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74e5bd  No.4595885

Welcome To Q Research General


We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only.  We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.






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Saturday 12/22/18

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Friday 12/21/18

>>4409412 ————————————–——– What was the 16-year plan to destroy America?

>>4408964 ————————————–——– Anons can play this game all day long.


Thursday 12/20/18

>>4401036 ————————————–——– History will not repeat itself this time

>>4400956 ————————————–——– Notice a pattern?

>>4393668 ————————————–——– ALICE & MAD HATTER. ( Cap: >>4393888 )

>>4393450 ————————————–——– The [D] party will cease to exist once it's all exposed. ( Cap: >>4393888 )

>>4392683 rt >>4392645 -————————– Old news. ( Cap: >>4393888 )

>>4392646 ————————————–——– You have the keystone. ( Cap: >>4393888 )

>>4392356 ————————————–——– Completed this week.

>>4392305 ————————————–——– Anons know why.

>>4392219 ————————————–——– None left by choice.


Wednesday 12/19/18

Compiled here: >>4451195


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Thursday 12/13/18

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are not endorsements



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>>4595176, >>4595195, >>4595196, >>4595201, >>4595269, >>4595332 After tweeting "Truth to power" Dem Congresswoman Tlaib is caugfht running from the press. Top Kek.

>>4595435 FF in Germany? Who knows.

>>4595515 Market Update.

>>4595579 There is a WW satanic cabal that Q/POTUS are in the process of destroying. Anon Theory.

>>4595491 Anon points out Chuky hypocrisy with the walls. Good meme. Kek.

>>4595787, >>4595615 Moar impeachment and plan theories.

>>4595873 #5862


>>4594396 Hack of German deepstate photos surface with church and suggestive images with children. THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK!

>>4594404 Something to note with the impeachment faggotry when reading MSM.

>>4594460 Screencap of POTUS letter to congress on border security.

>>4594706, >>4594742, >>4594767, >>4594925, >>4594940 Anons discuss meaning oF JODY and JODIE callsigns. Think MI?

>>4594715 POTUS HEADSHOT: solid "JOBS" numbers. Steve "JOBS" Apple shares down connection.

>>4594766, >>4594891, >>4594913, >>4594983 POTUS Schedule Update: Televised event to take place in the Rose garden. Posted @ 9:11....

>>4594822 Anon theory on why Q went silent before the holidays.

>>4594872 Supreme Court to Weigh Protecting Disabled Children from Abortion

>>4595025 Screen caps of Border Breifing and Link to PDF.

>>4595075 #5861


>>4593633 Fake Liz Warren announces "donating" her salary to Refugees to non-profit. Aka Im gonna launder it.

>>4593716 In response to extra [S] in POTUS tweet >>4593227 (lb). We have the server[S]? Interdasting find Anon.

>>4593691 POTUS on Pelosi being the Speaker. Think Leverage.

>>4593702 Anon theory on impeachment and plan. How do you legally introduce evidence?

>>4593759 Japan PM Abe says he plans to push for peace treaty with Russia. MSM spin inbound.

>>4594033 Appeals court sides with Trump on transgender military ban

>>4594089 Fed Chairmen saying he won't resign if Trump asks. Those who scream the loudest.

>>4594236 Ebola Case in Sveeden ya.

>>4594307 #5860


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ecc120  No.4595909

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

David Wilcock Predicts Some Very Big Events Coming Up in 2019

c5f2be  No.4595916

Have the 9-11 docs been unpacked by anyone?

ecc120  No.4595918

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5ee897  No.4595919


I think this tweet is a sarcastic dig at Apple's announcement of reduced China Sales forecast, leading to Billions wiped off APPLE's share capital?

Steve JOBS was CEO.

61fb8e  No.4595920


Why is this a Notable on the Q board?

What does this have to do with what we are doing here? Looks more like a shill swipe / rant.

Bad enough the bread has crap in it, this gets added to the notables?

Done venting. Blast away.

cd4185  No.4595921

David Wilcock is faggot and full of shit.

74e5bd  No.4595922



3980b5  No.4595923


That doesn't seem notable

800bd2  No.4595924



2b438b  No.4595925

File: e27c68ae0d0c55a⋯.jpeg (295.69 KB, 1242x599, 1242:599, A54C1B56-FBE6-48FC-958C-0….jpeg)


b2d6d2  No.4595926

File: f7b732fcbaf3058⋯.jpg (93.73 KB, 874x785, 874:785, inperpetooty.JPG)

052106  No.4595927

df24ab  No.4595928

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


the sun is not a star. that is why Q asked us how far away is the closest star.

ff998e  No.4595929

File: 48c407adbd7a127⋯.png (76.85 KB, 927x387, 103:43, Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at ….png)

The President will address the press in the Rose Garden and provide an update on the meeting with Congressional Leadership. This will be open press.



f2012a  No.4595930

File: dd5d7445ede3e3c⋯.jpg (38.06 KB, 300x328, 75:82, theChanPolice.jpg)

2100c7  No.4595931

File: 27bc8c6e128b8c3⋯.jpg (45.11 KB, 1500x300, 5:1, VX-2354_cube_gw_hero_b_150….jpg)

800bd2  No.4595932

Swedish hospital on lockdown after report of suspected Ebola case

A man is being treated in isolation in Sweden’s Uppsala University Hospital, after returning from a trip to Africa vomiting blood. Hospital authorities are concerned that the patient may have Ebola.

The man was transferred to an infection clinic in the Uppsala hospital on Friday, after checking himself into a hospital in nearby Enkoping several hours earlier. The hospital in Enkoping shut down its emergency room and monitored its staff after the patient displayed symptoms of Ebola.

Doctors in the Uppsala hospital are now awaiting test results to see if their worst suspicions are confirmed. For now though, they remain cautiously optimistic.

“Other diseases are quite possible,” said a statement from medical authorities there.

The man had returned from a trip to the east African country of Burundi several weeks ago. While Burundi is currently not a risk area for the disease, neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo has been grappling with an Ebola outbreak since last summer.

The vast majority of Ebola cases occur in Africa. An outbreak in west Africa between 2014 and 2016 killed an estimated 11,325 people, according to the World Health Organization. Only three confirmed cases were reported in Europe in that time. All three patients were hospitalized and none died.

The highly contagious Ebola virus causes a violent hemorrhagic fever, accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, internal and external bleeding. The virus kills roughly half of those it infects, with better hospital care dramatically increasing patients’ chances of survival.


125ae1  No.4595933

Here is the thing…President is working for FREE…doesn't need a paycheck.

Yet. Nancy and Chuck are still getting their paychecks…

I bet hard money that if you cut Nancy's and Chuck's paychecks, they would come to their senses and stop fucking over the American people with their delusions.

df24ab  No.4595934


this should be entertaining

494adc  No.4595935

Watching the presser….

It just occurred to me how this could play out:

Not only is the House going to impeach Trump, but they're going to try to do it using the gov't. shutdown as the backbone of the reason. This won't shift Trump's base at all, but it will whip the left base up into a frenzy like we can't even imagine right now - they'll go NUTS because the shutdown is something tangible that can easily be seen…

However….imagine Trump defending himself using DECLAS to expose the real reasons for shutting down the gov't. in order to get a border wall.

This is a movie of epic proportions never seen before. Buckle up, lads.

9dcf2c  No.4595936

File: eede1cc3378f627⋯.jpg (124.01 KB, 977x768, 977:768, DqVugK0U4AAi-V8.jpg)

File: 3637b76e8477715⋯.jpg (40.51 KB, 723x515, 723:515, DqUENDYVAAEKKoy.jpg)


Thank you baker!

ffea18  No.4595937

File: 9d070fb28ca7f5c⋯.jpg (503.5 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190104-123613….jpg)

File: 68396be5f7a9628⋯.jpg (694.33 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190104-123647….jpg)

dat cannon dough.. the arms of krupp

1cd6dd  No.4595938

Chuck and Nancy look absolutely defeated!

82b496  No.4595939

File: 8f3878c0d45f713⋯.png (151.03 KB, 1345x401, 1345:401, Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at ….png)

File: 2be0fd4dc513302⋯.png (195.77 KB, 1300x608, 325:152, Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at ….png)


2100c7  No.4595940


Are they trying to start an epidemic?

ad3f61  No.4595941

File: 67bdde78d0418d3⋯.jpg (125.54 KB, 563x553, 563:553, Steve McQueen.jpg)

File: 1638d9298b5080e⋯.jpg (23.25 KB, 655x369, 655:369, Cucumber head.jpg)

Hey…you drive just like…

548918  No.4595942

>>4595133 lb

Arrests and trials on muh tv is the only way to redpill normies. Normies only believe in muh tv.

As for libtards, they are stuck in a failed ideology leftover from 1970 that never worked at any time, but has in fact ruined many states, such as CA, CT, IL, NY etc. etc. etc.

f0608c  No.4595943

File: 2dded94fc3ac98e⋯.png (197.07 KB, 638x454, 319:227, Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at ….png)

Whoever posted this last-bread, keep posting… This is interesting shit. You got shilled on, because you were OVER THE TARGET. Carry on, anon. It's appreciated.

dd5bd4  No.4595944

File: 939410d35770d76⋯.png (144.78 KB, 1573x322, 1573:322, QMirrorAnswerYes.png)

Q answered yes to the JFK Jr. question. It is a MIRROR.



SEE the IDs, then fill in the blanks…

1. Odds of cc occupying spaces 5 and 6 on both randomly-generated IDs:_______

2. Odds of interrogator's randomly-generated id adding up to 23 (PAIN/JFK Jr.):_____

3. Odds of Q's randomly-generated id adding up to 17: _____

4. Odds of a flipped question/answer matching Q's THINK MIRROR:_____

5. Odds of 2 of the above happening together:_____

6. Odds of 3 of the above happening together:_____

7. Odds of 4 of the above happening together:______

How many coincidences before mathematically impossible? -Q

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 07b0b9 No.2263683 📁

Jul 24 2018 11:51:59 (EST)

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 07b0b9 No.2263659 📁

Jul 24 2018 11:50:26 (EST)




Now do you understand why mirrors and disinformation is necessary?

Logical thinking.



ad2620  No.4595945


TV is about to get blasted.

4cb857  No.4595947

File: 5f85e1ab5438367⋯.jpeg (355.28 KB, 1242x767, 1242:767, 7E8F2680-EED5-4FF5-8075-E….jpeg)


ca5946  No.4595948

File: 99fcabeeedf930d⋯.png (922.05 KB, 851x3876, 851:3876, Screenshot of Democrats Wa….png)

Democrats Waste No Time, Introduce Amendment To Eliminate the Electoral College

Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee on Thursday, the first day in which Democrats controlled the House, used Clinton’s defeat at the hands of President Donald Trump as his reason why the Electoral College should be scrapped.

“In two presidential elections since 2000, including the most recent one in which Hillary Clinton won 2.8 million more votes than her opponent, the winner of the popular vote did not win the election because of the distorting effect of the outdated Electoral College,” Cohen said in a release posted on his website.

“Americans expect and deserve the winner of the popular vote to win office. More than a century ago, we amended our Constitution to provide for the direct election of U.S. Senators. It is past time to directly elect our President and Vice President,” he said.

The Electoral College was created by America’s Founding Fathers. Through it, electors are apportioned to the various states based upon population.


800bd2  No.4595949

Democrats Refused To Listen To Border Security Briefing, So Trump Sent It To All Members Of Congress


80d477  No.4595950

"Months or even years"

Fuck you Chump. It's your fucking fault.

2100c7  No.4595951

File: 00d67b65357d3e8⋯.jpg (215.02 KB, 1024x1121, 1024:1121, 00d67b65357d3e85c0abb52391….jpg)

fd7c8b  No.4595952


That's why I'm not a fan of all the tribunals happening in secret. Normies need to be shown truth or nothing will change in the long run.

494adc  No.4595953


>Normies only believe in muh tv.

Yes, but if TV moves toward what we understand, we'll suddenly be validated and the normies will use us (the influencers) to validate what they seen on TV. Double whammy - irrefutable.

ec5f92  No.4595954

I am having a blonde moment.

Can anons remind me why we are doing this shutdown? Didn't Q say we had money for the wall? Military can build it etc… We are going on 12 or 13 days now that some Americans paychecks are being affected.

944e8e  No.4595955

File: ea2b3d4e84abed6⋯.png (32.88 KB, 1041x585, 347:195, Screenshot_2019-01-04 Bord….png)

File: 9353d22818ef073⋯.png (45.67 KB, 1016x571, 1016:571, Screenshot_2019-01-04 Bord….png)

File: 222b4a30ea5c3c6⋯.png (58.28 KB, 1016x571, 1016:571, Screenshot_2019-01-04 Bord….png)

File: 65da23a04d9f92f⋯.png (72.99 KB, 1016x571, 1016:571, Screenshot_2019-01-04 Bord….png)

2b438b  No.4595956

File: 11157e10856642d⋯.jpeg (830.7 KB, 1242x1465, 1242:1465, 44EA6F6A-F3F6-449B-A06A-3….jpeg)


430e8d  No.4595957

File: 62fd63116285bda⋯.png (11.87 KB, 255x219, 85:73, 616efcf270f952e212ba69cf84….png)

File: ec83f45f1556c7c⋯.png (151.08 KB, 983x799, 983:799, ClipboardImage.png)


3991c6  No.4595958



Release EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!

8ec7fb  No.4595959

File: b753994dc468a38⋯.jpg (46.93 KB, 639x260, 639:260, Screenshot 2019-01-04_13-4….jpg)

f653f3  No.4595960

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

President Trump Delivers Remarks

548918  No.4595961



3b2209  No.4595962


what are you smoking? look at their net worth they don't need the fuckin check… in fact it's bad optics they're still taking one at this time

ffea18  No.4595963

File: deaf497732ed2d8⋯.jpg (2.28 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 20190104_083151.jpg)


I told you faggots it's a pizza gate

9f4ac2  No.4595964


and proving we don't need an inflated government

ff998e  No.4595965

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I tink dis might be da sauce

fd53c2  No.4595966

File: 4a685abc93c1ccb⋯.jpg (83.23 KB, 806x330, 403:165, tlaib.jpg)

052106  No.4595967


The sun is a clock.

553fa3  No.4595968

File: e3e5039026c873f⋯.gif (2.93 MB, 530x300, 53:30, 7280-tessa-fowler-workout.gif)

Workin hard for the baker

537bcb  No.4595969


That’s my president!

944e8e  No.4595970

File: c4d37ff9c84decf⋯.png (76.21 KB, 1016x571, 1016:571, Screenshot_2019-01-04 Bord….png)

File: 46d7674085d697e⋯.png (78.15 KB, 1016x571, 1016:571, Screenshot_2019-01-04 Bord….png)

File: 356877ccb3ed1a3⋯.png (62.46 KB, 1016x571, 1016:571, Screenshot_2019-01-04 Bord….png)

File: 1705b4f39bcdfea⋯.png (55.46 KB, 1016x571, 1016:571, Screenshot_2019-01-04 Bord….png)


Briefing today just now.



2b438b  No.4595971

File: 724c3355f1e7e1a⋯.jpeg (874 KB, 1242x1321, 1242:1321, DEE3F6F9-EBFA-4D85-8DBD-9….jpeg)


fd7c8b  No.4595972


Isn't it just "non-essential" employees anyway. Why are they even on government payroll if they're "non-essential"?

bffd34  No.4595973

65baf8  No.4595974

>>4595610 lb5862

>Take the cash and buy physical.

I understand your reluctance to say. love your meme, says it all. tx. I want to buy the gold coin(s) as a IRA (nontaxable event) and take physical. I've seen TV ads about IRA gold accounts with physical possession so I see it can be done. that's why I'm asking for your recommendation of what companies to contact.

tx ignorantgoldfag

18e2cb  No.4595975

File: 25932f95a7bb0c6⋯.png (574.61 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, hm electoral college.png)

ffea18  No.4595976

File: 7f20f81a9498e18⋯.jpg (208.91 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190104-124525….jpg)


turn it sideways and Czech my Tesla digits

c5f2be  No.4595977

Anyone look at the 911 docs yet?


2f5e02  No.4595978

File: e017ade3100841c⋯.jpg (24.2 KB, 614x356, 307:178, e017ade3100841cb76a48fc4b8….jpg)

File: d2edeffeb00458d⋯.png (18.33 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 368eb61c91d076c21e65d27754….png)

b19677  No.4595979

File: f5ca6ec5dd76bce⋯.jpg (205.71 KB, 1000x2355, 200:471, FANG Occult.jpg)

>>4594866 (PB)

Still here? Awesome!

Pillers be pillin'

Shill's be shillin'

80d477  No.4595980



This is why the deepstate fears the hive. This is a question that isn't rhetorical. It needs an answer now.

962be3  No.4595981


RE: Pelosi/Schumer briefing … Nan looked like she was going to cry. Again. None of them had the look of someone who was 'winning'

This is a breddy gud movie.

78566b  No.4595982


Live on Fox a few minutes ago Chucky leaving in blacked out Suburban license plate 6669. I don’t know how to embed for sauce.

05fdb7  No.4595983

File: e0b4ff09dbe4743⋯.png (2.55 MB, 1200x1173, 400:391, pepeballoons.png)

9dcf2c  No.4595984

File: b49898739d26d56⋯.jpg (905.51 KB, 2544x4000, 159:250, 1503396029227.jpg)

800bd2  No.4595985

Two Russians killed in coalition’s airstrike in Syria

GROZNY, January 4. /TASS/. An international coalition’s airstrike targeting the militants of the Islamic State terrorist group (outlawed in Russia) has killed a resident of Chechnya’s Nadterechny District Khava Akhyadova, 35, and a four-year-old boy in the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor, Kheda Saratova from the civil society and human rights council under the Chechen president told TASS on Friday.

