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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 295627eb79de790⋯.jpg (305.61 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 888.jpg)

10a3e1 No.717121

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d69b9c No.717127

Thanks for the bake baker!


oh yea so sexy!

we should drag that bitch back to France and let them have all of the worlds poor and down trodden.

I wish there were some patriotic history behind Liberty, but she has little to do with our freedom infact one might go so far as to call her a trojan horse!

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6edfc2 No.717129


Amazing. Tyvm!

10a3e1 No.717132


3766e4 No.717133

888 heavenly bread

c0b9ba No.717134

what took so fucking long

f78a65 No.717135

to post, fuck him, let him post, but the fuckery that goes on after he does is beyond me. I vote, IMHO, to filter every dumbass who answers fakeQfaggot… I'm ready to be comfy

62cf15 No.717136

Here is a reach sire for SES members for those that are interested

Here is a link to download web search for SES members.

https:// patriots4truth.org/2018/03/17/research-tools-for-digital-truth-sleuths/

It is also on the latest Thomas Paine video

7eafd6 No.717139

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ex-FBI Assistant Director: There Was A "High-Ranking" Plot To Protect Hillary; Brennan Leaked "Weekly"

ac7cff No.717140

File: 90d9ea067328f3c⋯.jpg (137.75 KB, 538x810, 269:405, hot_girls_on_90miles_u08o1….jpg)

c0b9ba No.717141

inb4 tons of posts of stupid whores, next time post some huge nigger dicks instead

7f780c No.717142



c5b6b8 No.717144

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




1e2fa9 No.717147

Workfag out tonight. Keep up the good fight.

561a84 No.717149

File: 41fc3550a0a4ba7⋯.jpeg (316.55 KB, 1177x882, 1177:882, crusaderpepe.jpeg)

7f780c No.717151

7dffe7 No.717156


Breathe, friends.

f80592 No.717159

Trump signed the Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption on Dec 21

I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, find that the prevalence and severity of human rights abuse and corruption that have their source, in whole or in substantial part, outside the United States, such as those committed or directed by persons listed in the Annex to this order, have reached such scope and gravity that they threaten the stability of international political and economic systems. Human rights abuse and corruption undermine the values that form an essential foundation of stable, secure, and functioning societies; have devastating impacts on individuals; weaken democratic institutions; degrade the rule of law; perpetuate violent conflicts; facilitate the activities of dangerous persons; and undermine economic markets. The United States seeks to impose tangible and significant consequences on those who commit serious human rights abuse or engage in corruption, as well as to protect the financial system of the United States from abuse by these same persons.

I hereby determine and order:

Section 1. (a) All property and interests in property that are in the United States, that hereafter come within the United States, or that are or hereafter come within the possession or control of any United States person of the following persons are blocked and may not be transferred, paid, exported, withdrawn, or otherwise dealt in:

(i) the persons listed in the Annex to this order;

(ii) any foreign person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Attorney General:

(A) to be responsible for or complicit in, or to have directly or indirectly engaged in, serious human rights abuse;

(B) to be a current or former government official, or a person acting for or on behalf of such an official, who is responsible for or complicit in, or has directly or indirectly engaged in:

(1) corruption, including the misappropriation of state assets, the expropriation of private assets for personal gain, corruption related to government contracts or the extraction of natural resources, or bribery; or

(2) the transfer or the facilitation of the transfer of the proceeds of corruption;

Remember when the list was 30 or something then a day later it was 1000 pdf pages long

https:// www.treasury.gov/ofac/downloads/sdnlist.pdf

Budget Act of 2018 https:// www.appropriations.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/Bipartisan%20Budget%20Act%20of%202018.pdf"]Bipartisan

Provided further, That such amount is designated by the Congress as being for an emergency requirement pursuant to section 251(b)(2)(A)(i) of the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985.

the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985 251(b)(2)(A)


If, for any fiscal year, appropriations for discretionary accounts are enacted that—

(i) the Congress designates as emergency requirements in statute on an account by account basis and the President subsequently so designates, or

(ii) the Congress designates for Overseas Contingency

Operations/Global War on Terrorism in statute

on an account by account basis and the President subsequently so designates, the adjustment shall be the total of such appropriations indiscretionary accounts designated as emergency requirements or for Overseas Contingency Operations/Global War on Terrorism, as applicable.


Did emperor Donny prepare us for civil war. Wasn't this the bill that shit stain Pelosi filibustered

62e57a No.717161

File: 6749bf62c6c7239⋯.jpg (617.57 KB, 1450x948, 725:474, Screenshot_20180318-203955.jpg)

File: a8deaa954fc8a68⋯.jpg (743.68 KB, 1430x1079, 110:83, Screenshot_20180318-204626.jpg)

File: 273380af16067ac⋯.jpg (833.01 KB, 1381x1078, 1381:1078, Screenshot_20180318-204656.jpg)

File: 02c2c141da7fc45⋯.jpg (582.65 KB, 1081x1056, 1081:1056, Screenshot_20180318-204719.jpg)

File: c616d6ae478cb35⋯.jpg (187.87 KB, 1013x805, 1013:805, Screenshot_20180318-203837.jpg)


allow me to introduce u 2 where all religions come from...

https:// youtu.be/e1CWBKRWIg0

3aa57d No.717162



I guess I have to spell it out for you...

Q post #3: “It finally came out that Rod/Bob were key players in the Uranium scandal.

Don’t you think POTUS would be tweeting about removal given clear conflict.

Why did POTUS meet Bob under the cover of FBI Dir interview?

Bob is unable to serve as Dir per the law.

Gowdy comments on Comey (history will ....)

POTUS has everything.

Not everyone is corrupt (fewer than you think).”

Q post #10: “Again, good people were forced into bed with this evil under personal and family threats. Could you live with yourself helping to cover up such evil despicable acts if given a safe way out? “

Post #18:”Why did Mueller meet POTUS 1-day prior to FBI announcement if Mueller COULD NOT be offered director due to prev term limits rule?”

c0b9ba No.717163


link to cbts one more time faggot, consider urself filtered

d536de No.717164


Dude I haven't been on all day and he's still here? What a disaster. Why the hell can't he be banned for good??

10a3e1 No.717165


Twas an emergency bake

Reminder that anyone can bake

c5b6b8 No.717168

File: 3961a96514d8de8⋯.jpg (4.32 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, DSC00125.JPG)


Have an angel.

7f780c No.717169



>cut your penis off with scissors bitch boy.

Scumbags like this tick-off the legit posters.

War is messy hey?


stfu fag

decf93 No.717170

b6e0c4 No.717171

>>716880 (last bread)

FWIW, American Intelligence Media did a show discussing it's purpose. You'll have to tolerate their annoying dog and cat sounds which they would have you believe somehow protect them from automated censorship.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=BT3v14tcoF8&t=865s

1526ba No.717172

File: 1952f4290702733⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 1125x1575, 5:7, war0.jpg)

File: 144bc2fd0e2f508⋯.png (736.19 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, war1.png)

File: b454c2b4518be74⋯.png (931.06 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, war2.png)



https:// www.vesselfinder.com/

Skyking is confirmed to be the code for the mobilization of US Air Force Assets.

Military activity has increased the past several days with US ans Russian navy fleets spotted via Radar in the mediterranean sea. The american ships are inbound to syria.

Russia wants to intercept that Navy fleet.

This is a huge thing that we have stumbled upon.

/get comfy/

>I'll give a normie briefing of potential things that might happen for people

>option 1

>hot war declared in local area, stays contained

>basically will look like a brutal local slugging match, but theoretically with no/minimal outside impact

>cyberattacks / spy attacks / terrorist cell activity might rise, especially if power grids are affected.

>mainland europe might see problems with natural gas if russia cuts off supply

>has HIGH RISK to go outside of local zone, and turn into a worldwide hot war (aka ww3, nukes etc)

>option 2


>local war, very rapidly turns hot. It might not even start in syria anymore, and any non-syria flash points would suggest global war rather than localised conflict

>attempt to get food and shit fast, if you're near a big city and it looks like this is going down, run

>honestly at this point some 'mericans / capital city people might want to consider taking a holiday (I mean like when you read this message).

>option 3

>shit calms down

>tense standoffs that doesn't lead to a conflict.

>possible, but honestly seems a little unlikely at this point?

>probably would still lead to huge coolings of nato/russia relations. Make no mistake, even if nothing more happens this is BIG HABBENINGS. Even if it cools off, some countries might be starting to move forward with drafting and shit like that.

f78a65 No.717173

Im so tired of all the newfags , stupidfags and highschoolfags responding to fakeQ. I don't even care if the motherducker posts. If fakeQ wants to ,fuck him, let him post, but the fuckery that goes on after he does is beyond me. I vote, IMHO, to filter every dumbass who answers fakeQfaggot… I'm ready to be comfy

0ddff4 No.717174


Hate to break it to you but Egyptians weren't the First either

9aa70f No.717175

File: 4be349b0f11d9a5⋯.png (4.97 KB, 401x32, 401:32, trump888.png)

May God bless this holy bread

c0b9ba No.717177


i cant bake cuz I'd put pictures of large dicks in the post and that would get me banned and offend sensitive boomers big time

671269 No.717178


Mexico is a Country kidnaped by the C_A , same in SouthAmerica., sadly. :( . We have to wait How is Pompeo.

a68162 No.717179

File: e6b631e4a99e5f3⋯.jpg (42.88 KB, 625x415, 125:83, 32d71e3b54ab13960d3a600697….jpg)

7f780c No.717180


Prove those are legit Q posts. Back then, there were some 30 ips posting before Q came on and then 6 trip codes….

2ba929 No.717181

decf93 No.717183

File: 7fb03d9c22c8057⋯.jpg (199.2 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, sf980g7sd908fg6fd92.jpg)



7eafd6 No.717184

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Names being named

Ex-FBI Assistant Director: There Was A "High-Ranking" Plot To Protect Hillary; Brennan Leaked "Weekly"

749481 No.717186

File: decf70843aec242⋯.png (23.75 KB, 166x384, 83:192, 00Q888anon11.png)




62e57a No.717187


i know about the Sumerians :-) … I'm breaking these guys in 1st lol.. baby steps

a48a3f No.717188




Looking at paintings of the young Queen Victoria and the one photo of Klara Hitler, they may very well be related.

Now if this was really true, then Angela Dorothea Kasner would have gotten her middle name from some member of the British royal family. Before they changed their name to Windsor it was Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

Look at this!!!

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Princess_Dorothea_of_Saxe-Coburg_and_Gotha

There are times when Q has been fairly direct in pointing the finger at somebody or something where we should dig. And there are other times when Q seems to be skirting around the issue. We talk about certain topics but Q doesn't have much to say about them directly.

This is understandable if there is classified information that cannot be revealed. In other words, if we get over the target, Q cannot encourage us in any way. We have to be left to sink or swim on our own.

One of those unspoken things is the British royal family. What if Q is pointing us to Merkel's ancestry because she and Hitler are related to the British royals? What if that Austrian Rothschild in Vienna whose serving girl became Hitler's had a rich and powerful houseguest? Maria Anna Schicklgruber could have slept with someone else in the house. Or the wealthy English royal could have been a guest on the Langau hunting estate and perhaps the Baron traveled there along with his Vienna servants.

This requires serious digging. Maria Anna Schicklgruber, who was she?

http:// rense.com/general88/eliz.htm

5cfa47 No.717189


Now we're biblical on their ass.

f4a188 No.717190

Thanks for stepping up baker. Better late than never.

15f2ba No.717191

File: d46b39e62c78f7e⋯.jpg (7.98 KB, 255x255, 1:1, a7641454e7324752adaedb4dd1….jpg)

318a20 No.717192

File: 44150bbe17ccbf9⋯.jpeg (234.75 KB, 1046x726, 523:363, PLAY FOR KEEPS.jpeg)

f78a65 No.717193


I don't care if this faggot posts. Free speech and all. I just hate that we slide every fucken bread with dumbasses responding.

7036fd No.717194


That and the storm. Fuck them both, clowns on panic parade right now.

cf4bae No.717195

Dear Hitler apologists,

Just because Merkel isn't acting like a Nazi doesn't mean she isn't acting like a Rothschild stooge. Hitler was too. Hitler was always their means to solidify the notion of antisemitic invincibility.

So fuck off. Q isn't saying she's a Nazi. There's a larger agenda that Nazism was merely a piece in.

7f780c No.717196


Gowdy, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein. all comped. Wake-up.

62e57a No.717197


comfy ×= war


749481 No.717198


Will thank the baker for you.

Fabulous Baker Babe.

7dffe7 No.717200

Selamat Balik. The clean-up operation continues. Our crowning victory grows closer each day. Most of the major bases and strongholds of the cabal have been utterly destroyed. Our list of arrests grows longer by the minute. Meanwhile, the plan presses on to implement the New Republic, empowering our allies to ultimately take over USA, Inc. The RV continues to roll out and move forward. Our allies are discovering just how weak the cabal has become. Its few remaining strong points dwindle with every day. The long-promised prosperity is systematically approaching its delivery date. A most auspicious moment has arrived when the foundation will be laid for a new reality and a golden age.

4f375b No.717201


Tip: You can use ID+ filter to filter an ID, AND all replies to that ID.

decf93 No.717202



7f780c No.717203


stfu glowing clown fag.

d536de No.717204


Well it is free speech but going against the "rules" of the board is just super annoying as shit. That being said, I've never responded to his dumbass once, and everyone else should be able to say the same or GTFO

444f41 No.717205

File: 7b83c3cddf0c801⋯.jpg (30.23 KB, 467x357, 467:357, brennan.jpg)


https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-18/ex-fbi-assistant-director-there-was-high-ranking-plot-protect-hillary-brennan

6d6402 No.717206

https:// gizmodo.com/thanks-to-the-cia-issues-of-the-agencys-most-hated-mag-1823659934

The article with the link to the Counter Spy magazine with the clowns. Patty Hearst is in those magazines.

4234ae No.717208

File: d5f93f3552b3d19⋯.png (30.26 KB, 654x328, 327:164, SAdams re Witch Hunts 3-18….PNG)

617788 No.717209


Because the filter exists.



d536de No.717210


Probably need to polish up on the photo shop skills on this one. lol

7036fd No.717211

File: 1c1b1b48861a727⋯.jpg (17.86 KB, 480x364, 120:91, CvhlG-GWIAAkw1x.jpg)

6edfc2 No.717212

The Egyptians knew of the plan to introduce a NEW religion to humans. They intervened. With alot of help.

The fake ressurection made it a religion. But our guy before the fake ressurection is legit.

c7454c No.717213

File: aeee59be72dbe30⋯.jpg (811.02 KB, 640x640, 1:1, b920d150ae41278ac3562b6ab7….jpg)

File: 5f252b0b299ac84⋯.jpg (7.55 KB, 200x200, 1:1, samtaeguk.jpg)

>>716732 (last bread)

This is why they hate the gooks. The gooks are in their prophesies as Gog/Magog or in Islam, Yajuj/Majuj. Koreans trace their beginning to an alliance of two tribes, Ye and Maek.

According to an interpretation I read a long time ago, if Koreans reunified, peacefully and organically, they will be the ones to defeat (((them))).


>disinformation is necessary

Are you saying that Q let the cabal know on his first week of posting that Bob/Rob switched

sides? Wouldn't that put them at risk? Would Q put good actors at risk just to satisfy anons?

6b75eb No.717214

Special shout out to the bakers ! Without you we don’t rise

f78a65 No.717215


Thank you. My future comfy thanks you Anon .

7f780c No.717217


stop bitching and get to work fags.

7e92e5 No.717218

749481 No.717219

File: f004edc4b9081b5⋯.png (39.24 KB, 800x571, 800:571, EaglesOverPyramids.png)

cc71b2 No.717220

File: 2bc32a58fb3477e⋯.jpg (83.54 KB, 636x382, 318:191, 4A54CDE900000578-0-image-a….jpg)


Not the first time he was shooting off his mouth. need to nail him on twitter too. maybe some dug up TRUTH BOMBS. fuckfaced prick.

Apologies for my language, i really love and respect Sarah, and she is a very good person, and does not deserve this treatment, whatsoever.

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5516641/Jim-Carrey-paints-unflattering-picture-Sarah-Huckabee-Sanders.html

9b1b18 No.717221

File: 559d3780987bc71⋯.png (145.83 KB, 500x583, 500:583, you-thought-i-was-devil-bu….png)

c9c517 No.717222

671269 No.717223


Ugh.., I don't know that say.

