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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

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5c4bca  No.810178[Reply]

I know aside from reading the Bible that you all have been putting in some considerable time on this game. How is everyone's Judea campaign going?

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7aae1f  No.810329


Only if you play as a militant theocracy :^)

a7a8a1  No.810379


my current play is very hungry hive mind but half of my games in general were something-theocracy

52728c  No.810381

File: 755ec4ce3544343⋯.gif (55.02 KB, 678x422, 339:211, 3OVw1MC.gif)


Ahh, xenoburgers. My 2nd favorite playthrough in Stellaris was farming primative worlds and turning the native populace into xenoburgers. Good times.

744c44  No.810388


Paradox lost their GSG mojo after Vicky 2. The hired too many women.

f0d602  No.810495


This unironically

File: 67737381af7a119⋯.png (63.92 KB, 225x225, 1:1, peepothink.png)

1124c5  No.809953[Reply]

Christanons, I need your help. My dad keeps saying that we can't curse jews because they're "God's chosen people" and, according to him, the Bible says that those who curse the jews will have bad luck or something like that. I wanna know what those passages mean. Thanks.

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aa5152  No.810322


OP, I made this post >>810165 on another thread, but it's also pertinent to your question. It's about if Christianity has Jewish roots or not, so it relates to the fact that since Jews rejected Jesus, they're not God's chosen people, and what rejecting Jesus means.

5bf244  No.810386


Timothy wasn't circumcised to fulfill the law, but so he could pass among the Jews and spread the good news.

69ae3e  No.810407


I find it really strange to think they were doing penis checks for religion …

ef6aa3  No.810439


Didnt your school have penis inspection day? When the gym teacher would pull aside male students into his office one at a time to inspect your penis

e5c89a  No.810489


No, because my school wasn't run by Molochians.

File: 5ec3cbfb433702f⋯.png (137.63 KB, 433x709, 433:709, 5ec.png)

fa376d  No.806560[Reply]

What are all the protestant versions of christianity? (I don't know how to say it. English isn't my first language)

For example Baptism and Lutherism. What are the others? And what's the difference between them?

I'm really sorry for the bad english.

And pic unrelated

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c73fd7  No.810145


Prot cope friend

bd395a  No.810206


Lutheran here. You papists worship idols, hehexd. Now that I have your attention, let me introduce you to our beliefs. No, Luther didn't want to create a new church, he just wanted to reform corrupted Catholicism. Recent popes have acknowledged that, even raising a statue of Luther in Rome. We believe in justification by grace through faith, and the Catholic Church agrees as they've had a joint declaration with Lutheran World Federation in 1999. We believe that the good works are the result of faith in God, but we don't get saved by them, we just do good works because God likes that we do them, and we love God - no reward guaranteed, only doing them to please him. Neither did Luther want to abandon all traditions e.g. he defended baptism of the children, arguing from tradition. He disliked only "traditions" like selling of indulgences which made people rely on doing something to get saved vs. relying on God to get saved.

At this point I call myself Catholic in exile, I don't worship Mary of the Saints (I view them as great spiritual examples that are worth replicating) and yet I try living up to the seven heavenly virtues and sometimes pray rosary (I exchange Hail Mary's with Jesus Prayer and the last medallion prayer with Magnificat).

Unity for all Christians, no matter denom. God bless you all!

3e4296  No.810213


Luther himself was against iconoclasm though.

b84083  No.810240


> 7 Day Adventists

Not within Biblical orthodoxy. They deny the trinity as far as I'm aware

d56e8a  No.810241


Has to be fake. No one is shameless enough to say this on twitter

File: 7e2f52a5c05ad56⋯.jpg (47.4 KB, 216x296, 27:37, Evola.jpg)

6a2ee1  No.809801[Reply]