"Women and children die there," she said, naming Khava Akhyadova who "died today," leaving "five girls without parents." Saratova added that a four-year-old boy, a grandson of a woman from Dagestan, was also killed. According to the activists’ data, those killed by the airstrike were Russian nationals.

"The atmosphere is very strained there now, there is no humanitarian corridor, while those suffering are women and children who are used by bandits as human shield," Saratova’s aide Zalina Tatayeva told TASS. "Everyone is asking for a humanitarian corridor to be provided at least to women and children," she noted, adding that activists will be standing up for opening of humanitarian corridors and saving civilians.


978318  No.4595986

File: 80af56e8a387e9a⋯.jpg (58.53 KB, 1117x710, 1117:710, 6549898798e.JPG)

>>4595657 (lb)

There's something about how dumb she acts that has me scratching my head. No one can be this much of an apparent air-head and be where she is. I'm just not totally convinced she's not a stealth bomber/troll for white hats.

bb92ba  No.4595987

File: 0fa60d36177d6a9⋯.jpg (16.03 KB, 300x300, 1:1, censor.jpg)


i'd say so yes, they claim the victim guy being a white male 50-yrs old

locals however say its a family from burundi that came to sweden recently, it a boy in the twenties

the need some distraction since the politicians in the parliament are fucking over the votesr by trying everything they have to make the globalist government to continue

65baf8  No.4595989

waiting for POTUS presser, talking about shutdown?

725009  No.4595990


These are always amusing.


Round two. Remember last time, when they flew them here to the U.S. and kept the aircraft in flight?

Sure, Ebola is able to spread more crazy in Africa because they have burial rituals that involve passing dead bodies around, among other things - but they do love to keep the doors open to international travel to those places. Because, you know, flesh-eating viruses are fun for the whole family.

052106  No.4595991

File: ee0d324025825c7⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8745644dc82cdf8⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Boeing C-32A VIP PN to DC.

80d477  No.4595992


click the arrow → [▶ Show post options & limits]

fd53c2  No.4595993

File: 55206630e971dd0⋯.jpg (59.37 KB, 600x481, 600:481, popcorn man.jpg)

2de55c  No.4595994

File: b58642cdd1c37e9⋯.png (13.5 KB, 452x183, 452:183, BrainWashed.PNG)

File: 3bfe2afb0c99f19⋯.png (148.95 KB, 420x387, 140:129, lies.PNG)

8f69ee  No.4595995


NEW puppet master.


Not deal.

19baa3  No.4595996


NO, border security

ad2620  No.4595997


I second this. Something just isn't right.

9f4ac2  No.4595998

File: feb2bb8d31b90f6⋯.jpg (111.85 KB, 736x536, 92:67, censor.jpg)

29a998  No.4595999

File: 71a05082d8c4cfc⋯.jpg (86.1 KB, 756x575, 756:575, nastybitch.JPG)

I hope Trump nukes this piece of shit.

2b438b  No.4596000

File: 86f8e74060eb745⋯.jpeg (952.8 KB, 1242x1375, 1242:1375, 5C0C7EE3-216E-427F-9087-6….jpeg)


8ec7fb  No.4596001

File: a410c8d31a8099a⋯.mp4 (3.13 MB, 640x360, 16:9, O8wNBCetJ_PBC--N.mp4)


f07ab6  No.4596002

File: eb50d2aa75164ea⋯.png (436.85 KB, 628x388, 157:97, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2b5e9f443472347⋯.png (654.96 KB, 709x900, 709:900, ClipboardImage.png)

9a9227  No.4596003

File: 6bf28d5acefe8dd⋯.jpeg (229.46 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, CE17D4AF-0F8F-4509-9FBC-B….jpeg)

>>4595826 (lb)

You must be my age.. thinling w your dick gets u in trouble.. only age teaches that (41 btw)

The shills target the newly redpilled or datefags that think something is gunna happen at XX day/date. Hardened anons know better.

Their reach is far but NEVEAR WILL THEY DEFEAT US!!!

1cd6dd  No.4596004

File: 02c666969377af8⋯.mp4 (3.1 MB, 320x180, 16:9, 02c666969377af8a67685ed9d8….mp4)

The Rose garden open presser will be boom worthy

bf5985  No.4596005

File: b11c7e843f80e23⋯.jpg (70.76 KB, 937x600, 937:600, 0x600.jpg)


anyone catch this

Hillary back to court petition. judicial watch



800bd2  No.4596006

File: cc5802d1704d667⋯.png (411.23 KB, 664x620, 166:155, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fdf75cf016330b9⋯.png (446.12 KB, 659x625, 659:625, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0b314fdaddf2b46⋯.png (20.02 KB, 666x266, 333:133, ClipboardImage.png)

Narco-Terrorist Threatens to Bomb Mexican Border State Police HQ

MONTERREY, Nuevo Leon – A narco-terrorist responsible for a grenade attack at the U.S. Consulate in Monterrey threatened to blow up the headquarters of the state police agency currently cracking down on his operations.

The threats were delivered through a series of banners that gunmen with the Northeast Cartel faction of Los Zetas placed throughout Monterrey under orders of Hector Raul “El Tory” Luna Luna. El Tory demands law enforcement agencies in Nuevo Leon back off his criminal organization or they will go to war. The cartel boss claims the violence would start with an explosion at the building on “Gonzalitos,” a nickname for the headquarters of Nuevo Leon’s State Investigations Agency.


230d9b  No.4596007

>>4595390 (lb)

>The Tuscon section of the border [no name territory]

Wrong. It's the territory of Raúl Grijalva now; he needs more digging. Progressive Caucus leader. Prominent in trying to stop certification of Electoral College results for POTUS.

753d64  No.4596008


All part of the show.

ff998e  No.4596009

File: ee5a0d7940f2c68⋯.png (151.77 KB, 375x369, 125:123, Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at ….png)


schmucker head-downed almost the whole time…

9dcf2c  No.4596010


What is this? I am genuinely intrigued.

0ba826  No.4596011


Fucking kek m8

05fdb7  No.4596012


They need the insurance money?

9af080  No.4596013


>No one can be this much of an apparent air-head and be where she is.

Never underestimate the effects of propaganda on weak minded people.

80d477  No.4596014


That says much more than the words that issued from his fronthole.

8ec7fb  No.4596015

File: a9557c016dea34e⋯.jpg (215.24 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DwFpRuUUwAAgmTH.jpg)

4c3ccb  No.4596016

>>4595782 lb

When I copy pasted this article from commerce.gov it included the word “breadcrumb” at the top.

It isn’t on the original page, only showed when I copied from article title down.

Hidden message? May warrant further digging.

65ed37  No.4596017

File: 5ab8fbb858289af⋯.jpg (24.5 KB, 428x750, 214:375, 5l9ggn.jpg)

Thank You Baker

cfc46d  No.4596018

File: 8965280e20d8d56⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1327x1746, 1327:1746, Capture _2019-01-04-13-48-….png)



0ba826  No.4596019



Can anyone embed this video? I'm missing out on watching these faggots squirm.

ec5f92  No.4596020

File: 7fc6fd9c4cc36d8⋯.png (668.58 KB, 1116x860, 279:215, ClipboardImage.png)

Anonymous ID: 4a4ed6 No.4257129 📁

Dec 11 2018 12:12:23 (EST)

Wow what a show!

President Trump on Tuesday engaged in an extraordinary argument with Democratic congressional leaders over his demand for border-wall funding, threatening a government shutdown if he does not get the money.

"I will be the one to shut it down," he told House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) at the White House.

During the contentious meeting in the Oval Office, Pelosi (D-Calif.) repeatedly asked Trump not to discuss the funding request in front of the news media.

"You will not win," Pelosi told Trump.

The meeting was scheduled to be closed to the press but the White House unexpectedly opened it to reporters just as Pelosi and Schumer were arriving at the White House.

The exchanged heightened the sense of drama surrounding government-funding stalemate between Trump and Democrats.


"You will not win?" - Pelosi

You didn't think the largest MIL spending bill in history (FY 2019) wasn't going to [indirectly] include funding for the wall did you?

Learn the Constitution re: vested powers of POTUS re: matters of NAT SEC.

This was planned and forecasted as the 'border funding' solution from the beginning.


Anons had the proof long ago but shining a light back then would have defeated the primary purpose of showing the 'public' the real objective of D's (party of open borders/elim of ICE/elim of security/defend illegals over Americans _Midterm_elec).

These people are stupid.


19baa3  No.4596021


The indoctrination is real

2de55c  No.4596022

File: 663b69ad13f5efe⋯.png (65.81 KB, 1011x555, 337:185, capture.PNG)

File: f32eaef7383a8b9⋯.png (47.8 KB, 1008x414, 56:23, Capture2.PNG)

File: c6d3cb5c328451f⋯.png (53.6 KB, 1012x542, 506:271, Capture3.PNG)

fd53c2  No.4596023


POTUS is playing high stakes man. Balls to the wall. God bless you POTUS, praying for the best.

725009  No.4596024


It's even worse for them if it's a white male in his 50s. That means he's an incident infection from someone else who carried it out of Africa.

Better start casting nets around that flight and stop dicking around with political correctness.

That said - it could be, as you seem to imply, just a distraction from the political issues.

9af080  No.4596025


Make em wait. KEK!

0e11b4  No.4596026

File: 6c402f61818caa0⋯.png (85.01 KB, 548x274, 2:1, googleplaystore.png)


the google play store

94cb3d  No.4596027

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Can anyone embed this video? I'm missing out on watching these faggots squirm.

b2d6d2  No.4596028

File: 4822e27b49b6a90⋯.jpg (87.48 KB, 1180x775, 236:155, anon.JPG)

ac2f56  No.4596029


I always think 'overactor' when I see her. She is always a little too too - too dingy, too crazy, too enthusiastic — sign of bad acting. Or she is batshit crazy, who knows

cfc46d  No.4596030


>Thank You Baker


Fukking saved ty anon

d8f914  No.4596031

File: 1c053c7cea808f8⋯.jpg (16.55 KB, 255x251, 255:251, 2qdnsp.jpg)

8ec7fb  No.4596032

File: c9efafc55ece7fa⋯.jpg (77.37 KB, 639x538, 639:538, Screenshot 2019-01-04_13-5….jpg)

978318  No.4596033



True.. That's why I'm still scratching my head about it.

ad2620  No.4596034


going to clarify, I think she's about to get a big dose of big democrats and have a favorable reaction for us. Think millennial scorned by Bernie, thinks she can help the party, finds out it needs burned down and proceeds to reaffirm what many hipster types her age thought about the Bernie scandal.

65ed37  No.4596035

File: c4e6a42af6fbcac⋯.jpeg (116.04 KB, 1080x810, 4:3, 1540747341.jpeg)

94cb3d  No.4596036


..and go to 2:11:00

ff998e  No.4596037

d69a26  No.4596038

File: 965df568f9d2097⋯.png (979.56 KB, 997x750, 997:750, ClipboardImage.png)


d52712  No.4596039

Trump to deliver remarks any minute


5ab2cb  No.4596040

File: 0257b92258c6931⋯.png (31.06 KB, 479x395, 479:395, ClipboardImage.png)

New Schedule Update

029377  No.4596041


So do I.

f32343  No.4596042

>>4595957 Traitors. There will be a reckoning.

1cd6dd  No.4596043

File: bcaac29bf942cce⋯.jpg (399.35 KB, 1920x2627, 1920:2627, bcaac29bf942cce7735a5834ae….jpg)

Acosta get acosted by ss. Digits confirm

80d477  No.4596044


DJT plays POTUS like a master mechanic.

It is crazy high energy, nvm stakes kekekek

548918  No.4596045


No doubt the thought train on here is many miles ahead of those who get their news from tv or even the mainstream web. Yahoo "News" for example is just laughable.

3b2209  No.4596046


well his face and eyes look damn scared… sure would have been nice to be a fly on the wall during the meeting

f07ab6  No.4596047

File: bfc63c6bacda471⋯.png (86.65 KB, 300x232, 75:58, ClipboardImage.png)

cfc46d  No.4596048

800bd2  No.4596049

File: ebd3ca220b913d9⋯.png (614.17 KB, 663x893, 663:893, ClipboardImage.png)

ff998e  No.4596050

File: 9d81ef884ad0781⋯.png (74.81 KB, 917x371, 131:53, Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at ….png)

SCHEDULE UPDATE - Friday, 04 January 2019

#POTUS will make a statement from the Rose Garden soon (approx 2 PM)…



9af080  No.4596051


She can help burn it down but we don't need her help in rebuilding.

65ed37  No.4596052

File: ffc0a6f5c9d06c0⋯.jpeg (71.96 KB, 1020x684, 85:57, 1545666456.jpeg)

File: 1659cc624d9b541⋯.jpeg (102.2 KB, 1020x1020, 1:1, 1545418736.jpeg)

2b438b  No.4596053

File: 112fee78cc5fcc3⋯.jpeg (759.47 KB, 1242x1504, 621:752, E5D3D4A5-9B39-4D5C-8CB3-4….jpeg)

File: ab02425469991ae⋯.jpeg (571.63 KB, 1242x1558, 621:779, E725FFBA-DB53-4BB6-B90C-F….jpeg)


c4019b  No.4596054

File: ef22e1956e9616d⋯.jpg (80.78 KB, 500x714, 250:357, 2qdn5c~3.jpg)

Desperate to bring the Tyranny of the Majority to our representative democracy, on the first day Democrats assumed control of the House of Representatives, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) submitted a bill to kill the electoral college.

“In two presidential elections since 2000, including the most recent one in which Hillary Clinton won 2.8 million more votes than her opponent, the winner of the popular vote did not win the election because of the distorting effect of the outdated Electoral College,” Cohen said in a press release. “Americans expect and deserve the winner of the popular vote to win office. More than a century ago, we amended our Constitution to provide for the direct election of U.S. Senators. It is past time to directly elect our President and Vice President.”

450269  No.4596055


Prolly just let em watch the live feed from the MT.

94cb3d  No.4596056

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Rose Garden Presser LIVE

Currently waiting for POTUS

548918  No.4596057


He wants $5.6 bill from Congress rn.

ec5f92  No.4596058

Good Harris is touching on what I am talking about right now.

If you are part of the 800,000 people where their paycheck is affected during this shutdown, but know the wall is actually already funded. I would be kind of pissed.

8ec7fb  No.4596059

File: 0a6dc1fb3c41354⋯.jpg (226.72 KB, 1199x698, 1199:698, DwFpCNYW0AEAKoW.jpg)

bbde50  No.4596060

File: f498a1de94b3407⋯.jpeg (56.66 KB, 349x350, 349:350, 317AB7AD-DE30-426F-84E7-0….jpeg)


POTUS might be setting a serious and needed precedent that Congress cant keep putting off votes on things they dont want (People do) and forcing shit on the People (they dont want) by shutting down the government every year.

No hard change comes without sacrifice.

I have friends on furlough or working without pay.

It sucks but this shit has got to stop.

People in other countries have suffered far worse consequences to wake the politicians up.

8ec7fb  No.4596061

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


not started yet

537bcb  No.4596062


The left in NY would vote for a pedo murderer satanist if the TV said to do so. It’s no surprise she won. Not a white hat. Just another dumb bitch that got the support of even dumber people.

9f4ac2  No.4596063

File: 77764107564e61e⋯.jpg (18.48 KB, 253x233, 253:233, 25a20be2dc660fe4c4bf804dc8….jpg)

5ab2cb  No.4596064


Thank you, anon.

20a430  No.4596065


previous bread?

you’re going to criticize notables you don’t even know how to fucking Chan ??

fuck off back to lurking you fat jew nigger

cfc46d  No.4596066


The quicker the better. Flip the switch.

0e11b4  No.4596067


b04872  No.4596068


watch the notables faggot..high res graphs in there..

f99aa0  No.4596069


It is what I expected. Pelosi will be Speaker of the House for the 116th Congress for 2 years. Government may stay shutdown the entire 2 years. I'm all for it. Keep the Dems shutdown.

Not one damned new law will get voted by Senate or signed by POTUS until Pelosi agrees to fund the wall and reopen Gov. Gonna be fun watching this.

430e8d  No.4596070

File: 9df9ab9eb6682b1⋯.png (106.69 KB, 977x441, 977:441, ClipboardImage.png)

Still think she's /ourgirl/?

fd7c8b  No.4596071


Good point to consider. She ran in the Bronx. A GOP candidate never had a chance there. My question is, how the hell did she manage to oust the long-sitting incumbent in the primary?

548918  No.4596072


Getting rid of 800,000 federal employees would be a good start. How about start eliminating some (mostly unlawful) agencies next?

285a4e  No.4596073


Re-roll…and yeah, I agree Pelosi and Schumer looked defeated…if nothing else, the shutdown is demonstrating how hysterical their previous shutdown propaganda was.

80d477  No.4596074


You are glorious. Tag those motherfuckers :)

962be3  No.4596075


I think they've finally discovered that Trump is a REAL negotiator. His whole asymmetric warfare technique is mind boggling to them. Perhaps he revealed some of his plan - but I don't think so. NP and CS are far to shifty to be trusted in any way. I think he was probably very specific. Fully fund the wall or no deal. Not partially, not mostly, not $1. ALL or nothing. Moral Nan and Moral Chuck can't defend the 'walls are immoral' position they've backed themselves into. #WINNING

ba0bc6  No.4596076


Last week someone here shared an article about Malmo/ Sweden setting up a hospital ward for Ebola patients.

