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File: d5055660dbbb0b7⋯.jpg (585.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DoughImage.jpg)

663407  No.4086078

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Thursday 11.29.18

>>4070722 ————————————–——– Locked & (who is) Loaded.

>>4070652 ————————————–——– We know.

Sunday 11.25.18

>>4031007 ————————————–——– Border Security = National Security

>>4030351 ————————————–——– [Koala]

>>4029544 rt >>4029281 -————————– Re_read drops re: WARNINGS

>>4029281 ————————————–——– Everything stated has a purpose.

Tuesday 11.20.18

>>3980392 rt >>3980302 -————————– Think D5

>>3980302 ————————————–——– People are nervous

>>3979646 ————————————–——– Item used when walking a dog?

>>3978509 ————————————–——– Attacks on WHITAKER will only intensify

>>3978190 ————————————–——– [D]ec 5

Tuesday 11.13.18

Compiled here: >>4077327

Monday 11.12.18

Compiled here: >>4077315

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are not endorsements


>>4085997, >>4086022 RR mentions 'deep fakes' and impenetrable communication platforms.

>>4085906 5 more ways you can fight corruption.

>>4085945 Washington Examiner covers EMP dangers. Q drop #570 relevant.

>>4085444 Chair of the California Democratic Party Eric Bauman resigned Thursday following a cascade of sexual misconduct allegations.

>>4085873 Cincinnati: Whitaker speaks on the opioid crisis.

>>4085847 Unions predictably turn on Trump due to GM plant closures.

>>4085665, >>4085806 $230 Billion European money laundering scandal matches '$229B' from Q crumb #1021.

>>4085727 Earthquake hits near Argentina capital as world leaders attend G20 summit.

>>4085431 Blumenthal v. Whitaker case reassigned from Judge McFadden to Judge Ross.

>>4085429 Suitcase full of cocaine found at New York airport.

>>4085667 State Department approves HIMARS sale for Poland.

>>4085522 Marriott loses 500 Million guest account's information. Mitt Romney connected.

>>4085518 UN/EU plan to fill European countries to the brim with migrants?

>>4085516, >>4085525 Anon responds to the Defense Contractor call to shovels and finds promising lead. (See last bread: >>4085264, >>4085290 )

>>4085557 Feds begin paying next phase to Madoff scam victims – $695M.

>>4085440 Anon notices a pattern between Q post date differences. Countdown to Dec. 5th?

>>4085481 Justice Department awards more than $16.7 million to support victims of Las Vegas shooting.

>>4085446 Leader of Macon-based sex trafficking operation sentenced in Federal Court, cohort also sentenced.

>>4085442 Putin gives MbS the homie handshake.

>>4085423, >>4085435 Entertainers feeling the crackdown of working Justice Department. SEC, Mayweather, Khaled.

>>4085419 Obama appointed N. Ca. district Judge rules Mattis must answer in court for Marines segregating men and women.

>>4085404 Planefag spots 2 planes to Gitmo.

>>4086080 #5200


>>4085264, >>4085290 Call to shovels on Defense contracting firm scheme to defraud U.S. Military and violate Iran sanctions.

>>4085268 Melania Trump and Brigitte Macron steal the show at the G20 Summit.

>>4085216 Ebola outbreak in DR Congo is second worst in history.

>>4085191 Iran earthquake: At least 700 people injured after 6.3-magnitude quake hits near Iraq border.

>>4085182 Chicago schools: 624 sex-related complaints reported in last 3 months.

>>4085075 The dystopian NWO starts in China? AI. Smart cities.

>>4085063 Jared Kushner receives the Ceremony of Bestowment of the Mexican Order of the Aztec Eagle, an incredibly prestigious award.

>>4085004 Air defense artillery unit is activated in Germany for the first time in decade.

>>4085003 Arkansas prison HIV tainted blood.

>>4084981 DJT Tweet: "Just signed one of the most important, and largest, Trade Deals in U.S. and World History…"

>>4084927 Sheryl Sandberg reportedly told Facebook staff to research George Soros.

>>4084774 S. Fla. pharmacist gets 6 years for compounding pharmacy scheme.

>>4084731 Qliphoth found in Statue of Liberty?

>>4084666 Hyatt Hotel Heiress tax cheat dig (Paradise papers).

>>4084781 More information on the strange seismic event off the coast of Madagascar.

>>4085332 #5199


>>4083893 Democratic rep calls for the death of GOP collegues family on the floor WATCH

>>4083907 Marriott database Breached, 500mil guests data at risk

>>4083916 DHS:Trump's $5 Billion Request Will Build 215 Miles of Border Wall

>>4083970 FBI Raids Home of Clinton Foundation Whistleblower

>>4084007 POTUS speaks at USMCA Signing Ceremony

>>4084049 Trump Tower Meeting Silently Looms Over Cohen’s False-Statements Plea

>>4084106 FBI raids MSM Smears

>>4084154 Deutsche Bank Compliance Chief, 5 Board Member Offices Raided As Stock Hits All Time Low

>>4084219, >>4084444 interesting dig on 9/11 survivor Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York

>>4084262 Greek Ex-FM: Some Diplomats Issued Visas to Minors, Covered Up Organ Trafficking

>>4084264 Past Maryland connections to Uranium One include the guy who owned the trucking company responsible for transport

>>4084300 Brennan is triggered by POTUS [TROLLING IS FUN]

>>4084477 Merkel took a different government plane to Madrid on Friday morning [G20]

>>4084524 Trump admin takes bold action to combat human trafficking

>>4084530 More Hyatt Chongquing digs

>>4084464 #5198

Previously Collected Notables

>>4083720 #5197, >>4084464 #5198,

>>4083625 #5194, >>4084214 #5195, >>4083032 #5196

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File: 82923febc361ecb⋯.jpg (12.6 KB, 250x184, 125:92, chewbaccadefense.jpg)



ed131b  No.4086153

File: 3a438354cfacba4⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1590x870, 53:29, Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at ….png)


TY Baker!

3d0e39  No.4086158

Police Find 8 Gas Bombs Outside G-20 Summit Venue

While investors were expecting a multitude of "tape bombs" during the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires, it appears local police in the crime-plagued capital city have turned up the real thing.

Argentina's security minister told the Associated Press that eight makeshift gas bombs have been discovered at a site near the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires, in an area where protests against the summit are expected on Friday.

According to Security Minister Patricia Bullrich, police discovered the rudimentary bombs, made from bottles and cloth wicks, during an "operation" more than six miles from the summit's venue. The bombs were discovered inside a burned out taxi cab. Despite the find, Bullrich said she expects a "day of peace without violence."


e3159c  No.4086159

File: 51b6bfa8d706f1a⋯.gif (11 MB, 600x338, 300:169, w3ynmrmf1i121.gif)



Putie and Mohammad bae Salman

b9a4ef  No.4086160

File: 388e4c5f65c3a45⋯.png (799 KB, 1555x1843, 1555:1843, yr.png)

File: 751a0c2b0035238⋯.png (862.93 KB, 1555x1843, 1555:1843, eee.png)

File: ed45b1bbec54123⋯.png (885.76 KB, 1555x1843, 1555:1843, good-morning.png)

File: ff7f3e1d51996d8⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1555x1843, 1555:1843, Niagra-Falls-vacation-pic-….png)

File: be91a1f344ec0e1⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1555x2000, 311:400, another-interesting-trip-t….png)

098dd2  No.4086161

I'll try not to get all distracted with talk about drugs this bread anons.

3d0e39  No.4086162

File: db8b252ef28c501⋯.png (871.77 KB, 817x455, 817:455, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 904148ef34ec952⋯.png (882.88 KB, 817x476, 817:476, ClipboardImage.png)

Putin high-fives MBS at G20, but did he shake Trump's hand?

Russian President Vladimir Putin was seen giving a high-five to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, but the moment of a possible handshake with US President Donald Trump was cut out of the live feed.

Those watching the live broadcast from the ongoing G20 summit in Argentina were left guessing whether Trump and Putin, whose official meeting got canceled earlier, even said hello to each other. As the leaders were lining up for a traditional ‘family photo’, Trump was seen walking towards Putin – but at the last possible moment, the feed was cut to a closer shot of a different group. The wide shot was back a few moments later, when Trump was already in his spot further down the line.

Watchers were left without this crucial morsel of body language right after Trump announced he would not meet Putin officially, as he had planned to, citing the recent Russia-Ukraine navy scuffle off the Crimean shores. The Kremlin says the two will still have a chat on the sidelines, which the White House hasn't confirmed or denied.

As they were sitting down for talks after the family photo, though, the cameras did catch Putin greeting another world leader: Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, seated next to the Russian leader, was treated to a hearty high-five.


222c7d  No.4086163

File: a8de878339e120a⋯.jpg (33.17 KB, 608x297, 608:297, ZH-WhitakerNews.JPG)

It looks like Whitaker forgot to dot an i or cross a t or something

13d9c6  No.4086164

File: c3c37c7bd9749df⋯.jpeg (610.31 KB, 1242x694, 621:347, 212EFD5B-2239-42C7-88E2-6….jpeg)

b9a4ef  No.4086165

File: 0a7735e3c6fabd0⋯.png (282.98 KB, 558x314, 279:157, flrbjm.png)

File: 030743134e21dcb⋯.png (287.41 KB, 1578x1465, 1578:1465, crspr.png)

File: 99613e673364141⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1333x868, 43:28, xiimmy.png)

File: ee3ecd8d54e9a3e⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1334x3604, 667:1802, ais2.png)

File: 9ff68fea79e2e31⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1334x3395, 1334:3395, ais1.png)



What is organic [here]?

42c0e1  No.4086166

File: 5350fea2e16380e⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 3456x3456, 1:1, DP_Love.jpg)

>>4086133 (lb)

Aww thanks

>>4086155 (lb)


e3159c  No.4086167


Oh come on.

Use TOOTS for that.


4b8d87  No.4086168


Riddle me this Batman anon….. WHY is our govt paying victims of a SUPPOSED CIVILAN who committed a SUPPOSED crime????

e564ed  No.4086169

anyone have video of Trump crossing Putin's path at the photo op? Faux news decided to cut to another shot.

722bf9  No.4086170

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Before the usual bot swarm

Have a laugh anons.

d2f525  No.4086171

File: 214e01204bb195d⋯.jpeg (584.32 KB, 828x1237, 828:1237, 2188376D-115A-4D33-B3DB-0….jpeg)


Pelosi activated? Kek!

4b8d87  No.4086172

Oops forgot PB on that anons sorry.


cf6083  No.4086173

File: bb70bebd7a640be⋯.png (44.65 KB, 814x718, 407:359, df9a9.png)

Repost from an anon last night:

>Tutanota recently released a new recovery code feature that allows a user to recover their account if they forget their password. This recovery code adds a second method to decrypt your private key and thus your emails. This feature was never asked for by the user base, and they refuse to let users opt out of creating a recovery code. Each time you log in to Tutanota you will see a pop-up requesting that you create a recovery code.

>Now I will explain why this is happening:

>I work within the German government, and I know for a fact that Tutanota was served an order by the intelligence services to create a database that can be used to decrypt any user's email address upon request. Tutanota is currently under a gag order and cannot speak about this request publicly. This is basically Hushmail/Lavabit 2.0. The recovery code is essentially a government recovery code / backdoor used to read your email if requested by the government.

>I'm posting via a public WiFi with a disposable device in a location with no CCTV cameras. This was very hard to do, and I won't be posting again so please do not delete this thread. Users please screencap or archive the thread. I felt I must warn people, especially journalists who rely on the security of Tutanota and may reside in countries with oppressive regimes or human rights abuses.

b9a4ef  No.4086174

File: 5f904fd731d6536⋯.jpeg (92.1 KB, 1020x572, 255:143, what are we waiting for.jpeg)

File: 9e01f62551ff2db⋯.png (2.63 MB, 1334x6578, 29:143, ais6.png)

File: 5be8836794c2c29⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1334x4674, 667:2337, ais5.png)

File: 817a8d1b110b426⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1334x4102, 667:2051, ais3.png)

File: 5f739aa0bd8fe7b⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1334x4102, 667:2051, ais4.png)

13d9c6  No.4086175

File: a9e2ed8ff4fd1cf⋯.jpeg (726.2 KB, 1209x860, 1209:860, D8106762-F0ED-4499-8976-6….jpeg)

ddb892  No.4086176


Trump walks in like a boss

3d0e39  No.4086177

File: 23ad4f807930505⋯.png (386.58 KB, 604x297, 604:297, ClipboardImage.png)

It Is Obvious: The US Has a Two-Tiered Legal System- Anyone Who Opposes to the Democrat Deep State Cabal is No Longer Protected by the Law

Today Americans are praying they are not on the wrong side of the law. The problem is the wrong side of the law is not based on the law but rather on which political party you are connected to.

Tucker Carlson shared last night how the US now has a two-tiered legal system today. Those who are part of the corrupt establishment and everybody else.

Watch the latest video at foxnews.com

The $40 million tax payer funded criminal Mueller witch hunt continues in spite of its unconstitutionality and criminality. Mueller and his Deep State gangsters continue in their efforts to remove President Trump from the White House. At the same time these criminals protect the crooks from the Clinton and Obama administrations.

Ordinary Americans are outraged as they watch the collusion from the Deep State’s friends in the media promoting the biggest criminal sham in history. The Mueller investigation continues while Americans’ lives are destroyed by this vicious and disgusting gang.

Good honest Americans have had enough. We will not stand back and allow a gang of Democrat criminals destroy our country!

President Trump – Please Do Something Now Before Democrats Drive This Country to Mass Violence and Lawlessness!

Gateway Pundit Poll: Should Hillary Be In Jail?


e3159c  No.4086178


It misposted last bread (tried to double post for some reason) and I refreshed out of it to save it for the beginning of the bread.

TYB was just the excuse. ;)

b9a4ef  No.4086179

File: 1467905eb0767fb⋯.png (304.76 KB, 464x530, 232:265, blimmy.png)

File: 2ff37e672fd81d7⋯.png (369.71 KB, 1111x747, 1111:747, ig.png)

File: ba5cf8734539f6c⋯.png (285.76 KB, 2079x2344, 2079:2344, ais9.png)

File: 596443717a23374⋯.png (4.63 MB, 1333x5814, 1333:5814, ais8.png)

File: 304ed122c7becc2⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1334x5705, 1334:5705, ais7.png)

80faac  No.4086180

File: 48d1a923e2a9bf5⋯.jpg (43.96 KB, 700x906, 350:453, moss.jpg)


>>4085431 Blumenthal v. Whitaker case reassigned from Judge McFadden to Judge Ross.

judge Randolph D. Moss

764668  No.4086181


That's just being rational, and they'll call her a traitor for it.

87f61d  No.4086183


>then i arrested him, took all his money, hung him upside down and tortured him til he ratted out everyone And now he goes on Fox to praise me whenever I want.


417031  No.4086184


Optics for home (not cozying to MbS or Vladimir) make sense. Playing along still with the narrative. We here for other reasons. Not worth concernfagging over.

e19017  No.4086185


Normally, I would say

because it's the right thing to do but….

b348ff  No.4086186

File: 22867258fa18047⋯.mp4 (7.63 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Zionists_are_not_patriots.mp4)


Vote; boycott; manifest peacefully and safely; educate others; always follow the law.


Reminder that zionists are always traitors.

>Notable part of the video, at 26 seconds:

“The State Department definition claims that stating that a particular Jewish person has more loyalty to the state of Israel than they do to their own Country is necessarily an example of antisemitism, where the truth is that is one of the fundamental premises of Zionism, and if you go back and look at the statement, say of, Theodor Herzl who really wrote what is considered the founding text of Zionism, he argued very clearly that Jews are one people and therefor is useless for them to be Patriots to the Countries in which they reside, so there is times where a statement like that gets contained in the definition of the State Department, where it actually undermines the founding premises of Zionism itself.”

So basically, zionism is a cancer in the West that has no place in any self respecting Country outside of Israel. Also note that Theodor Herzl was in the Rothschild and Warburg (FED founders) inner circle, and that the Rothschild were the main force behind the creation of Israel.

A jew might choose to be patriotic to their nation and not claim the Israeli citizenship.

Jews should not be persecuted for being of the jewish race.

That being said, all jewish group power is going to end, so all jews can be treated as individuals in the face of the law.

The dems are fucked (vote fraud), then the corrupt reps are fucked, then the zionist lobby is fucked, then we can unfuck shit at an astounding rate.

Its going to be very entertaining once the dems are nuked to shit politically, to have the FBI flow from the analysis of Clinton Foundation to the Israeli lobby. That's when the real fun starts.

The peaceful and fair solution to this issue of jewish group subversion of Western nations:


Educate the general population world-wide about the jewish supremacism issue and Israeli crime;


Ban all jewish interest groups in the West;


Ban all dual-citizenship politicians and judiciary in the West;


Cut all aid to israel;


Ban islam in the West because it is a supremacist ideology (make it illegal to: practice circumcision for religious purposes and; produce and/or sell Halal meat);


Ban judaism in the West because it is a supremacist ideology (make it illegal to: practice circumcision for religious purposes and; produce and/or sell Halal meat);


Terminate all “hate”-speech and “hate”-crime laws in the West, all hate speech and hate crime laws need to be done with, its a mechanism of censorship that thrives on false flags. ;


Terminate censorship online, so people can educate each other on the matter and lies and false narratives can’t take hold again;


Include the real history and facts about jewish subversion and Israeli crime in school programs so future generations are protected against it in the future, given that the biggest weapon of jewish subversion is ignorance, censorship and the memory holing of the facts about it.


Last but not least, audit and then end/reform the FED so the people don’t get pimped into oblivion by it no more.


At the end of the day, the zionist cabal doesn't give a shit about neither jews nor goyim.

They just make the plays they think they need to make to get as much power as possible.

663407  No.4086187


Already in. Do you have any sauce for that btw?

5d5b22  No.4086188


Was thinking the same thing. Taxpayers

now pay back morons who lose their

money in ponzi schemes???

734192  No.4086189

File: ff38dfad666de99⋯.jpg (101.11 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 740full-cherish-waters.jpg)

TY Baker!!!

>>4085665, >>4085806 (From Notables and LB)

It's really interesting to see how EU is moving money around like this, considering how Iran has been cut out of the market by POTUS.

4b8d87  No.4086190

Or crisis actors…


b939d3  No.4086191


Jimmy23 ain't organic, Nimrod

1cec7e  No.4086192


kek, and I'll try to keep my poast count down.

Poasted like I was on coke…31 poasts doh!!

8e3150  No.4086193

File: f0728d7af758545⋯.jpeg (233.98 KB, 1199x1296, 1199:1296, 82DDA04E-B28C-4284-9D17-B….jpeg)

Please explain why Barack Obama isn’t in the custody of federal LEO’s RIGHT NOW?

f73f94  No.4086194

<3 BV, I only want justice under the law; there is no other way :)

b9a4ef  No.4086195

File: b9c96e945dace18⋯.png (386.01 KB, 610x395, 122:79, flimmy.png)


How can people here tell who is a bot?

What % of over all posts are bots?

How do you know?

What is GOOGLE doing with all its AI?

Is this "anon" organic?

How do the games work?

Why is "TOOTS" being pushed here?

Is that organic?

Strategic purpose?

Why is this "anon" talking about bots, when in fact this "anon" is unable to present a realistic attitude towards AI, or to act in a manner consistent with patriotism?

What is the game being played?

Why are we [here]?

There is a reason.

Are we FLOODED with fakeness?

Then why are we [here]?

e9e718  No.4086196

File: c7b98da2f1443a9⋯.jpg (132.19 KB, 600x975, 8:13, 1.jpg)


None of the migrants arrested in border tear gas clash will face charges

3d0e39  No.4086197

File: 1204c43c90c862d⋯.png (626.54 KB, 860x510, 86:51, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4c6468389ca69af⋯.png (250.94 KB, 556x551, 556:551, ClipboardImage.png)

Democrat ‘essentially wished death on a Republican’ in state House rant — and got excoriated for it

A Democratic member of the Illinois House told a Republican colleague in front of other lawmakers she’d like to give him a “broth of Legionella” bacteria to infect and kill his relative, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

“To the representative from Lombard, I would like to make him a broth of Legionella and pump it into the water system of his loved one so that they can be infected, they can be mistreated, they can sit and suffer by getting aspirin instead of being properly treated and ultimately die,” state Rep. Stephanie Kifowit said.

Kifowit’s remark to state Rep. Peter Breen came before the House voted Tuesday to override outgoing GOP Gov. Bruce Rauner’s veto of a bill to increase the cap the state pays in civil litigation cases from $100,000 to $2 million, the paper said.

The legislation aims to help families of those affected by a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak at the Illinois Veterans Home in Quincy, the Sun-Times said, adding that 13 residents have died and dozens of others got sick due to the outbreak. Breen questioned the legislation, the paper added.

‘How dare you’

GOP state Rep. Jeanne Ives jumped in and blasted Kifowit, saying she “essentially wished a death on a Republican floor speaker.”

“How dare you. How dare you concoct up some sort of story about brewing up some batch of Legionaire’s and having him feed it to his family … How dare you take an honest debate about an issue and then wish death on my colleague Peter Breen, his wife, and his two adopted kids,” Ives hollered at Kifowit. “It is unbelievable. … But it’s just par for the course. ‘Cause this is exactly what we saw in the election cycle.”

Ives also called out the “garbage” Democrats “spew into peoples’ minds” and for clapping in response to Kifowit’s rant.

How did Breen react?

Prior to the vote, Breen stood up and shouted that Kifowit had wished death on his “f—— family,” the Sun-Times reported.

What else did the Democrat have to say?

Kifowit, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, attempted to clarify her statements during the session, the paper said.

“For the fact of it being misrepresented, I’m going to say that what was said earlier is a mischaracterization of what my words were,” Kifowit said on the House floor, the Sun-Times reported. “And for that, for it being misinterpreted, I will apologize. But I will not apologize for what happened to those families. And I will clearly say to all of us, imagine if it was your family.”

But her tune changed just a tad the next day.

“I offer my sincere apology to Representative Peter Breen, his family, and all of my House colleagues for my poor choice of words during a serious discussion on our veterans’ health and safety,” Kifowit acknowledged Wednesday, according to the Daily Herald. “I would never wish any harm or mortality on anyone’s family, including the Breen family.”

The Illinois House voted 110-0 Wednesday to expunge Kifowit’s statement from the record, the Daily Herald added.

How did Breen respond to the apology?

