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File: d5055660dbbb0b7⋯.jpg (585.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DoughImage.jpg)

01c6cf  No.3858693

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Sunday 11.11.18

>>>/patriotsfight/462 ——————————— Ratcliffe, Gowdy join list of potential AG picks ( Cap: >>3855856 )

>>>/patriotsfight/461 ——————————— [Placeholder - DECLAS GEN_pub] [Placeholder - SPEC_C_pub] ( Cap: >>3854727 )

>>>/patriotsfight/460 ——————————— [Placeholder - FVEY_pub] [Placeholder - FISA_pub] ( Cap: >>3854727 )

>>>/patriotsfight/459 ——————————— [Placeholder - Acts of Treason + support Articles] ( Cap: >>3854727 )

>>>/patriotsfight/458 ——————————— [Placeholder - Branch termination(s)] ( Cap: >>3854727 )

>>>/patriotsfight/457 ——————————— [Placeholder - SC rulings re: challenges re: Civ Non_Civ] ( Cap: >>3854727 )

>>>/patriotsfight/456 ——————————— [Placeholder - Indictments Tracking > Non_Civ] ( Cap: >>3854727 )

>>>/patriotsfight/455 ——————————— [Placeholder - Indictments Tracking > Civ] ( Cap: >>3854727 )

>>>/patriotsfight/454 ——————————— God Bless Veterans. (Cap: >>3853561 )

>>>/patriotsfight/453 ——————————— Who safeguards blank ballots? ( Cap: >>3854059 )

>>>/patriotsfight/452 ——————————— Let the unsealing begin. ( Cap: >>3852609 )

>>>/patriotsfight/451 ——————————— Enemy @ the Front Door. ( Cap: >>3851787 )

Saturday 11.10.18

>>>/patriotsfight/450 ——————————— See the future in order to save the past. ( Cap: >>3838909 )

>>>/patriotsfight/449 ——————————— News Unlocks ( Cap: >>3838081)

>>>/patriotsfight/448 ——————————— AMERICAN PATRIOTS UNITED. FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! ( Cap: >>3838080 )

>>>/patriotsfight/447 ——————————— Thank you for your service. #SemperFi ( Cap: >>3838068 )

>>>/patriotsfight/446 ——————————— We knew then. ( Caps: >>3836553 )

>>3835811 ——————————————— Expand further.

>>>/patriotsfight/445 ——————————— WHEN DID WH LEAKS CEASE? ( Cap: >>3835465 )

>>>/patriotsfight/444 ——————————— [DARK] TO LIGHT. ( Cap: >>3835239 )

>>>/patriotsfight/443 ——————————— Think Whitaker. ( Cap: >>3835138 )

>>>/patriotsfight/442 ——————————— Calif fire emergency funding (Cap: >>3834859)

Friday 11.09.18

>>>/patriotsfight/441 ——————————— /GA/452 ( Cap: >>3826401 )

>>>/patriotsfight/440 ——————————— Justice.jpg ( Cap: >>3826043, >>3825997 )

>>>/patriotsfight/439 ——————————— Bing search: QAnon news. (Cap: >>3824836 )

>>>/patriotsfight/438 ——————————— VOTER ID LAW = DEATH OF D PARTY. (Cap: >>3824405 )

>>>/patriotsfight/437 ——————————— Logical thinking required. (Cap: >>3824182 )

>>>/patriotsfight/436 ——————————— Why are we so important to the FAKE NEWS media? (Cap: >>3822034 )

Wednesday 11.07.18

Compiled here: >>3855126

Tuesday 11.06.18

Compiled here: >>3815675

Monday 11.05.18

Compiled here: >>3775040

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>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

01c6cf  No.3858747


are not endorsements


>>3507228 Video: "Q - We Are The Plan"; good red-pilling explanation

>>3572123 Q: The Basics - An Introduction to Q and the Great Awakening v.1.0

>>3793687 BO: Catalog is too full and new (non-General Breads) will be deleted, not existing breads


>>3858703 Q: How do you catch a FISH?

>>3858401, >>3858433, >>3858461 Death toll jumps to 23 in Cali fires–gov requests aid.

>>3858454 Gowdy is a Patriot.

>>3858359 Awan's fraud charge was a "placeholder."

>>3858235 Blow hard blows hard.

>>3858146 2018 Amendments for Court-Martials (long read).

>>3858145 California has a lot of problems.

>>3858079 MSM blindspot.

>>3858078 Enemies at the door = border situation? Double meaning?

>>3858058 Tucker Carlson recounts an incident between his family and an asshole.

>>3858739 #4905


>>3857820, >>3857835, >>3857855 FBI releases report on Tacoma/Seattle plane crash.

>>3857660 FB fired Oculus founder for political views.

>>3857491, >>3857526 Trey Gowdy @10:30 (video).

>>3857296 FL Gov. Scott Takes Legal Action to Bar Broward County From Including Ballots Counted After Noon Saturday Deadline

>>3857299 These people are stupid: Schumer tweet on Gov. Scott's actions against FL election fraud

>>3857282 Anon on IO: Information Operations

>>3857414 CA fire update

>>3857915 $4904


>>3856543 FL Democrat Party Attorney Tells Laura Loomer Destroying Ballots Isn't Fraud (Video)

>>3856657 Winning: North and South Korea begin destroying border guard posts

>>3856659 Pompeo reaffirms to Saudi crown prince US will hold Khashoggi’s killers ‘accountable’

>>3856618, >>3856864, >>3856949 CIA termination TBA soon?

>>3856716 Election overseer for Palm Beach County says there is ‘no way’ recount for 3 races will be finished by Thursday’s deadline

>>3856567 POTUS subtle Q hand signal

>>3856768 Five killed, including Hamas Military Commander, in Israeli Raid in Gaza

>>3856731 Kek: Huber retweets Whitaker

>>3856809 Dems to probe Trump's treatment of CNN, Amazon, Washington Post in triple-threaded abuse-of-power inquiries

>>3856829 BREAKING: Official says Israel PM Netanyahu cutting short Paris trip after Gaza clash that has left six dead - AFP

>>3856910 On California's Debt

>>3856955 Sen. Cory Gardner on ‘Meet the Press’: Mueller probe is ‘going to continue’

>>3856906, >>3856957 Planefag reports

>>3856753 F Globalism: Europeans increasingly support patriotic leaders who put their people and safety first

>>3856887 Staff Director of House Intenlligence Committee Damon Nelson passed away

>>3857114 Florida AG Pam Bondi calling out election fuckery and asking the right questions

>>3857118 Q-Clock Update

>>3857196 #4903

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140d9c  No.3858785

>>3857282 (pb)

But surely Q could be doing this to us?? ive definitely changed on my outlook on life and i wouldn't say its for the better, less tolerant,easier to anger etc

01c6cf  No.3858797

File: 54f840ee5329c6d⋯.jpg (199.08 KB, 1941x1111, 1941:1111, trumpbluewavecrimewave.jpg)



685cea  No.3858806

File: 4e7ecd8eb67d2f7⋯.png (514.9 KB, 1111x465, 1111:465, WWI-Veterans.png)

File: ba2475d86e4e08f⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, Veterans-Day-Parade.png)

File: 7bab8c00a5c6979⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1918x1514, 959:757, remember.png)

File: 4397c0ed7a16b84⋯.png (363.16 KB, 750x502, 375:251, thankyou.png)

File: 15a3213865a6a2b⋯.png (994.57 KB, 999x796, 999:796, Thank-You-All.png)

cd0c96  No.3858807


no one cares about your feels breadshitter

685cea  No.3858808

File: 4770961e7f6485e⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1333x4671, 1333:4671, jm5.png)

File: 108eb23c77e669e⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1333x4099, 1333:4099, jm4.png)

File: ea437b7d5c50c9d⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1333x4099, 1333:4099, jm3.png)

File: 156c7413bca8133⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1333x3601, 1333:3601, jm2.png)

File: fe5dd7fabf30f3e⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1333x3393, 1333:3393, jm1.png)


That is the AI, trying real HARD.

01c6cf  No.3858809

Can the anon from the last bread repost the AF1 flight path?

9d467f  No.3858810

Another celebrity satanist > FMJ…

Q is right, they are everywhere

c769d3  No.3858811

File: 7076da850cce7ba⋯.png (892.98 KB, 960x843, 320:281, 1f56d1s5.PNG)


03e8eb  No.3858812

File: 508d6dc28931934⋯.jpeg (129.02 KB, 930x707, 930:707, D0ED47C7-43EB-4D74-B809-C….jpeg)

This is my pointer.

There are many like it but this one is mine.

5854af  No.3858813

File: 5491c255d87bc98⋯.jpg (87.84 KB, 567x571, 567:571, DbF5WSZVwAAp_cl.jpg)

File: d436d49d68fd95e⋯.jpg (149.67 KB, 966x1200, 161:200, DpMhag6UYAA7OFC.jpg)

9d467f  No.3858814

File: 448c0bd7b5d1a29⋯.jpg (624.94 KB, 1632x1224, 4:3, IMG_0846.JPG)

685cea  No.3858815

File: bfb35e3aac6fe1e⋯.png (162.11 KB, 444x590, 222:295, TruthEzra.png)

File: b677761fec54f63⋯.png (1.34 MB, 855x999, 95:111, WATR.png)

File: 47bc23ddddf07c6⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1030x1024, 515:512, kittyx.png)

File: a2dff60fa227d27⋯.png (219.6 KB, 401x582, 401:582, FreeGraham.png)

File: 37fa913201760fd⋯.png (946.91 KB, 617x881, 617:881, prayer.png)

5e966a  No.3858816

We know the other side reads the Q posts. What will they saw about the last few? Are we going to get suicude weekends finally? What will be the 4 am talking points? They know about FISA declas, but the MSM has never mentioned all those indictments.

f1efbb  No.3858817

>>3858756 (lb)

Definitely avoiding the coast

157802  No.3858818

File: a14d294f7e6d667⋯.jpeg (357.38 KB, 1242x1260, 69:70, B47DB87B-7EA8-45D1-814E-1….jpeg)

File: 285b135bc749d7b⋯.jpeg (846.36 KB, 1242x1216, 621:608, 663B3CEB-E37D-49AB-9B38-3….jpeg)

>>3858772 lb

Kek. Instagram deleted that when i posted it to my account. It must be a dangerous meme.

140d9c  No.3858819

>>3857282 (pb)

But surely Q could be doing this to us?? ive definitely changed on my outlook on life and i wouldn't say its for the better, less tolerant,easier to anger, a bit more rascist if im honest but not too much etc

c0f118  No.3858820

File: 88a7cd5a5456290⋯.png (324.78 KB, 646x877, 646:877, ma.png)

76978d  No.3858821


Who is that?

755594  No.3858822

File: 174fa452c489c6e⋯.png (303.59 KB, 1304x570, 652:285, 11:11.png)

File: cac434df5112ce8⋯.png (250.22 KB, 438x585, 146:195, looters.png)


c25faf  No.3858823


Enemies at the Front Door, anon

63cd48  No.3858824

File: ce0eef8f905722d⋯.jpg (308.64 KB, 1878x1025, 1878:1025, Heading East w detour susp….JPG)

@POTUS and @FLOTUS headed home ~ back on map with a minor detour along the coastline?

bbddfa  No.3858825

>>3858228 lb

If that happens it's gonna get bloody.

e07d4e  No.3858826


Nomination for highest ranking anon for this bread, kek.

d92806  No.3858827

File: f1de6dccd72de3d⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1101x555, 367:185, Pillar Point HMB.PNG)

File: d458407f030cb8d⋯.jpg (99.04 KB, 833x594, 833:594, Nextrad.jpg)

>>3858768 lb

Just in Alaska?

Many more all over world

685cea  No.3858828

File: e12f077b7afe8ad⋯.png (634.74 KB, 1111x688, 1111:688, का.png)

File: b9add7d05ca810f⋯.png (750.59 KB, 999x749, 999:749, CC.png)

File: 1110d3a78e31ab9⋯.jpg (1005.84 KB, 782x1111, 782:1111, leclaircestmoi.jpg)

File: 62103c060dd35a2⋯.png (720.8 KB, 934x664, 467:332, notbackdown.png)

File: da94b943ff56400⋯.jpg (292.12 KB, 604x552, 151:138, precipice.jpg)

739119  No.3858829

File: d2c049edd6ff88e⋯.jpg (28.64 KB, 680x544, 5:4, nuke_the_site_from_orbit.jpg)

This is not a game!

Nuke the cabal sites from orbit!

It's the only way to be sure!

f88c0e  No.3858830

File: f5eba088f692a9e⋯.png (147.4 KB, 529x399, 529:399, show-enjoy-q-2.png)

Marked official ballots?

Maybe …enjoy the Show

11a3d0  No.3858831

Anyone else catch that someone special will be in Broward County tomorrow at 10?

Saw it on a facebook livestream outside the vote recount spot.

44959f  No.3858832


A sealed indictment an indictment that is sealed so that it stays non-public until it is unsealed. This can be done for a number of reasons. It may be unsealed, for example, once the named person is arrested.

The magistrate judge to whom an indictment is returned may direct that the indictment be kept secret until the defendant is in custody or has been released pending trial. The clerk must then seal the indictment, and no person may disclose the indictment’s existence except as necessary to issue or execute a warrant or summons.


9d467f  No.3858833


Floyd Mayweather JR

2c68e1  No.3858834

File: 41206341a6be875⋯.png (616.99 KB, 1912x857, 1912:857, Capture.PNG)

5249ac  No.3858835

>>3857508 (pb)

thanks anon - that's cool - love it when we build on each other's work

71b7ee  No.3858836

File: bc3159a74cefe18⋯.jpg (2.56 MB, 4212x3212, 1053:803, patriotswillsurvive.jpg)

1b2751  No.3858837

File: 3eb6429dbcbed31⋯.jpg (130.3 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, spongebob.jpg)

File: 8baca7120e10eee⋯.jpg (206.24 KB, 648x887, 648:887, GODBLESSTHEM.jpg)

[Placeholder - Shill Reply]

>So what if the qlock has had too many coincidences to count

>muh larp


>Can't believe you would disbelieve CNN, The View, and Madonna

>error does not compute [insert NPC screech]

Q setting up some further help to the qlockanons and toss some bones to confirm comms, God Bless the Patriots and America, even the confused, on this beautiful day

f1efbb  No.3858838

File: 4e01fe6cd87bb7a⋯.png (311.75 KB, 952x642, 476:321, 1f82a0df-ad78-402d-8593-50….png)

d27f02  No.3858839

New House of Cards episodes

da7519  No.3858840

File: 575cca12c546e01⋯.jpg (55.07 KB, 466x485, 466:485, demballots.jpg)

c0b5bf  No.3858841


Front Door?

Are you talking about "The House" because it surely would not be the Senate.

d6c479  No.3858842



f2de3d  No.3858843

File: 94ad041ee3c9fb4⋯.png (188.43 KB, 367x429, 367:429, straw4.PNG)

File: 7e79c261db74056⋯.png (232.61 KB, 570x277, 570:277, pepe2.PNG)

Name this ART I FACT

clue PEPE Think 'bridge'.