The article stated that there is not a question IF Sweden will see Ebola, but WHEN.

Now (the next week!) Sweden has a case of Ebola.

Maybe we should ask, what a state can do, if a horrible epidemic is threatening to spread?

How useful is the threat of (for example) "Ebola" for a government, to control the public?

State of emergency?

Like France has since two(?) years?

What else would a threatening "pandemic" be useful for?

052106  No.4596077


Like SES?

537bcb  No.4596078


Young. Young people voted for her because she’s young like them.

c9c46e  No.4596079


She's an ACTOR, just like CPL. In order for the normies to see how crazy these people really are, we need actors to show them.

8ec7fb  No.4596080

File: d508330ad13d310⋯.jpg (58.19 KB, 622x296, 311:148, Screenshot 2019-01-04_13-5….jpg)

548918  No.4596082


95% of fed employees' political donations went to Killary. Fuck 'em.

444191  No.4596083

File: a5c0e43b382c3fb⋯.jpg (67.17 KB, 506x303, 506:303, congo-map.jpg)


That the man was returning from Burundi makes me suspect this is not ebola.

Burundi is definitely at risk from this outbreak, but I would expect reports of ebola cases in a nation before a visitor to that nation comes home with it (because visitors are a miniscule fraction of the total population there.) Just statistically, that would be expected.

That is not definitive. It is possible there is unreported community transmission in Burundi, or that this visitor hung out with people who had come from infected regions of Congo, or that this visitor had traveled to nearby countries and contracted ebola outside Burundi. So we should be cautious and watch this report carefully.

Attached is a map of the region. The ebola outbreak is concentrated in Noth Kivu province of Congo.

19baa3  No.4596084


Yes she is doing more for us than anybody. wakey wakey

9f4ac2  No.4596085

File: e89a6f4f9f3ee36⋯.jpg (296.05 KB, 817x974, 817:974, revpatten.jpg)

File: e0f4ab69d5d3bb2⋯.jpg (45.79 KB, 604x356, 151:89, seesomething.jpg)

430e8d  No.4596086

725009  No.4596087


Why were there rumors of a porn video?

Why is the media hounding her so much? They are covering her and sifting her statements like she's running for President or was nominated to the Supreme Court.


"The party can protect you."

Look at how she voted, recently.


Why be one of so few to vote against? Signal. "Go fuck a duck."

548918  No.4596088


I n I Pepe

b2d6d2  No.4596089

File: 0d4592f04a1774e⋯.jpg (52.61 KB, 761x622, 761:622, nowomannocry.JPG)

2b438b  No.4596090

File: f6a71665c32cb5e⋯.jpeg (674.08 KB, 1242x1314, 69:73, 633C5794-58AD-47F0-BEF8-3….jpeg)


19baa3  No.4596091


He rested on his laurels.

fd7c8b  No.4596092


Is she really, though? Plenty of leftists unironically support what she's saying.

800bd2  No.4596093

Departed Interior Sec. Zinke Under Investigation by DOJ

The Justice Department is looking into whether former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke lied to investigators at the Department of Interior, The Washington Post reports. Anonymous sources tell the Post that investigators at the Interior's inspector general's office raised the issue with the DOJ after suspecting Zinke may have lied during questioning over his real estate deals in Montana and his review of a Native American casino project in Connecticut.

The Justice Department has not yet decided whether Zinke should face legal action, the Post reports. Zinke, who left the agency Wednesday following a series of high-profile scandals, denied the allegations to the Associated Press, blaming conservation groups for creating a "playbook" designed to use "frivolous allegations, sources, rumors, innuendo and false accusations" to boot him and other Cabinet members from office.

As reported by The Washington Post:

"Zinke, who submitted his resignation last month, had faced intense pressure to step down because of the probes into his conduct, though President Trump had soured on him for other reasons, too, according to one of the people familiar with the matter. In particular, this person said, Trump was upset Zinke would not challenge Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) in last year's election and over how Zinke handled the administration's plan to expand offshore drilling.

Last January, Zinke flew to Florida and, without consulting the White House, announced in a news conference with then-Gov. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) that Interior would exempt the state from offshore drilling. The move raised ethics questions, along with an outcry from other governors whose coastal states were affected by the plan."

The Associated Press reported that Zinke blamed conservation groups such as Montana Conservation Votersand Western Values Project for making it "impossible for Zinke and other Trump Cabinet members to serve."

"A representative of Montana Conservation Voters Education Fund, Whitney Tawney, noted that the group had endorsed Zinke when he was a state lawmaker but expected more out of him in terms of protecting natural resources.

'The accusation that groups like Montana Conservation Voters Education Fund made his job impossible proves once again that he's continuing to point fingers at anyone he can instead of accepting responsibility for his own failures,' Tawney said."

#Zinke Leaves #Interior to His Pro-Polluter, Anti-Environment Deputy https://t.co/KRdLDQausl @Interior @greenpeaceusa @Earthjustice

— EcoWatch (@EcoWatch) January 3, 2019


2de55c  No.4596094

File: d26041665e5a6e0⋯.png (494.73 KB, 776x400, 97:50, capture.PNG)

After Years Of Refusal, Utah Will Now Implement The REAL ID Act

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Jan. 3, 2018) – After nearly eight years of refusing to implement the REAL ID Act of 2005, Utah has flip-flopped and will now participate in the unconstitutional national ID program.

In 2010, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert signed a bill into law prohibiting the state from implementing or participating in the Real ID Act. At the time, the legislature found that the enactment of the Real ID Act:

(a) is inimical to the security and well-being of the people of this state;

(b) will cause unneeded expense and inconvenience to the people of this state; and

(c) was adopted in violation of the principles of federalism contained in the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

By signing the bill into law, Herbert approved these findings. But judging by his recent actions and those by other elected officials in Utah, something must have changed over the last eight years. What was unconstitutional and unacceptable suddenly became A-OK!


f32343  No.4596095

>>4596070 Not our girl. No way. Low IQ servant of Soros et al. An unworthy creature promoted & featured relentlessly by the fake MSM. She should be working at a burger stand.

e82a26  No.4596096

6675f8  No.4596097

File: c4cb1ea307e8ebc⋯.jpg (34.69 KB, 657x146, 9:2, PelosiOnInPeachMeant.JPG)


Pelosi says waiting on Mueller before doing anything

18e2cb  No.4596098


the real 'top earners' don't have income; they have capital gains

ff998e  No.4596099

File: a7ebdf51635f715⋯.png (790.61 KB, 1069x769, 1069:769, Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at ….png)

newsie says POTUS just took a seat and he's signing something

ac2f56  No.4596100



Given that many - if not most - of those 'top earners' are libs/ultra-libs….and they all LOOOOOOOOVE her…this definitely got a chuckle. Wonder how they will like her if this succeeds (it never will).

d8f914  No.4596101


‏ @9999PatriotUSMC

MT, known as the Commissions are in full swing in GITMO. I know several military lawyers that have said, EXTREMELY CLASSIFIED, and all the Commission lawyers and judges are immensely angry at the subject matter of the MT. Hell to pay for those accused for sure. Anons know!!!

8:08 AM - 3 Jan 2019

80d477  No.4596102


Got sauce? if so:


But get some sauce.

4e4e0a  No.4596103


>Creepy Porn Lawyer


b2d6d2  No.4596104

File: 57c9fa00b37a6a7⋯.jpg (58.82 KB, 847x693, 11:9, humptydumpty.JPG)

f6abe8  No.4596105

Democrats take aim at presidential tax returns, conflicts of interest in new ethics proposal

As one of their first big-ticket legislative proposals of the new Congress, House Democrats on Friday unveiled a sweeping anti-corruption, campaign finance and ethics reform package that takes aim at long-simmering concerns about President Donald Trump’s possible conflicts of interest between his actions as president and his family business.

The massive proposal, known as “The For the People Act” and designated as “House Resolution 1,” also includes dozens of measures from Democrats on ethics and campaign finance reform, voting rights and election security. It would also require presidential and vice presidential candidates to release 10 years of their personal tax returns and require sitting presidents and vice presidents to do the same.


9f4ac2  No.4596106


Did she get her start in Crisis Acting?

548918  No.4596107


*Losers aren't winners.

e85ebc  No.4596108


so is going after the PRO ATHLETE..


all make millions..

stars make mega millions..

wonder how the stars athletes feel about this..


40ef5b  No.4596109

File: 6787ae720542a64⋯.png (341.16 KB, 1149x738, 383:246, Screenshot 2019-01-04 at 1….png)


Depends on her definition of top earners.

Trump called for a one time tax in 1999 to pay off the deficit


65ed37  No.4596110

029377  No.4596111


She's a certifiable fool.

ff998e  No.4596112


Bigly if true.

d90096  No.4596113

fags meme this bitch right into 2020 win>>4596065

978318  No.4596114

File: 51134375ff9d280⋯.jpg (179.6 KB, 1259x798, 1259:798, 35623423687re.jpg)

3980b5  No.4596115


Schumer is like one of those tiny dogs that are brave and yaps loud as long as they have a big dog behind them. In Schumer's case he has Pelosi behind him otherwise he would pee his pants every time Trump looks at him.

fd7c8b  No.4596116


Can't support the /ourgirl/ angle with things like this. She's clearly being built up to be a Millennial/Gen-Z-friendly "social media whiz" candidate for the future.

c43242  No.4596117


They should have done that before Obama.

They never thought she would lose, eh?


Also, what stops Trump from pardoning himself before they pass this just like Hussein did?


bf5985  No.4596118

File: 3477bd4a6c7915b⋯.png (66.38 KB, 623x366, 623:366, screenshot.png)

SCHEDULE UPDATE - Friday, 04 January 2019


800bd2  No.4596120

File: 81c344b85e01677⋯.png (54.69 KB, 854x474, 427:237, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d5f307b998b6dcf⋯.png (45.14 KB, 854x358, 427:179, ClipboardImage.png)

Canada charity used donations to fund Israel army bases

A Canadian charity has been investigated for using its donations to fund infrastructure projects on Israeli army and naval bases.

The Jewish National Fund of Canada – an affiliate of parent organisation Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael or the Jewish National Fund (KKL-JNF) – used its donations to fund infrastructure projects on Israeli army, air and naval bases, in contravention of Canadian law.

The revelation came as JNF Canada was subjected to an audit by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), a federal agency that administers tax laws for the Canadian government, after a Canadian researcher filed a complaint about the charity’s spending. According to local news site CBC:

While no law bars a Canadian citizen from writing a cheque directly to Israel’s Ministry of Defence, rules do ban tax-exempt charities from issuing tax receipts for such donations, and also ban donors from claiming tax deductions for them.

CBC further explains that: “In its guide for Canadian registered charities carrying out activities outside Canada, the CRA states plainly that ‘increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of Canada’s armed forces is charitable, but supporting the armed forces of another country is not’.”

Though JNF Canada claims it stopped funding such projects in 2016, CBC points out that this would not stop the Canada Revenue Agency from taking action against the charity for funding projects in contravention of these clearly-stated guidelines.


548918  No.4596121


If you ever dated beaner chicks, you could believe she's that dumb.

9dcf2c  No.4596122

File: fb943a7b943bf73⋯.jpg (158.44 KB, 620x446, 310:223, CLASSIC JOKE.jpg)

2c52ec  No.4596123

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

So when do y'all think Trump or whomever will go on and WHAT THE FUCK EVER HAPPENED TO RSBN?!

c5f2be  No.4596124

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

POTUS in 1 min

ff998e  No.4596125


Checked - Sandy Cortez has paperwork certifying her idiocy.

47beb2  No.4596126

File: f4db18fcee9fb3a⋯.png (394.44 KB, 720x922, 360:461, 1_4_20190104_105329.png)

Appeals Court Sides with Trump on (some)Transgender military ban


b19677  No.4596127



Most excellent. Drawing should be updated, that is clearly the better connection.

8ec7fb  No.4596128


here we go

3b2209  No.4596129


everything he's done has been to "right the ship" immigration for one needs to be legislated and the republicucks and demonrats have been putting it off for over 3 decades, the abdication of war making powers to the executive branch you name it he's throwing this shit right back in their face

800bd2  No.4596130

Ex-Credit Suisse bankers arrested on US charges over $2bn fraud scheme

Three former bankers of the second-largest bank in Switzerland, Credit Suisse Group AG, were arrested in London over an alleged connection to a $2bn Mozambique fraud scheme, according to US justice authorities cited by media.

The three suspects – former managing directors Andrew Pears and Surjan Singh, as well as the vice president in the global financing unit, Detelina Subeva – were charged with conspiring to violate US anti-bribery law, money laundering, and securities fraud in an indictment issued in a federal court in Brooklyn, New York, Reuters reported.

The three men were released on bail after their arrest in the British capital on Thursday but may face extradition to the US.

The bank itself was spared of the charges and says it was kept in the dark by its own staff.

“The indictment alleges that the former employees worked to defeat the bank’s internal controls, acted out of a motive of personal profit, and sought to hide these activities from the bank,” Credit Suisse said in a statement.

The arrests of the three former Credit Suisse employees came less than a week after the former finance minister of Mozambique was arrested in South Africa as part of the same case. Manuel Chang is now fighting extradition to the US. A fifth suspect was also arrested earlier this week.

Between 2013 and 2016, Credit Suisse and other banks arranged $2 billion loans for Mozambique state-owned companies. The loans were initially aimed at maritime projects and coastline protection in one of the poorest countries in the world, but instead were plundered, with at least $200 million diverted for bribes and kickbacks. The companies created to operate planned maritime projects were a cover for the suspects to enrich themselves.

The loans were partly concealed from international donors and creditors, including the International Monetary Fund. After they were disclosed in 2016, international aid was withdrawn, sending the nation into crisis. The state-owned companies missed more than $700 million in loan payments after defaulting in 2016 and 2017, according to the indictment.

A similar case has recently been brought against Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs. In December, Malaysia filed criminal charges against the US bank and two of its key bankers over its role in the multi-billion dollar scandal with 1MDB state fund. Kuala Lumpur wants $7.5 billion in reparations from Goldman Sachs, which it claims covered up the looting of the fund.


dbbc19  No.4596131

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

potus live

80d477  No.4596132

File: 2b7f88f0758f875⋯.png (601.55 KB, 600x549, 200:183, Cryin-Schumer1.png)

File: 789aa4aa98d1b10⋯.png (598.13 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Justin Timberlake - Cry Me….png)

File: 23970b567b5d50b⋯.png (574.99 KB, 600x549, 200:183, NPCs-BlueLegPuddle-blank.png)

This one's for Justin.

For being such a big Obama faggot. Fuck you Justin.

ff998e  No.4596133

File: c7f9d532e504dbe⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1159x807, 1159:807, Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at ….png)

75b574  No.4596134


>Attacks are intensifying but Anons remain comfy Edition

Meh, I've been at this sort of stuff for decades and called everything under the sun. Nothing bothers me anymore. Very comfy. Now I can't speak for normies new to this.

Also, thanq baker.

19baa3  No.4596135


leftist would, but there numbers are smaller than you might think despite the hype.

d8f914  No.4596136


Trump live now!!

537bcb  No.4596137


>My military buddy has super duper secret classified information but it’s ok he tells me he has it and I can post on Twitter about it…

978318  No.4596138


Actually I have, and.. yes.

962be3  No.4596139

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Live now

2c52ec  No.4596140


Do medics have to carry tranny meds or some shit?


94cb3d  No.4596141

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Rose Garden Presser LIVE

Starting now… here comes POTUS & VP!

0e11b4  No.4596142

File: ae17e2b4038c40c⋯.png (87.78 KB, 250x288, 125:144, Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at ….png)

d7c1e1  No.4596143


No anons She's that STOOPID!

when you listen to (((them))) Cackling about

It becomes Clear That the Education System

is Completely Corrupt!

1cd6dd  No.4596144

159 boom time

991ba0  No.4596145


you gonna ask the Question, anon?

430e8d  No.4596146

File: 647bac2ac6cdb08⋯.png (304.37 KB, 618x368, 309:184, ClipboardImage.png)

fd7c8b  No.4596148

File: 6d3bec6f55485cf⋯.jpg (58.65 KB, 650x468, 25:18, donkeybrain.jpg)


There must be a Donkey Brains Cerfitication form somewhere.

9f4ac2  No.4596149

File: 61a28649ade1606⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 4566x3081, 1522:1027, Trump verso a tavola roton….jpg)

ff998e  No.4596150

File: bf63e4684840f40⋯.png (129.92 KB, 354x336, 59:56, Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at ….png)

Scalise happy

bb92ba  No.4596151

File: b34e0fe8a0c68cb⋯.png (26.52 KB, 837x167, 837:167, ebo.png)



this is the latest article, says the condition of the suspected victim is improving, so no chaos from this it seems

could always change, kek

f6abe8  No.4596152

Trump threatened to keep the government closed for 'months or even years,' Schumer says

Democrats emerged from what they called a "contentious" two-hour meeting at the White House on Friday showing little optimism about ending a partial government shutdown.

Bipartisan congressional leaders huddled with President Donald Trump as they try to break an impasse over the president's demand for $5 billion to build his proposed border wall. The president threatened to keep nine U.S. departments closed "for a very long period of time — months or even years" — until he gets the funding, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said.


0ba826  No.4596153

300K new jobs… double what was estimated for last month.

Incredible #'s…..

548918  No.4596154


He needs to declas, unleash the Awan scandal, the sexual settlements, the whole shebang. Whack 'em.

