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File: 2ac93f48333abff⋯.png (424.47 KB, 1031x966, 1031:966, Capture.PNG)

98db2f  No.16499857

Atlus caved they changed dialogue in Catherine Full Body for "transphobia" so SMT is fucking dead. Don't worry though SJWs are still vowing noto to buy the game so they did it for all the right reasons.


6b465e  No.16499861

RIP Atlus

56b847  No.16499862

File: c7a2b3f6b7d76e8⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, localization.png)

The wonders of (((Localization)))

110277  No.16499867

You shouldn't be support Atlus to begin with when it became the Persona factory.

d47682  No.16499871

e02d5e  No.16499873


Is suicide the only option left for us?

d47682  No.16499876


You have to go back.

e2c713  No.16499877


It's the only option for niggerpill faggot, everyone else should stop responding to him.

d47682  No.16499885


Yes, I want a safe space from cuckchan retards like you. Fuck off.

7b95f1  No.16499886


Who thought this was a good idea

56b847  No.16499889

File: dd91588b6c7bbca⋯.jpg (217.61 KB, 1051x697, 1051:697, the left.jpg)


>Who thought

Leftists dont think, they feel, and then act.

baefba  No.16499897

TOR: every time

e2c713  No.16499898

You can trigger anyone from that filthy hellhole by calling the tranny "Eric". They set themselves up for eternal triggering, it doesn't even take any effort.

7b95f1  No.16499901


I don't see how it makes them leftist, I just see how it makes them retarded.

1424f1  No.16499904

File: 859c38f64427933⋯.jpg (451.77 KB, 1124x1600, 281:400, cancer.jpg)



4e8b94  No.16499905

Good, calling someone by their birth name is extremely fucking rude. I'm glad the devs finally realized this.

56b847  No.16499906


Leftism is a disease, retardation is one of the symptoms.

7b95f1  No.16499912

There is literally no reason to have TOR anymore, it's just an excuse for spam because you can't ban them properly.

fdcee4  No.16499915

File: 9dfe208bd725c08⋯.jpg (41.29 KB, 508x430, 254:215, 1346991550874.jpg)


Appreciate the warning bud. Glad I have my copy of the original, and the PC port of the original exists and is playable. No reason to touch this poz-infected pile of an expansion pack.

1424f1  No.16499918


I've been saying that for a couple of years.

bb7d9d  No.16499920

File: 679eb58e4ad87d0⋯.jpg (587.58 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, neanderthal_woman-4x3[1].jpg)


Last time I checked oldfags don't usually call attention to themselves by calling themselves such. They usually go into detail about the events of the past or have evidence like an old screencap of previous events. The reason why people hate guys like him is because they keep inserting themselves into the medium and expect to be accepted based of the fact they're trans as opposed to their characteristics and actions, believing the one's label is their overall characteristic Implying that they're shallow as individuals. They act like they're oppressed but in reality they're too self righteous to realize that they show little dept of character, make everything about them, and have an unwarranted victim complex based on pass transgressions they were never born to experience.

eacaac  No.16499922

File: 6e587218f4e8bbf⋯.jpg (113.44 KB, 577x581, 577:581, Annotation 2019-05-23 2207….jpg)

The only wiggle room left now is this "may" in the original IGN article. That sounds like it is just speculation. The person who wrote this article most likely knows nothing about this game and probably has no way to tell. Plus they are heavily skewed to make that statement.


3194f9  No.16499924


I agree, but an even easier dismissal is that the transfaggot post referenced reads just like a reddit post.

1424f1  No.16499929



eacaac  No.16499930


You got way worse at this in the month I took off.

baefba  No.16499933

File: ecf71772769cc6c⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1631x1527, 1631:1527, RinLiftingHisDress.png)

Wait, the Burger version still isn't out? It feels like they revealed the new girl Qatherine ages ago.

7b95f1  No.16499935


Wait what since when is blackpill faggot kampfy?

bb7d9d  No.16499949

File: 2a35476776d9675⋯.png (349.92 KB, 540x695, 108:139, No Forgiveness.png)


To add to that if the games industry is so transphobic as they claim then what evidence have these fucking people have of gamers being hostile to transgendered people? The best thing that they have is people trash talking other people in games and they do this to everyone either because the people in questions are assholes or because you suck ass. But because these people don't like being held accountable for their actions thus lacking skill in anything, that leads to them considering any attack on their merits being an attack on their character and thus take offense to even the slightest disagreement and accuse the "offender" as being hostile due to the fact that they're "defenseless".

f2cac5  No.16499951

>almost half of the replies ITT are from the niggerpill kike

Fucking wew.

f2cac5  No.16499958



You're the same IP-hopping niggerpill kike, it's not 'us' there's only you. Fuck off. Taek your own advice and kill yourself.

d47682  No.16499960

File: 4ef4808880e0add⋯.jpg (53.21 KB, 687x663, 229:221, 4ef4808880e0add549746ffcc4….jpg)




3651e8  No.16499961

What if they write the fact its a tranny out of the game entirely? ultimately BTFOing the SJWs by turning it into a real girl.

1424f1  No.16499962


>Is he wrong though?

Stop sockpuppeting you incredible boy touching, ass licking faggot.

ffb03a  No.16499964


TORfags proving to be bottom tier undesirables once again.

7b43dc  No.16499967


That would be pretty impossible to do considering there's a cutscene of the past with Eric in it.

0e003e  No.16499969

File: d597c9bc14fa361⋯.jpg (115.47 KB, 619x790, 619:790, pirate it.jpg)



7b43dc  No.16499974


You're acting like you weren't going to do that already.

7b95f1  No.16499975


Pirate the original?

ffb03a  No.16499978

If it weren't a shit game, I'd pirate it and patch the original lines back in.

a4c0c9  No.16499979


Good thing Atlus PC ports are pretty much guarenteed looking at Segas latest financial report.






Back to cuck/pol/ you waste of space

1424f1  No.16499980


Frankly I don't think that I'll bother with the game in the first place. Is Catherine even a good game anyway?

eacaac  No.16499982


If I was a tranny I would be even more upset about this. It makes all trannies look like over-sensitive crazy people.

585c49  No.16499984


Daily reminder that people on this very board will buy this piece of shit along with Persona 5 rehash.


>SJWs are having the time of their lives winning every day

Anyone know that leftards hate themselves with a deep passion and have critical mental problems. They're fucking mentally ill and are not happy, they don't feel joy, they're in constant depression and also suffer from low intelligence which is why they tend to chop their dicks or do some other crazy shit, hoping that it would bring them happiness, make them enjoying their miserable lives. After doing crazy shit and realizing that nothing can fix their terrible life or make their depression go away and that by doing crazy shit they made their lives worse with no way to get back, they just commit suicide.

But don't worry, Torfaggot, you're not too far away from them unless you just shitpost and "pretending to be retarded". The only difference between you and them is that they're trying to hide their pain which is a very typical behavior for mentally ill hypocrites and liars. It's so bad they lie even to themselves, truth is foreign to those creatures.

But of course like selfish faggots they are, they also hate when other people enjoy their lives, so there comes their destructive nature. This, however, doesn't mean that they're winning, on the contrary, those insects continue to suffer. The only group that really wins from this is their masters.

Happy people never become leftists.

b45c82  No.16499986

I'm not a fan of changing this shit either, but isnt it literally just a name in the credits we're talking about? I dont think its justified to give up on a scenario and declare an "enemy victory" after something so absolutely inconsequential. Theres still a chance that they fucked something up as >>16499922 highlights, but for now it seems like a really low effort PR move that's nowhere near the pandering we've seen from others. Update us if they do something other than edit a name. I'm sure that one dude will still be disgusted after learning he fucked a tranny

d47682  No.16499988


>ever giving an inch on censorship

7b43dc  No.16499989


It's a decent puzzle game. The characters aren't perfect which helps drive the story better. Vincent does grow as a character and the gameplay elements do evolve along the way.

3651e8  No.16499990


I probably wont buy this but I enjoyed Persona 5, so if rehash is worth it I might consider *      * it.

baefba  No.16499993


>compromising on literally anything ever


0ef296  No.16499994


>isnt it literally just a name in the credits we're talking about?

<isn't it literally capitulation to a crowd of screaming retards all we're talking about?

Give an inch, have a mile taken.

>they MAY not have changed anything

Right, which is why IGN mentioned it in the first place. Because it didn't happen. Come on, dude, not even IGN is that dumb.

ae2555  No.16499998


I found the gameplay fun, it's unique and fresh. I would say it's definitely worth a shot, and if you like it play it again for the others endings and leave it there.

4cf660  No.16500001


People on this board will buy a Pisstation 5.

Just like they bought a Pisspoor even after all the reluctance.

Just give them a single Japanese game sequel exclusive and they'll be flocking like the normalfag niggers they hypocritically mock.

1424f1  No.16500002

File: a1c6642e860f1b8⋯.webm (6.12 MB, 640x360, 16:9, cosmo_I_m_out_of_my_mind-.webm)


>It makes all trannies look like over-sensitive crazy people


eacaac  No.16500004


>Come on, dude, not even IGN is that dumb

Well that is just wrong IGN can always reach new levels of dumb.

de184c  No.16500008

File: c109271f56c42e2⋯.png (347.9 KB, 601x854, 601:854, ClipboardImage.png)


72fa82  No.16500009


An entire ending got misinterpreted so more than likely that ending is going to be altered. It wasn't just a name.

