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File: 6268f09e9233453⋯.jpg (145.4 KB, 1795x1017, 1795:1017, # JPG.jpg)

13d5b0  No.4599792

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Saturday 12/22/18

>>4433511 ————————————–——– Research for yourself

>>4432768 ————————————–——– TRUTH & FACTS MATTER.

Friday 12/21/18

>>4409412 ————————————–——– What was the 16-year plan to destroy America?

>>4408964 ————————————–——– Anons can play this game all day long.

Thursday 12/20/18

>>4401036 ————————————–——– History will not repeat itself this time

>>4400956 ————————————–——– Notice a pattern?

>>4393668 ————————————–——– ALICE & MAD HATTER. ( Cap: >>4393888 )

>>4393450 ————————————–——– The [D] party will cease to exist once it's all exposed. ( Cap: >>4393888 )

>>4392683 rt >>4392645 -————————– Old news. ( Cap: >>4393888 )

>>4392646 ————————————–——– You have the keystone. ( Cap: >>4393888 )

>>4392356 ————————————–——– Completed this week.

>>4392305 ————————————–——– Anons know why.

>>4392219 ————————————–——– None left by choice.

Wednesday 12/19/18

Compiled here: >>4451195

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Thursday 12/13/18

Compiled here: >>4430511

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are not endorsements


>>4589958 Reminder of the /qresearch/ search tool (searches all breads for keywords)

>>4517617, >>4544243, >>4557547 BO Re: Censorship, Commitment, & /patriotsfight/

>>4521281 BV: New Current Events thread


>>4599562 House vacancies and "What if the House fails prior to majority change?"

>>4599561 Re 9/11 Papers: Silverstein Properties. Call to dig

>>4599461 , >>4599591 Merkel hack features journos and celebs, chat entries and personal messages

>>4599436 Trump's DHS requests more support from military troops along U.S.-Mexico border

>>4599314 , >>4599617, >>4599636 Gowdy calls out Warren: "I'm not lobbying now, or ever"

>>4599286 Congresswoman Flees From Reporters Asking About "Impeach The Motherfu*ker" Comment

>>4599207 Assange news: Ecuador to audit Assange's asylum

>>4599184 GOP Sen. Pat Roberts Will Not Seek Re-Election in 2020

>>4599173 French Cleric Becomes First Cardinal Ever To Face Trial In Sex Abuse Case

>>4599159 , >>4599192 Corker Bill Aimed at Undermining Trump’s Broadcasting Chief Dies

>>4599128 Zip file segment of '9/11 Papers' apparently released

>>4599118 Moscow: Ex-US Marine detained in Russia holds UK passport

>>4599093 , >>4599165, >>4599230, >>4599245, >>4599298, >>4599476 Planefag notes

>>4599072 , >>4599112 China Releases Footage Of "Mother of All Bombs"



>>4598269, >>4598855 Mueller's grand jury 'reportedly' got a 6 months extension

>>4598276 For keks: Ocasio-Cortez says 'tippy top'

>>4598293 TSA not reporting for work, calling out sick

>>4598368 Muslim congresswoman's father: she misrepresented her residency, "she lied big-time to get elected"

>>4598379 NSA to publicly release reverse engineering, malware analysis tool in March

>>4598424 Cancer is a near $200 Billion/year business in the US alone (2014)

>>4598437 Judicial Watch Weekly Update

>>4598582 New POTUS Tweet: Jim Webb for Secretary of Defense is FAKE NEWS

>>4598806 Moar on "The Dark Overlord" release

>>4598812 Sarah Sanders statement on Cabinet Pay Freeze

>>4598898 Video on the French Protest

>>4598994 Planefag Bun

>>4598999 #5866

#5865 Baker Change

>>4597463, >>4597600 POTUS considering declaring national emergency to circumvent congress to allocate funds for border wall

>>4597480 US Economy Smashes Expectations Adding 312,000 Jobs in December

>>4597489 Video of the press conference: “We can call a national emergency..."

>>4597518 Homeland Security asks for more DoD help at border

>>4597522, >>4597552 America #1 in Child Sex Trafficking and Pedophilia – CPS and Foster Care are the Pipelines

>>4597535 POTUS mentions numbers that add up to 17 when discussing the wall today

>>4597671, >>4597729 Hackers Dump Data on Merkel, Politicians in Giant German Leak

>>4597899, >>4597956, >>4597965, >>4598161 At press conference: Pence says "I will get you a statement." (Correction in last link)

>>4597936 Anon on how modern concrete sucks on multiple levels

>>4597999, >>4598034 Dershowitz vows ‘secret’ emails about sexual allegations will emerge and put ‘prominent people in handcuffs’

>>4598145 Activision Blizzard’s CFO leaving for @jack’s mobile payment company, Square

>>4598191 Planefag Bun

>>4598198 #5865

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13d5b0  No.4599850

#5868 Dough

Paste to follow, pastebin's lagging.

The bread title number is incorrect, I've asked for an edit.

Carry on ; )

f0d340  No.4599857

File: e4efcc761e711e4⋯.jpeg (326.2 KB, 1469x1418, 1469:1418, 6F58305C-15C2-4E69-9F55-0….jpeg)

8d04ce  No.4599873

File: ffd7555a79edfb2⋯.jpg (55.25 KB, 1536x159, 512:53, Screenshot_20190104-162313.jpg)

8d04ce  No.4599876


Later One.

13d5b0  No.4599877


#5868 Dough


85d9e1  No.4599878

File: 435f7ac16ff2a53⋯.png (1.01 MB, 780x680, 39:34, 435f7ac16ff2a531655962c3be….png)

File: 83743570b38d7f5⋯.jpg (10.6 KB, 255x198, 85:66, baker.jpg)

File: 267ad910e72f9e8⋯.jpg (36.4 KB, 600x315, 40:21, addtext_com_MjAwMzQwMTUwMw.jpg)


Thank you baker!

2848fc  No.4599880

File: 2ff3d589e95851f⋯.jpg (106.91 KB, 600x494, 300:247, 2ff3d589e95851f944b8cfd515….jpg)

fee9ef  No.4599881


god will teach them in the end

3ef19d  No.4599882

File: 00186c029195695⋯.png (991.18 KB, 750x923, 750:923, ClipboardImage.png)


You know how I know that is fake?

They never ask permission.

8d04ce  No.4599883



375791  No.4599884

File: 769f5544e10ecfc⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1198x896, 599:448, Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at ….png)

f5077b  No.4599885


And, the goat said, "Nah-a-a-a-a-a-ah!", which makes it rape.

ece09e  No.4599886

File: b82ed2321790134⋯.gif (134.5 KB, 200x112, 25:14, 1537446469.gif)

8493dd  No.4599888

File: 2dbfb28d90ecd52⋯.png (12.86 KB, 594x180, 33:10, ClipboardImage.png)

68c12c  No.4599889


He will nut inside ewe.

8d04ce  No.4599890


What is the cause?

fc8e36  No.4599891

Remember goyim dont be divided

Let all the niggers and spics from the 3rd world into your country

This is why nobody likes you Q

All the npcs know its ttue but are so afraid of the herd that they dont wanna go against it

015de5  No.4599892

File: 774d55c6d7ff826⋯.jpg (294.5 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190104-172956….jpg)

1eb9db  No.4599893

File: 838ce52daea87ed⋯.jpg (56.72 KB, 400x599, 400:599, eat-less-bread_enl-9d7d60f….jpg)


TY Baker!

d50229  No.4599894


*oy veying intensifies*

Shouldn't be our fucking problem. I said in the last bread, the whole Middle East should be glassed.

da735d  No.4599895

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ocasio-Cortez responds to critics of leaked video with a new dance….

aca7d9  No.4599896


Powell Blinked: Stocks Soar After Fed Chair Says Central Bank Will Be ‘Patient’

President Donald Trump may want to send Fed Chair Jerome Powell a belated Christmas card thanking him for backing off his hawkish stance on monetary policy.

Speaking on a panel in Atlanta, flanked by predecessors Janet Yellen and Ben Bernanke, Powell said the Fed’s monetary policy is flexible. He acknowledged the December stock market sell-off, saying central bank officials are “listening carefully” to financial markets.

It was a change of tune for Powell. Less than a month ago, Powell appeared to brush off the downturn in stocks as “a little volatility.”

Friday’s panel appeared to be designed to reassure markets. Powell had remarks written down on a piece of paper despite the informality of the panel setting. That seemed to indicate that he had chosen his words carefully.

“As always, there is no preset path for policy,” Powell said. “And particularly with muted inflation readings that we’ve seen coming in, we will be patient as we watch to see how the economy evolves.”

Powell also said that the Fed could be flexible on its balance sheet reduction, the unwind of the enormous pile of bonds that it accumulated through its quantitative easing program. Last month, he had desribed the balance sheet reduction as being on “auto pilot.”

e0bfde  No.4599897

File: 2c5b04bd2bdebae⋯.jpg (102.74 KB, 515x500, 103:100, goatfuckers?!?.jpg)

7462a1  No.4599898


silly, all ayrabs know that no means yes

3ef19d  No.4599899

File: 8436f1939504f45⋯.png (574.89 KB, 817x525, 817:525, ClipboardImage.png)

fc8e36  No.4599900


Yes goyim the mother of all deadbeat dads will teach them a lesson

Just like he taught the roths a lesson

d50229  No.4599901


"Don't be divided. Identitarian movements for all the 3rd worlders flooding your countries is So Brave and acceptable, but you having pride in your own country and heritage means you want to gas six gorillion"

450054  No.4599902


Nice nigger slide my nigga

540374  No.4599903

File: 3b1f66f212d8b04⋯.png (106.82 KB, 300x483, 100:161, 8beaf1747602f509fcc1276e19….png)

0a1b78  No.4599904

File: 98dac579e4afa02⋯.jpg (173.58 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, ty0i7Zh.jpg)

Thank you, Baker!

2cf838  No.4599905

File: 28056a7723c52e8⋯.mp4 (7.95 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, henlo.mp4)


85d9e1  No.4599906

File: 94d5aa90ca435fe⋯.png (75.76 KB, 500x302, 250:151, RAPE.png)

aca7d9  No.4599907


Stocks Stage Massive Rally: Dow Soars 746 Points, Nasdaq Rises 4.3%

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 746 points, a 3.29 percent gain. The Nasdaq Composite was up by even more, 4.3 percent, exiting bear market territory. The S&P 500 climbed 3.4 percent. Our beloved Russell 2000, which tracks smaller U.S. companies, outshone some of the big boys with a 3.7 percent rally.

d8db24  No.4599908

File: 0068147341f243c⋯.png (1.04 MB, 864x663, 288:221, 010419 Japan exit tax.PNG)

File: 0b72a58837a4a07⋯.jpg (65.15 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, FUD.jpg)

Japan to begin collecting ¥1,000 departure tax from next Monday

Japan will start collecting from next Monday a departure tax of ¥1,000 for each person leaving the country by aircraft or ship regardless of nationality.

Under the relevant law enacted last April, the levy will be collected each time an individual leaves the country, and comes on top of airfare, ship fare and travel fees.

The government plans to utilize the revenue from the tax for measures to accommodate more foreign visitors to the country, develop tourism bases and improve immigration procedures, officials said.

People leaving Japan within 24 hours of their transit entry and children under 2 years old will be exempted from the departure tax.

Those with tickets purchased and issued before Monday will be basically exempted from the tax.

The revenue from the tax is estimated to hit ¥6 billion in fiscal 2018 through March 2019 and ¥50 billion in fiscal 2019.

Specifically, the revenue will be used to set up facial recognition gates at airports for speedier immigration procedures, while also promoting the use of multilingual information boards and helping introduce more cashless payment terminals for public transportation.

The number of visitors to Japan has surged in recent years, topping 30 million for the first time ever in 2018.

The government has set a goal of increasing the annual number of foreign visitors to 40 million by 2020, when the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will take place.

With the departure tax, the government expects to secure stable financial resources for measures to promote tourism, the officials said.


879c53  No.4599909

File: 31fa78b340005ae⋯.jpg (44.15 KB, 720x842, 360:421, 26231489_2481244021923190_….jpg)


fc8e36  No.4599910


No no anon i want to gas the white people who are liberal and want them here

All the people in the third world can stay there and do whatever it is they do

Which is mostly being oppressed

7d840e  No.4599911

File: 6c7e66168d86ba6⋯.jpg (28.9 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 6c7e66168d86ba6970c4cf471d….jpg)

6e7698  No.4599912


Can I have that animal style?

f53021  No.4599913


Call me when the FED is ded.


Dubs & trips…anon, godspeed into the black.

015de5  No.4599914

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

450054  No.4599915


Muh black ass was born here, fuck off with your shitty divisional tactics. No need to reply because this is all the attention your faggot ass is getting!

540374  No.4599916

File: ef8473627f54fbf⋯.jpg (35.31 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 22992670765dc3802a303e629f….jpg)

e0bfde  No.4599917

File: 187de33f6ea8744⋯.jpg (29.77 KB, 397x400, 397:400, laughing dog.jpg)

f53021  No.4599918


Trippy dubs! Kek!

d8db24  No.4599919


I think I will get one on way home now!

48afb3  No.4599920

>>4599785 lb

Back many years ago, a year or two after 9/11, I contacted the FBI about a person who fit the profile of a terrorist because of things he said as well as admitting he was here without papers. The agent I spoke to was more interested in the person not having papers and wanted more info. Without doxxing myself, the person was back 6 months later and I convinced him to let me make a copy of his drivers license. I immediately called the agent, kind of proud of myself, and left a message summarizing the background of my previous call and I had the info he was looking for with a picture. Believe it or not, the agent NEVER called me back.

efad47  No.4599921

File: b5f46e037a16b03⋯.jpg (118.53 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Shutdown44.jpg)

Patriots wanted to shut down out of control spending and government waste a long time ago.

85d9e1  No.4599922


The first 30 seconds of that video is fucking hilarious anon!

e6715c  No.4599923

File: 2b5ae19f453d160⋯.png (2.86 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 45D5F3F6-0A09-4229-8693-9B….png)

File: dd26d46a1092eb4⋯.jpeg (749.62 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, A7F33CF6-6E47-4CA6-9F3B-7….jpeg)


f0d340  No.4599924

File: 772a1738d21a135⋯.jpeg (95.43 KB, 755x477, 755:477, 554BD8B9-8D17-4A47-80E0-F….jpeg)

a6d49c  No.4599925


Whats up with that funky lookin collarbone?

00ed2c  No.4599926

File: 79073a8f6130532⋯.jpg (81.59 KB, 1043x602, 149:86, Dr. Peter Vincent Pry Ex. ….JPG)


This is on Jim Stone Freelance


ece09e  No.4599927

File: cfc701784c00ea3⋯.png (731.89 KB, 1014x683, 1014:683, 1538577211.png)

0a3f70  No.4599928

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

"I consider myself a very average normal kind of guy. I have some pretty good points; I have some human failings. I am proud of some of my achievements, and there are things that I wish I had not done. I'm not perfect, and I am not sure that I ever want to be. But it is certain that I do not belong on anyone's pedestal. I am a man with a message. And the message will be accepted by only a few. To those few who will understand, I am your brother. Maybe…we can change the future for the better. " Bill Cooper

fc8e36  No.4599929


Nice notice how i said from the third world

You clearly have a complex

Youre on this board so you arnt a npc


33d6c3  No.4599930

File: 70969eadd24f48d⋯.jpeg (26.01 KB, 1020x460, 51:23, E492F866-E482-45DA-A942-5….jpeg)

File: 39aaa14ba017f04⋯.jpeg (62.26 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, 71FA42BF-400E-458A-81CB-4….jpeg)

File: c0e297a52c405cb⋯.jpeg (687.61 KB, 1074x962, 537:481, A040F3BE-AC6B-4C66-8893-9….jpeg)

File: 4f6aeb1731274af⋯.png (1.78 MB, 800x493, 800:493, E38801DC-D8D4-4FDC-BDFE-A5….png)

File: 0d4498fee6e064e⋯.jpeg (69.55 KB, 600x600, 1:1, DCE4D71E-6B74-4D15-930F-E….jpeg)

2f3791  No.4599931

File: 6b39b94d772a4da⋯.png (332.94 KB, 590x350, 59:35, ClipboardImage.png)

540374  No.4599932

File: 5abe85b17e809fc⋯.jpg (24.1 KB, 400x400, 1:1, xdBYBf0M_400x400.jpg)

2cf838  No.4599933

File: 850a1c4fed5ef08⋯.jpg (184.27 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, DwA7Wl_WsAAW9Pr.jpg)

1eb9db  No.4599934

File: 62d6ec3b0a3d2d0⋯.png (187.37 KB, 617x562, 617:562, Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at ….png)



ece09e  No.4599935


ooooh that's good.

shut up, that's so good.