326e92  No.4596155

File: 30b1ae731ab79f8⋯.jpeg (175.81 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 3D51A6D7-E892-4460-9898-7….jpeg)

0e11b4  No.4596156



75b574  No.4596157


It seems everyone loses their minds once they go to college. The final indoctrination centers.

bbde50  No.4596158

File: 00b578227d99081⋯.jpeg (26.67 KB, 222x255, 74:85, DD8D03EF-8470-4A57-8C65-C….jpeg)

File: 62296bd25c2a169⋯.jpeg (28.94 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 3BC0C838-B5C8-4C3A-B706-8….jpeg)


Agreed 100%

Excellent post.

9f4ac2  No.4596159

File: 2b9a69e851b327e⋯.jpg (392.63 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Chaotic_Beauty_in_Constell….jpg)

File: 2889fe3599cf805⋯.jpg (213.47 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, WHOISQBLUE.jpg)

e82a26  No.4596160

File: 536c93ea0d1a973⋯.jpeg (75.52 KB, 640x855, 128:171, 5C845BE3-B9CD-4BA7-931B-4….jpeg)


It’s really not that much of a mystery. This is also why the JIDF faggots keep trying to push that she’s /ourgirl/

bb4703  No.4596161


Jewish Lightning!

0ba826  No.4596162


That's a sweet tie…. POTUS has class.

If ur insinuating the purple means something… it does. It means you're a faggot.

2c52ec  No.4596163


Trump's already married, tho…

32ecaa  No.4596164

800bd2  No.4596165

Hungary Bans Gender Studies…Not An Academic Subject

We really are coming to a crossroads in higher ed. A few decades ago, the possibility that a whole department, based on an entire academic subject, would be tossed as “not useful knowledge” would be considered inconceivable.

But today, in the United States, this sort of thing is common. Shakespeare is being tossed in exchange for a lesbian author. Computer science departments are being shut down, leading to a shortage of computer scientists where the world really needs people who understand computers. Even mathematics is turning into a boiler room operation on many campuses, focusing on passing students over academics.

With all the academics being removed from campus, what to replace it with? Many campuses are throwing in ever more Education courses, knowing they are frauds any student can ace without effort. We know they are frauds because they’re not quite politically protected: we can inspect what goes on in their classes, and since their graduates often go off to teach, we can judge the quality of the coursework by the quality of the graduates, for the most part.

Another new branch of “academic” courses has been affecting our campuses, Gender Studies, and unlike Education, these courses are becoming mandatory. Now, the graduates of these fields aren’t nearly so vulnerable as in Education, and so it’s not so easy to criticize their uselessness by examining how they succeed in the (non-existent) job market. Across the country, these courses, despite their clear lack of educational value, are springing up, detracting from the education our students receive.

Well, across THIS country, yes, but it’s clear not every country is subjecting itself to this madness:

Hungary To Remove Gender Studies From Universities, Says Courses Based On 'Ideology Rather Than Science'



05fdb7  No.4596166

Trump threatened to keep the government closed for ‘months or even years,’ Schumer says

Democrats emerge from a meeting at the White House showing little optimism about ending a government shutdown.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer call on Republicans to temporarily reopen the government while they try to break an impasse over President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall.


9f4ac2  No.4596167

File: 4a217ab58dc3568⋯.jpg (222.53 KB, 1232x662, 616:331, jewrightnow.jpg)

548918  No.4596168


Trump may have told them he's going to start dealing dirt with all the bs already coming out of the new Congress.

76f67d  No.4596169

File: ab44657f4974757⋯.png (355.99 KB, 591x584, 591:584, HRC say dems stupid.png)

>>4595133 pb

Redpilling with emails…

Found out getting a lot more action with just one or two of great memes of memefag anons. Just got some action on this one.

Don't seem to like the long wording.

0ba826  No.4596170

3.2% Wage growth….

Hasn't happened in decades in our country.

Another incredible metric for the lame stream meia to totally ignore.

06d3b8  No.4596171

File: b095a3aa0b2acd1⋯.jpeg (889.36 KB, 1178x1113, 1178:1113, E9197FFE-7E79-4661-AD44-3….jpeg)

79761f  No.4596173


Finally, some common sense. The last thing we need in the military is an emotionally/mentally unbalanced individual that is always armed. Have Dems learned nothing from civilian mass shootings?

e7bd49  No.4596174


Majority of people who voted for her don’t pay any taxes. THEY don’t fukin care if it’s 10000%

da01fc  No.4596175


it is red white and blue

not purple

0e11b4  No.4596176


on the record

803c43  No.4596177

Anybody see the metals market today?

Platinum and Palladium are up big time.

1cd6dd  No.4596178


It's red white and blue colorblind anon

9dcf2c  No.4596179

File: 432144a73773d92⋯.jpg (12.15 KB, 194x260, 97:130, I STOLE THIS FROM AN ANON.….jpg)

ba0bc6  No.4596180


Nice digits.

I'm asking myself, for how long this derangement syndrome will be allowed to go on.

If this isn't stopped, people will get even moar deranged.

2b4781  No.4596181


Looks like he is about to kek out loud!

9f4ac2  No.4596182

File: 1e60aaa252a16a8⋯.jpg (40.09 KB, 213x277, 213:277, comfytx.jpg)

bd41e9  No.4596183

>>4596143 that’s my thought. I think white hats may have helped her out a bit. Every time she opens her mouth it’s golden for our side. They are destroying themselves from within.

530328  No.4596184


Bad picture. It's blue and red. Both colors have black stripes through it.

85e15a  No.4596186

POTUS softening the blow about the GOVT CONTINUING TO STAY SHUT DOWN, by going over all his accomplishments.

002191  No.4596188

POTUS is emphasizing "steel wall"…. drawing attention to the "Steele" dossier?

762468  No.4596190

File: cf1b2bd756c4a07⋯.jpg (48.46 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Buck02.jpg)

File: ad7863ea49e70e0⋯.jpg (93.34 KB, 960x720, 4:3, TelePsy23.jpg)


The red txt & s-cap have provided the appearance of some credibility…and yet the unsauced garbage spewed remains a gnosticesque slide.

e85ebc  No.4596191


silver is down a few cents… - 0.08 cents

bf9c2c  No.4596192

File: 1b067653d2623d4⋯.png (5.43 KB, 100x61, 100:61, RT.png)


Rescuing persons from the CULT of Masonry

Rooftop Ministries is a unique evangelical organization specially geared towards all persons associated with any Masonic Order. RoofTop is an acronym which stands for Rescued Out Of Freemasonry Testimony Of Prayer. We seek to help prevent, intervene in and recover from cult participation and assist concerned others with same by providing a web site, literature, consultations and lectures to the public.

Digging- moar to come.


61fb8e  No.4596193


Sorry I can't be watching 24/7/365. Not sitting on my toilet and reading like some.

As expected, someone had to vent. Hope you feel better. Now back to your toilet.

548918  No.4596194



800bd2  No.4596195

File: 6ab60538317693a⋯.png (80.79 KB, 758x917, 758:917, ClipboardImage.png)

File: aecb2d05422d030⋯.png (81.68 KB, 774x895, 774:895, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 23005db30f4864f⋯.png (81.6 KB, 742x915, 742:915, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 34e3da23fb7e76c⋯.png (87.66 KB, 808x916, 202:229, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 32bdab5f71692d6⋯.png (20.46 KB, 765x223, 765:223, ClipboardImage.png)

North Africa Situation Overview – Late 2018

By the end of the year, the situation has grown more tense. This is particularly true of Algeria which will undergo a change in supreme leadership. The current president is ill, his surrounding and political elites are in a state of uncertainty, the new configuration of alliances is difficult of predict. The situation is no less fluid in Tunisia due to the conflict among party blocs, and Libya where attempts to resolve the conflict have been failing irrespective which external actors are backing these efforts.


President Abdelaziz Bouteflika could not receive Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Muhammed bin Salman Al Saud due to a persistent cold, which was reported by Reuters citing the presidential chancellery. The Crown Prince came to Algeria from Mauritania and before that from Argentina, where he took part in G-20 summit. The president feels so poorly that he may not run in the next election. This led the government to start negotiations with a range of political actors from the structural opposition. The proposal to postpone elections until April 2019 so far has not been approved by Bouteflika’s entourage, though it was agreed upon by some of its members including a leading figure in the presidential alliance Amar Gul, and an opposition representative Abderazak Makri.

The presidential plan headed by the Said brothers and Abderagim Bouteflika waits for the doctors’ report, but it has been forced to approve consultations. President’s inner circle decided in favor of a fifth term and so far as not abandoned this option. But the president’s health has worsened so much that he can’t appear at the Constitutional Council in order to register his candidacy, as demanded by law. The situation is made more complicated by the absence of a successor from the ruling party. The National Liberation Front (NLF) General Secretary Jamel uld Abbas has been in retirement due to health problems. The acting NLF head is Muaz Bushareb, who in late October became the new chairman of the People’s National Assembly, the lower chamber of Algeria’s legislature.

The idea of establishing a vice-presidency was rejected since it would require changing the constitution, which took five years the last time it happened. Said Bouteflike has eliminated potential competitors for the post of presidency in the last three years, including the former PM Abdelmalek Sellal and the police head Abdelgani Hamel. Their dismissals were foreordained already in 2016 due to the president’s brothers suspecting them of leaking compromising photos demonstrating the president’s incapacity which were published on Twitter by the former French PM Manuel Valls. The current PM Akhmed Uakhya is also a suspect in that plot, though he’s retained his post due to his rejection of presidential ambitions.


ff998e  No.4596196

File: f2e948697d7df0b⋯.png (1.76 MB, 947x1209, 947:1209, Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at ….png)

1cd6dd  No.4596198


White stripes anon

bb4703  No.4596199



fa9150  No.4596200

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d7c1e1  No.4596201

File: da2abc37b592d48⋯.jpg (108.34 KB, 601x601, 1:1, da2.jpg)

530328  No.4596202


White, possible light blue through the blue, but definitely black stripes through the red part.

79a735  No.4596203


High IQ post right here.

053ccb  No.4596204

File: d74ca342e3f9feb⋯.jpg (35.52 KB, 770x415, 154:83, Transgender-woman-gamestop….jpg)



c4019b  No.4596205

File: 6d0b78fd41201d9⋯.jpg (73.78 KB, 500x540, 25:27, 2qdmfq~2.jpg)

I'm sticking with my beautiful blonde white woman.

ff998e  No.4596206

POTUS talking about the police officer gunned down for stopping an illegal!

453d2f  No.4596207


Iranian = Aryan

85e15a  No.4596208



She said the TIPPY TOP EARNERS would/could be taxed at that rate.

She did NOT say every single American would have that tax rate.

Listen to the actual words of the interview.

bf5985  No.4596209

WATCH LIVE: President Trump Delivers Remarks In The Rose Garden


2de55c  No.4596210

File: 8854c1d5ad5837c⋯.png (412.61 KB, 614x412, 307:206, capture.PNG)


How Trump can end brainwashing on US campuses

A study by the National Association of Scholars, released on Tuesday, reveals how Obama’s ultra-liberal progressives have begun to turn American higher ed into a vehicle for left-wing activism and propaganda.

“Making Citizens: How American Universities Teach Civics” shows how the Obama DOE has indoctrinated college students through progressive “New Civics” programs that seek to repurpose higher education away from the study of Western institutions, and even away from scholarship in general, in order to make little left-wing community organizers of our students.

The goal of the New Civics movement, concludes the NAS, is to teach students “that a good citizen is a radical activist,” putting “political activism at the center of everything that students do in college, including academic study, extra-curricular pursuits, and off-campus ventures.” Instead of a civics education that studies the foundations of American government, New Civics teaches students “how to organize protests, occupy buildings, and stage demonstrations.”


548918  No.4596211


A real genius.

735329  No.4596212


Because he's got to make a point.

Otherwise he will be harassed for breaking a campaign promise.

It will be his 'no new taxes' nightmare.

9f4ac2  No.4596213

File: a1359dd6ded32c3⋯.jpg (68.93 KB, 490x322, 35:23, iur.jpg)

d8f914  No.4596215

File: d001a5f357bae68⋯.jpg (14.39 KB, 192x262, 96:131, 2qdp5o.jpg)

053ccb  No.4596216



shirley hugest

19baa3  No.4596217


Is Rhodium moving?

eaf6f6  No.4596218


what question are you thinking?

c9c46e  No.4596220

Up and Down

Left and Right

East and West


944e8e  No.4596221

File: 1727a10472e381c⋯.png (24.09 KB, 430x417, 430:417, Screenshot_2019-01-04 Q.png)

POTUS WALKED OUT at 1358 here3 is the matching Q Post

ff998e  No.4596222

File: ec58fdc684463e5⋯.png (172.3 KB, 342x453, 114:151, Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at ….png)

I spy with my sneaky eye…

fd7c8b  No.4596223


Fix the education system or the results of the Storm will be all for naught.

2c52ec  No.4596224


"Is Tiffany available and how are her standards?"

bf9c2c  No.4596225




Children's clubs in Freemasonry

Orders for Children

Constellation of Junior Stars (Juvenile Fraternity of OES for girls)

Daughters of the Eastern Star (Juvenile Fraternity of OES, USA only, 3 degrees, ages 14-21, began in 1925)

The Field of Moral* (Juvenile Fraternity of OES, co-ed, discontinued, age 7 and up)

Girls of the Golden Court (Juvenile Fraternity of Order of the Golden Chain)

Job’s Daughters* (Degree of Royal Purple, girls age 11-20, began in 1920)

Knights of Pythagoras (Boys ages 9-20)

Order of the Builders (Boys age 11-21)

Order of DeMolay* (Boys, Initiatory Degree, DeMolay Degree, ages 14-21, began in 1919)

Order of Les Jeune’* (Boys, discontinued)

Order of the Rainbow for Girls* (Initiatory Degree*, Majority Service*, Grand Cross of Color*, ages 11-20, can pledge membership at age 8, began in 1922)

Order of Sunbeams (Co-Ed, discontinued)

Phyllis S. Byrd Youth Fraternity (Juvenile Fraternity of OES)

Princess of Ruth Gleaner Girls

Organization of Triangles (Juvenile Fraternity of OES, Girls 10-21 in New York)

Masonic Baptism* (Not an Order, but a ceremony for the children of Masons. Three separate versions, by McClenachan, Marconis, and Pike)

ALL of these need digs!


c43242  No.4596226





735329  No.4596227


Based Hungary.

431340  No.4596228



9f4ac2  No.4596229


Mean mugging and head shaking

800bd2  No.4596230

File: 91dea14fd6c1b61⋯.png (63.39 KB, 761x703, 761:703, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 787d19b44f48629⋯.png (1.18 MB, 752x915, 752:915, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d5817da8d1e231f⋯.png (94.89 KB, 763x929, 763:929, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d3329261224e822⋯.png (76.38 KB, 745x909, 745:909, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fd6869b4b8a287d⋯.png (82.01 KB, 756x901, 756:901, ClipboardImage.png)

Trump’s Syria Withdrawal Enrages Pro-Israel Chickenhawks

The U.S. press, in its war against Trump, is pushing an illegal and unconstitutional invasion of Syria whose stated primary objective is to remove a terrorist organization which is already mostly gone – and a less frequently acknowledged goal of regime change for the legitimate government in Damascus and the expulsion of that government’s principal allies… there is no way to “win” and no exit strategy.

That anyone would regard Boot and Nuland as objective authorities on the Middle East given their ultimate and prevailing loyalty to Israel has to be wondered at…

By Philip Giraldi, reposted from Unz Review

President Donald Trump’s order to withdraw from Syria has been greeted, predictably, with an avalanche of condemnation culminating in last Thursday’s resignation by Defense Secretary James Mattis. The Mattis resignation letter focused on the betrayal of allies, though it was inevitably light on details, suggesting that the Marine Corps General was having some difficulty in discerning that American interests might be somewhat different than those of feckless and faux allies like Israel and Saudi Arabia that are adept at manipulating the levers of power in Washington and in the media. Mattis clearly appreciates that having allies is a force multiplier in wartime but fails to understand that it is a liability otherwise as the allies create an obligation to go to war on their behalf rather than in response to any actual national interest.

The media was quick to line up behind Mattis. On Friday, The New York Times featured a lead editorial entitled “Jim Mattis was right” while neocon twitter accounts blazed with indignation. Prominent chickenhawk mouthpieces David Frum and Bill Kristol, among many others, tweeted that the end is nigh.

During the day preceding Mattis’s dramatic announcement, the press went to war against the Administration over Syria and also regarding other reports that there would be troop reductions in Afghanistan. The following headline actually appeared on a Reuters online article the day after the announcement by the president: “In Syria retreat, Trump rebuffs top advisers and blindsides U.S. commanders.” It would be difficult to imagine stuffing more bullshit into one relatively short sentence. “Retreat,” “rebuffs” and “blindsides” are not words that are intended to convey any sort of even-handed assessment of what is occurring in U.S. policy towards the Middle East. They are instead meant to imply that “Hey, that moron in the White House has screwed up again!”


e332db  No.4596231

File: c274dfc9590dd3e⋯.png (723.86 KB, 870x546, 145:91, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 190efda03f5e315⋯.png (75.91 KB, 734x950, 367:475, ClipboardImage.png)

Four-year Senate investigation finds US Marshals Service plagued with corruption

Wasteful spending. Favoritism and nepotism. Sexual harassment. These were a few of the findings of a four-year Senate investigation into the U.S. Marshals Service, which concluded Thursday. A newly released report has revealed the Justice Department agency was rife with misconduct and abuse of authority, and at high levels. The Senate Judiciary Committee's report, that included more than 100 interviews with current and former agency employees, details a long list of serious offenses that touched every part of internal affairs.