7b95f1  No.16500012


Literally who

7b43dc  No.16500013



eacaac  No.16500015


Yeah I tweeted that and some other similar screencaps to Atlus. Not that it will do anything sadly.

7b95f1  No.16500018


Stop reddit spacing you fucking faggot

eacaac  No.16500020


I doubt it since if they mentioned possible dialogue changes they definitely would have talked about cut endings or altered animated scenes.

3651e8  No.16500023


Anon Tranny's are crazy

776337  No.16500025

File: d149d68eff081ed⋯.png (30.38 KB, 1482x339, 494:113, nope.png)

cool saved me some money.

7b43dc  No.16500027


College student habit.

c85092  No.16500029

File: 8309aff21bfbda3⋯.png (821.97 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, no way fag.png)

871f46  No.16500031

File: d0ff0a317bb48fe⋯.png (126.52 KB, 335x321, 335:321, 3dface.png)

I was told this shit was to stop.

ae2555  No.16500032

File: 0cf1a9497548ba1⋯.gif (830.15 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 0cf1a9497548ba153600d8dd03….gif)


>per-ordering anything ever

Shit nigger what are you doing.

c0a360  No.16500033



>pre order

as if you value your money at all you dumb goy


stop it, it's dumb. great job wasting a ton of post space, have fun being bullied constantly for typing like that. you probably enjoy iy

c0a360  No.16500038


the whole world is like this, that's why it spread to video games

0e003e  No.16500039


Dont preorder physical games from amazon.

My friend did that for DQXI and he got cucked out of his preorder badges.

I went to FUCKING GAMESTOP and got my badges and still never opened em to this day

776337  No.16500042



I pre-ordered it because I liked the original game. I don't like censorship. I cancel. Simple. Otherwise I don't pre-order anything.


Wasn't aware of amazon cuck-ness. Was the only game I ever pre-ordered on there. Good to know.

eacaac  No.16500043

What if Atlus comes out and blames the change on Sony? If they pulled a XSEED and came out and said this was not our choice but the platform holder refused to let the game come out unless we changed things. Would it give them a modicum of your respect back?

d47682  No.16500044


Localizers usually don't disclose all the censorship they make in localization.

d47682  No.16500046


Why the FUCK would you be preordering a PS4 game in the first place you retarded nigger?

eacaac  No.16500050


This isn't a statement from them it is a preview write up of the game from IGN. According to Atlus itself has not made any statements about the content changed in the localization.

382e11  No.16500052


That would change things, certainly. But the fact that they haven't said anything makes me thing it's their own doing.

c0a360  No.16500056


you pre ordered because you wanted muh special rewards, don't fucking lie. only even acceptable excuse is "i literally can't wait 1 hour so I preordered so i could pre load"

b45c82  No.16500058




You faggots dont realize that you're the ones giving the mile here. You see the slightest hint that "oh no, they may have altered something" and then immediately declare the entire company "fallen to SJW propaganda". You have to have some fucking perspective here and understand the motive behind a change like this. It's most likely they were receiving a lot of pushback from fags who think this is important, and thought "sure whatever, this changes pretty much fucking nothing and appeals to the mentally I'll so we may as well". What you're effectively concerned about here is that some dude at Atlus isnt willing to die on a hill as inconsequential as a fuckin single letter in the credits. Is there cause to be cautious about this release? Yes. Theres been a lot of pushback from troglodytes already so it's important to see that they dont have their way. But for fucks sake dont go spouting that this is "the doom of all gaming". And if you actually want to help sway this situation at all, then go email Atlus USA and tell them you're concerned that the game wont be translated accurately and will have western politics forced into it. This behaviour isnt anything new for this board, but the amount of unproductive and exaggerated meaning is fuckin annoying sometimes

8de130  No.16500059


>soyny nogames 4 exclusive

>censored to appeal to "people" that don't play vidya

Color me surprised.

d47682  No.16500062


>understand the motive behind a change like this

The motive is that localizers are infested with SJWs.

776337  No.16500066



Pre-ordered so the game would show up at my doorstep on release. I liked the base game. Wanted to support the developer. Don't like changes/censorship, thus cancel. How hard is that to understand?

d47682  No.16500070


Yes, it is extremely hard to understand why you would still be supporting Sony if you dislike censorship.

9ba568  No.16500072

There's nothing to suggest this is real in any way. Don't believe a fucking ResetEra thread.

c0a360  No.16500073


>waah i can't wait literally 1 day i need my game NOW MOMMY! youre supporting pre ordering just as much as you are supporting the game ,devs, and publishers. btw the devs got paid for their work, buying the game supports only the publisher and increased the chances of a next game

1424f1  No.16500074


I have a pretty strong no censorship policy. If I discover that a new game has been censored before I buy it then I don't buy it.

c0a360  No.16500075


fuck i fucked up hard, here's a fix

>>waah i can't wait literally 1 day i need my game NOW MOMMY!

youre supporting pre ordering just as much as you are supporting the game ,devs, and publishers. btw the devs got paid for their work, buying the game supports only the publisher and increased the chances of a next game

46c481  No.16500076

File: a415e31bdb5d771⋯.jpg (88.55 KB, 1125x1153, 1125:1153, D7R332FW4AAUaYi.jpg)

Mombot brought me to this thread.

All I have to say "ResetEra" gang is >>>/cow/ 3.0 on acid:

They don't care about games, they care to see you grief. They know how to use imageboards & warfare to get mods to play into their hands. Seen it in action. The Trump stuff wasn't a joke, MediaMatters is being played against your hand. Tis the reason Assange is now condemn.

Welcome to brave new age.

7b43dc  No.16500081

>>16500033 (Checked)

Tough shit. Dumb thing to concentrate on.



It's possible. They could also not see it as a big deal to them, which would probably be a big mistake.


Pretty much this. Keeping skeptical about it.

7b95f1  No.16500085

File: 0c5a792555643c4⋯.png (564.42 KB, 970x582, 5:3, 0c5a792555643c4b9d1492d99a….png)


>handmaid's tale

c0a360  No.16500089


fahrenheit is also trash, only good thing was the assuming anti-book/reading rant. replace it with protocols and drop whatever handmaid's tale is

eacaac  No.16500090


This is not true it always starts like this. Fire Emblem Awakening and Bravely Default both had very slight censorship and sold fantasticly well. Then their sequels censored nearly the entirety of the games. Bravely Default 2 I think literally changed every female outfit in the game.


The source for the post in ResetERA was an IGN preview of the game Atlus USA retweeted it's legit.


98449c  No.16500091


Man I am glad I'm on the side that gets to remove cancer, thankfully I have a NBC suit to deal with that AIDS and other disease they have.

baefba  No.16500092

File: 646635e5400da83⋯.gif (8.36 MB, 480x270, 16:9, VincentSlapsRin.gif)

File: d95e5c21744d785⋯.png (406.03 KB, 665x387, 665:387, RinTrueEnd2.png)

File: 8fcef3756b7529c⋯.png (504.29 KB, 540x573, 180:191, RinErica.png)

File: 8cc235c8ce0378d⋯.png (531.29 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, RinOnVincent.png)



"I'll go preorder this game that was released a decade ago because I can fuck a cross dresser now."


"WHAT, they're calling them women now? Fuck this bullshit I canceling. Still no homo though."


Anon calm down.

1424f1  No.16500093


Now try to make that post again without sounding so fucking queer about it.

bb7d9d  No.16500094

File: 408aa14043780ae⋯.png (536.5 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Somewhat Perturbed Lightin….png)


There reason why everyone here's tense is because time and time again the moment companies give an inch to identitarians and moralfags they expect the company to give into the demands of the perpetually offended just like what happened with injustice 2 and mortal kombat 10 where less fanservice and sexy designs were become less common but come around mortal kombat 11 when the people involved in the game's development admitted that they censored themselves to be more politically correct despite the fact that mortal kombat has been the subject of controversy since day 1. This is why we're more "paranoid" then ever because they start with the smallest most inconsequential things and pretend to act in good faith.

3651e8  No.16500095


anon ResetEra is /cow/ , they just larp as "right wing" as a smokescreen.


Fuck off back to your discord you fucking faggot. I'm on to you Gahoole

2ece74  No.16500098

File: 275c2f02af202dc⋯.png (392.53 KB, 477x480, 159:160, Thinking crimson.png)


Is it still gay if they're an alien?

4dc1c4  No.16500104


Also when you give inch it's hard to go back. Also there will be call for more allways. it's like cartmans plan to get family guy canceled, at first you cencor something small for someone then somebody else come to ask same thing.

