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The alimony of one man is a tragedy. The alimony of fifty thousand is a statistic.

File: e33cdc2cc090620⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 8.49 KB, 255x191, 255:191, 3478b342602aeeb97656069aa….jpeg)


just fuck my balls up



File: 0b8c5a704b087de⋯.png (169.14 KB, 723x475, 723:475, csa.png)

Dice rollRolled 40, 62, 42, 17, 52 = 213 (5d100)



The absolute fucking madman.


This eunuch kike posts also on wizchan. There's another eunuch over there but he killed his balls by injecting chemicals lmao. Chemical eunuch already regrets it.



>Chemical eunuch already regrets it.

well what did he think was gonna happen?

on the bright side, he did the gene pool a favor at least

File: 7a158e79bd2c12c⋯.jpg (92.7 KB, 700x294, 50:21, real.jpg)


Got this from the admin:

Kielan said:

(sending again as sent mail didn't confirm it)

Example of prohibited content: realbooru.com//images/665…529a6f98076d36e468c1.jpeg

You keep uploading images of fully clothed women bending over etc, we do not allow fully clothed fetish images of any kind, please only post nude or see through or lingerie only, it needs to be titillating for a wide audience, these niche fetishes for fully clothed women represent maybe a handful of our users, most will not like this content and that's just the fact of the matter.

If you keep uploading fully clothed images of women, you will be permanently banned from this website, you are spamming far too many clothed images which we now have to erase, we need to cease uploading this non porn fetish content, this is your final warning, no more upskirts, no more fully dressed women, no more panty shots where it is not see through, very few find this attractive and we are not a niche fetish website!




Nah fam, you're just a fucking fag.


>warned for content not being lewd enough

Lel what a great scenario.

File: d749563af0a0d20⋯.jpg (776.45 KB, 2000x2663, 2000:2663, 065d7e3559ed16e5ae36a9d7e9….jpg)

File: 2ddbc3d38f3b9df⋯.jpg (867.58 KB, 2000x2663, 2000:2663, cdd1ed0159ed0346ae36a205cf….jpg)


フ u 丂 イ

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キucズ ノイ ムレレ uア





Dice rollRolled 31, 28, 39, 26, 36 = 160 (5d100)



>309 twice

wow what terrible luck


File: 117a85e8ba82c65⋯.jpg (51.01 KB, 364x485, 364:485, Burn rice.jpg)

File: 20a855defa59cdc⋯.jpg (25.68 KB, 500x496, 125:124, rice.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 48, 70, 6, 81, 69 = 274 (5d100)


File: a5fec8f3ee3080e⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 2000x3001, 2000:3001, j.jpg)


In a scale from just to ==JUST==, how just are you?






From when are the one doing the justing be sure to have deep pockets for the justing will come for you.



File: 6e86236259fdacd⋯.jpg (672.99 KB, 1174x1671, 1174:1671, 67bf9feeb49b97a73052322369….jpg)


Press A for Alimony

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>he taped his gut to hold it up






File: 48323a3325f550a⋯.gif (2.14 MB, 200x200, 1:1, trump9838.gif)

Dice rollRolled 3, 54, 57, 64, 51 = 229 (5d100)




Poor guy got JUSTed so hard he looks like a troll from Everquest 2 now.




why are her eyes so small?

File: a27725df94ae62b⋯.jpg (71.3 KB, 640x480, 4:3, adolf.jpg)


*teleports behind you*




File: dd1e50620bd0ebe⋯.webm (7.66 MB, 569x320, 569:320, europe end times.webm)






>tfw Hitler is no longer here


Dice rollRolled 79, 55, 19, 82, 96 = 331 (5d100)



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Dice rollRolled 7, 71, 33, 95, 66 = 272 (5d100)




He didn't float so good.

