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File: 325e87cd5063061⋯.jpg (228.89 KB, 1378x2039, 1378:2039, Nishiuri Sooks cooling off.jpg)

File: a9b6d9a30fd83b8⋯.png (103.5 KB, 523x292, 523:292, Makoto Hirasaka 8mod relax….png)



I am Suika and with me as always is my trusty sakebug. People always ask me,

>Sooks, can I borrow your sakebug?

While I might be willing to let you borrow him if you could beat me in a fight, that aint gonna happen. Since the natural outcome is obvious and you humans cheat too much I have a much better idea. I am going to give you an exclusive, never before seen, look into how exactly a sakebug turns water into booze. With some patience and care you too can be blackout drunk on a daily basis!

Whether you are a brewing/distillation otaku, onifam, or lolicon come join in and discuss alcohol, oni, and loli. I mean you could even do all three at once and discuss how amazing the boss of the mountain, mooncrushing, peach raping, heavenly timeshare owning, eternally couch surfing, pinnacle of beauty is!

No JEWS, coreans, or vegans allowed

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Did you distill?



Oh shit yeah, that was like two distillations ago. Right now I am fermenting 10 gallons of apple cider first of which will be done in 19 days. Working on a new must that will hopefully stand on it's own as a cider or work as a brandy. Less sugar added and a richer flavor. Also going to be experimenting with using woodchips in my mason jars to see if I can simulate oak cask aging without having to drop hundreds of dollars on a cask.

Contemplated buying/building a fractioning column to replace the pot I use now, but honestly speaking I don't care for neutral spirits and I enjoy the heck out of my fruit wines and brandies.



Hey Sooks, do you have a secret injun hangover cure? Asking for a friend who is crying in the toilet.


File: 0784a0c9438081b⋯.png (1.03 MB, 574x1000, 287:500, minakata sunai sooks offer….png)


I heard somewhere that people who are true genetic alcoholics like injuns don't get hangovers. I have had them before I think, but it is always when I had done something other than drinking along with it and it was just a creeping headache and upset stomach.


File: 254fa2ddf6f9137⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 1000x1427, 1000:1427, sugimoto gang sooks alt co….jpg)

Apple wine/Brandy tutorial tomorrowish.

File: 59f83362a966a59⋯.jpg (39.55 KB, 599x398, 599:398, 1443107770495.jpg)


Where can I buy kigurumi masks for preferably less than $700

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When you finally define threads you don't like.



this one



You shouldn't go full dolltist, it's a long, dark, and twisted path.


File: 55fb1bd7bf01066⋯.jpg (507.02 KB, 2048x1361, 2048:1361, Ride_the_Pigs_Studios_Misa.jpg)



me on the left

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Whoever wrote Caramelldansen is a time traveling gaijin stealing future vocaloid nip beats. Discuss!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Every Japanese theme from a Western game ever. Civilization games, Age of Empires and so on.

There is Holst's Japanese Suite, too. The ``Ceremonial Dance'' is stereotypically Japanese.

Is that the kind of thing you mean?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


More like Ievan Polkka


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Can't believe no one has posted this. Remi and Sakuya are so cute.

File: 8ae694a1797acd7⋯.jpg (169.39 KB, 607x1024, 607:1024, kancolle.jpg)


What is this Kantai bootleg and why do I like the music?



And then remixes, holy shit



File: 88a459fef34adb8⋯.jpg (964.49 KB, 2832x2128, 177:133, picforanon.jpg)


This is something that I just posted on /a/. They told me to repost it here, and I thought it was worth a shot.

I live in Japan, and it fucking sucks. I made a thread about this a lonnnng time ago, but this bears repeating.

1. Anime and manga are more expensive in Japan. The prices are ridiculous, and it's hard for me to justify buying anime even though I feel it's important for fans to make an effort to support the industry.

2. If you are a girl, you will be groped and treated like shit. I have had men grab my ass in public *7* different times in the past year and a half. My Japanese friends say that women should just grit their teeth and bear it, since if you try to do something about it you will be publicly shamed. I also feel dirty and pathetic when these incidents occur.

3. Office culture in Japan is...intense. You are expected to show up at social gatherings even if you do not want to. And at these social gatherings people have the EXACT SAME CONVERSATIONS AGAIN AND AGAIN. I've had like 50 conversations on the power of beer to refresh you after a day's work. You have to say "good morning" every day in a very specific way, and if you don't then someone will approach you and tell you that's not how things are done at company XYZ.

4. The people treat gaijin like shit. Even the ones who try to be nice come across as condescending and rude by American standards. There are also a large number of Japanese men who think gaijin women are sluts and that they can get you to open your legs at the drop of a hat. Fuckers.

I wish all the Japanohiles could actually visit GLORIOUS NIPPON. They'd change their tune.

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Through an email or tweet towards Shibata. He moved back and last I heard it was permanent.