444f41 No.717224


I know anon, I wanted it to look goofy lol

1526ba No.717225

File: 3e0f1f735274a8b⋯.png (75.22 KB, 592x648, 74:81, 1521431773076.png)

File: 9440e4091cf4097⋯.png (420.85 KB, 927x750, 309:250, 1521431907531.png)

5df26f No.717226


See what all the naked photos posted here have done to the children visiting this site!

318a20 No.717227


Everything accept the sun and the moon are computer graphics. Sorry dude.

15f2ba No.717228

File: 0a740bba3ba1743⋯.jpg (127.88 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 6rfa78-hfe0fh7y2ldz.jpg)


thanks anon .

5f9f3d No.717229

File: 137f59847066205⋯.png (124.59 KB, 886x1322, 443:661, 1518582570853.png)

File: 1b2867fdf014b6a⋯.png (168.76 KB, 1010x901, 1010:901, 1519084083656.png)


National Socialism doesnt benefit EU/Roths. Read up a little bit before spreading lies.

6edfc2 No.717232


I believe we speak the same language. I could be very wrong also.


3aa57d No.717233


The early Q posts are the map. When the shills showed up, much of what Q began posting was disinformation

Go back to the early stuff and read FROM THE BEGINNING. It will make much more sense

Answer this…

Why hasn’t Trump or Q personally attacked Mueller. Yes he attacked the investigation. Yes he attacked Muellers staff. But never mueller. Why? That’s uncharacteristic of POTUS.

f5f820 No.717234

File: f1023731a40fd0c⋯.png (301.61 KB, 438x379, 438:379, Screenshot-2018-3-18 Meme ….png)

c9c517 No.717235


Apparently, those photos are a preexisting culture. But I do wonder about the source. I put a content warning on the research tool.

4234ae No.717236

File: f37a4e6ee9706b0⋯.png (677.68 KB, 656x782, 328:391, DoD 3-18-18 9 pm PST.PNG)

fcc6c4 No.717238

You're watching the news, right? Houston. Package or trip-wire explosion, Sunday night.

7f780c No.717239


It goes back even to pre-Sumeria.

5c5abe No.717240

File: 15976e992921a95⋯.jpg (138.29 KB, 1440x802, 720:401, IMG_1176.JPG)

Prol under martial

Doxing probing

Faggots find the

Military router table

Dumb homos

7eafd6 No.717241


Jim Carey will suicide himself for being such a piece of shit. He knows he is a piece of shit.

7036fd No.717242


Then its time to upgrade the GPU cause I want more HDR effects in flat earth simulator 2018.

318a20 No.717243

File: 2c60b488052cc8a⋯.jpg (209.82 KB, 1024x523, 1024:523, NWO.jpg)

File: 0e8825ff4a6cf8c⋯.jpg (640.31 KB, 730x1955, 146:391, Giant found.jpg)

File: f78454cf1657f71⋯.jpg (199.71 KB, 672x672, 1:1, Yellow Submarine.jpg)

1ca235 No.717244

I wish hannity and assange would each make a whitelist of journalists who were not completely comped.

4f375b No.717245

File: 7c332fbf2f069c1⋯.png (787.78 KB, 714x712, 357:356, pepe_comfy_doom.png)

5cfa47 No.717246


Jim Carrey went cuckoo.

ec1dc3 No.717247

It's important you know this

You are to weather the storm.

6edfc2 No.717248


They were here before Egypt.

0324ba No.717249


Houston too?

7f780c No.717250


None of those early posts can be proven to be the current Q. Too many people posting pretending to be Q.

5df26f No.717251



I was was joshing anons.

Pretending a kid had drawn the post I responded too.

Now I’m explaining it and it has lost all humour.

6edfc2 No.717252


Atlantis. All 5 of em.

458b3d No.717253


He has herpes and probably even more. I bet one punch would knock that little canuck faggot out. Take his hiv meds away and watch him waste away then take pics of it and post them online. Jim carrey the anal cancer faggot.

7e92e5 No.717254


I'm saying you're a southern boy with equal hatred of republicans because of your delusions of dixy south and you hate democrats for their diversity.

I can tell because you love maritime law. You must hate the constitution.

You feel entirely alienated by society and decided to shill your little heart today as a release to combat those homoerotic urges you feel whenever your eye catches your cousin Cletus.

You've been isolated more than usual recently. Your parents if you have any probably beat you or don't love you. As a coping mechanism you terrorise qresearch because it gives you a sense of power.

You've been here for a few days on and off and noe you just can't stop.

I feel bad for you kid.

73d81e No.717255


Those are legit. If they weren't, don't you think Q would have said "those earlier posts, ignore them."

5c5abe No.717256



I forgot that one

f78a65 No.717257

That's because you've been here long enough or you know how to read. But these stupid newfags are too much. I'm filtering. Fuckem!!! Fuckem all. Kek.


6edfc2 No.717258



2ca6bc No.717259

File: f393d140b0bc278⋯.png (30.34 KB, 707x334, 707:334, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fe666329abb3931⋯.png (34.45 KB, 766x334, 383:167, ClipboardImage.png)

Hold the presses! Speaking out against CLIMATE MANIPULATION is now anti-semitic. This is just getting ridiculous. It is a FACT that weather can be controlled. It is also a fact that Roths control most governments on Earth. Another fact: Roths ARE NOT JEWISH, they hide behind Jews like the cowards they truly are. These people are sick.

https:// wtop.com/dc/2018/03/watch-dc-councilman-promotes-anti-semitic-conspiracy-theory-facebook-video/

4d0d67 No.717260

File: 1e0cac94a3e0cd2⋯.png (2.06 MB, 1624x916, 406:229, hrc tmnt.png)

fcc6c4 No.717261


lookner has something https:// youtu.be/FSDE_y0OwXo

561a84 No.717262


Clowns always control both sides of the spectrum, until we get rid of clowns, including nazi larp clowns.

c9c517 No.717263


Weinstein's girls?

5f9f3d No.717264

File: e8ff73ca546faab⋯.jpg (44.44 KB, 657x527, 657:527, epepep86gs09dg6s70g6s08716….jpg)


Indus valley Aryan people are the builders of civilization as we know it.

5b7222 No.717265

Since this bread is full of shills and shitted up, I'm going to float a thought that isn't fully baked due to lack of evidence.

There was an Antifa-style bomb threat at a civil war reanactment in VA. It was held anyways because these people don't respond to threats. Talking to an LE on duty, there were 2 bombs found in the vendor tent area. These bombs were fully made with charge, shrapnel, and triggering device but with the triggers disconnected. It was done by someone with skill but not ready to take lives yet.

https:// virginia.ourcommunitynow.com/news/cedar-creek-pipe-bomb/

The FBI took over the case and nothing has been said about it since.

My guess would be the TX bomber is one in the same but has escalated like every other bomber does. How many skilled bombers are there in the country outside of MIL? I'll keep my eye out to try to confirm.

7f780c No.717266


>Why hasn’t Trump or Q personally attacked Mueller.

His lawyers has. Trump knows if he attacks Mueller directly, he will get a shit-load of attacks from all directions, so he is letting it ride. Wake-up.

f78399 No.717267

File: bb0c7baa8c1fed3⋯.jpg (28.92 KB, 500x311, 500:311, thank-you-baker-5aaf36.jpg)

Feel free to delete the other 888. No bread - no party.

8cb54e No.717268


Start with his dead girlfriend

a13ae6 No.717269

Anyone else notice the FIB Goon hovering over the Austin Police chief ala LV?

5c5abe No.717270




0ddff4 No.717271


Didn't his girlfriend commit suicide with his pills?

f5f820 No.717272

File: 5104c579554612b⋯.png (396.92 KB, 438x574, 219:287, Screenshot-2018-3-9 Meme G….png)

d3950b No.717273


Well enjoy being filtered……..

c98c4e No.717274


Been living in Daniel mostly... Daniel 8:9 talks about "Little Horn" - This was King Antiochus - Slaughtered 80,000 Jews.

Sold 40,000 into Slavery.

Setup image of Jupiter god in the holy place and forced the remainder into idol worship.

Sacrificed a pig on the alter and scattered the blood on the walls and vessels.

Destroyed all copies of scripture and slaughtered all in possession.

Dan 8:11 Blasphemed God of Heaven.

This stopped the daily sacrifice!

This is extremely important as it is the vision of more current events.

Do you know what happened on Mar 21, 2013? O entered the Fortress Temple, mocked Jesus on the cross, stopped the lamb sacrifice - replaced with a goat... And more!

This is where the 2300 days of the Tribulation begins. 6 yrs. 111 days.

All has been revealed... Do you want to compare notes? I would really like that.

Did you see the commandment for Israel to build the Tabernacle and have the Red heifer ready (March 10, 2018)? Daniel 9:24 70 weeks (490 days) to complete. This date is July 13, 2019!

Then the antichrist stands in. Tabernacle is more like a fancy portable tent.

Dan 9:25 Antichrist is/at Tabernacle 123 days and is destroyed by a flood. Elijah and Moses - the two witnesses lay dead in the streets. Michael returns ahead of Jesus to gather his believers.

First Resurrection is Nov. 13, 2019.

And Jesus builds the Millennial Temple - Read Zechariah 6:12-15 Not the Jews. In Daniel the building of the Temple will be going on until the end of the Tribulation.

What do you think?

cc38ff No.717275

File: 661f73be7830de5⋯.png (374.04 KB, 617x704, 617:704, iran.png)



The Foreign Affairs Minister of Iran has recently/publiclly announced:

"… if the US makes the mistake of exiting the JCPOA, it will definitely be a painful mistake for the Americans."

– Mohammad Javad Zarif


Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has warned the United States against the “painful mistake” of pulling out of the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

Q said IRAN NEXT []


https:// www.express.co.uk/news/world/933385/donald-trump-iran-us-nuclear-deal-mike-pompeo

https:// financialtribune.com/articles/national/83782/painful-mistake-for-us-to-quit-jcpoa

9c3c60 No.717276


Oh, so no war in Israel? LOL What the fuck did I tell you?

Retarded fucks. "muh battleships"

Stupid fucks.

92c089 No.717277


This is what we were warned about Anons.

Has to do with the Clinton Foundation, particularly a certain initiative that involved blacks in Austin.

This is the reason they are passing it off as a "killer targetting blacks".

f78399 No.717278


He was busy fuckin' your mom.

1ca235 No.717279


"The video says what is says"

Good answer.

4c4d89 No.717280


And they wonder why people get so annoyed with them

f78a65 No.717281


From now on, you shall be known as the comfymakerfag. Bless you!

7f780c No.717282


>Go back to the early stuff and read FROM THE BEGINNING. It will make much more sense.

You are basing the entire narrative on un-verified Q posts. Sad. First posts claimed Hillary would soon be arrested. 5 months ago, nothing. Fake fake.

76741a No.717283


Did you happen to notice the WHITE RABBIT at the very beginning? Do you believe in coincidences?

7f1079 No.717284

>JFK Con Room.

>https:// www.cia.gov/kids->page/games/break-the-code/code-1.html

CLOWN site

>Would you believe this site is actually used >to comm to rogue operators?

Q said, "Sentence formation matters." Reading w/o clown site & only would you believe this site, 8ch was being used in the code for comms. Brennan a loud voice right now.



John BRENNAN, I thought it was John Perry Barlow, but Q hasn't used just John for JPB.



318a20 No.717285

File: f38c2d87f3c4161⋯.jpg (202.42 KB, 760x703, 40:37, Sky High Flat.jpg)

File: 0d8c7ec3cf75524⋯.jpg (342.03 KB, 870x829, 870:829, Yellow Truth2.jpg)

File: 46305929cc925d0⋯.jpeg (107.47 KB, 696x457, 696:457, glowing earth orb.jpeg)

File: 12ca9edf559fc43⋯.jpg (109.52 KB, 480x598, 240:299, Even I know.jpg)



Why do stanists worship Saturn? Because the secret societies

know the truth.

eaead3 No.717286

File: 2b660f5bc6def62⋯.jpg (67.94 KB, 564x752, 3:4, 855214839064871f35248066f1….jpg)

File: 182c1f686b1877e⋯.jpg (218.55 KB, 564x752, 3:4, BeFunkyPhotomccabe retirme….jpg)

File: 97471b8283dc7e9⋯.jpg (112.17 KB, 562x752, 281:376, MCCABE RETIRMENT NOBODY.jpg)

File: 50a2a8a2389775f⋯.jpg (276.18 KB, 562x752, 281:376, MCCABERETIRMENTNOBODYmemeB….jpg)

Have at it.

671269 No.717287


those Iranians are a complete vermin!.., really.,

2ca6bc No.717288


Relax. You're watching a MOVIE. Patriots in control, chief. It's all for show.

3aa57d No.717289


The deep state is stupid. They believed/believe their Russian collusion plan would/will work, and have no other option to remove POTUS.

Mueller is well protected, and Comey continues to play the game well enough to remain above suspicion

1ca235 No.717290


What initiative involving blacks in austin? How does killing them benefit the Clinton Foundation?

7f780c No.717291


There are many versions of Q. We do not know at which point each one came-in.

444f41 No.717292

File: 283062b0bcdd794⋯.jpg (16.92 KB, 290x216, 145:108, brennan.jpg)


lol anon

5f9f3d No.717293

File: 470fa96d6d4379b⋯.png (223.57 KB, 816x541, 816:541, 1519271545819.png)


Youre like a liberal on twitter screaming russian bot. Fascism works stop being brainwashed. Im not even dropping merchants on you.

60d7aa No.717294


Hey Dipshit the Banana Earthers are shitting up

https:// 8ch.net/flatearth

get your ass over there and straighten them out

b6ae7a No.717295

Deep state friendly politician == lifetime politician.

749481 No.717296

File: 8e32140e0c767cc⋯.png (414.45 KB, 576x384, 3:2, 11Eagle11Dollar11.png)

File: dc61a7ee45001c5⋯.png (234.57 KB, 444x333, 4:3, 00Pyramid00Dollar00.png)

7f780c No.717297


Huum…that is what the Nazis claimed…

11cb7e No.717298


I got that list for you


3455b1 No.717299


Incorrect. Early Q Maps were validated by trips Q as being correct. Sauce: was there.

7dffe7 No.717300


Vouched. Was there.

2ca6bc No.717301


Seconded. I was there too.

a68162 No.717304

http:// www.wannalol.com/p/763380

ab4f60 No.717305


Thirded, also was there. and nice dubs

7f780c No.717306


Yes…Atlantis….Nazis claim they are orig. Atlantis dwellers, no?

f78a65 No.717307


That habbened

f5f820 No.717308



fcc6c4 No.717309


Nails in victim's legs …sounds a bit IED/ISIS/Obama'sBoys pressure cooker-style bomb

> Police worried about possibility of "looking at night" (?) because of trip wire?

Uh… yeah roll out NG for that, I'd guess.

https:// twitter.com/DestinyonFOX7/status/975583880160993280

7f780c No.717310


Nope, we had at least 6 versions of Q since then.

e5490e No.717311

File: 467ffff06782583⋯.png (801.47 KB, 1439x812, 1439:812, Capture _2018-03-18-23-11-….png)

File: 3e285f18515bdb6⋯.png (842.73 KB, 1431x857, 1431:857, Capture _2018-03-18-23-12-….png)

File: 66ff5a5de3db451⋯.png (890.79 KB, 1217x726, 1217:726, Capture _2018-03-18-23-12-….png)

Get Used To It

7dffe7 No.717312

Good to see we got some real humans on here tonight. Hi everything. Glad to be in the Awakening.

ab4f60 No.717313

Is any anon out there able to connect MPRI to Soros or a Soros Firm?

f78399 No.717314

File: bce48ca8c99814d⋯.jpg (109.71 KB, 359x478, 359:478, 200428538-001.jpg)


Pay attention son.

318a20 No.717315


How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

13For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:

14I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.

15Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.

16They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms;

17That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners?

18All the kings of the nations, even all of them, lie in glory, every one in his own house.

19But thou art cast out of thy grave like an abominable branch, and as the raiment of those that are slain, thrust through with a sword, that go down to the stones of the pit; as a carcase trodden under feet.

20Thou shalt not be joined with them in burial, because thou hast destroyed thy land, and slain thy people: the seed of evildoers shall never be renowned.

21Prepare slaughter for his children for the iniquity of their fathers; that they do not rise, nor possess the land, nor fill the face of the world with cities.

22For I will rise up against them, saith the LORD of hosts, and cut off from Babylon the name, and remnant, and son, and nephew, saith the LORD. 23I will also make it a possession for the bittern, and pools of water: and I will sweep it with the besom of destruction, saith the LORD of hosts

5c5abe No.717316

File: 160c33a3a2bdfdd⋯.jpg (61.64 KB, 1199x634, 1199:634, IMG_0932.JPG)

Wakka wakka

749481 No.717317

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.