1424f1  No.16500108

File: 670972f2b7b82c3⋯.png (234.58 KB, 439x601, 439:601, 1464075649387 ayy penis.png)


They're called gayliens you shitlord!

baefba  No.16500109

File: ab27dbfac7c083d⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 21.92 KB, 329x302, 329:302, 1445811192314.gif)

eacaac  No.16500112

Apparently the change to the credits was already made in the PC port. So that much is absolutely true. However they made changes to the PC version but kept in the "offensive" dialogue so maybe they didn't change anything.


eacaac  No.16500113

File: e9b7067abff5df3⋯.png (114.94 KB, 579x394, 579:394, Capture.PNG)


Forgot the picture

26e8e5  No.16500114

File: c7034158a66bfa4⋯.jpg (235.44 KB, 1271x613, 1271:613, trannyselfdestruction.jpg)


3c7618  No.16500118

Gamergatey-Doo where are you?

You got some loli to bate to.

871f46  No.16500121

File: ab757d316dae0cf⋯.png (190.08 KB, 600x665, 120:133, bingo.png)


Might as well get the card started, will win before the end of the thread for sure. Any game that gets censored is trashed forever. There are so many things competing for my time that it's easy to dismiss games or companies that pull this stuff. Once the censoring starts it never stops.

eacaac  No.16500136

File: 52c67fdd30def88⋯.png (108.03 KB, 583x518, 583:518, Capture.PNG)

Hmm the "preview" was based on the first 2 hours of the game. So why are credits mentioned? This is actually getting kind of suspicious.


7ca536  No.16500142


yeah, a cult of retard puppets, their emotions fed to them by the media.

my guess is that before mass media existed, they relied entirely on the church to tell them what to feel, or their local leader of loudmouth.

they were the mob, an unthinking brute, only capable of repetition.

d7b9ca  No.16500143


i guess i will just replay the older version

d47682  No.16500146


Why would you want to play the new one anyway? They added a fucking trap love interest.

9ba568  No.16500150


See? It's right to be suspicious of this.

eacaac  No.16500155



Does anybody have a link to the Japanese credits of Full Body? I wonder how she is listed in that version. A quick search on Youtube brought up nothing.

d7b9ca  No.16500159


>They added a fucking trap love interest.

eh? i though it was a xenon.

eacaac  No.16500170


I'm currently watching Nichegamer's podcast brought this stuff up. One of the trannies that works there said it would be extremely disappointing if they changed things in the game. Pretty interesting podcast too they are going over how they are planning to expand the site. They are going to cover more "controversies", reviewing PC hardware, and start talking about anime and general japanese culture news. They also said they want to start writing about and reviewing ero-games, and other animated porn plus JAVs. All the porn coverage is dependent on if they can secure funding though.

d47682  No.16500174


It's both.

d7b9ca  No.16500175

File: 14c2d2e9ac2857f⋯.jpg (16.9 KB, 207x253, 9:11, fact.jpg)


>its a trap xenon

eacaac  No.16500176


Doesn't it not have genitals though? It has a man's chest though.

1424f1  No.16500179



This isn't a sequel? It's just a remaster with bonus material?

d47682  No.16500181


No it has a dick.

d7b9ca  No.16500184


where were you the last few years?

1424f1  No.16500187


Mostly playing Nioh and Terraria.

3651e8  No.16500190



Its not true. The shit about the new love interest being a trap is just ResetEra propoganda.

d47682  No.16500194


>he missed the thread with the videos from the Japanese version back when it came out

Your waifu is a man.

7b43dc  No.16500198


Basically it's given the same treatment that they give Persona games nowadays. Initial release drops, then some time later they add a whole bunch of bells and whistles to make it appeal to new players while offering a different experience for older ones.

0e003e  No.16500201


Good taste!

18db8d  No.16500209


baefba  No.16500214

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That really isn't. More than likely the FatlusUSA rep gave them a list of features for them to publish, the last one to make Resetera stop autistically screeching. Also link the actual article you cocksucker.



The game is out in Japan and Rin has a penis. It's okay, lots of people here mistakingly think jerking off to traps is completely straight.

3651e8  No.16500215

File: c135fc1907db345⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1024x1365, 1024:1365, Mark_helps_reset_era.png)


why are you promoting this ResetEra propaganda? Are you implying you are from ResetEra?

b00bb5  No.16500226


Its like having working body is much better then mutilated body.

c6df96  No.16500237


Rin is an alien


no one is gonna watch your embed jew

baefba  No.16500242


"My penis-having waifu isn't human so that means he isn't a trap. Checkmate, shill."

c3d5d2  No.16500246


That's not the "trans" character though.

c6df96  No.16500250

File: 53aec42a85a49da⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1868x816, 467:204, ClipboardImage.png)


Who are you quoting? Rins an alien dude

ff0f3b  No.16500251


Traps are just as degenerate as trannys.

a4c0c9  No.16500254




Yo, don't forget to pre order your Playstation 5

0ef296  No.16500258

File: 630aa122e65a52e⋯.png (55.23 KB, 944x747, 944:747, Wrong kiddo 5.png)


I'll bite.

>hill to die on

>inconsequential word in the credits

Which is it? If the change is something worth fighting over, they are cowards who caved to social media pressure from faggots and trannies. If the change isn't worth fighting over, they are cowards who caved to social media pressure from busybodies who had nothing better to do with their time.

When have you EVER seen a company kowtow even slightly to these mongoloids and then reverse course? The biggest, most moneygrubbing companies in the industry like EA and its ilk are losing hundreds of thousands of sales (and potential microtransaction addicts) over this garbage, and THEY aren't changing course. What has ever gotten these wretched goblins to so much as reconsider their plans except years of repeated financial misery, followed swiftly by bankruptcy?

There isn't one. Not a single company or individual ever comes back from this stuff. Being paranoid of a rash is totally sane if everyone who ever gets that rash has it spread to his brain and kill him.

3651e8  No.16500270

File: 09ad0f1d5d37ed3⋯.png (465.78 KB, 496x750, 248:375, persona 3 mitsuru amazing ….png)


<Not even male

<not even human

Man you ResetEra shill and your tranny propaganda is not fooling anyone.

baefba  No.16500271


You can't romance Eric(a) in either version, but Rin is added as the third love interest.

eacaac  No.16500274


>FatlusUSA rep gave them a list of features for them to publish

If that was the case why would they only say dialogue "may" have been changed instead of a definitive statement? Like I mentioned here >>16499922

ff0f3b  No.16500276


I'm just going by what information online says. That it is an angel and has a dick.

d7b9ca  No.16500301


I dont see any dick, anon.

c6df96  No.16500305




gay boy

eacaac  No.16500326

File: 4ca59906e88bde2⋯.png (116.04 KB, 593x624, 593:624, Capture3.PNG)

Niche Gamer are looking into it apparently.


baefba  No.16500329


Nonexclusive possibility 1: the rep gave a vague statement about the localization

2: the translation isn't completely done/through the SoynyUSA grinder yet

3: the writer remembers some lines being different but didn't confirm it

4: you're being picky about the exact language

1d07a9  No.16500337

File: 5e0f03885f8d6ed⋯.jpg (54.13 KB, 750x620, 75:62, calling thanos.jpg)


so where do we draw the line? cause yes trannnies are a problem. Mental health or not wanting to be something you arent physically is not normal, and saying otherwise in public is not acceptable to most. This shit needs to stop

560091  No.16500364


Who would expect anything less of a remaster? That trash hasn't been good even in music.

a264b2  No.16500377



>localizers are making fake news aside from what they're supposed to be doing

>reseteraniggers doing gayops in this very thread

Reminder to report and ignore niggerpill bait threads like these anons. Can't have you guys get addicted to all the defeatism they shit out from their artificial vaginas now would you?

cc7935  No.16500378

File: 8dae377e3bc1c43⋯.webm (1.44 MB, 450x472, 225:236, [Despair].webm)

Could we create and dedicate a website to ruining things these faggots like as well?

>inb4 yeah it's called 8chan

I am referring to something a bit more dedicated.

I'm at the point where I'm done letting these retards go unwrangled on the internet.

baefba  No.16500380


yeah it's called 8chan

1c6c5f  No.16500381



560091  No.16500386


I'd sooner report anyone that still buys into remasters. Talk about golem-brained.

eacaac  No.16500393

cc7935  No.16500396

File: 0075ec274604d00⋯.png (56.69 KB, 216x196, 54:49, you're killing me.png)

382e11  No.16500404


I do wonder what can be done. I mean, journos lurk this site and have for a while, that's how the OK hand joke got picked up from /pol/ and became a real thing. For this in particular, coopting the gay and tranny flags would be great. I mentioned the idea to /pol/ once and they said they had better things to do, which I just assume is to endlessly blackpill since that's all /pol/ is anymore. As for how, this has been discussed a couple times already.

eacaac  No.16500410




It is 8chan though they hate us so much that entire publishing group is now toxic to these people because they spoke to us.It's also just a shitty thing to do I don't care about SJW games being made by SJWs. I hate when shit I care about becomes an SJW game. Having the opposite done does not help me and will probably only cause more of the opposite to happen as well.

9ba568  No.16500412

It’s kind of depressing how easily /v/ falls for misinformation that can’t be proven.

You shouldn’t be buying games from Atlus anyways

775216  No.16500422



Going to completely ignore how the Japanese devs primary goal of Catherine: Full Body was "Diversity"? This was posted here in a different thread back in February:



<The key idea behind Catherine: Full Body is "diversity".