140d9c  No.3858844


wasnt shitting the bread i was responding to the previous post gayboy

d0da30  No.3858845

File: 3bc8dc04e99db8c⋯.png (266.3 KB, 621x396, 69:44, 2018-11-11_18-51-20.png)

cd0c96  No.3858846

File: 5502f53363bf8a9⋯.jpeg (33.59 KB, 600x613, 600:613, doit.jpeg)

WSJ Calls It: Hillary Will Run Again In 2020

In an op-ed published by the Wall Street Journal Sunday night, two staunch Clinton family allies made what is perhaps the strongest case yet that the twice-defeated Democrat is licking her wounds and preparing for another bid for the presidency in 2020: "Don’t pay much attention to the “I won’t run” declarations" the op-ed authors write: Hillary "knows both Mr. Clinton and Mr. Obama declared they weren’t running, until they ran. She may even skip Iowa and enter the race later, but rest assured that, one way or another, Hillary 4.0 is on the way."

Amusingly, the double-take-inducing headline "Hillary Will Run Again" confused more than a few people on twitter, who initially interpreted it as breaking news, and not mere speculation about the prospect for another Clinton campaign in 2020. Then again, given the authors' close ties to the Clintons - Mark Penn was a pollster and senior adviser to Bill and Hillary Clinton from 1995 to 2008 and Bill Stein is a former Democratic Manhattan borough president and president of the NYC council - it's fair to suspect that this could be an early trial balloon for a third presidential bid by the former first lady and secretary of state.

Despite her embarrassing and unexpected loss to Trump, Clinton retains a 75% approval rating among Democrats, an unfinished mission to be the first female president, and a personal grudge against her one-time friend for inspiring all of those "lock her up" chants. This is why, if she does run again, Penn and Stein expect her to come out swinging.

Instead of declaring early, Clinton will wait for the deluge of senators and governors from the party's "new generation" to declare their own presidential bids, and allow them to squabble among themselves for a bit. She might even wait until after Iowa to declare. Undoubtedly, this morass of amateurs will be livid to see Clinton back in the race. But if the Democrats' inept handling of the Kavanaugh confirmation fight and their overall ineffectual performance during the Trump era is any indication, Clinton will run the table.



515656  No.3858847

File: 1eda15e6d7e5a2f⋯.png (375.82 KB, 639x359, 639:359, Veterans Day3.PNG)

Thank you, Baker.

Thank you veterans and active service members

76978d  No.3858848


Scrambled brains.

cd0c96  No.3858849

File: 0792ca2ecd7f600⋯.png (132.33 KB, 964x296, 241:74, ClipboardImage.png)


you legitimately shit in the bread, newfag

17965b  No.3858850

File: 2e98971d85bf7aa⋯.jpg (13.41 KB, 379x49, 379:49, lasers.JPG)


that might just work.

685cea  No.3858851

File: ab13bfa136ef2cc⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1215x999, 45:37, sincerejames.png)

File: 9ee85e3b36fc687⋯.png (388.04 KB, 600x596, 150:149, divided.png)

File: 708b08fa59d9702⋯.png (3.29 MB, 999x1916, 999:1916, Don_J-BOOM.png)

File: 91c8b9dc7ae0988⋯.png (55.68 KB, 846x393, 282:131, clownazon.png)

File: ff06d626a3d41e2⋯.png (7.53 MB, 3952x2222, 1976:1111, lrdtab.png)

d6b2dd  No.3858852

File: 0d7f082889f497b⋯.png (175.45 KB, 586x866, 293:433, ClipboardImage.png)

c25faf  No.3858853


Tryin' to land AF1, anon

140d9c  No.3858854


The post i was replying was A.I? bloody good if it was!!

6d87fb  No.3858855


Those are radar installations not HAARP


92ed42  No.3858856

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Take That Code To The Brain.

Suicide Weekend

dd1e75  No.3858857

File: c5c512bbe1c6439⋯.jpg (997.36 KB, 1521x1137, 507:379, IMG_514.jpg)

patriots reveal!!

50fb96  No.3858859


def some fuckery or potus changed his mind and going to fl?

685cea  No.3858860

File: 2a99b20f2151040⋯.png (233.35 KB, 522x458, 261:229, pc25.png)

File: 2f3a5c18ad59f5f⋯.png (200.39 KB, 522x458, 261:229, PC24.png)

File: 96361d8dcbd060e⋯.png (211.16 KB, 522x458, 261:229, pc18.png)

File: d86e39fb7e2af04⋯.png (265.72 KB, 522x458, 261:229, pc16.png)

File: f6c94ee22bbf6a4⋯.png (200.31 KB, 522x458, 261:229, pc15.png)

01c6cf  No.3858861


What about that evasive maneuver one?

3e8ef1  No.3858862

File: 493931302160c51⋯.png (714.37 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, C13053DB-A391-4720-B9A1-63….png)

File: 34171dce7ff0c7e⋯.png (1.94 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, B34FD9F4-8D5B-4C13-88B5-BD….png)

>>3858696 (lb)

POTUS schedule just tweet an update

63cd48  No.3858863

This is deviation from regular travels!


@POTUS and @FLOTUS headed home ~ back on map with a minor detour along the coastline?




8ec15f  No.3858864

The board is fucked up. Latency is hideous.

c0b5bf  No.3858865


Diverting around Boston?

08afe5  No.3858866

File: 0282292d2324a8c⋯.png (2.62 MB, 2876x1502, 1438:751, Screenshot 2018-11-11 16.1….png)

POTUS coming home?

c644c0  No.3858867

File: 91ad6ada545a0fe⋯.jpeg (61.97 KB, 447x421, 447:421, F28E63D9-A13B-48BF-AAFF-3….jpeg)

09bb70  No.3858868

File: 886937294ff7b79⋯.jpg (209.42 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, DWS-AWAN-PLACEHOLDER-FRAUD.jpg)

759cea  No.3858869

File: 877968a5a24472f⋯.png (890.13 KB, 710x470, 71:47, ClipboardImage.png)

If they choose to be sheep, let them be.

bc6c23  No.3858870

File: 96a4199c4a3d457⋯.jpeg (468.63 KB, 1429x1901, 1429:1901, 8D51DFA7-6FA4-4B03-9D79-6….jpeg)

Unbelievable satellite imagery from beginning of Camp Fire in NorCal. Something exploded very high into the air at ignition and many secondary flashes.


5afbbd  No.3858871

File: 53b3830628eeb30⋯.png (382.96 KB, 686x1079, 686:1079, ClipboardImage.png)



‏ @POTUS_Schedule

3m3 minutes ago


Sunday, 11 November 2018

(Tweet pre-scheduled 30-minute delay - 19:15 EST)

#AF1 #AirForceOne #USAF



Over US - diverting around Boston airspace (pre-planned)

Callsign: Air Force One

ID: USAF 92-9000

Squawk: 2460

Altitude: 28035

Lat: 41.7

Long: -70.5

Why did they want to miss Boston?

70b604  No.3858872

>>3858487 (lb)

>The whole gang and all the incriminating evidence are trapped together in the Broward Election office. Can’t let them destroy evidence.

Too late, optics prevail. Optics prevent interfering with election fraud like they prevent repudiation of tranny bathrooms. But we moved the embassy!

36258c  No.3858873

File: 9b0241705cc55f3⋯.png (134.43 KB, 629x735, 629:735, Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at ….png)

File: ba98d5dc7986650⋯.jpeg (64.42 KB, 686x1079, 686:1079, DrwuIt4XgAE9I2J.jpg-large.jpeg)

POTUS Diverting around Boston (pre-planned)

bc6c23  No.3858874

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

2c2b9e  No.3858875

>>3858473 (PB)

You don't go after kids, creep.

f2de3d  No.3858876

File: d83b219bd39ba80⋯.png (377.85 KB, 1007x411, 1007:411, pepe4.PNG)

File: 2d488b993a25851⋯.png (631.88 KB, 992x415, 992:415, pepe5.PNG)

0f3d3b  No.3858877


Grrrrrrrr. Massachusetts.

c0b5bf  No.3858878


WTF are you doing on here if you are trying to land AF1?

201a0e  No.3858879


Thanks Anon!

685cea  No.3858880

File: 5c63bd0c16abee9⋯.png (1023.67 KB, 1111x740, 1111:740, happening-wobbler.png)

File: 19ac324576e3219⋯.png (2.19 MB, 777x6301, 777:6301, sorosSOVEREIGN.png)

File: 08a9232db5665af⋯.png (1.38 MB, 999x3382, 999:3382, Soros-bares-his-soul.png)

File: 9d331a68fc563a1⋯.png (3.86 MB, 999x6599, 999:6599, nationalism.png)

File: c4f50fa99c1d3b8⋯.png (1.74 MB, 2222x5364, 1111:2682, WhoIsQ.png)

515656  No.3858881


correct, anon

556905  No.3858882

>>3858783 (pbs)

> The guy slandered Tucker's daughter. Whose crime is worse?

It's what the law says…not how you "feel"…

does what he said meet the legal standard for slander? WHO heard it, who was harmed…etc…but the battery and assault standard was clearly met by Tucker's own admission so yeah, the little shit is probably going to get away with it…now whether or not the LE will file charges? I have no idea.

There must be SOME witnesses because the club would have taken a HUGE risk terminating his membership without proof of what happened.




>an army brat

very very bad medical care…for the most part…substandard…

755594  No.3858883


Probably to avoid changing commercial flight routes.

573e2e  No.3858884

Laura Loomer denied entry into baptist church Brenda Snipes and Andrew Gillum are allegedly both inside of.


f451c9  No.3858885

File: c058ec01e4e4a28⋯.png (461.65 KB, 481x853, 481:853, ClipboardImage.png)

The grin in this photo makes me think this is a poker player who has just pulled his ace out of the hole. Putin has just said something and Trump's face is like a beam of LIGHT. Meanwhile a dark cloud has crossed Merkel's and especially Macron's face.

They have lost and they know it now. The Trump/Putin partnership is undefeatable. They tried to break that partnership but they failed.

We'll know more when the World Wide effects of MAGA get kicked into high gear, but for now the focus must go back to the USA which is why Trump has returned so quickly. He was just in France to deliver some one-two knockout blows, put on a show with Putin, and now back home to take down the DeepState's fraud machine.

81dcac  No.3858886


She’ll either be lockedup or Dead by 2020.

She will challenges by other Dems.

She lost to Bernie, she’ll lose again.

But it would be fun Her and Trump

b32efe  No.3858887

File: 31150a2699c4f01⋯.png (432.66 KB, 1296x1304, 162:163, Screenshot_25.png)

50fb96  No.3858888


yes something did explode, seen that yesterday

f1efbb  No.3858889


They are doing there best to stay out of US air space

dd1e75  No.3858890

File: fa3a4df588b8252⋯.jpg (864.54 KB, 1210x1613, 1210:1613, IMG_535.jpg)

patriots triumph!!

70b604  No.3858891


The Southies have bazookas now?

069f7c  No.3858892

File: e197da555f2053d⋯.jpg (333.93 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, Containment-cell-001.jpg)

Next week will be YUGE..

Then fucking nothing happens.

Yes Im fucking pissed off.

Stop the fucking code talk and riddles and do something.

FUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2c68e1  No.3858893


I'm the wrong anon, just observing the flight of AF1. off the coast of MD now roughly. will be on the ground inabout 20-30 minutes. hmm maybe less.

79b822  No.3858894

File: c46e0977ae66280⋯.jpg (13.57 KB, 320x180, 16:9, _98603264_ebola_burialepah….jpg)


Red Cross apologise for losing $5m of Ebola funds to fraud

d42388  No.3858895


When I read "enemy at the door"

the first thing I thought was since

the cabal failed to get the job done

in France they had plan b waiting

for POTUS at the front door….DC

8c2e87  No.3858896


Lmao thanks for the levity anon!

Praying for POTUS and all patriots.

63cd48  No.3858897



me thinks it is due to diverting coastlines ~ planefag here.

3e8ef1  No.3858898


What’s the link you use to track flights ?

bbddfa  No.3858899


Shit meant for this one.

>>3858552 lb

If that happens, it's gonna be bloody.

d6c479  No.3858900

File: 554090266933baf⋯.jpeg (53.83 KB, 474x576, 79:96, FA8BD290-5DD3-4F25-84E0-D….jpeg)

6d2242  No.3858901


They'd probably be okay with it if it had a massive commie symbol in the middle.

9a4b3c  No.3858902

File: d7d97ca1f147581⋯.png (109.91 KB, 965x395, 193:79, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7aacfc69e7a4f26⋯.png (87.46 KB, 759x779, 759:779, ClipboardImage.png)

Guise, you're gonna laugh. An anon told Comey "Tits or GTFO" the other night on twatter per the request of another anon here. Then this morning, POTUS gets a "Tits or GTFO" protest in front of his motorcade? What the fuck timeline are we living in anymore?!

176fbd  No.3858903


This post wins the Internet for the day! KEK!

3531bd  No.3858904


>Too late, optics prevail.

Tbh, this is why our era is so gay.

What happened to Genghis Khan or Edward I?

08afe5  No.3858905



f2de3d  No.3858906

File: b5fc8c08e4d24f6⋯.png (325.04 KB, 499x316, 499:316, pepe.PNG)

File: 3f7a8d2a783ea8f⋯.png (48.28 KB, 550x261, 550:261, pepe1.PNG)

dd1e75  No.3858907

File: 6f13c0a70927801⋯.jpg (328.86 KB, 1400x900, 14:9, IMG_556.jpg)

patriots succeed!

efb9f5  No.3858908


enemies at the front door?

3d5a3c  No.3858909


System election fuckery in Monterey County, California. Designed to favor democrats of course.

Theory: Even the proposistions were subjected to fuckery. Even a bunch of democrats I know hated the gas tax. The fact that prop 6 failed is EXTREMELY suspiscious.

556905  No.3858910


>They are doing there best to stay out of US air space


3d3397  No.3858911

File: f7009255333edef⋯.jpg (447 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ed487810fa39420e2460a12a92….jpg)

6d2242  No.3858912


Keep retweeting that to the looney leftists, CPL. They need to read the truth.

038d7b  No.3858913

File: 7d24ce49cc059a5⋯.jpeg (75.22 KB, 469x710, 469:710, fullsizeoutput_238.jpeg)

5a1402  No.3858914

File: e8716e048b84dc6⋯.png (911.5 KB, 1533x866, 1533:866, pepeflyshighnolie.png)

d92806  No.3858915


not just radar. way more to these.

098164  No.3858916

File: 590ff5b953014c6⋯.png (223.2 KB, 447x396, 149:132, Q PF 454 11-11-18.PNG)

File: 21ed02c8224035a⋯.png (901 KB, 981x552, 327:184, Q PF 454 11-11-18 pic.PNG)

Thank You Veterans

Thank you for your SERVICE to our country

b3b963  No.3858917

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Live Forever.

a08e10  No.3858918

File: 39e9c18f7fbee11⋯.jpg (128.33 KB, 590x1209, 590:1209, Screenshot 2018-11-11_19-2….jpg)


77f6f3  No.3858919

File: d920b195c056be5⋯.jpg (52.62 KB, 606x480, 101:80, duke0717.jpg)

We got our marching papers Anons…and our parade too…. a parade of sealed indictments….enjoying the show……

2c68e1  No.3858920

File: 1bb38bdcaa3743b⋯.mp4 (14.13 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, CALIFORNIA BURNING (DEW) D….mp4)

3ff631  No.3858921

File: 22edf3cd285dca6⋯.png (561.54 KB, 876x461, 876:461, comfy.png)


I'm convinced this guy is being paid directly by DJT to make the bad guys look ridiculous.