Fly Like An Eagle



>by Earthstudy

5f9f3d No.717318

File: 6fcc0d37da0bb8f⋯.jpg (51.73 KB, 750x758, 375:379, 2scoops.jpg)


Thats quite mild coming from Iran. Theyre worried too.

7f780c No.717319



Claim what you will. You may be an army of paid disinfo agents.

561a84 No.717320


There are many levels of understanding, yours is interesting to watch, counterproductive tho.

…i bet on purpose

adb939 No.717321

File: ae509dd1379e348⋯.png (145.13 KB, 500x559, 500:559, tumblr_mklyqvUZFV1sn0j3wo1….png)


Or else what?

eff7bf No.717322

File: 8d66ac8cbe12c08⋯.jpg (24.25 KB, 224x255, 224:255, c0d288598a4d8e11f154531deb….jpg)

Yeast activated on standby, if no other baker is present this anon is ready

3aa57d No.717323


Trump’s lawyer is a Marine. Like Mueller

Wake up

5c5abe No.717324


Homo sez what

444f41 No.717325




FYI anons, humans left Africa about 250,000 years ago. They migrated LITERALLY all over the world and built civilizations of hunter gatherers until about a few thousand years after the end of the last ice age ("flood"). There could have been relatively advanced civilizations before then, but there is not much of a record of them

b6ae7a No.717326

File: fd5ba83dcac9b8a⋯.png (232.44 KB, 399x385, 57:55, ClipboardImage.png)

0d2922 No.717327

File: ac24497b602f6c8⋯.jpg (103.82 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_4769.JPG)

7f780c No.717328


Wake-up child. You cannot win by trying to force shit on people idiot.

444f41 No.717329

File: bc1dfd95edcd264⋯.jpg (22.77 KB, 700x438, 350:219, fe.jpg)

1526ba No.717330


Was there too at halfchan

0ddff4 No.717331


Gobekli Tepe

4c4d89 No.717332


Thanks, Bill Nye

92c089 No.717333


Killing witnesses and scaring others who are probably being pressured right now to testify.


a13ae6 No.717334




7dffe7 No.717336


Post 360.

Dec 15 2017 01:04:06






Dec 15 2017 01:04:43






This was the change over, go look for yourself.

7f780c No.717337


True. Much of what was of old is registered in secret Vedic India inscriptions etc..which the Nazis and Tesla had access to…

c9c517 No.717338

Exports finished uploading. Now it's time to import them into the database. The host must be wondering what's going on. I've been uploading stuff for y'all all day long.

c87f8f No.717339

Dear Q & team,

please ask POTUS to abolish, crush, defund

and/or otherwise destroy the SES.

WE THE PEOPLE don't WANT them!

they are unaccountable and think they are

above the law, not even answerable to


thank you for anything you can do for us!!

anons - would a petition help visibility, here?

https:// youtu.be/xlRIxkVTyeA

c7fedf No.717340


what do you think?

318a20 No.717341


Nope. There is no outer space. Only the

Waters above the firmament

and the Kingdom of Heaven itself.

But nice computer generated pic… just like all the pics

of outer space. NOT REAL

350b8b No.717342

File: 1bdb7f06bd85f8b⋯.jpeg (9.73 KB, 255x143, 255:143, weseeyou.jpeg)


Fuck the (((kike shills))).

>We are saving israel for last

/ourguys/ know. Trust the Patriots, keep an eye on and report the semites.


adb939 No.717343

File: b32b23dba0cc8ab⋯.jpg (52.56 KB, 500x390, 50:39, aikg7J6.jpg)

File: b6abec4a764da9e⋯.png (241.45 KB, 1024x1057, 1024:1057, poker_will_make_america_gr….png)

File: 511d0216a8a3bbc⋯.png (563.82 KB, 651x850, 651:850, meinklopp.png)


I get a huge kick out of pairing Nazis and MLP.

The Intolerant Liberals act like Nazis, and love Ponies.

Think of it as bridging the gap.

7f780c No.717344


The change over is when Q was comped.

ac7cff No.717345

File: 3c7362e0c01aca1⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 433.88 KB, 885x1200, 59:80, 39016.jpg)

I have proof the Nazis were right.

14f13a No.717346


Nails in bombs also go back to weather underground from the 60's.

2540ce No.717347


That's a fact, Jack.

5c5abe No.717348

File: e8a219136aeb95d⋯.jpg (29.11 KB, 312x472, 39:59, IMG_1131.JPG)



a13ae6 No.717349


Don't touch any suspicious packages until further notice

d1eb54 No.717350

File: b30ace5089d2b8b⋯.jpg (55.24 KB, 790x415, 158:83, joe_biden.jpg)

File: 67b698492cdf77a⋯.jpg (57.64 KB, 1260x560, 9:4, RTR4PYL0.jpg)

File: 08dc255fddf9f57⋯.png (67.35 KB, 685x554, 685:554, Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at ….png)

File: a11869ac221ab5e⋯.jpg (113.03 KB, 978x1200, 163:200, DPWADWOVAAAmmsq.jpg)

File: 15405e23f568f0e⋯.jpg (89.48 KB, 1200x868, 300:217, DPWFmGgUIAAbdwc.jpg)

Anons, I just created a research thread for Creepy Joe Biden. Need help digging. Please drop any info or research you have in the thread

f78399 No.717351

File: 11f5d462b4b265c⋯.jpg (25.93 KB, 570x364, 285:182, Surprised.jpg)


Niggers and shills and glowfags, oh my!

4d0d67 No.717352


The temple is the church, friend

7f780c No.717353


What is your point?

You missed the point - Trump has warned Mueller via his lawyer.

3561d0 No.717355



Could USMC activated be referring to Mueller?

a13ae6 No.717356


Don't even touch anything resembling a package

6edfc2 No.717357


I perfer flying like an Angel.

ac7cff No.717358

File: cac5380558f4abd⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 344.16 KB, 533x800, 533:800, 39142.jpg)

oops…wrong pic

Other one was for research.

2540ce No.717359


You speak of that of which you know not. (In other words you talk out of you ass.)

318a20 No.717360

File: ed9ac72472c3b94⋯.jpg (87.76 KB, 637x423, 637:423, head in sand1.jpg)

File: c0de191eeecbe55⋯.jpeg (105.77 KB, 480x557, 480:557, images.duckduckgo.com.jpeg)

File: a51c1ded6e6b089⋯.jpg (79.05 KB, 550x375, 22:15, red pill.jpg)

File: f62e5db1a266cbd⋯.jpg (184.58 KB, 630x637, 90:91, golfonmoon.jpg)

34da1b No.717361

c7454c No.717362

7f780c No.717363


U one of those flat earth or concave earth tards?

7e92e5 No.717364


Read Herodotus and Isaac Newton edifice of ancient kingdoms.

Atlantis was exactly what it sounds like, islands in the Atlantic Ocean. When they sunk the people into Europe, some kept traveling as nomadic tribes far into the east.

It's likely the Basque people are Atlantian descendants. At one point in history they probably dominated Iberian peninsula today Spain.

They migrated into Ireland from spain. This is why if go back far enough Ireland was at one point called Hibernia.

Another fascinating topic found in Herodotus is the Hyperboreans alleged to come from Antarctica that would trade with the scythians.

5f9f3d No.717365

File: 6a7a8acfa3ed7f1⋯.jpg (843.48 KB, 1024x883, 1024:883, 1521183143342.jpg)

File: 0df1ae35099407a⋯.jpeg (85.56 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 0df1ae35099407ac583c7907c….jpeg)


Oh man place feels like 4chan when JIDF rookies are on duty. Soo much 'muh nazis' and 'israel friend' opinion.

adb939 No.717366

File: 51e0a937b042e7a⋯.png (1.77 MB, 1672x1075, 1672:1075, 51e0a937b042e7ade57f8edef1….png)

File: 2fbe983d27fb5bb⋯.jpg (270.23 KB, 1012x758, 506:379, soviet_pony_china_spetsnaz….jpg)

File: 561084d423b03ff⋯.jpg (24.09 KB, 736x490, 368:245, 107ba535e7eb8d38e01582fa8c….jpg)

File: c66e01d6b902804⋯.png (437.57 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, b404be27334c870b79bbc7b7cb….png)


I have a decent assortment.

It's playful, to me.

3aa57d No.717367

648dd3 No.717368


7f780c No.717369


Fake claims being made by paid shills.

6edfc2 No.717370



cc71b2 No.717371


no one is ever going to listen or respond to nazi shit. maybe Antifa ponies, would be more helpful.

60d7aa No.717372


Did you close the link? here try again

https:// 8ch.net/flatearth

f78399 No.717373

File: 57356db8dde35f6⋯.jpg (137.08 KB, 625x401, 625:401, sign-4.jpg)


I can win by filtering you though.

671269 No.717374

the shills are very very desperate tonight.

444f41 No.717375


Exactly, before about 10,000 BC, there is less of a record of civilizations (Not saying there weren't any). After 10,000 BC large civilizations with writing and architecture start appearing

>>717361 (what's false about that??)

34da1b No.717376



5c5abe No.717377

File: cac5390a07334e0⋯.jpg (54.86 KB, 480x434, 240:217, IMG_1107.JPG)

What came home from the moon

2540ce No.717378



6edfc2 No.717379


They may claim. But they be full of shit.

a2239f No.717380

What happened with Biden and China? Damn apparently I missed something

7f780c No.717381


You talk through your snot nose of that which you know nothing of.

9f9f11 No.717382

https:// archive.org/details/@altviewstv-fanclub

Nice reference library here.

351e6f No.717384

File: 549531b2556c389⋯.png (93.66 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Conspiracy_Their_Weapon_Ag….png)

c4c09e No.717385

Is a kek to the head better than a kek to the balls?

a23154 No.717386

A day will come when everyone here will have to come to terms with the fact the Pornfag Magic is real. The past two times that Pornfag has posted here, Q shows up later that day. This is not a coincidence. This strange phenomenon is the result of Pornfag Magic!

7e55c3 No.717387



>Liberal city


http:// archive.is/44QcW

0d2922 No.717388

File: 7a084d78633d66f⋯.jpg (48.33 KB, 540x420, 9:7, IMG_3316.JPG)



Digits confirmed!!!!!

ac7cff No.717389



>Could USMC activated be referring to Mueller?

Pretty sure it referenced the number 3

6edfc2 No.717390


Because Saturn is thr largest Vlash base.

c98c4e No.717391


Also our bodies are God's temples. Specific temples, alters, tabernacles are indicated throughout scripture.

Jesus said Destroy this Temple and I will raise it in three days, yes?

7f780c No.717392


You only think you win by being ignorant and that is the greatest loss.

adb939 No.717393

File: 502b77ab57e8b05⋯.png (74.56 KB, 500x491, 500:491, 1433818510160.png)

File: 965f9491025bae1⋯.png (262.07 KB, 782x959, 782:959, img-3413126-1-965.png)

File: 9d92bc972fe733d⋯.jpeg (478.09 KB, 2048x1550, 1024:775, my-little-pony-фэндомы-по….jpeg)

File: 7a3052a9049a6ba⋯.jpg (11.16 KB, 276x200, 69:50, germany_dash_and_russian_d….jpg)


The only issue there is that they'd identify too strongly with that.

They HATE russians because Trump, but LOVE communisms and ponies. I think they're racist against the Chinese for that whole "single child, preferably a male" policy…

444f41 No.717394



USMC activated.

US (3).


a13ae6 No.717395

That area of Austin is shelter in place

7f780c No.717396


yes they do.

7c9590 No.717397


Seems like it was yesterday

Verified witness

689861 No.717398


Caution anons

This garbage map and nazi posting was fucking virulent on Halfchan prior to migration.

Can say without a doubt that anyone posting MLP and Nazi shit is guaranteed a shill. MLP stays on its containment board on Halfchan, it has no purpose for being posted here

As with the Nazi shit, that's for another day, but still ignore it unless ot pertains specifically to digging.

6edfc2 No.717399


Everything is connected.

c4c09e No.717400


Are you saying Q is a pornfag?

4d0d67 No.717401


The parallels you try to draw between Egyptian religion and Christianity are facile. All it proves is that there was a common faith that human beings held in common at one time, and that false religions retained some elements of that ancient religion.

2540ce No.717402


Another low IQ specimen here. (A +2 point upgrade for using "snot" though.)

5c5abe No.717403

File: a84613cde564b1f⋯.jpg (67.62 KB, 781x501, 781:501, IMG_1110.JPG)

Prol moar ship shipping shipping ships in the harbor

Prol plenty of promises left too

752b80 No.717404

>>717091 (last bread)

Northern Israel at that point was not all of the ten tribes. Prior to that, the Northern tribes had devolved into idol worship. The tribe of Levi (priests) no longer were required or welcome so they then migrated south along with those who rejected idol worship and still remained true to the Temple. Likewise, those in the southern regions that wanted to worship idols migrated to the northern region. Thus, the traditional family regions were dispersed and intermixed so that there were members of all of the twelve tribes in both the northern region and the southern region.

671269 No.717405


it seems a Pattern for the False Flags.

6edfc2 No.717406


Sorry. They may claim it, but they are lying.

7f780c No.717407


But you did not answer the question about the Nazis.

feea8b No.717409


Here's more info a Angela "Kasner" Merkel… This is an excerpt from a long article.

Dr. Carl Clauberg, the worst of the “Angels of Death” Physicians at the Nazi Concentration Camps. He's the "Clauberg" mentioned below.


As the Red Army was closing in on Germany - Clauberg escaped and moved to the Ravensbruck concentration camp. He was later captured by the Soviet forces, convicted in the Soviet Courts as a “war criminal”, held in the custody by the Soviets for seven years, and then freed as he was recognized as the “Father” of artificial insemination.

Known in history as one of the “Angels of Death”, Carl Clauberg was given leniency for turning over to the KGB the custody of the archives of the Nazi artificial insemination experimentations. Of most interest, to the Soviets, was the frozen “sperm bank” especially the “frozen sperm” of the late Nazi Fuehrer, Adolf Hitler.

After taking custody of the sperm bank, the Politburo, called the Soviet Politicheskoye Buro, gave its authorization for an experimental program to preserve the genetic DNA markers of Adolf Hitler by seeking to reproduce what he had been unable, a child by his wife Eva Braun.

Doctor “Carl”, this former professor of gynecology at Keonigsberg University, was sent to bring to the Communist East Germany (GFR), the youngest sister of Eva Braun, Gretl Braun, to be a “surrogate” mother as an artificial insemination recipient of the Fuehrer’s sperm. As the Soviets reasoned, this would be a “near match” to an actual child between Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.

Eva and Gretl Braun1

The Identical Twins; Eva and Gretl Braun (Gretl reportedly on the left)

Pardoned under the German-Soviet repatriation agreement after serving only 7 out of 25 years for his crimes related to the sterilization of prisoners, he moved to the Federal Republic of (West) Germany and there in the city of Kiel, he began to brag about his “scientific work”. After the "Zentralrat der Juden" (Central council of Jews) made their case against him, he was arrested in November 1955 by the German and American authorities. In August 1957, he was reputedly “murdered” while in the custody of the West Germans and Americans, only days before a new trial in West Germany was to begin.

It was in 1954, a child was born, a baby girl, whom the reports repute to be Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany. With the official birthday of July 17, 1954, it is of interest that the Stasi GDR’s file on Angela Merkel, that is currently in the Soviet KGB archives, documents that her birth was on April 20, 1954. If the feared secret police’s citizen’s file in the Ministerium für Staatssicherheit (GDR) is correct, then Hitler’s daughter, Angela Merkel was born on 65th anniversary of Adolph Hitler’s birthday on April 20, 1889.

Soon after Angela’s birth, by agreement between the Soviets, the Americans and the Vatican, Merkel was placed in the custody of the GDR Lutheran Church and officially was born on July 17, as Angela Dorothea Kasner, the daughter of Horst Kasner, a Lutheran pastor, and his wife, Herlind an English and Latin teacher. There in the countryside at Templin in East Germany, Merkel was raised about 50 miles north of Berlin, the capital of the socialist German Democratic Republic (GDR).

Chancellor Adolf Hitler

This info above is taken from the about 1/3 of the way through this article…..


5f9f3d No.717410

File: ada7f34c278da7b⋯.jpg (89.66 KB, 750x520, 75:52, mchl457gdt2314311435315etd….jpg)


This is what i used to believe. Considering recent findings im very skeptical.

