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File: 79bb1093418aac5⋯.jpg (68.61 KB, 604x767, 604:767, NurELUySX1apHDCPInSWoHM-uG….jpg)


If any cunt wants that pic of the Richmond fan here it is. You're all fucking welcome

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anyone got the ass pic of the other girl??



so prove it or stfu



who cares there's no penis


File: b9d618f5ed78d29⋯.png (70.67 KB, 261x192, 87:64, 1500579955040.png)



Saggy, they look similar to man boobs

File: 53fd7e220f4bea9⋯.jpg (62.5 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 1492765001823.jpg)


Fuck sake mates

OLD >>155559

Lets spend the next 750 working out how to avoid shitposters killing the thread

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I'm gonna dance the night away


You make me feel like dancing


I feel like dancing, dancing




Dance the night away

File: 36e2de0745acfbf⋯.png (98.45 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1485238115720.png)


Old thread: >>154748

Christmas is getting closer and closer NEETs. What will you be doing on Christmas day? What did you do last year?

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Dating a rich obese fatty is a pretty good career move

It's basically being a nurse except you get a big payout before they hit 50


Broke my nofap streak to an hour of edging to just solo girls. Did a huge cum and my balls ached afterwards.


Big abo cock



downside is she has to try and find his penor burried under that vast gut


Pajeets pussy

File: 8aebb8a97381302⋯.jpg (301.33 KB, 2048x1517, 2048:1517, nice2e.jpg)


Hi /aus

not sure if you've seen but there's a funny thread over on 4ch/pol with interesting bits and pieces of info being alluded to, so here's a first thread(? catalog agrees) to spark some interest

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Wouldn't renouncing a birth citizenship be more the ones to watch for 'modern-treasonisms' rather than simply being eligible for a foreign citizenship?

How to renounce an eligibility? Or why even?


Lambo confirmed for bloody absolute full-blooded aussie patriot

The rest of the house of reps should just stand down because they can't possibly match even half that commitment


> Do we need to make this a thing?

Should we just tell everyone who hasn't at least a parent / grandparent? that has served for the Australian Defence force to forget about the cushy federal government jobs?


Fucking move here and run for PM in the same decade deserves a stint of service


I'm actually tempted to go an sign up to get shot at now

File: 746c47631f117c9⋯.jpg (18.09 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 23212.jpg)


Drank 2 little fat lambs, lemon and tropical cans.

Having half of a leftover beer that I left sitting in the fridge.

I've had approx 5.3 alcohol units so far and fuuck does this bacon egg and cheese sandwich taste good.

I put 2 slices on it and melted it on the frying pan for a couple of seconds and it's the best thing.

I made a mistake last thread sorry.

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hmm yes indeed







故用兵之法,十則圍之,五則攻之,倍則分之, 敵則能戰之,少則能守之,不若則能避之。





File: c0cb391b135e999⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 188.42 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 1510189395076.jpg)






File: 131b72b77646b5b⋯.jpg (508.39 KB, 1975x1339, 1975:1339, 1466387355491.jpg)


OLD >>153158

This one goes out to all the neets who have no soul in the world to share the joy of life with. Summer is almost here neets, how are you planning to spend it?

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>making a new thread with twenty posts left


the new threads are so shit i'll just stay here for a while


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


yep, fuck that shit

/aus/ must've had an influx of newfriends



Morning lads

Burnt through that last thread fuckin' quick


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

File: 590bf42295388b0⋯.png (138.24 KB, 490x354, 245:177, it's 2017 (no seriously th….png)


I can only hope conservative people are even better at voting than you say they are. By the way, polls show 'no' is winning.

There's also a 'fuck blompf' at the start of the video, because why not?


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That's what the left does. Whenever they manage to convince themselves that their latest pet cause is guaranteed to succeed, they stop trying and start celebrating, no matter how premature. They're going on about "no" winning so that the virtue-signalling fucks actually bother to fill in the postal vote and send it in. They still won't bother, though, because voting "yes" isn't as important to them as going on social media to tell everyone else to vote "yes".


File: 58ffcdd4b6650c2⋯.png (41.82 KB, 663x625, 663:625, haaaaaaaaaaaaa.png)


ah right, i remember that happened with anti-trump faggots.


lol fuck the gays

when the fuck are they releasing the results? where can I find good polls?

holy shit the butthurt if the vote is NO will be delicious


What a lot of people don't understand is that not even a lot of the gay community wanted this $122mil mess and unfortunately since the coalition has gone and fucked themselves over royally due to it we're gonna end up with a Labor govt and SSM passed into law eventually anyway.

All the government achieved with this is wasting money and starting more arguments between proponents and opponents.



anarchists dont vote

File: 53c6473e07f7f39⋯.png (126.07 KB, 665x1145, 133:229, 1481167181557.png)


Old Thread: >>152358

We need to start getting better at making these in time.