He's a fantastic troll.

a08e10  No.3858922



71b7ee  No.3858923

File: 4eb384e2e8d19dd⋯.jpg (12.39 KB, 180x123, 60:41, 984e528606c04db285e70ace72….jpg)

f2de3d  No.3858924

File: d484e02edce5cc0⋯.png (720.2 KB, 685x669, 685:669, fake4.PNG)

43c9fb  No.3858925

File: 76a98092bf6a195⋯.jpg (30.83 KB, 306x229, 306:229, RogerStone.jpg)

f451c9  No.3858926

Earlier dropped this

Let the unsealing begin. Let the DEC[L]AS begin

What does the L in the killbox stand for?

Is this a killbox, or is it something else? The overall message of unleashing the whirlwind of unsealing indictments and declassification of FISA activities, is great news, but I think L is a hidden message that we must not forget.

f64a17  No.3858927

File: 2a4ddc558850624⋯.jpg (122.75 KB, 500x300, 5:3, 2a4ddc5588506241283c89587d….jpg)

5249ac  No.3858928

File: cac79b165fc01b8⋯.jpg (370.94 KB, 1930x1692, 965:846, Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at ….jpg)


just stated looking at some maps tonight…. these two out of Fort Lauderdale…. at about the same time… blocked caught muh eye…. am just getting started for the evening… don't have a feel for the skies yet….

FROZN48 and BOBBY and sort of new for the MIL

anything going on?

8c2e87  No.3858929

8ec15f  No.3858930




Notable Baker

3e8ef1  No.3858931


Thank you Anon

3b8a95  No.3858932


Haha hilarious

4ce57a  No.3858933

File: 63406dc7d554843⋯.jpeg (341.02 KB, 1000x1516, 250:379, B0531BE8-2820-4A18-8363-2….jpeg)

File: d800d611c104870⋯.jpeg (545.18 KB, 1961x689, 37:13, C017D0D1-44F2-4C5B-B9EC-F….jpeg)

Shout out to the Anon that found this LB notable

cc749e  No.3858934


>3858730 (pb)

supposed to go to JFK

08afe5  No.3858935


Anon, those are location anomalies in the tracking radar

f1efbb  No.3858936


If I knew why, I would be on AF!

57c711  No.3858937


God damn…All the anons are PlaneFags tonight!

Sometimes radars are not accurate and jump around. Not that out of the ordinary, especially when not over land.

Not a big deal.

4e474f  No.3858938


They flew directly over Cape Cod so they obviously aren’t doing that

8cd613  No.3858939


Can anyone verify this post?

c769d3  No.3858940

File: e149877d15ac282⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1044x642, 174:107, 516re515.PNG)

f990f2  No.3858941

Enemy @ the front door.

Hilary will run again.

What do you do when the enemy is at the front door? You try and slip out the backdoor and run.

90d211  No.3858942


Maybe you should take a break. It's had a very positive effect on me. Once I got over the initial shock at certain things, of course.

33d25e  No.3858943

File: a60592a443cdce4⋯.jpg (23.34 KB, 624x351, 16:9, _WELCOME_HOME_POTUS_.jpg)

Glad POTUS is on his way back.

51f6cc  No.3858944

ad7672  No.3858945


Anons relax. AF1 isn't going to take the same approach into Andrews every time. The zig zag from ADS-B happens all the time too and it doesn't mean AF1 actually flew that route. The reporting is not always precise on that site. I've seen some weird stuff before and it could be anything like random RF interference.

f1efbb  No.3858946


Went over Camp Edwards

b51595  No.3858947


That's another DEW moron. Look at his other videos.

The smoke rose straight up then hit the upper atmosphere winds.

0f3d3b  No.3858948

File: 58e5db2ae656db8⋯.jpg (80.34 KB, 426x669, 142:223, d9c76710239b37f0e2ee485c2f….jpg)


Dindunuffin Christians persecute a Jew!!!! Remember the SIX GORILLION!

27aa86  No.3858949



e96f37  No.3858950


Interesting photo, Anon.

Macron has dagger eyes, and Merkel doesn't look too pleased, either. Not DJT's normal smile that I recall. Melania appears to be looking that way in deference.

92bd3b  No.3858951


I conced. Let Hillary be president.


515656  No.3858952

File: 41a19ca0fd5c77e⋯.png (12 KB, 694x164, 347:82, Capture.PNG)


Shills are posting old stories to get a (You)

Article posted from 11/2017

c769d3  No.3858953

File: 3887ae3d14b798b⋯.jpg (1020.89 KB, 5568x3712, 3:2, 1541963523259.jpg)

cc749e  No.3858954



6d2242  No.3858955


It's like they knew we were concerned and sent out a twat for us.

8d3199  No.3858956








We're done trusting you. You failed us. You're a fucking disgrace. You should be ashamed to call yourself an American. At this point we know you are nothing but a deep state / mossad psyop.








We're done trusting you. You failed us. You're a fucking disgrace. You should be ashamed to call yourself an American. At this point we know you are nothing but a deep state / mossad psyop.








We're done trusting you. You failed us. You're a fucking disgrace. You should be ashamed to call yourself an American. At this point we know you are nothing but a deep state / mossad psyop.








We're done trusting you. You failed us. You're a fucking disgrace. You should be ashamed to call yourself an American. At this point we know you are nothing but a deep state / mossad psyop.








We're done trusting you. You failed us. You're a fucking disgrace. You should be ashamed to call yourself an American. At this point we know you are nothing but a deep state / mossad psyop.








We're done trusting you. You failed us. You're a fucking disgrace. You should be ashamed to call yourself an American. At this point we know you are nothing but a deep state / mossad psyop.








We're done trusting you. You failed us. You're a fucking disgrace. You should be ashamed to call yourself an American. At this point we know you are nothing but a deep state / mossad psyop.








We're done trusting you. You failed us. You're a fucking disgrace. You should be ashamed to call yourself an American. At this point we know you are nothing but a deep state / mossad psyop.

3ff631  No.3858957

File: 015bbf3d8eb4cbd⋯.jpg (263.8 KB, 640x960, 2:3, Candy 039.jpg)


>along the coastline

Is that normal?

I just always assumed they took the fastest route.

b3b963  No.3858958

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Pedovore Boogie

d45147  No.3858959

File: 9eb689e7ca50a3f⋯.jpg (109.37 KB, 640x600, 16:15, brenda2.jpg)

2c68e1  No.3858960


I'm observing AF1. staying out of US airspace ATM

0ae52e  No.3858961


Aluminum melts at 600 F. Different steels start melting above 1400 F

2536bf  No.3858962

You know that it's bad news when the brains High IQ leave the west for better business and opportunity in Asia.

dbd83c  No.3858963

File: 7f001b60e6126b1⋯.jpg (44.87 KB, 570x487, 570:487, ppp1.jpg)

f2de3d  No.3858964

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


water gate?


d92806  No.3858965

File: 23a9aa5c104f69c⋯.jpg (81.11 KB, 549x363, 183:121, KbrenandKcom.jpg)


>the request of another anon here


685cea  No.3858966


LOL, it's a tremendous image.

97532c  No.3858967


Looks like the hammer drop on the gun of MA

8ec15f  No.3858968


Just GTFO shill

bcddce  No.3858969

Just saw Bill Nelson speaking.

Is he King of the (((Y))) heads?


f46538  No.3858970

File: 6e1df4d47ad7905⋯.jpg (487.34 KB, 596x1240, 149:310, l-4-post4.jpg)

just a theory on [L]

81dcac  No.3858971

If Hillary is around in 2020 to run,

We can have Civil War or buy some Vaseline and take our due.

f340ee  No.3858972

File: 82d54c58a747d27⋯.png (1.16 MB, 966x541, 966:541, kylereese - Copy.PNG)

92ed42  No.3858973

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fill In Placeholders…

Or Take A Nap?

Suicide Weekend

6d2242  No.3858974



af6b9a  No.3858975


Oh, yeah.

The Awan thing is gigantic. They compromised most of Congress.

Somewhere in Pakistan, I bet some operators are working right now.

Awans - Congress - shipping ports - Wasserman Schultz - Broward - Pakistan - god knows where else

71b7ee  No.3858976

File: 713f405cae51e4e⋯.jpg (148.37 KB, 1013x680, 1013:680, Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at ….jpg)

File: f3e8f7feb8015de⋯.jpg (52.08 KB, 594x326, 297:163, smug-smile-trump.jpg)

0379f8  No.3858977

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0ca214  No.3858978

File: 877069a9fe6a1c9⋯.png (4.78 KB, 255x50, 51:10, d7e5bacd57e4851aeb778a164d….png)

3531bd  No.3858979


>Let Hillary be president

I wouldn't care tbh. It'd be the ultimate redpill.

But apparently God is giving us a chance.

2af4e0  No.3858980


Aluminum melts at 1380F

f0df8d  No.3858981


Staying out or haven't reached?

bc6c23  No.3858982


I wouldn’t dismiss it so cavalierly, I’m ¾ persuaded that’s been happening over the past 3 years or so.

f88c0e  No.3858983


I think he realy thinks his applied rules for radicals work,

While all know the tactics anno 2018

And he protects the ruling class, the tactics won't work then

660bb6  No.3858984


Q 463

[Placeholder aliens-invasion]

efb9f5  No.3858985

File: fdf403e20169ac8⋯.jpg (14.02 KB, 255x182, 255:182, 2eab895682bd487ec7680c88d7….jpg)


Remember anon you are carrying precious cargo. Get back to us once you are in the clear.

6fa7e4  No.3858986


Noel. The undersecretary appointed by Trump?

f2de3d  No.3858987

File: 389b11f0cc1bed9⋯.png (606.68 KB, 659x357, 659:357, pepe6.PNG)

File: afa1fec57d38075⋯.png (806.16 KB, 827x582, 827:582, you can19.PNG)

8cd613  No.3858988


Really? Damn …that would have been some serious shit. Thanks for confirm! I love you–no homo!

c644c0  No.3858989

File: 91ad6ada545a0fe⋯.jpeg (61.97 KB, 447x421, 447:421, A34A350D-F0D1-4B73-BFD1-2….jpeg)

File: 322619a4c75382a⋯.jpeg (164.85 KB, 910x499, 910:499, 727C9D3C-B9AD-4B22-97AE-0….jpeg)

7d3646  No.3858990


la corazon…

b3ac61  No.3858991


Maybe they want to stay over water where tight beam comms with sats can't be intercepted.

6569bd  No.3858992

catch me up. was 11/11 a big day or overrated?

51f910  No.3858993

File: f71b668822486bf⋯.jpg (12.26 KB, 298x326, 149:163, FacePalmNathanX.jpg)


>Hillary Will Run Again In 2020

This movie is so painful to watch.

a2c8b4  No.3858994

ANONS used to take Q posts and work them out on Qresearch..

NOW, Qresearch is 75% fuck gossip…

I'm sure the Q team and Potus are disappointed in our actions…

Fucking losers

a20c19  No.3858995


And NASA fag to boot!

685cea  No.3858996

File: f1773920cf5b17e⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1200x956, 300:239, GODSPEEDKITTY.png)

File: feb9228214ff4bb⋯.png (64.95 KB, 400x400, 1:1, SOON.png)

875385  No.3858997



We won't know until the news unlocks.

af608f  No.3858998


I can't make a valid argument so I have to yell.

3531bd  No.3858999


People made a big deal about "America United"

But I just think it might mean America will be united on what happens from now on. Instead of just this Q board. This is why Q deleted old boards and went to a new phase.

2c68e1  No.3859000


Skirting it.

71b7ee  No.3859001

File: 3d6e3adb6d41de7⋯.jpg (106.34 KB, 787x742, 787:742, enough.jpg)

File: 725039ce96f34e1⋯.jpg (23.17 KB, 255x219, 85:73, death.jpg)

685cea  No.3859002

File: 28f9a8f933f4462⋯.jpg (48.05 KB, 533x639, 533:639, sleepybot33.jpg)

File: c11605bd9f28053⋯.png (370.05 KB, 411x580, 411:580, MADAMNPREZ.png)


Shh, no hun. You are just tired. Sleep now.

8ef1ff  No.3859003

File: b42a7f95582cc9f⋯.png (447.01 KB, 1021x551, 1021:551, lenyup.png)


Corrupt bastards will go full-throttle on Russians, phony "lawsuits", and other nonsense. The corrupt NY POS who replaced Schneiderman has conjured up some slop to keep Mockingbird occupied.

Every time somebody flipped it on Fri. eve, Fox was rambling about some ridiculous porn star "payoff" garbage - despite all that Snipes drama going on down in Florida & Matt Gaetz posting a video.

51f6cc  No.3859004



c769d3  No.3859005

File: de5e8475c4a8d03⋯.png (342 KB, 1254x669, 418:223, 151121f2d2f12d1f2d12f1d2fd….PNG)

90d211  No.3859006


It's a very good meme.

09bb70  No.3859007

File: 947bba7f9daf5a5⋯.png (329.54 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, DWS-Hook-Fish-Florida.png .png)


yw, have another.

6569bd  No.3859008


I am not familiar with the term "news unlocks"

please define

d6c479  No.3859009

Any update on AF1?

4a343d  No.3859010

File: 7827319d0a2c23c⋯.jpg (71.52 KB, 372x702, 62:117, Capture 2.JPG)

File: eeabac936fa933a⋯.jpg (52.59 KB, 285x751, 285:751, Capture 3.JPG)

File: 094dc88adf3c523⋯.jpg (51.42 KB, 575x492, 575:492, Capture 4.JPG)

File: ae8de9302282414⋯.jpg (83.48 KB, 1545x701, 1545:701, Capture.JPG)

lready discussed, I apologize, but asking about November 12, 2017 post and kill box letters(pic related):

[US] [risk] [th] [i] [s] [W] [e] [e] [k] [God & Country]

Then also on November 9th, 2017 Killboxes show:

[C] [I] [A] [is] [Here]

Then the trip to France is cancelled a year later are we to understand that something terrible has been planned by the evil ones this week and that they knew of the attempt on POTUS a year prior?

Like its said, there are no coincidences….

33d25e  No.3859011


Reddit and Twitter do better than this board now. Its kind of annoying. There is still good potential here but people believe in responding to shills and treating bots like goddamn pets in here.

8cd613  No.3859012

File: 42768d665b9f92e⋯.jpg (68.26 KB, 720x1080, 2:3, Hillphamet.jpg)


If she did run again, remember what why people run for President!

…so they can't be the target of an investigation!

In short, she's trying really hard to avoid what will be inevitable.

