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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ze1c02b43c5fc1b06dad409388….jpg)

7ab7f8  No.3794404

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Tuesday 11.06.18

>>>/patriotsfight/423 ——————————— The world is changing. ( Cap: >>3762922 )

>>>/patriotsfight/422 ——————————— History is being made. ( Cap: >>3762692 )

>>>/patriotsfight/421 ——————————— Together We Win. ( Cap: >>3762382 )

>>>/patriotsfight/420 ——————————— GodisLove.jpg ( Cap: >>3761313 )

>>>/patriotsfight/419 ——————————— @Breaking911: "tech difficulties" Houston ( Cap: >>3759403 )

>>>/patriotsfight/418 ——————————— Q in the sky: @StaceyDash( Cap: >>3759195 )

>>>/patriotsfight/417 ——————————— VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! JUSTICE COMING. ( Cap: >>3759170 )

>>>/patriotsfight/416 ——————————— This is about preserving our REPUBLIC. THIS IS ABOUT SAVING AMERICA. ( Cap: >>3755153 )

>>3754365 ——————————————— VOTE! & MEME!

>>3754269 rt >>3754247 —————-———– The world will follow. Think Merkel.

>>3754220 rt >>3754138 —————-———– He has no choice now but to remain in the light.

>>3754088 rt >>3754053 —————-———– We are grateful.

>>>/patriotsfight/415 ——————————— It is time, WE, THE PEOPLE, reclaim what is rightfully ours (Cap: >>3753655 )

>>>/patriotsfight/414 ——————————— Eyes On, Patriots! History books (Caps: >>3753346 )

>>>/patriotsfight/413 ——————————— DECLAS coming (Caps: >>3753120, >>3753209 )

Monday 11.05.18

>>>/patriotsfight/412 ——————————— MEMES now front & center. (Cap: >>3747409 )

>>3747136 rt >>3747094 —————-———– Both brothers do have a pending sealed indictment.

>>>/patriotsfight/411 ——————————— The 'LEFT' has no chance. ( Cap: >>3747075 )

>>3745973 ——————————————— VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Will you answer the call? Your Country needs you!

>>3745883 rt >>3745849 —————-———– POTUS 'really' made that one obvious didn't he?

>>3745821 rt >>3745801 —————-———– Trolling the FAKE NEWS media is FUN!

>>>/patriotsfight/410 ——————————— Do you 'AIR Q'? (Cap: >>3745763 Video: >>3745786 )

>>3745008 rt >>3744948 —————-———– MEMES locked on target? Fire when ready

>>>/patriotsfight/409 ——————————— Yes, Mr. President, Anons are actively tracking. Message received (Cap: >>3744884 , >>3744948 )

>>>/patriotsfight/408 ——————————— For Anons… (Cap: >>3740800 ; >>3740558 ; >>3740556 )

>>>/patriotsfight/407 ——————————— VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! (Cap: >>3740741 )

Sunday 11.04.18

Compiled here: >>3759334

Saturday 11.03.18

Compiled here: >>3747294

Friday 11.02.18

Compiled here: >>3731026

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7ab7f8  No.3794409


are not endorsements


>>3507228 Video: "Q - We Are The Plan"; good red-pilling explanation

>>3572123 Q: The Basics - An Introduction to Q and the Great Awakening v.1.0

>>3793687 BO: Catalog is too full and new (non-General Breads) will be deleted, not existing breads

#4821 Baker Change

>>3793725 Tucker Carlson: "Trump is the Viking who conquered the Republican Party"

>>3793764, >>3793772 CNN is supporting Acosta

>>3793828 Anon sums up Sessions' contribution

>>3793866 Israel threatens to target Russia-manned S-300s in Syria

>>3793886 DC Antifa Publishes Home Addresses of Tucker, His Brother, Ann Coulter, Neil Patel, and Sean Hannity

>>3793908 POTUS' schedule for tomorrow

>>3794081 History of 1st midterm results (House/Sen)

>>3794170 Summary Graphic: 11/7/18

>>3794314 Paul Sperry Tweet: Mueller releases his final report to the ACTING AG

>>3794364 Anon on "[Days Prior]" to 11/11/18

>>3794399 #4821


>>3793075 Statement of U.S. Attorney John W. Huber on Attorney General Sessions

>>3793127 RR cancels cybersecurity speech scheduled for Thursday following meeting with POTUS

>>3793140 Video: Candace Owens tours FL immigration center

>>3793223 Dems "perfecting" ballots?

>>3793297, >>3793409, >>3793463 Info on supposed massive nationwide "Red Line Trump" protests

>>3793322 Ezra Cohen-Watnick on the Clock

>>3793458 New AG? Rep. Ratcliffe's Law leads to prosecution of child exploitation criminals in northeast TX

>>3793497 Side-by-side: Liberal hypocrisy re: Sessions resignation

>>3793591 CNN Releases Statement: Defends Jim Acosta’s Rude, Obscene Outbursts — Says President Should “Respect” Press Mob

>>3793602 #4820


>>3792739 OpEd: Insightful article on the counter-semitic movement within the right

>>3792421 UBS expects to be sued by DOJ over crisis-era mortgage securities

>>3792229, >>3792405 Remembering that Cohen Watnick worked at Oracle

>>3792217 Japan media says POTUS "forced Sessions out"

>>3792195 AF launces test missile from So Cal base

>>3792142 AG "Do You Even Lift Bro" Whitaker's home page scares lefty twatter

>>3792846 #4819


>>3792054 Grassley statement on Sessions leaving

>>3791720, >>3791866 They grow up so fast: when normies make their first memes

>>3791389 Anon suggests POTUS wanted Dems in charge of house so THEY'd have to clean it

>>3791440 Manlet Mitt Romney also goncerned about Mueller Investigation (yawn)

>>3791438 2016 WaTimes art from Whitaker "The Punisher" on HRC's revolving door

>>3791395, >>3791450 The Revokening: Sarah Sanders twats Acosta "put hands on" staff

>>3791381 And All Anon-dom shouts KEK! Lil Jim's WH press pass R E V O K E D

>>3791807, >>3792033 Lil Jim films removal of WH hard pass, anon improves narrative

>>3792083 #4818


>>3791059 Beelzebub Brennan Warns After Sessions’ Firing: ‘Constitutional Crisis Very Soon’

>>3791152 Grassley briefed on the obvious: MS13 & other known criminals in the caravan

>>3791028 How do you catch a fish? Um... with a Rod?

>>3791117 OpEd: Democrats Rush to Defend Mueller’s Investigation After Jeff Sessions’ Exit

>>3791030 Cali: Border Patrol Gets Tip, Raids Multiple Smuggling Houses, Dozens Arrested

>>3790943, >>3790981 Hubris on Soy: Antifa mob currently outside the Tuck's home

>>3790697 Whitaker i'view: HRC above the law, LL, their team will shine a light/expose

>>3790695 HRC still relevant (in Excuse-o-topia), Kvetch/blames re "lackluster" blue wave

>>3790679 Why is Sessions' Resignation letter not dated?

>>3790673 Fitton twat: An assault on both the executive/judicial branches at same time

>>3790652 2017 Jewish Forward on Cohen Watnick: Secret Source @ctr of Russia Probe

>>3790601, >>3790609, >>3790656, >>3790704 On HR3219 Make America Secure Appropriations Act

>>3791343 #4817

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9878e5  No.3794435

File: c1db23f5fe81f33⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-11-07-22-4….png)

Just a heads up Phillyanons

7ab7f8  No.3794458


any sauce for that?

54f88b  No.3794461

File: f5e536541e02086⋯.jpeg (198.29 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, received_1021048287753382….jpeg)

Ty Baker

9c6d8c  No.3794470

File: 13cf5dcaf199b52⋯.png (516.72 KB, 703x912, 37:48, Common Dreams 1.png)

File: 345cf1b0ec7bda9⋯.png (90.93 KB, 1020x979, 1020:979, common dreams protest 1.png)

File: 05c16ba91ab8795⋯.png (251.49 KB, 705x891, 235:297, common dreams protest 2.png)

File: 03d4bb01ea4fc3a⋯.png (185.82 KB, 634x934, 317:467, common dreams protest 3.png)


Common Dreams is organizing protests because of Jeff Sessions’ firing. Coming from such a left-wing group (see below), this may seem strange. But if you look at the arrow on the tweet from supporter Anna Galland, you’ll see that she’s no fan of Sessions. She and other protesters assume it means the ending of the Mueller investigation, which is looking at “Trump’s crimes.”

Common Dreams’ website says their funding comes “thousands of small donations.” Yeah, and maybe a few really big ones, too.


Common Dreams, P.O. Box 443, Portland, ME 04112-0443, USA


Mission: To inform. To inspire. To ignite change for the common good.

“Common Dreams has been providing breaking news & views for the progressive community since 1997. We are independent, non-profit, advertising-free and 100% reader supported….Common Dreams is funded by the pooling together of thousands of small donations from our readers.”

Articles by Eric Alterman, Noam Chomsky, Alexander Cockburn, Jeff Cohen, Juan Cole, Joe Conason, David Corn, Linh Dinh, Robert Fisk, Amy Goodman, Tom Hayden, Bob Herbert, Arianna Huffington, Molly Ivins, Jesse Jackson, Kathy Kelly,Naomi Klein, Paul Krugman, Michael Lerner, Michael Moore, Ralph Nader, Harold Pinter, Ted Rall, Frank Rich, Robert Reich, Arundhati Roy, Bernie Sanders, Robert Scheer, Cindy Sheehan[8], Katrina vanden Heuvel, Howard Zinn (Wikipedia)

Here’s what leftist writer Tony Logan, banned in 2008 from their site, has to say:

The biggest liberal website out there online, Common Dreams, informs us with its headline today that ‘OBAMA’S PROGRESSIVES: HOLDING, PUSHING, TUGGING’. Common Dreams has become a major resource for the US Left and liberal community in the last couple of years through its posting of many important commentaries by Leftists and liberals plus its convenient links that many of us use quite often. Unfortunately there is a big weakness of the site, and that is their censorship of commentaries, writers, and readers WHO ARE NOT COMPLETELY 100% ON BOARD WITH THEIR ‘SUPPORT THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS’, PRO-DEMOCRATIC PARTY POINT OF VIEW.


7897eb  No.3794486

File: 2ad0005fc1d4196⋯.jpg (298.5 KB, 1280x852, 320:213, IMG_753.jpg)

patriots succeed!!

9878e5  No.3794490


Just a twat handle


Haven't spotted it elsewhere yet

cfcaa9  No.3794491

File: 5b0d0ae0fb3434b⋯.jpg (109 KB, 647x1365, 647:1365, 3CtFE6W.jpg)

Thank you, Baker!

2c1b16  No.3794492

File: 9d92d2e313a0312⋯.jpg (69.9 KB, 487x325, 487:325, youllallgettoseetheexecuti….jpg)


love u frens

2927ef  No.3794493




"..or in response to chaos associated with protests and mob action,"

Article 1, Section 9 of the US Constitution states, "The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it."


238e60  No.3794494

File: 5a3b7d68cb4026a⋯.pdf (1.66 MB, Safari - Nov 7, 2018 at 11….pdf)

So we have a dead pimp that won we also have this dude.

1de971  No.3794495

File: e6d33d006503f2f⋯.png (2.18 KB, 258x40, 129:20, ConvenientJews.png)

Ladies and Gentlemen…

The Jews…

In their own words…

1aa70c  No.3794496

File: bed197bd6a7f226⋯.jpg (47.5 KB, 610x913, 610:913, _ tyb.jpg)

2927ef  No.3794497



846d2d  No.3794498

File: 880377b86a389bb⋯.png (158.48 KB, 2072x744, 259:93, ClipboardImage.png)

Q Post 2318 w/NYTimes forecast update

Didn't notice this in notables yet.

Might have been past bread.

83f9db  No.3794499

File: b890aef61bd4b6e⋯.png (58.72 KB, 1588x378, 794:189, WWWWWWWWWWWWQ.PNG)

Thanks Baker

New Q Patriots Fight


554717  No.3794500

File: e46763401c17ea1⋯.png (494.58 KB, 1024x936, 128:117, yippeekiyay.png)

ff743f  No.3794501

wednesday q drops missing in dough.

87eeca  No.3794502

File: 920b16083b0ce38⋯.png (36.89 KB, 420x420, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

>>3794405 lb

Look how the Elders Scrolls Skyrim logo

Resembles the capless pyramid used by Q

In early drops

And how it is mirrored in another pyramid

That does have a cap UNDERNEATH

And it is the arrow pointed tail

That we associate with the devil

Upstairs, Downstairs

What if the royals who appear in public

Are puppets with no real power

What if the real controllers of the Cabal

Are under stairs, i.e. they appear to be


Maybe the Butler is the real boss?

The Man behind the Curtain

Deceiving everyone?

We do know that servants of royal families

Come from the bloodline and are trained for the role

The same as any other bloodline member.

1836b7  No.3794503

File: 3835db158f8a924⋯.png (52.85 KB, 555x718, 555:718, ClipboardImage.png)

>>3794449 lb

Yep. TG> means movin' on up to the AG after all?

826762  No.3794504

Hey Q- Trump- whatever. Everyone here thinks you are a lying faggot now. Every adult with an IQ north of 95 knows that you and this presidency is a fucking failure. A delay at best. Fuck you you lying worthless cunts.

3e1bfd  No.3794505


Dude doing Q knows this and uses this to his advantage. Same kind of setup.

"He said it! Do you believe in coincidence?" hahahaha

It's impressive how many people he tricked. The high point, in June, there were thousands and thousands of Q followers.

7897eb  No.3794506

File: 5c954b338353bca⋯.jpg (123.29 KB, 500x667, 500:667, IMG_757.jpg)

patriots reveal!!!

8a6eb1  No.3794507


So about that 5pm mob tomorrow…

2927ef  No.3794508


1de971  No.3794509

File: 6ff792c9b9561cb⋯.png (4.69 KB, 442x92, 221:46, ConvenientJews1.png)

f5989c  No.3794510

File: 9c8a49086984ccb⋯.png (89.19 KB, 2436x238, 174:17, Caps 2018-11-07 at 11.49.2….png)



Anon asked for a lullabye…


2abaa8  No.3794511

File: a8966132daffc06⋯.png (477.11 KB, 891x794, 891:794, ClipboardImage.png)

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Will Retire from the US Supreme Court in January, 2019


34310e  No.3794512

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Looking at the woman in the red dress?


Well, since it's Jim…

Good movie, anons?

746710  No.3794513

President Trump Issues New Rule to Protect Americans From Funding Abortions Under Obamacare

The Trump administration today issued a new rule designed to protect Americans from being forced to pay for abortions under Obamacare.

Today the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued a new rule directing insurers selling Obamacare plans that cover elective abortion to collect a separate payment from enrollees for that coverage, as required by law. Under the Obama administration, insurers were allowed to collect these payments together in violation of clear statutory language.


Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; Exchange Program Integrity

This document is unpublished. It is scheduled to be published on 11/09/2018.


758a2f  No.3794514

File: d4fd720b9544acd⋯.jpeg (7.41 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1509753209727625273422.jpeg)


Nice safe drop. But will they fill the last bread? Hardest part of it. And it is only going to get worse because the shit is about to hit the fan. Still think designated ebake may become necessary in the future. BO heard my idea on that. Seed is in place.

Thank you for your service, patriot.

452676  No.3794515

File: bacda25139f6ab9⋯.png (27.88 KB, 1005x162, 335:54, ClipboardImage.png)




0396e7  No.3794516

File: f7a0549b3ff6a5e⋯.png (48.41 KB, 657x373, 657:373, 1 Sperry re Mueller 11-7-1….PNG)

File: cfb12d17666195d⋯.png (47.31 KB, 647x369, 647:369, 2 Sperry re Mueller 11-7-1….PNG)



54f7d4  No.3794517

File: f497f578de188ec⋯.png (101.04 KB, 1343x547, 1343:547, ClipboardImage.png)


8355fb  No.3794518

File: 5554a9f3b76cecd⋯.jpg (62.25 KB, 600x471, 200:157, trust-jeffie-yeah-right.jpg)

027bfe  No.3794519

PB #1820 Video from Candace Owens was in Sept. It was all over twatter at the time

7db1d8  No.3794520

oh shit martial law chatter????????

8a6eb1  No.3794521



Especially an organized mob that they're trying to pass off as "grassroots".

Clearly this has been in the works for ages.

2c1b16  No.3794522

File: 0613d217490fdd8⋯.png (39.97 KB, 1780x209, 1780:209, 435.PNG)



8a6eb1  No.3794523



ooooooh shit…

They planned on joining forces with the Caravan, didn't they?

84c962  No.3794524

File: 89380f8ed389af0⋯.mp4 (231.34 KB, 852x480, 71:40, Acosta.mp4)

>>3794431 (lb)

Acostas comeback.

34310e  No.3794525


Oops, the second part's @27m05s

56ae40  No.3794526


Martial Law coming, especially when it seems to be normal to harass conservatives outside their own homes at night. Those people should have been arrested outside of Tucker's house!

bdbe62  No.3794527


Looks like a storm is in the forecast.

ee06b1  No.3794528

>>3794469 lb

>>3794452 lb

>>3794428 lb

This anon is actually saying the headline is false.

The context here was Truman mocking a false, premature headline in the original ("Dewey Defeats Truman").

A little over the heads of most here

3e1bfd  No.3794529


"Pain coming."

And coming, and coming, and coming, and…

Now he's trying to hype people about mobs and riots lol

452676  No.3794530



8a6eb1  No.3794531


Yeah… where WERE the cops?