740ee3  No.4599936

File: f3a320203aff62d⋯.png (65.96 KB, 340x185, 68:37, 666jew.png)

File: 744d3de838e3085⋯.jpeg (471.21 KB, 1794x1058, 39:23, 744d3de838e3085835e8f7ea8….jpeg)

File: 60cf307eeff3fe4⋯.jpg (1.63 MB, 2580x2588, 645:647, a3df637446322026b944cb38e5….jpg)

File: ca7133bc50ad8fc⋯.jpg (98.04 KB, 750x908, 375:454, JFK.jpg)

File: d2d51790293f37f⋯.jpg (449.19 KB, 1180x1180, 1:1, libel.jpg)

Learn how it all connects

(((they))) go wayyyy wayy back

nothing we face today hasn't already been written about

879c53  No.4599937

File: 81ee2b5e4c57b03⋯.jpeg (142.06 KB, 900x547, 900:547, 4c1fac073a26df8d5fff1e0b2….jpeg)

File: 9c96fb28837d991⋯.png (147.55 KB, 600x449, 600:449, 9c96fb28837d9913b87bd6f9f1….png)

File: 076fe47014c3a76⋯.png (602.92 KB, 1059x648, 353:216, 3cde40c62a8e723747c4cd3bc6….png)

f53021  No.4599938


Possible no table? This guy sounds like the Nov 1, 2017 Q clearance Patriot. Anons, THIS IS IT!

ee464e  No.4599939


Is this an ad for google universe or just an interesting Pepe video?

806df9  No.4599940

File: ed6bcc237009c63⋯.png (2.33 MB, 1500x1080, 25:18, trumplaughing4.png)

b8aa3e  No.4599941

File: f88d2268473be0d⋯.jpeg (926.34 KB, 1242x2174, 621:1087, 2B29ACEE-F996-4824-9695-1….jpeg)


d8db24  No.4599942

File: c41aed20ec26912⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1501x1079, 1501:1079, 111118 all of us.png)

bcb695  No.4599943

File: c8654eea9000001⋯.jpg (47.69 KB, 498x376, 249:188, what.jpg)

121e4e  No.4599944

File: 24b3b5917c17fe7⋯.jpg (65.93 KB, 500x500, 1:1, KYSCLOWN.jpg)




fc8e36  No.4599945


Why do that when i can rob my neighbors

7913fe  No.4599946

File: 37c4972a6131059⋯.jpg (141.14 KB, 1024x328, 128:41, DayNight10.jpg)

ece09e  No.4599947


glassed or gassed?

either way…

e6715c  No.4599948

File: 1c81055bb8bbefe⋯.jpeg (227.65 KB, 1125x1223, 1125:1223, 749F786F-A4AC-4DC2-8612-3….jpeg)

2cf838  No.4599949

File: 88042269fa90731⋯.jpg (32.92 KB, 555x585, 37:39, DwEG-LZXcAAu0ZC.jpg)

33d6c3  No.4599950

File: 3ecf51db681698c⋯.png (696.99 KB, 787x485, 787:485, A44A095C-F28B-441E-ACCC-F3….png)

File: 627f90a3602bbce⋯.jpeg (61.89 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 685B43B1-A319-49E6-9F57-9….jpeg)

File: a3987702e6c433f⋯.jpeg (154.48 KB, 1200x899, 1200:899, EF1E34C3-68B9-4FD0-8250-C….jpeg)

File: 67b016fe6252385⋯.jpeg (45.42 KB, 480x548, 120:137, CF1227DF-F4BD-4A60-8BDB-8….jpeg)

cd6712  No.4599951

File: 9a5cb9c7874b3fb⋯.png (522.03 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, happy merchants blank.png)

0bb24d  No.4599952


Can anons plz only use jpg and png for pics?

jpeg can't be seen linking back to previous breads.

Example: >>4599561

1ce25a  No.4599953

File: bc8f8ec3deb8d0c⋯.png (645.61 KB, 847x585, 847:585, 1546642449737.png)

Zulus fighting for white farmers.

00ed2c  No.4599954

File: 77086d011567e70⋯.jpg (81.59 KB, 1043x602, 149:86, Dr. Peter Vincent Pry Ex. ….JPG)



73769d  No.4599955

Q, How is the New Year??? What's UP!

d92179  No.4599956

File: 939c029ffc2ba2f⋯.png (33.44 KB, 806x427, 806:427, 1_tlaibPobox1.png)

File: 93791323b1dd1c0⋯.png (21.07 KB, 497x275, 497:275, 2_waelTlaibpobox.png)

File: 38a46d2765ba119⋯.png (204.17 KB, 1129x1018, 1129:1018, 3_waelTlaibSShipping.png)

File: 9f26d9063f816e7⋯.png (20.31 KB, 759x215, 759:215, 4_waelTlaibShippingAtlanta.png)

whadya think they're shipping anons? Widgets?

ee464e  No.4599957


If true, spoopy.

883c9e  No.4599958

File: b0aafc61166831d⋯.png (202.7 KB, 400x400, 1:1, b0aafc61166831dedac3774655….png)

9be827  No.4599959

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

this guy is going through the first layer of German hacks live

121e4e  No.4599960

File: 72cdc0e67a152d7⋯.jpg (90.13 KB, 500x671, 500:671, YOU.jpg)


Learn how to shill and divide by reading this guy's post

2cf838  No.4599961

File: 4af3c788029a289⋯.jpg (49.94 KB, 870x684, 145:114, DuD5FdCXcAEBOZr.jpg)


lol add this sephardic pls

fc8e36  No.4599962


But then i dont get to watch when the illuminati culls the herd anon

015de5  No.4599963

File: 693b3113836ad0f⋯.jpg (188.22 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190104-173847….jpg)


FBI huh

d8db24  No.4599964

File: 0522af92e6b6707⋯.jpg (32.46 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Danger Macron.jpg)

File: 65fdd6da225f563⋯.jpg (170.83 KB, 640x644, 160:161, Balls in a....jpg)

f0d340  No.4599965

File: 667e26a24cf737c⋯.jpeg (156.03 KB, 1000x933, 1000:933, D82629BC-6762-4AF0-A90F-E….jpeg)

740ee3  No.4599966

File: 32302597cae9089⋯.jpg (104.69 KB, 600x840, 5:7, 32302597cae9089dda33388e5e….jpg)


not an argument, kike.

00ed2c  No.4599967

File: 1a62fcc74658202⋯.jpg (81.59 KB, 1043x602, 149:86, Dr. Peter Vincent Pry Ex. ….JPG)


This is on Jim Stone Freelance


e0bfde  No.4599968

File: a36b3b7af371c22⋯.jpg (117.72 KB, 500x666, 250:333, #Mmmeee Tttoo.jpg)

e4fcb8  No.4599969

File: 624d7e7a796435a⋯.png (365.62 KB, 568x400, 71:50, ClipboardImage.png)

fc8e36  No.4599970


Import the zulus here too please

883c9e  No.4599971

File: 36b799137170479⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1200x917, 1200:917, ClipboardImage.png)

7913fe  No.4599972

File: bc3971ad289a8c8⋯.png (347.22 KB, 1180x628, 295:157, play.png)

50f9e7  No.4599973

File: ac828204d7683ee⋯.jpg (184.54 KB, 968x681, 968:681, ballback.jpg)

ece09e  No.4599974


is this true?

you can see jpgs not jpegs?

540374  No.4599975

File: 9387bb00c6b9c36⋯.jpeg (70.92 KB, 848x476, 212:119, 1538833992.jpeg)

ee464e  No.4599976


The dim Dems put the GOP to shame.

cd6712  No.4599977


is there another pic without the mic in her face?

ecc408  No.4599978

File: 8714126eb58d723⋯.jpg (631.73 KB, 1080x1752, 45:73, Screenshot_20190104-174006….jpg)

File: 1508997955eef9e⋯.jpg (510.37 KB, 1080x1564, 270:391, Screenshot_20190104-173952….jpg)

85d9e1  No.4599979

File: 7644e6d2e22f3be⋯.png (168.06 KB, 500x519, 500:519, why-dont-jews-eat-pussy-be….png)

79dbca  No.4599980


¥1,000 =$10.00 USD (about)

d8db24  No.4599981


about time someone had some sense down there. Should put to bed all that crap about nomadic tribes being there before everyone else.

e4fcb8  No.4599982

File: 7034491c71618f5⋯.png (141.41 KB, 234x400, 117:200, ClipboardImage.png)

1eb9db  No.4599983

File: 4ba1f10a488cbd3⋯.png (1.28 MB, 744x926, 372:463, Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at ….png)

121e4e  No.4599984

File: b762e5b7f7e8c68⋯.jpg (88.31 KB, 500x588, 125:147, KingsAndQueens.jpg)


>illuminati culls the herd

GTFOH go back to the daily stormer and reddit

3ea953  No.4599985

File: 86a82e5ecab8c97⋯.jpg (36.15 KB, 480x360, 4:3, I saw that.jpg)

2cf838  No.4599986

File: 15786efa17ede24⋯.jpg (137.69 KB, 1059x1247, 1059:1247, DwFaX-8X4AEQuyZ.jpg)


i only has this other one :(

aca7d9  No.4599987



806df9  No.4599988

File: 273490a75707dae⋯.png (2.33 MB, 1501x1079, 1501:1079, trumplaughing15.png)

883c9e  No.4599989


nice. what are you using?

e36a17  No.4599990

File: c6342622cc778ef⋯.jpg (507.79 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, hairinsink.jpg)

cd0a27  No.4599991

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Nielsen eyeroll to Pence’s “Human Trafficking” comment

Just got a chance to catch the presser from today. DHS Sec face and body language caught me right away. She looks broken, hesitant of Trump. BUT what’s super odd is when Pence talked. “Trafficking” is mentioned a multitude of times by Trump before but as soon as Pence says it, Nielsen gives a huge eyeroll. She doesn’t do it any other time.

Scroll to 17:55min

d8db24  No.4599992

File: e86406b4369cbcc⋯.jpg (104.63 KB, 640x626, 320:313, Never Give up.jpg)


tax is tax no matter what.

know all too well

2a3d21  No.4599993

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Bill Clinton talks about illegal immigration and gets a standing ovation, Trump is saying the same thing and is called racist.

ece09e  No.4599994



strong britney

10eb19  No.4599995

File: f02496b6d26f6c3⋯.png (627.69 KB, 1902x921, 634:307, Vegas 1.PNG)

File: ae68f0043092e22⋯.png (664.46 KB, 1882x852, 941:426, Vegas 2.PNG)

File: 2ac56a16aff347d⋯.png (433.32 KB, 1913x628, 1913:628, Vegas 3.PNG)

>>4599315 (lb)


>You would be surprise how few people know that Las Vegas was 100% fake hoax.

47cc3e  No.4599996


Eiffel tower in the yellow vest is pretty great.

237c08  No.4599997

File: 38062a0c71fc7be⋯.png (158.12 KB, 374x329, 374:329, ClipboardImage.png)






540374  No.4599998

File: 18feff0d7ae78a4⋯.jpeg (141 KB, 1440x1091, 1440:1091, 1544099871.jpeg)

fc8e36  No.4599999


No fuck you stupid slogan only based niggers get in

No welfare seekers or liberals

d50229  No.4600000

File: 331aaf2a4bdb565⋯.jpg (11.81 KB, 326x294, 163:147, brainlettrike.jpg)


>The Daily Stormer and Reddit

72e04a  No.4600001

File: 34c14409ce98482⋯.jpg (172.37 KB, 960x720, 4:3, cvo.jpg)

2cf838  No.4600002

File: 5449e614904c3e1⋯.jpg (26.14 KB, 640x360, 16:9, DwFhZMAWoAA73zX.jpg)


and this

63ec66  No.4600003

File: 358f39d5f12258e⋯.jpeg (73.12 KB, 750x842, 375:421, 27A58EF0-887C-4520-A0AB-F….jpeg)

Friday Funnies:

Man Accused of Raping Goat in Malawi – Claims He Asked the Goat For Permission

(Must read comments, Hilarious)


0bb24d  No.4600004

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Message on YT

438b79  No.4600005


its $50 to leave cuba

for us allowed to go there

e4fcb8  No.4600006



cd6712  No.4600007


maybe i can shop her chin, but it'll take me abit

740ee3  No.4600008

File: 1eb2ac40c1d3e7b⋯.jpg (138.15 KB, 1480x833, 1480:833, Winning.jpg)

237c08  No.4600009


wHAT A WASte of quints

015de5  No.4600010

File: 955ad045e79caf7⋯.jpg (198.39 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190104-174154….jpg)





c'mon guys

it's right in front of you

38b2f7  No.4600011


>The bread title number is incorrect, I've asked for an edit.

Sorry about the 2x fix. Sometimes when we edit a post, everything after the ":" gets erased. Don't know why. Please refresh and double check. Should be good now.

ab4f28  No.4600013

File: 1842f70f4700acb⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1333x3997, 1333:3997, Screenshot_2019-01-04 Cong….png)

File: 0803b73fb985ee8⋯.png (1.24 MB, 870x8029, 870:8029, NeoConScreenshot_2019-01-0….png)

File: 1d876d396c4163f⋯.png (64.44 KB, 1244x661, 1244:661, NeoConSabotageScreenshot_2….png)

File: 943794be4d7d08f⋯.png (108.32 KB, 777x1108, 777:1108, Screenshot_2019-01-04 MoA ….png)

File: 3285f194bf5d357⋯.png (145.73 KB, 618x237, 206:79, 33MasonScreenshot_2019-01-….png)

400,000 children came over the southern border in 2018 alone.


In 2018. How do they know that number? What's the real number?

They've been telling us lies.

Guess who is paying for them.

efad47  No.4600014

File: fbc435d058d7045⋯.jpg (266.77 KB, 1440x907, 1440:907, Shutdown45.jpg)

99e6e6  No.4600015


Not finding it on Twit

121e4e  No.4600016

File: 2c55f60460d6710⋯.jpg (42.66 KB, 500x348, 125:87, 2020memewar.jpg)


Still can't make a meme


89974c  No.4600017


Quads confirm. Pence is not /ourguy.

883c9e  No.4600018

File: a648d530ec29464⋯.png (5.07 KB, 255x201, 85:67, 3d108c80b08e79eb010dcfa4cc….png)

375791  No.4600019


This is why we need to keep promoting Cortez.

She will split the left in no time.

54dee5  No.4600020

File: 1f8c2ed607e8c8c⋯.png (2 MB, 3000x2560, 75:64, 1f8c2ed607e8c8c1ac148fd6bf….png)

Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.


cd6712  No.4600021


will do

2f3791  No.4600022

File: b130e425e3613af⋯.png (45.94 KB, 300x300, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

48afb3  No.4600023



Talk about setting up a FF event to blame POTUS.