05b578  No.3859013

File: eac25b7f2fcb50e⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1342x1298, 61:59, ClipboardImage.png)

36258c  No.3859014

File: e9d3901114ecc3f⋯.png (996.96 KB, 1003x848, 1003:848, e9d3901114ecc3f1c37f738e47….png)

50efe7  No.3859015

File: 531564019366508⋯.jpg (8 KB, 279x180, 31:20, download-4.jpg)


they seen we were worried. 5:5 POTUS & team.

81dcac  No.3859016


Hillary melts with Tap Water

feda99  No.3859017

File: ebc2ef44ab6b8eb⋯.png (730.14 KB, 946x869, 86:79, Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at ….png)

File: 7f5cf1ae0009d71⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1529x850, 1529:850, Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at ….png)

File: 25af7081e2e0e2d⋯.png (386.65 KB, 1054x850, 31:25, Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at ….png)


Look at POTUS' face.

LOOK at it.

Does that look like a happy guy?

POTUS is PISSED THE FUCK OFF, because France still has our War Dead.

When he spoke at the service, before this pic was snapped - he said something about:

…our war dead - on foreign soil…

Like it was a very bad thing


There's some contentious history on burying War Veterans abroad,


Check OurGirl's cap

check the sauce article:

last bit:

Pershing stood straight and tall as he delivered an emotional tribute to all the Americans who had died in the war. Sounding much like Pericles, he spoke of men who deserved great glory because they had fought for freedom. “They gave all,” he said, “and they have left us their example. It remains for us with fitting ceremonies, tenderly with our flowers and our tears, to lay them to rest on the American soil for which they died.”

Afterward, he laid wreaths on the coffins of the three men. Within days, each was returned to his hometown and buried with honor by friends and family.


PS - TY Baker!

f0df8d  No.3859018


Thanks anon. I saw the track above. Is this normal?

09bb70  No.3859019

File: af3e1bb21ea8980⋯.jpg (250.04 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, DWS-AWAN-PLACEHOLDER-FRAUD.jpg)



crap, wrong one. Meant to attach this one.

a10229  No.3859020


They scramble the ADSB for AF1 so exact position isn't reported on publicly available resources.

AF1 is inbound and that's about all we and (((them))) know for sure.

b915c4  No.3859021


zigzag is an evasive action.

f88c0e  No.3859022

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Recognize the shill attacks

And it comes in waves, both research as memewars

0f69f1  No.3859023

File: 5b0b31e663c2a0f⋯.png (12.71 KB, 600x600, 1:1, bait_is_mindkiller.png)

File: 13922a79b22d157⋯.jpg (364.14 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Fight Well Patriots.jpg)

File: f55b4abfc4aeeaf⋯.jpg (266.92 KB, 900x900, 1:1, allforalarp.jpg)

File: 385461a808f9b86⋯.png (51.1 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 5fcff6421afcc523072f448a55….png)

Eyes Open.

The "lack of seen action" + restlessness you feel are an indication of major events taking place behind the scenes.

Let the Unsealing Begin!

679ce3  No.3859024

File: 1e69c37e5c478d4⋯.jpg (55.21 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1e69c37e5c478d4102709d0a1c….jpg)

70b604  No.3859025

File: e5ab51308367755⋯.png (255.8 KB, 815x908, 815:908, ClipboardImage.png)


That's our tax dollars. Here's more of our tax dollars put to wasteful use.

76b26b  No.3859026

IS q real? who knows or cares.

will Q come in 2 play in my LIFE?

0f3d3b  No.3859027

File: f845af9b39f2f62⋯.jpg (69.72 KB, 441x708, 147:236, 2ae8014b89898469646394c220….jpg)

File: 70b2f37e0dc46d7⋯.jpg (33.12 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 51UYGFW18zL._SL320_.jpg)

File: 77cdf19d6175185⋯.jpg (52.2 KB, 384x287, 384:287, Nesta.jpg)

File: 16c1561a0ab6744⋯.jpg (64.15 KB, 640x480, 4:3, mind003.jpg)

File: 07dd24afde88a1d⋯.jpg (24.25 KB, 450x337, 450:337, mind003c.jpg)

48e9c9  No.3859028


Higher Intelligence.


80b9e7  No.3859029


Just my theory regarding 'How do you catch a FISH -> USE BAIT instead of with a hook

The capitalized sentence "YOU ARE WITNESSING THE SYSTEMATIC DESTRUCTION OF THE OLD GUARD" from 11/9/18 was also in Q2296 from 9/28/18 about the Democrat's Playbook for Midterm Elections. This is also where [BAIT] is defined as 'LIBERAL LEFT LUNACY' of impeaching Justice K should they take control of the HOUSE.

From Q2249 we see that 'Use BAIT' refers to the question 'How do you catch a FISH?' which appeared recently in Q2446 where Q tells us The Senate was the Target as well as getting Corker + Flake removed.

In summary it seems like 'losing' the HOUSE to the D's was actually part of the plan. To use the desire to impeach Kavanaugh as [BAIT].

Justice K is such a clear cut issue that Q used/is using it as bait so that all the bad actors out themselves. To catch a FISH. Because only by being on the D's side can you agree with the impeachment of him because there is zero corroborating evidence and all factual witnesses provided by CBF all denied allegations.

Q is trying to tell us that the midterms are safe. The senate was the goal and we let them think they've won the house so they take the bait and rush to impeach Justice K. Once the fish are hooked by the bait the forced exposure (DECLAS) of FISA will bring down the HOUSE and voter fraud cases will be completed.

a3a7d0  No.3859030

File: 08436400fe82415⋯.jpg (121.4 KB, 1000x544, 125:68, Macron leg.jpg)

Interesting how POTUS has his hands positioned into 5:5 Again while the Globalist Macron touches his leg.


6d2242  No.3859031


Except when Trump ran, he BECAME the target for an investigation. A phony one. So that's blatant bullshit.

2c68e1  No.3859032


probably something going on. almost directly East of DC off the coast

875385  No.3859033


Hilary lost her security clearance back in july or august. We didnt find out until october. The point is big things could have happened today, but we won't know until it is reported or made public.

50fb96  No.3859034


no, i watch this all the time.

efb9f5  No.3859035

File: f80a49bade6b901⋯.jpg (68.58 KB, 720x540, 4:3, f80a49bade6b901e52dcc56475….jpg)


POTUS supposed to be in a secure location

aboard AF1when he sends "THE" tweet

5249ac  No.3859036

File: bb1aa06a22d784b⋯.png (573.09 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, snipes_di_int_do_nuffin.png)

556905  No.3859037

File: 3c719ac53f1dd00⋯.jpg (42.8 KB, 294x407, 294:407, alien jesus.jpg)


>Q 463


>[Placeholder aliens-invasion]

3d3ada  No.3859038

File: 063ba984a17d1d6⋯.png (54.94 KB, 619x311, 619:311, Q584-FEAR.PNG)

>>3858629 LB

>He said one night he saw Chucky crying?


685cea  No.3859039

File: 18dd3625159af74⋯.png (274.53 KB, 1349x822, 1349:822, af1.png)


Still some interesting maneuvering.

cd0c96  No.3859040


>But it would be fun Her and Trump

thats my point

POTUS would win by a bigger margin this time

and it'd basically ruin any run from other candidates


we know you voted for HRC anon, its ok


kek, entertaining though


the day time is unbearable at this point

but when Q's crumbs were cryptic, we'd decode them

most of them are pretty self explanatory now

ec9980  No.3859041

Voting Rights Laws 52 USC Sec 10308 Civil and Criminal Sanctions

Perhaps FL (and others) election official and poll workers should add the following to their training:

52 U.S. Code Chapter 103 - ENFORCEMENT OF VOTING RIGHTS § 10308 - Civil and criminal sanctions

(a) Depriving or attempting to deprive persons of secured rights

Whoever shall deprive or attempt to deprive any person of any right secured by section 10301, 10302, 10303, 10304, or 10306 of this title or shall violate section 10307(a) of this title, shall be fined not more than $5,000, or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

(b) Destroying, defacing, mutilating, or altering ballots or official voting records

Whoever, within a year following an election in a political subdivision in which an observer has been assigned (1) destroys, defaces, mutilates, or otherwise alters the marking of a paper ballot which has been cast in such election, or (2) alters any official record of voting in such election tabulated from a voting machine or otherwise, shall be fined not more than $5,000, or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

(c) Conspiring to violate or interfere with secured rights

Whoever conspires to violate the provisions of subsection (a) or (b) of this section, or interferes with any right secured by section 10301, 10302, 10303, 10304, 10306, or 10307(a) of this title shall be fined not more than $5,000, or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

(d) Civil action by Attorney General for preventive relief; injunctive and other relief

Whenever any person has engaged or there are reasonable grounds to believe that any person is about to engage in any act or practice prohibited by section 10301, 10302, 10303, 10304, 10306, or 10307 of this title,section 1973e of title 42,[1] or subsection (b) of this section, the Attorney General may institute for the United States, or in the name of the United States, an action for preventive relief, including an application for a temporary or permanent injunction, restraining order, or other order, and including an order directed to the State and State or local election officials to require them (1) to permit persons listed under chapters 103 to 107 of this title to vote and (2) to count such votes.

(e) Proceeding by Attorney General to enforce the counting of ballots of registered and eligible persons who are prevented from voting

Whenever in any political subdivision in which there are observers appointed pursuant to chapters 103 to 107 of this title any persons allege to such an observer within forty-eight hours after the closing of the polls that notwithstanding (1) their listing under chapters 103 to 107 of this title or registration by an appropriate election official and (2) their eligibility to vote, they have not been permitted to vote in such election, the observer shall forthwith notify the Attorney General if such allegations in his opinion appear to be well founded. Upon receipt of such notification, the Attorney General may forthwith file with the district court an application for an order providing for the marking, casting, and counting of the ballots of such persons and requiring the inclusion of their votes in the total vote before the results of such election shall be deemed final and any force or effect given thereto. The district court shall hear and determine such matters immediately after the filing of such application. The remedy provided in this subsection shall not preclude any remedy available under State or Federal law.

(f) Jurisdiction of district courts; exhaustion of administrative or other remedies unnecessary

The district courts of the United States shall have jurisdiction of proceedings instituted pursuant to this section and shall exercise the same without regard to whether a person asserting rights under the provisions of chapters 103 to 107 of this title shall have exhausted any administrative or other remedies that may be provided by law.

(Pub. L. 89–110, title I, § 12, Aug. 6, 1965, 79 Stat. 443; Pub. L. 90–284, title I, § 103(c), Apr. 11, 1968, 82 Stat. 75; renumbered title I, Pub. L. 91–285, § 2, June 22, 1970, 84 Stat. 314; Pub. L. 109–246, § 3(d)(3), (4), (e)(2), July 27, 2006, 120 Stat. 580.)


3b8a95  No.3859042

File: 42a9f9e09a97425⋯.jpg (84.75 KB, 749x500, 749:500, 2mb2xr.jpg)

6702f1  No.3859043

GOV Jerry Brown just grandstanded at CA Fire presser


"chickens have come home to roost" he says just now

a2c8b4  No.3859044


You are so right…. Can't remember the last time this board

actually had information on it to help the Patriots…

Sorry Q and Potus … As per our lifetime , we are failing our country..

fbc095  No.3859045


Any military traffic around the flight path?

d92806  No.3859046

File: e66a44a6465b793⋯.jpg (70.56 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, AF1 POTUS home soon.jpg)

d3afe2  No.3859047

All talk and no walk. He actually posted that the indictments were about to be unsealed, then of course deleted the post. Democrats take House, Sessions resigned, and nothing happened between Trump and Putin on 11/11.

All Government is Slavery.

71b7ee  No.3859048

File: 69ab08786119dd4⋯.jpg (120.65 KB, 520x520, 1:1, mcgdam.jpg)

d6c479  No.3859049


Anything unusual with altitude or speed?

2c2b9e  No.3859050


There's no reason to conceal any such info.

Q is an asshole who gets his kicks fucking with people.

17965b  No.3859051


could the gps tracker be malfunctioning?

201a0e  No.3859052

File: 7034510861b04cb⋯.png (447.07 KB, 600x450, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

d45147  No.3859053


Last weekend was really nice on Saturday (Shabbath), then picked up Sunday. This weekend exactly the same.

33d25e  No.3859054


He isn't happy. He wants the country untied. He wants the country stable. He wants the country safe and sovereign. He wanted to honor our vets at home and the DS decided to jack up the price, so he went to France to pay respect to our fallen soldiers and he gets there and Macron stabs him in the back and disrespects our country.

0f3d3b  No.3859055

File: 626254a7957f7a0⋯.jpg (48.62 KB, 623x476, 89:68, Candace-Owens-Tweet-2.jpg)

File: 0b2a769bf9d76cc⋯.jpg (234.02 KB, 768x994, 384:497, mind004.jpg)

File: fad8b95b42104e8⋯.jpg (45.37 KB, 550x300, 11:6, mind005.jpg)

File: 994ce76c7eb406f⋯.jpg (186.68 KB, 640x480, 4:3, mind007.jpg)

File: b7ae4205664e959⋯.jpg (26.56 KB, 480x360, 4:3, mind009.jpg)

6aaced  No.3859056


Well that particular emerald is called El Corazón (‘The Heart’).

76b26b  No.3859057


f4a9fe  No.3859058


Yes he lived in Pakistan. But he is not Pakistani. Deep cover.

c25faf  No.3859059

File: 54b7ee760ef9c24⋯.jpg (26.16 KB, 510x170, 3:1, af1.jpg)

af30e4  No.3859060


You're slacking!

Q is trying to tell you who Ratcliffe is.

He's already shown you who Gowdy is.


cd0c96  No.3859061



I bet you don't contribute shit shillfaggot


70b604  No.3859062


Yeah, we need to focus on elections and CA fires now, until next week, when the deep state will draw our attention to something else. Last I heard, the narrative still was that muzzies flew planes in to the WTC.

847070  No.3859063


The track you see, and the actual track they are on- are two entirely different things, anon.

0ae52e  No.3859064


Hillary running again,lol. That’s why the drones are up and the border is sealed.

5249ac  No.3859065

File: c927caa84704551⋯.jpg (9.26 KB, 236x236, 1:1, play_nice_lacross.jpg)

File: 877247d2561b068⋯.jpg (23.7 KB, 425x332, 425:332, skull bones lacrosse.jpg)

File: b6c9d718b3744a1⋯.png (1.29 MB, 2048x1024, 2:1, MUELLER_LACROSSE.png)

File: ad6fab879f73fa8⋯.jpg (86.13 KB, 518x345, 518:345, lacrosse 11808310-lacrosse.jpg)

File: 0ce6cca1d190276⋯.jpg (10.8 KB, 182x268, 91:134, face_off.jpg)


"faceoff" is a lacrosse magazine

anyone else see the skull and bones symbolism in lacrosse?

685cea  No.3859066

File: 9f4df006554934b⋯.jpg (479.52 KB, 832x1024, 13:16, YOUFAIL.jpg)


Tres convincing, "anon". Let us all descend into understandable despair now.

098164  No.3859067

File: 37221ddf5c6105f⋯.png (492.06 KB, 643x829, 643:829, Harlan re Vice Reporting B….PNG)

File: d5372e393ed6f5e⋯.mp4 (543.92 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Vice Reporting Bias.mp4)


6d2242  No.3859068


Kek! BLAST that frog fucker with carbon emissions!