4d9ef3  No.3794532

File: 19c8f298e4d3b99⋯.png (463.84 KB, 682x725, 682:725, obama ma.PNG)


a4c03a  No.3794533

File: 0481fb86f84ad02⋯.jpg (58.43 KB, 688x500, 172:125, 2m04l3.jpg)

Inspired by the thought that if it had been Whitaker passing the mic, Acosta would have sat down just as fast as he did when he thought secret service was coming for him.

f87cc1  No.3794534

File: e283a2f0babf50b⋯.png (2.81 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, f6f2618822aef322845da2879f….png)

TY Baker!!!

>>3794401 (lb)

Here's the real eye opener. All us 4chan original/oldfags Got sucked into the reddit thing for a bit because of stuff related to work, porn, or even T_D. None of them will admit it, but T_D was an extension of 4chan's recurring "President Trump General" threads for the longest time. T_D was those threads for the "Normies". It was a surface level outreach. Then the drama happened, and many of us chan-types migrated back. Whomever was paying attention migrated back with us, then the plan of attack came into play, hence the CBTS threads beginning.

This has been the most brilliant campaign ever waged in the world of politics. Trump knew what base he needed, and the people that he surrounded himself with have executed the perfect series of internet presences to unite them behind "the plan".

The best part of this show, sometimes, isn't watching the show Q has for us, itself. It's watching anons (and shills) watch the show, and their reactions (today is a perfect example). Yeah. It's trippy. Got some smart guys working over there. I have to admit, I've got some theories about where all this is going. I'm really curious to see if I'm right.

83f9db  No.3794535


Here is another reason they are resisting sooo hard. Haden't heard this!

1836b7  No.3794536

File: b20a0cd51d5435b⋯.png (143.8 KB, 1599x706, 1599:706, ClipboardImage.png)


Coast Guard choppers (I think) over my house tonight, fam.

9878e5  No.3794537





d6b9c5  No.3794538


Gorgeous OC WOuld smash & die near front hole, happy AF

2c1b16  No.3794539


don't respond


4d9ef3  No.3794540


he is a big dude!

3e1bfd  No.3794541


The sky is always falling when you are a Q anon


f58309  No.3794542


lib smackdown..showtime anons!

f85042  No.3794543

Rosenstein Cancels Scheduled Speech For Tomorrow Following White House Meeting

Although Rosenstein is to remain DAG, rumors are flying that he will turn in his resignation within the next 24-48 hours.


bet his panties are in a bunch

ecef99  No.3794544

File: b418fa4bdba0134⋯.jpeg (1.11 MB, 3264x3264, 1:1, C4B8FE51-22BE-4E0B-8946-A….jpeg)

b8e4c0  No.3794545

File: 34d006322afc1ad⋯.png (34.4 KB, 1786x204, 893:102, ClipboardImage.png)

7b368d  No.3794546

File: e63fc8994437cfd⋯.jpeg (79.94 KB, 857x500, 857:500, 54E015A4-392A-4955-B654-1….jpeg)

File: 12f6f52854c9ec9⋯.jpeg (87.71 KB, 857x500, 857:500, 0E253F18-BC16-423A-BC9F-D….jpeg)

Session played his part. Wonder what’s in store for him next? Will the next AG be pro weed? Kek I know Session hated it.

56ae40  No.3794547


Jesus, I don't think i am that old; but back in my day…that was coined "DISTURBING THE PEACE"! Why aren't the cops arresting these people and handing out citations and such?

The city has every right to enforce a curfew.

c1de09  No.3794548

File: 18b8302a25b7c45⋯.jpg (69.67 KB, 960x554, 480:277, sygdzssb01x11.jpg)

So sorry, as I've missed you

Running with the crazy crowd

I'm climbing, going higher

I don't care if I never come down

I don't care if I never come down

dcc918  No.3794549

File: 08850c6284329b1⋯.jpg (205.45 KB, 500x500, 1:1, GodBlessAmericasMilitary.jpg)

File: 535bf278de89161⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 2048x1024, 2:1, Transcript-of-Graham-quest….jpg)

ff743f  No.3794550


I see several other … lesser known(?) sites reporting this as well, but no big-name ones.

I need to see it from a MSM source - as it's sure to galvanize (((them))) all over again, which the MSM won't pass up a chance for, and thus, I can't see it being sat on.

931b4c  No.3794551



Here we go kids.

846d2d  No.3794552


Interdasting had that discussion several days ago

with a vet buddy.

Also from what he could find doesn't apply to Marines. (no sauce handy atm)

Send the Marines…oh we did!

157314  No.3794553

>>3794393 (lb)

This timeline, please

b8d163  No.3794554


Section 9 - Limits on Congress

Just sayin', suspension of habeas is a Congressional action under the constitution. Not that the government follows the constitution, it emphatically does not.

9878e5  No.3794555


Bout damn time - she could be dead and starting to bloat before anyone figured out she wasn't napping

4def9a  No.3794556

File: 5533db0f5ddaf63⋯.png (517.13 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, deathstar memes locked on ….png)

e18a5d  No.3794557

File: 382008e6dd67d00⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1200x750, 8:5, 3204472F-E2BF-4333-9759-59….png)

Night Shift




dcc918  No.3794558

File: d02c8f213d50c03⋯.mp4 (15.77 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Kav and Graham Enemy Comba….mp4)

b7931a  No.3794559

b39e70  No.3794560


So basically they can call martial law with the caravan, “invasion”.

7db1d8  No.3794561

The protests are set for tomorrow all over the country. Is Q getting us prepped for martial law?

2927ef  No.3794562

File: f768deaef22da97⋯.png (29.11 KB, 1280x674, 640:337, _WE_THE_PEOPLE_FOREVER_.png)

POTUS is suppose to protect the country. We trust you POTUS.

You were made for this!

910e89  No.3794563

File: 5cfe2c7df1610c1⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1256x846, 628:423, Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at ….png)

731de1  No.3794564

Oh oh. Q posts a wiki leak about Martial Law and Posse Comitatus Act



"..or in response to chaos associated with protests and mob action,"

Article 1, Section 9 of the US Constitution states, "The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it."


ae98d1  No.3794565


We play. Q, Im man=Q U El=}{

2660bb  No.3794566


Antifa BTFO

efe3df  No.3794567

Anon last bread re-post Acosta chop gif please

7ab5d5  No.3794568


Ashkenazi have some pretty unique DNA issues. Mostly mitochondrial (mother's DNA). "Three person babies"

For example cystic fibrosis. Nasty disease. If both parents are carriers, the kid gets it too. I only one parent is a carrier, and the kid has only one carrier, but get BREATHED on by a full blown cystic fibrosis patient, the wham, the kid's got CF too. Bad stuff.

Here's a Bay Area school district trying to cover it's ass on exposure liability:


"Three person babies" to fix mitochondrial disease issues:


8a6eb1  No.3794569


Add that with the Teamwork and Real Life Effect training provided by one Shia LeBoof…

Hint hint.

fdce0c  No.3794570



fdd0ee  No.3794571

File: 0d683a6a223f878⋯.jpg (521.85 KB, 987x788, 987:788, 0d683a6a223f8781e58ed4c0a5….jpg)

758a2f  No.3794572

>>3794481 lb ff

It is in the manual. Pick one.

Who is most dangerous to you?

In general, no circumstances

f87cc1  No.3794573


Reminds me of the EO:


Justice Act of 2016 (MJA), division E of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017, Public Law 114-328, 130 Stat. 2000, 2967 (2016), except as otherwise provided by the MJA or this order, the MJA shall take effect on January 1, 2019.

Oh man. How do you circumvent Ex Parte Milligan, again? Stack the courts, and show that treason happened on US Soil by US Citizens aiding enemy combatants.

6ab0a9  No.3794574

The Senate Win and POTUS rally theme song -

=="You can't always get what you want

But if you try sometimes you just might find

You get what you need" ==

0396e7  No.3794575

File: 1dc6e2bf378b924⋯.mp4 (549.62 KB, 568x320, 71:40, Antifa Mob at Tuckers Hous….mp4)


Video from in front of Tuckers House

e82013  No.3794576

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f58309  No.3794577

File: f68f4ec7edba635⋯.png (154.2 KB, 313x305, 313:305, wadd.png)

c1de09  No.3794578

File: c90596809445337⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1108x1120, 277:280, gdfsgdfgsdfgfd.png)

bb1a0f  No.3794579

File: c48b5178b984672⋯.jpeg (25.88 KB, 389x389, 1:1, A65C0B7F-00F6-4DA1-BC48-7….jpeg)

File: 9a34fb992ea6fbe⋯.jpeg (26.38 KB, 200x255, 40:51, 0FDDB258-8478-4DFF-9E1B-5….jpeg)

>>3793782 (lb)

>A brave new world lies ahead…

I am boldly going where no man… (well lots of men have gone… but i’m going too) has gone before…

87eeca  No.3794580

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This really is worth watching.

This is a guy who has done a lot of research. This is an audio podcast in which he explains the recent Q drops in connection with events (election) and stuff which has PARTIALLY been covered on this board. In other words he is not just copycatting us, he is one of the more knowledgeable diggers and connection makers.

Elections Went As Planned, Military Planning, FISA Brings Down The House - Episode 1710b

2c1b16  No.3794581

File: c983b3f8c83210d⋯.jpg (46.13 KB, 640x617, 640:617, 2scoopsbitch.jpg)

File: d69318c91307b38⋯.png (850.36 KB, 714x800, 357:400, holdinpepemamahenftw.png)



love u potus


2927ef  No.3794582

We have been waiting a year to know when it is time to fill the bathtub.

Is it time to fill the bathtub, Q?

930622  No.3794583

File: 6707fb9b9ec71a4⋯.jpg (210.94 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1538981670296.jpg)


Time for leftist mobs to take the free ride.

6000e7  No.3794584


For the protests tomorrow.

e4836e  No.3794585

We are now free to do some damage, anons

Not constrained by decency anymore

Politically speaking, of course

bc3c18  No.3794586


Ruth Buzzy Ginsburg, hell of a run. GTFO bitch.

7ab7f8  No.3794587

eb647a  No.3794588


Let him go:

1Jo 2:19 They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.

Ga 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

Col 3:11 Where there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free: but Christ is all, and in all.

Sounds like true anons.

345d67  No.3794589

File: 743ebfa387a2449⋯.jpg (112.58 KB, 576x384, 3:2, failed fishing exhibition ….JPG)

File: a3c23416517c140⋯.jpg (45.8 KB, 540x517, 540:517, b3b3ac1111c867aeea2910da50….jpg)

File: b7ec9f0da01e064⋯.jpg (63.67 KB, 503x557, 503:557, 45736525_1021230.jpg)

File: 321286c8af4ba20⋯.jpg (53.72 KB, 408x528, 17:22, 4561.jpg)

File: 941e96797094e07⋯.jpg (128.24 KB, 792x548, 198:137, 45.jpg)

Ha Ha CNN Did Cry Again!!! Jim Acosta Take Down!

Liberal Mentally Challenged dimwits with their red crayons!

738b8c  No.3794590


so….keep my child home from school tomorrow?

3f4321  No.3794591

Hey Q-Team,

If President Trump met

with Chairman Kim Jung-Un, why wouldn't he meet with Barshar Al-Assad of Syria?

The guy is a London trained ophthalmologist.

If POTUS doesn't want to go, send Rand Paul, it's his area of expertise also.

Grease the skids, guys…))

Expand your horizons…!!

2b5ab0  No.3794592


That article is from September. If it were true we would have heard about it from many other sources by now.

bebefa  No.3794593


going to the mattresses.

Tom Hagen was replaced with a wartime consigliere…

9c6d8c  No.3794594



Yes, see the info on Common Dreams, organizer of this event at

>> 3794470

At least, I'm pretty sure they are the organizer. They certainly seem to be the chief publicist, their website is full of event information.

e80efd  No.3794595

File: b002ac0daa0bd06⋯.jpg (223.21 KB, 551x638, 19:22, 2018-11-07_20-55-25.jpg)

9553b2  No.3794596

>>3780064 pb


1aa70c  No.3794597

File: b974ec0ca87d2fe⋯.jpg (45.23 KB, 940x788, 235:197, 45359145_962987240552804_2….jpg)

4d9ef3  No.3794598


I thought of that song when Q posted that by winning the Senate, they got what they needed.

56ae40  No.3794599


Jesus, I just pray that this ends quick; like Q said.

3e1bfd  No.3794600


I like you. You are obviously thinking. Unlike a lot of the foul mouthed low IQ keyboard shouters here.

Do you ever wonder about Q drop #1776?

b76a42  No.3794601

File: 839ced1169be4b5⋯.gif (3.35 MB, 642x414, 107:69, 839ced1169be4b5f6f34f53b62….gif)

Fuck it goddamnit, I'm drunk and have to pull a 10-hour shift as a fucking production welder tomorrow.

You faggots just aren't getting it and aren't sharing anything of relevance anyway.

Pretty sad when the biggest news today I got was from fucking twAtter.

PuzzleAnon out.

121dd3  No.3794602


No! Fuck you you

b2a73a  No.3794603

File: 42d246f2ffa306c⋯.png (324.86 KB, 567x784, 81:112, ClipboardImage.png)

Jim Acosta's new job

a2746b  No.3794604

File: bf810979ef6b86d⋯.png (261.45 KB, 508x345, 508:345, 2018-07-25_12-16-47 copy 3.png)


What is the lifespan of those things?


4eed66  No.3794605

File: 01a92d0c4537680⋯.webm (3.88 MB, 406x720, 203:360, creepylaughsong.webm)


I still trust and like Q, wanna know why?

Its because Im…..

Never gonna give him up, never gonna let him down 

Never gonna run around and desert him

Never gonna make him cry, never gonna say goodbye 

Never gonna tell a lie and hurt him.

e4876a  No.3794606

>>3794402 lb

Looks reptilian…

54f7d4  No.3794607

File: d3c9c6425918713⋯.png (357.97 KB, 1286x607, 1286:607, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7874afffa2b21a9⋯.png (37.89 KB, 1221x139, 1221:139, ClipboardImage.png)

2feca5  No.3794608


Are you done sucking up and sucking people off?

Do you really think they'll award medals for "The Biggest ESucker"?

758a2f  No.3794609

File: 522f9f9686bd4bb⋯.jpg (19.37 KB, 498x327, 166:109, yetanother.jpg)


This is all I got bro

8a6eb1  No.3794610


I'd put money on Linda Sarsour being involved if not in front of cameras.

88bc3f  No.3794611

File: 944da6b8df0e405⋯.jpg (115.12 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, Gipper002.jpg)




a catalyst?

b39e70  No.3794612


Top kek

ba0c48  No.3794613


He’s looking for a new Daddy.

43aa41  No.3794614

File: 6f1120b745e70bb⋯.png (10.95 KB, 1212x122, 606:61, ClipboardImage.png)

New Q

452676  No.3794615

File: f004b4082e911c9⋯.pdf (389.18 KB, 11.07.2018 22.47.49 #435 P….pdf)


Posse Comitatus Act


9d07c4  No.3794616




"..or in response to chaos associated with protests and mob action,"

Article 1, Section 9 of the US Constitution states, "The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it."



53c2ec  No.3794617

File: 6e1a4e28eac3e10⋯.jpg (130.96 KB, 542x470, 271:235, NothingWillStopWhatIsComin….jpg)

7ab7f8  No.3794618

File: e54e7219beae7ee⋯.png (343 KB, 500x485, 100:97, ACB.png)


Justice Amy Coney Barrett

731de1  No.3794619


What is the excuse for the protests this time?

3efe5e  No.3794620


am i on fresh bread

sup with OP

the q posts

no wednesday

e4836e  No.3794621


An anon popped up 6wks ago about her being in the ER with a stroke, it had legit vibes

ee06b1  No.3794622


He's damn good. Watch him every night before I turn in.

3e1bfd  No.3794623


Exposing and awaking takes a lot of work.

Happy to help.

Don't let "Q" have the last kek.

2c1b16  No.3794624



NPCs don't know who to target besides people they see on the news.


2660bb  No.3794625

Apologies Q for concernfagging recently.. plenty of clues the House was being ceded to the crazies.

POTUS repeatedly saying 2 years of Military funding.. Paul Ryan out, no talk of his replacement, tons of GOP retirements.

b6ef3d  No.3794626

>Anonymous 11/07/18 (Wed) 18:55:32 a87136 (3) No.3791362

>Anons - #protectmueller is going WILD. MEME >Bombs???

The one with Kermit on a scooter "I'm going to fuck your mom", then he's going the other direction saying the line was too long?

How about "Must protect Mueller from firing", "Oops, run away! He's been investigating us"

56ae40  No.3794627

File: 28d1b0f82be89f3⋯.png (761.46 KB, 418x910, 209:455, FEMAALERT.png)


Here we go! Now imagine this when the arrests actually start happening! Martial Law baby! Got your cellphone alerts ready?


f1a523  No.3794628

File: c16f44e00925f17⋯.jpeg (291.18 KB, 750x840, 25:28, 537EC8DA-5D63-42DD-A623-0….jpeg)

0a72f7  No.3794629

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>3793209 LB

I am posting Mark Taylor's Original FIRST Youtube Upload From May 2016, Over two years ago, long before the election,(vid related so you can check the date of the upload) and I am also posting the location of the written prophecies that he uploads as they come in, just in case people are interested in what the prophecies have in them. They are all still all there on the same page, dated and loaded. Now and then new ones come in. If they do, they are posted here. I follow them because they have been such a hoot. God has a sense of humor sometimes.

Back then, he told us a Justice would die, and just after this, Scalia died. That is about the time people started paying attention.


>WOW!! and what else does the voices say? KYS?

He doesn't do voices. He writes down what God tells him to write down, then uploads them in dated PDF's for everyone to download whenever the prophecies come. Then he visits various youtube radio and some television sites so people can ask him about what he wrote.

Here is the location to get the prophecies in written form as they have come in, since May 2016.


Because so much of what he writes has come true, he is a bit of an internet phenomenon, and he is also banned on Twitter. (The evil ones hate it when God sends Prophets, and God sent two that forecasted the election events when Trump would be president, starting in 2007 with Kim Clement).

