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08df26  No.3997985

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Q: The Basics - An Introduction to Q and the Great Awakening v.1.0 >>3572123

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Q's Latest Posts

Tuesday 11.20.18

>>3980392 rt >>3980302 -————————– Think D5.

>>3980302 ————————————–——– People are nervous.

>>3979646 ————————————–——– Item used when walking a dog?

>>3978509 ————————————–——– Attacks on WHITAKER will only intensify

>>3978190 ————————————–——– [D]ec 5

Tuesday 11.13.18

>>>/patriotsfight/467 ——————————— 53 - 47 ( Cap of 466 & 467: >>3879899 )

Monday 11.12.18

>>>/patriotsfight/466 ——————————— [350,000] vote swing to D Sen? ( Cap: >>3879436 )

>>>/patriotsfight/465 ——————————— Congratulations Anons, threat to establishment ( Cap: >>3878745 )

>>>/patriotsfight/464 ——————————— FAKE NEWS/CONSPIRACY ( Txt/PST Cap: >>3869074, >>3869075 )

>>>/patriotsfight/463 ——————————— PLACEHOLDER - OIG Findings (PST Cap: >>3868958 )

Sunday 11.11.18

>>>/patriotsfight/462 ——————————— Ratcliffe, Gowdy join list of potential AG picks ( Cap: >>3855856 )

>>>/patriotsfight/461 ——————————— [Placeholder - DECLAS GEN_pub] [Placeholder - SPEC_C_pub] ( Cap: >>3854727 )

>>>/patriotsfight/460 ——————————— [Placeholder - FVEY_pub] [Placeholder - FISA_pub] ( Cap: >>3854727 )

>>>/patriotsfight/459 ——————————— [Placeholder - Acts of Treason + support Articles] ( Cap: >>3854727 )

>>>/patriotsfight/458 ——————————— [Placeholder - Branch termination(s)] ( Cap: >>3854727 )

>>>/patriotsfight/457 ——————————— [Placeholder - SC rulings re: challenges re: Civ Non_Civ] ( Cap: >>3854727 )

>>>/patriotsfight/456 ——————————— [Placeholder - Indictments Tracking > Non_Civ] ( Cap: >>3854727 )

>>>/patriotsfight/455 ——————————— [Placeholder - Indictments Tracking > Civ] ( Cap: >>3854727 )

>>>/patriotsfight/454 ——————————— God Bless Veterans. (Cap: >>3853561 )

>>>/patriotsfight/453 ——————————— Who safeguards blank ballots? ( Cap: >>3854059 )

>>>/patriotsfight/452 ——————————— Let the unsealing begin. ( Cap: >>3852609 )

>>>/patriotsfight/451 ——————————— Enemy @ the Front Door. ( Cap: >>3851787 )

Saturday 11.10.18

Compiled here: >>3942214

Friday 11.09.18

Compiled here: >>3889516

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>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

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08df26  No.3998035


are not endorsements


>>3997466 Digging finds origin of WWG1WGA

>>3997334, >>3997567, >>3997606, >>3997636 Research on Soros D5 Coalition

>>3997549, >>3997555 John Roberts financial analysis sauce

>>3997776 Comey's Lawyer: JC will fight House's subpoena in court

>>3997807 UK, EU agree on post-Brexit relationship

>>3997970 #5086


>>3996564, >>3996567 Lawfag: Analysis of Presidential Succession Acts

>>3996578, >>3996604 JC Tweets Happy Thanksgiving, Wants Public Hearing

>>3996610 Syria Habbenings Update

>>3996612 New James O'Keefe re: LL's Twatter Ban

>>3996774 Trump hints about first trip to Afghanistan


>>3996793 9/11 terrorists spotted at apartment in Broward County 4 days before 9/11

>>3996794 Schiff's House Intelligence Panel Hiring Money-Laundering Sleuth

>>3996799 Trudeau Approves $10.5B Tax Cut To Compete With Trump

>>3996827 PG&E-friendly wildfire bill being prepared in wake of CA fire

>>3996834 Trump's New "Remain In Mexico" Policy

>>3996955 AusAnon Update

>>3996972 Al-Qaeda in Syria Assisted by Dutch Government

>>3997199 #5085


>>3995826 Al & John flying D5 in 2017

>>3996299 Woolsey and Camp Fires started at same time

>>3996352 World View: 14 French Companies on Trial over Iraq War Oil-for-Food Corruption

>>3996300, >>3996464 Linda Sarsour grovels to Progressive Jews: ‘We Are Deeply Sorry'

>>3996277 CDC task force for polio-like disease: Now 109 kids confirmed sick

>>3996233 ENF: UN pact will legalise mass migration and criminalise criticism of migration

>>3996228 The Tide Is Turning: Israel Is Losing on Two War Fronts

>>3996175 Italy’s Salvini ridicules EU and is ready to go head to head over their 2019 budget

>>3996112 British Spy Agency Reportedly Opposes Russia Document Declassification

>>3996015 Soros wants Congress to be his bitch & investigate Faceberg on HIS behalf

>>3995993 Iraeli Jewish center bomb hoaxer given 10 yrs prison for 2,000 threats WW

>>3995959 Blankfein Met Privately With Fugitive At Ctr Of 1MDB Fraud In Goldman's HQ

>>3995826 Al & John flying D5 in 2017

>>3996299 Woolsey and Camp Fires started at same time

>>3997122 #5084


>>3995543 POTUS: I may shutdown the entire border.

>>3995528 House Republicans issue subpoenas for Comey and LL seeking private depositions.

>>3995459 Relevant POTUS tweet from Aug. 9:11 timestamp.

>>3995279 Panera bread taking flak for hiring pedophile joke celebrity Rainn Wilson.

>>3995083 Presidential Proclamation on Thanksgiving Day, 2018.

>>3995055, >>3995059 POTUS Thanksgiving address (video).


>>3995047 POTUS live with a Thanksgiving teleconference with the military.

>>3995600 #5083


>>3994855 FDA runs operation to takedown illegal drug stores online.

>>3994826 250 Kg of drugs seized in joint operation in Germany and the Netherlands.

>>3994217, >>3994281, 3994378 Sibel Edmonds on Kashoggi (typo fixed #5084)

>>3994347 Tasmania close to removing gender from birth certificates

>>3994405 current status of GeoPolitical maneuvers by China & Xi Jinping

>>3994437 New DJT

>>3994555 More Kashoggi

>>3994639 Soros dumps Facebook, Netflix stocks just before they dipped

>>3994655 Kashoggi payroll question

>>3994873 #5082

Previously Collected Notables

>>3998301 #5081

>>3993372 #5080, >>3991850 #5078, >>3992562 #5079,

>>3989499 #5075, >>3990277 #5076, >>3991076 #5077

>>3987326 #5072, >>3987995 #5073, >>3988736 #5074

>>3984883 #5069, >>3985667 #5070, >>3986484 #5071

>>3982542 #5066, >>3983134 #5067, >>3984083 #5068

>>3980329 #5063, >>3981096 #5064, >>3981848 #5065

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08df26  No.3998052



Holy shit anons, my whole 8chan-filled browser just went nuts. Anyone else getting an error when posting?

749b21  No.3998054

File: b4e07de0db6374a⋯.png (2.5 MB, 1275x1650, 17:22, Leashed.png)

1913f6  No.3998058

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

UK spy chiefs up in arms over Trump making public Russiagate surveillance requests – report



1913f6  No.3998062

File: 212d23f6d785491⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 857x2579, 857:2579, FireShot Capture 200 - UK ….jpg)

5ef167  No.3998065

File: 983734a211464b5⋯.png (748.23 KB, 1024x1040, 64:65, tres-gowdie.png)

4650d1  No.3998066

File: 9ff68fea79e2e31⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1334x3395, 1334:3395, ais1.png)

File: ee3ecd8d54e9a3e⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1334x3604, 667:1802, ais2.png)

File: 817a8d1b110b426⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1334x4102, 667:2051, ais3.png)

File: 5f739aa0bd8fe7b⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1334x4102, 667:2051, ais4.png)

File: 5be8836794c2c29⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1334x4674, 667:2337, ais5.png)

08df26  No.3998071

File: b5726bde0436776⋯.jpg (7.59 KB, 288x175, 288:175, images (8).jpg)



baker new IP, had to change browsers to be able to post in bread. Getting error otherwise, "flood detected."

wew lads that was nuts

32c82b  No.3998075

never felt more alone in my life

4650d1  No.3998077

File: 9e01f62551ff2db⋯.png (2.63 MB, 1334x6578, 29:143, ais6.png)

File: 304ed122c7becc2⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1334x5705, 1334:5705, ais7.png)

File: 3820c10d56d2cc0⋯.png (4.85 MB, 1334x5819, 58:253, ais8.png)

File: ba5cf8734539f6c⋯.png (285.76 KB, 2079x2344, 2079:2344, ais9.png)

File: 8331c81fa0cc507⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1111x805, 1111:805, awwjimmy.png)

5ef167  No.3998078


A re y

ou h

um an

br o?

09cd35  No.3998079

File: 755e8123857a4d7⋯.jpg (20.44 KB, 250x333, 250:333, asdfaerwaw5.jpg)


132f6d  No.3998080

File: e93e92848c53879⋯.png (282.66 KB, 482x363, 482:363, 0D300CB4-A1FD-466D-B273-5C….png)

ff6ab4  No.3998081

File: 0706d11dab8e222⋯.jpeg (531.58 KB, 700x513, 700:513, 9263E70E-F97E-4D7D-AAFE-D….jpeg)

File: 501245774b0ca25⋯.jpeg (128 KB, 750x413, 750:413, F4947CAA-73D2-45F3-8709-0….jpeg)

File: cb49cf8b92e0b17⋯.jpeg (439.23 KB, 750x1253, 750:1253, F4B25FB0-5E51-4E7E-A9C9-4….jpeg)

File: 190f671cf33765d⋯.jpeg (305.82 KB, 750x956, 375:478, 8FE5E5E9-A962-463A-9BEB-C….jpeg)

File: dd9835477deadf0⋯.jpeg (463.07 KB, 750x1243, 750:1243, 7BD0D2DA-2F88-4F27-AA08-C….jpeg)

e4ff91  No.3998082

File: 48cc9205ae949ea⋯.jpg (3.38 MB, 3840x2400, 8:5, shillclowns.jpg)

0ee8a8  No.3998083


closed the last bread for you :-)

f5f243  No.3998084

File: 285266887adfea5⋯.jpg (183.88 KB, 768x766, 384:383, news.jpg)

06543f  No.3998085

File: 8a49f41eb70b75f⋯.jpg (78.81 KB, 908x408, 227:102, hrc.JPG)

File: 7a97ba351778ca1⋯.png (384.33 KB, 745x365, 149:73, hrc1.PNG)

Pick the real Killary…kek

Thanksgiving game cause I'm bored.

e4ff91  No.3998086

File: f8304edbae6c7c9⋯.jpg (109.92 KB, 500x783, 500:783, shh.jpg)

e4ff91  No.3998087

File: ddac83c3383379d⋯.jpg (73.65 KB, 564x303, 188:101, killer-klowns.jpg)

c79bdf  No.3998088


we are with you.. anon!!!

e4ff91  No.3998089

File: da1fb62d16eb6c3⋯.jpeg (48.51 KB, 510x350, 51:35, clown1.jpeg)

a69823  No.3998090

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Read The 1 Bread That Zionist Shills Want To Censor

In Bread #5023 (early Sunday), a triggered Zionist Shill attacked the Bread Notables with:

"attention: baker is comp'd or retarded", and ranted against what the Baker put in the Notables.

What did the Baker put in that Bread?

15 Excellent Links to Evidence showing Zionist Cabal Organized Crimes against America.

23 hours later, in Bread #5035, a shill attacks that same Bread AGAIN, whining:

"I see the muhJoos shit from 5023 and 5024 was allowed to remain in the bread."

Notice the arrogance of challenging the Baker with "allowed to remain in the bread."

As in: How dare you allow Evidence of our Organized Crimes in the Notables!

This is The Only Bread that Zionist Shills Object To!

*Bread #5023 is sooo threatening to (((them))) that their shill did a follow-up attack against it. (a Wrap-Up Smear) They DO NOT want you to read this Bread Notables.

*Bread #5023 Notables Hit A Bullseye !! It may be worthy someday of it's own Display in the future Q Museum.

Especially after POTUS reveals "Who Did 9/11"

Let's all go back and read this Special Bread again, Bookmark, send the link to your frens, Print it out for Posterity:


What they try to Censor and Attack MOST is what we should show as many people as possible :) Remember who owns the MSM 24/7 Fake News and their reach.

ThanQ to our fabulous Bakers! Happy Thanksgiving!!

e4ff91  No.3998091

File: cb025722e052667⋯.png (235.1 KB, 736x484, 184:121, clown.png)

e5dec6  No.3998092

File: 4f928c6f7c6c590⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1692x1692, 1:1, midnighttodawnwhandsrawvid….png)

Clock for today.

Was discussed last night as well.

55 is used in comms.

DoD and POTUS used this marker after it was discussed by ClockFags on this board that today is 5:50.

e4ff91  No.3998093

File: 52ac95f20122bd5⋯.jpg (119.65 KB, 800x538, 400:269, Teamwork.jpg)

1d88fe  No.3998094

File: 1b8e6a33cf00661⋯.jpg (44.61 KB, 400x485, 80:97, 5a5df29fea4.jpg)


Thank you, baker!

0edefb  No.3998095


love you turkey anon.

e4ff91  No.3998096

File: a3ea47bd15cc0f0⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 1200x1820, 60:91, Shut Up.jpg)

973396  No.3998097

File: 9d0b7dd24acc854⋯.png (21.81 KB, 255x246, 85:82, PepeUK.png)

File: 8d66ac8cbe12c08⋯.jpg (24.25 KB, 224x255, 224:255, Bless bakers.jpg)


TYB. Good Job under fire.

4650d1  No.3998098

File: 19ac324576e3219⋯.png (2.19 MB, 777x6301, 777:6301, sorosSOVEREIGN.png)

File: 6ce951fef74b2a1⋯.jpg (1.72 MB, 940x6768, 5:36, fakies.jpg)

File: dcc13ef67abcec6⋯.gif (1.66 MB, 2232x14837, 2232:14837, unaware and compliant.gif)

File: da94b943ff56400⋯.jpg (292.12 KB, 604x552, 151:138, precipice.jpg)

File: 23f60d2e333d22c⋯.png (946.03 KB, 1081x816, 1081:816, The-honorable-gentlemen-of….png)

e4ff91  No.3998099

File: 1d9e03448073bfe⋯.png (572.18 KB, 1110x590, 111:59, 1527963926387.png)

5ef167  No.3998100

Question for Q

Are the humans here too passive?

132f6d  No.3998101

File: b670cd1464afe9d⋯.png (154.77 KB, 236x472, 1:2, 745CC9E5-4D2F-4036-AC61-68….png)

e4ff91  No.3998102

File: b80cfb5a66fda36⋯.jpg (205.97 KB, 600x756, 50:63, Foxhole.jpg)

d6a87d  No.3998103

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




cc31c8  No.3998104


Jews vs. Bad Jews


Left eating each other.

51b41f  No.3998105

File: 331d97cd0e99825⋯.png (661.33 KB, 599x850, 599:850, ClipboardImage.png)

Adam Schitt's Thanksgiving. In due time, in due time, Mr. Schitt.

594bce  No.3998106

File: 3f545f337016006⋯.png (48.59 KB, 800x426, 400:213, ClipboardImage.png)


4650d1  No.3998107

File: 74863a42e9281f8⋯.png (609.4 KB, 912x630, 152:105, TPSM.png)

File: 222d4dd77935b57⋯.png (321.69 KB, 396x514, 198:257, thhanQQ.png)

File: 4211284a83e8c75⋯.jpg (993.18 KB, 782x1111, 782:1111, saymwa.jpg)

104b54  No.3998108

File: f363798ff40de2c⋯.png (843.34 KB, 1754x782, 877:391, stones.png)

65e8d8  No.3998109

File: 45d6f7ad239de1d⋯.png (716.62 KB, 1028x530, 514:265, Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at ….png)

Capitalizing on the latest FF in Pittsburg. Disturbing new propaganda spreading a myth of a rampant rise in "white supremacy".

PBS - "Documenting Hate: New American Nazis"


Season 36 Episode 17 | 54m 18s

FRONTLINE and ProPublica continue reporting on the resurgence of white supremacist groups in the United States. “Documenting Hate: New American Nazis” investigates a violent neo-Nazi group that has actively recruited inside the U.S. military, and examines the group’s terrorist objectives.

Watch full video:


1d88fe  No.3998110



Ready when you are, sirs.

0a4ac4  No.3998111


Hope there’s no kids around him.

e4ff91  No.3998112

File: ba21969d4934f29⋯.png (67.35 KB, 827x287, 827:287, 42.png)

d6a87d  No.3998113

File: dc07aa445bdbb12⋯.gif (2.96 MB, 350x349, 350:349, Chicken_hug.gif)

File: 5c0f4ca31b893d6⋯.gif (36.02 KB, 200x146, 100:73, Wojack_group_hug.gif)

File: 27358f1bfd37c91⋯.png (283.46 KB, 1024x1099, 1024:1099, Apu_getting_hug.png)

File: 99ef3e35353df40⋯.png (108.12 KB, 499x235, 499:235, Apu_Hug.png)

File: 3b781bc38adb80f⋯.jpg (28.81 KB, 747x515, 747:515, Apu_Hug2.jpg)




f8715c  No.3998114

File: c9d3db6677d74f3⋯.png (37.16 KB, 663x258, 221:86, ClipboardImage.png)

>>3997514 (lb)

If Img = True

>Anons, ask yourself why?

>Why so early in her career?

Exaggerated display of ridiculous Manchurian candidate

>Why is she being pushed so hard?

Show what happened past (hussein) to make the fuckery obvious

This theory has stuck since started watching, more and more obvious the insanity displayed is the more it is waking

fee5d8  No.3998115

File: c1860b92c516569⋯.png (15.77 KB, 255x210, 17:14, 1542911237.png)


thank you for the coolness under pressure baker

bless this bread

9907ae  No.3998116

File: 01eb43c0e54c44d⋯.jpg (125.51 KB, 667x500, 667:500, Happy Thanksgiving anons.jpg)

File: df106a77ef8d931⋯.png (6.86 MB, 2916x2184, 243:182, Pepe in thanksgiving parad….png)

Happy Thanksgiving Anons.

I'm so Thankful to have spent the past year here, with all of you.

God Bless everyone.

Most of all i am thankful for having such a Wonderful POTUS.

God Bless POTUS and his beautiful family.

Q, we are all beyond grateful for the plan, and allowing us to participate in the greatest events in history.

We are all truly honored to serve sir.