7e55c3 No.717411

File: d67a3c8a1491a89⋯.gif (1.67 MB, 328x212, 82:53, 1521329252165.gif)

>717393 (You)

7dffe7 No.717412


Stay Vigilant.


7f780c No.717413


How do you know they are lying?

318a20 No.717414

File: 2d1223395ae4796⋯.jpg (181.82 KB, 1366x572, 683:286, Gorgona NO CURVE.jpg)

File: ea8c8a58555e676⋯.jpg (289.27 KB, 852x942, 142:157, see far.jpg)

File: 4e9a7879508e3d5⋯.jpg (221.94 KB, 600x601, 600:601, rowbotham.jpg)

File: 5cff88afdeef584⋯.jpg (498.4 KB, 640x1777, 640:1777, kansas flatter than a panc….jpg)



adb939 No.717415

File: 4940864a9cd9952⋯.jpg (164.31 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, spongebobautism.jpg)

File: c3cb445039faeb0⋯.jpg (72.09 KB, 750x737, 750:737, 6e60ab590b89c529420f6cec5e….jpg)

File: 06dfae6f8b03403⋯.png (80.87 KB, 500x404, 125:101, chuck-norris-just-tim-alle….png)

File: 21c8ac0d8c221eb⋯.jpg (19.73 KB, 348x260, 87:65, 1hf42d.jpg)


Q has been larping as fake Q.

Ever notice that one of them brings up legitimate things to talk about while the others are a bit over the top?

671269 No.717416


it seems a Pattern for the False Flags. Sorry.

4d0d67 No.717417

File: d7b0254cf315614⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1411x785, 1411:785, uygur.png)

c7454c No.717418


I was there, shill. Why are you posting so much when you don't know shit?

749481 No.717419

File: 1da56c3c1329131⋯.png (139.04 KB, 685x563, 685:563, IChng-56-Lu-TheWanderer-Ju….png)

File: 2b2e0528b22aea9⋯.png (88.91 KB, 685x361, 685:361, IChng-56-Lu-TheWanderer-Im….png)

888 / 64 = 13 ( #56 remains )

>http:// pantherwebworks.com/i_ching/bk1h53-64.html#56

34da1b No.717420

so. many. shills.

c4c09e No.717422


You got me. I'm a clown bot. ><

7f780c No.717423


Ape man comes to speak.

Go back to your cave.

a13ae6 No.717424



cd1267 No.717425

File: d12551bd382cf3f⋯.png (182.68 KB, 234x342, 13:19, ClipboardImage.png)

4f375b No.717426


That's a freakin' boatload of boats!

29885f No.717427

Here is a link to download web search for SES members.

https:// patriots4truth.org/2018/03/17/research-tools-for-digital-truth-sleuths/

It is also on the latest Thomas Paine video

7f780c No.717428


You are gathering and posting fake intel you fake intel agent.

eed664 No.717429

File: 145eb8a8b74f7b7⋯.jpg (86.19 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening116.jpg)

File: accf4a69b239ce9⋯.jpg (310.9 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, GreatAwakening117.jpg)

File: 86e946222c1b53f⋯.jpg (137.94 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening216.jpg)

File: 01c6884f9a7e3a7⋯.jpg (140.39 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening217.jpg)

File: 2ef966a4627bf04⋯.jpg (136.16 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening301.jpg)

ac7cff No.717430

File: abbb3ca57a93741⋯.jpg (68.42 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 27sx.jpg)


Mandatory eye bleach

89f842 No.717431

If you want a picture of the future of the human race, imagine high-heeled shoes stomping on a man's face… forever.

51a356 No.717432


No….you guys started off by saying that it was Jan 5th, when Q posted Loop Capital.

Then, it was Christmas.

Then, it was Dec 15.

Then, it was in late November.

Then, it was Nov 9.

Have you settled on a real date yet, or does it shift depending on who you are talking to at the time?

a48a3f No.717433


Sumerians say that men covered in fish-scales came out of the river and taught them and ruled them.

At the same time, nomadic people in Mongolia, ancestors of Turks, herded and ate horses. They took the hooves, removes the toenail and flattened it and sewed them on their coats in overlapping rows. They travelled the steppe to the west, building boats out of bark to travel across or along the wide rivers of Siberia and Russia.

So when these people in their coats that looked like fish scales, stepped out of boats in the marsh land along the Tigris and Euphrates river where northern trees did not grow, the natives saw men covered in fish scales emerging from the water.

The sculpture of Sumeria shows two types of people. One shorter and with hands folded in supplication as if they had been psychologically enslaved, and the other with bushy beards and tall, like the northern peoples (visit Scandinavia and you will see). There seems to be some rough continuum of language from West to East in Europe from Finnish through other Finnic languages through Hunnic/Chuvash through Turkic languages. Indo-European languages are intrusions from the south, India and Persia.

Sumerian seems to be distantly related to Finnic and Turkic. Oddly enough a hybrid Finnic/Turkic language called Hungarian seems the closest match. Likely other groups of related people came into nearby areas but retained less of their original language. Hittite/Roman being one possible group. Etruscan/Lemnian being another.

2540ce No.717434


And some people wonder where the term "chimp out" comes from.

5c5abe No.717435

File: 09ce714a9ef23e7⋯.jpg (55.14 KB, 480x480, 1:1, IMG_1089.JPG)

These closet homos using federal doxing are dumb motherfuckers

Like those fexas Faggots scanning cell phones


2ba929 No.717436


Ok well if i have a choice,this ones not gonna be it, lol

561a84 No.717437

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Trump Fury VS Secret Society

d69b9c No.717438


kys cunts!

you heard Q we are saving you folks for last.

adb939 No.717440

File: 768583a9ab6b74f⋯.jpg (368.97 KB, 1600x906, 800:453, Adventure time Wallpaper 2….jpg)

File: 18d84cd5dfd1093⋯.jpg (130.83 KB, 763x1001, 109:143, adventure_time_with_my_lit….jpg)

File: bdd2f3dca6b1b2b⋯.jpg (32.38 KB, 408x356, 102:89, bdd2f3dca6b1b2ba6fa8ed8d04….jpg)

File: 9b3a7c30fed5573⋯.jpg (63.23 KB, 720x519, 240:173, FfTWNHX.jpg)

File: 1b9d6c534ebd660⋯.jpg (54.38 KB, 750x773, 750:773, t4ii6hfvwoky.jpg)


But niggers and Adventure time is fine?

Your standards are a bit fucked, you know that?

c7454c No.717441

feea8b No.717442

File: 66bee215b746600⋯.jpg (13.12 KB, 320x261, 320:261, Eva and Gretl Braun, Ident….jpg)

File: e8a0fb545e14677⋯.png (67.26 KB, 178x229, 178:229, Dr. Carl Clauberg, Angel o….png)


Eva and Gretl Braun, identical twins.

7f780c No.717443


Precisely, many versions of Q. Is what I said. Thank you.


Kansas? We shall see…do not trust any man the Bible says…sorry…trust only the Father.

4d0d67 No.717444


Why did the Soviets want to resurrect a guy whose remains they took such trouble to destroy and hide, by raising up his seed? Makes no sense, and makes this board look dumb.

e1d21a No.717445


Tired of hearing Mueller is in our side.

444f41 No.717446


Very well said anon. Much better than the "ancient aliens" people

7dffe7 No.717447

File: 2718337220f24d9⋯.png (1.4 MB, 736x736, 1:1, 2017-11-25 14_17_37-Les Fa….png)


_v_f_ activ

Breath Work

6edfc2 No.717448


Well because I know who built them. Crazy right. Things one can learn if they stop assuming they already know. :).

I had a really really great teacher.

2540ce No.717449


You just lost those two extra points and you get docked an extra one now.

4e073f No.717450


Or killing a witness or two and using the rest of the bombings to throw off the investigation.

749481 No.717451


Spread your wings, anon. do sings.

a13ae6 No.717452

I am so sad I am going to right the 17 victims with a magic marker all over my face and shelter in place and sit in the corner


a48a3f No.717453


If you think I might be suggesting that civilization originated in Mongolia, you are close to the truth.

If you think that I am talking about wolves and sheep and extortion by bands of robbers being the origin of government and taxation, you might not be wrong.

671269 No.717454


> Etruscan/Lemnian being another.

Language for Samoa, Hawaii?

6edfc2 No.717455


Not a school teacher. A wise person. Full of knowledge. How? Well that is a very long story.

3455b1 No.717456


https:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/148016618/#148016876

Nov 5 2017 00:16:50 (EDT) Anonymous ID: v3eCc2tY 148016876

Graphic is right.

Add above points to graphic.

Stay organized.


https:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/148136485/#148136656

Nov 5 2017 18:16:51 (EST) Anonymous ID: L8quGPI9 148139484


Graphic is good.

Please update and continue to log.

Important more than you know.

Review each sentence post happenings.

Big picture.

Signatures have necessary meaning.

Snow White.

Godfather III.


https:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/148146734/#148147343

Nov 5 2017 19:08:10 (EST) Anonymous ID: hHkrVD7x 148148004


Graphic confirmed.







02:00 Z

https:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/148777785/#148779656

Nov 9 2017 23:07:15 (EST) Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: Dx5TPc5d 148779656

Trip added.

[C]oordinated effort to misdirect.

Guide to reading the crumbs necessary to cont[I]nue.

Attached gr[A]phic is correct.

Linked graphics are incorrect and false.

Graphic is necessary and vital.

Time stamp(s) and order [is] critical.

Re-review graphic (in full) each day post news release.

Learn to distinguish between relevant/non-relevant news.

Disinformation is real.

Disinformation is necessary.

Ex: US ML NG (1) False SA True

Why was this necessary?

What questions were asked re: SA prior to SA events?

Why is this relevant?

Think mirror.

Look there, or [here], or there, truth is behind you.

What is a map?

Why is a map useful?

What is a legend?

Why is a legend useful?

What is a sequence?

Why is this relevant?

When does a map become a guide?

What is a keystone?

Everything stated is relevant.


Future provides past.

Map provides picture.

Picture provides 40,000ft. v.

40,000ft. v. is classified.

Why is a map useful?

Think direction.

Think full picture.

Who controls the narrative?

Why is this relevant?

What is a spell?

Who is asleep?


Attention on deck.

There is an active war on your mind.

Be [p]repared.

Ope[r]ations underway.

Operators [a]ctive.

Graphic is essential.

Find the ke[y]stone.

Moves and countermoves.

They never thought she would lose.

Snow white.

Godfather III.

Iron Eagle.


Sauce ^^^^

Can we stop wasting bread on this now please?

c4c09e No.717457


He COULD be. I HOPE so. Waiting on evidence though. ><

7f780c No.717458


We don´t know at which point each Q larper came in…then legit Q gained control back..that is the problem..see BP videos on this..

40c954 No.717459



>believing the we're all African meme

Please stop being retarded

5f9f3d No.717460

File: e5f383ed733dd3e⋯.jpg (67.25 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, nancy.jpg)


Heres another primate.

adb939 No.717461


You need Jesus.

Also… Either Samoan or Pidgin.

http:// www.pidginbible.org/

a23154 No.717462


No, that's not at all what I'm saying. What i'm trying to get across to everyone is that there's some sort of phenomenon taking place that causes Q to post here shortly after Pornfag has. Two weeks ago, Pornfag was here and Q showed up and dropped 20 posts in a day. The same thing happened last night as well. If there's one thing that Q has taught us, it's that there are no coincidences. Therefore, the only possible explanation behind this strange occurrence is that there is in fact Pornfag magic.

a2239f No.717463


You think Gowdy was dirty?

a68162 No.717464

Please, I'm begging all of you. Stop drinking the water.

318a20 No.717465


At least look at the kansas pancake article I posted before you go slinging.


Christ is my Savior

34da1b No.717466


these are the original arya

feea8b No.717467



Take it for what it's worth. There's usually a grain of truth in stories like these. The article is very long. I found it interesting. I try not to worry about "looking dumb". This board is about research, not appearances…..

92c089 No.717468



And the added bonus of fueling a #Chimpout.

Just look at Twigger, they're convinced this isn't getting more play because the media downplays mass killings when the victims are nonwhites.


6edfc2 No.717469

File: 7ac279e5c4c81d6⋯.jpg (322.92 KB, 514x800, 257:400, azazel__angel_of_sacrifice….jpg)


You bet your ass! :) Soaring high!

5c5abe No.717470

File: 1c423a2cced1f7e⋯.jpg (115.63 KB, 766x960, 383:480, IMG_0676.JPG)

Well past

'Told ya so'


Meet a vet

His feelings mean things too

7f780c No.717471


You know who built what?

a68162 No.717472

File: 1480d594e7298d8⋯.jpg (49.97 KB, 564x518, 282:259, 32d71e3b54ab13960d3a600697….jpg)

444f41 No.717473


We evolved from being "african" due to the environment that our ancestors migrated too. Chill anon

51a356 No.717474



e5490e No.717475

File: d78e943e17a64b0⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1419x1685, 1419:1685, Capture _2018-03-18-23-04-….png)




Normies don't get shit! You think we're going to nuke Israel? Is that why Marines and Israeli Soldiers are training together RIGHT NOW? Stop being so fucking stupid!!!! LEARN!!!

7f780c No.717476


Yet you put trust in men, when the Bible says not to.

c4c09e No.717477


Yeah I was just messing wit you. I know what you were trying to say. How about trying to post as Pornfag and see what happens?

fcc6c4 No.717478

File: 5c52d8fe51a5143⋯.jpg (16.56 KB, 470x345, 94:69, stupid palestine TX near A….JPG)


Also people in homes outside of austin being told to stay inside.

https:// twitter.com/lookner/status/975587265803182080

Last week, with Sheriff Israel, I joked and looked around for a '"Sheriff Palestine'''.

There is a Sheriff Palestine! In Anderson Co near Austin TX!

Note there's also a town, Palestine, near both Austin *and* Anderson Co. I just marked Anderson Co with Sheriff Palestine with red marker. Pic related

> Fuuuuu I was jokin — someone might have picked up on jokes and did this stupid shit.

Or …here's the Left being SHOWY

Coinkidink? No idea. I shouldn't be chuckling.

< Oh look: there are buses there now. Ppl being evacuated?

c9c517 No.717479


Being picked on in school is good prep for working on this stuff. Especially if one is in CA.

7f780c No.717480

c98c4e No.717481

If you go look at Israel's Temple plans, they look nothing like the Millennial Temple described in Ezekiel. Israel gave the land under the dome to the Pope in 2013. They completed their alter in 2014 underneath with tunnels to escape. The command for the Tabernacle went out March 10, 2018!

For the love of God, please research this stuff. Jesus returns 490 +123 + 74 days from Mar 10, 2018!

f5f820 No.717482

File: 8808f9d5bf3d406⋯.gif (83.81 KB, 1000x808, 125:101, language-tree.gif)

a68162 No.717483


Fair enough.

4e073f No.717484


Q is saving, rescuing the Jews from the Palestinian thugs.

feea8b No.717485


Very funny anon….

7f780c No.717486


Earth Watch. YT.

5c5abe No.717487

File: d7191e64ac3c7da⋯.jpg (21.89 KB, 225x225, 1:1, IMG_1179.JPG)

Yoloschwag all ya want muh niggas

I'm on cruise control


40c954 No.717488


And if you believe that you're retarded all I'm saying

318a20 No.717489

File: 3298d3ff3d19585⋯.jpg (147.56 KB, 989x550, 989:550, The Clock is activated.jpg)

File: ae7c6804afbc757⋯.jpg (320.58 KB, 1023x738, 341:246, se.jpg)

File: 6fda4cdef39caf7⋯.jpg (215.83 KB, 682x704, 31:32, no molecules.jpg)

File: 0f639a1466783df⋯.jpg (236.4 KB, 960x768, 5:4, Fly through spac.jpg)

a2239f No.717490


Not agreeing or disagreeing with you here, because I havent figured Gowdy out yet, but he ripped Comey a new one, when Comey did that public presser a few days after exonerating Hillary. You think Gowdy has a deal now?

2ca6bc No.717491

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Cure for cancer, discussed right out in the open. 6:35 in the embedded video. Good watch, talks about young blood/ageing/etc.

2540ce No.717492


Not "we," kemosabe. Although I believe (You) did.

601511 No.717493


The 4 Atlantis in Earth.

671269 No.717494






7f780c No.717495


Ok, summarize.

