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File: d5055660dbbb0b7⋯.jpg (585.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DoughImage.jpg)

dbf4bb  No.4649789

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Monday 01/07/19

>>4644164 rt >>4644100 ————————— First time in more than 25 years? Morning, Patriot.

>>4644084 ————————————–——– What a coincidence. (Cap: >>4644154)

>>4643565 rt >>4643371 ————————— However, this is incomplete and missing the 3rd Tweet.

>>4643496 ————————————–——– With all of the success that our Country is having

>>4639875 ————————————–——– The hole is deep

Sunday 01/06/19

>>4639347 ————————————–——– Huber Activated - treachery revealed requires accountability

>>4636767 ————————————–——– A stone sits idle. The choice is yours. (|Caps: >>4637162 )

>>4635153 rt >>4616371 ————————— Handler (Conductor) (Caps: >>4635308, >>4635399 )

>>4634536 ————————————–——– Get in line.

>>4633937 ————————————–——–- Refusal to provide coverage of successes.

>>4630322 ————————————–——– Money buys POWER

>>4628679 ————————————–——– Anons knew? (Cap and Video: >>4628761)

>>4628579 ————————————–——– Germany losing stranglehold on EU?

>>4628060 ————————————–——– Temps can be very dangerous to those who are targeted

>>4627556 ————————————–——– [RBG] The clock is ticking

Saturday 01/05/19

>>4618020 rt >>4617970 ————————— 2.2 million attempted access within 1-2 minutes.

>>4617772 ————————————–——– The corruption (infiltration) at the top (WW) has spread like cancer.

>>4617497 rt >>4617213 ————————— Who audits where the money 'actually' goes?

>>4617146 ————————————–——– How do you outmaneuver the obstructionists?

>>4616371 ————————————–——– What if this was always the plan? ( Tweet Cap: >>4616518 )

>>4615394 rt >>4614558 ————————— Will POTUS be @ CD tomorrow?

>>4611217 rt >>4610613 ————————— Posse Comitatus Act

>>4610613 ————————————–——– EO Active (Cap & Vid: >>4610687, >>4610715 )

>>4609878 ————————————–——– (2 days ahead of schedule) (Cap: >>4609906)

>>4609173 ————————————–——– The 'MUELLER' insurance policy has expired (Caps: >>4609289, >>4609263, >>4609331, >>4609545, >>4609565, >>4609595 )

Saturday 12/22/18

Compiled here: >>4628830

Friday 12/21/18

Compiled here: >>4628808

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dbf4bb  No.4649793


are not endorsements


>>4589958 Reminder of the /qresearch/ search tool (searches all breads for keywords)

>>4517617, >>4544243, >>4557547 BO Re: Censorship, Commitment, & /patriotsfight/


>>4649758 Anon: Maybe stone refers to Roger Stone?

>>4649699 Zuckerberg hospital is out of network with all private insurers, leaving patients with massive bills.

>>4649688 Ocasio-Cortez calls out WaPo fact checker for fact checking process and methods.

>>4649633, >>4649651 Anon: Jacob stone connected to Q's post? Used for the coronation of royalty in Europe.

>>4649622 Glenn Greenwald calls out Mockingbird journalists on Twitter.

>>4649540 Anon recaps the unbelievable cancer survival story of RBG.

>>4649495 POTUS: Admin has already made headway in establishing Imminent Domain for the wall.

>>4649488 France to crackdown on Yellow Vest protests but Italy supports them.

>>4649366 Former defense secretary Harold Brown dies at age 91.

>>4649125, >>4649292, >>4649361 Anons post their condolences for the anon who passed away yesterday.

>>4649261, >>4649345 Tax refunds to go out despite shutdown.

>>4649319 Giuliani pushes back on suggestion Mueller report could be suppressed.

>>4649227, >>4649249 Da Vinci $450m Jesus is missing, now Apart of Muellers case. MbS supposedly purchased it.

>>4649204 Former President is launching his Asia-Pacific leadership program.

>>4649099 Fox News agrees to carry Presidential Address.

>>4649049 Hillary Clinton Joins Andrew Cuomo in push for extreme late-term abortion bill in New York.

>>4649615 #5932


>>4648358 Anon: We've lost one of our patriots last night. o7 fren.

>>4648921 Anon's decode of Maggie tweets.

>>4648767 Who controls the Narrative? (image)

>>4648816 At least 6 dead after cargo ship capsizes in the Black Sea.

>>4648792 Founder of controversial diabetes treatment clinics pleads guilty in bribery case.

>>4648667 Brazil's environmental chief resigns after Bolsonaro criticism.

>>4648617 CNN to cover the Presidential Address.

>>4648271 Anon says a prayer for DJT, his family and all of the patriots fighting to save this World. Amen.

>>4648517 Bolton Tweets regarding his meeting in Israel and reaffirms our relationship.

>>4648380 Could 'Networks' have their public funding revoked if they refuse to cover the Presidential Address?

>>4648438 China passes law to make Islam 'compatible with socialism'.

>>4648303, >>4648371 Maggie seems very concerned about the media covering a Presidential Address.

>>4648281 Patriarch Kirill wishes Russians on Christmas to ‘stay on the light side’.

>>4648956 #5931


>>4648208 Bolton in Turkey to hammer out a deal for Syria's Kurds.

>>4648152 Nation of Islam receiving federal cash to teach prisoners.

>>4648101 US DoD Tweet: Ready, Aim, Fire.

>>4648062 Wikileaks: No Contacts with Don Jr., R. Stone, J. Corsi, Manafort, etc.

>>4648014 Congressman calls on Justice Department to halt federal funding for Nation of Islam.

>>4647854 'Mass Casualties Happen In Places That Forbid Firearms' – Ex-US Official.

>>4647931 U.S. Interstate highways need overhaul, requiring government’s commitment, funding.

>>4647776 Nucor to build new steel mill in US, adding 400 jobs.

>>4647769 North Korea’s Kim to visit China for fourth summit.

>>4647746 US and North Korean officials met in Vietnam to discuss second Trump-Kim summit.

>>4647738 Donald Trump will get chance to pick World Bank’s chief.

>>4647631 House Dems’ first big bill is liberal wish list for federalizing voting.

>>4647605 Netanyahu calls for U.S. to recognize Golan Heights as Israeli territory.

>>4647596, >>4647615 DJT Tweet: POTUS will address the nation regarding the border crisis Tuesday 1/8 @ 9PM EST.

>>4647578 Egyptian president admits cooperation with Israel 'closest, deepest' than ever before.

>>4647545 Syria update.

>>4647493 World Bank President Jim Yong Kim announces resignation.

>>4648216 #5930

Previously Collected Notables

>>4647385 #5929,

>>4645136 #5926, >>4645908 #5927, >>4646664 #5928

>>4642793 #5923, >>4643600 #5924, >>4644353 #5925

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dbf4bb  No.4649811

File: 1f8afb533c3f3f7⋯.jpg (5.32 KB, 259x195, 259:195, truth.jpg)



1b020e  No.4649812

Efforts are being made to have everything completed before the 2019 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos.

A goal has been set for all nations to publicly agree and announce a global financial reset.

The RV is ready to go and could begin at any moment prior to the announcement.

President Trump is holding private (behind closed doors) meetings at Camp David about the situation with the Fed and GITMO.

It is expected that the Fed will be gone before the meeting in Davos.

Military tribunals will begin after the RV and possibly after the meeting in Davos.

Meanwhile, prison barges are transporting captured Cabal agents to GITMO.

Events will now begin to occur at a quickening pace one after the other like falling dominoes.

January is expected to be a month of significant events.

b2c290  No.4649813

>>4649791 (lb)

Official Death Notice would be nice.

a4224a  No.4649814

>>4649810 lb

Rotating around the sun

00d083  No.4649815

The shit stirring, concern faggotry and sliding is off the hook tonight. Something big must be about to drop.

480b32  No.4649816

Missed it baker. No tits for you.

21d08a  No.4649817

File: 8b82117a003ac1f⋯.png (522.33 KB, 695x774, 695:774, Capturerbg.PNG)

Trump could end the guessing game with ONE tweet!!!

ea72d2  No.4649818

File: 57c50e97c64f566⋯.jpeg (105.71 KB, 729x625, 729:625, 57c50e97c64f56603ed19d77e….jpeg)

Thanks baker

793b9b  No.4649819

File: 6424cb70d8cfb59⋯.jpeg (13.85 KB, 255x220, 51:44, schumer shutdown.jpeg)

Chuck Schumer moves to block pro-Israel bill to protest shutdown


facc85  No.4649820

Qanon in gematria is nigger

f5c124  No.4649821

File: 54747487c58f65b⋯.jpeg (121.46 KB, 1242x1039, 1242:1039, 853a0742fc2cada5f90abf64b….jpeg)



966a15  No.4649822

>>4648998 lb

He is telling Maggie to quit getting her information from leaks and use regular authentic reliable sources

31658b  No.4649823

File: 7a6fbcdf7ae9642⋯.jpg (128.59 KB, 1653x839, 1653:839, judeo-christian.jpg)

Each Sunday—as Gaza starves—congregations of freshly showered and scented cultists sit on cushioned seats in air-conditioned churches across America, contemplating whether to have lunch at Hometown Buffet or Red Lobster. They like their church because the pastor wears a Hawaiian shirt and cracks clean jokes with a George Carlin wit. They like the church band because they’re edgy, like the music they used to listen to before they were converted. They close their eyes and raise a hand to the sky (Jesus antenna) phishing for reception from the man upstairs as the Dave Matthews look-alike sings songs of praise and worship. The church is the size of an arena with a large stage and giant screen in the background. On the screen is an image of troops huddled in prayer, which fades into an image of a soldier holding a smiling Arab child, which fades into an image of F-16’s blazing across the sky, which fades into an image of troops on tanks handing out bottled water to a thirsty crowd, which fades into an image of a soldier reading the Bible, which fades into…

We all know these people. They are among our friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers. They call themselves Judeo-Christians, Millenialists, Dominionists and Evangelicals. They say they worship Christ, but what they really worship…is Israel. They consider themselves patriotic Americans, but only as long as America stands with Israel. It is for this reason—above all others—that we are engaged in conflicts throughout the Middle East. Christian support for war is a recent phenomenon and goes contrary to what Christian’s were taught prior to the beginning of the last century. The introduction of the Scofield Reference Bible was the turning point that replaced traditional, Orthodox Christianity with Christian Zionism.

In the late 19th century, the World Zionist movement had set their sights on acquiring land that American Christians referred to as ‘The Holy Land,’ but knew that they would face opposition from obtaining it. Christians of the time considered Jews to be the persecutors of Christ and his disciples, and would never allow a Jewish occupation of Palestine.

To overcome this obstacle, the World Zionists enlisted the help of The Oxford University Press and an old Civil War Veteran and Pastor by the name of Cyrus I. Scofield.

The plan was to change the Christian attitude towards Zionism by creating and promoting a pro-Zionist subculture within Christianity. Scofield’s role was to re-write the King James Version of the Bible by inserting Zionist-friendly notes in the margins, between verses and chapters, and on the bottoms of the pages. He was also used as a front to help promote it to the Christian community, where he was held in high regard. The revised bible was called the Scofield Reference Bible and was given widespread advertisement and promotion. It soon became the best-selling “bible” in America and has remained so for 90 years.

The Scofield Reference Bible sparked the birth of the modern day Christian Zionist movement. It redirected the focus of worship away from Jesus Christ and concentrated it directly upon pro-Zionist politics. Without the support of the American Christian community, Israel would have never come into existence.

Christian Zionists are taught that Jews are the chosen people of God and that mankind is obligated to provide unwavering support to the state of Israel. They believe that if America fails to support Israel in every way, then God will turn his back on them and suffer his wrath. Christian Zionists will explain away Biblical passages that point to hereditary connections between the true Semitic people and the children of Abraham. Palestinians and Arabs are to be hated, ethnically cleansed and persecuted if it serves the best interests of the Israeli government.

The relationship between Israel and the Christian Zionists is a sick and twisted one to be sure. Each requires the other to die. It’s really nothing more than a murder-suicide pact. Israel relies on Christian Zionists to sacrifice their money, resources, freedoms and children. They need these things to wage war on their neighbors and expand their empire. The Christian Zionists rely on Israel to sacrifice 2/3 of their Jewish population in an apocalyptic war in the Middle East. They need these things to hasten the return of Jesus Christ so he can usher them up into Heaven.

No sane person would ever allow themselves to be involved in a relationship like this. But these people are not sane—they are psychopaths.

b39636  No.4649824

>>4649768 (lb)

And they're prime numbers in Q's timestamp.


dbf4bb  No.4649825


:( baker wants bewbs

9b9e10  No.4649826

File: 0f008400d33a727⋯.png (432.05 KB, 750x575, 30:23, Safe Spaces.png)


>safe space

Old Bread

1st Meme, best I could do…

830b81  No.4649827

Watching POTUS right now is like watching a prime Irish bare knuckle fighter in action. The fight may have gone on for half an hour, and look like nothing special is happening. But the champ is watching and waiting for his moment. Then he goes with a flurry of punches, wrong foots the opponent, drives him back and finishes him off with unanswered punches.

c3fd69  No.4649828

File: b29fec3a2e6720e⋯.png (1.09 MB, 913x731, 913:731, fijiwatergirl__.png)

Thank you Baker!

a4224a  No.4649829

Was any golden globe person wearing green socks?

1b020e  No.4649830

A new dawn of understanding is coming to your planet. Man must be prepared for this new understanding as it employs new concepts and ideas. The people of Earth have lingered long under their false illusions. The time has come to step forth in new and greater glory.

54ad9c  No.4649831

00d083  No.4649832

File: ad3d7cb8249fcdd⋯.jpg (14.96 KB, 450x262, 225:131, titsonthis.jpg)

File: d8608dd560755f2⋯.jpg (41.04 KB, 640x446, 320:223, Dick Pic.jpg)


Here, check the tits on this and have a Dick pic too…

55686b  No.4649833

File: 3b9f9ac5ed51ed8⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1093x1644, 1093:1644, 0D4E4F5D-171A-4A07-A741-93….png)

>>4649176 (LB)


2d0c84  No.4649834

File: 074524f372ffd28⋯.png (2.31 MB, 800x1498, 400:749, ClipboardImage.png)

The iconic scenes of Mithras show him being born from a rock, slaughtering a bull, and sharing a banquet with the god Sol (the Sun).

Born of a rock (stone)

04c4a2  No.4649835

File: e1dd564874ff0c9⋯.jpg (115.82 KB, 600x721, 600:721, sexy-woman-rifle.jpg)

Thank You Baker

812c24  No.4649836

File: ba619f9a6d2d54d⋯.mp4 (984.19 KB, 640x360, 16:9, BE0DD9DB-011B-4710-AD62-84….mp4)

9e2d45  No.4649837


woah those digits

mirror baby mirror

its time

671fd3  No.4649838


It's like watching a guy get into a formula one racing car for the first time, and unlike everyone else who ever drove that car, he knows how to get it out of first gear

0b10bf  No.4649839

Trump would be better off making his speech before the DS announces RBG's death.

Chances are the evil old crone has already kicked it and they're waiting for the opportunity to use it to best advantage.

42d09d  No.4649840




54ad9c  No.4649842

File: cbf920282cab38e⋯.gif (2.15 MB, 300x300, 1:1, boobnest.gif)


dammit clicked too soon. boobage is provided.

dbf4bb  No.4649843


lmao well played

5a38c6  No.4649844

File: 1d9ee98d790bcb2⋯.jpg (47.34 KB, 330x218, 165:109, lurk moar.jpg)

Imagine 8chan on that times.

That man was home, eating till will blow up, and screaming to the tankist: "Hey, stop there, STOP THERE YOU MF, DON'T MAKE ME ANGRY!!!"

480b32  No.4649845

File: b997896a784bb43⋯.jpg (134.33 KB, 1000x1499, 1000:1499, b997896a784bb431c142a9fa7e….jpg)



Covered boobs will have to do

6d883d  No.4649846

File: 2e2eb2f1ce4570d⋯.jpg (631.87 KB, 1719x1080, 191:120, 20190107_130421.jpg)

Thinking the Kevin Spacey video was a shot at the Crown? Symbolism accounts for something right?

557f90  No.4649847

>>4649705 pb

Maybe better pic. The DPS chp had a metal cover over it.

Idk, but it seems to me like Adobe enables China to read/see our phone calls?

b9664b  No.4649848

File: 0ba36a089abbbfd⋯.png (607.38 KB, 1249x863, 1249:863, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9c27e961cca7b72⋯.png (498.55 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b3629783df5878a⋯.png (184.35 KB, 666x534, 111:89, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d1c37a0223ab9fe⋯.png (527.09 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

thought id see what Roger Stone was up to yesterday n today n day before since Q

597129  No.4649849


I hope he's not bringing her an extra pillow.

b2c290  No.4649850

File: 2984a6cc00be75a⋯.mp4 (9.97 MB, 320x240, 4:3, ListenCarefullyAgain.mp4)

3609d9  No.4649851

Approximately half of new illegal immigrants came on temporary visas and then never, ever left. Why should they? Nobody’s telling them to leave. Stay as long as you want, we’ll take care of you.

Beyond violating our laws, visa overstays pose — and they really are a big problem — pose a substantial threat to national security. The 9/11 Commission said that this tracking system should be a high priority and would have assisted law enforcement and intelligence officials in August and September 2001 in conducting a search for two of the 9/11 hijackers that were in the United States on expired visas.

And you know what that would have meant, what that could have meant. Wouldn’t that have been wonderful, right? What that could have meant.

Last year alone nearly half a million individuals overstayed their temporary visas. Removing these overstays will be a top priority of my administration.

If people around the world believe they can just come on a temporary visa and never, ever leave, the Obama-Clinton policy, that’s what it is, then we have a completely open border, and we no longer have a country.

We must send a message that visa expiration dates will be strongly enforced.

Number nine, we will turn off the jobs and benefits magnet.

We will ensure that E-Verify is used to the fullest extent possible under existing law, and we will work with Congress to strengthen and expand its use across the country.

Immigration law doesn’t exist for the purpose of keeping criminals out. It exists to protect all aspects of American life. The work site, the welfare office, the education system, and everything else.

That is why immigration limits are established in the first place. If we only enforced the laws against crime, then we have an open border to the entire world. We will enforce all of our immigration laws.

And the same goes for government benefits. The Center for Immigration Studies estimates that 62 percent of households headed by illegal immigrants use some form of cash or non-cash welfare programs like food stamps or housing assistance.

Tremendous costs, by the way, to our country. Tremendous costs. This directly violates the federal public charge law designed to protect the United States Treasury. Those who abuse our welfare system will be priorities for immediate removal.

Number 10, we will reform legal immigration to serve the best interests of America and its workers, the forgotten people. Workers. We’re going to take care of our workers.

going to make great trade deals. We’re going to renegotiate trade deals. We’re going to bring our jobs back home. We’re going to bring our jobs back home.

We have the most incompetently worked trade deals ever negotiated probably in the history of the world, and that starts with Nafta. And now they want to go TPP, one of the great disasters.

We’re going to bring our jobs back home. And if companies want to leave Arizona and if they want to leave other states, there’s going to be a lot of trouble for them. It’s not going to be so easy. There will be consequence. Remember that. There will be consequence. They’re not going to be leaving, go to another country, make the product, sell it into the United States, and all we end up with is no taxes and total unemployment. It’s not going to happen. There will be consequences.