God Bless you Q

a69823  No.3998117

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Stop The Zionist Cabal Mind Warp Tricks


This is the most powerful weapon they use against Americans if we so much as dare to speak about (((their))) Organized Criminal activity, especially if you show Evidence. If accused of this NPC groupthink "horrible" label, it could cost you your career, your friends. Such is its power which they smugly deploy like a Gatling gun against PC American Goyim cowering in fear, walking on eggshells. Afraid to use the words Jews and Crimes in the same sentence. ooooh "anti-Semitic".

Zionists Successfully Negating our First Amendment

Censorship of the Truth about Khazarian Zionist Organized Crimes from their private OWNERSHIP of our Federal Reserve Bank money system to their paid puppet Israel-first US Senators betraying the American people…. and now they're ramping up to make it Illegal to criticize Israel. That's Power, my Frens.

(((They))) have used this bullshit term "anti-Semitic" to make most Americans cower in fear of being labeled "anti-Semitic", for (((they))) will get you fired from your job because (((they))) own your company or most of the Corporate stock.

(((they))) have American politicians, Hollywood whores, (((their))) wholly owned 24/7 MSM megalith all screaming Loudly - brainwashing America that any TRUTH you reveal about (((their))) egregious Crimes against Humanity will get you in big trouble = "anti-Semitic".

Slick Manipulation

Every few years, Hollywood trots out a movie about the Holocaust, which Always gets an Oscar Award because Holocaust. Schindler's List, Sophie's Choice, Life Is Beautiful, The Pianist, Inglorious Basterds, etc. etc. This is calculated to sanctify their Victimhood, which means that even if you were never a guard at Auschwitz, nor even German, if you dare to call out any crime committed by any member of the Zionist Cabal - you're the same as Hitler. yeah same, you "anti-Semite"!

*Patriots, Anons, Frens - we need to NPC the shit out of their best weapon against us: the term "anti-Semitic". Let's brainstorm and cut the power out of their manufactured "taboo" of speaking Truth to Power about their parasitic damage to We the People.

***We need to make the term "anti-Semitic" the laughing stock NPC phrase of the World !!! Remember [their] Panic and massive censoring of the NPC hilarity. Neutering their bullshit works! This term is our new "deplorables".

Let's Mirror (((their))) most successful bullying weapon against Christians and Patriots, "anti-Semitic" into (((their))) personal NPC nightmare! Let's pull the guts out of this weasel term and turn it into a limp noodle! Especially now that their Zionist Shills are using "anti-Semitic" to smear the Qanon Movement. Look how they are Spamming this board with the False Gaslight that showing Evidence of Zionist Cabal Crimes against Americans somehow "divides" us is obviously made by an [Israeli Shill]… when the Truth UNITES Us! These JIDF Israeli Shills forget that we Americans are NOT Israeli. We are America First, not Israeli First so there is no "division" in educating Americans about who our Enemies are.

"anti-Semitic" label suppresses Truth - Let's KILL this bullshit term

*"anti-Semitic" = NPC Zionist Shill*

*NPC Zionist Shill = "anti-Semitic"**

A white person can be fired for calling a black person "nigger". Imagine the day when a Jew can be fired for calling you "anti-Semitic".

Imagine if Americans did not cower and self-censor for fear of being labeled "anti-Semitic" and turned it back on (((them))) so that they wouldn't dare to call Truth tellers "anti-Semitic" ever again. nor discredit the Q Movement as they are now desperately attempting to prevent the asleep masses from finding out the Truth about Zionist Crimes against America.

e4ff91  No.3998118

File: 0d7967be1ae1cd6⋯.png (201.08 KB, 576x725, 576:725, 507.png)

445608  No.3998119

File: efe407a78d98b98⋯.jpg (322.14 KB, 1200x831, 400:277, merchsoup.jpg)

File: 87fa95bde57ab56⋯.jpg (126.2 KB, 976x548, 244:137, merchmultifeelz.jpg)

File: bcf16ca53242963⋯.jpg (56.91 KB, 600x410, 60:41, merchmigrants.jpg)

File: 2f4cde5703c6a7e⋯.gif (654.81 KB, 545x387, 545:387, merchcoiner.gif)

The eternal victim card getting revoked, the commie socialist subverter & destroyer of countries is finally unmasked, vulnerable & defrocked, the chosenites soon BTFO for good. The Kikery ends with their welfare state unmasked for what it is, a cancer on the world.

e4ff91  No.3998120

File: 8d1cdf35b47875b⋯.png (35.27 KB, 697x288, 697:288, 1434.png)

d6a87d  No.3998121

File: 8a8c236b94387de⋯.jpg (365.78 KB, 717x606, 239:202, 5.jpg)



Jews were heavily involved in the KKK, which hated Black people (and by the way, Hillary Cliton’s mentor was a KKK member). From the book “When Victims Rule”:

“Jewish mythology claims a long history of moral superiority over others, and innocence. The original Ku Klux Klan (1865-1876), however, was not hostile to Jews and even had Jewish members, including Simon Baruch, the father of the Quarter-Master General of the Confederate Army. (The father of Bernard Baruch, the Chairman of the War Industries Board under President Woodrow Wilson in World War I, was a member of the Ku Klux Klan). [COIT, M., 1957, p. 12-13] The Secretary of State of the Confederacy (initially its Secretary of War) was also of Jewish birth, Judah P. Benjamin. [RUBINSTEIN, p. 20] After the war Benjamin fled to England. David de Leon was the first Surgeon General of the Confederacy. [GOLDBERG, M. H., 1976, p. 172] Other prominent Confederate Jews included Edwin Moise, Speaker of the Louisiana House; Raphael Moses who "was influential in leading Georgia out of the Union;" Henry Hyans, the Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana leading up to the Civil War; and Edwin de Leon, "whom Benjamin sent to Paris to handle public relations and propaganda for the South." "The prominent role of Jews in the Confederacy," notes Nathaniel Weyl, "is generally either ignored or condensed into shamefaced footnotes by those historians of American Jewry whose opinions conform to the liberal-leftist stereotype." [WEYL, N., 1968, p. 54]”

Source: https://archive.is/kk4rx

4650d1  No.3998122

File: e6f5f1be84cf2b4⋯.png (1.49 MB, 2222x5364, 1111:2682, who.png)

File: 044c327cf9af1fd⋯.png (1.19 MB, 848x1111, 848:1111, SBTS.png)

File: 9d331a68fc563a1⋯.png (3.86 MB, 999x6599, 999:6599, nationalism.png)

File: ef48999f1946de6⋯.png (401.14 KB, 768x512, 3:2, MuellerJudgment.png)

e4ff91  No.3998123

File: 4c955ab1e08c523⋯.png (33.01 KB, 920x284, 230:71, 2337.png)

e4ff91  No.3998124

File: 26e417899bfa2de⋯.png (139.08 KB, 829x514, 829:514, 1581.png)

ba93df  No.3998125

File: dc2de166fea33a8⋯.mp4 (2.2 MB, 400x400, 1:1, obama with a reporter.mp4)

Obama and the leftist/communist double standard.

remember this? Obama kicked the reporter OUT but also said is was disrespectful to interrupt the president

dd20c7  No.3998126

Historic: at the DMZ South and North Korean soldiers shake hands Two Koreas connect DMZ road across border: Seoul (November 2018)

28fe0d  No.3998127



d6a87d  No.3998128

File: 82112cd5c518efa⋯.jpg (500.85 KB, 2640x1454, 1320:727, ADL_censorship.jpg)

File: 71b00e38b6faef4⋯.png (243.85 KB, 622x601, 622:601, ADL_Dislikes_SCOTUS_Pick_K.png)

File: 889234790477f61⋯.png (770.01 KB, 1052x1067, 1052:1067, ADL_origins.png)

File: 156ac8cc5bf2628⋯.jpg (183.85 KB, 650x1000, 13:20, ADL_origins_Leo_Frank.jpg)

File: 8d517954e55a22c⋯.png (34.63 KB, 704x584, 88:73, Fucking_Goys.png)



32c82b  No.3998129




thank you anons. time to go home. give 'em hell for me. o7

4650d1  No.3998130

File: 33312034016f607⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1252x1111, 1252:1111, Madame-Pepedour.png)

File: ff06d626a3d41e2⋯.png (7.53 MB, 3952x2222, 1976:1111, lrdtab.png)

File: 217a7f435a2c544⋯.png (321.62 KB, 600x450, 4:3, happykittens.png)

File: 283039969e39231⋯.png (860.09 KB, 1280x817, 1280:817, HAPPY-CAMPAIGN-O'BAMA.png)

File: 7064364ec7adb0f⋯.png (737.75 KB, 1111x613, 1111:613, funhealthydeliciouswithjoh….png)

e4ff91  No.3998131

File: 9a7b6bfe50bfec4⋯.png (34.77 KB, 1571x145, 1571:145, do your own research.png)

dae6bb  No.3998132

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is GOA !!! (1995) or erlier :)

ok, Fraggles are lefties, but ….

16ac94  No.3998133

[[ e4ff91 ]]

5ef167  No.3998134



c194c8  No.3998135


We all know is bullshit, but there are just enough uber right wing nut jobs out there to keep feeding the myth alive.

There are also certain groups (which are seen here as well) that propagate this.

The bigots, the shills and the slider all serve to perpetuate this.

Fuck them.

1913f6  No.3998136


good times..

d6a87d  No.3998137



e4ff91  No.3998138

File: a0a2f6c45282b28⋯.jpg (191.72 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, PatriotForeignDomestic2.jpg)

d76afb  No.3998139



None of us are alone. Ever.

WWG1WGA, literally.

323202  No.3998140


Looking good, baker. You're rockin' it. Shills flood the board at bread changes to fuck with bakers. Best way to circumvent is to bake early, but that does mean that late notables get overlooked so it's a devil's bargain. I still got you on backup (still working on #5081 bun)

If I might make a suggestion for bakers and helperanons on final bun posts: I like keep the top clean of everything but the bread #, and to post any additional comments below, so when users hover over (and for phonefags esp.) they can see as many notes as possible in their field of view. To this end, I also don't put pics in notes bun posts.

1339f7  No.3998141

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Deep State Mechanisms of Control

c07715  No.3998142


You are literally on the wrong board. Go to /pol/ Anon - this is a board for reaserch on Q realated stuff. Why do you ignore Q ? WWG1WGA - why do you come here to push division ? You are a shill.

376719  No.3998143

File: c2d8bace2bed2a3⋯.jpg (123.31 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 2n856j.jpg)

>>3997978 (lb)

Fake Q asks "Who am I?"


Answer is

77967c  No.3998144

File: 0f37fb0497c00ac⋯.png (266.94 KB, 995x1131, 995:1131, clinton-curb-migration.png)

Hillary Clinton calls on Europe to curb migration to halt right-wing populists

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is calling on European leaders to enact stricter immigration policies in order to counter the growing threat of right-wing populism on the continent.

“I think Europe needs to get a handle on migration because that is what lit the flame,” Clinton told The Guardian in an interview published Thursday, referring to the rise of anti-immigrant politicians across Europe.

“I admire the very generous and compassionate approaches that were taken particularly by leaders like [German Chancellor] Angela Merkel," she said, "but I think it is fair to say Europe has done its part, and must send a very clear message — ‘we are not going to be able to continue provide refuge and support’ — because if we don’t deal with the migration issue it will continue to roil the body politic.”

Clinton's comments are likely to prove divisive in Europe, where an influx of refugees over the past several years has led to an increasingly polarized political climate, growing fear of terrorism and the emergence of numerous insurgent populist parties.


dd20c7  No.3998146

George Papadopoulos @GeorgePapa19


It’s not really a secret who the British “sources” were that were illicitly spying on Trump and me and others. They are fighting to keep this private. I will lay them out here:

1) Tobias Ellwood

2) Stefan Halper

3) Alexander Downer

4) British Embassy in DC


6) Erika T

e4ff91  No.3998147

File: 8733e83f68ccf88⋯.png (1.28 MB, 896x653, 896:653, qqstuff2.png)

1d88fe  No.3998148


Okay… We'll settle for a screen shot. Kek.

(DO IT, Q!)

09cd35  No.3998149

File: 4e8ce052b61b3ad⋯.jpg (113.41 KB, 1305x803, 1305:803, 4e8ce052b61b3ad0447b6db51e….jpg)


The thing is that you're not alone. We're all in this together. Was black pilled for a long time from spending so much time on halfpol then POTUS and Q showed up. Can say I'm comfy again in the red pill zone enjoying the show. Keep your head up BIGLY things are happening.

d6a87d  No.3998150

File: 4daf771f9c317ad⋯.png (53.8 KB, 829x200, 829:200, t_Crazy_jew_1.PNG)

File: b2e4c63edefaffd⋯.png (31.17 KB, 685x166, 685:166, t_Crazy_jew_2.PNG)

File: 39ee4b5d48a44b1⋯.png (10.46 KB, 790x153, 790:153, Threat_1.PNG)


>(which are seen here as well)



4650d1  No.3998151

File: fbe28b673e4b9e8⋯.png (557.93 KB, 918x918, 1:1, FrankieFuk.png)

File: e1e4535d7b3ccc9⋯.png (137.08 KB, 324x449, 324:449, farewellsweetlady.png)

File: 0f3663a456a6d9a⋯.png (493.64 KB, 777x686, 111:98, Etzhicalchunk.png)

File: f80b33102dccffe⋯.png (547.03 KB, 675x825, 9:11, DSE.png)

File: 98fe280b589cbc6⋯.png (254.89 KB, 620x435, 124:87, DebbieBombermanShultz.png)

c79bdf  No.3998152




09cd35  No.3998153

File: e163e5acf569b06⋯.mp4 (1.84 MB, 400x224, 25:14, ORANGEMAN_BAD_NPC.mp4)


36fafc  No.3998154

>>3997334, >>3997567, >>3997606, >>3997636

>Research on Soros D5 Coalition

>If we could take down such an organization,

>It would be like a D5 avalanche


We call that a KEYSTONE.

c0150f  No.3998155


mysterious wiretapper author revealed incontinent boomer right there

9907ae  No.3998156



Don't feel alone anon, we are all family here.

God bless you and your family.


10997d  No.3998157

File: 914d42120b7e006⋯.png (150.69 KB, 328x353, 328:353, Screenshot_2018-11-22 davi….png)

File: 1173bafd778f9b4⋯.png (486.78 KB, 591x422, 591:422, Screenshot-2018-6-16 Q Res….png)

File: 4ff741119588e8e⋯.png (200.54 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Screenshot_2018-11-22 davi….png)


He looks more like the guy on the couch in this picture.Does he wear makeup?

0edefb  No.3998158


Traps are gay ?

dae6bb  No.3998159


LSD vs MKUltra

4650d1  No.3998160

File: 154b3ec91357a6c⋯.png (189.61 KB, 476x418, 238:209, comingg.png)

File: 1d513d6d05e0ff4⋯.png (1.06 MB, 747x1111, 747:1111, Dan-Bongino.png)

File: c163607b8dc3e9c⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, ghoulsofpower.png)

File: d153636f5056f5a⋯.png (368.8 KB, 832x424, 104:53, GWBno.png)

File: 1a69403b0fb4fde⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 1111x1111, 1:1, goodbyex3.jpg)

d6a87d  No.3998161

File: 22867258fa18047⋯.mp4 (7.63 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Zionists_are_not_patriots.mp4)


Reminder that zionists are always traitors.

Notable part of the video, at 26 seconds:

“The State Department definition claims that stating that a particular Jewish person has more loyalty to the state of Israel than they do to their own Country is necessarily an example of antisemitism, where the truth is that is one of the fundamental premises of Zionism, and if you go back and look at the statement, say of, Theodor Herzl who really wrote what is considered the founding text of Zionism, he argued very clearly that Jews are one people and therefor is useless for them to be Patriots to the Countries in which they reside, so there is times where a statement like that gets contained in the definition of the State Department, where it actually undermines the founding premises of Zionism itself.”

So basically, zionism is a cancer in the West that has no place in any self respecting Country outside of Israel. Also note that Theodor Herzl was in the Rothschild and Warburg (FED founders) inner circle, and that the Rothschild were the main force behind the creation of Israel.

A jew might choose to be patriotic to their nation and not claim the Israeli citizenship.

Jews should not be persecuted for being of the jewish race.

That being said, all jewish group power is going to end, so all jews can be treated as individuals in the face of the law.

The dems are fucked (vote fraud), then the corrupt reps are fucked, then the zionist lobby is fucked, then we can unfuck shit at an astounding rate.

Its going to be very entertaining once the dems are nuked to shit politically, to have the FBI flow from the analysis of Clinton Foundation to the Israeli lobby. That's when the real fun starts.

The peaceful and fair solution to this issue of jewish group subversion of Western nations:


Educate the general population world-wide about the jewish supremacism issue and Israeli crime;


Ban all jewish interest groups in the West;


Ban all dual-citizenship politicians and judiciary in the West;


Cut all aid to israel;


Ban islam in the West because it is a supremacist ideology (make it illegal to: practice circumcision for religious purposes and; produce and/or sell Halal meat);


Ban judaism in the West because it is a supremacist ideology (make it illegal to: practice circumcision for religious purposes and; produce and/or sell Halal meat);


Terminate all “hate”-speech and “hate”-crime laws in the West, all hate speech and hate crime laws need to be done with, its a mechanism of censorship that thrives on false flags. ;


Terminate censorship online, so people can educate each other on the matter and lies and false narratives can’t take hold again;


Include the real history and facts about jewish subversion and Israeli crime in school programs so future generations are protected against it in the future, given that the biggest weapon of jewish subversion is ignorance, censorship and the memory holing of the facts about it.


At the end of the day, the zionist cabal doesn't give a shit about neither jews nor goyim.

They just make the plays they think they need to make to get as much power as possible.

32c82b  No.3998162

>>3998137 no cars where i'm going friend

1d88fe  No.3998163


I like the idea of just dropping…

"You know where they're having a really interesting discussion about that…? http://boards.4chan.org/pol/. You should TOTALLY check it out!"


7a22a9  No.3998164


You are here together with many many muhjooo shills, besides obvious concernshills.

Blended in shills reply to obvious concernshills, only to do muhjew shilling the same bread…

See the difference. Think for yourselves.

Q #1751

>Every C_A/MOS tactic of infiltration and internal disruption is being deployed on this board (central hub).

>The World is Here.


>This movement is bigger than anyone can possibly imagine.

>Peace through strength.


>They want you DIVIDED.












>Melania and I wish all Jewish people Shana Tova and send our warmest greetings to those celebrating Rosh Hashanah and the start of the High Holy Days…

d6a87d  No.3998165

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.






51b41f  No.3998166

File: 656cdc55e8dd4bd⋯.png (55.74 KB, 860x608, 215:152, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6bb2b11b849dcc1⋯.png (135.05 KB, 970x908, 485:454, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d34c74c74eb1dc2⋯.png (31.69 KB, 878x481, 878:481, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 44e9ff017437ad1⋯.png (48.07 KB, 640x548, 160:137, ClipboardImage.png)

Feinstein, Murray, Booker, Harris, et al. sign letter to Trump Administration against banning international students who break the VISA rules.


d6a87d  No.3998167




cc31c8  No.3998168

File: 7c62d5c74fa7cc4⋯.jpeg (45.88 KB, 360x360, 1:1, I, Putinius.jpeg)

File: 2a6e32de46fe788⋯.jpeg (23.56 KB, 237x358, 237:358, TrumpetusMaximus.jpeg)


The painting on the wall!!!