I happened to catch his first youtube radio interview (vid related) back then and it was riotous KEK, following his prophecies through the election.

The funniest prophecy was God trolling the most famous Mexican Drug lord of all of Mexico. You can still read it, then look at what happened to El Chappo after the prophecy was uploaded.

God threatened El Chappo, after El Chappo threatened Trump by putting a million dollar bounty on Candidates Trumps head. (El Chappo did this after Trump did that famous line about the Mexicans coming over the border not being the best, and that he was going to make Mexico pay for the wall.)

Of course El Choppo is in prison now, because God gave him a choice in the immediate response prophecy. "Jail or death in his red T shirt".

You can read it for yourself at the link above. It was too funny watching El Chappo try to stay out of jail, and break out of jail after the prophecy.

Scariest Prophecy is the Volcano prophecy. Not happened yet.

Most interesting prophecy promises to be either the cataclysmic archeological "vaul find" that will shake the crap out of the Church, or, You may find the storm that knocks the top of a monument off revealing something about the Cabal interesting. Lots of stuff in his strange writings.

Strangest recent prophecy is the Horse named Barrak Obama that was just euthanized. Mark said God sent it as a sign.

Happening now?

Told us the God was going to rip the evil ones out of the churches around the world and expose them, which is happening now.

Also, One Justice died, one would be retiring, and a total of 5 will be replaced by President Trump.

Interdasting reads

Vid related is the very first Youtube he ever did, before Trump announced he was running.

7568a7  No.3794630

Promises made… https://youtu.be/thaNhEAKF_U

efe3df  No.3794631

File: 4dae72c8722d084⋯.jpg (495.74 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20181107-201426….jpg)

This could be done better. Anyone…?

b76a42  No.3794632

File: 61046d564e06425⋯.png (65.39 KB, 306x901, 18:53, NeverBeforeInHistory.png)


I've been telling you faggots the past 3 fucking breads that Military is in Control

419fdc  No.3794633

File: 9c82623a403641b⋯.png (461.25 KB, 564x544, 141:136, PlatoTrump.png)



Now THIS is what we want to see.

Boot on the ground.

Round up the illegals, no quarters given.

Fucking shoot antifa in the face, no mercy.

Fucking put jackboots on muzzie and lefty throats, let niggaz know US mliitary is in charge.

>inb4 fucking 'racism' 'antisemitism'

Please stop trying to warn our enemies and just kill/imprison/beat em down, Q team.

They are not going to give up until they are DEAD.


They declared war, we finish it.

Demographic is near all, (((msm))) MUST be totally demolished (physically, psychologically etc) world wide.

Let's right the world again, for actual human beings.

39028e  No.3794634


Your desperation is delicious.

9c6d8c  No.3794635


Am I a catalyst for what?

e82013  No.3794636


don’t apologize to q

dcc931  No.3794637


>Will the next AG be pro weed? Kek I know Session hated it.

that was a stupid unforced error going after weed

who did it pander to? no one that was not already on board Trump train

f63def  No.3794638


Joe diGenova is by far the best guy to be AG. Nobody lays out the case against deep state corruption as cogently and thoroughly as him.


c1de09  No.3794639


I know some far lefties and they thought after the midterms Mueller was going to drop the hammer.

What happens when they baby doesn't get its bottle? tantrum

7b368d  No.3794640

File: e55c6c922b33e96⋯.jpeg (125.03 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 49EDBFF1-848E-4774-B5BA-B….jpeg)

New Q

“Civilians defying martial law may be subjected to military tribunal (court-martial).”

Bring the Pain Q & POTUS!

7568a7  No.3794641

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

53dd31  No.3794642


Lots of urban places where cops and Antifa are on the same side.

f97541  No.3794643


# astroflaking

( imitation snowflakes , trojan edition)

87eeca  No.3794644


>>3794224 lb

The Break of Dawn is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.



e4ab17  No.3794645


He's more like Wilson Fisk.

He's going to bring the pain.

e4836e  No.3794646


HC is 48hrs

386df6  No.3794647

File: 4e1490ab4e7aaa2⋯.jpg (125.33 KB, 644x499, 644:499, 2m05x2.jpg)

>>3794429 (LB)

I should have just waited!

88bc3f  No.3794648



6e1a15  No.3794649

File: 37b231b047ff515⋯.png (804.66 KB, 735x1024, 735:1024, prime_distributions.png)

4730e2  No.3794650

File: 061952f6356f6bf⋯.jpg (25.04 KB, 852x480, 71:40, final take.jpg)

File: 7ea726ba6c7d46e⋯.jpg (41.83 KB, 810x455, 162:91, sessions.jpg)

File: 63f84581ff058c0⋯.jpeg (100.11 KB, 396x863, 396:863, stealth bomber.jpeg)

Remember. You are watching a movie. Remember. What makes a great movie? Great actors. Mr. Sessions that’s a “wrap”. (APPLAUSE) Did you catch the studio crew applause that was given to Sessions upon his completion of his duties? That is what the studio crews do after the last take of a primary actor. Remember. *Trust Sessions*. He played his role perfectly. The scene set up. Create a distraction big enough to fully engulf the LEFT, the MSM and most members of the Deep State. RUSSIAGATE. Meanwhile, Mr. Sessions is able to quietly go about his duties of repairing the internal damage done by the Deep State appointments. Think “Out of sight. Out of mind”. They fell for it. Hook. Line. And sinker.

BRAVO! Mr. Sessions. Give that man an award!

“Moving on!”.

Next scene. [STEALTH BOMBER] appears from out of nowhere.

Remember. How do you navigate around a blockage? Use a stealth bomber.

Military planning at its’ finest.

These people are stupid.

758a2f  No.3794651

File: a54a9935fd7d2ac⋯.jpg (2.56 KB, 125x125, 1:1, 1495684889652s.jpg)

These shills are actually retarded.

Wut give?


a72364  No.3794652

File: 03a6b53cc418825⋯.png (371.87 KB, 1189x443, 1189:443, 00F7EC09-6DEB-49B8-8DED-F4….png)

2927ef  No.3794653

Interesting how Mueller and RR are the only 'cops' the Left supports…

05da58  No.3794654



9878e5  No.3794655

File: 5545ee8025b3f70⋯.png (400.93 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-11-07-22-5….png)


And the site I shoulda checked first (long day…and yes I know I should have combined the post ..my bad…again.. loooong day)

Phillyantifa.org put out an all call on their main page

ea7b70  No.3794656


I saved your post because I knew it it noteable. You did not go unnoticed, anon.

9f9a40  No.3794657


FROM SEPTEMBER. And from a shitty source.


ecaa94  No.3794658


Doctor's Diagnosis; Antifa's gonna have a contagion of Helicopter-tosis.

5d796c  No.3794659

File: 9f9661c6f2ccd51⋯.jpg (132.49 KB, 551x861, 551:861, 1.JPG)

File: 4c6dc5ecdb99ca3⋯.jpg (93.2 KB, 556x614, 278:307, 2.JPG)

Manafort's former son-in-law charged with new fraud schemes


731de1  No.3794660


How many times does Trump have to say he is not firing Mueller.

7ab7f8  No.3794661


shit, no idea how that happened, the dough is good, my pasta is good, must've copypasta something old

because everything else is good

fixed for next bread, THANK YOU anon, didn't catch that

bebefa  No.3794662

Wonder if this is the weekend that NG will be called up….

e4876a  No.3794663


Hell yes thats why I welcome it…..Makes things much simpler…Roll the tanks right on in to DC and lock it the f….. down and shoot all the traitors who throw rocks or otherwise

3efe5e  No.3794664



go get em pantifa!! we dare you

4def9a  No.3794665


Hit the road, bitch!

ba618a  No.3794666

File: 378fbf0f94c9553⋯.png (741.36 KB, 772x513, 772:513, ClipboardImage.png)

‘You Can’t Do It Quietly’: Top Democrat Overheard Discussing Kavanaugh Impeachment Plans

Top Democrat Jerrold Nadler was overheard on an Acela train discussing Democrats’ plans for going after Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Nadler wants to investigate Kavanaugh for perjury but bungled the facts in explaining his reasoning. Nadler will take over as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee as a result of Democrats flipping the House on Tuesday.

The top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee was overheard Wednesday discussing Democrats’ plans to investigate and try to impeach Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. New York Democratic Rep. Jerrold Nadler took a series of phone calls while riding the Acela train from New York to Washington, D.C., not knowing that the The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway was also on the train and within earshot.

Nadler is set to take over as judiciary chairman as a result of Democrats flipping the House in Tuesday’s midterm elections. Nadler claimed in one call that “there’s a real indication that Kavanaugh committed perjury,” claiming the justice misled about when he first heard about the second of several unproven allegations against him. Nadler claimed Kavanaugh was “asked at a committee hearing under oath when he first heard of the subject, he said, ‘When I’d heard of The Atlantic article.’ But there is an email chain apparently dating from well before that from him about ‘How can we deal with this?'”

Nadler appeared to confuse The Atlantic with The New Yorker, which first reported the second allegation. The congressman’s claim echoed a misleading NBC News article that left out crucial context about Kavanaugh’s answer — one of several Kavanaugh stories that NBC got wrong. “That’s not technical, that’s real,” Nadler reportedly said, when his interlocutor objected to his plan. “The worst-case scenario — or best case depending on your point of view — you prove he committed perjury, about a terrible subject and the Judicial Conference recommends you impeach him. So the president appoints someone just as bad,” Nadler added.

Nadler rejected the caller’s suggestion that Democrats investigate Kavanaugh quietly. “You can’t do it quietly because word will get out that the FBI or the committee is reaching out to witnesses,” he said.

Nadler also assailed the FBI’s background investigation probing the allegations against Kavanaugh. “They didn’t even do a half-ass job,” Nadler said. “They didn’t interview 30 witnesses who said, ‘Interview me! I’ve got a lot to say!'” the congressman added. An extensive investigation by the Republican-led Senate Judiciary Committee found “no evidence” to support the Kavanaugh accusations. Nadler’s communications director Daniel Schwarz claimed Hemingway’s story was “an absolutely false and deliberately inaccurate report,” in an emailed statement to The Daily Caller News Foundation. Schwarz did not return a follow-up inquiry asking him to point to specific quotations or passages in Hemingway’s report that he thought were inaccurate.


e82013  No.3794667

d895c5  No.3794668

Enemies of the People: Prepare for Pain

f40322  No.3794669

File: cf3cb347874df20⋯.jpg (113.68 KB, 992x1024, 31:32, AcostaNPC.jpg)

81f1b6  No.3794670

Trump put the elf on the shelf.

b76a42  No.3794671


Thank you Anon, I only want people to be aware.

I seek no fame.

8a6eb1  No.3794672


That's my phrase, nigga.


0396e7  No.3794673

File: 52c64a2441ee40c⋯.png (327.17 KB, 631x708, 631:708, Gov H re NYPost Goodwin re….PNG)

File: 51bdd5cf0d4e908⋯.png (109.61 KB, 497x860, 497:860, 1 NYPost Goodwin re Acosta….PNG)

File: 5647b57113c2ed1⋯.png (142.72 KB, 501x793, 501:793, 2 NYPost Goodwin re Acosta….PNG)

File: 06dfcad1a720b01⋯.png (126.62 KB, 506x725, 506:725, 3 NYPost Goodwin re Acosta….PNG)

Jim Acosta violated one of the oldest rules of journalism



121dd3  No.3794674


Sessions firing/protecting Mueller investigation

and free tampons

e82013  No.3794675



b7931a  No.3794676

File: f7a7e71561bb160⋯.jpeg (297.94 KB, 1242x698, 621:349, A60FE26C-755C-4E52-9DAD-0….jpeg)


bb0b9c  No.3794677

File: 484cf1711ab42b4⋯.jpg (92.1 KB, 527x789, 527:789, carson.JPG)


Hell yeah

bf17d9  No.3794678

c9d53a  No.3794679

File: 629d8ac78a4642c⋯.png (51.75 KB, 777x313, 777:313, Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at ….png)

File: a994e98e5abc224⋯.png (282.04 KB, 613x566, 613:566, Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at ….png)

File: c6c014ca55e0452⋯.png (41.08 KB, 738x307, 738:307, Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at ….png)

damn 1 in 4 jews have some kind of serious genetic disease due to inbreeding. Some of these numbers are insane. 1 in 57 gets Canavan disease. 1 in 30 gets Tay-sachs disease. So many of these are neurological in nature.

Fucks sake! No wonder these people are so crazy.

Then look at this:


40% more likely to develop schizophrenia

This might be old news to some of you. I didn't wake up to the JQ until faaaairly recently so I apologize. Crazy information though.

87eeca  No.3794680


One thing I learned from this podcast is that Matt Whittaker wrote a USA Today opinion piece entitled

I would indict Hillary Clinton: Opposing view

On July 5th 2016, before the election!!!


f85042  No.3794681


I think Q is telling Holder & Comey BTFO

since we know they be lurkin

a38722  No.3794682


United States

Main article: Martial law in the United States

See also: Suspension clause

In the United States, martial law has been used in a limited number of circumstances, such as directly after a foreign attack, such as Hawaii after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor or New Orleans during the Battle of New Orleans, after major disasters, such as the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 or the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, by renegade local leaders seeking to avoid arrest, such as Nauvoo, Illinois during the Illinois Mormon War, or Utah during the Utah War, or in response to chaos associated with protests and mob action, such as the 1934 West Coast waterfront strike, or mob actions against the Freedom Riders.

The martial law concept in the United States is closely tied with the right of habeas corpus, which is in essence the right to a hearing on lawful imprisonment, or more broadly, the supervision of law enforcement by the judiciary. The ability to suspend habeas corpus is related to the imposition of martial law.[28] Article 1, Section 9 of the US Constitution states, "The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it." There have been many instances of the use of the military within the borders of the United States, such as during the Whiskey Rebellion and in the South during the Civil Rights Movement, but these acts are not tantamount to a declaration of martial law. The distinction must be made as clear as that between martial law and military justice: deployment of troops does not necessarily mean that the civil courts cannot function, and that is one of the keys, as the Supreme Court noted, to martial law.

In United States law, martial law is limited by several court decisions that were handed down between the American Civil War and World War II. In 1878, Congress passed the Posse Comitatus Act, which forbids military involvement in domestic law enforcement without congressional approval.

43aa41  No.3794683



8a6eb1  No.3794684



1bb3bc  No.3794685

do you realize we own both parties now?

c1de09  No.3794686

File: 27070432a028041⋯.jpg (118.32 KB, 777x571, 777:571, 1541556526280.jpg)

55ec40  No.3794687

Guise… What if Potus made a deal with Sessions to get back his Senate seat from Doug Jones in Alabam a in 2020?? I could see that. It would be a slam dunk!

9f686d  No.3794688


Every time the JQ is brought up, Q posts

7ab7f8  No.3794689

Notables so far, let me know if something was missed


>>3794435, >>3794537 Philly Antifa planning


>>3794511 Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Will Retire from the US Supreme Court in January, 2019

>>3794513 POTUS Issues New Rule to Protect Americans From Funding Abortions Under Obamacare

>>3794673 Jim Acosta violated one of the oldest rules of journalism

2660bb  No.3794690


Public safety grounds.. suspend Habeas Corpus.

Round up protesters and hold as long as required, without charge.

501434  No.3794691


I remember reading this article!

dcea51  No.3794692

Hey one of those protests is in my smallish college town. Roughly 29,000 people in whole area. WTH. The meet up place for it is less than 2 min from my house. Of course there is one in the bigger city 10 mins away with population around 275,000. What the hell are they in my city for?

1bb3bc  No.3794693

Q was stolen by the people. Congrats

f90c95  No.3794694

If Peter Strzok could have a political opinion and it not be conflict of interest, why can’t Whitaker? Schumer demanding recusal on what grounds. Whitaker never worked on Trump’s campaign.

Whitaker is temporary place holder for next 210 days. I way he’ll stand up through confirmation process.

Sessions hired him in Sept 2017. Why? Was it his choice or on presidential recommendation? He seems like an unusual choice for Sessions.

8f00d8  No.3794695

Acosta lost his WH press pass? Ahahahahahahahahahahaha. I hope my raucous laughter remains indelible on his hippocampus.

ba0806  No.3794696

File: d1503fbdddf6af1⋯.jpeg (344.59 KB, 750x793, 750:793, C556F29A-2499-47BA-B477-B….jpeg)


Speaking of stealth bombers…

2b5ab0  No.3794697


I assume Q is talking about the caravan.

But it could also be about ANTIFA, etc.

5729ba  No.3794698

File: f0b8f79084191b6⋯.jpg (712.7 KB, 2214x1371, 738:457, Wikileaks engine.JPG)

Pic related to Space Force?

from Wikileaks

e3c77b  No.3794699


Omg hahahaha

Perfectly sums up American politics today

2c3e4a  No.3794700


"The act only specifically applies to the United States Army and, as amended in 1956, the United States Air Force. While the act does not explicitly mention the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps"

290b2b  No.3794701

West Virginia is the first state to use a voting app for midterms


4778b7  No.3794702

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Remarks by President Trump in Press Conference After Midterm Elections


And I will say, just as a matter of business, I was with some very successful people last night. We were watching the returns. So if the Republicans won — and let’s say we held on by two, or one, or three — it would’ve been very hard out of that many Republicans to ever even get support among Republicans, because there will always be one, or two, or three people that, for a good reason or for a bad reason, or for grandstanding — we have that too; you’ve seen that. You’ve seen that. Plenty of grandstanding. But for certain reasons that many people — you’re always going to have a couple that won’t do it. So that puts us in a very bad position.

this section at 1:28:14 in video.

