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File: bcfcf97b2771bc5⋯.jpg (102.71 KB, 906x611, 906:611, 3313113425365356154.jpg)


It's my first noodle dish /jp/

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Is that a fish eye?


looks fucking vile tbh



looks decent


I don't like it


File: b62716d04c40c87⋯.jpg (24.34 KB, 680x402, 340:201, VegNewsGordonRamsay3.jpg)



Is it fookin raw?




Too many carbs

File: eae8292984844b4⋯.jpg (83.98 KB, 514x648, 257:324, Perrine_katana.jpg)


/jp/ is such a beautiful board. what a lovely community of anons. you're all so thoughtful and goodwilled. it almost surpasses /kind/. so i love you, /jp/, and i will stay with you forever in autism.

Praise be to imperial love and peace, blessed land of the Rising Sun, and the autists who dawdle on anime; you are my only friends.

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If you're putting your time into teaching somebody to better their situation, isn't that an act of compassion?

Now that you've made me think of it though, compassion and pity are two distinct ideas, but I don't think you're going to be swayed from your original stance that easily.



No. Compassion is fairly well described in dictionaries:

>a feeling of distress and pity for the suffering or misfortune of another, often including the desire to alleviate it

>a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for someone struck by misfortune, accompanied by a desire to alleviate the suffering; mercy.

It specifically focuses on feeling strongly about others' misfortune, and acting on that.

I refuse to allow benefit to come of misfortune itself, and only ever act on likelihood of positive return on investment.

Because misfortune and negativity in general are NOT things to glorify or reward. Rewarding them, even abstractly, always returns terrible results. Sometimes incredibly malicious results.

I don't agree with treating everyone equally either, as that sort of behaviour carries its own problems. But I would never treat the misfortunate better than anyone else.

Semantically, pity is only an emotion. One that compassion makes use of. I don't mind the emotion itself, besides the fact it's a driving force for such things.

And yeah, I do feel quite strongly about this, swaying that opinion would probably prove to be incredibly difficult.



Only took you three posts, but I get what you're saying now. I think I agree, too.



Yeah, sorry about that. I have trouble with that for some reason. Probably from assuming too much about the understanding of semantics to start with.



Oh no, it's my reading comprehension that was off. I was only apologising for how long I took to get it.

File: b07801523a6f819⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 2379x1798, 2379:1798, b07801523a6f819cf8f7b4d57b….jpg)


I think, that in all technological aspects, the 200th decade improved greatly (at least aesthetically) upon the last. Essentially, it was to the 90s as Windows XP was to Windows 98. I really like that Japan, being so behind the times, isolated on their little island continues to use many of those technologies. It's like a miniature alternate history world, or divergent technological evolution. I have a vague feeling that my love for very slightly old technology and Japan has been warping my view though, since that naturally means I consume Japanese media from that era, and end up in this echo chamber of things like CLAMP works, Chobits alone going over and beyond satisfying my computer fetish.

Putting that aside, please discuss very "2000"s things here. I'll start with DVD players, and especially the introduction of shitty practices like "Mandated Viewing" previews dedicated to advertisements and "Thank you so much for purchasing this disc!" portions that really make you wish that you stole it instead. As for GOOD things, there's the bonus features and craptastic DVD games that often get thrown in kids' movies. I think something like bonus features still get put in anime BDs, but I'm only a fledgling buyfag, so I can't really tell.

Sorry if this post's kind of incoherent, I actually stopped for a few hours mid writing.

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Just a subculture aroundthe kinds of things I mentioned in the OP. Somehow, most of them hate anything Japanese.



>Up until 2008 I was hoping Western countries would develop a somewhat mainstream culture of anonymous online discussion like Japan had.

I had held that hope up until mid to lateish 2007.

But well, by that time myspace type things were already crazy popular. And the rise of both fagbook and the iPhone (Computers for the rest of us! Integration is revolutionary!) seemed to add to that beyond belief.

Through that, the value of posted content fell wayside to the value of posters themselves, for whatever reason.

A sad time and sad outcome for sure.

But yeah, I do love the longstanding monolithic software platform that x86 and Windows have built up. Even if they're both giant clusterfucks with excessively complex functionality and APIs respectively, carrying a ton of legacy support. They're amazing for amassing such a large library of software.

But I'm really not sure how much they can squeeze out of it.

ARM is a lot more efficient for electricity cost and heat production. Though not nearly as powerful.

It's just that without the massive library of software from x86's absurd legacy, it can't really take hold of the "power for power's sake" market and make strides there. Though an x86→ARM compatibility layer could help that, and Microsoft is working on such a thing with Windows 10.

I have hopes, of some sort, for the future there. Moreso than mobileshit is providing.


Firestarter's found a new surge of popularity. I'll be interested in seeing the community grow.



What firestarter?




Again, not very /jp/-friendly.

File: 07506df19c55b12⋯.jpg (142.29 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 141.jpg)


When will she appear in a game?

My hypothesis is ... never, because she's a good youkai.

Tokiko was the victim. Reimu was the aggressor.

Violence against Tokiko was instigated by bigoted anti-youkai sentiment.


Whats wrong, got tired of shitting up 4/jp/?

Or did it get too bad even for you?


File: 66d88e2f7f5b100⋯.png (3.16 MB, 1400x2000, 7:10, 01.png)





didn't you overdose on insulin and die, faggot


neck yourself

File: a99b47eab40a8a1⋯.gif (532.29 KB, 931x682, 931:682, zoome.gif)



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File: e4bedbbc84344fd⋯.jpeg (130.18 KB, 640x480, 4:3, image.jpeg)

Hitler did nothing wrong.