We’ve admitted 59 million immigrants to the United States between 1965 and 2015. Many of these arrivals have greatly enriched our country. So true. But we now have an obligation to them and to their children to control future immigration as we are following, if you think, previous immigration waves.

cc85f3  No.4649852

File: 20238465fb8878c⋯.jpg (183.77 KB, 584x390, 292:195, womendo.jpg)


TY Baker

Breads filling up too fast to post today

804bd2  No.4649853

File: 82063f688a11714⋯.jpg (46.32 KB, 640x429, 640:429, 5f9795_15th-king-malaysia-….jpg)

King of Malaysia Abdicates Suddenly After Two Years on Throne

Malaysian King Sultan Muhammad V abruptly abdicated on Sunday after wearing the crown for only two years. The former 15th king of Malaysia did not explain why he departed early, but there is speculation it had something to do with his personal life.

“His Majesty tells the people of Malaysia to continue to be united to maintain unity, tolerance, and work together,” said the statement announcing the abdication.

The Associated Press noted on Sunday that the king just returned from a two-month medical leave in which he evidently journeyed to Moscow and married a “25-year-old former Russian beauty queen.” The wedding has not been confirmed by either the royal palace or Malaysia’s elected government, but foreign tabloids and websites have published photos of the ceremony.

https: //www.breitbart.com/national-security/2019/01/07/king-malaysia-abdicates-suddenly-after-two-years-throne/

0fdcfb  No.4649854

bb6a69  No.4649855

File: 955fc38a8ad9ed8⋯.jpg (49.5 KB, 455x363, 455:363, dumpster.JPG)

8e799e  No.4649856

File: b6e6fc2629d7222⋯.png (521.37 KB, 720x1031, 720:1031, CNN20190107_125923.png)

Networks deliberating on whether or not to air Trumps Speech

(They're trying to get ahead of the narrative it seems)

"Recently, there has been debate about whether networks should air Trump's words in real-time. Several media critics, for instance, told CNN on Friday that networks should not rush to air Trump's remarks made during pool sprays and briefings.

"Some advice – demand to see the text in advance and if it is not truthful either don't air it or fact check it live on lower third," tweeted Joe Lockhart, the former White House press secretary under President Bill Clinton. "And cut away if he goes off text and starts lying."


4ae74d  No.4649857

File: d49f018028904b6⋯.png (788.16 KB, 799x500, 799:500, 1544998205202.png)

The coming Alien invasion will be the start of the NWO.

>>4649800 (lb)

That's a difficult question. When an authoritative figure like Q tells them so is my guess.

Even then..

>People will reject.



29 Jun 2018 - 12:59:18 AM


29 Jun 2018 - 12:25:43 AM


I almost hope they don't ask. It would be fun to watch them try to manage the spin when 90% of the country is aware of you and all that you've been shining a light on, while the MSM still can acknowledge it.

I can see them squirming now..


It must happen.

Conspiracy no more.

Think of every post made.

It would force us to prove everything stated to avoid looking crazy, correct?

What do they fear the most?

Public awakening.

If they ask.

They self destruct.

They know this is real.

See attacks.

The build is near complete.

Growing exponentially.

You are the frame.

You are the support.

People will be lost.

People will be terrified.

People will reject.

People will need to be guided.

Do not be afraid.

We will succeed.

Timing is everything.

Think Huber.

Think DOJ/FBI reorg.

Think sex/child arrests / news.

Think resignations (loss of control).

How do you remove evil in power unless you reveal the ultimate truth?

It must be compelling to avoid a divide (political attack/optics).

We are the majority (growing).


Sheep no more.



804bd2  No.4649858


add to list !!!

another bites the dust

8123a6  No.4649859

File: 02457c4c794ba05⋯.png (731.97 KB, 1278x594, 71:33, Screenshot_233.png)

>>4649009 lb

I also liked how Bridges said "You're all Trim Tabs" and pointed at the majority of the audience.

Was he just being positive and uplifting with that little story, or did he mean something a bit more ambiguous? (Such as…you're all going to GITMO!)


793b9b  No.4649860

File: e8638b6357a3bab⋯.jpg (76.14 KB, 1000x301, 1000:301, flag.jpg)

The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on United States Taxpayers


At the federal, state, and local levels, taxpayers shell out approximately $134.9 billion to cover the costs incurred by the presence of more than 12.5 million illegal aliens, and about 4.2 million citizen children of illegal aliens. That amounts to a tax burden of approximately $8,075 per illegal alien family member and a total of $115,894,597,664. The total cost of illegal immigration to U.S. taxpayers is both staggering and crippling. In 2013, FAIR estimated the total cost to be approximately $113 billion. So, in under four years, the cost has risen nearly $3 billion. This is a disturbing and unsustainable trend.

f6a240  No.4649861

File: 309a8720c3da271⋯.jpg (36.72 KB, 649x487, 649:487, khashoggi.jpg)

File: 548ab80b27f5ce4⋯.jpeg (137.69 KB, 958x596, 479:298, pegasus phone.jpeg)

File: 7edefed68b128da⋯.jpg (350.97 KB, 600x600, 1:1, silver pegasus.jpg)

File: 13133b1ab1a44fd⋯.jpg (54.32 KB, 500x703, 500:703, popckorn fsociety.jpg)




>Khashoggi's Whatsapp messages with other Saudi Arabian dissidents were being monitored by Saudi Arabia using (((PEGASUS))) a surveillance system supplied by Israel's NSO GROUP.



The position of NSO Group is that they supply states with the technology without monitoring its use afterwards.

I call bullshit, I am sure ISRAEL is gathering a trove of state secrets from every client they serve.

Now, the supposed rationale behind these technologies, violating of Universal Human Rights and International Law, is that it serves to deter terrorism or drug trafficking.

Do you see the fucking irony, or rather sheer cynicism, in supplying these "terrorism deterring technologies" to one of the most notorious funders of terrorism in the world?



(((PEGASUS))) is the same technology abused in Mexico during the notorious scandal of 2017 in which many prominent politicians, Human Rights activists, and journalists such as Carmen Aristegui -and even her minor son- were the object of infections and surveillance by the government of Enrique Peña Nieto, which was extensively covered by research by Citizen Lab. The technology is still used to this day in Mexico, regardless of the "measures" the government took in 2017 after the first reports by Citizen Lab and persistent public and journalistic outcry demanding answers.


Do you see the bloody irony, or rather sheer cynicism, in supplying these "drug trafficking deterring technologies" to one of the most notorious narco-states of the world? Not to leave "narco-terrorism" out of the Mexican picture.

What do you expect for these countries to do with the technology? Well of course, to find, track, and blackmail/neutralize journalists, dissidents, and Human Rights activists. They are such a pain in the ass when you are a corrupt criminal government.

<But seriously, what did the Mexican government need naked pictures of Aristegui's son and his girlfriend for? They are using this technology even on minors, to get what beyond sexting materials? keep in mind infections are limited per contract.


By the way, at least in Mexico, the cost per infection of targeted individuals was 77,000 dollars.




(((E V E R Y F U C K I N G T I M E)))

85604c  No.4649862

If rbg is already dead what will the funeral for jews be like? will there be a rabbi? will we see the shekel dance or was she a modern day satanist/atheist wiccan?

e274d7  No.4649863

File: f42c88204951477⋯.png (240.36 KB, 463x293, 463:293, ClipboardImage.png)

File: dfd95165fed48c8⋯.png (34.88 KB, 373x914, 373:914, ClipboardImage.png)

Major rabbi says non-Jews are donkeys, created to serve Jews

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, spiritual mentor of the religious fundamentalist party, Shas, which represents Middle Eastern Jews, reportedly said during a Sabbath homily earlier this week that "the sole purpose of non-Jews is to serve Jews." Yosef is considered a major religious leader in Israel who enjoys the allegiance of hundreds of thousands of followers.


Chief rabbi calls black people ‘monkeys’

In footage aired by the Ynet news site, Yosef could be seen referring to black people by the word “kushi,” which in modern Hebrew has pejorative connotations, and then going on to term a black person a “monkey.”


‘Kill all Palestinians and Arabs’: US Rabbi Calls For Genocide Of Non-Jews In Israel

Rabbi Steven Pruzansky of Congregation Bnai Yeshurun in Teaneck refers to “the Arab-Muslim animals that span the globe chopping, hacking and merrily decapitating,” and then writes, “At a certain point, the unrestrained behavior of unruly animals becomes the fault of the zookeeper, not the animals.”


Former Rabbi of Israel Says All We Non-Jews are Created to Serve Jews

"The difference between a Jewish soul and souls of non-Jews - all of them in all different levels - is greater and deeper than the difference between a human soul and the souls of cattle."

Some of Kook's manifestly racist ideas are taught in the Talmudic college, Merkaz H'arav, in Jerusalem. The college is named after Kook.

In his book, Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years, the late Israeli writer and intellectual Israel Shahak argued that whenever Orthodox rabbis use the word "human," they normally didn't refer to all humans, but only to Jews, since non-Jews are not considered humans according to Halacha of Jewish law.


Zionist Rabbi Calls for Killing of Even Non-Jewish Children and Infants if They Pose a 'Threat' to Israel

"If we kill a gentile who has sinned or has violated one of the seven commandments… there is nothing wrong with the murder," Shapira wrote. "Those who, by speech, weaken our sovereignty" – deserve to die, the book explains. "It is permissible… even if they are not responsible for the threatening situation."

According to Maariv, the book is a manifesto, "230 pages, no less, on the laws of the killing of gentiles, a guide to deciding whether and when it is permissible to take the life of non-Jews."


e71fd9  No.4649864

Good morning, Q. Jack needs a spanking again. Spent 4 hours yesterday educating people on RBG's true thought. Was polite and included sources. After replying to roughly 100 people, not one response or retweet. Even from tilted libs. Have a feeling Jack doesn't want the world to know the truth about RBG.

7d24c8  No.4649865

File: 4b9deadbf3700f0⋯.png (363.49 KB, 1402x678, 701:339, 0d688fb6941033c3ba9e2b5a02….png)


needs moar running Hispanic woman n kids

03ffda  No.4649866

It’s part of a network’s mandate to cover presidential addresses and other news. The airwaves belong to the public, so in order to obtain a broadcast license from the Federal Communications Commission, a network must prove that it will serve the public good. From Slate https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2009/09/why-do-news-networks-cover-presidential-addresses-if-they-lose-so-much-money.html

557f90  No.4649867

File: 881ed0e83220327⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1015x643, 1015:643, GE Phone 1 Paint.png)


Oops forgot the pic

641ab2  No.4649868

When Will the Federal government and CDC takes the PAIN EPIDEMIC seriously?

How many chronic pain patients have to be forced to commit suicide or go to the streets to buy drugs???

While the government spends $2,562 on research for every person with HIV/AIDS, it spends only $4 for every person with pain.

Clearly, chronic pain needs more attention and more research dollars. After all, it is the main reason Americans go on disability.

And it appears to be driving growing numbers of Americans to kill themselves.

And your Big Pharma Pot, is not the answer!

Obama's feds raised even the lowest level of opioid like Tylenol #3 and made it a dangerous opioid forcing those patients to be dumped by their doctors, feel like a bunch of drug addicts, force them to go to the streets for drugs or worse!


They are not Oxycotin prescriptions….good freaking grief….and let us get back to living again!

NANNY STATE MEDICINE in the 21st century…plummeting backwards rapidly…..where's our freedom to just live???

And yes I am a 100% Trump supporter and Anon! Been on here over a year.


49e625  No.4649869


It's lose/lose for them. If they announce her death they may distract from his address, but they're handing him another SCOTUS appointment. Sad!

21d08a  No.4649870


THIS is how I know we are WINNING and they are FUCKED

1f52ae  No.4649871

File: 2a0944b51a7622c⋯.jpeg (133.32 KB, 2048x1192, 256:149, DCE563FB-DC72-47F7-B65D-7….jpeg)

e83daf  No.4649872

File: cead6863762842e⋯.jpg (16.27 KB, 220x330, 2:3, 220px-Pulitzer2018-maggie-….jpg)

1faa54  No.4649873

File: f6181b82cdddb24⋯.gif (2.16 MB, 320x180, 16:9, You live inside the Earth.gif)

"A stone sits idle while the world around it evolves. Evolution, depending on the stage, can be deadly."

54ad9c  No.4649874


can't forget the ritual looting of the body.

a818a2  No.4649875

File: c4cd091177fffd1⋯.png (116.3 KB, 794x1109, 794:1109, screenshot.png)

4cb723  No.4649876

File: fec8336a8ef68b5⋯.png (694.4 KB, 762x730, 381:365, Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at ….png)


That Q behind him sure is interesting. What a coincidence.

83a6e7  No.4649877

Anyone got John Bolton in the WH termination deadpool?

671fd3  No.4649878


Crown is a bunch of pedo protectors too.

ca34db  No.4649879

File: b03cc390add980f⋯.jpg (250.52 KB, 1111x844, 1111:844, b03cc390add980f29020beba1a….jpg)

File: 658cca0615a14e5⋯.png (1.68 MB, 3139x2079, 3139:2079, Sealed indictment state to….png)

File: 174c880b9f71a97⋯.png (1.13 MB, 3139x2079, 3139:2079, Sealed indictment state di….png)

File: 40f0facc1420625⋯.png (230.22 KB, 1066x1282, 533:641, sealed indictment state to….png)

fcd5da  No.4649880

File: da0e2dfa5bb281e⋯.jpg (249.43 KB, 742x599, 742:599, IMG_0778.JPG)

Robert Mueller's Daddy a Nazi War Criminal Gestapo Chief

This key information has been censored by all the fakes like Alex Jones. Robert Mueller, the deep state cockroach going after God’s chosen Donald Trump literally has a Nazi war criminal roots! His daddy was Nazi war criminal Heinrich Mueller! Look at the photo above! There’s no question about it! Heinrich Mueller was the head of the feared Gestapo secret police! Tom talks about this and it’s

backed up also by another researcher in the video below. Tweet this to Trump @potus as I’m sure he doesn’t even know! Robert Mueller has done so many crimes of treason he shouldn’t even be walking around much less going after Trump!


2917f6  No.4649881

File: a8b50007b61bb6f⋯.jpg (164.21 KB, 821x1024, 821:1024, 1546497486712m.jpg)



Best I got, baker. Kicking ass today!!!

9dcd89  No.4649882

>>4649683 (Prev)

Go back to Romper Room, Brainiac. or alternatively,

Get some sleep, a balanced meal, a fresh diaper. Then go here and read this: https://8ch.net/qresearch/welcome.html

Then come back and try again . . . Good Luck.

e20da0  No.4649883

File: cbae7dc6b1d7c4d⋯.jpg (99 KB, 1372x710, 686:355, 010719 NAS close.JPG)

File: 0bd6a36acec6c34⋯.jpg (166.02 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Fallen brother.jpg)

Biggest volume of day right on the close.

The rest of them are exactly the same.

spare the bread with the rest.

prayers go out to lost brother anon and family

8c72c7  No.4649884

File: 18b114f038286f6⋯.png (207.08 KB, 1440x1160, 36:29, Screenshot_2019-01-07-15-5….png)

File: a6d53187a690f35⋯.png (256.08 KB, 1440x1460, 72:73, Screenshot_2019-01-07-15-5….png)

File: c111420a12a9938⋯.png (730.22 KB, 1440x2145, 96:143, Screenshot_2019-01-07-16-0….png)

The Resistance is rallying the NPCs with #DontWatchDonald and #BoycottTrumpsAddress.

f11ce5  No.4649885

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

one in every city.

meanwhile mossad is busy raising kittens and killing them to pass their barmitza exam.

we know.

c7b4cd  No.4649886

File: dc7ed8610e39ada⋯.jpeg (112.05 KB, 695x500, 139:100, C1C5C2C7-B41E-497F-9EB4-6….jpeg)

File: 99b8baf0cd29427⋯.jpeg (309.13 KB, 1079x926, 1079:926, E7EA66D7-03F4-4695-A6F6-6….jpeg)

File: e21e68fde29d91e⋯.jpeg (93.36 KB, 761x499, 761:499, 4564F6F8-B5BD-46AD-8BF1-2….jpeg)

File: 4e28f4744c8e7cb⋯.jpeg (66.6 KB, 450x500, 9:10, 9ACC44BC-3658-4C5F-AF07-6….jpeg)

8123a6  No.4649887

File: a8b2acd3a7ca9cd⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1142x1018, 571:509, Screenshot_218.png)

1b020e  No.4649888

More and more people on your planet are realizing every day that there is something better in the universe than they have ever known before. This enlightenment is coming about through new concepts and ideas placed throughout your planet. These concepts and ideas are placed by people, like yourself, who are working in the service of the people of your planet.

Many strange and wonderful things will come about to start your people thinking. Through their thinking is the only way the people can prepare themselves for this golden dawn of understanding.

Certain things will disappear when this new age comes about. Greed, money, sickness, lust and hate will all pass. Many things we know will not be acceptable in this new age. These things will be replaced by love: love, the greatest force in creation.

Our many universes were created out of the love of the Creator. Love is the only ruling force in these vast universes. When this love is lost, we become unbalanced. If we cannot balance ourselves, the job is taken over by the Creator in a wise and just manner.

dd1be5  No.4649889


I bet he knew what was up.

94d9a9  No.4649890


Hehe hehe heh, Hello? CNN? Phone call from Ben Dover on line one.

830b81  No.4649891

File: 054190080a02de2⋯.jpg (261.13 KB, 400x454, 200:227, saucefrog.jpg)

e90665  No.4649892


So you condemn what you've posted but condone the utter garbage that's posted about Jews on here? How about they're all full of shit and wrong. Reconcile that.

f44da7  No.4649893


>King of Malaysia Abdicates Suddenly After Two Years on Throne


49e625  No.4649894


More like #CoverYourEarsAndSingLaLaLaICantHearYou

1afd9b  No.4649895

File: fb4e86ef1167cbe⋯.jpg (78.59 KB, 800x800, 1:1, kekdonotanswer.jpg)

kill the [LARP]

our dead boys deserve more than another bullshit story

e83daf  No.4649896

File: 9ac1343fb065ae6⋯.jpg (21.88 KB, 220x330, 2:3, Custom Image phones.jpg)

e274d7  No.4649897




Then use the link below to download our work!



Understand this is NOT a chat room, lurk for a few MONTHS AT LEAST before posting and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE READ OUR WORK, watch how the board operates, learn our comms, use discernment to evaluate who is friend or foe and learn how shills operate!SHARE!



P.S. Anyone who has an issue with boobs needs to go learn the history of qresearch and what the legends who work here have done for YOU! These are adult women.

We hunt pedophiles. Illegal content is posted by bad actors board mods remove and block but some ip hop, this is a constant battle as the powers that be do not want the TRUTH getting out.


Attacks on this post demonstrate the above line!

671fd3  No.4649898


No shit. Another man with power suddenly feels the need to spend more time with his family. Interesting. Also, suspicious.

facc85  No.4649899


Nah fuck you

Im gonna smoke weed and laugh at Q for being a nigger who cant even stop the illuminati

f90c54  No.4649900

File: ed38282a52abc29⋯.jpeg (22.01 KB, 201x268, 3:4, 9A8E35E6-38E0-425E-8173-F….jpeg)

2a6d8c  No.4649901

File: e16626577aa2f30⋯.png (246.37 KB, 316x400, 79:100, ClipboardImage.png)

The Great 2018 Cashout: Republicans Lamar Smith and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen cash out to Akin Gump

Akin Gump, by some measures the biggest lobbying firm in D.C., just snapped up two recently retired Republican congressmen. Former Reps. Lamar Smith and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen are joining Akin, the firm announced Monday, less than four days after the two left Congress. Akin touted the value these two recent public servants will provide to clients and clients-to-be.