<The idea to create Catherine came from me thinking it would be interesting to use the setting of a story concerning relationships to depict a variety of people who each hold different personal beliefs. In the seven years since the release of Catherine, romance in general as well as the way people live their lives have become a lot more diverse. So, we created Catherine: Full Body with the goal of depicting more diversity and updating the game to fit today's climate.

Google Translate:

<It was "Katherine" who thought that "it would be interesting if it expressed diversity in a familiar part like love?" However, seven years have passed since the previous work "Katherine" was released, and love and the way of life of people have been further diversified. So I thought that the love described in "Katherine Full Body" would be more diverse and better, and I made an update appropriate for the current era.

9f7473  No.16500423





Holy shit they're getting pissed.



There's also


But I don't think anything good would come from seriously siccing the board on them.

560091  No.16500430


This sort of projecting at /pol/ is always the work of an outside agent. If you're talking about the trash derailing threads, that's another matter.

cc7935  No.16500441


We still managed to have worthwhile people do AMAs here, but with THQ Nordic's visit I feel we passed up on an opportunity to really get a foot in the industry and make them realize that their actual audience who buys their fucking games is us and not those queers asking for games to be crippled and censored.

Maybe an actual site dedicated to inviting personalities from all over the industry would be more beneficial than getting them to come to the hodgepodge of all kinds of shit that is 8chan these days.

429cd5  No.16500442

File: d84d789b345f089⋯.gif (517.22 KB, 498x372, 83:62, fat_albert_eye_sparkle.gif)




382e11  No.16500444


Good luck finding any serious discussion on /pol/ at this point, man. It's all overrun by /leftypol/ and blackpillfags spamming A C C E L L E R A T E in every thread. Like I said, I've raised an idea that could have probably taken some ground at least if done right, and their response was that they have more important things to focus on. The only thread with any discussion going on at that time was about doxing some tranny who doxed a jewtuber kid for making fun of it. For all the endless shilling against not just Trump but the entire concept of voting, nobody on /pol/ has any idea of organizing anything, taking any concrete actions, or even fucking making some image edits or memes like I had suggested. But they seem perfectly happy posting endless nu-wojaks and clowns, like the cuckchanners that they are.

Sage for off-topic.

1424f1  No.16500447

File: 06a93e9acec569e⋯.gif (806.03 KB, 245x180, 49:36, 1387454311701.gif)


Just start making tumblr art of cis crossdressers and straight tomboys. Maybe nazifurs too if you're so inclined.

429cd5  No.16500457


>opportunity to really get a foot in the industry and make them realize that their actual audience who buys their fucking games is us and not those queers asking for games to be crippled and censored.

You're really fucking naive and new if you think they don't already know that.

9f7473  No.16500463


I recall a bunch of anons trying to qwarn them about not caving in too, while the AMA was being held.

560091  No.16500465


I suppose I do have luck. That's a lot of meta junk you're rolling on the wrong board, no less. If you can't get through the bullshit, why are you even here?

cc7935  No.16500473


>they don't already know that

It's not just about them knowing but them having to admit to it for others to see.

It is very unfortunate that this is almost never an option, seeing as people will simply get fired and replaced by another drone if they speak up too loudly.

But I feel because these people think that they are all alone and have nobody to open up to about this crap. I know it's naive and all that, but god damn it's all so tiresome seeing these retards get their way again and again.


>that panicked their (((masters)))

Sadly it was enough to make the higher ups cave and write an "apology".

b23d8d  No.16500518

File: 49008170f582bd2⋯.png (1.89 MB, 1408x5896, 16:67, Down the rabbit hole.png)


>Why do you hate us so fucking much that you'll start thread after thread just to bash trannies in video games?

Because you made a thread/post trying to get people to stop being "mean" on 4chan, while also claiming to be an oldfag (and thus well aware of the futility of it, and trying to effectively label /pol/ as the bad guys. People hate you because you're like furries, but instead of buying an expensive suit and being degenerates, you and the people supporting you take extreme lengths to not only make more of your kind, but to make it impossible to criticize mentally-ill men who are talked into cutting their dicks off. I can say a furry is a huge faggot, and express my disgust that there was an HIV testing hall in roughly the same area that led to my hotel room at a convention.

I can't, however, say that trannies are disgusting and that I have to look at your face as it drop kicks me into the uncanny valley. You simultaneously want us to treat you special, but at the same time treat you like everyone else. Well if chuck accidentally castrates himself fucking a vacuum, he'll get my pity for his loss, and my mockery for being so stupid as to try it in the first place. Trannies get the same: pity and mockery...at least until even that becomes illegal.

Look at this. Feel the despair that drips from every post. This is what trannies what to inflict onto others and I wouldn't wish this upon my worst enemy.

I'm going to have a drink and go to sleep, thankful that I'm at least not some disturbed eunuch.

acde84  No.16500538

File: ce05969a994e936⋯.jpeg (56.01 KB, 550x550, 1:1, Astolfo.jpeg)


>Traps are just as degenerate as trannys.

I disagree. Sure its all unnatural and degenerate, but you cannot compare feminine crossdresser with somebody who mutilated their own genitals.

I may even hate to admit that, but 2d traps especially aren't that gay. Nips keep drawing boys like girls, its inevitable straight men get baited on them.

That said anal sex itself is degenerate, unnatural, painful and unpleasant, gives people HIV and AIDS, and so is acting like opposite gender is some of the most disgusting thing a person can do. Even doing anal sex with a woman should be fucking gross. However try to differentiate reality from fiction. If it really inspires people to become degenerates, so does lolicon and virtual violence.

d47682  No.16500544

File: a5a5c5501df1cd4⋯.png (527.6 KB, 722x525, 722:525, a5a5c5501df1cd49222c18410b….png)


>2d traps especially aren't that gay

cc7935  No.16500548


>but you cannot compare feminine crossdresser with somebody who mutilated their own genitals

The mentality is the same, one is just less deranged than the other and there is no guarantee if given enough time and left alone long enough that they won't go down the same road.

>However try to differentiate reality from fiction

Which is something trannies are incapable of because they are mentally defective.

beded5  No.16500552



3889d1  No.16500560

File: c43dc6aaaf8a2ba⋯.png (78.16 KB, 500x499, 500:499, 7.png)

>muh dead name

Have ye no respect for ye elders?

70200f  No.16500567

File: 129cf20c725d3c5⋯.jpg (9.78 KB, 240x236, 60:59, YAMERO.jpg)




da814f  No.16500574

Why would anyone want to buy a game from people that compromise with political extremists who hate freedom of expression?

They really should not listen to these people.

f10966  No.16500576

File: 0ba90ab7361b244⋯.jpg (2.42 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, 4312648949_006c34f272_o.jpg)

Somebody, please nuke ResetERA. Scorch the earth.

beded5  No.16500581


sadly won't happen because if it did then they'll flock over to their mouthpeice sites like cuck/v/

6a66f8  No.16500583


Already nuked them once, NeoGAF they were called. Didn't help, they just keep returning.

Its the american culture that drives those people, not a closed ideological group, but political climate.

d3ccb3  No.16500586

6a66f8  No.16500592

File: 026dd412fabe8c8⋯.png (224.98 KB, 2408x1568, 43:28, 2.png)

File: 844979516bd8c8c⋯.png (157.49 KB, 716x707, 716:707, 1.png)



>That information combined with >>16500258 makes for a very potent blackpill.

>Japan is rightfully theirs now and forever.

/pol/ has at least two threads on japan right now.

d3ccb3  No.16500597



9e3eee  No.16500615

>degenerate game gets censored by degenerate localizers for a degenerate audience who won’t even play it


70200f  No.16500632


Too little too late to help them now.

6008fa  No.16500636


say it isn't so

beded5  No.16500639


to be fair, it was inevitable

2ece74  No.16500642

File: 8e7068736506bf1⋯.jpeg (16.24 KB, 255x176, 255:176, smug gayru.jpeg)


Give me a break you cuckchan-tier faggots. It's not over until everyone is fucking dead, until then there's always a chance for a brighter future.

beded5  No.16500655


at this point people might as well pirate so (((Atlus))) doesn't get their jewgold plus why buy smt when you can play it for free?

77fe34  No.16500657

File: c9a9e5e17d2387b⋯.png (212.71 KB, 500x773, 500:773, autistic_screeching_of_nig….png)


>I'd wager Mark and his pals agree with us.


It's just you, you IP hopping faggot.

2ece74  No.16500658

File: f1e48380568713a⋯.png (1.1 MB, 809x1000, 809:1000, Alunya_watching_v.png)



f2cac5  No.16500663


There's only you who believes this, niggerpiill kike. You keep IP-hopping. Fuck off already, no one on this planet wants you to exist.

b23d8d  No.16500665


>We're all basically planning to surrender Japan to the kikes at this point

No we fucking aren't. Raising a stink about this seems like the best solution. Fucking hell, if nothing else, getting the message to the original devs that This is not what we, the people who will actually give money for this game, want it'll get through eventually. There's absolutely no reason not to complain unless you're some limp-wrist cuckold.