"you’re always going to have a couple that won’t do it"

When trump says this he winks his left eye in a squinty 'unintentional' way. Calling autists

Q says the senate was the key

time to use the key

2927ef  No.3794703

Q, I am a pretty intelligent person, get bored very easily, have to stay busy, insomniac, coffee addict but you have done quite the number on my brain the last year. Yo have really pushed us. This is really something to be a part of.

f87cc1  No.3794704

File: 280b7f0f4fba098⋯.gif (1.35 MB, 300x169, 300:169, 1428599887028.gif)

067a9a  No.3794705

>>3793467 lb

It took me 5 years to Conceive even a single child. I have had hundreds of vaccines forced on me in the Military. Some of which I had horrible reactions to. I'm thrilled to have even one son. I will try again for another when my wife is recovered but if it takes another 5 years likely it will be a bust. I eat REALLY clean. Don't do drugs. Drink only my own homebrew. I am not a fatass and work out all the time. Wife is the same as I and comes from a big family.

1bb3bc  No.3794706

File: f1f4aa9dc6af4ee⋯.png (1.97 MB, 1500x1080, 25:18, bab59b050652ba72918f93968d….png)

bb1a0f  No.3794707

File: aaa18bcd3264c19⋯.jpeg (94.63 KB, 960x639, 320:213, EDBAC806-A70F-41C0-B44F-F….jpeg)

File: 64fce4bdc243a51⋯.jpeg (170.55 KB, 592x901, 592:901, AA0A609F-4E52-483C-A12A-0….jpeg)

c1de09  No.3794708

File: 728b6a145d86766⋯.jpg (138.94 KB, 1082x695, 1082:695, 1541649934826.jpg)

b8e4c0  No.3794709

Does anyone have a link to the 8ch javascript that highlights Q posts and displays the page map on the right margin?

e4876a  No.3794710

Article 1, Section 9 of the US Constitution states, "The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when

in Cases of REBELLION or INVASION the public Safety may require it."


1aa70c  No.3794711

File: 6cf3d6796454a31⋯.jpg (45.15 KB, 500x374, 250:187, 28erhm.jpg)

419fdc  No.3794712


anybody got 2018 midterm voting results breakdown by race/gender/age?

for nigger fuck's sake can't find SHIT even on fake news sources. For some reason we are not getting any picture of this.

If any autists and anons can find this, would be grateful as fuck. We need to know the rough picture here.

For now assuming some MASSIVE voter fuckery in OK, IA, NV, UT, MT, VA, NY upstate, WI on and on and on.

illegals don't vote this much in person unless they fucking organize this shit and mess with group ballot initiatives.

81f1b6  No.3794713


Looking also

6e1a15  No.3794714

File: 32743ae37662e21⋯.jpg (142.2 KB, 850x874, 425:437, galois_geometry_15.jpg)

ba618a  No.3794715


Kek, and I just noticed the post number! He's definitely a goner!

2c3e4a  No.3794716

e82013  No.3794717

File: d4903ad5f87a4a5⋯.jpeg (272.7 KB, 1500x935, 300:187, 6AF31B3F-4445-4FA5-B83D-8….jpeg)

99faf0  No.3794718


If that's the case, there's no reason for you to be here, or posting! GTFO, and don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out! Next, KYS!

4eed66  No.3794719


Straight White Male….kek

2c1b16  No.3794720

File: 512c5c69984b535⋯.jpg (11.52 KB, 255x134, 255:134, fullretard.jpg)

if the shills here are any indication of how fuked the left is,

then we should all remain vigilant.

love u frens! we will NEVER back down.


For God, and For Country.

fc19f9  No.3794721

File: b3b3ac1111c867a⋯.jpg (49.51 KB, 540x517, 540:517, image.jpg)

I think I missed something. was there a hit placed on Tucker? or is it cause hes supporting Potus hard core that is making anons Nervous?

a0279d  No.3794722

Dear BAKER, Wednesday's Q posts are missing from this bread. Just FYI.

c1de09  No.3794723

File: 87159a2caf970ca⋯.png (101.42 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1541649282910.png)

b76a42  No.3794724


Think Executive Order signed Dec 2017. Blocking Property of those involved in Human Trafficking & Espionage.

International ie WorldWide

758a2f  No.3794725

File: 466c8276a8cfe78⋯.jpg (6.79 KB, 255x171, 85:57, gy.jpg)

af9f55  No.3794726


wtf is that coming out of the back….or front…

7ab7f8  No.3794727


already addressed: >>3794661

9f9a40  No.3794728

File: 2de84d360d9b061⋯.gif (11.28 MB, 600x338, 300:169, Accost Her.gif)


#AccostedHer gif

bebefa  No.3794729


NDAA 2012…ACLU sued Obama because it basically allows US military to take citizens into custody indefinitely…and no charges required.

Was never overturned.

0396e7  No.3794730


When I clicked to like Gov H tweet after I made snips Twitter gave me a notice "sorry that tweet has been deleted"


Went to Gov H page and it is there at this time

I also posted last bread how twitter would not initially RT Sarah's tweet about Acosta

Fuckery going on

179c40  No.3794731

File: dddbae39c86ae87⋯.jpg (80.04 KB, 810x500, 81:50, two_donkeys_810_500_75_s_c….jpg)


Evil always flourishes when it can count on well meaning ignorance.

9c6d8c  No.3794732

File: 76df0d3d2e5bc53⋯.png (258.21 KB, 642x880, 321:440, common dreams s1.png)

File: 7a78f4a16516947⋯.png (81.25 KB, 619x908, 619:908, common dreams s2.png)


Moar sauce re Common Dreams Protests for Thursday 5 pm:

Article on the (dire) implications of Trump firing Sessions (for Mueller investigation)


ecef99  No.3794733


True GOP senate majority now that never trumpers are gone.

Senate Judiciary Committee is now owned by GOP

SUPREME Court now owned 5:4 conservative leaning

Sessions gone

Rod Rosenstein gone in 48 hours

Strong man Whitaker coming in.

He doesn’t have to recuse himself

Works already done for him behind the scenes


Mueller probe over and all evidence made public

have fun with the House who can’t do anything because what will be revealed will be considered a threat to the nation therefor it bypasses the House and goes straight to the Dept Of Defense.

They have nothing.

Look at these planned protests. They know it’s coming too.

53c2ec  No.3794734

File: 017550bbec1b38b⋯.jpg (89.79 KB, 541x469, 541:469, NothingbuttNothingWillStop.jpg)

b8e4c0  No.3794735



2feca5  No.3794736


Possibly. Still up in the air but who knows it is a very real possibility.

If they are in control, then they can't leak a lot of thing even here. Might be an improvement if Q did a bit less "leaking" or certain "crumb dropping" for the sake of anons. Crumbs add up and when things don't go well or according to plan (whatever the "plan" is) a lot of anons with good memories reanalyze and start wondering if this is something still worthwhile time and energy devotion.

As for the plan, I'm betting there is a general outline, a grand vision but most of it is probably getting made up on the fly as shit happens.

501434  No.3794737


Sounds like a good call to me.

9878e5  No.3794738

190k on qmap….I've never seen it that high

846d2d  No.3794739

File: 4e5d81acd4c1d6e⋯.png (77.54 KB, 832x593, 832:593, ClipboardImage.png)



Oh hey look if you want all of it…directory browsing

7c0616  No.3794740

File: 66e95299bb8476a⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1576x929, 1576:929, trump-legend.PNG)


John Legend rips Trump, calls him a 'f—— embarrassment' on Twitter

2927ef  No.3794741

Its NOV 4, 2017 all over again….

3f4321  No.3794742

Hey Q-Team!

What's it take for warmth & food for Chairman Kim and his people??

Lift the sanctions on this, I pray thee.

Ah, Bashar Al-Assad is an eye doctor by training and profession, and not the mass murderer MSM portrays. Rising to the level of threat in brutal ways reflects the brutality of the opposition. President Trump knows this by now. Join forces for the sake of The Great Awakening.

ba618a  No.3794743

File: c1e72ea48f5df9d⋯.png (9.63 KB, 455x181, 455:181, ClipboardImage.png)

bebefa  No.3794744


antifa doxxed him and several others…posted their addys

81f1b6  No.3794745


Sweet summer child.

c96b75  No.3794746

File: 2f6b9f7fc1712c3⋯.png (343.21 KB, 506x344, 253:172, 550.PNG)

7ab7f8  No.3794747


its been at 240,000

e4876a  No.3794748

We are all locked and loaded here in Texas Q…..we hope for a rebellion and or an invasion ………hell we welcome it…….even pray for it…..bc it gives us an excuse to exercise our best judgement………..

501434  No.3794749

File: e62c354043c045e⋯.jpg (90.78 KB, 960x540, 16:9, wartimeconsigliere.jpg)

a0279d  No.3794750


Sorry, missed that bit!

56ae40  No.3794751



Who cares about this pedo fuck?

6cd050  No.3794752



Section 1076 is titled "Use of the Armed Forces in major public emergencies." It provided that:

The President may employ the armed forces… to… restore public order and enforce the laws of the United States when, as a result of a natural disaster, epidemic, or other serious public health emergency, terrorist attack or incident, or other condition… the President determines that… domestic violence has occurred to such an extent that the constituted authorities of the State or possession are incapable of maintaining public order… or [to] suppress, in a State, any insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination, or conspiracy if such… a condition… so hinders the execution of the laws… that any part or class of its people is deprived of a right, privilege, immunity, or protection named in the Constitution and secured by law… or opposes or obstructs the execution of the laws of the United States or impedes the course of justice under those laws.[7]

419fdc  No.3794753


fucking swear to God we need to break the world wide JQ once and for all, before all this is over.

Fuck the 'votes', none of it can succeed if we got (((enemies))) still pulling strings and still ALIVE.

they bring in illegals.

these actors act on behalf of NWO mechanisms.

these fuckers need to be SHOT DEAD by military LE really any legit orgs sworn to defend our countries.

WAR is being waged on us.

Why are we still letting them walk our streets?

bf17d9  No.3794754


There really is a lot to be said for just lurking - especially when things get dicey and this place turns into a shill fest.

Suddenly you realize how real it all must be - because if it WERE all just a farce, it would die out. But it doesn't die out, it forges on. The shills come and say their shit…but this thing just marches on and on. It was nice the last five days that i didn't let myself post at all. I really got some perspective, realized how complicated it all is…and how much more interesting it is to observe in the abstract. OUR posts don't really matter. WE were invited to be spectators for the most part. That means that the best the shills can be is spectators too - spectators who heckle but have no bearing on the outcome. It's all very interesting.

05da58  No.3794755

File: 6e6824f9559ed47⋯.png (6.62 KB, 225x132, 75:44, ClipboardImage.png)


I remember Q telling us the time line changed a bit…..

392a4c  No.3794756


baker has missed quite a lot of Q posts in this bread

c1de09  No.3794757

2660bb  No.3794758


Thanks Obama. I like when they use their own legislation against them.

d6b9c5  No.3794759

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Alice Cooper's theme for NPC's waking the fuck up


Flush the Fashion


e4876a  No.3794760



8a6eb1  No.3794761



double? dafuq?

fuckin' trippy

it is a double and their midpoints are on mirrored diagonals…

af0447  No.3794762

File: 4490a076689746d⋯.png (490.31 KB, 1008x557, 1008:557, noriskmb.png)

File: afa56efb6a7d3f0⋯.png (809.34 KB, 1023x554, 1023:554, notonedown1.png)

File: dce8bf2a889d469⋯.png (393.28 KB, 1024x593, 1024:593, theawanS.png)


But Mockingbird's so utterly useless (controlled) that even Q was poked fun at for having to cite yournewswire for pedo Joel Davis' arrest.

2b8e37  No.3794763


I fukkn hate terry cloth right about now

bc3c18  No.3794764

PrepAnon here. Sizing up to be an interdasting winter. Remember 1) Shelter 2) Water 3) Food 4) Security, best check inventories if the NPCs lose their collective minds with whats coming. Just looking out for my peeps. WWG1WGA

5e869d  No.3794765

File: 8fc47e57da13b3c⋯.jpg (61.04 KB, 604x499, 604:499, 8fc47e57da13b3cdb9443d6714….jpg)




9878e5  No.3794766


Wow! I've been lurking here for a long time…I clean missed that

ebbb4a  No.3794767

Tomorrow, leftists and Antifas/BLMs will violently protest and destroy property to demonstrate that “no one is above the law”. You can’t write this stuff!

a89e1c  No.3794768



I know you're a fuckhead.

452676  No.3794769



Thanks, eyes on (if i can keep them open)

5b6d4e  No.3794770

File: 65ead094b1e6ea2⋯.jpg (37.59 KB, 634x433, 634:433, X-47B.jpg)


Those Chinese are so creative!

501434  No.3794771


"You're not a wartime consigliere, Tom. Things…. could get rough with the move we're trying."

283921  No.3794772


Watching Tucker. Left says Gillum lost because of racists? Why don't they say the same thing about John James? Oh .. that's right .. he's a Republican.

9c6d8c  No.3794773


Baker, please add this sauce to >>3794470:


2c1b16  No.3794774

File: b878d799841ebd7⋯.jpg (70.42 KB, 1200x603, 400:201, stayovertarget.jpg)


Anon, I took note as well. Right on target.

Real Anons recognize REAL ANONS!


067a9a  No.3794775


Its not anything SUUUPER exotic since it seems to be operating as a simple Jet engine. You can see the air intake with a screen on it at the front. Thruster at the back. There is not a whole lot of vane stages which would be needed if it were for a helicopter or vehicle or ship. This thing is for a plane that will fly IN the atmosphere. This is not a space vehicle propultion device. No reason for an air intake on such an engine. Not sure whats up with that triangle logo though. Never seen that shit.

e82013  No.3794776


somewhat in control as the plan is fluid and everchanging

8a6eb1  No.3794777


"Rules for thee, but not for me.", is how they roll.

54f7d4  No.3794778

File: 43681e304429172⋯.png (64.7 KB, 397x392, 397:392, ClipboardImage.png)

"As we need him for other important work"

ba618a  No.3794779


These people are so predictable, they will say or do anything to prevent any information coming out about all of the nefarious things they have been doing for years!

56ae40  No.3794780

File: 65e6312dc74ed69⋯.png (923.03 KB, 1177x996, 1177:996, Screenshot_64.png)


3599fc  No.3794781

File: a6105b277ba4924⋯.png (249.75 KB, 1083x459, 361:153, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1f0ef2294d2ef4e⋯.png (339.55 KB, 1039x489, 1039:489, ClipboardImage.png)

File: dfd28e4916fc4f1⋯.png (49.71 KB, 894x247, 894:247, ClipboardImage.png)


>"..or in response to chaos associated with protests and mob action,"

Searched the wiki….

in response to chaos associated with protests and mob action, such as the 1934 West Coast waterfront strike, or mob actions against the Freedom Riders.

Looked up Freedom Riders wiki….

The Southern states had ignored the [SUPREME COURT] rulings and the federal government did nothing to enforce them.



I made the connection this weekend….

>>3726516 (pb)

Q trolling the cabal?

I have always believed that Justice Scalia was killed because he demanded that #15-754 Adkins vs. Adkins SCOTUS case be heard. The day of his death Arthur Aidala gave a phone interview on Fox News in which he said Justice Scalia was most upset about how families in this country are being treated.

Summary of the case: A county trial court judge took the children from the mother in a post-divorce motion (no trial, no attorney and improper notice) and then the Mother was DENIED ALL APPEALS ALL THE WAY TO AND AT SCOTUS.

The SCOTUS case was #754 in the 2015 Term.

I decided to look up Q post #754 and see if there were any hints from Q and low and behold Q's post #754 occurred on the ANNIVERSARY OF JUSTICE SCALIA'S DEATH


Put this all in perspective for a minute….a US Citizen separated from children with no trial, no hearing, no appeal. Like Kavanaugh - falsely accused. Like Immigrant families - separated from children.


Chew on that for a bit.

Here is the brief on the case…


e4876a  No.3794782

Q tell us more about future plans…..

'Ezra' Cohen

shall we prepare for trouble?

ecef99  No.3794783

File: c3912e548423bef⋯.jpeg (187.77 KB, 1500x500, 3:1, 84EAFEA0-5762-47AF-8115-4….jpeg)

Someone replace the barbell with Sessions. I’m not that good

b76a42  No.3794784


No Media in Military. Means no Mockingbird. Patriots only.

Look who heads the NSA then qmap him. Nakasone.

They have all(info) and see all.

Any planefags around? Was it the Ec-8 that could fly over you and copy every bit of data from your device?

bebefa  No.3794785

File: 35ecd55523f4032⋯.png (170.42 KB, 1156x565, 1156:565, Screenshot 2018-11-07 at 1….png)


NDAA 2012 gave even more power..


9f686d  No.3794786

File: 8a85fdae959784e⋯.png (742.53 KB, 812x1053, 812:1053, Soros Handbook 6.png)


Probably busy herding protesters into conflict downtown

f924a1  No.3794787


Exclusions and limitations

There are a number of situations in which the Act does not apply. These include:

Army and Air National Guard units and state defense forces while under the authority of the governor of a state.

Federal armed forces used in accordance to the Insurrection Act, as was the case of the 1st Marine Division and 7th Infantry Division being sent to curtail the 1992 Los Angeles riots.

Under 18 U.S.C. § 831, the Attorney General may request that the Secretary of Defense provide emergency assistance if domestic law enforcement is inadequate to address certain types of threats involving the release of nuclear materials, such as potential use of a nuclear or radiological weapon. Such assistance may be by any personnel under the authority of the Department of Defense, provided such assistance does not adversely affect U.S. military preparedness. The only exemption is the deployment of nuclear materials on the part of the United States Armed Forces.

Enforcement of federal law at the discretion of the President of the United States, such as with the 101st Airborne Division by President Dwight D. Eisenhower to integrate Little Rock Central High School in 1957.[citation needed]

Support roles under the Joint Special Operations Command.

Provide surveillance, intelligence gathering, observation, and equipment for domestic law enforcement on operations such as drug interdiction and counter-terrorism missions.