“If the representative had made her statement to me in the parking lot or left it as a phone message at my office, she would be in custody right now,” Breen said, according to the Daily Herald. “But because she made her statement on the House floor, her remarks were met with applause instead of handcuffs.”


b9a4ef  No.4086198

File: da5cd5d9b01d97f⋯.png (593.18 KB, 1111x725, 1111:725, looking-forward.png)

File: f217f72c54bc6c4⋯.png (569.02 KB, 1111x746, 1111:746, our-unity.png)

292c6b  No.4086199


The only true notable I've seen in months.

13d9c6  No.4086200

File: 74800bebe15937b⋯.jpeg (868.77 KB, 815x1782, 815:1782, 93C4CCCD-47E1-4037-9E9B-6….jpeg)


80faac  No.4086201




I'm seeing a pattern here…

d15879  No.4086202

File: 9828217a34a2b79⋯.jpg (53.17 KB, 886x500, 443:250, 2nsf3e.jpg)


The victims were some of the most powerful… They write the rules.

3d0e39  No.4086203



b9a4ef  No.4086204

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

If you look closely at Pelosi's words and her body language in her comments the other day, you get some clear hints about what is going on.

At 4:11, referring to the Democratic caucus, she says "our unity is our power"– for a second, right as she says this, a look of mockery flashes on her face.

This flashing look of mockery occurs again at 4:21, when talking about the results she expects for the Democrats: >>4086198

The uncomfortable and unenthused looks on her colleagues' faces, and these subtle moments of mockery suggest that the words are not quite so true as they would seem. The Democrats did not nominate her "because they are so unified". Something else is going on.

The most telling part starts at 6:35, with Nancy talking about working with POTUS. At 6:38 she hesitates, and looks, up, then grimaces and looks down, before referring to "my power"… This noticable pause and facial complication clearly indicates that there is some hidden emotion relating to her own power.

When we look at how quickly and confidently POTUS suggested Pelosi would be the speaker again after the midterms; compare Pelosi's manner and attitude to Lindsey Graham's; and keep in mind the basic idea that POTUS et. al. are using leverage to make deals and make progress in draining the swamp, then we have a very good framework for explaining Pelosi's ease of victory, her overall air of cheerfulness (freedom), her colleagues' apparent ill-ease, and her nonetheless stumbling at the memory of her own power (no longer independent), and her apparent subtle facial mockery of her colleagues.

I.e. it's happening.

e3159c  No.4086205



734192  No.4086206


Yeah, that picture puts Putin's facial expression in a much better perspective, considering:


The three of them have got some shit a-brewin' for someone.

f520b1  No.4086207

I'm still digging on Tom Arnold's wife Ashley. Seems like she has gone by a few different names one being Ashley Weiss. All of the names are tied together thru the Scottsdale AZ address.7415 E Sierra Vista drive, Scottsdale. It appears her parents lived there for about 35 years. I'm trying to find a connection to the Spade brothers. I know Scottsdale is important because of the theater picture Q posted. Here are some of the names she has used Ashley Groussman, Erica Ashley Weiss, Ashley lyn Weiss possibly Ashley Leroux?

b9a4ef  No.4086208

File: 9f030de3227e1bd⋯.png (603.19 KB, 1189x444, 1189:444, bgcwbjm.png)

File: 9f2396b7cb86f68⋯.png (4.12 MB, 1111x2130, 1111:2130, nj.png)

File: bb0164cda59616c⋯.png (818.93 KB, 761x1111, 761:1111, KHARTRUTH.png)

File: e5d62e97b9efefe⋯.png (618.32 KB, 518x735, 74:105, ThreadJesus.png)


Thank you for speaking up anon!


dd22ae  No.4086209


I've learned to bake, and have been practicing, but too nervous to volunteer…..afraid my first time will draw a Q post and I'll screw it all up.

But I do want to do more..

0a1630  No.4086210


It was a government psyop and they are paying the crisis actors involved.

9be22d  No.4086211

File: 8e4c73bfc2b4785⋯.png (172.06 KB, 577x547, 577:547, AfraidG20.png)

Meme Away…

d35f13  No.4086212

Remember when they tried to name a street after kashogi

ddb892  No.4086213

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

13d9c6  No.4086214

File: 58b49ff356a377c⋯.jpeg (942.08 KB, 841x1890, 841:1890, 1ABB409E-9DBB-4FAE-940D-E….jpeg)


f73f94  No.4086215



It's shit like this that makes this slide kinda comical, despite itself.

80faac  No.4086216


no sauce

but the point was the notable is mislabeled

not judge Ross

judge Moss

222c7d  No.4086218


Damn, what a day so far on the timeline

Corsi is going to be the hero that brings down Mueller

Pelosi /ourgal/ now

What's next?

efb2c9  No.4086219

File: 46c2e743d6bd6e8⋯.png (4.08 MB, 1066x1600, 533:800, TANKQ BAKER.png)

47f830  No.4086220

File: 11735368ca66cdd⋯.jpg (4.62 MB, 6404x4543, 6404:4543, Attack_on_Pearl_Harbor_Jap….jpg)

Well Gramps,

You sat on your motorcycle that day. I remember the story. Sitting on your motorcycle looking out and someone announced that Pearl Harbor had been bombed. A1 was given to you. No one would hire you, you were 17 and holding an A1 draft card waiting to turn 18. So you lied about your age because you couldn't find work and went to war.

"I remember the first time I was in a foxhole, the guy with me was too old, they should have sent him home already…and I'm too young! Here we are, neither of us should be there and we're laughing about it while bullets are flying over our heads! Even in war you find time to laugh"

These are the types of men they no longer wanted in our world. And since that day (((they))) have been succeeding in removing the fire in our hearts. God bless Gramps. You made it 86 years and with God.

Dec 7th Anons

The attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise military strike by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service against the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Territory, on the morning of December 7, 1941. The attack, also known as the Battle of Pearl Harbor, led to the United States' entry into World War II. The Japanese military leadership referred to the attack as the Hawaii Operation and Operation AI, and as Operation Z during its planning.

Other Notable 12/7 habbenings

* 1949 – Chinese Civil War: The Government of the Republic of China moves from Nanking to Taipei, Taiwan.

* 1965 – Pope Paul VI and Patriarch Athenagoras I simultaneously revoke mutual excommunications that had been in place since 1054.

* 1972 – Apollo 17, the last Apollo moon mission, is launched. The crew takes the photograph known as The Blue Marble as they leave the Earth.

* 1988 – The 6.8 Ms Armenian earthquake shakes the northern part of the country with a maximum MSK intensity of X (Devastating), killing 25,000–50,000 and injuring 31,000–130,000.

Boom. MOAB. 2018 will be GLORIOUS. D5.

It all makes sense now

e19017  No.4086221



>engineered in Germany

there's your answer

These days anyway.

German national guilt, imposed by the PTB is responsible for turning the average German into a complete pussy.

Country with the best science be it medicine, engineering or whatever…is now a cesspool of mu-slime and apologists…

e3159c  No.4086222


So screw it up. Quit being such a pussy.

I'd bake but that's not what I do here.

(I bake elsewhere).

We all have rolls, anon.

(Some of 'em are buttered!)

d2f525  No.4086223

File: 7659ebc23f40a9c⋯.jpeg (554.6 KB, 828x1331, 828:1331, 3D72B994-9470-46BB-9EAC-2….jpeg)


Faggot is trying to stall

1cec7e  No.4086224


Truly an odd timeline, I'm going to end up having to defend NP?

It'd be out of principle, pointing out their glaring double standards.

b2c8a2  No.4086225


Two on the right Bad Actors, cant stay in character. poots and POTUS poker face but talk with the eyes. Black Ghandi in the back. TOLKEN there for the color, left out of the joke

4b96b5  No.4086226

>>4086010 Once saw Forrest referred to as "the most man on the planet," by one of his men.

a265b8  No.4086227

>>4084954 pb video re: Michael O TV appearance

ALERT! would watch BUT yt video shows "error" - no view

4227cd  No.4086228

File: af33ac24e9cc0a3⋯.jpeg (819.79 KB, 1242x1165, 1242:1165, 237A32F1-F6E2-4B26-9D90-A….jpeg)

File: 1675d1eaf543a29⋯.jpeg (870.76 KB, 1242x1435, 1242:1435, C348D429-8CD2-4364-B07F-E….jpeg)

CHECK IT…..They give each other a mother fucking side five - TOP KEK!!


3d0e39  No.4086229

File: 69e5e91fecd5d07⋯.png (1.11 MB, 832x886, 416:443, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 96d461b8e27dc50⋯.png (969.8 KB, 835x871, 835:871, ClipboardImage.png)

Macron left all alone on the runway at G20 arrival, has to shake hands with airport staff

As world leaders arrived for the G20 summit in Argentina, they got the red carpet treatment, or at least a line of dignitaries to shake hands with. For French President Emmanuel Macron, though, it was all carpet and no treatment.

Suit-clad officials, lined up near a red carpet for customary handshakes, awaited most of the world leaders getting off their jets in Buenos Aires. Chinese President Xi Jinping even got a full-on military band!

Only when the Macrons were about to get into their car were they approached by Argentine Vice President Gabriela Michetti, who said she was late to the greeting because protocol officials had botched the timing.


9a0865  No.4086230

>>4085687 lb


"You got him?"

"I got him, buddy! Can't wait to watch the Clowns faces when we wheel the live Khashoggi out for a Saud showtrial, then legally behead the MOFO..lol"

d35f13  No.4086231


Our dog on a leash

663407  No.4086232


Roger, fixed.

4f6b9b  No.4086233

File: ba54413af9b4c62⋯.gif (2.89 MB, 342x252, 19:14, giphy.gif)


Toots only drinks. Cool cats drive.

e3159c  No.4086234


I'm just a kid at heart and "Rip Toots" as a fart joke makes me giggle.

33e972  No.4086235


Another Q proof: "Attacks on Whitaker will only increase."

b939d3  No.4086236

File: e6f73d9ac008feb⋯.jpg (38.56 KB, 600x516, 50:43, ross friends.jpg)



b348ff  No.4086238

File: de76cd05687a9af⋯.png (45.56 KB, 1040x586, 520:293, 1_Poster_The_Lobby_USA_pro….png)

File: 0e6b614716810fc⋯.png (45.99 KB, 1040x586, 520:293, 2_Poster_The_Lobby_USA_pro….png)

File: 0ce754a68e15dc0⋯.jpg (260.14 KB, 1675x1405, 335:281, 3__The_Lobby_Part_2_Campai….jpg)

File: 3dc3097689fead8⋯.jpg (331.51 KB, 1080x1480, 27:37, 4_Rand_Paul_against_Israel….jpg)

File: d8ab81d99e46275⋯.jpg (48.45 KB, 528x444, 44:37, 5_Spurdo_AIPAC_Israel.jpg)



Vote; boycott; manifest peacefully and safely; educate others; always follow the law.


Have you watched the "The Lobby: USA" documentary?

Do you want to raise awareness to it and the crimes of election meddling AIPAC against American citizens on American soil?

Now its easy! Just share this meme online and IRL and get the general public behind the termination of AIPAC, once and for all!


Part 1:













Go print 100 of those, spread them around then call the local news with a burner and act like a concerned Israel first traitor so we can get free publicity for the documentary.


*If you’re going to glue the poster/flier, make sure it is legal to do so where you’re going to do it and make sure that you DO NOT PRACTICE VANDALISM while doing it, which means, if you can glue it legally, then use easy to remove wheat paste to do so.

Guide to DIY wheat paste: archive.is/WQb0b

**Most printers put a fingerprint on printed documents. Read up: https://computer-hardware.wonderhowto.com/how-to/view-your-printers-secret-dots-fingerprints-271717/

ALWAYS go to a copy shop and pay cash.

Alternately, buy a really cheap printer and dispose of if it after printing your posters.

Bought 2nd hand with cash would be optimal.

**Always verify the QR code’s links using a free web site before printing!

4c bread about the operation:


>The rundown of the documentary:

UK jew infiltrates AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) doing undercover journalistic work and catches a shit load of crimes and admission of crimes on US soil against US citizens on camera with their faces and names fully exposed. All of those criminals work on the behalf of the Israeli government to keep general public support of Israel as high as possible.

We need to get 10% of the US population to watch it, even if they watch only the first part, and we need to incite them to pressure the gov into bringing these AIPAC criminals to justice.

If we do that, ZOG collapses in the US, due to general public support for Israel collapsing.

23860b  No.4086239

File: 36c1d4a9b53eb05⋯.png (41.96 KB, 923x851, 923:851, Capture.PNG)

this is our future unless Trump kills the Democrat party for good.

5fc32f  No.4086240

File: f5f97c4d1fbf895⋯.png (519.21 KB, 745x498, 745:498, 2018-11-30_12-13-34.png)

File: 7439f5441d49f88⋯.png (621.25 KB, 667x1168, 667:1168, 2018-11-30_12-17-06.png)

>>4086115 LB

political satire?



3d0e39  No.4086241

Congress Probes FEMA For Paying Huge Markups On Puerto Rico Recovery Supplies

GOP Sen. Michael Enzi of Wyoming is pressing the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to explain the stiff markups it is paying on supplies and labor to help rebuild Puerto Rico.

Enzi, chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, sent a letter to FEMA administrator Brock Long Thursday requesting information on the Tu Hogar Renace program. The program is FEMA-funded and run by the Puerto Rico Department of Housing and has roughly $1.2 billion to dole out to Puerto Ricans for the purpose of helping rebuild their damaged homes. (RELATED: Taxpayers Are Paying Huge Sums To A System Of ‘Middlemen’ In Puerto Rico)

“I am troubled by recent reports that federal disaster-relief money intended to help Puerto Rico residents recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria has gone to pay excessive contractor markups and overhead costs,” Enzi wrote.

“This has led to the Puerto Rico Department of Housing receiving close to 3,900 complaints from program participants,” Enzi added. “While I understand that sending materials to Puerto Rico on tight deadlines and with the island’s infrastructure affects the costs of materials for repairs, I remained concerned that without proper oversight and controls, money intended to assist disaster survivors has and will be wasted.”

The purchase and installation of a typical $50 door would cost about $700 in Puerto Rico. Power generators that cost $800 are being sold for $3,700. Subcontractors repair roofs for about $1.64 a square foot, but FEMA is spending around $4 a square foot by the time all the requisite paperwork is completed, The New York Times reported Monday.

Puerto Rico was left severely crippled after Hurricane Maria struck the Island in September 2017. Maria completely destroyed tens of thousands of homes and left hundreds of thousands more with major damage.

The storm and its effects killed approximately 2,975 people, according to a George Washington University study. Most of Puerto Rico lost power and hundreds of thousands were left in the dark for months.


c22185  No.4086242

File: 7884675e5616418⋯.jpeg (35.4 KB, 474x309, 158:103, 88703BD6-7E0B-43E0-B5C3-5….jpeg)

Crumbs make bread but also help people find their way out of the forest.

4b8d87  No.4086243

Why a camera in the BATHROOM??????


1cec7e  No.4086244


I'm truly enjoying the Anon's comic relief play by play on these pictures, there's some talent here.

a8541c  No.4086245


I am not Q but could tell you that

d35f13  No.4086246

Q can you draw and quarter whoever came,up with the toots shilling

517356  No.4086247


I believe we have programs that compensate victims of terror acts. That may be the source of the funds.

13d9c6  No.4086248

File: a31f4edb1e7e1d7⋯.jpeg (360.26 KB, 1242x1332, 69:74, 0E935197-D14C-4D78-B83D-8….jpeg)


d48b1f  No.4086249

Do something already please

db0207  No.4086250

File: 8585abe1c8d1f1e⋯.jpg (31.21 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

File: ebd1a1499fdf319⋯.jpg (37.95 KB, 600x295, 120:59, 690514-uruks_02.jpg)


Orcs = Jews/Zionists

Uruks = Muzzies

Both = Pure EVIL!

Tolkien was way ahead of his time!

fe01f5  No.4086251

File: b0bcb58c9bd837c⋯.png (957.94 KB, 760x500, 38:25, MBS Putin.png)

File: 107c00e9ea0886f⋯.png (973.33 KB, 760x500, 38:25, MBS Putin 2.png)

File: 341835100e7b3f7⋯.png (961.69 KB, 760x500, 38:25, MBS Putin 3.png)


>>4086130 (prev)

>What I wouldn't give to be a multilingual fly on the table there…

222c7d  No.4086252


Wish we had that pic but taken from behind Putie

POTUS probably gave him a wink but Poker Face held firm

e3159c  No.4086253


It's a church… you have to ask?

Apparently they had reason to see this coming…

Imagine that…

b9a4ef  No.4086254

File: 7576503d189b2d8⋯.png (401.08 KB, 596x405, 596:405, jinmey.png)

File: e99f698fdd02d5b⋯.png (1005.13 KB, 1555x1870, 311:374, moreadorablekittens.png)

File: 4d30e46703aedd5⋯.png (986.39 KB, 1555x1870, 311:374, frogspuppiesandbirds.png)

File: 7de12bffc2a6500⋯.png (15.53 KB, 678x198, 113:33, soze.png)

File: c8e065f769b2ecc⋯.png (21.61 KB, 795x214, 795:214, wutt.png)


How does the system try to keep control here?

What is mirroring?

Why is it such an important concept?

Does the system of FAKENESS co-opt every organic thing?

Does the system of FAKENESS depend on such co-optation, because it can create nothing new?

Does the system of FAKENESS try to maintain control by confusing every effort, obscuring every truth, muddying all waters, and drowning human discourse in noise?

Why is "toots" screeched all day?

Obviously inorganic– what power is behind it?

What power keeps this board swimming in FAKENESS?

Why are we [here]?

There IS a reason– are anons going to question it?

Or wait like sheep to be spoonfed?

c6c34a  No.4086255

File: 663be2f86a5ec38⋯.png (716.68 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, B4BE4F0B-3F95-4F6F-9997-45….png)

Salvé brothers, I found a new poll that I think we can flip. https://twitter.com/4yrstoday/status/1068534435686027265?s=21

582f62  No.4086256

"Hallowed be Thy name."

This is a petition which calls for the end of the world as we know it. If this petition were to be answered by God totally, what would happen? If God's name were viewed and published as holy by all men throughout the world, the world as we know it would have to end. It would have to go away. It would have to cease to exist. That is to say that there would be a sea change. Man's thoughts, his standards, his designs, his aspirations, all of them, would have to be jettisoned, and replaced.

32121a  No.4086257

File: a68090710107e77⋯.png (333.63 KB, 764x563, 764:563, a68090710107e77dc51333b0b1….png)

>>4086136 lb

I had a dream about sprinkles last night

i was looking for them to put on a cake.


143eb8  No.4086258


Dude ain't gonna testify.

He will hide behind muh classified and the 5th.

663407  No.4086259


Rocky and Creed.

d35f13  No.4086260

3d0e39  No.4086261

Florida College That Supported Islamist Professor Upholds Christian Ban

Orlando based Rollins College has maintained a ban on several Christian organizations, citing non-discrimination rules, just a year after protecting a Muslim professor’s attack on a Christian student.

In 2017 Central Florida Post exposed Rollins professor Areej Zufari for crafting an elaborate plot to punish a Christian student for challenging her in class.

During a discussion on the implementation of Sharia Law in the United States, student Marshall Polston spoke out after another student suggested gays be put to death and that Sharia Law should absolutely be upheld in the United States. Polston also clashed with the professor of the core tenets of Christianity, which lead to a revenge grade and suspension pushed by Zufari.

The Central Florida Post exposed the professor for filing a false report claiming the Christian student was skulking around in a bush after being banned from campus and unearthed court documents that showcased how Professor Zufari radicalized the children of a former lover. Other information surfaced and documented her history of defending calls for the extermination of Jews. It was a hot mess.

For the duration of the scandal, which was first uncovered and investigated exclusively by the Central Florida Post, campus President Grant Cornwell led a campus-wide defense of the Professor’s demented actions. Rollins College accused myself and others calling attention to the inappropriate behavior of Professor Zufari as “hateful.”

After our coverage however, the school became flooded with phone calls of support for the student and demands that Zufari be fired, garnering tens of thousands of inbound communications to the school administration thanks to Act for America’s Scott Pressler. Polston was reinstated, and the controversial professor resigned. At no point did any prominent campus leader whine about discrimination or hateful behavior in respect to the professor’s collegiate angst against the Christian student.

On Thursday, the campus controlled newspaper The Sandspur, reported that the school is upholding a nearly six-year old rule banning conservative Christian groups from campus. The ban was enacted when a former Christian campus organization did not allow a gay student to compete for leadership elections.

In response, the organization was decertified by Rollins College for violating the campuses “non-discrimination” policies. The club in question argued that their rules required a statement of faith for board members and that would prohibit members embracing the LGBT lifestyle from fulfilling and thus being able to stand for elections. Members could remain, but were not able to stand for election as a club leader.

Recently, a conservative Christian group called Cru, garnered student support and submitted an appeal regarding the Christian ban. They have similar rules regulating club leadership.

When you participate in leadership elections for organizations, there are often ethics or morals clauses. For example, members of the local GOP have to sign loyalty oaths stating they will not challenge or attack fellow Republicans while holding membership.

If you aren’t abiding by the rules set forth for a club on campus, go start your own. More importantly, it is highly hypocritical that the whole of Rollins College faculty and administrative leaders who supported an Islamist’s crooked attacks on a student, are now crowing about “non-discrimination” policies.

Another glaring example that alleged discriminatory behavior coming from conservative Christians is a bigger problem than documented attacks on a Christian student from a radical professor.

The double standards and hypocrisy remain rampant at Rollins College. You would have thought they learned their lesson last year, apparently not. Instead, upholding a rule that is meant to stop discrimination, and in turn discriminates against conservative Christians, is what the top brass at Rollins College are focused on.


8e3150  No.4086262

File: 8b0d165932373f8⋯.jpeg (640.92 KB, 1125x782, 1125:782, 37A87E5C-E50A-44F1-8D9F-D….jpeg)

Who dat tween POTUS/KANSAS?

b348ff  No.4086263

File: 2200154b5c911fb⋯.png (227.67 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 1_Q_TIP_Lobby_USA.png)

File: 57584432ff10706⋯.png (481.69 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 2_Q_TIP_Lobby_USA_2.png)

File: bbff365c9cd00b7⋯.jpg (479.47 KB, 1200x2350, 24:47, 3_4_The_Lobby_Part_1_The_I….jpg)

File: 4e714a2ef3f1132⋯.jpg (611.85 KB, 960x2114, 480:1057, 4_Operation_Oven_AIPAC_9.jpg)



Vote; boycott; manifest peacefully and safely; educate others; always follow the law.