33d6c3  No.4600024

File: ef322bb6792e577⋯.jpeg (88.25 KB, 800x430, 80:43, 3E19D123-B7C7-486C-9EC3-4….jpeg)

File: 2585b362a5e583f⋯.jpeg (75.46 KB, 608x451, 608:451, B93AE848-6A43-4F5D-95EA-C….jpeg)

7913fe  No.4600025

File: 9124ba77befa691⋯.png (154.71 KB, 650x518, 325:259, Greencastle.png)

File: 96654de103a48b8⋯.jpg (77.75 KB, 648x500, 162:125, RedCastleGreenCastle2nn09a.jpg)

File: 1257a24c6f786e6⋯.jpg (139.7 KB, 889x500, 889:500, WeThePeopleTsunamiSandCast….jpg)

File: 53c1bab722763eb⋯.jpg (154.22 KB, 685x697, 685:697, american_flag_engineer_cas….jpg)

File: 2be154f76069dee⋯.jpg (430.41 KB, 2086x1617, 298:231, ArmyCorps1.jpg)

3ef19d  No.4600026

File: 4e40ef31f1cbe83⋯.mp4 (6.69 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Pelosi_On_Indictment.mp4)

ece09e  No.4600027

File: 36be61ae8aadbec⋯.jpg (100.38 KB, 500x441, 500:441, 1543505947.jpg)


poor kitty

540374  No.4600028

File: af2d47b688b8c92⋯.jpg (43.39 KB, 500x250, 2:1, IMG_20181107_114806.jpg)



2f6b4e  No.4600029

File: 8d5f9870d92ae9d⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1814x1160, 907:580, leashes.PNG)

Nancy needs about 235 of these.

2cf838  No.4600030

File: e91f4c8de6340b2⋯.png (98.4 KB, 746x512, 373:256, Du5spovU0AAu8U0.png)

df09f2  No.4600031

please Turn on msnbc right now

a7b110  No.4600032

File: 76263006c6f3235⋯.jpg (56.5 KB, 489x615, 163:205, JediDigits.jpg)

bcb695  No.4600033

File: bccb1e08148cccd⋯.jpg (10.66 KB, 255x255, 1:1, humerus.jpg)

450054  No.4600034

File: bdbe4c0d4fb8a71⋯.jpeg (35.78 KB, 458x264, 229:132, C6617DCF-3699-4801-AA06-9….jpeg)

I love this ride

806df9  No.4600035


>She will split the left in no time.

I think she already has, started with the Bern

1eb9db  No.4600036


NOLA Indians do not bow down.

50f9e7  No.4600037

File: d800a9e23af73c0⋯.jpg (41.06 KB, 416x381, 416:381, mittthemuppet4.jpg)

File: 1002007e6dc532f⋯.jpg (181.23 KB, 1024x878, 512:439, mittthemuppet.jpg)

File: 443043acd20b872⋯.jpg (153.16 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, mittthemuppet1.jpg)

File: 66c82e067bdbf7f⋯.jpg (138.26 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, mittthemuppet2.jpg)

File: e8e4eb829e00dda⋯.jpg (153.57 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, mittthemuppet3.jpg)

450054  No.4600038


Why faggot?

d8db24  No.4600039

File: 33f2b894b6b9cfd⋯.jpg (69.11 KB, 600x344, 75:43, Wild Bill coming for ya.jpg)

aca7d9  No.4600040

File: 1249a7f12c1245a⋯.jpg (15.6 KB, 255x211, 255:211, A Q Eyes.jpg)

806df9  No.4600041

File: 4b284bba0b32d86⋯.png (2.27 MB, 1500x1079, 1500:1079, trumplaughing3.png)

28b472  No.4600042

File: a97681891f7fd24⋯.jpeg (129.04 KB, 910x656, 455:328, A38DC37F-F90D-45C0-8DF2-5….jpeg)

56a09a  No.4600043


You're what's getting culled, numbnuts.

b7ec9b  No.4600044


This Berman kid use to work for AJ years ago

1aa68e  No.4600045


They know how to use power and have principles, as twisted as they are, that guide their actions.

Much different than the feckless GOP.

A Democrat House will be a completely different animal than we have been seeing.

fc8e36  No.4600046


Anon you unironically post on the biggest joke board on the net

You know why msm covers Q

Its because they are in on the psyop

Or they know that it makes trump look bad

89974c  No.4600047

File: 9534509cce8f75f⋯.gif (12.54 MB, 500x281, 500:281, Q.gif)

82c5d5  No.4600048

File: 5287b4e793c328b⋯.jpg (87.59 KB, 817x525, 817:525, muhgoats.jpg)

46daab  No.4600049

Obama-Appointed Judge Extends Mueller Grand Jury by Up to Six Months, Signaling Russia Witch Hunt Isn’t Ending Soon

Beryl Howell, the Obama-appointed federal judge of the DC District Court who oversees Mueller’s grand jury, issued the 23-person jury a six-month extension on Friday, reported CNN.

Mueller is going to drag his unconstitutional witch hunt into the next presidential election in order to harass President Trump.

The Washington DC grand jury which began in July of 2017, was originally seated for 18 months, however, the Obama judge who oversees the jury just gave Mueller another six months.

Under federal rules, the court can extend a grand jury’s term for an extra six months if it is “in the public interest.”

Recent reports have indicated that Mueller was perhaps working to issue a final report on Trump, however; Friday’s decision to give Mueller several more months to pump out criminal indictments signals his witch hunt is far from over.

House Democrats are also pushing for legislation to protect their precious King Robert Mueller from being removed.

Dems are panicking because a new Attorney General who is critical of King Mueller is set to be confirmed by the Senate.

If William Barr is confirmed as Trump’s next Attorney General, he should put an end to Mueller’s unconstitutional witch hunt and Trump should pardon every American caught up in the probe.


fc8e36  No.4600050


God i hope so anon

I just wanna be the last one so i can watch

13d5b0  No.4600051


Thanks BO/BV, was just about to report a 'thank ya very'. Appreciate your help as always. You rawk.


0bb24d  No.4600052



…and his Twitter account taken down.


1eb9db  No.4600053


MAGA 80's!

POTUS you beautiful bastard!

81cfb5  No.4600054




121e4e  No.4600055

File: f87fe7e9c47a9fc⋯.png (585.37 KB, 876x661, 876:661, RowClownRow.png)


What a fucking waste of quints

What a fucking ugly meme

ab4f28  No.4600056

File: 8444a3d7522af53⋯.jpeg (157.08 KB, 1242x1734, 207:289, 9ea7ca1389af902c28e6bf289….jpeg)


digits confirm

your confirm

ece09e  No.4600057


what about him says that

3ea953  No.4600058

File: 3402145a908cce9⋯.jpg (66.69 KB, 498x376, 249:188, woke.jpg)



My very first meme here. Good ol' kitty cat.

f0d340  No.4600059


Holy shit look at that jacket

540374  No.4600060


The two people on Earth who actually saw and liked this movie.

05bf80  No.4600061

>>4599891 thanks Goebbels

9d659f  No.4600062


Best advice/proceedures to un-hostage the populace/civilians?

5f3c88  No.4600063


Please share with Anons


df09f2  No.4600064

Dude is fukken insane >>4600059

f88ea9  No.4600065


FBI = super corrupt

3ef19d  No.4600066

File: 465c09c929d2e12⋯.png (401.67 KB, 1278x1807, 1278:1807, ClipboardImage.png)



3a9c2c  No.4600067


This image will forever be in the Q drops. The day Q responded to this post is the day mossad doubled down on their shilling here.

7913fe  No.4600068

File: 91a60da031f8872⋯.jpg (80.68 KB, 470x471, 470:471, QueenLeash1.jpg)

File: 1f18d0308ad5de5⋯.jpg (296.48 KB, 749x752, 749:752, QCrumbsPanicDCWhitakerLeas….jpg)

File: c6224947e862618⋯.jpg (23.94 KB, 480x360, 4:3, TalkingMuslimDollPullstrin….jpg)

File: 1628250bab7d954⋯.jpeg (70.56 KB, 645x500, 129:100, Patriot Trump Loop Pull.jpeg)

File: ff423e55d6b8584⋯.jpg (274.44 KB, 753x506, 753:506, GreatAwakeningWho-Pulls-th….jpg)

ece09e  No.4600069


give me a fucking reason first anon

56a09a  No.4600070


Fucking waste.

f0d340  No.4600071

File: 5a0457894144e1c⋯.jpeg (2.52 MB, 3168x1960, 396:245, CA8431D4-13E6-404B-BF53-B….jpeg)

d8db24  No.4600072

File: 44604ce39ca6123⋯.jpg (6.5 KB, 200x133, 200:133, Pomona!.jpg)


we like what we like

6c4525  No.4600073

File: 61a902b467ce94d⋯.png (248.28 KB, 532x436, 133:109, Trump wall vat.png)

–LOVE this guy–

ece09e  No.4600074


taking it

540374  No.4600075

50f9e7  No.4600076

File: b6f2188087ee3fd⋯.png (368.97 KB, 673x380, 673:380, Screenshot_2019-01-04_23-4….png)

27431d  No.4600077

File: 0a1d3e529b2e372⋯.jpg (72.94 KB, 644x367, 644:367, Screenshot 2019-01-04_18-4….jpg)

33d6c3  No.4600078


One of my earlier stolen memes. Still love it. Thanks anon.

313484  No.4600079

File: 205a150022bf027⋯.png (300.15 KB, 575x589, 575:589, 1513983811589.png)


sounds moar like you're triggered that quints called ( you ) out.

89974c  No.4600080



Sarcasm eludes you.

df09f2  No.4600081


Hers your reason fucker

fc8e36  No.4600082


Those who make ridiculous posts ona anonymous message board to get peoples hopes up then dash them repeatedly should go,back to reddit

God i really hope trump isnt behind Q cuz i will vote dem if he is

450054  No.4600083

File: 5be8825a55edcc9⋯.jpeg (88.46 KB, 750x498, 125:83, 9ED9792E-028F-4812-9EE3-9….jpeg)

Y’all still keep giving that glownigger your attention, pathetic

740ee3  No.4600084


imagine the fucking mess we would be in if he didnt get in???

what a turning point

i mean fuck

ece09e  No.4600085



d50229  No.4600086

File: 44167f237101526⋯.jpg (63.11 KB, 963x1024, 963:1024, brainletvortex.jpg)


>Thinking I'm a shill because I recognize a difference in usership between TDS and Reddit

015de5  No.4600087

File: 1b8190a324deee8⋯.jpg (410.7 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190104-174644….jpg)

File: c58a66b5f3c8cf3⋯.jpg (355.1 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190104-174727….jpg)

2a3d21  No.4600088

File: 9fde5d2e59cf7ae⋯.jpg (360.55 KB, 828x1048, 207:262, nun.jpg)

THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK!! I hope the vatican gets what's long overdue.


237c08  No.4600089

File: ab42e7483bff463⋯.png (144.78 KB, 249x319, 249:319, ClipboardImage.png)


Whats wrong with the jacket?

ab4f28  No.4600090

File: ca2c342c3ef5b6e⋯.png (689.99 KB, 1333x574, 1333:574, Screenshot_2019-01-02 Penc….png)


many many many things

ece09e  No.4600091


you'll be the first

2cf838  No.4600092

did they scrub youtube of all those clips of Peggy Noonan saying "cuckservative" ?

53ec21  No.4600093



ec2942  No.4600094

File: 46ad859f2117ac9⋯.png (109.57 KB, 1033x593, 1033:593, epiphany-def.png)

File: 7439b193c0da6ae⋯.png (263.87 KB, 1022x467, 1022:467, epiphany-wiki.png)

Sunday, January 6


will we anons suddenly realize something very important?

or will our sleepy friends and family finally begin to see the light?

pics related

a49592  No.4600096


Imagine how many fucking souls are a waste right now, unaware of anything, deeply brainwashed and programmed. So much waste.

When they wake up, I hope God has a plan to make them a bit more human and give them a few IQ points back (They've burned many in the last few years).

806df9  No.4600097


please do

121e4e  No.4600098

File: f9a4f4b00629eab⋯.gif (1.78 MB, 300x168, 25:14, LOL.gif)


>Its because they are in on the psyop


ece09e  No.4600099


don't ever use that again you fucking idiot

46daab  No.4600100

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Dem Rep. John Yarmuth admits $5 billion is not that much for a wall, and that walls work

Yarmuth is the chairman of the House Budget Committee

Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Ky.), chairman of the House Budget Committee, admitted in an interview on Hill TV's "Rising" that the $5 billion President Donald Trump wants to fund a southern border wall isn't really that much money.

Yarmuth also admitted, in response to a series of challenges from host Buck Sexton, that border walls or fencing have proven to be effective already.

"At one point, Democrats were willing to give $25 billion for border security, just a year ago, in exchange for a deal on DACA," Yarmuth said.

Yarmouth said Democrats object to the wall because Trump's desire for a wall is "not a decision that's based on any realistic assessment of what is actually security."

Sexton quickly responded and cited conversations with leaders of Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement during which they told him "unequivocally" that a barrier would help border security.

"So why do we keep hearing members of the Democratic Congress come forward saying that it wouldn't work and it's stupid, when not only do we have the people who are actually in charge of border security saying it would work and it's not stupid, we can see that it already does work in places where there is a wall?" Sexton asked Yarmuth.

"That's exactly right," Yarmuth responded, after a pause.

After that, he seemed to lose his train of thought a bit as he recovered.

"But we don't know where he's going to put the wall," Yarmuth continued. "He already has $1.3 trillion—er, $1.3 billion that he's only spent 6 percent of that was given to him for border security and he hasn't used that. So the question is, do you just say 'okay, $5 billion, take it'… maybe that's the right idea. Maybe just give him the $5 billion because he won't use it anyway."


1eb9db  No.4600101

File: d5c040be28e6817⋯.png (317.46 KB, 514x472, 257:236, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at ….png)

28b472  No.4600102

File: 586a894538575fd⋯.jpeg (129.2 KB, 910x656, 455:328, E21BAC41-4CC8-48C0-AF39-F….jpeg)

ef3504  No.4600103



wut does Rash ida ho (along with no brain ocasio) Tlaib (Libat(ard) say in defense of the goat?

807ec2  No.4600104


I never thought he was, this helps that even more.

If POTUS goes, PENCE will follow. They would never move to try to impeach or kill POTUS only to get PENCE (assuming he was good).

POTUS is controlling PENCE through his crimes, while DS, and others try to remove him.

237c08  No.4600105


post the story on her twitter and ask for a response

65743d  No.4600106


I don't see an eye roll in full view. More like looking up and to the right as if mentally verifying the numbers. Would be interesting to see if Pence got the number right or wrong.

a64df9  No.4600107



Fat Faggot on

825fe2  No.4600108


there was an attempt

375791  No.4600109

File: 947800014e25ada⋯.png (425.17 KB, 810x612, 45:34, Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at ….png)

I can see no advantage to allowing a lie to have influence over Trump's base.

I can see massive risks and liabilities for allowing Q to continue if it was all a larp.


121e4e  No.4600110

File: a09198af32596e3⋯.jpg (313.55 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, BTFOshillCTAjackP.jpg)


use what?

3964d7  No.4600111

File: c2346926a2faf10⋯.jpeg (58.69 KB, 644x403, 644:403, 0DD144DF-7095-4540-81D0-7….jpeg)

File: 27cdf0e2a4221b3⋯.jpeg (60.07 KB, 750x493, 750:493, 4F5B8689-47B7-46EF-B357-4….jpeg)

27431d  No.4600112

File: 8717515b0eb8e73⋯.jpg (224.42 KB, 1107x1066, 27:26, Screenshot 2019-01-04_18-4….jpg)

Russian Air Force destroys west Aleppo weapons warehouse to prevent jihadist takeover


56a09a  No.4600113


Africans were raping infants as an AIDS cure not that long ago. Don't know if they're still doing it, but yeah. Fucking savages.

015de5  No.4600114

File: 4c4286281cbcfa1⋯.jpg (126.59 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190104-174927….jpg)


b8aa3e  No.4600115

File: 303bab70f061af6⋯.png (311.69 KB, 650x814, 325:407, E377D303-5256-46BC-95F5-4D….png)

Precursor for wall?

a413a9  No.4600116


because we're building a wall to keep the children out.

237c08  No.4600117


Logic tells me plausible deniability is a real thing

ece09e  No.4600118


was that sarcasm?

56a09a  No.4600119


Quadrupled. Quintupled. Octupled. And they're the "jew hating" posters. Irony!

540374  No.4600120

File: 60632288cc1b74b⋯.jpeg (321.98 KB, 1440x912, 30:19, 1544667560.jpeg)

89974c  No.4600121


Fuck off, jack hole.