4d0d67 No.717496


Yes, our bodies are temples, but the New Testament is consistent in making clear that THE new temple is the church of Christ. That's why the whole Darby/dispensationalist idea that God is going to resurrect the Jewish temple and animal sacrifices is blasphemous. That'd be like God bringing back sin and death. The temple in Jerusalem's purpose ended when Jesus died. That's why the curtain of the most holy place was torn. Now that the substance has come, there is no longer any need for the shadows. Jesus made one sacrifice for sins, and sin is now removed forever. There are no sacrifices left to perform once sin has been done away with except the incense of prayer and thanksgiving to God.

a23154 No.717497


It won't work if I do it because I'm not the real Pornfag. We need for the real one to step up and help us. Otherwise, the Pornfag Magic won't be powerful enough.

adb939 No.717498

File: 6397c60f0d94e8f⋯.jpg (283.4 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, o-BLACKFACE-facebook.jpg)


It happens.

We can mock the blacks but both the jews AND the nazis are off limits.

I don't even know who's jewing whom, anymore.

a68162 No.717499

Think I'm going to watch something designed for a more developed mind and advanced intelligence than this board. There's a spongebob square pants marathon on. That should do it.

7f780c No.717500


Nobody knows who built it or even if it really existed.

444f41 No.717502


So the Earth is like 4000 years old and we lived with the dinosaurs???


lol true. Non-africans changed due to their migration out of africans environment

a48a3f No.717503


Yes, USMC could very well be referring to Mueller.

He may be the one who starts the arrests next week

FBI - 3 bigwigs plus 29 more

DOJ - 3 bigwigs plus 18 more

State Dept - 2 former Sec State plus 41 more

That is definitely BOOM BOOM BOOM

And although it seems like an ungodly number of arrests, the sealed indictments could cover as many as 50,000 additional people to be arrested.

Way bigger than the recent purge in Turkey.

c4c09e No.717504


Have you tried?

29885f No.717505


I do not know if Gowdy is dirty but I do know that he never stood a chance with a lot of people that congress questioned. The fact of the matter is all the that had to be done to hide stuff, even from the president, is to claim classified under special privileges, and then tell them they didn't have that privilege. They go home with no consequence to their action and congress is left holding their own dicks.

7f780c No.717506


He makes a lot of noise for show, but his true intent is obvious. A dark hat Clinton agent.

92c089 No.717507

File: 3d1a79b19931b42⋯.png (372.24 KB, 600x400, 3:2, glowpossible.png)


Earlier today I was remarking how all the shills were gone. Now it's Flat Earth central.

What hornets nest did we kick over that brought out the spooks?

714d5a No.717508


Stephan Miller = Exhibit A = Role Model

a13ae6 No.717509



ed7812 No.717510

File: d00cd0f11ff2e25⋯.jpg (7.25 MB, 6000x3900, 20:13, Hillary What If.jpg)

adb939 No.717511

File: d05404328f4558f⋯.jpg (76.64 KB, 960x916, 240:229, 20294358_1434700743290710_….jpg)


Also a very old imaginary friend watches you touch yourself, in disgust, repeatedly.

You'd think they'd do something else like feed people but NOPE! You put on such an amazing show that God has to stop what they're doing to pay attention.

601511 No.717512


Angels. :) better yet Karistus

Oh yes, you have been lied to. Bigly.

Can you handle that?

7f780c No.717513

34da1b No.717514

how can yall see who is in here

f5f820 No.717516


I can't find a cool graphic but i just watched a lecture yesterday, Hawaiian Samoan Language roots in New Guinea

5f9f3d No.717517

File: f0d2472e6817f4c⋯.png (531.73 KB, 591x400, 591:400, hunpepe83929235-7532-17458….png)


Sumerians are very clear about origins. Gods created humans in a lab. Mongolians in Sumer is utter bullshit.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamellar_armour

7e92e5 No.717518


Nazis believed they were descendants of of a lost race whose only known historical roots are found in India.

The early Indus valley Aryan civilizations. The only known records are passed down orally in India.

I think the Nazis merged the Hyperborean mythos found in Herodotus with Aryan mythos found in oral traditions in India.

I don't think Nazis version of history is accurate.

In the least they confused Hyperboreans for Aryans.

The master race myth is nonsense. Humanity and civilization is much older than anyone realizes.

Consider the ancient Polynesian civilizations. Much has been lost to time.

We'd probably have much more accurate records if the Romans didn't destroy Alexandria.

7f780c No.717519


Giants? Nephilin?

749481 No.717520

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



Forbidden Archeology: SUPPRESSED New Evidence of Early Man - HD FEATURE

ab4f60 No.717521


Do you remember that discovered shill that got caught in mlp back on half?

714d5a No.717522



601511 No.717523


I meant to say om Earth. I don't do FE. I don't care about the shape. I care about what's happening on it.

318a20 No.717524

File: 6a3c22541bb1dc8⋯.jpg (18.15 KB, 179x368, 179:368, giantskeleton.jpg)

File: 0e8825ff4a6cf8c⋯.jpg (640.31 KB, 730x1955, 146:391, Giant found.jpg)

File: 2c60b488052cc8a⋯.jpg (209.82 KB, 1024x523, 1024:523, NWO.jpg)

File: 278a4538ebfafd1⋯.jpg (48.03 KB, 620x382, 310:191, Lincoln Giants.jpg)


And the angels sinned with the animals and giants begat giants.

Read the book of Enoch and you will know.

a68162 No.717525


Actually, each race of humans was created and placed as few, on each continent by the Annunaki who created us. They check back every 3600 years to see how we are doing. This round, they're going to be pretty disgusted at what we've done to their vah. Yes, Jesus was annunaki, just compare any picture of him to the gods in the Sumerian tablets and you'll see it's true.

a23154 No.717527

File: e53b2d80777e620⋯.jpg (30.48 KB, 506x490, 253:245, BOOMBABY.jpg)

c9c517 No.717528


>Stephan Miller

The bear trainer?

568cdf No.717529


Palestine, TX, in Texas terms, is nowhere near Austin, TX. Besides, Israel, TX is nearly the same distance from Austin.. kek.

0d2922 No.717530

File: 066fdb6ec3d7708⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 85.35 KB, 350x263, 350:263, IMG_5849.JPG)


>So the Earth is like 4000 years old and we lived with the dinosaurs???

I learned this in the 1980s!

(Pic related)

671269 No.717531


Some source to investigate?, I see a lof of references of Lemuria.

351e6f No.717532

File: f22e5051c286e4f⋯.png (175.79 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Conspiracy_Their_Weapon_Ag….png)

601511 No.717533


Oh ffs. Stop doing that. It's a lie.

Angels! Come on!

444f41 No.717534


>We'd probably have much more accurate records if the Romans didn't destroy Alexandria.

Agreed anon, well said



ac7cff No.717535


>>>717389 (You)

>Yes, USMC could very well be referring to Mueller.

>He may be the one who starts the arrests next week

>FBI - 3 bigwigs plus 29 more

>DOJ - 3 bigwigs plus 18 more

>State Dept - 2 former Sec State plus 41 more

>That is definitely BOOM BOOM BOOM

>And although it seems like an ungodly number of arrests, the sealed indictments could cover as many as 50,000 additional people to be arrested.

>Way bigger than the recent purge in Turkey.

Good explanation!

7f780c No.717536


India happens to have the oldest Vedict records, but the civilization came before….not connected to India…so that is the connection the Nazis made…just got the records from there…

a2239f No.717537


I hate reminding myself of the rule, but if they announce they won't seek re-election….pretty sure the writing's on the wall. I was a big Jason Chaffetz fan, but same thing, he announced he would step down, and did. Sucks.

601511 No.717538


Maybe you don't.

671269 No.717540


>Way bigger than the recent purge in Turkey.

Bye Bye Erdogan?

7f780c No.717541


Angels exist.

5c5abe No.717542

File: c450ee95d15c083⋯.jpg (149.51 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, IMG_0669.JPG)

Spiritual thuglyfe

Happy accidents

eff7bf No.717543

Oven Warming

0d2922 No.717544

File: 8fdd3606fbdfbb3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 374.26 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_5847.PNG)

ec9164 No.717545



7f780c No.717546


Maybe you don´t.

0fd102 No.717547



>http:// archive.is/oRDW1

Less tax dollars


>http:// archive.is/lJEUW



>http:// archive.is/jEkTy

US CENTCOM Chief Comes Clean


>http:// archive.is/M9Ahk

51a356 No.717548


I just wonder why folks that are convinced Q was hacked/comped continue to come to the boards and social media trying to convince everyone else…

Seems like a waste of valuable time.

When I decide something is bullshit, I just move on.

4d0d67 No.717549


I heard on the news the other day that they did dna testing on the astronaut they sent into space awhile ago who had an identical twin brother on earth. Turned out that after he came back from space his dna was no longer identical to his brother's. If that wasn't just an anomaly, I guess you could say that all the astronauts who have come back are aliens in some sense.

a2239f No.717550


You know, I noticed that when Rod Rosenstein did that live presser, and Gowdy's anger towards the text messages almost seemed fake outrage. I love Gowdy and would hate to see him be a black hat, but with these guys you really do never know. What do you think his role is now? Special role, as in flipped and working for white hats? Or serving his purpose while still there (doing what he is told)?

8bcde9 No.717551

File: 6025d7ae271bb6f⋯.png (231.34 KB, 550x370, 55:37, WTF.png)

7dffe7 No.717552


We understand that many of you have a fear of surrendering because you perceive it as careening about wildly with no control. Nothing could be further from the truth! Surrendering into the flow with your faith and trust is an empowered act of co-creation. It is activating the support and guidance of all of your guides and helpers, as well as giving your highest self a more active role in your life experience.

But this still in no way means you are abdicating your power to higher beings. Your free will is always honoured, and responded to. You communicate where you wish to go with your intention, and give clear feedback through your focus and gratitude. It is a completely cooperative effort directed by you, a member of the ground crew, supported by the members of your team on the other side of the veil. You are always honoured and sovereign in however you wish to steer your flow.

420a63 No.717553


They have to make their shekels somehow.

f78a65 No.717554

c9c517 No.717555


Actually, I'm not surprised.

601511 No.717556



Machu Pichu




92c089 No.717557


Flat, concave, hollow… whatever. It's all fake, but the important thing is that they are all completely unrelated to anything Q as is




Big foot.


But yet the thread is more full of them than I 've seen all week. Something is coming.

7f780c No.717558


Chavez, as many, was black-mailed and forced to step-down.

5c5abe No.717559

File: 82ede6474ec6a3a⋯.jpg (177.03 KB, 623x960, 623:960, IMG_1167.JPG)

752b80 No.717560


The millennium will be a shocker then.

617fa4 No.717561


Ass Grabbin' Biden synergy meme with Pedo Joe

a13ae6 No.717562

Looking around right now for an armband I can use to show solidarity for Austin but I got one question… What color is a turd blossom?


318a20 No.717563


LOL … and who are you refering to?

Your silly. I trust that.

My whole purpose here is to prove the Bible.

Haven't you been paying atttenting?

7dffe7 No.717564

If you are a programmer in the Matrix currently. Which option do you choose? Flat? Hybrid? Fun?

Does it matter?

Will it matter?

Do we each write the matrix?

Are we getting out of the Matrix?

7f780c No.717565


We are slightly inferior to angels in power as we are sons of God.

c4c09e No.717566


Let's hope he runs!

a2239f No.717567


Blackmailed by deep state, or blackmailed by Trump team?

561a84 No.717568


Trips 7's confirm

f78399 No.717569

File: 2a8d8455a008d94⋯.jpg (136.81 KB, 664x1046, 332:523, a-real-flat.jpg)






752b80 No.717570


We do not censor anything here. The togetherness is fantastic. Yes?

749481 No.717571

File: 79a1f1d73d0afb0⋯.png (19.02 KB, 600x200, 3:1, 888GOLDtm.png)

c9c517 No.717572


The Book of Ezekiel is fun. Great description of an ET ship in there.

7f780c No.717573


Is that man a God fearing man?

5f9f3d No.717574

File: 632720e12a28a46⋯.gif (1.05 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 1520492252085.gif)


> Muh Normies

None of the people you listed said anything about nuking Israel. Keep going schlomo your lies are delicious.

7e92e5 No.717575


That's what I'm talking about anon. The vedas were passed down orally.

671269 No.717576






Machu Pichu




And lack more..

3bfe08 No.717579


They try to discredit to create doubt. The more the better.

Have faith patriot. Q team and POTUS truly are with us.

749481 No.717580


<Jackpot 777

92c089 No.717581


Lolz. Look at this clown faggot.

7dd667 No.717582

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


pic/vid related, that's why

e1c1b9 No.717583

guys did u see this?

>>https:// twitter.com/ShimonPro/status/975526730210390017

>>CNN: A helicopter carrying Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner had to return to an airport in Washington Thursday after one of its engines failed. The couple was flying from DC to NYC Thursday afternoon in a two engine helicopter when one engine failed.

c9c517 No.717584

We are WAY off topic. What should we be discussing?

0d2922 No.717585

File: 74c5a657adcd0c1⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 232.85 KB, 706x533, 706:533, IMG_1691.PNG)

8f70b6 No.717586


http:// worldnewsdailyreport.com/smithsonian-admits-to-destruction-of-thousands-of-giant-human-skeletons-in-early-1900s/

7f780c No.717587


By The Deep State, the Shadow gov.

Think SES doing black-mailing in partnership with the clowns.

5c5abe No.717588

File: 0c210e203cb8b5f⋯.jpg (66.78 KB, 1200x801, 400:267, IMG_0847.JPG)

Perhaps aliens left allegory clues

4c4d89 No.717589

7dffe7 No.717590


I looked, and I saw a windstorm coming out of the north—an immense cloud with flashing lightning and surrounded by brilliant light. The center of the fire looked like glowing metal, 5 and in the fire was what looked like four living creatures. In appearance their form was human, 6 but each of them had four faces and four wings. 7 Their legs were straight; their feet were like those of a calf and gleamed like burnished bronze. 8 Under their wings on their four sides they had human hands. All four of them had faces and wings, 9 and the wings of one touched the wings of another. Each one went straight ahead; they did not turn as they moved.

f2aca3 No.717591



ce7b76 No.717592

File: d443f44b8949a23⋯.jpg (42.87 KB, 549x407, 549:407, 26o3co.jpg)

601511 No.717593


Only 4 on earth. The 5th was destroyed and taken over.

671269 No.717594


Where is Bannon in those days?

7f780c No.717595


Correct, before cuneform writing etc..

f5f820 No.717596


not really, it was a graphic in a lecture about how the indo-europeans sheltered in the caves north of Gobleki Tepi during the Younger Dreyes catastrophe … https:// duckduckgo.com/?q=roots+of+polynesian+languages

51a356 No.717597


Oh, I'm not worried at all.

I just like calling them on their bullshit.

318a20 No.717598


great descrition of an agelic being u mean.

749481 No.717600

File: 6d1199004a5c4e7⋯.png (203.06 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 888WINBIGBlueDragon.png)

a2239f No.717601


Well apparently Trump set everyone free the night of SOTU. Whatever that means lol

5c5abe No.717602

File: 7621ab389629b0a⋯.jpg (230.35 KB, 728x1097, 728:1097, IMG_0860.JPG)

Perhaps you have seen st in a movie once

92c089 No.717603


Austin bombings victims connection to Clinton Foundation.

It's killing witnesses and threatening the remaining. I forgot what particular part. Maybe someone else remembers.

Also, Seth Rich is still alive and held a picture of a van at a Trump rally. Lots of stuff related to that incident have been released recently.

c9c517 No.717604


There's a ship in there, too. Ezekiel goes inside.

34da1b No.717605

reply to this if you want sunshine

a13ae6 No.717606



752b80 No.717607


This should help to offset the flat earthers and the fake Q. Everybody together now!

4d0d67 No.717608


Nobody thought the millennium was a literal thousand years on earth until the 19th century. The devil has been chained since the apostles went out preaching the Gospel. That's the reason western civilization stopped worshipping idols, and started thinking mercy was a good thing–it was the power of the Gospel even over people who didn't believe it. Satan has been chained by the power of Christ's word. The idea that God is going to rapture Christians out of the tribulation and then bring back Israel after the flesh is contrary to the Gospel. Israel after the flesh was never truly Israel. It was always a remnant in Israel that was truly God's people. Believers in Christ are the Israel of God and the true descendants of Abraham, period.

0fd102 No.717609


next week lots of BOOMS

16fc55 No.717610


Great meme

0d2922 No.717611

File: 0eec104dab6bccd⋯.jpg (105.91 KB, 750x621, 250:207, IMG_2496.JPG)

2540ce No.717612


They're like "diversity." Hates your guts, calls you names, but always follows you wherever you go.