"As Chairman of the Science, Space, and Technology Committee, Rep. Lamar Smith oversaw roughly $40 billion in budgets for agencies with a primary focus on research and development," the firm wrote. Again, this is how a lobbying firm explains Smith's value. So if you wonder why Republicans, after campaigning on fiscal discipline, end up spending so much, here's one reason why: The more taxpayer money they control in Congress, the more lobbyist money they can rake in after Congress. Ros-Lehtinen said, "My move here builds so well on the work I have accomplished during my time in Congress …" So they consider their lobbying for special interests to be simply an extension of what they were doing in office. That hardly inspires confidence in the public-spiritedness of their public service.

Akin Gump's massive client list includes plenty of clients who cared about Smith's Science, Space, and Technology Committee, including the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, Chevron, Bloom Technology, PGE, and many more.


8e799e  No.4649902


They will have to in order to have their resistance talking points.

7d24c8  No.4649903

File: 6be5f0f2d266d37⋯.jpg (20.81 KB, 302x303, 302:303, 130381305687fb13160fe97e2d….jpg)

0fdcfb  No.4649904

File: be13d1a5af83c18⋯.jpg (14.93 KB, 255x189, 85:63, 616e2e708c68819c7a1c9bbf70….jpg)

File: 32302597cae9089⋯.jpg (104.69 KB, 600x840, 5:7, 32302597cae9089dda33388e5e….jpg)

File: 60cf307eeff3fe4⋯.jpg (1.63 MB, 2580x2588, 645:647, a3df637446322026b944cb38e5….jpg)

8123a6  No.4649905


Yeah, it looks like a Q from how Bridges is standing in front of it, but it's two intersecting circles.

02a996  No.4649906


moar propaganda

churned out like horseshit

every day

480b32  No.4649907


Read Count Conservato Spacey theead. Over 220 twats. Very good explanation. Spacey may be a sacrifice, being setup on this particular accusation. Video alluding to that.

f9a56b  No.4649908


I experience similar results. I think responses are not even sent to the other user sometimes.

36b9e3  No.4649909


"My fellow Americans….the storm is here…"

They want the sheep they brainwashed to close their eyes and ears when the truth drops. Fucking kikery

2b6d05  No.4649910

File: 54792c248bbe219⋯.png (199.58 KB, 393x294, 131:98, 2019-01-07_16-08-09.png)


Bibi's new strategy?

Doubt he takes a dump without consulting his Israeli boss?

e71fd9  No.4649911


Gonna steal this for the greater good. Thanks, anon.

1a3a78  No.4649912

File: 3b6e073473d3bec⋯.jpg (18.92 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 9e6aa68c4b822b2b21b4fcf8bb….jpg)

>>4648600 lb

>>4648572 lb

>>109179 lb

Pepe's Favorite Green Jello Salad (great for funerals and potlucks) (this is really delicious, I promise you)

By Qhaleesi

1 large or 2 small lime Jello (either regular or artificially sweetened)

1/2 to 1 whole envelope Knox unflavored gelatin (critical)

1 pint sour cream

About 16 oz canned crushed pineapple in its own juice (not in syrup), drained

2 oz pecan pieces

About 10 oz red maraschino cherry halves (no stems nor pits), drained

Make Jello per directions on box, adding the Knox gelatin along with the Jello. Chill for 45 minutes or so until it sets up some (gets thick but not fully set). Mix in sour cream, pineapple, and nuts with an eggbeater or whisk. Pour into Jello mold or just a plain bowl or baking dish. Space cherries evenly around the top of the Jello (will sink down but that's OK). Chill until fully set. Eat and enjoy!

b69853  No.4649913

File: 9bf3d71fcc6f6f9⋯.png (7.03 MB, 3360x2100, 8:5, Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at ….png)


his tablemates

671fd3  No.4649914


Stong indication that the speech is going to be very, very, very important.

4cb723  No.4649915

File: 044883ff83de74f⋯.jpg (133.95 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 0fcc0998572f6c585dba2fc9ca….jpg)


Had to. What a coincidence. I bet the bad guys watch on here for how the Team is screwing with them in every corner, and they don't see it until later on here.

What a timeline.

fcc056  No.4649916

File: 5b9d4188fa5b981⋯.jpg (6.85 KB, 255x175, 51:35, 5b9d4188fa5b98162e75f8f011….jpg)

Trump Address Tomorrow

This is going to be a way for POTUS to let the average American here about the accomplishments of his administration along with concerns about the border. It would be hilarious is he declassified the FISA while at it. Wonder how the MSM is going to try to sabotage??

786b9e  No.4649917

>>4649049 (lb)

The real Hilbot, or her "stand-in?" Something about this photo makes me question which.

e5a9ca  No.4649918

File: 5b40598d78f3e0a⋯.png (173.72 KB, 453x512, 453:512, 5b40598d78f3e0a9ea3b98e58f….png)

682c02  No.4649919


I'd fake them all out, and activate the Emergency Broadcast System tonight

They want to leverage Zombie Ruth's death


Beat 'em to the punch, and beat 'em dirty

It's how they play, and we know it

Bring it on, asshole Democrats

292a0e  No.4649920


Does this have anything to do with Mugatu's upcoming fashion show?

8123a6  No.4649921

File: c3750d2ddfa9335⋯.png (100.38 KB, 416x398, 208:199, crumunjun.png)


Why is she missing a chunk out of her arm!

facc85  No.4649922


Ooh anon you want real fun

Try chronic pain and cia nigger targeting

80f038  No.4649924

File: 9c996a1fb0cbaae⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.81 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 9c996a1fb0cbaae07ea9f7473….webm)


don't click if you don't want to

4cb723  No.4649925

File: 7e2a9df80c6de43⋯.png (212.6 KB, 815x443, 815:443, 85a297637b2522bed20ce5fc59….png)


That he's perfectly centered in. Again, just a coincidence I'm sure.

83a6e7  No.4649926

To the beloved of those close to our lost anon, their service will never be forgotten.

God bless all anons.

916c30  No.4649927


Trump approved this software sale by the NSO to the Saudis (MBS). look it up, it is interesting.

to quote q: Reality check - friend or foe, we all spy on each other? The problem starts when MOS/C_A grow out of control and represent themselves (+ a select group of families).

The answer is an obvious yes.

07fef7  No.4649928


I really hope Bull Murray isn't comped. That's a lot of good comedy that will forever be lost.

0b10bf  No.4649929


Sounds like a plan to me Anon.

804bd2  No.4649930

File: 3f6cb2a4712ec23⋯.jpg (73.26 KB, 640x480, 4:3, France-640x480.jpg)

France: MSM Cries ‘Sabotage’ as Consultation Shows Voters Reject Globalism

A national consultation in France, launched in response to protesters’ calls for more direct democracy, was denounced as having been “sabotaged” after citizens backed conservative policies.

Mainstream media networks over the weekend claimed the consultation had been “hijacked” by “militant conservative networks” after the initial results revealed a distinct lack of enthusiasm in France for progressive, globalist politics.

Journalist Vincent Glad, from the liberal-left newspaper Libération, highlighted that a proposal to repeal same-sex marriage had garnered the most approval, blasting the consultation as “a joke”.

“The ‘success’ of conservative motions is problematic,” complained state-owned France 24, noting that the other popular proposals included calls to scrap wind power subsidies and restore family allowances to middle-income couples with multiple children.

“For some, [the results] illustrate the dangers of Swiss-style direct democracy and the possible launch of a Citizen Initiated Referendum (RIC) demanded by many Yellow Vests,” it added, referring to a proposed initiative supported by 80 percent of the French public.

In a section asking whether the consultation results should be seen as “significant”, the broadcaster dismissed the more than 31,000-strong number of participants as “small” before insisting it was important to “relativise the ‘victory’ of the proposal to repeal [same-sex] marriage” because it was backed by “a minority” (19 percent) of citizens who took part.

The online consultation was launched by the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE) of France in December, following weeks of protest by the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) movement against the rising cost of living and perceptions of an out-of-touch political elite.

https ://www.breitbart.com/europe/2019/01/07/france-msm-sabotage-conservative-popular/

e5a9ca  No.4649931

File: 1b691aa2e04bb53⋯.jpg (56.35 KB, 500x522, 250:261, 1b691aa2e04bb530958227cb85….jpg)

671fd3  No.4649932


Wrote Trump a letter about this at the beginning of his presidency; he put that dopey broad in charge of it, so, yeah. Not a priority for the Admin. Yet.

51a3c8  No.4649933



Patriots really are in control. This movie is deeper and more broad than we think. It really is just a show. also...

"...keeping the boat afloat..."

"Fabulous baker boys"

"ocean-going tankers" = Prison barge?

830b81  No.4649934

File: 991b5f78cf7e8ce⋯.jpg (140.19 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, thestormqdrops.jpg)

966a15  No.4649935

Do they carry Trump's speech or kill of Ruthie?

7d24c8  No.4649936


make a list of the utter garbage.

b2c290  No.4649937

File: 8ab4e987e45e6bb⋯.jpg (26.76 KB, 290x476, 145:238, pulloverrouge.jpg)

File: 64945d25307fe06⋯.jpg (190.36 KB, 1288x840, 23:15, GiletsJaunes.jpg)

acdd76  No.4649938

File: d0c9c8f88c85785⋯.png (799.79 KB, 946x1273, 946:1273, Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at ….png)

File: 77290389e77300f⋯.png (359.11 KB, 674x848, 337:424, Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at ….png)

>>4649540 (lb)

RBG's surgeon is the President Elect of the American College of Surgeons.

Dr. Valerie W. Rusch




504143  No.4649939

File: b2c3523e062b864⋯.png (512.75 KB, 650x737, 650:737, JWoods re AntiSemitic Doc ….PNG)

File: 13932f3deb8a423⋯.png (437.08 KB, 611x828, 611:828, Fox 1 re AntiSemitic Doc S….PNG)

File: eef57e89a38e876⋯.png (85.38 KB, 487x759, 487:759, Fox 2 re AntiSemitic Doc S….PNG)

File: 97429fdb4518a05⋯.png (89.04 KB, 548x713, 548:713, Fox 3 re AntiSemitic Doc S….PNG)

Anti-Semitic doctor who threatened Jewish patients should lose medical license



3609d9  No.4649940

We’ve had some big waves. And tremendously positive things have happened. Incredible things have happened. To ensure assimilation we want to ensure that it works. Assimilation, an important word. Integration and upward mobility.

Within just a few years immigration as a share of national population is set to break all historical records. The time has come for a new immigration commission to develop a new set of reforms to our legal immigration system in order to achieve the following goals.

To keep immigration levels measured by population share within historical norms. To select immigrants based on their likelihood of success in U.S. society and their ability to be financially self- sufficient.

We take anybody. Come on in, anybody. Just come on in. Not anymore.

You know, folks, it’s called a two-way street. It is a two-way street, right? We need a system that serves our needs, not the needs of others. Remember, under a Trump administration it’s called America first. Remember that.

To choose immigrants based on merit. Merit, skill, and proficiency. Doesn’t that sound nice? And to establish new immigration controls to boost wages and to ensure that open jobs are offered to American workers first. And that in particular African-American and Latino workers who are being shut out in this process so unfairly.

And Hillary Clinton is going to do nothing for the African-American worker, the Latino worker. She’s going to do nothing. Give me your vote, she says, on November 8th. And then she’ll say, so long, see you in four years. That’s what it is.

She is going to do nothing. And just look at the past. She’s done nothing. She’s been there for 35 years. She’s done nothing. And I say what do you have to lose? Choose me. Watch how good we’re going to do together. Watch.

You watch. We want people to come into our country, but they have to come into our country legally and properly vetted, and in a manner that serves the national interest. We’ve been living under outdated immigration rules from decades ago. They’re decades and decades old.

To avoid this happening in the future, I believe we should sunset our visa laws so that Congress is forced to periodically revise and revisit them to bring them up to date. They’re archaic. They’re ancient. We wouldn’t put our entire federal budget on auto pilot for decades, so why should we do the same for the very, very complex subject of immigration?

So let’s now talk about the big picture. These 10 steps, if rigorously followed and enforced, will accomplish more in a matter of months than our politicians have accomplished on this issue in the last 50 years. It’s going to happen, folks. Because I am proudly not a politician, because I am not behold to any special interest, I’ve spent a lot of money on my campaign, I’ll tell you. I write those checks. Nobody owns Trump.

I will get this done for you and for your family. We’ll do it right. You’ll be proud of our country again. We’ll do it right. We will accomplish all of the steps outlined above. And, when we do, peace and law and justice and prosperity will prevail. Crime will go down. Border crossings will plummet. Gangs will disappear.

And the gangs are all over the place. And welfare use will decrease. We will have a peace dividend to spend on rebuilding America, beginning with our American inner cities. We’re going to rebuild them, for once and for all.

04c4a2  No.4649941

File: d5ce820ac3e7311⋯.jpeg (135.79 KB, 1440x973, 1440:973, 1529074228.jpeg)

d002a0  No.4649942

>>4648921 (pb) Anon's decode of MH

For one brief second, I felt bad for her that she's under threat of death to dance to Soros' tune. For the next brief second, I felt bad for all the media puppets who would probably be killed if they do not play along.

Then I realized she made the choice to play. She opted in. So did they all.

If they all left at once, if they all turned at once to the light, DS couldn't kill them all. I am angry at their weakness. They've sold their souls, sold us all out. Q's very generous in offering an exit plan, and I'll trust him on that, but damn I don't know if I could.

Keep meeting with your handler maggie, keep your regular appointments, keep dancing with the devil. You're going to hell.

But maybe there is ONE #fakenews liar watching who is thinking right now, whether they themselves have the balls to do what's right. Acosta? Lemon? Are you liars all willing to keep working to actively kill off your country and countrymen just to save your own sorry, weak, pathetic ass? You should just end it all right now, because you will be hated for all of history. Everyone will know what you've done by the time this is over. It will not be safe for you anyway. Do you do the right thing now and risk your handler's wrath? Or do you double down on our genocide, and we will find you later for sure?

671fd3  No.4649943


Factually inaccurate and likely homosexual.

02a996  No.4649944


moar bullshit




916c30  No.4649945



I see it is that time again…

When Freddy morphs to muhjew garbage.

a818a2  No.4649946

File: f66f0bac6ecac66⋯.jpg (200.91 KB, 1142x738, 571:369, notable.jpg)

07fef7  No.4649947


like two male bigfoot, fucking in the forest.

245ee2  No.4649948

>>4649683 (lb)

I’m not hating, it’s a reality that immgration has ruined my hometown. Political correctness will not stop me from reporting the truth. The party crasher doesn’t get to say that the party got better when they arrived. The reality is if my ancestors knew that a Chinese invasion would follow WWII, they probably would have surrendered to the Germans rather than forfeiting their lives.

facc85  No.4649949


Whats it like being a homosexual

31658b  No.4649950

File: 6e633cddbd47716⋯.jpg (33.88 KB, 321x340, 321:340, 1977.jpg)

Judeo Christians/Christian Zionists are oxymorons of the Synagogue of Satan and thinks they are going to use "Jews" as "Rapture Vehicles"…. Jesus said it best john 8:44 'Jews are the children of the Devil' Oy vey! Those Jews in Palestine are Khazars, speaking not Hebrew but Yiddish and following not the Bible but Talmud, Zohar and Kabbalah. They have been the chosen people only of a Demonic Force named Moloch, Yawah El. The Church of Israel is God’s chosen people… How many millions are out there believing we should keep quiet and not criticize God’s chosen people? Yes, don’t you DARE criticize me you rotten Jews!

966a15  No.4649951


Dear Ruthie,

It is your time to make the sacrifice.

We need a distraction.

the cabal.

353c49  No.4649952

I read MH tweets and Q replies a bit differently.

>>4648921 (pb)


I read this differently. As Maggie letting Q know she's been threatened.

There is no smoking on the train.

*There is no diverting from your mission/you are in too deep*

If you're found smoking

*If we find out you're talking*

We'll assume you're on fire

*We'll assume you're ratting us out*

Fires can spread quickly

*We have moles, we will find out if you betray us*

and take the appropriate action

*And kill you/your loved ones*

says the Amtrak conductor.

*C_A Handler [AS]*

>>4635153 pb ( >>4616371 ) (pb Q Post: Phonefags should LONGPRESS to activate mouse hover, then back button)

Q Response

Handler (Conductor):

*C_A Clown*

Smoking can be bad for your health.

*Getting in bed with the cabal can be deadly*

Read the warning label.

*You should have known this up front*

Deboard train and walk away.

*If you turn yourself in now we can help*

Once in the tunnel, there is no going back.

*Otherwise, you're screwed*


>>4636767 (pb Q Post)



A stone sits idle while the world around it evolves.

*Everyone else is bailing, you're going to be left holding the shaft*

The world is changing. Evolution, depending on the stage, can be deadly.

*If you wait much longer, they'll take you out or pin all their crimes on you.*

The rest I agreed with.

641ab2  No.4649953


Communist China (photo) witnessed that live. The United States is no where free as we were, just 30 years ago…

Live Free or Die…Fighting For It.

>When Will the Federal government and CDC takes the PAIN EPIDEMIC seriously?


>How many chronic pain patients have to be forced to commit suicide or go to the streets to buy drugs???


>While the government spends $2,562 on research for every person with HIV/AIDS, it spends only $4 for every person with pain.


>Clearly, chronic pain needs more attention and more research dollars. After all, it is the main reason Americans go on disability.


>And it appears to be driving growing numbers of Americans to kill themselves.


>And your Big Pharma Pot, is not the answer!


>Obama's feds raised even the lowest level of opioid like Tylenol #3 and made it a dangerous opioid forcing those patients to be dumped by their doctors, feel like a bunch of drug addicts, force them to go to the streets for drugs or worse!




>They are not Oxycotin prescriptions….good freaking grief….and let us get back to living again!


>NANNY STATE MEDICINE in the 21st century…plummeting backwards rapidly…..where's our freedom to just live???


>And yes I am a 100% Trump supporter and Anon! Been on here over a year.


>End the INSANITY!

fe6895  No.4649954

File: 0b6033e5b7c4cd7⋯.jpeg (1.94 MB, 2224x1626, 1112:813, BC7D3656-BCB4-4C8F-87F3-0….jpeg)

e37ee5  No.4649955

We can't even get a wall up without all this drama why on earth are people then so trusting that setting up guillotines will not be a bad idea?

02a996  No.4649956


pope says rabbis are donkeys

there fixed it

74dc8a  No.4649957

File: 5bb065d58a9c1fe⋯.png (296.69 KB, 771x768, 257:256, ClipboardImage.png)

Great [old] article for anyone wanting a little morale boost.

Trust POTUS.


b69853  No.4649958


seems like a good sign he's at Jeff's table

e20da0  No.4649959

File: 2611f5b6f85bf3f⋯.jpg (252.19 KB, 1300x947, 1300:947, RV.jpg)


>The RV is ready to go and could begin at any moment prior to the announcement.