Those offenses include "wasteful spending on lavish office furnishings, contracts and costly, but rarely-used facilities; inappropriate hiring practices, such as favoritism and nepotism; the use of subordinates to fill out applications for senior executive service positions; and the use of paid and unpaid leave to allow for full retirement benefits of individuals facing substantiated claims of misconduct," according to the memo. Officials also failed to adequately punish people, including sexual harassment, prostitute solicitations, and in one case in which an employee forged a judge's signature on hundreds of subpoenas.


Memo on Judiciary Committee Investigations into USMS (430 pages here, time to dig)


Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, said Thursday the initial concerns that triggered the investigation were "only the tip of the iceberg." "As our investigation progressed, we found a culture of mismanagement, abuse of authority and lax accountability that started clear at the top and has set a terrible standard for other employees across the agency. Poor leadership and pervasive misconduct cripples morale and corrodes trust of employees tasked with apprehending criminals and keeping communities safe. This culture must change," Grassley said in a statement.

In addition, some employees who spoke with Senate investigators lied and whistleblowers were punished for speaking up when rules were broken. Grassley's committee said new leadership that came in during the investigation has begun to turn around that culture, but he also made recommendations for additional reforms. Those changes include implementing better training for how to report concerns, improving how employees are paid when going through misconduct investigations, and improving oversight cooperation with Congress.

0e11b4  No.4596232


picking at his nails>>4596229

548918  No.4596235


They're nearly all demoncrats, so fuck 'em. Go get a job doing something actually productive.

430e8d  No.4596236

File: 81677643ddbc058⋯.png (65.28 KB, 210x240, 7:8, ClipboardImage.png)

d2cb00  No.4596237


"Thank you for visiting the White House." – Q

7037e0  No.4596238

That sure looked like he was gesturing an S

136a98  No.4596239

File: cfe76d4b8266743⋯.png (642.09 KB, 503x885, 503:885, ClipboardImage.png)

f0608c  No.4596240


>Jewish Lightning!

Is that what they're calling murder over Israel nowadays?

b19677  No.4596241

File: bb3556ba31fee5f⋯.png (169.48 KB, 838x814, 419:407, ClipboardImage.png)




This is the Satanic Cross, also known as Leviathan's Cross!

The Double cross symbolizes protection and balance between male and female. The infinity sign means eternal rest and happiness. In Alchemy, the Leviathan's cross is a symbol for sulfur, which is one the three essential elements of nature. Leviathan's direction is west. Being one with nature and the embracing eternal happiness and rest is positive to me and is something I truly cherish and thus is one of my favorite Satanic symbols on this list.


The Sigil of Belial.

This Satanic Symbol represents: Without a master, baseness of the earth, independence.

Belial’s element is Earth, Earth being the element that sustains humanity. The carnal laws of man are dictated by the laws of the Earth. Belial’s direction is north, north being the representation of constantly striving forward and upward changing and recreating our Utopia bigger and better. Belial’s human element is remaining firm to ones own beliefs, not dancing around in pools of religious feces. Finding a philosophy which is your own and sticking to it. Belial’s altar element is the incense coal, representing Earth and (Wo)mankind holding the flame of Lucifer. Belial’s planet is Earth, previously explained. Belial’s highest manifestation is through understanding and living the natural laws of our carnal self, self-explanatory.” I personally like this one a lot because of self-empowerment it gives and how powerful the meaning is behind it.


The Sigil of Lucifer.

This symbol while used a lot in Luciferian, is also considered Satanic in Satanism due to how powerful the principles are behind it. Keep in mind Atheistic Satanism views this as symbolic while Theistic Satanism view him as a real deity here. These are the principles of the sigil of Lucifer:

* Lucifer’s number is nine, nine being the number of pride as any number nine is multiplied into returns to itself. (Example: 9×5=45 – 4+5=9) Lucifer also being known as the “Angel of pride”. This represents being proud of all things we do!

*Lucifer’s element is air, air being that which allows us to speak his words of truth as his manifestation on Earth.

*Lucifer’s direction is the east, east being where a lot of the sacred wisdom and the great wars will come from.

Lucifer’s human element is wisdom or applied knowledge, with time, study and practice it is believed that man can attain the Lucifer state, this only through applied knowledge or wisdom.

*Lucifer’s altar element is incense, incense being a representation of air, known to Luciferians as “sweet air”.

*Lucifer’s planetary element is Venus, Lucifer being known as the morning star or first star of morning, otherwise known as Venus. Venus, known as the “Planet of love” represents the beauty of Lux Ferre (Latin for light bearer/bringer or Lucifer).

*Lucifer’s highest manifestation is through understanding of oneself, this being the goal of the Magickian/Luciferian to begin with, being as Lucifer himself, total awakening of the human god-form Lucifer. Without knowing the self one cannot hope to achieve any real understanding of anything else. Applied knowledge in action is a prime example of Lucifer’s manifestation!


Sigil of Baphomet

This is the main sigil used in Satanism.

The goat face represents carnality. Inancient Egyptgoats were considered representations as god symbols of lust, and we think lust is an important factor of biology that keeps humanity going so we value that. The five-pointed star really comes from the Pythagoreans. That is the one figure in which every element is within the golden mean of each other. It’s this wonderful mathematical symbol of perfection, organic perfection specifically. Since we are organic life and enjoy the idea of perfecting ourselves, that star is right for us in there and it perfectly fits the goat head inside.

Now around it are two circles, one at the tip of the points of the star and one outside. In that are Hebrew characters starting at the bottom and going counter-clockwise spelling Leviathan. In Hebrew mythology, Leviathan was the great dragon of the abyss, this powerful earthly figure represents the water elemental which brings forth life and destruction. The Black color of the pentagram represents the Dark Forces of Nature which man can manipulate for their own purpose. So all these things taken together creates a symbol that identifies Satanism.

^-^ I hope you all enjoyed what I had to share!

Hail Satan and Dark Blessings to you all!

#1TheGoblinMonster, Nov 27, 2015 Last edited: Nov 28, 2015

c5f2be  No.4596242

File: 1b1eb0215912a96⋯.png (96.4 KB, 679x627, 679:627, ClipboardImage.png)

what pics is he talking about?

ff998e  No.4596243


traffickers have 3 or 4 women with their mouths taped up - they go around, they get off road and drive through the desert and take a LEFT turn - they always take a LEFT…

d8f914  No.4596244

Trump speaks truth !

800bd2  No.4596245

File: 022084f5bc369f8⋯.png (777.76 KB, 752x755, 752:755, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ac554dae924be3a⋯.png (45.48 KB, 762x463, 762:463, ClipboardImage.png)

8d9d2d  No.4596247

File: 65eb72fa748e056⋯.jpg (365.89 KB, 1440x1724, 360:431, IMG_20190104_140248.jpg)

File: 5a774acb9304e15⋯.jpg (395.79 KB, 1411x1708, 1411:1708, IMG_20190104_140351.jpg)

Interesting Historical Dates the align with Q post #1543 and #1925.

No Coincidences?

3af573  No.4596248


a07415  No.4596249


Agree. It would go a long way if at some point the news presenters that are trusted by normies, say cooper, et all, would be televised admitting that they lie, that they say whatever they are given, etc, because there is a large portion of the population that believes every word from these people.

548918  No.4596250


Yeah, Occasional Cortex is much less dangeous than Crowley.

c4019b  No.4596251

File: af9c71dc4bff64e⋯.jpg (40.22 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Rep.-Steve-Cohen-APCliff-O….jpg)

Tennessee is a homosexual paradise.

2c52ec  No.4596252


that was posted way this morning.

supposedly sexy time photos and then some

d0062c  No.4596253

f22b7b  No.4596254


absolutely NOTABLE

Think keystone, nose

0cf2e2  No.4596255

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Trump is mentioning Human Traffickers on the Borders now.

Reposting link


9f4ac2  No.4596256


The media refuses to ask/report on trafficking

80d477  No.4596257


bb4703  No.4596258


"Top Earners" don't have any income they have remuneration!

48d365  No.4596259

File: 616e1cb2e09636e⋯.jpg (596.41 KB, 1342x610, 11:5, coyotes.jpg)

fucking coyotes

ad3f61  No.4596260

File: 2d362759e86f7e9⋯.jpg (23.34 KB, 480x270, 16:9, FFFFFFredyyyyy!!!! OWNED ….jpg)

Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI)

DJI - DJI Real Time Price. Currency in USD

23,416.91+730.69 (+3.22%)

NASDAQ Composite (^IXIC)

Nasdaq GIDS - Nasdaq GIDS Delayed Price. Currency in USD

6,736.19+272.68 (+4.23%)

S&P 500 (^GSPC)

SNP - SNP Real Time Price. Currency in USD

2,526.93+79.04 (+3.23%)

traders will start to see the drop here and make a decision. anon would bail about here on a long position and let the other's wait to 'see what happens'. Kind of a problem with investing now.

Old out-dated models that factor nothing but 'up'.

Book it here and wait

5ba941  No.4596261

My ABC feed was dropped right after human trafficking was brought up.

ff998e  No.4596262

Steel - the other side feels better about it


345a55  No.4596263


watching on youtube

white house channel

transmission cutting out

is this why????


548918  No.4596264


SES, IRS, DOE etc etc etc

9f4ac2  No.4596265

File: 07ca38b3eae790d⋯.jpg (57.96 KB, 433x469, 433:469, otreason.jpg)

Human trafficking

0e11b4  No.4596266

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d0062c  No.4596267

Pence nodded about the human trafficking

1d145b  No.4596268



> Is there ANY place Germanic-people can go where the Jews and Niggers won't come and call him a racist….

Lemme see, there was the French colonies in Africa and the Middle East, also the English, also the Germans, Belgians cut off black people's heads and hands in the Congo to assert their dominance, then we got a bunch of people in Brazil that now speak Portuguese, also Spanish like in the Philippines (see that name Philip stuck all the way in the Pacific?) and a whole lot of other places, Britain appointed itself raj in Indian for, I dunno, a hundred years, the US decided they wanted Hawaii, and so much more. What was the question again?

65ed37  No.4596269

File: e5931c695d7e796⋯.jpeg (187.35 KB, 1440x1456, 90:91, 1546298329.jpeg)

385f97  No.4596270


German anon was posting about this earlier, begging people to download and archive. He was told to steer clear

66a833  No.4596271


still on CNN tv

85e15a  No.4596272



Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 900681 No.1181185

Apr 25 2018 11:08:22 (EST)


We knew this day would come.

We knew people would need a guide.

We all have a part to play.

We knew FLYNN would be challenged.

Part of the plan?

Flynn JR recent “did not lie to VP.”



SIG sent [WH position]?

Moves & countermoves.

Role outside of WH?

“Lost house.”

“Funds for legal.”

“Beat up.”

You are watching a …..

What is right?

What is wrong?

Up is down.

Left is right.

Left is LEFT.

WH position [rapid] changes.



Visibility in one helps another?



Why is this relevant?

Think pushback.

Open source.


They are watching.

Proofs provided to retain.

Future proves past.

History books.


a07415  No.4596273


I'd pay her to keep her shirt on. Blech.

530328  No.4596274


FOX live feed is going.

0d687e  No.4596275

File: d7e0a68d28203cb⋯.jpg (63.12 KB, 889x499, 889:499, GoGetEmDoanldWWG1WGA.jpg)

POTUS doubling down on human trafficking. Bang it into the normie's heads.

053ccb  No.4596276



gotta redpill fantasyland on the horror of "separated families" where daddy turns out to be a rapist coyote

20af52  No.4596277


POTUS on Human Trafficking, Steel, Ports of entry: "You don't want to know about it"


d26152  No.4596278

File: f97c4f86aecb456⋯.png (272.71 KB, 387x486, 43:54, Screenshot_2019-01-04 Q Re….png)

File: 047a597d16613e2⋯.png (331.84 KB, 398x330, 199:165, Screenshot_2019-01-04 isis….png)

File: d09607ac1f2b1fc⋯.png (734.91 KB, 1029x643, 1029:643, samething.png)

c5f2be  No.4596279

ff998e  No.4596280

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This should have been done by all the presidents that preceded me and they know it



78c194  No.4596281


You are watching a movie Anon's.

She will have a director of Public Relations, an Executive Producer (a financier/investor, of sorts) and a Social Media Director orchestrating her every move.

Problem is she is going to burn out and say something extremely stupid soon, beside the 70% tax crap.

She won't age well and stress will not be kind to that smile.

Remember, she is the BEST new talent the Dems have now. I almost pity her.

ad3f61  No.4596282

File: 253eadfec6c1528⋯.jpg (20.7 KB, 474x266, 237:133, POTUS has the option.jpg)

POTUS has ALL the options

009e12  No.4596283


You speak from the position of an intelligent person. Remember who voted for her.

b19677  No.4596284

File: 7802d0adf2ea011⋯.png (359.28 KB, 566x500, 283:250, ClipboardImage.png)

66a833  No.4596286


yes, yes, yes and yes

5318b4  No.4596287

File: f62b808d77235c4⋯.jpg (156.38 KB, 731x811, 731:811, 3.JPG)

Mike Pompeo urged to run for Senate after Pat Roberts says he's out after 2020


2de55c  No.4596288


Iranian = Aryan

Iranian =Persian

The name Persia derives from Parsa, the name of the Indo-European nomadic people who migrated into southern Iran—to an area then called Persis—about 1000 bce. The first written reference to the Parsa occurs in the annals of Shalmaneser II, an Assyrian king, who reigned in the 9th century bce. As the Parsa expanded their sphere of political influence, particularly under the Achaemenian dynasty (559–330 bce), the entire Iranian plateau became known to outsiders (such as the ancient Greeks) as Persia; its various peoples were designated (collectively) the Persians. Subsequent rulers—including Alexander the Great, who conquered Persia in 330 bce, and the local Sāsānian dynasty (ruled 226–641 ce)—fostered cultural consolidation.


ff998e  No.4596289


Kevin McCarthy?

ec5f92  No.4596290

The President, seems a little scattered today.

e8a59f  No.4596291

Today on CNBC … what a bunch of liberal-biased, dumb a$$e$ … but then we knew that. I usually keep that network on to get a quick look at how the market is doing, but today, I was actually working in the same room and couldn't ignore the dialogue.

They are reporting that all this market surge is still due to Obama;

NOTHING laid at Trump's door for this surge, completely ignoring this: https://www.politico.com/story/2018/12/18/trump-pressures-fed-interest-rate-hike-1067919

Praise for FED for them being so astute as to what the market needs … but they don't understand why their tone changed in just two weeks …

no words … they truly think Americans are stupid, gullible, sheep …

Q … PLEASE somehow bring these yo-yos down off their arrogant, condescending, fake news reporting high horses …

74e5bd  No.4596292

59d9c8  No.4596293


stop paying tuition.

5f401e  No.4596294


I heard he actually said something the other day

9f4ac2  No.4596295


I get the feeling he's stalling

ff998e  No.4596296

60147a  No.4596297


she's nuking herself

also chequed

b04872  No.4596298

9 or 6 or 3 or 2

0354a8  No.4596299

Can't wait for Q's next post so I can respond with just shut the fuck up Q. Just shut the fuck up.

Anons will be all giddy that Q returned like a bunch of lemmings. Omg a mysterious figure who I've never met and can't identify came back into my life with more bullshit.

2c52ec  No.4596300


haven't seen 'em, which is why i said "supposedly"

msm's really only talking about the generic data for public consumption.


bf9c2c  No.4596301


Related dig- Support Group for EX-Masons

Ex-Masons For Jesus is dedicated to the service of God, serving Him as a witness to His Church about Freemasonry and its incompatibility with the Christian faith. We work closely with other counter-cult ministries by providing speakers and educational materials, including free downloads from our website: www.emfj.org. Ex-Masons For Jesus also serves as a support group for former Masons who are still struggling with the darkness of Freemasonry that they have walked away from, in order to follow Jesus Christ.

Anons- there's much info to uncover in these support groups!

66a833  No.4596302

3991c6  No.4596303


Sponsored by two KIKES

c9c46e  No.4596304


Exactly the Q post I was thinking about.

Also, on the JFK Jr. show on ABC last night he (jr) said the same thing.

There are no coincidences.

20af52  No.4596305


Of course they knew it - they profited from it and participated in it!

ff998e  No.4596306


He's still on the shelf, waiting for the imbreachmunt

18e2cb  No.4596307

File: 1690dd1092c4d3d⋯.gif (873.67 KB, 500x210, 50:21, Alan-Saying-Thank-You-Hang….gif)

548918  No.4596308


Overwhelmingly to Democrats




Getty Images

BY: Joe Schoffstall

October 16, 2017 3:21 pm

Employees who work at federal government agencies are continuing their trend of overwhelmingly donating to Democrats for the 2018 election cycle, records show.

Government workers shunned Donald Trump while giving generously to Hillary Clinton's campaign during the 2016 presidential cycle, The Hill reported last October.

The publication noted that while Republicans tend to do worse with government workers, Trump received just 5 percent of all federal government donations compared to Mitt Romney's 14 percent in 2012. Government workers at 14 agencies gave a total of $2 million during the last presidential cycle with $1.9 million—or 95 percent—going to Clinton.

Despite President Trump now occupying the White House, government workers are still overwhelmingly supporting Democrats, according to a review of employee donations at a handful of agencies.

Department of Justice employees have given nearly $30,000 in contributions for the 2018 cycle to date, data that covers contributions of $200 or more from the Center for Responsive Politics shows. Of the $30,000 in contributions, $23,233 (79 percent) was given to Democrats while $4,350 (15 percent) went to Republican campaigns.