04ca6c  No.16500667


I think this "blackpill" is some sort of cuckoldry, by offering your ass to be used for free, without even resisting. So it can be masochism or defeatism without bringing any solution.

beded5  No.16500671

i'll just leave this torrent of old smt games if anyones interested


c20eb7  No.16500680


Shame, I was going to buy it, guess who is going to pirate it then.

b23d8d  No.16500691


Fuck off you (((1))) and done faggot. There's absolutely nothing that can't be achieved by bitching and moaning aggressively enough. Contact the people that matter and let them know that you aren't happy with what localizers are doing to a game you had interest in purchasing.

If you don't beleive me then answer this: why was the name changed int he first place? I'll tell you it was because there was complaining about it. That's only because that side is buffed so a few units can do a lot. But the side that actually play these games have more than enough autism to match and pass that.



beded5  No.16500692

e69a62  No.16500693

At least half of niggerpill's posts were not reported. Do not respond to him, simply report and filter please

baefba  No.16500706

File: 485d62afd768f56⋯.jpg (42.12 KB, 600x801, 200:267, leftypol_BO.jpg)


There's an easier /leftypol/ way to induce disgust

9086fb  No.16500707

File: b7360c9dfbb35d1⋯.jpg (29.72 KB, 500x284, 125:71, bullshit-detector.jpg)


>try talking to a trans person for the first time, really and you'll see right off how we're literally just regular fucking people.


i talked to several trans people and all of them were a bunch of degenerate attention whores that nobody liked because it was all "me me me me me pleae pay attention to me don't say that it's offensive to me" every time we were having fun in a conversation and the trannies showed it became a no fun allowed time in there because the tranny was also autistic and a furry with depression because his dumbass father from the south shot him 4 times in the chest and got hospitalized, i don't give a fuck about your sob story stop bringing it up and go to a mental hospital you absolute wreck of a human being.

there was this other tranny who went off on a 14 year old because the kid sounded more like a woman than the fucking tranny, moral of the story, never EVER interact with trannies they are rats, they are liars they are the scum of the earth don't ever talk to them.

b23d8d  No.16500716


>another (((1))) poster


Your IP-Hopping faggotry doesn't speak for the thread. This shit isn't over until it's over and it's not over yet. These sorts of things, they need momentum. You can't change shit by just trying to push against all of it, so you push against what you can now. Change the game, make OUR voices the ones that are heard and make sure those nips understand that when they want to "Appeal to a western audience it's US that they're thinking about, not some soy-chugging, hashtag-chasing, forest of faggot-trees that wouldn't touch the game anyways. All the aninu shit over there was inspired by our western cartoons, so why the fuck can't we do it again? IT'S TIME TO STOP BEING SUCH A COWARD AND BENDING OVER FOR THE DICK.


b23d8d  No.16500721



04ca6c  No.16500723


Could be both also. It's due to the influence of advertised hype that many faggots fall for. Look at Bethesda or Star Citizen fans. And after row of disappointments by falling to such simple baits, there comes a defeatist acceptance. But of course due to the low social standards and a massive ego, the cuck doesn't want to go down all alone of course. He wants to drag everyone else with him.

870905  No.16500727


>The cuck doesn't want to go down all alone of course. He wants to drag everyone else with him.

Those are the words for history books, well spoken.

b23d8d  No.16500733




Bending over and accepting defeat is how this shit happens. You clearly haven't given up yet since you are so deadset on making sure that everyone else is as much of a submissive faggot as you are. Focus that persistence on something good. Get this shit changed and start being a force for what really matters.



4eb572  No.16500737


>Bravely Default 2 I think literally changed every female outfit in the game.

Also replacing the Native American styled job with a cowboy one, as if that was going to be considered less a potential offense committed. That one still baffles me.

ab33db  No.16500746


oh, you poor sweetie….

2237fe  No.16500748



>he still doesn't get it

Stop danding around the main point of this discussion. The fact is that Japan is proudly opening its asshole to immigrants and there's nothing we can do to save them anymore. It's done.

f04b23  No.16500749

If the japs don't fuck it up, it's up to the ameriniggers to fuck it up.

d47682  No.16500756


It's literally just one guy who keeps samefagging.

617cee  No.16500776

File: 84038c163951099⋯.png (111.78 KB, 348x293, 348:293, 1557827918348.png)










What a bunch of mongoloids you are, it's just a cute trap character… I bet you think Japan is "subversive" because of gay doujins now, fuck off.

As long as:

a) the characters continue to be cute


b) the writing is normal and not about "le bigotry"

then it's fucking fine



Yeah guys, it's totally okay and not-degenerate to watch porn cartoons and masturbate like a little monkey to them, and not have children :)) At least you aren't RL degenerates that way, right?

At least christkikes deserve respect in the sense that they practice what they preach. Which means no porn, no masturbation, no watching animu all day, etc. You /v/tards have no right to call people degenerate like that, sorry.

2501e3  No.16500796


make a board for it and come up with some ops

a08faa  No.16500808


First of all art and pornography are different things. Drawings have no victims. Every real porn has victims though. Either it be money, or sexual slavery, or debt, or drugs, either way slaves of kikish porn industry. Ink has no soul, you aren't masturbating on someone's misery. But every time you search for pornography, especially with teens, think how they began their "career" and why.

Second your whole argument is "haha you masturbate on females that means you're just as bad as gays". That's pathetic.

d2d77b  No.16500813

File: 5ef0730005cce5f⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, AHHHH.png)



d2d77b  No.16500815


Sage for double post

Where is this from?

df3862  No.16500818

File: caaa8260a4dfe2b⋯.jpg (992.68 KB, 1175x1911, 1175:1911, computer.jpg)

>rightfully had a lot of people upset

a08faa  No.16500819

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6c896b  No.16500821


Mileena please come back and save us with your gigantic funbags. Bring your mom along too.

454900  No.16500824


Know your enemy.


>Sex Before Soccer becomes Submit Before SJW

Of fucking course.

1c6c5f  No.16500827


>we're funny and we love video games

I picture proto's face and voice saying that to me and i hate it

1101fe  No.16500830

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


They had tranny episode too.

382e11  No.16500831


Which voice? Dude supposedly has four personalities, one of which is a Final Fantasy XIV character, and at least two of those personalities have a british accent.

6c896b  No.16500837

File: 2f1cfe362ab7323⋯.mp4 (9.2 MB, 640x360, 16:9, BatWAMAN.mp4)



I thought they were two last year. Also, is this the LOL thread that supports female empowerment? :^)

1c6c5f  No.16500841

File: 9fd7db2247e1544⋯.png (6.83 KB, 222x227, 222:227, mario's a nigger.png)



How long, /v/?

How long will 8/v/ become the next 4/v/, be plagued by trannies and SJWs.

Where are we suppose to go after that? its been almost 5 fucking years and it feels like our time is running out.

382e11  No.16500849

File: f5856b547b1eeb7⋯.png (326.31 KB, 648x787, 648:787, ClipboardImage.png)


Yes, there were two. Every time I check in on it, there's more of them.


d47682  No.16500850


We're already infested with cuckchan crossposters, with Mark doing nothing to stem the tide.

6c896b  No.16500853


>Double Gear

I swear this was a mechanic in a JRPG.


We can always make our own board. I'd make one if I wasn't a lazy shit and incapable of being a full or part time hotpocket.

beded5  No.16500854


when cuckchanners start spamming incel and have sex en masse

4eb572  No.16500856


Already know a comfy looking bunker someone else brought up before if shit hits the fan here. Issue though is how to keep the shitters from flocking over while still making worthwhile-seeming anons.

03e504  No.16500866

File: e23573d864c3509⋯.jpg (11.66 KB, 715x180, 143:36, resetera m.jpg)


Want to hear the truth or not? It will happen so that you won't even notice. SJWs are very good at copying your behavior and become proficient at your hobbies, before they start ridiculing your beliefs. I think at heart its already happening. /leftypol/, /cuteboys/, /traps/ and other garbage containers create ideological hubs. They just slowly start using your own boards before pozzing them.

They even will go after obscure boards to ridicule /pol/tards first, any conservatives beliefs second. Best part is that anyone on edge about 8chan's own extremes will only end up in supporting groups of change.

Like i am. I hate racism for reasons that you cannot change who you're born as. Shame that so called anti-racist activists lump up minorities together with faggots, mentally ill people and dick cutters. I do not endorse /pol/ activities. But just like change goes on, faggots will abuse mine and other moderate people's positions. They easily got rid of any anti-dicksuckers and more concerned tankies on /leftypol/ within few years thanks to B.O. being a tranny. That happened. /v/ is the pressure point. To a lot of people /pol/ talk is very cringy, but that will also spread on things from it that make sense.

d2d77b  No.16500869

File: 943c36c09fd5f6a⋯.jpg (73.81 KB, 636x396, 53:33, Blacked.jpg)


Look at the mirror anon you were the sjw all along.

663357  No.16500876


Who is suppose to enjoy this other than dykes? Can even they enjoy?

What's with all the super hero TV series for teenagers anyway?

184e65  No.16500880

File: d02f56e66e8176a⋯.jpg (128.85 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, lolicon bans.jpg)


Honestly that was expected after the massive throwfist those fags did after the game was released in Japan in February.




>ever giving an inch on censorship

>compromising on literally anything ever

>Any game that gets censored is trashed forever.

What about the japanese media itself being a den of censorship then? With all their laws and regulations.