FO lynn

this the only RV that you will have

e24d16  No.4649960

File: 85d6d8e0e8ea858⋯.gif (1.2 MB, 320x240, 4:3, PppoWB.gif)

An oldie but a goodie - TYB

f90c54  No.4649961

File: dd58fac5325f46c⋯.jpeg (85.02 KB, 498x750, 83:125, 8BC7463C-93AE-4529-ACF3-B….jpeg)


Kek I think its light source.

Aiight dis one?

610493  No.4649962

File: 3210bfc9cdc94ff⋯.jpg (24.17 KB, 618x340, 309:170, KC.jpg)

>>4649758 (lb)

Kim Clement prophesied about Trump and a simple stone back in 2014…


f5df9f  No.4649963

File: bbeb364a7fd8b09⋯.png (10.95 KB, 443x224, 443:224, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 27df2a63d1190b2⋯.png (178.36 KB, 343x831, 343:831, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7cc57fa1738f9d7⋯.png (35.64 KB, 376x882, 188:441, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b67c0c108700175⋯.png (11.9 KB, 469x300, 469:300, ClipboardImage.png)

Will POTUS expose the "Foriegn Aid" that the D's wanted passed (along with an increase of $12B) - that it's actually going to help fund the invasion of our Country and also provides kickbacks to these traitors?

1faa54  No.4649964

File: ffcae94c3c11d27⋯.png (273.18 KB, 540x305, 108:61, tumblr_inline_o3xy8h92dp1s….png)

dbf4bb  No.4649965


No worries fren. Sometimes a fast pace is a good sign.

b2c290  No.4649966

File: 8902f2d63f58540⋯.jpg (162.57 KB, 1114x692, 557:346, BowChumpPepeMedia.jpg)

7b33ef  No.4649967

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

BREAKING: High Speed Police Chase In Miami, Florida

69cde2  No.4649968

File: f73ea944eb282b5⋯.png (512.96 KB, 730x672, 365:336, f73ea944eb282b50cdd405632d….png)

Has Freddy weighed in on Qs return yet? I didn't see it in nodables.

7d24c8  No.4649969

File: 45f85f1d6b0e43f⋯.png (223.92 KB, 600x337, 600:337, 25.png)


who owns the means of communication?

The Amish.

02a996  No.4649970


no wait

its nonjews are rabbis

80f038  No.4649971

File: 5ea16856197de07⋯.jpg (196.3 KB, 790x773, 790:773, oyvey.jpg)

8123a6  No.4649972



Look for the Cabal to drop terms like "concrete" or "rescue" like (((they))) did with GHWB.

e6b1dd  No.4649973



2ff609  No.4649974

File: 41aceb7e83c9dc9⋯.png (711.39 KB, 965x705, 193:141, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8beff3d75c3be97⋯.png (373.23 KB, 998x762, 499:381, DODAudit.PNG)

Media acknowledges that Trump might have the power to declare a national emergency and use military funding to build the wall.


“But legal experts said Trump could find surer footing by using "un-obligated" money within the Defense Department's budget, because federal law allows the military to fund construction projects during war or emergencies.”


DoD Completes First Full Financial Statement Audit; Findings Will Directly Benefit Readiness



49e625  No.4649975


People with too much gum and small teeth in their smile make me feel physically ill.

f11ce5  No.4649976


that G currency though

8de341  No.4649977


Nope ! only you Adolf lovers

f6a240  No.4649978

File: a3c71e739639c5e⋯.jpg (776.7 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, popckorn mr robot.jpg)


>Trump approved this software sale by the NSO to the Saudis (MBS)

I only found ISRAEL approved the NSO sale to SA.

07fef7  No.4649979


Anyone mentioning that fool is a shill.

04c4a2  No.4649980

File: 2500d627ce78136⋯.jpeg (128.15 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, 1545876637.jpeg)

02a996  No.4649981


no no no

black monkeys are jews

i mean rabbis

3609d9  No.4649982

For those here illegally today, who are seeking legal status, they will have one route and one route only. To return home and apply for reentry like everybody else, under the rules of the new legal immigration system that I have outlined above. Those who have left to seek entry

Those who have left to seek entry under this new system — and it will be an efficient system — will not be awarded surplus visas, but will have to apply for entry under the immigration caps or limits that will be established in the future.TRUMP: We will break the cycle of amnesty and illegal immigration. We will break the cycle. There will be no amnesty.

Our message to the world will be this. You cannot obtain legal status or become a citizen of the United States by illegally entering our country. Can’t do it.

This declaration alone will help stop the crisis of illegal crossings and illegal overstays, very importantly. People will know that you can’t just smuggle in, hunker down and wait to be legalized. It’s not going to work that way. Those days are over.

Importantly, in several years when we have accomplished all of our enforcement and deportation goals and truly ended illegal immigration for good, including the construction of a great wall, which we will have built in record time. And at a reasonable cost, which you never hear from the government.

And the establishment of our new lawful immigration system then and only then will we be in a position to consider the appropriate disposition of those individuals who remain.

That discussion can take place only in an atmosphere in which illegal immigration is a memory of the past, no longer with us, allowing us to weigh the different options available based on the new circumstances at the time.

Right now, however, we’re in the middle of a jobs crisis, a border crisis and a terrorism crisis like never before. All energies of the federal government and the legislative process must now be focused on immigration security. That is the only conversation we should be having at this time, immigration security. Cut it off.

5a38c6  No.4649983

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e6b1dd  No.4649984


Run Debbie Run!!

f776e4  No.4649985


How can they be so stupid? They're digging their own graves…

651003  No.4649986

File: a64bc51ec159b5e⋯.png (1018 KB, 1552x3792, 97:237, ClipboardImage.png)

Deciphering the exchange [exchange shelters] betwixt Maggie H and Q of late.

Couple of spotlights:



CHARON [the ferryman across the Styx]

TURNED. [see Maggie Thatcher phrase]

C.O.L.D. [Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease]

Charon and River Styx


Maggie Thatcher, "The lady is not for turning".




"Types of obstructive lung disease include; asthma, bronchiectasis, bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)."

That would really cut deeply, for Maggie H, whose mother-in-law died of COLD/COPD.

OBIT - Clare Gregorian


She died at home in New York City, surrounded by family, following a lengthy struggle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Clare was 80 years old.

Clare is survived by her husband and their three sons: Vahe Gregorian (wife, Cindy Billhartz); Raffi (wife, Olga Palinkasev); and Dareh (wife, Maggie Haberman). She is also survived by five grandchildren: Juan, Maximus, Sophie, Miri, and Dashiell.

In service to country, sometimes warriors have to be "glorious bastards", harsh but true.


Allspeed Anons.

02a996  No.4649987


yup i do

exposed himself he did



525e21  No.4649988

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

>>4649810 lb

How does a thermos know the keep your beverage hot or cold?

KYS, you goddamned retard.

>>4649363 lb

Literally, a nothing-burger.

Vid related.

ed61e3  No.4649989

File: 7adaad65161d7ef⋯.jpg (32.33 KB, 301x286, 301:286, ron paul blue pill red pil….jpg)

someone wanted this lb

83a6e7  No.4649990




>not knowing how to make the opposite happen!

c591f6  No.4649991

File: 2a5742aa4db03d1⋯.jpg (122.01 KB, 576x865, 576:865, 3.JPG)

File: b37bd9af4048ebd⋯.jpg (89.94 KB, 452x620, 113:155, 4.JPG)

Trump Administration Delays End of Pay Freeze for Political Appointees


b516d5  No.4649992

>>4649608 lb

He SHOULD wear it!

Send MSM into a meltdown.

3baf3b  No.4649993

>>4646530 (pb)

>All these Wall Funding talks and meetings are just a cover - but for what?

You just answered your own question, Anon.

The funding of the wall is not a problem. But it is strategically portrayed as such so that POTUS can expose the obstructionists (Dems et al.) and wear them out so The People can wake up and see them for what they really are: enemy of the Country.

The "funding" was never a problem, it was always part of The Plan.

9dcd89  No.4649994

File: 59baf0f3c4aef96⋯.jpg (80.03 KB, 641x362, 641:362, joelock.jpg)

504143  No.4649995

File: fbc90bc4c7c8ba9⋯.png (11.54 KB, 455x322, 65:46, Q Follow Bolton.PNG)


>Anyone got John Bolton in the WH termination deadpool?


3b5e1a  No.4649996



it's never "democracy" when they don't get the results they wanted

04c4a2  No.4649997

File: 782d4e3984aaf07⋯.jpeg (40.73 KB, 590x525, 118:105, main-qimg-1a7c119cff60e70….jpeg)

54ad9c  No.4649998

File: 6c299505fa5063a⋯.jpg (50.13 KB, 686x707, 98:101, cbsad.jpg)


bitch never saw me

af9c52  No.4649999

File: bd170db6ec6cc1f⋯.jpeg (61.55 KB, 474x443, 474:443, 31FC11C0-F11E-41AD-8D11-1….jpeg)

File: aa350877f605ef8⋯.jpeg (92.86 KB, 474x613, 474:613, DD527E48-D2BD-4788-A58A-E….jpeg)

File: 16848c29b2fc67f⋯.jpeg (43.4 KB, 474x243, 158:81, 4A8E8084-E5C6-472A-BE13-A….jpeg)

“An army of principles can penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot.”

07fef7  No.4650000

File: 5a503330ee489cb⋯.png (625.7 KB, 750x884, 375:442, 4RELIGIONS1PARTOFMAP.png)

9e2d45  No.4650001

Ooooh what a beautiful WALL

Spans tall, wide and long like a bridge that goes into the heavens.

Freeways on both sides, enterprise–neurship lovin it





kEK on Rockin

eacc30  No.4650002


anyone still in the game is so fucked!

9fb3c1  No.4650003

File: 34d76a7a9303f47⋯.png (427.2 KB, 459x418, 459:418, choppers.PNG)




Feinstein's leaker?

333f9a  No.4650004


It's like they only have so much they can do to preempt Trump. Is this the time for RGB death announcement or the Mueller report the one or… Trump has more ammo than they do so they can only hold him off for so long. And that isn't going to be very long.

292652  No.4650005

File: 93802b8fbff8c1b⋯.jpg (667.26 KB, 678x938, 339:469, MV5BYTRlZWJiYTItZjc4Mi00Zj….jpg)

You can't make this shit up!

A young American Veteran gets involved with a gang of Venice Beach psychos who are killing people to extract a psychedelic compound from their victim's adrenal glands.

02a996  No.4650006


great - quit explaining

bring it on

we have waited a long time

04c4a2  No.4650007


Quad 9s


7b33ef  No.4650008

File: 4f80161f516da74⋯.png (3.17 MB, 2672x1374, 1336:687, Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at ….png)

File: b7bd451f7984276⋯.png (3.37 MB, 2676x1390, 1338:695, Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at ….png)


Never mind, chase is over.

b2c290  No.4650009

File: 930f5848adfc99f⋯.mp4 (3.4 MB, 320x240, 4:3, RememberChuck.mp4)

8f469f  No.4650010

File: 384efa27511e756⋯.jpg (52.4 KB, 707x360, 707:360, kikelX.jpg)


Don't shoot or Bibi's shield of Israhell gets it!

1faa54  No.4650011


God gave men foreskin.

And then said: "Cut it off!" ???

b1d133  No.4650012

File: 1b354c4ab82d320⋯.png (292.52 KB, 894x782, 447:391, 1546895592108.png)

ed53cd  No.4650013


But but but his Iraqi dinars…

793b9b  No.4650014

File: ffaf5853dc9ceba⋯.jpg (159.14 KB, 1160x773, 1160:773, carter.jpg)

white house

President Carter denies supporting Trump's border wall


01/07/2019 03:23 PM EST

Former President Jimmy Carter denied ever supporting President Donald Trump's border wall, contradicting the current commander in chief's claim that previous presidents confided they regret not building a physical barrier on the Mexican border.

"I have not discussed the border wall with President Trump, and do not support him on the issue,” Carter said through a statement released Monday by the Carter Center.


7d24c8  No.4650015

File: bee060ea1a71da3⋯.jpg (62.45 KB, 640x348, 160:87, HRChailSatan.jpg)

so what's this I hear about the Wailing Wall also being anudda hoax? lol

fe6895  No.4650016

File: b09399a90e81487⋯.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1705x1091, 1705:1091, E5985E87-E308-4587-947A-4….jpeg)



597129  No.4650017

I didn't watch this shit, but really?

Golden globes gave out Flu shots! and mentioned Pizza before that. Sick. Jim Jones moment. Maybe that was a veiled threat to the "stars":


8123a6  No.4650018


Video feed not workin?




2b6d05  No.4650019

File: 50d1e4ecd7bca06⋯.png (108.96 KB, 202x253, 202:253, 2018-11-10_12-19-43 copy.png)


Feinstein 'freak' right?

e6b1dd  No.4650020


Kill it with fire

f6a240  No.4650021

File: 0b7909c6bf86c5e⋯.mp4 (591.05 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, popckorn deadpool KEEek.mp4)



3609d9  No.4650022

Whether it’s dangerous materials being smuggled across the border, terrorists entering on visas or Americans losing their jobs to foreign workers, these are the problems we must now focus on fixing. And the media needs to begin demanding to hear Hillary Clinton’s answer on how her policies will affect Americans and their security.

These are matters of life and death for our country and its people, and we deserve answers from Hillary Clinton. And do you notice, she doesn’t answer.

She didn’t go to Louisiana. She didn’t go to Mexico. She was invited.

She doesn’t have the strength or the stamina to make America great again. Believe me.

What we do know, despite the lack of media curiosity, is that Hillary Clinton promises a radical amnesty combined with a radical reduction in immigration enforcement. Just ask the Border Patrol about Hillary Clinton. You won’t like what you’re hearing.

The result will be millions more illegal immigrants; thousands of more violent, horrible crimes; and total chaos and lawlessness. That’s what’s going to happen, as sure as you’re standing there.

This election, and I believe this, is our last chance to secure the border, stop illegal immigration and reform our laws to make your life better. I really believe this is it. This is our last time. November 8. November 8. You got to get out and vote on November 8.

It’s our last chance. It’s our last chance. And that includes Supreme Court justices and Second Amendment. Remember that. So I want to remind everyone what we’re fighting for and who we are fighting for.

I am going to ask — these are really special people that I’ve gotten to know. I’m going to ask all of the “Angel Moms” to come join me on the stage right now.

These are amazing people, and I am not asking for their endorsement, believe me that. I just think I’ve gotten to know so many of them, and many more, from our group. But they are incredible people and what they’re going through is incredible, and there’s just no reason for it. Let’s give them a really tremendous hand.

That’s tough stuff, I will tell you. That is tough stuff. Incredible people.

So, now is the time for these voices to be heard. Now is the time for the media to begin asking questions on their behalf. Now is the time for all of us as one country, Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative to band together to deliver justice, and safety, and security for all Americans.

49e625  No.4650023

File: 936518b8794f9c0⋯.gif (2.2 MB, 357x238, 3:2, absolutelydisgusting.gif)

80f038  No.4650024

File: ff95eb302fa6053⋯.png (343.81 KB, 601x465, 601:465, ClipboardImage.png)

804bd2  No.4650025

Coons: ‘A Fourth Century Concrete Wall that You Can’t See Through Will Be a Less Effective Border Barrier’

In a Monday appearance on “Fox & Friends,” Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) commented on the partial government shutdown over funding for the border security wall.

Coons admitted to supporting better border security, but questioned the effectiveness of a “fourth century concrete wall” over a steel-slat fence at the barrier.

“[T]hat is a minor but important difference in technology. A fourth century concrete wall that you can’t see through will be a less effective border barrier,” Coons stated.

https ://www.breitbart.com/video/2019/01/07/coons-a-fourth-century-concrete-wall-that-you-cant-see-through-will-be-a-less-effective-border-barrier/

Coons flakes besite uses the word concrete

remember all the tweets of obama and jrc and others pushing concrete

maybe another application ?

319d04  No.4650026

File: d39272d1a9a28e4⋯.png (153.35 KB, 360x400, 9:10, gollum.png)

333f9a  No.4650027


That's some good pussy

292652  No.4650028

File: 0ce20ce9236a58f⋯.jpg (567.35 KB, 1132x1600, 283:400, Adrenochrome_DVD_wendecove….jpg)


wrong pic

69cde2  No.4650029

File: 1ba33614cf654e2⋯.jpg (43.78 KB, 780x438, 130:73, TootSignal.jpg)

File: 0d8cdc61efa65a1⋯.jpg (25.01 KB, 269x363, 269:363, CallTheToots.jpg)

ccd448  No.4650030


Can President Trump dabble in his businesses while in office?

If not, Why is it OK for Congress to make money by being in Congress?

Why do MOST people in Congress make more money then their salary and start off with less money then they leave with?

What we need is a big database that we can build to show who is in office, what projects they made money on (direct/indirectly), spouse involved (yes/no) how much each project net gain. the Congressman/House Member/President…Before and After Office. and what makes up the difference…I would love to do it but have no resources for that type of info…I do know it could become useful in more ways then we know!!!!

f13974  No.4650031

Flat Earth, hollow Earth & ball Earth. How about all 3?

Think gyroscope. Inside a sphere, cube, diamond?

Trying to get into hollow Earth or out?

975a97  No.4650032

Q, everything you have told us is getting to heavy.

The truth is cumbersome.


80f038  No.4650033

File: 168e0d7edf95565⋯.png (299.1 KB, 633x623, 633:623, ClipboardImage.png)



just made my pic too

eacc30  No.4650034


ah horse face

0f0fa1  No.4650035

Crews searching for possible plane crash near Sale Creek

Monday, January 7th 2019, 2:56 PM EST by WRCB Staff

Search and rescue crews are working along the Tennessee River after reports of a plane crash emerged about 1:34pm Monday afternoon.

Crews have been searching the water and ground for signs of the aircraft.

The crews are searching the area around Lee Pike near Sale Creek. A media staging area has been set up at Camp Vesper Point.


3ee37d  No.4650036


Donald Trump Will Get Chance to Pick World Bank’s Chief


7d24c8  No.4650037


fuck off Lucifer

facc85  No.4650038

Man the people on this board are more brainwashed npc than cnn

Were fucked arent we

7008ec  No.4650039

File: ca9ee9406ee995c⋯.jpg (109.14 KB, 1083x613, 1083:613, DwU3PixX0AIQDGV.jpg)

it's 2019 and people still believe we are monkeys living on a spinning ball.

Jew and nazi's love the theory of gravity and NASA

0fdcfb  No.4650040


yeah for some strange reason the jews see foreskins as food.

292a0e  No.4650041


Good catch

e9341f  No.4650042

Rosenstein is indicting multiple global organizations


ccd448  No.4650043

File: ee8495f0e5e3993⋯.jpg (32.49 KB, 384x276, 32:23, Double Standard.JPG)

File: ae0b7924caed81b⋯.jpg (31.7 KB, 398x296, 199:148, Hypocrisy.JPG)

File: ea4a11060d1f8e9⋯.jpg (45.39 KB, 463x477, 463:477, Hypocrite.JPG)


forget these guys

80f038  No.4650044

File: e122cc436e483af⋯.jpg (37.17 KB, 562x600, 281:300, AbsolutelyCivilian.jpg)

07fef7  No.4650045

Revisiting the Trump-Russia dossier: What's right, wrong and still unclear

Mockingbird will pick this up as typing.

Getting ahead of it.