Generally speaking, it must be felt as evident that beyond earthly life there is a higher life, as only those who feel this way have an intangible and unconquerable strength and are capable, when necessary, of active sacrifice and absolute elan. In the opposite case, to have little regard for one's life is possible only in moments of exaltation and when irrational forces are unleashed, while disciplines that aim beyond an individual's life cannot be endowed with a higher meaning. I have already discussed this in chapter 3; without a similar direct reference to a reality that is more than human, there can be no overcoming of the solutions advanced by a utilitarian and contractual sociology, nor a climate of high political tension. However, a given religious confession may be used only as a support for such an orientation, and merely in terms of an arousing action. In Catholicism, specific reservations should be made. Concerning the political dimension, if Catholicism, feeling that decisive times were approaching, had the strength to rise above the contingent plane and to follow a line of high asceticism; and if, on such a basis, Catholicism, almost as in a revival of the medieval Crusades, had not hesitated to fortify faith with the soul of an armed, united, and inexorable bloc of powers, set against the currents of chaos, compromise, and the political materialism of the age—in that event there would have been no doubts as to its value. However, things happened otherwise.

Aside from the relativist Catholic view that no particular political regime may be regarded as "willed by God" or even accorded special acknowledgment; and after the times of De Maistre, Bonald, Donoso Cortes, and the Syllabus have passed, Catholicism has been characterized by political maneuvering and by its taking advantage of various situations, avoiding any stance that is too committed. Inevitably, the Church's sympathies must gravitate toward a democratic-liberal political system. Moreover, Catholicism had for a long time espoused the theory of "natural right," which hardly agrees with the positive and differentiated right on which a strong and hierarchical State can he built. Nowadays things have deteriorated in the sense of a rapid, disturbing collapse of every valid element in Catholicism, and in the sense of a desire to "be in tune with the times," with the modern world, and with the direction oPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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c644d8  No.809933


Rosenberg is an intellectual ant compared to Evola.

6db2d5  No.809969

File: 5e4237c575feb84⋯.jpg (162.96 KB, 500x518, 250:259, 1409201620463.jpg)

The faith isn't a political prop.

c515ce  No.809977


How is /pol/ Trump central, they hate him there

51bd96  No.809990


Lurk moar

48ba8e  No.810071


>Trump central

Lol. Trump was /polguy/ before Syria strikes. You probably do not go to /pol/ at all

>inb4 not one person

of course, but vast majority of /pol/ hates Trump now

>I never read Evola, seemed like an edgier Nietzsche

Not that much. I won't agree with Evola on theology, but Evola negates Nietzsche in many things. if you care to know how exactly, read ride the tiger.



>points out the truth

>lurk moar

what? Perhaps you should lurk more on /pol/ to know they hate Trump now

File: 12e04f97b2f1cdf⋯.jpg (6.55 KB, 116x184, 29:46, DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL (1).jpg)

2d122f  No.808460[Reply]

I studied philosophy and wrote a book on the future of transhumanism and how it brings us away from Christianity. It's about 140 pages and available in PDF form for free.


Ethics as Warfare is a book that describes the philosophical confrontation between transhumanism and the Christian tradition. In the Christian case, faith in the Word, who was incarnate as man, has us maintain the human species. In the non-Christian case, the human essence is no longer the ground of Natural Law. In fact, we are to become beings capable of sculpting Natural Law, like unto gods. This is the meaning of the "Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil." This god-potential of mankind is obviously a threat to the Christian tradition, as well as Enlightenment values; yet it is inevitable. So where will you end up?

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0cc999  No.809629

Well this is interesting considering I only just finished my first playthrough of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I chose to go with the Sarif Ending, an ending where the boundless potential of human augmentation is fully protected and corporations are free to experiment with human augmentation to their heart's desire. I chose this ending because I see augmentation as an extension of medicine and I don't think medicine is "playing God". I think God would want us to respect life and protect it by aiding those in need of help and would want us to help ourselves through these advancements if possible. This means helping those that would benefit from augmentation too.