445608  No.3998169

>> 3998142

<You are literally on the wrong board. Go to /pol/ Anon - this is a board for reaserch on Q realated stuff. Why do you ignore Q ? WWG1WGA - why do you come here to push division ? You are a shill.

Bait taken by targeted species, the jew.

Many more in every bread, replying their scripted NPC tropes & projecting

Filter or ignore c07715 (1)

f8715c  No.3998170

File: 7da7c2492083213⋯.png (194.4 KB, 1033x920, 1033:920, ClipboardImage.png)

>>3997514 (lb)

Compare search query

Organic results?

Lost power Storm is here

<pic related

d6a87d  No.3998171

File: de76cd05687a9af⋯.png (45.56 KB, 1040x586, 520:293, Poster_The_Lobby_USA_promo….png)

File: 0e6b614716810fc⋯.png (45.99 KB, 1040x586, 520:293, Poster_The_Lobby_USA_promo….png)

File: 87503685ca21c84⋯.jpg (744.75 KB, 3094x2524, 1547:1262, VARIATION_1_2.jpg)


Have you watched the "The Lobby: USA" documentary?

Do you want to raise awareness to it and the crimes of election meddling AIPAC against American citizens on American soil?

Now its easy! Just share this meme online and IRL and get the general public behind the termination of AIPAC, once and for all!


Part 1:













Go print 100 of those, spread them around then call the local news with a burner and act like a concerned Israel first traitor so we can get free publicity for the documentary.


*If you’re going to glue the poster/flier, make sure it is legal to do so where you’re going to do it and make sure that you DO NOT PRACTICE VANDALISM while doing it, which means, if you can glue it legally, then use easy to remove wheat paste to do so.

Guide to DIY wheat paste: archive.is/WQb0b

**Most printers put a fingerprint on printed documents. Read up: https://computer-hardware.wonderhowto.com/how-to/view-your-printers-secret-dots-fingerprints-271717/

ALWAYS go to a copy shop and pay cash.

Alternately, buy a really cheap printer and dispose of if it after printing your posters.

Bought 2nd hand with cash would be optimal.

**Always verify the QR code’s links using a free web site before printing!

08df26  No.3998172


ty anon, highly appreciated


can confirm, shilliest Thanksgiving Day in history

>>3998140 Yes, this happened to me the last time I baked and I had to do the same thing. Ended up not being able to post at all eventually due to "flood detection" error. It's crazy. Great tips, I like it. On the job training is best training, kek.

>>3998154 yep, key=info + stone=those who take action. Damn son.

2502e3  No.3998173

File: ac5d7b82bbdcacb⋯.png (301.06 KB, 499x325, 499:325, 2018-11-22_16-38-20.png)


Unhinged Democrats



0ebd3a  No.3998174

File: 2d15ecf94746d94⋯.png (2.34 MB, 2208x1242, 16:9, Emmett.png)

d244e8  No.3998175

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

If you don't watch this………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don'y make me say next.

b1b1b5  No.3998176

File: eabddd13da3f231⋯.png (388.48 KB, 514x824, 257:412, Jewish Diversity.PNG)

File: bce5bcf279abdd6⋯.jpg (111.64 KB, 960x429, 320:143, White Nationalism.jpg)

File: 4fd9f82eb420558⋯.jpg (297.66 KB, 1516x810, 758:405, Loxism.jpg)

File: 1247bbb0ffd8bd2⋯.png (421.32 KB, 967x784, 967:784, Jews re Europe.png)

52ba6a  No.3998177

File: 4349c7119531145⋯.jpeg (75.62 KB, 850x483, 850:483, 58a3a128f27a0ee8e23148c07….jpeg)

280f98  No.3998178

File: 02c533a537ad17f⋯.jpg (35.51 KB, 1127x266, 161:38, flagall.jpg)

File: 73ff793f7dc5b52⋯.png (116.14 KB, 474x239, 474:239, ClipboardImage.png)

c6062f  No.3998179

File: 3181aebaefa1587⋯.jpg (59.79 KB, 720x405, 16:9, DsovpfgVsAAwGBf.jpg)

d76afb  No.3998180


Thank God for Life

Thank God for Family

Thank God for Frens

Thank God for Anons

Thank God for POTUS & all good people

Thank God for evil, showing who we are not

Thank God for Q

Thank God for Life

Thank God for Light

Thank God for God

d6a87d  No.3998181

File: 6c113743fca8fd6⋯.jpg (171.63 KB, 643x681, 643:681, Hasbara_Trolls_1.jpg)

File: f457913cdfd6d80⋯.jpg (516.62 KB, 810x570, 27:19, Hasbara_Trolls_3.jpg)

File: 56d54ed111626ee⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1271x2097, 1271:2097, IDF_Shilling_Grills.png)

File: 836965582abd422⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 3668x3284, 917:821, JDIF.jpg)

File: fe26ba6250c6e79⋯.jpg (353.56 KB, 1272x1023, 424:341, JDIF_10Fold.jpg)



If you’re making criticism of Israel equal to shilling and dividing, you’re part of the traitor Israel first Psyop. Read BO’s post about your activities here, Israel first traitor: >>3842120 ; >>3866750

What do you think about having the Israeli Ministries ordering people from AIPAC committing crimes against American people in American soil in order to politically benefit Israel?

>This is what you fear:

Biggest expose of the anti-America first Israeli Lobby in the history of journalism

An Al Jazeera journalist went 5 months undercover (in the spirit of Veritas MO) into AIPAC (he is a British jew), and the very top levels of Israeli administration are involved in the espionage, harassment, smear, silencing of American citizens due to their need to maintain support for Israel at any cost, the expense always being booted by the American tax payers and violation of the US 1st Amend.

This will radically change your views on Israel if you are still under the illusion that Israel is an ally of any Western Country.

Part 1:


Part 2:


>Some scenes:

-Israeli activist in the US claims to use false Facebook accounts to monitor US citizens and any sharing of information that might hurt American general public support of Israel. She communicates their identities directly to Ministries in Israel.

-Israel attacks supporters of the BDS movement world-wide, because they are a non-violent group that decided to be so due to it being the best strategy against the zionist military occupation.

-Israel uses top of the line social media technology to flag, censor, and if necessary harass and spy on any American and non-American that posts information that might hurt general public support for Israel

815a4d  No.3998182

File: c9135a47b70042f⋯.jpg (1.97 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_0882.JPG)

i hope i can become at least half as based as this guy.


This guy stares these criminals in the face and congress wouldn't even make eye contact because they were so busted!!!

07139f  No.3998183

File: dc1d4a41d8f07dc⋯.jpg (110.96 KB, 621x949, 621:949, 3.JPG)

Grassley Receives Small Business Award


ff6ab4  No.3998184

File: 1787c6d4b7e4c30⋯.jpeg (284.37 KB, 750x1242, 125:207, CFD29F91-24E0-4E10-B9D2-5….jpeg)

d244e8  No.3998185



My baby!!!

18817b  No.3998186

File: fbb5991a6c675b7⋯.jpg (264.52 KB, 800x1225, 32:49, Become A Radio-trician.jpg)

Rollye James is doing her annual (streaming) World's Worst Hit Records/I hate the holidays Thanksgiving Show 8pm MST.

Listened to a lot of '90s radio Art Bell → Rollye James → Chuck Harder → William Cooper → Q and you all

Happy Thanksgiving & thanks for all the red-pills.

b768aa  No.3998187

File: 6e6a85e4e9d6665⋯.jpg (137.61 KB, 1296x864, 3:2, pepe princess-leia R2D2 sl….jpg)

File: fd9673e658ed23d⋯.jpg (104.31 KB, 1296x864, 3:2, pepe princess-leia fett 01….jpg)

File: 4f25343fdd703e0⋯.jpg (278.38 KB, 900x600, 3:2, pepe water_nymph be worthy.jpg)

File: 9c808868a4a52f8⋯.png (788.32 KB, 1200x802, 600:401, pepe uncle sam you.png)

"What’s in a name?

That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet".

What's in a name?

Those that are called Anon by any other name would be as resolute.

What one is called by others doesn't matter so much. Hold fast to what one IS. That "is", for many here, is being able to see. See through the lies that others tell. See through the lies weakness tempts ones self with. See into that self, and be able to appreciate, understand, and nurture…

This anon imagines it thusly; Some waters are cloudy, murky and dark, while others are crystal, clear and bright. Cabal programming is largly an agent of cloudy, murky darkness in the mind. Critical thought, striving to rid the mind of logical fallicies gives agency to a crystal, clear and bright mind. When one can't see into the water one is submerged within every bump and brush felt can trigger panic. When one can see clear to the white limestone sand bottom 120 ft down, well, there are no surprises. Just exploration.

This anon imagines it thusly; One is 130 ft tall, standing in 120 ft of water, observing the distance, or examining the goings on within the mind beneath the surface. The mind, in this, is a biome. An environment for ideas to live within. With a crystal, clear and bright mind, one can go anywhere in that vast ocean, the subconscous, to appreciate, understand, and nurture. Some things boring, but vital. Other things beautiful, important for that alone. All of it available, one just has to go there in mind.

When one tends to the oceanic garden of ideas that is the mind, outside poison/influence/confusion is easy to spot. When one tends after ones integrity with a fierce devotion to self honesty, the right thing is all too plain to see. How can one not do the right thing when one sees it? Regardless of cost. What does one call another that perseveres in spite of incredible adversity?

An Hero. Not that one could tell that based on the Cabalist definitions they give to the word/concept. They've been trying to abort even the IDEA of an hero. Shit, "try hard" is a pejorative with the sheep. How they must have hated Arete. That ancient Greek idea of pursuing life with an eye always on excellence. Striving to be everything that one is cabable of. Yeah, they don't like that much.

One might suggest that we need much more of that in the world. One might even suggest that we need more heroes. Why not be ones OWN hero? Be the hero of ones own story? Pursue what is right, with excellence as a parralel goal, regardless of cost, in spite of incredible adversity…

Sounds a bit like the anons. With the shills/clowns/etc. playing the role of anti-hero. Hats off to the anti-heroes. They are manning the guns even as the ship goes down (it's never too late to do the right thing). Be ones own hero. I think FLOTUS nails it with, "be Best".

Being able to see gives challange and purpose to life. Anons have embraced this, and put it to work. This is why the community was chosen to help free us all. A blessing or a curse, being unable to look away from the lies is the point.

Our founding fathers did not turn away either. Patriots looked at this long list of wrongs and stood firm, resolute, in their resistance to them. They were ignored (and in turn ignored the cries of the tyrants).They were mocked (and mocked in return, but with panache). They were fought (and they fought, with more honor, character and resolve), and then they won.

Good wins. The founders would have had a chuckle at the antics of Pepe. Yankee Doodle anyone? Americans are from stellar shitposting stock. Making fun of liars, cheats and tyrants is in our DNA. More and more Americans are awakening to that spirit everyday.

(Dems(Establishment(Cabal))) should know that there is no escape. Too many are awake. Too many see. There is no going back.



are myhero.

What's in a name, My'Anon? Be Best.

Free America.

Free the World.

We have much to be thankful for, Patriots.


c194c8  No.3998188

Hey, BO/BV, how much longer are you going to let the Jew bigots shills and sliders spam the board?

Asking for a fren

e471b4  No.3998189

File: 60bca341e414773⋯.jpg (62.39 KB, 960x878, 480:439, cfdff169610d551c46d6ab5f8c….jpg)

0ebd3a  No.3998190



There must be someone you can talk to that is not on an Anonymous board

ac3baa  No.3998191

File: eb7e1629df86785⋯.jpg (121.67 KB, 760x569, 760:569, holofake .jpg)

192ab5  No.3998192


Shill << but truth, unfortunately =(

376719  No.3998193

File: 2724650b3cc5f25⋯.jpg (55.3 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 2jsbyr.jpg)


Well isn`t that rich. She is with the cabal that de-stabilized the middle east creating the migrants, she is backed by the money that is funding the migrants, she opposes closing the border to migrants in the US, and yet here she is calling for stricter immigration controls to be enacted by the globalist EU to curb the migration into Europe. The demon has many heads……

ef55e0  No.3998194

File: 6d06bf715062081⋯.jpg (598.67 KB, 1224x2336, 153:292, v4cr fuckery 1.jpg)

File: 96c900efb3bd42c⋯.jpg (465.07 KB, 1235x1600, 247:320, v4cr fuckery 2.jpg)

File: 0f9d13968ac0771⋯.jpg (502.49 KB, 1252x1600, 313:400, v4cr fuckery 3.jpg)

>>3998003 (LB)


Shortly after flip-flopping on VOP camp findings, the V4CR site posted an expose on VOP founder's criminal past. They included a picture of a man and a charge of child sex crimes. Problem is it wasn't the VOP founder. Same name, but different birthday. the pic had a case number and the case number led to the birthday. Many people, self included, posted this info and asked for correction. We were deleted and banned. I managed to capture this afterward. The first two are the buildup. Note the time bottom right. The last show these light-workers being deleted. What Warrior for children would do this?

Get on the right side of history.

d6a87d  No.3998195

File: 0ce754a68e15dc0⋯.jpg (260.14 KB, 1675x1405, 335:281, 1_The_Lobby_Part_2_Campaig….jpg)

File: 3016f5af6749530⋯.jpg (372.24 KB, 1681x1875, 1681:1875, 2_The_Lobby_Part_2_Straw_D….jpg)

File: c05cd34598ccab4⋯.jpg (490.8 KB, 1678x2350, 839:1175, 3_The_Lobby_Part_2_Buying_….jpg)

File: bbff365c9cd00b7⋯.jpg (479.47 KB, 1200x2350, 24:47, 4_The_Lobby_Part_1_The_Isr….jpg)

File: 8caa0651eb7730b⋯.jpg (296.72 KB, 1200x1347, 400:449, 5_The_Lobby_Part_1_BDS_and….jpg)


>The rundown of the documentary:

UK jew infiltrates AIPAC doing undercover jounalistic work and catches a shit load of crimes and admission of crimes on US soil against US citizens on camera with their faces and names fully exposed. All of those criminals work on the behalf of the Israeli government to keep general public support of Israel as high as possible.

We need to get 10% of the US population to watch it, even if they watch only the first part, and we need to incite them to pressure the gov into bringing these AIPAC criminals to justice.

If we do that, ZOG collapses in the US, due to general public support for Israel collapsing.


1913f6  No.3998196


Yahel 4 the people..

b1b1b5  No.3998197

File: c87407a795359c1⋯.jpg (261.09 KB, 2678x1764, 1339:882, Schreiber.jpg)

7a22a9  No.3998198

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Hitler vs QANON and His Army


5ef167  No.3998199

Who/what is FAKE Q?

Why is it/he here?

Are humans passive?

Sheep dogs say "ignore the shills"– what are "the shills"?

What are they "selling"?

What/who is FAKE Q?

What is mirroring?

What is inversion?

When fake Q says "think Keyser Soze", WHO is he/it referring to?

On the surface, FAKE Q is "shilling against real Q…"– "Who am I? 'think Keyser Soze'…"

Are humans passive?

Are humans waiting like sheep?

Are humans fighting?

Are humans questioning?

Why is this board the way it is?

Why is it allowed to be the way it is?

Do humans question?

Are humans passive?

Why aren't FAKE Q posts deleted?


Are patriots awake?

Are patriots asking questions?

Are patriots fighting?

ddd3c7  No.3998200

Happy Thanksgiving, anons!!

Gonna be pushing the stage on and off the field at halftime for the Cowboys; been doing this for years, and wouldn't trade it for the world: making it happen for you guys!

7a22a9  No.3998201


<bot bot bot bot bot

Hello tiresias.

c07715  No.3998202

55 years ago today Anons the deep state got JFK

dad0e8  No.3998203

>>3997892 (pb)

Nah. What I meant was

"Who cares about about LDR - a person with so litter self-regard that she repeatedly shoved her weird pig snout up Hillary the Broken Doll's poop chute?"

76887a  No.3998204

File: db4f34582728d51⋯.gif (496.44 KB, 320x240, 4:3, kennedy-assassination-head….gif)

Limo Driver Delivers Final JFK Shot

(newspaper article July 7 1992 p 29 - 32)


d244e8  No.3998205

go watch ray donovan for free!!!

delect with a great tv series!!


d6a87d  No.3998206

File: e773cbda918bfa4⋯.jpg (312.97 KB, 1200x1344, 25:28, 6_The_Lobby_Part_1_College….jpg)

File: 1a71dcc543289f9⋯.jpg (227.66 KB, 840x1885, 168:377, 7_The_Lobby_Part_2_AIPAC_a….jpg)

File: 5989026adb17c33⋯.jpg (234.61 KB, 837x1864, 837:1864, 8_The_Lobby_Part_4_shill_B….jpg)

File: f51054f659b4007⋯.png (743.04 KB, 837x1120, 837:1120, 9_Israeli_government_anti_….png)

File: 293752675fb32a4⋯.jpg (177.08 KB, 1200x1007, 1200:1007, 10_The_Lobby_Part_3_Anonym….jpg)


More on the crimes and treason of AIPAC.

They include spying on and harassing Americans on American soil in response to direct orders from Israeli Ministries, bribing congressman and using strawman donors to work around election donation laws.


6ef3ad  No.3998207

File: 6fef8e7d8a91d3c⋯.jpg (117.02 KB, 1600x1116, 400:279, pope-francis-listening.jpg)

Man arrested after anti-Semitic rant on plane, reportedly saying 'all Jews raise their hands'


445608  No.3998208

>> 3998164

<You are here together with many many muhjooo shills, besides obvious concernshills.

not this shit again, Kike it failed it's failing & will always fail to accomplish your objective, as a bonus it draws more eyes & curiosity piqued brains to the parasitical nature of your ilk, so jst keep trying, Israel first traitor, your backfiring pilpul is sinking your welfare state with every attempt.

77967c  No.3998209


Indeed. Who's responsible for the death of Gaddafi and the destabilization of Libya that triggered the invasion of Europe?

d6a87d  No.3998210

File: 963e6a6310df204⋯.png (961.95 KB, 1348x2760, 337:690, 1_Slander_Against_Hitler_J….png)

File: 118c601716c1e1d⋯.jpg (28.53 KB, 640x369, 640:369, 2_He_knows_nazis_are_evil_….jpg)

File: d1e1770d96ef6a7⋯.png (331.69 KB, 604x658, 302:329, MSM_compares_Trump_to_Hitl….png)

File: d8e242f1f88ed17⋯.jpg (113.67 KB, 749x697, 749:697, Trump_Hitler_MSM.jpg)

File: 1e8d421bb7f9335⋯.png (565.39 KB, 622x569, 622:569, Trump_Nazi.png)



Top kek, Hitler was smeared to shit by the same people that call Trump a nazi today, the treasonous jewish and zionist MSM and the pedos in Hollywood :)

d1deb9  No.3998211



I think i found something relevant to this.