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These are not high quality posts




155 was a mistake



Long live #156



And you wasted a 999 girlfriend wish for us all you cunt

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Redfern is looking like the winner at the moment. What's a place where I can find abos fighting?

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I think macksville has a very large abbo population


The NT has fuckton of abbos. They even use opal fuel there


Alice Springs. The cunts stomp on each other’s heads and run each other over with their busted up shit box pord palcons 😂



We used to have a massive typical coon family here but they all got moved up north and the crime rate dropped significantly

File: 528fc01d565ac84⋯.jpeg (16.39 KB, 240x236, 60:59, main-qimg-7d9c27d53c29add….jpeg)


who would win?

you can choose the competition

but try to be fair about it

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>took bombs

fuckin struth m8

the nips bombed alot more than just darwin


At one point they flew 400km inland from Darwin to bomb an airfield because they though there might allied bombers there. They killed 2 abos and some poor lady.


File: b8cdd053b211ecd⋯.jpg (144.34 KB, 640x640, 1:1, MORE BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD G….jpg)


>Fought alongside Burgerstan in 'Nam

>An imperialist war conjoined with France to prevent the Vietnamese from organizing their own government and reunifying

>This is supposed to make Australia "better"


australia, because although oz and canada have roughly the same asian percentage, asians are not really visible in the society at the top levels. our government is pretty much all white while canada's government is half full of shitskins


Australia, because we'd never give up this country. Canada doesn't seem to have the same love and patriotism that we do.

I am sure that many Australians would quite literally fight till we die defending our country.



>go to bunnings to get paint mixed

>employee has a thick american accent (southern maybe?)

>asks if "y'all need any help"

>she mixes the paint successfully

yeah, you yanks go hard too

File: 06f3ac5ea615fdc⋯.png (11.42 KB, 411x387, 137:129, 1497427929588.png)


I've just come to the conclusion

there's only 3 types of people in Australia



>uni art fags

so /aus/ which are you?

>i'm a worker btw

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I'm A stralian



If farmers aren't workers noone is



yep me too



bludger neet

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Common slogan for the "Yes" campaign, but did you know that it is also a hit single by grandaughter of Fascist leader Benito Mussolini? In fact this grand daughter is the leader of the current Italian fascist party.

Coincidence? I think not. We all know the words Fascist and faggot stem from the same origin.

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love has no species




I wonder how long before they use that for pedos



wat is nambla



lurk moar


File: e38a078c0b44ce0⋯.png (355.82 KB, 800x447, 800:447, c_scale,fl_progressive,q_8….png)

File: bde1d26b85db1e9⋯.jpeg (211.99 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, neetfood.jpeg)


Don't fall for wagie lies and that Cheesecake is the true path

captcha: aznsfb

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I'd get yourself tested for cholera



Yeah Dominos seems to have way more Indians than everyone

While Pizza Hut has a bunch of Muzzies

As does Red Rooster

While Subway is filled with Asians

Hungry Jacks is all Niggers

While KFC is filled with mystery meats

And Fucking strange is the fact that McDonalds is pretty white




how about barnacle bills?



The fuck is Barnacle Bills, is that a WA thing?

File: e0a25fa03fa3cce⋯.jpeg (13.11 KB, 336x437, 336:437, image.jpeg)


A thread for booze, drinking tips and drinking mixes.

Ive been drinking port and soda. Its actually very nice much better than goon, i bought a bottle like pic related for $10, 10 standard drinks. Mixed with soda its much more drink able almost tastes like a spiced rum, i sometimes add a squeze of lime.

And other good cheap drinks?

5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1883a792479dc42⋯.jpg (23.08 KB, 293x288, 293:288, Untitled.jpg)


fat cunt reporting in

gona stick to my vomit bombs thankyou very much

you can keep ur pre mixed drinks for the gay bar


File: 6c977052b61e15d⋯.jpg (235.01 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 2684863[1].jpg)


To fuckin' right m8



> Not as bitter as it's gonna be


1ST CHOICE (aka Coles) had dropped the price of XXX BITTER from $59 to $55 this week.

So I bought a carton in Celebration!


I like mixing beer with the juices of my stomach.

File: 5a19f14ac1e0a98⋯.gif (3.61 KB, 432x216, 2:1, aus flag.gif)


Why do you goyim resist the inevitable change that is coming?

Why do Ausfailians resist their Chinese heritage?

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> qubec best state


File: 692578a3d2955d3⋯.png (729.87 KB, 746x585, 746:585, sadwalls.png)

today this?


File: 3a763dedd9f903e⋯.png (254.83 KB, 922x600, 461:300, trumpsnewride.png)

bit of humour, though he could probably afford one


File: d9cdf9b8c89c69d⋯.png (32.1 KB, 669x152, 669:152, second.png)

> No voting Immigrants and the first peoples are probably more 2nd sweetie

Lets be a bit realistic though


> tfw you chant equality

> but it looks just like privilege

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