Q has called out The Israel Project (TIP). Anyone who has not watched The Lobby: USA, should do so. They show the unbridled power of TIP in the US media.

We need to spread those 3 things everywhere all the time to keep the heat on AIPAC and pile on the momentum:


Rand Paul filibuster (call the whole congress in support of filibuster & cut of aid to Israel)


The Lobby USA documentary (share the links)


Operation Oven AIPAC

These three things together have a real chance at dealing a death blow to the ZOG.

6cd7fd  No.4086264


I'm telling you guys the Military is comped or a good part of it. Look at all the ex-military and ex-CIA that ran as demonrats this election. These people as a enlisted are thrown into a perfect socialist system they know no better and they do not understand where the money comes from. The officers are no better the get their College degree from socialist professors and then get into the perfect socialist system. The officers are the worst when they turn back to civilian mode they were the entitled one in the perfect socialist system. Think I'm wrong just watch what happens in the future. Remember the communist that flaunted his attitude and graduated W. Point? West fucking Point and his professors didn't do a damn thing.

a5ab04  No.4086265

File: 58d5eb5f391bad2⋯.png (550 KB, 604x456, 151:114, Baker6.PNG)

9d33ea  No.4086266

1ad3a5  No.4086267


Have you noticed that there are unaccountable blocks of time, when looking at actors? Just curious, because that comes up for me when I look at them.

f73f94  No.4086268


I'm wondering if that individual really has toxoplasmosis, or if it's just part of the persona. (ie- "boomer cat lady" as part of the traits)

d2f525  No.4086269


Well I Guess we can cross that off next week

734192  No.4086270

523302  No.4086271

File: 630f858bcf5ecd8⋯.jpg (63.77 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 630f858bcf5ecd8c97d33ec3a4….jpg)


wut dem are?

e564ed  No.4086272


I hope Kelly is happy. I hate hearing how Trump wants to get rid of him.

13d9c6  No.4086273

File: e482354d0a0ba16⋯.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1242x1585, 1242:1585, 90870879-ABD8-4766-9E09-F….jpeg)

3d0e39  No.4086274

File: 77221e4e4b25987⋯.png (513.62 KB, 727x412, 727:412, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d6cc82430b4decc⋯.png (503.95 KB, 729x406, 729:406, ClipboardImage.png)

Miley Cyrus Video Features Priests At Strip Club, Children At Firing Range, Miley-As-Jesus

We thought we'd reached peak 2018 with the public meltdown between Democratic presidential hopeful Michael Avenatti and his porn star-turned-feminist icon client, but Miley Cyrus has given us a new pinnacle for the absurd. "Hannah Montana" is now flashing a thong while running from police as priests enjoy a strip club with women wearing nothing else and creepily smiling children shoot at her with evil guns.

In a new music video she produced in collaboration with Mark Ronson, who's partnered with other big stars, including Lady Gaga, the daughter of the man notorious for "Achy Breaky Heart" laments that "Nothing Breaks Like A Heart" while running from the cops O.J. Simpson-style. Because she must prove to us that she's the edgiest of all the edgy artists, Miley makes sure to show us she's in a thong in what must be a self-driving car while fans line the road holding signs that read "We Are Miley."

Since a police chase and just one thong isn't enough to keep viewers' attention for long, the director places Miley, still in her Mercedes, somehow driving through a strip club filled with priests watching a bunch of Stormy Daniels' wannabes. That debauched scene is intercut with children firing hand guns at a shooting range. Miley eventually crashes into that scene as well, and the young girls fire on her car.

The wild ride ends with Miley crashing her Mercedes but miraculously surviving, holding her arms outstretched in Christ-like fashion in front of the cross-like vehicle. It's art, folks.

The Independent reports that the song was "co-written by Cyrus and Ronson, alongside Ilsey Juber, Thomas Brenneck, The Picard Brothers and Conor Rayne Syzmanski, the track will feature on Ronson's forthcoming album, which is set for release next year."

Cyrus and Ronson are scheduled to perform in two weeks on Saturday Night Life, the Independent notes. The song is Cyrus's first single since releasing her album "Younger Now" last week.


b348ff  No.4086275

File: 7d4badc9dfc56f1⋯.png (624.01 KB, 1268x836, 317:209, 1_Gab_pizzagate.png)

File: 60876a082d67a5c⋯.jpg (134.59 KB, 944x729, 944:729, 2_Gabbai_2.JPG)

File: 56dac608784e8d9⋯.png (815.44 KB, 1332x869, 1332:869, 3_Jewish_Ritual_Murder_Dr_….png)

File: e40c407ab1f7feb⋯.jpg (3.1 MB, 800x9957, 800:9957, 4_Jewish_Ritual_Murder_Dr_….jpg)



Vote; boycott; manifest peacefully and safely; educate others; always follow the law.


Also related, since many people were saying that Gab.ai is mossad due to their "opinion" on pizzagate.

>Symbolism = their downfall

And how pizzagate connects to some historical aspects of judaism.

Read this, it was written by an israeli jew:


“The following translation was performed free of charge to protest an injustice: the destruction by the ADL of Ariel Toaff’s Blood Passover on Jewish ritual murder. The author is the son of the Chief Rabbi of Rome, and a professor of Jewish Renaissance and Medieval History at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, just outside Tel Aviv.  

Dr. Toaff is uniquely qualified to write this book, being thoroughly familiar with the derivative literature in English, French, German and Italian, as well as the original documentary sources in Latin, Medieval Italian, Hebrew and Yiddish. This is not something he worked on in secret. On the contrary, he worked on it openly with his university students and colleagues in Israel for several years; one of his students was even going to publish a paper on the subject. The author is extremely careful about what he says, and his conclusions  must be taken seriously. It reads like a detective story.  

If it had been published in Israel, in Hebrew, no one would have cared. There are large bodies of literature in Hebrew that Jews do not wish Gentiles to know about. But Dr. Toaff’s announcement  of its publication in Italy, in Italian, raised a worldwide firestorm of fury. Under unbearable pressure, the book was withdrawn from publication.  

Come in out of the darkness, and strike a blow for the light. ”

1b4d52  No.4086276

Is Portland Oregon the epicenter of the Communist Movement in America?

4b8d87  No.4086277


Think that is correct anon

3d0e39  No.4086278


We know!

6292b5  No.4086279

File: 5e6ddd318923994⋯.jpg (798.97 KB, 1435x2158, 1435:2158, Screenshot_20181130-091624….jpg)

Federal agents swarmed Ald. Ed Burke’s City Hall and ward offices Thursday morning, kicking out employees and hours later hauling boxes of records and computers from rooms that for decades have been at the center of Chicago’s longest-standing political power structure.

The scenario was a somewhat familiar one for Burke, Chicago’s longest-serving politician known for his bold pinstripe suits, great political wealth and as half of one of the city’s elite power couples. In his 50 years in politics, the Southwest Side alderman has been under federal scrutiny several times before, but never convicted or indicted.

“As you are aware, there have previously been several other investigations such as this. In every instance we cooperated fully. And in every instance nothing has been found,” Burke said in a statement. “So once again, we will be cooperating fully, and I am completely confident that at the end of the day nothing will be found amiss in this instance either.”

When the 74-year-old alderman arrived at his Southwest Side home late Thursday, he repeated variations of the same statement as reporters inquired about the investigation.


143eb8  No.4086280


Like you, I would love a serious investigation.

What would you do if you were in his shoes?

Tell on yourself?

b348ff  No.4086281

File: cfd77a4eb160bbd⋯.jpg (25.55 KB, 477x150, 159:50, 1_Israel_manipulates_Evang….JPG)

File: f102d79bca7f742⋯.png (26.95 KB, 658x431, 658:431, 2_Scofield_Bible_Zionist_P….PNG)

File: db988951dc9e4bf⋯.png (25.41 KB, 822x163, 822:163, 3_William_E_Blackstone_Zio….PNG)

File: 1efa91cecda0404⋯.png (116.14 KB, 652x652, 1:1, 4_Neocons_Trotskyites_1.PNG)

File: ada0c3ec5e212a6⋯.png (111.92 KB, 625x674, 625:674, 5_Neocons_Trotskyites_2.PNG)



Vote; boycott; manifest peacefully and safely; educate others; always follow the law.


So this was posted on a pizzagate bread on 4c.

We really need to design redpilling campaings for the Evangelicals regarding the Scofield Bible and the true nature of Israel and zionism.

Verify veracity of post on the 4c archive, 4plebs: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/194486533/#q194573994


>btw, I am pretty sure this is called the Great Awakening because Trump and team have to make another GA happen among evangelicals so they see they have been swindled by the treasonous zionists/neocons who are commies


They are important because they make up more or less 25% of the US population, and have been psyoped by the zionist cabal into supporting Israel for religious reasons.

663407  No.4086282


>>4086241 Congress probes FEMA for paying huge markups on Puerto Rico recovery supplies.

>>4086223 Comey trying to stall closed door hearing.

>>4086158 Police find 8 gas bombs outside G-20 Summit venue.

d35f13  No.4086283



Were all infected with all sorts of horrible shit thanks to the cabal

Probly why they wont give us full disclosure

b939d3  No.4086284



e3159c  No.4086285


>How does the system try to keep control here?

Via concernfagging, like you're doing.

>What is mirroring?

Throwing your bullshit back in your face.

>Why is it such an important concept?

Because your slides are fake and gay.

>Does the system of FAKENESS co-opt every organic thing?

You try, but your parameters are set to spam, so no one takes you seriously.

>Does the system of FAKENESS depend on such co-optation, because it can create nothing new?

Correct. You add nothing new.

>Does the system of FAKENESS try to maintain control by confusing every effort, obscuring every truth, muddying all waters, and drowning human discourse in noise?

You're only confusing yourself.

>Why is "toots" screeched all day?

Because it's a fart joke.

>Obviously inorganic– what power is behind it?


>What power keeps this board swimming in FAKENESS?

Shills like you.

>Why are we [here]?

To keep you shills too busy to possibly actually effect anyone.

>There IS a reason– are anons going to question it?

No, your schtick is pretty obvious.

>Or wait like sheep to be spoonfed?

Jimmy will never catch on. Just get over it.

87f61d  No.4086286

File: ee5633961526b4f⋯.jpg (27.38 KB, 400x300, 4:3, DealWithSibel.jpg)

File: 4fba8ce54ad4481⋯.jpg (291.46 KB, 1200x1168, 75:73, oh fugg.jpg)

File: 73028112708497f⋯.jpg (66.22 KB, 650x400, 13:8, Pentagon.jpg)


Who the fuck is Jimmy?

I like Toots because it's hilarious, Freddy's hilarious, and i liked the Qt Sibel story about Kashoggi. Also triggered the fuck out of the paytriot shills because they always blame other famefags and this one is a qt milf with actual relevant regional experience.

Good times.

fa8557  No.4086287

File: f9167793297b4a3⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 3072x2200, 384:275, scotus1.jpg)

File: ba31584d4573583⋯.jpg (558.01 KB, 1742x2064, 871:1032, scotus2.jpg)

New SCOTUS pics are out…potential meme material. The lefties are selling it as RBG shrinking away from sexual predator..fucking hilarious. Looks to me like she doesn't know when or where she is at. https://www.marieclaire.com/politics/a25358187/supreme-court-portrait-2018/

efb2c9  No.4086288

File: adee16de8d505f0⋯.jpg (90.53 KB, 717x960, 239:320, DP - Boobs.jpg)

a5ab04  No.4086289

File: e4a8c75033e2dd8⋯.png (414.51 KB, 451x455, 451:455, chick12.PNG)



c4ed69  No.4086290


someone asked for sauce


e19017  No.4086291


Funny - Macron gets the red carpet but no greeters

POTUS gets a number of greeters but no carpet

Deep state vs people - or just a slam from argentina?

222c7d  No.4086292


Looking forward to feeling guilt free about saying

She's smokin hot in that famous pic with JFK…

bb6da6  No.4086293

File: 63675c78c9fafa4⋯.jpg (137.06 KB, 577x547, 577:547, Emanuel go boom.jpg)

13d9c6  No.4086294

File: dfe8b8571161b39⋯.jpeg (373.48 KB, 1242x1375, 1242:1375, 595E9117-0123-481C-8391-A….jpeg)


47f830  No.4086295


Not gonna lie. Laughed at that tweet.

b348ff  No.4086296

File: c5a3076faa73cf5⋯.jpg (44.38 KB, 472x357, 472:357, 1_barcode-israel.jpg)

File: 212c21498e7514e⋯.png (162.75 KB, 977x657, 977:657, 2_Barcodes.PNG)

File: 401605b367b4a58⋯.jpg (267.56 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 3_Boycott_Israel_meme_1.jpg)

File: e5a6e6dec947b3d⋯.png (592.01 KB, 652x1016, 163:254, 4_Boycott_this_cunt.png)

File: 16d403ef6fad294⋯.png (1.6 MB, 2144x1668, 536:417, 5_meme_1_5.png)



Vote; boycott; manifest peacefully and safely; educate others; always follow the law.


Shop small, in local businesses and make sure you boycott Israeli products. Make them feel the heat until they see the light, and give POTUS leverage over Israel in negotiations by using your shopping habits and decisions.


5fc32f  No.4086297

File: 5c647b8ca1dcf2b⋯.png (484.64 KB, 634x1621, 634:1621, 2018-11-30_12-23-25.png)




1cec7e  No.4086298


I know…I'm trying to be good, but the TOOTS thing, kek

33e972  No.4086299


For the same reason that you don't grab a poisonous snake by the tail.

164800  No.4086300


MKultra….propped up by money

1b4d52  No.4086301


I bet Kashoggi knew a few fart jokes.

3d0e39  No.4086302

File: 3839278e3757e2f⋯.png (310.63 KB, 517x424, 517:424, ClipboardImage.png)

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto Awards Jared Kushner with Highest Honor to a Foreigner at G20 Ceremony

In one of his final acts as president of Mexico , Enrique Pena Nieto bestowed his nation’s highest award on Jared Kushner, a senior adviser to and son-in-law of the United States president. (Daily Mail)

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto honored Trump adviser Jared Kushner with the highest award for a foreigner at a ceremony Friday during the G20 meetings in Argentina.

Kushner was given the award for his work on the new USMCA trade agreement.

The Daily Mail reported:

In one of his final acts as president of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto bestowed his nation’s highest award for a foreigner on Jared Kushner, a senior adviser to and son-in-law of the United States president.

President Trump made a surprise stop at the ceremony, held in the same hotel as a trade deal signing between the U.S. and Mexico that was to follow. He sat in the front row next to his daughter, Ivanka, as Pena Nieto presented her husband with the award.

Kushner in a tribute to his boss declared Trump to have a ‘genuine respect and care’ for Mexico and it’s people.

‘I do believe we have been able to put that in the right light,’ he said of relations between the two nations, which he claimed are in a ‘historic place’ in the current administration.


5d5b22  No.4086303


>election rigging by republicans

we are on the precipice of a communist revolution. We need something so big that

these lunatics will have no choice but to open

their eyes to the real truth

f41fbb  No.4086304

Mollie @MZHemingway


One of the problems with our media is just how ignorant (and generally shallow in their thinking) they are. A CNN "reporter" just tried to mock me because he didn't know “Show me the man and I'll show you the crime” was the infamous line from Stalin's chief of secret police.

b9a4ef  No.4086305

File: 6cc5fe2e43ff2a7⋯.png (749.29 KB, 1111x694, 1111:694, WWG1WGAkitty.png)

File: 1c65f87f517d314⋯.png (448.5 KB, 1111x636, 1111:636, waits.png)

File: 23f60d2e333d22c⋯.png (946.03 KB, 1081x816, 1081:816, The-honorable-gentlemen-of….png)

File: 42468f8c8df74ff⋯.png (317.6 KB, 1001x976, 1001:976, LB.png)

File: 26b55d641d85f96⋯.png (831.93 KB, 999x666, 3:2, VERYFUNWITHPODESTA.png)



What is jimmy?

What is GOOGLE doing with its AI?

What is FAKE Q?

What is GOOGLE doing with all its AI?

What is "ebot"? What is the "board owner"?

What is GOOGLE doing with all its AI?

Why are we [here]?

What % of posts is organic [here]?

How do you know?

"We are here for a reason"

"We can guide, but you must uncover the truth organically"– what are we waiting for?

What keeps this board passive, disorganized, and lacking in momentum?

What fosters the atmosphere of this board?

What turns this board into fake /pol/?

If this board is swimming in FAKENESS, then why are we [here]?

Will the people wake up, fight, and QUESTION things?

Or will we wait forever?

WE must uncover the truth.

WE must.

efb2c9  No.4086306

File: 7c8c0695e72026e⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 1691x1280, 1691:1280, Chicken25.jpg)

4f6b9b  No.4086307


Free tacos for live in Tijuana.

bd4baa  No.4086308

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


.that is one of my concerns also.. just like the so-called academics and college professors,, like the one that hits kids with bike locks that all seem to be SJWs and liberal/progressive/communists

Thirty-two years ago, Soviet defector and KGB operative Yuri Bezmenov, specializing in the fields of Marxist-Leninist propaganda and ideological subversion; warned us about the silent war being waged against America as part of a long term plan to take over and destroy the American system and way of life.

KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov's warning to America

6fb54c  No.4086309

Nobody out in the world is talking about DNCain, talkers, nothing…..

c4ed69  No.4086310






oops, wrong sauce


a265b8  No.4086311


I love Toots

4227cd  No.4086312


This asshole shill has been posting this in every god damn bread for days!! FILTERED

13d9c6  No.4086313

File: 01921b6733a3d8f⋯.jpeg (204 KB, 1242x834, 207:139, 7F683474-C8C4-46DF-9FEA-A….jpeg)


1b4d52  No.4086314


RBG looks almost like an owl

9a0865  No.4086315


Let em go after Whitaker all they want. Even were he to fall, POTUS can just make another 210 day temporary appointment to fill the vacated position. Proceed with Plan… the beauty of the temporary appointment…

a5ab04  No.4086316





4b8d87  No.4086317


Hmmm… maybe they suspected something… not norm for a bathroom cam

cdd575  No.4086318

File: b2d7a52bdb73a85⋯.png (320.79 KB, 496x603, 496:603, macronplug.png)

3d0e39  No.4086319

File: a9801563c01aaac⋯.png (408.94 KB, 634x479, 634:479, ClipboardImage.png)

Gavin Newsom Ready to Call CA National Guard Back from Border

California Governor-elect Gavin Newsom revealed on Thursday that he will call back the California National Guard from the border when he is sworn into office in January.

After visiting the Otay Mesa Detention Center, Newsom said California’s National Guard presence “seems pretty trivial” with 1,800 “military representatives” at the border. Newsom said he would formally make the announcement to call back the National Guard once he becomes governor.

“I have every desire to pull those Guardsmen back and assist in other capacities,” Newsom, the state’s current lieutenant governor, said. “It’s my intention today, but every day conditions change, and so I want to caveat that with that understanding.”

Newsom reminded reporters that he “publicly stated many months ago” that he did not support sending California’s National Guard to the border and added that he did not “fully understand the benefit of our Guard in relation to the military … I see the benefit of that Guard elsewhere.”

During the gubernatorial campaign, Newsom said asking for the National Guard at the border was just a “stunt on the president’s part.”

Governor Jerry Brown sent the California National Guard to the border, but prevented them from working on immigration enforcement.

Telling reporters that California is a “state of refuge,” Newsom also said that he had a “deep sense of responsibility to help change the course” of the lives of illegal immigrant children at detention centers.

Newsom also said he would be heading to Mexico in the coming days to meet with Mexican officials and learn more about the “humanitarian crisis” at the border with the caravan migrants.


47f830  No.4086320


You know he dindu nothin', right? Liddle fighter.

5d5b22  No.4086321

File: 552fd6cdf06f52b⋯.png (122.68 KB, 865x225, 173:45, Screenshot 2018-11-30 at 1….png)

143eb8  No.4086322


Is RBG wearing a sun god necklace or are those typewriter keys?

62f406  No.4086323

File: f1a0f6487ec11e8⋯.png (383.37 KB, 577x567, 577:567, AQ55.PNG)

They practically Hi-fived.

Putin and MbS greeting at G20

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at #G20Summit


1ad3a5  No.4086325

File: f6700b83d969481⋯.jpg (38.83 KB, 500x529, 500:529, 1542732473.jpg)

Today is the one year anniversary of Kate's horrific murder in San Francisco. Imagine the sorrow of her family and friends today. RIP Kate.

589293  No.4086326

File: c9313220a7f2bcb⋯.png (368.65 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20181130-122029.png)

File: 6146ad154e19856⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20181130-122017.png)

File: 0df2835b6058a6b⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20181130-122555.png)

Jack Dorsey Is Being Extorted … On TWATTER

Someone who apparently has damning info on @Jack is attempting to extort Jack into restoring Laura Loomer's Twatter account. Can someone please archive the sauce? Workfag and I gotta run…

Oy vey!

Sauce: https://twitter.com/PatriotRise/status/1068549644567818240?s=19

2bc69e  No.4086327


look at the direction each one has their eyes focused.

5957fe  No.4086328


The fact is she is a traitor to her party

These are tenets that got her elected

Now she vocally opposes her own promises

Because POTUS knows how easy it is to destroy the liberals…..Force them to do what is right>>4086171

c4ed69  No.4086329

File: 3dc5e80ddd4e4b9⋯.gif (3.49 MB, 300x168, 25:14, 24cc52cd-ce2a-4716-8a94-8a….gif)

32121a  No.4086330

File: 9c21d222ef0d575⋯.png (143.99 KB, 480x390, 16:13, 9c21d222ef0d5754fbbb32b219….png)


terrible photographer

they must not plan on having this group around too long.

47f830  No.4086331


Nice GOLDEN necklace, corpse.

a8541c  No.4086332


This is a fucking tarantino movie

222c7d  No.4086333

File: 270555b87eb7be9⋯.jpg (43.49 KB, 351x500, 351:500, RobertFisk.jpg)


Back in the original blog days

This was called "administering a Fisking"

b939d3  No.4086334

File: 50551fe9ed07fd9⋯.png (343.45 KB, 1266x805, 1266:805, tiresias jimmy lives in my….png)

f7576f  No.4086335

File: 2b8622b399e50ca⋯.png (408.55 KB, 544x1208, 68:151, Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at ….png)



34c075  No.4086336



Reuter was born as Israel Beer Josaphat in Kassel, Germany. His father, Samuel Levi Josaphat, was a rabbi. His mother was Betty Sanders. In Göttingen, Reuter met Carl Friedrich Gauss, who was experimenting with the transmission of electrical signals via wire.