04c4a2  No.4650046

File: 1fd3b2234a51560⋯.jpeg (96.22 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, 1543189826.jpeg)

49e625  No.4650047


More like a zombie face

3ca4d4  No.4650048

File: 1d866384631f3e5⋯.jpg (352.76 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, MEME2019-01-07-04-16-44.jpg)

3609d9  No.4650049

Let’s fix this horrible, horrible, problem. It can be fixed quickly. Let’s our secure our border.

Let’s stop the drugs and the crime from pouring into our country. Let’s protect our social security and Medicare. Let’s get unemployed Americans off the welfare and back to work in their own country.

This has been an incredible evening. We’re going to remember this evening. November 8, we have to get everybody. This is such an important state. November 8 we have to get everybody to go out and vote.

We’re going to bring — thank you, thank you. We’re going to take our country back, folks. This is a movement. We’re going to take our country back.

This is an incredible movement. The world is talking about it. The world is talking about it and by the way, if you haven’t been looking to what’s been happening at the polls over the last three or four days I think you should start looking. You should start looking.

Together we can save American lives, American jobs, and American futures. Together we can save America itself. Join me in this mission, we’re going to make America great again.

Thank you. I love you. God bless you.

2b6d05  No.4650050

File: c4e65c53263ce64⋯.png (1.16 MB, 802x846, 401:423, 2019-01-07_08-14-35 copy 2.png)

51a3c8  No.4650051


Just as planned…

bb4bc5  No.4650052

File: bb458e90ec43d72⋯.png (78.39 KB, 869x335, 869:335, great awakening_2019.PNG)

One year ago tomorrow, Q created /GreatAwakening board. Maybe a "Great Awakening" tomorrow night?

8f469f  No.4650053


Kevin is in Epstein's flight logs.

Who's making book on how long he'll last in prison?

cde4da  No.4650054

>>4649443 (lb)

Know where that excess Oregon pot is going now.

ea72d2  No.4650055



hivemind detected

5dc3b6  No.4650056

File: cf0ba19738ff9ed⋯.png (372.88 KB, 937x319, 937:319, Fakewood1.png)

064777  No.4650057

>4649797 (prev)

Anons, question regarding, "Wait until you find out who has been talking to you". Was this posted before we knew who Q+ was? Maybe it's as simple as, Q was talking about POTUS.

a818a2  No.4650058

Who controls the Narrative?



11b5bd  No.4650059

File: 7ef9fd2aa493c0c⋯.jpeg (219.08 KB, 2160x1620, 4:3, IMG_20190107_154828.jpeg)

a1e771  No.4650060


she busy trying to murder viable infants in new york state

eacc30  No.4650061


nah upper lip move like horse eating

b2c290  No.4650062

File: 6832275e99fef9c⋯.jpg (124.97 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, POTUSwillpower.jpg)

File: 808162e99ae4e00⋯.jpg (174.74 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, POTUSwallpower.jpg)

File: 696becd3c0be7f7⋯.jpg (301.45 KB, 1024x1253, 1024:1253, POTUSwallpower3.jpg)

File: 9bbcc2c0cec1e5c⋯.jpg (250.24 KB, 1024x1261, 1024:1261, POTUSwallpower2.jpg)

acdd76  No.4650063


They're not hiding their fear.

1b020e  No.4650064


Collect your shill paycheck, it’s ok we still love you

916c30  No.4650065


funny how your automatic responses are always the same:

"jidf, kike, goy, rabbi, schlomo, moshe"

8123a6  No.4650066

File: f24114f53fd59b0⋯.png (1.05 MB, 736x609, 736:609, Screenshot_55.png)

File: 1b5abafd80ab504⋯.png (719.65 KB, 622x604, 311:302, Screenshot_56.png)

52330e  No.4650067


now you're getting it… globalist have wanted this for a very long time and have been working towards it patiently.. in order for everyone to be the same some boats have to rise at the expense of others… guess who's paying

804bd2  No.4650068

Was RBG on the Island ?

6f29e9  No.4650069

File: 8480217a04461f5⋯.jpg (275.29 KB, 1280x717, 1280:717, KIM MOON FINAL.jpg)

Truth to Power.

Thanks Mr. President.

480b32  No.4650070



And a boom

f44da7  No.4650071

File: c4875d99b279693⋯.png (158.48 KB, 654x574, 327:287, c4875d99b27969348d49ad1eb1….png)

19c423  No.4650072




07fef7  No.4650073




They're getting ahead of the release.

c7f859  No.4650074

File: f585a51da2175f4⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1600x1199, 1600:1199, c78a74b3daa713ab737afe7cb4….png)

18a968  No.4650075

File: 2c7379f29d5536f⋯.jpg (39.05 KB, 493x333, 493:333, YepJewRubenstein.jpg)

File: 701ef615c4fba1a⋯.jpg (29.49 KB, 373x304, 373:304, YesJewAllen.JPG)

File: d59ec6f7a892936⋯.jpg (24.89 KB, 404x300, 101:75, YesJewBoot.JPG)

File: a33c04128d31116⋯.jpg (37.29 KB, 519x364, 519:364, YesJewBronfman.JPG)

File: 600f0310445d960⋯.jpg (62.9 KB, 616x432, 77:54, YesJewIsrael.JPG)

acd6a1  No.4650076



Something realllllly huge is happening or happened

This is extremely panic

Signalling escape plans?

Something they thought was happening did not happen

And they're behind schedule now in order to run

They wouldn't be mentioning the speech if hey were going to ignore it anyway

Dead justices won't stop what is coming

eacc30  No.4650077


not just one location

276fd9  No.4650078


Trump never requested them

They better air him

facc85  No.4650079



Q is a larp


Jk im actually Q+ sup guys

I made the whole thing up as im actually a interdimensional moth person

0af378  No.4650080

because congress made insider trading legal for (((THEM))).



671fd3  No.4650081


It's not a wall of the Temple; it's one of the retaining walls for Fort Antonia where the occupying Romans lived.

The "Jews" are praying to the Roman's retaining wall, and thinking that God hears them.

It's sad.

00d083  No.4650082

File: d0f293e64e11a20⋯.jpg (95.91 KB, 670x377, 670:377, concernfags.jpg)

Yep. busy in here tonight…

480b32  No.4650083


Her "clone" Stephen Hawking was

23d49a  No.4650084

File: d4628e4138ce0ca⋯.png (5.7 MB, 2600x1558, 1300:779, ClipboardImage.png)

>>4649227 lb

Salvator Mundi (Da Vinci) painting likely fell apart during restoration (pic related). It was not worth $450M because the condition was so poor.

OLD story, but here is the sauce:


07fef7  No.4650085



18a968  No.4650086

File: 2f6bfbf9d3a7d3f⋯.jpg (84.23 KB, 900x482, 450:241, FakeJews911.jpg)

File: 12a6160fd55e75b⋯.jpg (83.96 KB, 749x499, 749:499, FakeJewSanders.jpg)

File: 616e2e708c68819⋯.jpg (38.65 KB, 461x341, 461:341, FakeJewsBabyDickSuckers.jpg)

File: 15f8bab24b4f89e⋯.jpg (52.38 KB, 576x315, 64:35, FakeJewsBrockAlefantis.jpg)

File: b719cf12d345d4b⋯.jpg (36.04 KB, 389x267, 389:267, FakeJewsBrockTrotsky.jpg)

1faa54  No.4650087



I can assure you ALL of them will get the message.

By force.

1b020e  No.4650088


Lucifer is man made, no fluid exsistance here!

911b64  No.4650089

File: 0f5da3504964704⋯.jpg (85.03 KB, 600x410, 60:41, fakewood.jpg)

19c423  No.4650090



04c4a2  No.4650091

File: b8f3da63db380f7⋯.png (155.64 KB, 474x432, 79:72, b8f.png)


Beep Boop Beep…

b516d5  No.4650092

File: 20b2e86e72eb0f6⋯.jpg (48.93 KB, 384x498, 64:83, 20b2e86e72eb0f63dceeff54f5….jpg)

eacc30  No.4650093


Brian Shitty pants wanted a 10 minute delay? version 2.0

de10aa  No.4650094


Such desperation. Soooo damned obvious.PANIC PANIC PANIC.

4ae74d  No.4650095

File: 2d58a3b507dcf4d⋯.jpg (551.08 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, the_purge_social_media_may….jpg)


Because day shift gets all the mediafags, egofags, and famefags who can't come to a consensus and agree on shit. Many scattered, unorganized. Stick to one thing, knock it out, then move on. That's how shit would get done quicker.

fe6895  No.4650096

5de3ec  No.4650097

File: 720bfffda855904⋯.jpg (27.68 KB, 400x411, 400:411, MI0003389043.jpg)



OK Ideas?


How about Doing a Piece on ah ah Yeah I Know

Undocumented Citizens that are Dying due to

Trump Killing Them?



If The BIG Four Refuse to air POTUS LIVE

I will be able to See (((their))) Death Throes!

f6a240  No.4650098

File: 649f266420b8d5e⋯.jpg (188.14 KB, 1280x1923, 1280:1923, wot?.jpg)


the fuck is RV?

5a38c6  No.4650100


And who will send them to guillotine?

671fd3  No.4650101


Trump could build and operate a Trump Tower in Moscow today without violating anything in the Constitution.

8db089  No.4650102



anyone actually seen the movie?

The movie is actually called Misirlou, after a song by Dick Dale.

c591f6  No.4650103

File: 6e4f2f140b5d534⋯.jpg (224.96 KB, 678x860, 339:430, 3.JPG)

File: 88a3c86962e543b⋯.jpg (210.39 KB, 699x833, 699:833, 4.JPG)

Five Members of Mexican Sex Trafficking Organization Sentenced to Prison


353c49  No.4650104

File: fa834ce01440b1f⋯.jpg (177.76 KB, 1579x862, 1579:862, muhfiji.jpg)

292652  No.4650105

File: 9bd8ed4b96a1bd0⋯.jpg (63.56 KB, 480x398, 240:199, hitler.jpg)

7a0af5  No.4650106


Last i heard she was smoking pretty bad

e20da0  No.4650107

File: 129e1c4099925fc⋯.jpg (70.73 KB, 799x703, 799:703, The Copper Age.jpg)

e0fc45  No.4650108


you would have no need to say that if you lurked moar and read notables.

07fef7  No.4650109

The Steele Dossier Was Planned As Hillary’s Insurance Policy


a1e771  No.4650110


problem is, they have deep state operatives doing commentary before, during and after POTUS's speech

of course, they did the same during the Presidential debates and they still lost

974e1f  No.4650111

File: d63e255dbc9a7f9⋯.png (45.81 KB, 500x566, 250:283, fetroll_03.png)

File: 0470da88d0258cb⋯.png (209.24 KB, 490x462, 35:33, fetroll_05.png)

File: 399bf0218495abb⋯.jpg (35.59 KB, 700x700, 1:1, fetroll_06.jpg)

facc85  No.4650112



4b033f  No.4650113

File: 5a15c430453af24⋯.jpg (50.3 KB, 526x500, 263:250, 1pja3c.jpg)

75f45c  No.4650114


The House is full of corrupt RINOs. The Senate is a bit cleaner. Some Congress-traitors came out today siding with Dems.

They haven’t heard of the Trump curse. It’ll be coming for them.

31658b  No.4650115

File: 3080f4de1865f27⋯.jpg (940.46 KB, 2732x2048, 683:512, 666.jpg)

Jews wrote their own version of the bible called the schofield bible that got really popular in america that basically told stupider christians that they were supposed to worship jews. somehow this actually worked because americans are apparently that stupid.

Now you've got hordes of retarded evangelicals who rage against gay marriage and try to get "bathroom bills" passed in their states, but then pay for israel to literally rebuild Sodom and Gomorah in the Holy Land and celebrate gay pride parades in JERUSALEM. normally i would think it was just typical hypocrisy but i really think in the case of the american evangelicals i think they really dont make the connection between degeneracy and kikes.

"Judeo-Christianity" is NOT Christianity, but is a control mechanism developed during the rise of Zionism, & which only really gained currency & was implemented by Judaeo-Bolshevik & Judeo-Capitalist globalist elites exploiting their strategic victory in the last "Brother's War" (WW2)

Jews worships moloch/baal/satan and this is why they control everything…evil always wins because good is stupid… when Americans find out what the Jews really are (John 8:44, "he told us the Jews are Satan's children through Satan's son Cain.") there WILL be a sunset on America's support for Israel. As a matter of fact if the American people find out that the Jews did 9/11 in order to pit Christians and Muslims against each other we ourselves will be the ones to bring down our righteous might on their satanic state. Somebody should just nuke Israhell instead, so all Jews can boil in hot excrement for eternity. The biggest irony in history is a Christian nations blinding support a state of Anti-Christs… mention Jesus to a Rabbi in Israel and they will spit on the floor! THEY WORSHIP SATAN YOU IDIOT AMERICAN CHRISTIANS… THEY'RE WHOLE RELIGION IS BASED ON HATING CHRIST WAKE THE FUCK UP AND STOP VOTING FOR ZIONISTS IN TO YOUR GOVERNMENT.

e274d7  No.4650116






3baf3b  No.4650117


Why was winning the Senate the main objective?

Well, that is a extremely important question that already has been answered by Q.

So, what would be the other side of that question?

The complementary question could be: why wasn't the House a second main objective?

Why let the Dems win that?

Well, it fits the plan. The plan being give the Dems enough space so they can maneuver and publicly expose their treasonous acts while they oppose POTUS. Let the American People see who they really are.

Give them enough rope so they eventually hang themselves.

No escape.

504143  No.4650118

File: 2750f63adc3a3cb⋯.png (618.16 KB, 589x891, 589:891, DoD 1-7-19 1 pm PST.PNG)


To kick off 2019’s first Medal of Honor Monday, we’ve decided to go back to when the medal was first created, highlighting one of the more than 1,500 Civil War recipients who helped keep our nation together.


f90c54  No.4650119

File: 2978efa024a28b5⋯.jpeg (53.93 KB, 654x406, 327:203, A966509D-7A8A-4992-A15C-9….jpeg)

1b020e  No.4650120


Think catacomb earth

292a0e  No.4650121


That's funny.. I didn't think dub dubs meant you were a nigger faggot.. huh. Learn something new every day.

916c30  No.4650122

File: c14dd862bb4cef5⋯.png (82.67 KB, 637x733, 637:733, q_div.PNG)




add ivanka, jared, seth rich, horowitz, mnuchin etc, faggot.

and while youre at it, here are the reasons you keep pushing this muhjew garbage:

1. make the q movement look like stormfrin/daily stormer clown ops. All for optics, dismiss the q movement as "trump's antisemitic racists

2. chase away new lurkers.

3. make diggers stop at "its the jews", "no need to look deeper, it the jews, we can close qresearch".

No need to look at reformist sjw "jews" vs other jews. No need to mention the fact that trum]s' cabinet, including his daughter are jewish.

4. "The jews" is the oldest decoy tactic there is. Shills have been using it for ages to hide the ruling families behind the jews. Jews don't worship minerva, egyptian gods and owls.

What about payseur? Saud? The muslim brotherhood? China?

look here [muhjew] dont look here [occult ruling bloodlines]

facc85  No.4650123


I wish i got paid i just have a grudge against jewish anonymous

I really dont like being lied to

7b33ef  No.4650124


Currency Revaluation… the NESARA/GESARA pipe dream that supposed "people in the know" have been blathering about for way too long

ad860b  No.4650125


@Jack is enjoying a couple of days of great gains to his net worth. Not worried about anons at all.

641ab2  No.4650126


Thank You! .I will yell louder & longer then…

We can't help POTUS or Q as much as we could…. with our pain meds back.

We're not addicts, we're not pot heads (but leave those people an option of taking pot, it may work for them) we don't want big pharma's brand of pot or anti depressants…We want what actually worked for us, back and to be able to just live.

8123a6  No.4650128

File: 2060fda00783d4f⋯.png (238.31 KB, 650x496, 325:248, Screenshot_246.png)

File: 1a3fd0bc285cf2c⋯.jpg (406.32 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, Hivemind2.jpg)

File: ea5a83dde191af5⋯.png (112.69 KB, 716x439, 716:439, HiveMind3.png)

File: 4b4af87fd45b9dc⋯.png (9.78 KB, 478x249, 478:249, HiveMind4.png)

File: 859ed74ace6283d⋯.jpeg (371.87 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, HivemindMuch.jpeg)



I don't know why I collect these things for???

fe6895  No.4650129

File: 7ca0317c9b6679f⋯.jpeg (880.29 KB, 1428x848, 357:212, 9899C21B-FBE3-48A7-B3D0-6….jpeg)

how sweet was November 2016 …

acdd76  No.4650130

File: f9c05d93b49708c⋯.jpg (70.08 KB, 630x420, 3:2, f9c05d93b49708c0d5eebd0986….jpg)

245ee2  No.4650131

File: fb9efb9deef5e7d⋯.jpeg (254.54 KB, 750x651, 250:217, 9CE2E141-64E1-439F-8F23-E….jpeg)


I don’t see any news story to get indicate that it was stolen other than this tweet.

504143  No.4650132

File: 2cf32c6c64880b1⋯.png (1.29 MB, 835x793, 835:793, 1 Medal of Honor Monday 1-….PNG)

File: bbbfa4054b43690⋯.png (482.94 KB, 445x849, 445:849, 2 Medal of Honor Monday 1-….PNG)

File: adf4b7e80c6e76d⋯.png (223.23 KB, 443x863, 443:863, 3 Medal of Honor Monday 1-….PNG)

File: 26d1121871430de⋯.png (40.17 KB, 437x577, 437:577, 4 Medal of Honor Monday 1-….PNG)




f44da7  No.4650133

File: c51e550169fd1c5⋯.png (12.94 KB, 215x255, 43:51, e369a4558665435d45e0c2a7ae….png)


really? since the event/story just came out today? kys nigger.

4b033f  No.4650134

File: e0c8811683aa130⋯.png (141.42 KB, 498x634, 249:317, 916.png)

File: 0ba95a792df4454⋯.png (16.54 KB, 394x422, 197:211, Q post 1781.png)


Jews own everything!




671fd3  No.4650135


Wow, that guy's on the cutting edge of 2015.

5de3ec  No.4650136



Maybe change it to

Hep meh, Hep meh, Hep Meh…

0af378  No.4650137

File: b2ae44b4d58f9e3⋯.png (330.94 KB, 750x606, 125:101, ClipboardImage.png)

916c30  No.4650138


projection never ends, until the shill is filtered.

641ab2  No.4650139


without our pain meds back!

7d24c8  No.4650140

File: 1db0f29edc41c21⋯.jpg (1.64 MB, 1333x4485, 1333:4485, Screenshot_2019-01-02 Fede….jpg)

File: 1842f70f4700acb⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1333x3997, 1333:3997, Screenshot_2019-01-04 Cong….png)


because once you enter into a career

in state corporate (fascist) crime in America, you can do anything to anyone and always plead.

do you know who gets pleaded out and down as much as politicians and people that work for the government anon?


look it up.

now why IS that?

off they all go to retirement for "health reasons".

04c4a2  No.4650141

File: 4a6f50559fd09bb⋯.jpeg (111.34 KB, 980x742, 70:53, 4a6.jpeg)


Tick tock JIDF fag

7008ec  No.4650142


you are a dumb fuck

2917f6  No.4650143



Yeah, I'm with you on this. There is no one in American politics that loves Israeli more than him; almost like it's some sort of act. Think about it. Bolton probably knows more Mossad agents, personally, than anyone else. I wonder how that could be used against them?