4eb572  No.16500885


>What's with all the super hero TV series for teenagers anyway?

Metaphor for all the "I'm different" "I don't fit in" shit angsty teenagers feel. Combined with the factor of said heroes having to keep their actual identity hidden, and you get something rife for "in the closet" comparisons too.

560091  No.16500901

Oddly long thread for iditots thinking a remaster was necessary. Who invited these faggots here? I have enough to deal with medical-wise .

f233dd  No.16500911


>I don't support /pol/, I just see that everything they do makes sense. But /pol/ is still stupid and gay lol #noplaceforhate.

hi /leftypol/

560091  No.16500914

Would be quite odd if nobody was here.

560091  No.16500916

I could roll with the, "I don't like Mondays." girl.

df3862  No.16500919

File: c211bf10cc23ac6⋯.jpg (404.56 KB, 1704x1612, 426:403, boop.jpg)


If you keep the true Mileena in your heart, maybe one day she will return and favour you by ripping it out and eating it.

a222a6  No.16500938


You remind me a lot of myself years ago. I too once had an overwhelming sense of optimism thinking that maybe there was another way, that maybe the future could always be brighter. But then shit went bad real fucking fast these past 2 decades.

I'm not gonna tell you that blackpilling isn't edgy sounding. But I'm also going to tell you that there's maybe a good reason some people here are as jaded as they sound. Some people have been doing/following this vidya shit for a long long time and at least for me; my disappointment with this industry and by proxy; the world is for lack of a better word; infinite. So it's just a LITTLE impossible to cry for optimism when it only comes off as naive. Either that or you're just fucking with everybody



you my anon are a real nigga


she's dead and then will prob be a paid DLC character jim

also pouring one out for my boy Smoke

471791  No.16500949

File: ff8554487956660⋯.png (11.43 KB, 104x128, 13:16, ClipboardImage.png)


>This pleases me but I'm not going to play it either way because I was never interested. Take that people actually want to play the game!

I think that I'm just going to pretend that I don't understand English when I'm dealing with these faggots.

e9ddc5  No.16500950


As someone who is serious about his beliefs, I can't stand people like you. You are why we can't "win" on things like this. When you cave and support a product and find excuses for it when it is clear as daylight what they are doing and what their intent is, you hand over all power to the lunatics you pretend to be against. Indiscipline in our ranks is our problem. The solution is to regard the traitors as the sodomite cowards or shills that they are.

560091  No.16500959


Too much talk for just showing up at an opportune time.

e9ddc5  No.16500963


>Like i am. I hate racism for reasons that you cannot change who you're born as.

Stopped reading here because my >>>/reddit/ detector exploded

617cee  No.16500967


>Either it be money, or sexual slavery, or debt, or drugs, either way slaves of kikish porn industry

Yeah, cause there isn't infinite amateur homemade porn on the internet lol.

>Second your whole argument is "haha you masturbate on females that means you're just as bad as gays". That's pathetic.

You either are degenerate, or you aren't. If you think that the sexual revolution was a mistake, why do you actively defend japanese games? Why do you even play japanese games? The only view that makes sense is a more libertarian one, that way you can speak for these games and be against censorship. Hitler would purge lolis, you just have to accept that.

471791  No.16500973

File: 082ff0affede907⋯.png (903.49 KB, 1125x1153, 1125:1153, ClipboardImage.png)


>A Handmaid's Tale

>muh AmeriKKKa

041963  No.16500978

File: 5630b9f512d8869⋯.png (101.99 KB, 635x255, 127:51, Smoke Enenra.png)


>also pouring one out for my boy Smoke

How would you feel if he came back with his signature smoke away-towards, smokeball, teleport, and much of his moveset ,but was in his Enenra demon form?

112f65  No.16501007

File: 491b84300a48f1f⋯.webm (2.07 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, df1aea33015ffe2dbed34c9c4….webm)

>only thing 8chan ever asked of developers is to stick to their original vision without compromises

>only thing resetrannies ask them is to bend the knee over and over

<hey,let's listen to the mentally deranged self-mutilating hormone golems

You're too good for this world 8chan maybe the next one will treat you better


>Like i am. I hate racism for reasons that you cannot change who you're born as.

Not with that attitude that's for certain.You haven't even tried you filthy casual

471791  No.16501015

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Not with that attitude that's for certain.

294d0d  No.16501028

You faggots were going to buy this trap/tranny game in the first place?

112f65  No.16501031

File: 691dba51b214655⋯.png (257.6 KB, 680x380, 34:19, b83.png)


the hell man the b8 is supposed to go on the hook

a71105  No.16501036

244e52  No.16501052

I have an idea.

Why don't we start a Twitter hashtag, something like #IStanWithErica. Pretend to be SJWs and claim that the censorship in the US version isn't good enough and "we" (SJWs) are boycotting all Atlus products because the Japanese version isn't equally censored and because this "transphobia" existed in the first place.

Hopefully it'll A) Make SJWs look bad and B) Punish Atlus financially for censoring the game.

2ece74  No.16501054

File: 905e3bfc40d4550⋯.png (91.72 KB, 274x262, 137:131, lucky sara.png)


The way i see it, pessimism is pointless and does nothing but waste time. As long as you're breathing, you might as well live to defend your beliefs and everything you love.

471791  No.16501058

File: 695ef4419c8ac89⋯.png (133.94 KB, 500x433, 500:433, ClipboardImage.png)


>Hopefully it'll A) Make SJWs look bad and B) Punish Atlus financially for censoring the game.

1) SJWs already look bad in general.

2) SJWs are already trying to change Japan.

784667  No.16501062


Well if it's just a credits thing then that could probably be because of the VA. Either way I think we're jumping the gun a bit.

fe7bc4  No.16501072

File: 8efba04738b971e⋯.jpg (216.07 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 8efba04738b971e68d764f5b00….jpg)


>only thing 8chan ever asked of developers is to stick to their original vision without compromises

but what if their original vision was to create a boring-ass walking sim that is 1 hour 59 minutes of trannies fucking each other

well actually i know the answer to this. i'd say they can go ahead and make that shit, but nobody is obliged to buy or play it.

112f65  No.16501074

File: c359faa2393952a⋯.webm (253.69 KB, 640x266, 320:133, 1458057620148.webm)


<pretending to be faggots pretending to be women pretending to like videogames on twitter

3meta5me also retardedalso won't change that the developers saw fit to add those changes in the game in the first place when thye literally had no reason to do so



d746c6  No.16501077


The only thing you are right about is that there are groups that do coordinated raids on /v/. Some of the shitposting is just anons fucking around but there are many periods where a series of posts are made that are too coincidental and paint /pol/ in a negative light.

bb7d9d  No.16501094


Optimism is seeing the best, pessimism is seeing the worst, defeatism is giving up, and cynicism is looking down.

0350ca  No.16501099

This is all just distracting you from the fact that there is a tranny in it in the first place. The game was always SJW pandering shit and I have no idea why people here defended it.

694fd3  No.16501101

File: 4aa8342c1b1950c⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 4aa8342c1b1950c54102c1e2dc….png)


>Leftists dont think, they feel

They do not even feel. If they do then they would realised long by now what kind of a royal pain they are to others, what every sort of grief they struck unto others and how others feel about their bullshit and the repercussions of it, and would be totally burdened by their own sins and feeling remorse by now. Those spoiled brats only live for themselves, even their own kind are not safe from their backstabbing. The NPC meme pretty much hit the bullseye, that was why they were kvetching like mad.

Lack of empathy, pathological self-serving impulses to destroy, ruin, and corrupt; born of ravenous mad idea that infects like a plague, a mind plague, something totally straight out of nightmares.

454900  No.16501105


Depends what role they're playing. I don't look down on Chiaki's presence in Danganronpa despite >her being a wimpy cross-dresser trying to cover how pathetic a man they are.

59dbca  No.16501134

File: 3283f866702cbb7⋯.png (633.14 KB, 949x685, 949:685, HnK 234.png)

>so SMT is fucking dead

>It took him this long after SMT4 to see this

a71105  No.16501138


>ironic her

>singular they

You need to leave, trannylover.

611d68  No.16501144


Is this some sort of inverted curse from Tanasinn?

72fa82  No.16501148


Chiaki is the girl. You mean Chihiro and you missed the entire point of his arc. He dressed that way to stop being bullied but in the end he still wanted to improve himself physically and be referred to as a man. But your anti-trap boner wouldnt let you see that.

adf5e1  No.16501149


>well actually i know the answer to this.

then what do you ask? and yes all i ask is to developers keep their original ideas if is good i will play if its not i wont. what i cant stand it is people change their creation duo "muh morality"

01927f  No.16501150


Let me guess, AOV made you think Chiaki's a tranny?

611d68  No.16501154


I think he's confused Chihiro with Chiaki.

Chihiro was the boy that wanted to be a man, but his parents wouldn't let him.

Chiaki is just some girl.

611d68  No.16501158

File: 905fcf95803ed23⋯.png (179.88 KB, 430x422, 215:211, bugs.png)


Wait no, it was that he was bullied so he decided to wear women's clothing.

And then later on he decided he wanted to overcome his fears and become a REAL MAN.