The 79 percent of DOJ employees who have given money to Democratic campaigns this cycle has dropped slightly from the 87 percent who gave to Democrats in 2016, the data shows.

Individuals at the U.S. Department of State have given $78,364 for the 2018 cycle with $74,220 of this amount given to Democrats (95 percent) and only $3,965 going to Republicans. In 2016, 93 percent of the donations from employees at the State Department ultimately ended up going to Democrats.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency workers have only contributed $9,848 this cycle, with 87 percent of the donations ($8,609) going to Democrats and 10 percent ($1,000) to Republicans. During the last election cycle, nearly $250,000 was given from EPA employees to Democrats, which constituted 96 percent of contributions from those at the agency.

At the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, a total of $53,547 has been given from its employees for the 2018 cycle. Ninety percent ($47,929) has gone to Democrats while only 6 percent was donated to Republicans ($3,138).

1cc36f  No.4596309


I agree. Somethings up.

da01fc  No.4596310


setting up for a big drop

d24fdf  No.4596311


>Anons discuss meaning oF JODY and JODIE callsigns. Think MI

JODY is military slang, the common saying is “Jody got your girl”

Jody is the hairhead that stays home and fucks all th women while the real men fight battles.

745e90  No.4596312

A very interesting blog talking about a lot of awful things.


a6caa4  No.4596313

File: 8f88b6c827372c2⋯.png (1.32 MB, 732x1920, 61:160, sketch-1546628702042.png)

Pop Quiz

acde7f  No.4596314


t. shill for pedos

f4e8ce  No.4596315


Bakers have been suspiciously picky about what they are allowing to be notables the last few days. I have seen a lot of things that should have been notable, that were immediately resisted by a couple of anons. The rest play monkey see and unwittingly join in. Watch close and you'll see. A few of us have been keeping an eye on this and have accumulated a wealth of evidence as well as key words they are using to identify each other.

dbb6ea  No.4596316

"You have to go back" KEK!

725009  No.4596317

File: 66b9446e4705ede⋯.png (409.36 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20190104-130635.png)

File: 01502e864fea3a3⋯.png (438.89 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20190104-130657.png)



Pics related.

You are worried about her being "our girl." You are missing the important context. She is not being "built up" - she is being attacked and broken down.

The rumors of a porn video that were circulating were meant to try and generate leverage. She's not part of the Democrat Machine and is young. They think they can pressure and control her. That is exactly what Hillary's mind-clone is saying, here. She is telling her to fall in line with the Democrat agenda.

She's a smart girl and her shot back at the "scandalous video" is her way of trolling the democrats. She knows exactly who is trying to control her, and that is also why she voted against the new rules Pelosi put in place.

803c43  No.4596318


Did anybody catch what Trump just said?

He said numbers are thrown around, 1.6, 2.1, 2.5 = 17

78c194  No.4596319


Then why are you here, why post?

d8f914  No.4596320


oh hillary just go away

74e5bd  No.4596321


Keep digging. Specifically on who created the websites ad why they haven't been updated.

ca5946  No.4596322


No it's not, that statement is laughable if you'd ever been there.

He was elected out of Memphis, which TN doesn't even claim as ours anymore.

Try harder. Fuck that guy, but don't talk shit about Patriots here. Many Q anons and Q billboards here.

bd41e9  No.4596323


You know why. We all know why. I’m assuming you’ve been here for awhile.

fc587c  No.4596324

What if…the 10 days of darkness ended YESTERDAY, as scheduled, with Q (JFK Jr) openly getting a twitter account?


ec5f92  No.4596325


Yeah maybe that's it anon.

c15a10  No.4596326


Shocking! It HAS to be a coincidence that both are jews.

23d4ac  No.4596327


POTUS is taking the 40000 view, addressing all angles, giving the American public a visual for what the problem is and the WHY we need a wall.

548918  No.4596328


Her slogan?


21b3de  No.4596329

File: 02f31a1ceea8a65⋯.jpg (131.72 KB, 1097x619, 1097:619, trump.jpg)

Trump rose garden speech. Live now.


8691ee  No.4596330


You're a fucking retarded baboon

65ed37  No.4596331

File: f38b3d9b4cf3745⋯.jpeg (197.33 KB, 1440x1150, 144:115, 1528647438.jpeg)

dbb6ea  No.4596332


you literally hang out on a board for something you don't like/believe in just to say "fuck you" to someone you think isn't real. HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAHAHAHA what a fucking loser

f4e8ce  No.4596333


Welcome newfag. Proceed to lurk.

e7b9d4  No.4596334

Trump said to the Dems to bring 3 to discuss and we will have 3. Then he said bring 9, 6, 3. 2. Scalise and Meadows chuckled. That must have been an interesting fuck you moment based on the chuckles

ec5f92  No.4596335


fuck off if you can't see something seems off then you should go back to reddit

053ccb  No.4596336


>Problem is she is going to burn out and say something extremely stupid soon, beside the 70% tax crap.

that interview where she:

-just mentions something about Israel/Palestine in passing

-is politely asked to clarify her position

-IMMEDIATELY claims to be ignorant and dumb and backtracks and erases any trace of a claim of anything she said.


c4019b  No.4596337

Democrats are eating shit right out of the gate…

Trump is Winning.

19baa3  No.4596338

YouTube is having fun cutting the feed

ff998e  No.4596339

5.6 billion, but in addition to that - the high #'s were a misnomer, DACA judge decision = wrong, 9th circuit, here we go again, and now it's going before SCOTUS

hope it's properly adjudicated….

a19fe3  No.4596340

File: 34baf9c32b5245a⋯.jpg (113.06 KB, 254x354, 127:177, d02dd1916d547aa9ee9fde446a….jpg)


Anybody think this could be our next First Lady after the 2024 election?

ba2e91  No.4596341


The government is a waste of tax money, a criminal organisation. When shutdown, life goes on without a problem. People start to see after a few weeks. I believe that is the actual message behind The Shutdown.

76f67d  No.4596342


You delusional if you think that a tippy top billionaire will give 70%. The top 1% earners prolly pay less than 1% now. 70% is more of her IQ score along with the ones that voted for her. If it should pass, all Americans will pay.

Guess it's better than the Bern's 90%.

74e5bd  No.4596343

Early Bread Bun


>>4596050 New POTUS SChedule Update.

>>4596053 Heigntened FF activity in Germany. Cleaning up their mess?

>>4596287 Mike Pompeo urged to run for Senate after Pat Roberts says he's out after 2020

bd41e9  No.4596344


You’re a fucking moran.

b19677  No.4596345



You guys have a point. I don't know if I share your view, but I cannot debunk it. She beat an entrenched incumbent and doing that alone weakened the spine of the Democrat party. They are so weak that the leadership really can't hold them together.

If liberals would just act like real liberals, they would at least help the people who need it (real people not Corporations) and get things like prison reform and drug legalization.

If conservatives just acted like it, we'd shrink government by not paying Lockheed 10 times the cost to build inferior weapons, and we'd really enforce the second amendment so that they could sell them to everyone once they made them.

What we get is an establishment of neocons and neolibs who blame the other side for why we the people get nothing.

ad3f61  No.4596346

File: c960af788bb9de2⋯.png (57.11 KB, 643x557, 643:557, 010419 US Crude 2.PNG)


Volume up/down about the same. The earlier up vols are about equal to the rest of the red.

Someone is shorting it here…..I would be but with a tight stop.

7bf500  No.4596347

I know VP Pence is anti gay, but he is so handsome!!! I wonder if other gays like him too. :-)

b04872  No.4596348

File: 205fec760adef14⋯.png (48.92 KB, 1254x598, 627:299, 2369.PNG)

c19092  No.4596349

File: 975f53f92a9cf51⋯.png (113.97 KB, 432x313, 432:313, checkemsarahsanders.png)


>Dat timestamp

d2cb00  No.4596350


Read these

http:// raconteurreport.blogspot.com/2018/12/ebola-update.html

https:// bayourenaissanceman.blogspot.com/2018/12/ebola-ok-its-crunch-time.html

ca5946  No.4596351


I feel like he is acting "off" or, different from how he usually acts.

His voice is straining at times, which signals to me that he is speaking quite seriously.

He's not waving his hands wildly as much as normal, and his body language is tight and reserved.

20af52  No.4596352

File: 3ba2d7485f83e62⋯.png (339.89 KB, 598x746, 299:373, 1545768062-1.png)

0ba826  No.4596353

Has anyone else had their livefeed crapping out on them like 5x so far??? Worked completely fine until Trump got on the mic.

Annoying af. The enemy is desperate.

e7b9d4  No.4596354

>>4596340 she wouldn't sink in the polls. In fact, I don't think she could sink at all. Inflatables

2c52ec  No.4596355


each tiddy is the size of his head O_o

40ef5b  No.4596356


He definitely seems to have a lot more that he wants to say…

Almost excited.

0e11b4  No.4596357


T E S L A !!!!!!

43072e  No.4596358

File: abaa9a5b633511d⋯.jpeg (67.47 KB, 636x480, 53:40, 148F6E45-2F86-41FD-A4F5-A….jpeg)

The average IQ in Congress is about 85

Morons run our government

And everyday they prove it

052106  No.4596359



ff998e  No.4596360

File: 92ea434dd242612⋯.png (224.56 KB, 329x653, 329:653, Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at ….png)

that's a very red tie

d7c1e1  No.4596362

File: 955548b7825c8e9⋯.jpg (30.24 KB, 760x428, 190:107, a_ov_Pepe_160928.760;428;7….jpg)





The Muzzy will Eradicate Itself!

80d477  No.4596363



The difference in stance and demeanor and content between Chump/Nancy's presser and Trump's is astounding.

Especially since it was live back-to-back. Holy shit. Trump's on point and on fire…

Truly astounding. This presser has made congress look pretty impotent and unequivocal.



NOTABLE - The shutdown actually hurts the dems base moar…

9f4ac2  No.4596364

File: f16bdb1a7dfe9db⋯.jpg (342.24 KB, 840x605, 168:121, starry369.jpg)

1cc36f  No.4596365

Suicide Weekend coming?

d46208  No.4596366


I'm convinced we have the IDF's full attention, and that the most virulently anti-semetic posters here are actual IDF officers.

b19677  No.4596367

File: 567c7ab2597b570⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1859x477, 1859:477, ClipboardImage.png)


you mean like artist Thomas Moran?

c19092  No.4596368


This one is good:


32ecaa  No.4596369

File: 19d9c961e0a0b91⋯.png (55.6 KB, 255x255, 1:1, smdh2.png)

65ed37  No.4596370

File: 36483581bbca9df⋯.jpg (33.14 KB, 499x365, 499:365, IMG_20181005_081253.jpg)

40ef5b  No.4596371


Going to be interesting when the 'elite' figure out what her motive is, huh?

548918  No.4596372


I have four sources close to Trump who confirm that Jeff Sessions is personally executing convicted demoncrats with a .45 handgun shot to the head.

a698aa  No.4596373


already in notables

ff998e  No.4596374

File: 5d5ad24aef6e869⋯.png (835.69 KB, 1210x963, 1210:963, Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at ….png)


>and in one case in which an employee forged a judge's signature on hundreds of subpoenas.

53d41a  No.4596375


This cannot be said enough!

No coincidences.

b04872  No.4596376



McCarthy kekked that moment..was weird..

3af573  No.4596377

File: 1639cf656be6b00⋯.jpg (370.03 KB, 700x935, 140:187, susan_wojcicki-youtube-pow….jpg)

457289  No.4596378

>>4595723 (pb)

That is EXACTLY what the NYS Dim Unions did to kill the once every 20 year chance to hold a State Constitutional Convention in 2016!!! NYS’s Constitution was written in the Tammany Hall Boss Tweed days and is so effing fecked up it’s not funny. It was non-stop “BUT MUH PENSIONS!!!” Propaganda which played in every ad spot possible for over a year! Legal/Recreational weed never stood a chance as NYS has the most draconian Rockerfeller drug laws which have criminalized and jailed 100s of petty users. NYS has the worst election laws which makes third parties and party registration change next to impossible. Sorry for the NYS rant. But if you aren’t a civil servant, union or non-for-profit there are no jobs for you in NYS.

f0608c  No.4596379


Not quite…Though Iranians at one time may have very well been called Aryans, those are not the Aryans properly referred to.

Arius, a logical-thinking Christian, was killed over Arian vs. Nicene debate regarding the Trinity, by Constantine's men. Arius was in the right, but Constantine sided with the more numerous Nicene. This was the first great schism of the Catholic Church, followed later by the church's lift on a 1500 year ban on usury. Arius' followers were exiled and later murdered. Those who followed his logical-Christian teachings were branded "Arians", later "Aryans". Followers of Arius included tribes such as the Goths, Vandals and Lombards, who were ultimately slaughtered by the Catholic church.This persisted in some forms later, with the Inquisition. And, the Catholic church's persecution nd enslavement of the Irish.

So… My point is… Not all "Aryans" are Persian-Iranians. Nah mean?

5c8f08  No.4596380


7bf500  No.4596381


I'm not THAT gay! :-P

803c43  No.4596382


Had that thought as well.

I'm not ruling anything out.

32290e  No.4596383

File: f15a30074cd0114⋯.jpg (136.29 KB, 760x480, 19:12, Kotex ambulance 2.jpg)

bb4703  No.4596384

File: 2122bfa57958157⋯.jpg (933.09 KB, 960x829, 960:829, 2122bfa5795815793e272ddb14….jpg)

7037e0  No.4596385


The keebler elf actually takes breaks from baking cookies?

2c52ec  No.4596386



then which gay are ya?

60147a  No.4596387


she knows Mueller has nothing

she is just waiting to see what they can hang on POTUS or otherwise damage him with in the meantime

ca5946  No.4596388


I second this.

As a part-time baker (not on this work IP, kek) I'm seeing notables in the past 2 breads NOT added to these buns.

What is going on?

Planefag stuff that was big from last night not added. I already know what… or rather, who the problem is.

Sauce: board discord server

0ca06a  No.4596389

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I can buy that we have to wait for all pieces to come together before the trigger is pulled and the dominoes fall, BUT! It has to all be cleaned up before the '20 election so POTUS can be re-elected. When Reagan (an economist) switched our economic gears, there was a huge spike in unemployment and interest rates went up. It looked like there would be no way he could win in '84. 18 months later it was "Morning in America". Not being concernfag, just saying there has to be space for things to shake out.

ff998e  No.4596390

File: f3f4e4eebab62ab⋯.png (292.99 KB, 981x980, 981:980, Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at ….png)


are you sure?

4c3ccb  No.4596391

>>4595782 lb

When I copy pasted this article from commerce.gov it included the word “breadcrumb” at the top.

It isn’t on the original page, only showed when I copied from article title down.

Hidden message? May warrant further digging.

f4e8ce  No.4596392


It shouldn't be. This is something we've known all along. It's just common sense

02f2c5  No.4596393


Tits McGee

430e8d  No.4596394

File: 3ad0d76b45e659c⋯.png (319.59 KB, 591x418, 591:418, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 58c0399a5635c41⋯.png (199.28 KB, 396x397, 396:397, ClipboardImage.png)

2de55c  No.4596395


Mark 8:36

“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

f5166a  No.4596396


why does a 2x4 come to mind looking at this?

b19677  No.4596397



I have seen this before but it was more plausible, there were gaps but you could see E-team. what I am seeing here has been enhanced from that. It could be CIA shills trying to make us look bad. The original should be found and sauced.

ad3f61  No.4596398

File: 5a08568daaf9b2f⋯.jpg (88.85 KB, 500x488, 125:122, Kansas City here I come.jpg)

File: ed470c81ab3f98a⋯.png (653.34 KB, 1007x463, 1007:463, KANSAS.png)


KANSAS would be the third POTUS voted for. Voted for Perot and then a long time later…./ours!

9f4ac2  No.4596399

File: 7a69c171abc25d9⋯.jpg (42.05 KB, 480x360, 4:3, iu (3).jpg)

I think Human Trafficking is the biggest Question the press refuses to ask.

924bc3  No.4596400

…and their list just keeps getting longer and longer.

House Dems target Trump tax returns as part of lead-off ethics package


House Dems move to scrap electoral college, prez pardon power


Trump told lawmakers he’s willing to shut down gov’t for 'years' over wall, says Schumer


a698aa  No.4596401



<muh news is notable

3ecaa3  No.4596402


steel (steal-elect Fraud)

children human drug trafficking

National security

978318  No.4596404


I agree. Remember when Obama wanted the shutdown to "hurt" the people? They want you to think we need them, when in fact, we really don't.

548918  No.4596405


Good! Fire 'em all!

BY: Joe Schoffstall

October 16, 2017 3:21 pm

Employees who work at federal government agencies are continuing their trend of overwhelmingly donating to Democrats for the 2018 election cycle, records show.

Government workers shunned Donald Trump while giving generously to Hillary Clinton's campaign during the 2016 presidential cycle, The Hill reported last October.

The publication noted that while Republicans tend to do worse with government workers, Trump received just 5 percent of all federal government donations compared to Mitt Romney's 14 percent in 2012. Government workers at 14 agencies gave a total of $2 million during the last presidential cycle with $1.9 million—or 95 percent—going to Clinton.

Despite President Trump now occupying the White House, government workers are still overwhelmingly supporting Democrats, according to a review of employee donations at a handful of agencies.

Department of Justice employees have given nearly $30,000 in contributions for the 2018 cycle to date, data that covers contributions of $200 or more from the Center for Responsive Politics shows. Of the $30,000 in contributions, $23,233 (79 percent) was given to Democrats while $4,350 (15 percent) went to Republican campaigns.