08bda0  No.3859069

File: 775294613ad443c⋯.jpg (47.65 KB, 831x348, 277:116, 1917.JPG)

2c68e1  No.3859070

File: 3c7abefa2da0c9a⋯.jpg (95.92 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 3c7abefa2da0c9a21984d86cf9….jpg)

539377  No.3859071

File: 0c69a200dffd796⋯.png (588.95 KB, 593x704, 593:704, Macron.PNG)


Who Missing?


f0df8d  No.3859072


Destroy the state, destroy the lives of 100s of thousands, kill dozens…just to further their scam climate change agenda.

Fucking evil.

fbc095  No.3859073


To clarify, F or A type military aircraft.

c9f59a  No.3859074

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Cherubic Hymn Op. 27-5

- Chesnokov (Trinity Cathedral choir, city of Saratov)

Was looking for something by a French composer…then remembered what a jackass Macron was to POTUS/FLOTUS and thought, nope…Russian and American composers.

Russians really do the choir thing right. Seriously, if you like choral stuff…look East.


b32efe  No.3859075

File: 2b34286fd2df756⋯.png (118.97 KB, 448x405, 448:405, Screenshot_72.png)


What's this shit that shoots up from Antarctica?


7bd2ae  No.3859076

File: 04ac8b67b9f7ce8⋯.png (252.32 KB, 574x536, 287:268, ClipboardImage.png)

SURPRISE Ballots in Georgia!

c769d3  No.3859077

File: 9b29f15945f8d98⋯.png (890.36 KB, 691x819, 691:819, df12g6df16.PNG)

enjoying the show

a10229  No.3859078


AF1 jams it's ADSB signal so it's exact position is not made publicly available.

c0b5bf  No.3859079


Little Lord Fartlaroy

f6e456  No.3859080

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0f3d3b  No.3859081

File: 8030dfa59cce5c0⋯.png (153.74 KB, 494x300, 247:150, mind009.png)

File: d7e864322e97ffc⋯.jpg (25.38 KB, 480x360, 4:3, mind022.jpg)

File: 3f88a5f71601f3a⋯.jpg (115.04 KB, 1056x776, 132:97, mind043.jpg)

File: e5641a1eb3d8c1b⋯.png (242.98 KB, 666x444, 3:2, mind050.png)

File: 6f26e1cf9ccfa98⋯.png (120.7 KB, 567x300, 189:100, mind051.png)

2c68e1  No.3859082



AF1 looks to on near final approach, turned west up the Potomac

04d8c4  No.3859083


what about AF1's *escorts*?

f4a9fe  No.3859084


What is the Front Door? That’s the real question.

fd4b0a  No.3859085

File: 538ed79a3536438⋯.jpg (31.07 KB, 443x349, 443:349, FUCK.jpg)

c644c0  No.3859086


Roger we got a dodger. OVer.

660bb6  No.3859087


Sessions (and his subordinates, including Whitaker) investigated leaks. As soon as the leaks were revealed to be Russia investigation related Sessions was then recused from the matter and it was then handled by Rosenstein.

04bb2c  No.3859088


Already in Notables from previous bread

18b443  No.3859089

File: 0a92fd74968bc38⋯.png (164.21 KB, 895x697, 895:697, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8bdf9c4009f1cca⋯.png (240.28 KB, 893x830, 893:830, ClipboardImage.png)

Swiss National Bank Unexpectedly Sold US Stocks In Q3, Dumping Over 1 Million Apple Shares

The SNB’s latest 13-F form filings (yes, the Swiss central bank lists its US equity holdings like the hedge fund that it is) to the SEC were released this week. And, like every other quarter, we take a closer look to see what stocks the world's only hedge fund central bank that prints money out of thin air bought, and on rare occasions, sold. This was one of those rare quarters.

After some modest fluctuations earlier this year, the SNB's reported equity allocation was unchanged in 3Q at 21% (and includes no bank stocks to avoid conflicts of interest, yet somehow owning a chunk of equity of virtually every other US public company is not a conflict of interest?). This is notable because as JPMorgan writes, the SNB’s behaviour in 3Q18 appears contrarian.

While the chart below shows that the overall value of the SNB's US listed long holdings rose by over $2 billion to $90 billion, most of this was due to the price appreciation and according to JPM calculations, the central bank sold around $7bn of equities in Q3 based on the returns on non-financial sector equities. This compares to purchases during 1H18 of around $6bn. The central bank also reportedly bought around $3bn of bonds in 3Q, following largely flat bond purchases in 1H18.


Still, we wouldn't be too worried: after all, when a central bank can and does create money out of thin air, any buying pause is only temporary, especially if its portfolio drops to a level when the local politicians may start asking questions.

446f6f  No.3859090


Have the FBI investigate,when they lie its 20 years.

70b604  No.3859091


Don't they teach you American sarcasm in Tel Aviv?

7d3646  No.3859092


it's from that mma forum "mma.com" or w/e don't know why it's some sorta secret.

efb9f5  No.3859093

File: dd22647250d05f1⋯.jpg (114.83 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Eyes on the skies.jpg)


Thanks plane fags for breaking it down to the laymen. You guys are on fire tonight.

c79604  No.3859094


Nothing wrong with this pic. French President Macron is right there next to Putin.

3531bd  No.3859095


Both of you are being faggots tbh.

What did you do that was so bad?

c0b5bf  No.3859096


Maybe it has something to do with

The House?

or the Senate

a10229  No.3859097


If there are they won't be broadcasting their position with ADSB.

d85f41  No.3859098


Not much of muh decoding to do, shit's pretty straight forward as of late (public consumption). Also, in case you hadn't noticed (or are participating) shills only shill, and have been heavy last few days. Keep the two (anons/shills) separated.

a08e10  No.3859099

File: 1b535957c564ca1⋯.jpg (85.4 KB, 584x607, 584:607, Screenshot 2018-11-11_19-3….jpg)


76b26b  No.3859100

File: eb92c6453433bfc⋯.jpg (3.57 MB, 4668x1652, 1167:413, usa101.jpg)

FRO GIVE ME i love my bros

44ec57  No.3859101

To every veteran here…..,

Thank you! Thank you for stepping up when so many of us didn't . you are ALL hero's to so many millions of us…. We love you, we thank you and we will NEVER forget you or the sacrifices you've made for FREEDOM!



For God and Country


8ec15f  No.3859102


It's MAGIC Ballots! BS

a2c8b4  No.3859103


No use trying to work on here… I work on other platforms with 57K subs… On here just to see if anything would be of interest.. I float about 10 boards then when I catch up, I'm gone for a few days…

YOU have no clue what I do so don't accuse me as a DEM would do… FUCK OFF to MOMMY

856e51  No.3859104


Cryin' Chuck Schumer is "cryin'" because he's so (mos)sad.

755594  No.3859105

File: de7141c11285248⋯.png (129.4 KB, 946x641, 946:641, we_have_the_remedy.png)


Somebody get the CDC involved.

33d25e  No.3859106


Not no more though. RR has been taken off the Mueller Probe.

17e733  No.3859107


Hadn't thought of that anon. You might be on to something.

93fe6a  No.3859108


Looks like an L!

1186e7  No.3859109

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Secret of the Matrix REVEALED | Everything is INVERTED

f1aaec  No.3859110

Mrs. Clinton won’t travel the country in a van with Huma Abedin this time, doing small events and retail politics. Instead she will enter through the

front door

,mobilizing the army of professional women behind her, leveraging her social networks, and raking in donations. She will hope to emerge as an unstoppable force to undo Mr. Trump, running on the #MeToo movement, universal health care and gun control.


77f6f3  No.3859111

File: f006f9874e83d7c⋯.jpg (32.79 KB, 428x281, 428:281, questions.jpg)

539377  No.3859112

File: 77a003ef92dee37⋯.png (584.06 KB, 654x513, 218:171, Trump-Putin.PNG)


Who's Missing?


e29f94  No.3859113

File: 3a5bc70ad6e00ae⋯.jpg (102.92 KB, 736x1219, 32:53, BlessThisBreadTruth.jpg)


Thank you.

03e8eb  No.3859114

File: 2d4d22ffc491d5a⋯.jpeg (151.97 KB, 1105x763, 1105:763, DED1C4F0-4A8E-413E-8B75-6….jpeg)

da7519  No.3859115


mainly the army gulfstream following a couple hundred miles behind.

0f3d3b  No.3859116

File: f9674e8fb59dfea⋯.png (111.21 KB, 714x300, 119:50, mind052.png)

File: 3beb35df5b06113⋯.jpg (58.24 KB, 480x614, 240:307, mind054.jpg)

File: 3b9ea04ae7e2277⋯.png (68.19 KB, 1086x1595, 1086:1595, mind056.png)

File: 6f2c9fcc7cc3630⋯.png (113.99 KB, 618x433, 618:433, mind075.png)

File: 7417d7c2426cb32⋯.png (246.74 KB, 432x583, 432:583, religion-41.png)


truman was a jester

2a2e38  No.3859117



a20c19  No.3859118


I wish my brain was working better but I read or watched a piece today about a scrum about the French fighting about the right to bury our fallen. Will let it run round and post if it comes to me. Short response: you are on to something.

Update: spouseanon remembered it was on OAN and the discussion was about during WWII civilians tending to the cemeteries.

c0b5bf  No.3859119


Mo' Sad Mo' Problems

feda99  No.3859120

File: e04fe59e11d6328⋯.png (291.92 KB, 934x926, 467:463, Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at ….png)

File: 92acab877cd8c64⋯.jpg (39.53 KB, 751x391, 751:391, DrwtqUGUUAAFa0L.jpg)

I was ask to share the stats from some Q posts… this one had 600,000 impressions… . #QdropMetrics

#QANON #QAnon #BestPresidentEver #MAGA #GreatAwakening #TheStorm



d92806  No.3859121

File: ac619001b89d942⋯.jpg (83.51 KB, 1200x409, 1200:409, RK1.jpg)


We are right with them!

50fb96  No.3859122


they do not broadcast

47531b  No.3859123

File: 996c5025a46e110⋯.png (562.89 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, intel.png)

The only guy I trust when he says he's been here since the beginning.

5249ac  No.3859124

File: a1d3bbedf5fd4b9⋯.jpg (491.22 KB, 2878x1028, 1439:514, Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at ….jpg)


I see… almost home

248bc8  No.3859125


Here we go

21184d  No.3859126


This is racist and antisemitic and your grandchildren will be brown and they will hate you

cd0c96  No.3859127

File: 75e8fef99345ee4⋯.png (654.75 KB, 1098x1125, 122:125, trumpgoback3.png)


>I work on other platforms with 57K subs


>muh ……..

>mom jokes


cool story

0379f8  No.3859128

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

01c6cf  No.3859129

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He starts crying around 9:20.

Looks really sad at 9:29 if you know what I mean.

2c68e1  No.3859130



* Credit to anon who posted this awhile ago today

2c2b9e  No.3859131

File: b006c24dd4c846b⋯.jpg (165.13 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, obamas2020.jpg)

Ignore the nonsense about Hillary running.

Forget about Beto.

Enjoy these next two days.

After Tuesday, you will have to constantly hear about Michelle Obama for the next two years.

Her tour of sold-out arenas begins Tuesday

and that will awaken Liberals to her impendingand inevitable candidacy.

FINALLY! Someone Liberals can get excited about.

(their viewpoint, not mine)

2a3a1b  No.3859132

File: 36649307117fd0e⋯.png (221.22 KB, 464x469, 464:469, ClipboardImage.png)

f46538  No.3859133

what if POTUS lands with all sorts of news our MSM didn't print and that is the unifying factor?

c769d3  No.3859134

File: 307b8e61c69a3c7⋯.png (639.77 KB, 593x614, 593:614, 307b8e61c69a3c7ae61c51cf4a….png)

s t o p

9af25c  No.3859135

File: f5fe77e3e241546⋯.jpg (578.12 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181111-183422….jpg)

File: 8485ee1c4af5193⋯.jpg (597.08 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181111-183445….jpg)

DWS fraud placeholder got me thinking about Awan


c0b5bf  No.3859136


Good Catch ANon

c9f59a  No.3859137


Weather modification beams from a transmitter array underwater near a point conspicuously named Rothschild.

52b09c  No.3859138

File: 7143dfafdc73f1f⋯.jpg (479.65 KB, 1075x810, 215:162, SmartSelect_20180922-12013….jpg)

3fd071  No.3859139


kinda looks like an L kek

79ea23  No.3859140

d85f41  No.3859141

File: 34a97bee5dbb687⋯.jpg (75.97 KB, 1200x768, 25:16, 15MILEPOST_t1200.jpg)


Strategic marker along the way. 11.11 was never a destination, only a marker

248bc8  No.3859142

Front door

Front hole

21b708  No.3859143

Logan is probably busy af. Sunday evening.

03e8eb  No.3859144

File: 8effbf5ffd635f2⋯.jpeg (121.69 KB, 1200x1659, 400:553, E10D139F-D78C-42EF-911A-C….jpeg)


Cum everywhere!

6fa7e4  No.3859145


the Brits?

0f69f1  No.3859146

File: bb1f727e0633a20⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 360x360, 1:1, 1478655631157.gif)


Q used that in the context of our board here.

They can't tell us (Patriots) too much because the clowns are literally right beside every post we make.

They even have control over the notables so…

Think for yourself; Do your own research.

Our space here wasn't protected, and the poison runs too deep.

efb9f5  No.3859147

File: e1a0fb1a95f1dd7⋯.jpg (59.76 KB, 634x424, 317:212, og q researcher.jpg)

ccbd11  No.3859148

File: 1352f470076a636⋯.jpg (28.97 KB, 800x159, 800:159, FISA.jpg)

Just sent this tweet out.

Dont think the accts will

be active much longer.

Did I miss anyone?

@DWStweets @SenFeinstein @SenSchumer @tedlieu @SenWarren @KamalaHarris @RepAdamSchiff @SenGillibrand @HillaryClinton @EricHolder @ValerieJarrett @BarackObama @Comey @JohnBrennan

f0df8d  No.3859149


She's gonna do all that from Gitmo? She's certainly the optimist, you gotta give her that.