China did not establish normal diplomatic relations with Israel until 1992. Since then, Israel and China have developed increasingly close strategic economic, military and technological links with each other. Israel maintains an embassy in Beijing and is planning to open a new consulate in Chengdu, its third in Mainland China

China's status as a potential world power has prompted Israel to maintain closer ties with China by integrating China's global influence with Israel's pragmatic economic management, political stability and its regional strategic importance in the Middle East. Beijing has appreciated Israel's political stability and diplomatic ingenuity and sees the Jewish state as one of the regional pillars for securing China's influence in the Middle East and the entire world

Did Israel subvert China?

5ef167  No.3998212

Do patriots here make threads?

What happens?

Do patriots here question what happens when they make threads?

Or just give up?

Or stay passive like sheep?

Can patriots make QUALITY threads here?

Or can they not?

Are patriots questioning why, or accepting like sheep?

Are patriots volunteering to "bake" here– or passively accepting that SOMEONE ELSE is doing it?

Who is prevented from baking?

Do patriots question it, or graze passively like sheep?

Patriots graze….?

Patriots FIGHT…?

c194c8  No.3998213


WTF is wrong with you?

e471b4  No.3998214

File: 4b590ea752213a4⋯.jpg (164.52 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 4b590ea752213a4f347e9b5674….jpg)

d6a87d  No.3998215

File: 2990854bc45325f⋯.png (63.67 KB, 1274x520, 49:20, ADL_Facebook_Google_jewish….PNG)

File: 416c3e29ff45e1c⋯.png (87.63 KB, 1287x692, 1287:692, Censorship_jews_USA_archiv….PNG)

File: 2f92d30b8e97cfb⋯.png (481.71 KB, 605x670, 121:134, Censorship_jews_USA_archiv….PNG)

File: c9f36b1373a06d3⋯.png (538.57 KB, 696x680, 87:85, Censorship_jews_USA.png)

File: af45d3b44c122c8⋯.jpg (399.01 KB, 800x1013, 800:1013, Trump_no_censorship.jpg)



b1a669  No.3998216



TY Anon and thank you our Almighty God for all these blessings!

ad5bb0  No.3998217

File: dba15c0f06c5b4f⋯.png (55.17 KB, 623x527, 623:527, twitter_com_sibeledmonds_s….png)

Happy Thanksgiving

Bumping 4ch/pol/ thread on Khashoggi, FBI/CIA/MI6, PapaD/Page, Misfud, bin Talal again.

For the Thanksgivers today, this whole thing leads back to Obama, the MB, and their handlers…this is what PapaD and crew are trying to expose.


d6a87d  No.3998218

File: 4e433a92838ab2c⋯.jpg (437.63 KB, 1200x2356, 300:589, 11_The_Lobby_Part_3_Anonym….jpg)

File: 01964d9f7ebcacc⋯.jpg (404.24 KB, 1200x2015, 240:403, 12_The_Lobby_Part_3_Antise….jpg)

File: 3e712b57dfb2b56⋯.jpg (268.67 KB, 1200x1672, 150:209, 13_The_Lobby_Part_3_Canary….jpg)

File: b4bd5e311b165c1⋯.jpg (702.05 KB, 1200x3347, 1200:3347, 14_The_Lobby_Part_3_Canary….jpg)

File: 9d70d0d48cdf98f⋯.jpg (254.87 KB, 1200x1336, 150:167, 15_The_Lobby_Part_3_Jacob_….jpg)


>More on the crimes and treason of AIPAC.

They include spying on and harassing Americans on American soil in response to direct orders from Israeli Ministries, bribing congressman and using strawman donors to work around election donation laws.


52ba6a  No.3998219

File: bb149212162b97e⋯.jpeg (38.98 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Dsh6oN0UwAA18DZ.jpg-large.jpeg)

665f52  No.3998220

File: 813f5be26f924ca⋯.jpg (6.12 KB, 310x163, 310:163, nonjew.jpg)















HA HA organge man love israel triggers this poster


this poster not like us (pic related)

or is he?

hey boy please wiener selfie to prove you are goyim

dae6bb  No.3998221




d6a87d  No.3998222

File: 1efa91cecda0404⋯.png (116.14 KB, 652x652, 1:1, 1_Neocons_Trotskyites_1.PNG)

File: ada0c3ec5e212a6⋯.png (111.92 KB, 625x674, 625:674, 1_Neocons_Trotskyites_2.PNG)

File: 52d9a20421f48a2⋯.gif (1.13 MB, 1912x4168, 239:521, Marxism_Jews_Trotsky_Neoco….gif)

File: 25b17b4635e6d63⋯.jpg (23.78 KB, 420x291, 140:97, War_Makers_1_Saddam.jpg)

File: 2f46ea97cdfb4b2⋯.jpg (292.26 KB, 1200x937, 1200:937, War_Makers_4_Iraq_25_Most_….jpg)



7a22a9  No.3998223

Donald Trump on His Commitment to Jewish Americans and Israel

I love Israel and honor and respect the Jewish faith and tradition. It's important that we have a president who feels the same way. For me, respect and reverence for Judaism is personal. My daughter Ivanka and my son-in-law Jared are raising their children in the Jewish faith, always reminding me the important values and lessons we learn about leadership, resolve, and families in Jewish tradition. My administration will stand side by side with the Jewish people and Israel's leaders to continue strengthening the bridges that connect not only Jewish Americans and Israelis, but also all Americans and Israelis. Together, we will stand up to the enemies like Iran, bent on destroying Israel and your people. Together, we will make America and Israel safe again.


665f52  No.3998224


homo poster pyscho cus of hisdickcutfag

cant look down to see hos own traitor proofs

07139f  No.3998225

File: ec71208ac38034b⋯.jpg (104.79 KB, 675x806, 675:806, 3.JPG)

File: 51b5312ba700ee9⋯.jpg (92.42 KB, 677x602, 677:602, 4.JPG)

File: 934bac174a227df⋯.jpg (105.55 KB, 690x847, 690:847, 5.JPG)

File: 2414857d5705db0⋯.jpg (53.6 KB, 689x422, 689:422, 6.JPG)

Black Twitter rolls out red carpet for awards


Just a thought for "red carpet event"… will the criminals be rolled out on twitter? Seems like that's the way it's been happening. Comey's subpoena was a red carpet event.

16ac94  No.3998226


flood means you're hitting "make new thread" more than once. if it's taking a long time to post, open a new catalog tab and the new thread will probably be there.

8901d4  No.3998227

I'm thankful for Q and team. I'm thankful for anons. Now that I'm thankful I'd like to bomb the C_A.

5ef167  No.3998228



Are patriots fighting?

How to fight, [here]?

Are patriots asking questions?

Why are we [here]?

How much inorganic shilling is here?

Do patriots question this?

We are [HERE] for a reason.


Does Q prefer for the truth to be drowned in bullshit?

But then WHY are we here?

Are patriots trying to answer, or grazing passively and WAITING for something?

If something looks WRONG, then ask, question…?

Do patriots FIGHT?

If this board is continually drowned in fake shit, and we ARE here for a reason, then does a puzzle need to be solved?

Why isn't it?

What is a sheep dog?

Do sheep dogs keep the passive, timid humans in line?

When will the humans wake up and fight?

649d84  No.3998229


Is he sending a message?

Matisse in Morocco

A USA/USSR joint project?

That was when Matisse made several paintings of goldfish.

7a22a9  No.3998230

To all the shills,

Please, be the lost sheeps that return to their Lord and father and that are welcomed by him. God loves all his children.

Your masters don't give a shit about you, like their masters don't give a shit about them.

All considered profane, sheep.

They will send you to death w/o a blink.

Cut evil masonic ties. Stay away from the lodge and 'brothers'. Now.

You can save yourselves, bc you are so many, they can't doorknob you all!

YOUR chance is NOW. Few time left.

You are shilling (and educating yourselves) here so long, you see God is winning. Join the good site, don't oppose.

Pray. Be saved.

>>3879331 pb - Luke 15:1-7, The Parable of the Lost Sheep

Why the secret handshake between police and Freemasons should worry us



Albert Pike: "The Masonic Religion should be, by all of us initates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian Doctrine."

Fuck MLK!


d6a87d  No.3998231

File: 53c00cb939507c8⋯.png (11.15 KB, 611x99, 611:99, NAACP_defends_Chinese_cp_s….PNG)

File: 2bf5caf163b4ba2⋯.png (172.49 KB, 915x583, 915:583, NAACP_defends_Chinese_cp_s….PNG)

File: 1082c7cf8a46c08⋯.jpg (2.13 MB, 800x9639, 800:9639, NAACP_defends_Chinese_cp_s….jpg)



2af054  No.3998233


Projection at its finest. Think mirror. Hillary can't look in one because she's a Medusa.

d244e8  No.3998234



f5f243  No.3998235

File: 487fbc7ba6a8c57⋯.jpg (216.47 KB, 954x722, 477:361, honeycomb.jpg)

File: 2b8d2b109f31f66⋯.jpg (61.82 KB, 586x414, 293:207, plight.jpg)

2502e3  No.3998236

File: 34faf0f4f36476c⋯.png (315.83 KB, 479x373, 479:373, 2018-11-22_16-46-24.png)

34cd52  No.3998237

TY Baker.

Good to know we're in safe hands.

ef55e0  No.3998238

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Can someone translate (alleged source of claim)???

dad0e8  No.3998239


Kek - "Sac County",

Love Grassley bc he's the definition of cool, tho.

c194c8  No.3998240

File: 8af0b023292664a⋯.png (138.13 KB, 238x228, 119:114, spam.png)

d6a87d  No.3998241

File: e52d2935d1280f8⋯.jpg (392.65 KB, 1200x2010, 40:67, 16_The_Lobby_Part_3_False_….jpg)

File: 776fcc63fb226c3⋯.jpg (181.19 KB, 841x1407, 841:1407, 17_The_Lobby_Part_3_Israel….jpg)

File: 56f020067512328⋯.jpg (165.82 KB, 1200x1004, 300:251, 18_The_Lobby_Part_3_Slande….jpg)

File: 386b0179516e676⋯.jpg (398.87 KB, 1200x2016, 25:42, 19_The_Lobby_Part_3_Using_….jpg)

File: 177a51d7f950968⋯.jpg (65.37 KB, 845x472, 845:472, 20_Antisemitism_aint_what_….jpg)


<More on the crimes and treason of AIPAC.

They include spying on and harassing Americans on American soil in response to direct orders from Israeli Ministries, bribing congressman and using strawman donors to work around election donation laws.




e471b4  No.3998242

File: 41cf370ae72ae12⋯.png (233.21 KB, 1100x756, 275:189, 41cf370ae72ae127d7b019aaed….png)

d244e8  No.3998243




Aliens, come see this!!!!


26b1ac  No.3998244


BLACK Twitter? WTF?

I suppose we just shorten it.

Black Twitter = Bitter

White Twitter = Witter

Jew Twitter = Jitter

Chinese Twitter = Chitter

Spanish Twitter = Spitter

Shill Twitter = Shitter

Miss any?

e0f539  No.3998245


yes. got 30 people i could redpill after turkey dinner.

f5f243  No.3998246

File: 77e8f12ed58fd9b⋯.jpg (72.94 KB, 400x898, 200:449, adamschitt.jpg)

9907ae  No.3998247

File: 3213b54de2f9c1e⋯.png (102.54 KB, 612x590, 306:295, 3213b54de2f9c1ec444f62b060….png)

File: f4a521bb3d99c4a⋯.jpg (7.25 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images (27).jpg)

e471b4  No.3998248

File: 95a46237b3d1002⋯.jpg (31.13 KB, 381x400, 381:400, 95a46237b3d1002d20cd5558b9….jpg)

52ba6a  No.3998249


Left Twitter = Liter

9b72e2  No.3998250

File: 9db06399ddec4a3⋯.jpg (37.88 KB, 400x301, 400:301, Upside Down.jpg)

Shills working overtime this Thanksgiving. Probs don't even like Thanksgiving…

Historyfag here. Been researching for months how we got here.

Keep running into bible research. There are teaching of Jesus in the some of the Gnostic [G] gospels. from the gospel Q



Anybody else come across this or is the bread just full of shills?

d6a87d  No.3998251

File: bafc80eacb6282b⋯.png (671.33 KB, 859x599, 859:599, 01_Trump_one_state_solutio….PNG)

File: b2f557327ce8806⋯.jpg (2.82 MB, 2338x2001, 2338:2001, Israel_fucked.jpg)

File: 6c16c6e870c7d39⋯.png (51.12 KB, 793x708, 793:708, israel_needs_Palestinians_….PNG)

File: 39edb1ab47a64c9⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1096x1382, 548:691, Trump_to_get_tough_on_bibi.png)

File: 9d2eb7ca80d5f07⋯.png (786.07 KB, 1473x754, 1473:754, US_pressure_delays_Israels….png)



52ba6a  No.3998252

cc31c8  No.3998253

>>3995826 lb

Oh wow. Alexsej Gubarev's company in Cyprus is XBT.



And they have a kitten photo! crypto pixels BOOM.

"When BuzzFeed tried to have the lawsuit dismissed on jurisdictional grounds or moved to New York last year, XBT filed a response titled “Six Ways BuzzFeed Has Misled the Court (Number Two Will Amaze You) … And a Picture of a Kitten” – an apparent jab at the media company’s penchant for clickbait stories and fuzzy-animal posts."

9907ae  No.3998254

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

26b1ac  No.3998255



c63473  No.3998256

Has anyone been following the Operation Hot Musket info that has been talked about? Wondering if any confirmation has been made to it being true.

d6a87d  No.3998257

File: 71ef93d5f5f9f63⋯.png (496.59 KB, 934x730, 467:365, Alan_Dershowitz_boasts_of_….PNG)

File: 1ce1c396d8b500c⋯.jpg (92.2 KB, 500x566, 250:283, Bibi.jpg)

File: 8d5177e7d99d9a7⋯.jpg (69.05 KB, 960x926, 480:463, How_subversion_destroys_Co….jpg)

File: d40a9320e03bb03⋯.png (411.98 KB, 1048x724, 262:181, Hubris_to_be_paid_for.png)

File: 5b9b2384738d34b⋯.jpg (222.93 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, Important.jpg)


Off course, Trump does not want to unfairly alienate non-criminal non-subversive jews.

Still, you can bet your ass he is going to crack down on the massively criminal and anti-America first Israeli US lobby.


5ef167  No.3998258


Is it TECHNICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for Q to have a board that isn't drowned in fake, inorganic bullshit?

But if it's not technically impossible, there must be another reason we are here…?

What could that reason be?

Can everything be spelled out?

What is FREE WILL?

Why is it important?

Do patriots graze like sheep?

What sort of will does sheep behavior express?

Will to be herded? Will to be ruled over?

What does an image that appear on this board say "have hat, and cattle"– what does this imply? What message does it send?

WHY are there subversive images that come from the top at this board?

Do patriots question, or accept passively?

What is FAKE Q?

Is FAKE Q taunting passive humans?

Humans question nothing, accept everything, and wait to be spoonfed?

Do patriots wait?

Who gets banned here?

Do patriots pay attention?

Who DOESN'T get banned here?

Does it matter?

Patriots question nothing, graze docilely?

Is this board important?

What are "the shills"?

Do sheep dogs bark: "ignore the shills"?

What are "the shills"? What are the sheep dogs? What are the bakers?

Are the people in control here?

How would you know?

What trick did Keyser Soze play?

Is FAKE Q taunting the passive humans?

Do patriots graze passively, like sheep?

602ccb  No.3998259


We'd only like to flush out the criminal elements anon

a23b36  No.3998260

File: b787ed023f091f7⋯.png (118.93 KB, 750x1062, 125:177, IMG_4287.PNG)

1339f7  No.3998261

File: 8e004375c921a7d⋯.png (587.22 KB, 738x413, 738:413, ClipboardImage.png)

UK Police Release New Footage Depicting Salisbury Skripal Poisoning Suspects

According to the official statement of London's Metropolitan Police, officers investigating the Salisbury and Amesbury incidents have also released images of a model of the counterfeit perfume bottle that was allegedly used as a nerve agent container.

In particular, the three new pieces of CCTV footage showing the two suspects in the poisoning of Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter walking around the UK city of Salisbury on the day of the incident.

"CCTV footage of the two suspects – known by their aliases Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov – shows them as they arrive and travel around Salisbury on Sunday 4 March… The first CCTV clip shows the two suspects as they arrive at Salisbury train station on Sunday 4 March at around 11:48hrs [11:48 GMT]," Scotland Yard said in a statement.

"The third clip shows the two men walking over a bridge on Fisherton Street at approximately 13:00 hours before they eventually return to Salisbury train station and travel back to Heathrow and catch a flight to Moscow later that night," the statement added.

The police also released the images of a "specially made model of the counterfeit perfume bottle" where the toxic substance had allegedly been kept.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Dean Haydon, who is the senior national coordinator for UK Counter Terrorism Policing said that the law enforcement was looking into where the bottle was between the time the police believed it was used on March 4 and when it was found Charlie Rowley, one of the victims in the Amesbury poisoning incident, on June 27.

The police also once against appealed to "anyone who may have seen either of the two men in the UK between 2-4 March, or anyone who may have seen the counterfeit ‘Nina Ricci’ perfume box or bottle that was eventually recovered from Charlie Rowley’s address in Muggleton Road in July.


This is fucking ridiculous a "model" of the perfume bottle??? WTF they can't even produce the actual one for a pic in a air tight container or bag???

dad0e8  No.3998262



52ba6a  No.3998263


Avenatti Twitter = Hitter

973396  No.3998264

File: 7690efe83bcd528⋯.png (93.92 KB, 341x629, 341:629, Selfless.png)

2502e3  No.3998265

File: ac020bdd87eee98⋯.png (238.37 KB, 590x589, 590:589, 2018-11-22_16-58-17.png)

d6a87d  No.3998266

File: de11e425a23de71⋯.png (215.45 KB, 902x387, 902:387, Israel_steals_US_tech_lega….PNG)

File: 0a097a41ee59028⋯.png (770.77 KB, 1680x921, 560:307, Israel_steals_US_tech_lega….png)

File: 4d6b91b44283a88⋯.png (512.89 KB, 1664x1124, 416:281, Israel_steals_US_tech_lega….png)

File: aa5c50567ec740d⋯.png (923.31 KB, 1750x695, 350:139, Israel_steals_US_tech_lega….png)

File: 790ebfcbcd76b5d⋯.png (112.14 KB, 950x718, 475:359, z_California_Israel_tech_d….PNG)




d244e8  No.3998267

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


26b1ac  No.3998268


Operation Hot Musket is really LARPERATION HOT BISCUIT.