Was that sarcasm?

1eb9db  No.4600122


saw it.

ab4f28  No.4600123

File: d85966ae1347c00⋯.jpg (402.65 KB, 1152x1536, 3:4, 7e8cad2392234da69be8aae8ee….jpg)


no anon. playfulness eludes you.


50f9e7  No.4600124

File: b022bcfc882d290⋯.jpg (115.84 KB, 1024x656, 64:41, sethclintonservers2.jpg)

File: 868c30dfd41b35f⋯.jpg (151.5 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, garethclintonservers2.jpg)

54dee5  No.4600125

File: 4e3c3b1709f03a4⋯.jpg (36.02 KB, 800x961, 800:961, 4e3c3b1709f03a48844fc9ddae….jpg)

Those who cannot understand….


should not be participating in discussions.

[11 Feb 2018 - 8:37:17 PM ]

31afad  No.4600126

File: 3a9053794c8a0b8⋯.png (534.52 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 02201551-5440-454B-A194-AA….png)

>>4599561 (LB)

Kek.. I have been into this shit so heavy for so long.. gunna bolster this outting By Darklord, I am not affiliated w him nor am I a hack, just a patriot who knows how fucked 9/11 and waiting for day all this could be exposed.

From wayback machine..


d50229  No.4600127


And remember, we need them here in the First World for vibrant diversity and to fix our stagnant, nonexistent white culture, goyim.

3ef19d  No.4600128

File: 6b10078b10814da⋯.png (66.05 KB, 774x400, 387:200, ClipboardImage.png)


Yep. If Obama had a son….pic related

716609  No.4600129

File: 9c5e51919945cb6⋯.jpg (96.5 KB, 1004x672, 251:168, emptf.JPG)






>…and his Twitter account taken down.



Related to "The Task Force on National and Homeland Security" - not governmental.

"The Task Force on National and Homeland Security is a privately-funded and operated body with a mandate to educate and help protect the United States from the existential threat posed by a natural or manmade electromagnetic pulse (EMP) catastrophe and other threats vital to U.S. national and homeland security that imperil the survival of the American people. Natural EMP from a great geomagnetic storm, a rare but inevitable threat that many scientists fear is overdue and may soon recur, perhaps as soon as the next solar maximum in 2013, could collapse electric grids worldwide and all the critical infrastructures - communications, transportation, banking and finance, food and water – that sustain modern civilization and the lives of millions. A nuclear EMP attack would inflict a similar catastrophe upon the United States, slowly killing about two-thirds of the national population, 200 million Americans dead within one year, from starvation, disease and societal collapse. Such an attack could be executed by both state and non-state actors, in the latter case through the launch of a nuclear-capable ballistic missile from a freighter or other platform off the coast of our country.

This visionary Congressional action – in the absence of taxpayer monies – represents a critical precedent in what could be properly termed "21st century national security." In this new era of fiscal austerity and deep, often debilitating, cuts in defense spending, the Task Force presents a model for the growing privatization of U.S. national security. Specifically, it permits private sector experts and former senior government officials to partner with Congress and other U.S. policy-makers in marshaling highly-proficient views and advice on a range of EMP-relevant technical and operational matters as well as concerning pressing security interests such as proliferation, energy security, economic and financial warfare, missile defense and intelligence-related challenges.

The Task Force is proud to break the mold of required public funding for national and homeland security imperatives of the kind described herein and, instead, draw on the genius, entrepreneurship and financial strength of the private sector to help resolve some of the most vexing security issues of our time."



509640  No.4600130

Amazing & scary new Anonymous video - military trials, B & more


883c9e  No.4600131

File: eccdf0f521f0d96⋯.png (592.15 KB, 500x667, 500:667, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4fa60b216fda4b1⋯.png (238.31 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

807ec2  No.4600132


If they fail, they will try to get PENCE to do something.

He is a good 'actor' playing the part of a good VP, he will get his in due time.

56a09a  No.4600133


Wait until the numbers on how many nuns were forced to have abortions after being raped by priests comes out.

efad47  No.4600134

File: a3eaca157218eae⋯.jpg (263.27 KB, 1440x907, 1440:907, Veto5.jpg)

81237d  No.4600135


Its a fucking stupid discussion.

No he can't be indicted, and isn't going to be indicted anyway.

Pelosi knows that.

But allows her to keep her shock troops motivated with hopium.

aca7d9  No.4600136

File: 1cf89ce3d3cf85c⋯.png (40.19 KB, 589x311, 589:311, AQ5.PNG)


Subject: Border security and reopening the government

740ee3  No.4600137

File: f6d45cdf7a89a96⋯.png (20.37 KB, 394x422, 197:211, Its the jews.PNG)



what was the post number

apparently i missed this one

daa55b  No.4600138

POTUS_Schedule 🇺🇸‏


1m1 minute ago


Saturday, 05 January 2019 (Staff schedule)

11:00 - Eisenhower Executive Office Building - (White House staff only) followup meeting with House and Senate leadership staff - Subject: Border security and reopening the government

7d45a9  No.4600139

NeverTrump Groups Profit from Left-Wing Philanthropist’s Cash



If it sounds ominous, it’s because it is. What’s even more alarming is that a cabal of longtime influencers on the Right—the political world’s self-appointed moral superiors who now vilify Trump as a greedy, unprincipled charlatan—have their hands in the deep pockets of a Leftist billionaire while pretending to represent core conservative values they clearly have abandoned for political and personal gain.

This list features not only Bill Kristol (as I wrote last month) but others including Evan McMullin, Mindy Finn, Mona Charen, Matthew Dowd, and Linda Chavez. Former GOP officials such as U.S. Representative David Jolly (R-Fla.), former GOP governor Christine Todd Whitman of New Jersey, and former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff are all tied to Democracy Fund affiliates. All are reliable and frequent “conservative” critics of the president and his administration.

In 2017 alone, Democracy Fund spent more than $47 million to bankroll dozens of organizations, including several that support anti-Trump Republicans. (Kudos to Democracy Fund for its transparency. Figures only are available through 2017.)

Here are a few:

Stand Up Republic: Headed up by the losing presidential ticket of Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn, this group received up to $800,000 in 2017 by an affiliate of the Democracy Fund. Rep. Jolly, who scored an appearance on “Real Time with Bill Maher” in October to tell the world he was leaving the GOP because of Trump, is a board member. Stand Up Republic spent $500,000 on ads to urge Alabama voters to vote against Roy Moore in that state’s special Senate election last year. McMullin, Finn, and Jolly are outspoken Trump critics on Twitter and in the media.

Protect Democracy: This new group claims that “Congress [is] abdicating its role, and President Trump is now undermining checks and balances by attacking the judiciary, withholding information from Congress, and punishing states that have opposed his policies.” Several NeverTrumpers serve as advisers to the project, including National Review author Mona Charen; ABC News contributor Matthew Dowd; writer Linda Chavez; and, of course, Finn and McMullin. John Dean, Nixon’s White House counsel and now vocal critic of Trump, also is an adviser. Democracy Fund committed $400,000 in 2017 to the group over two years; advisers engage in “specific projects” or others at a more “general level.”

Alliance for Securing Democracy: This outfit “develops comprehensive strategies to defend against, deter, and raise the costs on Russian and other state actors’ efforts to undermine democracy and democratic institutions.” It operates Hamilton 68, a dashboard that tracks Twitter activity tied to allegedly Russian accounts: the site has come under criticism for its sketchy methods and results. Kristol and Chertoff are advisers to ASD; it received a grant of up to $300,000 in 2017 from Democracy Fund.

Defending Democracy Together: Another post-2016 election group, Defending Democracy Together has received at least $600,000 from a Democracy Fund affiliate this year. Headed by Kristol, Charen, Chavez as well as Trump foes Christine Todd Whitman and former Rep. Bob Inglis (who also works with another Democracy Fund recipient—the R Street Institute—which received $650,000 in 2017), Defending Democracy Together is fighting the president on the special counsel probe, tariffs, and immigration policy. The group has run television ads throughout the year demanding that Congress protect the Mueller investigation and that acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker recuse himself.

Other organizations filled with NeverTrumpers hostile to the president and his administration are Democracy Fund grantees. This includes the Cato Institute, the Bipartisan Policy Center (former GOP Chairman and Trump foe Michael Steele is a board member), and the Niskanen Center.

The Niskanen Center touts itself as a “center right” think tank, with numerous self-styled libertarians (or former libertarians, anyway) on its staff. But its policy agenda is indistinguishable from that of the Democratic National Committee. Niskanen pushes climate change policies, including a carbon tax, loose immigration rules, and universal health care coverage. It has been criticized for its climate advocacy and it’s funded by other left-leaning foundations.

Democracy Fund committed $200,000 to Niskanen through 2017; its advisory board is a who’s who of NeverTrumpers, including Finn, McMullin, author Tom Nichols, The Atlantic editor David Frum, and former Bush official Eliot Cohen. (Board members are not compensated.)

ece09e  No.4600140

File: 8f1b232b74baec8⋯.gif (1020.2 KB, 400x229, 400:229, 1538143893.gif)


Oh, I'm letting it flow dude

letting it ALL hang out

ef3504  No.4600141


ok, may I cc you with ackowledgement

32d487  No.4600142


I knew pence was not /ourguy/ when he backed Lyin' Ted 2.75 years ago.

Anons need to step up their game.

We're' in a WAR out there.

46daab  No.4600143

File: dbfef43c29f4f82⋯.png (16.95 KB, 567x306, 63:34, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e2930259f02d33e⋯.png (450.42 KB, 547x703, 547:703, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cae75d0d993f0a8⋯.png (526.34 KB, 550x823, 550:823, ClipboardImage.png)

Why does Rashida Tlaib support US military aid to Israel?

There has been much euphoria over the Michigan primary win on Tuesday that sets up Palestinian American Rashida Tlaib to become the first Muslim woman to enter Congress if, as widely expected, she wins the general election in November.

“As the child of immigrants and an Arab, Tlaib is acutely aware of the issues that impact our community,” the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee said in a message congratulating her. “In Congress, we know she will continue to be a strong advocate for the community, and we look forward to working with her.”

That has been a widely shared sentiment – backed by an assumption that because she is a Palestinian American, Tlaib can be counted on to be a strong voice for Palestinian rights.

But hard political experience tells us otherwise, and the time to look at Tlaib’s troubling relationship with a leading pro-Israel organization is now.

military aid to Israel?

Ali Abunimah Power Suits 9 August 2018

Rashida Tlaib (Rashida Tlaib for Congress)

There has been much euphoria over the Michigan primary win on Tuesday that sets up Palestinian American Rashida Tlaib to become the first Muslim woman to enter Congress if, as widely expected, she wins the general election in November.

“As the child of immigrants and an Arab, Tlaib is acutely aware of the issues that impact our community,” the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee said in a message congratulating her. “In Congress, we know she will continue to be a strong advocate for the community, and we look forward to working with her.”

That has been a widely shared sentiment – backed by an assumption that because she is a Palestinian American, Tlaib can be counted on to be a strong voice for Palestinian rights.

But hard political experience tells us otherwise, and the time to look at Tlaib’s troubling relationship with a leading pro-Israel organization is now.

Raining on the parade

The euphoria over Tlaib reminds me of the ecstasy when Barack Obama was elected president.

People assumed that despite his cautious and even reactionary political positions, his identity as a Black man, the son of a Kenyan immigrant father, and his history as a community organizer in Chicago would somehow seep through into his policies.

Many expected that after the campaign was over, the real, progressive Obama – who was absent in the campaign – would emerge in the White House to fulfill all the fantasies of his supporters.

There’s no need to recount in detail here how Obama became “deporter-in-chief,” a friend of Wall Street, and, despite his Nobel Peace Prize, an avid militarist whose administration dropped more than 26,000 bombs on countries around the world in his last year in office alone.

When it came to Palestine, Obama was clear during the campaign: he was staunchly pro-Israel and that’s how he would govern.

He kept his promise – starting from his failure to condemn Israel’s Operation Cast Lead assault on Gaza just prior to his presidency, to his administration’s decision to resupply Israel with bombs during its summer 2014 slaughter in Gaza of more than one in every 1,000 of the territory’s residents.

And of course he ended his term by giving Israel a $38 billion military aid package, the largest in history.

I tried to warn people in my March 2007 article, “How Barack Obama learned to love Israel,” but my experience generally was that people didn’t want to hear it, and I was often accused of raining on the parade.


5f3c88  No.4600144


Dude! You need to stop smoking at work.Kek!

79dbca  No.4600145


For Americans I agree, but the Japanese are halfway socialist with government run health care.

At least this tax is for some type of exchange and not just because you are breathing air.

121e4e  No.4600146

File: e74a91e83639477⋯.jpeg (373.49 KB, 1632x933, 544:311, youFLAG.jpeg)

File: 3d360c83be9b324⋯.jpg (55.53 KB, 600x779, 600:779, YouThinkThisDucking.jpg)


Seriously get new memes

05cf8d  No.4600147

File: 577c465fd243e48⋯.png (1.11 MB, 852x567, 284:189, ClipboardImage.png)

Exclusive: California utility PG&E explores bankruptcy filing - sources

(Reuters) - California utility company PG&E Corp (PCG.N) is exploring filing some or all of its business for bankruptcy protection as it faces billions of dollars in liabilities related to fatal wildfires in 2018 and 2017, people familiar with the matter said on Friday. The company is considering the move as a contingency, in part because it could soon take a significant financial charge for the fourth quarter of 2018 related to liabilities from the blazes, the sources said. A bankruptcy filing is not certain, the sources said. The company could receive financial help through legislation that would let it pass on to customers costs associated with fire liabilities, the sources said. But that is just a possibility, they said, so bankruptcy preparations are being made.

As of Friday, PG&E was shying away from negotiating so-called debtor-in-possession financing that companies typically line up before a bankruptcy filing to help keep operating while under court protection, one source familiar with the matter said. A bankruptcy filing is not PG&E’s preference for addressing liabilities from the catastrophic blazes, some of the sources said. But the preparations could put pressure on California politicians hoping the company can avoid such an outcome. Shares of PG&E, which has a market capitalization of $12.7 billion, dropped 30 percent in after hours trading in New York on Friday on the news.

“PG&E’s board and management are working diligently to assess the company’s potential liabilities as a result of the wildfires and the options for addressing those liabilities. We recognize the need to balance the interests of many stakeholders while maintaining safe, reliable and affordable services for our customers, which is always our top priority,” the company said in a statement. PG&E is also exploring selling its gas unit, potentially through a court-supervised auction during bankruptcy proceedings, one of the sources said. The sale could also take place outside a bankruptcy process, the same source said. The company is weighing using proceeds from the unit’s sale to address death and injury claims arising from the recent wildfires, this source said. NPR first reported on the exploration of the gas unit sale earlier on Friday.

PG&E, which filed for bankruptcy once before in 2001, said in November it could face “significant liability” in excess of its insurance coverage if its equipment was found to have caused last year’s fires in northern and southern California. Those fires, the Camp and Woolsey blazes, killed at least 86 people and destroyed 18,500 homes, incinerating most of the Sierra foothills town of Paradise, 175 miles (280 km) north of San Francisco. PG&E also faces dozens of lawsuits from owners of homes and businesses that burned during 2017 fires.

The utility has been wrestling with how best to proceed after two years of destructive fires. California policymakers had approved a bill that let utilities pass on to customers some costs related to wildfires, according to Moody’s. But the bill did not cover 2018 fires. Filing for bankruptcy would shield PG&E from the liabilities, giving it time to figure out how to handle the claims. The company said on Friday that it was reviewing its “structural options” and assessing its operations, finances, management, structure and governance. It also said it is searching for new directors at its holding company and its utility subsidiary Pacific Gas and Electric Co. PG&E added that it has formed a special board committee that includes independent experts to advise on wildfire safety best practices.

Reuters reported last year that the company was working with bankruptcy advisors. The utility has borrowed more than $3 billion under credit lines available to it, a move companies in financial distress will often make to shore up cash. The California Public Utilities Commission last month opened a new proceeding to consider penalties against the company for falsifying pipeline safety records.