I don't understand the basis of your argument: that transhumanism means rejecting human nature. Surely, even after a person replaces their limb with an prosthetic one, they're still just as prone to all of their old sins as before? Surely, their human nature remains intact?

>and Providence awards victory to the morally worthy.

Do you have any evidence of this?

Finally, I just want to conclude by saying that a "non-Christian Logos" in my eyes would have to be Satan.

b5977a  No.809652

File: 8ccbd7c0b81d7bf⋯.jpg (300.31 KB, 484x1360, 121:340, 8ccbd7c0b81d7bf01ff7c81a4c….jpg)


>I don't understand the basis of your argument: that transhumanism means rejecting human nature. Surely, even after a person replaces their limb with an prosthetic one, they're still just as prone to all of their old sins as before? Surely, their human nature remains intact?

Replacing a limb is fine because it still does the same function. Augmenting it however, is a different case.

>[T]here exists in everything the natural desire of preserving its own nature; which would not be preserved were it to be changed into another nature. Consequently, no creature of a lower order can ever covet the grade of a higher nature; just as an ass does not desire to be a horse: for were it to be so upraised, it would cease to be itself. (Summa Theologiae I.63.3)

0cc999  No.809699


My limb isn't a conscious, sentient being. I however, am. My limb is a tool that I use at times to grab a lighter so I can light the cooker and warm my food. If I could augment my limb so that my index finger could also function as a lighter, nothing has really changed. I'm still using my limb to light the cooker, one method is just more convenient than the other.

Also, your image seems to concern the singularity. I believe that if you're a Christian, you will reject the Singularity in favour of eternity with God however, augmentation is not the singularity and so I believe it to be in itself, harmless.

7d2574  No.809980


Link to thread?

1dd53c  No.810052


My limb isn't a conscious, sentient being


File: e63edf59c2dee87⋯.png (353.33 KB, 742x637, 106:91, styxbrittanyhammer.png)

fee3ec  No.775509[Reply]

>You probably are not sin-free and instead of just disregarding sin like that concept doesn't matter, you get to go to Purgatory with a lot of other people like you & get cleansed

>If there is something like TV shows in heaven, there are probably many comfy tv shows similar to Misfits, where a band of Misfits get together and learn how to be better people over the course of many seasons

>you have a purpose, you know what you are working towards

>probably many interesting conversations with people that died before or after you, you get to learn a lot about other people's lives and how they ended up in purgatory

>nice comfy radical treatment, if you have sinned a lot and burn for a few years to really get your soul nice and clean

I am a Protestant, but I don't get why so many evangelical types in the US are so terrified of a bit of purgatory.

80 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

fe1162  No.810012


Now, the chapter and verse, if you wouldn't mind.

ca2318  No.810015

I won't say Toll Houses are "Gnostic" like some. But they go back farther than that and are equally stupid: It's Mithraic. And really, older than that: The Mediterranean was obsessed with trials and labyrinthine like structures to initiate people. This is another form of it, with Christian/Semitic trappings involving demons. Orthodox need to stop pushing this. It's pagan and for old goy cultures who should be lost to history already.

And consider this: If it was so crucial, it'd be in the Seven Councils. But the afterlife is one of the subjects where Church fathers (peacefully) debated and disagreed on and didn't make All of the Specifics a rule of faith (this is a Roman Catholic trait. Not Orthodox).

2cd207  No.810018


>I don't get why so many evangelical types in the US are so terrified of a bit of purgatory

That's because you don't understand the gospel

ba3ad6  No.810030


Not really. In Church Jesus is literally there with everyone. If you aren't enjoying God's real presence here on earth, why would He allow you in Heaven?


And neither do you.

284c4f  No.810049


The book of Nestle, chapter 5, verse 34

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

94494f  No.802613[Reply]

It mostly talk about sexual immorality/fornication and the harm that it does to society and it also talks about the Jews at the end, the latest Synagogue hooting and (((Dr.Brown))).