8db089  No.4650144

File: 3e9d8a1c95319e7⋯.png (944.73 KB, 1083x613, 1083:613, ClipboardImage.png)

5a38c6  No.4650145




00d083  No.4650146

File: 4882c11e8b84006⋯.jpg (50.8 KB, 889x500, 889:500, TwitterMayday.jpg)


What goes up must come down…

1b020e  No.4650147

Many people knew the man Jesus and his teachings, and many followed so that they could try to become as he. The rulers of that day, seeing that the people were following Jesus, decided that if this continued they would lose their control of the people. This they did not wish to happen, so they came to the conclusion he must be destroyed.

This, as you know, they did. His teachings were destroyed or changed so that they would do the people very little good. Thus the rulers have kept power over this planet till this day. They knew that, once man realized his true kinship with the Creator, he could be ruled by no one but the Creator.

51812b  No.4650148

File: 7336b69c2e58dc2⋯.jpg (381.99 KB, 950x711, 950:711, capture_053_07012019_13234….jpg)


93060a  No.4650149

Activist accuses brazilian famous 'medium' of international human trafficking (including new born babies)


3db60e  No.4650150

Order pre 2016

c591f6  No.4650151

File: 9850ba9a12da1ce⋯.jpg (153.35 KB, 1056x878, 528:439, 3.JPG)

File: c0af670b4331b03⋯.jpg (115.18 KB, 781x908, 781:908, 4.JPG)

File: 562934b644b15eb⋯.jpg (37.6 KB, 760x158, 380:79, 5.JPG)

UN Report - almost 1/3 of human trafficking victims are children


f1328c  No.4650152


Trump Broadcast ? A Few Migration Home Truths Coming ?

Who knows more about Migration,

the MSM or The Office of Immigration Statistics ?

Playing the MSM at their own Game.

The Time will Come when the MSM will wish

that they had never played the FAKE NEWS CARD.

7008ec  No.4650153

File: 13880d0e9f01e2f⋯.jpg (174.2 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, fantasy.jpg)

de81d8  No.4650154


sent this to fb and twit

most excellent anon

0af378  No.4650155

File: 63c66ba884ca40b⋯.png (8.64 KB, 234x255, 78:85, urmom.png)


Don't forget ur mom, totally owned.

1f52ae  No.4650156

File: 71971454ec0dc58⋯.jpeg (96.75 KB, 998x499, 2:1, 3379D74F-D424-4A77-AFE3-A….jpeg)

facc85  No.4650157

Hey Q why do i have to be a fly

Does God just not love me enough or something

Cuz you know whats going on and you dont seem to care

Good thing i dont want to hurt people

b2ab82  No.4650158

File: 0f35a3bb8a98975⋯.png (1.23 MB, 961x1059, 961:1059, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0923cbabd6f97c0⋯.png (493.41 KB, 856x1082, 428:541, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a72105ff2d6eb86⋯.png (3.92 KB, 249x97, 249:97, ClipboardImage.png)


Emergency Management Agency responds




ae22ea  No.4650159


it's a great awakening. years from now, a lot of people will be figuring out shit we knew years ago.

f13974  No.4650160

File: 4f15caa08ea2ead⋯.gif (719.41 KB, 330x248, 165:124, 330px-Spherical_pressure_w….gif)

File: 1eb06ed1358b6cd⋯.png (142.71 KB, 343x324, 343:324, SC.PNG)

480b32  No.4650161

b1d133  No.4650162

File: 0a8704564d25e26⋯.jpeg (76.32 KB, 374x370, 187:185, fullsizeoutput_176e.jpeg)

e274d7  No.4650163


>>4632191 (pb)

It goes way further back

b516d5  No.4650164

File: 909209dfd2cf187⋯.jpg (41.49 KB, 604x645, 604:645, bewbs.JPG)

843068  No.4650165


Very cool !

df38a9  No.4650166



7a0af5  No.4650167

18a968  No.4650168

File: 152c0bcb6371b4d⋯.jpg (27.9 KB, 469x265, 469:265, Kushner666.JPG)

File: b46c6387fedd4c9⋯.jpg (176.41 KB, 940x548, 235:137, KushnerGroup.jpg)

File: fd0d259056f0fd7⋯.jpg (34.21 KB, 360x322, 180:161, KushnerOmen.jpg)

File: 2a947f702aafc4a⋯.jpg (17.32 KB, 452x265, 452:265, KushnerOmenII.JPG)

File: 9017e8dad06cbea⋯.jpg (43.55 KB, 595x315, 17:9, KushnerPaul.JPG)


Stupid fuck

Nobody likes Jared.

Ivanka was forced to become a Jew in order to marry Kikener

Seth Rich, Meh, he was a socialist bernie supporter pissed that Hillary duped them

Horowitz. Court's out on him.


02a996  No.4650169


not to mention clear out about 50 rinos

353c49  No.4650170


Oops. Sorry Jimmy. It said previous PRESIDENTS.

We didn't mean you.

c0e3eb  No.4650171

File: bb35e9df58773a6⋯.jpeg (281.66 KB, 1242x547, 1242:547, 26FAAE4A-0170-4665-8283-4….jpeg)

7d24c8  No.4650172

File: 66d857b0a85cf05⋯.jpg (9.26 KB, 255x191, 255:191, 8cfa2aecb8da1358f43e3cbbe2….jpg)


even wew vlad is amused.

04c4a2  No.4650173

File: c42cc28d2650c62⋯.png (47.94 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 200px-Jidf_logo.png)


All day long faggots. You people really are stupid.

dd1be5  No.4650174


by this logic, everything would be falling to a universal floor.

literally everything.

You're fucking retarded.

e9341f  No.4650175


it was lost and found monrhs ago


23d49a  No.4650176


If it is part of the Mueller probe then it regards money laundering through the purchase of an obviously worthless piece of art for $450M. That would be my guess.

916c30  No.4650177

File: e6725ad5f8361a7⋯.png (89.9 KB, 796x622, 398:311, joem1.PNG)

File: 6ffe92863219890⋯.png (20.35 KB, 780x142, 390:71, joem2.PNG)

File: 394509a0e90080a⋯.png (46.79 KB, 617x458, 617:458, qqq.PNG)


yeah, of course… lets close qresearch it is all jews, this is why q said it isn't about religion or race. And this is why trumps' cabinet have many jews and his daughter is jewish.

0af378  No.4650178


placeholders not enough for you?

b44877  No.4650179


Are we back on this shit again? Jeez…..who cares what shape the earth is? I care MORE about the shape of our society and how to redpill folks.

671fd3  No.4650180


Dumber now that I read your post.

7354c9  No.4650181


>Israel relies on Christian Zionists to sacrifice their money, resources, freedoms and children.

The greatest trick the (((DEVIL))) ever pulled…was convincing you he was god.

5a38c6  No.4650182



Man arrested in america for public indecency at a football game.

ca34db  No.4650183

File: 151d9ff57ca4e08⋯.jpg (126.78 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 2ql7ee.jpg)


thats sounds like PANIC

1b020e  No.4650184


Look in the mirror, see the Creator

8db089  No.4650185

File: e8757a5b553d4eb⋯.png (105.79 KB, 678x474, 113:79, ClipboardImage.png)

another dead black kid at ED BUCK'S HOUSE


9dcd89  No.4650186

>>4648313 (prev)

Were I he, I would not postpone anything over a dead 85 year old libtard. PERIOD.

Where the subject matter of Nation Security is concerned, there IS NOTHING so important so as to preempt the dissemination of such information.

If (((they))) don't like that, he can simply point out that he called it first.

If they had her ice, then they can admit it and why.

If they did not, then he scheduled the Address before she puked and the world will go on if they have to wait one more day to sing her praises.

FFS we need grow a pair and stop humoring these stupid fucks and their retarded fairy tales !

7008ec  No.4650187

File: fa9d6db2becfaa4⋯.jpg (65.95 KB, 800x722, 400:361, fe2.jpg)

gravity globe believers

love the devil's ways

dumb as fuck, ooooh yah

86835b  No.4650188


As if it really fucking matters. Desperation.

830b81  No.4650189

File: 7546178e1e3a1e9⋯.jpg (230.58 KB, 969x606, 323:202, Glorious1.jpg)

974e1f  No.4650190

File: 0e17ddfee84f81e⋯.jpg (23.09 KB, 360x282, 60:47, ~006.jpg)



dd1be5  No.4650191



671fd3  No.4650192


Aye, and they'll be getting their info from the very same people who are giving them their info today; the MSM. And as usual, it will be poisoned.

facc85  No.4650193


Great idea Q

Except most people dont give a fuck cuz they are smart and just smoke weed

The rest are literal npcs who do what the tv man tells them

Btw anyone else get headaches and ear ringing when you get too "woke"

bbd1cd  No.4650194

File: 4b5e56449c42f88⋯.png (288.15 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b46186f1504657e⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1862x1048, 931:524, ClipboardImage.png)


Keyser Söze.

e6b1dd  No.4650195



18a968  No.4650196

File: ef890b8dc4a739b⋯.jpg (97.3 KB, 759x500, 759:500, FakeJewsFaggots.jpg)

File: f8ad91124b1d9ee⋯.jpg (44.99 KB, 600x315, 40:21, FakeJewsFags.jpg)

File: 75bb79ab2fb939e⋯.jpg (26.18 KB, 431x270, 431:270, FakeJewShlomoHelbran.JPG)

File: f2b54e420f98687⋯.jpg (91.57 KB, 615x500, 123:100, FakeJewsRoths.jpg)

File: d1db082b8c84068⋯.jpg (29.97 KB, 416x333, 416:333, FakeJewsWomeninBlack.JPG)


There is no such thing as fake fucking Jews..

7008ec  No.4650197

File: 7aa95f686f2f15d⋯.jpg (28.4 KB, 492x563, 492:563, fbz_e4360b49254206ceea41c7….jpg)

651003  No.4650198


Sauces for graphic deciphering of Q-MH exchange:



Read warning label


Charon, ferryman on Styx


The Lady is not for Turning, said Maggie T


Obituary, Clare H


Tunnel Through Glass Towers




Might post moar if Anons suggest so.

Cheers Anons.

bcfd18  No.4650199

File: a57493e3a2b6c2f⋯.jpg (62.89 KB, 1200x1048, 150:131, flatearth.jpg)

353c49  No.4650200

File: cb9aacfd281d22c⋯.png (223.13 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


There I was, running for my life…

4b033f  No.4650201

File: 5a6bdbeddeddf96⋯.jpg (69.77 KB, 619x406, 619:406, Wmvb7d7d-WT_dAe0g03o9-L4Wq….jpg)


No matter what. We'll always mock Jews.

They are the filth of the earth.

ac981a  No.4650202


They will have to change the food at gitmo from halal to kosher after arrests occur

3b5e1a  No.4650203

File: 97f427d08a48407⋯.jpg (50.9 KB, 333x241, 333:241, let that sink in.jpg)

def697  No.4650204


Designer Buckminster Fuller is often cited for his use of trim tabs as a metaphor for leadership and personal empowerment. In the February 1972 issue of Playboy, Fuller said:

Something hit me very hard once, thinking about what one little man could do. Think of the Queen Mary—the whole ship goes by and then comes the rudder. And there's a tiny thing at the edge of the rudder called a trim tab.

It's a miniature rudder. Just moving the little trim tab builds a low pressure that pulls the rudder around. Takes almost no effort at all. So I said that the little individual can be a trim tab. Society thinks it's going right by you, that it's left you altogether. But if you're doing dynamic things mentally, the fact is that you can just put your foot out like that and the whole big ship of state is going to go.

So I said, call me Trim Tab.

— Buckminster Fuller

The official newsletter of the Buckminster Fuller Institute is called "Trimtab"


7e7686  No.4650205


RAT spin: 'he runs a hospice!'

b44877  No.4650206


This would be suicide if they did this….

916c30  No.4650207

File: 4283c86760d6bb7⋯.png (25.93 KB, 611x245, 611:245, qq.PNG)



then why do you waste your time here? Oh wait… i think i know.

attached isrelevant, and this is relevant:


e31b4e  No.4650208


Moses reminds me of another guy named Mises. "Mises" is found in Syria, where he was pulled out of a basket floating in a river. Mises also had tablets of stone upon which laws were written and a rod with which he did miracles, including parting waters and leading his army across the sea.


acdd76  No.4650209

File: 16de1fb3a447e08⋯.png (722.53 KB, 840x905, 168:181, Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at ….png)




dbf4bb  No.4650210


Making baker hungry. Might be a Tendie Monday.

d260cf  No.4650211

File: c2eef24ab039428⋯.png (7.16 KB, 159x131, 159:131, add filter to block.png)

7008ec  No.4650212


i saw the moon landings on TV

830b81  No.4650213

>>4650185 NOTABLE

f90c54  No.4650214

File: 5e59efc262df308⋯.jpeg (117.29 KB, 800x1067, 800:1067, C5F94E61-C8F4-475E-AEEE-7….jpeg)

974e1f  No.4650215

File: fda1eb924f6c159⋯.png (221.64 KB, 558x477, 62:53, fetroll_01.png)

353c49  No.4650216


Are we watching a movie? Is this all a set up Spacey agreed to to draw out the cabal?

e6b1dd  No.4650217


They commit suicide everyday anyways. What's another bullet.

319d04  No.4650218

File: 6523171b2fc3347⋯.jpg (239.07 KB, 1862x1048, 931:524, lead-image_hrc_buck_moore.jpg)

0b10bf  No.4650219


Someone's habit is getting out of hand.

I wonder if he'll get a DS funded assisted suicide

d28699  No.4650220

9. Natural Philosophy

42:9.1 Religion is not alone dogmatic; natural philosophy equally tends to dogmatize. When a renowned religious teacher reasoned that the number seven was fundamental to nature because there are seven openings in the human head, if he had known more of chemistry, he might have advocated such a belief founded on a true phenomenon of the physical world. There is in all the physical universes of time and space, notwithstanding the universal manifestation of the decimal constitution of energy, the ever-present reminder of the reality of the sevenfold electronic organization of prematter.

42:9.2 The number seven is basic to the central universe and the spiritual system of inherent transmissions of character, but the number ten, the decimal system, is inherent in energy, matter, and the material creation. Nevertheless the atomic world does display a certain periodic characterization which recurs in groups of seven — a birthmark carried by this material world indicative of its far-distant spiritual origin.

42:9.3 This sevenfold persistence of creative constitution is exhibited in the chemical domains as a recurrence of similar physical and chemical properties in segregated periods of seven when the basic elements are arranged in the order of their atomic weights. When the Urantia chemical elements are thus arranged in a row, any given quality or property tends to recur by sevens. This periodic change by sevens recurs diminishingly and with variations throughout the entire chemical table, being most markedly observable in the earlier or lighter atomic groupings. Starting from any one element, after noting some one property, such a quality will change for six consecutive elements, but on reaching the eighth, it tends to reappear, that is, the eighth chemically active element resembles the first, the ninth the second, and so on. Such a fact of the physical world unmistakably points to the sevenfold constitution of ancestral energy and is indicative of the fundamental reality of the sevenfold diversity of the creations of time and space. Man should also note that there are seven colors in the natural spectrum.

42:9.4 But not all the suppositions of natural philosophy are valid; for example, the hypothetical ether, which represents an ingenious attempt of man to unify his ignorance of space phenomena. The philosophy of the universe cannot be predicated on the observations of so-called science. If such a metamorphosis could not be seen, a scientist would be inclined to deny the possibility of developing a butterfly out of a caterpillar.

42:9.5 Physical stability associated with biologic elasticity is present in nature only because of the well-nigh infinite wisdom possessed by the Master Architects of creation. Nothing less than transcendental wisdom could ever design units of matter which are at the same time so stable and so efficiently flexible.

ad860b  No.4650221



You are one of the reasons I hang here, anon.

c0e3eb  No.4650222

File: 0ffe1091e7c31e3⋯.jpeg (671.38 KB, 1242x1741, 1242:1741, 892833D7-055F-4E0B-8F65-E….jpeg)


4b033f  No.4650223

File: 93559ba1fe009d3⋯.png (237.39 KB, 549x309, 183:103, 93559ba1fe009d3534b4d0b70e….png)


Oh no!!!

916c30  No.4650224



again, a shill pretends to represent anyone other than his faggot self.

55e0b7  No.4650225

File: 5f33deab378cc38⋯.png (11.21 KB, 255x146, 255:146, merchgassed.png)

File: 5b51f23ebf595b8⋯.jpg (18.17 KB, 323x277, 323:277, merchkike2.jpg)

File: f4cb52791b15dee⋯.png (131.54 KB, 731x600, 731:600, merchbrainlet.png)

File: 2ab7b03556c3922⋯.jpg (126.44 KB, 960x400, 12:5, merchkike.jpg)

File: 678b3bc498865fb⋯.png (798.9 KB, 836x627, 4:3, merchantsroastingonanopenf….PNG)

>> 4650122

>No need to look at reformist sjw "jews" vs other jews.

Ah, Here's SUPERKIKE again with the copypasta pilpul. Threadly reminder;

I pwn you=

e274d7  No.4650226

File: 3e060fdde1d5255⋯.png (388.31 KB, 900x685, 180:137, ClipboardImage.png)

IRS Will Issue Tax Refunds During Shutdown, Easing Pressure To Reach A Deal

Following panicked reports that the Internal Revenue Service won't issue refunds during the government shutdown, acting director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, Russell Vought, told reporters "Tax refunds will go out", effectively easing pressure on Trump to reach a deal.


b1d133  No.4650227

File: cf54121645a8706⋯.jpeg (91.6 KB, 880x882, 440:441, fullsizeoutput_15f0.jpeg)

7008ec  No.4650228

File: 640d11ce66dd6b6⋯.jpg (73.31 KB, 640x629, 640:629, DmhaYmQV4AAziNN.jpg)

a23ff3  No.4650229

File: d8a314d2dabdb85⋯.jpeg (487 KB, 1242x1994, 621:997, 53C150CB-E627-4CD7-A8AA-A….jpeg)


a1e771  No.4650230


hope POTUS succinctly explains the issue of child sex trafficking across our southern border and how opponents of the wall, in part, are against wall funding because they want the child sex trafficking to continue…

dbf4bb  No.4650231


Sauce it up please.

353c49  No.4650232

File: 6f30adec7a10828⋯.jpg (85.64 KB, 1429x1349, 1429:1349, pepeserved.jpg)

292a0e  No.4650233


Bucky, you a mad nigga

We can't party no mo'

dbf4bb  No.4650234


>>4650151 UN Report: Almost 1/3 of human trafficking victims are children.

>>4650132 Medal of Honor Monday.

>>4650103 Five members of Mexican sex trafficking organization sentenced to prison.

>>4649991 Trump Administration delays end of pay freeze for political appointee.

>>4649974 Media agrees w/ Trump's ability to declare nat. emerg. / DoD audit completed. Coincidence?

>>4649957 Trump: Master of the International chess game.

>>4649939 Anti-Semitic doctor who threatened Jewish patients should lose medical license.

>>4649901 The Great 2018 Cashout: Republicans Lamar Smith and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen cash out to Akin Gump.

>>4649856 Networks deliberating on whether or not to air Trumps Speech. Fact checking/threat of cut feed.

>>4649853 King of Malaysia Abdicates Suddenly After Two Years on Throne.

064777  No.4650235

File: f058a1ecb4c9c6e⋯.jpg (44.19 KB, 684x678, 114:113, bc10.jpg)

4b033f  No.4650236


You were saying?