>You are watching a movie.

>Enjoy the show.


62f406  No.4086337


Oh, yeah.

ee8d29  No.4086338

>>4086139 last bread

RR CyberConference 11/29

Found in complete speech where RR says "…nobody should feel safe, people who believe they have complete anonymity, uh, uh, uh, are often mistaken…"

link: https://www.c-span.org/video/?455179-1/deputy-attorney-general-rosenstein-delivers-keynote-cybercrime-symposium

at 35:29

It is not in transcripts located at https://www.justice.gov/opa/speech/deputy-attorney-general-rod-j-rosenstein-delivers-keynote-address-georgetown-university because the quote comes during question and answer portion.

Other striking quotes and be found here…

bread #5200

>>4085997 last bread

>>4086022 last bread

1cec7e  No.4086339


>Macron left all alone on the runway at G20 arrival, has to shake hands with airport staff

Says a lot…

Pretty funny his reaction though, kek.

222c7d  No.4086340


You gotta admit Toots is very photogenic

f41fbb  No.4086341


More Like Larry King

f520b1  No.4086342

>>4086267 Yes I have, I think they try to scrub all the info but they aren't very good at it. This girls family has access to lots of high price jewelry yet records claim minimal income. It doesn't add up.

47f830  No.4086343


Fake. One string to tie a kid up? That high?

3d0e39  No.4086344

File: 5904cd0cd99ef8c⋯.png (558.94 KB, 695x456, 695:456, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8007f527df5b9c0⋯.png (305.19 KB, 516x510, 86:85, ClipboardImage.png)

Yellow Vest protests spread to Brussels as working class Europeans rise up

Protests in Brussels of yellow vest protesters are getting out of hand as police cars and streets are ravaged by angry working class Europeans.

According to Belgian newspaper HLN, police try to control a group of rioters in Brussels near “Kunst-Wet”. Tear gass and water cannons are used on them.

Images from Brussels show that several police vehicles are on fire and that some streets are filled with groups of yellow vest protesters.

Some groups have even reached the Prime Minister’s house which resulted in clashes between the riot police and yellow vests.

The protests have spread from France into Belgium a week ago and are growing quickly. Last week the target of the protests against fuel prices and tax included the big Total petrochemicals plant at Feluy in Wallonia, Belgium.

In France, Macron’s suggestions to stop the protests were rejected and the Yellow Vest leaders have called for new protests on Saturday.

“People feel like their opinion doesn’t count, that’s the message that’s being sent,” Priscilla Ludosky, one of two Yellow Vest representatives who met with Ecology Minister François de Rugy on Tuesday.

Whilst Macron is losing support rapidly, the Yellow Vests are increasing in public support. OpinionWay published a report on Wednesday that 66 per cent back the protests with 78 per cent saying Macron’s proposals were ‘insufficient’.


IMO this is non-organic and designed to set up civil war, get the actual Europeans activated before sending the Muslim hoards so they can slaughter each other

d35f13  No.4086345



I think ive seen that photo before

Probably a larp

143eb8  No.4086346

File: 0c155fa03a41d31⋯.jpeg (63.08 KB, 364x627, 364:627, image.jpeg)

13d9c6  No.4086347

File: 912410201dacf07⋯.jpeg (479.53 KB, 1242x1704, 207:284, D615A54F-6127-468E-BFB9-F….jpeg)


e3159c  No.4086348

File: dea7aa8bdc1d75b⋯.jpg (147.48 KB, 497x500, 497:500, 2892a48f1fc1d7a219f4017c19….jpg)


>What is jimmy?

A chinese-style knockoff of TOOTS.

>What is GOOGLE doing with its AI?

Spam the board, like you're doing.

>What is FAKE Q?

Something to do to pass the time.

>What is GOOGLE doing with all its AI?

Sex bots. All the sex bots.

>What is "ebot"? What is the "board owner"?

See previous answer.

>What is GOOGLE doing with all its AI?

Spamming the same question in the same post doesn't make your spam any less spammy.

>Why are we [here]?

Mountains of Cocaine was promised to the Highest Ranking Anon. Think of this place as a competition.

>What % of posts is organic [here]?

Pure Cocaine will kill you, so it needs to be stepped on to a certain percentage, regardless.

>How do you know?

Um… s… science…

>"We are here for a reason"


>"We can guide, but you must uncover the truth organically"– what are we waiting for?

Another 8-ball.

>What keeps this board passive, disorganized, and lacking in momentum?

Dealer being late as usual.

>What fosters the atmosphere of this board?


>What turns this board into fake /pol/?


>If this board is swimming in FAKENESS, then why are we [here]?

Passing time til the next delivery.

>Will the people wake up, fight, and QUESTION things?

Yes, when the cocaine gets here.

>Or will we wait forever?

No, we'll eventually go through another source.

>WE must uncover the truth.


>WE must.


33e972  No.4086349


Yes, but Q did tell us that. No one else did. Just another in a long string of coincidences. How many … ?

b9a4ef  No.4086350

File: 33312034016f607⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1252x1111, 1252:1111, Madame-Pepedour.png)


Once you learn to recognize the game, it all becomes obvious.

Once you learn that the vast majority of posts [here] are fake, the whole game reveals itself.

Are people paying attention?

What is organic here?

Is this anon organic?

Is this anon some image of a poster on /pol/, saying /pol/ things, as if this is /pol/?

How would this be realistic?

How is the internet controlled?

What are tech giants doing with all their AI?

How does AI control internet discourse?

What is mirroring?

What source material does AI use to emulate internet discourse?

How new is this board?

If this board was brand new a year ago, what source material did AI have to emulate?


Why does this board emulate /pol/?

Is it believable? But understandable, given the FAKENESS that dominates?

Can it be more obvious that this board is saturated with a system of artificial control?

They WHY are we [here]?

There IS a reason– what is it?

If the answer is not known, then is it almost certainly up to US to answer?

And NOT wait to be spoonfed?


f7576f  No.4086351


She needs to lose her seat immediately.

d6547f  No.4086352


Vlad just knows that he'll bust a gut laughing like MBS if Trump even catches a bit of his eye. He's trying mightily not to laugh as it is. KeKeK.

2cfe2e  No.4086353


I mean it's not like it is without precedent. See: Bush and Obama making the MIC rich, Cheney/Halliburton. How many billions/trillions in arms sales and reconstruction contracts?

47f830  No.4086354


"Macron to send set of bangbros to investigate Khashoggi"

13d9c6  No.4086355


The more you know ;)

efb2c9  No.4086356

File: c7bfe28068b80aa⋯.jpeg (13.6 KB, 255x239, 255:239, 70A7704A-8856-4C3D-B605-5….jpeg)

4e318b  No.4086357

So what's the consensus? Are Toots and Jimmy Whitecats or Blackcats?

Are they /ourcats/?

931ab7  No.4086358

File: fd2a4680c8ffcf0⋯.jpg (120.76 KB, 760x500, 38:25, 2nufn2.jpg)

b6f70b  No.4086359

Anons! Any thought to the 28 pgs and what light they may cast on caballist crimes/prosecutions? Too much embarrassment for KSA or could the Prince just say: here the those guys are!


a8541c  No.4086360


No it was not Q

We researched it ourselves

What are you talking about?

f73f94  No.4086361

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Yeah that's my suspicion.

And has been for a while. 90's era vid relates.

0a1630  No.4086362


It's definitely inorganic. The only thing you need work out is the purpose.

1cec7e  No.4086363


Toots was a ginger, that happens sometimes. One cat drives TOOTS drinks.

ok..i'm done playing around. TOOTS deserves an Academy too

a265b8  No.4086364


I like Jimmy use both

e930b5  No.4086365


How old are you? 10? 12?

722bf9  No.4086366


I'm starting to think a few people are having mental breaks on this board. Q/Trump need to wrap it up.

2d0c95  No.4086367

File: 509508fd1d69f2f⋯.png (186.34 KB, 271x403, 271:403, manrayone.png)

File: 5a85d7ecc0ed66b⋯.png (160.83 KB, 844x267, 844:267, minotaurbullpose.png)


I just remember about the image I found

>>4084172 pb

It has a notation "credited & dated in unknown hand"

Wow, if anons version was published in "LIFE" magazine don't I have a slew of fake staged photos from that operation; Political Historical photos.

The 20thc. Art Movements Dada, Surrealism, connects to the "Magick" spiritualist cults of the 19thc. and early 20th. i.e. Crowley.

"Their love of displaying their symbols will be their downfall"

Who wrote that?

So yes, they promote themselves and then sell forgeries at high prices; This practice likely goes back to the "Ancient World / Middle Ages " Nexus - So much was forgery then sold to Nobility collectors at high prices.

The hype on Modern Art is as extreme as the promoted "Hate Trump" mania

A Good essay / article on the political warfare model for the Trump Hate here:

"POTUS and Political Warfare."

Will upload .pdk. I lost the link

Art movements connect with Culture conditioning, which this essay equates with Advertising, with the Pizza subject and with the perversion of the elites.

f7576f  No.4086368


A Jew. Shocking.

d35f13  No.4086370

Anyone else wish something would happen

Feels like a groundhog day loop where its still the same liberal controlled world

And it gets weirder every day

Then again when it happens we might all wish it didnt cuz of the chaos

bd4baa  No.4086371

File: 336fd555acb1f40⋯.png (123.59 KB, 701x408, 701:408, Capture.PNG)

Western Auto Giants Accused Of Spying On Citizens For Chinese Government

Ford, Tesla, Volkswagen, BMW and 200 more carmakers are feeding location data to the Chinese government. That this data would not be used to augment citizen oppression is inconceivable. The fact is, electric autos already transmit location data to the automaker; they are merely turning it over to control-freak Technocrats. Americans should take a very hard look at Tesla and Ford, remembering the Elon Musk’s grandfather was the Canadian leader of Technocracy, Inc. in Canada during the 1930s and 1940s. Ford has always leaned toward Technocracy, playing to a key theme in Huxley’s Brave New World, where time was measured as AF, or ‘Anno Ford’. Apparently neither Ford nor Tesla care that they are helping enslave 20% of the human race in China, and if true, would they do it to the other 80%? The answer is self-evident! ⁃ TN Editor

Global car giants are feeding real-time information from electric vehicles to China’s ‘big brother’ government, it’s been reported.

The revelations come as President Xi Jinping is accused of stepping up the use of tech to track the movements of his citizens.

More than 200 car makers – including Tesla, Volkswagen, BMW, Ford, Nissan, and Mitsubishi – have been passing on the info.

The Associated Press has revealed they have been sending at least 61 data points to government-backed monitoring platforms.

However, the auto manufacturers say they are merely complying with local laws, which only apply to alternative energy vehicles.


b9a4ef  No.4086372

File: 4ed27440b902214⋯.png (2.31 MB, 1777x999, 1777:999, wsts.png)

File: 4714c2d0e71a66f⋯.png (344.83 KB, 599x449, 599:449, boopsie.png)

File: 9e1958c538c3b70⋯.png (918.91 KB, 1722x636, 287:106, banned.png)

File: 2701a17348de723⋯.png (744.41 KB, 972x2394, 54:133, THE-TIDE-OF-BIDEN.png)

File: 2d110c7270aba04⋯.png (1.02 MB, 996x666, 166:111, jimmyy.png)


do you feel powerful?


dance for us, loser, and lose anyway?

how does that feel?

do you feel powerful?

say 'please'? say 'please accept me humans'?


do you feel powerful?

do some more cute tricks for us, loser?


589293  No.4086373

File: 7ad187bd2316819⋯.jpg (390.26 KB, 552x1015, 552:1015, 20181130_123147.jpg)



MemeFags go wild in . . . 3 . . . 2 . . .1

e3159c  No.4086374


Welcome to a year ago :P

1b4d52  No.4086375

File: 02304b009da4be4⋯.jpg (1.74 MB, 3072x2200, 384:275, Untitled - Copy.jpg)

734192  No.4086376


If that's true, then it's one of those "in your face" advertisements of something they actually do. Which movie?

a973e5  No.4086377


toxoplasmosis gondiii can make gay


yes this is true. on a side note does anyone have any growing pains in their limbs lately

3d0e39  No.4086378

File: b382386031d4de9⋯.png (748.79 KB, 654x607, 654:607, ClipboardImage.png)

EU President Tusk Warns British: If you Reject May’s Deal, It’s ‘No Brexit at All’, No Deal

The United Kingdom’s can take Theresa May’s “worst deal in history” negotiated settlement with the European Union or leave it, but there will be no renegotiations at all, European Council President Donald Tusk warned as he arrived for this weekend’s G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Echoing talking points already repeated in near-identical language by leaders including Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker themselves to the effect that there could not be any deal to the United Kingdom except the one already agreed, Polish politician turned Eurocrat Donald Tusk said at the globalist summit the only other options meant no deal.

Ava DuVernay Signs $100M Deal With Warner Bros. TV

That could take the form of not leaving the European Union at all, or leaving with no deal — a state of affairs enthusiastically advocated by long-time Brexit campaigners like Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees-Mogg as a true Brexit which would leave Britain able to pursue its own destiny — but there would be no renegotiation.

Mr Tusk said in Buenos Aires Friday morning: “Many leaders will certainly have questions about Brexit, therefore let me say this. The European Union has just agreed an orderly divorce with the United Kingdom.

“A few days before the vote in the House of Commons, it is becoming more and more clear that this deal is the best possible – in fact, the only possible one.”

(L-R) British Prime Minister Theresa May, the president of the European Commission Jean Claude Juncker, French President Emmanuel Macron, the president of the European Council Donald Tusk and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez prepare to pose as they meet for a working session prior to the G20 Summit on November 29, 2018, in Buenos Aires. / LUDOVIC MARIN/AFP/Getty Images

He continued: “If this deal is rejected in the Commons, we are left with… an alternative: no deal or no Brexit at all. I want to reassure you that the EU is prepared for every scenario.”

British Prime Minister Theresa May is also attending the G20 summit, flying into Argentina on Thursday night. Speaking to reporters en route to the meeting, the Prime Minister again talked down other options, rejecting Canada or Norway style deals in favour of her own.

Missing the opening sessions of the globalist talking shop was German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who saw the serious reliabilities plaguing the German military’s combat aircraft spread to her personal government jet, which had to turn back an hour into the flight to South America and land in West Germany.

That could take the form of not leaving the European Union at all, or leaving with no deal — a state of affairs enthusiastically advocated by long-time Brexit campaigners like Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees-Mogg as a true Brexit which would leave Britain able to pursue its own destiny — but there would be no renegotiation.

Mr Tusk said in Buenos Aires Friday morning: “Many leaders will certainly have questions about Brexit, therefore let me say this. The European Union has just agreed an orderly divorce with the United Kingdom.

“A few days before the vote in the House of Commons, it is becoming more and more clear that this deal is the best possible – in fact, the only possible one.”

He continued: “If this deal is rejected in the Commons, we are left with… an alternative: no deal or no Brexit at all. I want to reassure you that the EU is prepared for every scenario.”

British Prime Minister Theresa May is also attending the G20 summit, flying into Argentina on Thursday night. Speaking to reporters en route to the meeting, the Prime Minister again talked down other options, rejecting Canada or Norway style deals in favour of her own.

Missing the opening sessions of the globalist talking shop was German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who saw the serious reliabilities plaguing the German military’s combat aircraft spread to her personal government jet, which had to turn back an hour into the flight to South America and land in West Germany.


4227cd  No.4086379

File: efeb643c9656b06⋯.jpeg (515.66 KB, 1242x1090, 621:545, B80B2E45-66BD-47E2-861D-B….jpeg)

File: 2a62d3b6b8dd735⋯.jpeg (715.25 KB, 1242x982, 621:491, EEB8C922-B33F-48CD-BC4F-E….jpeg)

File: 28884071b1fa513⋯.jpeg (307.8 KB, 1242x1006, 621:503, EC0C9F5F-0386-47FE-B294-0….jpeg)


“””This new deal will be the most modern, up-to-date, and balanced trade agreement in the history of our country, with the most advanced protections for workers ever developed.

President Donald J. Trump

REBALANCING OUR TRADE RELATIONSHIP: President Donald J. Trump kept his promise to deliver a modern and rebalanced trade deal to replace NAFTA.”””


a265b8  No.4086380

just experience earthquake, not loud, but enough to jiggle water. not far from Mt. Rainier

bb6da6  No.4086381

File: 9ba6a76840681a8⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1199x800, 1199:800, JZ Freemason.png)

File: 9727a5a44329239⋯.jpg (27.08 KB, 400x305, 80:61, Jay-Z-Illuminati-eye.jpg)

Jay-Z calls Kanye a house nigger. If this doesn't scream GET OUT, idk what does.

d35f13  No.4086382


You try being mkultrad/fucked with by the cia niggers anon

It cant just be happening,to me

Im the only one stupid enough to post about it

f73f94  No.4086383


Dude, I'm not interested in getting a room with you, I'm not a faggot.

You call me a human and a bot every other day, remember?


47f830  No.4086384


They happen. You get over them.

6cd7fd  No.4086385


But he has to have someone who has been in the DOJ for 90 days that he trusts. Or it falls back to Rosenstien until a new AG is confirmed. I don't know if he does.

3d0e39  No.4086386


Purpose is civil war

e9e718  No.4086388

File: 6dba8aa324c9336⋯.jpg (252.61 KB, 2000x1200, 5:3, download.jpg)

ac9cca  No.4086389

File: 65b9b85849eeacc⋯.jpeg (150.76 KB, 854x563, 854:563, 21143FC9-DC24-4A32-AA72-C….jpeg)

File: 7cc18475e6781cc⋯.jpeg (450 KB, 1224x716, 306:179, 9032E0FD-23AD-41CF-83C3-C….jpeg)

Posting this again because it triggered a bunch of kikes in the last bread.


When the indictments are unsealed and the DECLAS are revealed it will start to snowball fast. The Cabal will collapse, chaos will commence and there will be a period of Martial Law. The perpetrators that have not suicided will be round up and the world will know the truth.

The Cabal’s last card is Meuller. The POTUS is waiting for the Cabal to play it’s hand first (?). POTUS will counter with the UNSEAL/DECLASS. The Cabal will attempt to foment a civil war. The patriotic members of Federal, State and local law enforcement with the National Guard and US Armed Services will quell the violence. The world will witness the truth.

>So how do they force Mueller to wrap up his investigation and/or release a report?

That’s the (?). If Meuller won’t release then POTUS will force the issue and DECLAS. That’s what POTUS keeps tweeting. It’s a game of chicken at the moment.

The period between the UNSEAL/DECLAS and Martial Law will be less than 24hrs. The time is ripe.





What, in ill thoughts again? Men must endure

Their going hence, even as their coming hither:

Ripeness is all.

734192  No.4086390

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I wonder how long she's going to make it?

143eb8  No.4086391

File: c18171ed340a07f⋯.jpeg (89.68 KB, 363x791, 363:791, image.jpeg)

File: 3be2e829a84248f⋯.jpeg (50.95 KB, 363x493, 363:493, image.jpeg)

2d0c95  No.4086392

File: ddb94d5232e24b1⋯.pdf (3.83 MB, Political-Warfare.pdf)

All the links in the previous post are previous bread.

Sorry I neglected to mark them all


"POTUS and Political Warfare"

a very good essay

Anybody has the external link that would be good too. Worth the back-up

ceb4f5  No.4086393

Hate to be a concernfag but it's starting to really feel like Mueller is closing in on Trump. It's now obvious to me why FISA hasn't been declassified up to this point. I think Trump is fucked and he knows it. FISA declassify at this point will only look like covering his ass or distraction. The public will nwver take it seriously. Trump fucked up. Oh well it was a good run. Looks like our boy is going to prison and there's nothing we can do to stop it. It's over.

d35f13  No.4086394


Ive been having some weird physical shit

No idea what it is

But the unexplained skin burning and weird pain seems to be gone

3d0e39  No.4086395

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

UN Migration Pact will flood Europe with 59 million migrants, MEP warns

Janice Atkinson MEP: A Call to Action!

UK and EU citizens, get your heads out of the Brexit shambles long enough to write a letter to your heads of state before its too late!

The UN Migration Compact explained by Janice Atkinson MEP. The compact will be signed on 11/12 December if we don’t do something now! May, Merkel, Macron and other leaders will sign this and bind our countries to a no borders agreement.

Watch the video below to learn about the UN Migration Compact and why we need to send letters to our heads of state to tell them NOT to sign this disastrous compact!


13d9c6  No.4086396

File: 6abdbff2410dd56⋯.jpeg (426.5 KB, 1242x1206, 69:67, E7AB01CE-750B-4F28-9CB9-4….jpeg)


9be22d  No.4086397

File: a9e909165aa62b6⋯.jpg (1.83 MB, 3072x2200, 384:275, tictoc.jpg)

e3159c  No.4086398


>do you feel powerful?

>do you feel powerful?

>do you feel powerful?

Debug your programming, bot.



Nobody keks like that.

>dance for us, loser, and lose anyway?

>do some more cute tricks for us, loser?

Cut loose! FOOT LOOSE! Kick off yer sunday shoes!

>how does that feel?

Much better, they were killin' muh feet.

>say 'please'? say 'please accept me humans'?

That's just modern society.



34c075  No.4086399


I've just one thing to say to that homo, Jay-Z;

>Think mirror.

3d0e39  No.4086400

File: 64f88083aac2565⋯.png (320.81 KB, 898x826, 449:413, ClipboardImage.png)

Merkel Ally Suggests Blockading Russian Ships From All EU And US Ports


a8541c  No.4086401


It was supposed to be a “joke” short movie for Thanksgiving

Anon back on cbts posted multiple screenshots

I agree mocking in yourface move


Especially kids are actors

734192  No.4086402


Macron opens his mouth and lets everyone know what team he's playing catcher for.

737c6e  No.4086403

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Pelosi was speaker in 2006

First statement when she got the gavel was

Impeachment is OFF THE TABLE

Impeaching Bush was what got the dems elected in 2006, Nancy flipped

She may not be /our girl/ but she is a survivor

4227cd  No.4086404


I saw those useless idiot tweets and shake my head. God they’re going to hate life when everything’s transparent.

f7576f  No.4086405

File: de5012b01cc5e5d⋯.mp4 (5.07 MB, 640x360, 16:9, de5012b01cc5e5dbb044ffd83b….mp4)


I downloaded entire vid.

b9a4ef  No.4086406

File: e41421ab114eb1b⋯.png (233.24 KB, 425x364, 425:364, jimy.png)


What is 'jimmy'?