7bb1ed  No.3859150


AF1 isn't doing manuvers. The IRT tracking map cant handle being zoomed in on. That zig zag is normal when zoomed in. Zoom out and the lines straiten out.

c769d3  No.3859151

File: 27e2872d60862a8⋯.png (546.55 KB, 1251x609, 417:203, 4GF5SD64G65SD.PNG)

21184d  No.3859152


Keep moving those goalposts

c644c0  No.3859153

File: 66321d537f2bc86⋯.jpeg (147.05 KB, 620x462, 310:231, 44F4C499-0418-4875-899E-C….jpeg)

71b7ee  No.3859154

File: ff9aa8dceaa7db4⋯.jpg (132.74 KB, 788x627, 788:627, iur (1).jpg)

098164  No.3859155

File: b5fb86af2b3ed63⋯.png (650.46 KB, 719x564, 719:564, KOMO 1 re Veterans Day Fre….PNG)

File: d61f61ded38a477⋯.png (32.82 KB, 534x719, 534:719, KOMO 2 re Veterans Day Fre….PNG)

File: 260154fc3d8f015⋯.png (39.27 KB, 529x813, 529:813, KOMO 3 re Veterans Day Fre….PNG)

File: e2e25b576843e7e⋯.png (35.97 KB, 529x763, 529:763, KOMO 4 re Veterans Day Fre….PNG)

File: b20b3dc59ef8051⋯.png (36.06 KB, 527x855, 527:855, KOMO 5 re Veterans Day Fre….PNG)

Veterans Day: Free food and services for active-duty personnel and veterans


615810  No.3859156

Hotttesr Chan bewb girl ever >>3858870

36258c  No.3859157

File: ce187511b7c55ba⋯.png (362.38 KB, 1024x770, 512:385, DrwytLIXcAM3MkY.png-large.png)

File: 6167e95631cd4e3⋯.png (170.71 KB, 638x739, 638:739, Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at ….png)

POTUS Now off the NJ Coast

18b443  No.3859158


UK FM's Riyadh Trip to Pursue Khashoggi Murder Probe, End Bloodshed in Yemen

UK Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt’s Monday visit to Riyadh will be the first jaunt to Saudi Arabia by any top British official since the murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, Reuters reported.

Hunt will visit Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates also to press for an end to the war in Yemen and to call on Saudi leaders to cooperate with an investigation into the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Reuters reported.


c25faf  No.3859159



long day, hate it when he's abroad.

3a503b  No.3859160

File: 8fa137873ed5fd3⋯.jpg (16.09 KB, 474x296, 237:148, jarrett.jpg)


>mobilizing the army

5f6320  No.3859161


like a boss

76b26b  No.3859162

11/11/18? the ansewers is ?

01c6cf  No.3859163

File: cbaf54fcaec7f26⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1257x712, 1257:712, ClipboardImage.png)

d6c479  No.3859164

File: df6a9d186caaf11⋯.jpeg (432.65 KB, 802x1045, 802:1045, 6AB18AF7-42AD-40CE-BAE0-9….jpeg)

File: 3a233bed7d4286e⋯.jpeg (791.67 KB, 1113x949, 1113:949, 42F2369C-83CF-44D9-8353-2….jpeg)



c9f59a  No.3859165

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Cherubic Hymn Op. 27-5

- Chesnokov (Trinity Cathedral choir, city of Saratov)

Was looking for something by a French composer…then remembered what a jackass Macron was to POTUS/FLOTUS and thought, nope…Russian and American composers.

Russians really do the choir thing right. Seriously, if you like choral stuff…look East.


e158e9  No.3859166


water sign

watch the water

0f3d3b  No.3859167

File: 132f5e083bbbfab⋯.jpg (58.04 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, mind076.jpg)

File: 841c845db0cf80b⋯.jpg (67.08 KB, 600x450, 4:3, mind087.jpg)

File: ec755cd686a8384⋯.gif (17.28 KB, 612x472, 153:118, mind093.gif)

File: ff976586ff1048c⋯.jpg (47.21 KB, 616x393, 616:393, tweet3.jpg)

File: 0fe3ca2175479a2⋯.jpg (8.66 KB, 235x214, 235:214, imxages.jpg)

5249ac  No.3859168

File: 52e91618f587ae3⋯.jpg (432.87 KB, 2090x1460, 209:146, Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at ….jpg)

File: 76abdd5fb0a2111⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 3360x1658, 1680:829, Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at ….jpg)

no call sign out of Trenton - the serial number 113 caught muh eye

9a4b3c  No.3859169

File: 0910cd22094219f⋯.png (44.97 KB, 555x525, 37:35, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 817daa6f95604da⋯.png (33.32 KB, 555x505, 111:101, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a317eb3dbc8361a⋯.png (11.69 KB, 555x175, 111:35, ClipboardImage.png)


Q digits confirm.


Pics related? Plenty of other door refs too.

cd6aeb  No.3859170


Hi IQ and hi hetero post. KEK

b3ac61  No.3859171

File: 4ef0a58ddb6e36b⋯.jpg (16.98 KB, 430x287, 430:287, fed213615447cb6beae6211e37….jpg)


Watched one of those come in for a landing the other day. Beautiful sight.

248bc8  No.3859172


Moar delay

5101f1  No.3859173

File: 44c873b8dfdcf3d⋯.png (1.01 MB, 2250x2250, 1:1, DaysFree349.png)

Happy Veterans Day

b3b963  No.3859174


Yeah financial markets know the tech companies implicated in Treason. Media cos too. Market doesn't think they'll survive as presently constituted.

Dump FB dump MS dump Goog Dump Disney…pain is coming

8ec15f  No.3859175


The math is all fucked up

da7cb9  No.3859176

Q's missing 'L' in decass = no 'L' = Noel

Noel Francisco would oversee the Muller probe if RR is removed/resigns.

He is 4th in succession but #3 is in an "acting" role and would be passed over.

The spot was never permanently filled after Rachel Brand's departure.

The Solicitor General clerked for Scalia.

09e5ed  No.3859177

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

One that makes me feel like I feel when I'm with Q…

d6b2dd  No.3859178

File: e47bda1318e0ff4⋯.png (142.77 KB, 582x734, 291:367, ClipboardImage.png)

04d8c4  No.3859179


i learned something today!

tx for the info…

8ec15f  No.3859180


Good morning. Read PB's

05b578  No.3859181

File: 1b2fc11a7a80f93⋯.png (1.11 MB, 2020x1282, 1010:641, ClipboardImage.png)

b915c4  No.3859182


Surprise Ballots

Suicide Boomerang.

d92806  No.3859183

File: c7b62c935e32782⋯.jpg (11.05 KB, 319x195, 319:195, New Votes.jpg)


find moar here soon

79b822  No.3859184

File: f7731850e296f5a⋯.jpg (919.56 KB, 2394x2560, 1197:1280, 181119_r33232-hero.jpg)

timing is everything

The Mystery of the Havana Syndrome

Unexplained brain injuries afflicted dozens of American diplomats and spies. What happened?


425b26  No.3859185

File: d07397cc6c46a11⋯.jpg (40.02 KB, 630x400, 63:40, IMG_20181024_163919_01.jpg)


e29f94  No.3859186

File: a4d5490136326e4⋯.jpg (160.06 KB, 799x448, 799:448, UnitedlionA.jpg)

a10229  No.3859187


AF1 track literally right over the JFKjr crash location.

cd0c96  No.3859188


probably the cutest imo


> no 'L' = Noel

no bad actually

da7519  No.3859189

File: deca36c0026e40a⋯.jpg (235.37 KB, 1280x846, 640:423, k35andaf1.jpg)

OK why the hell did a k35 just take off from Andrews as AF1 coming in?

d38593  No.3859190

File: 082d8e8efd56da0⋯.png (319.97 KB, 479x334, 479:334, d56f2335-cce4-47ec-a8f8-55….png)

26aa79  No.3859191

Just easier to send wet works teams out there …..This can be done fast cheap …Wasting all this time money court proceedings …..Kill all these fuckers

0f3d3b  No.3859192

File: 34a1b691dbb9b67⋯.jpg (76.63 KB, 750x564, 125:94, 56d474f06e97c631008ba59d-7….jpg)


superb right back at them anon!

685cea  No.3859193


Not too shabby anon. Not too shabby at all.

74600f  No.3859194


Then you haven’t read the Q posts

201a0e  No.3859195

File: 8a1bd5699a9f0ec⋯.jpg (44.79 KB, 640x480, 4:3, UnfuckTheFlin.jpg)

0664a6  No.3859196


OMG you are right! Wow. All eyes ARE on this board. Wow. Simply amazing!

03e8eb  No.3859197

File: 8b38bcedf78ceb3⋯.jpeg (138.74 KB, 960x640, 3:2, 5EC6196B-A818-48F5-ACEB-F….jpeg)

9022f0  No.3859198

File: 6c6e9920350f006⋯.jpeg (1.15 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 348BB4B0-2A22-4B6D-8FB7-0….jpeg)

ANY of you fags want to come have a beer with me?

76b26b  No.3859199

11/11 ?

real ?

df3245  No.3859200

File: 90386d87f6f94f3⋯.jpg (312.36 KB, 1024x794, 512:397, bx134_52d0_9.jpg)



5101f1  No.3859201

File: fc2571d500c739f⋯.png (2.21 MB, 4663x2925, 4663:2925, DaysFree349revise.png)

f2de3d  No.3859202

File: d81a32df18c2148⋯.png (116.27 KB, 584x267, 584:267, heart.PNG)

File: c609101b9953136⋯.png (519.95 KB, 593x525, 593:525, heart1.PNG)

df3194  No.3859203


>not familiar with the term "news unlocks"

um, q drops the crumbs, anons bake the bread, MSM headlines verify the goodness of the loaf months later.

8ec15f  No.3859204



I live here.

201f65  No.3859205

File: ea5ee06fc813621⋯.jpg (51.69 KB, 583x337, 583:337, 1.JPG)

File: d9b8c7b1dff7d0f⋯.jpg (48.72 KB, 754x354, 377:177, 2.JPG)

my autism hurts

c0b5bf  No.3859206

File: d0283d27b34a22e⋯.png (586.56 KB, 603x585, 67:65, Capture.PNG)

Freddy tried to kill me like he killed Toots. YOU FAILED FREDDY the doctor says I am going to be OKAY.

038d7b  No.3859207


If they were making turns that sharp that would be very crazy ride .

33d25e  No.3859208


RR has been taken off the probe.

b32efe  No.3859209


Not a DC fag. Sorry.

bf7195  No.3859210


look at it this way…. after nothing happens 11.11,,, shills will drop off and bread wiont be so shitty…

48e9c9  No.3859211


deep meaning

b3b963  No.3859212

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Muh Jews

9038a1  No.3859213

File: e0abb9d46ef3360⋯.jpeg (110.6 KB, 750x481, 750:481, E84C0F8E-3A3A-4F96-ACF4-8….jpeg)


POTUS schedule

ccbd11  No.3859214


The Q post was made 45mins before the article and the whole post is about Vote fraud & Illegals

57c711  No.3859215

All of this rookie PlaneFagging is an excellent microcosm of this whole Q operation.

PlaneFagging, on ADS-B, you will only see what they want you to see. Any real operation is not going to be broadcasted to the world, to the normies, to us. Like it or not, we are normies.

We do not, and will not be on the "inside" of any operation.

Yes, you may receive "orders" to fire out memes, but if you really think that any "inside" information is given to you, your setting yourself up for being let down.

We are just here to watch the show, and see the whole movie, as given to us by Q drops, not just the highlights given by Rotten Tomatoes (Media).

140d9c  No.3859216


apologies ;)

d6c479  No.3859217

File: d7d1f63c4be621c⋯.gif (2.88 MB, 422x234, 211:117, 30D07C50-616D-42E9-A9A7-33….gif)


Buckle up Anons! Shit is about to get hairy.

0ae52e  No.3859218



California. Where the caravan is heading. Our entire southern border is our front door.

70b604  No.3859219


At this point, I'm expecting Trump to sign the "anti-semitism" bill and for 9-11 Kavanaugh to rule that it doesn't violate the first amendment.

feda99  No.3859220


yep - maybe this is a bone of centention between US and France…

moar from the sauce:

Nearly a year after the armistice—two years after the first of Pershing’s troops had been killed—a compromise was forged. The War Department announced in October 1919 that it would survey each of the fallen soldiers’ next of kin. They could choose to bring home remains or have them buried in newly created American military cemeteries in Europe. Ballots were sent to nearly 80,000 families, and in kitchens and living rooms across the country, the bereaved sat down to decide how best to honor their loved ones.

IN LATE 1920, the French finally yielded to American pressure and lifted their ban on the return of bodies. The United States spent the next two years and more than $30 million—$400 million in today’s dollars—recovering its dead. The remains of 46,000 soldiers were returned to the States at their families’ request, while another 30,000—roughly 40 percent of the total—were laid to rest in military cemeteries in Europe.

British writer Stephen Graham bitterly surveyed the caskets stacked on the docks of Calais waiting to be shipped to the States and wrote: “America feels that she is morally superior to Europe. American soil is God’s own country and the rest is comparatively unhallowed.”

But a sacred tradition had been born. After World War II, with 359,000 American dead scattered across both hemispheres, the military mounted a six-year recovery effort that yielded the remains of 281,000. (Nearly 80,000 were missing in action, most lost at sea.)


319733  No.3859221


What have you all decided to do with the placeholder drops?

f4a9fe  No.3859222



So the above two post seem to allude to, the Door being opened as going from covert sedition/rebellion/war to bringing it out into the open re: riots/activism/open violence attempts (assassinations) etc

36258c  No.3859223

File: d567e88c0a13e0f⋯.png (181.01 KB, 610x577, 610:577, FL Abrams Stacy sister.png)


WHAT JUDGE did they ask????

cd0c96  No.3859224


all good

04bb2c  No.3859225




157802  No.3859226


looks expensive. u buying?

3e8ef1  No.3859227

File: 2a6fe8393c6af51⋯.png (753.68 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 2FB9280B-9B89-438C-8220-88….png)

File: c58d993a60090df⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 684CA708-0468-48C3-BAD0-2B….png)

8ec15f  No.3859228


Can't wait for justice to prevail…

c769d3  No.3859229

File: 7fdc41b5aaa144a⋯.png (1.77 MB, 1819x767, 1819:767, 1fhg5b6df156.PNG)

>goodbye potus - cabal

>Flotus "I love you, you hear me, now get up" long kiss

>POTUS "no, enough is enough"

248bc8  No.3859230


You just want him to leave

But he shows at your front door

5249ac  No.3859231

File: 7f0334c927eec8a⋯.jpg (697.58 KB, 3346x1680, 239:120, Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at ….jpg)

File: 8392af670788b71⋯.jpg (694.8 KB, 3360x1760, 21:11, Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at ….jpg)


and POOF…. this guy just disappeared as soon as I posted this….

af30e4  No.3859232

So… If were to just, say, take a wild stab in the dark, I'd say some "Placeholder," is going to face charges of "Treason," and I suspect it starts tomorrow. Maybe around 11 ( no idea what time zone… {yet}) Possibly a clear window of opportunity will present it'self earlier and (w)they move in.

Seems all the stuff we've been told and "led to believe" is about to take place… or it's about to be revealed that we've all been LARPed by the greatest TOOL of all time. Really not many other places this could go at this point.

d92806  No.3859233


left coast..doing same here but not as overt

2a3a1b  No.3859235

There are no indictments

Don't be shocked to find this out

Yeah yeah yeah muh pacer

They don't exist anons

That is why sessions is gone

there are two investigations

one into the emails

one into the foundation

but there are no indictments

685cea  No.3859236


You are probably right anon. I didn't think anything of the zigs until other anons (or maybe "anons") commented.

9a0fdc  No.3859237


Did the people choose to be lied to ?

Did they choose indoctrination?

Did they choose to be taught lies in school?