It's bullshit. Trying to make the current border stuff into a martial law situation

8d4619  No.3998269

File: 81d9398a3af730e⋯.png (339.24 KB, 419x789, 419:789, Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at ….png)

File: e4681815aeb6ddc⋯.png (91.48 KB, 573x684, 191:228, Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at ….png)

File: 38ee14c0ef16a50⋯.png (358.05 KB, 563x651, 563:651, Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at ….png)

7a22a9  No.3998270

History is being made.

You are the saviors of mankind.

Nothing will stop what is coming.



#1 attacked person by FAKE NEWS [+swamp [R+D]]?


#2 attacked entity by FAKE NEWS [+swamp [R+D]]?


As of 3:02 pm est today, "Qanon" is now the #2 most attacked entity behind POTUS within the U.S.


Logical Thinking > WHY?



Congratulations, Anons!





Board under attack.

Do you understand why?


Do you think the current 'shill' attack is organic?

Buckle up.


cc31c8  No.3998271



Dec 5

d81cf8  No.3998272

File: 6eb7d5816879443⋯.jpg (182.68 KB, 491x595, 491:595, YellowBakery.jpg)


Question, senior baker.

When you collect notables do you sort them in reverse chronological order or by importance or in any other way?

The one time I baked, I threw the notables buns into a spreadsheet and did a quick sort to rapidly locate/resolve duplicates, and the result was to put the notables in order.

Just wondering about baking best practices.

d6a87d  No.3998273

File: d8ab81d99e46275⋯.jpg (48.45 KB, 528x444, 44:37, Spurdo_AIPAC_Israel.jpg)



e471b4  No.3998274

File: 76b80890adda8d1⋯.png (180.54 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Tuturu.png)

File: 0ee7b529b12e671⋯.png (139.71 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Tuturu2.png)

d244e8  No.3998275

File: 6636fe38ad1bd21⋯.jpg (100.03 KB, 904x960, 113:120, HB.jpg)

5e35ce  No.3998276

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Great Global Warming Swindle - Full Documentary HD

Published on 19 Aug 2018

The Great Global Warming Swindle caused controversy in the UK when it premiered March 8, 2007 on British Channel 4. A documentary, by British television producer Martin Durkin, which argues against the virtually unchallenged consensus that global warming is man-made. A statement from the makers of this film asserts that the scientific theory of anthropogenic global warming could very well be "the biggest scam of modern times." According to Martin Durkin the chief cause of climate change is not human activity but changes in radiation from the sun. Some have called The Great Global Warming Swindle the definitive retort to Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. Using a comprehensive range of evidence it's claimed that warming over the past 300 years represents a natural recovery from a 'little ice age'.

According to the program humans do have an effect on climate but it's infinitesimally small compared with the vast natural forces which are constantly pushing global temperatures this way and that. From melting glaciers and rising sea levels, The Great Global Warming Swindle debunks the myths, and exposes what may well prove to be the darkest chapter in the history of mankind. According to a group of leading scientists brought together by documentary maker Martin Durkin everything you've ever been told about global warming is probably untrue. Just as we've begun to take it for granted that climate change is a man-made phenomenon, Durkin's documentary slays the whole premise of global warming.

"Global warming has become a story of huge political significance; environmental activists using scare tactics to further their cause; scientists adding credence to secure billions of dollars in research money; politicians after headlines and a media happy to play along. No-one dares speak against it for risk of being unpopular, losing funds and jeopardizing careers."

Category: Science & Technology

dad0e8  No.3998277


Eeeeeerrrr… A "thank you" would also work!

26b1ac  No.3998278


Your post = appropriate

Avenatti = inappropriate…no, scratch that - douchebag

649d84  No.3998279

Is AFLB still around?

Because I think that Anti-Fungal Leaf Bread is none other

than Toronto's famous Bob Allisat

Who first appeared on the scene in the days of

USENet and FreeNET and the early Internet

And is still seen writing letters to the editor in his hometown.

07139f  No.3998280

File: dc97acca4e6194b⋯.jpg (107.04 KB, 867x879, 289:293, 3.JPG)

55 years since President John F. Kennedy's assassination


be20f7  No.3998281

File: 54ad87c6862e439⋯.png (400.7 KB, 667x1043, 667:1043, nothing can stop what is c….png)

File: 4f76ceeac1bf4ef⋯.png (770.22 KB, 911x613, 911:613, jacob rothschild lives.png)

File: 43fa845b56025c8⋯.png (383.18 KB, 1339x861, 1339:861, basement jews.png)


I'm not gonna argue with facts…jew or not..she's doing good work…it's POSSIBLE she's /ourjew/ like Miller is…America's Jew. (pic related)


theater (pic related) He was right as rain at Halloween..that whole pile of bullshit wasn't for US it was for whomever was watching..an likely caused a few skid marks to be deposited in their collective depends.


KEK it must hurt to FAIL so hard when you're used to swooping in and taking control…of everything. Calling me a raciss or hateful…changes nothing about what's TRUE..and what's TRUE is that you FAIL.

(pic related)


>Well…if Trump wants him gone then why doesn't he have someone drop a dime on him?

I'd say the dime is pretty well dropped and has begun to roll…yah?


Then he's a VERY poor Zionist because rather than support the muz, he's trying to deport them. Zionists would NEVER campaign against the muz. So…there's that.


Here's what I find amusing…Tommy Robinson has been BACK against the muz in UK…and fighting effectively, speaking out…has many many people listening to him…MUZ OUT…now, this goes 100% against the Zionist agenda because (((THEY))) want more muz, the more uncomfortable Jews are outside of Europe they less likely they will (((COME HOME)))….ZIONISTS NEED and want JEWS to (((COME HOME)))…they also need people NOT to listen to Tommy..so what do the JIDF trolls do to flip the narrative? TOMMY IS A ZIONIST…well pal, if he's a zionist he's NOT following the protocols….he's killing them…wait, wut?

Fucktards…you really are as low IQ as it seems…the wrist to forehead hand wringing RACISSS and SHILL and ANTI SEMITE narratives aren't working…now what?

NOW WHAT? PANIC IN THE BASEMENT…FUCK Israel…and that law is going to lose the first time someone challenges it. It is unconstitutional. Fucktards.

af7e4a  No.3998282

Never give up hope

Fight Fight Fight

We will win

Love you all frens

Fake Q

d6a87d  No.3998283




26b1ac  No.3998284


I can name one future event - death.

Surely she can't fuck that up, right?

973396  No.3998285


Not a baker but help collect notables sometimes. Generally posts are pasted into notepad, working from bottom up.

start at top of bread, catch notable, add to notepad at bottom. Next notable down in bread goes above last one in notepad.

7a22a9  No.3998286

Now shills went from glowing to being the fukken sun.

Feeling much butthurt?

Carry on, lodge shill team.

e2ac48  No.3998287


Do you think serious charges will drop against a lot of sitting and former Congress after 1/1/19? Seems to me it's then or never. Awan should be good for 40 more down. FISA at least a dozen? How about the sexual settlements list? Let's see that. The Trump DOJ hasnt done squat against the govt crooks.

5b5953  No.3998288


Not sure if I'm misinterpreting, but just remember suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

a69823  No.3998289

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hillary's Mentor Senator Robert Byrd -KKK Grand Dragon of Alabama- was according to MK Ultra Survivor Cathy O'Brien, an extreme Sadist and Pedophile.

In her book, she stated a torture session at the hands of her "owner" Senator Byrd, he whipped her till she was in a pool of blood. His weapon of choice is the Whip and always kept one in his desk.

Then Satanic Col. Michael Acquino walked into the room, bringing Cathy O'Brien's young daughter 3 year old Kelly back from a "programming session" at a military facility.

Cathy O Brien stated that lying in her own blood, she watched as Senator Byrd sodomized her daughter Kelly. As Col. Acquino took his clothes off to also rape Kelly.

**Read Cathy O'Brien's Book - Trance Formation of America FREE Here:


dad0e8  No.3998290


You don't like these people very much, do you?

f030f5  No.3998291


where is the JR photo from?

(where taken and/or where sauced?)

d6a87d  No.3998292

File: 7719e4f03e98bfb⋯.jpg (660.7 KB, 875x848, 875:848, Lavon_Affair_1.jpg)

File: 95dca78389229bc⋯.jpg (1.42 MB, 800x5370, 80:537, Lavon_Affair_2.jpg)



d81cf8  No.3998293

File: 8d66ac8cbe12c08⋯.jpg (24.25 KB, 224x255, 224:255, PatchBakers.jpg)


So, reverse chronological order, same order as Q posts. ThankQ!

5ef167  No.3998294

File: 7de12bffc2a6500⋯.png (15.53 KB, 678x198, 113:33, soze.png)


What trick did Keyser Soze play?

What game is FAKE Q playing?

What gets deleted, what gets banned here?

Do anons question?

Or are they passive, like sheep?

Who/what is FAKE Q?

Why is free will important?

Are anons paying attention to what FAKE Q says?

What does the term "the ape of God" mean?

What is mirroring?

What is the nature of PURE EVIL?

What is FAKE Q? Why is it/he here?

Are patriots paying attention?

What is "an enemy that is not flesh and blood"?

Are patriots paying attention?

Reality is stranger than fiction, it has been said.

What trick did Keyser Soze play?

Do patriots question WHAT gets banned, what gets deleted, who can make threads, who can not make threads?

What does sheep-like behavior express, the will to ___?

Do patriots fight?

77967c  No.3998295


Don't jinx it.

2d7dea  No.3998296

>WebAlert App: can be used to create alerts for Qanon.pub

someone explain to me how

be20f7  No.3998297

File: 2c70b7c72ac8c26⋯.jpg (147.53 KB, 600x747, 200:249, jesus knocking at the door.jpg)


God has never ever won…anything…except by killing everyone…pic related.

07139f  No.3998298

File: 27d880ffcf08ca1⋯.jpg (146.46 KB, 992x856, 124:107, 3.JPG)

File: 4491bdbaaba810e⋯.jpg (106.21 KB, 573x750, 191:250, 4.JPG)

Soros dumps Facebook, Netflix stocks just before they dipped


a0e720  No.3998299

For the record. I shit my pants. W…t….f.

My head is spinning. I was right. I said it months ago…..

26b1ac  No.3998300


My bad

323202  No.3998301


>>3994157 Russia starts criminal investigation of Browder.

>>3994094 Friedrich Merz is anti-Merkel up for Dec election as CDU head

>>3994013 Migrants allege sexual abuse extortion, hands EU funded security.

>>3993967, >>3993982 @DJT Twats: ME Oil and Happy Tday

>>3993952 Is 1980 photo Wendy/Maggie Haberman connection? (In Mayor Koch's lap)

>>3993881, >>3993895 Australia Leaves UN Migration Pact, Anon's list of others

>>3993801 Dec 5 crumb? Miami judge in piss dossier case wants documents public

>>3993771 UK Security made mistakes ahead of Manchester bombing say UK Lawmakers

>>3993484 Mitt Romney denounces Trump's response to Saudi murder of Khashoggi

>>3993501 Kobach says current immigration law good, just needs enforced

>>3993465 Head Of Russian MI Igor Korobov Dies Mysteriously fr "Serious Illness"

>>3993452, >>3993502 House GOP's Dec. 5 CF probe hearing, will whistleblowers speak?

Bun corrected to remove repeats, compile subjects, and fix material spelling error

1339f7  No.3998302

File: 765a54c781561b7⋯.png (53.39 KB, 620x611, 620:611, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6320fdd1007d598⋯.png (73.27 KB, 625x909, 625:909, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0f4930f5b438a6f⋯.png (36.11 KB, 611x450, 611:450, ClipboardImage.png)

Mattis: We Can Protect Border Patrol With Lethal Force, But DHS Hasn’t Made Request

Defense Secretary James Mattis explained the role nearly 5,800 troops deployed to the southern border will play after President Donald Trump expanded Mattis’s authority to include the use of force, even lethal, in defense of the Border Patrol.

Mattis said that while he’s authorized to use lethal force, that is not what the mission currently calls for and it’s up to Kirstjen Nielsen, secretary of Homeland Security (DHS), to request it.

“There has been no call for any lethal force from DHS,” he said during a Nov. 21 media availability.

Trump’s chief of staff, John Kelly, issued a cabinet order on Nov. 20 which allows federal troops to “perform those military protective activities that the Secretary of Defense determines are reasonably necessary” to protect border agents, including “a show or use of force (including lethal force, where necessary), crowd control, temporary detention. and cursory search,” the Military Times reported.

The order was issued after multiple reports that some travelers in the Central American migrant caravans have been behaving violently, and that dangerous criminals are mixed into the group. Some of the travelers threw rocks and glass bottles and injured six Mexican police officers on the border with Guatemala last month, according to Beatriz Marroquin, the director of health for Guatemala’s Retalhuleu region. Some of the migrants had guns while others had Molotov cocktails, Mexico’s Interior Minister Alfonso Navarrete said at the time.

The travelers have expressed a willingness to enter the United States illegally.

Given the situation, Mattis said, “it is not an unreasonable concern on the part of the president that we may have to back up Border Patrol.”

Based on the secretary’s description, Border Patrol agents will continue to be responsible for law enforcement roles, but if necessary, the troops can step in and protect the agents with non-lethal force. Such an action would probably be undertaken by Military Police armed with shields and batons, not firearms, he said.

“They’re not even carrying guns so, just relax,” he told reporters.

Though there are some armed soldiers deployed at the border, that’s just standard practice for protecting the troops, Mattis said.


ac3baa  No.3998303

File: 7b8c526f75b6d7c⋯.jpg (235.23 KB, 760x380, 2:1, CALM.jpg)

File: eb7e1629df86785⋯.jpg (121.67 KB, 760x569, 760:569, holofake .jpg)

File: ecb86bd9b292be5⋯.jpeg (13.51 KB, 255x255, 1:1, ith haffening.jpeg)

File: 29c8a5c504b4d8c⋯.jpg (62.58 KB, 604x439, 604:439, PUTIN ANGIE1.jpg)

0f9022  No.3998304

File: 7bc3687fc126840⋯.jpg (74.45 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 47088074cc2de1a1aa3f62d162….jpg)

7a22a9  No.3998305


Is that what your master mason told you?

You really should read the bible or research for yourself.

Still time to free yourself imo.


602ccb  No.3998306


Original pic that I posted ages ago had no caption like that, "Do my bidding or you'll burn in hell!" was a satanic Vatican meme from the middle ages, and NOT something Master Jesus would ever say.

d662d2  No.3998307

File: eae725557d300ef⋯.png (118.84 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

anons wanna go back in time?

here is the link to the live bread when the lights went out on potus on live tv

dark to light


:51 minute mark, anons started posting to the board

d6a87d  No.3998308

File: d8713bea7eb0b06⋯.png (569.82 KB, 1173x1162, 1173:1162, Hypocrisy.png)

File: 7e3d5d8cf1e08fe⋯.jpg (673.39 KB, 648x1352, 81:169, Israel_Advocates_For_Soros.jpg)

File: ff16fd62dc5b769⋯.jpg (2.66 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, Israel_Sends_Migrants_To_T….jpg)

File: c2f4c94fc3ed705⋯.png (169.7 KB, 935x165, 17:3, Israel_Soros_Compliment.png)

File: 5cb9e439bacc341⋯.jpg (812.5 KB, 608x1326, 304:663, jews_Migrants_2.jpg)



29cf91  No.3998309

On 11/20, I told you that D5 meant Dec. 5, but you "autists" still haven't figured out what that meant. So here's some help.

It means:

1. I never intended to make any disclosures this year.

2. Therefore, I intentionally deceived you over, and over, and over again.

3. Also, we intentionally lost the House. We all know that just a few disclosures or "declass" would have meant victory.

In summary, I lie to you and don't have your best interests at heart.

But, but, muh plan?

The plan is the same plan that existed 4 years ago, "autists." Why do you think we didn't allow Hillary to win?

Because you don't trust her.

You do trust us, now.



445608  No.3998310

File: 4d5fdc19729cdf9⋯.png (66.15 KB, 1755x415, 351:83, ClipboardImage.png)

>> 3998163

This is the Kike that tries to desperately fit in as Anon just like you with the overuse & inappropriate use of Kek

e2ac48  No.3998311


Will some of the retiring Congressional R's reappear on Military Tribunals with authority designated to civilians under the revised 1/1/19 UCMJ?

6ca86d  No.3998313

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Trans-dimensional pedovore boogie.

d6a87d  No.3998314

File: 03ce77f53098786⋯.jpg (202.14 KB, 716x654, 358:327, Clinton_ISIS_Israel_1.jpg)

File: 56f447a7f048378⋯.png (89.33 KB, 649x690, 649:690, Hillary_jewish_roots.PNG)


I suddenly don't feel like joking around anymore :|


6f3820  No.3998315

I'm thankful that we aren't doing a thing for the kids. Fuck those little bastards.


5ce0e0  No.3998316

File: bbb21e9ec7d9dbb⋯.png (1.39 MB, 950x633, 950:633, 662662BC-5664-446A-9784-C0….png)

File: 29af680a9732483⋯.png (1.37 MB, 950x633, 950:633, FFE05DD8-3E90-4308-B2EA-F1….png)

File: e45ee05582373d6⋯.png (641.61 KB, 619x738, 619:738, C8ABC426-6AF8-41B2-AE01-F2….png)

File: 8fa38e31b142f2f⋯.png (462.91 KB, 500x596, 125:149, F762C0C0-2537-438D-8B1C-21….png)

File: 723fe087c097f70⋯.jpeg (157.79 KB, 751x498, 751:498, A6388F9B-086C-467C-B596-6….jpeg)

649d84  No.3998317

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The embedded video answers What is a Technocracy? in 3 mins.

A Case for Technocracy in America


In America, the left gets painted with a much broader brush, but there are differences. The point is to talk about one segment — a group that isn’t made up of cultural Marxists, social justice warriors and socialists. This a group has been quietly generalized, overshadowed by our peers who scream about neoliberalism and subscribe to ideologies that are a mix of political prefixes and suffixes. Plodding, working, moseying along in the American left is a group often derogatorily called the technocrats. Some may hide their technocratic virtues, while others just don’t know they have them yet.

Exposure to the term technocrat usually comes from conspiracy theory propagandists like Alex Jones and Patrick Wood, who indict technocrats as leaders in globalist plots to control the masses. But outside of talk radio and conspiracy podcasts, technocrats are public servants with technical expertise — managers, budgeters. The term has often been associated with nerds or wonks. Technocrats do, while politicians give speeches. The 28th president of the United States, Woodrow Wilson, fit the bill. He was an academic — a political scientist who helped found the field of public administration, at a time when the discipline of public policy was fledgling and far from the science it is today.

c07715  No.3998318


Now I don't like you for 2 reasons. Congratulations Anon… Not easy to do.

d662d2  No.3998319


yes im have similar issues


comfy kitchen?