7f780c No.717613


Some claim it is a description of the universe.

c9c517 No.717614


Wait. Really? Seth Rich?

And the people in Austin were witnesses? It seems so random.

eed664 No.717615

File: cbacee253e9169c⋯.png (883.93 KB, 1533x533, 1533:533, ClipboardImage.png)

we got an army helo flying over Las Vegas in the same general area as last night

he's been flying back and forth and around for 90 minutes at least


318a20 No.717616


post the scripture location and i will read for fun.

8e7491 No.717617


What is it like to realize that your self-declared opponents don't even recognize you? I bet it feels comy af tbh.

f2aca3 No.717618


How is it fake? I know it's CNN, but did we prove that this didn't happen?

444f41 No.717619


Agreed, got carried away. Does anyanon know what topics are in the OIG report? I know McCabe, HRC Email investigation, and FISA abuse; but is leaking and corruption??

5c5abe No.717620

File: 40a0dc7f43cb9a2⋯.jpg (87.06 KB, 600x600, 1:1, IMG_0969.JPG)


Not a midget

7f780c No.717621


>Also, Seth Rich is still alive and held a picture of a van at a Trump rally.

Fake news award number 3.

671269 No.717622


Correct, Just as a List. Also the Hopi, Alaska, Aztec, etc.


Hawaii always talking that They was a huge Continent in the Pacific Ocean. Before on the Great flood.

371ba7 No.717623


Yeah, I agree with this. Just like Potus can't attack Mueller, the government isn't going to arrest it's own. I can't see it happening, the backlash would be swift and Trump would be voted out in 2020. I think we are going to have to be satisfied with the bad actors stepping down/being fired. The prize being that we will have a more honorable government and America will be great again. The goal for us anons, is to help wake up as many as possible so we can keep it great (as opposed to the sleepers voting in more corruption). As you can see from recent state elections, we have our work cut out for us.

7f780c No.717624


Nah, just someone who looked like him.

749481 No.717625

File: fa516af9e263f61⋯.jpg (55.95 KB, 1286x720, 643:360, WhiteObamaBlackPope.jpg)




f78399 No.717626

File: bb288ec96220e28⋯.gif (11.11 KB, 474x667, 474:667, pointing-9GV4iK-clipart.gif)


Naomi is i moan backwards.

752b80 No.717627


I am just waiting on everything to blow up and we get to move again. Trust the plan.

3bfe08 No.717628


It happened. Saw it on multiple sites

5c5abe No.717629


We're going Scottish

Glow nigga glow

ac7cff No.717630

File: 94161201a52546b⋯.jpg (90.39 KB, 600x835, 120:167, 6mrmrCI.jpg)


The planefags don't get enough love.

3a4f8a No.717631

4chan is losing it right now over skyking and ships in middle east

601511 No.717632


No idea what you are talking about.

7f780c No.717633


But Trump can fire Rosenstein then replace Jeff Sessions. If there is a will, there is a way.

601511 No.717635


Got ya.

a70c12 No.717636

File: 767642aca06726c⋯.png (516.44 KB, 606x853, 606:853, ClipboardImage.png)


Aye baker, new version out! Please update the dough (the version 7.2.0 -> 7.5.0):

/-/-/-/ New QMap PDF freshly baked.

/-/-/-/ With much love. v. 7.5.0

/-/-/-/ Updated with /Qresearch/ #878.

/-/-/-/ & Emergency Bread meh.

/-/-/-/ Commented and sourced.

QClearance Archive

http:// irc.qclearancearchive.net/02.%20QMaps/Q%27s%20posts%20-%20CBTS%20-%207.5.0.pdf


-Anonfile: http:// anonfile.com/n4C3Qad3bc/Q_s_posts_-_CBTS_-_7.5.0.pdf

-SCRIBD: https:// fr.scribd.com/document/374227697/Q-s-Posts-CBTS-7-5-0?secret_password=sLfDxfazJSNKIvHFtn39

-MEGA: https:// mega.nz/#!QjAmwQZQ!PNPRyKrcO-jpG5WpIj0e94NnN4is4NaziIfwGFxvUmo

752b80 No.717637


The chain is too long then. But please go on.

671269 No.717638


it must be helping to the Europeans. KEK!

92c089 No.717639


We need to get back to the tactic of saying "Click the triangle to filter the clownshill"

At every spook post. And actually do so.

It reminds the new people how to do it and gets everyone on the same page. Just copy a quick phrase like "Click the triangle and choose ID to filter the Clown"

318a20 No.717640

File: a51c1ded6e6b089⋯.jpg (79.05 KB, 550x375, 22:15, red pill.jpg)

File: 11d03a8d97d8f40⋯.jpg (327.83 KB, 970x738, 485:369, Puppet Show.jpg)

File: 84b0dfc3a79566a⋯.jpg (170.52 KB, 784x787, 784:787, planes flies flat.jpg)

e5490e No.717641


It was being said the last few threads. Get lost fuck face!

648dd3 No.717642

Some of their idiots have migrated over here. >>717631

a13ae6 No.717645

'Cause I've been sent

To spread the message:

God blessed Texas.

7f780c No.717646


SOTU? Set-free how?

601511 No.717647


Link please to 4 chan cht

794a00 No.717648


I think it’s more Sun Tzu. The unavoidable proof is probably on the way here soon. Gives Gowdy credibility when he flips position later like any reasonable person would.

The media is painting themselves into a losing corner. “Never interrupt the enemy when he is making a mistake.”

c98c4e No.717649

Daniel 9:24 Seventy weeks (490 days) are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophesy, and to anoint the most Holy.

25. Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks (49 days), and threescore (60 days) and two weeks (14 days); the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times.

490 days is July 13, 2019

26. And after threescore (60 days) and two weeks (14 days) shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself; and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.

Jesus returns Nov. 13, 2019.

29885f No.717650


We have been given free will.

c7454c No.717651


He's with a date giving an aerial tour.

5f9f3d No.717652


Aside from the part where jihadis will do more chem attacks i think its just hype.


So why do you quote me and others who didnt say it you filthy lying kike???

c7454c No.717653


And getting a bj

cd1267 No.717654


I have wondered before about how interplanetary flight works for just that reason. I never really researched it though. Even so, I doubt it has jack shit to do with this flat earth garbage

0d2922 No.717655

File: 5c6412fe8724022⋯.png (251.13 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_4702.PNG)

File: dc46c2d36763357⋯.png (239.12 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_5105.PNG)

File: 2ddd9d13c0c0105⋯.jpg (91.07 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_5467.JPG)


How many times does Q have to say… "TRUST SESSIONS!"

> at this point you must be $hill if you don't Trust Sessions

fc9972 No.717656


Last I read he was in France.

c9c517 No.717657


Citations in cited article. I'm working on Q stuff right now, so I'm not going to elaborate.

http:// www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sitchin/spaceships_ezekiel.htm

eed664 No.717658

File: 9fa67a35a2e7e70⋯.jpg (164.29 KB, 750x563, 750:563, Patriots.jpg)


Planefag not interested in anything that does not pertain to Q crumbs and what's going on.

Keep your stupid pix of people's bodies. Who the fuck cares!

It only reveals you as a shallow person lacking in seriousness, and maybe a shill.

We're at war.

Don't you get it?

This is not a game.

601511 No.717659


No idea what you are saying.

a2239f No.717660


Q drop the next day said Trump set all the congressmen free who were being held hostage.

4c4d89 No.717661


You only need to go back to the last bread. There was some shill posting fake pictures and claiming we’re about to nuke Israel

601511 No.717662

749481 No.717663

File: 7dc37c572324027⋯.jpg (54.4 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 13402577_1803146163305112_….jpg)



Even better.

#meme #ninja #defuse #pepe #counterstrikeglobaloffensive #counterstrike #squad

a13ae6 No.717664


A h e m… Rubbish*

318a20 No.717665


Wow! That is amazing. I always knew they did

just never heard them admit to it!!!

I'll keep that one! thanks.

3a4f8a No.717666


http:// boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/164513063

671269 No.717667


Preparing the Return of Le Pen?

601511 No.717668

8e7491 No.717669


>We're saving the best for last

I would be scared and defensive right about now too, if I was you. Maybe that whole open borders for thee, not for me campaign was a mistake? Nah, you don't make mistakes, you're God's Chosen People, right? Right?

745ecd No.717670

File: 4563a5786c48637⋯.png (64.87 KB, 566x566, 1:1, kekistan-GentelmenDiggersT….png)

File: d6124cf6c4ebed0⋯.png (77.52 KB, 565x565, 1:1, kekistan-warDiggersTeam.png)

hey gang, not sure if these got dropped in here. Just a few patches to bring up the morale, a bit.

for the diggers out there, a "gentlemen" and a "war" patch.

7f780c No.717671


Pretend to be pro Trump, make a lot of noise but continue to serve Hillary.

cd1267 No.717672



120fc2 No.717673


Nice work, thanks a lot

a2239f No.717674


Gowdy is the only congressmen stepping down that Q referenced. Q said something to the effect of "could Gowdy be stepping into another role?". Something like that.

Side note, I love that quote and I actually make it a point to remind others of it when I see them complaining about the MSM or Hillary etc. When your enemy is making a mistake, never interrupt them. And its so true. They are hanging themselves

745ecd No.717675

File: 39fb088bf655a52⋯.png (51.45 KB, 534x565, 534:565, kekistan-pathfinderTeam.png)

File: e0c8cf8e52037ac⋯.png (40.16 KB, 401x573, 401:573, kekistan-psyopsTeam.png)

File: 17f71d5a4cce632⋯.png (44.46 KB, 429x572, 3:4, kekistan-religionTeam.png)

path finders team

psyops teams

religion teams

420a63 No.717676



Well done, anons.

a2239f No.717677


Sad, cant tell who are friends are anymore

7f780c No.717678


Even POTUS was being held hostage, figuratively…and only recently set himself free. So back then don´t know if this is possible, when he himself was still hostage.

0d2922 No.717679

File: 696888004e97f3c⋯.jpg (56.63 KB, 540x420, 9:7, IMG_3237.JPG)


Nice work Anon!

752b80 No.717680


It is not working currently and I do not think it will. We have been over run by the newer posters from various corners of the internet, along with the clowns, shills, flat earthers, new agers, and various other factions too numerous to list. The anti-censorship free for all has devolved the board into a simple chat room similar to the wild west where anything goes. It will only get "better" from here so best to buckle up and keep ones head down. It is only a matter of time on this trajectory before it blows up again.

568cdf No.717681


Twitter is not a religion. Should put a pepe instead

ec9164 No.717682


Incorrect. A little lower than Angela in space time, not in power/authority.

It is for us reserved the judgment of angels.

601511 No.717683

They got the city of Afrin.

Holy fuck Trump attacked Syria.

Russia warned him.

8f5b25 No.717684

File: 61bd7bd893559f7⋯.jpg (263.78 KB, 1445x1012, 1445:1012, facebook11.jpg)

444f41 No.717685


I think thats a dove anon

7f780c No.717686


Nope, traitors everywhere. He wants the Jeff Sessions position to maintain control, if JF is removed. A traitor to Trump.

1783b2 No.717687

File: 534125d1d36f126⋯.jpeg (1003.45 KB, 1242x778, 621:389, E23D7EFE-AAE6-4E59-96C7-F….jpeg)

File: d27cbb3ab45e67a⋯.jpeg (936.32 KB, 1231x784, 1231:784, 788CD663-DB6D-433F-A0B8-5….jpeg)

File: 8bc95b464bf66b0⋯.jpeg (982.89 KB, 1242x774, 69:43, F32CAFE8-11C7-4DE8-AFCD-E….jpeg)

File: e27e5c68e46a5fd⋯.jpeg (1007.48 KB, 1242x780, 207:130, 90974D51-0238-4BA7-816D-0….jpeg)

7c30c4 No.717688

What the fuck is with this bread/post tonight so many fucking shills/disinfo/off topic fucks I can't even filter em all. #CLOWNSHERE?

5f9f3d No.717689

File: 09f98a6ee24c0e4⋯.png (766.48 KB, 870x960, 29:32, 1519525112031.png)


Dont talk about our planefags like that you inbred monkey. They do awesome work.

Speaking helis:

https:// twitter.com/vincevicari/status/975506457796857857

745ecd No.717690


not a twitter, "dove"

fc9972 No.717691


Yes, her name was definitely mentioned!

9c3c60 No.717692


There's a lot of fucking crime in America. Insidious, evil sumbitches. I'd be absolutely ok with 50,000 arrests on top of the 18,500 indictments. Could Mueller really slay the beast with Trump?

Fuck yeah. We need this cleansing.

4aaf5d No.717693

Podesta group and more

https:// youtu.be/OQmhPsX10ps?t=3h49m32s

4d0d67 No.717694


Well, it's a chain, and we're still in the room with him. And the majority of the people in the world are under his power. And our flesh still inclines toward him. That's why we're waiting for the day when he is thrown into the lake of fire with his servants, and our bodies are resurrected/glorified.

An important consequence of understanding this is that it teaches you to look for the antichrist in a different place–not a literal, physical temple in Jerusalem, but within the temple of God, claiming that he is God…i.e., not on the temple mount, but within the visible boundaries of the church, claiming the right to supplant the authority of God's Word in the Church. That's why protestants in the Reformation–Lutherans and Calvinists–had a very different view of who the antichrist was/is than conservative protestants have today.

420a63 No.717696


Still looks like the twatter bird.

bee99b No.717697


Set himself free? How?

7f780c No.717698


Only after the glorified body.

eff7bf No.717699


added to dough, no word from previous baker, anon on standby

d58f06 No.717700

The US-led coalition and Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups operating in the al-Tanaf area, near the Syrian-Iraqi border are preparing to launch a military operation against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in eastern Syria, the Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Enab Baladi reported on March 18.

Mohanad al-Talaa Commander of the US-backed Revolutionary Commando Army deployed in al-Tanaf confirmed to Enab Baladi that they are currently preparing for a military operation. However, al-Talaa declined to provide more information about their target.

Syrian opposition activists speculated that the US-led coalition and the FSA will try to capture the SAA-held parts of the Syrian-Iraqi border. The coalition forces maybe even try to reach the besieged Eastern Qalamun region north of the Syrian capital of Damascus.

Earlier today, the FSA in the Eastern Qalamun region launched an attack against the SAA near the al-Sin airbase and shot down a warplane of the Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF).

Meanwhile, Kurdish activists reported that the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are massing their forces on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River. The sources added that the US-led coalition and the SDF may also launch an attack on SAA positions in Deir Ezzor governorate.

The Hammurabi’s Justice News, that’s well-known for its links to the US-led coalition, claimed on March 17 that the SAA had shelled units of the US-led coalition around al-Tanaf. Observers believe that these claims might be used as a pretext to launch the supposed attack.

Several Syrian pro-government experts believe that the threat of US-led offensive against the SAA is real. On March 8, the SAA expanded its security zone around the town of al-Qaryatayn in southern Homs and the regions of East Qalamun and East Ghouta in Damascus governorate to 80km. This indicates that the Damascus government and its allies are also taking this threat seriously.

If the US-led coalition launches such a military operation, the SAA and its allies will be forced to respond immediately on all fronts.


1783b2 No.717701


Who drew this?

a13ae6 No.717702


Filters!! 1!

318a20 No.717703


seems to be a fake news story. cannot confirm.

0cf6bd No.717704

File: 3c202efdef49d99⋯.jpeg (90.83 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 4B7ECF9C-BE82-4B5A-9872-1….jpeg)

I thought there’d be an FF (actual attack) for GHWB’s #MarchMadness ‘GigEm’


Texas (Austin)

N. California (N. Beach fire, looked like arson)

8e7491 No.717705

6641bc No.717706


No deals remember? These people need jail time and to be stripped of all their wealth. Wealth is their power.

I mean your saying … hey Al Capone … no problem just retire and don't do anything wrong again, like he would of yeah sure no problem. And while your telling the history of and pointing at a picture of good ole Al he's sent his mechanic out to wipe everyone of your family members and you off the face of the planet to make sure that story don't make it into the history books.

34da1b No.717707

File: f5c732567b2efda⋯.png (2.09 MB, 1159x892, 1159:892, hmm.png)


what do they dig for

7e92e5 No.717708


Keep digging anon. Lots of congressman both sides of isle aren't seeking reelection.

Here's the list from the bread….

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/169315.html#169315

7f780c No.717709


Recent Q posts indicate. Don´t know how. Got rid of controllers around him. Change of cabinet I think.