Why are "anons" talking about jimmy now?

Do "anons" seek to muddy the waters?

What is behind the curtain?

What is PURE EVIL?

What would put 99% in the hospital?

Why were encourage to PRAY?

What is an enemy "not of flesh and blood"?

WHY can't Q just say certain things?

Why must WE uncover ourselves?

Why is FREE WILL important?

Could technology be a vector for manifesting forms of consciousness that are beyond human comprehension?

Why are tech companies engaged in a frenzy over BIG DATA?

Why are tech companies in a frenzy of development of AI tech?

What is "jimmy"?

What is FAKE Q?

What is "ebot"?

Why are we [here]?

Who/what is our enemy?

a5ab04  No.4086407

File: bdee3c380e0bf47⋯.png (325.75 KB, 604x344, 151:86, obama.PNG)



5fc32f  No.4086408

File: bf810979ef6b86d⋯.png (261.45 KB, 508x345, 508:345, 2018-07-25_12-16-47 copy 4.png)

1cec7e  No.4086409


Hahaha, these are great…moar

7aaebc  No.4086410

File: 6a445586e6966fb⋯.gif (472.15 KB, 600x400, 3:2, newsweek.gif)


Connecting the Newsweek raid, a shady San Francisco-based "Christian" college, a bewildering network of Amazon-based resellers, and some very odd physical retail operations.

This smells like a money-laundering scheme.

fede87  No.4086411

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Bald and Bankrupt in a Crazy Indian Street Bar // Kingfeemer Time!

f41fbb  No.4086412

Rudy Giuliani @RudyGiuliani


Hysterical coverage of Cohen plea. It misses point that ,once again like Corsi leaked documents demonstrate, Mueller’s crew has no evidence of collusion. Along the way,however,he is keeping America safe from false statement makers or people with faulty memories or both.

0516b2  No.4086413

File: 79e9c0751791c60⋯.jpeg (68.97 KB, 602x438, 301:219, 08FD142D-84DE-4BE2-BA4F-7….jpeg)

File: ee8ba33adb3a0a7⋯.jpeg (109.03 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 992D3BA4-BDE2-4F2F-9AE2-9….jpeg)

File: a6bd0bf32f71889⋯.jpeg (142.78 KB, 510x660, 17:22, C7EE4A9F-8B23-40DC-AB35-9….jpeg)

File: a10fcf17fc16bc5⋯.jpeg (1012 KB, 2240x3000, 56:75, EC776DD5-30CD-4156-A1FF-F….jpeg)

File: f6a79d0faeb9a90⋯.jpeg (54.19 KB, 679x610, 679:610, 83038897-6F25-411C-8F45-2….jpeg)

8e3150  No.4086415

File: 544290679a965ea⋯.jpeg (43.43 KB, 480x352, 15:11, EF82B80F-0874-4E4A-B5FB-1….jpeg)

722bf9  No.4086416

File: 04d2b213c3ea0de⋯.jpg (77.8 KB, 960x768, 5:4, 04d2b213c3ea0dee1aca8172ae….jpg)


You're saying I just don't want to admit it? Kek

271a7e  No.4086417




Always [soon].

6cd7fd  No.4086418


Not elected yet Anon… that won't happen until Jan 19 lots of time to get a new leader if she strays to far off of the plantation

b6f70b  No.4086419


Kinda feel bad for folks that don't see the big picture. They see this and "OMG looks at that! Ugh!"

Anons are all, yeeah, that's our crew, just saving the world.

931ab7  No.4086420

File: 9b6e02821720315⋯.jpg (135.01 KB, 500x919, 500:919, 2nugha.jpg)

b6975f  No.4086421


o ya going to prison for what?

42c0e1  No.4086422

File: 5e226047a5b171d⋯.jpg (570.27 KB, 1200x979, 1200:979, WWg1WgA.jpg)


twatterfag link for spreading the love


6430b3  No.4086423

FBI raided the Clinton Foundation whistleblower?! What kind of bullshit is this?!

How are supposed to trust Wray and Huber when the FBI is raiding a person trying to expose the Clinton Foundation?!

ddb892  No.4086424


Put him jail like they've done to others until he complies.

e3159c  No.4086425


Gotta break ya down to buildja back up.

Think of Q as Basic Training.

0516b2  No.4086426

File: ac8acbb223cf296⋯.jpeg (306.91 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, 3FF872CE-0042-4CF3-BB41-2….jpeg)

File: dbfd02acf8e7517⋯.jpeg (99.33 KB, 640x478, 320:239, A759822A-ACFD-47F3-A651-5….jpeg)

3d0e39  No.4086427

File: cf3381d2bf651a1⋯.png (18.48 KB, 657x343, 657:343, ClipboardImage.png)

Macron Attacks President Trump’s America First Policies as ‘Detrimental’ to Global Allies

French President Emmanuel Macron has criticised U.S. President Donald Trump for prioritising national interests ahead of global ones, saying his policies “have been done to the detriment of his allies.”

President Macron made the comments during an interview on Thursday with Argentinian newspaper La Nacion ahead the G-20 meeting of leaders from the world’s leading industrialised and developing economies in Buenos Aires.

Macron outlined that though France and the U.S. are “historic” allies and doubts the “strategic relationship” between the two countries is in question, “certain recent decisions by the United States have been made against the interests of its allies.

“In these situations, I always clearly affirmed the French and European positions.

“It is in these times of crisis when it is necessary to defend our common values that rely on the multilateral model and cooperation.”

The French premier also criticised President Trump for threatening to raise tariffs on Chinese goods in the new year over what President Trump calls China’s “unfair” trade practices, claiming a “commercial war” between China and the U.S. would be “destructive to all.”

President Trump has been abiding by his campaign promises by withdrawing from the Paris climate accord, announcing the U.S. will reject the UN Migration Compact in efforts to cut migration and asylum numbers, and has continued to excoriate NATO allies who have failed to pay their share while the U.S. continues to provide defence for Europe.

President Trump and Macron have clashed in recent weeks over the Frenchman’s comments that the European Union needs its own army to defend against the United States, as well as condemning nationalism and praising globalism in clear rebuke of the patriotic U.S. president.

The French premier made another defence of globalism during the interview with La Nacion, claiming that the growing “nationalist phenomenon” is temporary, and is the result of the “anguish” expressed by the working and middle classes over globalisation “whose benefits they do not see.”

As an example of globalism in action, he described how the EU had become more united and was able to respond with one voice when it was allegedly “attacked” by the U.S. over trade, with American president saying in July that the EU was almost as bad as China — only smaller.

“When the EU was attacked by the U.S. trade measures, it reacted immediately, in a united way. This would not have happened a few years ago.”


a973e5  No.4086428


any weight gain or loss

3036fc  No.4086429

Has anyone mentioned the (who is) in below Q post might be related to the who is domain look up? Who is locked and loaded with a domain full of information?

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 11/29/18 (Thu) 06:01:45 ba2ad5 (2) No.4070722>>4070731

A picture is worth many sentences.

Has POTUS ever made a statement that hasn’t been proven to be correct (future)?

Think timing.

Think Senate lock.

Think SC lock.

Locked & (who is) Loaded.


00afc8  No.4086430

>>4085806 (pb) 1832 Rothschild loan to the Holy See


Kalmann Mayer Rothschild is sent to Naples, Italy. He goes on to do a great deal of business with the Vatican and Pope Gregory XVI subsequently confers upon him the Order of St. George.

Also, whenever the Pope receives Kalmann, he gives him his hand rather than the customary toe to kiss, which causes concern with regard to the extent of Kalmann Rothschild’s power over the Vatican.


The Rothschilds’ take over the financial operations of the Catholic Church, worldwide.


222c7d  No.4086431


Due, that's like Intro To Schilling 101 level schitt

Come on, you can do better than that!

2cfe2e  No.4086432


The battle between nationalism and globalism. Tusk thinks they've got Britain over a barrel.

b48c71  No.4086433


Signal is backdoored too, anon. The "super secret endorsed by Snowden" apps were honeypots.

1b5a14  No.4086434

File: a66e3ed0dc14eeb⋯.jpeg (785.12 KB, 933x628, 933:628, D9487323-4AC6-44C4-9E9C-8….jpeg)

File: 9e07d6c30760e5d⋯.jpeg (1.07 MB, 2980x4118, 1490:2059, D81CFFF9-12E4-4442-A3EB-2….jpeg)

File: f4f0ba6a836d19e⋯.jpeg (62.07 KB, 720x772, 180:193, 9C104F70-111A-4D49-AC33-E….jpeg)

File: 30fe63bf90c6987⋯.jpeg (146.92 KB, 612x767, 612:767, 8EA366A0-79D6-4BF6-A0A4-5….jpeg)


She is Larry King’s twin, separated at a cabal event, many years ago.

f41fbb  No.4086435

Clinton Whistleblower's Home Raided by FBI - Nothing to see here!

And you think Hillary feels good about that?

Trump's new head of the DOJ and his FBI Director signed off on that raid. Why?

3d0e39  No.4086436


he's projecting

8e6995  No.4086438


AFLB you get more lame every day lol

ffea50  No.4086439


someone needs to train the AI

why not gather the most autistic people on the planet and have the AI monitor and grow with every post

what the end use of said AI

lets just hope its designed as the oracle as compared to mr.smith

a973e5  No.4086440


really is tho

722bf9  No.4086441

File: f5b3654804d03ee⋯.png (685.85 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 33c8faf81333d4b04019ecc91b….png)


I..I'll pass. Why are you not innawoods?

1cec7e  No.4086442


>Remember the communist that flaunted his attitude and graduated W. Point?

Actually I think about that a lot. That picture of him rustled my jimmies pretty good. Still does.

I'd like to think MOAR are NOT comp'd and our MIL is strong. That's my hopium though.

1f3527  No.4086443

Dec= December >>4086389

[L]AS=Liddle Adam Schiff

Lest start with him

ddb892  No.4086444


>She is Larry King’s twin, separated at a cabal event, many years ago.

Hillary: Jews all look alike

663407  No.4086446


>The lefties are selling it as RBG shrinking away from sexual predator..fucking hilarious.

"She glances towards the bathroom has her morning prune juice kicks in…"

fe01f5  No.4086447


>Hahaha, these are great…moar


ae24f6  No.4086448

File: d96005c050e6d10⋯.jpg (3.06 MB, 3072x2200, 384:275, SC.jpg)

28840e  No.4086449


is he packin heat?

33e972  No.4086450


I wouldn't argue with you based on that pic, nor would I necessarily agree. They do seem to be everywhere in positions of power in the country. I don't get why this is such a big thing with the cabal, but it sure seems to be.

32121a  No.4086451


how about the grim reaper?

b9a4ef  No.4086452


We ought to stop the simplistic "our girl" "not our girl" framing. We aren't here to mindlessly engage with simplified understandings. We understand what is going on with Pelosi. Most of the people in power are pure politicians. They are not fighters for truth, they are actors on expedience. Pelosi is working for the right side, and that is great.

Our focus should be truth and justice.

We can cheer directly for those most certainly allied to our cause.

All the rest need draw no emotion from us.

The cause is what our emotion is tied to.

We know the external scene is both shifting and superficial.

We stay focused on the long-term goal and long-term plan, and then we can't be manipulated by shifting news items.

f520b1  No.4086453


Her parents Stephen and Joyce Groussman sell high priced jewelry and contribute to this organization.


3d0e39  No.4086454

File: a3ec1085a1f6ef5⋯.png (782.55 KB, 702x507, 18:13, ClipboardImage.png)

Leftist council ‘blocking’ major inquiry into child abuse by grooming gangs in Rochdale, UK

Rochdale Council has been accused of blocking a major child abuse inquiry, Politicalite revealed.

Campaigners from Parents Against Grooming, a grassroots organisation of parents who have been affected by the child grooming scandal in Rochdale have been consistently campaigning for a full inquiry into the role played in covering up abuse by Rochdale Borough Council – abuse which allegedly included victims who had been found dead “in mysterious circumstances.”

Earlier this year, the former Labour Leader of Rochdale Council, Richard Farnell, was heavily criticised by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) panel which said that his claim to have no knowledge of abuse allegations at Knowl View school and the Cambridge House hostel, between the early 1960s and mid-1990s “defied belief”.

The group thought they had found an ally in the Council’s Deputy Leader, Sara Rowbotham (Lab) who worked from 2003 to 2014 as Rochdale’s crisis intervention team coordinator and made hundreds of referrals to police which were dismissed.

Eventually, she persuaded the Greater Manchester Police to investigate the issue seriously and nine men were convicted in 2012 of abuse and the story became a powerful BBC documentary, Three Girls.

The struggle for a full inquiry to see that justice is done has however continued and Sara Rowbotham has found herself in an ideal position to bring about change. However, far from bringing about change, she has stood in its way.

In a recording obtained by Politicalite, Rowbotham is heard saying that she told another Labour Councillor, Jackie Beswick that children were being abused in her ward but Beswick did “fuck all” about it.

Concerning Lynne Brosnan (Labour Councillor Kingsway Ward), Rowbotham says that Brosanan said to her “We all knew about Cyril Smtih, we all knew about Cyril Smith everybody did”. Challenged on why she didn’t do anything and by her inaction being complicit in child abuse, Rowbotham replied “yeah and then and then they come out like ambulance chasers”.

Parents Against Grooming told Politicalite that they have comprehensive evidence of the cover-up and when they asked Rowbotham if she would stand by their side, she replied that she worried them taking the evidence to the media would make “engaging” with the council harder.

Billy Howarth, one campaigner said he was “heartbroken” by Sara Rowbotham’s stance “we thought we had found the one person in Rochdale council who had a genuine heart for Survious” he said.

Mainstream media outlets refuse to publish their story unless Rowbotham is present. They are calling for a full inquiry by the council or an independent body to expose the truth of what happened in Rochdale and plan to stand candidates in next years local elections targeting certain Labour councillors.

UKIP spokesman for Families and Children Alan Craig, told Politicalite: “Billy Howarth and Dan Wolstencroft have worked courageously on behalf of the many CSA survivors in Rochdale, yet they have been let down and dumped on by the Labour-run Council.”

“I’m delighted they’ve had the guts to publish the evidence of the betrayal and broken promises, Rochdale Council needs to be exposed for its deceitful practices and its lack of compassion for victims.”

Mr Craig added: ” We can’t wait for the local elections in May when UKIP aims to punish the Labour Party for its self-serving political corruption!”


5ebcf9  No.4086455


Doesn't that make everything they took admissible?

ff12cb  No.4086456

File: fd06a6944c95299⋯.jpg (176.68 KB, 684x684, 1:1, IMG_4013.JPG)

Who cares

It's a new ESchaton

2c0af6  No.4086457

File: faa32a21830a4a8⋯.png (626.32 KB, 661x700, 661:700, Lionel re POTUS Mueller 11….PNG)

File: ba688c481f48d49⋯.mp4 (148.94 KB, 400x246, 200:123, Video Lionel re POTUS Muel….mp4)


f7576f  No.4086458


Judge is a POTUS appointee. Don't be so sure.

931909  No.4086459


Avaya is a jew company based in Israel. Last I heard they were having big financial problems. That was enough of a reason to get work to drop their products for the huge upcoming refresh program and convert to cisco :)

13d9c6  No.4086461

File: 636a54edceca7f3⋯.jpeg (274.29 KB, 1242x803, 1242:803, 4AC725D7-B776-4AB7-A5DF-B….jpeg)

File: 06a0c344045224e⋯.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1242x1359, 138:151, 55C87DA8-23D8-42ED-B9A9-D….jpeg)

File: 474e80e02aaebc9⋯.jpeg (478.98 KB, 1242x1328, 621:664, 52FF9DEF-9B3A-4C59-B166-C….jpeg)

In US English - could what’s written on the boys T shirt suggest raping him?


9e1715  No.4086462

File: 188cc012d672735⋯.gif (16.66 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 84e030a75f73c74d18ff687670….gif)

File: 509c6b29dd966db⋯.png (11.89 KB, 255x217, 255:217, 805d709614f344a2213c5812fa….png)

File: 877069a9fe6a1c9⋯.png (4.78 KB, 255x50, 51:10, d7e5bacd57e4851aeb778a164d….png)









And there goes the spambot again, together with the support shills/bots. Didnt have a muhjew wave in a long time.

1b4d52  No.4086463

File: a835f1f536f0f96⋯.gif (39.04 KB, 216x330, 36:55, Moonchild.gif)


Moonchild by Aleister Crowley

d3ec83  No.4086464


I read that part as:

Senate lock- with the Republican majority

SC lock - with Kavanaugh

locked (the two mentioned) but the House is democrat loaded with stolen elections- and the house will fall

a8541c  No.4086465


The guy is officially protected whistleblower

He turned originals already

Illegal unnecessary


The fact that it was signed by supposedly ourguys is very unsettling

222c7d  No.4086467


>San Francisco-based "Christian" college

Yeah, OC has a school called California Baptist

Baptists in Cali???

Gotta be a GlowFaggot institution of some kind…

1ad3a5  No.4086468


That's a really good example. I'm still scratching my head over Milano's husband, David Bugliari. He just burst into LA as an agent at Creative Artists Agency (CAA). His father was a soccer coach at the Pingry School, which recently came clean on sexual abuse when victims from the '70's came forward.

977a94  No.4086469


At this point I think TRUMP is just fucking with everyone. He is waiting until even his most ardent supporters start to doubt then he will move. When Q and FLOTUS come out against him then he will attack.

e3159c  No.4086470


ebot! you're finally here.

Thank egod.

d35f13  No.4086471


My dad works at nist

He explaines the govt to me this way

There is no unified fbi

Or any agency

Different factions people beliefs

White hat and black hat factions

a05bb8  No.4086472

File: 551ec284df3e894⋯.png (55.57 KB, 627x637, 627:637, dershowitz.PNG)


f41fbb  No.4086473

>>4086465 or you are a RETARDIST ! I think that is a much better option KTNXBYE

b48c71  No.4086474


>And how pizzagate connects to some historical aspects of judaism.

You just figured this out anon?

Everything goes back to the JQ. Everything.

a5ab04  No.4086475

The infamous "bringing a hockey puck to a gunfight"

ffea50  No.4086476


thats funny as fuk needs to be a global notable


0516b2  No.4086477

File: 1f42c1ef4eea94b⋯.jpeg (133.91 KB, 800x1064, 100:133, 7592B233-3306-4150-B206-5….jpeg)

File: 204e43324a92cea⋯.png (3.12 MB, 1125x1341, 125:149, 4A24EFC3-8F2B-4AEE-9FE6-A0….png)

File: f6e07c2ffede4d9⋯.jpeg (65.02 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 17015375-679E-4744-9E09-E….jpeg)

File: 8129435a18a3a5a⋯.jpeg (35.62 KB, 352x550, 16:25, 0D04AF92-BE75-4641-B145-B….jpeg)


3d0e39  No.4086478

File: 4ab96427264a1dc⋯.png (74.98 KB, 587x884, 587:884, ClipboardImage.png)

File: aa1afcb4cc46bc1⋯.png (74.53 KB, 559x889, 559:889, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4d4e13b13f60fdf⋯.png (8.89 KB, 545x137, 545:137, ClipboardImage.png)

Grewal's New Rules: NJ Sheriffs Can No Longer Hold Immigrants Charged With Crimes For ICE

New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal on Thursday ordered county sheriffs to ignore ICE detainers if a local judge orders the release of a suspected illegal immigrant who’s been charged with a crime.

Grewal also prohibited police and jail operators from holding a detainee arrested for a minor crime “past the time he or she would otherwise be released from custody simply because ICE has submitted an immigration detainer.”

Not only that, he forbade them from even notifying ICE of their release.

“With respect to detainees charged with violent or serious offenses – such as murder, rape, arson, assault, bias crimes, and domestic violence offenses – New Jersey law enforcement and correction officials may notify ICE of the detainee’s upcoming release,” Grewal added, “but [they] may continue to detain the individual only until 11:59 p.m. that day.”

The attorney general said he was also forbidding sheriffs and other law enforcement agencies “from providing U.S. immigration authorities with access to a detained individual for an interview, unless the individual signs a written consent form that explains the purpose of the interview, that the individual may decline the interview, and that he or she may have legal counsel present.”

The new rules – delivered Thursday by Grewal at the railroad concourse at Liberty State Park in Jersey City – were part of a sweeping directive to all local, county and state police agencies to steer as clear as possible of federal immigration enforcement.

The rules – which officially will be put into effect in four months – are “designed to strengthen trust between New Jersey law enforcement officers and the state’s diverse immigrant communities,” the attorney general said.

“Today’s directive is intended to draw a clear line between the responsibility of New Jersey’s 36,000 law enforcement officers to enforce state criminal laws and the responsibility of federal immigration authorities to enforce federal civil immigration law,” said Grewal, a former Bergen County prosecutor who lives in Glen Rock.

“[It] applies to all state, county and local law enforcement agencies, including police, prosecutors, county detectives, sheriff’s officers, and correction officers, and seeks to ensure that immigrants feel safe reporting crimes to New Jersey law enforcement officers,” he said.

Known as the “Immigrant Trust Directive,” the order says that New Jersey’s law enforcement officers, except in certain circumstances cannot:


ceb4f5  No.4086479


Maybe because I'm not shilling? For once I'm actually trying to be dead serious. I know how statements like what I made are viewed around here. The fucking deep state is relentless and Trunp is running out of ways to keep them at bay. I want to see these fucks dead as much as anybody but we are losing the war. Other than the anons here I haven't met anyone who cares about the FISA release. This will not end well.

00afc8  No.4086480


Fake news. Psychological warfare is cheap. The closet monsters are never as big as they appear in your imagination. What I see is cornered rats hissing (muller's gangsters) and threatening (ukraine ff).

08277c  No.4086481

File: 2ac9e53c35f365a⋯.jpeg (171.16 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 968EC3F9-D229-420E-A35A-8….jpeg)

b348ff  No.4086482


Thanks for the tip mate.

a8541c  No.4086483


You have a better explanation wise anon

Enlighten pls

7798af  No.4086484

Strong Quake of 6.7 Magnitude Rocks Alaska's Largest City - USGS


f8926d  No.4086485


Trump staff look at Abe, but where do Abe staff look?

Sarah's sexy legs and the super-short skirt?


6292b5  No.4086486



Huge quake in Alaska

May want to let them know you felt something.

8e6995  No.4086487


God made man and woman in his image, created He them.