File: a98c242cbe26741⋯.jpeg (167.53 KB, 700x700, 1:1, a98c242cbe267412149ea5e95….jpeg)


>win attention hungry games

>get flooded with shitposts and spam



>run for a chance to get your board linked to from every page on 8ch, a website inhabited mostly by retards

>complain about being flooded by retards when you win

TELL ME that you at least expected this to happen?


I'm looking at the catalog. You can't really tell me the drop in post quality is all that noticeable.



Tim scotfield




Just another day tbh fam.

File: f975373fa34c6d9⋯.jpg (174.77 KB, 901x1200, 901:1200, TheMaggieDown.jpg)

File: 92fafc43a904364⋯.jpg (385.95 KB, 1538x2048, 769:1024, TheMaggieDown.jpg)

File: 8e4e1fda443e2f7⋯.jpg (293.26 KB, 1152x2048, 9:16, TheMaggieDown.jpg)

File: d5eb6c8224a9565⋯.jpg (447.78 KB, 1538x2048, 769:1024, TheMaggieDown.jpg)



Why rely on divorce and alimony to fuck up your shit when you could start dressing as a woman, taking hormones and completely destroying your life, fucking up your shit beyond all hope of redemption?

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File: 1ac9435970c1562⋯.jpg (68.98 KB, 915x788, 915:788, happy-family-worf.jpg)


>I am not a merry man


File: 41ea0e03fc7c2d0⋯.jpg (52.53 KB, 576x768, 3:4, 41003720651694224588531699….jpg)

File: 1a0cb546b2a0edd⋯.jpg (127.54 KB, 1017x665, 1017:665, 18072306901596621685067170….jpg)

File: 0a4cff659e7be1a⋯.jpg (62.92 KB, 515x767, 515:767, 04659715166519259163979915….jpg)

File: 3790d77d1d3da2c⋯.jpg (93.81 KB, 576x768, 3:4, 37907713220404164986954636….jpg)

File: 4f1ce751da89c1b⋯.jpg (66.65 KB, 432x768, 9:16, 41751891909821526716136919….jpg)


He looks like hes had a bit of a reeee-ad-




Incorrect, the over abundance of unprocessed testosterone can also cause baldness



sauce? i don't doubt you, but i never heard of "testosterone processing" so i'm interested in the biochemistry of it



Estuve de 19 a 3 dando una mano en la Gran Logia. Por la sala de proyección pasaron dos pibes que tenían tanta cara de choris que estuve a punto de preguntarles, pero si me equivocaba iba a tener que explicarle a dos normies lo que es un chori, y me dio vergüenza.

También pasó una chica encantadora con un pin del Dropbox de Schrödinger que no había visto Evangelion. ¿Qué le pasa a la juventud?

En fin, fue una buena noche.


Sorry, I'm retarded.





Parece que no sé usar un chan. Borren este hilo.

File: 456ce836839ff9e⋯.jpg (541.05 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20181107-160203….jpg)


Q is a fucking fraud.


He didn't DO anything!

"Midterms are secure"??




Welcome to not being a retarded boomer

Naw. Just kidding. You'll always fall for retarded narratives.



Chuck's fuck and suck

Sneeds feed and seed



you're a ginormous faggot nigger, Q is an ARG ops that served it's purpose during the 2016 elections. Everything you faggots from leftypol screech about is just pure butthurt with salt seasonings

>muh house

bullshit, the house is jackshit without the senate, your dem comrades are not even the super majority in the house, boo fucking hoo

>still watcing fake news

kys nigger


File: a35b35fa2227ac2⋯.jpg (166.37 KB, 639x680, 639:680, postal JUST.jpg)


>mentally unstable

>gets evicted from his home

>shoots up entire town in a psychotic schizophrenic episode

>moves to a new town and somehow gets a job

>now living in a broken down trailer, married to a fat nagging bitch

>his only friend is a dog

>gets fired from his job

>spends the entire game running around doing annoying errands for his bitch wife

>world suddenly ends on the last day of his errands

>wife keeps bitching at him, prompting him to shoot himself in the head

>suicide attempt fails and he wakes up to find his wife divorced him, he has no money, he's got medical bills piling up, his trailer has been taken away, and his dog was taken to the pound