2f3791  No.4600148

File: 74957f3472c735f⋯.png (377.57 KB, 800x453, 800:453, ClipboardImage.png)

ecc408  No.4600149

File: df92db6baea33ee⋯.jpg (315.44 KB, 1080x1147, 1080:1147, Screenshot_20190104-175237….jpg)

f53021  No.4600150


>Zulus fighting for white farmers.



And you wonder why you're hated faggot.

54dee5  No.4600151

File: ad73deb5ed26976⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.65 MB, 1936x2592, 121:162, heather-hick.jpg)

fc8e36  No.4600152


I really think the people posting as Q in 2017 thru like april 2018 was real

After that it got weird

237c08  No.4600153


Yep - my email is pstrzok@fbi.gov

d7429f  No.4600154

i wonder how many lurkers have been here since Dec 23rd and have never witnessed a Q drop live…

7d840e  No.4600155


Niggers dont farm shit Zulus are warriors they don't want to starve out! Zimbabwe 2.0~

ece09e  No.4600156


you're a little triggered, relax honey.

50f9e7  No.4600157

File: 8902f2d63f58540⋯.jpg (162.57 KB, 1114x692, 557:346, BowChumpPepeMedia.jpg)

81237d  No.4600158


They got the all clear once Trump pulled out the state dept spooks who were operating these caches.

89974c  No.4600159

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

56a09a  No.4600160


Dims need to straighten out their playbook.

Wall too expensive?

Walls don't work?

Walls "not who we are"?

Walls "immoral"?

Such sloppy messaging.

ee464e  No.4600161


People were injured and killed in Las Vegas. My sibling's friend lost a relative (Canadian visiting Las Vegas).

aae070  No.4600162


Not an eye roll, she just looked up, maybe thinkng of something or trying to remember something. Or maybe she saw a bird flying.

She looks tired. Been a busy year for her.

c7f611  No.4600163

File: 869d96e18f325bb⋯.jpg (873.64 KB, 2048x1467, 2048:1467, kek mass.jpg)



lucky rolls




participation awards

450054  No.4600164

File: c0a9cbbd03f1624⋯.jpeg (94.06 KB, 735x399, 35:19, 2BF5576B-D622-4627-BB24-9….jpeg)

d8db24  No.4600165

File: 3e0525858e61027⋯.jpg (14.2 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Chef Michael he heeee.jpg)

d404ed  No.4600166

Every doc from Dark Overlord layer 1 on google docs for easy perusal.

Dig people. Dig.

https: //drive.google.com/drive/mobile/folders/11po4R8PVxhMXnxvFSVxRG_LKl-za__HA/1NXgs83MfE1lSKcBdpwevzGo2UtKb5Y4t/1M0ux3PDMZGBNaxKqeyh7NvbAI2nw4fkB?usp=drive_open&sort=13&direction=a

56a09a  No.4600167


Jesus, you're dumb. Go away.

2cf838  No.4600168

File: 045544ae9771ee7⋯.jpg (104.83 KB, 1200x822, 200:137, Dvi--bkX4AYxjXg.jpg)

The Ninth Circle of Hell

Dante encounters Pedos & MAPs as they lie supine in the ice while their tears freeze in their eye sockets, sealing them with small visors of crystal– even the comfort of weeping is denied them.

Abandon all hope ye who enter here

31afad  No.4600169

File: 94ed7ca5272197c⋯.png (529.44 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 647A3E28-064F-4824-A5FC-E2….png)


You could say WTC7 is the key to blowing this all wide open.


73769d  No.4600170


Maybe reason to shutdown airports. He said early today they are securing all port entries. Preparing for Martial Law/National Emergency.

313484  No.4600171

File: 9164b805687a4a3⋯.png (69.56 KB, 610x467, 610:467, ClipboardImage.png)

a64df9  No.4600172


The Doctors w/o borders Comment was hilarious too

964ae8  No.4600173


posted that this morning the file is in the anonfiles link in the pb

317a7f  No.4600174

>>4600089 It"s ON A DEAD GUY!

810ab1  No.4600175

File: ca2c79f5ba1d04b⋯.jpg (4.06 MB, 4128x3096, 4:3, 20190104_185058.jpg)

File: cbfb58b8997691b⋯.jpg (2.52 MB, 4128x3096, 4:3, 20190104_185133.jpg)

File: 9b1b53896695a5c⋯.jpg (2.64 MB, 4128x3096, 4:3, 20190104_185206.jpg)

f53021  No.4600176


The building the sheeple forgot…

d50229  No.4600177


Shitlibs always throw out a multitude of excuses, and in many cases they're contradictory. Reminds me of when they discussed the caravan, saying it both didn't exist and that it was nothing to worry about.

32d487  No.4600178


nice digits

Good message.

7d45a9  No.4600179


https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/3747044.html#3747463 The Explore algorithm sees that you're interested in anti-vaccination theories," Morgan said

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/4116098.html#4116318 reference to the HAMILTON 68 dashboard/algorithm created by the "Alliance for Securing Democracy"

ee464e  No.4600180


a fake hoax means no one was killed; blasphemy shows you are dumb

b516c2  No.4600181


Page doesn't exist on Twitter. Jim Stone didn't sauce it. Not in archive.fo

05bf80  No.4600182


Undeliverable, kek.

48afb3  No.4600183


Finally an honest Dem. Critical thinking as well. POTUS won't spend anymore than he needs to.

d8db24  No.4600184


for sure. We get that here in ca

Filling up with $2.85/gal 'winter blend' gasoline.

b716f6  No.4600185


Anons can't see that once its proven that POTUS can be indicted… its laying the path to the others? We are watching a movie.

0bb24d  No.4600186

540374  No.4600187

3ef19d  No.4600188

File: d106d5507c07400⋯.jpeg (6.49 KB, 232x217, 232:217, 35bd6532023203f36633b66fb….jpeg)

9d659f  No.4600189

File: 72d0e451dd1912a⋯.png (92 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 7af26593dfbe6797063f88eeb6….png)

ece09e  No.4600190


speak engrish

8e4b95  No.4600191



e4fcb8  No.4600192

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

31afad  No.4600193


The one not fucking hit yet came down as a straight up demolition.. no plane yet falls feom simple office fire?!? Horseshit.

f53021  No.4600194


Use a VPN and an extension called user agent switcher to change the device your using to any device & browser you choose. Stay anon. This is basic minimum opsec.

375791  No.4600195


Q and us Anons did everything we could to get the Fake News to ask Trump the question about Qanon.

They know the truth, or they would ask

33d6c3  No.4600196

File: b1d0cfe5ddad4e8⋯.jpeg (63.51 KB, 640x480, 4:3, AE725C24-148D-4795-8ECA-5….jpeg)

File: 5bbeeec93b6f55b⋯.jpeg (122.85 KB, 854x854, 1:1, 514EFB56-A108-4073-BC71-0….jpeg)

File: d48c4e8c7353997⋯.jpeg (139.97 KB, 604x617, 604:617, 43F56152-7953-40B0-89E0-4….jpeg)

File: 6f1bdca66abde1f⋯.png (79.6 KB, 628x657, 628:657, 1EAA1FB9-5100-4FC8-BA67-89….png)

807ec2  No.4600197

About a year ago there was a PDF posted on here, that talked about ((them)) JB, and others, and it was shilled pretty hard and was considered to be fake, does anyone have it?

I would say it's in breads 0 - 1000.

I'll see if I can find it, but it might be good to look at it again.

32d487  No.4600198


moar WAR.

that's great.

b28e97  No.4600199

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3ef19d  No.4600200



Sky Event incoming?

ab4f28  No.4600201

File: 65023b542c20a9d⋯.jpg (37.08 KB, 750x564, 125:94, 65023b542c20a9d685816bf146….jpg)


I love this guy. Right THAT right there

is the perfect card to peel off lunatic

novus ordo "Catholics"…if we can just

set up a false flag on the Holy See…

…some sort of muslim ninja…yes…the

old assassins…bring them back for a one

time performance…lots of fake dead nuns

that look like mary poppins twin sister…

fake the hunt for the "perpetrators"

and jordysage2020 the rest?

7d840e  No.4600202

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


8747d8  No.4600203



2cf838  No.4600204

File: 6fff4d26fa2f355⋯.jpg (102.29 KB, 901x550, 901:550, DwDeMmuWsAAxEAn.jpg)

For fans of past CBS shows: “Madame Secretary,” “Code Black,” & “Law Order: SVU,” CBS’ newest political drama, “Third World Order,” brings ‘woke’ to Washington!

Shattering everything you thought you knew about Western Republics, with a hint of spice & sass!

Tune in @ 9PM EST.

d7429f  No.4600205


of course she's been raped.

she's a muslim and it's her brother's privilege to do so!

0a3f70  No.4600206


1. Close mouth, take blinders off…

2. Open eyes, look, see…

3. Clean out ears, listen, hear…

'There is a storm coming (both physically and spiritually) and all secrets will be revealed and the wheat will be separated from the chaff. Notice the news and weather is way crazier than normal? It's about to get a whole lot messier as the Light continues to be turned up here on Gaia and those beings of lower frequency filled with judgment, hate and fear begin to feel the intolerable burn. Don't waste your time or energy on debunkers and other dark entities. Follow your heart, use common sense, and you will be part of the new Earth - one of peace, love, unity, cooperation, sharing, transparency, fairness and connection with our galactic brothers and sisters as well as other non-physical Spirits, Guides, Angels and Source itself. The trains are starting to leave the station. Choose love. Choose service. Choose gratitude.'

be1e7a  No.4600207


I keep seeing this pic

Any anon know where it comes from?

Looks like camera equip/movie set or something

438b79  No.4600208


theres that and oh yeh the table in the situation room just happens to have a poster size meme that Q drop a month ago

anyone that doesnt think Trump and Q are together is retarded im sorry

21ed82  No.4600209

File: 408b767a61141b8⋯.jpg (132.39 KB, 600x406, 300:203, kids.jpg)

f53021  No.4600210


There are supervisors and bosses we have to answer to that got their position for being so "smart" that don't know how many buildings fell. No fucking way this backwards life can be lived anymore. I want out.

9cbb45  No.4600211


Also in a SCIF, you think, anon?

56a09a  No.4600212


Bullshit. Gov. Brown already signed an order allowing them to pass all litigation exposure to their customers.

883c9e  No.4600213


atc are about to strike as well. without tsa and atc, shutdown ala 9/11.

65743d  No.4600214


Actually, when I played back around the 8 min mark when Trump starts talking about telling Chuck and Nancy about the children, she looks up, and then down. Her mouth is tight. I think this is a very hard subject for her. It should be because she does have the details of what is happening to these children.

aca7d9  No.4600215

File: ececa577f60169d⋯.png (15.09 KB, 286x457, 286:457, AQ7.PNG)


Who'd have ever thought "Impeach the MF-er" would be trending on Twatter?

31d2a2  No.4600216

Artist - Thrice

Album - Beggars

"All The World Is Mad"

We are saints made of plaster, our laughter is canned

We are demons that hide in the mirror

But the blood on our hands

Paints a picture exceedingly clear

We are brimming with cumbersome, murderous greed

And malevolence deep and profound.

We do unspeakable deeds

Does our wickedness know any bounds?

Something’s gone terribly wrong

With everyone

All the world is mad

Darkness brings terrible things

The sun is gone

What vanity! Our sad, wretched fires

We can’t medicate man to perfection again

We can’t legislate peace in our hearts

We can’t educate sin from our souls

It’s been there from the start

But the blind lead the blind into bottomless pits

Still we smile and deny that we’re cursed

But of all our iniquities

Ignorance may be the worst

Something’s gone terribly wrong

With everyone

All the world is mad

Darkness brings terrible things

The sun is gone

What vanity! Our sad, wretched fires

Oh little light we have!

It only serves to show

The snares and seeds of wrath

We have already sewn on every path

Something’s gone terribly wrong

With everyone

All the world is mad

Darkness brings terrible things

The sun is gone

What vanity! Our sad wretched fires.

73769d  No.4600217


You got the 5 9's

Truth revealed-→ No welfare seekers or liberals!

51fd41  No.4600218

File: a15c6d972113008⋯.jpg (85.79 KB, 577x504, 577:504, 8f01b31c87a579140cc7590a1d….jpg)

File: e0a87adafc8b801⋯.jpg (99.17 KB, 615x767, 615:767, c732d87b05c6953f3be7293ec5….jpg)

File: 53fb9c3b291327d⋯.jpg (17.69 KB, 240x253, 240:253, b08283857b3093893f46b2dabb….jpg)

653df8  No.4600219

File: 91426a1e74927af⋯.png (106.64 KB, 1266x844, 3:2, Screenshot_2019-01-04 Nati….png)

found the faggots

fc8e36  No.4600220

Nice that was a good weekly 10 minutes of hate

Fuck you Q youre dead to me

ece09e  No.4600221


there is no way out.

you cannot escape this.

883c9e  No.4600222


get a decent grinder

3ef19d  No.4600223

File: fc5385d9be2933e⋯.mp4 (7.99 MB, 480x360, 4:3, U S MILITARY CATCH ISIS GA….mp4)

f178fb  No.4600224

Hey Q, how about some habbenings?

Real ones, not elf on the shelf…asking for some frens.

2cf838  No.4600225

File: f40629cc0a02289⋯.jpg (182.08 KB, 757x999, 757:999, DvF3JTiU0AEzbaN.jpg)

File: 068f9f2f6ac3791⋯.jpg (200.2 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DvF3JTvVsAEzW1u.jpg)

The truth is, your city is better off getting nuked than it would be getting diversity.

00c7fd  No.4600226

File: fb221df6ea5382c⋯.jpg (394.31 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190104-175819….jpg)

April showers

bring mayflowers

chirp chirp

56a09a  No.4600227


Calling Jesus "God" is blasphemous to you? Or should I print G-d so as not to offend your idiotic feelings?

701d14  No.4600228

File: 177b934c9d4718a⋯.png (28.87 KB, 273x492, 91:164, vpcallout.png)


I found this one interesting and managed to capture his timeline on Twatdeck. He got called out on his last but one tweet and then suddenly the account was taken down though. Don't know how real it is …. I will post the other tweets after this

27431d  No.4600229

File: 40105dfe808ecd2⋯.jpg (269.1 KB, 718x933, 718:933, Screenshot 2019-01-04_18-5….jpg)

US Arrests Russian in Guam on Defense Export Violation Charges


81cfb5  No.4600230


Gravity Bong!!!!!

313484  No.4600231

File: 8b6ec428d2e137a⋯.jpg (388.28 KB, 739x1337, 739:1337, clear as crystal.jpg)


>get new memes

<still uses 'daily stormer' as if it's somehow relevant

Here, have this one- just put it together a day or two ago, still fresh out the oven.

5c0d99  No.4600232


>I keep seeing this pic

>Any anon know where it comes from?

There's this new fangled thing called the interwebs that have some very useful sites that do these amazing things called reverse image search.

1ce25a  No.4600233

File: c5f7b0454ead5fb⋯.jpg (113.83 KB, 640x780, 32:39, 1546646193922.jpg)

740ee3  No.4600234

File: 257d94b4eb7b5b7⋯.jpg (20.05 KB, 480x478, 240:239, kkeks.jpg)

File: 2e02c0eb3ac144a⋯.png (706.62 KB, 566x875, 566:875, merchant card.png)


thanks anon

700320  No.4600235

File: da9936d79c453d9⋯.png (529.96 KB, 1436x1204, 359:301, fake_news_scrubbing_911.png)




yep. pic relates.

pic relates

bcb695  No.4600236

File: 7d472286def5890⋯.png (787.9 KB, 1897x872, 1897:872, Totem02.PNG)


Boy Chuckles looks pathetic.

Planefag: I see 3 P-3C's transponders off and two have the call sign TOTEM02 x 2.