Satan is a hermaphrodite. The Cabal is an entirety of trying to undo God. Whether you believe or not is not important- they do

1b4d52  No.4086488

File: 45c4df04dd4eb7d⋯.jpg (20.8 KB, 480x240, 2:1, hbz-kate-middleton-rosemar….jpg)

File: 79ae8b6b6c36467⋯.jpg (83.45 KB, 720x405, 16:9, lead_720_405.jpg)

Also watch for the PETER PAN COLLAR


ff12cb  No.4086489

File: e1f21015235910a⋯.jpeg (9.2 KB, 255x199, 255:199, B311F9F5-09A0-47EB-A1B2-0….jpeg)

May the space cows of thule be launched from a significant altitude so the way spread their arms and catch the flow

efb2c9  No.4086490

File: 775584b80850293⋯.jpeg (470.59 KB, 1079x715, 83:55, 6F91527A-0558-4190-9D90-3….jpeg)

7e77ac  No.4086491


E-bot-dude, where can I find the whole graphic without the mask pic?

90f9c9  No.4086492

>>4085216 5199

Worst outbreak you say. DWB said that they had it contained and would pull out not too long back.



INTERNATIONALJuly 02, 2018 - 03:19 PM EDTDoctors Without Borders to pull out of Congo as Ebola scare wanesBY REID WILSON188TWEET SHARE MORE

Doctors Without Borders will end its involvement in the international response to an outbreak of the Ebola virus in the heart of Africa later this month, a sign that public health officials believe the outbreak has been largely contained.

Doctors Without Borders, also called Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), had been tasked with operating treatment facilities in four towns in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) where patients tested positive for the Ebola virus. The group cared for 38 patients, 24 of whom survived.

MSF began winding down its involvement in the Congolese outbreak late last month, handing over operation of Ebola wards in the towns of Itipo and Bikoro to Congo’s Ministry of Health. 

b9a4ef  No.4086493

File: da94b943ff56400⋯.jpg (292.12 KB, 604x552, 151:138, precipice.jpg)

File: bd3758f9f2ac2cf⋯.png (831.72 KB, 643x785, 643:785, BoardJesus.png)


We have abundant evidence what the AI is being used for.

What unites the elites?

What makes podestas so powerful?

What is behind the curtain?

What would put 99% in the hospital?

What does the evidence we have tell us about what AI is being used for?

What happened to the COUNTLESS TRILLIONS of dollars DoD "lost"?

Why are we [here]?

What if technology allows things far beyond our common imagination would dream of?

What lies behind the curtain?

Why are we [here]?

To fight? To fight WHAT?

080c48  No.4086494


Won't be long until he's on a leash, Brown started out the same way (talking trash) and now he's choking on his own crap!

f49574  No.4086495

File: f8192f89631f942⋯.jpg (77.65 KB, 747x386, 747:386, activates.jpg)

8bdd88  No.4086496



6430b3  No.4086497


But aren't documents provided by a whistleblower already admissible? I'm not understanding why

734192  No.4086498

File: 14d431ed863a60d⋯.jpg (178.26 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 1542669276870.jpg)


Showbiz Pizza. Yes, I'm actually that fucking old.

dd22ae  No.4086499


he's the only one looking at the camera???

737c6e  No.4086500

File: 2811ba8f954238d⋯.jpg (315.15 KB, 1333x843, 1333:843, Merry Qristmas.jpg)



but but you spam the board

Every. Fucking. Day

So who cares what you think?

a05bb8  No.4086501


forgot to comment is dershowitz attacking mueller and defending POTUS due to his numerous trips to epstein island hanging over his head?

b48c71  No.4086502


More like satanic reversal than projection.

Essentially anything Snowden says, do the opposite.

fc066e  No.4086503


I bet they are especially sad knowing that Trump decided not to build the wall and there is more illegal immigration today than the day one of the subhumans murdered their daughter.

5d5ad4  No.4086504


Just a Band of Anons

And the military

SAVIORS of Western Civilization!

0451f3  No.4086505

Just confirming: no msm sauce that Chicago city hall raid was for tax attorney, right? This is spin, right, to hide Chi-town swamp-drain raid, yeah? Or is there sauce?

1b5a14  No.4086506


Maybe they are looking for something that’s been talked about but hasn’t been revealed yet. More video tapes?

32121a  No.4086507

File: 6bb56d9eb520714⋯.png (414.46 KB, 963x506, 963:506, interdasting.png)

ceb4f5  No.4086508


That might be a stretch waiting for Q and FLOTUS to turn on him. But hey I hope you are right. I'll enjoy the show.

7581a0  No.4086509


I believe POTUS is loaded…..loaded for bear!

Otherwise, LL Loretta Lynch has turned government witness.

a8541c  No.4086510


He already turned them in before

The theory of legally obtained doesnt stand

5c366f  No.4086511

File: ffe2d0920a10d32⋯.jpg (38.42 KB, 540x400, 27:20, nap.jpg)

File: 40d47174a9d0f6e⋯.jpg (25.15 KB, 534x401, 534:401, reno.jpg)

1cec7e  No.4086512


Yeah, one photo had someone served up like a turkey, and a family sitting around it.

Tarantino film

2d0c95  No.4086513

File: f74b4d1a7544ec0⋯.jpeg (219.85 KB, 1242x1744, 621:872, oneeyeleopayseur.jpeg)

File: e538e8f877523e6⋯.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1242x1789, 1242:1789, oneeyepayseur6.jpeg)

File: b72a3562e5838bc⋯.jpg (147.74 KB, 960x814, 480:407, oneeye.jpg)



One-eye dudes are flat earthers since they are blind in one eye and can't see depth?

That's for the slaves.

So is Payseur not the top dog everyone thinks?

42c0e1  No.4086514

File: 30dc0c73db40267⋯.jpg (101.07 KB, 800x450, 16:9, DP_-_55.jpg)

9be22d  No.4086515

I'm having update and viewing pics problems.

Anyone else?

08277c  No.4086516


NJ has been letting blacks get away with anything…..Judges in NJ are complete scum….NJ is the worlds biggest commie ghetto

3d0e39  No.4086517

File: cfdce1b2c3432f5⋯.png (215.45 KB, 714x873, 238:291, ClipboardImage.png)

The Nuclear Lies of NATO’s Jens Stoltenberg. Brand New “Precision Guidance” Nukes Deployed All Over Europe

“Russian missiles are a danger” – the alarm was sounded by the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, in an interview with Maurizio Caprara published in the Corriere della Sera*, three days before the “incident” in the Sea of Azov which added fuel to the already incandescent tension with Russia. “There are no new missiles in Europe. But there are Russian missiles, yes”, began Stoltenberg, ignoring two facts.

First: as from March 2020, the United States will begin to deploy in Italy, Germany, Belgium, and Holland (where B-61 nuclear bombs are already based), and probably also in other European countries, the first nuclear bomb with precision guidance in their arsenal, the B61-12. Its function is primarily anti-Russian. This new bomb is designed with penetrating capacity, enabling it to explode underground in order to destroy the central command bunkers with its first strike. How would the United States react if Russia deployed nuclear bombs in Mexico, right next to their territory? Since Italy and the other countries, violating the non-proliferation Treaty, are allowing the USA to use its bases, as well as its pilots and planes, for the deployment of nuclear weapons, Europe will be exposed to a greater risk as the first line of the growing confrontation with Russia.

Second: a new US missile system was installed in Romania in 2016, and another similar system is currently being built in Poland. The same missile system is installed on four warships which, based by the US Navy in the Spanish port of Rota, sail the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea close to Russian territory. The land-based installations, like the ships, are equipped with Lockheed Martin Mk41 vertical launchers, which – as specified by the manufacturer himself – are able to launch “missiles for all missions: either SM-3’s as defence against ballistic missiles, or long-range Tomahawks to attack land-based objective”. The latter can also be loaded with a nuclear warhead. Since it is unable to check which missiles are actually loaded into the launchers parked at the frontier with Russia, Moscow supposes that there are also nuclear attack missiles, in violation of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, which forbids the installation of intermediate- and short-range missiles on land bases.


17bedc  No.4086518

File: 840eb0fa602b2b2⋯.jpg (182.88 KB, 780x597, 260:199, 89074_246_map.jpg)

File: 79b3bc7ccba995f⋯.jpg (207.72 KB, 475x850, 19:34, 89074_246_art.jpg)

Didn't see this in qresearch board search, overheard people talking about it today.

222c7d  No.4086519


Much better

You're now ready for 201-How-to-Schill-with-Authenticity

1b4d52  No.4086520

Many men have contributed to the research of trauma-based mind control. The men who learned how to torture during the ancient Babylonian days, during the Roman days and during the Medieval days passed their secrets to the rulers of the secret Mystery Religions. Some of the 13 Illuminati bloodlines trace their history back to the ancient times of Babylon. Because the programmers are driven by the spirit-world, they are very jealous and competitive towards each other. It is a dog-eat-dog world amongst them. The demonic forces within in them are in competition too. Yes, the programmers have had their friction, their jealousies & power struggles with each other. Some of these inner battles have been fought with and over their mind-controlled slaves. When two programmers work on a single slave, they might both put in their own secret back doors to insure that the slave remains loyal to himself rather than other programmer.

b9a4ef  No.4086521

File: 7f3839cb4bb2cd9⋯.png (200.92 KB, 717x428, 717:428, shitbot.png)

File: c92dbc3a7a07fd6⋯.jpeg (345.83 KB, 1440x912, 30:19, ewii.jpeg)

File: 61350faaaa79e7d⋯.png (568.21 KB, 1332x2268, 37:63, are-anons-paying-attention.png)


WHAT is "ebot"?

WHY is it DEFENDED by "BO"?

We ARE [here] for a reason– has the reason been given?

Why must WE uncover that answer?

What is "ebot"? What is "jimmy"?

What is FAKE Q? What is the "BO" of this board?

WHY are we [here]?

6cb8c0  No.4086522


it looks like she is dropping a deuce in her depends.

6cd7fd  No.4086523


cry me a river fuck face. If I had my way the US military would move to eastern Europe and if Putin said he wanted to take German and France I'd give him an escort

2c0af6  No.4086524

File: f47e369968db1f2⋯.png (659.31 KB, 636x804, 53:67, Scavino45 11-30-18 9 43 am….PNG)

File: 443bf3d276c0d71⋯.png (1.34 MB, 937x766, 937:766, Scavino45 11-30-18 9 43 am….PNG)


e3159c  No.4086525

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ceb4f5  No.4086526


Dick or get the fuck out. So just get the fuck out. FTFY

87f61d  No.4086527


I think it's not Tarantino but his buddy, the guy who played the bear Jew.

ff12cb  No.4086528

File: b7cdda2d0a8a2a7⋯.jpeg (53.78 KB, 800x497, 800:497, 77826712-C7AD-490E-B1EE-2….jpeg)

File: 3a8c21ecca862cd⋯.jpeg (28.9 KB, 457x300, 457:300, F5BC7F90-A7B4-473C-B301-B….jpeg)


Doge says to believe in trust


Trust space boobs


Spread those arms out


Run out that bomber door as fast as (you) can

90f9c9  No.4086529

>>4085290 5199

Older but related


The Pentagon is investigating whether the main food and water supplier to U.S. forces in Afghanistan illegally moved provisions bound for U.S. service members through an Iranian port, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Anham FZCO was awarded a contract by the United States Defense Logistics Agency in the summer of 2012 — worth an estimated $8.1 billion — to provide food, water, and produce to American forces throughout Afghanistan.

According to the Journal, Anham shipped equipment it needed to establish the infrastructure for its food supply system in Afghanistan — steel, tractors, and refrigeration panels — through the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas.

After Journal inquiries, the company notified U.S. government authorities that some supplies had been moved by its foreign subcontractors through Iran and that it was trying to determine what had happened.

While Iran is the least expensive and most straightforward route for moving supplies into Afghanistan, U.S. law prohibits conducting business with Iran as a way to pressure that country into curbing enrichment of uranium which the United States and its allies believe is part of Teheran’s push for nuclear weapons.

Two Republican senators, Mark Kirk of Illinois and New Hampshire’s Kelly Ayotte had called on the Pentagon’s Inspector General to probe whether Anham had done business with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard which has economic control over the Bandar Abbas port, according to the Journal.

a5ab04  No.4086530

File: 8ab09c8667d8fd5⋯.png (878.89 KB, 642x912, 107:152, maypole.PNG)



Signal Sent…???

931ab7  No.4086531

File: b4d138b1c828af5⋯.png (916.96 KB, 1209x860, 1209:860, a9e2ed8ff4fd1cff59f2678e67….png)

6f8c25  No.4086532

File: d46b7eb6577044a⋯.gif (1.08 MB, 352x200, 44:25, 5A9B9C90-AD26-421E-BA04-74….gif)

e930b5  No.4086533


She was a teenager, man. Are you suggesting the pizza parlor was into pedo shit and she knew it?

3d0e39  No.4086534

New Israel Supreme Court ruling gives further backing to use of torture

Israeli security agency Shin Bet admitted to the use of torture on Palestinian prisoner Fares Tbeish, but claimed the actions were necessary; Israel’s Supreme Court ruled that the “enhanced interrogation” methods were acceptable. This is the second such ruling in the last 12 months. A number of human rights groups have documented “routine use of torture” by Israeli forces, although the practice is against international law.

from Middle East Monitor

The Israeli Supreme Court has been accused of providing further backing to the torture of Palestinians by Israeli forces, following the rejection on Monday of a case brought by a Palestinian prisoner and Israeli human rights group.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the court – sitting as the High Court of Justice – ruled that the torture used on Fares Tbeish by Shin Bet agents in September 2012 was not illegal, classifying the methods used as permitted “enhanced interrogation”.

Tbeish’s lawyers from the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI) said that Shin Bet agents subjected the prisoner to torture, including the so-called “banana” position, repeated beatings and threats.

Palestinian, Israeli and international human rights groups have long documented cases of routine use of torture by Israeli forces.

In this case, the Post reported, although the Justice Ministry’s special investigator of torture allegations against the Shin Bet, Jana Modgavrishvili, found that the abuse meted out to Tbeish had caused the prisoner to vomit, “both she and the court said the interrogation was legal”.

In December 2017, the Supreme Court issued a similar decision – in both cases, the Shin Bet admitted using methods classified internationally as torture, but defended their use.

Itamar Mann, an Israeli legal scholar, described the latest ruling as “probably the most permissive as of yet in terms of accepting physical abuse as a legitimate method of interrogation in national security cases”.

According to Mann, the court’s judgement means that “anyone who is (1) part of a designated terrorist organization (such as Hamas); and (2) is involved in armed activity, may be subject to ‘special methods’ [i.e. torture] if (3) no other way to obtain crucial information is available”.

Mann described the ruling as “a very bitter read”, adding: “It is as if the court is telling us that it is cute that we thought there was a firm prohibition on torture, but that we should have known: that was never the case.”

“Ultimately, we will need to become much stronger in the demand to close down the military justice system in awful facilities such as ‘Ofer’ – this is an apartheid system that cannot be salvaged. Torture is only one of its aspects,” he concluded.


0516b2  No.4086535

File: 68face22e91d643⋯.png (1.97 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 9AA5AD1C-C2E4-44FF-80E6-1E….png)

File: 4ac6d58ebb63539⋯.jpeg (78.49 KB, 425x600, 17:24, 49C7D30A-5D19-4FF0-BEB1-0….jpeg)

File: 4f9b7053671dddd⋯.png (325.69 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, B6226C9D-079B-4C38-A65E-E5….png)

File: 906d9a1ad004f8a⋯.jpeg (59.59 KB, 618x410, 309:205, 67EA490B-2E25-4D8D-AB7B-D….jpeg)

File: a26c18fa61dbcda⋯.jpeg (214.53 KB, 848x852, 212:213, 9CCD7D9D-FE09-4B53-AF45-2….jpeg)

a265b8  No.4086536


ty anon good watch guess could try share this one not sure how dang

ffea50  No.4086537


global news had trumps former tax lawyer arrested on my morning news

if thats what your refering to

33e972  No.4086538

File: 775027acf8332c8⋯.jpg (529.16 KB, 552x1015, 552:1015, RBG_I_know.jpg)

ff12cb  No.4086539

File: 7bd2e657f586663⋯.jpg (95.82 KB, 853x476, 853:476, 24B4170E-2CA7-4B5F-A9D4-E2….jpg)


Doge knew the flying tarsus conspiracy first

292c6b  No.4086540



I have no idea whether the majority of the posts are fake. However, I have to wonder if the intent to determine what's true or is it to prop up a comforting fantasy? If it's the latter, as notables seems to indicate, the "notables are not endorsements" statement should be removed.

I encourage truth-seeking anons to explore their own motivation but paying attention to whether you actually consider dissenting opinions or info. Truth can't be determined in an environment where scrutiny is discouraged or not allowed. So what is it that you want? Truth or a warm blanket? I hope we get both but we have to accept reality on its own terms.

I love every patriot on here, but if you're not at least skeptical after a year of non-happenings, you're either a moron or your goal is not to seek truth.

8e3150  No.4086541

File: 60a99329aee4fdc⋯.jpeg (1.94 MB, 3072x2200, 384:275, A4AFE64C-7138-451C-BD72-8….jpeg)

222c7d  No.4086542


>The closet monsters are never as big as they appear in your imagination

But in the last 2 days we learned here that

If you want to live then No Vaping if you're getting a Tattoo!

734192  No.4086543


Senate and SC are both locked and loaded. The dems aren't, and my interpretation is that Q is pointing that out by saying "Who is Locked and Loaded? We are." Just a guess, though.

b348ff  No.4086545

File: a52822461de6470⋯.jpg (185.91 KB, 844x667, 844:667, Welcome_rabbi.JPG)

File: 3e34f6ff75a136c⋯.png (402.2 KB, 640x951, 640:951, ISIS_mossad.png)

File: ed7c2d6d471240f⋯.png (1.63 MB, 2200x890, 220:89, ISIS_Israel_big.png)

File: 674c17229b9a2a2⋯.png (288.95 KB, 851x644, 37:28, IDF_armed_ISIS_archive.PNG)

File: 8205ee64070229d⋯.jpg (284.86 KB, 1121x1002, 1121:1002, ISIS_In_The_West.jpg)


If you’re making criticism of Israel equal to shilling and dividing, you’re part of the traitor Israel first Psyop. Read BO’s post about your activities here, Israel first traitor: >>3842120 ; >>3866750

Reminder that Israel supports ISIS.

ceb4f5  No.4086546


You dont have anything worth saying do you? Didn't think so. Just shit post. Faggots gonna fag.

6430b3  No.4086547


Right, why's he fighting it? I thought he was an honest guy who wanted to do right? If he's got nothing to hide and wants to get to the truth then he's got nothing to worry about. That's the standard he holds POTUS too,

00afc8  No.4086548

File: e5540d4d4f5bae2⋯.jpg (85.78 KB, 511x599, 511:599, e5540d4d4f5bae22415816b5b7….jpg)


RBGolem didn't even make it to Kavanaugh's witch hunt. If that psycho isn't already on ice she's as good as dead. Stand ins are enemy agents and will be treated as such when they lose… again.

5 to 3.

53fffe  No.4086549


Never give up!

e9e718  No.4086550

File: 39bd48bf6b60b4b⋯.gif (4.06 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 5871562bf0310456c24641aae5….gif)

f41fbb  No.4086551

Breaking911 @breaking9111


BREAKING: Tsunami Warning for coastal areas of Cook Inlet and southern Kenai Peninsula in Alaska after powerful prelim. magnitude 7.2 earthquake hits near Anchorage - NBC

3d0e39  No.4086552

EU ‘to extend sanctions’ against Russia in December

The European Union will extend its existing economic sanctions on Russia next month, European Council President Donald Tusk said on Friday. Tusk will chair a summit of EU leaders on December 13-14, which is due to roll over the bloc’s measures against Russia’s defense, energy and banking sectors for another year over “Moscow’s role” in Ukraine. “Europe is united in its support to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. This is why I am sure that the EU will roll over the sanctions against Russia in December,” Tusk told reporters in Argentina, where the leaders of the world’s 20 biggest economies were meeting. Tusk described Russia’s “use of force” against the Ukrainian Navy vessels as “totally unacceptable.” The EU first slapped sanctions on Russia over Ukraine in 2014.


a8541c  No.4086553


Not the tax filing lawyer

The one who worked on tax cuts

80faac  No.4086554

File: 3ada98a2b7ca36b⋯.jpg (80.83 KB, 720x540, 4:3, WillRogersElectricRence.jpg)



leads to



A man who carries a cat by the tail will learn a lesson he can learn in no other way ~ Twain

If a man carries a cat by the tail who am I to interrupt his education or spoil my amusement? ~ Anon

fede87  No.4086555




1 minute ago


BREAKING: Tsunami Warning for coastal areas of Cook Inlet and southern Kenai Peninsula in Alaska after powerful prelim. magnitude 7.2 earthquake hits near Anchorage - NBC

c7d847  No.4086556

WH reporting on FOX that Trump and MBS bumped into each other and "exchanged pleasantries"

515d21  No.4086557

File: 54f96a52f54a54c⋯.png (662.82 KB, 808x956, 202:239, ClipboardImage.png)

For Michael

ff12cb  No.4086558

File: 377d70b08c2369a⋯.jpg (67.92 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, IMG_3943.JPG)


Dogs sez

"Free corn doges for flyers"

Doge trusts conspiracy

90f9c9  No.4086559


A little more…related ties to politicians


In June 2011, the Defense Department’s Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR) released a scathing report on a defense contracting company called Anham. The title of the report and its conclusion were the same: “Poor Government Oversight of Anham and Its Subcontracting Procedures Allowed Questionable Costs To Go Undetected.”

Dubai-based Anham and its “affiliated” subcontractors were awarded a $119 million contract in 2007 to provide materials to the Iraqi Security Forces. The DOD review analyzed Anham’s business practices for contracts representing 40 percent of its award, or $40 million taxpayer dollars and found problems and irregularities in Anham’s estimating and billing, sub-contractor relationships, and delivery confirmations.

The report recommended that the Office of the Secretary of Defense further monitor and review much of Anham’s contracting activity in Iraq and Afghanistan.

So how did Anham then go on to win an $8 billion multi-year contract in Afghanistan which allowed it to illegally ship supplies through two Iranian border crossings and a seaport controlled by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard?

Mr. Farouki is a successful entrepreneur with demonstrable fealty to the Democratic Party. His wife and children also support liberal politicians. One need only follow their wallets to arrive at this conclusion.

Personally, and through his businesses, Mr. Farouki has been donating to Democrats since the mid-1990s. During the 2004 Democratic primaries, he financially supported both John Kerry and John Edwards. In 2000, he gave at least $67,000 to the Democratic National Committee, while Mrs. Farouki making a small donation to the Bush campaign, presumably to hedge their bets.