36fafc  No.3998320

File: d82382d5799a852⋯.png (608.66 KB, 1267x1040, 1267:1040, Q-Clock Dec02 Keystone.png)

>>3997334, >>3997567, >>3997606, >>3997636

>Research on Soros D5 Coalition



>yep, key=info + stone=those who take action. Damn son.

>We call that a KEYSTONE.

Q-Clock shows Keystone is right on top.

December 2nd.

e2ac48  No.3998321


Hey, actual canonical research. I'm stunned!

bea63c  No.3998322

File: cc19f385c24e733⋯.jpg (552.52 KB, 2896x2896, 1:1, 20181122_160917.jpg)

>>3998019 (lb)

941173, I really want to call you a shit poster for numerous images, but I saw one that actually seems relevant to the recent Q drops. (Pic related) here we have our three fbi and one doj. All of whom are nervous.

945cc9  No.3998323

File: 0bf9b2cc2eac797⋯.jpg (507.71 KB, 1933x1657, 1933:1657, concrete.jpg)



973396  No.3998324

File: 7cf0c335c0c61af⋯.jpg (61.65 KB, 808x796, 202:199, Pepe thumbs up.jpg)

4861d6  No.3998325


>or is the bread just full of shills?


6ef3ad  No.3998326

File: b5c0e56af1da5be⋯.gif (2.56 MB, 300x424, 75:106, b5c0e56af1da5be1e6af22541d….gif)

f030f5  No.3998327

File: 6e553e51af6722d⋯.jpeg (108.43 KB, 670x1024, 335:512, dracula.jpeg)

8d4619  No.3998328

File: 7d6c42ac6bda6ce⋯.png (311.28 KB, 698x756, 349:378, Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at ….png)

File: 4ac6bbbaee8167c⋯.png (224 KB, 699x508, 699:508, Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at ….png)


1f7c28  No.3998329

File: 076275acc109e6a⋯.jpg (109.63 KB, 960x480, 2:1, 0001.jpg)

File: 7d705e5c51e0e81⋯.jpg (115.95 KB, 919x523, 919:523, 3KU57MBTXNEDVDGYNXZLUDU3DA.jpg)

File: 9dae791d27c88ee⋯.jpg (123.05 KB, 921x536, 921:536, 1478554254-delish-friends-….jpg)

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you fucking kick ass patriots!

6f3820  No.3998330

Hilldawg and I are eating children this Thanksgiving. I'm wearing my red nikes, too.


e2ac48  No.3998331


Vince needs to declare an early tentative VP pick.

815a4d  No.3998332

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

PLEASE REVIEW THIS FOR NOTABLES!!!!!!!!! This guy is AMAZING! Just watch him tear up congress and call them liars. He totally keeps a level head the whole time and the sociopaths on the other end of the table don't know what to do to him.

973396  No.3998333


Together we win. Good Job anon.

323202  No.3998334


Baker and Archivers

Updated prev. notable bun link for your consideration:

>>3998301 #5081

Ty again to helperanons for putting these together.


Yes, but if that doesn't do it it's also my experience that sometimes browsers have to be restarted entirely.

08df26  No.3998335


Probably doesn't matter but every time I make a new bread I have to do this & refresh twice. I get the "flood detection" error when I'm attempting to post the replies. It's that time that I either have to switch browser or device to be able to post the rest of the dough. May be helpful for someone reading out there, shrug.

>>3998237 TY anon.

>>3998250 Interesting anon…. will check out the link, always up to learn

>>3998301 noted

>>3998318 All good atm anon

>>3998320 whoa anon. Can we compile these all into one post? May be something…

7a22a9  No.3998336

There is no 'the jews'.

There are only single persons.

8 million jews live in israel.

You can't possibly think all are cabal members.

I am sure that many many of the upper part of society are cabal. (Like worldwide!)

And I am aware that many cabal members are jews.

However, there are also many non jewish bad actors. Many, worldwide.

Simplified 'oh fuck, its all the jews' is just not based on any facts and just not true.

It does two things:

1 - it hides the non jewish cabal members (folks from thinktanks, politicians, actors, MSM folks worldwide, …)

2 - it gives the Q movement and especially this board the look of a bunch of non-autists that are not digging for facts, but pushing their simple and obviously wrong opinions.

You must have realized that one of the MSM weapons is to blame POTUS and all his followers as nazis.

Imo the ones pushing non fact based info, by copy pasta in every bread, are 95% shills.

Anons are not that stupid and not that blind for facts.

Only shills have an interest to hide some actors and blame innocent ones.

Is hussein a bad guy? Is he moslem, from kenya?

Is jared kushner a good guy? Is he a jew and right now destroying cabal?

It is not as simple as shills would like it to be.

Think for yourself.

9c70e1  No.3998337


Anon, you gonna have to be more specific. Most of us can't read minds.

08ff4d  No.3998338

File: 9923fb898ab70d2⋯.png (211.09 KB, 689x226, 689:226, ClipboardImage.png)

5ef167  No.3998339


Are patriots paying attention?

Who/what if FAKE Q?

What is the significance of its posting?

Are patriots trying to understand?

Or are they passive, because the sheep dogs demand?

Is FAKE Q taunting humans?

Do patriots fight?

What is mirroring?

What game is FAKE Q playing?

Do patriots get CONFUSED, and think its Q… do patriots need to think on another level?

If patriots know that it's not real Q, then what is the point of FAKE Q?

Is this a game?

is FAKE Q here for a REASON?

Do patriots question?

Do patriots pay attention?

Is FAKE Q playing games with HUMAN FREE WILL?

What is fighting?

What is defying? What is accepting?

Are there forms of fighting that are "spiritual"?

What is an enemy "not of flesh and blood"?

Why is SYMBOLISM so important?

Why are memes important?

Why is INTENTION important?

Why are gestures important?

Why is FAKE Q here?

Why is FREE WILL important?

Do patriots FIGHT?

e2ac48  No.3998340


Through her extreme crooked incompetence, she exposed the vast crookedness of the demonicrats, /their/ true nature. She was chosen to destroy /them/.

be20f7  No.3998341


I read this this morning. thanks for capping it…the threads are unraveling….the comments were EPIC and completely unexpected.

f030f5  No.3998342

File: 4b030c0525216af⋯.png (342.39 KB, 438x458, 219:229, clones.png)

815a4d  No.3998343

File: b6be20431540a52⋯.jpg (140.59 KB, 1024x800, 32:25, 1495597227423.jpg)

I've never heard anything more out of the nurse anon involved in the Seth Rich murder. Good read.

945cc9  No.3998344


So anons believe Cortes is an actor placed and pushed into action by POTUS?

cc31c8  No.3998345

File: 4c11d479d10cb8a⋯.png (241.97 KB, 1388x1162, 694:581, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 59886537fff14da⋯.png (73.33 KB, 1260x512, 315:128, ClipboardImage.png)



Where is this kitten photo?

Is this the 5:5?

e2ac48  No.3998346


NavySealThreatFag killed AFLB.

7a22a9  No.3998347


Since you are so concerned, a little less shitposting from your end would help.

7a22a9  No.3998348

a0e720  No.3998349


Foundations, NGO's, human trafficking, CIA web.


Give it a read.

445608  No.3998350

File: cb061d2d9f6fa6c⋯.png (50.49 KB, 991x476, 991:476, ClipboardImage.png)

>> 3998305




Watch for patterns they leave,

Blame other groups

Project their fuckery onto other grouos

tell you showing jew crime is division

Try to force the idea that Trump is comitted to israel & jews

They are always here, it's their job, learn to recognize the sneaky Israel first jew traitors

973396  No.3998351


>Do patriots FIGHT?

Yes, every day against bread-filling shitposts like this.

1f7c28  No.3998352


He's trying to tell us something. I am not sure what though.

af7e4a  No.3998353

File: 8d842c91da6ee0f⋯.jpeg (13.51 KB, 255x158, 255:158, 6D609DBC-9DC6-4553-B4C7-1….jpeg)

ee366b  No.3998354


Dumb ass…everyone knows Jackie shot him

cc31c8  No.3998355

File: 5499b359c8c1525⋯.png (490.31 KB, 952x1224, 7:9, ClipboardImage.png)

9907ae  No.3998356

File: 7df653aa0ef6d83⋯.jpg (238.83 KB, 942x1200, 157:200, Red Pill Family.jpg)

b1a669  No.3998357


Behold the antagonist, the mythical criminal!

ef55e0  No.3998358

Laura Loomer posting on Gab.ai

The moar who follow the moar Twadder is forced to play ball.


be20f7  No.3998359

File: 2c080083703aed1⋯.png (812.88 KB, 698x718, 349:359, Michael Pacher.Saint Augus….png)


>NOT something Master Jesus would ever say.

KEK…how funny…so, let's think about this, I'll go slow…what happens if you do NOT let Jesus into your heart?

I will repeat, what happens (what does your religion says will happen) if you do NOT open the door of your heart to Jesus?

What happens? What does the BIBLE SAY will happen to you?

SRSLY the moran is strong in this one.

60672c  No.3998360

File: 88d6185ed7e8ed7⋯.png (627.06 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, HRC_earrings_2_1.png)

5ef167  No.3998361


Why are you such a coward FAKE Q? Why don't you tell us why you're here? Why don't you REALLY tell us why you're here?

What does human free will mean to you FAKE Q?

What does human free will mean to you?

What significance does human free will have to you, FAKE Q?

28cc62  No.3998362


Current and all previous breads edited with this bun. Thank you.

7a22a9  No.3998363


I am here when muhjew shills are here. At least i try to.

Lurkers, look up older breads for reference.

Normally the word jew is used 5 times a bread, when shills attack it is used 100+ times…

These are not anons.

f030f5  No.3998364

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

cheers to anons 🦃

b768aa  No.3998365

File: 1f85614a57c9089⋯.jpg (194.08 KB, 765x780, 51:52, pepe attack attack need ar….jpg)

File: 0fd991e58de981d⋯.jpg (229.41 KB, 1024x730, 512:365, pepe revolutionary battle ….jpg)

File: 84c05696e4d01a6⋯.jpg (236.66 KB, 1000x681, 1000:681, revolutionary battle North….jpg)

File: 22826519b7f7a8b⋯.jpg (173.98 KB, 1100x628, 275:157, pepe st-mere 82nd digital ….jpg)

File: 1f3a38763cdb039⋯.jpg (123.1 KB, 1050x700, 3:2, sun light bulb conducting ….jpg)



28e1d1  No.3998366


kek the temporary problem of being alive

2502e3  No.3998367

File: ea466832c34c45d⋯.png (151.27 KB, 297x295, 297:295, 2018-11-22_17-16-20.png)


Hope Vincent isin't in to the Thanksgiving rum cake.

ff30de  No.3998368


Filename of Rothchilds.

1+5+0+7+0+8+5+2+9+8+7+3+0= 55 [ 5:5 ]

cc31c8  No.3998369

File: 89a30230532f053⋯.png (536.06 KB, 1192x1072, 149:134, ClipboardImage.png)


>Where is this kitten photo?

>Is this the 5:5?


Those dubs just freaked me out…

e03ac9  No.3998370

File: 5bf9d8183ca02b7⋯.mp4 (3.26 MB, 400x224, 25:14, 46686438_1172270116294717_….mp4)


love this guy


1f7c28  No.3998371


Fuck no.

89c133  No.3998372

File: f1406217d2bda60⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1699x644, 1699:644, glowing namefag.png)

File: 146545449f36658⋯.jpg (113.35 KB, 600x490, 60:49, shills not forgotten.jpg)

08df26  No.3998373

Notables So Far


>>3998146 PapaD lists British "sources" who spied on POTUS' 2016 campaign

>>3998302 Mattis: No Requests from DHS to Use Lethal Force

e471b4  No.3998374

File: 2f411f2c81aa27a⋯.png (768.79 KB, 1342x1940, 671:970, 2f411f2c81aa27a4fb05520889….png)

761336  No.3998375

File: 8ee279341f87b65⋯.jpg (149.34 KB, 500x794, 250:397, ref.jpg)

ee366b  No.3998376


(((they))) want you to follow their new gatekeeper.

Did you think they were just going to stick with AJ?

cc31c8  No.3998378

File: 8d737863efbcfb3⋯.jpg (37.04 KB, 983x635, 983:635, PixelKnot.jpg)






Is this it? Original? Can anyone PixelKnot it?

source: https://reason.com/volokh/2017/03/29/six-ways-buzzfeed-has-misled-t

f030f5  No.3998379

File: 6518bd6189d15c7⋯.png (297.2 KB, 488x434, 244:217, transfusion copy.png)

316293  No.3998380

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Happy Thanksgiving day Anon!!

Lets all be thankful for the brave US troops stationed around the world and on our border!!!!!

445608  No.3998381

File: 2a075b688906a45⋯.gif (826.78 KB, 500x554, 250:277, GayNiggerKikeJitterBlur.gif)

>> 3998339

<Are patriots paying attention?

Yet another JIDF kike shill tactic


while exhibiting the worst bot like spam itself

This is a long game shill, Tiresias it's like the other kike that tried to paas itself off as a tranny leaf, it;s just a kike Anons, one of the longest serving shills in TelAviv..

4650d1  No.3998382

File: b2ab13e08c8733f⋯.png (342.51 KB, 444x839, 444:839, biden106.png)

File: c595e29c033bcdd⋯.png (382.39 KB, 517x444, 517:444, biden107.png)

File: 4fffb81d3c19e26⋯.png (257.77 KB, 431x444, 431:444, biden109.png)

File: 161c763beb42e83⋯.png (220.47 KB, 444x597, 148:199, biden110.png)

File: 380a582b85b2f48⋯.png (243.47 KB, 333x737, 333:737, biden112.png)

e471b4  No.3998383

File: 11578201c5ca4e1⋯.pdf (855.3 KB, DRAGANOVIC, KRUNOSLAV_0027.pdf)

ef55e0  No.3998384

6ef3ad  No.3998385

File: 79285e8a76b0eac⋯.jpg (58.59 KB, 615x642, 205:214, Woman-Shares-Graphic-Photo….jpg)

be20f7  No.3998386

File: 0e82908781c4d53⋯.png (1.34 MB, 2674x3400, 1337:1700, jews hate white people.png)


>Jews were heavily involved in the KKK, which hated Black people

Jews hate black people too…in fact I'm pretty sure they hate anyone who isn't (((THEM)))…go watch the countless videos of Jews attacking black jews in Israel…holy shit they are VILE…those are the kinds of videos that need to be posted as a response to the "dear white people" oops I'm not white I'm a jew…twatter comments.

cc137a  No.3998387

File: c42cc28d2650c62⋯.png (47.94 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 200px-Jidf_logo.png)


Lurkers look up JIDF.

Think for yourselves

56a26f  No.3998388

File: 158194272e8191c⋯.jpg (90.28 KB, 1118x799, 1118:799, 1118full-cherish-waters.jpg)



Not naming sources, but I can assure you that the use of "Progressive Force" was authorized already. Not the same as lethal, but take from that what you will.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Still much more work to be done. Keep in mind that the caravans are taking the long route through Cali for a reason. The governor there is literally working against the United States.

7a22a9  No.3998389


A muhjew shill replied to a concernshill.

Trying to blend in…

But failed.

a0e720  No.3998390

It's why Q is here. It's the cabal, deepstate, illuminati whatever you wanna call it. It all centers around human trafficking.

And everything being done to humans.

e78650  No.3998391


Coolest damn lil' pepe ever saw. Made me smile!

60672c  No.3998392

File: fe801593754a351⋯.png (1 MB, 1063x1063, 1:1, LDR_anon_Just_like_you__.png)

439ca6  No.3998393


Thank you Vincent, I've been so distracted lately.

e471b4  No.3998394

File: 3edb5e81cf8795b⋯.pdf (988.2 KB, A-study-of-the-General-Num….pdf)

6ca86d  No.3998395

File: 727a7278e56df00⋯.jpg (86.49 KB, 710x472, 355:236, 727a7278e56df001e4e08d3f58….jpg)


Do NOT reply to shills.

Do NOT correct their intentional errors

Do NOT be triggered by insults

Shill = hate / obsession

shill = labels

Do NOT engage shills.

Q research is not a chat room.


e2ac48  No.3998396


That's Toots' kitten, on the blow already. Sad!

ef55e0  No.3998397

"They all have medical care, food, water paid for them"


ee366b  No.3998398


Do you think this nobody is just getting all of these scoops by luck or hard work?

Don't fall for it again, chump

f030f5  No.3998399

be20f7  No.3998400


not now…because the last ANON that tried this flipped the pic to make the hair match better. At first I thought so but the swarth factro and his high school pic…sadly we have still not ID'd Obama's boyfriend.

dfda37  No.3998401


Kek, don't try to church it up Trey.

52ba6a  No.3998402

File: 8538576c646ca58⋯.jpeg (168.66 KB, 1600x898, 800:449, iu-10.jpeg)

2nd day of RAIN in NorCal.

cc31c8  No.3998403

File: b5b490c999ba9e5⋯.png (712.25 KB, 1484x958, 742:479, ClipboardImage.png)




d6a87d  No.3998404

File: 099c0c1eb0da535⋯.jpg (58.08 KB, 925x514, 925:514, Israel_Anti_Black.jpg)

File: d6f6e0e4204496c⋯.png (350.38 KB, 707x453, 707:453, Jews_racist_against_Blacks.png)

File: 2f89e7abcd135dd⋯.png (520.33 KB, 599x667, 599:667, Israel_anti_Blacks.png)

File: 5fc274b743619eb⋯.png (4.39 MB, 1464x7344, 61:306, Blacks_against_jewish_supr….png)

a69823  No.3998405

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Lamest Zionist Shill Word is "Division"

Their previous "Russian Bot" failed miserably.

Now they're pretending that any TRUTH about the Khazarian Zionist Crimes against Americans must be censored because it "divides" us.

US Population: 328,953,020 (329 Million people)

US Jewish Population: less than 2%

Israel Population: 8,855,000 (almost 9 Million people)

98% of Americans Don't Give A Shit About Israel because Americans Are NOT Israelis

This is what the JIDF Israeli Shills in Israel don't get, as they desperately keep insisting any truth that they cannot censor about Zionist Cabal fuckery is "dividing" anons here.

NOBODY in America is "Divided" by seeing the Evidence about the Khazarian Zionist Crimes against Americans.

The Truth is Out!


8983e5  No.3998406


2nd day of snow in Canuckistan.

be20f7  No.3998407


you post "think for yourselves" yet post this copy pasta on every single bread telling people how not to think.

Are you going for a raise Mr. Shekelstein?

e2ac48  No.3998408


Air is dramtically improved on the Bay, but the nose, throat and chest congestion will take a few days of good breathing. 14 days of unhealthy air took its toll.

7a22a9  No.3998409

History is being made.

You are the saviors of mankind.

Nothing will stop what is coming.