54dee5  No.4600237

File: 4a6a434297a2aa0⋯.jpg (139.25 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 1m4l40.jpg)

d8bb73  No.4600238

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.






ece09e  No.4600239


no you fucking idiot you don't use ever the name in vain you fucking shithead

7913fe  No.4600240

File: bfe99175bc0bb04⋯.jpg (111.38 KB, 600x466, 300:233, AwakeningTruth.jpg)

File: 7630bfbb9b92fe1⋯.jpg (28.29 KB, 255x209, 255:209, QSENTUSWEWANTOURFUCKINGCOU….jpg)

File: 203f80433745034⋯.jpg (165.01 KB, 1026x489, 342:163, CountryBack.jpg)

File: 3697bce1f4def18⋯.jpg (64.12 KB, 529x618, 529:618, TakingCountryBack.jpg)

1aa33c  No.4600241

Public Service Announcement..

If a Post sounds like a CHAT room or REDDIT

It's a shill

Filter it

If a Post uses a NAME

It's a shill

Filter it

If the word "jew" is used in any way

It's a shill

Filter it

if a post sounds retarded or just LOW IQ

It's a shill

Filter it

Flat Earth? "R"?

It's a shill

Filter it

Not sure ?

It's a shill

Filter it.

Think you maybe have filtered something good by accident? nope!

if it really is a relevant research post, the above shills will attack it.

2cf838  No.4600242

File: 5cd6aeee6d35e13⋯.mp4 (158.06 KB, 572x360, 143:90, iC8NZjC5L8J3__Uh.mp4)

bfbeff  No.4600243


So this headline tugged at my brain, for centuries the medical care people received usually consisted of spiritual rituals by exercising demons (those with tourettes and epilepsy were targeted victims throughout ancient times) by priests and holy men. Of course we have advanced through scientific research and approach since then but its almost as if they think they can go back to these antiquated approaches to try and control us once again. Interesting.

56a09a  No.4600244


Their people get the mushroom treatment; kept in the dark and fed horse shit. MSN talking about Q would lead too many of them out of the darkness.

3e84ed  No.4600245

File: e22c76d71996a21⋯.png (118.35 KB, 707x665, 101:95, 20190104_235953.png)


6c4525  No.4600246


Better then being walled in and institutionalized while they wait to be trafficked or used for their organs here.

65743d  No.4600247

I think we've gotten better than Q today. We've gotten Q+. Enjoy the ride. Posters. Movement with the planes and this presser today. Good stuff that shows things are happening.

82c5d5  No.4600248


Notice it's always a "friend's" sister, or coworkers "uncle" who died? Never a direct relation.

701d14  No.4600249

File: 7b69e5b47001769⋯.png (31.55 KB, 273x555, 91:185, PVP1.png)

File: 462060aa201b311⋯.png (32.16 KB, 273x573, 91:191, PVP2.png)

File: 974424ab106aeaa⋯.png (27.88 KB, 273x556, 273:556, PVP3.png)

File: 437c448a2c914b5⋯.png (29.55 KB, 273x615, 91:205, PVP4.png)


Here we go

2a3d21  No.4600250

File: 69b8643fafeb4e0⋯.jpg (126.56 KB, 812x600, 203:150, macron.jpg)


Uh Oh Macrony!


7d840e  No.4600251


TY How you do?

2cf838  No.4600252


anyone who tells you to filter is a shill faggot. kys.

701d14  No.4600253

File: be830b9b5cd9761⋯.png (30.14 KB, 273x565, 273:565, PVP5.png)

File: bb4dc38a982c11d⋯.png (27.72 KB, 273x557, 273:557, PVP6.png)

File: 4d1e1f2e6e8aef4⋯.png (23.87 KB, 273x485, 273:485, PVP7.png)

File: 9e9145b926dfd38⋯.png (32.15 KB, 273x551, 273:551, PVP8.png)

f178fb  No.4600254


If an anon posts a PSA..hes a shill.


be7026  No.4600255


Jew couldn't be more wrong about this.

ece09e  No.4600256


filter this faggot

75d845  No.4600257



701d14  No.4600258

File: 9006a3302017d5d⋯.png (26.53 KB, 273x554, 273:554, PVP9.png)

File: 488921cf1c886ca⋯.png (26.82 KB, 273x552, 91:184, pvp10.png)

File: bdb2b904cb71114⋯.png (22.96 KB, 273x463, 273:463, pvp11.png)

File: 9948bbd6f9d0cb3⋯.png (31.25 KB, 273x542, 273:542, pvp12.png)

ab4f28  No.4600259


goat ran off with the last "man" attached. kek.

well, were they go one, they go all.

89974c  No.4600260

File: 663a1f7d239eeee⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

VIP in the sky; added bonus: AZAZ0909 engines running….somewhere.

d7429f  No.4600261




9d8b3d  No.4600262


i honestly dont trust the validity of the docs. the fact they are being held for ransom tells me these so called hackers are not patriots. and thats enough to hurt their credibility with me.

f53021  No.4600263


Watch me, nigga.




We're either reading the words of a wizard or a warlock. Cyber awareness is why I quite my job working for Hollywood faggots. let's do this!

0b05d9  No.4600264


Mom. Get off this board. How many times have I told you?

7a04b8  No.4600265

A big glass alloy frame shower door fell on my toe this morning from a height of a 10 - 12 inches. I reckon the sucker was about 20 to 25 lbs heavy. Is it supposed to hurt?

e7a44e  No.4600266


Muslims sure like them goats…. 😶

740ee3  No.4600267



fucking low IQ jews with no rigged game to lean on

it is practically a list of the things kikeyworld doesn't want you to discover about the matrix

33d6c3  No.4600268

File: a011f29ae5ff7d3⋯.jpeg (281.38 KB, 1242x1695, 414:565, 8EEB75E7-6718-4DBD-8DF7-7….jpeg)

File: 4f6aeb1731274af⋯.png (1.78 MB, 800x493, 800:493, C8AE769C-A34B-48A7-A8FD-16….png)

File: f1497cc8f3c788c⋯.jpeg (33.01 KB, 570x309, 190:103, 24A7357D-1A33-480A-ACF3-3….jpeg)

6ae546  No.4600269

Done you guys are spinning shit that isn't there. Now it's in notables this place is a joke

700320  No.4600270

File: 201b582197551bc⋯.png (9.35 KB, 608x100, 152:25, seedingbadinformation.png)

File: 81e35c3d5fb53ea⋯.png (11.22 KB, 608x108, 152:27, astroturfingconsensus.png)

File: ed704e45793f7a3⋯.png (15.59 KB, 608x141, 608:141, tacitapproval.png)

04091c  No.4600272

File: cd59f541486503f⋯.jpg (96.96 KB, 1080x855, 24:19, ad83b94720c9859287a49d723e….jpg)

d7429f  No.4600273


Don't worry, lad, she gets the board off plenty.

pretty sure her rounds are bringing her back my way, soon enough

82c5d5  No.4600274



According to the Daily Mail, the gender of the goat has not been disclosed.


75d845  No.4600275



653df8  No.4600276

File: 9b8fb53ce565ef8⋯.png (46.66 KB, 514x369, 514:369, Screenshot_2019-01-05 Comp….png)

1971, how did you miss it?

0bb24d  No.4600277


See you guise back on [MONDAY] I guess…

52d07c  No.4600278

Is my microbiome the center of the universe?

56a09a  No.4600279


Not to mention the groundswell of information of how many thousands of Nazi war criminals the Vatican snuck into their strongholds in South America, including Hitler, Mengele, etc.

ecc408  No.4600280


I would only be guessing…

2cf838  No.4600281

File: 56ab1a1dfd5596f⋯.jpg (125.53 KB, 753x1200, 251:400, Dv_thZFWkAABbr2.jpg)

File: 0090e135b89692e⋯.jpg (4.24 KB, 140x140, 1:1, Dv_thY3WoAA3RW1.jpg)

File: 8b5c4f7868f094f⋯.jpg (95.9 KB, 640x1056, 20:33, Dv_thZGXcAIzJp0.jpg)

File: 20fa03917bcd3a3⋯.jpg (45.12 KB, 498x499, 498:499, Dv_thY6X0AAAtVb.jpg)

WHO do you think is more privileged?

Working-class whites who can’t afford a family, healthcare, or a home in a safe neighborhood?

Or the (((Noah Berlatskys))) of the World, who work at NBC making $$$ writing articles decrying all Whites who don’t hate themselves yet?

a5c376  No.4600282

File: d6b427b8a7de46f⋯.jpeg (20.57 KB, 255x151, 255:151, 8D04D0ED-141F-44D0-8375-6….jpeg)

9/11 hack

Getman hack

Whats going on

54dee5  No.4600283

File: 8240d3a48e4404a⋯.jpg (79.11 KB, 546x499, 546:499, 2pazzl.jpg)

cc97c3  No.4600284

File: a52324587b506bf⋯.png (208.3 KB, 469x452, 469:452, Gun pepe.png)


>Public Service Announcement..

Being a stupid cunt, is not a public service.

ece09e  No.4600285


just do it then

ae256c  No.4600286

File: 52309ddb529b53a⋯.png (19.6 KB, 304x417, 304:417, HT - Copy.png)

All these Upgrades makes me think…

b7ec9b  No.4600287


Thanks for the heads up, you are now filtered Jew

56a09a  No.4600288


Because she knows she's guilty.

8493dd  No.4600289

File: 04153d609efcf90⋯.jpg (54.83 KB, 377x376, 377:376, MasonicGOAT.JPG)

File: 3f368d91353018e⋯.jpg (39.21 KB, 426x374, 213:187, MasonicGoatRiders.JPG)

File: 746862e240fcf82⋯.jpg (30.95 KB, 361x230, 361:230, MasonicGoatRidersII.JPG)

File: 5ca997f0627f6bd⋯.jpg (30.07 KB, 311x273, 311:273, MasonicGoatRidersIII.JPG)

File: 0a3cb6a61e48449⋯.jpg (21.66 KB, 323x203, 323:203, MasonicGoatRidersIV.JPG)



d50229  No.4600290


Really makes me think, anon.

ab4f28  No.4600291

File: 61831fb5bf846d8⋯.png (249.87 KB, 1786x1214, 893:607, 0yq9q7kcehfy.png)

File: 52526f31e8e134a⋯.png (232.95 KB, 320x240, 4:3, BarryAgitator3Screenshot_2….png)

e4fcb8  No.4600292

File: fc1665718195f95⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 260x152, 65:38, hankswanks.gif)

2cf838  No.4600293

File: 4ae0b91a9c2f5b8⋯.jpg (103.39 KB, 1200x929, 1200:929, DwCkQKtWoAAclPw.jpg)

Do you see how this works folks? The very people who lecture you incessantly about your white privilege are the same people grossly over represented in all echelons of power

701d14  No.4600294

File: 0004a1243c32217⋯.png (27.5 KB, 273x562, 273:562, pvp13.png)

File: 9a22967eb139d53⋯.png (26.42 KB, 273x560, 39:80, pvp14.png)

File: a658847001a7b9f⋯.png (24.16 KB, 273x450, 91:150, pvp15.png)

File: 34ede23fed2b70b⋯.png (32.18 KB, 273x615, 91:205, pvp16.png)


Flood detected post discarded …. seems We'll have to wait for the last few screenshots

13d5b0  No.4600295

89974c  No.4600296


10% of posts.


28b472  No.4600297

File: 5f49dfb6738735e⋯.jpeg (198.45 KB, 1200x855, 80:57, BE5CDD12-8837-4482-B64C-1….jpeg)

c4a87e  No.4600298


I’ll never forget that face! KEK

dae11f  No.4600299


Lately based Japan:

- Privatized all its drinking water rights.

- Plans to dump Fukishima water straight into the Pacific.

- Institutes capital controls on PEOPLE.

Prime Minister Abe is a bad person. I think he's going Hard California.

0b05d9  No.4600300


But I thought you guys liked boobs. MY mom ain't got much boobs. Almost none, actually. And she's in her 70s - but have a blast

aca7d9  No.4600301

File: 313ce96c3fb8950⋯.png (350.66 KB, 588x328, 147:82, AQ4.PNG)

From Hufpuff. Memefags here's some batter.

81237d  No.4600302

File: 628d8ce6837b256⋯.png (135.72 KB, 820x470, 82:47, ClipboardImage.png)



Think about who might have an interest in a bankrupt PG&E.

I'll help you.

Buffet owns the two big utilities AROUND PG&E to the north and east - Pacificorp and NVEnergy.

ab4f28  No.4600303

File: 66d857b0a85cf05⋯.jpg (9.26 KB, 255x191, 255:191, 8cfa2aecb8da1358f43e3cbbe2….jpg)

ef3504  No.4600304


Brrrrrrt this anon full of KEK love - plz.

He needs some HILLDAWG walking

56a09a  No.4600305


Gee, maybe learn what "taking the Lord's name in vain" means before you prove you haven't a clue?

d50229  No.4600306

File: cdf361669b38b29⋯.gif (871.86 KB, 500x375, 4:3, hallmonitor.gif)


Hall Monitor faggots should be filtered

cd6712  No.4600307

File: f1e05b7175e4995⋯.png (746.64 KB, 1443x500, 1443:500, happy merchants blank 2.png)

540374  No.4600308

File: 4f597df06ad3cac⋯.jpeg (89.07 KB, 1020x916, 255:229, 1531012739.jpeg)

05bf80  No.4600309




What are the odds there would be 3 posts in a row calling out someone who is calling out shills. Shill team activate.

826d40  No.4600310

Hi Patriots / Anons. I kind of imploded this past week. And posted lots of bullshit. Lots and lots of bullshit. I was impatient and my shit posting reflected that. Sorry. I'm back.

810ab1  No.4600311

File: 2a5850cba08eac7⋯.jpg (4.53 MB, 4128x3096, 4:3, 20190104_190507.jpg)

File: 10a25fa25254306⋯.jpg (3.56 MB, 4128x3096, 4:3, 20190104_190532.jpg)


Tripz of truth. Dub-tripz. It's on the list, current one is cheapo shit.


The only way.

e4fcb8  No.4600313

File: c2a10e47054dd2c⋯.gif (994.96 KB, 296x272, 37:34, putinmeoff.gif)

51fd41  No.4600314


If Clinton and Kennedy has taught us anything, It's that the American people for the most part are pretty ambivalent to Presidential extra marital affairs.

a5c376  No.4600315


To continue shitposting?

0a3f70  No.4600316


Lower your EGO.

d50229  No.4600317

File: bd03036a493a9e7⋯.gif (445.96 KB, 300x186, 50:31, this.gif)



Really interesting how the words "Jewish" and "privilege" never seem to be put together.

ee464e  No.4600318


Looks like a gruesome scene from Vikings on History channel (spread eagle torture and killing).

2cf838  No.4600319

File: 5b1559cf8a11934⋯.jpg (25.92 KB, 553x401, 553:401, Dvufvp-UwAARWav.jpg)

File: 09738f589bb3961⋯.jpg (45.82 KB, 640x515, 128:103, DvmgU25WkAMauQG.jpg)


genius anon, nice work

540374  No.4600320

File: c42cc28d2650c62⋯.png (47.94 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 200px-Jidf_logo.png)


Nope. You're just a JIDF faggot like they said.

56a09a  No.4600321


Need more.

5 picture posters -> filter

Anyone who uses (((.))) -> filter

Porn -> filter

Gore -> filter

You'll never miss anything good by filtering all of these shills.

46daab  No.4600322

File: 1c4448e0eb1828a⋯.png (381.76 KB, 687x922, 687:922, ClipboardImage.png)

Moscow, Pentagon Discuss Syria, Counter-Terrorism Issues - Russian MoD

Chief of the Russian General Staff Valery Gerasimov and Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford discussed the situation in Syria and the fight against terrorism during their telephone talks on Friday, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

"During their talks, the counterparts exchanged opinions on the situation in Syria and fight against terrorism, as well as other pressing issues of mutual interest," the ministry said in a statement. Gerasimov and Dunford also reaffirmed the importance of maintaining the existing channel of communication, according to the statement.