72c080  No.4650237

File: c7923379dc0748c⋯.png (72.94 KB, 629x425, 37:25, spt.png)

Trust Kansas

7e7b59  No.4650238

File: 2de913e57356e52⋯.png (484.18 KB, 733x567, 733:567, Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at ….png)



escaped charges before…Statute of limitations does not run on murder :)

e9341f  No.4650239



dbf4bb  No.4650240


Disregard, thank you anon.

7a0af5  No.4650241


I don't think anyone from CNN was invited not a real news source.

04c4a2  No.4650242

File: 26b9a91e5232a55⋯.jpeg (16.57 KB, 255x235, 51:47, 1ecf3672f3683add766ef7cba….jpeg)

319d04  No.4650243

File: 8e7addc1db7acd2⋯.jpg (104.78 KB, 931x633, 931:633, Ed-Buck-Main-image-1.jpg)

f5c124  No.4650244


First one:;




830b81  No.4650245

File: 58361a25ff3821d⋯.jpg (22.45 KB, 244x214, 122:107, SoMuchText.jpg)

353c49  No.4650246


Nah. He'll probably list all the DHS stats on crime coming across border/being stopped, then MSM will call him a liar and normies will agree.

916c30  No.4650247


and here the shill retardation intensifies.

One more clown for freddy to play with.

292a0e  No.4650248


Just gotta relieve that stress, baby

A man gets *anxious

96773d  No.4650249

>Hey Q why do i have to be a fly

Because you think you are a fly?

Or you behave like a fly?

1b020e  No.4650250

This solar system is moving into an area of space where the vibrations are much higher. This will cause changes in your planet’s features. It will also cause changes in your peoples.

The vibrations on the planet will become higher. Therefore man will have to raise his vibrations in order to exist on your planet. These vibrations can only be raised by the people’s thinking: thinking better thoughts of everything in the creation, more spiritual thinking, thoughts that will lift the people of Earth out of the darkness and mud they have lived in for so long.

The principle of free will still exists. Man may change and live on this planet in a true father’s kingdom, or he may not and destroy himself and be reincarnated back in a third-density materialistic world where he would continue to try to learn his lessons. Man should change so that he could see the revealment of the Father’s kingdom.

facc85  No.4650251


Thats like entry level red pill anon

Blah blah blah were all one so there is no suffering blah blah

Who cares tell dad to stop being a deadbeat

7008ec  No.4650252

File: cca53c0029007a4⋯.jpg (48.45 KB, 564x615, 188:205, flatsci.jpg)

closet nazi and jew lovers believe we live on a spinning water ball

ad860b  No.4650253


Dang. That doesn't exactly look like a fancy home.

How much is this Ed Buck worth?

4af5cb  No.4650254

File: a4842f8f831e49a⋯.jpeg (599.02 KB, 1454x1428, 727:714, 7896E386-4BC6-4AC4-9002-C….jpeg)

I’m assuming someone caught this already.

44 = Bombs Away

62c514  No.4650255


Gazans are not fucking starving, pig fucker sharmootah.

You're a fucking drooling kelb.

651003  No.4650256


A feature of the exchange between Q and Maggie Hagman is the inept attempt by Maggie to trade in coded language. That leads to the speculation that she was not very good at the cloak and danger stuff and may well have much [too much for her frens] evidence on hand and about her. Obliviously obvious, suppose.

In the exchange it seems Q tells her to cut to the chase (or be chased, kek) down a one way track.

3609d9  No.4650257

File: 187b42295ad4a76⋯.png (480.15 KB, 720x1092, 60:91, Screenshot_20190107-152857….png)

File: 7fa4b8be36e859f⋯.jpg (68.21 KB, 696x473, 696:473, Ed-Buck-Main-image-1.jpg)

File: 13ec3b269ccbd68⋯.jpg (139.94 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DlF37AYXgAEQWIy.jpg)

File: 0ad34dc168df3b7⋯.jpg (73.24 KB, 720x635, 144:127, unnamed-1.jpg)

File: fff5a3e0c5e1b11⋯.jpg (53.85 KB, 768x510, 128:85, IMG_7268-768x510.jpg)

Well isn't it just ADAM SCHIFF day…

064777  No.4650258



8123a6  No.4650259

File: 940e34a687d7f10⋯.png (634.79 KB, 1227x904, 1227:904, Screenshot_247.png)






4b033f  No.4650260



Clearly Jews.

1b020e  No.4650261

File: 3d9921c379521b7⋯.jpeg (904.7 KB, 1365x2048, 1365:2048, D38A22ED-0E43-4D1F-A2DF-D….jpeg)

353c49  No.4650262


Sucks another kid died, but maybe it will at least help the family of the first kid get some needed closure.

f90c54  No.4650263

File: bcc32a1ee872096⋯.jpeg (101.9 KB, 498x428, 249:214, A23582E6-E4C0-4194-A479-D….jpeg)

7e7b59  No.4650264



Prior Death

Prosecutors have declined to file charges against prominent Democratic donor Ed Buck in connection with the fatal overdose last summer of a 26-year-old man at Buck’s West Hollywood home, citing insufficient evidence, according to court records.

In a document dated Thursday, the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office said that the “admissible evidence is insufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt” that Buck gave Gemmel Moore drugs or is responsible for the man’s July 2017 death.

The document also cited an inadmissible search and seizure, but did not provide details.

Seymour Amster, an attorney representing Buck, said Thursday that the move was a “complete exoneration” for Buck. “Gemmel Moore’s death was a tragedy. It’s now clear that Ed Buck had nothing to do with it,” Amster said.

Los Angeles County coroner's officials had concluded that Moore died from an accidental methamphetamine overdose in Buck’s Laurel Avenue apartment, which was littered with drug paraphernalia. Paramedics found Moore naked on a mattress in the living room, the coroner’s report said.

They ruled Moore's death an accident, and an initial review by sheriff’s deputies found nothing suspicious. But in August 2017, homicide detectives launched a new investigation after Moore’s mother and friends questioned whether the drugs that killed him were self-administered.

A notebook found in Moore’s possession indicated he used drugs with someone whose name is redacted in the coroner’s report. The Times has reviewed pages of that journal, in which Moore purportedly wrote about using crystal methamphetamine.

“Ed Buck is the one to thank,” Moore appears to have written. “He gave me my first injection of chrystal [sic] meth.”

Moore's mother, LaTisha Nixon of Texas, had questioned whether Buck’s ties to elected officials and differences in race and class influenced the investigation. Buck, who is 63 and white, is a longtime political donor, onetime West Hollywood City Council candidate and a well-known figure in LGBTQ political circles. Moore, who was black, had been homeless and had worked as an escort.

Homicide investigators presented their case to prosecutors July 10. The district attorney’s office reviewed and rejected four charges: murder, voluntary manslaughter, and furnishing and possessing drugs.


504143  No.4650265


>and here the shill retardation intensifies.

>One more clown for freddy to play with.

cb infiltrating the day shift?

641ab2  No.4650266

HERE's AN IDEA….DROP CABLE COMPLETELY, Until the news is actually news again and not propaganda!

I've been without cable for over 11 yrs and don't miss the garbage at all! the only ch…maybe was TCM turner classic movies.

You have the power and the $$$ that they want. Keep the internet…drop cable TV, Netflix…the whole works. Hit them where it hurts! And where they'll notice! Just think if 3 to 4 million people dropped their TV cable overnight…and told them why. Force a change with your wallet!

4995bd  No.4650267


as if they matter?

101ed2  No.4650268

Maybe anons can give me some clarification. Is the consensus of the board that we continuing under the idea that we are 2 days ahead of schedule? Or were we just 2 days ahead for that particular instance? Doing some ClockFag stuff but I'm not sure If I;m lining up correctly. Anyone have a latest version of the Clock that's clear?

ca34db  No.4650269


Here's some sauce

The body of another young black man has been found at the West Hollywood apartment of Ed Buck — a prominent Democratic donor who allegedly has a fetish for drugging sex workers — reports Wehoville.

Buck, a white man in his 60s, was investigated previously by authorities after the death of Gemmel Moore, who died of a methamphetamine overdose in Buck's home in July 2017. Since Moore's death was classified as an accidental overdose, numerous young black gay men have alleged that Buck has a fetish for shooting drugs into black men he picks up off the street or on hookup sites. Moore had written about Buck injecting him with dangerous drugs before his death.

“I’ve become addicted to drugs and the worst one at that,” Moore wrote in his journal in December 2016. “Ed Buck is the one to thank. He gave me my first injection of crystal meth.”

Buck claims he's not responsible for Gemmel's death and did not furnish him with drugs. The L.A. County District Attorney declined to file charges against Buck, claiming there was "insufficient evidence."

The name of the person who died in Buck's home in the early hours of Monday has not been released. Wehoville described him as a young African-American man and featured a picture of a body being removed on a gurney.

Community activists like Jasmyne Cannick have accused Los Angeles officials of declining to prosecute Buck in 2017 thanks to his contributions to powerful politicians like Hillary Clinton, California governor Jerry Brown, L.A. mayor Eric Garcetti, and numerous local West Hollywood councilmembers. Cannick is organizing a vigil and rally for tonight in front of Buck's home, at 1234 Laurel Avenue.

"City Council members John D’Amico and Lindsey Horvath have reached out to City Manager Paul Arevalo, asking him to request that newly elected Sheriff Alex Villanueva put priority on investigating [the young man's] death," Wehoville reports. "Councilmember Lauren Meister also has pressed for the homicide division to investigate."



bbd359  No.4650270

>>4649413 lb

>>4649783 lb

CA is currently ranked 50th in both education and quality of life. Maybe you werent her before the Bush/Clinton/Bush years, when it went downhill precipitously. You are also apparently unaware that half the state burned down last year and that CA is trillions in debt. It's also a complete police state which now literally charges you for taking a shit with water rationing, another direct result of state mismanagment and malfeaseance. Did you even see what happened with the Nov vote? Have you noticed that the state is overrun with immigrants? Cal was 85% white 30 years ago. My family is here 6 generations, I didnt come from some shithole like IL.

f52356  No.4650271


Is nobody going to make the obvious Pulp Fiction related meme?

1bbbf6  No.4650272



fmovies/openload have it, for those wanting to watch it:

watch online: www5.fmovies.ac/watch-misirlou-2017-fmovies.html

download: 1fgqfu5.oloadcdn.net/dl/l/oEkhV8T5a8TpJXd8/Y55WbCEYddg/Misirlou.2017.BDRip.x264-JustWatch.mkv.mp4?mime=true

974e1f  No.4650273

File: c798820a07afd97⋯.jpg (27.34 KB, 600x450, 4:3, ~003.jpg)

af2351  No.4650274



87bfa2  No.4650275

File: ebe9efcfa3cd6d7⋯.png (454.69 KB, 800x483, 800:483, story_of_rbg_on_the_basis_….png)

7008ec  No.4650276


is spacex all for real? like NASA

3db60e  No.4650277

File: eb565896fb44b39⋯.jpeg (715.86 KB, 1091x1524, 1091:1524, 376B1DD7-1FF8-40A8-960B-5….jpeg)

Pre-2016 Order

d260cf  No.4650278

File: 8c4bbb4c4e878f8⋯.jpg (90 KB, 1017x785, 1017:785, Dorito Dust 09809374693476.JPG)


Leave and cleave

353c49  No.4650279


Prolly his fuck shack.

504143  No.4650280

File: 46231d49c2a3c86⋯.png (470.51 KB, 645x592, 645:592, Drudge re Newsom Vows Sanc….PNG)

File: 81de1f6a106c462⋯.png (56.94 KB, 630x707, 90:101, CBS re Newsom Vows Sanctua….PNG)

Vows 'Sanctuary To All Who Seek It'…

California Governor Newsom Vows ‘Sanctuary To All Who Seek It’ In Inauguration Speech



7d24c8  No.4650281


this is why Christians used to examine their conscience every night

and go to confession for venial sins.

little things…if you don't scrape off the barnacles…and apply tar at regular intervals

0f0fa1  No.4650282

January 7, 2019


The Germany Minister of Economic Development and Cooperation Gerd Muller who was expected on the Copperbelt failed to make it after a plane carrying him developed a technical fault in Malawi where it made a stop over.

Dr Muller was scheduled to tour a series of developmental projects in the province among them the PV power plant by Copperbelt Energy Corporation, the black mountain to appreciate how youths are benefiting from the slug damp and Mopani Mopani Copper Mines (MCM) in Kitwe.

Germany Ambassador to Zambia Achim Burkart told ZANIS in an interview at Ndola’s Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport where he was supposed to receive the minister that after making a stop over in Malawi, it was discovered that the plane which Dr. Muller was using had developed a technical fault.

ZANIS reports that Mr.Burkart said although the embassy is aware about some of the projects which Dr. Muller was supposed to visit, he would have loved him to physically see them.

He assured Copperbelt province Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe who was equally at the airport to receive the Germany Minister that instead, Dr. Muller will board on a different plane to connect him to Lusaka where

he is scheduled to meet President Edgar Lungu tomorrow at 10 hours at State House.

And Mr. Nundwe has described the development as unfortunate as the province was itching to warmly welcome the Minister.

Despite the setback, however, Mr. Nundwe expressed optimism that the Germany Minister of Economic Development and Cooperation will still be briefed about the massive development which the province is registering as he meets the head of State tomorrow.


7e7b59  No.4650283


If there's evidence of similarities of method, etc., they could still file on the first case

980cc1  No.4650284


2 groups of jews

the jewzharians = bad

and the jewsons = Gods chosen = not bad.

916c30  No.4650285


reformist sjw "jews" dont give a shit about kosher.

And occult rulers like soros are atheists/occultists.

55814d  No.4650287


You have moved into an area of space where your posts will be less visible.

18a968  No.4650288

File: 4871bbead7af89e⋯.jpg (58.67 KB, 629x499, 629:499, SCBreyerJewish.jpg)

File: aa535a353d9ea0d⋯.jpg (33.99 KB, 475x295, 95:59, SCGinsburgWas.JPG)

File: ec515f1c0ba9ec1⋯.jpg (47.61 KB, 594x415, 594:415, SCKaganJewish.jpg)

File: 689cc2123c6b6bf⋯.jpg (39.84 KB, 464x330, 232:165, Rhodes.JPG)

File: dbd31c07395fdb8⋯.jpg (34.97 KB, 605x327, 605:327, FakeJewIRSLerner.jpg)


Truth is truth….

I'm not gonna lie and tell after 15+ yrs of research I love the Jews.

Nope the motherfuckers are involved in everything nefarious.

e274d7  No.4650289

File: add921f9733c8f5⋯.png (599.89 KB, 803x423, 803:423, ClipboardImage.png)


>>>4650151 UN Report: Almost 1/3 of human trafficking victims are children.

They know as they are the ones doing it!

Report Finds UN Employs 3,300 Pedophiles, Responsible for 60,000 Rapes in Last 10 Years


adc06a  No.4650290


Yeah nigga. GESARA.


5a38c6  No.4650291


FBI in colaboration w/ CIA and NSA made this happen.

Sleep well patriots.

Tomorrow we are about to catch a swuirell that is stealing nuts.

Meanwhile - they shot ETs UFO, keep free energy secret, making deals w/ ETs, sending money away, skunkworks creating some antigravity crafts, NASA lying to you , the shit is so big that only …………………………..

acdd76  No.4650292


>How much is this Ed Buck worth?

About two dead niggers.

a1f3ea  No.4650293

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fe6895  No.4650294

File: 1ccf3ccbe85d5f8⋯.jpeg (160.48 KB, 2224x1316, 556:329, D3D34BE5-2E1D-448A-BA8F-C….jpeg)

f44da7  No.4650295

File: 7815da657e584fd⋯.png (475.76 KB, 722x519, 722:519, ClipboardImage.png)



Looks to be hot and wet in Leeds…

353c49  No.4650296


What? I think it's obvious what the sign in front of Ed Buck's house says.

830b81  No.4650297


This guy Buck has an association with Adam Schiff. And he has a reputation of getting his jollies by injecting black male prostitutes with deadly drugs.

f776e4  No.4650298

File: d331046abe4e73f⋯.jpg (13.84 KB, 300x33, 100:11, ginsi.jpg)



4b033f  No.4650299

File: 1da2d201c44a823⋯.jpg (55.55 KB, 469x600, 469:600, 1da.jpg)

File: 7d3c2c24ab7c3f0⋯.jpg (529.31 KB, 940x672, 235:168, 7d3.jpg)

File: 9dfdcd261162aba⋯.jpg (71.51 KB, 573x500, 573:500, 2hj60q.jpg)

a0b878  No.4650300

File: 9df4a29978cc992⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1536x770, 768:385, ClipboardImage.png)

1b020e  No.4650301


I’m here to spread love, it’s much needed!!!

7008ec  No.4650302

File: b24e84366c944b3⋯.jpg (39.79 KB, 720x553, 720:553, DmXqGvjU0AAraeG.jpg)

NASA lies to you and you still believe in outer space.

ahhhhh dahhhhh drrrrrhhhhhh

96773d  No.4650303

He gave you breath to live and experience.

He gave you hands to build.

He gave you brain and heart.

Who has given you more?

7e7b59  No.4650304

File: 2f2bad56f9ef6c9⋯.png (472.52 KB, 683x655, 683:655, Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at ….png)


Come on LBTQ… protect your own!

7a0af5  No.4650305


Adam Schiff was probably there

ad860b  No.4650306


Think that's the point.

Need to dig Buck and his fuck shack location plus any other homes.

4b033f  No.4650307

File: 5f8d11481782eaa⋯.jpeg (24.1 KB, 500x461, 500:461, 1111.jpeg)

File: 21b76c4bd0fdff7⋯.jpg (185.98 KB, 685x480, 137:96, 21b.jpg)

File: 6baf26d39bf186a⋯.jpg (9.46 KB, 221x229, 221:229, 6baf26d39bf186a7333a01d532….jpg)

File: 5f8f2bda9276b68⋯.jpg (111.46 KB, 640x576, 10:9, 911attacksjewsmeme.jpg)

2cca7d  No.4650308


Holy Shit Anon

You got it! He's even got the sweater vest too

Now for the polka dot tie

Lots of signaling going on with this

c5b0ff  No.4650309


Literally the opposite. Where are those underground reservoirs?

276fd9  No.4650310


old news, couple days ago

292a0e  No.4650311


Quit (((noticing))) shit, you anti-Semitic motherfucker

ed61e3  No.4650312


getting sick of all these fucking funerals

7e7b59  No.4650313


The body of another young black man has been found at the West Hollywood apartment of Ed Buck — a prominent Democratic donor who allegedly has a fetish for drugging sex workers — reports Wehoville.

Buck, a white man in his 60s, was investigated previously by authorities after the death of Gemmel Moore, who died of a methamphetamine overdose in Buck's home in July 2017. Since Moore's death was classified as an accidental overdose, numerous young black gay men have alleged that Buck has a fetish for shooting drugs into black men he picks up off the street or on hookup sites. Moore had written about Buck injecting him with dangerous drugs before his death.

“I’ve become addicted to drugs and the worst one at that,” Moore wrote in his journal in December 2016. “Ed Buck is the one to thank. He gave me my first injection of crystal meth.”

Buck claims he's not responsible for Gemmel's death and did not furnish him with drugs. The L.A. County District Attorney declined to file charges against Buck, claiming there was "insufficient evidence."