0a72f7  No.3794788


This post reminded me that there is a Kim Clement video floating around where Kim said they would try to put a Witch in the Whitehouse, and another where he made a quipp about women eating the children. It was 2012, I believe. Another video of Kim, I know it was a November video but the year was either 2012 or 2015, where he was paralyzed, trying to get away from a large dangerous SNAKE during the election, but could not, and that all around him was the loud croak of a large dangerous frog he could not see and did not understand. Kim suffered a stroke just after President Trump announced. He was paralyzed through the whole election when Trump was reciting the snake poem, and pepe was going nuts on the internet. He died after the election of Trump, on Nov 22, 2016

e82013  No.3794789


i’m above the law

a5afcb  No.3794790

File: 0a9103990fef794⋯.jpg (248.93 KB, 1232x765, 1232:765, grim rbg1.jpg)


r u sure?

2c1b16  No.3794791

File: 2f17d58d3023384⋯.png (177.32 KB, 640x360, 16:9, digitslove.png)


those trips tho

8a6eb1  No.3794792



4778b7  No.3794793


I think that our posts do matter.

5e869d  No.3794794


if she makes it that long..

come on digits..

don't fail me now..


501434  No.3794796


Found a new Ma instead.

121dd3  No.3794797


I think it time we found out this intern's name.

Find her FB or IG beach pics and make her a baker girl.

It's what we do

fdd0ee  No.3794798

File: 7397c388d1d7da1⋯.jpg (145.94 KB, 1154x1547, 1154:1547, 7397c388d1d7da1409b0c83743….jpg)

f924a1  No.3794799


Kek, AG 47

419fdc  No.3794800


john james could not garner enough votes thanks to traditional white dem voters not liking the spousal make up.

Understandable, we should have picked a better chanced candidate with actual sane personal choices.

sick that we had to resort to that.

also, fucking detriot and dearborn.

both need to be cleaned out thoroughly.

95dda9  No.3794801

File: 2dbf0e875d8ee4f⋯.jpg (36.23 KB, 456x566, 228:283, 08_13-22-10.jpg)

File: 702421ed4f37bba⋯.jpg (40.74 KB, 391x566, 391:566, 08_13-21-58.jpg)

Oh dear…meme

8b2653  No.3794802


Probably a follow-on to the DARPA AFRE (Advanced Full Range Engine) program.

20c4bf  No.3794803

Man, that last PF is reassuring.

All the riots– am oldfag, but worry about younger friends & family dealing with commuting through some of that hysteria.

Got to keep public order.

Riots & shenanigans are things that stay in procedures & training manuals perpetually.

Not worried; /ourfolks/ are ready.

bf17d9  No.3794804


They matter to us. They have no bearing on what will happen.

9c6d8c  No.3794805


Am I a catalyst for martial law??

Not unless you count anons who do research as such.

50ce5f  No.3794806


I can’t wait for Marshall Law!

Sends a real message.

06e6cc  No.3794807

File: 5c8558d651a1815⋯.png (392.88 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Untitled.png)

689551  No.3794808

File: 850a788bbc174f3⋯.png (190.97 KB, 612x639, 68:71, ClipboardImage.png)

ae5ba4  No.3794809

File: 4af038db934e973⋯.jpg (373.77 KB, 753x861, 251:287, Chan Archive Service.jpg)

Spreadsheet is updated to post >>>/patriotsfight/435


Full sized images Q posts/responds to updated:


(nested) Screenshots (in EST) updated

By month-

Feb: https://postimg.cc/gallery/1yauk9hga/

Mar: https://postimg.cc/gallery/288psr0d6/

Apr: https://postimg.cc/gallery/2f58y6jyy/

May: https://postimg.cc/gallery/2se525yca/

Jun: https://postimg.cc/gallery/gqfcs7cq/

July: https://postimg.cc/gallery/10efwhs6y/

Aug: https://postimg.cc/gallery/2rc5iqf5m/

Sept: https://postimg.cc/gallery/fi9cz256/

Oct: https://postimg.cc/gallery/gej1ubtm/

→ Nov: https://postimg.cc/gallery/m6s6nh96/

All images in these galleries are permanent, do not expire, you need no account, no nothing to access them, and you can post them anywhere, share them with link easily (or download)


FEB: https://anonfile.com/C8A8bah7be/Feb_18_rar

MAR: https://anonfile.com/x0Bcb4hbbb/Mar_18_rar

APR: https://anonfile.com/TeB0bch2b7/Apr_18_rar

MAY: https://anonfile.com/h1D0b2h6b2/May_2018_rar

JUN: https://anonfile.com/QcDfbeh5b7/June_18_rar

JULY: https://anonfile.com/2eE4bbh6b5/July_18_rar

AUG: https://anonfile.com/25F3b3h2b2/Aug_2018_rar

SEPT: https://anonfile.com/61Mbxei4bf/Sept_18_rar

OCT: https://anonfile.com/59d2q5k4b7/Oct_18_rar

Nov: will be created at the end of the month, will update board with link

RIGHT-CLICK, CHOOSE "SAVE AS" to download zip file

All articles Q posts/responds to are also being ARCHIVED due to high risk of editing/deletion to scrub evidence.

Patriots, archive offline!


846d2d  No.3794810


Grabbing the whole directory now.

Will go up another level and grab everything if it is open also.

Love it when they leave it hanging in the wind.

6cd050  No.3794811


So the people who signed that shit will be the first to have be used on.

God's funny.

1da08c  No.3794812

File: 61af56cd7258499⋯.jpg (17.26 KB, 184x274, 92:137, rbg-rip.jpg)

f87cc1  No.3794813


>United States Marine Corps

Anonymous ID: grTMpzrL No.147446992 📁

Nov 1 2017 00:11:52 (EST)

Note MI has the same SAPs as NSA, CIA etc as designated post 9-11.

Why is this relevant?

Who can be held hostage and controlled?

CIA thinks its foreign offshore assets are strong enough to defend against the US executive (not accounting for military use on domestic soil).

Why does the Constitution explicitly grant this authority to the President and what is it to prevent?

They knew our agencies would grow in power so much so they could/can hold the executive hostage or engage with bad actors.

Trump nominated someone new to direct every agency but one. He controls the top.

What branch works directly for POTUS?

2feca5  No.3794814


>Any planefags around? Was it the Ec-8 that could fly over you and copy every bit of data from your device?

Something like that. One thing I particularly remember from yesterday is a planefags post of adfsb showing tons of USMIL planes over Texas and California. I figured MIL was busy collecting all the possible SIGINT possible, gathering up all the last minute rigging, deals and agents being activated.

e4876a  No.3794815



8a6eb1  No.3794816

File: 0f5599f36f473f0⋯.jpg (129.4 KB, 923x608, 923:608, 2lzuo0.jpg)

533abc  No.3794817

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 11/07/18 (Wed) 22:47:49 No.435



"..or in response to chaos associated with protests and mob action,"

Article 1, Section 9 of the US Constitution states, "The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it."


b76a42  No.3794818

File: 3a1fb17a7d15397⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 2206x1250, 1103:625, QMissileCoincidences.jpg)


Fuck yes!

I pretty much lead that attack on his Insta. Many accounts were purged because of it.

Avenatti & Brennan both twAtted and knew what was taking place on June 10th.

c1de09  No.3794819


>Rebellion or Invasion

2927ef  No.3794820

File: ab2231473c6702b⋯.jpg (97.59 KB, 1140x641, 1140:641, WRAY SESSIONS.jpg)

5729ba  No.3794821


I suspect Laser as the stabilize cables holding down and not in a direction of thrust. No massive frame to hold back from thrust generation!

758a2f  No.3794822

File: 3270841a69420be⋯.jpeg (61.5 KB, 961x641, 961:641, nsons.jpeg)

Get us out of here sir

Aye captain

f924a1  No.3794823

File: c80c1e7f56de6c6⋯.png (24.2 KB, 864x401, 864:401, Jerrold_Nadler_jew.PNG)


Satan trips checked.

He is a jew.

c67a8c  No.3794824














^^^ Low IQ NPC like Posting circle jerking each other off.



^^^ Anons actually reviewing information and offering discernment.


- Baker IMO not notable as from Sept 27th and domain is smobserved? Not syndicated or confirmed any where else.

fc19f9  No.3794825

File: c0d7deeec49f3e8⋯.png (2.14 MB, 2014x1249, 2014:1249, 1541653843440.png)


well, crap. My area will go up in Smokes b4 NG gets deployed over here.

I need to apply for a CC…

05da58  No.3794826

File: d29bdcf19f53d63⋯.png (43.58 KB, 686x328, 343:164, PGE.png)


Turning off power (internet) in Calif. tomorrow.

2feca5  No.3794827


Movie is now way longer than the Lord of the Rings Trilogy - Extended editions.

9ef48e  No.3794828


When you next address the #JimAcosted issue, can you please add a requirement that he will be given his press pass back after he takes a class in anger management and sexual harassment. Would love to see heads explode.

95dda9  No.3794829

File: 08eabf7c212a0ac⋯.jpg (48.98 KB, 527x417, 527:417, 08_18-11-31.jpg)


Another one for canada

4778b7  No.3794830


Q 1224

Every detail accounted for.

Every scenario planned for.

I bet that includes information from chans

These people have quantum AI (prob)

d9f659  No.3794831


Hope he gets charged with assault

"An assault is the act of inflicting physical harm or unwanted physical contact upon a person or, in some specific legal definitions, a threat or attempt to commit such an action. It is both a crime and a tort and, therefore, may result in either criminal and/or civil liability. Generally, the common law definition is the same in criminal and tort law."

99faf0  No.3794832

BAKER-Where's Wednesday's Q drops? They disappeared!

88bc3f  No.3794833



The mass protests, that will inevitably end up as riots, not you.

bb1a0f  No.3794834

File: 46a2836c9f4f048⋯.jpeg (23.78 KB, 187x255, 11:15, B397F045-D23E-4970-A727-D….jpeg)

File: 8d6180117f1fbf5⋯.gif (1.08 MB, 234x250, 117:125, CD1262DE-EACC-42BC-A2EF-C5….gif)

File: bc5801c19188b39⋯.gif (1.05 MB, 164x285, 164:285, 986F258A-88B5-4F2F-AC65-64….gif)

File: 8bf41ca4facb89c⋯.jpeg (111.95 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 26BE7772-4455-4ECA-B330-D….jpeg)

Gifs ma niggas

345d67  No.3794835

File: 4f71380f8ba9fef⋯.jpg (61.11 KB, 576x384, 3:2, 45488515_10.jpg)

File: b19e07d51b3a81c⋯.jpg (73.38 KB, 715x960, 143:192, 45496.jpg)

File: 8add59737af43e8⋯.jpg (114.3 KB, 960x700, 48:35, 45484570_1.jpg)

File: 8e8f0cdf79184db⋯.jpg (43.71 KB, 599x599, 1:1, 8e8f0cdf79184db51b957bb3fc….jpg)

File: 4cef1ac4f455cb4⋯.jpeg (162.1 KB, 1130x850, 113:85, 1bb0ddef478cdda84b08ec039….jpeg)

I Love Them All! My True Heroes!!!

b624b7  No.3794836


how bad is this going to be? occupy wallstreet trash? antifa vs patriots fights? black riots because of that dumb black kid who was shot in missouri? 60s race riots? los angeles riots? should i fill up the gas tank? stock up on tendies?

4ef71f  No.3794837

File: 49cccac978beef6⋯.jpg (34.5 KB, 329x440, 329:440, acostad.jpg)



738b8c  No.3794838


is being IGNORED!!

watch how fast Acosta hands the mic back when POTUS starts to walk around the podium!!!

efe3df  No.3794839

File: b65201520a482a6⋯.jpg (555.4 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20181107-211247….jpg)

OK maybe this one

9d07c4  No.3794840

CHECK OUT how CNN cuts off the video on Anderson Pooper's show WITHOUT showing how cuck Acosta pushed the intern's arm away!


Because Commie News Network KNOWS he was wrong, that's why!

I hope he NEVER gets back into the WH!

CNN’S JIM ACOSTA BREAKS SILENCE ON GETTING WHITE HOUSE CREDENTIALS REVOKED https://dailycaller.com/2018/11/07/acosta-white-house-credentials-revoked/?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=atdailycaller

e09dad  No.3794841

File: b3e8111a930ffa0⋯.gif (13.81 MB, 600x338, 300:169, ezgif.com-add-text.gif)

e82013  No.3794842

File: 5ce202336434079⋯.jpeg (70.45 KB, 600x600, 1:1, DBAFC372-CA5D-47BF-A1FC-A….jpeg)

fc19f9  No.3794843


doesnt say what locations… any links?

a89e1c  No.3794844

File: 226fd4acaadf625⋯.png (1.32 MB, 750x1000, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)


Seen any of these around?

e4876a  No.3794845


[CM] needs to do 1 more upgrade

0d2994  No.3794846

File: f7e5328cd11a266⋯.png (237.14 KB, 650x456, 325:228, IMG_6866.PNG)

bb1a0f  No.3794847

File: 5322b396ab32e44⋯.png (147.68 KB, 500x617, 500:617, 26633FD0-0A15-4193-A4D5-3B….png)

b76a42  No.3794848


If it's electronic then NSA knows, period. Like POTUS says..

>Best way to send classified/important info is by courier. Word of mouth can't be hacked.

c1de09  No.3794849

File: 2208c99c0fe4910⋯.jpg (107.7 KB, 500x646, 250:323, 2e68b149299fae424a3651f16f….jpg)

bf17d9  No.3794850


How many times have we been told we are watching a movie? We can throw popcorn all we want, but the movie will roll on. We can stay and watch, we can leave….movie rolls on.

f97541  No.3794851


standard storm preparation protocol + extras

bebefa  No.3794852


this is unfuckingbelievable…

452676  No.3794853

File: ba7431d9e3b5b96⋯.gif (5.5 MB, 464x276, 116:69, NightShift.gif)




Only on night shift

thanks for giving reasons to stay awake

2b8e37  No.3794854

File: 139b2eec31d35bf⋯.jpeg (82.92 KB, 480x640, 3:4, jappy.jpeg)

56ae40  No.3794855



And some MUSIC!


19950b  No.3794856

For a prepper, martial law sounds like a mini vacation : ) Seriously can't wait, this Country needs a wake up call and good deep cleaning!

20c4bf  No.3794857


Fellow trafficfags, wouldn't it be great if all lefties… LEFT?

Driving around would be glorious!



4ef71f  No.3794858

>>3794838 Noticed that too.

He KNEW Trump was looking for security to have his ass thrown out. He. Knew.

99faf0  No.3794859


Why wait? GTFO, NOW!

8a6eb1  No.3794860


You're like… Dan Winter on steroids right now…

6081f0  No.3794861

File: dd7f0d0c7ce8f83⋯.jpg (65.1 KB, 720x471, 240:157, Right Wing Extremism.jpg)

81cb62  No.3794862


These people are sick

738b8c  No.3794863


I think he thought Trump was going to actually come down the and pull him by the ear

9c6d8c  No.3794864


Ah, the perils of confidential conversations in a public area!!!

bb0b9c  No.3794865

File: 78a6280ff825894⋯.jpg (141.09 KB, 800x474, 400:237, pizzaoven.JPG)


thin crust plz..

95dda9  No.3794866

File: 7cef0c991aea329⋯.jpg (51.31 KB, 598x334, 299:167, 08_18-14-41.jpg)


DC Antifa Publishes Home Addresses of Tucker Carlson and His Brother — As Well As Ann Coulter, Neil Patel, and Sean Hannity

Hours after an Antifa mob showed up at the home of Fox News host Tucker Carlson, an affiliated Twitter account published his home address and the home address of his brother Buckley Carlson — along with the addresses of Ann Coulter, Daily Caller’s Neil Patel, and Sean Hannity.

bb1a0f  No.3794867

File: 1c38c37b32244e4⋯.jpeg (98.32 KB, 960x947, 960:947, E4102CD6-11FC-4F09-A458-7….jpeg)

46926f  No.3794868


these idiots do no realize that it is fucking cold up here.

4ef71f  No.3794869


This needs to become a law.

You cannot Promise to leave the US and then Dont.

c1de09  No.3794870


what a fucking asshole this guy is

9d07c4  No.3794871

File: d707bbad5fb557e⋯.jpg (71.58 KB, 619x500, 619:500, Acosta He Broke Me.jpg)

9f686d  No.3794872


Absolutely, there is no other way. If the source is not handled, they'll simply morph- through war, regime changes, politics, economics, etc.

a38722  No.3794873


and there it is.

95dda9  No.3794874



d895c5  No.3794875

from wiki

In 2013, a directive [13] from the Secretary of Defense directly addresses this issue: it prohibits the use of the United States Army, the United States Navy, the United States Air Force and the United States Marine Corps for law enforcement.

a5afcb  No.3794876


Sanders is Independent, i believe there are 2 in the Senate. How can his party ever hope to get 2 / 3? he is 64 - 65 votes short. (could the "leader of the Democrat Party" have been re-elected by the voters in Vermont yesterday had he declared himself a Democrat?)

he and all the #Superdelegates traded the future for a sure thing.

79b6d2  No.3794877

File: f18cd5f63cd0f50⋯.jpg (73.38 KB, 448x431, 448:431, 32165498e.JPG)

>>3793950 (PB)

>>3794162 (PB)

Intersection appears to be Carbondale, IL

345d67  No.3794878

File: a42fad0effb0b5e⋯.jpeg (12.23 KB, 187x255, 11:15, 46a283.jpeg)

File: 5c6f6485aec70d6⋯.jpeg (238.85 KB, 942x1200, 157:200, 5c6f6485aec70d6d7ba039e87….jpeg)

File: 8dc921c16dca10d⋯.jpg (23.52 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 45555577_10212306696408115….jpg)

File: 4712fae7c1a424a⋯.jpg (65.16 KB, 960x784, 60:49, ooplopb.jpg)


I love little Pepe, too!