On December 5, Gerasimov said that Russia had suggested to the United States that it eliminate its military base located in the southeastern Syrian city of Al Tanf and establish joint Russian-US control over the zone instead. According to Gerasimov, Washington has not provided an answer to that proposal. The general also stressed that the United States justified its presence in Al Tanf by the necessity of countering Iran, which is allegedly transporting weapons and military equipment to Syria.

US President Donald Trump has announced the start of the US troop withdrawal from the war-torn country, claiming that the Daesh terrorist group has been defeated, and since US troops were present in Syria exclusively to fight, they now had no reason to remain there.

Gerasimov also said in December that the Daesh militants in Syria are present only east of the Euphrates, on US-controlled territory, stressing that the so-called Daesh "sleeping" cells have progressed to active operations and begun to expand their zones of influence.


b7ec9b  No.4600323

File: dc6f51b244088b7⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 2048x1428, 512:357, putin12.jpg)

d8bb73  No.4600324

File: 183c56d7d438d06⋯.jpg (93.53 KB, 1024x757, 1024:757, McCainTrumpPaper.jpg)

File: 495d09bd69b1e39⋯.jpg (21 KB, 434x579, 434:579, bradparscale.jpg)



54251e  No.4600325


Thats what happens when u go full retard faggot..never go full retard.

450054  No.4600326


Ain’t did a gbong in nearly twenty years

cc97c3  No.4600327

File: e6fba235e3066f5⋯.jpeg (70.2 KB, 500x643, 500:643, Pepe will see you now.jpeg)


You are forgiven.

But you must give Mr Pepe a hand job before you can return.

2a3d21  No.4600328

File: 9f0545d2a494953⋯.jpg (88.64 KB, 606x605, 606:605, putin.jpg)

56a09a  No.4600329


You think science will protect you from demonic attack? Are you serious?

842553  No.4600330


As far as I'm concerned you're just an Anon with one post this bread. Welcome

bfbeff  No.4600331


Who dis???

00c7fd  No.4600332

File: 712f5a5d1401695⋯.jpg (255.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190104-180523….jpg)

File: 27bafc9045dbf2f⋯.jpg (283.41 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190104-180510….jpg)

be careful who you

think mirror


efad47  No.4600333

File: cdf66f326bbe0df⋯.jpg (120.05 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Shutdown46.jpg)

e7a44e  No.4600334


Hahahaha. You must fuck goats too. Kek

b516c2  No.4600335



It was a recently created, unverified Twitter account now deleted. YT reporter Jennifer Veterans for Truth called him at his office and he denied Twitter account, but basically agrees with the message to be prepared. Has written books on EMP possibilities.

Anon, please do a little research before telling millions of people to grab their bugout bag. Thanks.


883c9e  No.4600336

File: 95a6ed656af4daf⋯.png (443.06 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

54251e  No.4600337


Welcome back Q!!

8e40c3  No.4600338

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Doin' it.

e4fcb8  No.4600339


How the hell do you get your bud out of that grinder? Two piece or three?

6c4525  No.4600340


We didn't give two fleas on a dogs ass about what you thought then and guess what??? We don't now

cd6712  No.4600341

File: 2cc24affdc331fb⋯.png (1.79 MB, 1000x808, 125:101, hm 4.png)

82d18d  No.4600342


His twat account just got deleted

bfbeff  No.4600343


Love the cat meme….bravo…

2f3791  No.4600344

File: 443471af2fa6556⋯.png (79.77 KB, 476x282, 238:141, ClipboardImage.png)

ee464e  No.4600345

2a3d21  No.4600347

File: fda59758fb62ba0⋯.jpg (280.11 KB, 826x1012, 413:506, stabbing.jpg)


7d840e  No.4600348

File: 5814136072d0e7e⋯.gif (607.35 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 0d3123d541cb6e9547b44ea193….gif)

00c7fd  No.4600349

File: 1b5643759314ee5⋯.jpg (1.66 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 15466468920245474146666562….jpg)

1c84f2  No.4600350

> And posted lots of bullshit. Lots and lots of bullshit.

shill example.

59525c  No.4600351


Sheeeit, $3.29 a gallon is cheap in my part of CA.

b3431e  No.4600352

File: 62b22733e257203⋯.png (694.18 KB, 720x625, 144:125, ClipboardImage.png)


b7ec9b  No.4600353

File: 8006f67ead48180⋯.jpg (19.92 KB, 255x255, 1:1, potpp.jpg)

c2450a  No.4600354

File: 9ee2a7c55728088⋯.png (367.63 KB, 334x460, 167:230, Sanctions.PNG)

Just digging on something… Another possibility for sanctions.


Anagram of Sanctions = Canonists

Canonists - a person who is a specialist in canon law.

Canon law is the name for the Catholic Church's order and discipline, structures, rules, and procedures. The Catholic Church has two Codes: one for the Latin Church and one for the Eastern Catholic Churches.

The code is divided into seven books:

1- General Norms

2- People of God

3- Teaching Office

4- Sanctifying Office

5- Temporal Goods

6- Sanctions

7- Procedures

http://www.diocese-tribunal.org/canonlaw.php (history of canon law)

https://www.catholicfidelity.com/resources/code-of-canon-law/book-vi-sanctions-in-the-church/ (sanctions)

Book VI is on Sanctions in the Church. This is the Church’s criminal law. It sets out the authority the Church has to punish crimes, who can be punished, what crimes may be punished, and what the penalties are for those crimes. It may surprise many people to find this in the Code of Canon Law, but every institution has disciplinary regulations. However, in our law, the goals are to repair scandal, restore justice and reform the offender. So there is more to it than simply punishing crime.


What is a Church Tribunal?

Church law (also referred to as canon law) requires every

diocese in the Catholic Church to have a tribunal. In the

Archdiocese of Milwaukee, the Metropolitan Tribunal is the

agency that handles judicial matters, specifically the application

of canon law and the protection of rights. It is a responsibility of

tribunals to conduct penal trials when it is believed that, under

canon law, crimes might have been committed.


13d5b0  No.4600355

Notables so far

Let me know if anything's been missed. TY

>>4600293 Congress is now three times as Jewish as the US is

>>4600166 Every doc from Dark Overlord layer 1 on google docs for easy perusal. Dig.

>>4600147 California utility PG&E explores bankruptcy filing - sources

>>4600136 POTUS_Schedule for Saturday

>>4600112 Russian Air Force destroys west Aleppo weapons warehouse to prevent jihadist takeover

>>4600049 Mueller Grand Jury extended by Up to six months (cnn)

>>4599991 Nielsen eyeroll to Pence’s “Human Trafficking” comment

>>4599923 , >>4600026 Pelosi parts with DOJ on whether a sitting president can be indicted

>>4599907 , >>4599896 Stocks stage massive rally after FED says they'll be patient

21ed82  No.4600356

File: 7de4fb0f576e83c⋯.jpg (27.3 KB, 500x407, 500:407, 56bc92d27d6b2f0583906760e1….jpg)

56a09a  No.4600357


Q mentioned taking control of the utilities, so add Q to your list.

05cf8d  No.4600358

File: 9cf7ce6aade4ad3⋯.png (134.1 KB, 805x2295, 161:459, ClipboardImage.png)


>Gov. Brown already signed an order allowing them to pass all litigation exposure to their customers. You are right anon, here it is:


fec17b  No.4600359

File: 29bd18b8aa6401a⋯.jpg (43.6 KB, 740x531, 740:531, 29bd18b8aa6401a3b9dfeeb7b2….jpg)

File: 6f83c19271f51fe⋯.jpg (78.39 KB, 683x500, 683:500, 6f83c19271f51fefe53a83ffbf….jpg)

ab4f28  No.4600360

File: 87e1fa3bde1d56c⋯.png (203.04 KB, 640x736, 20:23, WarrenWritesItself57.png)

File: b2c21c84400073b⋯.jpg (160.59 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 0b7b66d56d3dffca1941dce2fa….jpg)


That's implied, surely in WWG1WGA?

Ask not…right? Always ready to help,

but no more free-riders. We all

need help sometime, but some folks

abuse simple honest generosity.

know what I mean?

700320  No.4600361

File: 7a6efe3966adec1⋯.png (150.35 KB, 828x647, 828:647, 7a6efe3966adec15806765bcc8….png)



Because as soon as shit is brought here, [they] work to remove it.

Here's an egregious example, but there's countless other less noticeable ones that happen on the daily, 1984 style:

Mentioning that these pedo satanists have accessories made of human flesh sounds so far out there, you would need some damn good proof… that will be elusive…. Because it will get scrubbed!

For any anon here that didn't see this last year when the site was still live, pic relates. Again.

46daab  No.4600362

File: f315029b311702e⋯.png (1.52 MB, 964x763, 964:763, ClipboardImage.png)

2cf838  No.4600363

File: 30dfdbfe42bcfb3⋯.jpg (161.44 KB, 1177x868, 1177:868, DwCoHhDW0AAXRs9.jpg)

File: 79829baa0f73a0c⋯.jpg (33.61 KB, 534x401, 534:401, DwCoIXWWkAUWVuh.jpg)

Ottoman royal family vs British Royal Family

317a7f  No.4600364

>>4600314 Maybe Jr not Senior? Junior did get divorced in recent history!!

c666f9  No.4600365

File: 329a4a479711507⋯.gif (2.32 MB, 300x318, 50:53, 329a4a479711507a2dfe904170….gif)





SEE IT???? He always brags of all the money he's bringing into the nation, and F+CKS THE PEOPLE!!!! WHO GIVES A SH+T ABOUT THE MONEY - SEE HOW OUR LIVES ARE MEANINGLESS AND NOT THE #1 PRIORITY!???



Money is a CANCER and more important then WE THE PEOPLE! F'ck THE MONEY AND SAVE OUR PEOPLE! So Trump, your priorities are WRONG! Whats the value of your childrens lives? So money is superior to them? FU!!!!

See how you are the dildo and the bike ride?

6c4525  No.4600366


It's called Islam aka; fanaticism

1c84f2  No.4600367

Worshiping a goat?

"These people are stupid."

313484  No.4600368

File: d58e3776cd8b89f⋯.jpg (213.2 KB, 528x619, 528:619, Jewish Privilege.jpg)

File: 73fd6663e0dbf0a⋯.jpg (212.41 KB, 464x590, 232:295, Jewish Privelege 2.jpg)

File: 8c62969baa4b7f8⋯.jpg (225.49 KB, 509x527, 509:527, Jew Slave Trade.jpg)


oyy don't talk about jewish privilege.

3945c2  No.4600369


I give her 6 months before they shut her up

1eb9db  No.4600370

File: 56af681a72e65fb⋯.png (1.02 MB, 932x1107, 932:1107, Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at ….png)

51fd41  No.4600371

32d487  No.4600372


From his lips to God's ears, anon.

05bf80  No.4600373


You shills go reeee all day long, faggot. GFYO, again.

81cfb5  No.4600374

File: 04ca049bdb5656a⋯.png (849.87 KB, 750x562, 375:281, IMG_4616.png)



Pretty sure 30 years for this anon.

Might make a little 20oz. one for old times sake.

2f3791  No.4600375

File: 6d9d0855bbb10fe⋯.png (233.89 KB, 500x375, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

d8bb73  No.4600376

File: 4740354e2586647⋯.jpg (26.46 KB, 838x469, 838:469, LTV.JPG)

8e9abf  No.4600377

File: 72a8c0ea8b84153⋯.png (110.37 KB, 605x410, 121:82, caseClosed.png)


Well done anon. Capped and cropped for posterity!

810ab1  No.4600378

Just a 3 piece. Bottom comes off. Took screen out a while back, bud kept getting stuck between it and the mid piece.


56a09a  No.4600379


Something just clicked.

All of these lawsuits filed to sue the Port Authority for the Rudy deisel storage or whateverthefuck under Building 7 are to counter the obvious argument "look at Building 7; not hit by a plane; tiny office fires; clearly a pre-planned demolition". They lie, but they lie well. "Secret deisel storage under the building set there wrongfully by Rudy Guliani" is a good lie.

b345de  No.4600380

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It’s Gore Tex!

317a7f  No.4600381


3a9c2c  No.4600382

File: 4b8d8aa7449ed3e⋯.png (263.92 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, FCDF16E4-D5A0-4468-A0F9-7A….png)

c7f611  No.4600383

File: 6fb6c8427e9ac54⋯.jpg (101.99 KB, 700x700, 1:1, rolls nom.jpg)


little too much Goat Cheese in this batch

7d840e  No.4600384

File: 4c3a9b4bce4d59c⋯.jpg (147.77 KB, 1536x864, 16:9, 4c3a9b4bce4d59c71920c5f47f….jpg)

19a798  No.4600385

>>4600365. That is unbelievably idiotic

7d45a9  No.4600386



>>4600139 NeverTrump Groups Profit from Left-Wing Philanthropist’s Cash

8493dd  No.4600387

File: 5df00f73f806a3c⋯.jpg (2.67 MB, 4288x3216, 4:3, MadVice 002.JPG)

79b65f  No.4600388

Homosexuality is to blame for sexual abuse, not Catholic church, claims German cardinal

Justin Huggler, berlin

4 JANUARY 2019 • 4:50PM

"A German cardinal on Friday provoked anger and controversy when he claimed the Catholic church was not responsible for sexual abuse by its clerics, and instead sought to pin the blame on homosexuality.

“What has happened in the church is no different from what is happening in society as a whole,” Cardinal Walter Brandmüller said. “The real scandal is that the Catholic church hasn’t distinguished itself from the rest of society.”

A study commissioned by the German Bishops Conference and published last year found that more than 3,600 children were sexually abused by Catholic clergy in Germany between 1946 and 2014.

But Cardinal Brandmüller claimed that only a “vanishingly small number” of clergy had committed abuses. He said the real problem was homosexuality and claimed it is “statistically proven” that there is a link between homosexuality and abuse."


Diplomatic Immunity negating our Rights

Diplomatic Immunity for known child abusers

I try to imagine if this was Islam or Immigrants anons be all

up in arms but meh

ab4f28  No.4600389


James Hewitt's bastard marries a hollywood slave.

bravo. my family is older than yours. fuck you 'arry.

2cf838  No.4600390

File: c866f27d123868a⋯.mp4 (507.69 KB, 640x360, 16:9, YndNkKaeLEyN-81q.mp4)

0b0552  No.4600391

“Die Kunst ist ewig, ihre Formen wandeln sich.

(The art is eternal, their shapes are changing.)”

― Rudolf Steiner

a64df9  No.4600392



I don’t know what’s more humiliating,

Getting caught Fucking a Goat or being Handcuffed and Photographed in Front if the Goat


56a09a  No.4600393


Fits with exposing the culture of child rape and cover-up at the Vatican.

59d0cf  No.4600394

File: 04e4b68ff8acbb9⋯.png (263.09 KB, 1661x973, 1661:973, 01.png)

File: e037a9d1a557826⋯.png (262.19 KB, 1645x952, 235:136, 02.png)

File: a53cc361bc83190⋯.png (62.95 KB, 963x395, 963:395, 03.png)

>>4599758 (PB)

>>4599732 (PB)

>>4599771 (PB)

re: Mr. Robot

To me, that thing smells as hell.

Can only save itself IF "double agent" intents.

I'll admit the name of the last episode of series 3 is strange and doesn't follow the naming convention of all others even in previous series.

"shutdown -r" is the command to REBOOT a UNIX system.

The whole unknown prison deal is also suspect.

Also I remember a strange billboard during season 2, i'll see if I can source it.

Given the plot and the fact that there is intel around about a cabal currency reset or push for crypto… your pick.

We know of predictive programming, right?

cd6712  No.4600395

File: 341a73740b75376⋯.gif (1.81 MB, 341x376, 341:376, diane feinstein.gif)

File: e4224bc1885b1f6⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 359x346, 359:346, e4224bc1885b1f62c621cf1089….gif)


semitic privilege

ee464e  No.4600396


How do these bastards explain the disintegrated homes next to pristine green trees and lawns?

be7026  No.4600397

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

85d9e1  No.4600398

File: ef8d234b76562ea⋯.png (400.81 KB, 598x815, 598:815, Dirty Kikes.png)


Sweetie your cheesy puffs are ready.