The 79 percent of DOJ employees who have given money to Democratic campaigns this cycle has dropped slightly from the 87 percent who gave to Democrats in 2016, the data shows.

Individuals at the U.S. Department of State have given $78,364 for the 2018 cycle with $74,220 of this amount given to Democrats (95 percent) and only $3,965 going to Republicans. In 2016, 93 percent of the donations from employees at the State Department ultimately ended up going to Democrats.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency workers have only contributed $9,848 this cycle, with 87 percent of the donations ($8,609) going to Democrats and 10 percent ($1,000) to Republicans. During the last election cycle, nearly $250,000 was given from EPA employees to Democrats, which constituted 96 percent of contributions from those at the agency.

At the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, a total of $53,547 has been given from its employees for the 2018 cycle. Ninety percent ($47,929) has gone to Democrats while only 6 percent was donated to Republicans ($3,138).

6b9e1a  No.4596406

File: 939f518a3de4d18⋯.png (252.34 KB, 507x678, 169:226, MUHNOTABLES.png)

3991c6  No.4596407


Release the transcripts of the border meeting.

Release the information regarding what really goes on at the ports naming the parties involved.

e332db  No.4596408

>>4596373 Can you point me where, I didn't see it, does it include the pdf result of the investigation?

84b259  No.4596410

Pence red tie. He flipped.

2c52ec  No.4596411

fuuuuuck Pence.

get back to GEOTUS.

65ed37  No.4596412

File: bdf0bfa85e9de3f⋯.jpeg (169.1 KB, 1440x936, 20:13, 1526835724.jpeg)

1cc36f  No.4596413

File: f8bbb0707113ddf⋯.png (258.65 KB, 1080x1040, 27:26, JFK Jr.png)


Trolling DS like a Boss.

d90096  No.4596415

yea it's nothing enjoy the movie>>4596340


78c194  No.4596416


We need to understand why she was chosen. Marketing!!

Her racial background - debunked she's from a rich family. No Latino struggle in her family.

Her Looks - She passes the look test, has puppies and can dance. White, full set off teeth and a cute smile.

She's Malleable - She will do what she is told.

If she is the best they can produce, how bad were the other options…

ff998e  No.4596418

File: 15397987e646bcd⋯.png (526.49 KB, 420x1011, 140:337, Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at ….png)


that's a noice shelf…

76f67d  No.4596419


Yes. Just when you think that they can't possibly look any more stupid, here comes AOC to save the day… "Superwoman" ha

b19677  No.4596420


Takes the Senate 4 years to find corruption, or however long it takes for their cronies to run and hide.

7bf500  No.4596421


I'm not a flaming queen like Richard Simmons. Is he still alive? Anyway, now it's sexy green tie man's time to speak.

29bbfc  No.4596422

File: c14bb99d2d75075⋯.jpg (67.66 KB, 738x937, 738:937, 48926450_1068149683356656_….jpg)

Instead of helping her constituents, she helps illegal immigrants

a level of stupid achieved by those that voted for her

0ba826  No.4596423


Dasss much budder fren. Thx.


ac2f56  No.4596424


Let them. The longer the list, the more they go after Trump, the worse they look when they come up with a big fat NOTHINGBURGER. This is going to be great fun to watch

e332db  No.4596425

Incredible..isn't wonder who it was…I haven't read the attached pdf yet..

43072e  No.4596426


Government forces you to comply

They hold a gun to your head over the Combined Federal Campaign…..donate or you get the shit jobs

There are also Associations of minority government employees outside the workplace that train minority’s how to file complaints when they don’t get promoted.

ca5946  No.4596427


News unlocks the map, so you must be a shill here. Try harder, keyboard warrior.

c96abe  No.4596428

Q! Where are you? Watching potus talk after Pelosi and Shumer…. They aren't fighting over a border wall. This anon saw the look on their faces. They are negotiating a surrender! Please confirm!

030112  No.4596429

Hey guys, Im in the rose garden. Great great things, I won the election. it was great… nothings changed. Still working on it.


944e8e  No.4596430

File: 94ee3410ce36561⋯.png (7.26 KB, 444x107, 444:107, Screenshot_2019-01-04 Q(1).png)

POTUS turned it over to PENCE at 1415 Here is why he stalled and dragged. KEK

18e2cb  No.4596431



jokes on you; nobody even reads the notables anymore

ba2e91  No.4596432


Exactly anon.

548918  No.4596433


Trump is supposed to be shrinking govt, I'm all for the shutdown.

16240f  No.4596434

File: d5459648c280b0c⋯.jpeg (109.96 KB, 910x656, 455:328, d5459648c280b0cc460614068….jpeg)



6478d0  No.4596436

c15a10  No.4596437

POTUs reply;

'5 times as many'

was top kek

d2cb00  No.4596438


"As we warned, it's accelerating out of control, growing from 503 cases on 11/30 to 692 cases as of 12/21, a week ago. IOW, more new cases in the last 21 days than the total number of cases for the first ten weeks from August to mid-October.

The experimental vaccine is still, AFAIK, 100% effective, but the outbreak has blown through every containment ring like a brushfire in a gasoline-soaked forest"

"I've written before about the risks involved. A million people are now in Ebola's melting-pot. Already some will have fled into the bush, and will be making their way across inter-tribal boundaries and international borders. Based on my knowledge of the area and its people, I no longer think this outbreak can be contained. I hope the authorities are checking air travelers very, very rigorously, because if just a few get on planes to Europe and the Far East while carrying Ebola . . . hell's coming to breakfast."

457289  No.4596440


I guess that makes you kinda like dogshit on the bottom of a shoe. You’re stuck to this board and smell like shit. GFY.

744ebc  No.4596441


what's that pin??

1cc36f  No.4596442

9f4ac2  No.4596443

File: 409cbc8ae010e88⋯.jpg (20.69 KB, 265x152, 265:152, WWG1WGAflaggirl.jpg)

548918  No.4596444


That thunderous sound you hear is a stampede to Belize, Caymans, Man and Suisse.

d7c1e1  No.4596445

File: 1dae93411db587f⋯.jpg (181.07 KB, 1800x1200, 3:2, buster_franco.jpg)



First Time?

c19092  No.4596446


Did you miss the Q drops talking about nuke development in Syria, endless wars and Iran?

The expert on Tucker last night basically described exactly what OP said.

2b8765  No.4596447

>>4595559 pb Britfag here married to a German. During the 2015 invasion, wife constantly told me to shut up even though there were 300 cannibals 500m from my house. No women and kids in need btw, just males.

65ed37  No.4596448

File: a87e677ea0b5b5d⋯.jpg (10.52 KB, 460x296, 115:74, 3007.lee_.jpg)

ca5946  No.4596449


Yeah, bc they're usually full of shit that has nothing to do with Q… or look (((like this))) depending on the baker.

d90096  No.4596450

yea its nothing enjoy the show>>4596231

da01fc  No.4596451

McCarthy's pin is interesting

d8f914  No.4596452

i love how generous and courtesy Trump is as he negotiates

they take it as weaken and then learn the hard way when he Trumps them,

a6caa4  No.4596453


Doesn't that make you just as stupid?

803c43  No.4596454


He called Pence Fletcher Christian

From Wikipedia

Fletcher Christian (25 September 1764 – 20 September 1793) was master's mate on board HMS Bounty during Lieutenant William Bligh's voyage to Tahiti during 1787–1789 for breadfruit plants. In the mutiny on the Bounty, Christian seized command of the ship from Bligh on 28 April 1789.[1]

e332db  No.4596455


Did you read the investigation…because that is what this is about.

dbc822  No.4596456


>Belial’s altar element is the incense coal, representing Earth and (Wo)mankind holding the flame of Lucifer.


dd5bd4  No.4596457

File: 72a1863d708cf13⋯.jpg (260.72 KB, 640x360, 16:9, TiffBlueJackie.jpg)

File: 6c4a98a73657961⋯.jpg (76.71 KB, 1000x540, 50:27, TiffBlueMelania.jpg)

File: 116b1f732c11dc8⋯.png (153.71 KB, 636x568, 159:142, SOTUSTiffanyBluePartyPlann….png)

Trump, Scalia, McCarthy, and Pence all wearing Tiffany Blue. We are getting very, very close.

052106  No.4596458

Neilson up next! They can't ignore her now.

7bf500  No.4596459


What is that pin?

ad3f61  No.4596460

File: 48dda111aaaae07⋯.jpg (78.05 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Bernie needs his R8 you do….jpg)

924bc3  No.4596461


Problem is, when the house impeaches Trump, it'll head for the senate.

The D's will be flashing all kinds of numbers in the faces of RINOs just to convince other R's to vote for impeachment.

There will be so much money talk, that Trump will get impeached by both, house and senate.

18e2cb  No.4596462


to what?

1cc36f  No.4596463

I wish one of the reporters would ask "Who is Q?"

d8f914  No.4596464

Julian Röpcke

‏Verified account @JulianRoepcke

28m28 minutes ago

Exclusive numbers of affected German politicians by the #BTleaks:

398 MPs

90 fmr. MPs

355 local MPs

44 fmr. local MPs

11 MEPs

8 fmr. MEPs

Much more detailed infos tomorrow before noon @BILD.

9dcf2c  No.4596465

File: e69fac78a2bf8aa⋯.jpg (116.9 KB, 795x767, 795:767, pepe laugh.jpg)



When Q says "These people are stupid."


bb4703  No.4596466


Jewtube does that to conservative media all the time!

052106  No.4596467


Not a pin, button hole with thread around it. Note POTUS has the same button hole, no white thread.

65ed37  No.4596468

File: 26248e5ea623f89⋯.jpeg (127.72 KB, 1440x1200, 6:5, 1544223976.jpeg)

5f4cfa  No.4596469


No wonder he is smiling……KEK

a698aa  No.4596470


it's the conclusion of a four year investigation, includes the sauce to the actual report which is why I thought it was notabl

might be some good shit to dig on in there


go here: >>>/comms/225

then see:

>>>/qresearch/4591084 Four-year Senate investigation finds US Marshals Service plagued with corruption

but it's also here: >>4591174 #5856

but you are correct that the pdf isn't given in that one, so I'd add it

f2f702  No.4596471

File: 01c1f6983123bb4⋯.png (954.14 KB, 618x894, 103:149, 2019-01-04_14-09-09.png)


Chucky Schumucky.



b19677  No.4596472

File: c12971381980a39⋯.png (148.93 KB, 625x626, 625:626, bait desperate.png)



>1.6, 2.1, 2.5 = 17

1.6+ 2.1 + 2.5 = 6.2


1.6 * 2.1 * 2.5 = 8.4

What in the Sam Hell are you talking about

29bbfc  No.4596473

File: 8fcc90b68632973⋯.png (669.66 KB, 500x575, 20:23, sdert.png)

1cc36f  No.4596474



e7b9d4  No.4596475

They are raising the child sex trafficking but need to take it farther.

76f67d  No.4596476


DNA = White Moon Alien with feathers

d1bbbc  No.4596477



Vice President Pence called about a half-dozen House Republicans late Thursday to urge them to vote against measures that would reopen the government without new wall funding, amid White House worries that broad GOP defections would give the Democratic effort bipartisan backing.


But the RETARDISTS here are convinced by the voices in their heads that VP Pence is Deep State

009e12  No.4596478


They can afford to donate their salary because it's not their main income anyways

dd5bd4  No.4596479

File: e55922ff321f33f⋯.png (83.52 KB, 189x384, 63:128, JFKJr12_29_18_sideview.png)

898a92  No.4596480


I doubt she’s waiting on Mueller

Disinfo works both ways

ac2f56  No.4596481



Impeach him for WHAT? That's the part they conveniently leave out. They're going to look like petty, partisan idiots when they try it

745e90  No.4596482

File: 205dc4d7f738c07⋯.png (554.65 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190104-142252.png)

More tea muh Lorde?

ad2620  No.4596483

That breast button looks to be pointing near 10 o'clock

991ba0  No.4596484



Ask yourself WHY are they shilling this so hard?

803c43  No.4596485

Trump just said while talking about the pricing of the wall that numbers were being thrown around

1.6, 2.1, 2.5

Add them all together and you get 17

548918  No.4596486


He asks the condemned their choice for a last meal, but no matter what they ask for, he just gives them a cookie.

924bc3  No.4596487


I agree, but that's what will happen.

bb4703  No.4596488

File: efc2e34dea65bad⋯.gif (852.75 KB, 200x267, 200:267, efc2e34dea65bad379e23f5b97….gif)

803c43  No.4596489


Take out the decimal and add them together

725009  No.4596490


I think she is telling us how she would fund something people on the left want.

If they still want it after that, then it says far more about them than her - I would argue.

If the left is going to vote for such things and such policies are going to win, it should be through being open and honest about what it is they are voting for. She can hold a different opinion about economics and still be with us against the cabal.


The democrats never expected to be on the defense. They never expected the house gains to be so small and they were not paying attention to their strongholds. Cortez is smart and has some charisma. If I were in New York, I would probably vote for her if my only options were democrats. Hell - even among many republicans, she seems like she can at least hold an intelligent conversation.

You just have to look beyond the media soundbytes to see it.

c96abe  No.4596491


Pence was one of the first deep state defectors, I bet. So, he was deep state.

800bd2  No.4596492

File: cc0e7ff49c4476a⋯.png (301.09 KB, 502x313, 502:313, ClipboardImage.png)

Texas jr. high teacher arrested for allegedly trying to traffic girl to multiple men in Morocco

A Texas junior high school teacher was arrested Wednesday for allegedly trying to traffic a girl for sex to multiple men in Morocco.

Amber Michelle Parker, 37, was arrested on human trafficking charges after allegedly trying to “traffic a minor child to multiple male subjects online,” Freestone County Sheriff Jeremy Shipley said, the Waco Tribune-Herald reported Wednesday. The eighth-grade reading teacher reportedly posted pictures of the girl in lingerie and exposing her breasts on various social media sites to look for men interested in the minor.

The girl was also marketed as a virgin, according to KBTX.

“Family members got wind that Parker was going to try to lure this girl to Morocco,” McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara said, according to the Tribune-Herald. “It is a dastardly story, and it is trafficking at its worst.”

Parker traveled to Morocco in mid-December and returned on New Year’s Day, the Tribune-Herald reported. The girl was not taken on the trip.

Mexia Junior High School in Mexia, Texas, placed Parker on administrative leave Wednesday afternoon once the school heard about the allegation and arrest, according to the Tribune-Herald.

“The district continues to monitor the situation and feels no students at Mexia Junior High were ever at risk,” Mexia Independent School District Superintendent Lyle DuBus said, the Tribune-Herald reported.

Parker is on bond for $25,000, according to KBTX.

The U.S. Department of State reported in 2014 between 600,000 and 800,000 adults and children were trafficked across international borders per year.


c43242  No.4596493





0ba826  No.4596494

"You can bring 3, you can bring 6, you can bring 9, you can bring 12""

3, 6, 9???

Second time trump has said it now.

dfe356  No.4596496


non-essential is not a literal term. It encompasses a fairly wide swath of jobs. Arguably, many of these are part of too much government, yet the term is mixed. Some in the category are the staff for core departments.

84b259  No.4596497

POTUS is tired of trying to work with idiot dems.

bd41e9  No.4596498


Shills will be shills Anon.

d90096  No.4596499

surprised the post made it through the faggots censorship>>4596290

d7c1e1  No.4596500

File: 067e14bd4e8dfcf⋯.jpg (8.07 KB, 320x181, 320:181, Capture-2-320x181.jpg)


Glug glug Glug!

ac2f56  No.4596501


Doesnt matter if they try, they will not succeed

6b3b72  No.4596502


Every single time.

a698aa  No.4596503


>"part-time baker" that reddit spaces

not all news is notable you stupid faggot

BO/BV have already weighed in on this, take it to the current events thread

notables WERE for digs and research

lurk moar boomer

5318b4  No.4596504

File: 7a42d2a1023bbf8⋯.jpg (138.49 KB, 876x827, 876:827, 3.JPG)

File: 68b969244c4ed27⋯.jpg (63.21 KB, 653x390, 653:390, 4.JPG)

Hillary Clinton is meeting with possible 2020 Democrats


They act like this is a GOOD thing?! HA!

3ecaa3  No.4596505






R o l l o u t

d1bbbc  No.4596506


RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT & the voices in your head told you this????

b19677  No.4596507


did you watch the movie or just the previews?

548918  No.4596508


The unions are a huge, corrupt problem and they are gradually being neutralized–finally.

3991c6  No.4596510

Anyone notice the difference in leadership???????

Republicans mention a productive meeting and willing to work to get the job done.

Demoncrats….He won't give us what we want so we will cry to our friends in the LSM so they can write Trump is a asshole editorials.

Release the FISA and every other doc.

1cd6dd  No.4596511

And now the kids at yesterday's Pelosi show makes perfect sense.

Optics anons. The meme makes itself

These people are stupid

9f4ac2  No.4596512

File: e2a49cbc661c513⋯.jpg (44.8 KB, 592x500, 148:125, P1040762.jpg)

ca5946  No.4596513

File: 685380a379ad6cc⋯.png (440.35 KB, 734x800, 367:400, Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at ….png)



Like we say in the South….

Death always comes in threes.


053ccb  No.4596514


i'm just asking myself

how and why they choose to try and larp us with anything twitter?

it's like they're not even trying

43072e  No.4596515

File: bb5dfb3e5ac4953⋯.jpeg (83.34 KB, 600x750, 4:5, 6535C360-9C87-4FC3-954F-7….jpeg)


Government is too big anyway…..mandatory retirement!