454900  No.16501167




Yes I meant Chihiro, and no I didn't miss the point of his arc, it's 100% clear and >>16501148 and >>16501158 is the summary. But types like >>16501138 don't like cross-dressing and traps either, and my point is that even things like that can be dealt with without being political. Indeed, people were pissed off at the original Japanese of Full Body for making the tranny full male or something?

a954ce  No.16501169

File: 67fd0fb64bcc585⋯.jpg (555.82 KB, 1000x897, 1000:897, siegethot fr.jpg)


Watch your fucking back, GamerGater, I don't take prisoners.

a66673  No.16501175



72fa82  No.16501196


They misinterpreted an ending and thought Catherine went back in time to "improve everyone's lives" and when they saw Eric and not Erica at Catherine and Vincent's wedding they believed that Catherine talked Eric out of transitioning. This does not happen. She just goes back in time to meet Vincent earlier and marry him out of high school. Eric just hadn't transitioned yet and it was implied he still planned to in a comment to Tobi after he was lamenting not finding a girl of his own. Eric says "One might be closer than you think". So yeah, a bunch of retards who can't read Japanese misinterpreted an ending and went on Twitter to cry.

5b0da8  No.16501271


You can't. Not on the level they're operating at.

If you get hired into a game company or localization team, you're fired the minute you tell them not to censor something or to actually have some integrity and do a decent job, let alone trying to ruin their shit by putting anti-tranny flags into the game or whatever

Best you can hope for is to make content that triggers them and hope they eventually have a breakdown from it and kill themselves

5e6818  No.16501286


Why are so many white men becoming vulnerable to communist or tranny propaganda?

2bf949  No.16501303


>I could care less

I know "I couldn't care less" is an idiom and people (somehow) don't understand them as complete sentences with an actual meaning…

…but also it's "I couldn't care less", as in "I don't care at all about it and couldn't care less even if I tried", not "I care about it at least a little bit and wish I didn't", you fucking retard.


>We already gave up on Japan. It's over.

I had no idea you were so active in "saving it" when it didn't need saving, but not that it would, you "gave up" on it. What's that international, all-powerful rebel group and who took the decision to not waste any of your billion dollar resources on that country anymore? fuck off

baefba  No.16501308

File: e108842b50e8d48⋯.png (730.64 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



God damn it ProtoMagicalGuy let me enjoy my megamanchildren's video game in peace.

Eternal reminder that he had absolutely no shame playing it on Casual difficulty, or as he calls it, Advanced Mode. I don't feel like going back a year to find that tweet.

f51c2a  No.16501316

File: 6cbfa280ee5e843⋯.png (491.19 KB, 803x414, 803:414, FO01_NPC_Master_B.png)

File: 5270ee6993f41f1⋯.mp4 (6.64 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Join_Die_Inc.mp4)

de184c  No.16501329


I've seen people endlessly debate between if it's could or couldn't care less. At this point I've just stopped using that sentence because instead of people listening to my point they're just gonna fling shit at each other over if I used the correct version of it.


Same reason that cults go after troubled people. These people are sad, pathetic loners who want desperately to fit in. They find something that promises them community and a sense of "bigger than yourself" purpose and then next thing you know, someone's a trans commie who makes constant posts like that one looking for constant validation.

9843dd  No.16501338


it confused the heck out of me when i started played the patched version with all the original costumes and the indian was talking like a cowboy

85b7da  No.16501366

Ok, time to throw some fucking light (or destroy MegaTen oldfags like myself).

Literally 99% of the original team is out of Atlus as of 2017-2018. A literal half went out after Nocturne/DDS "sales fiasco". As time passed disgruntled employees left, and after Sega got in, oldfags left in droves.

New employees are mostly westernized, and sadly they listen to the woke crowd. So from a game with heavily nationalistic undertones we are going into diversity/woke garbage.

SMT will never ever be anything worthwhile, just more of the same. Even the current fucking teams sees Nocturne as Atlus magnum opus.

Leftism is a cancer and so is progressives and it's zealots, at the top tranny's and feminists.

32a775  No.16501393



>Nocturne/DDS sales fiasco

What's the story on this?


fucking spoiler that shit anon jesus christ

f7129a  No.16501402


>If you think that the sexual revolution was a mistake, why do you actively defend japanese games?

What kind of nonsense are you speaking?

85b7da  No.16501409


Nocturne had a internal development time of 10 years. 6-7 from reworking the concept rewriting, changing the consoles. Roughly 3-4 of PS 2 development. They went all in, a lot of debt and hope went into the game, and it sold poorly at the time, well Bellow projected numbers and expectations. And DDS was Okada's favorite child and also didn't sold as expected. At the time it crushed Okada, his team and morale. A lot of internal drama around those days.

Okada also see himself as a genius, similar to Fumito Ueda, Both suffer from tensai syndrome.

454900  No.16501411


At the very least they're usually not afraid to show pretty girls, but I also love how borderline porn they can get even if they can't show nudity.

f51c2a  No.16501421


>drawings are reality


32a775  No.16501433

File: 748192138d6452b⋯.jpg (427.41 KB, 1057x1417, 1057:1417, smt_nocturne_friends_are_a….jpg)


Huh, I had no idea about the troubled development and sales. What a shame because Nocturne is one of those games that even though I've only finished it once, it remains an all-time classic for me. DDS was fine too but didn't hit me the same way, maybe I played them too close to each other.

f2945f  No.16501442


isnt this game thats just a VN interupted by a pretty good minigame where you climb blocks?

f2945f  No.16501454


the game was pretty unremarkable. why are people talking about it so much?

e22228  No.16501463

File: bb8bbff3f42dfe4⋯.png (1.13 MB, 691x922, 691:922, 1487784726251(1).png)

I don`t get it, wwhy do companies in any industry listen to loud people that aren`t their costumers? Seriously, I can't grasp this concept, they are loud and will tarnish the public image of whatever they are mad with but that's only amidst their own kind, normal people and their target audience couldn't care less about it, just like Speedy and Sombrero Mario.

454900  No.16501467


Unfortunately, see >>16501196 it was jumping the gun.

5e7054  No.16501494


>"Originally I didn't care about trannies, but gradually I began to hate them." - some Anon here

Is there a growing hostility against trannies among people because of the shit they do?

018a6e  No.16501515


Does it surprise you that as people or groups become loud and obnoxious that they become disliked?

d7b9ca  No.16501525

File: 751988d6b191a24⋯.png (75.95 KB, 822x796, 411:398, happy mexican.png)


well, time to go to japan and work in a farm

5e7054  No.16501534


Makes me wonder if hate for them is higher than ever.

76c3f6  No.16501536

File: 3269638f4238cb6⋯.gif (705.91 KB, 288x240, 6:5, something about paperclips.gif)


This is my absolute favorite part of SJW activism in video games. Seeing them butt in, start complaining to change something in a game that they later fully admit to have had zero interest in playing is S-Tier comedy.

454900  No.16501554

File: 18d50668f930c16⋯.jpg (124.71 KB, 906x878, 453:439, RELIGION.jpg)


It's not funny when they still get their way. There aren't many devs with the spine or rationality to know who plays their games and that the loud minority should be squelched.

68c004  No.16501558


Go back to /trannypol/. /pol/ is nothing like you.

e22228  No.16501559



Use a Pepe with your post and people won't shutup about it with ad hominem, some faggots here are just as bad with their cattle mentality.

76c3f6  No.16501570


Call it a pessimistic view on things or whatever but I don't believe we'll see a large-scale push back against this type of censorship without having a few victims along the way. You aren't going to go around individually educating devs on the dangers of irrational censorship without good examples to show them just how little benefit it brings. While some people notice it straight away the majority need to have the negative results bashed into their minds over and over again to realize that caving in to the cries of people who don't play their games offers them nothing in return

e22228  No.16501574

File: 783d7f0c3cc7e79⋯.jpg (131.66 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ac8b0e022292976cfd85fac549….jpg)


You have a point but it's still retarded and some anons should really reflect on how much they act like SJWs.

ebcbba  No.16501585



>m-muh horseshoe theory!

Fucking mongoloids.

aa7587  No.16501591

File: 132690d2001472d⋯.jpg (30.17 KB, 324x196, 81:49, 132690d2001472d3f526602656….jpg)


>Fucking mongoloids.

Gиdi ап now!

e22228  No.16501601

File: a84a1e12beb7812⋯.png (108.93 KB, 444x444, 1:1, 1410051520484.png)


Whatever faggot, keep getting triggered by things that don't matter, and keep acting on your totally not feelings.

821f47  No.16501604


Journos and their puppetmasters are the problem for most of the worlds ills. They must go.

f8a5d3  No.16501611


Seconded. These retards operate like blackpillfags and have the same goal. Pretending that they are in the majority to D&C.

e64ccd  No.16501620


In this case it's not so much as the developers sticking to their original vision: the game is already done.

It's the """""translators""""" changing someone else's work and getting money for it.

In the most extreme view, it would be like changing the title and passing it as your own creation. At least the credits are still kept.

5e7054  No.16501630


Might as well sell Asia-English versions for import and close their Localization studio.