I also got you some beefcake.

807ec2  No.4600399

File: 1ac09eaea696c0a⋯.png (333.76 KB, 786x1040, 393:520, ClipboardImage.png)


I found it: (it's long) 46 pages

ef3504  No.4600400


serious aquafilter you sellin.

what's it called, "LDR's you'll die of thirst if you don't follow libtard ordres"?

may muhPelosi– ocasionalfuckedinthecortx deep state swirl in the drain swamp vortex of blackhole Michael'smcStaintheBush bowl

neighbor wanted me to forward this to cc man

d7429f  No.4600401


Popular DNA Testing Company (23andMe) Signs $300 Million Deal With Big Pharmaceutical Company (GlaxoSmithKline)

701d14  No.4600402


Shilly bread again tonight I see

Gr8 means we're winning. Now go and toss yourself off

a49592  No.4600403


They mispelled Mental Illness with Homoesexuality

716609  No.4600404

File: f50abe20fdeaad8⋯.jpg (107.13 KB, 974x660, 487:330, noah-pvp.JPG)



3ef19d  No.4600405

File: 614f944a29157e9⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1032x740, 258:185, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ee3de0050b94bdf⋯.png (1.24 MB, 748x996, 187:249, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2449f922242c01c⋯.png (619.11 KB, 720x678, 120:113, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8086e90454364dd⋯.png (346.65 KB, 735x551, 735:551, ClipboardImage.png)







It is truly excellent to be with you inglorious deplorables

31afad  No.4600406

File: 871d3fe271f47f4⋯.png (3.59 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 74530C64-AD72-4D39-A98E-48….png)

File: df85b08836ff5ac⋯.png (486.06 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, F68B6019-CD3B-4367-833B-0F….png)

File: 31de7adc9839e80⋯.png (529.71 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 211DBED2-34E5-402C-B75F-03….png)

File: 0278838d1c36d16⋯.png (534 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 2E6C6873-6879-48C4-90E0-B6….png)

File: fe21c3fa934aab3⋯.png (508.82 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, EAE662A4-C7A2-4247-A9B5-3E….png)


Trying to find the actual docs.

They (RUDY KNEW) had issues w WTC be ause of the aluminum cladding and steel stucture was corroding and the buildings needed to come down before 2007.

Instead of doing so.. the cabal, along w everyone’s favorite Jew demolision man Larry “Pull it” Silverstein and decided to save the 2 Billion (as important as it was to lower Manhattan, prob half trillion by time all said and done) and “pull em” in a world domination/constitution grab 9/11 “TERROR ATTACK”.

Someone we need to fish out of prison is Jack Abromoff. <<< HE KNOWS WHERE THE BODIES ARE BURIED.. as he was Head Lobbiest in Washington and also met w Muhammed Atta on the floating casino prior to 9/11 event.

Come on gang.. we all know alot about 9/11.. start to get it out!


3945c2  No.4600407


That entire “Silent Gen” always talking about money

They all supported Nixon ending gold standard cuz they all thought they was gonna be filthy rich….it worked for the 1%

2a3d21  No.4600408


Sharia Law is what they want and it's messed up.

56a09a  No.4600409


They have fire fighters on the news saying "fires are tricky and unpredictable; your house could burn down, and your neighbors be untouched. Happens all the time."

21ed82  No.4600410

File: aa6e2322c6f83a8⋯.jpg (168.92 KB, 600x406, 300:203, prop.jpg)

46daab  No.4600411

Maryland is the latest state to make businesses pledge they will not boycott the state of Israel

What do certain auto part suppliers, contractors and barbers in Maryland all have in common?

In order to bid for procurement contracts with the State to provide services or goods, they must effectively first pledge loyalty to Israel.

If this doesn’t concern you, it should.

Governor Hogan’s executive order requires businesses with state contracts to promise they will not boycott the state of Israel.

It targets the international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement – a global campaign that promotes peaceful, economic boycott to protest Israel’s human rights violations against Palestinians.

And it is unethical, unconstitutional and downright dangerous – especially because it prioritizes the interests of a foreign government that is in violation of international law above Marylanders’ own First Amendment rights.

After it was signed, two proponents of Governor Hogan’s anti-BDS executive order, Delegates Sandy Rosenberg and Shelley Hettleman, hailed it as an emphatic affirmation of Maryland’s “commitment to support the only real democracy in the Middle East” – meaning Israel.

What they and others don’t realize or choose to acknowledge is that in 2018, the Israeli parliament voted to pass a controversial “nation-state” bill that debunks the notion that Israel is a democratic state.

This bill reserves the right to exercise national self-determination in Israel exclusively to the Jewish people; establishes Hebrew as Israel’s official language, regaling Arabic to a “special status”; designates “Jewish settlement” as a national value; and mandates Jewish settlement to be actively encouraged and promoted by the state.

Religious pluralism is a hallmark characteristic of any democracy. Imagine a U.S. law mandating only one faith community as being entitled to the right to self-determination in the United States. Every American who values freedom of religion would categorically reject it.

Palestinians make up the vast majority of Arabs who comprise approximately one-fifth of Israel’s population. The “nation-state law” is described by many as a “slap in the face.”

In fact, upon learning that it had passed, Arab parliamentary members ripped up copies of the bill and shouted “APARTHEID” on the floor of the Knesset.

Who can blame them? This legislation codifies racism into law and exposes a nefarious, sinister agenda.


7d840e  No.4600412


Bingo! TMINIG! 18 years of crickets then D5?

ab4f28  No.4600413


anon - your source is kike controlled.

think. think hard about this.

f07a73  No.4600414

I cannot get the 9/11 files to open on MEGA. Anyone else having luck?

85d9e1  No.4600415



f8a875  No.4600416

File: 20e28678533ae6e⋯.png (241.11 KB, 504x469, 72:67, 2019-01-04_19-12-17.png)

ee464e  No.4600417


They are taught to do this in order to emulate their fake prophet Mohammed the most perfect human.

ece09e  No.4600418


FILTER EVERYBODY you stupid fuck

c7f611  No.4600419

File: 1a1c85b4bd741be⋯.jpg (9.42 KB, 218x231, 218:231, green psycho.jpg)


top kek

5dde8f  No.4600420


yes, "her" ear is missing.

Was just thinking of the ID [identity] problems with her.

Her background makes her appear to be a Russian agent herself!

She strangely resembles M. Hodges, Strozk's alleged wife in some photos,


Maybe. But dude is an imposter.

73f899  No.4600421

Sooooooo sick and tired of all of pornography here. This is like a high school locker room not a research board. Seriously? SERIOUSLY???

317a7f  No.4600422

>>4600370 Can You Imagine the Me Too!!!


21ed82  No.4600423

File: 0e186dead4c9835⋯.jpg (135.02 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Your Memes are too Dank.jpg)

56a09a  No.4600425


You're seriously overlooking the asbestos remediation issue

32d487  No.4600426


>Homosexuality is to blame for sexual abuse

Next they'll be claiming that water is wet.

Or that the sun is hot.


0c2f14  No.4600427


Words to fag by. Been doing this for a long time.

Add one more…. if it shows up every bread, filter it.

46daab  No.4600428

Ted Cruz introduced a term limit bill that would end his own career in the Senate

Sen. Ted Cruz introduced a constitutional amendment that would allow only two terms for senators and three for members of the House of Representatives.

It would limit Cruz’s term in the Senate to his current one, which ends in 2025.

Congressional terms are unlimited, though there are limits on individual committees.

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz introduced a constitutional amendment Friday that would restrict senators to two six-year terms. If it’s passed, it would limit Cruz’s Senate career to its current term.

The amendment would also limit members of the House of Representatives to three two-year terms. It’s cosponsored by Republican Sens. Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, and David Purdue.

Cruz just began his second consecutive term in the US Senate, after winning reelection in November 2018 over Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke. He’s set to end his term in 2025.

Currently, terms in both houses of Congress are unlimited, although there are limits to the number of terms members of Congress may have on committees. Cruz has been a longtime critic of the Constitution not including term limits. He introduced a similar bill a year ago, according to ABC News.

“For too long, members of Congress have abused their power and ignored the will of the American people,” Cruz told ABC. “Term limits on members of Congress offer a solution to the brokenness we see in Washington, D.C. It is long past time for Congress to hold itself accountable. I urge my colleagues to submit this constitutional amendment to the states for speedy ratification.”

For the amendment to be passed, it would need to be approved by two-thirds of both houses of Congress and then ratified by 38 states. The last constitutional amendment, the 27th, was ratified in 1992.


82c5d5  No.4600429

File: d48b6e82724445e⋯.jpg (97.4 KB, 967x546, 967:546, ohyeah.jpg)



you read my fucking mind!

54251e  No.4600430


Yeah faggot, now kys.

d7429f  No.4600431

File: 037fcfb9a0a0bcf⋯.jpg (83.54 KB, 1125x963, 125:107, 49454718_2230463987042782_….jpg)

Jews will do anything for shekels.

9e13c8  No.4600432

Anyone DL this yet?


2cf838  No.4600433

File: 30670cf0815adfe⋯.mp4 (727.8 KB, 640x360, 16:9, LSVFFIdpMCoV6hiw.mp4)

(((Blue Checks))) fuck off my TL

d50229  No.4600434


Interesting how no other allies of ours benefit from a mandatory pledge not to boycott. Really makes me think about the post I just made: >>4600317

df3e6c  No.4600435


Haha! Nice.

741ac2  No.4600436

File: 82b15a79b14dd94⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 2121x1800, 707:600, 33 mirror of 17.jpg)

File: bdc819d690edbd5⋯.jpg (891.52 KB, 2250x1273, 2250:1273, 17 mirror of 33.jpg)

File: e4f9d5f7ddff890⋯.jpg (824.48 KB, 2000x1400, 10:7, 03 mirror of 47.jpg)


Today's Q Clock :33 - See 05/09

Pic 1


Happy hunting!

Today's :25/:55 Q Clock Mirror :17 - See 06/22

Pic 2

Q&A reschedule.


Today's Classic 180-Degree Q Clock Mirror :03 - See 06/08

Pic 3

{Figure it out}


ceb2f5  No.4600437

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


YouTuber captured and reported on it.

ee464e  No.4600438


Trudeau has failed to draft a new law to protect animals from bestiality as required by the Supreme Court of Canada, so bestiality is now legal in Canada.

73f899  No.4600439



7d840e  No.4600440



FKN KEK!!!!!

31afad  No.4600441


Week 2 or 3 tops and needs defoliating.

716609  No.4600442

File: 60cea40a178e3dd⋯.jpg (20.17 KB, 651x117, 217:39, goog-cache-pvp.JPG)

33d6c3  No.4600443

File: 29d3a82777b31ca⋯.jpeg (38.37 KB, 400x261, 400:261, 084209E1-BB73-486C-9F41-0….jpeg)

File: abaae4a99b773de⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, 4B7A99CA-31C5-4260-8077-8D….png)

313484  No.4600444

File: debe637aabd692c⋯.jpg (43.63 KB, 250x250, 1:1, no thx.jpg)

2f3791  No.4600445

File: f78f1656cac1be1⋯.png (62.02 KB, 253x199, 253:199, ClipboardImage.png)

807ec2  No.4600446

File: cafd73682fc8fa6⋯.png (474.64 KB, 995x1199, 995:1199, ClipboardImage.png)

450054  No.4600447

File: 9f21e2dd66d7c99⋯.jpg (164.4 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, image.jpg)


Enjoy the rips, keeping it lowkey over here

1aa68e  No.4600448

File: b1086078aea1b38⋯.jpg (35.83 KB, 317x400, 317:400, thread-police.jpg)


Christ, Boomer, could you be any more of a self-parody.

Mall cops -> filter

237c08  No.4600449


You should leave. I hear Reddit is hiring - maybe check out the Patriot Fag Box

407e01  No.4600450


You obviously hit the nail on the head .. seeing how much attacking you got in response

3ef19d  No.4600451

File: 9135e35ecce8e84⋯.png (517.11 KB, 880x660, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)



Anyone that hasn't been prepping since Katrina (or before) is asleep at the wheel.

Didn't need a Ph. D. to figure it out

8493dd  No.4600452

File: 8bb73df3e66daa5⋯.jpg (44 KB, 458x349, 458:349, MasonicButtFuckers.JPG)

File: 7f21a45b646db0e⋯.jpg (41.49 KB, 430x338, 215:169, MasonicButtFuckersII.JPG)

File: 1e50eb19c2569b1⋯.jpg (25.29 KB, 301x198, 301:198, MasonicButtFuckersIII.JPG)

File: f3c26cfe0441ed7⋯.jpg (32.83 KB, 285x350, 57:70, MasonicButtFuckersIV.JPG)

File: 6fcea73a6e13667⋯.jpg (25.52 KB, 222x358, 111:179, MasonicButtFuckersV.JPG)

46daab  No.4600453


No such pledge for local entities

13d5b0  No.4600454

Updated notes

>>4600428 Ted Cruz introduces a term limit bill that would end his own career in the Senate

>>4600411 Maryland to make businesses pledge they will not boycott Israel

>>4600293 Congress is now three times as Jewish as the US is

>>4600166 Every doc from Dark Overlord layer 1 on google docs for easy perusal. Dig

>>4600147 California utility PG&E explores bankruptcy filing

>>4600139 NeverTrump Groups Profit from Left-Wing Philanthropist’s Cash

>>4600136 POTUS_Schedule for Saturday

>>4600112 Russian Air Force destroys west Aleppo weapons warehouse to prevent jihadist takeover

>>4600049 Mueller Grand Jury extended by up to six months (cnn)

>>4599991 Nielsen eyeroll to Pence’s “Human Trafficking” comment

>>4599923 , >>4600026 Pelosi parts with DOJ on whether a sitting president can be indicted

>>4599907 , >>4599896 Stocks stage massive rally after FED says they'll be patient

75d845  No.4600455

File: 7505d1062b6e218⋯.mp4 (2.28 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Jobs Numbers.mp4)

Listen to the various MSM giving kudos and excitement about the new high Dec Jobs Numbers.

56a09a  No.4600456


Doesn't have a chance. We the People are going to have to re-write the Constitution and term these people out. Maybe X years as POTUS, Y years in Congress, Z years in the Senate, or XYZ years in a combination of all three, not to exceed, what, 12 years.

54251e  No.4600457


Good for you nancy, but seriously…kill yourself.

85d9e1  No.4600458

File: 0eef3cfad6b7303⋯.jpg (217.5 KB, 1179x1584, 131:176, 838aae0c65d2b2625e523e6280….jpg)

e7a44e  No.4600459


Top fucken kek

5dde8f  No.4600460

Notice mention of "Concrete"

Planned method of "fixing" subway tunnel NYC is found to have been over-kill and overpriced.

Original contract called for "concrete"


Cuomo nixes closure of "L" train.

7d840e  No.4600461

File: 141dc49f852ed74⋯.jpeg (182.63 KB, 1125x980, 225:196, 141dc49f852ed74a0d6a81c8d….jpeg)

73f899  No.4600462


Your not my boss, NAZI

f290c2  No.4600463


You are aware that the selected background makes all your hard work effectively illegible right?

7913fe  No.4600464

File: a1fd8dd54b7d38a⋯.jpg (302.38 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, GreatAwakeningUnity101.jpg)

Stay strong. Stay together. Anons are united.

9e13c8  No.4600465



We need a volunteer nigger to click that shit.

540374  No.4600466

File: f9b0413b5fe1f20⋯.jpg (42.88 KB, 498x750, 83:125, acf1d413aec5ed75f4fd48ef7b….jpg)

32d487  No.4600467


Even if they exempted everyone currently in congress, it WILL NEVER pass.

Waste of time.

05bf80  No.4600468


Why would you care who filters what? Petition CM, BO or whomever to remove the ability if it’s such a problem as to what others do. Wait, I know why…FO

8e9abf  No.4600469


fukken saved.jpg

1c84f2  No.4600470


Nice work, thank you.

59525c  No.4600471

File: 4181dff941d7ddb⋯.gif (1.2 MB, 500x250, 2:1, serveimage(6).gif)