>If you are a girl, you will be groped and treated like shit. I have had men grab my ass in public *7* different times in the past year and a half. My Japanese friends say that women should just grit their teeth and bear it, since if you try to do something about it you will be publicly shamed. I also feel dirty and pathetic when these incidents occur.

You make it sound like a plot of some doujinshi.



/jp/ has been always a progressive and inclusive board, through its history being a home to female attention whores, trans attention whore(s?) or 3rd world attention whores.



Slander. In fact the jay is a RadTrad board fighting to reestablish the ancien regime. Not like a new fag like you were to know that.


I know this is like satire and stuff, but still

>I have had men grab my ass in public *7* different times in the past year and a half.

That's more than 2 months on average between them. Which is *well under* the chance of accidental butt touching in crowded trains. Obviously anyone trying to attack people over that should be publicly shamed, as it is aggressive and selfish behavior over a tiny issue no one cares about.

File: 1922b11d357ff35⋯.jpg (289.96 KB, 742x746, 371:373, 064BAiJRTewi.jpg)


It's time, it's time! A brand new rabbit rabbit thread has come at last!

When you wake up on the first of the month, if the first thing you do is say out loud "rabbit rabbit rabbit", then you'll receive good luck for a month!

With the board back in working order, I remember the first time I made a rabbit rabbit thread, a new BO had just taken over. Next month would've been the two-year anniversary. So close!

Good luck in taking care of /jp/, new Owner-san!!

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I forgot to say it...


I did it again! I was immediately rewarded with a sprained back. This death curse keeps getting worse every month but I have to endure it because the consequences of not saying it are even more severe.


Today I woke up and went down to the food building and said "Hey could I get a BBQ sandwich?" I will let you all know at the end of the month if this is the new lucky phrase.


File: ee74861f131c203⋯.jpg (88.42 KB, 850x680, 5:4, ee74861f131c2035f9584d6859….jpg)


Don't worry, there's always next time.


Sorry to hear. Hope you'll make a quick recovery!


Was the sandwich tasty?


File: bdc728e38b1208c⋯.jpg (194.48 KB, 850x637, 850:637, bdc728e38b1208c1772dcac742….jpg)

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas!

File: d5ce3e501623741⋯.jpg (159.5 KB, 572x800, 143:200, 811353425366545776464787.jpg)


What's the end story of ultraman?


The guy becomes big and fights monsters, then turns small again

File: 1c428d2ba002032⋯.jpg (176.46 KB, 2000x1124, 500:281, profound.jpg)


This image is just powerful.

投稿数 2 省略。表示するにはレスをクリックする。


Call you up in the middle of the night

Like a firefly without a light

You were there like a blowtorch burning

I was a key that could use a little turning

So tired that I couldn't even sleep

So many secrets I couldn't keep

Promised myself I wouldn't weep

One more promise I couldn't keep

It seems no one can help me now

I'm in too deep there's no way out

This time I have really led myself astray

Runaway train, never going back

Wrong way on a one-way track

Seems like I should be getting somewhere

Somehow I'm neither here nor there

Can you help me remember how to smile?

Make it somehow all seem worthwhile

How on earth did I get so jaded?

Life's mystery seems so faded

I can go where no one else can go

I know what no one else knows

Here I am just a-drownin' in the rain

With a ticket for a runaway train

And everything seems cut and dried

Day and night, earth and sky

Somehow I just don't believe it

Runaway train, never going back

Wrong way on a one-way track

Seems like I should be getting somewhere

Somehow I'm neither here nor there

Bought a ticket for a runaway train

Like a madman laughing at the rain

A little out of touch, a little insane

It's just easier than dealing with the pain

Runawa投稿が長すぎます。こちら をクリックすると全文を表示します。


File: de3f004dcf39f58⋯.png (131.73 KB, 988x512, 247:128, l.PNG)


go back there



Do you ever wonder why 80% of all posts on 4chan serve the very obvious purpose to bait people into replying and getting a very obvious reaction out of them?





Now go back.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Cute pic, dude.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



投稿数 4 省略。表示するにはレスをクリックする。


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 61013cd6f630f5e⋯.jpg (187.78 KB, 800x534, 400:267, 1433484236011.jpg)

Fuck off gook lovers


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

NK-POP is better.


File: 876e671132fd651⋯.mp4 (1.5 MB, 320x240, 4:3, chunge bunge hudeehudee.mp4)

File: e1b1e6a861ec0de⋯.jpg (41.96 KB, 250x188, 125:94, GOLGOM.jpg)


Need me more KR-related reaction pics. Help an anon out.


File: f42cb5a10514f56⋯.jpg (123.18 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1444201573821.jpg)

File: 5e4ab1a579484cd⋯.webm (2.99 MB, 852x476, 213:119, tachibana stare.webm)

File: c4e59faa7cd4835⋯.png (2 MB, 1239x1069, 1239:1069, this kamen rider has a fuc….png)

I am a sort of a Kamen Rider Otaku.