67f5df  No.16501632

File: 73113167848e3f2⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 64.36 KB, 439x312, 439:312, 630916179123023.png)


>I'm a glass half full kind of guy

You sound more like an ass full kinda of gay

e22228  No.16501644


>I don't visit /v/ often anymore

>still wants to have a say on how things are or should be

>not SJW faggot-tier of thinking

f8a5d3  No.16501649


>Strawman non-response

>Literally all posts in thread are cheap vague ad-hominems that avoid answering any questions

FFS dude, take a look at yourself.

68c004  No.16501660


Don't bother. shitposters just let Mark live in their head rent-free.

67f5df  No.16501667

File: 28a4ea870581a6b⋯.png (65.7 KB, 297x403, 297:403, 28a4ea870581a6bd39ffa72901….png)


If getting two responses gets your panties moist like this i can't wait to see what you'll do if senpai actually notices you

821f47  No.16501698


Don't bother arguing with them, all of the arguments about those things have already been had, it's just a matter of choosing sides now.

de1b15  No.16501724


Hi Mark.

f7fcdf  No.16501759

File: d7b7ecb6d4de619⋯.png (107.46 KB, 295x311, 295:311, d7b7ecb6d4de6191664243de5e….png)


>If someone is healthy and intelligent then what difference does race make?

Because regression towards the mean is a very real thing and if you fuck the rare intelligent negro and assuming you're intelligent yourself (I doubt this) your children are more likely to be retarded mulattos regardless.

07acd4  No.16501774

File: c0a91707a62ed95⋯.png (322.97 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

f32682  No.16501796


Send this screencap to Atlus and state why you're doing it.

1b860a  No.16501830


Weren't you people bitching about the THQ interview bringing in more people? You brainless fuck.

0b74bd  No.16501854


>Pirating/playing a crappy remaster

Why not playing the original instead? It's also available for Steam now.

224edd  No.16501987

Get woke, go broke

1f804d  No.16502038


Neither of those images is small, did you try to read them by clicking on them instead of opening them in a new tab and clicking them there?


>it's also available for Steam now

>actually suggesting people use Steam

>actually suggesting people buy this game on Steam after the devs censored the remake

47766f  No.16502047

File: d45d66d4fd034b7⋯.jpg (18.02 KB, 255x255, 1:1, c90c8f7ba9f8dcb473560e9b1d….jpg)


Anyone got the full version?

it's 404ed for me, so maybe post was deleted(dunno why, tho)

ee6f8b  No.16502066


Atlus seems to have let P5's success go to their heads and forgot they are a niche studio.

ee6f8b  No.16502069


what studio did this?

0ef296  No.16502152



These are probably the only good posts in this dumpster fire. Thanks, anon.

0b74bd  No.16502163


I said "play", not "buy".

1f804d  No.16502166


If you meant play not buy you wouldn't have mentioned Steam, faggot.

0b74bd  No.16502183


Most money to to Sega/Atlus, not Steam.

1f804d  No.16502231


40% to Steam, and that's irrelevant since Atlus and Sega condoned or even ordered this censorship and thus don't deserve money either, nor should they get the idea that series that get censored are profitable.

beded5  No.16502247



probably my last post but here's the mega link for the persona q2 .cia file


0b74bd  No.16502253

Fuck it: Now I learned that they even censored the Steam port of the original.

fa23ce  No.16502255

Guess buying japanese games doesnt work when the japanese companies let the localizers shit up the game

Tell me why i shouldnt skip ps5 and just buy a modded wii u and live in the past

d47682  No.16502258


Localizers have always shat up games. Learn Japanese.

47766f  No.16502264


Is there a non-steam port?

77fe34  No.16502266


What did they censor?

0b74bd  No.16502278


Τhe tranny stuff

5e7054  No.16502279


Import games from Japan or pirate and mod.

Import the Asian-English or learn Japanese.

fab4af  No.16502293

File: 2cd92d2f034d48c⋯.jpg (10.66 KB, 306x334, 153:167, hot grill.jpg)


> It makes all trannies look like over-sensitive crazy people.


71f80f  No.16502309


As far as I'm concerned, the only way these people will understand anything is if the populace now gets very, VERY fucking violent with them. And I suspect people will be up to their last nerve as it is.

77fe34  No.16502312

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


How was it censored? Did they alter/remove dialogue? Are you talking about turning "Eric" to "Erica" in the credits? Because that was a change made in the original ENG release for consoles years ago.


>Erica Anderson (Eric)

f785b2  No.16502317

File: 2b5459f61fa6263⋯.jpg (16.44 KB, 306x306, 1:1, 2b5459f61fa6263901debfdf3e….jpg)


>this might happen



d47682  No.16502319


The change is removing the "Eric" part, dummy. Trannies were upset that he was "deadnamed".

47766f  No.16502324


>Cuckchan frog

>on 8chan

>on /v/

d47682  No.16502350


Not until we get rid of gacha threads and cuckchanners.

5e7054  No.16502352

File: 8442ba6aa1a464e⋯.png (69.95 KB, 528x404, 132:101, ClipboardImage.png)


>Reddit Frog

>Facebook Frog

Wherez my jigen dendies? Ged oud Normanfags Reeee!

Bee bee boo boo! :D

77fe34  No.16502359

File: edf56e24fc9331a⋯.gif (595.06 KB, 400x302, 200:151, shrugs.gif)


Excuse me for asking a question.

I just looked up the PC credits and they did remove the "Eric" part. I could care less about credits. If they changed dialogue and scenes, then I'm upset.

d47682  No.16502364


Well if you read the thread you would already know without having to be spoonfed. >>16500113

77fe34  No.16502474


>saying that I could care less about altering the name of a character in the credits is excusing censorship

I don't like it, but there needs to be more to get me to be upset. If you want to push that Atlus is censoring Catherine, you need more than the credits. Otherwise, you'll be written off. Full Body is said to have altered lines, so that should be focused on.


That's my bad. Sorry for not seeing that post.

612a5b  No.16502479


Agreed, I'd wait till we get more information before freaking the fuck out.

bfb417  No.16502487

This thread makes me want to kill myself

612a5b  No.16502503


Yeah, it was raided pretty hard

e22228  No.16502523


Then do it, faggot.

d47682  No.16502525


I wonder who pays the blackpill fag. He focuses really hard on news thread like this, which makes me think he or whoever is backing him doesn't want us to talk about this.

77fe34  No.16502540


Part of me thinks he doesn't really believe what he's saying and just wants to have his fun, no matter how bizarre and warped that version of "fun" it is.

d47682  No.16502545


He obviously doesn't believe what he's saying, but his actions in this thread earlier are more the type you see from someone trying to stifle discussion rather than a shitposter doing it for the lulz.

0b74bd  No.16502823


But most trannies ARE over-sensitive crazy people. There is a reason why transgenderism is called mental illness

4eb572  No.16503286


I'm guessing the patch doesn't bother with correcting lines and only undid the visual censorship. It's one thing if it's just costumes and thus you can't expect the player characters to change how they speak when wearing them (considering how many variations of lines doing so in full might require), but when it even impacts NPCs, one really ought to go whole hog about fixing even the dialogue.



Doing some digging, looks like the game is Fureraba. VNDB lists the English release as being published by Nekonyan, so if not someone directly working for them, then someone they outsourced it to. You'd probably have to dig around in the credits for both the translators and editors.

bafcab  No.16503549

File: ccfc788ebb53bca⋯.png (75.28 KB, 1018x282, 509:141, proof.png)


>The difference is that your faggoty posts won't get deleted or shadowbanned for disagreeing with us.

Except the fat gay jew that runs this place bans users and deletes all their posts if they dare to question the jewish narrative, claiming the posts are "off-topic", while leaving up all off-topic posts from the side with which he agrees. Kill yourself for not even trying.


Everyone hates trannies. Everyone hates faggots. Everyone hates miscegenation. You are being lied to. No one actually supports this shit.

d47682  No.16503564


>claiming the posts are "off-topic"

Most /pol/ nonsense is off-topic.

454900  No.16503840


This. It just so happens the screechiest voices are the blackpill faggot and the /pol/ types who can't shut the fuck up.

9804f5  No.16504868

File: d5a099f442ce193⋯.png (2.38 KB, 31x32, 31:32, 1 (1).png)

85b7da  No.16505450


That is a pretty common information on japanese circles though, out here is…different. Up until Persona 3, MegaTen was pretty niche, with pretty much people who only cared about the great games they could develop. As Persona 3 came to light I knew it would go to shit, it would attract that "new", "strange" crowd of social activists. If only I knew how bad shit would get.

Also common, people at the time played all MegaTen games one after another, and Nocturne, at least for me, still is their magnum opus. You need to delve in East asian lore and mythology to get more out of DDS, which I did couple years back, it is a good game, but the second part was badly executed.

I expect nothing out of Atlus now and whatever decent game they develop will be a good surprise.

6f6fde  No.16506114


People were claiming that "transphobic" lines were changed as well in regards to Vincent and Erica, so no, that isn't all they've done.

eacaac  No.16510545


If that is true the thing at IGN said the lines "MAY" have been changed based on the 2 hours she played the game. Though I also heard the line was changed in the japanese version of Full Body so I don't fucking know. The PC port of the original already changed the name in the credits though.

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