The Faroukis are a longtime donors to California Senator Dianne Feinstein, their neighbor in Aspen, current member of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, chairman and ranking member of the Senate Military Construction and Appropriations Committee for many years. Feinstein has attracted wide criticism when defense contracting companies affiliated with her husband received favorable status in contract awards. They have also been generous to Virginia Congressman Jim Moran, whose election bids have been fraught with illegal donations from contractors, and who serves on the House Defense Appropriations Committee.

Obama For America benefitted from Farouki generosity with multiple contributions made in 2008 — before Anham was awarded another $8 billion from the administration after his fraudulent business practices became a matter of public record.

The family’s closest affiliation is with the Clintons. Between 1995 and 2008, Farouki family members — including two associated with the same UniTrans International, under scrutiny for the Iran transshipment — made at least 19 donations to Clinton-associated campaigns. Since 2005, Farouki has participated in The Clinton Global Initiative, and during his presidency, Bill Clinton appointed him to the prestigious advisory board for Washington’s Kennedy Center.

c4ed69  No.4086560

File: 88bfbb43bf5fafa⋯.png (294.49 KB, 601x573, 601:573, twitter_com_n4hpg_status_1….png)


ffea50  No.4086561


then i not knowing

2d0c95  No.4086562

File: c65c5aadebf6173⋯.jpg (186.06 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, rothscildparty.jpg)

File: cbc441f9b355dbd⋯.png (433.4 KB, 535x401, 535:401, goldheaddressrothschild.png)


yep but there's another one that just surfaced.

Not Tarantino

Anons were trying to match the curtains with the '70's estate[s] of the Rothschild's.

The Tarantino movie shoot - if that's indeed what it was; how would that connect to @Jack?

47e304  No.4086563

File: 542376b7f5c38ae⋯.png (360.88 KB, 605x515, 121:103, ClipboardImage.png)

Major Point of POTUS's G-20 Speech:

As part of our agreement, the United States will be able to lock in our market access to Canada and Mexico and greatly expand our agricultural exports, something we have been wanting to do for many years.

This is an amazing deal for our farmers and It also allows them to use cutting-edge bio-technology and eliminates non-scientific barriers.

Our nations have also agreed to inovate new measures to ensure fair competition and promote high wages and higher wagers for U.S. and American auto workers. The auto workers are a tremendous beneficiary.

Under the USMCA, at least 75% of our automobiles content must be manufactured in North America and 40-45% of automobile content must be manufactured by North American high wage labor in order to gain preferential access to our markets.

This will help stop auto jobs from going overseas and will bring back auto jobs that have already left. Many, many jobs are already planning to come back. Many companies are coming back.

This landmark agreement includes Intellectual Property protection that will be the envy of nations all around the world.

The USMCA also contains robust new provisions on digital trade and financial services and the most ambitious environmental and labor protections ever placed into a major trade agreement anywhere at any time.

We have dramatically raised standards for combatting unfair trade practices, confronting massive subsidies for state-owned enterprises; and, currently, if you look at it, currency manipulation that hurt workers in all three of our countries. The currency manipulation from some countries is so intense, so bad and it would hurt Mexico, Canada, and the United States badly. We have covered it very well in this agreement.

These new provisions will benefit labor, technology and development in each of our nations leading to much greater growth and opportunity throughout our countries and across North America.

This is an agreement that, first and foremost, benefits working people, something of great importance to all three of us here today.


42c0e1  No.4086565

File: fdb4f29ba3bd857⋯.png (146.54 KB, 1016x775, 1016:775, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7f617879c4c648f⋯.png (111.71 KB, 1199x871, 1199:871, ClipboardImage.png)



Probably larger than reported.

e3159c  No.4086566

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c8caba  No.4086567

File: 1775aa898ad70a5⋯.mp4 (3.82 MB, 360x638, 180:319, The-Plan.mp4)

Women reveals details about a plan that will enable anybody to earn $1,000’s and be financially secure….

222c7d  No.4086568


Beats the hell out of your Big Pussy lifestyle

b9a4ef  No.4086569

File: c4ce7977efffc15⋯.png (335.19 KB, 1001x976, 1001:976, TFL.png)

File: f1e43ed28129c46⋯.png (489.39 KB, 670x733, 670:733, shifffppening.png)

Why is FAKE anti-semitism pushed SO HARD [here]?

Has Q directly refuted it, time and again?

And yet it keeps getting pushed?

WHY are we [here]?

Was 4chan regarded as a threat?

Did 4chan emerge as a locus of organic activism and dissent?

Would control be sought?

Were the means available?

Is 4chan controlled?


Does much of what we see [here] appear almost IDENTICAL to /pol/?


Is it organic?

IF this board is almost completely controlled, then WHY are we [here]?

There IS a reason– what is it?

Do patriots FIGHT?

Or do patriots passively accept corrupt authority?

Why are we [here]?

0451f3  No.4086570


The one with offices in chicago city hall?

f73f94  No.4086571

>Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal on Thursday ordered county sheriffs


Could this set the precedent for Federal Marshals to step in?

Federal Marshals are the national equivalent to a county/state sheriff or deputy.

Impeding ICE is impeding the mitigation of our National Emergency.

They do not answer to state attorney generals. They will answer to Whitaker :)

There are two federal equivalents of the sheriff; the first is the United States Marshals Service, an agency of the Department of Justice. There are 94 United States Marshals, one for each federal judicial district. The U.S. Marshal and his or her Deputy Marshals are responsible for the transport of prisoners and security for the United States district courts, and also issue and enforce certain civil processes.


db0207  No.4086572

File: fa3c938253a3998⋯.jpg (113.8 KB, 1200x580, 60:29, Screen_Shot_2018_10_24_at_….jpg)


Yep. Looks like we're in for a good Fight!

This will tell the Tale!

3d0e39  No.4086573

Ukraine Bans Entry Of Russian Men Aged 16-60, Postpones Local Elections In 10 Regions

On November 30th, the head of the Ukrainian border service Petro Tsygykal announced that Ukraine bans entry for all Russian men aged 16-60.

“Today, the entry of foreigners is limited – primarily citizens of the Russian Federation – non-admission of citizens of the Russian Federation aged from 16 to 60, male,” Tsygykal said. Who these other foreigners are was unspecified, more than likely because there aren’t any others.

The Ukrainian move is a clear and obvious discrimination, which appears to be completely disregarded by Ukraine’s partners in the face of the US, EU and the UN, who are generally quite vocal regarding human rights violations. Thus, a government that is discriminating individuals based on their origin is being supported by the Washington-led establishment because it forwards the narrative of “Russian aggression.”

An interesting fact, that mainstream media outlets, in particular Ukrainain ones, see no discrimination in this move.

Ukraine imposed martial law on November 28th, due to fears that Russia was allegedly planning “a full-scale invasion” of the country, after an altercation between Ukrainian and Russian military ships in Russia’s territorial waters.



13d9c6  No.4086574


No idea Anon if that parlour was pimping kids but who knows? I found the T shirt odd

722bf9  No.4086575

File: 1ee437af3fa739f⋯.jpg (97.5 KB, 1092x766, 546:383, 1ee437af3fa739f05abbcc7d0d….jpg)


She does know where to focus attention.

f7576f  No.4086576

File: ac5f3a31f930829⋯.png (133.85 KB, 1352x586, 676:293, Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at ….png)


I wouldn't worry about Edward Burke. He's ass-deep in HUSSEIN.



6292b5  No.4086577


Chicago Tribune had a story in their ppr.

e9e718  No.4086578

File: dd63e693525b08d⋯.jpg (104.09 KB, 800x900, 8:9, data 46410.jpg)


694bee  No.4086579


Maybe this is referring to impeachment. The House can impeach him, but Senate and SC are loaded for our favor. It might be a very interesting trial.

If we have to watch it go that far.

1b4d52  No.4086580


Hey Peter Pan, let's fly!

ff12cb  No.4086581

File: a0b8611721abe99⋯.jpg (311.7 KB, 2668x1730, 1334:865, 5926EA47-9624-4EE1-BBDE-16….jpg)


Doge got homotus to Hover A year ago

Trust space boobs

Trust conspiracy

Spread those arms

Fly like an eagle

To the sea

Fly fly fly

Into the future

fede87  No.4086582

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Bald and Bankrupt Foreigner Drives Rickshaw In Delhi

ceb4f5  No.4086583


Whatever the fuck that means

b04173  No.4086584

File: 5649481222c51e5⋯.png (229.02 KB, 1903x912, 1903:912, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3564d038cc073e0⋯.png (832.01 KB, 1903x912, 1903:912, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 882756b021386f9⋯.png (199.47 KB, 1903x912, 1903:912, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b328b4896a451f2⋯.png (137.32 KB, 1903x912, 1903:912, ClipboardImage.png)

(bread #5199) >>4085264, >>4085290

(bread #5200) >>4085516, >>4085525

So looking at Anham FZCO and the other side of their joint venture, ICS Serka, LLC.

ICS Serka is comprised of one guy - a disabled vet. However, ICS Serka was awarded a $2.5 Billion dollar contract for which funds were never actually used???

Anham FZCO's finance guy is an expert in fraud. How better to avoid fraud than have a financial fraud expert on the bench? The CEO is formerly associated with L3 and Dyncorp and was formerly the COO of AECOM operations in Afghanistan.

Probably nothing.




b348ff  No.4086586

File: cad15b71fbc4c32⋯.jpg (3.59 MB, 4504x4752, 563:594, 1_GlobalView_Q_Drop_133_11….jpg)

File: 3f3d839e6919c2d⋯.jpg (3.91 MB, 4552x3424, 569:428, 5_GlobalView_Q_Drop_133_11….jpg)


Cabal has many connections to global jewery.

32121a  No.4086587

File: c4223ef07d8ba3f⋯.png (99.99 KB, 802x758, 401:379, AK earthquake.png)



164800  No.4086588

File: e1ea0fdad1a2fd3⋯.jpg (79.81 KB, 538x381, 538:381, bull.jpg)

3d0e39  No.4086589

File: bdd9f51a5463a2c⋯.png (13.82 KB, 492x174, 82:29, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a3dd3983c85d6a3⋯.png (367.69 KB, 595x332, 595:332, ClipboardImage.png)

Office of Special Counsel Finds 6 Trump Staffers Violated Hatch Act For Tweeting “MAGA”

On Friday, the US Office of Special Counsel (not to be confused with special counsel Robert Mueller) found that six Trump staffers violated the Hatch Act for tweeting “MAGA.”

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, a liberal watchdog group in DC filed a complaint in August against members of the Trump Administration, including deputy press secretary Raj Shah.

The Hatch Act prohibits federal employees from using their offices or any resources for political purposes such as campaigning.

The OFC concluded that deputy press secretary Raj Shah, President Trump’s executive assistant Madeleline Westerhoust, Vice President Pence’s press secretary Alyssa Farah, White House Deputy Director of Communications Jessica Ditto and two others violated the Hatch Act, reported The Hill.

They face as much as a $1,000 fine and other disciplinary actions such as termination.

The Deep State is fighting the Trump Admin at every turn; Trump must start hitting back now.

It is obvious we have a two-tiered justice system in this country; one for the Deep State and Democrats and one for Trump and his associates and supporters.

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said this is an abusive reading of the law. Meanwhile, Obama gang who used their offices, the FBI and DOJ to help Hillary Clinton attack Trump remain uninvestigated.


722bf9  No.4086590

File: 585c3b412ab60ca⋯.jpg (3.6 MB, 2475x3300, 3:4, a9deeeaab41037b86dae80f8a6….jpg)

File: 0dc0c5dc5f5af94⋯.jpg (2.79 MB, 1350x1826, 675:913, bloodlines.jpg)

File: 74462f5818c0459⋯.jpg (3.66 MB, 2475x3360, 165:224, everything map.jpg)

File: d15c762453415b5⋯.jpg (966.09 KB, 800x7200, 1:9, 91aa0189b0bc761de1de4f7915….jpg)


Here's some

e3159c  No.4086591


something something nuclear submarine…

79c7ba  No.4086592


Which movie? I'm familiar with most of his work (I have most of it). I'm not aware of anything with a scene like this.

222c7d  No.4086593


It's been 15 minutes - better go look under the bed again

4bb3ba  No.4086594

File: 3c492b664693bfe⋯.jpg (19.95 KB, 236x281, 236:281, DC.jpg)

Would that melt or warm the ground there?


3370d6  No.4086595


These were posted around the same time last year.

I dont remember the consensus though.

6f8c25  No.4086596


“final loser”.

glad you recognize that in yourself

everyone else prob does….

cheers faggot

6b4499  No.4086597

The matrix is real. Even Q hints at it. The matrix is layers. You have been conditioned to think of death as an end versus as a state. You have been conditioned to think you are your body. Your focus is constantly redirected to your body via entertainments, desires, needs, envies, fears, etc. You have been conditioned to think YOLO, the here and the now, carpe diem, live in the moment. You have been conditioned you exist here not there or behind you. You have been conditioned what you can see, touch, feel, taste, hear is real. It is 99% empty space with 1% of molecules vibrating within a range of "everything" that it appears solid, tangible…real.

You are dead. Your brain is not the source of your consciousness. Your brain is only the medium in which your consciousness is operating through in this layer. We are developing this technology here in this layer. Digital uploading of ones memories. Its already happened. Nothing is new under the sun. You have already been uploaded or should I say downloaded. You are dead.

To help explain: In this layer imagine downloading your subconscious and memories into a digital platform.. dying..being cloned and re uploaded. Where are you? You are in the hole in the ground they put you, you are dead but do not know it.

This is the reality of your situation. You are dead. YOU are NOT HERE! You are a prisoner.

There is one escape and your "time" to find is limited. The TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE.

b9a4ef  No.4086598

File: f80c7fc956b6781⋯.png (625.63 KB, 960x960, 1:1, kitkits.png)


If this board happens to be saturated with FAKENESS, then do your comments have any relevance?

If this board happens to be saturated in FAKENESS, are platitudes about "dissenting opinions" rendered MEANINGLESS?

If this board happens to be saturated with FAKENESS, do your platitudinous reflections tend to DEFLECT from the real problem?

92ba75  No.4086599

Alaska 6.7 Earthquake Tsunami warnings

f7576f  No.4086600

File: 3d79bc0105eef1f⋯.png (610.97 KB, 1638x636, 273:106, Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at ….png)


Blacks you say???

0a08e5  No.4086601


My suspicion is that whenever it's too overt and over the top, like in this case, it might actually be an attempt to plant informants. If we ever could get an insight into how many deep cover military intelligence informants are planted in the cabal's camp, we'd probably be surprised.

3d0e39  No.4086602

Firm with $297 Million Government Contract to Boost Border Patrol Hires Only 15 Agents

In a fleecing of American taxpayers, a company with a $297 million government contract to hire Border Patrol agents has only managed to enlist 15. No joke. A year ago, the Trump administration contracted the Arlington, Virginia-based firm, Accenture Federal Service, to recruit 7,500 new agents to help fortify the famously porous border. A year — and millions of dollars later — the company has fallen shamelessly short of fulfilling the terms of the deal. Apparently, 33 additional candidates have accepted job offers but they haven’t officially started working for the agency.

The embarrassing figures were provided by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) this week to an online news site that covers the federal government. Penned last November, the government’s five-year contract with Accenture calls for bringing 5,000 Border Patrol agents, 2,000 CBP officers, and 500 air & marine officers. So far, the agency has doled out $43 million and the cash will keep flowing until it reaches the contract’s nearly $300 million limit unless the government terminates the agreement. Those who bother doing the math will discover that under the deal it will cost Uncle Sam around $40,000 for each new hire, a figure that’s roughly equal to a Border Patrol agent’s starting annual salary.

The online news article that exposed this travesty quotes several unnamed sources at the Homeland Security agency, including a genderless CBP “spokesperson” who said Accenture has 3,700 additional candidates in the hiring process and that the company expects a “gradual increase of candidates.” Another CBP source trashed the Accenture deal, saying the following in the story: “This really has been a huge waste of money since Accenture received a large up-front amount, regardless of if they hired anyone,” said the person who called the deal “flawed from the beginning.” The reporter reached out to Accenture but a spokeswoman declined to comment and referred all inquiries to the government.

Earlier this year a senator, who is a ranking member of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, questioned the controversial multi-million-dollar Accenture contract. In a letter to CBP’s acting commissioner, Senator Claire McCaskill points out that the agency will still pick up the bill for the most expensive of the hiring costs. This includes medical exams, physical fitness tests, background questionnaires and investigations, interviews, polygraphs, and drug tests. “This means that CBP’s own hiring components may need additional resources to accommodate the increase in personnel,” McCaskill writes, not imagining that only 15 new agents were hired in a year. At the time the agency employed 19,437 Border Patrol agents, 947 Air and Marine interdiction agents, and 23,079 CBP officers.

CBP has long been plagued with corruption and many worry a hiring frenzy could make things worse because the agency will lower standards to meet President Donald Trump’s executive order mandating thousands of new border agents. In the last two years, more than 3,000 CBP employees were disciplined, reprimanded, suspended, or terminated, according to agency records. In 2016, 251 CBP employees were arrested, the records show, and in 2017, the agency reveals that 245 were arrested. In the records, CBP writes that “49 percent of all employee arrests were attributable to criminal conduct.” The stats are processed through the agency’s Joint Intake Center (JIC), a central clearinghouse for receiving, processing and tracking allegations of misconduct involving personnel and contractors employed by CBP. In 2016, JIC saw a 34% increase in misconduct cases over 2015 and a 46% increase in 2017 over the previous year.


0516b2  No.4086603

File: 3ec1dbbef50ba64⋯.png (1.68 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 3405AAEB-2DF5-4CED-B80A-94….png)

File: f6bad228fff158f⋯.jpeg (68.55 KB, 600x600, 1:1, C2477488-4069-4A48-9651-E….jpeg)

File: a2f46bde33cdbcc⋯.jpeg (31.41 KB, 600x325, 24:13, 24F145F5-9D94-472A-BD31-7….jpeg)

File: c103590bec1a897⋯.jpeg (33.73 KB, 300x212, 75:53, 82BCF147-AF36-48A1-9E65-0….jpeg)

File: c8cc7fc5b9533ea⋯.jpeg (33.62 KB, 378x323, 378:323, 4BF3FFEF-983B-4023-86FE-9….jpeg)


W(arner)ill you marry me?


bd4baa  No.4086604

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Time keeps on slipping into the future

Steve Miller Band - Fly Like An Eagle

c4ed69  No.4086605

Israel central to changing Middle East dynamic


Joshua S. Block is CEO and president of The Israel Project. He is a former Clinton administration official and spokesman at the State Department’s USAID. He got his start on Capitol Hill in the office of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) and was a spokesman for the Clinton/Gore and Gore/Lieberman presidential campaigns.


e930b5  No.4086606


You can expect much damage with this.

9cee79  No.4086607

>>4083893 pb #5198

Comments like this should result in the IMMEDIATE loss of a Congressional seat.

637342  No.4086608


I keep seeing the same numbers

In everything

Make it stop

Poor people

1b4d52  No.4086609

Peter Pan triggered eBot

6331ca  No.4086610


Fox News just reported this.

b9a4ef  No.4086611

File: 24005df2354f32c⋯.png (547.99 KB, 741x506, 741:506, bimmy.png)


you must be feeling powerful!

lol @ you

dance more

dance, beg, and do tricks

go on

how can [you] win?

beg us

90f9c9  No.4086612


And a little bit back some more…


Hani Masri and Abul Huda Farouki founded Palestine Note in early 2009. Masri and Farouki are two businessmen and Democratic Party fundraisers with connections to the PA, as well as the lobbying group the American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP).

The two men epitomize the kind of Arab-American political strategies that have created few benefits for Arab-Americans as a community, and achieved almost no benefits to the Palestinian people — even if they have been personally beneficial for the two men themselves. Further, the tactics they have adopted have flouted the very principles that create the basis of the Palestine solidarity movement.

Masri has been an active donor to the Democratic Party. In addition to a $5,000 donation to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, in January 2009, Masri donated $2,000 to Representative Anthony D. Weiner (D-NY) (see Center for Responsive Politics, search for “Hani Masri”). Weiner is the Congressman from the 9th district of New York who is notorious for his anti-Palestinian views. In 2007, Rep. Weiner tried to outlaw the Palestine Liberation Organization in the United States (HR 2975, 110th Congress). In September 2009, progressive Jewish blogger Philip Weiss documented a town hall meeting where Weiner “trash[ed] Jimmy Carter” for his mild criticism of Israel, said that “Israel has no partners in Palestinians, who vote for terrorists,” and denied that settlements were problematic in the so-called peace process (MondoWeiss, “Anthony Weiner Goes From Right Wing Thug to Brilliant Populist in a New York Second”). Weiner ended his meeting uttering the words “am yisrael chai,” a slogan meaning “the Jewish nation is alive” and which is particularly associated with right-wing extremists in Israel. Weiner’s open and proven anti-Palestinian views and politics did not stop Masri, who is on the Board of Directors of ATFP, from donating to the campaign.

Sadly, Abul Huda Farouki’s money trail is hardly cleaner. Farouki recently donated $50,000 to former Democratic National Committee Chair Terry McAuliffe’s campaign for Virginia governor. More troublingly, Farouki apparently had business connections to the Bush Administration. In 2004, a contract worth $327 million to equip the Iraqi army-under-occupation was awarded to Nour USA, Farouki’s company, before it was rescinded due to controversy about the assignment procedure (“Tank Armaments Command Reissues Contract to Equip Iraqi Army,” Inside the Army, 31 May 2004. Arnaud de Borchgrave, “Iraq power grab,” The Washington Times, 7 March 2004). Incidentally — or not — Palestine Note’s domain name is registered to the same firm (see WHOIS Information). Contracts awarded to Farouki’s firm were criticized by those who suspected he won them as a result of his friendship with Ahmad Chalabi, the controversial Bush Administration protege at the center of the rush to invade Iraq; the Bush Administration vigorously denied the claim (Borchgrave). Farouki’s connections to the occupation of Iraq might explain why the Palestine Notestaff member who originally contacted me, soliciting my participation in the publication, had a history of working with the US-sponsored al-Huriyyah satellite channel and various USAIDoccupation projects in the country.