25 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

14a975  No.809689


He's Iranian, and his mother is Armenian Orthodox, so he's back to Orthodoxy.

76eaef  No.809692



Yeah I realized he was probably Orthodox, but I am hoping he will move to Catholicism. Hopefully the bread pill for him will be birth control and divorce.

14a975  No.809696


> orthodoxy permits those

lol, if I convert to orthodoxy I'll be allowed to not get my wife pregnant and then divorce her so she can be a blue hair blue checkmark?

76eaef  No.809988


Yeah you can marry three times. They make some nonsense excuse like "one sacramental and three (or two) civil" I mean come on. And yeah priests permit couples to use birth control. Birth control is THE biggest evil in this world, more than pornography in my opinion.

76eaef  No.809993


<The dominant view, represented by the Church of Moscow[3], the Greek Archdiocese, the Orthodox Church in America[4], and by the bioethicists Engelhardt and Stanley S. Harakas, may be fairly described as the teaching that non-abortifacient contraception is acceptable if it is used with the blessing of one's spiritual father, and if it is not used to avoid having children for purely selfish reasons.

"Purely selfish" like yeah we think that we aren't ready to have a child right now, maybe when we're 30. We decided to only have 1 child, more than that is hard to raise in this day and age.. and so on. And yes they changed their teaching.

<Some would follow the earlier position taken by the Church of Greece in her encyclical of October 14, 1937[6], which accepted birth control but not contraception, i.e., it accepted abstinence and NFP, but condemned any method of contraception.

This "church" is allowing people to commit one of the worst sins ever that has completely destroyed society.

File: ddafd09926199de⋯.png (2.57 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20190514-103918.png)

a7faa7  No.809913[Reply]

I am looking to buy a study Bible for the Orthodox faith, and am just wondering which version you would recommend

6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

f91ff7  No.809960


Yeah people or the markets in the modern day do tend to often push for all-in-one deluxe package solutions to things.

5e4420  No.809963


Considering how complicated the entire world is, a one-stop general guide is better than nothing which is the likelier outcome if it wasn't offered. Professional aptitude and diversity of knowledge is still important, and not everybody is equipped to handle serious research like that. For die hards, absolutely go nuts. Probably should learn Greek and Hebrew though. But for those of us who need some grounding, a simpler plan is less likely to fail.

f91ff7  No.809966


Study bibles probably aren't taken along as much for stuff like door to door preaching like the JWs do. Don't know how much they'd get used in religious services either. You can also have ebooks saved on a variety of devices.

5e4420  No.809967


The pragmaticism of a study bible comes from the ability to receive appropriate instruction without having to cover the groundwork. They would download and use the OSB and not have to stop every five minutes to switch from one to the other to the other, then cross reference this verses translation with that verses translation, even if that is the most accurate or best way. We have to rely on members of the Church (who mainly compiled it) who remain in Good standing with the rest of the Church by others who we profess to believe as being valid to deliver an accurate book. A simpler routine is likelier to be stuck to, and the more people learn the better.

I have never said it is flawless or perfect or the absolute only study bible, just that it's the most reccomended and pragmatic book compiled with newcomers in mind.

f91ff7  No.809971


Yeah sure it's probably more convenient but simply opening multiple tabs on a device isn't that much more difficult either. In other situations for private personal study a variety of options become increasingly feasible.

Also a less popular but possibly greatly efficient option are bible apps.

File: e395b391924498d⋯.jpg (75.02 KB, 754x435, 26:15, 0916_provided_arch_01.jpg)

34ec54  No.809565[Reply]

Anyone else posting from this forsaken hell? I'm lonely

8 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

34ec54  No.809622


I've never met a christian here under 60

553234  No.809630


ur stupid

163bb9  No.809635


From the metro east.

0be53f  No.809815

Same anon, different IP


You're in SIUE? What denomination are you? (Not to chew you out or anything if it's not the same as mine, I'm not like that)

34ec54  No.809881


ye. LCMS Lutheran

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