7db1d8  No.3794879

File: 31312ad3b1fd901⋯.png (25.97 KB, 325x351, 25:27, ClipboardImage.png)


7ab7f8  No.3794880

Notables so far, let me know if something was missed


>>3794435, >>3794537 Philly Antifa planning

>>3794470, >>3794578, >>3794732 PROTESTS ABOUT SESSIONS FIRING: THURSDAY AT 5 PM

>>3794513 POTUS Issues New Rule to Protect Americans From Funding Abortions Under Obamacare

>>3794673 Jim Acosta violated one of the oldest rules of journalism

>>3794809 GAA Update

New Q this bread:

>>>/patriotsfight/435 ——————————— "..or in response to chaos associated with protests and mob action," ( Cap: >>3794515 )

took out the RBG post, didn't see the date, didn't look that time

f87cc1  No.3794881


The date in which it is written has zero relevance to potential authenticity. The source is as valid as CNN. Think about that for a second. Q has linked to all sorts of rags in the past. Sometimes, they inadvertently post something useful. You can literally google this, and get 40+ sources as accurate as MSNBC. Of course they'd want to hush it, or at least convince her to act coy about it between now and then so as to not crush the left's base.

There's discernment, and then there's dismissal. Anything's possible.

bebefa  No.3794883


beautiful…thanks Anon…

345d67  No.3794884

File: 5ea128ddad98175⋯.jpg (49.13 KB, 720x766, 360:383, 5ea128ddad9817541c7abbd8f1….jpg)

f40322  No.3794885

File: c609fef62cc5db9⋯.jpg (97.24 KB, 992x1024, 31:32, ButMuhMueller.jpg)


>Interesting how Mueller and RR are the only 'cops' the Left supports…

e4876a  No.3794886


Word is Acosta and another CNN affiliate Anderson Cooper are going Broike Back Mountain….

8a6eb1  No.3794887


Sauce that shit, nigga.


b76a42  No.3794888


Yea fuck that fucker. Joe Biggs called bullshit on Q earlier and I told him to basically fuck off in a twAt, got no response kek.

Fake MAGA's. Just like Loomer & Cernovich.

003192  No.3794889

6081f0  No.3794890


ain't no sauce for it

4ef71f  No.3794891

File: c20034f0aeaef93⋯.jpg (48.79 KB, 575x448, 575:448, OrangeManWin.jpg)


4fe58b  No.3794892

File: d7f152081496bb7⋯.jpeg (185.19 KB, 1300x499, 1300:499, 296CEB1D-6EA9-4ED8-B51B-9….jpeg)

c172b6  No.3794893


Less than 10, anon…. less than 10…

95dda9  No.3794894

File: ec3f57e3ada2166⋯.jpg (76.02 KB, 845x516, 845:516, 08_18-17-29.jpg)

fc19f9  No.3794895


wait… wasnt there a law passed that they can arrest protestors covering their faces? … I should read more.. I skimmed it xD

3c6a47  No.3794896

File: 03835f7adc0cf91⋯.png (563.9 KB, 1406x803, 1406:803, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 420d3737673dbf8⋯.png (163.73 KB, 1170x879, 390:293, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 36170fd578133aa⋯.png (77.64 KB, 1128x916, 282:229, ClipboardImage.png)

File: dc12cba3e093199⋯.png (78.87 KB, 1126x913, 1126:913, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6a5f689c4f23086⋯.png (69.48 KB, 1160x911, 1160:911, ClipboardImage.png)



Donald Trump has installed a crony to oversee the special counsel's Trump-Russia investigation, crossing a red line set to protect the investigation. By replacing Rod Rosenstein with just-named Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker as special counsel Robert Mueller's boss on the investigation, Trump has undercut the independence of the investigation. Whitaker has publicly outlined strategies to stifle the investigation and cannot be allowed to remain in charge of it. The Nobody Is Above the Law network demands that Whitaker immediately commit not to assume supervision of the investigation. Our hundreds of response events are being launched to demonstrate the public demand for action to correct this injustice. We will update this page as the situation develops.Donald Trump just crossed a red line, violating the independence of the investigation pursuing criminal charges in the Trump-Russia scandal and cover-up.

Trump putting himself above the law is a threat to our democracy, and we’ve got to get Congress to stop him.

We're mobilizing immediately to demand accountability, because Trump is not above the law.

Please make note of the date, time, and description below to confirm that the host is able to organize the event on such short notice! In general, rallies are suggested to begin @ 5 PM local time. But individual local events may vary—please confirm details on your event page.

Once you sign up, make sure to invite friends to join you at the event!

Note: If you choose to attend an event, you agree to engage in nonviolent, peaceful action, to act lawfully, and to strive to de-escalate any potential confrontations with those who may disagree with our values.


Cont. from images:

WA: Aberdeen, Bainbridge Island, Bellevue, Bellingham, Bonney Lake, Bremerton, Eastsound, Edmonds, Ellensburg, Everett, Federal Way, Friday Harbor, Issaquah, Kingston, Kirkland, Langley, Longview, Lopez Island, Lynnwood, Mount Vernon, North Bend, Oak Harbor, Ocean Shores, Okanogan, Olympia, Port Angeles, Port Townsend, Pullman, Puyallup, Raymond, Richland, Sammamish, Seattle, Sequim, Shaw Island, Shelton, Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver, Vashon, Walla Walla, Wenatchee, Winthrop, Yakima, forks

WI: Appleton, Beloit, Eau Claire, Elkhorn, Fond du Lac, Green Bay, Hayward, Hudson, Kenosha, La Crosse, Madison, Mauston, Menomonie, Milwaukee, Racine, Rhinelander, Sheboygan, Sheboygan Falls, Spooner, Stevens Point, Superior, Wausau

WV: Beckley, Charleston, Elkins, Huntington, Lewisburg, Morgantown, Parkersburg, Shepherdstown, Wheeling

WY: Casper, Cody, Jackson, Lander, Laramie, Pinedale, Sheridan


83f9db  No.3794897

File: e68248a3e4f61ae⋯.png (178.93 KB, 1242x763, 1242:763, dilley.PNG)


Didley trying to fame fag his ass into relativity again.

Fingers, well……….

bb1a0f  No.3794898

File: 4a1de642c1954c9⋯.gif (2.25 MB, 350x322, 25:23, 264FBC28-B7D6-4A14-B90C-F2….gif)


Dat real?

8a6eb1  No.3794899


i sauced it in the post you just responded to.

2b5ab0  No.3794900


Not space force. And probably not from Wikileaks.

That pic was public in 2010. It's a test run of an engine from a F-22.


309406  No.3794901


disobeyed a presidential order to STFD

8a6eb1  No.3794902

9f9a40  No.3794903


Please remove that shitty RBG fake news story.

37f661  No.3794904


You guys think Q was just kidding about National Preparedness month? That was a warning to all anons. I heeded it and stocked up on food, water, first aid, and other essentials. If you haven't done this already, do it now before its too late. If you don't own a firearm, I recommend you go buy one.

6081f0  No.3794906


fake gorka

ba0c48  No.3794907

So Soros gets his civil unrest after all and our POTUS gets a Kent State?

#FakeNews and this cabal really are vile scumbags. They’d use anyone as a human shield, not think twice about hurting people for a dollar or the illusion of control.

Let’s get Nakasone to switch their meetup locations 😂. Confuse them with bogus tweet notifications. Cancelled: meet here instead. 😂

"..or in response to chaos associated with protests and mob action,"

Article 1, Section 9 of the US Constitution states, "The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it."

942930  No.3794908


My guess Gowdy is going to chair a second special council which will spend a few years giving a detailed accounting of what happened at DOJ, and what will be changed to prevent us from suffering this corruption in the future. Must restore faith in our country's justice system.

7ab7f8  No.3794909


do you read the bread that you post in?: >>3794880

87eeca  No.3794910


Note that most of the cities in which riots could happen on Nov 7th, are near the oceans or the Great Lakes. That means that the Coast Guard could be used to impose martial law in those neighborhoods where it is needed.

I wonder what is involved in transferring members of another service like the Marines, into Coast Guard command

If the state governor calls out the National Guard, then the Coast Guard could be used to supplement that force. For instance, they could take the prisoners offshore and detain them on a Coast Guard ship.

ba618a  No.3794911

File: b8981936e1621fa⋯.png (474.8 KB, 830x320, 83:32, ClipboardImage.png)

Federal Court Finds Democrats Unlawfully Gerrymandered A Maryland Congressional Seat

A three-judge panel ruled Wednesday that Maryland officials violated the Constitution when they redrew the boundaries of the state’s 6th Congressional District to favor Democrats. The unanimous decision requires state officials to draw new district lines for the 6th and 8th Districts by the 2020 election. “With this unanimous ruling, the federal court is confirming what we in Maryland have known for a long time — that we have the most gerrymandered districts in the country, they were drawn this way for partisan reasons, and they violate Marylanders’ constitutional rights,” said GOP Gov. Larry Hogan, fresh off a convincing victory in his bid for a second term.

An earlier iteration of the case reached the U.S. Supreme Court on March 28, as the justices weighed several other constitutional challenges to partisan gerrymandering. Ultimately, the high court was unable to resolve those weighty questions, and returned the cases to lower courts for further proceedings of procedural and jurisdictional grounds.

The 6th District encompasses the western, conservative stretches of Maryland, then runs south to encompass the Washington, D.C., suburbs. After the 2010 census, Maryland Democrats recalibrated the district to fold in tens of thousands of D.C. area voters in a bid to oust former GOP Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, the longtime incumbent. The gambit worked — Bartlett lost the race by 20 points, having held the seat without serious opposition since 1992.

A coalition of Republican voters challenged the district lines, arguing they were drawn to punish west Maryland voters for the historic support of GOP candidates. That sort of retaliation, they argued, is forbidden by the First Amendment.

Judge Paul Niemeyer agreed. Writing the primary opinion for the three-judge panel, Niemeyer explained the state had violated their rights of representation and free association, noting the case’s record “is replete with direct evidence of this precise purpose.” Judge James Bredar wrote separately to call partisan gerrymandering '“noxious, a cancer on our democracy.” An appeal of Wednesday’s ruling would proceed directly to the Supreme Court, should Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh, a Democrat, contest the decision.


ae5ba4  No.3794912

File: 43de0d1cebe2bd2⋯.jpg (572.28 KB, 1000x1616, 125:202, 10 rules.jpg)

File: 7933cf2b6f681f6⋯.png (125.05 KB, 460x264, 115:66, 1471923326247.png)

File: 0b1f14436a40dd8⋯.gif (46.52 KB, 798x804, 133:134, 0b1f14436a40dd863fd2c03e9b….gif)


>Suddenly you realize how real it all must be - because if it WERE all just a farce, it would die out.

CORRECT & well put!

Do you remember all the FAKEQs?? No matter how they tried they couldn't even pull it off convincingly for ONE thread. Not even a whole thread.

"Sundance" the nay-sayer aside,


The shills & haters wouldn't be here for a larp

Summer soldiers come & go, but the grunts stay the course. We are in it for the long haul, this is a battle for the world and there is no one else but us!

42b3b5  No.3794913

Hey ANONS, I keep a tab open in my browser for /pf/ at all times. Earlier today as I was headed to work about 3:30pm PST I saw the indicator on the tab indicating there were 5 new PF posts made while I was in the shower. I clicked on the tab and sure enough there were 5 new posts. One was a picture from behind POTUS at his inauguration, one was an American flag, two I do not recall, possibly text or links and there was a blank white post with file names for a .jpg photo. I right clicked on the file name to open in a new tab but got a 404 error three different times. When I attempted to refresh the page those 5 posts were gone.

Did anyone else catch this? I've been checking the breads and I've not seen these Q posts. Even this bread is not showing all the current /pf/ posts. Most current in this bread shows PF 423. Current PF is up to 435.

Vurt da furk?

d9f659  No.3794914


Can't wait to see him eat his words

8a6eb1  No.3794915


Stand The Fuck Down?


Fake Gorka with 641K followers???

533abc  No.3794916

File: f2d62d402927ac2⋯.jpg (334.76 KB, 822x463, 822:463, 2018-11-01 00.42.58.jpg)


738b8c  No.3794917


it is a layer of protection for us~

2b8e37  No.3794918

File: 4b140c152524b29⋯.jpg (55.16 KB, 630x838, 315:419, jappy x3.jpg)


waaaahhhh…..gorks isss faggut!

hees asshore isss faggot!

a1d676  No.3794919

With antifa doxing Conservatives, it would seem they want something bad to happen. I hope that nothing comes of it because I dont think they understand that they self identify in public places. Once they OK that level of violence, they are not difficult to find and not prepared for the swift action that would follow. Please hope it never gets there.

a24dc4  No.3794920


One of Q's first posts said there would be rioting in the streets…and here we are per the 'protest' map this is nationwide.

Seems like a good time to deploy the NG and declare martial law

There may be a military parade after all

It'll be a 'perp parade' led by the military

…they shoulda took the first option.

9f686d  No.3794921

File: 606116842cb0342⋯.jpg (40.02 KB, 720x507, 240:169, OrthodoxFugly.jpg)


You are so convincing that I now share your sentiment.

3f4321  No.3794922

Hey Q-Team!

The Session's resignation letter had no date, it was open ended on completion of mission.

Jeff's Chief of Staff rejoiced in that baton pass!!

You might want to give that guy a chance before announcing the replacement.

If the Declassify rests upon his had, shall he not be allowed to account for it? Would he not have strength enough to prevail??

f85042  No.3794923


This is actually worded wrong

it says "he can not look like an impartial player"

when they DO want him to look impatial

501434  No.3794924


This was for you:


56ae40  No.3794925

File: a1321525e6fa204⋯.png (356.75 KB, 741x495, 247:165, Screenshot_61 - Copy.png)

File: d69d671f8a5348d⋯.png (396.37 KB, 759x546, 253:182, Screenshot_62.png)

File: fd999037de9f2b2⋯.png (394.46 KB, 759x546, 253:182, Screenshot_62 - Copy.png)

File: 2f562b2aeb23b94⋯.png (350.89 KB, 310x558, 5:9, Screenshot_65.png)





309406  No.3794927


try sit the fuck down

d895c5  No.3794928

Drain it, drain it real good

8a6eb1  No.3794929


Was he "asked to resign"?

Or was that the plan from the beginning?

8a6eb1  No.3794930


that works too

e4876a  No.3794931


Its the software that matters……hardware is eaasy.

c07c8c  No.3794932


Trump can almost certainly override that in a National Emergency/Martial Law scenario.

b76a42  No.3794933

File: b75a3648af52369⋯.jpg (203.46 KB, 1280x719, 1280:719, 7e49c96a6b40309b867599e14c….jpg)

File: b336762effcc16c⋯.jpg (103.23 KB, 763x497, 109:71, 91eb6d1e6ad5e75852fe2868d3….jpg)

File: 379bb94f5acc239⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1094x936, 547:468, 379bb94f5acc239e883a84365c….png)

Let this be heard.

Those who turn on the plan receive no Redemption!

Turncoats will be treated as such.

No Moar Fucking Games!

Too many people(good) have died and the good left is about to go fucking apeshit on the bad.

ebbb4a  No.3794934


Probably not tomorrow but soon. 11.11.2018?

c8b9d9  No.3794935


Did you catch the time of that launch?

bebefa  No.3794936


He's also hyping a YUGE announcement for tomorrow night…and he was excited that Sessions got fired…so not really sure

8c8e97  No.3794937

6c5b6b  No.3794938

File: c437ad858fc21c3⋯.jpg (55.15 KB, 800x597, 800:597, 38dc0eb325350cad6c17f0e876….jpg)



f87cc1  No.3794939


>They matter to us. They have no bearing on what will happen.

I agree with this. They are going to carry out the plan regardless, but were gracious enough to allow the world a private screening; as long we all were willing to deal with free speech zones like this. It's perfect, really.

I feel the conversations here are the most engaging and meaningful around, though. It helps newbs, and shapes a picture for people that are terrible at the Socratic methods. Information dissemination within information dissemination, so to speak.

Good stuff.

a1d676  No.3794940

File: 371b13456c503fa⋯.png (263.89 KB, 495x442, 495:442, Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at ….png)

87eeca  No.3794942


Do not waste your money on a firearm.

If you are in a blue city, just get out of town.

There will likely be a run on supermarkets tomorrow in the cities, so buy provisions on the road. Everything should be calm and normal in red counties.

1bfe86  No.3794943

So POTUS traveling over weekend right? He will be w the foorball right? The EBS TO TALK TO US DIRECTLY?

Just thinking, sorry bout caps locks. Kek

6081f0  No.3794944


Hmmm…fuckery afoot…?

5b93c6  No.3794945


Proverbs 26:27

The one who digs a pit will fall into it; the one who rolls a stone – it will come back on him.

03d003  No.3794946

>tucker carlson

>fake news media

>worth marital law

This is batshit insane

c1de09  No.3794947


still love gorka and this place

not sure why he says "now you realize"

fdd0ee  No.3794948

File: 4576647845264ae⋯.png (263.99 KB, 369x400, 369:400, amphibian-1.png)


it was mentioned by others…fuckery?

501434  No.3794949

File: c33f3978ea2586a⋯.jpg (31.87 KB, 800x551, 800:551, nhns2.jpg)

8a6eb1  No.3794950


What reasons do we have for liking or trusting Gorka?

9f686d  No.3794952


Why couldn't, or wasn't, a date added today before printing and signing? Mistake I guess

3c6a47  No.3794953

File: 496d7b4b4e906f4⋯.png (415.47 KB, 619x420, 619:420, ClipboardImage.png)

Peru: ex-chief of national police arrested for alleged role in baby trafficking ring

Raul Becerra and his partner are accused of belonging to a group that took babies from poor women to sell

A former national police chief in Peru has been arrested along with his partner for allegedly belonging to a baby trafficking ring, Peruvian authorities say.