Do all people deserve to hear the truth

Then it's their decision to believe

4327fa  No.3859238

File: ab0b54b65783472⋯.jpg (30.27 KB, 550x299, 550:299, worm2.jpg)

76b26b  No.3859239

File: 214574ac45282a7⋯.jpg (116.48 KB, 476x444, 119:111, vets.jpg)


shit head

05b578  No.3859240

File: 11c3b55e431a4fa⋯.png (848.06 KB, 1500x1666, 750:833, ClipboardImage.png)

f39986  No.3859241


wet work your wang

b915c4  No.3859242


We all wish we could be helping in some way besides guessing riddles and shitposting.

df3194  No.3859243


yet here you are

70b604  No.3859244


not it isn't

33d25e  No.3859245


Try the Trump Rose`.

36258c  No.3859246


Bullshit Op Ed piece. No one's going to invest money into that loser.

04d8c4  No.3859247

File: 9a0acb8b63618c3⋯.jpeg (11.44 KB, 255x215, 51:43, frog kek.jpeg)

feda99  No.3859248

File: 83c38c61a1029be⋯.png (436.79 KB, 1070x871, 1070:871, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)

8ec15f  No.3859249


We have too many niggers and I'm not refering to skin color….

8c2e87  No.3859250

File: d067998cafb21fd⋯.jpeg (615.67 KB, 1780x765, 356:153, E85EC9E6-4C2C-4EB4-8E6C-1….jpeg)


Couldnt ignore the digits,


6d2242  No.3859251


The cabal was going to try to take them out during that walk.

2bbddf  No.3859252

958d0d  No.3859253


Well, NOT YET, but hopefully soon

c9f59a  No.3859254

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Lux Aurumque

- Eric Whitaker's Virtual Choir

185 Voices, 243 tracks, 12 countries…one song. Enjoy the future..




9af25c  No.3859255

File: 32e29bc4f0b1ff8⋯.jpg (602.84 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181111-183933….jpg)

Bottom of bread, got me thinking… ebola is scar(y) shit. Before the break outs, years ago, they put out a movie about it. Outbreak released in 1995. ReMember? Now we have another… last one had 2 stateside…

01c6cf  No.3859256


I don't think anyone has discussed it but we could just repost them as they're updated. Archive the updates in a graphics archive.

f4a9fe  No.3859257


I’m sitting behind you. The guy in the suit with the two other foreign nationals. See me? 6ft, beard, tan skin, briefcase. I work for the “state department”. Great to meet you anon…

b3ac61  No.3859258

File: 70a1537d16d5830⋯.jpg (187.3 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, fb32421bfb211de24862f62e82….jpg)

Military parade = mass tribunal

ef1b33  No.3859259



So you support the Genocide of whites. The people that built this civilization and whatever device you are using to make that post.

Whoah glad you are on our side!!!!


If the future is brown? We are all going down. You think the brown hordes are going to be voting Republican? KYS

d3b77f  No.3859260


>>We are just here to watch the show, and see the whole movie, as given to us by Q drops, not just the highlights given by Rotten Tomatoes (Media).

Hell its not even highlights - all we get is the movie critic editorials.

248bc8  No.3859261

fbc095  No.3859262

File: ac946ed6fe39150⋯.jpg (65.47 KB, 1366x853, 1366:853, do656665d (1).jpg)


Excellent point.

201a0e  No.3859263

File: b82d157f45dcdf3⋯.png (60.49 KB, 510x332, 255:166, kekGAWDDAMN.png)


WHO the HELL has that kind of power?

8c2e87  No.3859264


Not landing?

Keep an eye on our POTUS planefags!

e9b3ba  No.3859265

No one is going to jail. It’s too late. Liberals have worked their plan for 30 years while republicans were extorted by the fbi to keep quiet. We have 30 years of libs appointing key judges and brain washing our children.

It’s gonna take 30 years to undo this bukkshit if we even get to attempt it. They have been waging this war silently for way too long.

Trump has achieved a drop in the bucket god bless his sole and may the lord be with him. We will need 30 years of Supreme Court rulings plus a daily effort to counter liberal moves.

‘This doesn’t even start to address our media and schools that have and will continue to brainwash our children.

How does one even begin to counter or fix that.

The liberal communist agenda is going to win. Too much has already been lost. They have won to the point that they will begin to change institutions that are in their way. They will simply legislate changes to the Supreme Court and eventually dismantle the constitution. Trump is only buying us time.

685cea  No.3859266



>The door of all doors

f2de3d  No.3859267

File: 1c2a676c5c40a2b⋯.png (146.63 KB, 414x289, 414:289, heart2.PNG)

f4a9fe  No.3859268



098164  No.3859269

File: 5a992366de919dc⋯.png (797.71 KB, 638x789, 638:789, DoD 11-11-18 4 34 pm PST.PNG)

File: 0dc93a2fac36ec3⋯.png (2.06 MB, 1145x766, 1145:766, DoD 11-11-18 4 34 pm PST p….PNG)

File: 45bb49c338a5ad5⋯.png (1.83 MB, 1145x755, 229:151, DoD 11-11-18 4 34 pm PST p….PNG)

File: 8c433e0a9a2db76⋯.png (1.97 MB, 1135x758, 1135:758, DoD 11-11-18 4 34 pm PST p….PNG)

File: 45bdb209c56985f⋯.png (2.12 MB, 1139x757, 1139:757, DoD 11-11-18 4 34 pm PST p….PNG)


09bb70  No.3859270

File: 7a0fa31d282effc⋯.png (65.87 KB, 936x208, 9:2, Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at ….png)



And then theres this. lol

8ec15f  No.3859271


Q didn't say to unseal them tomorrow….

58d0f3  No.3859272

File: 89e2eac5884584e⋯.png (1.44 MB, 2040x1444, 510:361, 2018-11-09 14_10_26-Sebast….png)

File: 0698f9f9e99d8b4⋯.png (448.34 KB, 438x610, 219:305, 2018-11-09 15_09_27-Sebast….png)

>>3858535 (pb)


Just another Piers Morgan

2d3a85  No.3859273



FameFaggin disinfo freaks are not listened to. If it was normal and nothing to it why did POTUS Schedule feel the need to post ????

cd0c96  No.3859274

File: f7845ec25cd06cb⋯.png (12.29 KB, 357x76, 357:76, ClipboardImage.png)


I think they will be referred to later, because they're either underway or going to happen, yet not public

so the pic as an example, Q will refer to it when acts of treason are exposed by supporting news articles

Q is saying, imo, they're underway, but cannot be disclosed at this time

other anons of course have their opinions, nothing confirmed

685cea  No.3859275


Yes, I can. Tis real. More to come.

9022f0  No.3859276

File: 9cc12e3ebaaa419⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, image.jpg)


This one?

71b7ee  No.3859277

File: 9c53f5774b2c39e⋯.jpg (121.26 KB, 629x768, 629:768, HOtaleoftwo.jpg)

45662b  No.3859278


In line with recent comments by Congressman Meadows, “I have not seen a lot of evidence that Mr. Huber has done anything other than be appointed by Jeff Sessions,” he said. “It’s been portrayed that he’s making great progress, but I’m not sure there is a whole lot to show for it other than rhetoric right now. I’m not aware of any substantial work that he’s doing.”

8f95b4  No.3859279


Watch Palm Beach count the DNC votes first, and leave the RNC out

6d2242  No.3859280


flying over Logan airspace means diverting ALL the other flights until AF1 clear again. Massive undertaking if he isn't going to land there.

f4a9fe  No.3859281



dfb549  No.3859282


Shine light for a reasson ?

0379f8  No.3859283


Capitalizations and punctuation matter…

a08e10  No.3859284

File: 09f2889fb297eae⋯.jpg (70.92 KB, 754x754, 1:1, Screenshot 2018-11-11_19-4….jpg)

d85f41  No.3859285


Wonder if they had their own sidebar meeting…

0f3d3b  No.3859286

File: 0abadc15047f65c⋯.jpg (369.21 KB, 2102x1500, 1051:750, US_Navy_030528-N-0295M-004….jpg)


Military Governor of New England right there and POTUS 2024.


Your shout? Pils & Lime for me m8.

865959  No.3859287

File: a2a8ca565d784ad⋯.jpg (211.58 KB, 809x600, 809:600, clinton corrpution Haiti.jpg)

b3b963  No.3859288

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Ebola in town!

Don't touch no body!


5a7de2  No.3859289

File: dd11b1794fe9930⋯.jpg (18.05 KB, 255x236, 255:236, dont post.jpg)

33d25e  No.3859290


Placeholder is not a person. [Placeholder -XXXYYYZZZ] are future news that will come out but that Q cant give us any details on because TS-CLAS info. We match them up with news that comes out in the future.

>Sometimes you have to see the future to save the past.

c769d3  No.3859291

File: f1b42615c492354⋯.png (145.83 KB, 543x916, 543:916, f51g65vb1sdfg15fdg651.PNG)

36258c  No.3859292

File: 7c30041bda1e606⋯.png (179.28 KB, 632x729, 632:729, Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at ….png)

File: 312e93a3ad2d2e9⋯.jpeg (133.1 KB, 1303x726, 1303:726, Drw0X2QX0AAQg05.jpg-large.jpeg)


Beginning Descent

fc12b1  No.3859293



A whole bunch of Rothschilds were just in NYC winning some award or something, and nothing was done there.

755594  No.3859294


You realize they can just turn the transponders to the masQuerade party.

11a3d0  No.3859295



3d3ada  No.3859296

>>3858572 LB

>A grand jury is a group of 23 citizens who are gathered by a federal court to hear preliminary evidence to determine if there is enough proof that a particular individual or company committed a Federal crime.

There's that # 23 again.

cd0c96  No.3859297


see: >>3859274

anons have been connecting the specific word 'placeholder' to articles, but the link is what I've been thinking

they are legitimately 'placeholder' posts for event to be happening in the future

93fe6a  No.3859298


He does look Lizzardly

48e9c9  No.3859299


Or NG to neutrilize protests+antifa.

f88354  No.3859300


The placeholders are like tabs in a file system.

Each new post will reference one of the placeholders.

When viewed in tree format, each post will line up under a placeholder.

01c6cf  No.3859301


>>3859269 SecDef Mattis and other DoD officials joined Sec. of DeptVetAffairs Wilkie at the wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier.

>>3859157 POTUS Schedule update.

>>3859120 VIPAnon on QAnon tweet impressions.

>>3859039 AF1 evasive maneuvers?

>>3859007 Updated FISH graphic.

>>3858853 Please let anon safely land AF1.

>>3858894 Red Cross apologise for losing $5m of Ebola funds to fraud.

>>3858852 POTUS Schedule: pre-planned around Boston.

>>3858822 Suspected fire looters dressed like forest service workers.

>>3858824 POTUS and FLOTUS took a minor detour.

f88c0e  No.3859302

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Real American Groyper (song)

af30e4  No.3859303


Wait. You know they said "Traitor" earlier, right?

d6b2dd  No.3859304

File: 87fb82c565cff2b⋯.png (2.75 MB, 1404x933, 468:311, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 23390c0abb78305⋯.png (2.6 MB, 1401x934, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3ae0fdc8c4a6c70⋯.png (2.81 MB, 1403x937, 1403:937, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8b33c1a96229ac3⋯.png (2.99 MB, 1398x934, 699:467, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 55689207f7acbf4⋯.png (645.56 KB, 619x848, 619:848, ClipboardImage.png)

74600f  No.3859305


Well said

b3ac61  No.3859306

File: ca7a62567107a9b⋯.png (696.53 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ae31a04888ce0c456e23017b59….png)

POTUS likes to exchange intel in person. I wonder what he and Putin had to exchange this trip.

da7519  No.3859307

File: 4723ef0af37502c⋯.png (910.74 KB, 1280x845, 256:169, af1land.png)

coming in for landing

33d25e  No.3859308


Yeah the second Rose listed there.

5249ac  No.3859309

odd to fly that far at 16,000 feet and as soon as I saw the break from the flight path… I knew it was going to drop off…. and I got both the before and after screen cap…..

77f6f3  No.3859310

File: efa555bba475bfd⋯.jpg (135.43 KB, 400x300, 4:3, news you can use.jpg)

File: 3c810de1b001b54⋯.jpg (198.59 KB, 400x540, 20:27, info was good too.jpg)

File: 848d3bb0b038fd1⋯.jpg (183.57 KB, 612x408, 3:2, help.jpg)

76b26b  No.3859311

will we FISA?

no will we see fact?



515656  No.3859312

File: dc354fa5b52f631⋯.jpeg (13.88 KB, 255x160, 51:32, Glow-A Song.jpeg)


not here, shill

8580c1  No.3859313


This is what I was thinking. Would be awesome if AF1 was carrying a `special guest` to a `special place`.

1d33a4  No.3859314


I don't think the Cubans have anything to do with that HavSyn. Someone didn't want the US there and saw them as an obstructing their interest. Who has a big interest to keep things as is between Cuba and US?

a20c19  No.3859315


My hope is big news on Iran and/or Syria once all are safely (relative) in home countries; esp woth the Hamas news today.

d6c479  No.3859316

File: 252f76b911fe810⋯.gif (20.91 KB, 452x351, 452:351, 0389DB37-A02F-416B-ACBA-63….gif)

File: df6a9d186caaf11⋯.jpeg (432.65 KB, 802x1045, 802:1045, 6191A7D8-D8E8-435C-8529-3….jpeg)

Flew directly over crash site.

d85f41  No.3859317


Occam's Razor

f10862  No.3859319


By jove, there's the L.

You solved it

26aa79  No.3859320

Are you ready for Arrests ….[Next Week ] maybe ….

f4a9fe  No.3859321


Who was JFK Jr going to meet when the plane crashed?

Who was the NTSB head that investigated?

201f65  No.3859322

File: a02526983fdcb2b⋯.jpg (70.83 KB, 650x629, 650:629, 3.JPG)

File: 5b78ee99bb7eb3c⋯.jpg (57.33 KB, 1086x344, 543:172, 4.JPG)

@wdlyon, you've been psyop'd out of existence

<the world is watching

>>3858294 (LB)

b32efe  No.3859323

File: 63a35713cb10486⋯.png (893.73 KB, 653x863, 653:863, Screenshot_73.png)

Happy Birthday, Emma!

01c6cf  No.3859324



That could be the case that he uses those posts as the image of his future drops.

f2de3d  No.3859325

File: 45710786f398ee8⋯.png (424.84 KB, 511x394, 511:394, heart3.PNG)



Name this ART I FACT

clue PEPE Think 'bridge'.


8d681e  No.3859326


you just described yourself dickless.

23ce63  No.3859327

File: 0a7f623552562c2⋯.jpeg (307.71 KB, 1327x1049, 1327:1049, 4ABA0209-2247-4EBF-89D2-7….jpeg)

I might be late to the party on this, but [L] is the twelfth letter and tomorrow is the 12th.


1e270d  No.3859328


Digging deep now huh.

Carry on…..lol

70b604  No.3859329



Unlike the "lawfag" shill who repeatedly posted with images of Pepe smoking cigars and receiving yous form Q, real lawfags pointed out the legal problems and hurdles with Q's supposed plan.

efb9f5  No.3859330


Good, I was getting a little bit worried.