File: b160061da2da95a⋯.jpg (12.82 KB, 225x360, 5:8, 1469802132922-1.jpg)

>born as a clone to be used as the perfect soldier for the military

>5'9, shortest of all your bloodline of 6'0+ dudes

>shit childhood of wandering from foster home to foster home

>recruited into a special forces unit after some time in the Gulf War

>sent on a mission to kill some dude, turns out it's your CO who is also your dad

>your dad escapes to rebuild his military base

>have to kill your best friend

>decide to retire

>nope, military drags you out of your comfy Alaskan cabin

>told to stop your brother from launching a nuke or some shit

>meet a girl like last time

>get infected with a virus by best friends that you killed's sister

>turns out best friend was the cyborg who'd been fucking shit up, sacrifices himself for you

>girl dies

>fight your brother and kill him

>team up with faggot nerd to stop WMD endorsed by the "free world" which is also committing censorship

>branded as a terrorist

>5 years later your body is decaying via age because you're a clone who was meant to be used as a limited-time weapon

>have to drag your 72-year old body across the world to stop this bullshit once and for all with the virus you got injected into you almost a decade ago slowly killing you making you a possible biological pathogen that could kill the whole human race

>your apprentice, now a cyborg, has surpassed you doing all sorts of cool things over the world

>surprise surprise, the girl who you thought died years ago is alive and now romantically involved with some dumbass who shits his pants 24/7 over your old gross self

>have to fight your brother who possessed the body of some oldass man

>with the day saved you go the grave of yoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: e9be17b1ff9c4d1⋯.jpg (162.85 KB, 478x709, 478:709, 1425548418551.jpg)

Posted this one in another thread a while ago. Copypasting because I'm lazy:

>be generic RPG protagonist with a qt princess gf and friends who leads a successful life and everyone hails as a hero

>princess gets kidnapped by demon

>try to save her but fail and best friend dies in the process

>king is revealed to be the demon

>kill him

>turns out the king was innocent, and your best friend (who faked his death) tricked you into killing him to ruin your life because he was jealous of you

>oh, and he was also cucking you with the princess

>kill him for being a massive dick

>princess sees this and proceeds to kill herself in front of you because she loved best friend

>now the love of your life and your best friend are both dead, and everyone hates you because you killed their king



File: 1189d5d326a8857⋯.png (26.45 KB, 512x446, 256:223, 01DEED0D-46A0-49F0-9AF3-EF….png)

>save the world as noble angel knight

>get a thumbs up from god to go to heaven

>decide to stay mortal for a woman

>k but you lose your memories

>but I love her god


>get transformed into a baby and forget why you became mortal

>woman takes care of you and probably fucks another dude



>>5'9, shortest of all your bloodline of 6'0+ dudes

In that entire post, nothing hurt me like this.

Fucking END me.

File: 97a9ca9a3e168c2⋯.jpg (85.24 KB, 500x626, 250:313, 2m5wpx~2.jpg)

File: 6e382801fbff07b⋯.jpg (71.04 KB, 540x663, 180:221, d72efe9571ea3c46ebd4708d60….jpg)


America is headed for Marshal Law.


File: 859de811b610b1d⋯.jpg (36.28 KB, 701x485, 701:485, politics-no02.jpg)

File: 440aa92180b31f4⋯.png (198.03 KB, 768x397, 768:397, politics-no02a.png)



Unless you just read your own dox on the farms, you disagree with it but fuck me if you think you're getting on with your life.



And yet you still replied, faglord

File: e408f91b7b741ad⋯.mp4 (960.72 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1526818785.mp4)


>people on this website still falling for the 3dpd meme


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