File: 4009b7bb1cc0b49⋯.png (104.39 KB, 430x441, 430:441, 1536578460492.png)

just letting you guys know that 4chan has created another epic wojak - the NPC



the NPC meme is like 2 years stale, it seems like they actually stole it from reddit



Another way for them to feel superior to others while having a sorry ass life over irrelevant shit like video game taste.



Like solipsism but more pathetic.

File: 0833c978137b101⋯.png (150.47 KB, 655x630, 131:126, Screenshot_2018-09-15_20-1….png)


it is gikopoi sunday my dudes, install flash and get on !

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> install flash




You're on a board like this, and you're telling me you don't already have Flash? How on earth do you watch old IOSYS films?





How come the website still exists?

File: 8b31ef4c1398a07⋯.jpg (177.5 KB, 576x768, 3:4, 1537237291804.jpg)




This is epic.


do 4/jp/ even do a sion girl of the year anymore

File: 5e54e764a170624⋯.png (485.71 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 150605791423.png)


Y mágicamente un post en español aparece.

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It's been up long enough, it's time to clean house. Navigating the front page is annoying with it here.





That should about do it.


This thread already got assfucked by Yajuu. Don't worry about it now.

File: ed8dab9d7941e24⋯.jpg (79.02 KB, 480x953, 480:953, ed8dab9d7941e24c317cc01bd4….jpg)


Where should we go now that this website is stagnant and dying?

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come to irc.spqrchan.org #jp




Don't join, it's a virus.






that one is gay join mine instead which I will not post the name of



I felt like that picture matched the tone of the post and I like it. As if someone would read the post because of the image when they wouldn't have otherwise, they'd just look at the image and ignore the post if they were interested in it but not the post.

File: 29f8b987b3676a8⋯.mp4 (6.87 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, You'll Never See It Coming.mp4)


HAPPY 9/11!!

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File: 40e9071d9cc502a⋯.jpg (968.4 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 263c40374f45ba751f6e89191f….jpg)


Happy birthday, and happy 9/11


File: a5bab0be5f84f60⋯.jpg (112.99 KB, 778x912, 389:456, 9eleven.jpg)



File: 14e87fffaf6bacf⋯.png (22.62 KB, 702x390, 9:5, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 5991bd6f125797c⋯.jpg (79.42 KB, 610x636, 305:318, megu911.jpg)


Happy belated 9/11

File: fa5ac362013ec46⋯.png (972.58 KB, 999x999, 1:1, __cirno_touhou_drawn_by_mi….png)



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Nine is my favorite number, but I do not like Cirno because she doesn't have big breasts.


File: eb1af1e869e488c⋯.png (31.76 KB, 500x500, 1:1, __cirno_touhou_drawn_by_ro….png)

Cirno is cute!


I hate Cirno. How does that make her feel?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: d30d85f091c8704⋯.jpg (20.78 KB, 500x331, 500:331, cirnomelt.jpg)

Sorry I'm late.

File: 5cb58d870be93f7⋯.jpg (206.17 KB, 800x460, 40:23, accel.jpg)




Not difficult. After all, I'm already junk.


File: f2f19e93e984197⋯.jpg (34.69 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Shinku_gascan.jpg)


File: d3bf875981ac861⋯.jpg (98.49 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

give you a cake!

File: 3370704dd615663⋯.jpg (20.99 KB, 219x255, 73:85, 581ecab7915d9f955d8a47da2b….jpg)


Hello /jp/ I'm the guy running the next 8chan cup here, taking over TNA the guy who does 8chanmania

Next January is the next 8chan Cup so I'm making this thread for you guys to get your team together

For you who don't know the 8chan Cup or the Infinity Cup as it's also been known as is a tournament of CPU soccer players playing each other, representing their board for glory above the other ones and such

What I'm going to need is a roster of 20 Players with their Positions, at least 2 of which needing to be Goalkeepers. As well as a roster I'm going to need a Kit design or two decided by you, a team logo, an Anthem and Goalhorns

What would be nice is the kit done in the format for direct import into the game of which I'm Using Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, as well as Medals for players, and skills, as well as any special imports for the players if you're able to muster it

Medals are a system the 8cup uses to make star players, of which regular players are rated 77 all round and GKs are 70

Unlike the last one there will be 3 teirs of Medals, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Bronze is 85 all round, Silver is 92 and Gold is 99, and each team can have 2 of each medaled players (2 bronze players, 2 silver and 2 gold).

Skills are the same as last time and are entirely optional as I can just put them in



And with that lets have some fun mates


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What did you mean by this? Only one of those boards is complete ass.



>Only one of those boards is complete ass




Its /animu/ not /animus/, /animu/ is an /a/ spinoff while /animus/ is cancer



>/animu/ is an /a/ spinoff while /animus/ is cancer

What's the freaking difference?

File: 83e1b09a571c34a⋯.jpg (50.39 KB, 480x290, 48:29, mortalkombatshangtsung.jpg)





Take it, it's caused enough issues as it is.

File: d16efef9b27ab1a⋯.jpg (79.31 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 1439647642909.jpg)



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This is a regular thing for him. Seems that it's not so much impossible as it is just huge bother.



Must suck to be blessed with both creativity and low motivation.



It'd be nice if motivation came out of thin air.



For me it does, and I get REALLY into something. But the instant something doesn't go my way I lose it all and recede back into my old ways of being really depressed about not having a future. In this case it was because I couldn't afford a drawing tablet.



If you send me your pencil drawings I'll clean up the line work for you.

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