The name of the person who died in Buck's home in the early hours of Monday has not been released. Wehoville described him as a young African-American man and featured a picture of a body being removed on a gurney.

Community activists like Jasmyne Cannick have accused Los Angeles officials of declining to prosecute Buck in 2017 thanks to his contributions to powerful politicians like Hillary Clinton, California governor Jerry Brown, L.A. mayor Eric Garcetti, and numerous local West Hollywood councilmembers. Cannick is organizing a vigil and rally for tonight in front of Buck's home, at 1234 Laurel Avenue.

"City Council members John D’Amico and Lindsey Horvath have reached out to City Manager Paul Arevalo, asking him to request that newly elected Sheriff Alex Villanueva put priority on investigating [the young man's] death," Wehoville reports. "Councilmember Lauren Meister also has pressed for the homicide division to investigate."


916c30  No.4650314


change it to reformist sjw "jews" - blind/self hating useful idiots for the cabal.

regular jews - people just like you and me.

f52356  No.4650315


I also think it's obvious anon….

e1e94b  No.4650316


Jury? We're prosecutors, we don't need no stinking jury.

b1d133  No.4650317


Baker, you gotta notable the Ed Buck news


064777  No.4650318


Apples & Oranges, Anon

353c49  No.4650319


They have the kid's diaries. He was afraid this would happen. He detailed the abuse he suffered at Buck's house. It's all bullshit.

974e1f  No.4650320

File: 2ce9c14a2778bea⋯.jpg (49.42 KB, 600x586, 300:293, 1276660307662.jpg)

ac981a  No.4650321

1b020e  No.4650322

Many people believe they are teaching truth, but how do they know? Some teach from what they are taught without thinking things out for themselves. Others who think for themselves are often ridiculed and suppressed until they give up seeking the truth. When this happens, the Creator has lost another son for the time being.

One must always seek if he is to attain his goal, and to reach our goal, my son, we must never give up seeking our goal: to reach the Father. This goal is simple but difficult, and many falter along the way, for they find it easier to give up seeking than to go the simple yet difficult path.

0af378  No.4650323


need more Wake's.

671fd3  No.4650324


Catholics. Not Christians. Christians know when sin was forgiven. Catholics are indoctrinated to continually murder Jesus and continually beg for forgiveness from well pedophiles.

2917f6  No.4650325

File: 888fb8942ed7394⋯.png (1004.01 KB, 540x719, 540:719, b4469f8458a891ab8e6574696c….png)



Anything that "House" does will just get a big fat "Nay" in the Senate, anyway. It doesnt matter at all.

916c30  No.4650326


Its his shareblue coworkers.

f90c54  No.4650327

File: fbe8d258ba6c462⋯.jpeg (23.92 KB, 255x247, 255:247, 41387AA2-1A38-4130-9E83-4….jpeg)

292a0e  No.4650328


What do the Pleaidians think bout the JQ, Cpt Spaceman?

dbf4bb  No.4650329


On it fam:


>>4650280 Gov. Newsom vows sanctuary to all who seek it.

>>4650237 Pompeo Tweet: "America will miss the dedicated service to Kansas and our Nation of @PatRoberts…"

>>4650185, >>4650209 Another Black man found dead at Democrat donor Ed Buck.

>>4650151 UN Report: Almost 1/3 of human trafficking victims are children.

>>4650132 Medal of Honor Monday.

>>4650103 Five members of Mexican sex trafficking organization sentenced to prison.

>>4649991 Trump Administration delays end of pay freeze for political appointee.

>>4649974 Media agrees w/ Trump's ability to declare nat. emerg. / DoD audit completed. Coincidence?

>>4649957 Trump: Master of the International chess game.

>>4649939 Anti-Semitic doctor who threatened Jewish patients should lose medical license.

>>4649901 The Great 2018 Cashout: Republicans Lamar Smith and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen cash out to Akin Gump.

>>4649856 Networks deliberating on whether or not to air Trumps Speech. Fact checking/threat of cut feed.

>>4649853 King of Malaysia Abdicates Suddenly After Two Years on Throne.

00d083  No.4650330

File: 3bac731e8550aca⋯.png (220.88 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


What about Bradistan?

f44da7  No.4650331

File: fca82197c4c1a6d⋯.png (54.7 KB, 592x149, 592:149, ClipboardImage.png)

7008ec  No.4650332

File: 916883d34664be0⋯.jpg (91.22 KB, 960x960, 1:1, flatausi.jpg)

anyone have a photo from your nasa lovers file with a bost or a plane upside down???

anyone please it's 2019

480b32  No.4650333


Print out a clock,line up everything you can for that day,tweets,Q dfops,etc. Crumble the paper up,and throw it in the nearest trash can. Don't recycle. In fact,burn it. It's the only useful thing to do with "qclock".

2d0c84  No.4650334

File: 41504099e61cf93⋯.png (407.33 KB, 680x505, 136:101, ClipboardImage.png)

36b9e3  No.4650335


So for those not retarded enough to pay for their own false flag fuckery, will we get a check in the mail for the years of raping we'd taking from the cabal while they make BILLIONS from our birth certs? Collateral accounts, look it up diet woke sheep. You could fund your wall 100 times over if you demanded ACCESS to your….


FOH if you still think wage slavery is patriotism. Fuck all of you.

facc85  No.4650336


Im assuming this is Q

Do you behave like a nigger

Or are you one

Whats the difference

4995bd  No.4650337


start a recall.

18a968  No.4650338

File: c6a28fff86b72e4⋯.png (298.3 KB, 685x591, 685:591, ClipboardImage.png)


The guy that shot the kikes at the Pittsburgh

Sin O GOG, hated Trump

Yet the kikes couldn't wait to blame it on Trump

7b33ef  No.4650339

File: 0e3763bf85e8ff3⋯.jpg (664.35 KB, 1611x657, 179:73, get-out.jpg)


Get Out!

8ddabd  No.4650340

File: 8cd4e170a8fed42⋯.jpg (28.22 KB, 486x270, 9:5, ApocaPepe.jpg)

The SAME ILLUMINATI NIGGERS are also the ones who told you earth was flat, faggots.

They create BOTH sides of the spectrum and play you all off them while they laugh.

The entire system only changes one way and not enough today have the testicular fortitude to do anything unless directly attacked(even though we have been through Big Pharma/FDA/Gov't overreach/Black Ops testing of weapons on the public) but keep taking that stiff cock like good little goyim! Your weekly/monthly little bit of scrap shekels they give you and a 1500sqft house is worth you being a docile little sheep.

c5b0ff  No.4650341


>t. heretic

0fdcfb  No.4650342

File: 19cc66151359676⋯.png (439.25 KB, 1200x506, 600:253, 19cc66151359676a481ce4f219….png)

File: d38357bd0cc55fa⋯.png (45.04 KB, 610x467, 610:467, 9164b805687a4a3d11b278c01f….png)

File: dfb758988090b9a⋯.png (137.08 KB, 393x963, 131:321, i see (((jew))).PNG)

File: f6d45cdf7a89a96⋯.png (20.37 KB, 394x422, 197:211, Its the jews.PNG)

File: dfd95165fed48c8⋯.png (34.88 KB, 373x914, 373:914, they openly call you GOYIM.png)

it's all coming to light prepare yourselves

96773d  No.4650343

>Im assuming this is Q

shill example.

916c30  No.4650344


pro - i have the jection.

319d04  No.4650345

File: 928c855d35035d1⋯.jpg (12 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault (4).jpg)

c0e3eb  No.4650346

File: a1f4f7381b0c230⋯.jpeg (226.88 KB, 1242x545, 1242:545, C0D877C8-CE36-4C8F-8659-8….jpeg)

File: 7dbf9b74a849062⋯.jpeg (515.18 KB, 1242x1199, 1242:1199, 3E11906E-7EC3-4451-9E1A-C….jpeg)


a23ff3  No.4650347


He’s worth a lot of money. But does his meth with young black men thing in this apartment. One kid filmed him once and it’s just fucking bizarre

7008ec  No.4650348

File: f0fe1a07657189e⋯.jpg (167.05 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, Drqx3nKUUAAfvgI.jpg)

2cca7d  No.4650349

File: 098212ecc4b34f6⋯.jpg (175.79 KB, 768x512, 3:2, IMG_7268.jpg)

7e7b59  No.4650350

File: 77a92313efde5ac⋯.png (539.19 KB, 703x656, 703:656, Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at ….png)


UPDATE: Jasmyne Cannick, a communications and public affairs strategist who has worked with Gemmel Moore’s family, has announced that there will be a rally at 7 p.m. tonight at 1234 Laurel Ave., the home of Ed Buck, to call on the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department to arrest Buck and for District Attorney Jackie Lacey to “prosecute him for murder after another young Black gay man was found dead in his West Hollywood apartment of an apparent overdose.”

A young African-American man was found dead early this morning in the Laurel Avenue apartment of Ed Buck, where a death in July 2017 sparked a protest about its handling by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and about the reaction to the incident by Democratic Party politicians.

Sheriff’s deputies and the coroner were on the scene at 1234 Laurel Ave. at around 3:15 a.m. according to nearby residents.

The death on July 27, 2017, of Gemmel Moore, then 26, was deemed by the L.A. County Coroner’s office to be a result of an overdose of methamphetamine. A coroner’s report said drug paraphernalia was found in the home, along with sex toys and clear plastic bags containing what was suspected to be methamphetamine. The L.A. County District Attorney’s Office declined to prosecute Buck saying the evidence is “insufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that (Buck) is responsible for the death of Gemmel Moore. Likewise, the admissible evidence is insufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that suspect Buck furnished drugs to Gemmel Moore or that suspect Buck possessed drugs.”

Before the 2017 incident Buck, a gay white man in his early 60s, had been an active donor to Democratic candidates ranging from Hillary Clinton in her race for president to John D’Amico in his initial and successful race for a seat on the West Hollywood City Council.

City Council members John D’Amico and Lindsey Horvath have reached out to City Manager Paul Arevalo, asking him to request that newly elected Sheriff Alex Villanueva put priority on investigating his death. Councilmember Lauren Meister also has pressed for the homicide division to investigate.

As of publication, WEHOville has been unable to get further details about the incident but will update this story as they become available. WEHOville also has reached out to Ed Buck for comment but has not received a response.


e274d7  No.4650351

File: d398a4cd9c9cfb6⋯.png (66.14 KB, 790x910, 79:91, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 21e1eb8135ee92e⋯.png (51.92 KB, 837x854, 837:854, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b494d51b406ecde⋯.png (38.98 KB, 835x889, 835:889, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 891f94c1aa743ea⋯.png (14.32 KB, 820x325, 164:65, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c041ce5966da0a8⋯.png (397.85 KB, 549x708, 183:236, ClipboardImage.png)

Child Sex Slave Convicted for Killing Her Abuser Just Granted Clemency

Because of an archaic law that allowed children to be tried as prostitutes, a young girl, Cyntoia Brown was jailed for life for killing her abuser. Now she will be free.

Nashville, TN — Cyntoia Brown was born into a family in which her mother and her grandmother were all sex trafficked, repeatedly raped, and abused. Brown was only a child the first time her ‘owner’ Kutthroat would pimp her out to pedophiles who had their way with her. She was sent jail for life for killing one of those pedophiles but after 15 years, she will soon be free.

With just 11 days left to serve his term as governor of Tennessee, Bill Haslam granted Brown clemency on Monday. Brown will now be released on parole supervision on August 7, 2019, after serving 15 years in prison.

As the media devoted attention to Hollywood’s sexual predators, Brown’s story garnered the attention of high profile celebrities like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian West in 2017 who brought new light to the dark story surrounding Brown’s life.

“The system has failed. It’s heart breaking to see a young girl sex trafficked then when she has the courage to fight back is jailed for life! We have to do better & do what’s right. I’ve called my attorneys yesterday to see what can be done to fix this. #FreeCyntoiaBrown,” Kardashian wrote.

“did we somehow change the definition of #JUSTICE along the way?? cause….. Something is horribly wrong when the system enables these rapists and the victim is thrown away for life! To each of you responsible for this child’s sentence I hope to God you don’t have children, because this could be your daughter being punished for punishing already!#FREECYNTOIABROWN #HowManyMore,” wrote Rihanna.


36b9e3  No.4650352


This faggot could easily be stopped if we moved beyond the keyboards. AND HAD FUNDING TO KICK ASS. Cue get your shit together fagbag.

fbf9a5  No.4650353


It is AlaFuckinBama.

fe6895  No.4650354


Ha ha ha. Ed Buck is a phreak.

dd1be5  No.4650355

File: 68278ff330af74a⋯.jpeg (39.04 KB, 500x361, 500:361, DwT0ynTWsAA7rxB.jpg-large.jpeg)

2d0c84  No.4650356

File: d66c87b9e2cfa73⋯.png (508.51 KB, 700x420, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png)

ed53cd  No.4650358


Trips confirm!

7354c9  No.4650359





Didn't you get the latest Q direction change on the NSA and Snowden?

Initially it was

Clowns in America

No Such Agency (the agency that has been illegally spying on ALL of us and probably most of the world…exposed by Snowden)

THEN just like that Q posts that NSA is GOOD and lurve us and Snowden is evil traitor.

With rhetoric changes like that…who needs …

and just as there was balance being returned to this op..Q swoops in, drops more shit…the shit eaters gasp with pleasure and joy once again awaiting that promised something that never happens…

In three weeks you lot will be in the pits of despair again…

Curious Q energy on the last few drops. You guys are…interesting to say the least.

ad860b  No.4650360

File: 64d058de81f8f65⋯.png (9.95 KB, 255x213, 85:71, meditating pepe.png)


This drugging - mind control, sex slave thing - is something Jeffrey Dahmer talked about a lot in the FBI vault files.

Anon read many of them.

Not exactly your average day at the office, those files.

Favorite? Transcriptionist constantly using

Chip N Dale dancers

instead of Chippendale dancers.

Apparently Dahmer like that body type.

a0b878  No.4650361

File: 380133e3fd436ed⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1450x910, 145:91, ClipboardImage.png)

292a0e  No.4650362


You made that up, you fork-tongued Jesuit Cabalist

c6c219  No.4650363

File: a58ec7a5c17525d⋯.jpg (16.53 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 2d85242f604e1fa560482a4d00….jpg)

File: 53db32f15b7b593⋯.jpg (12.65 KB, 255x168, 85:56, c0f34ea24d8cb371350531b344….jpg)

064777  No.4650364


If it's a National Emergcy, I would just use the Emercy Broadcast System for the entire speach. Fuck Them.

4cb723  No.4650365

File: 21d8f0beff60cb7⋯.jpeg (54.12 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 21d8f0beff60cb73bd50041f7….jpeg)

f90c54  No.4650366

File: 697dd63f7a48cae⋯.jpeg (23.41 KB, 255x138, 85:46, 07B49584-B54C-40C9-A070-6….jpeg)




I was literally about to reply with same

597129  No.4650367

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

245ee2  No.4650368


Criticism accepted, I obviously need more coffee.

7a0af5  No.4650369


It's about time to let Cali be part of Mexico and wall them off

facc85  No.4650370

Reminder niggeranonymous

Is just psyoping,you along

Nothing will ever happen

If you want change


Kidnap a congressmans baby


Ok maybe not the last one

504143  No.4650371

File: 76193025066c76f⋯.png (510.74 KB, 647x636, 647:636, Drudge re Newsom Challenge….PNG)

File: 3da9a43f144c853⋯.png (426.69 KB, 735x783, 245:261, 1 sfgate re Newsom Challen….PNG)

File: beb20202edd4a6e⋯.png (77.45 KB, 720x790, 72:79, 2 sfgate re Newsom Challen….PNG)

File: 153ed67a6859995⋯.png (139.64 KB, 723x657, 241:219, 3 sfgate re Newsom Challen….PNG)


CA Gov. Newsom immediately challenges Trump at inauguration…


Gov. Gavin Newsom promises a ‘progressive, principled’ California


830b81  No.4650372

File: a4cfb9cf505f826⋯.jpg (174.96 KB, 814x743, 814:743, 2019-01-07 21:37:18Z.jpg)

File: b26f4c22cc0733f⋯.jpg (228.86 KB, 846x939, 282:313, 2019-01-07 21:38:25Z.jpg)



Articles about the previous dead black male found at Ed Buck's home.

And articles/posts linking Ed Buck and Adam Schiff.

276fd9  No.4650373

File: 83836c74a4db383⋯.jpg (234.02 KB, 1152x578, 576:289, mistaken-identity-1152x578.jpg)

Mistaken identity: Influenza/narcolepsy autoimmunity link confirmed

Now there's a proven precedent: A team led by Emmanuel Mignot, MD, PhD, has shown that the same set of helper T cells responds angrily to both an antigen from a viral protein and an antigen from the bodily protein that's destroyed by the immune system in the course of an autoimmune disease called narcolepsy.

Mignot has devoted much of his career to the study of narcolepsy, a rare and strange sleep disorder that affects 1 in 3,000 people. People with narcolepsy experience irresistible daytime drowsiness and frequent, sudden sleep attacks: intermittent, uncontrollable episodes of falling asleep throughout the day.

In a new study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Mignot's team provides strong evidence confirming a theory Mignot has pursued since the global swine-flu pandemic of 2009-10: namely, that narcolepsy is an autoimmune disease, and that a trigger for it is an antigen not only found in swine flu (as well as in other versions of the "A" strain of influenza), but — alas — also included in the vaccine hastily developed and massively administered during the pandemic to protect people.

This possibility was suggested by an uptick in narcolepsy cases among patients receiving a version of the vaccine (there were two). Mignot's group believed they'd firmly established the connection in a study they published in 2013, but this study was later retracted at Mignot's urging when he found himself unable to reproduce results of crucial experiments conducted by a co-author.

In the new study, however, Mignot's team used a more-rigorous method to track down the specific set of helper T cells that, indeed, react strongly to both a protein found in the flu virus (and, more so, in the narcolepsy-inducing vaccine version) and a protein residing on key brain cells whose loss induces narcolepsy. The findings carry constructive implications for modifying flu vaccines to exclude autoimmunity-provoking antigens.

Meanwhile, keep this in mind: First, far more lives were saved by the swine-flu vaccine — even the version containing too much of the troublesome antigen — than were impaired by vaccine-induced narcolepsy.

Second, getting the flu is itself a risk factor for narcolepsy, and vaccination has been demonstrated to reduce both the frequency of influenza infection and, among those who have been vaccinated but nonetheless contract the virus, its severity.

The moral of the story? Don't let worries about narcolepsy stop you from getting a flu vaccine.


1faa54  No.4650374


Fuck off, flatfag.

FE is bullshit.

As Q confirmed.

974e1f  No.4650375

File: b465666b080cd55⋯.jpg (58.43 KB, 750x499, 750:499, fetroll_02.jpg)

bc8f0d  No.4650376

File: 5938189ff2ac66f⋯.jpg (109.67 KB, 750x600, 5:4, 5ca150a99cacd91a7eda740e11….jpg)

1b020e  No.4650377


Love, that great force that rules the universes. Love, that rules each individual. Love, that is the rule of the Creator. Follow this love and you will master all situations.

c5b0ff  No.4650378

File: 2252665546a0477⋯.jpg (14.88 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 16792-15365.jpg)

dd1be5  No.4650379

File: a82c93810a19e93⋯.jpg (61.78 KB, 743x960, 743:960, 49161911_731050280610323_3….jpg)

f44da7  No.4650380