29bbfc  No.4596516


the House may impeach, but the Senate won't go for it

bb4703  No.4596517

File: 554ba5b9da4283f⋯.jpeg (51.56 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 554ba5b9da4283f957a3c2737….jpeg)


Awesome circling the drain!

924bc3  No.4596518


They can.

There's enough RINOs in the senate now to do exactly that.

ad3f61  No.4596519

File: 278c7b285256532⋯.jpg (35.79 KB, 634x311, 634:311, Gulfstreams ooops.jpg)

800bd2  No.4596520

File: 680b2ceed86a6cc⋯.png (428.92 KB, 605x920, 121:184, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4757f392233b290⋯.png (393.64 KB, 603x883, 603:883, ClipboardImage.png)

Trump ignoring Tel Aviv’s demands about Syria: Israeli report

US President Donald Trump’s recent statements about Syria have alarmed Israeli officials and intelligence services, according to an Israeli report.

"It’s unfortunate that he isn’t paying attention to the evidence provided by the intelligence services," said an unnamed senior Israeli official speaking to the Israeli Ynet news website on Thursday.

"We are in a state of shock."

The statement was made in response to Trump’s earlier remarks, which some Israeli media outlets described as an American “policy change” on Syria.

“Iran is pulling people out of Syria, but they can frankly do whatever they want there,” said Trump.

Trump's decision to withdraw American troops from Syria seems to contrast with the president's own policy statements made earlier this year.

Speaking to the Washington Post in November, Trump stressed that protecting Israel was a reason why US forces were deployed in the Middle East. “We have reached a point where we don’t have to stay in the Middle East," said Trump before adding that "one reason to stay is Israel.”


d90096  No.4596521



yea shit talkin my job

052106  No.4596522

File: 82a9a266e1fd9e4⋯.png (692.23 KB, 628x567, 628:567, DungeonMasterPointer.png)

bd41e9  No.4596523

Drive right in and make a left? California jab? Dem jab?

548918  No.4596524


Arians and Aryans are two different groups. Not related.

494adc  No.4596525



f653f3  No.4596527

Again, he said."you can bring 3, you can bring 6, you can bring 9, you can bring 12."

Tesla stated that 3, 6, 9 was the secret to the universe.

ac2f56  No.4596528


Isnt going to happen. But the good thing is, all we have to do to find out is wait and see!

401ab9  No.4596529


She is a gift to the GOP

345a55  No.4596530

File: 7c9022bf6347abc⋯.png (43.93 KB, 190x198, 95:99, trumpets3.png)




80d477  No.4596531

trump is killling it.

This is awesome

a514fc  No.4596532


Hillary was drunk again!

8691ee  No.4596533

The numbers he kept mentioning was always in 3's

6, 9, 12

7c9cd3  No.4596534

File: e9233305dc53efe⋯.png (397.43 KB, 511x423, 511:423, ClipboardImage.png)

Garrison is based af

a0f720  No.4596535

File: 4bb9b4b210c3627⋯.gif (8.62 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 1546075250.gif)

c9c46e  No.4596536

efb38a  No.4596537


Requires 2/3 vote in Senate. Impossible.

924bc3  No.4596538


Not a show I want to watch.

b19677  No.4596539

File: 92d8b82b143ffbd⋯.png (180.89 KB, 625x626, 625:626, bait bored.png)


16 + 21 + 25 = 61


b04872  No.4596540


it's militants..they are waiting for someone to push the button. it's obvious..Q mentioned assets 3 times in Nov6 post..

it's assets in three different ways..one is mil..one is financial..they told it openly in a telegraph article..they wanna destroy Germany in every way possible..

d46208  No.4596541


To show the American people that the Dems don't give a fuck about anything we consider "normal".

924bc3  No.4596542


Do you even know what a RINO is?

e7b9d4  No.4596543

any photo shop memers that can capitalize on POTUS describing the taped mouth and hands tied of the women in the caravan. That was the furthest anyone has gone to tell people . It painted a pretty good image

d52712  No.4596544

File: 7f992eaa1167efd⋯.jpeg (168.9 KB, 750x540, 25:18, 36766EC1-1045-40BF-9A25-E….jpeg)

Anyone do digging on the name Fletcher Christian?

ad2620  No.4596545

toby kieth song american ride

gitmo's getting bigger wars are getting smaller

building a wall across the mexican boarder

why buy by the gallon when its cheaper for trumps barrel

government shutdown is like a christmas carrol


thats us thats right i love this american ride

both end of the ozone burning

funny how the world keeps turning

look mom no hands

i love this american ride

Obama got his rocks off hating on white guys

Pelosi lies her ass off paying for the good life

Kids on the youtube banned for speaking the truth

living in a cruel world pays to let the memes hurl

Poor little chucky when he lost his crown

Won the house but the Senate went down

quick fix plastic partisan house votes

can get on cnn but not on the Senate floo'

Trump is getting bigger the wall 10 feet taller

democrats got 5 bill website but not for the wall brah

Border patrol catchin dudes that like bombs and turbins

coming across the border with guatemalan kids


during the na na nanana na part dank b-roll

ac2f56  No.4596546


So dont watch

800bd2  No.4596547

File: bea81695ecfaeb8⋯.png (135.31 KB, 664x768, 83:96, ClipboardImage.png)

Mark Zuckerberg halts his pre-planned sale of billions of dollars worth of Facebook shares as the stock price of the social networking site plummets

Mark Zuckerberg didn't sell a single share during the fourth quarter of 2018

He pledged to unload 35-75 million shares between September 2017 and March 2018 as part of a promise to give away most of his fortune during his lifetime

With three months to go, he's sold about 30.4m shares, worth about $5.6b

Facebook shares dipped by 20 percent amid a market slump, in general

The site's stock is down a total of 39 percent from its record high of $218.62

Its stock prices were at $132.80 at around 12.30pm Eastern on Thursday

Zuckerberg's net worth was down by $32.7b as of market close on Wednesday

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has stopped selling shares of the company after a nosedive in stock prices in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Zuckerberg had sold $5.6 billion of his stake in the social networking site since Q4 of 2017, after a pledge to do so to fund his charitable endeavors.

But that stopped abruptly, with the technology entrepreneur not parting ways with a single share in the final months of the year, as shares dipped by 20 percent amid a market slump, in general, Bloomberg reported on Thursday.

Facebook shares have dropped a total of 39 percent to date from their record high of $218.62 on July 25, with stock prices at $132.80 at around 12.30pm Eastern on Thursday.



74e5bd  No.4596548

Last Call


>>4596050 New POTUS SChedule Update.

>>4596053 Heigntened FF activity in Germany. Cleaning up their mess?

>>4596287 Mike Pompeo urged to run for Senate after Pat Roberts says he's out after 2020

>>4596231 Four-year Senate investigation finds US Marshals Service plagued with corruption.

>>4596277, >>4596257 POTUS on Human Trafficking, Steel, Ports of entry: "You don't want to know about it"

>>4596464 # of Crooked Politicians affected by Germany hack crosses over 900 total. WoW.

9f4ac2  No.4596549

File: 0f52eb09d301776⋯.jpg (40.36 KB, 638x390, 319:195, goback.jpg)

b06f03  No.4596550

My God! End this fucking movie already! I’m sick of it!

It isnt a good movie watching the bad guys get away with everything and the brainwashed minions just keep sucking their cocks all the while ignoring facts that are right in front of their faces!

I’m done. It’s long past put up or shut up time for Trump and Q.

I know that you cant just start rounding people up arresting them when you come into office. But we are talking 2 years now……DO SOMETHING DAMNIT!!!!!!And I mean DO IT PUBLICLY! Doing it privately doesnt count and doesnt help the overall situation. It just saves more asses on the left who want to live in denial….

At this point I wish the military would have just stepped in with a Coup against Obama and arrested all of his admin.

It doesnt take 2years to start rounding up lots of the lower level criminal traitors. Not when you have everything and are in control….


I’m so sick of where we are at……civil war is needed and preferable to having the Globalists in control……open warfare on all progressives is unavoidable. Too many of them have earned death.

Too many of their supporters deserve the same.

92d68b  No.4596551

File: 78a974eea7a19c5⋯.jpg (741.52 KB, 1600x2133, 1600:2133, TRUTH.jpg)

fb9cf7  No.4596552

POTUS is feistiest when he's answering these idiots.

And he talked about how the "stupid" ones are coming thru.

Companies need and want the smart ones. But they come here and can't stay.

He accused the caravans of being less than that! KEK

a698aa  No.4596553


we JUST removed the neocons, have you not been paying attention?

548918  No.4596554


He needs to get in better condition.

df3813  No.4596555


Americans aren’t working so I’m giving my salary to non-Americans

75b574  No.4596556


>Amusingly, CNN notes that the meetings are a sign that Democratic contenders "see value" in a Clinton endorsement, as if that should come as a surprise (presumably because, after her stunning defeat at the hands of President Trump, most assumed that the Clinton brand had been forever tarnished).


2c52ec  No.4596557



efb38a  No.4596558


Yes. List 17 of them in the Senate for me please. I'll wait.

f5166a  No.4596559

File: d7d7b83722afb30⋯.jpeg (758.59 KB, 1242x1571, 1242:1571, 531360EB-36FC-4C7D-B544-D….jpeg)

Holy Shit. LOOK at the size of this thing!!!


e2b084  No.4596560


? As of now, government shut down the longest under Clinton.

29bbfc  No.4596561


the coming declassification and Senate hearings will red pill a lot of normies

43072e  No.4596562


Sell the Jews all the bombs they want….but NO American should be in the Mid East

Let them slaughter each other

9ceddd  No.4596563

File: 20e69da8f810274⋯.png (47.27 KB, 244x200, 61:50, common6.PNG)

File: 37cebabc745bd82⋯.png (36.01 KB, 242x192, 121:96, common5.PNG)

052106  No.4596564

File: 0d9b663ba9497bb⋯.jpg (19.25 KB, 255x222, 85:74, USDebtOfWinning.jpg)

Trump is on FIRE

691344  No.4596565

President speaking about illegals crossing where there are no barriers.

They drive out into the desert and they come out and make a left turn, usually it's a left, not a right.

bd41e9  No.4596566


Did you plan this with those dubs? Kek.

bbde50  No.4596567

File: 95527d1a2a05cb4⋯.jpeg (80.11 KB, 477x700, 477:700, D9B64D16-2B69-4EAB-B6E7-2….jpeg)

File: 391c6675c170188⋯.jpeg (87.04 KB, 477x700, 477:700, 2D23C70A-ECA9-4329-B1B0-1….jpeg)

File: e56de4914f9f724⋯.jpeg (40.68 KB, 266x400, 133:200, 54C2FEC5-1F06-403E-99D4-5….jpeg)

File: 095ab6ac66c6f05⋯.jpeg (108.85 KB, 640x644, 160:161, F6738E00-9D41-40D1-A987-2….jpeg)

Some Boomers are gangsters no doubt..

But to the retarded faggots that think college is bad.

You think its just gender studies and Islamic history taught in colleges.

Where in the absolute fug do you think engineers, scientists, physicists, mathmeticians, lawyers, upper teir law enforcement and other essential societal producers are trained?

They just dont have time to be pushing bullshit in social media and op eds because they are busy studying or working.

Are you mad at the youth?

Have you left them an Anerica they can’t afford.

Get out of your bubble.

This country is in trouble.

803c43  No.4596568


Simplify it retard

1 + 6 + 2 +1 + 2 + 5

try harder

0f2208  No.4596569


Firewater bad

053ccb  No.4596570


so…. what other wacky twatters do you enjoy following?

notacop used to be funny.

85e15a  No.4596571

File: ef835ab53d2d3e9⋯.jpg (22.54 KB, 251x255, 251:255, qstorm.jpg)


Q drop #369

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 82d434 No.121555

Dec 18 2017 23:57:28 (EST)

Anonymous ID: 205c72 No.121535

Dec 18 2017 23:55:21 (EST)


>They Derailed

as Punishment for ALT extraction. Wonder which pawn is off the table… Or was it something higher?


BISHOP (cult).


924bc3  No.4596572


RINOs are stacked in the senate now…Mitt is just one.

There are plenty more in there that are lying politicians as well.

548918  No.4596573


These people are stupid.

20af52  No.4596574


He's so fucking PISSED.

d90096  No.4596575

File: aa3d0e4fa3e76b5⋯.jpeg (90.67 KB, 1300x731, 1300:731, neue-proteste-der-gelbwes….jpeg)

sheep no more

ac2f56  No.4596576


BRRRRRT BRRRRRT BRRRRT another 'I'm taking my toys and going home!' Shill. What a surprise

a698aa  No.4596577



not bitch like a whiney faggot next bread you fucking redditniggers

ad3f61  No.4596578

File: 188bace7ccf86b9⋯.jpg (120.72 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, KANSAS.jpg)


smoke 'em if you got 'em!

cda566  No.4596579


Mutiny On The Bounty

b5d5ef  No.4596581


/ourgirl/ ? no she never was

what she will do is give the Dems MORE than they bargained for

and then they have to explain to their unhinged fanatics that they themselves created, why they are blocking /their/ girl from getting anything done. think how many cabal, DS, rinos were smoked out over O'care, wall, etc votes

it will be quite a Show when antifa/laraza/blm types are protesting pelosi's and schumer's house. think Chicago Dem Convention

9f4ac2  No.4596582

Right in the 9th Circuit

a698aa  No.4596584


>McCain gone

>Flake gone

>Corker gone

>all the dems that got btfo'd are gone


fd7c8b  No.4596585


(((Cohen))) represents Memphis, the part of the state with the highest concentration of blacks.

fa9150  No.4596586

File: d2d9891436c3fcc⋯.png (38.14 KB, 480x345, 32:23, lookatthat.png)

bf9c2c  No.4596587


Rescuing EX-Masons from the cult




800bd2  No.4596588



a897c1  No.4596589

File: 99c4492b03cc69b⋯.jpg (47.86 KB, 989x658, 989:658, redditDEAD.JPG)



d90096  No.4596590

winning ! >>4596573

9f4ac2  No.4596591

File: a3b6c3122db28d3⋯.jpg (69.02 KB, 539x397, 539:397, 5c7684f7ad4fedca6311ad0dac….jpg)

5ba941  No.4596592

Trump is King Of All Negotiators!

691344  No.4596593


These coyotes and these human traffickers, they make a right turn before they get to the port of entry. They go as far as the wall is, or as far as the barricade is, and then they make a left, welcome to the United States.

0220c5  No.4596594


>Trump will get impeached by both, house and senate.

They can't impeach POTUS because they don't like him, dumbass!

ca5946  No.4596595

File: c94f994ac844b25⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 1200x3020, 60:151, c94f994ac844b257dcb4f248ad….jpg)

File: 06f814d364e9dfc⋯.png (42.27 KB, 532x169, 532:169, Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at ….png)


I don't think anybody mentioned news so it sounds like you need to work on your reading comprehension, cupcake. Do you know how to recognize a paragraph?

I'm aware of the "weigh in" and I don't give a fuck, I have an opinion and will continue to share it. BO/BV can look at my IP and easily identify me and contact me if they'd like to. I give a shit and am willing to stand for what I give a shit about. Don't like it? GTFO nigger and go suck their dicks like it's night time. Better yet, filter me like the bitch boy you are.

Pics related, dumbass. Please don't ever bake.

29bbfc  No.4596596

File: 74eff804157a722⋯.png (543.51 KB, 500x397, 500:397, Screenshot (553).png)

74e5bd  No.4596597


Needs moar sauce. Websites are spoopy.

43072e  No.4596598


Up until J Carter you only needed 2 years of college for an accounting cert

Academia is a pervert paradise…..NCAA should be banned forever

9f1135  No.4596599


Trolling at its finest.

e6122d  No.4596600

The world was now swept by two diametrically opposed tides of history. On the one hand were

the highly creative and productive descendants of Shem, who have since become known as

Semites, and on the opposing side were the "cursed Canaanites," who historically were the anti-

Semites, the foes of the tall, fair-haired, and blue eyed descendants of Shem. Because the

Semites were always known as great warriors, they handily defeated the Canaanites in every

military encounter, and in many cases obeyed God's command to drive them out and to destroy

them utterly. But the anti Semites seemed to have great staying power; when driven out of one

country, they appeared in another to continue their same type of corruption and betrayal. While

the Semites were busily establishing one great empire after another, Asshur's building the

Assyrian Empire, Cyrus the Great building the Persian Empire, and Shem himself creating the

great Egyptian civilization, the anti-Semites were developing their own talents. These included a

talent for trade and commerce, for travel, for making themselves at home in any country, and

among any race of people. Generally they established their trading colonies along the seacoasts,

for they lacked the courage to venture into the great wildernesses of Europe, where the Semites

always made themselves at home.

8691ee  No.4596601


I did not!

Did you??? hahaha spoooky

19baa3  No.4596602


doesn't matter

>>4596577 see this asshole can't even wait till the next bread

5f401e  No.4596603


Agree. But doesn’t he always? In the WH Christmas Eve, NY eve. And where were all of u? Where were u Pelosi?

He’s talking more and more about human trafficking, etc. Perfect example of trickling it out there, so they all don’t have to go to the hospital. Right - NO ONE ever asks about it. Disgraceful

Still, I’d love a TRUTH bomb to wake up my ignorant normie friends

e624c7  No.4596604

File: 47e59830e415a94⋯.png (111.49 KB, 248x203, 248:203, renouf the goof.png)