3da2a4  No.3859331


Cloaking is real

There now you know

b51595  No.3859332

File: 8334a2cbf7c419c⋯.png (17.05 KB, 512x384, 4:3, 512px-Rozklad_benforda.svg.png)



There is nothing supernatural about the number 23 popping up everywhere.

f64a17  No.3859333


Is that you Pesobic?

f6e456  No.3859334

Perp Walks, not placeholders.

759cea  No.3859335

File: 226f22b87b8b90a⋯.png (279.87 KB, 318x400, 159:200, ClipboardImage.png)

ef1b33  No.3859336


30 years? Try over 100 ya dumb fucking Boomer.

11a3d0  No.3859337





And I want my money back.

Cuz I gave it all to Q.

865959  No.3859338

File: 1ff9fdb4e53d4fe⋯.jpg (145.71 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Kav and LL loretta lynch.jpg)



c769d3  No.3859339


late and super gay post

3e8ef1  No.3859340


That was so fucking AWESOME!! AF1 flew right over JFKjr crash site

5249ac  No.3859341

File: 7f0334c927eec8a⋯.jpg (697.58 KB, 3346x1680, 239:120, Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at ….jpg)


I had this window open too…. shows it POOF gone - flew the whole way from Trenton at 16K

685cea  No.3859342

File: 595aa54703dfe83⋯.png (938.03 KB, 1111x781, 101:71, happening-chigkadee.png)

face facts

515656  No.3859343

File: 25ee8ede612ce0a⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1371x906, 457:302, Laughing in Trump.PNG)

c25faf  No.3859344


That's awful. Enemies at the Front Door.

33d25e  No.3859345


They didnt meet. Decided to meet at G20 instead.

f4a9fe  No.3859346


12 months.

865959  No.3859347

File: f78d00271260078⋯.jpg (151.8 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Q drop 09292018_1 hrc rod ….jpg)

44ec57  No.3859348


I wasn't going to say anything when LB the plane path was posted. It instantly looked like hands of a clock. And it was pointing to 11..

Now you post this..

It's not a 90° angle… It moar like a 95°… Or, 11 o clock….. Js

201a0e  No.3859349

File: 60f341376eb0666⋯.png (90.69 KB, 990x221, 990:221, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c6862465812ce6e⋯.png (69.05 KB, 933x201, 311:67, ClipboardImage.png)

33d25e  No.3859350


They didnt meet. Decided to meet at G20 instead.

847070  No.3859351


Routed on an airway that just happens to fly over the crash site. East coast airspace is ridiculously busy. They have canned routings to get you around the worst congestion on your way to the destination. This is normal. Not worthy of attention.

c9f59a  No.3859352

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Vespers 10 Greater Doxology

- Arkhangelsky (Moscow Patriarchy Choir)

I have no idea…it's in Russian. I just liked it. Hoping you do as well.


fbc095  No.3859353





Seems like a dangerous and pointless op for AF1 to broadcast their location while the TAC escorts don't. What if a Gulfstream is broadcasting as AF1 (decoy), other Gulfstreams broadcasting appearance of being an escort, while the real AF1 and it's TAC escort take a different route.

958d0d  No.3859354


House and senate down til December?

Then a short few days in session

Christmas month off.

Back in Jan 19.

Not sureAnons needed a year plus, for our end of this. Investigation fatigue setting in, even though I trust the plan.

b3f564  No.3859355

File: b678ea2265e32ea⋯.png (260.83 KB, 1355x986, 1355:986, dadaff.PNG)

Shills fear the frog.

0f3d3b  No.3859356

File: 962d93c38d68e04⋯.jpg (831.81 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 3840x2160-foulardsrusses.jpg)


Interdasting question.

a2c8b4  No.3859357


Linguistic role

These placeholders typically function grammatically as nouns and can be used for people (e.g. John Doe, Jane Doe), objects (e.g. widget), locations ("Main Street"), or places (e.g. Anytown, USA). They share a property with pronouns, because their referents must be supplied by context; but, unlike a pronoun, they may be used with no referent—the important part of the communication is not the thing nominally referred to by the placeholder, but the context in which the placeholder occurs.

b3ac61  No.3859358

File: 62d6865e9c86224⋯.jpg (852.49 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, d0e17b649aef8c2ab020124b03….jpg)



220a22  No.3859359

File: 3e6d5cae8c258b1⋯.jpg (744.3 KB, 1889x985, 1889:985, AF1 on 11_11.jpg)


is that normal on approach?

bb08de  No.3859360


Might have gone under 9k ft

11a3d0  No.3859361


Did you expect them to do the DECLAS on a Sunday?

d6c479  No.3859362


Cousins wedding. US Navy did recovery and burial at sea.

1e270d  No.3859363

The wind shifts.

Q tacks.

They do as well.

Buckle up Anons.

098164  No.3859364

File: 8c2fe225e81abe0⋯.png (660.46 KB, 645x810, 43:54, FONDA to dod 11-11-18.PNG)


Yeah so where’s the president? Hiding from the caravan?



I am not in the mood for disrespect to our president today / nor to have bitches like this make comments at the DoD when posting about Veterans

So here is her tweet if others feel the same

35665f  No.3859365


Aunt Jemima isn't a condment it is their entire diet.

9022f0  No.3859366


Nope but nice trips

d38593  No.3859367

didn't Q says something about clowns sending messages in images


6569bd  No.3859368


yeah right. something is really going to happen tomorrow /sarc.

just like it happend today. It happened but it hasn't been revealed. News unlocks.

If a tree falls in a forest, does it make a sound?

I am tired of listening, and no sound.

f1efbb  No.3859369

File: d7d9a9da412458d⋯.png (289.51 KB, 952x642, 476:321, e36fcfc9-6718-4947-aabc-1c….png)


The Army GS didn't have a problem flying over Mass

a20c19  No.3859370


Kek, we canceled our DC res for this weekend. Next time!

f4a9fe  No.3859371

POTUS leaves on Friday (the 29th) to head abroad for G20). He will be sending a special message via twitter before he departs.

d85f41  No.3859372


Just like POTUS never met with KJU last November…

cd0c96  No.3859373



exactly what I'm thinking, or even link to them if its a /pf/ post

its like this:

[(this post will be referenced when event X happens) - (event X)]

because its underway, yet not public

52eb90  No.3859374

File: d3f3da152bda01f⋯.png (999.08 KB, 987x782, 987:782, thumbsup.PNG)

d6c479  No.3859375


Touch and go.

c78694  No.3859376


>god bless his sole


685cea  No.3859377

File: 1a69403b0fb4fde⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 1111x1111, 1:1, goodbyex3.jpg)


They sure do.

764bd0  No.3859378




NICE one anon. i like this.

is noel /ourguy/?


yes, it's possible. first thing i thought of too. Q preparing.

1d33a4  No.3859379


What/which crash site, sorry Anon late catchup.

1c0d24  No.3859380

why is it that in my minds eye I keep picturing Brenda Snipes in a clown outfit doing the endless handkerchief bit where they pull a handkerchief out of the pocket, but it's attached to another handkerchief and another and another as a seemingly endless train of handkerchiefs are pulled out… but it's ballots not handkerchiefs that keep being pulled out of the clowns pocket

3d3ada  No.3859381


mos(shit)? ;)))


KEK, almost as good as the Sandy Hook dad.

76b26b  No.3859382


PORN FAG usm in yiur day

8ec15f  No.3859383


No. L = 12th fag but luv ya!

f2de3d  No.3859384

File: a69d47cbc6fe7f8⋯.png (101.91 KB, 222x187, 222:187, bp14.PNG)

File: ee3835f0706dace⋯.png (494.94 KB, 446x592, 223:296, nov rain1.PNG)

File: 21e9cb15aa1395c⋯.png (659.13 KB, 448x546, 32:39, birds of a feather.PNG)

File: 188a42f7e756004⋯.png (900.07 KB, 620x749, 620:749, nov rain.PNG)

File: d81a32df18c2148⋯.png (116.27 KB, 584x267, 584:267, heart.PNG)


backbite no more!

2a3a1b  No.3859385

The DOJ does not have the man power or the budget to produce 61000 indictments.

It is not happening like you think.

Q is a psyop meant to drive the deep state into mistakes.

That is the truth.

d34f50  No.3859386


this is true.

but my assessment is the shitposts and riddles

are confusing to the enemy.

the art of war.

our autist numbers, and clocks

and guesses drive the cabal crazy,

they don't know what is habbening either

meanwhile we build morale

and get stronger!

all timelines

are belong to us now.


cd0c96  No.3859387

File: 86352680515319a⋯.png (171.12 KB, 408x422, 204:211, ClipboardImage.png)

77f6f3  No.3859388

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

48e9c9  No.3859389

What will be the first tweet by POTUS once he lands back home?

f4a9fe  No.3859390

a2c8b4  No.3859391

thinking… replace placeholder with a name …. OK clue first place holder LL .. who are the other ones

fbc095  No.3859392


They agreed that next time they won't team up to save France from a foreign invader.

0f964f  No.3859393

File: 9692677367a1a09⋯.png (508.46 KB, 861x1148, 3:4, court martial amendment fo….png)

File: 00506f00535280c⋯.png (494.91 KB, 861x1148, 3:4, dummies habeas corpus.png)

Last bread, an anon helpfully provided info that could help us with one of Q's recent posts:

>>3858146 pb 2018 Amendments for Court-Martials (long read).

It's 467 pp.


What I'm looking for is something more like these

da7519  No.3859394


Yes they are swinging around to the north to land going south.

AF1 disappeared - probably landed.

fc39ca  No.3859395


seriously who gives a fuck

stop being a retard and trying to sick qanons after randos on twitter. dont be a little bitch

65d518  No.3859396


She's about to raise the flaps

1e270d  No.3859397


He was going to his cousins wedding.

4287c9  No.3859398

File: feb38a46cfcb53d⋯.jpg (3.7 MB, 2209x2921, 2209:2921, PepePainting.jpg)


I feel for you anon.

b32efe  No.3859399

File: 94e76c6db717142⋯.png (937.52 KB, 1050x526, 525:263, Screenshot_74.png)


Happy Birthday, Emma!

Some Veterans go unsung!

92bd3b  No.3859400


No, anon. There really are people this evil. I've dealt with them IRL in my life. I'm a hermit now.

eaf699  No.3859401

Holy schmoly, guys!

It just dawned on me that if the Q team had something in the ballots to track them, maybe the reason POTUS was pushing us so hard to get out there and vote EARLY was so when the Dems DESTROYED our ballots or took them somewhere off-premises, the Patriots could TRACK THEM!!!

The more early ballots, the easier to catch the DEMS destroying them or doing something with them!!!

What do you think?

c644c0  No.3859402


Maddening Memework too

6702f1  No.3859403

File: 35db2125bfce7bf⋯.jpg (44.81 KB, 750x567, 250:189, snipes yoda.jpg)


dank meme this is

re-drop it in this bread i must

f46538  No.3859404

seems odd POTUS would twat his flight path. like obvious misdirection ?

959744  No.3859405


“Thank fuck that’s over”

5fb4de  No.3859406

File: 686cf43c9271115⋯.jpg (59.17 KB, 299x425, 299:425, WE KNOW.JPG)

57c711  No.3859407


Well, those zig-zag lines are normal. No big deal. Possible that POTUS Schedule posted because they may be behind schedule and giving update? Who knows?

That is the whole point. Who knows? We don't, we won't, and are not supposed to.

That is the problem, everyone wants to know the future, wants to know what is happening behind the scenes.

And when they get let down, they try to bring everyone else down.

We're just here for unedited communication. Not to try and see the future.

All this 11/11 concernfagging is hilarious. We will NEVER know operations beforehand.

And you know what? That's ok with this Anon. Why go to the movies if you already know what happens?

And everyone wanting for the Q movement to be confirmed by POTUS or the media or anybody CONTRADICTS this board, this ANONYMOUS board. Fuck, if people feel the need to be talked about in the news, we should all create login names and have avatars and shit.


Enjoy the show.

af6b9a  No.3859408

File: a7af6fea6b688b9⋯.jpg (54.63 KB, 864x479, 864:479, Mammy.jpg)

865959  No.3859409

No. L = Loretta fag but luv ya!

8ec15f  No.3859410


So you magically change it to 61,000 indictments. Do your fucking home work. FO!

6d69aa  No.3859411


Anons who haven't done so need to

A. get a hobby

B. stop paying attention to the news on an hour-by-hour basis, and

C. stay away from this board for chunks of time - like 5-8 hours at a time.

You must do these things, my dudes.

Life is too short to do otherwise.

f88c0e  No.3859412


4 chan modds are glowing faggots

cd0c96  No.3859413

File: cf39b07684f0800⋯.png (80.09 KB, 412x545, 412:545, ClipboardImage.png)



not sure if a name fits for some of them (pic of all the placeholder crumbs)

0f3d3b  No.3859414

File: 854020599912d33⋯.png (298.35 KB, 701x377, 701:377, fcba52f3a360214660b6e98b74….png)


If you are a patriot in Massachusetts right now and you see this….you might be weeping with rage.

I am.

a20c19  No.3859415


Great read! Ty. Deserves moar eyes on.

21184d  No.3859416


A people that won't defend itself is destined for death

b3ac61  No.3859417

File: ceea51d0af0aa1e⋯.jpg (270.08 KB, 1038x1560, 173:260, ceea51d0af0aa1e755251f5cbc….jpg)


Kek. No need to protect muslim countries like swedistan and france.

5040fc  No.3859418

File: ef9534cc3439f73⋯.png (89.22 KB, 630x884, 315:442, 1.png)

File: 44e5d7e0e53deee⋯.png (291.28 KB, 531x895, 531:895, 2.png)

File: eaf2f7966c1982b⋯.png (202.51 KB, 518x808, 259:404, 3.png)

File: 9db34ae9d536aa5⋯.png (132.85 KB, 528x791, 528:791, 4.png)


f88354  No.3859419


The placeholders are like tabs in a file system.

Each new post will reference one of the placeholders.

When viewed in tree format, each post will line up under a placeholder.

9af25c  No.3859420

File: b99f7205d0282e1⋯.jpg (637.38 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181111-185555….jpg)

4327fa  No.3859421


Whitaker is technically a place holder until POTUS names a replacement, right?

6a6ce7  No.3859422

Earlier anon had a point.

What has a front door? A house.

The senate does not have a front door, but the “House” of Representatives would have one and the Ds are at in waiting to get it. They are our enemies.

Appears to me that POTUS is going to find a way to not let them in AT ALL. And the only way to do that is to expose them.

They were baited like fish, to steal the electons, and they got caught!

I can see why they this is military planning at its finest.

71b7ee  No.3859423

File: 3d4c8b8002042f4⋯.jpg (107.34 KB, 608x410, 304:205, nightshift plane.jpg)

098164  No.3859424


>stop being a retard and trying to sick qanons after randos on twitter. dont be a little bitch


Non patroitic cunt identified

248bc8  No.3859425

File: b0132eb66978ea3⋯.jpeg (22.98 KB, 230x219, 230:219, 3507D55C-6F34-4311-B0E8-C….jpeg)

1cc3ad  No.3859426

c9f59a  No.3859427

File: 1498ae03e1df0fd⋯.jpg (186.79 KB, 846x493, 846:493, democrat america.jpg)