4d0d67 No.717710


Here's the sauce on this:

https:// www.cnn.com/2018/03/14/health/scott-kelly-dna-nasa-twins-study/index.html

3d9926 No.717711

File: bd583234c8296c6⋯.jpg (55.36 KB, 684x513, 4:3, IMG_1149.JPG)


Chicken little screamed

Walnuts, wolf, yada

Go ninja


8f5b25 No.717712

File: 0578e9081da9164⋯.jpg (104.19 KB, 734x732, 367:366, KS78EhKdfsf878.jpg)

2722ee No.717713


Jim Carrey

7f780c No.717714


McCabe fired but does not preclude Gitmo. Same for Comey etc. Jan. 1st next year big day.

e5490e No.717715


STFUUUUPPPP! They fucking responded! I never quoted you. Retarded ass shill!!!

a2239f No.717716


Trump has alot to keep up with….. what conversations he can have with who, and who he told what, and who he cant tell what, etc

ec9915 No.717717


Now at:

NO 93%, YES 7%

424 votes 21 hrs left.


617fa4 No.717718


Do not answer

a48a3f No.717719


There could be a secret EO that pardons all the elected people who signed some kind of promise. If they were blackmailed for some crime that they were entrapped into, this makes sense

8e7491 No.717720


Put "azazel" in a search engine.

adb939 No.717721

File: 78bcebf720dd54a⋯.jpg (55.75 KB, 349x400, 349:400, 4737196.jpg)

What do you think it would take to get people's goat and actually talk to them at the same time?

120fc2 No.717722


It's been going on and off all day.

You have to use filter-ID+

The + is key.

Shills, and shills, and stupid people - all talking to each other. You can't stomp them one at a time but have to get them in batches.

0d2922 No.717723


KEK! Digits!

> love that meme

❤️ BOB!

752b80 No.717724


Then what is the purpose for the chain? There is nothing in scriptures that says he will be chained in the same room. You are simply revising scripture to your liking at this point.

7f780c No.717725


True, well if he needs an advisor..I am here…

671269 No.717726

File: 520b7b56b0f4301⋯.jpg (92.93 KB, 960x501, 320:167, 2016-The-Economist.jpg)


Just a reminder. Le pen isn't Gray.

cd1267 No.717727


A washed up actor with likely pedo tendencies

7f1079 No.717728


NOT arrested, INDICTED

11.3 - Podesta indicted

11.6 - Huma indicted

29885f No.717729


https:// patriots4truth.org/2018/03/17/research-tools-for-digital-truth-sleuths/

Tool to find SES members

37ff09 No.717730



5f9f3d No.717731

File: 21c2831340630cc⋯.jpg (257.04 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, suheil677986767tt70700t719….jpg)


Blocks your path…

9c3c60 No.717732


I hate seeing that fat fucking cow in the top right. How much is a harpoon these days? I'm asking for a friend.

561a84 No.717733

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e5490e No.717734


That doesn't make any sense you fuckin homo!

7f780c No.717735


Secret executive orders don´t fly in Congress and before the American people.

f5f820 No.717736


https:// gnosticwarrior.com/vulcan-hand-sign.html

567bc5 No.717737

File: 430cae42111b8c8⋯.jpg (96.43 KB, 500x537, 500:537, 26108m.jpg)

It sure would be nice if karma paid a visit to these shit bird shills. They act like a bunch of fucking antifa queebs.

7f780c No.717738


For months and no arrest? Come-on….

601511 No.717739

Russia’s Defense Ministry says “US instructors” are training militants to stage false flag chemical attacks in south Syria. The incidents are said to be a pretext for airstrikes on Syrian government troops and infrastructure.

“We have reliable information at our disposal that US instructors have trained a number of militant groups in the vicinity of the town of At-Tanf, to stage provocations involving chemical warfare agents in southern Syria,” Russian General Staff spokesman General Sergey Rudskoy said at a news briefing on Saturday.

“Early in March, the saboteur groups were deployed to the southern de-escalation zone to the city of Deraa, where the units of the so-called Free Syrian Army are stationed.”

2722ee No.717740



Daily mail headline for this story says,,

'Her only purpose in life is to lie for the wicked!' Jim Carrey unveils his VERY unflattering portrait of Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

It's at the very top of his twitter page as well.

But with it worded this way.

This is the portrait of a so-called Christian whose only purpose in life is to lie for the wicked. Monstrous!

https:// twitter.com/JimCarrey?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

bee99b No.717741


Yes. Not EO but along the lines.

3d9926 No.717742

File: 2df6a540e4dfdc6⋯.jpg (23.07 KB, 190x265, 38:53, IMG_1118.JPG)

Does koko know harrambe

5f9f3d No.717743

File: fc1d41546a80659⋯.jpg (191.08 KB, 850x446, 425:223, 1521093202361.jpg)


The smear merchant cries in pain as he strikes you…

f6d3ab No.717744

What is the statement in front of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" music video? Why is it there?

2540ce No.717745


So much easier than responding to them. Just click ID+ and poof they're gone!

601511 No.717746


OH!!!! You believe the Google search wikipedia bullshit. Omg yes of course. Makes all kinds od sense now.

You are so wrong.

a2239f No.717748

Do you think Mueller actually gets his moment for a live testimony and announces nothing found on Trump?… or do you think more and more info starts "coming out" and eventually makes Mueller's SC look like such a rigged stacked witch hunt that it just gets disbanded?

a23154 No.717749


Actually, it's more like thirteen and a half months and zero arrests.

7f780c No.717750


Losing it how and in what way?

3d9926 No.717751

File: 796379772f72c9d⋯.jpg (68.33 KB, 713x718, 713:718, IMG_1152.JPG)

Hitler in Argentina ?

37ff09 No.717752


I fuckin knew it pushin that Luciferian bull shit we are nothingless fuck him. easy to say when your millionaire

749481 No.717753

File: 9ac7fe35dac51a6⋯.png (111.56 KB, 520x832, 5:8, BlueGoldFireDragonMtn.png)

File: a2d1fae9cf95b41⋯.png (291.97 KB, 700x840, 5:6, 700px-Chinese_Dragon_Banne….png)

>>717571 > 888 Gold

>>717600 > 888 Blue Dragon

>>717419 > Wanderer Fire Over Mtn.

>https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/


The Chinese dragon, is a creature in Chinese mythology that also appears in other Asian cultures, and is sometimes called the Oriental (or Eastern) dragon. Depicted as a long, snake-like creature with four legs, it has long been a potent symbol of auspicious power in Chinese folklore and art. This type of dragon, however, is sometimes depicted as a creature constructed of many animal parts. It might have the fins of some fish, or the horns of a stag.

<Gong Gong Dragon Kings

>Yong (Mireu)

A sky dragon, essentially the same as the Chinese lóng. Like the lóng, yong and the other Korean dragons are associated with water and weather. In pure Korean, it is also known as 'mireu'.

<Blue Ben

Kilve in West Somerset is said to have once been home to a dragon called Blue Ben which the devil used as a steed. The skull of a fossilised Ichthyosaur on display in the local museum is sometimes pointed out as belonging to Blue Ben.

0d2922 No.717754



Digits confirmed!!!

Epic meme!

c98c4e No.717755


If the earth is flat, can you explain day and night or do we turn upside down? How does the solar and lunar eclipse work?

7f780c No.717756


LoL, I was referring to the supposed Q post claiming HC JP indicted…

561a84 No.717757


Quoting Rothschild's Puppet lol, and Bushes special oil buyer for the Bombers.

7f780c No.717758


He will look so bad then be indicted for his own crimes eventually….

1783b2 No.717759


Tell Jim this is w_r

ad1dbf No.717760

File: 17a8f6bc1146d28⋯.jpg (53.69 KB, 761x475, 761:475, BO Low High.JPG)

8e7491 No.717761

File: 846251ee824c332⋯.jpg (6.69 KB, 203x249, 203:249, images.jpg)


Nvm, you're doing great, carry on brother.

6641bc No.717762


Those conversation's I'm sure are only held with maybe less then 10 top guys. It's not so hard to make sure you never go out and tell your in laws or bosses what you really think of them if it's not favorable. All he has to do is think of the MSM like a not so favorite in law

4f375b No.717763


64/550 posts?

Come on.

a13ae6 No.717764

How's life been without CBTS_Stream?

8f70b6 No.717765


Possible, but there is lots of stories about this subject if people look into it. The problem is people get so distracted with other things, and frankly don't really even care to know the truth.

The truth is always covered up or discredited.

3d9926 No.717766

File: 04312bf9a9cffcd⋯.jpg (62.38 KB, 500x671, 500:671, IMG_1042.JPG)

Muh privacy

601511 No.717767

“They are preparing a series of chemical munitions explosions. This fact will be used to blame the government forces. The components to produce chemical munitions have been already delivered to the southern de-escalation zone under the guise of humanitarian convoys of a number of NGOs.”

The planned provocations will be widely covered in the Western media and will ultimately be used as a pretext by the US-led coalition to launch strikes on Syria, Rudskoy warned.

“The provocations will be used as a pretext by the United States and its allies to launch strikes on military and government infrastructure in Syria,” the official stated.

“We’re registering the signs of the preparations for the possible strikes. Strike groups of the cruise missile carriers have been formed in the east of the Mediterranean Sea, Persian Gulf and Red Sea.”

Another false flag chemical attack is being prepared in the province of Idlib by the “Al-Nusra Front terrorist group, in coordination with the White Helmets,” Rudskoy warned. The militants have already received 20 containers of chlorine to stage the incident, he said.

The US military has dismissed the accusations raised by the Russian Defence Ministry. Pentagon spokesman Adrian Rankine-Galloway described Rudskoy's statement as “extremely absurd,” RIA Novosti reported.


350b8b No.717768


WE, the PEOPLE, are the karma.

The wheel of cosmic nature is turning. We will take them all to count when this is over.

a48a3f No.717769


Syria is still a confusing place. The war and ISIS were started by the CIA and Mossad. For quite a while there were Pentagon backed groups fighting CIA-backed groups.

It is still not clear who the US forces there really are. If they are CIA, then Pentagon guys could blast them or given them up to the Russians.

eff7bf No.717770

dough rising

ed7812 No.717771

File: 79ad5767ab19eab⋯.gif (2.66 MB, 3000x3000, 1:1, GIF__Birthers_truthers__.gif)


Barack Hussein Obama backwards is Amaboniessuhkcarab – in Kenyan

(Translation = “I’m A Bony Suck Arab”)

a2239f No.717773


That's where I'm leaning too. Eventually its going to be "his turn". So he pretty much won't get that moment to tell the country of his findings, it will moreso be him getting indicted and the SC just going away and forgotten

1252da No.717774

File: 3c4e0f86bfecb27⋯.png (443.57 KB, 750x500, 3:2, Bush.png)


Bush 43 .. threw the brick into the hornet's nest.

7f1079 No.717775


I get your frustrated & want justice now. This may help, was posted not long ago,

Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.

749481 No.717776

File: c5ee1b31a6960dd⋯.png (91.35 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 888-JL.png)

fcece3 No.717777

Q is a larp.

8f5b25 No.717778

File: 8aa98ce3b72f2b4⋯.jpg (445.2 KB, 1830x1565, 366:313, finally-thumbs-down.jpg)

3d9926 No.717779

File: 855e35c44bf71eb⋯.jpg (55.38 KB, 768x512, 3:2, IMG_0972.JPG)


Sessions gets me next

Got it

a23154 No.717780


Yeah It's doesn't look like either of them were indicted. Podesta is giving speeches at Georgetown. Hillary and Huma are happily vacationing around the world together and staying at 5 star hotels. Nobody seems to be too worried. Hillary was having a great time on television talking shit about President Trump and the women who voted for him. Zero arrests so far. Not even one.

c9c517 No.717781

I thought the imports were done. But it looks like they're getting tripped up by the field that holds the image information. At least the re-parse is done. That is what really took up the time today. And the images should be available now. I'm done for the night. I'll figure this out in the morning. It may be as simple as needing to do addslashes again.

601511 No.717782


No no. Please tell me. If I assumed wrong I aplogize. But I am really not following you.

351e6f No.717783

File: f22e5051c286e4f⋯.png (175.79 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Conspiracy_Their_Weapon_Ag….png)

318a20 No.717784

File: 12ca9edf559fc43⋯.jpg (109.52 KB, 480x598, 240:299, Even I know.jpg)

File: 1dbffbf12b84039⋯.jpg (177.53 KB, 644x777, 92:111, You are HERE.jpg)

File: 380d5fd6319683c⋯.jpg (137.42 KB, 810x1045, 162:209, not a shill.jpg)

File: 51cd3fcea7803d8⋯.jpg (282.02 KB, 804x1190, 402:595, Light House.jpg)

ec2bb1 No.717785


A general rule of boards is that only about 2-5% of the traffic posts. Somewhat higher for a board like this, but still the minority.

I post a story and see a thousand unique hits in a day. I'll get, maybe, five reviews out of a hundred and twenty with accounts to post a review.

When discussion swings a certain way, the lurkers become posters and those not interested become lurkers. In this manner, an individual or team of individuals with some Smurf IPs can push a heavy amount of influence on one of these boards or threads. Their activity brings in those who were lurking as cynnics and squelches those who are looking to make productive use of the space.

Just look at what happens when real Q posts. Fifty fucking replies from first-time-in-bread IDs of "Hi, Q! Why does it burn when I pee?". All of these people were lurking and want to show their support when our meta-vocaloid celebrity shows up. And there is also the vain hope that some random existential question afflicting them will be answered.

It is what it is. But it shows how special forces tactics can be employed in the digital world. People have a certain tempo they like to keep in conversation. Too fast, and people self-censor. Too slow, and people begin to jump in with their ideas. Same idea as what happens in a board room where the loud and impulsive tend to dominate the course of discussion.

A team of three to five can just muscle their way into one of these breads and force productive conversation out. Not that every post need be 100% serious, grinding our noses off - but this isn't exactly a chat room, either.

It is why 8chan was preferred for function. Can you imagine how devastating this would be on 4chan, where threads and replies are pushed out?

7f780c No.717786

5f9f3d No.717787


Truth can come from anyone. He made some very good points.

4c4d89 No.717788

Looks like the concernfags decided to show up

350b8b No.717789

File: 3685294d147daaf⋯.png (194.35 KB, 200x247, 200:247, sadmerchant.png)


Sad merchant keeps squealing. We are going to fuck your kind to a hundred million little pieces, (((bitch))).

a13ae6 No.717790


Check blocked! OOF!

8e7491 No.717791

File: 601c70f5859778f⋯.gif (932.96 KB, 244x182, 122:91, god warrior.gif)

File: 918f323d93e70c6⋯.gif (911.19 KB, 244x182, 122:91, rebuke.gif)

File: f5aa11483759cdf⋯.gif (980.21 KB, 245x183, 245:183, darksided stuff.gif)

File: 4ad5c6d9dc3f7f3⋯.gif (497.17 KB, 500x260, 25:13, ungodly.gif)

752b80 No.717792


So glad you cold join us here with that thoroughly well developed statement. Please expound upon your thought and impress us with further wisdom.

7f780c No.717793


Proves early posts they claim are from Q are not really from Q. My case has been proven.

f3da42 No.717794


Missed that one. If the White House suspects foul play, I can't even imagine what will unleash on those who fucked with his family. They know not who they deal with.

d58f06 No.717795

Been jumping around, lookin for and watching the show.

Q was right……Panic!!

8e7491 No.717796


You're fine.

3d9926 No.717797

File: b3d470fb4865926⋯.jpg (141.47 KB, 1023x614, 1023:614, IMG_1085.JPG)

Fishing for ……..

Concordance is efficient

Mindfulness simplifies

We all products of someone's inner child

749481 No.717798

File: 0b79fcdf5d3b330⋯.jpg (126.53 KB, 631x397, 631:397, dscn9935_thumb.jpg)

>https:// tayloronhistory.com/2013/02/24/


The Masonic Temple, at 888 Yonge Street, was constructed in 1917, during the chaotic days of the First World War.

John Ross Robertson (1841-1918) was a prominent Mason, and founder of the now defunct Toronto Telegram newspaper. He was one of the prime motivators behind the construction of the building, located on the northwest corner of Yonge Street and Davenport Road. When the Masons chose this site, a church was located on the property

671269 No.717799

Something new in Syria?

adb939 No.717801

File: 3b004fef7aef467⋯.jpg (174.51 KB, 500x500, 1:1, dream_cmc8j56xvrk.jpg)

8f70b6 No.717802


They have already tried several times to kill him, it's no surprise I'm sure.