Police and prosecutors seized the former police general Raul Becerra in a dawn raid on his home on Tuesday along with his partner Cintia Tello. Both are accused of belonging to an organisation of more than a dozen people, including doctors, who took babies from poor women to sell.

A paediatrician and a gynaecologist were also arrested in what Peruvian police called a mega-raid in Peru’s second largest city Arequipa, in the south of the country. Hundreds of police officers and dozens of prosecutors raided 18 homes and businesses and rescued a five-month-old baby.

Retired police officer Raul Becerra was director of Peru’s national police force in 2010 but it is his partner Cintia Tello who is suspected of leading the trafficking ring, the police general, Walter Ortiz, told local media.

The gang included hospital workers who would identify mothers they could potentially exploit, according to the prosecutors’ investigation.

Fury over Peru president’s reaction to woman’s murder by stalker

Read more

Among those arrested are two women who, it is alleged, secretly touted for backroom abortionists outside a hospital. They persuaded women considering abortions to accept money in exchange for their newborn babies, prosecutors said. Abortion is illegal in Peru unless the mother’s health is at risk.

The cost of a baby was around 4,000 Peruvian soles ($1,187), prosecutors told local media.

Other members of the criminal organization cared for the babies in various locations while its leaders acted as intermediaries for potential clients, according to the investigation.

Prosecutors are investigating whether the babies were offered for illegal adoption by foreigners or, possibly, for organ trafficking.

All those arrested are being investigated for organised crime, people trafficking and crimes against life and health. They are likely to be detained for at least a week during a preliminary investigation during which time they are not obliged to enter a plea.


bebefa  No.3794954


He flies out on Friday.

Q last year said THE tweet would go out on Friday.

9c6d8c  No.3794955

File: 0e3dbaa63976ae1⋯.png (429.59 KB, 609x441, 29:21, mcclintock district.png)



Here is McClintock's district

0968f5  No.3794956

File: cda4ba274ed0f10⋯.png (287.73 KB, 1118x846, 559:423, all the pieces are in plac….png)

>[U.S. Constitution] safeguarded.


>Save the Republic!

>We knew this day would come

>Everything is planned.

>Every detail accounted for.

>Every scenario planned for.

>We have it all

9f9a40  No.3794957

Did Tucker do something specifically that they are pissed off about?

What's the ding dang deal?

28b1fb  No.3794958


A power given to the president.

e18a5d  No.3794959


Good question.

ee06b1  No.3794960


There's a hell of a lot of red space in the US. That's where you want to be.

ebbb4a  No.3794961


Which Godfather movie was that?

f1044d  No.3794962

File: 4f9ac30a4adff6b⋯.jpg (35.34 KB, 1237x135, 1237:135, q post 16.JPG)


56ae40  No.3794963

File: eb1488c901f8564⋯.mp4 (316.84 KB, 720x720, 1:1, AccostingAccosta.mp4)

20c4bf  No.3794964


Heh heh heh

Don't live too far away from here, and it's amazing, but we NEVER see stupid protests trying to get a toehold this far north of 285.



Yes. Mandatory gun ownership.

Kennesaw is noted for its unique firearms legislation in response to Morton Grove, Illinois' law mandating gun prohibition. In 1982 the city passed an ordinance [Sec 34-21]:[21]

(a) In order to provide for the emergency management of the city, and further in order to provide for and protect the safety, security and general welfare of the city and its inhabitants, every head of household residing in the city limits is required to maintain a firearm, together with ammunition therefore.

(b) Exempt from the effect of this section are those heads of households who suffer a physical or mental disability which would prohibit them from using such a firearm. Further exempt from the effect of this section are those heads of households who are paupers or who conscientiously oppose maintaining firearms as a result of beliefs or religious doctrine, or persons convicted of a felony.

68c9a2  No.3794965


Had to be January… after the new Senate is sworn. The libs are gonna lose their shit when their Notorious RBG gets replaced by a conservative attractive smart female! Watch!!

53dd31  No.3794966


Stolen and saved.

8a6eb1  No.3794967


Also, it's good to have in general.

dd7c63  No.3794968


Baker this Bread is missing the Q Posts On Nov 7th

7db1d8  No.3794969



probably because he knows Q said "mid terms are safe" or he's seeing the shill chatter and the doubters all over twitter now, not sure either

fc19f9  No.3794970


cool thx. I'm in LA.

7b0e78  No.3794971


Lots of them

4ef27f  No.3794972


… uhhh. tucker has a red door….

24a472  No.3794973

File: 0f81aefcf1e56f0⋯.png (23.38 KB, 385x184, 385:184, ClipboardImage.png)

f87cc1  No.3794974

File: bd03036a493a9e7⋯.gif (445.96 KB, 300x186, 50:31, this.gif)

43aa41  No.3794975


should he paint it black?

fc19f9  No.3794976


wait… why tomorrow? why is the 8th important?

95dda9  No.3794977

File: 85c67eb680ef692⋯.jpg (39.96 KB, 524x383, 524:383, 08_18-21-44.jpg)


unfortunately there's no going back for Acosta

2b5ab0  No.3794978


I don't think he was kidding. The timing of that (like most of what Q says) was to psych-out (((them))). But eventually mass arrests are going to happen. And there will be a limited breakdown of civil order in certain hotspots.

501434  No.3794979


First one.

b76a42  No.3794980

Q team is 10 or less.

Fuck the rest. Hearsay.

7ab7f8  No.3794981



ffs: >>3794661

legitimate question, did you just see the top then post or did you read the bread then still?

05da58  No.3794982

File: 812ee60b38d614d⋯.png (1.61 KB, 168x45, 56:15, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cfbd9ba596cbde1⋯.png (2.19 KB, 158x61, 158:61, ClipboardImage.png)

c1de09  No.3794983


is he trying to force the question?

9f686d  No.3794984


Q's interest is in Israel

0396e7  No.3794987

File: bf83be99a8a5b60⋯.png (280.59 KB, 588x897, 196:299, Gorka Q is GARBAGE 11-7-18.PNG)


>Fake MAGA's. Just like Loomer & Cernovich.

[and Posobiec]

That is who Gorka retweets and rolls with these days

I still follow him to keep eyes on / but haven't really wanted to for several months now

He aligned with Scott Adams and the others that came out against Q



42aba5  No.3794988


Potus to be traveling and on AF! on the 9th to the 11th. Possible match with crumbs.

9fb2d7  No.3794989

File: 9afa52847a76015⋯.png (148.5 KB, 1256x1001, 1256:1001, ClipboardImage.png)


You probably saw this. Several of us saw it.

a2746b  No.3794990


Organizing 900+ events and providing high quality signs, pamphlets, etc. with support literally overnight is quite an amazing accomplishment.

24a472  No.3794991


f87cc1  No.3794992


Lots of houses have red doors. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. A fucking rainbow used to mean Christian shit. Now, you're obviously a faggot if you sport one on a t-shirt.

9c6d8c  No.3794993


Not in your neighborhood this time! Yosemite

1bfe86  No.3794994


Bout to get water containers filled tomorrow. Cleaning and bleaching tonight. Glad it was Croptober.. good on that 😉

87eeca  No.3794995

File: 578dbf875077102⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1400x933, 1400:933, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e14f741e15ae6ff⋯.png (729.75 KB, 800x500, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 66e0442c1ed7b6b⋯.png (1.62 MB, 972x1452, 81:121, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d3b22ef34983e39⋯.png (756.56 KB, 616x740, 154:185, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5d297575c86dc2d⋯.png (533.05 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Who is Marshall Law?

58b644  No.3794996

File: a6f7b0ab6e2e973⋯.jpg (105.23 KB, 700x700, 1:1, Trump Limo.jpg)




>"..or in response to chaos associated with protests and mob action,"

>Article 1, Section 9 of the US Constitution states, "The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it."


See >>3793573

56ae40  No.3794997




This only means the WH is probably going to press charges!

Then Acosta and CNN will cry about muh Freedom of Press!

3f4321  No.3794998


>Or was that the plan from the beginning?

Lol..it was planned long before I thought it was…)

Got me!!

President Trump is a step ahead, I confess.

Worked out well for all…!!

6081f0  No.3794999


Q more than gorka

something doesn't add up here

03d003  No.3795000

File: b1f029cfbaee452⋯.webm (6.33 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 4d76e9ad405861c50ccadc283….webm)

>civil wars are what we are trying to avoid

>marital law because antifa



c9d53a  No.3795001




fdd0ee  No.3795002

File: a379d4a5f5a1170⋯.jpg (69.41 KB, 1242x810, 23:15, BN-RB213_greens_GR_2016120….jpg)

419fdc  No.3795003


national guard deployed, etc.

USMC willing to go the extra mile to shoot niggers? (muzzies are of course automatically targeted).

Enough. Time to choose a side.

No more allowing foreign demographic to have a say.

9c6d8c  No.3795004


This guy is WAY overdue for his just desserts!

a1d676  No.3795005



"Up to 900" scheduled 'no one is above the law' and 'protect Mueller' protests scheduled for tomorrow anon.

2b8e37  No.3795006

Antifa fags have to go through a lot of flag waving rednecks (love 'em all btw) before they get to muh property. 45-70 is a fanfuckingtastic round, ain't it?

2660bb  No.3795007


Why wouldn't POTUS ask trusted allies to disavow Q?

All warfare is based on deception.

Scott Adams goes to WH, comes out on a rampage against Q.

ae5ba4  No.3795008


Actually, I sign it now to avoid confusion (spreadsheet anon, not German archive bro)


8a6eb1  No.3795009


The Antifags will be "rebelling" while the MS-13 caravan "invades".

Which is why GEOTUS refers to the caravan as an INVADING FORCE.

ebbb4a  No.3795010


Are you sure he said the tweet would be on a Friday? Which Q post?

c172b6  No.3795011

File: 3b8c675e9a3bd20⋯.jpg (677.66 KB, 1600x2000, 4:5, mattis_claymore.jpg)


This is your martial law administrator, anon.

bd8fd9  No.3795012


Must be Penny Marshall

6560df  No.3795013

File: 4139db564afb7eb⋯.png (65.16 KB, 870x394, 435:197, Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at ….png)

Singed up a bunch of times using some pretty kek pseudonyms and fake email addys. Was surprised to see 1200+ attendees.

03d003  No.3795014

File: f06b3219ffeab14⋯.webm (2.24 MB, 666x420, 111:70, Bill_Cooper_and__William_….webm)

ed8190  No.3795015

Thank you Q, enjoying the show

But Kansas could use some good news. It seems bleak here for heartland patriots

452676  No.3795016

File: 2a7c45b03273afa⋯.png (19.97 KB, 551x146, 551:146, ClipboardImage.png)


(the following is speculation)


Maybe one day..

BUT, it cannot go slow. The initial wave WILL be fast and meaningful.

So yeah, maybe one day.

ee06b1  No.3795017


Reading those early Q drops are eerie now.

71ff77  No.3795018


screen shot shit man or it didnt happen. cmon.


and all those were scraped by qmap.pub and listed in the dough.

2927ef  No.3795019

File: d566074ac1576fd⋯.png (359.41 KB, 765x478, 765:478, STEPHEN MILLER FRONT.png)

Its late. Im tired. We need some stephen.

f90c95  No.3795021

Sputnik news reporting another tanker collision.

Some seven people were wounded as a result of an accident that involved an oil tanker and a Norwegian navy frigate, the local police stated on Thursday. The incident resulted in a crew of 137 being evacuated from the KNM Helge Ingstad which started to take on the water after the incident.

“The TV2 news outlet reported citing rescue services there were no reports of damage or leaks from the oil tanker, which it identified as the Sola TS.”

1de971  No.3795022

File: 909bdf6acb1cf99⋯.jpg (118.19 KB, 460x620, 23:31, GermansAgainstFreemasonry1….jpg)

File: 84b8a48a03dda3c⋯.jpg (198.85 KB, 500x648, 125:162, GermansAgainstFreemasonry2….jpg)

File: f050b257c490359⋯.jpg (144.03 KB, 393x670, 393:670, GermansAgainstFreemasonry2….jpg)

File: b1881bb03937f47⋯.jpg (126.49 KB, 422x650, 211:325, GermansAgainstFreemasonry2….jpg)

File: fbbab247d9afa12⋯.jpg (146.05 KB, 500x644, 125:161, GermansAgainstHollywood.jpg)



Nazis didn't like masons.

501434  No.3795023

File: 0bf07737705baaf⋯.jpeg (107.03 KB, 500x633, 500:633, earlybutlate.jpeg)


And early.

7ab7f8  No.3795025


oops, my bad, fixed

thanks anon

8a6eb1  No.3795026


But they sure love Weishaupt

d895c5  No.3795027


Did we anons get reprogrammed to become alphas? Brave New World like?

b76a42  No.3795028

File: 557d3a994361b8a⋯.png (541.59 KB, 1387x492, 1387:492, Screenshot_2018-10-19 Twee….png)

File: 27473f063d1ba84⋯.png (656.94 KB, 658x832, 329:416, 96b09874a60e91bab9e0e17036….png)

File: 999ab79a534e340⋯.jpg (125.97 KB, 1073x795, 1073:795, JackPosobiecIsTheJewsLittl….jpg)

File: 7172d101f80e34d⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1904x848, 119:53, ratfucker.png)



Oh yea, I know all about Pussibitch. He blocked me.

6e499a  No.3795029

>>3794501, >>3794832


Here is pastebin for Wednesday's Q drops:


ba0c48  No.3795030

56ae40  No.3795031


It's ok. Q is a hard pill to swallow, Anon. Matter of Fact, the only Q people that I really know are on this board.

I don't know anyone personally within my circle who believes in Q.

I quit trying to explain Q…because you really can't to someone who has not frequented this board an experienced what we have experienced.

87eeca  No.3795032


The only people who will be getting shot are assholes who go out on the streets with a gun, and do not hand over the weapon immediately when ordered to do so.

If you want to keep your firearms, stay home.

If you want them confiscated, they go out armed in the city on Thursday. You will be part of the problem and YOU


284dbd  No.3795033


I saw that!! Our fab POTUS was gonna pinch his head off, and he KNEW it!

501434  No.3795034



bb1a0f  No.3795035

File: 53e4f2d9909a530⋯.jpeg (154.61 KB, 750x458, 375:229, 6D8A0BC7-C161-4B5C-9928-0….jpeg)

File: c0a8df08b966f4d⋯.gif (1014.65 KB, 239x270, 239:270, 3D8EF81C-D05C-4083-A430-37….gif)

9f9a40  No.3795036


Why do all these celebrities want to go to Canada?


Are they racists?

33573d  No.3795037


I have no problem with them protesting actual skin head nazi wannabes.

7503f9  No.3795038

File: 4a5246ef1ef8f23⋯.png (526.91 KB, 868x568, 217:142, ClipboardImage.png)

7ab7f8  No.3795039


I should've just asked the BO to edit it

see: >>3794417


the dough is fine, just somehow used the wrong pasta

fc19f9  No.3795040



I was kind of hoping Potus would get some golf in. I watched most of the PC today.. haven't got to JIm part yet.. but Potus needs to decompress. Hes been doing a lot… he just didn't really seem like himself. maybe that's why Jim thought he could strong arm him. … they need to get interns like Sara to get the Mic. Fuk, I'd drop kick J. little bitch wouldn't know what happened.

sign me up Q. I'll be polite but I wont let anyone try to pull that shit again.

b9cfbd  No.3795041


Q had told us about ex-3-letter agency people running for Congress. Did we figure out who those candidates were, and if they won their seats?

71ff77  No.3795042

I’m ready for some martial law shit. The system needs a hard shut down and reboot…

it worked with my eMachine in circa 2003.

42aba5  No.3795043


If it is gonna go down it is gonna be soon. Costco tomorrow…….

0fea7f  No.3795044

File: bd170db6ec6cc1f⋯.jpeg (61.55 KB, 474x443, 474:443, 681193C8-8818-4B6A-8594-6….jpeg)

File: 40b14124727a938⋯.jpeg (47.36 KB, 474x266, 237:133, D96E15E8-B494-4D18-B3E4-5….jpeg)

Patriots At The Ready…

To Defend Against All Emenies , Foreign & Domestic……

For The Love & Glory Of The Republic………

God Bless & Godspeed

d3d06d  No.3795045

File: 7c182cdf7362ca6⋯.mp4 (8.68 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Jim Acosta.mp4)

Lil Jim Pass Removal - Video Rotated.

419fdc  No.3795046


The prime goal of ridding corrupt red and blue actors (old guard) with this election cycle was largely achieved. those that remain are powerless.

their only ability is bitching and signing papers while we hold the guns, force of violence, etc.

their only supposed real chance is riling up criminal demographic and relying on ms-13 type assets.

we are at war.

those in DC on dem side want us dead.

traitors want us dead.

foreign actors who are not being hunted down want us dead.

israel and jewry is working to commit genocidal war against whites world wide and destroying western civlization.

fucking third world (muzzies + others) and china/india used as willing accomplices.

Either THEY go, or we go.

c96b75  No.3795047

File: ae2b6c5e57e5c05⋯.png (665.23 KB, 499x639, 499:639, 555.PNG)

1836b7  No.3795048

File: 35481394d52aeec⋯.png (41.26 KB, 852x450, 142:75, ClipboardImage.png)


11:01 pm. Meaning PST I'm guessing.


fc19f9  No.3795049


ah! 4got about the protesters.. yah, I saw that earlier… didnt get a chance to read what they r protesting now. works been a bitch

6e499a  No.3795050


Sorry man, just checked in and saw it.

Shoulda read the rest of the bread to see you'd already addressed it (I'm as bad as the newfags now, kek!)

>just somehow used the wrong pasta

happens to us all.

ty baker!

ff3273  No.3795051


Adrenochrome helped her stay alive after pancreatic cancer 9 years ago?? No one survives that long with pancreatic cancer

0e387b  No.3795052


pics or it didn't fappen


she turns and says.."Daaaad!!!!"