File: fb76b3fa10a6bff⋯.jpg (26.31 KB, 420x415, 84:83, Vblade.jpg)

File: 64619b72590ea77⋯.png (381.65 KB, 839x475, 839:475, kuugapewgasus.png)

File: b0ee12719892830⋯.jpg (27.39 KB, 500x347, 500:347, daijoubu.jpg)


oh cool i didn't have the one with garren staring


File: 1ebbf1176185cb0⋯.jpg (60.34 KB, 720x480, 3:2, STARE.jpg)

File: d0699bd7f6108bf⋯.jpg (696.17 KB, 1280x1102, 640:551, Reimu Umarmu.jpg)


Why are we here?

Just to suffer?

投稿数 4 省略。表示するにはレスをクリックする。


File: fd40e3d50e3209e⋯.jpg (461.92 KB, 760x1013, 760:1013, Snakebeeteenbatbirdmonkeyd….jpg)

Lolibutt is proof that god exists and he wants us to petition our governments to support Japan removing article nine. No nation can be sovereign under the yolk of an occupational force and without the strength of arms to defend their state.

A rapidly militarizing Japan will have an employed labor pool and inject a much needed flow of cash into their economy. This will lead to a bubble period where disposable cash flows freely and jingonistic fervor is burning high. Demand shaping supply means the market will cater to these militeristic sentiments and budgetry limits will be higher thwn they currently are. Sakuga nazi loli anime porn will be more than dream.

And thus my ars magna is complete. Lolibutt leads to lolibutt in perfect completeness. I gaze upon my philosopher's stone and ouroboros turns.




im teenbro and my threads are better than this



That post was truly awful. It is plainfully/painfully obvious that you do not belong here. But that is okay! There is a positive solution. Rather than trying to fit in, you should strongly consider going to a board more suitable for posters like you, such as /a/, /2hu/, or maybe even /v/! You have plenty of options. You will be happy, and we will be happy. Best of luck, but don't come back. Bye~!




File: 23691fd443f4153⋯.png (189.38 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1445541389959.png)


Nepko kawaii desu ne~

投稿数 6 アンド レス画像数 5 省略。表示するにはレスをクリックする。



I can't; I need to explore the mystery first.




Vert>Noire>Green Heart>Black Heart>Purple Heart>Blanc>Neptune>White Heart



I can respect that, but if we're being honest they're all just disposable cuckimes.



If Blanc hadn't such an abrasive side to her she would be top tier. Women are meant to be docile not savage and vulgar. White Heart would still be shit though.


File: 0f27b06a668868b⋯.jpg (33.21 KB, 384x505, 384:505, ad658e4dc91e6e11132e9b447f….jpg)

best girl coming through

File: 3888f4a7db9592c⋯.jpg (61.77 KB, 586x600, 293:300, inu.jpg)


Let us indeed ignore the outsiders for a moment, and indulge upon the issues that matter.

Suppose there is a Person A and a Person B. Both happen to be otaku who don't know each other, but they have access to VR. In the VR world, Person A's character is a sexy female, and Person B's is a sexy male. One day, A and B meet by happenstance in one those VR lobby rooms. They are attracted to each others virtual characters, and proceed to initiate in VR engaged sexual intercourse. There, that's our situation. Get it? Ok. Let me tell you this just in case you are too slow to notice it: there's a number of existential issues arising from this hypothetical event that the two otaku must now face.

1) if A sucks B's cock, but is a male in real world, does that make him gay, even though sucking B's virtual cock is straight from his character's point of view?

2) if B lets A suck his cock, does that make him gay?

3) if B was also a sexy female, thus making this lesbian sex, would it be gay?

4) would it be gay if either (or both) were futa?

Indeed, I believe I am correct in saying there are plentiful of moral problems that will arise from our adventures in Virtual Reality. And these are the fundamental philosophical questions that must be answered before any further steps can be taken in the direction of the future.

/jp/, don't be shy now. If you were playing with VR and saw the sexiest girl in your life, just begging for some fuck, but you also knew behind that lovely face hides the stereotypical fat neckbeard, would you still do her?

投稿数 10 アンド レス画像数 1 省略。表示するにはレスをクリックする。



Fuck off back to /pol/ crossie


File: 27f8e4843bb6f5f⋯.jpg (355.4 KB, 1204x2048, 301:512, Sooks yu yu910 smug.jpg)

Make me, nerd


File: 7e5cc2bba04e3f0⋯.jpg (53.91 KB, 532x559, 532:559, 06c02767e3f98c0463bb7626c5….jpg)


/pol/ itself is pretty gay. It must be slain just like the rest.


File: 0b223c9142a2079⋯.jpg (62.95 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1493088113004.jpg)







Good post.



Can I impregnate the gay instead?


Catamites are welcome to feel free to post somewhere else.


File: b533e78f9cbfc77⋯.webm (3.85 MB, 669x641, 669:641, kill all the gays.webm)


Pence, get the angel wings.

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