Shills won't stop this.

f5f243  No.3998410

File: 662e34061cec1eb⋯.jpg (41.48 KB, 486x328, 243:164, nothing.jpg)

2ebec0  No.3998411


I responded last night ~ one of a handful ~ thought I might get a real big surprise ~ waiting ~ TRUSTING the PLAN!

6feb4f  No.3998412

File: 8172492effded6a⋯.jpg (434.72 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, Wild Turkey Day?.jpg)

just caught this guy rifling through our backyard leaves.

guess he knows Thanksgiving Dinner is over? kek!

3f2ce7  No.3998413


Sounds similar to "you have more than you know".

2502e3  No.3998414

File: d719e15245ed260⋯.png (350.78 KB, 486x365, 486:365, 2018-11-22_17-27-05.png)


The old hag bitch witch herself?

e2ac48  No.3998415


Ikr, the Aviante misdemeanor is a slam-dunk case. It's over for /them/ after that.

d6a87d  No.3998417

File: ed704e45793f7a3⋯.png (15.59 KB, 608x141, 608:141, Cultivating_tacit_aproval_….png)


Not a hard rule.

5ef167  No.3998418


Should patriots fight?

Should patriots question?

Or should patriots wait passively to be spoonfed?

WHY are we [here] if it is blasted with shills nonstop?

Do patriots question?

There IS a reason, would it seem?

cc31c8  No.3998419

File: 89a30230532f053⋯.png (536.06 KB, 1192x1072, 149:134, Screenshot 2018-11-22 at 2….png)

File: 5499b359c8c1525⋯.png (490.31 KB, 952x1224, 7:9, Screenshot 2018-11-22 at 2….png)

File: 59886537fff14da⋯.png (73.33 KB, 1260x512, 315:128, Screenshot 2018-11-22 at 2….png)

File: 4c11d479d10cb8a⋯.png (241.97 KB, 1388x1162, 694:581, Screenshot 2018-11-22 at 2….png)



Here's the


945cc9  No.3998420


For baker to peruse



>>3998144 - HRC total hypocrite (what else is new?)

>>3998217 - 4ch discussing Khashoggi theories

>>3998253, >>3998345, >>3998369 - 5:5 Buzzfeed lawsuit has kitten pic

f5f243  No.3998421

File: 1c72575d1de97ea⋯.jpg (167.22 KB, 854x654, 427:327, turkey.jpg)

File: 3603875436da0c2⋯.jpg (64.41 KB, 358x489, 358:489, turkeypop.jpg)

70644a  No.3998422


>Biggest expose of the anti-America first Israeli Lobby in the history of journalism

And you're doing a great job of putting as many people off watching it as you can.

d81cf8  No.3998423

File: 4a16d0de13a581f⋯.jpg (249.54 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, AmericaFirstProud28.jpg)

File: dbe14857d8c0f3d⋯.jpg (210.89 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, AmericaFirstGreat28.jpg)

File: fb71127c8a04071⋯.jpg (203.55 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, AmericaFirstGreat27.jpg)

File: 9b0121148446b65⋯.jpg (295.17 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, AmericaFirstGreat26Thanksg….jpg)

File: af185e28ad63fd3⋯.jpg (306.47 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, AmericaFirstGreat25Thanksg….jpg)

7a22a9  No.3998424


Muhjoooo shills: 100+ posts per bread when attacking

Me: 3, 4, 5 posts when muhjew shills are attacking

Have another Q:

>They want you DIVIDED.











4650d1  No.3998425

File: 3d683697b7502a9⋯.png (84.03 KB, 1007x660, 1007:660, theywant.png)

c85f00  No.3998426

File: d23688aca4603d4⋯.jpg (21 KB, 280x355, 56:71, The_Falling_Man.jpg)

do you think it feels like flying?

5a58e7  No.3998427


Those folks are going to have a hard time when they realize they have been defending the Satanists and not the Jewish people.

10997d  No.3998430

I've been thinking the same thing. Q trained us, and POTUS has confirmed Q over, and over again. Who do you think Q+ is????

Trump is dropping the crumbs now!


dad0e8  No.3998431


jfc, anon - what's up with 2nd picture?

112bc3  No.3998432

e2ac48  No.3998433


She's prolly lurking on here rn with her freakishly long hands and fingers hovering over the keyboard, preparing to start shitposting a year's worth of pent-up twats.

00df51  No.3998434

Seriously though. That Trump speech on Peas and Carrots was funny af.

d1b3be  No.3998435


It's a fuking SHAME that Bakers are still putting this neon CRAP in to Notables.

With that link, you are giving neon views which they profit on.

Neon has been PROVEN to have performed traitorous acts right here on our board.

Neon uses Anons work (who provide info at no cost), regurgitates it in a long-winded, hard to digest fashion, then profits from it. Neon recently posted here bragging about selling Anons Q-wear purchased from its site.

Neon also proven to be working with a youtuber that also is a PAYtriot.

One thing to use FAKENEWS, another to actively support and LINK PAYTRIOT TRAITORS.

c07715  No.3998436


This is not /pol/ this is /qreaserch/

Shills come here to divide.

They ignore what Q says.

They spam their B's

- normal people don't sit around all day and think about Jews

- Jews push the narritive about Jews - God or bad.

It's Thanksgiving - be thankful Anons

e523e0  No.3998437

Oh hi muh joo shills. Kicked out of Thanksgiving already??

e4ff91  No.3998438

File: b461d1526da743e⋯.png (166.61 KB, 262x259, 262:259, worthit.png)


Can't destroy America directy because Patriots, Trump?

Divide and destroy Europe and let it spread to USA

594bce  No.3998439

File: 7ba43db55e11f15⋯.png (77.26 KB, 800x586, 400:293, ClipboardImage.png)

For memory's sake…

d81cf8  No.3998440

File: 9bafcbf8c094950⋯.png (855.04 KB, 401x1467, 401:1467, PepeShillCleaner.png)

6ca86d  No.3998441


Craig "Sawman" Sawyer is DS

08df26  No.3998442

>>3998420 I checked out the /pol/ thread - the article they're saucing is a notable in either 5080 or 5081 (Tennessee Star article) and some of the "theory" information is incorrect, but if other anons want it noted I can do so.

Not sure if I understand the kitten thing, but same for that one, too.

e2ac48  No.3998443


RIP CARROTS LIL FIGHTER. (You were delicious btw)

5ef167  No.3998444


What are sheep dogs?

What makes them bark?

Who shouts loudest here?

What is believable?

FAKE Q can easily be used for outside propaganda– posts not deleted – anons quiet, accepting, docile…?

But "responding to shills" incites "anons" to get ALL MAD?

What is believable?

Will anons wake up and think for themselves, or wait to be spoonfed, obeying the sheep dogs?

What is "falling for a shill"?

What is "ignoring a shill"?

Are these the only two options?

What is ignoring the FACT of the shills, and what that entails?

Why are we HERE?

Because Q wants the truth to be drowned in bullshit?

But then WHY?

Are patriots questioning?

Are patriots fighting?

2af054  No.3998445

File: 3982a169fbfc2ce⋯.jpg (63.42 KB, 638x564, 319:282, Ldr Message.jpg)

d81cf8  No.3998446

File: fd1c7978adc8ea5⋯.jpg (241.21 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, AmericaFirstWealthy27.jpg)

File: ccb73d25440a0e2⋯.jpg (349.44 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, AmericaFirstProud27.jpg)

File: 9d4a38566a72bba⋯.jpg (214.72 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, AmericaFirstWealthy26.jpg)

File: a5d259627eba3f5⋯.jpg (454.04 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, AmericaFirstGreat24.jpg)

File: de9aa86794e04ff⋯.jpg (296.38 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, AmericaFirstProud26.jpg)

060995  No.3998447


>Who do you think Q+ is????

>Trump is dropping the crumbs now!

Fuck, I feel like such a retard right about now.

It's so fucking obvious that I completely missed it.

In my defence, however, I always treat his words as crumbs anyway.

43469f  No.3998448


If you think something is notable, nominate it. If you want to bake, learn how and ask to bake.

2af054  No.3998449

File: 698a4cd80847c81⋯.png (890.91 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ldr.png)

60672c  No.3998450

File: 673cbc61bcda90e⋯.png (806.97 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Congress_returning_to_Zuck….png)

5dfd79  No.3998451

worst part of following q is believing things can and will change

its all been a political stunt and i fell for it

oh yeh i know …were close hang in there declass is comming

what is that gonna do???

prove there crooked …we allready know that

no one who signed fisa is getting charged

no on who leaked fisa is being charged

and hilary will never see the inside of a cell EVER noe comey or any of the deep state

we may get someone like bruce orr or joe shmuck who didnt have a clue what was really going on but to think that hilary comey ll hussein will ever be held accountable is as likely as being stuck by lighting twice after winning the lottery

847e27  No.3998452

File: 8bba42c91173879⋯.jpg (29.38 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Unity.jpg)

48ee73  No.3998453

File: e5b57390d0d359f⋯.jpg (62.76 KB, 500x666, 250:333, Candy 049.jpg)


That's OK Q, I still trust the plan.

Next Week, right?

3e6fee  No.3998454

File: baad99096f483a1⋯.jpg (482.47 KB, 1800x1177, 1800:1177, 50 mirror of 00.jpg)

File: c60df46c682223e⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 2695x1800, 539:360, 00 mirror of 50.jpg)

File: 7f3c5d4fee8792c⋯.jpg (295.65 KB, 1308x900, 109:75, 20 mirror of 30.jpg)

File: efdc9092978d0de⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 2300x2100, 23:21, 51 mirror of 59.jpg)

File: e20afbd0459c4bb⋯.jpg (489.47 KB, 1348x1168, 337:292, 59 mirror of 51.jpg)


Today's Q Clock

Pic 1

{Figure it out - I've got nothing}

Today's :25/:55 Q Clock Mirror

Pic 2

Rig for silent.


On the clock.

Border state - coincidence?

Operators on standby.


Close to door.

Today's Classic 180-Degree Q Clock Mirror :20

Pic 3

How many pics can you find of JL & HRC?

re: Haiti?

National crisis.


Reveal gmail draft comms.


When do you call a plumber?

Tomorrow's Q Clock

Pic 4

WH secured.

Final stage.



HRC 2.12.09

Very BAD!

You elected us to keep you safe.

Tomorrow's :25/:55 Q Clock Mirror

Pic 5




Fast movers.

Force projection.

April Showers.

Night [2]


36fafc  No.3998455

File: 7ce63e3b0646c64⋯.jpg (292.1 KB, 1200x1189, 1200:1189, 9200000099132855.jpg)

File: 358850710a91611⋯.jpg (107.93 KB, 717x630, 239:210, AAAGAwk.jpg)

File: 0bf318c2748b36a⋯.jpg (114.91 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, SarahBrightman.jpg)

Sarah Brightman… covered in gold.

Skin of the gods.

Illuminati symbolism at it's finest.

60672c  No.3998456

File: ccfb9858e4a019e⋯.jpg (387.86 KB, 565x692, 565:692, LDR_art_peacock.jpg)

28fe0d  No.3998457

File: a9f0d1192421542⋯.jpg (387.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Frogcast.jpg)

b1b1b5  No.3998458

File: 1bda49d6c76b862⋯.jpg (35.72 KB, 688x456, 86:57, fellowgoyim.jpg)


Q came to /pol/, this was always going to be the result. Is Q team so stupid they had not accounted for this?

89c133  No.3998460

File: 25275600f0c1ad2⋯.png (807.8 KB, 1067x1047, 1067:1047, unseal indictments.png)

52ba6a  No.3998461

Release the various lettuces!!

How much longer must we go without Romaine, etc?

I want my Caesar salads back NOW.

aaf442  No.3998462

In case it's important.

POTUS tweets where a is changed from or to e.

Remember Q talked about pray and prey.

Not sure if relevant…

00df51  No.3998463

Any live results of the Mississippi special election?

693e3a  No.3998464

File: f1d66634de7652e⋯.gif (247.34 KB, 220x297, 20:27, dog smile.gif)


For her age she is hot…too bad the beauty is only skin deep..shame…I would do her as long as she could still get her ankles around her head.

c6a6d4  No.3998465

File: f8ad53addc1cca8⋯.jpg (118.45 KB, 539x960, 539:960, ham.jpg)

File: 1ee34be350bfacd⋯.jpg (215.58 KB, 2048x1151, 2048:1151, bird.jpg)

What my day/evening consists of.

Low & slow fuckers, low & slow.

The Bird gets the Oven next.

d81cf8  No.3998466

File: a30739ed19b09fa⋯.jpg (293.01 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, AmericaFirstWealthy25.jpg)

File: 0f776c34c409cd3⋯.jpg (265.15 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, AmericaFirstGreat23.jpg)

File: 7a32f79724754f0⋯.jpg (290.89 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, AmericaFirstSafe21.jpg)

File: 67f6160e75fb4af⋯.jpg (236.16 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, AmericaFirstProud25.jpg)

File: 1aadee1136bdd30⋯.jpg (270.89 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, AmericaFirstGreat22.jpg)

6f0447  No.3998467


me either man

pretty nuts. never thought stuff would end up like this

28fe0d  No.3998468


post screenshots.

60672c  No.3998469

File: 930de2534a07705⋯.png (522.52 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, LdR_Distress_Calls_Dont_sa….png)

d1b3be  No.3998471

File: 38fe98be521ffc2⋯.jpg (1.57 MB, 1616x1388, 404:347, turkboys.jpg)


Gifting Anons my own Turkey's from my yard.

Meet ''The Turk Boys!

e523e0  No.3998472

File: 560983aef449661⋯.jpg (41.37 KB, 790x444, 395:222, 560983aef4496612e74b29b991….jpg)

File: f25a81a34abcc66⋯.jpeg (19.26 KB, 500x341, 500:341, EFABC59D-40D3-4570-81E3-5….jpeg)

File: 0652e7c45fe709e⋯.jpg (171.2 KB, 1799x899, 1799:899, 0652e7c45fe709e84b1028647c….jpg)


He didn't come here for the Nazis.

f8715c  No.3998473



Does this seem like a distraction to Anons?

a69823  No.3998474

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


So you don't care about Zionist Organized Crimes against Americans -

*American Soldiers killed and maimed fighting Zionist Banker Wars to benefit Israel.

*The loss of our First Amendment

*The attempted loss of our Second Amendment

Q is About Taking Down The Cabal

Do you even know the origin of the term "cabal"?

This is not about "thinking about the Jews" - it's about thinking about the Jews who committed CRIMES AGAINST AMERICANS.

Notice - you have nothing to say about their CRIMES.

You must be Israel First.

10997d  No.3998475


Hillary looks good in Orange.

5ef167  No.3998476


Shouldn't the fourth one be "raking American great again"?

2c4abc  No.3998477

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Makes no difference anon. Get comfy or dig! Here is something interesting:

e7cd8f  No.3998478

File: d0169fb11f4c572⋯.jpg (77.39 KB, 350x600, 7:12, Hanged Man.jpg)


That widely-distributed picture is part of the 9/11 occult ritual.

6ca86d  No.3998479

File: 1812bfd39eb087a⋯.mp4 (519.7 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, _Large (1).mp4)

File: 22ed013b05187db⋯.jpg (81.26 KB, 800x468, 200:117, 22ed013b05187db19a22503e07….jpg)

112bc3  No.3998480


I’m already stuffed, but YUM!

Enjoy anon….

6ef3ad  No.3998481

File: 63e61b3d1d39989⋯.jpg (263.98 KB, 1015x555, 203:111, k-two.jpg)


i thought Q was gonna fix this…how much longer?

973396  No.3998482

File: dc1b366cfd45e49⋯.jpg (63.08 KB, 347x500, 347:500, hllary electric chair.jpg)

9907ae  No.3998483

File: 45abadb2c7a89a4⋯.jpg (158.51 KB, 751x500, 751:500, Randy Quaid world united b….jpg)

60672c  No.3998484

File: b9bc40a3d836154⋯.jpg (279.02 KB, 1240x950, 124:95, pepe_pool_comfy_frens.jpg)


knowing is both a curse and a blessing

turn off the TV, they want you to feel lonely - get comfy with frens here anon

2afa09  No.3998485


60,000 indictments nothing happenin

876fb4  No.3998486

File: 2ac4c4ea06f24b8⋯.png (55.48 KB, 308x326, 154:163, SuperFrens.png)


It may be time to step away. Take a walk, read a good book, pet an animal. Get some perspective that you are loved, even if it's by ppl on the internet.

Breathe – come back to us restored.

be20f7  No.3998487


KEK….SRSLY KEK..the level of retard on that meme is a level we normally don't reach until…

PLS research Nag Hammadi…you do realize that Gnosticism is older than xiantiy…and based partially on Buddhism..and…just fucking never mind. Religtards gonna religitard. whatever the fuck you do NEVER look into the Sumerian texts where you might find out that a good portion of the OT is plagiarized and adapted from Sumerian mythology. Enki had stone tablets too and OMG there was this YUGE flood…and only ONE man survived…and these texts predate the OT by THOUSANDS of years. NOPE….do. not. look.

6ca86d  No.3998488

File: 45db8e114785e8e⋯.png (139.52 KB, 1166x971, 1166:971, 2075d27820c90be00993c82946….png)

File: e29b698c24bd2d7⋯.png (23.68 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, e29b698c24bd2d7b212e58c83a….png)


Do NOT reply to shills.

d6a87d  No.3998489

File: 7c3b128454cfc72⋯.png (395.45 KB, 800x445, 160:89, 1526331477839.png)

File: 7db8541e3528382⋯.jpg (306.53 KB, 1521x1018, 1521:1018, 1528581197269.jpg)

File: 37112b13e556bfe⋯.png (2.02 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 1528581208277.png)

File: b17252b1cbfb563⋯.png (56.86 KB, 420x728, 15:26, 1528581392000.png)

File: a451ac71a40faa7⋯.jpg (189.14 KB, 1490x990, 149:99, 1528581635677.jpg)


Lol, nope.

What do you think about having the Israeli Ministries ordering people from AIPAC committing crimes against American people in American soil in order to politically benefit Israel?

>This is what you fear:

Biggest expose of the anti-America first Israeli Lobby in the history of journalism

An Al Jazeera journalist went 5 months undercover (in the spirit of Veritas MO) into AIPAC (he is a British jew), and the very top levels of Israeli administration are involved in the espionage, harassment, smear, silencing of American citizens due to their need to maintain support for Israel at any cost, the expense always being booted by the American tax payers and violation of the US 1st Amend.

This will radically change your views on Israel if you are still under the illusion that Israel is an ally of any Western Country.

Part 1:


Part 2:


>Some scenes:

-Israeli activist in the US claims to use false Facebook accounts to monitor US citizens and any sharing of information that might hurt American general public support of Israel. She communicates their identities directly to Ministries in Israel.

-Israel attacks supporters of the BDS movement world-wide, because they are a non-violent group that decided to be so due to it being the best strategy against the zionist military occupation.