5586bc  No.3795053


Still up on mine. I never refreshed. I keep /pf/ up as long as possible and save the entire bread with every post and name it the new post number. Saved several copies of that today

0ac44b  No.3795054


Black+Female+Conservative AG= liberal suicide

ba0806  No.3795055


If Q makes Republicans look so fucking foolish then Trump should’ve disavowed Q by now.

He hasn’t. It’s that simple.

9f686d  No.3795056


This proves that Q knew a republican senator wouldn't be elected in NY, and so forth.

9878e5  No.3795057


Negative speed racer. Normally I post only a few times on a board…and usually don't post…got other shit to do. Ya know - dig hunt …

501434  No.3795058


Well, yeah, they are racist but they would sound too pussy if they said "Screw Trump I'm moving to Cabo." Optics.

3c6a47  No.3795059

File: 00f937a826efde6⋯.png (58.12 KB, 742x852, 371:426, ClipboardImage.png)

Sebastian Gorka: A True Friend to Israel and the Jewish People

It’s well known in Washington that politics is a lethal sport. Personal attacks, smear campaigns and character assassinations are too often the order of the day. But occasionally things go a step too far, even for Washington.

That’s been the case for the attacks exhibited against Sebastian Gorka recently published at The Forward.

The decision by The Forward to publish an article that sinks to the level of guilt by association and scurrilously unproven accusations of antisemitism is detrimental, both to a good man’s name and to the cause of fighting antisemitism.

I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with both Sebastian and his wife, Katie, whom I have found to be strong supporters of Israel and the Jewish people’s struggle against the same brand of jihadist terror that threatens the United States.

As Congressman Trent Franks, chair of the Congressional Israel Allies Caucus, stated on February 27, “I have followed the recent press and social media attacks against Dr. Sebastian Gorka and am compelled to respond with disgust at the attempt to libel this American patriot. Most disturbing of all is the attempt to portray Dr. Gorka in any way as antisemitic. Having called upon his expertise on counterterrorism repeatedly in Congress and used his analysis to inform our work, I can attest that Dr. Gorka is the staunchest friend of Israel and the Jewish people.”

President Trump’s appointment of Gorka as one of his advisers tells us that this administration’s policy towards Israel is going to be 180 degrees different from that of its predecessor, which all too often chose to condemn and isolate Israel, rather than support it.



2b5ab0  No.3795060


Remember it's no longer 'Good Guys vs Bad Guys'.

It's now 'Good Guys vs Bad Guys vs Bad Guys'.

bebefa  No.3795061

File: 31b4ef255e8bb7a⋯.png (12.11 KB, 456x102, 76:17, Screenshot 2018-11-07 at 1….png)

53dd31  No.3795062


Red is one of the main colors for doors. We have one.

19950b  No.3795063


I think 10 days, 5 and 5 business days to close banks and stop the money flow….reset 5:5

but that's just me : )

ee06b1  No.3795064


I went through this drill about a year ago. Stocked up on shit, made sure my adult kids had plenty of stuff. I'm still in good shape, but I'll check and make sure the vitals are all topped off.

05be56  No.3795065

>Public riots are being organized in serious numbers in an effort to prevent the arrest and capture of more senior public officials. On POTUS’ order, a state of temporary military control will be actioned and special ops carried out. False leaks have been made to retain several within the confines of the United States to prevent extradition and special operator necessity. Rest assured, the safety and well-being of every man, woman, and child of this country is being exhausted in full. However, the atmosphere within the country will unfortunately be divided as so many have fallen for the corrupt and evil narrative that has long been broadcast. We will be initiating the Emergency Broadcast System (EMS) during this time in an effort to provide a direct message (avoiding the fake news) to all citizens. Organizations and/or people that wish to do us harm during this time will be met with swift fury – certain laws have been pre-lifted to provide our great military the necessary authority to handle and conduct these operations (at home and abroad).

f924a1  No.3795066

File: 8dabd1f6350477b⋯.png (34.04 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 1509296265450.png)



Notable af

f85042  No.3795067


only if its stones

8a6eb1  No.3795068


Every time we do this, I wait a bit and throw it into my normal rotation.

Then… onto the next drill until it's not.

95dda9  No.3795069

File: bb1c180e98e6c67⋯.jpg (75.76 KB, 849x485, 849:485, 08_18-31-11.jpg)


Trump Opens Door To Declassifying Russia Docs, And His Acting Attorney General Could Be On Board

President Trump is “very seriously” considering whether to declassify a slew of FBI and Justice Department records related to the Russia investigation, he said Wednesday. That controversial proposal, which Trump has toyed with for months, may have a backer in Matthew Whitaker, the acting attorney general.

“Declassification, we’re looking at very seriously,” Trump told reporters in a press conference on Wednesday, just before Attorney General Jeff Sessions was forced to resign.

Whitaker, who served as Sessions’ chief of staff, will take over as acting attorney general. In that role, he will oversee the special counsel’s investigation into Trump associates’ links to Russia. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had directed the investigation because Sessions recused himself due to contacts he had with Russians while working on the Trump campaign.


419fdc  No.3795070



Peru: ex-chief of national police arrested for alleged role in baby trafficking ring

3c6a47  No.3795072

File: 79d62b0d5b8e54c⋯.png (1.35 MB, 989x713, 43:31, ClipboardImage.png)

33573d  No.3795073



I had that too. It was explained earlier by BO as an error due to attacks. I do have a screenshot but I’m phonefagging and it’s on my home computer.

bb1a0f  No.3795074

File: d9228fde3501ed8⋯.jpeg (55.86 KB, 426x426, 1:1, 83EB9F79-FD6C-4D50-B5A6-F….jpeg)

File: f0e4f5175b84d27⋯.jpeg (15.32 KB, 255x210, 17:14, 07BA4F27-2B02-4268-B5C5-4….jpeg)


Maybe true but when the Right starts eating its own. Its a bad omen.

fc19f9  No.3795075


…..perfect time for a distraction…

other pieces (DS) moving as well… curious wat Soros has up his sleeve.

bd8fd9  No.3795076


"Dear Diary…"

Fuck him; he deserves it

87eeca  No.3795077


Go as early in the morning as you can

In the blue cities there may be a run on supermarkets because everybody knows what the left is planning.

9ae36b  No.3795078


>What the hell are they in my city for?

pumpkin spice soy lattes, virtue signaling, and demonstrating useful idiots during the demoralization process– you know, just NPC things…

9f9a40  No.3795079



HR 6054

(a) In General.–Chapter 13 of title 18, United States Code, is

amended by inserting after section 249 the following:

``Sec. 250. Interference with protected rights while in disguise

``(a) In General.–Whoever, whether or not acting under color of

law, while in disguise, including while wearing a mask, injures,

oppresses, threatens, or intimidates any person in any State,

Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise

or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the

Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so

exercised the same, shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not

more than 15 years, or both.

Sec. 250. Interference with protected rights while in disguise, including while wearing a mask, injures, oppresses, threatens, or intimidates any person…

Fined and imprisoned to not more than 15 years or both

452676  No.3795080

File: ac9c7a5fb918d11⋯.png (141.67 KB, 801x651, 267:217, ClipboardImage.png)


Maybe this bread's missing ingredients. Last bread had them. You're welcome. And that error (old posts on PF showing up as new) has been happening since yesterday, it's become one of the newest slides. Refresh your page & move on with life, site;s under attack, nothing new there.

ea7b70  No.3795081

Please tell me someone else has watched watched tonight’s episode of AHS and also picked up on all the irie parallels to what is actually happening within the DS and and plans for a NWO.

About half way in, it begins talking about the “cooporative”—a group of ultra rich & political heads—that controlls everything. Goes on to unveil the beginning of the plans for the “cooporative”, after the entire world has been nuked. Only the elites can buy a space in the luxury bunkers they are building for during and after the nuclear fall out.

Caught an interesting quote:

“Humanity is at a crossroads….it’s no longer sustainable. It’s time to wipe the slate clean. It’s time for the apocalypse.”

Is this the ultimate red pill? I’m being serious. I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Captivating the masses with a show that is so outrageous that it couldn’t POSSIBLY be true, but it in turn, desensitizes the audience to the reality that is.

83f9db  No.3795082


Canada? Re-Election?

Fuckin Racist, go to Mexico, NOW!

9fb2d7  No.3795083


What I found weird was that PF 94 was there. I'm assuming it must be set hidden (if that's an option) rather than deleted, and due to some glitch it came unhidden temporarily.

7db1d8  No.3795084

remember last year's protests they planned and they turned out to be flops, however if we're thinking mirror, could that mean these turn out to be legit and why Q is talking martial law now?

42aba5  No.3795085

File: 2bf81165ddb1299⋯.jpg (113.61 KB, 960x960, 1:1, obamakids.jpg)


Agg she looks like Obama kids real mom.

7ab7f8  No.3795086

this isn't the first time Gorka bashed Q:


pretty sure there's other examples

9f686d  No.3795087


Trump doesn't even disavow the republicans who make themselves look foolish, so why would he call out Q? Did Trump call out the fake Kikeland and Pittsberg shootings?

dcc918  No.3795088

File: 9d3497201a23c69⋯.jpg (3.69 MB, 6880x5910, 688:591, OriginalGraphic.jpg)

File: bec5c168e293429⋯.jpg (3.04 MB, 1559x5517, 1559:5517, Qproof_Plane_Shot.jpg)


Becoming more real than real.

ca502c  No.3795089

In a way, yeah, I think so.

9d07c4  No.3795090


>Q had told us about ex-3-letter agency people running for Congress. Did we figure out who those candidates were, and if they won their seats?

That POS Brennan mentions them on his twatter

05da58  No.3795091


colon cancer too!


7ab7f8  No.3795092

Notables so far, let me know if something was missed


>>3794435, >>3794537 Philly Antifa planning

>>3794470, >>3794578, >>3794732, >>3794896 PROTESTS ABOUT SESSIONS FIRING: THURSDAY AT 5 PM

>>3794513 POTUS Issues New Rule to Protect Americans From Funding Abortions Under Obamacare

>>3794666 Top Democrat Overheard Discussing Kavanaugh Impeachment Plans

>>3794673 Jim Acosta violated one of the oldest rules of journalism

>>3794780, >>3794953 Peru: ex-chief of national police arrested for alleged role in baby trafficking ring

>>3794809 Spreadsheet Update

New Q this bread:

>>>/patriotsfight/435 ——————————— "..or in response to chaos associated with protests and mob action," ( Cap: >>3794515 )


kek, all good

the dough is fine, no idea how it happened

1bfe86  No.3795093

File: 646de9f2da7b702⋯.png (538.3 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, F38CE66C-DF1A-4B65-AA40-20….png)

File: c7f84285b6e697c⋯.png (443.32 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 2ED1637E-5CC2-48D0-A754-FE….png)

File: 14d4265caff84dd⋯.png (3.06 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 06E9A691-A34C-4C7F-BF0B-FA….png)

[RR] out in 48?!


b76a42  No.3795094


I believe Whitaker is the Stealth Bomber and will Declas the [20] FISA pages, the Pee gate shit, Russian Collusion > all being paid for by HRC and D's. Massive Corruption red pill for normies. Remember..this is A Show.

1836b7  No.3795095

File: c79d9263e92481e⋯.png (95.83 KB, 567x572, 567:572, ClipboardImage.png)


Becerra, you say? Not related to that Becerra, is he?

33573d  No.3795096


I used to as well. I’m not a kiddie trafficker. It’s just a door. Now, if he has a pair of red human skin shoes…

2b8e37  No.3795097


Add lesbian to the list…Jonestown Part Deux for the progfags

c1de09  No.3795098

to me it doesn't really matter who q group is, nice to have another the_donald, pol /ptg/ to come to.

a1d676  No.3795099


MEMEfag here reporting for duty.

New MEME op for tomorrow's protests:

1.) MEMEs pointing out that on one days notice, in "900+ locations" mass protests with matching, professional signage 'organically' began to show POTUS the what-for.

2.) The #NoOneIsAboveTheLaw that they are planning to use needs to be hijacked to educate libs about their beloved criminal representatives. Expose the hypocrisy of marching for law and order while trying to protect criminals within their own party.

Anons weigh in?

ba0806  No.3795100


I haven’t changed anything.

I just figure if Qteam and Trump are in control, no Dooms Day prep necessary.

If DD prep necessary, they’re not in control, and not legit.

I believe they’re legit.

fc19f9  No.3795101


sweet. Police need to have buses ready to put all these fukers inside of it.

4778b7  No.3795102


We are literally at a movie right now. Your entire life is a movie. This is Roy from Rick and Morty, but a movie. Someday when you die you will wake up and astrothink 'that was a good movie' and you'll astrodrive yourself home.

3599fc  No.3795103


What is habeas corpus

In simple terms, it means people (citizens and noncitizens) can seek recourse to go before a judge while being held in detention in the US. Those who believe they have been unfairly detained can petition for a writ of habeas corpus. A successful petition means the those who are holding a suspect must bring the suspect before a judge to have the suspect's detainment adjudicated.

Article 1, Section 9 of the US Constitution states, "The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it."


33573d  No.3795104


Won’t be reported by MSM so how will they receive their pill?

5d796c  No.3795105

File: d73aa762bbb1141⋯.jpg (109.92 KB, 898x886, 449:443, 1.JPG)

File: b1a1d25408286be⋯.jpg (106.22 KB, 589x570, 31:30, 2.JPG)

Former Blue Origin president Rob Meyerson leaves Jeff Bezos’ space venture


83f9db  No.3795106


I been dying to see what this Indian Chic looks like. In my head she looks like the on from leverage, That accent put her over the top!

05be56  No.3795107


We've all seen it play out in our minds. We will be able to witness and move through it in slow motion when it happens

b8bba4  No.3795108


I have yet to watch it, shits full of witches and warlock, satan and crap, I watch it to see the projection or their reality (I know there is truth in there somewhere, what % i dunno)

Keep in mind that in episode 1 of S8, there is an apocalypse, so the quote you are refering make sense in the show. This show surely does a great job at desensitizing the audience to crazy stuff.

bebefa  No.3795109


These protests plus the border caravan

1aa70c  No.3795110

‘Brain diarrhea, gang of scum’: Ukrainian chief prosecutor loses it during parliament dressing down


309406  No.3795111


Why don't they just organize a caravan and head for Honduras. That would solve a lot of problems for everyone.

8a6eb1  No.3795112


Not DD, just bunker down while The Storm rolls through.

If it's called Operation The Storm, I'm gonna kek.

81cb62  No.3795113


The Jew will fire off all their assets before they go down in flames. Remember that. Even now they have some controlled ops out there.

0396e7  No.3795114

File: 24af417d68aba37⋯.png (23.65 KB, 639x312, 213:104, 2 Gorka Q is GARBAGE 11-7-….PNG)

File: 502377b6ca554a7⋯.png (28.52 KB, 653x267, 653:267, King Gordon Gorka Q is GAR….PNG)

File: 1f7e2db9c72cc2d⋯.png (206.41 KB, 380x462, 190:231, King Gordon Twitter Bio.PNG)





bb1a0f  No.3795115

File: 1d749b991438bba⋯.jpeg (44.88 KB, 500x638, 250:319, 80AAC249-A770-45C8-8BD9-7….jpeg)

9c6d8c  No.3795116


Whenever I research the groups that put these things on, they make it look spontaneous, like they just got up outta bed and decided to do a protest because Sessions got fired.

Like they haven't been planning protests for months, just waiting for the moments to spring into action.

Common Dreams, who seems to be the main planner, is run out of a po box in Portland ME says all their $ comes from "their readers."


d3d06d  No.3795117


Should have been done long ago. That stupid black woman should have hers taken too. She was so rude.

fc19f9  No.3795118

File: 2fb21f70d6c2ca6⋯.jpg (295.71 KB, 1080x517, 1080:517, Screenshot_20181107-213616….jpg)

419fdc  No.3795119



Next 2-3 months should be interesting.

Either we have the numbers ready by 2020, or we really DO risk an all out war.

We know (((they))) and dems fucked with numbers again this cycle. Maybe not as high, but still enough to flip the districts.

illegals out, processed, etc.

muzzies hunted down, mosques closed, etc.

those who resist will be killed etc.

they long ago declared war on us, why wait?

Longer Patriots in DC wait to use force and violence upon our enemies, dimmer the light becomes.

People bow to power and violence/force (however they perceive it).

Let them all be fed.

f924a1  No.3795120

File: a342d4105359b4d⋯.jpg (154.02 KB, 765x1178, 765:1178, ISIS_Says_Sorry_To_Israel.jpg)

File: aedd4f25b64661c⋯.png (602.62 KB, 757x827, 757:827, Israel_Helps_ISIS_1.png)

File: c1652e60fa1bbaa⋯.png (1.99 MB, 791x7652, 791:7652, Israel_Helps_ISIS_With_Cas….png)

File: ed7c2d6d471240f⋯.png (1.63 MB, 2200x890, 220:89, Israel_ISIS_big.png)

File: 19e07db02f30e1d⋯.png (167.2 KB, 665x610, 133:122, Israel_Wants_ISIS.png)


>From the article:

When the Islamic State threatens Israel and is described by the Israeli Shin Bet as a “serious security threat,” should pro-Israel Jews expend their energy debasing and smearing a man who has committed himself to educating us on the very threat that group possesses, and how best to defeat them?

>amazing because Israel supports ISIS

fdd0ee  No.3795121

File: 96d7bd9d88bde39⋯.png (253.64 KB, 780x389, 780:389, 1c173b397d298f0496629f70b6….png)

95dda9  No.3795122

File: 228ab186bb5293a⋯.jpg (34.56 KB, 526x225, 526:225, 08_18-36-19.jpg)


Bush's upset that their favorite media monkey has been evicted from the WH

9c6d8c  No.3795123