561a84 No.717803


That's the whole point. Marxists do market research and bend with the movement, say what they want to hear …subversion thingy

7f780c No.717804


Correct. But angels too.

fcece3 No.717805


Q is a social experiment run by university students to find out how internet subcultures work.

0d2922 No.717806

File: cfc92103569bb8e⋯.jpg (78.01 KB, 749x424, 749:424, IMG_1883.JPG)

6f7e41 No.717807


Trust the plan mate. Easier to arrest them and extradict them on foreign soil then on homeground.

a13ae6 No.717808


752b80 No.717810


It was only the scales and asbestos that saved him.

5f9f3d No.717811

File: 5eb5551a65bc673⋯.png (115.04 KB, 656x667, 656:667, 55087508t7tiutotor5e5e58ee….png)

File: 71eb191fd889ed4⋯.jpg (120.07 KB, 670x663, 670:663, dblygncernd8u8532852352381….jpg)


I thought not… but digits indicate yes.

7f780c No.717812


Quit pulling things out of your snot nose.

96efd3 No.717813

File: 52552c30d658e4f⋯.jpg (144.24 KB, 833x680, 49:40, unnamed.jpg)

Global Support for Third Temple Coin



671269 No.717814



3d9926 No.717815

File: f354581b0bb8f61⋯.jpg (57.37 KB, 300x300, 1:1, IMG_1138.JPG)


d58f06 No.717816


That burned my ass hearing that !

Messing with family, that's a Try and Die thing around here. I don't wanna be anywhere near where that hammer drops.

8adf29 No.717817


A chain means your mobility is limited. It doesn't mean you can't move or do anything at all. History bears out that the devil's ability to operate has been limited by the spread of the Gospel. There are no temples offering blood sacrifices to multiple gods in Sweden or Britain today like you found basically everywhere in Paul's day. And it's like this everywhere that Christianity has been for any length of time. (It's not like this in places in Southeast Asia or Africa, where the Gospel hasn't been preached or taken firm hold of the majority of people.)

Demon possession is still a curiosity in the West, even though it was pretty common even in Israel in Jesus' day. It is becoming more common again though as the Gospel's influence declines here. And now we are also seeing sexual perversions that used to have to hide in the darkness become accepted and even celebrated. That's an example of the chain being weakened or broken.

It's certainly not a twisting of Scripture. It is a repudiation of the Gospel, on the other hand, to say that God is going to accept the service of priests and animal sacrifices at another earthly temple, when He has already received the sacrifice of His Son and His Son has raised up the eternal temple in which He will dwell forever and while HIs Son, the great High Priest, is daily ministering in this temple. To rebuild the temple in Jerusalem is to tear down Jesus and His work.

752b80 No.717818


Really?!? Please tell us more.

7f780c No.717819


Ok, so they are on foreign soil right now. Why are they not arrested then?

1783b2 No.717820


Thank you Tick Tock Jim. Don’t mess with (our girl). You will learn that money will not buy you happiness. Instead you will spend your money on drugs from this day forward until your dark soul is nothing but dust . In your last moment you will then realize the powers that roll with these Anons. Sleep well tonight.

561a84 No.717821

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Masterclass about subversion

0d2922 No.717822

File: 9a0c70c783363f7⋯.jpg (35.68 KB, 294x402, 49:67, IMG_2495.JPG)

7f780c No.717823

0d2922 = CLOWN AGENT.

3d9926 No.717824


Zerubabble has a debate

Not the place

BE well

671269 No.717825


those clowns want war to all cost.

749481 No.717826

File: 88b96c1de2242dc⋯.png (122.78 KB, 1011x237, 337:79, 8no9-FreeMasonFakeNews.png)

File: 473b15ab17ffd2c⋯.png (172.09 KB, 398x270, 199:135, SERIOUSLEE-q.png)

8bcde9 No.717827


You do understand don't you? Your employer is leaving a trail of corpses a mile wide, and your fluoridated adrenochrome isn't worth harvesting.

adb939 No.717828

File: 6fda5c6be7712e3⋯.jpg (161.73 KB, 600x600, 1:1, dream_tru7f7y5wm7.jpg)

File: 3240cbc17b689b0⋯.jpg (214.75 KB, 600x600, 1:1, dream_f75sucxjztj.jpg)

fcece3 No.717829


I'm not a shill. I have my own thoughts on things, and that's my thought on Q. I hope I'm wrong but we'll see.

Just because you don't like something doesn't mean everyone is a shill.

7f780c No.717830


Or an Ai making money on a contract. Collects info.

318a20 No.717831


If you read the chapter in its entirety it becomes clear that vision (or sighting) is a spiritual one. NO martians here. Sorry.

It does mention wheeles… but it says "for the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels."

Not a ship. Part of the vision of this lilving spiritual thing.

The truth shall set you free. Jesus is real.

671269 No.717832


Do you want a hell of the Earth?

ab6767 No.717833

Hey faggots lol

Quit shitting up the threads with your weak bullshit

“Im gonna filter you”

“I vote we should filter you”



3d9926 No.717834

File: ec72d6c6c9631d6⋯.jpg (96.58 KB, 1866x2015, 1866:2015, IMG_1168.JPG)

Blow hard fags

2722ee No.717835

File: 365685df39e58f2⋯.jpg (325.06 KB, 948x1200, 79:100, DU5WuxTVwAAFmEx.jpg)

File: b8b592c8efb3f70⋯.png (1.13 MB, 849x841, 849:841, Jim Carrey sick art.png)

File: 8383838c22b23f7⋯.jpg (87.36 KB, 550x366, 275:183, Prison of Becoming, Jim Ca….jpg)

File: 62138df89052852⋯.jpg (173.54 KB, 720x480, 3:2, jim3.jpg)

Some of his Art, Podesta would be proud,kek

First pic is one he did of Trey Gowdy.

Very cultish,, and you can see the MK influences.

Last pic is really fucked.

http:// www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2018/02/26/jim-carrey-shares-painting-american-flag-soaked-schoolgirls-blood/

ba8383 No.717836

File: 011f58a6d102b8c⋯.jpg (5.14 KB, 300x168, 25:14, trump at wailing wall.jpg)


Nice. Israel is a great liberal democracy. A good friend and partner.

Fools do get upset by these pictures tho….

5f9f3d No.717837

File: 839775c2516edd5⋯.gif (313.17 KB, 709x443, 709:443, 1520492292104.gif)


England now Syria it seems so. US, China and Russia having good relations and splitting up the world is a bad business model for banker jews.

d9a098 No.717838


A&M is in College Station, not Austin.

8e7491 No.717839


We already have one.

a23154 No.717840


You will never prove your case because no matter how many times you explain that ZERO arrests have been made so far, the fanatics will respond with "trust the plan." Sorry, but allowing known traitors and human traffickers to avoid justice while freely vacationing around the world doesn't sound like much of a plan.

16324f No.717841

File: 22e7302df34d20a⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 3000x1999, 3000:1999, cogdissess.jpg)

This whole thing is a causing a huge divide between my son and myself. We have always been best friends, but he refuses to wake the fuck up!!!

He just will not look at what is so obvious and right in front of him.

So disappointing. I taught him to think for himself and he is convinced that I am the brainwashed one.


If you are reading this…it is really getting old.

There is enough evidence to bury these pieces of shit beneath a prison!

Release the videos and the evidence of child trafficking. That is the RED PILL they need.

I want my fucking son back

ce7b76 No.717842

601511 No.717843


Good chat lol

0d2922 No.717844

File: 468b3ad0fb80766⋯.jpg (37.66 KB, 300x300, 1:1, IMG_1854.JPG)

fcece3 No.717845



Not to dox myself but I'm a person and sadly no one pays me to be on here. If any of you get paid to do this, your employers are clearly idiots.

752b80 No.717846


So, if he can reach every corner of the earth with his evil influence, how exactly has his mobility been limited? Also please support the room theory with scripture. Locked in the bottomless pit, with no mention of company, does not really support that interpretation.

f6ae62 No.717847


He has been shit talking Mueller on twatter alot. Just like Sessions before he revealed secret investigations and fired McCabe.

4c4d89 No.717848


>Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they’re a shill

Trademarked by ShareBlue

351e6f No.717849

File: d22477c94287423⋯.png (125.38 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, They_want_you_divided_Q.png)

671269 No.717850



1 of 5.


2 of 5.

What if the steel used for military-grade projects was made-inferior by our enemies as a method to weaken?

What if Hussein knew and authorized?


How many Marines volunteered to serve Hussein during his term?


What if his name we don’t say organized the deal?

The US taxpayer subsidizes the WORLD.

AMERICA has been sold to the highest bidder.

AMERICA has been weakened on purpose.

The depths of their TREASON is unimaginable.

Pure EVIL.

<HELL on earth - HRC victory.


Just a reminder noob

601511 No.717851


Your son is correct. Try listening and less waiting for your turn to speak.

318a20 No.717852


and yet she is more beautiful than any of the

ungodly among you.

eff7bf No.717853

Bread has no red letters in muh post for #889, new baker here did I miss a step?

5f9f3d No.717854

File: 26c97eea96434cd⋯.jpg (77.6 KB, 600x582, 100:97, 1517945196099.jpg)


Israel is a militarist ethnostate like Germany in WW2. About its only redeeming quality lol.

8e7491 No.717855


We should get married nao.

6f7e41 No.717856


https:// operationdisclosure.blogspot.se/2018/03/protocols-of-illuminated-suns-of-golden.html?m=1

Scroll down past the pic of trump and start reading there

fcece3 No.717858



Sounds hellish.

3d9926 No.717859

File: 4b661fefa73090a⋯.jpg (81.76 KB, 960x915, 64:61, IMG_0949.JPG)

Anyway taxfags can finish this clown issue

16324f No.717860


Try eating a dick, pedophile protecting retared

ab4f60 No.717861


She will bring on friends in the morning.Should bury the needle on this one anons.

adb939 No.717862

In Austin?

https:// youtu.be/pC7UZVMVVcA

5df26f No.717863

A long read but well worth it.

With each new piece of the puzzle the picture becomes clearer.

https:// theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/03/18/footnote-5-doj-deputy-bruce-ohr-interviewed-12-times-by-fbi-investigators/comment-page-2/#comment-5139493

601511 No.717864


Are you stalking me? *closes blinds*

749481 No.717865

File: 57c7c15c28794df⋯.png (194.24 KB, 815x543, 815:543, 888triangle.png)

File: a6058c5a2b16abd⋯.png (31.02 KB, 612x281, 612:281, 888LivingPassagesIsrael.png)

671269 No.717866


It said that This month is critical for the world.

714d5a No.717867


Wise post

3d9926 No.717868


Damn shekels

ba8383 No.717869


Rookies? Nope.

Experienced veterans. Israel is a friend.

6641bc No.717870


If Samantha Powers or Brennan's tweets are any indication. McCabe got a job offer from some demwit politician for a day thinking it would save his retirement, and a bunch of demwit voters started up a Go Fund Me page for the millionaire in case it didn't. This is how Panic looks on Manic.

617fed No.717871


Yuri Bezmenov is someone the morons on the left need to be exposed to Ludovico-style to snap out of their repulsive romanticizing of communism.

a23154 No.717872

Plot Twist!!!!! Mueller and Comey are team MAGA!

29885f No.717874



8e7491 No.717875


Aw shucks :blushes:

318a20 No.717876

3d9926 No.717877

File: 764934fb2faa3a1⋯.jpg (128.87 KB, 600x602, 300:301, IMG_1087.JPG)

Muh record

9d3795 No.717878


Thanks for making these!

d9a098 No.717880


They're on team "save their own ass".

714d5a No.717881



adb939 No.717882


Not really much of a twist at this point considering they both had first hand knowledge of U1 and may not have wanted to be wrapped up in it.

Comey's book may be interesting instead of slanderous nonsense…

671269 No.717883

601511 No.717884


Lol. Well then. If you could of spelled retard correctly you might of had a chance. But, alas you did not. What were you saying?

a13ae6 No.717885


911 is a joke!

318a20 No.717886

File: d07b397903c2256⋯.png (663.92 KB, 810x798, 135:133, images.duckduckgo.com.png)

File: 51aeea42442d08e⋯.jpg (266.49 KB, 736x792, 92:99, gusgrissom.jpg)

File: 9d6dc6b32283ee2⋯.jpg (126.88 KB, 770x467, 770:467, FLAT.jpg)

File: 0ecf028e21e4ad3⋯.jpg (61.06 KB, 480x360, 4:3, combustion.jpg)

5f9f3d No.717887

File: 44e91ae6dea0a8f⋯.jpg (91.41 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 43706876ufdytofdsisfdu7534….jpg)

File: 069ef0cc1ba0327⋯.png (77.87 KB, 700x467, 700:467, 00643610015156416616416541….png)


One of my favorite people. I literally cant watch anything going on in the world without applying my Yuri lens. Should be required watching for people before they post here.

4f375b No.717888

File: a0b75ea74805fc9⋯.jpg (50.6 KB, 403x403, 1:1, 699d9da07a.jpg)

752b80 No.717889


Mueller is team Mueller and Comey is far from MAGA. Remember the Q translation of his tweet.

3d9926 No.717890

File: 0a730ef8b299f82⋯.jpg (35.47 KB, 1333x1000, 1333:1000, IMG_0872.JPG)

Periwinkle caravan mofos

Dig fag dig

fcece3 No.717891

Jesus was also a larp.

cd1267 No.717892

File: b9787ef9134a797⋯.png (296.31 KB, 538x343, 538:343, ClipboardImage.png)

671269 No.717893


Shill confirmed.

4c4d89 No.717894




3d9926 No.717895


Dignity is what plerbitarians prey on

8e7491 No.717896


Hitler trips

0cf6bd No.717897

Trevor Edwards, Nike CEO stepping down

‘improper conduct’

fcece3 No.717898


Sexy digits

16324f No.717899


same mentality:

Spelling Nazis = Pedo protectors.

Einstein was a horrible speller, fucktard

3f2337 No.717900

UA News

‏ @UrgentAlertNews

55m55 minutes ago

#BREAKING: Austin police send out citywide emergency alert warning people to stay indoors as they hunt for the serial package bomber.

9d3795 No.717901


No coincidences

601511 No.717902


Wow. Common core was terrible to you.

0d2922 No.717903

File: 900d1df538d5e0d⋯.jpg (367.78 KB, 1152x966, 192:161, IMG_5394.JPG)


Ty anon


I ThankQ and Anons here for inspiring me to make them!


a48a3f No.717904


Satanists don't like it so simple or misspelled

President Barack Obama

is an anagram for

An Arab Backed Imposter

rearrange the letters for yourself and see.

And don't forget to play the audio for

Yes We Can


Thank You Satan

749481 No.717905

File: d72344288e0d28a⋯.jpg (89.07 KB, 1130x580, 113:58, killbill-1130x580.jpg)



f6ae62 No.717906


……..Sumerian records to argue that modern homo sapiens were created by beings from outer space called "Nefilim" who we refer to as the “Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers” today. He believes that the Nefilim created a hybrid group of humans by genetically modifying homo erectus, then mated with them and argued over what to do with them.

https:// nazarenebloodline7777.blogspot.com/2009/03/rh-negative-hybrids.html

a13ae6 No.717907


I typed that already

fcece3 No.717908


Everyone I disagree with is a shill

d58f06 No.717909


fucking NUT you

0cf6bd No.717910


Pass the eye wash

34da1b No.717911



did u get it

16324f No.717912




I missed "might of"

mental midget, huh?

601511 No.717913


He was also an idiot. Would you like a shovel?

01a4d2 No.717914

File: 6bd480fe06e22f4⋯.jpg (21.56 KB, 600x337, 600:337, HWitch.jpg)

Hey, Mueller—here’s what you’ve been looking for.

351e6f No.717915

File: aab40f881aa5308⋯.png (285.15 KB, 1024x1152, 8:9, Its_a_Double_division_cons….png)

8e7491 No.717917

>>717911 dubs


671269 No.717918


3d9926 No.717919

File: fe904e09cafe49d⋯.jpg (22.38 KB, 750x733, 750:733, IMG_1161.JPG)

NASA mean something false in hebrew

https:// youtu.be/0v0VR6Kf7KQ

16324f No.717920


can always use a backup!

Thanks, Anon

749481 No.717921

File: 7e52ab4bbef84ce⋯.png (52 KB, 284x513, 284:513, 888.png)

34da1b No.717922


ok good

37ff09 No.717923


fcece3 No.717924


Because you disagree. Mature.

8f70b6 No.717925


Weather modification was used in Vietnam.

601511 No.717926


Lol :D