the USA and incorporate it into the Soviet Union. Even though Russia busted that plan in 1987, the USA component continued with much the same goal. Russia could make this info public if they wanted.


When Deng Hsiao Ping visited the USA under Jimmy Carter, they made THE DEAL. Investment money and know how from the USA would flow into China to develop its industry to an equivalent level of the USA in return for a profit share to be paid to the party. In other words, the Communist Party of China would pay proffit sharing to its counterpart in the USA. This would continue until the unification of the 3 major Communist nations (Soviet Union, China, USA) in a NEW WORLD ORDER which would then bring the whole world under Communism. The party in America? It was the party of Jimmy Carter.


It was a tool to make nuclear weapons for the Communist War Engine. The Central Committee, CIA, was in control under the management of the Democratic party. The weapons would be shipped to the War Engiine


This was the CIA's War Engine for the Protection racket that would give them world domination. They would threaten nuclear anihalation in order to get a nation to capitulate. If things went wrong and someone retaliated against NK, it was expendable.


He is trying to keep the plans in place. Beforehand he tells people what to do, afterwards he checks in to get intel. Each of the countries he visited has a DeepState internally that is part of the Global Shadow Government. The CIA is the Global KGB.



Sovereignty. A nation must be self sufficient in order to truly be sovereign.





All parts of sovereignty


Military people who are serious about the oath of loyalty that they take. In particular those in Military Intelligence who are only accepted into the work if they understand the risks and the kinds of threats that MIGHT be faced in their work.






This last line bears repeating. People who post impatiently out of emotion have lost their logic and should be banned at least 24 hours with a quote above 5 lines as the reason












Again, the most important part of this whole operation is to demonstrate what is real and what is not. For people to accept that they have been tricked and robbed. For people to stand up and with their own free will, demand real change. Not change that we can believe in but REAL CHANGE. No more lies, no more tricks.





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…..who wants this????????????

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