-Israel uses top of the line social media technology to flag, censor, and if necessary harass and spy on any American and non-American that posts information that might hurt general public support for Israel

6ef3ad  No.3998490

File: ca79f59349019a9⋯.png (215.71 KB, 457x375, 457:375, randyq.png)

649d84  No.3998491


Fuck off shill

We are on to you JIDF Clowns pretending to be patriots,

The proof is in the pudding.

Did Q say this about you?

They want you DIVIDED.



There was no attempt to DIVIDE.

There was however a strategic move to REVEAL.

You, mr. shill, are trying to DIVIDE

NeonRevolt looks to me like a strategic move to reveal.

When I post my digs on this board for free

It is there for anyone else to borrow and reuse however they want.

I don't care if they use it on a pay site if it helps educate more normies.

Heck, I don't even mind if someone reuses my dig in a post on this board

And gets it into BAKER notables

Like one of the notables that is up there right NOW!!!

I even suggested that Baker use that othe Anon's work

5792c8  No.3998492

File: 5491c255d87bc98⋯.jpg (87.84 KB, 567x571, 567:571, DbF5WSZVwAAp_cl.jpg)

trump should personally attend a public comey/lynch testimony then interrupt and declassify when they say they can't respond to a question because it's classified

76887a  No.3998494

File: 9532e5bf60daee8⋯.jpg (63.03 KB, 520x496, 65:62, DrLsg5UXcAIJUbO[1].jpg)


>Have another Q:

Good work engaging the enemy's pawns, anon.

4650d1  No.3998495

File: e5d62e97b9efefe⋯.png (618.32 KB, 518x735, 74:105, ThreadJesus.png)

File: 6cc5fe2e43ff2a7⋯.png (749.29 KB, 1111x694, 1111:694, WWG1WGAkitty.png)

ba0b57  No.3998496


Hardly. Getting rid of MBS has to qualify for main event status with the cabal.

be20f7  No.3998497

File: ed0d0ad737560de⋯.png (202.98 KB, 800x1043, 800:1043, NPC tits.png)


GLP LARP…even asking about it here means

a69823  No.3998498

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The Worst Thing You Can Call An Israeli

There is one thing we Israelis dread above all:

Being a ‘fraier’ – a ‘sucker.’

That’s why we have to stand firm, drive a hard bargain, suspect anyone who offers super cheap prices, and never take things for granted.

Sauce: https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/worst-hebrew-insult-streetwise-podcast-1.5356348

Anyone who is a fraier is the “mark” or the victim or the “sucker” or fool that fell for the smecher‘s tricks. The smecher uses his/her cunning and craftiness to profit at the expense of the fraier.

e78650  No.3998499

File: 9d2543941b6c8be⋯.gif (212.21 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 200w-1.gif)


I'm alone too, all day…but just got on the boards & now with all you anons, I'm keking which is so much better for me.


6ca86d  No.3998500

File: e5b58cf42c9f8bc⋯.jpg (751.92 KB, 3557x1297, 3557:1297, MNKD.JPG)

File: 6f290744ac2ec2d⋯.jpg (123.88 KB, 2849x283, 2849:283, SaveAlifePatriot.JPG)

Give Thanks.

Save a Life.

Do NOT engage shills.

be20f7  No.3998501


SRSLY you know that's NOT really Vince…right?

3a19e3  No.3998502


On this special day, I give thanks for all Americans who honorably serve and protect our Country as well as those who bravely speak out against injustice, lies, prejudice, & sexual assault. I very much look forward to future Thanksgivings when we will come together as one Nation.


07139f  No.3998503

File: eb9c67ebe49d723⋯.jpg (178.54 KB, 586x943, 586:943, 3.JPG)

File: e650b736c2ee0c3⋯.jpg (31.47 KB, 588x188, 147:47, 4.JPG)

Nerve agent used in Skripal attack ‘could have killed thousands’ say experts


aeb2c7  No.3998504


Hillary did a pretty good job of falling into that van! Epic.

878d1f  No.3998505

File: 21564be6732734c⋯.jpeg (1.3 MB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, CA51A095-DF02-4317-914E-6….jpeg)



You kids have ugly turkeys. Mine is bootieful.

c6a6d4  No.3998506

File: df88d6d7b05b687⋯.jpg (119.06 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, comfefe.jpg)


Thanks fren.

Going to be delicious, smells great..homemade rubs. Whiskey marinade.

Happy Turkey Day.

f8715c  No.3998507

File: a90487f11944992⋯.png (500.63 KB, 956x846, 478:423, ClipboardImage.png)

1913f6  No.3998508

Hi Shills, frankly i don't get it. You know you are wrong. You are supporting Child/Human Trafficking, corruption and the enslavement of the people.

Who in his right mind would do such a thing?

You are either religious radicals or supremacists in some sort of way..

If you don't believe in Q, why are you here? It must have some kind of attraction to you. Why?

What are you fighting for? What is your aim?

c5e3d8  No.3998509

File: a7f30957bafd374⋯.png (537.12 KB, 837x616, 837:616, 2ac014d843a78e676281b1f032….png)


>& sexual assault.

Big words from a commie muslim.

e78650  No.3998510


That's a turkey showin' off!

973396  No.3998511

File: 5977aad87e71d29⋯.png (76.07 KB, 638x635, 638:635, Brennan.png)

060995  No.3998512

File: c8987e9443da301⋯.jpg (67.16 KB, 640x487, 640:487, borderwall.jpg)


>trump should personally attend a public comey/lynch testimony then interrupt and declassify when they say they can't respond to a question because it's classified

Love it, anon; I concur.

b1b1b5  No.3998513

File: 963e6a6310df204⋯.png (961.95 KB, 1348x2760, 337:690, propaganda.png)

File: 4597bfa808fee0d⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 1018x4799, 1018:4799, Patton.jpg)

File: ece53028844aecc⋯.jpg (96.73 KB, 1000x796, 250:199, 1502189146137.jpg)

File: cb2e7d658286391⋯.jpg (977.31 KB, 1317x2239, 1317:2239, Holocaust - Gas Chambers (….jpg)


What is a "Nazi"? He came here for truth seekers.

0cf479  No.3998514

File: ddfba3c14375f56⋯.jpg (106.54 KB, 519x624, 173:208, 5ff3026f316cb3bab709bb63c7….jpg)

Anons.. serious question… is she end game mossad/proMAGA/eventually anti-Q…..

only credibility she has is working for Veritas, O'Keefe

52ba6a  No.3998515

File: dd6bf831a90ade4⋯.jpeg (61.72 KB, 576x576, 1:1, Dso_oH1UUAAfy0q.jpg-large.jpeg)

d662d2  No.3998516

File: 65112eb33e70173⋯.png (130.44 KB, 876x879, 292:293, ClipboardImage.png)

is anyone in the camp with me that the placeholders go from bottom to top - so OIG first - ?

e034b8  No.3998517


5dfd79  No.3998518

ok anons

lets see how this plays out best case scenario

oig report calls for charges against clinton and comey for trying to cover up

fisa declass nets peter stozack bruce orr natalie orr RR

the tarmac meeting video gets us LL and BC

charges are filed against all

add in the nixium charges and arrests

they fight in court draw out as long as possible using every trick in the book ,

and no on gets to sentencing till sometime in 2030ish

i wanna be positive but as we see with everything over the last year nothing moves quickly in the courts and by the time anyone is convicted Trump will already be dead of old age as alot of us will be aswell

68033c  No.3998519

Hi name is *** and I am a turkeyholic

6ef3ad  No.3998520

File: 898444ae258c26f⋯.jpg (142.31 KB, 1045x758, 1045:758, nk hotel.jpg)

be20f7  No.3998522


It's halloween gathering THIS year…there were q few of them posted here. I kek' hard at the muh helicopter killed JR…nope..he's alive and well. I didn't DL all of them. Sorry. I think somewhere in Germany…like an oKtoberfest celebration.

00df51  No.3998523

What's wondering me though is that Khashoggi was in no way innocent. Just look up all the MOS connections, there are even connections with Alex Jones, a known gatekeeper (controlled opposition). Since Trump did clean out SA in 2017, it's unlikely that the prince is still dirty. This is definitely a CIA operation. And this was just confirmed during this day when all of a sudden Turkey news claim that CIA has "secret" recordings of the prince saying that he wants Khashoggi dead. It's a clear smear campaign against Donald Trump.

4650d1  No.3998524

File: d7e5bacd57e4851⋯.png (113.61 KB, 1111x218, 1111:218, or.png)


What did Q mean (pic)?

3a19e3  No.3998525


There are big letters A C T

e23eb0  No.3998526


sounds like HRC and Soros are playing/financing both sides of the fence

e4ff91  No.3998527


Bottom Up!

I think is intresisting.

What is it implication fellow A non?

e034b8  No.3998528

File: 9637b6b9c7bb1a1⋯.jpg (172.87 KB, 783x600, 261:200, 988173235774fcb335aae27380….jpg)



024e6a  No.3998529


>Is he sending a message?

>A USA/USSR joint project?

Thinking the same, Anon.

b03866  No.3998530

File: 2085ae96c82410e⋯.png (497.29 KB, 556x525, 556:525, schiff-thanksgiving.png)


doggies have feelings too

the art print is a USA/USSR joint project

can't read the print – Machise in Monaco? 1912-1913 ???

what was going on in these years??

was modern art in vogue in these years?

5ce0e0  No.3998531

File: fcd41dc0fb947f1⋯.jpeg (63.92 KB, 466x471, 466:471, 310FC1B5-4418-4B43-9B8A-8….jpeg)

File: ff351fc5d0ad863⋯.png (154.34 KB, 350x183, 350:183, 54F38C61-12D4-42CD-802E-7D….png)

File: 4ddad61ddf394c6⋯.jpeg (73.99 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 90A52A4A-C515-4C58-B504-D….jpeg)

File: 961e91d58ed7a22⋯.jpeg (35.16 KB, 350x183, 350:183, 7DE8256D-1EC9-4598-B026-6….jpeg)

File: 772c8ee95df5394⋯.jpeg (31.85 KB, 350x183, 350:183, 9A93A5E7-79CE-42EB-898B-D….jpeg)

607348  No.3998532

Just want to say ThankQ to all the bakers and anons for all your tireless dedication and being true patriots to our country.

And also wanted to mention for those who are alone these holidays and our military hang in there we are all one family. Dont give up we are with you and justice will come.

God bless all of you and the United States of America

d81cf8  No.3998533


"Organic" means grew up naturally from the grassroots.

The opposite of organic, here, is that the current shill attack is planned, contrived, managed top-down, intentional, oppressive, purposeful. It doesn't represent the minds of hundreds or thousands of people who simply disagree with Q's and POTUS's message. It's planned and paid-for obstruction, in the same way that the ANTIFA riots and mobs are paid individuals who wouldn't be out there protesting unless somebody organized it, recruited and paid them, and told them what to do and when.


99b220  No.3998534


Dont bend over for the soap.

973396  No.3998535


Good catch. Signal maybe?

ad5bb0  No.3998536


Khashoggi ties to PapaD, Misfud, Page, MbS, Alwaleed bin Talal, Obongo, Muslim Brohood, CF/Clinton Campaign, MI6/CIA/FBI, Comey, Strzok, Lisa Page, etc.

>a distraction

You have to go back to Plebbit, faggot

e0f539  No.3998537

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


yes that was nice.

76887a  No.3998538

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


William Cooper - JFK Assassin Unmasked (1 of 5)

d81cf8  No.3998539

File: ad47a91458bf5cd⋯.jpg (256.85 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, AmericaFirstSafe35.jpg)

File: dd34f1b837dd4d6⋯.jpg (332.65 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, AmericaFirstWealthy34.jpg)

File: 02dd3149138917e⋯.jpg (300.84 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, AmericaFirstSafe34.jpg)

File: cacf5e74b6eea0c⋯.jpg (372.37 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, AmericaFirstGreat34.jpg)

File: 33e1c6ed3c891c4⋯.jpg (397.09 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, AmericaFirstSafe33.jpg)


Feel free to change it. I'm on to other stuff.

c28dd3  No.3998540


The world would have been different if you were still here. We will never forget everything you did to protect us, inspire us, and bring us together as a nation. Your death will NOT go unpunished.

Type “35” to show your gratitude and let him know we will never forget.

fc5979  No.3998541



Also, "future Thanksgivings" wonder what that means? Possible meetings?

99b220  No.3998542


Politicians get small business awards because…there are so few small businesses left in the USA.

5dfd79  No.3998543

heres something someone with more skills then i can dig

pig farmmer picton related

why did the cler case of attempted murder against robert picton get dropped at the same time as a nice chunk of property his family owned was sold to the city for a new school

acouple years before he was arrested for the mass murders he commited

f8715c  No.3998544

File: c87f8c8d45b9332⋯.png (1.03 MB, 955x1276, 955:1276, ClipboardImage.png)

CBP throwing it down



ff30de  No.3998545


I know this will be ridiculed. But I have a theory that was the fake hillary. Its almost like that was the nail in the coffin on 9-11…

5ef167  No.3998546


Shilling is never "grassroots".

Why do "anons" keep insisting on BIZARRE interpretations?

PEOPLE– when Q says "do you think the shills are organice"– what do YOU think it means?

76887a  No.3998547

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


William Cooper - JFK Assassin Unmasked (1 of 5)

be20f7  No.3998548


You're kidding right? Yes, the bible actually does say that…

I AM the way the truth and the light—

No man cometh unto the father EXCEPT BY ME.

Heaven=eternal life

NOT letting Jesus in=HELL aka suffering, burning for eternity.

now, please, explain to me how that's NOT directly in the bible. GOD orders his people to KILL EVERYONE for not loving him enough. He destroys the entire world only saving ONE family…because the world does not love him aka is evil. He fire bombs two cities for NOT LOVING HIM…SRSLY maybe you should read what you believe.


btw god's estimated body count in the OT alone is about 28 million people….all killed for not loving him..YEP god won. YAY GOD.

aeb2c7  No.3998549

File: b7c320e826554ed⋯.png (2.76 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, 09A52352-90F6-4466-A12B-8E….png)

99b220  No.3998550


Signs of the "holocaust" are fake.

1913f6  No.3998551


so following orders?

anyone with a brain would ask himself if there is something to all this the anons put out.

Shill to pay the bills?

I quit several jobs bc the company's values did not match mine.. so i don't get it.

8b31ec  No.3998552

File: 3bf120e8f378f5b⋯.jpg (12.17 KB, 255x246, 85:82, b01844e77108a910320f67925e….jpg)

e4ff91  No.3998553

File: af953c49ad68637⋯.png (287.79 KB, 600x399, 200:133, SexTapeDeleted.png)


OIG report is bottom up as well?

start with OTR_C_ ?

"Off The Record?"


This is not likely to be front and center in the MSM discussion until there are court cases and public disclosure, at the least.

How can this be the starting point?

I am not sure I follow the logic.

Can you elaborate some, illuminate some moar?

649d84  No.3998554


Notice there are 5 horses in the painting, all with coats of different coloring, and she is wearing a white dress and has positioned her head directly under the head of the white horse. There must be some occult symbolism here. Possibly the grey represents her husband, E.L. (whose initials happen to be Hebrew for God). If we knew more about the relatives in this branch of the bloodline, it may help interpret.

Note that people say the Illuminati bloodlines keep their genealogy secret and do not write it down. I find it hard to believe that so many generations over the centuries can keep things straight. However, what if they DO record it, but not in written records like bookkeeping? What if they use paintings of their horses to encode their genealogy. Even though LDR was supposedly born to a family in the USA, it could have been one of those private fostering relationships, and they recorded in this painting that she was part of E.L.'s bloodline and that is why she is with him now?

To understand the above message, you have to be able to identify the actual picture above the mantle in LdR's house in the UK. It's the one with 5 horses.

77967c  No.3998555


Could you clear up something for this anon?

When you write CIA, do you mean rogue, treasonous agents? Or do you mean any and all of the agents now working under the direction of Gina Haspel?

I never understood how "the CIA" could be

all bad.

e034b8  No.3998556



ba0b57  No.3998557

File: 332e0ddbb82f12c⋯.png (264.02 KB, 780x917, 780:917, brennan_what_can_i_get_you.png)

34560f  No.3998558


>truly honored

45a269  No.3998559

anons, has any lawfag given info on how long it actually takes to unseal all the indictments?

376719  No.3998560

File: 5d87c96000c791a⋯.jpg (92.49 KB, 500x630, 50:63, 2mbxet.jpg)

b1ef8d  No.3998561

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is the most Jewish tactic I've ever seen. Stop trying to make Laura Loomer a thing.

08df26  No.3998562



More than that.

Incorrect caps: C N

Correct caps: O I A T

d1b3be  No.3998563

File: e4050332b700d8b⋯.jpg (78.55 KB, 450x343, 450:343, D.jpg)


Just noticed- Qdrops containing Night [#].

APR 12 - Night [5]

APR 8 - Night [4]

APR 7 - Night [3]

APR 5 - Night [2]

Deltas on the (4) posts run from 11 - 17.

There is no Night [1]

Night Habbenings?

847e27  No.3998564

File: 8e0230910fda148⋯.png (778.25 KB, 849x560, 849:560, ClipboardImage.png)

I always thought it interesting Nov 22 1963 was also the day Doctor Who premiered on BBC.

99b220  No.3998565


Jackie shot him and his head rocked back.

2c4abc  No.3998566


Yep. Dude who owned that building kept a yacht around Broward County at a Marina called Peir 66. Think he sold it years ago.

Here are some of many Peir 66 jumpers:



And a Hollywood connection:

Filming took place in Fort Lauderdale in March-April 1995. It was originally called Fort Lauderdale before being renamed Pier 66


e78650  No.3998567



There's a capitol N ACTN = ACTION ?

4d880e  No.3998569


Excellent question!

ff30de  No.3998570


exactly, it really makes them obvious tho…

e523e0  No.3998571

File: cbb137b7cd75df1⋯.jpg (15.39 KB, 650x366, 325:183, YourHeartRateAtGunPoint.jpg)

14f9bb  No.3998572


Hoping he's telling us that POTUS has been rounding up the bad element (s) that walk this earth, and fitting them for their orange jumpsuits!

70644a  No.3998573


Your posts are so effective that anons are watching it in droves. They're obviously so angered by the revelations that they can't stop talking about it; right?

26b1ac  No.3998574


Lawfag here. No real timeframe.

Most aren't indictments, either, if you're talking about the 60k sealed Fed filings. Most are applications for electronic searches. Still a big number, though, don't misread what I'm saying.

If there's 60k indictments, a lot of them will be at the state level, too.

3a19e3  No.3998575



Holy shit


973396  No.3998576



c28dd3  No.3998577

File: 482b9c08c746f27⋯.jpeg (131.08 KB, 511x675, 511:675, 430377FB-96F1-4D32-A512-0….jpeg)



You don’t have to like him, but is that really necessary?

ff30de  No.3998578

847e27  No.3998579


The Kennedys must be avenged

10997d  No.3998580