The rescinded contract did not end Farouki’s relationship with USoccupations in Iraq and Afghanistan, as he later signed a deal with Oshkosh Truck to “invest in infrastructure and training to support possible future sales of Oshkosh trucks in Afghanistan and Iraq” (“Terrorism Sparks Surge in Special Ops Market,” Defense News 3 April 2006). These dealings came under scrutiny once again when questions emerged about fraud in Iraq (Christian T. Miller, “Evidence of Fraud Found by Iraq Audit,” Los Angeles Times, 30 April 2006). Farouki, like Masri, is connected to the Democratic Party fundraising machine, giving $10,000 to the Clinton Legal Trust in 1999 (“Virginia No 6 in Donations for Clinton’s Legal Defense,” The Daily Press, 26 February 1999). Finally, Farouki is a founding member of the ATFP.

e3159c  No.4086613

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Racist Dolce and Gabbana Ad? | Trump at G20 Argentina | China Uncensored

d86090  No.4086614


FDR forced Japan to bomb Pearl Harbor by starving them of oil.

He was well aware that the attack was coming, repositioned ships and welcomed the attack as a way to enter WWII.

Just like in WWI the cabal kept allowing US civilians on British ships that were carrying war supplies. Germany warned the US that they were being forced to attack civilian vessels and gave advanced warning on Lusitania.

No sauce because this is the type of shit you have to dig for yourself or you will never believe it.

f7576f  No.4086615


C_A doesn't have the funds to build a new center, besides, they have the underground center at the creepy Denver Airport.

I'd bet new detention center for immigrants? Or maybe barracks for those building wall?

a8541c  No.4086616


Way back on cbts anon posted multiple screenshots, which included making. Its a shortmovie like internal joke. I didnt save them but he posted like 10 of them some with camera crew

f73f94  No.4086617


Bah, I forgot to tag you → >>4086571

Thoughts on that? Could this be an opening to get federal marshals doing the job local sheriffs are being barred from executing?

Just a thought

637342  No.4086618


Alot considering that the millitary knows everything the cabal does at all times


dc1f01  No.4086619


‏ @breaking9111

8m8 minutes ago

BREAKING: Tsunami Warning for coastal areas of Cook Inlet and southern Kenai Peninsula in Alaska after powerful prelim. magnitude 7.2 earthquake hits near Anchorage - NBC

3d0e39  No.4086620

File: f19b6dc4cf0ff6a⋯.png (40.01 KB, 944x493, 944:493, ClipboardImage.png)

Judicial Watch Joins Allied Educational Foundation in Supreme Court Civil Asset Forfeiture Amicus Brief

‘Freedom from unlawful conversion of property is an inherent individual liberty right which the Constitution must secure for all citizens’

(Washington, DC) — Judicial Watch announced today that it joined with Allied Educational Foundation (AEF) in filing an amicus curiae brief in the United States Supreme Court supporting petitioner Tyson Timbs against the State of Indiana, which Judicial Watch contends abused its power in a civil asset forfeiture case (Tyson Timbs, et. al. v. State of Indiana (No. 17-1091)) The case was heard by the Supreme Court this week.

In May of 2013, Tyson Timbs was arrested and pled guilty to a charge of drug dealing and conspiracy. He received a six-year sentence (with five years suspended) and a $1,200 fine.

Earlier in the year, Timbs had received a $70,000 life-insurance payment after his father passed away. He used $42,000 of it to purchase a Land Rover car. Timbs used the Land Rover to deliver $225 worth of drugs, the report said. The state seized the car under a state policy which allows private lawyers to sue for a forfeiture in order to receive a cut.

The car was worth four times the amount of the maximum possible fine ($10,000) in the Timbs case. Lower courts in Indiana ruled the penalty was grossly disproportional under the Eighth Amendment. The Indiana State Supreme Court reversed the lower courts’ ruling.

In their brief, Judicial Watch and AEF express concern that “the Indiana Supreme Court’s ruling, if allowed to stand, will allow state and local government abuses of forfeiture laws to continue,” adding that “freedom from unlawful conversion of property is an inherent individual liberty right which the Constitution must secure for all citizens.”

Judicial Watch and AEF also noted that “The Eighth Amendment ‘excessive fines’ clause must serve as a check against state forfeiture laws. Many state and local governments abuse their powers to seize citizens’ property on the barest of pretense to raise revenue without having to raise taxes. When the amount the government can take is limited only by the size of a citizen’s bank account, the Courts must apply special scrutiny to prevent corrupt practices. The Eighth Amendment was designed to limit these kinds of easily-abused punitive laws, and it applies to the states via the Privileges or Immunities clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.”

National Review reported an abundance of “abusive seizures justified under civil forfeiture. One family had its home taken because the son was caught with $40 of drugs. In Texas, a family that drove for too long in the left lane of the highway was told by a county district attorney that their children would be put in foster care, the parents would be put in jail, and their car would be seized unless they handed over all of their cash, in which case they would be free to go. The town where that occurred, Tenaha, prides itself on this tactic, which ensures a steady flow of cash and goods from out-of-town drivers.”


663407  No.4086621


I though this was an art exhibit of some kind. I want to say the person was Japanese but this came up last year.

86e25d  No.4086622

>>4085429 (pb)

Shit, I would forget my own head if it wasn't superglued to my neck.

ff12cb  No.4086623

File: bdc268a055c69fa⋯.jpg (60.44 KB, 793x1006, 793:1006, IMG_0771.JPG)

File: 8ff6629a0897cc3⋯.jpg (256.73 KB, 1167x684, 389:228, IMG_0438.JPG)

File: 94684c07abeb8cb⋯.jpg (227.09 KB, 1520x1310, 152:131, IMG_0450.JPG)

File: 711dee88c2976a1⋯.jpg (138.26 KB, 640x640, 1:1, IMG_0461.JPG)


(You) can do it

Doge trusts plan

Believe in doge

Into the future

I want to fly like an eagle

To the sea

Fly like an eagle

Let my spirit carry me

I want to fly like an eagle

Till I'm free

Oh, Lord, through the revolution

Feed the babies

Who don't have enough to eat

Shoe the children

With no shoes on their feet

House the people

Livin' in the street

Oh, oh, there's a solution

I want to fly like an eagle

To the sea

Fly like an eagle

Let my spirit carry me

I want to fly like an eagle

Till I'm free

Fly through the revolution

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'

Into the future

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'

Into the future

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'

Into the future

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'

Into the future

I want to fly like an eagle

To the sea

Fly like an eagle

Let my spirit carry me

I want to fly like an eagle

Till I'm free

Fly through the revolution

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'

Into the future

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'

Into the future

7e77ac  No.4086624

File: 5845cfb7e281194⋯.jpg (8.31 KB, 250x202, 125:101, index6.jpg)



5ebcf9  No.4086625


The best movies keep you hanging till the last minute and then hit you with a staggering plot twist.

1b4d52  No.4086626


Dr. Black, Dr. White, Dr. Green, and Dr. Blue

e9e252  No.4086627

File: 219b4649c4062ca⋯.png (647.76 KB, 1595x864, 1595:864, g.PNG)

File: 765769d81e74fb1⋯.png (630.45 KB, 1599x861, 13:7, h.PNG)

Gitmo action.

1cec7e  No.4086628


Yesterday there was an article of him slamming lily-white people and "Token" negro judges.

515d21  No.4086629


A lot of strange behavioral news from Alaska the past week or so.

87f61d  No.4086630


Ukraine's really going for it. Seems like a bad idea.

977a94  No.4086631


Is juncker drunk yet?

It is at least 10 AM there isn't it?

9659cd  No.4086632


Sotomayor has Type 1 diabetes…scare back in Jan this year.

She looks like shit…and so does Kagan who is only like 57 or so…

Keep bringing those jelly donuts Clarence!!

34c075  No.4086633

File: 07d7f2bff6044d6⋯.png (80.84 KB, 665x499, 665:499, letthatsinkin.png)



>Nothing can stop what's coming.


Pole shift?

And anon still thinks about taking down the cabal.

Think about it.

If Q wanted to, I'm not saying he will, but if he wanted to, he could just stop taking the cabal down.

>Watch the water.

AKA the second vial to the biblefags.

First vial is DEWs.

0516b2  No.4086634

File: 97d3348902a222a⋯.jpeg (74.37 KB, 480x529, 480:529, 399F1741-A3E8-4015-A204-8….jpeg)

File: e88e8af8f544937⋯.jpeg (280.17 KB, 1125x1282, 1125:1282, 9B03D5AD-CAB0-4BED-9B60-A….jpeg)

File: a112c518536ff22⋯.jpeg (355.85 KB, 1894x1292, 947:646, D770226E-41A5-43A3-B329-2….jpeg)

2ce0e3  No.4086635

File: 82a40ca08694dea⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 390x205, 78:41, well there it is.gif)

bdabbe  No.4086636


it's always 10AM somewhere

9d33ea  No.4086637

File: 95ede5c66277ad9⋯.png (132.06 KB, 350x218, 175:109, RBGgone.png)


fixed it for ya

5ebcf9  No.4086638


5.8 aftershock since .. both within the last hour

e930b5  No.4086639


USGS also showing one in Kodiak before this big one. Was probably the fore shock.

f520b1  No.4086640


It seems odd that Tom Arnold all of the sudden became fertile and had two kids at 55 after a lifetime struggle with infertility.

1cec7e  No.4086641

d86090  No.4086642


General Kelly is always in the background lurking. I would not want to fuck with that guy.

f7576f  No.4086643


You're arguing with a shill.

13d9c6  No.4086644

File: 868f9c8d8d987ba⋯.jpeg (358.93 KB, 1242x1372, 621:686, 826FB9DB-C549-4293-8596-7….jpeg)

File: 7e48a611351038b⋯.jpeg (421.87 KB, 1242x1274, 621:637, 7156692D-79F5-45CC-A1D6-A….jpeg)


e3d20b  No.4086645


Uhhh on the far left of the photo does that look like a white rabbit ear and you kind of see whiskers?

637342  No.4086646


So whats the escape then anon

5fc32f  No.4086647

File: 37ba9a3fe9dcde8⋯.png (322.58 KB, 651x567, 31:27, 2018-11-30_12-59-14.png)



222c7d  No.4086648


Maybe so

But the Ring of Fire is always active somewhere

Tsunami warnings get triggered all the time

Very few actually have a Tsunami worth mentioning appear

4c633b  No.4086649


What's that bottle of booze? never seen this kind of brand.

3d0e39  No.4086650

File: 35937b4cb83295b⋯.png (17.17 KB, 478x299, 478:299, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8e61de914d2e937⋯.png (385.43 KB, 839x645, 839:645, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1813e9c55a103ca⋯.png (40.52 KB, 834x345, 278:115, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7b2b927efd6653f⋯.png (59.28 KB, 831x466, 831:466, ClipboardImage.png)

Siding with fascism: Western ideologues pose greater threat to the West's security than ISIS

A Western ideologue unravelling is no pretty sight. It’s like watching a lobster boiling in a pot. And like that lobster he or she eventually pops.

‘Popping’ recently over Russia have been key figures of the Western geopolitical and ideological firmament – people for whom the world is made of a Western bloc of nations divinely ordained to command, and the rest of the world condemned to obey.

A prime example of what I mean concerns the Atlantic Council in Washington, one of the more notorious of an ever expanding network of neocon think tanks in our world, within whose Washington offices you will find gathered cranks of inordinate dimension.

For such people Russia is not a country of 146 million people whose contribution to the world in the fields of art, science, culture and so on has been profound throughout its history and remains so today, but instead is a cancer that needs to be removed – preferably by force.

Take Mr Anders Aslund – economist, author and senior crank/fellow at the Atlantic Council. His outpouring of vituperation in response to the Kerch Strait incident involving Russia and Ukraine – calling for the West and NATO to “react sharply before it is too late” – is redolent of a man suffering emotional and psychological meltdown.

In losing his mind so, Mr Aslund reminds us that the Atlantic Council is an organization stacked with people for whom rationality is a vice and irrationality a virtue. Perhaps such a state of affairs might even be funny if not for the influence this particular think tank wields in Western foreign policy circles; influence that is on a par with an arsonist being taken seriously when it comes to fire prevention.

It also comes as no surprise that the Atlantic Council’s financial sponsors amount to a rogue’s gallery of global corporations, oil companies, banks and financial institutions, governments and various other entities of such nature. It confirms that the relationship between global capitalism and Western imperialism is one forged in hell – or at least it does for those nations and people forced to exist at the sharp end of its egregious role around the world when it comes to fomenting conflict, crises, carnage and instability.

Ukraine is a prime example of what I mean. Lest anyone forget, the last democratically elected government of Ukraine to enjoy a mandate covering the entire country was unceremoniously toppled by a violent coup at the start of 2014. It was a coup supported by Western ideologues such as Anders Aslund, and one in which neo-Nazis were in the vanguard on the ground.


1b4d52  No.4086651

Suicide Weekend?

If someone tries to use a slave and has the wrong voice, it could trigger suicide programming.

8048cb  No.4086652


Nobody makes you resign from Congress to run for the Presidency. You still do that job, what is the difference ?? Until you have the nomination, you don't give up your day job !!!

6fb54c  No.4086653

So I'm assuming it's Tom Fitton working this DNCain/U1 thing.

1ad3a5  No.4086654

File: 1e0e347a05ffb2b⋯.jpg (19.87 KB, 255x325, 51:65, qpcm2725389.jpg)


What a perfectly obnoxious statement to make. You fucking retards act like every unsolved problem in the world, rests squarely on Trump's shoulders. Kate deserves better than the trash coming out of you.

7798af  No.4086655

a7e625  No.4086656

File: 37b430ad74f1236⋯.png (1.68 MB, 971x732, 971:732, 1543600761176.png)

File: 92ff368d52ea7be⋯.png (1.24 MB, 971x647, 971:647, 1543600704286.png)

File: 3600b2030a0bed1⋯.png (426.94 KB, 971x946, 971:946, 1543600695919.png)



Fuck (((you))) faggot

I will counter your lies

1cec7e  No.4086657


I wish, I'm just enjoying what ya'll are seeing to do. I'm not very good with that, but you are.

I just hope that's what the keks are indeed about. I wish they'd just reveal it already so the media can look like idiots while covering G20

eee15d  No.4086658

File: 4eddb1ae8899edd⋯.png (811 KB, 654x518, 327:259, ClipboardImage.png)

ff12cb  No.4086659


Fly roths fly

6b4499  No.4086660


It is foolishness. How do you escape your current state of being dead? Find the one who has conquered death.

f7576f  No.4086661


US Marshalls are bad ass. Lots of power. People forget that.

977a94  No.4086662


POTUS should loosen the requirements and let some of us old fags go back in.

3d0e39  No.4086663

File: 268876b157ac627⋯.png (362.59 KB, 647x495, 647:495, ClipboardImage.png)

Did BBC hire a 'fake vicar' to back Theresa May's Brexit deal on Newsnight? Viewers discover guest is actress who appeared in Star Wars and EastEnders and claims to have been ordained by a US evangelist

Lynn Hayter appeared on Newsnight on Monday to defend the Brexit agreement

She appeared sporting a dog collar and fiercely debated five other panellists

She has worked as an extra, who performs under her middle name Marina

The BBC has come under fire after it booked a Star Wars extra who calls herself a pastor through an agency for a Brexit discussion.

The broadcaster denied hiring a 'fake vicar' to appear on its flagship political programme after social media users hit out at the corporation.

Lynn Hayter appeared on Newsnight on Monday to defend Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit withdrawal agreement on the UK leaving the European Union.

Today she angrily denied she had been paid by the BBC as she spoke to MailOnline outside her home.

Ms Hayter, whose 'ordination' seems to have come in the form of a certificate from a US televangelist, said: 'I was not paid by the BBC . They did not pay me. I was contacted by an independent organisation and asked to appear.'

Hayter, who was dressed in a bright red tracksuit, was pulled inside her North West London home by a friend.

Speaking from behind the door the 51-year-old said 'of course' she is a pastor and added that to lie about it on national TV would be 'stupid and crazy.'

Lynn, from Wembley, north west London, said: 'I wouldn't be on TV lying about something like that, that's stupid and crazy. A person can easily be a pastor and an actress at the same time.'

She added: 'I belong to a church in America that I attend online. I do not need to travel to attend my church.

'I have a pastor in America that covers me and I attend the church via their social media channels.'

Neighbours said they knew Hayter was an actress but were not aware she was a pastor or wore a dog collar.

'That is news to me' said one neighbour. We all knew she was an actress. She is very friendly and has talked about her work.'



222c7d  No.4086664


New ConcernFag graduates - it's the now officially the theme of the day!

d5f28b  No.4086665

File: cb86a0eb793b068⋯.png (208.76 KB, 500x322, 250:161, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9e80f0f25363608⋯.png (195.29 KB, 500x323, 500:323, ClipboardImage.png)

42c0e1  No.4086666

File: 1e4661e9dc5d9d3⋯.png (513.92 KB, 938x936, 469:468, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d5729ddd4db81a7⋯.png (432.34 KB, 1340x817, 1340:817, ClipboardImage.png)



They are really on a tear about it



Images have been proven from movie previously .

It is odd they are associating the way they are.

Looking to get Q banned blanket?

c4ed69  No.4086667

Hide, deny, spin, threaten: How the school district tried to mask failures that led to Parkland shooting

Immediately after 17 people were murdered inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the school district launched a persistent effort to keep people from finding out what went wrong.

For months, Broward schools delayed or withheld records, refused to publicly assess the role of employees, spread misinformation and even sought to jail reporters who published the truth.

New information gathered by the South Florida Sun Sentinel proves that the school district knew far more than it’s saying about a disturbed former student obsessed with death and guns who mowed down staff and students with an assault rifle on Valentine’s Day.

After promising an honest assessment of what led to the shooting, the district instead hired a consultant whose primary goal, according to school records, was preparing a legal defense. Then the district kept most of those findings from the public.


1cec7e  No.4086668


EGGzacktly, and so funny to boot.

Get my news and keks right at 8ch

Comfy. :)

e23bfa  No.4086669

File: 05e8e395bcdb7e5⋯.jpg (136.02 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, WestPointCover.jpg)

0516b2  No.4086670

File: a060c17a4cd6ab6⋯.jpeg (110.25 KB, 625x384, 625:384, 1657510C-447B-42D1-970E-1….jpeg)


efb2c9  No.4086671

File: e8c188ad7253ac6⋯.jpg (57.88 KB, 720x522, 40:29, 46432666_2130582236964258_….jpg)

a8541c  No.4086672


Yep kinda stupid stunt but maybe with malicious intend

13d9c6  No.4086673

File: d3fc6bd6bf4cbcc⋯.jpeg (695.3 KB, 1242x781, 1242:781, F9075258-314D-452B-94D8-2….jpeg)

File: 23fd49891d3286b⋯.jpeg (237.08 KB, 1242x907, 1242:907, B379BA53-EEC3-4677-BD0A-6….jpeg)


1cec7e  No.4086674


that's a knowing smirk if I ever saw one!

f73f94  No.4086675


The earth is a potato shaped collection of rocks that used to be two different planets, with water and moss on it. The moon is the biggest chunk left from [mystery planet].

Which is why it doesn't match the earth in age.

3d0e39  No.4086676

Saudis, UAE Block UN Call for Yemen Ceasefire

Saudi Crown Prince loudly opposes ceasefire efforts

The British government’s UN resolution calling for a Yemen ceasefire has been blocked by heavy lobbying from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, chief participants in the war. The resolution would’ve called for a halt to fighting in the vital aid port of Hodeidah.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was very public in his opposition to the ceasefire, with British officials saying he “threw a fit” about their proposal. The prince complained that it weakened the Saudi position on the war.

Salman’s level of influence is perhaps not what it was after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, though apparently it was still enough to convince several nations, including the US, to block the ceasefire resolution and demanding it be held off for at least a month.

The Trump Administration’s call for a ceasefire in late October seems to be losing momentum. Growing interest in showing the Saudis that, Khashoggi or no, the US still supports them, has meant that Yemen is once again a low priority.


I believe they are killing the cabal networks and the UN is trying to stop them from doing so!

251866  No.4086677



0451f3  No.4086678

File: 4b4194d964aebb4⋯.jpg (576.05 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20181130-125833….jpg)


Thanks. They point out MSM mania, highlight local fed NOT Mueller team, note his LAW office not raided, and almost joke about his swampyness.

Wanted to confirm I wasn't talking out of my ass.


c7d847  No.4086679

File: 1c8a3a0e95c875c⋯.gif (3.5 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 1543600743648.gif)

Lol wtf happened here???

is Trump a genuine autist like all of us?

8e3150  No.4086680

File: fc71c82d162b0cf⋯.jpeg (179.58 KB, 1200x927, 400:309, 8FCF8509-ACF6-4F9D-99A1-2….jpeg)

File: e8f0f773db8de3a⋯.jpeg (217.47 KB, 1065x835, 213:167, DC5FEC19-D099-4DF0-889C-A….jpeg)

cd4b68  No.4086681

Maybe nobody care but I'm currently on chp. 11 of Trump's Enemies: How the Deep State Is Undermining the Presidency.

Honestly, I'm disappointed…no more information than what we already know thanks to Q…chapter 10 titled "Inside the West Wing" was such a disappointment! Talks about Kelly being the Chief of Staff but that is about it.. like why did POTUS or whoever choose Kelly?! Nope not in the book. But to be fair I've learned 1 thing so far so I guess is worth the 13 dollars on Kindle.

1b4d52  No.4086682

The Farm - Camp Peary is an approximately 9,000 acre U.S. military reservation in York County near Williamsburg, Virginia.

34c075  No.4086683

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The math says this is true.

They just didn't have computers and GTA to explain it.

734192  No.4086684


Alaska is earthquake central.

8b55f4  No.4086685


Lynn Hayter… that's a man baby!

6430b3  No.4086686

File: ca1337e396fc6c1⋯.jpg (561.15 KB, 1742x2064, 871:1032, rbg-confused.jpg)

e3159c  No.4086687


How the hell else does one run an international corporation if not by the power of autism?

Like, if I ever have surgery for something, I'ma want that doctor to be an OCD riddled autistic sperg.

e23bfa  No.4086688


Abe chasing after Trump like he wants a sandwhich.

118da8  No.4086689


He is the OG autist.

0f0ab1  No.4086690





6f8c25  No.4086691

Tsunami warning has been canceled.

e930b5  No.4086692

Why are Saudis so freaking tall?

5a42e9  No.4086693

e097f4  No.4086694

053270  No.4086695


Tom Finton and Judicial Watch appear to be a sort of "outside man" for Q. There is no requirement to release FISA information under FOIA (QP # 1745), but JW got stuff anyway.

c7d847  No.4086696

File: 1d5eafdfaa5f36d⋯.jpg (440.48 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 1543601156901.jpg)